The Elderberry Pavlovas who will graduate (thread 12)

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CharmingCats Mon 15-Jul-13 20:08:58

Roll up, roll up for the best discussions of ewcm, opk, ic and double dying you'll ever have. Probably.

The smallprint - Berries have a strict entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 3+months, NO instadiffers, must have a special pot) and def no mention of baby dust or baby dancing UGH !!! Ooh we are strict...please note your house may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments lol

BlindKitty Mon 15-Jul-13 20:55:46

Ok hold the god-damn phone - * thunder* is preggers?!!! This is fab news!!! Detailed account of what you did differently this month please!!!!

Well done Charming ! I was refreshing until someone created a new thread!!

Yep, Thunder has hit bingo, and I'm hoping determined that this clomid will let me join her cycle - and I'm going to drag you all with me up this yellow brick road!!!

<still waiting impatiently to be let into the secret fb room>

Bunnygirlie Mon 15-Jul-13 21:09:16

Just saving my place! Can't imagine graduating off this thread either though sad

SidneyBristow Mon 15-Jul-13 21:13:50

yay, new thread, one which will kick us out into the graduates corner asap!

bunny really sorry AF got you, had my fingers crossed for you, this process is such an ass-kicking. You will feel better in a few days, I swear. It's the hormones, plus the disappointment that are making things look bleak right now. Your time will come thanks

CharmingCats Mon 15-Jul-13 21:17:34


I've abandoned facebook as it makes me feel shit about myself and excluded. I don't want to return to that. If you'd rather communicate through the group there from now on, that's fine, but I'll join another thread.
I loved mn and the berries because it wasn't fb. Not having a go, but have been feeling very sad about the berry group this evening.

I'm still here Charming !

SidneyBristow Mon 15-Jul-13 21:35:07

Hi Charming,
I completely understand what you mean about FB. I've had more than one day ruined by inadvertently seeing someone's pg announcement, and then diving headfirst into the black hole of looking at happy families pictures of people I haven't otherwise thought of in 20 years. Personally I can see myself posting in both places; it's a bit of a relief to be able to say things to other people in the same boat and know it's in a more secure setting, so to speak. Please don't feel sad! I don't want anyone feeling left out or unsupported. thanks

Bunnygirlie Mon 15-Jul-13 21:36:00

And me!

Just seen the new clear blue monitor ad on tv, can't escape TTC anywhere!!!

Tallyra Mon 15-Jul-13 21:37:21

confused No cats, please don't leave. I was kind of thinking that the fb group was too confusing myself - there are so many threads to keep track of! I like the visuals, but I might just stick to posting pretty pictures on there too.

Bunnygirlie Mon 15-Jul-13 21:38:18

Thanks for your message sid I know I'll be ok in a few days. I don't know why I'm feeling so down today, I knew about a week ago she was coming when the itchy bitch arrived, and then the spotting!

Gillster Mon 15-Jul-13 21:45:04

I'm still here! FB has its place but really want to keep this thread going. Not enough hours in the day to keep up with both MN and FB all of the time!

CharmingCats Mon 15-Jul-13 22:10:57

Thanks, I understand. It's not just pg announcements on fb, but the whole thing, really. I'm determined to cancel my acc, but have log on to do that. Don't want to get sucked in.
Over the last couple of years, I've been removing myself from 'friendships' that I find painful but am still fb friends with many. It's made me happier to not be in situations that make me sad, but I also feel very alone at times, as I no longer have the wide circle I once did. Totally my choice, but a double edged sword at times, especially with fb to show you pics of events you weren't invited to etc.
Anyway, I'm off to bed. I think I have pmt, so feeling low. But, but, but pmt on cd33 is miraculous and hints at a cycle of less than 40 days, so not all bad.
Good night, berries.

Night charming hope you feel better in the morning flowers.

Charming oh no, don't you go anywhere! I'm still here!

Bunny also just got the clearblue ad right in the face. Was trying to watch some TV to calm down after a horrible afternoon and a fight with evil DH, so goo-goo baby adverts were really not required.

Going to bed now to cry more as am exhausted. Tomorrow is last day of cramming so can only hope I manage to bash out the last few thousand words. again - I never learn sad

cherrycoconut Mon 15-Jul-13 22:16:52

With you Cats I'm bad enough at dipping in and out of this, never mind FB as well. Also I use the book of Face for work - don't ask, I work in marketing, goddamit - and so often have it pulled up on my computer. That and Twatter. No wonder I can never be fussed updating my own page!

I'm staying suspicious; I think it would feel wrong to have you berries popping up on there when I'm in work mode and I aint having it yet.

cherrycoconut Mon 15-Jul-13 22:20:19

Goodnight all, sleep well, hope you feel better in the morning! Is it wrong to wish you all shiny new cycles? Hmm doing it anyway...

Marking place. Off to eat my (v late due to locking ourselves out) dinner

cherrycoconut Mon 15-Jul-13 22:32:23

Sounds like a highly irritating adventure Merkin.

Thunder I feel waaay better on the hormones cheers for asking. Hopefully no actual beard... Have Finally shaken the overwhelming fatigue I've had since I came off the pill last year and am getting good sleep for the first time in months. Feel much more like my normal self, it's such a relief!

Bunnygirlie Mon 15-Jul-13 22:47:58

Hugs cats

boom sounds like you are sitting in the sofa of pity with me then!

cherry glad you are feeling better on your hormones smile

Anybody feeling blue - may I suggest watching the be more dog ad, makes me smile every time!

Marking place.

cats it's totally understandable not to want to do it. They definitely both have very different roles- like with anything it is just what suits you. I feel much more restricted on mn because of fears of outtage but I'm not going to leave because the support is fantastic.

Boodle9 Mon 15-Jul-13 22:59:37

Charming, I'm not going to FB. I do use it, but less and less these days as more and more people announce pregnancies on there. Even had one just now, but it wasn't a friend really, a relative of a friend who I don't really know why I had as a friend in the first place Bitch cow moo face got unfriended, oh yes she did

I also promise to make more of an effort to log in and post on here, given me period of unauthorised absence recently.

I'm having another crappy evening. Awful news today about non-TTC things that doesn't affect me personally as such, but heartbreaking for those it does.

AF is definitely getting under way, possibly awful pain tomorrow when I'm having a very chaotic day at work. Loads of pregnant bellies all over the supermarket tonight.

I am in a right huff.

And this is going to sound insincere now, but it really isn't - great news, Thunder!

Bunnygirlie Mon 15-Jul-13 23:03:32

Good to see you boodle come and sit with us <slides up sofa to make room> have some drugs, I was in AF agony today!

Bunnygirlie Mon 15-Jul-13 23:04:13

So new list needed for new thread, rules is rules wink ...

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter

happylass Australia Mon 15-Jul-13 23:11:48

Quickly marking spot on new thread before calling it a night. Don't worry Cats and Boodle we aren't going anywhere. Have to keep the thread going - it's where it all started!! FB is great for seeing who everyone is and posting stuff that might out you on here but I find it quite hard to keep track of what's going on - too many different posts/comments going on for my tiny brain to cope with!
Night all,hope those having a tough time have a better day tomorrow.

happylass Australia Mon 15-Jul-13 23:13:43

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.

Tallyra Mon 15-Jul-13 23:13:47

Hugs to everyone that needs it. Which includes me. Watched romantic rom com with dh tonight - was hoping it would give us some lovely snuggle time but the bloody dog just got on my nerves more and more and now I'm just pissed off with everything and not even in bed early even though dh isn't on a late shift. I just want to scream and cry and I don't want to be so moody!!!!!

Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.

Aquarius1 Mon 15-Jul-13 23:24:31

I'm still here. Been trying to catch up with posts now and then but struggling to keep up. have resorted to distracting myself from ttc woes by keeping busy which means i've not got round to posting anything hmm

Big up Boodle. Hello new people too.

Big congrats merks and thunder -about time! Hope it heralds the start of good tidings for the rest of us.

Nothing to report at all here. Feel glued to the CLOL. Having a difficult time getting dh to go to Gp for jizz test. He doesnt see the urgency. I don't know how many times I need to remind him that i cant get a laparoscopy (to see if I have endo) til we've been referred to the FC and we cant referred to the FC until he gets tested. and in the meantime i'll carry on rolling on the floor in agony with period pain every month. Ffs.

I'm also struggling with FB- soo many babies on it. Can't even face endless pics of my own nieces at the moment which is awful I know. So you've all outed yourselves to each other on FB? Can't work out if its better to share chat in a private setting or be anonymous in a public setting...hmmm....

Hope everyone's well.

PuppyMummy Mon 15-Jul-13 23:43:44

congrats thunder

dont worry bunny I will be with u in here forever!

I can't join the special group as I am not on facebook!!

anyway just wanted to mark my place on new thread...

Pipbin Japan Mon 15-Jul-13 23:45:03

Well after ages it seems we have a load of BFPs.

So that's two, there has to be a third.

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 06:14:00

Cats - don't go, sure we'll all get bored of it soon anyway x


Still grumpy. Still no AF. Still got to write dissertation.

Someone slap me with a sausage and tell me to snap out of it would ya?

Hi aqua! Menfolk are irritating aren't they? Hope he gets his bum in gear for you soon. It's not that much of an ask, is it!?

charming the fb group is nice for putting names to faces and general chit chat but I think I prefer posting personal ttc stuff on here. So I won't be going anywhere because I have my negativity hat on and am never going to get pregnant so will be here long after you've all diffed and graduated hope you're feeling happier this morning x

tally was there a full moon last night? Boom dogs were annoying the crap out of me too! Sorry your rom-com snuggle didnt work out as planned x

Will someone add me to the list?

boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 06:44:07

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 06:46:33

Gah x post. Sorry Boom. Can't be leaving off our poster girl for the Berries now can we grin. Try again.

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.

PuppyMummy Tue 16-Jul-13 06:54:11

We had our first proper FC app, was initial appt to get details and do amh blood test.

OH also had another sperm test, this one will help them decide if ivf or icsi will be best. Next appointment will be to decide what we want to do and then make a start.

This cycle were going to try just dtd every 2-3 days not ed or eod, she suggested that as u can do it to much (then u end up with immature sperm that cant fertilise an egg!)

still not excited but at least things hav properly got started!

yorkiebilb Tue 16-Jul-13 07:14:33

Congratulations thunder really pleased for you and thank you for being so nice to me. Fx for a sticky to you and merk

Unfortunately I got some bad news yesterday. My fsh results came back and aren't good which shows diminished ovarian reserve (perimenopausal) and research done so far suggests I might not get accepted by many ivf clinics. I'm utterly devestated and have been up all night crying and fretting. My next fc appt isn't until 1 sep and I'm tearing my hair out over what to do in the meantime. I can't face going into work today either...

Sorry to bring crap to the thread when there was such good news yesterday. I tried posting on the infertility thread for advice but didnt get much response so not really sure where to go from here...

Tallyra Tue 16-Jul-13 07:26:09

huge hugs yorkie. That's crap. Is it a similar thing to cherry? That doesn't make sense not to accept you for ivf, what's their reasoning?

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 07:35:52

Oh yorkie so sorry you've had bad news. Know next to nothing about this diagnosis but didn't want to read and run flowers. Tally I thought of Cherry too. She might know more about this that's anyone. Hope you have a better day today and soon get some answers. Sending big hugs.

yorkiebilb Tue 16-Jul-13 07:39:38

Thanks tally I was dipping in and out of the thread so not sure what cherry was diagnosed with.

Fc clinics want you have fsh results of less than 10 as anything over suggests low reserve and therefore poor response to ivf stimulation. This all affects their stats.

cherrycoconut Tue 16-Jul-13 08:20:20

Hey Yorkie that sucks big stylee, massive hugs to you, I know what a gut wrencher that news is. What was your FSH if you don't mind me asking?

Please don't panic yet -FSH haywires up and down in perimeno and one high is not enough to write you off just yet. Even if it's diminished ovarian reserve you have hope with IVF. As my consultant said to us - it only takes one egg so don't give up hope. You need two or three blood tests, each 6 weeks apart to give a clear indication of exactly where you're at, plus your AMH.

Unfortunately for me my results show I've actually had - and missed - my meno which came as a bit of a shock. Diagnosis Premature Ovarian Failure POF age 33. I was floored quite frankly! My FSH is consistently plus 100 though, LH plus 50, AMH 0.6. So pretty bad.

The reason IVF won't work with a consistently high FSH is because that's the very drug they use to stimulate the egg production. If your body isn't responding to your own then it ain't gonna respond to the stuff they give you either.

The good news is you have info, you still have a uterus and you could still carry a child. With POF there is still a 5% chance of natural pregnancy due to spontaneous ovulation and a high chance using DE for IVF. This is where we're at now. miraculously it's free on the NHS for us. First apt in three weeks time!

There is A LOT to get your head around, shit I've talked the ear holes off poor Mr Coconut. PM me if you want to chat. I was DEVASTATED by the news - started going through this in March - but am slowly moving into acceptance and a more positive frame of mind.

Take some time, be good to yourself. I don't think you can underestimate how much this will cut you to the quick. For me there's been a grieving process, for my body and for my unborn child I'll never have. It's big stuff. You have a right to feel knocked sideways and crap, cry all you can and let it out. I'm thinking of ya buddy.

cherrycoconut Tue 16-Jul-13 08:23:54

Yorkie there's an interesting thread on FF here about those going through IVF with high FSH, low AMH.

LikenInsaid, please please don't give up hope. We're all here for you <arm strokes>

cherrycoconut Tue 16-Jul-13 08:24:27
Bunnygirlie Tue 16-Jul-13 08:36:55


Hugs tally feeling better today?

aquarius your DH needs a kick up the arse! All he has to do is jizz in a cup, it's not like you are asking him to be poked and prodded etc grrrrrrrr at Mr Aqua

I know what you mean about FB, I have at least 3 FB friends who are due any day now ( along with that bloody royal baby ) and I know I will have to hide the pics and updates and then I feel bad for being so heartless, but it's self preservation innit! 

Stand there boom <gets large sausage out of massive handbag> WHACK!

Oh yorkie hugs! I hope things aren't as bleak as they seem right now x

4th day of taking drugs for period pain, mother nature really is punishing me this month as I'm sure I only usually get 1 day grrrrr 

Oh Yorkie so sorry to hear that sad, must be such a shock. Hope Cherry's good advice has helped somewhat, and that there's still hope for you - sounds like more investigations are needed. Has anyone discussed these results with you or have you just phoned up for them? Can you call the clinic and ask for an earlier appointment in view of the results? No matter when your appointment is, you're entitled to ask the doctor you're under at the clinic to call you to discuss your results. Sending you massive hugs x

Puppy glad things are under way!

Happy Poster girl grin

Feeling a bit ashamed of myself for being so grumpy when others have got so much more on their plates than me. Thanks for the sausage wang bunny! Have taken boomdogs for a walk in the sunshine this morning before starting the final push of dissertation, they've been very good and I feel cheerier now. Also DH reminded me that last night I woke up at 4am screaming 'ARGH there's a spider!', jumped out of bed naked and switched the light on...there was no spider blush

SidneyBristow Tue 16-Jul-13 09:48:30

Aquarius is your husband secretly terrified he'll have a low count? Surely it's not just apathy causing him to hold up your medical care?? If he absolutely won't go, can you not explain that to your GP & have them proceed with the tests anyway? Endo problems need fixing whether they're hampering TTC or not, right?

Puppy sounds like things are full speed ahead!

Boom wishing you a huge burst of motivation to get that dissertation done, just think once it's over, it's over! Now get out of here and finish it, missus!!

Yorkie massive hugs, that had to be a huge shock to your system and staying home today is definitely in order. Sept 1 seems ages away but in the meantime there's nothing to lose by calling to ask to discuss results, right? Please don't lose hope - the consultant will be able to tell you exactly where you stand and what your options are, and like Cherry said, there is plenty of support and lines of treatment to help you along. We're always here for you! If it helps, just over the weekend I spent time with a relative of my BIL's. She & her DH had to undergo IVF of some type - she had minimal eggs of less than ideal quality; he had compromised sperm of less than ideal quality - and their little boy is now 6 mos old. thanks thanks thanks

Bunny hope your period pains subside soon!

Right gotta run, supposed to be packing today and the house is a shambles so a massive clean-up is in order before we can pack anything. Why is it so hot!!!!!!

Apologies if I multiple post, tough to remember it all on the app...
Yorkie <hugs> you poor thing. I guess I can only echo what Cherry said that knowledge is power and everything you do now will be a very positive step towards getting pregnant because it will be very tailored to your situation (rather than blindly trying iyswim). Take care of yourself and feel free to moan and cry on here all you want x

SidneyBristow Tue 16-Jul-13 09:51:57

Oops the list:

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter

Boom are you not now officially late??
Puppy what is icsi? Also I am confused at what your FC said about sperm as that's based on old research, the newest research suggests ED sex results in less sperm with chromosome abnormalities and the decrease in sperm count that results is negligible in the scheme of things and that the sperm are mature enough to fertilise an egg perfectly successfully. I'm getting angry at a this crap here say advice, didn't somebody else's clinic poo poo them about having a short LP?? confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfused

Merk I'm not late, I'm just waiting for a progesterone withdrawal bleed which could be any time between today and next Saturday. If it doesn't happen by then it's an indication that something else is out of whack too...but fingers crossed it won't come to that. No chance of a BFP here this month though I'm afraid, before you all start circling!

Btw icsi is intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. It's where they give the sperm a hand breaking into the egg in ivf spot who had a lecture on this a few months ago

Couldn't agree more, the advice the doctors give is out of date and based on dodgy evidence. Every single one of them I've met so far is talking out of a hole not intended for conversation.

Aquarius1 Tue 16-Jul-13 10:27:38

Thanks all for moral support. Sid - I could push on and get a lap without waiting for referral to FC but there's other stuff that needs checking at the FC so was told would best to get FC to do the lap.

Yorkie I'm so sorry about your disappointing news. hope you're taking care of yourself today and hope Cherry's and everyone else's words have given you some comfort and encouragement. What a great bunch of berries.

Bunny four days of painkillers?? Man that's rubbish- hope it goes away soon.

yorkiebilb Tue 16-Jul-13 10:50:59

Thanks very much all for being so lovely. I don't feel I can talk to my bf about it as she is currently pregnant so I really appreciate you offering me support and advice. Sobbed on the phone to my mum this morning though!

Thanks so much cherry for offering advice when you are going through so much yourself. My fsh level came back as 12 and I know that anything over 10 isn't good. I have been having night sweats on and off for a year and a bit so it has crossed my mind but I thought it might be my anxiety. I'm also worrying about my age (35) with these results. Thank you for providing the link to a thread about it. There doesn't seem to be much on mn about high fsh levels so a link to others chatting about it will definitely help. I know that there are options but it has all come as a big shock and I'm currently in panic mode.

