Eggcellent Egg Buddies - For those IVF'ing in August, September, October

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BeetleBeetle Tue 30-Jul-13 09:33:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 09:38:17

thanks beetle!

chocolocodowninacapulco Tue 30-Jul-13 09:41:09

Well done beetle. How's everyone today?

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 10:09:02

Yay - found you! So what's for dinner today? I'm thinking roast chicken, roast spuds, carrots, broccoli, leeks, courgettes, yorkies and lashings of gravy grin

Wow I am so ready for these follies to be harvested - my lower tum feels ready to pop!

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 10:11:13


I wrote a post and it disappeared - boo.

I'm so ready for these follies to be harvested - my lower tum is ready to pop!

So what's for tea then? I'm thinking roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, peas, courgettes, leeks, yorkies and lashings of gravy grin

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 10:12:06

Ha - and bollox - there it was found!!

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 10:38:42

That sounds lovely fab. Can I come round for dinner?

I'm fine, got a bit of AF pains, I stopped taking the pill on Friday, and start taking estradiol tablets tomorrow. The next exciting stage is coming up soon!

BeetleBeetle Tue 30-Jul-13 10:42:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Tue 30-Jul-13 11:15:55

Hello I'm on my way home. Still a bit out of it. They got 17 eggs, DH's sperm looked better than the last sample. Had a few minutes of stress as we had to wait for the consultant to decide if we could go for a fresh transfer due to the bleeding. He has decided we can go ahead as lining has increased a bit and bleeding has stopped.

Thanks for all the good luck vibes xxx

Pipbin Tue 30-Jul-13 11:50:19

Hello ladies.
Nothing to report here, just marking my place on the new thread.

chocolocodowninacapulco Tue 30-Jul-13 11:58:33

Well done cups, 17! Great news too that you will be able to have a fresh transfer. X

chocolocodowninacapulco Tue 30-Jul-13 12:05:48

Boring tea today for me fab tuna pasta bake- as I'm cooking! Sorry you're feeling uncomfortable, when is your next scan?

beetle heatwave temporarily on hold, pissing down with rain and dreary as fuck <gets in swearing quota>.

Sorry about the pains beer , but exciting about the next stage.

Hello pip what day of jabs are you on?

Wot no brooker! maybe. Hello to any lurkers

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 12:30:40

Roast is allowed today as it is bloody miserable outside and we need something to cheer us up - last week it was 30c - today 19c and pissing it down! Have just spent the last hour in the rain with the nephew feeding goats and playing on tractors - very cute smile

Everyone is welcome to come round and join usgrin btw I love tuna pasta! Never boring for me!

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 12:36:32

Chocs I've got EC tomorrow smile

Cups - that's a great haul - well done you! Now time to do some relaxing and let those eggs and sperm get down and do the business!

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 12:37:38

Mmm the braised beef one pot sounds yum Beetle!

chocolocodowninacapulco Tue 30-Jul-13 13:03:20

I knew that fab blush. <focuses brain on something other than symptom spotting>. Who is it who mentioned having EC on Saturday then?! Doh!

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 13:04:47

cups that's brilliant! Fingers crossed for a fresh transfer in a few days.

BrookerC Tue 30-Jul-13 13:05:46

I'm here I'm here runs in late all breathless thanks beetle
cups well done lovely. Now you are under strict orders from me to rest & stress no more (for today anyway) There will be loads of time for stress over the coming weeks.Today your body needs you to sleep & relax. smile
fab dinner sounds lush! Yorkies soaking in gravy-what's not to like? Mmmmm
choco you have mighty fine will power lady grin
beer hope AF rocks up soon. x
twinks can't help on the FET but I think as in ivf clinics use varying degrees of drugs. I think mine opt for the almost drug free route. It's great that the 3 of you can do this together.
Hi to everyone else x

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 13:15:50

choco I get confused on who's doing what and when! Maybe we could do a little update about who's doing what and when etc?

I'll kick off.
Nobeer: 1st IVF cycle ever. Did EC beginning of July, hoping to do FET mid Aug (if body behaves and all goes according to how it should). Starting estradiol tablets this week.

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 13:17:29

And a meal update: Lemon and garlic chicken with roast squash for lunch, salad for tea.

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 14:11:05

Yum nobeer that sounds lush!

Me: 2nd round IVF, ec tomorrow - whoop! 1st round successful in jan but mmc at 8weeks. 2nd time's the charm is the hope this time smile

BeetleBeetle Tue 30-Jul-13 14:12:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Missmidden Tue 30-Jul-13 14:13:09

Hello, sorry to gate crash here, but after several weeks of thinking I should join this thread I have now finally started stimms (day 4) so am going to start needing some people to lean on soon! It seems like there are lots of lovely people here so I hope you will have me smile

This is my first ever IVF cycle, although we have a 3 year old DD who was conceived naturally. No specific cause found for not conceiving this time, but it looks like ageing eggs and thin lining may be involved.

Now I have one specific question: is it normal to get lots of EWCM this early on? I am due to start on cetrotide (on short protocol) and have my first scan tomorrow but am worried my body may be gearing up to ovulate too early. I assume this is most unlikely, and maybe everyone gets EWCM all the time when on stimms? I could call the clinic but I seem to have a question a day for them at the moment and I am sure they must think I am a real pain!

Can anyone please offer any advice?

BeetleBeetle Tue 30-Jul-13 14:18:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeetleBeetle Tue 30-Jul-13 14:21:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Missmidden Tue 30-Jul-13 14:28:15

Thanks Beetle. That's reassuring to hear. I hope this cycle is successful for you.

I intend to hang around- we have told virtually no-one in real life so I think I will need this outlet for my angst!

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 14:28:22

Missmidden welcome! I got lots of EWCM while I was stimming too. This came as a surprise cos I haven't had that kind of moisture down there for a loooong time (tmi)! I'm sure the clinic will be doing blood tests etc to make sure it's all going according to plan

Missmidden Tue 30-Jul-13 15:05:27

Thanks nobeer, looks like it's normal then- I'll knock it off my list of worries!

resipsa Tue 30-Jul-13 16:56:05

Cups good harvest.

Marking my place. Some NEWS to share later (when phone charged).

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 17:52:22

Don't keep us in suspenders resp! Is it to do with further discussions with your DH?

BrookerC Tue 30-Jul-13 18:14:39

Welcome missm smile
resp C'mon love I'm bursting to hear your news grin

Me 40 oldest swinger in town DH 38
No issues other than my age. Due to start round 3 ivf next month (after cycle 2 abandoned due to lab fault & bfn cycle 1)

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 18:38:02

Ooh brooks good to hear I'm not the oldest swinger with toy boy! I'm also 40 and my DH is 34 wink

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Tue 30-Jul-13 18:52:17

Missm I had lots of EWCM during stimming too, towards the end I also got sore boobs (especially my nipples) and AF like pains.

Tame hope your having a lovely holiday

I've had 3 naps since getting home, I'm completely zonked! Fab how are you feeling? You excited about tomorrow?

Res whats your news? X

I'm 31, DH 30 we are unexplained with borderline sperm. 1st ICSI cycle long protocol, had egg collection today.

Btw I consider myself quite "young" in the ttc game but of the 4 other couples having EC today I was by far the eldest. One of the nurses was completing an audit and one of the questions was how old are you. The next closest to me in age was 25 shock

Caip Tue 30-Jul-13 19:01:21

Hi all, can I join you too? I've been here before but you've nearly all changed since then I think!

I'm going in for frozen embryo transfer on Friday, have 5 in the freezer and going for 2 if all goes to plan.

I'm 35, DH is 38. This is our 3rd go - 1st was abandoned after developing cysts during down regging,the last go was short protocol and we got a bfn and here we are. I also recently took the plunge after moaning about my job for 2 years and I start a new job in 3 weeks!

I'm not sure where you are all in the process so good luck to anyone with things happening this week

Wimwom Tue 30-Jul-13 19:03:31

nocups 17 is fantastic! Our other stimmers are all doing so well too - good luck for tomorrow fab

Hello everyone else!

Am knackered having had to go in for bloods this morning (given they say to rest for 2 days why make me schlep into town?!) then had my nephew this pm - I can say monsters university is pretty fun though, oh and we made cookies! Ottolengi paella for dinner -yum! Am so tired don't know how I am going to eat - lots of cramping today, and think all the crinone is falling out (sorry TMI!)

Me: unexplained, 1st cycle. 2 days post 5 day transfer of single hatching embryo. 5 frosties. PUPO! Currently have an ass like a pin cushion with bruises but starting to feel much less swollen - finally.

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 19:36:10

Brooker you're not the oldest, so help that makes you feel better! I'm 41.

Welcome back Caip and good luck with your new job!

wishwash Tue 30-Jul-13 19:57:40

Nice one cups. You feeling ok?

Welcome Missmidden and welcome back caip

Res that is just cruel! Thats like watching an awesome film and the dvd breaking half way through, or you're favourite song on in a club so you get you groove thang going but the DJ changes the song! Teeeell us!!!

No sign of AF still! Grrrrrrrr. Its day 30 today so I'm hoping it won't be much longer. I just want to get DR'ing!

My story: Me: 27 DP: 30 IVF#1 in June. 15 eggs taken, 11 fertilised, 8 taken to blast. 7 frozen and 1 put back but BFN. Start DR'ing for my FET when AF arrives but she's hiding!

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 20:16:26

Wim what were your bloods for lovely?

Wish I'm excited for you - you've got such a great amount of frosties to play with smile

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 20:16:54

Welcome mismidden and caip smile

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 20:19:38

I was EWCM free the whole time but have wickedly pointy nipples - they were so big tonight I had to show DH when he walked in this eve! Think battle ship rivets!

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 20:22:16

Cups - naps are good and you deserve them smile I'm properly excited about tomorrow - fingers crossed for an amazing haul like you and for DH producing a proper spooge rather than a mini splodge too winkgrin

tametortie Tue 30-Jul-13 21:01:13

Hello my gorgeous tarts smile

I am posting fr

tametortie Tue 30-Jul-13 21:06:09

Hello my gorgeous tarts smile

I am posting from a beautiful spot in the alps on one bar of wi fi!! Am seriously missing all your news despite my lovely hols. Hope you are all ok? I can see a good ec from today and hopefully another tomorrow xxx

What's occurring with res??

Love you all!!

Am in bed with red wine and a good book at the mo overlooking the mountains feeling blessed xxx

Fabuluce Tue 30-Jul-13 21:09:45

Tame how wonderful to hear from you and to see you're relaxing so wonderfully smile xx

tametortie Tue 30-Jul-13 21:18:54

Good luck tomorrow fab xxxxx

chocolocodowninacapulco Tue 30-Jul-13 21:44:00

Good luck for EC tomorrow fab grin

beetle , I knew there was someone scheduled for EC on Saturday! Have you had any scans this week?

Welcome miss. I too had loads of EWCM while stimming.

brooker the will power doesn't feel as strong...

cups great napping powers! How long are you off work for?

Hi caip, I remember you from before. Good luck, wow Friday is soon, so exciting!

wim glad the swelling is going down. When will you hear about blood tests? Were they for progesterone?

wish sorry AF still hasn't shown up sad

tame glad you're having lovely hols, good to hear from you.

Tuna pasta bake was nice and the carbs must've made me more sleepy than I thought as I had a cheeky half hour nap and woke up at 9 blush

nobeer Tue 30-Jul-13 22:14:05

tame glad you're having a great time!

wishwash Tue 30-Jul-13 22:30:57

Hello Tame. So glad to hear you're all chilled out and happy. You deserve it xxx

BrookerC Tue 30-Jul-13 23:16:15

tame hi me darling! So glad you're having a fab time. It's super to hear from you.
nobeer are you the oldest swinger in town then? grin I thought that was me!!
fab you fucking cradle snatcher! good innit? Good luck for tomorrow lovely. x
choco how are you feeling? You are doing so fabulously well smile Hang in there. xx
resp You taking the piss or what? You're killing me here!!! <seriously hope everything is ok>

BrookerC Tue 30-Jul-13 23:28:22

cups excellent napping!
wish what drugs are you starting for the DR? Hope that bloody AF shows her face soon. I am having a pretty shit AF but I am not complaining except to DH the poor bloke
Hi caip & welcome smile. are you having any drugs ready for FET or are they going with your natural cycle?
wim what was the blood test for lovely?

Caip Wed 31-Jul-13 07:23:46

Morning all
tame bed, book, wine, mountains sounds idyllic right now

I got away without having to do down regging this time thank god but have been on progynova for a couple of weeks and cyclogest since Sunday. Forgot how bunged up they make you!

Good luck today fab

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 31-Jul-13 08:29:10

Fab good luck for today, ill be thinking of you xxxx

Caip hello smile that's great that you don't have to down reg. Is cyclogest the pessaries? Ive not had that joy yet, I start them tomorrow.

Wish I'm hoping AF turns up soon so you can get started.

Tame that sounds like bliss grin keep updating us making us jealous

Brooker hope AF buggers off soon.

Res whats the news you tease?!

I can't remember who asked now but I'm off until tues. I'm a bit worried about going back then if I end up having transfer on Sunday. I've not really got much choice as I'm on a probationary period as its a new job and if I have more than 5 days off sick it triggers a review of my progress.

I'm still sore and exhausted this morning, how was everyone else after EC? Did it take a few days to recover?

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 31-Jul-13 09:33:54

I've had the call from the embryologist. Only 11 eggs were mature and of them 6 have fertilised. They are going to call again on Friday to decide if we have a day 3 transfer or wait for day 5. Now starts the new mentalling, last night I was worried none of them would fertilise and now I'm scared we will be lucky to have any left in a few days and we won't get to blast.

nobeer Wed 31-Jul-13 10:34:51

cups my love, it took me a good week to recover after EC, and I think I foolishly overdid things the day or two after. I also had a hormonal tantrum meltdown about 4 days post EC because I felt so bloated that none of my clothes fitted me (they did fit, just a bit tight). I was fine once I sorted out the trapped wind and constipation. Oh the glamour! Try not to worry I'm one to talk. The clinic will do their best for your embies, you just have to put your trust in them. It's hard though!

nobeer Wed 31-Jul-13 10:35:38

brooks yes I'm the old fogey here sad

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 31-Jul-13 11:23:13

Nobeer it's comforting to know I'm not alone in suffering. I'm so bloody constipated! And I've not stopped trumping blush I also can't stop eating but at the same time nothing tastes good weirdly. I'm going to wander down to the local shops and see if anything takes my fancy.

BrookerC Wed 31-Jul-13 11:28:38

cups it's normal to feel sore after EC. You need to rest loads. I was fine after ET-I went to work straight after. I found it as easy as a smear. The nurses suggested having the day off but my consultant said to go with how I felt. I very rarely have time off work-I don't do ill so I felt much better going back to work. It's very hard I know but nobeer is right-you have to trust the clinic with your embies. The waiting is very,very hard. xxxx
nobeer I'm close behind you love......
fab hope it goes well today. xx

BeetleBeetle Wed 31-Jul-13 11:31:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeetleBeetle Wed 31-Jul-13 11:33:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nobeer Wed 31-Jul-13 12:00:31

Beetle was it you who recommended warm water and bicarb of soda? That's what sorted me out in the end! Didn't taste very nice, but I was fine the next day.

nobeer Wed 31-Jul-13 12:02:11

does that mean you're triggering tomorrow, Beetle? It's come around quickly!

Fabuluce Wed 31-Jul-13 13:24:20

12 eggs collected, DH sperm looking much better than last time smile just tucking into a tuna melt in the trains home and ready for a nap in front of the telly! On codeine so feeling a little spaced but it's made a shed load if difference to the cramps, hurrah smile

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 31-Jul-13 13:27:58

Wow Beetle that's great news, so your triggering tonight?

Fab hope you are getting on ok

Twinks thinking of you often, how are you doing?

Wim and Choco how are our resident PUPO's doing?

Thanks for the tips but luckily I don't need them as I've finally been to the toilet (sorry for TMI especially at lunch time!)

I found some organic sausages reduced in the co op over the road and have made a lovely sausage pasta thing for tea.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 31-Jul-13 13:29:41

Cross post Fab, that's great news over the eggs and sperm. I'm a bit jealous of the codeine though! Hope you have a lovely rest when you get back x

nobeer Wed 31-Jul-13 14:52:02

grin cups!

Well done fab!

resipsa Wed 31-Jul-13 16:46:03

Quick one - sorry - no tease intended. DM is having cancer treatment and had a bit of a crisis last night (zero white cell count!) so not been able to post. Will soon.

Sounds like good news elsewhere.

