We laugh in the face of OPKS and stomp on our thermometers! Don your customised shag capes, ladies; it's Just Shagging Thread 15

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Bearface Wed 15-May-13 18:12:39

Ladies, Fred title says it all; we are the ones who shag as much as our men can cope with in order to get upduffed without the stress of scientific whatnots!

Fred rules (copied from previous Fred)

1. Thou shalt shag as much as humanly possible in order to get upduffed.
2. Thou shalt not partake of OPKs, temping, or charting.
3. Thou shalt keep symptom spotting to a minimum.
4. Thou shalt share and with your fredmates where needed.

JSing lingo;

ERTD = Evil Red Tide of Dooooooommmmmmm. Or AF to most others.

Pant snot = Egg white cervical mucus.

Doing a kitten = Getting upduffed soon after joining (warning: may induce in other posters).

Viroid = This is you, dear poster. This is from the first JS thread when someone tried to type 'ladies' and it autocorrected to 'Viroids' - so there you go!

POAS = Pee On A Stick (of the pregnancy detecting kind, not from a tree). Also known as PIAR (Pee In A Ramekin - cos we're posh birds innit). Or PIATLH (Tea light holder) PIAWG (Wine glass) or anything else you care to pee in!

Shagging like something = JSing like a teenage nymphomaniac.

Giving a hooya = Giving a much needed slap to a fellow poster in danger of slipping into ttc obsession.

Contraband = Of COURSE none of us EVER partake of any silly OPKs or temp charting. They are Contraband.

The link to Part 14 is here: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/conception/1674505-Out-with-the-OPKs-ban-the-body-temping-heres-Just-Shagging-thread-14

The link to the latest grads thread is here:

Happy shagging shaggers!

MrsBri Wed 15-May-13 18:17:46

Oops...didn't mean to finish the last one! :-) Too excited about Bear's potential BFP!

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 18:24:38

Ha ha! You beat me to it MrsBri. grin I was naughty though and set up this fred before finishing the other one. Thanks for the support MrsBri, but I fear ERTD will rear her ugly head very soon. I really, really hope I'm wrong though.

Roll call, anyone?

Name: Bearface
Any DCs?: Nope.
TTC since: August 2011 (shagging with intent). Since knowing what we were actually doing - September 2012 - So what's that . . .? 21 months and 9 months respectively if my maths is right.

MrsAVB Wed 15-May-13 19:12:15

Hopefully you'll get new Fred good luck bear... Are you waiting til the morning to POAS? Xxx

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 19:18:23

Thanks mrsbri Yes. I've done 3 today and third one had a deginite line but I still think its an evap line.

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 19:18:42


Rockchick1984 Wed 15-May-13 19:38:05

Squeeeeeee I don't care if you're not getting excited Bear - I'm getting excited for you!!!! TMI but my only pregnancy symptom was lots and lots of tiny constant farts blush

Name: Bearface
Any DCs?: Nope.
TTC since: August 2011 (shagging with intent). Since knowing what we were actually doing - September 2012 - So what's that . . .? 21 months and 9 months respectively if my maths is right.

Name: Rockchick1984
Any DC's?: 1 DS
TTC since: September 2012, with a miscarriage in April.

Perkins1 Wed 15-May-13 19:50:27

Ladies, may I join? Ur previous Fred has kept me sane-ish for a good few weeks now not stalkerish at all My shag cape is clearly faulty and am seeking a refund in order to get a new designer one!

Name: Perkins1
Any DC's? Nope
TTC since: January 2012......so 17 months sad Conceived twice (Aug 12 & Jan 13) but they weren't sticky.

bear I am stalking this new fred, in hopes it may be a real line! Was it pinkish, or greyish?

Rockchick1984 Wed 15-May-13 20:02:46

Welcome to the madhouse Perkins - have some wine to help you design your shag cape to don whenever you think you may be ovulating smile

Totesamazeballs Wed 15-May-13 20:10:32

Hi,better jump on board too!

Bear! Potential major yippeeeeee!!

Name :totesamazeballs
Any DC's? : 1 DS
TTC since November 2012, only recently started being serious about it.

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 20:15:00

Hi perkins! lovely to meet you. Right-oh folks! I have uploaded a pic to my profile of said Poas. The pic is upside down I'm afraid and not as good quality as real life, but maybe you can advise, if you wouldn't mind? I've done two since this one and they were both negative. The one in the pic I did after not being able to go to the loo for quite some time.

DH came home and told him that Ertd was a no show and I'd Poas'd but then couldn't find stick and he was rushing out for something important. He left looking very confused!

IceNoSlice Wed 15-May-13 20:29:13

Hi ladies viroids, can I join too?

Name: IceNoSlice
Any DCs? One DS, born Aug 12
TTC since... Last week!! So possibly a bit premature to join the JS Fred, but it's so exciting when someone POAS and it's positive!! Gives me a boost smile

Yay, Bear

Totesamazeballs Wed 15-May-13 20:31:39

Hi, not sure how to get to profiles Bear...

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 20:32:35

This is strange . I can get on the Fred on my mobile but not online. confused

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 20:33:25

I think you click on my name and it links to photos. Hang on ill just try.

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 20:36:05

Yep hover on my name and another copy if my name appears and click on that. That should work.

IceNoSlice Wed 15-May-13 20:36:19

Can't link to photos either confused

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 20:43:11

Gah - finally been restored. I don't know where the fred went on my pooter for a while there.

Hi Ice - good to meet you. You just need to hover over my name. It should work hopefully.

Totesamazeballs Wed 15-May-13 21:09:13

Hmm, I don't seem to be able to click on it on my iPad. Bugger.

IceNoSlice Wed 15-May-13 21:12:18

Nor my iPhone, sorry. Hopefully someone can give you a second opinion soon Bear

cookielove Wed 15-May-13 21:16:05

Name: Bearface
Any DCs?: Nope.
TTC since: August 2011 (shagging with intent). Since knowing what we were actually doing - September 2012 - So what's that . . .? 21 months and 9 months respectively if my maths is right.

Name: Rockchick1984
Any DC's?: 1 DS
TTC since: September 2012, with a miscarriage in April.

Name: Perkins1
Any DC's? Nope
TTC since: January 2012......so 17 months Conceived twice (Aug 12 & Jan 13) but they weren't sticky.

Name :totesamazeballs
Any DC's? : 1 DS
TTC since November 2012, only recently started being serious about it.

Name: IceNoSlice
Any DCs? One DS, born Aug 12
TTC since... Last week!! So possibly a bit premature to join the JS Fred, but it's so exciting when someone POAS and it's positive!! Gives me a boost

Name: Cookielove
Any Dc's?: None
TTC: Sept 2012

Hello all, Bear squeeeeee i'll be up nice and early tomorrow so will be around on here 7.20 ish if you fancy POAS and posting grin so excited for you!!

Is that two more newbies hello ladies <waves manically> it is really lovely here makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.

I've have only got in, due to being stuck on a training course after work sad

Oh and thanks for the LP explantions smile

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 21:16:19

Oh sorry you can't see it. Erm, not sure what else you could try.

cookielove Wed 15-May-13 21:17:29

Bear i am on my laptop and i can't access your profile, i know how to do cause i am nosy bugger but it won't let me confused

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 21:24:54

There's something funny going on with my log in and stuff at the mo. It won't let me access the fred if I try to enter from the Conception menu. I'm not sure what's going on. Sorry!

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 21:31:00

Okay - I think I hadn't enabled my profile properly. Maybe try now.

Minion Wed 15-May-13 21:32:30

Hello hello girls. I've found you!
Cracking shiny new Fred to get us all up duffed!
Like it like it!

CYcle 5, although 2 only seriously

cookielove Wed 15-May-13 21:32:48

Bear i got access and i see a line grin and they all say a line is a line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 21:36:08

Thanks Cookie - I just don't believe it at the moment. Especially as the other two came back negative after. Does that mean I could have used up the hormone I was producing maybe and it'll come back again over night?

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 21:36:33

Oh yes - shock

cookielove Wed 15-May-13 21:38:02

Well lets see what tomorrow's FMU brings smile fx!!

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 21:38:30


MrsAVB Wed 15-May-13 21:43:31

I saw, and I say there is a line bear smile
<warms a seat for bear on the grads thread>
Seriously though, I hope you sleep ok tonight and that the morning brings all you want. Either way, we are here with hugs.
My sesame seed sized bean is also crossing its non existent fingers and toes xxx

cookielove Wed 15-May-13 21:44:21

Ok, i'll see you in the morning bear wink i am off to bed as i am knackered

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 21:49:00

Thanks cookie and mrsavb. I'm having some denial issues thinking it can't possibly be true. Thanks for the reassurance. I guess lets see what tomorrow holds as you said cookie. I'll be up early as I leave for work by 7.20 so will let you know as soon as I can. Suspense, huh? grin

I think it could be a line too bear, am crossing fingers tightly that it is! Do you have a digi test in the house?

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 22:14:11

No I don't Humpty. Thanks for looking too.

AQuarkTooFar Wed 15-May-13 22:17:02

Name: Bearface
Any DCs?: Nope.
TTC since: August 2011 (shagging with intent). Since knowing what we were actually doing - September 2012 - So what's that . . .? 21 months and 9 months respectively if my maths is right.

Name: Rockchick1984
Any DC's?: 1 DS
TTC since: September 2012, with a miscarriage in April.

Name: Perkins1
Any DC's? Nope
TTC since: January 2012......so 17 months Conceived twice (Aug 12 & Jan 13) but they weren't sticky.

Name :totesamazeballs
Any DC's? : 1 DS
TTC since November 2012, only recently started being serious about it.

Name: IceNoSlice
Any DCs? One DS, born Aug 12
TTC since... Last week!! So possibly a bit premature to join the JS Fred, but it's so exciting when someone POAS and it's positive!! Gives me a boost

Name: Cookielove
Any Dc's?: None
TTC: Sept 2012

CYcle 5, although 2 only seriously

Name: AQuarkTooFar
Any DCs: Nope
TTC: Since Nov/Dec 2012 so 5/6 months - gulp!

AQuarkTooFar Wed 15-May-13 22:22:39

Hi all! Loving the New Fred, very comfy!

<flaps out crumpled forgotten cape and hangs it out in the corner>

Too excited for you right now Bear!! Too excited!

No shaggage has happened in the quark house this month apart from one drunken time two weeks ago. We are both v. busy at the mo and beds are just for sleeping in. Lots of pant snot today so maybe I might jump on tonight.

Work colleague brought their week old baby in today and I got some nice cuddles. Super jealous though. Other work colleague said "oh thats nice they are a proper family now! You only become a proper family when you have a kid!". I almost burst into bl**dy tears! sad

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 22:32:08

Oh no quark. How insensitive. Poor you. Sending you a lilttle hand squeeze. X

AQuarkTooFar Wed 15-May-13 22:35:36

Worse thing is she knows we are trying! Confided in her the other day as there was a lot of baby chat going round the office. I just dont think she thought about what she was saying!

Thanks for the hand squeeze Bear. x

Bearface Wed 15-May-13 22:37:44

hmm I bet if you told her she'd be mortified. Some people just don't think unfortunately.

Redshoes56 Wed 15-May-13 22:45:30

Yay, I found you ladies! New fred! And since you started it, bear, you will be BFPing for sure. Why do you think they are all evap lines? Are you just afraid to be disappointed? I am so freaking hopeful for you. Biggest smile possible! Dying for info.

Hi new folks!

Here we all are:

Name: Bearface
Any DCs?: Nope.
TTC since: August 2011 (shagging with intent). Since knowing what we were actually doing - September 2012 - So what's that . . .? 21 months and 9 months respectively if my maths is right.

Name: Rockchick1984
Any DC's?: 1 DS
TTC since: September 2012, with a miscarriage in April.

Name: Perkins1
Any DC's? Nope
TTC since: January 2012......so 17 months Conceived twice (Aug 12 & Jan 13) but they weren't sticky.

Name :totesamazeballs
Any DC's? : 1 DS
TTC since November 2012, only recently started being serious about it.

Name: IceNoSlice
Any DCs? One DS, born Aug 12
TTC since... Last week!! So possibly a bit premature to join the JS Fred, but it's so exciting when someone POAS and it's positive!! Gives me a boost

Name: Cookielove
Any Dc's?: None
TTC: Sept 2012

Name: Redshoes56
Any Dc's?: None
TTC: "Not preventing" since May 2012

Redshoes56 Wed 15-May-13 22:46:43

Ahhhh look at all the posts that came in while I was typing!

Redshoes56 Wed 15-May-13 22:48:30

Real, updated roll call:

Name: Bearface
Any DCs?: Nope.
TTC since: August 2011 (shagging with intent). Since knowing what we were actually doing - September 2012 - So what's that . . .? 21 months and 9 months respectively if my maths is right.

Name: Rockchick1984
Any DC's?: 1 DS
TTC since: September 2012, with a miscarriage in April.

Name: Perkins1
Any DC's? Nope
TTC since: January 2012......so 17 months Conceived twice (Aug 12 & Jan 13) but they weren't sticky.

Name :totesamazeballs
Any DC's? : 1 DS
TTC since November 2012, only recently started being serious about it.

Name: IceNoSlice
Any DCs? One DS, born Aug 12
TTC since... Last week!! So possibly a bit premature to join the JS Fred, but it's so exciting when someone POAS and it's positive!! Gives me a boost

Name: Cookielove
Any Dc's?: None
TTC: Sept 2012

CYcle 5, although 2 only seriously

Name: AQuarkTooFar
Any DCs: Nope
TTC: Since Nov/Dec 2012 so 5/6 months - gulp!

Name: Redshoes56
Any Dc's?: None
TTC: "Not preventing" since May 2012

Redshoes56 Wed 15-May-13 22:50:35

I am on cycle day 2 here, by the way, the witch did come 'round as anticipated. Really painful this month, too. Determined to get that BFP one of these days! There is going to be a LOT of cape-wearing this month - no school, no stress grin

Bearface Thu 16-May-13 06:38:10

Morning. Well, just did another IC test with FMU and got a BFN so I guess that other test must have been faulty or something. Still no Ertd though. confused sorry for getting you excited for nowt. sad

coffeewineandchocolate Thu 16-May-13 06:49:36

name- coffeewineandchocolate
ttc since- March 2013
dc? 1 ds 28months

AQuarkTooFar Thu 16-May-13 07:16:37

Oh Bear it's not over until the red lady sings! How many days late are you?

cookielove Thu 16-May-13 07:22:00

bear I still have my fingers crossed for you

MrsBri Thu 16-May-13 08:21:53

You shouldn't get a false positive though :-/

Can you get yourself a First Response Early Result test? Or are you waiting before bringing out the big guns?

It looked like a line to me as well.

Hmm...keeping things crossed for you.

Minion Thu 16-May-13 08:46:38

Bear, it looks like a line to me too!
Fingers crossed for you.

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 08:47:18

Morning all! Am desperately awaiting news Bear!!

essie81 Thu 16-May-13 08:56:37

oh bear! Sorry I missed all this. I'm still in in the depths of no-where with no internet. angry

I agree though, it looks like a line to me. Keeping everything crossed for you lovely.

TTC 1, cycle 6, ERTD due 18/5/13.

essie81 Thu 16-May-13 09:18:22

p.s hellooo to the newbies! <waves>

Bearface Thu 16-May-13 11:32:07

Well, I thought it looked like a line too but this morning's test was definitely a bfn. I'll try and get hold of an FRER after work. How confusing this all is! Still no Ertd yet and I'm now 2 days late, but this isn't unheard of for me. I have been 4 days late before.

What's everyone else up to?

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 11:43:42

Sorry Bear, but there is always hope until ERTD comes.

DS has a heavy cold but a trip to Homebase this morn cheered him up. Lots of shiny things to coo at. Now he is on the move i can't leave him for a second so time is of the essence I should probably be doing housework instead of mumsnetting

essie81 Thu 16-May-13 12:07:34

Hmm. V confusing and annoying for you. Still keeping it all crossed til you know for sure one way or another. It's not over til Cruella rocks up.

Nothing much interesting to report I'm afriad. Getting my hair done tomorrow! Yay! Then a wedding on Sat which should be fun. ERTD due Sat too.

bear agreed - I think you need a more 'positive' test - ICs are too easy to misinterpret. Did you wait the full 10mins? My first BFP took 8 mins to develop...

AQuarkTooFar Thu 16-May-13 12:38:39

Keeping everything for you bear you certainly deserve it!

Well I think that's me finished week 7 of WW and After a few gains in previous weeks i lost 5lbs this week. I have now lost a while stone! grin it all feels one step closer to getting up duffed!

AQuarkTooFar Thu 16-May-13 12:39:10

Whole not while!

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 12:43:28

Flipping hell, that's impressive Quark! Well done!

AQuarkTooFar Thu 16-May-13 12:47:31

Thanks totes properly chuffed. Your DS sounds like my DH who likes a good l

AQuarkTooFar Thu 16-May-13 12:48:03

Argh stupid phone!

DH loves a good wander round home base/b an q!

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 13:06:11

Lol! Well DS is 1 and obsessed with anything he can open/ close, slide etc. he went apeshit in the door handle section! I hope he likes a bit of DIY when he is older.

My DH isn't a natural DIYEr but he does try and I love him for that thank God my dad is brilliant at it

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 14:36:05

Depressing news. Progesterone show I didn't ovulate again.

essie81 Thu 16-May-13 15:05:27

Sorry to hear that totes sad

What happens now? What can they do to help sort it? x

Rockchick1984 Thu 16-May-13 15:50:50

Sorry to hear that Totes sad

IceNoSlice Thu 16-May-13 16:53:45

Bear - I had a negative result last time when I was upduffed, I'd done the test too soon. Also, I think I had a small bleed very early on so that confused matters too. At my dating scan I was 4 weeks further on than previously thought. However, that was all probably my ineptitude at POAS tests or something- don't want to give false hope! I'm no expert in all the ovulation cycle stuff- last time we 'just shagged' for a while and tried to relax about it all (though I remember being gutted when ERTD arrived). Have my fingers crossed for you.

Will be interesting this time round. Haven't had ERTD in 18 months confused

Quark - very impressive! Hope you enjoy buying something new in a smaller size to celebrate smile

Bearface Thu 16-May-13 17:27:58

Hello, hello.

Well, I went to get an FRER after work but the special chemist I normally go doesn't seem to stock them anymore, so I bought a Clear Blue digital. I get home, start getting myself ready and I now appear to have spotting. sad I don't think I was ever upduffed in the first place, but what's with that flippin' test making me think I was. hmm So, sorry to disappoint guys, but no BFP for me.

Quark - that's amazing. (And I don't use that word willy-nilly like some people.) You should be so proud of your good self.

Totes - sorry about the progesterone, but I'm sure they can give it to you in tablet form to get you up to normal levels, can't they? P.S. I love a good wander round a DIY shop too! grin

Ice - sorry (or not??) for the absent Ertd. Do you need to do anything to make it come back or are you just waiting?

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 18:17:37

Well, sorry to hear that Bear. Could it be implantation though?

I am due to speak to doc next week so will take it from there. Thing is, while it could be just a simple matter of taking progesterone supplementation, I will have to go through the whole flipping test sheet before they prescribe. so scans, DHs sperm test etc. all of which take an age.

I thought we were meant to be more fertile after pregnancy,not less!!

Oh and sorry for crap grammar, I hate typing on this pad thingy.

So, I am sitting in the middle of the room at the pity party, waiting for someone to turn on the violins.

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 18:22:48

Oh, and also, rather randomly,I got OV pain the day before my blood test, day 18 of my cycle, so go figure? Perhaps I. Have a cyst or something. Or PCOS?

Rockchick1984 Thu 16-May-13 19:05:39

Totes what prompted you to have your progesterone levels checked?

Don't worry Bear - even if you're not upduffed at least you have the referral coming up soon. It's not over til the red lady sings though, so still keeping everything crossed for you (except my legs, sorry) smile

Congrats on the weight loss Quark that's fantastic!

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 19:17:11

Basically I thought and still think my luteal phase was/ is coming up short, at 8 days, and one of the causes of this can be low progesterone. The doc I saw initially was young and keen and said that it can take a while for your cycles to get back to normal after pregnancy but I persevered and said I would feel reassured if I had my hormones checked. Fortunately she allowed this and hence the first result which was 7.9. I then spoke to older doc who said lets check again and that I was wrong about my luteal phase as all women has a two week one and I was shagging at the wrong time. Anyway, second results 5.2.

However, IF I am actually correct (I don't have anything to go on other than some inaccurate basal temps and OV pain ) then my progesterone levels are being taken at 1 dpo because my LP is only 8 days and they have to count back 7 days from when you think ERTD comes, but that is meant to be mid luteal phase (ie if you have a 14 day normal LP).

It's confusing and it sucks.

coffeewineandchocolate Thu 16-May-13 19:29:34

I have no idea what any of you are talking about. I feel really ill informed- I just start jsing when my phone application tells me...

GaryBuseysTeeth Thu 16-May-13 19:40:55


Bear, sorry it seems to have been for nothing.
Looking at your test, it's either a positive or a really awfully faulty one (less likely!), so a chemical pregnancy, although shitty, at least shows you can do it without all the science-y stuff!

Totes, my DS is 16 months...we started ttc when he was 3/4months old & a fair few months of tempchecking just shagging later I find out I've got a short luteal phase (9 days), tried Soy Isoflavones, got BFP, miscarried but then got shiny new BFP that cycle, convinced the Soy knocked my cycle back into 'normal' luteal phase.
Good luck at the Drs next week.

Congrats on the fab weight loss Quark.


MrsRV Thu 16-May-13 19:43:07

Can I join please? Also ill informed and shag when app tells me.

DD is 14 months - 3rd month of TTC here so early days. AF due Thursday.

Bear - feeling your pain :-(

Totes - love your comment about DS going apeshit in handle section. So taking DD at the weekend - beats disease ridden local soft play! DD also has heavy cold.

I'm sat eating a wispa praying DD sleeps & secretly pleased hubs & I don't have to shag later :-)

Minion Thu 16-May-13 19:51:00

Welcome mrsRV, eat some choc for me, I'm on me jollies in 4 weeks so not having any till I'm there. Sob!
garbuseysteeth I've seen you around and have to say yours is my favourite IH ever!
As you were.

MrsAVB Thu 16-May-13 20:28:46

bear hugs xxx hope you are ok love. Stupid pee sticks! Still not over yet though.. Will keep FX.
Hi everyone else <waves> nice to see some newbies.

IceNoSlice Thu 16-May-13 20:30:10

coffeewineandchocolate I'm lost too (luteal phase??) and don't even have an app sad

Totesamazeballs Thu 16-May-13 20:54:19

Ooh, what are soy isoflavines and where can I get them?

You can get fertility phone apps??

Luteal a phase is the bit between ovulation and ERTD. Should be around 14 days but if shorter than 12 it can mean that if you fertilise an egg, it doesn't have time to implant before ERTD sets in..ie your body sheds your lining too early, so you can't get upduffed.

Before DS my LP was 12 dAys, shortest 10. I have lost two days somewhere. I think I need a Tardis!!

coffeewineandchocolate Thu 16-May-13 20:59:13

I use an app called my days. it colour coordinates everything and you can input when ertd comes, when you js etc

cookielove Thu 16-May-13 21:41:42

Hello all [smiles]

cookielove Thu 16-May-13 21:43:10

Oh dear blush smile

Bearface Fri 17-May-13 00:08:21

Hello again. Thanks everyone for the good wishes and support. You're all so lovely. smile

Quick update. Well, confusion reigns still in the Bear cave. So thought Ertd was here as (sorry if tmi) wiped and there was a bit of pink mucus. Thus far it hasn't arrived to grace me with its presence. So I did the clear blue test I bought and got a bfn again. Still a bit confused but think Ertd is imminent. So it's just been a very confusing day for me.

Thanks for the wise words Gary. Really nice to hear from you. When are you due?

Also, Rock you're right about me being glad the referral is coming up.

Thanks everyone else for cheering me on but maybe we should put the Pom poms away for a while until the next Poas action

Have busied myself with getting a new heart rate monitor app and measuring my resting heart rate. I got 'excellent' for my age. (It's the small things . . . )

Must catch some zzzzz now. Au revoir shaggers.

Bearface Fri 17-May-13 00:10:01

Oh and hello Cookie grin

Redshoes56 Fri 17-May-13 04:31:47

I am still holding out hope bear - you so deserve it. If not now then soon.

I have had the worst time this month - without going to TMI on you all, just a lot of pain and a lot of nastiness. I am ready to get back to shaggin'.

Ladies - the apps are shit unless you have a pretty regular cycle, at least that is the case with the ones I have looked at. I can pretty much tell now from pant snot when I ov but I have cheated and confirmed with an opk (don't kick me out! I mostly follow rules!). After a year I just need some reassurance that the plumbing is working!