I spoke to the hospital about trying to get an earlier appointment but there were none available and the consultant wouldn't talk to me until my apt in Sep which is very frustrating. I did ring some of the nhs clinics that fall under my area to ask their advice, some said upper limit was 15 and another said that it should be less than 12 and that I need to be referred asap. She also told me to try and get my gp to repeat the day 2/3 tests as fsh levels fluctuate from month to month. I'm going to ring my gp and try and get them to arrange another test for next month particularly as they mucked up my first set of results.

yorkie are you kidding me, the consultant is refusing to speak to a distressed patient? angry Too big for their bloody boots, time some of these people remembered who they're in their job to help.

Is going private an option for you? Hope your GP at least manages to sort out those tests. Those levels sound hopeful, at least they're at the lower end of 'high' if you know what I mean. I do hope you get some answers soon, it's totally unfair to leave you stewing until September. Plus if it is pof surely time is of the essence?

Sorry, not trying to rile you up. Just upsets me when people who are supposed to be there to care for people cause more harm than they do good.

yorkiebilb Tue 16-Jul-13 11:55:30

hi boom yep wouldn't talk even with me on the phone crying my eyes out.

Private is an option and DH's lovely mum has offered to pay but don't want to take money unnecessarily as she is not exactly rolling in it and would want to exhaust nhs options if I can first. I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel guilty taking money off her when it's my body that has failed not her sons. I know that sounds crazy.

Currently on hold waiting to speak to my doctor to try and request a repeat fsh test.

SidneyBristow Tue 16-Jul-13 13:14:47

Yorkie will keep my fingers crossed that someone at your doctor's office has an ounce of compassion and human kindness and will speak to you and get the repeat tests underway. It's disgraceful the way some practices leave their patients hanging! How kind of your MIL to offer - at least you know that's a possibility. I'm sure she wouldn't offer if she couldn't manage it. Maybe she has the same attitude my parents do, that they'd rather see their money help family members while they (my parents) are still around to see the results. thanks

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 13:17:56

boom welcome to my world! For about the last 10 years, between 2 and 3 times a week I've woken up screaming or telling dh that there's a man in the room! What can I say? he loves it! (hmm)

yorkie I'm sure you need to have an amh test yet. Even then, there's been loads of mumsnetters that have said they got pg naturally that have had a low amh

cherrycoconut Tue 16-Jul-13 13:52:58

Hope you’re bearing up OK Yorkie?
12 is not so bad hun, really. Measures in normal women fluctuate between about 4 – 20 anyway, depending on where you are in your cycle. Are you having a regular cycle? Did you have it tested on a particular day? This could yet be all fine and nothing to worry about.

From what I’ve read/gleaned it’s not usually until you get into the high teens, 20’s and even low 30’s consistently that you’d really be considered perimenopausal. Flippin doctors should really work on their delivery of this news before they drop their bloody clangers it makes me so cross! 30 – 140 is the range for meno/post meno.

Take a few deep breaths, it’s definitely not all over yet. Reducing your stress levels, I know I know, easier said than done hey, eating well, getting good sleep will all help in the meantime. Try not to fret.

I agree with Blind, again, on it's own, low AMH is not the barrier it first seems.

yorkiebilb Tue 16-Jul-13 14:42:07

Again thank you all for your kind words and support berries - you make me cry (again) at how lovely you all are. I'm sorry I seem to have dominated the thread today....

cherry It was taken on day 2 of my cycle and I know it fluctuates from cycle to cycle. I'm just concerned about being refused nhs treatment as many won't treat unless you're under 10 and they look at your highest result. I just want to know what I need to do as I'm getting mixed messages from the professionals or just being completely ignored. I guess I just have to wait until Sep and try and reduce my stress in the interim. Unfortunately I suffer from anxiety and I came off my AD's to get pg last year so that probably isn't helping me. However, on a positive I've just ordered a fertility yoga dvd and some recommended books on infertility. cherry thank you so much for all your advice considering everything you are going through. I really hope you can get the ball moving with the DE and I have everything crossed for you.

Foodylicious Tue 16-Jul-13 15:54:47

For the list...
Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter
Foody - 33, ttc nov 2011, 1mc may 2013, currently on hold until end Aug/start Sep. Hate F&*%$^& condoms, grrr, hanging on by a thread most days

Oh yorkie thats proper pants, do what you need to do do to get through this, give yourself a break if you can, if you don't want to go to work, don't go, if you need a good scream go ahead. whatever happens just keep talking, you have to let it out.
Someone once told me something utterly useless...
"whatever happens today, tomorrow still turns up"
no shit sherlock! pissed me off at the time but now makes me smile just a little bit when I feel all is lost.

Foodylicious Tue 16-Jul-13 15:58:57

Good move on the DVD yorkie I have got back into excerise after mc in lay and want my body to be the best it can be by september.
have you checked out i get some of my exercise videos on there and if you type in fertility a few things come up like yoga!

Foodylicious Tue 16-Jul-13 16:02:46

sorry, just had a better look at the fertility stuff on 2shared and its a bit pants

Hello all,

yorkie you know there's a bug hug from me at this shitty news. From what cherry says however, it may not be as bleak as all that. cherry what a wealth of knowledge and support you are! I'm glad the hormones aren't making you feel too dodgy but slightly disappointed you haven't woken up with a full beard in the first stage of becoming a man

boom and blind wtf is going on? Why all this nocturnal angst?

aquarius I agree with getting to the bottom of what's going on with DH. Can you talk to him about it? I know mine would be utterly shit at this.

Hi to everyone else. As for me, no af today and that as much as I can cope with at the moment!

Tallyra Tue 16-Jul-13 18:02:57

hi foody. I am SO with you on that condom thing. That's exactly why we aren't DTD much at the moment (which is pathetic really and starting to get to us). neither of us like them much and it makes it so much less tempting knowing we've got to be careful. As soon as we have our baby, I'm going back to the coil.

yorkie hope you're still hanging in there, it's such a nightmare when you can't seem to get answers from people who should know what they're talking about. It compounds all the anxiety totally unecessarily and causes avoidable stress. <hugs> for you and angry angry angry for the consultant.

My classroom was an oven today. Kids tired, hot and grumpy and I was worse! Hanging by a thread until the end of term. Unfortunately DP finishes on Friday and I have another two days. I really can't see the point in next mon/tues. I can't imagine getting anything productive done!!

DP now on a work night out leaving me with two dogs (dog sitting this week).

Day two of clomid and no side effects I've noticed. Feeling positive grin .

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 19:11:52

Barking I hear you on the classroom oven thing. Sun on my window all day. Kids only in there for 50 minute lessons but I was in there all day - almost melted! We finish on Friday fortunately. I think Boodle said she has another week shock. School trip tomorrow ie deposit 500 kids in theme park and settle on picnic blanket near entrance with Kindle for 6 hours to make sure none of them escape. Times like this I love my job grin

Bunnygirlie Tue 16-Jul-13 19:12:35


Yay to the clomid barking for you FX!

Bunnygirlie Tue 16-Jul-13 19:13:39

p.s. i hate teachers at this time of the year wink

marie456 Tue 16-Jul-13 19:41:06

Good evening ladies. Could I possibly join this thread?
I am 31 years old. Husband also 31. ttc for 9 cycles (1 cycle after MC).
Finally managed to get upduffed and knew I was pregnant for all of 8 days before it came unstuck :-( . That was last week. Horrible week that it was. Have a feeling I have low progesterone after trawling through internet information so 'unsticking' may happen again if I get lucky a second time round.
Have had a little nosy at the Elderberry threads in the past. Haven't had chance to look through all of this most recent thread yet but will plough on through it now and try and get to know you all a bit better!!

On computer now so can update the list grin

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter
Foody - 33, ttc nov 2011, 1mc may 2013, currently on hold until end Aug/start Sep. Hate F&*%$^& condoms, grrr, hanging on by a thread most days
Barking - 34, ttc cycle 20, had all the tests, FC said 'unexplained infertility', dismissed 8 day LP as a potential issue, on first cycle of Clomid.

Right, I could stay on the computer all night and do nothing productive, or I could make cookies. I was going to make Rum and Raisin cookies but we have no rum in the house. Maybe I should just go and buy some rum...

Hey Marie, welcome in. Poor you for the last cycle, that's awful news. Have you seen your doc?

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 19:49:08

Welcome Marie. So sorry to hear about your MC. You'll find lots of support here from lovely ladies who've sadly been through similar experiences. Put your feet up and make yourself at home.

Hi Marie grin. Make yourself at home! It's all very friendly in here. Would you like a cookie when I come back later? Sorry you've had a bad knock, there are others on here who've been through similar. flowers
Pick yourself a suitable seat - we have a wide selection but I'm afraid I've forgotten what most of them are. The Sofa of Pity? The Chaise Longue of Limbo? Rug of Rage? I'm usually on the Beanbag of Grumpiness or skipping merrily down the Yellow Brick Road of positivity, depending on the time of cycle....

Help me out Berries, what else can we sit on?!

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 19:56:08

Sunlounger of........sympathy??

Damn. Dithered too long or just too damn lazy and just realised it's 8pm. Corner shop shuts at 8pm. No rum and raisin cookies then. Might have to be chocolate chip instead. Definitely logging off now...

barking buy the rum. BUY THE RUM! Last chance for booze now you're on them thar baby pills!

Hi Marie, come on in! I am currently hogging the chaise longue of limbo, but feel free to grab a seat on any of the others that barking mentioned, or failing that make one up. Oh, and there's the bubblebath of gloom too if you fancy getting wet. So sorry to hear about your mc, it's utter crap. Feel free to have a good rant, we're all good at sympathy and brew and biscuit.

What makes you think you might have low progesterone?

Boo. No rum.

Pouffe of possibility

Hi marie sorry to hear about your mc but welcome to a lovely thread.

Hooray for sweeties and chic chip cookies sound good enough for me if you're offrin...

marie456 Tue 16-Jul-13 20:14:30

Thanks for the welcome! ...Hahaha! That's a good selection of seats!! Sofa of Pity will probably suit me after last week if theres any comfy cushions left!
Merkin I went to the GP but they are saying "just one of those things" at present. Going to read up more on the progesterone stuff and get myself back there.
Think it's going to take me forever to catch up with the goings on on the Elderberry threads!

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 20:18:32

foody I can't work out how too add you on my fitness pal! Do I need to add you on FB first? I want to show off how angelic I've been these last 2 days as I will fail miserably soon

barking and happy afraid I have no sympathy for you seeing as you break up on Friday!!! wink

thunder I have no idea! I actually wondered if something awful happened to me in a previous life!

marie well you've come to the right place! Oh and we've just had 2 bfps after a REALLY long time so we're due for a third given that things come in 3s...

Bunnygirlie Tue 16-Jul-13 20:19:16

thunder just re-read your post from earlier, can I have a bug hug too grin

marie welcome to the gang, sorry you are having a tough time

So do you think it's weird or ironic that I keep my opks in my box of tampons?!?

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 20:20:45

breaking bad fans - just watched the last episode of season 4 and OMG!!!!

It's just dawned on me that I've got to start planning this baby shower of my friend's <sobs>. Why do I do these things lol? X

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 20:24:01

yorkie just fyi I emailed my local BMI recently and asked if I could have an amh test without having to pay for a consultation and they said all they'd need is a letter from my gp and £95

ladybunnikins Tue 16-Jul-13 20:29:25

Just adding myself to the list, not done it before so hopefully it works!

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter
Foody - 33, ttc nov 2011, 1mc may 2013, currently on hold until end Aug/start Sep. Hate F&*%$^& condoms, grrr, hanging on by a thread most days
Barking - 34, ttc cycle 20, had all the tests, FC said 'unexplained infertility', dismissed 8 day LP as a potential issue, on first cycle of Clomid.
Lady - 34, ttc for 18 months, awaiting AMH and sperm swim-up test results at private FC appointment

I'm on CD22, had a peak on CBFM on day 20. Usually I ovulate on the day after the first peak but no temp rise today so got to DTD again tonight.

Tallyra Tue 16-Jul-13 20:31:25

hi Marie, welcome!
I've had 3 mc and I'm sorry to tell you that the doctors wo.t do anything until it happens 3 times :-( but if you have a sympathetic gp or consultant you might be able to persuade them to do some blood tests.

Ahh bunny bug hug! I didn't see that before. Yes of course you can have one; come into my six arms x

marie I had a mmc at 12 weeks last year. Horrible horrible.

Yes blind you nutter. We've spoken about this before....

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 20:42:00

Just adding myself to the list, not done it before so hopefully it works!

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter
Foody - 33, ttc nov 2011, 1mc may 2013, currently on hold until end Aug/start Sep. Hate F&*%$^& condoms, grrr, hanging on by a thread most days
Barking - 34, ttc cycle 20, had all the tests, FC said 'unexplained infertility', dismissed 8 day LP as a potential issue, on first cycle of Clomid.
Lady - 34, ttc for 18 months, awaiting AMH and sperm swim-up test results at private
blindkitty 33, ttc 24 months, 4 rounds of pointless clomid, hsg, sa, forever waiting for iui

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 20:43:39

thunder don't worry dh gets his own back with all his boob squeezage and dry humping in the night!!!! How you feeling?

Wtf?! Night dry humping? Do you slap him? You are a right pair!

Feeling ok, just in denial really. Sore tummy and being knackered are just standard at the mo.

cherrycoconut Tue 16-Jul-13 20:49:25

Might as well add myself while hoping for a miracle!

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter
Foody - 33, ttc nov 2011, 1mc may 2013, currently on hold until end Aug/start Sep. Hate F&*%$^& condoms, grrr, hanging on by a thread most days
Barking - 34, ttc cycle 20, had all the tests, FC said 'unexplained infertility', dismissed 8 day LP as a potential issue, on first cycle of Clomid.
Lady - 34, ttc for 18 months, awaiting AMH and sperm swim-up test results at private
blindkitty 33, ttc 24 months, 4 rounds of pointless clomid, hsg, sa, forever waiting for iui
Cherrycoconut - 34, TTC August 2012, amenorrhea from BCP, diagnosed POF May 2013, heading for DE IVF

marie456 Tue 16-Jul-13 20:55:41

Thanks for the welcome folks! Hahaha! What a choice of seating! The Sofa of Pity will probably suffice for a while after last weeks experience. Then I may move to the Recliner for a Whiner (or even a Winer depending on the mood).
GP says mc "just one of those things". Going to read up a bit more on low progesterone and then head back there for a rant chat. I am thinking low progesterone due to pre period spotting for a few days and shortish luteal phase. Scoffing prenatal vitamins have added 1-2 days onto the luteal phase it seems.
I'm sure I'll be back here for plenty of moaning and stressing!

marie456 Tue 16-Jul-13 20:58:31

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter
Foody - 33, ttc nov 2011, 1mc may 2013, currently on hold until end Aug/start Sep. Hate F&*%$^& condoms, grrr, hanging on by a thread most days
Barking - 34, ttc cycle 20, had all the tests, FC said 'unexplained infertility', dismissed 8 day LP as a potential issue, on first cycle of Clomid.
Lady - 34, ttc for 18 months, awaiting AMH and sperm swim-up test results at private
blindkitty 33, ttc 24 months, 4 rounds of pointless clomid, hsg, sa, forever waiting for iui
Cherrycoconut - 34, TTC August 2012, amenorrhea from BCP, diagnosed POF May 2013, heading for DE IVF
Marie456 31 TTC November 2012. MC July 2013

marie456 Tue 16-Jul-13 21:00:37

Oh didn't realise that my 2nd post had worked. Now I've posted a very similar post and look like a knob on my first day blush

Don't worry about that, done all the time!

Ha Marie fret not, first day knobbishness is permitted. But if you do it again after today we will have to tar and feather you and dunk you in the bubblebath of gloom grin

Kitty sleep dry humping? really? DH would get an elbow in the gob and a knee in the groin for that That must be annoying..

Hope you stay in denial a bit longer thunder, I'm not letting you escape to the grads any time soon!

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 21:48:41

Kitty im often woken in the early hours by DP groping me in his sleep. He is genuinely comatose and has no recollection of doing it. A loud Oi and an elbow in his ribs usually stops him in his tracks!

IamKuma Tue 16-Jul-13 21:59:36

Hi Marie and welcome.

Nothing to report from me; AF should depart shortly then its back to more of the same.

aquarius sorry your DH not cooperating; I suspect I have this to come. My DH said from day 1 that if things didn't happen naturally he wasn't really interested in getting help. If you have any bright ideas about how to broach the subject do let me know!

IamKuma Tue 16-Jul-13 22:02:38

Bunny - 33, month 15 TTC, had basic tests, awaiting FC referral letter
Happy - 35 cycle 12. Last ditch attempt to get upduffed before taking a break in preparation for wedding next year. Also waiting for FC appt.
Tallyra, 33, ttc for ages, keep getting sick and then losing it. Hysteroscopy next week the back to trying again.
boom 31, month 15, mc last year, pcos, starting clomid next cycle if AF ever fricking turns up. Dangerously grumpy.
Sidney - 38, Lucky Cycle 13 TTC, all tests normal, awaiting FC referral letter
Foody - 33, ttc nov 2011, 1mc may 2013, currently on hold until end Aug/start Sep. Hate F&*%$^& condoms, grrr, hanging on by a thread most days
Barking - 34, ttc cycle 20, had all the tests, FC said 'unexplained infertility', dismissed 8 day LP as a potential issue, on first cycle of Clomid.
Lady - 34, ttc for 18 months, awaiting AMH and sperm swim-up test results at private
blindkitty 33, ttc 24 months, 4 rounds of pointless clomid, hsg, sa, forever waiting for iui
Cherrycoconut - 34, TTC August 2012, amenorrhea from BCP, diagnosed POF May 2013, heading for DE IVF
Marie456 31 TTC November 2012. MC July 2013
Kuma - 38, month 7, in denial, history of gynaecological wierdnesses....

Someone make room for menon the beanbag of grumpiness, one of DPs closest friends just emailed to share their happy news... This one stings particularly as they split up last year and I distinctly remember her telling me that she knew they had to split when she had a pg scare and 'couldn't think of anything worse' than having a baby with her DH. It stuck as we were already trying at that time. And now they've had time to renconcile, sort their marriage out, decide to ttc and not only get updiffed but be far enoigh along now to tell everyone, all while DP and I were still trying sad . Life is NOT FAIR!!!!! angry

But at least I have triple chocolate cookies to stuff my face with in pity eat. grin

Oh no boom. If I go I'm planning on taking you with me! Surely it's time for the bfp rush now...

My oh has weird toenails and has drawn blood on my ankles by scratching me in the night. Yuck!

