The Elderberry Pavlovas who occasionally sausage wang – a fabulous thread for 30+ ladies TTC #1 (Thread 8)

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Bunnygirlie Sat 06-Apr-13 22:56:04

Newbies very welcome provided they meet the strict entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 3+months, must have a special pot, NO instadiffers) and bring a bouquet of sausages when they join!

Bunnygirlie Sat 06-Apr-13 23:00:13

Bunny, 33, married, 10 months TTC, just getting basic blood tests/jizz test for hubby, AF coming 23rd April
Happy 35, cycle 8. AF due 12th April. Rapidly running out of time to have a baby before my wedding next year!! 
Sidney, 38, married, cycle 9, AF/BFP due 8th April. IC OPK newbie, will start temping next month if necessary bc I buckle under peer pressure & don't like feeling left out
Tally 33, TTC since 2009, 3 mmc and possibly 1cp. waiting for mc specialist appointment still so not allowed TTC at the mo.
barking, 33, cycle 16, co duchess of short LP. Varying cycle length. AF due somewhere around 11th-21st April. Long awaited fc appointment 17th April.
Pip, 38 (next week), cycle 19, blocked tubes, waiting for IVF but hoping for a miracle, AF due 28th April
Cherrycoconut 33, married, TTC August 2012. Somewhere on spectrum of prem ovarian failure; awaiting diagnosis and FC apt, looking for permission to hope.
Frogcatcher36 TTC since Oct 2012, 1st cycle charting, BFP/AF due 3-5 April i.e. NOW so just put me out of my misery AF FFS
BombasticPeanut, 31, married, TTC since May 2012, MMC in Aug, cycle anywhere between 1 week and 3 months gaaaaah AF you tricky cow. Waiting for FC appt in Aug.
Haycorn 30, married. TTC since August 2012 but efforts severely hampered by loss of AF. Has anyone seen it?
Bajas age 38 (39 in July eek!). Got married July 2012 and have been trying ever since. Dreadfully irregular cycles so on cycle 7- last one was 17 days, one before was 38 so no idea when bfp could appear.
BookTart 37, 15 cycles in, CP in October, blood test on 8th April, HSP and USS with follicular tracking the week after, AF turning up any second now.
Cate 38 married, cycle 3 TTC #1 thought I had all the time in the world then woke up one morning aged 38 and thought oops I'd better get my skates on
Boodle, 30, married, cycle 20, co duchess of short LP (tips hat to Barking), fertility appointment 10/04/13
CharmingCats, 32 , month 8, cycle 4. Possible PCOS/irregular cycles.
Smoothas 30, married, cycle 6, possible short LP problem, AF due 19th April, not temping....yet

Woohoo! New thread! I had a very eventful day. Was getting on with my knitted bride and groom mice when I got a call from the groom. All the lads had gone out on a bike ride but his chain had broken and he needed a lift. That lift was me. Picked up him and his bike, drove to the cafe where the others were waiting and picked up best man (my DP) and his bike and brought the two of them home. Hour and a half round trip, no sewing up done. Just got in the bath and phone goes. They've left the ties at our house. Ended up finishing the bride but taking all the knitted bits of groom with me to the wedding and sitting in the bar on my own finishing up! Even did a little bit during the wedding service!! Got them done in time to leave on the top table for the wedding breakfast though smile .

Was a goose night despite the two pg women. Friend who we'd heard was pg with twins was indeed. Due in September and already showing. They were going for all the tests a month before us but got pg naturally with twins before they got as far as their fertility appointment sad . I should be smile for them but I was definitely feeling more sad and envy .

And just to make me feel better DP told me that we were now 'competing' with the newly weds as they were going to start trying straight away. If they get instadiffed I really don't know how I'm going to cope sad .

Ah well, bedtime now and I'm sure it'll all look more positive in the morning....

goose night?!?! That should have been good...

BombasticPeanut Sun 07-Apr-13 08:21:12

Hurrah, shiny new thread! Thanks bunny. Hope you've got a bigger sofa of pity in this one smile

barking goose night sounds more exotic though... I'm thinking Top Gun.. People are so inconsiderate going around being pregnant publicly, this should be banned until we're all diffed grin. Glad you got your mice to the church on time though!

Hello to the newbies!

The boob is a breastfeeding aid btw in case anyone thinks I've just got weird taste in dog toys. Cos I'm a student midwife when I'm not being infertile bumps and babies everywhere aargh just to make sure I know what I'm missing sad

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 09:09:32

Morning berries. We won't be needing a sofa of pity on this thread as we'll all be getting the sausage express out of here. Puts on positive pants.
Barking what an eventful day you had! Glad you enjoyed though.
Peanut love the knitted boob! That should've gone in the new thread title! What an absolute nightmare for you being around pg ladies all day though - poor you!
Think Merk asked to be added to the list at the end of the last thread so I'll just scoot back and sort that out now seen as I'm still in bed and just looking for things to keep me from having to get up!

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 09:13:42

Bunny, 33, married, 10 months TTC, just getting basic blood tests/jizz test for hubby, AF coming 23rd April
Happy 35, cycle 8. AF due 12th April. Rapidly running out of time to have a baby before my wedding next year!!
Sidney, 38, married, cycle 9, AF/BFP due 8th April. IC OPK newbie, will start temping next month if necessary bc I buckle under peer pressure & don't like feeling left out
Tally 33, TTC since 2009, 3 mmc and possibly 1cp. waiting for mc specialist appointment still so not allowed TTC at the mo.
barking, 33, cycle 16, co duchess of short LP. Varying cycle length. AF due somewhere around 11th-21st April. Long awaited fc appointment 17th April.
Pip, 38 (next week), cycle 19, blocked tubes, waiting for IVF but hoping for a miracle, AF due 28th April
Cherrycoconut 33, married, TTC August 2012. Somewhere on spectrum of prem ovarian failure; awaiting diagnosis and FC apt, looking for permission to hope.
Frogcatcher 36 TTC since Oct 2012, 1st cycle charting, BFP/AF due 3-5 April i.e. NOW so just put me out of my misery AF FFS
BombasticPeanut, 31, married, TTC since May 2012, MMC in Aug, cycle anywhere between 1 week and 3 months gaaaaah AF you tricky cow. Waiting for FC appt in Aug.
Haycorn 30, married. TTC since August 2012 but efforts severely hampered by loss of AF. Has anyone seen it?
Bajas age 38 (39 in July eek!). Got married July 2012 and have been trying ever since. Dreadfully irregular cycles so on cycle 7- last one was 17 days, one before was 38 so no idea when bfp could appear.
BookTart 37, 15 cycles in, CP in October, blood test on 8th April, HSP and USS with follicular tracking the week after, AF turning up any second now.
Cate 38 married, cycle 3 TTC #1 thought I had all the time in the world then woke up one morning aged 38 and thought oops I'd better get my skates on
Boodle, 30, married, cycle 20, co duchess of short LP (tips hat to Barking), fertility appointment 10/04/13
CharmingCats, 32 , month 8, cycle 4. Possible PCOS/irregular cycles.
Smoothas 30, married, cycle 6, possible short LP problem, AF due 19th April, not temping....yet
Merkin, 31, married, cycle 10 (stupidly long cycles)

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 09:59:19

Morning! Whassup?

CD14 here and we DTD so I guess we have a teeny weeny chance in this month we're not trying in lol

Smoothas Sun 07-Apr-13 10:01:25

Morning all

Thanks for the welcome. I like to think I meet your very strict criteria wink, although currently POAS and can't quite bring myself to PIMP. Have this fear that DH will find the 'pot' and also like to think that I have mastered the art of POAS.

Barking glad you had a good time at your wedding but understand how you feel about hearing pregnancy news. I like to think of myself as quite a nice person, so I really dislike myself when I get privately upset on hearing friend's pregnancy announcements. I am genuinely really pleased for them but also just want it to happen to me too. I don't think it helps that so far all of my friends have all fallen very quickly (first two months of trying).

Wow Bombastic it is great that you are training to be a midwife, but don't envy you being surrounded by bumps and babies. I had an appointment this week which was in the maternity ward not TTC related and I almost found that harder than the actual treatment I received.

Sorry frog that you have had a tough morning. As someone who is not sure they ovulate regularly I know frustrating it can get - you just want your body to play ball. Hopefully next month will be your month or you can visit your GP to start investigations.

I was just wondering if anyone else takes B6? Whilst I haven't been actively TTC this month, I have still been monitoring my cycle for O and LP purposes. I have heard that B6 can extend your LP so been taking 50mg this past month but all it seems to have done is either delay my ovulation or stop me from ovulating. Has this happened to anyone else? I know I did have an anovulatory cycle a few months back so also wondering if this might be happening again?

Have not been so good on the exercise front since I have been TTC so have decided that this is the month to get my fitness back. Heading out for a run now..urgh!!

Hi all, thanks for the Fred bunny

<proffers sausages>

Arse frog that's so bloody annoying. One thing getting a bfn but quite another when the app that's supposed to be helping you starts dicking messing about and making things worse.

barking what an epic day you had! Did you get a pic of the mice? I totally feel your pain about other pg folk but in a way wish my DP felt like he was in competition with others. Might motivate him to get on board with it all a bit more.

bunny good work with the dtd! Was it you saying about the fb 'friend'? Ouch- that is such an insensitive thing to say to anyone! Makes me angry. Want me to send her a strongly worded letter on your behalf?

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 10:16:20

Smoothas Welcome, in the nicest way I hope we don't see much more of you. I was taking a B vitamin 100mg complex to try and stop spotting, which can start as early as 5 DPO, I found it made a small difference, but not much. From the research I did B6 on it's own won't do the job, it needs to be in a complex with other B vitamins. You can get a 100mg complex from Holland and Barratt for not a lot of money.

Bunny and Happy, are we the only original Pavlovas left?

House move not postponed until the 19th of April, maybe. Good thing is though it means that shag week will be more relaxed. That said it means I might have to postpone my first two IVF appointments.

Updated list to change my details.

Bunny, 33, married, 10 months TTC, just getting basic blood tests/jizz test for hubby, AF coming 23rd April
Happy 35, cycle 8. AF due 12th April. Rapidly running out of time to have a baby before my wedding next year!!
Sidney, 38, married, cycle 9, AF/BFP due 8th April. IC OPK newbie, will start temping next month if necessary bc I buckle under peer pressure & don't like feeling left out
Tally 33, TTC since 2009, 3 mmc and possibly 1cp. waiting for mc specialist appointment still so not allowed TTC at the mo.
barking, 33, cycle 16, co duchess of short LP. Varying cycle length. AF due somewhere around 11th-21st April. Long awaited fc appointment 17th April.
Pipbin, 38, married 11 years, cycle 19, blocked tubes, first IVF appointment 9th April hoping for a miracle, AF due 28th April
Cherrycoconut 33, married, TTC August 2012. Somewhere on spectrum of prem ovarian failure; awaiting diagnosis and FC apt, looking for permission to hope.
Frogcatcher 36 TTC since Oct 2012, 1st cycle charting, BFP/AF due 3-5 April i.e. NOW so just put me out of my misery AF FFS
BombasticPeanut, 31, married, TTC since May 2012, MMC in Aug, cycle anywhere between 1 week and 3 months gaaaaah AF you tricky cow. Waiting for FC appt in Aug.
Haycorn 30, married. TTC since August 2012 but efforts severely hampered by loss of AF. Has anyone seen it?
Bajas age 38 (39 in July eek!). Got married July 2012 and have been trying ever since. Dreadfully irregular cycles so on cycle 7- last one was 17 days, one before was 38 so no idea when bfp could appear.
BookTart 37, 15 cycles in, CP in October, blood test on 8th April, HSP and USS with follicular tracking the week after, AF turning up any second now.
Cate 38 married, cycle 3 TTC #1 thought I had all the time in the world then woke up one morning aged 38 and thought oops I'd better get my skates on
Boodle, 30, married, cycle 20, co duchess of short LP (tips hat to Barking), fertility appointment 10/04/13
CharmingCats, 32 , month 8, cycle 4. Possible PCOS/irregular cycles.
Smoothas 30, married, cycle 6, possible short LP problem, AF due 19th April, not temping....yet
Merkin, 31, married, cycle 10 (stupidly long cycles)

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 10:20:33

Frog if its any consolation I had a totally wtf chart last month, my temps were up and down like a yo-yo. FF moved my crosshairs daily and only ever gave me dashed ones. This month is far more textbook(although for some reason it's still insisting that AF is due tomorrow when i know she wont be here til Friday at the earliest!) so keep on with the temping. Have you had any other OV signs? Positive OPK? EWCM? OV pain?

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 10:21:54

Oh and Barking and Thunder, my DP was all laissez-faire about TTCing until we met up with his old girlfriend (who I am really good friends with) and she announced she was pg. I think the fact that a Frenchman had got his old girlfriend pg (on her second month of trying!! thats not even bloody trying is it) made him take it more seriously.

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 10:23:41

Yes Pip I think we may be the only ones left sad. Oh God you're both going to get upduffed and leave me as the last woman berry standing aren't you?!?

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 10:29:19

I din't think so Happy despite DH's prize winning balls I have rubbish tubes and no amount of vitamins and lube is going to solve that.

Tallyra Sun 07-Apr-13 10:31:50

Hi guys. I went away yesterday to walk the dog excessively only to find the sausage shuttle in place when I got back. Where did that come from??
Fantastically, dog with sore paw managed to make it even more sore and I'm now going to spend my day trying to stop him licking it. angry

happy don't worry, I have the last berry standing position well covered.
When you've all grad-ed I am going to fill the place with cats, wear onsies everyday and watch crap films. I will also start talking to myself and sell tickets to cage wanging battles between instadiffers...

I need a more competitive DP. Not that it makes any difference anyway with my 'condition' atm, so I might as well let that go.

I am used to being left behind too- so many bfps on the mc thread I'm on now. peanut do you still check it?

grin at cage fighting instadiffs

haycorn Sun 07-Apr-13 10:46:18

Phew, made it. That sure was some ride hanging on to the back of the shuttle while you lot all chatted away inside! Pip if you, happy and bunny are the only original berries left, does that mean all the others managed to get themselves diffed successfully? Because I've been spying lurking on these threads for a while now and we haven't had any luck since mother, which seems aeons ago. We must be due some big fat bellies soon eh?

haycorn Sun 07-Apr-13 10:53:46

Really sorry about your stupid cycle frog. I know how excited I got when AF was late last time. I told myself not to get hopes up etc. etc. but couldn't stop crazy brain imagining the what ifs. Which then made it so effing hard when it turned out that AF wasn't late because I was pg, she's just decided she's had enough of this TTC lark and has buggered off never to be seen again. Like you I have no evidence that I have ever OVd, and it's the not knowing that is the killer. I was planning on going the whole temping, fertility friend hog when AF finally decides to show her face again, but it seems even that can pose more questions than it answers. Grrrr....why is it so fricking easy for stupid people who don't even seem to want kids?

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 11:04:44

thunder yes it was my friend with the thoughtless comment, she is pg with her 4th so I shall blame baby brain, but when baby arrives next month I am going to find it very difficult to be happy for her or even want to visit!

pip and happy fancy us being the last founders of berrydom still standing, or should that be lying down on our backs with pillows under our arses!

pip doesn't being friends with your OHs ex makes things weird? And now she is pg, yuck!

haycorn we had quite a few BFPs at once and then none for ages and ages, correct me if I am wrong but mother was under 30 so was only an honourary berry anyway if you know what I mean. And I think we scared a few other berries away with our sausage wanging or they got pg without telling us confused

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 11:22:35

......and not forgetting the berry who got banned - several times!!!

Pssshhh 'baby brain'. Just an excuse to be insensitive? I think not!

Anyone heard from Gail? I thought someone was in email contact with her- pip was it you?

Mulberry123 Sun 07-Apr-13 11:40:08

Hello all - please can I join you? I definitely pass the entrance test - age 35, trying for 10 cycles, engaged, AF due 10 April, oh and I just had a Cumberland sausage baguette for breakfast! Have shortish cycles (24-26 days), get smiley faces on clearblue digital OPKs but think I have a short LP (spotting 2 or 3 days before AF as well). Tried B6 but it didn't really seem to have any affect. Haven't been to the doctors yet but think we might soon.... Also have lots of friends who seemingly get upduffed with ease. Xxx

Haycorn don't get me started on stupid people who accidentally get pg and don't even want their kids. Even before ttc I got wound up as a teacher when I had kids in my class whose parents didn't seem to be interested. Seen the extreme as well as my parents are foster carers. Makes me so angry when you see a poor baby withdrawing from heroin as the mother kept injecting all the way through pg. Such screams, not normal baby crying at all. Really sad to hear.
And here are all of us ready to protect and support a child from the moment of conception and nada!! No justice in the world!

<steps down from soap box and gets back into bed until DP returns with breakfast>.

I've not seen any upduffment on this thread other than mother, who wasn't actually 30+, and the instadiffer who shall remain nameless who floated in to tell us all she was ttc then floated straight out again having become diffed immediately 1st month of tying angry . So not a berry anyway.

