Emmsys Weebles - moving to the Greenhouse for spring and summer!

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4everhopeful Fri 08-Mar-13 00:09:16

Onwards and upwards lovelies... Bfp's, bumps, babies and young graduates, growing nicely back in the warmth of the greenhouse...

<RemindMeWhatSleepIs stumbles past on way back from feeding DS. Notices a comfy patch in the corner and curls up and goes back to sleep.>

4everhopeful Fri 08-Mar-13 00:30:02

Mls ouchy, that sounds very sore! Poor Ds too... Will strive to take your advice and avoid weebling for the forseeable! wink

Having said this, blummin tooth is throbbing away now I'm in bed, all the bloodflow increases at night when vertical as dentist pointed out, rather obviously! Curly thank you for reminding me, yes saltwater rinses the way to go til get hold of my consultant..

Moon only 4 sleeps honey, in fact 3&1/2
technically! wink Nearly there... I'm grrr on your behalf that you're not getting offered more scans, such an unfair postcode system... How are you feeling in general?

Mrskate hold tight too, focus on Ds birthday party, one day at a time..

Remindme how did your sisters scan go today? Did she find out the flavour?

Cupcake how's poor Ds black eye now? I can relate, my fearless little tomboy monkeys always covered in bruises, shes always falling over or taking a knock and rarely bats an eyelid the little soldier! Not just boys!

How's busy working Scottish mummys Neeks and Blue? Hope you're both ok? Are you hooking up over Easter?

You too busy supermummy Lbm? Nice to know you were local today! Know your job sometimes brings you to my hospital, you weren't actually there today were you?!

Sabs thinking of you.. Hope you're somehow bearing up...

Rumours hope you're ok too?

Waves to the lurkers and buddha & barbie if you're out there.....

Hope everyone found us?! smile

4everhopeful Fri 08-Mar-13 00:34:06

Ahhh nighty night remindme smile glad you stumbled in!

<curls up close by to finally get some zzzzzz's too - what time?! How am I still awake?> hmm

Marking place & going back to sleep....

Can anybody tell me what the going rate for a babysitter is these days???

SabsFabulous Fri 08-Mar-13 13:18:41

New home, lovely. As long as it smells of air freshener, the inside of a car, fresh laundry and fresh rain (which seems to be my craving in my pregnancies for some reason!) then I'm happy. Just don't think I can sit on a bean bag though, as I won't be able to get back up! The waddling has started already blush

4ever Thanks for starting the thread. Fab news on your scan smile. Hope you're bearing up with the toothache. You're reminding me to get on with making that appointment with the dentist which I still haven't got round to doing yet blush

Remindme Not sure if I've said it, but so good to see you back on here. How old are your DC's now?

Moon not long till your scan where you'll see your precious bean waving to you. I'll be lurking to hear all about it. Bless your DH with his comment the other day smile

Mls Sorry to hear about that you and the DC's are unwell. It sounds really painful sad Hope the cream works.

Mrskate I was never sick in my pregnancies, just all day nausea as well as sore boobs and bloating like you. I know for some people the symptoms kick after 7 weeks or so hoping they kick in with a vengeance very soon! Hope DS's party goes well tomorrow.

Curly so lovely to see you posting back on here too. I've been thinking about you a lot too. Hope the photo of your friend is providing you with comfort.

Sorry it's not a long post but lots of waves and hugs for Blue lbm neeko cupcake Buddha Barbie Monkey louey and anyone else I've missed.

Thanks to everyone for all your thoughtful messages, it means a lot and I really appreciate it. Sadly my Nan passed away last week. We were able to go up North to spend the last night with her and it was comforting that she was moved back to her home where she used to live with my granddad where she passed away peacefully. I like to think she's back with my granddad, who passed away nearly 2 years ago now, with my granddad teasing her already and saying things like what took her so long! Sadly, my Nan won't get to meet this lo, but no doubt I'll be telling both my DC's lots and lots about my precious grandparents and how much they meant to me.

Hope everyone has a good Mother's Day. We're going to keep it low key and spend it with my mum as I'm sure her mind will be on her mum, what with everything being so fresh and raw.

SabsFabulous Fri 08-Mar-13 13:34:19

Had a particularly bad day yesterday as not only was it a week since my Nan passed away but because Saara missed a couple of days of school last week we missed out on the communication that her school were taking part in World Book day and so she was the only one in her class not dressed up yesterday sad felt like such a bad mother

moonmrs Fri 08-Mar-13 13:35:13

Pulling up a bean bag and getting comfy smile I've got a few days holiday now, had some to use up before the end of March, so thought they'd be handy for disguising the scan so no one at work knows. So I am doing nothing for a few days grin Feeling ok thanks 4ever its still the tiredness that's getting me, feeling a bit worried as the nausea and achy boobs have calmed down, not sure if that's normal by now or not hmm but I am officially 12 weeks today, please please please let him/her be ok.

Hello Sabs! I'm sure you are right Grandad is very pleased to have the Love of his life back. Sending hugs to you and your family.

My DD is 3 years and 1 month and DS is 11 months. I can't believe how fast time is flying. grin

MLS I hope you are all feeling better soon.

moonmrs Fri 08-Mar-13 13:38:22

Aww sabs it wasn't your fault, but I know you probably feel like it was. How about if you have your own day where you can all dress up at home to make up for it? So sorry to hear about the sad week you've had. I did smile when you said your granddad would be teasing your nan, its nice to hear things like that, its what gets you through tough times.

Moon, in both my successful pregnancies my nausea had gone before 12 weeks, its natures way of screwing with your head whilst you wait for your 12 week scan! smile Nausea usually slows down once your baby's placenta is working properly (unless you are unlucky and get sickness throughout!). Not long to wait now.

SabsFabulous Fri 08-Mar-13 13:48:34

Moon 12 weeks, another milestone passed. I'm sure the lo is just fine. Enjoy your days off, (whispers) maybe even buying a few things for the baby?

Remindme Wow, your DC's are growing fast! I just sometimes look at Saara in amazement as I cant believe some the things that she comes out with, and then I give her an extra special squeeze as I think shes growing up too fast! Are you planning anything for DS's first birthday?

Think we will have our own dressing up day soon and as my mum said this morning, I'm sure she'll have plenty more dressing up days to come. I went to drop Saara off to school this morning as I hardly ever get the chance to do so, and my mum thought I went to 'have a word' with the teacher for not reminding us! grin

Sabs, no mother who has had the week you've had would be able to sort fancy dress out as well! Quite bad of the school though for someone not to pass the message on, especially for children who are off school due to bereavement.

It does make you feel really bad though doesn't it. My DD goes to nursery 1 day a week and they are always forgetting we won't see messages on the other days. DD was the only one without a teddy and Pj's for their Teddy Bears Picnic. DS was about 3 weeks old at the time and a dash to Tesco with a newborn to buy new pj's and teddy to take back to her was something I could have done without!

SabsFabulous Fri 08-Mar-13 14:16:13

They normally do send messages by text about coffee mornings etc but not about yesterday, and I always try to keep informed by going on the schools website but its not always up to date.

The little madam did tell her dad off as he promised he would come back to the school with an outfit for her but then couldn't go back as he was late for work! grin

cupcakefairy Fri 08-Mar-13 16:47:45

Ooh shiny new thread thanks 4ever.. SO pleased all was ok at the scan too & hope you can relax a little more now! Ds2's eye is almost back to normal now but been awful everyone asking me all week what happened!

mls my ds1 had impetigo quite badly around his mouth a few weeks ago & had cream for it..thankfully none of the rest of us got it but it's nasty, you have my sympathy! Ds kept making his worse by scratching it while sucking his thumb.. hmm

sabs so sorry to hear about your nan. Just so special though that you named your dd after her & she'll always have that bond even if she doesn't remember her. I took dd to a Xmas party last yr where fancy dress was optional but literally every child was dressed as an elf/snowman/reindeer & dd was the only one just in a shirt.. we've all done it! grin
I also just dragged my 2 out to the postbox to post mothers' day cards & we got caught in a massive downpour (ds1 on foot, ds2 in sling) so I'm feeling like a terrible mum right now too, they both already have colds too.. oops!

rumours worried about you lovely.. are you ok?

Hope barbie finds us here..please come back we miss you!
Hi to everyone else so sorry not to do more personals.

cupcakefairy Fri 08-Mar-13 16:50:39

Um..just noticed I gave myself a dd in that last post grin I meant ds, if any of you were thinking you'd missed something!!
Forgot to say moon thinking of you loads for Monday! And yay for 12 weeks! Will u tell work after Mon then? (because it is going to be good news!)

moonmrs Fri 08-Mar-13 17:07:51

cupcake my boss already knows, he knows of my lost lo's and the struggle with the investigations of infertility, so I told him straight away as I thought it was only fair in case it happened all over again. He was so happy he hugged me! I think I will start telling a few good friends at work to start with, if everything's ok, although to be honest I'm surprised no one has guessed. I look like I have eaten way too many pies, and I am eating food I wouldn't normally eat! Maybe I just have polite colleagues!

4everhopeful Sat 09-Mar-13 02:55:51

I'm suffering from ridiculous insomnia! Just crazy, cant sleep at all! hmm

Moon wow 12 weeks!!! grin Yay to a mahoosive milestone, and only 2 more sleeps not counting this one! Great you have such a supportive boss too smile

Cupcake glad DS's eye is better, hope they recover from their colds asap too! Forgot to say, yes, was my birthday on monday but, <whispers, kept it lowkey now I'm 38!> wink

Sabs my lovely, good to see you posting.. Hope you are hanging in there? Bless Saara missing her dressing up day, but there'll be plenty more times.. I'm sure you will all help bring your mum comfort this sunday, though no doubt will be hard..

Happy Mothers day to all all of you, hope you have lovely days, and that you spoil your mummies too! grin Know I'll be spoiling my lovely strong mum!Sadly should be my brothers birthday, so will be taking my poor mum to do what no mum should have to, and lay flowers at his grave, but will make up for it afterwards by celebrating his life, and treating her to a yummy roast and a day of treats.. wink

Gosh, I really must try and sleep, heads just spining with a zillion plans and to do lists! hmm talking of lists am gonnna try and find ours!

4everhopeful Sat 09-Mar-13 03:00:13

Found it! Was very old and out of date from last Sept! have updated with 4 changes! Also must add our most recent graduates birthdays!




Vjay 01/09/09 BOY Ajay 8lb 6oz
Lionstar 27/09/09 BOY Arlo Bryn 9lb 5oz
Sabs 30/09/09 GIRL Saara 9lb 1oz
Buddhabelly 25/11/09 BOY Ewan James
Annie 25/11/09 BOY Ellis Charles 8lb 11oz
Bluesatinsash 23/12/09 BOY Benjamin Charles 8lb 3oz
MM 30/12/09 GIRL Nieve Ellen 8lb 6oz
Curly 05/02/10 GIRL Grace Eliza 8lb 4oz
Graciegirl 05/02/10 GIRL Isabelle Clare 7lb 1oz
Barbie 21/02/10 GIRL Devon Nimah 5lb 15oz
MrsKate 09/03/10 BOY Jack David 6lb 13oz
Neeko 29/03/10 GIRL Hannah Denise 8lb 15oz
Littlebellsmum 18/05/10 GIRL Joanna Emily 7lb 7oz
4everhopeful 26/05/10 GIRL Summer Clementine Hope 9lb 5oz
Cupcakefairy 05/06/10 BOY Jude 8lb
Iggypiggy 25/07/10 GIRL 6lb 14oz
MLS 11/10/10 GIRL Kitty Violet 7lb 1oz
Loueytbg 02/06/11 BOY Oscar Joseph 4lb 8oz
Bakingqueen BOY Luca
Barbie BOY Ralph Henry James
Cupcake BOY Sebastian John 10lbs
MLS BOY Seth James 8lb 2oz
Curly BOY

My DS has gone missing from your list. He was there originally. i cant remember if he was before or after Barbie's boy (after i think). I use the iPhone app for mumsnet and I'm not clever enough to copy and paste. Can some clever person sort it for me.
3/4/2012 Matthew James 8lb

Thank you!

Might make sense to put DS under same MN user name as DD else it will look like they have different mums! grin

cupcakefairy Sat 09-Mar-13 07:26:08

I just tried copy & pasting it on my phone but it all went into one long run-on paragraph grin so someone else will have to have a go!!
My ds2 is 22/5/12 ..mls ds was 24/5

Oh & happy belated birthday 4ever!

cupcakefairy Sat 09-Mar-13 07:27:14

And happy birthday to mrskate's ds! Hope he has a lovely party.

Rumours Sat 09-Mar-13 08:25:39

Hi lovelies smile

Can't really catch up but I've been in hospital with ds2 since Wednesday, still here but hopefully get home today, he's off his drip and is now in oral antibs. He's had a nasty virus and got very dehydrated.

Will hopefully be back soon xx

Rumours,your poor DS! Good to hear he is on the mend. What a worrying time for you though!

<waves to Cupcake>

4ever, I forgot to reply about my SIL's 20 week scan. Yes everything was fine. They are having a surprise flavour! grin

4everhopeful Sat 09-Mar-13 10:15:07

OMG rumours your poor Ds and poor you, what a worrying time you've been having of it.. Huge hug for all of you... You need a holiday lady! x

Happy Birthday to your Ds mrskate! smile

Fab news about your sis remindme! smile Don't know what happened to your Ds on the list! hmm

Morning cupcake smile I can't update list on my phone either! Anyone?!