BlindKitty Tue 16-Jul-13 22:26:49

thunder happy boom he generally gets an elbow although on shag weeks I have been known to wear an easy-access nightie in case I can get a bonus shag out of him. He generally only wakes up half way through wink

marie recliner for a whiner/winer??? I think we're going to like you grin

CharmingCats Tue 16-Jul-13 22:32:29

Thank you for your fb thoughts and for not leaving me! Feeling better today apart from a hot classroom and playground. We break up next Wednesday, so it's all about maintaining routine until the last possible minute.
Welcome marie. The berries are great support, sources of knowledge and general hilarity. Hope you're being kind to yourselves.
barking what a shit pg announcement. The nerve!
Saw the be more dog advert today and absolutely loved it. The cat's smile when it has its head out the car window is priceless.

Boodle9 Tue 16-Jul-13 22:42:46

<Belated cool-guy nod in *Aquarius' direction>

Hello Marie and Lady! smile

Charming, we're in school until Wednesday too, and I am not easing off on my lot until last possible minute. I've got it in my head that we finish Friday though as got lots of classroom tidying, etc. to do on those 2 days and probably another week after that, but trying not think about that

Oh. My. God. Literally as I am typing, we have just had ANOTHER bloody pregnancy announcement. I am so tired of this. That's another THREE in the last week.

Was going to try to do a nice 'catch up' message and read everyone's comments, etc, but way too pissed off to do it now. Maybe tomorrow.

Bunnygirlie Tue 16-Jul-13 22:52:49

Evening! Ooh lots to catch up on....

Ha thunder bug hug is def one to add to the Berry lingo, it's like our own language grin

kitty sleep dry humping really?!? I do however also wear a nightie and no knix during shag week in case of morning glorywink don't think I've worn a nightie since I was little before this! 

marie recliner for a whiner! Ace, you are going to fit right in with us nutters lovely ladies!

aquarius and kuma I am stunned at your OHs reluctance to get checked out. Are they scared that the 'problem' could be them? 

barking life is indeed not fair!!! Bug hugs to you! and boodle too!

cats that ad is ace ! 

Good old Facebook, just logged on to be faced with some stupid poem about how amazing it is to be a mother and how blessed they are, AND a 39weeks and counting picture!

happylass Australia Tue 16-Jul-13 23:36:19

Ugh Boodle just been hit with another pg announcement on FB too sad. Though I'll be shouting it from the rooftops when it's my turn!!

Who bloody well announces births on FB at 3 in the bloody morning when I'm still doing my dissertation and was looking for a little light relief? Could have waited til tomorrow ffs. kid has a stupid name anyway

Nearly finished my diss. Love a good all-nighter me...

In other news, AF is here WAHOOO! So, given that it's 3 in the morning, is today (Weds) day 1? So I get to play with the sweeties tomorrow and immediately get diffed with at least quads and post massive in-yer-face pictures of my enormous fertile bump all over facebook until the instadiffers are sick of me

Watch out thunder, I'm on your tail now! <skips off down yellow brick road>

I think I might be having a minor reality break given the hour and amount of words I've written in the past day.

BlindKitty Wed 17-Jul-13 06:11:18

barking charming that add is hilarious!

PuppyMummy Wed 17-Jul-13 07:02:33

hi all, im behind now!
merk it was the sister in charge we saw this time, tbh we hav done ed/eod for so long and it hasnt worked, might as well try something else (even if her reasoning is wrong!)

icsi is where they fertilise an egg for u by injecting the best sperm, ivf the egg and sperm fertilise themselves. I hav a big booklet to read when I get chance!

we break up fri. should hav been in mon tues to but they r inset days which we hav already worked by doing twilights. this week is dragging though!

woohoo for sweeties boom!
I've woken up still grumpy about last night's pg announcement sad angry envy . Please let the sweeties work for me!!!!! sad

Gillster Wed 17-Jul-13 07:17:03

Good work on the dissertation Boom and yay for AF and sweeties! I expect to be starting the sweeties too early next week.

So I don't usually bother but PIMPed this morning just to be sure before the op later today. As expected BFN. Not too disappointed as hopefully op today and some sweeties will fix things before heading off down the IVF road.

Now have 15 mins to get some brekkie down me before I'm nil by mouth.

IamKuma Wed 17-Jul-13 07:37:20

gillster good luck today, I hope it goes smoothly.

boom well done, I bet you'll be relieved once is handed in. I hope you're not too tired!

Good luck gill

Kuma I'm knackered, 2 hours sleep and it's still not bloody finished. It's all the faffing about with page numbers and stuff that's got me tied in knots!

Hope all goes well today gillster thanks

So that's you, me, boodle and boom all on cycle 1 of clomid! Surely one of us has to get lucky?!

<elbows others out of the way and pushes to the front of the queue>

Boom sounds horrendous, but nearly at the end?! Hope it's all done and over soon. I'm off work today and supposed to be finishing the first draft of my last essay but I'm already on pininterest so it looks like it's going to be a battle!!!

Tallyra Wed 17-Jul-13 08:20:02

good luck gill xxxxxxxxxxx

Bunnygirlie Wed 17-Jul-13 08:38:02

Grrrrrrr to 3am FB announcements!

boom YAY to the diss and the sweeties!!!

Break a leg gil

Stuck on the beanbag of boredom! Waiting for AF to jog on and the feeling of dread is sneaking up on me as shag week approaches!

cherrycoconut Wed 17-Jul-13 08:39:00

Good luck Gill and yay for all the berries with BFP inducing sweeties to scoff and shiny new cycles to try them out on.

Boom hang in there, the finish line is in sight! You bloody deserve it, I hate all-nighters, makes me shudder just to remember those end of term days at uni. Urgh!

Welcome in Marie sorry to hear of your MC, glad to see you're already comfy on our seating arrangements.

How you doing this morning Yorkie? I understand what you're saying about being on the cusp of IVF eligibility in some places but I'm sure you'd find a FC to take you. I've everything crossed for you that the next blood readings are better. Are there any anxiety meds or natural remedies you can take safely while TTC that might help you? Acupuncture really helps me relax, others here have had success with reflexology.

I have a lovely day of tedious and erroneous meetings to get through today, then a long weekend off work. Technically Friiiday then here... yippee. I shall get that in now before all you teachers start rubbing it in next week announcing yer long hols!

BlindKitty Wed 17-Jul-13 09:15:03

boom ah know that feeling all too well! Hopefully you'll be so relieved and relaxed afterwards you'll get your bfp!

gill hope everything goes ok for you today

So diet going well but I'm hungry already! Arrgh!

Tallyra Wed 17-Jul-13 09:23:55

barking, step away from the social stuff slowly. get writing and come back in 2 hours and tell us how much you have written.
I had a bit of a weird night last night. was all ready to throw myself at dh but then a ferret escaped and he spent the next half hour chatting to the neighbour and then when he finally came to bed I was mad and told him so. so we started talking about stuff and came to the conclusion that I get angr because I don't know what else to do. then I broke down and cried and I feel a lot better today. don't try to hold it all in girls, it'll do your relationship no good!

Tallyra Wed 17-Jul-13 09:23:56

barking, step away from the social stuff slowly. get writing and come back in 2 hours and tell us how much you have written.
I had a bit of a weird night last night. was all ready to throw myself at dh but then a ferret escaped and he spent the next half hour chatting to the neighbour and then when he finally came to bed I was mad and told him so. so we started talking about stuff and came to the conclusion that I get angr because I don't know what else to do. then I broke down and cried and I feel a lot better today. don't try to hold it all in girls, it'll do your relationship no good!

IamKuma Wed 17-Jul-13 09:28:57

bunny yes I think he is scared the problem might be him, he is funny about doctors anyway, refuses even to take painkillers for a headache....

On the subject of acupuncture, I mentioned to DH this morning that a friend is having it to help conceive, he looked worried and said 'surely sticking needles in your ladybits can't be good for you'. I had to explain that that wasn't how acupuncture worked! Maybe he thinks I'm going to have him get acupuncture on his man-bits wink.

kuma Laughing lots at images of all our men laying on their backs with pins in their bits. Nothing I wouldn't try for a baby, might stick a few experimental pins in DP while he's sleeping grin .

I haven't even started my essay but that's because I've fed both dogs, emptied and refilled the dishwasher and then been on the phone for AN HOUR to work ON MY DAY OFF!!
Motivation now even lower but I have the triple choc chip cookies I made last night to bribe myself with grin .

SidneyBristow Wed 17-Jul-13 10:20:22

today starts our manic countdown to Holiday With Kids 2013 so can't really catch up but just wanted to pop in to say

Welcome Marie! You are in the right place, glad you're here!

Good luck today Gill hope it goes smoothly & is over before you know it!

Keep typing Boom and think of the sweet relief when you hand your diss in!!

Yorkie love how are you today? thanks

Hope everyone else is having a nice calm relaxing aircon'd day, unlike me who will be frantically trying to tie up loose ends in the heat. (insert sweaty emoticon here!)

Aquarius1 Wed 17-Jul-13 10:20:26

Kuma that's hilarious! Acupuncture on your ladybits! shock

I think my dh might be concerned about his results too although I think also it might be a pride thing in that he doesn't want other people to interfere with our ttc'ing. He's far more laid back about things and says he doesn't mind if it takes us longer to get pg.

Am I right in thinking all this sweeties business is about taking hormones? If so hope all goes well for those doing the sweetie popping. If not you all have worrying sugar addictions. (Sorry am a bit behind on things).

Sweeties = Clomid Aquarius, designed to kick your ovaries into gear and regulate your cycles. Not a great success rate with women who are already ovulating, but as my cycles are irregular and I have a short LP I'm hoping that's what has stopped me getting a BFP so far and therefore the Clomid will sort all that out and wave the proverbial magic wand...
My FC consultant said they probably won't work as I'm already ovulating and a short LP isn't an issue. I'm choosing to ignore the silly man. However he did say they should increase the changes of pg each cycle from 25% to 30%, so I'll take that! grin.

Right, have emailed my essay from the desktop to the laptop so can work in the kitchen whilst supervising the dogs and watching out for the postman...

See you berries later! I'll bring the rest of the cookies if I haven't eaten all 20 of them myself by this afternoon

yorkiebilb Wed 17-Jul-13 13:19:08

hello all,

Good luck for all you clomid ladies. Welcome to the thread marie and so sorry about your mc. You've definitely come to the right thread for support.

Thanks for all the information and support over the past 2 days. I managed to get some sleep last night so that's good. I had my acupuncture apt this morning and I've got a counselling apt this evening and I'm spending the day laid on the sofa watching The White Queen and trying to resist the temptation to google. I've also just got off the phone from one of the consultants team. Basically he can't make any prognosis or decisions on one result and as coconut rightly said they need to be repeated in a couple of months time which means more waiting. I do understand but just feel in limbo at the moment. In the meantime I need to do everything in my power to try and reduce my stress levels and hopefully my fsh level, however, the thought of trying to reduce my stress levels is stressing me out!!! What a vicious circle! No, I'm going to try and focus on eating healthy, exercising and trying to chill to hell out! coconut did you ever get any advice on what you should/shouldn't be eating and how much exercise you should be getting?

Anyway enough about me. How are you lovely berries? kuma I laughed at your DH saying about putting needles up your lady bits so please say thanks for making me laugh today! I did panic this morning when my acupuncturist asked me to find my pelvic bone and wondered where he was going to put the needles!

Good luck with the essay writing barking and boom hope you managed to get the dissertation all sorted.

BlindKitty Wed 17-Jul-13 13:28:36

kuma also laughed out loud at your dh! The only dh around here who had anything to moan about is poor barking's and even he's apparantly better!

Well guys .... I've finally had my iui letter!!! All systems go! I know it's success rate isn't great so I'm not completely niave that it might not work but feel its one step slider on the everlasting road to motherhood! Really hoping I'll start next cycle but know these things take time

yorkiebilb Wed 17-Jul-13 13:32:14

That's great news blind a step in the right direction.

Gillster Wed 17-Jul-13 13:38:22

Thanks for all the best wishes berries but I didn't get the op. she wouldn't do it because I'd had unprotected sex. It's a shame that she hadn't told me that on the 2nd July. She's squeezing me in in 2 weeks time so not too bad I suppose but it means I'll have to delay the clomid for another month. On the plus side we're in Paris this weekend so I can definitely enjoy myself and not worry about taking it easy after the op.

Sorry to hear your news yorkie, it puts my issues into a bit more perspective. Good luck with the relaxing and hopefully you'll get some more positive results when they retest.

Kuma make sure your DH gets himself tested soon. The months go by so quickly and at 38 you've no time to lose as the options get fewer once you approach 40.

Tallyra Wed 17-Jul-13 13:41:11

was that a hysteroscopy you were supposed to have? because if so, I'll be telling dh we have to use condoms still this month. Grrr. I don't want mine delayed because of that. they didn't tell me that either.

Gillster Wed 17-Jul-13 16:02:13

Yes Tally keep it safe!

Tallyra Wed 17-Jul-13 16:14:30

Thank you gillster we will. I'm sorry yours didn't happen. It's nasty getting all worked up for something that doesn't happen.

BlindKitty Wed 17-Jul-13 17:12:13

gill I did think it was odd they'd not told you (I think it was me and you that had this conversation). Before I had my hsg, I got really angry with the woman on the phone as she told me about 10 times not to have (even protected) sex! She even said they'd know if I had (as if!)

yorkie thanks, it's about time something happened for me!! Not holding out much hope but I'm glad we're trying it

Hello everyone!

Properly chuckling at the thought of blokes with needles in their bits. Can we not arrange this as a scam for when they're annoying us?

barking not bat king as my phone thinks, how's the essay? Them cookies sound lush.

gil FFS! Why would they not mention this before?? You are there because you want a baby so why wouldn't you be ttc unless told otherwise. Glad they can do it soon though and Paris sounds fab.

yorkie what a good, proactive day you've had. We're you around when cherry was telling us about all the dietary changes she was making? They were quite extreme but I think I'm right in saying she settled into them pretty quickly.

blind hooray for the letter! What's iui? Sorry, can't remember.

sid I hope you survived the day and have a nice cold drink in the shade right now

CharmingCats Wed 17-Jul-13 19:21:55

Hello all! Cd 34 and af advance party here! I'm deliriously happy! A normal length cycle and sweeties that work! I may get clomid at the end of the summer, if not diffed. What monitoring is involved?
Meet my new class tomorrow. Cannot wait.

gil sorry things didn't go to plan this morning and that no-one had told you. Grrrrr.

blind hooray! Keep up the positivity!

Bunnygirlie Wed 17-Jul-13 19:30:23

Hey berries.

Ouch to the needles in your bits shock

gil boo to no op!

Woohoo cats

I have the most horrendous heat headache, our air-con breaking ready for this stoopid heatwave is just marvellous NOT!

Foodylicious Wed 17-Jul-13 19:42:43

Busy ladies!!!
Welcome marie sorry you have had such a S*&^ time, alot of us have been through the mill one way or another so feel free to vent, tantrum, collapse into a pool of tears of pity and generally have a good bitch and moan. Beware you may get sausage wanged if needed grin
kitty what is your username on myfitnesspal, I will try searching for you if you like??
kuma please pass on my thanks to your OH for a good giggle too, needles in your 'ladybits', hee hee. Though with the rest of the crap we have to put up with I can kind see how he might think that!
How you getting on boom??
cold flannel on your forehead bunny, also don't know if any of you have tried those forhead sticks, but they really do help a bit, lovely and cooling, but you need to stay still or the menthol fumes get in your eyes!

Bunnygirlie Wed 17-Jul-13 20:37:29

TMI (is there such a thing with us now) Question ladies - could the spotting be my problem? I had 3 days pink spotting, then a day and a half of nothing till I got a bit of a bleed Monday night and then 2 days of light AF. Does the spotting mean I have a short LP? confused

BlindKitty Wed 17-Jul-13 20:41:20

thunder it's basically when they wash the sperm and put it in the right place at the right time. Dh's morphology was poor when he had his sa so hoping this will get rid of all the dodgy ones.

cats I know, it's strange feeling positive for once lol!

foody it's just blindkitty!

Bunny, can't remember (as usual) but have you had progesterone test? That would be my first suspicion

Bunnygirlie Wed 17-Jul-13 21:18:43

merk that's the day 21 tests yeah?

Evening ladies! I'm on the wine! 10000 words bashed out, printed, bound and handed in. Whoop whoop!

Also AF is here in full force so it's definitely CD1 and I can pop my first pill tomorrow....I'm so excited even though the effects won't be felt for weeks - finally there's a ray of hope! Hopping on the positivity wagon with you both Kitty and Charming grin

Gill sorry you got all ready for something and they let you down. Idiots for not letting you know!

Charming that's AMAZING, can't believe what's happened to your mega cycles. Makes you wonder why they insist on stringing us along so long before handing out drugs that work. Here's hoping the clomid has some equally dramatic effects over here. There's no monitoring for it here btw - supposed to have a scan in your first cycle to check you're not going to be Octomom, but they don't do it because they're penny-pinching tightarses for some reason.

Bunny boo, headaches suck. Cool shower maybe?

Foody I'm good thanks, the progesterone-induced uber PMT seems to have subsided and the dissertation is gone, so life is wonderful again!

Have I missed anyone? Bobbing in and out while drunkenly trying to make dinner...!

I think so. Otherwise thyroid perhaps?

Tallyra Wed 17-Jul-13 21:40:47

I'm with you there on the headaches bunny. Bloody weather. It's too hot or too humid. I am on my 10th migraine in 45 days. Going now, phone screen is bright. Xxxxx

BlindKitty Wed 17-Jul-13 21:56:38

charming I'm confused, have you not just had clomid? Or is it metformin? Afraid all I had was 21 day progesterone test

Bunnygirlie Wed 17-Jul-13 22:12:51

Think I may go and mention it to my doctor maybe?!?

Headache gone now thanks ladies, lying in bed wishing it was cooler for sleep! x

tally migraines yuck! I had a visual migraine for the first time a few years ago and was scary, doctor changed my pill though and then I was ok

SidneyBristow Wed 17-Jul-13 22:25:50

Just popping in to say hooray for those of you with happy news (drugs that work! Amazing! About time eh!!) and to hang in there for those of you with heat induced maladies and cycle woes. The heat is getting to me as well, and I've managed to aggravate an existing kneecap weakness which is awesome as we leave for vacation on Friday, and tomorrow I'm meeting up with relatives for the afternoon. I'm to pretend I know where all the must-see places are play tour guide so wish me luck. Beginning to worry that my first year here won't seem as hard-won as I know it has been...acclimating to a new life is no joke and throwing TTC into it and its easy to understand why the time has passed in a flash.