Other berries have drifted off, paddling away on their sausage boats, but they've not announced any BFP's before leaving so I think they're still paddling around and may come back to land at some point.

It's quite depressing really sad. It's one thing to join a thread and everyone else gets BFPs all over the place which is highly annoying good for them. It's another when there are no successful bfps so you can get envy but also a little hopeful for yourself!!

So, I've decided, selflessly, that I will go forward on the sausage shuttle and be that Berry. The one that gets upduffed and leads the way shock . Just give me a few more cycles, let DP recover from his willy op, and the FC give me some clomid. I'll be right with you.....

Hello mulberry sounds like you'll fit right in smile . Come get comfy on the sofa. And bring sausage grin .

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 11:47:03

Lol at Barking "I shall be that berry"
Welcome Mulberry make yourself at home!
Ladies we have made it on to the Most Active list! No wonder I'm still in my PJs and not getting anything done grin

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 11:50:34

Oh but before I go I can indeed confirm that we did have at least 6 berries get upduffed in one go back in October/November! Tis not an urban myth- honestly!!

smoothas sorry, forgot to answer your question. I have a short LP but only realised the significance of this a couple of months ago, which is when I started to despair and jumped on the sausage shuffle to join the berries on the sofa of pity. Until that point (14 cycles in) I'd naively thought I was lucky to only have an 8 dw rather than 2ww! Made perfect sense when I realised it was a problem though, how can an egg stick on the wall of a womb that has already started shedding its lining?! Trouble was I was convinced I was pg as I was 2 days late, but at only 10 dpo I decided that was the reason I was getting BFNs despite clearly being pg. I found out about luteal phase defect when googling for evidence to add to my I'm definitely upduffed stance.

At this point I had already done the tests at the gp and DP had done the SA and we were waiting for our FC appointment, so I didn't bother looking into anything else as I'm hoping the FC will be nice and helpful. Less than 2 weeks to wait for that now!

So <ahem> the short answer is `no, I haven't tried B6'.

Wow, I really can go on blush .

happy Six?!?! grin grin grin So which 5 berries would like to come with me then? Seems the BFPs only come in 6's round here grin .

Oh, if we take the helpful advice of the instadiffer we should just have loads of sex angry .

Mulberry123 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:06:40

Don't worry Barking I've tried that approach - every day, every other day, every three days and zilch... I also experimented a bit with morning action v night time action... Maybe I just need to find out if it's the LP thing that's the problem. Like you I assumed having shorter cycles was a helpful thing because you get another "go" quicker. Xx

Did I miss this instadiffa who clearly pissed some berries off?! Must have been during one of those times I took my eye off the ball.

barking thank you for selflessly putting yourself forward. I'll come with you <volunteering wave>

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 12:15:05

At least 6, maybe a few more grin. Count me in Barking!!

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 12:18:48

Me me me barking but not yet though, I obviously don't want a Christmas baby wink

Smoothas Sun 07-Apr-13 12:26:07

Count me in Barking

Mulberry and Barking I also thought I was lucky with the short cycle and shorter 2ww, but following research it would appear I am not as fortunate as I thought.

Thanks Pip for the recommendation <scurries to Holland and Barrett>

I am wondering if I should maybe look to have a chat with my GP about it? I am sure they will send on my way until we reach the +12 month mark but it might be worth a try. Having a short LP does seem to be a common problem with people struggling to conceive.

I felt really positive last month after I clearly Ov last month (lots of EWCM, +opk and ov pain), DTD at the right time and then obviously AF came 9 days later. However, I have felt nothing this month and no + opk yet sad

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:31:46

No it wasn't me who was in touch with Gail, it was 2Cats, where did she go?

And the instadiffer didn't piss anyone off, not purposefully anyway.

Bunny not odd being friends with DH's ex. They were together when they were in their early 20s and although it was a couple of years it wasn't like they lived together or anything.
She's had the baby now, he's about 6 months I think. I keep showing DH pictures she posts of the baby of Facebook (he doesn't Facebook) just to remind him what he needs to do.

No we haven't had many BFPs really have we. Need to get that seen to.

haycorn Sun 07-Apr-13 12:34:14

Ooh, pick me, pick me barking! I'll be one of your six!

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:34:43

Oh, and welcome Mulberry

Smoothas it can't hurt going to the GP, especially if your cycles are irregular, but from what I hear if you are under 30 and you've been TTCing for less that a year then they tell you to knob off.

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 12:37:17

Didn't 2cats become Merkin?

Yeah I was about to say that happy!


Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:41:06

Ah, I get confused with name changes. That's why I've never done it.

I've found the original thread where we named ourselves Elderberry Pavlovas:

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:41:17
Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 12:59:45

Such a long long time ago sad

Mulberry I don't have shorter cycles, just the short LP. I'm very irregular and although I've had a 24 day cycle it's more recently been somewhere between 31 and 36 days.

Thunder she didn't piss everyone off, just made everyone a bit envy. It was difficult to be really happy for someone who'd not even experienced one heartbreaking AF before getting upduffed! I think that's when the ttc for 3 months + rule came in!!

I've put a photo up of my wedding mice - if I'd not been in such a rush yesterday the bride would have had a veil and a bouquet.....

Cate555 Sun 07-Apr-13 14:24:37

Barking I'll be one of your 6 (well if freakin' AF would show up and I could get a chance at TTC) moan over. Oh and thanks everyone for the temping tips. I've had DH order me the BBT one from Amazon comes with the charts smile can't wait to get charting now.

cate555 don't bother with paper charts, use the FF one (Fertility friend) - you can download the app/use the website and enter your info each morning, it does all your predictions and tracking for you. You don't need the paid one, the free app is fine, although I think you get a 3 month trial or something of the paid one.
There are other apps out there as well but I think it's the most widely used among the berries smile

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 15:51:15

barking those mice are awesome!!!

Just been to pub for lunch, packed full of families and babies!

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 16:09:09

I agree with Barking use Fertility Friend. Much easier, I don't temp anymore but I do still use it:

Bajas Sun 07-Apr-13 16:49:22

Hi all. Just back from a lovely weekend away but absolutely exhausted for going back to work tomorrow.

cate I have just ordered the thermometer too so we'll be starting temping together.

barking I think we'll all want to be one of your 6! Love the mice. What a brilliant wedding gift.

Frogcatcher Sun 07-Apr-13 17:13:46

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I really thought temping would reassure me that there was nothing wrong & I was just being too impatient but its just worried me more! The fact that DP already has a son (albeit conceived 9 yrs ago when he was younger & in better health probably) makes it less likely to be a problem with him.

happy I got some darker lines on the OPK but never one I thought was the one. Next month I'll keep them for comparison. I've never noticed pain at O & whilst I know I've had EWCM in the past I didn't notice any this month. Might go to the drs if no AF this week just to see how sympathetic they are. Might look into my health insurance too.

Frogcatcher Sun 07-Apr-13 17:27:58

Oh & no spotting today when at least I had that yesterday to make me think something was happening! On the positive side at least I'm not having a Xmas baby. hmm

Yes I was 2cats and yes I'm in touch with Gail. And yes it was me that took great fucking offence to the instadiffer who then proceeded to join the grads after being a berry less than 5 days!! Long lazy lunch for us at a 'country' (as in London country and not the real countryside) pub has left me needing a snooze. I am in the bizarre situation of having little idea where I am in my cycle (tho after so much charting I do have a good idea so prob O day today/tomorrow ish) which is a strange feeling after so long. AND I don't have any sticks of any kind in the house! Plenty of time to order them before AF is due
Its so hard to catch up when using my phone, what happened with cherry?

barking that link doesn't work for me, damnit! For some reason it takes me to my photos. Oh I can click on your name can't I?! Will do so in a minute.

hmm re instadiffer. Lucky woman.

Gail still ttc then?

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 18:57:14

Yes how is Gail merk? And you aren't the only one peeved with non proper berries joining the grads, I don't think they have strict entrance criteria confused

My opk didn't show any o the past few days so not sure what is happening (CD14 here), blood test Friday though so I guess we'll see what that says. Does anybody know what next step is if it doesn't show any o?

Cavort Sun 07-Apr-13 19:16:57

Good evening ladies, hope you are all well? I was just having a lazy Sunday afternoon nosey browse around hoping to get a whiff of potential BFP's and I notice that you think one of the recent graduates got the holy grail of getting upduffed at first attempt? She only hung around for a few days before disappearing never to be seen since, but we did ask her during her brief visit and she said she got caught on her second cycle, which I hope makes you feel a teensy weensy bit better? Small consolation, I know hmm

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 19:48:43

Cavort are you Rach? If so how are things in graduate land. No BFPs to report here I'm afraid but we are trying our very best and hope to join you soon. To be fair the instadiffer did DTD 21 days in a row and stole my shag tiara so at least she put the effort in. We have had to tighten our entrance criteria since though to stop the other berries getting envy and angry

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 19:56:59

Hey cavort no BfPs round here, beginning to think you gals took all the luck with you months and months ago!!!!! Can you give some back pretty please wink

Frogcatcher Sun 07-Apr-13 20:27:36

21 days in a row?!! She can't have been over 30 surely? Or in full-time knackering employment? If she was then her OH must have been a toy boy. I remember suggesting to DP (who is 40+) that we needed to DTD every other day for a month to get pg & he was all for it but alas the actions did not speak as loud as the words & real life, SS & work got in the way. We managed 7 days in a row in Feb & I thought it was shag week at the time so was convinced I would be upduffed but then had a longer cycle than previously so think I was a week out!

Quick straw berry poll: has anyone told their mothers about their issues TTC? I'm thinking of telling mine (who I have a good relationship with) 1) to reassure her that I am trying to give her grandkids & 2) to find out if there might be any kind of hereditary issue. She had me at 27 & my brother at 30 but was married for 4 years before I was born which seems kind of unusual for ye olden days. I'm putting it off at the moment as there is nothing confirmed wrong but think I will definitely tell her if something is as I'll need the RL support.

Cavort Sun 07-Apr-13 20:52:18

Hi Happy and Bunny, yes indeed I am Rach (keep forgetting about the name change and that I am only a lurker).

Things are good over on the dark side thanks. Well, I think we've all got our issues, aches and pains and we're all fat and bricking it about the birth, but we're very grateful for it and can't wait for you ladies to join us.

Sending a big load of luck over to you all but absolutely no babydust or any cuckoo crap like that grin

I've not told my mum, only friends. My mum keeps asking when were going to have babies cheers subtlety and I keep telling her that we want to move house first bollocks and that we have loads of time while panicking about running out of time but then I don't have such a close relationship with my mum

Boodlebum Sun 07-Apr-13 21:24:27

<Rocks up to the party fashionably late because I missed the shuttle and had to walk all the bloody way am cool like that..

I'm back from my jolly - nice to see you all and hello to the newbies! smile I'm having my usual AF from hell so skulking on the sofa and trying not to vom so that's about all the niceties I can cope with tonight.

I have had a read back on what I've missed and I can add a little to the Vit B6/LP discussion. In my experience, despite trying B6 and B complex vits in various combinations and dosages over the last 20 cycles, my luteal phase has not changed AT ALL. It's been a consistent 7-9 days and never more. I've read plenty of anecdotal evidence that it works for some though, so perhaps I'm just an unlucky one.

Three days to my appointment with the fertility consultant (not that I'm obsessively counting down or anything, oh no).

haycorn Sun 07-Apr-13 21:26:05

Frog I told my mum for the first time yesterday that we have been trying for a while now. I hadn't said anything before because I didn't want to deal with the questions and disappointing even more people every month, but she'd been dropping so many hints about grandchildren that I just couldn't laugh them off anymore. I didn't go into much detail, but she didn't push for any and was very good about it. I feel a lot better actually for sharing it - feel like the pressure is off a little bit now.

CharmingCats Sun 07-Apr-13 21:59:49

Hello! Just marking my place. I'll catch up with end of last thread and join you properly tomorrow.

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 22:09:36

Sorry but second cycle counts as an instadiffer in my books.

I've told my mum, who I have a very difficult relationship with but only because I was coming down from a general anaesthetic and DH had just nipped out. It has not been mentioned since.

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 22:11:49

Hey frog nope haven't told my mum, only people in RL that know are reflexologist, leg waxer (she is TTC too), one friend who I only told coz I cried in front of her when talking about her baby about to be born and then 2 weeks ago my sister guessed (by text) but it hasn't been mentioned since. I haven't even told my closest friend.

I may have to give up FB till I have a baby, my friends latest status - 'hospital bag all packed for me and baby, not long to go' I had to hide it! sad it's all around me, guy at works wife is due this month too!

Boodlebum Sun 07-Apr-13 22:38:05

I've told quite a few people in real-life, although only one of them talks about it regularly with me. She's a work colleague and she's been an absolute gem, to the point where she even tips me off when she suspects a pregnancy announcement is coming (too many bloody women where I work) so I can avoid the staffroom!

I have not told my mum and I don't intend to; she's pretty good about not pestering about grandchildren and I know if I told her she'd just get preoccupied with it. Best to leave her in blissful ignorance.

God I hope I get clomid on Wednesday and it works for me. (Wishful thinking no doubt - I can but dream.)

I have decided tonight I am in awe of you berries who survive the 2ww with no pimp sticks in the house. After my monster pimping session last month where anything that could be dipped into my pot happily dipped, my cupboard is bare of sticks. I am going to have to race over to amazon for a bulk order. Not even sure if I've O'd yet (probably) but desperate to pee on something to check. Also fancy checking out my last month's early OPK line (6dpo) to see if it happens this month. Get the sausages out berries, I'm gradually going mad!!
Ps Bastard cat peed in the fireplace today. Anyone want a lovely friendly kitty???

boodle as I'm weeks behind can I have a synopsis to catch me up... They're giving you clomid? Do they think you're not O-ing??

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 22:41:55

I've told anyone and everyone really. It's no secret. I think about 5 people at work know, so you can be sure that damn near everyone does really.

Try again with this link Thunder?

Frog I told my mother when we first started, but we haven't spoken about it since apart from a couple of times when I've mentioned it. We're close enough, maybe speak on the phone every week or two but we've never had one of those 'I tell my mother everything' relationships, I'd never go to her with an emotional problem, only a practical one.

After getting fed up of questions from his mother DP told his recently, and told his brother after they announced their 2nd was in the oven. I actually told DP's step mum myself last October when we'd been trying 10 months as it came out when she took me to the hairdressers and we were having a girlie chat and talking about her daughter who had her first at 41 and took 18 months to conceive (and therefore I assume she told DP's dad). We only see them once a year as they live abroad. He's since told his Dad in an offhand jokey way over Skype, so I don't feel I have to admit I'd already let the cat out of the bag!!

I told my 3 closest friends (two have children, one is also ttc #1) a while ago and since DP decided he needed to talk about it I think it's pretty much common knowledge among our local friends as they're all a pretty close group and we see them all the time. When the 1st friend in the group announced her pg recently it was at a birthday meal when someone asked why she wasn't drinking and when she said 'I'm pg' everyone laughed, then realised she wasn't joking. I suppose I want everyone to realise that if when I say I'm pg it's actually not a joke and it's a really big thing for us! It also helps ward off any potentially insensitive comments and hopefully makes the 2nd pg one (the one who duffed up twins just before their FC appointment) realise that I might find it difficult talking to her at times.

I was about to say no-one at work knows but one person actually does. They asked if I wanted children a while ago during a conversation and as I tend to have a policy of being brutally honest and if it's TMI it's their own fault for asking I just told her yes and I was trying. Not been mentioned since though. I thought she might mention it when our colleague announced her upduffment but given she apparently had no issues making either of her two girls she probably didn't realise how horrible it was for me.

Frogcatcher Sun 07-Apr-13 22:50:27

Thx for the straw poll results ladies. I think I'm just starting to feel the need to talk to someone before the next unknowingly insensitive comment brings out a flood of tears to probably the most unsuitable person. Trouble is that the friend I'd be most likely to confide in is expecting end of this month & most of my friends have been instadiffers so just wouldn't get it. I think I'll talk to her if I do end up at the GPs for an AWOL AF. Tried pimping with an OPK later today just for kicks & that was negative too. You are not alone merk! Need to get some more HPKs as got a friends bday do on Fri so need to double check my negative before that. I was wondering how I was going to swing the sober thing without anyone noticing if I had been pg.

Pip I'm beginning to think that's the best tactic. It's not anything to be ashamed about, and it stops people saying stuff unintentionally mostly so I may get a t short printed with "yes we are fucking trying" or "I'd love a baby but my body won't get with the program"

"I've told anyone and everyone really. It's no secret."

See, I really need to be more precise. That pretty much sums up what I just said blush.

Boodlebum Sun 07-Apr-13 22:54:08

Merks, I don't know if they're going to give me clomid, but that's what my doctor reckoned would happen when she did the referral. I am ovulating though,(well, as sure as I can be) so whether that changes things, I don't know. Seems like plenty of people do get prescribed clomid, even if they do ovulate and I've read some threads where people have found that it helped with their LP.

