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Are there and Book Editors here at mn?

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KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:00:22

particularly novels.

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:31:48

Bugger. The only perk I get is a free book.

Wisteria Wed 05-Mar-08 11:32:52

I never knew I could get free sex shock grin

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:34:26

How many editors does it take to change a lightbulb?

Three. Two to hold the author down and one to screw in the bulb. grin

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:35:15

If I sleep with 1/2 of RH will they publish my book?

having not had sex for nearly 5 years this would go into the "perk" category for me.

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:35:31

How many proofreaders does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. They can't change the bulb; they can only query it. grin

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:37:16

grin actuwally am quite proud that I never did sleep with anyone there.

Have very rarely done stuff for Hutchinson, but I'm sure you're right!

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:37:41

LOL at thready's jokes.

KM - I think you'll have to sleep with a few agents first. Or even agents' assistants.

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:38:49

Thread, I am an editor's nightmare proofreader.

I change stuff

In ink shock

But only when I'm absolutely sure and even then I'm sure they hate me for it!

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:39:01

Sure thing. I'll work my way up the ladder.


fencesitter Wed 05-Mar-08 11:41:41

Ahem. I used to work at Hutchinson, PW! We always used to joke that everybody works there at some stage... turns out to be true! Never slept with anyone else at RH. It was the done thing, though. Probably why I moved on. grin

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:42:46

Hmm, yes <serious face>, you must throw yourself squarely at agents, not publishers. I have seen the slush piles at publishers and there's stuff there going back decades.

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:43:15

oops. I'd like to completely and utterly retract everything blush

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:44:47

Ah, fencesitter, when I did work (like proper work, in an office, where you have to turn up, like, every day) it was over the 'other side' ... wink

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:45:57

PW, why?

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:47:43

oh god, don't worry - any suggestion that I had an exciting sex life hundreds of years ago is gratefully received grin

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:47:46

in case fencesitter does me for libel...

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:48:37


KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:49:01

I miss the days when you could say what you want on the net.

fencesitter Wed 05-Mar-08 11:49:19


Am wondering now who it was that you knew...

I'm now a freelance editor but will only take on work through publishers.

ahundredtimes Wed 05-Mar-08 11:50:11

When you say the 'other side' do you mean up the stairs fencesitter?

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:50:14

As an aside can any of you tell me what is the copywriting process in UK or specifically Ireland?

If I want to protect my work that is.

fencesitter Wed 05-Mar-08 11:52:58

PeatBog - do you mean 'upstairs' at RH in the hallowed literary halls? Or through the wall in the CHA area (now, I believe, smashed down to reveal all the Hutch staff asleep at their desks)?

fencesitter Wed 05-Mar-08 11:53:51

cross-posted with 100x... think you meant peatbog. But same thought!

UnquietDad Wed 05-Mar-08 11:54:16

You mean copyright, as opposed to copywriting for ads etc?

In my experience (of writing and teaching), people stress too much about "copyrighting" ideas. They are paranoid that someone at a publishing house is going to steal their idea and pass it off as someone else's. This just doesn't happen.

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:54:16

KerryMum, you should have no worries about copyright. Just make sure you send the MS to established agents/publishers (see Writers and Artists Yearbook) and keep a copy and it'll be fine.

If you are published, the standard agreement you sign should cover you fairly. And any agent worth their salt will defend you from any weaselly publisher trying to get more than they should.

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