Excellent egg buddies - for all who are IVFing in July/August/Sept

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twinklestar2 Tue 16-Jul-13 23:05:53

Over here ladies!

Massive congrats to NookNook!! Great start to the new thread.

MotorcycleMama Tue 16-Jul-13 23:07:31

Thanks twink, and thanks to nook for creating such a celebratory end to the old thread and the beginning of the new. X

nobeer Tue 16-Jul-13 23:11:47

Good luck tomorrow brooker, I'll be thinking of you. I'm in the same boat re the frozen embryos, but I'm sure you'll be fine and get lots of eggs.

I'm off to bed now, but I'll be smiling in my sleep at your lovely news, nook

NookNook Tue 16-Jul-13 23:44:31

Thank you lovely ladies for your awesomeness.

Good luck tomorrow Brooker Choco and Twinks!

Hope it all settles down there Juicy

Glad your Beta went well Motor


twinklestar2 Tue 16-Jul-13 23:54:15

NookNook - how many days past transfer are you and what did you have put back?

NookNook Wed 17-Jul-13 00:06:33

Twinks I'm 13 days past 2 day transfer. I had 2 put back. Both ok quality - one slightly better than the other. I had icsi which we didn't have on the 2 failed cycles and also Prednisolone.

Brilliant news Nook. There might be two grin

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 06:33:30

Marking place x

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 17-Jul-13 07:21:30

Congratulations Nook fantastic news. It's lovely hearing about the BFPs.

Good luck Brooker and Chocco

Chocco is EC today or Thursday?

Juicy I really hope the spotting has settled.

Tame my DH has not had a drink in months, luckily he has been on a major health kick as well and lost a lot of weight so that has spurred him on. However I can tell he is starting to get really fed up with it all. He keeps talking about how he is going to be making up for it once we get our result. So ill probably be on here next month with the same problem hmm

I've not been around for a few days as I've been working long days. I'm doing quite a lot of hours this week. I'm starting stimming on Friday so at least the last few days have gone really quick smile

resipsa Wed 17-Jul-13 07:21:35


On this thread, we must (d'ya like the way I include myself in "we" despite going nowhere!) be far exceeding the published success rates of any clinic, anywhere.

resipsa Wed 17-Jul-13 07:25:12

Winkle good luck today. This is it!

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 07:25:33

nook fabulous news! Well done old girl! What the feck do I know grin What a lovely way to finish the last thread (just spent 2 mins panicking-I NEED you all smile
Thanks for all your good wishes. Will update later <promise>
twinks good luck today lovely. X

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 07:36:52

respisa I was thinking that! Is anybody on here good at stats and can work out our success rate??

Good luck to all that are laying eggs, putting embies back and just generally doing stuff!! Am excited for lots of updates today! grin

Lifeasafish Wed 17-Jul-13 08:29:16

Hello all!

nooks congratulations! Thats bloody wonderful news and how the hell did you refrain from testing? I had the urge to 5 mins after ET blush

Good luck to those a-laying and a-hatching. And to those re-grouping themselves.

Since I've become more mobile and comfortable I've been out and about like an alley cat so have been rubbish a posting.

motor glad you are feeling better.

<pounces on tame> hello lady!

mejust how are you, have you made a decision yet? How are you feeling? How long to the drugs take to get out of your system.

AFM - I'm back to work soon (yes I have been off for ages, lovely it has been too), scan on the 1st, though I nearly shit a brick when todays test was faint this morning.

Oh and I'm still on the fucking clexane (thinners). I'm struggling to get it into my skin and once its in it burns. Fucker.

P.s poundshop does a lovely 2 for a quid test. I bought all they had last week blush

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 09:19:51

Thx everyone for your best wishes today!

Still debating with OH how many to put back. I want to do two but I know the sensible thing would be to do 1.

Tough choice Twinks. Have you spoken to the embryologist about it yet? I think embryologists are worth their weight in gold!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 17-Jul-13 09:46:57

Good luck Twinks too, sorry I must have missed your post.

Wimwom Wed 17-Jul-13 10:16:53

Hello ladies, I'm wondering if I can join your thread - have been lurking a while but ready to step out of the darkness! Spurred on by all the fab news here recently - congrats. I've had crossed fingers last few days for you.
Day 9 stims for me - only 5 follies but it only takes one!

Fabuluce Wed 17-Jul-13 10:26:15

Massive congrats lovely Nooks!!! Wonderful news smile

Twinks good luck!! I'd put 2 back but then I'm 40 so I can put up to 3 back in and take my chances!!! You have loads of embies tho .....

Fabuluce Wed 17-Jul-13 10:27:36

Welcome wim! You're ahead of me - I'm still downregging but hope to start Stims tomorrow. Is this your first go?

Can I join you? I'm not sure when exactly I will be starting ivf, maybe September or October. We are actually having icsi. We have an appointment with the embryologist next month and will move on from there.

I'm very apprehensive about the whole thing and if I'm honest don't have a good feeling about it. I am planning to see how I get on with one cycle before seeing if I want to go for anymore. Dh is much more enthusiastic. This is because he seems to think it will be easy.

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 10:31:17

Welcome wimwom and stillhoping!

Wimwom Wed 17-Jul-13 10:31:59

Hi fab
First round - really hoping it will be THE round as who knows when could afford to do this again (let alone all the angst that goes along with it!)
Stimming is better than down reg - I feel like me rather super grumpy woman who my DH told me I became!

Wimwom Wed 17-Jul-13 10:32:15

And thanks for the welcome!

Hello Wim and Still! Welcome!!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 17-Jul-13 10:52:17

Hello Whin and Still smile

Whim wow day 9, not long to go now.

Still going through assisted conception is a big deal. I think it's normal to be apprehensive. Wait and see how you feel after seeing the embryologist.

Fabi fingers crossed you get to start stimms tomorrow. I'm starting on Friday so we might be at the same stage.

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 11:05:20

Welcome wim & still smile

We have a ds aged 4 but have been trying for nearly a year for dc2 and tests show dh has poor motility. Hence why we have been recommended to face icsi.

I just can't shake this nagging feeling that something awful will happen to me and ds will be left without a mother. Is that mad?!

Have icsi not face. Although face may be appropriate too... Although I'm not in the least bit woo I do think I am quite in tune with my own body and I am usually right about such things which is why this feeling worries me.
Dh says I'm being over dramatic.

nobeer Wed 17-Jul-13 12:06:40

Welcome wim and still!

Still I thought I'd never get pregnant and was really sad about it, but I'm so close now. I've got 14 frozen embies, so one of them's got to work, hasn't it?!

nobeer Wed 17-Jul-13 12:12:29

Twinks me and DP have the same dilemma, but I'm very nearly 41 so I think we're going for 2 and we'll see what happens. I am a bit apprehensive at the thought of twins, especially as DP usually works away Mon-Fri, my mum lives in the UK and his parents live a good hour away on the motorway. But I did babysit for twins and I loved them! Anyway, we'll see what happens. No guarantees both will implant.

Got a scan a week on Friday to see how ovaries are doing, so fingers crossed for FET in August!

NookNook, if you didn't see post number 1000 on the previous thread it's here again: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"

Twinks, tell him to out the best two back. Statistics show it won't increase the chance of multiples but it will increase the chance of a singleton. I had two AA hatching blasts transferred and only one implanted. Go for it smile

Thinking of Brooker & Choco today.

Welcome to the newbies. Stillhoping, no-one has ever met their Maker during the IVF process I'm sure. I found it to be a very positive and fascinating experience (and that was before I got my BFP). My advice is to grasp it with both hands and an open heart.

Maybe, urinate on a stick for feck's sake grin

I'm still excreting beige sludge but I've decided to make it my friend smile

It's nice to have beige sludge as a friend Juice! I might piss on something tomorrow as I've had more spotting and it's upsetting me

Twinks when we go again, I'd like to have two put back. They wouldn't let me this time as I'm too young and it was my first go.

Still. You will not be going anywhere, of that I'm sure. I've just had my first round of ICSI. It's not easy, but it will be more than worth it.

Wimwom Wed 17-Jul-13 12:49:09

still it's scary when they write out all the risks for you - but they are all fairly small and very very rarely would it be life threatening. I felt very reassured by knowing how they would be monitoring and watching for the complications. I think it's important you feel confident that the clinic you choose to use is doing this (am sure they all do - but know some watch closer than others) is there one risk yr more worried about?

I think it's because I'm type 1 diabetic so at higher risk of things like stroke and dvt.
Taking the combined pill have me horrific migraines with stroke type symptoms (slurred speech, loss of feeling on one side of body) so I'm worried that these hormones might cause the same. I suppose I would just have to stop. Cannot cope with terrible migraines it was the worst pain even including a ruptured appendix and labour.
Thank you for all the reassurance though. I can put up with some discomfort (migraines aside) as long as I don't die! My consultant said some women have died from ohss followed by kidney failure! I'm hoping it would be picked up before then!

resipsa Wed 17-Jul-13 13:10:05

Joos I read the AN thread you're on for entertainment (and was duly entertained). I think you're scaring them...wink

resipsa Wed 17-Jul-13 13:12:48

Hi still and wim. I am officially the oldest here so what I say goes, OK?

Nope, that never works anywhere else, either. Hey ho.

So, winkle 1 or 2? I had 3 cause of age and fact that I had 3 but think if I were 35 and had 18 to choose from, I might go with just 1 first time round...

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 13:23:06

I'm transferring 1 blastocyst, grade AB. It is one stage before hatching ( stage 4 out of 6). That's good right? Cried in front of the embryologist. Just finding it all so emotional and overwhelming. Waiting for ET, should be about 15 mins.

Good luck twinkle!

Good luck Twinks that's amazing news.

Still it is technically possible to die from OHSS. But you will be so well monitored with scans and bloods every other day that you just wouldn't get that far x

resipsa Wed 17-Jul-13 13:40:34

Fantastic - that'll be the last time you have to open your legs (for 10 days or so, anyway).

My consultant said I'd only have two scans? He said about five appointments in total including egg collection. Is that not the norm?
He said one to show how to do injections, two scans and then egg collection and then egg transfer.

No, that's not normal! You would normally have a baseline scan, a scan after down regulation and then from about 5 days of stims, a scan every other day until egg collection.

nobeer Wed 17-Jul-13 14:15:58

I more or less had the same as you maybe. I was definitely scanned every other day, and in fact when they were concerned about OHSS I was scanned everyday over the weekend.

NookNook Wed 17-Jul-13 14:40:34

Juicy Thaaaanks for the yaaaaaaaay! I too have some excellent beige sludge that I will duly make my friend. Much better way of thinking about it. I'm also still having occasional cramps mixed in with some light nausea. Joy.

Still waiting for Beta results. I am a wreck. As always...

Welcome Still and Whim! This is a most excellent thread with most excellent people.

Twinks sounds like you made the right and sensible choice. I only put one back first time and although it didn't work I don't regret it. I'm actually really really nervous about there being two in there now.

NookNook Wed 17-Jul-13 14:45:56

Still I was the same as the others. Can you tell us where your clinic is? Maybe one of the others can shed a bit of light...

That's a lot more than he said! He definitely said about 5 appointments in total. I was surprised it was so few and queried it but he gave the schedule as initial app, two scans, egg retrieval and then egg transfer.
We will see the embryologist next month so perhaps they will give us a better idea of things?

It will be the priory in Birmingham but so far I've been seen at Worcester spire. They don't do the treatment there just the consultations and referral to the priory.

Good luck, Twinks, crying is good; it prepares you for the nightmare of spotting in your first trimester hmm

Resipsa, have you read the latest pearl-clutcher's announcement on the AN thread?:

Pearl-clutcher: juicy i've been lurking this thread for a little while now, and i appreciate you're probably quite strong minded/opinionated but a lot of your posts come across a bit overly harsh!

Me: I'm actually a really nice, kind person. If you stick around you may see this emerge round about, oooh...I dunno...seven months in?

Pearl-clutcher: haha juicy i don't doubt you are at all - it wasn't meant to be nasty and i'm not personally offended in any way but i can see how some people might take it that way!

Me: Well, [Pearl-clutcher], every thread needs a Harshness Monitor so it's a fucking good job you're here, eh?


Juice you are priceless grin

Wimwom Wed 17-Jul-13 15:38:35

still I'm for more scans and appointments too - every other day ATM...
Fingers crossed for you twinks - a hard choice to make, hopefully it's THE one though!
nook what time will you get yr hcg? Will it tell you more than yr hpt? confused
Hopefully wise res will know the answers - I of course bow down to your greater age and will salute smartly every time I see you wink

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:22:40

I'm back and PUPO. what now? What can I do to increase my chances?

MotorcycleMama Wed 17-Jul-13 17:26:25

Great news twinkle and congrats on officially being PUPO. I think that one blastocyst transfer is a very wise choice. I have obviously seen different stats to juicy as the evidence that I have seen says that having two blastocysts does not improve your chances of a live birth by much at all, but it increases your chance of multiples significantly. I went for 1 5 day transfer, and got my BFP. Actually you still have the possibility of twins even with 1 blasto transfer, but the risk isn't high.

Welcome hoping - your DH might think it will be easy now - ask him again when you are pumped with hormones wink. I can't help with your questions about 'normal' IVF as I had donor egg protocol which is quite different. Lots of people can help you here though. Good luck!

Welcome wim. You are a fair way through the process, and I'm glad you've joined the thread - I hope you will find it supportive. I have found this thread an absolute lifeline! What's your history if you don't mind me asking?

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:32:25

They said I have a 1% chance of having twins.

50% chance of getting pregnant.

I'm still high risk of getting OHSS.

Girls, why didnt you tell me how EXCRUCIATINGLY uncomfortable having the ET is because of the full bladder? I was sweating, breathing annoyingly loudly; after I weed I had the shakes and was light headed and dizzy. It was awful.

MotorcycleMama Wed 17-Jul-13 17:38:41

twink just follow all the standard 'what to avoid when you are pregnant' advice re diet and lifestyle. Other than that, there's not a great deal you can do, but you should certainly rest some after ET. X

Glad all went well Twinks. My first wee after ET was the best ever. I was told to rest, but still try and be active every day. No heavy lifting, no swimming, so baths, no sex. That was all my clinic said! Cant see that there's anything you can do to increase the 50%. Undortunateky, I think it's 'one of those things'. But they are the best chances you can get, so that's great news smile

Wimwom Wed 17-Jul-13 17:52:41

Congrats on being PUPO twink!
My history - 33, TTC 20 months - about 35 cycles as seem to have a very short cycle. Found to be hypothyroid about half way through - hoped that thyroxine would do trick but then found to be low AMH, low follicle count etc so after a few months of normal thyroid levels straight to IVF. No spunk issues - Not that DH makes much effort to keep it that way. On quite high levels of stim I think - and only 5 follies, long cycle. Think that's a potted version. Scan tomorrow - am hoping some of the smaller ones will have caught up and I will have a bigger haul. Feel like the eggs will all be poached by the time they come out though - how hot is it?!

Wim it is super hot!! Those eggs will be very juicy, don't you worry. Keeping everything crossed that you have even more follies tomorrow.

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 18:39:10

Do u think its ok to eat a takeaway or should I stick to something healthy?

Wimwom Wed 17-Jul-13 18:44:46

Treat yourself to a take away! Think you're supposed to be taking it easy - and cooking is something you don't need to be doing!

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 18:49:39

My OH can cook so unfortunately I can't use that excuse grin

NookNook Wed 17-Jul-13 19:02:16

Wim got my hcg results at 3pm. The nurse just said "congratulations" and then put me through to someone else to book my scan. I was nervous because I thought they would say "oh dear well you were probably a bit pregnant but not any more" or something equally awful.I am a wreck. I didn't think about the stress after the positive test!

Twinks PUPO PUPO PUPO! I have good feelings about your embie.

Maybe have you tested yet?

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 19:02:16

I'm having Indian but I'm compromising by having lamb and spinach which are very high in iron and plain rice so not fried. Trying to justify it to myself...

nobeer Wed 17-Jul-13 19:09:11

Twinks That's amazing! I'm very excited for you pupo lady! And very envy about your yummy sounding tea.

I'm a bit worried (slightly exaggerating) when we do the FET because at my IL's house it's all oily fish, cured ham, cheese etc for lunch and I'd really rather not tell anyone until after 12 weeks. Especially as MIL's the town gossip

As usual, I've no idea what I'm having for tea, really need to get more organised. In winter I'm fine with loads of stews etc in the freezer, but at this time of year I'm just too hot to think about it.

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 19:11:05

I'm the same nobeer - CBA to cook or think about food so end up resorting to takeaway!

Twinks we are having fish and chips. I too am too ht and bothered to cook. And I just don't fancy anything else. Athe embies don't feed off us for ages yet anyway!

Nobeer you can have 2 portions of oily fish a week, so you'll get away with that!! My MIL is also a gossip, I loath telling her anything as before you know it, the whole bloody family knows!

Nook bloody arsing brilliant news. When's your scan? No, I haven't tested. I may crack tomorrow. DH is so convinced it has worked. I really am not....

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 19:31:28

twinks darling-Congrats on being PUPO! <doesn't that sound lovely?>
Have a takeaway & relax. You don't have to live like a nun-just be sensible. No 10 mile runs,horse-riding,snow boarding (in this weather???confused). No heavy lifting etc. just take t easy. Huge hugs x
still I have had the same experience as the other ladies-scans every other day after day 8 stims. My clinic suggests you might be ready on day 12 to trigger therefore may only need 2/3 scans. However, if you're not ready they continue to monitor until you are (every day or every other day depending on the scan & blood results). Speak to your clinic for reassurance love. smile
nook juicy pleased to hear you've befriended the brown sludge grin
nobeer Thanks for all the support. It helps knowing I'm not alone flowers
fish thanks for the tip!
AFM laid my eggs today & feeling really dejected by the whole thing <this is not usual for me> They got 6 -6 I tell you!Where the fuck did the rest go? There were only 2 empty follies so what happened to the others? Feeling bloated,sick & got a massive headache (think I got carried away with the gas & air). Not to mention that if when they fertilise overnight they are all going in the freezer due to my progesterone levels. We are then looking at ET in approx 2 months time. Apparently not all clinics monitor progesterone before EC but there have been many studies that suggest the lining will not not in sync with ET & therefore implantation is adversely affected. Weighing everything up they suggested freezing & waiting for my next but 1 natural cycle. Really can't help but think we may not get there. There is such a high risk with only 6 that we will have none left due to non-fertilisation & thawing. Feeling pretty rubbish. Really sorry to be blathering on ladies on what has been such a great day for twinks & nook
Love to you all x

mejust Wed 17-Jul-13 19:33:16

congrats nook flowers

Fabuluce Wed 17-Jul-13 19:34:50

Yay for pupo-ness Twinks grin

I too am struggling with what whip up at the moment as all I want to eat is salads. I'm sweatier than I have ever been in my life - personal heat wave during a uk heat wave - dear lord but I'm a sweaty Betty - thank god I'm not working or it could be embarrassing!!

We had spicy chicken and veg pasta for tea followed by Eton mess - oh so naughty but beautifully cooling and I shall justify it by the fact that it has strawbs (fruit is my friend) and ice cream=dairy=good right??? I'm conveniently going to forget the meringue wink

Twinks, well done on being PUPO. There is sod all you can do to encourage the blasto to implant so eat your takeaway in guilt-free heaven.

