TTC 10 Months Plus, Supporting Eachother & Staying Positive :)

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mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 17:45:02

This thread is for anyone trying to conceive for a lengthy period of time who may be considering/attending further tests/scans or is about to begin fertility treatment. I hope this thread can provide information and support, alleviate fears and can help one another to remain positive during this difficult journey that can only be understood by those experiencing it.

Please join and share your story, knowledge, support, laughter and tears.

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 17:49:23

I will begin with my stats:

Mama31 TTC 2 cycle 10

I have been referred for further tests/scans but there is a 5month waiting list which would bring me up to August for my initial consultation. DH is waiting on a sperm analysis which should be done in the next couple of weeks. I am hoping and praying that I have my bfp well before my appointment comes up in 5 months time!

I am also a spotter which drives me mad. I am trying vitex to see if this helps.

Please join me and share your story. I hope we can help eachother.

onelifeonechance Tue 04-Mar-14 18:22:50

Hi mama, well done for starting this thread, I'd like to join please, in need of all the support and understanding I can get!!

My stats are:

Onelifeonechance, ttc #1, cycle #10

My tale of woe (!):

No joy from the conventional method so far, saw GP cycle 9 as just felt something wasn't quite right (and I was --still am--a blubbing wreck each af) I had day 21 bloods - all ok, dh had SA, came back with teratozoospermia (aka 'monster sperm' - funnily I haven't told him the literal translation!! But for those wondering it is to do with issues about morphology/shape of the sperm and concerns that abnormal shaped sperm are not able to penetrate the egg, although I am hanging on to the fact that it only takes one little normal shaped spermy to hit the jackpot, so you never know!!) His count and motility all ok. So we've been referred to the fertility clinic where I'm presuming we will have further tests. The appointment letter is taking FOREVER, been told we'll get it by the end of March but I'm sure my post lady thinks I'm odd as I race to the letterbox everyday when I'm home!!!

So currently I'm back to thumb twiddling to pass the time, seem to have done a lot of this these last 10 months!! So hoping we can all support each other through it smile

zippygeorgebungle Tue 04-Mar-14 18:39:30

hello. can I join. 12 months ttc #2. No 1 came along first cycle. Going privately mad trying to have #2, everything looks normal apparently re hormone levels now (bfing was causing difficulties with hormone levels before but apparently all levels look normal now)

good luck everyone.

onelifeonechance Tue 04-Mar-14 18:44:56

Love your name zippygb!!! The more the merrier smile

Must be hard if it was easy first time round, as makes even less sense this time round I should think? I've never been pregnant so had no idea what to expect <apart from that I would get up duffed the first time we had sex without protection as told to us all throughout our teenage and adult years, yeah right!!>

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 18:53:41

Welcome my beautiful onelife smile

And welcome zippy! smile agreed....fabulous name! I know what you mean, I fell pregnant (by accident) first time around 12 years ago. And now struggling for no 2. GP put "secondary infertility" on my notes, sounds harsh! But true!

This will be such an amazing thread when we are all starting to share our success stories! And we will! We will all get there, just have to be patient ladies but it will happen.

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 18:54:23

Zippy forgot to ask are you being referred for further tests?

m33r Tue 04-Mar-14 19:02:02

Well hello old friends!

I'm ttc #1; cycle 15. We've had 21 day tests and all fine. DH as also fine though on reflection morphology was a but low in first one and 'not measured' in second. Hmmmmm... Hoping that's ok. Our gp was too stupid for words so no point even engaging with her about it.

Anyway, we got referred in August and so have our appt on 2nd April. Two more chances to get pg by then.

In the meantime, I am religious with opks and trying to stay sooooo positive but I have some very low days and some days if just numbness...

Anyway, I am here to support and be supported!

FX for us all x

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 19:38:46

Welcome M33R! Great to see you here. I hope to see your progress over the coming months including your bfp! I hope your 2nd April appointment won't be required lovely. And if it is, we can support you and hopefully hear what may be in store for us.

Is anyone trying/tried anything different this cycle?? I am going to try and stick to every other day (think we might be at it too much!), also started vitex at the start of last cycle but apparently it can take up to 3 cycles for full effect. It did however make me ovulate a day earlier last cycle and I had a 26 day cycle instead of 23-25 so think it's starting to work. Also the spotting did come on at 5dpo-8dpo (which is unusual but may be vitex settling hormones) and then spotting went away from 9-12 dpo only coming back 13dpo the day before af started. So hoping spotting is further reduced this cycle.

I'm also taking maca up til ovulation, a handful of mixed nuts every day (both me and DH), pregnacare vits and I need to pick up some oil of evening primrose tabs as I've run out but will get those and grapefruit juice for ewcm.

I also take a berocca every day, but always did that before ttc. Just good for energy levels and vit c.

Not decided whether to do reflexology or not this cycle.

Anyone any tips or advice they have been given??

m33r Tue 04-Mar-14 19:49:20

Wow mama. Some great ideas in there. I think if I don't get my BFP on Sunday, I'll give some of that a go...

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 19:53:45

M33R it's probably overkill but I like to try things as makes me feel like I'm being proactive lol reflexology was good but I feel I've already spent a lot of money on ttc with vitamins, opks and preg tests....just would prefer to put the money in a jar now to save for my baby's eventual arrival ;)

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 20:13:46

Ps will be praying like mad for you for this wkend!

m33r Tue 04-Mar-14 20:57:28

I know it does get costly! I've been on preseed for 3 months too. Run out but am hoping there's no requirement to stock up...

I haven't symptom spotted in a lonnnnnng time but I feel different... I am so hopeful. 15th time's a charm! Will try to wait to Saturday to test but may fold on Friday depending on how I feel (usually know two days in advance that AF is coming) and will test if I think it IS coming - weird system but it works for me.

I should say, I feel like AF is due two days from now - body giving all the signs - but I'm 3 days early so hoping it's my little baby grabbing on!

I can't believe I'm setting myself up for this .... Cross everything!

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 22:06:21

M33R I'm definately crossing everything for you! In what way do you feel different? Hoping that's a good sign for you.

I always set myself up for it, I believe every month that it is the month....even 10 cycles in I'm still doing it. but I'd rather believe and stay positive because one cycle ill be right to have believed and it will happen.

I really hope cycle 15 is the one for you hon!

Martie1 Tue 04-Mar-14 22:12:24

Wow some great tips on here ladies. Just did some reading on grapefruit juice, very enlightening!

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 22:15:11

Hi Marie. Hoping to gain some more tips over the next while, we will try anything! Haha! Have you been ttc for long?

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 22:15:50

Martie not Marie lol

Martie1 Tue 04-Mar-14 22:40:04

mama31 what is maca? Im loving your information and Im definitely making a trip to Holland and Barrett tomorrow!

mama31 Tue 04-Mar-14 22:42:30

Maca is another herb that boosts fertility in males and females. Can help regulate hormones. I get most things off amazon, usually less expensive.

Jessewalt Tue 04-Mar-14 23:10:06

Hello lovely ladies.
I have met some of you in other very helpful threads but I would love to join.
Ttc#1 cycle 10.
Day 21 prog 43, awaiting first semen analysis results. Done on Monday.
I am also a pre-AF spotter. Also drives me mad.
Thank you for starting an excellent thread.

mama31 Wed 05-Mar-14 08:05:20

Welcome Jesse yes I remember seeing you on the bus threads. Wow we are in the same position at the moment only DH has not yet completed his SA but is about to. How many days do you spot for Jesse?

My day 21 prog was 33, GP said that's normal so I am hoping it is. She doesn't think spotting is related to fertility at all which is reassuring but I do worry about it still as it disrupts my LP.
Good luck for SA results, when do you think your DH will get them?

I just felt this thread would be useful for those who are beginning tests etc as we can share our experiences and alleviate our fears. I love the buses they are so fun, but it's hard seeing lovely lucky ladies pass through so quickly and it makes me wonder will it ever be me! I know it will of course and I'm so happy for them, but I just feel I need support right now from people in the very same situation.

onelifeonechance Wed 05-Mar-14 08:46:18

M33r! Jesse! Hello grin we meet again wink and hello to Martie smile We can all hold hands and get through this together! Well done mama <pats mama on the head for being all round fabulous>

M33r, eeeeee, sounding promising, so hoping for you, it is impossible not to get hopes up nearing testing time, especially when you read so often that lots of people with BFPs swear blind they thought their af was coming and then bingo. Good luck my friend, keeping everything crossed for you.

Jesse, how was hubby with it all? Glad it's over I should think! Hope you don't have to wait too long. My prog was 81 on my day 21 bloods, not sure if that's too high?? Would rather be average with things like that, feels safer there with the majority, lol. Where are you up to in your cycle?

I'm cd12 today, got my smiley face this morn so dh better watch out later wink no new tricks here this time! going for eod and lots of hoping!!! Have a good day all smile

Jessewalt Wed 05-Mar-14 09:30:06

I am also day 12! But I am not using opks this month, so we are just trying dtd every day or 2 days. Whatever we can manage!
Hubby was completely brilliant about SA. He had to take a morning off work. He was not embarrassed and took it in his stride.
I am nervous, but knowledge is power and we can progress once we know if there are any problems.
Will keep you posted x

GingerbreadBabyPlease Wed 05-Mar-14 10:38:10

Thank you for starting this thread Mama, brilliant idea!
Can I please somewhat negatively reserve a spot? I am on cycle 9 trying for baby number 2, DD was conceived on the second cycle over 3 years ago now. Went to see the Dr last month who was annoyingly calm and reassuring about it all, said she wasn't worried at all for me, but has at least booked me in for day 21 tests.
My plan this month is to give up! I did everything right last month with diet and timing and still no luck, so feel I just need to give myself a break over it all, so for the next two months I am trying my hardest to just relax and not care. <Hoping reverse psychology will work for me>
Anyway hello to everyone else and I will pop back when I have reached the 10 month milestone confused

mama31 Wed 05-Mar-14 12:54:31

Onelife!! Haha! I am not that fabulous, but ok ill take that! Lol smile

Ginger there's no rules here you can chat to us whether you have reached 10 months or not, if you want to. My GP referred us on but I think more because of the huge waiting list however she was calm and not concerned too much.

My GP also said "no one really understands fertility" she then told me 2 stories. One about a lady who tried for a year and a half with no joy, then she did IVF a few times still no joy. She give up hope and felt she would never have children....6 months later she was in the GP surgery announcing her natural pregnancy!

Another lady went through similar stuff, a lot of IVF, nothing worked. She decided to adopt and the morning her adopted child was to arrive she found out she was pregnant!

Nature is a funny old thing, there are reasons beyond our control as to why it's not happening right now!!! But it will happen.....soon I hope!

mama31 Wed 05-Mar-14 13:23:50

I've just ate half a bag of twirl bites.....not good! must exercise tonight!

m33r Wed 05-Mar-14 16:46:41

Hi new faces and old hands! I feel different because I never get AF cramps until two days before AF - I'm currently 5. I have felt quite 'wet' (sorry) and definite nausea: once on Monday and today for a long time. I'm tired too but I always find tiredness a hard one to judge.

Anyway, driving home tonight, I decided I was undoubtedly pg and had so many symptoms that I prob had enough hormone to test. Drove as fast as I could home near tears of excitement to tell DH so sure am I. On the journey, the 'wet' feeling comes back and I decide I have come on 5 days early and am gutted. Get in. No AF. Poas - stupid - bfn.

Why am I doing this again! Still convinced! Am also now not as nauseous but am famished...

I know what I sound like btw...

jesse mama someone said in thread a while ago, it's a year for a reason so I guess that's why gps are calm and why we should be... If only it was that easy!

mama31 Wed 05-Mar-14 17:47:45

Awh M33R still quite early though for testing? I know what it's like though to get your hopes up! My body plays a new trick on me every month! I'm hoping yours is not playing tricks and that this is it for you. Stay positive but also openminded to the possibility that it may not happen. It's so so hard to do that and I should take my own advice as I never do that I just raise my hopes then cry like a baby when af arrives sad

But I'm crossing everything for you I really really want it to be your time. We are always here to chat and share our craziness in the 2ww, the worst time ever!

citysnow Wed 05-Mar-14 18:15:28

Hi, I was on a similar thread 2 1/2 years ago (back when it was 10+ months part 2!) when ttc # 1. He took 16 months, 12 months of which timing was impeccable due opk! We did eventually get there after many sessions of acupuncture (all test results "fine", but I had long and irregular cycles)
Anyway, have been ttc # 2 for "only" 4 cycles.
Thought I'd say "hi" and good luck. I'm obviously full of hope that it won't take so long this time!

m33r Wed 05-Mar-14 19:09:07

Thanks so much city! Really great to hear. Sometimes I completely lose hope that it'll happen naturally believing if it was going to it would have by now! Hopefully #2 will come along soon!

Thanks mama! It was far too early and not even FMU so I'm staying hopeful and confident but I have to say it feels VERY like AF coming ....

May test tomorrow with FMU (again stupid!). Not sure what's come over me as I'm not usually like this! X

Martie1 Wed 05-Mar-14 19:58:56

mama31, I came off the pill at end beginning of Feb 2013. So i work out I have now had 11 cycles. ttc number 1.

Im going to try everything this month. I had a big ole glass of grapefruit juice this evening, after purchasing in Tesco. It's really not that bad. I think I will hit Amazon now for those other bits, it only dawned on me today that that would prob be a better place to get them and I see that's were you recommend.

I am going to go see my GP this month too. Unfortunately I need to move GP because we moved home, and this is going to delay me getting an appointment sad

Welcome to gingerbreadlady I think i noticed your posts elsewhere and that you seem to be in a similar boat to me. It's really nice to be on a board were everyone seems to be at the same stage.

Thanks for the welcome onelifeonechance.

I think this is a fab thread, well done mama31 have a large glass of mumsnet wine as your reward!

mama31 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:22:02

Hi City! Great to hear you got your little one and good luck for no2! Hope it's soon for you.

M33R hugs and so many hopes and prayers for you poas tomorrow!

Martie thanks for the MN wine...glug glug glug....yes. the grapefruit juice is fine and amazon is great but slightly addictive.

mama31 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:22:31

Hugs to you onelife, just coz your lovely smile

maybug3 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:42:13

Hi ladies
Ttc #1, cycle 20 for me and new to mumsnet.
Haven't braved the doctors yet, which at the grand old age 33 (in three weeks anyway) is probably just stupid but did mention to the nurse 5 months back and she said not to worry. Hubby thinks I'm over worrying but having come on again tonight and home alone felt I needed support.
So nice to read on here that others of you have the same hopes each month and done great tips.

mama31 Wed 05-Mar-14 22:18:51

Welcome May. I know it's hard not to worry. But might be a good idea to just get your 21 day blood tests done and your DH sperm analysis. I hope you will feel supported on here with us.

onelifeonechance Thu 06-Mar-14 08:14:51

Morning all smile

Managed to dtd last night so v pleased about that as had positive opk in the morn and Ewcm (we're all friends here so not over sharing, you've all heard far worse before!!)

M33r, you sound just like me most months! Some months I really just don't feel it and kind of know af will be rocking up (although there is always a smidgen of hope) but other months it feels like all the signs are there and it's all you can think about. Hoping for you, good luck! Love it if you could tear up your appt letter! Have you resisted poas this morn or gone for it?

Jesse, glad hubby was a star about it all and loving the 'knowledge is power' thing, going to keep repeating that to myself, especially if we end up at the clinic.

Waves to City and gingerbread smile Thanks for sharing your story city, helps us to keep the faith!! And v much hoping your reverse psych works ginger! Good luck!

Maybug, hello! I'll be turning 33 this month too and ttc #1. I'm slightly less patient than you and visited the gp in Jan! Completely get the roller coaster of this whole thing, never thought it'd (a) be like this or (b) be so bloody hard. Do you think you'll see the doc soon? Know it's not an easy decision.....without knowing you or your situation, so forgive me if I'm way off, but may I tentatively refer you to Jesse's statement - knowledge is power - may be worth a visit? Either way we're here to support!

Mama, thanks for my hugs smile hope you're doing ok and have managed to recover from your twirl bite overdose!! Lol grin

MuddyWellyNelly Thu 06-Mar-14 09:25:25

Citysnow, the original thread is still going! Joy, MrsDen, Pout etc are still on it. Congratulations on your little onesmile. I was a bit confused by the title actually, as there is a long-running 10plusser thread already. wink Obviously it's the point at which people start to worry....!

Good luck with your journey ladies, I hope you all get your BFPs soon.

Lindsay81 Thu 06-Mar-14 09:49:29

After 14 months of lurking on mumsnet, this is the thread that has finally caused me to join and start contributing. Thank you, mama31! :-)

Well, as I say, it's been 14 long months. I've had the 21 day blood tests, apparently all is well but I think my progesterone was a bit low at 21 and may indicate late ovulation and therefore a short luteal phase. But who am I to argue with the doc though?! I also NEVER get a positive OPK (sometimes faint lines), despite using them for 5 months now, twice a day at certain times. I can't help but worry something is going on :-(

My husband and I are both 33, and at times I am kicking myself for putting our careers and financial plans first for so long. Wish we'd started sooner because we are both from large, close families and have looked forward to starting our own family for so long. We established our careers, bought the family home and are now rattling around in it, looking wistfully at the room that would be the nursery!

This is my first month taking some supplements (agnus castus and B100 complex). I'm a scientist and so am a bit dubious, but will try anything!

My husband has the sperm analysis kit from the doctor but has given himself a "deadline" of June to work up to having to do this! LOL

Well, that's me.... look forward to the support I'm sure this thread will bring :-)

mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 11:12:21

Thanks muddywelly. I had not seen a thread similar to this so started one. What is the other one called, might nip in and steal some tips haha!!

Welcome Lindsay. I know what you mean, DH wanted to start ttc a long time ago but I was focusing on my career and didn't feel it was the right time. We then bought our new house and have been decorating, and we have a spare bedroom that would be a nursery but is full of stuff at the minute.

My tactic is to stay positive and to prepare for a baby (positive visualisation) so over Easter we are going to clear that room and paint it. Not going as far as decorating it for a baby, but definately making it more ready for one.

DH is also waiting on the sperm test kit coming out and he will be completing the test ASAP! (he has no choice haha). I think he is a bit apprehensive about it but he is being proactive as it hasn't arrived and he's made phonecalls asking where it is! Lol

Lindsay I am also taking AC just since last month and noted some improvements already with my cycle so I do think it works. Hoping for more improvements this cycle as 2nd month on it.

Onelife good work on the dtd! I'm sure DH was more than happy to oblige ;)

M33R hope you are ok, hugs to you xx

Jessewalt Thu 06-Mar-14 12:29:00

I told my mum yesterday about trying to conceive. And cried. I had planned to keep it a secret from her, really to protect her from being upset and worried. However I blurted it out. She was amazing and it felt lovely to get a hug from her. I told her not to ask about it again unless I bring it up! I, personally, can't keep all this stress a total secret. I am a sharer. Sometimes an over sharer! But i think acknowledging the distress is a way to keep me sane.
Onelife - i totally agree with you - I never realised how hard this would be.
Hope you are all ok today. Just wondering what your thoughts are on sharing? Mumsnet only or a few people in RL too?

mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 12:41:13

Hi Jesse. I agree that sharing is important to have support. However I was so excited when we started ttc, believing it would happen within the first 2 or 3 cycles that I told close family and a few close friends. I now feel I may have overshare d as I feel like people are just waiting on my news and I don't have any sad my sister has been great though and has reassured me every step of the way. My mum asks quite often about it but not too much, but she is just excited about it and can't wait for it to happen.

I have a friend who has been ttc for the exact same time and she has been my rock. But it is going to eb so so difficult if one gets pregnant before the other (which is likely). I think

mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 12:42:30

(stupid phone) I think I am glad to have support Jesse but perhaps shouldn't have assumed that it would happen so quickly and had I known I think I would only have told my sister and my friend who is also ttc.

Lindsay81 Thu 06-Mar-14 15:43:57

Maybug and OneLife- I turn 33 in 3 weeks too! :-)

Jesse- I told my mum and a close cousin -and that's it really as far as real, 3D people go! ;-) Sometimes I wish I had more people to talk to "in real life" but with this niggling doubt that it's going to take us a while longer, I can also see how the constant questions would become annoying and even upsetting at times. My mum does exactly as you have asked yours, only brings it up when I do. She is sympathetic and loving, of course, but doesn't really get it because when she had all of us, she said she never really even thought it about it and it always just happened the first month she tried. ARGH! lol

m33r Thu 06-Mar-14 16:23:11

Hi everyone. I did not poas this morn - apparently I'm more rational in the mornings! Might tomorrow as will be 13/14dpo but have a 16 day lp so still a but early. As to symptoms, I'm very nauseous, tired and have a bursting headache (and have done all day). 'Wet' feeling less pronounced and cramps and achy (only slightly) bbs gone. Now think I may just have a bug if not for those cramps at 10/11/12 dpo... They were real... And so is nausea and I'm never ill... FX FX FX

So glad I'm not the only person with a 'nursery'. It's kind of depressing and like many of you wonder about our financial security and job security plan. I thought I was doing the right thing ... But if I knew then what I knew now???

In RL, like some if you I told everyone. As soon as we're married (we were 3minths before wedding) wend be trying and here we are with no baby. I'm a sharer too so quite happy we did as no-one is really inappropriate and mum is quite supportive except occasionally goes on about it a bit and doesn't have a clue that her having no grandchildren nearby is not as hard as me not having a glimmer of a little one. She doesn't realise the guilt the comments bring on me...

My mate started 6minths before and has his a hideous journey with a failed ivf just under her belt. She has been my rock and we are there for each other. I cannot understand how she can't get a baby - she would be the best mum in the world.

So much harder than we all thought. Hopefully this month I'll have a good news story though and if not, it's great to have you guys!


mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 18:45:28

M33R well done on the willpower! Wish I had some! Wow symptoms do sound promising but it is hard to know if a bug has been working on you or if it's the little bean working on you. I so hope it's the latter.

Sorry to hear about your friend, was it her first IVF attempt? Will she try again? I can't imagine getting to that stage and it not working, must be so soul destroying I'm so sorry to hear about it. But I'm sure your friend is so glad to have you as a support.

Really really really hope this is your time M33R x

mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 18:48:44

CD5 here not much to report other than first dtd complete today for cycle 10 ;) trying so hard to stick to smep this time so no nooky until Saturday! So far we have failed miserably at smep every month, as soon as we say every other day it's like our bodies are determined to break the rules and we somehow end up dtd every day or sometimes twice a day!!!! Not this time....self control is in place and I'm sticking to every other day!

maybug3 Thu 06-Mar-14 19:01:46

Thanks all, so good to be able to share openly!

mama31 - so impressed you are still finding dtd so exciting you cannot control yourselves! It's actually starting to feel like a chore for us these days!! We actually joke about it like that now!

