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michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 08:57:56

this is for writers or people who bask in their glory (my dh is an unpublished writer)

I can't remember, just put a watch on it, then it'll always be in your threads I'm watching section!!!!

Or go to threads I'm on and you should find it there

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 08:39:49

Yeah but after three days it goes off of threads I'm on. Watch this thread is a really good idea, just done that.

michaelad Tue 27-Mar-07 10:31:58

anorak bet you are excited! What is it about? Have you sent manuscripts to anyone yet?

Anorak, good for you, I never seem to get round to it.
Have just found the beginning of a Austen type love story I started writing about 5 yrs ago<<<chortle>>>
Might take that one up again!!

michaelad Tue 27-Mar-07 17:47:03

Go for it BoM! I'm reading "the Meaning of night" by Michael Cox at the moment, victorian crime story. The guy started writing it in 1974 and it was finally published last year as his first book! Goes to show that it really does not matter how long it takes you to write a book {wink]

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:02:56

Yes it's funny how it gets easier when you get near the end. Loose ends start to be tied up and all that.

I haven't sent anything off yet as I want it perfect first I don't know how to describe it, it's about people living in an imaginary cult commune.

Has anyone here been published? I haven't yet.

aol Tue 27-Mar-07 18:04:16

I am on my second book but have started (very vaguely) on short stories.

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:04:57

Was your first published aol? What do you write about?

aol Tue 27-Mar-07 18:06:38

Have an agent but not published. What do you write about Anorak? I didnt know you wrote.

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:09:50

I didn't know you did either! This is my first novel, it's quite a serious analysis of the emotional side of a polygamous family. I have a few short stories behind me and lots of poetry but I've never been published. I have some hopes for this novel though.

What are you writing about?

aol Tue 27-Mar-07 18:11:23

Narrative non fiction really.

But would love to start and finish a novel. Have you got an agent yet?

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:16:03

No, but I have someone I can approach. I edited a friend's book and it was accepted by the agent and subsequently published by puffin, so I am fairly sure this agent would read my work. They complimented my friend on the polished state of her manuscript.

You have an agent you say. Is he/she still looking for a publisher for you?

Mhamai Tue 27-Mar-07 18:25:31

Wanders onto this thread very nervously! I belong to a beginners writing group. I mostly write poetry and short pieces. I'm also doing a degree so don't have enough time to write creatively as course work and essay's take up a lot of my time. Anywhoo a big hello to all the novel writers. Oh and proof readers too! <bows in admiration>

ELF1981 Tue 27-Mar-07 18:28:20

Can I join in please!
Currently in search of an agent. Sigh.

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 19:04:54

Hello both!

God, wouldn't know how to go about getting an agent. Haven't got anything nearly finished enough. Think I'm a bit amateur for this thread now!!!

michaelad Wed 28-Mar-07 10:39:06

My dh approached a few of his favourite writers about endorsements for his book and ended up with one of them also recommending an agent to him. He sent the manuscript to the agent and was accepted. Book number 2 is doing the rounds at publishing houses at the moment.

michaelad Wed 28-Mar-07 10:40:49

mhamai no need to be nervous at all. I am only here because I proof read my dh's books

michaelad Wed 28-Mar-07 10:41:59

anorak Your novel sounds really interesting! It's not something like the "Big love" series on television though, is it?

ELF1981 Wed 28-Mar-07 21:27:39

Well, currently writing my 3rd, not really been brave enough to find an agent before the end of last year / this year, so have begun the search. One wanted to sign but they sounded sooo dodgy, all email based, in the US so I did not sign with them.
Back to the Writers Handbook I think!

michaelad Thu 29-Mar-07 19:56:18

Yes, Writers handbook is definitely a good start. What genre are you writing in?

LowFatMilkshake Thu 29-Mar-07 20:08:56

Hi, Can I join this thread??

I have started about 3 novels - I love writing so much, but my brain runs ahead of my hands and I get frustrated with the typing - should invest in some dictation software me thinks!

michaelad Sun 01-Apr-07 10:58:07

BoM, have you had any chance of doing any more reading in the last few days? Dh is gagging to know

anorak Sun 01-Apr-07 11:03:05

No michaelad, not like Big Love but I did watch the series as I was worried that it might be too similar to my story. Actually it isn't like it at all, my people live in a closed commune and the story isn't focussed on what I see as quite shallow issues used in Big Love, it's more about the intricate emotions involved. But I'm making it sound really dull

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