NookNook, you're due end of March, yes? Come and join us here when you're good and ready (like, now, please...they all think I'm weird and I'm beginning to, like, believe 'em)

I'm having my famously-scrumptious cottage pie with cheddar and nutmeg mash and greens (th'usband's adding large chips from the chippy, dirty skanky bastard).

I hoovered the whole house today in boiling hot heat whilst swallowing down sick <beams with accomplishment>

Where is Nokkie? Is she holidaying with her rellies in Kingston Town over in that there Caribbean?

brooker, no heavy lifting?? But I'm tit-wanking th'usband on a nightly basis!

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 19:44:12

juicy how much did he pay you to say that?

Brooker, that is really sensible of your clinic and I'm chuffed they've done their research re progesterone and implantation correlations. Please don't be dismayed about 'only' six eggs (I won't bore you with platitudes). You have no reason to doubt the efficacy of your clinic's freezing and thawing processes: they sound ace. Please take heart and push away the demons x

Brooker! I was talking about my gargantuan tits! grin

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 19:53:28

Thanks juicylucy I'll be tickety-boo tomorrow. When things don't go to plan I need to remind myself there is no fucking plan! You have to remove all expectations and trust the fecking experts to do their job. Trouble is & I'm sure you all feel this I feel caught in an in between world. I've given up the life I had pre ttc <which was pretty great btw> but haven't yet got the life I want (motherhood). I call it 'limbo land' this is where I live. Anyone else want to join megrin
Gis us a smile -how big are the knockers at the mo? x

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 19:57:12

Ffsjuice think I've gone mental with all the drugs!!

Oh Brooker it's such a head fuck isn't it. Sorry you're feeling ropey tonight. The heat can't be helping. Well done to your clinic for their research. It is so hard putting trust in Others' hands, but they will know what they're doing.

I'll join you in limbo land.

Juice amazing sounding dinner there. And well done on the tit wanks wink

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 20:32:07

Brooker - I agree with the limbo land feeling. That's how I described it to my sister the other day. Can't move forwards, can't even start a diet. Cant drink. Arrrrrrgghhh. I've got my fingers crossed for you for a couple of months time. So annoyed that you have to wait though, we've waited long enough! But if waits gives you the next chance then that's all we can do.

Lifeasafish Wed 17-Jul-13 20:46:19

brooker If it helps at all, I felt numb, rough and empty after EC. I wrote about it in length (28 Juneish). So I don't think its abnormal to feel awful after it. And the pain! Wow.

Re e eggs, I had 48 follicles and had coasted for about a week (no stim drugs) to get my blood levels down. This meant Ec was delayed so when it came they got 14 eggs. They suspect the others popped or disintegrated due to the time they had been left.

What I am saying to you is again, its normal. If i remember correctly your Ec was later than normal too. My clinic only freezes embies if they are good, so the defrost rate is about80% if I remember correctly. There is a school of ought that says having a pause from the IVF drugs (as you are) gives the embie a betterchance anyway. I think euro was an advocate of a more natural IVF for this reason in part.

Take it easy, remember your body has done an amazing job and in fact it only takes 1.

flowers for you.

twinks pupo, woohoo!!!!

And congrats to nooks again.

Sorry if I've missed anyone out who is 'active' and hello to the newbies <waves>


Motor, what do you make of this? Looks like you were right to me:

'A recent analysis report reviewing the pregnancy rates between single embryo transfer IVF cycles and two embryo transfer cycles revealed that the chance of pregnancy from a single embryo transfer is approximately 61% as compared to a pregnancy rate of 68.1% from a two embryo transfer. This report also stated that the rate of multiple gestations is approximately 23% from a single embryo transfer as compared to 52.1% from two embryo transfers. Hence, a single embryo transfer is able to maintain a high success rate while significantly reducing the chance of multiples.'

I'm sorry I misinformed folks.

Juice that's a really interesting bit of info. Was that for a specific age range?

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 21:42:58

Hello all grin happy vibes to all those that have had a good day today and hair strokes for those that haven't xxxx

I have had a lovely evening. Enchilladas for dinner with home made guacamole. Then practising one hand catch with DD for about 2 hours! She is crap (I didn't tell her this!!) and after absolutely exhausting every type of ball, distance apart etc. She summed it up with a little serious face and said "I'm a moron". I couldn't stop laughing grin

Things aren't amazing with DH. Im sure we will be ok but my god...I am fed up today sad thank god DD can amuse me with a one liner!

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 21:46:38

That info is amazing joos I would still put 2 back. If I could just make 2 blastocysts smile

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 21:48:02

brooker 6 eggs is ace. DO NOT write yourslf off yet!!! Didn't nook only get 3 eggs?? And look at her!! smile

Tame she sounds like a keeper wink. So sorry things aren't good with DH. I am sure things will be ok. I think grief and frustration has to come out. Would a massive barney help?

I hope things are much better in the light of day xxx

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 21:49:00

twink congrats!! That's an impressive blastie you have on board xxx well done xxx

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 17-Jul-13 21:52:00

Evening girls,
Sorry I've been AWOL, had a work do last night and am shattered!

nooknook fantastic news about your BFP, really chuffed for you smile and great news that your scan is booked

brooker really sorry to hear that you're uncomfortable and that things haven't worked out for you for this cycle, as the others have said, it's good that the clinic are monitoring you closely and checking the levels. Still pants for you for now though. Looking forward to hearing your fertilisation news tomorrow

twinks congrats on being PUPO

nomaybe you have superhuman great resolve with not testing yet. Roll on Saturday

juicy sorry to hear you are still having the brown gunk

motor great news on your HCG levels

tame hello, and sorry that things aren't brill with DH and that you're feeling fed up. Sad for you.

Hello to life mejust nobeer and fab and welcome to wimwom and still

I will catch properly over the next couple of days as I will be off after EC for a couple of days. EC tomorrow at 9.30 and got to be there at 8. Excited, but nervous, and having the normal panic that I might ovulate before EC <you'd think I'd learn>

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 21:52:00

We had a HUGE barney last night. Which stretched into silent treatment this morning and a 'car off' on the way to work blush

I do think we are both mega mega sad and frustrated.

We never argue. sad

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 21:52:59

choco good luck my love!! grin

chocolocodowninacapulco Wed 17-Jul-13 22:00:23

Thanks tame, really sorry things are so tough for you at the moment.

Oh Tame. I cannot abide the silent treatment. But things will blow over. They always do x

Will be thinkin of you tomorrow Chocco. Lay some gooduns x

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 22:04:54

choco I've had tougher times, as have we all.

its a shitter.

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 22:06:06

nomaybe it was me dishing out the silence. I prefer that!

NookNook Wed 17-Jul-13 22:06:30

Tame I was just about to point out my minimal harvest to Brooker! I only got 3 eggs and all 3 fertilised, made it to day 2 and thet put the best 2 back. We seriously considered cancelling the cycle because they only saw one mature follicle on the scan. This is the most pregnant I've gotten through ivf and the worst response to stimming... I was so upset and pissed off when I found out about my poor response. Please don't write yourself off Brooker flowers

Tame sorry you argued with DH. Sometimes it's needed though. You both know that you feel shittty and can piss each other off but ultimately you'll always be okay. That's a good marriage!

Juicy thanks for the invite! I will pop along but may get the scan done first. I feel like I'm tempting fate a little....

Choco good luck for the morning! Happy harvest!!

grin Tame that's alright then wink

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 22:09:30

Tame - hope you sort things out with OH soon.

Juicy - I think you have a 5% more chance of it sticking if you put two back. Something like that anyway.

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 22:13:34

Thanks for your kind words ladies-feeling much brightersmile you lot are a lifeline and the voice of reason when I'm in a the middle of a right old head-fuck.
choco good luck for tomorrow. Everything crossed for you. x
tame no comparison I know but DH has been to the pub tonight & now drinking wine. FFS give it a day at least! Is there something that you & DH do together that usually relaxes you (that does include sex!) For me if we share in something we both enjoy it helps to then open up the dialogue. Ours is to go walking-we have solved many problems/worked through issues by talking & walking. Hope you can talk it through soon. x

tametortie Wed 17-Jul-13 22:26:15

brooker I'm going to suggest a walk when DD is at brownies tomorrow. We also sort loads out when walking smile

Im sorry if it always seems like im whinging. Im trying not to and putting a bug smile on in RL. You are my venting place. Xxx

nobeer Wed 17-Jul-13 22:26:48

Brooker like the others say, don't write off your 6 eggs! Wonderful things are yet to happen. And just think, you can have a drink now wink. Do take it easy, I felt really bloated and sore after EC and I think I overdid things the next day or two. Make sure your OH looks after you, tell him to put that wine glass down and wait until you're feeling better and can share a bottle together.

Choco good luck tomorrow!

Tame sorry things are tough at the mo, hope things work out soon.

Hello to everyone else!

Don't be daft Tame it's what we are here for!! Walking is an amazing way to sort things out. Thank god for the dog!

<waves at Nobeer>

BrookerC Wed 17-Jul-13 22:49:25

nobeer he stopped drinking after I expressed my feelings laid on the guilt trip We have agreed to enjoy a drink together at the weekend. smile Hi nomaybe couldn't agree more about the dog! How are you doing? Your will power is unbelievably commendable darling!

That will be a well earned drink Brooker smile

I'm doing ok. Feeling decidedly negative about this cycle. DH is convinced it has worked though hmm

MotorcycleMama Wed 17-Jul-13 23:04:07

Gosh this thread is busy tonight!

nook welcome to the "I feel 10 times more anxious after getting the one thing I wanted than before" club! I take it they didn't do a quantitative hcg test then, just an "are you pregnant or not?" test? Same as my clinic. Fantastic news!! flowers

juicy yes, those are the figures that I have seen. Who is the pearl-clutcher by the way? And how are you? I feel so much better after my good hcg count, though at 4,126 I don't think it comes close to what yours was at this stage! X

Maybe, that article referred to women under 35 with expected good response.

Tame, are you both at an impasse regarding his copious amount of drinking t'other day? I'm sorry you're feeling poo but it's always a smack in the gob when an otherwise strong relationship has a wobble. It's the exact opposite of how you usually are as a couple and it feels like you're in the wrong skin somehow. Keep talking, you'll get there. Your DD sounds ace...how is she getting on at school with that little twat?

Motor, I couldn't possibly name the pearl-clutcher (*Mickstery*) but are you coming over to the Dark Side, pliz? Yes, my beta levels were sky-high but I'd love to know why considering other twins carriers had much lower levels than me. I'm not being ungrateful (and I'm beginning to see the risks - physical, mental, financial, emotional - of bringing up twins) but it's a little mystery I thought you may be able to shed light on, Motor? <treats Motor like the oracle of evryfink>

Fabuluce Wed 17-Jul-13 23:18:11

Can't. Stop. Sweating.

Someone. Please. Make. It. Stop.

Too sweaty to type more I'm afraid...

MotorcycleMama Wed 17-Jul-13 23:18:46

juicy I think it is simply that there is a big variance is hcg levels from pregnancy to pregnancy. High levels are associated with girl babies though!! Do you have a preference, or is it too early to allow yourself that luxury? I will consider joining the preggers thread if my scan in a fortnight shows that all is ok. Bit too early yet. For sanity's sake I am planning to have betas done twice weekly until my 10 week scan, if I get that far. I know it is over the top, but having very few pregnancy symptoms means that I don't trust that I am pregnant without regular objective evidence.

I want a boy sad

Fab, I'm sweating like Gary Glitter at Wacky Warehouse.

Motor, I demand to know how much each one of your beta blood tests is costing, pliz. If you are too embarrassed to say I will come back each day with a wild guess until you crack grin

twinklestar2 Wed 17-Jul-13 23:56:34

Do u have names picked out, juicy?

Yeah, I like Clexane for a boy and Prednisolone for a girl.

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 05:10:20

grin grin @ juicy! That just made me roar with laughter!

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 05:33:21

Bugger, that means I'll have to go with my 2nd choices of buserelin and gonal f grin. Thanks juice , I'm going to think about your names when they put me under today as it made me laugh so much. Due to start clexane today, any words of wisdom about how not to end up black and blue?!

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 06:19:48

£30 juicy. Not cheap, but a small price to pay for my mental health.

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 07:18:25

Choco Good luck today, it's EC day isn't it? I'm getting all mixed up about who's doing what at the mo. I did put a bag of frozen peas on me a couple of times after particularly painful injections. I still got bruises, but it felt a bit better.

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 07:35:30

Good luck today choco flowers

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 07:49:20

motor thats a bargain for a hcg!! I was quoted 80 quid EACH which could really cripple you when you want a few to see if the levels are doubling.

choco good luck today!!

joos how sweet of you to remember my DDs ishoo. DD has been called fat and threatened by an older girl all on this other girls say so. DD has felt more and more that she can't do anything back because she will be labelled a bully again. Not right is it?! Cant wait for the holidays!

NookNook Thu 18-Jul-13 08:15:10

Haha! Thanks Motor. I really am 10x more stressed! And I know nothing about pregnancy.

NookNook Thu 18-Jul-13 08:22:22

Motor where are you getting your blood tests done?

Good luck Chocco can't wait to hear about your haul.

Loving the names Juice. Very progressive.

Tame your poor DD. not long now and she'll be off!

My resolve may have cracked today. I've tested. Twice. It's only a BFP!

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 08:28:29

Good luck today chocs - hope it all goes nice and smoothly xx

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 08:30:02

Whoop whoop maybe!! Fantastic news!!!!

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 08:30:24

Oh maybe that's brilliant, well done you- excited for you Xx

Thanks Fab and Chocco. Doesn't feel real!

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 08:32:36

Thanks for the tip nobeer . Yes, egg collection today, about to get gowned and stockinged up! Aaaarggh!

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 08:37:09

Oh wow * maybe* thats wonderful! I think thats 5 bfp's this month? We are on a roll!

chocs good luck.

tame have you informed the teachers? This is bullying and surely they've seen it all before?

motor the betas are looking great - I haven't been offered one at all? Mind you the clinic seem to have dropped me since they did their job grin I've been hunting them down for more drugs.

nooks it is a strange place to be isn't it? For me I think I focused so much on the IVf hat I forgot about possibly getting pregnant. hmm

choco good luck! I've my fingers rossed that it goes well for you.

juicy hows you? I've not dared go to the AN thread. Like motor I'm waiting for a scan or symptoms. I am a bit concerned that this isn't going to last to be honest.

Have a good day all!


Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 08:37:24

Tame this whole bullying thing is horrible. It's a word which gets over used and someone standing up for themselves in the face of adversity is not a bully. I say this as the wife of someone who was horribly bullied at school (including physically which damaged his eyesight - bastards) and who when he stood up for himself was chastised by it from his school. Just not right. his dad spoke to the teacher about it and the teacher said that DH just had to learn to turn the other cheek so his dad slapped the teacher round the cheek and asked how he would like to turn the other cheek now!! I am not an advocate of violence but in this particular instance it seemed a good example!!

NookNook Thu 18-Jul-13 08:39:24

Oh my GOD Maybe!!!! Whoohoo! I am totally psyched for you. That's amazing news. I had a sneaky feeling about you... xxx

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 08:42:59

Wow!!! nmaybe thats amazing news!! Congrats!!! Xxxx

Thanks Nook and Life. Really doesn't feel real x

Thanks Tame. Early days!x

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 08:47:44

Brilliant maybe flowers !! So glad you caved in - it's the news we've all been waiting to hear! Will you have a blood test at the clinic too? Isn't OTD Saturday?

Good luck choco and it seems that most women feel a bit ropey (probably an understatement) after EC, so make sure you have a couple of days rest. X

nook I just contacted a local fertility clinic. They are fairly newly set up, so don't have an egg share programme, hence why I had to go further afield for treatment. Neither they nor my clinic do quantitative hcg levels as routine - only if they think there is a potential problem. I think that numbers are good at this stage, as often there's very little else to go on.
How are you doing today?

And fish how are you?

Hope you have a strategy for keeping cool today fab!

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 08:49:21

The thing is, DD doesn't sweat it. She isnt upset, just thinks its stupid and so do her friends. However, because the other girls mum text me and said DD was bullying her daughter, DD is worried about sticking up for herself and being labelled a bully (this is what happened before)

If I thought DD was being emotionally scarred or anything I would push for more to be done but she is honestly ok. Just frustrated that she has been labelled when it isnt her! hmm I trust her as well, she is a good kid. I mean ffs, she is in about 4 different after school clubs- sport, brownies etc- and has loads of friends that choose to spend time with her. Its only this one girl that is an issue. Says it all really! DD is just one of many this girl and her mum have singled out.

FAB that is horrendous sad

Thanks Motor grin. OTD is indeed Saturday. Clinic don't do blood tests at all! They gave me a test and then they book me in for a viability scan which should be in about 3 weeks.

Should I be worried that my digi said 1-2 weeks? I am literally just 4 weeks and I also only held it in my pot for 5 seconds not 20 like I was meant to I'm panicking already!

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 08:51:57

X-posted fish. Why not request a beta hcg if you want reassurance about how your pregnancy (yes, you're pregnant!!) is progressing? Or have you got a date for a scan?

Tame that's awful. But well done to your DD for being so strong.

Fab your poor DH. That's horrendous.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!" You fecking beauty, Maybe! thanks Remind me: was it a blasto or what?

Choco, good luck today and, no....there's is no way of avoiding the bruising. I love it - they're my hard-won battle scars.

LiquoriceAllTorts, I hope your DD's 'mate' gets chlamydia when she's fourteen. smile

Motor, that is a good price, I thought they cost fifty quid a pop. You will be nicely reassured.

Fish, there is no reason to believe this baby won't stick around. None. That's irrational fear talking, is that, and you need to kick it to the kerb pronto.

There will be all kinds of terrors afflict you in the next week or so and all the newly-preggo will find they need the antenatal thread for a chorus of proper advice. You're not tempting fate by joining; what will be will be, but you may find you need the thread before your scans.

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 09:25:11

That woman and her daughter sound like bad news Tame, probs best to try and steer clear of her and definitely speak to the powers that be at the school. Even I all they do is note it down, it means the records are there for any future incidents.

My wonderful DH has of course been massively affected by his bullying but I like to think it has made him the man I love so even though it was utterly terrible, he's a better, more thoughtful and caring man than he might have been with an extremely strong sense of right and wrong. smile

Thanks Juice! Yes, 5 day top grade, starting to hatch blasto. 4 of the same in the freezer.

Fab. That must have been awful for you to hear. But I know what you mean by it has made him how he is smile

How old is DD Tame?

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 09:34:02

nomaybe don't worry about the 1-2. Weeks, I only got a 2-3week this morning (16 days post ET). And my box says 5 seconds.

motor i'm ok or was before juicy hit me with a bitch slap hmm grin. How are you feeling now.

scan is 1st Aug, I ummm.... Didn't think of requesting a beta. I've no symptoms whatsoever bar mild stomach cramping every few hours.

tame I love your DD's view! She sounds ace and very mature. Maybe 10 mins after the end of the last day of term she can give the girl a good thump. blush.

juicy I'll think about it. How are you anyway?

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 09:38:05

Yaaay maybe, FAB news! Congratulations!!

Got a call from the clinic this morning, can you believe out of all those eggs they're only freezing one more (think it was grade 5BB). The others progressed but they don't think they'd make it if they froze them and then thawed.

