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Nannys travel cot

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storynanny Sat 10-Aug-13 20:26:33

Hi there, got a graco pack and play travel cot for weeks visit from 11 month grandchild. The "mattress" is so thin and hard, any good for a baby of this age or should I buy another travel cot mattress in the same size ? Thanks for advice.

mykingdomforasleep Sat 10-Aug-13 20:30:32

They're supposed to be very thin and hard - due to the nature of soft sided travel cots a thicker softer mattress would pose a suffocation risk as child's head could get trapped between side and mattress. Don't be tempted to put a different mattress in or add soft bedding.

storynanny Sat 10-Aug-13 22:37:30

Even the mattresses advertised for travel cots which are about 5 or 6 cm? The existing one seems so hard for a little one to sleep on.

ilovepowerhoop Sat 10-Aug-13 22:45:26

a travel cot mattress should be fine. Mothercare even sell a couple

RobotHamster Sat 10-Aug-13 22:49:07

A travel cot mattress will be fine. Try Kiddicare and make sure you get one exactly the right size so its a really snug fit - they sell lots of sizes.

We had one in the graco cot we had, no way could DS get trapped - it was thin and didn't even come as high as the mesh sides.

storynanny Sat 10-Aug-13 23:00:27

Thanks for replies, will research the mattresses you have suggested.

mykingdomforasleep Sat 10-Aug-13 23:33:21

See what the manual says mine was adamant not to, or ask lullaby trust. If it was for supervised say sleeps I would think fine but not at night. ,

mykingdomforasleep Sat 10-Aug-13 23:34:42

Day not say sleeps...

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