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who beats herself up about putting other things first. You're brought up to be terrified of getting pregnant when it's not the right time and so put it off so long. Now all I worry about is if I left it too late.

We also have a nursery room, but I have purposely stored lots of boxes in it so I cannot dwell on it too much now.

In terms of sharing, in RL I have only shared with my three besties - two who had fertility problems with their firsts, but now have one each. Although one is struggling with her second again, and they do understand I find it hard as they just keep saying that it will happen eventually like it did for them...but of course it might not!

I will go to the doctors soon, but with hubby working away we are registered at different doctors which has been the stumbling block so far. The nurse i previously spoke to essentially hinted that as we obviously weren't able to be consistent with dtd, that the doctor wouldn't be overly helpful.

Think I'm just going to have to get hubby to register with my gp so we can start lying a bit more!

mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 21:22:47

Maybug once af clears off I'm up for dtd up until ovulation....then I fade terribly as soon as the opk has went back to negative....DH could happily go all month! I'm usually happy for a rest once ovulation is over.

DH and I are also registered with different GP's so he is organising SA via his GP and it's my GP that has referred us on for further tests as it is always the woman referred anyway.

GingerbreadBabyPlease Thu 06-Mar-14 21:25:53

Hi ladies, I've spotted a few of you on other threads, it's nice, but also rubbish, for us all to be in the same boat.
mama firstly, I'm with you on the twirl bites, those things are so moreish, how are they so delicious!!? and also <high fives> to you for all the BD!!
I am struggling with even every 3 days this cycle, we are taking it easy though this month, and probably next month too as I feel like I just needed to give myself a break, I was actually becoming crazy after reading lots of full of bullshit fertility books, wanting to throw away all our plastic tupperware and shouting at DH when he held the laptop too near his crotch.....confused
m33r I have my fingers crossed for you, but it is so hard to distinguish between symptoms and just wishful thinking. Several months now I have definately felt nauseous leading up to AF. 16 day LP is fantastic for you though, and totally meaningless note of optimism here for you, my Dsis got pregnant on cycle 15!
I just want to say to all those of you kicking yourself for waiting until you had careers etc under your belt, stop it! I wanted to have a family young then do career/travelling etc, and while I was incredibly lucky to conceive DD quickly at the age of 24 (gosh that seems young now), I thought the same would happen again for number 2 with age on my side, but clearly it is not the case, I don't think under the age of 40, and certainly 35, age has much to do with it really.
The more I read the more it seems the ones who never have children are the rare ones, it just takes a bloody long slog for some people which is infinitely unfair.

mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 22:09:53

Hi Ginger. Yes I know what you mean, I don't really beat myself up about waiting as I'm really happy with where I am in my life right now...but a little baby would complete that for us both now.

I'm trying to stick with every other day this cycle and going to try and take a more relaxed approach. I have not (yet) purchased any IC preg tests as I think they send me loopy. But it's early yet and I could impulsively buy them off amazon (any minute). I have little self control, can you tell?!

I am feeling a bit more relaxed though and I think it's because I've accepted that we are being referred for tests and that it probably isn't going to happen soon. Then again, once the 2ww arrives ill most likely turn in to a lunatic again convincing myself I'm pregnant!

It might be a long slog, but I have no doubt we will all get there! (just wish DH sperm test kit would arrive just to rule that out or in)

mama31 Thu 06-Mar-14 22:10:40

Oh and yes I hear ya! Twirl bites will not be purchased again, coz eating a whole bag is not ok.....

m33r Fri 07-Mar-14 09:01:22

Hi ginger. I know that I'm setting myself as once had this before but just not so obviously. Anyway, I test this morn with FMU at 13dpo and bfn so losing hope ... Will keep you all posted.

DH thinks we are this month because I half mentioned sore bbs last week which had made me want even more if that's poss!!!

mama so impressed with your no ICs resolve. Long may it continue... But if not, we're here for the crazy!!!

mama31 Fri 07-Mar-14 09:09:57

M33R sorry about the bfn. Is sore boobs unusual for you?? I always get them pre af, so I'm waiting for no sore boobs in the 2ww! Lol apparently all these symptoms are related to hormone changes which happen anyway in the 2ww....listen to me being all sensible....when it's my 2ww I will be symptom spotting like crazy and relating everything to pregnancy!!! How can I go from being so sane to so crazy within a matter of days?!

M33R still holding out so much hope for you, good luck x

Happy Friday ladies, anyone doing anything nice?

mama31 Fri 07-Mar-14 09:10:52

Ps M33R the no purchase of IC's sounds good now....wont be so good when I am spending crazy amounts on preg tests from the local store because I have no IC's!!

onelifeonechance Fri 07-Mar-14 09:46:21

Hugs to you m33r, BFNs are so gutting, still hoping for you, hang in there x

Hurray for Friday!! I've got a lovely eve in with dh tonight, film and a curry smile Then lunch with a good friend tomorrow, home to see my mum&dad then a walk and a roast on Sunday. What's everyone else up to?

Jesse it was you saying about the sharing thing wasn't it? I'm a sharer too, not very good at hiding things. Initially I didn't tell a soul as wanted it all to be a big surprise when we made our announcement, but that was back in the days when I thought we'd only be waiting a month or two hmm Then as it went on and got harder, I got more tearful each month, and then felt the need to talk to people so I have told my close friends. They have mostly been v good, but then I sometimes regret it as I don't think anyone really gets it unless they've been through it. As much as someone tries to empathise and understand, I imagine it is hard to know what to say, so all the cliches come out about just relaxing, or going on holiday, and I find myself withdrawing at that point and questioning why I told them. But at other times I'm v glad they know as I'm sure it has saved some well-meaning but inappropriate comments about when we're having a baby. So I try and tell myself stop beating yourself up, they know now, they're your friends, yes they might not get it completely, but it is nice to know that they are hoping for us....just hope we're not waiting too long to tell them some good news smile Bizarrely I haven't told my friend yet who had similar issues getting pregnant and attended a fertility clinic! Seeing her tmrw though, keep debating whether to share, just don't want to open the floodgates as it is all so emotionally draining that just want to forget it and have a nice time when meeting up!! Will see how the mood takes me tmrw. Positively she has two lovely little ones now, so keep the faith ladies!!

onelifeonechance Fri 07-Mar-14 09:50:59

Oh yes forgot to say, I caved on the every other day bit and we dtd last night. I always get this panic that we're going to miss the egg!! Had a positive opk Wed morning so theoretically the egg should be released in the next 48hrs ish right? So we dtd Wed eve, then if we'd have left it to fri eve we'd have prob missed our chance so we went for it last night and then planning Sat morn too (my fav, just like old days, we are so weekend morning people!! this whole ttc thing holds a mirror up to your dtd preferences doesn't it?!) You can't win with this though can you, I am now annoyed that I didn't stick to the eod thing, but then if we hadn't dtd last night I know I'd have been annoyed about that too!!!!!! I make my own head hurt hmm lol

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 07-Mar-14 10:04:23

Haha one I am with you on the head hurting bit! It's so strange when you listen to yourself planning out when to have sex! I am going for the less is more approach this month, I keep reading about people who gave up for a month, didn't have much sex around the fertile period and then got a surprise BFP. I had a positive opk on wed and thurs morning, dtd tues night and will go again this afternoon, but I have been worrying that I have left it too long! As soon as I get a positive I feel I just want to jump on DH blush to maximise our chances!
Your weekend sounds lovely one, hope the weathers kind to you for your walk. I am also seeing a friend today and have been debating telling her, I find the longer it goes on if people ask I just feel inclined to tell them now rather than lie and come up with some rubbish excuse.
Sorry about the bfn m33r, still a few days early yet, hope this is your month for a positive, that would be so lovely. I get sore boobs when I ovulate, and as soon as they stop hurting means AF is on her evil way. angry

onelifeonechance Fri 07-Mar-14 10:11:54

I know ginger, I never ever imagined I would be planning our sex life!! This is so not the dreamy 'make love and oh look here's your wonderful baby' thing that I thought it would be!!! It's quite comical really, I told (and I mean told, how utterly romantic!!) dh that we would be dtdeeding last night whilst chopping up onions for tea, who says romance is dead?! grin

I'm with you on telling people if they ask after a while, that's what happened to me, just couldn't keep a front up. Hope whatever happens tmrw you have a nice time with your friend

Nottalotta Fri 07-Mar-14 10:58:33

Hello all, sorry to see so many familiar names here - you know what i mean. Good thread mama.

I am resolved not to test til late. All i seem to read on here is heartache when people get an early bfp then af arrives later.

Don't even think i have any tests in the house! Af due tuesday 18th and if not here by thurs will test.

We'll get there ladies.

Nottalotta Fri 07-Mar-14 11:04:27

Re support. My mum sister and a friend know. But recently my mum asked how the baby making was going. I haven't told her much just that i am not on contraception.

Think shes a bit surprised. She got pregnant first go with three children. My sister had two (seperate) nights of unprotected sex and has two sons...... I think they were expecting me to have a baby by now.

Lindsay81 Fri 07-Mar-14 11:50:04

This is the first month I have actually tried not to plan out when we DTD, but mainly because DH has started at a new firm (he's a lawyer) and is working crazy hours to get up to speed with everything. I didn't want him to feel more pressure than he is already under. So it's only been twice in (what I think is!!!) my fertile period.

Still no OPKs+ this month.... I don't know what's going on there. I get all the other ovulation signs and tests seem to show I ovulate :-S

Nottalotta- my mum was the same so I think this big long wait has her baffled! And my husband's family kind of measure your worth and value as a woman on how many sprogs you can pop out (they are a large Irish Catholic family)! So it doesn't matter what project I could be working on, where I've travelled that month or who I've met... if I ain't making babies, they're not interested! They kind of nod half-heartedly at my work chat and then.... "Sooo, when are you guys thinking of..."

Anyway, TGIF! Wine and mini twirls tonight, I think :-)

m33r Fri 07-Mar-14 12:33:06

I had to laugh at the planning the sex life. My favourite was this month when I had to set the alarm to get up early. I had also told DH the night before over dinner that we''do be dtd-ing tonight and that the alarm would be set for the next morning too! Good thing is that DH is supportive so it's still funny... We did however have two months where we really had to rally the troops! That was very depressing.

notta you are so right about testing early and I never do it for risk of cp and also for the unnecessary heartache of bfn but this month I was / so sure. And I've been on here long enough to know exactly how I sound but you can't help it sometimes.

For me sore bbs were hardly even 'sore' so I'm not exactly counting it as a symptom but I was 'aware' of them iyswim...

Stomach cramps, nausea, headaches all gone. Normal tiredness. It's not looking great for it. I would like to think I won't test tomorrow but prob will - please send me willpower and good sense!!

m33r Fri 07-Mar-14 12:37:41

Hey lindaay. That's so frustrating when you're doing axing things and have interesting things to say but all the chat is when are the babies coming. People just don't think.

Honestly though, if I hadn't gone through this myself I wouldn't realise and would <ashamed> be at risk of being part of the 'try to relax crew' <bows head in utter shame>

Anyway out tonight for friend's 30th so will have a little wine (am I being judged?)

m33r Fri 07-Mar-14 12:38:44

'Axing' meant 'amazing'

victoria401 Fri 07-Mar-14 12:45:46

Hi girls, can I join in please?

Cd5 of cycle #16. I'm 33 (34 next month), DH is 35 and we've been married 6 years.

I've had blood tests this month and day21 shows I ovulate, which is great. We are waiting for DH to get a date through for his analysis. Need to know like right now though!!

Just told my mum the situation last month but she worries too much for me! Really want hubby to tell his mum as she is constantly going on about grandchildren and I think she should know so she stops! It hurts too much these days, the longer it goes on.

Nice to meet you all :-)

Lindsay81 Fri 07-Mar-14 13:29:58

No judging here, M33R! I'm going out for dinner with hubby tonight and will definitely be partaking!

Hi Victoria smile My husband hasn't told anyone really, but I don't think he feels the need to. He is definitely NOT a sharer and more the dark and brooding type! LOL He is also so chilled about all this TTC stuff (which offsets my crazy!) and feels like it will finally happen for us. My mum worries too... it's their job I guess!

m33r Fri 07-Mar-14 13:41:54

Hi victoria. Welcome aboard. My mum is great but but does she have her moments re grandchildren! So hard to understand if you haven't been through it though ... Lucky we have each other !

victoria401 Fri 07-Mar-14 15:57:58

Just got all my bloods back and I'm perfect! Woohoo! No reason why I shouldnt get preg! Just got hubby to worry about now. I do hope he's not firing blanks.

I'm also partaking in wine tonight. Going to the pub with my bestest girlfriend since forever. Her to take a break from her three kids, me to forget I haven't got any!

m33r Fri 07-Mar-14 17:34:11

Ah the irony victoria! Happy knowing you ovulate day!

mama31 Fri 07-Mar-14 17:41:45

Welcome Victoria and congrats on blood results, great news smile

Hi notta!

Of course I will be partaking in wine tonight. Making a nice beef stroganof so red wine is essential smile having a relaxing wkend as have a busy wkend next week so taking it easy chilling with DH.

M33R thinking of you, hope af stays well away hon!

Still no sign of DH SA kit from GP!! Frustrating! Just really want to find out if there are any issues with his sperm and it's taking forever just for a kit to arrive....such a joke! DH even commented by the time it arrives he will be firing blanks as he will be so old (he's only 34 and was exaggerating re the delivery time for the kit being years!)

mama31 Fri 07-Mar-14 17:44:01

Onelife I have a confession to make also....we just dtd!!!!! Couldn't even stick to eod once! Grrr....we are so weak! Ok not going to beat myself up about it, I'm only on cd6 so if I do eod from now that will be ok.....must stick to sex until Sunday!

maybug3 Fri 07-Mar-14 18:18:48

mama31 - thanks for the clarification re dtd. Was beginning to wonder if we're the only ones who had lost the will a bit, but can still appreciate the need to get on it over those cricual days ;-) And planning is absolutely necessary!! The key is being able to still laugh about it!

Sympton spotting followed by bfn are the worst aren't they - feel for you m33r

welcome victoria and congrats!

Happy weekend and wine to all!!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 07-Mar-14 21:22:13

Definately not judging m33r I have been guzzling the coffee like there's no tomorrow this cycle, and got drunk on red wine 3 nights in a row last week!
DH finished work early today, and he needs to go and get a haircut, so he briefly considered using his extra free time to get one done, but then thought he would come home to 'service me' (his words) instead!! I appreciate his enthusiasm!
Lindsay my DH is also chilled out about the whole thing, he thinks I am being a crazy neurotic woman, only slightly true....
Excellent results victoria! Enjoy your evening, and wine smile

Out of interest has anyone read any books on fertility? I cleared out the shelves at my local library of any relevant ones, and they have just made me feel worse, they seem to enjoy suggesting there is no rhyme nor reason as to why some people conceive and others don't, but it is actually really all your fault. All the statistics over caffeine/alcohol/acupuncture/IVF change from book to book too!!

mama31 Sat 08-Mar-14 00:33:34

Ginger I haven't read any books related to fertility specifically. But I have read book about positive thinking and visualisation related to basically any goals you want to achieve. And when I have followed this in other areas in my life I have got good results so I do believe that it relates to everything- including fertility. I think preparing for, hoping, praying and believing it will happen...will result in it happening. it may take time, but I do believe it will happen.

Also my GP told me last week "no one really understands fertility" and given the fact people go through IVF then some concieve naturally after failed IVF attempts and some are told they can never have children naturally due to medical issues but still manage to say my GP is right.

Fate is fate, we don't have control over this......and if I had any sense I'd stop obsessing, "trying" and would leave it to nature/fate.

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sat 08-Mar-14 06:10:20

Mama I like your attitude! I might try some of those positive thinking books, I am currently convincing myself it will never happen and am trying to accept that and look to the future, which isn't at all positive thinking really! I have discussed this with DH, who thinks it is a load of codswollop, (typical man) but my mum is a firm believer in fate and that it will happen one day. I suppose in the good ole days they had no choice but to leave it to nature, and just hope and pray that it would happen.

I realised yesterday my blood tests are booked in for day 20, not 21, and as I don't ovulate til day16 they needed to be done on day 23 really, but I can't change my appointment now, so I hope it doesn't affect the results too much confused. Wonder if I'd be better cancelling and doing them next month on the correct day?

Hope the wine was flowing freely last night for everyone smile

victoria401 Sat 08-Mar-14 07:38:42

Ginger, yes it will make a difference to your results! Happened to me. GP told me to book the "day 21" 7 days before my earliest expected period. Because I am usually 28/29 with a few 30's I booked actual day 21. However the results came back with lower progesterone and I was gutted. But then I went back again day 25 for a repeat and it was high! I thought I ovd as late as day 18 this month and that was confirmed by 33 day cycle this month.

GP should have told you this. Mine said you need several days of bloods. Day 21, 25 and day 29 I was told as it depends of when you ov. As progesterone is released by the follicle it takes 7 days to reach its peak. Please book another date too, I don't want you worrying like i did! How long are your cycles?

m33r Sat 08-Mar-14 08:05:00

Hi gnger. Same for me; when I got my 21day bloods, my cycle was 40 odd days. I told the gp that day 21 is too early (I knew all about it as best mate is about 6months ahead of me on sub fertilty journey). Anyway she insisted day 21. When I came and told the nurse taking the bloods she told me it simply wouldn't work. Alas! The next day, bloods came back no ov. Booked in for 7 days later and all was fine so definitely change / book extra days! It's not worth the worry!

m33r Sat 08-Mar-14 08:09:16

I have read two books - can't remember the name of either but both quite contradictory and neither much use - mn is my best source of info.

I also gave up on all things that help - juices, foods, giving stuff up - because it got exhausting. Have tKen the scientific approach of opks and preseed ... Very clinical!

I have also started to think of life without kids which is not very positive thinking of me (and very unlike me as usually I'm a visualiser) but this is too scary to get my hopes up about... I wasn't always like this I have to say but 15 months can do that to you...

m33r Sat 08-Mar-14 08:10:29

Btw, currently lying in bed holding in wee - to poas or not to poas. Cd 14 of a 16 day lp. All 'symptoms' gone ... Thoughts??

m33r Sat 08-Mar-14 08:12:37

Sorry 14dpo - not cd 14....

m33r Sat 08-Mar-14 08:45:01

Bfn and AF cramps arrived ... :-(

mama31 Sat 08-Mar-14 09:09:42

So sorry M33R, huge hugs to you. And I know that 15months is a long time and it would be difficult not to have negative thoughts...but please please never give up! and never stop believing it will happen.

Anyone who has not read the book "The Secret" needs to read it. It is not about fertility but is about positive thinking and how to make good things happen in your life. It is definately worth a read and would be great to stay positive and focused throughout this journey.

Think I had too much wine, feeling a bit grim.....

m33r Sat 08-Mar-14 09:17:01

Hi mama. I've read it too. It's good.

Maybe I'll do a 'mood board' (is that what it's called?!) today...

And maybe this month I will try juice, vitamins, reflexology this month. I don't know...

Also feeling a bit sketchy this morning :-0

Lindsay81 Sat 08-Mar-14 11:27:17

Good results Victoria! It's always nice to hear that :-) Happy for you!

Ginger- I went in for my 21 day blood on day 20 of what turned out to be a 25 day cycle. It should be 7 days before your expected period, mine were around 26/27 but this one was early. Progesterone came out at 21, which apparently shows ovulation but I think I read somewhere that above 30 was more "normal"? Anyway, my gut feeling is that I ovulate late with a short luteal phase (hence starting the AC and B100 complex) But without temping you can't be sure I guess.

Hope everyone had a nice Friday night! DH booked a hotel as a surprise last night so that was nice (apart from the fact I didn't even have a toothbrush or spare pair of knickers with me!! Haha!) Trying to be spontaneous, I think. He's alright, I guess. I think I'll keep him. ;-)

Nottalotta Sat 08-Mar-14 11:33:41

Morning all. Sorry for your bfn m33r thats rubbish.

Well, my optimism has waned. Af due 18th. We normally dtd on a saturday morning but didn't today but now I think we should have done just in case. We have dtd about twice as much as our usual poor effort which had me all optimistic but now the waiting game has started i'm convinced its not enough again. Boo.

Someone give me a kick up the backside please.

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sat 08-Mar-14 11:38:52

I thought i was doing ok but just found out a lady at work is expecting her second,her dc is 6months younger than my dd,and someone else is going on mat leave soon. Had to go and have a little cry in the toilets.... Well i am a bit miffed with my gp, i think she just booked me in for day21 tests to keep me happy,she didnt explain how they worked or what they would show, i have learnt all this from mn. She was totally dismissive of my concerns over irregular cycles and short lp. Anyway i did as i was told and booked for day 21,then when i got a positive opk i tried to rebook for 7days later and they said they didnt have any appt available for two weeks! Bloody ridiculous! So, do i just cancel and wait for next month or do i just go on monday and hope the nurse is sympathetic and lets me book for 3 days later. Also if the gp realises she has messed up maybe she will actually pay attention to me...gosh what would i do without all you lovely ladies on mn! My cycles on average are 26 days,but i dont ovulate til cd17 so have a very short LP. So sorry m33r, a mood board sounds like a lovely idea,maybe we should have a day once a week where we all have to think positively, bit cheesy!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sat 08-Mar-14 12:15:34

I thought i was doing ok but just found out a lady at work is expecting her second,her dc is 6months younger than my dd,and someone else is going on mat leave soon. Had to go and have a little cry in the toilets.... Well i am a bit miffed with my gp, i think she just booked me in for day21 tests to keep me happy,she didnt explain how they worked or what they would show, i have learnt all this from mn. She was totally dismissive of my concerns over irregular cycles and short lp. Anyway i did as i was told and booked for day 21,then when i got a positive opk i tried to rebook for 7days later and they said they didnt have any appt available for two weeks! Bloody ridiculous! So, do i just cancel and wait for next month or do i just go on monday and hope the nurse is sympathetic and lets me book for 3 days later. Also if the gp realises she has messed up maybe she will actually pay attention to me...gosh what would i do without all you lovely ladies on mn! My cycles on average are 26 days,but i dont ovulate til cd17 so have a very short LP. So sorry m33r, a mood board sounds like a lovely idea,maybe we should have a day once a week where we all have to think positively, bit cheesy!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sat 08-Mar-14 12:17:38

I thought i was doing ok but just found out a lady at work is expecting her second,her dc is 6months younger than my dd,and someone else is going on mat leave soon. Had to go and have a little cry in the toilets.... Well i am a bit miffed with my gp, i think she just booked me in for day21 tests to keep me happy,she didnt explain how they worked or what they would show, i have learnt all this from mn. She was totally dismissive of my concerns over irregular cycles and short lp. Anyway i did as i was told and booked for day 21,then when i got a positive opk i tried to rebook for 7days later and they said they didnt have any appt available for two weeks! Bloody ridiculous! So, do i just cancel and wait for next month or do i just go on monday and hope the nurse is sympathetic and lets me book for 3 days later. Also if the gp realises she has messed up maybe she will actually pay attention to me...gosh what would i do without all you lovely ladies on mn! My cycles on average are 26 days,but i dont ovulate til cd17 so have a very short LP. So sorry m33r, a mood board sounds like a lovely idea,maybe we should have a day once a week where we all have to think positively, bit cheesy!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sat 08-Mar-14 12:29:56

Oops sorry, posting on my phone!

