The Elderberry Pavlovas are pimping everyday – a lovely thread for 30+ ladies TTC #1 (Thread 7)

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Newbies very welcome provided they meet the entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 3+months, must have a special pot, NO instadiffers) and bring a bouquet of sausages when they join!

Latest list - please add your details if they're not on it

Bunny 33, married, been a berry since thread 1, cycle 10, AF due 25th March
Cherrycoconut 33 ttc#1 since August 2012 (stillcycle 1). Post pill amenorrhea. OV & AF AWOL 7 months now
Boodle, Cycle 20, waiting for FS appointment, Duchess of LP defect
PowderPuffs, 31, Cycle 6, BFP due between 4th - 9th April
SidneyBristow, 38, ttc since July 2012 (now cycle 9), AF/BFP due 8th Apr; blood tests normal, ultrasound 23rd March, awaiting SA results
Frogcatcher, 36, stepmother to 1, cycle 5, AF due anytime 30 March - 5 April
Tallyra, 33, TTC since 2009, 3mmc, all with HG. Waiting for referral to the mc specialist, possible BFP 16th March
Pipbin, 37, TTC since May 2011, on the waiting list for IVF AF due 27th March
Merkin, 31, cycle 8, BFP 14th March but AF not due til 19 Mar so keeping fingers crossed
Happylass, 35 cycle 7 AF due 17th March
Barkingtreefrog, 33, ttc since January 2012, BFP due 21 March
Twinklestar2, 34, ttc since August 2011, BFP due 22 March
Thunderbuns, 34, cycle 3 since mmc, af due 23rd March
ILoveMyCats - 31 (nearly 32), ttc #1 since sept 2012, cycle 3 due to long cycle craziness AF due date unknown but FX soon!
Soph 33, married, TTC #1 since Jul 11, on IUI waiting list

Boodleandherpotofwonderfulness Sat 16-Mar-13 15:05:45

Hop, skip and a jump. I've arrived! I've just realised that I forgot my age on the stats list; I'm 30, but I don't want to start clogging up the top of the thread just doing one little update!

Don't like being on cycle 20; if I don't get a BFP by the end of 2013 by number of cycles trying will be bigger than my age. confused and sad

Tallyra Sat 16-Mar-13 15:12:53

The shuttle was great, can't believe I managed not to use it last time. Sausage man really was quite accommodating :p

Pipbin Sat 16-Mar-13 15:23:21

Does the last thread win the prize for the quickest filling up thread ever?

Tallyra Sat 16-Mar-13 15:27:25

Hmm. Just had some biltong then realised I probably shouldn'[t if I'm pg. Oops. Not sure I want to stop eating it though.

Just marking my spot on the shiny new thread smile. I'll update my details after the weekend or I'll just have to do it again!
When did you start trying Boodle ?

I've never seen a faster thread pib but I'm not sure what it was like in the olden days before I was a berry!

Boodleandherpotofwonderfulness Sat 16-Mar-13 15:53:49

Barking, is it weird to say even I'm not sure any more?! I started using fertility friend in November 2011 and that's what I base my 20 cycles on. However, if I'm honest with myself, DH and I had binned off contraception well before that. I don't want to consider the possibility that I might be a lot closer to cycle 30 than cycle 20 though. <Buries head in sand.>

<Realises she hasn't finished and removes head from sand.> I rationalise it by thinking back to early, naïve TTC days when I thought spotting was CD1, which was then making me think I was 3 days further into the cycle than I really was. Given that I also tend to ovulate a little later than average (CD15-17), I suspect that our DTD efforts were premature in the early months.

That is what I shall keep telling myself. <Inserts head firmly back into sand.>

Alexandra6 Sat 16-Mar-13 15:56:30

Hi can I become a berry too! Alex, 31, ttc since Dec 2011, cycle 1 of clomid, 10dpo, BFP due any time in the next few days!

Hi <Alex> and welcome! Any symptoms? (I'm obsessed with symptoms)

Frogcatcher Sat 16-Mar-13 16:14:16

Hi everyone welcome alex. Thought I'd better hop on & off the sausage shuttle quickly before DP gets home which is any minute now. I don't want to have to explain yet again that I am not having an affair by phone. Two BFPs in a week on the last thread so lets hope the berry luck & law of sod continues!

Boodle your bfp date isn't on the stats either... Tut tut.
I, disgustingly, am still in Pj bottoms and a jumper and have not left the sofa since I got up shock however DH has now gone to the pub so I have am thinking about a bath and going to join him for an exciting lime and soda!

frog your poor neglected OH!

Boodle was just wondering how far ahead of me you were as I'm at the end of cycle 15 but some of them have been 37 days long so I get fewer cycles in the same time frame!!
I have been so light since coming off the pill that I honestly can't tell the difference between spotting and AF. I just count the first sign of red stuff as CD1 as I really don't have a clue. I could probably cope without tampons for the whole duration as I'm on the minis, and most days that's too much! I might have one heavier day, but even that I would still classify as light, and there's no pattern to where the heavier day falls.

Cavort Sat 16-Mar-13 16:35:55

Merk <butts in> make sure you don't have your bath too hot. No higher than normal body temperature grin

Tallyra Sat 16-Mar-13 16:43:25

I had a ridiculously hot bath the other day so it can't be that bad!

Thunderbuns Sat 16-Mar-13 16:44:22

Hi all. Marking place on shiny new thread.

Congrats on line tal, sounds like a good idea to get yourself to a specialist ASAP?

Anyone else watching the rugby?

Bunnygirlie Sat 16-Mar-13 16:57:52

Hey berries, sorry I've been MIA, hope you all missed me!

I am in one heck of grumpy mood, irrationally emotional and wanna cry, and what is the very important reason for this I hear you cry, a dress, I don't have a nice dress to wear to a posh do tonight because eBay is crap and the one I ordered is too big and I don't like any of the others I have! Nearly cried in front of my folks and threw a strop saying I don't wanna go! If I don't shake this mood before I go out (in a dress I hate) I will have a miserable night and DH will hate me for being a whingebag!

I haven't eaten chocolate all month so now I may just go and gorge!

Bunnygirlie Sat 16-Mar-13 16:58:29

God what a whiner I am, maybe I should have stayed missing!

Tallyra Sat 16-Mar-13 16:59:46

Eat chocolate bunny. If you ever need it, it sounds like it's now.

bunny there is nothing worse overlook the slight exaggeration than not having the right thing to wear, I regularly have strips about it. It doesn't solve your dilemma I'm afraid, could you borrow something?

I have never regularly had a strip, clearly I meant a strop ffs

Bunnygirlie Sat 16-Mar-13 17:26:04

Having a strip has made me smile, which I needed.

Sorry for being a moaning old cow, I'm just usually so organised, I guess my mind has been on other things (yes I am blaming the berries lol)

<ducks from the attack of sausages>

I suggest taking Merkin's advice and have a strip. Then you'll only be wearing the not so perfect dress for a short amount of time anyway.

Happy to help grin.

And chocolate. Obviously.

cherrycoconut Sat 16-Mar-13 17:46:13

<dusts self down and settles in after trip on the sausage bus>

Barking It could be you! Here's hoping the law of sod works its magic and gives you a BFP this cycle!

<ducks off out to look at FF>

Bunnygirlie Sat 16-Mar-13 17:54:28

Lol will save the strip for later, I gave in and after 15 choc free days I am eating a chocolate egg nom nom nom grin

Thunderbuns Sat 16-Mar-13 17:55:08

We've had 8 bfps recently on the mc thread, something in the water? Spring has sprung?!

Thunder it's cos nobody seems to want a Christmas baby and nature is getting its own back!
Third night out and not drinking, perfecting the art of telling people I'm on a health kick (to which they all snigger) and when stupid fuckers people ask if I'm pregnant my comeback is "are you saying I look fat?" which both deflects and means I don't have to lie!

Thunderbuns Sat 16-Mar-13 18:01:31

These are all novemberies tho eh? Maybe it's an extra determined effort before Christmas bfps are a risk?

Alexandra6 Sat 16-Mar-13 18:02:22

Ooh I want a chocolate egg now!

merkin about the symptoms, my boobs are sore when I squeeze them really hard (but then they would be, wouldn't they?!). I've been a bit tired and dizzy today, and I've had browney pink spotting which COULD be implantation spotting! Guess I'll know tomorrow morning either way because I'm going to crack at 11dpo and POAS! It's brilliant you got a BFP smile

Thunderbuns Sat 16-Mar-13 18:02:36

Good deflection btw! Get used to it! Try the drink swap move with DH too? It can be quite long as he sticks to the rules!

What's the drink swap move??

alex (sorry I shorten all names, tell me if you hate it) have you been temping or using OPKs? When is AF due? Which brand are you planning to test with? (Nosy, moi?? grin)

Ps barking you make me laugh
cherry did you see my note on the last thread re O?

Alexandra6 Sat 16-Mar-13 18:10:11

It's my first cycle on clomid, I've got PCOS and it's the first time it looks like I def ovulated! So not sure when AF is due as my cycles before clomid were a bit crazy, but I guess this week sometime if they've regulated? Planning to test with first response! What brand did you use and how many dpo? (am nosy too!)

My mum's birthday is Christmas Eve and she hates it. My birthday is June which I love! Given the choice (ha ha) I'd have a September baby but that's the teacher talking!! Stupid SiL is of course having a September baby.

A Christmas baby would still be preferable to a July/August baby though, those summer borns can struggle all the way through school. And their friends are never around for their birthday as it always falls in the holidays!

<do you think I'm looking ahead a little too much given I haven't actually managed the diffed bit?>

Thunderbuns Sat 16-Mar-13 18:10:42

You both order same drinks (or both have wine at dinner). While you pretend to sip at yours, he merrily drinks his. Place em close together when you put them down and you always pick up the one with less in. Surreptitiously of course. Looks like you're drinking but he's doing the work...

Frogcatcher Sat 16-Mar-13 18:10:49

I once got v drunk at a hen do cos a pg friend gave me all her alcoholic drinks without me realising as well as my own - we were in a karaoke booth & kept putting drinks down all over place before you wonder just how ditsy I am! Evil pg plotting people merkin!

Forgot to moan earlier that went to a new hairdresser & got the frickin' do you want children question. If anyone has a really good comeback to this I'd love to hear it as the stepson line hadn't deflected it!

Alexandra6 Sat 16-Mar-13 18:12:12

Agree with thunder on the drink swap - I've done it for pg friends!

Alex prepare to become obsessed with PIMPing and lose all logic of when to start/stop.
I'm considering another PIMP this evening yet I'm only 7dpo..... AF due tomorrow though.
I'm Ov PIMPing on the cheap internet sticks and at the same time POAS with the CBFM. At the moment, PIMPing with cheap pg tests, and should claeificationever be necessary I have a stash of digi CM so I can POAS.

<not obsessed.>

Eh? clarification ever.....

barking do you tend to feel when AF is on the way?
alex did you get a trigger shot with your clomid? I'm still using the cheapy Internet tests as IMO they are more sensitive than anything else, I dipped a FRER and a cheapy Internet into the same pot and only got a BFP on the Internet one (although on inspecting the FRER by taking it to bits later I saw there was a faint line). Am saving my other FRER til Mon when I will be 11dpo, and assuming that's strong will buy a digi just so I can see the pregnant words.
Had never heard of the drink swap but I like it! Problem is I would probably unconsciously drink the wine! To be honest I had been setting up my 3 closet friends with the fact that I was going to stop for 6 months anyway

Alexandra6 Sat 16-Mar-13 18:22:13

Did an OPK today (heard it can pick up pg too) but no smiley face. Am still a bit hopeful about the pg test tomorrow though! Oh and I did crack at 6dpo and pg test then as well but surprise surprise negative!

Alexandra6 Sat 16-Mar-13 18:26:30

Wish I still had some Internet cheapies hanging around but I upgraded to smiley face ones damn it!

Alexandra6 Sat 16-Mar-13 18:28:19

Oh and no, I didn't get a trigger shot, I think the egg popped out on it's own or at least I got a smiley face after my last scan and 21 tests said ov.

I would probably be rubbish with drink swap too on the pg side, and end up sipping by accident!

Frogcatcher Sat 16-Mar-13 18:33:52

Did my PIMPing for today & still no O so game on for shag week still. No dip in temp today either. wink

WideSargassoSea Sat 16-Mar-13 18:34:05

Hey guys, Can I join please? I'm 35. Been TTC since December and could do with some company.

Tallyra Sat 16-Mar-13 18:39:59

Hi Alex and Sargasso, welcome!

I'm slightly annoyed - I was just getting into this temping and ov prediction thing. If it turns out I am pg, hten that's all for nothing (hopefully)! Damn you all for getting me interested in finding out about my lp when I might not have a need...

Welcome in wide
tally if you're preg then clearly the temps did the trick... Your body realised that you were onto it!

cherrycoconut Sat 16-Mar-13 20:45:51

Thanks Merkin OK I'm willing to believe this so desperate is she to ovulate... pray tell me more! I've decided I like my chart here for now so I've made it public for hawking at. I put in my +ve OPK on Monday and it's also decided I ov'd this week. How fab that would be!

cherrycoconut Sat 16-Mar-13 20:57:41

<Waves to Alex and Sargasso>
Alex I see you're already peeing on sticks, you'll fit right in.

Oooh bunny enjoy your do and the strip later... it would work off the chocolate egg afterall though it may not salvage lent

My comeback for those who press me about children is nearly always something vague about storks visiting. lame Lurve lurve the 'are you saying I'm fat? comment <snort> Oh to master the art of the put down. If ttc does one thing for me, if not make a baby, I shall make it my mission to have more disdain.

Frogcatcher Sat 16-Mar-13 21:06:37

Right storks. Thanks cherry. Might vary it up with a cabbage patch occasionally!

Also forgot to mention that I chose my special pot today for when I move from the posh Boots POAS OPKs to my ICs - the large measuring cap from an appropriately named bottle of Persil Small & Mighty looked like just the ticket!

Frogcatcher Sat 16-Mar-13 21:11:16

Oh & I looked at your chart but was totally thrown by the Fahrenheit to start with let alone the fact that it wasn't FF. merkin is queen of charts so she will probably be less phased than me!

cherry I think you've O'd. Not sure your chart and I agree on the day but fingers crossed in 2 weeks you're back on track. Hoping your temps continue to rise tomorrow. It's hard TTC long term anyway but to not even be able to get started on it thanks to your cycle being all over the place must be awful, I really feel for you.
A fairy small and mighty cap sounds good but can it stand up on its own without spilling (iyswim)? At least it won't get mistaken for a pot for your OH to put his toothbrush in!

I am not having an exciting sat night... 3 lime and sodas and a curry and now back home on the sofa in my onsie watching a film. Middle age seems to have struck hard!!!

ILoveMyCats Sat 16-Mar-13 21:41:14

Sorry, just off the shuttle. Got distracted by the snack trolley.

ILoveMyCats, 31 ttc since sept 2012. Cycle 3 due to post-pill amenorrhea. Af any day.

cherrycoconut Sat 16-Mar-13 21:49:18

Fanks for looking at my chart guys, yes, the looongness of it is a bit depressing. I decided not to start it from the actual day of my last AF. The scrolling along to find the end would be just too tedious.

Frog the only reason it's in F is because I read tcoyf and all the examples were in F. Now I half wish I'd gone C but I don't suppose it really matters. Congrats on choosing your pot, liking the symbolism.

Merkin what day would you put O at? It only added the graphic when I put in the +ve OPK. longs for it to be true

Right, only 3 mins left on the rugby marathon; I may have to stop my chart preoccupation to put in some practice with DH...

happylass Sat 16-Mar-13 21:53:30

Evening all! Just marking my spot on lovely new thread. Off to catch up on end of last thread a sbeen out celebrating all day because Wales won the rugby!! grin

happylass Sat 16-Mar-13 23:01:24

Oops have I gone and killed the thread already?! Won't mention the R word again. Promise! Welcome to the newbies. Will update my stats when AF finally shows up (to be fair I'm not due until at least tomorrow but been feeling her approaching for days sad)

Tallyra Sat 16-Mar-13 23:12:24

don't worry happy , it's been quiet all evening. I've been cuddling on the sofa with the dog add the husband had gone to bed, got to be at work by 6.30 tomorrow, and 5.00 for the rest of next week. it's a surprise we actually manage to DTD much at all!

Frogcatcher Sat 16-Mar-13 23:23:20

I'm in bed. Tonight DP is watching MOTD downstairs rather than cricket. I think sport is why I am still TTC. I am just trying to stay awake until he gets here. If it wasn't shag week or fortnight depending on when O eventually happens & as yet a mystery then I'd just give up & go to sleep. At least his team won today so he should be in a good mood (despite the R word) wink

Just got in from another sober night in the pub!
merkin my main and obvious symptom of AF appearing the next day is irrationally bursting into tears over something completely random. Something ridiculous like the dog barking, or realising there's no milk in the house for breakfast (there's a corner shop one minute away, this is not an issue). Not done that today though. Because this is such an obvious sign I don't really pay attention to any other signs. I get cramps but couldn't tell you when in relation to when AF arrives.

So will keep everything crossed overnight barking. I'm watching the f1 qualifying before getting up at 5am to watch the race hmm

Bunnygirlie Sun 17-Mar-13 01:23:59

Just got in, no strip tonight just another strop! Hubby bid far too much on the auction and I had a meltdown, not sure what is wrong with me!

Morning ladies. Up watching F1 and awaiting pimping updates from tally and barking <taps foot> grin

Nothing to see here...

On the comeback front, my DP has a slightly amusing if a little wrong one. When one of his mates asked if we were trying for a baby DP said something along the lines of yes, we've been trying for a while, but they're really tight on security at maternity hospitals these days and we've not managed to snatch one yet.
Bad taste, admittedly, but the mate didn't ask again! need of some good news as i'm not convinced my lines are staying around. 3 tests this morning, 1 is a squinter, 2 (including a FRER) are showing nothing. Want to stay in and hug the sofa today but have to go and put the smiles on for the in laws sad angry Dreading telling DH but will wait until Tue (AF) so I know for sure. So easy when you've not been pregnant before to treat the BFP as the hurdle, but there's loads after that (that sounds naive!). Anyway crossing everything for all of you ladies still in the wait x

Ps... there's the lesson in testing too early! smile

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 08:27:54

<sniggers at barking> I have a love for inappropriate humour, so wrong but it makes me giggle.

