Cheap Pampers nappies

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daddykyller Fri 28-Feb-14 19:09:32

This might help a few people save some money: Pampers Baby Dry Giga Pack 156 Nappies - down to just £15 right now on amazon just seen it on Deal Hunt Trending Bargains page (among some other interesting deals which could save a few people some money) or here is the direct link to amazon: Pampers Baby Dry Giga Pack 156 Nappies

daddykyller Sun 02-Mar-14 08:52:00

Just seen these wipes on offer on Amazon too: Huggies Pure Baby Wipes - 10 x Packs of 64 (640 Wipes) (rrp £25.40) Right now= £7.10 on amazon Huggies pure Baby Wipes

daddykyller Tue 15-Apr-14 07:44:24

Saw this this one at 79p this morning smile Don't know why it is so cheap but I love it : Eco Shopping Bag Foldable Cat-Black With Umiwe Accessory Peeler

daddykyller Sat 03-May-14 22:36:34

Just seen there is a bit of a glitch going on with this. What you do is signed up to a free trial of amazon family (link in next comment for this) and get the 3 month free trial.
(HINT- if you have already done this in the past just create a new yahoo email or other free email such as gmail.) .
Order the nappies on a subscribe and save for an additional 20%
Used the code 50FAMILY ... AND... This code is taking 50% off BEFORE the 20% off for the subscribe and save
THEN- if you don't want to keep getting nappies month after month just cancel the subsribe and save before the next due date.
That way these nappies which are just £10 at the moment anyway, and it goes to £5, then a further 20% off that makes it *£4***: Pampers Baby Dry Size 5+ (Junior +) Mega Box 70 Nappies, 10

Amazon Family 3 month free trial 3 month free trial. Not a bad deal in itself and worth checking out.

Also- Needs to be in this order: If code doesn't work for you- (seems to be working for some and not others depending on what' they've used on amazon in the past) Make a new email ( takes about 1minute 30 seconds through gmail or yahoo etc.) sign up for a new account on amazon, and pop in your new email you just made. Join Amazon Family. Order the nappies and put in the code- when that's done go back to the item and select subscribe and save.

daddykyller Sat 03-May-14 22:41:48

This will work for other things too- not just nappies, but that was just an example of somethign which qualifies under the amazon family offers.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sun 04-May-14 19:23:12

If you are already a family member just cancel log out then log back in n rejoin code then works

daddykyller Mon 05-May-14 10:13:12

Just been reading the amazon page about the code and it is valid until 9th May according to there: So as long as you are on amazon family the 50% off code will work, but it says with selected Pampers products on this page lots of things have been selling out. Wipes still there and working though £10.10 for 12 packs of wipes 50% off =£5.05 then if you can get the subscribe and save trick to still work there's another 20% off that making 12 packs just £4.04 *as long as you are on amazon family

daddykyller Thu 08-May-14 16:54:53

Huggies Pure Baby Wipes - 10 x Packs of 64 are now just £6.75 on amazon Huggies Pure Baby Wipes

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