Rumours Sat 09-Mar-13 12:07:07

We are home, and I've come straight on here evaluate waiting for me in the post was a BAG OF MINI EGGS from the lovely mermaid. I hope (mermaid) you don't mind me mentioning this on here but I really wanted to thank you. I was feeling so drained when I walked through the door but it has really cheered me up and reminded me that it is now the mini egg season smilesmile[sm

Rumours Sat 09-Mar-13 12:08:03

Got carried away there am posted to soon. Now off to make a cup of tea and to chill with ma boys xxxxxxx

mermaidspurse Sat 09-Mar-13 18:16:43

grin x

Rumours Sat 09-Mar-13 18:18:53

gringrin xxxx

4everhopeful Sat 09-Mar-13 18:31:38

MERMAID!!!!!!!!!! grin grin grin You came back! grin grin grin

Bless you being so lovely and supportive as always!

Wow!! Hello Mermaid! Great to see you! grin

Wow! what a lovely opening page of posts smile

mermaid the world is just a nicer, calmer place when you're around, even in lurking mode. We miss you, always xx

Rumours so glad DS2 home and snuggled up with you xx

4ever grin beyond chuffed for you.

Happy Birthday mrskate's DS

Sabs {{{hugs}}}

I've just wiped the bottoms of both my boys within minutes of each other. Ahhh parenthood, its the new rock n' roll grin

Neeko Sat 09-Mar-13 22:28:48

Eek! so lovely to see Mermaid on here! smile smile What a lovely thing to do for rumours Hope you are well. We miss you. Come back and talk.

Rumours Glad DS2 is ok. Hope you're snuggled up on the couch with DH by now.

4ever Again, wonderful news about your healthy DS. Thanks for the shiny new thread smile

Sabs so so sorry for your loss sad sad Glad you got to be there at the end. Thinking of you and your family.

Mrskate Hope DS had a great birthday and you are not weebling too much. 3 years ago I was really jealous at your queue jump! wink

Moon squeezing tightly on your hand and sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

Will be back tomorrow to post more but Happy Mother's Day to all of you and special hugs for those of you who long to be more of a mother than you already are Xxx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sun 10-Mar-13 11:08:42

As curlygirl would say Ooh ooh ee ee ah ah grin grin words cannot describe how lovely it is to see mermaid back in the greenhouse, even if only for a brief visit. Please do a quick post or email if you can my lovely to let us know how you are. You probably have an idea of how much you have been missed from the reactions here but you can be sure WE HAVE MISSED YOU!!!! Bless you for cheering up rumours xxx

Is it too early for a glass of wine? wine

rumours you poor love <<squeeze>> how is ds2 today? You must have felt your world was falling apart over the last couple of weeks. Happy mothers day to the best mother in the world. You really do your boys proud smile ps:sharing is good, hand one of dem mini eggs over xxx

sabs my lovely I am so sorry about your nan. It's lovely to think of your beloved grandad and her back together and her not suffering any more. But I know it doesn't stop the raw pain of missing someone you love. Having got to know you both here and in real life over the last few years, I can honestly say that I'm sure that she couldnt have been prouder of the kind, gentle, funny and intelligent woman that you have become, as well as a wonderful mum to her namesake Saara. Big hugs to you and your mum today xxxx

moon one more sleep smile What time is your scan? Don't worry about symptoms fading away, totally normal as remindme says, natures way of screwing with you. Tiredness is a great sign and hopefully that will start to ease now. Here's my hand brave lady. Remember bean doesn't even need a scan, this is just for you to say hello for the first time. It might help to explain to the sonographer when you first go in though so that they tell you very quickly that all is okay and you can then relax and enjoy the scan smile xxx

4ever hope you are managing to catch up on sleep and can relax a bit more now smile How's your tooth?

blue still laughing at your post grin This may sound like a daft question but how long till curly girl wipes her own bum? hmm

cupcake you were organised enough to post cards? You are an amazing mum smile

Hope the party went well mrskate. How are you doing lovely?

Waves to old and present friends neeko mls lbm remindme buddha monkey barbie lion mm vm annie iggy jools louey Qa and bq and anyone I've forgotten unintentionally xxx

Its a bittersweet day for me today. so wonderful to be spoilt by my lovely dcs and dh. Im still in bed cuddling curlygirl smile But im so sad about my friend who i saw as my second mum and who always got flowers and a card from us on mothers day. We are going to visit her grave instead today and it's just not right sad

Happy mothers day to all, those with little ones, those with one on the way and those who are mums to little angels who will always be in our hearts xxx

moonmrs Sun 10-Mar-13 11:54:38

curly your post made me almost cry! Think I'm just a bit of an emotional wreck atm. Scan is at 10.15am tomorrow, I don't think I'll be getting much sleep. Part of me doesn't even want the scan, I am so so happy being blissfully unaware, the happiest I've been in years, what if it all gets taken away from me....

rumours so relieved for you that ds2 is home and doing well

big waves to mermaid like the other girls have said, you've been missed

Got to dash, just off out to meet my mum for a few hours. Happy Mothers' Day to everyone.

Will post as soon as I can tomorrow.

Moon, not long now. I'll be glued to the thread tomorrow waiting for your happy news. I agree with Curly, tell the sonographer that you've had bad history with scans and maybe they can be quick to reassure you.

cupcakefairy Sun 10-Mar-13 12:55:43

Happy mothers' day to all you lovely ladies! Especially to moon, you are already a mummy, and will be just that step further on tomorrow with so much to look forward to! I'll be a-lurking in the morning too!
This morning ds1 gave me a card in which he'd drawn a picture of me, completely by himself and it was so good! Nearly made me cry, it's the first person he's ever drawn smile

mermaid high five to you.

curly ha! You cracked me up with the question about wiping bums grin must say I have wondered the same! I'm assuming ds is going to have to by the time he starts pre-school in Sept!
So sorry you have sadness today as well as joy..give those gorgeous babies a tight squeeze. Loads of love x x x

rumours can't believe it about ds! No wonder you were quiet! Hope he's home & much better now and that you're being spoilt too x

Neeko Sun 10-Mar-13 13:32:03

I'll be waiting im patiently tomorrow too Moon It's only natural to be petrified. Thinking of you.

As for the bum thing. Dd1 was about 4 but it could be MUCH later and they often regress hmm

MrsKate Sun 10-Mar-13 15:11:02

Hi girls

Ds party was a success i thinksmile he had a amazing time i had a kids party in morning and family came in the afternoon so he had a 12 hr celebration shockhe was so so spoilt
He came in to us in the morning and shouted Surprise its my birthday !!!

i am just so tired today .i have just been to a friends dc christening this morning and the first thing she said to me was i was huge shock shock Bit worrying as only 8 weeks

Big waves to mermaid smilesmilesmilesmile

Neeko i hated the fact i queue jumped wink cant believe he is 3 my baby is all grown up

Hi to everyone else xxxx

MrsKate, our friend from the Christening is a size 6-8 at most, everyone is huge compared to her! grin Don't worry. I though you looked great yesterday at DS's party.

MrsKate Sun 10-Mar-13 15:49:41

True true she is very slim i ate rubbish yesterday so im really really bloated today shock

Neeko Sun 10-Mar-13 19:54:23

Mrskate if you can't feel bloated when you're pregnant when can you?? grin
Glad your DS had such a good time. So cute what he said when he got up. smile

Hey mermaid smile it's nice to know you are around, even if you are in near permanent lurk-mode!

Moon eeeeeeeeeek!!! shock We really DO know how you are feeling right now. Sick, excited, fearful, hopeful, & absolutely crapping your pants. Have a hand-hold & a squeeze from me. I'll be refresh/refresh/refreshing all morning. Have you got anyone's number or do we have to bloody hang around watch the thread?!?

On the subject of bum wiping grin dd1 was proficient at 4 (nearly 5), dd2 wipes after a wee & would after a poo if I let her!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies & mummies to be. XX thanks

mermaid sooooo lovely to see you

moon I so understand about your fears about tomorrow and almost not wanting to know. Tomorrow, your head has to come out of the sand - to say hello to your bean smile. I agree with curly - make sure you tell your scanner, will help when you burst into tears at the heartbeat!

4ever So, so, so pleased for you - yes, wasn't at your hospital but was at Springfield which I know if near. Prepare for being a mum of 2! There is something really special about your little boy - you needed no treatment, no magic, just you and your ddh and voila, a baby!

rumours poor ds2. Hope you and he are better now you get to sleep in your own beds. Those hospital beds are a nightmare, along with the checks all night long!

Re bottom wiping - based on the skid marks on ds's pant ( aged 8), quite a while I reckon. Think you just need to stop caring!!

mrskate great to hear the party was a success. I too can't believe how old our babies are. BB's favourite lines at the moment are " thats not fair" and "mummy, you're mean!" . Being huge is a good sign right?

neeko loved your line about those of us who long to be more of a mother than they currently are.

curly and sabs sure today is bittersweet for both of you. Love to you both

sabs re book week - could have been worse. Friend at work sent in her dd dressed as a witch for world book day a day early!

Hello and happy mothers day to everyone - my kids did ok today - their key role was to be good. DD1 was great, cleaned the bathroom and then washed up after lunch with Grandma. DS was asked to help peel veg and said that he wasn't doing slave work!. DD2 was quite cute but v clingy. She did make cakes with me, which is always fun!

DH did really well - bought me a lovely jug from a local pottery that I really like and really impressed me by getting it from the seconds section, which is the only part I ever buy from as the main part is too expensive and I was a bit cross that he had spent too much!

Will be back tomorrow to see how Moonsbean is

LBM...... Skid marks aahahahaha! Trying to stifle laughs in bed with a semi-slumbering dh! grin

Forgot to add earlier Rumours hope your ds is on the mend.

4everhopeful Sun 10-Mar-13 23:40:46

Just popping in to offer a big hand squeeze and steadying arm to a no doubt very wobbly weeble moon, am sending up a little prayer, and sending a ton of positive thoughts... We will all be in that scan room with you tomorrow morning (which I reguarly envisioned with a grin at my multitude of scans) and it also feels amazing to know how many people up and down the country are willing your little one on... I, like us all, will be waiting with baited breath! Please let us know as soon as you can?!?!

Just had to pop in for moon, but lovely to see such a busy thread and glad to hear you deserving lovelies all had a Happy Mothers day... smile Lovely here too, spoilt by my gorgeous girl and Dh, bittersweet also, as I mentioned, it should of also been my Dbrothers birthday today (56..) so not great timing for mothers day, very hard for my mum, took her to the cemetery sad but, went to mothercare afterwards where she spoilt her future grandson, then back to ours where Dh cooked us all a yummy roast... smile Hope you all embraced your loved ones extra tight today... Know I'm still pinching myself I'm even a mummy at all, smile and as we put Summer to bed tonight I completely smothered her in a million kisses! smile

Just popping on to check Moon isn't pacing the floors of the greenhouse on her own.
Fingers crossed that the scan appointments are running on time.

moon still thinking about you.....

Rumours Mon 11-Mar-13 08:02:32

Here for you moon smile

4everhopeful Mon 11-Mar-13 08:53:10

Here for you too moon... smile We are all in this with you...

cupcakefairy Mon 11-Mar-13 09:35:54

I'm here too..hi ladies smile rumours are you passing round the mini eggs?

MrsKate Mon 11-Mar-13 09:53:24

Popping in to be here for moon smile

Hi everyone x

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 10:24:01

Phew. Couldn't log on to mn for a minute there confused here's my hand moon. Bean doesn't need a scan xxxx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 10:25:13

Waves to everyone smile

4everhopeful Mon 11-Mar-13 10:38:51

Ooooooh she should be in there now....

<<<waves>>> to everyone... smile

Popping head in for news..... Ok, back to hell soft play.

Ooh hopefully she's been scanned by now and all is well.


4everhopeful Mon 11-Mar-13 11:16:20

...and refresh....

Rumours Mon 11-Mar-13 11:16:23

Any news?

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 11:16:47

Lurkity lurk

Rumours Mon 11-Mar-13 11:16:52

<waves to fellow weebles>

MrsKate Mon 11-Mar-13 11:23:37

My phone hasn't left my hand for the past 20 mins ds is telling me off for not playing batman with him wink

Big waves grin

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 11:24:29

Waves back frantically. How is ds2 rumours?

I hope they haven't made moon wait too long hmm

moonmrs Mon 11-Mar-13 11:24:49

On phone crap reception but everythings ok! Post properly later xxx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 11:25:20

Maybe pretend it is the batphone and you have to keep checking? grin

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 11:25:34


cupcakefairy Mon 11-Mar-13 11:26:45

YES!!! Congrats moon!!! So so pleased for you!

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 11:26:52

Well done moon and babymoon grin

And [mrmoon] of course!!!!

I'm so chuffed to bits xxxx

MrsKate Mon 11-Mar-13 11:27:10

Yeah congrats moon gringringringringrin

Yes yes YESSSSSS!!!! grinsmilegrinsmilegrin

Neeko Mon 11-Mar-13 11:27:35

woohoo!grin grin grin

Rumours Mon 11-Mar-13 11:28:20

Woohoo that's fab moon grin

curly ds2 is loads better thankyou, I've kept of nursery today just to give him chance to feel 100% better smile

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 11:32:20

Thank you lovely cupcake for bringing me back to the thread. I wouldnt miss this moment for anything grin WELL DONE MOON YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BABY IN THERE grin

Right, I'm off to round up some cotton wool. 12 weeks down, 28 more to go smile

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 11:34:02

I bet he is being spoilt rotten and rightly so. Big snuggles for your gorgeous boy rumours

I feel like we should be giving each other high fives even though moon and mrmoon have done all the work grin

4everhopeful Mon 11-Mar-13 11:34:54

HOOOOOORAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! grin grin grin grin grin

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beyond pleased! Words dont sum it up!!! grin Thank God! grin

Woo hoo!!!!!! Yippee!!! gringringringrin

I'm so pleased!!!!! I'm so relieved and so excited! smilesmilesmileCongratulations!!!!

mermaidspurse Mon 11-Mar-13 12:16:43

grin flippin fantastic that isgrin

Hello again Mermaid! Lovely to see you! grin

<lurks on phone at work>

moon grin grin ya beauty grin

Can't wait to hear all the details smile

cupcakefairy Mon 11-Mar-13 13:56:58

I feel like this is the day we've all been waiting for...as well as the day moon actually gives birth of course! It's AMAZING and we can't wait to share the rest of the journey with you! So what's the due date moon?? Tell us everything!