I'm losing faith in this weeks earlier O prediction. Temps back to normal 97.2 here this morning. Oh and my chart link has changed - it can now be found here for anyone who cares to pop along and nod sagely with me. So much almost excitement there for a second. At ease folks, stand down the fireworks.

Am I going mad... can't seem to see today's temp on your chart cherry

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 08:31:41

Oh Merkin everything crossed for you that they stick around, not easy to put on the brave face for the inlaws with those doubts doing the rounds. I know too little about it to offer many words of wisdom but I hope you're wrong.

Thanks cherry. Does your chart take into account your OPK? Can't see a row for it and therefore not sure if it is part of the data

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 08:33:06

Hmmm. It doesn't seem to be loading for some reason Merkin. In denial too perhaps and waiting for a more positve temp to report!

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 08:36:59

Chart gone bonkers... heading off out now but hopefully will have sorted itself out by later! Yes +ve OPK on Monday!

merkin so sorry you're going through all that worry, hope the line gets stronger again before Tuesday. Fx. Are you sure you don't want to share your concerns with your OH so he knows you might be a little fragile and you can get some RL support?

I just wanted to share my chart as it's looking very pretty with the nice steady line of rising temperatures. Not significant in any ttc way, just a very pleasing-to-the-eye line. I am a geek sometimes.

barking that does not look like a chart thats bringing AF today!

and thank you Have gone back to my tests and the line on one is visible (is faint) without a squint, the FRER is every so slightly fainter than the first FRER but can be seen in the light, and the other is blank. They really don't tell me anything, so just have to wait it out.

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 09:09:10

Hugs to you merkin. I agree. early testing is just put there to make us worry even more. Don't do it ladies!

hpt this morning x2 both negative.
But something is definitely going on. I'm not sleeping very well, my neck has really cramped right up as if I did loads of exercise ( I must certainly did not) and my abdomen feels funny, like an almost ache.

Sorry for making you wait so long!

tally we need to invent a word for that weird abdomen feeling, I had it until last night and have been unable to describe it well!

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 09:25:07

It's a bit like a bloated gas feeling without the bloatedness isn't it?

Bunnygirlie Sun 17-Mar-13 09:30:23

Oh ladies what worries, hoping the news gets better!

Seeing you go through this just confirms that i would want to hold off until AF is really late (if that ever happens)

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 09:46:12

but pimping is just so tempting! I shouldn't have even had any reason to do it but I did!

bunny I used to think that but now I have cheap ones the temptation is too great!

merkin my temps don't drop until AF has arrived, especially as it often starts in the evening leaving you thinking all day that this could be the month! Don't usually get such a straight line though!

NC here, just checking in.

Arse merk, sorry you're having to deal with this worry and fx those lines stay.

barking I'm thinking this could be your month- fingers very much crossed!

bunny what did he buy?

Bunnygirlie Sun 17-Mar-13 10:10:07

I'm disappointed enough when AF arrives, having a bfn must be horrid confused

thunder what didn't he buy!!! He even managed to win the crappest prize in the raffle!

Ooooh barking ............

happylass Sun 17-Mar-13 10:13:21

Uncertain times in camp Elderberry! Think of everyone who's going through it shamrock

Barking my temps don't drop until after AF has arrived either. So annoying. Temp actually went up this morning even though I know she's on her way. Humph!

Pipbin Sun 17-Mar-13 10:14:44

Oh Merkin, I hope this bean gets a bit more comfy and sticks around.
And although it is no good for you, and sounds rather like rubbing your nose in it, it is a message to us all about testing too early.
Back in the days before such sensitive tests you wouldn't know until after AF was late. When is AF due? How many DPO are you?

ILoveMyCats Sun 17-Mar-13 10:25:04

Morning berries, thinking of you all & hoping for the best shamrock

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 11:41:13

It has occurred to me that I could just be having a very early miscarriage. We'll see if tests improve in a few days I suppose.

Hey tall have you had any more spotting or bleeding?

Do you think it might have been a chem?

Confession to make, I have just used the actual toothbrush holder as a pee pot shock my pot has disappeared from the loo, I decided I needed to pee on another stick and was caught short so to speak. I have rinsed it with bleach and I don't care as my toothbrush isn't in that pot ew but needs must and serves him right for moving my pot. Oh god we are like the twits!

grin merk, that's hilarious.

And, what was the result?

...but maybe it was worth it, much darker line on this test that this mornings ones. Deep breath, feeling a tiny bit better!

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 11:54:55

well I thought af had finished but I am still spotting...

Sounds very odd doesn't it? Did you do a hpt before af?

SidneyBristow Sun 17-Mar-13 12:12:20

Oh goodness just catching up and seems like a lot has happened! Am keeping all fingers & toes crossed that lines get darker & AF stays away...

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 12:23:39

No, hpt was just after af started. I don't even know why I did it.

Hmm very confusing.

Are you ok?

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 12:48:32

Yes, I think so. I don't know anything for certain so I'm just going to carry on as normal and just hope everything goes back to normal soon I think.

That sounds like a good idea. I'm sorry it's been a confusing time for you. You've got an appointment coming up though eh? Hope that can give you some answers.

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 13:04:07

Probably not for at least a month. I'll definitely have an idea either way by then though!

Alexandra6 Sun 17-Mar-13 13:37:52

More early testing going on here! Tested at 6am this morning with first response, a very faint line developed! Had no other tests so had to wait until 10am when Boots FINALLY opened and did a Boots own and a clear blue. The boots own said negative but then the clear blue said 'pregnant 1-2'! BFP!!! I'm only 11dpo though, too early to get excited?!?

merkin really made me laugh about you being like the twits!

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 14:19:09

OMG Alex Congrats... I think! So many lines, so many maybe's! Can't even imagine the emotions that go with that. I think I'm with Bunny and would rather leave it as long as possible!

Alexandra6 Sun 17-Mar-13 14:26:04

Thanks cherry I think because I've had so much trouble getting my body to ovulate and it looked like it finally did on clomid, I kind of wanted to know either way so gave in to early testing! However time is now standing still! wink

tally are you ok? I'm trying to read back and find out what's going on as I haven't been on this thread long.

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 14:26:31

Bootiful chart Barking I am admiring the rising curve with a degree of envy!
Liking the guest Irish smiley today. I guess we could all use a bit of this shamrock

Alexandra6 Sun 17-Mar-13 14:30:21

Spreading luck round too shamrock

Alex well done you! 11DPO isn't too early (not like my 7dpo) so don't worry too much!
barking any news? (just typed your name as baring, maybe because of all the talk of stripping last night grin)

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 15:05:12

I was ok for a while, then I changed the channel on tv and call the midwife came on and I became a bit of a wreck. then I had to go out in the sleet to get firewood in and the fire nearly went out. so today isn't particularly good. I should be doing housework before dh comes home at 4 and I've got as far as washing some clothes and opening a bar of chocolate.

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 15:06:38

it also doesn't help that I still have a headache, day 3....

Pipbin Sun 17-Mar-13 15:57:16

Congrats Alex seems like you've got early parole and won't get to be a wizened old lag like me.

Oh my goodness so much going on!!
Nothing happening here. I pointed out to DP that I didn't cry yesterday and he looked at me like I was a lunatic and told me all women were weird. I pointed out that I hadn't had the usual explosion of spots which is my other sure sign. He told me to stop getting my hopes up.
To be fair although my luteal phase is most commonly 8 days, it has been known to be as short as 6 and as long (just the once) as 10. And there's 10 days difference between my shortest and longest cycle over the last 15 months, so it's difficult to pin point exactly when I'm actually 'late'. which is bloody annoying. I'm staying realistic for now. Got two very busy days at work ahead so plenty to keep me distracted if AF doesn't show by tomorrow morning.

Alex sounds amazing! Can't argue with two out of three positives!!
Were you not ovulating at all pre clomid?

Wow congrats alex!

thanks tall

Fx barking!

bunny are you testing soon?

Why thank you cherry I think it is my favourite of my charts thus far smile.

Boodleandherpotofwonderfulness Sun 17-Mar-13 16:50:50

Congratulations, Alex, joining Elderberries seems like it was very lucky for you (BFP within 24 hours)! I know you've been trying for a while and that you've been around on other threads that I stalk in conception so we can't hold any instadiffing against you!

It does seem that our newbies have better luck sometimes though. I'm considering taking offence at some innocuous comment so that I can flounce off the thread and then come back as a newbie and partake in a little of that luck myself.

<Sits back and waits for someone to say something that I can justify 'flouncing out' with.>

boo do you want me to tell you that you smell?

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 16:54:34

<slaps boodle with a medium sized bratwurst and tells her not to be so silly>

though you could maybe join as a newbie on another thread to steal some of their luck? Then come back and spread it around a bit?! We might allow that ;)

Boodle, I think you should just relax. I've heard you get upduffed as soon as you stop trying too hard.

<too far?> wink

Boodleandherpotofwonderfulness Sun 17-Mar-13 17:03:33

Ouch, Thunder , Cherry , and Barking ! Triple flounce! That means when I come back, I'm going to get pregnant with triplets, right?!

Boodleandherpotofwonderfulness Sun 17-Mar-13 17:08:29

I said I wanted it to be an innocuous comment! For example, I am absolutely apoplectic over Barking's blatant chart favouritism a few posts back. How do you think your other charts feel when they hear you say that, eh? Heartless, that's what you are! I can't spend any more time in the (virtual) presence of such cruelty. I'm off!



Good flounce boodle

barking stop trying to stop us get our hopes up!
boodle come back! This is your month remember!

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 17:21:16

Hello everyone - you don't know me at all and that is because I am COMPLETELY BRAND NEW! However, I have been trying for a very long time and am therefore well overdue a BFP and shall have one because I am now ensnaring the legendary 'Luck of the Elderberry'!

<Thinks St. Patrick's Day is on the brain a little bit, and starts thinking about a beeeautiful rainbow with a pot of shiny BFP-only pee-sticks at the end of it.>

PS: People with BFPs, I will reiterate that I am pleased for you! This is just how I kill time whilst waiting for shag week to start!

Oo, a newbie, hello pot
<waves hello>
I think you'll fit in splendidly grin.

Pot welcome in. We love newbies. I expect you shall be diffed within seconds. Join us on the sofa and relax....

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 17:37:43

Ahh, so kind of you all to welcome me into the fold! wink

And I think I've just given up hope for this cycle. DP just asked me to move my coat upstairs rather than hang it downstairs as it was in the way. I thought this was a ridiculously unreasonable request despite it being a massive down jacket that inflates to fill most of the hall as I had been tidying up all day yesterday no I can't work out the relevance of that either so I had to flounce upstairs before I burst into tears in front of him.
And now I'm in tears because the fact that I was going to cry about something ridiculous means AF must be on the way tomorrow. It's an undeniable sign.
I hate ttc. It started off fun and exciting but now it's bloody horrible. sad

cherrycoconut Sun 17-Mar-13 17:44:23

What fetching glasses and beard you have pot come on in and make yourself at home but not too comfy as you'll be instadiffed before you know it

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 18:05:17

Why, Cherry, thank you for noticing. <Adjusts glasses, strokes beard and then licks thumb and little finger so that she can coolly run them across her luxuriant, fake eyebrows.>

Barking, that just sucks. I too have the crazy crying over stupidly insignificant issues too, though mine is nearly always a week before AF turns up. I would say something like 'its not over yet' but when you've been TTC for a while, you begin to just 'know' what your body is up to, and it is utterly bloody miserable. angry at AF and wine or brew for you.

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 18:13:36

question. is the brew made of herbs? the picture seems to suggest it. maybe we are in need of some to calm us down...

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 18:23:46

Tally, it's actually the mumsnet logo...but given my new username (!) I think what you suggest might be good too.

Disclaimer: I love my 'pimping' pot only.

Bunnygirlie Sun 17-Mar-13 18:43:31

Evening all!

Been out for lunch at my friends today, they have two girls 3 and 6, the youngest cuddled up to me it was just lush! Althought she did headbutt my very slightly sensitive boob, ouch! lol

thunder no pimping for me, AF due a week tomorrow, I suspect my emotional outbursts yesterday may be due to the impending witch!

pot welcome to the gang wink! Hugs barking

Hi pot, and welcome newbie. <catches a whiff of something familiar and sniffs the air while looking a bit suspicious>

barking, arse if it really is af coming. Refusing to give up hope though. It's not like when you get pregnant you have lower levels of crazy hormones running about in there. Same to you bunny! Ahh with the cuddles.

Frogcatcher Sun 17-Mar-13 18:55:23

Evening all! Can you tell that I actually had to spend today with my DP & SS so couldn't spend all day checking phone for Elderberry goss?!!

Congrats Alex - defiinitely some berry luck around today. shamrock

Welcome Pot so nice to see a brand new face. Could have sworn I've seen you somewhere before though - do you have a sister?

Hugs Barking I also do the completely irrational outbursts the day before AF starts so know how you feel. Men will never understand.

Hang in there Tally FX it's all ok in the end.

Nothing happening here. OPK still negative which is just as well given DP was in a right mood with me last night so there was no DTD for me. Reckon TTC would be a lot simpler if it didn't involve our OHs - anyone got the number for a sperm bank & a handy turkey baster?

I confused DP today by getting the giggles in Sainsbury's when i saw the Gu pots. Never going to be able to look at one in the same light ever again!!

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 19:10:36

<Lights potent yankee candle to throw Thunder off the scent. Arf! Scent! Geddit?! >

<Raises false glasses from face and gives Frog a conspiratorial wink. "Shhh! It's just me! Tee hee hee.>

Frog, dare I ask why your DH was in a mood with you?! What had you done? There's a bit of a film/TV fallacy (in my opinion at least) about the whole angry sex thing being amazing. I have never had angry sex - I'd be more inclined to kick him in the nuts than shag after a row!

I've just started a thread in conception about hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed recently which is what has been making me feel a bit sad recently- because of delaying ttc rather than anything else.

In the first couple of replies, it's taken 12 months for people to get pg again. A whole year more?! ARSE

<twangs pots false beard and flounces off>

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 19:53:00

Thunder, I've just been having a read of your new thread and I will probably be keeping an eye on it as it develops. I'm so worried about thyroid; my levels are nothing like yours but, at 4.6 TSH, it's still too high if people TTC should be under 2. I've now seen three different doctors, all of whom have dismissed me and reiterated that my levels are normal. I really just cannot wait for the referral to the hospital and I hope so much that they will take my concerns seriously.

I hope it's not going to be a year for you - just keep getting your blood checked so any tweaks needed are done ASAP.

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 19:54:10 my thyroid rant, I forgot to rub my stinging chin and say "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your flounce out!"


Frogcatcher Sun 17-Mar-13 20:09:02

Just the usual domestic rubbish me being unreasonable depending on whether you're me or DP Pot!I got annoyed cos I'd been in bed for over half an hour & he said he'd just watch finish watching a programme then come up but was watching another when I went down to find him. Anyway the final straw was that he'd poured himself another glass of wine & I'm touchy about his drinking since I found out the potential impact on the little swimmers so I made a comment about that. Queue outburst, me storming off to bed & him coming up much much later. Just the usual romantic Sat night!

Sorry to hear that Thunder I know nothing about it but hopefully there is treatment available?

Frogcatcher Sun 17-Mar-13 20:20:48

Just read your other thread & googled the condition Thunder. At least it sounds like it can be treated successfully - understand you must be upset & annoyed by yet more delay though. Sure you'll get there though.

boodle, more info on there about tsh levels. It's very useful to have more information but I am feeling increasingly disheartened by it all!

frog, it is a very common and very treatable condition. I'm just gutted very impatient. I don't want to wait months while they get me sorted out. Grrrr!

frog I passed the ipad to DP this morning with an article about drinking affecting fertility in both men and women. He said he'd stick to only 2 pints when he went out. This would be fine, I think getting him to stop altogether when he's been told his sperm count is 'normal' would be impossible. However, we've got a holiday and then two weddings coming up and I can't imagine for a minute the same 2 pint limit will be in place!

I fell asleep after my earlier outburst (been really tired this past few days) and now have a friend and two dogs staying the night, so have plenty to distract me!

thunder easy for me to say, but there could have been other reasons that these two women took another year, it's not like there is any logic or fairness or reliable pattern in who gets upduffed after how long in this ttc shit experience. You could be the exception to the rule!! smile

Frogcatcher Sun 17-Mar-13 21:30:10

We did have a discussion the other day Barking about whether he would give up if he needed to & he said he would. Trouble is as we're only on cycle 5 he is totally relaxed about the whole thing & doesn't think there is an issue yet especially as he already has one child so obviously the problem couldn't possibly be with him even though that was 9 years ago & how dare I question his manhood. I'm going to temp & OPK this month & next & that seems fine & we've been doing all the right things & still nothing then I'm off to the GP. I gather 6m is long enough to wait over 35. Hopefully the dr will say he has to be tested too & then we will see if he puts his money where his mouth is!

happylass Sun 17-Mar-13 21:45:37

Ugh really depressing thread on here about instadiffers. Do NOT read!

