About to start / Just started TTC no.2 (part 3)

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Lucyjojo Sat 14-Dec-13 00:35:24

Part 3 for a chatty lot!
3 is the magic number, good things come in 3s, so here is hoping we get plenty more BFPs.....

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 04:41:51

Nice little rhyme there! :-)

SwedeAway Sat 14-Dec-13 04:53:19


HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 05:20:40

Bloody knew it! Congratulations!! :-)

SwedeAway Sat 14-Dec-13 06:12:48

Thank Hungry! Off to get some more test. Want to be sure sure!

Monstersaurus Sat 14-Dec-13 06:53:59

Congratulations Swede! Really pleased for you. Perhaps today was the right day for you to test after all. fgrin

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 07:43:30

I know that feeling!

Monster, you're next to POAS then. :-)

Wow. Lucy - I think yours may be the luckiest thread of all grin congratulations again swede thanks

engels - im sorry you're going through this. I really hope you get sorted very soon. New year, new start etc x

Congratulations Swede
I haven't been here for a while, wasn't much happening! But had a positive OPK today so that's a start!

SwedeAway Sat 14-Dec-13 10:43:19

Ah thanks everyone. Just did a Clearblu digi, says 2-3 weeks! Just need to tell DH now.

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 10:47:39

Yay! :-)

He will be so excited. Will you tell your parents face to face while they're with you?

CallingAllEngels Sat 14-Dec-13 10:54:13

Congrats swede !

Thanks truth I'm not pushing it this month as I don't want a telling off from hospital. No DTD last night (DH....men!) but we'll see (and I REALLY want some Baileys on Christmas day!).

Just marking my place as MIL has DS for a few hours so I can get some marking done.


donnas1984 Sat 14-Dec-13 11:47:30

Swede amazing news congratulations!
15 weeks tomorrow it's flown in! Got my scan date for 20th Jan ill be 20+1
Bad news is. sh hot mqde redundant yesterday so my plans of being a sahm are looking lwss likely now sad xx

donnas1984 Sat 14-Dec-13 11:58:07

dh I mean

SwedeAway Sat 14-Dec-13 12:23:07

Hungry - I think I will have to tell parents and in-laws as we are all celebrating Xmas together. I usually do not say no to a glass of red so they will figure it out anyway.

Donnas - so sorry to hear about your dh's job. Was it totally unexpected?

Wanted to buy a pregnancy mag at the shops before but as my dad was with me I couldn't.

Haven't got my head around this yet. Not even sure when my due date would beblush

donnas1984 Sat 14-Dec-13 12:58:39

Swede we had an idea but nothing was concrete untill yesterday. He is hoping to start up his own landscaping business it was something he dabbled in during the summer months. I genuinely think he can do it he just needs a push in the right direction x maybe we can work together I can manage his books haha x

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 13:28:11

Swede, 20 something of August I'm guessing as I'm 23 DPO today and due on 14th.

I did wondering they'd guess, Swede, hence asking. :-)

Donna, that's not good. When does your DH finish work? Is there much else around where you are?

I can't believe you're 15 weeks already!

I could do with going back to bed. Shame that won't happen!

SwedeAway Sat 14-Dec-13 13:38:58

Donnas - yes starting own business can be a bit scary I guess but as you said, a push in the right direction will help. Hope all goes well!

Hungry - just calculated on the net and it said 22 Aug so we will be close in our due dates then although I suspect mine will be a bit earlier than calculated as I will have a c-section.

Waiting for DH to come home so I can tell him!

Windywinston Sat 14-Dec-13 13:40:56

I knew it!!! Congratulations Swede that's brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you. What a fabulous Christmas present.

Good rhyming Lucy, let's hope the luck carries on and you get your BFP on this thread, I'm keeping my fx for you.

Engels, I'm so sorry this is all still dragging on for you, it's rubbish.

All is well here, DD is having a nap then we're going to walk to the shops to start our Christmas shopping. I'm 17 wks now and still being sick, but not as bad as last time. Fortunately I'm over the exhaustion stage, so I feel 100% better than I did a few weeks ago. I'm so embarrassed though, I look like I did at 6 months last time, I'm huge! I think I'm starting to feel the odd fluttering which is lovely.

Let's keep these BFPs coming ladies, I have high hopes for this thread xx

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 13:53:41

We are very close then. :-)

I'll be having a c section too I think, so I won't be going to term either.

Windy, my sickness stopped about where you are now last time. Hopefully yours will bog off soon too!

Craftychicken Sat 14-Dec-13 14:55:24

Hi everyone, I'm very new to this and thought I'd say hello, hope you don't mind smile. Me and DH have decided to start TTC and I stopped my pill on 4th December. We were going to wait until January and after AF but have DTD and I'm still waiting for the elusive AF!!! I've been getting a few PMT symptoms for the past week but no sign, I'm guessing it's too soon to have conceived.......confused

Windywinston Sat 14-Dec-13 16:32:14

Welcome Crafty! We're a pretty lucky group so far so you've picked well. I expect this to be the luckiest thread so far.

I did exactly what you did, decided we'd TTC again in the new year then thought lets just stop using contraception now. Got a BFP 2 weeks later, now 17 weeks. Previously it took us just over 2 years TTC and I put my luck down to this thread!

Talking of luck, I've just finished all my Xmas shopping and am sat in Starbucks having a hot choc whilst DH gets my presents. I'm feeling pretty good right now, but I do wish coffee shops wouldn't smell quite so much of coffee ;-)

Windywinston Sat 14-Dec-13 16:32:31

Welcome Crafty! We're a pretty lucky group so far so you've picked well. I expect this to be the luckiest thread so far.

I did exactly what you did, decided we'd TTC again in the new year then thought lets just stop using contraception now. Got a BFP 2 weeks later, now 17 weeks. Previously it took us just over 2 years TTC and I put my luck down to this thread!

Talking of luck, I've just finished all my Xmas shopping and am sat in Starbucks having a hot choc whilst DH gets my presents. I'm feeling pretty good right now, but I do wish coffee shops wouldn't smell quite so much of coffee ;-)

Windywinston Sat 14-Dec-13 16:33:05

Ha ha, that message was so good I posted twice! Sorry ladies xx

donnas1984 Sat 14-Dec-13 18:19:04

Windy I had no idea you had issues ttc no.1 aswell, think mother nature gave us a break this time x

Toothpastekissesno2 Sat 14-Dec-13 20:47:32

Congrats swede!!! That's great. What number are we on? Five or six?
My 12 week scan is Friday...(counting the days / mins !)
Engels I really can't believe your bad luck . All I can think is your body isn't ready yet. On the good side your body is obviously very keen to be pregnant so next time when it's right you should be in good position.
I'm eating chocolate and watching bad tv as dh out with the boys! X

Monstersaurus Sat 14-Dec-13 21:40:51

Welcome Crafty. hope you get your BFP soon.

Sorry to hear about your husband donnas. Rubbish time of year to get that news.

As for me, AF hasn't arrived quite yet. A bit more spotting but no actual AF today. I'll test again tomorrow if things aren't any clearer. Slight cramping all day which isn't fun. I have been quite emotional and bloated though. All remains crossed.

Thanks for starting the new thread Lucy, hope the lucky trend continues for you.

Fx monster x

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 21:43:52

Hi Crafty! Welcome to the lucky thread. :-)

Good luck tomorrow, Monster. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Windywinston Sat 14-Dec-13 21:48:53

Gosh Donna, sorry I completely missed your post, so sorry about DH's job. I hope things work out. I think you're right about TTC, we deserved a bit of luck.

Good luck tomorrow Monster xx

SwedeAway Sun 15-Dec-13 06:21:51

Hungry - is there an August thread somewhere? Have you joined.

Monstersaurus Sun 15-Dec-13 08:16:35

Another bfn this morning. fsad No AF either. fsmile

Perhaps tomorrow...

SwedeAway Sun 15-Dec-13 08:55:49

Sorry about the bfn Monster. When is/was AF due?

Monstersaurus Sun 15-Dec-13 09:00:33

Yesterday. Not quite sure what is going on. Spring has settled for now. Nothing I can do but wait and test again tomorrow. It is so very frustrating.

Monstersaurus Sun 15-Dec-13 09:01:13

Spring = spotting

SwedeAway Sun 15-Dec-13 09:10:48

Just told DH. He is over the moon! Feel much more relaxed now. Think I will tell my parents next week. So nice that only the two of us know for now.

Sitting outside watching DD play in the pool. Lovely Sunday morning.

SwedeAway Sun 15-Dec-13 09:13:56

Monster- yes it can be so bloody frustrating. It plays tricks with your head for sure. But it ain't over until AF arrives so I remain positive for you!!

Monstersaurus Sun 15-Dec-13 09:40:12

Looks like AF has arrived. Oh well. Here's going the third cycle is lucky for us.

Sound like a lovely Sunday Swede. Must be lovely to have told your dh.

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 10:08:46

Oh, bugger Monster. I was hopeful too. :-/

But third cycle is quite lucky round this way. The last 3 BFPs were all third cycles. :-)

Swede, I'm glad your DH is happy. I couldn't imagine waiting 24 hours to tell mine. Your parents will be so pleased when they know. FWIW I'm predicting twins as both of your ovaries hurt!!

And yes, here you go: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/antenatal_clubs/1938912-August-2014-What-a-Christmas-present?msgid=43649193

CallingAllEngels Sun 15-Dec-13 10:56:01

Sorry to hear that monster.

donna what awful timing with your dh - just before Christmas as well.

no more dtd here. I'm not pushing it wirh dh. Feel like I should wait till we get the all clear from hospital ( Though we may get a miracle pg from Thurs!).

It's another year another chance. J u st gave to decide what to do re: best friend's wedding. Do we stop ttc for a few months?

monster - I'm sorry. I really thought this was going to be your month sad

engels - it's your call, but personally I wouldn't have put ttc on hold for someone else's wedding.

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 11:38:33

I'm with ATruth on this one, Engels. I really wouldn't put it on hold.

CallingAllEngels Sun 15-Dec-13 12:19:36

I know ladies. That's what my dm, dh and one of our mutual friends said. I don't think I would even think about it if it was anyone else. She's my best friend, as close if not closer than my Dsis's, I'm a bm, she lives on the other side of the world but is coming back to the uk to get married.

IF and I know this is a big if, I got pg in Jan dd would be probably the week if not the day of the wedding (if my cycle stays as regular as it always has).

Still, I don't want a bigger gap with ds than I can help. You can't plan these things.

Awakeagain Sun 15-Dec-13 17:54:21

Ooh I was just nosing around for a thread to keep me going!!
Went for a. Appointment to have my implant out so I can start ttc, couldn't do it there an then, next appointment is in January (last time they were able to do there and then) the lady said I can try ringing this wed to see if they have enough staff to do it - having to go to a sexual health clinic for it as the doctor who does it at my doctors is on long term sick
Exciting to see bfp's
I hope mine won't be too far away after implant removal

BetterNotBitter Sun 15-Dec-13 18:25:45

Hurrah for thread 3. I accidentally pressed 'hide' on thread 2 and I couldnt see it anymore!!!

Congratulations to swede on bfp.

Sorry for your bfn monster, hope youre ok.

Donna what a rubbish time of year to get that news. How are you feeling about it?

Engels, I agreee with the others, there were afew things in our diary for next year we considered taking a break certain months for but in the end we decided against it.

Windy, has your sickness been very bad? Mines not been bad yet, more a general constant nausea feeling which I'd rather than actually being sick. I think it helps that I dont have to be up & out on a morning like last time. With my first one I was constantly pulling the car over on the way to work to be sick. The worst thing this time is the fatigue, way way worse than last time.

Hungry, how are you?

Sorry to anyone I've missed.

Had a nice weekend this weekend, juat topped off by watching polar express with husband & LO. The last few days have been a little overshadowed by a tiny bit of light pink discharge (sorry tmi) but it was only twice and literally the tiniest bit (had to squint to see it) and no pain or bleeding so im just going to carry on as if it never happened?

CallingAllEngels Sun 15-Dec-13 18:26:49

Welcome awake.

In the spirit of not being pg I am eating goats cheese and drinking lovely wine <chink>

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 18:54:27

Hi Awake! Hope you get your implant out sooner rather than later.


Better, I'm still not feeling amazingly pregnant. I'm tired and a bit achey / crampy but otherwise relatively symptomless! Are you having night sweats? Mine are utterly grim. Hate them. :-/

We walked about 3 miles today. It was nice to go out as a family, but it's wiped me out for the rest of the day.

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 18:56:17

Oh, and yes, ignore the CM!

Awakeagain Sun 15-Dec-13 18:58:43

Engels, that sounds like a good plan!!
I may try and enjoy all the finer things in life for the next few weeks
I'm justsad at my plans not falling into place but oh well!!
I told the 2 girls I work with about being hopeful for implant removal this week so they know if I have to dash off

donnas1984 Sun 15-Dec-13 20:21:43

hi awake good luck getting your implant out I had mine removed 17 weeks ago and im currently 15 weeks pregnantgrin fx ur as lucky as me!
better ignore the cm have u had a date for scan?
dh has set wheels in motion for landscape business think the bad weather had helped so things look promising so far. . . he finishes on Friday so just going to enjoy the holidays and deal with it in the new yearconfused
I lovr goats cheese its lovely grilled with chilli and orange marmalade mmmmm!

Kt1991 Sun 15-Dec-13 20:23:56

Thanks for the new thread lucy! Lets hope this thread is even luckier!! Congrats swede! Lovely early Xmas prezzie! Sorry to hear AF has arrived monster see you on the January bus thread though here's hoping that's our month! Sorry to hear about your DH donna'hope something comes up soon, that's all you need right by Xmas. engels'i hope things work out soon for you, and I agree with the others, keep TTC smile sorry to anyone else I've missed trying to catch up on my phone is hard! As for me I'm a bit concerned this cycle, have has really strange period like cramps on the left side every now and again last couple of days but surely I can't be ovulating this early? First day of last period was 3rd dec I have a period every 5 weeks so I've been estimating Ive been ovulating 3 weeks after first day of last period? If this is right it's only a 10 day lutheal phase about so it won't be long enough for an egg to fertilise? I'm definatly going to book docs apt for jan as I want to be referred to check if its the PCOS doing this or something else.

Windywinston Sun 15-Dec-13 20:32:33

Welcome Awake!

Better I wouldn't worry about a bit of pink CM, if you've had no pain. Obviously if you do worry, mention it to mw, but it sounds like nothing to worry about to me.

My sickness was terrible last time and lasted the full 9 months, so I expect it to last until the end this time, but thankfully it's nowhere near as bad as last time. The worst thing is we've just been out for a curry with a group of neighbours and I couldn't eat my curry. It was really nice too. We had to cope without a high chair or booster seat, but DD was an absolute star and even ate some curry. So proud of her as we were there for 3hrs and she didn't have a single tantrum.

Awakeagain Sun 15-Dec-13 20:58:19

Wow that's really quick Donna
I had mine out on dec before and found out I was pg in feb, hoping for a quick positive this time too

Monstersaurus Mon 16-Dec-13 08:08:44

Morning all
Thanks for the kind words yesterday. Quite sad but had some wine last night and we're feeling a bit more positive today. Third cycle lucky and all that. Maybe Santa is bringing my my BFP when he visits our house on Christmas eve and I should be a more patient monstersaurus.

Engels, another vote here for continuing to TTC. If only you could plan these things!

Awake, hope you get your implant out soon.

How are you feeling Swede?

Kt - FX that January is our month!

CallingAllEngels Mon 16-Dec-13 08:25:49

Is this your 3rd cycle monster? I got pg 3rd cycle this time......hope it's lucky for you!

does anyone else get a bit obsessive checking pg calculators and things like that? I have already worked out that if I did get pg this cycle then dc would be due 5th September which would be fab for ml(teacher) as summer hols don't count towards ml, could put my feet up during august and july!

Monstersaurus Mon 16-Dec-13 08:47:35

Yes and yes Engels. A bfp this month would suit life very nicely here too. I didn't know that about teachers and mat leave, very handy for you. fsmile

Windywinston Mon 16-Dec-13 08:49:54

Monster, I'm sorry about AF showing. I hope 3rd cycle and 3rd thread will be lucky for you. I'm sure if you've been good Father Christmas will bring you a BFP xx

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 08:51:51

Monster, enjoy the wine and all things yummy over Christmas!

Engels, yes I was utterly obsessed. :-) And that would be very convenient re mat leave!

SwedeAway Mon 16-Dec-13 13:28:00

Monster - keeping fx for your third cycle.

Not feeling pregnant at all. Did another digi today and it still says pregnant so I guess I am. We have public holiday today so I went Xmas shopping with my mum. Very awkward as she wanted to buy me clothes as a Xmas present but I did my best to avoid since I know I will look like a hippo soon. I think she may have thought I was being ungrateful since I declined most things she suggested. Think I may have to tell her sooner rather than later.

Monstersaurus Mon 16-Dec-13 14:59:36

Thanks all.

Swede, sounds like a lovely day if a little awkward at times. How does antenatal care work in South Africa? When do you think you'll tell your mum?

SwedeAway Mon 16-Dec-13 17:26:37

Monster - have no idea about ante natal care here blushGoing to start investigating tomorrow. Have medical insurance through work though so at least I can go private. Will speak to my gp tomorrow who I hope can point me in the right direction.

Think I will tell the parents this week before we leave for the coast (and my parents in law).

Awakeagain Mon 16-Dec-13 18:06:32

Engels I tagged summer hols into the end if my mat leave and had a lovely time at full pay!! grin

utopian99 Tue 17-Dec-13 06:15:34

Sorry missed buckets again you chatty lot!

Congratulations swede and commiserations engels and donna. I left employment just before ds was born and ended up starting my own business while ds was 3-6 months old and it's getting there now, so I say go for it to your dh.
engels and monster we're still waiting here too, boo. Theoretically ttc as ditched the pill in October, but it seems af is remaining stubbornly absent, but with a string of bfn s it looks like it's not for any good reason.

If I ask the doctor will they ignore me, seeing as ds is only 12 months and still bf at 8am and 8pm? Didn't think that was enough to stop it but can't think of much else. .

utopian99 Tue 17-Dec-13 06:16:24

Oh and hi awake and kt!

Windywinston Tue 17-Dec-13 10:00:39

Hi utopian. I think everyone is different, but for me my AF didn't reappear until I completely stopped BFing DD at 6 months. I gradually reduced BFs over the course of a couple of months and at the end she was just getting a small, top up feed at bedtime for comfort and still AF stayed away.

First AF didn't arrive until exactly 30 days after last BF. That said, I think it is more common for AF to reappear at some point during BFing so GP might not dismiss you.

mrsm22 Tue 17-Dec-13 10:47:00

Hi everyone, sorry I've been missing for a bit. Just been very occupied with pregnancy and getting ready for Xmas and DS's 2nd birthday on 28th December. How is everyone?
Congratulations Swede!
Donna - are you 15 weeks already?! I'm 14 weeks and 4 days today. Got my second appointment with the midwife tomo afternoon for blood results etc. hoping all is ok. I'm so sorry to hear about your DH, what a rubbish time if year too. Do you know when he will finish work? Still plenty of time to sort something out before baby 2 comes along so don't worry yet about not becoming a SAHM. It may still happen. Good news re your scan too. My 20 week scan is 28th jan. Are you finding out what you're having?
Hungry - how are you? Have you seen the midwife yet?
How's everyone else, ATruth how are you feeling?

donnas1984 Tue 17-Dec-13 11:20:37

mrsm no im not finding out I need something to keep me going at the end have thoufht of a few names though we like Violet for a girl as dd is called Poppy keeps the flower theme going and for boy we like Jackson, Munroe and Charlie (yes we watch Revolution) think boy names are much harder!hmm

donnas1984 Tue 17-Dec-13 11:22:58

pressed the button too early!
dh finishes on Friday but they have asked him to work over time every night this week. makes no sence whatsoever!
one if my best friends us currently in labour si im waiting with baited breath for some news!

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 11:41:39

Donna, I saw that your DD has got chicken pox. Have you had it before? Are you worried at all?

And no, that makes no sense at all re the overtime. How odd. Are there many others being laid off?

Mrs, no, I don't see the midwife until 9th Jan when I'll be 9 weeks. Feels forever away as I'm 5+5 today.

I can't believe you're all almost halfway through. Why are other people's pregnancies so fast?!

I'm a bit achey where the uterus is stretching, but not many other symptoms yet. It may be a bit early yet though. Or I may have a totally different pregnancy to last time.

How are you all finding this pregnancy compared to the last one?

Mrs, I bet you're excited about this Christmas / birthday as your DS will be more aware, won't he?

I'm so tired today. DD woke at about 3.30 and I've been awake ever since. Yawn!

donnas1984 Tue 17-Dec-13 12:14:39

hungry ivr had chicken pox and I read it is only a problem in very late pregnancy. Shes a grumpy wee soul hope passes soon.
The entire temporary contract workforce have been paid off hes on a rolling 12 week contact and he thinks its to do with holiday pay. Has been told he might get a call to go back mid January which he thinks he will do untill he gets the business up and running!

SwedeAway Tue 17-Dec-13 15:24:20

Ah so today the great tiredness struck me down. Had a meeting this afternoon and found myself almost falling a sleep. I felt like I was going to pass out if I was not allowed to sleep. Have not had that dog tired feeling since...last time I was pregnant!

mrsm22 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:51:30

Hi Hungry, do you think it's going fast (my pregnancy)? It doesn't really feel it for me but I guess I am in the second trimester. I'm still feeling very tired all the time , but that's it symptom-wise. How are you feeling? I forgot you already had your appointment booked for 9th Jan, sorry Hungry, it must be the pregnant brains of ours. I feel exactly the same as I did when pregnant with my DS, keep thinking that maybe that means I'm having another baby boy. What do you think? Are you all ready for Xmas ? I am very excited as you're right , DS will be aware and can open all his presents etc. got his pirate birthday party on the 28th , which is only a week on Saturday. Can't believe my baby will be 2 so soon. How is your DD ? Have you had any news from work yet Hungry?
Donna - I'm totally the opposite to you in terms of finding out the sex, I am dying to know! And I can think of loads of boys named but hardly any girls. My DH loves the name Poppy for a girl and keeps suggesting it. Does it get shortened at all and is that how you spell it? I also like Maddison for a girl, Maddie for short. Please do give opinions? I am struggling for girls names. For a boy, I like Jamie, Ben, Max, Henry and Oscar.

donnas1984 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:00:42

mrsm when dd was little she was a right grubber so we called her poppychops which has stuck! sometimes we just call her chops haha but never pop or anything like that x

mrsm22 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:08:59

Hi Utopian - do you mind me asking what your business is? I am always interested to know when people set up on their own. My DH is self employed but still works for a firm. I have the provisional last day at work put forward as Friday 28th Feb! I'll be 25 weeks. I am already on countdown. I'm working just tomorrow morning and then thurs and Friday and that's me finished for Xmas! I hope this week flies. I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow afternoon which is the first time since my scan and blood tests so I'm a bit nervous in case anything wrong with blood tests, just want all to be ok so I can relax and enjoy Xmas.
Hi to everyone else too. Hard to keep up now we're on our I 3rd thread.

utopian99 Tue 17-Dec-13 20:03:13

Hi mrs , I'm an architect, what does your dh do? Ds is an Oscar!

Toothpastekissesno2 Tue 17-Dec-13 20:16:54

Hi everyone.
Just had a catch up though as everyone else find it difficult on phone when u have missed lots!
Swede -know that tiredness. Though my sickness and tiredness has dissipated quite a lot in last week.rather than thinking 'ooh thats a relief' I'm panicking it means something ominous. Three days to te scan...counting the minutes!

mrsm22 Tue 17-Dec-13 21:04:03

Hi Utopian, oscar is a lovely name. Does he have a middle name? DH is a taxi driver, not quite as flash as architect. Money is good but he has to work unsociable and long hours like Friday and Saturday nights. We spent a lot of money on training for DH and he passed all his truck/lorry licences (HGV and LGV etc) but then couldn't get a job in it without experience which is a bit if a joke as what's the point in doing the training and spending all that money if you can't get a job afterwards? But he's very good at driving and I think has almost every type of driving licence except tractor... Could be next.

mrsm22 Tue 17-Dec-13 21:05:22

Hi Toothpaste - Good luck with your scan!

SwedeAway Wed 18-Dec-13 05:38:50

So I am trying to unravel the 'mysteries' of antenatal care here. As usual, it is almost impossible to get any information. It is certainly a do-it-yourself attitude for everything. I am going to the hopsital this morning to have a blood test done, then I think I must take this test to a doctor who can then confirm that I am pregnant. After that, I am not sure at all. It is certainly not like it was in England where I just went to see my GP and after that it all happended 'automatically'. How I miss the NHS!!!

CallingAllEngels Wed 18-Dec-13 06:27:27

It's so different from country to country swede!

Here (NL) we went to GP first who said, "congratulations but you need to refer yourself to the midwives yourself. This is the closest practice." Went to midwife practice who gave me an info form to fill in and blood tests form and then made me an appt for 11/12 weeks. Was quite weird as until the blood test at 10 weeks they didn't even confirm I was actually pg!

But after last mc, my mws told us to get in touch as early as possible this time so they can give me an early scan at 8w.

Haven't caught up o thread. Late home with parents evening yesterday, course today, Christmas show tomorrow(which I'm in charge of). Can't wait till Friday!

SwedeAway Wed 18-Dec-13 08:56:48

Engels - yes it is so confusing. So I gave a blood test this morning. Apparently this is finalised in 2-3 hours and then sent to my GP. I have made an appointement to see my GP tomorrow morning although I suspect all they are going to do is to refer me to a Gyno (why one needs a Gyno is beyond me but apparently this is who I need to register with). Hopefully I will be a bit wiser by tomorrow but who knows...

HungryHorace Wed 18-Dec-13 10:39:57

That does sound very confusing, Swede. Hopefully it'll become clear sooner rather than later.

Your system sounds far clearer, Engels.

I've got my flexible work request meeting on Monday. Joy. No mention was made in the email about my pregnancy, but I suppose it's not relevant to the request.