Anyhoo probably won't get the chance to check back on before we leave Friday, so I hope you all have a fab week/end of school year/no more dissertation week etc etc, I love you all and if I come back to an empty Elderberries thread bc you've all graduated without me, I'll be so sad!!! (But obvs v v v v happy for you)

AF/BFP due for me a day or two before we return....taking a few pg tests and my mooncup just to be covered! Wish me luck!


CharmingCats Wed 17-Jul-13 22:26:24

blind just metformin at the moment. Good stuff, though!

Just looked at a friend's wedding pics online. I look dreadful in all of them and only one can be blamed on an unflattering camera angle. Myfitnesspal tomorrow, gym and hair growing. I'll need some naming & shaming....I'll pm the other myfitnesspal berries to add me, if that's ok?

CharmingCats Wed 17-Jul-13 22:27:54

Have a great time, sid. Will miss you and will still be here awaiting your return.

Bunnygirlie Wed 17-Jul-13 22:32:26

I'm on myfitnesspal too! Need to start using it again!!!

Have a great holiday sid I'll still be here when you return x

CharmingCats Wed 17-Jul-13 22:35:51

C'mon, bunny ! We can lose half a stone over the summer!

Charming whoop! for your cycle and hope you enjoy your new class tomorrow grin .

Boom well done on the words!

happy hols *sid !

Bunny is this spotting something new? How many dpo were you when it started? What you're describing is pretty much my af every cycle.

I went for a big run up a hill tonight and I feel great grin . I doubt I'll be saying the same in the morning shock .

Night berries!

Have a great hol Sid and FX for a foreign BFP!

IamKuma Thu 18-Jul-13 06:55:29

sid happy tour guiding and have a fab holiday.

bunny, barking same as my average cycle. I've been like this nearly 6 years and it kicked off many investigations, had blood tests, ultrasound to check ovulation and for endo etc, then tv ultrasound but all came back normal other than having arcuate uterus. I wasnt TTC back then so eventually gave up on being prodded and poked and have since just considered it normal.... will also mention it to gp....

gill was told by my gp that they won't consider you for ivf here if you are over 38, he told me to get back in 3 months if nothing happened. So really need to get dh comfortable with the idea.

hello other berries, it's another sunny day grin have a good one!

Tallyra Thu 18-Jul-13 07:19:34

hi all. managed to get rid of migraine overnight but really wanting no more excessive heat. I'm visiting my sisters and cousin in oxford on Saturday and I'm really worried, were going to be punting so no shade at all. I've panic bought a cheap umbrella to make a parasol out of, but didn't realise when I bought it that it's a clear dome one so its going to be a bit unwieldy.

Bunnygirlie Thu 18-Jul-13 08:24:19


cats PM me your username for MFP

barking about 10/11 DPO I think. I haven't been paying much attention to spotting and I lost all my data when my iPad crashed

 This heat is killing me! Our office went up to 36degrees the other day as we have a wall of glass with no openable windows and air-con bust 2 weeks ago sad

Tallyra Thu 18-Jul-13 12:18:32

surely that's a h+s issue???

Bunnygirlie Thu 18-Jul-13 13:08:27

tally There is no max temp by law unfortunately, they are getting new aircon fitted but its when they can fit us in, FX next week.

The hot weather has forced all the bumps out in public, seen loads on my lunchbreak grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Foodylicious Thu 18-Jul-13 17:19:45

Hi cats think I found you on MFP, anyone else want a MFP friend, pm me your username!

Aquarius1 Thu 18-Jul-13 18:02:14

bunny that's awful about you having to work in a greenhouse with no aircon. I'd work from home. Has anyone complained? Or will you have to faint before they sort it?

Kuma I have an arcuate uterus too apparently. Its currently giving me a bit of jip and its only cd 23 sad hope af not coming early. Definitely not getting my hopes up about a bfp as we haven't done a huge amount of dtd'ing this cycle.

What are we missing on the Facebook group? Any more bfp's?

The bump next door to our right has turned into a baby. The bump next door to the left is ready to pop. The bump at work turned into a baby this morning and everyone was talking about it. Friend's bump is now overdue to pop.
I want a big bump and a baby <stomps feet>.

Bunny I typically (as typical as yet get when your cycle length and/or LP changes every cycle) have only one day heavy enough to use a regular tampon, and that tends to be CD3 or CD4 Some days I use a 'lite' tampon and some days I really don't need one at all. I count the first sign of blood as CD1 as otherwise I'd have no idea what to count!

Evening all.

barking sorry about all the bloody bumps. That's just not on is it?

tally well done for shaking the migraine. What about snug floppy straw hat for Oxford?

Am in awe of those doing fitness things- very impressed- go girls!!

Bunnygirlie Thu 18-Jul-13 20:56:19

aquarius yeah it is vile but as its a listed building it's difficult, day off tomorrow though yay!

barking babies all around yuck!!!! 

Ugh I am so bloated today, not sure if it's AF or just because I've eaten so much these past few days as I've been so miserable!

Quiet today, where is everybody?

CharmingCats Thu 18-Jul-13 21:08:56

Hi hi! Bunny, I'll pm you... foody is now my friend on Mfp. I weighed myself this morning and have actually lost weight since being on the metformin! Not bad, eh? Haven't used the food diary today, but will start on Saturday. Promise!

Boo hiisssss to the babies appearing barking , there's no escape.

Met my class today. Two of them arrived crying "I don't want to do it!". They are little, but I hadn't expected tears. Fine by the end. Phew. Couple of ones to watch, but all in all, lovely.

Soooo, the very light brown spotting that I thought was af arriving has all but stopped. What's that about? I usually have it, but it gets heavier....hmm. Will probably wake up to a torrent. Is it the heat?

Evening all!

Have had a lovely day, doing sunshiney things. Only slightly disrupted by the worst offending bump-rubber I've ever seen. Ok, if you're pregnant in this heat you probably can't really hide it, but is there any need to do so much fondling? Even worse, she stalked me round the supermarket, rubbing smugly as she went! angry

And one of our friends announced second updiffment today sad

But other than that, it was a great day with no dissertation hanging over me grin

Barking sorry you got baby-bombed. Want to share my bottle of vino? I'm turning into a right alkafrolic at the moment (by this I mean having a glass of wine every night, but still not normal for me...)

Kuma, Aquarius, yep, arcuate here too. So much for it being uncommon eh?

Hey Thunder, foody and anyone else I've missed x

Popped my first sweetie today. This is GOING to be my cycle! C'mon baby! <tippetty-tappy-toes down the yellow brick road>

BlindKitty Thu 18-Jul-13 21:43:20

sid have a fabulous time! You deserve it! grin

charming and bunny I'm on my fitness pal!!! Add me (just blindkitty) and so is foody. only keen for you to add me now whilst I'm being good

Boodle9 Thu 18-Jul-13 22:12:28

Evening all!

Charming, I met my class today too. Good as gold they were, I didn't know where to put myself! Not used to that at all!

Barking and Boom, my Clomid comrades, I've had my second clomid sweetie today. My temperature was a lot higher than normal for me this morning, which I know is a very common side-effect but surprised me nonetheless. Have been trying to ring the hospital to try to get my monitoring appointment booked in but they're useless so it's still not sorted. Grrrrr.

BlindKitty Thu 18-Jul-13 22:29:06

boodle that was the main side effect I had (lots of hot flushes). I only got the clomid range on my fourth lot!

Bunnygirlie Thu 18-Jul-13 22:56:46

cats will start afresh with MFP on Monday me thinks!

boom boo to the bump rubbers! I saw loads of pg ladies today pushing pushchairs, how greedy to have two! 

So are sweeties like smarties?!?

May I be so bold as to ask what is arcurate?

kitty I read that as clomid rage! I was imagining you like the incredible hulk lol

Still waiting for referral letter here <drums fingers on table impatiently>

Boodle9 Thu 18-Jul-13 23:23:22

See now, Bunny, I thought Kitty meant clomid rage! I've heard that's another lovely side effect...but then again, reading the leaflet enclosed with my smarties sweeties tablets, it's easier to list what ISN'T a side effect. (Still worried my ovaries are going to explode.)

Tallyra Fri 19-Jul-13 00:16:05

I read that as clomid rage too!

I already have a floppy hat that I have to starch otherwise it flops in my eyes. It helps but not enough. But I had a yoga session in the sun this evening without a headache forming, yay!

BlindKitty Fri 19-Jul-13 06:05:27

Sorry was meant to be rage!!!! That's what me and my friend called it as we couldn't explain why we were having meltdowns! Although in all fairness mine did come at my 2 year anniversary of ttc. Mostly it was just the flushes

Gillster Fri 19-Jul-13 08:01:31

Kuma that's rubbish re: IVF stopping after 38 in your area. It really is a postcode lottery. If it comes to that for me, I'm hoping to be able to squeeze in my allowed 2 cycles before March when I turn 40 (sob!). Will you go private if needed? I have a London based friend who can't speak highly enough of the clinic she used. Hopefully it won't come to that though.

I'm off to Paris today with DH grin. We've hired a tandem for Sunday to ride the final circuit of the Tour de France with about 10,000 other people before the professionals arrive. I'm a bit nervous about trying to get the bike to and from the bike hire shop though. I've told DH that he has to steer and that I will do the stoking!

I've not noticed any obvious side effects although I'm sure I could imagine some if I tried.
I'm annoyed with myself this morning. Went to reset my CBFM so I could start using it this morning, CD6, and had forgotten you can only reset it to CD1-5. I've set it to 5 and I'll just start tomorrow instead, can't see it mattering for next cycle that I was one day out this cycle. not that there'll be a next cycle as I'll be upduffed before this one finishes

Ooo, Gillster sounds amazing! I've been over to the Alps in my camper a couple of times to see the tour go through - there were two years the school holidays were early enough for me to still get out there and catch some of it! My mates were in Paris last year to see Wiggins go through, fx you'll be watching Froome!

Bunnygirlie Fri 19-Jul-13 08:56:32

Oh dear, clomid rage doesn't sound like fun!

Woke up nauseous this morning which is fun NOT, IBS really is great (need sarcastic smiley)

Hi all!

Having a lovely day on my unofficial day off from placement (too hot to wear polyester anyway grin)

Bunny boo to IBS sad. Anything you can take for it? Arcuate uterus is a heart-shaped uterus, it basically means there's a dint at the top. It's not supposed to be a problem with ttc unless it's a really deep dint, in which case it's called a bicornuate uterus, which is what I thought I had for a while (docs couldn't make up mind!)

Gill sounds awesome! Sure you'll be fine and dandy on your bicycle made for two!

Clomid rage eh Kitty? Can't wait for that one because I'm not hormonally deranged enough as it is speaking of which, I am SO SPOTTY at the that a side effect or am I just going through a mid-life pizzaface moment?

Boodle, barking, any other clomid berries, can anyone tell me what advice their docs gave about DTD? Mine said basically every day from the end of AF..but it looks like AF's nearly left the building here (CD 3) so that would mean dtd from day 4 onwards? Better to wait for about day 9 or so and then get on with it?

Barking can you use CBFM with clomid? I've got one I never used because my cycles were too long for it to work....maybe I should dust it off?

Tally morning yoga sounds fab smile

Off to burn myself to a crisp catch some rays in the garden!

BlindKitty Fri 19-Jul-13 12:47:11

boom in the 4 months I took it, it was only once (for a few days. Just mostly flushes and was very aware of my breasts! Not that they were painful as such, just seemed to feel them more when dressing or brushing past them that sounds rude haha

Aquarius1 Fri 19-Jul-13 13:39:27

Bunny either you're an mp / TUC person or one of the other berries has made a stand for your cause...

(Dunno how to do links on iPhone app)


Kitty if there's any rage to be going, I will get it. My PMT is legendary ever since I came off the implant - Mr Boom knows not to attempt any interaction other than offering me food once it starts blush

Will be interesting to see if my boobs do anything. I had a reduction a few years ago and last time I was PG there was no boob tenderness whatsoever (or any other symptom for that matter). Although that may be (TMI?) because my nipples point in as well so don't rub on anything. Whoever designed my reproductive system really didn't want me to have or feed a baby! Polycystic ovaries, arcuate uterus and inverted nips hmm!

boom my boobs are acting totally differently this time from last time I got bfp, although they are not nearly as interesting-sounding as yours!

I have no energy and no motivation whatsoever for work today. Lets take a berry skive day and go to the beach!

thunder ooh, in what way different? Do tell <settles back comfortably for tales of freakish boob behaviour>

To the beach it is! Bagsie the sun lounger and brolly grin

Oh, and irrelevant question.

I have to go to my cousin's wedding next Friday. I suspect (from her Pinterest!) that it'll be a bit retro/1950s, and I NEED a suitable gorgeous dress that will hide my extra chubby bits but look glam and not too hot. Any suggestions?

Oh and under £50 for preference! (And needs to be recyclable for every other summer wedding I'm going to)

I don't ask much, do I?

happylass Australia Fri 19-Jul-13 15:09:18

I'm freeeeeeeeeeee! Knocking off the alarm for 6 weeks. That is all.

Well boom
<settles back into rocking chair>

Last time they became incredibly tender on the few days before af was due and continued to be big and very sore throughout. I had to buy sleeping bras because even lying in bed hurt them.

This time, hardly anything. They're a bit tender if I give them a squish or something brushes my nip but otherwise they're pretty normal.

Last time I also had nausea and gagging and feeling starving. This time- not so much. I'm just crampy and knackered so far.

Plenty of time for things to develop I know but it is slightly worrying that last time it was much more 'typical' iyswim

I want a lounger and a parasol too. Or a hammock in a meadow. Ooo yes please

Gosh Thunder you have such interesting bosoms! I shall have to get knocked up now just so I can compare boobs with you not because I want a baby

Sure the symptoms/lack of symptoms mean absolutely sod all, although obvs that won't stop you spotting them/looking them up on google so I'll shut up now grin

I think I might want one of those hot guys who sells iced mangoes on the beach in tropical paradises to come round the estate right about now..

They have a life of their own dont they?

We have just made banana and mango smoothies with frozen yoghurt and ice. YUM!!

Bunnygirlie Fri 19-Jul-13 16:32:08

Hey boom yep IBS is a right pain! 
Heart shaped uterus, how strange, do they tell that for scans? The nurse who does my smears says I have a tilted cervix, hope that doesn't hinder things either.

Fed up here, off to a party tonight, wish I wasn't able to drink!!!

Bunnygirlie Fri 19-Jul-13 16:40:16

Omg I am watching Mad Men, in the last ep one girl gave birth without knowing she was pg and in this one some wife is freaking out because she's not pg! Grrrrrrrrr

Bunny tilted cervix means you probably have a retroverted uterus (ie tilts backwards not forwards) - doesn't really mean anything except they take aaaages to do your smear tests and when you do get diffed it might take longer for your bump to show/they might need to do dildocam to get early scans. Guess who's got one of those too??!

Sorry you're fed up. I'm also a bit pee'd off, although not with being undiffable, just with being so fat that I can't fit in any of my summer clothes without looking like a shower of shit lardy.

Just to add a bit of TMI info, I do believe that <ahem> doggy style is supposed to be better than missionary for getting diffed with a tilted cervix, as is lying on your front rather than back afterwards. Can't say either is working for me but thought I'd throw it out there!!

BlindKitty Fri 19-Jul-13 17:45:22

happy I literally hate you right now wink the only good thing about school holidays is the traffic..oh no wait, all the tunnels in my town are being closed for refurb so it's likely to be horrendous....

thunder dh got his owner back last night and woke me to tell me there was a giant spider on the ceiling!!!

boom hmm never had a dildo cam so don't know if womb is tilted but I've never tried lying on my front. Might give it a go.

Well it will be my second night out without alcohol tonight urgh! It's so hard!!! Would be so different if I was actually pregnant!!!

Tallyra Fri 19-Jul-13 17:46:17

How does this dress look?

Tallyra Fri 19-Jul-13 17:48:29

and yay me too!, I still have to work on Mon and Tues, but school's out!!! Then I have my hysteroscopy, then 2 days off as told, then back to 'work' next week teaching kids to make felt. It's amazing how 6 weeks disappears when things are organised. 1 week 'off ill', the next teaching, then 1 week camping, then 2 weeks off with the occasional trip in to work to fulfil contractual obligation, then last week away and then back to school!

BlindKitty Fri 19-Jul-13 18:09:19

tally it's lovely! I love that style of dress! I remember dressing up in clothes like that if my nan's. such a shame she through it out as I got older! X

Tallyra Fri 19-Jul-13 18:12:03

I'm tempted to bid on it myself, but it's not my colours. I don't know what size you are looking for though...

Tallyra Fri 19-Jul-13 18:12:46

Oh, sorry, it was boom looking for the dress.

Bunnygirlie Fri 19-Jul-13 18:23:06

Oh how I dislike teachers at this time of the year grrrrrrr

boom thanks for the info, I might try the lying on my front! We don't tend to do missionary anyway but I do worry that me on top means all the good ones fall out!

Right, time to get my frock on for the party tonight, laters peeps x

boom my consultant said to dtd from cd11 to cd17. I'm using the cbfm to back up the temps and opks because I want to know exactly what effect the clomid is having!!

bunny if it's any consolation at all my school doesn't break up until Tuesday sad grin .

Right, got curry cooking, expecting brother and his wife and dog within the hour. DP out geting drunk with colleagues as he finished today. Very tired but still have to get the washing in and do that -quick-tidy-the-house-someone's-coming-round thing.

Oooh tally that dress is lovely! And I do need a 14, although the 12/14 description makes me worry it might be a bit tight.... worth a £3 bid though eh! It's really similar to a gorgeous one I've got with a strawberry print and red net underskirt, but I'm too damn fat to fit in it angry

barking oh good. Can wait until after the wedding on Friday then (DH isn't going because he's a miserable sod) and babymaking can commence on Sat, that'll be day 11. I don't have a clue what length my cycle will be if I actually start to ov, so difficult to make any assumptions about how long to carry on for. Last time we got pg I ov'd about 16 days after I had the implant taken out (don't hate me for instadiffing) so I'm hoping that's what the progesterone/clomid cocktail will take me back to...

Happy holidays to all the teacher berries! (except barking, hard luck old bean)

Bunny if your cervix is tilted I think it pretty much follows that your uterus is too. The whole caboodle is usually back to front confused

Kitty good luck with your sobriety!

This is the one I wanted to wear Tally! strawberry dress

Ooh, lovely dress boom !

Where is everyone tonight? Out having a social life?! Dog we're looking after and brother's dog do not get on. Have spent all evening keeping them apart. Felt bad leaving mate's dog alone in the kitchen so left my dog in there as well. Then resented brother's dog for being curled up with us in the lounge when the two better behaved ones had to go in the kitchen for their own protection... Really hoping mate gets back from holiday tomorrow and not Sunday so we don't have to repeat this tomorrow night....