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 17-May-13 06:25:59

redshoes- I'm a bit skeptical about them too but it seems I'm now bang on with my 28 days... I seem to be mucusy around the time it says but I plan to track it better next month.

ertd seems to be imminent as I have cramps :-(

Totesamazeballs Fri 17-May-13 06:41:45

Bear you may still be Avec Bebe. My implantation bleeding was pink mucas and the bleeding can take a week or so to show which is why it happens around period time and people mistake it. It happened a day or two early for me. A pregnancy test might not work yet. Are you doing first wee of the morn?

DulcetMoans Fri 17-May-13 07:33:22

I'm not even asking permission, I am joining this thread!

TTC #1, 8 months trying last year, then paused to plan wedding, now on second month of getting back to it at going au natural without sticks but lots of shagging! Can't promise not to symptom spot though, I am a nightmare. But I can promise not to tell you!

DulcetMoans Fri 17-May-13 07:33:56

Oh, and I pee in a promotional highlighter container!

Totesamazeballs Fri 17-May-13 08:03:47

Welcome Dulcet! There's plenty of room in here! Congratulations on your wedding too!

Guys, I may go contraband next month and pee on a stick to test my theory regarding timing of the progesterone tests. I apologise in advance!

And, I have made an appointment with a private gyno, recommended to me by a nurse who does believe in Luteal phase defects.

Totesamazeballs Fri 17-May-13 08:07:44

Sorry, had to abandon that message half way through as DS was getting too close to one to the radiator dials!

So, the appointment will cost an arm and a leg but at least I will get a second opinion and I can ask him lots of questions too. I will report back with everything I learn.

essie81 Fri 17-May-13 09:25:09

Hi newbies!

Bear, how flipping annoying and confusing. I'm still keeping everything crossed for you though til ERTD shows, or doesn't.... stupid confusing pee sticks.

totes that sounds like a good idea, I'll be v interested to hear what you learn! I'm learning tons on this thread every day like just how ill informed I am about my own body.

We now have the new router at home, so connection to the outside world is imminent! We just need to read the instructions to make it work cos I tried just plugging it in and that wasn't enough!

Hi and hugs to everyone else cos I gotta dash - sorry.

ERTD due tomorrow. Booo. Not going to bother wasting my last remaining pee stick. I'm saving it for a special occasion.

Rockchick1984 Fri 17-May-13 09:31:16

Essie order a huge bag of pee sticks - I bought something stupid like 50 from amazon, the day they arrived I tested and got my BFP grin Although they are going to get used now anyway so wasn't a total loss.

Totesamazeballs Fri 17-May-13 10:16:13

eRTD just arrived, right on cue, 8 days post OV pain. At least it's predictable!!

Bearface Fri 17-May-13 10:30:57

Still nothing on the Ertd front...

We're away for the weekend now so I ached loads of tampons trying to test fate!

Bearface Fri 17-May-13 10:37:07

Packed not ached! (Although there'll be that too I'm sure! )

Bearface Fri 17-May-13 10:38:42

Sorry meant to say I'm in the car so can't post a long message or I'll feel sick! I'll reply to everyone later. Bye!

GaryBuseysTeeth Fri 17-May-13 10:54:03

Totes, you can get Soy in Tesco (always on their 3 for 2)..think there's 30tabs per box so it's one per cycle, you take them for 5 days at the start of your cycle, increasing the dosage each day.
They made me feel sick so I took them just before bed;
Soyfordummies is a great link on babycentre, ignore the warning about it being for long cycles only, short phase counts as a defect (yay us!).

Whilst we're on the subject of contraband on JS fred, Fertilityfriend.com (free for your first 30(?)days, after that you can still use the tracker but not the forums/advanced membership stuff) has a great cycle tracker....but you didn't hear it from me!

Hope you have a lovely weekend away Bear, and you manage to find ways to get your heartrate up grin

Dulcet, a promotional highlighter container you say?! envy

Minion, blush thank you very much!

I'd also recommend bulk buying the pee sticks OPKs, I ordered a 30 pack of OPKs & then got my (mc) bfp.
In order to get my post-mc BFP, we booked a non-refundable family holiday for mid-Sept this year....I'm due 10th August!

essie81 Fri 17-May-13 14:20:13

bear hope you have a nice weekend away and are going somewhere nice.

rock like your idea of buying a massive bundle to get fate involved, might also go for gary's plan of really temping fate and organise a sky dive or trip into space or something for some time in Feb next year.

totes sorry she got you, I'll be joining you imminently I think judging by bloated cruddy feeling and multitude of spots.

Bon weekend shaggers!

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 17-May-13 14:30:36

ertd has not arrived yet but got bfn yesterday so think it'sonly a matter of time...

AndieDisestablishment Fri 17-May-13 17:51:23

Hello ladies. New Fred, nice. Could do with some homely touches. unfurls throw

Please excuse my laziness in not going back to checking the whole convo so far. Had a week of classroom learning for my new job and my head is a shed. Breastfeeding support training today so if you need any tips when you get your BFPs you know where to come. grin

ERTD buggered off on Saturday so cape has been back on twice so far this week and I'm on a promise for tonight.lol

Bear Enjoy your break.

Hi newbies and booooo to those who ERTD got.

cookielove Fri 17-May-13 18:34:28

Hello all again smile

Its day 25 for me and for some really stupid reason i cracked and did a test when i got in from work hmm any way of course it was a BFN sad

Bear hope you have a fab weekend away smile

Dulcet hello hello hello

Hello to everyone no time to talk as heading out to babysitting in 10 mins sad but the kids are really cute so smile

DulcetMoans Fri 17-May-13 18:42:18

That's right gary! Something I've picked up on the rounds of my job. Meant to be for five mini highlighters but actually great shape for peeing in. Doubt they thought of that when designing it!

Hoping for a sex filled weekend here. And it's Eurovision, we both love Eurovision!

I recommend anything that tempts the fate of impregnation! Bulk buying, holidays, or wedding planning in my case! Sod's law has to work in our favour at some point, surely?!

DulcetMoans Fri 17-May-13 18:43:19

Oh, and with you on the car sickness thing bearface. I can't even text or look at a mag in a car or I will feel sick the whole way!

Totesamazeballs Fri 17-May-13 19:27:06

Love the tempting fate idea. Perhaps I will bulk buy all of the POAS in the South East? smile

MrsRV Fri 17-May-13 20:07:00

Might have to get shit faced at family birthday lunch tomorrow. That'll definitely tempt fate!!!

Sat eating another wispa.

Either AF is early (exactly a week) or it might be implantation bleeding???? Haven't said those words out loud but second time I've said it on here. If u don't say it out loud that's alright isn't it?????

Totesamazeballs Fri 17-May-13 21:14:57

I hope the latter for you MrsRV.
I have just eaten all of the chocolate in the house in self pity mode.

Bearface Fri 17-May-13 21:28:56

Well Ertd arrived with a vengeance at lunchtime. Really bloody painful but now at least I know for sure. It really did come on very suddenly and (tmi alert!) cery heavy with big clots. I normally get days of build up so thinking that maybe Gary was right and perhaps it was a bit of a chemical one. Oh we'll, guess I'll never know.

We're away in a lovely peaceful place oop north near the peaks. Here to see friends. Got to see my preggers friend tomorrow but feeling okay about it I think. Just had a lovely pub dinner and treated myself to some vino. There are some pluses...

Hi to mrsRv and Dulcet <waves>

Hope everyone has a nice weekend too! Enjoy Eurovision x

Perkins1 Fri 17-May-13 22:12:52

Well ertd for me is due around the 27th and we go on our hols in the 29th so if the law of sod would like to intervene I reckon I could forgive and forget on that occasion! I've also tried to encourage DP to propose but he just rolls his eyes at me!

Hope u have a lovely wknd away Bear and seeing as u have to see your preggars friend whilst ertd is in full flow you should at least have a case of vino!

Gary I use the Fertility Friend App, it's quite good, but my stats have been input after using a whole world of contraband......^I have no contraband left now btw and will do utmost to not buy any^ hmm

lil1ady Fri 17-May-13 22:13:16

Hi everyone, I'm back fro. the sunshine grin

Loving the sparkly new thread... and bear I hope it brings the bfp dust with it for you for this cycle. was getting really excited for you reading through the last weeks posts. can someone please explain to me what a chemical preg is?

So much has happened since I have been away so please forgive me for not addressing everyone. instead I'm just going to wave <waves> and say hi to the newbies... "Hi" smile

I can't copy and paste the whole role call as on my phone and I'm a bit behind anyway so...

name: lil1ady
TTC: #1 since Nov 12...how is it 7 months already?!

Well going by the pant snot and the -god awful- pains I think I ov'd today which is early for me on cd23. last 2 cycles have been cd31 ish. and as it tied in with holiday I'm feeling quite hopeful as we got plenty of cape action in whilst we were away. haven't managed today though as we landed at 2.35am and have been feeling crap all day. will be hoping to pull cape out of suitcase tomorrow though to keep all bases covered.

it was nice to be away with no contact with the -mother- real world as it gave me time to think about why I want a baby and to make sure its for me and dh not for my family and the rest if the world! the jealousy of all the preggo women I kept seeing EVERYWHERE was quite a give away that I am doing this for the right reasons!

Well I hope everyone is well, and promise to keep up properly now I'm back smile

lil1ady Fri 17-May-13 22:14:47

and apparently it only takes a week to forget how to post strikethroughs on here! oops

IceNoSlice Fri 17-May-13 22:41:38

Yy to asking if someone could please explain 'chemical pregnancy'?

Also, what is implantation bleeding? Thanks

<puts on dunce hat>

Rockchick1984 Fri 17-May-13 22:44:52

Welcome back Lil glad you had a good shagfest holiday. Hopefully being so relaxed will have helped the little swimmers smile

Bear I'm so sorry this wasn't your month sad thanks Definitely l

Rockchick1984 Fri 17-May-13 22:48:30

Ooops! Definitely looked like a positive, and combined with the extra awful ERTD I'd say that was a chemical pregnancy. Although its shit, at least you know that yours and DH's bits are all working!

Chemical pregnancy for those who asked is basically where the egg is fertilised but doesn't implant properly so you may get an early positive test but then a heavy period around the time or a few days later than ERTD due. It's almost an early miscarriage but not quite, and if you're not an early tester/symptom spotter you may never know if you've experienced one.

Rockchick1984 Fri 17-May-13 22:49:42

Ice some people (not all) experience spotting when the fertilised egg implants into the womb lining. I've never experienced it but apparently is quite common.

DulcetMoans Sat 18-May-13 08:15:06

Babies actually are EVERYWHERE lil! I even have two pregnant bridesmaids!

So think I'm in 2ww, 12 days til ERTD due but still feel something going on down there. Not sure if I've ov'd even. I have all the feels but none of the knowledge to understand what it means!

MrsRV Sat 18-May-13 09:00:10

Someone just bloody shoot me now... If I go to the loo & wipe (just to see) anymore I'm going to make myself bloody bleed by taking off a top layer of skin!!!!

lil1ady Sat 18-May-13 13:29:55

Thanks for the explanation of chemical pregnancy rock, I learn so much on here!

dulcet hats off to you coping with 2 pregnant bridesmaids....glad its not just me seeing babies and bumps galore!

MrsRV you may be in danger of needing a hooya?! I know what u mean though, if the witch is going to show she could at least have the courtesy to show up on time!

it seems I may have brought the sunshine back with me...although not the temperatures but at least I can get all the washing dry!

Redshoes56 Sat 18-May-13 16:53:34

bear I am so disappointed for you - relax and enjoy your weekend, and keep with the positivity.

Agree on the FF app, perkins - it's a good way to keep track of notes and dates if nothing else.

I haven't been feeling very positive. So, I am trying to approach things a bit holistically. I switched to organic meats and organic whole milk after doing some research on natural hormone regulation. Actually, I have to wonder if that's what helped increased my luteal phase from 9 to 10 days - guess I am going to keep it up. I guess it makes sense if the poor "regular" cows are being pumped full of estrogen. It's almost enough to make me a vegetarian. Almost. grin

I am going to try a little detox again next week - couple of days sans sugar, caffeine, carbs and meat. I made it 2 and a half days last time.

cookielove Sat 18-May-13 18:34:42

Hello hello hello

Its nice to read about the chemical pregnancy thanks for that information, i thought about asking but i already kind of feel like an idiot as i have so much already blush

Just got in from such a lovely lunch with my ladies smile

cd 26 for me, AF is a no show as of yet smile

Totesamazeballs Sat 18-May-13 18:37:00

Gutted for you Bear. So flipping annoying when your body throws a wobbly at you, but it could have been a chemical one with that faint line. I hope it doesn't put a dampner on the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. I am looking forward to watching dr Who and eating moar chocolate....nom nom nom

cookielove Sat 18-May-13 18:45:46

Oh yes sorry bear its a real pita!!

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 19-May-13 10:16:28

ertd was due inn Fri but still no sign... paos yesterday was negative tho..

Rockchick1984 Sun 19-May-13 22:01:14

Needing a massive HOOYA!!! here please! I'm only on CD16 (although had EWCM on CD9, stupid post-miscarriage WTF cycle) and I'm already symptom spotting. Had mild back pain and lots of gas, which were the 2 things that made me test last time I had BFP but its far too early isn't it?

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 19-May-13 22:30:26

A gentle hooya to you but I may also need one back.... I seem to have misplaced my ertd but despite testing 6 Times today it's negative.

maybe relax the pressure rockchick and see this as a practice month? see anything as a bonus rather than a disappointment?

lil1ady Sun 19-May-13 23:38:58

Hooya's all round it seems. coffee leave it a couple of days and test with fmu if ertd still a no show...fx for you!

rock cd16 Is early even if u ovd on cd9 but fx its all good signs. try and relax and avoid symptom spotting! easier said than done I know!

DulcetMoans Mon 20-May-13 08:37:06

Gah! My confidence tactic has disappeared and now I am convincing myself I'm not and its all upsetting. And I am annoyed at myself for not DTD yesterday. But I was tired! Bloody knackered today! Lol.

Ladies tempted by sticks, step away! If you do it now you will still be unsure of the result. If you wait until the right day then you can be a bit more certain. Of course if only it was as simple as that...!

Minion Mon 20-May-13 08:49:49

Big Monday hooyas dished out from minion.
I'm into my 2ww now so just waiting and waiting to see if the shiny new shag cape has achieved its desired effect.
Thankfully this month I don't seem to be getting the constant 2 weeks worth of cramping and back ache after OV'ing so hopefully that was just the pill buggering out of my system, finger s crossed and I can't wait to see if we have any synchro pee action this month?

coffeewineandchocolate Mon 20-May-13 09:06:21

thanks lil, I shall leave it until Wednesday or Thursday I think and get a digital test. it's annoying because if I'm not in concerned that I'm not ovulating properly or something. it also means that next month is out as dh planned working away around my cycle being on time grrr

flowerandrandd Mon 20-May-13 09:12:46

hello ladies can i join? I have ttc number 3 for a week blush no idea when i ovulate etc and dh definitely doesnt want me to get on that merry go round again!

dd1 took 2.5 years after ectopic pregnancy robbed me of a tube and suffered 7 miscarriages sad altho my philosophy is that it was dd1 just not ready no come
dd2 breast feeding dd1 (6 months at the time) thought sod it at a wedding, 5 days later implantation bleed grin

so here we are after 4 years of having the best contraception i.e, dd2 who never sleeps sits still is far too clever, my dh has granted me 6 months to try for my longed for 3rd!

so we tried on day 18 after no signs of ovulation, i think some months i just done, now day 22 and have raging sore boobs, and cramps under belly button and pain in ovary but no implantation bleed and to be honest they were always present when pregnant viably so fingers crossed will have a good read through xxx

coffeewineandchocolate Mon 20-May-13 09:15:53

can I just take a moment to scream. just checked my phone app which seems to have put itself on a 25 day cycle rather than 28 day meaning all calculations have been out this month.

I'm so fed up- I had been using it to know when I was due on because life is so crazy I didn't want to be caught out forgetting....

IceNoSlice Mon 20-May-13 09:25:33

Belated thanks Rockchick1984 for the info. If I'd known about the implantation bleed thing when DC1 was conceived, I might not have been a month out on my dates!

Right, hooyas have been dished out and it's Monday morning. So let's roll our sleeves up and get focused for a week of JSing to get us all upduffed!

<waves banner and toots airhorn>

IceNoSlice Mon 20-May-13 09:26:13

coffee - bloody bollocking technology!

essie81 Mon 20-May-13 10:04:05

Welcome flower!

Morning everyone, gentle hooyas! for those that need them and a diy-hooya for me too.

ERTD 3 days late. Deffo can't be upduff because you need to shag for to happen don't you?!

DH had groin strain and then was away during critical time. We jsed when my app said I was ovving, but actually it turned out to be 4 days before ov day because I broke the law and used contraband , so I suppose it's not beyond the realms of possibility but it's not likely. On the plus though it means my literal phase (this time at least) is actually not 9-10 days as previous thought, which has to be a bonus. Sadly though it does mean my carefully calculated dates predicting ov exactly halfway through our relaxing week in Greece in 2 weeks time are now wrong. What a pile of granny pants.

Hope everyone had a good weekend though? We went to a wedding and I danced so much my stomach muscles hurt the next day! :D

Happy Monday all. Love xxx

MrsRV Mon 20-May-13 18:01:37

Pissing Monday, pissing pretend implantation bleeding, pissing stupid tests that say negative and pissing hubby has no money or bank card on him for chocolate on his way home. I don't know what a pissing Hooyer or whatever it is, is. But I think I probably need 1. Tmi - I still have brown sludge when wiping, not as much though. Convinced myself it was PISSING implantation as its day 5 of it and AF not due til Thursday. Tested twice now & utilised most expensive favourite test. All negative. Totally fed up. Someone give me a kick up the arse please, I actually said to hubby on the phone today "I just want another baby" - had totally been playing it cool up until that point. Blown my cover now.

coffeewineandchocolate Mon 20-May-13 18:19:21

ertd has arrived here- I'm out this month :-(

Perkins1 Mon 20-May-13 18:34:46

MrsRV Giving a hooya = Giving a much needed slap to a fellow poster in danger of slipping into ttc obsession. Re: blowing your cover, he's a bloke so he probably switched off when you started talking about chocolate and is none the wiser.

Rockchick you're in the worst part of TTC...the dreaded TWW! It's awfully difficult not to symptom spot isn't it?! Hang in there!

Coffee I reckon I would have thrown my phone at a wall!

Hi Flower

Any other signs Essie aside from no ERTD? Not that I'm encouraging symptom spotting or anything?! Any plans to PIAR??

I'm in week 2 of the TWW and where I thought I was being all relaxed and whatever about the whole thing, I'm now building my hopes up confused I have absolutely no symptoms btw! I am waiting on my Day 21 progesterone results for this cycle so will hopefully know tomorrow/Wednesday whether I ov'd......I can never tell that either.

As for the wknd: What started as a leisurely walk with the dog turned into a fecking episode of Benny Hill when I had to chase her chasing cows! (A new hit for Adele maybe??) She went on to escape my clutches TWICE, the second time doing a Harry Houdini and managing to get out of her harness! It ended with me being rescued by a farmer after climbing over 2 fences but not being able to climb back (Good job the Krypton Factor doesn't air anymore).

MrsRV Mon 20-May-13 19:35:00

Perkins1 - thanks for clarification on hooya. Obsessed? Me? No!!!!! It's only been 2 frickin months since we started TTC baby number 2. What the bloody hell has happened.

Hubby got home & said "I bought a multi pack of kit Kat chunkys because I want a baby too". Wanted to cry so much that I nearly whacked him with multi pack of kit kats.

2 kit kats down & starting to feel better. Just had a few "your testing too early"s on another thread so has cheered me up.

The benny hill dog walk sounds hilarious!!! grin I'm sure it was far from it at the time.... What make of dog do you have? My dad was telling me at the weekend that a herd of cows trampled a bloke and killed him. Lucky escape for you! grin

2 WWers - good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!!

cookielove Mon 20-May-13 19:39:43

Hello all, day 28 for me which is peculiar (spent ages trying to think of a word to use there) as my last cycles have been a bit haywire, i am a usual 28 day gal, so i went from 28 to 37 (yes thought i was pregnant), then 40 (thought maybe my cycles had just lengthened) then 23 shock then 26 and today is 28 and what i thought was no sign. But earlier i went to the loo and wiped and there was a very faint pink stripe on the paper, which was a bit darker when i went a couple hours later sad

So i guess that means i am out!! sad

Why am i not pregnant <wails>

MrsRV Mon 20-May-13 19:47:38

Booooooooo CookieLove. I have already made a list of pro's about not being preg this time:-
1. The baby won't be born so close to Christmas (!?!?!).
2. I could potentially lose half a stone before obvious conception next month.
3. I can eat & drink without checking if I can have it.

Hhmmmmm..... That's about it.

Bearface Mon 20-May-13 20:49:20

Hi everyone,

Got back from my epic weekend away yesterday. I've been checking in but because of bloody work I haven't been able to reply- just finishedfor the day so now kicking back with a bit of MN action.We had a lovely weekend despite ERTD and fears over seeing preggers friend. She was lovely though and only mentioned it when I did and I found that I didn't mind so much after all. I was just pleased for her. smile She also has a beautiful DD and we had fun playing together. She was really taken with DH though - very funny. She followed him everywhere and kept asking where he'd gone when he went to the loo. I think she'd have followed him in if she could!

Hello Flower - welcome. I love saying that - I think somewhere in the darkest recess of mind it reminds me of a cartoon where a skunk was called Flower. I'm not suggesting of course, that you are stinky. It's just my weird mind! grin

Hello anyone else I may have managed to miss out. I'm sorry. But hi!

Perkins -Benny Hill-tastic! You just needed some semi-clad men to chase/be chasing you around...

Sorry about the ERTD Cookie and the potential ERTD MrsRV - it's shit. There's no other word. sad I consoled myself by drinking a lot two medium sized glasses of wine at the weekend. Maybe that'll help, but then again, at this rate I could be an alcoholic by July!

Sorry you're being invaded by granny pants Essie with no action to speak of. You need to train DH to look after himself and avoid all groin-straining potential activities. grin Though obviously NOT shagging!

Come on Ice and Dulcet! <cheers and toots hooters (not boobs, real hooters obvs)> You're flying the flag for us all ATM it would seem. Get your crotchless onesies or capes on and get going!

Coffee - that's soooooo annoying about the phone. I had a similar incident on Sunday. Had to do lots of timing and then lost all 22 times! Realy wanted to screeeaaam!

Bleugh - we need some better luck on this fred.

Bearface Mon 20-May-13 20:52:31

<runs in again> Oh yes, and Red - don't be sad. I was a bit for a while because I thought it was my month, but I'm okay now. Hoping you're getting some good action in and thanks for all your kind words. smile

Totesamazeballs Mon 20-May-13 20:55:27

Hi all!

I hope everyone has had a decent Monday. Sorry for lots of ERTD and phone frustration. Must be somethink in the fred water. Chocolate all round methinks or wine or brew

cookielove Mon 20-May-13 21:12:59

Bear you are right there is a skunk called Flower that is from Bambi, when he is learning what things are called, the skunk is sleeping in a patch of flowers and Bambi calls him 'pretty flower' Thumper finds this hilarious and tells him that he's not a flower, but the skunk although a boy does not mind being called flower!!! AHHHHHHH (i realise i sound like a loon, but i recently watch Bambi for the first time ever and so its all kind of fresh)

DulcetMoans Mon 20-May-13 21:57:34

I'm trying bear, but not sure DP is feeling as heroic! Just went and gave blood this evening, testing the Sod's law theory again - must be pregnant if I give blood as not supposed to. Anyway, DP is telling me he doesn't have enough blood to DTD tonight. Haha. Loser. Will try the cape when we go to bed though, see if I can change his mind!

Feeling like a long cycle. Only in CD18!

lil1ady Mon 20-May-13 22:36:26

oh dear we are all a bit down in the dumps at the minute aren't we. for me it was day one back at work after a week and a half of....what a way to start the tww! at least it keeps me busy so I can't be symptom spotting I suppose.

When I get down about TTC I try to remind myself that as horrendous as this journey may be it will be worth it when I reach the end goal, and I only have any chance at the end goal because I am lucky enough to have a wonderful dh who loves me enough to want to create a miniature person who will merge our love into a mixture of our personalities and characteristics passing out sick buckets for you all now! remembering what we have is more important than focussing on what we don't yet have...I hope that thought helps at least one of you feel a little bit better but feel free to throw things at me for the puke fest!