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 21:48:42

Happy. I foolishly clicked that thread earlier. A moment of sheer madness. sad

happylass Sun 17-Mar-13 22:01:54

Was hoping to see stories that would give me some hope not, my first 2 were unplanned and I was TCC for a whole month on my third sad

Frogcatcher Sun 17-Mar-13 22:08:39

Ugh happy & pot thanks for the warning. Will avoid. I have enough of those to contend with in RL. Hopefully all those instadiffers are really young & will regret getting pg so soon later or have booked amazing holidays that they can no longer go on <mwah ha ha ha. strokes white fluffy cat>

Good nasty thread warning. I've been gearing up for first day in new job this eve, and tackling a mountain of ironing. Having an early night now, planning more pimping when I get back home from work tomorrow. Have got my sore boobs today (normal pre AF) otherwise nothing other than a bad back which is prob from sofa hugging so lets see what tomorrow brings. Seems we need lots of finger crossing for people for AF to stay away and mysterious BFPs to confirm whether they are or aren't! So thinking of everyone tomorrow and hope to find lots and lots of good news on my return home! Apologies if that's a bit sickly!

happylass Sun 17-Mar-13 22:28:40

Good luck with the new job Merkin. Thinking of all those who'll be pimping in the morning!

Bunnygirlie Sun 17-Mar-13 22:38:32

Break a leg merkin for the job and the pimping!

Ewwwww instadiffer thread, why why why?!?!?

Tallyra Sun 17-Mar-13 22:44:52

good luck merkin!!!!!

BoodleLovesPot Sun 17-Mar-13 22:49:32

Ditto on the good luck front, Merkin!

<wanting to say good luck to merkin but not look like she's just copying>

Have a good day tomorrow merks. I'm not wishing you luck as you won't need any! wink.

And good luck to anyone PIMPing, starting shag week, waiting for appointment letters etc shamrock

<not that anyone's waiting for an appointment letter since Boodle flounced off, but she might be lurking. Definitely not mixing up boodle with newbie pot >

Good luck merkin

Thank you for positive thoughts too, barking. It's easy to lose all hope and sink into the pit of dispair get a bit down about this sort of thing isn't it. There is a positive side to it- very treatable and they know about it now and all my prescriptions for everything are now free for life but I'm do impatient and ungracious I am stamping my feet and sulking about it at the moment!

Alexandra6 Mon 18-Mar-13 07:18:08

Good luck for both merkin!

barking I don't THINK I ovulated pre-clomid, and because of my PCOS the specialist seemed to think I def wasn't, my follies weren't maturing and my ovaries needed a good kick up the arse! Just really hoping this sticks, am POAS-crazy!

pot hello! wink yes you'll have seen me on other threads for ages, been ttc 15 months so just a newbie to this thread - a friend of mine was an original elderberry and told me how great you all are!

Bunnygirlie Mon 18-Mar-13 08:24:54

Morning all! How are we today?

CD23 here, so 6 days till the evil witch arrives on her broomstick!

Ugh Monday already, how did that happen?!?

SidneyBristow Mon 18-Mar-13 11:09:13

Good luck at your new job Merks
Fingers are cramping from staying crossed for so long for you guys! Normally I would say I can't stand the suspense, but DH's family emergency is still raging on, and checking in to see who's latest PIMP has shown what is taking my mind off some very serious stuff.
Frog I get the same looks when I mention having stepchildren; I don't know where the awkwardness comes from, but it's there, and very disorienting. Hard to help a child feel OK about having divorced parents and a stepmother, if people act like it's something tragic. Weird isn't it??
DH told me this morning he doesn't want a Dec or Jan baby; told him we'd need to take 2 months off in that case putting me at 39 when any post-Jan baby is born, and he quickly said to nevermind - and then brightened up and said if the baby was born on 25 Dec we could name him Jesus. hmm

Frogcatcher Mon 18-Mar-13 12:25:53

Another really original good luck message for Merkin & a trying to be cheery but failing given it's Monday & raining hello to everyone else.

CD13 here & I had a temp dip this morning. Really really hoping that it's not the pre-O one as mr Frog was too tired to DTD yesterday which means we have only managed to do it once in FF's green boxes sad. He's not back from work till late tonight but I don't care how tired he is - there will be some froggy action going on if it's the last thing i do!! Will do my OPK when I get home but CM not quite right yet so am still hopeful i have another couple of days grace first!

Tallyra Mon 18-Mar-13 15:51:54

Looks like people are all a bit grey and depressed today. I have managed to cheer myself up by finding a fantastic thing to listen to (sneakily watch) while working today, if you like Elbow, go here... It's just giving me a warm happy feeling listening to this.
Elbow live at the BBC with orchestra

Not helping much with my personal situation, but it's allowing myself to escape for a bit...

Well, temp dip and cramps for me this morning followed by the evil witch at lunchtime. Yet part of me the really stupid part still thinks there's a chance I could be pg! Ha ha! delusional fool

Not crying about it though, moving on and bracing myself for the next shag week to come and then the fertility appointment.

Hurrah for not being stuck in the am I / aren't I gap for another 3 weeks at least. I hate it there!

happylass Mon 18-Mar-13 17:01:33

Exactly the same here Barking!! AF showed up at around 11am. Must admit I had a little cry, daft really as I've had 2 BFNs and knew she was on her way! Decided to go all out for cycle 8: OPKs, BBT, Conceive Plus, Robitussin, Merkins pillow under the bum method ,healthy living and of course DTD every 2-3 days. Next cycle I will get my BFP!!

Same here happy, all the above - although I'm a preseed fan! Cycle 16 here we come!!

twinklestar2 Mon 18-Mar-13 17:54:11

Sorry about the BFNS girls sad

Frogcatcher Mon 18-Mar-13 18:02:20

Commiserations barking & tally. Chocolate now during AF & start the healthy living after?!

sidney Jesus perfectly acceptable if you were in Spain & pronounce it with an h - 'hay-soos' grin. I'm not overly keen but will obvs take a xmas pg over none & like merkin said at least it gives you a good reason to stay at home & not have to visit the in laws!

Probably unlikely for me anyway as the sperm being used now was produced in Dec so likely to be booze addled & poor quality wink

Bunnygirlie Mon 18-Mar-13 18:24:58

Sorry to here the witch got you barking and happy

Isn't it odd without an update all day from professor merkin wink, where are you lady?!?

Commiserations for AF arriving ladies, have some wine. I'm sitting on a freezing platform waiting for the train home, very impatient as desperate to pimp. 12dpo so should be a good line by now surely, feeling slightly hopeful as temp stayed up today rather than normal pre AF drop. Anyway will update as soon as I'm back in about half an hour.
sidney hope you and OH are doing ok
I snorted at baby Jesus!

Pipbin Mon 18-Mar-13 18:30:56

I was expecting a poas update from Merkin too.
Come on, if I was you I would have definitely poas this morning.

Pipbin Mon 18-Mar-13 18:31:34

Cross post Merk, sorry.

Alexandra6 Mon 18-Mar-13 18:58:17

How did you get on merkin?!

Sorry, slight delay, bastard cat has peed on my bed shock angry (only let bastard cat back in there today after last time as I thought it would be nice for them as cats were home alone all day). This time it is on the mattress so I am busy scrubbing mattress with a combination of baking soda, biological washing powder and vodka. I want wine but can't obv! Give me 30 mins while i clean up and kill the cat and i will be back with an update
Ps will not really harm the cat but he is not getting cuddles tonight!

Alexandra6 Mon 18-Mar-13 19:17:51

My cat was sick on my CREAM carpet this morning, little monkey! I didn't clean it up until I'd POAS though, couldnt wait wink Made me late for work though!

Scrubbing finished now off to pimp pee pot is still mysteriously missing and had to use a stand in paper cup. Sticks now developing but neither has an immediate line (although accept this is not fmu and i have drunk loads today)!

Alexandra6 Mon 18-Mar-13 19:31:29

Have you tried clear blue yet merkin where is says either pregnant or not in words? What's happened to the mysterious disappearing pee pot?! Any lines yet?

5 minute update.... (normally don't get anything til 8 or 9 mins btw) potentially a faint line on the double dye, nothing on the normal stick.
Alex decided there was no point buying a digi until after AF was overdue and/or I was getting decent lines consistently

10 mins, nothing on the normal stick. A faint (and definitely pink) line on the double dye but it's so pale i can't see it sticking. Have texted DH to grab a digi so i can know either way, and if it says not pregnant i shall treat myself to a beer

Alexandra6 Mon 18-Mar-13 19:42:24

It's just as my line was so faint on the line stick and the clear blue came up as pregnant so just wondered if they're easier to read? Glad there's a faint line coming!

I'm going mental like barking! So confused, 12dpo should give me a visible line, yet i've been having faint lines for 5 days in a row but starting to doubt that if i am/was pregnant that my levels are doubling like they should. My temps are still up but suspect AF will arrive in force tomorrow. Am going to take the digi (should it arrive, not sure I trust DH's shopping ability) as gospel and stop trying to figure it one way or another. But for now it looks like the grads are safe from me and you guys have to put up with me for years a bit longer! Sorry. TTC is crapola, a total head fuck. Surely it should be easier than this... in all the millions of years of evolution and this is all we can come up with?? FFS. Rant over, off for a bath

Bunnygirlie Mon 18-Mar-13 19:51:38

Oh merks that's pants, still keeping FX till AF rears her ugly head!

Thanks bunny

Pipbin Mon 18-Mar-13 20:05:08

Oh Merkin this is all so rubbish.
As you say 12 DPO should give a line. Interesting what Alex had to say about the digi.

DH didn't read the text until he got home so no digi. He offered to go and get one now but I said it didn't really matter, his response was OK. Didn't ask how I was or anything. Men are arseholes sometimes

I take it back, he just came in offering to go to the supermarket so we would know either way. Being as I'm pretty convinced its a waste of a tenner I said no, but bless him anyway.
Right, no more talk about my stupid predicament. Who's in the 2ww??

Bunnygirlie Mon 18-Mar-13 20:48:09

Me, AF due next Monday!

Remind me, was this the cycle where you and mr bunny were at it like rabbits?

Bunnygirlie Mon 18-Mar-13 20:58:43

Well not exactly at it like rabbits but we did manage day 13 and 15 which is the best we've managed in months, so I guess there is a teeny weeny chance but it was more about getting DHs mojo back than anything grin but I don't know when I O'd so we might have missed it!

BoodleLovesPot Mon 18-Mar-13 21:00:43


Merk, sorry things are still unclear - I hope PIMPing comes good for you tomorrow. Did you have a nice first day? (Apart from the piddly cat - urgh!)

CD 6 over here. Thumb twiddling whilst AF finishes off and then back to pointless DTD. If the referral letter doesn't come through soon I'm going to flip my lid!

cherrycoconut Mon 18-Mar-13 21:29:35

This TTC is an emotional roller coaster; sorry to hear you're dealing with so much angst and naughty cats what a day Merkin, new job and all.

I've been for acu again tonight, lovely practitioner says I'm definitely getting stronger which is great; just the one pulse that's not sustaining between treatments now which happens to be the one that controls cycles and fertility, law of sod!

Also called the docs today re my blood tests last week and although they wouldn't give me the results, the doctor wants to see me as they're out of the ordinary so have an apt on Friday. It's thrown me in a complete tizz which is ridiculous... I know I have a hormone imbalance... this is only confirmation of the facts that are presenting themselves. Slap me out of it please someone!

Boodle fingers crossed for your letter. <Notices the Paddy's day shamrock has gone. We're all doomed. Boo>

Being as I know the majority of you are cat owners, you will be pleased to know that vodka does actually seem to work against the horrors of cat pee smell.
cherry don't worry... stupid doc for worrying you in the first place lets hope it's something they've confirmed and can fix so you can become a grad next cycle!
boodle pot i'm starting to think the AF to shag week wait is worse than the 2ww. It's so boring and shit and you can't even piss on a stick not that i will be doing that again soon
First day was fine, despite wanting a nap at 2pm and missing the berries!
FX bunny

Go digi tomorrow merk. Or buy from amazon as a subscribe and save as they're a lot cheaper so you've got one in stock for next time you want a clear answer. You can immediately cancel the subscription without losing the discount.

pot have you seriously resisted calling the clinic!? I'm getting to the point where I want to call them myself on your behalf!!
I told one of my close friends (who has been ttc a little longer than me) that I had my appointment in April. Turns out her appointment (at a different clinic, she lives miles away) is the day after mine!!

BoodleLovesPot Mon 18-Mar-13 22:14:45

Well, actuaaaallllly, it's the only time I do pee on a stick/PIMP! OPKs rather than HCGs, obviously, but I never get to PIMP after Ov as AF always turns up first!

Geez, how many acronyms?! It's a good job I'm a teacher and used to all that crap anyway!

BoodleLovesPot Mon 18-Mar-13 22:17:25

Barking, yeah, still holding fire. When the secretary at the doctors' rang on my behalf, they told her it would be sometime mid-April, so I'm not going to panic until end of March approaches. I'd like to ring and just find out but I am one of those people who hates to pester in case they get a bad first impression! Stupid, I know!

I never get to PIMP after Ov as AF always turns up first!

Pfft! I never let a thing like that stop me! I was PIMPing at 5dpo to get there before AF did! Sshhh, don't bother me with any of that sensible thinking shit
My LP was a whopping 9 days long this time though!! I could have held off until 8 dpo and still legitimately PIMPed! and still not been far enough along to sensibly expect a bfp but logic should never be a barrier

Bunnygirlie Mon 18-Mar-13 22:51:08

cherry are you asking to be slapped with a bratwurst?!?!?!?

Damn, how did I manage to miss

Damn, how did I manage to miss cherry's request to be slapped?!

<takes a run up with a hot dog filled with tomato ketchup>

A request to come in is good. It means they're taking you seriously and looking to get things sorted. All good.

<aaaaaand splat!> grin

ILoveMyCats Mon 18-Mar-13 23:00:36

Evening. Have missed you all. I don't really have anything to say, apart from hello. Really enjoy reading through. Baby Jesus and vodka vs cat pee have been particular highlights. Not to mention the flouncer, sorry, newbie.

Seems we were one of the few threads that escaped the overnight trolls! Temp still up this morn, wtf was fully expecting AF to arrive

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 08:28:20

Overnight trolls?!?!?

Still keeping everything crossed for you merks good job it's not DTD week lol

cherrycoconut Tue 19-Mar-13 09:01:24

Great news Merkin everything crossed for you still.

Thanks for the rude awakening guys <absent mindedly tucks into sausage for brekky> feeling a lot better today. Never mind graduating, would just like to join you guys in the giant TTC mosh pit. Feel like I'm in pre-school yet, lol. Let's see what they have to say on Fri. Seeing a new doctor who notes family planning and women's health as an interest on the website so I'm holding out hoping that she talks some sense and can help kick start this baby!

Have a good day all smile

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 09:07:08

grin at the thought of a TTC mosh pit!

Off to the docs now for my second blood test, ouch!

Tallyra Tue 19-Mar-13 11:08:14

So when would you recommend I start using OPKs? I'm on CD 7 at the moment, and FF estimates green week as starting on CD14, but this is what I'm trying to pinpoint, so should I start now or wait a few days? Btw, my temp chart so far is all over the place and each time I've got one that looks particularly out of place I've re-taken it just to make sure... I'll link to it if I can work out how using the work computer...

Tallyra Tue 19-Mar-13 11:22:02

Gave up and used my phone instead...

Frogcatcher Tue 19-Mar-13 11:44:02

Tally the OPKs come with an instruction leaflet which tells you which day to start depending on length of cycle. My shortest ever cycle was 25 days so i had to start on CD8. Anyhoo that was a waste of time as I've POAS every day, it was CD13 yesterday & no sign of a dark line!

Missed you sausage hurling, mosh pit dwelling, cat pee cleaning lot last night but was having a serious chat with mr Frog about selling house & buying another. Guaranteed to bring on a baby that I reckon when law of Sod intervenes! Anyway it put him in a good mood so we have now managed to DTD CD10 & CD13 which would be good if I knew that O was imminent but I don't yet!!

Glad your first day went well merk even if cat was being evil. At least it was only pee - DP's cat shat on his son's bed so we had to throw the duvet out.

Good luck with drs cherry

Frogcatcher Tue 19-Mar-13 11:47:12

Don't worry tally mine looks odd too & it's my first month. I reckon it looks weird until you see the whole month & it gets a bit of perspective.

Frogcatcher Tue 19-Mar-13 11:54:43

Oh & DP declared that Conceive Plus was the worst lubricant in the world so may have to get some Preseed to see if that is any better. However, he didn't object to me doing the pillow under arse thing so I did a few pelvic tilts & flexing of the pelvic floor for good measure & ended up actually falling asleep with it there!

Pipbin Tue 19-Mar-13 13:06:52

Frog we have tried the Kevin McCloud method of conception by moving house but it doesn't seem to have worked yet.

Tallyra Tue 19-Mar-13 13:57:23

I wonder if Kevin McCloud would be proud to have a conception method named after him? It definitely seems to be a trend though!

cherrycoconut Tue 19-Mar-13 14:18:03

Nice going Frog Oh I'm loving the idea of a Kevin Mcloud conception method. A fairly major commitment but if it works then fab!

SidneyBristow Tue 19-Mar-13 14:19:37

Hi all. The sun has finally come out down here and I'm hoping the trend continues; I've had enough of winter!!

CD9 here and am getting 'high' fertility readings from CBFM, so let the games begin ie ShagWeek2013, Take 3!

DH's semen analysis results came through yesterday, and he got high marks all around, woot Mr. Bristow! My dildocam appt is Saturday and I'm dreading it like mad. iphone app tells me that's near the start of the fertile time this month, and it just seems so wrong to be DTD the night before/morning of, even if it is allowed! I guess I'm to check my modesty at the door? Oh Lord I really, really am not looking forward to it.

Which brings the next question, if they find nothing abnormal, is that the end of it? Or do they then move on to other scans/HSG/Lap & Dye...?

Took a look at that instadiffer thread sad boo hoo, it took some of them a month, OMG the angry I felt, mostly at myself for even going there!

*Crazy cousin-in-law update, she is still eating meal replacement shakes in an effort to lose baby weight from #1, despite being preg with #2.... hmm

Tallyra Tue 19-Mar-13 14:42:57

Sidney, I feel I must tell you that my boss, who has just given birth on what should have also been my EDD is a Bristow, and her husband is also a teacher in my school, so I am slightly disturbed at you comments, with a very wrong visualisation in my head. Not good, not good!!!!

