TTC after MC - nice people in crap times, full of posifrickingtivity

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WillSantaComeAgain Tue 02-Apr-13 13:49:18

Welcome aboard ladies (though obviously sorry you have to be here). We're a friendly bunch so come in and plump up a cushion for POAS Fridays and lots of posifrickingtivity. With a few (gentle) fish slaps thrown in for good measure.

Bakingtins Tue 02-Apr-13 13:54:41

Marking place. Probably a good thing that my "poor me" rant is confined to the end of thread whatever-it-was (I've lost count). Posifrickingtivity all the way. Here's to lots of fertile Fridays on this thread.

Hi all. Well done santa that is great!

thanks for tins. Shitty shitty all these anniversaries sad

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 02-Apr-13 13:59:54

Thanks Baking for the title. And I hope you're all impressed with my IT skills at leaving a link (I am!!)

How are you Tuesdays going? I think everyone was feeling quite low over the weekend, which is probably something to do with it being a long weekend, with plenty of catching up with families and friends etc (and therefore plenty of chances for insensitive comments).

I had a few friends with EDDs the same as me and it was really hard to see them. But you just have to get on with it. I am sure that when I was pg with DC1 (in those blissfully innocent days when I didn't know how hard getting or staying pg could be) I offended or upset people, even though I did try to be sensitive.

It comes down to the fact that beyond "I'm so sorry" there is nothing anyone can say that is "right", because the things that I know would make me feel better may make a different person feel worse. And it makes a big difference depending who it is saying it. So its much easier to take sympathy from a friend who has been through it themselves, than it is to take it from someone who has sailed through sprogging up every 2 years like clockwork.
Yet sorry sounds so trite and generally the insensitve comments are said with all good intent.

Anyway, this is a new thread so lots of posifrickintivity required! Here's hoping this one brings lots of BFPs. smile

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 02-Apr-13 14:01:14

Oh yes, hugs for you baking. Anniversaries are horrid and there is no disguising that fact.

Thanks for the thread Santa!

I am feeling much the same as everyone else seems to be at the moment - nothing in particular kicked it off just feeling low. I am about 6 weeks post miscarriage and honestly thought it would be a distant memory by now (I know how naive that sounds). I hate the lack of control over my own emotions - generally in life if something is up or not right I deal with it and move forward but I cant apply that logic to this situation and its driving me mad - will it get easier??

I am 29 in a few weeks and someone told me that I 'better get a move on if I want DC#2' and that has got me fretting about things (they didn’t know about the miscarriage but still a bit off for them to say).

Bakings - big hugs to you lovely xx

29, mummy?!! You spring chicken you!

I am 34 and haven't managed to produce even one healthy child yet. Don't you let that sort of thing get to you!

santa you are right about the fact that there aren't many things that people can say as we're all so individual. I know I feel differently to many people on this thread even so try to be careful about what I say!

IBelieveInPink Tue 02-Apr-13 14:38:46

Hey lovelys. Sorry to hear that down- ness going on at the moment. Hopefully we will get some nice spring weather to brighten everything up soon.

Just checking in. I'm still hovering. Still in a Daily state of panic. Still not handling things that well. Nothing changes smile

Ah thanks thunder - I don’t feel like a spring chicken and their comment really got me worrying - thanks for your reassurance xx

I am going to try and throw some posifrickintivity towards becoming a bit healthier as I'm hoping that will help with the TTC and if I don’t fall pregnant at least I can show the doctors that I am really trying and they may be willing to listen to me a bit more. I would like to lose 2 stone so starting the couch to 5k this week and going to eat a bit better - although it is not easy when our fridge looks like something from Charlie and the chocolate factory - DS has enough chocolate to last until Christmas!! xx

alyant79 Tue 02-Apr-13 15:14:17

hello shiny new thread!

I was not very posifrickentive on my last post on the old thread. lucky it will be forgotten.
in a change of spirit, I will poas friday, and I will get a bfp grin.
anybody going to hold my hand?

hugs tins. pity we can't just "forget" thos sad anniversaries. maybe we should start a "burn our bras calendars" campaign wink.

mummy, 29 is nothing! whatcha worrying about girl?

pink how long do you have to wait now for scan?

LittleBairn Tue 02-Apr-13 15:23:29

Thunder that actually makes sense, its helped me worry less and shush that voice in my head that whispers "your never going to have your own child..."

Baking there isn't much I can say to make you feel better, mile stone days are shit, but I'm thinking of you.

mummytotheark I get the nagging too a out age I'm only 28! But that is old in my family to be having your first and DH is mid 40's. So I also start worrying about it too. Then I read all the threads on here women having babies in their 40's times have changed, we will be fine.

I've decided one positive change I can make and in my control is too loose weight, I eat healthy but too late and eat more quick snacks than meals and try be more active. It will at least give the midwives less opportunities to make cat bum faces next time.

I'll hold your hand aly as long as its not the one you're holding the stick with

This thread is starting out with some positive thoughts- I like it! I'm on cd 13 here and no smiley yet. Still ttc-ish although have blood test this week to monitor my levels so I think there's no chance til things get settled.

pink a big hug for you. How far along now? Guess 8 weeks is the milestone to get past? Thank you for hovering x

LittleBairn - I’m with you on the loosing weight front - we can do it!! I don’t want to give the Drs any reason not to listen to me properly about TTC and I know weight is the first thing they will see!!

I am feeling a lot more positive since my earlier post today - you ladies are so good at bringing out the posifrickintivity in me - love it!! x

Zeuxippe Tue 02-Apr-13 15:50:01

Hello like the new thread title vg!

Sorry to those having sad times sad.

I'm in a bit of a quandary. Af due on Sunday. I don't want to poas before then, but don't want to wait until the following Friday either. Can I poas on Sunday without any fish slapping becoming due?

alyant79 Tue 02-Apr-13 16:54:47

zeu that's the same as me! Actually AF due monday.

I was going to wait until then, but in the spirit of posifrickentivity might will poas friday: so do it with me (on a cheapie)!!
rationale as follows:
1. no fish slapping (most important wink)
2. if bfn: won't be disappointed as it's too early (or so I will tell myself), and/or will become more mentally prepared for AF's arrival
3. if bfp: will be v, v nervous of chemical pregnancy, but would be nervous of bfp on any day really

Zeuxippe Tue 02-Apr-13 17:37:44

Ooh I might just be tempted aly!!

shellshock7 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:23:01

Hey everyone, great thread title smile

Hope this posifrickintivity carries thru to some BFPs on Friday!

CamomileHoneyVanilla Tue 02-Apr-13 18:45:52

Afternoon all. Hope everyone is alright. Feel for everyone with either anniversaries coming up or pregnant friends who are presenting problems.

I'm a bit glum today too, but it is entirely my own fault as I felt the need to look at the September thread again. Don't know why I do it.

Grouch grouch grouch

I hope we see lots of BFPs this week. I'm not testing myself but like vicarious BFPs.

CamomileHoneyVanilla Tue 02-Apr-13 18:48:36

ooo - we have last nights new game of thrones recorded though <cheers up a bit>

LittleBairn Tue 02-Apr-13 19:05:50

camomile I watched it last night, so glad it's finally back on helps busy the mind.
The temptation of thread peaking is hard. I actually went off MN for about 3 months but when I first came back I made the mistake of taking a peak. It's like those game shows "here is a look a what you could have won...."
When I feel the temptation I actually close the browser down and busy myself with something until the temptation goes away.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Tue 02-Apr-13 19:10:06

Evening all, lovely new thread - thanks Santa flowers

Now who is being told that 28-29 is old! Hadn't even met DH til I was 30. Am staring 37 in the face (July) and it's not even occurred to me that I'm "old"

littlebairn sorry AF has got you, but heres hoping it's just a one off WTF cycle.
I'm having similar and just main a note of the timings in case they continue as will then take self to GP to get fobbed off

LittleBairn Tue 02-Apr-13 19:19:54

chocolate I know it rediclous I start believing them, then realise its them being out of touch not me. Plus almost all my bosses have been 40+ with at least one of their kids.

I'm actually the only (but one who has decided not to have children) one of my 15 female cousins who hasn't had a child, even my youngest cousin is due soon. I don't come from a scummy family but for some reason they reproduce young amd as easily as rabbits so I really do feel like a failure at times.

Funny how no one dares to say anything to the men, my DH is mid 40s no one is telling him to get a move on! Well apart from me during TTC week. wink

Lieslvontrapp Tue 02-Apr-13 19:28:55

Thanks Santa for the new thread. Baking hugs for those tough anniversaries. Sorry to hear lots of people have been feeling down. Hopefully the new thread brings lots of positivity and bfps.

I agree 28-29 is not old for a dc1 never mind a dc2!

I'm now on the 2 week wait and hoping to poas a week on Friday. Anyone else? Good luck to Zeux and Aly for bfps this week.

ldt87 Tue 02-Apr-13 20:00:05

Can I join please, currently miscarrying and all I can think about is getting pregnant again. I should have had my first midwife appointment tomorrow and would have been 10 weeks. What a way to spend the easter weekend! Did anyone else feel like an intense need to conceive again? It took us nearly 2 years this time and I'm terrified it will take so long again.

IBelieveInPink Tue 02-Apr-13 20:04:40

Thunder I am 7+2 now. Yes, speaking of anniversaries, this Sunday is the day to get past, that will be 8 weeks, where it all went tits up the first time.
Am planning a whole weekend of sitting and doing nothing!

Aly- is 1 week, 2 days and 13 hours til scan. Still terrified and convinced it is going wrong every day!

Yay for Friday poas-ers, I have everything crossed for you. (especially legs)

Bakingtins Tue 02-Apr-13 20:11:29

Hi LDT and of course you can join. I'm very sorry you are miscarrying, and I think it's a very normal reaction to want to TTC straight away - sort of righting a wrong to be pregnant again.
IBIP glad it is going ok so far, hope you get safely past your milestone at the weekend and have a good scan. Come back and tell us when it is all ok?

Bakingtins Tue 02-Apr-13 20:19:00

Gardenworm can I ask what happened about your TSH? Mine is 2.9, described as 'normal' by the receptionist, and I think yours was in the same ballpark. I will ask consultant next week but would be interested to know if you needed any further tests in the end.
thunder how long until yours gets rechecked now?

LittleBairn Tue 02-Apr-13 20:38:30

ltd yes absolutely had a really strong need to be pregnant again, it actually felt a very primal reaction.

Hi pink, l

ldt87 Tue 02-Apr-13 20:43:53

Has anyone got pregnant easily following a miscarriage? I'm so worried about how long it took us to get pregnant in the first place.


Was trying to say its looking good! Sunday is fast approaching, you're nearly there! Well done.

tins hit blood test this week but I might put it back til next week actually. I'll have been on the meds 4 weeks next tues and from what I read this is a good point to get it checked (apparently 4-6 weeks is when it should have all kicked in). Sounds to me like yours is probably absolutely fine (it apparently fluctuates throughout the day even) but is worth keeping an eye on.

ltd hi, and sorry you're here. I had that urge too, hope you aren't with us too long.

LittleBairn Tue 02-Apr-13 20:49:46

itd I've heard of many who got pregnant quickly almost like it gives their body a hormonal kick start, in fact many of the midwives and Drs mentioned it.
But there are no firm rules to MC I got pregnant quickly but I'm now struggling to get pregnant again.

Yep lots of people get pg quickly after mc.

MrsExcited Tue 02-Apr-13 21:12:26

Marking place

Hi to LTD

On holiday at the mo which is helping with the positivity, so hello from somewhere in the sahara!

ChocolateCremeEggBag Tue 02-Apr-13 21:12:42

Hi LTD - I spent a week on the sofa reading MN and the other site threads about people conceiving straight away after mc. There are lots of them! And I think it's a totally normal reaction.

I got pg first month of trying for DC2 (my DSis 2.5) but now in 3rd cycle post mc and still have weirdness

Will try to POAS on Friday if AF hasn't found me

alyant79 Tue 02-Apr-13 22:44:34

Yay zeu and hopefully chocolate poas buddies.

Hi ltd. so sorry for you, what a crappy weekend. like choc I spent ages reading all these positive stories of people getting pg basically as soon as physically possible. Am now waiting for my very first cycle (had to have follow up erpc 4 weeks later which cost me a month) so we will see. not feeling overly hopeful will have a bfp!!

Sal1977 Wed 03-Apr-13 00:08:59

Hi All, found the new thread!

Hello to lTD, sorry you are here and I totally get the need to get up-duffed quickly again following MC. I had an ERPC on Thursday so just a couple of days ahead of you.

I am amazed by people to be honest. A couple of family members who were brilliant last week before and just after the op, texted me today saying "did you have a nice Easter weekend?"....WTF??? I felt like replying "well considering I had my womb hoovered out 5 days ago removing a very much wanted baby, I have had better Easter weekends". Instead I replied "it was a quiet one...".

DP emailed the friends was brilliant! They have said they will wait for us to contact them....phew!

alyant79 Wed 03-Apr-13 07:19:30

You should have told them off sal. I guess people don't realise how slow time passes afterwards and how bad the hormone crash is. My mum said exactly the same to me shortly after. Nearly strangled her.
Even my dh, when we found out that I needed the extra erpc said "oh well, it's only another 4 weeks added, think how quickly the last four have passed"!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, they were the slowest and most horrible ever. It really brought home that even though he had been upset at first, because it isn't his body, it really isn't the same.

In fairness, before my mc I didn't understand either.

alyant79 Wed 03-Apr-13 07:21:44

Ps sal that's great that your friends were so understanding

And yay for Sahara holidays mrs

Hi all,

Good re holidays and understanding friends!

Cd14 and still no smiley here...where are you eggy?!

DIYandEatCake Wed 03-Apr-13 09:40:46

sal, wait til you have mil going 'are you trying again yet? We could have a baby for Christmas, ooh, wouldn't that be nice?' Um, yes, but not all of us can have babies to order...

ldt I can sort of understand your fears, dd took 18 months trying, the baby I miscarried only took 6 though. I'm kind of afraid our next one might be more like 18 months again, it's so hard trying month after month isn't it and then we're back to square 1. Did you have any investigations into why it took so long? We have issues with dp's swimmers but at least we know it is possible.

Even though I know pg is extremely unlikely this month, I still can't stop that bit of deluded hope creeping in. Will have to stock up on wine for the weekend (af due sat or sun I think, no poas Friday though as really I know it will be negative).

LittleBairn Wed 03-Apr-13 09:59:43

sal I got the "nice Christmas..." hmm yes it was great fun choosing a headstone and I now have a favourite brand of maternity pad.

Does anyone do anything specific to help with conception?

I'm planning next months action plan:
Buy new CBFM sticks
Start taking Evening primrose oil
Take Folic Acid, wait for my mega prescription.
DTD (kinda necessary...)
Eat well and keep active
Search for Angus Castus (maybe get it at holland & barret)
Cut caffeine to Zero
Do the serenity prayer each morning to help me chill out and relax about it
'God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.'

Even considering a holiday if we book it last minute then I don't have to worry about being away while pregnant.

MrsSpencerReid Wed 03-Apr-13 10:10:02

Found you! Hello ltd, sorry you find yourself here. After three horrid, long days at work I am going back to bed now gringrinjust hope no one rings the doorbell!

Weaselicious Wed 03-Apr-13 10:13:45

Hello ladies might just hover for a while if that's ok as only just mc'd at five weeks and no decisions made about what to do next. Just want to soak up some posifrickingtivity xx

alyant79 Wed 03-Apr-13 10:35:40

foolishly symptom spotting: STARVING!!

DIY is there anything to be done about those sluggish swimmers? or do you just have to get lots of them up there and hope?
maybe you should poas friday with zeu and I. I'm expecting a bfn too

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 03-Apr-13 11:25:24

Hi Weasel - hover away - you don't have to be ttc-ing again to be here (shuffles up to make room)

I have given up on my CBFM this month - it's been given a stern talking to and will be facing the wall until it is either required again or will be sold as not needed. So will no doubt be back in use this weekend when AF gets me

Hurry up Friday - No idea if/when I ov'd but I have plenty of cheapy HPTS to waste.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 03-Apr-13 14:07:27

Helloo my lovelies. I hope wednesday finds you all in good spirits.
LDT, a sad welcome to you. Its a safe haven here, and do visit the Miscarriage board. There are some amazing people there.
WRT age, so far 37 is the oldest mentioned, well Im 38 at the end of the month, so you are all babies! grin
AF departed yesterday, so the plan for this month is to POAOPK starting tomorrow and then try to keep DTD a little more casual! Poor DP looked a little stunned last month, and neither of our heads ended up in a very good place.
MY LP seemed short last month, so Im going to keep track this month, then look into vitamin B6 if it runs short again.

DIYandEatCake Wed 03-Apr-13 15:08:39

alyant, only the usual stuff like healthy eating, exercise, reducing stress etc. I'm only going to poas before Monday if I get a migraine so I can be sure taking ibuprofen is ok - we missed the 2 best days this month due to in-laws staying (grr). Hate getting negative pg tests so only test when I'm deluded in with a real chance.

Just had a lovely morning with a friend and her 2 kids, including a 1 month old - I was fine with cuddling him, the hardest thing actually was seeing 2yo dd so completely besotted with him. She just loves babies. Just hit home that i should have been having one in 3 months' time. Hopefully we'll manage to have another before she outgrows her baby-loving phase!

cadidog Wed 03-Apr-13 15:44:20

Can I join too? I'm pretty sure I mc'd over the weekend. It was very early days in the pregnancy but since I had a scan last Thur at a EPAU the blob seemed very real to me (planning a first Xmas with baby) so losing it a few days later has been awful.

I had an appointment for another scan next Thur, so I called the EPAU this morning. Surprisingly they still want to see me so I guess I'll go. I think I've got a works party to attend that evening so I'll have to wear my game face that night. On the plus side I'll likely be able to drink so it's not all bad.

My crazy hormones totally want to get pregnannt again a.s.a.p. but I'm not sure another loss straight after this one would be great for my mental health.

AngelMummy2012 Wed 03-Apr-13 15:55:56

Hello Ladies can I join?

I lost my baby boy Riley at 23weeks on April 6th, its his first birthday Saturday sad. I fell pregnant instantly with him. I had to have 2 D&C's after and I got Pelvic Inflammatory disease.

We tryed again and found out we were expecting end of June after ithink amonth or 2, then got diagnoised with a over active thyroid. Lost 2 stone near enough instantly and lost my baby naturally at 7 weeks after 2 scans on August 16th.

Fell pregnant again end of November after about a month or 2. Had a big bleed, went for a scan at 6weeks no hb. Went again a week later and it confirmed baby had no hb. Had a D&C on 20th December as baby wasn't going to come naturally.

Been on the pill since then and me and my partner decided last week to try again, so nervous! We are making it fun and not worrying... kinda. Should be ovulating any day now! Sorry for the long post and grammar.. on my phone. You seem like a lovely bunch smile thanks

GardenWorm Wed 03-Apr-13 16:28:04

Hello angel and cad and sorry you have been through the mill so to speak and find yourself here but hopefully soon you and the others will be joining the graduate thread with some bfp's.

baking I decided not to go crazy chasing up the TSH levels (2.4), and wait to get them tested again at the midwife appt if I get that far. I am wavering between calmness and dread but I'm a big believer in fate and things happening for a reason so what will be will be. From what I read the GP wouldn't be much help anyway it requires a specialist as its quite complex. Thunder hope your levels are rapidly falling!

Hello everyone else, stay posifrickintive!!!! X

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 03-Apr-13 17:30:52

Hi Angel and Cad - sorry that you are finding yourselves here.

Angel - have you had any investigations after your 2 early MC's? Sounds like you have been through the mill more that most!

Cad - it's worth the second scan just to make sure you have actually passed everything. Ask them to check your ovaries as they may be able to see if you are about to ov - you will probably be advised to wait for 1-3 AF's but plenty of people have started to ttc straight away once the bleeding has stopped.

AngelMummy2012 Wed 03-Apr-13 17:58:42

Thank you Garden.

Chocolate I know the reason for my late loss and have been offered extra scans and swabs for reasurance. But unfortunately I'm still awaiting a letter back from my reccurent miscarriage tests. They got the results back over 2 weeks ago, so I'm guessing all results are normal. as they haven't asked me to come in hmm

If you ladies don't mind me asking when and how far along were your loses? Never thought so many woman went through pregnancy loss sad

GardenWorm Wed 03-Apr-13 18:47:04

Angel 5 weeks and 8 weeks, am 6+3 with fingers crossed and am grateful (if that's the right word) that my MC's were early. It must be incredibly difficult to lose a baby further on (and I don't agree with it still being called a miscarriage). X

AngelMummy2012 Wed 03-Apr-13 19:55:50

Sorry to hear about you two losses, but congratulations on your new pregnancy.. sending you lots of sticky vibes! [Thanks]

I thought i was the only one who didn't agree with late losses being called miscarriages! I say he's a stillbirth, as he was only a week away sad. They wouldn't of saved him if he was born breathing! I was treated badly, so making a complaint then trying to get it recognised!

Hope this pregnancy goes swiftly for you! [Smile]

alyant79 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:00:05

Welcome cad and angel and the others whose names I've forgotten (on phone).
You've all had a rough time recently.
Angel I would call them. Don't assume that they are on the ball with getting back to you. As you say, probably there is nothing wrong, but it can't hurt to ring them.

I had an anembryonic pregnancy/missed miscarriage, diagnosed at my 12 week scan. There was just a big empty sac there, nothing else.

alyant79 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:02:25

Cross posts. Angel that is really tough. Fight hard girl!

AngelMummy2012 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:46:39

We rung them 2 weeks ago and they said someone has to write the letter then it will be posted. I'm getting my partner to call tomorrow.

I will fight, pregnant woman need more recognition!

Sorry to hear about your missed miscarriage sad

LittleBairn Wed 03-Apr-13 21:03:21

Angel I was really shocked they use MC as a term for any baby born under 24 weeks. I'm used to it now and accept it as a medical term, but the first time it was used in regards to me it was a shock, especially as they had just struggled the separate me from the placenta for 8 hours.

I was stunned at how slow the system of testing can be especially if you want to wait for the results before you TTC again. DS full post mortum results took around 17 weeks to get back that's just a bit longer than I was pregant!
But we are still waiting some clarifications after getting a very vague letter from my consultant.