Lindsay81 Sat 08-Mar-14 12:48:49

Oh my gosh, Ginger. The GPs drive me nuts with this stuff. I really feel they should know more. I asked mine about my luteal phase beibg a suspected 7/8 days and she said she thought that would have no effect at all on getting pregnant. I'm like, really?! Well then is everything I read a lie?! I said doesn't it take a certain amount of time for a fertilised egg to make it to the uterus and start making the hormones that prevent a period? There was a silence and then she said No, she didn't think it would be an issue. shrugs

I would just go on Monday anyway and raise your concerns with the nurse and see what she thinks?

Nottalotta Sat 08-Mar-14 18:53:31

Advice about going to docs. I said if no bfp this time i will go, as will be on C11. Should i approach before af due? What is likely the first course of action? I had a blood test after AF hadn't arrived 9 months after last depo jab, but apparently it was 'normal'. Shamefully i have no idea what it was for!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sat 08-Mar-14 20:28:31

Lindsay they are just awful aren't they. I don't understand why they are so dismissive about it all, are we actually just being crazy and impatient about it all and they think we should sit around waiting until we're still not pregnant after 5 years!? Mine was just the same, totally ignored my questions about a short luteal phase. I think I will just go on monday anyway, and waste everyones time angry.

Will you be going for anymore tests or just see how you get on with bvit and AC? Hope you had a lovely night last night, and weren't too far from home this morning to get some clean undies!! Very sweet of your DH though.

Oh notta it's so hard to know what is the best approach to take, I think if you have done as much as you can this month you just have to focus on that, and hope this will be your month for success. Some people get pg dtd everyday, some from just a one off (lucky b*stards). If you would be happier getting back to the docs asap then I would go ahead and just book an appointment, I'm not sure what the next course of action would be though sorry, maybe another blood test? Did you only have the day 21 one?

Lindsay81 Sat 08-Mar-14 22:46:11

Well Ginger, the plan is to try the AC etc for 3 months which is DH's timeline he has given himself for getting the SA done (He needs to work up to thinking about doing that apparently! LOL). I'm fine with that because I've heard people say it took a couple of months to see any effect from AC. At that point I think I'll ask the doctor to look at my charts and consider my progesterone results again.

What about you? Have you tried anything to help with a short LP?

Nottalotta Sat 08-Mar-14 23:06:19

Thanks ginger my worry is that i am 36, ttc #1 and on C10 this time. The prev blood test was before AF arrived. I had my last depo jab sept 2012. I went to GP may 2013 as still no af, and thats when the blood test ws. Luckily AF arrived soon after and has been a regular 25 day cycle ever since.

Is it just day 21 (which would be 18 in my case?) tests or are there others?

Good luck monday.

PinkHat1 Sun 09-Mar-14 09:03:51

Hello, thank you for starting an excellent thread! I remember seeing some of you on other threads. I know this is for those who are on cycle 10 I'm currently on my 2ww cycle 9 Ttc#1 so can I join?

My story is quite a muddled one:went to see the doctor in September for another issue - extremely painful period pains that had retuned since coming off the pill. After explaining all my symptoms (including history of women in
My family having endo and fibroids) GP booked me a day 21 test and trans vaginal scan. Results came back fine for both. So in theory it was just a case of us carrying on ttc until we reach our 1 year (June) and if we haven't conceived by then return to our GP. Simple right? Only thing is in the meantime every single month since I've been off the pill has been a nightmare for me as I have such excruciating, crippling period pain. My GP is not really interested now all results have come back normal and just prescribed me with Mefenamic acid (which clearly states in the guidelines that it shouldn't be taken by women who are ttc!) But in the back of my mind, i think this pain may be related to our problems conceiving (my husband has had a SA test results came back fine). So tomorrow I'm seeing a gynaecologist-hopefully will get to the bottom of this.

PinkHat1 Sun 09-Mar-14 09:05:35

Sorry for your bfn m33r some wine perhaps?

Jessewalt Sun 09-Mar-14 09:38:06

Hi ladies, I have missed quite a lot of chat in the last couple of days! (*quickly reads all entries in fear of missing out!)
How did the lunch go onelife? Did you end up telling your friend?
I think I ovulated on day 13 this month. A bit earlier than usual. Slightly annoying as last 2 cycles been a bit shorter than usual (25/26) which means that the romantic week in the scottish highlands this month will involve my period. Oops.
Fingers crossed AF will not show up at all!

mama31 Sun 09-Mar-14 11:43:04

Hi Pinkhat. Of course you can join. Your GP sounds very annoying, prescribing you something that shouldn't be taken when ttc. I know that my GP won't give me anything when ttc that is not meant to be given.

Sounds like your doing the right thing though and getting checked out by Gynae, I hope your appointment goes well and they should be able to give you more advice.

My GP also referred us early due to the big waiting list (5months) rather than waiting until we were ttc for a year, but she did put a year on the notes to the hospital (a wee white lie).

Let us know how your appointment goes.

mama31 Sun 09-Mar-14 11:43:57

Jesse hopefully you won't need to worry about that and instead will be telling DH about your bfp in the Highlands!

m33r Sun 09-Mar-14 12:12:41

Hi all.

AF got me this morning. Knew it was coming last night and DH and I had planned a nice night in which resulted in me having a good cry mostly about how worried I was that I couldn't give him what he wanted so badly. He was great of course.

So mad with myself for getting my hopes up this month. I was so sure. Lessons learned: symptoms are not a thing. And this month if I feel Ill at work and I'm going home not sitting smugly tolerating it because I think it's all my dreams coming true ...

I am devastated... I have no idea what to do next. No idea. My appt is 2/4 so hopefully that will help (not sure how though!)

And from this thread I think we can all conclude that gps - for the most part - are absolutely hopeless and actually make things worse offering no reassurance. Lucky we have each other.

And likewise notta that it's a shame we meet again... FX for you this month. It's such a lottery x

Lindsay81 Sun 09-Mar-14 12:17:40

m33r xoxo It's such a heartbreak every month. Usually I start to feel more positive by cd3ish so I hope you do too. Try to be kind to yourself today :-) A bath, some chocolate, maybe a wee glass of something.

mama31 Sun 09-Mar-14 12:46:46

Awh M33R I'm so sorry! I have been thinking of you and praying for you. It is just so cruel. I do think it's positive that your appointment is coming up though as further tests can be done and it could be something simple that needs rectified. Or it could be nothing and unexplained. Either way you will start to get the support you need.

Ladies I think on this thread we should do eachother a huge favour, and when we feel we are starting to symptom spot we should remind eachother that there are lots of reasons to experience symptoms not just pregnancy. I am saying this because I am the biggest symptom spotter and I know for a fact that it crushes me every time af arrives partly because I've convinced myself I had pregnancy symptoms.

so please when I come on here in 2 weeks time saying I'm so tired, hungry, nauseas....remind me that this has happened before and to chill out.

This journey is so tough, I hope we can all get eachother through it and that we can all soon share our success stories.

Huge hugs M33R, please pamper yourself today...I know it doesn't take away the pain and upset, but you deserve to be pampered. x

mama31 Sun 09-Mar-14 12:51:42

And as much as I'd love my name on a BFP list, I feel this thread is about success stories (we are just waiting for them to happen). So when we ALL DO get our BFP's, I think we should not do a list but should highlight our story as a success in some way for others to read who join the thread to give them hope that it does and it will happen.

What do you think ladies?

m33r Sun 09-Mar-14 13:01:55

Thanks mama and lindsay and mama I agree on the symptom spotting policy. ginger (gently) kept reminding me last month and kept me half grounded which was helpful.

victoria401 Sun 09-Mar-14 13:34:04

Sorry to hear your news m33r. I'm also on 15 cycles and I feel your pain.

I went to see nurse few months back to get thyroid/iron etc checked out. Told her we were ttc when I got there. After she'd decided to get the bloodwork done she asked me what contraception we were using! Duh! We are ttc! She was the nurse that took my implant out too! She even did a preg test "just in case", which of course was neg coz I knew exactly where I was in my cycle!

I'm feeling chilled about stuff this weekend as still on the end of af, plus the sun is shining and spring is in the air. New life is starting up all over the place with bulb coming up and buds on the trees. Need to think positive that new life can begin in me too. I know I can bear children so there is nothing to worry about yeah?

PinkHat1 Sun 09-Mar-14 14:04:47

mama31 i think that is a really good idea about symptom spotting -It is so hard not to! I remember someone saying trying to keep yourself occupied during the 2ww to keep your mind off it? I started Pilates last week to give me something new to focus on So far so good although I'm half way through my 2ww so I don't want to speak too soon!

victoria401 i sometimes wonder about these so called health professionals the more I read on here the more I think GPs are useless. Anyway, I love your positive thinking! I'm sitting in my garden enjoying the sun it's a lovely day today. What is the weather like by everyone?

m33r Sun 09-Mar-14 14:11:01

victoria and pink I'm all about the spring in the air policy. It's still a bit a cold this way and I've got a bit of structural stuff to go in garden before I can get the bulbs in but there are lots of birds around. Thinking as positive as I can and I'm sure I'll be feeling better by cd 3 as lindsay!said xxx

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sun 09-Mar-14 15:55:02

Oh m33r I hope you do start to feel better soon. It's such an emotional rollercoaster isn't it, the devastation of getting AF, but then I do start to feel more relaxed by about cd5, and then pretty positive and happy again by cd15! I'm on cd19 with a week to go, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
I agree with the symptom spotting, I think I gave up on it about two months ago, as I had myself absolutely convinced I was pregnant, I was definately feeling nauseous and going to bed about 9pm! I try and ignore it whenever I start feeling anything that's remotely pregnancy related...
I did read somewhere a while back that more babies are conceived in the spring, no idea why! Hopefully it is true though and we will soon be celebrating lots of success stories. You're right mama, they will happen.
I think MN is a far better source of information than GPs, the only thing they are good for is getting tests done and giving us medication!
Lindsay I think I will start on the bvits once AF starts (positive thinking huh!) as I didn't want my cycles to change before I had my blood tests done, so I could book them in for the right day....oh the irony. Anyway I will get some from H and B tomorrow, can you buy the AC from there too? Is it advisable to take both supplements?
notta I think they can also do day3 tests, but I'm not sure what hormones these test for. Has your DH been tested? I guess that is the next step if your results come back normal.
Yes jesse I hope you will be celebrating your bfp on your romantic weekend away!
Hello pink I am also on cycle 9 but thought I would jump on the thread too! Sorry your GP is utterly rubbish, I hope the gynae is more helpful for you.

Lindsay81 Sun 09-Mar-14 17:10:45

mama31 Definitely agree about the symptom spotting. I've been bad for that in the past but have managed to get it under control a bit over the last few months. I'm not too sure how though.... Maybe a combination of things..

This is probably going to sound a bit nutso, but because I was obsessing about it a lot and constantly living in the future (I.e. When is my o day, looking ahead to the next fertile period, counting down to AF), I started learning how to meditate, which is more about being mindful of "the now" and in the present. It was partly to help me relax due to work pressures as well. Anyway, if anyone fancies it, I use the Buddhify app on iPhone and LOVE it! Still use it at least once a day. smile

ginger I am taking both B100 and AC this month so will let you know how I get on! I feel a bit different in that I haven't had any EWCM and limited watery CM so with my usual OPK issues, I'm not even sure when or if I O-ed this month yet! I hope it doesn't mess up my cycles! I'm due AF around 10 days from now so will let you know. I get my B100 from H&B but my AC from Wholefoods.

Lindsay81 Sun 09-Mar-14 17:15:39

pink So beautiful here today! Just back from a walk with my friend/ naighbour and it was feeling like spring was in the air.
m33r All my bulbs are up but not out, but there is ONE planter/ box that has NOTHING going on?! I'm like, WTF?! Same bulbs as the rest of the garden. Me thinks a squirrel or something must have got in! LOL

m33r Sun 09-Mar-14 18:28:07

lindsay maybe a squirrel has got in me and stolen my fertilty! Glad I can make jokes!?!

mama31 Sun 09-Mar-14 18:44:37

Lol pesky squirrels....maybe that's what's happened to all of us!

I am the worst symptom spotter ever. And I never learn. But I really must stop it. Determined this month to not let it get me.

Lindsay I love the idea of being mindful and living in the so rubbish at it though, I'm such a planner and my life is usually planned out weeks/months in advance. I think that's why I find this all so difficult because I can't plan anything, including a holiday abroad for summer in case I'm going to be pregnant. I hate having no control over it all, I am a self confessed control freak and plan everything as far in advance as possible.

I really am going to have to chill out and take each day as it comes.

mama31 Sun 09-Mar-14 18:46:41

In other news, ovulation is approaching...opk line getting darker each day not quite pos yet but I'm hopeful that the AC might make me ovulate a day or 2 earlier than last month. I'm only cd8, would love to get pos opk cd10 as used to always be cd13 but was cd12 last month with AC.

I get AC from amazon, it's pretty reasonable.

onelifeonechance Sun 09-Mar-14 18:50:55

Hello lovely ladies

M33r, so sorry af arrived, as everyone else has said and sadly knows it is the poopiest of the poop sad Eat the most chocolate, drink the most wine and indulge in a shed load of stilton&brie, doesn't change anything but does help a little bit. And im so glad you've got your appt coming up v soon <bout bloody time too> Big hugs and glad you can still crack a joke or two smile

Hello to all those that have joined since I last checked in, mostly familiar faces, good luck to all.

Jesse, my lunch was v nice thanks and yes I did tell her. It was good, it really helped talking it through with someone that's been there and understands, she even cried with me bless her, but it was positive, she says we'll get there and she said not to stress about alcohol or plastic Tupperware or chlorine in pools....or whatever else goes through our heads as the maybe reason for no bfp yet, just live and stay positive. And like I say she had two littlies now who are fab, and she was in our shoes once, so keep going everyone, then maybe one day we'll be the nice friend who understands, being the shoulder to cry on for someone else going through this, and telling them our little story of hope and pointing at our little ones saying it will happen, it will.

Mama, hope you're well and have had a good weekend hon smile

I've been in the garden in the sunshine, think I may actually have a touch of sunburn hmm

onelifeonechance Sun 09-Mar-14 18:54:59

Also a supporter of mindfulness. Even things like concentrating on the feeling of the water on your skin in the shower rather than thinking about all the millions of things you need to do that day, I regularly make myself stop and look at things, notice the trees, the sky etc. when driving along....does all sound bit tree huggerish but I believe in it and find it helpful. And think it is very apt for ttc, we need to just take this one step at a time, rather than stressing ourselves out about what might or might not happen in the future.

Crikey, all a bit heavy for a Sunday eve smile I'm going to snuggle up with dh on the sofa with some yummy food and a film and be mindful of how lovely that really is!! grin

m33r Sun 09-Mar-14 19:26:09

Here here one. Your post - for multiple parts of it - have cheered me up no end. Happy Sunday everyone x

Jessewalt Sun 09-Mar-14 19:54:52

One, I was really hoping you had told your friend , not really sure why, maybe because I find keeping "the secret" so difficult and I am so glad you feel positively about it.
I have had a weekend of trying to change my mindset. A lovely friend, who has 2 very little children, is now on her own after her husband walked out. I feel so very angry for her, and, sadly, makes me realise that almost everyone has stress in their life, now just me (*suddenly feels very self indulgent for all the sulking and tears).
I am trying to think of this as being a problem that can be solved. We live in an era where the majority of subfertile couples can reach their goal, which I am so grateful for.
Happy Sunday night folks, I am planning on food, last episode of house of cards, and early night - bliss!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sun 09-Mar-14 20:19:13

I love all the tree huggerish, deep and meaningful chat! It's what we are here for smile
I have just been explaining to my mum about LH and LPs and opks....far cry from her days when it was just have sex and hope for the best! It all feels a bit ridiculous doesn't it really? It's just a clever ploy to make us spend money and make us feel as though we are in control....
mama I too am a bit of a planner, I don't like not knowing what to expect or what is going to happen, I have had quite a hard time getting over my 'plan' of how my life was supposed to be now. But now, I am just trying to look optimistically to the future, however that turns out, as you are right, we have no control over anything. I could really do with injecting some more mindfulness into my life, I am such a negative nancy!

Phew, that's my insightful evening out of the way grin

In other news, I too have just eaten many many twirl bites, as well as a creme egg earlier blush must get back on track tomorrow!

Glad you had a lovely time with your friend one and hurray for sunburn! This time last year it was snowing!

mama how long have you been taking AC? cd 12 instead of 13 is a small improvement! Hopefully it will be another day earlier again this time.

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sun 09-Mar-14 20:20:37

m33r love the squirrel joke!! Got to watch those pesky squirrels....

mama31 Sun 09-Mar-14 21:01:32

Ginger I started AC on Cd1 last cycle so this is my 2nd month taking it. I'm really hoping I don't get spotting this month or at least less spotting and earlier pos opk would be good too.

Onelife I'm good thanks! Have had a nice weekend. DH, DS and I made pancakes tonight so we had a bit of a laugh/competition....was quite funny really....DH was extremely competitive...which resulted in a few dodgy pancakes that went in the bin! we are about to snuggle up and watch a film as well.

I'm all for the mindfulness....i just need to be more mindful and remember to do it! haha! Onelife I am like you though, I often take in the scenery when driving (stop to take pics if it's beautiful) and when out walking I love taking in the smells ie fresh cut grass, smell of spring in the air.... its nice to appreciate the simple things in life smile

Very jealous about your sun burn...rain here all Day!

ImaginaryHat Sun 09-Mar-14 23:06:25

Hello ladies smile

The lovely onelife pointed me in the direction of this thread and I think it is fabulous, well done mama for setting it up. As lovely and positive as the buses are I'm finding I can't spend too much time on there at the moment, I think this thread could be my retreat from now on.

I'm recognising most names on here from previous buses, hope all you ladies are doing ok. I suppose I should introduce myself and tell you my story.

I'm 31, and am on cycle 9 of ttc in this stint. However, we actually tried for 4 cycles at the end of 2012, then I unfortunately had an accident and subsequent operation (unrelated to ttc!) which meant we had to stop ttc until I was fully recovered in May 2013 when we started trying again. So in reality it's been about 18months since we started ttc - albeit with an enforced break. I had two chemical pregnancies in October and November last year and am currently about 4 days into my tww. Like mama, I'm a spotter too. It seems to have got a lot worse since my chemicals though, I used to get it about 3 days prior to af, but the last two cycles have been 5 and 7 days of spotting. I had some bloods done when I had my second chemical, which came back normal for things like iron, thyroid etc. I've now convinced myself that I have low progesterone which is why my two beans didn't stick and why I get the spotting. I'm going to see how I get on this month and if it's bad again I'm going back to my GP to ask for progesterone tests. She was fantastically supportive when I had my chemicals, but I did feel like I knew a bit more than her which isn't that encouraging. She did refer me to the EPU though so I'd definitely go back to her in the first instance.

Wow that was a very long self centered paragraph, sorry!

Mama, it's interesting to hear you think the Vitex might be working, I'll give it a whirl next cycle if no luck this month I think.

Hope you're doing ok M33r, af is such a bitch xx

mama31 Mon 10-Mar-14 08:49:19

Hi Imaginary! Welcome smile I do love the buses as well and all the funny chat, but it's hard as I started to feel a bit left behind as ladies come and go being so blessed to get their bfp and think I started to feel a little bit lost. I will still check in with them though to see how everyone is doing.

I will let you know how the AC works this cycle, just coming up to ovulation so the 2ww will tell all about whether it's working or not.

Good luck I hope your ok and I do think a progesterone test would not do any harm.

mama31 Mon 10-Mar-14 08:50:15

How is everyone today?? The sun is shining here yay!!! Makes a Monday morning more bearable. Have a great day ladies, and let's be mindful today ;)

Lindsay81 Mon 10-Mar-14 09:32:59

Oh..... My...... GOSH! So you all know that I've used OPKs loads and only ever faint lines now and then. This morning..... A definite strong line!!!!! It's late, if my usual cycle length is going to be the same. Today is cd19 and my last three cycles have been 25, 23 and 22.

Could this be the AC and B vits? I'm just crossing my fingers that they are doing their job and increasing LH which should HOPEFULLY up my progesterone and strengthen my luteal phase.

I know this isn't even me halfway there as all you ladies get OPK+s and are still waiting... But it feels like a baby step in the right direction!

mama- re the summer holidays, this is exactly what I've been doing and I'm sick of it! We put of visiting my best friend last summer who lives at the Hamptons in New York, because vacation there is all about the vineyards, jet skis and other non-baby friendly stuff. Last week, we said f*ck it, just booked it for August. Sod's law will probably prevail and we'll stress about the money etc, but I can go on like this!

Hi imaginary! Nice to meet you :-) Look forward to chatting more.

Hope the squirrels keep away everyone!

Oh... And OMmmmmmmmmmm. LOL!

Lindsay81 Mon 10-Mar-14 09:34:44

I wish I could post a pic of my OPK+, I am THAT excited. LOL!

Shiggles314 Mon 10-Mar-14 11:17:02

First timer here!
We have been TTC #2 for 16 months now. 1st baby became pregnant 1st cycle. Have had day 21 bloods done and gp said all fine. Saw locum gp who was lovely and calmed my worries but she has now left. Have since seen my usual gp and she said that as I already have a child then there will be no help for me so that is the end of the matter! Lovely eh? Had an emergency section with first child and subsequent infection in wound so wondered if that could a affect anything? Also am now 37 - tick tock....... Saw a new gp who joined the surgery last month and she said that need to be trying for 2 yrs before they will do anything! So many mixed messages from gp's are completely stressing me out!
Anyone experienced similar?

mama31 Mon 10-Mar-14 13:30:44

Lindsay! Yay! Congrats on the pos opk! Excellent a pic and we will all clap smile we get excited about all good news on this thread smile

Shiggles welcome smile wow that's terrible that your GP won't help, perhaps you should get advice from others and change GP to one who cares about fertility. I have a child already and on cycle 10 but GP has already referred us for further support, the waiting list is 5 months so she didn't want to wait for us to be ttc for a year and then refer us.

My opk is lighter today, so no longer hopeful that I'll get an earlier pos opk. Oh well! As long as I get a decent LP and no spotting I'd be happy.