But congratulations to your dh on being a goodun :P

I too am not very keen on the idea of dtd before an examination and have so far managed to avoid it, but if it's got to be done, it's got to be done!

Frogcatcher Tue 19-Mar-13 14:53:39

Sidney congratulations Mr B! I bet he's unbearably smug now!
Just leave all modesty at the door in anything like that I think. I had to have a colposcopy last year (basically camera to examanie it all & then laser to remove a few dodgy cells from the cervix) & just had to keep telling myself that they had seen it all before. It was actually quite interesting to see inside to be honest (tho maybe that's me being a bit weird!!). I've got a follow up check in May but they said they couldn't do it if I was pregnant when i asked at the end of last year assuming without question that i would be by then hmm

Tallyra Tue 19-Mar-13 15:36:02

Yes, Frog, they said a similar thing to me when I had one in January (was yours a LLETZ as well?). I told them I was ttc and hopefully would be pg at the 6 month check-up time and they said that they would have to just keep an eye on me and check at the end of it all. Not so sure I will be now with all the delays I've had but we'll see. I've had so many checkups in that area and unpleasant vaginal ultrasounds now that I'm sure any pregnancy related checkups are going to be a breeze.

MotherOfCleo Tue 19-Mar-13 16:27:44

merkin try not to panic, you got your first line so early that even if the numbers were doubling the hcg levels would still be uber low, therefore the line stays light. For example it could have been reading 10 and that would double to 20 which is still low.

I had to wait till 3 days after af was due for the line to get any darker, by 6 days after af was due it was much darker. It happened to janey too. If you werent pregnant you wouldnt have 2 lines, also I would think that because you obviously implanted early on it should be safely nestled in by now.

I didnt really believe it till I missed af, when is she due? Think that might make it more real for you? I still dont feel pregnant, just fat and very hungry. grin

SidneyBristow Tue 19-Mar-13 16:35:27

Thanks guys. I've had a colposcopy/LEEP (probably same as LLETZ) also; I had kind of put that out of my mind but you're right, the vag ultrasound couldn't be any worse than that.

Am I the only one, though, who feels a strange sense of loss, in relation to these fertility exams/potential interventions? I'm probably guilty of overthinking it all, but a part of me does just feel really sad that the TTC thing has had to involve CBFM, pee sticks, military-grade precision planning, now semen analysis, vag ultrasounds, potentially more exams, IVF, on and on and on - when all of us started out thinking getting pregnant would be so easy?

I just feel let down, not sure by what or by whom, that my first ultrasound won't be to peek at a baby inside me, but to look at my insides to try to find out why there's not a baby in there yet. It all sounds so silly and petty, but I think that's part of why I dread it.

On a completely unrelated note, where's Connie?

Frogcatcher Tue 19-Mar-13 16:44:33

I totally agree Tally! Yes, mine was a LLETZ too. I guess I'll just have to play it by ear come May & see what is happening. Could be a bit of early PIMPing going on depending on where I am in my cycle. I hope anything pg-related is not going to hurt as much as that did unless until I get to actual labour!

Frogcatcher Tue 19-Mar-13 16:52:48

Hmmm does make you wonder whether there is any kind of connection here as 3 of us have had it done. I'm sure that they tell you that there is no effect on conceiving, fertility or pregnancy unless you have to have more than one procedure or the more invasive treatments where it can cause weakness in the cervix.

Tallyra Tue 19-Mar-13 16:57:54

Sidney, at least yours is for making sure everything's alright... I've had about 8 US so far, and all of them were for unsuccessful pregnancies, one way or another. I'm still waiting for the 'Let's see if everything's OK' one!

They definitely said it wouldn't have anything to do with my other problems though Frog... hmmmm

Sidney I think I'll only feel the loss if I end up with donated eggs or adopting. If I can get myself upduffed and produce a real live baby that's a proper mix of me and DP I'll be over the moon. I never had the illusion it would be easy. I was nervous about my age and paranoid about a couple of past health issues (like the cyst on my ovary 10 years ago) so was not expecting to be an instadiffer. Didn't stop me hoping, but didn't have high expectations of it happening easily.
Evil bitch witch still staying away merk? Have you got a digi to try today to put your mind at rest?

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 18:53:37

sidney I think she got kicked off again

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 18:54:57

merk merk where are you?

mother hope you are doing well and keeping us a seat warm in the grads club?

Pipbin Tue 19-Mar-13 19:05:53

Was Connie an old friend in disguise? I had a feeling she was.

Another one here for the colposcopy club. Now my wonder is that they couldn't tell me, or didn't know, what had caused my tubes to be scarred. This is generally caused by an infection but I know I tested clear for all stds. However, cervical cancer is caused by an STD. I wonder if it could be the same one.
It's not the procedure that is causing us problems but the infection in the first place.

I've not had a colposcopy and had never even heard of the term -yet another new thing I've learnt on here. I've had a colonoscopy though, two in fact. They weren't pleasant but the photos they took were quite interesting!

Just posted and it seems to have disappeared! On way home, will be back later to catch up but for now my update is no sign of AF

Quick opinions needed, do I buy a digi despite believing my cheapies are more sensitive and therefore if I can't get a strong line on them a digi is bound to be BFN?

I would merk. I'd buy two!

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 19:43:40

Buy them but wait a day or two before pimping!

MotherOfCleo Tue 19-Mar-13 19:44:15

yep merk buy buy buy! grin I honestly think you'll be fine, try I know its hard to be patient.

bunny I have everything crossed for you ladies and hope to see you on the grads soon! smile

Alexandra6 Tue 19-Mar-13 19:57:01

Some of my tests are still not showing a line but clear blue digi is so if I were you I'd buy and test (then again I have no willpower!)

cherrycoconut Tue 19-Mar-13 20:02:39

Thanks for all your support guys, it's so appreciated you are a wonderful bunch!

Froggie I had an abnormal smear a year or so ago and was reassured by the nurse that her daughter had had a colposcopy where they took away quite a bit of her cervical cells yet went on to conceive without a problem. I hope for your sakes that the colposcopy link is a coincidence.

Sidney my DP is definitely in your boat. He's not ready at all to think about interventions as he has this mystical magical idea about babies being conceived in nothing but the consuming passion of it all. Hmm, we have some work to do here I fear. Don't want to burst his bubble but...! Congrats to Mr B on his results. Quite a boast!! That's one area not to worry about anyway smile

Merk I'm with thunder buy buy buy!! Then come tell us all the results; still everything crossed for you!

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 20:04:45

yes, merk, get a couple, but maybe wait a day or two to dip.

I bought, but have just got home and my period has arrived. [insert swear words here]. Have opened a beer an am having a bath and then will be back to look at charts and catch up with today's news

cherrycoconut Tue 19-Mar-13 20:10:28

Merkin I'm so sorry hun. Enjoy that bath and that beer and take care of yourself. Is Mr Merkin around?

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 20:10:44

oh no!!! Really sorry sad

tally your chart looks normal, round and after AF your temps are expected to be higher an erratic. They will level off towards O, and yes the pattern will become clear post O once you get some crosshairs. The more you are strict about the time you take your temp the more accurate the chart will be

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 20:10:58

Oh merks I'm so sorry sad

Oh merkin I'm so, so sorry sad. Evil bloody witch.

YorkshirePudd Tue 19-Mar-13 20:14:02

Knock knock (peers round the door nervously) I have cake, chocolate and dressed in my comfy onesi, room for a little one ????

I have to admit to a bit if lurking and would love to join this lovely group.

Urm so about me!!!

YorkshirePud 34, TTC1, cycle 5

had a dermoid cyst removed (along with most of one overy) so a little delay at starting TTC but slowly getting my head around all the technical terms!

Welcome in Yorkshire, and reference to Northerners or Yorkshire pud means you automatically qualify for entry in my eyes!!

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 20:23:25

Hello yorkshire. <pats sofa and tries not to grasp for cake>.

Oh bollocks arse merk. Are you ok?

Hi yorks <waves and fetches jug of gravy. Yummm>

I'm doing a barking and trying to think of a scenario where I could still be pregnant....
Is the consensus that this was a chemical (in which case the silver lining is that I have proof fertilisation can happen and I wasn't born without any tubes or anything) or just crappy false positives (surely too many for that??) Did all my crying last night so am in the stoical stage of planning shag week and everything I can do to make sure this month is the one

Yorkshire are you simply hopefully shagging or monitoring your cycles yet?

happylass Tue 19-Mar-13 20:25:14

Oh Merk I'm absolutely gutted for you. Not getting a BFP in the first place is bad enough but to get one then have it cruelly snatched away must be devastating. Hope you're having more than the one beer.
Here's a mystery for you to ponder : why the hell has my temp gone up by 0.5 on cd2? My charts have always been textbook but since I started using FF last cycle they've gone mental!!
Welcome Yorkshire anyone with cake and chocolate instantly qualifies even if they are an instadiffer

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 20:25:20

Welcome to the gang yorkie or would you prefer pud

Tell us a bit about you, if you have been lurking you prob know all about us!

That was for the Yorkshire pudding btw, not the cake and chocolate. Realise I look weird now, like I have gravy on my cake instead of custard

happy are you saying that previously your temps stayed flattish at this point in your cycle but now are jumping around? Erratic temps during and just after AF are normal so I wouldn't worry but its interesting if you've never had this before...

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 20:37:19

Lol thunder I knew what you meant!

Reading the daily fail site and it's really rather depressing, the whole world is fertile as &@*^...... Gisele with small baby, the duchess pg, Lara stone pg, Kim whatsherface pg, mrs Rooney pg, blah blah blah sad

Frogcatcher Tue 19-Mar-13 20:37:30

Hello yorks/yorkie/pud <ushers in & takes cake in one smooth move>

Poor poor you merk. I'm so sorry to hear that - you must be gutted.

No news here apart from there is still an absence of O so shag weekfest continues. CD14 & the OPK says No. It's like the opposite to the man from Del Monte.

Oh & thunder I knew what you meant!

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 20:41:24

the man from del monte! blast from the past!

MotherOfCleo Tue 19-Mar-13 20:42:53

oh merk I am so so sorry, I was so sure you were diffed. I would guess that it was a chemical, the silver lining is that you will be more fertile this month, everything crossed for you! thanks thanks thanks

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 20:44:37

merk, from what I've read, it does sound like a chemical. As mother says, the stats suggest you'll be more fertile this cycle and you know that you can conceive too.

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 20:47:27

btw, sid, cousin's wife sounds even more bonkers that I had thought with the weight-loss shakes. Does she not care that it's not healthy, or is her figure more important?

Thanks everyone. Please elaborate on me being more fertile this cycle??

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 20:53:59

er, not sure merk. Maybe stuff I've picked up on other threads. Google not much help either. sorry.

Sausage slapping needed to prevent me convincing myself wondering if this is implantation bleeding 5 days after the first BFP

I'd also guess chemical pregnancy. If you Google chemical pregnancy increased fertility you get lots of hits.

Is Mr Merk being supportive?

YorkshirePudd Tue 19-Mar-13 21:00:30

Merk im very sorry about your shitty evening. On reading through this fab thread have now downloaded FF and put in my witch dates, also received free opks with the preeseed ordered from amazon but unsure about temping at the moment.

Unmmm gravy, ill take a seat here then.

Bunny - pud would probably be easier to type but I answer to pretty much most things wink

BoodleLovesPot Tue 19-Mar-13 21:23:28

ILoveMyCats - helloooo! <Waves, then realises Cats can't possibly know me as I'm a newbie...>

Merks - sad. Pants and knickers and nuts to AF. (I'm a right potty mouth.)

Welcome Yorkshire / Pudd! (Have you decided which yet? We can't possibly call you by the actual name you have's just not the done thing!)

Tally, as others have said, temperatures during /just after AF can be a bit wacky! (I know mine always are!) Trust the first temperature and wait until the end of the cycle - you will probably find a pattern emerges eventually!

I'm not sure where Connie has gone either, although (whispers) I was having a little snoop on the BESH thread last night and I swear there is someone on there who posts in a very similar style to our old friend. Unfortunately, this person was having a very bad time of things, so I hope it's not her, but y'know when you just get that spidey-sense / deja vu feeling? I was getting it, big time!

<Hollers into abyss that is blocked Mumsnetters.> If you're still out there, send us a sign! We miss yooooou! <Jumps out of skin as fridge door opens by itself and a sausage leaps out to plant a greasy face slap.>

MotherOfCleo Tue 19-Mar-13 21:27:53

merk its something to do with your hormones, not too sure, mr google is prob more help but i'm sure the month after a CP you're more fertile.

Also you know everything is in full working order, if nothing else that is good to know. no consolation I know

I did have some browny/red blood on the morning before AF was due, a couple of wipes and then nothing, it was enough to panic me though! I'm afraid only time will tell....still got fx for you.

SidneyBristow Tue 19-Mar-13 21:39:32

Oh merks sad

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 21:55:49

Just about to watch OBEM, haven't watched any this series, not sure if this is a good idea or not

Hang on, how are you watching OBeM? That's a Wednesday! Jealous and worried I am missing out

BoodleLovesPot Tue 19-Mar-13 22:10:23

Oh, is that why it's quiet on here?! It's OBEM night! Right, that's my cue...

<Dons the spectacular onesie gifted unto her by Merkin and dances around the Elderberry Pavlova Palace, swigging wine out of the bottle and singing cheesy pop songs from the 90s.>

BoodleLovesPot Tue 19-Mar-13 22:11:18

Oh...I'm one night premature. (<Packs away onesie, switches off ipod and returns half empty bottle to fridge.>

<Joins in with Boodle> its not Obem night. I'm off for an early night. I am swinging between believing this is over and absolute disbelief this is AF (temps still up, only v light brown spotting at this stage). Therefore decided sleep will stop me stressing. Enjoy the onsie dancing and OBEM

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 22:15:27

Soz to excite, I've got 11 OBEMs taped that I haven't watched yet!

BoodleLovesPot Tue 19-Mar-13 22:16:20

Night, Merks - I'm going for an early one too. Not had a good day (will not divulge as it's 'out' worthy) but it's nothing compared to the stress you must be feeling. I really hope it's gone in the morning - a bit of bleeding is so common in early pregnancy. I'm crossing fingers, toes, legs (no DTD tonight so it's ok) for you.

I wouldn't watch the episode aired last week. Woman in her 30's who had to be persuaded by on off partner not to have an abortion and admits to being selfish, chav with attitude who has decided that she might give this mum thing a go although she was tempted to carry on having fun instead when she found out she was pg, she won't be a single mum 'cos chav sister will be there to help. And teenage pregnancy whose uni plans have been scuppered by yet another accidental upduffment. Found it all a little more than depressing last week!!

Night all! Having tried to cast on and start some knitting while watching a film with DP I'm now on the 4th attempt and have yet again realised I've messed up the 7 stitch repeat pattern somewhere on the first round!!! Bollocks and bollocks again! Giving up and off to bed. Tomorrow's another school day....

Bunnygirlie Tue 19-Mar-13 22:23:55

Ugh maybe I will just watch the eps then with sensible old birds (like us) who are settled and sane!!!

twinklestar2 Tue 19-Mar-13 22:44:01

So sorry Merks sad

ILoveMyCats Tue 19-Mar-13 23:06:44

Yes, last week's obem was instadiffer central. The other woman got pg after sex with friend on Xmas eve and didn't get morning after pill as it was Xmas day & chemist closed, but thought she'd be ok. She gave birth wearing false eyelashes and full make up.... barking, the chav sisters upset me mucho!

Tallyra Tue 19-Mar-13 23:19:14

oh merkin I'm so sorry. join in with the depressed hugs over here.... I just got back from a girly night sewing and chatting to find out I should have been here with wine and chocolate (even if I can't have either because of my migraines) and a big snuggly quilt to throw over everyone so we can snuggle and comfort each other.
I really hope it means good news for you next month though, I'll be keeping my fingers (and unfortunately legs) crossed its your time.

Pipbin Tue 19-Mar-13 23:52:22

Oh Merk so rubbish.
However, are you sure it's AF? You say it's just brown spotting.

Also, someone earlier said something about overnight trolls this morning. What did I miss?

Bunnygirlie Wed 20-Mar-13 08:23:51

Morning all, how are we today? How you doing merk ?

HazleNutt Wed 20-Mar-13 08:24:52

merk just dropping in to say that sorry, but yes, apparently you're supposed to be more fertile just after a cp. Both me and Brave on the graduate thread got pregnant immediately after a cp.

Pipbin Wed 20-Mar-13 09:36:03

and as you have said Merk a CP means that everything can meet up, which is half the battle won.

Frogcatcher Wed 20-Mar-13 11:19:30

Interesting that you are more fertile after a CP. I'm not entirely convinced that I didn't have one last cycle. AF was several days later than has ever been before & although I did POAS & got a BFN it wasn't one of the more sensitive ones so quite feasibly could just not have detected it. I was so emotional for days before AF, had a really sore lower back & a v weird lower abdomen pain. There is some statistic that up to 70% of actual conception can end in a CP & a lot of people jsut don't realise it so pls believe that I'm not completely nutty for being so convinced that I was pg when i wasn't.

MotherOfCleo Wed 20-Mar-13 12:01:16

frog I wonder the same about January, I had a crazy metalic taste for a few days and a real wtf cycle with lots of odd things (dare I say symptoms). I never got a bfp though so disregarded it.

Frogcatcher Wed 20-Mar-13 12:20:23

And you updiffed the next month right Mother? Fingers crossed for Merk then!

MotherOfCleo Wed 20-Mar-13 12:38:05

indeed I did frog grin I have everything crossed for her and for the rest of you ladies.

twinklestar2 Wed 20-Mar-13 13:40:58

good luck for next month merky moo

WideSargassoSea Wed 20-Mar-13 14:09:51

Really sorry about AF Merkin. I've been watching your updates the last couple of days with fingers crossed. I agree with Pipbin that a CP shows you're half way there. Frog I had the same sort of thing the last two cycles - nausea, burping (!), emotional, big boobs, but AF arrived on time. Thought I was going mental.