And curly, my pleasure..so lovely to have so many of the girls back together smilesmile and yes we should definitely all high five grin

moonmrs Mon 11-Mar-13 13:57:15

Sorry for the really short message, mobile internet reception was crap and had been trying for ages to send it! Sonographer was lovely, I didn't even have to ask because as soon as I walked she said I'll find baby and let you know as soon as I see him that everything's ok, and she found him in seconds. I was laughing, as he was jumping around, wriggling and waving! Laid there like an idiot crying blush Got 3 fab photos, still cant quite believe it!

Thank you all so so much for all your support, I really do appreciate it, it means a lot to know you have people willing it to happen.

I am sooooo happy grin

moonmrs Mon 11-Mar-13 13:58:14

Oh yes cupcake reminded me, I thought I was 12+3, scan puts me at 12+6, so due 17th September smile

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 14:03:00

moon this is going to get more and more real for you smile it is such fantastic news xxxx

Excited waves to ms mermaid grin

Neeko Mon 11-Mar-13 14:09:13

Oh September is a lovely time to have a baby. Windy Autumn walks and cosy cuddles with your baby. So, so happy for you. Bet you've looked at those scan pics from every conceivable angle. - twice! grin grin Congratulations xx

Hello to everyone ekaw

moonmrs Mon 11-Mar-13 14:18:29

Oh yes forgot another thing, I'm so excited my brain isn't working normally! Nuchal fold measurement was 1.4mm apparently in normal range? But wait to hear officially when combined with bloods taken today.

Yes neeko we've been admiring the photos all morning grin

Moon if you're anything like me the "lying there crying like an idiot" bit might happen more often. I cried through DD's 12 week scan, 20 week scan and 34 week scan. Cried when my waters broke and then when the midwife handed me my baby DD I cried for about 3 hours! smile

I'm sooooo pleased for you! grin

cupcakefairy Mon 11-Mar-13 15:01:06

Just so SO happy for you moon I bet you just can't believe it! It's FINALLY your time!! You can start telling people & even <whispers> buy some stuff! And the age difference between this babba & your nephew won't even be huge, even though it must've felt like the loooongest time to get pregnant. September is a fab due date, still nice & light in the evenings, & baby will be interacting more by Christmas..ooh it's all so exciting!!

moonmrs Mon 11-Mar-13 16:00:21

I really cant quite believe it, I keep staring at the picture with tears in my eyes and dh keeps saying it wont change you know! That's a good point, my nephew will be 2 in August, so a nice age difference and hopefully they'll be able to play together and cause mischief grin

monkeyisback Mon 11-Mar-13 16:33:37

Moon gringringrin Fantastic news! You must be so relieved and just thrilled to bits!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you grin It's really happening!

Love to you all, will try to come back with a longer post soon blush

Ahhhhhh moon you've made me cry now!!! Yes 1.4mm is perfect. Both my dd's were 1.4mm & ds was 1.6mm. Have they offered you blood tests too? I know lots of hospitals don't do them. So so so so happy for you lady.

Monkey!! smilegrin

Sorry moon just seen you had your bloods done today.

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 11-Mar-13 17:00:13

monkey yayyyyyyyy grin grin grin

BuddhaBelly Mon 11-Mar-13 17:57:53

Had a little lurk today as I knew moon was having her scan grin grin grin
Fantastic news, so very very pleased for you my lovely pregnant lady gringringrin

4everhopeful Mon 11-Mar-13 18:28:19

Just the most brilliant news! I knew this day would come for you moon! grin grin We've all been waiting for it with you! You are having a baby!!!! grin Goes to show you should ever give up hope! A lovely autumn baby! How lovely! You can really start believing, and planning, now! Just blummin fantastic! grin A joyous day for the Emmsys indeed! grin

Love the way everyone comes together for these super special occasions! Testament to how much we've all been willing this to happen for you moon lovely lady! grin

Big waves to mermaid for delurking! wink Hope you're doing ok buddha?! smile ......and Monkey!!!!! grin Great to 'see' you! grin Gotta be your time soon honey, I sincerly hope so,and hope all else is well in your world? xxx

High five moment to each of you lovelies! grin Been grinning to myself all day! Oh yep, and Moon think we've all been there sobbing with relief and joy and wonder at scans! You are definitely not alone! grin

Monkey! How lovely to see you! grin

Gracie x

SabsFabulous Mon 11-Mar-13 22:19:37

Moon yay!!!! So so so happy for you gringringringrin that is just the best news. And even better that they've put you a few days forward. Saara is a September baby so I have to agree that they are the best wink Enjoy the rest of your days off

So wonderful to see everyone here, especially the special Mermaid you have definitely been missed.

Also great to see Monkey and Buddha back too. I'm always thinking about you both x

Great to see everyone back on the thread for times like today, you ladies are the best smile

Rumours I am so so so sorry that I missed you in my post, I felt so bad blush sorry to hear DS2 has been in hospital sad Hope you're all feeling a bit better

Thanks again for everyone's kind and comforting words, have I mentioned that you ladies are the best?

Special hugs to 4ever and curly for yesterday Curly you have such a special way with your words, I was in tears when I read your post.

It was my first day back at work today, trying to get back to some sort of normality after the past couple of weeks, we'll get there... X

cupcakefairy Tue 12-Mar-13 09:04:16

Huge hugs to sabs.
Hello to monkey and mermaid and buddha..so lovely to see you all. See moon that baby is a special one already bringing so many of our old friends back! smile

moonmrs Tue 12-Mar-13 13:54:12

I was laying in bed last night thinking how lovely it is that everyone comes out of lurk mode when good news happens (and equally bad news), its so lovely that this happens and to know that you have a huge support network should you ever need it. I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night either!

Dh and dsis both think its a girl. So when I got up today, dh says, according to the Chinese lunar calendar (??) it's a girl, then as I was eating my cereal, he walks in with his wedding ring on a piece of string! According to that its a girl too. But I still maintain a boy! He does make me laugh.

monkeyisback Tue 12-Mar-13 14:01:41

My ds was supposed to be a girl according to that Chinese calendar grin

cupcakefairy Tue 12-Mar-13 14:22:34

I think it's a blue one moon smile I think blue for sabs too, a trio of boys by September smile smile .. although I'm worrying my instincts are wrong now cos that would make all our recent graduates boys! Oh well..I'm sticking with it!
So cute your dh is so into it all though moon smile

wow - the best news ever. so pleased for the moonfamilytobe back later once dd2 is in bed

Moon do the baking soda test! Pee in a pot with a teaspoon of baking soda in it. If it fizzes up its a boy, if it does nothing it's a girl!! It has a high success rate apparently, sadly not for me though! It told me ds was another dd! I know it worked for Barbie though.

4everhopeful Wed 13-Mar-13 15:01:52

I think it a blue one too moon! grin Although having said that, the chinese calendar seems to have worked for me! hmm grin Bless your Dh doing the wedding ring thing! smile Is it all sinking in now?! Have you told people yet? Soooo exciting! Still beaming for you! grin

Mls Id forgotten about the baking soda thing! How are you and the kids now? Hope the impetigo has cleared up?

Rumours how's your Ds doing now? You really have been through so much... Do you have a holiday planned at all? Have you restocked on mini eggs?! grin

Mermaid, Monkey, Buddha - c o m e b a c k! You too barbie? I feel really crap at the thought you would of actually left solely cos I've annoyed/upset you that much.. sad

Sabs lovely, hope work isn't too bad and you are being gentle on yourself?

Big waves to everyone else, sorry for not posting to you all, didn't realise the time... hmm Permanently chasing my tail at the moment, been crazy busy clearing and sorting babys room, rehoused a huge 6door wardrobe of clothes, which entailed every available upstairs space being sorted and cleared to make room, stripped the wallpaper on sat, being spending money like water buying stuff, all very exciting, albeit draining, and on top of that have literally spent months obsessing organising my mums 80th ( shock ) which is on tues, and a big surprise family get together on sat, which has taken the most stupendous amount of planning and coordination! Will be so relieved if when its all come together and is done! The horrormones are kicking in recently and I'm having real uncontrollable teary, irrational and grrrrr moments blush which really isn't helping matters!

MrsKate Wed 13-Mar-13 17:40:23

Hi everyone

Had my booking in appointment at midwifes today my scan is 4th april shockshock

Sorry a me post I'm at work on my break hmm

Ooh Mrs Kate! 4th April sounds like a good day for a scan, its the day after my DS's first birthday.

SabsFabulous Wed 13-Mar-13 18:22:51

And 4 days before my birthday wink

Neeko Thu 14-Mar-13 12:52:29

And six days after DD2's birthday. smile Yay to a scan Mrskate

Sorry I've not been about much. Hope to be back soona

cupcakefairy Thu 14-Mar-13 20:01:16

And 6 months 13 days before my birthday grin
Haha..sorry, couldn't resist...
That's great news MrsK, the time will fly I'm sure.
neeko any plans for dd's birthday? We want to see a cake! smile

So moon are you back at work now?? Have you started telling your colleagues??

moonmrs Thu 14-Mar-13 20:54:28

Oooh mrskate not long to go, they got that sorted really quickly, everything crossed for you and your bean smile

Yes cupcake I've told the lady I work closely with, she also knows about my history, so I got her on my own and said I've got something to show you, and pulled out the scan pic and she was soooo happy, it was lovely. I'm planning on telling the rest of the team tomorrow after a team meeting. To me its very obvious anyway, my belly is definitely sticking out, so I should imagine some have guessed!

I have a few random questions for anyone who can help me please?

1. Dh said that when I was asleep last night he had his hand on my belly, and he swears he felt some flutters? I said it was way too early but he says he felt something....

2. If I buy maternity clothes, do I buy my normal size and they've accounted for extra growth, or do I need a size up to match however I'm growing? Same for bras?

I had another one but I've clean forgot, I may be back.....

MrsKate Thu 14-Mar-13 22:34:57

Im bleeding sadsadsadsadsad

4everhopeful Thu 14-Mar-13 23:04:25

Oh no no mrskate sad I'm praying that all is ok for you, hope you can get in for a scan first thing? My heart goes out to you... x

MrsKate Fri 15-Mar-13 01:24:47

I was at work and felt a bit wet sorry i went to toilet and bleeding bright red blood . With working in emergency dept dr saw me straight away and gynae dr came and assessed me and said my cervix is closed and bleeding seems to be coming from outside my cervix ?????? Ive got scan in morning I'm in no pain hmmhmmhmmhmm not sure what to think

Oh no! MrsKate! That's just not fair! I've just woke up and got your text from earlier. Praying everything is ok.

Handholds here for mrskate, I'll be lurking for news today.

Moon how very exciting for you, telling people at work! To answer your questions, it's a bit early to feel flutters from the outside. I felt internal flutters with dd1 at 18 weeks, dd2 DEFINITELY at 9 weeks (I remember texting Neeko to say I'd definitely felt something & the next day I had a bleed), & with ds I didn't feel anything until about 15 weeks as my placenta was to the front. With mat clothes just buy your usual size. You may be buying a few things a slightly bigger size right at the end though.

Gotta dash, need to jump in the shower before any of my brood wakes up. Happy Friday everyone! smile

SabsFabulous Fri 15-Mar-13 07:06:09

Another hand here for mrskate will be lurking for news

I had a really big bleed with this pregnancy too but thankfully I was able to have a quick scan which showed all was ok. They couldn't explain why I was bleeding. Fingers crossed your bean isn't affected at all

moonmrs Fri 15-Mar-13 08:02:16

Here's my hand mrskate hoping and fingers crossed that everything is ok.

Sorry Moon I didn't answer your questions. I agree with MLS, a bit too early to feel movement on the outside. Once a womb has been stretched to full term you can feel movements yourself quite early. I think I felt movement around 18 weeks with DD and around 10 weeks with DS. DH couldn't feel movements from the outside for quite a bit longer though.

Maternity clothes, start with your normal size and expect to have to buy some different sizes or styles towards the end. I'm quite tall in the body and I struggled getting tops to meet my trousers towards the end so had to add a bump band to cover the gap. I often buy clothes from "tall" ranges and I was quite frustrated to find shops thought you couldn't be tall and pregnant.

Just spoken to MrsKate, she is waiting for a phone call to find out what time her scan is.

4everhopeful Fri 15-Mar-13 09:18:08

Another handsqueeze for mrskate... Was gonna tell you about sabs having a big bleed and being ok, but she already has! smile Mls just reminded me she had a bleed too, and I had spotting too but gp confirmed closed cervix, so am hoping you will have similar good outcome... smile I'm sure you're crapping it you poor love, but everything xd for your scan, Ill be a lurking...

Moon agree with others, bit too early for Dh to feel yet, first movement with Summer was about 18w & this one about 14w, Dh first felt him on his birthday at 19w, which was a lovely pressie for him! grin Yep, others also said mat clothes same size with bump bits, grin as for bras, def get measured! My little ikkle boobys go up a fair few sizes through pregnancy and beyond, they keep on growing, and I love it! grin

4everhopeful Fri 15-Mar-13 09:28:17

<<<waves good morning>>> to remindme, sabs, mls, moon...

Another handsqueeze to mrsk... will be a lurking...