GingerbreadBabyPlease Mon 10-Mar-14 15:38:49

Hurray Lindsay! I completely understand, I get ridiculously happy when I get a +ve opk, I was dancing around the bathroom last time with a silly grin! it's just so nice to get a positive on a stick, even if it is the wrong one! Sorry bit confused though, do you mean your cycle lengths or your +ve opk days were 25,23 and 22? It could well be the supplements, 'they' do say good things about them don't they, I hope so anyway as I have just been out and bought some vitB, I went for the BComplex 50 ones, figured I will see how I go on 50mg the first month then maybe up it to 100mg.
How are those of you on AC finding it? I did a bit of research on it last night and there are very mixed results/reviews. I don't want to mess up my cycles other than lengthen my LP!!
Holiday in New York sounds fantastic lindsay! Very jealous, so hope you won't be able to go due to bump wink
Very impressed with all the mindfulness and meditation....I have forgotten to do it already today.... the sun is absolutely lovely though today, was sat in the garden just enjoying the warmth for a bit earlier.
Hello imaginary and welcome. Sorry to hear about your accident, and the delay to ttc, hope you're stay here is short! I know what you mean about feeling like you know more than your GP does!!!
Welcome also shiggles, what is with these god damn GPs!!? Could you not go back a bit before 24 months and tell them it is just stressing you out which isn't going to help matters?
I had my day 21 bloods done today, so just a waiting game for the results now. Does anyone know if the GP will contact me or do I have to make another app? The results will more than probably say low prog, or not ovulating or something as they weren't done at the right time as some of you know!!

Lindsay81 Mon 10-Mar-14 16:04:27

Thanks mama and ginger! Ginger- this is my first ever OPK+. Others have been so faint, I could never say they were even indicative of approaching ovulation. They have happened in the past around cd17 so this is 2 days later. My worry is that my cycles are so short (25, 23 and 24- sorry not 22), if my period isn't also delayed, my luteal phase will be even worse than usual! So now waiting out to see when my period comes... I'm just hoping that as well as getting a stronger ovulation (hopefully indicated by the OPK+), my cycle will also be longer. I have such a strong feeling that t isn't working for us because my luteal phase is really short :-(

Re the results- I had to call my surgery a week afterwards and they just gave me them over the phone ( of course, as I am annoying, I also made an appointment with my GP to discuss!)

Lindsay81 Mon 10-Mar-14 16:22:08

Thanks mama and ginger! Ginger- this is my first ever OPK+. Others have been so faint, I could never say they were even indicative of approaching ovulation. They have happened in the past around cd17 so this is 2 days later. My worry is that my cycles are so short (25, 23 and 24- sorry not 22), if my period isn't also delayed, my luteal phase will be even worse than usual! So now waiting out to see when my period comes... I'm just hoping that as well as getting a stronger ovulation (hopefully indicated by the OPK+), my cycle will also be longer. I have such a strong feeling that t isn't working for us because my luteal phase is really short :-(

Re the results- I had to call my surgery a week afterwards and they just gave me them over the phone ( of course, as I am annoying, I also made an appointment with my GP to discuss!)

Lindsay81 Mon 10-Mar-14 16:22:36

OMG, stupid phone. Sorry!

ImaginaryHat Mon 10-Mar-14 18:00:33

Thanks for the warm welcome ladies, congrats on the positive opk Lindsay smile Shiggles I would definitely get myself a new gp who's more caring and helpful than yours sounds if I were you, I hate it when theyre so dismissive, find yourself a nice one.

Well i just got in from work and went to the loo and sure enough when I wiped the spotting has started. 5dpo again. Am going to make that doctors appointment I think.

In fact fuck it I'm going to book flights for our friends wedding in France later in the year which we've been stalling on in case I fell pg this month. Might as well have something positive out of this eh?!

mama31 Mon 10-Mar-14 18:58:18

Awh imaginary I know how you feel the spotting is so annoying. I'm hoping the AC helps me with it this month! Will be on crotch watch from 5dpo hoping not to see any spotting! Yes go ahead and book your holiday, life is for living! smile

Martie1 Mon 10-Mar-14 19:54:22

Hi all, I went a bit awol last week but im back! Now on cd8 and dh has agreed to smep this month. Very excited about this and stupidly optimistic. I am surely setting myself up for a big fall or maybe this is my month! hmm Ive been guzzling away on a large glass of grapefruit juice each day and it really does begin to taste less offensive! Plus we're taking our daily pregnacare vits.

Really sorry for M33r and her news. I was in complete stress last week when AF arrived and those hormones really do a great job adding to melee. But as said above by one of you fellow lovely ladies, by cd 3 I was back in good form again and ready to start again. So i hope you are on the up again M33r. I have been reading all your posts daily so I see there is lots of good vibes going on in this thread.

Congrats to Lindsay on the +opk and shiggles, I can't believe how unhelpful your GP has been, you should def considering moving to another with a desire to actually help their patients! Reading this has reminded me that I need to register with my new GP tomorrow.

imaginary, sorry I don't know much about spotting at all except that I spend my tww hoping for some implantation spotting! But I do know about holidays and you should definitely book that trip to France. We can't keep our lives on hold for our non-existent precious bundles otherwise I for one fear I will never do anything big ever again and I love my holidays! I have been putting off buying a car for ages because I keep thinking I can't afford to spend the pennies as I will need them for baby purchases. I got some helpful advice on this on another thread (I think, could have been here too, Im losing my mind) and it really is true, we need to live our lives.

Im off now, to do some internet faffing, and E4 watching. Happy end of Monday!

maybug3 Mon 10-Mar-14 20:39:11

Hi all,

A couple of days and what a lot of updates! I have felt like crying and laughing for all of you!

Welcome shiggles and imaginary!

Silence on my part was due to a great weekend with dh. For the first time we had a proper chat about ttc and our failure so far. He is registering with my GP this week so that we don't have to admit that he lives away 4 nights a week! After everyone's experiences with doctors, and me own poor start with my previous surgery I am taking no chances this time! Thank you all for all the information you are sharing. I have learnt more on this thread than I have anywhere else and am feeling much more prepared for the discussions I need to have.
I also hadn't been able to talk to dh as openly as I have since I started using mn. I feel so much more...something!!
Thank you all!

Lindsay - my first OPK+ was after more than 12 months of ttc so I totally understand that sheer joy! Congratulations!

Mindfulness is amazing for keeping everything in perspective, and the good weather helps too! DH is a mindfulness practitioner (as a mental health nurse) and I'm sure its how he keeps so positive about everything.

We are also booking a holiday (for early summer so we're not tempting fate too much) but we have put so much on hold 'just in case' and you can miss too much if you're not careful. Mind you doubt it will be as exciting as New York Lindsay! (or even France for that matter Lindsay!)

Hope everyone is feeling good for a Monday evening!

victoria401 Mon 10-Mar-14 22:01:34

Hi guys

Mixed emotions today. Had a great weekend in the sun and was trying to be positive. Today we lost a beloved pet and I'm feeling really down. Should be gearing up to the start of bd-ing now af has stopped and the romantic weekend for our anniversary which will be over days 12-15. Also I have a cold sore at the mo and hubby can't even kiss me let alone....! Must have let myself get run down for that to occur, I can't understand it as we've been eating better than ever and are taking vits!

I do have reflexology tomorrow night which always makes me feel fantastic. She also is a spiritual person and reads my angel cards. Last month she pulled the "family" card and said she saw me in linen trousers with a bump. I don't know what to believe, a right old sceptic. I'm a scientist after all. DH thinks its a load of old codswallop but he doesn't mind me spending my hard earned wages on it if it makes me happy.

Even my GP said I should try mindfulness. I would if I could get local classes for free! I live in the past and I like planning stuff. The holiday "what if" is bugging me too as all of 2013 I was putting things off "just in case". I'm trying not to do that but its impossible! I have booked a overnight stay with show in London in Sept but we've not booked abroad this year. Booked a caravan by the sea instead. Said to colleagues we fancied a change from our holidays abroad, fed up of the hassles of airports....

Sorry, didn't mean this to go on this long....

Lindsay81 Mon 10-Mar-14 22:40:28

Looks like some nice summer holidays planned anyway! :-)

I do feel positive about getting this first OPK+ (which was even darker than the control line when I got home tonight) but stressing that my cycle is still going to be around 25 days. Time will tell I guess!

victoria - sorry about the pet :-( It's always so sad. But the caravan trip sounds lovely! Seaside walks and fish & chips! And if the reflexology makes you feel great, then keep doing it (but doesn't she know linen creases terribly?! ;-)

maybug - sounds like a good chat with DH :-) And interesting to hear his thoughts on mindfulness- thanks!

Right, off to bed. At least that's Monday in the bag!

onelifeonechance Tue 11-Mar-14 08:20:12

Morning all

I've missed loads! Had a quick skim, will read back later to catch up but hope everyone's ok and remembering to concentrate on being mindful! Sounds like we're all embracing it smile I had to reign myself in quite a few times yst to stop the stressing and it does help, I really do think it's the way forward with this thing, live for the now! Plus def book your hols, if we're not preggers it gives us something lovely to look forward to and do with dh, and if we are then we won't care anyway and we can still have a lovely time avec bump smile We deserve the most treats for going through all of this so get out those credit cards! Lol

Hope your days are good ones! smile

Martie1 Tue 11-Mar-14 10:19:37

Happy Tuesday! Well my first night of smep did not go well. I fell asleep on the sofa as did DH and we both woke after 12 and slowly made our way to bed and conked out in seconds. I was wrecked from the weekend, had a couple of sober nights out but it still wrecks me. Has anyone else tried the smep plan? Since I've missed the first night, should we just dtd tonight or leave it and start from cd10 tomorrow which is supposed to be my first day of opk testing? Any thoughts?

Have also managed to lose the registration form for my gp even though I know i put it on my desk in my home office. I really am losing my mind confused

Still it's Tuesday and that's one day closer to the wkend!

Jessewalt Tue 11-Mar-14 10:48:45

Completely agree with holidays. They are the way forward. Also I want to say thanks to you all for keeping me going over the last few days. I took yet another phone call from a friend only just married, who announced she is pregnant. I am delighted for them, the most lovely couple.
A few points on this
1/ is it normal to phone all your friends and tell them? Note to self - if I am ever in this fortunate position, texts will suffice (except for my besties)
2/ must stop crying after receiving said phone calls
3/ mindfulness is helping. Just went for a lovely run in the glorious sunshine. Amazing.

Oh well. Day 18, 5pdo. Going to London to see my nephews this weekend. My favourite people on the planet. They will def cheer me up. Xx

PinkHat1 Tue 11-Mar-14 11:37:57

Lindsay81 yay on the + Opk! I've never had much luck with those Opks but that's definitely a good sign!

Welcome shiggles314! You are not alone with GPs who are stressing you out! My GP is also a pain. It took two appointments before she finally listened and referred me to a gyno. Even then, her referral letter said I was a teacher (lord knows where she got that from! Clear sign she doesn't listen or more worryingly just makes things up as she goes along!) Like
others have said could you change GPs? You've already been trying for 16months I'm not sure what difference another 8 months will do.

imaginary a trip to France sounds like a perfect idea! Something to look forward to. I'm thinking about booking a holiday later in the year too - I've also been a bit reluctant not to book holidays etc but from now on I'm going to try to stop putting things on hold!

Jessewait i think it's normal to let your friends know, but I think a text will do. It's always hard when a friend/family member becomes pregnant. Currently my sister and cousin are both people I'm really close to so it is hard.

Martie1 I tried the smep for about 2 months and failed miserably! It was just too hard for my us to keep up with dtd on those set days as it became too forced plus my husband doesn't perform very well under pressure!

I had my appointment yesterday with a gyno who was great. She's referred me to the hospital for a laparoscopy.
Shitting myself at the thought of an operation but at least something is being done about it!

victoria401 Tue 11-Mar-14 12:36:42

I would like to withdraw my "happy knowing I ovulate day". I looked up my own results on the system at work and thought they were normal. That'll learn me. The docs contacted me to tell me to make an appointment to discuss the results. I said I thought they were normal and the receptionist said they "mostly were" but one needed a face to face discussion and that's all she could tell me! The next appointment with my GP was the 21st! Kicked up a right old fuss and been given a telephone discussion from another GP tomorrow morning to put my mind at rest. Shitting myself! I'm already feeling delicate at the loss of my pet Tizzy yesterday. My mindfulness has gone down the toilet. screams

Martie1 Tue 11-Mar-14 13:30:44

Victoria i am so sorry about your pet and your scary phone call from GP's office. Im hoping for you that the GP call tomorrow is enlightening rather than frightening. You need to fish yourself out of that toilet and go burry yourself in a big bar of chocolate, a sugar high is the way to go here. hugs

mama31 Tue 11-Mar-14 13:42:02

Hugs Victoria I hope GP call will reassure you. Don't worry I'm sure if there is any issue you will get support, it's best to know so you can get support. I know you are having a tough time though make sure you get plenty of chats/cuddles with DH and we are here to chat always.

Jesse, I also went for a run yesterday in the sunshine. Planning the same today. Felt amazing after it last night and was very mindful taking in the lovely scenery. Feels good smile

victoria401 Tue 11-Mar-14 18:33:10

Checked my results again and it shows LH higher than the normal range, my testosterone is on the higher side of normal too. Googled it and could be PCOS but I have no other signs of that. Probably shouldn't Google....I only have to wait until 9.30am I can do this!

Reflexology tonight. Though I don't even want to leave the house tonight. Feeling low and teary :-( just want to get into jammies and mope.

Sorry if it sounds all me me me at the moment. I'll pull myself up in a few days and start supporting others too as you are supporting me x x

onelifeonechance Tue 11-Mar-14 18:37:39

Victoria, so sorry about your pet and so sorry about your gp, can't believe that's how they've left it! They have no clue do they? Fingers crossed it goes ok, think at a time like this mindfulness does go out the window, but try your hardest not to spend the evening worrying, try and chomp chocolate, or have a bath or a glass of vino or read a book or whatever it is that you,like doing to take your mind off things for a bit, good luck x

Jesse, I feel your pain on hearing of others pregnancies in RL, been there, still wearing the t shirt hmm

Pinkham, do you have any idea how long you'll have to wait for your laparoscopy?

Martie, SMEP can be a killer (also own that t shirt!!) I personally think the main thing is to take the thrust of it (for want of a better expression!!) So it advocates dtd every other day, and daily after positive opk, so if you're up for it I would try again tonight, then do eod from there, rather than prescriptively sticking to the cycle days it says. And my top tip would be to do it now if poss to stop the falling asleep bit later!!! If you're anything like me I'm practically asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!! Lol so it's either early night time or a cheeky pre dinner sesh grin have fun!!

Lindsay, yeay for positive opk!! Hope you're having fun dtdeeding too!!

Hello to shiggles smile

Imaginary, hugs about the spotting and fingers crossed your gp can sort it out. Has it stopped or still going??

Gingerbread, think you're right about gps sadly! thank goodness for mn!!!

Think that's everything, if I've missed anything I'm sorry!! Have a lovely eve ladies, bangers and mash for tea here, yummmmmm smile

onelifeonechance Tue 11-Mar-14 18:39:56

Enjoy your reflexology V, think it's good timing, really hope it helps you to relax abit. And never apologise, we all have ups and downs, it's what we're here for. Hugs to you x

Jessewalt Tue 11-Mar-14 20:19:31

Victoria - never apologise for having a crappy day! We are all here to support each other through these difficult days. Hope tomorrow you can find out some more of the info you need.

Onelife - do you know when your appointment is yet?

mama31 Tue 11-Mar-14 20:55:43

Victoria enjoy your reflexology, just what you need.

Pinkhat, I agree GP's could really be much more fact there should be GP'S who deal specifically with fertility issues. hope you get your appointment through soon and all goes well.

Still waiting on pos opk here! Hoping for tomorrow as that would be a day earlier again on the vitex, but might be Thursday. Dtd tonight already, to avoid risk of nodding off later to get to it whilst the energy is still available smile

onelifeonechance Tue 11-Mar-14 21:16:46

Still bloomin waiting Jesse! Going to ring Fri if nothing before. Any news on getting hubby's results? Hate waiting!!!!! (V mindful of how much I hate it, lol!!) smile

onelifeonechance Tue 11-Mar-14 21:17:38

Mama, good girl, it's in the bag and you can snooze as early as you like now grin

ImaginaryHat Tue 11-Mar-14 21:30:24

Hope your phone call with gp goes well tomorrow Victoria, its ridiculous you have to kick up a fuss just to get someone to speak to you!

Mama you are so right, gps for fertility issues would be great, there'd be plenty of demand for them and it would be great to speak to one who's kind and caring, and who you have confidence in knowing what theyre talking about!

Onelife lol'd at your 'thrust of it' pun!

Well Ive been feeling a bit sick today so poas, which is stupid as I'm only 6-7 dpo. However, Ive now convinced myself I can see the worlds faintest line. I also poa opk, which is moderately dark. Tried taking a picture of the test but can't see anything. Besides I'm still mildly spotting and feeling af cramps so even if it is a line I dont think it will turn out well again. Wish I hadn't bloody done it now, I think theres probably nothing there and in deluding myself. Grr!

Martie1 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:43:36

ooooh imaginery fingers x for u! onelife you are a scream! i was thinking that myself, that it would best to stick to the general gist of smep.

Ive got some weird twinges this evening in my lower abdomen, slightly painful. Im only on cd9 so ive no idea what they are. I spend most of my time worrying that these twinges are something serious and that this is the reason I haven't conceived yet. Any idea what they could be?

Shelly555 Tue 11-Mar-14 23:13:20

Hi ladies
I'm new to mums net on cycle 16 and obsessed by pokes and any tips on conceiving ! Have done bloods and scans all ok but not back to gynae til June, hoping to b pregnant by then!

Martie I also get tinges in one side at time of ov ( today in fact) but I never noticed these short sharp pains before TTC so I also worry now it's a problem down there rather than symptom of ov?.. Pain lasts 5 mins that's all anyone else?

victoria401 Wed 12-Mar-14 06:48:04

Hi shelly, I'm cycle 16 too but waiting for results of tests :-( so you're ok? Is your OH?

I get ov pains, its like a stitch and I only get it on the left. I was actually talking about it last night with my reflexologist. I get ov pain for 2 or 3 days and last month it was 4! Its quite uncomfortable and I wonder if its a sign of anything wrong! I think pain for a few mins is normal, but not days surely? Doc didnt seem worried, saw it as a good sign that I ov. Get blood results today. If I have PCOS, surely cysts must hurt?

mama31 Wed 12-Mar-14 07:40:10

Good luck Victoria for your chat with GP today.

Thanks Onelife, I was happily snoozing by 10 pm with the deed in the bag ;) smile

Imaginary....oooooh...good luck!!! what test did you use?? Does it definately not show up on camera?

DH SA test kit still not arrived! Grrrr....hes ringing them today....seriously...this is not something that should be delayed! been waiting 3 weeks or more!

ImaginaryHat Wed 12-Mar-14 07:40:29

I also get a stich like pain but only on the left, but I only lasts a short while, not days. Good lick with your results today Victoria. And welcome Shelly! Early ovulation Marie?

Massive bfn for me today. Yesterday's imagined lined was an evap at best (weird cos Ive never had an evap in all my months using these tests).

ImaginaryHat Wed 12-Mar-14 09:30:59

One step tests mama, just ic. They've been spot on for me in the past. I stuck it on the above last night. Don't know how to make it clicky on my phone. Was bfn this morning though.

Lindsay81 Wed 12-Mar-14 10:12:28

awww imaginary, that sucks. I am virtually removing all sticks from your house so that they no longer make you sad! lol I have none in my house because I just know I'd be POAS from 1dpo LOL!

Shellly I get definite twinges the day before and of what I'm sure are my O-days (this month was the first month I ever got an OPK+). They can be strong enough to make me take a sharp breath, and last a day or so intermittently.

onelife and martie For real, I know we could NEVER do SMEP! It's just too much and all these smeppers and EODers make me feel like a frigid, old wife at times! LMAO! This month we have managed cd8, 11, 17 and 19 with ovulation on cd19/20 I think. The big gap between 11 and 17 was when hubby started his new job and was pretty washed out :-( But I'm still saying that 4 times in a 12 day period would be a totally "normal" sex life! And plenty of people seem to get pregnant just doing what they do.

Waiting game for me now, I guess. No CM now so with the OPK+ and EWCM (Monday) and watery (Tues), I think it's safe to say I O-ed on cd19, maybe 20. Now to see when AF comes and therefore if the AC and B vits have increased my luteal phase at all.

For fun, the OPK pic is attached. It's stupid, I know, but after all these months, so exciting to see! Top is AM, bottom is PM and that one was darker than the control line (kinda hard to see here).

Martie1 Wed 12-Mar-14 10:19:37

imaginery fingers are still crossed for you. Ive never even had a sniff of a line, so I can only imagine your excitement and attempts to contain it. If I ever got one I'd be doing the cancan!

Any word victoria on your results? I hope its all ok x mama31 that is so annoying about the sa test.

Hi shelly welcome to our attempt to remain positive and mindful. I did a clear blue opk test this morning and got one of those empty circles. Im cd10 today so that's what I expected so my pain last night was definitely not ovulation pain. Ive had ovulation pain before and it's usually on my right side and yes, it feels like a stitch. This was a different pain last night. It was kind of sore and located in the middle lower abdomen. I hate this ttc business, it makes me paranoid about every single twinge.

Happy middle to of the week!

victoria401 Wed 12-Mar-14 10:21:47

Mama we've been waiting three weeks for SA appointment too. It said there was a three week waiting list but obviously you need a week's notice or more as you have to abstain etc. I was hoping it wasn't going to be this wk anyway as its my ov week.

As for chat with doc, waste of bloody time! As it wasn't my usual GP she didn't know my history, or even bothered to read my notes by the sounds of it. She said there was a note that my GP wanted to speak to me but from the results she couldnt see why! I fussed over it and she said she'd as my GP and call back during the day. She also said to repeat the day21 and I said they weren't the day 21 they were the day 2! And she was like all "oh" and told us to keep trying and wait for hubbys SA. Made me so het up!

Lindsay81 Wed 12-Mar-14 10:25:11

Victoria ARGH!!! So incompetent! It's really insensitive as well :-( Sorry you're going through this. Hopefully your own GP is going to be a bit more clued up and might even take some time to do some reading before s/he calls you (probably not though! LOL)

Martie1 Wed 12-Mar-14 10:28:31

lindsey -frigid old wife!! lol! We have been doing eod for the last couple of month during fertile time and this month we've agreed to do smep. I have to say though it is exhausting and can get a bit dull. Takes the whole spontaneity out of things. I really resent this ttc for that. I totally wish I could go back to our normal dtd life so I am tad jealous of your 'normal' life! I just am so fed up that I want to try everything now but I totally get your rationale.

I found my GP form yesterday and registered with my new GP (who is DH's GP). I have to meet the practice nurse next week and then hopefully I can get the ball rolling with getting some tests done. Alternatively maybe this 'at it like rabbits' month will do the trick!