Still not feeling overly pregnant apart from round ligament pain, but I'm sure I'll get there as I'm only 6 weeks' pregnant. :-)

SwedeAway Wed 18-Dec-13 11:06:30

Hungry - everything is always confusing and time consuming in this country. At least DH is coming with me to the dr tomorrow. I suspect we won't get much else done before the holidayssad

Isn't it strange how things can be so different even within the same country? I wasn't even allowed a booking in appointment until 8 weeks in my previous town. Here, I saw a MW for an hour (an hour! that's longer than I saw my last one for in the whole pregnancy!!!) on Monday (at 5 weeks) and she's been texting me (texting! actually using modern technology!) to arrange things since. I have flu jab on monday, early scan on Christmas Eve smile, bloods early in Jan, dating scan in Feb - all sorted by one lovely midwife. More reasons to love my new home!

I hope everyone else is keeping well. Are you feeling Christmassy yet?

Btw, is anyone still up for a book club?! I've just finished Gone Girl so was about to start something new. Anyone up for starting that Patrick Ness one with me?

Awakeagain Wed 18-Dec-13 20:02:50

Also implant out todaygringrin
Donna- fingers crossed I am as lucky as you
I would be over the moon

Awakeagain Wed 18-Dec-13 20:04:01

hmmMy other post disappeared
Was just askin if anyone had seen the thread some where on mn te other day which was whinging about midwives but had a great link in it

donnas1984 Wed 18-Dec-13 20:18:39

awake I tuink your super fertile as soon as its out so get busy wink. Also id calculated wrong I had mine out 3 days and got preg! crazy stuff xx

Awakeagain Thu 19-Dec-13 06:38:38

Wow donna even more amazing!!!

HungryHorace Thu 19-Dec-13 09:46:14

Swede, I hope your GP appointment is more enlightening than the info received to date!

Awake, I hope you've been DTD already. :-) Get going!

Toothpaste, good luck tomorrow!

mrsm22 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:53:06

Hello everyone,

Well i saw the midwife yesterday and got all my blood tests. Everything came back good. I listened to the baby's heartbeat and she felt my uterus and the baby. She said that my baby is measuring a bit bigger than 1 weeks, so maybe two weeks bigger or over. She said this was nothing to worry about but i am worrying now a bit. She said that the only concerns are you might have to be monitored to make sure the baby can pass through the pelvis. Am i worrying for nothing? The baby may even itself out but if not,is it just a case of if you are having a big baby that you might have to have a c-section?

HungryHorace Thu 19-Dec-13 10:03:33

It's still early days, mrs, baby could even out between now and d day. Don't worry too much yet.

And some people can give birth to big babies naturally, so even if baby is big you could still be OK.

FWIW it was the angle of DD's head which caused my EMCS, not her 9lb 7oz weight!

How lovely to hear the heartbeat. Are you 16 weeks now? They don't attempt to listen before that here, and then warn that it may not be possible.

I'm still not feeling that pregnant. 6+1 today. Time is going so slowly. :-/

mrsm22 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:29:44

Hi Hungry, i'm 15 weeks tomorrow but i also thought they didn't listen to the heartbeat until 16 weeks. It could be that i'm a week further on. Is that all it means though? I mean, if you are measuring big or bigger does it just mean they might give you a c-section? I was pleased to hear the heartbeat and get all good blood test results back.
How are you feeling? You still have a little while to go until your 12 week scan, i bet you are getting impatient. It will go quick though what with xmas etc. You had a big baby with your DD. What was the recovery like afte a c section?

HungryHorace Thu 19-Dec-13 10:42:03

You have to measure 3+ weeks more in the last few weeks before they do a growth scan. If you need one if those, they'll discuss your options once you've had it. IME, the growth scans are mostly wildly inaccurate! I'm not sure why they bother.

I'm fine. Wishing I didn't find out so early again as I have longer to wait for more substantive symptoms (though I am hot and sweaty and thirsty at night, and have round ligament pains, plus I'm definitely more tired, so am not symptomless entirely!).

My scan is 5 weeks on Monday and the midwife 3 weeks today.

Time does go relatively quickly, I suppose, but it could go more quickly. :-)

I've got my flexible work request meeting on Monday, which I can't really be arsed with, but never mind. I wonder if they'll mention the pregnancy, as they didn't in their email!

HungryHorace Thu 19-Dec-13 10:44:40

Oh, the recovery wasn't too bad really. I could walk shirt distances quite slowly after a couple of weeks. If you have one you will need a hand as you have DS already. My MiL will assist after next time.

It all depends on how well you heal and making sure you initially take it easy, I think.

Monstersaurus Thu 19-Dec-13 12:50:06

Hi all,
Glad to hear all is progressing well for those of you who have their BFPs.

I'm having a bit of a down day today, babies everywhere and I was so hopeful that I would be pregnant for Christmas. I know we're very early in our TTC story, but still. <stamps feet and throws toys out of cot> Ah well, AF is nearly out of the way for this month so here begins attempt #3.

Hope your visit to the doctor goes well Swede. Awake, fingers crossed for you.

SwedeAway Thu 19-Dec-13 12:54:08

Went to see the GP this morning who confirmed that my blood test confirmed that I am indeed pregnant. I am 5 weeks which kind of fits with my calculation as I thought I would be 5 weeks tomorrow. GP told me that I can self-refer to a Gyno so I have now done this and I am going to see him on the 8th January. So not much more I can do this side of Christmas I guess.

Told my parents last night. They are over the moon. My mum had already figured it out of course. She said I was starting to look a bit fatsmile

No real pg symptoms to talk about. Very bloated, super windy (sorry TMI) and hungry all the time. Also very very tired.

Last day at work today, on summer holiday from tomorrow. A million things to sort out before Sunday when we are heading to the Cape.

SwedeAway Thu 19-Dec-13 13:07:51

Monster - Sorry you are feeling down today! I am really keeping fx for your third attempt!

HungryHorace Thu 19-Dec-13 13:39:55

It's hard to hide it from mums, isn't it? I'm seeing my parents this weekend and I'm trying to work out what I can wear to look as slim as possible. Hmmm!

At least you've got the ball rolling now, which is exciting. It'll be interesting to see what the Gyno says at the appointment. I'm intrigued how it works!

Monster, sorry you're feeling down. When do you OV? You'll be close to a proper Christmas present baby! Third cycle lucky for you I hope. :-)

Windywinston Thu 19-Dec-13 20:35:12

Congratulations on the heartbeat Mrs. I got to hear my little one today, a week late but I couldn't go to the midwife last week as was working away. It's a wonderful thing isn't it.

Honestly I would try not to worry about the size issue if I were you. It very early days and sizing by touch alone is notoriously unreliable (although I've heard the scans aren't much better). I'm sure if there is an issue nearer the time they'll send you for growth scans. I have to have them this time but because they're worried about a small baby (DD was small).

Monster, I hope you get your BFP soon, I know how disappointing it is xx

HungryHorace Thu 19-Dec-13 20:42:43

Going by touch is VERY inaccurate. I had 3 separate midwives tell me that DD would be between 7-8 lbs after palpating my bump. Hmmmm!

donnas1984 Thu 19-Dec-13 20:50:11

Mrsm I have the mw tomorrow cant wait to hear he heartbeat have you felt any fluttering yet I can feel it at night i love it. I love being pregnant id be a surrogate! (feel free to remind me of this when im 38+weeks greeting to get started haha)
Hungry once the festivities are over it will start flying in!
Swede glad you got a bit of clarity today. xx
I'm on my phone and wanted to say i hope your feeling okay to whoever is feeling down but im so sorry u names gone right out my head! You know who you are! xx

donnas1984 Thu 19-Dec-13 20:51:09

monster! hope you ok xx

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 06:28:17

Good luck today, Toothpaste.

And still my only pregnancy symptom of any note is weird bloody dreams. Anybody know the science behind this?!

Monstersaurus Fri 20-Dec-13 10:30:33

Hope today goes well Toothpaste. Nothing beats seeing the little one and hearing that heartbeat.

I'm feeling a bit more positive today, thanks for all the happy thoughts. Onwards and BFP-wards!

mrsm22 Fri 20-Dec-13 10:33:16

Hi everyone, hope everyone is ok.
Hi Donna - I hope your midwife appointment goes well today. Yes it is lovely hearing the heartbeat. I haven't felt anything yet. I can't remember when it is that you usually start feeling the fluttering? Bit jealous that you have started to feel it. I'm not worrying about measuring bigger, at the end of the day it is better than measuring much smaller. And hopefully baby will even itself out soon.

Toothpastekissesno2 Fri 20-Dec-13 11:56:27

Hi everyone. Monster hope u feel more positive soon. Third month is very common month to get preg according to this thread.
Mixed 24 hours for me. My sis had her 12 week scan yesterday and only one baby has made it. So bitter sweet and she was pretty sad. She is very grateful for her one little fighter but it's a big head adjustment from the twin excitement. I had my 12 week scan this morning and was a ball of nerves. All fantastic though and the little one was jumping all over the place. Such a relief. I had got myself so worried. Amazing showing ds his little brother or sister on the screen. He even waved (but foes that at just about everyone at moment!). Going to wait til Christmas Eve to tell family in light of sisters news but will tell a few friends I'm seeing tonight.
Hpe everyone else is looking forward to Christmas be it with or without the wine! X

mrsm22 Fri 20-Dec-13 12:40:14

Congratulations Toothpaste on your scan! But very sad for your sister.

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 13:19:04

That's fantastic, Toothpaste. How exciting.

Very sad for your sister though. My friend lost a twin, but now she has her daughter she couldn't be happier.

I'm hungry and tired today. But otherwise no symptoms!

donnas1984 Fri 20-Dec-13 13:35:25

toothpaste ita very bittersweet about your dsis at least she stil
has one wee fighter and excellent to you on your scan!grin
mw appointment was brilliant apart from sobbing the minute I went in. thunk im more upset ahout dh loosing his job than I thought. then I heard wee bubbas heartbeat and nothing else seemed to matter! was 150 bpm for all you superstitious among us xx

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 13:44:20

High BPM equals girl, doesn't it Donna?!

Lovely to hear the heartbeat too.

And I bet they're well used to hormonal pregnant women crying on them!

Lucyjojo Fri 20-Dec-13 13:50:18

Hi everyone.
Ahh Donna I forgot about the bpm meaning girl or boy!! Can't remember which way it goes though...!
Sorry I haven't been around much this thread, don't think I've written anything since I started it, can't believe we are up to p5 already! I have been so busy with parties, and shopping, and work, and illnesses. Looking forward to christmas now though, just about got all my shopping done and am finishing work tomorrow for 2 weeks. I have been trying my hardest to not think about ttc this past week or so, but have been doing a bit of SS despite my best efforts. Not really sure when AF is due, monday I think but it has been early the past two months. I have been getting all the usual preAF symptoms so looks like she is on her way. No surprise though really this month, but it would have been nice if the month I stopped trying was the month that did it. Still, another few days and I will find out. Not sure yet whether I will POAS beforehand.
Toothpaste so sorry for your sister, the poor thing, what an emotional whirlwind to go through, and just before xmas. Really hope the other baby is ok, and she is too. Great news on your scan though!!! Does your DS understand what is going on?
Sorry you had no luck this cycle Monster, but still early days, hopefully the new year will bring a BFP for you, what a lovely way to start 2014!
Hi to all the preggers, glad you are having little flutterings and it is all going smoothly for you. Hungry I'm sure you will start to feel more pregnant as time goes on, and just be glad for the moment you aren't being sick all the time! Sounds like you are having pretty good symptoms with weird dreams and hunger though.
Kt how are you doing? And anyone else still ttc?

donnas1984 Fri 20-Dec-13 14:09:38

hungry yes dd was always higher than 145! said baby is quite low but I carried dd low looked ready to pop from about 7months

mrsm22 Fri 20-Dec-13 15:56:35

Hi Donna - my baby's heartbeat was 144 bpm on weds. I have never heard that about being a boy or girl. What do you think you are having? Just remind me of your due date Donna? I am 15 weeks today and due date 13th June. I am dying to know what I am having, I know you are waiting Donna but i just don't know how you do that. I am so impatient and I want to start properly picking names.
Hi Lucy - I finish work today at 5pm and then I am finished until 8th Jan. I can't wait. Glad you are looking forward to xmas and have nearly finished your xmas shopping. Could well be that over the xmas festive period is when it happens for you!
Hungry - Istill just feel hungry and tired so not complaining with those symptoms. I haven't had any fluttering but i think it's anything from 16/17 weeks usually for second babies. It will all start happening for you soon. I wonder how your meeting will go with work on monday. Definitely bring up being pregnant and they might insist there's no point coming back.

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 16:06:00

Mrs, that's a lovely long break. Then not long til your mat leave. Yay!

I was stupid and did another OPK today, just to check. It was my second wee and after 2 pints of squash so was almost clear and I still got a cracking line, so it cheered me up a bit.

I felt DD by about 11 weeks and had my first kick by about 14-15 weeks! She's always been a strong little thing! If you feel second babies sooner it'll be any day now, ha ha. :-)

Bet you can't wait to feel your little baby kick.

Poor DD is really teething now...reminds me of that song: All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth! She's struggling to take her bottle because it hurts and she finds sleeping hard too. I hate seeing it. :-(

Lucy, SS is always there, isn't it? I'd love for you to fall this month. It'd be so great.

I suppose I should go and pack for our weekend away. Effort!

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 16:06:49

Oh, and I've told work I'm pregnant. They've not taken the sodding bait. Boo!

mrsm22 Fri 20-Dec-13 16:29:15

Hi Hungry - where are you going away and are you back home for xmas?
I can't wait to finish for xmas and then it's not long left until I go on mat leave. HC confirmed my last day today as Friday 28th Feb, so I will come back from xmas on 8th Jan and have to work just til end of Feb. I'll be on holiday (or getting paid holiday) until 2nd April and that's when my maternity leave will start. It is early to go on mat leave but i really want to spend some time with DS before baby comes.
Oh Hungry - I was the same, i kept doing pregnancy tests for a good few weeks after I knew I was pregnant and had even seen the doctor. I was just like you, kept thinking there were no real symptoms and had to keep proving to myself that I was 'still' pregnant or that it was definitely real. DH thought i was mad.
I wonder why your work haven't acknowledged you being pregnant. Maybe they are waiting to discuss it with you on monday. It would be a shame for you to go back for such a short time.
Can't wait to feel some baby movement.

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 16:44:16

We are going down south to my home town. Only for one night though, so definitely back for Christmas. Which we are having at home, just the 3 of us, which will be lovely.

It's kind of bonkers having the meeting when I'm only back for 6 weeks, but they have to do it. I'd expect the pregnancy to be mentioned, if nothing else.

I'm glad you were the same as me, mrs, with your testing. I was very impressed with the test this morning. It'd be nice to have more symptoms though. But my sister keeps reminding me I had barely any at this point last time either. How can I not remember 13 months ago?!??

What is everyone doing for Christmas? Is everyone excited? Almost all of your DCs are aware now, so it'll be lovely for you. :-)

I imagine we will have the European cardboard mountain come mid morning Christmas Day!

donnas1984 Fri 20-Dec-13 17:35:32

mrs im 15+5 due 8th june.
I'm having Christmas dinner at my mum and dads but all the family come to mine for breakfast as we have the LO next year will be different as my sis will have a baby but she stays about a 3 minute walk from megrin
Boxing day we got to the inlaws which is brutalsad normally have a bottle of wine and some shots to get me through they are a strange lot.

BetterNotBitter Fri 20-Dec-13 17:39:08

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been super busy over the last week or so & haven't made it on to MN.

Glad you're feeling more positive today monster I think low days are inevitable when TTC.

Ooooh toothpaste donnas & mrs your scams/apps have been lovely to hear about, pleased all is well with you, lovely to have seen/heard your littleies, it's so long in these early days without confirmation that things are ok so lovely for you to have had that reassurance. They told me my DD was big all the way through last time mrs had me petrified she wouldn't fit through my pelvis as I'm small framed anyway but she was 7lb4oz born! So a load of rubbish. It's so hard not to get hung up on these kind of things though.

So sorry to hear about your sister toothpaste. Well done you for being able to keep quiet for this long! You're doing so well, are you showing yet? You can't wait much longer!! But a Lovely kind gesture to your sister that you've waited this long.

Oh donnas bless you at your midwives appt, was she kind to you? How are you feeling about the redundancy now? I hope you're ok.

lucy I'm so so hoping your AF doesn't arrive. I think it's impossible not to symptom spot, especially when you're due AF. I was convinced I was going to get AF the month I got my BFP as my symptoms were all there but it was AFP instead, so hope it's the same for you.

hungry have a lovely weekend away. Selfishly, it's nice to hear that you and mrs are relatively symptom free too, I'm exactly the same, tired somethimes abit more hungry but that it. Nothing else. 8 weeks today. No idea what I was like this time last pregnancy but know I got sickness frequently at somepoint, it must have been by now?! I think the most disconcerting thing is that I just don't feel at all pregnant. I've got myself convinced that when I go for my scan they're going to say I've had a missed miscarriage or something. Can't bring myself to test. Can't even bring myself to read the pregnancy week by week things, which I love even when I'm not bloody pregnant!

My minds been taken off it this week though as LO is ill, really terrible flu, temps over 39, awful wheezy cough & she often can't breathe, especially through the night so we've had next to no sleep the past three nights. Took her to the doc today, he said her chest is clear etc so at least it's nothing major. Hopefully it will pass in time for christmas as she doesn't have the energy to do anything at all at the moment, not even eat poor thing sad

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 17:49:20

Your poor DD, Better. I hope she's better soon. There's so many bugs around it's almost impossible to avoid them getting something.

I like that others have no real symptoms to speak of too. I have started to get round ligament pain when I cough / sneeze. It's not every time though, thankfully, as I have a sneezy cold / tickly cough.

To be honest once you get past 8 weeks there's no point testing as your hcg levels are so high the test can get confused and show as negative even though it's not. You'd have to dilute your wee with water to get a positive result. It's best not to even start to scare yourself, I reckon! :-)

I'm not sure how good my weekend will be. My mum's anxiety is getting worse for some reason and she's really not herself. She's been badgering us (and my sister) for an arrival time which we have no clue about as we don't know when we are leaving or what the traffic is going to be like. It's so frustrating.

Donna, your ILs sound a bit 'special'. How will you cope this year?!

mrsm22 Fri 20-Dec-13 19:51:10

Good evening everyone!
So happy I've now finished work for Xmas. I'm really looking forward to Xmas, especially seeing DS open all his presents. We are going to my mum and dads on Xmas day and the inlaws on Boxing Day. Then a week tomorrow on the 28th it's my DS's birthday and having a party, got 21 people coming. Can't believe he will be 2!
Donna - I forget how close we are. I'm 15 weeks today. I hope I start to feel movement soon.
Better - sorry to hear about your DD, I hope she is better soon. It's scary when they have a high temperature. Unfortunately there is so much going about, like Hungry says. Everyone comes to work poorly which really annoys me. Thanks for what you said about big baby, you do panic in case you have to be induced or have to have a c section. I know a lot of people choose to have one so maybe it's not all that bad. I'd like to do it natural if I can though.

Kt1991 Fri 20-Dec-13 20:42:17

I’m fine thanks lucy think I am in the 2ww now, feels like start of ovulation today so will see what happens! How are you? I hope it happens for you this month! I really don’t feel like I have the effort to keep ‘trying’ ! I have booked a docs apt for 2nd week of Jan if I’m not pregnant this cycle to see what the Dr. says. When will you POAS?
hungry where abouts down south is your home town?
Lucky you mrs finishing for work and having a nice few weeks off! I have work Monday 23rd then back again on the 30th for my usual 3 days.
toothpaste glad your scan went well smile sorry to hear about your sister, bet you can’t wait to tell everyone about you!
better I hope your DD is better soon, there is so many bugs going around at the moment! I am just getting over a cold which I got as soon as I had a back massage last week, so not sure if I had a reaction to the oils at all? Saying that DS has a mild cold too, so possibly caught from him! Hope she is better in time for Xmas.
donna glad your MW apt went well, I can’t believe you and mrs are 15 weeks already!

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 20:58:34

Kt, it's Northamptonshire. About 170 miles from where we live. It's a bit of a trek. :-/

The weather looks like it might be awful too. And I've got to hide my pregnancy from my parents. Sigh.

I really need to pack now.

Fx you get a new year BFP. :-)

CallingAllEngels Fri 20-Dec-13 21:01:01

Lucy and kt I'm half way through the 2ww. Was very weak and poas earlier (only 7dpo so of course bfn!).

Af is due 27th. Was wondering about testing 25th but maybe too early. It's a long shot this month anyway as not really enough dtd!

my annoying colleague started flashing her scan phots around at break yesterday waving in my face I made some polite noises then got up and left the staffroom...a bit too much sad Still was crazy busy all day (Christmas show) so didn't really ahve time to dwell on it. Reckon her due date must be about the same time as mine would have been though. I really am going to have to avoid her at all costs if I'm not pg this month.

toothpaste sorry to hear about your dsis.

so glad to be on holiday for 2 weeks now. Heading back to the uk on Monday and spending Christmas with my mum and dad, dbro, dsis and dbil (well, staying I n a hotel!).

Kt1991 Fri 20-Dec-13 21:11:23

Sorry to hear about your colleague calling must be a horrible situation to be in, glad your off though smile Sorry you also got a BFN, BUT it is still very early so don’t let that dishearten you! There might be enough to pick up a BFP on on Xmas day, but you might forget to POAS with all the excitement of Xmas so you can wait till after AF due then lol.
Not sure how far away that is from me hungry Good luck with the hiding the pregnancy! When will you tell them?

HungryHorace Fri 20-Dec-13 21:35:56

Engels, sorry about your stupid colleague. You'd think she would try to be more subtle than that.

Enjoy your time with your family in the UK. Fx for a Christmas BFP.

Kt, you're on the south coast, aren't you? We are going about 60 miles north of London. I've been down your way but can't remember how far it was!

We shall tell my parents after the scan. My mum has anxiety and it's quite bad at the moment apparently, so I'd prefer things to be a touch more secure before letting on.

SwedeAway Sat 21-Dec-13 03:33:34

Morning everyone. Up early because I can't sleep. That's something I do remember from first pregnancy- the insomniasad

Still it gives me time to prepare for our trip. Leaving on Sun night for Cape Town. It's a long bloody drive (about 1300km) so should take 13-14 hours. We have done it a few times before but not with DD, grandparents and Dh's aunt. Should be a right nightmareshock

My mum thinks I am showing already. Although I also think I have expanded in the front I am sure this is all just being very bloated. I mean the baby must be like the size of a grain of rice (or even smaller).

Hope everyone is feeling good today.

CallingAllEngels Sat 21-Dec-13 07:04:20

Tbf, I haven't told her about my mc though she does know we're trying. She's just a very annoying person to be around because she is one of those people who can't talk about anything else when she's pg. There are over 100 teachers in my school so it won't be too hard to make sure I don't have to sit next to her for lunch the next few months.

wow swede, what an epic journey. Good luck.

hungry we waited till scan last time too. Reckon we will do the same this time, especially since we want to make surewe have a sticky bean.

HungryHorace Sat 21-Dec-13 07:31:46

Swede, that makes my 170 mile journey look like child's play! I don't envy you at all. I couldn't be arsed with that.

And YY to insomnia. Once I'm awake, it's hell to drop back off. Which is difficult when you've got a non-sleeping through baby!

I had my first morning sickness today when my body protested at having to get up just after 5 so we could get on the road.

Engels, that's not so insensitive then. And at least you can avoid her! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for this month.

I bought DD a panda onesie from Next the other week which she's wearing for the car journey. It's just too cute!

Is it bedtime yet?!

SwedeAway Sat 21-Dec-13 13:02:30

Yep it's a long way to drive but everyone does it here for the summer. They call it 'the big trek' when everyone gets into their car and heads for the coast. Long trip but so worth it to get white sandy beaches.

HungryHorace Sat 21-Dec-13 15:48:26

Is the traffic really bad for the trip? That's be horrendous if you had traffic jams too.

The beaches sound lovely.

Do your ILs live at the Cape or is it just that you're all going for the holiday?

donnas1984 Sat 21-Dec-13 17:42:41

oh dear folks I'm one crabbit ba*ta*d tonight!
Heartburn has set in so my new companion is a bottle of peptac liquidsad.
swede so jealous of your holidays its sounds fantastic xx

mrsm22 Sat 21-Dec-13 19:52:16

Hi Hungry, are you there yet? I hope you've arrived safely, the weather has turned really windy here and is said to be bad for Xmas unfortunately.
Donna - I've been having heartburn for the last week or so, I think it's something to do with the baby getting hair. I usually get mine in the morning but it wears off x

HungryHorace Sat 21-Dec-13 20:58:21

We got here just after 9am. No stops, 2 3/4 hours! Better than last time's 7 hours!

I'm dreading the return trip with the turn in the weather. It's really windy here too so doesn't bode well really. :-/

Lucyjojo Sat 21-Dec-13 21:20:54

Evening all, very jealous of your trip to the coast Swede. It is FREEZING here. Not as freezing as it could be though so shouldn't moan. I finished work today for two weeks, and only going back in 1 day a week for the first two weeks of january so I've got a nice bit of holiday coming up fsmile. Glad you arrived safe and sound Hungry, are you only staying for tonight? Is it your parents you are visiting? If so, hope your Dmum is ok.
Err sorry about the heartburn ladies, it was my faithful companion for months with DD, very unpleasant. DH always said he is going to take out shares in toilet paper and gaviscon when I was next pg!!
Engels sorry about your stupid colleague. Hope you manage to avoid her successfully. Its not nice having it rubbed in your face is it, even if it is unintentional. I am sick of hearing about people that are pregnant.
Panda onesie sounds amaaaazing Hungry!! Have you put pics of it on fb??
I think I might POAS tomorrow morning. I never actually really believe it when it says BFN, there's still a little bit of me that is hopeful until AF arrives, but I think it does help soften the blow a little bit. And also..why the hell not, I have loads of pee sticks! AF is due on monday, I think, so do you think the result will be accurate with FMU?

Lucyjojo Sat 21-Dec-13 21:22:21

Ooh just seen your fb pics Hungry. Your DD is so very cute!

weebairn Sat 21-Dec-13 21:23:10

Could I join?
Just had my coil removed, my baby is 15 months old.

