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blackcoffee Tue 04-Mar-14 11:55:11

I was asked to submit a full in January and my finger are bitten to stumps by now! how long? (busy agency)
Also, book is part of a series, am now in position to submit first part of second book, is it worth doing that to chase up? aaaargh!

thoughtsandall Tue 24-Jun-14 12:54:24

Wow- great news (again!) and two pages of suggestions is great but I bet it does make you a little weary, especially if they all want slightly different things. I guess you need to change the things you are happy to and stick to your guns with others so that you are not losing the essence and your vision for the story. It's within your grasp again Guilianna! How long has the new agent given you for the rewrite? Are you going to go back to the agent your rewrite is currently with to let them know you have another agent interested?

The agent I'm working with has told me that the work on the plot is to be very collaborative and we are in it together. She wants to see how I handle her first set of notes (I'm reading am I flexible and open to direction and can I deliver?) and then we will meet. She hasn't offered rep at this stage but has said that she only works with a handful of new clients each year and will only put time into those she wants to rep. It seems very positive and hopeful, but I know it's not a done deal till you sign on the dotted line. And they say writing is hard- it's nothing compared to the ups and downs once you enter the submission circus!

Guilianna Tue 24-Jun-14 15:19:45

No timescale but realistically it'll be a summer hols job. It's a topical novel (by sheer random coincidence) so although there's a fair bit of work it would be good to finish soonish!
I wasn't planning on contacting the agents with fulls because as it stands it's a rejection.
I like the sound of the collaborative work on yours. Sometimes you can tell the agent has an enhanced vision of where it could go which actually needs spelling out.
One change I'm still mulling is lose the title. Ow!
It's so good to talk about this, thoughts. All my mates just think, oh guilianna and her rejections, nearlys, and of course they all love it uncritically because they are my mates and say thing like 'well when you think of all the crap that DOES get published' grin

thoughtsandall Thu 03-Jul-14 11:47:57

That's great news- have you got a preferred agent out of the two who have asked you to R and R? Just think - one more and you may be at the finish line! I will be cheering you on! I received a 4 page report from my agent on mon and it is full of really good suggestions- things I was aware of but not sure how to put right. She is so encouraging and positive and has offered lots of directions the plot could go but ultimately told me to follow my heart with them.

Have just e-mailed with my plot point revisions and I am hoping that they work for her. It's so exciting! I am trying to not worry about whether she will rep me more or not. Either way I feel like it is a win- win situation: representation at the end or a much improved book, not to mention how much I am learning in the process. It is the first book I have ever written and I have learnt so much already.

Guilianna Thu 03-Jul-14 21:21:22

I don't have a clear favourite, no. I am quite excited about making changes but still mulling over the final shape it will take. Thanks for the encouragement! much appreciated in this waiting period .. Sounds like your agent is pretty keen, giving so much feedback now. Did she just ask for synopsis of plot revisions, then? agent 2 said similar to me but I'm not sure I can get it right without full rw first! I want to be done this summer ...
Also I've just started a writers' group and one of the members was quite dismissive which made me think, also ..

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