Put my baaaaaabaaay in her room last night... sad Hated it! She looked so tiny in her big girl bed! Felt horrible not having her in our room, but bless her, she slept soundly (apart from rolling onto floor at one point - bad mummy, waiting on bed guard delivery! blush ) but picked her up and put her back without her batting an eyelid, and she eventually wandered into us about 5am, which I was quite happy about to get my cuddle quota! grin

MrsKate Fri 15-Mar-13 10:54:05

Cant fit me in for scan till tomorrow morning sadsadsad

It's just rubbish! It just can't be right to make you wait. angry

If phoning them back doesn't work and the GP can't help it might be time to go back to A&E.

4everhopeful Fri 15-Mar-13 11:41:28

OMG this postcode lottery just leaves me fuming! angry Its outrageous, and the fact you work there as well?! WTF?! Surely some strings can be pulled? The A&E protocol would surely be to scan you immediately?

moonmrs Fri 15-Mar-13 12:49:32

mrskate that's rubbish! I remember my midwife saying early on that even if I was bleeding and in pain I wouldnt necessarily get a scan shock I thought that was the whole point of epu, but anyway...

thanks everyone for your replies to my questions, i still cant remember the other one i had though! remindme I am tall too and live in the tall ranges so am guessing I may struggle then. 4ever yes def planning on getting measured for bras, but they are pretty big as it is, I was hoping not to grow too much!

sorry cant stop, lunch time lurking....

MrsKate that is rubbish. Don't you still have the mobile scanner in a&e?

Moon get a few granny non-wired bras from sainsburys. Towards the END OF YOUR PREGNANCY smilegrinwink get properly measured & start wearing feeding bras. I'm tall too (5ft 10) & the gap maternity jeans come in longer lengths & are gorgeous. The rest of the time I lived in leggings.

Neeko Fri 15-Mar-13 20:53:00

Mrskate Have just seen this. Hope you're ok. The fact that the cervix was still closed is good. I had bright red bleeding with DD1 but it was after sex. Things are just much more sensitive in the early stages so fingers crossed that's what it is. I'll keep everything crossed.

Rumours Fri 15-Mar-13 21:03:08

Hope you're ok mrskate xx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Fri 15-Mar-13 21:41:24

Oh mrskate you poor love sad here's my hand for tomorrow xxx

I hope "Mr Kate" manages to sort out time off work tomorrow for the scan. Please remember to shout me if you need help with DS or company for your scan. My DH is off work tomorrow so I'm free to help if you need anything.

I know I'll probably find out the news by text but here seems the right place to hang around this morning. I've got everything crossed MrsKate. brew

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 08:56:14

mrskate here's my hand lovely. I hope your scan is early and that they can reassure you. I'm so sorry but I won't be able to check in on you till this afternoon but I will be thinking about you all morning. Stay strong xxxx

MrsKate Sat 16-Mar-13 08:57:01

Thankyou everyone smilesmilesmile

im so nervous beyond belief il be back later hopefully with good news confused my bleeding has stopped so im taking that as a good sign but you never knowconfused 65 mins to go

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 08:57:27

Hello remindme. What time is the scan?

Scan at 10am.

Neeko Sat 16-Mar-13 09:13:36

Good luck Mrskate

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 09:50:13

I'll be able to lurk till nearly 11. Please please let them scan her on time. It's the cruellest thing if mrskate has to wait sad even worse as she works there and might have to see colleagues. Big hugs lovely lady. We will all be in there with you. Don't forget to drink loads as they may be able to do a tummy scan xxx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 09:51:04

And yay for bleeding having stopped. Good sign smile

Morning Curly & Neeko!

Please let the scans be running on time.

SabsFabulous Sat 16-Mar-13 10:05:48

Lurking here too for any news. Have everything crossed for you

Waves to Curly Remindme and Neeko

Waves to Sabs!

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 10:38:28

waves to everyone x

Waves again!

Just got a text from MrsKate- bad news. hmm

Neeko Sat 16-Mar-13 10:47:49

Oh no! So sorry Mrskate sad sad

SabsFabulous Sat 16-Mar-13 10:48:03


SabsFabulous Sat 16-Mar-13 11:03:33

So sorry, stupid iPhone app gave me the wrong icon. I meant sadsadsad so sorry MrsKate

Another text from Kate.

The scan showed her Little Bean stopped growing 2 weeks ago.

Neeko Sat 16-Mar-13 11:27:34

Oh Mrskate Life can be so hard. Be kind to yourself and give your DS a huge cuddle. Thinking of you.

4everhopeful Sat 16-Mar-13 11:47:55

Oh no no mrskate I am so so sorry.... Id prayed it was ok.. sad My heart goes out to you and your Dh, squeeze DS tightly.. I'm really sorry and so sad for you.... sad

4everhopeful Sat 16-Mar-13 11:49:40

I'm going to church tomorrow and will pray for your little angel, and for strength to get you through this sad time...

MrsKate Sat 16-Mar-13 12:35:24

Hi girls
Just you let you what has happened started bleeding again just before scan got in scan felt like a eternity before she told me that it hadnt grown much but had grown .so they cant start the process of for 2 weeks until i come back for scan i know they are covering there backs i know this bean has gone just want to get this over with . Im in pieces just thankful i have jack confused

Love u all thank you

moonmrs Sat 16-Mar-13 12:38:37

Oh mrskate I am so sorry sad on phone atm will post properly later. Big big hug to you, so sorry you are going through this xx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 13:11:24

im so sorry MrsKate sad lets get some beanbags and settle in. we'll be here and will get u through the next while I promise xxxx

Rumours Sat 16-Mar-13 16:26:59

sad so sorry mrskate

MrsKate Sat 16-Mar-13 16:33:45

Im so sorry to everyone especially to moon to put a downer on the thread .

Moon sorry this is your time your moment so so so happy for you smile

Remindme has just come to see me at home i love that girl so much smilevbrought me flowers and every girls essential at this time mini eggs

Rumours Sat 16-Mar-13 16:41:23

Aww mrskate don't apologise, we're here to support you. Feel free to offload on here xx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 17:09:53

mrskate I think that it's a mark of what a wonderful person you are that you would think of others at this time. We do forget sometimes but this thread is for supporting each other through conception and beyond and especially for times like this sad Lean on us as much as you need to. I'm so glad you have remindme in real life too and jack to cuddle xxxx

So lovely to mermaid monkey and buddha back though smile

moonmrs Sat 16-Mar-13 17:12:21

mrskate you have no need to apologise, we're all here for good or for bad - please don't feel you cant say anything because of me, we've all sadly been there and we understand how heartbreaking it is. How lovely of remindme to bring flowers and mini eggs smile also forgot to say how lovely mermaid is for sending mini eggs to rumours smile

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 17:13:30

And mrskate we will never forget our little lost angels sad big hugs xxxx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 17:16:25

Hello lovely moon when do you get your test results?

moonmrs Sat 16-Mar-13 17:18:35

hi curly smile you are so right, we never forget our little angels, I know I think of mine every day. They said if test results were low risk we'd hear in 3 weeks by post, or if high risk within a week by phone.

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 17:23:59

I'll keep everything crossed moon brew

mrskate can you get the next two weeks off work? Do they really need to wait that long. It's so cruel sad

MrsKate Sat 16-Mar-13 17:24:34

I cant express how grateful i am to have you all in my life you make this process more bearable . You were all a god send when i had my first mc and you are amazing today smile

moonmrs Sat 16-Mar-13 17:25:31

thanks curly

I agree 2 weeks is a long cruel wait - I had to wait 1 week with my second one and it was absolute torture, no one should have to go through that.

moonmrs Sat 16-Mar-13 17:26:43

we should rename ourselves as the amazing emmsys weebles wink

Awwww mrskate so sad you are having to go through this. We are all here for you, that's what the thread is for. We've all been in a bad place when others have been more lucky so don't feel like you are bringing the thread down.

Moon what is the cut-off rate at your hospital? Mine was 1 in 150. With dd2 I was gutted to be 149 so I literally could write an essay about blood results as I dug my heels in, had conversations with the lab that tested my blood & eventually had a few scans with the amazing team at Kings College Hospital (4ever you went there didn't you?) so if there is anything you need to ask....

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sat 16-Mar-13 22:49:55

mrskate if we could wrap you and dh and Jack up in a great big emmsy bearhug we would you poor love sad

I checked the rcog guidelines here and I don't know enough about your scan measurements but they seem to suggest a minimum of one week rather than 2 before rescan. Maybe you could ask them to reconsider on the grounds of your emotional well being? hmm

Big hug to 4ever also. It is only too recent that you have gone through this yourself sad my first llo would have been 4 this week but seeing poor mrskate go through this brings it all back. I wish we could each take away a little of her sadness.

rumours how is ds2 doing now?

Sorry for the lack of personals. Love to all xxx

So sad mrskate . They scanned me a week later after my 8 week scan showed no heartbeat even though I was 101% certain of my dates. It's because there can be varying growth and 6-8 weeks is the critical time. Waiting a fornight though angry I'm sure you're hugging DS a little bit tighter at the moment xx

moonmrs Sun 17-Mar-13 13:44:44

mls its 1 in 150 up here too, although to be honest I wasn't really paying a huge amount of attention as I didn't really want to have it done, but dh did, so I did it on the understanding that whatever the results, I am not ever terminating the pregnancy, and will deal with whatever is given to us. I think he wanted it for peace of mind really which I can understand, but there is nothing in this world that would make me get rid of this baby. Conversely, he doesn't want to find out the sex and I do!

mrskate hope you are bearing up ok and looking after yourself, actually scrap that, hope mrkate is looking after you! Agree with curly I was told it was 1 week to wait with my 2nd llo, so its worth checking up on if only to preserve your sanity, as 2 weeks is such a long time.

big waves to everyone else

cupcakefairy Sun 17-Mar-13 14:10:09

mrskate I'm so sorry sad I too had to wait a week after being told there was no heartbeat & it was torture. Really feel for you.. can't believe you're having to go through this again sad so glad you have Jack, and mrkate and remindme.. plus lots of mini eggs of course.

Massive hugs to all x x x

MrsKate Sun 17-Mar-13 15:06:32

Hi everyone

Not doing to well today sad crying all the bloody time getting agitated with jack when i shouldn't be. dh is at work angry so struggling with him being a normal 3 year old terrorising the house bless him tho was crying earlier and he sat on my knee and said mummy are you poorly i said no just sad he kissed me and said all better then mummy love you smile melts my heart he makes this mess at little bit better to deal with

Scan is 2nd april angryangryangry beacuse of easter !!!!!!

moonmrs Sun 17-Mar-13 15:24:56

Aww mrskate isn't there anyone who you can be with, or can help out with Jack for a few hours? Can dh throw a sicky for a day or 2, just so he's there for you? You're bound to be feeling crap, you've had sad news and its still sinking in. Crying is good though. And Jack wont remember that you were cross with him, they forgive and forget so quickly. I'm angry on your behalf, that's more than 2 weeks! Sending you huge hugs and strength to get through this.


Mr Kate is back from work now. I just read MrsKate's post below and threatened to kidnap her and DS and subject her to my cooking! But it's ok she's just fetched Mr Kate from work so she'll be able to have a nice evening meal with him instead. grin

Moon I had nuchal fold and blood tests with both of mine even though like you there wouldn't be any results that would stop me from wanting to keep my babies. As I'm a nurse and DH is a doctor we both have experience from work that tells us poorly babies have a better chance if parents and medical staff know in advance. Then no home births, no midwife care centres, and only giving birth at a huge hospital with every type of medical team at the ready.

We didn't find out the sex either time though.

moonmrs Sun 17-Mar-13 16:38:01

remindme I'm so glad you're there to look out for mrskate

Actually yes that makes sense about knowing if you need extra help at the birth, I hadn't thought about it that way. I was too busy being adamant I was keeping the baby whatever. Still want to know the sex....

4everhopeful Sun 17-Mar-13 18:24:43

So sorry not been around to give more support and hand holding to mrskate, yesterday evening or today... its such an awful thing to go through, and awful limbo land status being inflicted on you by the hospital making you wait... angry So, crap... In my sadly, quite extensive experience, my first mc, was the same as you're going through, a bleed, a&e scan referral, who then queried dates, despite my being sure, suggested re scans for growth within 1/2wks... However I went on to fully miscarry/bleed, which i was grateful for, cos at least u know then... Every mc after that, Id already had epu scans so dates weren't questioned and as soon as no heartbeats were seen, erpc was offered immediately.. You can sort of see why they offer rescans, because if dates were wrong, and there was the slimmest chance the baby could still grow, obviously that would be awful... However, obviously, in your case, you are sure of dates, how does it all tie in with the previous scan you had? Has that been taken into consideration too? Either way, I would most definitely push, and push, for another scan within the week... There is absolutely no need to wait til April, that's just torturous... How many wks would your dates make you? Just feel for you so much and wish I could do more to help sad

CurlyLikesShortShorts Sun 17-Mar-13 18:47:24

Just checking in on mrskate. I can't believe they are making you wait so long angry can anyone have a word on your behalf? I can't even imagine how you are getting through the day on your own, I'm so glad remindme is there for you and dh is home. Bless little Jack for trying to make it all better. Please come on here as much as you can when you need to chat xxx

moon I would have been the same in that I wanted the baby if it was able to have any quality of life and I would love it no matter what but I would have wanted to know beforehand or at least be halfway prepared if anything was wrong. I think it's a very personal thing though.

Neeko Sun 17-Mar-13 21:44:52

Just popping in with a hug for Mrskate. Don't be so hard on yourself about being short with Jack. It's understandable and like Moon says he won't remember. You're already dealing with enough without berating yourself about it. Really shock andangry on your behalf that they are making you wait so long but understand the need for certainty. Hang on in there xx

Hello to the rest of you. It really IS my intention to do personals again soon. blush smile

MrsKate Mon 18-Mar-13 08:18:55

Got dr this morning to get some time off work i hope . sad

Feeling empty and lost I'm just glad I've got you girls to get me through this again xx

Neeko Mon 18-Mar-13 11:34:32

What did the Dr say?