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 31-Jul-13 16:49:08

cups good to hear your fertilisation news. My embryologist compared it to a series of hurdles, the waiting for the calls etc. You get over one stage and then wait for the next <helpful> glad you are a bit.more comfortable now and good that you have a few days off now - it was me who asked about time off .

fab well done on your 12 eggs smile . Hope that codeine hits all the right places.

beetle well done on your EC being brought forward. Excited for you .

AFM, been shopping and for lunch (again) as a distraction! So don't know what to think and hope it's not all my head as that would be a killer! Is it Friday yet?

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 31-Jul-13 16:50:52

reps sorry to hear DH is having cancer treatment, let us know any news when you can

BrookerC Wed 31-Jul-13 16:57:16

Great news fab & well done DH! It always makes me smile when the clinic give me a list of the all the drugs I've had for EC. I mean blimey!! Time to rest now & do diddly squat. x
beetle what time do you trigger tonight? no more stimming -hurrah!
choco how are you doing hun? x
caip nice not to have the DR'ing. Is there any other prep/drugs before Friday?
Hi to everyone else. x

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 31-Jul-13 17:05:26

Hi brooker yeah, I'm ok, just a bit worried I've got my hopes up too much! How are you doing? Has the dreadful AF fucked off yet or at least calmed down a bit now?

nobeer Wed 31-Jul-13 18:00:33

res sending positive vibes across the sea to your family. Hope DM is getting looked after. flowers

Fabuluce Wed 31-Jul-13 18:04:24

Big hugs Res - let us know more when you can ?

Fabuluce Wed 31-Jul-13 18:05:06

Chocs - when is test day, is it Friday?

BrookerC Wed 31-Jul-13 18:11:12

resp sorry I don't know how I missed your post. Sorry to hear about DH. sad I will shut the fuck up & wait im patiently for your update. x
choco only 1 more morning to resist testing! Are you due at the clinic on Friday or home testing? I'm still having a rubbish time. Lots of pain killers & now feeling very sick confused

BrookerC Wed 31-Jul-13 18:12:07

DM not DH!!

Fabuluce Wed 31-Jul-13 18:15:34

Brooks sorry to hear you are having such a tough time of AF - it's rubbish isn't it hmm cuddles.

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 31-Jul-13 18:29:28

reps sorry, I read it as DH

brooker [hugs] so sorry you're feeling rough.

fab test day is Friday, yes and you just do a urine test at home with my clinic brooker. So scared now confused

MotorcycleMama Wed 31-Jul-13 19:02:29

cupcakes 6 fertilised is great! Can't wait to hear the updates.

Congrats on your haul fab.

Sorry to hear about your DH resipsa, and what a headfuck going into crisis with all this on your plate too. I hope he is getting all good care and treatment and will be recovered soon.

choco you are being mighty restrained with the testing - well done you! Fingers crossed for a BFP!

Good luck for EC beetle

As for me, had my early scan at 7+2 today and all is well. Good strong heartbeat, gestation age 7+3 (based on measurements) so fairly much bang on. Very relieved. Hardly any pregnancy symptoms.

Fabuluce Wed 31-Jul-13 19:34:29

Wow motor that's amazing news - well done you !!

Cups - can't remember if I said it earlier or not but well done in fertilisation - you're getting there smile repeat the mantra after me - divide divide divide smile

BeetleBeetle Wed 31-Jul-13 21:14:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Wimwom Wed 31-Jul-13 21:40:12

res really sorry to hear about your DM - how's she doing today?
brook AF sounds hideous - is it normally so bad? Hope it finishes soon... Or at the very least the drugs kick in soon so you can get a good nights rest. Nature is cruel.
choco not long till fri - hon, keep hanging in there, I admire the way you have held off for so long - am hoping to have yr strength
cups 6 fertilised is great! I felt tired for a few days, bloated for 5 days and also had the trumps big style! I think what you feel is really normal - rest rest rest rest. It's an order grin
fab - excellent laying, 12 is a lovely number, a juicy dozen.
motor - excellent scan results, what a relief. How do you feel now? Does the worry ease a little?
beetle wow - trigger already! How exciting - seems to have come around so fast (oops - that outs me as a long term lurker pre posting!)
missm and caip - hello!
tame - holiday sounds lovely, and well deserved - keep it up.
Bloods from yesterday were for progesterone and full blood count, both normal. Massive massive bruise on ass now... Does anyone else on progesterone injections have this issue? I am really worrying about how I can keep them up much longer as there's nowhere left to go. Went back to work today - was actually nice to have a distraction. Not sure I will feel the same in a week but hey ho.

BrookerC Wed 31-Jul-13 21:41:08

beetle good luck with trigger tonight. Well done to MIL for stepping in grin
motor what fantastic news! Are you still having the bloods or is that it now?
fab cups hope you ladies are getting plenty of rest?
choco crossing everything for you lovely. What's tomorrow's plan of distraction?
wim how are you doing today?
Evening all to everyone else. x

BrookerC Wed 31-Jul-13 21:46:43

wim x posted. Sore ass sounds like rubbish! I had the fanny bullets that I'm strangely missing - fab come & slap me one pls so can't offer any assistance. Do they have to be in your ass or can you try your thighs? x

Wimwom Wed 31-Jul-13 21:51:44

brook - am going to investigate the thigh option, I am really worried about how much I am bruising as I normally don't bruise. I'm on heparin to thin the blood which is why it must be happening - but everything about the progesterone injections is hurting, from needle in to a week after I still have a sore patch from the first one.... It hurts to walk, my bum is lumpy in a haematoma type way and if my thighs end up like it too then I don't know if I'll be able to function. The other thing is I am usually not a wimp about these sort of things - it really does hurt. Sorry - pity party over! Someone on progesterone come and tell me what I am doing wrong!
Oh - and fanny bullets I have them too, plus tablets - I asked the clinic if they did progesterone eye drops as I think that's the only route I'm not using (not sure the nurse thought it was funny)

BrookerC Wed 31-Jul-13 21:57:01

Fuck me! Let's just get you a progesterone bath! Sorry wim it must be so horrible. sad Hope you find a way of easing the pain/bruising. x

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 31-Jul-13 21:58:10

wim I am on the Gestone injections and have a nice bruise one side too! I think the area you can use, the upper outer quadrant is quite big, but like you, we seem to keep using the same area. I had to say 'fuckitty fuck' last night as it hurt so much. DH puts the really quickly like a dart action and then injects slowly - don't know if that'll help . The bruises on my tummy from the clexane look a lot worse than my Gestone ones. I know you can do the thigh too for them, but that sounded less fleshy and more painful.

Wimwom Wed 31-Jul-13 22:08:44

Hey choc - sorry I am not suffering along, though my ass bruise is a grapefruit size. One buttock down - will try the other tonight but think thighs beckon. The expletives I say are unrepeatable... I even cried on sat night, I can feel myself getting tense thinking about it. We also do a quick in then slow injection. I have found an ice cube on the area first means at least I can't feel the needle. Same for clexane - though my belly bruises are only 20p size! If (and fingers firmly crossed) you get a bfp on fri do you know how long you have to continue?

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 31-Jul-13 22:08:59

Res I'm really sorry to hear about your DM x

Motor fantastic scan news, I'm very happy for you smile

Choco not long now, you have done everything you can. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. We will all be here to hold your hand.

Wim you are not a wimp, IM injections are horrid enough as a one off. Have you spoke to the clinic? You should be able to use you arms (if DH is doing it) and thighs. I most definitely recommend swearing! Are you massaging the site afterwards as well? That should take some off the sting away x

Wimwom Wed 31-Jul-13 22:10:56

brook progesterone bath sounds perfect - i can then get it everywhere! I'd love a bath - but clinic says not for 2 weeks but surely a progesterone one would be fine grin

delilahbelle Wed 31-Jul-13 22:16:25

Hi All
I had Donor egg IVf in Feb, got pregnant with twins, sadly suffered a cornual ectopic with one of the embryos and lost the pregnancy sad I posted a lot on the eggcellent egg buddy thread at the time.
We are just now considering going for a FET at some point, we have two top quality embryos frozen. Nothing likely to be happening in August as we are off on holiday, but I plan to contact the clinic at the end of the month.
So really this is just marking my place smile

Fabuluce Thu 01-Aug-13 08:16:07

Gosh Delilah you've been through the mill haven't you poor thing. Welcome - you're in good company smile where are you off on your holibobs?

Fanny bullets have commenced. Ugh. Brooker - bitch slap coming your way!!! Now just waiting, impatiently, to hear what's happening with my eggs.....c'mon people....where's my call....

MotorcycleMama Thu 01-Aug-13 08:29:11

wim yes, I definitely feel relieved and happy. Not sure how long it will last, but I am going to try to maintain a positive mental attitude! How are you doing?

brooker I have stopped having blood tests as they apparently become fairly meaningless after about 6000 or 6 weeks pregnancy. I just have to have faith that all is okay. I've tried to read back to see what you're doing following your clinic disaster, but there is so much on here, I couldn't work it out! Do tell.

Welcome delilah.

Fabuluce Thu 01-Aug-13 08:46:59

Motor, remind me, was it you who was worried about your embie struggling to grow its little heart?

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 01-Aug-13 08:48:49

Hi Delilah very sorry to hear about your loss. Welcome smile

Fab fingers crossed for phone call soon and for great fertilisation. I've just done my first ever fanny bullet. I don't know why but my clinic makes you start them on day 2.

Caip Thu 01-Aug-13 08:57:53

Hi Delilah - I was on the thread at the same time as you back in Feb and remember what happened, glad you hear you're thinking about FET now. I'm doing FET now, actually have transfer tomorrow.

Cups - the Cyclogest are pessaries and suppositories. I'm under instruction to shove them up my bum at the moment which is actually ok, although I just panicked that something was wrong until I remembered I had quite a lot of beetroot for tea last night! blush

Brooker - I don't have to do anything in prep for tomorrow, just carry on with the drugs I'm on which are just tablets. I was amazed, as I'm not down regging, the drugs for this FET cycle came to just £85!

Res - really sorry to hear about your DM

Choco and Beetle - good luck for tomorrow

Hi to everyone else

Fabuluce Thu 01-Aug-13 09:18:18

7 fertilised eggs - come on my little beauties, time to divide (evenly) smile

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 01-Aug-13 09:32:00

Brilliant news Fab grin

nobeer Thu 01-Aug-13 09:35:40

That's fab, Fab!

nobeer Thu 01-Aug-13 09:43:04

Caip sorry that made me laugh!!

wim and chocs those injections sound horrible. Is this what I've got to look forward to?! At the mo I'm just on estradiol tablets, then I guess I'll be doing the pessaries etc in a couple of weeks.

nobeer Thu 01-Aug-13 09:44:07

Delilah welcome, sorry about your loss earlier this year. That must have been very tough.
I hope this time works out better for you.

BeetleBeetle Thu 01-Aug-13 09:54:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 09:57:52

Great news fab c'mon embies you can do it! <thanks for the slap love>
Motor Will you have extra scans for reassurance or are you going with the flow (I don't mean that in a flippant way). Have you started telling people or do they already know?
cups pretty gross eh? I did The same caip - the rear end has to be the way to go surely? Blimey the drugs cost must have been a nice surprise! What time are you in tomorrow?
Hi delilah & welcome back. Sorry to hear of your previous loss sad.
wim hope you're ok today & not too sore.
choco what's the plan for today love? 1 day left <eek!>
beetle how are you feeling today? Did the trigger go ok?
Good morning to everyone I've missed. xx
I'm now thinking/planning my next cycle. Have any of you had an Endo scratch? I had 1 in prep for cycle 2 <but that ended with the lab destroying the embies for anyone who can't remember> Should I be having another scratch before starting again? - is it only beneficial for the cycle after? Will ring the clinic on Monday to check <we are away for a few days> but thought 1 of you lovely ladies may be able to help.

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 10:05:53

beetle & so the next stage of worry begins! Have a hand hold for that wobble hun. x
beer how are you doing lovely?

Missmidden Thu 01-Aug-13 10:31:31

Good luck*Beetle*and well done to your embryos, Fab. Sorry to hear of your sad previous history Delilah, I hope thing work out better with the FET. I am a bit new to this and can't quite keep up with the pace so sorry if I have missed anyone else's important news.

All fairly quiet here. Had my first monitoring scan yesterday (day 5 stimms) and lining is looking OK, which was my biggest fear as in natural cycles where I have been scanned it has often been really thin. Plenty of follies but the biggest was 9mm which I thought was fine until I consulted Dr Google last night and now am not so sure. They have kept me on the same dose though and I have another scan tomorrow so I'm managing to keep the worry levels fairly low.

Hello you lovely lot, sorry I haven't been in much. Just started a new job and it's been manic.

Wim you sound so very sore. I didn't have to do any injections after I'd triggered, I got off lightly by the looks of it.

How you doing Chocco?

Brooker hope AF eases soon.

Tame great to have you back and that you had and amazing time.

Brilliant hauls Cups and Fab

Good luck Beetle!

nobeer Thu 01-Aug-13 11:08:45

hi brook I'm ok thanks, I'm bleeding, but it's not like my normal AF - it's less painful so can't complain! I'm on school hols so I've got too much free time and my mind is constantly on IVF, will it work, what if it does, what if it doesn't. In a weird way I wish I was at work so my mind was more occupied on other stuff! Going away tomorrow so I'll have less internet access, so maybe that's a good thing! Hope you're going somewhere nice this weekend.

nobeer Thu 01-Aug-13 11:14:22

good luck tomorrow beetle! It's nice you've got support from MIL. None of my business, but how on earth is DH going to provide the magic ingredient if he's in a meeting?

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 01-Aug-13 11:22:21

Holds Beetles hands as well. You will be fine. How where you after the GA last time? They are likely to use the same anaesthetic drugs again as long as you tolerated them ok. You can do this and it will work xxx

Brooker I'm afraid I'm completely clueless as to scratches etc.. I hope the clinic can give you some guidance.

Erm I've completely forgot what else I was going to say! No news from me, I won't hear from the embryologist again until tomorrow morning. I've decided to start a little project to keep me busy. I got a Cath Kidston recipe binder a few years ago as a present and I was going to collect all my favourite recipes together, write them out and laminate them. I've so far got a few scraps of paper in there. So I'm off to Argos to get a laminator. I'm so rock and roll grin
If anyone has any good recipes they would like to pass on send them my way (I'm allergic to nuts and don't eat any seafood but apart from that eat most things)

Caip Thu 01-Aug-13 11:29:35

I've done a dead easy lunch/starter whi h is yummy

Fry some spicy chorizo and then stir in some broccoli stems which you've cooked for about 4 mins so that they get coated in all the tasty chorizo oil and then serve it all with a halved soft egg which will take 5-6 mins to boil
Serve with chunks of warm bread

I might have to have that for lunch now!

Caip Thu 01-Aug-13 11:30:51

Laminating is not good though as makes it non recyclable. Can you not buy some nice card instead?

BeetleBeetle Thu 01-Aug-13 11:36:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 01-Aug-13 11:41:50

Mmmm that's sounds lovely Caip! Ill defo add that to the list.

I tried some before with card and they got a bit destroyed (I'm a messy cooker!) I'm not worried about not being recyclable as I won't be getting rid of them. My DH is an environmental consultant and he made me promise I wouldn't laminate anything until I had proof read it a few times (he's really strict annoying about recycling) I suppose I could use plastic wallets, it would be cheaper than getting a laminator anyway!

PramelaAndherson Thu 01-Aug-13 11:55:55

Brooker, I had the scratch in February and only had my IVF in June I am...