I do feel our locally hosptial could try a bit harder to understand how hard it can be on couples, I had one midwife quip "well all DHs have to leave each night..." I did answer back "are all their babies dying too..."
The sent him home and I woke up early morning knowing that DS was gone.

I too have some issues I would like to take up with the hosptial but I feel so scared to mentally relive it all, drag it all up.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 03-Apr-13 21:16:57

I had a natural MC the day after scan at 8 weeks which showed that my little one had stopped developing at around 6.5 weeks ( just after the first scan basically).
Angel - losing at 23 weeks cannot be the same, really hope you get some answers

Weaselicious Wed 03-Apr-13 21:20:01

Just a quick update and a massive thank you to the team at Pembury hospital A&E who saw me so quickly this evening after two doctors at my GPs dismissed my miscarriage over the phone.

Have had proper exam, fluids and IV painkillers and have final scan booked for tomorrow instead of next week. Cervix closed so have either completed miscarriage or ? Will know tomorrow. Pretty sure is MC but fucking hell, what a difference actually being listened to makes. Obs & Gynae doc told me I'd done exactly the right thing going in so if you know something's not right don't be fobbed off. Hugs all xx

Hello ladies - hope you have all had lovely Thursdays. Welcome to the new ladies, sorry you find yourself here - it's so sad but you will find lots of support on here.

Saggy - I am the same as you Hun - AF just finishing and trying to take a more casually approach this cycle as I got a bit obsessed and slightly sex pest like last cycle blush I am going to do my OPKs everyday to get a better idea of my cycle and also watch my LP as it seemed short last cycle - I am looking into vitamin B but I'm getting myself confused!! X

Sorry ladies, I meant to say - hope you have had lovely Wednesdays! Xx

Weaselicious Wed 03-Apr-13 21:29:11

Sorry if previous post was a bit down - thought after us written this night not be the right place. X

Weaselicious Wed 03-Apr-13 21:30:52

Might not be the right place even. Face palm.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 03-Apr-13 21:44:03

No weasel - good to hear you got seen and treated well. Makes me feel better that we can get good service in the hospitals as well as bad.

Hope you get good news at the scan tomorrow - IFYKWIM

GardenWorm Wed 03-Apr-13 21:52:24

Weasel fingers are crossed for you. Well done for sticking up for yourself and getting the treatment you deserve. Glad Pembury has come up trumps for you, it's my 'local' and I've had a mixed bag there. X

BootyBigFatFridayBanger Thu 04-Apr-13 06:55:30

Hello everyone - welcome to the recently joined ladies, so sorry to see you here

Been lurking recently but that's about it, feeling a bit mardy. Am due to POAS next fertile Fri 12th if anyone wants to join me? x

alyant79 Thu 04-Apr-13 07:28:14

Weasel that's good you got sorted at hospital yesterday. Fx the scan gives you clear answers today

Weaselicious Thu 04-Apr-13 09:25:07

Thanks Alyant. This is quite shit isn't it? Feeling all over the place this morning.

Deep breaths.

Thinking posifrickingtively though, nicest thing yesterday was DH gently correcting my 'if' we try again to 'when'. He's been amazing - passes out at the sight of needles/blood so spent yesterday evening sat in the floor of the cubicle in A&E so he was there but didn't have far to fall smile

fod27 Thu 04-Apr-13 09:34:17

Hi guys sorry I went AWOL lol just tried to find you guys smile here's a pop quiz for ya.... I had AF which was very light and spotting (first one post ERPC) then it stopped for a couple of days followed by a day of normal bleeding (well normal for me - as in not heavy or light) followed by brownish blood, is this normal? Should I be worried? Been soddin self diagnosing via google .... Not good....could it be Ashermans?

alyant79 Thu 04-Apr-13 09:59:21

fod i don't know. haven't had first AF yet. But sounds like the first one is often a bit strange. I don't know what Ashermans is, and I'm not going to google it - no doubt I will scare myself.
Sorry sad

weasel good luck today. Yay for supportive DH, i hope he doesn't faint today!

cadi next thursday sounds a awfully long time to wait. Could you try and get in earlier?? You are very brave to be planning on going to your work party afterward. There is no way that I could have gone to something like that. Mostly because I get the most terrible blotchy red swollen face after crying which stays around for hours.
Also it seems to be totally normal to want to get pg again immediately. It's so hard to adjust to suddenly being not-pregnant.

going to buy my cheapie sticks today for poas friday. very nervous and scared, but completely expecting a bfn, so will fall off the toilet if it's anything else.

DIYandEatCake Thu 04-Apr-13 12:45:17

fod I think it's normal for the first af to be screwed up, and if I remember right from my googling while trying to decide what to do about my mc, one of the signs of ashermans is no bleeding? (Don't quote me on that though...!) it might not be over yet, my first af (after a 'natural' mc) was stop-start for a few days before it got going, lasted nearly 2 weeks in all confused.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 04-Apr-13 13:02:01

Fod I had a very similar first AF. The brown spotting went on for ages. The next one was much more normal.
Mummy I think 100mg of b6 is a good place to start from what Ive read, but there was also something else about taking it with b12 to balance it out? Im monitoring another cycle, then Ill look into it further.
Agnus Castus is another option, but apparently you ought not to take it without seeing a herbalist first.

WillSantaComeAgain Thu 04-Apr-13 13:08:40

Hello all,

Went to the dr this morning, slightly in two minds as to whether I wanted to go, as even if he did offer to start testing now (following 2MMCs) I'm not sure I want it yet. Anyway, as expected, he wasn't inclined to go for tests yet but has agreed that he'll refer me for an early scan next time without having to go through the pain of booking in.

Still in a bad place about actually wanting to get pregnant - I really don't. But I so desparately want another baby that I feel really conflicted. I've finally lost ALL the weight I put on with DC1 and some more, and I'm almost back at my pre-sedentary job thinnest and I'm loving it. That's such a crap reason not to get pg again, but its really weighing on my mind (pardon the pun).

I'm also really enjoying all the things that you can do when you're not pregnant - not just drinking (doesn't fit well with weightloss) but generally having fun and feel good, physically.

I know it sounds really bad, especially round here where I know that everyone would kill to be pg again, but I know you don't mind me being honest.

But back poCBFMs again this week - CD10 and first high today. Though its hard to get us both in the mood to DtD when its so damn cold at night that I'm in thick (and very unsexy) flannel pjs and socks!! grin

So, assuming that i don't ovulate for another week, what do you reckon? DtD every other night till I get a peak?

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 04-Apr-13 13:28:09

Will I think feeling torn is natural. You have been through an ordeal and there is a chance that if you get PG you will go through it again. I think it is also tied up with hormones being all over the place and once they settle down its easier to be objective. Nobody would blame you for not wanting to go through all the worry and stress again. You just need to go with your heart.
And yes every other day now and every day for 3 days once you actually ovulate according to SMEP.

DIYandEatCake Thu 04-Apr-13 13:31:08

santa there's nothing wrong with seeing the positives of our situation. I'm trying to do the same but not succeeding as well as you. Actually the first half of my cycle I'm pretty good, the second half all I can think about is whether I might be pregnant again blush. Would be far better to get on with life properly, need to make that a goal I think.

BlackholesAndRevelations Thu 04-Apr-13 13:33:47

Hi all, hope you don't mind me joining? Ttc again after two miscarriages, one straight after the other with one AF in-between.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 04-Apr-13 13:34:35

<<waves at BlackHoles>>
Welcome. smile

BlackholesAndRevelations Thu 04-Apr-13 13:37:15

Sorry for the brief intro! I'm pretty sure I oved at the weekend and dtd. I'm really quite scared about being pregnant again but feel a need to have another baby! Nice to meet you all and hope everyone is doing ok today. Here's to many bfps tomorrow! X

BlackholesAndRevelations Thu 04-Apr-13 13:38:11

Thanks for the invite and welcome, Saggy! smile

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 04-Apr-13 13:40:03

Shit! I'd forgotten its friday tomorrow!
Right! Who is POAS tomorrow? ROLL CALL...

Zeuxippe Thu 04-Apr-13 13:47:02

I will! Provided af doesn't show her face first...

alyant79 Thu 04-Apr-13 13:57:13

DAMN!!!! was due to poas tomorrow but pretty sure AF is starting.
tiny tiny amount of brownish on wiping (sorry, tmi).

Of course it could be implantation bleeding or some such (had that with DD1 and mistook for AF so didn't actually realise that I was pg for AGES), but since this is cycle 0 after ERPC I really don't think it is.
Bugger sad
Maybe I'll poas anyway if it doesn't get any stronger just for the reassurance that drinking wine (medicinally, of course) is OK wine

Hi blackholes

santa this might be a controversial thought, but since you're feeling ambivalent about getting pg again, why don't you take it easy for a couple of cycles?? Don't poaopk, don't smep etc - just dtd when you feel like it? If you're anything like a lot of us, you'll "feel like" it at around about the appropriate time anyway. And then everything will be all fun and games, no pressure, and then maybe you'll want to be pg again.

AngelMummy2012 Thu 04-Apr-13 14:16:18

I'm so bad at following posts blush

Good luck for scan today weasel and good luck to all the ladies who are POAS tomorrow!!!

I still have 2 weeks to wait envy
I went on the intenet to check my most fertile days babycentre. It said I should ovulate on the 1st, is theira chance I will ovulate later? Never concentrated on when I ovulate before

icklemssunshine1 Thu 04-Apr-13 14:27:22

Oooh, new thread! Haven't been on for a while as been away enjoying my Easter break but not DTD (DH and I sharing a room with DD & she is easily disturbed!). How are we ladies? 5 weeks since ERPC & no AF so may POAS tomorrow. Have had a couple if days light spotting so not sure if implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding but at least I'll know this time tomorrow & even if its a BFN I'll still be happy as my body must be getting back to normal. Got my positifrickinivity back!! smile

katerinaemalina Thu 04-Apr-13 15:33:00

hello all waves just popping in mark place. am with diy - I've been ok during first 2 weeks - can do other stuff, it's the second (or make that 3 for me grr) weeks that I go bonkers.
Am plunging into new crafty hobby. Am buying a sewing machine yey me.
Good luck to all poas tomorrow.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 04-Apr-13 15:35:23

Did you watch The Great British Sewing Bee Katerina?

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 04-Apr-13 15:38:22

Angel I havent been on BabyCentre, but i think that most cycle calculators work on a generic average. In order to understand your own cycle you need to use some kind of ovulation detector like a CBFM or the internet pee sticks, or do CM monitoring or temping. The app on my phone was nearly a week out last cycle.

katerinaemalina Thu 04-Apr-13 15:38:57

btw does anyone know if it's ok for cycles to be 36 days in length - is that ever a factor to cause problems?
Am also after some amazing cures to decrease stress. Am feeling quite stressy from work apart from the other obvious reason, but know it's not a good thing to be if ttc. Sometimes feel like my heart hammers in my chest around poas time too. Am going to try and find a cheap yoga class, any other advice for chilling the f*ck out?

katerinaemalina Thu 04-Apr-13 15:39:25

saggy yes i did. loved loved loved it! Did you?

Weaselicious Thu 04-Apr-13 15:44:10

MC confirmed today. Am going to hole up now for a while and then get cracking again - DH and I didn't think we could even get pregnant so I guess this is at least a step in the right direction. If that doesn't sound too barking.

Wine for me later.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 04-Apr-13 15:49:59

I saw it. It made my mouth water for the smell of a warm sewing machine! confused
Maybe you should just trow the pee sticks away. hide them. Forget about peeing altogether until you are totally sure anyway.

DIYandEatCake Thu 04-Apr-13 16:51:30

So sorry weasel, look after yourself, it takes time to heal. alyant fingers crossed for implantation bleeding then. I am still determined not to poas tomorrow, af due at the weekend and I'm sure she will arrive, don't want to waste another stick!

Even though I know I'm not pg this month, still feel sick, just like I did last month and the month before that, before af arrives... Is it purely psychosomatic, am I going crazy? Never felt like that when we were ttc before.

DIYandEatCake Thu 04-Apr-13 16:54:30

katerina, what are you going to make? I need to make some curtains and am thinking about making a little playmat for best friend's baby due later this year.

DIYandEatCake Thu 04-Apr-13 17:04:58

Hi blackholes so sorry it's happened twice, that sucks. Welcome and fingers crossed for you this month.

alyant79 Thu 04-Apr-13 17:16:08

oooh ickle got fx for bfp for you. Sounds v promising! and others of course.

santa i forgot to say before that's excellent news of being back to skinny. yay!

katerina how exciting to buy a sewing machine. What will you make?
I am making these shorts:
for my DD at the moment and they are turning out super cute.

In the interests of getting my life back on track and trying to forget ttc (and at the same time jinx it into happening) have ordered some fabric and the pattern to make this for myself:

DIY I like the sound of your projects. A little playmat sounds adorable.

Evening all!

Welcome newbies, sorry you are here. weasel, hope you are looking after yourself after a horrible day.

All this sewing talk is inspiring me! Anyone got a cool but very simple beginners project I could try?

icklemssunshine1 Thu 04-Apr-13 18:39:58

Thanks alyant, as I said I have no clue what tomorrow brings. BFP is obviously what I'm hoping for but if not I hope AF comes soon so can start tracking my cycles properly. I was always so regular before that I'm hoping that'll continue. Don't get home til lunch so it'll be a case of drinking a load after breakfast & crossing my legs til I get home!!

Thunder the creative bug of others has also bitten me. I taught mysel to knit last week & half way to creating a baby hat, going to put it away & have it as "present" for the little bean I didn't get to meet smile

Ahhh ickle that's so cute smile. I definitely want to make something!

Fx to you and aly for tomorrow (sticking with implantation, aly)

icklemssunshine1 Thu 04-Apr-13 18:49:06

I'd def give knitting a whirl, finding it so relaxing & stops me reaching for the biscuits (kind of!). My friend told me crocheting would be easier but I found some really good tutorials on YouTube. The talk of sewing makes me want to try that, there's only so much knitted stuff you can wear! DH jokes that he'll be kitted out in a knitted vest, shirt and trousers next winter. Well that's his Xmas present sorted!! Oh he'll rue the day he called me "Grandma" and asked me to show my birth certificate <evil plan laugh>

I have done a bit of knitting but I'm petrified of knitting patterns- I have no idea! Would like to knit myself a tank top- think I'm being too ambitious!

icklemssunshine1 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:02:51

There are websites that will de-code the patterns. I'm starting off small. I found a site that just said to knit the hat all I have to do is knit 60 rows of basic stitch & then sew it into shape. We'll see how it looks at then end! Still when I'm doing it I think about the little bean so it's made with love and that's all that matters. Soppy I know!

alyant79 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:32:35

Ickle that is a really lovely idea.
I can't knit for shit but can crochet,

So far nothing more had materialised from af/implantation bleed so still going to poas tomoz. Bought the sticks afterall

icklemssunshine1 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:35:13

Fx & lots of positifrickinivity smile

WillSantaComeAgain Thu 04-Apr-13 19:43:31

I have thought about taking it easy for a bit, but we did that before and I now regret the time "wasted" (all three of my pg have been as a result of a concerted effort). So I will just keep my eye on the endgame (the baby) and not the shit it takes to get there.

Anyway, in another rant, the f***ers at NHS Blood donation wouldn't take my blood because of the two mcs- and dint want me back till I've finished having kids. It's my go damn body and I want to choose what I do with it angry

Bakingtins Thu 04-Apr-13 19:54:06

Wow this thread moves fast. I've been up to Birmingham for a couple of days at a work meeting. Nice to think about something else for a few days, though there were plenty of bumps and a few babies around even there.
Welcome to any newbies, good luck to anyone who is POAS tomorrow.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Thu 04-Apr-13 20:32:03

Evening all,

I recommend joining ravelry if you knit or crochet (or want to start) as you can find free patterns ( and ones to buy) that others have then knitted and posted pics so you can see if you like them. I have started a cardigan as my first knitting project as I saw lots of Others had knitted it this one
Loved the Sewing Bee - great inspiration and lovely beardy judge to ogle but did find Winkleman's commentary a bit patronising at times (cos I am that good already grin)

Waves at blackholes - but sorry you are here as well

Well I shall be POAS-ing tomorrow, have no idea if/ when I ov'd and have had some brown gunk last night so AF is likely on her way, but I have "felt" pg today - twingey tummy and funny feeling that I can't finger on.

choc that cardigan is BEAUTIFUL! Its my perfect piece of knitwear. Are you serious that's your first project?

Ooo another fx for tomorrow!

icklemssunshine1 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:49:05

Thanks for the tip chocolate. Checked out the cardi, not sure I'm brave enough for that! Fx for you tomorrow, I'm a big believer in "funny feelings" smile

IBelieveInPink Thu 04-Apr-13 21:15:38

Fingers crossed for all poas-ers for tomorrow. Choc- funny feelings was what told me I was 2nd and 3rd times! (1st time not the foggiest!)

And thanks for the reminder about the sewing bee- I meant to etch tht and forgot!

JanieLovesCake Thu 04-Apr-13 21:32:12

hello chatterboxes, had to come searching for you guys! hope you are all doing well. wanted to say good luck for all the posers tomorrow. set your alarms early girls smile

i also LOVE that cardigan chocolate. i can't knit so no attempt trying just now, but MIL is a whizz at every type of needle craft so i might show her it and maybe she'll help me smile

ChocolateCremeEggBag Thu 04-Apr-13 21:41:05

I had my mum help me get the wool and right needles, then ravelry has helped with the tricky new accronyms, but it's basically ALOT of knitting and purling. I have only done hats and random scarves up to now, but wanted to make something I'll actually wear (possibly) if I was going to put all the effort into making it up. Have managed the collar and about 2 inches down so will be ready for autumn I should guess!

I have my eye on a tank top for DS - but need to save up for the wool (hobby craft 3 for 2 offer seems to be the best I can find)

Have been constructing a tractor for DS to wear to fancy dress birthday party on Sat . The theme is "favourite character from a book" - DS is in to the sale ads at the end of the Farming Times and his tractor ted/Tom books, so is a no brainer. I bet he will refuse to wear it though

Evening chatty ladies!!

Weasel - sorry to hear your mc was confirmed Hun - be kind to yourself and give yourself as much time as you need.

Blackholes - welcome, sorry you are here - it's so sad that there are so many of us but its a fantastic thread for support.

Saggy - thanks for the vitamin b info - did you start taking it on cd1 - I'm cd10 at the moment so wondering if its worth starting it this cycle - I don't ovulate until cd25-28.

Good luck for anyone POAS tomorrow - fingers crossed!! X

alyant79 Thu 04-Apr-13 21:58:52

Yup that's a great cardi.
choc funny feeling sounds good. Fx.
Little bit more brownish gunk for me. But if it is af it's 3 days early. Hmm.

Thanks for the fx janie and pink, nice to see you! and thanks everyone else too

shellshock7 Thu 04-Apr-13 22:03:41

Good luck for POAS Friday - hope we get some BFPs smile

santa they don't want my blood either till I've finished having kids, was a bit put out at the time but the reasoning makes sense...we take vitamins to aid any PG so why would we give it away, but was upset when I had just MCd again and was trying to do a good thing!

jmf294 Thu 04-Apr-13 23:00:41

Hope there is hCG all around for those POAS tomorrow.
Thinking of you all xx

GardenWorm Thu 04-Apr-13 23:11:54

weasel so sorry to hear your mc was confirmed, hope you are being looked after in real life X

Hello everyone else, less than an hour to poas and I'm on a quick change over shift so will be back checking at 6am on the commute, for any early birds! Good Luck Ladies x

POSIFRICKINTIVITY coming your way smile

Weaselicious Thu 04-Apr-13 23:42:15

Thank you lovely people. Being v well looked after by DH, and though I can't knit for toffee, I do stitch, and the wonderful Emily Peacock does some fab designs. Hugely therapeutic. Will keep my fingers crossed for those POASing tomorrow, hopefully I'll be joining you soon. X

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 05-Apr-13 07:07:03

BFN for me this morning - Just using cheapy hpts from eBay until I think it's worth a better one.
As I didn't get a peak on CBFM I have no idea if/when I ov'd and DH was away last week so didn't have much chance
Will see if AF shows up and maybe test again on Sunday if not.

Fx for everyone else Poasing

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 07:17:23

Well. I think that I can see a v v v v v faint line. BUT more clear evidence of af: actually a bit of red gunk, not just a brown tinge.
So I'm either going crazy and imaging the line, or there was something there, but it's not going to stick.
If that's the case I'm ok with it. It's hard to make a proper human and I want perfect. And would it prove that super sperm do work, just not quite right this time.
still could be implantation bleed but unlikely

Boo choc, but with no AF could still be too early

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 05-Apr-13 07:42:47

aly fx on your faint line!! I have been peering at my stick and think I'm now convincing myself I can see a line where there clearly isn't one.
Let's see what the day brings - hopefully not bloody AF!

Zeuxippe Fri 05-Apr-13 07:59:32

Well the poas update here is I think there's a faint line!! But not going to cal it a bfp yet, will poas again next week...

IBelieveInPink Fri 05-Apr-13 08:01:44

3 for 3! Meep! I will cross fingers and toes and legs and hope they are all sticky ones for you.... X

Zeuxippe Fri 05-Apr-13 08:01:59

Fx choc and aly too. Faint lines all round!!

Can we have a second poas session eg on Sunday??

Bakingtins Fri 05-Apr-13 08:09:23

Fx for all these faint lines becoming stronger ones!

Waaaa! Hooray look at these lines! Well done ladies and fx aly

Yes to poas sun - its in the rules remember if you've already had a line.

Congrats congrats x

JanieLovesCake Fri 05-Apr-13 08:32:13

Oooh lines!! We love lines!! Get a digi and poas again!!!!!! Yippeee for lines!!

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 08:40:44

woo to zeu and choc

how'd you go ickle?

i had another look at my "line" after it had been in the bin for 15 min and I could still see something. But I think it must have been my imagination because AF has defo arrived now. Boo.
Oh well, it's good that my body is working again as it should after ERPC.

Ostrich78 Fri 05-Apr-13 08:49:25

Hi ladies, sorry for butting in on your good news this morning, I almost posted a message last night but chickened out. Poas this morning and there's a line and I can't stop shaking!
I have 1 DS (3.10) & had 3 mmc in the last 2 years so Im feeling v nervous! Been for tests (advised to take aspirin and heparin this pregnancy) and had scar tissue removed as had 3 erpc. Hoping for hand holding as I've been mental this week! Very happy to hold hands too. Will be poads tomorrow as I want to see the words. Take care x

Ooh pants aly. Still- its definitely a good thing when your body gets back into gear again after it all

SpanishLady Fri 05-Apr-13 08:50:08

POAS Friday so am back to check up on you lot - LOVING the faint line news - fingers, toes, ears everything frickin crossed!

