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michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 08:57:56

this is for writers or people who bask in their glory (my dh is an unpublished writer)

fryalot Fri 16-Mar-07 09:04:53

Glad you're not depressed any more!

Haven't written a book though, so I'll go away again.

michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 16:21:39

Thanks, squonk! Just need to get my head around how things work on this site..very welcome to stay as long as you don't mind all the waffling about manuscripts etc.

michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 18:36:46

<twiddles her thumbs while waiting for BOM to find her>

I proof read for my sister - she is now quite successful. DP told me the other day the average earnings for a published book writer are 4k a year!

So it's not all JK Rowling!

fryalot Fri 16-Mar-07 18:43:36

I heard that. It's apparently because of the jk rowlings, and richard & judy's book club. Apparently, we don't read books by authors we've never heard of anymore. We only read what richard & judy tell us to, or what is on the shelf at tescos.

Hathor Fri 16-Mar-07 18:58:40

So what are you all working on? I am working on an idea for a blockbuster. Or I would be if I had any time.

michaelad Fri 16-Mar-07 19:55:39

Well, like I said at the start, it's my dh who's the writer. I proof read and give honest opinions. He's onto his 5th book now (all fantasy) and is with a well known agent. But so far no success. But according to the agent it can take years if not decades until you succeed. Was also told at FantasyCon a few years back that the publishing house for JK. Rowling just about broke even on Harry Potter. Thanks to the supermarkets, Amazon etc. Now, that's shocking, I thought

Sorry Michaelad. I got caught up with tea time and bed time and then I pooped out in front of Red Nose Day and American Idol.
I can't believe your DH is on his 5th book. I haven't written anything in so long!!!
Am fairly new on MN and didn't know about the message search, then I put in Writer's corner and it wanted writers corner. Doh!!

I heard that loads of people turned down Harry Potter for ages, then I think she got about £4,000 or so for the first book.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 14:13:25

Yippieh! You found it...great! Tbh, I can't believe that he's on his fifth book! Don't know where he finds the energy from (and the brains) at the end of the day. After the day job and being harrassed by the kids as soon as he gets home..but he does! It's his way to escape the madness. Writing and Fantasy RPG (mean anything to you?). I did a bit of writing myself when I was younger..but am just too knackered and braindead in the evenings now to ever to anything like that again. The roleplaying campaigns lasted for a few years longer but it is tricky without babysitters.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 14:15:10

Oh, and I did ask him whether he'd mind you reading some of it...and he's fine with it! As you so rightly said..you are target audience after all

Mine is paltry in comparison, I'm sure. Only 6 and a bit chapters.
Never done roleplay stuff, but my brother does LARP, which is Live Action RolePlay. Where they actually dress up and act stuff out in a big field.
BIL does D&D.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:09:07

Yes, I know some people who do LARP and re-enactments. Never really interested me though, much preferred my dh roleplaying campaigns. God, we had such a laugh..and one of them has been turned into a book. Now all we need to do is sell it . What's your book about? Speaking of which, Shadow of the wind is by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Not fantasy but one gorgeous book - rumoured to be made into a movie soon.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:10:59

Re dh's books...I could send a few chapters in electronic format so that you can have a little look and see whether you like the style.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:12:16

And stop knocking your own efforts! When finally finished, yours could sell before dh's

LOL. Might finish by time I'm 50.
Actually really must get off my arse and do some more. Am so lazy by the time the girls are in bed that I just want to chill, MN or watch tv. So bloody tired.
When they're a little older perhaps it will be easier!! I'll do a JK Rowling, and then I'll publish your DH's books.!!!! Sure he'll already be published by then tho.

michaelad Sat 17-Mar-07 20:20:17

who knows..it's frustating! He writes and writes, manuscripts get sent off to the agent who then makes editorial comments and passes them on to the publishers. And then follow months and months and months of waiting..before you get turned down again.

So, what's your book about then? Stylewise?

It's a fantasy/magic type about a Dwarf, Elf, etc. Am worried it's not original any more. Bit of an adventure quest. Like I said before, I'm so different now I don't know if I can finish it!!
Sorry to leave so long between posts. I get caught up in the bar. Love the girls in there.

michaelad Sun 18-Mar-07 18:16:17

Don't worry about the subject too much. If it is well written it will eventually find its place somewhere. Dh started to write his first book in his teens (is now 38) and it's a severely revised version of this that got him endorsements by 2 wellknown writers and an agent. So, doesn't matter if you have changed as a person. Adapt it, rewrite it..

michaelad Sun 18-Mar-07 18:17:23

So, still interested in a couple of my dh's chapters? If so, where would you like me to send it to?

Definately. Always up for a good read. Bandofmothers@hotmail.co.uk
Looking forward to reading something that's not on the shelves yet. Sure it will be soon tho.
Did actually start to rewrite about a year ago but found that if I changed things it was so hard to keep the change consistent. But I suppose that's the challenge isn't it.
It seems a bit childish now. Maybe you wont think so tho. I'm so petrified people will think it's childish and crap, and I'll be embarrassed. I think that's why I never actually finish anything.

michaelad Mon 19-Mar-07 20:13:10

Have just sent you the first couple of chapters! Let me know if you got them and if the spacing and font make it ok to read!

michaelad Mon 19-Mar-07 20:14:18

Really excited now since you're the first person (apart from the agent) to read this!

Have mailed you back. Is a bit unreadable. Some numbers all over it.
Will be happy to give my opinion if you want it!! May take me a while tho, as bit busy at the mo.

michaelad Tue 20-Mar-07 09:25:22

Have just mailed it again! Better this time? Maybe it's the fact that it's in .rtf format?

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