MrsKate Mon 18-Mar-13 11:50:08

Signed me off to the 4th april which was the date of 12 week scan sad

She wants me to start my antidepressants again and think i might benefit from counselling confused

Rumours Mon 18-Mar-13 12:08:29

<gathers mrskate into a big bear hug>

You poor love, I'm so sorry this is happening.

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 18-Mar-13 12:30:05

Big hugs mrskate. How do you feel about ADs? You have very good reason to feel like an emotional wreck, anxious, depressed, sad after what has happened sad but is this something more long term?

MrsKate Mon 18-Mar-13 14:41:20

I stopped taking ads to ttc with suffering severe pnd i dont want it to be long term but dr concern i could have a relapse with depression

moonmrs Mon 18-Mar-13 20:19:54

Glad to hear you've been signed off for a couple of weeks mrskate its hard enough without having to contemplate work, at least you can spend some time with jack and try to get your head around things. I don't have any experience of ad's, although I was offered and I refused, but I think like curly says, you need to give yourself time to grieve first before you can work out how you might feel in the long term. But understand the dr's point of view too. Why is life so bloody shit sometimes.... I'll never understand why anyone should have to go through this, let alone more than once. More hugs coming your way, shout if you need us xxx

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 18-Mar-13 22:01:58

mrskate I'm glad you have got some time off. It must be so difficult trying to keep it all under control while looking after Jack. I know that I couldn't bear to be around anyone for a couple of weeks in case anyone gave me a kind look and set me off but hopefully it will help to have him around to stop you thinking too much sad stay strong brave lady xxxx

MrsKate Tue 19-Mar-13 16:09:33

Well took jack to soft play with my friend and her twin boys i didn't want to change jacks routine and trying to act normal for his sake confused it was hard running to toilet every 5 mins and in agony with cramps and backache maybe bit off more can chew with trying to act normal sadsad

Rumours Tue 19-Mar-13 18:05:20

Well now you need to rest and put your feet up, just make life as easy as possible for yourself. Jack will be fine, cuddle him and watch cbeebies smile be kind to yourself xx

moonmrs Tue 19-Mar-13 19:10:30

mrskate normal is good sometimes even though it feels like hard work, but the distraction usually helps. I feel for you. As rumours said, do whatever makes things easier for you to get through this.

I hope you don't mind me posting this, I don't want to come across as insensitive, but we got the test results back today - 1 in 1500 low risk for down's syndrome.

moonmrs Tue 19-Mar-13 19:32:25

Something for you to chuckle over.... my bra has been digging in all day and I've been fidgeting with it. Just been to get changed and removed 'uncomfortable bra' to find the underwire on one side has cracked in 2 blush must have bigger boobs than I thought! This must be sign to go bra shopping.

Neeko Tue 19-Mar-13 20:47:54

Mrskate It's very hard to do normal things when your heart is breaking and you are in limbo but Jack won't remember. Do whatever you need to do to get you through!

Moon This thread is for you on your journey too. It's hard to have happy news when others are struggling but you've waited a long time for this and we are all so happy for you. Fantastic news on the test results smile and totally loving hearing all about your pregnancy changes grin grin

mrskate have you told close friends what is going on?? I always had to have a couple of friends who knew so that I didn't have to try & act normal all the time. I'm glad you have a couple of weeks off work. Are you getting lots of cramps & have you got strong painkillers?

Moon they are fantastic odds. With dd1 I was 1 in several thousand but they didn't offer blood tests then, with dd2 as I said the other day I was 1 in 149 (reduced to 1 in 95 after a second lot of blood tests) & with ds I was very happy to be 1 in 270, especially as I was the grand old age of 42!

CurlyLikesShortShorts Wed 20-Mar-13 09:49:54

How are you doing today mrskate? I'm with MLSdoesntlookadayover32 on telling a few close friends in RL. Especially friends like remindme who will understand and won't say stuff that is well-intentioned but makes you want to punch them sad big hugs, it must be so hard trying to make things normal for Jack when your world is falling apart. You may not feel like it but you are doing amazing. Take some time for yourself too if anyone can take jack if only for a good cry and a cuppa brewbiscuit xxx

Waves to neeko and rumours smile

moon that is wonderful news smile well done moonbabe and lol at your (.)(.) making their presence known!!!

cupcakefairy Wed 20-Mar-13 13:23:18

Oh kate I so feel for you sad but yes tell a couple of friends! If it happened to one of my close friends I'd be taking their child to soft play or something to give them time to rest..maybe someone can do the same for you? Really hope the pains aren't too bad & jack is being a really good boy for you.

rumours how are you?? Is ds2 fully recovered now?

moon ACE news about your results, oooh it's all so exciting!! Are you swaying dh on finding out the flavour yet?? Just in case he won't budge..I will say that I loved not knowing, & being able to come up with shortlists of names for both sexes..but then I know lots of people like to be prepared with clothes etc so it's swings & roundabouts!

4ever you've been a bit quiet.. all ok in camp cotton wool?! How many weeks now? Have we hit the magical viable stage??

Right I'm off to eat the chocolate egg ds2 was given at playgroup this morning..he's far too young for such things!! grin

moonmrs Wed 20-Mar-13 19:38:18

mrskate I agree with the others, it might help if you can tell even one friend, I never told anyone except family and looking back I think it would have helped. I've told a few people since what happened and they all said why didn't you say, we could have helped. But its down to how you feel really, as I'm quite a private person and find it hard to tell people these things until afterwards, which is why this thread is invaluable to me.

cupcake I think I have persuaded dh wink actually tbh I think he persuaded himself! He is beyond himself with excitement, and I think he wants to know now. Everytime I come out with a new symptom, he's on google, saying oh yes that's normal, and its about the right time lol, bless him.

Rumours Thu 21-Mar-13 18:42:16

Hiya, mrskate how're you doing today?

Ds2 has made a full recovery, he's back to his monkey self smile

4everhopeful Thu 21-Mar-13 18:49:36

Mrskate how you holding up my lovely? Take one day at a time, and go really easy on yourself, no need to try and act normal, just cuddle up with Jack on the sofa, cry when you need to, and post on here lots... Are you still cramping & bleeding? In someways, I feel it helps once the physical side has passed....

Rumours how are you doing now? Any more reviews, plans? Hope you're hanging in there?

Sabs been thinking about you too with the return to work and everything.. Know its hard when things are meant to return to 'normal' but your hearts still grieving... Was wondering if you've been offered, and are planning to have the whooping cough jab at 28wks? Have you brought much stuff? I have been on a bit of a spendathon that we can't really afford I must confess! smile

Moon yay! They really are fantastic odds! smile Another milestone down! Mine were similar to mls, in fact a bit lower at 1 in 247, and I was thrilled with that at the grand age of 38, so you really have great odds at 1 in 1500! grin So, Dh is persuaded re the flavour eh?! wink How exciting! When is your anomaly scan? You must be 14/15wks now? Not long til you find out! Exciting! smile

Cupcake yes, still in the land of cotton wool thanks for asking! Magic 'viable' 24wks on monday! grin

Been crazily busy, organised a fantastic surprise party for my mums 80th on saturday, family from afar all made it, and was brill, months in the planning though, almost became an obsession, but a fab distraction for me too! smile Also, babys room all prepped and Dh and Fil papering on sun and carpet next wk, and my beautiful big girl is all settled sleeping in her own room! smile Was really wierd for me to begin with, but she was fine bless her! smile <proud> So, not much time for weebling, consultant on weds, feel like before I know it Ill be thinking about packing my bag! Really is flying, looking forward to taking it a bit easier again soon, I'm absolutely huge already!

Mls hope you and the Dc's are all recovered now?

Neeko just realised your Dd2 3rd birthday is anytime now?! Please remind us when? What you got planned? smile Am already thinking about Summers!

Lbm you've been quiet!

Curly lovely to see you posting again lots, especially with your kind words and warmth, bless you....

Blue another lady with all the right words, you've been a bit quiet too? Hope all is well?

Right, well, that was overdue! Big waves to you all and hugs and mini eggs to them that need them! wink

4everhopeful Thu 21-Mar-13 18:52:50

X post rumours! Hooray to Ds2 back to health and monkeyness! smile

MrsKate Thu 21-Mar-13 21:32:23

Hi girls

Yeah 4ever im still bleeding have terrible cramps/ backache it took 3 weeks of bleeding and a d+c with first one just hope this one isnt the same confused

CurlyLikesShortShorts Fri 22-Mar-13 10:24:22

Just came on to give mrskate a big squeeze. I hope the physical side of things won't go on as long this time hon. It's hard enough grieving sad Have you anything planned for this weekend? I know you probably don't want to do anything but stick your head under the covers and cry but it might help xxxx

Great to hear ds2 is back to his old self rumours smile

Big waves to 4ever I am picturing you running around in a mad flurry - and looking fab of course wink

cupcake I'm glad I'm not the only one who vacuums up my kids chocolate wink

moon very exciting that you will find out the gender. Moongirl or moonboy?!!

evening ladies Sorry that I've been AWOL but things have been busier than usual and tbh, I haven't been having much fun.All work and no dcs is not making me a happy lady

can' write much as on tablet and writing is not easy.

but - mrskate so sorry to hear your news. life is crap sometimes hope that you are feeling a bit better physically and are able to enjoy your lovely boy.

moon doesn't really mater is it's moon boy or moon girl does it? it will be moon baby and that is all that matters. hope you are able to enjoy your pregnancy now.

love to everyone else - will post more soon. enjoying earth hour tonight - still haven't turned the lights back on aS we are enjoyinfg the fire and candles.

cupcakefairy Sun 24-Mar-13 08:22:39

Morning ladies.
Another big squeeze to mrsk hope you're bearing up. Keep the chocolate supplies high in the house!!

4ever glad you're ok and getting excited spending money! smile it so won't be long now you're over halfway there..what's your actual due date? congrats on pulling off the surprise party too! I did my sister's hen all as a surprise & it's quite stressful keeping so many secrets! Bet your mum loved it! Btw I think neeko's dd2 is 29th march. We're thinking about the dc's birthdays too, thinking a trip to howlett's zoo in Kent as ds1 absolutely loved Bristol zoo & talks about animals constantly! What will you do?

moon that's fab dh is probably convinced about finding out the flavour.. I can't wait to hear! And bless him, SO sweet he keeps googling things! He will clearly be an amazing daddy.

Hello busy lbm hope things calm down a bit for you now!

Hello curly, sabs, rumoura, mls and all smile
We have a good layer of snow on the ground.. this weekend last year ds1 was in shorts & sunhat.. madness.

4everhopeful Sun 24-Mar-13 12:20:38

Morning everyone smile one week today we'll all be up to our eyes in easter eggs - yum yum!

Mrskate hugs to you my lovely... one day at a time...

Lbm thought you must of been superbusy... earth hour sounds very chilled and organic though smile

Cupcake yes, def a bit stressful all the secret organising of mums birthday but worth it to see her face! Been exhausted ever since! Edd is July 15th, eek! Dh & Fil are wallpapering as we speak... exciting! How mad you are contemplating a trip to the zoo for DCs birthday! We're also looking into taking Summer to London zoo while she's under 3 & still free! Will probably need to take her passport to prove it! smile Though also planning a Minnie mouse themed party at home, she's into Mickey mouse clubhouse bigtime, that and Jake and the Neverland pirates.. hmm smile She is so hilarious at the moment, current catchphrases influenced by her latest in thing is 'we're doomed!' in the most dramatic of voices whilst shrieking with fake terror and laughter, & when trying to put her trousers on the other day she was running away shrieking 'never!' grin

BTW so with you on this weather! Where is spring?!?! confused

Rumours Sun 24-Mar-13 13:31:19

lbm well done on doing earth hour, we were meant to. Ds1 heard about it at school an insisted we do it to save the planet, then he went to bed and I watched casualty <oops>. He asked me this morning if we did it, and is now insisting we do it tonight smile

moonmrs Sun 24-Mar-13 13:34:51

Hello girls,

Big hugs for mrskate come and let us know how you're doing, thinking of you.

lbm no I do not mind in the slightest if its a boy or a girl - it sounds like a cliché and when people at work said this I used to think you do really care you must have a preference - but truly, as long as he/she is healthy then that's more than I could ask for. The main reason we want to know the sex really is to help with names, as for clothes and decorating we'd still go for neutral colours anyway. We seem to have some girls names we agree on but not boys!

Well done 4ever on the surprise party, bet your mum loved it smile also lovely to hear you getting everything ready for the new arrival, its so exciting, I cant wait til we get to that stage. July isn't far off, its nearly April now!

cupcake dh does make me laugh, he comes out with the funniest things, and keeps pointing out new observations such as... did you know, your boobs look really small, I went hmm as I had e cups before pregnancy, well he says, your belly is so big is makes them look small.... and he carries on with whatever he was doing! We have our 15 week appointment with the midwife on Tuesday, and he keeps saying I cant wait to hear the heartbeat. He's started cuddling my belly in bed now, he didn't do that til we'd had the successful scan.

Waves to mls curly neeko rumours sabs and blue and anyone else I may have missed.

Off to get dh to rid my car of snow, we had over 7 inches with drifts in some parts, but the sun is melting it all now and the roads are clear, so looks like I will have to go to work after all, booooo.

Anyone else having trouble with previewing a message these days, I don't seem to be able to anymore....

Really going now.

4everhopeful Mon 25-Mar-13 08:41:33

Big milestone for me today smile 24 weeks - officially 'viable'! smile

MrsKate Mon 25-Mar-13 11:39:10

Yeah 4ever thats great smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

cupcakefairy Mon 25-Mar-13 13:06:49

Yiiipppeeee 4ever so if baby comes now (god forbid) docs would fight for him. You're one step closer to your baby boy, SO excited for you!!