Not such great news in RL as a very dear friend has had a second IVF round 'fail' (horrible word) - shes pretty low so hoping with a bit of space she will feel up to thinking about her next step.

A work colleague has also had the news that at 30 and after 2 MCs and an Ectopic (lost one of her tubes) they still wont do any tests or exploratory work until she loses another baby - its so frustrating and I feel desperately sorry for her but we cooked up a plan for her to get tests done privately (with our work insurance plan which Im a liaison for)to try and force a kick start to some assistance so am hopeful for her.

Sorry to see new arrivals and weasel - sending you my very best wishes that you recover quickly

I have just passed the point I miscarried last time - am now 9+1. I have a booking in appt on Wednesday if I make it (cant shake off the habit of being abit super cautious) - does anyone know if you have a chance of hearing a heart beat at 9+6 or too early?

and back to fertile friday and whoo hoo to sensational sunday!

Congrats ostrich and welcome!

We'll look after you here thanks

SpanishLady Fri 05-Apr-13 08:53:57

sorry Aly but agree there is some positivity still to be found in your lovely body healing

congrats Ostrich!!!!! whoo hoo booty shake!

FYI my work colleague is 39 not 30!

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 09:02:31

hi ostrich, congrats on the line and hopefully hopefully hopefully the world is kind to you this time.

spanish I know you can see a heart beat in a scan at 9 weeks, but it might be too early to just listen in to by ear at the midwife appt.
Yay for passing your milestone

Feeling a bit sad at AF. I knew that I was away from DH at the critical time but I was still hoping... I was hoping that my body would follow your lead spanish: those timings would have worked for me.
Oh well, trying to keep posifrickentive! Next time it will be sticky, I can feel it!

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 09:03:50

that really sucks for your colleague spanish. I hope the cunning plan works out

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 09:27:19

Found some more posifrickentivity:

1. can wear my newly purchased skinny jeans for at least 1 month longer
2. have at least 1 more month to lose those pesky 2kg and get fit again

LittleBairn Fri 05-Apr-13 09:27:53

Just popping in my cousin has had her baby I'm genuinely pleased for her. There is a bit of a family estrangement hopefully I will get away with posting a gift. I don't think I can look at the babies father hold him right now, judgemental I know. sad

SpanishLady Fri 05-Apr-13 10:04:11

thanks Aly - really appreciate your encouragement at a time when you need to focus on yourself - you are very kind and generous.

LitteBairn - congrats to your cousin but I understand your sentiment - my cousin's wife had a baby last year and wanted to punch her at the 'ooh hes so little comments' - yes dear well you didnt try to give up smoking at all did you during your pregnancy so quelle surpise he weighed about 2lbs - (slight exaggeration) - so I have had my judgy pants on a few times myself!

Dont get me started on what I think of Mick and Mairead Philpott (angry)

spanish sorry about all the tough news in RL at the mo but great for getting past your milestone. I've heard that it is possible to hear a heartbeat at that stage but there was no way they would have checked at my booking in appt. maybe you have more accommodating midwives there?

Good re positivity aly, it's bound to be a blow but there are positives so stick to thinking about them.

santa was it you talking about not being sure about being pg again? I just wanted to say that I think it's really healthy to be like that. Obviously it will be better when you feel less scared about getting pregnant but having a bit of balance is definitely a good thing. I am trying to hang onto that and it's taken the pressure right off. Ok I know it's not going to work at the moment, I'm still doing opks just so know what's going on but I'm not fretting about dtd etc. (and oddly this is the first month we've done it on the day of the actual smiley!)

Weaselicious Fri 05-Apr-13 10:17:07

Fingers crossed for all the faint lines and congrats to those with the not so faint ones. Quick question - I'm pretty new to all this, how on earth do I go about monitoring my cycle (which can be pretty erratic)?

katerinaemalina Fri 05-Apr-13 10:30:29

congrats all for faint lines. fx for sticky ones. Has cheered me up this morning. Feeling a bit low again.

LittleBairn Fri 05-Apr-13 10:44:39

It must be because I'm on my period I. Just not on good form lately saw a newborn boy yesterday ( actually trapped sitting next to them for 2 hours at soft play ) I had to console my self that the mothers fanny probably feels like its on fire. blush

I was feeling quite positive until I saw my cousins news on FB this morning. Need to get back into that mind frame.
I'm currently looking at holidays even though its not a good idea to book anything it cheers me up. grin

Sal1977 Fri 05-Apr-13 10:55:34

I POAS this morning and the digimasterbater still says Preggo. Can't believe I was willing it to say 'empty womb', stoopid body.

How long did everyone else take to get back to normal hormone wise after ERPC? Will my body start maturing egglets if there's still HCG in my system or will it wait until its all gone?

LittleBairn Fri 05-Apr-13 10:56:03

weasle you can do it a few way.
1. Calendar method along with keeping an eye on cervical muscus (clear egg white is what your looking for) is an easy way to start. I used this one

2. Buy ovulation sticks each month, you pee on them you get a line indicating when ovulation is about to start.
I did this the very first month along with calendar method just to be sure I was ovulating when the caender said I was, I got pregnant within 3 cycles.

3. Clear Blue fertility monitor expensive it does all the working out for you monitors 2 hormones so supposed to be more accurate than just the sticks. I've only just started using this so not sure if its worth it.

4. Temperature method. You need to wake early around 6am ( also need a fairly uninterrupted nights sleep) to take temperature chart it and when you see it spike you are ovulating.

5.Duo fertility. The most expensive outside of actual fertility treatment but you do get money vack if your not pregnant within 12 months.

Just checking in - fab news on all the faint lines - such great news!! Xx

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 11:06:40

weasel i just have an app - period tracker- on my phone. only started using it last year, dtd at the time it said i was ovulating in the first month and got preggo.
didn't get preggo this month, but it doesn't count as cycle 0 following mc, was still bleeding when should have been ovulating.
Will let you know if it works this cycle! sex fest planned for next weekend grin

sal that sucks. how long is it post mc (i'm sorry i've forgotten)? And how strong is the line? I called them up when 3 weeks later the line wasn't getting any fainter (after medical mc), and it did turn out that i needed to get an extra erpc. I wish that I'd called them after two weeks.
But I think others still had positive line around 2-3 weeks and it went away eventually. Hopefully you won't need follow up treatment.

At that point i was hopeful that I might have gotten pg despite still positive line, so they tested my HCG levels to make sure they weren't doubling. They weren't. Doesn't mean that it can't happen though.

LB book a holiday!

icklemssunshine1 Fri 05-Apr-13 11:28:47

BFN here too. Hope fertile Friday hasn't lost its power! Was bit of long shot, had no pg symptoms apart from the faint spotting which I'm now hoping is ovulation bleeding. 5+2 since ERPC - how long did it take other ERPC ladies for AF to arrive?

Hope we can all have a good Friday despite our outcomes!

icklemssunshine1 Fri 05-Apr-13 11:30:41

al I used that app too. Better get feeding your DP stamina rich foods!!

icklemssunshine1 Fri 05-Apr-13 11:35:00

Just read back the thread. Congrats Ostrich - Fertile Friday had not lost its power. Yeah!! smile

LittleBairn Fri 05-Apr-13 12:27:42

altant oh don't tempt me! I'm actually looking at Florida holidays, thinking of taking my 6 year old niece so don't want to end up cancelling. Plus DH refuses to go away in school hold(I don't finish my job still very end of summer) and ££££ is also holding me back.
I could easily book somewhere cheaper but I'm a spoilt brat I want what I want!

DIYandEatCake Fri 05-Apr-13 13:15:45

alyant and sunshine that's a shame, it's early days though, better luck next month when you can get started in earnest. chocolate you and me can wait for af (or not?) together, mine's due tomorrow. I haven't tested but unlikely to be pg due to timing this month. Still kidding myself I feel sick though ( just like last month -bfn- and the month before that -bfn...) want af to hurry up so I can stop being a nutjob and start my 'sane' 2 weeks!

DIYandEatCake Fri 05-Apr-13 13:17:02

Oh and all the best ostrich - hope this one works out for you.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 05-Apr-13 15:38:34

Congratulations ladies, keep up the good work.
Alyant, could your line be residual hCG from after the ERPC?
Weasel I have the app but it doesnt tally with the results from my opks. Its mre generic than anything so it doesnt match everyones cycles.

WillSantaComeAgain Fri 05-Apr-13 16:04:10

thunder - yes it was me who was really not looking forward to getting pg again. I'm glad you think its healthy - I was thinking it was slightly nuts!

Enjoying the first 2 weeks of the cycle when I can just get on with life - I'm with you on the 2WW mental nutjob feelings.

Go aly and your newly skinny jeans. I'm right with you (currently I'm getting one pair per AF)

Zeuxippe Fri 05-Apr-13 16:22:39

Sorry af got you aly, best of luck for the next cycle.

ostrich congrats and welcome.

fod27 Fri 05-Apr-13 16:38:23

Sorry your here weasel my thoughts are with you it's a truly awful time ;(

Congrats to the faint lines guys!!!
spanish I'm so pleased for you and your sticky bean!!! Send some baby dust our way!
Tested this morning and not ov yet....but it is still early so fx

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 16:39:35

saggy i don't think it's residual, cos i poased about a week after erpc and got a bfn.
I don't really know what to think and i guess it doesn't really matter trying to puzzle it out because I can never know for sure.
I suspect the line was real, but it just wasn't a sticky one. <shrugs>
If that's the case I rather it not stick now, than unstick in a few weeks time!
Of course the other option is that the line was a figment of my imagination. Also possible.

oooh santa new jeans every AF. GREAT idea. Will implement smile

Ostrich78 Fri 05-Apr-13 17:52:34

You ladies are a talkative lot!
Thanks for the welcome and kind words, did actually have tears in my eyes when I read some them - I am stupidly emotional!!
Will have a catch up on the train home and try not to bawl my eyes out x

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 19:24:37

Hi everyone,

A bit nervous about stepping in, but you all seem lovely, and I think I need to talk to people who know what this is like. Had a pretty dramatic ectopic just before Christmas (ruptured, tube out) and ttc again for 2 months. Just poas again, bfn - it was a First Response, af not due til Tues, but just felt I was going mental so had to give it a go. Just want to know if I'm going to have ectopic 2, feels like Damacles sword hanging over me. Sounds mad probably. Big glass of wine.

Huge congrats to you Ostrich, and fx for everyone else who's trying.

BlackholesAndRevelations Fri 05-Apr-13 19:32:33

Great news about the lines, faint and not so faint! grin fingers crossed for sticky ones.

I bought some first response tests today... I'm only on cycle day 18 so maybe I could poas next Friday? if I can stop myself pointlessly doing it before then!!

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 19:37:55

I tried to wait until tomorrow, apparently they have a 98% accuracy 3 days before af's due, but have no 25 should be long enough, depends how long your cycle normally is? Mine's 27 days normally. Still that little bit of delusion hope that it's just not picked up on it...I really felt weird for the last few days, so had fooled myself into thinking this was the month. I know everyone does that, it's good to know it's not just me!

katerinaemalina Fri 05-Apr-13 20:02:09

Hello seaside most welcome here but sad that you are, if you get what I mean. Please do empty yr thoughts here. Everyone is really nice. I just find it really supportive even just reading thread. It makes me not feel so alone in what is a very horrible, confusing and sad time and where in RL people often say the wrong things or just don't know so come out with some clangers!

Back reading posts choc lovely cardi! Think I will just brave some cushions and lavender bags first. Going to get a janome basic machine. V excited. Have been doing a mass spring clear out too. Trying to find a house to buy so clear out/operation flat clean/learn to sew is helping me feel a bit more in control and less in eternal limbo land.

Have bought opks now too. Coming into DTD zone I guess soon. Gah!!

Well done to bfp ladies am rooting for sticky ones for you all xx

DIYandEatCake Fri 05-Apr-13 20:03:44

Welcome seaside, you and I are at a similar point in ttc then (my miscarriage was over Christmas - god I sympathise with you having an ectopic, they thought mine was for a bit and I spent most of Christmas Eve being told I was looking like having a tube out - to cut a long story short they just hadn't done the first scan properly, was rescanned and confirmed not ectopic and I've never been so relieved. So I'm so sorry to hear what you went through.)

Last month I was completely convinced I was pg and completely devastated when it turned out I wasn't, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster of craziness as af approaches to be honest. Due tomorrow, our timing was rubbish this month so not optimistic - but still have this crazy hope. Haven't poas as I hate getting negative results, making myself wait until at least day after af due if no show.

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 20:09:42

Welcome lily.
Your ectopic does sound dramatic, you poor thing sad can understand the anxiety.
You could try again Sunday, that should defo be late enough then.

Blackholes you need to hold out til Friday or you'll get fish slapped!

BlackholesAndRevelations Fri 05-Apr-13 20:50:28

Haha- thanks for that, I need that threat of a fish slap!! grin

Sorry I didn't say welcome to seaside... Hope your stay here is short xxx

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 21:06:00

Thanks everyone, so nice to meet you. I should have done this (Mumsnet chat) before, it's such a relief to be talking to people who've been through this too. I didn't realise how much I needed it. Feel like crying tbh, the glass of wine might not have helped....Sorry, posifrickingtivity!!

Know how you feel DIY, really does make me feel like I'm some crazy chickflick woman waiting for af, hopeful without really being, particularly now I've only got 70% fertility at best. Keep trying to modify my hopes, and not make it all I think about. What an awful Xmas for you, my surgery was the 17th so was mostly mobile for Xmas itself. Felt weirdly fine about it then - sad it had all happened, but I'd never really felt pregnant. Maybe shock, I'm now thinking. Don't feel so fine now, just want that BFP.

Thanks aly and Blackholes; sorry to read the crap you two have been through - and everyone on here. I'll be trying again on Tues, no matter what - even if af does come, I'm so paranoid about not picking up on another ectopic, I test every month no matter how obvious it is I'm not pg.

WillSantaComeAgain Fri 05-Apr-13 21:24:37

Hello weasel and lily- sorry you're here but hopefully you will find some much needed support on here. I think (lily) that you can't get away with not grieving- you can think you're fine and crack on straight away, then it has a habit of coming back to bite you on the arse a few months later. It gets better (again) though, I promise.

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 21:33:26

Thanks Santa - and thanks for starting this thread. I'm starting to realise you're right, it's taken a while to realise I'm not as ok as I keep saying, but it's good (positive? I need to not hijack this thread with negativity!) to start recognising it I think. You and I MC'd at about the same time weasel - sorry to meet you, iykwim.

Honestly, there has been a lot positive about the experience, in an odd way. 1. At least we know sperm and egg can meet productively - DH had wondered whether his swimmers were lazy, but we got pg quite fast so that's good. 2. He was soo good when it all happened, really amazing and sensitive, so it has brought us closer in that respect. I really trust him with the crap stuff now. 3. I caught it in time - there were things the hospital did wrong, like defer my surgery til the morning, which meant being rushed into surgery at night when I ruptured - but it could have been worse, and I only have keyhole scars, so that's good!

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 05-Apr-13 21:40:03

(waves to SeaLily) sorry that you are here, but come and POAS with me on Sunday - I have no idea when AF is due as my CBFM decided to fail me this month

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 05-Apr-13 21:43:52

Oops sorry missed your post about POASing on Tuesday

Totally natural to be feeling like crying even now. I thought after my natural mc in dec that after one cycle my hormones would be back to normal but still get the crushing down feelings every so often. But knowing that they are hormonal and will pass helps a bit.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 05-Apr-13 21:46:48

katerina - am probably sounding like a broken record but if you need any help/inspiration for sewing projects then check out craftgawker link here
It has lots of different craft ideas with links to the tutorials etc on how to do them. You can search it too.
I could spend hours looking at ideas for stuff often do

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 21:47:58

I'd be honoured to POAS with you Chocolate ;-) We're in the same boat, it sounds like - feeling generically 'funny' but one bfn?

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 21:50:21

Sorry, replied too quickly - the crying thing's only just surfaced. Things have been so crazy busy since the ectopic, it's probable it's taken a while for it all to filter in. xx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 05-Apr-13 21:50:38

For all of the newbies, here are the thread rules courtesy of Santa:
POAS Rules
<<usurps thunder's dictatorship complex>>

(1) A lady may only POAS on a Friday.
(2) Friday means the day that everyone calls Friday in the time zone where you spent the night. <<glares at Janie>> <<feels bad in case Janie lives in Australia>>
(3) Rule (1) does not apply to POA-OPK-S
(4) Rule (1) does not apply following a BFP because if you want to waste £25 a day POADigiS that's your prerogative <<refuses to admit that's what I'll do>>
(5) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady is POAS in an attempt to get a BFN to prove she can start DTD with intent
(6) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady wants for unknown reason to pee on an actual stick, like a twig or some such, if that lady is unexpectedly caught short whilst tramping in the forest looking for bears.
(7) These rules (including Rule (1)) are subject to the change at any time if the ladies of the Posifrickentivity thread decide on a whim come up with empirical evidence to prove that it is luckier to POAS on any other day of the week
(8) Violators of Rule (1) shall be subject to fish throwing.

By the way, welcome (not that that's quite the right word, but you know what I mean) to all the other ladies who so sadly find themselves here. Its great fun, everyone is lovely and not at all psychotic!

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 21:53:23

I consider myself fishslapped :-) I shall duly wait until next Friday, which is probably very good for me as I'll know one way or the other via af by then! Thanks Saggy, I think I needed that!

Love (6)!

alyant79 Fri 05-Apr-13 22:38:03

Oh yes lily , I would have thought I was a complete raving lunatic with the rollercoaster feelings and desperate desire to be knocked up again ASAP if I didn't have this thread. At least now I know I'm not the only nutter wink

Curious: what are the symptoms of an ectopic?

Do we need a new stats list?? Can start one

Alyant: 1 DD, 1 MMC/ERPCx2, ttc cycle 1, BFP due 3rd may

SeasideLily Fri 05-Apr-13 23:01:26

Good to know!

If a stats list is what I think it is (new to this posting thing!) then:

SeasideLily: 0 DC, 1 EP, TTC cycle 2, is BFP date when af is due? Then 9th April.

My ectopic symptoms were: mega cramping, stool probs/constipation (tmi), irregular bleeding, and a very bad feeling. I bled from BFP, knew something was really wrong straight away. Cramped 2 days after BFP, thought I was 'normal' MCing, but after blood tests pg hormone just went up and up (cruel hope before I knew what was happening). Couple of days of irregular cramping, really painful. Dildocam scan showed nothing in womb, then straight into hospital bed. 6hrs later, tube burst.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 05-Apr-13 23:07:31

But but but (holding hand up as high as can using other hand to help)

Thunder says that is it is ok to POAS on Sunday if yo have already POAS'd on the Friday (frantically searching back for where she said it)

(waits for the slap)

choc I refer you to rule 4


Zeuxippe Sat 06-Apr-13 07:47:51

Hello to Newbies, sorry to hear about your mcs.

I'm going to poas tomorrow for sensational Sunday, who's with me? choc?

Happy weekend everyone x

Zeuxippe Sat 06-Apr-13 08:04:15

(Obviously only where permitted under rule 4)

alyant79 Sat 06-Apr-13 08:18:24

Alyant: 1 DD, 1 MMC/ERPCx2, ttc cycle 1, BFP due 3rd may
SeasideLily: 0 DC, 1 EP, TTC cycle 2, BFP due 9th April

Wish I was poas sensational Sunday sad. Good luck ladies!

alyant79 Sat 06-Apr-13 08:19:48

EP sounds terrifying lily (and others)

Ostrich78 Sat 06-Apr-13 08:52:15

Morning ladies, good luck to those poas tomorrow! I poas Wednesday and thought I imagined a line, 2 days really made a difference!
Lily, it's so good that you are being positive x
I poads last night and got 2-3 weeks which freaked me out.
I have a 6 week scan booked for a few weeks and have to go pick up the drugs and get shown how to inject. Nice.
I think Sal asked about af after erpc? My first was 6 weeks which Im sure is fairly common. I hope your af comes soon - sorry if I've missed a further update from you.
Its really hard when there are so many pregnant ladies and babies around, I found it helps to think that I've still got all this to look forward to so I don't feel too down. In every pregnancy I've had at least 1 really good friend have a similar edd so have had to find a way cope.
Its shit we're in this situation but so helpful to know we're not alone so thank you all for sharing - it helped me when I was lurking x
Fingers crossed for bfp and ladies hitting milestones, Im looking forward to hearing about good scan news and more bfp every frickin Friday!
Sorry Im all over the place, still very shaky!!

DIYandEatCake Sat 06-Apr-13 09:21:16

[braces self for rally of fish slaps]
Um, I poas this morning (retched when I drank some water this morning and thought, ok, this has to stop, you really are crazy) and it's posifrickintive! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! I am genuinely gobsmacked, really thought the timing wasn't good enough this month (and given our track record expected it to take ages). But so so grateful, praying for better luck this time. Is really good to be feeling sick, did with dd but hardly anything with the one I lost.

JanieLovesCake Sat 06-Apr-13 09:22:38

Oooh DIY that's the best news!!!! Confrickingratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow diy!! Hooray! Why didn't you poas yesterday? Or did you? (sorry- easily confused)

DIYandEatCake Sat 06-Apr-13 09:49:02

Cos I really thought it would be negative, and couldn't face the disappointment, thought I'd just assume af was on the way.... Wow. Still can't believe my luck.

Oh yes I remember now. Amazing news- congratulations!!

Ostrich78 Sat 06-Apr-13 09:55:35

Congratulations diy!! Brilliant news x

Weaselicious Sat 06-Apr-13 10:03:31

DIY congratulations!! I love a bit of good news x

Zeuxippe Sat 06-Apr-13 10:04:00

Congratulations diy!! Fab news grin

shellshock7 Sat 06-Apr-13 10:31:48

Congrats diy you must be in shock I know you were worrying it would take a long time again, really pleased for you smile

LittleBairn Sat 06-Apr-13 10:40:21

Ostritch the date prediction digital ones are not to be entirely trusted so I wouldn't work if it doesn't match up to your dates.

