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michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 08:57:56

this is for writers or people who bask in their glory (my dh is an unpublished writer)

fryalot Fri 16-Mar-07 09:04:53

Glad you're not depressed any more!

Haven't written a book though, so I'll go away again.

michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 16:21:39

Thanks, squonk! Just need to get my head around how things work on this site..very welcome to stay as long as you don't mind all the waffling about manuscripts etc.

michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 18:36:46

<twiddles her thumbs while waiting for BOM to find her>

I proof read for my sister - she is now quite successful. DP told me the other day the average earnings for a published book writer are 4k a year!

So it's not all JK Rowling!

fryalot Fri 16-Mar-07 18:43:36

I heard that. It's apparently because of the jk rowlings, and richard & judy's book club. Apparently, we don't read books by authors we've never heard of anymore. We only read what richard & judy tell us to, or what is on the shelf at tescos.

Hathor Fri 16-Mar-07 18:58:40

So what are you all working on? I am working on an idea for a blockbuster. Or I would be if I had any time.

michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 19:55:39

Well, like I said at the start, it's my dh who's the writer. I proof read and give honest opinions. He's onto his 5th book now (all fantasy) and is with a well known agent. But so far no success. But according to the agent it can take years if not decades until you succeed. Was also told at FantasyCon a few years back that the publishing house for JK. Rowling just about broke even on Harry Potter. Thanks to the supermarkets, Amazon etc. Now, that's shocking, I thought

Sorry Michaelad. I got caught up with tea time and bed time and then I pooped out in front of Red Nose Day and American Idol.
I can't believe your DH is on his 5th book. I haven't written anything in so long!!!
Am fairly new on MN and didn't know about the message search, then I put in Writer's corner and it wanted writers corner. Doh!!

I heard that loads of people turned down Harry Potter for ages, then I think she got about £4,000 or so for the first book.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 14:13:25

Yippieh! You found it...great! Tbh, I can't believe that he's on his fifth book! Don't know where he finds the energy from (and the brains) at the end of the day. After the day job and being harrassed by the kids as soon as he gets home..but he does! It's his way to escape the madness. Writing and Fantasy RPG (mean anything to you?). I did a bit of writing myself when I was younger..but am just too knackered and braindead in the evenings now to ever to anything like that again. The roleplaying campaigns lasted for a few years longer but it is tricky without babysitters.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 14:15:10

Oh, and I did ask him whether he'd mind you reading some of it...and he's fine with it! As you so rightly said..you are target audience after all

Mine is paltry in comparison, I'm sure. Only 6 and a bit chapters.
Never done roleplay stuff, but my brother does LARP, which is Live Action RolePlay. Where they actually dress up and act stuff out in a big field.
BIL does D&D.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:09:07

Yes, I know some people who do LARP and re-enactments. Never really interested me though, much preferred my dh roleplaying campaigns. God, we had such a laugh..and one of them has been turned into a book. Now all we need to do is sell it . What's your book about? Speaking of which, Shadow of the wind is by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Not fantasy but one gorgeous book - rumoured to be made into a movie soon.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:10:59

Re dh's books...I could send a few chapters in electronic format so that you can have a little look and see whether you like the style.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:12:16

And stop knocking your own efforts! When finally finished, yours could sell before dh's

LOL. Might finish by time I'm 50.
Actually really must get off my arse and do some more. Am so lazy by the time the girls are in bed that I just want to chill, MN or watch tv. So bloody tired.
When they're a little older perhaps it will be easier!! I'll do a JK Rowling, and then I'll publish your DH's books.!!!! Sure he'll already be published by then tho.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:20:17

who knows..it's frustating! He writes and writes, manuscripts get sent off to the agent who then makes editorial comments and passes them on to the publishers. And then follow months and months and months of waiting..before you get turned down again.

So, what's your book about then? Stylewise?