HungryHorace Sat 21-Dec-13 21:31:52

Thank you, Lucy. We love the panda suit! :-)

And yes, visiting my parents and my sister. My mum is kind of OK, but could be better. It's all very odd.

If you're due Monday you are in for a good go at getting an accurate result, yes. And I think you should most definitely POAS!

donnas1984 Sat 21-Dec-13 21:32:01

welcome weebairn! This is a very lucky thread! never had the coil how long does it take to get back to normal? Xx

HungryHorace Sat 21-Dec-13 21:32:38

And hi wee! Good luck. :-)

weebairn Sat 21-Dec-13 21:35:27

thanks donnas1984!

This was a copper coil. No hormones so fertility should be back straight away. I'm still breastfeeding my baby but have had periods since she turned 1. In fact the doctor told me I could get pregnant instantly! I think I am just about to start my period right now.

ChineseFireball Sat 21-Dec-13 21:53:54

Hello smile have been lurking for a little while (sorry) and thought I'd just pop in and say hi. Am in the 2ww at the moment and had forgotten how infuriatingly slowly time goes. I thought it would seem to go more quickly because of Christmas but no such luck! Think AF is due 31/12 but I've not been particularly good at writing dates down so it could be earlier. We haven't told anyone else that we are trying (although DH is at MIL's at the moment so she might know by now fhmm) so I'm trying on a new nn too.

Lucyjojo Sat 21-Dec-13 22:04:05

Hi weebairn welcome along, and good luck to you. How long did it take you to conceive DD?
Hello and welcome Chinese too, nice to meet you! 2WW is a killer isn't it, I thought the same with it being christmas it would go quicker, but not true. How long have you been trying for? Do you already have a DC?
Hungry you still haven't lost your POAS obsession despite getting the result you wanted!! I will do it in the morning when I wake up, which hopefully won't be too early, and let you know. That's if AF doesn't greet me instead. Was the month you got your BFP the month you sort of did SMEP? I can't remember very well!

ChineseFireball Sat 21-Dec-13 22:09:55

Hi Lucy thanks for the welcome. We have DS who is 22mo and this is cycle #1. Probably why I'm so excited about it... fgrin

HungryHorace Sat 21-Dec-13 22:12:09

Yes, it was the half arsed SMEP which did it for us!

But we did it 2 days before my smiley and the day after, and that was enough to get a BFP.

Fx for tomorrow!

Hi Chinese. :-)

Lucyjojo Sat 21-Dec-13 22:17:50

My DD will be 22 months in Jan so we might end up with similar age gaps between DCs Chinese!
I think I might try SMEP next cycle. Going to throw everything I've got at it in the new year. I'm not feeling hopeful right now. I'm feeling some cramping that I always get just before AF. Hmph.

SwedeAway Sun 22-Dec-13 04:24:17

Morning all! So today we start our loooooong drive south. I almost wish it was just for a holiday but it is actually to visit the ILs. We had actually planned a small detour afterwards to do part of the wine-route but alas since I am now pg I am not too keen on the whole wine 'tasting' (I mean who really spits it out) experience so I think we'll skip it.

Started to have some guilty feelings about DD. How is she going to feel with a new baby? She has had our undivided attention for so long. I am the youngest of two so have never experienced a younger sibling. Has anyone else felt this way or am I just being silly?

Hi to the newbies!

HungryHorace Sun 22-Dec-13 07:23:46

Hope the drive is ok, Swede.

And that's a shame about wine tasting as it's a good way to get pissed for nothing done properly! :-)

I think everyone worries about their PFB. Even though DD is too young to remember what being an only is like, I still worry that I won't be able to give her enough of my attention after this one is born. Especially as she's only a baby still and will need us for everything. :-/

But, I don't think we really need to worry as I don't think I've ever met any traumatised older siblings! (I'm the youngest too.)

weebairn Sun 22-Dec-13 08:30:11

Thanks for the welcome!

It took us about 4 months to conceive DD. I had been on the pill for a long time previous to that though so I was glad it wasn't too long. This time I told myself I'd be patient but I've only had the coil out a couple of weeks and I'm so excited already. Must. Calm. Down. I think my period has just started so just hoping it will happen sometime in early 2014.

I am not worried about DD with another baby: she adores other kids. A baby brother or sister would probably be the best thing I could ever give her.

Monstersaurus Sun 22-Dec-13 10:37:03

Morning all, and welcome to the newbies. I'm hoping that DS takes well to a new addition - he likes babies so long as they aren't in our house, then he gets clingy. He is very sweet with them outside our four walls though, so there is hope.

Have a safe drive Swede. Sounds like the journey will be worth it! We're having Christmas at home this year with parts of both sides of the family. Just one more shift to do and then I'll be off. fgrin

Lucyjojo Sun 22-Dec-13 11:07:03

Morning. Well I ended up doing two tests as the first one didn't look like it had worked properly. Both BFN anyway so doesn't look like I'm pg this cycle. Just waiting for AF to appear tomorrow now. Going to do our food shopping tomoz, crazy I know, so will be stocking up on the wine and cheese and smoked salmon! Maybe even a bottle of baileys....are you jealous you pregnant ones?? fgrin
I was the same Swede when I started trying for #2, I felt incredibly guilty and mean on DD to think I would have to divide my attention, but the longer it goes on not being able to give her a sibling I think she would much prefer someone to grow up with and play with, and complain about parents with!! Good luck with the drive, hope it goes well and it won't be long before you are sat on a nice warm beach.
What are everyone else's plans for today?

donnas1984 Sun 22-Dec-13 12:10:28

Lucy I love baileys its the perfect end to a massive meal on Christmas day! Yes I am a tad jealous!
I worry dd will feel left out but i think its a natural thought us preggos worry about everything else haha!

Kt1991 Sun 22-Dec-13 12:19:41

Sorry it was a BFN lucy Don’t give up hope yet though keep testing if AF doesn’t arrive! Good luck for the food shop tomorrow. Thankfully were at families over Xmas so I don’t really have to cook an Xmas meal! Although we are having DMIL and her DH over for a meal on Xmas Eve, I forgot part of the meal though so gonna have to pop over to Tescos shortly it’s gonna be manic though!

CallingAllEngels Sun 22-Dec-13 12:40:32

Welcome wee and chinese

I have a feeling ladies. I'm feeling nauseous and the only time in my life I've felt like this is when I've been pg. Just poas and it was BFP, but AF not due till Friday and wasn't fmu.

Have one more test at home which I might try and do on Christmas morning with fmu (getting up at supid o'clock tomorrow to drive to UK) and will pick up some FR tests when we pop into the supermarket ont he way to our hotel tomorrow.

I feel lucky!

Lucy, if I get BFN on the 25th I will be getting stuck into the Baileys with my DM and Dsis! And fx - there's still a chance this month!

This the first time I have ever been tempted to poas before AF is due - I blame you lot!

HungryHorace Sun 22-Dec-13 12:44:36

Ah, Lucy, sorry it was BFN. :-( Let's hope it's a shy one.

And I love a Baileys!

This is my second Christmas pregnant in a row, so I'm really missing out. Ah well!

I'm feeling icky today. Morning sickness has well and truly started. :-/

HungryHorace Sun 22-Dec-13 12:47:34

Ooh, Engels. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :-)

It's very exciting.

CallingAllEngels Sun 22-Dec-13 13:28:32

Doh, just poas and it was BFN that should say!!!!!!

ChineseFireball Sun 22-Dec-13 23:08:31

Boo for BFNs :-(
Oh Horace I hope your ms isn't too bad. With DS I was sick twice a day, every day for 8 weeks. Ack.
Very brave doing shopping today. We totally chickened out and had it delivered! I was really worried they were going to send us loads of weird substitutions but it wasn't too bad actually. Unfortunately I tried to be clever and "foretold" that there would be no biscuits for cheese left by the time they did my order so I bought in a contingency box and lo and behold...now I have 2 boxes. All you pregnant women pass over your smelly cheese. I have crackers to spare :-D
It's so difficult to reply to the thread on my phone because I forget what everyone has said so please forgive me if I miss something.
Hope the journey is going/has gone ok, Swede (it was you wasn't it?).

Toothpastekissesno2 Mon 23-Dec-13 08:27:49

Ooh Engels u had me going for a moment there with your bfp...I think a feeling goes a long way though so test again! How many days post ov areu or do u not really know?
Welcome Chinese and Wee! My ds is 14 months and I am 12.5 weeks preg after two months of trying. First time it took 5 months so I am still in shock. My sis is pretty much the same stage and we are waiting til chritsmas eve to tell her and my parents. Can't wait now. It's been a long wait! Told inlaws yesterday and my mil said 'oh right.' She is a funny one! My mum will be much more enthusiastic (I hope).
I'm feeling less sick now but veeeery tired still. And emotionally up and down. Ds screamed all the way to inlaws yesterday (was meant to be napping.) and I burst into tears and shouted at my husband!
Lucy hope your af is your last(if it comes) for a while. I think some early 2014 bfps are due!
No heartburn for me yet but last time it hit hard in third trimester and was awful!!

Monstersaurus Mon 23-Dec-13 10:35:53

<opens box of biscuits and starts looking for smelly cheese>

Engels I got very excited at your typo. Fingers are crossed for you.

I'm now off until after Christmas. Coming into our fertile window so some quiet DTD coming up in the next week whilst we have visitors.

Hope you all have smooth journeys to your festive destinations.

SwedeAway Mon 23-Dec-13 11:09:00

Still on the road but almost there now. It's so bloody hot here, like 35 degrees ( in the shade). Feeling rather nauseous but not sure if that's from being pg or as a result of me being on mnsmile

mrsm22 Mon 23-Dec-13 11:26:40

Hi Lucy, just wanted to say sorry for your BFN. As Hungry says, let's hope it's a shy one and just too soon to show up. On the plus side, enjoy your smoked salmon. I went and did the food shop yesterday, it was heaving and stressful and I was glad to be out of there. We are going to have to go back on the 27th, on Friday as my DS's bday and party is Saturday and got a big houseful for his party but it will be party food..lots of it.
Hungry - how was your weekend away? Are you suffering with morning sickness? Did u have that with your DD? If so, another baby girl maybe?
I've read that you usually start to feel fluttering at 17 weeks with the second baby so I'm hoping I'm another two weeks or less that I will start to feel it.
Hi Kt, how are you? How's everyone else? Sorry not been on as much lately, still very tired and just on count down for Xmas. Only 2 sleeps to go! I hope everyone has a wonderful Xmas x

HungryHorace Mon 23-Dec-13 12:59:30

We can have smoked salmon, mrs. And I am, for breakfast in scrambled egg on Christmas morning. :-)

Our weekend away was lovely, if tiring. My morning sickness is a bit on and off for the moment but it is still early, and it didn't start until 7 weeks last time, so the fact it's not kicked in properly yet doesn't worry me.

Busy week for you, mrs. But so exciting. :-) Is your DS really excited too?

Swede, the nausea is probably a mix of both. Hope you've arrived safe and sound now and the weather is lovely. It's crap here!

CallingAllEngels Mon 23-Dec-13 16:38:43

Didn't mean to cause so muchexcitement! Must type more carefully (freudian slip - perhaps it was a sign of things to come!).

Made it to UK but just in time, heard they have closed the port at Dover since we came in this am because of high winds.

Bought a few tests at supermarket, got some clear blue as they didn't have any frer. Going to test 25th. Reckon I am 10 dpo now. Have still been feeling nauseous today.

Hungry, in NL smoked salmon (vacuum packed) is on eof the only things they really tell younot to eat (along with undercooked red meat and bagged salad). Most cheese is fine as they can't sell it in the supermarket here if it's not pasteurised.

Don't know how much I'll be on the next few days but will def let you all know when I poas. No internet a4 our hotel ut at my parenst rightnow.

ToffeeJungle Mon 23-Dec-13 17:35:27

Just wanted to say hello and join the thread if I may?! smile

Stopped taking the pill last month, had AF from 4th - 9th Dec and have been dtd every other day since then!

No symptoms as yet though am guessing it is way too early for that so here's crossing fingers & toes and waiting patiently!!!!

Good luck one and all! smile

Isn't it funny how the rules on what to eat differ so much? Smoked salmon and bagged salad both considered fine here! Good luck with the test * Engels*

Welcome toffee grin

I had flu jab today and got early scan to check it's not ectopic tomorrow. Fx.

I hope all of you with long journeys to make have smooth roads and fine weather. It's a bit blowy out there!

Lucyjojo Mon 23-Dec-13 19:53:24

I was just thinking the same thing ATruth! I was the one that mentioned to my mw about smoked fish and meats, she'd never thought before that you shouldn't eat them!? I also will be having smoked salmon and scrambled for xmas brekkie Hungry, wanted some bucks fizz but couldn't find any in the shops anywhere, and can't be bothered buying a whole bottle of fizz to mix with orange juice! I will be driving to my parents anyway for lunch so can't drink in the morning.
Engels I also got very excited for you, so more care next time when typing please!!! Glad you made it to the uk ok, hope you have a lovely stay and a lovely xmas, don't feel too sick but also get your bfp!! Let us know asap either way what the result is.
I went to asda today. crazy. absolutely crazy. was queuing for the till for half an hour. only when I was stood in line did I notice the click and collect adverts, will definately be doing that next year!!!
Soo AF still hasn't arrived for me. Not sure what to think really. I'm not even sure if I'm due today or already a day late....last period, or cd1 was 28th nov, I always have regular 25 day cycles, except the last two cycles which were 23 and then 24. But I did those tests yesterday morning which were both a definite BFN. No symptoms other than very tender boobs, which usually goes away the day before AF arrives but it hasn't done yet. I actually don't want to be pg this cycle as I am looking forward to wine and cheese and lovely food!!! I will POAS again in the morning if still no AF. Fighting off running to Asda now for a FRER......

Lucyjojo Mon 23-Dec-13 19:54:08

Oh sorry, hello Toffee!! DO you have DC already?

CallingAllEngels Mon 23-Dec-13 19:56:05

Woo-hoo! Free wi-fi in our hotel and ds is finally asleep (for now!).

Fx for tomorrow Truth.

Welcome toffee.

Weather is hideous. Can hear the wind howling outside. Horrible here in SE. Hope everyone is safe inside.

popped to supermarket and it was ridiculous. Queues were enormous..spent longer queueing than shopping!

CallingAllEngels Mon 23-Dec-13 19:59:52

X post lucy. My typo just shows how convinced I am! If I get a bfp I am tempted to share with my family on Christmas Day. They all know about mc, so it's their shoulders I'll be crying on if it all goes pear-shaped again.

ChineseFireball Mon 23-Dec-13 20:59:36

Horrible wind and rain here too (Midlands). Isn't it about time we had some nice crisp dry frosty weather? It is December, after all. Am trying very hard not to do any symptom spotting but every twinge makes me go "hmmm..."!

FX for your scan tomorrow, ATruth. And Lucy so infuriating about the BFNs sad I hope AF either turns up soon for you so at least you know, or that the BFP pops up waving at you (obviously better the 2nd option!).

Kt1991 Mon 23-Dec-13 21:26:26

Welcome to toffee and chinese and any other newbies I’ve missed! Good luck for your scan Atruth do let us know how you get on.

I’m good thanks mrs how are you?
This weather is horrible! We live on a top floor flat, and right now it feels like were about to blow away! The winds are pretty bad up this high, but very loud right now! I’ve finished for work until 30th now which I’m happy about it, so we won’t be going out tomorrow if its still like this!

Hope you get your BFP soon lucy and engels! annoying when you just don’t know whats going on with your body! The nauseous may be sign!

Hows your journey going swede are you there now?

lindsay82 Mon 23-Dec-13 21:42:21

Hi everyone! Total newbie, hope you don't mind me joining in. Just starting ttc ASAP. Thought I might have been pregnant last week but af came along on Sunday night and when we realised how disappointment we both were we decided to ttc. Haven't used protection for a couple of years but haven't really been ttc. Fingers crossed! Xx

donnas1984 Tue 24-Dec-13 08:09:04

wow ive missed alot!
Toothpaste I hope all goes well telling your family todaygrin bet they will be over the moon!
Swede have you completed your migration to the coast?wink
Lucy and Engels I hope you both unwrap/poas bfps tomorrow!
Everyone else how are you all keeping I need to go to the butchers this morning for Christmas breakfast im dreading it, it will be mobbed and its a tad blustery out there shall we say!
dd unsettled most of the night with the wind dh eventually took her down the stairs and slept on the couch with her!

donnas1984 Tue 24-Dec-13 08:09:47

oops also hello to all the newbies xx

BetterNotBitter Tue 24-Dec-13 09:04:58

Hi everyone, dont have time to read back sad but just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas as I doubt I'll be back on before the weekend now.

weebairn Tue 24-Dec-13 11:32:45

I am having the heaviest period ever, can't wait for it to be over so I can have lots of sex and make a baby!! Damn periods. Mine didn't come back for a year after the baby, it was very nice...

weebairn Tue 24-Dec-13 11:33:00

Happy Christmas all!

Lucyjojo Tue 24-Dec-13 15:13:37

Merry Christmas to everyone too! My AF still hasn't arrived, 2 days late now. Done several different tests and they all come back negative so I will be tucking into lots of wine over the next few days! Hope everyone has a lovely time x

HungryHorace Tue 24-Dec-13 17:27:11

Guaranteed to be a shy one now, Lucy! :-)

Merry Christmas everyone...hope everyone has a wonderful time. Xx

ToffeeJungle Tue 24-Dec-13 18:55:42

Yes Lucy I've got a DS who id 15 months old.

Not liking the 2ww, Christmas is a nice distraction though!

Merry Christmas one & all!! smile

ChineseFireball Tue 24-Dec-13 20:45:54

Merry Christmas to everyone! smile

CallingAllEngels Wed 25-Dec-13 08:43:46

BFN here...bring on the Baileys!

Merry Christmas everyone.

HungryHorace Wed 25-Dec-13 10:09:53

I'm sorry, Engels.

Have one (or two) for me!

Happy Christmas. Xx

Awakeagain Wed 25-Dec-13 11:15:59

sad Sorry to hear bfn Engels
Hope you mange to have a few wine and enjoy the day

donnas1984 Wed 25-Dec-13 23:16:57

Merry Christmas!
Sorry for your bfn engels big hugs xx

Merry Christmas all wine

Sorry about the bfn Engels sad

We had an additional present today - ds seems to have chicken pox. Brilliant. I've spent the evening stressing, then reassured myself that the pregnancy was at no risk as I've had it before but just found four small spots on my hip. Bugger. I know they must be insect bites but I'm now going crazy on Google. Will go to out of hours tomorrow.

HungryHorace Wed 25-Dec-13 23:47:17

Bloody hell, ATruth. I saw your thread about it.

Definitely get to OOH tomorrow for both of you now.

How was yesterday's scan?

Scan was good thanks. Too small to measure, but definitely in the right place and clear (but tiny) heartbeat. Phew!

The 'chicken pox' appears to have faded hmm He slept brilliantly and has woken up with paler spots. Not sure now. I think it might just be a rash.

HungryHorace Thu 26-Dec-13 08:28:31

That's exciting about the scan. :-)

Do you think you'll get DS looked at anyway, just in case? Difficult one, isn't it?

Lucyjojo Thu 26-Dec-13 11:06:48

Morning all, hope you had a wonderful christmas. Sorry about the possible chicken pox ATruth, have the spots on your hip disappeared too? Have you definately had it before? If so then I'm pretty sure you won't be at risk. It is so hard making these kind of calls isn't it! I think it's always better to err on the side of caution though.
Sorry about your bfn Engels. Hope you enjoyed the baileys! Could it still be too early?
I had a great day yesterday but it was overshadowed a bit by my wtf situation. I tried not to think about it, but it's so hard not to isn't it! Still no AF here, any signs I had that she was on her way are long gone now. I keep getting bfns though. I've done another two this morning with FMU, a FRER and an asdas own, both clear negatives. I think I've used own brand tests from every supermarket and chemist around now so what the hell is going on!!! I had a few drinks yesterday, some pate, smoked salmon and brie, and then got to last night and felt so guilty as maybe I could be pregnant and I am pickling the wee thing. What is the most likely situation?? AF is late or I am one of those mystery women who never get a positive??

BitScary Thu 26-Dec-13 13:08:20

Just joining/marking place. Made a decision to ttc a fraction too late this month to get a proper go smile. Long 36 day cycles for me and af nearly done so I'm in for a bit of a wait til January. Really bloody broody! Dd is 2 in jan.

ChineseFireball Thu 26-Dec-13 13:57:06

I hope everyone had a good day yesterday :-)
Lucy how infuriating it must be :-( I hope your BFP is just lurking. I wouldn't worry about the stuff you've eaten/drunk at all - lots of people are in the same situation and have had no ill effects at all.
Hope the chicken pox isn't, iykwim, atruth.
Sorry about the BFN,*engels*, but huzzah for Bailey's!
I'm trying to tempt a BFP by drinking wine (moderately of course wink ). 2-4 days to wait. Have some cramps and am weeing a lot (tmi sorry), and don't seem to have the hormonal grump I usually get with pmt but at the same time I don't "feel" pg. Not going to test until next Wednesday though (if I need to test, that is).
It's strange being active on MN again. Have lurked since my last AN bus moved over to ahem Facebook. grin

SwedeAway Thu 26-Dec-13 15:31:37

Hi all, so glad Christmas is done! Really missed my red wine and cheesehmm Loving the weather though as we have had glorious sunshine and 30-35 degrees so lots of time in the water!

Staying for another couple of days before starting our trip back. Not feeling pg but I look it as my belly is bloated and I want to eat constantly.

Hope everyone had a nice Xmas!

HungryHorace Thu 26-Dec-13 17:27:06

Sounds like a lovely trip, Swede. :-)

I'm feeling well and truly pregnant now as 'morning' sickness has well and truly arrived. I either feel sick constantly (it woke me last night) or I'm retching / being sick. Urgh.

I'm hungry when I eat, but the thought of food doesn't do much for me!

Lucy, don't worry too much as a pregnancy would be at too early a stage for baby to be affected. Do you do OPKs? Maybe you OV'd later than you thought? What is good is that on this thread BFPs tend to follow WTF cycles, if you aren't pregnant!

ATruth, did you go to OOH?

Hi to Bit! How frustrating for you. Good luck next month!

Toothpastekissesno2 Thu 26-Dec-13 18:07:03

Happy Christmas belatedly!
Welcome to new peeps. Goodluck!
Lucy - very frustrating! If it were me I would decide to not test til weekend and then do another one. That's just me!
Hungry well done on scan.
Thanks Donna.jt was so lovely telling my family. Sis almost fell off chair! She is very excited. Feels bit anti climax now chritsmas done. Think I've been looking forward to itso much it's weird now it's done! Ds had a nice day but we have been sharing a room with him and heis teething. Not fun! Glad to be home x

I'm with you on the nausea Hungry. Luckily I haven't been sick yet but I've been literally crawling around the house today. Feel dreadful. Actually about to go back to bed for the third time today.

Ds's spots have virtually gone and mine must be insect bites. I spoke to ooh this morning and they were lovely but really didn't want an otherwise well (apart from the spots) boy clogging up their surgery and potentially infecting already sick people with chicken pox. We're just going to sit it out.

Lucy - I hope it's just a shy bfp x

Monstersaurus Thu 26-Dec-13 22:38:03

A belated merry Christmas to all!

Sorry to read about the bfn Engels.

I think I've ovulated today. Typical as dh on night shift and we've got family staying. Makes sneaking off to dtd tricky. Let's hope tomorrow and yesterday are close enough.

On my phone, so a bit rubbish at remembering everyone's posts. Sorry.

HungryHorace Fri 27-Dec-13 05:05:48

How frustrating, Monster. Have you managed to DTD in the lead up? Bloody house guests!

Windywinston Fri 27-Dec-13 09:54:54

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!

Sorry about the bfn Engels, I'm really hoping you get your BFP very soon.

ATruth have the spots gone now? That's very odd. When DD gets viruses she always breaks out with viral spots, which I'd never heard of before she came along. So maybe he has had a general viral-type illness. Who the heck knows though with these little ones! I'm so pleased your scan went well.

As for me, all is well here, baby is wriggling lots, though I have spent the morning being sick and clearing up cat sick :-(

Ds is the same Winston - a 'viral rash' (which I'd never heard of) at every opportunity. These spots were different though. About three of them blistered and scabbed. The rest just faded. We're none the wiser. It could have been mild Chicken pox or something totally different. We've changed our plans over next few days to avoid spreading it to vulnerable relatives, but heading down to see mil and sil this weekend as sil woukd love her dds to get it if it is the pox.

monster - did you manage to dtd? Don't panic too much if you're late at it. I'm pretty sure we conceived about two days after I thought I'd ov-ed.

Is it windy where everyone else is?

HungryHorace Fri 27-Dec-13 10:23:25

Windy, that sounds hideous. I think cat sick would tip me right over the edge!!

And yes, ATruth, bloody windy. Though that's not a surprise as we are close to you!

CallingAllEngels Fri 27-Dec-13 18:05:27

Well, AF arrived this morning so at least my cycle is back on form (28 days exactly).

I think I'm going to step away from ttc and the conception boards for a month. Hoping for the proper all clear from hospital next week. Think I need to give myself a chance to get my head straight post-mc, which I haven't. Have just been focused on diving in and starting again. Have also misery eaten my way through mountains of food the last 2-3 months and as a result feel shit about myself. I haven't weighed this much since 2 months post childbirth! I want to focus this month on me, and just forget about opks, pg tests, ov etc.

So I will say goodbye for a little while, but I'll be back I promise!

HungryHorace Fri 27-Dec-13 18:38:49

Ah, good luck Engels.

I really hope you get your BFP really soon. Xx

Totally understandable Engels. Go easy on yourself. Good luck thanks

ChineseFireball Fri 27-Dec-13 21:21:08

Oh Engels I don't blame you. It's a difficult time of year for all sorts of reasons without the extra stuff and worry that TTC brings. Have a decent bit of "you time" and be nice to yourself. thanks

ChineseFireball Fri 27-Dec-13 21:24:26

Ooops hit post too soon...