Merkin - Boodle is hoping for clomid to deal with the short LP thing. I'm hoping for the same thing a week later.....

Damn, cross posted - and when I was trying to be more concise as well!!

Boodlebum Sun 07-Apr-13 22:59:33

S'alright, Barking! I just hope that we both get sorted out at our appointments! My ideal appointment will go like this:

"Oh yes, your thyroid is not working properly. Your doctor is a grade A pillock for not fixing this 6 months ago. Go back to her and tell her to get it sorted or I'll come down there and kick her up the backside myself. Whilst you're here, take this clomid and progesterone and combine for instant BFP."

Likely to happen?! grin

barking that link works and the nice are simply mega!! Wow
frog where are you in your cycle? Glad to hear the term pimping lives on in my absence... My berry claim to fame!!
boodle I know little/basically nothing however I had read that clomid is over prescribed, almost as a fob off. Can you ask loads of questions about why they think it will help with your specific issues? Do you have any diagnosed issues? Was it you waiting for DPs swimmer results a few weeks back?

boodle that wasn't intentionally negative, sorry. You're right about it helping with LP

Clearly I am back with a vengeance with multiple posts in a row filling threads at speed!

Boodlebum Sun 07-Apr-13 23:09:27

No, it's alright, Merks; Viv/Gail told a similar cautionary tale. I've sat down with DH and been through what I want from the appointment as I know I'll be a wreck on the day - if they go for Clomid, we want to know why they are prescribing it and how will it help my specific problem (the short LP) etc. I have no diagnosed issues (except the hit and miss 'no-man's land' thyroid levels). DH 2nd SA came back fine, after a slightly iffy first one. He's taking a lot more care with his health now so no reason to suspect he's got any problems.

Frogcatcher Sun 07-Apr-13 23:18:02

Oh merkin you have missed all my recent cycle trauma which I have bored everyone else with. Basically first month temping & have not had a definitive O, temps have been erratic & now AF is AWOL but have had two BFN. Cycle never been longer than 31 days before & average is 28 & today is Cd33. No idea what is happening except just want AF to turn up so can start again.

frog I was here with the start of the OPK's. have you had anything that looks like a darkish line? Even if not a positive? Have you temped? If so can I stalk your chart and give my opinion?? Remind me, had you come off the pill? Don't worry about madness, at moments in the last few weeks I have entertained the thought I am unknowingly pg (thanks bloating) despite having my period!

Merk It might have been me waiting impatiently for DP's SA results as we couldn't get our referral done until both results were in and we were told we had to wait for a joint appointment to discuss both our results only they then called DP and told him over the phone that his results were 'normal' a week before our appointment, leaving me stressed and assuming it was me, as well as angry that I could have picked up my results two weeks previously if I hadn't done as I was told and waited for a joint appointment.

There are plenty of women saying that clomid is just given as a fob off, but also a significant number saying it lengthened their LP, or brought O forward in their cycle (so same overall outcome).

This is the article I want to learn from before my FC appointment!

Boodlebum Sun 07-Apr-13 23:26:48

Barking I found that article when DH and I were chatting the other night! Also found this, which I found quite interesting, although DH says not to bother mentioning anything that doesn't come from UK.

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 07:25:08

If I'm not ovulating then maybe they can just give the clomid? <looks hopefully for magic pill>.
merk I did get some lines on the OPKs around CD11ish onwards I think but didnt know that they were going to be it! Here is the link to my chart. I have manually discarded all the temps which were taken at wildly different times even tho FF wants to let them in & open circle others which are closer. I had a cold around CD10 for a few days which may account for the spike up there but otherwise it is just a mess! Have switched to new BBT thermometer now to get the extra decimal place.
Egg free zone?

barking they are amazing!! Totally in awe of your mouse-making skill. Beautiful.

I've told a small number of people about ttc But only after the mmc as I wanted to moan about how shit life was for a bit.

Ooo boodle and barking, nearly appointment time- hooray! I've got my 4 week blood test on weds too- thyroid levels. We shall see how these magic pills are getting on.

Still no af frog?!

Right better get moving. Good to see you back merk

Any signs of AF frog? Or another symptoms?

I would ignore this cycle as a practice run and start again with the BBT making sure it's always in the same place under your tongue as soon as you wake up without sitting up or moving more than you must, ideally setting an alarm at exactly the same time each day. Even if you can't bear to do that at weekends could you do it during the week?

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 07:56:33

Still no AF. Bizarrely lots of CM but no more spotting since Saturday. I get the odd lower belly twinge, feel bloated a lot of the time & I think I've got v sensitive to smells but that's only cos I know it's a pg symptom. confused I'll be pimping again later this week.
Will try harder with temping but I get up so stupidly early (5.45 alarm) when I work in another office a couple of days a week that I have no desire to wake up at that time every day! and DP would not be a happy camper

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 08:01:46

Oh & merk I came off the pill in September as didn't answer that qn for you. Got a feeling I was never regular when I wasn't on it but never had any other known issues.

BookTart Mon 08-Apr-13 08:21:18

Interesting articles barking and boodle. It looks like I'm being checked for all that at the moment, and they won't hand over the Clomid do anything else until the results are in. I've decided that it is my uterine lining that is the problem <grasps at straws>.
Frog I can't get my head around that chart at all. I'd do what barking says and write this cycle off and try again next month. I'm going to start temping again I think, so we can all post our indecipherable charts together smile

I see the problem frog, I wouldn't be prepared to do that either!

Is it the FC clinic checking booktart? What tests are they doing?

Bunnygirlie Mon 08-Apr-13 08:25:27

Morning all! Just popping in to say hi.

CD15 and had no signs of o but I never do! I have my day 20 blood test on Friday and hubby has jizz test next week, so I guess we'll see what those results bring!

Sorry, answered my own question by looking at the list...

Tallyra Mon 08-Apr-13 08:57:00

morning girls. I'm the for my usual breakfast check before I walk the dog.
Practically everyone I know knows we are ttc, and sometimes we get sympathetic questions and advice from ones that also had problems. We pretty much had to tell them because of me being in hospital each time before. I even told the girls in the office at work because I knew I'd be ill when last pg kicked in. they don't help much tho.
I'm about to go visit my boss who had her baby that was supposed to arrive a week before mine last time. I expect tears. sad
See you later!

haycorn Mon 08-Apr-13 09:37:45

Supposed to be working, but had to pop in to say those mice are gorgeous barking! I am very impressed!

BookTart Mon 08-Apr-13 09:58:38

I hope it goes okay Tallyra, it sounds really tough <hug>

BombasticPeanut Mon 08-Apr-13 10:00:04

frog everybody knows we're trying, mainly because we'd already let them know about the pg before we MC'd (lesson learnt, will not be announcing anything until child's 16th birthday next time) so I can at least whinge to anyone and everyone who'll listen although I do get a lot of 'just relax, it'll happen when you least expect it' comments which don't annoy me at all nonono

Dear ol' Momma Nut is also aware of the mc, but is wilfully ignoring the obvious and pretending that we're not trying because of my course (which finishes in Sept) and keeps making references to 'when you decide to have kids'. I know I should just tell her outright but can't bear to disappoint her - silly right?

In other news, I'm waiting for results of a hormone test for testosterone to confirm/dismiss a diagnosis of PCOS. Don't know whether to hope for a good or bad result: if I have it I'm more likely to attain the Holy Clomid Grail earlier, but on the down side it means there's definitely something wrong other than poor DTD timing.

Boodle I might have to visit your GP, mine will do anything in her power to prevent me getting my sticky mitts on Clomid!

Merkin we should definitely get some of those Tshirts printed. I think mine might say 'Ovaries out of order, approach with caution'

BombasticPeanut Mon 08-Apr-13 10:01:03

PS barking The mice are mega.

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 10:17:21

Seconded barking I wish I had such crafty friends who could make things like that!

Wimwom Mon 08-Apr-13 11:17:03

Could I join you? I'm a lurker (I've followed since the first thread and remember the naming, the banned berry, the bfp rush) but am embarassed I'm becoming a stalker so think I should step out the darkness!
Married, 33, ttc 15 mths, cycle 25, dh tests all ok, my thyroid slightly low but not in treatment range (which I think it should be) and first fc apt on thurs. no nhs referrals where we are so buttoning down the hatches for some expensive bills. Am hoping to be an ivf instadifer as given up on the miracle!

SidneyBristow Mon 08-Apr-13 12:17:04

Hi Wimwom and welcome. Frustrating about the thyroid stuff isn't it! My DH & I won't qualify for NHS IVF either, should it come to that, since he has children already. Scary prospects; I'm right there with you.

Think I missed saying hi to Cate the other day. Another 38 yr old, woot!

Awesome mice barking, I wish I could do things like that but sadly my crafting skills topped out at the gluing-googly-eyes-on-a-pompom-to-make-a-funny-alien stage.

So, AF arrived bang on time, early this morning sad. Knew it was going to happen as I'd PIMPed 2x over the weekend and not even a whiff of a line. All this time I'd expected a neg pg test to wreck me the way it did last Oct when I was so late (but still BFN), but they didn't. It sort of broke the news gently; I didn't tell DH I was doing it so was able to cry in the shower without a big discussion. Cycle 10, very unhappy to meet you, something about being in double-digits now is jarring.

So that vaginal ultrasound I had 2 weeks ago that showed 2 mature, ready-to-pop follicles made me happy bc I could literally see for myself that my body was doing that right at least, and gave me at least 10 days of fantasies of fraternal twins, til I started cramping last Thurs. Now, I just feel like a fool. God help me if either my mother or MIL ask me about it, bc I told them both in an effort to feel closer to them and get some support, and now I just feel like I raised everyone's expectations, for nothing sad

Re: straw poll, both knew we wanted kids but there was never any big heart-to-heart about it or anything, but after all the bloodwork/jizz test/ultrasound I felt like I ought to say something. Now, I wish I hadn't, and when DM starts up again with her not-so-subtle "everyone has grandchildren but me" comments, I'll lose the plot.

GP appt to review fertility tests is Fri; I'm going to ask for a HSG. Has anyone else specifically asked for one? What should I say? Have never seen this dr before & I don't want to appear pushy, but better that than be fobbed off. Other than that, my only goal for this week is to get through it. I'm so tired of crying over this, but I can't turn around w/o seeing a pregnant lady/new baby, and it hurts, and I don't want to be 'that person' sad

BombasticPeanut Mon 08-Apr-13 14:22:53

Aw Sidney hugs and a massive glass of wine cup of tea. So sorry, AF is such a cow. No reason to feel like a fool though, I think we all let our imaginations run riot in that 2ww. I've no experience of HSG but I did find that demanding a gynae consultants' appointment when the doc didn't want to got me seen at the hospital rather than ignored until Aug. I think as long as you know why you're asking for it and stand your ground and if all else fails sob loudly you're more likely to get it. Fx that you do.

Just got the results back from my blood test (from said consultant's appt!), apparently I have high testosterone so looks like it's PCOS. GP said to wait for consultant to review and they'll send me out an appointment if needed, seems to think it's likely I might get the metformin/clomid after all. But then it could be all change when the consultant sees the results - I get jumpy when docs say things like 'well, the results are slightly raised, but not hugely so' anyone else think this smacks of hedging their bets? The normal range is 0-1.8 and mine were 2.2, but I don't know what the treatment level is. Not at all sure how to feel - happy that a diagnosis of PCOS could move things along or devastated because I was right all along and something really isn't working properly in there... or annoyed because the idiot GP could have done a testosterone test 4 months ago and saved me a load of heartache

Hi wimwom, welcome! We have no NHS IVF here either so all hopes pinned on getting some sweeties Clomid!

Berries, looking for your opinions. Today I am spotting, wtf is going on? to put it bluntly I think I'm 2dpo and haven't ever spotted after O before (if I get spotting its 6 or 7 or more days post O). Anyone got any ideas?

PuppyMummy Mon 08-Apr-13 15:40:40

Hi everyone, can I join pls? Im not really new, was on Bunnies original over 30's thread. Don't post very often, tend to dip in and out (all gets a bit too depressing and obsessive!!)
Im definitely not an instadiffer (cycle 15) and am 32!

Currently on 2ww, af due on Sat but I dont care (much!!) 'Cos im on holiday!!! She will come because she always does and I dont feel remotely pregnant!! Also helped this month by the fact I have 3 bottles of duty free prosecco to keep me company this week!

Last cycle I had an HSG and got all excited cos the woman told me you are 25% more likely to concieve after one.... or not!

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 15:54:25

I just think the unseasonably cold weather has messed with AF all round as I have run out of all other rational explanations.
Just tried to get a drs appt but forgot about their stupid system where you have to phone at 8am on the day you want it. If you want an advance appt you have to wait about 3 weeks! Grrr!

CharmingCats Mon 08-Apr-13 16:09:34

Right, I have caught up but can't remember everything. Welcome to the newbies and previous lurkers - good to have you with us. Duty free prosecco sounds very good too!

merk, not sure about the spotting, but seem to remember seeing another thread about spotting just after ov. Maybe there's some insight on there? How are you apart from that?

Not much ttc news here. Have started to use the cbfm and had acupuncture on Friday, too early to pimp for anything yet.
I'm supposed to be job hunting, but my heart is not in it. I hate having to look at jobs for September (teacher), when it's only April and if I diffed now, I'd arrive 5 months pg. I do not want to stay in my current role, but don't want to commit to something so far in advance while ttc. and definitely do not want to stop ttc. Grrrr. Some are nice looking jobs, too! Think I'll go to the shop and get some chocolate to help.

This is also my month of fitness. Not managed anything so far!

CharmingCats Mon 08-Apr-13 16:10:55

P.S. I think it's a berry birthday today, but I'm not sure...*boodle*, is it you??

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

happylass Mon 08-Apr-13 16:34:28

Afternoon Berries. Back to work today and its seriously interfering with my MNing! Welcome to the stalkers newbies - make yourselves at home!
Sorry to all those who are having wtf cycles. AF due on weekend and temp dropped slightly this morning so think she's on her way. Still might have a little pimp soon seen as I stocked up on ics a few weeks back smile

Tallyra Mon 08-Apr-13 17:25:49

hi guys. Sorry it's all so confusing for you Merkin. Without getting your hopes up, it sounds like something might be happening but did you DTD at the right time?
However, I think after our cps last month I'm going to give up early pimping because it was just so sad making that I'm not sure it's good for my mental health.

On that note, my morning was bloody hard. I found out that my boss had actually been trying for 3 years, about the same as me, and eventually had IVF. She had endometriosis. That made me feel really bad as I've been secretly hating her for being pg when I wasn't.
But I also found out she went to my local nct class despite living 15 miles away in the next town. At that point I crumpled - because it would have been the group I should have been in too - and was very ashamed to start crying in front of my boss blush but she was so good about it. at least she's been through a similar experience and understands the problem.

But at least she loved the quilt I made despite it shrinking slightly when I washed it.confused

Tallyra that sounds really tough sad . Have a big wine biscuit hmm

Hello to all new/oldbies smile

I'm helping a mate clear and clean her house prior to putting it on the market. I don't think I have the highest standards of cleanliness, but I can't cope with her house at all! After clearing one room I asked for the Hoover and she didn't have one!!!!! Apparently it broke and she took it to the tip - but didn't see the need to replace it?!?! She has two cats, there is dust and cat hair and general grime everywhere! I drove to argos and bought a Hoover. No idea whether she'll give me any money for it but I don't care, I needed to clean!!!!

Tallyra Mon 08-Apr-13 18:17:41

ewww. I'm also not the cleanest person but I have to Hoover the dogs twig and mud mixture off the living room floor at least once a week, and I sweep it more than that.

Hi all tallyra that is one tough morning. Well done for getting through it and not running out of the door!

Come on merks, I really hope this is a good sign for you.

barking that is grim. Well done on buying the bloody Hoover!

charming, did you get chocolate? Job hunting takes up so much energy but you will be pleased if you get sonething good, ttc or not.

Now, who's got a wine for me?

CharmingCats Mon 08-Apr-13 18:29:47

I can top that, though. I (along with an army of other mates) helped someone clean their home after their kids were removed by social services. It took us 5 hours to clean HALF of the kitchen. It was like an episode of 'how clean is your house?'

CharmingCats Mon 08-Apr-13 18:30:43

ah, yes! I got chocolate and chocolate digestives. nom nom nom....

