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richard & judy

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giddyfeet Sun 15-Apr-07 15:20:16

what motivates you to chose a book? There is a belief that we don't chose our books anymore, instead we read what R&J tell us to read, which is, by personal experience, something I find to be totally untrue.

I do look at the books they recommend if I see a sticker on them but they do not decide for me what I read. Often I will go to the a-z shelf and spend some time going through back covers until I find something I want to read.

I'm more influenced by the Canon than Richard & Judy, although I don't necessarily think that is any better.

What influences you?

Also, there is the old adage: don't judge a book by its cover - do you ever buy/loan a book on the basis of the cover?

saltire Sun 15-Apr-07 15:23:20

There are certain authors whose books I will buy - purely because I have read other books of theirs, and know I will enjoy them, Ian Rankin and Karin Slaughter being examples. Other times I go for recommendations of friends, although 9 times out of 10 I don't enjoy them. Or what our book club reads, again I don't always enjoy them. Sometimes I do just read the back cover and think "hmm that sounds good", and buy it.
I don't actually watch R&J so they certainly don't influence me

QueenofBleach Sun 15-Apr-07 15:24:55

Canon is good, I have a good friend who buys lots of books and lends what she thinks I will like, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, and like you I browse through a-z, might read the reviews occasionally and stumble on something great.

LittleSarah Sun 15-Apr-07 15:25:10

Not sure, I read reviews and get recommendations from friends and also do the browsing thing.

I do think that 3 for 2 offers stop people really choosing sometimes. I know I have been distracted, looking for a particular book or something and ended up buying a 3 for 2!

giddyfeet Sun 15-Apr-07 15:27:14

I generally judge a book by its back cover too.

I don't really watch it either. I think people are refering more to when you go in the shop it is very evident what R&J think you should watch by the marketing effort on their behalf (I think stats would tell you books they support sell a lot more than others).

I also was once told to read the first page to see if you like the writing style, although I have to say I rarely do that.

giddyfeet Sun 15-Apr-07 15:29:39

Littlesarah - yes I am a total 3 for 2 victim, I have to say. I can easily go in for one book and come out 50 pounds lighter! I do love books though.

QoB - Canon books are good but its the having your choices dictated to you that I am against.

Fillyjonk Sun 15-Apr-07 15:29:41

i often read books opportunistically-what ever catches my eye (lets face it, they KNOW my demographic, they KNOW how to tell me if its my sort of book) / on 3-for-2 / passed onto me, BUT

if i like a book i normally will keep reading the rest of an authors books so maybe it evens out

Is there a website that recommends books? "if you liked x, consider reading y and z" sort of thing?

giddyfeet Sun 15-Apr-07 15:32:11

I think amazon is the closest thing to the kind of website you describe.

I think a website for books like IMBD for films would be good.

Fillyjonk Sun 15-Apr-07 15:35:11

yes thats exactly what is needed

I used to have a book - it was something like the "good book guide"? It gave brief synopses and suggested further ideas for reading.

Amazon is kind of good for this but doesn't tell you what books people WISHED they had bought next, IYSWIM.

giddyfeet Sun 15-Apr-07 15:41:17

you've got me thinking now... (im a web designer)... big job but worth considering...

Fillyjonk Sun 15-Apr-07 15:43:41

oooh gwan gwan...

joash Sun 15-Apr-07 15:44:35

I actually avoid books that have the R&J sticker on - find it really irritating.

Fillyjonk Sun 15-Apr-07 15:52:58

it must be said that i have read a few r&j books of late and, without exception, they have been utterly utterly shocklingly dire.

giddyfeet Sun 15-Apr-07 16:00:34

yeah fillyjonk I've thought that when reading the back of a lot of them. I did buy the one about simamese twins but really cannot get into it.

I have only ever read one other recommended by them and it was good but was not enough to hold my attention for the entire book.

UnquietDad Wed 05-Mar-08 11:50:59

R&J recommendation puts me off if anything.

Anyway, it's Amanda Ross, their producer, who does the choosing.

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