Just dashing through, off to library..more massive hugs for mrsk and ( . )( . ) for moon grin

moonmrs Mon 25-Mar-13 21:29:08

Yay 4ever so exciting, so happy for you that you've reached the longed for milestone, not long to go now smile

CurlyLikesShortShorts Mon 25-Mar-13 22:22:18

Wonderful news 4ever another sigh of relief along the way smile

Waves to all. Anyone fancy a cuppa brew

I'm thinking of you mrskate. Let us know how you are doing lovely xxx

Neeko Tue 26-Mar-13 13:20:57

Hi everyone.

Mrskate How are you? I've been thinking about you a lot. I hope the physical side of things is easing off now to allow you time to grieve. I think it's hard to deal with both. Take care.

Sabs Also been thinking of you. Hope the return to work hasn't been as bad as anticipated.
How are you keeping physically? What's S saying about being a big sister and when do you stop for maternity leave?

4ever Yay to being viable! I remember getting to that stage with DD2 and buying everyone at work cakes. They were all a bit hmm about my reasoning, but ate the cakes!
Loving all the preparations for your DS and the description of your mum's party.

Cupcake Totally with you on the weather and on eating the kids' chocolate . So fed up with the cold, especially as it's playing havoc with all our skin.

Rumours Glad to hear your wee monkey is back to fighting fit. Do you have any plans for the holidays?

Blue How are you going? Is the new garden taking shape or is this rotten weather holding you back?

Moon still loving all the stories about how excited your DH is becoming. Such a special time for you both. Hope the boobs have been treated to a nice new maternity bra by now!

Things here have been particularly manic recently: work is insanely busy with final coursework due and exam preparation escalating; DH has had flu; the kids have had social calendars fit for society ladies, plus the usual family commitments and a few extra stresses besides. Totally counting down to the holidays on Thursday.
DD2's birthday is Friday. She's very excited but has only asked for a big girl car seat and a mermaid doll. She says she has plenty of toys and doesn't want anything else though we have got her a few wee bits and pieces including Stompeez slippers (and a pair for her sister).
I'm making a Peppa Pig cake at her insistence, so cross your fingers for me. We are having a family party on Friday and I'm doing a dinner buffet for 25 cos I'm an idiot. Fingers crossed it all goes ok and then my Easter holiday can begin!

Does anyone have any Easter plans? We've bought tickets to see Justin and friends. I'm quite excited blush

Big waves to Curly, LBM, MLS, Remindme and everyone else.

cupcakefairy Tue 26-Mar-13 14:33:36

Hi Neeko! yes my skin gets bad in the cold too...horribly chapped hands! <old lady> bring on some sun...apparently we're getting some in April hmm
How fab about Justin & Friends, I'd be excited too! Haha. We're just going to my parents' this weekend, we have a little hunt planned for ds1...a couple of chocolate bunnies but mostly stupidly expensive plastic animal toys as he's loving animals at the moment. My sis and her dh are also taking him for his first ever trip to the cinema! smile he's quite excited about 'the big tele in the dark' grin
Good luck with the birthday and buffet!! Do you have any Tana Ramsay cookbooks? She does some lovely finger food ideas...might be some online.

Anyway I might not get on again now before easter so will say happy easter to all, eat many many mini eggs.

MrsKate Tue 26-Mar-13 20:19:22

Hi everyone
Sorry not been on dh has been really ill and bed ridden so not had much time to post hmm

Im doing ok i thinkshock bleeding still quite heavy but cramps have eased a little . Just finding hard to believe I'm not pregnant anymore as still feel like i am (bloody boobs) sad finally put mat clothes back in loft today as got them down a week before started bleeding

Hi and big waves to everyone sorry feeling a bit sorry for my self today lol

Neeko Tue 26-Mar-13 20:50:10

Mrskate It's totally understandable to feel like that. The false hormonal symptoms were what I found hardest. Is there any hope at all? I know with mine there was clearly no heartbeat and no hope. Sorry, but don't really understand why the 2 week wait for the scan. [Sad]

CurlyLikesShortShorts Tue 26-Mar-13 22:46:17

Big hugs mrskate. So hard to be looking after poor dh when you should be looked after yourself. Bloody horrormones don't help sad stay strong, you are doing amazing xxx

4everhopeful Wed 27-Mar-13 07:25:06

My heart aches for you mrskate, I feel for you so much... sad Agree with curly its very hard going on you, on top of everything, when you should be the one lying in bed being looked after... I'm glad you have remindme in RL... xxxx

Neeko Wed 27-Mar-13 07:30:38

Cupcake Meant to also say so with you on the old lady hands. It's horrid. Sometimes go to bed with hands slathered in cream and white cotton gloves which DH finds hilarious!
Thanks for ideas for buffet. All sorted for this time but will def check it for another time says she who said never again!!

Hi to Curly & 4ever. Hope you're both well.

cupcakefairy Wed 27-Mar-13 09:56:16

Haha neeko I also do that.. I actually put nipple cream on the really cracked parts blush - it works a treat!! grin

mrsk hope dh is feeling better. sad about putting the clothes away again. Hugs x x x

Popping in with hugs for mrsKate. I feel so sad for you, especially when you said you had to put your mat clothes back in the loft. sad

I'm super-stressed. Packing to go to IOW on fri. Two sick children on antibiotics - dd2 a bad flare-up of impetigo again, ds an awful chest infection that is making him wheeze & howl in pain. On top of that I can barely bend my fingers with the eczema I have on them. If only we'd get some half decent weather....

Waves to all the lovely ladies.

4everhopeful Wed 27-Mar-13 23:12:31

Hugs again to mrsk...

Speedy recoveries and hopefully happy holidays to the poorly mlsfamily...

Waves to everyone, good consultant apt today though might have urine infection & be a bit anaemic hmm results in 48hrs, otherwise really good positive stuff... Always reassuring seeing the top dog wink

Just had to post OBEM left me in tears tonight, awful episode where a lovely couple lost their little boy, they were prepared to an extent, but harrowing watching.. sad Made worse by awful news that left me reeling today, fellow Londoners may of seen the news of a freak tragic accident where a gust of wind blew a buggy into the path of a van and the 3yr old girl died.. sad Just hearing that it was local and a young girl was horrible enough and too close to home, but one of my best friends called today and turns out Id met the mum & girl & Summer had played with her.. sad My friends DD and the girl that died have gone to nursery together since they were 9months, and the mum is a nursery worker, we've met a few times at my friends DDs birthday parties.. My friends in bits about it... Its just incomprehensible, I can't really take it in, I looked at my photos from the last party earlier and can't quite believe how cruel life can be, she was a real cutie and her, my friends DD and Summer just all look so innocent and happy playing... beggars belief... Sorry to bring a downer, debated even posting about it, just so shocking... Squeezing my precious girl very tight all evening and embracing my bump.... x

Neeko Thu 28-Mar-13 07:26:22

4ever I saw both the episode and the news report. Both harrowing enough when you're not involved sad sad Really feel for both families. That woman's sob when they said her son's lungs were too small will stay with me a long time.

MLS hope the kids are a bit better today. Enjoy your hols!

Another big squeeze for Mrskate

4ever I saw that about the little girl in Croydon. Horrific. When I saw it in the paper I couldn't believe how close to the road their flat was.

I don't watch obem any more, it might make me broody (too late as dh had the snip 2 weeks ago!) but yes there was a thread on here last night about the episode.

So I'm in hospital with ds, of course I am, we are supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow! I brought him in to a&e at 6 this morning as he'd been having breathing difficulties all night due to a chest infection. He's had a few nebulisers & is sleeping now so fingers crossed we get out later.

4everhopeful Thu 28-Mar-13 21:16:01

Oh gosh mls your poor Ds! shock Hope your both home now and he's made a speedy recovery for your trip away? Am i remembering rightly you suffer with bad asthma yourself? Is that what's triggered this for Ds... Poor things... sad

Still in hospital! They have wheeled over a camp-bed & dh brought my jim-jams & a few other bits & pieces. Well remembered about my asthma 4ever. Unfortunately I have probably destined my poor children to lifetimes of wheeziness, what with my knackered old lungs. Ah well I'm sure there will be better treatment for this kind of thing when they get older & actually I am thanking my lucky stars. There are some poor kids in this children's unit with far worse things.

Hoping we may be able to catch a later ferry tomorrow.

4everhopeful Fri 29-Mar-13 09:51:07

Aww poor DS Mls shock hope hes better v soon.. Good attitude to have of counting blessings when you see some of the other poorly little ones... Do hope u still make your hols......

....and Big Happy 3rd Birthday greetings to the lovely MissH & hope you & mummy Neeko have a lovely day and the Peppa cake was a yummy success! grin

Happy Easter to all our Emmsys! Hope its an eggsellent one! grin

4everhopeful Fri 29-Mar-13 09:53:04

Ooh and Happy sparkly birthday to our occasional lurker mermaid too! grin

Neeko Fri 29-Mar-13 20:58:39

Thanks 4ever. She's had a wonderful day and the cake was a success- Phew! wink

MLS Hope DS is ok and you're all on holiday now .

I'm glad she had a good birthday Neeko. I can't believe she's 3, has her behaviour improved? I think her & my dd2 are two peas in a pod. I'm hoping that by the time she's 3 in oct she will have calmed down & stopped deliberately trying to wind me up soooo bloody much! I hate that I'm such a shouty mummy with her but that girl pushes my buttons!

So we got out of hospital this morning & are now in the Isle of Wight after catching a later ferry than planned. Ds is much better but has to have 10 puffs of ventolin every four hours, even through the night. confused Now our problem is dd2 - I was shocked when I saw her when I came home today as her skin was awful. I'd taken her to the gp on wed with increasing eczema patches & she has a stronger cream to use. This evening she looks like she's covered in hives & the skin on her face is red & patchy. Another holiday of poorly children...... ahh well.

Happy Easter everyone smile

Sorry for being awol, life just so busy and now training for Race for Life on top of it all.

Quick catch up before we head to the caravan. According to my trusty i-phone its to be sunny in St Andrews all week!

neeko belated and huge happy birthday wishes to H, I'll bet you gave her a day to remember smile

mls what a time you're having with the tiddlers sad. You always sound so strong but bet you have your moments of crumpled tissues and manic worrying. Glad DS is better, hope DD2's skin gets better and you all enjoy the IOW

4ever nearly 25 weeks now smile. It is such a milestone isn't it? So so sad to read about the freak accident and your DD's friend. So cruel and random and beyond comprehension. Hope they are getting lots of support which I'm sure they are.

mrskate try and be good to yourself and remember and squeeze DS just that little bit tighter.

moon hope you're doing OK xx

rumours hope you're doing OK too honey xx

<waves> to everyone else. Better go and load the car. This family can never be filed under the banner travel lightly grin

Rumours Sat 30-Mar-13 19:45:51

Happy belated birthday to littleneekonumbertwo glad she had a lovely day smile

moonmrs Sat 30-Mar-13 19:53:26


Happy Easter to everyone, hope you're all enjoying a nice break. May the Easter bunny bring your little ones lots of eggs, and plenty of mini eggs for the grown ups smile

Neeko Sun 31-Mar-13 14:57:12

Happy Easter! smile smile

Rumours Sun 31-Mar-13 16:52:29

smile boing smile boing [busk

Rumours Sun 31-Mar-13 16:52:57

hmm I've eaten too much chocolate!!!

Happy easter all - just spent the day at my mums 70th birthday at her twins house with the very extended family. Babybelle was a star, running around in her bunny ears and eating vast amounts of chocolate. Now on way to mil's for a few days in the frozen north.
mls so pleased you made your holiday - poor dd2. And I know what you mean about buttons - ds pushes all his dads buttons and gets such a hard time. Am hoping a few days of r&r will improve relations!

neeko good news on the cake. I'm starting to plan BB's party now and am thinking of the cake!

4ever I had heard about the buggy accident but reading the details had me in tears, that poor poor mother. Hope you've had a lovely easter with your ddddd.

rumours at our age, we shoud know when to stop eating chocolate!

Finally, we have had a bit of a chocolate disaster - come away on holiday and have forgotten the kids easter eggs! Ah well, more chocolate to eat when we get home!

Hope moon is eating all the choclate you can - pregnancy means you can get away with it, have you got a dress for that wedding yet?

And our lovely mrskate keep eating the mini eggs - they don't take the pain away but they do taste nice!

Love to everyone else

moonmrs Sun 31-Mar-13 20:18:43

Its a sad day when you can't join in with Easter eggs. Since being pregnant, I have gone right off sweet stuff, I have always had a sweet tooth and its gone! I shared a little bit of dh's egg but it didn't taste very nice shock My mum came over yesterday, she brought dh an egg and some beer, and me cheese and biscuits lol.