I don't want to think about the stuff you scrubbed in that kitchen. Gross hmm

I'm on about 3dpo here and there's a LOT of cm to deal with just now. That too is grim. Is it something to do with progesterone after ov or something?

cats it really is horrendous. I got here this morning and have spent all day until now and we've done her bedroom, the lounge, and cleared the front garden of rubbish. I won't even start talking about the kitchen or the bathroom. The rooms we have 'done' aren't really to my standard but they're now tidy (you couldn't see the floor in either room) and at least hoovered!
A mutual friend said recently that she couldn't cope with it either, they were supposed to be staying the weekend but after one night they made excuses and left early the next morning! She's a great friend and outside of her house you'd have no idea she lived like this, but confused . I'm staying tonight but leaving tomorrow. I'd stay longer to help but I just can't face using the shower or sleeping more than one night on the futon covered in cat hair... blush

CharmingCats Mon 08-Apr-13 18:55:51

barking, you are a better berry than me. I only lasted that half day. She kept offering us drinks etc and none of us wanted to use the crockery. The toilets were the more disgusting things you've ever seen.... Her pets had been removed before the children!!
I think it's pipbin 's birthday today - got it wrong, sorry! Happy birthday!!

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 19:04:36

Ugh I'm not the cleanest person around but not that bad! Anyway our cleaner started this week smile

Feel terrible as one of poor furry babies has developed an overgrown tooth & I didn't notice. It took the SS to tell me & even then I dismissed him at first! DP is taking her to the vet tmrw but not looking fwd to the bill as have a feeling feline dentistry is not cheap!

CharmingCats Mon 08-Apr-13 19:21:34

Seems the berry cats aren't doing too well ATM...think I'll keep an eye on mine. bunny, did your cat have to have the drip in the end?

CharmingCats Mon 08-Apr-13 19:22:13

Ooh, frog, how was the cleaner? Mine is on holiday this week, so am doing my own. Poor me.

The cleaner novelty hasn't worn off in our house, we came back from holiday to a clean house! And she even put clean bedding on the bed!! (I left it out just to see if she would grin ). It also keeps us tidy as we panic tidy every Wednesday ready for her to clean on the Thursday!

tally poor you
thunder a cycle buddy! Yey poor you for getting me I've not had any CM since O BUT this cycle was my first ever cycle with loads of noticeable EWCM. Between that and today's spotting I am quietly hopeful there's something going on!
Re. Cleaners... The exact reason I refuse to have one is I know that I would pre-clean in a panic before they came. I would be held to ransom and it would negate the reason for a cleaner iyswim! I'm pretty 'clean' actually so what I really need is a tidier!! I'm excellent at hidying things hence spare room like a jumble sale so need somebody to just organise me (or a new house with lots of lovely storage space)

I used to think that merk but the cleaner does such a good job that it's easy to keep clean and not horrendous by the following week. Most of our mess is caused by the dog and she's got 6 of her own so I don't feel self conscious of the dog hair or mucky kitchen floor as she knows the reason we got her in was to try and keep on top of it! The first clean was embarrassing though, how clean she managed to get the grouting on the tiles in the bathroom that I'd just given up on as we tore them out this week anyway!

barking does she iron?? That would weaken me as I detest ironing with a passion!!

Good to have you as a cycle buddy merk and I am hopeful for you too! I can live vicariously through you as I don't think there's a hope of me conceiving at the mo. rooting from the sidelines....

Cleaners sound great! I don't earn enough though sad. I'd love soneone to dust too- I never do it and the dust is so thick here it's quite embarrassing.

Anyone else get nervous when meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a while in case they're pg? I just don't know if I'll be able to arrange my face suitably with any first baby announcements at the mo.

Our cleaner is the price of an evening in the pub so we have the cleaner instead of the evening in the pub!
I don't know if she irons as I don't iron any of my clothes... If they look like they need ironing I don't wear them! I don't do ironing.

thunder it's not the ones I haven't seen in a while, DP's mates who live close and we meet up with all the time all seem to be trying or about to start trying and since we've been ttc there have been two announcements and I'm constantly wary of more announcements being sprung sad .

I'm quite lucky in that the majority of my friends are not in serious relationships, and the majority of DHs friends have already sprogged. I know one of his close friends has been trying for #3 for a year or so but other than that I think I'm safe

Pipbin Mon 08-Apr-13 20:25:17

It is my birthday today, thank you for remembering Cats.

It's our first IVF appointment tomorrow, I'm mainly worried that they will turn me down because I have a BMI of 30, even though I'm a size 14. (I'm very short). However I am sat here eating chocolate that we bought from Hotel Chocolat because of my birthday.

Oh and welcome to our new Berries, there are a lot of us now aren't there.

Bunnygirlie Mon 08-Apr-13 20:29:10

Greetings girls!

Welcome stalker wimwom glad you decide to step out of the shadows and join the berry party!

sid so sorry witch got you Hun, pants innit!

Hey puppy I remember you, where you been girl?

tally that sounds rough! 

cats puss is doing better thanks, no drip needed thank goodness.

Happy Birthday pip Hope appt goes well.

I've had a few ugh moments today, not only do I have my friend posting heartless comments and about her hospital bag packing, today my work mate has been going on about his wife due this month, somebody else on Facebook is talking about decorating their babies room, don't even get me started on all the celebs!!!!!! Aaaaaaagh angry

Tallyra Mon 08-Apr-13 20:41:56

Happy Birthday Pup grin biscuit wine

Tallyra Mon 08-Apr-13 20:42:28

Umm, Pip ...blush

Happy birthday Pip and good luck tomorrow. Don't worry about the BMI, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have referred you if they were going to turn you away as that would be a waste of time! Sure you will be fine, and there's loads of research that BMI is a crappy measurement anyway. Spend your time being excited instead! One step closer and all that... Now, are you sharing that chocolate?? grin

Cate555 Mon 08-Apr-13 20:47:30

Hi wimwom and puppymummy

Sydney yes there seem to be quite a few in the 38 gang. I think its only right that we should start with BFP's (with twins!!) from the top down. I had such a good feeling about April but considering AF has gone awol my positivity is waning.

haycorn Mon 08-Apr-13 20:47:31

Happy Birthday Pip, and good luck for tomorrow! flowers

happylass Mon 08-Apr-13 20:47:48

Happy Birthday Pip wine
....and good luck with the appointment tomorrow!

Happy birthday pip, do you have cake? Maybe inappropriate in the circumstances, but it's cake!

Am envy you don't have so many new announcements but barking I pity you feeling those nerves on a regular basis.

Managed to take half an hour to write one simple post and even then forgot to say welcome newbies and good luck pip!

Pipbin Mon 08-Apr-13 21:16:14

I asked Merk if my BMI is too high then they'll send me home and ask me to come back when I'm not such a fat fuck.

Do they just go on a number pip or do they take reality other things into account?

Pipbin Mon 08-Apr-13 21:38:59

Just the number.
I had to get it 30 or below to get referred by the GP. So I had to go to the nurse to be weighed and measured. Because I'm so damn short, 5ft 3, every pound in weight is about 1 BMI point. I figured that although on the day I weighed what I did and couldn't do anything to fix that there and then, but I could cheat a little on the height, so when I was measured I didn't quite put my feet flat on the floor!
Now I have been watching what I eat and exercising, I run three miles three days a week, but I can't seem to get any more off. Obviously I know that really I need to drop some weight, but it isn't as easy as all that really.

pip I am sure you will be fine tmi but can you have a big poo in the morning? shocksmile sorry I have my fingers crossed for you. I have great faith that once one of us gets upduffed the rest will get dragged along too!

If you're referrable (real word) then you should be treatable too- surely they can't waste your time that much to get you in the door and send tu away?

Small brekkie and a big poo before appointment I think

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 21:58:59

Good luck pip & happy birthday too. BMI is such a rubbish measurement - isn't every professional rugby player technically obese using the BMI index or something?

Welcome newbies! Right I have decided that as I still have no AF I am going to think positive & start the BFP gold rush right now. <crazy lady logic coming up>

Facts & hopeful suppositions! to support my claim:

1) my previous cycle average 28 days
2) last month's cycle was 31 days
3) last month I was convinced I was pg, had a lot of symptoms & DP says I was emotional basketcase when I don't normally get PMT that bad
4) I didn't get BFP because I didn't have any sensitive tests / tested too early but in fact it was a CP hence "AF" was late
5) if it was a CP then this cycle I was extra fertile
6) apparently anecdotal evidence on Google suggests if you have a CP you ovulate later the next cycle
7) the closest FF came to giving me crosshairs was CD21
8) if I didn't O till around CD21 then I'm getting BFN still as I'm still only 13DPO
9) my coverline is in fact quite low so all my temps now are above it & the dip at 9DPO was implantation
10) the early cycle crazy above coverline temps were due to the fact I was ill & DP was ill so would have been heating the bed up hugely
11) I had pink CM & 1 day of spotting around the time I would implant
12) I've had cramps & what I can only describe as twinges in the bikini area
12) I feel bloated all the time, my sense of smell is going insane & I had a weird grease explosion on my hair a few days ago

Therefore 12 reasons I am definitely upduffed or completely barking... DP has barred me from pimping in the next few days so I will have to do it in secret wink

They can be funny about the BMI barking. My gp said I 'only just snuck in' for the referral criteria yet I'm not skinny (I used to be, I was a size 6 and then 6-8 then steady size 8 for years) but in the last few years - since I turned 30 in fact! - I've put on some flubber curves, finally gone up a bra size grin and a dress size and my old baggy trousers that needed a belt or they fell down are now too small - so I'm bloody not too skinny!!!

Happy Birthday Pip wine flowers biscuit Without wanting to be crude, drink plenty of apple juice early tomorrow morning, then you'll go to the toilet and lose a few pounds from your bowels blush. Don't drink any more fluid after that. Wear your lightest clothes (e.g. not jeans and a heavy jumper) and do the heels in the air trick again wink. You'll be sorted grin.

thunder don't be too envy of me, I've got a pg colleague (in my face all the time, she's very loud and can't stop talking about the baby) and a pg SiL (who, in a bizarre twist, seems to have not only defriended me but blocked me on fb?! I 'hid' her updates as soon as I knew she was pg as I couldn't bear to see her announce it on fb and get all the congrats. Maybe I've been blocked because I didn't gush over the announcement?)

Bunnygirlie Mon 08-Apr-13 22:10:41

FX crazyfrog oh no now we are all singing that stoooopid song grin

Soooooo has anybody tried something for ewcm and it actually worked?!?

<applauds thoroughness of frog's analysis>

Yep, I'll go along with that. Fat chance of not PIMPing though I'd say?! Is he crazy?! shock

Love the fact we all went for the big poo option. Us berries are a classy bunch
frog 1. Why did nobody tell me I might O late this month?? FFS strips off PJs and swaps for nice knickers 2. I have never felt anything like the twinges I had last month. Across multiple cycles I have had strong sense of smell, nausea, back ache, funny taste bla bla bla and nothing. However my stomach twinges/pains/feelings (no good word to describe) were obvious and odd and resulted in my first bfp. So crossing fingers for you. And in summary, its NEVER over until the bitch turns up. I am tuned in for pimping results....

Yes frog! Start us off! When are you pimping next?

No barking I'm not at all envy of those things- that sucks! AND adds insult to injury too! But if someone blocks you because of not being enthusiastic enough then sod them. Idiot.

bunny are you cycle buddy still too?

Bunnygirlie Mon 08-Apr-13 22:31:19

thunder not sure, CD15 here and app says ov day but no signs (as usual) and OPKs not showing anything either hmmmph! Only DTD once in fertile window (yesterday) so don't think I'm going to have to worry about baby Ivy or Noel wink

Can I ask a TMI question? When you are spotting do any of you then have a 'rummage' to see how much?? (Sorry). <owns up> spotting would have just been when I wiped this afternoon but a couple of more thorough checks have suggested its more like a very very light period.
Suspect I'm the only weirdo but just wondered how odd I am...

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 22:41:34

Right I'm now carrying team berry into the charge - hope I've not just set us all up for massive collective disappointment. Have got some ICs on express order!
Loving the names bunny I was teasing DP about xmassy names at weekend - twins called holly & robin anyone? grin

bunny you know you've totally jinxed yourself now- baby Noel comin up!

merk I'm not much of a furtler myself, but haven't been much of a spotter either and wouldn't draw the line at Anything I have read about spotting at ov time though- done folk just get it. Altho this is a bit late for ov you suspect?

frog when do they arrive?!

happylass Mon 08-Apr-13 22:53:10

Bunny I've tried the Robitussin for EWCM and it worked by making it more like egg white as (TMI alert) I felt it was too thick and 'blobby'. However it obviously didn't work in terms of me getting upduffed confused Maybe I need to persevere but not keen on taking medicines that I don't really need.
Yes have a secret pimp tomorrow Frog. I may join you in a show of solidarity even though its too early and I haven't had a single bloody symptom

You're not alone in the rummaging merk....

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 23:25:40

I rummaged when I got the pink CM blush as I wanted to see if it was AF's advance advance party

Frogcatcher Mon 08-Apr-13 23:29:11

Oh & don't think the ICs will arrive till tmrw pm at earliest so may not pimp till weds am. Anyone feel free to join me - more chances in a syndicate!

Tallyra Mon 08-Apr-13 23:31:31

frog there are just too many symptoms to ignoreshock . It sounds like of course you are definitely duffed and will not need us in a week or twoenvy . You just have to try and hide those ics from dh. is that going to be difficult? Fingers crossed for you!!

Pipbin Mon 08-Apr-13 23:47:48

I shall be up at 6am for a run, followed by a big poo, and I shan't eat or drink anything after breakfast. The stupid lengths we go to.

How many DPO are you Frog?

PuppyMummy Tue 09-Apr-13 07:27:14

Good luck Pip with your appointment today.
and fingers crossed frog for tomorrow.

I'm currently on holiday in Cyprus with OH and his mum and dad. luckily we went on cd19 so dtd on that morning and don't really need to bother again, cos we r in the worlds NOISIEST bed ever!!!

Good luck today pip.

Keep us updated frog!

cd23 here and no sign of Ov. Not that we've managed to dtd more than once this month with the camping holiday followed by far too much alcohol at the wedding for him to perform, followed by his hangover followed by me being with my mate and him visiting his mum.... First cycle in 16 I've just lost interest and not been demanding it despite circumstances just because it's shag week. sad We spent 4 weeks in a campervan last summer and that didn't stop me. I've got myself convinced it's not going to happen until someone helps lengthen my LP so dtd is just pointless sad . Still, we did dtd on Friday so if temp goes up tomorrow we do have one chance in there. And if temp doesn't go up I'll see DP tomorrow so could put another in the bank.....

Snigger at the references to furtling and rummaging! Good luck Pip, keep us posted

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 08:17:20

Morning all

Hope your appt goes well pip.

frog your deductive powers are awesome. I feel you definitely deserve to be pg just for the effort that went into your analysis. Plus your evidence base is mega, you must be diffed grin Keep us updated!

barking you and me both, although my issue isn't a short LP but total lack of ov as far as I can tell. Today and this is usually where I abandon all hope in the cycle, cos if it ain't happened by now the egg will have gone all green and rotten anyway! Keeping fingers crossed I'll get a consultant appt soon re my dodgy testosterone..

merk I'm a rummager! No shame grin

Stood on the scales for the first time in a while, have put on 2st since mc. BOO. DH is trying to convince me this might be because came off the implant and now PCOS is affecting my insulin levels but in reality it's because I am comfort eating my way to the size of an infertile mammoth. Detox beginning today, have had veggie juice for breakfast! Plus I'm going for acupuncture this morning to poke the old ovaries into cooperation. Feeling all Zen smile

Bunnygirlie Tue 09-Apr-13 08:17:47

thunder and frog ref Christmas names, as I have one myself I would never do that to a child lol! And I wasn't even born in the festive period, end jan surely doesn't count!

TMI alert merk I have wondered the same about cm, if it's not obvious do you go looking for it blush

Bajas Tue 09-Apr-13 08:23:57

pip good luck today. Hope all goes how you want it to.

bunny are you called jinglebell?

peanut I have put on weight since mc too- wtf is that all about? Just another slap in the face?! Should now change name to thunderthighsareloose

Tallyra Tue 09-Apr-13 08:35:38

Me too, what is it about miscarriages? I was a size 10 4 years ago when I had my first one, now I'm verging in a size 16 in some shops!

Frogcatcher Tue 09-Apr-13 09:26:49

Sorry to disappoint everyone but I won't be starting the BFP goldrush after all - AF had arrived this morning when I got back from pilates. I thought she must be on her way when my temp dropped so low that not even my made-up low coverline could maintain that I was still above it & I had some familiar cramps when I got up. I must have either just O'd late around CD21 (if at all) as I suspected or it was another CP.

I actually feel ok about it as got all my feelings of disappointment out of the way on Sunday when I got the BFN. I'm actually just glad to see the witch & know she hasn't deserted me altogether for no reason. Onwards & upwards to less crazy temps this month. FX anyway!

Frogcatcher Tue 09-Apr-13 09:28:27

Anyway I reckon Bunny is actually called Santa...

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 09:59:57

Oh, frog, that's shit. Sorry for you. I got really excited for you and was going to join you pimping for the cbfm tomorrow morning.

Good luck for today, pip. Let us know how it goes.

I've got the dildocam today. Had bikini line waxed this morning <ouch> and am hoping for a big poo so that there's no trapped wind, as I've read on here that it can prevent them seeing stuff with the probe.