It's a fantasy/magic type about a Dwarf, Elf, etc. Am worried it's not original any more. Bit of an adventure quest. Like I said before, I'm so different now I don't know if I can finish it!!
Sorry to leave so long between posts. I get caught up in the bar. Love the girls in there.

michaelad Sun 18-Mar-07 18:16:17

Don't worry about the subject too much. If it is well written it will eventually find its place somewhere. Dh started to write his first book in his teens (is now 38) and it's a severely revised version of this that got him endorsements by 2 wellknown writers and an agent. So, doesn't matter if you have changed as a person. Adapt it, rewrite it..

michaelad Sun 18-Mar-07 18:17:23

So, still interested in a couple of my dh's chapters? If so, where would you like me to send it to?

Definately. Always up for a good read. Bandofmothers@hotmail.co.uk
Looking forward to reading something that's not on the shelves yet. Sure it will be soon tho.
Did actually start to rewrite about a year ago but found that if I changed things it was so hard to keep the change consistent. But I suppose that's the challenge isn't it.
It seems a bit childish now. Maybe you wont think so tho. I'm so petrified people will think it's childish and crap, and I'll be embarrassed. I think that's why I never actually finish anything.

michaelad Mon 19-Mar-07 20:13:10

Have just sent you the first couple of chapters! Let me know if you got them and if the spacing and font make it ok to read!

michaelad Mon 19-Mar-07 20:14:18

Really excited now since you're the first person (apart from the agent) to read this!

Have mailed you back. Is a bit unreadable. Some numbers all over it.
Will be happy to give my opinion if you want it!! May take me a while tho, as bit busy at the mo.

michaelad Tue 20-Mar-07 09:25:22

Have just mailed it again! Better this time? Maybe it's the fact that it's in .rtf format?

Have emailed you

michaelad Wed 21-Mar-07 19:45:50

Hi BOM, have just tried yet another time. You must be getting sick and tired of this .
Anyone else out there who has interest in writing??? Helloooooo!!!!!

Not sick of it. A bit of anticipation makes it more fun when you finally get to read. The only trouble will be I'll have to sit at the computer to read it and I like to snuggle under some blankets in bed or on the sofa!!!!
Will go and see!!!

Haven't had another one yet!!!Are you sure it sent??

michaelad Wed 21-Mar-07 20:16:58

Yep, just checked again! It's a large file this time though..sent the whole book in HTML format. Maybe that just takes a bit longer..

OK <<<<goes to check inbox again>>>>

NOPE, when did you send it???

michaelad Wed 21-Mar-07 20:22:35

about 40 mins ago! <is getting slightly worried now>. File too big for hotm.?

Still not got it ML. Hmmmmm, strange.
Shouldn't be too big!!!

Did you send it in the message, or as an attachment??
Might be better if you send it as an attachment!

michaelad Thu 22-Mar-07 09:49:49

did send it as a HTML attachment! Still not there? The Gods of technology are truly conspiring against me

michaelad Fri 23-Mar-07 09:36:09

Morning! Had a chance to look at it yet? Told dh you finally received the file and now he's getting all excited too. Mind you, he came home last night saying he'd just had an idea for another book! At this rate he will just swamp the publishers with books until they finally cave in and publish him. Just to make him (well, the agent really) go away

aol Fri 23-Mar-07 09:37:31

Can I join in?

michaelad Fri 23-Mar-07 09:39:54

Oh, hooray!!!! We found someone else!! You are very welcome indeed!

NO, not yet, fell asleep watching tv last night
AOL, hello again<<<waves>>>

michaelad Fri 23-Mar-07 14:07:15

Not to worry! I usually struggle to stay awake past 10pm these days. No stamina anymore <sigh>.
Aol, have you written anything yet?

michaelad Sun 25-Mar-07 21:23:01

BOM, how did your weekend go? Just back from a christening and absolutely shattered

Was ok, but not great!!
Read a couple pages of the book. Like it so far, it has captured me enough to make me actively WANT to read more. Which is the hardest and most important thing to do with the opening pages!!! Am looking forward to reading the rest. But you will have to bear with me. While dd2 is in my room at night I don't get much reading done anymore!! (and since discovering MN. I used to sit and read, now I'm on here

michaelad Mon 26-Mar-07 19:31:49

How ever long it takes! Don't worry . What went wrong over the weekend if you don't mind me asking?