Great news about ECs and growing follies. Thinking of you all and wishing I could squeeze Th'expat's worries away x

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 12:00:34

Hi nomaybe how are you doing? When is the scan? Hope you're not over dong it with the new job.
nobeer too much time on your hands is the devil! Get packing to distract you. Glad AF has turned up. Mine is still beng a swine-it's the worst I think I've ever had <I feel sick crampy & really grey -if that makes sense?> DH is being amazeballs. Going camping for the weekend so she needs to depart sharpish. Hope you're all proud of me for resisting the swearing? I am constantly ef'ing & jef'ing under my breath at the mo....
cups good work on the recipe book - can't help I'm afraid I'm a useless cook thank god for DH
Nice recipe caip
missm your clinic knows more about your cycle than Dr Google. Just saying smile
beetle Whoever said the scratch doesn't hurt is either a man or a mascochist!! It was the most excruciating pain ever. The good news is that the pain lasts for 5 mins only. I would be ecstatic if I can avoid having it done again but I will go through it if I need to hard as nails

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 12:02:45

Thank you! thank you! Prammie. You have made my day! How are you doing hun? Been missing the chippy updates........Xx

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 01-Aug-13 13:18:34


brooks I'm really glad you're thinking about your next cycle. I had a scratch done at the end of June, ready for this cycle. As the others have said, doesn't it last 3-4 months? I honestly didn't think it hurt that much and I think I even said 'was that it?' tbh I found it more bleurgh when he showed me what they had scratched off <heave>. Camping sounds good and hopefully AF will have well and truly fucked off by then, mine always seem to tie right in with camping!

fab great news on the fertilised eggs. Will you get a call tomorrow too?

wim a grapefruit size bruise, fuck a duck! I have been alternating sides since we started and it's not too bad. Last cycle I was on them another 2 weeks on top of what I have done now ( until mc) and I got red itchy lumps too, think it was the oil irritating the skin. I know last time they said I would be on gestone up until 12 weeks I think and I have read about people being on clexane for a long time and injecting into their bump! I think they start weaning you off the prednisolone at 12 weeks - are you on that too? How are you feeling apart from the jabs?

cups you domestic goddess, you! I'm impressed by your organisational skills. I'm always cutting recipes out and then they never really go anywhere! Yuk at the fanny bullets, I always went back door <classy>

beetle it's natural to be worried about EC and the GA and then those blasted phone calls<helpful>. I'd never had a GA up until 2 and 1/2 years ago and now I've had 5 and I think I find each one less scary than the next. It's such a great feeling when you come round and then you get to lie around in bed after for a few hours - lush!

miss good news on the lining and the follicles. I don't think I had a lot going on on day 5 and I had had clomid too, but things soon catch up and they all grow at different rates. It all sounds good smile

maybe how are you feeling?

nobeer sorry about the bleeding. I can empathise about the school hols and having too much time to think, may mind is wandering a lot!

delilah hello lovely, I was on the thread too when you were last on it, hope you're doing ok after everything you went through and glad you're getting ready to go again.

caip hello!

prammy how are you doing?

wish are you still about?

twinks hope you're doing ok.

hello to any lurkers

As for me, I'm bloody scared witless about tomorrow and today's distractions involve lots of reading of papers and magazines and sitting in the garden sunbathing. I'm just so scared I've got my hopes up too much and I really don't see how all these 'symptoms' can be in my head. DH won't really indulge me in my analysis of said 'symptoms' as he says his heart can only be broken so many times sad. I have just bought some FRER tests for tomorrow to go along with the clearblue plus ones that the clinic have given me. I was very bad on Tuesday(which counts as 4 days early and 8dp3dt) and stupidly did one of those clearblue plus tests with about the 3rd or 4th wee of the day which of course was stark blooming white! It says that it's only 56% accurate 4 days early, so what the blooming heck did I expect ... There, I've fessed up(but haven't told DH). I did feel guilty brooker when you were praising me for my will power blush

BeetleBeetle Thu 01-Aug-13 13:38:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fabuluce Thu 01-Aug-13 16:01:06

Chocs you bad bad girl - clearly time for the confessional - is there anything else you need to fess up??

Well I think it's time for me to admit that fanjo bullets aren't anywhere near as bad as big welts of pain on bums from injections - I clearly am lucky as I no longer have any 'little fuckers' action - it's all tabs (for both lips - ahem) from here on in. Phew! I'm sure if it all works and I get preggers then I'll be grateful to have goo knickers for the next 12 weeks right??

I am tired and so can't be bothered today. Have had a tiresome conversation with the council (is there ever one that isn't??) and am packing up a box of dried food goodies for the Lake District hol with the fambly. DH and I are cooking one night and will have a curry night - duck vindaloo, aloo gobi, aubergine and potato curry and spiced black beans with mushrooms. Rice and nans obvs. Have just packed 14 different spices up - we're in for a yummy night!! If anyone has had Leon food then the aloo gobi is their recipe - sweet and delicious and also don't be fooled by the vindaloo - it's full of spice not heat and is utterly delish.

Just heard however that my 13 year old nephew has broken his toe just before going in holiday to the lakes - can you believe it??? Grrrr to boys.

Other than that I haven't achieve much - does this make me bad and can I completely blame it on egg collection yesterday even though I feel fine???

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 17:54:15

Right then Mrs. Where do we start? choco you naughty naughty mare! If I didn't know better I'd say you needed to do that test to get it out of your system < you KNEW it was never going to be a positive by doing it 4 days early & 4 pees' into the day> Willing a big fat positive for you tomorrow lovely & here to support you whichever way it goes. xx
Hey fab you have the best reason to do nowt. So do as little or as much as you can be bothered with. Curry sounds lush if only I could stop feeling sick confused

MotorcycleMama Thu 01-Aug-13 18:32:24

fab great fertilisation! Can't wait to hear how they progress.

brooker I have a scan booked for 10 weeks with the clinic, and will then have a routine one with the NHS between 12 - 15 weeks. I will try not to request extra scans unless there is some objective evidence of a problem, rather than my own neurosis. Great to hear you are preparing for your next cycle. As the others say, the scratch is well researched to improve implantation rates, but I don't know how long the effects are meant to last.

cupcakes are you now day 2 post egg collection? My clinic did not report back on progress of embies on day 4 because they don't do much on that day apparently, but I have never heard of them not reporting back on other days. Still I bet you can't wait for your update tomorrow!

choco midday wee 4 days early is never going to give you an accurate result ( as you well know!). Fingers crossed for BFP to tomorrow. What are the symptoms you referred to? I'm over 7 weeks and have no symptoms hardly at all!

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 20:29:05

So what have you domestic goddesses been knocking up tonight then? We are about to have yummy sausage pasta <courtesy of DH>
choco thinking of you tonight hun. Hope that morning pee brings you the best possible result flowers Xx
beetle good luck with EC tomorrow & hope mil provides lots of tlc grin
fab cups looking forward to hearing your updates tomorrow. C'mon embies divide!!!
nobeer have a fabulous holiday. Hope you come back all refreshed & ready for your FET. x
Good luck tomorrow caip with the FET smile
Hi to everyone else. x

Fabuluce Thu 01-Aug-13 20:46:05

I have been entirely undomestic goddessy to fight and got the DH to whip me up some uncle Ben's spicy Mexican rice with the left over chicken from last night!! Scrumptious, totally lacking in greens though but it's only one night eh?!

Cups lovely, are you ok? How are your eggs doing?

Motor you are doing so well, each day you're getting closer to the glorious 12 week mark smile

Chocs - holding your hand for tomorrow morning - we are all here for you hoping for the best result smile

Fabuluce Thu 01-Aug-13 20:47:57

Caip - good luck with EC - you've hardly Been with us 2 seconds and you're already at EC - so exciting smile

Brooks - wotcha having for your tea then? I'm still hungry - might have to be tempted by ice cream...

Fabuluce Thu 01-Aug-13 20:48:35

Brooks ignore me - sausage pasta - yumbo!!

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 01-Aug-13 20:53:15

beetle I did feel very sneaky, sorry! How are you feeling about tomorrow now, ok? What time do you have to be there?

fab glad you've had a fairly chilled day and are feeling good after EC. The bullets are no fun either, I know. Lake District holiday sounds nice, if we get a positive tomorrow I'd quite like to go on a little holiday somewhere.

brooker thank you again lovely smile

caip hope the FET goes well

motor so glad your scan went well yesterday and that you're feeling reassured. Well done grin. Ok, so you asked about my symptoms, ok , indulge me! I am constantly feeling nauseous, have a mouth watering/excess saliva thing going on, have had some hot flushes, have food aversions, 5dp3dt I had stabbing, shooting pains in left ovary area for a couple of hours, I can smell things really strongly, like people smoking or people who smell of sweat in town(nice), I keep falling asleep at random times, (TMI) I have felt, ahem, like there is a lot more blood flow 'down there' (awful expression!), after about a week of BBT of 36.7, it went up to 36.8 today and the food on master chef is making me want to vom. Apart from that, fuck all really! Can it really all be down to the progesterone injections?! Well, there you go, it's all been written down now and can be used as ammunition of how stupid I am if I get a BFN tomorrow blush. Sorry for me, me, me post.

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 01-Aug-13 20:54:14

Thanks for the lovely hand hold fab

Wimwom Thu 01-Aug-13 21:13:18

choco coming in with a toe hold for tomorrow morning, will be thinking of you and hoping those signs are as good as they look.

beetle ec tomorrow! Good luck for a good lay.

I'm so sorry but that's me done, no idea what's wrong with me but I cannot keep my eyes open and was too tired to eat DH's lovely prawn curry (this is a seriously odd event!) off to bed. Bruise is still growing... Other buttock sore but not spectacular. Does progesterone make you seriously wiped out?

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 01-Aug-13 21:18:45

Thanks wim. I think the progesterone does wipe you out, yes. I might have to head to bed soon too! Poor you with the bruises, have you been using arnica or something on them?

It does indeed Wim. Really hope that bum cheek feels better. Could you. Abbe rub some arnica into it to bring the bruising down?

Am keeping everything crossed for tomorrow Chocco. I couldn't sleep before OTD grin

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 21:19:37

It did me wim and I only had the arse bullets. Night night sweetheart. x

My good ess Chocco, great minds grin

BrookerC Thu 01-Aug-13 21:24:34

Hope you get some sleep tonight choco xx
nomaybe hehe uncanny!

Pipbin Thu 01-Aug-13 21:35:41

What time will you be testing tomorrow Choco
You'd better post on here as soon as you know, we need to know!
I'll be outside with a box of chocolates. Either result you need chocolates.

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 01-Aug-13 21:38:37

Thanks pip how are you doing? Early I expect! Hope I haven't got everyone's hopes up too much!! The chocolates sound nice, thanks.

wishwash Thu 01-Aug-13 22:40:44

Hi ladies,

Congrats everyone on their EC's and ET's.

choco I hope it's good news for you I really do

Sorry for the lack of personals. I'm struggling with the lack of AF. I did a test today but still bfn and no sign of the red lady. Today there was a shock annoucement at work, the last girl I'd expect to be pregnant bought I her 12 week scan pictures today. She was someone I confided in when going through my first cycle and to know she knew she was pregnant then is messing me up a bit. I know it's selfish but I wish she'd have given me a heads up instead of tellingly in front of everyone. I gave her a hug and plastered on a smile and got through the day. I am truly happy for her but when will it be my time?
Things with DP are strained too, I don't really have a 'safe' place so feeling very alone.
Sorry for the essay and again, the lack of personals. I hope
You'll all understand.

P.s choco don't for one second think any good news from you won't be what I need. If anything it will give me all the hope in the world. I'm rooting for you! xxx

Pipbin Thu 01-Aug-13 22:49:22

I hate that Wish, when someone announces and everyone acts all happy and you have to try to as well.
She should have done the decent thing and told you before. Have you spoken to the clinic about the lack of AF?

Second scan for me tomorrow, first one after starting stimming.

wishwash Thu 01-Aug-13 23:06:37

I was going to call the clinic tomorrow pip. I'm now 5 days late so I can at least get some advice I guess?'

Good luck with your scan tomorrow. Can you feel any movement down there yet? I was bloated and uncomfy fr the word go

Pipbin Fri 02-Aug-13 07:12:22

I'm a bit bloated but not too bad.

stands outside Wish's bathroom door with chocolate

starsandmoonandback Fri 02-Aug-13 07:38:23

Hello grin

Is there room for one more? I've just found this thread!
I've just started stimming (2 days ago) after having Norethisterone for 2 weeks and my first endo-scratch. I'm on cycle 6! Cycle 2 I got very lucky and have a 3 yr old little boy. Trying desperately to give him a sibling, but it's not working so well. Fingers crossed for this cycle.
I'm loving the food ideas...I was thinking yday about new things I could eat!!
Wishing everybody loads of luck for their cycles and look forward to getting to know you all smile

BeetleBeetle Fri 02-Aug-13 07:49:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeetleBeetle Fri 02-Aug-13 07:51:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thinking of you Chocco!

Good luck today Beetle! I wasn't allowed to wear makeup for my EC <what a state>. Hope you get an amazing lay

Welcome Stars! 6 is one of my lucky numbers, so I've a good feeling for you wink

Pipbin Fri 02-Aug-13 08:02:29

I don't know why I'm standing outside Wish's bathroom, I got confused. Runs off to Choco's bathroom.

Fabuluce Fri 02-Aug-13 08:02:58

Beetle you will be fine (strokes hair slowly to relax you). The GA will be over in a flash and if they offer you any pain killers with codeine say yes!! Think positive thoughts -you're going to produce lots of nice round plump healthy follicles smile and everyone in the room is going to be amazed at the prep work you've done on your lady garden in their honour!!!

Welcome stars - congratulations on getting one already and good luck with this round smile

Wish - yes the surprise announcement is always a blow isn't it. It's like a physical reaction - it's not that you don't wish the best for people but the way your body/mind reacts is just out if your control. I feel for you. It definitely makes it easier for me at the moment that I am not in work although having my specialist tell me she was the same amount if pregnant as I should have been was a bit of a shocker!! The irony that she, an infertility specialist should only need one go and bam, was not lost!

Chocs, enveloping you in a big squishy hug for support.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 02-Aug-13 08:09:27

Beetle good luck for today, sending you lots and lots of positive vibes. I've been up since 5 as well, fretting about the embryologists call. Not long now, it will be over in a flash and you'll be having tea and toast before you know it. Good work on the tidy fango!

Choco I've got everything crossed for you lovely x

I've had some crazy dreams about my embryos and ET. I dreamt I went to blast and when I went in to have the blast put back they tried to put it down my throat shock scary stuff!

wishwash Fri 02-Aug-13 08:14:10

Good luck beetle I hope you wake up beautifully perfect like they do in the movies

Let us know choco

Welcome stars! Well I read cycle 6 I was like 'oh no bless her' but then I saw you have a 3 yr old and was very pleased that the second had worked for you. His sibling will be along soon smile

Caip Fri 02-Aug-13 08:21:49

Good luck today beetle
My transfer's not until 3pm and I just want to get on with it!
Hoping you get your news choco

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 02-Aug-13 08:26:19

Morning ladies,

Good luck for today beetle smile

cupcakes fingers crossed for your phone call

Welcome stars

Well, here I am, the delusional one. BFN for me this morning. I've phoned the clinic and their standard procedure is to keep you on all the drugs for now(as no bleed - but am on gestone) and get you to retest 48 hours later and then if still nothing you can have a blood test to confirm. The nurses parting shot was 'you never know'. I guess the next stage is to make sure our names are down on the list for egg donor as I saw on the clinic's website that their waiting list is 6-9 months, so all is not lost. It helps so much to know we're all 'here' for each other.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 02-Aug-13 08:26:28

I didn't realise your transfer was today Caip. Good luck, I hope the day goes quick.

delilahbelle Fri 02-Aug-13 08:26:58

Thanks for the welcome, sorry for lack of personals. I have just had an invite to a hen weekend, should be around or just after OTD. So now I'm going to either have to pay, and risk not being able to take part in a lot of the activities, or turn down the invite now with a feeble excuse.

Ah well, off on holiday tomorrow so two weeks away. I can't wait - will post and hopefully get to know you all a bit more when I get back.

wishwash Fri 02-Aug-13 08:28:56

I'm sorry choco sad like you say not all is lost. My thoughts are with you xxx

Good luck caip

Oh Chocco lovely, I'm so so sorry to hear that. You sounds remarkably composed. Here for hand holding x

MotorcycleMama Fri 02-Aug-13 08:31:56

So sorry choco - what a disappointment flowers. Really glad that you are planning the next move in your campaign though - you will succeed! X

Wimwom Fri 02-Aug-13 08:36:00

Oh choc - am so so sorry and send you big hugs. How do you feel about the advice the clinic have given you? Is DH with you today? Heart goes out to you both. X

Good luck beetle for EC - shaved fanjo huh?! You all egged me on to go with the full bush! My clinic are prob still laughing about the fuller bush lady grin

caip hope transfer is smooth for you - and you avoid the full bladder wait for for four hours that I had, best wee ever!

nocups fingers crossed for good news from embryologist

Morning to everyone else!

Caip Fri 02-Aug-13 08:43:52

Really sorry choco. Sounds like you have a great clinic and they like said, you never know x

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 02-Aug-13 08:44:38

Thanks ladies. DH is here, yes. TBH, I don't know what to think about the clinic's advice wim. maybe planning the next stage is how I get through it really. Just got to act normally now for the next 4 days while we are with some close family who are visiting and then we can deal with stuff after...