One cat is hiding from the other behind the living room door. She came in as the other one was chasing her and wanted my support. Now she has peeped out and seen the other one and has gone back behind the door. I may need to intervene.

ticktock1979 Tue 09-Apr-13 10:32:24

Hello Berrys. I've been lurking since yesterday just to be sure that I fulfill the criteria.
I am 34 DH is 36 & around the 5th month if TTC.
I spent Sunday in my onesie with my 5 cats catching up with the bbc3 programmes on babies <looks back on youth before becoming the crazy cat lady from a modern Agatha Christie novel>
SiL is due end of May & many pg folk at work are not helping in my efforts to not get obsessed with baby making.
Well, this is I qualify? smile

You mentioned Agatha Christie tick so you're in in my book smile .

So sorry frog thought it really could be you sad .

happylass Tue 09-Apr-13 13:16:56

Sorry about AF Frog. I was certain you were going to lead us in a BFP goldrush this month. I won't be leading anyone anywhere as had BFN this morning. Not even upset today, think I've totally got used to seeing them! Would probably faint of shock if I did ever get a BFP!!

Brodicea Tue 09-Apr-13 13:50:23

Hello all,

Can I join? I've been lurking a while, joined a few BFP Buses, but then got depressed and tried to stay away from MN.

Now, my SIL is pregnant 'by accident' and I'm feeling thoroughly fed-up, and like I'm the only one with (what I picture as) dried out husks for ovaries and a freaky useless bag for a womb. Sorry, that was gross. But you guys seem to know exactly how I feel!

Anyway here I sit with AF in full flow, a hot water belly around my middle, and an inability to look at any more facebook pictures of babies (yes it is a bad day).

I'm 32, married and been TTC for 8 cycles. Awaiting GP app next week - extenuating reasons to go to the doctors before a year (had PID) so hopefully they won't turn me away at the door.

Brodicea Tue 09-Apr-13 13:50:57

Sorry frog also - arrgh.

Brodicea Tue 09-Apr-13 13:51:40

not belly, bottle - harrumph

SidneyBristow Tue 09-Apr-13 13:54:04

Sorry AF got you Frog, I was rooting for you! I felt the same, 2 BFNs over the weekend were easier for me to swallow than a surprise appearance of AF, so I think that'll be how I handle it going forward.

Charming good luck w/the dildocam, it's not as awkward as you might fear! and it's kind of cool to see what's going on up there!

Pip happy birthday! I hope your FC appt goes well, let us know asap! hope you get all your questions answered!

Hi Ticktock, welcome to the gang. Why is it that pg ladies are everywhere! It's aggravating.

Hope you're feeling better today Tally. When your time comes, at least now you know your boss can share your joy, having been down the same road herself. thanks

Peanut hopefully the PCOS diagnosis will speed things up for you, a good friend of mine had it & now has 3 gorgeous children, so I think there are ways around it, which is good news, right?

Merkin quietly sending good vibes your way, it all sounds v encouraging!

Puppy can you tell us about your HSG experience - how long did it take to schedule, how soon did you get results, what was it like, etc? I think that's my next step, unless new GP tells me to stop worrying & keep having sex at which point I will happily strangle her

CD2 here. woop de doo.

SidneyBristow Tue 09-Apr-13 13:58:26

x-post, welcome Brodicea, plenty of room on the pity couch for us all. I've avoided FB since yesterday, when my cousin's wife posted an ultrasound picture of their new baby due this autumn. But not after I spent hours torturing myself by looking at pics of various kiddies' cute Easter outfits. Twisted! You are not alone.

Brodicea Tue 09-Apr-13 14:04:16

Thanks Sidney! I'm gutted for all of us who have not found the road as easy as we hoped, but happy there is a space to talk (and moan!)

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 14:39:00

Hi Brodicea and Ticktock, welcome! <shuffles up on sofa of pity>

So sorry Frog, was hoping AF would have listened to your logic and made way for a tadpole. And happy too, bummer about BFN, although at least you didn't faint and knock yourself out on the toilet <looks for the silver lining>

charming Dildocam is ace apart from the obvious foof out in front of stranger situ, get them to turn the screen round so you can see. I asked if I could have pictures of my ovaries (ammunition against stoopid GP) and she was really nice and took some pics and didn't even charge me (pregnant women get charged! Ha! The one perk of being undiffable!) Also I found out my uterus is on backwards grin

Sidney I've come down on the side of feeling hopeful about it. I know PCOS can increase risk of mc too, so maybe that's what caused it and knowing about it will mean they can manage risk if my oven ever gets rebunned For some reason it makes me feel a bit better that there might have been a physical, avoidable cause (am I grasping?)

thunder hahaha I hereby re-name you, at least in my head! I'm totally going to blame the post mc hormones, even though I know it's actually the post mc cookies.

Had a great time at acupuncture today. She did some sort of electro-acupuncture thingummy and told me off about eating too many cookies. I like her, she's kind of a cross between a headmistress and my mum. I cried when I was telling her about the mc and she didn't say ANY of the irritating things people like to blurt out, so got extra points for that. Back again next week, if her electrified needles haven't knocked me up all on their own already..

ticktock1979 Tue 09-Apr-13 14:40:13

<snuggling in on the pity couch> I feel like I may be here for some time. Did anyone else imagine it would be this hard? We are always told to be careful, but I'd have been off the pill years ago if I knew it would take this long (I think it also feels longer because there is so much waiting involved).
I have been making a cross stitch for my SiLs baby & all I can think is - I wish I was making this for myself! I've also started down the route if looking at baby clothes in shops under the premise that they would be for her & the new baby.
Coming to the end of 2ww & I can already see AF on the horizon - I'm imagining myself shooting at her in a fairground-style-ducks-with-targets game!!

Pipbin Tue 09-Apr-13 14:58:37

Welcome Tick and Brodicea, what is PID?

Sorry to hear about AF Frog.

So, I got up at 6 and did my run, had a bath (I alway drop a pound by having a bath), very light breakfast, lots of wees and a number of poos and the buggers didn't weigh me! They just asked me how tall I was and what I weigh, so I'm 6ft and weight 9 stone.
All they did was a blood test.
They let me change my third appointment so that it was a week after the second one so I don't have to take two days off in the same week.

The upshot of all this is that I'm sat on the sofa under the duvet eating mini eggs.

Also, positive OPK this morning and DTD last night!

Pipbin Tue 09-Apr-13 15:00:30

Oh, and in the waiting room the had Radio 2 on, when we came in Boney M's Daddy Cool was playing. The irony was not lost on us.

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 15:15:32

pip oh no, I feel bad for all your wasted effort even if it's probably a good thing - how's life at your new lofty height? smile

Have only come back quickly to say that I was just pootling on FB (as one does) and scrolled past an unexpected ultrasound picture. IMMEDIATELY went into mental mode, tears threatening, and steeled myself to scroll back up and find out which of my horrible friends was now knocked up...'s a dog. One of my friends breeds dogs, and now she's posting pictures of their litters in-utero.


(Also, I'm still slightly jealous. Yes, of the dog).

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 15:24:08

ooooh, pip, sounds good with the old opk and dtd timing. How do you feel about the appointment? Smiled to myself about your efforts to shed a few pounds. I too am a short arse petite, it's a sod, isn't it?
Had the scan. Wasn't shown the screen. Woman didn't engage with me at all apart from when she asked me what the problem was and if I had emptied my bladder and got me to push down on my ovaries. Bit disappointed at not being able to see anything and also felt a little bit humiliated by how matter-of-fact she was, if that makes sense. The physical bit, as you say, was fine. I am bleeding a bit, though. Ho hum, back to the consultant on Thursday for the results. I had to pay for the scan on my way out - jeez!
Sid step away from facebook and your cousin's wife (although I would slap her regularly, if she was in my family).
Welcome newbies - the more the merrier....well sort of! I too wish we didn't have to meet under these circumstances, but at least none of us are alone.
Am off to eat something. anything.

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 15:26:06

Ah, peanut, we had a discussion not so long ago about being jealous of sheep with marks on that show they have been inseminated. and of animals on documentaries that are pregnant immediately after being humped.....

happylass Tue 09-Apr-13 16:09:22

Glad all went well for you Pip and your IVF journey has actually started, even if all the running, bathing and ahem pooing was in vain wink
Welcome to all the newbies!

Brodicea Tue 09-Apr-13 16:37:52

Hi pip - PID is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It's what happens when due to germs or another infection (like chlamydia) you get an infection of your ovaries,womb, pelvic area in general.
I got mine with my first boyfriend when I was 16 so probably due to teenage boy germs (or my own!) rather than STDs as we were both virgins - unless he lied!
I had horrible pain during and after a period and nasty green discharge.
Unfortunately if you've had one it's usually hard to conceive and a high proportion of people become infertile because of it - you can get scarring, or blocked tubes. We've been trying for eight months with no joy, so it may be something to do with that. We'll see!

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 16:47:56

Runs in.
Waves at yet more new faces.
High fives Peanut for being jealous of pregnant animals.
Shakes fist at pregnant sheep, BFP car and the moon.
Runs out.

(I do intend to come back later so that you can all keep my sane before my appointment tomorrow but for now, busy bee!)

Tallyra Tue 09-Apr-13 18:32:47

Hellooo all, new and old.
Had almost perfect day today. went for lunch with a friend, bought chocolate and then went fabric shopping with a birthday voucher so didn't even spend much of my own money. Only thing missing was a bfp. or at least an appointment from the fc... angry

Bunnygirlie Tue 09-Apr-13 19:36:43

Evening all!

Welcome newbies! Lots more lovely ladies for our gang, hope we aren't in this gang for too long!

thunder and frog you are both wrong, my name is Bauble wink middle name Frankincense grin

frog sorry the witch got you!

ticktock I had no idea it would be this tough, you grow up thinking if you have unprotected sex then you will get pg, you think it's easy but it so isn't!

pip hope you are feeling good about starting your ivf journey, hugs

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 19:45:25

<crashes in, trips over dog, flumps onto sofa>

Right berries! I'm installing myself here for the evening, whilst also secretly looking up and e-purchasing all the supplements my acupuncture lady recommended today on DH's credit card. Anyone heard of something called Maca not Paul McCartney? Apparently it's some Peruvian wonder-root that causes all who behold it to spontaneously ovulate and conceive octuplets. Or something. Anybody tried it?

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 20:01:05

<Divebombs sofa, narrowly avoiding the Peanut already lounging there.>
Oooh, oooh, me Miss! Me, pick me! I've heard of maca! I've got some in the cupboard and it's bloody vile! Still, not too bad if you stir it into porridge. I haven't used it recently because, like everything else I've tried, it seemed to do nothing for me. Still, some people must have had joy with it, I suppose, and I'm of the opinion that most things are worth a try (within reason)...

Glad you've had a lovely day *Tally - can sympathise with the FC appointment waiting though! I can't believe mine is tomorrow! I've been waiting for this since the referral in January!

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 20:01:36

Never heard of it, peanut, sorry. Sounds great though! Did you have any pain and/or bleeding after your dildocam? I'm very sore, especially in the right ovary area and spotting....DH being v sympathetic, bless.

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 20:02:42

Yay, boodle! Good luck!

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 20:04:08

DH made a very funny joke about ovaries spotting the camera and hitting it with their handbags....made me think of sausage wanging.

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 20:12:23

Gosh, Charming, they must have really had a rummage around up there with the camera! When I had my date with the dildocam, I was already spotting with imminent AF but I wasn't sore at all. I found it all very gentle though, so perhaps they got to see what they needed without 'bodging' me too much!

PuppyMummy Tue 09-Apr-13 20:27:40

Sydney I'm happy to share hsg story/info!
we went to our gp in Sept and I had a couple of blood tests and oh had sperm tests. as these were normal by Nov when all were completed (oh had 2 tests) we were referred for a fertility app at the hospital.
Doctor there asked for more blood tests and hsg. That appointment was March. with follow up booked for June and hsg to be done before that.
It has to be done between day 7-10 so is a small window, luckily it all fell right and I got it done straight away.
The actual hsg was fine (but I have had a colposcopy & Dr said to me if I was ok with that hsg would be fine!)
I found it like a longer smear with more people in the room! it was painless and she said straight away my tubes looks fine.
The Dr will go through it properly with us, along with the other blood tests in June.
Its not been a quick process but at least we can keep trying in the meantime.

any other questions feel free to ask!

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 20:34:38

Haha charming checking out your well-accessorised ovaries! I didn't get any spotting/soreness but then I never bleed at all. My uterus is the proverbial stone, there is no getting blood out of it. Sounds like she was a bit rough, didn't hurt at all for me..?

Boodle yum, Peruvian ovary-stimulating porridge. Sounds mega. I already have a zillion lotions and potions, but I am a sucker for black magic alternative remedies because I don't have to wait for GPs to prescribe them! What time is your appt tomorrow? I want to live vicariously through you!

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 20:42:17

My appointment is at 2.30, as long as I manage to park! I've never been to this particular hospital before and all I know is that the car park is tiny. No way I'll be missing the appointment though - might just have to abandon the car in the middle of the road or something!

I too have rather a lot of pills and potions. My parents came to stay recently (to hold house and feed the furbabies) and I filled a very large bag of fertility / TTC / DTD paraphernalia and hid it at the back of my cupboard.

Bunnygirlie Tue 09-Apr-13 20:47:03

Crikey lots of people with appointments at the mo! Blood test appointment for me Friday, DH has jizz test next week! Can anybody tell me the next step after this pretty please?

Bunnygirlie Tue 09-Apr-13 20:47:55

Or is it just like puppy says above?

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 20:48:21

Feeling like a wimp, really, but it was very tender when she was steering it around and I was bleeding as soon as it was over. Think my full ish bladder was making things difficult (I had gone before I left the house, about 45 mins before. How could it have filled up in that time?)
Nurse told me it would be like putting a tampon in. Didn't have the heart to tell her that I've never done that. Yes, I'm weird..... But after a few failed attempts as a teenager, I gave up and have never needed to do it. Running packs of the pill together ensured no af on holidays etc. surely a tampon doesn't make you sore?

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 20:49:34

Bunny, I suppose it will depend on your results! When DH and I were at that stage it went like this: For DH, he had to schedule a second SA as he had a slightly low motility result (was normal on the following SA). For me, bloods were all "normal" and I was sent for the dildocam. I also had swabs done at the doctors around the same time as my blood tests.

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 20:54:34

It certainly shouldn't charming (unless you still have half of your <ahem> hymen intact and the tampon gets stuck behind it on the way out, not that I'd know about that of course). I have a friend who had a 'friable cervix' and she always bleeds after smear tests, have you ever had a problem with that?

Bunny sorry I've lost track, are you already under FC or just GP?

Boodle I have a mahusive cardboard box in the kitchen full of Agnus, red clover, yam root....oh God. I'm mental aren't I?

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 20:57:17

I'm very upset that the doctors don't want to look at DH's swimmers. Everyone else has had swimming tests!

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 21:03:14

I think this TTC-lark has a habit of making us all go a bit bananas!

I have an appointment tomorrow too!

<scuttles in and perches on sofa carrying wine and biscuits

pip glad they didn't weigh you and good on getting through first appt.

charming doesn't sound fun, thank goodness that's over with.

Hi baubles!

cherrycoconut Tue 09-Apr-13 21:08:45

Hi to lovely berries old and new. Sorry for AWOLness - I’ve been thinking of you all and hoping you’re doing OK.

Peanut and Boodle Yay for self medicating! I do think there’s a lot to be said for getting all the knowledge you can and supporting your system wherever poss.

Merkin sorry to hear you’re still feeling out of sorts. Totally understandable though. Take care of yourself

Cats glad to hear all went well today, even if they were a bit rough. I’m the opposite from you though, only used pads a couple of times ever. Hated them so much the damn things fill me with dread! My dildocam was fine even though I needed to pee desperately and had to sit on my fists at one point so Dr could locate an ovary that was hiding behind a full bladder. Still if something had been not quite right surely that would be part of the exam and would have been noted? We're all different afterall so try not to worry.

Bunny my DH hated his jizz test, he had to come home in the end and do an emergency hospital delivery later that day. IYSWIM!

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 21:12:20

Evenin' Thunder! Jealous of your booze, stupid detox <sips herbal tea discontentedly>

Oooh all these appointments! You will all be SO diffed soon!

cherrycoconut Tue 09-Apr-13 21:13:03

Pip glad to hear you're in the system now. Good luck tomorrow Boodle wow, lots of berry appointments. Hopefully results will duly follow.

Barking I've just caught up on the amazing wooly mice. So cool, I lurve them! Someone knitted us a bride, groom and a lucky sweep for our wedding day and I love them. Such a personal gift, awesome.

cherrycoconut Tue 09-Apr-13 21:14:10

A not so quick me update. I’ve been keeping my head down and attempting to find myself a more even keel --mostly failing truth be told—hence my silence. But I’m doing OK in a waiting limbo kind of way. No more results back yet but we’ve got a date through for the FC in early May already which is great and I’m seeing a nutritionalist on Thursday who I’m expecting will ban my red wine and cake and prescribe lentils but if it helps well I guess I better suck it up. DH is in mourning already and insisting we binge out on a takeaway tomorrow night which is something we never do!