Bunnygirlie Sat 20-Jul-13 01:23:24

Maybe we need a Berry fat fighters club?!?

She says whilst very very drunk

Morning all

barking dog chaos does not sound fun at all. Especially in this heat. Put the newcomer back in the kitchen I reckon. It won't kill him.

Did everyone have a good night last night? I was at my work do- it was good fun but we should have come home earlier today as I'm knackered now but up to walk pooch before heading out for the day.

Tallyra Sat 20-Jul-13 09:09:11

sorry, I was out playing mah jong. that dress is gorgeous!!!
I finished the parasol, and now it's all cold and dull today! but that'll be easier to cope with so its fine. off in a bit, so see you all tomorrow probably.

BlindKitty Sat 20-Jul-13 10:27:32

tally you're so creative, wish I could be more like that. I'd just get bored and have a housefull of unfinished items!

boom your sobriety wishes worked! Drank lime and sodas, then went for a (heathy-ish) meal and drove home...costing grand total of £13!!! Bargain! Oh but seriously, get brother's dog in kitchen! He doesn't deserve the cuddles!!!

bunny fat fighters sounds fab! Weight down a kilo this week!

Well in my news....

My pretreatment iui appointment has come for 1st aug!!!!!! Woop woop

Bunnygirlie Sat 20-Jul-13 11:57:34

Morning all!

Mother nature really must hate me, not only won't she let me have a baby she has given me a vile hangover!!! Alcohol bad, think I may give it up for a month!!!

Thank goodness it is cooler today, have a BBQ this afternoon and with a hangover that would have been hellish!

Fat fighting begins Monday kitty will have my weigh in Sunday night!

Have a good day y'all! I'm off to get showered, then have some lunch, make 2 choccie Pavlovas and then BBQ laters.

BlindKitty Sat 20-Jul-13 12:05:35

bunny you'd be better weighing yourself in the morning naked as you accumulate weight in fluid and food over the day

Bunnygirlie Sat 20-Jul-13 12:54:01

kitty I guess I like seeing the worst case lol

BlindKitty Sat 20-Jul-13 14:09:54

bunny true and if you weigh yourself again in the morning you can tell yourself you've lost a kilo all by yourself! grin

Pipbin Japan Sat 20-Jul-13 16:47:58

I weigh myself in the nip first thing in the morning.
I've got to be officially weighed on Thursday by the IVF clinic.
And although I've been kind of trying I've managed to out back on all the weight I have lost in the last couple of weeks (which was all of about 3lbs).
So I am having an über healthy week and this week and feeling miserable about it.

BlindKitty Sat 20-Jul-13 17:02:28

pip it will be worth it in the end smile

Pipbin Japan Sat 20-Jul-13 17:35:20

Exactly Kitty I only need to keep being this harsh until Thursday. I need to be sensible after that of course but not quite so full on.

ladybunnikins Sat 20-Jul-13 18:50:04

Good luck with the weigh in, Pip, I'm also having a strict diet week ready for my IVF appointment next Saturday. I'm hoping we'll be able to start in September.
4 dpo for me, just been for a lovely bike ride and found two geocaches. I moved house a few months ago so I'm still getting to know the area. I don't really like cycling on the road but there are lots of cycle paths around here so I have no excuse!

BlindKitty Sat 20-Jul-13 19:00:21

Texted my friend the other day re pregnacare vits and got autocorrected to 'pregnancy scare' ...... oh the irony haha grin

Oh and I see natwest have jumped on the 'lets make the Berries die a little more' band wagon with their new advert!!!!

ladybunnikins Sat 20-Jul-13 19:11:52

I haven't seen the natwest ad yet but I did see a boots lorry with a giant bare bump on the side!

Evening all

Bit drunk so excuse me if I ramble...!

Found out today on the grapevine that an old friend has just had a baby. Doesn't know who the daddy is, was a one night stand. This has upset me beyond is it fair that someone can get updiffed after ONE bloody night with someone she can't even remember the name of when I can't even get knocked up after sleeping with my husband several thousand times (and I know his full name, address, birthday and social security number??) So I've had three strong G&Ts and a glass of prosecco (what's that? alcohol isn't good when you're ttc?) and now I'm feeling self-pitying and grumpy!

kitty ooooh not long! How exciting! How are you feeling about it?

lady, blind I'm refusing to turn the telly on until recent spate of bump adverts has abated!

pip, lady good luck with your weigh-in detoxes!

bunny I just bought a dress for Friday's wedding. I don't really fit in it but the summer sales mean that everything in the shops are rubbish, and they only had this in a I'll be joining you in a massive health push this week! after tonight's prosecco

tally you play mah jong and have a parasol. I'm in awe of your cool...

Sorry for being a bit lurky and non posty berries, but following along and keeping FX for everyone.
Boom, that would piss me off massively too. It simply is not fair. Have more wine and swear a lot

Merk I intend to do both of those things - good advice! How are you feeling? xx

CharmingCats Sat 20-Jul-13 21:07:08

Haven't managed to start the diet here, either. Retirement do lt night, lunch out today and BBQ tomorrow. Monday it is! I always weigh myself first thing, after a wee and shower.
Was going to start using my cbfm again now that I have a shorter cycle, but forgot to reset it. Can I do it tomorrow, on cd 3?
So pleased about your appointment coming through, blind

BlindKitty Sat 20-Jul-13 21:58:25

charming and boom thanks guys! Trying not to get too excited but I sooo am as don't want to line myself up for a fall (I was crushed when clomid didn't work even though the ovulation thing isn't actually a problem). My next cycle starts 8th aug. praying they will start then but don't know how much planning is involved. Well the cat scratched at the letter...guess she's worried she won't be 'the baby' for much longer (please god)

boom it's so unfair, it really is.

merk hey you! How you doing?

I'm good, other than full body itchyness! Lots of lazing on the sofa in my house!

Blind that's soooo soon! Whoop whoop

Bunnygirlie Sat 20-Jul-13 22:57:07

boom grrrr to the one night stand instadiffer, that is bloody rotten!

Ooh kitty so soon, exciting!

Weigh-in tomorrow morning (or evening) then, and diet starts Monday!

Tonight I got asked the question that all us berries love - so when you you going to have babies then...... Aaaaaaaagh!!!!!!!

Bunny that question turns me into an ogre. It's so personal for one thing, but also so insensitive. I always wanted to be brave enough to ask something equally rude in return...

BlindKitty Sat 20-Jul-13 23:13:51

bunny I got asked that by a someone a few weeks back. I was feeling wicked and just told him strait that my uterus wasn't playing and I hoped that didn't make him feeling uncomfortable..--which of course it did haha--

Pipbin Japan Sat 20-Jul-13 23:20:11

Charming you can start the CBFM from up to day 6.

AF is here, but I have no idea what that means except it should happen! And I looked at my clinic drugs and appointment schedule and realised that my appointment isn't until Friday, not Thursday. One extra day to get thinner.
Oh and Lady top tip before the weigh in, have a bath that morning, you lose 1/2 a lb in the bath. It's true weigh yourself before and after.

BlindKitty Sun 21-Jul-13 08:58:30

Really irresponsible advice here from the dietitian but if you're desperate to lose weight fast then you need to go carb free. You'll lose water as well as a little weight but it might be enough to convince the clinic! Please note, wouldn't normally advocate it! Re the bath, it's just water you're losing so once you rehydrate the weight will go back on!

CharmingCats Sun 21-Jul-13 09:37:05

Grrrr to one night stand instadiffers. I've got instadiffer pg SIL & family over today. Lush.
You know I said about light periods? Not this time!
pip do they take into account that your weight loss is ongoing? Or is it just the scales on the day?
The downside to my shiny new normal cycle is that af is now due when we're on our beach holiday in 4 weeks time. Looks as though I may have to get to grips with tampons. I've usually just run two packs of the pill together in this situation.

CharmingCats Sun 21-Jul-13 09:37:38

Ps, pip I've reset cbfm, thanks

Bunnygirlie Sun 21-Jul-13 09:54:47

merk and kitty the funny thing with that question is later in the evening she mentioned how it took them years to get pg, go figure! I haven't been asked that question many times before but as 2nd wedding anniversary is fast approaching I bet it will fly at me more often.

I need to cut out carbs again anyway as its bread and potatoes that make my IBS flair up!

Bunny gaargh who even asks that question?? Probably the same people who tell you to 'just relax and it'll happen' I can't even count the number of times I've been helpfully told that by people who genuinely don't understand why I roll my eyes and delete them from Facebook. I'm with Kitty, make them feel uncomfortable, they'll think twice about being so insensitive with someone else!

Charming huh to instadiffer SIL. How on earth do you survive without tampons? Maybe you should invest in a mooncup instead...can you go in the sea with a mooncup in? although of course by next month you won't need either because you'll be diffed

Merk boo to itchiness, yay to laying on sofas!

Cloudy and a bit drizzly here, going over to Ma & Pa Boom's house for bbq but it might yet turn into an indoor long as they feed up Mr Boom I'm happy, he's going to need his energy this next fortnight wink

bunny Although I won't, I'm desperate to ask my brother / his wife if they're trying. Firstly because I'm interested anyway, he's younger than me but she's older, 37, and because of my experiences I want to shout 'If you want any you need to start trying now!!!!' But secondly, and more selfishly, I need to know whether to brace myself a) for a pg announcement far too close to home and b) not being able to produce the first grandchild on our side of the family even though I'm the eldest and have been trying hard for over 19 months already!!!!

barking it's a bit different though, asking someone sensitively if they're trying compared with blurting out 'when are you going to hurry up and have a baby then?' which is just a blunt instrument that assumes that you could have one if you wanted one! Can still understand why you wouldn't ask though...

BlindKitty Sun 21-Jul-13 10:43:13

barking you'll have to do some detective work! Does she always drink at family party's? Any preconception vits in her food cupboards? Or you could just tell her that you're ttc, hopefully that will make her tell you?

boom I can't believe you're friend never caught an sti! I'm presuming that was t the only time she'd had unprotected sex?

CharmingCats Sun 21-Jul-13 11:10:32

Of course, boom ! I won't need anything! I'm a wuss when it comes to inserting, so am not sure a mooncup and its seal would work for me either. When I started my periods, my mum advised me not to bother with tampons for a while and I grew up in a Muslim country where they were frowned upon, so no friends used them, or at least no friends talked about them. So, I never bothered. When I started the pill and needed a week without af, I ran packs together. Strange, I know, but there you have it.

ladybunnikins Sun 21-Jul-13 11:30:54

Kitty, I've lost 16kg so far but it's on a VLCD (although not quite as extreme as lighter life and cambridge) because I needed to lose the weight fairly fast for the IVF, plus I really struggle on things like weightwatchers because I lose weight so slowly and get de-motivated whereas this way I'm losing 1kg a week on average. I'll definitely be asking your advice when I come off the diet though, because I know keeping the weight off is the hard part!
Charming, I'm with you on the tampons, only use them when I have to because I don't trust them not to leak.
Bunny, I hate that question as well. I'm avoiding visiting my husband's family in India because they're all going to be asking! I don't know if it's an indian thing but his family have no qualms about asking personal questions and telling you you need to lose weight!

kitty and boom she told me yesterday one of her friends (who I met at her hen do and wedding) was pg again with her second. I said how lucky she was to get pg so quickly (she's 41 and their first is only 1) and SiL said it'd taken 'a while' the first time (under a year though I think, which in my book doesn't count as 'a while' anymore!) She then went on to mention her best friend who has twins, I hadn't realised they were twins due to IVF, they conceived on the 4th round of IVF. Despite all this talk of babies and ttc she didn't volunteer any info about them trying. Then this morning we were talking about jobs and I steered the conversation to my recent missed job opportunity and dithering because of ttc, but she still didn't bite. I've given her obvious opportunities to jump in and share and she's chosen not to so I'm not going to be more direct.

AF seems to have left the building so we're going to start the dtd marathon as soon as brother & SiL leave later! I've never had Ov before CD19-22 before, so clomid could bring it a whole week closer!! Really want this cycle to work!!!!!! not that I've not wanted any previous cycle to work

Pipbin Japan Sun 21-Jul-13 12:50:38

Cats Its the scales on the day. What you were or intend to become make no difference. I know its harsh but then it is something that I can do something about and they have to have a cut if point somewhere don't they.
Kitty I know the weight loss through a bath is only water and will go back on, but if that 1/2 lb will make the difference then it's worth doing that morning just for the short term fix.

Pipbin Japan Sun 21-Jul-13 12:53:04

My next term at school is going to be odd as my TA is actively TTCing after having a loss at 20 weeks. We talk very openly about it all and it is nice to have someone else to talk to about peeing on sticks etc. However I'm not sure how either of us will cope if the other get pg.

Bunnygirlie Sun 21-Jul-13 12:57:42

Hey ladies.

boom as people don't know we are TTC I haven't had any comments like just relax, keep trying etc etc etc - Thank goodness!

barking I'm the oldest on my side of the family too, if my sister got pg before me I would die inside. I'm the oldest cousin too and I am dreading someone beating me to it sad

Heading into shag week here and the fear is setting in, timing awful too, weather hot and our shower is being ripped out this week! 

Boodle9 Sun 21-Jul-13 14:08:47

Happy Sunday, fellow Berries. I popped my last sweetie this morning; never make the mistake of having an empty glass by the bed...clomid tastes foul!

Bunny, my DH and I are the eldest but one younger sibling has already beaten us to it and one on the other side I anticipate being within the next year, assuming no problems. It's soul-destroying. I wanted to be happy but it really was just incredibly painful and I don't feel at all connected to my nephew - worst auntie ever. sad

Also feeling guilty about all this weight loss talk! I've managed to shift some slowly over the last couple of years after I realised that BMI had gone closer to 30 to 25! Still almost 26 though but I just cant motivate myself to lose that last bit!

boodle and bunny glad it's not just me. It was bad enough to hear that DP's brother was due their second, I can't imagine how I'd react to hear my own little brother was going to produce before me sad .

And boodle yes! Clomid tastes foul!!! Why?! Why can't all tablets have that slippery coating that most ibuprofen now have? Even taking my clomid tablet with orange juice I could taste it!

BlindKitty Sun 21-Jul-13 15:54:44

lady ask away but I'm sure you'll know it already. I predominantly see patients on tube feeds or who are underweight so don't normally talk about weight loss much these days!

barking hmm either she's just really good at not blabbing unlike me or they haven't started ttc! Do they defo want kids?

bunny rubbish about the shower! Do you have a gym nearby? My parents in laws announced they'd be using our shower in a few weeks as having a bathroom refurb...great hmm

CharmingCats Sun 21-Jul-13 16:42:38

Family gone. Had a nice time, but good to have house back. Dh wants a hammock for his bday on thurs....hope somewhere still has them in stock!

kitty I know my brother wants kids but don't know about SiL. I would assume it would have been a deal breaker for my brother (given comments he made on someone else's relationship) so I can only assume they intend to just not yet, which suits me just fine!! She has many friends who don't seem to be in a hurry and have no kids, the one in her 40's pg again and the one with IVF twins being the only exceptions. I think the main thing could be where they live. Their house is tiny. It's two bedrooms but their bedroom is small and the second bedroom is very small and the downstairs area is very small. They have no garden or outdoor space at all. I imagine they would want to move house before having a child as they struggle with the size of the house with just their stuff in it. This is pure speculation on my part though!

boodle, barking, does clomid taste bad? I take it without water (never take pills with water, which has more to do with being lazy than anything else!) and they're certainly not as bad as paracetamol! Last day tomorrow and then bonkfest begins. We're going to be tired little berries in a couple of weeks, let's hope it's all worth it!

charming ooh, a hammock! What a great idea <starts searching online for one> Mr Boom never comes up with good ideas like that for birthday presents!

kitty, bunny - UGH to shower woes when it's so sticky!

pip must be nice to have someone to share experiences with, but I see what you mean - I could imagine it would be unbelievably difficult for either of you to see the other manage to get diffed. Flipping TTC politics eh!

I guess I'm quite 'lucky' on the brother/sister front - I'm the only one in a long-term relationship, they're both with very new partners so short of a slip-up I think it's unlikely I'll be getting any announcements in the near future. Plus my sister has similar ovary issues to me, so it's likely she'll struggle too when the time comes which I wouldn't wish on anyone, especially not my lovely sister sad! It's a shame, there are no children in my family at all, my dad's already 70 and they'd love would be nice if just one of us could oblige! sad My cousin's getting married on Friday, am selfishly crossing my fingers that there's no instadiff announcement at or shortly after the big day!

CharmingCats Sun 21-Jul-13 17:53:41

barking sounds like you gave her every opportunity to share. Maybe she doesnt want to say?
I really do love my cats. They were so patient with 2 yo dnephew.

CharmingCats Sun 21-Jul-13 17:58:54

I too am determined this cycle! Eod as soon as af leaves.
Read an article in an old copy of red magazine where it was suggested (I think by Emma cannon) to dtd for the five days prior to ov and the day after, once you've pin pointed when that is, of course. Would that make sense? Tallies with other things I've read.

charming exactly, and she has every right not to share personal details with her nosy SiL which is why I've never actually asked!
From what I have read sperm is meant to last up to 5 days swimming around waiting, and the egg can be open to visitors for up to 24 hours after it has dropped, so that timescale seems spot on!

ladybunnikins Sun 21-Jul-13 18:59:20

My sister is younger than me and has a 3 year old but they married before us as well so it doesn't bother me. Plus my niece is so cute, I love spending time with her, I just wish they lived closer sad

Boodle9 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:06:38

Boom, I used to pride myself on my ability to swallow all my daily tablets without water. However, I stopped doing it when I took a new period pain gel capsule and the thing started to dissolve in my oesophagus. Oh it burned! The clomid really was vile; as soon as I put it in my mouth there was a really bitter taste and it wouldn't go, even with water! Thank goodness that was the last one until next month!

BlindKitty Sun 21-Jul-13 19:21:42

barking I'd be nosey too though tbf! In fact, even I want to know now haha! We're quite lucky in that we're only children so no surprise family announcements for us!

boom barking stop chewing the clomid! Put it on the back of your tongue and you won't taste it!

So have been busy planning my friend's baby shower today (yeh I know). Oh and bought a cute little baby grow, teddy and booties for her. For a split second I just pretended I was buying it for my baby

Bunnygirlie Sun 21-Jul-13 19:30:09

Luckily DHs brothers' 2 kids were born before we were married so they are all done now!

kitty my folks only live 10mins away so I can shower there or we still have our bath so it's not too bad.
I cannot believe you are planning a baby shower you crazy gal! All my close friends are done with pushing out sprogs for now so no planning for me!