Lindsay81 Wed 12-Mar-14 10:35:19

oh my gosh martie do NOT be envious of my dtd schedule! the grass is always greener and I spend my days being annoyed at myself for not having the energy for EOD. If I could do it, I totally would!

I think it's a good step to have the same GP as DH :-) But I agree that all this DTDing might just pay off!

mama31 Wed 12-Mar-14 11:46:24

Victoria that is so frustrating for you! I am sure you are spitting feathers!

These SA tests can not seriously take this length of time.

Imaginary step away from those tests!! This is the first month I haven't purchased them...I always get faint lines on them...always...but have had to tell myself every time that if it is questionable, then it is not a line. I will know when I get a real line as I won't even need to ask is it real. I'm refusing to buy those tests now and trying so so hard to keep up my willpower and not test this month. I have never succeeded in this previously but hoping this mindfulness might keep me sane and stop me from obsessing. Who knows, ill probably be crazy as ever by next week!

We are dtd every other day, but not scheduling like usual it has been spontaneous but kind of planned as well to cover th eod. So far it's been enjoyable this cycle and I don't feel burnt out yet which is good as have a few more deeds to be done.

Everyone is different though and you have to do what works for you. Don't compare yourselves, or worry is it enough, is it too much....the thing is dtd around ovulation can result in a bfp, and this could be from one single session dtd. Leave it to fate, it will happen when the time is perfect for us all smile

Pinkhevs Wed 12-Mar-14 12:03:04

Hi all, another newbie here smile

Chronic over-thinker and symptom spotter! Hope you don't mind me joining, am not actually a mum yet as only trying for my 1st (so I feel a bit of an intruder on mumsnet!) but I could use some support.

I'm 31, been trying for 9/10 months now, sister has endo so my doc referred me for bloods and tv scan. Scan was all fine and just waiting for bloods back. Although I went on day 21 and my period is 7 days late so from reading the comments above I think I will have to go back from a retest! Erratic periods, some months 28 day cycle and then random months where it's longer (like this one).

Trying to stay positive, not stress too much and not bore my husband to tears by talking about it all the time! Have only told a couple of people that I'm not close to that I'm trying, don't want the pity faces or the request for updates as mentioned in many of the previous posts.

Anyway, enough for now, looking forward to joining you all, and I need to learn all the abbreviations as some of these posts have left me thoroughly confused wink

victoria401 Wed 12-Mar-14 12:27:18

Hi pink

I'm not a mum either, but there are quite a lot of people on the ttc pages that are trying for number 1. So don't feel like you're in the wrong place!

I couldn't understand these threads at first til I read the abbreviation page, now I talk in code in real life too! Hubby is always saying what on earth you on about when I ask him if he wants to do the deed, dtd! Lol!

Pinkhevs Wed 12-Mar-14 12:43:30

Thanks for the welcome smile

I just checked it out and keeping it open on a separate tab so I can refer back to it whilst I read!

Haven't been doing temperature checking yet so may have a go at that this month and maybe get some more ovulation tests, but they are so expensive!! Just wish my period would hurry up and start so that I can start again. Feels like such a tease these months when my cycle is really long...

mama31 Wed 12-Mar-14 13:40:02

Welcome Pink! Def don't need to be a mum already that's what we are here for to support eachother to get to be a mum! smile re the opks, don't be shelling out on the expensive ones, amazon do onestep ovulation tests for a couple of quid...and they work just fine!

Speaking of those opks....i just got a very clear positive on cd11! Yay!!!! I'm with you Lindsay celebrating my pos opk smile the reason being that since starting the AC last month I ov 1 day sooner and this month it's 2 days soon so it is definately working, so great to know smile I'm so hoping it helps my spotting....that would be just wonderful smile

Having a lovely day today it's nice a sunny, have my pos opk and of course my "no plan" dtd has gone out the window as DH has just got a txt saying we need to dtd tonight due to pos opk! Lol don't want to miss the boat!!!!!!

Pinkhevs Wed 12-Mar-14 14:52:45

Thanks mama, just made my purchase on Amazon, way cheaper than Boots, that's for sure.

Have fun tonight wink

mama31 Wed 12-Mar-14 15:28:09

Pink amazon should be called Amazing! It so is!

Thanks be honest it's probably gona be a bit of a chore tonight (which I have avoided so far). I have plans with friends so won't get home until way later...I'll be tired....DH will be up for it anytime of day/night but I'm rubbish after 9pm! lol I will be like a sack of spuds (tmi) lol but too afraid to miss it with the pos opk today!

victoria401 Wed 12-Mar-14 15:40:20

Wish my DH was always up for it mama! Practically got to force him kicking and screaming! Sent him a text at lunch saying I wanted to get frisky later, he'll know why and he's avoided replying! Lol. We are going out for dinner though to cheer ourselves up after the crap week we've had. Hopefully get him in the mood...

By the way doc called back and I've been referred for a pelvic ultrasound.

Martie1 Wed 12-Mar-14 16:37:32

fed up seeing new babies on fb, i so badly want it to be me sad

victoria401 Wed 12-Mar-14 17:01:52

I know the feeling Martie, plus we have a few maternity/paternity situations at work at the moment so the talk is all baby baby baby and oooo I wonder who will be next...

GingerbreadBabyPlease Wed 12-Mar-14 19:51:37

ARRR there is literally babies or buggies or pregnant women everywhere! I know they say you notice them more when you want a baby, but this is just ridiculous, I only live in a small town and they are absolutely everywhere I turn.....
Just wanted to get that off my chest, just about to have dinner so will catch up and reply to you all properly later!
Hello to all the newbies <waves>!

Shelly555 Wed 12-Mar-14 21:13:52

Evening ladies another day of over analysing everything happening in my body , don't u just wish it could b easier?!
Victoria, def get your tests underway we both cycle 16 , hubby and I went doc last august as I couldn't keep wondering and hubby has been on medication so we were worried it was effecting his spermies. Anyway his SA is fine My tests all fine pelvic scan good so we just keep trying ... I'm now waiting for next 12 days to pass to get preg tests out again!

Martie, Lindsay and Vic, the twinges are also only one sided I think if they are prolonged its worth getting this checked out.

Mama31 thanks for tip of opks on amazon ...I've spent a fortune over last yr! Much rather be putting that money towards baby grows hmm

Ginger, totally with you on the feeling that everyone around u is getting pregnant sometimes at work I just have to lock myself in the loo and have a little cry after congratulating another friend on pregnancy.... am happy for them though. our days will come ! It's really nice to have you all there and read your stories, feel less alone going through this stressful time.

victoria401 Thu 13-Mar-14 07:18:26

No one told me that the scan for PCOS was TRANS VAGINAL! TRANS VAGINAL!! EWWWW

Guess I need to get used to people looking up my foof! Lol!

Martie1 Thu 13-Mar-14 08:03:42

victoria lol- yes i'd quite happily let someone look up my foof too if it meant a tiny person at the end smile good luck with that!

Well im a complete numpty, forgot to do my opk this morning. Raging at myself. It's a clear blue one, which tells you to use fmu, do you think i'd be ok later in the day ladies? It was an empty circle yesterday so im not expecting a lot today but still want to do test to be sure.

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 08:28:57

Martie I would do the opk just in case I'm sure it will show if there's a surge fmu or not.

No problem shelly this ttc gets so expensive, amazon has saved me from bankruptcy on preggo tests/opks alone! I'm refusing to buy preg tests this month my mind the outcome of that will be that it will stop me testing early/obsessing/wasting money/squinting at evaps....however the reality is I'm probably going to be out a fortune in preggo tests from my local store because I didn't buy the cheapos off amazon....

Well last night I was at a friends house and felt strong ovulation pains on my left side, stronger than usual. I was supposed to stay for another hour but I know I was getting tired and needed to get home to dtd (bad friend). I dashed home to dtd as I was so excited to dtd bang on time with ovulation I crazy? Yes.

Pinkhevs Thu 13-Mar-14 08:51:57

Victoria, I had my tv scan last week, don't worry it's not too scary! The thing they use is quite slim, and it wasn't too uncomfortable. It's quite fascinating as they had a screen facing me so I could see what she could see. And she did tell me the results straight away and gave me a letter to take to my docs. Afterwards had a slight kind of period pain but only for a few hours.

Lindsay81 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:16:33

No, not crazy at all mama! It's comforting to know that you've done everything you can, with the knowledge you have (or think we have!)

martie victoria Wow- I wonder what the inside of a "foof" looks like! LOL! Agreed that it's a small price to pay if it works some thing out though smile

shelly I tend to agree that this is actually a GOOD sign and you are feeling a strong ovulation. With that and your "normal" results, I think you are just playing the waiting game now, so do what you can to enjoy life and clear your head of negative thoughts whenever possible xo

Me, I kind of feel like I usually do after ovulation. Nothing for a day or so and then small, localised twinges start, before the dull cramps and then AF. LP is usually only 7/8 days. Part of me is hoping the AC and Bvits have done something already but a) I know they say it can take a few months and b) I'm still sceptical they'll do anything at all!

Friday eve! Where has this week gone?!

Jessewalt Thu 13-Mar-14 10:47:48

Mama - last week I refused to even allow my husband to cook and eat dinner and made him dtd as soon as we were home from work. We are all los

Jessewalt Thu 13-Mar-14 10:48:09

Silly phone - that meant to say losing the plot!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Thu 13-Mar-14 10:51:01

Morning ladies, lots to catch up on!
With the SMEPing, I really don't think I could do it, even EOD is a struggle for me sometimes! We were going to dtd last night as a last ditch attempt, cd22, but couldn't be bothered! <Not even really trying anyway> hums to self....
I also agree with going ahead and booking holidays, nice to have something to look forward to, and as one said it will still be nice with a bump! As long as you don't book a 18-30s holiday in Ibiza!!
jesse sorry about the friend situation, also think a text would have sufficed, hope you have a lovely weekend.
victoria sorry about your pet sad hope you are feeling a bit brighter today, despite the upcoming invasion of privacy!! It is definately something you will need to get used to though!
Can't believe how long some of you are waiting on getting SA tests, craziness! Hope your GPs pull their fingers out of their arses soon.
mama31 high fives to you for your early positive opk! That is brilliant news, and encouraging to see the AC working.
Sorry to anyone I've missed out....there are quite a few of us having tests and further treatments then, hopefully some answers will be made for us all soon. The nurse said I could ring up today to see if the blood test results are in, but I can't really be bothered to, as the test was done on the wrong day the results are going to be pointless! Guess I will just make another appointment with my Dr, it's so tempting to just bury your head in the sand isn't it....
I need some help with restraining from symptom spotting ladies, I feel like I've been more hungry recently confused!
Also, I may have slightly POAS this morning, very out of character for me, and completely ridiculous as I am only 7dpo so knew what the result would be, and of course it was bfn!

Lindsay81 Thu 13-Mar-14 11:09:19

OMG ginger I am LOLing... How do you "slightly" pee on a stick? Hahaha! I'm imagining you kind of stopping mid-flow like "Dammit! I've done it again!"
Thanks for the giggle! xo

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 11:53:27

Love it ginger!

Jessewalt Thu 13-Mar-14 11:59:41

My best friend at work just told me she is pregnant with her third. There is an epidemic!
DH gets his SA results on Monday I hope. It is drivin me crazy knowing they are at the doctors. But trying not to pressurise him into going today/tomorrow. Trying to stay cool and failing miserably!

victoria401 Thu 13-Mar-14 12:59:57

pink thanks for the info. I hope I get to see the screen too! Did you have to go at a certain time of the month? The letter says I need to book within a month of the date of referral. Obviously you can't go when you're "on". I'll have to explain that we are actively ttc tho in case I get appointment week before af and I might have got lucky. How did you book up?

ginger did you have day 21 tests? All I did was phone to get bloods taken on the day I knew was 'day 21' for my cycle. It just requires a nurse or phlebotomist 2 mins to take the blood. Did GP suggest day 2-5 bloods too? That's where they have found my issue, high LH.

Ladies in general.... Am I the only person not using opks? I said to myself last month that I would buy them this month but didn't get round to it. Too late to get on amazon now!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Thu 13-Mar-14 13:20:58

Glad I gave you a giggle!! I knew it was daft before I did it but yet I went ahead anyway...think I am getting POAS withdrawal symptoms...

victoria Yes I had day 21 bloods done, the gp told me to book them on day 21, so I did, but then I tried to re-book them for 7dpo, but they didn't have any appointments available, even though yes I was only in with the nurse for 2 mins! GP didn't suggest any other tests, I think she only did those to keep me 'happy'. Think I will have to make another appointment to see her....
What does high LH suggest then for you?
have you never used opks? I only started on the advice of mumsnet, and as a result have realised I have a short LP, but also, it's nice to get a positive on some kind of stick!!!

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 14:16:10

Jesse....i think we are alike...DH often doesn't get his dinner until the deed has been completed! Lol he works shifts and if he gets home and DS is out with friends or at a club then we need to take the opportunity soon as he gets home to dtd!!! Worse than that, if his shifts don't allow time for dtd, when he finishes night shift he stays awake until lunch time so I can nip home to dtd on my lunch hour! Not sure if he is dedicated to the cause...or just perhaps as crazy as I am!!!!!

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 14:18:10

Victoria...I use opks because I am a control freak and like to know everything! I think it's a good idea to use them anyway just to be sure of dtd at the right time....and as stated above it is exciting to get a 2nd line on a stick....just can't wait until it's on a preggo test rather than an opk!

Pinkhevs Thu 13-Mar-14 14:26:02

Victoria - my GP referred me and they just sent me a letter with an appointment time, no mention of the best time of the month to attend. It actually was in the week before af and in my dreams I was hoping for her to turn around and tell me there was a baby in there lol!

PinkHat1 Thu 13-Mar-14 14:38:24

mama and *onelife” no idea how long I will have to wait for my operation. I was told anything from 6 weeks or 4 months or longer so who knows.
Victoria I’m angry for you!! How frustrating! But good news that you’ve been referred for a scan. I didn’t realise it was a trans vag either – boy I was surprised when the nurse asked me to remove my underwear (!)
imaginery I too have never ever seen a line. Perhaps there is still hope? Wi
martie1 I get twinges like stitches on my left or right side around cd6 and cd13 and they last around an hour my doctor said it was a good sign that I ovulated.
welcome shelly55 and Pinkhevs (I might have to namechange our names are too similar!) Endo also runs in my family and I’ve had bloods, tv scan currently on waiting list for a laparoscopy..
mama yay to the positive opks!! This is a good sign and like others have said shows the AC is working – fantastic!

So what are everyone's plans for the weekend? Tomorrow I'm going out for my friends birthday meal and this Saturday I might treat Mr PinkHat to a picnic if the weather stays good!

Heather31 Thu 13-Mar-14 15:02:38

Good point - you were here first so Pinkhevs has undergone a transformation and is now Heather31 smile

victoria401 Thu 13-Mar-14 15:36:25

I can either call and make an appointment at a hospital the other side of the city "in the next four weeks" or wait for a letter from the hospital where I actually work for an appointment there, which could be a long wait. Thinking about what to do. I'd need to take a day off work to do option 1 or pop out for an hour for option 2.

No I've never done opks. I don't know if I'd have the time to be honest as I'm a work freak (see above!) I've just been relying on side pains and cm! Er maybe next month?!

victoria401 Thu 13-Mar-14 15:37:33

Oh also about the scan.. at least I will know to tidy up down there! Lol!

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 15:56:20

I've been very crampy all day and feeling rather moody! Must be O Day. We are not dtd tonight as we often feel we may be overdoing it, so skipping tonight as have dtd last 2 nights in a row and supposed to be sticking to eod. Will dtd tomorrow night after our date night smile off for a nice meal, few drinks then home for a shagfest! Lol

I'm off for a spa break with the girls at the wkend so looking forward to that! (and hoping that rumours re Jacuzzis and saunas helping implantation are true)

onelifeonechance Thu 13-Mar-14 16:14:56

Hello ladies, hope the sun has his hat on (be it pink or imaginary) where you are smile

STILL no letter!! Rang secretary, she didn't answer so I left a message asking her to ring me today but haven't heard anything and their hours say 9-4 so not going to speak to her today. I'm going to be straight on it tmrw, just want to know my appointment date <stamps foot and pouts like a child> Pinkhat, the waiting is tedious isn't it, I'd just rather know, even if it was a few months away, at least you can countdown to it, but the not knowing is the worst.

Other than that though all ok here!! smile No symptoms, but trying not to spot any so that makes it easier wink Ginger, I'll try and reign you in abit, I'm 7dpo too, repeat after me 'I must not symptom spot' And as a deterrent I have just come up with a master plan - every time we start thinking we have a symptom we have to do a press up or a sit up (both of which I hate!!) So this should work two ways (1) it will stop us from symptom spotting as both press ups and sit ups are evil (2) if we fail and have to do them then we will become toned lovelies with buff bods!!!! It's a win win. Sound like a plan?! grin

Mama, happy O day smile Glad the ac seems to be having the right effect. Spa weekend sounds lovely, so jel, enjoy! And yes fx for jacuzzi implantation please, you're under strict instructions, you MUST have a jacuzzi for the good of your potential little bean!!!

Thanks for the tip off re the likelihood of TV scan at hospital appointment, Victoria loving the need for a little 'maintenance', I'll be doing the same just in case, better to be prepared!!! grin

Jesse, you poor thing, you sound surrounded, have a hug xx

M33r, how are you doing lovely? Hope you're ok xx

Jessewalt Thu 13-Mar-14 16:22:18

Victoria - I don't use opks. My ovulation day does vary and I don't think they helped me personally. We usually do a modified Smep anyway. I did use them previously, and I always got the positive line although the day varied slightly. One month, I used them, then I Realised husband was away on the night it was positive and I was really upset.
I think dtd every other night is just as good.

Onelife - I also need to man up and realise that other people being pregnant does not affect our chances!

Stay strong ladies x x

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 19:13:34

Hey one! I'm hearing ya! I will most definately be in the jacuzzi (could I sneak wine in? Or is that wrong? lol)

I will be remembering those symptom spotting rules...fab abs here I come!!! haha!

Martie1 Thu 13-Mar-14 20:26:50

Hi all, wow so much going on on this thread! Im also loving the symptom spotting punishment onelife , im going to have cameron diaz style abs by the end of this month if I go with that!

victoria i used opks last summer, and then stopped as I felt I was putting myself under pressure. Since new year Ive bought them again. They provide me with some comfort to know im actually ovulating especially when the solid smiley tallies with the huge stitch I tend to get around ovulation time.

Im not quite sure I follow the whole testing on cd21 by the GP. Can anyone explain?

ginger you are hysterical with your slightly poas- its good to try keep the whole bfn cheery! mama I had no idea jacuzzis/sauna's were good for implantation. I'd always heard they were bad for pregnant woman so just assumed they'd be bad when ttc. This is fantastic news!!!

My smep is under way. We started on cd10 (yesterday) since we'd dtd on cd7 which I hope makes up for the fact that we didn't dtd on cd8 as recommended. Decided to shake it up last night and jumped in the shower with dh shock blush got to keep the spontaneity going even if this ttc does its best to squeeze the fun out of dtd! wink

DH and i are off to a friends wedding this wkend and Im thoroughly looking forward to a little glass of wine or three (or four or five), ive been so good recently I thoroughly deserve it! and the big O prob won't be til middle of next week anyways! grin

GingerbreadBabyPlease Thu 13-Mar-14 20:30:22

Yes one I love your symptom spotting plan! Might look a bit strange if I suddenly start doing sit ups in the middle of the office floor, but I will go with it as a deterrent!! Hows this for a weird one - I had a dream last night I was having a nose bleed, and therefore knew I was definately pregnant, as they can be a symptom of early pregnancy, needless to say I was disappointed when I woke up...maybe that's what prompted the ridiculous POASing!!
mama your weekend sounds lovely, have a nice long soak in that jacuzzi for all of us, and some champagne please!
I think opks have a bit of a love/hate relationship about them. They are great to show you when and hopefully if you are ovulating, but they can become an obsession and put the pressure on to immediately have sex when you get a positive! I think if you can judge by cm or pain that's a pretty good indicator, but I get neither so they are quite useful for me.
one how bloody annoying about your letter. I hope you get some answers tomorrow. The waiting is the worst, I wish we all had a magic ball that would tell us when it would be our time, then you could just get on with your life until said time!

Well I have just heard a happy ending story of a couple trying for a baby so thought I would share it with you all, positivity and all that, they were trying for 2 years, had all the tests done and the results weren't good, so they give up trying and try to move on....lo and behold she is now pregnant grin ( I promise you it's a true story, not one I just plucked out of a fairytale storybook)

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 21:24:06

Ginger thanks I absolutely will have a fab wkend!! smile wow I just love your true story...makes me all warm and fuzzy inside smile how amazing and wonderful. That is a set of parents who will cherish this time so so we all will....soon!

maybug3 Thu 13-Mar-14 21:34:03

Happy nearly weekend all!

Can't believe how much is going on here this week!

Victoria and Jesse - I don't know how you don't use OPKs, and I'm so jealous. I don't want to but it's become an obsession! I used them for months before I finally got a positive and now I live for that extra line!
Ginger - I know that exact feeling of 'slightly' poas! I've been there on both kind of sticks knowing its the wrong time but liek I said...OBSESSED!!

OneLife - I'm loving the sympton spotting punishments. Fingers crossed it works one way or the other!!

It's definitely hard to keep positive and mindful when everywhere you look there are babies, or other pregnancies but all we can do is try and remember it will be us some time soon (whilst we sob obviously).

Sounds like some great weekend plans. I'm CD9 today (and so started opks!) so the weekend is the start of the dtd season for us! I always aim for eod but am lucky if we manage that. Excuse for OPK use is smep but with both me and dh in busy and stressful jobs we rarely manage to dtd anywhere near that often - just too tired, plus he works away most weeks. With CD16 being my usual likely opk+ and him away next week, it wil be another month lost though :-(

This thread is totally keeping me sane at the moment though and love the humour your all bring. We're either all totally normal or totally bonkers, but either way I don't mind anymore!

ImaginaryHat Thu 13-Mar-14 21:58:02

Aw that's a lovely success story ginger, deffo gives us all hope it will happen sooner or later (hopefully sooner obvs!)

I'm also obsessed with poa anything, couldn't do without my opks! It helps me feel like I have at least some level of control in this darn process!

Still feeling nauseated off and on so off to do some pre-snooze sit ups!