anorak Mon 26-Mar-07 19:33:49

Hello hello? Anyone home?

aol I didn't know you wrote, what are you working on?

michaelad Mon 26-Mar-07 19:36:25

<waves> Hello! Was about to log off but thought I'd better wave before I go! Not much of a writer myself but my dh is (fantasy - as yet unpublished). And yourself?

anorak Mon 26-Mar-07 19:38:10

Have written nine tenths of my novel and on the home straight! Getting quite excited.

llareggub Mon 26-Mar-07 19:40:21

this keeps appearing in active covos but I can never find it on the topics list. Am I seeing things?

anorak Mon 26-Mar-07 19:44:01

Is Creative Writing Club still on the topics list? I thought it'd been scrapped.

llareggub Mon 26-Mar-07 20:07:23

where does this thread live?

[twilight zone]

I can't remember, just put a watch on it, then it'll always be in your threads I'm watching section!!!!

Or go to threads I'm on and you should find it there

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 08:39:49

Yeah but after three days it goes off of threads I'm on. Watch this thread is a really good idea, just done that.

michaelad Tue 27-Mar-07 10:31:58

anorak bet you are excited! What is it about? Have you sent manuscripts to anyone yet?

Anorak, good for you, I never seem to get round to it.
Have just found the beginning of a Austen type love story I started writing about 5 yrs ago<<<chortle>>>
Might take that one up again!!

michaelad Tue 27-Mar-07 17:47:03

Go for it BoM! I'm reading "the Meaning of night" by Michael Cox at the moment, victorian crime story. The guy started writing it in 1974 and it was finally published last year as his first book! Goes to show that it really does not matter how long it takes you to write a book {wink]

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:02:56

Yes it's funny how it gets easier when you get near the end. Loose ends start to be tied up and all that.

I haven't sent anything off yet as I want it perfect first I don't know how to describe it, it's about people living in an imaginary cult commune.

Has anyone here been published? I haven't yet.

aol Tue 27-Mar-07 18:04:16

I am on my second book but have started (very vaguely) on short stories.

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:04:57

Was your first published aol? What do you write about?

aol Tue 27-Mar-07 18:06:38

Have an agent but not published. What do you write about Anorak? I didnt know you wrote.

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:09:50

I didn't know you did either! This is my first novel, it's quite a serious analysis of the emotional side of a polygamous family. I have a few short stories behind me and lots of poetry but I've never been published. I have some hopes for this novel though.

What are you writing about?

aol Tue 27-Mar-07 18:11:23

Narrative non fiction really.

But would love to start and finish a novel. Have you got an agent yet?

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 18:16:03

No, but I have someone I can approach. I edited a friend's book and it was accepted by the agent and subsequently published by puffin, so I am fairly sure this agent would read my work. They complimented my friend on the polished state of her manuscript.

You have an agent you say. Is he/she still looking for a publisher for you?

Mhamai Tue 27-Mar-07 18:25:31

Wanders onto this thread very nervously! I belong to a beginners writing group. I mostly write poetry and short pieces. I'm also doing a degree so don't have enough time to write creatively as course work and essay's take up a lot of my time. Anywhoo a big hello to all the novel writers. Oh and proof readers too! <bows in admiration>

ELF1981 Tue 27-Mar-07 18:28:20

Can I join in please!
Currently in search of an agent. Sigh.

anorak Tue 27-Mar-07 19:04:54

Hello both!

God, wouldn't know how to go about getting an agent. Haven't got anything nearly finished enough. Think I'm a bit amateur for this thread now!!!

michaelad Wed 28-Mar-07 10:39:06

My dh approached a few of his favourite writers about endorsements for his book and ended up with one of them also recommending an agent to him. He sent the manuscript to the agent and was accepted. Book number 2 is doing the rounds at publishing houses at the moment.

michaelad Wed 28-Mar-07 10:40:49

mhamai no need to be nervous at all. I am only here because I proof read my dh's books

michaelad Wed 28-Mar-07 10:41:59

anorak Your novel sounds really interesting! It's not something like the "Big love" series on television though, is it?