Spent the day at MILs with my folks, my sis and her boyf, just wish we had nice news to share sad

CD6 here, have settled down to 28/29 day cycles now (reflexology helped) and last month got +opk on days 13+14, so I'm aiming/hoping/praying for tuesdays and Thursday's and twice at weekends for next 2ish weeks. But as usual I fully expect stress or illness and now the heat or shower-room re-fit will get in our way!
Do i have any cycle buddies? 

charming, barking, me too. Mr Boom is going to have to pull out all the stops! I'm actually really nervous...I feel like I've waited so long to get clomid, and now if it doesn't work there's nothing else. Pressure!!

Boodle9 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:50:42

I'm on CD6 too, Bunny!

lady if they'd had a kid before I started trying I'd have been very happy for them, just a little envy I didn't get there first. But having been the first (to my knowledge) to start trying it would kill me if they decided to try and instadiffed while we continued to struggle.

kitty I do put it at the back of my tongue and swallow, I promise! Still leaves a vile powdery taste though!

TMI alert. DP and I dtd earlier, first time since before his op at the beginning of June, so it's been a while. It hurt. I don't know why but it did. And it upset me sad . We didn't do masses of foreplay so I used preseed, but just with a finger rather than with the applicator, as I usually do if I know I'm not going to be producing enough lubricant myself to make it comfortable. Only it still hurt. It felt very tight, and my skin felt tender. When I had a wee later it stung. I've never had this before. I'm a bit worried about the forthcoming dtd marathon for my bfp sad .

barking I haven't tried dtd since starting the clomid, but I do know that the implant suddenly made dtd uncomfortable exactly like you described - soreness sort at the entrance if you know what I mean, even occasionally a tiny bit of blood on wiping (and not after particularly vigorous sessions!) I wonder if clomid can have a similar effect? I found a <lot> of foreplay and lube were the answer, and making sure that DH was aware he had to go slowly to begin with and stop if I told him to. Girl-on-top helped too because I could control everything myself.

Then again, maybe it's just because you've had a month off and your body just needs to acclimatise to DTD again!

Hope it sorts itself out xx

BlindKitty Sun 21-Jul-13 20:26:37

bunny I'm seeing as being either a 'guest but weak' or an 'organiser and strong'. I know it's weird but I'd rather stay in control. To top it off, I've got a christening the next day! Ah how I love buying presents for other people's babies! I better get some good presents when it's my turn wink

barking one word...foreplay! grin

BlindKitty Sun 21-Jul-13 20:28:32

Oh and a little more preseed as clomid can dry you up

Thank you boom and kitty, didn't consider a possible effect of the clomid. Yes Boom, pretty much exactly as you described. I told DP to go slowly, which usually works fine when there's not initially enough 'slippiness', but it still felt very tight when he pushed all the way. DP of course is just convinced that the op has made him much bigger.... hmm

CD8 here all you cycle/clomid buddies!!! We could have a huge run on BFPs in 3 weeks time!!!
I know what you mean about the pressure Boom, if it doesn't work this cycle it's going to hit me harder than the last few sad.

CD5 here bunny, although no idea of what cycle length I'm expecting!

Tallyra Sun 21-Jul-13 20:53:32

I'm back from oxford after driving for a huge proporti of the weekend. I'd love to join the convo but i'm far too sleepy. which means no dtd tonight. hysteroscopy on weds, and only 1 condom left means not much dtd for us this cycle. night night all, I'm going to bed.

BlindKitty Sun 21-Jul-13 21:22:41

barking actually lol at your dh! Men are hilarious!

Don't forget this may be my last natural cycle before iui so I bound to beat you all to it with my ironic pre iui pregnancy you know...wink

Kitty I hope so, it's time your turn came around although I'm right behind you in the baby queue, shoulder-barging in an unladylike fashion

Tally have a good snooze, hope your punting went well!

Off to bed. Have to go and squidge lots of bumps tomorrow, hoping some of their fertility will rub off on me!

Bunnygirlie Sun 21-Jul-13 22:12:42

So pip has ivf coming up, kitty has iui, boom and barking on the clomid yeah? Crikey it's all happening! 

barking hope things get better with the DTDing, bug hugs!  And your OH is hilarious !

YAY a few cycle buds smile

CharmingCats Sun 21-Jul-13 22:32:35

I'm only a couple of days out - cd3! Funny how we're synchronising....
barking I went through a phase over a year ago when dtd really stung. It got to the point where I could tell DH had squirted as it hurt like hell & for several pees afterwards. Did some reading about semen allergies and the advice I found was to keep dtd to increase exposure, as it were. It worked! Haven't had it for a while. I agree that it could just be that you've had some time off and your bits need to get used to it again. Your oh's comment sounds like something mine would say, bless them!

Bunnygirlie Sun 21-Jul-13 22:53:18

Ugh just got on the scales, bit heavier than I thought! Now wanna lose 9lbs! Bring on the lettuce!

Maybe I can sweat off a few lbs in the sauna office tomorrow?!?

Just got a high reading on cbfm! On CD9! Had a quick look back on ff to when I was last using it and I wasn't getting a high reading until cd14 or 16. Clomid must be doing something! grin Now to see how many days on high before I get a peak reading - looks like I could actually Ov on cd14!!! What a novelty!!!

charming I didn't notice any difference / increase in pain when he released, I think it must just be that we've had the time off and I wasn't 'ready'. Lots more foreplay required next time!

Bunny don't forget Boodle, she's on the clomid too!! 5 BFP's please grin .

Morning everyone, hope you don't mind me lurking still.

It's really getting quite exciting in here with all the pills they dont sound like sweeties any more and appointments and pips ivf coming up. The thread will be completely empty in a few weeks' time. Go girls!

happylass Australia Mon 22-Jul-13 07:56:38

Morning all. First day of the holidays and I'm awake at silly o'clock sneezing and sniffling and generally annoying DP because of my stupid hayfever!
Thunder how are things with you? Are you feeling ok? Been to the GPs or told anyone yet?
Glad to see things are happening for so many of you! I really am going to be the only one here when we start trying again in a few months time, aren't I! Had a massive row about with DP yesterday as he has now randomly decided he doesn't want to stop TTC for the wedding. Whilst I agree that a baby is the most important thing I've no intention of potentially walking down the aisle a couple of weeks after giving birth with leaky nipples, carrying a ton of baby weight and generally looking like crap. He really should have listened to me 6 months ago when I said we should hold off booking the wedding until we know what's happening with TTC. Men grrrr angry

happylass Australia Mon 22-Jul-13 07:58:19

Oh and by the way stay away from the TV/radio etc for the next few years as the royal baby is on its way.

Hi happy thank you for asking! I'm ok thanks- swinging between in denial and petrified. Have spoken to my gp because of the thyroid issues and I'm off for a regular blood test this morning. No haven't told anyone. Won't see any health professionals til booking in time at 8-10 weeks doubting I'll make it that far it's nice to be on here tho as I don't feel like I belong anywhere at the moment.

What about having a bit less than 6 months off ttc or have you worked that out based on the size of bump you'd be happy carrying down the aisle?

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Jul-13 08:13:58

Ugh the time we have dreaded is here, RB on the way, my Facebook page is littered with comments about it already!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr

thunder course we don't mind you lurking, I've always said you must be in limbo until you get the 12 week scan and everything is ok, until then it must be very scary and weird confused

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Jul-13 08:19:46

Oh gawd, I can't look at Facebook, twitter or read the news, what am I going to do for the next month+ ?!?!?

happylass Australia Mon 22-Jul-13 08:23:57

Glad all is well Thunder. Fx for everything going smoothly.
Not overly bothered about potential size of bump walking down aisle (although wouldn't want to be huuuuuuge!!) it more that most wedding dress shops here require the dress to be ordered 9 months in advance so wouldn't want to spend a heap of money on something I couldn't fit in to or order something last minute that I didn't really like. I'm probably being selfish (as DP lovingly pointed out) but I'm not entirely happy with being the centre of attention for a whole day so if its got to happen I'd like to feel as good about myself as possible! Feel that I've spent the last year basing my life around TTC with nothing to show for it so I'd at least like to enjoy my wedding. Also think that if we do have a problem 6 months off isn't going to make a blind bit of difference and if we don't then hopefully we'll get upduffed eventually anyway. Still going to go ahead with the FC appt so hopefully by the time we start back things will hav started happening there as well!

Tallyra Mon 22-Jul-13 12:35:09

don't worry happy, you won't be alone in here. I'm out for this cycle at least because of the hysteroscopy on weds, and not sure what the outcome of that will be yet.
I'm thinking of deleting fb from my phone for a few weeks. not just because of the rb but also I just had the most horrible photo come up from one of the biker friends on there showing why you should never wear flip flops on a bike. I need brain bleach now, it was stomach churning. sad

Aquarius1 Mon 22-Jul-13 17:48:00

Evening all

happy wish I'd seen your warning before I got in the car this morning. Literally not a channel without rb news! To make it worse AF arrived with me this morning... hmm

On the plus side its the first time in six months I haven't needed a sick day for it. Lots of painkillers and v grumpy but managed a fairly productive day. bunny I notice you have reflexology too - I started around a mth ago and wonder if that's helped with AF pains. Did you notice that? Or was that you having a mare with AF pains t'other day? I also massively cut down on eating crap recently so wonder if that helped....

Anyone else done anything alternative to help their pmt and/or cycles generally?

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Jul-13 18:37:20

Right let's ignore the RB!

aquarius boo to AF! Yep I love reflexology, haven't noticed it changing my pains though, but I wonder if the major pains last cycle were due to the amount of crap I eat.

Salad for lunch today and more salad for tea yay! I did slip and have two biccies this afternoon though oops!

Think we may be adopting a kitty smile

Tallyra Mon 22-Jul-13 19:12:57

did you see the programme the other day saying that whole nuts, although they are full of fat, don't actually get completely divested so aren't as bad as you might think. eat plain cashews or almonds to snack on....

Tallyra Mon 22-Jul-13 19:13:20

I meant digested...

BlindKitty Mon 22-Jul-13 19:35:10

bunny you're adopting me? Fabulous! I'm completely house trained and will be no bother wink. Re wedding, I agree with you. Maybe a break is just what you need anyway?

aquarius I'm thinking of starting Accupuncture again. I only had 1 session before but willing to try anything to make iui work!

tally nuts contain essential fatty acids, protein and fibre (amongst other things) so a handful a day is worth having. Yes, they contain calories but if you swapped them for another snack it wouldn't be so bad. Studies have shown that people who eat a handful of almonds a day have lower rates of cardiovascular disease.

So nothing new here to report...dare I say I wonder how the rb is getting on....?!

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Jul-13 20:11:08

kitty welcome to the family! wink

My colleague pointed out today that on the guardian website you can press a 'republican' button and all the RB stuff disappears! Wouldn't it be cool if there was a Berry button everywhere that we could press to get rid of pg bumps etc etc etc

Aquarius1 Mon 22-Jul-13 20:24:32

bunny that's a genius idea by the Guardian and even more genius by you re: a Berry button. I saw a FB baby photo today that had a clear warning sign at the beginning as in 'warning this picture contains babies' which I was grateful for. still didn't manage to look away in time though.

tally and blind I've been eating brazil nuts - just a couple at a time seem to keep the chocolate cravings away - do you think almonds are better though?

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Jul-13 21:02:23

Wish I had the Berry Button now!!!

And so begins our weeks and months of hell.....

Tallyra Mon 22-Jul-13 21:04:39

I switch the telly on to way h mindless CSI stuff and it's on bbc1. gah. rb mania is upon us.

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Jul-13 21:27:44

Just cheering myself up by watching The Big C, it's about cancer!

ladybunnikins Mon 22-Jul-13 21:38:28

At least producing a baby isn't our sole useful purpose in life.

I was at a work leaving do and having a pleasant time until someone's mother sent them a text to say the rb had arrived. Half an hour later the conversation had not changed, whole table of 15 was now talking about possible names etc. Sent DP an SOS text and he came to pick me up and get me out of there. They wouldn't accept any of my suggestions for the sweepstake anyway. Sadam? Dodi? wink

Aquarius1 Mon 22-Jul-13 21:51:44

well said lady

I'm watching Fat: The Fight of My Life - v courageous 22st lady trying to get fit and lose weight so she can have a baby. I'm not overweight but I definitely could take a leaf out of her book and look after myself a bit better. keep getting the newsflash popping up about rb.

Gillster Mon 22-Jul-13 22:21:53

Thanks for the heads up about the Big C bunny, I love that series. Have set the Sky planner to record! smile

BlindKitty Mon 22-Jul-13 22:31:02

lady speak for yourself haha (just messing)

Well the rb stuff went strait over my head but dh coming home to tell me yet another friend is pregnant has basically slapped me in the face. I should be congratulating her but all I can think is when will it my effing turn?!

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Jul-13 22:37:19

Ha ha barking great name suggestions!

aquarius wish I looked after myself a bit better, I eat too much rubbish and don't exercise sad

Gil it's ace innit! Think there have been 2 eps so far.

kitty boooooooooooo

Boodle9 Mon 22-Jul-13 23:18:00

Barking, I don't know where your school is but all your events happen on the same days as mine! (Well, your meeting of your new class and your work night out, but two's enough in my book...!)

Kitty, was it you asking about PMT? I've been having gelatinised maca powder (tea spoon in breakfast, 6 days per week). Bit of an acquired taste but I'm liking it with hot, oaty breakfasts! Hasn't helped with luteal phase or spotting, but my PMT has seemed much less severe and my period pain not as bad either. Only tried 2 cycles though so not got much evidence to support my claims yet!

Boodle9 Mon 22-Jul-13 23:19:09

No, sorry, it was Aquarius, not Kitty...sorry!!!

Ok, so plans for this morning are a rounders tournament against the other class in our year and then a goodbye picnic on the field for a child in my class who is leaving the school. It's raining very heavily. The children all know the plans and are very much looking forward to it. Fun day ahead in the classroom!!

The dog scratched at the door this morning, I opened it and he looked outside and went back to bed!!!

Bunnygirlie Tue 23-Jul-13 08:29:44

Yay a storm! Hope it cools things down a bit!

And I sound so old but... The garden needs it lol

Bunnygirlie Tue 23-Jul-13 08:30:18

P.s. hope those going to work (like me) aren't too fed up by the RB talk all day

My courgettes need it too bunny!

I'm ignoring rb news apart from to make loud raspberry noises at Cameron's 'change the lives of the nation' bollocks comment.

Cynical? Moi?

Anyone seen the Private Eye headline? 'Woman has Baby'


And that is all I will say on the subject.

Just got caught in a massive thunderstorm with the dogs, wearing flipflops and a vest top and half an hour from home! Now two wet dogs and a wet Boom paddling round the house...

Will come and catch up properly when I've sorted us out! x

Bunnygirlie Tue 23-Jul-13 17:59:42


What's up peeps? Very quiet in here.

So anybody trying anything new this month (apart from clomid)? I'm gonna give doggy style a go and lying on my front, see if it makes any difference for my tilted bits!
DH also having reflexology and been given lots of pills to take to improve his swimmers.

CharmingCats Tue 23-Jul-13 18:00:45

Having resolved to do myfitnesspal etc, I have had two days of bad snacking! Pil left us biscuits and cakes and I've been working my way through. Not good. Thursday it is! First day of hols, so can go to the gym when I want.
Quite tearful by the time I got to work this wmorning after listening to all the rb stuff on the radio. Silly cow.
Now feeling very anxious about new job in September. My TA is completely ott enthusiastic and I've already had my display stuff critiqued as it was coming out of the printer. I HAVE to get diffed before Xmas as I don't think I can face a whole year stretching before me. Also not good.

BlindKitty Tue 23-Jul-13 18:49:08

<whispers to boodle> I don't get pmt (although dh doesn't know that as its a great excuse for frankly being a witch)

BlindKitty Tue 23-Jul-13 18:56:10

charming what is with pils and crap food! My mil does it all the time, I swear she wants us to be fat but her chocolate cake is so damn good

Oh and you know how I said yest that our friend had just announced she was pg? Well our other friend has just announced her pg!!!! Arrrgh!!! So at the dinner party in a few weeks, out of 4 girls, 1 has just had a baby, 2 are pg and 1 is clearly baron grrr

Bunnygirlie Tue 23-Jul-13 19:25:10

cats you aren't silly, just watched them leave the hospital and now want to sob!

kitty that's crap sad

BlindKitty Tue 23-Jul-13 19:31:35

bunny I know! Right off to congratulate them talk about 2 faced

Oh phew, I didn't totally kill the thread!

I thought I'd give pre-seed a bash this month bunny. Then found Sainsbury's doesn't have it, only the Durex play stuff (in cherry flavour....not sure if swimmers like cherries?), and I won't have a chance to get to Boots this that's that idea out of the window, we'll just have to go with the 'lots of shagging' option and hope the swimmers make it through!

RB has just been displayed to the waiting vultures crowd. Hopefully now we can all forget about his existence for a bit!

Sorry, took so long to write that that I crossed with loads of you!

charming I was also tearful/angry at the radio this morning, playing baby songs and guessing names on every bloody channel. It should be US goddammit!

kitty BAH humbug. Well done you for being able to congratulate them, hope your teeth don't appear too gritted!

Off for an evening stroll/dogwalk with husband. Then hopefully getting our mojo on for the first purposeful shagging session of many!

ladybunnikins Tue 23-Jul-13 19:50:54

Boom, I ordered preseed plus from amazon, didn't bother with the applicators though. Currently using conceive plus (which doesn't come with the applicators) from boots online.

BlindKitty Tue 23-Jul-13 20:46:30

boom I got mine from amazon. The applicators get it high enough for the sperm to travel not that it's done me any good yes, teeth were firmly gritted but it was only over a text and I'm so god damn rehearsed fake that I tend to pull it off!

Foodylicious Tue 23-Jul-13 21:28:20

oh boom the rain was awful this morning but only got caught in it for a few minutes from the car to work.
Kitty, bunny it right that's crappy and it also utter crap you are not barren
ooh charming get yourself stuck on MFP with me, I finally got under the 9 stone mark this week, though I think some of this is dehydration!