DIY Great news! I'm pleased for all the BFP, seems like Friday is still our lucky day.

I'm just finishing my period, using the CBFM again this month here is hoping I get to pee on less sticks this month!

Emotionally I'm holding it together OK just one breakdown on the way to post office to post my cousins baby gift. It was very very odd having little baby boy clothes hanging up. Painful, yet I feel determined that my time will come again. Hopefully soon if not there is also a holiday once my job comes to an end.

What test did you use, out of interest?

thanks to angel today on what must be a difficult time x

IBelieveInPink Sat 06-Apr-13 10:53:55

Congrats DIY! Brilliant news! smile

alyant79 Sat 06-Apr-13 11:05:54

DIY that's fabulous!!!! <<does a little jig>>

alyant79 Sat 06-Apr-13 11:08:13

Ps diy <<fish slap>>

Weaselicious Sat 06-Apr-13 11:32:46

So up and down. Guess it's very early days just want to feel better. sad

Very early days weasel so be kind to yourself. It is understandable you are up and down but things will feel better. So just go with it and treat yourself as much as you can.

alyant79 Sat 06-Apr-13 12:27:08

Weasel you're probably hormone crashing. It feels so awful. But as thunder said it does get better, eventually.
Don't try to hold it in, just let all the tears come out

GardenWorm Sat 06-Apr-13 12:37:59

Whoop DIY and any other BFP's I may have missed! X

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 06-Apr-13 13:15:55

Hugs to angel, can't imagine how you must be feeling today xxxxx

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 06-Apr-13 13:16:34

Congrats to DIY smile xxx

Bakingtins Sat 06-Apr-13 13:39:13

congratulations DIY, brilliant news!

GardenWorm Sat 06-Apr-13 15:05:34

Thinking of you today Angel, I hope you and your family have lots of support. If I could hug you I would X

DIYandEatCake Sat 06-Apr-13 15:10:31

Thanks everyone, not counting my chickens yet but so happy. Going to try to keep going as normal and just hope for the best.

weasel hugs, look after yourself. I found shopping for some new clothes strangely therapeutic, do whatever cheers you up at all at the moment, and expect it to take time to come to terms with what's happened.

Sal1977 Sat 06-Apr-13 15:26:37

Blinking NOra!! How brilliant is that ladybugs...lots of BFPS!!

DIY - what cycle are you post-MC out of interest?

Weasel - I had a crash around day 3/4 where I couldn't stop crying and it definitely had that hormonal feel where you just can't snap out of it. I feel tons better just a few days later!

I've been to the pound shop to get some tests so I can freely pee to see if the lines are getting lighter (haven't worked or 2 weeks so am proper skint!) So I POAS just now and although line is still there, took a while to show up and is pretty light. I also POAOVS and the line was very similar in darkness, although it showed up a bit faster. Any thoughts? Is one test picking up the others hormones IYKWIM, or are my OV type horrmones kicking in as PG hormones are dropping?

Also still bleeding a bit 9 days post ERPC...normal or not normal? Called the gynae ward and they really couldn't give a shit and told me to call GP.

In other news, I hammered my credit card today and am now trying to hide purchases from other half....grin.....feels a bit good to be bad!

DIYandEatCake Sat 06-Apr-13 17:38:26

sal, this was cycle 2, a wonderful surprise for us as dd took 18 cycles and the one I mc'd took 6.
Shopping sounds like a good idea. Buy lots of skinny jeans and fitted waist dresses to tempt fate...

Sal1977 Sat 06-Apr-13 17:45:42

How exciting DIY! I tried for a year with my ex-husband, nothing happening (probably the universe telling me the bloke was a complete knob). Had an 'accident' with DF about 18 months ago but that ended in a very early MC less than 24 hours after getting a BFP (was bloody gobsmacked having been convinced I had birds nesting in my womb, but everso slightly relieved at the time as we'd only been together for 6 months), then this little duffer took 6 months, so am hoping that, like you, my bod now knows what to do and will crack on with a keeper very quickly! Will keep everything crossed for you!

SeasideLily Sat 06-Apr-13 20:19:08

That's amazing news DIY, huge congrats! Nothing like a BFP for spreading posifrickintivity!! :-)

SeasideLily Sat 06-Apr-13 20:35:02

I hope everyone else is ok - Weasel, sorry you're feeling so sad. You will feel better, you're right, it's all so new and raw.

Angel, I hope you're surrounded by love on what must be a horrible day. flowers from me too. xxx

Weasel - give yourself time hun - I was desperate to feel better as soon as I could but discovered you can't rush it - give yourself as much time as you need and surround yourself with people and things you love to get through this tough time - huge huge hugs to you xxx

DIY - AMAZING news grin so great to hear positive stories / outcomes - gives us all hope for the future!! Xx

Weaselicious Sat 06-Apr-13 22:19:15

What lovely people you are. Thank you xxxx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 06-Apr-13 22:21:50

Woohoo for the BFPs. grin
Alyant my ectopic symptoms were terrible constipation, twingey left handed pains and brown/red spotting. In hindsight I just didnt feel right either. I was tested regularly for beta hcg and initially it was high for dates, then it didnt double properly. The figures were always just out.
Thankfully if you can call it that I miscarried so did really have a lucky escape. sad
Have you considered that your line might have been an evaporation line?
Ostrich remember that you need to add 2 weeks to a digital test result. It shows weeks from conception not from AF. They can also be up tp 10 days out.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 06-Apr-13 22:27:09

Weasel feeling better really takes time. I felt like I had a black storm cloud attached to me with elastic. It followed me around everywhere. Some days it seemed farther away but it just kept catching up again. Thankfully, every day it got a little further away before it caught me up and I havent actually seen it for a week or two. I feel so much better than I did a month or so ago. {{{hug}}}

alyant79 Sat 06-Apr-13 22:42:40

saggy what's an evaporation line? I know you're not meant to read the results after too long, but the phantom line was there after about 3 min, wasn't any stronger/weaker/less fictional after 15

Zeuxippe Sun 07-Apr-13 07:22:58

Well it's for definite as have done 2 tests this morning: BFP!

alyant79 Sun 07-Apr-13 07:31:04

Woo!!!!!! Zeu that's great!!! Yay!
Can you remind me what cycle you were on?

Zeuxippe Sun 07-Apr-13 07:43:37

Thanks aly! This is cycle 1 after mc, we waited for first af before trying again.

Really hope this one sticks - a bit scared!

Weaselicious Sun 07-Apr-13 07:59:03

Now that gives me hope. Congratulations Zeu!

Sal1977 Sun 07-Apr-13 08:13:00

Yay for Zeux!!!

BlackholesAndRevelations Sun 07-Apr-13 08:32:23

Congratulations zeux! smile xx

I have tingly nipples today... Could be ov signs still I suppose, or....

Zeuxippe Sun 07-Apr-13 09:00:28

Thanks everyone!

Is anyone else testing today?

Tingly nipples sound promising blackholes - fx!!

Bakingtins Sun 07-Apr-13 09:12:41

Congratulations Zeux!

DIYandEatCake Sun 07-Apr-13 09:39:37

Brilliant news zeux!

Hooray zeux!!

JanieLovesCake Sun 07-Apr-13 10:06:55

yay zeux!! this must be a record week!!

Zeuxippe Sun 07-Apr-13 10:16:24

Thanks everyone! Will hang around here with you all for a bit longer if that's ok - not ready to move onto any antenatal threads yet. Had a quick peek at the December due date thread and they're already buying prams!!

JanieLovesCake Sun 07-Apr-13 10:22:39

aw zeux it's an anxious time..i'm 7+3 now and still not even thinking about the november antenatal thread. not even allowing myself to look up any baby purchases online. no way! i think once you've at one (or more) mc, you are waaaay more cautious. wish we could enjoy this a bit more, but i'm just too scared to get excited just yet! xx

JanieLovesCake Sun 07-Apr-13 10:23:30

ps if you don't want an antenatal thread yet, we're also in the laura ashley/creme egg pregnancy thread for hand holding x

Zeuxippe Sun 07-Apr-13 10:34:22

Thanks janie, will definitely join the handholding thread! X

GardenWorm Sun 07-Apr-13 11:20:22

Big congrats Zeux!

LittleBairn Sun 07-Apr-13 12:02:38

Hugs to all the pregnant ladies, I can only imagine how anxious you must all be. Our pregancy experiences really do shape how we react to further pregnancies.
Instead of buying buggies I will be buying maternity pads after a BFP. It didn't occur to me to have any in the house first time, had to stuff a dish towel down my nickers on the mad dash to hospital. blush it was my best one too!

Anyone taking Evening Primrose oil? I started on it once new cycle started but bit worried now I goggled and found a forum saying it mucked up some of their cycles. I don't think CM is a big issue for me (just wanted to cover all bases) maybe I should stop?

alyant79 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:56:30

Gah. AF seems to have stopped already!
Only two days confused
I know a lot of you ladies had odd first af after mc, but I wasn't expecting two days!
I poas this morning just to check that it wasn't implantation bleeding afterall, but bfn as expected. Guess I really was imaging that line on fri.

So do you reckon that i might ov earlier than usual?

alyant79 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:58:02

choc did you poas again today?

alyant79 Sun 07-Apr-13 13:00:04

Sorry little I know nothing about evening primrose oil

ChocolateCremeEggBag Sun 07-Apr-13 13:52:25

Sorry have just got home after a night away (3 year olds birthday party - DH is her godfather, stayed with friends afterwards and had DS in our room so not v relaxing)
So... I got a vv faint line, but more visible than Friday's. But have some brown gunk so still not sure it's really a BFP yet. Testing with Internet cheapies so may also be rubbish
But both DH and I dreamt last night that I was pg, I had tested with some weird space age test that gave me a yellow flashing strip like on a Duracell battery

Congratulations zeu & DIY

JanieLovesCake Sun 07-Apr-13 14:16:38

Ooh chocolate that sounds like a BFP to me smile and implantation bleeding to boot smile eek!!

LittleBairn Sun 07-Apr-13 14:57:22

alyant I had a by similar experience with a vanishing line, around about the time of my first post MC cycle. I put it down to my hormones being all over the place. DH didn't believe me but I know there was a line!

choc that sounds like it might be good news! Love the idea of a flashing test. grin

Ostrich78 Sun 07-Apr-13 16:00:38

Congratulations Zeux! And it sounds like good news Choc x hoping for sticky ones all round.
saggy and little thanks for the reassurance, I was just expecting to see 1-2 weeks so instantly thought something was wrong! Meticulous knicker and wipe checking all weekend. Lovely.

BlackholesAndRevelations Sun 07-Apr-13 17:51:54

Fab news Choc, congrats! I'm sooooo impatient to wait til Friday to test! I definitely will though, so no need to get the fish poised! wink x

shellshock7 Sun 07-Apr-13 18:00:45

Congrats everyone, lots of BFPs at the minute smile

Congrats zeu and choc - such fantastic news - record week for BFPs!! Xx

katerinaemalina Sun 07-Apr-13 20:41:09

Yeh for more stickies!

Aly my AF post mc was only 2 days too. Bit weird but have no idea whats normal anymore shock

alyant79 Sun 07-Apr-13 22:36:30

Ooooh choc... Fx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 07-Apr-13 23:41:19

Alyant an evapouration line is caused by a faulty test. you get a line but it generally isnt the same colour as the control line. They wan be really faint, but still visible like a watermark.

BootyBigFatFridayBanger Mon 08-Apr-13 06:04:58

Morning all - sorry for the early message but I just got a BFP!!!!!

2 days before AF due & I'd felt a bit odd the last week or so & tested this morn. Came up straight away - off to get a blood test to record my HCG level now - please wish me luck!!! xx

katerinaemalina Mon 08-Apr-13 07:10:36

Yeah! Good luck fx for sticky x

On a being thick note (WHY didn't I listen in pshe class!) I have a 36 day cycle roughly. I'm 15 days in. I've just tested on a opk and got grin bit surprised as I thought it would be more towards next weekend as read ovulate 2 weeks pre AF. Is this normal or gave I misunderstood?

Commence DTD!!!!

Yay booty!!

BlackholesAndRevelations Mon 08-Apr-13 07:40:44

Congrats booty!

LittleBairn Mon 08-Apr-13 07:55:14

It's day 6 CBFM has asked for the first stick and is now telling me I'm high fertility. DH isn't convinced, I'm willing to trust it but might also use OPK along side it.

Just noticed something odd, during my last cycle I could see the blue lines on the sticks this time it's completely clear yet telling me I'm 'high' confused

LittleBairn Mon 08-Apr-13 07:57:17

katerina ovulation isn't a fixed time, on average you will OV mid cycle but some are early some late.

Congrats booty!! smile

SpanishLady Mon 08-Apr-13 08:42:11

congrats to everyone with a BFP/line - have wonderful pregnancies! Janie hope to see you on the Nov ante natal thread soon x

CamomileHoneyVanilla Mon 08-Apr-13 08:46:45

Wow, what an amazing week. Congrats everyone on your BFPs! Getting a good feeling about this thread.

Have good weeks people. Loving all the sewing and posifrickintivity

CamomileHoneyVanilla Mon 08-Apr-13 08:50:11

Little, I've had a similarily confusing time with CBFM. High since I started testing, no peak and now at CD17 (although usually ovulate at CD19 so we'll see). Consistently one lone line on the stick. My understanding is that if takes a cycle for cbfm to figure out your cycle and a long time stuck on high is fairly common. Hang on in there!

alyant79 Mon 08-Apr-13 08:52:33

Wow booty! come up straight away hey? perhaps you're further along than you thought?

4ish weeks until I can test again now.... seems like forever.

JanieLovesCake Mon 08-Apr-13 09:48:27

Go booty!!!!!! This is such an awesome week!!!

And thanks Spanish, someday I'll hopefully pluck up the courage!! Maybe if I get to 38 weeks!!! Xx

BootyBigFatFridayBanger Mon 08-Apr-13 09:53:53

Thanks everyone - going for my blood test in a couple of hours and hoping that they will give me the HCG result today (I'm abroad so that works a bit quicker here thankfully).

I used a FR test this time, rather than a ClearBlue - I think they might be more sensitive hence getting the quick line? I also took Clomid this month and had the trigger shot - it's been 14 days so the shot is out of system but i also had an ultrasound just before I ovulated / triggered and there were little little eggies ready to go..... grin

BootyBigFatFridayBanger Mon 08-Apr-13 09:56:23

Sorry - meant to say TWO little eggies grin

alyant79 Mon 08-Apr-13 10:15:57

So the line could be coming up quicker because there are two little embryos???? shock
that would be exciting/scary x 100000

BootyBigFatFridayBanger Mon 08-Apr-13 10:29:42

I wondered if it might grin defo I might be getting ahead of myself a tad lol

Need to see if it is a possible bean yet reins self back in

Bakingtins Mon 08-Apr-13 13:26:06

Congrats Booty. Wouldn't it be something to be able to say to your twins baby that you'd seen their egg before they were even conceived!

katerinaemalina Mon 08-Apr-13 16:49:18

Thanks little bairn! Doesn't take much to get me confused grin

SeasideLily Mon 08-Apr-13 18:46:25

Wow, this thread really is good luck! So pleased for everyone, and lots of positive sticky vibes. Aly - af has been very strange with me. Normal for first two months, then last time dragged on for almost two weeks (last week really light). Have literally no idea what's going on, just putting it down to 'one of those things'.

Hi all,

Good luck with those using the confusing-sounding cbfm!

Anyone know about lots of cm a few days after ov? Dr google said something about progesterone- is it a good sign that ov has happened? <looks about hopefully>

BootyBigFatFridayBanger Mon 08-Apr-13 19:44:50

Well looking positive at this very early stage, HCG was 5 times what it was at this stage with my mc so fingers tentatively crossed smile

Oo booty!

SeasideLily Mon 08-Apr-13 19:51:04

Exciting Booty! It's amazing that they can see eggs being released - what a thought that it might be twins!

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 08-Apr-13 21:04:15

I'm confused - just POA'd on a tesco stick and got another vv faint line.
When should they start getting darker?
Should I just wait it out til Friday..

(waiting for Thunder and the fish)

Congratulations Booty

Rule 4) choc! P as much as you like.

I think?

alyant79 Mon 08-Apr-13 21:39:59

I'd have thought they'd start getting darker every day, slowly. But changing brands will obviously change line darkness. Another tesco stick in 2 days?

MarthasHarbour Mon 08-Apr-13 21:48:05

Ladies may i join you? I shall go back and read as much of the thread as i can, but i may need to 'freestyle' and catch up as we go along wink

I am 40, have a DS who is nearly 4 and a little cherub. We started TTC#2 in January 2011, and 2 miscarriages later with 2 CP's thrown in for good measure we are no further forward. We got PG straight away but lost bubs at 10 weeks. The second MC in Sept 2012 was more traumatic as I was 21 weeks PG. The 20 week scan showed complications and by the time they scanned me again a week later he had died sad

It is taking a hell of a lot of getting over (if ever) and we still have nothing to show for over 2 years TTC. However we are really trying to be positive for DS' sake. He was fully aware of losing #2 in September and asked lots of questions sad

Anyway, here i am - we havent given up yet, hence my foray over here smile I was a regular on the mosh pit thread on this topic but all my mates on there have graduated sad envy <although i am chuffed to bits for them!>

Our boy was due in January and i have had a few mates have their DCs over the last couple of months, yep they were the friends who were all excited that we would be 'back together again' on mat leave etc etc so that has been hard.

So i bring cake - is that acceptable? hmm grin

MarthasHarbour Mon 08-Apr-13 21:49:27

I am 40, have a DS who is nearly 4 and a little cherub

that reads weird - i should say i have a DS who is nearly 4 and he IS a little cherub - i dont harbour angels in my back garden! grin

WillSantaComeAgain Mon 08-Apr-13 22:04:45

You're welcome with or without cake, martha though obviously very sorry that you are still on these threads. I can't imagine how hard the last year has been, but you're still smiling so well done grin

Lots of bfps which is good though some definite fish slaps required because there also has been a lot of peeing on a stick on a day that is NOT Friday.

Currently waiting for DH to stop watching the Thatcher memorials programmes so he can come up and do his duty and fertilise me we can make sweet love as I had an egg on my CBFM this morning, 3 days earlier than expected. Come on supersperm!

SeasideLily Mon 08-Apr-13 22:05:13

Hi Martha, sorry that you're here, and that you've had such an awful time - you're very welcome. As you can see, there's loads of positivity, but also a strong agreement that every month is a rollercoaster. Well done for staying positive, it must have been so hard to answer those questions.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 08-Apr-13 22:06:06

Hi Martha (budges up eyeing the cake) you are most welcome. Sorry that you've had such a rough time up to now.

Right will sit on hands and test again on Wed, now I have no fish to fear. I am now making stupid bargains like I'll give up chocolate if I'm pg as if that will happen need to get a grip!

little bairn - not sure I entirely trust CBFM after this last month of weirdness.

SeasideLily Mon 08-Apr-13 22:06:27

Would you recommend the CBFMs Santa? Might invest in one if af arrives tomorrow/Wed as expected.

SeasideLily Mon 08-Apr-13 22:07:00

oh, and choc - missed your post!

MarthasHarbour Mon 08-Apr-13 22:10:23

Loving the Friday rule as that is my day off and the day i can be let loose with the pee sticks, and DH cant stop me as he is at work grin

Also i am thinking of testing this Friday even-though i am not due until Saturday anyway

I have always shied away from the CBFMs but maybe i may give them a go <sits next to seasidelily waiting for the tutorial>

So is this a lucky thread? Bizarrely it is sods law if i get PG this month as it will mean i have a week old bubba to cart 300 miles to my sisters wedding, she wont take any excuses for our absence - even childbirth grin

SeasideLily Mon 08-Apr-13 22:15:23

You've got to tempt fate! Thinking of buying an expensive dress for a wedding later in the year that I'll never fit into if I get the BFP, that should do the trick!

The First Response tests are 99% accurate the day before you're due, I think. I did one on Friday, bfn of course, but foolishly hoping that's because I miscalculated when af is due.

MarthasHarbour Mon 08-Apr-13 22:16:57

Oh yeah i have seen the dress i want - and am going to buy it to tempt fate!

I use the CB digi pregnancy tests but havent used the fertility monitors. Interested to hear people's views on it?

SeasideLily Mon 08-Apr-13 22:18:43

Whoops, meant foolishly ! New to all this still.

I've been peeing on cheap LH monitor sticks from eBay from day 10 of cycle, seem to be pretty accurate, and really cheap.

This does seem to be a lucky thread, so much good news over the last few days!

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 08-Apr-13 22:23:16

Sealily - before this last month I raved about the CBFM. After 10 months ttc for DS got my BFP (sodding clear red line) in first month of using it. Have then had 2 normal cycles this time, with the peak 2 days coming up as expected, only to have got to cd24 with just highs this time before I gave up and stopped wasting sticks in it.
If this faint line turns out to be nothing then not sure I'm going to carry on using mine to be honest. I like that it tells you the 4-5 extra fertile days before the ov, but it can miss the crucial bit as littlebairn and I both found.

You can get them on eBay for c£45 (either bidding or cheapest buy it now) and you have up to 5 days to get one once AF comes to start using it in that cycle. I'd offer you mine but I'm too superstitious to get rid until I have a new small person in my arms

Ostrich78 Mon 08-Apr-13 23:07:24

Congratulations booty! It's nice to know a few (5?) of us are going through this together - fingers firmly crossed for lots more bfp fridays!!! And sticky beans of course.
Hi Martha, there are lots of lovely ladies here to make you feel welcome.

Been to yoga this evening but didn't dare tell the instructor I was pregnant as don't want to tell her im not in a few weeks. I can't wait to not have to think about stuff like this.

Bakingtins Tue 09-Apr-13 07:27:54

Hi Martha I remember you from MC boards, I had my 2nd MC in September and then another last month. I'm so sorry for all you've been through and hope some of the good luck on here rubs off on you v soon.

More bloods for me today and yet more bloods and a scan on Thursday. Pretty fed up at the moment, it should be my EDD at the end of the week for MC2, then in a fortnight anniversary of MC1. I'm having another round of thinking I'd be happier if I threw in the towel sad Chuck me a bit of posifrickingtivity if you have some to spare?