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 09:40:24

nice one maybe! I'm delighted for you grin

Thanks for the reassurance Fish!

Twinks all of my eggs made it blasto but they only froze 4. As they said to me, you have some fantastic quality ones, there's no point freezing ones that aren't as good, as they would ever choose to use them x

Thanks Nobeer grin

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 09:59:31

Just waiting for my first dildocam of the season - fingers crossed all is well...

Keeping everything crossed Fab!

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 10:36:51

All good - just waiting for the blood tests now but should start stims tonight - yay!

A bit pissed off with my clinic though as I asked them to triple check that my dates would fit in with my holiday plans (lake district from 2nd - 9th August) as I thought it was right but they said it was fine. I am now, if I'm lucky and it all goes well looking at transfer at day 3 on 2nd August or if we get to blasto (and I don't know if they are open on sundays) then it might be as far back as 5th (also my birthday). Feeling a bit harrumphy a out this as I asked them a lot to make sure it would fit. Luckily I'm a good responder to all the drugs or I might not get a holiday at all!!

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 11:05:32

What am I supposed to doing the day after ET? Feel bored just sitting at home.

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 11:15:44

Chilling! Watching DVD box sets, reading books, maybe have a little mince around in the great outdoors... Have a little swim in Lake Twinks and relax smile

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 11:29:46

I think I met up with friends. Since I've been off I try the 1 day in, 1 day out approach.

But box sets are always ace! Book and park?

You can do stuff. My rationale was hat if I'd had a trembler outside a club I wouldn't even know I was pupo!

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 11:39:54

I emailed the clinic asking about a blood test and apparently they don't do it, a test is enough.

I've been having real problems with getting the clinic to confirm the amount of medication I still need (my GP gave me minimal amounts until confirmation) and to be honest I feel like they've dropped me like a hot potato!

I'm not complaining, just observing really. Its just a bit irritating that I've no idea how long I'll be on thinners for. Sigh. I also had a run around getting the thinners as no one had them in stock and I didn't have a single one left! I had to call 6 local pharmacies (2 boots branches) before I could locate half the amount I needed.

Oh - what have people done with their sharps bin? My GP and 4 pharmacies have refused to take them.

The clinic was/is amazing during the cycle but I really feel as if they are telling me to fuck off and not to subtly either. I hope they do not treat unsuccessful cycles in this way - I would find that devastating. Or am I being unreasonable? 3 emails and a phonecall to find out how much of a drug I need?

fish, what amount of thinner are you on? I was on 2000iu/0.2mg of Clexane until this new prescription for Fragmin which is 5000iu/0.2mg. I have to inject until the twelfth week of pregnancy shock Same with the pessaries sad

Your clinic are dicks. I should inform them of that fact if I were you.

twinks, what, exactly, would you like to do??

I'm making this for tea tonight Looks boring, no? I have a solution to that: chips from the chippy on the side.

Does anyone mind my still being here? The AN thread sucks and I miss y'all. I'm sorry I said the first trimester induces terror - ignore me, loads of women fly through the early stages. I think I was trying to bully you to come over to the Dark Side 'cos no-one understands me there <sniff>

Fab, happy gaping vadge day!

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 11:56:49

Life that's really rubbish service - I'd be tempted to complain! They are contributing to you Having potentially raised stress levels which can't be good for you or their reputation if you we're to name and shame them. How vey unprofessional.

I've still got my sharps box from last time and haven't even thought about disposal - can you take them to the local tip??

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 12:03:49

I'll have you know my vag is as tight as a gnat's chuff Juicy!!! I did have the slight embarrassment of when I went to hook my naked knees up on the spreader I realised to my horror that my beautifully newly pedicured toes which I've obviously had out on show in flip flops were literally black with the foul dirt of London Town. And at head height with my consultant - not what she wanted to see I'm sure!!

Ooh your tea looks lush - but no no no - stop with the filthy chippies and embrace the veg woman! I have absolutely no idea what to do for tea tonight but whatever I cook it needs to be mucho protein. Maybe it's time to crack out the chicken and bean/lentil stew and green veg.... Chilli is supposed to be good in hot weather isn't it??

Currently have found my non sweat sweet spot in my leafy park in town - don't want to move!

Hmmmm....veg...remind me again what that is?

Guffawing at your poor consultant eyeballing your toe-jam grin

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 12:12:35

Veg is good juicy - you know you want to embrace it really!! It will make your baby very happy plus will help you to not get poopy problems from all that protein... Go on....you know you want to...

I'm joking with you fab, I really do have an excellent diet and gorge on green beans, broccoli, sprouts, fish and chicken most days. This is tempered by a not dissimilar gorge-fest involving white Magnums, Topics, Wispa Golds and pickled onion crisps.

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 12:28:13

juicy i'm on the same as you for clexane, but they've stated 10 weeks for crinone? Fuck it - I'll cross these bridges when I have to. My GP is pretty cool and supportive so will step in if he can. I have had to book and appointment for next week anyhow.

I feel a bit bad still being here, is part of the reason why I don't post as much.

Re the clinic - As I'm not paying and NHS IVF is a sensitive issue I feel a bit bad to throw my weight around. Silly I know, but there it is. I sent another email and got a response in any case. Though dosage is still a secret at present hmm

fabs I don't think the tip can take it? It should be incinerated apparently. Pharmacies need a govt licence for sharps and this costs money, I was told. Both GP and pharma recommended each other ffs. I will probably see if my local hospital will take it except I feel aggrieved to pay 3 quid in parking to do so. With no guarantee that they'll take the fucker.

juicy kale is in season grin you need protein.that dinner will be mine. A week, DH has me on a cheese/tomato/creamy ban at present as he is sick of it. So, I'm having dinner with a friend tonight, he will have whatever he hunter gathers (read M&S) as he has been doing all week.

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 12:29:31

fab grin for the manky feet! I bet it took your mind of it all.

Did you say anything?

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 12:33:51

Ffs juicy I mean: kale would be nice with it, its in season. You should be eating protein (though you probably more than know this), that dinner will be mine in a week. DH... Blah, blah, blah.

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 12:54:21

Fabulous news nomaybe I had a good feeling about your outcome xxxx
tame your DD sounds like a very well balanced young lady You have every right to be proud as punch smile. If it was me I'd have a chat with the school then ignore the other girl & feel sorry for her having such a twat for a mother
I've had some shocking news-zero fertilisation. We are seeing the head of embryology tonight to discuss.....
Feel strangely calm (well not teary anyway) about it at the mo. It has all felt wrong somehow over the last few days.

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 12:55:39

I got 4 eggs, better than the 1 last time!

FlowersBlown Thu 18-Jul-13 12:56:03

Hey hello. I cannot believe how many bfps there have been this month. Huge congrats! It is so good to read. I need the sad stories too though. My biggest fear is not coping if it fails.

fabs I have no idea what to do with the sharps. I've got loads at home after 3 stimulated iui cycles (which went on for weeks because I needed such a low dose). We even moved house with them. They will probably sit in the wardrobe forever.

I'm pondering whether to ring the clinic and get norhisterone to bring on AF or just wait for nature. Last time it took 8 weeks and I was going totally nuts.

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 12:57:50

Oh dear brooker what a shock! Glad to hear you have got a quick appt with the top embryologist. I hope they have a clear diagnosis of the situation for you. flowers x

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 12:57:53

Fab result choco ! now have that well earned rest. Xx

Wimwom Thu 18-Jul-13 13:05:28

This thread moves so fast - I can't keep up and am not witty/clever enough to think of anything smart to say. Over heated brain!
Brook am so sorry to read your news, you poor old thing - my heart reaches out to you. You sound very calm - I hope that the embryologist can give you some answers. I have a friend who the same thing happened to - second round had ICSI and twins. I know this is probably very little comfort now having been through the mill to get to this point - but it's just to say that it's not the end. Hugs.
Congrats to all those with good news today - am on phone so can't look back easily to name check.
Have had my probing for today - 8 follies, growing - waiting blood results to see when next scan is. Anyone know how they decide precisely when to trigger?

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 13:06:15

Sorry brooker cross post. Blimey, poor you. Hope you can find something out later. Hugs x

FlowersBlown Thu 18-Jul-13 13:06:51

brooker that's such a shock. Its great though that you can talk it through with an expert so soon. That seems to help. Not knowing anything is the worst thing.

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 13:11:37

Fab - I took my sharps bin back to the clinic and they disposed of it.

Brooker - what a terrible shock for you. Big hugs love, keep us updated.

Wim - they decide when to trigger when two or more of your follicles reach 18mm. That's what they did at my clinic anyway.

Juice - my OHs gone back to work so I'm home alone and bored. Can't you all come round and keep me company? grin

I'm panicking - this morning when I turned over I had a sharp pain in my stomach, it actually made me yelp. Scared I've dislodged the embryo sad

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 13:12:56

brook what a shock. I'm so sorry to hear your news. But I'm glad they are seeing you so soon. It may be worth writing some questions to ask?

wim its worked backwards I believe, so once the eggs get to over 16mm I think, the clinic will boom you in for say 1pm EC so trigger is 36 hrs prior to that.

choco well done, rest up and take some painkillers (I'm obsessed with after EC pain and heartburn).

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 13:13:58

brooker I had zero fert on my 1st cycle- you are not alone. Will be back later with some ideas for you. Currently in outer brum hmm

<hairstroke though- tis shit>


Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 13:14:25

twinkle probably be ovarian pain? How many days past EC?

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 13:18:45

Life - tomorrow will be a week

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 13:42:43

Was it you who had a lot of follicles?

If you hadn't been toilet yet your bladder would have been full and resting your ovaries. I couldn't walk in the mornings because of this. I do remember waking in the night as I turned due to pain and it was defo my ovaries. Itwas better for me by 10 days later, but my stomach was still swollen which indicated swollen ovaries. After EC the follicles fill with fludi hence the pain.

brooker I'm pleased we have prior experience here. How are you doing?

Oh Brooker I'm so sorry. I hope you get some advice from the embryologist tonight x

Twinks I had sharp pains the next day too. It could be a number of things, but you definitely haven't dislodged anything smile

Life. Please don't feel you can't ask questions due to being NHS funded. The care really shouldn't be any different.

Chocco well done you. How are you feeling?

Fab that's great news. My clinic took my bin back.

Juice I love the look of your dinner. I'm going to do a Cypriot pot roasted chuck. It's lovely. I'm off veg but loving salad at the mo!!

NookNook Thu 18-Jul-13 14:23:18

Brooker I had zero fert with my second cycle of seven eggs (two then fertilised a day later so we put those back). It was an awful shock but like you I was strangely calm. DH was much worse than me. I can only send you a huge amount of hugs. Amazing that you're seeing someone about it so quickly. We got none of that! Just a shrug of the shoulders...

NookNook Thu 18-Jul-13 14:27:47

Choco brilliant news!

Brooker, my love, I am shocked and very sorry. I hope you get some peace of mind tonight thanks

Chocco, well done, old girl!

Twinks, I am as bored as a bastard can be. Come round 'ere and I'll show you how to fill in those Child Benefit forms.

fish, I refuse to eat any vegetable which may or may not have been named after one of Coleen Rooney's kids.

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 14:58:51

Don't know if I had loads of follicles but I did have loads of eggs. Terrified of OHSS as I'm high fish apparently.

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 15:00:04

Lol Juice you crack me up! I take it Klay or Kai are not on your boys name list?

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 15:27:24

Oh brooks I'm so sorry to hear your news, how heart breaking after all that effort. Have a big gentle cuddle from me and a hand stroke too. Xx

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 15:28:02

Well done lovely chocs grin

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 15:29:35

Having had a gorgeous relaxing picnic lunch in a beautiful shady cool park in London I had a nice 3k stroll back to the station...am now sweating like a nutter again ...it's not a good look!!!

NookNook Thu 18-Jul-13 15:33:50

Just got my beta levels from the nurse (because I called and asked!) and it's 234. Is that good? She said it was good for a day 2 transfer. What do you think?

resipsa Thu 18-Jul-13 16:48:37

Maybe congrats! Is there anyone left on here who isn't bloody pregnant?

But seriously, brooker really feel for you. Is this your 1st cycle? It sounds like a blip rather than something fatal. It was my fear when we only had 5 mature eggs. 3 were fertilised but still no baby hmm. I too hope the embryologist has some words of wisdom. Good to get to see her/him soon.

Gotta say it out loud (well, YKWIM). Today, this week, this month - I really want to be P. How do you stand the waiting to see what happens next as the clock ticks?

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 17:06:03

Res - me sad

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 17:13:21


Hi nook I think that sounds fine. Have a look at the link - I'm not sure how many weeks/days you are. X

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 17:14:09

You're PUPO twink - that's almost there!

FlowersBlown Thu 18-Jul-13 17:19:36

I'm not pregnant either. And I feel as if every month that I get older my chances of it happening are going down. I try not to think about it because it drives me insane. We have set things up in our work and home life to suit us having a child. If it doesn't happen I think I'll have to retrain in some high powered job so I haven't got the time for kids.

Sounds good Nook smile. Do you feel better for knowing? I can't decide if it's good or bad that my clinic don't take bloods! How many days past ET are you?

Twinks you're almost there. The main thing you have to do the next 2 weeks is keep your mind busy. Or else you lose it wink

Thanks so much Res. How are you doing?

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 17:50:50

I'm so scared to move in case I do anything that makes this not work.

Before TTC I was a normal person. Now I'm an emotional, quivering wreck.

Oh Twinks it's tough. But it really important to keep active (within reason). I was told I walk everyday as it will increase bloody flow to the uterus which can aid implantation. It's so hard not know in what's going on. These 2 weeks have been the hardest of the whole thing. But we are here for hand holding. I was told that there is nothing you can or can't do that will affect your chances. They're pretty tough cookies, especially considering what they have already been through x

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 18:10:44

twink I think it is important to be cautious and not put yourself at risk. Don't lift/carry anything very heavy. Don't do any strenuous exercise. Do keep active though, else you'll just go mad, and it's not good for you. If you are still uncomfortable following IVF, just do as much as feels comfortable for you. Most of all, be optimistic! You have every reason to be. X

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 18:59:42

Ditto to motor there - good advice.

I've concocted a spicy chicken, sweet potato and lentil stew for this evening's delight with peas and broccoli. Chilli is supposed to help in the heat isn't it? Can't remember why tho!

twinklestar2 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:47:41

Mmmm recipe please, fab!

I've been for a couple of walks today but have been taking time to relax too. This is so hard!

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 19:59:57

No official recipe as I just made it up but as my DH wolfed it back I think it was a success!

1 red onion roughly chopped
3 cloves garlic finely chopped
generous teaspoon of marjoram
Generous teaspoon of rosemary (choices of herbs made on what we have in the garden and have recently dried!)
Half a teaspoon of dried chilli flakes
Dessert spoon of black treacle
1 chicken breast chopped into chunks
1 sweet potato into similar chunks
6 large mushrooms roughly chopped
1 tin of tomatoes
1/2 litre of chicken stock
Pepper to taste

Sweat the onions, garlic and chilli flakes until nice and soft then add the chicken and lightly brown. Add tomatoes, stock, shrooms and sweet potatoes along with herbage, treacle and pepper. Simmer for half an hour and bingo! Dinner done smile

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 20:01:39

Whoops - forgot something - add some pre-cooked puy lentils when adding the stock as they thicken it nicely plus makes it a nice double dose of protein grin

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 20:08:16

Brooker I'm so so sorry about your news. That's fucking bollocks. I really hope you get some useful answers from the embryologist, and I'm glad you're getting to see the head honcho. Let us know what they say. <gives brooker a gentle hug>

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 20:09:45

For my tea I'm going to have some kind of bland chickeny and vegetable thing. Feeling a bit nauseous, must be the heat and nothing to do with a shandy and 2 or 3 glasses of cava at lunchtime

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 20:10:37

Well done choco. Rest up and take things easy! Good luck with the next stage.

That sounds tasty Fab! The chillies help as they make you sweat, which in turn cools your body temperature as it evaporates! geek

That's good Twinks. All I've wanted to do is go for a swim, but I'm bit allowed! Does anyone know when they lift the swimming ban?

I def reckon it's the heat Nobeer wink

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 18-Jul-13 20:21:14

Brooker I'm so sorry to hear your news about the fertilisation. I hope you get to speak to the embryologist soon. Do you mind me asking if your IVF or ICSI?

Chocco well done on you 4 eggs, hope you are having a nice rest thanks

Maybe big congrats again to you and MrM xxxx

Tame your poor DD, I hate how mean kids can be to each other. She sounds very mature.

Fab that's terrible about your DH? Are you starting stimms tonight then? I'm starting tomorrow.

I'm on gonal F 187.5 does anyone know if that's a low dose? Also I've been told to give it at the same time as burselin and in the same side of my stomach. Does that sound right? I really felt like the nurse wasn't paying attention when I was asking all this!

Life I'm also NHS and I get the feeling I should be grateful I'm getting this treatment for free and often feel like I'm being dismissed by the staff. Hope you get all your medication sorted.

Juicy grin that antenatal thread sounds a bit netmums, is it an assisted conception one or is it just a normal one. I may take myself over there for a laugh.....

Cupcakes, it's a normal one. I tried the 'Pregnant IVF Worriers' thread but it's a bit sparse and dull. I like the buzz of proper antenatal threads but the tendency to tread on egg shells around one another because everyone's a stranger bugs me a little. I can't be doing with reticence and small talk, although I understand that's what normal people do. I actually think the lady who took umbrage at one of my posts was poleaxed by my use of the word 'spaff'. Or was it 'dick'...?

Can I boast, pliz? That chicken parmigiana I just made was stupendously delicious. Truly gorgeous. Th'usband was 'mmmming and aaahing' all the way through.

Cups I started on 100 for most and went up to a max of 150 at the end. You're going to be great, I just know it. I have been so lucky with my clinic. We are NHS funded but have been treated no different to the private patients.

Juice was he just oohing at the chicken??!!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 18-Jul-13 21:27:53

Joosy I've just wasted 30 mins reading that thread. It cheered me up no end. Have you decided on a pram yet wink

I'm a bit worried that my dose of gonal f is too high. I've got a high AMH 19.2 and my AFC was 32. I'm stressing myself out that I'm going to have OHSS before my first scan sad someone slap me.

Fabuluce Thu 18-Jul-13 21:29:55

Well done with your parmigiana joos - let us bask in the glow of our DH's awe smile

Stims started tonight - 450iu of fostimon and a reduction of buserelin down to 0.3ml and yes Cups I inject both in the same side. Yay - we can hold hands smile

You won't Cups, honest. My follies hardly changed before my first scan. You'll be just fine. Just drink lots and plenty of protein. The OHSS won't start till you trigger anyway.

I forgot to say, I find it odd about the injections. I did buserilin in the am and gonal in the pm, always on different sides. But I suppose every clinic is different. I would do the injections on different sides if for nothing but comfort!

Great news Fab!

NookNook Thu 18-Jul-13 21:40:18

Thanks Motor! I wish they did another blood test though...

Maybe I THINK I feel better now I know. It's difficult though because it's just one more thing to compare and fret about!