No dress for the wedding yet, am putting it off, but know I need to find something soon. Bought my first maternity top from eBay in the week, all felt a bit strange, I don't want to jinx anything, but I can't keep squeezing into my clothes for much longer now.

cupcakefairy Sun 31-Mar-13 20:26:10

Hi ladies, happy easter all smile
mls I can't believe the time of it you've had shockshock you poor thing being in hospital and still having a poorly dd on holiday sad you don't get much luck with holidays. How is her skin looking now? Hope she's still ok in herself and you can all enjoy the holiday!
I was shock to read about your dh having the snip! Does it feel strange to know those days of charting and temping and white-coating are well and truly over?? Our resident guru hanging up her babymaking hat smile

neeko very belated happy birthday to your H (sorry!) so glad the cake went well. Show us??

lbm I can't believe you're planning dd2's birthday already! I haven't even started thinking about my two yet (both their birthdays are v close to your dd2's!) I need to get some cake ideas! I love this that I saw recently somewhere grin

4ever what a horrible thing to have happened- I hadn't heard about it sad so sad to know you met her and your dds played together. It's just unimaginable. I also cried BUCKETS at OBEM this week. The most I've ever cried watching it sad Like neeko said, that moment they were told baby wouldn't survive and you could see the doctor holding back tears, the feeling in my chest was just horrible. Hope you're feeling ok anyway lady and not letting all these distressing things get to you too much. Keep rubbing that belly... are you seeing movements on the outside yet?

sabs how are you doing too lady? Thinking of you.

moon are you feeling any kicks yet?? I think I felt them about 14/15 weeks with ds1...oooh so exciting!!

rumours I too have eaten too much chocolate. The boys have been given so much and we don't really like them having chocolate much so dh and I will just have to eat most of it, what a nightmare eh??

We've had a lovely easter weekend though -ds1 loved his little animal hunt around the garden. And hooray, another day off tomorrow smilesmile

cupcakefairy Sun 31-Mar-13 20:27:30

Aww moon no chocolate! Poor you! Although I have to say I do prefer savoury stuff myself so cheese and biscuits sounds lovely!! I was saying to dh while looking at our huge pile of chocolate "I wish we'd just bought loads of kettle chips instead" grin
And well done you buying maternity clothes!

4everhopeful Mon 01-Apr-13 15:50:16

Happy Easter ladies grin

Have to say to moon am also a huge sweet tooth, but in most pregs went off choc too, except this one, so def reckon you're having a girl now!

Waves to everyone, Im beyond tired, did other older mums really have overwhelming moments of exhaustion in this stage of pregnancy? Is it harder as we get older?

moonmrs Mon 01-Apr-13 19:09:41

4ever everyone else except me thinks I'm having a girl too! And I know I'm behind you, but my tiredness has never seemed to have improved, everyone says by 12 weeks you start to feel better, I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and still exhausted! All worth it though.

cupcake no I haven't felt movements yet, starting to get impatient! Dh maintains he's been able to feel something for the last few weeks, when I'm asleep in bed. I keep thinking maybe I've felt flutters, but then it turns out to be a gurgle or trapped wind blush

Hand holds for mrskate for tomorrow, will be thinking of you lots (is it tomorrow or did I get the wrong day?)

Neeko Mon 01-Apr-13 20:28:50

Moon I was coming on to wish Mrskate luck for tomorrow too, so something must have been mentioned about tomorrow. Hope you're ok Mrskate

Moon That's really interesting about the no chocolate thing. Will be waiting to see if 4ever is right.

4ever Think the exhaustion is less to do with your age and more to do with having a near three year old ball of energy to keep up with this time as opposed to flopping on the couch last time. At least that was the major difference for me!
DD2 randomly bit DD1 today and drew blood! [Sad] Totally unlike her and a very difficult one to parent.

Neeko Mon 01-Apr-13 20:36:44

Cupcake How's the steal the DC's chocolate save the DC's teeth campaign going? wink

LBM I can just imagine the look on the DC 's faces when they realised you didn't have their eggs.

Rumours Between DD2's birthday and Easter, the sweet stuff I've eaten this long weekend is ridiculous! Must stop creating a cake buffet each time we have a party especially one with guaranteed leftovers

cupcakefairy Mon 01-Apr-13 22:13:11

neeko I feel sick looking at all the chocolate!! Way too much.. actually quite looking forward to it being gone so I can start dieting again! Bought some super skinny jeans at the weekend that are just a little too skinny at the moment so definitely need to lose the last few pounds!

moon 16 weeks!! So exciting! Movements won't be long now!

4ever I agree with neeko! I was a million times more tired pregnant with ds2, it's exhausting with a toddler to look after too!

MrsKate Mon 01-Apr-13 22:14:49

Hi girls just popping in to say yeah scan is tomorrow at 9am, just want it over and done with so I can move on and get my head around it and get back to whatever normal is sad

Thanks for remembering neeko and moon xxxx

Neeko Tue 02-Apr-13 07:38:34

Here's my hand Mrskate and a big hug. Hope they don't keep you waiting.

Cupcake Super skinny jeans? envy I'd settle for being able to fit into slightly thinner ones! grin I was good yesterday though <hopeful emoticon>

Going to see my friend's new baby girl today at last. Can't wait for a cuddle of her happy ending.

moonmrs Tue 02-Apr-13 08:18:33

Here's my hand too mrskate will be thinking of you.

SabsFabulous Tue 02-Apr-13 08:40:09

Popping in to let MrsKate know I'm thinking of her. Here's my hand too

Hope everyone is well. Will be back soon to do a proper post and personals

Rumours Tue 02-Apr-13 08:52:50

Another hand here mrskate and a hug too.

blue and mls hope you're both enjoying your hols, and mls hope your poorly dcs are feeling better.

4ever yes second pg was definatly more tiring, just get your rest when you can and use the magic that is cbeebies.

neeko enjoy the newborn cuddle smile. Oh and the newborn smell smile

Waves to everyone

cupcakefairy Tue 02-Apr-13 08:53:25

Thinking of you mrsk hope it's not too awful an experience & you get some lovely staff. X x x

4everhopeful Tue 02-Apr-13 09:22:11

Thoughts are with you Mrskate sad

Waves to everyone else xx back for proper personals later xx

Rumours Tue 02-Apr-13 09:41:09

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Just be aware and accept difference, not indifference.

Gotta go neeks is texting me grin

MrsKate Tue 02-Apr-13 10:32:08

Hi girls
Just had scan I've got retained products so having the pessaries so as I type I'm lay flat on my back and got to stay like this for an hour confusedI want this to all go away I hope this works sadsadsad

Rumours Tue 02-Apr-13 10:33:35

I hope it works for you too mrskate hope it's quick and painless too xx

moonmrs Tue 02-Apr-13 10:41:09

Lurking at work. So sorry mrskate as rumours says, hope its quick and painless, so you can start to put this behind you sad I had the pessaries along with the medical management, and they did work, so hopefully they will for you too. Big hugs, we're all in there with you.

4everhopeful Tue 02-Apr-13 11:56:41

Oh mrskate sorry to hear that, i echo the others, really hope its quick and painless as poss so you can start to get some closure... big hugs x

Neeko Tue 02-Apr-13 12:01:56

Oh Mrskate as if u haven't suffered enough sad sad Thinking of you xx

moonmrs Tue 02-Apr-13 20:32:26

Hopes mrskate is at home tucked up with a blanket on the sofa, watching crap telly, with a hug from her dh, a cuppa tea and mini eggs.

MrsKate Tue 02-Apr-13 21:09:23

Nearly right moon im tucked up in bed watching tv with chocolate xxx

Had about 2 hours of really heavy bleeding and cramps but has eased off a little now xxx

Thanks for messages smile xxx

moonmrs Tue 02-Apr-13 21:12:53

Glad to hear it smile go easy on yourself and don't try to do too much. Hope you manage to get some sleep.

Sleep well MrsKate.

Make sure the GP gives you a long enough sick note when you see him tomorrow ( you don't want to be back at work too soon- nag nag nag smile).

CurlyLikesShortShorts Wed 03-Apr-13 10:40:49

Big hugs mrskate you poor love sad how are things today?

MrsKate Wed 03-Apr-13 13:42:15

Hi everyone

Got a sick note for another 2 weeks and a occupational health appointment for a few sessions of counselling . At work The senior sister said I looked dreadful and really unwell and would not want be back at work any sooner than that .

Neeko Wed 03-Apr-13 14:01:52

Mrskate Glad to hear you have got some more time and the counselling should be helpful too. Thinking of you.

4everhopeful Wed 03-Apr-13 14:29:32

Glad to hear you've been signed off mrskate, you've been through an awful time and you need to be gentle with yourself and take it slow to recover physically, and start to eventually start the emotional healing process too... Its very hard, you just keep hugging that boy of yours x

Hey there curly how you doing?

Blue hope you had a lovely trip at your caravan? Are you still there? We go in 3wks, can't wait! smile

Rumours hope DS2 is now back to full fighting fitness? How's everything else going with you? Are you feeling more positive about everything? I keep saying, but do hope you have a nice holiday planned somewhere?

Talking of which Mls hope you are having a nice break too and the DCs are fully recovered as well? Good bit of sea air should be helping! wink

Neeko bet your DDs are counting down to Disneyworld eh? BTW, all ladies that commented, you're right, think the sheer moments of overwhelming exhaustion I'm having are definitely moreso this pregnancy due to running round after my little lightening legs! smile Of course that, and last few wks getting babys room. done, sorting all Summers old stuff, doing my first ebay sales, remortgaging, and mums birthday! Phew! (Though age def a factor too! hmm) Just realised I enter the 3rd trimester in 2 wks shock the 2nd has gone by in a whirlwind of 'to do' lists, now all major missions accomplished, its feet up time!

Except, saying that, Summers 3 in 8 wks shock my ikkle girl! Cupcake Lbm Mls we should have a virtual party seeing as there's about 2wks between them all! grin

Moon how are you doing my lovely? When's that apt? Not long til you find out the flavour! grin

Sabs you ok too? Must be nearing 30wks now?! Is it 3 or 5wks between us? pregnant brain!

Was all very exciting here last night, my neighbours daughter is also pregnant, due for induction tomorrow, I was awake with usual pregnancy insomnia, then Summer padded in for a cuddle, then about 2am I heard the distinctive cry of labour pains smile DH was stirring so told him, and we listened some more excitedly, saw her boyfriend bring the car to the front of the house so hung out the window to wish her luck as they left about 3am, got a tx at 7ish to say she had her baby girl at 3.47am! shock smile That is my kinda labour! How quick?! I want one like that please! Very exciting though and dawning how imminent it actually is for us!

Neeko Wed 03-Apr-13 14:36:31

4ever sounds like an exciting evening. Lovely story.
Haven't told the girls about holiday yet. It's way too far away for them yet and I want my “We're going to Disneyworld“ moment. << wanders back to live in Hallmark card>> grin

moonmrs Wed 03-Apr-13 21:31:09

Please could you give me some advice if anyone's around? I've had a banging headache for 2 days now and its not shifting, is there anything I can do? I don't want to take any drugs if I can help it, but its getting me down now. I do suffer with migraines occasionally, so I assume it will end up in a migraine at some point.... I usually just sleep them off, but I cant sleep atm as it hurts so much. Any tips gratefully received.

4ever we haven't had the appointment through yet for the scan, but estimate it will be around the end of the month smile

mrskate hope you're doing ok

Neeko Wed 03-Apr-13 21:48:48

moon Try 4head and those cool and soothe strips. Both are completely safe when pregnant. I found a head and shoulder massage and a warm bath sometimes helped too. It can be quite difficult when you feel you can't take anything but paracetemol is also perfectly safe and will be more effective because you haven't taken any painkillers in a few months. It's probably worth having your blood pressure checked if it lasts or at least mentioning it at your next MW appt. Hope you feel better soon.

4everhopeful Wed 03-Apr-13 21:55:11

Random suggestion, lots of water and sugar fix... know you're off choc, but biscuits, cake, even jam on toast would be my suggestions... hopefully sleep will help too...

Ooop OBEM back on... Still highly envy of my neighbours brill labour and birth! She was back home by 3.30pm! We've been next door getting newborn snuggles! So tiny, Summer went straight in for a cuddle, so cute! Us next! Exciting! smile

moonmrs Wed 03-Apr-13 21:55:14

Thanks neeko I've heard of those, I'll pop to the supermarket on the way into work tomorrow and see what I can find. I know that paracetamol is safe, but I just don't want to take it, I know its silly, but I will worry endlessly if I take some. My blood pressure has always been fine at all my appointments, but I will mention it. Thank you.

moonmrs Wed 03-Apr-13 21:56:54

Oops cross post with 4ever dh did just make me a very weak, milky and sugary coffee, so maybe that'll help too. I do drink loads of water during the day anyway, but even more so today.

MrsKate Thu 04-Apr-13 10:59:14

On what of should of been my 12 week scan I'm planning to have a few of winethis eve and get plenty of chocs in xxx

4everhopeful Thu 04-Apr-13 12:50:59

Oh mrskate sad these days are so hard, when you're marking what should have been... I've been there far too many times and its the saddest thing, mainly also cos its the last official part of the fact you're little baby existed, albeit for a too short a time on this earth, but, he or she will always exist in your heart and your memory... All our angels maybe gone, but are never forgotten... My thoughts are with you today xxxxxxxx

Neeko Fri 05-Apr-13 08:23:12

Morning smile

How are you feeling today Mrskate?

How's the head Moon?

Would someone please come and remove the chocolate from my house? grin

MrsKate Fri 05-Apr-13 10:27:26

I'm having a day of pampering .my mum has surprised me by paying for my hair to be cut an coloured and a pedicure . She said I hope this would cheer me up smilelove her so much

moonmrs Fri 05-Apr-13 20:12:47

aww mrskate how lovely of your mum, hope you enjoyed being spoilt

the headaches a bit better thanks neeko I bought both of what you suggested and they seem to take the edge off - they don't usually go properly til I've had a mammoth sleep, so that is my plan for tomorrow and hope it goes!

happy weekend to everyone

Neeko Fri 05-Apr-13 20:18:42

Moon Your headaches sound like mine. I usually just have to wait mine out as anything I use dials them down but doesn't get rid. Glad that stuff helped.

Mrskate yay for your mum! Hope it helped a little smile

waves to 4ever

moonmrs Fri 05-Apr-13 20:27:24

I forgot to say that we got the date through for the 20 week scan, 30th April, eeek!