ELF1981 Wed 28-Mar-07 21:27:39

Well, currently writing my 3rd, not really been brave enough to find an agent before the end of last year / this year, so have begun the search. One wanted to sign but they sounded sooo dodgy, all email based, in the US so I did not sign with them.
Back to the Writers Handbook I think!

michaelad Thu 29-Mar-07 19:56:18

Yes, Writers handbook is definitely a good start. What genre are you writing in?

LowFatMilkshake Thu 29-Mar-07 20:08:56

Hi, Can I join this thread??

I have started about 3 novels - I love writing so much, but my brain runs ahead of my hands and I get frustrated with the typing - should invest in some dictation software me thinks!

michaelad Sun 01-Apr-07 10:58:07

BoM, have you had any chance of doing any more reading in the last few days? Dh is gagging to know

anorak Sun 01-Apr-07 11:03:05

No michaelad, not like Big Love but I did watch the series as I was worried that it might be too similar to my story. Actually it isn't like it at all, my people live in a closed commune and the story isn't focussed on what I see as quite shallow issues used in Big Love, it's more about the intricate emotions involved. But I'm making it sound really dull

michaelad Sun 01-Apr-07 13:19:09

no anorak on the contrary, you are making it much more interesting (well, to me at least). Big love is aimed at a wide audience hence it being pretty shallow. Where did the idea for the book come from? Is that a lifestyle that might appeal to you, if you don't mind me asking..

anorak Sun 01-Apr-07 13:27:51

Absolutely no way! I see it as a form of slavery for the women - they're basically brainwashed into thinking their family structure is right in the eyes of their religion, but there isn't much in it for them really.

It's just a subject that's always fascinated me.

michaelad Sun 01-Apr-07 13:32:20

Well, "polyamory" seems to be all the rage atm. Which leaves out religious aspects, marriage etc. Basically it is supposed to be about people who build loving relationships with more than just their primary partner. But imho this doesn't sound any better either . Isn't polygamy big in places like Utah etc.?

anorak Mon 02-Apr-07 10:45:40

Yes, very big. They flock together to keep each other's secrets and find like-minded people to join up with.

All stems from Brigham Young's followers who trekked to Utah to escape the wrath of the law.

I don't think they've yet managed to find a drug that ensures ten girl babies are born for every male though

BandofBunnies Mon 02-Apr-07 10:49:14

Sorry Michealad, Was my birthday Sat, so was busy, then enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

<<<promises self will sit down and read all 3 chapters tonight>>>>>

michaelad Mon 02-Apr-07 12:16:34

Oh BoM's now BoB [smile} Glorious weather, wasn't it?! Read it when you feel like it, don't worry!
I really wish I had the patience and willpower to sit down and do some writing again myself..but it honestly feels like I've lost about half of my brain cells giving birth to my two sons! Admire everybody out there on MN who has children and still manages to write and the end of the day.
anorak how much longer do you think until your book is finished? Would you let someone have a look at a sample chapter? Am really intrigued now Might be able to recommend an agent aswell. Would have to ask dh first thoughif he's ok with passing his agents details on.

michaelad Mon 02-Apr-07 12:18:41

Oh and "Happy belated birthday" to you BoB! <belts out the song with significantly more enthusiasm than tune>

BandofBunnies Tue 03-Apr-07 11:09:16

LOL, thanks MD. Couldn't get on line last night. Tiscali was having major problems.
<<<promises, AGAIN, to sit tonight and read>>>>>

BandofBunnies Tue 03-Apr-07 20:49:48

Read iiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt.

Love it so far. Have sent you an e-mail


michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 09:19:31

Morning all! BoB, great that you like it..now we just need to spread the word Have just mailed you the next chapters!

BandofBunnies Wed 04-Apr-07 09:36:16

<<<<<waves frantically to see if MD is still around>>>>>

I might have to get my book onto cd, and mail you a bit of it. It is still in progress tho, not polished as you dh's!!!