I know what you mean Nook. There's always something isn't there grin

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 18-Jul-13 21:48:53

Yay Fab grin

It's crazy how much the advice from clinics differ. I'm managing 2-3 litres of water a day which is amazing for me as I normally barely drink. I've told DH he needs to keep an eye on my intake so he brings me a few glasses of water a day.

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 21:52:44

nook you can arrange one yourself. Your GP might do it for free, or a clinic will do it for a fee (£30 for me but more expensive in London). Having said that, your level is good, you are pregnant! I'm hoping it is only me who refuses to believe it without objective evidence every other day!

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 21:53:56

On that note, my hcg had risen to 6640 today, so was reassured again for now.

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 21:54:07

Thank you for today you fantastic ladies flowers
flowers blown guess what? You will survive if you don't get a BFP. It's tough to deal with but if you have the right support & accept it's not your fault you'll be stronger for it. I truly believe this & it may be a coping mechanism that I'm adopting actually I've always had this view. Focus on the positives love whatever happens <a bit of bawling helps a lot too>. x
tame nook sorry you've been through the same as me sad. It's good to get advice from my friends smile with experience of what we're going through here. Had a really productive meeting with head of embryology & senior consultant (they brought the big guns out...) You wouldn't believe it if it didn't happen to you (why me?) but there were no issues with the eggs or sperm but a technical issue with the incubator. Apparently there was a very rare malfunction with the oxygen levels which caused the embies to cease development.The embryologist had never known it happen in 20 years hmm Quite rightly they could not explain/apologise enough. The end result is we go again (for free) in September. I have expressed my opinion regarding my age like ffs I have ancient eggs & need to crack on-please excuse the pun. They have promised all sorts of support/monitoring for the next cycle -we'll see.
cupcakes ivf-we have very good sperm yay! must be my shit old eggs then Here's a stiff bitch slap lady 'calm down!!!' You're going to be fine-you will be monitored throughout. x
resipsa this is my 2nd cycle. First had 7/8 fertilise & had 2 blasts put back but bfn sad
fab hope that sweating is calming down & bet it feels good to be moving onto the stimms-?
BTW juicy * nook* motor life maybe stay here! Can't speak for the others but I love hearing your updates what you're having for tea x

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 21:54:24

Hello! It's been busy on here today!

Cups I was on 450 of gonal F with an AMH of 0.23. If when they first scan you and you're responding 'too well' then they can reduce the dose I think, is 112 the minimum? I was on short protocol and started buserelin at the same time as stims pretty much, did buserelin in the morning and gonal F in the evening.

joos I'm more than happy to have you here with us on this thread. How is the brown sludge situation?

fab 1st scan sounds good and great that there is a plan. Exciting! Recipe sounds delish.

twinks it is very difficult to know what to do in the 2ww, but as motor and others say, it can probably make no difference. My consultant's motto is 'if in doubt, don't'. On the info given today it says warm baths and sex will make no difference to the outcome, but acupuncturist says no sex. On my 1st 2ww I had the whole time off, but went on couple of trips out, few gentle walks etc. 2nd time I had the 1st week after transfer off and then went back. This time, transfer if I get there will be Sunday and I'm going to take last 2 days of term off as the 1st 2 days are when implantation happens.

nook well done on the blood test, don't know about numbers, sorry!

res and flowers the waiting is horrendous isn't it sad

maybe Is it sinking in yet?

tame sorry to hear that DD is still having issues. How are things with DH today?

motor how are you feeling?

Can't believe I got through today! Chuffed with my 4 eggs and just got to wait another 10 hours for the call for the embryologist. It's infinitely better than last time, when we only had 1, that was scary. Started back on gestone tonight and then clexane in the morning - quite looking forward to it <weirdo> grin

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 21:57:35

brook sorry, cross post. Bloody hell, you couldn't make it up! So sorry for you, that's unforgivable. I am in admiration of your strength and resolve.

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 21:57:50

motor what lovely hcg levels. X

chocolocodowninacapulco Thu 18-Jul-13 22:01:04

life Sorry, I forgot about you! That's crap about the clinic seeming to have abandoned you, have you managed to get hold of them about the drugs now?

Thank you all for your lovely support today smile

Brooker I cannot believe your shitty luck there. But I'm some really bizarre way, it's nothing to do with the embryos themselves. How are you feeling?

Chocco you are so right to be chuffed!! That wait for the call is excruciating! Can't wai to hear how they get on overnight x

Motor that's great news! When's your scan?

I don't think it will sink in till I have a scan and see a heartbeat. Until then ill be slightly terrified it's all gone wrong hmm

I too love the dinner updates!

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 22:04:57

choco thank you smile I'm already not missing the bum bullets and enjoying a wine. If I can't have a baby yet I'm going to relax & go easy on myself. DH has been fantastic-I do love that man over sentimental
Looking forward to your updates -are your clinic looking to take them to blasts?

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 22:10:04

nomaybe strangely fine. Not shed a single tear <amazing anyway with all the bloody hormone drugs>. I'm still tender & bloated but feel mentally strong. You lot make such a difference. Being able to talk it though with people who understand is such a comfort. When's the scan due (sorry if I've missed it earlier).

You are amazing Brooker you are super woman!! Glad you're having a vino though grin. You're so right. Everyone here makes a massive difference.

I think my clinic scans at 7 weeks, so I think that would be 3 weeks yesterday. I will call them on Monday to tell them it's positive in case they shout at me for testing early

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 22:20:12

Hang on, hang on just a cotton picking fucking minute!!!!! brooker- it was a fault with the lab??!!!!!

FFS!!! angry

I was going to write a massive schpeel about hard eggs and binding ishoos but absolutely does not sound like you need it hmm That is pretty awful. Were other couples affected then?? To go through EC and have zero fert is awful when they is something wrong but a lab error would have me fuming angry Thank god for the free go- I think its the very least they can do..... flowers I'm sorry you seem to have had such an exhausting day. I'm mad for you but you seem incredibly calm- hold onto that. Anger chews you up! x

choco congrats on 4 eggs. Fx for good rates tomorrow xxxx

Thanks for the lovely messages and PM's re: DD and her 'mate'. I did speak to the teacher after the lovely "advice" I received on a thread I started hmm and the teacher was absolutely aghast that I had been texted and said it was being dealt with as a difficult friendship and she would keep an eye. DD doesnt want me to go to the school again cos she says its not cool to have your mam up the school all the time smile I think this girls mum tends to pick someone new every few months from what I can gather and accuse them of bullying her DD. Very odd, especially as I have been assured by a few of the mums that it is her DD that is the bully. She is just very sly so tends to get away with it. DD's friends mum even went up to the school and chipped in with the teacher about it cos she knew I was having a rough time and wanted to make sure the teacher knew it wasnt my DD- how sweet is that??!! I know DD has flipped a couple of times and told this girl to clear off and leave her alone and she has called her a horrible name (which I told her she must not do) BUT I cannot blame her. When someone is constantly making snide remarks and getting at you, It does wear you down. I'd rather she stuck up for herself than acted as this girls doormat. Hey ho.

joos that AN thread is shit. I read through and it was as wet as a used dick.

nook thats a good level- congrats!!

nomaybe When is OTD?? Am very happy for you! Ace news smile

motor a Very good level- when is your scan??

nobeer did AF turn up? I cant remember blush Do you have a date for FET?

wish are you about my little friend?? xxxxx hope you are ok xxxx

twink take it easy- no lifting etc but walking about is good for blood flow. Shopping? lunch? sex and the city box set?? xxx

Have I missed anyone???? I'm sooooo tired xxxxxx

MotorcycleMama Thu 18-Jul-13 22:20:38

Exciting times choco! All you can do is live from day to day..

brooker that is astounding, and so unfortunate. I'm lost for words. One suggestion I might make would be to listen to what the clinic are offering, take that information away, rest on it, discuss it etc, before you agree to anything. You have had some shocking news and you probably need a bit of time to digest it. They certainly owe you that. X

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 22:21:22

fish!!!!! sorry!!!! Your clinic should still support you till scan surely??? Give them a kick and insist on the care you need- NHS or not. xxx

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 22:22:34

cupcakes!!!! That gonal F dose sounds about average. OHSS is more of a worry after trigger I think- drink plenty xxx

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 22:23:54

Oh and tea tonight- chicken salad. sad was crap so I heated up an enchillada from last night and gobbled the lot. Why does shit food taste great the next day??

tametortie Thu 18-Jul-13 22:25:12

Hello also to respisa!!! xxxxx

Where has Karbea gone??

Hello to all the newbies too!!

flowers smile

I love an enchilada Tame good choice. So pleased you spoke to the teacher, and the friends mum sounds great. It's always good to have back up. OTD is Saturday, which is 12dp5dt. Now having nightmares that 48 hours will see a strong positive go to a negative sad.

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 22:27:59

Just a quick one

brooker i dont care, I'm flinging my arms around you for being so brave. Who w,d believe it. At least they are not leaving you too long until the next cycle (6 weeks won't affect much) but to have to go throu all that again?

Still a very good practice run and now you'll have the entire clinic checking your details!

Someone mentioned low doses of gonal-f don't worry! The highest I was ever on was 1 shot of 150. Each shot after that was less until I was taken off completely and my E2 levels were still climbing after that. I think I only stimmed for 5 days then coasted for a week. Mutant ovaries you see grin

Lowest shot I ever took was 37.5. And that was just to keep the FSH level!

Lifeasafish Thu 18-Jul-13 22:35:18

tame and other well wishers to be honest I'm fairly calm about it all although I was frustrated today over having to deal with various sets of people over drugs and doc appointments and what not.

I'll call the Surgery tomorrow to see if they have had a fax. I just need to know how long, I'll bloody take the tube to the hosp next week if need be.

Its too hot to fight the world and its father. And I'm exhausted today.

BrookerC Thu 18-Jul-13 22:44:13

motor that's good advice - thanks. We are back at the clinic in a few weeks' & can discuss further then. They have assured us that we can also ring them ANYTIME & if they are not immediately available they will get straight back in touch. We are not needy people but we both like facts and honesty. I feel that we got both today. I can't believe how unlucky we have been but I am really glad the eggs & sperm were good that was my biggest fear Is that strange of me?
tame glad you've taken charge of the bullying situation. I fecking hate bullies. Now stop embarrassing your DD at school!! secretly envy as well as the dancing I want to embarrass my kids at school too
fish I love a cuddle so thank you smile
This heat is not good for hormonal / stabby ladies! Xx

FlowersBlown Thu 18-Jul-13 22:45:16

Argh brooker you are coping with this very well. They had better look after you in some style the next time. I hope they don't charge you for this one either after that balls up. And thank you for your kind words.

When I did iui I was only on 37.5 or 75 of gonal f and ended up with too many follicles to proceed. Hence I'm doing short protocol because of the high risk of hyper stimulation. I have no idea if short protocol works as well as the long but I'm glad not to do the nasal spray again.

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 23:08:11

brooker your positive attitude is exemplary, and your clinic sound amazing, and really on top of things. I have every confidence they're going to really look after you. They could have so easily you off and you'd be none the wiser, as we all put our trust in these experts.

tame yes, AF has been and gone. Got another scan a week tomorrow with not so nice Dr. but DP is going to try to get off work so I don't have to go alone. So I guess we'll find out next week if when we're due for FET!

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 23:11:50

brooker, just reread my last comment and think it might have come across a bit school reporty. Sorry!

mejust Thu 18-Jul-13 23:13:09

Iv not been round for a while but feel i needed to post this.
This thread was a great deal of support when i was actually going through ivf but since getting a failed cycle i found the noticed the thread no support at all and felt dismissed if anything.
I have been keeping an eye on the posts and feel not a lot of support at all for negative cycles which this thread is about ivf cycles itself.
people that get bad results seem to get flowers and im sorry and the support gone which the other way the support seems to be otherwise,im really happy for BFP but the way the thread is going it seems wrong.
peoples feelings are not being taken into consideration at all,im sorry but if you all look back at the threads you would understand.
I wish congratulations to all BFP and good luck to all others.
I am leaving for roughly the same reasons as euro.

Brooker, I am flabbergasted at your news, I really am, But do you sense some woo-type shit going on here? Like your cycle is meant to be in September? Whatever. What's done is done and we need to be philosophical about it. I've put the kettle on for a brew I'll see you in ten minutes, cock x

Tortie, 'tis rather dull that thread, no? Bleurgh! Sick as a dog in this heat Urgh! Not as sick as me I've been sicker than a sick bastard, believe you me I've been sick and eaten it again cos I'm craving protein.. blah, blah, blah

SLUDGE UPDATE : Nowt to write home about bar a few poor excuses for skidmarks. My nipples, on the other hand, are the size and texture of those rubber horns atop a Space Hopper. Oucheeeee!!!

nobeer Thu 18-Jul-13 23:47:51

mejust I'm so sorry you feel that way. From my perspective, this is my first IVF cycle so I've never had either a BFN or a BFP, so I guess what I'm saying is that I have no idea how it feels. I've never even been pregnant before. To be honest, selfishly I know, I've been living for each particular stage of my IVF process and trying to concentrate on the present or the very near future.

I'm really sorry I haven't been more supportive of others who have had BFNs, I have very little experience in this and honestly don't know what to say, which is perhaps why all I've been able to say is I'm sorry or post flowers.

I will try to be more thoughtful of others who have been in your situation in the future. Who knows, it could be me in a few weeks.

mejust Thu 18-Jul-13 23:48:32

hmmm dogs are normally sick in this heat

Mejust I'm sorry you feel like that. It is very hard to know what to say other than to commiserate and try and be supportive. I can only imagine how you must feel.

But I also think that if you had stayed, then people would have offered you more support but you left. And people still wished you well.

There is no need to be personal either. I understand you are hurting, more than I can comprehend. But that is a low blow.

Mejust, I posted before without seeing your post so I'm sorry for that. I feel you're being unfair to those people who held your hand every single day of your IVF cycle and who were devastated on your behalf when it failed. A BFN is a pain that no-one can soothe which is why the platitudes are kept to a minimum with a hope that you'll stick around for comfort or return when you're feeling more positive. I know you're in pain and bitterly disappointed but you won't find comfort by blaming the wonderful people on here who tried very hard to calm you and console you during those difficult downregging days.

I wish you success in your next cycle.

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 06:54:08

mejust I'm a bit shocked at your post.

Im sorry you have found this thread unsupportive but when you had you BFN, you wanted to leave for a bit and we all still kept posting asking if you were ok??

I have found this thread to be incredibly supportive recently with the ICSI, the mc, relationship issues and I do feel that there are many many aspects to peoples feelings during treatment. Even people that get a positive wobble and need support!!

I know we also talk about daft stuff and food and it all goes off point sometimes BUT that is the beauty of this thread. Its silly and daft but its still there when you need some guidance.

I know you must feel incredibly disappointed and angry about your BFN. And people may only be able to ask how you are and offer flowers but we were all very much with you when you were down regging and nervous about ec.

I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

Good luck for the future mejust. Hope you get your Baybee x

Lifeasafish Fri 19-Jul-13 07:34:31

Morning all,

mejust I hope it wasn't my earlier PM that triggered this, I truly wanted to know how you were doing and if you had made a decision but didn't want to post here in case you were not reading or didn't want to respond here.

This thread does not give platitudes which is the exact reason why many joined. I was reading old threads yesterday (was looking for my own to see how I felt during the cycle) and I noticed that an 'I feel awful' bought a lot of empathy/ explanation and solutions. It is a two way street?

There are women here that have been through what you are going through and are happy to share but rightfully so, will not do so without being prompted or asked. It is worth utalizing this source of information.

I know it must be hard for you (unhelpful platitude) and I hope you are getting support outside of this thread if you feel you do not get it within. Think of tame and buzzy when things went wrong. Everything else was dropped and their hands were held.

Take care of yourself and do feel free to rejoin?


Lifeasafish Fri 19-Jul-13 07:44:43

I have also wondered where wish is and how she is doing. I disappeared a bit during my 1ww as I found the thread a bit unhelpful in that I was obsessing. Is she 2ww?

I think my clinic has treated private/NHS the same, I certainly got a lot of support when I turned mutant and my cycle was nearly abandoned, I just have a feeling that a positive result means celebratory drinks down the pub and some back clapping for them hmm.

At the time I thought: I bloody well hope that more support is given to those who are unsuccessful.

I have pondered this week, does this thread worry too much about OHSS? Reading symptoms I think I had a mild case, but no one has actually suffered? And we've had lots of 'high risk'?

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 07:45:26

Very true fish this thread has been priceless to me xxx

Fish I too had a mild case I think, the embryologist called every day not just with updates but to see how I was feeling. I think a mild case is very common. I just think in that initial appointment when the consultant lays down the law, it's just a bit worrying!! I too was high risk, and have been fine. I think clinics are so hot on monitoring now that the chances of becoming seriously ill are greatly reduced. Thank goodness!!

How are you feeling this morning?x

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 07:52:04

That's a good point re OHSS, Life. I've was high risk, don't think I actually had it. Think I was more panicking than anything else! I think clinics will err on the side of caution and wait and freeze embryos if anyone's hormones look a bit wayward. That was probably what happened in my case. I feel fine now - I had my EC 2weeks 2 days ago. I'm having a scan next week, and I'm expecting it to be normal because all the pain and bloating has gone.

Right, I'm off to deal with some Spanish bureaucracy. Wish me luck!

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 07:55:15

I typed a lengthy post then lost my Internet connection Aaahhhh!! The gist of it was that I hesitated before posting my bad news yesterday due to the recent success everyone is having. I then bitch slapped myself & said this thread is about the ups & downs of ivf. If any experience I have can help others then I should share it. The pressure on the current crop of people cycling is immense as there has been so much success (thank god) on here (but it will have no effect on anyone's outcome). mejust I have been thinking about you & euro every single day since your bfn. How are you doing honey? This thread had been a lifeline for me but I dip in & out of it & use the bits that are relevant to me. I love hearing about the successes as it spurs me on. Hope you can continue to come here for support while you go through this shit. love to you & mr mejust x

Lifeasafish Fri 19-Jul-13 07:56:07

nomaybe I'm tired. Or maybe I'm just a lazy cow since I've been tired since my first jab. I'm fine really. Today is the first morning that I forgot to save my piss. I'm pissed off! How are you?

I have to do a quick clean today then go to meet a friend for park fun!

Btw - remember my friends mum who had the double mastectomy? Well, she was discharged last week and is a-ok. No cancer at all. I meant to update you all when I found out but... Well forgot.

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 07:57:11


mejust to me this thread has been a bloody life line and having been on it through 3 cycles and almost a year, I truly don't know how I'd have got by without it! If you come on here people will support you, but we can't do that if you are not on here and not communicating. I feel quite offended on behalf of everyone on here as, when I started reading your post, I naively thought you were about to say how great you had found the support on here!

life hope you hear from your clinic today and get some answers. wish had a bfn a few weeks back sad. Hi wish if you are lurking.

brooker how are you doing this morning?

<waves to everyone else>

The embryologist has phoned with good news smile. Out of the 4 eggs collected they were able to inject 3, and all 3 have started to fertilise. He will call tomorrow morning to update on cell division etc. Phew, TFFT!

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 07:59:43

life great news about your friend's mum.

Oh Fish what a massive relief. And what a brave lady! That is such good news. A day off testing will be a good thing wink. I'm tired too. I normally don't need lots of sleep and I never nap. That's all changed though grin. Have fun at the park. It's going to be a scorcher!!