Other than that I’ve had lots of acu which has been a godsend. I can’t rate my practitioner highly enough, she’s been totally amazing through all of this.

I’ve gone back to work part days this week to try and ease in gently to minimise stress – HR and my team are being fab but the workload is still looking like it’s about to crack under the strain. I’m trying not to worry about it – I have told my boss who makes all the right noises but sadly doesn’t appear to have done much to actually help. I’m trying to fend off the lurking feelings of guilt and responsibility!

So my new zen status is another reason for keeping away from the computer a bit more plus I’ve had about all I can stand of incessant symptom Googling which is sending me a bit stir crazy!

Frogcatcher Tue 09-Apr-13 21:16:41

Well I went to the hospital today which is just as well or would be feeling v left out by now but unfortunately it was with DP to see someone about his stomach problem rather than anything TTC related. Unfortunately we did get lost at one point & walk past maternity which I did point out to DP was a bit tactless of him on CD1! We've agreed that I'm never giving birth in that hospital anyway as due to the catchment area I'd probably be the only mother over 20 let alone 35. I want to travel a further 10 miles to go to a much nicer one!

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 21:20:02

Cherry, I'm glad to hear you haven't got long to wait until your FC appointment. I know it's easier than done, but try not to let those guilty work feelings in; just do what you can and take it slowly.

Frogcatcher Tue 09-Apr-13 21:20:08

Oh & welcome back cherry. I x posted with you - stay strong. Sounds like the acupuncture is amazing.

I'm home alone. Had intended to visit my Grandma & stay the night on the way back from helping my mate with her house but she was out all afternoon and out again this evening - at 84!!! So I'm back home a day early and have no DP and no dog. More sad about the no dog to snuggle up to!

So, I put pizza in the oven and got on my laptop (making a photobook for the couple who got married last weekend). Woodburning stove on and catching up with 'The Village' how much pg and giving birth can they put in one episode? Really? so kicked my shoes off and swung them onto the sofa, kicking off the little side table the pint of coke a treat, we don't usually have any in the house I had just poured out which emptied into my trainers and all over the floor. So I get up and run to the kitchen for a bowl of water and a cloth only to realise the pizza is burnt. So now I have burnt pizza and no coke.

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 21:28:57

Ah cherry sorry you're having such a rough time. Is the acupuncture helping? I had a good weep on mine today, first time I met her too! Felt a whole lot better by the end of the hour though grin

frog def stay away from a hospital full of instadiffers! Plus the one full of us golden oldies will probably have nicer curtains and better left-behind chick lit.

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 21:31:17

barking I'm not laughing. I'm not laughing. I'm not.

Would you like to share my tulsi tea and some salmon salad?

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 21:32:35

Barking - that's rubbish! Seriously, with all the TTC-crap that we're putting up with, we need little 'pick-me-ups' like pizza and coke. I'm really feeling your pain, sincerely!!!

(No matter how I try to word this, it sounds like I'm taking the piss, but I'm really not, I promise!)

cherry have a huge hug, nobody expects you to be doing well in your tough/horrible circumstances. Just keep plodding on and don't be down on yourself for not being any better than that. Take care of yourself too, little treats etc as small things that make you smile are always worthwhile when everything else is a bit crap. Thinking of you x

'tis ok. I have smartie cookies grin. you can't tell at all that I went to the supermarket without DP supervising

puppy that really isn't a quick process, that's rather depressing sad. 3 months between first FC appointment and the follow up?! shock I've got my FC appointment a week tomorrow. I was desperately hoping something might happen a little quicker than more blood tests and another 3 months to wait sad.

Er... Can anyone see 2 posts from me tonight or have the gremlins arrived and stolen one of them?

Bunnygirlie Tue 09-Apr-13 21:41:46

Oh charming that doesn't sound like fun sad

peanut just seen gp so far, just having the basic tests to get the ball rolling I guess.

cherry DH has already had one attempt at the jizz test, apparently it wasn't 'complete' hubby said it was a nightmare getting IT all  in the pot! Hope you are doing ok with everything!

barking that's pants! 

Boodlebum Tue 09-Apr-13 21:44:48

I'm so wanting to pretend that Merks is invisible and no one can see her, but can't think of a way to make that work online!

Merks, I think Mumsnet went offline briefly earlier - I had to redo a message that didn't send. Maybe it was that?

BombasticPeanut Tue 09-Apr-13 22:05:49

Is anyone else imagining Merks desperately trying to reply but not being able to post? Beating her screen so we can hear her?

No? That's just me then...

Peanut, who's merk? grin

CharmingCats Tue 09-Apr-13 22:15:58

<cranes neck to try to hear the faint sound of merkin calling>
Thanks, berries.
Enjoy the cookies, barking. Meant to say that I also loved the knitted mice.

Hellllooooooo anyone out there????

Can't even remember what my missing post said, something about back to front uteruses (uterii??), onsies and other random ramblings.
In my world I am still spotting NFN (no furtling needed) so am officially baffled. However very close to jumping on the 'this is odd therefore must be a symptom ergo I am pregnant' bus!! Clearly my misguided optimism has returned.
Hey to newbies and welcome in. I first joined the buses too but settled here for something more permanent and fun (no offence to the BFP buses but the berries feels like a night with friends as opposed to speed dating)!

cherrycoconut Tue 09-Apr-13 22:34:44

Fankoo again for the support guys. Merk <yells extra loud> cheers hun especially for your message. <wonders if there's an echo round these parts>

peanut I too have sobbed my heart out to my acu. They do say it can bring up emotions so I guess they must be used to some on the spot therapy/counselling along the way. Let's face it, if we felt perfectly fine we probably wouldn't be there. Add to that the lady I see is one of the loveliest, most caring, empathetic people I've ever met. My weekly treatment is like an oasis, I think I'm addicted...

<checks if everyone has gone to bed, tiptoes in and leaves note on sofa for Boodle to read in the morning>

Hope the appointment goes well and they listen to you and give you what you want smile

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 00:33:54

<Returns for secret midnight feast on the sofa.>

Thanks Barking - I will check in tomorrow sometime to let you know what happened. Just checking through notes and making sure DH understands all the weird abbreviations!

BombasticPeanut Wed 10-Apr-13 06:13:56

<wanders in bleary-eyed, sees note and is reminded to wish all berries with appointments today good luck and understanding consultants.

Slopes off back to bed with dog for company>

happylass Wed 10-Apr-13 07:31:04

<pops in to echo Peanut's good luck wishes to all those with appointments today>
Can't believe how much berry gossip I missed by going to the pub last night (on a school night too! Living on the edge!). Will have to catch up when I get home after work and college, so in about 14 hours then <groans loudly>.

PuppyMummy Wed 10-Apr-13 08:05:28

bunny it could be the same as mine but I guess each area varies . we have been going to a hospital outside the area we live as that's where the soonest appointments are.
oh has had 2 sperm tests because first showed low morphology, the second one was normal and fertility woman is happy with that.

barking we lost about 4 weeks at the start, the march appointment should have been Feb but our gp surgery messed up the referral - helpful!)

again different areas may be different for timescales.

Bunnygirlie Wed 10-Apr-13 08:32:59

Morning! Cheers puppy guess we'll see what my fertility journey will bring!

To all those with appointments - break a leg!

Good luck with the appointments ladies! I'm off for a blood test so no luck needed really, just hoping the meds are working. Will find out later in the week I hope.

puppy We did the gp visit and the blood tests and referrals back in December/January and our FC is next week, so that's a pretty standard 3-4 month wait. I was hoping once we'd got our foot in the door of the FC clinic it might speed up a little though! sad.

My name is barking and I'm a tempaholic sad .
Last night before I went to bed I made sure I got my thermometer out of my bag (as I'd been away) and put it in the usual spot by my bed. This morning I woke up, reached out sleepily as usual and there was no thermometer, just the empty plastic case!!! I couldn't imagine I'd put an empty plastic case by my bed last night but went and checked my bag and no thermometer, not on the floor by the bed etc. The lid was on the case though so don't know how it could have fallen out.
Anyway, got back into bed and found it. In my bed under the duvet. I must have taken my temperature in my sleep blush blush .
I think I may have a problem....

barking (apt eh?!). Does it tell you what time you took it?

barking (apt eh?!). Does it tell you what time you took it?

Tallyra Wed 10-Apr-13 09:45:09

barking sounds like you are just a little bit obsessed. grin

Frogcatcher Wed 10-Apr-13 10:09:06

Good luck with all the appointments today berries!! Had a bit of a panic today when thinking about DP & his new meds for colitis as a friend of mine had to come off his Crohn's disease meds when he & his wife were TTC & they can be similar. Anyway Google official confirmation this morning confirmed that the ones he's on are fine & don't interfere with TTC from the male side. Phew! My mate had to basically give up drinking & be really miserable careful what he ate to control his condition without meds so everyone knew that they were TTC.
grin at barking & the thermometer. I forgot to put mine away before a house viewing yesterday so that would been obvious to anyone who saw it & knew what it was for.

Thunder No idea what time, it didn't give me a reading when I turned it on just said 'Lo'. I doubt I managed to turn it on when asleep though, I struggle to find the button on the right side when I'm only half asleep!

I would say it's time to stop temping, but I can't let go as then I wouldn't have a clue when AF was due and would drive myself crazy again convincing myself I was pg on the longer cycles as I used to before I realised I could identify O and predict from there. There is a 10 day difference between my shortest and longest cycles, I would have no idea whether I was still waiting, or AF was late. I'm on CD24 this cycle and still no temp rise, on a previous cycle AF was due tomorrow!

Correction, a 13 day difference, shortest was 24, longest was 37.

Frogcatcher Wed 10-Apr-13 11:08:25

This is why temping will be useful for me too Barking. (Once I can get it right & identify O anyway). So far I've varied between 25 & 34 days & they seem to be getting longer each month confused which is why I convince myself (& you've seen how well & how rationally I can do it!) that I am late when I'm not. This month AF was right on time in line with O at CD21ish but I'd never had a 34 day cycle before so thought I must be pregnant late!

SidneyBristow Wed 10-Apr-13 11:32:59

Good luck today to the berries with appointments!

CharmingCats Wed 10-Apr-13 11:51:29

Good luck with appointments today, berries - even those 'just' having blood tests!

Pimped for the cbfm this morning and it's reading 'high'. Wtf? It's only cd6!!! Don't want to dtd tonight as I'm going to the gynea tomorrow & he might examine me....appt not til 5.30pm, though. Do you think I would have 'recovered' enough, or will it still be obvious??

Frogcatcher Wed 10-Apr-13 12:34:32

Just go for it cats You don't want to miss a potential chance & I work on the theory that people who do that job must have seen everything before. That's if they haven't told you specifically not to obvs (or you're into extreme kinkiness with barbed wire or summat that might cause the gynae to make comment!)

CharmingCats Wed 10-Apr-13 13:00:53

Nothing extreme in the charming house, I can assure you. Right! Message understood. grin

Barking if its anything like mine you need to press and hold the on button to see the last temp in memory (not just turn it on)

BombasticPeanut Wed 10-Apr-13 14:43:26

Afternoon berries!

Barking ha I love that you sleep-temped! Is this the start of something..will it be sleep-pimping next?! grin

Charming absolutely get your jiggy on. Speaking as someone who is often at the other end of the speculum, I couldn't care less, or be able to tell for that matter (unless as Frog says you specifically got told not to for swabs or something)!

Looking forward to some FC appt updates. I went to see my friend's baby today, 6wks but haven't been able to bring myself to go before. She was an IVF baby after three years of trying, so my friend knows how I feel and didn't push an earlier visit! Was actually lovely, the baby was very cute and I got to have a good whinge about how long it takes to get Clomid with someone who understands. First baby-visit in a while I haven't cried after (although give me time...)

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 16:21:50

Soooooooooo, I'm back. Bottom line is that I have A LOT more waiting to do. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! sad

I've been referred for an HSG, which I guess makes sense as no point throwing clomid at me if there is a problem in the tubes. She reckoned it will take 8-10 weeks for that appointment. I also have to get more blood tests done to check my progesterone and prolactin levels as the short LP was a concern. She told me to make sure I get them done on the "right" day this time as, in the past, doctor has been adamant that they were done on day 21, no matter what. She wants me to make sure they are done 7 days before AF due, which will mean no more than 2 days after ovulation for me! I'll then have an appointment with her in 3 months time to discuss all the results of these tests. If nothing is found with these tests, I will be off down the clomid path after that. I discussed thyroid with her but got the same old 'it's normal' spiel. DH went in for the kill at that point and she's agreed to review it next time once we know prolactin results as there could be a link, apparently.

So yeah. That's it. Another three months of futile shagging. hmm

BombasticPeanut Wed 10-Apr-13 16:53:37

Aaah boodle sorry you're disappointed. Was hoping you'd be fast-tracked, it's all very well setting it all in motion but it doesn't make it any less frustrating does it? Why the chuffing hell heck do they have to make it so painful for us all, I bet if it was a consultant obstetrician who couldn't get diffed they'd be sorted in a month! I know it makes 'sense' not to throw clomid at you before getting tubes checked, but actually why the hell not, then if you get knocked up before they save themselves an HSG appointment! Annoyed on your behalf <chunters away for at least another 20 minutes about utter ineptitude of the NHS>

Had some spotting just now and furtled around to make sure and crampy as hell, so it would appear I'm finally back to cd1, after a mere 47 day cycle this time. (I wonder if the acu had anything to do with it...?) Question is, do I now start to temp/cbfm? I have a thermometer and the monitor (although no batteries, which is why I didn't use it last cycle) but given how long my cycles are, I'm not sure I won't become an obsessive lunatic...advice appreciated Berries!

Pipbin Wed 10-Apr-13 17:21:40

Peanut I think I wouldn't bother with the CBFM as it only really works if your cycle is under 45 days. Also, I found when using mine that I would put the stick in the CBFM, listen to what it said, then have a good look at the stick and decide what I thought it meant. I soon realised that I might as well be using OPKs anyway. My opinion is temping and cheap OPKs off ebay.

Boodle exactly what happened with me. As blood tests showed that I was OVing then something else was clearly the problem and no amount of Clomid was going to fix it. The HSG wasn't so bad really, rather like a smear with an audience as someone else said.

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 17:24:55

Thanks, Peanut, I'm not really disappointed as such; I'm glad that I'm getting the HSG before the clomid, rather than the other way round. Of course, having clomid AND being booked for an HSG would be lovely, but that's just not how the NHS roll, is it?!

On the subject of temping, I've shared my opinion many-a-time before, but I'm going for it again! And hoping none of the long-established berries sausage-pelt me.

For me, temping has been a massive help. My cycles are fairly regular, but ovulation date (and therefore cycle length) can fluctuate by 8-10 days. Temping has helped me spot ovulation and identify my short luteal phase problems. I always temp at the same time in the morning (6am). When at work, this is half an hour before I have to get up. I then hit snooze, which I have programmed for half an hour later! On the weekend, I still take temp at 6am, but I switch alarm straight off and go back to sleep! I am usually 'with it' enough to wait for the beeps and put the thermometer back on the side to check later. Occasionally I don't even make it to the beeps, and I wake up with thermometer still in mouth/in the bed/under the pillow! I then just use the 'press and hold' memory recall to get the reading.

Medical professionals have (so far) shown NO interest in my charts, but I'm glad that I've done them just for my own benefit.

Bajas Wed 10-Apr-13 18:12:47

Hope everyone's appts went well today. boodle sorry to hear you're disappointed at the pace of things. You'd think they would fast track people in their 30s seeing as we're constantly being reminded that it's not ideal timing (although I only met dh at 35 so not sure how it could have been ideal timing before then...)

Got my thermometer from amazon today so ready to start temping in the morning. Here's hoping it'll give me some insight into when I'm fertile if ever sad

haycorn Wed 10-Apr-13 18:34:01

I'll be joining you there bajas. Feeling optimistic that period must return at some point so have taken the temping plunge and got me a thermometer. So experienced berries, can you tell us what we should be looking for? Ta!

Temping all the way. Taught me loads. Basically, put all your data into fertility friend and it will look like your temps are all over the place. Do not panic. At some point they will rise and stay high until AF BFP time. You may not see this pattern clearly until you can see the cycle as a whole. FF will attempt to help you pinpoint when O happened with some crosshairs. You will probably get random erratic readings. Do not worry about this.

Boodle after reading about puppy and now you I'm bracing myself for the same 3 more months of pointless dtd sad . Why does it take them this long to get things moving when they already make you wait a year to start with?!
How are you feeling about it now? Did they not have any blood tests to show o? I had the 21 day test (knowing it wasn't going to show anything) and they called me to go back for a 28 day test as well, which had 'normal' levels.