SidneyBristow Wed 20-Mar-13 14:16:19

Tally I'm sorry; my moaning about having mixed feelings over the ultrasound is extraordinarily stupid in light of what you have been through. It probably sounded very insensitive and for that I am sorry thanks

Cats my cousin's wife is an attention whore; from the look of it, the internet exists to give her a platform to tell the universe her every movement. She's always had an issue with her shape, and I guess was finally seeing some progress after getting on meal replacement shakes, so when she discovered she was accidentally updiffed envy hell who am i kidding envy envy envy envy, she kept on with the shakes 'for added nutrition'. Basically, she is thick.

Tallyra Wed 20-Mar-13 15:10:00

oh sidney don't worry, I'm just feeling sorry for myself. you are perfectly entitled to be worried about them, and I probably was in a crappy one-upmanship type of mood anyway. of course my problems are worse than anyone else's and you should all sympathise with me right now! blush

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 16:54:40

SidI really hate how the Internet gives people the opportunity to over share in this way. It's the main reason that I've stopped using FB. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be without it for so many other reasons, but I do think people who are already self-centred play to the audience, as they wouldn't have one in any other context.
Bit of good news today. Insurance will cover consult with gynae re the amenorrhea. Wrote the GP a note to ask him not to mention ttc in the letter and he didn't. That must have helped. Got an appointment tomorrow evening. Hurrah! cherry - made me think of you, as you have been going through this for longer than me. Could you get a referral by saying that you are not ttc? It could get you through a door and some clomid or something to kick-start the cycle. Any word about the vitex?
sargasso my friend did the most amazing burps throughout her pregnancy. It was hysterical! Not for her, I know.....
merks how are you?
<waves shyly at the newcomer boodle>

Bunnygirlie Wed 20-Mar-13 17:39:33

Hi sargosso are you joining the gang?

Evening all, good days all round?

TMI alert currently on my back grin as DHs mojo has def returned, too bad it's a week and half too late confused

Just to make sure there's no remaining doubt about my crazy level of optimism, I decided that as the last two days have been pathetic amounts of spotting which is all I ever get since post pill I obviously wasn't having a proper period and was probably pg therefore didn't need to shove anything up there, as it were. Cue me being proved wrong in the middle of a literacy lesson <ahem> and having to leave the teaching assistant to it while I ran to the toilet. blush I really am a sensible person, honest, but this ttc thing has started driving me a little crazy.

How are you doing merk? Sounds like it's got to be your month!!

bunny fx the mojo sticks around a while grin

Bunnygirlie Wed 20-Mar-13 19:53:12

Thanks barking so have you not had a 'healthy' period since you came off pill then?

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 20:51:59

Oh no, barking. In the middle of literacy too! Do you think it's a good thing that you're having a heavier period? That is, that your periods are less like withdrawal bleeds? Im getting a bit obsessed by periods....

BoodleLovesPot Wed 20-Mar-13 21:08:00

OBEM has started.

<Runs in wearing the onesie, clutching the slightly stale bottle of wine from last night and proceeds to dance around the Pavlova Palace to I Will Survive because, frankly, today has been utterly, utterly shit and if I don't do that I might curl up and refuse to move until my FS appointment day arrives.>

It wasn't actually any heavier when I got to the toilet, just a spot in my knickers (sorry, sorry, TMI.....)
No cats every period since stopping pill 16 months ago has been crazy light. I usually get one 'decent' day, but that's still light compared to previously, and never anything requiring more than a 'mini' tampon, regular ones are now too much.
Maybe I should add my light periods to my list of ttc concerns!!

Hey pot, how are you doing newbie? Not good eh? sad

Did you find the thyroid thread useful?

Good work on the mojo bunny! And sorry to hear about the af disaster barking

Would love to join you on the sofa boodle but DP is home so OBEM is being recorded for me to watch later this week on my own!!

MotherOfCleo Wed 20-Mar-13 21:15:26

barking mine were just like that, one day, or sometimes half a day of normal flow then it tappered off and I'd have another couple of days of spotting. Never enough for a tampon I had to just use pads. Try not to be too disheartened. I was used to heavy periods but when I said that to my doc he said I hadnt had 'periods' for 10 years as I'd been on the pill and shouldn't class my 7 day break withdrawal bleed as a normal period as it wasn't. Didn't really put my mind at ease but I'm diffed so I guess he must have been right?

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 21:16:02

My two periods were also v light.....

Bunnygirlie Wed 20-Mar-13 21:29:01

barking mine were like that until I had reflexology, now I have 2/3/4 days of proper period which my reflexologist says is healthy periods! But if it worked for mother who knows!

BoodleLovesPot Wed 20-Mar-13 21:33:24

Hey Thunder, I did, yes - thanks again for letting me barrel-roll in to your thread asking questions! I don't think it told me anything I didn't already know, but it definitely helped remind me that this is not in my head and I'm not being unreasonable to want treatment when I have so many symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I need to take action but I've been suckerpunched several times this week and I think at the moment I've gone into survival mode. I need to make it to the Easter break so that I can take stock and decide what it is I need to do to get the treatment I want need deserve!

Pity party over, sorry to hear of your Literacy emergency, Barking! I am so lucky to have the most amazing TA who knows exactly what's going on when I suddenly leap up from my group and dash out of the room clutching my bag! She is also one of the few who know about my whole TTC disaster and she looks after me a lot.

I'm not touching OBEM with a barge pole, thanks! I don't need to do any more self-pitying crying so I've got the radio on whilst I prowl mumsnet do planning.

Ta moc, not really too concerned just an arse when it arrives and doesn't feel like a definite game over!

Sorry to hear you're having a bad week boodle, do you break up this week or next? Seems to be different all over the country. We've got another week. Sounds like a two week break is just what you need.

BoodleLovesPot Wed 20-Mar-13 21:46:03

We break up next week. I'm glad because I can see the end in sight, and when everyone who breaks up this week is heading back, I'll still be on holiday! Yeeeeah! What about you?

A break is definitely what I need. I've definitely shut my brain down into 'don't think just get there' mode.

Tallyra Wed 20-Mar-13 21:50:03

I'm with you boodle, obem is likely to bring on a crying fest and therefore increase the headache I've been Fending off all afternoon.
hugs for your literacy emergency barking, doesn't sound particularly fun.

Bunnygirlie Wed 20-Mar-13 22:00:29

I know what you mean! Watched OBEM last night for 20 mins and ended up teary!

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:22:46

I cry at the opening sequence, yes, the one they show every week.....

Hello Berries. Have not caught up, and am reading on my phone so not fully with the plot. Past caring if this is TMI, just need to get it out. Suggest not reading further if you are eating dinner etc. This morning was barely bleeding (was barely even spotting only a panty* liner overnight) but put in a tampon just in case. Therefore back of my mind until this afternoon was the potential that it was still 'just spotting'. Huge disappointment this afternoon when it was heavier than I had hoped (to be clear I had hoped for nothing, and in actuality** this was a lite tampon with only blood at the tip). Crazy work pressure is helping to take my mins of it but I am truly devastated. I am not an emotional person, and so I logically feel like I am overreacting but I feel torn up. I know this will pass. I also know this is nothing in the scheme of TTC and the experiences others have been through however I am knocked for six. I feel guilty about even posting this however I am justifying my selfish post because I have no other forum to get this off my chest. Sorry.
To everyone who's in the 2ww and hopeful, I truly hope you can grad. To everyone who has had a bad day I am sorry for moaning about nothing, and I hope tomorrow is better x

*why the fuck do these have such a terrible name. Panty????!!! FFS
**despite being surrounded by teachers I really don't give a fuck whether this is a word. I like it

Mins of it = mind off it

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:34:51

Talking of TAs, I count myself as a pretty good one and would of course cover for toilet emergencies, but my teacher is totally disorganised and doesn't give me any direction (he's a man, so no ttc drama), and I often feel that I'm not doing hm any favours in the long run as I just get on and do things that he doesn't do. I mark the spellings, homework, topic work taught by hlta during PPA time. The other day we had a theatre company in, I tried to get out of him several times what he wanted to do about breaks/adjusted playground duty. He didn't answer me, stayed and watched the play with the class, me and the parent helper, sent me for a quick break while he went out on duty, refused to come in when I went out to relieve him, then literally gathred his stuff and walked out of the room when the children had come back in telling them that he needed a break. The parent helper and I just gaped at each other. No prior warning or mention of what he wanted me to teach....and because I am a teacher, I just stepped in and taught. Needless to say, I'm looking for another job. Just wanted to share the madness in which I often find myself. We break up next thursday .... Can't wait.

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:41:10

Crossed posts with you, merks, sorry that it looks like I have responded to you with my own rant and ignored you. I'm really sorry for what you're going through and know I would feel exactly the same way, even though I've only been ttc for 6 months or so. You must not apologise for posting this or keep it bottled up. We all understand that our situations are different, if not complementary and one berry's milestone is another's hurdle.
Try to be as kind to yourself as possible, but also let yourself feel sad. Of course you'll feel it, just as you felt the happiness at the potential bfp. Your time will come.

If memory serves me correctly Sargosso has been here before... I'm sure I remember referring to her as wide! Lurk away lady, but also, despite us seeming a bit mad, we're a lovely bunch so don't be scared to post anything you want.
On another note has there ever been a real live Berry meet up? Are we all across the country or close? I'm (currently) an adopted Londoner (Surrey if I'm truly honest)!

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:43:47

I'm in Surrey too.

cats don't worry I wouldn't have thought that. In all honesty don't mind if nobody responds or even reads my post, just needed to get it out! I have lots of friends who are teachers and think its such a tough tough job, I'm amazed at you all!! I work in IT projects (boring), its stressful and long hours (but I love it!) however we don't have the future of anyone in our hands (phew grin)

Oooh a fellow Surrey-ite! Can I give you clues to where I am? (Weirdly excited for no real reason)

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:47:13

Yes, yes! Oddly excited too!

Ok, 10 min train to Waterloo, on the river, close to a Royal park...

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:48:23

I'm in a London borough that is classified as Surrey, but not a Royal borough.

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:48:43

K town?

cherrycoconut Wed 20-Mar-13 22:51:30

Cats that's fantastic news about your amenorrhea referral. Do you know what the next steps are?

I'm going in on Fri to see the doc re abnormal hormone levels in bloods and don't know whether to expect meds from them or some sort of investigative stuff. I have private healthcare through work so could push for this route though like you, TTC not covered.

My acu has asked me to hang fire on herbs until June; something to do with Spring and liver meridians. I was quite happy with her explanation to hold off.

Sorry to hear everyone looks to be having a tough time - except Bunny over there all loved up! Take care folks x

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:53:21

merk' I think you are in a posher bit than me. My trains go to Victoria.

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:54:45

Thanks cherry, just going to go along and see what he says. No idea what they might suggest. Could just be a go home and wait for af!

Next to K (moved from there last year so now living the 'good life' (cryptic clue)). <goes to look up Victoria trains>

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 22:57:51

W lived the good life for 2 and a half years! Moved further east to buy house.

Assuming therefore you're nearer the car makers?

Who have a hill names after them...

Tallyra Wed 20-Mar-13 22:59:59

Merkin, I was getting worried about you, I'm glad you posted. It sounds like this has hit you really hard. Don't worry about ranting, we are here for you! You were on the verge of a really big thing happening and things have changed. It will be hard for a while, but don't let it dampen things. We will get there!! xxxxx
On the next subject, I'm in Kent so not too far...

Was 'w' we?? Now super excited (I seem to be very sad) that you lived in the same town as me at one point. Help me find a life please! grin

Ooh we seem to be a Southern bunch... There must be some Northerners among us? Thanks tally

merk please do not hold back from ranting, if other people didn't rant I wouldn't feel able to and quite often there is no-one in RL I could rant at like I can let off steam on here!!

cats your teacher sounds like a nightmare!!

I lived in north London briefly with an ex but hated it. Much happier in the North grin.

Tallyra Wed 20-Mar-13 23:03:08

bloody hell that post took me so long to type there was an entire conversation before I hit send!

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 23:10:31

Not surer what you mean by car maker hill? I'm being a bit slow, but don't think that's it. (w was we, yes!).
I live about 8 miles from you......

Cats I'm probably miles out! On a side note my ex came from Purley

ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 23:19:02

Still stumped on the hills. There's no hill in the name of the place where I live, so could you put me out of my misery and tell me where you were thinking of?


ILoveMyCats Wed 20-Mar-13 23:27:25

barking yes, my teacher is a bit lacking. Last week while teaching 3D and 2 D shapes, he completely muddled up sides, edges and faces. Repeatedly and not even consistently! Ffs.
merks, not there....bit north-west of where your ex came from.

Begin with an S??

Pipbin Wed 20-Mar-13 23:34:43

I'm still not completely convinced its AF Merk, still, you've seen the evidence.

I'm in Suffolk, not nearly as posh as Surrey.
7 DPO here and nothing so far. Such a bad cough though that I'm sure anything in there couldn't hold on even if it was there.

pib don't expect anything at 7dpo. Cough will make no difference. I used to live on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and also for a time in Suffolk not too far away from a nuclear power plant wink

Pip not pib clearly! Going to bed, aiming for a 5am start and too tired to type!

Frogcatcher Thu 21-Mar-13 07:46:14

Morning all. Hope you're feeling better merk. Pls don't feel bad about ranting at all. I'm not a teacher but do know that it is not an easy option & Cats your position sounds like a nightmare.
I'm ex London but moved to Hampshire 18m ago (and yes I know you're supposed to do that once you have the kids). Think me & DP are going to try for the Kevin McCloud method as we liked the house we went to see. Cos loads more stress is obvs what I need!
Starting to panic a bit now on the TTC front as I'm on CD16 today, FF predicted O as any one of the last 3 days & still no positive OPK or temp rise. I'm beginning to think I may be in the short LP gang as my cycles aren't that long or that maybe I don't ovulate every month. No EWCM either tho I know I have had it in the past. confused

Bunnygirlie Thu 21-Mar-13 08:30:05

A berry meet up would be cool, I often think if I ever get pg it would be nice to be-friend a few berries on the book of face! Nowhere near London, I'm from the south-west!

Sending cyber hugs that need them this morning!

TMI - Gutted this morn, a little pink cm when I wiped so I guess the witch is on her way sad angry

Had really hoped for a bunch of berries graduating this month (secretly hoped I would be included), we haven't had this for months!!!

SidneyBristow Thu 21-Mar-13 12:16:23

Merkin sad don't worry about offloading your feelings; that's what the thread is for, support. You're at the lowest low point of the month; it can only get better from here, but give yourself time to accept the disappointment. It hurts. You aren't being silly by feeling crushed. Things will get better. flowers

Bunny sorry she got you. Is crappy all around, isn't it.

CD 11 here and PIMPed for the first time last night. Used a Gu pot as all the cool kids do, but still managed to wee on myself. hmm Will have plenty of practice though as am resigned to CBFM'ing in the morning and PIMPing at night, for as long as it takes. Haven't managed to temp yet; does owning a BBT count for anything? wink

Frogcatcher Thu 21-Mar-13 14:07:06

Commiserations on AF Bunny. She's definitely a bitch witch.

Welcome to the PIMPing club Sidney. This is my 9th day straight of searching for the elusive + OPK so am getting quite adept at it now. No one has stolen my pot yet or used it for anything else either.

Frogcatcher Thu 21-Mar-13 16:07:23

AAAAAAH!!!! Just had a call from DP in which he said he might be really late home from work tonight if he made it home at all & he might not even make it home tmrw. And it's shag week! angry And I haven't yet O'd so DTD on CD10 & CD13 which I thought was perfectly timed was probably useless. Soooo frustrating. angry angry I know it's not his fault, he can't do anything about it, it's for the greater good but right now all i can think about is how I'm doing all I can to TTC yet I'm going to be lacking the vital ingredient!! Sorry for venting on the thread when there are others with bigger problems but how am I supposed to find out if I do have bigger issues if I can't actually manage to DTD at the right time to start with?!

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 16:45:48

That's pants, frog. Hoping that he gets home this evening after all.
Yes, merk, that's the place! Not too far, eh?

Much excitement - EWCM that looked like the picture in tyoyf!! First time I've spotted that since I bought the book in January. Might do an opk later too!

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 17:22:55

Pos opk!!

Evening ladies. Had a lovely day at work today and came home to an immaculate house as we've decided to pay for a cleaner rather than constantly winge about cleaning. So once a week the whole house gets cleaned properly while I'm at work!! She's done an amazing job, I've spent ages just walking from room to room appreciating the beautiful cleaness of each room!!! grin And can easily afford it since I'm not having boozy nights out I need to pay for!!
And to top it all off, although it's my turn to cook, DP sent me a text saying there was a new recipe he wanted to try so he's cooking tonight!
Seeing as there's nothing to clean and nothing to cook I'm on the sofa with the dog watching OBEM smile
Sending everyone happy vibes and lots of biscuits

Ooo cats sounds good!

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 17:33:28

barking, what a great day! My cleaner came yesterday. It's wonderful to open the door and sink into the clean!

I'm a little bit taken aback at my sudden fertility signals. I had a pos opk on cd21 too, dtd but no bfp or af. Now cd94 with pos opk & ewcm. I honestly can't remember if I had ewcm last time. I was keen on ff then & haven't put it, but apparently had it a week after the opk. Odd. It's the law of sod. Ov signals as I finally get to see gyn.

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 17:39:23

cherry, think you should defo get ref to gyn through your work insurance. Tell them you're no longer ttc as the amenorrhea is your priority. I only did that as the ttc had slipped out. Don't tell the insurer that you are. Ask your GP not to mention it on the referral as you see it as a gynea issue rather than a fertility concern. That's what I did and it worked. Yes the gyn will ask if you are ttc, as you are of an age where they might expect it. And I'm sure you can talk to them about ttc and whether they could do some tests that could be covered as gyn investigations rather than fertility. You just need to get through the door.

Hello everyone!