I think I spoke too soon about not having PMT feelings. Today I have been The Original Grumpy Cowbag. And I've had some sort of a posting splurge and posted all sorts of rubbish on all sorts of threads. Sigh. Oh well.

Hope everyone is OK after the wind and rain.

LittleMissSunshine33 Fri 27-Dec-13 21:50:44

Hi Everyone!

Hope you don't mind me jumping in on the thread! My partner and I are now trying for a baby ... That seems strange to say! I stopped contraception at the beginning of this month and was hoping anyone could give me any advise as haven't had many close friends who have had children and all the info online seems quite overwhelming! Thanks! smile

HRMumness Fri 27-Dec-13 22:46:01

Signing in. TTC #2. All happened very quickly first time around, we started trying as soon as we moved into our new fixer upper house and was pregnant 4 weeks later. DD is now approaching 18 months, house is actually mostly renovated and I'm now very broody.

Congrats on all those who go their BFP this month and commiserations to those who didn't. Fingers crossed for next time.

Awakeagain Sat 28-Dec-13 07:44:11

Good luck Engels!! Look forward to your return with a bfp

ToffeeJungle Sat 28-Dec-13 08:23:38

Good luck engels and welcome Little & HR - everything crossed for BFPs soon!

I actually tested this morning though and got a BFN.
So Im either not pregnant or just tested too early - hope it's the latter!!!

Im trying to work out if I feel pregnant or not - can't remember how I felt last time?! I have been waking up feeling sick the last few days though... Could be too many goodies over Christmas though!!

donnas1984 Sat 28-Dec-13 14:18:23

Sitting in soft play with a cappuccino while dd runs riot and catching up with nm. Engels I hope you have some lovely me time and come back to us soon with a bfp! thanks
I hope everyone had a good Christmas dd have a ball and had even kept up her part if the bargin and been dummy free since Christmas eve! she not very happy with santa for taking all her dummies but shes doing great.
Does anyone have plans for new years eve? weve been invited to a party but dh has thankfully declined as 10:30 is my bed time these days!

HRMumness Sat 28-Dec-13 21:23:41

Oh noes Toffee. When are you POAS next? I too feel like I ate far too many Christmas goodies as well.

Donnas - How old is your DD? My 17mo DD is very attached to her "dee" for naps / bedtime. Am very keen to wean her off asap but not sure best way to go about it.

HRMumness Sat 28-Dec-13 21:24:46

Oh, should add, no plans for NYE. We were invited to a house party with friends but without a car it just seemed too hard to get there and back (and no guarantees DD would actually sleep).

donnas1984 Sat 28-Dec-13 22:29:23

hi hrm, dd turned 2 the beginning of November and we told her santa would be taking her dummy in exchange for peesents so once she was aleeping on Christmas Eve we took it off her. shes been mumping and moaning saying Santa's bad and me no like santa. Christmas night was hard as she was trying to sook her doll's dummy I almost caved in. I wouldnt take it away without prior warning as she now tells me that shes a big girl and doesn't need a dummy which is great after only afew days! fx it goes as smoothly when you try xx
Will also try not giving this baby a dummy. xx

donnas1984 Sat 28-Dec-13 22:30:52

ps dropped my phone and shattered the screen so some of the words may be wrong. waiting till new to claim insurance sad x

SwedeAway Sun 29-Dec-13 05:07:34

I lost my bean yesterdaysad Had brown discharge in the morning which later turned into full red flood (sorry TMI). Am totally devastated and not sure what to do with myself. Was so happy now it's gone...

HungryHorace Sun 29-Dec-13 07:30:15

I'm so very sorry, Swede. I really hope you have a healthy pregnancy very soon. Xx

donnas1984 Sun 29-Dec-13 07:33:33

Swede, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even begin to imagine how you are feeling, sending you lots of love and hugs from Scotland thanks xxx

Oh swede I'm so sorry. Are you still with family? Do you have people to look after you? The miscarriage board on here is also great if you want sone sensitive online support. Look after yourself x x x

Kt1991 Sun 29-Dec-13 09:17:22

Sorry to hear your sad news swede'hope your ok. thanks
Welcome to little and HR!
Haven't had a chance to read back but hope you all had a good Xmas.
How are you lucy? Anymore updates on BFP or AF?
We have in palms for New Year's Eve yet, we've left it pretty late! But we are very skint ATM so will probably just go over to my parents, maybe go for something to eat, though I'm guessing probs have to book somewhere if places are open!
How's everyone else doing that I've missed out?

HungryHorace Sun 29-Dec-13 09:29:02

We have no NYE plans. I was invited to a house party but it's an hour's drive away and I'm not feeling great so can't face it. :-/

I need a Lucy update too!

Kt1991 Sun 29-Dec-13 10:07:22

You still getting sickness hungry? hope you feel better soon smile, NYE is so over rated I think, so expensive to go somewhere too!

HungryHorace Sun 29-Dec-13 11:04:52

On and off, Kt. It worries me a bit as there's none, then I'm sick in the shower and feel better, ha ha!

It's mostly smells that set me off, particularly DH's Lynx!

And I agree, NYE is totally overrated.

Windywinston Sun 29-Dec-13 11:47:55

Swede I'm so sorry for your loss, I hope you're being looked after. Take care xxxxxx

SwedeAway Sun 29-Dec-13 13:38:38

Ah thanks everyone. Yes still with family so lots of support. Just can't believe it, maybe it's my age...sad

Lucyjojo Sun 29-Dec-13 16:22:38

Hi everyone.
Swede I am so so sorry that is just awful. I hope you are looking after yourself and treating yourself.
Not much to report at my end. Still no AF and absolutely no sign of her appearing now. Boobs are still a bit sore but not so much. Pretty sure I'm not pregnant, will do another test tomorrow or tuesday as it will then be a week late. Guess I just skipped a cycle? I don't know whether to keep waiting for AF, or just move on to the next cycle, or book a Drs appointment? I'm just so annoyed that after trying and waiting for 6 months, now this has to happen and throw another spanner in the works. I know other people go through much worse things but I feel like I put my life on hold so we could go for #2 and now there is just more to add to the delay and waiting. I'm worried that it could mean something bad about my fertility too. I think I will start using OPKs in a few days and just keep ttc as usual, and hope 2014 brings me a bfp.
Sorry but also hurray for the sickness Hungry! How long until your mw app?
How are you doing kt? Where are you at in your cycle at the mo? Have you booked a Drs app for january?
Donna I could do with some tips for being rid of dummies! I am thinking of getting rid of DDs while I'm off work for the next week or so. she only ever has it when she sleeps, but she is pretty stubborn and headstrong so don't think it will go down well! Has your DDs sleep been very interrupted by getting rid of it?
Hello to all the newbies smile. Sorry to anyone I've forgotten!

HungryHorace Sun 29-Dec-13 16:33:32

I'd do what I did, Lucy, and treat this as a new cycle and start using OPKs again. If you're having a WTF cycle you don't want to miss your next OV window. Unless of course you get a BFP tomorrow! :-)

I see the midwife on 9th, so not long.

Sounds like I've been lucky that DD isn't bothered about having a dummy. She's only ever wanted one a handful of times. These says she chews the hard bit to help with teething, but won't use it in the traditional manner!

LittleMissSunshine33 Sun 29-Dec-13 17:14:03

Thanks KT and Toffee! So sorry to hear your news Swede hmm This sounds such a supportive group! Still getting used to all the acronyms though!
What have people found to be the best way to know you are OV?

Kt1991 Sun 29-Dec-13 17:32:33

Thats a strange one lucy sorry your still in limbo, hoping it is a BFP for you, but it’s just taking a bit longer to show up! I think I ovulated just over xmas, unsure of the date Im thinking boxing day so we will see! Yep I have booked a docs apt, its friday 10th, which is only 2 days after AF is due, but my dr is away for quite a lot of training days and hardly in on the only days I can book, so will see what happens!
I have PCOS *little( so I don’t use the OPKS, I think they are the best option though. Or temperature checking, I just don’t want the extra hassle and stress of having to do that all the time though lol. I just record my details on lots of phone apps, then guess from there! I deffo had the stomach cramps last week so I am hoping that was ovulation! How long have you been trying again?

LittleMissSunshine33 Sun 29-Dec-13 19:00:24

Hope all Drs app go well!
First month of trying so am new to it all! I will definitely have a look at apps though! Awaiting to see if I have AF over next couple of days but already think I'm having stomach pains but will keep my fingers crossed!

HRMumness Sun 29-Dec-13 20:08:10

Oh Swede - Sorry to hear. Glad that you have family around.

Lucy - I'd say go to the doctors if you are worried. At least then it might put your mind at ease. Fingers crossed for BFP in the next few days.

HungryHorace Sun 29-Dec-13 20:34:18

LittleMiss, I use the My Days app which I've found really useful.

Windywinston Sun 29-Dec-13 20:36:50

Lucy, I would treat it like a new cycle and start using opks again. Is there any chance it could be a shy BFP?

Please don't berate yourself for feeling frustrated either. Yes people go through far worse and you recognise that, but it doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel frustrated and upset and it doesn't mean your feelings aren't valid. Otherwise none of us would be allowed to get upset about anything, ever.

Awakeagain Sun 29-Dec-13 21:28:02

Lucy fingers crossed for bfp for you in the next few days
Swede I'm sorry to hear your news sad thanks

CallingAllEngels Sun 29-Dec-13 22:34:59

Popping back in to say swede, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Sending you a big hug. The mc board here has some great threads and lovely supportive mners. Or feel free to pm me if you want to offload. xxx

Monstersaurus Mon 30-Dec-13 08:18:20

So sorry to hear your news swede. I'm thinking of you.

Engels, hope your break is just what you need. Hope to see you back soon.

ToffeeJungle Mon 30-Dec-13 17:13:26

Sorry to hear your news swede.

Here's to some bfp's soon! Though not hopeful for myself at all. Have tested 3 times over the last 3 days (despite telling myself not to!) and all were bfn's.

AF still not made an appearance but am pretty sure tomorrow it'll arrive (oh joy!).
Have had period pain (& moodiness!) all day.
Oh well I guess that means I can have a drink nye!!

PuddingAndHotMilk Mon 30-Dec-13 18:00:46

Can I join in? DD is 5mo but I'm 40yo so gotta get on with it. Especially as I'm Bf'ing! Any advice?

Off to read through the thread....

Toothpastekissesno2 Mon 30-Dec-13 18:45:46

Swede I'm so terribly sorry. Shocked to read thateven though I know they are so common in early weeks.i can so imagine how horrible it must feel and just an incredible shock from the high of a bfp. I know it doesn't prob help right now but it will be your body doing it because something wasn't right. Just lots of hugs for your number one. I have so many friends u have had this and now have healthy babies.
Hi all newbies. Sorry Lucy can imagine the frustration.
I am awaiting the 16 week scan but way off and dreading going back to work and telling them. Such a busy month ahead with work too. X

ChineseFireball Mon 30-Dec-13 22:31:46

Oh no swede I'm so sorry sad Good to hear that you have good support though.

Lucy it must be so frustrating. Some good advice above though.

I think AF is on her way so no BFP for me this month. Not massively disappointed as we had originally agreed to start trying in January, so this month was a bit of a bonus or trial run. Also got more stuff to think about at the moment. Family illness and some bad news about a friend and colleague are more pressing concerns. Fingers crossed for next month!

Sorry not to reply to more people but it's really hard to MN on the phone!

musicalmrs Mon 30-Dec-13 22:34:52

Hi! May I hop on board? DD is 19mo - started TTC in Nov, but no AF yet so it's a bit hit and miss. Was BFing but stopped in Dec due to illness...

With no AF, I've been testing every week just to check I'm not pg, but no luck yet. Have started using OPKs every few days too, just so I can see if my body's actually doing something..

Swede, not that I know your story, but I'm so sorry for your loss.

SwedeAway Tue 31-Dec-13 04:40:18

Good Morning everyone and welcome all newbies. Thank you all for your kind words! Feeling better today, bleeding a bit less so hoping it is moving in the right direction. Going to stock up on opk's today to be ready to start ttc asap. Need something positive to focus on.

Hope everyone is feeling ok today!

Metalhead Tue 31-Dec-13 09:15:06

Hi all, long time no see! Swede I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Glad you're feeling a bit better today and hope you can get back on the wagon soon. 2014 will surely be your year!

I have been absent for a while as I hadn't had a period since October. Been to the docs and was getting really pissed off with everything as you can imagine... Anyway, started using opks again a couple of weeks ago as I clearly hadn't ovulated yet, and got a +okp two weeks ago on CD67! So today I thought I'd better poas due to NYE party tonight, and [drumroll] I GOT A BFP!!!!

I'm in total shock, and am half expecting to lose it again any day as I've read lots of stuff about how it's bad to ovulate so late, but DH has told me to get a grip.

Sorry to all the newbies and everyone else I've missed, I haven't had time to read back through all the posts after I was last on here. Hope everyone has a good NYE tonight! x

Monstersaurus Tue 31-Dec-13 10:14:03

Congratulations metal! Fantastic news.

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better Swede. Hope things settle for you soon.

I have entered the oh so fun world of symptom spotting, although it is really still far too early for it. Today I am mostly having some gentle AF-like cramping. It probably happens every month but now I'm actually paying attention.

Have a good NYE tonight. I'm working tomorrow so we're having a quiet one and will probably be in bed by the bells.

HungryHorace Tue 31-Dec-13 10:37:49

Oh, congratulations, Metalhead!

FWIW, somebody I met on a conception thread has a lovely healthy 7 month old boy who was conceived 6 months after coming off the pill with no period at all after the initial breakthrough bleed. So please don't worry about it, I am sure everything will be fine!

Such excellent news. :-)

donnas1984 Tue 31-Dec-13 13:57:46

congratulations metalhead such a lovely way to start the ny!
glad your feeling abit better today swede fx you go on to have a healthy pregnancy in the near future x

Metalhead Tue 31-Dec-13 16:26:27

Thanks all, I still can't quite believe it! Had to make up a quick excuse for not drinking tonight...

And thanks for the reassurance Hungry, I will try not to worry and just hope all will be well.

Brilliant news metalhead grin

Lucyjojo Tue 31-Dec-13 17:44:27

Hurray Metal! So happy for you! What fantastic news.
My AF arrived today, was so happy to see it! I had poas this morning and it was negative again, obviously, so it was so good to finally get some kind of outcome. Puts me at 8 days late so I am going to try not to stress about it anymore and hopefully get my cycles back to normal. Think I will get some more OPKs ready for next cycle too. Hope everyone has a lovely night tonight, we are having a quiet one, some wine and a movie and some homemade pizzas. Crossing my fingers tonight that 2014 brings those of us who are still waiting a BFP!!!

Lucyjojo Tue 31-Dec-13 17:48:31

Oh and also just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you for your kind words and advice! Swede I am glad you are feeling a bit better, and will be enjoying a few drinks tonight, I know it's not really much consolation though.

donnas1984 Tue 31-Dec-13 17:53:14

Lucy I have loads of opks and pregnancy tests just ic ones if you want to pm your address I can post you them? xx

CallingAllEngels Tue 31-Dec-13 17:53:22

Congrats metal

sorry af got you lucy, but at least yo u can enjoy yourself properly this evening.

I know I said I was taking a break, but I can't seem to stay off the thread!

Have just had prawn cocktail followed by sushi and am now opening a lovely bottle of wine. Also have goats cheese, brie and blue cheese plus some lovely pink roast beef. Making the most of non-pg status for now!

all the best for 2014 ladies. Hoping that we all get a bfp in the coming year.

HungryHorace Tue 31-Dec-13 18:13:49

Lucy, it's good that you finally know where you are, even if a BFP would've been better. :-)

Engels, enjoy the pregnancy contraband food. Hopefully come next month you won't be allowed it!

Happy new year to everyone. xx

ChineseFireball Wed 01-Jan-14 01:00:14

Congratulations metalhead! Lovely new year news :-)
Good to see you, Engels. It's hard to stay away isn't it?!
Swede...I hope you are feeling ok thanks
Well now that all the fireworks have stopped (grump grump) I'm hoping to be able to get some sleep. Really hot in bed though. And... AF gave a very poor effort so if she hasn't arrived properly by the morning I'm going to have to poas. Keep your fingers crossed for us, ladies x

HungryHorace Wed 01-Jan-14 07:51:38

Ooh, Chinese, implantation bleeding?! Good luck!

I am so ill. Far worse than I was with DD. I thereabouts saw the new year in with my head down the loo. Marvellous!

I'll come back later to see the result of the POAS! :-)

ChineseFireball Wed 01-Jan-14 10:34:39

That was what I thought, Horace. But BFN. Gah. Sorry you're feeling so rotten. MS is the absolute worst. I think it might be slightly easier if trimester 1 wasn't so massively exhausting. How far along are you now?

HungryHorace Wed 01-Jan-14 12:17:10

Boo! Maybe try again in a couple of days if still no meaningful AF. I think it takes about 5 days from implantation to positive HPT. Good luck!

I'm 8 weeks tomorrow. Can't get over how crap I feel. Trying to keep hydrated without tipping myself over the edge into pukesville again! This pregnancy lark is all glamour.

Metalhead Wed 01-Jan-14 12:40:08

Morning all, and happy 2014! Hope it will bring us all lovely new babies!

Hi Lucy, sorry to hear AF got you, but at least you know where you stand now.

Boo to the BFN Chinese, but you're still in with a chance until AF shows up. Do you know how many dpo you are?

And sorry you're feeling so crap Hungry, MS is no fun. I had constant nausea with DD for about 6 weeks,though I never actually threw up. And I could swear I'm already starting to feel queasy now, although that's probably more likely to do with the amount of food I've eaten over the last week...

HungryHorace Wed 01-Jan-14 12:56:13

My MS lasted 10 weeks last time, and I was sick multiple times almost every day. Never overnight like last night though. That was hideous!

It could be the food, Metalhead, hopefully it is!

I'm with you hungry - I'm not actually being sick but I've barely been out of bed this week due to nausea. Ugh.

Hope everyone else had good new year's celebrations x

Kt1991 Wed 01-Jan-14 14:00:02

Happy New Year to everyone! Congrats Metal! Nice start to the New Year!
Sorry to lucy especially being 8 days late, but good your feeling positive about things, and hope that this is your year!

Please stop me from SS! I have no idea how many DPO I am (I’m guessing about 6?) but I’ve had period like cramps all morning so far, Ive been feeling bit nauseous too and bloated, and I’m tired even though I had the longest sleep in ages last night! Hope I’m not just thinking I’ve got them! AF is due a week today though.

HungryHorace Wed 01-Jan-14 14:53:27

Cramps? One of my symptoms, Kt! <helpful>

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :-)

ChineseFireball Wed 01-Jan-14 16:21:09

Huge sympathy to those with MS. It's rotten, it really is. Kt cramps are one of the symptoms I had last time...fx for you!
Unfortunately it seems I was a little premature with POAS. AF has arrived with a vengeance. Oh well. Better luck next month.
Have just been to ikea and got DS a few rolls of paper and a holder for the roll, and a stash of the wooden spice racks to put books in in his bedroom. Also got him a little tool kit with hammer, spanner and screwdriver things and fixings. He loves it smile although he is currently sitting in the big blue bag singing "row row row the boat". Love him smile

Kt1991 Wed 01-Jan-14 17:33:43

Did you get the cramps a week before AF was due? I do remember getting cramps like this in my last pregnancy too, but don’t want to get my hopes up! Cause AF might make an earlier appearance, as my cycles are still a bit weird. Or failing that I could be ovulating later than I thought?
Sorry AF arrived chinese sad Hope next month is your month,
Aren’t little ones just the cutest smile Just love watching them at that age!

ViviPru Wed 01-Jan-14 18:46:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Toothpastekissesno2 Wed 01-Jan-14 20:33:04

Congrats metal!! I am very pleased
To hear that news!
Swede glad you're feeling a little bit like u can start moving in right direction.
Kt - I had cramping for sure! Big sign.
Sorry you're feeling shitty hungry. Another girl?? I feel same as I did with ds. Very tired but not more than nauseous if I don't eat. Although ithink that is an excuse now - hve eaten soooo much!!
Happy new year

HungryHorace Wed 01-Jan-14 21:00:15

I had cramping from about 2dpo, Kt. It's a good sign!

Toothpaste, I feel worse than I did with DD, but I do think another girl, yes. I'm more tired too.

Also, I'm struggling to eat despite feeling hungry. Didn't have that last time. Most odd!

Sherlock now...commencing radio silence!

mrsm22 Thu 02-Jan-14 12:12:06

Hi to everyone and Happy New Year! Sorry I've been missing for a while, just been busy with DS and DH and enjoying time with DH before he goes back to work. Did everyone have a good Xmas and new year? My DS turned two on Saturday, 3 days after Xmas. We had a big party for him on Saturday with pirate birthday cake and it was really good. DS had a lovely time and Xmas was amazing with him this year! On Monday 30th me and DH went for a private gender scan as we simply couldn't wait for our 20 week scan, and we are having another little baby boy! I am thrilled to bits and it was amazing to see our little baby again, for the 3rd time. I'm 17 weeks tomorrow.
Hungry - I see you're 8 weeks so not far off your 12 week scan and sorry to see you're still suffering with morning sickness. I've never had that so can only imagine what it's like. I hope you're ok. Isn't your midwife app soon?
Sorry I've not had time to read all posts but hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to a special 2014.

HungryHorace Thu 02-Jan-14 13:51:04

Yay, Mrs. How exciting that you're having a second boy. You'd thought that was the case though, hadn't you?

And it sounds like DS1 had an awesome birthday too. :-)

Have you got names or do you need to get your thinking cap on?

And yes, midwife is a week today, so not long to go. :-)

Feeling hideous today. Almost threw up while feeding DD. Not good! I fully expect it to last for months yet though. Joy.

donnas1984 Thu 02-Jan-14 14:07:06

congrats mrs! what you like how far away is your 20 weeks scan!? mines is 20th so not long.
im in bed with the worst head cold ever my whole face feels like it might explode.
hope you feel better soon hungry in only had a slight touch ms and that was bad enough!

Kt1991 Thu 02-Jan-14 21:05:30

Congrats mrs that will be lovely having another boy. Hope you had a nice cams and your DS had a lovely birthday. How did it go with your sister in the end?
donna are you going to find out what your having at your scan?

hungry sorry your still getting bad sickness. Your good with working out cycle dates aren't you I've got no idea what DPO I am? Really want to know to do a sly test lol. Had these cramps all day again today not feeling like period cramps much though now, can't really explain them :/

Kt1991 Thu 02-Jan-14 21:06:04

That was meant to say Xmas to mrs!

HungryHorace Thu 02-Jan-14 21:06:31

Give me some dates, Kt! :-)

Kt1991 Thu 02-Jan-14 21:14:16

Cause I don't use the Opks I'm taking a rough guess that I was most fertile on Boxing Day, so a week ago today, but few different apps have said different so I'm not sure. My last AF was 3rd dec p, and on average my cycles now I'm am saying is 34 days

HungryHorace Thu 02-Jan-14 21:18:13

It would be unusual to OV on CD23 with a 34 day cycle as your literal phase, while being fine, would be a little shorter than normal.

I'd have thought 22nd-24th Dec for your probable OV dates. What do your apps say?

I'd be testing tomorrow if I were you! :-)

HungryHorace Thu 02-Jan-14 21:19:02

CD24 even. And luteal!

HungryHorace Thu 02-Jan-14 21:23:57

If you did OV on 26th, I'd be expecting a 38 day cycle ish.

donnas1984 Thu 02-Jan-14 21:42:15

Hungry your a walking pregnancy calendar haha!
kt fx for a bfp soon and no I won't find out what im having I like the surprisesmile .

HungryHorace Thu 02-Jan-14 21:55:03

I learnt it all with DD as I wanted to know everything possible about conception to increase my chances. :-)

We won't find out either. It's awesome finding out at the end!

ChineseFireball Thu 02-Jan-14 22:55:27

Congratulations on your boy, Mrs!
Kt I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you. grin

Kt1991 Fri 03-Jan-14 09:56:47

Thanks hungry I get so confused with it all, do you count the day your most deffo likely to ovulate from there then? One app said between 19th to 23rd I was fertile, then another said 20th to 26th, 26th being the day I was most likely to be most fertile, so I was unsure. Was a BFN this morning though sad obviously not missed AF yet, so could still be early, but I’ve now run out of tests so at least I can’t test anymore until I really need to!

donna and hungry keeping it a surprise till the end is lovely we did with DS, but when we do have another one I will find out next time, as I have kept pretty much everything of DS’s lol so need to know if I need to buy loads more stuff!

donnas1984 Fri 03-Jan-14 10:06:27

kt I see the advantages of finding out and due to dhs unemployment I have been tempted to fimd out so I can get afew bargins in the sales but I just love the whole its a ........ at the end lol xangry

Kt1991 Fri 03-Jan-14 10:36:14

donna has your DH managed to find many jobs to apply for? At least theres lots of neutral things around! Yep I loved that part too, everyone was so emotional after i gave birth that they didn’t even click to check what we had! I shouted out its got a willy its a boy!

HungryHorace Fri 03-Jan-14 10:36:53

Kt, yes, your luteal phase very rarely alters in length. Or, if it does, by no more than a day either way, so the length of time between OV and AF is always about the same.

When you OV may change which can make your AF 'late' or 'early'.

I can see the convenience of finding out too. But I also love the surprise at the end. And so few people wait, when a few years ago you'd have had too, so I think it's just nice to keep something back!

BetterNotBitter Fri 03-Jan-14 11:09:59

Happy new year everyone!! Hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year. We were so bloody busy we've barely had time to sit down! Little miss was amazing on christmas morning though so best christmas ever here!

So sorry to hear about your loss swede how are you?

Ooooh kt I so hope that you get the BFP this time.

mrs another boy! Congratulations, a little brother for you ds!! I can't believe how far on mrs and donna are now!! Time flies.

How are things with your husbands unemployment donna?

Oh hungry I'm sorry your sickness is so bad! I can truly sympathise as mine was awful last time from 7-16 weeks and then still not great after that. How are you coping?

