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Psychobabble Tue 02-Sep-08 21:59:24

MNHQ might put this topic back in the topic list if people post here to say they want it, any creative writers around tonight? smile

Message withdrawn

Hi Storm. Have you made your organic sash yet? I have been wearing mine around town today, but it's weird, people don't seem to be very receptive to it. wink

Message withdrawn

So are we going to start a new thread in the new topic, or carry on here? Glad everyone's getting along with the writing. I've been in a bit of a rut, but tonight I am working away! I would like a writer's notebook, I'm always thinking of things when I'm about to fall asleep and forgetting them by morning!

vonsudenfed Mon 15-Sep-08 13:39:20
matildax Mon 15-Sep-08 13:35:45

lol i meant busy!!!! blush
although i am very skint also sad

matildax Mon 15-Sep-08 13:34:47

i do psycho, its really handy, as some great thoughts come to mind just when im drifting off to sleep, and i have made the mistake of saying to myself, "i will remember that in the morning, and write it down"

i never remember!! lol grin
so the notebook, is my new best friend.

very bust here, getting ready for our week away, hopefully i will get some writing done there. however my course starts 2nd oct, so hoping things start again (writing wise) very soon.
hope everyone else, is having a good day, and are writing future classics as i type!! wink

Psychobabble Mon 15-Sep-08 11:51:50

hello, sorry been absent. Things are busy here. I don't think this has been added to the topic list yet but we can still keep it going!

I liked your second story tea, I did get the sense that your character was a bit manic, I thought there were some moving bits in there as well.

My story is coming together nicely, I need to bump the word count up a bit but I am pleased with it, I definitely think it is the best thing I have written. I will need to start something new soon but have no inspiration.

Does anyone else keep a writers notebook? I have one that I write in before bed and I'm finding it useful.

teafortwo Mon 15-Sep-08 10:21:47

So... how are your writing projects going? Anyone mad any big leaps forward this wkd?

teafortwo Sat 13-Sep-08 22:49:23

Charchargabor nice to hear from you.

Thanks for your feedback - I wondered that too and actually Iris does strike things out later and I thought it would match that - Do you know how to strike out on word? So far it just says (crossed out) because I don't know how to do it.

I want it to feel a bit manic. I want Iris to be a bit of a Ruby Tuesday character so the striking out would add to that vibe.

Tonight I watched the film Volver and now feel a little silly trying to write about Motherhood when it is done so perfectly in that film. What has a daft blonde like me got to say about being a Mum? I really can't write anything tonight. The film was too good.

blush again - feel

I'm back! Everyone seems to have moved on, getting all creative and I feel a bit lost! Had a few nights off, but I'm back to it tonight. Really want to get this finished in time to send off at the end of the month.

teafortwo I thought that was beautiful. The emotions in it are really deep, I can almost fell what the mother is feeling. The only thing I would change is the bits where it says no a beach hut, no a log cabin. I thought it would be cool if you had them struck out instead, like it was a train of thought. Hope you don't mind me saying! blush

How's everybody else getting on?

QuintessentialShadow Sat 13-Sep-08 19:32:18

I only have it in Norwegian, lol! grin

mankymummy Sat 13-Sep-08 14:03:14

Guess its not such an original theme then Quintessential !!! wink

would love to read your start.... grin

QuintessentialShadow Fri 12-Sep-08 21:57:14


I also started a novel at the point after just having died. I am dead between boulders on a building site between the mainroad and the sea, and as it is Christmas day, I am pondering life as it happens in all the big modern windows in the new development. And as it is 24 hour dark here, nobody can see me for days!

How bizarre! I had the whole synopsis in my head, but never got past the second chapter as it depressed even me! (And it scared me, all those thoughts and emotions that it opened for.)

You should keep it going, it is an interesting story!

teafortwo Fri 12-Sep-08 21:39:51

Really - you cried mankymummy? Thank you for your tears. They mean a lot!

Twelvelegs - snigger snigger - Are you asking how the thread works in general or are you responding to my writing? Either...

a) You chat about how you write, what you are writing and read each others ideas and comments. Please join in!


b) She isn't actually going to post the letter!!!! Ha ha ha!!!! Do you ask because think it would improve the plot if she did???? blush

Thanks for reading and commenting. It is nice to test things out on an audience when you are so new to all this type type typing!!!!

Hi, sorry have been MIA, dd has been a nightmare since the MMR and with teething as well I haven't had much peace! mankymummy that opening part is fab, would love to read more! Am about to read yours now, teafortwo, so I'll be back after DD's bath! smile

Twelvelegs Fri 12-Sep-08 19:56:36

How would it work?

mankymummy Fri 12-Sep-08 19:55:34

tea.. oh my god... am i wrong but is that the most intimate conversation you can have with an unborn child? it made me cry. its all your aspirations, fears and hopes...

teafortwo Fri 12-Sep-08 19:37:48

WOW - thanks! Hey - This is what I am working on now! But it is quite intense so if I work on it too long it gives me a headache. So I wonder if it is horrible to read too? I would love to know... What do you think?

Dear love,

On the night train to Barcelona I felt you move inside me. For the first time. And it felt like leading a climb in the Pyrenees. My head and heart spun. I felt equally strong, responsible, vulnerable. I like you being there inside of me, my love, my son or my daughter (?), safe from distasteful things life possesses. It feels as if such things as, for example, say… suicide bombers, drunk drivers and wars just can’t reach you where you are… and the horrors of the World may as well be in another galaxy for what you know of them with your purity and self contained joy.

Yet, I yearn to see your face. To touch your hand and kiss your plump silky cheek. I ache to show you and tell you of my home. The place I love to death do us part, for better for worse, covered, my dear love, with flowers, creatures and people and as varied as a desert and mountain range. I am sure you will also adore this place once you have grown enough and once you desire it enough for yourself. It will be yours. As much yours as it is mine. Or maybe more yours as you will take it into the future when my time with it has come to its inevitable end. You grow from me and I will grow in you. Do you mind that I plant a seed in your chromosomes so as I can live on beyond my life? Do you mind that I see you by a tree in Cambridge reading and marking up Proust, Dickens, Forster and Bulgakov? You don’t now but you will. And your songs will reach the publics attention as you moan, no, cry into your microphone or perhaps musical instrument and your self loathing will be called jazz. Your illness fashion?

Now, my love… let me take you on a journey using your imagination. It is hard to imagine when all you know is softness and warm fluid and a drip I made for you. Did you know we are nourished from the same food? I want you to imagine. It is important to me. I need to feel close to you tonight. Sometimes us humans just need to feel close.

You see I want you to imagine a castle like the ones in a book. Yes - a big towering castle. And a girl, no a woman, no a girl arriving on a train below the castle. And the train is belonging to yesterday at a station that is reminiscent of a shed, no a beach hut, no a log cabin in Bohemian Paradise where she wishes to find her meaning.

Message withdrawn

teafortwo Fri 12-Sep-08 18:26:48

Oh I forgot to say... StorminanEcup - thank you so much for your comments on my short story. It is meant to be very voyeuristic! It is a short story about loneliness and the opposite of lonliness too really so voyeurism plays a strong part.

I wanted to play a bit with the ideas given in the C.S lewis quote "We read to know we are not alone" and Virginia Woolf's concept of "A room of ones own" I am glad you picked up on that. It is one of the themes! wink

p.s - It is very nice to be inspiring. Print. Mount. Frame!!!! grin grin grin

Message withdrawn

teafortwo Fri 12-Sep-08 14:45:12

Interesting - what about the other way round too? London, Edinborough, Liverpool etc for French children???

Message withdrawn

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