PuppyMummy Wed 10-Apr-13 20:11:35

barking tbh I'm just ignoring the appointments and just continuing to dtd 'as normal' rather than thinking of it as pointless. the appointments r just a bonus!

the whole ttc process is a total bag of shit!! its horrible every month, waiting for af and then there she is, without fail.
we have tried all the tricks, dtd every day, pillows, vitamins etc etc. nothing bloody works! aarrggh its the most difficult thing I have ever bothered to do...
why can't we just make a baby. we dtd every other day the whole month without fail. stupid egg, stupid sperm!

rant over!!!

To add to Boodles post re temping for the new tempy people;
Take your temperature at the same time each day at least 30 mins before you would normally wake up. This is a must if you want it to work
Make sure you get the thermometer in your mouth in the right place (a heat spot)
No need to write down your temperature when half asleep, simply turn the thermometer off and (provided it has a memory function, i think most work like mine where, when you turn it on later, you press and hold the on button to display the temp in memory) read it and record it later
Use fertility friend to record your temps, the free version is fine
Approx 2 or 3 days post ovulation fertility friend will give you crosshairs (in a normal world) which will 'cross' on the day it thinks you ovulated
The crosshairs are normally based on the fact that post O your temps will rise and stay higher than your pre O temps until AF, OR they will stay high if you are pregnant
Temps during AF and just after AF are erratic and may be as high as post O temps - don't worry. The pattern is normally a fairly stable set of lower temps for 5 - 7 days pre O, and a higher set of temps post O
Temping will only tell you when you ovulate (and/or IF your ovulate). It won't give you a pre warning of ovulation until you get to know your cycles. Therefore temping as well as using OPK's covers all bases, OPK will give you some warning of O, temping will confirm you O'd (remember it is possible to get a positive OPK and not actually O) and your chart pattern over a couple of cycles will help you learn about the length of your normal LP
Lecture over! Oh, and evening all!

Bunnygirlie Wed 10-Apr-13 20:22:23

boodle sorry to hear your appointment wasn't what you hoped.

Nowt much to say here, Dh wasn't up for it last night and I didn't care, it's very liberating not stressing about TTC, I know AF will be here in a few weeks and I don't mind, it's weird! Although I am sure the stress will start again next month grin

happylass Wed 10-Apr-13 20:26:44

Evening berries. Glad to hear all the appointments went well but must be soooo frustrating that everything takes so bloody long! Am definitely going back to the GPs to demand my referral if I haven't got upduffed by the end of next cycle.
With regards to charting I thought I'd share mine here for those temping virgins as this month's is pretty textbook and I will take any opportunity to show it off now that I know how to This month I slept in 5 different beds in the space of a week as we were on our travels plus I never set the alarm when not in work, I just temp as soon as I wake up. This inconsistency doesn't seem to affect me, but others may say differently. Happy temping!!

To add to earlier posts for new temping people;
Take temp the same time each day

Pipbin Wed 10-Apr-13 20:36:27

I agree with all that has been said about temping so far. I did it for about 6 months. It helped me to understand my cycle.

I now only use about 2 opks a month because I can tell when OV is coming.

For all the bloody good it's done me.

Ignore my stupid double post... using laptop and phone all at the same time!
Boodle sorry for the extra waiting for more tests. I guess you wouldn't mind if the tests were next week, its the time between them, then for results before you can move on to the next stage that must be frustrating

Bajas Wed 10-Apr-13 20:49:51

Wow thanks everyone for all the detailed help. I feel like I'll know exactly what I'm doing right from the start smile

Happylass is the peak on your chart ovulation?

happylass Wed 10-Apr-13 20:56:11

Bajas OV is predicted by FF as day 12 (the vertical red line). I always get a dip the day before and then a gradual rise over several days. I usually get OV pain to back this up but didn't notice any this month. Have to say the rise on cd12 isn't as noticeable as usual (probably because I was ignoring Professor Merkin and being inconsistent with my timings!) but I always OV around the same time so for me FF is just confirming what I already know.

Bunnygirlie Wed 10-Apr-13 21:31:56

Ello, still can't bring myself to temp, even if it's been 11 shitty months now. I bought a new batch of OPKs but had no +s the past few months, am thinking I might buy some more, where do you get yours from peeps?

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 21:32:54

When I first started temping, I found it quite useful playing around on Fertility Friend a bit and having a go at some of their 'chart analysis' games. Helped me understand my own a bit more quickly, I think.

Barking, I have had blood tests that confirm ovulation, but I told the consultant today that for the two '21 day' tests I've had so far, AF has always arrived within 3-4 days. She didn't like that much and said I've got to have one more set but this time 7 days before AF rather than 7 days after ovulation. Not quite sure what she expects that to reveal, but I'll go along with it. I'll only be 2 DPO so I'm guessing it will show low progesterone levels. We shall see. It's going to be a bugger trying to get bloods taken based on an event in the future though!

Bunny, I don't know how you're feeling relaxed by NOT DTD! When DH was away a couple of months back, I hated knowing there was no chance! I guess my brain hasn't quite got the message yet that this ain't happening without help.

By the way, something else that FC mentioned today was the possibility that my uterus might be an 'inhospitable environment' and that's something that will get checked if tubes come back all clear. Suddenly, the Friends theme tune was playing in my head!

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 21:34:42

I get my OPKs from Amazon here, Bunny

Having withdrawal symptoms from OBEM tonight sad
Spotting has got worse today, almost like the lightest of light light light periods but its not bright red blood. If this isn't my BFP yes I know I'm stupid thinking that what else would cause mid cycle spotting?

Bajas Wed 10-Apr-13 21:53:33

Thanks happylass I can see the pattern now. Will need to download fertility friend. Have an app called my days but don't know if it's as good.

My days is good for symptom tracking and periods etc but won't predict O like FF...

Smoothas Wed 10-Apr-13 21:58:46

Evening all

I haven't logged on since Sunday and realised you ladies talk a lot <waves at fellow thread newbies>

Sorry to hear Boodle that your appointment was a bit disappointing today. It is making me realise more and more that there are sadly no quick answers with this whole TTC process.

Update from me, I got a Peak on my CBFM yesterday and so DTD last night and hoping to be busy tonight <waiting patiently not for DH to finish watching the football> Was worried that I was going to have another anovulatory cycle because OV was delayed by three days so was quite pleased when I started experiencing my normal signs. However, I am now really hoping that this doesn't mean that my already short LP of 9/10 days has been reduced by 3 days as well!

Thanks for all the temping tips - think I am going to give it a try next month too! Not sure about the early wake up calls though

No idea merk, sorry. Don't actually know much about spotting and why it happens at all. Dr Google no help?!

Puppy I say pointlessly dtd as I've given up believing it's possible to get upduffed with such a short LP. Even if I drop an egg ok and it's fertilised, it surely doesn't have time to plant itself on the wall of my womb and settle in before the womb is already shedding its lining for AF. So basically unless anyone has some miracle stories to hand to persuade me upduffment is possible with an 8 day LP, I've lost hope until I get help. Which I was hoping might happen next week but realistically I know now will be at least another 3 months if not more.

happylass Wed 10-Apr-13 22:05:36

Bajas. I started tracking with My Days and still use it as a back up but I wanted the mythical 'crosshairs' I heard everyone talking about!! I do find the chart on FF an bit easier to read, plus as Merks said it predicts OV so gives you that extra bit of reassurance.

Barking look here

In case the link doesn't work this is a FF search of chat type = pregnancy with LP less than 10.

On the temping time thing, without wanting to contradict Prof Merk who is the unrivalled expert on all things PIMPing and TEMPing, I have never set my alarm deliberately early, but my alarm is always set for 7am including weekends and I temp as soon as it goes off. On the occasions where I can't face the alarm and have temped whenever I have woken it hasn't made any discernible difference to the overall pattern.

Bunnygirlie Wed 10-Apr-13 22:11:03

boodle thanks for the link, these are the ones I had first time round! BTW I'm only relaxed because we're taking a month off the pressure, it'll be back again next month don't you worry!

Can't see that Merk, think it's only visible to paid up members.

Bunnygirlie Wed 10-Apr-13 22:14:36

Oh Crikey, just looking on amazon, are thermometers only a fiver?!?

I think the temping requires you to temp the second you wake up without doing anything else first. Assuming you do this the actual time doesn't really matter. The science is that your temp will normally gradually start to rise as your body naturally moves towards waking (assuming you normally naturally wake at the same time) and then will rise rapidly once you wake. Setting an alarm pre you going into that natural waking stage ensures you get a temp that isn't altered by your temp rising because you are about to wake iyswim. I think first few cycles be as accurate as you can (follow the rules where possible) then once you have a view of the pattern you can forget the rules on the whole!
Prof merk has only taken the temp of some caramel this month and have had no chance to pee on my hand in a pot! Therefore not sure I deserve my title

Smoothas Wed 10-Apr-13 22:26:25

Merk fingers crossed your spotting might be implantation bleeding. However, if you are sure that it is not, I know I had mid cycle bleeding when I had my anovulatory cycle - have you ovulated this month?

I've decided to start popping more pills. If I get sent for more blood tests and have to wait another 3 months to follow up when I have my fc appointment next week I'm going straight on the Vitamin B6. I need to feel like I'm doing something, not just kicking time.

Merk, having a month off yourself doesn't eradicate all your knowledge! You helped me loads with the PIMPing and you're always very helpful when berries are confused by their charts. I really appreciated your help smile.

Wimwom Wed 10-Apr-13 22:26:42

I've tried most things but not temping as work shifts, so no regular waking pattern. I think most of the berries are teachers so I guess don't have this issue - but any suggestions on how to get round it? Give up shift work is my preferred option! :-)

wim go with exactly what I said. Assuming you sleep for at least 3 hours before you get up on any day simply set your alarm 30 mins (or 10 at the worst) earlier than you need to, temp and then snooze til you get up. You may need to lie to FF about the time you take your temp each day (tell it they're all 8am) to get it to accept them, but it will work just the same

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:36:35

Wimwom, shift work is a tricky one. I guess what I'd try to do, if it were me, is set alarm to take temp 30 minutes before I have to get up, whenever that may be. You can always try it for a month and see if a pattern emerges anyway?

Barking, as a free member of FF, you can still do certain chart searches, including charts with short LP leading to pregnancy. Follow Merk's link, and click search. (If you're not logged in already, you'll need to do it once you click search).

Then the search page will come up. For category, choose pregnancy, and then in key words, search for short luteal phase. I've done this lots. It doesn't reassure me much though, as there aren't loads and loads of them, plus quite a few just look like iffy charters with arguable Ov dates!

I'm missing having charts to analyse( give me chart links!!). I need to go back and confirm but think I was more right than FF's prediction on Gail's chart! <smug>
I have no idea if I O'd this month thanks to using all OPKs as pregnancy tests last cycle and ignoring the thermometer. Would be my first anovulatory cycle I've had if so. It cant be implantation bleeding starting so early, however my crazy ray of hope (we all convince ourselves of these things don't we?) is that last cycle I definitely implanted super early, I had IP/spotting on 5dpo, positive OPK on either 6 or 7 and BFP 2 days later. In all honesty, I believe it's either (prepare for madness); BFP coming (FX), actually pregnant from last cycle [crazy emoticon], or a cyst (or worse). I occasionally have fleeting thoughts about being one of those people who doesn't realise they're pregnant until they 'shit a baby down the loo' or equivalent but suspect that's not going to be me this month hmm grin

boodle great minds give the same temping advice!! Also ignore numbers on FF, remember my crazy temps last month and FF could only find 8 charts or something equally crap the same as mine then I got my BFP. It's not just how many people on FF did that happen to, but also the subsection who choose to share their charts. Maybe people with short LPs don't like go share wink

barking boodle wasn't mother taking something pre her BFP to lengthen LP?

Wimwom Wed 10-Apr-13 22:46:02

Thanks wise berries - if tomorrow's fc apptointment doesn't suggest the miracle cure I know they have up their sleeve ;-) then will give temping a go, just so I can join in the fun! Sounds like some pretty rubbish FC apts today though - am feeling yr frustration. 3 mths just seems so long to wait once yr in the system. Bummer.

1 final thing before I stop thread hogging (you can come out now as I'm off to bed). Please read the thread about 'Yoni massage' in most active/chat. Even if just the last page doing song lyrics!! Do it quick as its bound to get deleted!!

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:49:26

Merks, I sometimes entertain myself with thoughts of suddenly finding out that I'm 6 months gone and I'm just a medical anomaly to have carried on with periods. No arguing with my AF though...I'm surprised my reproductive organs manage to hang on sometimes, let along a teeny tiny little embryo.

I have no (useful) charts for you to analyse, given that I am on CD4 (I hate CD1 - CD8. Crappy, pointless, waiting game time.)

Go on, I'm pregnant, aren't I?

happylass Wed 10-Apr-13 22:52:05

Haha Merks I read the Yoni thread earlier. Hilarious!!

boodle I think you have a 9 day LP and not 8. For sure you're not pregnant but 9 days isn't bad at all!

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:56:32

Damn, Merks, I was going to do something productive like play Words with Friends and now I'm going to be reading that thread!

Mother was using progesterone cream. I tried it last month but I just spotted LOADS all through luteal phase. Used the recommended quantities too, but felt like perhaps that wasn't right for me. You have to be careful with it as too little can screw your body up and stop it producing its own.

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:57:07

(Disclaimer - that progesterone information has only been gleaned online and may not be at all accurate!)

The name changes on the Yoni thread have had me in tears. SmacktheYoni and ForYourEyesYoni

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 22:58:25

Yeah, my luteal phase varies between 7 and 9. 9 is the most common though.

Hmm...need to do some mode, median, mean and range work at school soon. Perhaps the kids could analyse my charts for me!

Tallyra Wed 10-Apr-13 22:59:49

This is my first month of temping and think I've come out of it quite well. I'm on CD29 and AF is due in 3 days, and this is my chart link... hope this works...

However, I'm going to go all ranty now too. I called the doctor to see if they had any idea when my fc appt would come up and they said it's nothing to do with them any more and to phone the hospital. So I phoned them and was given the run-around because the secretary is on holiday, outpatients hasn't heard of me and they wouldn't put me through to anyone else. So I'm now in limbo until the secretary gets back next week some time. I almost wish I hadn't been referred now. I can't continue with the dtd as usual, because I know full well that I could fall any month (never had that kind of problem, it's the hanging on to it that is...) so now we're just not doing it and we're getting all snappy with each other. We don't like using condoms so just tend not to go for it as often. Grrrrr for the NHS... Hmph.

CharmingCats Wed 10-Apr-13 23:13:19

Night night berries heading to bed! Got in a little while ago and DH asleep, so no action anyway... I shall insist tomorrow!
Sorry that your appointment entailed more waiting, boodle. It must be small consolation, but you are in the system now.
smoothas congrats on peak dtd! How many days of high did you have beforehand?
Was in town (near you, merk), and saw a pg young woman walking along, fag in hand. Is this suddenly socially acceptable? I wanted to say something to her, but she looked as though she'd slap me. Maybe I've answered my own question.

Boodlebum Wed 10-Apr-13 23:13:34

Tally - that's terrible service from your doctors. I went into my surgery and asked if they knew and the receptionist was lovely. She trotted off upstairs to the secretaries and then they said they'd call hospital to chase it up for me. They then rang me later that day to tell me what the hospital had said. Could you try ringing again tomorrow and hope you speak to someone else?

Merks that bloody yoni thread is ridiculous! Dare say it'll be in classics soon; they couldn't possibly delete it!

tally good first chart. Tiny word of warning that it could potentially have O one day early. The first cycle's the worst as no comparisons so a bit unknown and doesnt tell you much but compared to my first cycle temping yours is textbook!!
cats assuming the K town. I gave up smoking in Nov, (not sure if that's relevant) and yes I get v ranty about pregnant smokers too

Pipbin Wed 10-Apr-13 23:42:36

Tally I might have missed something by why can't you DTD before your FC appointment?

CharmingCats Wed 10-Apr-13 23:43:11

I'm crying with laughter reading the yoni thread!

Tallyra Thu 11-Apr-13 00:08:51

It's all to do with our great dislike of condoms. We do still dtd, but I really don't enjoy it as much, so I don't initiate it as much.
It's also becasue of DH's stupid hours. This week he's on earlies so he went to bed at 9 and I've been sewing all evening. God I'm such an old fart!!!

Tallyra Thu 11-Apr-13 00:09:51

I basically don't want to end up diffed with another one that won't stick after 9 weeks. Been there, done that, been in hospital, don't really want to do it again unless I've been checked out first.

happylass Thu 11-Apr-13 07:29:13

Ladies I'm finally losing the plot! Got my lovely pot and an ic out this morning ready to pimp. Then, due to being half asleep thinking about what I have to do in work today, I completely forgot to pimp and instead weed all my FMU straight down the loo. Doh! Luckily I don't actually suspect I'm upduffed or that would be really frustrating! Have a good day all!