Ostrich78 Tue 09-Apr-13 08:13:12

Baking it's got to be tough with 2 edd so close together xxxx you're dealing with a lot of sadness and loss all st once so it's bound to make you think life would be easier or less hard to deal with. I keep having thoughts of giving up trying for no.2 but I want to be pregnant again - big and fat and moaning about being uncomfortable - I want to give birth again and get to know my new baby and watch them grow. And have some more maternity leave!! I want a brother or sister for my ds so Im not giving up - even if this one doesn't work out - I still believe it'll be my turn again soon absoposifrikinivitloutly!
Nearly every thread I've read I've seen your name posting, giving advice and holding hands - trying to do the same but not as well xxx

Zeuxippe Tue 09-Apr-13 08:34:02

just checking in to see how everyone is today . Hi baking, sorry youre having such a sad time st the moment and i hop everything gets better for you soon x

Congrats to booty!! Great news grin

choc it sounds like congrats could be in order for you too! How many dpo are you? Can you do a digi yet?

LittleBairn Tue 09-Apr-13 08:35:28

camomile this is my 2nd cycle on CBFM I expected the first cycle to be wonky but since its started showing high at day 6 this cycle I'm a bit concerned it going to be another wonky month.
Not sure when to start TTC I'm thinking we might start in a day or two then DTD ever other day until whenever I get OV sign or give up in exhaustion.grin
The CBFM was meant to narrow TTC down but instead its just muddied the waters!

LittleBairn Tue 09-Apr-13 08:37:34

Baking (hug) I've been in that dark place two a few times these last few months of considering giving up TTC and having children I can't cope with the uncertainty and pain. But each month I restart again.
You not alone.

alyant79 Tue 09-Apr-13 09:23:16

Hi Martha and welcome. It sounds like you've had a really really tough last couple of years. It must be hard to stay positive, but keep trying!

tins big hugs in advance for the next couple of weeks. It must be a pain getting all those tests done, but on the bright side hopefully they'll come up with some answers and you'll have some plans for how to stay pg next time - because there will be a next time.

ldt87 Tue 09-Apr-13 10:08:11

Hi again everyone, I've had a bit of time away, busy with my girls and also having dog issues. Just what I need! I stopped bleeding on Saturday so getting ready to try again this cycle.

Hope everyone is okay xx

Bootylicous Tue 09-Apr-13 10:17:32

Thanks everyone for the best wishes - hi to the newbies and good luck to all

Will hover around here for a while if that's ok. Feeling rather detached in a funny sort of way - really don't want to get too excited.

It was strange to see the eggs on screen - just looked like big black blobs to me!

Good luck with your tests Baking . If anyone gets the chance to have a HSG (flush dye through tubes to see if any blockages) I would advise going for it as I think that's helped me. No blockages but it does give the tubes a good clean out and they say it enhances fertility for up to 3 months xxx

Bootylicous Tue 09-Apr-13 10:21:18

Sealily I love my CBFM but I am a standard 28 day / 14 day ovulation'er - however it took a few months to get to know my cycle and messed me about a few times especially after mc and month before last where I got all lows until the very last day, was distraught and thought I was never going to ovulate again etc etc, then it pulled a peak out of the bag!

Weaselicious Tue 09-Apr-13 10:34:27

Completely freaking out. Had to chase hosp for second set of HCG bloods from Saturday and finally spoke to someone this morning who's told me my levels haven't fallen and to come in for another test. WTF. Ectopic fears running wild.

alyant79 Tue 09-Apr-13 12:13:00

ooh dear weasel that doesn't sound good.

Hopefully they have just stalled for some completely random reason, and will start going down again by themselves.
Do you have to have another scan?

My levels didn't drop and I had to have an ERPC, 4 weeks after medical mc. It really sucked, but actually I think it is relatively common - so it's probably more likely to be that than an ectopic.

It's horrible though - all you really want is for everything to settle down so you can start ttc in earnest again and get pg ASAP, preferably with a sticky one. It's so disappointing with things don't work out like that. So BIG hugs for you.

MarthasHarbour Tue 09-Apr-13 12:51:11

Waves to Bakingtins have you NC? I dont think i recognise your name, however i had lots of friends over there so it is likely i have a brain turned to mush confused big hugs to you, your EDDs are so close together sad which is hard to bear. FX for your bloods and sorry for your recent loss

Oh ostrich i know exactly how you feel, it is like the biggest challenge for us now, i want all the feelings that you want too.

thank you for all the welcomes and the CBFM advice. My cycles used to be 26/27 days but are edging up to 28/29 so i dont know where i am now - i always get the OV pain but it doesnt seem to be consistent confused

<big hugs to weasel>


fod27 Tue 09-Apr-13 15:45:09

Hi guys hope I find you all well, I've been testing since my cycle finished which was the 3rd April, my ERPC was on the 28th feb and my cycle (a very light one) started on 28th march last cycle I didn't seem to have ovulated and upto yet still no positives on the ov testing front, should I be starting to get worried? The closest I've had is a very faint (squinting faint) second line am I testing too early? Should I see the doctor?

alyant79 Tue 09-Apr-13 16:17:04

fod I don't know sad i've never tested for ov so can't help you. But:

I have a friend who had mmc at 12 weeks. she got her first AF as normal at 4 weeks, but AF then went AWOL. I don't think she was ov testing (although she could have been and just didn't tell me), but eventually did get pg (and now has a baby) from an egg that must have dropped around day 80 of her cycle... she didn't see a doc or anything.

So..... funny things can happen but you can STILL get pg. That's what I take from this story.
Obviously I hope that happens to no-one here because it was pretty depressing for her at the time.
Perhaps a doctor would have done something to speed things up for her, dunno...

alyant79 Tue 09-Apr-13 16:23:56

So I have a friend who has the same EDD that I had. She doesn't live nearby so we mostly email. I told her that I've just got my first AF and can now ttc with permission (although I already was).
She said "that's good news. Have fun with that ;)"
My instinctive response is to be very catty and make some sort of narky reply about how can i possibly have fun being back on the emotional monthly rollercoaster that is ttc (only worse than normal ttc due to mc stress), when I should be getting fat like her.

Gah! I need to restrain myself and not respond, but I feel like that was such an insensitive comment of her to make sad I guess she doesn't know what it's like. Lucky her.

alyant79 Tue 09-Apr-13 16:25:55

eeeek fod i just re-read my post. I don't want to scare you or anyone else!
I'm sure that you will be fine and probably ovulate tomorrow or on the weekend or something. I just wanted to say that even if the worst case scenario happens, you can still get pg.
So since the worst case scenario won't happen smile you are probably almost knocked up already wink

Bakingtins Tue 09-Apr-13 16:33:54

Martha I was probably messtins at that point. Namechanged to a B name which was a bit of a thread theme at one point many moons ago to cash in on the thread good luck didn't turn out so well maybe I should change back

Bakingtins Tue 09-Apr-13 16:35:13

I am at risk of sounding like Tony Hancock today - they took six tubes of blood. I have none left for Thursday's leeches.

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 09-Apr-13 16:52:18

Bakingtins- sorry things are so tough. Hugs and flowers from me. I know what you mean about wanting it/not wanting it etc.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Tue 09-Apr-13 17:50:51

Baking - 6 tubes! - that's nearly an armful!

(Sorry - couldn't resist)

Sal1977 Tue 09-Apr-13 18:42:18

Aly - I know EXACTLY how you feel!! My friend has exactly the same EDD that I had and also lives away (but is moving back in a couple of months unfortunately). We sent a message telling them what had happened and said we need to back off from them for a while (this was a week ago). She sent a lovely card today which I was trying to find fault in but couldn't and now I feel bad about shitting her off. I still don't want her to come to my wedding in a couple of months, but now don't feel I can tell her to stay away! Life is shit sometimes eh?

In other news, I went back for my weekly willy-cam sesh with Pam, my personal dildo-scanner as I am still bleeding 12 days post ERPC (now nearly 3 weeks in total since spotting began) and she said she can see some blood and clots in my very fricking empty uterus but no left over tissue so they want nature to take its course and it will come out on its own hopefully. They've booked me in for another scan in 2 weeks unless the bleeding stops on its own.

I got on the scales today thinking that I've probably lost a couple if, it says I've put on nearly 6lbs in 11 days!! WTF???!!!!

I get married in 9 weeks and I'm the heaviest I've ever been and not even up-duffed!!!!!! Any advice other than jaw-wiring?

Love from el-fatty-bumbum.....

Sal1977 Tue 09-Apr-13 18:44:13

*shitting her off??? Where the hell did that come from? I meant brushing her off!! Hehe

Hi everyone, just dashing in and out as an way too busy and am in a total flap and I have itchy bits to boot which I won't mention

weasel why ectopic? Might there just be some retained product? I hope you get it sorted quickly whatever transpires.

fod I think that an anovulatory cycle is not unreasonable so soon after mc, or for things to be a bit all over the place. I was definitely told it might take a few cycles to get back to normal.

Hug for tins and anyone else that needs one x

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 09-Apr-13 19:19:31

hiya ladies can I join

sad sad sad sad I Had a miscarriage last week I was 5 +5 weeks. gutted!!

Weaselicious Tue 09-Apr-13 19:26:02

Hey thundercats can that be a reason? Any advice welcome, just had three blood tests done thu/sat/today and HCG has been 249/262/264. Miscarried nearly a week ago, lots of blood/clots etc (sorry if TMI) but all done naturally so retained product seems more likely that ectopic? Any thoughts anyone?!

Have scan at 8.15 tomorrow so fingers crossed I get some answers. Any 'I had something similar' comments v welcome...

Weasel, I'm sorry I just don't know that much about it- thinking about it you're thinking because your levels are still rising that your body still thinks its pg? Have you any other symptoms that might lead you to think its ectopic- like the cramps (which I understand are really bad- but I'm sure some of the other ladies can help with info). If they were worried about ectopic they'd have you in there straight away to get sorted.

Sorry I can't remember what the next step is...are you going in for a scan?

Hi mytwo, really sorry you are here.

Missed your last comment about scan! Try not to worry til then if you can weasel you will get your answers.

alyant79 Tue 09-Apr-13 19:41:23

I had retained products and my hcg levels were around 500, then 450 2 days later. That was already almost 4 weeks post mc. the retained stuff measured 4x5x5cm, so quite large really.

alyant79 Tue 09-Apr-13 19:44:44

sal I think it's quite normal to still be bleeding a bit after 12 days. I certainly was, after the medical and erpc stages. But more like brown spotting by 14 days

Lieslvontrapp Tue 09-Apr-13 19:45:40

Hello Mytwo sorry you find yourself here.
Weasel hope you get some answers tomorrow.

I'm currently symptom spotting. Af due on sunday and I've had a bit of cramping and brownish discharge and wondering if it's implantation. The cramping feels similar to last time but didn't get the discharge before. I guess I'm just going to have to hold out to fertile Friday unless af gets me early! Anyone else joining me on Friday?

Bakingtins Tue 09-Apr-13 20:16:05

Weasel since the bloods are not really rising much (in an ongoing pregnancy you'd be expecting them to double every 48 hours) I think it's more likely you have some retained products. Hope the scan clears up any doubt and you can stop worrying about ectopic.

Hello mytwo

I wanted to add to the posts about the CBFM later but was on ipad and trying to type anything long winded makes me lose the will to live. I looked into it when I was having problems with it and is is basically much more simple than I thought. It looks for 2 hormones, oestrogen and luteinising hormone, but as soon as it detects them for the first time it stops looking IYSWIM. You get a 'high' as soon as it sees oestrogen and that will continue until it sees LH, when it gives you 'peak' for 2 days then 'low'. If it misses the LH then you just get 'high' for the remainder of your 20 sticks, irrespective of the fact that your oestrogen will disappear once you have ovulated. confused The 'learning your cycle' bit just means it will ask for a first stick later in subsequent cycles once it has an idea when you ovulate, but that only works if it detects ovulation in the first cycle. I have used it twice when TTC in the past with great success, but tried at the end of last summer and for 2 cycles it missed LH, so I spent £40 on sticks and learned nothing. It may help to change your testing window if this is happening to you, or go back to cheapie OPKs and test more than once a day when you think it's your fertile period. I'm not bothering, I've been doing this long enough to know my cycle and DTD several times over the days I'm most likely to ovulate.

Hey ladies - I'm cd15 today - waiting for ovulation which isn't due for ages thanks to my lovely lengthy cycles - still doing opks daily - oh how I love to POAS - any stick will do!!

Fod - the hospital told me that I may have a cycle where I don't have ovulation following the miscarriage - finished crossed for a positive opk for you soon xx

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 09-Apr-13 20:31:29

Weasel- hope youre ok and it's just retained products that are making your levels stay up- I'm no expert whatsoever.

Hello to mytwo- sorry you're here sad

I'm symptom spotting big time; will be testing on Friday. I don't have that pregnant "feeling" I don't think... Just sore boobs, tingly nipples, unbelievably emotional and hormonal and full of rage! plus super sensitive to the smell of car fumes, which was a major symptom in all of my last pregnancies. I just don't know how much of it is my body playing tricks on me. I know that if it is bfp, I'll be so terrified of something going wrong again.

MrsExcited Tue 09-Apr-13 20:45:12

Hey sounds like there are some congratulations in order this week!

That sounds all exciting Booty, as does the others who have had BFPs since Friday!

I'm still ticking along 2 1/2 weeks since ERPC, having been on holiday last week there was quite a bit of dtd but with no idea whether i will ovulate this month or not but it was fun! (sorry if tmi!)

I think if AF shows no sign of arriving by end of the month i will poas

Sorry i can't help with anyone with CBFM but not owning one i have no idea how they work, I used OPKs last time and hit first time

Lieslvontrapp Tue 09-Apr-13 21:32:55

Hi Blackholes sounds like we are in the same boat. Im also wondering if my mind and body are playing tricks on me. Fingers crossed for Friday!

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 09-Apr-13 22:36:23

Indeed, liesl! smile

I'm sorry I'm pretty rubbish at the advice, having never used a cbfm and been lucky enough (?!) not to have needed an erpc. Still offering handholding though!

I've just checked fb. You guessed it; two pregnancy announcements, due around the times of my two miscarriages! Literally one announcement after the other. Bit gobsmacked to be honest!

MrsExcited Tue 09-Apr-13 22:36:59

Sorry for some reason the post i wrote last night seems to have posted itself tonight, so appears all out of sync with today's conversations.

Sal - I know the feeling with putting on weight, i put 3 pounds on before going on holiday (trust me i can't afford too) but now am properly back at work and generally trying to eat healthier (not the stuffing face with Chocolate!)

Mummy - I loved rule 6 - stating a woman may pee on an actual stick as often as they liked!

Crossing fingers for those hopeful poas-ing on Friday!

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 09-Apr-13 22:37:17

Sorry, the would-be due dates of my two miscarried babies, I mean,

fod27 Tue 09-Apr-13 23:25:16

Thanks so much mummy, Aly and Thunder for your replies, I think I'm just convincing myself that it's not going to happen ;( even been looking into adoption.....lost my posifrickintivity

blackholes I stayed well away from Facebook and eventually removed anyone that was pregnant or had recently has a baby from my news feed which worked out great! Until an insensitive mare that I work with was invited out for lunch with the team ( I'd organised it as a bit of a giggle) we all organised sitters for our kids and she has decided to bring hers along! If course everyone will be ooooing and arghhhing over it and now I feel pushed out of the very event I'd organised....insensitive bitch!

Fingers crossed for blackholes symptons
my two hope your ok, it's devastating it really is but I promise the pain will lift - it never leaves you and you never forget - but it does her easier with time
* weasel* my thoughts are with you, the uncertainty is a horrible thing to bare, your just left feeling stagnant

I'm sorry if Ive missed anyone

Sal1977 Wed 10-Apr-13 00:09:14

Welcome back MrsExcited I was thinking of you on your holibobs last week!

I asked my MW mate about weight gain after MC/ERPC and she said its likely to be hormonal and comfort eating during the shitty time. I'm gonna give that 5&2 diet a go, have heard great things about it!

Welcome to newbies, sorry you're here, mat your stay be short and sweet! Xx

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 10-Apr-13 07:16:33

Good morning all

Weasel good luck with your scan this morning, hope you get answers as to what is going on.
mytwo - hello (waves)

tins v interesting on the CBFM - think I will give mine the boot after this cycles weirdness.

liesl & Blackholes - will join you on Friday to POAS I think. Just did my last 3 tests impatient for BFP and got slightly stronger but still feint line on the cheapy stick, v feint line on the Sainsbury stick and a "hold it at an angle and you can almost see a faint line" with the Tesco stick.
So still don't really feel able to say I have a BFP yet. Feeling a little in limbo

alyant79 Wed 10-Apr-13 08:44:30

choc how confusing for you confused I hope you get a nice strong line on fri.
blackholes and liesl Fx those symptoms are real and not imaginary!

weasel I hope your scan this morning has come up with some answers.

fod that bitch is super insensitive - although if it's a little baby perhaps she wouldn't feel comfortable using a sitter? Anyway that's not an excuse! Try not to feel left out though. You'll still have a great time

sal let me know how the 5:2 diet works out. I've also heard very good things about it, and been tempted myself. Not tempted enough to actually try it though wink. How about running? The weight always comes off me pretty easily when i start running more. Also I hope everything does come out by itself and you'll be back ttc in no time.

hi mytwo big hugs for you in this difficult time

Hi everyone.

Who was talking about putting on weight after mc? I feel that pain- its just another slap in the face isn't it?! I have been so much better in terms of exercise and healthy diet since then and still put on. Damnit!

weasel guess you are coming out of your scan any minute- really hope it went well....let us know!

choc limbo is a horrible feeling- hope you get the good right answer on Fri.

tins how are you feeling?

blackholes FB is evil when things like that happen. I get nervous now even meeting up with friends who may 'announce' at any time. Just don't know if my face would behave when confronted with the news.

Off to blood test now, hoping to get results later in the week. Come on blood!

Sal1977 Wed 10-Apr-13 09:01:53

Been thinking about you Weasel, let us know how you got on!

Aly - running? I'm like a hobbit with big knockers...not built for running, might help with getting rid of the last of the gunk though? (Sorry, grim thought!)

I'm a beauty therapist and just about to move into a rented room in a sunbed salon. The other girl in there does Shrinking Violet Wraps (google them) and they are supposed to be great. So my plan if I don't miraculously slim down in 8 weeks is to squash the fat with a few wraps and have a couple of sunbeds as we all know tanned fat looks better than pasty fat before the wedding!

It's also good to know that my other half also has a streak of dark humour as he piped up "maybe people will feel sorry for us and put extra cash in a card"! Haha....every cloud and all that!!!

Choc when is/was AF due?? I'm getting frustrated with your feint lines now...wink

alyant79 Wed 10-Apr-13 09:42:56

haha sal if it's help with geting rid of the last of the gunk, how about a trampoline? ewww wink

oooh thunder I hope your bloods give the right result!

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 10-Apr-13 10:10:50

Sal - based on my normal 30-31 day cycles AF should be due today. I am not sure as stupid CBFM missed my peak this month.
I have been perusing the Fertility Friend website's gallery of POAS tests. People have posted pics of their daily HPTS and you can see lines developing.
It is not healthy and I need to STEP AWAY.

There was a DailyFail article a few weeks back about someone losing 2 dress sizes round her middle in 6 weeks. She basically cut out all the good things in life (sugar, alcohol, bread etc etc) and exercised everyday to do it. Which while I know I "could" do, in reality I know I will never manage it.
Bread is my problem - if I cut it out for 2 weeks, I can lose 4-6lbs without trying. But I can't keep it up - I love toast too much.

Sal - do you have a forgiving dress? If you did lose half a stone, will it still fit? I like the idea of the wraps. Apparently Epsom Salt baths are also good as a last minute temporary inchloss measure.

Plus of course a good pair of spanx like knickers - on my wedding day mine started under my bust and ended at my knee. Were hell to get on and off, was very glad DH was too pissed to care at the end of the night grin

mini28 Wed 10-Apr-13 10:18:06

Hi ladies, mind if I join? I went for my 12 week scan on 28th March to be told there was just an empty sac :-( Decided to go down route of medical management - had oral pill Monday and due in for the pessary this afternoon. All a bit grim at the moment.

I recognise some of you ladies from other threads and you all seem so lovely (I've been lurking last few days) and so I thought I'd bite the bullet and join.

So sorry that we're all here, and hugs to everyone who has been through this crappiness. It sucks :-( Here's to lots of well-deserved positivity for us all!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 10-Apr-13 10:30:45

Welcome mini. Im very sad to see another face here. Im sorry you are going through this. Try and relax, take lots of time for yourself, and remember that things take time. The huge black cloud of misery will lift eventually. This is a great thread, the people are lovely, and the MC board on MN is amazing.
Sal Ive been considering 5:2 for ages. One part of me read your thread and wanted to start today, another part is so fed up I want to go eat the contents of the fridge! confused
Im having a shitty day with DS17 today. sad Ive decided that the sole reason I want another baby is because I hope that the next one might actually like me! sad

fod27 Wed 10-Apr-13 10:38:02

Thanks aly for confirming my feelings, I will try ;)

alyant79 Wed 10-Apr-13 10:49:33

saggy you have teenagers, right? don't they hate everyone? I'm sure it's not just you.

welcome mini, that's exactly what happened to me so I know how cheated and awful you must be feeling right now. It's so, so sad to get so far along, be feeling pg and getting fat and everything, all for nothing sad big big hugs for you
I hope it all goes smoothly for you this afternoon. Remember to ask for the painkillers when you think you need them - I found that after the back ache started it only took an hour from then. If someone is going with you (hope that they are), get them to massage your lower back for you. But it really isn't too bad, so try not to stress.
Also make sure you take spare knickers - you might need them!

fod27 Wed 10-Apr-13 11:37:47

Sorry to see you here mini
choco I'm so excited for you and your lines! Spanx are fab! I swear by them, also started drinking boiled water and lemon juice plus green tea....lost a stone! Can't believe it..although it may just be agree related lol

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 10-Apr-13 12:39:16

Hi mini - also sorry that you find yourself here, hope everything goes as quickly and painlessly as it can today/next few days. It really sucks doesn't it. Take care of yourself

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Wed 10-Apr-13 12:48:41

Yes aly they do hate everybody. Just me particularly! sad

WillSantaComeAgain Wed 10-Apr-13 13:12:12

Hello everyone smile

Not had a chance to log on at a PC for a bit but have been following on mobile devices - I'm with baking in losing the will to live if you have to write things on ipads/iphones, particularly when I can touch type!