AndieDisestablishment Tue 21-May-13 08:18:31

Woah!! Too much has happened over the past few days. There's an overwhelming tone of glumness and today's weather probably won't help everyone!! Hooyas for those who need them everyone.
I'm in week two of training for my new job and today's training is a taster shift on Antenatal. Bump envy will be severe. I shall try not to cry.
Hope everyone has a much better day today.

essie81 Tue 21-May-13 09:39:54

Oh no, we all need intravenous chocolate by the sounds of things. There ought to be a chocolate smiley.

Haha Perkins, love the Benny Hill dog story! Bad doggins.

Bear Glad you had a good weekend and it was ok seeing your preggers friend. I've been putting off seeing one of mine but perhaps I need to man up and arrange a get together.

Sorry to everyone ERTD has got. It's pants in more than one sense.

Good luck Andie with the bump fest.

So ERTD now 4 days late, so I am now 14 dpo so in theory she should turn up any min, its CD 31 though which is longest I've ever had, 29 was my previous record. Not really got any symptoms either way tbh, though I thought I was coming on Friday but that bloated feeling was short lived. Few stabby boob pains but nothing I can be sure isn't my imagination! Not piar yet, going to wait til weekend as I only have the one diamond encrusted pee stick left. Don't get excited. We didn't shag, its highly unlikely!

Not long til the long weekend people, has anyone got anything nice on? MIL and FIL and SIL were coming to stay but last night they cancelled! HURRAH! So we are totally free all weekend. Yay!

MrsRV Tue 21-May-13 12:06:40

Hurrah for cancelling in-laws!! Unexpected day off work today so taking DD to see a couple of friends with little ones the same age.

Desperately trying not POAS. Convincing myself more & more that I've had implantation bleeding & that I am actually pregnant and that the 2 neg tests are WRONG.

Catch up at our "mum club" should keep me distracted though. Hope there's cake!!!!!

MrsAVB Tue 21-May-13 12:10:52

essie, the month I got pg we only shagged too early (like days 6,9, 11) and I still got upduffed. But then that was the BOOB's magic touch... FX for peeing! smile. Hope everyone's well... Xxx

essie81 Tue 21-May-13 12:56:46

Hi MrsAVB! How are you?!

Thanks for encouragement, but thing is I know we dtd 5 days before I ovved cos I used contraband so I know exactly my dates for this cycle (first and probably only time ever!). Then dh got the flipping groin strain and spent the next 8 days hobbling round the house in his pants with an ice pack strapped to his upper thigh. grin AND, I didn't listen to the boob at all during this time, so conception is pretty much impossible. Plus I have zero symptoms if I'm honest. I'm more irritated than anything that this has thrown my dates out totally and now I won't be ovving during our beach hol!
If not ERTD by Sat though I promise I will pee on the golden stick.

MrsRV hope Mum Club is fun and hope there was cake!!


MrsAVB Tue 21-May-13 14:48:07

I have turned into a vomming machine essie, it's not pretty, but will (FX) be worth it (I mean FX I won't lose the baby not FX baby will be nice enough to be worth vomming). X

essie81 Tue 21-May-13 15:25:24

Oh no, sorry to hear that MrsAVB, hope you are feeling less vomtastic soon!

So I caved and ordered more ic's so I am now not restricted to The Last Pee Stick In The Universe. Will piar tonight cos just looked on my app and realised we jsed on the sunday night, then I got a +opk on the following weds. Or maybe I ought to wait and use fmu tomorrow. Argh. Want to bury head in sand!

frogchops Tue 21-May-13 19:39:41

Phew I found you. That was a tense moment of thread searching in the middle of a bear poas drama!!

Bearface Tue 21-May-13 19:50:38

Oh no Frog - sorry to disappoint! Drama is now well and truly over, but I think someone else may be in need of the drama crown soon, no Essie?! wink

I'm currently participating in the very dangerous sport of online shoe shopping!!!! Someone stop me now before I buy every shoe there is and clean out my bank account.

frogchops Tue 21-May-13 20:03:10

Oh my life.... Breathe out. I looked at the drama on thread 14 thinking it was live!! blush
I was convinced for you! Ertd is ultra cruel when it throws a visible line into the mix!
And don't always think its evap line....even the invisible to the naked eye ones!! My figment of my imagination, only visible to immortals line is now wriggling around like a ferret inside me! Most peculiar!

coffeewineandchocolate Tue 21-May-13 20:14:30

passes around the wine and chocolate caramels

DulcetMoans Tue 21-May-13 21:04:21

I bought some virtual chocolate buttons too.

Can't believe I still have 10 days to go. What is up with that?! All sorts of feelings going on inside me!

essie81 Tue 21-May-13 21:19:42

Erm, so I just gave away the last pee stick. Friend getting married in 5 weeks (I'm bridesmaid - that's a whole other drama!), she turns up at my house in bits, thinks she's up duff so I put her out of her misery, but left me squirming in mine! Still no ertd.

Thanks for chox coffee, better stay off wine til I know where I'm at!

Ooh bear I love shoes, are they for any special occasion or just cos shoes are life enhancing?

I just had pie for tea :-)

essie81 Tue 21-May-13 21:21:25

Ooh and buttons. Makes up for no wine!

lil1ady Tue 21-May-13 21:59:12

Chocolate chip muffins and a cup of tea here....but the study books are out so needed.

Essie the giving up of the golden pee stick is a sign you should wait til Saturday to test! fx your wait will be rewarded.

Dulcet I have 10 days of tww to go too. are we going to be synchro peeing?

bear shoes are a woman's right. I bought 13 pairs last month! first big shopping spree in years!

hi to mrsAVB and frog hope everything is good besides the vomit!

mrsAVB have you got the boobs new album yet? I got it the day it cane out and haven't stopped playing it since!

well back to the studying choc chip muffins I go!

lil1ady Tue 21-May-13 22:01:25

oh and Andie hope the bump envy wasn't too bad.

mrsRV poas too early usually just means more questions! enjoy the hope! fx for you if you do pee though smile

Perkins1 Tue 21-May-13 22:08:04

Plonks self down and pours last bit of wine.

Oh Essie your good deed means we have to wait longer now! smile i take it said friend wasn't upduffed? (On another note I'm loving vomtastic!)

Beautiful sentiments yesterday Li1ady when you get down about TTC.

Apologies, but despite having just read all the new posts I can't scroll and so can't check who said it but there's a better way of putting that into English I'm sure?! whomever was avoiding a pregnant friend/saying they should really go see them, I found myself in a similar boat....about 9 months ago actually! My BF got pregnant super easily and I found it really difficult because she had talked about how she didn't really want DC's there was a morning after pill incident anyway I felt all this envy and anger towards her until she had the baby and it pretty much went away because he was just this little innocent being that I couldn't be angry about. A few weeks later I managed to tell her how I had felt and she really appreciated me doing this, gave me a big hug and said she fully understood. I guess I'm trying to say that if they're a good friend that knows what's going on with your TTC journey then they'll understand and that it's not too bad, it's the thought of being with pregnant people that's worse than actually being with them.

Wow..you all asleep yet in a wine, chocolate and rambling coma??

Last thing I promise: Got my progesterone results today and they were 100.6 (you should know I take 50mg Clomid and had 2 days worth of progesterone supplements in that) but without the drugs my last results were 30 so something is working!

Perkins1 Tue 21-May-13 22:10:05

13 pairs of shoes! shock

DulcetMoans Tue 21-May-13 22:21:28

Jeez, that's probably more shoes than I own lil! You must have needed cheering up! Happy to sync the POAS, can't remember without checking app, is it 30th? Feels so far away!

Dying to know what happened with the BF POAS essie, don't keep us in suspense!

lil1ady Tue 21-May-13 23:18:54

31st here dulcet but will probably wait until 1st as that's the Saturday.

yes 13 pairs of shoes....I had just finished watching the entire sex and the city box set so it was fuelled by carries obsession with monolo blahneks or however you spell it

is it bad that I'm already Googling potential symptoms this early on?! why can't there just be a traffic light system on your belly after you have had sex! would be so much easier!

lil1ady Tue 21-May-13 23:20:01

sorry on phone... meant to say thanks Perkins and grin at the good progesterone result! you must be feeling a bit happier with that

Rockchick1984 Wed 22-May-13 00:13:21

Lil the whole Sod's law thingy should have worked for you then - it's a common pregnancy side effect to go up a shoe size and not go back to normal sad I had the most amazing collection of size 4's before having DS that all had to be charity shopped once I decided to accept the evidence (my feet, and a few mumsnet threads) that they were never going to squeeze back into them!

GnomieGrace Wed 22-May-13 06:46:15

Hi can I join you're Fred?

DC's: zero
TTC since: 12th May

I know I'm early in my TTC journey but you're Fred looked so warm and inviting I wanted to jump in feet first.
So I'm a newly wed (less than 3 months) and me and DH have decided to TTC. So off the pill I came, Cerrazette, and we are trying without the aid of Contraband. I just don my shagging cape every other day, I have an app to track ERTD and supposed OV days but been on pill so many years that there is no way that I will sync to it. I'm on CD8 and the app has me OV on CD15 so my shaggathon has just begun-groovy!

I too have a shoe problem, in fact my boss made me bring all my extra pairs home yesterday and they were starting to spill out of the cupboard, 4 pairs I bought home!

Sorry to ramble being new to Fred and all, good luck to all those in 2ww and shagadelic to all those donning capes this week!

IceNoSlice Wed 22-May-13 07:28:43

ERTD for me... So I'm out (in the style of Duncan Bannatyne).

But trying to see this as a positive. Hadn't had ERTD for 18 months (since getting upduffed with DS). Think it was the BF which I've now completely stopped in order to TTC (feel very sad about that actually). But anyway, this means everything is in working order, right?

So not sad to have ERTD... Honest sad

lil1ady Wed 22-May-13 07:48:41

Hi gnomie <waves>. good luck coming off the pill. I was on it for 10 years and was really messed up when I came off it. I wish someone had told me how unpredictable it could be. I came off it last sept and haven't been ov until CD 31 until this cycle when i ov at cd23 so I'm hoping if no bfp this month that I might start ov a little earlier again next cycle. I hope you are one of the lucky ones but like i said, I wish someone had warned me!

congratulations on the wedding. did you go any where nice for your honeymoon?

rock I hope you are right about the sods law. I think last month I was OK with tww as I wasn't keen on an early Jan due date but this cycle I'm like a woman possessed!

ice sorry ertd got you ...I think! but sounds like you are getting back to normal. at least now you will have some idea when to test!

happy Wednesday everyone!

AQuarkTooFar Wed 22-May-13 08:08:14

Morning all and welcome to all the newbies!

Hope everyone is feeling better after lots of wine and chocolate last night and sorry to those for which ertd has turned up.

News in the quark household, at last wee before bed last night when I wiped I had pinky mucus stuff which I have never had before. I got very cross as ertd is not due for another 8 days and this would be the shortest cycle I have ever had. Dh said it was probably due to losing weight. But.....nothing on my pad this morning and nothing when I wipe. Feeling a bit crampy but nothing else. What is wrong with my body! Just when I thought I had it sussed! Oh and I had little to no sex this month so not expecting to be up duffed.

AQuarkTooFar Wed 22-May-13 08:51:19

Sorry for the tmi there!

GnomieGrace Wed 22-May-13 08:56:07

Hi Lil, I was warned that it can be extremely unpredictable coming off, I haven't had an ERTD for 4 years so god knows what state my oven is in! I have heard some horror stories, one lady had a bleed for 63 days! One didn't bleed for a year! Extreme cases! I'm not expecting much upduffedness for a few months but if Ye Olde Law of Sods does indeed factor into this late last week I was offered an exciting project on the work front, after no movement for years suddenly get a great opportunity, as soon as I focus on baby making!

essie81 Wed 22-May-13 10:14:44

Morning everyone.

Sorry in all the Last Pee Stick excitement I forgot to actually tell you the results! She isn't up the duff and actually got ERTD this morning. Phew as they were not ready as are both in a total pre wedding flap. She is on pill but useless at taking it.

So CD32, ERTD 5 days late. No sign of ANYTHING! New pee sticks should arrive today in post though so I'll do one tomorrow morning. I promise. Body feels dormant though rather than upduffed. hmm

Quark I've had smidgins of pink mucus randomly mid cycle some months, and then nothing other months - no idea what it means?

ooh - hi to Gnome! Welcome!

Lil, 13 pairs! WOW! We're they all Manalo Blaniks (sorry I can't spell it either!)??!! grin rock I'd be distraught too if all my shoes stopped fitting!! Thats a tragedy! Haha to whoever it was who had to taken all their pairs home from work! Brilliant! I used to always end up with loads of pairs in the car til I made a NY res to take them in the house every day and somehow managed to stick with it and retrain myself! Not something I am usually good at!

ice - sorry she got you too. I guess its good she's still working after 18 months, but still means only one thing so I know why you are sad

Sorry to those I've missed - this fred moves so fast now! Which is good but not for my slow moving brain!

essie81 Wed 22-May-13 10:32:11

On the topic of coming off the pill, I've been pretty lucky as ERTD cycles pretty much back to normal immediately after 17 years taking it, though ovving has been a bit up the spout ever since. GP told me to allow at least 6 months though for things to get back to normal.

DH wanted me to come off it last summer but we'd planned a once in a lifetime trip to a remote part of South America where we have friends, and I was scared of getting upduff before we went as its a good 5-6 hours (10-12 if it rains!) drive from their place to nearest hospital, so I stayed on pill til after we got back (December). Ye Law of Ye Sod would have had me preggers the min I'd come off it if it had been before the trip though I'm sure.

Rockchick1984 Wed 22-May-13 10:46:21

Re coming off the pill - DS was a happy accident, I'd spent 10 years on the pill with no problems, missed a week or so of pills but only DTD once in that time. 9 months later I was a mum smile

Minion Wed 22-May-13 12:33:24

Morning girls (morning here in Mexico), just read through new posts, it all got a bit glum for a while so I popped out to the virtual corner shop, picked up a pack of pixilated pic n mix and am dishing it out as we speak.
On iPad in iffy wifi area so can't really scroll through for fear of losing my connection, but welcome to newbies and yay for pregnant friends, unpregnant brides and shoe fiends.
Is it really true about feet going up a size? I'm a size 9 now so I'll be screwed!
May have a bit of tmi here but... I've done all the right things this month at all the right times and yesterday went to loo and as I wiped there was this gelatinous glob of something. It didn't resemble EWCM but more of (and I'm sorry for this) the jelly which comes around a pork pie!
Any ideas? I've not got any of the symptoms from precious months, but a few more spots and a bloody stuffed snoz!
I'm off to google and get loads of ideas, none of which will turn out to be my case at all and hopefully I'll be a little wiser once again,
Ciao for now bellas.

DulcetMoans Wed 22-May-13 12:46:45

Pic and mix, my fave! Google will just tell you you are pregnant whatever. Sore throat, hair loss, crap at driving all equals pregnancy to google!

I have started to obsess. Opening period tracker app to work out various possible dates for different things! Convince myself I could be and then That I can't be. I just don't know anymore and not DTD since Friday now. Is it enough?!

essie81 Wed 22-May-13 13:17:54

Well I just caved, went to sainos (other supermarkets are available) and bought a test and got a fooking massive BFN.

So pass me the pic n mix and sorry if the bag is empty when I hand it back.

Stupid body.

Hi Minion! Hope its nice and warm? Northerly wind picking up here in the 'shire. Yay for summer!

Dulcet, I don't know anymore either, one min I think I am then I think I'm not, then I know I'm not, then I just want to scream! SOMEONE SLAP ME!

GnomieGrace Wed 22-May-13 14:37:40

So sorry Essie, hope you get you're BFP soon!

AQuarkTooFar Wed 22-May-13 14:49:15

Oh Essie that's crap. Try again tomorrow morning with FMU maybe?

Thanks for the pick and mix Minion. Very jealous of you in Mexico although the sun is out here! Don't have any advice to offer on your pork pie jelly! How confusing are our bodies huh?

Still no more spotting from me, just the tiny bit of pink mucus I got last night. I am doing my own head in reading up on implantation bleeding! Anyone here had that before/know anything about it?

EssieSaysRelax Wed 22-May-13 15:38:22

I've had a word with myself, a name change, and a cup of tea.

How on earth did our mothers and grandmothers cope without pee sticks so cheap you could do a dozen a day?!

IceNoSlice Wed 22-May-13 16:45:56

Poor you Essie sad
Sorry to sidetrack but where in South America? Sounds ace! DH and I delayed baby making due to travelling there as well- mainly because I was taking anti malaria pills and I'd heard horrible things about the risks they pose to a foetus.
Thanks for the sympathy folks. Am looking on the bright side of having ERTD as I am hoping this means I am ovulating (well not right now but YKWIM) hence upduffed is possible. Although I am getting horrible cramps so pass the pick'n'mix this way please!

<roots out all the fizzy cola bottles and snaffles them>

EssieSaysRelax Wed 22-May-13 17:01:28

Just looked at test again (2+ hours since peeing) and there is a thin line. I probably ought to heed the instructions and throw it away since it says clearly to 'discard after 10 mins and stop obsessing'.

We went to Brazil, specifically The Pantanal, though we visited Rio and Iguazu as well. It was amazing. I loved it so much and I'd love to go back one day. I've heard nasty things about anti-malarials too, luckily we didn't need them. I had to have the yellow fever jab though and apparently you shouldn't have that if you are upduffed either.

Sorry about the nasty cramps, poor you, hope it doesn't last long. Sweeties will help!

Minion Wed 22-May-13 19:10:28

As long as you save me the fried eggs you lot can gorge on the other sweets, 'spesh the cola bottles, I'm not a fan.
I'm just about to leave Mexico, I've been here or 15 hours, had a burger, went to bed, instagrammed a pic or two and now it's time for me to drag my sorry transatlantic style.
A little bit more pork pie snot...ewwwww but seems to have one watery again.
I'll see you on t'uther side of the water.
Hasta mañana!

Minion Wed 22-May-13 19:11:20

Oh oh essie I forgot... I hope it's a big fat positive line for ou! Fingers are firmly crossed x

Bearface Wed 22-May-13 19:35:03

Blimey folks, I can't keep up! Sorry to those who got ERTD. Essie - fingers crossed for you getting a BFP.

Minion - hope you're enjoying Mexico. I'm a bit of a baby about going to some countries and I have to say I'm scared of South America because I'm worried about the crime. I know I'm a big girl's blouse, but I can't help it. I do have VERY bad luck too, so if something were to happen it would be to me fo sho. BTW, I think your CM is EWCM even though it may not look like it. I remember my fertility book biblesaying it can be blobs and can be tinged pink.

Lil - 13 pairs????!!! shock Bloody 'ell, that makes me feel a lot better. I didn't buy them in the end but might when I get paid but did buy two dresses instead. grin

I am hoping ERTD does one soon, so I can get my cape on again. <fluffs up hood (of cape shock)>

So, er, say if I wanted to download a fertility app, which er, one would you go for? I hear you're the ladies to ask in this town. <slips a book across the counter with a fiver in it>

cookielove Wed 22-May-13 20:27:37

Hello all smile

lil1ady Wed 22-May-13 20:33:04

gnomie I didnt have to deal with as bad as a 63 day bleed but I did have a 49 day bleed after two apparently "normal" cycles... nice to know I don't hold any records tho!

rock there's that law if sod again...missing pills and DTD once....its actually rather rude don't you think! smile

thanks for the pic'n'mix minion but sorry I can't add anything to the pork pie saga either. I suspect it could have been ewcm though. tmi alert - I noticed once when mine had made it yo my underwear and it had dried a bit it was more like the glue they use to put credit cards onto the letters they send them out on, so maybe yours goes jello fat like??

dulcet you are right about Google. I'm breathing, surely that means I'm upduffed, no? grin

Essie I can't believe you caved. now be a good viroid and break out the fmu tomorrow. if its a bfn just try and relax remember the name change, you could have over later than you thought whispering .... was it you who used contraband thus month? if so what did you use? if just opks that won't tell you you def ovd just that you had an lh surge, but fx you report a bfp tomorrow.

quark spotting sounds promising...how many do do you think you are? isnt it supposed to happen 7-10dpo? fx for you.

ice you are welcome to the cola bottles if that helps your cramps. just make sure there's wine if when I need it at the end of the tww!

DulcetMoans Wed 22-May-13 20:36:14

Ill have the foamy hearts then please. Love 'em!

I think I know the pork pie-esque substance you are talking about. Not that it helps but it sounds familiar to me.

lil1ady Wed 22-May-13 20:37:08

Crickey I obv took too long to type.

hi cookie

bear I use fertility friend because I used to use contraband alot and find its really easy to understand and gives you things to tick in certain days wheb you're symptom spotting and you can make notes too. I record my stress full days, when I get spots, when in really tired etc so it helps build up a pattern of what's normal for when in your own cycle

cookielove Wed 22-May-13 21:35:06

It would be devastatingly expensive if i ever went up a shoe size, i love my shoes i would have to replace them all as they are so pretty blush

Completely forgot that i downloaded that fertility app, so i've put all my info on it tonight. I'll blame lil for that one <points finger> wink

Hello Newbies smile

Essie fingers crossed for tomorrow grin can't believe you would give away your last pee stick shock glad your friend is not up duffed though, i remember me in my pre wedding flap.

I'll be using my other <whispers> contraband this month due to i really want to get pregnant before my brothers wedding next year in California, i am giving my self till Sept to try then stopping till June if nothing happens.
So i figure i've got to give it my best shot right??

lil1ady Wed 22-May-13 22:29:15

Sorry cookie but as long as you don't slip into obsession as I have done in the past, but come on, 49 day bleed...I needed to know I was ovulating! then there is nothing wrong with taking a little control grin but I will not be held responsible for your inputting antics. California wedding sounds Ace!

Minion Thu 23-May-13 09:00:07

Oh frick. If it was ewcm then ive missed my bloody ov date this month. And its a week over the date I thought it would be...

EssieSaysRelax Thu 23-May-13 09:56:14

Good morning Viroids!

Minion my EWCM and +ve contraband was a week later than expected too, so guessing thats why my ERTD is now a week late as well? All v confusing!

So I piar with fmu this morning and got another shiny bfn. Still no sign of anything. Haven't told DH yet I'm even late cos he'll get excited and I can't face that.

Ohh cookie a Cally wedding, that sounds amazing! I've never been to a wedding out of the UK.

Bear I'm a bit weedy about crime overseas as well, but despite that I've managed to travel quite extensively with DH as we decided to try and cram in as much as we could while we could. I didn't feel unsafe in Brazil though, even in Rio, however I spent the whole time in South Africa being terrified and it did overshadow my enjoyment of that trip a bit really. DH just thought I was being neurotic.

My app is the originally titled Period Tracker, but it does what it says on the tin and is quite easy to use.

No other news from Essie's camp I'm afraid. Have a lovely Thursday though all. xxxx

DulcetMoans Thu 23-May-13 09:59:40

Does anyone have tips on extending LP? I can't decide if I ov really early (which hopefully I do as I planned for that this month!) or late as I now have cramps and CM with 8 days to go. That's not enough time!!

Pounced on DP last night anyway but it took a 'chat' about him making an effort! I don't want to have to talk about it either but if he doesn't take the hint when I make the move its the only way!

blueamber Thu 23-May-13 10:03:22

Hi dulcet, I read somewhere that B6 is supposed to help with extending LP and improving your cycle. It's on this forum somewhere, and on other forums. I'm not sure of the details, but if you google it there should be lots of info.

DulcetMoans Thu 23-May-13 12:17:04

Fab, thanks blue! I am pretty regular but worried about ov date as I'm sure it's not half way. In a fair amount if pain today so something us going on!

lil1ady Thu 23-May-13 18:54:14

maybe you have just ov later this month dulcet how many days do you think literal phase was last month? use that to calc Ur due date this month from today rather than when u would normally expect and see what happens. I ovd 7 days earlier this month than I did last month. all sorts of things delay ov. were you more stressed or anything this month around normal ov time? I think that def affects mine...I ovd at the end of our holiday this month so must be something in it!

lil1ady Thu 23-May-13 19:00:04

Just wondering if anyone takes a multi vit? I've been taking pregnacare but I'm not always good at remembering to take it. was thinking about going back to just folic acid as they are expensuve but found this which makes an interesting read... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/8928234/Women-trying-to-conceive-should-take-vitamins-researchers.html

cookielove Thu 23-May-13 19:02:06

Hey all, yeah i am pretty excited about the wedding, i've been to America a few times (my mums American) but never to California so it will be nice, my sister and i are being groom ladies for my brother grin

Boo Essie BFN's are pants sad

What a hectic day, so glad to put my feet up and relax now smile

EssieSaysRelax Thu 23-May-13 20:54:24

lilso if you ovved 7 days earlier are you expecting ertd 7 days early too? I ovved late so if my literal phase is infact 14 days like 'everyone' else then ertd is infact not late but due tomorrow/sat....? Hmmmm. Interesting!