Pipbin Fri 02-Aug-13 08:53:37

Oh Choco. So sad. As the clinic says its worth trying again tomorrow but you also don't want to become delusional.

We need a bfp to cheer ourselves up here.

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 09:17:54

Oh bugger choco. I'm really sorry, love. I hope you get a BFP if you test again, but like Pip says, you don't want to get your hopes up either. Crap place to be in. I'm sending you lots of hugs.

Fabuluce Fri 02-Aug-13 09:18:45

Oh chocs lovely hmm I don't know what to say - I really felt this was going to work for you. I guess it's not completely over until you get AF. Good for you for thinking positively about the future tho and getting on that crazy long list. Hugs xx

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 09:21:39

Beetle Good luck, I'll be thinking of you!
Caip Good luck to you too! Exciting times smile!

Welcome star! Sounds like you're an expert at IVF so we'll be coming to you for advice smile.

Hello to everyone else, sorry for lack of personals, I've got to dash to bank and find a new bikini. My boobs seem to have shrunk over the last few days sad. Won't have as much contact over the next week or so but I'll fill you in on clinic appointments as and when I know more.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 02-Aug-13 09:35:23

Choco I'm really sorry to hear your news xxx

Well I've heard from the embryologist, we have 2 x 6-8 cells but they have some fragments so she feels they are not usable. One is 5 cells and another has not divided. We have 2 at 9 cells so I'm in this afternoon for transfer. She is going to put both of them back. I can't lie, I'm disappointed. DH has taken it badly and is upset.

Caip Fri 02-Aug-13 09:46:16

Hi cups - I've never discussed number of cells so unsure what the optimum would be but 9 sounds good doesn't it? And they wouldn't be transferring them unless there was a chance for success
Try and stay positive and good luck this afternoon x

Fabuluce Fri 02-Aug-13 09:56:35

Cups completely understand why you are feeling upset - it's scary and upsetting when those little buggers you've been doing so much to produce just aren't up to scratch but transferring two is great. They want them between 6-9 cells so 9 is good yes? Now you just need to concentrate on making sure they have a comfy womb lining to snuggle down into. If you've got one if those relaxation cd's then get listening. Try to keep your stress levels down (if you can, try to think of the ones you're putting back and not the ones that didn't make the cut) as this will be better for the ones going back in. Transfer is fine, nothing to worry about at all, you'll be great. Big cuddles to you lovely xx

Pipbin Fri 02-Aug-13 09:58:31

Cups. This is something I have no knowledge of but there are enough good ones to be able to transfer back aren't there. All you need is one good one.

Wimwom Fri 02-Aug-13 10:03:25

cups are you day 3? In which case 9 cells is ok from what my embryologist told me on day 3, they don't put back if there's no hope. So try to relax and enjoy the fact you will soon be PUPO! I love my relaxation cd - though I can't tell you what happens after about 5 mins in as am always asleep. Transfer is fine - just make sure you have a nice full bladder. We're all sending you and your embies positive vibes.x

BrookerC Fri 02-Aug-13 10:05:23

choco lovely. What can I say I am so gutted for you. Glad that you have DH with you today & that the clinic are being ultra supportive. Have a massive squeeze from me. xx II have some idea how you're feeling. flowers

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 02-Aug-13 10:09:10

Thanks everyone. You all speak a lot of sense. I'm going to do my zita west pre transfer now and I've managed to get a acupuncture session for 4pm post transfer.

I know that 9 cells is good and day 3 transfer does work. I guess I'm disappointed overall with my egg numbers, fertilisation etc as I'm quite young and have a high AMH and AFC. I've got no health issues. So I guess I'm wondering where it all went wrong? I'll speak to the clinic about it when we go in.

starsandmoonandback Fri 02-Aug-13 10:23:29

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the lovely welcome. Apologies if I've missed people off but I'm on my phone as Internet down in house (grrrr!)

Choco, I'm so sorry to hear your news. Big hugs for you x

Good luck for transfer Caip.

Deliah, have a great holiday, where you off to?

Beetle, good luck for ec. Good to know you're looking spic and spam for the surgeon (teehee!) my dh always has toast on the morning of my Ec's and the smell is evil when you're starving! Most other days he eats porridge!!?!

Cups, 9 cells sound rather good to me! Sorry you're upset. A bit of fragmentation is ok, I think under 10% or something. The cycle that produced my little boy I had 1x5cell and 1 x6 cell embies, both with some fragmentation. But one of them stuck :-) concentrate on those 2 fab 9 cell embies now if you can :-*

Ooh haven't discussed food yet ;-)

starsandmoonandback Fri 02-Aug-13 10:34:23

Oh honey, I do understand that disappointment you feel. The first cycle I did we only had 1 egg fertilise. The ivf tx journey is full of disappointments along the way, which is hard, but what I've learnt is that you can have a text book cycle all the way through and get a bfn and you can also have disappointments along the way but get a bfp. Think positive about those beautiful 2 you're having popped back in today grin will you listen to your zita post transfer during acupuncture later? I did that last time as it was offered by acupuncturist and was lovely smile

Take care sweetie

Fabuluce Fri 02-Aug-13 11:32:33

Have had a chat with my embryologist and we are all systems go for tomorrow so I am right next to you Cups, holding your hand and skipping smile positive thoughts for our embies!

Out of my 7 we have:
1 class 1 embryo
2 class 2 embryos
2 class 2/3 embryos
1 class 3 embryo
1 little duffer didn't divide at all hmm

So we are putting back the top 3 embies tomorrow - safer in my tum tum at this stage of the game - and hoping for the best. I've managed to get acupuncture for either side of transfer which I'm v pleased about and then we'll drive up to the lakes on Sunday for a week of r&r with the fam and just in time to celebrate my birthday on Monday - 41!! My game plan was to never be like my mum and have children late (she had me, number 5, at 40) - and look what happened - hopefully pupo at 41 - it's a mad world grin

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 11:45:54

fab can I ask a very personal question, why are you having 3 transferred? Me and DP have got to sign the consent form and we're umming and arring about the number of embryos to transfer. I'm thinking 2 at the moment, because what if they all implant and I get triplets?!?! Not sure I could cope!!

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 11:57:24

Choco, I'm gutted for you. I wanted you with us...but you will be thanks xx

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 12:02:41

Thinking of you today, Beetle, stay cool x

Cup, by day three my two embryos were 10-cell and 8-cell. Both went to hatching blast so who knows what yours are capable of?

Nobeer (and anyone else with plenty of embryos to choose from), if your clinic won't go to day five then put the two best ones back at day three. This is my advice, anyway.

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 12:16:37

thanks Prammy, mine are 3 day frosties. I think we'll go for two. We've got some 6, 8 and 10 cells.

BeetleBeetle Fri 02-Aug-13 12:43:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fabuluce Fri 02-Aug-13 13:20:30

Nobeer - no problem about asking smile At my age the chances of getting and keeping a pregnancy are much lower so putting back 3 good ones give me more chance of actually getting 1 and we've also got our heads around the possibility of a multiple birth. DH who doesn't have a clue about children wants triplets of course (we both always wanted a big family but are realistic about the chances of this given my age) and I would be very happy with twins if we were so lucky. The chances of me being pregnant with IVF are something like 25%. Of that percentage the chances of me having a singleton are around 70%, twins around 10% and triplets around 5% so as you can see the likelihood of a multiple is low but there is more chance of being getting pregnant at all if we put more back in. Hope that makes sense?

twinklestar2 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:33:35

Delurking to say sorry to hear your news choco x

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 13:56:15

Thanks fab. I think we'll stick with 2, we've got plenty frozen but fingers crossed it'll work this time. DP wants more than one, and I'd love that too but I'm a bit more realistic about what might be possible.

beetle you did make me laugh with the magic mushrooms comment! I think some doctors have a better bedside manner than others, don't take it too personally. Take it easy today and I've got my fingers crossed for those eggs.

Missmidden Fri 02-Aug-13 14:08:25

Choco really sorry to hear your news. It can't think of anything more to say than others have, but hope you are able to take some small comfort from everyone's good wishes.
Caip and Fab good luck both with your ETs and hope you are both PUPO very soon.
Beetle congrats on 12 eggs- I will be cock-a-hoop if I can achieve anything like that! Hope the quality turns out to be good.
Pipbin I think we are at a similar stage of the cycle (stimms day 7 for me). How was your scan today?
Welcome Stars. It sounds like you have been through a lot. I am also trying for a sibling for my 3 year old, so I hope we both get lucky this cycle.

AFM: another scan today which looks OK-ish, plenty of follies but not much growth since Wednesday. I think they are likely to up my dose a bit. Also lining thickness had gone down- can't work out how that happens- but apparently they are not concerned at this stage. Anyway, it looks like EC won't be til the end of next week at best. Much as I want to get on with it, at least it won't be Weds when I have a massively important meeting at work, which I was terrified EC day would fall on.

resipsa Fri 02-Aug-13 14:31:28

Choc so sorry to read your news. You sound very together. Hope the family visit flies by (in a good way) so you get some headspace. You and me might end up doing DE together...

Fab I had DD at 40. Although she is one of the loves of my life and so I wished I could have met her sooner IYKWIM, I have no regrets about being an oldie. Different stresses, maybe, from those in 20s and early 30s but absolute focus on her because I've been doing just what I fancy for nearly 25 years!

resipsa Fri 02-Aug-13 14:46:11

Wish try not to stress too much re AF. My cycle is usually 30-31 days but was 49 post-BFN. The consultant said that because your ovaries are artificially stimulated during the cycle, it can take a few days/weeks for them to realise they have got to work on their own again which is why quite a lot of women have a long cycle after a failed IVF cycle.

twinklestar2 Fri 02-Aug-13 15:21:49

Res mine went back to normal straightaway. Period 14 days after EC, usual 4 days, a bit heavier than what I would call normal flow. Any idea what that means?

resipsa Fri 02-Aug-13 15:48:02

Probably that my old bits took longer to get over it than your younger ones! And I probably had more stims; 425 menopur which is quite a high dose.

Caip Fri 02-Aug-13 16:04:50

FET went as well as we could have hoped. They defrosted 2 of the blasts and they were perfect so now have them on board with the other 3 still in the freezer. OTD is the 13th, my last day at work before starting my new job on the 19th so dates have worked really well

Just bought some m&s profiteroles to celebrate!

twinklestar2 Fri 02-Aug-13 16:11:58

smile res

Caip - congrats on being pupo. Yours is another name I recognise, need you off these Conception boards lady! Hope this works out for you, I really do.

MotorcycleMama Fri 02-Aug-13 16:12:56

Can I just check - cups and wim are PUPO, with fab nobeer and beetle soon to follow? Have I missed anybody, or got that very wrong?

MotorcycleMama Fri 02-Aug-13 16:13:53

Oh, and caip too - congratulations!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 02-Aug-13 17:03:23

Beetle well done on getting 12 eggs, fingers crossed for good fertilisation.

Caip congrats on being PUPO! My clinic gave me the 19th as an official test date. I nearly asked them if they where joking!

Fab sounds like you've got a good haul for ET tomorrow smile

Well I'm back with 2 embys on board. They gave us an ultrasound picture of them once they had been transferred which was quite sweet. I've been for my acupuncture and I'm now about to do my zita west post transfer relaxation.

Thanks so much for all the kind comments earlier, you all made me feel so much better. Sorry not many personals but I'm so tired. I'll catch up with you all later x

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 17:59:58

Caip That's great smile!

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 18:49:48

cups good luck with it all. hope you can wait that long for testing!

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 18:59:07

that's right re me motor. I wish I'd known about these Zita West CDs a while ago. On my hols now so no time to order it and get it delivered here. I don't suppose it's on spotify grin ?

Wimwom Fri 02-Aug-13 19:01:28

nobeer it is on iTunes!

nobeer Fri 02-Aug-13 19:32:33

thanks wim smile

Pipbin Fri 02-Aug-13 20:55:14

Welcome back Twink

Miss I think we are in about the same place. I had my second scan today. They only counted the ones that were big enough to be worth counting now, 10 on one and 15 on another.
Is that good ladies?

Fabuluce Fri 02-Aug-13 21:30:23

That's heaps pip! smile

I have a question - I have developed a heat rash overnight(I'm prone to it frustratingly) and now I'm worried that my body will produce nk cells to try and dispose of it and thus destroy my little embies when they get put back tomorrow - am I thinking bollox or is this something I should be worried about?

BrookerC Fri 02-Aug-13 23:53:25

Been off line most of the day & seem to have missed all sorts!
choco hope you & DH are ok tonight. Thinking of you loads. Big hugs sweetheart. x
beetle what a lovely haul. I can't believe the effort you made with your lady garden! You put me to shame...grin
nobeer I read that you were going to buy your bikini from the bank <doh!> Enjoy the break hun x
fab I understand the logic of having 3 put back. The stats are really against actually having 3 < but what fun it would be!! I live in delusional land> Best of luck with ET tom lovely. x
prammy I don 't know any clinics that don't take embryos to blast if at all possible. Does that really happen?
cups you have 2 very good embies on board. Look after them & forget the rest. It's hard not to play the numbers game but it really is only about 1 little beauty snuggling in. Get loads of rest & tlc girl! You are PUPO!
caip well done to being PUPO love.. Can't read back <bloody phone> how many did you have put back?
Hi to everyone I have so obviously missed. Ladies, I will attempt to make amends tomorrow. Good evening you gorgeous lot. x

BrookerC Sat 03-Aug-13 00:02:18

fab can't help hun. Sounds like bollocks to me but check with the clinic in the morning to put your mind at rest. xx

starsandmoonandback Sat 03-Aug-13 07:52:50

Beetle well done on all your eggies. Keeping everything crossed for fertilisation. Will they call you this morning? The magic mushrooms comment was hilarious! I'm sure they've heard all sorts! Lol.

Fab, I'm the same. Almost 41 and last cycle had 3 put back! Part of me was a bit scared of triplets, but the reality is so tiny and just want to maximise my chances too. Sorry about your heat rash, are you bring treated for NK cells? Perhaps call the clinic to reassure yourself? Good luck for ET tomorrow smile

Miss, thank you and good luck for your sibling cycle smile hope your follies get growing nicely before your next scan. What dose of drugs are you on now?

Wish, I've had a 37 and a 39 day cycle following ivf. My consultant said that can happen, so not to worry. The next month it was back to normal again :-) I guess that's shy we have to wait 2-3 months before another fresh cycle.

Caip, glad ET went well :-) hope you put your feet up and enjoyed those profiteroles. Yum!

Cups, glad ET went well and hope you enjoyed your zita west cd last night :-)

Nobeer, hope you're enjoying your holiday? You can buy zita on itunes if its not on spotify! Oops just seem Wim has already told you that :O

Pip, that sounds fab. That's 25 potential eggies smile

Twinkle, Res, motor, wim, prammy, brooker and anyone else I have missed! It's hard keeping up with this thread, it's so busy!

Afm: I've done 3 days of injections, day 4 today and adding in the cetrotide. Never used cetrotide before and the nurse said it would sting and leave a red mark for an hour!!!?? Nice! First follie scan on Monday...keeping everything crossed for a decent amount.

So what is everyone having for dinner tonight?! We are having Indian takeaway! Not sure how follie healthy that is?!

Have a good day and Babydust to all of us.

MotorcycleMama Sat 03-Aug-13 08:00:45

wim how are you doing on your 2ww?

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 03-Aug-13 08:15:05

beetle well done on your 12 eggs and let's hope for some great fertilisation news . I always seem to get verbal diarrhoea before the GA.

miss grow follies, grow! Have you tried the hot water bottle trick? I drank loads of milk too.

wish Did you phone the clinic about your absent AF?

caip congrats on being PUPO

cups also congrats on being PUPO

brooker enjoy your camping and I hope AF has well and truly fucked off by now

pip well done on those follies

nobeer enjoy the zita west CD, sometimes when I'm listening I realise that I've never heard bits of it before, where I've fallen asleep !

fab hope your heat rash has gone now, I wouldn't have thought it'd be anything to worry about ...

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments and thoughts yesterday, you're such a lovely, lovely bunch. Well, I'm quite liking mymporary stay in limbo land , it's probably better than the reality! I will test tomorrow as instructed and then stop the drugs if it's still bfn. I can't see that there's much hope. We have an appointment in2 weeks at the Lister to get our names on the DE list. Has anyone been there?