Im 10 weeks today, seems to have whizzed by so far, hoping time till the scan goes fast too, LO is 2 the week after next so that should aid time flying! Then the week after is my scan, I'll be almost 13 weeks but the original appt came through for the day of dds birthday so it had to get moved to the following week!

In terms of pregnancy symptoms, this time round is totally different to the first time. Fatigue like I've never experience this time but no sickness at all, quite bad headaches this time, which I never usually get. My tummy is a lot bigger this time than it was last time too, already in the maternity trousers which I didn't resort to until 15 weeks last time! Still have a niggling feeling that I'm going to get to the scan and all is not going to be well but as I've had no bleeding and my tummy is getting bigger I'm just putting that down to paranoia for now!

Sorry for anything I've missed, can't go right back to read everything!

mrsm22 Fri 03-Jan-14 11:52:57

Hello everyone and thanks for the congratulations on a little boy! Donna - yes I'm very impatient! My 20 week scan is 28th of this month which is a while to wait and we just really wanted to know. I know to find out at the end would be a nice suprise but i don't think I'm a person who could have waited. Plus it's always nice to see your baby an extra time. Oh funnily I got told at the scan that baby is an average size, not big or small so not sure what the midwife was on about when I saw her on 18th Dec and she said baby felt big. Also I have a low lying placenta which I did have with my DS but in most cases it moved by the time you're due so fingers crossed otherwise it's a c section and I'll be going to Hungry for some advice as I don't know much about those.
Hungry - I'm sorry you are feeling so rough. It must be even harder looking after your DD as well. I hope it doesn't last long for you. Have you heard from work Hungry, do you know what's going to happen there?
Donna - sorry that you're feeling poorly too! I've started today with sore throat and cold. I feel like I'm swallowing grit. I won't take anything while I'm pregnant though, or not sure what you are allowed to take. Donna are you taking anything?
We have told people we are having a boy but names are getting kept a secret from everyone except you guys on here as you won't tell. Not telling family as people are too quick to give their opinions. I like quite a few boy names, Oscar , Henry, Max, Nicholas, Jamie are my faves but of course DH needs to agree. Any thoughts ?
Kt - how was your Xmas? Interesting you ask about my sister, well I was and still am very suprised by what she did and sadly I can't forgive her. We haven't spoken for weeks but she knew as everyone did that my DS was having a party on the 28th Dec and she knew to come with her 4 kids as they are my DS's cousins and he loves to see and play with them. My mum had told her the time of the party etc and to come but on the morning of his party she decided to kick of and cause a load of trouble by deciding that she wouldn't come to his party and that none of her kids were going. I was so upset and actually cried on the morning of his birthday as it upset me so much that she would take it out on my little boy. I rang my mum that morning to ask if she knew if my sister was coming and that's when I found out , because mum told me. In the end, she sent just one if her 4 kids with my mum and dad to the party but wouldn't let the other 3 go. I have always made an effort to go to her parties and for her kids so I am extremely hurt. She had no reason not to come as there were so many people that she wouldn't have even needed to speak to me. I was sad for my DS. Unfortunately I can't forgive for this and now am having nothing more to do with her and won't unless she ever decided to apologise. If my Ds had been older he would have been devastated that his cousins weren't at his party. Oh and I text her after my mum told me she wasn't coming. I text to say I thought that was disgusting of her and that they were all welcome and to basically please come for my DS. She replied and said she would send two of her kids that wanted to come and basically that the other two didn't like me anymore sort of thing. She sent one child. She made herself look very silly anyway as everyone wondered where she was so I didn't make a secret I of saying she didn't want to come. Anyway enough on that but as you asked Kt.
How is everyone else?
Donna - how's your DH doing work wise and when are you finishing work or don't you know yet?

HungryHorace Fri 03-Jan-14 12:43:29

Mrs, I'm waiting for the outcome of the meeting from work at the moment. They seemed to think they have 28 days when it's meant to be 14, so we shall see what happens there.

It's going to be a no, I know that, so then I'll have to appeal and have another meeting. How exciting.

But I suppose for 6 weeks I'll cope.

Better, my belly is massive. Not helped by my destroyed abs which hadn't healed before getting pregnant again!

And I'm kind of coping with the sickness. And yes, it's hard with DD. I feel better if I'm actually sick, to be honest. If I'm not sick I feel utterly hideous all day.

When's your scan, Better? Mine is 27th Jan. I'll be 11+4 then, in theory.

Mrs, I'm so sorry about your sister. It sounds like you've no choice in what you do. :-( But you're not the one who looks bad. Has your mum said anything?

weebairn Fri 03-Jan-14 13:24:51

Happy new year all. Hope you are well.

I told myself I wouldn't think about trying to conceive too much, but I'm so excited. First cycle since I had my coil out. I'm around half way between periods so enjoying lots and lots of sex. Thankfully DD (15 months) is sleeping quite well at the moment! We get her to bed, and then have made it a habit of having a shag before dinner.. . I feel very loved up. I don't like the idea of working out when I ovulate or anything I think it would stress me out. So DP has promised me sex every day smile

Would be awesome if I conceived first cycle. It took 4 months last time, but that was coming off the pill. If I don't then we have a spa day booked for February to look forward to instead!

donnas1984 Fri 03-Jan-14 14:01:35

mrs your sis sounds like a complete cow! you know that old saying you can pick ypu friends! dont let her upset you anymore thanks xx
dh has beem to the jobcentre today and left feeling violated he hates it and its starting to really get tp to him. on the plus sode hes has 3 fences to repair/replace with all these storms so fingers crossed he can start on his own soon.
my head cold seems to have fizzled out to nothing thankfully but I did take some paracetamol yesterday hope everyone else is ok xx

mrsm22 Fri 03-Jan-14 15:31:46

Hi Hungry - I had a similar problem with my work after having DS. I wanted to go back part time after my 12 months maternity leave but they said full time or nothing and had various silly meetings at work and then had to appeal. The answer was still no so I asked for a six month career break. After that time they rang me and said I could go back part time. I think sometimes you have to really push for what you want with employers. I hope you don't have to go back for 6 weeks, how silly!
Donna - yes my big sister is a complete cow and no I don't have any choice. My mum wasn't happy about what she did but is keeping out of it all. I hope your DH finds something more permanent soon. Good that he has a few jobs to be getting on with.

Kt1991 Fri 03-Jan-14 15:37:50

Sorry to hear about what happened mrs she sounds evil! can’t believe your own family member would treat you like that! glad the party went well other than that though! She is obviously jealous.
Happy new year to you too better! wow 10 weeks already, everyones pregnancies seem to be wizzing by! You would of all had them by the time I get pregnant at this rate!

Lucyjojo Fri 03-Jan-14 16:14:37

Ah kt I know exactly how you feel! Think we are about the only two left from the original thread who aren't up the duff sad It does feel like everyone will be having babies before we even get our bfps. Sorry you got your bfn this morning, but it is still quite early days for you, I was wondering the same about when you count the first ov day from too....it's just down to the good old waiting game really isn't it angry
Congrats Mrs and can I just say it I knew it!!!!!! smile Two little boys, that is just going to be so cute, I bet DS will be absolutely thrilled. Hungry I would like to call yours too and say it will be another DD, although we will have a bit longer to find out about yours!!
Mrs I'm sorry you're still having issues with your sis, it's not nice when family does things like that to one another. Family can be so cruel and it feels so much worse doesn't it when it's someone that supposedly loves you causing you to hurt. I've got a friend who has pretty much severed contact with their sibling too, they are very stubborn and headstrong so while it's the older one that should apologise, I doubt they ever will. I hope one day in the future your sis realises what a mistake she has made and tries to make amends with you. Hope you managed to enjoy DS birthday anyway regardless, bet he is so overwhelmed with all the presents and celerbations of recently! My DD is still wondering if she'll be getting more presents to open...
I'm feeling a bit of a mixture today. Sad that the festive period is over, DH has just gone back to work tonight, I go back to work tomorrow and it's back to reality now. We have just rearranged our lounge though and I am being a big new year cliche and going on a healthy eating/living spree, so also feeling hopeful and optimistic for this year. AF has just about finished so it's back to DTD for me. Feels like it's been ages after my last cycle ended up being a week longer! I'm going to try my hardest to just focus on getting fit and healthy, I could definately do with losing some weight, rather than obsessing over ttc and hopefully that will get me pregnant.
Sorry I can't reply to everyone there is a lot to catch up on!

Lucyjojo Fri 03-Jan-14 16:15:49

Thanks Donna about the pee sticks, that would be amazing if you are happy to get rid of them??? I have pm'd you my address xx

SwedeAway Fri 03-Jan-14 18:11:42

Hey Lucy, I am also in the 'not up the duff' clubwink Feeling better and better. Body seems to be on the mend so fx we can start dtd soon!

mrsm22 Fri 03-Jan-14 18:49:25

Thanks Kt and Lucy for your kind and sensible words, it is very sad and most of all sad because my DS probably won't get to see his cousins now. Who knows what will happen but certainly what she's done at my little boy's second birthday is something I feel is just over the line. I do think she is jealous.
Kt - I'm sorry I missed that about your BFN and I'm very sorry but you and Lucy WILL both get your BFP 's soon and well before us pregnant ones are ready to pop. Don't you worry because it has to happen for all of us, it's just that with nature we can never tell how long these things will take. I have everything crossed for you both and hope you are both next!
Lucy - yes you were right all along about another boy! Did your DD have a lovely Xmas then and obviously loved her presents? We did still have a really good party, she wasn't missed but most important of all is that my DS had a good time. I have two very close cousins, one has two boys and the other has two boys and a girl and they all came lid my cousins and their husbands, my auntie and uncle, my mum and dad and my DH's mum and dad.
Hungry - can I just say that I am with Lucy and think you are defo having another DD! And your scan is the 27th and mine is 28th. We will text.

HungryHorace Fri 03-Jan-14 19:37:26

I'm thinking girl too...only another 30 or so weeks til we find out! :-)

And yes, definitely text!

And I missed the part of the message about your BFN too, Kt. If you did OV on Boxing Day it's too early yet. Keeping fingers crossed.

FlightofFancy Fri 03-Jan-14 20:02:59

Hi all, hope you don't mind a new joiner. We're TTC DC2 and would be good to chat as haven't told anyone IRL. DS is nearly 4 so a bigger gap than some - worked for us money and space wise.

Found it really easy to get pg with DS as only took 3 months and didn't have any expectations. On month 5 this time and feeling less positive for some reason so would be good to pick your brains on what Ishould do to get the best possible chance. Sounds like a few of you have been successful so far!

Monstersaurus Fri 03-Jan-14 20:44:47

mrs, sorry to hear about your sister. It sounds like such an awful situation to be in. Exciting to hear about your gender scan though.

I'm very bloated this evening, but not sure if it is just a delayed effect from all the rich food at Christmas. Had some cramping but not wanting to get too over-excited after last month. Seems like an eternity before I can test!

Fingers crossed for you too Kt.

Glad to hear that things are settling down for you Swede. Hope you are able to start TTC again soon.

Lucyjojo Fri 03-Jan-14 21:01:29

Fx for you Swede, let's hope you can catch some of the fertile hormones still in your system. sorry I didn't mean to miss you out of the not pg club, just meant Kt and I were the only ones from thread 1 still not pg!! It's definately a cool kids club though, all you pg ones should be jealous of our boozin' and raw meat ways grin!!!!
Welcome Flight, I know what you mean about feeling less positive, it took me about 1 month to conceive DD, now onto cycle 7 for number 2. In a very weird way though the longer it goes on the better, as the average is anywhere between 6-12 months right, so, once you get past the 6 month mark do you increase your probability of getting pg??! Hungry I bet you know the answer!!
Are you using opks Flight? Having lots of sex? Not stressing out about it too much? I think that is probably all you can do.

HungryHorace Fri 03-Jan-14 21:09:33

The probability increases every month as most couples with normal fertility will be pregnant after a year. As to the figures, I don't know! :-)

FlightofFancy Fri 03-Jan-14 21:23:29

Well, am definately not stressing, trying to have plenty of sex at roughly relevant times of month. Not used opk before - last time cycle was straight in to regular 29 days so easy to roughly predict ovulation. This time seems a bit odd - shortish cycle and less predictable start to periods so should probably give it a go - what do I need/do/recommendations please?!

Toothpastekissesno2 Sat 04-Jan-14 09:13:23

Sorry about the bfn kt. It may be too early. When is period due?
Swede how are u feeling?
Mrs - your sister really is out of line. Hold your head high and be the bigger person. Another ds is exciting. I'm convinced I'm having the same. As ours will be 21 months apart in some ways two boys would be better so they can play. Though I might have to go for no three...ahh!!
My 16 week midwife appt in 10 days. Desperate to hear the heart beat. I get so anxious pre the feel it move stage. Telling work next week which I am not looking forward to!!
Welcome newbies! Goodluck! Who will be our first 2014 bfp?!

SwedeAway Sat 04-Jan-14 09:52:58

Thanks Lucy! Yes I am really hoping for some extra fertility now. Got to get something good out of this me thinksgrin Now I am visiting DD's god parents on their farm, it's good for the soul.
Toothpaste, I am feeling much better for sure. Not feeling so sorry for myself today which is a clear improvement.

mrsm22 Sat 04-Jan-14 11:26:16

Hi all,
Toothpaste - Are you 16 weeks already? I'm 17 weeks and one day. I know exactly what you mean, when you can't feel the baby move yet and not many other symptoms it's easy to forget you're pregnant and so reassuring to see/hear the heartbeat. I think I'm going to have to have a word with myself as I'm becoming scan addicted or obsessed. It was amazing to see our baby moving and the heartbeat last Monday but now I'm itching to go for my 20 week scan and it feels so long to wait until the 28th jan! It's too expensive to keep going for scan after scan though really.
Toothpaste are you thinking another boy too? Ours will be two and a half year gap so also nice. Just think, I'll have a 16 and 18 year old boys! I think we'll be stopping at two DC.
Hungry - how's the sickness?Are you planning to stay at home after your next baby? If so we can be stay at home mummy buddies and must get together with our babies. I wonder how far we are from each other. Are you near Manchester?

mrsm22 Sat 04-Jan-14 11:32:10

Sorry posted too soon!
Hello and welcome to Flight! I hope you get your BFP soon.
Hi Monster - yes my sister is not very nice but she has done all of this herself. Cramping may be a good sign? Can that be a sign of ovulation? I'm not sure but Hungry is our expert.
Hi Lucy - your cool kids club sounds good. I did miss smoked salmon on Xmas day and Brie with crackers and prawns.
What's everyone up to this weekend? Looks wet and dull here at the minute. Still full of cold and awful sore throat for me but plodding on.

HungryHorace Sat 04-Jan-14 11:51:13

I had smoked salmon on Christmas Day! You don't have to avoid it. :-) I'm not a fan of soft cheese either, so that didn't bother me.

I'll have to get part time work, mrs, but I'm hoping for it to be at weekends mostly so we don't need to pay for child care.

And yes, near ish to Manchester. The train is about 80 minutes...it's apparently the oldest trains in the country in daily service on the Southport - Manchester line!

The sickness hasn't really shown its face since lunch yesterday. Starting to worry because my symptoms aren't as bad. :-( I'm also aching on the right a bit, so might ring the EPU on Monday for advice.

Toothpaste, are you finding the sex out at your next scan? Is your sister going to find out? How's she feeling now?

Interesting what you had to do with work, mrs, in relation to your part time request. Mine is to work from home 2 days a week. But they were negative from the word go, so I know what their answer will be.

Metalhead Sat 04-Jan-14 15:03:39

There's a very useful website here for those looking to find out probability of getting pregnant per cycle:


I had a heart-stopping moment early when I had a few tiny specks of pink after going for a wee and wiping, but I think it might be because I have thrush. I'm hoping that's it, anyway... I've got an appointment with my GP on Wed so hoping I won't have any more spotting until then, if I do I guess I'll have to ring the midwife centre and see if they can help.

Hungry I know how you feel worrying about symptoms decreasing, I haven't even got many yet and still I'm thinking "I'm sure my boobs hurt more yesterday"! If it's any consolation, my friend who's 5 months pregnant now was really worried as she only had a few weeks of sickness and then suddenly nothing, but all was absolutely fine.

Lucyjojo Sat 04-Jan-14 15:38:05

Ooh Metal that is useful and interesting! This month I have a 79.03% chance of getting pregnant grin which sounds pretty good to me!!
Hope you have a clear run until your GP app, and all the way through to 9 months too! Spotting is normal in early pg anyway isn't it?

Hungry I really wouldn't worry, I know it's so hard not to but there is nothing you can change about any of it. Just take each day as it comes and enjoy being pg right now. ( and you can throw that advice back at me in about 2 months time hopefully!) It's a bit like symptom spotting when ttc in a way, you are paying way too much attention to your body and trying to focus too much on symptoms that probably come and go as normal. Try and relax!! When will you have to go back to work then if they make you go back? Could you not just take the time off inbetween as annual leave? Or surely apply for parental leave- I was under the impression you could get up to 15 weeks is it of unpaid parental leave every year.

Mrs there really isn't long to go until your scan. You have all the dates I was hoping for when we started ttc. I was hoping to finish work end of feb and have a baby born in may/june so there would be 2.5 years between my babies. Ah well, the best laid plans and all that. Not long to go now for you til you can see your little boy again and then hopefully you will feel a bit happier and relax into the pg a bit more once you can feel the LO squirming around lots!! 16 and 18 sounds like it will be fun for you!! Do you think you will be tempted to try again for a girl at some point in the future? I would like to not have to go back to work after baby #2 so we can definately be stay at home mum buddies! smile

Despite what I said yesterday I am struggling to relax about ttc. AF has only just finished and I am worrying already how I will feel if it doesn't work again this cycle, I am just so desperate for another tiny baby. 79% though so fx!!

HungryHorace Sat 04-Jan-14 15:40:19

It's daft, isn't it? I'm back to feeling yucky now. Not sick, just urgh.

I had a speck or two of blood about where you are now last time, Metalhead. I put it down to, ummmm, TMI, a vigorous poo!! It didn't happen again anyway.

It feels wrong by saying hopefully it is thrush, so hopefully it's nothing to worry about. Sounds better, doesn't it?!

HungryHorace Sat 04-Jan-14 15:46:47

The problem is, when I go back it's my qualifying weeks for pay, so I'll miss out on increasing my mat pay if I take parental leave. It's a bit of a pain really!

I'm sure I can cope with 6 weeks. Fingers crossed.

I'm hoping to piss them off soon so they decide to pay me off. If they haven't responded by Monday regarding the meeting I'm going to raise a grievance. That'll annoy!

79% is good odds. Fingers crossed. :-)

And I agree, you're right about thinking too much about what our bodies are doing. I need to stop doing it!

Metalhead Sat 04-Jan-14 15:51:17

Haha, thanks hungry! grin

I've got my fingers firmly crossed for you Lucy, and 79% are pretty good odds! You're right about symptom spotting, first you do it for ttc and then during pregnancy, it's mad!

I'm back to work on Monday and have already started thinking about when the earliest date for starting maternity leave would be... blush

HungryHorace Sat 04-Jan-14 18:29:52

What's your due date, Metalhead, based on OV? I'm basing conception as the day after my positive OPK as I didn't have a proper period and therefore LMP to use!

Metalhead Sat 04-Jan-14 18:57:37

Based on my +opk, my due date should be 10/11 September - just a few days after my 35th birthday!

HungryHorace Sat 04-Jan-14 20:15:03

My nephew's birthday is 10th...good date! :-)

Or maybe you can share a birthday!

BetterNotBitter Sat 04-Jan-14 22:48:53

How many weeks are you now metal? Has the spotting continued? I only ask as I had some around 6 weeks and it went as soon as it started with no futher issues.

Wil reply to everything else tomorrow! !

Metalhead Sun 05-Jan-14 07:51:45

I think I'm only 4.5 weeks Better, but I haven't had any more spotting since yesterday, thanks for asking!

Oh and Lucy, I meant to say if you're not doing it already you might want to try putting a pillow under your bum for half an hour after dtd this cycle. I know there's no scientific proof it helps, but I did it when I conceived DD and also did it the one time we managed to dtd after my last +opk, do for me it definitely seems to do the trick!

HungryHorace Sun 05-Jan-14 08:46:13

I'm going to call boy for you, Metal, I think. :-)

I'm feeling crap today. Yay! And I'm so thirsty overnight. I'm sure it wasn't this bad last time. Maybe I need to drink more during the day?

Metalhead Sun 05-Jan-14 09:08:32

Well, if the thing about male sperm being quicker swimmers is correct you might well be right Hungry, seeing as we only managed to dtd once on the day of ovulation! grin I think according to dates last time DD was conceived quite a few days after our last shag.

Sorry you're feeling crap today, but at least it's a good sign.

HungryHorace Sun 05-Jan-14 09:33:55

That's what I'm basing it on, Metal!

With DD we DTD the 3 days before the smiley and the day of. This time it was 3 days before, 1 day before and the day after, so it wouldn't surprise me if you're all right about it being a girl as we've really gone with the same pattern.

Time will tell. :-)

Will you find out the sex, or wait til the end, Metal?

Metalhead Sun 05-Jan-14 09:45:10

Oh I'll definitely be finding out, I'm far too impatient to wait 9 months!

HungryHorace Sun 05-Jan-14 10:41:09

It's weird, I'm impatient in every other aspect of my life, but I love the surprise of finding out at the end!

The way I see it is like finding out what you're getting for Christmas beforehand. I'd be momentarily excited to know, then gutted that I'd ruined the surprise for myself!

I can understand the desire to know though. :-)

purplemurple1 Sun 05-Jan-14 11:04:07

Can I join you? Just decided to ttc for number 2 - number 1 took over a year so I could be here a while.

mrsm22 Sun 05-Jan-14 12:05:11

Hello ladies, how is everyone? Had a busy morning cleaning the house, took our Xmas tree down and DH took it to the tip with a load of cardboard boxes from Xmas. Just giving DS a bottle and hoping to take him to the park soon, then going to come home and make a Sunday dinner. How's the weekend going for everyone?
Hungry and Metal - Please don't be worrying about anything. I know I'm bad but I think I'm slowly getting better and learning to relax a bit more. I don't think a tiny but of pink spotting will be anything to worry about Metal unless you are rhesus negative blood type like me so I would have to go to hospital for anti D injection.
Hungry - apart from my growing bump, I have no other pregnancy symptoms. Oh and tiredness and need to wee more often but that's it . Re work, I'd try become a bit of a nuisance and they may well pay you off. I think my place of work eventually gave me part time to shut me up as I was talking about a woman's rights to return to work etc. my problem is that I don't think I will manage working 3 full days with two children and I don't think my mum will want to look after two for me. My mum and dad love DS and have h two days a week for me and my DH has him one day a week while I'm working but I think my mum and dad are looking forward to the break at end of feb. It will be hard saying bye to two wages but DH is planning to do more hours and we will just do our best, plus child tax credits maybe more and child benefit. Don't think we get much at the moment with two wages. Would your work not agree to part time Hungry, maybe 3 days like me but working two from home if you pushed for it?
Lucy - I'm so sorry you feel it's difficult to relax about TTC and I wish you had got the dates you wanted. I really mean it when I say that I never expected to fall pregnant as quickly as I did and I expected to wait months for periods to return first like it did when I was TTC with my DS. It will happen for you soon, I know it, and then we will be stay at home mummy buddies! Fingers and toes crossed for you. Are you DTD every day? I don't know if this helps but we DTD a lot in the mornings but tried to DTD every day and not every other day. I know time is an issue and more difficult with one baby/ toddler but we just had quick sex for those reasons.
Welcome to Purple! It is different every time when TTC so don't assumed it will take ages this time. I was. 7 months first time and two weeks this second time. How old is your DC?

HungryHorace Sun 05-Jan-14 13:04:15

Hi Purple!

And no, mrs, my job is definitely full time only, end of. Which is why I've asked to work from home two days a week.

I'll definitely be a nuisance, don't worry about that. :-) They'll be sick of me very soon. :-)

Sounds like a productive day for you. I've just ordered a new wardrobe for our room and we are going to move it around to make more space. We are going to have a good clear out too as the house is rammed at the moment and hard to keep tidy. Drives me to distraction.

Our house has been bought by a buy to let investor, so we don't have to move. We do have to make it more able to take baby 2 though. So that's our aim now. If it's twins - I really hope not!! - then we will have to move!

purplemurple1 Sun 05-Jan-14 14:19:59

Hi ds is 4 months - oh is mid 40's so we decided not to wait long.

Hungry - do you fancy giving mr some tips our house is. chocka

HungryHorace Sun 05-Jan-14 15:09:34

I've told DH we have to be ruthless. And moving rooms round will give us more room too by using the space more wisely.

We are lucky that we gave an outhouse which is not damp that we can use for storage.

My DD is 6 months old, purple. I got pregnant when she was 4.5 months old. How old are you? We've gone again quickly because of my age - 37 - not DH's.

Lucyjojo Sun 05-Jan-14 15:18:47

Good to know metal! I do usually sit with my legs up a bit for maybe 5/10 minutes but I will be adopting your tactic this month! Probably going to get back to dtd tonight, feels like I've had a bit of a break anyway (is that awful to say!) so we can throw ourselves back into it. I'm not sure I could manage every day Mrs! EOD is even seeming a bit daunting right now. I think I will aim for every other or 2/3 days, start using opks and take it from there.I have also decided to stop eating all kinds of crap and processed food, and try and have an incredibly healthy diet. Hopefully that won't have a detrimental effect on my cycles or anything.
A walk and a sunday dinner sounds perfect Mrs. DD and I have had a quiet day at home, went for a bit of a walk but it is so cold and rainy. Going to my parents for sunday roast later as DH at work all day. DD had just gone for her afternoon nap so I am deciding whether to drink tea and read my book or tackle the mountain of dishes.....
I like the sound of a clear out Hungry, I think it is very good for the soul to have a tidy up and clear out. Sounds like nesting to me smile We have just rearranged our lounge and I am loving the new space we created! I am terrible for keeping all sorts of useless things, old clothes and shoes, I would love to live a minimalist life sometimes!! Glad you don't have to move, must be a bit of a weight off for you.When are you hoping to hear back from your work then?
I also think boy for you Metal!
Hello and welcome purple!!