I think the last post I did I said I was waiting for DH to come and DTD... rest assured, we haven't been doing it all this time (feels faint at the mere thought of DTD for two days straight).

So, apologies if I miss a few things or seem out of date but:

CBFM someone asked some questions about it. So far I've used it on two months (once after 4 cycles trying to time it right, once after 2 cycles of seeing what happens) - both times it worked first time. The peak showed and we DTD that day and the next. I've just used it again this month so wondering if its going to be 3 in 3. However, I've stopped POACBFMS immediately after getting the peak, as I can't see the point. I really can't believe its going to tell me much more if I keep peeing for the next four days other than that the surge of progesterone/LH has ended and I'm back to low fertility.

Announcements Totally with you in that FB is a nightmare for announcements. And I dread being confronted with the news face to face. However, what you have to try to remember (and I think it does help) is that people are not being deliberately insensitive - most of the time they are actually trying to do the right thing, but if they've never been through it themselves, they just won't have a clue. Its hard for us that have been through (and are still going through) the pain of a mc and the stress of ttc again, but for everyone else, it really was just a "thing" that happened to you, and a bit like a broken leg, as soon as the plaster is off (or you are back at work following an mc) people forget that you're still damaged/ hurting inside.

My sister was one of the "insensitive" people who did something that really really upset me immediately post mc. Because she was my sister, I could tell her so, and she was mortified - she said she just never considered that angle. So I think we have to take responsibility for our own well being and tell people if they are doing something that hurts us. If they're a true friend, they'll understand and if they don't understand they can fuck the fuck off so I think a true friend will understand if you say "I'm really happy for you, but [please don't surprise me news that you're pg face to face] [please understand if I find it hard to see you for the next 17 years few months] [can we make it a child free occasion]".

Also tell yourself its not your baby they're having. And there is no limit to the number of women who can be pg at anyone time. And you can go home and stuff your face with blue cheese, rare steak and red wine while they just balloon up like a michelin man.

fod27 Wed 10-Apr-13 14:00:55

Has anyone else suffered extremely painful cramping post ERPC? I'm not due AF til the 28th but I'm in I'm out to lunch with the family so having to put a face on it (no oscars for me)

GuffSmuggler Wed 10-Apr-13 14:57:30

Hi all,

Can I pop my head round the door? Am 2 weeks post ERPC so won't be able to try for a while but thought I'd check in.

Just had a MMC (blighted ovum) which showed up at 12 week scan. I've got a 2 year old DS who is getting me through so I'm lucky there.

Am still bleeding slightly from the ERPC but it's getting lighter. Am so desperate to try again but I know I need to be patient. Looks like I'll be waiting a while for AF to show up judging by others experiences.

Lieslvontrapp Wed 10-Apr-13 15:02:20

Sorry fod I didn't experience any cramping after erpc. I just had a 10 week wait for af. Hope the cramps stop.
I've had some spotting again today. Not sure if it's af (sorry tmi) it's brown not blood red. I guess time will tell. Trying to not think about it but that's easier said than done.

Sundance2007 Wed 10-Apr-13 15:17:17

Hi ladies - okay if I join? I'm relatively new to mn....originally looked into it to start 'researching' all things babies as I was approaching my 12 week scan on my first pregnancy.

Obviously jinxed it as I had a mc at 12+3, quite possibly the most horrific experience ever, though I'm sure so many of you will sadly understand that too. sad

So...after 2 weeks of bleeding post ERPC, then 2 weeks of nothing, AF finally arrived and I'm still waiting for her to bugger off so we can crack on and try again.

Feel like we went two steps forward finally getting pregnant and then ten steps back...oh, and then metaphorically kicked by insensitve comments from the sister-in-law who thinks I should be grateful that at least I can drink again! Tut.

Lieslvontrapp Wed 10-Apr-13 15:22:44

Welcome sundance. Sorry you find yourself here. Unfortunately lots of us can relate to what you are going through. Hopefully your stay on this thread is a short one.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Wed 10-Apr-13 15:22:57

Hi Guff - sorry that you are here, but you are very welcome to join us
Liesl - brown spotting could be start of AF or could be some old blood just getting it's way out from OV or (whisper) implantation. You can't take it to mean anything yet. But I am with you on the knicker/wipe watching. Each time I go to the loo I have to steal myself to look at the paper as expect to see that horrid red that confirms AF has got me...

Sundance2007 Wed 10-Apr-13 16:08:24

Thanks Liesl! And incidentally, I had the same brown spotting on and off for a bit too - gp said brown is healthy 'older' blood, which eventually went away but the wait was so frustrating; she also said I needed a full 2 weeks of nothing at all between bleeds for it to be considered a proper period. (If that makes sense?!)

The waiting is the most difficult bit when all you want is to be pregnant again but it'll happen for all of us I'm sure.

That said, anyone else absolutely terrified of getting pregnant again in case you have to go through all of this again?

BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 10-Apr-13 16:12:06

Sundance- totally!! Will reply more later x

alyant79 Wed 10-Apr-13 16:42:30

sorry fod no cramping. I hope it passes.

welcome (sadly) sundance and guff
sundance sounds like we might be on the same schedule. got my first AF after erpc last friday. we can be POAS buddies smile

Yep, am terrified. We did ttc before the first AF arrived and I was so nervous...

santa you're so right about telling people when they accidentally say something insensitive. I think i wrote yesterday about my friend who'd upset me via email. So today I wrote back and explained (nicely, not bitchly like I wanted to yesterday) how what she had said was upsetting, and she responded immediately to say how sorry she was and that she hadn't really thought at all about how hurtful what she said might have been.
I'm really glad that I told her how I felt, instead of stewing over it for days.

lisel really really hope that's not AF arriving. FX

BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 10-Apr-13 18:53:18

Sorry short reply earlier. Was out and caught a quick couple of mins while waiting in the car to catch up on here! I always use my phone and I'm afraid I can't remember who's posted what and can't go up to look!

Re: fb, thank you all for your lovely messages. I was just stumped by the fact that both announcements had same due date as my lost babies. What are the chances? Made me sad but I'm delighted for my friends of course.

Liesl- I hope too that it isn't AF for you. I feel decidedly un-pg today though, so don't think I'll be getting a bfp on Friday.

Anyone else totally obsessed with having a(nother) baby? Dp asked me what I used to think/read about before ttc, and I don't actually remember, lol!

BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 10-Apr-13 18:54:57

Choc- the feeling if limbo must be horrible. Have you tried a digital?

MarthasHarbour Wed 10-Apr-13 20:27:41

Eeee you are a chatty lot! Waves to the newbies but sad that you are here IYKWIM, i skimmed the thread and can see that we have had a lot of recent MCs so i am sending the love xx

I am totally with you all on the pregnancy announcements however i also agree with Santa people who havent been through it just dont know how to break the news. FB probably makes it easier in a twisted way as they dont have to say it to your face and can do a block announcement IYKWIM.

As an example - I hate ultrasound scans as i have had so many bad experiences with them now, with the first miscarriage showing no bubba, then the second miscarriage - well i had loads of reassurance scans which did reassure us but then we were hit with the 20 week which was bad then the 21 week which showed no heart beat, so yeah - ultrasound scans are the work of the devil to me. Well EVERYONE seems to announce their pregnancy on FB via a pic of the 12 week scan. I just look at it and selfishly think 'well yeah - thats just your 12 week scan - you have got a long road to go down yet. Which is awful i know sad <disclaimer - please dont listen to me those of you who are having reassurance scans - i am just a drama queen blush i know that reassurance scans are a lifeline to most people - they were to us last year until it went tits up)

Then you get people like my well meaning colleague, she is so sweet and i know she was shitting herself telling me she was pg, i could see it in her eyes, especially since she made the announcement only 2 months after i had my 21 week loss. So what did she do? Came up to my desk all breathy and panicky and thrust a scan pic under my nose....... hmm
i went white as a sheet, got all flustered and said 'oh congrats'. It didnt go well and i felt awful.

What i am trying to say (in a really long winded way!) is that people just dont know how we 'want' them to announce it. For me there is no good way, whether it be on FB by scan pic (who is to know that i have a fear of ultrasound scans?), in a christmas card (my friend did this last year - i couldnt put the card up as it upset me!) or face to face (example above). We are a fickle bunch! None more than me!

Anyway - i broke the thread rules and POAS today - BFN angry however i am putting a 'positive' spin on it and thinking 'Right = that means that i can go to my sisters wedding without a 1 week old bubba, but i WILL be 8 months pregnant and fat and flustery! (wedding is in December) it also means i can drink wine on our hols in Center Parcs next week grin aaaaand it means that i can shag-DH senseless have lots of jiggy jiggy at the right time next month. I am thinking of buying a CBFM and going for it! wink

And that is probably the longest post i have ever penned..... <you can all wake up now!>

BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 10-Apr-13 22:09:56

Martha- very sad about your ultrasound experiences. A very close friend of mine has similar feelings towards them.

Wouldya credit it?! Another announcement with due date same as my first lost baby's due date! Argh!

Rockchick1984 Thu 11-Apr-13 00:17:20

Hi ladies, please can I dip a tentative toe onto this thread? Had a MMC diagnosed at my 12 week scan on Monday, baby had died around 8 weeks so had ERPC today. As soon as I feel physically recovered I want to start TTC again, so no idea how long that will take!

Already have an amazing, healthy DS who recently turned 2 so I know I can carry a pregnancy to term, however it was far more difficult to conceive this time so I'm concerned and don't want to wait ages before trying again.

Weaselicious Thu 11-Apr-13 07:41:09

Hello newbies, sorry to see you here, hugs to you if you're finding announcements hard (had a couple of crackers in the last few days) and am keeping fingers crossed for all of you POAS tomorrow.

Quick update. MC a week ago now but HCG levels still haven't fallen (around 260). Scans all clear so they don't really know what's happening. Am having to find reserves of patience and steeliness that I didn't know I had as I now have to wait till Monday for my re test and scan to make sure all is ok. If levels still high then it's a laparoscopy. Am so fed up with all this - pls lots of finger crossing for Monday that HCG has fallen through the floor and I can then start trying to move on.

In the meantime? Off to work...

Bakingtins Thu 11-Apr-13 08:37:37

Weasel sorry this is dragging out for you but I am surprised they are making a fuss if it's only a week since you MC. It has taken me three weeks each time to get to a negative HPT and other than checking that HCG wasn't rising nobody has raised an eyebrow. Had your levels fallen since the last test? Is there something else that is making them concerned? I think I'd be asking for a 2nd opinion before letting them anywhere near me with an endoscope! 260 really doesn't sound that high.

Morning and welcome to all future bpf buddies.

Nowt doing here really just thought I'd pop in and say hi. Something's going on with my hormones so obviously a surprise pregnancy probably either stress or thyroid related.

Who's poas tomorrow?

GuffSmuggler Thu 11-Apr-13 09:28:04

Hi rock, nice to see you and some others from the miscarriage board. Seems a nicer place to be smile

alyant79 Thu 11-Apr-13 11:49:35

martha loving the positivity, and v sorry to hear about your very sad late loss and subsequent useless work colleagues! sad

rock sorry to see you here, but welcome.

weasel I agree with baking, 260 only a week after mc doesn't sound very high. Very sorry that you are being put through all this confusion, and hopefully everything will hav sorted itself out by monday.

Nothing new here except that we should be having sex-fest over the next few days: ov due tuesday according to phone app (but i think it'll be a bit earlier than that) and hubby has just announced that he's super busy at work and might be too tired. shockangry he'd better perform or else

BlackholesAndRevelations Thu 11-Apr-13 11:59:35

Rockchick- hugs and flowers. make sure you take as much time out/off work as you need xxx

I'm testing tomorrow still- though don't feel pg, and now have beginnings of AF cramps.

MarthasHarbour Thu 11-Apr-13 12:55:52

Oh FFS on your behalf blackholes angry - loving your name BTW - i sing the song in my head whenever i see you grin i looooove Muse

Nothing new here today, told DH i POAS last night and he looked like this hmm angry as it was a few days too early. i am convinced i am not PG this month as we only DTD twice (busy month!). Anyway i promised him lots of shagging this month so that cheered him up!

I got some cadburys buttons on offer in Waitrose <passes round> help yourself!

Good luck to all the POAS tomorrow - i shall check in for updates smile

Bakingtins Thu 11-Apr-13 13:11:29

Cadbury's buttons - yum! thinks about raiding the kids' Easter egg stash
Good luck to anyone POAS tomorrow, hope we have the same successes as last week.
I've been to see consultant for a scan today and happy to report all bits in good working order. She thinks I either won't ovulate this cycle or it will be a long one as follicles not v big for dates, but not a surprise if it's a WTF, only 2nd cycle and don't have ov signs yet on day 14.
More bloods..... and a wait until June to get all results.

BlackholesAndRevelations Thu 11-Apr-13 13:22:15

Aw thanks Martha! me too! They're awesome live smile

Best not pass me round those buttons... If you want any left, that is!! wink

BlackholesAndRevelations Thu 11-Apr-13 13:23:08

baking- good working order sounds posifrickingtive xxx

mini28 Thu 11-Apr-13 13:23:20

Hello! Just wanted to pop back to say thank you for all your lovely welcome messages. alyant it really is horrible to get all the way to 12 weeks to be told bad news - very cruel. Although horrible to hear you've experienced it to, it helps to hear that others have survived it IYKWIM.

Last 24hours were grim beyond description, but think I'm over the worst of it now. Thinking about ttc as soon as poss is getting me through at the moment.

Absolutely love the POAS rules on this thread! Good luck to everyone POAS tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed for you all! X

fod27 Thu 11-Apr-13 16:43:05

Hi sorry you find yourselves here.... MC sucks!!! It's horrid and no one has a clue what we are going through ;(

I'm still testing....still no ovulation! Went to the drs and he just said well you've only been testing since mid march so wait and see...( so good to see tax payers money being so well spent!)

On another upbeat note I found a lump in my thigh so I've got to go for blood tests as my brother currently has myeloma cancer, mother had breast cancer and my estranged father (using the term loosely) died of bowel cancer..... Wow I must have been a complete bitch in a previous life! Cancer should be a form of natural selection and only develop in rapists, murderers and peadophiles!!!

Sorry rant over just so fucked off at life!

Bakingtins Thu 11-Apr-13 18:17:16

Sorry to hear that fod it must be the last thing you need right now. Hope it turns out to be something innocuous. I think your past life theory is pants though. Crap stuff happens to lovely people all the time, otherwise none of us would be on the thread. It's very unfair that yet more is being heaped on your plate though. I hope you get reassuring results quickly.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 11-Apr-13 18:59:52

I am having a BAD day today. sad
Its the first one for ages. Everything was so lovely round here when we were PG, teens were thoughtful, DP was supportive and I was just so happy. Everyone was motivated to get the house tidied and sorted out, and we weer all full of plans.
Everything is back to normal now. sad
Add to this that I dont appear to be working properly, if Im ovulating, its late, and my LP was short last month. DTD has totally lost its appeal, I appear to have lost my erm... orgasm... and DP is lukewarm about DTD at best!
So today, he had taken the afternoon off, for sexual purposes and instead I spent the afternoon blubbering on his chest!
But, on the posifrickintive side, I have vented, DP knows that I am struggling, and he can help me get it together and m going to look into Agnus Castus, and B6 if LP is short this month.

Hi everyone.

Have actually got a bit of time to write a real message for once!

fod what shitty news- you poor thing. I really hope you get some good results from this.

hi mini and well done for getting through such a hard time. Onwards and upwards now. Look after yourself.

tins great news about the scan today- that must be a relief?! Although I imagine you want to come out of this with some answers about the mcs in terms of there being something that can be done about it? It's really good that things are moving along and you can tuck them off the list as you go. Are you ttc as well at the mo?

marthas lucky you having a DH who looks forward to the shagging! I think mine just feels the ttc pressure too much sometimes and I understand that. especially when I'm a hysterical cow

weasel that's good they didn't find any big problems. Like tins says I'm surprised they're so on the case? I just got sent home and told to ring up if I was still bleeding after 3 weeks. It's good that you're getting support though.

Hi rock, and welcome.

blackholes arse. (the announcements). But fx for poas tomorrow.

thanks for saggy too. Hope venting and getting it out of your system has helped. Lots of pressure and hormones at the moment- don't forget that! And give yourself a bit of a break if you can. Or kick the teens so they do!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 11-Apr-13 19:28:53

On a happier note, I am now oficially an employee rather than self employed, so WHEN I get PG again I will be eligible for SMP and SSP if i need time off due to PG related issues.

Bakingtins Thu 11-Apr-13 20:12:43

Hi thunder how are you doing?

We're not not TTC IYSWIM? I don't think I ovulated after the MC and from the scan today doesn't look like this will be a normal cycle either though it could just be a longer one. Not preventing anyway, if I did happen to get pregnant before the tests are complete then I'll get precautionary aspirin, high dose folic acid and extra TLC. I'm relieved about the scan as I did have a nagging worry that the surgery I had after DS2 might have caused damage, or that my ovaries would be sad shrivelled little raisins with no eggs left, neither of which appear to be the case. She said not to worry about the slight increase in TSH, her cut off is 3.5 for pregnancy.

How long until you get your TSH result back?

Hello lovelies!!

Hello to the newbies - so sorry you are hear - so sad that some many people find themselves in this situation but there is lots of support on this thread xx

Fod - sorry to hear about your lump - I'm keeping everything crossed for you Hun. How is your brother doing at the mo? I completely know what you mean about the doctors - I am planning to see the doctor at the end of May (unless i get a BFP) and have to make sure I get the right Dr - I find the younger ones more open to listening to my worries and fears.

Saggy - sorry you are having a bad day - they can come out of no-where can't they. I too think my cycles are messed up since the miscarriage - my LP is shorter now which is concerning me - big hugs for you lovely x

I have a busy weekend coming up as its DS 4th birthday - we are off to London tomorrow and party at the weekend - he is SO excited!! Xx

MarthasHarbour Thu 11-Apr-13 21:44:02

Just jumping on to say see you all in a week, we are off to the Lake District this weekend to see the ILs <nice - hmm> then off to Center Parcs for a few days. So i shall be off line - but will check in for some BFPs tomorrow hopefully wink

blackholes have you seen them live? me and DH saw them at Glastonbury in 2004, DH was right at the front, i was a wuss and went to the back!

fod holding your hand, and old friend on the other MC board coined the phrase for me 'Cancer is a Cunt'. I am certain that you just have a cyst, but i am sorry that the C has hit you with a shitty stick. It took my best friend from me and i will never forgive it. But yes, i really do think what you have sounds like some kind of nasty water retention/cystic kind of thing. Perfectly natural for you to be freaking out (in the style of King Julian from Madagascar!) wink

Big love to you all, i see you all polished off the chocolate buttons hmm

ChocolateCremeEggBag Thu 11-Apr-13 22:34:58

Evening all.

I popped into Boots on way home tonight to stock up on sticks. Teenage girl walked past while I was perusing the choices(FR or CBDigi) picked one and toddled off, then thought fuck it I'll get both. Go back to the aisle and girl is there looking at the tests. I make a stupid comment about how there are too many to decide on and she said "I think you are wanting a different result than me". Turns out that she's 3 days late and terrified she's pg. felt vv sad for her, told her not to bother with the expensive ones if she is already late as they are for mad women like me who are testing super early. Really hope she gets the right result for her.

fod27 Fri 12-Apr-13 00:26:07

Hi guys, thanks for the supportive comments... I was soooo frustrated earlier, I've always tried to be a good person and would give anyone the shirt off my back breasts flirted about so I find it really hard to take in or understand why this ia happening to me,

My brother has just finished his chemo and is due for a MRI tomorrow at Birmingham hospital so we should know more then...fx. Part of me thinks sod it and focus on baby making but then the other side of me thinks that's selfish if there is something's wrong with me etc

On the upside tho I've just done a ov calculation online and I have another four possible days of ovulating left

BlackholesAndRevelations Fri 12-Apr-13 06:24:27

Gosh fod- that's tough sad sad I hope upon hope that your lump is nothing nasty. You poor thing.

Martha- oh yes! Seen them a few times. Best was when at wembley we managed to get wristbands to go in the backstage area- I could've thrown a stone at matt Bellamy (not that I'd want to!) plus we were out of the moshpit (which I haven't been in since I was about 18, so don't blame you for standing back!)

In other news....... I have a faint line on a FR today! Trying not to get hopes up as a) might not be a BFP and b) if it is... Eek. Last two of these ended in blood and tears.

Anyway I have my fingers tightly crossed for more. Will keep checking in xx

Lieslvontrapp Fri 12-Apr-13 06:41:37

Congrats blackholes!

Bfn for me :-(
Let's see if af comes on Sunday. If not could just be a wtf cycle but I'll test again if no sign.

Fx for you Chocolate

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 12-Apr-13 07:18:40

fod - fx for your brother tomorrow. I totally get the "why is this happening to me" feeling. Hope the lump is just a random cyst, but better to get it checked for certain.

Congratulations blackholes - a line is a line no matter how faint as I've been told. It must be true as my super faint line is now a slightly stronger line on the FR test and "pg 1-2 weeks " on the CBDigi - finally!
Feel relieved and shit scared at the same time - cue even more knicker watching and symptom spotting..

Liesl - here's hoping you have a shy bean and you get yours on Sunday (just don't tell Thunder)

GardenWorm Fri 12-Apr-13 07:38:16

Fab news choc and blackholes! grin

JanieLovesCake Fri 12-Apr-13 07:53:40

Woohoo chocolate and blackholes!! That's fab fertile Friday!!

Hooray choc and blackholes and sorry for the bfn liesl, fx it's too early and you'll get it shortly (don't tell thunder)

Not sure about how this works- you come up with a system to get bfps and you're the one left at the end of it all without one!!

Bakingtins Fri 12-Apr-13 08:02:11

Congrats to choc and blackholes!

liesl you're not out yet. Stay away, witch.

Anyone else testing?

tins I'm ringing for my results this afternoon - if they're back and the secretary will give them to me! Phone appt next Friday with the doc to discuss them.

MarthasHarbour Fri 12-Apr-13 13:20:13

Get in choc and blackholes grin grin that is awesome news! I love fertile fridays!!