No I don't take multivitamin but I ought to. Did take frolic acid for a while but it ran out and keep forgetting to get more.

Oh how cool cookie being groom ladies! I'm also enjoying my first sit down of the day.

EssieSaysRelax Thu 23-May-13 20:58:13

Ooh interesting article lil <flings iPad on sofa and scares shit out of cat in rush to get to sainos to buy some before it closes>

blueamber Thu 23-May-13 21:41:13

lil I take multivitamins, I think it just helps to get good levels of necessary vitamins. My GP said for instance that it's recommended to take vitamin D when TTC and pregnant. It is expensive though! But I take Pregnacare and ordered some Solgar pre-natal, which is cheaper but still good.

blueamber Thu 23-May-13 21:42:21

Oh, and multivitamins also have some iodine, which was in the news recently as being important during pregnancy.

Rockchick1984 Thu 23-May-13 23:27:15

Re multivitamins - asda have pregnacare in their 3 for £10 so not quite so expensive - only the basic one but has everything you need. I take them most days when I remember and will probably swap to the omega 3 ones when I get BFP as they are more expensive.

Pregnancy app I use is pink pad - I like it because its pink and has a little heart on the calendar when you've DTD blush stupidly girlie and it was free!

Essie how long have you been using contraband, and how long charting cycle length? Most people's literal phase is 14 days but some (mine included) is regularly shorter - the shorter it is, the harder to conceive apparently. Are your periods always regular?

lil1ady Fri 24-May-13 00:36:33

Hi Essie it doesn't matter when you ovulate, your lp shouldn't change at all from month to month. of course there are exceptions to that rule but the norm is you have an lp if whatever days, generally considered 14, and after that time from ov ertd is due, so yeah I'm expecting ertd earlier this month. I think my lp actually is 14 days but could be 16 which is reassuring after coming off the pill.

Good to hear everyone's thoughts on vits. and the offer too..shall be looking for that tomorrow!

Rock I like the sound of the girly app! wish I'd seen that one before I bought ff. although I do like it for all the info snippets it gives you.

Ive been severely symptom spotting today. and over a week before I can test. boo sad

guess fatigue isn't one of my imagined symptoms. think I should go to bed!

EssieSaysRelax Fri 24-May-13 09:13:35

Morning all.
So I think ERTD is looming now as I've got cramps. This is good news (so I'm telling myself) because it means literal phase this cycle is infact 14 days. Rock I've only used contraband this one cycle and probably won't bother next cycle because it's too much faff and I've done my own head in as well as all of yours.

Definitely going to get multivits though after reading the article (thanks lil). I try not to read much online or in mags about fertility because I am committed to the jsing cause and I feel safer with my head in the sand for now as the whole thing scares the crap out of me.

DH got all excited cos he opened my amazon package last night thinking it was a new CD and 4 million hpts jumped out at him. I had to get in there quick and crush his excitement, poor love.

What's everyone doing for the bank hol? Besides digging out winter woollies?!

Rockchick1984 Fri 24-May-13 10:04:56

Sorry for brewing ERTD Essie but at least you know literal phase is good! Think I'm abandoning DS and DH on Monday so I can see the girls smile but its nice for them to have an occasional day just the 2 of them! Other than that nothing much planned.

I actually have no idea if I'm upduffed this month - still on a WTF cycle so don't know when to test! Did a test with FMU this morning and BFN - if I ovulated early like I thought I had, I'd be 14DPO so should have had at least a faint positive sad however I wasn't sure if it was EWCM or if it was (tmi) just gunk that my body was getting rid of after the miscarriage. Going by my typical cycle, I only ovulated at the start of this week so far too early to tell yet!

Redshoes56 Fri 24-May-13 15:50:31

I'm behind, I'm behind! Hi everyone!

Lil - I need to go shoe shopping with you, CLEARLY!

Rock - fingers crossed!

Essie - "pile of granny pants" is my new favorite phrase! Bummer about the impending ERTD. The news about the LP is excellent, though - way to stay positive smile

Speaking of LP - Dulcet, I've tried extending LP by taking extra vit B6 (didn't work) and red raspberry leaf (also didn't work). My ovulation got later and later, but the LP never budged! So I quit all the extra supplements (still taking prenatal vit, though). More recently, I switched to organic meat and organic whole milk -- and my LP was actually one day longer last month (confirmed using contraband. It's been over a year, I get a small pass, yes?). There is so much estrogen in the food supply, at least here in the States. So, the organic route seems to be paying off, probably in many other ways too. Except on my wallet.

EssieSaysRelax Fri 24-May-13 16:12:00

Red after you mentioned organic milk earlier in the fred I switched as well actually as I do comsume rather a lot, and to organic cheese where poss as I eat rather a lot way too much of that too. I have dairy farming roots so know what crap they fill the cows with so it makes complete sense and can only be a good thing to avoid surely?

grin at granny pants!

Yes Lil we all need your shoe shopping expertise as I can never find ones I need when I have bought the rest of the outfit. Should start with the shoes perhaps?

The flipping clutch on my car went today. hmm Ideal.

ERTD here and making up for lost time. Still, at least I know where I am now, and with my 'new' only just sussed out literal phase it means I might, could, perhaps, possibly still ov while on hols which would be fun!

blueamber Fri 24-May-13 16:47:44

Red I was drinking organic milk too as I read it was healthier, but then I read recently that it has over 40% less iodine in it than normal milk. Also, I was drinking whole milk, because it has more omega 3 than semi-skimmed, but then I read it has less calcium. Sigh... sometimes it just gets too complicated! confused

Or I could just stay with my organic, whole milk and drink double the quantities! smile

cookielove Fri 24-May-13 19:20:10

Helllllooooooo smile

Easy day at work to day yet still feel shattered hmm so got my feet up and chocolate is my saviour!!

I have been taking folic acid (tesco's own, £1 for 90) and occasionally when i remember a normal womans vitamin do you think thats ok? smile

lil1ady Fri 24-May-13 20:37:18

Evening all

essie sorry ertd showed up, but yay for 14 day literal phase. should help you better guess when Ur due now so you will know when to test smile. was lmao when I read about Ur dh opening the hpts! sport to hear about the car sad

rock fx its just too early for you!

Hi red feel free to come shopping with me. I find it even more fun to spend someone else's money! I got quite a few pairs in debenhans70% off + buy 1 get 1 half price sale. i have never shipped like that before but the one thing I did differently was wore heels to go shopping. made me feel more feminine and better about myself so I was more open to trying things I wouldn't have before., although Essie I do now have some shoes I need to buy outfits for!

I'm tempted to follow the going organic thing. I didn't realise they filled the cows with hormones. ( we need a mad cow emoticon here!)

blue I heard whole milk was better for fertility than skimmed so I switched but can't remember what the reason was now. re the less calcium I don't think you get as much as you would think from milk. you get a lot from green veg like broccoli, spinach and kale. Not sure about iodine though

cookie I think the issue with normal vitamins is the amount of vitamin a us bad for bean, but not sure if it makes a difference pre conception or before bfp. its probably fine as long as u switch to pregnancy vits as soon as u get bfp but I'm no expert.

glad my googling was helpful. off to watch greys anatomy now ( no spoilers from the states please, us Brits are usually behind you... and I'm behind all the other Brits!)

cookielove Fri 24-May-13 21:16:11

lil what episode you up to, i love Greys, i've watched it all grin

lil1ady Fri 24-May-13 22:26:35

just starting up 24. season finale!

DulcetMoans Fri 24-May-13 22:36:33

Thanks red, Good to know what works and doesn't. I did the CB trial last year and I saw my ov was late. I actually had two months with two peaks which was confusing! It's never been the 12-14 days its meant to be and wondering if that's a problem.

Hope you all have relaxing BH weekend plans!

lil1ady Fri 24-May-13 23:27:13

OMG to greys! there's always so much drama in their season finale's!

Redshoes56 Sat 25-May-13 03:47:35

Who knows, dulcet - vit B6 does seem to help some women, according to the Almighty Internet. Just didn't help me!

I think I am the only woman on earth who doesn't watch Grey's!

cookie, I'd say keep up with the folic acid at least. Then again, plenty of women have their "oops" pregnancies and don't start take vitamins before or right away, and have healthy babies. So maybe we shouldn't worry ourselves quite as much as we do?

Be proud of me: Two solid days of JSing, and going for a third round tomorrow morning before leaving for a weekend at my parents' (I've said here before that NO hanky-panky will happen at my parents' house!). I hope we've, ahem, loaded up enough in case the elusive egg drops while we're away! grin

DulcetMoans Sat 25-May-13 23:10:35

I don't watch greys either if that helps! I do watch plenty of (rubbish) TV but not that!

So any potential news this weekend? I have another week to wait so looking for your BFPs to get me through!

GnomieGrace Sun 26-May-13 09:00:48

Hey guys, not been on for a few days busy with work and also DIY, turning the back bedroom into a nursery! Which means haven't DTD for a few days either and think I ov'd as had EWCM so missed the bus this month. Not too disappointed as haven't yet had a full cycle so will help to calculate. Must get more focused next month!

cookielove Sun 26-May-13 11:29:58

Cheers for all the advice about vits, i still take the folic acid smile a little less like likely to take the other ones!! But if i ever get up duffed i will switch to pregnancy multi vits.

lil Greys er was Arizona not the biggest bitch ever!!!!!!!!! and April and Avery ahhhhhhh grin

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 26-May-13 11:45:25

hi all. back again after ertd.. batteries fully recharged after a lovely family bank holiday weekend. Was much needed too emotionally reset myself.

I have decided to relax and return to the ethos off the thread. Calendar has been deleted from my phone and I'm stopping symptom obsessing. dh and I are just going to spend time together and js when we fancy it, otherwise it just feels there is too much pressure on both of us and we stop enjoying rl.

hope everyone is having a lovely bh!

IceNoSlice Sun 26-May-13 12:32:45

Yay coffee! I was starting to question myself and wondering if I ought to get an app and learn a bit more about cycles. But I know myself and if I got 'into' it, I'd end up obsessed! Far better for my (and DH's) happiness to JS!

lil1ady Sun 26-May-13 12:58:40

Coffee and ice I have enough obsession here to go around all if us. I'm going to list my symptom spitting so you can tell me to stop being crazy

feel a bit queasy. in actually sat at work atm trying to catch up in the peace and quiet and even getting into my work isn't shaking the focus from this nausea in the pit if NY stomach. its not severe, just like I ate a brick, but also like hunger.

I have had pins and needles in my face and legs today.

hot flushed cheeks last night

my nipples have stung a tiny bit to touch since ov but that's gone now

I've had loads if creamy cm since ov. it normally goes back to sticky or nothing. sorry for tmi

I can't stop farting! blush and it don't smell pretty. not normal for me.

I know I'm mist likely setting myself up for disappointment and i'Lol regret this post next week when I have to tell u all ertd has shown up but right now I keep thinking maybe, just maybe I could be?!

Help! I may end up testing and 9dpo is too early. please keep me sane!

and cookie agreed on greys. she is a total cow. I am in live with Avery. and him and April are so cute!

DulcetMoans Sun 26-May-13 17:24:20

When you due to test lil? Maybe we can help you get there!

JS is the best option if you can. Still want the period tracker app though, for logistical purposes if nothing else! Planning holidays for example!

lil1ady Sun 26-May-13 18:40:59

Thanks dulcet some time between Friday and Sunday.... if I can wait that long. I was really god last cycle. I didn't even test when I thought ertd might be late but for some reason I've become a loon!

I could live without an app to track my cycle otherwise i'd forget when I was due. it was easy with a pill packet by the bed!

lil1ady Sun 26-May-13 18:42:44

Good, not God! if I was God I wouldn't need to poas!

Totesamazeballs Sun 26-May-13 19:05:20

Hi all,
long time no post. I have been organising a hen do, going on a hen do and then at the wedding last week. It was all lovely but I worked out I was up for 24 hours yesterday. I am totally shattered today (we got back from the reception at midnight to find DS awake and he didn't go down until 3am!?) I don't know why. It might be because I was away for the night and then barely saw him for the next day etc. It was a bit weird for both of us to spend that time apart.

Anyway, on the dairy conflab front, I have given up dairy for cancer reasons rather than any other but perhaps it will help with progesterone?

B6 did diddly squat for lengthening my LP.

Sorry for all of those who have had ERTD visit them this month. Let's get some pizazzy new shag capes for June.

I have consultant appointment on Tuesday...will report back if I learn anything new!

Ooh, and I spoke to the GP after two consecutive months of progesterone being too low to show ovulation (but it was taken at 1dpo rather than 7 because the docs don't believe in 8 day literal phases)...anyway, GP has actually asked me to do OPKs for 3 months before coming back does this mean you will ban me from this fred?

Totesamazeballs Sun 26-May-13 19:06:10

ooh, sorry, that sounds like I have cancer. I don't. My mum did, and a few relatives so I am paranoid about it.

cookielove Sun 26-May-13 19:37:57

That did sound like you had cancer, glad you don't smile

totes you been busy, i was like that last year, 2013 has been the year of relaxation for me, well at least in my social life. Works another story [grrrr]

lil i think you can wait it out, inside my head i am screaming at you to POAS though.

Oh my hair smells rank cause i henna dyed it sad

DulcetMoans Sun 26-May-13 19:52:27

Ok lil I'm due Friday too so we can wait together! Anyone else?!

Henna does stink, doesn't it cookie! Hopefully dies down before you have to go anywhere.

frazzles79 Sun 26-May-13 21:03:43

hello, can I join in?

Name: frazzle
Any DCs?: Nope.
TTC since: Aug 2011, molar pregnancy Jan 2012, all clear Nov 2012, ttc again since Feb 2013...nothing doing so far.

It's a pretty lonely place for me as I lost a year with the CMP and my friends are all on to 2nd and 3rd babies. currently CD4 so will be donning my cape soon!

cookielove Sun 26-May-13 21:41:37

Hello frazzle <waves manically>

Tis lovely here, they are lots and lots of neeewbies on this thread although i am not one of them sad although saying that i always feel like a newbie cause i ask loads of questions about stuff i really should know by now blush

A leetle bit of a ramble there, can you tell i am home alone and bored grin

frazzles79 Mon 27-May-13 11:56:57

hey cookie thanks for the welcome. I would usually be home bored in the evening but went to see Star Trek. Still got a headache!
I feel in a bit of a weird position as I'm proper TTC now but I've probably thought about it everyday since Aug '11 so it feels longer...there always seems to be something else to try or figure out.

IceNoSlice Mon 27-May-13 13:15:43

Welcome frazzles, I'm a newbie too smile

So, are we all spending BHM with OTH DTD then? Me, not so much. Trying to paint and filler whilst entertaining DS (9mo). Maybe later! It is my birthday after all!

IceNoSlice Mon 27-May-13 13:16:51

Err OTH = OH. Too many acronyms confused

AQuarkTooFar Mon 27-May-13 13:44:53

Welcome frazzles and happy birthday to you Ice! Hope you are enjoying the decorating!

lillady those sound like some interesting symptoms!

ERTD due here tomorrow. Don't think I am pg so not holding out much hope.

Jealous to any of you with the day off the bhm. I am at work, half asleep because of a very long action packed weekend!

Minion Mon 27-May-13 14:55:32

Hello folks!
Welcome frazzles, settle down with a biccy and brew and join in, there's plenty of synchro peeing into a handy receptacle here!

Had a lush bhw will in laws, went to the beach, got burnt, had a local delicacy and slept right nice! Bliss, oh and I got to hang out with my 8 month old nephew, he's completely brilliant and just the tonic to make me even broodier!

In other news, ERTD is estimated to arrive either tomorrow or day after, assuming I ovd on time, however me experiencing the pork pie jelly a week after doesn't fill me with glee. But I'm not having pre AF cramps/back ache or spots yet so fingers crossed. I am however having a very sore nipple day. The worst I've ever felt. Literally like tiny devil people were prodding pitchforks into it.. Ouch!

Hope everyone's bhw were mint and speak soon whereas no doubt I'll be obsessing am I? Aren't I? Am I? Aren't I?
Gah, x

frazzles79 Mon 27-May-13 17:18:00

Minion do you need me to issue my first hooya? From where I am it sounds promising though!

Bit of a tough day as there's a piece about molar pregnancy in the newspaper and it feels like everywhere I look people are asking me if I've seen it...yes, don't really wish to be reminded about it all! But it's a good piece. Possibly better if I get off the computer and do something constructive. Not been feeling too great due to ongoing problems (getting sorted out) and AF but hope you're all been JS'ing away. smile

lil1ady Mon 27-May-13 18:11:35

Hi everyone, and welcome Frazzles

dulcet its a good job I don't keep a stock of pee sticks! that should help the wait!

minion we can obsess together if you like?

quark I'm sure I've imagined most all of them which is probably why they r interesting. dont go counting yourself out yet lady...its not over til its over.

ice happy birthday! why in earth r u painting in Ur birthday.

well I have tried to stem the symptom spotting by keeping busy today. went for a walk then lunch with dh, then studied and then did some scrapbooking. about to have dinner then onto the ironing. the sooner I'm asleep to not symptom spot the better! although when I wake up it will be Tuesday and I think work is going to be crap this week sad

IceNoSlice Mon 27-May-13 18:32:17

Thanks Quark and lil1ady.

Painting because we have a deadline- we were lucky enough to be picked for the MN B&Q product test B&Q thingy, where we were given £325 B&Q vouchers (whoop!) but had 2 weeks to finish the job! Nearly there now and nice new bedroom to JS in wink

So shaggers, after a nice relaxing BH, get on with it and get shagging smile

Minion Mon 27-May-13 18:58:34

I'd be honoured to be the recipient of your first ever Hoya.
Please send it first class so I'm put out of my misery though x

Bearface Tue 28-May-13 00:35:37

Ello all!

Welcome Frazzles! Hooya-ing already? Well done you! Keep everyone in line especially me

Well, Lil and Minion,it all sounds promising for you. I really hope it's this time for you both.

Hope everyone else is well. Sorry you had to work BH Quark. Oh well. It'll be the weekend again soon enough .

I have been on my travels again doing DIY for family in far flung parts of the country. DH and I got home yesterday pm and have been shattered all day today. Managed to shag yesterday and today though. grin Thanks all for the recommendations for the app. I went with FF. It's more just so I can keep a record for myself if I need it when we go to see the specialist.

Bizarrely my period has not been as long this cycle. I seem to have missed about 4 days. ( I have epically long periods - usually 11 days.) I'm still spotting a small amount though. confused

In other news I have been doing a mad exercise DVD for the past 2 weeks and although I've only lost a couple of pounds in weight, I have lost 2" on my waist, hips and chest each! I'm going to keep doing it for sure now.

Oh and our referral appointment has now been shifted back another 3 weeks for the second time. (exasperated emoticon)

Hope you all have a good week. I'm off this week so will be around a bit more to have a cuppa and a chat. Yay!

IceNoSlice Tue 28-May-13 07:08:49

Hey bear, annoying about the appointment!

Which DVD? I'm doing the 30 day shred but need something to move onto next smile

AQuarkTooFar Tue 28-May-13 07:47:22

Well done bear on the two inches!

ERTD due here today but still no signs. If it doesn't appear I will be testing thurs as I have a day off work. Anyone else testing soon?

Rockchick1984 Tue 28-May-13 08:23:10

Quark I'm down to my last pee stick so will test on Friday or Saturday - think ERTD due Fri but I know my cycle may be messed up by the miscarriage. I don't feel pregnant though, so think I may be wishing!

Lil that sounds hopeful - the farting in particular rings a bell for me blush - when are you testing? I think you should test tomorrow with FMU <bad influence>

Good luck at the consultant Totes

Bear that's fantastic about your weight/inch loss! I lost nearly a stone but have put it on and then some over the last few months, so think its a return to slimming world for me - never had to watch what I ate before having DS but he screwed up my metabolism entirely smile

Welcome Frazzle

Well my BH was spent doing uni work but have now almost finished until October grin so will soon be able to relax a little. I feel like we've hardly DTD this month so think I'm out but still have that niggling 'maybe' in the back of my mind!

EssieSaysRelax Tue 28-May-13 09:07:13

Hi everyone!

Not got much to report, but just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very good morning.

Welcome to frazzle.

Fxd for everyone testing this week.

ERTD has left the building now and we are going on a beach hol next weekend for a week, so will be donning my new itsy bitsy teeny weeny June cape from tonight.

Love to all xxx

Minion Tue 28-May-13 14:44:45

Reckon it's a no. Woke up this morning with the bang on time pre ERTD spot! But I'm having mild nausea but in all honesty I get that sick feeling just before coming on, something to do with the drop in progesterone or whatnot.
And sore boobs... All pointing to AF.
We shall hang tight and not fret

EssieSaysRelax Tue 28-May-13 15:17:29

Sorry to hear this Minion. sad

I felt dire the day before ERTD this time too, cramps so bad I wanted to crawl about on my hands and knees, except obviously I couldn't because I was at work!

Still keeping fx and tx for you though until you are sure. x

Bearface Tue 28-May-13 16:08:59

Oh sorry to hear that Minion, but it ain't over til it's over, so hang in there.

Can someone please give me a hooya and tell me to step away from the baby names section of MN? I haven't even got upduffed yet and I can't stop myself from researching names. Help! <wails ridiculously> Just wondering what other secret stuff people get up to before they get upduffed which should probably only be done after actually getting upduffed? Anyone want to spill? grin

EssieSaysRelax Tue 28-May-13 16:23:37

haha Bear well my DH already has schools earmarked ever since we had a rather heated discussion about boarding schools. He went to a posh boarding school from age 7, I went to a local comprehensive. I am not going through all the stress of ttc, then being preggers, then childbirth, then everything after that, for him to pack sprog off to a distant land in the name of education. Fortunately we quickly agreed on it, though actually its probably quite a sensible thing to have ironed out before getting upduffed.

I am also guilty of looking for names though. I have a fairly unusual name though which I quite like, but DH has a more 'normal' name, so probably going to be more debate there!

MrsAVB Tue 28-May-13 16:25:24

<de-lurks to say unhelpful symptom spotting stuff>. minion I had an outbreak of spots before my BFP. Plus nausea and sore boobs...

Minion Tue 28-May-13 16:50:27

Aww girls thanks so much. It's lovely to know you're here with me.
It's not so bad, I'm on me jollies in 2 weeks and whilst am away am supposed to be OV'ing so lots of shag capes are on the packing list, plus can I snarf a dozen piña coladas/dirty monkeys/bahama mamas without 'the guilt'...yep, that'll do right nice!
Just got a text of other half, a house we've seen on rightmove and drove to see has just had £15000 taken off the asking price, so he's booked us in for our first ever viewing.
I'm so excited, bricking it a bit at the thought of finally growing up though...

Totesamazeballs Tue 28-May-13 17:28:58

HOOYA Bear!! Step away from the baby names thread or indeed any baby names websites!

Have a brew instead, or some chocolate.

I am trying to think what I did before upduffed...spent lots of time obsessing over pregnancy symptoms which I find myself doing again. blush

I went to see consultant today and I am glad I did. He said that an 8 day literal phase is not right and from the things i describe, it would suggest I am overcooking the egg and not releasing it and I have to do follicle tracking next month.

He has also written to GP to ask them to refer me to a haematologist. He didn't exactly say why but he was concerned about the fact I am covered in bruises from I don't know what. Anyway, it's probably nothing but I guess it's good to get these things checked out.

Hope ERtD isn't too hard on everyone this month.

Bearface Tue 28-May-13 18:36:33

Thanks for that Totes. I have well and truly stepped away from the names fred after noting down some of the ones I like Good to hear you're getting somewhere with the consultant. What does follicle tracking involve then? Hope you're okay with the bruises. I, too, am constantly covered in bruises but it's because a) I am a red-head and we apparently bruise more easily and they show up quicker and for longer and b) I'm a clumsy clot and walk into tables, doors, chairs, cars, etc. Hope it's all okay for you though.

Ooo - I forgot who asked (can't go back a page now)but I am doing the 'Insanity' dvd. It's hardcore and I hurt every day, but it is working. Just have to sort out eating properly as best I can now. I'm trying to be as healthy as possible but find I don't always have the willpower!

Sounds good about the house Minion. smile

Essie - I know people who had their DC booked into a nursery and pre-school from about 5 months post-conception! shock l feel the same about sending DCs away to school (not that we could afford it anyway) but it's up to the individuals I guess. Some kids thrive on it; others not so. Glad you've agreed though. There are plenty of good independent schools around which are for day pupils, so maybe you could do that instead?