HungryHorace Sun 05-Jan-14 15:40:34

Bit early for nesting...maybe it's delayed from DD as I didn't do it then!

And weren't you thinking of doing SMEP? That's EOD from CD8, then the 3 days from smiley, leave it a day, then the next day DTD a final time.

That's what we were trying to do. Went a bit wrong, but still worked! :-)

Work are meant to come back to me tomorrow. Bet they don't though.

mrsm22 Sun 05-Jan-14 16:27:04

Hi Hungry - that's great that you can stay in your house. And good on you for having the sort out. We need to make a bit more room too.

purplemurple1 Sun 05-Jan-14 17:30:28

I'm 34 so not urgent but not loads of time either.

Don't get me started on the outside store ut seems to magically fill with junk ni matter how often we clear it.

Today has been p melt down day for ds - he must know what we are planning!

Good luck with work hungry

Metalhead Sun 05-Jan-14 17:41:38

Hi and welcome purple!

Glad you don't have to move house Hungry, that wouldn't have been much fun with 2 babies. And I hope your work people get back to you tomorrow.

We also need to have a good sort out especially now after Christmas - the house is looking more and more like a toy shop! (Mainly thanks to Mil and Pil who seem to have a penchant for buying massive presents for DD...)

lucy I definitely get where you're coming from with the whole sex thing getting a bit much at times! grin We haven't dtd since that fateful night over two weeks ago, and I'm in no rush to get back into the swing of things... but as you can see from me, once can be enough, so try not to get too hung up about dtd every day or every other day. If you're using OPKs just make sure you do it regularly around peak time and a few days after.

BetterNotBitter Sun 05-Jan-14 18:17:03

I can join the stay at home mummy buddy club! I left work when I was 7months pregnant last time and not going back until all baby phases are over!

Hopefully good news from work tomorrow hungry

lucy I found everyday too much too, we tried eod the first cycle but that even felt abit forced. The cycle I fell pregnant we dtd 3 days before ov & 4 days after (or at least roughly when I thought of was due) which was the least by far of the other cycles and that was the month we fell. Although mrs tactic must give you a better chance!! Heroic though!!

HungryHorace Sun 05-Jan-14 18:34:04

Every day is a killer. And thankfully unnecessary! :-)

The one month we tried it, it was a nightmare and we both struggled to do it that much. Gone is the multiple times of day era!

Lucyjojo Sun 05-Jan-14 20:47:50

Multiple times of day shock don't think I was ever in that cramp!!
Yes I did say I was going to do SMEP didn't I Hungry, I'm even losing track myself now! Not sure when to start using opks, not sure now really what a regular cycle would be for me. Do I just go with what my regular cycles were like 3 months ago, decide they are totally irregular after the last 3 months of early-early-very late, or do I take an average!! I think I will just dtd as much as possible, esp around my fertile time, and take it from there. Going to try not to plan so much as it is hard to do with DHs shifts, and just see what happens. I think I have already convinced myself it is not going to happen! It's funny that you all seemed to conceive the month you thought you hadn't put enough effort in...
We have way too many toys in our house now too Metal. I keep going to have a clear out of all the baby toys but then as soon as DD sees old toys reappearing she wants to play with them all, arghh!!
Good luck with work tomorrow Hungry, not too far in the distance now and you can write the lot of them off for good. I don't go back to my main job (I have two part time jobs) for another ten days yet, and I am absolutely dreading it.

Metalhead Mon 06-Jan-14 11:16:42

Morning all, how is everyone today? I'm back at work and already secretly counting the weeks until my potential ML starts (though at the moment 29 weeks still seems very long, so maybe I should stop this!). My boobs are much more painful today and I'm definitely feeling queasy, so that must be a good sign.

Lucy I would work out your fertile periods using your shortest and longest cycle and then dtd as much as possible between those dates. And my DD is the same, as soon as she sees her old baby toys she wants to play with them! But we've decided we need to be a bit more ruthless and just put stuff out of sight, so DH and I will pop into town in our lunch break to buy some more storage boxes and put some things up in the loft tonight.

Any news from work Hungry?

Windywinston Mon 06-Jan-14 13:33:50

Hi and Happy New Year to you all.

Congratulations on your BFP Metal, that's wonderful news.

Mrs, congratulations on having another boy, very exciting, I love your impatience! Sorry about your sister, it sounds like a horrible situation but you seem to be dealing with it in the best way you can and being the bigger person.

I thought I'd pop in to let you all know I had my 20 week scan today and all looks to be normal and progressing well. I can't believe I'm 20 weeks already. We didn't find out whether we're having a boy or girl. Happy with either and enjoy the element of surprise!

I hope everyone is well and working on those BFPs. I've got a good feeling about January.

HungryHorace Mon 06-Jan-14 17:18:41

No news from work, Metal, which means they've failed to follow the procedure correctly. I'm going to ask my employment sol friend how best to deal with it, as I believe it's best to just let them muck up, then challenge at the end of the process rather than put a grievance in now. But I need to find out.

Windy, can't believe you're 20 weeks already. Exciting that you didn't find out too. :-)

Metal, can you take annual leave before your mat leave and finish earlier? That's what I'm doing!

Kt1991 Mon 06-Jan-14 19:25:28

Evening everyone! I got my tests in the post I ordered on Sat, and I thought why not do a test this evening! And I can see a line! Going to wait though and not get my hopes up as AF due either tomoz or wed!

BetterNotBitter Mon 06-Jan-14 19:43:10

Oh my lord kt a little line in the evening is a brilliant sign, are you gonna test again first thing?!?! Finger and toes all crossed!!

I can't believe you're 20 weeks either windy brilliant that everything looks good on the scan, what a nice reassurance. Is baby squirming lots now?

Good really that they've messed up with procedure hungry although a pain to have to go through it at all!

How's everyone else?

Amazing kt grin

HungryHorace Mon 06-Jan-14 19:45:51

Ooh...picture on Facebook now please Kt!!!!

It is good, Better. I'm hoping it has to be 14 days, even with 3 bank holidays in there. I think it does, as if they wanted to extend time (e.g. because of that) I have to agree it. They've not even sent me the minutes yet.

Metalhead Mon 06-Jan-14 19:50:04

Hooray Kt, that's great news! Fx you'll get another, stronger line tomorrow morning if you're retesting, but a line is a line!

Glad to hear everything looked well on the scan Windy, that must be a weight off your shoulders.

Sorry about your work Hungry, that's rubbish. I'll also be taking annual leave before mat leave, but will still have to work until end-July/early Aug.

HungryHorace Mon 06-Jan-14 20:11:32

That's rubbish, Metal. I'll finish at the end of April with mat leave starting at the end of May. :-)

I don't care about work. The fact they've mucked up means I get to be a right royal pain in the arse and can start operation pay off part 2!

HungryHorace Mon 06-Jan-14 21:55:35

Kt...definitely a line! W00t!

Remind me which cycle this was. :-)

Kt1991 Mon 06-Jan-14 22:25:49

Thanks everyone! Just scared incase it will be a negative next time I test now! Well I was about to go onto 5th cycle I think. Where my cycles were so long it seemed even longer to wait each month!
Hope you get things sorted at work hungry I can see my work being useless too, as one of the dentists is 6 months pregnant where I work, and our practice manager hasn't been very good at sorting out her book for her midwife apts she forgets to tell us till the day before!

Sorry for being about me me me in that last post! windy glad your scan went well! Can't believe either that your 20wks already!

Windywinston Mon 06-Jan-14 22:45:33

Congratulation Kt, that's brilliant news!

guinnessgirl Mon 06-Jan-14 22:45:43

hello - newbie to this thread! I'm a bit baffled by some of the jargon but I'm sure I'll pick it up smile

so - ttc since late Nov. Got a bit overenthusiastic today and thought I was overdue, but got BFN - then AF arrived this evening angry feeling a bit cheesed off, but there's always next month...

utopian99 Tue 07-Jan-14 05:44:03

Hi everyone and sorry for being away so long. What with Christmas and no af still while we resolve weaning there seemed less point in checking in then saw exciting news for kt, congratulations!

horace if I can help re employer silliness do pm me asI ended up with a full fight w my previous ones due to pregnancy with O.

my news is only that we seem to be down to only milk before bed now, so hopefully a better chance of af/fertility now? Can anyone tell me what the latest date for conception without a due date in December is? With O being due 15th and birthday 27th December, we really want the next to be outside that month so will stop for the danger window..

Metalhead Tue 07-Jan-14 07:27:44

Hi and welcome guiness!

utopian roughly I think the latest conception date before Dec due date would be Feb (I conceived in Dec and am due in Sep). So if you want to avoid Dec I'd say stop ttc during March and maybe first few weeks of April?

guinnessgirl Tue 07-Jan-14 07:34:16

utopian - we had similar dates with DS so I've checked the dates - we'll also be avoiding March if we don't strike lucky before then, and start again in April. not sure my sanity can withstand two December birthdays AND Christmas!

HungryHorace Tue 07-Jan-14 07:56:37

Hi Guinness!

Utopian, thank you. I may well do that. I know it seems daft fighting for something which affects me for such a short time, but it'd be 6 weeks where I'd barely see DD, so it's worth the fight.

My employer is crap though, but hey ho!

Besides, I want to annoy them enough that they want to get rid!

mrsm22 Tue 07-Jan-14 08:52:39

Hi everyone,
First massive congratulations to Kt! Are you testing again this morning or today to be sure or are you already sure it's a definite line?
Windy - Congratulations on your 20 week scan! I am 18 weeks on Friday, it's going very quickly.
Hungry- what's going on with work ?
I think I said last time I was on that I'm not very well, well I started with cold and sore throat last Friday and yesterday my chest started to feel very sore. It does today too and I have a bit of a chesty cough so I'm worried in case it's turning into a chest infection. I know it could be viral but I'm worried as it sure if I can take anything. I don't like to take medication while pregnant as I'm worried what will of may harm the baby. I'm not sure what to do. DH is back at work today but I'm back tomorrow so going to stay in today and drink plenty of fluids etc and hope that I feel better tomorrow for work. Should I be going to work tomorrow if no better? I'm worried work will think I'm taking the piss as I've been off since 20th Dec but it has been holiday. Was going to see how I feel tomorrow and if no better go to the doctors tomorrow.

Windywinston Tue 07-Jan-14 09:06:57

Welcome Guinness and hi Utopian. I'm not sure I could handle birthdays close to Christmas either. As it is DD, DH and DC2 will all have birthdays within 4 weeks of each other in May/June. I'm going to be broke every spring! I think it's a lovely time to have a birthday though, mine was yesterday (35 - eek) which is a crappy birthday.

Mrs, sorry you're not feeling well. I don't like to take anything in pregnancy either. Hot honey and lemon might help, but if you're not well enough to work you're not well enough to work, the fact that you've been off on annual leave doesn't make a difference. Don't push yourself if you're not up to it, rest and take care of yourself and your little boy xx

Metalhead Tue 07-Jan-14 09:18:42

A belated happy birthday Windy!

mrsm sorry to hear you're feeling rough. If you're not better by tomorrow I would definitely go and see your GP. They won't prescribe you anything that would harm your baby! And your work will just have to suck it up; I know it's bad timing and I would feel bad too, but at the end of the day you can't help when you get ill. Don't overdo it as it might just make you worse, and you might end up having to take even longer off!

BetterNotBitter Tue 07-Jan-14 09:45:14

Any news this morning kt?

Welcome back utopian it can only help dropping down to one feed surely! I dont blame you missing a few weeks ttc, we'd have done the same as dds birthday is mid jan & I wouldnt have wanted another very close with it already being just after christmas. Hopefully your dates will work out well and you'll only miss one ovulation.

Oh no mrs sorry youre not well. I had an awful cold from about the week before christmas and its just gone, seems to be very hard to get rid of things when pregnant sad I know what you mean about feeling guilty about work, id be exactly the same but windy & metal are right, you cant help being ill! You dont want to get even more run down.

Happy birthday for yesterday windy did you havr a lovely day?

How are you doing today metal? And you hungry? Sickness any better?

SwedeAway Tue 07-Jan-14 10:28:58

Wow, congrats Kt - super pleased for you. Have you done another test? Is the line stronger?

HungryHorace Tue 07-Jan-14 11:11:32

Mrs, nothing is going on with work at the moment. They've missed the 14 day response deadline, but no surprise as the HR manager told me they have 28 days at the meeting. Idiots! I'm speaking to an employment solicitor I used to work with tomorrow to ask him what my best tactics are for getting what I want!

I've not even had the minutes of the meeting to sign / agree yet.

Sorry you're feeling ill. If you're too ill to work, you're too ill, regardless of whether you've been on annual leave or not. You could always call NHS direct, or whatever they're called now, and see what they think tonight. Then if you call in sick you can tell them it's under medical advice.

Better, my sickness isn't too bad now. I think I benefit from not having to drag myself out of bed early in the morning. How are you feeling? Isn't it your DD's birthday soon?

I've never considered pausing TTC to avoid a particular date, but then it's never been an issue for us. We're not too badly spaced out as it is. I'm Nov, DH in Dec, DD in June and DC2 will be August.

Windy, happy belated birthday! 35 isn't too bad...I was 37 last time. That's crap! :-)

mrsm22 Tue 07-Jan-14 11:56:48

Also Happy Birthday Windy for yesterday, sorry I totally missed that! Did you have a good day? Hungry is right, 35 is still nice and young. I was 32 in September so we're all around the same age.
Thank you everyone, I've made a doctors appointment for this afternoon at 2.30pm just to get my chest listened to as I want to make sure it's not a chest infection. I'm hoping it's viral and goes soon. Fingers crossed I will feel ok for work tomorrow but like you've all said, I don't want things to get any worse.
Hungry - I think it's poor of your work not to have got back to you yet. Let us know what your employment law friend advises. I finish at end of feb so it's not long but that's why I don't want work to think I'm taking the p!ss. The problem is it's this time of year when everyone is or has been ill.
Kt - we are all waiting on your pregnancy test results! I hope it's positive.
Better - I didn't realise you were at home so he's another SAHM buddy!
Metal - how are you?
Oh by the way, I know a few if you mentioned the situation with my sister . It's a big mess really and I have been very upset over it as it's causing family problems not just between me and my sister. We aren't speaking and haven't seen each other for a while but my mum and dad feel very caught in the middle and upset that we can't put our differences aside. Mum feels it's dividing the family and going to make family occasions awkward. Not sure what I can do but my DH thinks that maybe once I've had my baby in June that it may change things as my sister may decide she wants to see the baby or something. I'm not sure myself but there's just an update. It's just a shame to have all that upset and while pregnant.

mrsm22 Tue 07-Jan-14 11:57:11

Also Happy Birthday Windy for yesterday, sorry I totally missed that! Did you have a good day? Hungry is right, 35 is still nice and young. I was 32 in September so we're all around the same age.
Thank you everyone, I've made a doctors appointment for this afternoon at 2.30pm just to get my chest listened to as I want to make sure it's not a chest infection. I'm hoping it's viral and goes soon. Fingers crossed I will feel ok for work tomorrow but like you've all said, I don't want things to get any worse.
Hungry - I think it's poor of your work not to have got back to you yet. Let us know what your employment law friend advises. I finish at end of feb so it's not long but that's why I don't want work to think I'm taking the p!ss. The problem is it's this time of year when everyone is or has been ill.
Kt - we are all waiting on your pregnancy test results! I hope it's positive.
Better - I didn't realise you were at home so he's another SAHM buddy!
Metal - how are you?
Oh by the way, I know a few if you mentioned the situation with my sister . It's a big mess really and I have been very upset over it as it's causing family problems not just between me and my sister. We aren't speaking and haven't seen each other for a while but my mum and dad feel very caught in the middle and upset that we can't put our differences aside. Mum feels it's dividing the family and going to make family occasions awkward. Not sure what I can do but my DH thinks that maybe once I've had my baby in June that it may change things as my sister may decide she wants to see the baby or something. I'm not sure myself but there's just an update. It's just a shame to have all that upset and while pregnant.

mrsm22 Tue 07-Jan-14 11:57:56

Apologies, I think I accidentally posted twice!

Kt1991 Tue 07-Jan-14 12:44:55

Hey I did two more tests this morning lol IC and a FRER faint but deffo lines on them both! When should I do a digi? Really want to confirm it for definite!

Happy belated birthday windy! Hope things get sorted with your sister mrs especially for all your children's sakes.

HungryHorace Tue 07-Jan-14 14:06:10

I did a digi the day after my positive FRER, Kt. You should be fine tomorrow. :-)

Your DH sounds like he's very excited! Has it sunk in yet?

Lucyjojo Tue 07-Jan-14 15:35:15

Hurray Kt! Another bfp on our thread! So glad you finally got your bfp, do you believe it yet? When was your last AF? Guess you won't be going to your docs app on the 10th? smile Maybe booking that app is what did it for you! What do you reckon you did differently this cycle then? Tips please!!
Happy birthday for yesterday Windy, did you/are you doing anything nice to celebrate?
Sorry you're feeling rotten Mrs, it is that time of year isn't it. DD is suffering with a runny nose and cough at the mo, which means she isn't doing a lot of sleeping. Luckily I'm not in work until Saturday so I can sit up with her! Think I might be catching it too though now...
What a crap situation to be in with your family. I hope your DH is right though and the new baby will make her see the light of day and try to make amends with you.
Utopian I was thinking similar to you, DD was born early nov and my last AF with her was 25th Jan, so I guess last AF would be feb/march for a dec baby. I was hoping to avoid a winter baby altogether, the short, dark, cold days aren't nice with a newborn are they! I'm not sure I could miss out a month or two of trying and delay it even longer though. DH is at college as well as working at the moment for another 18months so really summer holidays when he finishes would be an ideal time for us to have another baby, but that would mean waiting about 6 months before we can start trying again!!
Hungry it's good that you've got some contacts in the industry to talk this through with. I can't believe some employers still don't know all the laws surrounding mat leave and pregnancy rights! Also Mrs I agree with everyone else, if you aren't right to go to work you must stay at home and take care of yourself. Don't worry about what work think, you won't be with them much longer!! smile
Welcome guiness - how old is your DC?

BetterNotBitter Tue 07-Jan-14 18:17:33

kt that's brilliant!! Hurrah hurrah!!!

lucy it must be your turn now, are you thinking about having a break to fit in with dates or are you just going to keep trying regardless?

How did you get on at the doctors mrs? Sorry to hear about your troubles with your sister. We have some experience of reducing ( or in our case totally cutting) contact with family (my husbands parents) and I know how awful it is, it plays on your mind all the time. I hope you can find a way to let it pass over you (and if you do, let me know!!!) The only useful thing I can tell you, is that from our experience, there wasn't and probably won't ever be a way for us to reconcile BUT neither my husband and I feel that this is unfair on our little girl. People we've spoken to sometimes find that hard to understand, and at first (well for about a year) I also thought we owed it to our daughter to work to keep them in her life etc. but in the end I realised that she wasn't losing out by not seeing them, as they simply aren't nice people. I think it's easy to feel you should take the s**t that family repeatedly give you for the sake of the children involved but now I truly believe that's not the case. All that being said, I remember at the time thinking how much harder I would find it with my own family as opposed to my husbands side. And yours may be a totally different situation and you may in time feel able to forgive and forget. I hope you find the resolution that's right for you, your husband and babies smile

mrsm22 Tue 07-Jan-14 18:27:59

Hi ladies, good evening
Hi Better - sorry to hear you've had family trouble too and thanks for sharing and your advice. I hope we can reconcile things eventually but at the moment I just can't see how. I feel awful tonight, just eating the roast chicken I made for tea but throat is killing. The doctor had a look down my throat and listened to my chest and said it is an upper respiratory infection, or viral infection, so bottom of my throat and top if my chest. She said she could see a red inflamed side at the back of my throat. No antibiotics but she said to take it easy and rest and plenty of fluids and hopefully it will go and not spread to my chest but to watch out in case it does. I've decided not to go back to work until I'm better. I really hope it doesn't spread or get worse and that it just goes soon. If I miraculously feel better by thurs I will go to work but I don't want to make it worse.

BetterNotBitter Tue 07-Jan-14 18:35:26

I posted too soon!

Please your sickness has eased a little hungry, I feel exactly the same about mornings! With dd I was sick every morning for weeks and weeks but then I was working 60+ hour weeks and out driving to work by 6.30 each morning. This time, I've had next to no sickness and I really think it's just due to being able to take my time on a morning. I'm finding the tiredness a total killer this time though! Yes, her birthday is next week! Very exciting!

Just seen your latest mrs it sounds nasty! Did she tell you you could take any medicines to help? Definitely stay off until you're recovered, going out in this weather won't help you!

Lucyjojo Tue 07-Jan-14 18:36:05

I really hope so Better!! AF is due pretty much the same dates as the last AF I had with DD, 25th Jan, so maybe it will be next cycle it will happen....I don't know, think I'm just clutching at straws now!! Going to start with OPKs tomorrow and aim to dtd every other day. Not sure what more I can do really. I think I will just keep on going, but I don't know if that is selfish, I want a baby so much but if it is born in dec/jan will it hate me forever!? My Mums birthday is early jan and she always goes on about how she hates having a birthday so close to christmas and in the winter when it's cold and miserable.
Sorry to hear about your situation, but glad you have come to some sort of resolution and you feel happy about your decision. My dad has pretty much severed contact with most of his family, we had very little to do with them growing up, and still don't really, and while it would have been nice to have a big extended family growing up, I don't feel any great loss really. I think what children don't know when they are little can't hurt them. You can only make the decisions you feel are for the best and work the best for your little family.

donnas1984 Tue 07-Jan-14 19:26:18

hey everyone! sorry I've not been on for a while nothing to say really lol! happy birthday windy hope you had some cake thanksbiscuit. kt congratulations! lucy pee stickd in the posts so fx for this month xx

mrsm22 Tue 07-Jan-14 19:33:02

Meant to say in my lady post huge congratulations Kt! xx

Monstersaurus Tue 07-Jan-14 21:14:00

Congratulations KT! Great news.

I'm in tww land which is about as much fun as I recall. Not much in the way of symptoms, a bit bloated but nothing more. I did have some cramping but that has settled. AF isn't due for another wee while so we'll see.

Am on my phone so a bit of a self-centred post.

Hope you're all well and recovered from the festivities.

Monstersaurus Tue 07-Jan-14 21:14:23

Congratulations KT! Great news.

I'm in tww land which is about as much fun as I recall. Not much in the way of symptoms, a bit bloated but nothing more. I did have some cramping but that has settled. AF isn't due for another wee while so we'll see.

Am on my phone so a bit of a self-centred post.

Hope you're all well and recovered from the festivities.

Monstersaurus Tue 07-Jan-14 21:14:32

Congratulations KT! Great news.

I'm in tww land which is about as much fun as I recall. Not much in the way of symptoms, a bit bloated but nothing more. I did have some cramping but that has settled. AF isn't due for another wee while so we'll see.

Am on my phone so a bit of a self-centred post.

Hope you're all well and recovered from the festivities.

Monstersaurus Tue 07-Jan-14 21:14:43

Congratulations KT! Great news.

I'm in tww land which is about as much fun as I recall. Not much in the way of symptoms, a bit bloated but nothing more. I did have some cramping but that has settled. AF isn't due for another wee while so we'll see.

Am on my phone so a bit of a self-centred post.

Hope you're all well and recovered from the festivities.

Monstersaurus Tue 07-Jan-14 21:16:03

Oops. No idea how I managed that! Sorry.

I think monster is realllllly pleased for you KT!

Sorry to hear you're poorly mrs. Of course you shouldn't go to work until you're better! Please don't drag yourself in, it will only make you feel worse.

Windy/Utopian - I think DC2 will be born within a week of DS's birthday (my prediction is on his birthday) so I feel your pain with multiple birthdays at the same time!

Windy - Sorry I missed your birthday. Here, have some brew and cake

I'm still feeling ridiculously nauseous. Went back to work yesterday and have been staggering around school. I had to buy some new long sleeved dresses to cover the seabands (which make no difference whatsoever btw!) 8 weeks today grin

Monstersaurus Tue 07-Jan-14 21:25:48

After not posting for ages, I thought I would make an impact. blush

Kt1991 Tue 07-Jan-14 21:31:31

Ahh just did a long post and it disappeared! I thought the same atruth! ;) thanks everyone It still hasn't sunk in yet DH doesn't want me to get my hopes up though as its very early days. Thanks hungry will go and get a digi tomoz and hold out till thurs to do that one! lucy hope got your next! Will have everything crossed for you! I didn't really do anything different this cycle apart from DTD a few more times than we have previous cycles! Also I was a bit more relaxed this cycle cause of Xmas and new year, I know that's easier said than done though! & nope won't be needing my docs apt anymore hopefully!

How's everyone else doing? Sorry I'm on my phee s

Kt1991 Tue 07-Jan-14 21:32:16

Ahh just did a long post and it disappeared! I thought the same atruth! ;) thanks everyone It still hasn't sunk in yet DH doesn't want me to get my hopes up though as its very early days. Thanks hungry will go and get a digi tomoz and hold out till thurs to do that one! lucy hope got your next! Will have everything crossed for you! I didn't really do anything different this cycle apart from DTD a few more times than we have previous cycles! Also I was a bit more relaxed this cycle cause of Xmas and new year, I know that's easier said than done though! & nope won't be needing my docs apt anymore hopefully!

How's everyone else doing? Sorry I'm on my phone so it's hard to go back read comments and remember what everyone else said!!

starchildmum Tue 07-Jan-14 21:47:14


Also TTC Number 2.
Had DD in September 2012 and I am hoping for a little brother/sister.
Very tiered and period like pains. Not due to test for another week....
Can`t wait........