Brooker how are you doing this morning? So you have some nice weekend plans in the way of spoiling?!

Oh Choco bloody amazing news!! Well done you!! Ou must be over the moon thanks

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 08:11:23

maybe I hear you on the testing front, I spent so much last time. Are you still feeling unusually sick, for you?

Lifeasafish Fri 19-Jul-13 08:26:20

Oh no, I'm sorry I missed that from wish. I hope you are taking care of yourself wish if you are lurking, and getting the support you need. Do come back here if you need too.

choco that is brilliant news about your eggs. 75% fertilisation at!

maybe I do need lots of sleep, but not during the day. i don't normally nap. DH was worried when he called and realised I'd been asleep.

Testing - I think I've spent about 30 quid so far. Maybe a break today will be good.

Anyway. I'm about to get up and dressed. Have a good day all!

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 08:50:57

Yay!! Excellent news choco xxx

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 19-Jul-13 09:27:16

Brooker wow that is unbelievable. Its good I suppose that it's a technical problem. It sounds like the clinic have been very honest with you and are going to do their best to sort it out for you. It's so shitty that you have had to go through this whole process. I hope the next 6 weeks fly by for you. You sound like you are handling it really well. Thinking of you lots.

Choco that's great fertilisation, you go girl!

Mejust I'm pretty new to the thread (even though I was on the first one) so I don't think I can really comment. And as this is my first cycle I'm pretty clueless about it all. I'm sorry to hear you feel the thread isn't supportive. I feel that people have been supportive to me whenever I've had any concerns. I'm sorry you haven't felt that. I truly wish that everyone's cycle would work, we all deserve it. We have all had a difficult ttc journey to get to this point. I really hope that next time is your BFP.

Thanks for everyone who replied over my gonal F meltdown! Sorry I can't name check. I'm having problems with the thread on my app, it won't let me read back. It's only this thread, the other one I'm on is working fine. Anyone else having problems?

I'm a bit of a stress head as you might have noticed! I don't think it helps that I've been waiting to start this cycle forever. I was seen in December with the view to start in the new year, that then got pushed to march. Then I had to call each month until they could fit me in. So basically I've had 7 months to stress about it before it even started blush

Shellster52 Fri 19-Jul-13 09:54:01


I am new to posting on the internet but really would love some support for my upcoming (3rd) IVF - and hopefully I can support you too! I am not really very internet savvy so I would welcome any tips on using the site. Is it just a matter of selecting a topic and then you keep posting back and forth to each other in the same thread? I would like to find something where we can chat back and forth throughout our cycle - hope I am in the right place!

twinklestar2 Fri 19-Jul-13 10:07:42

Mejust - sorry you feel like that but I wish you the best of luck for your next cycle and for the future. Looking forward to bumping into you on the antenatal threads in the not too distant future.

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 10:28:23

Choco that's a fab result!

Welcome Shellster! yes, that's more or less how this thread works. However, it fills up at 1000 posts so then one of us make a new one. I think you've found the right place. When do you start your 3rd IVF? Fingers crossed for you!

twinklestar2 Fri 19-Jul-13 10:30:55

Great news Choco and welcome shell! Just jump in and someone will answer! Be warned though, this thread moves very fast smile (my iPhone autocorrected that to daft - it can be daft here too sometimes!!)

Newly pregnant ladies, if you're finding the antenatal threads not to your liking, why not create a new one that we can all join too when we get our BFPs smile

I found this thread to be hugely supportive when I burnt a pan of baked beans back in 1987. Since then it's been shit.

Choco! You beauty! Well done, love x

Fish, your news about the lady who had a mastectomy warmed me cockles. What wonderful news.

Welcome, Shell, are you also on the Over-40s thread? I'm sure I recognise your face.

NookNook Fri 19-Jul-13 12:43:28

Hmm. Another dramatic evening/morning on the thread.

Welcome Shell!

For what it's worth I think everyone on this thread is lovely.

I also think everyone on the worriers thread is also lovely. I would love to continue on this thread but I will be taking some on my stress over to them!

I really appreciated the advice I got from the people here when I was going through ivf and I want to be able to do that for others.

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 13:30:20

shell welcome. smile

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 13:36:25

The results of the DNA test are in. DH is on the phone to his gp to get the result.

Im scared =(

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 13:43:01

I know you're not sure which result is best lovely Tame so I shall just face your hand a little squeeze and say that whatever the result is you will work out the best solution as you are a strong woman and a strong couple. Cuddles.

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 13:44:22

For face read give!! Pesky bloody autocorrect!!!

NookNook Fri 19-Jul-13 13:46:23

Hand hold Tame. Xx

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 13:49:15

I hope the gp give him the result. Will be a long weekend if they won't....

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 19-Jul-13 13:49:43

Joins the hand holding for Tame xx

Welcome Shellster smile

Darling Tortie, Knowledge Is Power. We're here for you x

NookNook, I didn't mean to imply that the lovely IVF Worriers are dull, I just meant the fact that there's a dearth of newly-diffed means that most of the chat is about more advanced pregnancy. Sorry if I came across otherwise.

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 14:00:30

Nobody will answer the phone so he has emailed them.

This could be the biggest anti climax of the thread yet. hmm

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 14:39:03

cupcakes it's normal to be stressed about all this IVF stuff, did you get in touch with the clinic to ask about the gonal F? We are all here to answer your questions if we can.

shell welcome. When do you start? How are you feeling about it all? I'm on my 3rd time lucky.

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 14:40:18

Fingers crossed tame x

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 14:41:10

nook how are you feeling? Has it sunk in yet?

Shellster52 Fri 19-Jul-13 15:01:58

Thank you for the welcome. I am not on the over 40's thread JuicyFatSteak. I was having enough trouble trying to conceive from age 33 to 35 and now I just turned 36. I hope this infertility journey is over before I turn 40! Cycle day one of my third IVF attempt will be Thursday, 21st August. Is anyone else going through IVF around that time so that we can be stress heads together? My last two attempts produced a few follicles that all grew at different rates so they were not all mature at the same time and only ended up with two mature follicles. I have since spent hours researching and have found a protocol that I think suits my body which I have talked my doctor into letting me try. So I feel nervous as I wait to see if I have improved results because if I don't I will feel like I am out of options. So it would be nice to have someone to stress along with!

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 15:17:01

What is the protocol shellster?

resipsa Fri 19-Jul-13 15:17:19

Any news tame?

Hi shell.

I'm late to the party as usual (you lot are way too organised about daily posting for my liking). In reply to the support (or lack thereof) post, I had a BFN on here and found everyone was kind. I then retreated to lick my wounds (it is one of the shittiest feelings ever) then rejoined when DH and I came to blows, er, sorry, when I was feeling better. I got what I needed when I needed it and for that I thank you all (vomit).

brooker they'll be very keen at your clinic to avoid legal action by you (and yeah the risk of equipment failure is part of the informed consent you gave but that doesn't necessarily mean they avoid all liability for loss) so will bend over backwards. You sound like you've accepted where you're at which is very positive (and mature, unlike I'd be!).

resipsa Fri 19-Jul-13 15:18:20

Hi choc. I put all 3 of mine back. What do you hope to do?

resipsa Fri 19-Jul-13 15:21:06

I love this weather. I lived in Sydney for a year in the 90s and the warmth dawn-to-dusk brings back great memories.

resipsa Fri 19-Jul-13 15:21:06

I love this weather. I lived in Sydney for a year in the 90s and the warmth dawn-to-dusk brings back great memories.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 19-Jul-13 15:32:06

Tame I hope some gets back to you today.

Shellster so what protocol are you trying this time? I very much hope it is third time lucky for you. I'm starting stimming today on long protocol, it's my first cycle.

Choco I did rung the clinic but basically got nowhere! I was told my dose was picked by the doctor based on my results so I've got nothing to worry about.

What's everyone doing for tea? We are meeting some friends for tapas, god I could kill for some sangria. We were meant to be having them here for a dinner party instead but I cancelled as couldn't be arsed with cleaning the house and standing in front of the oven sweating all day.

resipsa Fri 19-Jul-13 15:32:38

How do I kill a thread in three short posts? Flounce - I'm off to Waitrose.

PS The rumours have started that the will-be heir to the throne has arrived. All those not yet P, brace yourselves.

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 15:39:06

Hi reps we are only allowed to put 2 back, it's only 3 if you're over 40. What is the latest with you and DH? Are you still able to talk things over?

Afternoon all!

Thinking of you Tame!

Welcome Shell. This lot are lovely. I'm fairly new round here, but I'll vouch for them wink. I'm intrigued to hear about your protocol too

Sounds like a good plan Cups. Tapas sounds immense. I'm hungry just thinking about it grin. What times your first gonal f? Glad you got some reassurance from the clinic

Res I'm jealous of your Sydney adventure. I've never been to Oz. would you recommend it? How are things with DH?

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 15:58:43

resipsa think you're right about the legals. They took it all very seriously and couldn't do enough to support us. My notes are now full of comments about the special treatment we are to receive next time. It doesn't make up for it but as someone said earlier < cupcakes I think > they could have not told us & left us thinking is was a problem with eggs and/or sperm. Btw I'm not mature all the time-I can be a right imma!!! How's the DH plan coming along? Ready for the next stage after the BJ -- nosey bitch-- x
tame hope you get those results today. Aarrrgghh!!!
choco fab news on the fertilisation. You feeling ok after EC?
Hi Shellster You've picked a good place for support ideas for dinner
Hi everyone else smile will catch up properly later. Out tonight for a curry & wine. I will happily have a glass for all of you greedy bitch grin

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 16:04:36

Resp - I too was in oz in 96/97 and know exactly what you mean - it's so lovely smile Doesnt help me achieve much tho as all I want to do is lounge tho - oops!

Am utterly undecided about dinner so far - pizza express has a deal on so we might be tempted to go out - not sure how good that is for protein pushing loading tho...but who doesn't love a bit of pizza wink

I've avoided saying anything about supportgate thus far but my tuppence worth of thought on the matter is thus - you get out what you put in on this thread. I can think of two wonderful women in particular who've had tough times - done IVF, had Bfp's, Bfn's and a miscarriage and are still here, still getting getting support and being amazing and supportive to others going through it all. I know I'm pants on name checking but others are really good at it and do shout outs to lurkers just to let them know they are being thought of. There are times when you need the thread and times when you don't and it's up to us to take it as a positive experience and if we aren't then it is also up to us to just walk away - no need to make a song and dance about it - we're all adults and in charge of our own destiny, we can make these decisions smile.

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 16:10:26

Oh and brooks the weirdest thing happened with the thread on my phone last night and no matter what I did there was a few hours gap that I just couldn't access so I didn't get to see your post. I've for the gist now from all the comments so I can only imagine how frustrated you must be feeling but I guess getting another free go must make a difference. At least you'll know they will be monitoring everything super super closely this time. Enjoy a massive glass of wine this evening...not jealous much (just gagging for one!).

Cups - are you ready to start stimming?!

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 16:16:25

Guys- DH picking up results at 6pm.

My guts are churning. I hope this is the answer for us. After 6.5 years...

Be back later.

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 16:22:08

fx for you both tame x

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 16:24:01

Thanks fab I'll probably be hammered after one! You anymore comfortable today?

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 16:26:46

Not quite as sweaty today but I suspect it's due to being a lazy bitch! Lol!!

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 19-Jul-13 16:31:44

Tame glad to hear you'll get the results today. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Fabby I had the same problem with the thread. The last post I saw was Brookers but I couldn't post anything. Very strange. I'm ready for the stimming, I start at 7pm. I'm just reading the medication leaflet geek I'm up to 1.5 litres of water and I've had 750ml of milk (no way can I manage a litre!) Get the Pollo ad Astra and tell them not to skip on the Pollo!

Maybe are you back from your pampering? smile

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Fri 19-Jul-13 16:33:45

Scrimp not skip!

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 17:08:15

Tame fingers crossed for you love. Is this the karyotype test or something a bit more in depth?

Tame I'm keeping everything crossed for you lovely.

I'm back Cups! Was immense!! Well done on the milk. I know it's not your friend wink

Fab glad you're a tad cooler today!

Have multiple Vinos for me Brooker grin

Wimwom Fri 19-Jul-13 17:23:45

Nocup - I've been mixing solgar chocolate whey with vanilla ice cream.... Works well and means I've managed my protein quota. But am on steroids so have huge appetite right now!

I would literally kill for a large glass of white right now - brook you more than deserve a few!

twinklestar2 Fri 19-Jul-13 17:27:08

Fx for you tame.

Fab - thx for posting recipe last night smile

I agree - its too hot to cook, going out is the way forward!

twinklestar2 Fri 19-Jul-13 17:27:34

Wim - I can't remember what it's like to drink alcohol!

Wimwom Fri 19-Jul-13 17:31:43

Twinks - I can remember fondly! I am so sick of squash and water - pimms, wine, shandy, g&t I would take any of these right now! Maybe I could have a cheeky wine post ec pre et... Is that super naughty?

I had a few glasses Wim. It was super tasty and well deserved wink

I am a massive fan of non alcoholic beer now. I think it must be the sunshine, but in a shandy, it's immense grin

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 17:43:07

Ooh a large glass of spiced rum and coke would be just heaven for me right now grin

Failing that there's a coffee shop that I only tend to see in train stations called AMT which now does a frozen chai latte - totally dreamy and an excellent way of getting the milk in board no??

Oh Fab I love AMT! I love chai latte. It's a win win!

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 17:44:55

Good call - becks blue isn't too bad and a shandy is definitely perfect in this heat. I've been sitting and reading my book with all the doors open and have just spontaneously burst into sweat.....why???!!!

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 17:45:58

Yes it is maybe!! Simple pleasures ehgrin

That'llbe the hormones Fab grin. I sweat if I walk. But inside Im cold. Figure that one out!

Wimwom Fri 19-Jul-13 18:06:47

I'm sitting watching endless box sets - sweating... It's gross. I'm not normally a sweaty Betty - we couldn't have had worse weather for being hormone pumped. Anyone else getting hot flushes that wake them up? Has convinced me I'm going on hrt when the time comes!

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 18:19:04

3.8%= excellent fertility potential confused sad

So we have no further answers apart from its looking more and more likely that its me that is the issue.

Tame what sort of analysis was this? How are you feeling?

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 18:36:03

Its a DNA fragmentation test. If DNA fragmentation is high there is a high chance of mc, arrested slow growing embryos and no blastcysts on day 5. We tick all these boxes yet the test hasn't shown it. Our karotyping is normal.

AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!! Something is missing. What is it???

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 18:37:26

Thank you for all your support today though. I have had butterflies all afternoon.

Can't believe we still have no answers....

What is wrong with us?? X

chocolocodowninacapulco Fri 19-Jul-13 18:38:37

tame sorry you still haven't really got any answers, when will you be able to talk the results through with someone? Hugs x

I'm so sorry you don't have the answers Tame. Do you have another appointment with the consultant to talk through the results?

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 18:44:34

Yes,13th august. We will be ok. Im just mega disappointed.

I think we will give it one more go this year with my eggs and if the result is the same, I will head to Europe for donor eggs. Its got to be my eggs hmm

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 18:46:02

I have been very ignorant today- sorry. Will do personals later. Just going to pilates class then ill be back.

I think I need chocolate tonight sad

Not ignorant Tame, so far from it. Hope the Pilates helps. And eat all the chocolate you need smile x

NookNook Fri 19-Jul-13 18:51:20

Tame we are all here for you today! So sorry it wasn't the answer you were looking for but you are now one step closer to finding the answer. If that helps. Probably not. Shut up Nook you fool.

twinklestar2 Fri 19-Jul-13 18:52:12

Big hugs tame xx

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 18:53:05

smile nook xxxx

Maybe I should see it has one thing ruled out rather than an answer I haven't got. hmm

macfi Fri 19-Jul-13 19:26:08

I have been lurking for a while but itching to join in though we won't be starting till January.
Short back story, have two DC (greedy I know)
Abandoned cycle
7 blastocysts on long protocol, 1 BFP and DS 4
1 egg on short protocol BFP DD 2
So will be 38 and pushing my luck for one more BFP but hoping that none of you will be on here by then but nursing big tums and swollen cankles

MotorcycleMama Fri 19-Jul-13 19:36:04

Hi tame. Guess it's good news re your DH sperm, but I understand how difficult it is to feel that 'you' are the problem. Are there more tests to be had? Can I ask why you would be reluctant to do donor egg IVF? I know this is a hugely personal issue, with no rights or wrongs, so every stance is valid and to be respected. I know that when tests pointed to my fertility being the issue, I was so keen to bypass it in order to minimise the risk of mc and the emotional trauma that goes with it.

Whatever path you go down, you will achieve your dreams due to your sheer determination and positivity. X

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 21:30:59

tame, glad you've got a bit more info, but annoying you haven't got any concrete answers for them to give you advice that you need to do this and that, and then you'll have your baby. Extremely frustrating for you. Hope the appointment with the consultant will give you more information and ideas to digest.
Eat loads of chocolate this weekend!

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 21:33:23

Welcome macfi! Bloody hell, sounds like you're an expert at this! I'm crossing my fingers for those cankles. Now that's something I never thought I'd say! We'll be calling on you for advice.
Good luck for January.

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 21:34:00

OMG I wrote a massive post and lost the fucker!!!!

hello everyone I hope you are all well and ok- preggos, PUPOs and druggies grin I love you all but I cannot type that fucking post again.....

couple of things though....

wim what box set are you watching?

joos skidmark update? and nipples too?

fish nook nomaybe hope you newly preggos are all ok xxx

choco fingers crossed for good embies over the weekend xxx are you looking at a sunday transfer?

Also, wanted to get something off my chest. 'supportgate' has upset me. I try to be supportive on this thread and I can hand on heart say I have done my best and tried to give as much support as I receive. I am offended that someone thinks otherwise. nuff said.

So, the test didnt show what we hoped. Never mind.

motor I am very open to the idea of donor eggs. To be honest, I am open to anything that will help us acheive our goal. smile

Genetics do not make you a parent. Genetics are a code that tells you 'who' made 'who' but I can honestly say that speaking as someone whose daughter is raised by someone that is not her dad, genetics do not make a parent.

My DH is my DD's Daddy through and through. She runs to him when she is hurt, he cheered her on yesterday at sports day and they share jokes and cuddles constantly.

Thats the things that make you a parent. smile

BUT, I do want to exhaust things with my own eggs. I am only 32 and I just dont feel I am done yet with my own eggs sad

Tame, yet again, you manage to put into words so eloquently what many of us are thinking. You have been a massive support to me, despite all the shit you are going through of late.

Your DH sounds like a wonderful dad. I totally understand you wanting to try everything possible before turning to a donor. It is better than thinking 'what if'. I'm keeping everything crossed for August. I hope you get the answers you deserve x

resipsa Fri 19-Jul-13 22:01:14

I so do not deserve a place here. Everyone is wiser, nicer, more mature and just, well, a better person than me. Truly, I am a bitter old hag.

Anyway, tame I get completely your view on OE. I am a decade older and so objectively (if not subjectively), it's an easier proposition to grasp.

DH bought champagne tonight cause he had a "good day". Don't knock it I say so am down half a bottle. This post is to be read in that context!

fab Australia made my life. I was there 97/98. Left the UK when bored with job (was only 26 and had no concept of the recession which I later found out hit the UK before I binned my good job) and had painful break up. Thought I'd spend a year outside sowing my wild oats. Ha! On Day 2 (yes, 2), met a bloke in the cinema (don't ask) who you lot know as DH!