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 03-Aug-13 08:19:41

*my temporary! Stupid phone!

stars you do get a bit of a sting and a small irritation from the cetrotide, but it was nothing too bad - I might be confusing it with menopur as that stung too <helpful>

Fabuluce Sat 03-Aug-13 08:53:59

Aargh panic moment. I went about my normal routine this morning - wee, fanny bullets, brush teeth, shower, try and work out best outfit for heat rash, walking in London and potential bloating, have breakfast, take pills and nice glass of water when fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I'm not supposed to do the fanny bullets before ET!!!!! Had a bit of a rummage up there but nothing but slime of course...... I'll be at the clinic for acupuncture at 9.40 so I'll ask there but would very much appreciate any reassurances anyone would like to give me??

Just a quick hand hold for Fab. Don't panic lovely. They will give you a good clear out before ET, so all will be fine x

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Sat 03-Aug-13 10:07:15

Fab try not to worry, speak to the clinic. I'm sure they have had this happen before. Good luck for transfer x

BrookerC Sat 03-Aug-13 10:23:31

Hi choco it's good to hear from you over in limbo land. You're sounding very level headed about the whole thing. I admire your strength & positivity-It's what will help you get your baby x. Can't help with the DE waiting lists but it does sound like a long time to me. AF has fucked off thank god. She's been a complete bitch & I'm glad to see the back of her.
fab the bloody routines are a nightmare. I spent days after my embies were destroyed trying to work out what I should be doing & when (it was nothing btw sad I'm sure the clinic have seen it before. Huge hugs for today x
Welcome stars smile

Fabuluce Sat 03-Aug-13 10:41:24

Thanks ladies for the handholds - just what I needed smile just had my acupuncture sesh which was was wonderfully relaxing and she did some needles for my heat rash too which was great - I �� acupuncture. I am now sitting with a chai latte and a newspaper whilst races around Oxford street panic buying my birthday presents as usual. I guess I should be pleased he's panic buying before the actual day as opposed to on the day!! Honestly tho...boys eh?!

Yay brooks for finally finishing the nasty AF, that sounded miserable. And ditto chocs you are doing so well - you are a super strong woman and don't go forgetting it please.

Cups, how are you feeling this morning lovely?

Fabuluce Sat 03-Aug-13 10:43:29

Caip/Cups - pupo - whoop whoop!

Caip Sat 03-Aug-13 11:07:24

Good luck today fab
It's our 6th wedding anniversary today and DH is taking FIL to the ballet! I was meant to go but am having a very lazy weekend and waiting for my sister to come over for lunch and a film. I'm lying on the settee with the cat lying on me keeping the embies warm smile

Fabuluce Sat 03-Aug-13 11:58:38

They are running late and my (smallest bladder in the world) is fit to burst - ow ow ow

BrookerC Sat 03-Aug-13 12:15:55

Everything crossed for you fab hehe!!
caip nice alternative to a hot water bottle grin Happy anniversary. x

MotorcycleMama Sat 03-Aug-13 12:29:52

choco I am with Herts and Essex and I waited 4 weeks for 1st offer of a donor (which we declined) and then another 2 weeks to successful donor match. No time at all! They have more donors than recipients. Not cheap though!

Missmidden Sat 03-Aug-13 13:23:41

Afternoon everyone (where did the morning go?!) I hope you are out of agony now, fab. I have only had a mock transfer but can relate to the full bladder trauma even from that!

Stars the clinic have actually kept me on the same dose, 187.5 units of Gonal F. However they had instructed me to inject in the thigh and for the last 2 nights there has definitely been some seepage from the injection site straight after. So last night after worrying about it for a couple of hours I thought sod it, if they're not growing much on even the full dose I'm not risking giving them any less so popped another 50units into my tummy! Not planning on confessing this to the clinic, though. Oh and I'm on cetrotide too and not found it any different than Gonal F to inject so hope it will be fine for you.

Was anyone else really worn out when stimming? I've been fine but today am exhausted and the bloating seems to have ramped up a bit- hopefully it means the follies are doing something!

Fabuluce Sat 03-Aug-13 15:17:57

Miss I got more and more knackered as the stims went on - not sure about extra sims tho naughty girl - please be careful!!

3 healthy embies safely onboard here grin now attempting to get home but public transport is failing me and am currently stuck at euston station with all trains delayed or cancelled...hopefully there with be some movement soon...

Pipbin Sat 03-Aug-13 15:27:57

Oh no Fab, I know it sounds stupid but I would want to get home and lie on the sofa as quickly as possible!

Nicest thing in the clinic yesterday. DH couldn't come with me so I was on my own. I was sat in the empty waiting room thinking about what I needed to do next week and staring into space. The original consultant we saw walked passed off to her room and saw me. She came over and and put her hand on my knee and asked if I was OK.

And I agree with Fab, Miss don't go changing doses yourself.

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 03-Aug-13 15:28:06

Brilliant fab, well done! Hope you get home soon x

BrookerC Sat 03-Aug-13 16:18:06

Fab news fab Is DH with you? Get him to carry you home if necessary - you are PUPO lady woohoo!!!
Miss totally feel your impatience but I would not advise messing with your dosage! If your clinic thought your follies weren't coming on as needed they would up your dosage. As they haven't I'm sure they are where they need to be.x
pip it's the little things like that that make all the difference smile

Fabuluce Sat 03-Aug-13 18:13:51

Caip - loving the idea of the cat warmer - great idea smile

Pip - how lovely smile makes all the difference doesn't it. I think beetles doc could take note from that. Beetle love, I'm so sorry but I keep on chuckling about your magic mushroom comment - it did make me gigglegrin

Brooks - DH was with me and wonderfully supportive and as bonkers as ever. I am now ensconced at home in the sofa in front of Indiana jones - all is well with me and the embies! I'm pupo - yay!!

BrookerC Sat 03-Aug-13 21:05:32

fab so chuffed for you. PUPO on your birthday too! Will you be out of MN action whilst in the lovely lakes? Thank The Lord for us having amazing DH's eh? Mine has just done a BBQ in the pouring rain! <t'was dry when we started!!> xx

Wimwom Sat 03-Aug-13 21:51:39

fab you're PUPO! Hooray!! Hope your bladder experience wasn't as prolonged as mine - I was so pleased when they tipped me head down as it took the pressure off so to speak. Make sure you're taking it easy - though I found that much harder than during stimming as started to feel ok ish again. And caip and cups PUPO too! I think I am next with an OTD... On our wedding anniversary, which feels like it should be lucky - but flit between feeling wildly optimistic and wildly pessimistic.
beetle how you doing today? I love the magic mushroom chatgrin
pip and miss both of you seem to be doing well with stimming, miss - don't feel you aren't getting enoughd drug - it's normally for a little to come back out sometimes, and it's actually so tiny as to be neglibable. Be very careful with an extra dose.
choco and twinks how you lovely ladies both doing? You are both in my thoughts ATM.
Long day here with a whistlestop trip to the West Country - nightmare traffic. Glad to be home - still getting very tired at times, presume progesterone related - as I presume are all the weird crampings. You will all be pleased to know that although spectacular my bottom is much improved and the last few injections have been much better, think we were very unlucky and DH must have hit a vessel - it is now red, blue, green and brown with yellow tinge! I would post a picture if I didn't think it might get misinterpreted!

Missmidden Sat 03-Aug-13 21:53:52

I didn't mean to cause such alarm re my extra dose and can't have explained properly! It wasn't because I think the clinic has it wrong, just that for 2 doses I had had some leakage from the site. I can't judge how much was lost, but if it was even 10 or 20 units each time I felt I had to do something to make it up. I used the tummy again today and no such issues.

Congrats on being PUPO Fab' hope you're having a relaxing evening.

BrookerC Sat 03-Aug-13 22:42:08

wim good to hear you're doing good. An arse photo would be............Interesting grin. When is OTD <no pressure hun> x
beetle looking forward to hearing your embie updates smile
miss I was using gonal f & cetrotide for both my cycles.They made me very zonked & I needed loads of sleep. Don't worry about missing a little of the drugs. Speak to your clinic if you find your tummy easier. I have only stabbed in my tummy & have had no issues - not even bruising (sorry ladies who are suffering) xx

Wimwom Sat 03-Aug-13 22:55:48

Hey brook so sorry I forgot to say hello - hello! BBQ in the rain sounds fun - have you had thunder and lightening? Love a good storm. oTD will be 11th if I wait till day 14. I can't decide whether to wait or not - I think I should, but then I just wanna know too. I don't think there's any point before wed earliest - and I sort of feel weekend would be good as if it's good or bad gives some time to get used to the idea before work mon morning. Hmmm. Will have to see!

BrookerC Sat 03-Aug-13 23:07:44

We had the lot wim !!
It's so flipping hard to holdback on the testing. My advice would be talk to DH & agree when / if to test early. The only reason I say that is that we only have two people who know about our ivf so support is extra important for each other. Always here for hand holding lovely. x

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Sun 04-Aug-13 08:23:19

Fab your PUPO yay!!!! So that makes you, me, Caip and Wim grin

It sounds like Miss, Star and Pip are not far behind.

Just a quick message from me, we are at the in laws on a farm in the middle of nowhere so Internet is a bit unreliable. We are staying until Monday, then it's back to work for me on Tuesday sad oh well I'm sure it will make the wait for OTD go quicker if I'm busy. I've got lots of aches/twinges which I know is from stimming and egg collection but my crazy mind is already going overtime!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend x

Fabuluce Sun 04-Aug-13 08:39:17

Good to hear your bum is getting less bruised Wim smile

I'd try and hold out as long as possible on testing lovely - they leave it for 2 weeks for a reason and it means that when you do finally test it should be a much more definitive result rather than getting a number of unsure tests which will end up making you feel more stressed.

Be strong lovely and, dare I say it, enjoy being PUPO and hopefully it will lead to a positive result and a wonderful pregnancy but if it doesn't you'll have had 2 weeks of being gloriously PUPO at least. I mean that as a positive thing and that's exactly what I intend to do. Who knows what will happen to any of us, all we can do is take the opportunity to think positively and hope for the best. If the best doesn't happen then we can mourn but it feels an awful waste of time to worry ourselves sick about 'might be's' and 'what if's' when we don't yet know the results.

So happy morning everyone, time for me to finish packing and get off on my holibobs to rainy yet beautiful lake conniston. I have lots of board games and books so have plenty of things to keep us occupied and people to make me laugh and keep me happy if I get slip into worry mode so I know I'm incredibly lucky smile

I have no idea what the Internet access will be like on hols but I suspect I will be in less contact than normal but still here in spirit!

Fabuluce Sun 04-Aug-13 08:40:20

Yay - 4 of us pupo gringringrin go us!

Fabuluce Sun 04-Aug-13 08:43:18

Ps am a little concerned that I may have just come across like an airy fairy type so just wanted to confirm I'm still me with lots of fuck shit bollocks arse ready and waiting in the wings when I need them!!wink

nobeer Sun 04-Aug-13 10:00:37

Happy birthday fab and congratulations on being pupo thanks thanks thanks .

Enjoy your hols!

waves to everyone else!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Sun 04-Aug-13 10:01:30

Wim I also think you should try to wait the 14 days so you get an accurate answer. I realise I'm saying this as a new PUPO, give me a week and ill be desperate to pee on a stick grin

I'm not going to wait until my OTD as that is 17 days post transfer and 20 days post EC which is way way too long. I'm going to test about 13/14 days after, the date will just depend on when I'm off work as I won't want to go in after a negative or a positive result.

Fab you did sound a bit hippy like but I think you are right. We should rejoice in being PUPO. It is the closest I've ever got an that's something to be thankful for. Have a lovely time in the lakes with your family.

Brooker did you say AF has finally buggered off? Thank god for that smile

Hi to Nobeer, Twinks, Maybe, Prammy, Wish, Life etc sorry if I've missed anyone.

Res I hope your DM is doing ok x

PS I've found a random corner in the house that actually gets two bars of wifi-result!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Sun 04-Aug-13 10:01:58


Wimwom Sun 04-Aug-13 10:22:14

Happy birthday fab!

Here in the wim house hold we have decided to wait till day 14. And this mornings conversation will revolve around whether we move to the other side of the world for the fab job I've been offered.... How can I make such a major life changing decision not knowing if/when I will ever get pregnant... Should that change what we do? Ahhhhh we've been around in circles about 100 times now - gut says go, heart says not sure, parents say stay.... My best friend cried when I said I was considering it. It's only for 3/1/2 years. Any words of wisdom wise ones? I have to let them know by tonight!

4 PUPOs!!! You're going great guns ladies!! I am keeping everything crossed for you all and cannot wait to see you over on t'other Fred.

Happy birthday Fab!! Hope you are being pampered today smile!

Hello to you all, sorry for the lack of name checking, cannot scroll up on my phone x

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Sun 04-Aug-13 10:42:21

Congrats on the job offer Wim. It's a tough one, I would say go with your gut. What does DH think? You have to take other people out of the equation as of course they want you to stay as they will miss you. Do you have any concerns about being pregnant wherever you would be going? Is it an english speaking country? Can you say yes now and back out if you are pregnant and don't want to go?

Caip Sun 04-Aug-13 11:59:47

I'd go wim, you can always come back if you change your mind but you might not get this chance again. When do you have to decide? I decided to change my job and my OTD is 5 days before I start my new job. Not ideal but I'd have gone made staying where I was and have put off moving because of TTC for too long.
Hopefully you'll get a BFP but if you don't and you had decided not to go, would you be gutted? When I was umming and arring someone said to me, the worst thing that would happen would be I'd take the job and then get pregnant straight away, which would be annoying for the company but hardly bad news for me!
Good luck x

Caip Sun 04-Aug-13 12:01:28

It also depends what you think of your current job, because if you are pregnant, you still have to work for the next 8 months and then go back to that job at some point

Wimwom Sun 04-Aug-13 12:44:33

Thanks caip and cups - wise words. My current job ends in December anyway - so have to find something else. It's just so far down under and I know I would miss my mum, brother and friends immensely - but they can vibist, we can cope - and if we hate it well then we pack up and come back. Why do all these things come at once! As if being PUPO isn't stressful enough. The good thing is that I can say I didn't know i was pregnant when I accepted the job - and DH and I have said if I'm ill in early preg or it was twins (unlikely) then that's a definite pull out. Eeeek - looks like decision made, we're going!

Pipbin Sun 04-Aug-13 21:58:22

I agree Wim, go.
If you don't you will always sit and wonder about what would have been. If its Australia it's hardly a 3rd world country. If you do end up pg then you will get brilliant health care. Yes you'll miss friends but as you say it's only for a couple of years. That time will pass before you know it.

Wimwom Sun 04-Aug-13 22:02:16

Thanks Pip - where is everyone? Bit worried I'd killed the Fred with the non IVF chat... Hw are you this evening? Was today a scan day?

nobeer Sun 04-Aug-13 22:19:22

wow big decisión wim! Good luck with it all, sounds exciting!

Pipbin Sun 04-Aug-13 22:19:51

I think everyone is doing Sunday stuff, or discussing the new Doctor.
Scan is tomorrow, then again on Weds, Fri and planning for ec on Monday.
We have friends visiting at the weekend. Very old friends who I love dearly but they will have their 18 month old conceived-by-accident-but-very-much-loved daughter with them. I will not cry. No I won't. Not once.

BrookerC Sun 04-Aug-13 23:10:22

Evening all! <well those who are still around & not on their jollidays!!>
wim I think you made the right decision hun. We tend to regret the things we don't do in life rather than the things we do. It's totally understandable that you will miss your close frends & family but what an adventure you're going to have ! <& 3.5 yrs will fly by> Do you know when you will be going?
Hope all you lovely PUPO ladies are doing well today flowers
Happy birthday fab Glad to hear you're still fucking swearing grin
pip good luck with the scan tomorrow-let us know how you get on smile
cupcakes AF has finally gone thanks for asking. I totally loved being PUPO btw-it was the closest I've ever been to being pregnant. The first week was magical <until the head-fuck symptom spotting kicked in>. Try & enjoy every minute lovely x
Hi to any lurkers & all you lot checking in from your jollidays! x

Fabuluce Mon 05-Aug-13 08:43:31

Thanks for the birthday messages everyone! It's actually today and we are here in the lakes with no phone signal and it is chucking it down so will be forced to stay indoors and relax - bummer huh! Looking forward to reading my book and playing games smile

Wim, scary decision making time but it sounds like you're making the right choice. I've felt utterly trapped/stymied for the last 2.5 years at work not knowing what to do, whether to find another job etc, all decisions being made around what jf we get pregnant and I think we've all been in that boat - it's so frustrating isn't it. Good luck!!!

BeetleBeetle Mon 05-Aug-13 09:26:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pipbin Mon 05-Aug-13 11:56:22

Sat in the clinic waiting room. I was 15 minutes early and they are running 30 minutes behind. All everyone else has to do to get a baby is have 5 minutes of poor quality sex.