Lucyjojo Tue 07-Jan-14 23:33:55

Hello star, welcome along. The waiting is horrible isn't it!
Wow lots of multiple postings going on!
Good luck for a strong positive tomorrow Kt. Did you dtd more during your fertile period or just generally more throughout the month? Sorry for the intrusive question!! I am trying my hardest to relax but still, it is all I can think about.
Glad you are feeling nauseous ATruth, good sign. have you told any friends/family yet? Will DC2 be born on DS 3rd birthday then? 18 and 21...that will be fun for you! grin
Good luck for in a week Monster, here's hoping for another bfp!!

mrsm22 Wed 08-Jan-14 08:54:44

Good morning All, still not very well so have rang in sick today and apologised that it is just after my Xmas holiday and said that I'll be back soon as I'm better. I did text my team leader yesterday to let her know I wasn't well so it would give her the heads up. I don't know why I worry so much but will bad when I go back, just hope they believe me. At end of the day , they can always speak to my gp who saw me yesterday. Anyway a day staying in today for me, lots of hot water and lemon drinks and keeping warm. Tomato soup for lunch etc (I love that at the moment, poorly or not)!
ATruth - how are you? How many weeks are you now?
Welcome Star!
Hungry - any word from work or advice from your friend?
Kt - have you booked an appointment with your gp or midwife? I know what your DH says is right, as it's early days but I'm still like that at 18 weeks on Friday. I think everyone is a bit twitchy until they've had the 20 week scan to be honey but be positive. You're pregnant and that's a wonderful amazing thing. I wonder how many weeks you are. That's what drive me mad, the not knowing his many weeks I was due to lack of period but you should have a better idea. I won't start buying things until after my 20 week scan but I'd love to start looking at baby things. One of my close friends is due with her first baby tomorrow and she has moved down South. I want to go up to Next and buy her a nice baby sleep suit and soft toy or something but I can't until she's actually had the baby. I'm just like that. She is nervous about the birth but I think you are more nervous with your first.

Toothpastekissesno2 Wed 08-Jan-14 09:19:38

Kt comgrtulations������ that's great and I think you're allowed to geta little bit excited. A digi test is the best though I agree.
Hungry I'm about to turn 37 (25 jan) and not happy about it!
I'm just turning 15 weeks now. So 16 week mw appt next week and I can't wait to hear heart beat. Haven't had the downs testing results yet but I think no news is good news.
Telling work tomorrow. Not sure they will be over the moon as only beenbackat work 4 months. I will work right up though as we need the money. Not sure whether it will make financial sense to go back after this leave though.
I also have a horrid cold, mrs. Not much u can do is there?
When do u think u start to feel baby move second time? I haven't yet and am desperate too!! Xx

Windywinston Wed 08-Jan-14 10:09:59

Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks ATruth for the tea and cake, they have been appreciatively scoffed. We didn't do anything major - even I can't be bothered with birthday celebrations so soon after Christmas and New Year. DH took me out for dinner on Saturday which was lovely, but the highlight of my birthday was definitely the scan!

ATruth, if DC#2 is born very close to DS's birthday at least you can do joint parties every year. It will be a bit rubbish for them, but half the work for you - I'm always looking for the silver lining.

Better, I think your attitude to family is spot on tbh. Sadly, it can be better for children if certain people are not in their lives, family should enrich your life, obviously they don't all the time, but if they're really toxic your DC are better off without them.

Hungry, sorry work are messing you about. A word of warning though, if you're too obvious wanting to be let go, that's the last thing they'll do in my experience. I hope you get what you want though!

Mrs, how are you feeling today?

Kt, have you done the digi?

Welcome newbies and good luck to all in the tww xxx

donnas1984 Wed 08-Jan-14 11:07:53

just a quick one. sad my sister lost her baby im gutted for her she should be 10 weeks but it stopped growing at 7 weeks so sad xxxsad

mrsm22 Wed 08-Jan-14 11:57:02

Oh Donna, that is devastating and heartbreaking. I am so very sorry to hear that. Your poor sister. How is she holding up?
Hi Windy and Toothpaste - Windy I'm still feeling the same but at least I'm at home and not working. Just resting as much as you can with a two year old and trying to get better. Toothpaste - sorry to hear you're poorly too. I am waiting to feel the baby move too. I know Donna has already felt some fluttering but I think it varies and depends on things like position of the placenta. I think with my DS it was 20 weeks or around then that I felt something. I'm 18 weeks on Friday and hoping to feel something soon. I reckon anything from 18 weeks onwards. Do let me know as soon as you feel anything.

Metalhead Wed 08-Jan-14 13:13:33

donna I'm so sorry for your sister, what a horrible thing to happen. Hope she's coping ok.

And hoping all the poorly pregnant ladies get better soon! It's not fun being ill at the best of times, but when you can't even take anything for it that makes it even worse.

Kt congrats again on your BFP! I also did another IC test this morning as I'm so paranoid about something going wrong, and it was the strongest line yet so I'm a bit reassured.

Just came back from my GP, and he's referring me for an early dating scan because my last period was back in October, so hopefully I will get to see my little bean in 2 or 3 weeks' time! I would have paid for a private scan around then anyway, as I'll be about 8 weeks pregnant by then, so I'm quite pleased that I've managed to save some money grin.

Does/did anyone else feel even more worried about things going wrong second time round? I don't know if it's because I had such a messed up cycle and it took much longer to conceive than with DD, but I could swear I'm even more paranoid now than I was last time round! I think I need to look doing some meditation or something to chill out a bit more...

Windywinston Wed 08-Jan-14 13:21:32

Donna I'm so sorry for your sister's loss. My sister experienced the same and it's horrible to see someone go through that. I hope that she is able to put this behind her in time. In the meantime lots of hugs to all your family xxxx

HungryHorace Wed 08-Jan-14 13:30:50

Donna, I'm so sorry for your sister's loss. xx

Metalhead, I'm really paranoid this time. I'm doing my own head in with my worrying. It doesn't help that my symptoms are quite mild this time.

Booking in with midwife tomorrow, finally!

Windywinston Wed 08-Jan-14 13:35:52

I've just had to tell 2 colleagues to stop whispering about me. They are sat opposite me plotting how to deal with my maternity leave to their best advantage whilst I'm sat RIGHT HERE!!!

They've gone all sheepish now, but how rude really?

On a positive note, some of you may recall that my employer had changed its policy on carrying forward holiday during mat leave. Well without any prompting from me my boss has requested an exception to be made in my case, as he wants to do "everything possible to get me back to work as soon as I can" and he knows I wanted to use the holiday carried forward to ease myself back in part time. Bless him, what a star!

SwedeAway Wed 08-Jan-14 14:37:30

Donna, so sad to hear about your sistersad It's so unfair isn't it.

So I had some positive news today, sort of. Went to see my gynocologist for the first time. It was supposed to be my first appointment, obviously no longer relevant but I thought it would be a good idea to go anyway, just to check that all was ok. So he did a scan and confirmed it was all gone and looking good and healthy. He also checked my ovaries and confirmed that my left one is starting to produce eggssmile He measured the eggs to be and confirmed that I am 8 days into my cycle. He said it was super good sign and that I should start ttc asap. I asked him which days are best to dtd and he recommends ( on a 28 day cycle) day 12, 14, 16 and 18. Nothing before or after those days as it makes the swimmers lazy.

I feel much more positive, especially since I know my eggs are in the making already!

Kt1991 Wed 08-Jan-14 15:50:59

Firstly donna sorry to hear about your sister sad hope she's okay. swede glad things are going well for you now fingers crossed you get a BFP again quickly. Have you done a digi metal when you due? I have done one just now and says pregnant 2-3 weeks!! smile have just rang drs mrs have my booking in apt on 5th Feb.

Windywinston Wed 08-Jan-14 15:58:26

Swede I'm glad this isn't dragging out for you, though I obviously remain sorry for your loss. Fx this month is your month.

Kt, congrats on the digi test, brilliant news xx

Ellisisland Wed 08-Jan-14 16:00:25

Can I join you ? Waiting to test on Friday and not knowing killing me! Have been ttc #2 for a while so would love to get a BFP this weekend! (Wouldn't we all?!)

Metalhead Wed 08-Jan-14 16:41:26

Welcome Ellis and good luck for Friday! How old is your DC1?

Good news that you can try again straight away Swede, hopefully the next BFP won't be far off.

Kt I haven't done a digi but am pretty sure I'm 5 weeks today or tomorrow based on the date of my +opk and the fact that we only dtd that day!

Oh god Lucy - I hadn't considered the 18th/21st birthday clash. I'd better start saving now! grin How are you feeling? I've got a FRER and a couple of ovulation tests if you'd be interested in them? PM me your address if you are.

Windy - I'm liking the positive thinking. And in fact, any thought of cake...

I'm 8 weeks mrs - In some ways it is going really quickly and in others painfully slowly. My proper scan is in exactly four weeks and I don't think I'll properly relax until after that.

Toothpaste - how have you got away with not telling work yet? I told my headteacher on Monday as I just couldn't keep up the pretence! I'm impressed with your restraint!

Donna - I am so sorry for your sister, and for you and the rest of your family. She's had a tough ride hasn't she? I hope things are still okay between you and her. I imagine she'll be over the moon for you but find it tough to see your growing bump sad

Swede - that sounds great. I mean, the situation isn't great, but the news is as good as it could be. I'm sure I read that you are super fertile immediately after a miscarriage. Doctors used to recommend waiting three months, but now suggest getting straight back on it (so to speak!) I really hope it works out for you soon x

Welcome Ellisis and starchild grin

HungryHorace Wed 08-Jan-14 17:31:05

Hi to newbies :-)

Swede, that's excellent news about being able to TTC with immediate effect. Bloody good luck this cycle. xx

Kt, brilliant that you got 2-3 on your digi. Is your booking in with the GP or midwife? Mine is finally happening tomorrow.

donnas1984 Wed 08-Jan-14 18:00:28

thanks everyone for your kind words. shes to get surgery tomorrow. it died about 3 weeks ago and it hasn't came away naturally. im worried about uow she will deal with my pregnancy we are very close and id hate it to cause I rift. im thr big sister and i should be lookong out for her i feel heppless sad ill just see how it goes and not be obviously flaunting my pregnancy in her face.
kt brilliant news about your digital test!
welcome newbies
sorry I've missed so many of you out. my brains fried xx

sometimes life is just poo! xx

Yes donna sometimes life is just poo. So unfair. I hope you're all ok x

Ellisisland Wed 08-Jan-14 18:35:12

Metalhead - my DS will be 2 in feb. Thanks for the welcome everyone smile

Donna - I had a similar situation with my closest friend in that she had a late miscarriage at 6 months whilst I was 7 months pregnant. We are still very close now though it was hard at times. I just used to say to her that if she wanted me around I would be there or if she didn't want to see me or my baby that was fine too as I would be there when she was ready. Life is really unfair sometimes

Windywinston Wed 08-Jan-14 20:17:34

Ellis, that's really good advice, I would agree from experience all you can do is be there when she asks you to be and take her lead.

If it helps, with my sister I only talk about my pg when she does and don't put any big announcement on FB. I'd hate to upset her.

It's an awful and totally unfair thing to happen to anyone xxx

SwedeAway Thu 09-Jan-14 05:57:52

I totally agree with everyone here. I have not really wanted to talk about it ( apart from with DH). However sometimes it just gets a bit much and I need a shoulder to cry on. I appreciate that the people who knew about my pg/mc seems to understand that I need to be left alone at the same time as sometimes needing an outlet for my feelings. Having felt very sorry for myself, at the same time I can't stand others feeling sorry for me. It's a roller coaster of emotions but at least now I feel much better and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry for long rambling post.

mrsm22 Thu 09-Jan-14 08:53:06

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is ok. I think I may be starting to feel a tiny but better but still not 100 percent at all so I'm off work again today and I think I will probably go back next week to make sure in fully better. I'm sure they will love me at work but I don't want to go back when I'm nearly out is the woods and make anything flare up or pick up anything else. I work in such a big office that there is always so much going around. I'm meant to be going on mat leave at end if feb, so as long as I can go back next week and try get through til then with no more sick days I should be fine.
Donna - I hope you and your sister and family are all ok. I can imagine it must be hard for you but I'm sure she is still very happy for you and it won't change a thing. All you can do is be supportive and there for her. Life can be very unfair sometimes.
Hungry - when is your booking in appointment today? Good luck and hope it goes well and you get a nice midwife.
Swede - very pleased for you.
Kt - glad you've done a digi test, I had to do one too. How are you feeling?

BetterNotBitter Thu 09-Jan-14 09:03:56

Just a quick one until tonight

Hope all goes well today hungry

Pleased you got positive news at you appt swede

Good that youre feeling better mrs thibk you're right to stay off until your 100% though.

Oh donna how awful. Theres not really much I can say to help I suppose. Horrible for your sister of course but awful for you too, though I'm sure you feel guilty even thinking about yourself at the moment. Hope youre ok x

HungryHorace Thu 09-Jan-14 10:55:24

It's at 1, mrs. It won't be 'my' midwife I see though as I'm just going to a clinic at a children's centre, not to the clinic at my surgery. I'm sure I'll have met her before though as I met loads with DD thanks to not getting a regular midwife at my surgery until about 24 or so weeks!

I've been sick again today which is reassuring. :-) If grim.

Mrs, I think you're right to stay at home. You can get far more susceptible to bugs so you need to look after yourself.

Better, when is your scan? I think it must be close to mine on 27th after you rearranged it.

mrsm22 Thu 09-Jan-14 11:33:32

Hungry - good luck for 1pm, I hope you see someone nice. Your scan is 27th and mine is the 28th!
Thanks Better - I think I am on the mend but not fully out of the woods. This virus has made me very tired too. I do feel bad being off as you wonder if people say things at work but because I work weds, thurs and fri it looks like I've been off a week but really it's two days I've been off so far. If I had just had a cold I would have gone to work but I started to feel really bad Monday night and worse tues and doctor confirmed it was a viral infection it has taken it out of me. I always feel bad if I'm off work. Am I over-worrying?
How are you feeling Better?

HungryHorace Thu 09-Jan-14 15:57:16

Appointment done. Midwife was lovely. :-)

She told me a bit more about DD's birth and I had a little cry. She was mortified she'd set me off! But I'd wanted to know, anyway. Poor DD was well and truly wedged and took a lot of effort for them to get her out of me. :-(

An ELCS will be fine. No problems with it at all, thankfully. Told her I'd no desire to do the same thing again with this baby!

Oh, I get as many appointments with the midwife this time too. I know some places they see you less after your first, but not here, which is nice.

We're sorting our bedroom and building a wardrobe today. The joy! Needs must though.

BetterNotBitter Thu 09-Jan-14 18:03:28

Pleased you appt went well hungry and very helpful for you to have heard about your first birth! understandably upsetting but at least you know. And great news about you getting an elcs if that's what you want. Will it be booked in at 38weeks? Wow, I can't believe you get the same number of appts! I think I only get a few this time 16 weeks, 24 weeks, 32weeks, then 38 weeks. But it's probably for the best as dd HATES going to them. I barely heard a word the midwife said last time over her incessant screaming! My scan is the 21st, so not long before you. When's you due date again?

mrs you probably are over worrying but I can't say anything as I used to be exactly the same! I think its one thing to push yourself to go in normally if you're unwell but when your pregnant you have to be a lot more careful, you've done the right thing staying off. I'm quite good mrs, to be honest, it's been a dream pregnancy so far, only fatigue as a symptom (and weeing a lot!) but even that's easing off now. But if almost rather be really sick like last time, which sounds ridiculous as it's be so hard with dd to look after, but at the back of my mind I just can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong! I would still be more surprised to hear good news at the scan than bad. I don't know why, I just can't settle and let myself believe it's really happening yet. But I'm just trying to push those thoughts away and not get too worked up either way until the scan. What will be will be! I think once the scans over, if everything is ok, I'll feel much much better.

How's everyone else today? This week has flown over! Almost the weekend!

Windywinston Thu 09-Jan-14 18:05:15

Oh Hungry last time sounds blummin awful, I'm glad you get an ELCS this time. I wish I was, but I'll have to settle with hoping this time will be better. Tbf, my last time doesn't sound as bad in comparison!

Glad you had a nice mw too, it makes such a difference.

Mrs, stop beating yourself up about being off work, that's an order! Rest, relax, stop feeling bad xx

HungryHorace Thu 09-Jan-14 19:03:29

Better, we get 16, 24, 28, 31, 34, 36, 38 and 40 (not that I'll need the last one!).

An ELCS is 39 weeks which is the new Royal College guidelines as ELCS babies need steroids before that date and they prefer to avoid them.

DD was quiet and played today. The midwife commented on how good she was! She'd shouted at me the whole way there, so it was an act! :-)

I feel the same about this pregnancy and think I'll get bad news at the scan. DH thinks I'm mad, but I'd prefer him to be prepared if it is bad news. I'm probably just mental! :-/

Windy, I hate thinking about the birth really, but if need to move on from it. And it could've been far worse. We're both fine and well, so I need to stop letting it upset me. We get to go home the day after the section too if all is well, which is great.

I hope you get a better birth this time too. :-)

HungryHorace Thu 09-Jan-14 19:06:15

Oh, we decided on 14th August today as I told the midwife about my WTF cycle. She said the scan will sort it out anyway!

Elcs is 39 weeks? Oh bugger. This next one will almost definitely be born on ds' s birthday!

HungryHorace Thu 09-Jan-14 19:47:25

Yeah. Brand new irritating as hell guidelines!

Have to hope to have dates changed by the scan to shift the date.

Sleepyhoglet Thu 09-Jan-14 20:25:07

Just started. Hoping for bfp soon. Af due Monday week.

Lucyjojo Thu 09-Jan-14 21:32:25

Hi everyone.
Glad your app went well, if emotional Hungry! It's always weird hearing about the birth from someone elses point of view isn't it. I'm glad everything will hopefully go much smoother and happier for you this time round. How many weeks does the midwife think you are then? 16 to 24 weeks is a big jump between apps isn't it! I really can't remember how many I had with DD, but I remember being surprised how little it was.
Mrs, yes, stop worrying!!! You will be finished so soon, and there is nothing they can say/do whilst you are pregnant, not that you are doing anything wrong! You have been to the doctor who advised rest, so that is what you must do. But I am the same also, I feel guilty ringing in sick even when I'm lying in bed as sick as a dog. I think I was better when pg though as I thought it is more important to look after myself and the baby than anything else. I am feeling rotten at the moment, poor DD is full of a cold and cough, and I have caught it too, so we are both feeling a bit sorry for ourselves.
Donna I am so sorry about your poor sister. I'm sorry I can't really remember the history, is it her first baby? How long were they trying for?
Swede I am so glad you are feeling more positive now. I really hope you manage to catch high fertility so some good will have come of it. It's just such a horrible thing to have to happen.
Well we have dtd twice so far this cycle. Think my fertile period will fall over the weekend, but I haven't had a positive opk yet. I am trying so hard not to stress out about it all as I think that is what really is stopping it from happening for me. But annoyingly the longer it goes on the more stressed I get! I just have a really horrible feeling that it is never going to happen for me, that I will be one of the statistics for secondary infertility. I am trying to get my head around only having one child and to tell myself that that is ok and at least I have one wonderful daughter, but all I have ever wanted is to be a mum with a big family, so I don't really know where to go from here if that never happens...
Hope everyone is having a nice evening. welcome along sleepy how old is your dc?

Sleepyhoglet Thu 09-Jan-14 21:58:33

Ooooops just seen this ttc no 2!

Lucyjojo Thu 09-Jan-14 23:54:17

Oh sorry Sleepy! Doesn't matter, you are still welcome to join in the dtd fun!

Metalhead Fri 10-Jan-14 07:26:44

Morning all! Lucy please don't give up hope and start thinking about secondary infertility yet, I'm sure it will happen for you soon! And you're still relatively young, aren't you? But I really know what you mean about getting more stressed the longer it takes, it is a vicious circle...

Hungry glad you're appt went well and you'll be getting an ELCS this time round. I still get upset about DDs birth 3.5 years later, so I will definitely be asking to discuss my options with a consultant when the time comes, although I'd imagine I might have more of a fight on my hands if I want a CS as mine would be purely for psychological reasons.

mrs are you feeling better today? I feel shattered this morning despite sleeping well, and think I'm coming down with a cold. Just in time for the weekend!

donnas1984 Fri 10-Jan-14 07:38:35

hey all im not feeling as emotional today ive never cried so much as i did yday and yes I do feel incredibly guilty to be pregnant. had to confide in a colleague ss she was worried thrre was something wtong with me. This would have been her first but she and her dh are both only 25 so no rush they have been told quit firmly not to ttc for at least 3 months as she's not got rubella antibodies so was given another mmr jag yday as well as the anti d jag. we have diff blood types so i dont need this jag.
if only I could show her this thread and how much the kind words of complete strangers mean!
sleepy this is a ttc thread yet most of us who have conceived are still here so feel free to hang aroundsmile
hungry so pleased everything went well yday for you im glad you liked your mw.
when are all the scans happening mines is the 20th ill be 20+1 xx

Metalhead Fri 10-Jan-14 07:47:42

Glad you are feeling a little bit better today donna, although I'm sure it will still be hard for a while. But try not to feel guilty about being pregnant, I'm sure your sis wouldn't want you to either. Hopefully your scan will cheer you up a bit!

Kt1991 Fri 10-Jan-14 09:30:06

Glad your apt went well hungry 14th Aug sounds like a good due date smile
lucy please dont stress, it will happen for you! Sending positive vibes your way smile I thought the same, but it will happen when you least expect it too.

donna please don’t feel guilty, I’m sure your sister wouldnt want you to feel that way, glad your feeling a bit happier about it today though smile and metals right, your scan will cheer you up!

Welcome sleepy smile

*mrs( I’m not feeling too bad thanks, boobs have been killing me today though! I just feel a bit worried about work and early pregnancy :S I’m in charge of ordering all the stock, and it comes in heavy boxes, yesterday I had to slyly ask for help. & also some parents expect us to help with pushchairs up the stairs, I always say no anyway as I suffer with a bad back, but sometimes theres no-one else around so I have to.Also incase I fall down the stairs, as a few colleagues have fallen :S Would like to skip ahead past this stage, to save me worrying so much!

Toothpastekissesno2 Fri 10-Jan-14 09:34:26

Donna so sorry for your sis. I had similar with two close friends with ds. One was already preg by the time I had him so that made it easier. It's actually really hard when u are preg at same time in many ways as u feel it so much more. That's why I've been so nervous about my sister. We are 4 days apart! Fx all stays good.
For those that were saying they were worrying more like windy, I totally agree! Even at 15 weeks now I feel so worried about midwife scan and desperate to hear heart beat. Only a few more days to wait. I told work yesterday which was fine and they were all very sweet. Feels weird as tis time I may not go back where as last time I knew I would. I wish I could win the lottery which would help!!
Lucy pls don't give up hope. I know I would be feeling same but it really hasn't been very long and u just have to trust that the right little egg will come soon. Maybe it's time to book a holiday? I Always find distraction helps.
Mrs yes I think I felt ds at 20 weeks but hoping it starts earlier with no 2!
Another unrelated question when do u go down to one nap a day for your little ones? Ds really doesn't seem to want to sleep for morning nap now but is so grumpy by lunch if he doesn't have it!!

mrsm22 Fri 10-Jan-14 12:15:09

Hi ladies,
Windy - don't you worry, I've taken your instructions and let work know this morning that I'll be back next week, which means I'm off now until next weds which gives me plenty if time to get completely better! Windy, as instructed I will relax as much as pos today and test where I can. Another day in for me and my DS today. DH took my DS out yesterday to the park but DH is working in a couple of hours and am night. Me and DS have done a little baking this morning and we made some scones. Would anyone like one? I love a nice home made scone, I feel like getting more into baking and cooking, not sure if that's pregnancy related or not.
Hungry - wonderful news about yesterday. I'm so glad she was nice and it went well. Did you take your DH? 14th August is my sisters bday. I too am worried about the birth as I had an unpleasant time with forceps and episiotomy but going for home birth this time. Still very scared though.
Kt - you must really take it easy. No lifting anything heavy or putting yourself at any risk. If you're keeping things quiet at work maybe tell them you have a very bad back or even say you are suffering with sciatica and don't want to make it worse. I still have the sore boobs and the weeing a lot.
Hi Metal - I'm feeling a lot better today than I did at the beginning if the week and think it had nearly gone. Just going to stay in today and hopefully over the weekend it should vanish altogether. I hope you're not starting with what I had!
Lucy - so sorry that you and DD are poorly. I hope I didn't set it off. Are you off work also?
Toothpaste - interesting questing question. My DS now just has one sleep a day, usually late morning for between an hour and two hours. I think it might be changing though. I mean he will still have and definitely needs that one sleep but sometimes he's ready for it late morning but I think it might move to an afternoon sleep. What about you? What does everyone else think? Is it right at just turned two to be having one sleep?
Donna - my 20 week scan is on 28th jan and I will be 20 weeks and 4 days. I'm exactly 18 weeks today. Can I ask, does anyone know why this awful thing happened to your sis or is it unexplainable? Is she rhesus negative blood type like me? I didn't really understand what you meant by rubella antibodies. An rhesus positive and have had a blood test to check for antibodies and luckily there weren't any. But I have an appointment at 28 weeks to go to hospital for a routine anti as injection.

donnas1984 Fri 10-Jan-14 17:44:26

mrs - I dont know about the rubella she defo got mmr as a child but when doing her bloods at booking apt the results showed negative for rubella antibodies? as for her blood type shes rhesus negative and would have needed the jag later on if this pregnancy had taken. the scan showed it had died at 7 weeks 3 days and I remember reading somewhere that weeks 7 and 11 were crucial for brain and respiratory development so unfortunately its not been right and has passed awaysad.
I think it was the fact that she was sick and still very symptomatic that when she was getting the scan we all assumed everything was fine but in fact she has lost it 3 weeks earlier.
shes coping amazingly we are so similar in some ways and like chalk n cheese in others.
now I promise not to go on anymore I do appreciate everyone asking but id hate to bring anyone down. I also found an amazing thread with someone in my exact situation which has been so helpful! mumsnet is brilliantsmile

Monstersaurus Fri 10-Jan-14 18:44:09

Glad to hear that you've found a helpful thread Donna.

Lucy, fingers are crossed that you get your BFP soon. Its such a frustrating process. Today I've gone from being convinced I am pg to convinced i'm not.

Inevitably I've started symptom spotting but they're all pointing towards AF arriving in the next few days. Ho hum, I'll just need to wait and see.

mrsm22 Fri 10-Jan-14 20:14:56

Hi Donna, again I am really sorry for your sister. It is scary to hear about and I'm glad you've found a supportive thread. I am also rhesus negative blood type, I hope being that blood type is nothing to worry about. Things like this really scare me.
Where is everyone tonight then?