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 22:01:56

wish darling. If you are lurking so sorry to hear your news sad. Hope you're getting plenty of RL support. We're here for you if you need us. X
nobeer apologies. Just read back through the thread & t'was you who mentioned the clinic not fobbing us off grovelling over
tame honey buns, feel for you tonight flowers. I agree with nook though it's one less thing to rule out. It's so crappy to have to go through this process of elimination but you are one step closer to working it out. Hope your consultant can offer more insight. x
Welcome macfi smile

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:07:03

respisa I LOVE having you here. Your insight is wonderful and you are so intelligent and wise. Don't ever leave. Xxx is your DH an Aussie then? X

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 22:12:16

Hey resipsa let's not start with the self pity after a couple of glasses of champers <you lucky caaaa> malarkey.... It only goes down hill once you get started grin. Anyway, I think there's loads of room for bitter old hags here me included
How's the shampoo? Well done DH! I've had 2 beers & a glass of wine tonight & feel rather giddy <hic> x

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:14:41

nomaybe we may never solve this cruel riddle. God, we have tried but we are still left with 'why?'.

I refuse to exhaust more tests. DH wants to. I can't do it. Its expensive and stressful. I would much rather have a good holiday, come back and do the whole gluten free for a bit plus supplements, do a full on cycle with steroids, scratch and time lapse video then we have our answer. I refuse to do anymore than that. On FF I read about a woman that sent her husbands sperm to Belgium to see if it could fertilise mice eggs hmm ladies, im drawing the line at a wank in London.

We will make a massive effort for a cycle in October.

If thats a no, we truly have our answer.

I wanted another baby like DD, my mini me, but if its not meant to be, I am too exhausted to keep pushing. It will be time for a donor then x

Macfi I never said hello smile

Res you are not bitter, old, or a hag. But I am jealous of your champagne grin. Have some for me.

How are you doing Brooker? Hurrah for giddy wine

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:16:48

Can I stay here though? I know this thread is a pile of shit wink but I like it here. I dont belong anywhere else x

Woah, she sent sperm away to fertilise mice eggs!! Now that is beyond the call of duty grin. I am a scientist and have heard of many things, but that is amazing!!

You're going to have an epic cycle in October. Where are you off to for your holibobs? I have a lovely gluten free lemon cake recipe if you fancy it x

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:28:41

Gluten free cake will make me happy- send it over nomaybe!!

Yes, they had issues with fertilisation and this mice egg test solved her probs and she is pregnant now!

Where are you a scientist? What doing? I work in pharmacy so no labs etc. X

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 22:33:57

tame yes of course you can bloody stay! I'd be gutted if you left. And to be honest in a week or so the next thread will be called Excellent Egg Buddies for August, September and OCTOBER!

I will dig it out Tame!

I was at UCL, neuroscience. But I am starting a new job as a medical writer the end of the month! I am not going to miss the lab at all!! Whereabouts are you based?x

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 22:35:08

I've no idea how you can compare a human egg and a mouse egg. That's proper mental!

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 22:36:50

Brooker no worries about the mix up. I get very confused when this thread moves so quickly. Yesterday I was writing my message on my phone and reading the thread on my laptop so I didn't miss anyone out!

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 22:38:14

Can I stay too? I know I'm not active at the mo but this feels like the right place for me. Mice & sperm confused
Nomaybe I'm fine-thanks for asking smile. What have you been up to today? Can't keep up with the speed of this thread today<the alcohol is sloowwwiiinnggg meeee doooowwwnnnn>

We are very like mice genetically, but then we are also quite like a banana.......

Brooker glad you're doing ok. Today I've been spoiled. DH arranged some reflexology at a lovely spa and then took me for afternoon tea smile

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 22:40:45

Ha nobeer I have to do that a lot! DH thinks I'm cuckoo hmm <he's right>

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 22:41:48

Please do Brooker. I want to hear how you get on, and if you're having a bad day - just say! We'll try and cheer you up by telling you what we're having for tea etc.

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:42:45

Lets all stay smile

Im at UHCW in the midlands.

Neuroscience is fascinating. My mum is a neuro patient and I have read up on loads of fascinating stuff while she has been ill. What were you actually doing? Did you have brains in jars? <excited!>

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 22:43:15

Bliss nomaybe. Hope you are suitably relaxed. I heard the banana stat today -50%. Is that right???

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 22:44:04

maybe we're like bananas genetically too?! If you could see me, you'd see me frowning and shaking my head in disbelief at it all!

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 22:44:43

I mean, I look nothing like a banana! Or a mouse. At least I don't think I do...

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:45:11

nobeer you are right- October isnt far off. I need to start dhea again to get my 3 months in....


None of us are going anywhere!!

I worked on pain mechanisms. We didn't have brains in jars, but I have played with many a brain!! If you don't mind me asking nosy cow what's going on with your mum?

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:49:15

nomaybe grade 6 avm, aneurysm, haemorrhage (sp?), gamma knife surgery, radiation necrosis, cerebal oedema. confused hence no treatment in 2012.

She is doing ok now after weaning her off massive doses of dexamethasone x

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 22:50:31

tame what's dhea?

Haha, yes Brooker and Beer it is indeed true! I also don't think I look like a banana or rodent grin

Oh Tame your poor mum. How is she doing? That must be so so tough sad

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 22:57:24

Honestly, she is doing really well now. Couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel for ages but she is ok. And the avm is occluded now which is good news smile

nobeer dhea is a hormone for egg quality. Makes you grow a beard smile

That's great Tame smile

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 23:05:09

Ahh nobeer the way to my heart is through my stomach -you know me so well grin. I promise to share the bad days along with the good. For now I'm enjoying this unexplainable good day. I am still bloated though -how long does this normally last? <I didn't have any with my 1st cycle>
tame sounds like your family is full of strong women. Glad to hear your mum is over the worst. x Lady beard how very chic!!

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 23:06:52

A bloody relief!! She was holding up my ivf wink

Does anyone else here take DHEA?

I get no side effects at all but some people say its horrendous and messes up cycles. My clinic did a trial on it and love it for older patients and for low amh.

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 23:07:49

We are all very strong. My sister is formidable!! X

nobeer Fri 19-Jul-13 23:15:45

brooker my bloating finally went about a week - 8 days later. Then I got my period and I was definitely back to normal after that. Just take it easy, you've had a rough few days, in so many ways.

tame my clinic didn't tell me about DHEA. I had to go on the pill, but not DHEA. But I am "older". I'll be 41 next week shock. Oh well, I've got my frozen embies so fingers crossed they'll defrost ok. Glad your mum's ok, I bet it's nice to know she'll be there for her next grandchild.

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 23:22:28

nobeer not all clinics like it. Its a bit of a wildcard. But our embryo development from days 1-3 was the best ever while I was on it.

You have so many eggs and embies to choose from, I shouldn't worry!! I only had 4!!

How are the temps in Spain nobeer? Its still 20 degrees here hmm

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 23:24:40

Interesting tame will look into it. One thing we discussed with our embryologist last night was the progesterone monitoring. It's something they have only just started doing <mine wasn't monitored on my 1st cycle 3 months' ago > There are apparently mixed views in the industry on the quality of the studies undertaken thus far but it's believed that higher levels have a significant negative effect on implantation - due to the lining being ready to receive the embryo at the time of trigger/EC and not ET. They are also moving towards FET as a more standard practice to allow for implantation in a natural cycle, giving the body a rest from the drugs and a more natural environment for the embryo. Made me think of euro smile

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 23:30:14

brooker thats fascinating. Definitely something I will enquire about.

I know its against the grain but we may ask about a 3 day transfer too. We just aren't good at getting to day 5 and perhaps its time for a change of tactic. Or staggered transfer? Day 3 and day 5?

All worth asking....

I miss euro sad

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 23:31:08

What clinic are you with brooker? X

BrookerC Fri 19-Jul-13 23:42:47

Private NHS up north tame In other words we now have to pay! < The first cycle was funded> Our consultant worked for Sir Robert Winston god a decade or so ago. We do have a private clinic close by too but the outcomes are similar. I think talking through the day 3 or day 5 issue is extremely valid. You have to weigh up the chances for YOU at that stage of the treatment and forget about the stats.

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 23:42:51

Gosh nobeer we are practically birthday buddies - I'm 41 in just over 2 weeks too!!

Tame you were one if the people I had in my mind as the epitome of why this thread works - you've gone through hell and yet you're still here, giving and getting support from us bunch of nutters! Don't leave - you're like one of the foundation stones of our little gang smile

Weirdly considering our bullying conversation yesterday DH and I were in the pub tonight and he introduced me to someone he knew from school, we had a fairly substantial chat and then DH announced that he was the bully who damaged his eye!!!!! In the one hand I was annoyed as I wanted to have had the chance to know he was a total bastard in his teens but on the other hand I was so proud of myDH for being the better man even though inside he still makes him seethe. You would never have known. Funny timing tho.

Resp - nice story about meeting the DH smile I went to oz to sow some oats....and did!!!

Fabuluce Fri 19-Jul-13 23:45:10

I �� Robert winston!

tametortie Fri 19-Jul-13 23:57:56

fab thats so sweet smile I can honestly say how I am on this thread is me in RL. My house is the place my girlfriends come when they have a break up, im the shoulder to cry on in our friends. If someone comes onto the thread in a tizz, I panic and want to post asap (like brooker yesterday! I was lost in brum and desperately wanted to make her feel better!) I am chuffed to bits its appreciated but honestly- this is just who I am.

Your DH is admirable. smile was toy day at school today and DD and 'friend' had a bicker over monster high dolls hmm DDs best mate waded in and sorted it bless her. DD is unfazed thank god. In the next breath this girl was asking to be DDs friend again but DD said she isnt interested. Its all very dramatic. I know its off topic but i will keep you informed. She's a strong girl honestly- she will be ok xxxxx thanks for asking about her xxxxx

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 00:00:13

God, read that back- its like a sodding write up about the soaps in TV quick!! The drama..... grin

All your advice has been fab though. I love you all for that xxx

Shellster52 Sat 20-Jul-13 05:59:24

I am starting my 3rd IVF attempt on about 19th August - depending on when my period arrives. Anyone else starting IVF about the same time so that we can be stress heads together?

Not sure if there is anyway to talk more personally on this website if we are going through the same thing and want to vent a bit more to eachother? Can anyone help me with how to do this? I am new to all this posting stuff and really want to chat online for support with my 3rd round.

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 20-Jul-13 08:26:09

Sorry for lack of personals, my head is in a right old state. Embryologist phoned to say that all 3 embryos are still at the PN(pro nuclei) stage and they haven't started to divide yet. He says that he's not saying they still won't and to give them the benefit of the doubt and he'll ring at 7.30 tomorrow to let us know if we will still be going for transfer. Oh fuckitty fuck, has anyone got any experience or words of wisdom? DH has gone out into the garden and started weeding(which he hates and never does) and I don't know what to do with myself!

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 08:35:33

Oh choco what a shock sad it just feels like the bottom has fallen out of your world doesn't it?

lets just hope and pray they start dividing. That's all we can do.

Im a veteran of slow embryos and its just gut wrenching.

Love to you and your DH

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 08:36:46

If you go for transfer, will it be tomorrow? X

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 20-Jul-13 08:43:33

Thanks lovely tame, am trying to stay strong. Transfer will be tomorrow, yes. How are you doing today? Xx

On Chocco. Hang on in there. The embryologist has obviously got lots of hope for them. I am a total novice but am here for hand holding x

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 20-Jul-13 08:47:57

Thanks nomaybe, I'll take lots of hand holding.

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 08:49:09

Im good. Just can't wait for our consultation after holiday now! smile need an expert to help me solve the puzzle!

Choco, one thing I have learnt from this is that once the eggs are out there is nothing else you can do. Its sad and frustrating but its down to some greater powers somewhere whether those embryos make it and how good they are. All you can do is hope xxxxxxx we are all here for you either way xxxxxxx

twinklestar2 Sat 20-Jul-13 08:50:08

Keeping my fx for you choco

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 08:51:32

twink how are you feeling? How many days in are you now? smile

twinklestar2 Sat 20-Jul-13 09:24:06

I swing from hope to despair in equal measures!

Lifeasafish Sat 20-Jul-13 09:28:59

choc just a quick run-in as I'm just leaving for an event.
<holding your hand> today and tonight will be hard. Have a good cry then try to find something anything that can occupy you both.

I'm routing for your eggs. Our bodies and biology is all different so maybe, hopefully they just need a little longer to divide. There is still hope, remember they are in an artificial environment if they can make it until tm then they will still have a fighting chance once transferred.

What shit news for you, but there is still hope so cling onto that.

Also, brooker how are you feeling? I'll be back later tonight for updates.

BrookerC Sat 20-Jul-13 09:42:12

choco huge squeeze from me x. Nothing to do but wait -how extrutiating for you both. Just <try> to keep occupied and let's hope they catch up overnight. The clinic don't sound like they're writing them off. Sorry can't offer anything useful sad.

BrookerC Sat 20-Jul-13 09:45:26

fish hi hun! I'm good thanks-got a lovely day planned -hairdressers then a picnic concert (with bands & fireworks-wooo!) tonight with my Bessie & her family <she has 2 adorable kids> How are you today?

nobeer Sat 20-Jul-13 09:50:57

tame it was scorching this week, about 40 degrees or more. We're on our way to the coast to DP's hometown, although seems a bit cloudy. so think we're in for a cooler weekend, which means a better night's sleep!

nobeer Sat 20-Jul-13 09:52:10

Hi fabby my almost twin but not really! How's it all going with you?

nobeer Sat 20-Jul-13 09:55:16

choco you poor things, I echo brooker's advice. You need something to keep your mind of things as it's all out of your control and nothing you can do. Hand holding if you need it, and unmumsnetty hugs.

nobeer Sat 20-Jul-13 09:57:38

brooker have fun today! sounds like a lovely plan.

BrookerC Sat 20-Jul-13 10:03:50

Have fun at the coast nobeer smile

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 10:11:41

fish I love rrading your advice- you are very wise and put things so well xxx

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 10:20:06

Reading even....

NookNook Sat 20-Jul-13 10:28:21

Choco I had late fertilisation on my second IVF. I have no words of wiwisdom but they did put two back in so they were still viable. We also had a terrible couple of days when we didn't know what was happening. It's awful but this doesn't mean the end of the IVF. Who knows how many natural pregnancies have late developing embryos. Keep the faith lovely. Xxxxxx

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Sat 20-Jul-13 10:54:58

Choco that must have been such a shock. I am keeping everything crossed for you. Hoping they just need a little bit more time.

Brooker have a lovely time at the coast.

Has anyone else got any exciting plans? I'm working today but have got tomorrow off.

I started stimms last night. I've had some weird sensations in my right leg since last night. Kind of like a trapped nerve. I had acupuncture yesterday so am thinking its probably from that. Has anyone else had anything like that?

Shellster52 Sat 20-Jul-13 10:58:02

Choco, my heart reaches out for you. I will be checking in to see what is happening.

I am very novice at this whole online chat. Can anyone tell me if there is any way I can send someone on this site a private message if there so that we can chat back and forth? I want to try to find someone starting IVF late August when I start my third round to get me through it!

Shellster52 Sat 20-Jul-13 11:00:05

Hi cupcakes, I have done IVF and acupuncture but never had that sensation. Sounds more logical that it is the acupuncture than the IVF

NookNook Sat 20-Jul-13 11:25:27

shelster you can PM people (which I've never actually done!) which is like an email I suppose...

However, I think that the point of the forums is that we all give each other advice and support even if our circumstances are not the same - or even very similar! It would be a shame to narrow your online support.

BrookerC Sat 20-Jul-13 11:29:03

shellster sorry meant to reply earlier. You can PM individuals but not done it myself. Think one or two on here do it. I'm sure a lovely lady will be along soon to assist. I should be startling round 3 early Sept so well up for some hand holding! Are you on SP?

BrookerC Sat 20-Jul-13 11:35:34

Agree nook it's amazing what you learn by hearing the experience of others. Let's stick together! How's it with you today ? x
cupcakes thanks but it's nobeer going to he coast. I'm dolling me 'sen up in the hairdressers at the mo.
twinks remind me -how many days are you? x

Shellster52 Sat 20-Jul-13 11:49:25

Thanks Nook and Brooker for your help. So you say you can PM people... now just how do I do that????

Hope I didn't offend you NookNook by implying that I want to narrow my support. I used to have an American email penpal but her last IVF was successful so I want to let her enjoy her pregnancy and find other support. So I guess that's just what I was used to. Am happy to support on her in any way I can coz I know how tough it is!

Brooker, yes we sound like we will be going for round three together... lets hope we get pregnant together too! I am doing Estrogen Priming Protocol for first time after only getting two mature follicles in last two rounds.

Some shocking stuff on here. Choco, I don't know what to say, I really don't. I'm here to hand-hold, though xx

Tame, I'm sorry you're still in the dark. The thing is, I know for a fact you'll get your baby somehow because you have the spirit and humility x

I, too, am seething about 'supportgate'; I even appeared at Mejust's EC as Mel Gibson and bellowed: "FREEEEEDOOOOOM!" Joking aside, there is nothing we can do, as a forum, to take away the pain of an unsuccessful cycle. Don't let bitterness and disappointment skew your landscape. There is always hope and we are always here to comfort as much as we can.

I also think we should be able to throw ideas and opinions around here if we think it's for the benefit of others. I'll obviously take a back seat but I love you all - I think the support and wisdom on here is fantastic.

Shell, my advice is to stick to public discussion on this forum. Mumsnet's not really cut out for MSN-type messaging and you may find it puts individuals under pressure to become a penpal-type confidante. I do believe there's absolutely nothing you can't get publicly on here as part of the regular discussions.

_SLUDGE UPDATE_: There is none. Nor has there been any nausea for 36 hours sad

BrookerC Sat 20-Jul-13 12:03:59

cupcakes are you stabbing at work tonight then? Not had any leg tingles do can only think it's the acupuncture.

Wimwom Sat 20-Jul-13 13:28:47

choco I don't know what to say - but it's not over and it sounds like the clinic is saying it could still be ok so I am holding onto that hope for you.
cups I've had acupuncture too - but no tingling.. Weird! Is it getting better or worse?
Welcome shell I'm new here - and struggle that everything moves sooooo fast! But everyone has been completely lovely.
Hello to everyone else - I am always on my phone and so personals are really hard to look back to do. Sorry - hang head in shame at poor memory on hormones.
Had scan and blds this am - awaiting the phone call to tell me whether more stimming or trigger - not got many follies, on high doses of everything, feel emotional tired and fed up today. I just feel it's not going to be our time - which is crazy as I have no reason to think that other than I am just so slow. What's the longest they can stim for? I am also getting very fat and sore round the middle sad

Wimwom Sat 20-Jul-13 13:30:31

Oh and juicy - try not to worry honey... I think that's normal isn't it, for it to come and go?

nobeer Sat 20-Jul-13 13:58:05

wim I reckon sore and fat round the middle is a good sign! It means the hormones are doing something or other. Just be kind to youself, it's a funny old time this stimming and triggering malarkey. don't worry too much about the pace of the thread, you'll soon get into the swing of it grin .

