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michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 08:57:56

this is for writers or people who bask in their glory (my dh is an unpublished writer)

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:37:31

phd, published is published! My dh would be ecstatic about a readership of 126

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:38:26

BOM is one of his latest readers..so we're getting there. Albeit very very slowly! LOL

Orlando Thu 05-Apr-07 13:42:43

No, HMB don't mind direct approaches-- 3 chapters and synopsis with brief covering letter. The only thing you do need to do is target one of their 'lines' very specifically -- which means reading plenty first. There's soooooo much out there on the internet to help aspiring HMB authors; sites like eharlequin.com, the pink heart society and squillions of author blogs. It's all very supportive and welcoming.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:44:48

orlando, if you don't mind me asking..what are hm&b rates these days?

Orlando Thu 05-Apr-07 13:48:21

It varies HUGELY between the various lines. The bestselling one is Presents, which sells all over the world and the royalties for each book reflect that. Some of the other imprints-- medicals for example-- are pretty much confined to a UK market and so have much lower royalty rates.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:52:02

Hmmh, maybe dh should try his luck at romance novels. Would be quite a change from the fantasy and sci-fi books he's written so far. Or maybe I should pick up my pen again..in the vast amounts of spare time I have in my life

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 13:55:29

I read squillions of romances over the summer ("it's research honey, honest!") but did not think to note titles/publishers/genres. Which would now be very darned helpful in thinking through "mine's like... and I should send it ...". Sigh. Anyway don't suppose it matters for now!

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:58:56

Are they actually your sole source of income? Because most authors these days can only dream of ever achieving that.

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:01:48

you're talking to Orlando now, right?

because DH is my sole source of income

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 14:03:14

LOL, yes I was! Same here, wish it was different though. Can't wait until kids are in school so I can finally at least get a part time job somewhere.

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:06:53

good luck with that - it'll be quite some time before I'm in that market myself so just have to keep being nice to dH.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 14:08:50

phd, how old are the little people then? And who is Buckwheat Zydeco? (fab character name, me thinks)

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:11:58

little person will hopefully be born any day now! (technically due on 17th). So you see writing isn't quite at top of priorities just at the mo!

\link{http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckwheat_Zydeco\Buckwheat Zydeco. You might remember soundtrack to 80s Ellen Barkin/Dennis Quaid film "The Big Easy".

(Good lord did I put that on my profile page? Must've been going through a phase!)

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:12:32


Buckwheat Zydeco , even.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 14:18:57

oh, you've got that long to go until school, LOL! Hey, fingers crossed for the birth then! Is it the first time?

Orlando Thu 05-Apr-07 14:19:35

Well, yes, but my dh works too. Because of the way the system works it takes a few years to reach your max earning potential (you write book, you get advance, you wait a year until book appears on shelves, when advance is out-earned you get royalties, as book is released in other countries you get more royalites) But in the meantime you've written 3 more books (they like 3 or 4 a year). So it's all a big cycle, and most HMB authors do earn a very nice living from it.

BandofBunnies Fri 06-Apr-07 10:09:08

at published authors. Must dust of my book. Or at least transfer from floppy to cd

<<<<<bows in "I am not worthy" style to all published peeps, and runs from thread as fast as poss>>>>>>>>>>

Nice to see youwere in bar MD, pity I was snoring my head off.
I frequent the teashop/bar, so if you're on come and find me!!!!

anorak Fri 06-Apr-07 10:19:40

Hello all, sorry have not been on mn much this week as I was inundated with work.

Thank you michaelad for your kind offer. I will have to catch up with you later as we are going away for a week now.

Good to see so many people joining in this thread.

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