BeetleBeetle Mon 05-Aug-13 12:16:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nobeer Mon 05-Aug-13 12:31:14

5 minutes of poor quality sex grin oh pip you did make me smile! and it's so true, what we have to go through to even get to getting ivf treatment.

starsandmoonandback Mon 05-Aug-13 13:28:53

5 mins of poor quality sex! Teehee! It's true though....soooooo frustrating that some people just sneeze and bam, baby on board!!!!

BeetleBeetle Mon 05-Aug-13 13:51:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeetleBeetle Mon 05-Aug-13 13:52:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Missmidden Mon 05-Aug-13 14:49:00

Beetle I hope you have had the call by not, but I would definitely call again if you haven't.
Pip I wonder if we are at the same clinic! Mine were about 30mins late today too, which was close to intolerable in a hot waiting room with someone's toddler on the verge of a tantrum for much of it!
Fab hope the rain has stopped and you're having a lovely birthday.

Had my day 10 scan and seem to have slow growing but acceptable follies, I think. The nurses give little away so I am left to draw my own conclusions! Lining is still on the thin side but is thickening a little and I did manage to get positive vibes from the nurse on that. Another scan on Weds and E/C most likely Fri. They don't do them at weekends, which does leave me a little concerned that it will be Fri regardless of readiness but not a lot I can do about it.

Just re-read the last bit and realise how moan-y I sound! Honestly, I'm not and am broadly happy with the clinic but I suppose for all the money I am paying them I want perfection!

BeetleBeetle Mon 05-Aug-13 15:27:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pipbin Mon 05-Aug-13 16:37:36

Miss I'm at Bourne Hall in Colchester. You?

Well they seem to be growing well from what the nurse said and she called earlier to say that I should reduce the dose of Gonal F. Looks like EC is going to be next Monday or possibly Friday, they will decide for sure on Wednesday.

So EC, what should I expect? How long did it take you ladies to recover. I am quite a tough old bird, for example I had my lap and dye on a Thursday and was back at work on the Monday.

Pip I'm at bourn hall too! They are amazing there. I cannot praise them highly enough! I'm quite tough too, but I didn't feel normal till transfer, so a good 5 days. Just make sure you stay on top with the paracetamol.

They don't use anaesthetic there either, and I was very much awake throughout, I that I'd be three sheets to the wind, but I wasn't.

Beetle great embie news grin

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 19:31:33

missm I 've just looked back through my notes & I stimmed for 16 & 15 days for my 2 cycles. The consultant was happy with my progress & said it was within an acceptable range - for my age-40 confused
Also, although the nurses don't say much, my clinic have a daily lunchtime meeting with all the staff (embryology,nursing & consultants) to discuss the scans / bloods. I'm guessing this is normal for most clinics so if there are any issues or concerns they would be in touch with you. It's the lack of communication that's hard to deal with though I know.. I asked the nurses loads more questions the second time around. For my first cycle I just nodded politely <& found it strangely scientifically fascinating too beetle>. 2nd cycle I asked loads of questions & asked them to repeat or clarify if I didn't understand anything. At the end of the day this is your cycle & you need to feel comfortable & as informed (or not) as suits to make you feel comfortable. You are not coming across as moan'y either! x
beetle those embies sound like they are coming along lovely. Would be fab to have some frosties left too grin Glad the recovery is better this time-you can focus on getting ready for taking on those lovely embies. Have you decided how many to put back yet? <sorry if I've missed it>
pip I found EC fine both times. My clinic use sedation so I was awake. Again, it was all fascinating! Due to all the drugs there was no pain during the procedure but I needed plenty of rest & paracetamol afterwards!! I was back at work the next day for both. You will be fine hun. x

Pipbin Mon 05-Aug-13 20:03:50

The one in Colchester Maybe? They are lovely there. We did have the option of going to the one at Cambridge but that would have been just too far to travel so often. They should be good, they did invent it after all.

My reason for asking about the EC is that I have friends coming to stay at the weekend. They are due to arrive Friday afternoon. My problem is, if I have EC on Friday morning, should I cancel them coming up? At the moment it's all on hold until I find out from the clinic on Wednesday, and my guests are well aware of the situation. What do you think ladies, if they decide for EC on Friday morning, could I still have guests on Friday evening?

Indeed Pip! Whereabouts do you live? I would say it would be asking a lot to have people on Friday night. The meds make you tired, and you will be sore and bloated x

Pipbin Mon 05-Aug-13 20:21:54

I'm in Ipswich Maybe.

I think that if it is the Friday then I'll either cancel altogether or see if they can come Saturday and stay until Monday.

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 20:35:10

pip I'm hard as nails but even I would cancel Friday night. See how you feel Saturday x

Do they know about the IVF Pip? I'm in Chelmsford.

<squeezes Brooker's biceps>

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 20:39:39

Oi! nomaybe Ger'off me muscles!

Never Brooks!!

Wimwom Mon 05-Aug-13 20:47:31

beetle that sounds really promising! Well done you guys!
pip I'm not as tough as brook but am reasonably non wimpish - I wouldn't have people to stay the night after EC. Mine was under sedation - I remember nothing about it (thank goodness as went with a fuller bush!) and I spent the afternoon evening dropping off on the sofa. Was quite bloated and sore for a few days after - not enough to take any pain killers but enough to feel lazy.
nomaybe and pip how strange - you might have sat next to each other. I often sit in the clinic and wonder who everyone is and what their story is - but no one makes eye contact with each other, bit odd - maybe a London thing (not London born or bred!)
choco and twinks how are you both lovelies?
brook can we all have a quick squeeze of yr muscles?!

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 20:49:20

Ok then hun, but shhh don't tell the others-they'll all fancy a squeeze grin

Wimwom Mon 05-Aug-13 20:53:16

Ooh brook WOW they are impressive grin

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 21:04:20

wim the your 'fuller bush' keeps making me laugh so much! Every time I tidy up me old lady garden I think why the hell am I doing this? Haven't I already suffered enough??!! Now it's the staff at the clinics' turn evil grin Hardly anyone makes eye contact at my clinic up north. I smile at people & get blank faces back sad
Ahem nomaybe see what you've gone & done?

Caip Mon 05-Aug-13 21:06:46

pip I wouldn't have entertained after EC. I was sedated too and was uncomfortable

Is anyone else at Oxford Fertility Unit?

Good news beetle. I think someone else had good news but am on my phone and it's on the previous page, sorry

<sets up the brooker appreciation society>

<Installs full length mirror for flexing>

grin Wim

Pipbin Mon 05-Aug-13 21:19:05

My friends know all about IVF and in fact they have known about our failure to conceive naturally.
I will leave it to find out on Wednesday and if they decide to do EC on Friday then I will cancel.
Thanks ladies.

I was sat in the waiting room today and there was another couple there who didn't even acknowledge each other the whole time they were sat there. I thought 'well that's your problem right there'. I was going to post that on here, but then I thought that they might be fellow egg buddies!

Pip DH and I used to see people like that all the time. We were always like naughty school kids giggling in the corner, drinking all the hot chocolate grin

That's great your friends know. It may not be such a problem if they come over. They may cheer you up!

Caip Mon 05-Aug-13 21:33:19

We used to joke about being watched so always made sure we walked in holding hands grin

Missmidden Mon 05-Aug-13 22:01:52

Pip it wasn't me in your waiting room- I'm at Care in Northampton. Indeed it would never be me as part of a couple as DP only attends when he absolutely has to!

Interesting what everyone is saying about post EC- unless I can pursuade DP to take the whole day off (and pigs will sooner fly!) and assuming it is Friday I will be looking after my 3 year old DD all afternoon. I think there my need to be a lot of TV watching!

Thanks for the reassurance about length of time on stimms, Brooker. It doesn't look like it will be excessively long but I am just worrying about every little thing at the moment.

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 22:14:46

Curtsies sweetly to nomaybe whist avoiding the full length mirror due to too much protein then too much wine then too much fish & chips shock

Pipbin Mon 05-Aug-13 22:20:06

caip I am amazed that at no point did anyone ever ask how often we were DTD, or even if we did!

Assuming that EC happens on Monday both DH and I will still be off work so it won't be a problem.

My visiting friends know all the details! I am actually friends with the man of the couple and we have been friends since we were teenagers. We are more like siblings than friends but they live about a zillion miles away and if I don't get to see them and their little girl this next weekend then I most likely won't see them again for a year.

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 22:34:39

pip sounds like just the distraction tonic you'll need. Just don't plan to cook a lavish banquet! or clean the house Definately order a takeaway or get DH to cook grin

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Mon 05-Aug-13 22:38:51

Pip and Miss I was pretty zonked after EC and I had sedation. Pip I don't think I could have coped with guests. One of our closest friends popped over to pick something up that evening and I about managed hello before I fell back to sleep on the sofa!

Brooker I had a feeling you were well hard like smile

I'm at St Marys in Manchester, no one ever talks there. It's so quiet all the time.

Choco how are you doing? X

Right I'm a bit worried as I've been gradually getting more bloated since transfer on Friday. I've put 4 pounds on and look about 3 months pregnant. I'm assuming its a mild case of OHSS, I've not got any other symptoms of that. I've got a few progesterone related ones. I'm drinking lots of water. Is there anything else you think I need to do apart from wait it out?

Caip Mon 05-Aug-13 22:39:06

Pip - our 1st consultant asked how often we DTD. I think we said about 8 times a month. He then suggested DH bought me flowers more, that we turn the tv off at 9pm and that I read up on what interests DH so that we could engage in more conversation to hopefully lead to more sex. That was it, what we waited 2 months for!

Caip Mon 05-Aug-13 22:48:42

cups I had OHSS last time and the bloating gradually got better. I had lots of mint tea but I'm not sure it did anything. It's horrible so hope it goes quickly
I feel frustratingly normal. No bloating, boobs aren't sore

BrookerC Mon 05-Aug-13 22:57:29

cups think it was beetle who recommended a concoction of warm water & bicarbonate of soda or something similar unhelpful to ease the bloating <calls to beetle down in SA for back up> Without wishing to overly dent my hard reputation, I am the one who passed out at the first nurse stabbing training session blush flexes muscles to regain tough reputation
caip what a helpful medical professional! Beggars belief..

BeetleBeetle Tue 06-Aug-13 08:27:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BeetleBeetle Tue 06-Aug-13 08:31:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nobeer Tue 06-Aug-13 09:14:21

cups I was the same up to about a week post EC. I followed Beetle's advice re the bicarb of soda and warm water and I will forever be in her debt! I was also constipated for about a week which didn't help with bloating either!

hello to everyone! not much wifi round here, and not much news from my end but fingers crossed for you all and thinking of you all.

Caip Tue 06-Aug-13 12:18:47

beetle I'm a bit jealous you live in Cape Town. Which area? We went a couple of years ago and loved it. DH would move to Australia this afternoon if I gave the nod

BeetleBeetle Tue 06-Aug-13 14:59:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Missmidden Tue 06-Aug-13 18:45:33

Evening all. Bit quiet on here today. Is it your OTD up next, Wim? And how are your embryo us doing, Beetle?

Just killing time before going to a dull work dinner. Will have to do a sly bit of injecting in the loos- hope I can manage it without arousing suspicion!

chocolocodowninacapulco Tue 06-Aug-13 20:28:01


I'm back! We've been staying with family for the last few days, so no Internet connection.

fab hope you had a nice birthday and are enjoying the lakes. Congrats on being PUPO smile

caip and cups you're PUPO, well done! cups I hope you are feeling better now - did you have to go back to work as planned?

wim great news about the job, well done! How are you doing? How's the resolve not to test?

pip what have you decided about your friends? I think I'd have to delay their arrival as I'd be zonked.

beetle it's hard not to worry about your embryos, but they are in safe hands and it sounds good that there's no egg quality issue this time.

miss glad it ounds like they're pleased with your progress and good luck for your injection in the loos, I had to do that last time and it was all fine.

maybe andpip I'm from Essex too, we used to live in Danbury.

Hello to anyone I've forgotten and to beer twinks resp and brooks

Well, sadly no miracle for me. I tested again on Sunday as I was advised too, and still BFN of course. I stopped all the drugs, so last Gestone was on Saturday night. No bleeding yet, just wish it would happen now! I've been feeling pretty ropey and generally exhausted - I can't keep my eyes open after 8 o' clock confused.

We have made appointments for consultations at 2 London clinics over the next few weeks, but not sure whether to go to both and have to pay twice when we will only be going with one! One has a 2-3 month waiting list and the other 6-9 months and one has a 71% success rate and the other 59% with 41% live births. A lot to think about!

Paprika spiced pork with chickpeas and couscous for me tonight! It was delicious.

chocolocodowninacapulco Tue 06-Aug-13 20:46:34

Forgot to say, that's for DE!

Pipbin Tue 06-Aug-13 20:58:05

Oh Choco, such a shame. You seem to be taking it well though.
Such a lot to think about. With me we are NHS so no choice to make really.

As for the friends. We are all waiting to see what the appointment tomorrow results in and we know for sure when EC will be.

Today I felt decidedly ropey. We were out having a coffee and lunch and I felt really rather nauseous and faint. Could it be the drugs or could it be that the lady who served us was very pg and made me jealous?

twinklestar2 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:43:03

Hi girls, me again smile I have another question if anyone has had a failed cycle?

We had ICSI and we got to blasto stage. I read on google today that after day 3 the egg takes over from the sperm and if it fails to implant then it means the egg wasn't strong enough. Is that right? I'm panicking now as I thought the probs were always on OHs side and I know you can't improve egg quality. Please advise.

BrookerC Tue 06-Aug-13 22:49:31

missm it is quiet on here today. Hope everyone's having fun somewhere. Can't beat a bit of secret stabbing in the loos! Hope the work dinners' not too boring grin
choco it's good to hear from you. AF is such a fucker. Her sense of timing is shocking. Hope she appears soon to put you out of your misery. Don't know much about DE but the success rates look pretty good. There seems to be a big difference in the waiting list times. Is that usual? How are you feeling about it all?
beetle fx for your embies tomorrow smile
pip sorry you're feeling ropey today
Resipsa hope everything is ok with DM x
wish has AF arrived yet?
Hi wim cups fab caip* the PUPO 4!
maybe how are you doing hun? Have you had your scan yet?
Hi twinks Don't know much about the egg not being strong enough from day 3. I had 2 blasts put back & both failed to implant. I put it down to my uterus not accepting them not the egg <or sperm> quality. Our consultant said both eggs & sperm were good. I have since had an endo scratch to improve the lining.
Good evening to everyone else x

BrookerC Tue 06-Aug-13 22:53:12

BTW is it me or are there preggers mccheggers women EVERYWHERE?

Wimwom Tue 06-Aug-13 23:05:07

Evening all - just a short one, only just got in.... What a day. If stress really makes a difference then I am fucked.
choco which London clinics - I'm at one with sim sounding figures - but that may not help. Happy to share my experience of them if it helps.
Sorry - still got dinner to eat, injections to do and am closing eyes as I type. Will catch up fully tomorrow - sleep well ladies x

BrookerC Tue 06-Aug-13 23:09:04

wim sweet stress free dreams smile

BeetleBeetle Wed 07-Aug-13 06:00:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 07-Aug-13 09:19:19

Morning sorry I've not been on for a bit, I've started back at work. I almost feel like nothing has happened. I keep forgetting to take it easy and find myself lifting something heavy! I'm still a bit bloated but am getting back to my normal self. If anything I feel like AF is going to show up anytime.

Miss hope you got on ok with the sly stabbing. I had to do some sneaky injections in our car during speeches at a wedding smile

Choco I'm sorry it was a negative in the end, sounds like you've got some good options there. Those stats are pretty good for both clinics. I guess it depends on whether you want to wait or not.

Twinks that's interesting about the egg/sperm taking over. I've never heard of that before. I also had ICSI for borderline male factor. On the day of EC the embryologist told us the sample was the best quality my DH had provided so far. I was surprised that out of 11 fertilised eggs we only made it to day 3 with none to freeze. At ET I asked a lot about my egg quality but to be honest no one gave me any answers. I'm now worrying for the first time that my eggs are a problem.

Pip what did you decide about your friends visiting?

Beetle I've got everything crossed for your embies, is today day 5? I'm losing track of everything.

Wim how are you this morning? What's happened over the job? I have been pretty busy since ET, I'm a bit worried I've over done it. Today is the first real day I've got where ill be able to take it easy. I was fretting to my mum but she thinks its a good idea to keep busy, as at least it will stop me from obsessing.

