Are there and Book Editors here at mn?

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KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:00:22

particularly novels.

Wisteria Wed 05-Mar-08 11:00:48

I proof read and edit KM grin

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:00:53


Are there ANY book editors here at mn.

As you can see there is an obvious need.

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:01:07

What is going rate?

Wisteria Wed 05-Mar-08 11:03:32

It just depends - I charge anything between £10 - £15 per hour but I know I am on the cheaper side because I enjoy it hmm

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:04:25

I'm not v well paid.sad

About £1000 for copy-editing a 100,000-word book. And about £300 for project managing the book from cop-edit to print.

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:05:08

Probably I would get more if I would type 'copy-edit' accurately.

Wisteria Wed 05-Mar-08 11:06:15

PMSL TW grin

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:07:27

would you consider discount or % of profit if you thought book worthy?

Wisteria Wed 05-Mar-08 11:09:12

I would, but that is because I am a bit of a nob when it comes to charging my time out.......

What's the book about KM? Do you want me to read it for you grin? I'm always up for free reading material.... speed read anyway.

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:09:31

Percentage of profit is a mug's game, for authors only. Would amount to £0.07 per month in the case of most books -- esp. worthy ones!

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:10:37

me. about £20/hr copyediting, £15 proofreading.

I've never heard of a lowly copyeditor - or even editor - getting a cut of 'profit'. There's usually so little, the author needs all they can get!

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:12:43


well, you know I'm just another one of those who thinks they have the great american novel in them LOL.

It is a supernatural thriller.

Not in a state to be shown to anyone yet. Been gatheriing dust since I moved here 10 years ago. Am brushing it off as we speak.

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:12:45

<strongly suspects that PeatBog does not work in the environment/development sector>

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:13:22

First draft is approx. 800 double-spaced pages [thud] - the sound of it hitting the floor.

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:14:22

Why, wonk? Is that area spectacularly well paid?

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:15:23

No! Peatbog earns about 25 per cent more than I do...

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:17:01

Oh. I'm always paid by the project rather than the hour, so I'm not sure of my hourly rate (and would have to perform some abstraction of time-spent-on-mumsnet to work it out).

KerryMum Wed 05-Mar-08 11:21:05

LOL threadworm

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:21:13

Mmm, good point. Mind you, you're in Trade aren't you <worships>.

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:23:08

In Trade? <huffs in manner of Jane Austen gentry>

I do academic books, mostly philosophy.

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:26:04

Oh, I had you down as someone who did stuff for Vintage and what-not. (How do people get those jobs?)

Did you ever do philosophy stuff for Routledge - desk editor by the name of Emma D.?

Threadworm Wed 05-Mar-08 11:28:12

Not Routledge, no. But I wouldn't mind <pleading>

I've worked for OUP in the past but now all my work is for one particular well-known academic publisher, recently taken over by an American firm. Prefer not to say who because of massive and irrational paranoia about someone stumbling across me in the wide sea of the internat.

PeatBog Wed 05-Mar-08 11:29:00

grin at Threadworm - 'trade? <hand to brow>'

PW I had to sleep with most of Random House

policywonk Wed 05-Mar-08 11:30:50

Fair enough thready <Googles frantically>

Peatbog - shock! It's you!!

I used to know someone who worked at RH (Hutchinson). She really did sleep with half the people there. Seemed to be pretty much the done thing?

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