Pipbin Sat 20-Jul-13 17:18:10

Evening Ladies,
You lot talk to much and I can't keep up!

First round of IVF here. I'm just over a week into down regging and I've got my baseline on Thursday.

Fabuluce Sat 20-Jul-13 17:53:00

Chocs what a rubbish situation for you - will join the hand holders (but suspect there's no room left so will just grab onto a toe insteadsmile). We are all with you.

Cups I really don't know about that tingling - I'd be inclined to call/text your acupuncturist and find out if it's a known side effect.

Shell I have no idea about the pm-ing side of things I'm afraid - it's the group thing that interested me!

Have been doing my sisters accounts all day so am ready for a veg out and am looking forward to a lovely chicken and veg blackbean stir fry with egg flied lice and loving made by myDH with me as sous chef - not an msg in sight grin. What else is for tea today ladies?

twinklestar2 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:08:41

Egg flied lice? Sounds erm yummy, fab. :D

For those asking, I'm 8 days post EC and 3 days post 5-day transfer. When is the earliest I can test?

Just a quick check in, in the middle of cooking tea, bolognase grin

Hope you're doing ok Chocco. What dispute spend your day doing?

Fab that sounds immense!

Twinks. You have to allow 10 days for the trigger to leave your system. So technically any day from then. But I don't think I would recommend trying that early. I waited till 10dp5dt. I wanted to be sure x

Fabuluce Sat 20-Jul-13 20:04:10

Oh sad times - Mel smith has died hmm

I know Fab I couldn't believe it sad

tametortie Sat 20-Jul-13 23:37:32

choco just a quick one to say I am praying for you tomorrow xxx hope its good news xxxx

chocolocodowninacapulco Sun 21-Jul-13 07:33:36

Thank you so much for all your support, sorry for no personals, will come on later. Good news, going in for transfer! 2 are now at 4 cell Xx

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 07:44:58

Keeping everything crossed for you chocs - fabulous to hear they're getting their groove on and dividing smile

tametortie Sun 21-Jul-13 08:45:40

choco phew!! Good luck xxx

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Sun 21-Jul-13 08:45:46

Choco that's bloody brilliant news, good luck for transfer xx

Brook sorry for getting you and Nobeer confused! I use the app on my iPad so can't read back when I'm writing. I think I might have to start taking notes..... Are you looking cracking with your new hairdo? smile

Nobeer hope your having a lovely time at the coast.

The tingling has settled, I didn't text my acupuncturist. I asked one of the doctors at work to have a look at me. She told me to stop being such a hypochondriac and to call my acupuncturist on Monday if my leg still feels weird grin

Tame how are you doing? I'm sorry you have still not got an answer. I know how frustrating it is. We are unexplained (I have self diagnosed male factor due to one poor sample, our consultant disagrees and says it was probably just a one off) I feel desperate for a diagnosis so I can figure out how to fix us! It sounds like you have a got a good plan going forward.

Pipin how are you doing on the down regulation? I think I've seen you on a few other threads over the past few years! What's your story?

I'm feeling better today, the hot flushes have eased and I just feel more positive overall.

Now I can't remember what else is going on, so sorry if I've missed anyone.

nobeer Sun 21-Jul-13 09:17:18

Cupcakes glad you're feeling a bit more positive today. Let those good vibe feelings flow for the rest of the week! I did have a little chuckle to myself about what the doctor said at work - I'd have been exactly the same!

choco that's great news! Good luck with the ET!

NookNook Sun 21-Jul-13 09:22:30

Awesome news Choco!

Hello Pibin

Glad you're feeling better Cupcakes

BrookerC Sun 21-Jul-13 10:35:21

choco what a relief. Now to get them snuggled into where they should be! Good luck with ET today love. x
Hi pipbin
cupcakes now that's my kind of advice! glad you're feeling better today smile Got those pesky grey's sorted & had a fab night-didn't get back until 1 <& I'm now used to going to bed by 10!!!>
twinks stay away from the sticks! <for another few days at least> How are you feeling today?

MotorcycleMama Sun 21-Jul-13 10:37:32

choco great news that your embies started to grow, and are now in your tum! Phew!! Hope you have a restful and relaxed day today.

twink going from hope to despair sounds very familiar to me. I hope you are getting more of the hope and less of the despair. Very excited for you. You have to let the trigger get out of your system before you can test, and I believe that 8 days covers that. I got a faint line 5dp5dt. Of course it is sensible to wait until OTD but there was no way I was waiting that long!! Let us know how you get on.

wim are you any clearer on whether you've got more stimming to do, or whether it is trigger time for you?

Welcome to shell macfi and pip

Hi juicy! I hope you are not too worried about the nausea lessening. Your hcg levels rose fast and early, so they have probably just settled down a bit now. All will be fine. I think we have to move on from here. I know I am not ready for the IVF worriers thread, as I don't and won't feel confident about the pregnancy until I've got through the 12 week (mental) barrier. Do you think we should start 4 - 12 weeks preggers thread? I say 'we' - I sort of mean you.. I'm just not the sort of person to start a thread smile

Wimwom Sun 21-Jul-13 11:03:43

Morning all. A night of fretting in the wim house - apparently I have one follie at 18, 2 at 15 and others all a bit tiddly still. So they decided to stim again last night - which involved a mad chase around to get all the drugs we'd run out of etc. but they aren't rescanning/doing more bloods - apparently there's no point.... So am now waiting a call to tell me what time to trigger. Is there much hope for the small ones? Why am I so slow to respond? Am I going to have been on massive stim doses for very little gain? I feel they aren't telling me enough - but I can't really imagine they know all the answers either. Time will tell.
choco excellent news - so pleased for you, How did et go?
To the preg ones - don't leave us, you give me hope! Something which is much needed here!

NookNook Sun 21-Jul-13 11:24:25

Motor I feel the same. I think an early pregnancy thread would be perfect! Juicy? Maybe?

Wimwom I willl definitely still hang around here though. X

Lifeasafish Sun 21-Jul-13 11:28:47

twinkle i tested 3 days past transfer (8 days past ec) to check trigger had left, then tested at 6 days past et to get a very faint line. 7 days on a digi gave a positive.

choc i was actually popping in to get an update on you - phew, well done those eggies! I take it you have gone fornet today? Good luck and rest up afterwards.

motor execellent idea, won't start one myself for same reason (what if its a shit title and no one joins confused.

But I am struggling with feeling its all going wrong, I've no symptoms and my test was a bit fainter yesterday (I know, I know). I feel like its too good to be true and oh.... Its not fair to fret on here I think.

Plus I think we may be colonising the thread so the newbies don't feel they can chat properly. I hope you don't feel that way newbies, we do have experience of IVF you know smile

Howdy to everyone else, dr, stimming, ec'ing, et'ing, pupo'ing, or waiting (whether thats 2ww or for a decision on what to do next, or on another cycle)

nobeer Sun 21-Jul-13 12:33:39

Oy you preggers lot! Please don't feel you have to leave here, do pop back from time to time. Your experience and knowledge is vital, especially to us first timers!

I'm waiting for FET, me and DP have decided we're not going to tell RL friends and family when we're having it done. I mean, I never told anyone that I'd had sex when we were TTC the old fashioned way! Think in RL we'd rather keep things under our hat until we're sure we've got good news to share. Does that make sense?

Pipbin Sun 21-Jul-13 12:44:28

Cupcakes Down regging is fine. I currently have AF visiting, and she is proving to be a little more uncomfortable than usual, but other than that its business as usual really.

As for our 'story' I'm 38 and DH is 40. We starting TTCing about 2 years ago, went to GP after 6 months, HSG was bad, Lap and Dye showed that I have one blocked and one sluggish tube. However DH's SA showed results so good that the consultant went off to show someone else. My AH result (30) made the IVF consultant swear in shock. So we are fairly hopeful that IVF is going to do the trick. We are very lucky here in Suffolk in that we get 3 full rounds and 3 frozen on the NHS.
My problem is weight. My BMI is hovering around 30 and I have to be weighed on saturday when I go for my baseline.
Everyone knows we are doing this as I can't be bothered to keep it secret.

chocolocodowninacapulco Sun 21-Jul-13 12:59:48

Hello lovely ladies,

life sorry you're having a wobble, it's hard to keep the faith isn't it? No platitudes, but symptoms will come and go and tests have different dye concentrations <Hmmm, think that was a platitude, oops> No worries about fretting on here, not that I want you to fret, but we are always here to listen smile

wim (great name btw) what day of stims are you on? I did my final stim with the trigger on day 13 and the scan that day showed there would probably be 3 or 4 eggs, which there were. I am a slow responder too and the small ones can catch up, yes. It is hard to put all of your trust into the clinic, but I guess we have to go with that as they know their stuff.

nook how are you doing?

motor thanks for checking in on me, how are you doing? How many weeks are you now?

brooker I'm really glad you had a great night out. How are you doing?

cupcakes glad you're feeling better today and that you don't need to worry about your leg anymore. How are the injections going?

twinks hang on in there with the testing, are you going mad symptom spotting? Are you living life as normal now or still taking things easy?

fab are the injections still going ok?

pipbin welcome, I think I remember you from before.

tame how's everything with you today?

juicy how are your symptoms today? Looking forward to some vomit tales grin

nomaybe how are you feeling? I did a bit of shopping yesterday as a welcome distraction and then pottered in the garden<sounds like my mum>

Hello to shellster and nobeer

<waves to lurkers> and anyone I've forgotten, hello flowers

Back from the clinic now and all good. God that was a scary 24 hours, I didn't ask the embryologist yesterday about our chances, but he said today that there was a 50/50 chance of them having divided as they had by today. Chilling now and thanking my lucky stars, thanks so much for all the hugs, prayers and hand holds(and the toe hold fab, that did make me laugh). You really are a bloody amazing bunch [emotional]

I'm so late to the party!!

Chocco this has made. My. Day. Brilliant news, bloody amazing. I hope transfer goes smoothly x

Cups so pleased you're doing better.

Twinks how are you feeling lovely? The wait is excruciating. But you'll get there x

Nook I'm up for a new Fred. But I'm staying here with you lovely lot too x

Motor I think the worrying is only natural. Every twinge, every minute you feel ok.... We are here for hand holding though x

Nobeer any date yet for transfer? Some peoe just cope better when thy don't have to explain things to people. We told some but have kept a lot of the timings to ourselves so we weren't plagued by constant questions smile

Hello to everyone else I have forgotten!! Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday x

On, wim, I forgot you! Follicles can have sudden growth spurts All the time. Hope that call comes soon smile

MotorcycleMama Sun 21-Jul-13 13:11:38

Well, nook fish maybe juicy - we may be a small group to start with, but I say we start a thread. I've no idea how to do it, and like fish imagine that if I did it it would be shit so no one would join. Anyone else?

nobeer I think you are being very sensible. I rather regret the number of people who we (well, me mainly) told about IVF. Now, of course they all know I am pregnant, because you can't then not tell people the outcome when they ask. In a non-IVF world, I would not be telling people until we safe past the 12 week mark. Trouble is, it is hard to not share such a big life event (IVF) with people close to you. It is different from just getting pregnant naturally - you are right, you wouldnt share every shag you had with others! I haven't told anybody who isn't close friend or family, but still.

fish are you using the same brand of test, and testing with first morning urine? That's the only way you can track progress with HPTs. I think I am a week or so ahead of you, and I have very few symptoms, so don't worry. I'm sure you'll be fine.x

wim I don't think I can recall anybody on this thread who didn't fret about the number and size of follies, only to be pleasantly surprised on ET day. Try to just go with it, because worrying isn't going to change the outcome. Fingers crossed for you. X

JuicyFatRump Sun 21-Jul-13 13:22:54

Choco, I'm thrilled for you, I really am! thanks

I don't want to start another thread. What's the difference between a new 4-12 wk thread and the already-established antenatal thread? Everyone on there is at the same stage as us with the same worries. I'm confused confused

I'll have a go Motor if I can think of anything should I be making an early IVF pregnancy group? Or a general early group? Choices choices.

Motor, I'm sorry I directed my post to you instead of Fish. I'm losing my marbles. Tests vary so much don't they. My clinics yet is essentially just a cheapy strip in a plastic case and was the slowest and palest of them all.

I did I course test again yesterday as it was OTD. Luckily the CBD had gone up so ie decided I'm not testing anymore. Just got to wait for my viability scan <steely determined look>

NookNook Sun 21-Jul-13 13:26:39

Ok I done a new fred. Its in pregnancy. I have no idea how to do the link thingy. Please put something on there so I'm not a loser! Motor Juicy Fish Maybe

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 15:15:27

Bugger it I just fell down the stairs hmm

Oh Fab are you ok?

nobeer Sun 21-Jul-13 15:55:37

Bloody hell Fab! Hope you're ok.

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 16:00:27

I'll live!! It hasn't helped my knacking back and head though. Booo. Bit of a weird day as I spent all morning thinking I was about to hurl so went back to bed at lunchtime for a couple of hours. Poor timing on feeling poorly. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow as I have a family funeral in Norwich to go to and I have to do a reading too. Need to brush myself down and have a word with myself in the morning - man up woman!!!

nobeer Sun 21-Jul-13 16:40:11

Hope you put some ice on your head. Good luck with your reading tomorrow. I haven't done one at a funeral, that must be tough. Watch your step now!

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 18:41:05

I can understand that peeps would want to move on - is there any reason why you can't be on both and hopefully we'll come and join you??

Thinking of you all today. Xx

Dinner update time : roast chicken with lemon, garlic, thyme and black pepper with toasted olive bread rubbed with garlic and tomatoes and topped with avocado plus a light salad on the side...if I say so myself....bloody gorgeous!!! Honey yoghurt with homegrown strawbs and rasps to follow...am domestic goddess...

NookNook Sun 21-Jul-13 19:00:59

Fab we will save a place for each and every one of you. And we will all still post on here I'm sure. It's really not about us abandoning this thread but I know that I have questions that I don't feel comfortable posting on this thread. This thread is brilliant because it deals with all of the shite that goes with the ivf process and that's what people are on here for. I hope that makes sense. X

wishwash Sun 21-Jul-13 19:10:26

Hi Ladies,

How are we all? I've tried to catch up every couple of days so I don't loose track so much but of course I did.

I've had a lovely week or so enjoying life and the gorgeous weather, trying not to think about IVF so my FET comes quickly!! Hence my absence but as I say I've kept up with the main bits n bobs that have happened.

I reeeeally want to say congrats to life and maybe. All of you newly preggo birds give us all hope and I really do hope that you will stay and help us all through our cycles smile I hope I haven't missed anyone else?

Good luck to those who are PUPO or waiting for EC/ET.

I also noticed a few people left which is very sad sad I don't think anyone meant to be insensitive. Its all so difficult and people deal with it all differently. I'm happy to say I came out of the other side with a goofy smile ready for the next go!

What else have I missed?? xx

BrookerC Sun 21-Jul-13 20:15:41

wish Hi lovely. It's great to have you back smile Glad you've had a good week & sounds like you're in a good place ready for your FET. Have you got an anticipated date?
fab what the hell are you doing throwing yourself down the stairs? We will give you plenty of attention no need for theatrics... seriously hope you're ok Dinner sounds gorge- mmmm mmmm
nobeer I'm with you honey. I love having the ivf preggos around. It's a different load of shit to worry about but still<ivf> shit. Please keep popping in lovely ladies fully understand the need to start a new thread though
Choco you are PUPO lady! X
wim how we worry about the things we cannot control -what a head-fuck. those follies have every chance of catching up. Keep asking questions of your clinic until you get the answers you need. If they don't know the answers (& a lot of the time they don't) they should at least explain to you WHY they don't know & try to put your mind at rest. Also, I didn't have a final scan/bloods after they asked me to stim an extra day before the trigger. What time are you triggering tonight? x
nobeer Makes perfect sense to me. You have to weigh up the pros & cons of either route & choose the one that works for you both <or the least worse option in my case>
Good evening everyone else wink

chocolocodowninacapulco Sun 21-Jul-13 20:22:03

wish! fab to have you back lovely and great that you're sounding so upbeat and chilled. We've missed you. How long is it that you have to wait for FET? Welcome back.

fab you are indeed a domestic goddess! That sounds lovely. I had roast chicken, sweet potatoes and lots of other veg and feel very feel up now! Indulged myself with some ice cream this afternoon, wow it was good. I never really eat ice cream and then my acupuncturist said to not have too much the other day and I've been fancying it ever since! How is your head now? Hope tomorrow goes as ok as it can.

nomaybe well done for the clearblue going up grin

nobeer re telling people, the 1st time all family and a few friends and work people knew, 2nd time no family and a few more work people, this time just one of my sisters knows and people at work knew we were having treatment again, oh and my lovely acupuncturist. It's nice to have some people knowing for support, but hard to tell family if things don't work out. I'm proud to say I've had IVF and find that I am prone to blabbing about it to anyone who wants to listen!

Waves to the lovely brooker

Wimwom Sun 21-Jul-13 20:27:18

Pregnant ladies - promise not to leave totally?! We need you guys for your wisdom and hope.... But do understand you may wish to have other chat too - just don't forget us!

I trigger tonight - 9pm.... Apparently someone will ring me tomorrow to tell me what to do next (the dr had no clue about what time I actually have to get to the clinic on tues!) I think I've been pretty calm until the last 48hours when I've been a wreck! What do we do to our nerves with all this business?! Any tips on how to sleep the next couple of nights? Esp now it's soooooo hot again.
Can I also ask - what doses of drugs do you all take? I am sure I must be almost top dose... 225 menopur, 225 fostiman - is that massive?

Fab - good luck tomorrow, tricky times. X

chocolocodowninacapulco Sun 21-Jul-13 20:35:42

wim so excited that you're triggering tonight <does that make me weird?>. I was on 450 gonal f this and #1 and 450 menopur last time, so I guess it's the equivalent of yours. What can I have for pudding that is vaguely healthy and it ice cream?

What supplements did anyone carry on taking in the 2ww? I asked today and they said to just stick to pregnacare conception and the high dose folic acid I was prescribed, but I'm not good at being old what I do but I can't help wondering about the extra vit D3 that I was taking for preventing miscarriage and the omega 3 and co q10. He said that basically none of the other stuff is licensed for during pregnancy.

chocolocodowninacapulco Sun 21-Jul-13 20:36:59

*not ice cream! And wim, no pressure, the pudding question wasn't aimed just at you! grin

MotorcycleMama Sun 21-Jul-13 21:00:03

Welcome back wish. Brilliant news that you get to do your FET soon. And this time without all the stimming and triggering I presume? What is the FET protocol?

choco I just stayed on the progesterone and oestrogen and a blood thinner (just aspirin for me, though some inject clexane) through the 2ww. On top of that I just have pregnancy vitamins, but my clinic is pretty minimal on the meds. I'm sure others have a different protocol.

Good luck with the trigger wim - it's all go now!

I have no desire to leave this thread - I love it and it has been a real lifeline. I will definitely stay, but it does feel very insensitive to moan about pregnancy worries when others are in much more difficult situations.

chocolocodowninacapulco Sun 21-Jul-13 21:11:20

Thanks motor, I think I'm like everyone else, in that we love having all you lovely preggo ladies here. I am on prednisolone, gestone and clexane already, so maybe I shouldn't take anything else!