I'm getting EWCM but still no positive on the contraband so hopefully ov is just around the corner. This month DH and I have decided we are definitely going for EOD. We usually fizzle out from being shagged out sheer exhaustion after around CD16, but this month we will have our Super Capes on!!! We will, we will, we will . . .

Bearface Tue 28-May-13 19:01:20

Ha ha - just thought I'd share. I was scrolling through some old fred names and mustn't have been looking properly because I saw 'Guinea Pigs used for sex' shock (Richard Gere moment flashes into my head - argh!) but actually turned put to be two freds next to each other: 'Guinea Pigs needed for something or other' and something else about being used for sex. Arf. My poor brain appears to be frazzled (no offence Frazzle).

lil1ady Tue 28-May-13 19:09:03

Hi all

well I have been and bought pee sticks....but still going to try and hold out til Saturday despite the bad influences which could still sway me mainly because of the disapproval I just got from dh when I suggested I might test tomorrow. men...bet they'd test early if it was their bodies throwing pretend symptoms at them!

anyway looking forward to quark testing on Thursday.

minion fx for you in the bfp and the house

bear I can't believe they've messed u around again. sods! but congrats on the weight and inches lost. I need some if your will power!

glad you have some more info now totes but what is follicle tracking?

DulcetMoans Tue 28-May-13 20:01:13

I would echo the question about follicle tracking? At least there's some action and a next step. It's the worst when you think nothing is happening.

We are pretty bad on the names stuff, talk about it all the time. Before TTC even! Unfortunately he has vetoed all my faves.

So I'm due this week, somewhere between tomorrow and Friday would be normal. Feeling the usual cramps though so not holding out much hope. Argh!! Still, no out til I'm out!!

Totesamazeballs Tue 28-May-13 20:58:58

Tracking is when they scan you repeatedly in your cycle to track the growth of the follicle and that you actually ovulate. If you don't, they can give you an injection or if you do they can too up your hormone to increase the LP...I think!

EssieSaysRelax Tue 28-May-13 21:25:47

Ooh minion exciting about the house viewing. Definitely scariest thing I've ever done but totally worth it. We've been home owners for 5 weeks now! grin

Glad consultant app was useful totes, will you have to go back for regular scans thought your next cycle then?

bear I'm trying to concentrate on healthy eating at the moment too, ahead of my hols, and cos my bridesmaid dress fits perfectly so I can't change shape for 3 weeks which is actually quite terrifying. Not doing too well because I'm on the sofa beside a large bar of cadburys whole nut. blush

Guinea pigs used for sex! Snort!

DH has just confiscated the chocolate! shock

lil yes if it was men that had the babies they'd be testing at the first teensy symptom if how they handle a simple cold is anything to go by!

Ooh this is exciting, we've got 4 bfps due this week here if my counting is right! Good luck everyone. Xxx

IceNoSlice Tue 28-May-13 21:38:44

bear 'twas me what asked, thanks. Insanity is Jillian Michaels isn't it? How does it compare to shred if you've done that? I like shred (especially that it is 20 mins ish) but have to be a bit careful of my knees as they are a bit dodgy.

Gah, that makes me sound like a right old giffer, I'm not!! Am 32! Too many years of sports that are bad for knees sad

Sorry, not trying to sidetrack JS fred into fitness but it is kind of related as I think being fit and healthy has got to help with the upduffing, right? Certainly gives me more energy to jump DH's bones wink

cookielove Tue 28-May-13 22:03:02

Hello hello hello all smile

Well done Bear on the inches grin

I've still got my fingers crossed for you Minion its not over till its over smile unless its over sad

Hi Essie has it been a while since you've been on or is this thread moving so fast i missed you confused any way hiya grin

Totes glad your getting an answers, or on the way at least to getting an answer smile

Bear i love looking up names, i've been doing it way before we decided ttc, however DH's only opnion is NO to basically everything <grrrrrr>

Also on the childcare thing, i work in a nursery so i get a behind the scenes look and the earliest entry onto a waiting list we've ever had was a couple who were planning to ttc early next year but they had heard our waiting list was over a year long so wanted to put their names down now, in order for them to receive a place when required confused to be fair most parents put there names down the moment they find out they are pregnant.

DulcetMoans Tue 28-May-13 22:33:21

Ergh, just took my folic acid and it got stuck in my throat. Couldn't swallow it at all, had to cough it out in the end. Even the simplest TTC tasks proves difficult for me!

We have a nursery at work, I would put my name down there as early as possible. Not before pregnant though, that's a little nuts!

I've continued the Sod's law approach to TTC this month with final wedding dress fitting and booking tickets to theatre for next Feb. can I tempt a BFP with bad luck??

Rockchick1984 Tue 28-May-13 22:53:52

Cookie that's insane!!! I couldn't decide what to do about childcare so gave up work instead when I had DS grin - well, wasn't the only reason obviously but it was the thing that first prompted the conversation about "how much would we be worse off if we dropped to one wage rather than paying £800 per month childcare?

Bear do you have to be reasonably fit to begin with if doing that workout? I have no basic fitness, so really struggle when I try to start any exercise. Was debating doing couch to 5k but I don't want anyone I know to see me out running blush

Ugh, hate failing to swallow a tablet Dulcet!

Lil I think you should TEST TEST TEST!!!! If you have bought more than one pee stick, you can pretend you're doing it to make sure you know how to use it in time for Saturday grin grin grin

Bearface Tue 28-May-13 23:53:19

Ice- no it's by an American guy called Sean T. I'd say that if you have bad knees you might not want to do it as there's a lot of jumping and twisting involved. I've pulled muscles a couple of times while doing it despite warming up and stretching which is part of the workout anyway.

Rock- I won't lie - it's pretty hardcore. I would say I have very good cardio fitness and moderate strength and core fitness. I find the cardio side fine but my muscles scream with pain. The first week was terrible and I couldn't get comfy in bed at night, but then after that it was fine and I'm okay with it now. If you want to lose weight and you're prepared to hurt then I'd say go for it because it will work, but if you'd rather go for an easier, more manageable route then maybe build up to it first.

With the running thing Rock, I've had loads of twats idiots shout things at me from cars or just passing by. So I got an iPod so now I don't even hear them. I think running is a good way to get your fitness levels up fairly quickly without destroying yourself.

Try not to feel self-conscious; people of all shapes and sizes run. You could try running early morning or later in the evening when there's less people around. Or maybe go with a friend?

Oh and get a good sports bra for your knockers and decent trainers will prevent injuries to your back and hips. I'd run and walk to start with to build up to full running or jogging. Hope this helps - do try it. I may not be skinny but I run regularly and my cardio fitness shows in my heart rate. I've also got asthma and it really helps to increase my lung capacity and clear my chest. I also find it helps with my state of mind. Exercise always makes me feel better and gives me something else to focus on.

Hope this helps. Sorry it's so long but I think you're right Ice that health and fitness is an important part of TTC. I also think it doesn't hurt to have some diversion convos now and then. It's nice to chat to take your mind off it sometimes too. Hopefully this doesn't come across as preachy - I just really enjoy exercise and I know how much it can help you. smile

Bearface Tue 28-May-13 23:55:12

Oh yes lil - TEST! But only if you want to grin

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 00:12:32

Had to just share this too. DH, who's asleep, just 'woke up' next to me with the biggest, widest eyes and then grabbed my leg and cuddled if like it was a teddy or something. He wasnlkng nonsense too. He was clearly still asleep. He sleep talks and sleep walks all the time much to my great amusement concern. grin

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 00:13:33

Sorry - was talking nonsense too, I meant!

AQuarkTooFar Wed 29-May-13 07:23:59

Oo bear my Dh sleep talks and sleep does things! The other night he fully rolled right over me and flipped out of my side of the bed and on to the floor because he thought he saw something! The idiot was still asleep. Scary!

dulcet ew to getting the frolic acid stuck! Yucky!

That's nuts about waiting lists on nurseries! Maybe i should start checking what it's like around here? Ha!

Re baby names I have a boy and a girls name already picked out. They are family names though as if that makes it any better! although I may have a problem. An acquaintance of ours sadly lost their baby recently at 26 weeks prego and they called her the girls name i was going to use. It would just be wrong to use it now wouldn't it? Don't know why I am thinking about this. Not even prego!

You are all making want to try a fitness video. I had a davina one but found it too long.

Ok so I am one day late and no sign yet ertd is coming. Some hold my hands so I don't test before tomorrow! Fingers crossed for everyone else due their BFPs this week!

Rockchick1984 Wed 29-May-13 07:45:06

Quark I don't think there would be anything wrong with using the name - there's at least 9 months until you need to announce your choice of name so it's not like its straight after their loss. How close are you to the family? I think, for me, I wouldn't use it if it was a member of family or a close friend, the same as I wouldn't call a baby the same name as one of their children.

Fingers crossed for you re testing - have you got any symptoms to spot??

Bear my DH does mad things like that in his sleep, or he looks out the window and tells me "wow that's a massive badger" while still asleep with his eyes closed grin

EssieSaysRelax Wed 29-May-13 09:02:33

I'm sat in a meeting waiting for all the latecomers (that really pees me off) to turn up and lolling at your DH's sleep walking/talking/leg cuddling when I should be reading through the mins from last time, boring . My DH once kicked me in bed so hard I yelped in pain, which woke him up, he then had to cheek to tell me off for waking him up because he'd just scored a winning goal for ManU and was gutted I'd abruptly ended the dream!

Hi cookie I've been around but not had anything very interesting for report for a while! Hope you are ok! <waves>

Bear that vid sounds hardcore. I would struggle with that. I have a couple of davina 20 min ones which I like and I run a bit and DH wants to get a rowing machine. I agree though on exercise making you feel good and it certainly gives me focus and escapism. I find when I am exercising I forget about everything else and it really empties my brain for a while and then I feel calm afterwards no matter how crap I felt before I started.

Dulcet yukky getting the pill stuck. I am useless at taking pills, always have to snap them in half, or have about 10 goes if they are big then you end up tasting them - bleugh. I am pathetic.

Good luck to everyone testing/resisting testing.


AQuarkTooFar Wed 29-May-13 10:20:35

essie hope your meeting has got going! Lateness annoys the hell out if me at meetings.

rock I don't really think I have any symptoms. Possibly a wee bit crampy but nothing like usual ertd. Boobs are a little sore and I might have slight nausea. Also, tmi warning, I am a little constipated. I also have butterfly's in my tummy but I am probably just making this all up!

Argh! <runs away and sits rocking like a mad woman in a corner>

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 11:04:13

Arf! You're all making me laugh with these stories of zombified sleep walking other halves. My DH has done some crazy stuff and says things like the badger comment like "Where is everyone?" Er, here. It's just me. Who else were you expecting? grin He never remembers it either.

I hate people being late to meetings too. They're bad enough as it is without numpties wandering in late.

Quark, I agree that it's fine to choose the name if there's a big enough gap, which there will be, and if it's not a family member or close friend. Just seconding what's already been said.

I change my mind about names a lot, but then other people keep having babies and stealing them so I'm running out of options! hmm

EssieSaysRelax Wed 29-May-13 11:19:03

It's annoying when someone else steals a name you like isn't it, or you meet someone awful with that name! hmm

The meeting was dire. But then they always are as bear says, with or without tools arriving late. It's ALWAYS the same people too that hold everyone up. Grr.

quark this is sounding promising.... got everything x-ed for you!

My DH has also leapt out of bed and whisked the duvet off me because he thought there was a creature of some sort on/in it. I then had to coax him to put it back on me and get back into bed, when I asked him about it in the morning he had no recollection!

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 11:22:21

Ha ha. Mystery creatures Essie!

IceNoSlice Wed 29-May-13 11:28:45

Ha ha Essie, maybe the m

AQuarkTooFar Wed 29-May-13 11:29:05

I heard them on about parents combining their names to get their child's name on the radio the other day. Maybe if we all did that we would get something original! Robona doesn't sound like a child's name though! hmm

This is totally going to out me but my Dh has done the following in his sleep:

1. Switched the lights in, got out of bed and started lifting up the mattress with me still lying on it. He was looking for something apparently.

2. He pulled his three bedside drawers out of the bedside table completely. The next morning he remembered that he had dreamt about about me losing my necklace behind it.

3. He has gotten fully clothed

4. He has pulled the bed across the room.

5. He regularly tries to push me out the way of rolling hay bales. (He is a farmer)

I could go on! I usually tell him shut the f**k up and go back to sleep!

IceNoSlice Wed 29-May-13 11:32:19

Sorry fat fingers! Meant to say maybe he thought you were the monster!

I know what you mean about the names thing. The guy I sit next to at work (or used to, I'm currently enjoying the last bit of my maternity leave) is a bit of a plonker. He's the compliance/rules guy and is a PITA. I called DS the same name as him, prompting everyone at work to say 'oh did you name DS after plonker?' Err no, I named him despite plonker also having the name!!

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 11:50:17

Ha ha Quark. Yours is definitely worse than mine. I wonder what the incidence rate is for men vs women sleepwalking/sleep bale of hay rolling? Either we've got a unique little niche going on or generally more men do it than women. <shuffles off to find Professor Goofle>

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 11:52:30

That's annoying about names Ice. Why do stupid people have to have good names? Why can't they just be called Loser and Plonker and other such appropriate stuff?

AQuarkTooFar Wed 29-May-13 11:54:00

Professor goofle! Hahahahahahaha

AQuarkTooFar Wed 29-May-13 11:55:01

Ahem sorry, interesting theory. I do have a female friend though that gets the night terrors and scares the shit out of her dp when she wakes up screaming!

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 12:04:20

Oh theory blown then!

Goofle! Har har! It's found it's way into my predictive dictionary too. So this is how language changes . . .

EssieSaysRelax Wed 29-May-13 12:07:50

quark those are hilarious!

Ice people can be so dense sometimes. Yeah of course you didn't name your DS after an office plonker, why would people ask that! Argh!

Prof goofle. grin

Must do something useful. Not in the mood. Already demob happy and still got to make it to Friday.

DulcetMoans Wed 29-May-13 12:35:53

I'm the bed pest in my relationship, DP gets an earful of abuse that I never remember when I wake up.

You testing in the morning then Quark??

AQuarkTooFar Wed 29-May-13 12:39:22

Yup dulcet me and Dh have the day off tomorrow so thought it would be nice. It's really odd. This is the first month that Dh has convinced himself that i am prego!

Sleep pest is a v. Good word for it!

Bearface Wed 29-May-13 17:21:44

Ooo - looking forward to some POAS action Quark. <Pulls up a cushion for a ringside seat and gets tea and biccies out.>

I've been so lazy this afternoon that I actually really need the loo, but can't be bothered to get up and go and I'm now busting. I watched the programme about Anne Boleyn on the beeb and then found myself researching various aspects of the English Royal Family Tree (because I know nuffink about it), which is quite frankly, complicated, semi-incestuous and sprawling. I then found myself asking questions such as 'So, where did Prince Philip pop up from?' etc. and have managed to while away a few hours happily with Prof. Goofle and Dr. Wiki. I meant to go and read my book, but that didn't happen either. A most satisfying day all round methinks. Now, must go to the loo before I BURST!

lil1ady Wed 29-May-13 17:43:08

Lol at all the non js bedtime action you guys have been getting! when I was doing my accounting qualification I went away to study and shared a room with a friend who talked in her sleep. some favourites were "follow the guide" and something about mothers pearls! and also some accountancy stuff jumbled into sharing things out. v wierd!

lmao at prof Goofle!

well I am a firm believer in only testing with fmu so I have one less thing to blame a bfn on and try and turn around to a bfp in my head. so I decided not to test this morning. will have to see what mood I'm in when I wake up tomorrow! it will be either 13 or 14 do tomorrow I think. not sure how sensitive tesco test are so will try hold out til Saturday. I kinda don't want to test because if I do and its bfn then the possibility goes out the window. there's something hopeful in the not knowing. symptom spotting has slowed down the last day or so though so the hope is draining.

I am against exercise. it hurts, makes you out of breath and takes up valuable time...I think I may even be allergic to it. I'm not overweight or anything, I'd just rather eat less than exercise exceot jsing if course

who was late for ertd? was it quark? whoever it was TEST! if I'm not going to someone should!

DulcetMoans Wed 29-May-13 17:57:50

Totally with you on the testing lil. Only in the morning or I would only end up saying its not reliable without FMU and do it again the next day.

I am afraid to say I advocate the exercise though. I lost five stone through just taking control. I have a sick fondness of exercise now and running. Was so crap at it to begin with but getting there. I recommend it for weight loss for sure!

lil1ady Wed 29-May-13 18:23:32

if I keep eating the number if cream cakes like i have today exercise will be necessary whether I like it or not!

Bearfacedchic Wed 29-May-13 19:04:31

Ugh. Just found myself on trashy celeb gossip websites researching who is preggers and who has had trouble getting preggers in the celeb world. Then I came across a really weird article about how 'ugly men produce more sperm' than attractive ones. How crazy is that?! Apparently it came from Oxford Uni and UCL. How do people get funded to research such dross when there are far more pressing issues? Hmph. I guess it could have been incidental to other research though Anyway, if you want to get upduffed apparently you need to find an 'ugly' man. How horrid is that?????

cookielove Wed 29-May-13 19:54:50

Erm i guess i need to admit it, the people were you describing e.g talking in their sleep and acting out things thats me, the only thing Dh does is snore, but i do that to so i am the pita to sleep with blush


the people who turn up late to work, meetings, friends, yeah that would also be me blush although i am getting better at work cause they keep telling me off

Erm the ones who run, i have no stamina for running (i do for walking) is it something i could build up to or am i just not built for it? I do realise though you may not know the answer smile

Quark POAS, that is all grin

Oh yeah the name thing happens quite a lot with nursery workers and teachers there are two boy names i will never use, due to them being cheeky monkeys!!!!

frazzles79 Wed 29-May-13 20:47:02

hi all, best of luck for testing tomorrow lil and v impressed with the insanity workout bear.

I was doing a lot of exercise recently but I'm not too well at the moment so that's gone out the window! Boo.

I've chosen my baby names and also how many I'm having...hahah! (totally weird but everyone at my work seems to have twins!) Just got some Conceive Plus in the post so hoping that will help. The things we share on the internet, eh?!


GnomieGrace Wed 29-May-13 21:42:39

Hey everyone, just checking in everything is quiet for me on the TTC front, good luck tmw Quark!

cookielove Wed 29-May-13 22:06:52

Hello, i forgot to mention something that i did today smile

I applied for Deal or No deal blush grin

And is this really stupid i been using my OPK's and i just got stupidly excited seeing two lines albeit one was very faint. Its the first time ever seeing two lines blush blush

Strokethefurrywall Wed 29-May-13 22:35:39

(name changed from Pudgy2011 because I've had this effing song in my head all bloody day)

Help me all, I've got ride tide pains from hades. Seriously heavy this month, turns out all the nausea really was an after effect of the bug I had. Ah well, at least it reminded me of how horrendous MS is and "almost" put me off TTC. But not quite. Looking forward to getting some shags in though, I've been so sick I haven't had any lovin' since just after I ovulated. Best get back on it.

Bear I find it highly ironic that you're doing Insanity. I got through a month of Insanity in January 2011, at the end of which I discovered I was unexpectedly pregnant! The first words I said when I got that BFP was "Holy fuck it's positive" followed swiftly by the biggest sigh of relief and "oh my god that means I don't have to do that fucking Insanity work out anymore!" - yeah, it's brutally hardcore and you have to have knees of steel but I was pretty ripped at the end of that month.

I've not been doing any exercise since I ran my marathon in January. After 7 solid months of running and getting up at 3am for 16 mile runs, I decided I couldn't be bothered to exercise again until June. Which I appreciate is about 3 days away. Bugger.

Rockchick1984 Thu 30-May-13 00:00:25

Bastarding buggering ERTD arrived here sad

Ah well, it's my own stupid fault for only shagging about 3 times all month! On the plus side it was dead on my re-miscarriage 27 days so hopefully that means everything is working properly! Think I'll be getting the conceive plus back out this month...

Bearfacedchic Thu 30-May-13 00:36:00

Oh no. Sorry Rock. sad Good to know your body is getting back on track though.

Hi Stroke. Don't think we've met. Unless I knew you in a previous incarnation? I know what you mean about being a relief to give up the hardcore exercise but at the same time I'd love to be er, ripped and not have to feel miserable about my weight. Wish I was just naturally thin but alas no. I am built like an eighteenth century wench instead. What's your back story then Stroke?

Bearfacedchic Thu 30-May-13 00:36:59

Btw Conceive Plus gave me thrush so I stopped using it blush

Strokethefurrywall Thu 30-May-13 04:24:21

Ah, maybe I posted on a completely different thread! Ooops sorry - ah, let me introduce myself then. My name is Stroke and I'm 33, live in the Caribbean with DH, DS who is 19 months and two of the most stupid shepherd mix mutts known to man.

Not much of a backstory really, DH and I decided at the beginning of May to started trying for no. 2, so shagged like dirty monkeys when we went up to New York a couple of weeks back but despite DH being sure that his strong Scottish sperm was a sure thing, I got caught by ERTD on Monday. I don't know much about opks or charting (?) but just working out when I ovulate from the cramps I always get mid-cycle. Tis a whole new world for us, DS was completely unexpected!

I've got to say though, experiencing my first two week wait was a fecking nightmare, symptom spotting every single second! And I couldn't even help it, I think I nearly went crazy. I vow not to do that going forth!

AQuarkTooFar Thu 30-May-13 06:53:48

Morning all! Hi stroke nice to meet you. Sorry to hear ERTD got you rock.

Well no ERTD here so I piapc with a cbd and fmu and I got a BFN. Me and DH are a bit hmm as the my missing ERTD. Will just wait and see what happens now.....

lil1ady Thu 30-May-13 07:24:27

ah quark I was sure u were going to get bfp. you must have ov later than you thought?

I caved and aso piapc .... bfn here too. so I can stop symptom spotting now and wait for ertd sad

Minion Thu 30-May-13 07:57:18

I'm 2 days late girls...
But I honestly think the pork pie jelly incident was a late OV! So that puts me roughly on in 5 days time... I'll update as and when.
And vendor has canx house viewing..boooo.

Welcome stroke, what part of the Caribbean do you live in?
rock hope it's getting back to normal for you too xx

Totesamazeballs Thu 30-May-13 09:58:03

Hallo ladies. I have a few minutes before DS wakes and am actually able to type properly on a proper computer, not one of these flipping ipaddy things. Sooo....

Minion - could you have ov'd late due to stress?
Quark - I have no idea what your post means..I am not good with the acronyms, but there is always hope until the fat lady signs, and I am not signing yet!

Hello Stroke! Bet it's nice and sunny where you are!

Bear - Prof Google! Hilarity! I am a big fan of him/her myself, especially when it comes to symptom spotting and/or hypochondria

Totesamazeballs Thu 30-May-13 09:58:37

sorry, meant to say sing...not sign!

Bearfacedchic Thu 30-May-13 10:02:42

Well, there's lateness all round. You should all go and sign in on the late register! grin hang in there everyone. Could this month be a bumper batch?

Strokes - whereabouts are you? Gawd, wish I was in the Caribbean. Instead I'm in the grey uk with a coleslaw (cold sore). Misery!

Minion Thu 30-May-13 10:24:08

totes no stress here! It's probably still getting rid of the last remnants of the pill now so maybe I'm in for a long cycle. All I know is I'm not getting the constant lower backaches (hooray), the constant PMS cramps (double hooray) and the stretchy boob feeling. Just got a few minor twinges and a rushing type feeling in boobs.
So from now on I'm hoping this is as bad as PMS gets for me or I'm upduffed

Totesamazeballs Thu 30-May-13 12:44:37

Oh lucky you Minion if you don't get PMT, it's a bugger for sure!

It takes a while for things to normalise après Pill.

Minion Thu 30-May-13 13:43:19

I don't think I'm lucky tbh. The last few months were pretty awful PMS wise. Think my husband thought I was putting it on but 2 weeks of cramping really does ones head in after an hour.

Totesamazeballs Thu 30-May-13 14:35:31

Two weeks?! Harsh!! My sister used to have a similar severity. Mine was very mild pre pregnancy and worse post. Unless you are upduffed of course, which could explain it...smile

Strokethefurrywall Thu 30-May-13 15:10:24

Oooh Minion, fingers crossed for you being two days late - I heard a lot of people fall pregnant immediately after coming off the pill, or is that an urban legend?

I'm back on a strict paleo diet for 30 days which I did for the first time in April - it was fantastic and I had no cravings but it did lengthen my cycle by 3 days which prompted the pregnancy scare and this whole trying for a second malarky! So I'm wondering if this month will be the same - apparently eating this way is supposed to be good for fertility though (not the reason I went on it though) and increases your fertile time so we'll see.