Roll on 4pm Friday! Sounds like some fab weekend plans going on.

mama31 Thu 13-Mar-14 22:45:57

Imaginary get those sit ups done!!! no symptom spotting! Haha! Please remind me of this next week!

mama31 Fri 14-Mar-14 09:21:21

Happy Friday ladies!!!! Hooray it's the wkend!!! And a long weekend for St Patrick Day! smile

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 14-Mar-14 09:25:59

Morning ladies, bad news here I'm afraid, AF got me this morning, 3 days early, giving me a cycle of 23 days and an LP of 7 days. That's not great is it? I don't understand what is going on with my cycles! They always used to be so regular sad
Well onto cycle 10 I go now so I can officially join this thread!
Looks like I'll be making another trip to the doctors and stressing to her that something isn't right....

mama31 Fri 14-Mar-14 09:46:11

Oh no Ginger!!!! That's so annoying! Yes get yourself to the GP. Also perhaps consider AC. I had a longer cycle, longer LP (earlier ovulation) last month when I started it and assuming this month will be the same as ovulation was again another day earlier. Hugs to you, get yourself a huge bottle of wine for tonight.

victoria401 Fri 14-Mar-14 11:13:38

Sorry to hear Ginger :-( good luck with GP tho I went after month 9 and got sent away with a flea in my ear. Went back on month 14 and finally getting tests month 16!!

Got my tv scan thing date today, 25th and due af on 30th ish. Bit worried about the timing in case I did get lucky this month and the scan thing ruins it?! I'll have to explain that we been actively ttc and there might be a bean in there?!

I'm sure I'm ov today (opk might have come in handy huh?) coz I'm getting that twingy belly feeling though I'm only day 12. Does anyone get pains? I get pains for 2-4 days so goodness knows when actual egg release day is out of those days. But it also feels like there is some kind of huge bubble in there on the left so when I bend it compresses it making it hurt more... Plus is causes difficulty in doing a wee! Like my bladder is compressed by the imaginary bubble and I can only trickle... Doc didn't seem bothered by this, just saw it asa good sign I ov! Glad I'm going for a reluctantly given scan. Kinda hope they find something in a wierd way to "show the doctors what for", but of course I want to be normal too!

Lindsay81 Fri 14-Mar-14 11:55:22

Hi ginger- Boooo to AF but I am with you here because your luteal phase and cycle length are identical to mine the last 3 months. I've had 24, 25 and 23 days all with luteal phases (I think) of 7/8 days. SO annoying. I'm giving the AC and B vitamins another 3 months because that's when DH says he will do the SA. I'll see if there's any improvement in LP and if not, take charts to my doctor. Interested to hear what you doc says if you go!

mama31 Fri 14-Mar-14 13:28:18

Victoria I had more pronounced ov pains this month. Got pos opk Wed lunch time. Wed evening I had quite short Sharpe stabbing pains, then Thurs all day felt bloated and had lots of twinges. Also lose my appetite around ovulation, feel moody/oversensitive/emotional.

That's great you got your scan date through.

mama31 Fri 14-Mar-14 13:31:00

Lindsay last month I had a 26 day cycle on AC and I'm finding it's helping me ov sooner each month so far (the last 2). So stick with it. I'm taking Nature's Aid AC, what one are you taking? I was taking 2 tablets a day on an empty stomach but have reduced to 1 a day as I feel that's enough. All the research I've done reccomend taking it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, half an hour before eating if possible (I take mine 10 mins before I eat)

victoria401 Fri 14-Mar-14 13:58:58

Right ladies have a good weekend! We are setting off to the in laws cottage in the sticks for the weekend and there will be no phone reception let alone broadband! Nooooooooo! Lol!

See ya all Monday! X

onelifeonechance Fri 14-Mar-14 14:39:08

Ginger, so sorry to hear about af sad she's a mean old thing. Hope you're feeling ok, and if not hold on to the thought that you will do in a little bit but in the meantime hit the choccy and the wine and treat yourself to whatever you fancy smile

Victoria - have a fab weekend, sounds wonderful!! And i wouldn't worry about your scan - still check with them beforehand but they use TV scans to detect/monitor early pregnancies so should all be fine.

Imaginary, hope you managed your sit ups! 2 for me today so far....

And the BEST news is <drum roll please> .......i've got my appointment!!!!!!!!! grin And it's on Wednesday!!!!!! Can't believe it!!! Thought we'd be waiting ages. No idea what they're going to do at the appointment - getting scared about TV scans myself now though hmm - but i'm just so glad i know when it is. Not sure if dh will be able to make it, so hoping he can, but it's right in the middle of the day so will be hard for him with work and they said I can come on my own to the first one so maybe he needs to save his boss's goodwill for future times? hmm... But anyhoo i am ridiculously excited about it, never thought my life would come to this, my main excitement being a hospital appt!!! Rock n roll!!! lol

Happy Friday ladies, enjoy the sunshine smile

PinkHat1 Fri 14-Mar-14 14:58:54

Sorry to hear that ginger so annoying! What was your cycle like last month 23 days too? I think a trip to the GP is worth booking too
Yay to you getting your appointment one life and that is really good news you didn’t have to wait too long for it. TV scan is not too bad so try not to worry – I was more interested in looking at the screen that showed my womb so interesting to see it on the monitor.
I’m counting down the hours until 5.30 – I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 14-Mar-14 15:33:48

Thanks for your words everyone, after getting AF this morning I don't know what I would do without MN to turn to! I have had a lovely morning with some friends, then lunch with family, so far today I have had some cake, a cappuccino, some chips, picked up some wine for tonight, and am now tucking into a brew with some chocolate! Going out with DH tomorrow night too, so am trying not to mope too much. Well I just plucked up the courage to ring the docs to get my test results, everything has come back normal, but as the tests were 3 days early would they still necessarily be normal if they'd been done 3 days later? The nurse didn't seem to think so, and she said if I was getting signs of ov-ing then maybe I should keep trying and waiting and hoping...hmm
Think I will leave it a month or so before going back to the docs, was going to take a bit of a break next month anyway as a Dec baby wouldn't be ideal, we won't stop DTD though! pink my cycle last month was 26 days with a 9 day LP, so a bit more normal.
one hurray for you!! So glad you finally got your appointment through, and soon too! Will they do any scans/tests do you know or is it just an initial meet and greet type thing?
Lindsay it's so annoying isn't it! I'm glad someone else has daft cycles too, although it does suck. Is DH going to try and eat/live more healthy before his tests or is he just plucking up the courage in the next 3 months?
victoria probably too late now but hope you have a lovely weekend!

Jessewalt Fri 14-Mar-14 15:35:59

Ginger, so sorry to hear that. I can't stand the anticipation post ovulation. I feel so redundant at that stage of the month. I have been finding myself having little treats once AF arrives - maybe an extra delicious bottle of wine, or going out for a nice meal, or spending the day with friends or my sister.
I also think each month have a couple of days of feeling down, then dust yourself off and think, let's move on to next month. Be extra lovely to yourself!

Onelife - mega excited for you. Quite quick overall - what trust are you? Hubby changed his appointment to Tuesday for results. Might have a large bottle of red open by this time on Tuesday!

Happy weekend ladies xxx

Lindsay81 Fri 14-Mar-14 15:41:07

Hi mama- it's really good that AC has worked for you like that. I feel like I have actually O-ed a day later with it this month (although can't be sure exactly about previous O days). Honestly, I feel like my period could start tomorrow and I'm only 3/4 dpo. Seriously twinges/ uterus contractions and even some dull AF pains. This is exactly what happens before AF. I hope I haven't royally screwed my cycles worse than they were! I take the tincture, 20 drops in AM (empty stomach) and 20 in PM. I think I'll ride it out for a couple more months to give it a chance.

ginger- I know, I hate it. I'd give anything for a 28 day, 14 day LP cycle!!! DH just needs some time to build-up to the thought of making a sexy explosion in a wee jar. Haha! He is quite macho, a guys guy, if you know what I mean. All this is alien to him. He's a good hubby though and agreed to do it right away, but asked if we could we wait til his birthday first and see if anything happens. Health and fitness wise, he is great so probably not much more he could do there.

Lindsay81 Fri 14-Mar-14 15:42:29

one Whooop! Great news to kick off your weekend!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 14-Mar-14 15:51:41

Ah Lindsay he sounds lovely, and what a sensible compromise he has come up with! It must be hard for them, I know we have to have all sorts pushed and poked up our private parts but they have to do something pretty intimate in a totally un-sexy sterile environment! I think my DH would be the same, he'd do it for me but would need time to get his head round it.
Hope the AC is just taking this month to sort itself out for you then it will start lengthening your cycles. I think the most annoying thing for me getting AF is that it has come early, rather than the fact it came at all, it just feels like its one step forward two steps back. What I wouldn't give for a 28 day cycle too, I used to have that before I started all this ttc malarkey!
I know you've said before but I have a memory like a sieve, are you taking vitb as well? CD1 for me now so I will go and fish mine out of the AM or PM better to take vitb?

Lindsay81 Fri 14-Mar-14 16:09:24

Yep ginger this was also my first month on the b100 complex. In hindsight, I maybe should have done either/ or with AC and bvits just to see what they did alone. But I have never been one to do anything by halves! Haha! :-/ I take them in the morning with breakfast, I haven't read anything that says there is a "best" time. OMG they make my pee bright fluorescent yellow! I got such a fright the first time I saw it!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 14-Mar-14 16:29:56

Haha! I have read it can do that lindsay! Makes life a bit more interesting!

Jesse they sound like lovely ideas, you are right we should be kind to ourselves for a few days. I have got a nice weekend planned luckily and its DHs birthday next week so there will be plenty of wine and cake about!

m33r Fri 14-Mar-14 19:21:25

Hi everyone.

Sorry I've been away: no reason - work and evenings manic which is great as if got me through cd1-6 so I'm out of the tunnel and here to support!

I agree that even though we women get prodded, it's really hard for the men. My DH is a man's man too and it's sick an intimate thing there do where I can put what they do to me down to physiology...

So pleased your appt is in one. Let me know what they do - mine is 2nd April and be good to know what to expect!

lindsay if you can and without making a big deal of it to DH, it's REALLY worth getting him on conception vits for three months. It can make a big difference in men (anecdotal evidence from mn) and the results are very quantative so a few more here and there might boost his sense of manliness. It's sounds stupid but I wish I'd known. DH's results were fine but if I could've subtlety done more to make him feel better; I would've.

ginger thanks for the good news story. always appreciated!!

I'm feeling great again ladies! So upbeat. I'm an opk addict BUT this month since I have my appt in April AND it would be dec baby (which I would be over the moon with but still...) I'm not poas AT ALL this month. No poas for me Tim WELL into April.

Happy Friday ladies!!!

Lindsay81 Sat 15-Mar-14 08:23:50

m33r you sound much more upbeat! :-)))) re the vitamins- I'm not sure if I want to give him an excuse to act any more manly/ testosterone-y!!! Haha! But in reality, I'm sure as time goes on, he probably does question things. And a multi vitamin can't do any harm. If AF comes the next few days I'll maybe say why doesn't he try it in the couple of months before the SA to see if it helps. Thanks!

m33r Sat 15-Mar-14 08:56:56

I'm much better lindsay - thanks! Chances are, it's going to happen for us all and if not, well we'll work it out! Good luck with the vits! X

Lindsay81 Sun 16-Mar-14 12:32:22

Gasp! Just saw this thread fell off the first page! LOL :-)

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It's been fairly relaxing for me. Gym and then watching the six nations on Saturday. Then we went out to the one and only local pub (we live in a TINY village!) and drank far too much. Oops!

Good news is that I am on cd25 so if I can last through today then at least my cycle will be longer than the 23 and 24 days of the last couple of months. :-) Of course given that I likely O-ed on cd19/20 then I obviously hope for at least a 30day cycle.... Unheard of for me though! Time will tell I guess (of course, I am TRYING to live in the "now" LOL!)

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sun 16-Mar-14 14:13:30

Haha I noticed the same Lindsay so thought I'd see how everyone is.

Drinking too much sounds like a good weekend grin, DH and I went out last night too, didn't drink a vast amount but am feeling a bit fuzzy headed today as I am such a light weight!!
Well done you for getting to day 25! It does feel like such a triumph doesn't it, I was like that last cycle, not so much this cycle though angry
Well you know how we were saying it sucks to get AF then you start feeling better by cd3, I think I feel at my worse cd2 and 3 then start to feel better once AF has buggered off. I am just so annoyed my cycle was only 23 days this month, I really thought things were getting better. I feel so frustrated that it's unlikely to happen naturally now and the only way I am going to get a baby is if I pester and pester the Dr to explain to her that something is wrong. It's just so annoying that the way to make your dreams come true is through someone who doesn't pay any attention to what you are saying and thinks you are over exaggerating. Anyway..guess I'm just feeling a little delicate today!

How is everyone else enjoying their Sunday?

When do you think you will POAS Lindsay?

Lindsay81 Sun 16-Mar-14 15:25:47

ginger I know EXACTLY how you feel. You know so deep inside that something is not quite right and the one group of people who can help you, give you the brush off. When my cycles went from 30 days to a continuous 26 and now to an erratic 23/24/25, I just knew something was odd. Especially now with the OPK+ showing a likely LP of around 7 days.

You are a bad influence on me with the POAS question! Haha! Honestly, I feel exactly like I do when AF is around the corner. I doubt anything would stick with these cramps. But if I was gonna POAS, I guess it would be daft to do it before Friday, given that I likely O-ed last Mon/ Tues... Don't they say 9 days is average for implantation and then a coupe of days for hCG Secretion?

Lindsay81 Sun 16-Mar-14 15:26:30

ginger I know EXACTLY how you feel. You know so deep inside that something is not quite right and the one group of people who can help you, give you the brush off. When my cycles went from 30 days to a continuous 26 and now to an erratic 23/24/25, I just knew something was odd. Especially now with the OPK+ showing a likely LP of around 7 days.

You are a bad influence on me with the POAS question! Haha! Honestly, I feel exactly like I do when AF is around the corner. I doubt anything would stick with these cramps. But if I was gonna POAS, I guess it would be daft to do it before Friday, given that I likely O-ed last Mon/ Tues... Don't they say 9 days is average for implantation and then a coupe of days for hCG Secretion?

GingerbreadBabyPlease Sun 16-Mar-14 16:07:53

Yes! That's it exactly Lindsay - they give you the brush off. You just want to scream at them don't you. Just book me in for some bloody scans and the right blood tests, listen to what I am telling you and actually pay attention! I was chatting with DH last night and wondering whether to fork out for a fertility specialist, just so it feels like we would be getting somewhere.
Yes, I suppose if we/you are being sensible, Friday would be the day to do it. I think implantation can occur from 6 - 12 dpo, but most people seem to agree that it's rare to get a positive before 10dpo. I hope AF stays away for you this week, and the AC and B-vits start working for you. I took my first B-vit this morning, they are huge!!

Why do you think your cycles changed like that? Mine went from 28, to 26 to now irregular anything from 23 up to 33 days. I thought it might have been stress of ttc, but I didn't feel stressed at all about it last month and AF still came early!

Lindsay81 Sun 16-Mar-14 19:28:58

I have no idea why my cycles changed like this ginger. It's so weird. We have a really similar pattern because over the last 6months, I've also had 2 x 32 cycles so I'm also ranging from 23 to 32 days. I'm the same as you in that I don't blame it on the stress of TTC because there are months where I have hardly thought about it and in general, I don't think I am THAT obsessed (lol).

I keep going to check for AF today because it feels so imminent. Get it over with already!!! (Totally not obsessed, see?) LOL!

Jessewalt Sun 16-Mar-14 21:19:51

My cycles have also changed. I have been an absolute 28 day regular, know to the hour, type of girl. But in the last 10 cycles there have been subtle variation, 25-29 days, and lots of pre AF spotting. I think the stress is not helping but for me, I also think my incessant pants watch means that I am more aware of these subtle changes and maybe would not have noticed.
I have also been under signif stress in past and trained for sport/marathons etc and my periods have always been bang on, which is why it is so stressful that they are variable now!
Argh wish I could be 28 with 14 LP. Wish we all were. Xx

victoria401 Mon 17-Mar-14 18:29:49

Someone save me from myself! I've just bought the Thomas the tank engine box set "for my future son!". Hubby thinks I've lost the plot! I wasn't going to show him, was going to hide them in a cupboard!

Update on my tests... Been offered a pelvic (full bladder) ultrasound plus trans vag at the same appointment at a different hospital so I've cancelled the other one.

My cycles also seem to be changing. Maybe there is something in the water?!

Lindsay81 Mon 17-Mar-14 20:43:40

OMG victoria I am dying laughing! You know when you do get pregnant, it will be with twin girls who will be completely disinterested in anything "train". LOL! ;-)

Good luck with the tests!

onelifeonechance Mon 17-Mar-14 20:46:31

Victoria, love your Thomas story smile

Cycles wise, I was never 'to the day regular' before the pill, but from what I can remember I had 28-31 day cycles. Post pill, I've had 23-26 day cycles, mostly settled on 25-26 days recently. Very much hoping af stays out the way until after my clinic appt, but it's due that day so it'll prob be Sod's law. Lindsay, I'm on crotch watch too, fx for you!

Ginger, hope you're feeling bit better. I agree, cd 2-3 is usually a low point. Remind me (sorry if you've already said, hard to keep track where everyone is at) have you got a Drs appt lined up to discuss your cycles?

M33r, glad you're back in the game smile

Lindsay81 Tue 18-Mar-14 07:23:39

See, one and victoria they say that the pill will not affect your body long term but I just think the studies haven't been done. I don't see how you can trick your body into thinking you're pregnant for decades (which is basically what the pill mimics with the hormone levels it has), and then expect your body just to go back to normal so easily. I don't think I'd ever go back on it. We'll just manage things they old fashioned way- we are catholic after all! Haha!

Anyway, cd27 today! Whoop! I am counting this as success, even if AF comes today giving me my usual LP, at least my cycle has lengthened back out. Small steps! :-)

onelifeonechance Tue 18-Mar-14 07:43:35

Lindsay, I feel exactly the same, I have said to dh I am never going to take the pill again!

Yeay for your cd27 !! smile Hoping for more for you but if not, like you say, it's all moving in the right direction - towards BFPville!! grin

m33r Tue 18-Mar-14 09:42:02

Also never touching the pill EVER again!

lindsay happy cd27; hope it's the elusive BFP but if not, still hurrah!

Martie1 Tue 18-Mar-14 09:54:39

Hi all, well my dh and i are still recovering after a weekend of partying at a friends wedding so my smep plans are not going well at all. Way to much alcohol and not enough dtd! And low and behold I get a great big solid smiley face this morning! I just told dh to go back to bed and get well rested as we're going to have to get our jiggy on the next 3 nights. The big O seems a little early this month for me, about 4 days earlier than previous months. Not so sure if that's a good or bad thing. AF is technically not due until 7th April and that seems like such a way off. Maybe I will have a shorter cycle this month, something less than the 34 days it has been. A little concerned that despite all my grapefruit juice guzzling, I have had absolutely non EWCM this month. Im going onto crazy pedantic territory now, but do you think it makes any difference that I was drinking red grapefruit juice instead of golden grapefruit juice?

I am completely convinced that the pill has stuffed up my system. I was on it 9 years. As lindsey said, don't see how it can't have messed things up.

victoria i don't own any thomas the tank engines, but I have bought baby presents over the years, that I've never managed to get given in time and they are too small for baby, (and then had to buy more) and I am constantly telling myself that its ok because i'll just put them on my wee bub when I get one. So I have a stock pile of tiny person clothes!

m33r Im all stocked up now with maca, oil of evening primrose and angus cast after I spotted a sale in holland and barrett. I did say I was going to get them off amazon, but couldn't help myself, and was very proud of all my purchases walking out of the shop. How sad!!

PinkHat1 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:16:05

Morning all! Hope everyone had a good weekend. After spotting the last two days AF arrived this morning. This makes my cycle 27 days (usually 24, far too short) so pleased it's longer this time and hoping it stays 27 days from now on (last month was 26). I'm in quite a lot of pain today so I'm currently in bed with hot water bottle and laptop responding to emails. Hope everyone is having a better day than me!

Heather31 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:54:22

Hope it eases soon Pink! My cycle this month is 39 days and counting! POAS twice, even though I'm totally symptomless and knew that it was in vain. So frustrating isn't it! Wondering if mine is Pill related too, I was on it for 15+ years, so maybe I shouldn't be too surprised!

Jessewalt Tue 18-Mar-14 11:50:10

Sorry pink hat. But also, happy that you have a longer cycle.
I am currently day 25 with pre AF spotting and cramps. Suspect it may get me tomorrow.
Oh well on to cycle 11. Xx

onelifeonechance Tue 18-Mar-14 14:43:15

Pinkhat, so sorry about af. Hope you're snuggled and comfy for your well deserved duvet day.

Jesse, sorry about pre af cramps. I'm feeling the same way, due on tmrw and feeling v much like it's heading that way sad Only thing I'm realistically hoping for is that af doesn't start til after our fertility clinic appointment tmrw. Has your dh had his results back yet? Fx hon.

Martie, sounds like you had a fun weekend! Good luck with dtd wink Nit sure bout optimum grapefruit juice colour, my guess is the colour doesn't matter! But willing to stand corrected if there is somebody who actually knows what they're talking about!!!!!

Heather - hope you get an answer soon, that sounds fairly mammoth!

mama31 Tue 18-Mar-14 15:12:20

Hi ladies. Have had a fabulous weekend away with he girls, far too much alcohol and feeling very tired on day 2 of the hangover!!! Getting too old for this!

Victoria love that you bought the box set, I do stuff like that too. I've been told to prepare for it happening so I have made a couple of purchases and we are decorating over Easter....and clearing out our spare bedroom (that would be the nursery).

Martie re the grapefruit juice, I drank this a few cycles ago and didn't notice a huge difference. I tried it again this cycle and there was a massive difference (DH nearly drowned lol) it was pink grapefruit juice from sainsbury.

Pink so sorry af has arrived, pamper yourself and get prepared for next cycle with all you can. Being proactive helps.

Onelife mwah! Good luck for your appointment and sending all my vibes for af to stay away (for 9 months ;))

Waves at everyone else, hope you are all ok??

Re the pill. DH is getting the snip after we get our little bundle because I refuse to go back on it!

mama31 Tue 18-Mar-14 15:24:58

I would love so much for a bfp to happen soon on this would give us all a boost and some hope for our own....come on ladies we can do this!

onelifeonechance Tue 18-Mar-14 16:05:48

Sorry mama, it ain't going to be me, af just got me sad But at least I might sleep tonight and not spend the entire night wondering if it's started. Just hoping there are no plans for a TV scan at appt tmrw hmm
Pink hat, might join in your duvet day <don't worry, not in the same bed as you, that would be weird!>

But Mama is right, we CAN do this, it's just a matter of who it's going to be?!

mama31 Tue 18-Mar-14 16:19:21

Oh onelife!!!!! No!!!! sad but you are right it's better that your not waiting and know. I'm sure they will understand that some ladies will have af and should be happy to rearrange any tests they are planning for a more suitable time. Gutted af arrived at all for you though.

Yes we can do this and it will happen for us is just about when?! but we must always believe and know it's going to happen. Never give up!!!!!