Am scared you'll hate it. Would you BOTH read it???

michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 11:54:19

Am here again now for a little bit. Don't be silly, it'd be great to read it no matter how unfinished or unpolished it might be. Will ask dh to have a look aswell, no probs!
Go on, go for it! I don't bite! <wields character hook swords instead>

BandofBunnies Wed 04-Apr-07 11:58:29

LOL, I have to find someone with a floppy drive first as I don't and it's on a floppy. That's how long it's been since I wrote any on it.
<<<<<tries to remember where it is, and begins to panic a bit>>>>>

michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 12:00:38

Remember you mentioning floppy discs..those were the dark distant days! D'ya know, I have only just noticed the picture on your profile page. Nice to be able to put a face to the name. Lovely pic, what happened to the dog?

michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 12:02:59

Oh and about changing your name on MN. How does it work? I tried thinking I could then switch between alternate names..but somehow that does not seem to work

BandofBunnies Wed 04-Apr-07 12:05:15

Hold and I'll put you on my mnmates list. Then you can see everyone. But only on my old name.

BandofBunnies Wed 04-Apr-07 12:09:13

Go to myMN, then into registration details, then change your name and save. Then under it you will see Names history.

When you want to change back just do the same again, back to old name.
Once you have a name it is yours and noone else can use it.

michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 12:13:22

Awwwww...just had a look at the photos! Your girls are adorable!! Did you say your brother does LARP? He does look the part

BandofBunnies Wed 04-Apr-07 12:15:37

LOL, yes he does, and yes they are[smug]

He was a Dark Goblin General for ages. Looked funny in green makeup and costume. Very good tho. But he got killed. Don't think he's been able to afford the big summer meet the last year or so tho.

He's the loveliest person you'll ever meet, tho he looks quite scary. DD1 LOVES him, even tho she doesn't see him incredibly often!!

BandofBunnies Wed 04-Apr-07 12:16:15

Am I not on your mates list or do you not have pics on??

michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 12:19:26

ROFL! Don't you just love these conversations about roleplaying..the look on other peoples faces sometimes when they have no idea what on earth you're talking about! Goblins? Swords? Asassins?? And tbh, your bro does not look scary at all..but maybe that's just me being a roleplayer and an "ex-Goth"

michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 12:20:55

You are on my mates list now (remember, I'm a newbie..takes time to figure it all out) but I have not posted pics yet. Will try and do so soon though!

michaelad Wed 04-Apr-07 12:52:09

Bob,have posted some pics of the boys now!

BandofBunnies Wed 04-Apr-07 21:47:27

Can't see them MD. HAve you made them visible to your MN mates???

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 09:11:08

Yep, I did...however, I used your other name to start with which maybe why you could not see them. Have added BoB to the list aswell now so should be fine

BandofBunnies Thu 05-Apr-07 10:56:45

NOPE, still no option to look at pics.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 11:59:26

All looks fine from here..strange..have just changed it to "visible to all". Made any difference?

BandofBunnies Thu 05-Apr-07 12:03:33

Oh, what little cuties.
Love the Yoda picture.
You can make them private again now if you like.

Am going to print out new pages and have a squizz tonight. Was enjoying it the othernight and was when I ran out.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 12:09:31

Yes they are quite sweet! Especially ds2 can do cute really well. Even got signed up to a modelling agency in London. Thought that only happens in movies . What do you do when you're not looking after the kids or are on MN these days?

BandofBunnies Thu 05-Apr-07 12:10:44

The only time I don't look after the kids is when they're in bed.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 12:14:49

And then you pour yourself a ginormous glass of wine and go on MN or read stranger's manuscripts?!

BandofBunnies Thu 05-Apr-07 12:41:46

LOL. YEAH. S'why I'm so tired. I hate going to bed early and wasting my precious alone time. Even tho I'm sat at pooter/tv/reading with matchsticks holding my lids open!!!