Bear I'm in Grand Cayman - sure it's gorgeous here but I'm pleased to tell you that right now it's chucking it down. Beginning of the rainy season. Let me tell you, there is no amount of frizz ease that can control my mop in this humidity! Hopefully you all start getting a summer in UK soon, it's been really harsh for you the last few months.

Quark sorry to hear you're waiting for ERTD but it ain't over til it's over! Fingers crossed it either shows up soon or you get your bfp.

Bearfacedchic Thu 30-May-13 15:10:58

Yep- two weeks is loooooonnngggg Minion. I only have it for an hour or two every cycle and very mild so I feel very lucky, but then I do have the most ridiculously long ERTD which is on average 11 days and that is not pretty. Think I'd rather have loooooooonnnnnnngggg PMT over loooooooonnngggg ERTD, but that's just my personal preference. Swings and roundabouts, huh?

Still, it doesn't take away from it being crap and so sending you brew and biscuit and one of my special cushions to cuddle up with.

Minion Thu 30-May-13 15:21:46

It's not 2 weeks of really very painful cramping but more like mild cramping, enough to go on with my day to day life. The first day of actual ERTD is horrendous and lasts all day long.
Never had pains on the pill so this baby better be worth it haha. Beginning to feel AF type rumblings at the mo' so onto holiday JSing it is then.

Strokethefurrywall Thu 30-May-13 15:23:14

OK, to take minds of PMT and possible pre-pregnancy symptoms, is anyone off someplace lovely for holidays this year?

EssieSaysRelax Thu 30-May-13 15:37:46

Hi ladies.
Sorry to hear about the bfns today and ertd rumblings. Boo.

Welcome stroke, I've been to Grand Caymen! It was in 2003 for 2 weeks, then the following year it got flattened by that terrible hurricane, very scary.

Blimey Bear 11 days. Thats torture. I do get very bad cramps now things have settled post pill, but it usually only last 3-4 hours, though in that time I want to crawl about on my hands and knees its so bad. I will never complain about it again though as I only get 3 day ertds, which is a breeze compared to you.

CD7 here, so nothing exciting. I've got to have a smear test the day we get back off hols and I'm petrified because for the last 2 years they have all been abnormal and I've had 2 rounds of that awful treatment where they burn away your cervix (sorry tmi) and so I so want this one to be all clear now so I can put all that behind me. <scared emoticon>

Minion Thu 30-May-13 15:53:27

I'm off to Mexico for 11 nights on the 11th June so am impatiently counting down the days left at work.
Anyone else?

EssieSaysRelax Thu 30-May-13 15:56:01

Going to Greece on sunday for a week. Totally demob happy!

Strokethefurrywall Thu 30-May-13 16:35:00

Oooh Mexico - I'd love to go. Would you believe it would probably cost me the same to get there from here as it would from London? Ridiculous non?
DH and I wanted to go to Argentina for our honeymoon, it was going to cost $1700 each! It would have been cheaper for us to fly back to London and then come back to Buenos Aires.
Mexico will be fantastic though and it's got such a great vibe.

Essie I am most jealous that you're heading to Greece, whereabouts are you going? We used to go every year and I've been to Rhodes so many times I've lost count. I would love to go back, I can almost smell the air!

EssieSaysRelax Thu 30-May-13 16:48:58

Ooh I've never been to Greece before so I'm excited. We're going to Thessalonika (sp?), or near there, some resort on the beach which looks amazing in the pics so hopefully won't be a let down!

How absurd that it costs so much to get anywhere from GC. I visited on the way back from 6 months in New Zealand as I stopped over in the US and hopped over to GC to visit friends as back then it was really cheap to do so!

I bet Mexico will be awesome Minion. I'd love to go too.

Bearfacedchic Thu 30-May-13 17:16:57

I know not of Grand Cayman Stroke but that is because I am not very well travelled. I will look it up though. Having said that, I have been to a few exciting places but not nearly as many as I'd like. We're off to Germany in a few weeks and might be going to the US later in the year. We were going to go to Canada but it looks like it will be too dark, cold and miserable when we were planning to go, so elsewhere it is. Greece sounds nice, as does Mexico, but we have established I am a travel scaredy cat about Mexico and Greece is too hot for delicate little Bearface in the summer. It's all that fur . . .

Sorry for the BFNs, people. Not fun, but I am still waving my flag for you just in cases.

I am having an Ov Party to which you are which you are all invited. I got some signs two lines on my contraband today and we DTD LAST NIGHT!!!! Yeehah! We seem to ahve timed it correctly for perhaps the first time ever. grin Ov Party will be rather different to the Pity Party for those of you who were there for that one. Perhaps a tad less alcohol but still with nibbles and bikinis onesies for those of you who wish to partake in some spa activity. Actually, you can all get drunk and I'll just capture the evidence on my phone! <mind wanders off into imaginary world of party>

cookielove Thu 30-May-13 17:47:36

Oh no not the horrible BFN, i hate those!!!

Jealous of all those who are living in far out places, and going on holiday, must be lovely.

Its snowing on Eastenders smile its raining in the real world sad well where i live anyway!!

The worst thing ever has happened to me - i've lost my filofax, everything is in there and also a really cute photo of my sister, nephew and bil.

Where do you think it might be ladies!!

Minion Thu 30-May-13 19:16:48

Im very excited girls. Itll be our 3rd time in Mexico. This year is our 5th wedding anniversary prob thelast adults only resort we'll go to for a while.
I would love to go to grand Cayman! Had a Google, looks lush.

cookielove Thu 30-May-13 19:44:59

Wow, Mexico how fun. I bet the weather is lovely <glares out window> although all this talk of nice weather and holidays reminds me to book my honeymoon smile

lil1ady Thu 30-May-13 21:58:13

this thread has moved soooo fast today u can't keep up. so I'm just going to say to everyone, mian about the fact I've already had my holiday so don't have one to look forward to and sylk at how annoying TTC is!

cookie...have you looked in the car? I always leave things on the back seat grin

DulcetMoans Thu 30-May-13 22:07:30

I'm out and sulking about it. What's wrong with me?! Why can't I make babies like everyone else?! Boooo!

Can't go through all the replies on my phone. Dont think it's even showing me everything. Hoping for some good news from someone tomorrow!

Bearfacedchic Thu 30-May-13 23:35:21

Grand Cayman does look beautiful.

Minion - I meant to say sorry if it sounded like I was competing with you in the who has a harder time of it stakes. blush Didn't mean to make it sound like that but realised it could be read like that. Sorry!

Cookie you need to retrace your steps and think about when was the last time you used it. I find if I stop thinking about something then I suddenly remember <backwards brain>

Dulcet- I get the dooms about Ttc fairly regularly. I think it's more common than I ever thought. It's hard when your body won't do what it's naturally supposed to . A good rage or cry usually helps me. <squeezes Dulcet's hand> Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Looking forward to some Poas action tomorrow. <rubs hands in glee> I'm road-tripping again tomorrow so will keep me entertained in the car. Nighty night!

Strokethefurrywall Fri 31-May-13 05:22:18

Good luck Bear with those pee sticks! Keeping everything crossed for you! You'll have peed by the time I wake up so hope all goes well.

I've just come back from Fast & The Furious 6 - may I say, fucking awesome!! The person that decided to put The Rock and Vin Diesel in a movie together with Paul Walker and sexy as fuck cars is a genius. And the person that has decided to put The Rock, Vin Diesel and JASON STATHAM together in Fast & Furious 7 should get a medal.

Seriously, its like someone reached into my brain, saw what goes on in there and then made a movie about it. Three of the hottest baldies ever. On one screen. All I need now is Thom Evans to take his shirt off somewhere in the middle of it and I'll be set grin

Minion Fri 31-May-13 07:20:50

bear eh? I didn't even read anything out of the ordinary haha, no fear!

Day 3... No ERTD. Grumblings have dwindled. Nope, must have ovd late. Yes that's it.

Oh and Booo to already having holidays and not looking forward to any. I'm sure it's all me and hub live for nowadays. Hopefully the weather will get better here..
I mean, it can't get much worse. Right?

EssieSaysRelax Fri 31-May-13 08:59:39

Haha stroke are you kidding! Jason Statham! Isn't he about 2ft tall in real life like Tom Cruise? Cars don't really do it for me (especially mine which has had a new clutch, 2x new tyres and a frigging exhaust this week!), I like epics like Lord of the Rings with horses and massive scenery and perhaps the odd James Bond film too.

Cookie have you found your filofax yet? I'll come and find it for you if you haven't my boss looses his on an almost daily basis and I have to track it down for him. I find it quite hillarious that he still has one as he also has an iphone and I end up copying stuff off his iphone into his filofax, because obviously I have nothing better to do! Have you tried looking under the passenger seat? I lose everything there.

Have a good road trip bear going anywhere nice?

Minion sorry to hear you are still waiting for a sign. V annoying. Have you poas recently?

Dulcet hugs. Sorry she got you.

lil I'm struggling to keep up too hence random jabberings.

I'm going on holiday on Sunday - did I mention that?!! grin

Minion Fri 31-May-13 09:37:15

essie nah, I'm assuming I ovd a week late, so ERTD will be a week later. If I haven't come on by about the 6th I test. Big ugly spot on chin indicates in probably right though.

Totesamazeballs Fri 31-May-13 09:41:09

Hi all!

Cookie did you find your Filofax yet?

I ask the question 'what is wrong with me' every month and have a cry too. I even asked the gyno why I seem to be having issues post baby no 1 (second pregnancy overall) , as if he could offer some divine answer!

Oops, timer for bottles going...

AndieDisestablishment Fri 31-May-13 17:03:08

Hey everyone, too much to catch up on. Did I miss anything big?
Training has been hard work this last few weeks. My antenatal shift was dull, I forgot how much of a cattle market antenatal clinic is! I did a shift on delivery suite yesterday and got to see a baby be born, I was running for instruments for the midwife and holding the lady's hand. It was the most amazing thing ever!!
Hope you're all well.
Bear Hope you're not peeing all over the car!
No holidays for me this year, I am an NHS trainee now so skint.lol
Hi to any newbies. smile

Bearfacedchic Fri 31-May-13 17:54:53

So did anyone Poas today? No peeing for me except in the loo en route to oop north. I'm currently sitting in the boot of our car waiting for GS to come back from cycling. Having a happy time just sitting in open boot in sunshine like a teenager though!

Bearfacedchic Fri 31-May-13 17:56:00

Haven't heard from you in ages Andie. Glad you're enjoying your new job. smile

cookielove Fri 31-May-13 18:43:45

Totes Bear Lil i found it almost 5 minutes after i posted that, it was in the car in the passenger pocket hmm i kept thinking i've searched the flat, searched work, where have i not looked <lightbulb moment> THE CAR, opened the passenger door and there was in the door!!

Oh yeah Andie is MIA, hope the new job is going well grin

Bear glad your having a fab time, its nice to see the sun again isn't it smile i'd forgotten what it felt like

Totesamazeballs Fri 31-May-13 21:19:49

Hi Andie! Good to hear from you. Much respect for what you are doing. It can't be an easy job, nor training course.

Cookie - glad you found your Filofax. smile

Bear enjoy your OV partee! I am POAS as per GPs advice, CD 15 and no smiley face yet. Reckon consultant is right tho, i am maturing an egg but not releasing it. At least that would be best case scenario anyway.

It was lovely to have some sun today. I had two babies over and they all played together in the garden, DS bottom shuffling through the flower beds, as happy as larry, and I went for a ride this evening as I am determined to exercise my other boy, of the four legged variety, once a week while the weather allows evening riding. Bit knackered now!

lil1ady Sat 01-Jun-13 00:11:29

nothing finishes off a night out like ertd showing her ugly face <cries>

Strokethefurrywall Sat 01-Jun-13 03:16:36

Oh no Lil I'm sorry to hear that, you poor thing - sending you flowers and wine - I wish there was a chocolate emoticon.

AF is just departing, was a little short this month, arrived 11pm on Monday night and was gone by yesterday. Usually I'm 5 straight days. This is most confusing when it comes to DTD so I've just told DH we have to do it every other night for the next month. Unsurprisingly he looked a little dubious. Either at his skill set or my dedication I'm not sure!

Chin up Lil, lots of shagging to be had... x

Minion Sat 01-Jun-13 09:44:53

Oh lil I'm sorry thewitch rocked up.
I've just got Ian from a flight, checked in at 1 am this morning. To say I feel violated is a bit of an understatement.
Boobs killing me and still no sign of ERTD but I'm very sure I'm not pg as this happened a few months back. Went onto a 34 day cycle then she appeared. I'm on day 34 now, I know she's not coming yet as my boobs usually stop hurting the morning of her bitchin' arrival, and they are still so sore...
Anyways I'm off to get some kip, it's sunny here and am praying no sods start mowing the lawn x

AQuarkTooFar Sat 01-Jun-13 13:12:24

Aw that's poo about ertd lil!

I am on cd 39 and no sign if ertd for me. Usually a 34 cycle or less. Been years since I took the pill so I have nothing affecting my cycle. Dh wants me to test again tomorrow but I think I want to hold out a bit longer. Getting bored of getting bfns.

You are all making me want to go on holiday! sad don't think we are going to have time this year.

IceNoSlice Sat 01-Jun-13 14:23:33

flowers for lil

Hopefully we should finish our DIY today- and have a nice new bedroom to DTD in!

Redshoes56 Sat 01-Jun-13 14:52:11

Hi ladies! I need to read backwards and catch up. Big thanks bouquets to everyone dealing with nasty ERTD. bear eagerly awaiting news!

Redshoes56 Sat 01-Jun-13 14:59:34

Quark I'm with DH - test again soon! Sounds promising....

I need a vacation really badly, too. This year is our fifth anniversary, so we debated going back to wine country in California where we honeymooned, though even more relaxing would be renting a house again down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina during the off season. In a few weeks I'm going to Newport, Rhode Island, for my friend's graduation from the naval academy (she's going to be a medical officer; pretty cool).

Grand Cayman is lovely - great water for snorkeling!

EssieSaysRelax Sat 01-Jun-13 18:17:45

totes I've got one of those 4 legged friends too. Had fab ride in the sun today, makes the winter worthwhile doesnt it!

quark it does sound promising from here!

:-( to all the ertds turning up.

I'm trying to pack for hols and feeling a bit disorganised. cd 7 so packed my new holiday cape.

Strokethefurrywall Sat 01-Jun-13 19:23:03

We just got back from NYC a couple of weeks back and I'm still unpacking but I'm heading up to Toronto at the end of July and back to Edinburgh and London in September to visit family.

I miss packing for holidays though, it's so exciting!!

Andie your job sounds wonderful, midwifery is such a great career - a friend of mine is a midwife and she loves her job. Says it doesn't feel like work when you love what you do (except for the paperwork!)

AQuarkTooFar Sat 01-Jun-13 23:40:17

Caved - Another bfn. 5 days late. sad

Hope you are all having lovely weekends!

Minion Sun 02-Jun-13 06:18:02

quark. You and I are on the same cycle.
5 days over, too x

AQuarkTooFar Sun 02-Jun-13 09:17:10

Have you tested at all minion?

lil1ady Sun 02-Jun-13 10:11:15

Hi everyone. thanks for all the wine and thanks
I spent yesterday feeling very sorry for myself but it did prompt me to talk to dh about how I don't think he's doing enough food/exercise wise to help the cause and how that makes me feel quite alone in all this at times. We then headed out to Tesco and came back with a car full of organic fruit, veg and meats and are on a positive footing to start this cycle. I'm also pretty sure literal phase is 14 days now after 3 "normal" cycles of tracking so trying to take some positive from that too.

Minion have you tested? I need someone's cycle to end in s bfp now mines not!

Quark sorry for the bfn, do you know when you ovulated?

Ice glad decorating is nearly done. Dh has said when he finished his current contract he's going to have some time off to finish all our decorating, except the spare room which will be done once there is a bfp!

As for holidays I'm thinking I need to book one for later in the year. its our 2nd anniversary in sept so thinking a city break. I'd love to go to NYC but its a but far for a shirt break so maybe Paris. Red your anniversary plans sound lovely. I'd love to go to California but its so far and expensive. hmm think I need to get online and shoo around for something grin

Well off to do the chores before going out to my aunty's for a BBQ lunch. lovely smile

Minion Sun 02-Jun-13 10:14:09

Not tested. Husband doesn't want to get hopes up so I'm putting off doing it till around the 7th when I'll prob have come on due to OV'ing late I reckon.
Element of doubts creeping in, but I 80% believe I'm just having a late cycle.
Paris is fab! Rome is wonderful too x

cookielove Sun 02-Jun-13 11:03:39

Wow Minion you have great will power, you need to send some my way smile

Went to Thorpe Park yesterday, Dh mocked me for putting on Suncream and oh he is regretting it now (although such a cute red face he has)

Thorpe Park rocks, wow i love it we went with someone who had never been on a roller coaster before (crazy).

Quark and Minion my work colleague who is pregnant it took her 2 weeks to get her BFP, theres still hope smile

DulcetMoans Sun 02-Jun-13 15:16:47

Back from my slight pit of despair Don't think we can manage every other day!

There are some strong willed people on this thread. If I'm a day over I will test! Given a chance anyway! You all seem to tell the DPs as well, I don't. Think I want to surprise him!

You've all been on such fab holidays too. I'm off to Canada in Aug, first time out of the country in over 10 yrs!!

DulcetMoans Sun 02-Jun-13 15:18:30

That missed a bit of my message. Said back from pit, thankfully short ERTD, means we can get back on it quicker. Just deciding strategy, dont think we can manage every other day!!

coffeewineandchocolate Sun 02-Jun-13 15:27:25

hi all! sorry to hear about ertd's turning up and bfns :-(. sorry I've not postn a while- been lurking a little but mainly trying not to symptom spot and just enjoy time with dh and ds.

having a lazy day today with bbq this evening hopefully! this weather def helps out everyonein the mood esp the couple next door who forgot their bedroom window was open last night :-)

Redshoes56 Sun 02-Jun-13 16:00:35

Nice work getting DH on the healthy wagon, lil!

Dulcet every other day is hard! I have a friend who is constantly pregnant, and she said that for her first two kids, they basically just shagged every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire month! Mind you, she works full time as a nurse and has a busy full life. How is this humanly possible? I'm lucky I get a few runs in during prime time.

coffee - hello! That is all smile I certainly do my share of lurking during the week, too. 5 days post ov and being calm and patient....

Minion Sun 02-Jun-13 17:27:02

Haha no willpower here. As I said I don't think I am pg but the boobs are getting more sore, the cramps have stopped and I'm knackered so I bought a cheapo from savers drugs and guess what?
Negative haha, yes I caved.
I did it to stop the doubt and using the law of sod that if I did a test I would come on within the next 12 hours. I really need it to appear, I don't want to be on, on my jollies.
Onwards smile

DulcetMoans Sun 02-Jun-13 17:41:51

There's no chance of enjoyment of TTC at that rate red, surely! We tried every other day for a month but were so tired! We manage twice a week usually but have to do something more.

Sorry about the BFN minion. I'd still be tempted with FMU though, haha. Am a nightmare. Hope she comes soon if she's coming, put you out of your misery!

Totesamazeballs Sun 02-Jun-13 17:44:29

Sorry for the negative test. This TTC buisiness can be like a cruel game when your body plays tricks.

Red, the shagging every day did work for us first time! It was for about 9 days solid during OV time!

I am out this month, done it once and CD16 and using OPKs as per GPs orders and still no happy face. Its not looking good...loads of EWCM though so hopeful that I have eggs but just overcooking them. Gyno said they can give you an injection to make you release the egg...thing is, I assume I will have to go for one every month which could be bloomin expensive!

Ach well, no point worrying myself silly about it. Nowt I can do!

Minion Sun 02-Jun-13 18:25:44

Not to worry gals, mr blossom hill in the fridge has booked me in for a therapy sesh so we are currently working through our problems, he doesn't say much but hes sorting out problems pronto!
An injection every month.. Eeek, brave, brave, brave

Nah I seriously think I ovd late due to that minging jelly thing and as I was in cancun without husband it was never going to happen. June is our 5th wedding anniversary so that's a good omen natch!

Strokethefurrywall Sun 02-Jun-13 20:26:49

ERTD has left the building so we DTD yesterday morning and I think we'll start attempting every other day for the month and see if it works.

I think we stopped too early last month, shagged every day through my fertile window and on day of ovulation but nothing afterwards and I think I may have ovulated a little late so this time we'll attempt every other day until CD 20. Just need to work myself up for doing it that much - thankfully lazy morning shagging seems to be the way forward grin

IceNoSlice Mon 03-Jun-13 08:17:30

New bedroom duly Christened wink

I'm loving my mental image of special holiday shag capes. Do they have corn blue and white stripes like a deck chair, bright red and pink Hawaiian shirt style? I'm going for an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot one...

Minion Mon 03-Jun-13 08:52:36

I'm starting to pack a little and my eyes have fallen upon my newest shag cape spectacular!
It's red and white polka dots with a terry towelling interior, so it doubles up as both bikini and towel.
With airlines giving such crap luggage allowance these days one has to pack smart!
Also I've still not come on, cramps have stopped, boob pain is lessening and I'm getting a little (tmi) windy so she's on her way.
Hopefully she won't repay my tardiness at getting her room ready with an overdue and painful stay.

AQuarkTooFar Mon 03-Jun-13 16:33:41

How are we all doing this fine day?

Ice good to hear your new bedroom is finished! When I was wee I owned the yellow polka dot bikini song on a record. I used to put it on and dance around the living room!

Minion I defo like the sound of a multi purpose shag cape! We could add a pouch for wine too?

Still no ERTD for me. Now 6 days late. Don't use contraband but going by pant snot I would say I ov'd around CD19/20. I had pink/bloody coloured mucus on CD28. I usually have cycles of 34 days. so this is CD40. Was hoping the pink mucus was implantation?? Think I might get some first response on the way home because I have been using clear blue. I am not as good as some of you yet who have ordered cheapos online! Symptom wise - tmi alert!: I am v windy from both ends almost constantly, boobs ache on and off and some times have the odd cramp but nothing like ERTD on route. Quite tired too but that could be hayfever on set.

Sorry for boring you with all this but I just hate being in suspense.

I am off to update my old re polka cape with glitter and diamonds cause I need distraction! should maybe try working, which is what I should be doing right now!

Strokethefurrywall Mon 03-Jun-13 17:07:07

Ooooh Quark that sounds really promising - fuck working, I'd be off getting those first responses pronto!
I've only ever used the ept sticks and didn't realise there was much in the sensitivity between any of them. I just wanted one that said 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' - I need simple things!

Fingers crossed for you!

DulcetMoans Mon 03-Jun-13 19:43:06

Sounds good quark, defo get a first response but try wait until morning or you still won't be sure. That's what happens to me anyway!

IceNoSlice Mon 03-Jun-13 19:50:58

Fingers crossed for you Quark

cookielove Mon 03-Jun-13 20:10:20

cookielove Mon 03-Jun-13 20:11:40

Hello all, quark sounds good!!

Been opking for the last few days and had 5 faint positives for ovulating. Thats to many right?

Nessalina Mon 03-Jun-13 21:00:00

Hi all,
I'm going to delurk and say hey! smile

Name: Nessa
Any DCs?: No.
TTC since: April 2013 - just a beginner!

Got married at the end of March & started TTC on honeymoon, half expecting to fall instantly preggo, but no such luck in the first couple of months! Been driving my DH up the wall with speculation & symptom spotting during the two week zone of evil, so thrilled to find a forum where others are being just as mental as me going through the same thing! grin

Currently on CD12 and been trying to DTD every other day since AF finished! See how long it takes before we're shagged out...

Aaaanyway, mainly delurked because I'm excited for Quark! Pink stuff that didn't turn into ERTD plus 6 days over has to be good signs! Fingers and toes crossed for you smile

Redshoes56 Tue 04-Jun-13 03:55:51

I've got everything crossed for you too, Quark! I could use some good news! Not that anything here is particularly shitty but...this fred needs a BFP. No, a COMPLETELY OBESE positive. COP! (Yes, this is the result of one beer. In five more minutes, I will do a trick called passing out on the couch like a 90 year old.)

Welcome, nessalina! Glad you have delurked.

Cookie - I think some people have a slow build up of the luteinizing hormone, so you may see some faint signs for a few days. I would think a strong positive is "the" big surge. When I do cheat and use OPKs, I use the digitals. I need simplicity, like stroke said.

totes hang in there. The first month I did those stupid tests, the bastard smiley didn't show up until Day 18. Another month, Day 23! I thought for certain I was broken. Pant snot is a good sign something is going right, I'd think.

