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Nokidsnoproblem Sat 24-May-14 13:21:54

Hello all!

This thread is for people to review/critique each other's work.

There are no set rules as of yet. Please discuss individual rules/requirements with the person whom you are dealing with.

All works/levels/genres welcome!

Post what you want critiqued/ reviewed below, or post what kind of things you would like to critique! smile

Nokidsnoproblem Sat 24-May-14 13:24:27

I am an amateur novelist and do not have anything published yet.

I have just finished 2 novels and I am looking for feedback/ criticism.

Book #1 is a dystopian novel aimed at teenagers (75,000 words)

Book #2 is a fictional novel about feminism and anxiety (62,000 words)

If you would be willing to have a look at either of these texts then please reply below, or DM me. You don't have to read the full novel if you don't have time.

Nokidsnoproblem Sat 24-May-14 13:25:37

Also, I am free to critique work. I especially like reading realism/ naturalism, but I am happy to review anything! DM me if you have something you'd like an unbiased perspective on.

I'm happy to critique work, I've self-published one book and had a second one published (I helped a friend start a publishing company!)
My third book is off to print in the next week or so (awaiting cover art), but I'll be back writing in June once the DCs are back at school.

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