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 12:46:06

LoL, know exactly what you mean! Dh keeps telling me to get an early night but it is the only time I have with him or on my own! And I just refuse to give it up! I don't sleep very well in general and sleep is for the weak anyway

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 12:54:40

Do you get nights out with dh or friends at all? We struggle coz we don't have immediate family nearby and have not made many friends in the area yet. I've even gone to gigs and to the cinema on my own..and that is truly sad!

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 13:04:03

ooh ooh just found this, can I join????

(hello bom, not stalking you - HONEST!!)

I'm an academic by training so right now, writing boring academic stuff. (Okay actually I still find it quite interesting. This is purely because I am sad. And obsessed.)

But I spent most of summer writing a romance, it's 2/3 done and still hope to find time to finish that soon (BoM stop snorting). And I've got a NF book proposal that just needs to be typed and sent out...

KerryMum Thu 05-Apr-07 13:07:50

Can I join too? I could really really use some inspiration.

I finished the first draft of a novel (over 700 pages) over 15 years ago. I have made extensive revision notes but NEVER done the revisions. Moved to a new country, kids, yada yada

It is a supernatural thriller. Parts of it are very good (but then I would be biased)

I need a kick up the arse to get back to it. To get it finished. If I'd done this 10 years ago people would now be saying that it was prescient. But now...

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:08:00

I spend my life surrounded by "sad" people, so you're most welcome What is a NF book proposal?

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:08:23

oh hang on..NF as in non fiction?

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:11:12

dh started writing his first novel in his teens and it's the very one that got him some really good endorsements and an agent two decades later! It is never too late to rework and try your luck! <will quite happily kick if asked>

KerryMum Thu 05-Apr-07 13:15:20

I've been writing since I was very young myself. Pre-teen even. I doubt my mom still has the boxes of stuff but I wish she did. Back then it was all fantasy type stuff.

Now pretty dark. Sometimes I catch myself on-line and say wtf are you doing here - dust off those pages. They are sitting next to me in a heap and in buckets under my desk.

All my life this is what I knew I was made for. There's never been any doubt about that. But time passes...

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 13:15:42

Yes Kerrymum - think Hilary Mantel!!!

(yes michaelad NF is non-fiction)

KerryMum Thu 05-Apr-07 13:17:44

phd - a romance? What sort of thing? Sub-genre?

I must admit the love story in my novel is my favorite part of the book.

KerryMum Thu 05-Apr-07 13:18:08

Who's Hilary Manetl (nb- I'm American though living in Ireland for past 10 years)

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:21:17

Kerry's mum..time might pass but opportunities remain! Hasten to add that it was I who persuaded dh to dust off the book and pick up the pen again, to scour the internet for self publishing if need be, to contact other writers..and it worked. He's go the agent, he's onto his 5th book...am quite good at kicking, me

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:23:24

Good example, phd! HM's "Beyond black" is on my shelf.

Orlando Thu 05-Apr-07 13:27:48

Just dropping in to say hello-- I thought the Creative Writing topic had been scrapped too, so am pathetically excited to see it back. I'm a published writer (which I always have to qualify with...) writing for Harlequin Mills&Boon. Aside from the stigma of writing for M&B which is somewhat trying at times, I can thoroughly recommend anyone who's interested in writing romance to think about them. Comparatively they pay very well, and the work is enormously enjoyable. They're also hugely welcoming to new writers, which is a nice change from lots of publishers, who actively seem quite hostile to unsolicited ms.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:31:54

oooohhh.. we have a published writer in our midst now <looks for the amiration emoticon>

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:32:31

admiration even <cough>

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 13:32:39

Hilary Mantel is a UK author. When she was v young she went to South Africa and wrote a ginormous novel about the French Revolution. everyone told her not to be daft - such things being hardly in vogue in the 70s - but after her... 4th? 5th? successful novel, someone asked if she had anything hidden under the bed; she said yes, and 15? 19? years later, there it was!