Hi Brooker and Nobeer and any lurkers x

twinklestar2 Wed 07-Aug-13 09:33:53

Cupcakes - don't worry, I got it wrong and Choco is right. Sperm takes over from day 3. Our eggs are fine!

BeetleBeetle Wed 07-Aug-13 14:20:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twinklestar2 Wed 07-Aug-13 14:49:59

Congrats on being PUPO! Did they tell you the grades?

MotorcycleMama Wed 07-Aug-13 14:59:40

choco welcome to the DE club - you will be in good company. I think everyone on here who has had DE has got pregnant so far!

cupcakes do not worry about AF-type cramps. I had just the same before my BFP, and actually am getting them again today. I've got fingers crossed for you, and all the other PUPOs too of course.

I have been quite scared today with strong AF type cramping. Saw the midwife for my first appt today, and she said it was nothing to worry about, just stuff growing and stretching. I hope she is right.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 07-Aug-13 15:39:49

Thanks Twinks, I've already been researching DE despite being PUPO. I'm not crazy honest grin

Beetle yay to being PUPO. Come on little blastie, get settled in. Great news on the two frosties. Beetle your OTD is earlier than mine shock

Motor how exciting seeing the midwife, is it starting to feel real yet?

I've been for my final acupuncture session, I found the needles seemed really sharp today. The acupuncturist said it was probably due to hormonal changes, anyone else experienced that?

I don't know what we are having for tea, I've got nothing in. I normally love cooking but I've barely done any the past few weeks. I just can't be bothered blush

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 07-Aug-13 15:41:04

Sorry I meant to say Motor I'm sure your midwife is right. It's so common to get cramps at that stage xx

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 07-Aug-13 16:20:31

pip the drugs are bound to be making you feel a bit under the weather, take it easy when you can and rest as much as possible. Come and update us when you have had your appointment and hope it goes well.

twinks I don't know much about your question, but I think the sperm does take over on day 3, or at least it is the egg that controls development for the first couple of days.

How was your camping brooker? I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it all to be honest and the waiting times seem to vary, but I'm not sure why ...

wim hope you have had a better and less stressful day today. Re clinics, you're not doing DE are you?

beetle you're PUPO! That's fantastic! Great news about the ones which will be frozen too. Your dinner sounds lovely smile. You asked about clinics - the one with the shorter waiting list is the one with the better results, yes.

cups glad you can take it a bit easier today as work sounds like it's been very busy otherwise. I haven't noticed the needles feeling sharper, that's weird to think it could be hormonal.

motor good that you had an appointment today, was it your booking in one? Sorry you've been worried about the cramps, but it's reassuring that the midwife didn't seem concerned. No pressure for me re everyone on here getting pg when they've had DE! wink

No news from me really. Still no bleeding but feeling generally rubbish and very headachey and really tired and nodding off at random times with no warning so the hormones are obviously doing something, just wish they'd get on with it. We are going to go to 2 clinics - the Lister and The London Women's Clinic - and have consultations with both and I guess then decide which waiting list we are going to go on.

Missmidden Wed 07-Aug-13 16:49:41

Choco sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish, so unfair to have that on top of such a disappointment.
Congrats on the ET, Beetle!
Motor I'm not sure how far along you are but when I was pregnant I had a lot of cramping around the 9-11 week mark that worried me silly, along with lots of spotting, but all was fine. I hope yours is nothing to worry about either.
Pip how was your scan?

Big news here is that my scan this morning showed 10 good sized follies and an "adequate" lining so we are on for EC on Fri! Feeling quite ridiculously excited and pleased and hopelessly unfocused at work all day- please can someone administer a slap and tell me there is still a long way to go?!
One question, where did everyone inject their hCG? I have been told the thigh again but moved away from this (to the tummy) for the other drugs due to leakage so not sure what to do.....

twinklestar2 Wed 07-Aug-13 18:01:24

Cupcakes I didn't cook or eat much on my cycle either, I actually lost weight doing ivf.

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 07-Aug-13 18:08:54

<can't bring self to slap miss> woo hoo miss well done on those brilliant follies! I injected the Ovitrelle into my stomach, I was never told to do it anywhere else. So, what time is the trigger and when is EC? You should be excited smile

Wimwom Wed 07-Aug-13 20:14:43

twinks welcome back - we've miss you, and choco is back too - hoorah! choc you're right - I'm not DE but a good friend of mine was at the clinic I'm using, but it's not either of your choices. I hope AF is on her way for you and that the rubbish feelings will clear up.
beetle - PUPO! That's 5 of us - your test date is so soon! I would have tested yesterday with your test date - is making me want to test. But I am resolute - Sunday, only day I'm not working this week and our wedding anniversary.pip and missM* are you both EC fri? - follies grow lots apparently once you do the trigger so you both are in for a good lay.
brook am very pleased I got the first and only bicep squeeze grin how are you lovely? You are always so good at asking after everyone else.
wish - how's the waiting hon?
Waves to res motor and nobeer - bonjour to tame
And big excited waves to my PUpo companions - fab caip cups and beetel
Afm - much less stressful day, left work at four and came home for a lie down, very tired this week. Am trying not to give in to any symptom spotting - and know it's all progesterone related anyway so I won't bore you all with the breast poking etc that's been going on chez wimwom.

Pipbin Wed 07-Aug-13 20:26:58

Quick check in.
The clinic said that everything is going well and EC should be on Monday, but we'll know for sure on Friday.

Missmidden Wed 07-Aug-13 21:05:21

Choco trigger is 10.30 tonight for EC at 10.30 on Fri, but we have to be there at 8.45 which seems very early- what do they do for all that time?! Guess I will stick to the thigh- it just seems there is much less subcutaneous area to go for there confused

Have come down to earth slightly by looking at a forum for the chain of clinics I am with- there is someone on it who is also going for EC on Fri at the sane clinic as me who has stimmed several days less than me and has 19 follies! I know everyone is different and you shouldn't compare but still....

Glad things are going well with you, Pip' and good that you won't need to change your weekend plans now.

BrookerC Wed 07-Aug-13 22:51:12

Evening ladies! Just a quick one as only just got in & have an early start tomorrow.
beetle you are PUPO lady! And frosties to boot! Fab news smile
missm as I've been reminded by my clinic today, not all follies have an egg so don't over focus on the number (especially that others have). It's true that quality counts. Hope the trigger went ok & enjoy the little fucker free day tomorrow! x
I've had an appointment at my clinic today to plan our next step <DH is away so went alone>. Will update tomorrow when I have a little more time but all good.
Sorry for lack of personals...Sleep well you gorgeous lot. x

wishwash Wed 07-Aug-13 22:54:02

Hi ladies! I've been lurking lots! So many PUPOs it's making me very envious, although not of the 2ww smile

I hope all goes to plan for your EC pip.

Good luck with your trigger miss I always triggered in the thigh but only because I find it more comfy there

Thanks for asking about my waiting game for AF. The little bitch is messing with my mind! No signs of her until Monday (over a week late) and now all I'm getting is brown blood! Grrr, I guess she's on the way though

Hope everyone is ok!

nobeer Wed 07-Aug-13 23:03:26

congratulations beetle! fab news!

Hi to everyone, apols for no personals, am on phone with v low wifi iykwim.

wishwash Wed 07-Aug-13 23:14:09

P.s I miss Tame

BeetleBeetle Thu 08-Aug-13 09:21:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Missmidden Thu 08-Aug-13 09:23:58

Trigger done last night (in stomach after lots of uhm-ing and ah-ing) and can't wait for tomorrw! Poor DP does not feel the same, apparently his part in this is pure stress and no excitement, so I'm having to be quite subdued about it.

Brooker thank you for the reminder re egg quality, I know it of course but can't help feeling jealous of anyone about to lay a large clutch. I hope your appt went well- we need more details (shamelessly nosey grin)

Wim I think your non-testing resolve is admirable; I only hope I can be as controlled if when I get to that stage.

Hello to everyone else, hope that all of the PUPOs are keeping sane and those awaiting AF or other developments get what your desire very soon.

twinklestar2 Thu 08-Aug-13 09:30:06

Miss - as easy as it is to say, try not to worry about number of follies. I ended up with 24 eggs and I got a BFN so it's really quality over quantity.

Hello wish smile

Can't scroll back to whoever asked how I was. I'm ok. Currently at a friends waiting to go on hols for the weekend. Bit hmm because we've said this is our last blowout before we get back on ivf healthy wagon but still a little bit annoyed at OH drinking and smoking a lot last night. AIBU?!

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 08-Aug-13 10:02:58


wim symptom spotting, don't do it! Here's to another non- stressful day for you.

pip that's great that you have a provisional date for EC.

miss how did the trigger go? Re comparing yourself to others, don't do it! I had 1 egg on my 2nd cycle and managed a (short-lived) bfp.

brooker look forward to hearing all about your appointment.

wish hope AF shows up properly soon so you can get your head around your next steps.

beetle I can see why you would want to POAS in advance of the blood test, too scary!

twinks hope you enjoy your hols. YNBU about OH smoking and drinking, unless you've been doing it too?!

AFM, AF is finally on the way, so hopefully I won't feel quite as crap in a couple of days. I think I'm getting a cold too, so that doesn't help. DH is out for the day today, so I have some headspace, which is probably not a good thing! DH is really fed up and says he feels like he has no fight left in him and no energy, I know he'll be ok once he gets through this as it's how he deals with things. I haven't cried at all (yet) and the saddest I've felt was when I spoke to the lovely nurse when I rang on Monday to say the cycle definitely hadn't worked - it all felt so final. DH is worrying about the money side of things and I'm worrying about how I am going to do all this without anytime of work and just have to hope things fit in with the school hols... And then there's how to choose which clinic to go with or whether to sign up for both waiting lists ... Anyway, that was a very me, me, me post - sorry, self-indulgent time over!

twinklestar2 Thu 08-Aug-13 10:32:47

Oh Choco I understand how your oh feels cause its exactly how I feel. Give him a hug from me. Xxxxx

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 08-Aug-13 11:30:42

Thanks twinks xx

BrookerC Thu 08-Aug-13 18:45:25

wish it's good to hear from you. Hope AF gets on with it the slag <feeling particularly vicious towards the cow today> Have you had any thoughts about your next step?
nobeer nice that you could drop in while on your jollidays. Hope you & DH are managing to get some well earned r&r.
beetle looking forward to hearing your embie news. How are you doing with the ever so awful bullets?
missm Well done on the triggering! I had to be at the clinic about an hour before EC. They like to get you settled undressed and full of drugs
and ready for action. I had visits from about 4 different people (2 nurses, consultant & embryologist). All very reassuring. Are you having GA? I didn't & it was fine although gas & air is highly overrated in my book Good luck hun & really looking forward to your update tomorrow smile no pressure-yeah right!
cups How are you today? I know we are all different but your mums advice would work for me. I find I need to keep myself busy to stop the menkulling.
wim hope your day has been less stressful. I have an intense job too. My coping skills include tonnes of sleep, no housework filthy bitch & walking the dog. Hope you can find some relaxation. x
motor it's so great to hear the midwife was able to reassure you on the cramping. How many weeks' are you now-about 9?
pip Looking forward to hearing your EC date grin Don't forget to let us know immediately ridiculously impatient
caip how are you doing PUPO lady?
twinks have you got a review meeting booked with your clinic? I found Agates' post on FF invaluable. YNBU at all,but (& this is only my tactic) if I want DH on side 100% there has to be a little bargaining. Don't get me wrong he wants this just as much as I do but his stamina is not as resolute as mine. I would therefore allow a big fat blowout fags & all on the proviso that when the time comes decided by ME!! he will give it all up. I honestly believe that I stand a better chance of him complying if he has at least the memory of a good time! And let's face it, ttc let alone ivf sucks the joy out of life. Best of luck lovely x
choco It sounds like DH just needs a bit of a break. I totally get how he feels. On one hand I'm desperate to go again & on the other I am fucking sick of it all <sigh> It took me about a week to cry when I got my BFN & kindness is what set me off. Then I cried bucket loads & felt much better. That numb feeling really is the pits. You are not being self-indulgent. We are here for one another when we feel low/have any anxieties or want to shout our fucking heads off about how unfair life is! We are with you lovely every step of the way.

Hi to res fab tame nomaybe & anyone I've missed (sorry) blush

Wimwom Thu 08-Aug-13 21:00:53

Evening ladies! Just a short one from me tonight - am busy lying on the sofa watching tv grin Greg has just said he's in tart heaven - which for some reason has amused me no end! Am trying to stay amused whilst DH draws up the prontogest.... Bruises are slowly getting better but think I am developing needle phobia as have to summon up will power to do my clexane. I did work out I've had 80 injections in the last 4 weeks...
First day today when I have really have the urge to POAS... But I held firm, safe in the knowledge I can't buy a test between now and Sunday so DH has them on his sat shopping list.
Sorry gone on and on about me me me - off for my injection. G'night lovely ladies

wishwash Thu 08-Aug-13 21:48:09

Hey brooker the clinic originally told me September for my FET but with AF on her hols I guess it'll be a lot later. I now have the feeling that the brown blood is all I'm going to get as all symptoms have gone! Great! Ill ring the clinic tomorrow and see what they say. I'm not the best at waiting.

Who's first to POAS then? Is it you wim??

BrookerC Thu 08-Aug-13 22:27:47

HELLO. IS ANYBODY THERE? mindlessly continues to witter on regardless
wish hope the clinic can give you some clear guidance tomorrow. It's so frustrating having to wait when you're ready to move forward. It sounds like you are in the right place mentally - hope your body is too.
I had a long chat with one of the senior nursing staff at my clinic yesterday. I was only supposed to be having a refresher on the injections etc but I took the opportunity to grill her ask loads of questions and get her opinion on where we are with our treatment. She was very open & I felt much happier when I came out. I was really apprehensive sat in the waiting room (for the first time ever bizarrely). It was the first time I had been back since the meeting regarding our destroyed embryos & I think it brought back feelings I didn't know I had.
We are not 100% decided when to start again-it's either in approx. 2 weeks' eeek! or 6 weeks' time. The endo scratch is taking some thinking about as we've been told if we want to go in 2 weeks' I can't have another scratch beforehand as we've had unprotected sex big surprise-we are trying to conceive ffs!! We are probably going ahead in 2 weeks' though after weighing everything up (work commitments for both me & DH are making end Sept awkward). We may still be looking at freezing any viable embryos and having a FET at a later date dependant upon my progesterone levels (which they have recently started monitoring during a cycle) so still may have the chance for another scratch before ET. I do feel like the clinic are bending over backwards for us,understandably, after what happened last time. You should see the notes all over our file. They must shit themselves everytime they pick it up! And everyone knows my name-immediately confused
Pizza & salad tonight <DH is away>

Wimwom Thu 08-Aug-13 22:29:22

wish I think I'm first - am day 11 post 5 day transfer... So I think some may be already testing but am holding on to make the official date - good girl that I am!
Were you aiming for FET start of sept?

Wimwom Thu 08-Aug-13 22:34:55

brook 2 weeks is so soon! When did you last haven scratch - for some reason I have it in my mind it lasts for a bit.... But I might have made that up. I'm not surprised they are being extra especially nice - you went through something awful due to their cock up. I imagine they are terrified you could sue them. I think doing the cycle when you aren't stressing about work and timings is much better fwiw. You could be PUPO before we know it!

wishwash Thu 08-Aug-13 22:48:09

brooker 2 weeks is very soon but for an impatient moany hag like me it would be perfect. How are you feeling about it all?

wim I'm very impressed. I don't think I could be so strong but I have no self control, mainly with chocolate and pregnancy tests! hmm we need more good news so come on lady!!!
After my BFN the nurse said my FET would be roughly September, not sure if that was the beginning or end. I wasn't really listening as my world had just collapsed around me. September was based on my period being around 2 weeks ago so god knows when it'll be now.

As you say, the clinic may be able to she'd some light on why I'm not working properly

BrookerC Thu 08-Aug-13 22:55:13

wim how did the injection go tonight? I am always inspired by what others go through on this journey. I have not had any bruising & only half of the stabbing to contend with. It stops me in my tracks when I'm about to throw a wobbler about my lot. Keep going girl-you're doing so fabulously well smile
The endo benefits last a few months' apparently so I'm taking my chances this time round. My way of thinking is that the negative affects of stress evil devil child will do more harm than the benefit of another scratch. Anyone would think I knew what the hell I was talking about hmm

BrookerC Thu 08-Aug-13 23:07:08

Sorry wish so busy stuffing chocolates down my throat I cross posted blush Nom-lovely though.....I'm feeling rather bewildered by it all the mo. I just can't seem to get excited. I feel like we're just going the motions with it all. We both feel the same. Will get my arse in gear very soon though. Thanks for asking smile Don't forget to let us now how you get on tomorrow-have you had your post cycle review yet?

twinklestar2 Thu 08-Aug-13 23:48:19

Thx brooker, we've already agreed this holiday is the last blowout, I just need to unclench!