Cd1 here. No surprise even though we dtd at the right time this month since learning about thyroid, do in a way I'm feeling positive because at least I know I'm regular again after mmc. Now the mission is to get bloods sorted so I not only get a bpf, but a whole healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end of it.

Sorry about OH being late, frog. I really understand your frustration- doesnt help ease the pressure either.

bunny, cycle buddies again!

Am envy at these cleaners. Would love to come home to a clean house!
cats sorry if this is a stupid question (i forget who's who sonetimes) but are you ttc with all those signs abound, or are you waiting til seeing gyn?

Frogcatcher Thu 21-Mar-13 18:31:45

Ooh great news Cats you must be sooo pleased. Rather contrary to previously I'm really hoping that I get a neg OPK again now I've found out I'm likely to be home alone tonight.

Loving the cleaner excitement - I've been badgering DP for us to have one for a while & we have finally got one starting in April. Can't wait!

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 18:32:07

I am ttc, just not telling health insurance. Going to dtd later after gyn in case of examination. Hee hee! In a lot of ways, I don't care if we don't conceive this cycle, would just love it if this means that the cycle is coming to an end.

BoodleLovesPot Thu 21-Mar-13 18:42:34

Ooooh...I'm getting cleaner envy too, Thunder! Sorry AF has got you too, but also pleased for your returning regularity! smile

Merks, hope you are alright today. I have been thinking of you. If things aren't 'sticking' this month, get on here and rant/moan/wail as much as you see fit - we all need to do it from time to time, and you will certainly have justification. In other news, how is the job going? I hope it's OK.

Oooooh, Cats great news about the EWCM and positive OPK! I hope this means your cycle is sorting itself out a bit.

Barking - Appointment: 10.04.13 grin Pretty close to yours, no? <Boodle feels a great weight lifted from her shoulders.>

Ooooo, brilliant news Boodle !!!!! grin.
Yep, mine is the following week!! smile

SidneyBristow Thu 21-Mar-13 19:05:12

Yay Boodle! And you didn't even have to call and get shouty!

BoodleLovesPot Thu 21-Mar-13 19:21:17

I know! I'm glad about that, Sidney, I'm not very confrontational! Had to actually psyche myself up to ring doctors to request copies of past blood tests today. I'm a wimp!

I'm expecting a full account of everything they ask and everything they say about your LP boodle !!!

Tallyra Thu 21-Mar-13 19:56:20

Yay barking and yay boodle!! Both brilliant news!!!!!

happylass Thu 21-Mar-13 19:57:25

Woohoo for Boodle at finally getting your appointment!
Sorry to all those who have been visited by horrible AF sad
Cd4 here so nothing to report. Finish school tomorrow though for two whole weeks and heading straight to Switzerland for freebie with DPs work grin then back for a few days and off again to West Wales for mini break with DP. So at least I'll be nice and chilled when shag week comes around this time!

Evening all. I was just diving on to say hello before rushing off to startsubmit an assignment due at midnight but have just realised assignment was actually due at lunchtime today so have fucked up and am not going to rectify that this evening so will be sticking around here instead and reading back to play catch up!
Spotting has turned into the period from hell, stupidly heavy (not normal for me)...just counting down the days until it's done now. I hate this bit as i've got 16 days until O (stupid long cycles) and saying that my BFP is due on the 22nd April sounds such a loooooong time away! However appreciate many of you with short cycles and LP's would kill for that so won't moan too much. First week back at work after so long has been a killer, shattered and working all hours and looking forward to sleeping all weekend, however it has been helpful to take my mind off things. Am feeling a bit brighter today, surprised myself by how hard it all hit me (as i'm known for being a bit of a machine and not particularly emotional) but DH has been simply amazing. May take out final bit of anger and sadness on the stupid pregnancy book which is mocking me from the coffee table; if it snows this weekend I may just have to light a nice fire and burn it page by page! However am struggling to throw out my positive pregnancy tests, tucked them away in a drawer but can't bring myself to consign them to the bin. I'm turning soft in my old age!
Anyway, back in a bit to actually contribute to the thread as opposed to just charting my moans life for you all grin

Sounding even more like a chemical pg then, so fx it does indeed mean you'll be super fertile this cycle smile.
I've got period pain and am weighing up whether to go to the pub tonight (thirsty Thursday, would be rude not to). Given I'm not drinking anyway might just be lazy and drive.

Pipbin Thu 21-Mar-13 21:07:50

Off for Easter already Happy? We've got another week. Which is nice because it means Easter weekend is at the beginning, not middle.
Hopefully we'll be moving house at some point in the holiday.

No news here. 8dpo and all is well.

happylass Thu 21-Mar-13 21:15:30

Yes Pip our hols are ridiculously early this year, only been 5 weeks since half term! Not complaining though as don't mind a longer summer term, teach secondary so not long before my exam classes leave grin

Tallyra Thu 21-Mar-13 21:24:28

Yes, Im looking forward to easter hols too. we have until next Thursday at school, although prizeday is Thurs, so we'll be off midday. And tomorrow I'm taking some year 8+9s to Eurotunnel to drive a train, so that should be much fun!

Pipbin Thu 21-Mar-13 21:27:35

Drive a train in the euro tunnel! So exciting.
My secondary colleagues, you have my utmost respect. They couldn't pay me enough money to teach there.
Reception will do me nicely.

Frogcatcher Thu 21-Mar-13 21:39:20

Anyone watching a programme called Home Delivery? It's like I'm punishing myself by watching all these women giving birth at home.

cherrycoconut Thu 21-Mar-13 21:47:03

Cats that's fab, sounds like you're on a roll! Thx for all the tips too <strokes chin in a cunning way> I'm really interested to see what my apt tomorrow brings. A clue about what's up would be a start and definitely going to push for referral. Do you have a date yet for your gyn apt?

Great news on your apts too Barking and Boodle feels like lots of activity going on to get us those BFP's! Merkin I'm gutted for you love but sounds like you can take lots of positives and look forward to being super fertile to boot fingers crossed!

Well jealous of all you peeps who have cleaners and therefore must have real life proper houses to invite someone into- ergo aren't living in a building site. We must be pretty damn close to living the Grand mediocre Designs dream, rennovating a small terraced house. The dust alone would scare anyone let alone the remenant 70's wallpaper. Please please let me qualify for the Kevin fertility method!

Bunnygirlie Thu 21-Mar-13 21:47:46


Just got in, went out after work, had a few glasses of wine as so pissed off that AF looks like she is on her way grrrrrrrr

Yay barking and boodle glad you have appointments! I am seeing docs on weds ref my blood test results hmm but scared...

cherrycoconut Thu 21-Mar-13 21:50:07

Ooh much fun Tally small small amount jealous until I remembered it's in a teaching capacity and I could never ever do your job! Also sounds mucho far away as I'm a northerner!

Tallyra Thu 21-Mar-13 21:52:14

Nope. We are currently watching a Got To Dance marathon. Feel good crying ahoy!!!

cherrycoconut Thu 21-Mar-13 21:54:45

Frog any good? I saw it on the listings but as DP won't watch any birthing programmes I let it go! I still have 2 OBEMs in the can waiting for some non existent indulgent sofa time to myself. Whenever the hell that might be!

cherrycoconut Thu 21-Mar-13 21:58:34

Good luck for Wed. What bloods did you have Bunny?

I've been weak v stressed from stupid job and have had a glass of wine on the go every night this week. My bad especially as I'm trying to encourage DP to drink less. Ho hum.

Tallyra Thu 21-Mar-13 22:02:10

Its just in a supervisory capacity as I'm a technician not a teacher. I thought about training then realised I couldn't cope with the mean kids - the ones I'm taking tomorrow are nice ones that haven found the teen sulk yet!

Bunnygirlie Thu 21-Mar-13 22:10:54

Cherry just basic tests, first step of the infertility journey I guess, days 3 and day 24 blood tests, not really sure what they're for, I think one is to check for ovulation.

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 22:19:16

Hello! Saw gyn this evening. He was LOVELY. Listened to me and took me seriously. Did not mention that things could settle down by themselves or tell me to wait and see. He did say that he didn't think it was anything serious, but wants to get some tests done to see what is going on. He thinks I am not ov. So had bloods taken this evening and am going back for dildo cam. Nice. He said he may put me on meds to stimulate ov, but would have to see what the tests say. The bloods were all hormone ones that you have on certain days of cycle, which of course I can have altogether as who knows where I am.
Do it, cherry, it's good to get some answers.
Am encourage by the opk, but have had positives before and no bfp, so not holding my breath. Dtd this envy, but was no conclusion, ifyswim. Hoping the ewcm sticks around for another day......hmmmm.

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 22:20:22

P.S. chuffed for other berries getting appointments. Hurray!

merk sorry about af. Burn the book!!

ILoveMyCats Thu 21-Mar-13 22:20:51

*this evening

Bunnygirlie Thu 21-Mar-13 22:33:52

Yay cats sounds like a positive appointment!

Tallyra Thu 21-Mar-13 22:34:39

Accidentally watching Home Delivery. Haven't got to any upsetting bits yet but I'm wary. I shouldn't really be watching. dh is asleep next to me and I need to have a shower before bed. can't drive a train smelly! Its drawing me in though.

Tallyra Thu 21-Mar-13 22:35:31

And cats that sounds fantastic! a step in the correct direction!!!

cats sounds like a very positive appointment smile

merk back tracking a bit here, but how long are your cycles? I don't Ov until sometime around cd19-24 It's a ridiculous wait after each AF until the next chance!!

My SiL (well, DP's SiL) appears to have blocked me on fb. I'd hidden her updates from my newsfeed so I didn't have to read all the pregnancy updates, but DP said she'd been poorly and was in hospital for fluids as she'd been sick (not pg related apparently) so I looked to see if she'd posted anything today and I couldn't find her! She's not in my friends list and when I searched for her name she didn't come up! She's still there on DP's fb. No idea what's going on, I haven't been in touch with her since we visited at Christmas, and that's normal. Trying to not get worked up about it but it's annoying because I can't find out without asking directly and I don't want to start anything. This is the woman that didn't speak to her father in law for years because of a tiny thing he did that no one else could see a problem with.

Tallyra Thu 21-Mar-13 23:51:10

that's very odd. I don't understand people doing that at the time that they need support from friends and family the most!

cherrycoconut Fri 22-Mar-13 07:13:48

She sounds like the barking one TBH Barking I'd either let it go without comment or possibly send her an innocent friend request with a 'I don't know wht happened, duh Facebook, would be nice to stay in touch and hear about your stoopid updates' type message. From what you've said she seems fickle and flighty so try not to take it personally!

I'm so pleased your apt went well cats. Hurrah for lovely consultant! Dildo cam, not so much, but at least it'll get you some answers and will be a means to an end even if the prospect is not so attractive!

Bunny that's great. I can't really help on the technical know-how but like you say it's sure to be about your hormone profile at different times of your cycle and whether you OV or not.

I hope I can actually get to the docs for snow this morning grin phone consultations are much more tricky...

Bunnygirlie Fri 22-Mar-13 08:11:33

<heads to the pity sofa and throws herself down on it head first ready to sulk all weekend>

Tummy ache this morning angry really fecked off and trying not to cry sad

Oh no bunny sorry to hear that sad
cherry that's just it, I can't send her a fb message as I can't even find her, which means I must have been blocked not just de friended. Most bizarre. Maybe it's because I didn't comment on her pg but we found out by text and DP replied by text, I didn't see the need to get involved. <sigh>

Anyone got snow this morning?

Frogcatcher Fri 22-Mar-13 10:24:39

Home Delivery was actually quite nice in the end - the midwife was lovely & it was actually quite a good advert for home births if when I get there.

CD17 today & still no sign of O sad. Tested yesterday evening & this morning & no second line & no temp rise so I don't think I've missed it. Given DP didn't get home till 1.15am & I got up at 6am so there was def no DTD it's good in that respect but given my average cycle is 28 days if I haven't got any signs of O by the weekend then I'm in the short LP club aren't I? (Monday would be 9 days) If no sign of O at all this cycle then should I book a drs appt? I'm 36 so they shouldn't make me wait 12m for a referral right?

Sorry for all the questions but I am getting a bit down & worried about it all now. I really wasn't expecting to find this out when I started temping & PIMPing sad

How long have you been ttc and is this your first cycle temping? With the temping alone it can take a couple of cycles to spot the pattern. From what I have read the opks can be easy to miss sometimes. Last cycle was my first with the opks and I only got one positive, when I tested in the evening. Have you had any faint lines which might indicate it's on it's way? I used the stupidly expensive cbfm so I overlapped this with starting on the opks which meant I had a clear idea of when I was expecting the opk to be positive which was a bit like cheating really! merk is the currently resident but soon to be merely visiting expert on opks.
General advice seems to be you have to wait a year of ttc before referral to a clinic, but in some places if you're over 35 or can prove a problem they will refer you after 6 months.
Also, not everyone ovulates every month so hold off the panic if you can!
Have you got a link to a chart we could all stare have a look at?

Frogcatcher Fri 22-Mar-13 12:51:10

This is cycle 5 of TTC properly i.e. sticking AF dates in an app to try & predict O but only cycle 1 of temping & OPKs (& using FF instead of the other apps tho I did input the previous 4 cycles of AF data into FF). I've been getting faint lines for about a week now but they don't seem to get any darker. I've sent my chart link to my e-mail so will post that up when it comes through & you can all have a good nosy analysis.

Frogcatcher Fri 22-Mar-13 13:01:58

Here you go:

Looking at it I guess my coverline could be around 36.1, O could have been CD9 onwards & I just missed it on the OPK if it was a v short surge. That would just make my CD15 temp a bit of an aberration for some reason & 36.3 my normal post O temp.

I would go along with that explanation except I haven't seen anything ressembling EWCM though or even watery CM & I know I do get it sometimes. Guess it's a keep on with the OPKs & wait & see what happens next month!

Frogcatcher Fri 22-Mar-13 13:04:23

Not sure I inserted that link properly so just in case:

Longing for the days when the elusive O meant something so different

cherrycoconut Fri 22-Mar-13 13:19:03

Crap crap crap. Had my apt this morning for my blood test results. Suspected primary ovarian failure leading to premature menopause is the diagnosis.

Off to BUPA hospital on Monday for a second opinion, Dr organising us a rush apt at the fertility clinic, DP getting referral for semen analysis. More bloods. Lots of tears. Fuckety shite.

Frogcatcher Fri 22-Mar-13 13:46:57

Oh Cherry I'm so sorry. And there's me worrying about one month when I'm struggling to find an O when at least AF is still visiting so I know that something is happening. I'm such a selfish cow. Fingers crossed that the NHS have got it wrong & that BUPA / fertility clinic can come up with something for you. flowers and big hugs. Hope DP is looking after you.

Oh my goodness cherry that's horrible sad. Wouldn't even have considered that a possibility at our age. Hopefully they are wrong. Glad they're rushing everything through and fx crossed you get some answers and a positive way forwards on Monday. Look after yourself. Hope DP is being supportive.

frog you've got a lot of open circles, how far out from the normal time are they? Are you taking your temperature as soon as you wake up without moving? It's possible that O was CD9 as you say but I think a whole month will show a pattern better.

Just noticed all your temps are to one decimal point, if you don't have a more accurate thermometer it would be worth getting one as you don't know what's being rounded up or down. You could get a very different picture. I've been temping 9 months now and a lot of the time my temps are moving up and down it's within a decimal point.

Frogcatcher Fri 22-Mar-13 14:43:33

Thanks barking. I am taking temp as soon as I wake up but I get up at two different times during the week when I work in different places! The "proper" ones are about 6am & the open circles about 7am I think. I have had a bit of a cold this month so that could have affected some of them I suppose.

Noted about the thermometer. I bought it without realising it should be a special BBT one so thought I'd see how it went before spending more money! I'll order one online for next month & see if it makes a difference.

Tallyra Fri 22-Mar-13 14:49:04

Oh my god Cherry, that is one fucked up diagnosis, I'm so sorry. Are there chances to fix it or work around it in some way or don't you know yet?

happylass Fri 22-Mar-13 16:02:30

Oh Cherry so sorry to hear that you've had bad news. Good that you're seeing someone quickly. I know nothing about this diagnosis but hope there is a way forward. .Take care.

Bunnygirlie Fri 22-Mar-13 17:37:31

Oh cherry so sorry to read your news, hugs! flowers

Feel bad now whinging at my impending witch! blush

frog I've got this one.

cherry hope you're doing ok and managing to hold it together until Monday flowers

cherrycoconut Fri 22-Mar-13 18:02:49

Thanks guys, feeling a bit floored TBH, DP gutted too but being amazing. Just cuts to the quick to hear those words. Feeling numb but hoping all not lost sad

Evening. Can't remember who asked but my cycles are 35 days. Which means 2 less chances a year to get my BFP than those with a 28 dayer sad

Frog you might be in the short LP club or you might be O-ing late this cycle and your LP will be fine and AF will arrive later (which, without temps/OPK's would have got your hopes up). You could have o'd CD8/9 I guess but not convinced. However either way it's great that you'll have a cycle of temps/OPK's to give you info when if AF does arrive (and if you get your BFP who cares!)

cats such good news about your appointment. Hopefully you'll get to the bottom of this and get it sorted very very soon

cherry so so so sorry, that's awful news. However, if there is a positive it is that at least you know and can act upon it. Look after yourself and try not to worry this weekend until you know more from the next set of tests and appointments

Pipbin Fri 22-Mar-13 18:25:59

Oh Cherry no.
What is the next step?

Merk how are you doing?

I'm OK Pip, with OK meaning i'm alright but not on top form iyswim. Will be better I think when it gets to shag week and I have a something to focus on

cherry which tests have they done so far?

BoodleLovesPot Fri 22-Mar-13 18:44:42

Bloody hell, Cherry, what crap news to have to hear. It's just not fair. I really hope that your BUPA appointment and whatever follows will bring you options and possibilities.