Okay the romance was meant to be very straightforward, but has become kind of chick-lit-y: I guess it has some amusing moments, but as I've been writing a second narrative has unfolded, where the heroine has to figure out what she wants from career/life balance. Um. Not saying it very well. Head is in NF mode today.

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 13:34:57

hello Orlando! Congratulations! And I think yours is better than mine - when I say I'm a published author I'd have to qualify "but only in academic books and journals with international readership of... 126."

I heard that for any new fiction, you need an agent to approach publisher - would that be fair to see for HM&B?

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:37:31

phd, published is published! My dh would be ecstatic about a readership of 126

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:38:26

BOM is one of his latest readers..so we're getting there. Albeit very very slowly! LOL

Orlando Thu 05-Apr-07 13:42:43

No, HMB don't mind direct approaches-- 3 chapters and synopsis with brief covering letter. The only thing you do need to do is target one of their 'lines' very specifically -- which means reading plenty first. There's soooooo much out there on the internet to help aspiring HMB authors; sites like eharlequin.com, the pink heart society and squillions of author blogs. It's all very supportive and welcoming.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:44:48

orlando, if you don't mind me asking..what are hm&b rates these days?

Orlando Thu 05-Apr-07 13:48:21

It varies HUGELY between the various lines. The bestselling one is Presents, which sells all over the world and the royalties for each book reflect that. Some of the other imprints-- medicals for example-- are pretty much confined to a UK market and so have much lower royalty rates.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:52:02

Hmmh, maybe dh should try his luck at romance novels. Would be quite a change from the fantasy and sci-fi books he's written so far. Or maybe I should pick up my pen again..in the vast amounts of spare time I have in my life

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 13:55:29

I read squillions of romances over the summer ("it's research honey, honest!") but did not think to note titles/publishers/genres. Which would now be very darned helpful in thinking through "mine's like... and I should send it ...". Sigh. Anyway don't suppose it matters for now!

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 13:58:56

Are they actually your sole source of income? Because most authors these days can only dream of ever achieving that.

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:01:48

you're talking to Orlando now, right?

because DH is my sole source of income

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 14:03:14

LOL, yes I was! Same here, wish it was different though. Can't wait until kids are in school so I can finally at least get a part time job somewhere.

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:06:53

good luck with that - it'll be quite some time before I'm in that market myself so just have to keep being nice to dH.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 14:08:50

phd, how old are the little people then? And who is Buckwheat Zydeco? (fab character name, me thinks)

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:11:58

little person will hopefully be born any day now! (technically due on 17th). So you see writing isn't quite at top of priorities just at the mo!

\link{http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckwheat_Zydeco\Buckwheat Zydeco. You might remember soundtrack to 80s Ellen Barkin/Dennis Quaid film "The Big Easy".

(Good lord did I put that on my profile page? Must've been going through a phase!)

phdlife Thu 05-Apr-07 14:12:32


Buckwheat Zydeco , even.

michaelad Thu 05-Apr-07 14:18:57

oh, you've got that long to go until school, LOL! Hey, fingers crossed for the birth then! Is it the first time?

Orlando Thu 05-Apr-07 14:19:35

Well, yes, but my dh works too. Because of the way the system works it takes a few years to reach your max earning potential (you write book, you get advance, you wait a year until book appears on shelves, when advance is out-earned you get royalties, as book is released in other countries you get more royalites) But in the meantime you've written 3 more books (they like 3 or 4 a year). So it's all a big cycle, and most HMB authors do earn a very nice living from it.

BandofBunnies Fri 06-Apr-07 10:09:08

at published authors. Must dust of my book. Or at least transfer from floppy to cd

<<<<<bows in "I am not worthy" style to all published peeps, and runs from thread as fast as poss>>>>>>>>>>

Nice to see youwere in bar MD, pity I was snoring my head off.
I frequent the teashop/bar, so if you're on come and find me!!!!

anorak Fri 06-Apr-07 10:19:40

Hello all, sorry have not been on mn much this week as I was inundated with work.

Thank you michaelad for your kind offer. I will have to catch up with you later as we are going away for a week now.

Good to see so many people joining in this thread.

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