Lucyjojo Fri 10-Jan-14 20:48:16

Hi everyone, I hope you are right and I am just being silly and over dramatic worrying I will never get another baby. I am 27 so I suppose I am young really still in terms of fertility, I was hoping that would mean it would happen sooner rather than later though! DH is being annoyingly sensible about the whole thing still. He even said yesterday that even if it doesn't happen at least we have one child which is amazing. I know he's right and he is being level-headed and sensible, but it is a bit infuriating at times, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't spend every minute of every day thinking about babies so doesn't quite understand how desperate and emotional a woman can feel about it all....luckily he is very obliging on the sex-on-demand front!
I have just realised I forgot to pee on an ov stick today, but there has been a bit of ewcm so hopefully my ov predictions are right for this weekend. I read on another thread that sugar apparently can interfere with your cycles, so over christmas if you consumed alot (which is compulsory right??) then it can affect your cycles, has anyone else heard of this? Hungry? grin
Mrs I am off on a/l from one of my jobs at the mo as my parents are away so I have no childcare, so I haven't been working this week which is lucky with feeling rotten. I have felt awful today so hopefully today is the worst of it and I will be feeling better tomorrow. I am just about to eat an orange to dose up on vit c! You really shouldn't worry so much anymore about your pg, you are so close to your 20 week scan and everything gets a bit easier from then on, in terms of worrying anyway, maybe not walking and sleeping! It's a shame you are not on fb anymore, it would be nice to see some bump pics smile
Donna I am glad you have found another thread to talk your situation through on, hope you get some good advice and hopefully some good advice for your sis too. Do you think she would consider joining a thread on mumsnet?
Monster when do you think you will POAS?
Toothpaste a holiday would be amazing, DH and I have been discussing we would like to go away this year, we pretty much did nothing last year, so would be great to get away for a bit.We are going to start saving and see how much we can put away, so whether it will be abroad or somewhere down on the south coast we will have to see. Interesting q about napping, do you know Ireally can't remember when DD dropped a nap...it's funny that you think these are the things you will never forget....I am currently pondering whether DD needs to drop her afternoon nap now, she is 2.2 and still has between 1.5-3 hours after lunch. I don't want to get rid of it just yet though!!
KT I think you should just tell work that you have a bad back and have to take it easy so that you don't end up making it worse. Please take care at work, no heavy lifting or anything strenuous, and don't work too hard!

Lucyjojo Fri 10-Jan-14 20:48:41

Oh my god sorry what a long post!!!

mrsm22 Fri 10-Jan-14 21:05:02

Hi Lucy, I hope you start to feel a bit better tomorrow too. There's always one day where you feel the worst I think when you have this sort of cold/virus type of thing. I know, I am such a worrier. I'm definitely stopping at two children otherwise I think I'd become a nervous wreck! I just panicked a bit when Donna said about her sis being rhesus negative blood type as I am too and I hoped that the awful tragedy that has happened to her is not at all linked to her blood type. I'm not far off 20 weeks, roll on the 28th jan for my scan! Your DH sounds very sensible and he's right (although of course not what anyone wants to hear) but you do have one amazing child already. You will get pregnant again, you've done it once already so you know you can get pregnant and you are still young so everything looks good and in the grand scheme of things you haven't been trying yet long . I remember trying for DS and it took 7 months age I thought that was long but my gp said most fertile young couples take anything up to a year. You won't though !

ChineseFireball Fri 10-Jan-14 21:22:05

Donna I'm so sorry about your sister. It is really hard for her and for you, too. I hope you both start to feel a bit more positive soon (I'm sorry if that sounds an inane thing to say but I hope you know what I mean).

Kt - congratulations on you BFP smile

Lucy - please try not to worry too much and be relaxed as much as you can. It's so frustrating when things aren't happening. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Windy - happy belated birthday smile

Hello to the newbies!

I'm sorry if I've missed anyone on namechecking. Hope everyone is OK and having at least a bit of fun with TTC! This time round I'm finding there are 2 lots of waiting - the 2ww and the 1ww (post period and pre-ovulation!). Don't want to do it too much before happy hour but at the same time want to get shot of the swimmers who have been cooling their heels for a bit so that when it's time to BD we have nice new strong swimmers.

Having a bit of a rubbish time at the moment actually so TTC is really good for keeping my mind off things. A colleague (and a good friend) died at Christmas, and this week at work it has been really sad going into the office to see that he's not there. And my dad is really poorly and not going to get better. DS is a good focus for me too as he's coming up 2 and making sure we all know about it.

Hoping for some nice BFPs in January though and some sticky beans and kicky bumps!

mrsm22 Sat 11-Jan-14 10:53:35

Where has everyone gone?

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 11:59:13

I'm here!

Just had my haircut and was outed by the hair washing girl as I have a massive bump already (the joy of getting pregnant 4.5 months post-partum!). Ah well. My hairdresser is lovely so I don't mind her knowing.

Really, utterly exhausted today and loads of house stuff to do. :-/ DH has vacuumed while I was out though, thankfully!

Feeling sick, but guessing it's because I'm tired. Does anybody else have an overwhelming thirst? I just can't drink enough.

Monster, when's AF due? Good luck.

And Lucy, I'm sure it'll happen. Don't forget that your first 3 months don't really count. I know it's frustrating though. Fx for this cycle. Did you do an OPK today?

donnas1984 Sat 11-Jan-14 13:29:21

Thanks Chinese were all looking onwards and upwards xx

on another note its my 30th birthday next Saturday and I wasn't planning on making a big deal and celebrating once I can have champagne but dh has informed me we are going to a spa hotel overnight when I have bren booked in for a prenatal relaxation experience! I dont know what that entails but I cant bloody wait and maybe I could have one little baileys as I was so good over xmass and ny? what do you guys think?
lucy did you get your pee sticks I posted them on Tuesday? xx

mrsm22 Sat 11-Jan-14 13:41:33

Hi Hungry - how's your hair looking? I was outed by almost everyone at work. It's a bugger when you're showing so soon! Ah well, just be proud. I am more thirsty since becoming pregnant too. Me and DH took FS to the park this morning, he got an icecream and then on the way back I took a bag of things to the RSPCA charity shop. I like to give to the animal charities as I don't think enough people do. Anyway DH has gone to work now and DS is having a sleep. I was going to go round to my mum and dads this aft with DS but as my sister is going with all her lot I think I will give it a big miss.
Donna - that sounds so lovely. What a thoughtful DH you must have x

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 14:18:59

Donna, that sounds lovely. Bless your DH. :-)

Mrs, good idea to give your parents' house a miss. Can you go tomorrow instead?

My hair looks nice and neat, thank you!

I need to sort my wardrobe and drawers out, but I've just made a bulk load of banana bread so am sitting down now. I may leave it til tomorrow!

I think think baby's wearing clogs, as I can feel it already. Funny!

ATruth, I'm up in your town next weekend if you're about?

Toothpastekissesno2 Sat 11-Jan-14 15:11:40

Donna - a baileys is fine!!!! The odd drink really isn't a problem. My gp told me that essentially they make a blanket rule of no drinking to put off teenagers etc who aren't responsible enough to know better. Think how much our parents generTion drunk! And smoked! The odd little glass of something is really not a problem.
My friend has just had a m/c so feeling bit sad for her. It was very early but still tough. Makes me feel more anxious but I think just need to count blessings (and get to midwife to hear the heartbeat!) xx

clara26 Sat 11-Jan-14 15:23:04

Hello! Mind if I tag along? Last AF 21st dec. AF due today but no sign. BFN when POAS. Been half trying for 2 years but not been very 'active' really trying properly now, lots of DTD and timing my cycles. Maybe I'm not a 28 day kinda girl!

mrsm22 Sat 11-Jan-14 16:01:41

Hi Toothpaste - Sorry to hear about your friend. Yes it's so reassuring when you hear the heartbeat and these awful things just make you desperate to go for a scan or to the midwife to hear the heartbeat etc. when is your mw appointment, it's coming up isn't it?
Hi Clara - welcome to our thread. This thread started at the beginning of sept and already we've had quite a number BFP's so hopefully if you stick around you'll soon have your own BFP. Is this your first child that you're TTC ?

SwedeAway Sat 11-Jan-14 16:03:01

Hi all! So having a nice weekend. Had some old friends from the UK visiting which was lovely. Of course they announced that they are expecting their first and although I thought it might make me jealous or sad (being selfish i guess), it did not. Tomorrow we are starting to dtd as per gyno's specific schedule. DH is totally on board so lots of dtd for the coming week, not that I mindwink DD is back at nursery from Mon after a month holiday break. Looking forward to getting back into our routines. It's so bloody hot at the moment! I am usually the last to complain about the heat but 37 degrees is a bit muchhmm Anyway, hope everyone is ok! Oh and welcome to any newbies.

SwedeAway Sat 11-Jan-14 16:04:24

And I totally agree with Toothpaste, a drink now and then is perfectly fine.

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 16:29:59

Sounds like a good week ahead, Swede! :-)

And wow, that's WAY too hot for me.

I'm glad you were OK with your friends' news. :-)

Hi Clara!

Donna, the odd drink won't hurt. You'll be fine. My midwife said 1-2 units a week after the first trimester is fine.

mrsm22 Sat 11-Jan-14 17:02:32

I'm probably the only person on here that would say not to have a drink but I do everything by the book or by the rules when I'm pregnant. I'm sure it's safe to have the occasional small drink though.

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 17:12:15

The NHS says you can drink, mrs. If it said you couldn't, I wouldn't! :-)

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 17:13:05
HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 17:14:53

Or kind of does! :-)

Plenty of women drink in moderation without harm.

clara26 Sat 11-Jan-14 17:18:11

Thanks mrsm, yeah first one. Never ever wanted kids and then suddenly when I turned thirty it was like my womb suddenly woke up and started screaming. shock

Best of luck to everyone here!

clara26 Sat 11-Jan-14 17:24:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

donnas1984 Sat 11-Jan-14 17:57:13

mrs I didnt touch a drop with dd and normally would bother just thought since its a special occasion I might. will see ehat happens xx
toothpaste sorry to hear about your friend thanks .

mrsm22 Sat 11-Jan-14 19:43:16

Evening all, I'm sure everything is fine in moderation and I wasn't being funny about having a drink or saying anything is wrong with it. It's each to their own when pregnant, I was just saying that I personally won't have a drink when pregnant. Donna - it's obviously totally up to you and it is like you say a very special occasion. One of my best friends who is expecting her first any day, she had champagne on New Year's Eve. It's funny though because all the things you're allowed and not meant to do change over the years so you've got to wonder. Like liver for example, we're not meant to touch it now but when my mums generation were pregnant she said they were encouraged to eat it. Smoked salmon is another. I ate it in my first pregnancy but my midwife told me last time I saw her, just before Xmas not to touch it. I'm just a massive worrier so I try to be extra careful about things. I'm not a big drinker anyway so not drinking now doesn't really matter to me.
Clara - good luck to you!

That would be lovely hungry - you having a break with dh? Are you staying up here or just visiting?

Monstersaurus Sat 11-Jan-14 20:17:53

Hungry, POAS-day isn't until Wednesday unless I crumble before then and test early. So far today I've convinced myself that I'm bloated and DH has suggested that I haven't been as 'hormonal' as usual for this stage in the month. hmm

I didn't drink during the first trimester, then had the very occasional glass of wine during the second and a little more during the third. Never more than a small glass every couple of weeks or so though. Each to their own. Enjoy your spa trip Donna.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekends.

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 20:21:55

You can eat smoked salmon, she was wrong about that one.

It's like peanuts can be eaten now too.

30 or so years ago, pregnant women were actively encouraged to drink Guinness!

I do eat some 'banned' stuff, but under caution and in moderation as I've assessed the risk and deemed it to be low.

I think I had about 10 units in the entire pregnancy last time. It's nice to be able to have a little drink if you fancy one for a special occasion, I think. But I respect the decision of those who choose not to.

ATruth, we are coming up on Saturday and staying overnight at the Premier Inn as we had qualified for a free room. :-)

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 20:25:32

Oh, and it's all 3 of us. :-)

Wednesday, Monster? Is that when you're due AF? So you could try tomorrow then?! Depending on how patient you are, obviously!

Monstersaurus Sat 11-Jan-14 20:31:20

Hungry, yep that is when AF is due. I'm trying to not test early, as I would rather not know than not know if I should believe the BFN or not. Hopefully it will be a shiny BFP this time though.

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 20:37:47

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :-) Which cycle are you on now? I can't remember anything!

Lucyjojo Sat 11-Jan-14 22:11:40

Oooh good luck Monster, I love a bit of POAS.
Hungry yes you are right, maybe I should discount the first 3 months, but then I think if some people get pg by accident on contraception and only shagging once or a one night stand or something, does a bit of KY really make such a difference!!!? But for arguments sake lets say yes it does grin
Donna, that is so sweet of your DH! I hope you have a lovely time, will it be just the two of you going? I think a little baileys won't hurt.
I'm surprised they say 1-2 units a week is ok though, it sounds like alot, don't they recommend only 2-3 units for non-pregnant women a week!? I didn't drink with DD as I thought it would be a bit of a fun challenge to see if I could last 9 months without a drink! Also I figured if I had one glass I would want the rest of the bottle, so it was probably better to just steer clear!
Mrs I am on 7 months this cycle, well 7 months of thinking I was trying, it does feel like an age doesn't it. Donna how on earth did you go on for 2 years?
I did do an opk today Hungry, there was a faint line if you squint but I'm guessing that means nothing. I am struggling a bit with them though to be honest, it's impossible for me to go four hours without drinking/weeing. I always end up having a drink and then remembering I'm not supposed to, so the ones I did today were with pretty diluted wee. It's so annoying that you can't just use FMU! I am picking up more signals from my body that I'm ovulating though so hopefully I can just rely on that. And online calculators suggest this weekend and early next week which matches the signs I'm getting from my body...so hopefully I will catch it!!
How are you feeling Kt?
Swede glad you have had a nice time with friends. Bit of a pisser about their news though. I know a few couples who I keep expecting any day to announce their news. And took DD into work today, one of my colleagues said she looked like she needed a playmate...!? angry Good luck with your next cycle, I really hope it's a good one for you. Hopefully we will soon be celebrating together!!
Oh Donna, I haven't received the pee sticks yet, hopefully it's just the snail mail and they will be here next week. ATruth I forgot to say yes please to you too! I will PM you my address.

Lucyjojo Sat 11-Jan-14 22:12:07

Oh my god I seem incapable of just writing a small message!

HungryHorace Sat 11-Jan-14 22:41:11

Lucy, it's 14 units for women and 21 for men with no more than 2-3 a day.

Oh, you asked about sugar earlier. I've no idea is my answer! :-)

And your issue with the OPKs is mine too. It's why I end up buying the smiley ones as there's no misunderstanding those.

Metalhead Sat 11-Jan-14 22:41:55

Evening all! I really wanted some red wine tonight, but obviously can't have any as I'm still so early on. I probably will have the occasional glass later on though, I think with DD I had maybe 5 drinks in total at special occasions like birthdays or NYE. And Lucy the normal recommended limit is 2-3 per day for women, so 1-2 a week really isn't much.

With regards to the opks, I never managed to not drink for 4 hours before either, but found usually 2 hours was enough to get a good result, unless I'd drunk lots of coffee beforehand.

Good luck to you and Swede and anyone else dtd with intent this weekend, and Monster fx for a Bfp on Wednesday!

Metalhead Sat 11-Jan-14 22:42:32

Ha, cross post Hungry!

Lucyjojo Sat 11-Jan-14 22:54:08

Oh haha I got it totally wrong then! 2-3 units a day definately makes 1-2 a week not much. I'll have to get drinking more then!!

HungryHorace Sun 12-Jan-14 08:26:04

I've always got pregnant on my booziest months. With DD it was excessive as I had my hen do at 4-5 DPO and was smashed! A friend then arrived from Oz for the wedding and we drank a fair bit at home, culminating in getting blotto the day before my positive test (I'd tested that morning and got a BFN!).

This time wasn't so excessive, but as a tactic I had a small beer every night after OV! So maybe drinking does help. :-)

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 12-Jan-14 08:38:58

Hi, I've been lurking and on a missing AF thread BFN for a while. My AF has eventually turned up on CD77. I'm waiting for some blood test results for thyroid/hormone levels. I'm hoping its just a blip and I'll go back to normal then we can get on with TTC no 2.
Hope everyone is doing ok and wishing for BFPs for everyone.

Monstersaurus Sun 12-Jan-14 10:00:37

Welcome noyoucant. Hope you get your results soon.

People can be so insensitive Lucy. I've had a few people enquiring about the possibility of us having a second recently. Feel bad saying something along the lines of not yet, maybe in the future but what else can you do?

Kt1991 Sun 12-Jan-14 10:15:59

Morning all, hope you get your BFP this week monster! Your due on my bday smile
Same here hungry I got pregnant both times over a boozy period, was DH (then DPS) birthday and I was 6 weeks pregnant didn't realize and got very drunk, and then last Saturday I got quite tipsy as people were buying doubles, was only out for about an hour and a half aswell lol. As i had got the BFN on the Friday.I won't touch alcohol now though until after DC is born, think I'm a worrier like you mrs!
lucy I'm doing okay thanks, cramps are doing my head in though, haven't had any sickness yet, although still early days, really hoping I don't get any for this pregnancy either! I don't cope with sick. How are you this weekend lucy?
How's the sickness aswell hungry hope it's died down for you now! I'm not sure whether I say I'm 4 or 5 weeks now as LmP was 3rd Dec, but because of my cycles being every 34/35 days and not sure when ovulation deffo was what dates they would say?
Welcome back noyoucant how frustrating for you for it to finally turn up so late, hope it is a one off and you can get some answers smile how long ago did you come off the pill?

HungryHorace Sun 12-Jan-14 10:25:07

Kt, they'll use LMP until the scan, then go from there. :-)

My sickness has died down loads. I sometimes feel a touch queasy, but nothing too drastic. There's still the odd throwing up moment, but they're few and far between. It worries me a bit as I like the reassurance. But as Better is having the same experience this time too I'm hopeful it's ok.

Hi, Noyou! At least AF has finally arrived. Remind me when you came off the pill / your previous cycles.

mrsm22 Sun 12-Jan-14 12:46:43

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good weekend? Well I did a very silly thing last night and went on Google and came across some things which have terrified the life out of me and now I am in a huge stress about this pregnancy. I'm really hoping one of you or some if you can help if anyone knows anything about this, and I apologise in advance for the self-centred post!
Ok as you all know, I'm a big worrier and total stress head so it doesn't take much to worry me. I know my DH thinks I'm a loony and being ridiculous and he told me off last pregnancy for going on Google. I should be banned. I wish I hadn't gone for the private scan at 16 weeks to find out the gender, I wish I had just waited for the 20 week scan because at the private scan (2 weeks ago), they print you a report of all their findings and where it asks about placenta location, the sonographer has just put 'Posterior low'. At the time I didn't ask much about that as she said everyone's placenta is either anterior (at the front) or posterior (at the back) and that it didn't matter and that mine was low but would probably move as most do before birth. So I was happy with that and I remember at my 20 week scan with DS I had an anterior low lying placenta which moved quickly after. My problem is that last night while on the net I came across information on posterior low lying placentas and it sounds extremely dangerous and actually life threatening. I've read some stuff that says to watch out for bleeding and haemorrhaging and that the placenta can rupture etc and you can bleed to death and that I could end up with a long stay in hospital which would really depress me as I'd be away from my DS and I hate hospitals. I'm just confused because the woman who did my private scan two weeks ago never indicated anything bad, she said everything looked great. I just wish I had asked more while I was there, like I should have asked is the placenta just low or is it actually covering the cervix and if low, how low. I'm now waiting to have a bleed and be admitted to hospital. Other info on the net says it's nothing to worry about at all. Can anyone put me out of my misery at all? I don't know if anyone has any experience of this but I just want to enjoy my pregnancy. I do have my 20 week scan in just over two weeks so obviously I will find out more then but in the meantime I'm just going to worry. I wondered if I should ring the private clinic tomorrow and ask what was meant by posterior low as I'm sure they must keep record of all the scans. Am I a total nutcase?

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 12-Jan-14 13:41:01

I haven't been on the pill for years, I usually have 26ish day regular cycles so the last few months are a bit odd. I think my cycle is still there as this AF has turned up after approx 3x26 days and I have had cramps at about the right times.
Seeing GP for blood test results on Friday.

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 12-Jan-14 13:44:57

Mrsm, a low placenta at 16 weeks might be a normal one at 20 weeks. As the uterus stretches and grows the placenta will often move up. If it is still low at 20 weeks it has plenty of tube to move up before delivery. What your reading about are worst case scenarios. It is much more likely it will move up and not be a problem.

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 12-Jan-14 13:45:25

Time not tube

HungryHorace Sun 12-Jan-14 14:08:23

Noyou, maybe you had two consecutive cycles where you didn't ovulate. Most women have 1-2 a year, so maybe yours were back to back?

Mrs, I'm sure Noyou is right so please don't worry.

But I'm as bad as you as I just googled lack of morning sickness as since a horrendous start I've barely had any, and I've now scared myself witless about miscarriage. :-/ We need to both be banned from Google!

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 12-Jan-14 14:26:23

hungry that's what I'm hoping, as long as bloods don't show anything can have a proper try this month. I did get a bit stressed out in November as I worked more, so maybe it was that.
How many weeks are you now?

HungryHorace Sun 12-Jan-14 14:40:04

9+3. It's going so slowly! That's the peril of finding out at 3+3!

What are the blood tests for? I'd get DTD as at least you know where you are now!

donnas1984 Sun 12-Jan-14 15:10:48

mrs you crazy mofo get off google this instance! I had a low lying placenta with dd at 20 week scan so got another at 32 weeks and everything was fine xxx

mrsm22 Sun 12-Jan-14 15:50:45

Thanks Noyou and Hungry and Donna.
Hungry - I think we could both worry ourselves into a state of panic!
Donna - you are my saving grace today, to hear that. Were there any problems with your low lying placenta like bleeds or did it just move and did you have to take it more easy or anything or again have I just read horror stories?

SwedeAway Sun 12-Jan-14 15:59:23

Hi everyone! Have a small (huge) favor to ask. Can I start a new (continuing this one) thread for us. Every time I log in I see my bfp message and it makes me so sadsad Obviously if you don't agree then we can continue here. I would love to start it (to give me some good luck, maybe) but happy for someone else to go ahead. Just want to move on...

HungryHorace Sun 12-Jan-14 16:05:05

Go for it, Swede. This thread isn't here to make people feel sad. xx

mrs - step away from google! When's your nhs 20 week scan? Can you ask there and hopefully reassure yourself?

Swede - great plan. Lucy may want to start it again, but I suspect she won't mind you doing it.

Sorry for short message. I have a croupy boy so am knackered after a long sleepless night. I'm actually in bed now while DH looks after him for a while, but I'm having to plan lessons and write reports so just popped in to say hi.

Monstersaurus Sun 12-Jan-14 18:16:03

Swede, no problem with a new thread from me either.

Metalhead Sun 12-Jan-14 18:27:02

No problem re: new thread Swede, totally understand why.

mrs Google is definitely a double-edged sword when it comes to health issues! You can read all kinds of horror stories on there, which most of the time are probably extremely unlikely to happen to you. I know it's hard not to (I'm guilty of it myself) but try not to stress yourself out unnecessarily by Googling.

And hi noyoucant, I remember you from the missing AF thread. Glad you're on a new cycle now, hopefully this was just a one off and you'll be more regular again in the future (or better still get a BFP
straight away!)

donnas1984 Sun 12-Jan-14 18:55:18

mrs no problems whatsoever I had thr easiest pregnancy in history with dd plus a wee extra scan in my 3rd trimestergrin . xx

Windywinston Sun 12-Jan-14 20:24:48

Mrs, step away from Dr Google! If you had a serious/life threatening problem I'm fairly sure they would have mentioned it. It's too early on for a low placenta to be a concern. If you have a low placenta at the 20 week scan they'll scan you later to check. In most cases it has moved out of the way by the time it matters. I don't blame you for googling though, I do it all the time then freak out!

Swede, go for it, you don't need a reminder every time you come her.

Ooh, and for my 2 pennies worth on the drinking front, I had one unit at 35 weeks last time, that was it, but it had taken me so long to get pregnant that I was terrified that if I did anything wrong I'd lose DD and never get pregnant again. I'm a bit more chilled out this time. I had half a glass of red with Christmas dinner and a glass of prosecco at NYE, but I decided not to have a drink for my birthday and I won't have another unless I have a very special occasion to do so. To each her own though, as long as you don't have more than a couple of units and you're not doing it all the time I'm sure it's fine, previous generations didn't hold back!

Lucyjojo Sun 12-Jan-14 22:04:27

Hi everyone.
Mrs I think you should ban yourself from google! Why are you looking up problems and things for you to worry yourself about! If the doctors and midwives aren't worried then neither should you be. Wait until your 20 week scan to see if it is still an issue then, and in the meantime stop googling!!
Sorry about your DS ATruth, glad DH is there to take care of him though so you can get on with work/rest.
Swede go ahead and start a new thread, I hope it brings you some luck as the mumsnet gods weren't smiling too kindly on me when I did it!!
Well I did another opk this afternoon and while it wasn't as strong as the control line I got my strongest line yet from the past couple of days. I have dtd a crazy amount this week and will continue eod for another week or so. Am I in danger of doing it too much though!!?
I'm not feeling at all hopeful for this cycle. I am still in the mindset that it is never actually going to happen for me, but I feel weirdly calm and relaxed about it all. DD is being an absolute horror at the moment and driving me bonkers so this may have something to do with it...

SwedeAway Mon 13-Jan-14 04:42:36

Thanks everyone. Will try to start new thread (never done it before). Keep a look out for 'About to start / Just started TTC no.2 (part 4)'.

SwedeAway Mon 13-Jan-14 04:46:27

Ok, new thread up and running. See you there.

HungryHorace Mon 13-Jan-14 09:33:31

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