Not sure what is going on with me and how much comfort to take from this...
as you know i mc it the of may at 8 weeks. prior to this I had been timing dtd with calendar for 16 months and it was on the 17th month I used OPKs, did not get surge until CD20 so read like mad and took loads of vitB in the hope of lengthening luteal phase. For whatever reason that worked and I took the late OV as a sign that we had had our timings wrong all along as would get EWCM around day 12-16, so figured the two were not compatable a week apart.
Anyway to get to the point I finally had first AF after mc weds before last, stuck around for a few days, stopped then started again for another few days.
Noticed what might be EWCM (bearing in mind I have not seen any since april so kind of forgot what it's like!) for the last couple of days and thought we are off ttc until september, thought I would try an OPK, really did not expect anything but got that smiley face! CD14 here so part of me wants to think yay, at least the last one was not my last egg (been having nightmares about that) but the other part of me is not so sure as AF was so odd and maybe my body of just still screwing around???
Any comments on this ramble greatly appreciated grin

On a more sad note have found the family time at the weekend pretty hard, was ok on sat seeing my sister and her 2 little ones and my brother and hi pg wife for a couple of hours, but saw them again on sunday and just did not want to be there. SOOOO pissed off with myself as pre mc I would have been all over my SIL asking about her pg and all sorts, just can't bring myself to do it and its horrible, like that bit of me has been lost. Also got left alone with baby for far too long and found myself stuck not knowing what to do, feeling awful being with her, but feeling more awful about feeling awful. Grrr have not been able to have a proper cry for a few days and it gets me so irritable when it builds up.

long post over, sorry!

Foody cycles do tend to be ballsed up after mc, but from the sounds of the pos opk and ewcm, you're probably back on track! Woo! Is there a reason you're not ttc at the moment?

Sorry you had a hard time with family. I can totally relate to the whole 'feeling awful' cycle of misery, hope you manage to have a good weep and let out some of the frustration x

lady, kitty oooh might buy some off t'interweb then. Will probably need more ic hpks anyway for getting my BFP on so might as well make it a bulk ttc purchase!

Something tells me I'm not going to get any action tonight, Mr Boom has locked himself away in his study and is pointedly moaning about his back hurting to establish an excuse. Sometimes he's so apathetic about ttc I could just slap him - doesn't he realise that we need to actually SHAG in order to get knocked up? Aren't men supposed to want endless sex? It does nothing for my confidence either that he just doesn't ever seem to want to, I'm not very body confident at the best of times. FFS. angry

CharmingCats Tue 23-Jul-13 22:27:17

That's shit, boom. These menfolk are odd sometimes.... Hope his back makes a miraculous recovery.
Sorry about your weekend, foody I think the feelings you describe are completely natural, so try not to feel bad for having them. It must take time. I agree with boom regarding your cycles.

Feeling rubbish due to the heat. Watched rb footage on news. Feel even worse. I don't think this coverage will end soon. Media blackout methinks.

Bunnygirlie Tue 23-Jul-13 22:28:10

boom we currently use conceive plus but have pre-seed to try once it runs out, it hasn't helped yet though.

Good to see you foody was wondering how you were. I don't really have much advice, I can imagine it could take a while for your body to settle down again but no harm in trying. My friend was told after her mc to try again whenever she felt up to it.
Sorry to hear family time has been tough, bug hugs!

Omg boom I know what you mean, I also get the I'm too tired, too stressed, back hurts, throat hurts etc all the excuses! We spend our teen years thinking sex is all men think about and wanna do, how come when we need to do it they don't wanna! I keep saying to my hubby it's like expecting to win the lottery without  buying a ticket! It drives me loopy!

Foodylicious Tue 23-Jul-13 22:29:44

in 3 weeks we are going to be in oz and thailand for a month, its really hard not ttc but I cant bear thought of being in such early stages so far from home and the stress and worry would ruin our trip which we have been planning ofr a very long time. I have to keep reminding myself of this cause right now i want to say screw it all and ttc and not go on hol! Also you not meant to fly so early on either if we were lucky ttc anyway.
Thanks boom for the support, it does help a bit. and can you get Mr boom a bit tipsy and let you do all the work??

BlindKitty Tue 23-Jul-13 22:33:27

foody it's so hard, it really is but you'll get through it. In fact, we'll all get our babies in the end, we're just taking the scenic route

boom mine does as he's told but I wish I didn't have to tell him!

BlindKitty Tue 23-Jul-13 22:34:36

Anyway, tmi coming but I actually have pins and needles in my feet for being upside down for so long.,,

Bunnygirlie Tue 23-Jul-13 22:43:54

Lol kitty no such thing as TMI anymore! I tried the opposite earlier, lying on my front with knees on pillow, quite uncomfortable!

foodysorry about the family stuff but cycle wise it does sound like it's sorting itself out quite nicely smile.

cats I was being quite stoical about the rb until they started talking about Charles being so happy to be a grandfather. That's when I started crying. My dad is in his 70's and loves babies, but still doesn't have a grandchild and I can't seem to give him one sad.

boom I'm a little worried about timing this month as DP has another stag do at the weekend, which is when Ov is probably due. He's usually reliable enough when I request it, but sometimes he's 'just too tired'. I'm still struggling with it hurting. Tried again last night with plenty of foreplay and loads of preseed, but in the end the only way I could tolerate it at all was in the missionary position (I think it may actually have been the one and only time we've done it like that!) as it stopped him going too deep. I was worried it wasn't deep enough for the swimmers to get to the right place though. Having a night off tonight as it's still sensitive sad. I really don't understand what's going on, as if ttc wasn't stressful enough, it's now painful!! angry

Should have stayed off google. This is exactly what I was afraid of sad .
What can I do?
Other google results all back it up. There's an increase in friction and irritation and it feels raw and tight and painful. Not found any sites solving the problem for me sad .

Foodylicious Wed 24-Jul-13 00:12:47

more that I would usualy share but have now had a good cry a couple of rather generous JD and cokes.
In my experience there have been a few (ehem not saying how many) in my younger days, maybe 3 out of 4 not circumcised.
Personally pretty much all circumcised were more 'satisfying', but yes friction was an issue with a couple of the larger chaps (maybe the reason they had needed the circumcision in the first place??)

I would maybe suggest they when you have past this dtd window you and oh ban full sex for at least a week but keep things going otherwise, lots of cuddles, massage etc.
On the few occasions in the last 8 years we have been together we had experinced a 'drought' in this department due to stress or whatever, the first few times have been a bit uncomfy/painful as I think you 'shrink' a bit when you abstain for a bit. maybe this is just what has happened with you?? and as we are ttc we are putting ourselves under more 'activity' than is usual.
Also even though he is maybe completely healed he could have had a bit of thrush or something?? this would certainly not help you so maybe get some cream, it can't do any harm.

Really hope it is something you can find a solution too, can you get him 'ready' and reduce the time of the final dtd at much as possible??

sorry again for the frank and TMI content, but like I said, bit tipsy. Off to bed now.

BlindKitty Wed 24-Jul-13 06:04:50

Maybe you you just too dry the other night and now your still sore from the previous friction iygwim? Non stealth shaggers would just take a break but we obviously can't!

Tallyra Wed 24-Jul-13 07:05:52

I agree with goofy. I think the break has just made you unused to it. I had similar after my 1st mc, I didn't want to do it for ages and egging back into it took a while. don't give up!

and foody, don't worry either. it took me a few months to settle back down each time so it sounds like you are well on the way.

hospital later today. they gave me a pimping pot but it's the same size as a blood one - I'm gonna need a funnel for that one!!!

Tallyra Wed 24-Jul-13 07:06:32

silly phone spellings again, sorry.

Argh you just fell off my I'm on list so had to come and hunt your down to post! Rushing as am late for work...
Ps someone (Foody?) mentioned not flying in early pregnancy and (after frantic googling) its a myth... Flying is fine its just some people don't want to due to the nausea. Thank goodness as I was on a long flight the day before my bfp, and have been on 6 flights since!

Tallyra Wed 24-Jul-13 07:42:15

6 flights? wow! I don't envy you, I dislike flying intensely.

Ps Tally I was given one of those tiny test tube pots to pee in at the doctors. My face was a picture but all my pimping practise paid off and I didn't wee on my hand spill a drop! Was v proud and smug!

Morning berries

Well, I didn't get my bonk last night (tried my luck but no cigar!), but then the neighbours must have been going on holiday at 5am this morning and their little girl was squealing loudly as they left which woke us up, so we had a sleepy shag this morning. Not ideal because I didn't have time to try out my new lying-on-stomach-a-la-Bunny position because I had to get up, but at least there have been some swimmers sent in the right direction! To be honest, I think we're still too early by a long way but no harm getting the advance guard in place...

barking step away from Google! Speaking from personal experience and I've not even had booze so no excuse for oversharing I can't say I've found circumcision to be a particular problem in that way, so don't despair just yet. I wonder if it's a combination of everything - clomid, break from shagging, his op, you still being sore from last time and now anxiety that it's going to hurt. Can't give any advice other than lots of lube and taking it slowly, but do hope it improves!

Good luck with your funnel and hospital appt tally!

kitty hope you're not still upside down!

Right, off to work. Have a good Wednesday Berries xx

Thank you for sharing foody, I feel a bit better about it. I think you're right tally and kitty I definitely was still a little sore from the 1st night when we tried the 2nd time and last night there was no way I was trying again. It's the first clomid cycle though, 1st time in months I feel like there's actually a real chance of a bfp as Ov does seem to be on its way rather than waiting until the end of the cycle! This is really bad timing!!! angry
Will maybe have to aim for eod this week and then any extra would be a bonus. Lots of preseed before and during!!! And definitely warming him up so the amount of time he's inside me is reduced.
Went out for dinner last night with a group of friends. About 18 round the table and we somehow ended up sat next to pg friend who was actually due yesterday but hasn't popped yet, and husband of pg with twins friend. She wasn't actually there but husband was showing us photos of their double buggy on his phone. Marvellous. envy
Why can't ttc be simple? Want baby, have sex, get pg. What's really annoying is the number of people who seem to think it really is that simple for everyone just because they were lucky angry .

Cross posted as app kept not connecting. Thanks Boom I think you're right, it's all against us this week but it will get better!
merk glad you jumped on the flight thing before I went back to google - expecting my hard fought bfp this cycle but will then be flying back from America!

Bunnygirlie Wed 24-Jul-13 08:21:58

barking so sorry things are still so tender, hope it improves.

Hey merk how you doing?

Yay for the shag boom , so far we are on track but am worried it will all go wrong as we head into ov week.

Half day today, yay!

Gillster Wed 24-Jul-13 09:31:04

Good luck with the procedure Tally, keep us posted. I can't add anything to Barking's issues but think you're on the right track.

Out with mate and her 1 year old. She actually said 'I still think you need to just not stress about it, it will happen'. Thanks. I'll try that.

Pipbin Japan Wed 24-Jul-13 14:38:32

How did you not actually hit her Barking?
I think that women who have conceived with very little effort just don't understand. I heard someone complain the other day that it took ages to conceive their baby, she was ttcing for 6 months! Now I know that at the time its a long time but I felt like saying, just wait until its been 2.5 years, then we can have a conversation.

Gillster Wed 24-Jul-13 15:36:54

Just had similar conversation in ladies loos at work. A previous colleague had just been into the office with her new baby but I didn't get a chance to speak to her before she left. I then ran into another colleague in loos and asked how the new mum was doing as I hadn't had the chance to speak to her. After answering this she then asked "How was I doing?" which I knew was a loaded question so just said I was fine, then she proceeded to ask if I was trying? Even though I had rehearsed in my head a response that should have made her feel guilty for asking in the first place I just crumbled and said we were trying but it wasn't as easy as people think! I got the usual, "It will happen for you." Will it really! Having just changed a tampon it was just peachy timing! Having got AF on Sunday as entirely predicted I could have also had the op last week. Grrrr. Rant over.

happylass Australia Wed 24-Jul-13 15:53:42

Sorry to all those being affected with insensitive comments. A colleague said to me the other day "if you time it right and get pregnant early next year you'll mange to miss the Inspection". Yeah cos it's that easy!!
Hope all goes well at the hospital Tally. To be fair to my GP they gave me a giant bed pan type thing plus a pipette so I could get my sample in to the tiny test tube! Good job they didnt fall out of my bag on the way home or would have had some very strange looks!
How's things with you Pip?
Just awaiting AF here. She should be along just before bedtime sad
Sunny again here today so off to chill in the garden.

Hi all. Just popping in and still angry to read these bloody insensitive comments. Even when I got pg after 3 months the first time, I was still super sensitive that its not that easy for so many people.

I have had a horrible day. My thyroid levels have more than doubled and I've had to explain to yet another doctor what they should be and 'no, waiting a month just to see isn't actually ok'

FFS we should be paid more for doing our own job AND the doctors' too. Just hope this isn't going to cause any major problems sad

Gillster Wed 24-Jul-13 17:37:39

Thunder can you get a second opinion or even go private?

She's agreed I can up my dose. I then rang the midwife unit and managed not to sob. Lovely midwife says she'll sort me out with an early referral as I should get consultant care (usually from 12 weeks but I obviously made my case quite well)

Pipbin Japan Wed 24-Jul-13 18:26:22

Well FFS George? We had decided on George we when first started trying. They can't have that.

happylass Australia Wed 24-Jul-13 19:14:35

Think you should tell them Pip. That's just not on!

Tallyra Wed 24-Jul-13 19:23:10

I'm back from hospital. it all went well but as far as they were going to tell me on the day, they found nothing. all normal. nothing to fix down there.

Why can no-one tell me anything? we're just going to have to try again and risk the sickness and mc all over again. I'm so frustrated!

marie456 Wed 24-Jul-13 19:57:31

Hello everyone. Apologies for being a non-poster. You're all far more interesting characters than me so I've been lurking and trying to follow your trials and tribulations.

Glad all went well Tally, though annoying to not have any answers/solutions. Did they just tell you to go and get on with it?

Boom (or at least I think it was Boom) we used the preseed applicators for about 4 cycles in a row with no luck. DH was not too keen on it. Said it felt really cold and watery. The month we changed to conceive plus was the month that I got my short lived BFP. Probably just a coincidence but DH preferred it to the preseed. I got it off Amazon in a box of prefilled applicators. Hadn't seen them before but handy as you don't have to guess how much you need. Just shove it in, squeeze and ready for action!

I'm currently waiting to get a positive on the opks. Cycle day 16 since mc so not quite sure when it might happen or if indeed it will actually happen this cycle. In the meantime 3 babies born on the day of the royal baby, a baby shower at work that I couldn't get out of, which was attended by a colleague on mat leave with her 3 week old and 2 pregnancy announcements in the last week have officially turned me into a bitter and miserable person.

Ps. What is sausage wanging?!?!

Bunnygirlie Wed 24-Jul-13 20:18:34

Oh barking I think I would have lunched her! Only one friend knows about us and I've had no daft comments thank goodness! 
And Gil how clueless people are!

Oh thunder sorry to hear your GP is an arse. Can thyroid problems cause pg issues? (sorry so ignorant)

Oh pip that must be grrrrrr, I quite like Alexander so happy it's just a second name.

tally sorry you are still feeling frustrated with no answers, bug hugs! 

Bunnygirlie Wed 24-Jul-13 20:21:20

marie bitter and miserable? Sounds like me!

Can't quite remember where it started but you tend to get whacked or wanged with a sausage if you are being silly! Or feeling too sorry for yourself etc...

happylass Australia Wed 24-Jul-13 21:15:39

Do NOT read the "Does anyone just have sex and get preggers?" thread. Naively thought it would be full of people like us but its more "my partner gave me come to bed eyes and I was instadiffed. Which is good because I wanted my baby at a particular time of the year" angry envy angry

Bunnygirlie Wed 24-Jul-13 21:20:26

Grrrrr will avoid that one thanks happy

Have you seen this shocking thread-
Looks like our friend juicy has been naughty again shock

happylass Australia Wed 24-Jul-13 21:42:47

Oh dear Bunny. All her posts had been deleted by the time I'd got there plus the ones after she'd reinvented herself too! Anyone know how she is by the way? Wasn't she having a scan recently?

Bunnygirlie Wed 24-Jul-13 22:06:56

Oh dear indeed sad

Ohhhh I missed them too. Were they shocking? Has she been kicked off again now?

bunny yeah they can cause problems conceiving, miscarriage, low IQ in baby, premature labour...all sorts. Basically your body uses thyroxine for brain development and if you don't have enough then something's gotta give, hence my panic. And the fact I've had to fight since march with getting all the various GPs on side.

FFS tally that is so frustrating. After waiting all this time??? What's the next step then? Can you try again now?

pip they stole your name? Bloody rude.

Hi marie <waves>

BlindKitty Wed 24-Jul-13 22:20:01

Right marie now that you've outed yourself you're not allowed to lurk anymore! Sounds like you'll fit right in anyway! We're all bitter and twisted in here! grin

Bunnygirlie Wed 24-Jul-13 22:20:15

I missed them too! I assume she got kicked off again.

Oh Crikey thunder hope you find a good Doctor sometime!

So how is everyone?

I appear to be out of the loop! Do I know who juicy is? That thread is mental....I think I'll stay here on our nice friendly berry thread, I can't take the MN aggro!

Happy I'll give that one a miss then!

Oh pip rubbish that they stole your name! My godson got given the name we'd picked out before the MC so I can sort of sympathise. Rude royals.

Hi Marie come on back in and get comfy. Sausage wanging is the traditional sport around here, stick around and I'm sure you'll experience it! Thanks for the info re: preseed/conceive plus, I might just get both and try them out!

Tally so sorry you've come away frustrated. Is that it then, no more investigations, they're just going to leave you to it without a plan for how they'll manage you when you get diffed?? Hoping I'm wrong sad it's so unfair for you x

Thunder sad at your thyroid levels. Glad you're getting in early with consultant though, hoping hard that everything stays ok xxx

And sympathy to all the berries who got stupid, insensitive comments recently. Barking I think we need to compile a Berry Book of Snarky Responses to stupid bloody comments, I never have one handy and always think of a good comeback hours later!

No fun news here. An animal (they're not owning up as to which) has wee'd on the sofa so I've had to strip it tonight, no idea what's prompted it as we never have housetraining issues normally! I'd say 'good practice for when I have kids' but positivity is on the wane tonight and I don't want to tempt fate.

Aquarius1 Wed 24-Jul-13 22:48:24

Hi marie I will join your bitter and twisted party if I may - had to sign two 'congrats on your baby' cards this week and had to contribute to collection hmm this after getting AF on day of RB mania ...grrr...

boodle what's macca powder and what benefits is it supposed to have?

bunny sorry about your name being stolen- how annoying! one of my close family members stole the name I wanted for their first born and i thought we had sort of agreed neither of us would use it too hmm but I do love their little one so couldn't stay mad for too long.

Bunnygirlie Wed 24-Jul-13 22:54:08

Not my name stolen, think it was pips!

Spent the afternoon with my friend (the one who knows we are TTC) and her 6 month old, he is so cute! She mentioned that our friend is about to come off the pill soon, if she gets instadiffed I think I will die a little inside!

Aquarius1 Wed 24-Jul-13 23:04:34

Oops sorry pip hope you don't mind being confused with bunny

happylass Australia Wed 24-Jul-13 23:17:10

Boom Juicy is a old friend of this thread also known as Viv/Gail/Mike ) and a few other aliases I've forgotten) Not sure if you were around when she was a regular poster but she did pop back several weeks ago to say she was upduffed - as a result of IVF in the Czech Republic I think.