Mine not so today as AF arrived but i am ok about it. I have decided to be on it like a car bonnet hmm next month and already starting to work out my fertile days. And i promise promise not to test until fertile friday! grin

choc i actually felt sad for the teenage girl, i hope it all works out for her and all is ok. My friend always said it was shit that we spent our young years doing all we can to avoid getting PG then in our (well my - she didnt want children) 30's all these shitty things just happen to stop us carrying a bubba sad

Aaanyway - FX for sticky beans and safe healthy pregnancies <pops champagne for those who CAN drink and 'bottle green' for those who cant wink >

See you in a week as am off now x

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 12-Apr-13 14:13:47

blush Thunder - look at it this way - think how much good Karma you are storing up from all these BFP's - all due to the Fertile Friday system, think of the £££'s you've saved us by making everyone wait until Friday to POAS well maybe not me
flowers and wine for you

What goes around, comes around I think - you are def due some good vibes soon

Ahh choc! I will try and take some sort of sneaky personal achievement all these bfps! I really am thrilled for everyone, just having an ungracious spoilt brat moment. blush

Blood results are in, I'm down to 6.1 after 4 weeks. Obviously not low enough but going in the right direction (I was over 15 in Feb, and 7 last December). Hoping to speak to a doc this afternoon as to whether my med levels should be raised.

Sorry af came martha and still hooray for the bfps!

JanieLovesCake Fri 12-Apr-13 15:20:00

Aw thunder, I'm sending you a hug, and i totally agree with choc. Will you PLEASE have a bottle of red wine for me tonight? Pleeeease? Appletiser just doesn't do it on a friday xx

GardenWorm Fri 12-Apr-13 15:37:16

Thunder that's an impressive drop in levels - your BFP is getting closer. Stay positive! X

GuffSmuggler Fri 12-Apr-13 16:42:22

Hi all, am trying to get to know you all but it may take some time, sorry about all the ups and downs you've had but you all seem to get each other through.

Fod sorry to see you are having an extra crap time sad

Am glad to see some BFPs to keep everyone going, congrats chocs and blackholes (thunder I'm pretty sure if you invented the system it will have to work for you soon!)

So today is a sort of good day, after what has felt like a lifetime of continuous bleeding through the miscarriage and then EPRC I have finally STOPPED BLEEDING, horray. The irony is now I will desperately await more bleeding to know AF is back.

So a couple of questions which I'm sure they've been covered before. When they say no trying before AF turns up (my gynae actually said to wait 2x AF but there is no way that is happening) do any of you bother using contraception before it comes? Would it really matter if I by some miracle got PG before AF?

Oh yeah and how on earth do you get in the mood post MC to DTD?! confused

MarthasHarbour Fri 12-Apr-13 16:47:48

aww guff come 'ere <wraps in a woolly hug>

First of all congratulations on the last of the bleeding, i have been through this twice and remember only too well the despair of going through the MC and having the constant flow of bleeding to remind you. Sooo, in answer to your question, we started TTC straight away again both times without waiting for AF. My GP said the only reason they say to wait until after next AF is so they can work out the dates.

If you get PG during the WTF cycle, then they will just have to guess your dates from roughly the time of the MC. So keep a note of your dates, when you started MCing (as if you would forget sad) and when you stopped bleeding (today - hoorah). I would recommend you do a cheap test to see when you get your BFN, you might still have pregnancy hormones in your system which would show a BFP. So if you can bear it then do some cheapo tests every day and note down when you get the first BFN

And masses of good luck. So sorry you are in this position x

MarthasHarbour Fri 12-Apr-13 16:49:08

and i know loads of people from the other thread i was on who got PG in the WTF cycle - seriously it happens all the time.

As for getting in the mood, just be prepared that the first time you DTD you may both be a bit emotional, me and DH were both times sad but got ourselves through it

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 12-Apr-13 17:11:11

guff when I was MC-ing I obsessively googled and got lots of stories of BFP's with no issues before first.
Re getting in the mood: I told DH we had no chance of getting pg so this was "just for fun" which got him in the mood then.
He has said since that he felt like a sperm machine on the "ov day" and much preferred the practise runs before and after (yes I have lied to him about how it all works grin bless him)

fod27 Fri 12-Apr-13 17:41:09

Thanks for the nice comments really is appreciated, thunder im on the same boat huni so we can be partners in crime! Let's aim for June? For a BFP

Congrats to choc and black

My brother got to the train station this morning to recieve a phone call informing him that his appointment had been cancelled as his dr was off sick!!!! Hope it's nothing serious -- or terminal -- he is left in limbo now as he was on chemo and has been told to take a week off after his MRI and now he doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing! Bloody NHS

GuffSmuggler Fri 12-Apr-13 19:11:53

Thanks for the advice, am feeling more positive about getting back on the TTC rollercoaster already... <deep breath>

So once you get a BFN after MC how long can you expect to ovulate after that?

fod that is awful your poor brother sad

alyant79 Fri 12-Apr-13 20:37:21

Yay choc and blackholes!! Bugger liesl, but it's not over yet. Bad luck Martha. Hugs.
Fod that is all completely rubbish. The world is really a crappy place sometimes and isn't fair at all. I'm sure the lump in your leg is nothing to worry about though.
Guff, yay for the end of bleeding. I was also told to wait for first af. I think that was cos of the mifepristone pill I had for the medical management. I did lots of my own research though and decided that it was only necessary to wait two weeks, which conveniently was the end of bleeding anyway. Didn't work out that first month anyway sad, but it does for lots of people. Fx for you

YoniOldClothCatPuss Fri 12-Apr-13 20:45:20

Aww, bless! I have been that teenage girl staring at the PG tests. a long long time ago It's bloody scary!

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 12-Apr-13 21:01:40

Guff - I think I ov'd towards the end of bleeding ( EWCM and a twingey ovary) so I'd start ttc - ing once you've stopped bleeding/feel like it.
Bfn came a couple of days after so I don't think you need bfn before you ov. That's just my experience though, but basically see what ov symptoms you get and DTD as much as you can. Good luck

Yoni ( Saggy?) - I have been thinking about her all day, really hope she just had a late ov, poor thing

Too drunk to add anything sensible other than arf arf to the yoni!

YoniOldClothCatPuss Fri 12-Apr-13 23:01:57

Me to Choc. If she is PG, then in 17 years she could be attempting to wrangle a really foul teenager like mine. I wouldnt wish that in anyone! confused it cant be that bad, I want another one!

Just catching up on fertile Friday - fab fab news blackholes and choc!! Xx

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 13-Apr-13 07:44:17

Thank you so much for all the congratulations! If I'm brave enough I'll test again tomorrow. I'm just worried because it's still early, and I used a FR, so might get a bfn if I test using my tesco one tomorrow! Like I said before, not getting too excited and still checking knickers.

Choc- finally a definitive answer, woop woop! Congrats!

Fod- sorry to hear about your brothers appointment. The waiting is the very worst. Nothing else to add... Life can be shit xxx

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 13-Apr-13 07:50:09

PS I hate posting on my phone as I always forget who saud what- sorry! Bakingtins- it must be frustrating thinking everything looks ok and not having a reason for your mc xx

YoniOldClothCatPuss Sat 13-Apr-13 11:33:45

Well I'm on day 17 of an average of 27 day cycle and still no dark line on the OPK. Im getting annoyed now! confused

SpanishLady Sat 13-Apr-13 12:22:37

Congrats choc!

Gruff I am someone who got preg after MC but before AF totally agree best to keep note of any dates eg date you get a bfn, date you have sex first etc

I had my booking in appt this week and went for a scan as they wanted to establish dates - measured 10 weeks and saw heartbeat..... Of two of them, yep it's twins.....already thought this has been a journey and a half never even thought f this happening.

best of luck to those testing soon and those waiting to recover x

Wow twins spanish!! Congratulations! Are they identical?

YoniOldClothCatPuss Sat 13-Apr-13 12:50:33

Oh CRIKEY Spanish! That is brilliant! I am so pleased for you! grin
and secretly fighting down the bitter envy that we were on the September thread together and you are already 10 weeks!

Everyone on my May thread are getting ready to start maternity leave sad

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 13-Apr-13 14:03:10

Wow Spanish! Twins! That's awesome news!

IBelieveInPink Sat 13-Apr-13 14:12:19

Hey ladies. Yes, I'm still here hovering in the background!

Thunder - lovely - im sorry you feeling crap but you really are making progress. Getting those levels down is most important right now do next pregnancy is lovely and sticky and healthy. Hope you are okay.

Spanish, wow twins! That's so exciting! So pleased for you.

Sorry and hello to the new ladies who have joined. I hope you get as much out of this thread as I have, has really helped me through some tough times. smile

thanks pink

Lucky13ForBaby Sat 13-Apr-13 14:51:14

Hi all. Am really worried that I may have to return to this thread. Had some spotting last night sad as nice as you all are I really don't want to come back a 3rd time within 9months sad

ChristineDaae Sat 13-Apr-13 14:54:05

Oh bit late to the party on this thread. Mum was visiting and DP was working overtime all over derive week this month, so unless we got lucky a few days earlier than FF predicted, il be here a while yet. Lucky13, in the nicest way possible I hope to never see you again unless your updating us on your healthy pregnancy! Xx

SpanishLady Sat 13-Apr-13 14:55:19

Thanks and appreciate your goodwill at a time that is so difficult for many here - it's been horrible telling some people (eg friend who has gone just through 2nd round of IVF ) .

We don't think they are identical but will find out more next week when we have the nhs scan.....the one the other night was private as had abit of meltdown when booking in MW kept trying to convince me I hadn't miscarried she seemed to prefer that explanation to my getting preg soon after as she thought my dates were odd - I left quite upset so my dear mum decided enough was enough and booked me a scan - knowing what is going on and seeing heart beats has really relaxed me - I knw it can still go wrong but you can't keep up the anxiety forever I was getting horrible migraines and was really lethargic now feel much better.

Saggy I absolutely understand As i feel uncomfortable with it somehow - I appreciate your honesty cos I'd feel exactly the same way if the shoe was on the other foot. I've banned dh from mentioning a word on bloody FB. I know I caused grief to a friend at work not intentionally of course but she's had some struggles and we comforted each other after our respective loses- feel abit of a traitor to the cause though rationally we both want to move on but you know, after telling the team she disappeared and I could tell she'd been crying when she got back - I just hope I'm being sensitive. ANYWAY we have BFPs to get ladies I know it!

SpanishLady Sat 13-Apr-13 14:55:53

Fx cross lucky

GardenWorm Sat 13-Apr-13 15:01:00

Lovely news Spanish

YoniOldClothCatPuss Sat 13-Apr-13 15:14:42

Spanish IMO you shouldn't feel uncomfortable. You've been in our shoes. I bet you've wept more than a few years at other people's baby announcements. It's your turn now. Try and enjoy every minute. Our turns will come. Twins is amazing, DP is a non identical twin, he and BIL share that strange twin link, it's really sweet. smile

SpanishLady Sat 13-Apr-13 15:23:33

Thanks saggy - you are going to make a great mum to another lucky lo

YoniOldClothCatPuss Sat 13-Apr-13 15:31:27

I really hope so.

fod27 Sat 13-Apr-13 16:18:04

Spanish that's fabulous news!!!!! So so pleased to see that your making good really deserve some good news!

I'm back full of posifrickintivity! Just been to the travel agents to discuss our wedding abroad! Getting all excited, popped into mother in laws after purchasing some more ov kits and guess what?...., I'm frickin ovulating!

So all you ladies that are panicking it took 7 weeks but it's happened! Hope it brings some faith your way

YoniOldClothCatPuss Sat 13-Apr-13 16:54:11

Yay! For Fods ovaries! grin

fod27 Sat 13-Apr-13 18:51:36

My thoughts exactly yoni ;) was beginning to think they were broken, on holiday, or just resigned all together

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 13-Apr-13 19:21:09

fod- fab news! Hope you're frickin' babymaking at the moment!! wink

Bakingtins Sat 13-Apr-13 19:40:53

Spanish double congratulations!

Fod good news - make the most of it wink

Lucky I hope this time you live up to your name and are not coming back. FX.

Everyone else step away from the antenatal threads they will only make you bitter.

Thanks to whoever was asking about my scan (can't look back sorry) I'm pleased that was all ok as was worried they'd either find some horrendous scarring from post-partum surgery after DS2 or that my ovaries had shrivelled to the size of raisins. Think she was right about me not ovulating this month though - seem to have missed out ov signs completely, unless it's going to be a really long cycle. Sigh. I just hope they find something that gives us a reason why this has happened and preferably they can do something about. Will be a bit gutted to go through all the tests and end up "unexplained" though I know that's quite a likely outcome.

I had a crappy day at work today and spent most of it thinking "I should be on maternity leave anyway, I should be having a baby tomorrow (both mine appeared on their due dates)" it's really hard not to torture yourself.

BlackholesAndRevelations Sat 13-Apr-13 21:15:09

Oh gosh baking- it must be awful to be hitting your due date xx

Emki Sat 13-Apr-13 21:17:59

Congratulations to you with BFP - well done! Gives me hope!

I'm new to this thread, invited over by Bakingtins.

I have had 2 mmc in the last year, one at 20 weeks and one just recently at 9 weeks. Its now been just over 7 weeks since the ERPC and I'm waiting for AF to arrive..... very frustrated as want to start ttc. We were going to ttc after the ERPC but after a couple of weeks I just became too stressed and so decided to wait - however now Im REALLY stressed as AF not here. I know i'm not pg too as did a test.

I have really found reading this thread helpful - everyone saying stuff I have been feeling - it's really hard what we're going through and so many people just cant understand what we're going through - but hoping its just a matter of time until we all get what we want.

I have one DD who is three, so I know I can do it - unless she was just a fluke!

Like some of you many of my friends were all pregnant when I was last year and now have 5 month old babies - that was very hard when they were all being born. Now my neighbour has just said she is expecting and the EDD is the same as my last pg - 18th September - I'm happy for her, but it's hard to not think - why can't it be me!

So i've had a rubbish few days, as my patience not that i ever had any has gone! So i'm going to be put lots of effort into being amazingly positive and hope that we can all leave these thread soon!

Anyone out there had to wait over 7 weeks for AF to arrive after ERPC? xx

Emki Sat 13-Apr-13 21:22:33

Bakingtins i know just how crappy it is to go through the due date, last november I cried the whole weekend, and going back to work on the Monday was terrible, I basically stayed in a foul mood all week.
I'm thinking of you and thank you for introducing me to this thread xxx

Spanish - amazing news!!!!
Fod - congrats on the positive opk!!

Sorry for the short post - taking a break from making DS birthday cake - every year I stress myself out with it - this years creation - an angry bird cake and I am no Mary Berry so goodness knows how its going to turn out!! Xx

ChocolateCremeEggBag Sun 14-Apr-13 06:38:21

Spanish - wow congratulations

Fod - great news (but hope you are too busy with your sex festival to read this any time soon)

Hope you guys don't mind if I stick around on here a while longer? I have popped a toe in on our graduates thread, but still feel that posting much on there is tempting fate. Will keep quiet at the back though.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Sun 14-Apr-13 06:41:25

Mummy - I am impressed - I have chickened out on DS's cake so far and outsourced the making both times (lots of peopl seem to be setting up as cake makers/decorators round near me)
But I have been looking at the Lakeland cake pop maker and thinking that it surely can't be that hard.... I have til November and could have a big bubble cake perfected by then..... (look out for barely used cake pop make on eBay)

ChocolateCremeEggBag Sun 14-Apr-13 06:42:24

Have been awake since DS woke me at 3 (nightmare) he went straight back to sleep, I am wide awake and bored

Topslou Sun 14-Apr-13 06:43:27

Morning ladies. Sorry I've not been around, have been struggling with all the pregnancies going on around me. 3 best friends all due within a week of when I was. Congrats to all those that have had BFPs recently, fab news.

First AF after mc arrived yesterday morning and it is already the heaviest I've ever had. The spooky thing is that it arrived exactly to the day it would have been due if I hadn't got pregnant. Not sure if that's coincidental or I've managed to fall straight back into my cycle. The dates my app gives me for ov are when we'll be on long weekend in Rome so not sure how many sights we'll see!

jmf294 Sun 14-Apr-13 07:20:14

Spanish- wow double congratulations!! How very exciting. Is twin pregnancy more common after MC?
Fod- hope you have been very busy!! Wedding abroad sounds good.
Bakintins- big hugs - it's so horrible thinking where you could have been. I just keep thinking my baby whenever they come will be so worth this wait

Emki- sorry you find yourself here but it's a great source of comfort to be able to have support from people who know exactly how you feel.
Topslou- hurrah for AF, hope it didn't make you too sad but instead is the beginning of the cycle that will result in a baby.

I'm finding early pregnancy very anxiety provoking, so greatful to be pregnant but full of worry. Just taking one day at a time and hope lots of you lovely ladies will join us soon..

Bakingtins Sun 14-Apr-13 07:31:40

welcome emki glad you decided to come across and join us.

mttab impressed with the cake prowess. I regret doing a DIY cake every time when I'm up at 11pm trying to stick it together the cocktail sticks and swearing ( totally over ambitious castle cake for DS1)

Tops trying hard to think of suitable names for a baby conceived in Rome......

I have decided that the consultant has no idea what she is talking about confused and to mark my EDD I am going to ovulate and conceive this w/end. How's that for posifrickingtivity totally unrealistic ?

alyant79 Sun 14-Apr-13 08:13:26

Wow a lot has happened in one day. On phone so might miss people, sorry.
Spanish, twins! Wow that's exciting. Must have been such a relief to see those heartbeats.
Lucky, fx for you. Apparently most women have some spotting during their pregnancy.
Tins, what a horrid day.

And fod, yay for ovulation!! Woo

BlackholesAndRevelations Sun 14-Apr-13 08:23:50

Bakingtins- very posifrickingtive! Fingers crossed you get ovulating ASAP.

Emki- welcome. I'm sorry to hear your story. sad I hope you're not here long.

Jmf- I know exactly how you feel. Trying so hard not to get too excited/ plan ahead too much. However.... Poas this morning again and the line is definitely a lot darker! Not really due AF til next week sometime so all looking good. Just hope this one decides to stay.

Hugs to all xxx

BlackholesAndRevelations Sun 14-Apr-13 08:27:03

lucky- how are you now? Still spotting? If it's just spotting I'm hopeful that it's nothing to worry about. Plenty of women have spotting and healthy pregnancies. Fingers crossed for you. flowers

Morning all!

I'm making brew, anyone want one?

lucky are you there. We don't want you back here either, in the nicest possible way.

fod hooray for ovulation! I loved seeing a positive after mc as it feels like everything is starting to work again.

Hi emki <waves>

fod27 Sun 14-Apr-13 10:39:29

tins I really feel for you in relation to the EDD I've not approachedind yet but I'm dreading it.... I was hopIng to be pg at that point thought it might make it easier
Post ERPC AF can be light or late or not at all, remember you've just had all the lining of your uterus lining taken away so even if you did have AF it would be very sparse.... Mine was minimal and your body needs time to rebuild the lining too.... Don't panick' hope that helps

Bakingtins Sun 14-Apr-13 12:09:55

Fod by EDD for my first MC I was pregnant and past 12 week scan which made it much easier - I felt like I was back on track IYSWIM. Would have worked out like that this time had I not MC3, but it feels really bleak to have gone through the next 6-7 months and be no further forward.
I'm going to try to find something positive to do to mark the day since my ov plan is probably nonsense on EDD of first MC I bought a baby-related charity gift, it seemed good to honour the baby that didn't make it by helping another.

tins I think that is such a lovely idea. I hoped to be pg by the time of my due date but that's not going to happen now. I think maybe I'll make a donation to a children/baby charity that day. Thank you for the inspiration x

fod27 Sun 14-Apr-13 19:54:30

baking that sounds like a good idea, have you thought of booking a long weekend away or a holiday? It might be just what you never know once the pressure is off and your away relaxing .... Baby dust may land at your feet cxxx

It's all si pants isn't it? Such a huge journey

Lieslvontrapp Sun 14-Apr-13 21:27:49

Congrats spanish!

So got a bfn again yesterday but still no af yet. I'm now just hoping it comes soon so we can start again with ttc rather than a wtf cycle!

SeasideLily Sun 14-Apr-13 21:48:46

Hi everyone,

Sorry to have been away, trying and succeeding to keep myself busy. What a rollercoaster this thread is! So exciting about choc and blackholes (any more news on that faint line?), congratulations - and double congrats to Spanish!

Sorry to see new faces, and a hug to fod, you poor thing. I hope you get a weight taken off your mind very soon about that lump, and that your brother's ok.

I've really needed a real life fish slap this month, I wound myself up into the most ridiculous state. I convinced myself i was pg, took FOUR tests (sorry, broke all the rules), af was three days late totally screwing with my head, and obvs arrived today. I have taken myself in hand, and promised I'm not doing this next month. Also DH has gone to sea (naval reserve) for 2 weeks, really bad timing, but thank god my Dad's coming for a week tomorrow, which will def keep me sane.

Needed an action plan, so am going to acupuncture next Sat, to try and calm my hormones down and sort my stress. Has anyone ever tried it? Shot in the dark, but heard some crazy stories about it helping fertility. Also spoken to DH about adopting. Seems extreme I know, but we were always going to do it after having our first child, and if I'm not pg in 7 months or when I go actually insane trying we're going to go for it first. I just need something practical to hold on to.

Anyway, sorry for huge post, have to unload before Monday starts, need to try and clear some brain space for work!

Hi ladies, hope you have had a good day!! The cake was a success and DS loved it so worth the late night icing!! I think I will just buy one next year though as I woke myself up at 4am last night shouting "don't drop the cake" so think it sent me slightly loopy!!

I'm cd20 at he mo and waiting for ovulation - should be in the next 5 days - oh how I love the long cycles - not!!!


SeasideLily Sun 14-Apr-13 21:53:58

Nice one! Sounded like an amazing cake! That is long, was it always that long mummy?

It's the worst not knowing my cycle anymore, not knowing what to expect when. Don't know why it's so screwed up, it was fine for the first 3 months after ectopic surgery. Grr.

SeasideLily Sun 14-Apr-13 21:54:39

Lol, I meant has your cycle always been that long, not was the cake long!! Very badly worded!