Katnisscupcake Thu 11-Apr-13 08:02:53

Hello ladies,

Please can I join you?

I am 38, 39 in June, married with dd1 who is 4 in June.

We started ttc dc2 in may 2012 and had a Mc in August. My second, I had a Mc before I had dd.

My cycles are changing and I had the 20 day progesterone test last week which showed that I did ovulate but I am spotting about 4 days before after arrives and this month started spotting from 8dpo and my lp was only 10 days, last month was 13...

My gp is referring me to the fertility clinic but I am very impatient because time is of through essence...

I would love to join you all as I've had amazing support over the last 5 years from mn and feel like I need it very much at the moment...

I will bring cupcakes, off to try baking some caramel ones today!

happy I've done that loads of time too. Have often been tempted to stick the stick in the loo water afterwards!
Welcome in Katniss! Hope you're prepared for a bit of a mad bunch!

Katnisscupcake Thu 11-Apr-13 08:24:41

Thank you 'Notwithout', mad bunches are the best!

You seem like a friendly group smile.

Bunnygirlie Thu 11-Apr-13 08:34:25

Ooooh depends how strict we are with our entrance criteria, we are all TTC#1

boodle I am also one of those crazy ones that thinks maybe I'll be one of those medical miracles that still has AF till finding out at 6 months pg! Glad I'm not the only mental one grin

Now off to find that funny thread if its still there...

Katniss we are a friendly group but we're all desperately trying for our first child, none of us are lucky enough to already have one sad . I really don't want to sound like a bitch but without wanting to speak for everyone a lot of us are here as it's bad enough in real life having women with children everywhere, and we know we're all in the same boat on this thread, hence the entrance criteria.

I'm really tired and grumpy this morning and it's all merkin's fault for drawing my attention to the Yoni massage. :0p

yorkiebilb Thu 11-Apr-13 10:30:19

Hello hello can I join/rejoin? <stumbles in with a bouquet of bratwursts to offer> I think I was on here a while ago for a short period but didn't post an awful lot at the time.

I'm age 35 ttc no 1 since September 2012. Had mmc in Dec and been trying again ever since. Hoping that it is just stress that's been preventing us from conceiving - went on late honeymoon and had to come back a week early as FIL suddenly got diagnosed with cancer and died 4 weeks later and we moved house at the same time.

Like you all I'm surrounded by my lovely friends getting pg with ease. My old housemate got pg by accident and didn't even know she was pg until 4 months old - she keeps calling herself sonia from eastenders! Anyone else live/work in London and hate walking past all the women wearing those baby on board badges which seem to be everywhere!! - I feel bad because my automatic reaction is to give them evils - I'm a bitch aren't I?!

Currently sat waiting for British Gas to come out as our boiler is broken. They were supposed to come out yesterday and cancelled on me because I was not deemed a high priority - high priority are those with young children apparently! Thanks very much British Gas for rubbing my nose in it!!!

Oh oh I do have my own special pot which I'm hoping DH will never find!

Hello yorkie! I'm on here again as I'm supposed to be on the computer planning lessons before school starts next week but am blatantly on here or fb instead, and am seriously considering spending the afternoon clearing out my wardrobe...

Baby on board badges?? wtf?!

yorkiebilb Thu 11-Apr-13 10:53:28

hello frog! clearing out your wardrobe sounds far more productive than lesson planning.

Yep those bl00dy badges are everywhere, supposedly so pg women will be offered a seat on the train/tube and there is no confusion over whether they are pg or just have a big belly. I seemed to have developed some kind of radar that can spot them a mile off!

Hey yorkie <waves>

Am only on page 2 of the yoni thread and have had to strictly limit myself do I can get done work done.

My hormones are all over the place here- started waking at 3am extremely hot and not being able to get back to sleep. Not amused.

yorkiebilb Thu 11-Apr-13 11:38:30

Ahh hey thunder! Sorry I abandoned the mc thread for a while as had too much going on. Nice to see you. How are you doing? sorry to hear you're not sleeping well.

CharmingCats Thu 11-Apr-13 11:49:42

Hello ladies. tally, sorry for apparently ignoring your post last night in favour of the yoni thread. I must have crossed with you and didn't read back. I'm sorry you've been given the run around. You may have to wait until the secretary gets back next week as they seem to be the guardians. But how about trying your GP again in the hope that you get someone else on the phone? If all else fails, cry on the phone! Btw, we also don't get along with condoms, if it makes you feel less alone. I was quite relieved when I saw your point about that, as I thought it was only us.
I'm afraid I have to agree with barking and bunny about our entrance criteria, katniss. We are all ttc #1 and finding it hard and emotional. We may say things that could come across as offensive to you, which are not intended that way at all. This may not be the best thread for you, but totallly agree about how great mn is for support. I hope one of the other threads is more appropriate and that you get some support, as it sounds as though you're going through a difficult time. There are threads about ttc #2 and fertility clinics. I wish you all the best.

Those badges sound hideous. The one consolation of my pg collegue who is always in my face talks a lot about her pg is that she's always been on the large side so it's still not obvious she has a bump and I can still pretend she's not actually pg!

I'm waiting at a health centre for an appointment with the podiatrist (about my flat feet causing shin pain when I run or walk up hills) and it happens to be the same waiting room for the baby clinic. Lovely.

That's weird, I keep missing posts and it makes it look like I'm ignoring people! I don't think it's refreshing properly on my phone blush .
Back home and heading to the lesson planning, but sorting out that pile of paperwork first....

BombasticPeanut Thu 11-Apr-13 12:45:15

Happy that's made me chuckle, only members of this thread could be annoyed for managing to actually wee in the toilet instead of all over their hand elsewhere! Better luck tomorrow smile

Boodle, Bunny - I too am regularly convinced that I shall be shortly featuring on 'I didn't know I was pregnant' (which is the most loathesome awful anti-Berry programme that could ever exist)

Speaking of programmes, someone mentioned One Born a bit ago.. Guess who was on it! (Only my backside actually, and very briefly, but still! Fame! grin)

Hello yorkie! Seriously, Baby on Board badges? I would get TTC rage. Why not just 'Ha Ha, my ovaries work better than yours and I'm a smug fertile ***' badges? (I'm in a very, very PMT-psycho bad mood today. In case you hadn't noticed. Sometimes I'm nice, honest)

Katniss totally feel for you, ttc-failure is crappy no matter how many you already have. That said, I'm not sure this is the best thread to find the support you need, none of us have had babies yet sad so as the others said the entrance criteria are so we are all coming from the same place. I do hope you find the support you need on other threads though smile

Barking stupid waiting rooms! and cafes full of postnatal groups and teenagers with prams and facebook updates and pregnant work colleagues and having to stand up for pg women on buses

Right, off to find out what yoni is/was/means... do I need to prepare myself?

CharmingCats Thu 11-Apr-13 12:50:35

That sounds great, barking. I'm about to meet a colleague who has given me the 'enjoy practising' speech before...I think she may give it again today. She has 3 grown up children and was an instadiffer. Lovely. Im meeting her cos I want to talk about the teacher thing, so hoping to steer the conversation that way....

CharmingCats Thu 11-Apr-13 12:57:15

Yes, peanut, prepare yourself to laugh a lot. It's not so much the op, but the very witty responses and name changes and the very good response from mnhq. The fact that it's still there raises mnhq even further in my estimations.

Bunnygirlie Thu 11-Apr-13 13:00:04

Phew <wipes brow> I'm glad I'm not the only one being strict about who joins the berries, i didn't want to come across as mean but the criteria is there for a reason lol. It's like the time I nudged our PG berries who were discussing prams into starting a grads thread smile

yorkiebilb Thu 11-Apr-13 14:05:03

barking hope it wasn't too traumatic being near the baby clinic.

That's exactly what I think peanut about those bloody badges. I didn't even like them before I was ttc. ooh tell us more about your one born starring role!

Started reading the yoni thread too until the gas man came round and then it didn't feel quite right reading it whilst he was there! I shall return to it after work when I get bored in 5 minutes as it is v funny. When I searched for the thread I also saw a thread on the baby name section from ages ago where someone was asking what people thought about her naming her kid Yoni! Someone had to break it to her what it translated to!

BombasticPeanut Thu 11-Apr-13 14:39:49

Bwahahaha! Oh deary me, how have I survived this far in life without yoni-based poetry?? Can't say I'll be looking Brian up any time soon though <bork> If I were brave enough I'd be changing my name to Yonicantbuyyoulove HA

Wimwom Thu 11-Apr-13 14:40:01

The yoni thread is hilarious - who on earth thinks it's a good idea to advertise for business for such a thing on MN?!
Just in from first apt, and for any out there with thyroid issues take note! My clinic won't start any treatment until TSH is under 2.5, and preferably 2. Mine is 7.89! He said GP's often won't treat until symptomatic, but that is actually wrong as you can't have healthy ovulation with that thyroid level and that the criteria for treatment is going to be dropped to 3 (currently 5)
Am annoyed I've been to GP twice about thyroid in last 6mths, and my wallet is significantly lighten by the clinic today (also testing ovarian reserve and tubes) but felt more hopeful might get there naturally.
One final thing - common cause of miscarriage is low thyroid. He didn't think if I'd got pregnant at that level I'd have made it through. So - anyone in any doubt go and do a sit in at the GP till they give you thyroxine!!

BombasticPeanut Thu 11-Apr-13 14:41:25

Oh and my claim to fame - there's about three seconds of me standing at a desk in my fetching white uniform, chatting with a midwife and <hangs head in shame> yes, drinking a cup of tea (it was a slow day, honest!)

BombasticPeanut Thu 11-Apr-13 14:46:15

Sorry wimwom, X threads. Must be so frustrating knowing the GP has messed you about. Sorry for being dim, but what is being done now then, have they given you thyroxine?

Hi all,

Still haven't allowed myself to read the whole Toni thread. Absolutely hilarious.

wim I too have been aggressive assertive with docs recently re thyroid. Got me a 4 week blood test instead of two months after starting in the thyroxine. Have had to be very pro active!

Impressed at your fame peanut even though I didn't watch it

Wimwom Thu 11-Apr-13 14:57:52

Hi bomb - not dim at all! Started on thyroxine, retest blds in three wks. In mean time having tubes etc checked with a hycosy... Whatever that is. He will keep upping thyroxine dose till my TSH level is less than 2. Nothing else till then. My DH said - aren't those slimming pills?! I'm hoping a few pounds shed could be a helpful side effect!

Wimwom Thu 11-Apr-13 15:00:10

Thunder - wonder what the reluctance is about? It's a very safe and cheap drug. Did yr GP say why? Mine just said to recheck in a year - helpful.

yorkiebilb Thu 11-Apr-13 15:28:34

Wim really sorry to hear you've been messed about. I often wonder if I have complete naivety in believing everything the docs say and I should be pushing more than I do. It's difficult to know where the balance should be.

Christ peanut when you said that it was a clip of your backside I actually thought you meant you had your bare bum showing on national tv!!! God knows why I thought that. I was really impressed and [shocked] that you seemed so pleased about it! grin

SidneyBristow Thu 11-Apr-13 15:29:11

Afternoon berries, new and old! Slow day here in the Bristow household as we're battling our umpteenth sinus infection/stomach bug of the season.

re: Baby on Board badges, a lady in a lift had one and I was secretly envious, thinking I couldn't wait to get one of my own, til DH informed me they were 'naff' and hideous blush I'm outvoted!!

Trying to get ready for GP appt tomorrow, first priority, get HSG! Thanks for the info puppy. Is my logic correct? Radiology dept at my local hosp told me they're required to handle all appts within 6 weeks. My CD7-10 would be next week, too early for a referral I would think, so would that mean the HSG would have to be done next month, to be within the 6 week cutoff? Is that an NHS thing, or a local hospital thing?

Pipbin Thu 11-Apr-13 15:38:26

I like the idea of the badges. It means that people can offer a seat without insulting someone.

I feel really bad for Katniss but the reason this thread started was to get away from people complaining about TTCing #5 when some of us haven't even got to number 1.

wim for me it wasn't really reluctance, it was just doing the minimum possible each time and having no joined up thinking whatsoever.

So my tsh was over 7 in Dec. rather than using her brain knowing we're ttc after mmc in Nov and mention it, she just said 'it's looking a bit high so we'll retest in 3 months'. I naively didn't ask for details as I didn't know much about it then.

Feb comes after 3 months wasted angst over ttc and now levels are 15.5 so she starts me on 50mg levothyroxine and tells me to read and come back in 2 months for a check. Just a standard approach I guess. When I asked her how much the levels had changed she didn't have a clue and had to look them up- so no comparisons going on then.

So I do the reading and find out the risks associated with low thyroid, and that we should be aiming to get down to 2 and that I can be tested every 3-4 weeks so I get back on the blower and talk through it all. Making sure we're all aiming for below the magic 2 as well. And she agrees, saying 'you know more about this than me now'. Wish there could be a bit more joined up thinking.

Rant over.

I feel bad for katniss too. AND she was going to being cupcakes. Yum. sad

cherrycoconut Thu 11-Apr-13 15:54:17

Chortling at Peanut's claim to fame and drinking tea-ness on telly.

I'm back from a very interesting consultation with a nutritionist - DH was right to mourn the loss of some our staple foods, bless him - but she offered a small glimmer of hope that my whole mess could be salvageable with some hardcore health food so I'm all in <instates death grip and holds on for dear life>

I didn't think I did too badly in the diet department but turns out lots of things we eat and do are enough to wack out my hormone balance. Chuck in an uber stressful 2012 and apparently we're in the realms of adrenal fatigue, thyroid and blood sugar problems - and obviously ovarian malfunction too.

She said that pre IVF days, all fertility treatment was thyroid centred and it has to be working optimally for conception. Thunder your rant is totally justified I feel, WimWom again there's got to be something in this, damn GP's for their apathy.

Soo, I'm on a 90 day wheat, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, pork, milk, refined sugar free diet. I must drink sage tea, eat 60% green veg, 35% lean protein a day and take linseed.

A lot of what she said sounds painful to implement but perfectly sound in reasoning. Awaiting my detailed plans through savouring the last hot cross bun and then gotta take the plunge I think. I'll let you know how I go...

cherry this nutrition advice is fascinating. It's easy to forget how much of an effect our diet can have on our bodies but brilliant that making these pretty drastic changes means you can turn the situation around.

What happens after 90 days? Did she have good advice about general maintenance for good (reproductive) health?

I wonder if there's nutritional advice about thyroid- maybe something to do with kelp?!

cherrycoconut Thu 11-Apr-13 16:12:13

If it works Thunder it will be fucking amazing advice and I'm backed so far into a corner by this I'll try anything right now. Pretty much everything in the endocrine system is inter-related so I guess the new regime is to hormone proof everything and all relates to thyroid too.

Also no deodorant with aluminium and no more lip balm with petroleum anything chemical in it.

I have a follow up in 10 days and then another at 6 weeks to tweak supplements, extra foods to add/subtract. Watch this space I guess...

Wow, cherry sounds very positive but bl00dy hard work!! Is it both of you that have to stick to the diet or is DH doing it to be supportive?

cherrycoconut Thu 11-Apr-13 16:54:48

DH's first response was 'hmm, so you can't eat bread then... that means 90 days of being able to buy the stuff I like' ie the white stodgy stuff when I make him eat brown or granary!

I think read supportive to a point in this. I guess however it is me and me alone that has trashed my body to the point of exhaustion career ladder climbing like a mentalist, and running all over doing freelance work, trying to renovate a house, keep a horse, keep fit and generally galavant all over the place being on it too much and not resting enough. pales at realisation I is not invincible Is a hard lesson to swallow.

cherrycoconut Thu 11-Apr-13 17:14:14

While we're on the whole diet thing <thread hog alert>

I was told off for not eating enough protein as it's what hormones are made of, and as priority we have to regulate my sleep as 4hrs aint cutting it for hormone production either or indeed functioning like a rational human being

I have to do a home gut transit test too - with, wait for it, beetroot!!! Nutritionists must have to go there with poo in the same way gynaes reach for dildo cams me thinks! Apparently if stuff goes through you too quick you don't absorb the nutrients, and too slowly it can screw up your hormone balance as they are excreted through your digestion and can be reabsorbed if they're e in their too long.

OK, enough of the digestive chat... promise. Hopping off now to go for a facial, yippee, see what miracles she can work on my aged sleep deprived hag bag skin. smile

PuppyMummy Thu 11-Apr-13 17:30:10

Fingers crossed all the hard work will be worth it cherry.

I am crampy this eve which means af is on her way. A day early by the looks of it which is a shame as I thought I had settled at 24 days. Also means I am now going to sulk for another month.

Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk. That is all

Pipbin Thu 11-Apr-13 17:42:56

Blimey Cherry this seems like a lot of work.
It makes you wonder how some people who seem to survive on Redbull and chips manage to get knocked up so easily.
Was this an NHS nutritionalist or did you go of your own volition?

Sorry to hear she is on her way Puppy 24 days is short, do you have a good length LP?