Huge hugs one! X

onelifeonechance Tue 18-Mar-14 16:31:58

I know, she's a real bugger!!!! angry But knew she was coming tbh, just was hoping for one extra day not one day early!! Oh well, cycle 11 it is, man alive, can't believe it. But, <takes deep breath and tries to think positive> and I'm really trying here girls, with my mindful head on, this means I can have bubbles on my birthday without feeling guilty!! I will not wallow, i will not, I won't allow myself, we are going to this clinic tmrw and they are going to tell me what their super duper plan is to get me upduffed <or they will have a hormonal crazy woman on their hands!!!>

m33r Tue 18-Mar-14 17:51:19

Gutted one but what a great attitude! Stick with it and very best of luck tmrw. Tell us all about it. And get so excited about your birthday bubbles.

martie I saw a real diff in the grapefruit juice but only did it for one month - stopped in the spirit of not 'thinking' about ttc.

In other news I am crazy tired today. I am on cd 10-ish. So, in three weeks, mid tww when I announce tiredness as a symptom I expect to be shot down in flames by all of you.

Here's to my first month 'not ttc' in 15 months. I have a holiday booked. It would be December baby. I have fertility appt. I am not trying. I am not using opks. ... Can you see what I'm trying to do here ....!!!! ???

Jessewalt Tue 18-Mar-14 18:09:19

Onelife. This totally sucks. You are my menstrual cycle buddy. I suspect mine will arrive tonight.
I completely agree with you. It is utterly, utterly rubbish. And life is so unfair, but remember tomorrow will provide you with more information that you need to move forward.
Not that this is relevant, but my sister had ivf for male factor issues and has 2 amazing and perfect children. It is a slow, soul destroying process trying to get up the duff, but she got there.
I am sure that we all will, and half of people who do not conceive in year one, will do so in year 2.
She keeps reminding me to keep my eyes on the prize.

onelifeonechance Tue 18-Mar-14 18:33:15

M33r, I see what you're doing, or should that be what you're not doing wink I'm not trying this month either then hoping I can be one of those people who can tell the tale of how hilarious it was that the very month we went to the fertility clinic we got pregnant just like that and we got to tell them we didn't need to come anymore grin

And not that I've thought about it because I won't be trying I've worked out my BFP will be due on Christmas Day!!!!!!!

Jesse, thank you x Yes we are cycle buddies, hoping you don't join me in cycle 11, but if you do promise me you'll re-read your post to me, let's all keep our eyes on the prize smile

mama31 Tue 18-Mar-14 20:01:28

M33R I love what your doing keep it up!!! Well I've noticed the smallest amount of pink cm, but had a smear this morning and think it's related to that rather than spotting. Actually I'm pretty certain as wasn't there this morning then arrived almost immediately after the smear and GP did say you might spot a little after a smear.

Jessewalt Tue 18-Mar-14 21:16:37

Just got DH results. Count 92million per ml. Normal morphology, only 19% progressive motility when it should be 32%.
Very hard to interpret the significance. My head says that 19% of 92 million sounds good, but not sure if it works that way.
The lab wanted 2 tests done, so he has another booked but I think this should be after 3 months rather than in a couple of weeks.
We have decided to book a private consultation to discuss our options, after the next sample is done. Only a fertility specialist will be able to answer what the chances of natural conception are.
Until then, need to keep trying....

m33r Tue 18-Mar-14 21:24:03

Hi jesse. They results sound great to me!! 92 million is loads! Did you get the form showing you the parameters of 'normal'. You should also know that Everyone is tested twice (in a few weeks) and you might find the results are significantly different so the motility may go way up. That's why they test twice - it's quite variable. Still think the fertility follow up is great idea. Good luck!

one my Due date for the pg I'm not 'trying' for this month is 13th December ... <flush>

onelifeonechance Tue 18-Mar-14 21:44:08

Jesse, think that all sounds fairly tip top to me smile I am obviously not a fertility expert in any shape or form but think the fact there are loads of normal shaped sperm is really good! and even if motility is an issue with subsequent tests and they say you do need some help further down the line think this makes you a prime candidate for IUI as opposed to IVF so hopefully that's a positive in your book smile Think chatting to fertility expert is the way forward to know what you're looking at but with that outcome conceiving naturally still sounds pretty likely!!

Mama, don't you go worrying about the pink cm, like the dr said it is common after a smear, fx it stays away from now on.

M33r grin

Martie1 Tue 18-Mar-14 22:05:33

jesse those results do sound good, though make absolutely no sense to me. Im feeding into the mindfulness thing. onelife af is a total b*tch, i hope the vast majority of your tests can go ahead tomorrow. It's so good to have something productive to look forward to.

m33r and onelife grin 23rd december for me!

Having been having the big O pinch all day on my right side. Very hopeful that this month will be the month despite my lack of ewcm after my grapefruit guzzling. Was actually in my new GP practice today to meet the practice nurse to fully register. She was as useful as a wing mirror on a coffin. She had me give a urine sample, then proceeded to ask me if I had just had AF since there was a trace of urine in my blood. shock When I told her no, that AF occurred 2 weeks ago, she offered no explanation for what else it could be despite my asking. She then asked me about contraception and I told her I haven't used any in a year as we are trying and that I want to see the GP since we've been unsuccessful so far. The blankest of looks came across her face confused and she recommended I see the GP. What exactly was the point in her question then angry Lets hope my new GP is a lot better than the practice nurse. The practice nurse in my last GP's office was amazing, really put me at ease with smear tests in the past and was really useful answering questions on various things, immunisations, allergic reactions, repeat prescriptions etc. I actually think im going to miss her!

m33r Tue 18-Mar-14 22:10:14

martie flipping gp surgeries are ridiculous. I can't believe they get away with it. Hopefully new gp will be more use. Did you say you had blood in your urine? I should think that needs checking. Did you get a gp appt?

victoria401 Wed 19-Mar-14 06:58:14

Martie that sounded a lot like my nurse appointment a month or 2 ago. Useless.

Jesse, have docs explained significance of SA or did you just get handed a sheet? Still waiting for an appointment for my hubby. Taking so long! I got booked in for scan of my bits within 2 weeks, hubby been waiting 4 weeks for a date so far! How long did you wait? Wondering whether to go private for one. Hubby said he doesn't care if he doesn't do it at all! Miserable get! Did you have trouble persuading OH? I just wanna know what are chances are naturally!

Lindsay81 Wed 19-Mar-14 07:53:48

Ugh, AF has really been doing the rounds on our lovely thread. GO AWAY! lol

jesse I hate that you've been offered no help analysing though SA results, although they do sound ok to me. Is DH feeling ok about it all? Maybe schedule a steak-and-you-know-what night to keep him feeling macho! Haha! ;-) My DH will probably do his in a couple of months so I'm sure I will be back asking you questions!

martie I actually wouldn't worry too much about having a small trace of blood cells in your urine. Blood vessel walls will thin out if they become inflamed (think of the skin of a balloon as you blow it up). Sometimes this will be thin enough for a few blood cells to leak across the membrane and into the bladder. So if we are dehydrated, have a very slight UTI or even been eating very spicy food, this can sometimes happen. I wouldn't stress unless you have any swelling, pain or stinging/ burning when you pee. Xoxo

Lindsay81 Wed 19-Mar-14 08:03:08

My update is that this the SLOWEST week ever! Lol I think this is because of some stupid work things but also the fact that AF is still not here and I am just hoping and praying that I can see this out til Friday which would give me a 10 day LP and a 30 day cycle... Which would be workable, maybe?!

And if that DOES happen, I am going on a nationwide, one-woman campaign to promote B vitamins and AC! LOL! I'm already pretty impressed that it has taken me from 24 day average to 27 day cycle and an 8 day LP (one day added) so far. Way morse than I would have expected for month 1. I panicked at first because it delayed ovulation by a day or so, but there is obviously some other stuff going on in the second half of my cycle too.

The weirdest thing this time has been that since ovulation, I have felt like my period could start any hour. I haven't had as many localised, pinchy cramps at usual but I'd say I have had pretty much constant dull type cramps.

I'm not peeing on anything til 12dpo.
I'm not peeing on anything til 12dpo
I'm not peeing on anything til 12dpo
I'm not peeing on anything til 12dpo

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 08:20:48

Lindsay I'm also very impressed with the AC. This month I ovulated 2 days earlier on it and i had a 26 day cycle last month also when 23-25 would have been usual for me. Just hoping so much it sorts out the spotting. I'm putting the small amount of pink cm down to my smear yesterday as there is no sign of anything this morning. So fingers crossed the spotting stays away, I get a long undisrupted LP and longer cycle.....oh and a bfp would be the cherry on top!!! if that happens I will join you on your nationwide campaign ;)

Jesse I'm pretty clueless but SA sounds like good results...92 million! wowzers! DH finally got his appointment (took 4 weeks) for Tuesday of next week. The jokes have been so innapropriate funny in our house about it....he's being great about it but I've no doubt he will find it mortifying at the time.

One....sending prayers and best wishes your way for your appointment today. Let us know how you are and how it all went for you hon x

Lindsay81 Wed 19-Mar-14 08:31:28

You are welcome On my campaign mama so glad it is working for you too!! Re the pink CM, I actually really bleed after a smear. Like (TMI) bright red like I've cut myself. So don't worry!

one Missed the bit about today being the appointment, sorry- good luck! Come back and let us know how it goes xo

Jessewalt Wed 19-Mar-14 08:35:36

Victoria, we waited 3weeks for nhs appointment for semen analysis. Husband went to gp yesterday for results and he asked to get the print out. I don't think any GP can tell us the significance of the result, which is not a criticism, simply the truth, and we will need to see specialist to discuss. I am happy to pay privately to get expertise and opinion, but for me, I was happy to wait a few weeks for SA, as it is prob £200 privately which I think is a rip off.
My husband was ok about doing the sample. I think we both see it as a way of moving forward, but I understand why it is difficult for men.

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 09:01:55

So when DH gets the SA done, his GP won't be able to tell him if it's good or bad?? Gosh! So the thing will be to tell him to request a printout then I will be googling to see if it's good or bad.....and we all know Dr google is not always reliable.

Martie1 Wed 19-Mar-14 09:51:32

lindsey81 thanks so much for that info- really useful. I had quite a few drinks at the wkend and was still a tad hung over yesterday so I would definitely have been dehydrated. That definitely seems like a good explanation. I was chugging on loads of water yesterday so feeling a lot better today. m33r i decided not to book the GP appointment yesterday, said very useful practice nurse said there is a two week wait for an appointment (that ttw seems to follow me everywhere!!). Since I am currently ovulating I thought I'd wait and see what outcome is this month. Maybe that's stupidly optimistic, I might book one just in case, then it could be a pregnancy test if all is well! Fingers crossed, come on universe, send me some baby love!

jesse maybe i've missed this, but did the NHS actually offer you an analysis of your results at all? I see you are going to go private for the analysis?

lindsay and mama great news about AC and b vits! Will hopefully keep me positive for next month should this not be the one. I send out this warning now tww is about to commence, i may head to the stratosphere at some stage, please feel free to pull me back into reality with a good slap of wise up!

victoria401 Wed 19-Mar-14 10:23:17

I'm just glossing over all this talk of AC etc as my cycle lengths are normal and I've no idea what any of it means!

Been waiting 4 weeks already for hubbys SA date, every NHS trust will have different waiting lists I guess and I live in a big city, which obviously has a lot of infertile people!

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 11:01:39

Martie I'm in the middle of the 2ww....not feeling crazy just yet...but I'm very impulsive so that could change very quickly! I will reign you in if you do the same for me.

My 2ww rules are:
No testing before 10dpo (that is good for me I usually test from stupidly early), or if I can wait even longer no testing until 12dpo. No symptom spotting or recording symptoms. No obsessing every minute of every day- carry on living life, keeping busy and enjoying myself.

I hope I can follow through with these things.....

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 11:58:13

Ladies I found quite a useful website for information/guidance it's called Resolve The National Infertility Organisation. It's got lots on about what to expect from tests etc including information re SA tests. I found it quite informative and it may help some of you who are like me and need to know everything before it happens!

Martie1 Wed 19-Mar-14 12:14:27

mama31 i with you buddy, we can be each others reality check. I was going to try leave my poas until 15 dpo since we been trying smep and that's what is recommended, that would mean testing on 2nd April. I am going to stick with this, i will, i will, i will grin

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 12:16:11

Oh is 15dpo reccomended?? I have 26day cycles not sure I ever get to 15dpo....i could never wait that long anyway I'm too obsessive and impulsive! would love to try though.....

Martie1 Wed 19-Mar-14 13:54:53

mama31 15dpo is recommended in the sperm meets egg plan (when i think of this in my head, i always call it 'the sperm versus egg plan'...oooh the irony!)
In recent months I have had a 34 days cycle and usually ovulate around cd18. According to my clearblue opks I ovulated y'day which means im only cd15. Don't know if this means Im going to have a shorter cycle or what this month. Its a wait and see. In my pre-pill days I was a regular 31 days, i sort of miss that weirdly! I should reach 15dpo, as that would be cd30. I am going to need a lot of distraction techniques to prevent me symptom spotting/losing my mind!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Wed 19-Mar-14 14:27:48

Lindsay constant dull cramps you say? Not symptom spotting at all for you but fingers crossed for you this cycle! If not, a longer LP is amazing! I like your mantra too, hope you can stick to it.
martie how annoying about the nurse, and how strange, hope your GP is a big bundle of loveliness for you!
one hope you are having a good (as can be expected) day and your appointment goes/went well. Interesting to hear what they have to say.
jesse to echo others, I don't know much about what the results should read, but it sounds like a good result! Can't believe the Drs didn't explain any of it for you, mind you when I rang for my blood test results she just said to me...everything looks normal, when I asked if it would have been different if they had been done 3 days later (i.e the correct day) only then did she actually look up what they were for and check the levels!
mama I could never get to 15dpo either, I'm lucky if I make it to 10 so it's always pointless me POAS!
m33r also 'not trying' this month! Would result in a due date for 22nd Dec for me....I had decided to actually not try, but the other day I just thought I don't think I can take a month off! So we will still be tryinghaving sex for fun but just not worrying about what we eat/drink/timings.
Sorry to those of you I've missed, will have a proper read through later.

Some of you ladies seem so positive and chipper about it all, how do you do it!? I have just been feeling sad recently. Sad for myself this time last year when I was so excited, and sad because it seems that if it's taken this long and my cycles are so messed up that it's just not going to happen without a fight with the Drs and I don't think I have the emotional/financial ability to do that. confused

onelifeonechance Wed 19-Mar-14 14:51:10

Right! I'm back and as instructed I will tell you everything, so if you're all sitting comfortably I'll begin smile

When we got there the nurse handed me a form to complete with all the questions you'd expect about medical history, periods, how long ttc etc. Was slightly bizarre looking at all the other couples in the waiting room (wondering if any MNers were there! But mostly praying I didn't see anyone I knew from school!!!) Our consultant then called us through, he was lovely and pretty hilarious actually as he spoke so fast it was hard to keep up! Made sure I didn't look dh in the eye or I knew I'd get the giggles. He ran through our form. Said he's not at all worried by dh's SA as both count and motility are v good, so much so that he doesn't even want to repeat it. He was also pleased with my progesterone level from previous blood test. He said we stand a good chance of conceiving naturally and may just need a bit longer. In the meantime they need to check my tubes so he wants me to have a hycosy (the squirt dye up your doodaa and scan thing) the appointment will be sent out in the next 6 weeks. If all ok with that then he would like us to start with IUI, apparently you get 3 rounds funded by NHS. Should start when we've been ttc for two years (which from what we told GP would be Dec) but he did sound open to maybe starting this earlier but we'll see.
Then he said he'd like me to have bloods, swabs and TV scan today (even with af, eek) so it was round to the nurse. She did a speculum first and the swabs. Then I had the TV scan which honestly was absolutely fine so don't worry anyone that's got to have one, it was easier than the speculum (not that the speculum was bad just saying the TV thing was easier!) She said my uterus was normal shape&position (tbh was just relieved it was even there.. This ttc does make you start to wonder!) looked at both ovaries. This is the bit I wasn't clear on as she was bit vague and wish I'd asked bit more, but she didn't seem overly impressed with the number of follicles hmm She just said it 'wasn't bad' and that they'd look further at the hycosy (so going to dr google this bit later) But positively I do have ovaries and no cysts, fibroids etc discovered. Then it was round to a different room for bloods by same nurse for rubella, haemoglobinopathies and day 2 FSH. That was that. All of the bloods and swabs etc are no news is good news kind of thing, so really it's waiting for the hycosy and going from there.

The best bit was when he said he didn't want to repeat DH's SA as he 'didn't want to put him through that' then proceeded to tell me in detail about the TV scan and the hycosy for me!!! Fine to stick everything under the sun up me then!! smile lol

Sorry it's so much but just thought it might help those that are going soon, m33r know it's your turn v soon, be interesting to see if it's similar! Must admit It did feel a little like a production line and everyone spoke in quite medicalised terms - felt as if I hadn't done my MN research I'd have struggled to understand it all. But they we're all friendly and gave time for questions and quite frankly I don't care, just glad we've been seen.

Oh and I asked his opinion on alcohol, he agreed with it in moderation, was not in favour of an outright ban grin dtd eod was fine, no pillows under bums needed girls! just try and keep it relaxed and normal. And if anyone's dh cycles that is fine too.

So I guess we stick to the not trying plan and keep our fingers crossed.

Hope you're all having a nice day smile

onelifeonechance Wed 19-Mar-14 15:01:12

Ginger, sorry I was typing my mammoth post and didn't see yours when I posted it. Sorry to hear you're feeling sad at the moment. And yes I keep thinking back to this time last year as had just stopped the pill in Feb and was so excited, little did we know hey. But I find sharing it with others who truly understand so helpful and I just accept now that I will have good and bad days. Luckily been mostly good recently (my appt today has def helped, I am never normally this positive on cd2!!) But keep the faith hon, we will get there, we will. And when we do, Mama will tell you what it will be won't you mama? smile

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 15:26:22 will be IMMENSE!!!!!!! XX

onelifeonechance Wed 19-Mar-14 15:34:50

IMMENSE!!!!! Exactly grin

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 15:37:26

Onelife, can I just say what a fabulous detailed post about what happens/what to expect! This is the reason I created this thread, I have no doubt that the others feel as I do. More informed, prepared, supported and less anxious knowing what lies ahead and also how positive you are feeling after your appointment despite being on cd2!!!! Wonderful!!!!! smile this is such a worthwhile place to be and I just know we can all continue learning from eachother, supporting eachother and at times laughing at eachother until that very day we finally get our long awaited, well deserved bfp's! I so look forward to the 1st one on this thread it will be such a celebration and a hopeful moment and I have no doubt they will be rolling in....just that we must be patient and it will happen when the time is perfectly right and when it is meant to be.

onelifeonechance Wed 19-Mar-14 15:46:04

Aw mama, stop it blush you're getting me all choked (and I've really tried not to cry this cycle!!!) grin What lovely words and yes I too can't wait for our first BFP, we can do it ladies, all of us

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 16:30:23

Group hug?? Lol

victoria401 Wed 19-Mar-14 16:59:19

* Hug! *

onelifeonechance Wed 19-Mar-14 17:17:31

<piles in> Hug!!!!! grin

victoria401 Wed 19-Mar-14 17:24:08

Cd17 today and I've got some spotting today. I have no idea what it could mean :-( Had ov type pinches on cd11 and 12 making me think I ovd early but had same pinches yesterday and this morning. Also had dull af type aches a bit yesterday and more today. Don't know what's happening to my body! Don't know whether to be worried! Roll on ultrasound on the weekend.....

ImaginaryHat Wed 19-Mar-14 17:44:19

Hey ladies, not been around for a while so just popping in to catch up.

onelife so glad you got your appt through, it came round in no time. Sounds like it went really well, and v positive that he thinks you might well conceive naturally, I'm sure that will make you much more relaxed,and if then you know that tou have options. Sounds like the scan went well too. As mama said, fabulously informative post, thanks for sharing smile

Ginger sorry you're feeling down, I can v much identify with that. I hope you're being kind to yourself.

Victoria I would love to give you an answer but spotting confuses the hell outta me! Hopwfullybits just a random day and you're back to normal tomorrow. Hope the ultrasound goes well.

I'm about cd3. Spotted for 7 days then af kicked in properly on Monday, so right in the midst of it now. I also have a rotton cold so currently feeling v sorry for myself! I rang and made an appointment with my doctor to discuss the spotting and why its got so much worse since my chemicals, but I couldn't get in for a month (she only works 3 days a week and I specifically want to see her). So that's not til mid April.

Sorry to all af got, hope you're all doing ok x

ImaginaryHat Wed 19-Mar-14 17:45:16

Hey ladies, not been around for a while so just popping in to catch up.

onelife so glad you got your appt through, it came round in no time. Sounds like it went really well, and v positive that he thinks you might well conceive naturally, I'm sure that will make you much more relaxed,and if then you know that tou have options. Sounds like the scan went well too. As mama said, fabulously informative post, thanks for sharing smile

Ginger sorry you're feeling down, I can v much identify with that. I hope you're being kind to yourself.

Victoria I would love to give you an answer but spotting confuses the hell outta me! Hopwfullybits just a random day and you're back to normal tomorrow. Hope the ultrasound goes well.

I'm about cd3. Spotted for 7 days then af kicked in properly on Monday, so right in the midst of it now. I also have a rotton cold so currently feeling v sorry for myself! I rang and made an appointment with my doctor to discuss the spotting and why its got so much worse since my chemicals, but I couldn't get in for a month (she only works 3 days a week and I specifically want to see her). So that's not til mid April.

Sorry to all af got, hope you're all doing ok x

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 18:08:33

Victoria remind me do you usually spot?? Could it be ovulation spotting? Or have you started taking vitamins ie Agnus Castus? Because they can cause spotting in first few months when settling hormones apparently. I spotted at 5dpo last month on my first cycle of AC, but seems settled so far this month only on 6dpo but nothing today and hoping no spotting at all! It's so annoying though really!

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 18:08:57

Imaginary are you trying anything for the spotting?

m33r Wed 19-Mar-14 18:26:37

one amazing update. Thank you so much. I kinda hope to get the same experience as I am very worried that we turn up, answer questions and are sent home. I hope they prod and push everything so I get some answers. So so pleased for you and for your DH! Hope my DH gets the same.

ginger we're not 'trying' this month but like you, I can't let go. I'm not doing opks but I know my cycle so well that even though we wouldn't dtd for fun tonight usually I'm on cd 10/11 so we're doing it. Just can't let go.

Try to keep your chin up. I had a terrible time around months 10-12 but i came out the other side and am on month 15 now and it's ok... And one day I'll be a good news story for somebody and so will you. Hang in there. Try to take time to positive think (so hard!)

Jumps in for group hug.