BrookerC Sun 21-Jul-13 21:18:57

Hi choco how are you feeling? I'm still bloated & uncomfortable but it's improving by the day. I'm eating any old shit so will not make any suggestions for pudding grin
wim I was on 300 gonal f <but I am old> for both cycles. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
fab hope it goes as well as possible tomorrow. x
Hi motor how are you doing with the symptoms? When is the scan due?

BrookerC Sun 21-Jul-13 21:25:41

We need tame choco. I'm sure she was advised to minimise the supps after EC onwards could be completely wrong tame honey -where are you? Hope all is ok? xx

MotorcycleMama Sun 21-Jul-13 21:28:10

Hi brooker I'm fine thanks, with minimal symptoms. Sore breasts, mild nausea and extreme tiredness at times. Otherwise I wouldn't know I was pregnant! Having my hcg checked again tomorrow and Thursday to see if it is still rising as it should. Scan the week after at 7+3.
How are you doing? Have you maintained your calm after your ordeal? Have you come to any decisions about the next step?

chocolocodowninacapulco Sun 21-Jul-13 21:28:33

Hi brooker I'm feeling fine thanks, sorry to hear you're still uncomfortable, that's pants. I'm looking forward to a worry free night's sleep. Still so sorry about what happened with you, it's truly terrible and you're sounding so strong. How old are you? I'm 37.

How did trigger go Wim?

How are you feeling now Fab? Your dinner sounds immense!

Thanks Wish- and Chocco! How are you both?

I'm not going anywhere either. No sir-ee!!

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 21:49:12

Hello all - pleased to hear you preggos still want to hang out with us smile advice from the future is always well received!

Brooks - good for you for eating whatever the hell you want - exactly the time to do it I reckon. Hope your swelling and uncomfortableness eases up soon.

Chocs - how lovely that you're pupo smile

Bugger - memory of a goldfish - no ability to scroll back through phone...

Feeling much better now after dinner - did I say I had pudding of greek yoghurt with honey and rasps and strawbs? I thoroughly recommend it plus yog is good protein/fat right???

Wim I hope you get some more info from your clinic about your ec!

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 21:49:59

Chocs good luck with your hcg test tomorrow xx

Wimwom Sun 21-Jul-13 21:50:05

brook am 33, but with a low AMH and AFC so I think my stim doses are quite high...
Have triggered - it went ok... Bring on the laying!!
choco I hope you found something good for pud - I can't handle the pressure of anything more than ice cream!! [big grin] though did make a rather tasy pad Thai for tea

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 21:50:28

Whoops I meant motor sorry chocs!

Wimwom Sun 21-Jul-13 21:51:11

Ooh fab pudding sounds good - off to be inspired in the kitchen

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 21:51:46

And how could I forget - welcome back wish!!!!

Fabuluce Sun 21-Jul-13 21:52:40

Mmmmm pad Thai!

BrookerC Sun 21-Jul-13 21:57:36

motor Is the frequency of your hcg tests normal? I've never been pregnant so this is all new to me. I'm sure time will feel like it's standing still for you until you reach your scan date but goodness 7+3 does sound oh so lovely to me smile. Your 'moans' are not insensitive at all. It's where we all will be want to be & I for one absorb all the updates with my bfp future in mind-so thank you & please keep it up!! We are having some time off to let everything sink in. I feel good & I have an amazing partner in DH. We're off on holiday next Thursday for 10 days & it will be a great opportunity to think things through & chat.
choco Sleep cannot be under-estimated during the 2ww in my opinion. You deserve a wonderful nights sleep smile I'm 40 sad
Thanks ladies for your continued kindness & support. It means the world sentimental old fool

wishwash Sun 21-Jul-13 22:03:17

FET won't be until september. I will call to make an initial appointment when AF arrives the end of this month. I don't really know a huge amount more than that about it all. Has anyone else ever had an FET? I was told I'd still down reg and start injections to build my lining etc but not sure when and how.

As much as i tried to keep updated I have lost track of you guys a tiny bit so please forgive me if I haven't said congrats/sorry etc. I will catch up again soon smile

ExpatWifey Sun 21-Jul-13 22:07:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MotorcycleMama Sun 21-Jul-13 22:13:40

brooker no, the frequency of the tests is purely my own way of coping with the uncertainty of the situation. My level of distress was beyond what I could cope with, and the only thing which seems to keep me going is seeing objective evidence that I am pregnant. It is not normal, and I hope nobody else has to go to such extremes! It costs me £30 quid a go. Still, I'm hoping that next week will be the last time.

BrookerC Sun 21-Jul-13 22:38:18

Sounds like money well spent motor if it gives you some peace of mind.
wish can't help I'm afraid but will be interested in the response as this could be me in a couple of months'.
expat think of all the protein & minerals grin

tametortie Sun 21-Jul-13 23:06:13

Hello all smile

Very quick one from me- I'm sorry I have neglected the thread this weekend. Have been doing a lot of holiday preparation!!

I'm not sure who posted about supplements and cant flick back through on my laptop...

I was advised to stop all supplements after EC and just continue with folic acid only. Everything I was taking was for egg quality though and in quite high strengths- DHEA, co-enzyme q10, inositol and selenium so I dont think I should have continued after EC as the eggs were out by then.

Guy guys guys!!! My period is here!!! I have belly ache and some very persistent spotting- yay!!!

I will be back tomorrow with personals but want to say one more thing...

I dont want the preggos to leave sad It will be a whole lot of massive wisdom and wonderful friendship going. Please stay a little bit??!! sad

MotorcycleMama Mon 22-Jul-13 06:53:15

tame so glad that your period has arrived! A great sign that your body has recovered from it's ordeal, and will allow you to move on.
I'm certainly not planning to leave this thread - it is a lifeline, and full of information, support and laughs. X

Tame that's bloody brilliant news. It must be such a relief after what you went through last time.

Wifey got to love a carvery. And it's meat and veg. Win win smile

I don't know much about FET at all Wish. I know someone who had one (successful) but she didn't have any drugs before hand, just progesterone after.

Wim I love pad Thai!

Hope everyone manages to keep cool today!

chocolocodowninacapulco Mon 22-Jul-13 07:56:40

tame great news that your period has arrived, hope it won't be too horrendous? Where are you off to on holiday? It was me who asked about supplements, thanks for feedback - just scared of stopping them!

wimwam glad the trigger was ok.

expat yay to starting stimming on Tuesday, I was wondering the other day where you'd to to ... Food sounds lovely. I must will be healthy not eat lard today.

brooker holiday sounds lovely. Where are you going?

wish all I have read about FET is that you can have a medicated or non medicated cycle, I used to be on the assisted conceptions thread and they know their stuff, so it might be worth a read on there.

nobeer Mon 22-Jul-13 08:07:33

wish nice to see you again! If all goes according to plan, I reckon I'll be doing FET in August, so I'll let you know how it goes and what I have to do. At the moment, I'm just on the pill. Slightly gutted to read what you said above about having to down reg again. I'm having a scan on Friday so I guess they'll give us more information then.

Expat nice to see you too!

nobeer Mon 22-Jul-13 08:08:36

tame I never thought I'd say this, but really pleased your AF has come. I bet you feel like your body is finally getting back to normal.

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 09:13:56

Morning all,

tame thats wonderful! Your period I mean grin

Have we had an update on choco, and wish I am so relieved and pleased to see you back and in good form. I don't know anying about FET I'm afraid, but personally I'd try low/no drugs where possible. Euro explained this once I think - but basically, keeping it all as natural as possible creates the right enviroment?

expat carvery =meat=protein grin

Ok, I won't leave on popular demand grin. I just feel very bad so etimes when I post whinging about how I feel emotionally and physically. I currently have some ramping sad. And the worry... My optimism has gone really. I just cannot imagine myself pregnant/with a child. I've a docs app on wed and will ask for a blood test.

Our embie has to make a heart this week and since I found that out I cannot help but think that it seems such a hard and difficult task for it. sad

chocolocodowninacapulco Mon 22-Jul-13 09:41:52

C'mon fish you can do this, you're preggo! It's natural to have doubts and if you need blood tests to help reassure, then there is absolutely no probs with that.

Update on me was that I had 2 4-cell embies transfered yesterday grin and I am trying not to google googling what their chances are as they were behind. I've found quite a few positive stories actually.

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:39:36

I'm really sorry for jumping in without doing personals but I need help. I'm back at work today but I just can't cope with it. Did anybody get the whole two week wait off and how can I do it too?

ExpatWifey Mon 22-Jul-13 10:44:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 10:45:04

Woohoo! You're PuPO! Well done choco!

Personally. I think that any embie has a good chance once replaced. No one can predict what will still and what will not - its the luck of the draw. I guess mother nature has ensured she is not made redundant. So, your chances are fine in my opinion (and my consultants - he reckons IVF isn't a science but a unpredictable art form).

But I'm really rooting for your 2ww and a good end result!

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:45:40

Also cingrats on being PUPO cu

Wimwom Mon 22-Jul-13 10:45:49

Hey twink - poor you love, anything specific or just too much?

You can self certify for five days I think - which would give you this week, and your gp can write you a note for after that. Your clinic might do it for you too... What's your boss like? Do they know what you've been up to? Any understanding or sympathy from them? For example could you do a bit from home to keep things ticking over? Sorry - I don't know exactly how to do it - but I think if yr not up to it, make an excuse go home, call in poorly - it is more important that you look after yourself mentally and physically than anything else could be. Hugs. X

ExpatWifey Mon 22-Jul-13 10:45:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:46:03


twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:46:25

Also congrats on being PUPO choco

Wimwom Mon 22-Jul-13 10:47:44

Woohoo choco - there are lots of good news stories out there, everything crossed for you. How did you cope with the full bladder? It's the procedure I worry the most about as when I gotta go - I gotta go!

Oh Twinks I really feel or you. I was off the whole time, but on,y because I had left my previous job and deliberately set my stat date for after the cycle. I am sure your clinic would give you a note. Is there anyway you could work from home?

I think you've got a great chance Chocco!

Fish. You poor thing. When is your scan booked for?

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:49:31

Nobody knows at work. I said I was on hols last week. I just don't know what I say to get out of work, I feel bad as I've been off already for a week. Just can't cope with people. It doesn't help that the royal baby is on its way plus I don't know if you remember me saying but some friends who got married 18 months after us also had there baby today - the two things I was dreading happening at once has just thrown me.

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:50:11

Currently hiding in the toilets trying not to cry

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 10:50:52

twinks self-certify for 5 days then speak to GP if you need it.

I was in no fit state to work after as I was still in pain, but do not play down the emotional anguish of 2ww. To be honest, EC crushed me, but I do nt see why you should struggle now?

Am I right in saying you work in a nursery? Best ing all round may be for you to be signed off if you are not fit for work.

Oh Twinks. If you're not coping, please call the clinic and see what they can do. If work is having a negative effect on you, I'm sure they will sympathise x

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:53:24

What do I say to work?

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 10:55:28

twinks go home. Yu are not functioning (meant kindly). I. Your state of mind you are more likely to make a mistake and will melt down if anyone speaks with you. I told work what I as doing as I knew i'd need the support and protection, but I understand that this is a ver personal thing.

You are chocked full of hormone call me weak, but I know work would hold a minutes silence then start advertising my role if anything happened. While I work my arse off, sometimes you need to accept that some things are just more important. And as a doc told me last week - you need to give the embie a fighting chance and need to keep your stress levels down.

So go home.

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 10:57:06

But what if it doesn't work and then I need time off to cope with that? That will be 3 weeks off!!

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 10:57:11

Well you have a choice:

1. I had hospital treatment last week (hence weeks hol) but I'm still not fit for work. I'm really sorry but I need to go home now (will work remotely if possible).
2. I'm really sorry but I'm not feeling well, I need to go home.

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 11:00:19

twinkle if you are crying in the toilets and its not an 'outlet' type of situation, you are probably fairly likely to have a meltdown at work which is just cringeworthy.

Can you take an early lunch? Do you have a supportive manager that you can confide in?

Wimwom Mon 22-Jul-13 11:01:50

If you aren't up to it you aren't up to it. Tell them you feel ill in whatever way you can cope with - if you work with kids in a nursery then stomach upset has got to work as they will then say don't come in for a few days. I wouldn't normally advocate not telling the truth but you need to be comfortable, you've been through a lot, be kind to yourself and go home. You can't cross every bridge before you reach it - don't cross the what if it doesn't work one until you need to, and we all very much hope you will not even need to think about that one!

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 11:03:56

My scan is on the 1st? So loads of time to go. I am 5 weeks 3 days 'pregnant' and 2 weeks 6 days past ET. And it sucks. I've been feeling terrified for days.

twinkle flowers. Have you talked to DH? Whats he said?

chocolocodowninacapulco Mon 22-Jul-13 11:15:00

Poor twinks I can't think of anything better than everything already said by everyone else, but hugs from me.

wimwam I only have to drink about a teaspoon of liquid for a full bladder! I went to the loo about 25-30 mins before transfer, had a small drink if water and that seemed fine!

Wimwom Mon 22-Jul-13 11:30:12

choco that's good news for me - I just can't hold on once I've got it in my head I need to go then I need to find somewhere quick.... I am more worried about the full bladder than anything else. Though DH did ask me if I intended any lady garden topiary any time soon.... I think I am paying them to put up with the fuller bush tomorrow and just can't be arsed to wax... Is that bad?!
twink how you doing hon?

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 11:35:46

Thanks so much girls. I told my manager I was in hospital last week and I wasn't really on holiday and I was sorry for lying but I didn't want to say anything cause it was personal. He was really nice and said just go home and let him know if there's anything he can do. I told him I thought I was feeling ok but I'm just finding it really overwhelming being at work.

I was seriously close to having a panic attack earlier.

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 11:37:00

Thanks so much girls. I told my manager I was in hospital last week and I wasn't really on holiday and I was sorry for lying but I didn't want to say anything cause it was personal. He was really nice and said just go home and let him know if there's anything he can do. I told him I thought I was feeling ok but I'm just finding it really overwhelming being at work.

I was seriously close to having a panic attack earlier.

I'm so pleased you've managed to go home Twinks. Going back to work helps for some, it doesn't for others. You need to focus on you now for a bit x

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 11:55:07

I was sitting there feeling tearful. Felt like I couldn't keep up a front.

You just have to listen to your body Twinks and go with it smile

nobeer Mon 22-Jul-13 12:03:20

twinks I think you've told your mánager the right thing. If you feel like you're likely to overdo things at work then go home and relax. Don't feel bad about this, you went into work with the best intentions.

sending you hugs and thanks

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 12:14:44

I'm on my way home. Thanks everyone. Feel sorry for my husband - he works at the hospital where the royal baby is being born so its double worse for him, there's no getting away from thinking about babies.

Lifeasafish Mon 22-Jul-13 12:22:07

twinks i'm so glad you took the plunge and your manager sounds supportive.

I feel for your husband, and every other couple suffering infertility/ttc/early preg/ miscarriage right now. I wish them well, but is the wall to wall media coverage thats a head fuck.

I've been really worried as to how I'll cope if things don't work out right now - there's no hiding from royal baby frenzy. It's probably how I lost my optimism.

chocolocodowninacapulco Mon 22-Jul-13 12:22:44

Glad you're on the way home twinks. How many days to OTD? I had 2 weeks off the first time and then last time had about a week off and went back to find ofsted announcing their arrival! I should be at work today and tomo, but I have a sick note and then it's the summer hols. You have to do what's best for you, my main reason for time off was a 3 hour daily commute I was worried about doing x

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 12:41:05

Thx Choco and everyone for your help and support. I'm in the 1ww now.

BrookerC Mon 22-Jul-13 13:04:00

twinks sweetheart. Glad you're on your way home. It sounds like you made the right decision. You do not need excessive stress right now (I say that because I think some stress is ok-like what to have for dinner grin).
Can I make a suggestion? Spend sometime reminding yourself that whatever happens to the duchess thingymebobs (or anyone else for that matter) it has no bearing on your fertility outcome. You & DH will get through this together despite what every other fucker is doing. Focus on you & you alone.
I know it's really hard & as shit as it comes but stay strong honey. Keep talking to us & get lots of rest. flowers

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:06:30

Thx Brooker. I hear what you're saying, it's just such a stark reminder. Not what I needed on my first day back at work. Just so wish it was me sad

BrookerC Mon 22-Jul-13 13:16:22

Twinks I am going to get cross with you in a very supportive hand holding manner. We all wish it was us but it's not. There.
The past cannot be changed but you can influence the present & the future. Be positive & strong (in between the bawling - it's healthy to get rid of the negative emotion). Put all your energy into that little beansmile. Come on girl-you can do this! am willing you on every minute of the day. Remember we are always here for you. Xx

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:40:35

I'll be fine. Just need to wallow when I hear announcements and then I'm ok again. I'll get through this, I've got through 2 years of this and survived. I'll be fine now I'm at home.

Wim - I found ET very uncomfortable. It was hot, I hadn't eaten properly, I was DESPERATE for the loo so I hated ET. I hope yours goes much better.

nobeer Mon 22-Jul-13 14:45:16

Wise words from Brooker. This royal baby news is going to be everywhere over the next few days, no matter what part of the world you live in! So let's all focus on the future smile

nobeer Mon 22-Jul-13 14:48:04

grin wim! I had to shave for my hysteroscopy, and I think I did for EC. I'm not going to bother for FET unless they tell me otherwise! I'm too much of a wuss for waxing.

Wimwom Mon 22-Jul-13 15:14:53

Hmmm - maybe I should just do the bits that poke out the sides, I wish I didn't have the gorilla gene!!

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 15:38:25

It wasn't just this baby, it was also a couple who we knew gave birth today too. It's two things I've been dreading for ages happening on the one day.

Anyway I've dealt with it and being at home helps.

chocolocodowninacapulco Mon 22-Jul-13 15:59:46

Well done twinks chin up old girl x

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 16:03:47

Thx everyone. Sorry for meltdown. Normal service can resume LOL

chocolocodowninacapulco Mon 22-Jul-13 16:05:36

wim I shaved no more for ET than for all the previous scans I had had, just a bit of a trim! TBH, I'm not quite sure why they bother with the pretence of hiding your modesty, I think I pretty much flashed everything to all and sundry and I don't really care any more! I didn't find et uncomfortable at all really, mind you I didn't really feel the scratch either. Have you got a time from the clinic yet?

mejuicy where are you?

Wimwom Mon 22-Jul-13 16:29:44

choc I feel like every dr in London has looked up my chuff of late - and I hadn't given it a second thought till DH kindly took an aghast look the other day... I guess he's fed up with not getting any so feels he can comment! Will just do a little tidy up - I don't mind the scans as I trick myself into it's dark and they're looking at the screen - though I guess this is the case for ec too to a certain extent...
Am due in at 9 am.... It'll be good to have it over with and start on the next bit. I seem to have an allergic reaction to the pregnyl injection - it's all red and itchy, I hope it's doing it's job ok.... Come on eggs - nearly there!!

twinklestar2 Mon 22-Jul-13 16:31:53

I think juicy has been banned. I've seen some of her posts deleted on another thread. Hope not cause I like her.

FlowersBlown Mon 22-Jul-13 16:36:01

She did go around causing trouble all over the place so it would not be surprising. I wonder why. She was different on this thread.