Frog, definitely get a proper 2 decimal place BBT thermometer; as Barking said, the rounding up/down could be hiding a clearer pattern for you. Also, is it not possible to take your temperature at the same time? I take mine 45 mins before my 'get up' time and I fall straight back asleep. I appreciate though that once some people are awake, that's it. On the OPK front, it took me 3 or 4 months of using them to get my first positive! I've found that I need to do my test early/mid afternoon and I have to refrain from drinking anything after about 8am for my <ahem> urine to then be concentrated enough! Keep trying and use 2-3 a day to start off with.

Bunny - how are you doing on that sofa? So sorry you're feeling bad.

ILoveMyCats Fri 22-Mar-13 19:08:38

cherry , I'm so sorry about your news. Very glad you're off to bupa so quickly and that the nhs is jumping into action as well. Hopefully you'll get some answers. Try to relax this weekend. Nothing more you can do. Write down any questions you both have so that they're not churning round your heads.

SidneyBristow Fri 22-Mar-13 19:36:00

So sorry cherry and hope that Monday brings you more answers thanks go easy on yourself til then; I know, easier said than done.

Frogcatcher Fri 22-Mar-13 19:37:19

Thanks for all the help & tips guys. I'm still getting faint lines on the OPK whatever that means so I'm going to try & stay positive. Guess we just keep DTD as much as possible at all times until I've worked out when the optimal time is! Shag week will be renamed shag month. Every cloud & all that...

Sending more flowers to merk, cherry,bunny & anyone else who needs them right now.

Tallyra Fri 22-Mar-13 20:36:36

I'm sorry guys but I need to rant.
Just found out that an ex of dh that is good friends of ours, played her violin at our wedding and got engaged last year is 3 months pg.
On top of that, I asked dh to put my left over food on the table next to us so the dog didn't eat it and he bloody went and ate it himself. that was my lunch tomorrow!!!
And he seems to have finally got tired of the way I get upset every time I find out someone else is having a baby and we aren't. so he has gone out to the shed to get away from me and I am sitting on the sofa trying to stop the dog from eating his bandaged foot that he cut last night and trying not to cry, again. I'm so sick of this feeling.

BoodleLovesPot Fri 22-Mar-13 20:45:40

Gah, Tally, I bloody hate pregnancy announcements - they have such a bad effect on me...much worse than getting AF each month, which is illogical when you think about it. I've had THREE pg announcements this week and they're all pretty close so I won't be able to get away from the big fat preggos them as they grow their bumps and whatnot. sad

I think my DH is FINALLY starting to get how hard it is for me to hear pregnancy announcements but it's taken (tries to count on fingers and runs out of space) a lot for him to 'click'!

tally so sorry you're feeling crap. Have some wine flowers and cake! I'm tonight in a men are hopeless place, despite DH being lovely he has asked multiple times this week "what's wrong?"! I just don't think they 'get it', it doesn't connect with them in the same way and they don't seem to have have the ticking clock, the worry, the hormones etc. My DH wholeheartedly believes it will happen and it just needs time and cant seem to see the possibility that that might not be the case. Because of that nothing upsets him, he just thinks that that will be us soon. Wish i could do the same. Come join us on the sofa of pity

Tallyra Fri 22-Mar-13 21:27:19

The sofa of pity is lovely and comfy, thank you.

ILoveMyCats Fri 22-Mar-13 22:03:26

Oh, can I join you? After the clear ov signs yesterday and what I think was ov pain today (cramps on one side), DH has not been able to finish the job. We dtd last night, this morn & just now. Nothing. It's so frustrating after all the stress & worry, going to GP etc. bah!

That sofa does look rather lovely <pumps a cushion and dives in, wiggling for a space like my dog does>. DP is another in the camp of it will happen at some point and rolls his eyes when I don't like hearing about another pg. However after 15 AF's even he seems to be a little less sure.

plumps not pumps. It's not inflatable....

cats honestly take a breath. If you have O'd then DTD is not going to change anything, it's too late anyway (sorry if that sounds harsh but may help you to de-stress).

I am finding sofa is much comfier with the addition of wine. Am home alone and reading childbirth threads hmm and swinging between despair (it will never be my turn) and absolute excitement (my turn soon)! However am fascinated by all of it and am powerless to stop myself absorbing all the information I can find. Especially the big slagging off of my nearest hospital maternity unit (adds more arrows to bow for homebirthing argument with DH)!

Tally is Mr Tally looking after you?

ILoveMyCats Fri 22-Mar-13 22:18:30

Yes, DH doesn't seem to see the importance of timing.

SidneyBristow Fri 22-Mar-13 22:23:25

My husband is one of those weirdo optimists too grin. God bless him but sometimes the relentless positivity grates, and I'd prefer to see him down in the dumps sometimes about it. At least I'd have company.

Vagiscan (vagicam?) test tomorrow. DH was talking about what a relaxing weekend we'll might be a little hard, mate, what with the stranger poking a camera up there.

Are the technicians for this sort of thing women, or am I being a bit precious for caring?

SidneyBristow Fri 22-Mar-13 22:24:45

Forgot to add the other day that I'm in Surrey too! Must be something in the water own here.

ILoveMyCats Fri 22-Mar-13 22:24:51

Yes, merk, I know it's too late. I had high hopes for yesterday as I had ewcm and pos opk, but a lot less cm today and the pain, so reckon we've missed the boat. Er, I think I've heard bad things about your local hospital (on the k2 bus), but you could choose to go to another one. I would like to go to st georges personally.

ILoveMyCats Fri 22-Mar-13 22:29:28

Surrey-ites unite! sid, I think the techs are women, but could be wrong. I'm booked in for one on 2nd April, so will be thinking of you and interested to hear about it.

Bunnygirlie Fri 22-Mar-13 22:30:48

<climbs out from behind the sofa of pity where she's been sulking>

Evening all! tally hugs to you too and all who need them!

My OH says the same 'it'll happen one day' REALLY??? How the feck do you know?!? At my folks house tonight and we were talking about something and my sister says I expect you to be up the duff by Christmas?!? FFS talk about timing, worst timing ever as I struggle with ovary ache grrrrrr

Tallyra Fri 22-Mar-13 22:31:23

thanks merk. Mr has come back in and given me a hug and apologised for not coping with my mood as calmly as I deal with his. Its a good sign. we might be up to snuggling tonight. maybe.
How are you today?

BoodleLovesPot Fri 22-Mar-13 22:32:16

Sid, I had two females when I had the dildocam, but my letter very specifically said that it could be male or female staff. I understand how you feel but it's better than a smear, in my experience at least, as they're busy staring at the screen, not at your bits you.

I don't live near any of you...but I do live in an area with artificially fluoridated water, which I hate. If I want fluoride I'll get it in my mouthwash, thanks muchly.

boodle your clue as to where you live is so cryptic my brain melted!
cats where is st George's? Read about it on a thread tonight but as I'm not from these parts I have no idea! I think there is a midwife led unit at the other hospital which I have read good reviews of but in all honesty I just hate hospitals so home would be my choice
tally its normal and natural to worry. However once its done you will forget all about it. Man or woman they've seen it before. Doesn't help you feel better but just keep that as your mantra in your head. Have you got a list of questions ready? Make sure you let us know how it goes
On a side note, as we have recently resurrected the baby name discussion(clearly its all now gone quiet) my DH wants his 'family' name as a first name for a boy. It's a lovely name now I've got used to it (although not one that can be shortened which I struggle with as am a lazy name person and shorten every name, even to just an initial if needs be). However I feel a bit short changed (didn't really want to change my surname after wedding as last child in our family with it and now it's gone) that potential (not yet conceived) baby would have first name and surname relating to DH's family and nothing from mine. Nephew already has my family 'boy' names so can't use them. It sounds really childish (because it is grin ) but I can't get past feeling its bit fair! Ah well, by the time I actually have a baby we will probably be so old we won't even remember these names anymore!

*a bit unfair!

Does the dildocam actually look like any kind of 'dildo'???

Bunnygirlie Fri 22-Mar-13 23:23:55

Baby name discussions already Crikey!

Tallyra Fri 22-Mar-13 23:28:23

yes, it really does.

haycorn Sat 23-Mar-13 06:40:07

Morning berries! Yes I know it is indecently early for a Saturday, but got a text message from a friend about an hour ago announcing the birth of her baby boy, and sleep is now impossible. I think it has suddenly hit me that actually it might never happen for me, and that is very hard to deal with.

I haven't posted on here for a while because I've had a horrific couple of weeks at work, but I have been lurking and keeping up with everyone's news, and I'm so so sorry for you both merk and cherry. I just hope that this thread is done with the bad news now and the universe will start smiling at us berries again. And I'd be quite happy for it to start by giving me my period back. I can't believe I'm hoping for it after wishing it away for so many months, but it is currently CD52 for me and I can't stand not even being able to console myself with thoughts of this cycle being the one. I have never had a cycle longer than 5 weeks before, so I presume I must have completely missed my period this time. Come back period, I'm sorry I treated you so badly before, please forgive me!
<wails loudly and throws herself onto the pity sofa, causing all other occupants to look at each other in alarm and scuttle back to their beds, which is surely where any non-crazy person should be at this time of the morning anyway>

haycorn Sat 23-Mar-13 06:41:55

P.S. I'm also in the south-west bunny. What lovely weather we are having at the moment!

Hi haycorn and sorry for baby news and disappearing period. Make room on the sofa, I'm watching f1 qualifying!

My alarm went off to take my temperature at 7 and I didn't get back to sleep sad. Annoying, because I don't usually bother setting the alarm at weekends if it's beginning or end of cycle and not going to give me any useful information about Ov but I forgot to turn it off!!! angry

Sorry your period has gone AWOL hay. My mate (who has been ttc 17 months and has her FC appointment the day before mine) has the opposite problem, she's had what seems to be one continuous period for the last 5 cycles. So annoying. And expensive for her! These things run like clockwork for years and years and then when we need all the mechanics working at their best they break down under the pressure. Rubbish.

haycorn Sat 23-Mar-13 09:03:42

A 5-month period? Blimey. Come on bodies, surely it would be far easier just to work normally than to come up with all these cruel ways to torture us.

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 09:32:53

Ugh haycorn I know what you mean, in 2 months time I will be getting the same text. She reminded me earlier this week that in 9 weeks time her FOURTH will be here!!!
Sorry to hear about your vanishing AF, nightmare, have you seen the doc? And yes lovely snow this morn I wish it would feck off!

Frogcatcher Sat 23-Mar-13 10:47:27

FB status from my best friend yesterday reminding everyone that its her last Friday at work for a year. She starts her maternity leave next week. Obvs I'm really happy for her but it just seems so unfair. I recently remembered a conversation we had on a girlie hols about 5 yrs ago when I said I was desperate to have kids & she said she wasn't that bothered sad.

Had a row with DP last night about how I'm getting too obsessed with TTC & I need to relax & just let it happen. What is it with men & their laid back approach to this?

CD18 today & biggest temp shift this month to highest ever. I either just missed O or it was last nights curry & alcohol. If it was O then v unlikely to get a BFP this time as we haven't DTD for the last 4 days.

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 10:50:22

I know frog how can they be so laid back? Ever since we made the decision to try its been the only thing on my mind, it can drive you crazy and when OH is all it'll happen one day luv you can have a meltdown, don't they care?!?!?

ILoveMyCats Sat 23-Mar-13 12:37:20

Early birds berries all round. Was up early for acu, which I'm getting used to. Was thinking, what do you think about starting berry off shoot thread to support cherry, in case our chat here is a bit much for her, but she still wants to drop in for a chat?
merk, st georges is in tooting. Not a million miles away & their midwife led unit has v good rep. I think, when the time comes, you should have a tour of all of them and go with gut feel. In a previous job, I went to your local hospital labour ward to meet the head midwife. She was lovely. Bit disconcerting having a meeting about parenting programmes surrounded by screaming women. Personally, I've had treatment at st George's for pericarditis and I've been to their a&e and both times I've felt very impressed by staff and facilities. It's a massive teaching hospital, so you do get lots mate trained there & loved it. Our local hospital also has midwife led centre, but I know someone who is suing them, so I'm not convinced either.
TMI alert here. After my second wee of the day this morning (I.e. not first), I got a great glob of cm when I wiped. It was very very stretchy, but creamy in colour. Is this anything to get excited about, or could it be by product of our dtd last night (no jiz expelled)??

ILoveMyCats Sat 23-Mar-13 12:39:39

haycorn- I feel your pain re the absent af. What were your previous cycles like? We're you ill around ov? Could it have been delayed?

Pipbin Sat 23-Mar-13 12:49:20

It's 10DPO here and no spotting. Clearly one good thing to come of the lap and dye is it stopped the spotting.

How are you feeling Merk and Cherry?

Pipbin Sat 23-Mar-13 12:53:33

Oh and Cats, you need to do the Pipbin patented method for telling lady emissions from gentleman contributions.
Squash the questionable matter between toilet paper, if it sinks into the paper it is leftovers if it is all stretchy when you separate the paper again then it is yours.

I second pip cats only EWCM will stretch. It's a good sign for you!

ILoveMyCats Sat 23-Mar-13 13:07:43

Ooooh. It was stretchy! Just as well we dtd successfully straight after. That'll be within 48 hours of pos opk and about 18 hours after ov pain. Probably a bit late, but I don't care as I'm too pleased to be seeing ewcm! This is the only place where that sounds normal.
I have resolved never to use hormonal contraception again. It's evil.

I remember some talk of bad skin after the pill. Any advice on ttc friendly stuff that works? Not supposed to use retinol, I know, but my forehead has reverted to its teenage self and my chin is disgusting.

twinklestar2 Sat 23-Mar-13 13:11:47

Sorry about the diagnosis cherry, please keep us posted.

Bfn this morning. I was starting to get my hopes up as 3 months since oh had cut back on drinking (and one month since giving it up completely). Plus I had the hsg. No 2013 baby for me now, I won't have one till I'm 35 now as its my birthday in jan. I started this process when I was 32. Very depressing.

Frogcatcher Sat 23-Mar-13 13:11:54

V good sign cats!

A 5 month period for your friend barking - eeek. In terms of expense has she tried a mooncup? I used to think it was a v hippy thing but something made me try one & now I love it. No forgetting to put that spare tampax in your bag.

Pipbin Sat 23-Mar-13 13:15:28

I love my mooncup. I've been using them for about ten years now.

As for spots, my skin brews out when AF is visiting and when I ov, so I've nearly always got bad skin.
I have just changed to using stuff from Lush. I got their Herbalism face scrub and a face pack called something like calamity, it had blueberries in anyway, that I remember. It has made a difference.

frog she has tried a mooncup but wasn't for her. I've never tried one. Yet to be convinced. A mate got one stuck and she had to ask her boyfriend (now husband, but was quite new at the time) to fish it out!!

cats I've had bad acne since I was a teenager but the pill Dianette got rid of it and I had lovely skin. Now I've got horrible acne again and can't take anything for it. It is killing my confidence. Don't know who I'm more jealous of, pg women or ones with flawless skin. Dermatologist has given me some cream to try, but suggested that the change in hormones involved in being pg might help. Hmm. Do you not think I'm trying?!?!

ILoveMyCats Sat 23-Mar-13 14:27:59

barking, sorry about your skin. I empathise with the misery. Mine is also quite sensitive, so that stuff in Boots irritates it too. Dr Google, here I come!

haycorn Sat 23-Mar-13 16:03:26

I'm not really sure what my previous cycles were like cats. I went to the doctors at 19 because my periods were so irregular, and got put on the pill. If I could go back now I'd demand that they do some investigating to find out why, but they never gave any hint that it might be something to worry about and my 19-year old self was just happy to be regular.

Since coming off the pill 8 months ago I've had cycles ranging from 14 - 35 days. Last 3 were between 26 and 29 days though, so I thought things were starting to settle. So you can imagine my excitement as the days ticked by this time and no AF. I really thought that this was the one, but it's just the opposite! I don't think I was ill around O time, but I've only ever had one definite positive using OPK sticks so maybe I don't ovulate much at all?

I just want to know what's going on really, but all the doctor said was to arrange a 21 day blood test when I finally get AF. So here I am, just waiting. Man, I hate waiting!

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 16:18:04

Firstly wtf is a mooncup?!?!? Sounds like something an astronaut would use!!!

Secondly, anybody staying in on the pity sofa tonight? Hubby is out from 5 till late so I shall be lurking on here I expect with my strange spotting awaiting evil AF with a glass of wine

Frogcatcher Sat 23-Mar-13 16:39:40

TMI alert but bunny you did ask. It's a silicone funnel shaped thing you insert which collects all the blood. You simply take it out, empty into the toilet, rinse & re-insert. Costs about £20 but you never have to buy a tampon again. After AF has finished you boil in a pan to sterilise until next month. (DP was horrified the first time he saw me doing that!) Can be tricky at first to get hang of & you do have to be happy to rummage around inside a bit but no risk of TSS, saves a fortune & is so much better for environment as you're not creating any sanitary waste.

Frogcatcher Sat 23-Mar-13 16:45:05

Re acne I was also on Dianette for years & then they told me it was no longer advisable due to high hormone content or something & switched me to Microgynon. My skin seems to have settled down now which you would hope by the age of 36 but i totally understand the misery it can cause. I got told to take evening primrose oil to try to regulate hormones but don't take it now & not sure it's safe if TTC? I use Liz Earle cleanse & polish which seems to work for me. The super skin oil is also good but pricey.

SidneyBristow Sat 23-Mar-13 17:05:56

Back from the dildocam appt, guys. Nearly shit myself when I realized the only sonographers coming out of the exam rooms were big burly men, but happily a grandmotherly type lady was the one who worked her magic on me. Yes, the wand does in fact look like a dildo; it's awkward for the first few minutes, but I could've stayed in there for hours looking at the screen - it's weirdly fascinating. The only abnormality was a good one - two ready-to-pop follicles one one ovary, and lots of little ones on my right. No guarantee that the two mature ones will actually release eggs, but even still, seeing for myself that everything up there is alright was a HUGE relief. Nice to have visual backup that the cbfm peak reading this morning was accurate.