Minion Tue 04-Jun-13 06:16:09

Morning folks!
Went to bed last night not being able to sleep on front, really tender feeling and this morning about 2 am I had to get up with really sharp pains, not the pains I'd been having before, prepared myself and yep, she's arrived. She's checked into her room and I imagine currently settling herself down to repeats of Jeremy Kyle. So we are back to day 1 which means I can drink on holiday!

AQuarkTooFar Tue 04-Jun-13 12:41:20

Aw Minion that's a real shame, but at least your body did what you were expecting it to and you can drink on holiday! Here's to this month!

Hello to Nessa I feel privileged that my crapy body that is not working properly brought you out of hiding! Good for you trying to dtd every other day! We still haven't managed that. Good luck personalising your shag cape!

Thanks to everyone for their support. No sign of ERTD yet, 7 days late now. Still very windy, tired, boobs are sore, nausea every now and then. Getting the odd cramp but never in the same place twice. Was bad and used a first response last night and got a BFN. Will wait a few days and try again with FMU.

Would be a tad annoyed (not really) if it has happened this month. it is DH's 30th in the middle of the month and we are going away for a few nights and then we are having a big party at the end of the month. Potentially not adult juice for me sad nothing to complain about really

Cookie I haven't used contraband so don't know. Are they not always positive if you are preggo?

Rockchick1984 Tue 04-Jun-13 13:40:36

Cookie they are only classed as positive when you get 2 lines that are as solid as each other - you can have a low level for ages, it wouldn't be a sign of ovulation. As Quark said though they would also show up 2 lines if you were upduffed, have you done a pregnancy test to rule it out?

Nessalina Tue 04-Jun-13 20:00:54

Commiserations Minion, though at least AF had the decency to show up in good time for you to enjoy your hols! smile
All sounds like pretty classic early symptoms Quark, maybe the Law of Sod has come into play to get you preggo at an annoying time!!
* heads off to customise shag cape *

cookielove Tue 04-Jun-13 22:23:41

Hi all, on phone so not a long message smile

I've have faint positive opk's from cd 10 now cd 15. Hmmm will do a pregnancy test in the am to check, git a leetle bit of butterflies when I read that rock

Quark still sounds positive! !

Waves at Nessa hullllo

DulcetMoans Tue 04-Jun-13 22:41:44

I find the two line opks a little difficult to judge sometimes cookie but can mean pg too so worth a test in the AM! Fx for you!

Redshoes56 Wed 05-Jun-13 03:24:29

Sorry, minion sad - bummer. wine up! I think I'm in your boat - saw a teeny bit of spotting tonight, which generally means she's loading her bags into the car for the jolly road trip to my dysfunctional uterus. I don't even have the heart to mention it to DH. He's so convinced that this is the month, and will get his hopes up for implantation bleeding like I used to.

Quark on the other hand is keeping us on the edge of our seats! I suppose you are sleeping as it is 10 p.m. here in the States. I will be checking for info in the morning. grin

Redshoes56 Wed 05-Jun-13 03:24:48

cookie - intriguing!!

GnomieGrace Wed 05-Jun-13 06:12:45

Hi thought I'd check in been lurking but really busy! Well my boobs are killing me! Even the slightest touch is painful.... ERTD could be due thus weekend will try to wait for at least a week if she doesn't turn up. I'm thinking overactive imagination! Hope you are all well!

GnomieGrace Wed 05-Jun-13 06:15:03

Hi Nessi, i married at the beginning of March but waited a couple of months before coming off the pill, good luck and welcome!

coffeewineandchocolate Wed 05-Jun-13 06:42:29

hi all. sorry to hear about ertdness. surely this thread is well overdue a bfp. I'm feeling so much better this month for not analysing everything and it seems to have coincided with me finding my sex drive so maybe less pressure and the ridding of hormones from contraception were the way to go.

had some lovely family time over the last few weeks and hoping to take a few days off soon to do some house sorting (if I ever do get pregnant there is a lot of sorting and diying to do first!)

does anyone know how long is the average time to take to conceive? when do you go for checks? it's a bit early but just wondered!

Rockchick1984 Wed 05-Jun-13 08:17:11

Coffee the NHS will usually start runnin tests if no luck after TTC for a year, I think 6 months is about average for trying. This tells you a bit more details. Yay for the new happy horny hormones!

Good luck Gnome you've got far more willpower than I have, I virtually started tested from ovulation last month grin

Red have you started having tests or are you leaving it a bit longer? The link above is quite nice reading for us longer-term JSers.

I want a new cape! Maybe a nice girlie pink one with flowers while the weather is nice...

frogchops Wed 05-Jun-13 08:28:19

Quark....this sounds promising! Windyness was def a symptom for me!

DulcetMoans Wed 05-Jun-13 08:50:54

I think the checks and stuff for fertility are dependant on age. If you are over 30 it's six months and if you are under 30 it's 12 months. Not sure on the average length of time but remember reading something about there being only 20% chance each month!

cookielove Wed 05-Jun-13 08:57:22

Bfn sad

Rockchick1984 Wed 05-Jun-13 09:35:18

Sorry cookie - on the plus side it simply means you've not ovulated yet so just keep testing until you get 2 strong lines smile I had ages were I had a faint line, then a day where the lines were matching, then one went faint again.

Bearfacedchic Wed 05-Jun-13 15:48:41

Hello All <waves>

Welcome Nessa and Gnomie!

Sorry I haven't been around much but not been feeling too great this week. Have been off work today and in bed. I woke up with pains in my right hand side in the night. Ive been feeling iffy for a few days. They've reduced to a dull ache now. Think I have a beautiful UTI, but last night I thought I might have appendicitis because of where it was. Managed to suitably scare myself with the NHS Direct website. But I've been drinking cranberry juice like there's no tomorrow. Who knew it was so calorific? 130 cals per 250ml and I've drunk a litre! blush

<Whispers> Good luck the contraband Cookie. Don't give up yet. And don't despair because even if you don't ov this month that doesn't mean you don't ov at all. Everyone has the odd month when they don't ov and its perfectly normal. It's only when it happens consistently that it's a problem. Doctors just don't seem to be fans of telling anyone this.

Red- sorry to have confused you last time if I did but I meant I was game on for shagging not for a BFP. Got my fx for you though.

Quark- any further news?

Sorry to Minion and anyone else who got Ertd.

Red is right. We need a BFP. We are due a BFP. I think the last one was MrsAVB-right? How long ago was that? I see Kate Winslet is preggers again! According to the press she just wished it to happen before the end if the year and magically it happened! envy

alyant79 Wed 05-Jun-13 16:39:40

Hi do you mind if I join in here?
I'm ttc on my third cycle now since mc earlier in the year. Have one DD already.
Trying contraband (Cb digi advance) for the first time this cycle and not thrilled with it at all. Reckon it missed my peak fertility completely angry waste of money piece of shit
Think i'll throw in the towel next month and go back to shagging when we feel like it and hoping for the best

MrsAVB Wed 05-Jun-13 17:25:52

i think humpty was just after me. You know what you need to do ladies, get some BOOB on!
We need some more of you on the grads thread... Lots are about to pop.
FX for you all.
Am 9+2, on meds now for my copious vomming.

Bearfacedchic Wed 05-Jun-13 17:34:12

Hi Alyant- welcome. I've found that sometimes the most expensive things are the least effective. I go with Internet cheapies and they do the trick for me

lil1ady Wed 05-Jun-13 18:28:55

Hi everyone. been mia for a few days as work has been awful. but am all caught up now smile

hi to new people. what colour shag capes are you going for? think I need s new one this month and I'm looking to you for inspiration.

hi mrsavb sorry to hear uve been suffering with the vom. bet u wouldn't swap it for ttc though! 9+2 that's gone so fast. Ul be telling everyone soon!

well ertd has left the building. I'm determined to stay destressed so I ovulate at a better time. SNC I've thrown in law of the sod....a march due date would mess up my plans to see lion king in the theatre, that's this months did. and April due date would screw up going to a friends wedding. may and June would be OK atm but July I'm a bridesmaid/maid if honour for my best friend....so come on law if the sod, take Ur pick!

still pretty much sticking to the new diet too.

fx someone is about to get a bfp....when r u all testing. can't remember who is late now and on my phone so can't check back sorry!

coffeewineandchocolate Wed 05-Jun-13 18:33:20

I'm sure around the 17th I think (not tracking this month!)

Bearfacedchic Wed 05-Jun-13 18:50:21

That's gone quick Mrs! How are you getting on? Is this your first? (Sorry, I can't remember.)

Bearfacedchic Wed 05-Jun-13 18:52:55

Oh yeah and I'd live to join the grads Fred. I started out with everyone who is now due to pop. . . hmm angry at body.

GnomieGrace Wed 05-Jun-13 21:09:34

In regards to testing dates I'm not sure on my cycles... I had a withdrawal bleed for 4 days started 15th May but am certain I OV'd on the 23rd or 24th because of EWCM only a week later (on CD 9or10) so if I work on ERTD being due 2 weeks after ov I would be due ERTD tomorrow or Friday, if I fall into a 4 week cycle ERTD is due 12th but that would have meant a really short LP hmmm basically if no ERTD I will try to hold out until Sunday 16th before I test!

Nessalina Wed 05-Jun-13 21:52:05

Evenin' smile
According to my phone app I should OV today or tomorrow, so I'll be in test anxiety mode around 20th if my cycle has levelled back to 28 days!
I have been modelling my brand new shag cape all this week (it's purple & sparkly!) and I'm absolutely knackered!
Coffee, the pregnancy book my over-organised DH bought himself (Pregnancy for Men: the whole 9 months by Mark Woods) has some good stats on time taken to conceive:
'If 100 couples are trying to conceive naturally:
>20 will conceive within one month
>70 will conceive within six months
>85 will conceive within one year
>90 will conceive within 18 months
>95 will conceive within two years'
This is from NHS data across the board, so the 20 extra fertile lot are probably 18-25yr olds, and the couples having the harder time will likely be up the older end of the spectrum, and I guess most average 30-something couples (which I get the impression is our age range, though I don't know, I'm 31 btw) take up the middle zone.
So I'm not sure at what point fertility tests become standard, but with those stats then what Dulcet said sounds about right - if you're over 30 then after 6 months it's worth the docs making sure all is ok.

Nessalina Wed 05-Jun-13 21:57:07

Bear - hello! to you too smile Sorry to hear you're struck with UTI evil! Just fyi, if you're seriously chugging the cranberry juice, Ocean Spray do a low-cal version which is only 20cals per 250ml and it tasted just like the regular stuff to me when I've tried it. Maybe worth switching, though I bet they charge twice the price for it ;-)

DulcetMoans Wed 05-Jun-13 22:24:19

Aw sorry about the bfn cookie.

Are we meant to customise our capes? How exciting! I think I will go for something a bit plain but shiny on the outside but with secret dark blue and yellow stars on the inside. Not sure where that detail came from but hey!

Nessalina Wed 05-Jun-13 23:13:59

That sounds like the best cape EVER! grin

Minion Thu 06-Jun-13 09:06:45

God I can't wait to be pg just for the grounding alone...
I'm knackered, sorry ladies. In the middle of 4 12 hour shifts, and tonight's a night flight so grumble grumble.
I dream of the day I'm about to do a really bone tiring shift, phoning up and saying ' yeah sorry minion can't be your minion tonight, she's managed to procreate, see you in t'office.
Bring. It. On!
<goes off to YouTube the Boob>

Welcome newies! Shag cape customisation skills are a must, even though mine resemble something you'd see on art attack.

Rockchick1984 Thu 06-Jun-13 09:24:09

Art attack is too professional for me - my cape looks more like something my 2 year old has decorated grin

MrsAVB Thu 06-Jun-13 10:06:06

bear yes it is my first that has got this far. Had 2 MCs last year at 6 and 7 weeks so still very nervous. Just hope there's something in there when it gets to the scan. Although the amount of vomming going on would seem to indicate that there is something stealing my juju.
Hope you are all doing ok and don't mind me continuing to spy lurk a little. FX for lots of BFPs soon. Xxx

AQuarkTooFar Thu 06-Jun-13 10:23:46

Hi all! Hope everyone is ok. those capes are sounding good ladies.

Bear I hope you feeling better today? flowers

Well I really am sorry to have gotten your hopes up! Two days ago I started spotting and today (10 days late) ERTD has arrived. Was beginning to hope this was our month but never mind. Plenty of vino and shagging for me over DH's birthday. Although I am a bit angry at my messed up cycle.

Keeping fingers crossed for anyone else waiting on BFPs!

AQuarkTooFar Thu 06-Jun-13 10:30:33

Oh and looking at dates (tmi alert) the pink mucus I thought was implantation was actually ovulation.

Also this month in honour of dh's big birthday my shag cape shall be covered in all things he loves:- machines, Lego, tractors etc etc!

IceNoSlice Thu 06-Jun-13 11:45:58

Quark you could take inspiration for your DH birthday cape from my DS's baby gro of the day. It has a big digger on it and says 'I love diggers!'

AQuarkTooFar Thu 06-Jun-13 11:52:37

Aw sounds super cute ice and Dh really does love diggers!

Bearfacedchic Thu 06-Jun-13 16:51:42

Cool capes, dudettes! Mine is going to be deck chair striped for the moment to go with the sun here. Yes, Dulcet, it's finally warming up! smile

Despite that though I'm feeling rather down in the dumps today. Partly about Ttc and I had a bad day at work schmirk that has knocked my confidence a bit. I feel like I struggle to work under other people (always have!) (and I'm not a manager or anything) and I would be much happier as my own boss but have to do what I do as I don't have the money to go it alone. I just feel a bit sad as though I'm not really any good at anything anymore. Sorry to put a downer on the Fred. I'll be alright soon. I guess my confidence is just a bit fragile and I'll buck up.

Hope it all goes well for you Mrs and that Baby AVB is well at the scan.

Sorry Ertd got you Quark. Our bodies can be so cruel. I really thought you were upduffed.

Thanks for the get well messages and the cranberry advice Nessie. I'll look it up definitely. Feeling a bit better on the body front today. I have drunk sooo much.

Hope you are all well?

lil1ady Thu 06-Jun-13 17:29:20

Bear I know what u mean about not doing well working for others. I am a manager but the 3male directors I work for are quite frankly cocks and I reckon I could do a far better job. I dream of the day I will be able to go it alone and show them how it should be done!

quark sorry she showed up. but yay for the wine you will be able to drink for dhs birthday.

day 4 of my fertility friendly healthy eating kick and so far my only slip up has been an ice cream in work yesterday. out dancing tonight so that will burn some extra calories!

eagerly awaiting some bfps....in pressure testers!

Bearfacedchic Thu 06-Jun-13 17:37:16

Lil- I just get sick of male power trips and UB ( unnecessary bollocks). Wahh!

lil1ady Thu 06-Jun-13 17:42:06

bear worse than that is the us (unnecessary sarcasm) we had a whole office email chain today because one person emailed them asking for the trees to be cut back so they don't damage our car roofs! seriously a simple "we'll look into it" would do! but nooooooo it has to be turned into some male pissing contest

Bearfacedchic Thu 06-Jun-13 19:30:29

Oh lawd. Yes, there is such UN (unnecessary nonsense) in the workplace. I can't really say exactly what happened to me (for obvious Outage reasons) but let's suffice to say that someone does something wrong and I report it and somehow I end up with twice as much work after a series of URD (utterly ridiculous decisions). Original offender gets off scot free. angry All URD was to feed power trip of said cock head manager. ( oh how sweet of my predictive text who wanted me to write 'clock head'. Love!)

Bearfacedchic Thu 06-Jun-13 19:32:58

Of course there are some lovely male managers <disclaims furiously> but they never seem to be my manager.

IceNoSlice Thu 06-Jun-13 20:27:17

Boo to silly cock head managers. Yay to pretty summer shag capes! And a weekend of sun to get us all in the mood.

ChocChaffinch Thu 06-Jun-13 20:54:34

Aloha, please may I join?
am deep undercover with name changes as this whole pg malarkey is a BIG secret from RL... have had 2 MC in past and don't need a million people asking me what's going on IYSWIM

have 2 DC
have been trying since end April.
V early days., and have 0 symptoms.

GnomieGrace Thu 06-Jun-13 21:50:29

Welcome Chaffinch, I know what you mean, we haven't told anyone we're trying yet in RL, these Freds are the only place I can let my crazed symptom spotting out. Boobs are back to normal but I have pulled a muscle in my shoulder, my cape got caught whilst shagging, messy! RSI - random sexitime injury!!!

Nessalina Thu 06-Jun-13 22:09:09

Ha! Lol at RSI Gnomie, I have so got myself one of those this week, the left side of my back has been going into spasm all day confused
Refusing to pack up the cape for the month just yet though, still not sure if OV has happened yet, though app reckons today!
Lots of wine & flowers to those with the TTC and working blues - don't let the man it's always a man! get you down! grin

Bearfacedchic Thu 06-Jun-13 23:15:02

Thanks Nessie. Arf at RSI Gnomie.

Bearfacedchic Thu 06-Jun-13 23:15:39

Oh and welcome Chaff!

C999875 Fri 07-Jun-13 11:12:25

Well I was planning on having some fun tonight but A.f has put a stop to that. Just have to wait till next week then I suppose. The wierd thing is I am feeling very horny but there's no way I'd have sex while A.f is here, urrgg sex is do I dare say messy and smelly at the best of times. Although I don't think my friend would complain. I'll just have to make it up to him next week and get on with ttc after A.f goes home. xx

frazzles79 Fri 07-Jun-13 17:13:46

hi all, sorry about BFNs and other down feelings. Been quiet here as been away and also feeling very poorly. I've just started taking medication for acid reflux and some research with Dr Google suggests the one I'm on may be slightly more likely to cause birth defects if taken before TTC...with my previous experiences I'm not so keen to try.

It's only a 28 day course which will hopefully heal up any problems so fingers crossed it helps and I will feel better soon. Best of luck all! xx

Bearfacedchic Fri 07-Jun-13 17:38:03

Are you putting it on hold for a month then Frazzle? Ifcyou are, it'll go quickly. Acid reflux sounds nasty! DH had an ulcer once and he was the most ill I've ever seen him. Poor thing. Hope you feel better soon Frazz.

frazzles79 Fri 07-Jun-13 18:06:49

hi bear, yes, I think so...As it's not happening I'm not sure if we'll actively avoid plus I feel so crappy I'm not sure the cape will be donned.

I do find the months where we can't try a lot easier to deal with than the months we are trying...the disappointment is so hard to take, particularly after having to wait for so long anyway. On my bad days I do wonder if the universe just doesn't want it to happen for us (and I'm not really one for that sort of thing but...) just seems that since we started TTC things have gone so wrong for each of us health wise blah blah blah...But! Today is not a bad day! I am watching lots of men's tennis and lying on the sofa, slowly feeling better...

Anyone got nice plans for the weekend? Mine is pretty empty but I quite like that, time and space for spontaneous fun. smile xx

Nessalina Fri 07-Jun-13 19:27:46

Sounds rotten Frazzle sad Though a chilled out weekend sounds just the ticket - take it easy wine
I was planning on driving over to see my folks 2hrs away, but events conspired and I ended up staying at work til 6 instead of finishing at 3! So going to put my feet up tonite with the DH & travel tomorrow. Time for a glass of wine!
I was going to ask actually what the general opinions are on drinking whilst TTC? I was originally trying to follow NHS guidelines, which is no more than 2-3 units 2-3 times a week, until I figured out I can totally drink whilst AF is in town, and then stop once I've donned the cape again. But then I started thinking that til I've OV'd then I can't be even a little preggers, so just no drinking during the 2ww. But then my best pal was like, until the egg has implanted, surely it's not getting any input from you whether you drink or not?! So I am officially confused. I know lots of ladies have a 'drink til it's pink' attitude (ie. BFP) - what do you guys think? winegrinwineangry

Rockchick1984 Fri 07-Jun-13 22:02:00

Nessa apparently the baby doesn't get any nutrients from what you consume until 5 weeks so drink away grin Seriously though, when I had DS I didn't know I was pregnant and consumed rather a lot of alcohol before I got my BFP and he's perfect so I personally have no issue having a few drinks while TTC.

I think I'm a bit weird - am on this thread and a TTC after miscarriage thread, and I'm starting to feel like I'm the only person who doesn't find sex a chore!! Admittedly I tend to make less effort once in the 2ww but even then it's still pretty much EOD, prior to ov it's usually once a night!

Frazzle hope you're feeling better soon thanks

Nessalina Fri 07-Jun-13 22:15:52

I have to say me & my DH are very lazy when it comes to sex usually. We've been together nearly 8 years and we are very touchy-feely affectionate with each other, but it's not often that we actually bother with full on DTD. We'll go through spurts when we'll get it on and then go 'oh, this is rather fun, we'd forgotten it was!' and DTD a couple more times that week, and then it sort of gets forgotten about... silly huh? I reckon over the last few years we probably average once every two weeks maybe? I do think the more you do it, the more you want to do it!
But TTC has been fun actually because we're wanting to do it for the baby making, but the more we're doing it, the more it's fun for the sake of it too grin. We're on 6 nights out of the last 9 which is a record for us (since we first got together when it was more like 6 times a weekend AT LEAST).
And thanks for the boozing tip... I'm tending toward drinking in moderation really not being a big issue, but it does still give me a twinge of guilt even though I know biologically it shouldn't really be an issue! I know a lot of ladies say they went off it naturally after conceiving, like it was one of the first signs prior to a BFP!

DulcetMoans Fri 07-Jun-13 22:35:38

I don't really drink anyway and can't speak from experience but I wouldn't stop drinking for TTC at all. I would imagine it can't really affect an egg until implanted anyway. Well, unless you are a serious drinker!

Loving RSI, I get them. Sex isn't as glam as they make out on TV! Mine usually involves conversations and cramps!

Redshoes56 Sat 08-Jun-13 00:24:07

Hi ladies! We were definitely getting a bit lazy when it comes to sex too - totally with you, nessa, enjoying it more now for TTC as well as just for kicks! I wanted to put on a sparkly birthday shag cape last night, but was spotting and AF is here in full force today. sad that it's not our month, and that luteal phase is back to 9 days (that nice 10 day LP last month was a fluke, I guess). But mostly feeling good - my coworkers gift wrapped my entire office yesterday in hot pink paper and baked me cupcakes, and DH took me out for an amazing steak dinner with wine so it's hard to be bummed.

What's on for the weekend? Mine's going to be pretty low key too, frazzle - and that's fine by me!

Nessalina Sat 08-Jun-13 00:28:46

Happy birthday to you Red! smile

AQuarkTooFar Sat 08-Jun-13 06:51:03

Happy Birthday Red!

I would say I am defo still drinking while ttc but I have cut down and I am not doing any crazy wild nights out!

Sex for us has become a little bit of a chore for me I am ashamed to say. I enjoy it but it happens the same way every time sad. I try to spice it up but it's just not working. We used to be quite kinky blush I the beginning but now it's not at all. I think it's because I have out on weight. I really need to get back to shifting that!

Nothing much on in the quark house this weekend, just gardening and housework!

Hi and welcome to chaff. Hope you are all well!

Minion Sat 08-Jun-13 08:24:37

Happy birthday red I hope the weather is looking good for you!

AF has ceased and desisted, gone, done one, foxtrot'd oscar'd, left and I am free of the wench!
Donning holiday inspired shag cape and on it like a car bonnet!
Oh has officially finished work, I've got one more shift to go, then we are freeeeeee!
This is my month! I can feel it... Ish
I hope the vit d we're all getting gets our friskiness going and right around the time it needs to!
C'mon girls.
Lets do this!

DulcetMoans Sat 08-Jun-13 08:39:50

Happy birthday red! Get out in the sun!

Know what you mean about the errr... Quality of the shag. You just to mix it up a lot more but TTC seems more about logistics than passion. So long as it gets the job done though at this stage, then we can get back to being a bit different.

Just worked out this is cycle 10 in total. Double digits must be good luck, right?

frazzles79 Sat 08-Jun-13 15:24:04

hi, happy birthday red, and happy weekend all.

I am starting to feel better, hurrah! Still quite tired and some odd niggles but eating a lot more normally which is a relief.

Best of luck for this month minion and dulcet.

I've been reading the "Sperm meets Egg plan", I know there's another thread but it's really interesting and explains a few things to me.

I'm totally rubbish about "being in the mood" for dtd but will have to get on with it...just get so tired and would rather read a book some days. Yes, I did just say that! Luckily, my DH is v keen so at least it's not both of us.

Anyway, back to the tennis!