Missmidden Fri 09-Aug-13 06:30:01

Morning all. Today is EC day so no surprise I've been awake since 5! Not great when I can't eat and am already hungry. No GA for me, just sedation but I'm hoping it will feel the same a nice snooze as I will need it by then!

Sorry to hear about so much unhappiness and limbo-land-ness for some of you on the thread. Brooker you come across as so strong and resourceful; I don't know the story re you clinic's cock up last time, but it sounds hideously upsetting. If I had a hat on I would certainly take it off to you. Wish and Twinks and Choco I am thinking of you all too.

I have seen Agate's list on FF referred to several times, could someone send me the link in case I need it later down the track? I got the VIP membership of FF a few weeks ago, having had the free one for ages, thinking that the forum would be good during IVF. However I can't seem to work out how to find anything useful on it so thus far it's been a total waste of money.

Will update later. Currently feeling less bloated than yesterday so trying to suppress worries that the follies have started popping on their own! I need someone else to get up for distraction.......

MotorcycleMama Fri 09-Aug-13 06:43:41

brooker it is no surprise you don't feel excited given what happened last time. I think you are really admirable with your lack of blame and bitterness. It's got to be great for you this time!

Good luck with EC miss - make sure you rest well after.

wim you have super-human self control! I am in awe. I started testing 3 days post 5 day transfer (negative of course, and my world collapsed, stupid me). When is OTD?

wishwash Fri 09-Aug-13 07:16:14

Good luck today miss. It's normal to worry that the follies have evaporated, I did too but I'm sure all will be fine!

Shoving chocolate down your throat brook? Sounds like heaven. I haven't had my post cycle review which is annoying. I think they're waiting for my FET cycle to start first but it would have given me something to chew on whilst waiting! I'm pretty sure AF has disappeared now sad

wishwash Fri 09-Aug-13 07:30:12

Oh my shitting gosh! After saying that I went to the loo and whose waiting for me? AUNT FLO! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

wishwash Fri 09-Aug-13 07:30:41

But it hurts now sad

BrookerC Fri 09-Aug-13 07:45:46

Good luck for today miss Do some good laying grin
twinks enjoy the holiday, have a blowout & hopefully you'll be fighting fit for your FET. As much as we all get impatient for the next stage, do not under-estimate the mental & physical healing power of a little break. Big X
wim I am also in awe at your will-power. Hope you haven't done a choco on us now? C'mon fess up if so!
wish I had to wait 6 weeks for my review & by the end I was getting pretty pissed off. We didn't have any frosties though sad Hope you get some answers today.
motor it will happen if & when it's meant to for us. Despite everything I still trust the clinic. How are you doing with the cramping?

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 09-Aug-13 08:01:22

Miss good luck for EC, I also stressed needlessly that all my follies would have disappeared. I had sedation and I was completely out. I've got no memory of the procedure.

Wish yay to AF! What happens now? How long do you have to wait until you FET?

Brooker I'm not surprised to hear your feeling a bit apprehensive after what happened last time. This time you are going to be the clinics top priority and its all going to be fine. Two weeks shock eek!

Wim did you say Sunday is your OTD? I wince every time I think of all your little fuckers big fuckers you are the queen of injections.

Beetle how are you doing PUPO lady? Did you hear about the rest of your embryos?

Pip are you still on for EC on mon? Not many more injections to go!

Caip how are you doing? I've not really got any symptoms anymore, I think everything I was feeling was due to EC tbh. The only thing I could say is I've had the odd twinge in my abdomen and a few AF type cramps. I'm sure it's down to the pessaries.

Twinks you are not being unreasonable about DH. My DH has already had a few big nights out since EC, he's been pounding the caffeine and I found him drinking protein shakes after the gym (our consultant said that's a big no if morphology issues). If this doesn't work for us we have to wait the usual 3 months plus our clinic can turn us down 3 times if busy so we could easily be waiting 6 months for the next go. And as low a chance as it is I don't want him ruining any chance of a natural BFP. I've also agreed to a blow out holiday after this where I won't nag him about drinking etc but the minute we get back its back to clean living!

Well I'm busy at work which is good but it's not really stopping the craziness. This is the worst wait ever, I'm desperate to test and I can't stop googling blush I'm swinging between tears that this hasn't worked to imagining twins.

MotorcycleMama Fri 09-Aug-13 08:11:43

Ah cupcakes - I feel for you! When is OTD

brooker I'm still a bit crampy and now with brown discharge/bleeding. Trying to stay calm. Everything suggests that this is normal, but I have just put the EPU number in my phone in case it gets worse. Scary.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 09-Aug-13 08:24:58

My OTD is 19th which is 17dp3dt! I'm going to test before then, I just haven't decided when.

Sorry to hear you've still got some bleeding, I know it's meant to be normal but it must be really worrying still.

MotorcycleMama Fri 09-Aug-13 09:01:44

How many dp3dt are you now cupcakes? I started getting a second line at 5dp5dt (equivalent of 10dpo), but I wouldn't advocate testing so early!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 09-Aug-13 09:17:19

I'm 7dp3dt so that's the same as when you tested Motor. No testing for me today as I'm up to my 4th wee of the morning! Plus I've just realised the first response tests I was saving have expired so I guess I better get some more as I won't believe them either way.

Caip Fri 09-Aug-13 09:19:35

good luck today miss and make sure you get waited on over the weekend!
wim well done on the patience so far!
cups I don't think I have any real symptoms other than the odd twinge like you. I don't have sore boobs which I had last time (got a faint BFP for 2 days before it disappeared). I've had the odd moment of feeling a bit sick but that could be anything at all and I have a really irritable stomach anyway.
wish congrats on AF! You don't often hear that on here! I hate hate hate period pain, it's like a double slap in the face!
twinks my DH didn't cut back, as he so nicely put it once, the problem is with me not him! he had to give a sample a few days after a heavy stag do and he got good results so that was the confirmation he needed that he didn't need to cut back!

I'm testing on Tuesday. I feel ridiculously calm about it all at the moment (for those doing a FET next, it's way easier - no injections etc so life doesn't revolve around IVF quite so much as with a fresh cycle), and can honestly say that I think I'd be ok with a BFN at this stage. I'm sure I'll bawl my eyes out come Tuesday but at the mo I feel like ok about it either way. #

sorry for not name checking everyone
have a great weekend all

Wimwom Fri 09-Aug-13 09:33:25

Hope the laying is/has gone well miss
motor hope the cramping calms down - poor you, when was your scan? I'm sure nothing stops the worry though. Fingers firmly crossed it'll all settle.
For those who have commented on my will power - brooks I promise I have not already done a test. The key for me is not to have any temptation in house (includes choc biscuits cake etc) as if it's there I can't control the urge. But I'm good at not buying stuff! I start work really early tomorrow so I really will have to wait till Sunday. Feelings at this point are it will be BFN as other than slightly sore boobs (progesterone related) a few cramps (progesterone related) and a hyper sense of smell (been here before with this one!) I am almost back to normal. My bruises are the most dramatic sign that I am anything other than 'normal' self. But we'll see on Sunday!
nocups, caip and Beetle will all be hot on my heels to test!

Wimwom Fri 09-Aug-13 09:34:42

Oh wish am glad the witch arrived - but hopefully she'll fuck right off with the pains. You might creep into a September cycle now though grin

Sorry I've been AWOL ladies!

Wish pleased AF is there and you can now get going.

Brooks lovely, two weeks?! Amazing grin

Cups am thinking of you lovely x

Good luck for EC Miss.

Sorry for not name checking everyone. Am thinking of you all smile

Missmidden Fri 09-Aug-13 13:35:55

All done, 12 eggs and a good sample from DP. Feel more relieved than anything else. The sedation didn't do a lot, I can remember and felt everything. Not too sore though now and only a little spaced out. Which is good as any rest will end in 20 mins when DD gets back from the childminder! Just the call to wait for tomorrow.... Yet more waiting.

Sorry not read back for any personals, please forgive this once.

BrookerC Fri 09-Aug-13 16:29:54

Well done missm! 12 is a really good number. Hope DD doesn't tire you out too much-you have earned plenty of rest smile Oh the waiting... what time have they arranged to ring? Mine thankfully ring around 8 so not too much stressing! Don't forget the paracetamol if you are feeling any pain. I kept mine topped up all day just in case. x

BrookerC Fri 09-Aug-13 16:33:37

wishy ! At last the bitch has arrived! Sorry you're in pain-mine was the most horrible evil witch last month. Get some chocky down yer gob lass & get planning that FET. Did you speak to the clinic? Hope you can start soon. x

BrookerC Fri 09-Aug-13 16:57:23

wim eyes suspiciously I believe you are telling us the truth wink. I am seriously impressed with your strength in not giving in to the testing urge. I have everything crossed for you on Sunday & truly hope you get that BFP. Symptom spotting can be so cruel as the progesterone mimics a lot of the positive symptoms. Try & enjoy being PUPO for the next couple of days whatever the outcome. X
cups feel for you today lovely x. The emotional roller coaster is so tough. The difference in OTD between clinics is really interesting bizarre. My blood test was 9dp5dt -14 days after EC. Think I really would have lost the plot if I'd had to wait a further 6 days!
motor What a head fuck. Repeat after me 'normal normal normal' and breath and relax flowers
beetle any news on the remaining embies? How are you feeling today?
pip how did you get on today with the scan? Do you have a date for EC?

Will catch up properly with everyone later xx

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 09-Aug-13 20:10:41

Hello! Lots to catch up on today ...

brooker thank you for all your lovely support and reassurances, I still haven't cried since the BFN, but I think it's partly because when we found out, a week ago, we had to put on our brave faces to be with family and now it's like we've forgotten how to react!

It's good that you got to have a chat with the nurse today and talk things through, it always helps! 2 weeks, that's great! If it feels right for you, and if it fits, then go for it! I would, but then I'm impatient! Ahem, brooker doing a Choco

wim sorry to hear about the needle phobia, no surprise there really with all of the jabs you've done. Well done for holding out and not testing yet, I'm impressed by your will power.

wish glad AF has shown up, although it's crap when it's painful. Hopefully you can start planning your FET now smile

miss 12 eggs, brilliant! Oh my goodness, I wouldn't fancy being aware of, and feeling it all, well done you!

motor how are you doing now? Hope you're not feeling too scared, have you got a scan or appointment or anything soon to help reassure you? Have a hand to hold.

cups wow, that's a long time to have to wait. I can see why you might be thinking about testing before. It's very difficult not to let your emotions get the better of you at this time. I'm glad work is a distraction at times.

caip you sound very balanced, which is a great way to be. Fingers tightly crossed for you.

beetle how's the 2ww treating you?

maybe hello, how are you doing?

Waves to everyone else.

Nothing new from me really, just gearing up to next Friday's appointment at the Lister and trying to feel relatively normal. Sausages with sweet potato 'chips' and roasted veg tonight. Was delish!

Fabuluce Fri 09-Aug-13 21:01:29

Ola bitches I'm back!!!

So much seems to have happened in the past week with everyone it's hard to name check but good luck with everyone's various traumas and excitement.

My holiday was not quite what I was hoping for as the hormones decided to kick in evilly and I felt like the bitch troll from hell all week. Some days I just had to get everyone else to leave me be at the house to get in with being a miserable old witch. What a bumma. hmm

I am now 6dp3dt and my clinic says to do poas on day 16!!!! To be honest tho, I have social events on Thursday, Friday, and am away at a spa for my crazy MILs 60th birthday on Saturday and Sunday so part of me thinks it will be easier to be pupo than it will be to try and hide a bad result...does that make sense? No idea whether I'm up duff or not, quite a lot of cramping and slightly tender boobs but all symptoms can always be progesterone can't they so am trying to keep symptom watching obsession to a minimum!

BrookerC Fri 09-Aug-13 22:41:31

fab You're back-hoorah! It's been pretty quiet on here while you lot have been galavanting! Sorry to hear the hormones have been playing up. Hope you got plenty of rest if nothing else sad. Sounds like you've got a hectic few days' coming up-spa sounds lush!
Night night ladies -I'm whacked.

Pipbin Sat 10-Aug-13 07:49:18

Morning ladies.
Well egg collection is at 11am Monday morning!

Only problem is we have friends staying with their 2 year old, hence the short message, and I think it's enough to put DH off children for life.

BrookerC Sat 10-Aug-13 08:01:58

Ah forgot to say... Touché my dear choco wink
pip everyone else's children are wicked. Yours will be perfect however. Good luck with EC on Monday & the trigger tonight smile

Fabuluce Sat 10-Aug-13 08:26:49

Good luck for the weekend pip wink and for Monday!!

Oooh Chocco! How you feeling about your appointment? Sausages sound immense.

Fab sorry the hormones hit. They're a. Bitch aren't they. This wait is the longest wait ever. Fact.

Pip that's great news! How you feeling about it? Good luck with the toddler wink

Hope you're ok Brooker smile

Pipbin Sat 10-Aug-13 09:13:18

Just had a phone call from the clinic.
Egg collection cancelled due to over stimulation.
They need me in on Monday morning to do another blood test.
Anyone have any experience of this?

Fabuluce Sat 10-Aug-13 09:23:46

Oh pip!!! That sounds like madness - I don't understand how that can happen?

A couple of people I know have had the same thing Pip. They will most likely let you 'coast' for a while, keep you on your buserilin and just wait till your looks bone back down again, then collect the eggs x

BrookerC Sat 10-Aug-13 10:16:43

Gosh pip Had your clinic mentioned this might happen or has this come out of the blue? Didn't someone on here have this issue last month? wish nook ? sorry, really can't remember fecking useless Think nomaybe could have some good advice but I don't understand it!! grin - I'm good thanks hun-how are you doing?

grin Brooke! I'm ok thanks lovely. Glad to hear you're doing ok.

I think it was Life that had to coast

eurochick Sat 10-Aug-13 10:29:54

Hello all. Lots of new faces here. Is anyone about to start stimming?

I have two Gonal F pens (one 300, one 900) all sealed and refrigerated going free. They go out of date at the end of September. If anyone can use them, they can have them. I'd rather they were used than binned. I'm happy to meet in London for an in person handover. If anyone outside London wants then, they will have to figure out a refrigerated courier (will still be cheaper than buying the pens). PM me if interested

Good luck to all the egg buddies. I'm now on IVF cycle 3 and we're back to natural, hence the spare drugs. EC should be some time late next week. I'm feeling ok about this one. I guess I'm used to it now!

Lifeasafish Sat 10-Aug-13 10:39:54

You called?

Hey people, just so happened to see this - I haven't been lurking.

PIP - it should be ok. I over stimulated badly. I had 48 follicles before stimming so from the first day I was booked in for extra scans and daily blood tests. The gonalf doseage was on the floor - I had maybe 5 days worth the last 2 doses being 37.5.

So, what happened was I coasted for a week - that is no gonal f whatsoever, during which time my e2 went to 36k at the highest. At this point I still had lots of large follicles (30+) at over 12mm. However, due to the length of time that I coasted many popped or were reabsorbed. My bloods crashed after a week to 8k but as the FSH did as well i had a small gonal f shot with my trigger to help things a bit.

EC was a week overdue in the end, 14 eggs, 9 fertilised, 1 hatching blast returned, a bfp then a unrelated miscarriage. The point being that coasting didn't affect the outcome

Eat lots of protein - loads of it, it will keep the eggs growing while off gonal-f. Drink lots of water 3 litres a day to keep OHSS at bay. Are you bloated? I was humungous and my ovaries have only gone back to normal in the past week.

I hope it helps. Do Pm any questions so I see them and I'll respond to them here.

It should be ok, so do not panic too much. It is also not totally uncommon.

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 10-Aug-13 10:41:32

Hi fab , sorry to hear that your holiday has not been as relaxing and as chilled as you'd have liked sad. I can't believe your clinic try to make you wait that long! Bloody progesterone side effects, you're right, it's pretty much impossible to tell .

brooker how are you doing? When do you have to make a decision about when you do treatment?

pip oh no! Do you have any idea what happens now? Sorry for you

maybe quite excited about appointment, but not really sure how we are going to make a decision.about clinics. Not long til the 13th now for you!