Shag week now in effect!

Ps about skin woes, have you tried tea tree oil? It dries spots up really quickly. Wish it worked on skin redness, which is the bane of my existence.

ILoveMyCats Sat 23-Mar-13 17:36:44

Thanks berries. I'll keep on keeping on with the sensitive skin stuff, methinks.
sid, thanks for the dildocam info. All sounds good!
Think I'm on the 2ww now, perhaps?

We've got friends over for dinner this eve, DH cooking up a storm after his cookery course on Monday. Salmon masala & Bombay potatoes. Good ttc food. Fortunately it's a gay couple, so no talk of babies!

Have a good evening. I'll check in later wink

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 17:52:08

Ah thanks frog interesting!

Good newssid

cats you are so lucky,mine won't cook anything!!!

CharmingCats Sat 23-Mar-13 18:06:33

It's me, iLoveMyCats under a new name that can still be shortened to cats, as I like it.

sid dildocam sounded good!

frog I've been on Dianette on and off for years. I kept getting a doctor that said it wasn't safe and wouldn't prescribe it then the acne would come back and they'd try creams and antibiotics again, I even tried roaccutane which was horrible. However, although they promised me all the nasty side effects would be worth it in the long run as it's guaranteed to get rid of the acne forever it all came back when I stopped taking it as I ended up in hospital with acute colitis and the doctor thought it was too much of a coincidence I was on roaccutane so made me stop it. I was supposed to have taken enough of the course for it to have worked anyway by that point though. Four or five times I managed to then find a doctor who was willing to prescribe Dianette again and it all cleared up each time, but about a year before ttc they refused again and I'd been moved to Cileste (sp?) which wasn't as good for my skin and I'd started on antibiotics as well. Obviously had to come off everything when ttc and my skin has just got worse and worse since. It's now on my back and chest and creeping occasionally onto my shoulders, making summer and holidays miserable as I either cover up or feel even more self conscious. I just want to get pg so it will all be worth it, and I can see an end in sight as either the change in hormones will sort it out, or I can start taking more drugs again post pg/bf etc!!!
I believe I have tried everything and spent a lot of money trying.

cats we've been on a fish diet all week after a friend came to stay last Sunday who is on a health kick (she's super fit) and only eats veggie food or fish. We had salmon and cous cous when she came over, then this week DP has been at the Jamie Oliver app and cooked nothing but fish (and one night of chicken) this week. He doesn't usually eat fish but having been persuaded of the health benefits of not eating as much red meat, is now embracing it!! I've just called to ask him to pick up fish and chips on his way home from a mate's - that counts as well, right?!


CharmingCats Sat 23-Mar-13 18:35:13

Oh yes, fish & chips counts

bunny strange spotting?? When is AF due?
Sid glad to hear all went well today and everything looks ok. What's the next steps??
Re bad skin. I went on the pill at 14 for this reason, and had totally forgotten about it until I came off it and my skin went mad. 18 month later and it's only just calming down, only a few hormonal spots around O and AF now. In the meantime I found nothing that worked, sorry

BoodleLovesPot Sat 23-Mar-13 18:36:19

Glad your dildocam scan went well, Sid! It is quite interesting watching the screen, isn't it? Can't imagine how exciting it must be when you get to do it because there's a baby there to look at. envy

Twinkle BFN but no AF yet? How many DPO are you?

Bunny, I expect to be on the pity sofa for some of the evening, although do need to DTD at some point...not crucial time yet, but like to get a good run up! wink

I really fancy a glass of wine but I know next weekend is going to be quite a boozy one so I think I should refrain. Maybe a hot chocolate as an homage to the snow.

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 19:20:49

Sitting here on the pity sofa with a rose spritzer, can't believe DH has left me lol I do have my fluffy babies keeping me company though!

merk yep third day of pink spotting, AF due Monday.

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 19:24:36

How you doing?

cherrycoconut Sat 23-Mar-13 19:39:19

<crawls out from under rock>
thanks for thinking of me berries, am really touched thanks circling between denial, anger and despair at the moment. It feels like grieving. Just wondering how I'm going to cope at work next week as TBH I'm in bits.

cherry there's a spot on the sofa we're holding for whenever you need wine, sympathy, hugs or somewhere to rant or cry x
bunny is that much spotting normal for you? I'm ok, lazy night in with some wine making things better. And AF all done so moving on with this cycle

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 19:46:34

Hugs cherry

merk Seeing as you asked, TMI though, I usually get a few days of brown goo so this pink stuff is odd, I fully expect the goo to turn up tomorrow though and AF on Monday.

BoodleLovesPot Sat 23-Mar-13 19:57:22

Cherry, come and join us on the sofa. All of those emotions are completely understandable. I've read more than once that coping with infertility is on a par with dealing with bereavement and I can absolutely see why. We all have these plans of how we see our future panning out and then something like this throws the most monumental spanner in the works.

You have another appointment on Monday, yes? Have they mentioned anything about counselling? I think you should ask if they haven't. NHS guidance is that all fertility clinics should offer counselling before, during and after treatment. It sounds like it could help you. I know it's something that I will strongly consider once I get to the clinic stage.

Don't give hope yet - this is a blow, that's for sure; there's no way of sugar-coating it for you and I think we are all sensible, straight-talking ladies here who would see straight through that anyway. However, in all seriousness, they will have options for you, even if the second opinion confirms what you already fear. Have you read the (sorry for saying this word) infertility boards? I don't post there but I read the threads and there was a lovely one last year from someone looking for an egg donor. She updated recently to say that she was doing well at 24 weeks pregnant.

bunny fingers crossed goo stays away and mr bunnies mojo returning has made the difference!

Hugs cherry. Hope you get some news on Monday that will make next week more bearable.

Watching Madagascar 3. In pyjamas. Another crazy Saturday night!

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 20:06:52

Thanks merk I'm a natural pessimist though so I'm not holding my breath!

cherry I think boodle is right, def ask about counselling and don't give up hope yet. Do you have friends/family that know you are TTC that you could chat to?

cherrycoconut Sat 23-Mar-13 20:20:59

Thanks guys, you are truly wonderful <sniff>
I've told a couple of close friends - along with DH they've beem amazing. Wondering who to tell what now really along the way. As little as possible in most cases but clearly my many Dr apts and the sudden emotional instability will clearly point to something up. I manage a department at work, it's full on so will also need them to cut me a bit of leeway while I deal with this.

Boodle thanks for the advice, straight talking definitely appreciated, I can't thank you all enough <gush> will definitely check out the counselling options.

Hope you are all doing OK, I 'll let you know how Mon goes.

BoodleLovesPot Sat 23-Mar-13 20:50:49

Cherry, I've told a few people at work now, and I'm so glad I did as they have been really supportive and are looking out for me. There are plenty who I wouldn't dream of telling because their cliquey, passive-aggressive moaning gets me down but I've picked the ones I have told carefully, and they've been amazing.

Pipbin Sat 23-Mar-13 20:59:13

Hey Cherry, you and me should get together. Between us we coould combine to become one functioning fertile woman.

Instadiffer woman from work had her baby today. I can't be bothered crying about it anymore.

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 21:10:14

Ugh instadiffers! One of my friends had a baby last year and she was all 'oh we only did it once that month', at the time I thought it was funny but now I'm like how the f did they manage that?!?!?

A mate's sister just announced her pregnancy. They decided to have a second, came off the pill in December, POAS in January and BFP. She's 39. Part of me was happy for her, she had had a couple of mc before #1, the other was put out, couldn't she at least have had the decency to take a few months over it?! envy

Considering taking the train tomorrow morning and hiking somewhere in the snow with the dog.

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 22:42:57

Watching OBEM, not sure this is a good idea!

Helllooooo!! DH and my friend watching a film (I'm not a film person) on one sofa so I decided to come chat to you all from the other! DH and I actually takes tonight about his eternal optimism (it will happen). We debated that he thinks I'm mad worrying that it won't happen, whilst I think he's mad being totally sure it will. Neither of us are correct but hoping it will help him to understand!

*talked not takes

Just read the MN thread and realised people 'Easterise' their names. How do I make Merkin relevant to Easter??

Ooh nobody around! I assume this means I can follow recent tradition and dance naked to Grease and dirty dancing soundtracks?! <strips and looks for John travolta behind the sofa>

Bunnygirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 23:31:32

Woah there, don't bend over that sofa! <hides eyes and giggles>

<dresses fast> so there is someone around! Any sign of goo??

BoodleLovesPot Sat 23-Mar-13 23:33:42

<sniggers at Merks from behind the sofa...>

Pretend you didn't see me here...I'm supposed to be getting ready for bed and, more specifically, some DTDing. Couldn't resist catching you out though, Merk! grin

Pipbin Sat 23-Mar-13 23:34:37

<wanders in and spies Merkin in the nip>
Caught you!
I agree with you on the optimism. Yes there is a point in not being pessimistic but also sometimes you have to start being realistic. You don't know that it is going to happen, none of us do, we've all been there when women have got BFPs after years of trying and said that they have been sure it would never happen.
But hopefully it will.

BoodleLovesPot Sat 23-Mar-13 23:34:54

Tee her! Bunny busted you too!

EasterBunnyGirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 23:42:25

Tee hee!

Guess who changed her name for the first time!!!

(no goo today!)

Shit, fully busted. I want an Easter name!! See you all tomorrow (early
Grand Prix sofa hugging for me). cherry I am hoping you get some sleep. Perhaps take pen/paper to bed to write down what is going around in your head as that can help you to sleep rather than worrying. Big hugs

EasterBunnyGirlie Sat 23-Mar-13 23:55:41

ChocolateMerkin? Tee hee hee

CharmingCats Sun 24-Mar-13 00:14:04

<wanders in with eyes on the floor in case merk still in the buff>

Evening. Had a nice evening with our gay friends. One was saying that his mum still yattersn about the grandchild she will never have.... Dear god! Even gay couples get the shite.
cherry so glad to see you. I second the advice about counselling and writing things down.

EasterBunnyGirlie Sun 24-Mar-13 09:19:01


Dreamt last night that I was giving birth very odd as I hardly ever remember my dreams, guess that's what you get for watching OBEM minute before bed!

BookTart Sun 24-Mar-13 09:57:10

Hello, can I elbow my way onto the thread please? I'm 37 biscuit and have been ttc #1 since December 2011, with a CP in October. Poor sa results twice so we're off to the fertility clinic on Tuesday. If this doesn't work then at least I have my cats, right?

EasterBunnyGirlie Sun 24-Mar-13 10:01:33

Hello book or is it * tart* grin

You pass all entrance criteria so welcome to the gang!

BookTart Sun 24-Mar-13 10:06:54

Cheers! I have conducted a small survey, and the unanimous answer is Tart shock. The respondents may think they are clever now, but they will think again when they get gruel for dinner...

EasterBunnyGirlie Sun 24-Mar-13 11:07:09

Tell us a bit about yourself tart ! I need something to take my mind off period pain grrrrrrrrr angry

BookTart Sun 24-Mar-13 11:17:14

I like gin and hate cleaning. That pretty much sums me up, my house is full of empty bottles and cat hair. I'm painting a great picture of myself here! I am an over-user of smilies, an obsessive watcher of University Challenge, a massive over-sharer and a rookie knitter. Me me me me me! Oh, and for the stattos BFP is due 6th April. Has that helped?

Frogcatcher Sun 24-Mar-13 11:24:58

Ha it's the curse of the cats again! You'll find tart that a lot of us on this thread have cat(s). We suspect they may be whispering threats to our ovaries whilst appearing to snuggle & purr. Either that or a higher power knows I'm never going to have real babies so gave me my furry ones. They were quite literally abandoned at the bottom of my garden like cabbage patch kittens.

BookTart Sun 24-Mar-13 11:29:14

Oh yes, my three will be furious if I ever actually manage to get upduffed. Their current sabotage tactic is to wake me every hour, on the hour between 3 and 6am. Oh, and to sleep in between me and partner, thus ensuring no action occurs.

Hello! Wondering if I left my motivation in here last night? Struggling to get off the sofa! So disappointed I have no snow
Welcome tart

SidneyBristow Sun 24-Mar-13 13:12:26

There were flurries here this morning Merk but now it's just wet and dreary. I'm just a few train stops south of you. brew Booo! Really ready for spring.

Yesterday evening I shocked myself and told my MIL about the dildocam results. I'd mentioned a hospital appt to her on Fri and explained what it was for, and she sent me a sweet text on Saturday, so I figured why not share the good news. Had to explain multiple times that the tests weren't bc something was wrong, that it just takes more time to get preg than one would think, so I guess ours isn't the only generation that was woefully misled angry At any rate she was v happy, so then I had to tell my own mother. Had to explain exactly what a follicle was felt v brainy with my hours-old knowledge, and wound up saying that perhaps the fertility totem she bought from a junk shop was working already hmm.

Felt good to open up a little about the stress, but may well regret it, if either start nagging me monthly.

Welcome Tart!! Anyone who has insomniac pets is alright by me. Mine's a v naughty doggie but I love him anyway!

I havent even had a flurry angry
Hopefully your mum/MIL knowing will help them being more sympathetic.

EasterBunnyGirlie Sun 24-Mar-13 14:06:59

Aaaaaaagh I am so bloody fed up!!! AF arrived this morning, a day early! I am so fecked off, why won't it happen for me? What is wrong with me?

Got my reminder to give blood yesterday, I don't think I will give this time, all this good karma I put out there never comes back to me so why should I bother?!?

Rah rah rant rant rant!!!!!

EasterBunnyGirlie Sun 24-Mar-13 14:09:49

Sorryfor whining again! I shouldn't moan when some of you have been trying longer or had horrid results but I can't help it sad

Pipbin Sun 24-Mar-13 15:01:33

Welcome Tart.
Damn AF for being a day early Bunny, how dare she!

11 DPO here, AF due Wednesday. No chance of a BFP though has we only dtd 4 days before ov.

rant away bunny it's crap. have some chocolate and a space on the sofa

EasterBunnyGirlie Sun 24-Mar-13 15:59:15

<peeps out from under sofa, glad to see some people. Thought I'd scared everyone off>

Gonna dig out an easter egg and scoff it!!!!

BoodleLovesPot Sun 24-Mar-13 16:11:47

Bunny - sorry about AF. What a cow she is. Good plan on the Easter egg. DH and I just shared one for a Sunday afternoon treat (he ate more though...)! I keep getting blood donation reminders too, but I had a brief fling with acupuncture last year so haven't been able to recently. Figured I'd done my fair share though as my donations were into the 30s and I will continue to do it whenever possible in the future.

Hello Tart; my cats are also quite good at cockblocking. One of them gets on the bed and quite stubbornly refuses to move, no matter how much we try to kickencourage her off so we can DTD!

I think the time may have come to share this link again for those that missed it the first time.

Frogcatcher Sun 24-Mar-13 16:12:43

AF is an EVIL WITCH bunny. No idea what is going on here. I'm either in the 2WW or still waiting to O. OPKs still neg & woke up too late to take a meaningful temp today tho Saturday's was highest this month. We did at least manage to DTD yesterday after a 4 dry spell but no idea if a waste of time or not. Guess I just see what tomorrow's temp looks like & wait for AF / BFP. It's CD19 & I've never had a recent cycle longer than 32 days. Why can't my flippin body have read FF & know how it's supposed to behave?!

Frogcatcher Sun 24-Mar-13 16:16:49

I love the Oatmeal pot! Am at home enjoying the silence so chocolate sounds tempting. Managed to get out of visiting DPs baby-obsessed family on the pretence of ironing & stuff. Obviously I am stalking the elderberries & watching mad men instead grin.

BookTart Sun 24-Mar-13 16:21:17

Easter egg and wine Bunny, it's the only way.
Boodle that cat page on the Oatmeal is the truest thing on the internet. Fact.
I had to stop temping and using opks Frogcatcher, it made me go a bit barmy. Also, I resented feeding £20 a month into the fertility monitor, only to be told "High" instead of "Peak". So I gave up because I am mature.

CharmingCats Sun 24-Mar-13 16:26:51

'ello'ello. Was in your neck of the wood today, merk. Freezing! Welcome tart! Am in bed with a cat now, who is trying to stop me typing by clawing my fingers and rubbing her nose under them. She also jumps into bed with us when we want to dtd. I think they KNOW. We throw her out and shut the door and she waits outside and gives us disapproving looks when we emerge!
sid, I am tempted to tell my mum about the tests and stuff, but know she'd keep bringing it up or tell her friends about it. I can't handle that. But I do know how nice it is to have someone rooting for you. How many stops from merk are you? Somewherer beginning with w?

EasterBunnyGirlie Sun 24-Mar-13 16:47:05

boodle that link is class!!! A girl I used to know said her cats once attacked her husbands balls whilst they were DTD, I guess they thought they were playthings lol!

Thanks frog and tart

I spent the day making macaroons, I may just eat them all this evening whilst sulking under the pity sofa!

happylass Sun 24-Mar-13 17:04:12

Evening Berries <waves from Switzerland>. Welcome Tart.
Have I missed anything??
Cd7 here so zero to report. OV due in 4-6 days so just gearing up for shag week. Wonder if my first child will be conceived in the Zurich Ibis?? hmm

I've been playing in chest deep snow drifts with the dog. Walked only 4 miles but it was ridiculously hard going! Just had a bath and now lying on the bed uploading some photos.
Hello tart <waves>

I'm CD7 as well happy, ff not predicting O until CD22 though, so no gearing up for me for a while!!

Tallyra Sun 24-Mar-13 17:50:10

barking chest height snow? that's crazy! there's none at all here in south Kent!
we had DTD fun yesterday, but kicked the dog out to do so. he sat outside the door and whined - I think he was worried by the noises :-P

welcome tart, nice name.

BookTart Sun 24-Mar-13 18:26:25

No snow here in Mid Kent either - I feel cheated. Dinner is being cooked and jenga has been played (this is not a euphemism).
Hello tallyra, barking, charming and happy!