Tallyra Wed 24-Jul-13 23:19:22

I think that's it for the moment. the consultant at my last appointment pretty much said that. But I can wait 4-6 weeks for the appointment to hear that all is well from her mouth rather than the nurses. I'm thinking I might just go ahead and carry on trying next cycle (as it's shag week right now and I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed this cycle).
Pip, my sil stole our name for our nephew. then Dh's cousin stole my next one. I'm trying not to think of any more right now as they could go to the next family instadiffer. grr.

Hello Marie, you're not allowed to relurk now wink .

Pip I wanted George as well! It was my grandad's name and I've always wanted to use it if I had a son. Now it'll be over used sad .

Tally when is your appointment? Have you got one soon to discuss the results?

Thunder hope you see someone nice very soon who actually listens and sorts you out.

TMI alert
I've just tried dtd again after a break yesterday. I was still a little sore and the preseed stung a little, which is not a usual reaction. I used loads though, applicator and covered the bits likely to feel the friction! Despite doing lots of 'preparation' it wasn't looking like a quickie once he got in and I had to ask him to stop and 'help himself out' until he was ready to finish as I just couldn't bear the thought of it carrying on much longer sad . He wasn't very happy afterwards sad . I tried to reassure him that I was still a little sore from Monday and it would get better. Lying in bed now though and it stings like crazy, really feel rubbed raw and not looking forward to the next time even if we leave it tomorrow. Predicting Ov on Saturday so was hoping to make a deposit on friday and saturday. How has it come to this?! angry It really feels horrible but I'm not prepared to stop dtd completely while it's shag week!!!! Already disappointed we're not going to manage every day even though I know I'm being silly and eod should be enough.

x post tally. If they've not found anything presumably they won't do anything? How annoying angry . Hopefully they will now pay close attention to you when you are next diffed. Is there any chance the appointment will be sooner than 4 weeks and come ahead of next shag week?

Barking, stupid question but have you been to the doc? It doesn't sound as tho its something that is going to get better on its own

merk after my initial panic I think it will get better, otherwise I would be on my way to the docs as embarrassment wouldn't stop me where ttc is concerned!!
I don't seem to be producing much, if any, cm myself this cycle, even during foreplay, so I can only put that down to the clomid. When I drenched myself in preseed last night it was definitely a lot better, I think most of the problem was still being tender from dtd sunday and monday. It's bit hurting now but after going to the toilet this morning I had to dab rather than wipe iyswim, as the skin is still tender to touch.
I don't think this shag week is going to get any better, but once I've had some time off (which I will next week regardless due to crazy travel plans) I think we'll be ok as long as we use loads of preseed while I'm on the clomid.'s bit not hurting now...


Barking disregard this suggestion if you like, and it totally depends on how accommodating your other half is, but have you considered a pot and a syringe? I know it's not the romantic image we have of conceiving our children, but if you're struggling with dtd then it's an option which will give you a chance to recover without losing all hope of a bfp this month.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw it out there. I really hope it's just a case of not having a chance to heal and possibly the clomid effects. Have to say that this morning I struggled (still haven't bought lube) it was definitely a bit drier than usual!

Tally I don't blame you trying again (as far as I'm concerned you're a hero for waiting so long), but I hope they'd have you monitored from day dot! So hope your next BFP is different and you avoid the HG x

happy ah I remember the post, didn't know her when she was here though! Looks like she's been a naughty girl!

Bit late now so <manic wave> at all other berries x

Barking there's a good chance a doc trip could have you sorted Pdq. Honestly sounds more than just lack of lube to me (never thought that would be a sentence I would write grin)

Bunnygirlie Thu 25-Jul-13 08:21:25

barking get ye to the quacks my love! No harm in seeing if they can help! Nobody wants sore bits especially during shag week.

Tallyra Thu 25-Jul-13 09:08:17

barking, that sounds painful. I definitely had something like that before, but I think the Clomid is making it worse. go e yourself time. eod sounds too much to me.

thanks boom. it's been hell knowing I'm not supposed to be trying, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I started reading a steamy novel today to remind me what things can be like - dh was starting to think I didn't like him any more because I was very reluctant. Now I'm not reluctant, and its shag week but even though there's pretty much no bleeding in not sure if we should dtd. Anyway, he's going to the woods tonight straight from work, so it won't happen today.

Pipbin Japan Thu 25-Jul-13 14:23:11

Barking Could it be a touch of thrush?
Another option could be to give him a BJ to get him started and provide a bit a lube.

puts on wise old berry hat One thing to remember about lube is that sperm friendly lubes will only raise your chances of conceiving as compared to normal lube. It is not an aid to conception in itself. Just like Special K will only help you get thinner if you stop eating chips, just eating it isn't going to help you get thinner. If you have a problem that is preventing you conceiving then no amount of special lube is going to help.

I didn't realise that Gail had got updiffed. Good for her!

Bunny & Merk Don't want to pester the doc unless it's still a problem after we've had a few days break post shag week. Last night was a huge improvement on Sunday/Monday and I think I'll be ok once I'm all recovered and we make sure we use plenty of preseed when trying again. I think it was the combination of me being much, much dryer than usual (presumably due to the Clomid) plus the new lack of foreskin <snigger> and the fact that we've had at least 6 weeks! of no dtd while DP recovered from the op.

Boom I wouldn't be adverse to suggesting that if necessary!!

Pip I don't think it's thrush - I thought that involved itchiness and discharge, neither of which I have? I don't really understand your point about lube unless it's not necessarily directed at me?! I use lube as I don't always feel like dtd every day for more than a week and it replaces what nature would provide if I were feeling more up for it, especially when we've got 10 minutes to quickly dtd before we leave the house! Since realising the Clomid appears to be preventing all natural provision I'm using more and more of it!! My current problem preventing conception is friction, and preseed is helping that problem greatly!

Spent all day in my new classroom swearing at the teacher who left it in this state. Most of us are changing year groups which means changing classrooms. I've spent hours just clearing stuff out of cupboards that shouldn't have been left there anyway!!! Only managed 1 display, got part way through a second, and have at least 4 more to do....

Off for a fell race tonight though grin

Pipbin Japan Thu 25-Jul-13 17:59:08

Barking the point about lube was in general, not pointed at you at all.
I bought some when we were TTCing before we started IVF and we never used any before. It was more of a cautionary tale to not get sucked in to thinking that all these products will get you updiffed.
I understand that you need it.

But the reviews on Amazon assured me that I'd get diffed straight away with preseed!!! and over a year later I'm still using it wink

SidneyBristow Thu 25-Jul-13 19:04:32

Hi berries. Still on never ending kiddie-centric holiday and have gotten a BFN for our cycle 13. Feeling pretty low about it all really and being surrounded by 4 million happy families on holiday isn't helping. Pregnant lady decided to sit near me at the pool today confused made worse by the lady who sat on my other side, who was Irish Earth Mother with two adorable under 3s to match. confusedconfusedconfused It would almost be funny if it weren't so fucking painful.

marie456 Thu 25-Jul-13 19:16:50

Haha! I use the lube due to my own lack of 'natural juices'! Think the business would be impossible otherwise! Barking I hope your soreness is all better soon!
Thunder sorry if I'm being dumb, but how did you find out you had thyroid problems?
Regarding my self diagnosis of low progesterone, I'm wondering whether to just wait and try a bit longer or whether to go to gp now? I've read online that they don't do progesterone testing on NHS. Anyone any experience of this?
... Told a colleague about my recent mc. She herself had a baby in May. She proceeded to tell me that 'everything happens for a reason' and then showed me numerous pictures of her baby off her phone. Grrrrr. She was one of these 'i don't think I'll get a Glastonbury ticket for 2013 as I want a baby by then' instadiffers. Grrr some more.

marie456 Thu 25-Jul-13 19:19:59

Sorry Sidney for the cross post. That sucks.angry Tis the season for children filled holidays.

marie456 Thu 25-Jul-13 19:48:08

Me again! Just got a smiley on the digital ovulation stick 17 days after start of miscarriage! I'm excited as thought it wouldn't happen or at least be very delayed this month! Better go shave my legs in anticipation of husbands arrival home from work. He's working late today so he better get back here soon! Conceive plus at the ready!

Bunnygirlie Thu 25-Jul-13 19:49:02

Oh dear sid and marie grrrrrrrrrrr

How is everyone this eve?

Bunnygirlie Thu 25-Jul-13 19:49:36

Break a leg marie

Pipbin Japan Thu 25-Jul-13 19:53:01

Ladies. Do you remember fellow Berry Twinklestar2?

Well she has had IVF and has to POAS tomorrow. She is really really down and needs some berry support. She is convinced it hasn't worked and has no one IRL to talk to about it.

Pop over to the thread and show her some berry love.

Pipbin Japan Thu 25-Jul-13 19:53:31


Boodle9 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:36:19

Done, Pip.

Bunnygirlie Thu 25-Jul-13 20:40:52

Oh poor twink I wondered where she'd gone, she was one of my first posters when I set up my first thread on MN, I have sent her my best

happylass Australia Thu 25-Jul-13 20:41:48

Done as well Pip. Isn't Pramela on the IVF thread an old friend of the Berries too? wink

Bunnygirlie Thu 25-Jul-13 20:45:07

No way, is she back already grin

ladybunnikins Thu 25-Jul-13 20:48:29

Barking, just wondering, did your DH have absorbable sutures? Sometimes the knots in them take a while to dissolve and it could be that there's a palpable bump under the skin which doesn't bother him but could be painful for you.

Aquarius1 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:53:45

I was wondering what happened to twinkle ... Will pop over

sid poor lass- that's rubbish for you - hope your hol improves

IamKuma Thu 25-Jul-13 20:56:53

Hello Berries, thought I'd check in and say hello at Berry HQ; I've been busy the last few days packing up my flat but trying to dip in and out and keep up with what's going on.

Going back almost a week - Gill yes I would consider private IVF if we get nowhere naturally; just about to move into a new borough, so hoping they might not have a cap at 38... sid you're an elder-elderberry in the London area, have you heard anything about 38 being the age limit.

sid (again) really sorry you are not having a happy holiday and the SKs are running riot. I'm sure your time will come soon; the fact that your DH spend so much time with your SK's shows how great he'll be when you have kids of your own together. Hugs

Tally sorry to hear that you got no helpful information at the hospital, I hope you can get some sense from them later on.

Amused with stories of post DTD postures, I'm just over half way through shag week and trying for evening DTD to maximise horizontal time! Have managed eod so far, but DH out tonight on a work piss up.... grrr. Would have jumped on him this morning if I'd remembered in time wink

Pipbin Japan Thu 25-Jul-13 21:10:15

Thank you guys for the nice comments to Twink. I knew you berries wouldn't let her down.

SidneyBristow Thu 25-Jul-13 21:23:19

Couldn't open the link to the Twink thread but wanted to post my support to her - Twink we are with you, good things are coming your way, lady xxx

Foodylicious Thu 25-Jul-13 21:53:51

Hi All!!! <waves>

just a quick read and run

have finally finished my assignment for re-submission, really not convinced its any better, but...
have just gone to submit it online and the blackboard is off line and I go away in the morning, AAAAHHH!!!!! Soo annoyed. Its due in on monday 12pm, but no way I will be back by then.
I have emailed my tutor to let her know and attached it in-case there is anything she can do. May email it to myself incase anyone takes a ipad or something while we are away and I could send it from that maybe?

Hope alls better soon barking!

hope to catch up better next week, have good weekends everyone, heres to more sun!!!
and oh christ! I have just seen this crown FFS!!!

CharmingCats Thu 25-Jul-13 22:44:09

Hello all,
Also spent today clearing a classroom that should not have been in a state. Nothing had been done...stuff all over the place, including balloons from their party yesterday. Ffs. Back tomorrow. No displays, barking will have to go back in during the last week of August to do them then.
Am off to bed, sorry for not name checking, but pleased to read all news. Will post properly tomorrow xx

Bunnygirlie Thu 25-Jul-13 22:53:58

Earlier this evening...

I ate a Gu,
and thought of you!
Sorry that some have a sore foo (oh dear)
Fair play TTC is poo!
Makes me boohoo
All we want is a baby so we can coo

Don't worry I won't give up my day job wink lol

Can you tell I'm losing the plot now?

marie456 Thu 25-Jul-13 22:58:57

I'm not yet familiar with the sausage wanging rules, but bunny I would say that little verse is surely worthy of at least 1 sausage being flung in your direction! grin

<joins Marie with sausage reinforcements and starts throwing from the other side of berry HQ>

Bunnygirlie Thu 25-Jul-13 23:05:24

Haha yes it does deserve a sausage slap lol

<ducks behind the PoP and uses the RoR as a shield >

<jumps up and over the PoP and slaps Bunny with a Richmonds sausage for using lol>

twinklestar2 Thu 25-Jul-13 23:48:05

Thx girls for our support on other thread X

twinklestar2 Thu 25-Jul-13 23:48:15

I mean your support

Boodle9 Thu 25-Jul-13 23:49:55

Charming, I feel your pain over untidy classrooms. I shall say no more though as it will keep me awake thinking about it!

Sausage wanging night, is it? <loads sharpened pepperami sticks into crossbow>

BlindKitty Fri 26-Jul-13 07:21:22

Been a bit AWOL last couple of days!

marie apparantly you can be more fertile after a mc so get shagging!! Oh and I was one of the 'I'm bound to get pg if I buy a glasto ticket' ones, who of course didn't even though I tempted fate so hard! Still ended up not going though as thought my iui was starting then grrr

barking I agree with merk, maybe it is a bit of thrush? Failing that I reckon you just need a rest, re booms suggestion of using a pippet, I can say that my dh was worrified when I suggested we did that on the plane home from Thailand as knew I was ovulating then! bet I'd have been diffed by now grr

thunder hope everything gets sorted soon. Hang in there bud

merk how you feeling?

So on cd 22 and still no ov, wondering whether I've had an annovulation cycle this month?

Also, can anyone tell me why I'm still in bed and not getting ready for work?? Arghh

happylass Australia Fri 26-Jul-13 08:23:23

Ok so, never thought I'd actively be seeking her out but has anyone seen AF?? Cd28 now - have never had a cd28 before! Always a 25-26 day cycle, regular as clockwork kinda girl. Pimped for the last 3 days in a row so that rules upduffed-ness out. Am off to try on wedding dresses today so the law of sod says she's bound to show up when I'm stripping off in front of some randoms!
Morning everyone by the way and Twinkle you are more than welcome my lovely - once a Berry always a Berry. Have a good day all!

Bunnygirlie Fri 26-Jul-13 08:29:16

HELP! Really need Berry Bug Hugs today!!! Logged onto evil bookface and a girl I have known most of my life has changed her profil pic to her and her newborn baby sad it's ruined my Friday and now I feel so down

Pipbin Japan Fri 26-Jul-13 08:38:03

Oh that is so rubbish.
I hate bookface for that. I know that friends aren't being insensitive on purpose but really. Never mind an Internet porn block, there should be a baby block

Happy do you know when you O'd?

Well, DP's alarm went off at 7am as although we're both on holiday we had loads to do, and I took my temp then fell back asleep, as did he fell asleep that is not took his temp and we both woke up at 10am!! Argh!! So much to do!! But obviously I had to check in on here first...

pip hope your weigh in goes well today!

Bunny smugbook is rubbish. I had the same yesterday, but not even someone who is a friend on facebook (I think I dropped her in the last big cull I did). She is a friend from school and the last time I heard from her she was living abroad with her boyfriend and seemed to be in no hurry to settle down. She posted on a mutual friend's status and her profile pic is of her and her daughter. It floored me. Horrible isn't it? flowers I'd like to think that I could see good news like that and be happy for her but my immediate thought in my head is bitch envy. Out in the pub last night and bumped into friends who told me a mutual friend from years ago had just had a baby. Great. Everybody's having a bloody baby except for me!! Friend I met earlier in the week with the 1 year old was talking about the buggy they have and how much they cost etc, but then said to me 'but don't get any of this when you need it, just call me and you can have our stuff'. Another friend was talking about her baby carrier (the back type like a rucksac) that her son has now grown out of and said 'you can have this'. They don't seem to have any problems believing that I'll get pg, why couldn't it just be that easy?!

Sorry, I was supposed to be sympathising with Bunny and it's just turned into me, me, me and I've upset myself now.

So anyway, to continue about me, me, me I think actually you were all right and I should have gone to the doctor at the start of the week. angry at myself for jumping to conclusions about DP's 'trimmage' and not looking at alternative answers. Now a second berry (thanks kitty) mentioned thrush I googled it and had no idea pain during sex could be a symptom. I always assumed thrush was itchiness and a lumpy discharge, neither of which I had noticed. I'm not sure about self diagnosing and treating though as I've never used canestan? before and don't know whether I should use it if I'm not sure it's definitely thrush. So I've booked a telephone appointment at the doctors. A doctor should call me this afternoon and then make an appointment to see me if necessary. Why didn't I listen to you all at the start of the week instead of only now doing something about it so close to Ov and when we're going away for month this weekend?!?! angry.

And while I'm on that subject, CD13 here, -opk again today (did 2 yesterday) and still high on cbfm whilst previously I'd get peak after 4 days of high. So no Ov on CD14. Which means it could be during our travel time on buses/coaches/planes. Marvellous. And when we get to America we're staying with a mate on her sofa bed in a room with no door....

Sorry, will end the me, me, me now, DP just got back from town and wants to know why I still haven't taken the dog out...

Aquarius1 Fri 26-Jul-13 13:27:32

Boo to FB bunny - I know that feeling- hope you can shake it off and enjoy the rest if your day.

barking I often think the 'everyone's popping them out except me' thought too. must be wrong if we're both thinking it! My sis who doesn't have kids pointed out to me recently that I seem to live in a highly concentrated environment of parents / babies and perhaps I should widen it a bit. She's right- I'd just come back from a christening where we were the only couple without kids/bumps -was close to tears for most if it - definitely needed a full on sausage wang....

Pipbin Japan Fri 26-Jul-13 13:33:40

Barking I get dreadful thrush and it results in painful sex for me. I've never had 'lumpy discharge' with it. I get itchy but I find that I notice it the most when wiping after a wee. Last time I had it I used canesten pesary and cream but it didn't do the job. I wen't to the doctor and got the oral tablet instead. If you are not sure if it's thrush then it's best to get it looked at.

I think that people who have just 'got pregnant' find it very hard to understand what it is like for it not to happen. My closest friend, who is very supportive just stopped using contraception and just got pregnant, and her husband only has one knacker!

Oh, dildo cam went OK, consultant was happy with what he saw, and they didn't weigh me!