Thanks again one x

mama31 Wed 19-Mar-14 18:46:19

Hugs all round!!! Try to stay positive ladies! I'm certain that's half the battle smile

ImaginaryHat Wed 19-Mar-14 19:24:58

No mama not taking anything for the spotting. Never really had it (maybe one or two days) before the chemicals, but the last 3 months have been 5 days 6 days and now 7 days, starting at 5dpo. Always had a short lp at 9-10 days but spotting from 5dpo is ridiculous and i doubt i could get preg with that! To be honest I dont wanna mess with anything before I see the doc, but I might try ac afterwards if she doesn't have any answers for me. Can you post a link to what you're taking please? Cheers chuck.

M33r you do sound wonderfully positive at the moment, which can only be a good thing I reckon. It's a lovely thought that our journeys could all help someone down the line when theyre feeling like we do now. Now we just need the bfps to make it happen!

Jessewalt Wed 19-Mar-14 19:41:35

Did I miss the hugs? (*major fear of missing out)
Amazing post one life. Thank you for taking the time. The consultant sounds decisive which is what we are looking for!
Ginger, you need to let yourself have the crappy, blue days when you wonder why life is being so rotten to you, and then you need to treat yourself and think of the things that make you happy.
Look away now if you want to avoid emotional tale!
I mentioned a while ago that I told my mum. This is mainly because I was avoiding her a little in case she asked me about it. It suddenly dawned on me that she is not going to be around for ever, so why am I wishing my life away, and avoiding her. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it, but I am determined not to let this ruin our lives.
I also feel determined, rather than defeated.
We are all here to give you a little hug, or pep talk when you are feeling down! And I am sure in 2 days I will be crying again and picking up my phone to find out the latest chat!
Thanks again mama for this thread. I used to see other threads where there seemed to be a real bond, and I think we have that now. I will be delighted for whoever gets their bfp first!

victoria401 Wed 19-Mar-14 20:07:28

Yes thanks for this thread mama, really feel like I fit in more than any other thread on here. Its exactly for where I am in my life and I'm glad to talk to others who have similar stories.

Ive never had spotting mid cycle before, that's why I'm concerned. Not taking any new vits apart from some iron supplements as recommended by GP "if planning pregnancy". Think I've been taking them 4 weeks tho.

Talking of telling mum's things... Thought I'd update my mum earlier and she said "well if you can't you can't, nothing you can do about it". Nice to have the support huh? She said she conceived month 2 with both me and my sister, and my sisters too were both unplanned! Both me and DH are from huge fertile families, I don't know what went wrong with us!?

m33r Wed 19-Mar-14 20:10:39

jesse I've told my mum - who would LOVE to be a granny - that we're going to enjoy the time before baby and be 'ladies what lunch' and I'm going to treat her and dad (and DH) and do grown up things like theatre etc. one day we'll have a baby (and they'll have a grandchild) and we're going to look back and love think how good this time was.

If we don't get a baby - we will, but if we don't - then we won't have wasted 4 years just 'waiting'. Since I'm not a mummy yet, I'm going to enjoy being the best wife, daughter, grand-daughter, friend in the world. And hopefully one day I can add 'mum' to that list.

So, this weekend: DH and I having parents for a slap-up meal ... Because we can!

Hang in there jesse x

m33r Wed 19-Mar-14 20:13:51

victoria my mum was like that initially too. Maybe just trying to keep you calm? They sometimes just don't know what to say especially if they conceived easy: if they haven't been through it they can have no idea. Bless them x

ImaginaryHat Wed 19-Mar-14 20:26:39

Totally agree about this thread, I dont post every day because I dont think being on mumsnet all the time like I was 6 months was helping control my stressing about it. But to be going through this with lovely people who understand how you're feeling and can offer advice and sometimes just a hand to hold is the best. So yes, thanks mama!

We've not told any family or friends that were ttc, but I would guess they probably know as we've talked in general terms before about having a baby and were totally settled now so I wouldn't be surprised if people have realised. The only person who knows is my boss, who I had to tell when I had the chemical pregnancies as I had to go to the hospital every 2 days for blood tests. I'm always thinking she's waiting for an announcement now that she knows were trying!

onelifeonechance Wed 19-Mar-14 21:03:46

Just got back from a lovely meal out with dh and reading this thread has warmed my cockles smile We are a lovely bunch of ladies who are all here to support each other. Three cheers to mama for bringing the gang together!! Hip hip...... grin

ImaginaryHat Wed 19-Mar-14 21:10:34


Glad you had a nice meal with hubby, as m33r said, embrace your pre baby time!

onelifeonechance Wed 19-Mar-14 21:21:59

Yes I think that was very eloquently put by M33r and I am going to try my hardest to abide by it smile

Imaginary, sorry about your spotting and glad you've got a dr appt booked in, fx they can shed some light for you.

m33r Wed 19-Mar-14 22:08:03

Hooray !

mama31 Thu 20-Mar-14 08:47:59

Haha! Ladies stop! I'm blushing! I only started the thread but the info/guidance/support on it is from all of you wonderful ladies who completely understand where the others are at. It's common ground. Makes sense to have a thread where we all have a similar journey, same fears but most importantly never ending hope and belief that we will get our bfps!!!!!!!

we will!!!!! And when we do, it's gona be.......IMMENSE!!!!!!!!! smile

mama31 Thu 20-Mar-14 08:51:43

And I completely agree to enjoy your life now and do lots of things you won't be able to do with a small baby: have long lie ins, lazy days, a few drinks, date nights with DH, stay up late and watch crap tv, enjoy long hot soaks in the bath, lunches with friends often, holidays/short breaks......AND DTD!!!!!!!!!!!!! (of course you won't get too much time for this with a little one)

mama31 Thu 20-Mar-14 13:46:09

Someone slap me, 7dpo and can feel myself falling in to the symptom spotting trap!!! Agggghh! Was trying so hard not to! The no spotting and creamy cm is forcing me to think about it...grrrr...someone stop me now before I set myself up for another huge fall!!!!!!!

onelifeonechance Thu 20-Mar-14 14:16:57

<slaps mama round the chops firmly with a big wet fish>

onelifeonechance Thu 20-Mar-14 14:18:21

Sit ups, now!!! Do it!!!!! Hundreds of them. Go, go go!!!! <said in sgt major stylee> grin

onelifeonechance Thu 20-Mar-14 14:24:23

Meanwhile I've got my feet up, have just devoured practically a whole box of Lindor round balls of yumminess and am wondering when to crack open the birthday bubbles grin

mama31 Thu 20-Mar-14 15:07:55

Thanks onelife! That helped! ;) probably because I'm so green that your eating yummy chocs with feet up and thinking of drinking bubbles!!!! You have pre occupied my mind with your amazing activities.....yummers!!!!! Your birthday isn't today?!?x

mama31 Thu 20-Mar-14 15:09:30

I really really really want to wait until Sunday to test, which would only be 10dpo but usually I have loads of IC's in the house and test from stupidly early so 10dpo on my one and only superdrug test in my house would be amazing progress! I need to get in the zone and do this!!!!!

Martie1 Thu 20-Mar-14 15:28:22

I went away for like a day, and look what happened! So much info on here! onelife great post, full of info and such positive feedback from doc, mama im sorry i disappeared, and im glad onelife stepped in to give you a good ole slap. Im there for the second one if you need it!! You should have achy sore stomach now from all your sit ups! but well done mama on starting this thread, so many ladies indebted to you! m33r your attitude is totally right, life is for living and we shouldn't let it pass us by while we're still waiting in the queue for our babies. We're woman after all, we can multitask, ttc and life! ginger i know how you are feeling, i was there 2 weeks ago. Some months it really gets bad. You will pull through and as all the rest of the lovelies on here said, look after yourself until you do. Confiscate the remote control, get yourself some wine and some tasty chocolates. And a happy birthday to onelife, bubbles are good any time of the day!

Heather31 Thu 20-Mar-14 16:17:33

m33r I love your attitude about enjoying the time before you have a small person to look after, and doing lots of "grown up" things without restrictions of a littley. Much as we will just adore it when we have them, there will be some parts of life that aren't so easy to do with them in tow! My friend gave me similar advice when I was stressing about why my boyfriend (now husband) wasn't desperately begging me to marry him! She was totally right of course, and it really helped me to get some perspective back then, and I think your advice will help me too. Thank you smile

Shelly555 Thu 20-Mar-14 16:50:15

hi all, i'm back again and enjoyed catching up on all your news smile

mama, I know what you mean I did the same this month, said there would be no symptom spotting and early testing but couldn't help myself this morning at 9/10 dpo, and set myself up for a big fall again sad I really had a positive feeling about it this month. it was an IC. I have more IC's & a FR one left at home to try again over weekend but I already know it will be pointless. so onto cycle #17 I go , (mistakenly believed I was on #16 til today!)

its so depressing. tempted to see GP again as I have yet to receive day 2 blood results and hospital have messed up my return apt . I see others getting all the tests from 1st appt, yet mine just do bloods & TV scan and told me come back for review in 6 months (but they forgot to book me appt so its a 10 month wait instead.. do they care??!)

onelife, your appt at hospital sounded very positive and informative! I wish mine had suggested the dye in the tubes thing & IUI , they made me feel like the referral was a waste of time and money tbh, but I guess they see so many people every day they get hardened to our anxiety and our long wait... i've leant more since my last appt & on internet & MN thanks to u all , so at the next one I will have a list of things to go through with the consultant! even if I can talk things through with GP before then I might feel better so I will get on and book that at least.

oh well, onwards we go.... sad face... sorry for the rant xx

onelifeonechance Thu 20-Mar-14 17:14:58

Shelly, that's awful about the wait for your appt! So sorry you've had to deal with that. I think the NHS is fabulous but sadly is bursting at the seams so mistakes can happen. Even just from my experience, which I am in no way complaining about because we were seen v quickly, but I waited and waited for the appointment, got fed up and rang, no answer so left a message asking them to ring me, they didn't so I rang again the next day and when the lady checked the system she said my appointment had been made and a letter sent out the day that would be the day I rang then? Coincidence? I don't think so. I think they thought oh balls we've forgotten to do it and sorted it ASAP. So sometimes it is a case of keep checking and chasing. And yes definitely ask your consultant for more tests at next appt and if they don't want to do them their reasons for not doing them. Good luck!

Yes it really is my birthday!!! Thanks for the wishes x And in the spirit of living I am fully embracing my bubbles grin

mama31 Thu 20-Mar-14 17:49:29

I didn't realise it was your Birthday TODAY!!!! You kept that quiet onelife (sneaky!) have the happiest, most lovely day/evening I hope you have some fab plans????? Enjoy it because next Birthday you will be a mum! And it will be lovely and amazing! But this could be your last free one to get sloshed!!! Cheers hon! smile xx

ImaginaryHat Thu 20-Mar-14 20:45:44

Happy birthday onelife, hope you've had a smashing day, the choc and bubbles sound great!

Yes mumsnet is great for learning, so much so that when I saw my go I felt like I knew more than her about conception! I imagine it helps you feel more prepared when you go to see a specialist as you can ask questions to put your mind at ease about certain things. Are you abandoning nudp now after your appt onelife?!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Thu 20-Mar-14 21:05:11

Happy Birthday onelife!!!! Hope you have had a fantastic day and thoroughly spoilt yourself, as mama says enjoy getting sloshed!
Gosh you are all so lovely, and such an invaluable source of loveliness and information.
I feel a bit awful about moaning earlier on, I hope you don't think I am being terribly selfish and insensitive - I think it got a bit lost amidst all of the introductions when I mentioned it; I do have a DD who is nearly 2 and a half. Before I was a mum I would have told myself to eff off for complaining at not being able to get pregnant when I already have a child, but as all you ladies will see one day, the longing to have a baby does not disappear when you already have children, and everyone expects that because you have done it once it will just happen again and again easily for you, and when it doesn't, it just makes no sense. mama I hope you can understand what I mean?
So sorry if I offend anyone, I understand if you don't want to hear from me again! blush
<stands on sides hoping she can join in the group hug>

Lindsay81 Thu 20-Mar-14 21:29:49

HUGS ginger :-))))))

Oh my gosh I have missed so much! Can't reply to all individually but it's so nice to see that we can all be happy, sad, frustrated, supportive and bat-sh!t-crazy and it is all welcome and listened to. So glad I found this thread!

One direct reply has to go to onelife though! Happy birthday!!! Hope you are well into the bubbles by now!

Still no AF here! I want to go to bed now so I'll wake up at 10dpo! LOL! It's like Christmas!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Thu 20-Mar-14 22:01:47

Thank you Lindsay smile
Ooh are you 10dpo tomorrow? Remember your mantra though, no peeing til 12dpo, so no Christmas for you tomorrow!

m33r Fri 21-Mar-14 07:35:14

Hugs ginger

Happy birthday one!

mama step away from the symptom spotting!!! I am on cd 12 - yes cd 12; not 12 dpo -so cannot possibly be pg and I am recording symptoms so that next month I know that they are NOT signs of pg. Obviously hoping you are but step away...!!

Ooh I feel to harsh. I've changed my mind. Sunroom spot if you want!!! Tell us all about them! :-)

m33r Fri 21-Mar-14 07:36:01

'Symptom' not 'sunroom' obvs!

m33r Fri 21-Mar-14 07:36:33

And lindsay no poas! Wait til at least Sunday!!! X

mama31 Fri 21-Mar-14 08:17:53

Ginger don't be silly, no one is offended! We all have our good and bad days. We are here to support regardless of what is happening. And yes I also have a DS (12yrold from a previous r'ship) but this thread is not just for those who do not have children yet, it is for EVERYONE ttc who is looking for some support/guidance. So if you have ten children or no children the support is here.

Lindsay happy 10dpo to you!!! Lucky thing you! I'm 8dpo today. When will you test? Do you usually get to 10dpo? When is af due? Sorry so many questions but I'm excited!!!

I must confess I'm kind of happy with my progress getting to 8dpo without testing (yes I have poas before 8dpo! Crazy!) but I also have no Internet cheap tests in the house when I usually have loads and test constantly until af arrives. I'm not doing that this time. I have one single superdrug test and I need to hold off as long as possible. Really hoping the spotting doesn't start also.

M33R you are a bad influence telling me to symptom spot!!! Nooooooooooo! Your supposed to be slapping me with a wet fish right in the face! Haha! How are you doing lovely?

Hope everyone else is ok and looking forward to the weekend! Yay! It's Friday! smile

mama31 Fri 21-Mar-14 08:18:34

M33R I'm happy to sunroom spot though.... lol

onelifeonechance Fri 21-Mar-14 08:24:47

Morning all, welcome to the first day of spring grin hope it's as sunny where you are as where I am smile

Birthday bubbles went down a treat thanks all!

Ginger, hugs hugs hugs! You def have to stay! <I'm almost tempted to give you a slap with the wet fish too for being so daft to even think we wouldn't want you too> Totally get it, no need to explain any further. And as much as this thread is all about positivity and support it doesn't mean we also can't have a good old moan and share our fears when we're feeling blue.... it just means that there's usually someone else who's at a different point in their cycle who completely understands but can cheer us up and pull through!

Imaginary - yes that's right, no more NUDP for me (think dh is mightily relieved!!) No pillows, no jiggling sperm in the right direction, just normal, relaxed dtd smile Although just realised I meant to ask the doc what his thoughts were on how long to stay lying down for time! Or m33r, if you get chance and it feels appropriate, maybe you could pick your consultants brains about this at your appt?!

Lindsay, no POASing! Mama no symptom spotting!! grin

mama31 Fri 21-Mar-14 08:35:06

Onelife glad you had a fab day! And yes no symptom spotting for me!!!! I'm glad you got that advice as this cycle everything was so natural for us, and very enjoyable actually! No NUDP/pillows or anything- just plain old relaxed dtd when we wanted to.

Can't remember who asked, imaginary was it you?? Re the Agnus Castus, I take the Nature's Aid one it's on Amazon. So far so good.

Lindsay81 Fri 21-Mar-14 08:56:12

m33r mama I'm sure I've probably symptom spotted at cd12 before! Haha! In our cray-cray months I'm sure we all have. Oh look- there's a sunroom! (Sunroom spotting with you guys).

And ginger and one I promise no POAS til Sunday which is 12dpo. I just meant it's like Christmas because it's like someone has gifted me a 10 day LP out of nowhere! So mama let's be strong together!

victoria401 Fri 21-Mar-14 10:13:40

The sun is shining here! But I'm stuck in work with the blindI closed (!) as I have samples I have to keep on ice and if I open them my ice melts! Stupid lab design!

Not long into my 2ww I think. This month has been as messed up as last as I'm not sure when I ovd. Side cramps cd12 so thought that was it, then more side cramps cd16 with random spotting cd17. More likely ovd then I guess? So only 2dpo. Another week before I can start symptom spotting!

Glad you had nice bday one, its mine in a few weeks so maybe i can celebrate with a bfp?!

Good luck Lindsay and mama and anyone else nearing their poas dates! I've prob said before but there is no way I poas until a missed af! In 16 months I've only poas twice coz af was about 2 days after I'd calculated. Keeps me on my toes! Don't have any in my drawer and prob won't buy any til I need one, the last lot nearly went out of date!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 21-Mar-14 10:40:50

Aw thank you ladies, hugs back to you all round grin

Onto the important stuff - I did catch myself one month symptom spotting before we had even DTD!! m33r I have also tried to SS so I know they're not signs of pg, but my body likes to play tricks on me every month, hence the AF totally out of the blue 3 days early angry

Lindsay that is a pretty awesome Christmas present, hope it's Christmas for you every month! The results from using VitB and AC seem really positive so far on MN, so here's hoping they lead to our BFPs soon!

one I remember reading somewhere (on MN) that if you lie down for 20-30 minutes after getting jiggy that should be enough time for the little guys to get on their journey, but would be good to hear a professionals opinion.

mama sunroom spotting sounds lovely! You best be on the floor doing those sit ups though if you even vaguely think about symptoms...

victoria your job sounds really interesting! I think not testing til AF is due is a good idea, my first bulk pack has almost run out and don't think I'll be buying anymore until AF is late! I can't decide if it's worse to find out with AFs arrival, or with a BFN though, with BFNs there is always that glimmer of hope still, but then everytime AF arrives I wonder if its IB for the first day!!

Sorry for the rambling post...!

Has anyone got any nice plans for the weekend? (obviously Lindsay has plans for sunday!)

victoria401 Fri 21-Mar-14 11:19:05

ginger I'd rather find out with af as poas gets your hopes up unnecessarily and I can't cope with my emotions being put up and down like that!

Saturday pm I'm helping my bezzie out hosting her daughter's 8th birthday party. Its odd as we have been mates since we were 8 ourselves and always talked about being preg the same time and our kids playing together. Now by the time I have kids hers will be too old to play with mine. Sad really. Anyway I'm sure it will be fun, mad and Knackering! Sunday I've got my ultrasound! Had to check with the dept that the Sunday date wasn't a misprint and got a funny look off the receptionist! (i work at the hospital so could just pop down the corridor and ask!)

Hope you all have good weekends :-)

mama31 Fri 21-Mar-14 11:39:39

Lindsay I was thinking of testing Sunday also but will only be 10dpo by then! But that is good for me! Haha! I'm such a loon! I will hold off until Sunday and we can do it together?!

I'm dreading it already, I know what the answer will be....but somehow I like to convince myself it could be the month for me! as we all do I'm sure.

I'm being very good today not symptom spotting at all, simply because there is nothing to spot! Not a symptom or sign of af or bfp! I'm just glad there's no spotting, that's keeping me happy for now smile

Lindsay81 Fri 21-Mar-14 15:46:21

mama At the risk of reverse symptom spotting, I just snarfed about 6 cream crackers spread with about an inch of butter and this is a monthly occurrence for me. Haha! To be fair, I'm most proud of my body this month so she can come when she likes now! But if nothing by Sunday morning, I shall meet you here to share our results!

mama31 Fri 21-Mar-14 16:27:04

I have bloat/dull ache today.....could it be the bacon and egg on toast plus 2 creme eggs I devoured at lunch.....yes! Bit crampy though, as in af on the way! But too early for that! Cd20 today!

Jessewalt Fri 21-Mar-14 16:58:15

I go away for 2 days and there is so much chat!
Currently sitting in a hotel in Skye, looking out to the Cuillins and about to have a beer. Now, I would not be doing that if I was preggers. Having a lovely, lovely time!
Sadly no sex for us this week as AF well and truly arrived! Cycle 10 was 27 days with 14 day LP (if you don't count the spotting), which is good, so feeling pleased.
Also had my day 2 bloods done (but they were actually done on day 1), so waiting for results. Lovely hubby has another sample to do next week too. After that I think we will book private appointment for some more info, probably while also getting my GP to send nhs one.
So much to think about!
Have a lovely weekend everyone, set aside some time to do something extra specially lovely xxx

onelifeonechance Fri 21-Mar-14 17:32:11

Mama, drop to the floor! Sit ups, now!!!!!! grin

Jesse, sounds absolute bliss, enjoy every second!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay81 Fri 21-Mar-14 17:42:50

OMG jesse that's where I got married!!! I wonder if it's the same hotel/ area? I just love it there and it will always be so special for me. Also, your last cycle sounds great! It will be only time for you, I'm sure xo

mama31 Fri 21-Mar-14 17:56:12

Hahahahahaha!!!! Sorry I'm actually laughing at myself, if I didn't I'd have to sign myself in!! I just poas! See I told you I was just happened, don't even know how! obviously bfn at 8dpo on about the 100th (well diluted, almost clear) pee of the day...its official...I am mental!

I now thankfully have no tests in my house and I am determined not to buy any...but might need to avoid shops to make sure of that. what am I like?! And I can't even lie about it....i just had to tell! someone seriously tell me to chill out!

GingerbreadBabyPlease Fri 21-Mar-14 20:46:21

Mama!! Haha that is funny! Just like me though when I slightly POAS at 7dpo!! Also very naughty, tie your hands behind your back and do 25 star jumps!! Don't even think about going out to buy more sticks until AF is officially late.
jesse sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend, good luck for all your upcoming tests/results, try not to think about it all this weekend though, enjoy your drinks and time with your lovely hubby smile Was your last cycle the result of VitB or AC or anything?
victoria sunday is a random day to have a hospital appointment! Good luck for it, interesting to hear what they have to say/do. Have a lovely time at the party on saturday, hope you've got some wine squirreled away for the grown ups smile

mama31 Sat 22-Mar-14 10:07:49

I know Ginger I need to stop myself. My boobs are sore today- that is usual pre af symptom, not bfp symptom spotting sad

Lindsay81 Sat 22-Mar-14 12:40:26

Naughty mama!!! LOL!

Well, AF arrived today! Didn't I say that the cream cracker snarfing was always my signal! LOL! SO happy with that. 7 days added to my cycle (30 days) and 4 days to my LP (11 days). Hoping for earlier ovulation next month!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend! I went and killed myself with a double Les Mills session at the gym, as I was relaxing my work-outs a tad in the TWW. :-) Goibg to a rugby match with DH later, then tomorrow: chill!