Yes, I was the last after MrsAVB - now 9+1, spending 80% of most days feeling sick and the other 20% weepy/murderous with rage. It's a joy.
I'm lurking cos I want to see you all get bfps and share the misery unparalleled joy of it all grin

IceNoSlice Sat 08-Jun-13 18:17:34

Yay to your positivity Minion! We're on it like a car bonnet too at the moment! Happy shagging all grin

Nessalina Sat 08-Jun-13 21:57:40

Yay for the feel good messages! grin Glad everyone's feeling positive vibes! I'm definitely feeling good, me & the DH have done all we can to get a BFP this month, now we're playing the waiting game. I give it a week before I start going gaga with symptom spotting, please have my hooyah ready & waiting wink

Bearfacedchic Sat 08-Jun-13 23:14:00

Happy birthday, Red! Glad you had a good time with wine

Humpy Humphrey - nice to hear from you. Sorry it's a bit poo for you with the sickness and rage but I'm sure it'll pass. And it'll be worth it in the end. Stay lurky.

Glad you're feeling better Frazz.

Well done everyone with their shag capes on. My EOD plan went right out the window as DH had sporty races this month and was training so hard that he was just too knackered. We did try one time and it just wouldn't play ball (so to speak!) blush We did manage to do it at the right time though so might have a chance. It's so hard though as life just gets in the way all the time. We both work long hours and feel shattered by the end of the day. We also leave for work early so it's difficult to fit it in. Just have to make more of an effort I guess. I am more than happy with it when it does happen though!

Went to the gym today and did gardening all afternoon so feeling happy with myself at least!

Redshoes56 Sun 09-Jun-13 16:45:52

Thanks for the birthday love, ladies! Hi, Humpty! Sorry about the rage -- sounds lovely.

Good for you for getting to the gym, bear. It is hot here today but thinking maybe I'll make it out for a walk a little later when it cools down. We had an uncharacteristically late night last night -- stayed at our friends' place until after 2 a.m. and didn't get to bed until almost 4! So the cats are napping in the sun and so is DH.

Have any of your guys done the at-home sperm count fertility test? DH apparently has been doing loads of research on his own, and has been spouting wisdom such as, "We should do it in the morning!" and "No more jumping up to pee, lay down for awhile!" And, he made me buy this test.

I am really nervous for him to take it. If his sperm count is low, he's going to be miserable. If it is high, hooray, I guess I am the one who's broken! But really, I feel like any hormonal crap that's wrong with me is easier to fix than low sperm count, so that would be the ideal scenario. The test seems pretty complicated, involving mixing solutions? No easy pee sticks for him! Ha! It has to be done at least 48 hours after the last romp, but no more than 7 days later. So we primed the pump yesterday, so to speak grin and he'll be testing tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Nessalina Sun 09-Jun-13 19:41:56

Wow, that's kind of a scary step! I don't know why, but I feel like men folk are a lot more emotionally fragile when it comes to their 'performance' than us ladies are, though maybe that's just my ever-so-sensitive DH grin I think that finding out he had a low sperm count would depress him horribly! But, then as you say, it's worth eliminating all the options if you're concerned, and at least it's him pushing to try it rather than you! I didn't even know there was contraband available for the boys. Mantraband! grin

DulcetMoans Sun 09-Jun-13 20:10:05

Haha. Mantraband!

Can't see mine doing it at all but if he is willing to give it a try why not? Just be ready with a hug and a plan if it isn't the result he wants.

I need to DTD this weekend but he's not playing. How to get what I need without begging...

lil1ady Sun 09-Jun-13 20:11:56

lmao at mantraband nessa that's hilarious. I didn't realise they did them either. just dropped it into general conversation to dh and he's headed to dr google!

bear you are so good for going to the gym...I did an induction a few weeks back but haven't managed to make it part of my routine yet as things keep getting in the way. this week though I promise crosses fingers behind back

re the convo going on re sex and TTC, I have to be honest and say before TTC it was unusual for dh and I to manage more than once a month. I have a much higher sex drive than dh bit a few years back we just couldn't have sex as i had issues with it being too painful. I guess we learnt to live without it. so TTC has done wonders for our sex life! its one of the up sides to not having a bfp yet. it is nice to know I'm not the only one trying to find ways to spice it up and stop feeling like a nag with my eod plans. poor dh!

have really enjoyed the sun this weekend. wonder how long it will stay with us. think its due to rain Tuesday.

hi to Humpty sorry to hear uv been suffering. hopefully it will ease up soon.

belated happy birthday red thanks wine glad u had fun.

lil1ady Sun 09-Jun-13 20:13:11

dulcet get what u want with guilt....always works for me for anything!

cookielove Sun 09-Jun-13 21:05:35

Hello all.

Busy busy weekend for me, been at the inlaws so pretty shattered now [sleepy]

Happy bday red

Sorry not really read through but will have a proper catch up tomorrow smile

Still getting faint positive opk's hmm

Rockchick1984 Sun 09-Jun-13 23:35:21

Positive OPK for me today, so guess I'm officially in shag week! Just happy to know its all working again following my miscarriage, will give up on the contraband next month. Cookie you can have LH all month, it's the surge that means you are ovulating, and that makes 2 equal lines on the pee stick can't you tell I've been doing my research before using them smile

Humpty sorry you're suffering, but glad to hear things are going well for you.

Happy belated birthday Red. Not sure my DH would be up for trying the mantraband, although I'm sure if I pushed him to it he would give it a go. Let us know how you get on, do you have to wait for results or is it instant?

Redshoes56 Sun 09-Jun-13 23:39:48

Mantraband - love it, nessa!! You are so right, the menfolk are so sensitive about their performance -- anything that could jeopardize their "manhood," really. He's stepping up the TTC game considerably, I think because he wants to avoid going to an infertility specialist, which I've said we really must do if we aren't expecting by the end of the summer. (At that point we're 18 months off birth control and over a year of trying. Which is a bit nuts.) He was totally enamored by our friends' nearly-2-year-old last night. I think he just wants a spawn to watch cartoons with. So now it's sperm-sticks and EOD romps. Whatever gets him in his matching cape!

Redshoes56 Sun 09-Jun-13 23:42:14

Rock - that's great news! Worth doing the OPK this month, you are forgiven grin. The mantraband is pretty instant - I think the test takes about a half hour total. You end up having to compare a test line to a control line, similar to some pregnancy tests. I'll give you guys a full report. Could be comical.

Bearfacedchic Mon 10-Jun-13 00:11:58


Busy weekend for me too seeing the outlaws and familia. Fell asleep when I was meant to go for a run. For two hours. hmm

Red- you're brave. I wouldn't trust myself to mix the stuff properly for an SA test. Just remember that if DH has been ill at all in the last 2-3 months, it could affect your results significantly. Sperm take 3 months to make from start to finish just so you know. (You probably know that already though!) Good luck!

Hi to everyone else.

Redshoes56 Mon 10-Jun-13 04:15:08

bear I know what you mean re: bravery. We are going to follow the instructions very carefully! Thankfully, we've both been pretty healthy since we had the plague in January. Hopefully whatever sperm went under construction three months ago are standing by ready to be counted!

DulcetMoans Mon 10-Jun-13 08:31:30

Thanks lil, I went with that approach in the end and it worked. Very well actually! wink Haha.

Back to the working week then everyone. Booooo!

Mehrida Mon 10-Jun-13 09:49:25


Looking to join up after a lonnng wait and fertility treatment for pfb's arrival, we've just decided to start ttc for #2.

Fingers are crossed but legs are certainly not

IceNoSlice Mon 10-Jun-13 17:14:13

Welcome Mehrida

AQuarkTooFar Mon 10-Jun-13 18:58:59

Hiya mehrida!

Well I'm bad, I have just bought myself some contraband! Don't kick me off please. Just want to check everything is in full working order. No chance I would get Dh to take a home sperm test! Although this month he is taking it more seriously and trying to eat better.

I am very stressed at the mo with a local club I am involved in and I know it's doing me no good! Why oh why do I give myself so much to do? Just want everyone except dh to bugger off and leave me alone. Had enough and convinced the stress is lowering our chances of conceiving!

Hope you all enjoyed the sunny weekend. How is everyone's week so far?

Bearfacedchic Mon 10-Jun-13 19:13:06

Hi Mehrida. Pull up a pew.

Quark - if we kicked you off, we might need to kick a lot of the rest of us off, including moi!(And I ain't going nowhere, bud.) I think it's good to check all is in order, as you said.

Quark - I know what you mean about having too much to do. I just spent my day off, literally all day, working. It's been pretty shit to be honest and I'm no looking forward to going back to full time in Sept. if this is what awaits me, but I'm signed up now.

I'm not totally convinced by the stress argument about it hindering TTC otherwise women in some countries, e.g. war-torn places, would never have babies and they do. I think though, that it's like most things in the murky TTC world; some things affect some people, but don't affect others, or sometimes not so much, etc. argggghhhh which is why science seems to have a hard time explaining some people's problems; it's all so individual. I know this is a massive oversimplification, but it's the general wisdom I have gained while twiddling my thumbs lurking around cyberspace and TTC these last couple of years. Sorry it doesn't help much. Quark - you do probably need to de-stress yourself if you're feeling it though. I find hiding to be the best option. grin In fact, my boss practices it loads and he's positively thriving on it! grin grin

Nessalina Mon 10-Jun-13 19:20:03

Hello all!
I've had a very lazy day, took today and tomorrow as holiday on a whim - figured this might be all the summer there is!
I have been feeling quite smug & shagged up having been DTD lots over my predicted OV zone (according to iPhone app that tracks ERTD) and then had a proper panic today when spotted what looked very much like EWCM! It'd be quite late if it was, I'm on day 19, and my cycle is usually 26-28 days. I'll be peeved if I have OV'd late because I've just been away from the DH for two nights, which gives much less chance of a happy result. angry So we could definitely do with an insurance shag tonite (oh god, the romance!!), but he's a teacher with Offstead turning up tomorrow, so I think the chances of romancin' are slim. We'll see!
Hello Mehrida - welcome to the crew smile

Bearfacedchic Mon 10-Jun-13 19:21:15

Oh yeah, I caved today, PIAWP and unsurprisingly got a BFN. Currently CD 24 and about 10 dpo. Sigh. It just isn't going to happen for us. I know it. sad Still got over a month to wait for our referral too. Buggery.

Nessalina Mon 10-Jun-13 19:21:34

Totally forgiven on the contraband Quark - I think I'll have to indulge myself next month if there's no BFP on the horizon. Speculation about OV is driving me mental!!!

cookielove Mon 10-Jun-13 19:32:08

Hello hello hello all smile

Bearfacedchic Mon 10-Jun-13 20:01:33

Cookie - I love how you breeze in with your little hellos. So laid back. Makes me feel it too. grin

Minion Mon 10-Jun-13 20:39:28

Hola amigas!
Officially in Mexico mode. All packed and ready to jet off tomoz where lots of romance and snuggles will hopefully ensue. I get wifi in room so I'll check back often but may not post unless I see loads of BFPs then I'll be congratulating. I just want to relax, eat, drink, do a little dance, make a little love and pretty much get down tonight (and for the next 11),so I'll catch you girls later.
Happy shagging.

Nessalina Mon 10-Jun-13 21:07:25

Sounds great Minion grin Have a wonderful time!

cookielove Mon 10-Jun-13 21:34:30

Ahhhh thanks Bear

Hola Minion

Redshoes56 Mon 10-Jun-13 23:08:40

Minion, have a muy bueno trip!

So for what it's worth, I'm reading a book right now that says stress has absolutely no negative impact on fertility, according to tests and studies. Some of the things that come along with stress - bad eating habits, drinking too much -- might, of course, but not the stress itself. Who knows what's true anymore, but that made sense to me. I guess it's all about how you manage the stress? I do tend to turn to wine and chocolate rather than carrot sticks and water. I mean, really....

Sorry for the BFN, bear. Chin up -- no reason why you can't be another success story.

Welcome, Mehrida!

DH hasn't mentioned the mantraband yet today. I wonder if he's conveniently forgotten that 48 hours have passed and he can now take the test. If we do that this evening, a full report will follow. Cross your fingers for good news.

Nessalina Mon 10-Jun-13 23:40:08

Fingers duly crossed Red grin
I missed your post before Bear, sorry to hear about the BFN sad
I know we're not supposed to encourage speculation, but surely it isn't over til the ERTD rolls in? If you've implanted late (9-10 days) it can take another 3-4 days for enough hormone to be produced for the test to pick 'em up. Hang in there anyway, sending positive vibes your way smile

Strokethefurrywall Tue 11-Jun-13 01:17:21

Hi all, long time no chat. Bear sorry about your bfn, but if you're only 10 dpo, surely there's still a chance?

I have to confess to having a pure, nay, virginal if you will, knowledge of all things relating to ovulation. I've only in the last month learned about cycle days, and I had no clue that there was only a 25% each month of fertilization! WTF?
I think I'm just coming into my fertile period, so DH and I are trying to DTD every day until this Friday which should more than cover it. Seriously, if anyone told me that I'd have to find time to shag DH's brains out 5 years ago I'd have laughed at them.

Weirdly enough, after last month of driving myself totally batshit crazy thinking about cycle days and then frantically symptom spotting for 2 weeks, I think my brain isn't allowing myself to do that this time, which is probably why I haven't been posting as much, I think the 2ww completely screwed me up!

Minion have a fantastic time over in Mexico - I'll give you a big Ole! across the water the next time I'm at the beach, you're only a few hundred miles away! I reckon you're probably well pissed up right about now, enjoy all that shagging!

Redshoes56 Tue 11-Jun-13 03:06:58

So DH apparently hurt his foot (not sure how?) and is quite pissy about the whole thing; I feel bad for him really, and rubbed it for a bit and put a bag of frozen peas on it. No mantraband tonight, since we know a man's world grinds to a halt at the slightest illness or injury! Guess he'll have to make love to the plastic cup another night.

On that note, hope you are all sleeping tight!

IceNoSlice Tue 11-Jun-13 08:45:17

Stroke - i'm still clueless about it all! Sticking to the Just Shagging ideology for the next few months. If no BFP by my return to work (August) I will probably learn a bit about windows and what have you. All I'm doing is writing down the first day of ERTD. Am not clockwork regular and have never monitored it before. One step at a time!

Happy hols Minion!

GnomieGrace Tue 11-Jun-13 08:53:35

Hey guys, still no ERTD for me, body is still messed up from the pill, I did POAS and got a BFN so now the waiting game I was 15 days past OV so don't think it'll change just a matter of waiting for her to roll in. confused Take out shares in Cadburys I need chocolate!

Mehrida Tue 11-Jun-13 10:23:30

I am trying really hard not to fall into the trap of tracking days/temp/ovulation as I drove myself batty with it last time.

But then the other night when we agreed to 'stop not trying' my mind already started counting. I'm pretty sure putting so much pressure on last time didn't help so hoping you will all help stop me going down that road again!

EssieSaysRelax Tue 11-Jun-13 10:45:23

Hi lovely viroids! I brought you all back some ouzo!! confused

Hol was fab and I did sod all except read, eat and laze by the pool/beach. Oh and shag obviously. Very proud of DH and I as we managed every day all week and I think I ovved somewhere slap bang in the middle ish. Hopefully. I didn't take any contraband with me and didn't look at my phone app once.

Resort was spectacular though, despite inlaws, though initial impression was not good as I don't think I've ever been anywhere with such a high concentration of pregnant woman parading about with bumps out in their bikinis. SIL1 and I were not amused (she's just broken off her engagement as her fella turned out to be a bit of a nob and she is also mid 30s and feeling like there is no hope, poor love). SIL2 waited for us to get settled onto our sunbeds with a caipirnha before telling us she was also upduff. However the place was so lush I managed not to let the fact that every other woman there was pregnant get to me too much and managed to have a fab time.

Anyway, back to RL now. Thought this fred would be awash with BFPs on my return as feels like I've been away months. Sorry for all the BFNs and ERTDs sad

Hi to the newbies. <waves>

Love to all xxxx

IceNoSlice Tue 11-Jun-13 12:20:51

Sounds great Essie! Maybe your turn for a BFP?!

EssieSaysRelax Tue 11-Jun-13 13:18:10

Hi Ice, hope so. If that doesn't do it then I'll be very despressed (prepare for me to be depressed in 10-14 days time!). In other news though, just been for a smear (sorry tmi alert) and she couldn't 'find' my cervix and it took several attempts, rather a lot of lube and me contorting myself into all sorts of shapes before she could do her bit. WTF is that all about?!

DulcetMoans Tue 11-Jun-13 15:14:08

Haha essie that sounds awful! As if the situation isn't bad enough!

Rockchick1984 Tue 11-Jun-13 15:31:59

Essie could your lost if found please return cervix be causing TTC issues? How long have you been trying?

EssieSaysRelax Tue 11-Jun-13 15:47:41

Since Dec 2012.

I don't know, I guess it could, but I my poor cervix has had rather a lot of unwanted attention over the last 2 years due to having abnormal cells then two rounds of treatment to remove said cells and umpteen appointments to poke about and check etc etc, so I reckon if there was anything else up with it they might have mentioned it? They did tell me when I finally had a normal result last autumn that I shouldn't have any problems getting preggers as everything looked 'fine'. It's never been missing before! Perhaps it just hid because it's sick of being looked at cos I know how it feels!

Bearfacedchic Tue 11-Jun-13 20:14:48

Come out, come out wherever you are EssieCervix! Stop hiding now - the game is over! grin Seriously, I read somewhere though Essie that the cervix changes position depending on whether you are fertile or not and at other times of the month. Dr Goofle it and I'm sure you'll find info on it. I wouldn't worry too much - I'm sure if it was there before, then it hasn't gone wandering off inside for a holiday to the Boobalicious Mountains or anything (sorry, I'm being weird now!)

Nessalina Tue 11-Jun-13 22:33:15

Hi Essie! Holiday sounds awesome grin Sounds like JSers paradise! Sympathies on the shy cervix - smears are embarrassing enough at the best of times, poor thing! blush
I've been feeling really down today, for no good reason really sad I know it's stupid but after feeling really good about it a week ago, I already feel like I KNOW I'm not pregnant this month. Still 9 days til I can test - not sure I can stand the suspense. Please issue me with a hooyah at the first point I'm driving you all mental.
Lol, that's a bad sign, my phone just autocorrected point to Pinot!! wineblush

lil1ady Tue 11-Jun-13 23:31:02

Hi everyone. nessa you are not annoying but I think maybe a tiny hooya required... so hooya to you. hope it helps! I was a bit mental in tww last cycle as documented on this thread. TTC messes with the mind. maybe Ur auto correct is trying to tell you something re the pinot?

hi Essie and welcome back. sorry u spent Ur holiday surrounded by ov women. but we'll done o the jsing all week and right thru ov. all that relaxation must surely have u on the bfn track.

you have also reminded me I'm due a smear this month. great.

red re the stress thing I thought it could delay ovulation. certainly seems to for me but as we've said many a time different people different reactions. I am really trying to avoid stress as I'm starting to get signs I may ov and don't want to risk stress delaying it and causing a long cycle again. last cycle I ov at the end of our hol which was early for me and I'm sure it was because I was relaxed. I'd had signs it was coming over a week before but last day at work before we travelled was horrendously stressful so for me I don't think coincidence.

bear the good thing about a bfn at 10dpo is you can still speculate its a false negative. hang on in there.

hi to everyone else.

dh and I are useless so far this cycle. jsd on Saturday for first time since ertd vacated and nothing since. last night he was too tired and tonight we ended up going out til late and hes too tired again now. tomorrow the cape shall be donned cone rain or shine!

coffeewineandchocolate Wed 12-Jun-13 06:46:11

I lost the thread! glad you had a good holiday Essie! hopefully the pregnant woman vibes will have rubbed off on you!

all is good in the coffee household. just found it were have got a refund of some ppi so are able to make some vital home improvements so I'm giddy with excitement! the improvements will literally be life changing and willmake having 2 children (if it ever happens) so much easier!

however dhs boss is ill and this means dh May have to be away more with work which massively effects ttc... I may have to ban travel on certain days...

AndieDisestablishment Wed 12-Jun-13 06:51:14

Hi all. Sorry I've been MIA, working shifts has me knackered. It's good that I'm only in three days a week and have four at home but twelve hour shifts are epically tiring! Hoping I get used to them soon.

Have I missed anything exciting? I see some more new names; welcome to the shagfest!

Essie The lovely Bear is right about the cervix being high or low dependent on your cycle phase, I can't remember which way round it is though. Hope all is clear, I had a lot of tests for a dodgy smear last year too and you've reminded me my 6 month check up is due.

I don't know what's going on with my body. I've had a 37 day cycle since my hormones settled after my implant and I've been trying to track signs of ov on my fertility app but this last cycle I had ov pain and EWCM a week before my app said ov was due then got my period on day 33 (giving me a luteal phase of exactly 14 days) However, it was only a light, 3day period (mine have always been heavy and long) with a little spotting on day 4. Anyway, got cape on yesterday and spotted again afterwards (bright pink as opposed to the usual SBG) so I have no idea what my body is up to. Sorry for over share but I'm confused and you're the only people that won't think I'm insane for letting it all out.lol

Bearfacedchic Wed 12-Jun-13 08:27:09

How exciting Coffee! I'm sure we're owed some ppi but I don't think it would be much and I can't be bothered to sort it out. How lazy I am! Good for you though. That's lovely.

Hi Andie. Glad the job seems to be going well even if it is tiring. From what you say, I don't know, but I do read time and again on here and Dr Goofle that when some women have shorter and lighter periods than normal they're actually upduffed. I'm not trying to unnecessarily raise your hopes but have you done a test? <hooyas self>

Thanks for the support guys. I know I'm still in with a chance but because of DH's problems it feels quite a slim chance. We had family round from overseas last weekend and they were asking how long we'd been married now (4 years) and I held my breath for the next question but luckily it never came. The silence did hang in the air a bit though. I showed off my nieces and nephews instead grin but I'd have loved to at least have been able to say I am upduffed. Oh well, maybe one day.

Red- poor DH but do you think it's delay tactics maybe? Or am I being mean? <probably> <hooyas self again>

Nessa- you're not annoying at all so don't even think it < hooyas Ness for thinking it> I hold regular pity parties and everyone's welcome. We also have a symptom spotting cave you can hide in and a unicorn you can stroke when feeling sad or crazed. Sound weird? Oh yeah!

I can't scroll back to find out what else is going on but hi everyone! Hope all is okay.

EssieSaysRelax Wed 12-Jun-13 09:42:18

oooh yes bear and andie you are both right, Dr Goofle has confirmed that my cervix does indeed go walkies and all sorts at different times during my cycle. Wow. Every day is a school day on this fred/when ttc!

So had a terrible dream last night that my sister was upduff. She is 20 (mahoosive age gap!) and is currently single, carefree and travelling the world, but in my dream she was home in tears and preggers. Not good. Obviously my subconcious has decided to dredge up another fear of mine that she will achieve it before I do!

Ness don't beat yourself up. Sorry you are feeling cruddy though, being up and down is all part of the joy that is ttc, at least thats what I am finding. Hugs and a teensy hooya.

lil DH and I were useless before holiday too, so if we haven't achieved a bfp with our holishagging efforts then I dread to think as we are always too knackered from work otherwise.

coffee yay about the ppi! I didn't think people actually really got any money back, thats fab news! Sorry to hear about DH boss though and him having to travel more.

Fx for 2ww-ers. We are massively overdue a bfp here so I'm rooting for you.


Rockchick1984 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:36:59

Bear just think about how much more awesome it'll be telling people when it happens for you (I have no doubt that it will do) as you've wanted it for so long!

Essie I always have freaky dreams when there's something I'm stressing about, just horrible isn't it?

Welcome back Coffee and Andi

Have dtd every day since +opk so pretty sure I've done everything I can grin now in the 2ww.

EssieSaysRelax Wed 12-Jun-13 10:57:34

Hi rock, high 5 to the every day jsing!

Bearfacedchic Wed 12-Jun-13 11:21:15

Well done Rock! <Awards gold star> Yes I do hope it will be me one day. smile

Essie- I have weird dreams all the time! I don't even have to be stressed. The latest the other night was DH and I having to look after a dying man on a mountainside. confused

EssieSaysRelax Wed 12-Jun-13 11:35:41

haha! I suppose I can link preggers sister dream to the fact my SIL is upduff so I can sort of see why I dreamt that. I dreamt on holiday that some crazy Argentinians were trying to drive a horsebox (without any horses in it) off a cliff to hide the fact they'd stolen it. I don't own or drive a horsebox, or know anyone from Argentina, so goodness knows what that was about. Too much ouzo perhaps?!

lil1ady Wed 12-Jun-13 18:11:22

caves, unicorns, Argentinian horse boxes....you people are bonkers. I love it! please don't ever change!