Emki Sun 14-Apr-13 22:18:07

bakingtins I love your idea and I'm going to do the same in retrospect of my last EDD. Hope you have some brighter days this week.

seasidelily I've just been to acupuncture - a lady I went to ages ago who I really liked - I went 4 weeks after my ERPC to try and sort my head hormones out. I have no idea whether it works but I felt very calm and relaxed afterwards - though could have been because I was lying down for a hour in the day which I never get the chance to do. I think it's important to get some TLC and have things to look forward to ... Go for it I say. I'm going back after AF arrives - still waiting for first after ERPC Grrrrrr

I hope everyone has a good Monday and hope AF arrives for me but not for those TTC xxx

fod27 Sun 14-Apr-13 23:51:11

seaside thanks for your supportive comments, I hope so too
I too have heard good things about acupuncture, a friend of mine does reflexology and she's helped a few people concieve, it's definitely worth a shot, it certainly can't hurt. I know what you mean about looking into adoption I have had the same thoughts was feeling very low and thought it may never happen Did you know that there are websites that actually show you profiles of children for adoption? Not sure that I titan agree with the whole catalogue idea but I did find it helpful from the other side, my mother is currently adopting so if you have any questions about the process feel free to ask

mummy glad your cake was a success, I usually bake with my two but I tend to go a bit OTT I think if I'm going to wreck the kitchen I might as well make it worth while lol so I make about 50! Rediculous I know! Especially when asda make such beautiful cakes (other supermarkets are also available)
Off to bonk now as I'm ovulating....cross everything for me ladies bar your legs of course
seaside big fat fish slap with a slimy kipper

I've also been thinking a about acupuncture - keep us posted on how it goes. Yes cycles have always been long and really irregular - one was 66 days! Before miscarriage they seem to average out at 45 days so I am hope that even though they are long they are at least regular. I have been reading about PCOS and am convinced I might be a candidate for it so not sure whether to mention it to the doctors or not??? Xx

I've also been thinking a about acupuncture - keep us posted on how it goes. Yes cycles have always been long and really irregular - one was 66 days! Before miscarriage they seem to average out at 45 days so I am hope that even though they are long they are at least regular. I have been reading about PCOS and am convinced I might be a candidate for it so not sure whether to mention it to the doctors or not??? Xx

Sorry about the double post there!! smile Xx

DIYandEatCake Mon 15-Apr-13 12:46:02

Hi everyone, thought I'd pop back and say hello. Have been over on the 'graduates' thread but still reading this one - congratulations blackholes! bakingtins I'm so sorry you're having a rough time at the moment and I hope you get some answers. You're so kind to us all on here, I hope some more luck and happiness comes your way soon. I'm still worrying myself silly - had a few days of elation after my bfp then the fear kicked in! Have been getting tummy pain, and no progress on cbdigi tests, so having bad feelings - off to see the doctor later. So sort of saving my seat here just in case...

Just popping in to read through and had to send thanks to diy, sorry you're stressed hun, and good luck at the appointment.

Yes mummy mention everything to the docs and if they say it can't be a factor then ask them for their reasons why. I don't know much about PCOS, this is just my general approach with doctors. Knowledge is usually power!

fod when is your thigh appointment?

seaside grin at lonnnngggggggg cake

alyant79 Mon 15-Apr-13 16:45:20

DIY how did your doc appointment go? How worrisome...

boo liesl for 2nd bfn sad

fod I hope you had an awesome bonking session.

I'm feeling a bit envy as another of my friends has just announced a pregnancy. Happy for her of course too, but....

Lieslvontrapp Mon 15-Apr-13 17:07:33

mummy I totally empathise with the long cycles. I had to wait 10 weeks for af after erpc and now I'm on cd39 of what used to be a 38 day cycle and still no af. I was read under 40 days was ok but I'm worried I'm going to have a crazy long cycle again and who knows if I'm ovulating. Thinking of getting a cbfm if these wtf cycles continue.
Sorry for the me me post

ChristineDaae Mon 15-Apr-13 18:09:01

Hope your appt went well DIY!
I've decided I need to get myself on here a bit more. Seems like everyone around me in pregnant lately. My sister in law text me today to let me know they're having a girl. She's due 3 weeks before I should have been sad
Anyway... Hopefully none of us will need to be on this thread much longer!!

YonisLittleBairnClit Mon 15-Apr-13 18:19:45

Hello everyone been MIA for a bit it's TTC weekend so umm well you know whats been going on! I actually feel quite positive about this cycle, even if the CBFM is showing itself to be a complete waste of money.

In other news I have had a spectacular falling out with my parents and sister, over the fact that I won't go and visit my cousins new baby, they are furious with me and can't see why it's an issue. I don't know why would I not want to go see a newborn baby boy in the run up to my DS due date?!
My sister tipped me over the edge with "We all know your in pain (said in a roll your eyes sort of tone) BUT.... I told them all to leave my house.
TBH I'm not even sure if our relationship is even reparable.
All this going on while TTC and strangely I feel Ok about it. confused

LittleBairn Mon 15-Apr-13 18:56:30

Oops forgot to get rid of my yoni name. blush

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 15-Apr-13 19:02:40

LittleBairn - that's awful of them!
If they "really knew you were in pain" then they'd know why you didn't want to go. Hope it is repairable though eventually.
Fx that the sex festival has worked this time - sounds like you and Fod will be POAS partners in a couple of weeks

LittleBairn Mon 15-Apr-13 19:29:11

egg what really kicked it off was me telling my sister to stop being so Twee and parroting rubbish she had heard, they clearly had no idea of my 'pain' if they couldn't understand. My cousin hasn't said a word about visiting, I posted a gift, I get the feeling it doesn't need to be said she understands.
I should have known better they didn't quite get the situation, after my dad telling me I better hurry up and make another one because my neice really would love a baby in the family. My DS hadn't even died at that point! Ok we knew he wasn't going to make it but still!

fod yay pee stick buddy. I promise this time no steamy glasses of urine I've got my pee sticks already just waiting for a BFP.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 15-Apr-13 20:02:38

Diy I have everything crossed for you. Xxxxxx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 15-Apr-13 20:07:28

I have decided to take a stand today. I have started 5:2. I've made it all day on two grapes confused and I'm just about to inhale a 500 calorie ready meal which I plumped for because there was no calculation involved!
I had some EWCM yesterday, and a higher result on the OPK, although not a darker line. We DTD on Saturday and today so fingers crossed! If I ovulated yesterday it was day 18, so late, but at least something is happening! It's just a long wait now! <<harrumph>>

Evening ladies - DIY - hope the appointment went well Hun

LittleBairn - how awful of your folks and sister - hope you are okay.

Liesl - the long cycles are soo frustrating - I think I will mention it when I go and see the doctor at the end of May - I will add it to my every growing list of questions to ask them about TTC!!

I think I have had a positive opk this evening - if not it is definitely approaching as the 2nd line was practically the same - I don't think we will be able to DTD consecutive nights as last cycle DH had some "ahem" issues and felt under pressure to perform - will every other night be okay??

Any info / advice / knowledge would be massively appreciated!! Xx

Rockchick1984 Mon 15-Apr-13 21:28:54

Hi ladies!

Just wondering if its too soon to jump back into TTC - it's 5 days since my ERPC but haven't bled at all - had been planning on using the end of bleeding as my cue but obviously that didn't go to plan! Still getting +ive pregnancy test so I know it's incredibly unlikely I'll fall pregnant yet but DH and I are both nervous about it all and I want to get back in the saddle so to speak ASAP.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 15-Apr-13 21:35:38

Mummy we have been having the same erm... problems. blush DP is convinced that we are 'at it like rabbits' for one purpose only! In reality we have DTD 4 times this cycle! confused Trouble is, how do you take the pressure off? Ive really tried, but there is always this big baby shaped elephant in the room!
Im sure every other day will be fine.

Thanks Saggy - he is fine any other time of the cycle but once I get that positive opk he over thinks everything and the stage fright kicks in! Does the days leading up to the positive count? I am cd21 today and DTD cd17 and cd20 so you that count?? X

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 15-Apr-13 22:35:11

saggy/Mummy - I found telling DH it was "too late" or "too early" for ttc-ing made him a but more keen. Takes the pressure off a bit
I also used Pre-seed this cycle which is supposed to help the chaps get up where they need to be. Plus they should last for up to 5 days, which considering DH was away over easter during when I should have ov'd (if CBFM hadn't missed it) must have been what happened. My BFP took ages to show up so can't have ov'd before he left.

Thanks chocolate - we have dtd tonight and I will try again tomorrow but as we dtd last night that will be 3 days in a row so not sure it will happen - if not I will go for Wednesday - fingers crossed.

I'm going to do another OPK tomorrow - should the line get fainter? Xx

LittleBairn Mon 15-Apr-13 23:45:42

egg I'm also using a gel this cycle. It's called balance activ it's meant to help them swim quicker and I think live longer. TMI warning...I spray it into syring, a thin 1ml and then inject myself best before DTD.

mummy your time table is exactly the same as mine, we are also trying to decide if we should DTD on Wed too.
I'm doing the CBFM and I've got a cheapie OPK, does anyone know when I should use the cheapie? I think they are meant to be done later in the day but can't remember.

The only thing that might ruin our chances this month is that DH has been having his usual hot baths this week due to have a really chesty cough. Otherwise I'm not sure he would have managed to DTD. grin needs must and all that jazz.

alyant79 Tue 16-Apr-13 07:19:14

Oh am having the same issues. Due to ov today based on phone app. Should have dtd last night (we did Sunday) but dh made it clear that he wasn't in the mood to " do his duty". Humph. So hoping it'll be ok if we dtd tonight instead. Not hopeful for thurs or fri (he's going out drinking) so might see if we can get wed in as well. Not hopeful hmm.
Rock I'm sure you can start ttc whenever you feel ready. Just keep doing test for bfn. Strange not to have bled at all?

DIYandEatCake Tue 16-Apr-13 08:05:27

mummy, dp and I had similar issues and I went to all sorts of lengths to persuade him - massages, candles, nice dinners... Sadly what worked best in the end was saying 'only 2 more days then I'll leave you in peace for a couple of weeks'! Ah the romance. Am hoping not to have to ttc again....

Thanks for the kind words, I'm sure I'm just stressing, but gp sent me to hospital yesterday as concerned about the possibility of an ectopic from my symptoms. Having a scan today to check at least it's in the right place - will be too early to see a baby.

Good luck with the scan diy- really hope that bean is in the right place.

I have similar problems with OH re dtd pressure but we have found a way that works ok for us. He doesn't want to know when the crucial days are so the deal is we just both have to make the effort to do it regularly throughout. Unfortunately we're both a bit lazy and/or busy and knackered so could both do without the pressure!

little so sorry about the argument. That does sound really insensitive of them.

katerinaemalina Tue 16-Apr-13 08:37:26

I'm still here! Just wanted to echo the dtd troubles! Had a giggle reading posts. Possibly had the worst dtd ever that both of us started laughing so hard we were crying. Helped lighten the mood I guess. It is hard though - such pressure. Becomes a whole different ball game. (Excuse pun)

katerinaemalina Tue 16-Apr-13 08:52:52

On phone but good luck DIY with scan. Fx all fine xxxx

alyant79 Tue 16-Apr-13 08:55:50

DIY that's brilliance. I'll try the "only twice more" line tonight methinks.

I really really hope that your scan looks OK today - do keep us posted.

little I hope that you do sort things out with your family. It sounds like they are being very insensitive. flowers

Bakingtins Tue 16-Apr-13 09:27:06

DIY hope the scan shows everything in the right place and a viable pregnancy, even if it's too early for a HB.

LB that's really pants of your family. Sounds like your cousin is fine about it. I know it's sometimes difficult to understand unless you've been there, but really it shouldn't be that hard to put themselves in your shoes for a minute.

grin at all your devious DTD strategies!

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 16-Apr-13 10:29:58

DIY- so hope all goes well at your scan, fingers crossed xxx

DIYandEatCake Tue 16-Apr-13 11:53:55

littlebairn sorry about the falling out with your family. I think people don't really understand unless they've been through it too, even my dp doesn't really understand and gets annoyed with my worrying. Am making a big effort to appear less stressed at the moment, after the hospital appointment yesterday he was saying that if this one fails he doesn't think he could put up with me stressing again and maybe we should stop at one. That makes him sound like a knob, he's not at all otherwise, just doesn't understand. He was saying 'why are you worried about miscarrying again, it wasn't that bad was it, just a bit of pain for a few days but the rest was just bleeding wasn't it?'! I think in a funny way he's trying to make me feel better, I'm just a bit sensitive about all things ttc and pregnancy now...! Am feeling more philosophical today though, am lucky to be pg and it's not over yet, time will sort things out either way. Just hoping the sac's in the right place, only a couple of hours to find out.

Please can someone slap me?

I am 11dpo. I have an extremely extremely small chance of conceiving due to bloods and lack of dtd this month and yet I'm freaking out! Desperately want to be pg, no hope of being, just want af to come so I can move on but she's not due til Fri or Sat. WAAAA!

Bakingtins Tue 16-Apr-13 12:48:23

Big wet fish coming your way, Thunder ! Hope you are put out of your misery one way or the other in the next few days.

Bakingtins Tue 16-Apr-13 12:49:00

Sorry that sounds bad! I mean by either AF arriving or a surprise BFP...

Thank you tins I needed that. And I knew what you meant. Just feel like I have no patience to wait for a few more days at the moment. Going mad!

GuffSmuggler Tue 16-Apr-13 14:10:59

I'm glad I came here, you are all make me laugh with your stories of trying to DTD grin We are still yet to DTD post MC as I had a bit more blood at the weekend but I'm already dreading it thinking about how MUCH effort I made to get PG last time!

I know I must try and just 'enjoy' it but the MC has really damped all enthusiasm in that area at the moment - one of the most insensitive comments I've had from someone after the MC is: 'well just think of all the fun you're going to have trying for another!' Hmmm not really getting excited about that right now as I've just had a fanny operation and am still bleeding heavily from it.... hmm

Anyway, big slap to thunder the 2WW is excruciating, it's like time stands still!

I'm sorry to hear your story littlebairn, if I was your cousin I would totally understand and it's no-one else's business really.

I hope to hear good news from scan results, tests and some BFP from you all soon.

DIYandEatCake Tue 16-Apr-13 16:00:46

Had scan, they can see a sac in the right place so that's good news. Have to go for bloods again tomorrow - they found some free fluid I think which means they can't exclude anything odd going on? - am glad about bloods as I should know soon if the hcg's going up as it should.

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 16-Apr-13 16:03:06

Hello all - I've been lurking, not posting [Bad Santa]. thunder I won't fish slap you again, but let me know if you're still needing another one. Though impatience for AF isn't necessarily a fish slapping offence, as its not negafricktivity.

And also, impatience for AF is not an exclusively TTC emotion - unless you are lucky enough to be regular as clockwork (i.e. on the pill) its always a pain as I was never 100% sure what day it was going to arrive, and I always sort of forgot when it was due. So then you spend a week being all PMT and emotional forgetting you've probably got PMT and you're stressing over nothing. Or (going back even further to pre-DH days) you're hoping and praying it arrives on a Monday so that you're free for your date at the weekend (when you hope to get lucky wink). [Can I just add that AF has stopped me not once, not twice but THREE times from once in a lifetime shagging opportunities, due to its untimely and unexpected arrival]

So, I'm 10DPO, but I think too early to POAS on Friday (would be CD25, "normally" have 29/30 day cycles) - though I did ov earlier than previously this cycle. But waiting till the following week is really late. Actually dreading it, either way anyway. I'm going to be gutted if I don't get a BFP (waving bye bye to the 2013 bus, which is pulling out of the station) but also I know I'll be almost gutted if I do get a BFP, as it will really feel like a here we go again. I can't be arsed to pg again. 5 out of the past 10 months pregnant and nothing to show for it but then I'm secretly sick as a pig with jealousy at spanish's twin news

Slightly getting myself to the position that if I am not pg by the end of this year, I'm going to give up and stick at one. Or look at adoption. I don't want a 4 year age gap and as the longer I leave it, and the easier its getting, the harder its going to be to start again with sleepless nights, nappies, vomit, breastfeeding and a ruined figure. sad

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 16-Apr-13 16:03:53

x-posts with DIY - thats hopefully good news, so will keep those fingers crossed that all is well.

Great news diy, one step at a time. Fx for the next step too. How many digis did you do?

santa, if you ov'd early then fri might not be too early for you after all? Do you think you'll test? Sorry to read you're stressed too and also sorry about missing out on the amazing shag opportunities- what are the chances?! <wonders if I have ever had a once-in-a-lifetime-shag-opportunity>

Bakingtins Tue 16-Apr-13 16:16:52

DIY that sounds like good news. FX is all keeps progressing as it should. smile

Santa surely that makes it thrice-in-a-lifetime shagging opportunities? (and now I want to know the gory details!)
13DPO doesn't sound too early to POAS? If you get a BFN you can still be secretly hoping that it's a bit early and you'll be sticking within the rules if you POAS again early the next week. Do it!
I'm with you on the setting limits, age gaps getting ever bigger thing. In a lot of ways I'd be much happier now if we decided to give up on the idea of a third, but I think I'd probably regret it in years to come and wonder if we might have succeeded if we'd had that one last try....

alyant79 Tue 16-Apr-13 16:40:42

guff i had the exact same comment. I told her how much it upset me and she felt really bad grin.

DIY excellent! Fx that the bloods look good too and you'll be on track.

thunder be strong. look at it in baby steps - only 2 more sleeps and then it's only 1 more sleep until you can POAS. And then if it is a bfn, only a little while to wait for AF

yes santa I'm with tins - want to hear about all these amazing shagging opportunities! Don't think I've ever had one either thunder. Boo.
I also think you should POAS on friday. thunder and tins reasoning is rock solid.

After being all prepared to seduce DH tonight I'm now feeling sick and sore-throaty and generally rotten sad. But we HAVE to dtd! It's ov day!
had momentary thought that i feel nauseous due to false bfn 1.5 weeks ago but i'm sure that can't be

BlackholesAndRevelations Tue 16-Apr-13 16:58:18

I had my bfp on cd 25 so it's not necessarily too early! Glad it seems like good news re: scan, DIY. Lol at "omce in a lifetime shagging opportunities!!" not sure I've had any of those, myself... grin

Hold tight ladies; I'm waiting too but for another reason. Tiny bit of spotting this morning and a lot of aching. Hoping and praying it's all normal.... But time will tell.

MrsExcited Tue 16-Apr-13 17:50:46

Oh the frustration of it!

I know i can't expect AF to be regular its only 3 weeks since erpc but i want to know what is going on with body!!!

Dtd many times in last fortnight so there is a chance that things could be good and i will have no idea! Had first negative 28th march, is there any point to poas inApril?

Glad the scan went well DIY - keep us posted on the bloods.

Blackholes - fingers crossed everything is okay Hun xx

I am going to try and secretly seduce DH tonight but think he will cotton on to the fact I'm ovulating which he doesn't like to know - we DTD on Sunday and Monday so hopeful if the seducing doesn't work we can sneak one in tomorrow!! Xx

Emki Tue 16-Apr-13 18:32:51

DIY good news about the scan and will be thinking of you tomorrow
FX blackholes
littlebairns they should understand, its so hard. The woman who lives opposite gave birth to her second 10 days ago. I can see her with him from my bedroom window, it took all my strength to go over and give some flowers but don't think i'll manage going over at the weekend. There has to be a of self preservation.

I've been reading your posts at work with lots of giggles at all the DTD stories - its SOOO true. DH also prefers to not know, however before this last MC I did tell him and he then went over the top being all romantic and just really made me laugh!

I swear every woman I saw today had a huge bump (on their tummy) - happy for them just want it to be me too!! Actually feeling very frustrated - 8 weeks after ERPC now and still no AF - now wishing we had continued with the OPK and DTD lots but I was finding it too stressful.

Spoke to doctor yesterday for results from ERPC (to see if same problem in placenta from mc at 20 weeks last week - this wasn't the reason for mc...) and there wasn't enough tissue to test on. She said to come into EPAU next Tuesday if AF still not arrived. Feeling a bit anxious that something might be wrong and so frustrated and want to start TTC.
I totally understand what you are saying Guff- also had the same comment made to me .... grrrr...

However not looking forward to the rollercoaster of emotions you go through when TTC - but at least i'd be moving forward - I FEEL STUCK!!!

Keep us posted on seducing DHs during OV days! x

Okay so think I will definitely have to do some secret seduction tonight - I have just done another opk and 2 dark lines appeared almost immediately - I will try and use all my moves and DTD tonight but if not will tomorrow be okay? We DTD Sunday and Monday - I am panicking abut getting the timing right!! X

If its your first positive mummy then you should ovulate in the next 24- 48 hours. So yes tomorrow falls in the window too but it would be great if you could dtd tonight (as well)

I'm saying this as the model thing to do- we never dtd on consecutive nights here! Just do your best without it causing problems!

emki how annoying to be 8 weeks without af- my sympathies for you. I know just what you mean about wanting to move on! Same as you mrs

Fingers and toes crossed blackholes

And thank you for the pep talk on baby steps aly. I'll do my best!

Thanks thunder - it's my second positive - first one was yesterday (is it okay to get 2??) I guess I should DTD tonight then - I'm hoping there is enough there to meet the egg when it's released!! Should the opk gts fainter from tomorrow then? X

You've timed it well already then mummy but yeah go for tonight too if you can. It's normal to get several positives in a row but I understand it's the first one that counts. Of course it doesn't prove you've ovulated, just detects the surge of hormone released as your body gets ready to do so. So it might get fainter tomorrow or not, but go by the first positive. That's why many packs say stop poaOPKs after the first positive as it doesn't mean so much after that.

Emki Tue 16-Apr-13 19:52:06

Im not sure Mummy - when i've used them I just stopped after I got the first double line and then made sure we DTD as must as possible in the following 48 hours - amounted to twice DTD

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 16-Apr-13 20:22:29

Oh FFS! Ds has just been on FB and broke the news that ex SIL has just announced she is PG.
it's fecking typical. She is an absolute cow of the first water, who has the mothering skills if a dead cat!
<<knows I sound bitter but doesn't care>>

Thanks for the advice ladies - just attempted the seduction and it was a no go :-( might try again when we go up later - if not I will go for it tomorrow. DH doesn't know that I'm ovulating but I think he may suspect it as there have been no problems any other time in the cycle. I'm guessing that DTD before the positive opk will count too as sperm can live for a couple of days so hopefully Sundays 'contribution' will help!!

Saggy - sorry about the pregnancy announcement - they are everywhere at the moment - there are 2 ladies in our street who have had babies in the last 2 weeks - we are only a small street so can't avoid them!