Neeko Fri 05-Apr-13 20:32:21

Woohoo Moon. That's exciting smile

SabsFabulous Sat 06-Apr-13 11:19:39

Moon great news on the scan date. Another milestone moment smile Is the plan now to find out the flavour?

Kate thinking of you. Hope you enjoyed the pampering session and are continuing to take good care of yourself

Will be back soon to do more personals. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow so was a milestone moment for me last week to have reached the third trimester. This baby is VERY active, was getting quite worried because it felt like the baby was just thrashing about inside trying to get out! But I rang the midwife helpline who reassured me that it's fine and more movements are better than less movements.

Before I go one question. Is it OK to use the same cot mattress for this baby that I used for Saara or is it better to buy a brand new one? What did others do?

Promise to be back soon!

4everhopeful Sat 06-Apr-13 12:34:56

Hey moon ooh how exciting to have your scan date! smile

Mrskate hope the pampering was a bit of a tonic, bless your mum..

Sabs yay to 3rd trimester! smile Realised how near it is for me too, bei only 3wks behind you! shock Huge milestone! Got an active one here too, which I find very reassuring! As for cot mattress, guidelines do say should be new, we ended up getting all new moses, then if he's anything like our longun Summer, he'll only be in it 6/7 weeks, then we have a rocking crib, and will probably invest in a new mattress for that, as with the carrycot part of pram, (which will be his bed on holiday when he's 9/10wks) then when we put him in his room, about 9months is the plan, and Summers old cot is in there, and will probably use her orig mattress by that age...

Spent yesterday afternoon in A&E after a playdough up the nose incident! (Summer not me!) Poor thing was hysterical, worry being it can either go into the stomach, which is not really a problem, as opposed to into the lungs, which obviously is a big problem... confused Thankfully by the time we got to A&E and the fantastic kids department, she was happily playing in the toy area and seemed fine, when they checked her out they couldn't see it and her oxygen levels and breathing was fine, which meant it must of thankfully gone to her stomach, so we're on poo watch, again! (Only 3wks since the 5p in the poo incident! hmm) Was all a bit of a worry at the time though, but bless her she was so brave and good as gold.. ...and what has she just asked for? Yep, playdough! hmm A stern lecture is about to take place!

Quick messaage for Sabs - I only had a new mattress for the cot for my first. All others were second hand - moses, buggy cot and by the time ds and dd2 arrived, they were all second hand! I would check what the current cot death recommendations are?

4ever that little monkey of a girl! Hope you are all fully recovered and looking forward to another week of poo watch!

Neeko Sat 06-Apr-13 20:25:55

4ever What a girl you have!grin

Sabs I bought all new both times but if they are plastic covered they might be ok. I say go with your gut. Congrats on the 3rd trimester milestone smile


Rumours Sun 07-Apr-13 09:48:52

sabs I bought new but only because there's almost 7 years between my too. If it was a gap like yours and the mattress was clean or could be cleaned I would reuse it.

4ever how's poo watch going? grin

<cheery waves>

Rumours Sun 07-Apr-13 09:49:49

Two not too! I always feel I have to correct myself with neeks around wink. I prefer sums!

Neeko Sun 07-Apr-13 12:24:11

No judgement here Rumours grin but eek to numbers for me. How's life, lovely?

Rumours Sun 07-Apr-13 13:04:55

It's ok thanks neeko, have had a few bad days with the boys, they're out of their routine bless em. But yesterday was better.
I've still not seen the cake!! How's you?

4everhopeful Sun 07-Apr-13 20:33:24

Been throwing up today, bad tummy, poss food poisoning - from shop brought home made choc coconut cake - if that's poss? Or a bug... Freaking me out tho... Delivery suite said if anything go to a+e as more a medical issue, and am feeling movements, but over analysing how many...

Any similar experiences/reassurance for me please ladies?

Neeko Sun 07-Apr-13 21:01:23

4ever no similar experience but think your boy is very well protected so long as you don't dehydrate. A spoonful of water every few minutes and plenty of rest for you. Baby is probably just reacting to your stress levels but get checked out if you are excessively worried. Take care.

Rumours I know how a change in routine affects my two so I can imagine how stressful the past few days have been for you. Hope it's back to normality now.

I'm good, but exhausted. DH is on a 3 day weekend. We've cycled, walked, swam, gardened, shopped... grin and we're off to see Justin and friends tomorrow. We may not get a lot of family time but we know how to cram it in! wink

Neeko Mon 08-Apr-13 17:26:39

How are you today 4ever?

4everhopeful Mon 08-Apr-13 18:08:19

Like crap neeko sad sooooo rough, was all freaked out worrying about listeria & stuff & dreadful outcome for baby, spent evening in 2 minds about going to a+e, was sick so much I've seriously strained muscles & hurt myself, called nhs direct and they sent out of hrs doc round who gave me anti sickness jab & prescription for meds, which got today, baby moving lots thank god, but he seemed convinced its the sickness bug, and that was confirmed about 3am when Summer woke up and threw up all over herself and her bed.... sad Poor baby was sick another couple times, but thankfully my little bounce back queen has been much better today, as opposed to me who feels like death warmed up.. Managed miniscule bits of food and diarilyte help replace all the lost minerals ect, but just bleugh, yuk, weak, very sore, and sorry for myself...

Neeko Mon 08-Apr-13 18:44:01

Aww poor you sad sad You'll have it worse than S cos of your lowered immune system. Hope you feel better soon.

moonmrs Mon 08-Apr-13 19:17:45

Aww 4ever that sounds awful, wishing you a speedy recovery, make sure dh looks after you xx

Rumours Mon 08-Apr-13 21:08:31

Hope you feel better soon 4ever x

cupcakefairy Tue 09-Apr-13 10:09:00

4ever you poor thing that sounds awful sad glad doc has been out to see you & baby moving lots though. neeko is right re immune system.. good to know your body will be protecting that baby but rubbish that it makes you feel worse! Hope a bit better today?

Sorry to be quiet..we have chickenpox.. waiting on a call from doc as I'm a bit worried the spots have become infected sad day 6 today & it's horrible. Ds2 bound to get it too so it's far from over!

Neeko Tue 09-Apr-13 20:52:28

Cupcake sad to the pox. It's a horrid disease. Hope DS isn't too poorly and DS2 gets it mildly. At least then it will be over.

Hope you're on the mend today 4ever

moonmrs Tue 09-Apr-13 21:25:14

Aww cupcake your poor babies, hope they will get over it quickly. I suppose at least its out of the way then, although that's no help to you.

How are you doing 4ever?

<waves> to neeko and rumours

mrskate hope you're still weebling with us, thinking of you lots.

MrsKate Tue 09-Apr-13 21:41:06

Hi girls

I've had a absolutely horrible daysad. I went to my friends this morning and had a bit of cramping when woke up.I went to the loo within about 5 mins of being at her house and started severely bleeding to the point I soaked her floor ,my clothes it looked like a murder scene I was so embarrassed this went on for 2 hours I virtually stayed in her bathroom for all that time . Ds was left to fend for himself with my friends twins I ended up leaving him there and driving back home confused to get changed and sort my self out. I phone the gau dept who said this was normal angry I've been bleeding a month now !!!!!!! Not sure if to phone dr in morning I feel really unwell

Oh and to top it all off ds decided to poo himself at my friends confused

Neeko Tue 09-Apr-13 21:48:40

Oh Mrskate That's awful. sorry that this has been so physically hard for you. I'd definitely see the doctor tomorrow. tomorrow. Are you taking iron? Spatone or Floradix can really help.

Hi Moon. How's your headache? Any flutters yet? I lay on my tummy to feel the first ones with DD1.

MrsKate Tue 09-Apr-13 21:59:23

No not on any medication yet neeko I'm just so tired feel unwell at mo

moonmrs Tue 09-Apr-13 22:09:43

Oh mrskate sad that sounds horrible, but agree with neeko and definitely get to the doctors, especially if you're feeling unwell too, better to get checked out to be on the safe side. Big hugs to you, it wont always be this hard.

neeko the headache has almost gone now, you know when you get a kind of hangover headache after a migraine? Its kind of like that now but much more manageable. Have been using that 4head stuff, its probably psychological but it seems to help, and I like the tingly feeling of it! Don't think I've felt any movements yet, but then I have felt some like gassy type feelings which people say might be it.... I'm just getting a bit impatient now!

4everhopeful Wed 10-Apr-13 11:19:38

Mrskate That just sounds so horrendous and awful and I'm angry on your behalf you've had to go through this, your EPU/gynae sound bloody terrible, first making you wait all that time for a scan, then not rescanning you after 'medical management' to see if your retained products had definitely gone, you should of been offered an ERPC plain and simple immediately, and then would not have had to endure this horrendous physical and emotional ordeal. You need to go straight back, demand a scan that everything is now gone, if not, and ERPC under ultrasound guidance to confirm they definitley get it all, and I sincerely hope you've been given antibiotics as soon as they gave you that medical management, which should be par for the course with retained product? Last thing you need on top of everything is an infection.. Just beggars belief.. I've been there hon, my 3rd loss at 13 weeks, needed 2 ERPCs due to retained product and 6 weeks of bleeding, sadly I know what should be done as standard, and the way you've been treated is just not right... I hope you're there now.. Good luck, and hugs hon

Had to post to poor Mrsk - be back for personals later, thanks for well wishes, am recovering slowly but still feeling knocked for six by it all... confused

Cupcake hugs to your poorly DS - poor sausage, chicken pox is horrid..

moonmrs Wed 10-Apr-13 19:33:29

I think I can feel the baby moving grin when I went to bed last night I couldn't sleep, so was laying there for a while and I definitely felt movement. Then today at work I was sat working quietly and I felt it again, then tonight since I've been home. But always towards the left hand side hmm

cupcakefairy Wed 10-Apr-13 20:02:28

Ooooh moon that's so exciting! Maybe the placenta is at the front on the right side..that would also explain not feeling movements earlier. But YAY! I keep randomly getting excited for you when I think about it, I just knew this day would come when it's really finally happening for you and I'm SO happy it is smilesmilesmile (Not half as happy as you I'm sure!!)

Oh Mrskate what a horrible day you had yesterday but yes, I agree with 4ever and feel angry for you! Absolutely horrible what you've been through. I agree you should be asking for a scan to confirm either way whether there is retained product, I'm sure a sudden new surge of bleeding is NOT normal after this long.

Neeko how was dh's long weekend? Sounded fab what you had planned!

Thanks for all lovely well-wishes re the pox. Thankfully ds isn't infected, just had some really nasty looking spots. He's all crusted over now though so I think we're safe to venture out again, until ds2 potentially gets it too though! Yeah I am glad to get it over with now and thankfully he hasn't been ill with it at all but I really didn't expect it to be THIS horrible to see my baby covered in nasty big spots - his lovely soft skin! It's awful. Special thanks to MLS for the text tips. Dh thought I was mad putting porridge oats in the foot of old tights but it definitely seemed to help! grin

Neeko Wed 10-Apr-13 21:11:18

Yay to the lovely Moonwhoisfeelingmovements! That is so exciting. In a few weeks they will be big fat thumps.

4ever Are you on the mend?

Mrskate Been thinking of you today. Hope you are all right.

Cupcake Glad the spots aren't infected and he's on the mend. DD1's spots took ages to go away but they do eventually and he'll have that lovely skin back. Part of me would like DD2 to get it to get it over with though I'd never deliberately expose her to it. It is doing the rounds up here though.
The weekend was excellent. Justin and friends was really good - much better than we expected. The merchandise was ridiculously overpriced though- £8 for a light up spinny thing and £5 for a small helium balloon. Poor DDS had to "make-do" with sharing a program lol. I hate the way these already-expensive events try to cash in. [grr]

We've had a wonderful school holiday overall. Lots of meeting up with friends, both mine and the girls. I'm a bit worried that I seem to have my summer holiday head on. confused Who knows how I'll gear up to teach again next week. I usually do some work over the holidays, especially in the evenings, but after being so ill at Christmas I was determined to chill out and I'm managing well grin It'll probably end in tears!

Neeko Thu 11-Apr-13 19:01:38

Did I kill the thread? grin

MrsKate Thu 11-Apr-13 19:06:40

Hi girls

I'm a bit better today bleeding has eased a little got dr appointment on Monday so I see the same gp .

Moon great about feeling moonbean xxxxx

Hi neeko xxx

moonmrs Thu 11-Apr-13 20:49:24

Nah neeko we like to gossip away, so no chance wink I am just in bed far earlier than normal these days, and I lurk on my phone at work sometimes but often don't get the time to. Glad to hear you've had a good holiday, I think I should have been a teacher just for the holidays, although I know its hard work.

mrskate thankfully if the bleedings eased off this might be the end of it now, but look after yourself and make sure you keep that doctors appointment to be on the safe side.

cupcake aww you did make me smile with your reaction to babymoon moving about! I randomly think Yay! too, and then tears fill my eyes, because I still can't quite believe its happening, I never thought I would sat here talking about baby movements, isn't it funny how life works out. I am so happy I can't even begin to tell you how much, and I have changed back into that version of me that I liked that I thought was lost forever.

4ever hope you are getting better every day and you're getting lots of reassuring kicks from the little man.

cupcakefairy Thu 11-Apr-13 21:40:17

Aaaww moon I'm so so glad you feel like your old self again smile that's so amazing <wipes away tear>
I misread mrskate's comment as moonbeaM so I think that should be baby's new name grin

neeko so glad you've been enjoying some time off, good on you for chilling out & not working too hard!
Re Justin though, I just cannot see him in the same light ever since I read the thread on here with MNers who were turned on by him & talked about jumping Lord Tumble grinshock

rumours you ok lady?

4ever is poo watch over?? grin

mrsk glad you're feeling a bit better.

I'm going MAD with cabin fever, I was majorly shouty mummy today sad but thank GOD ds is back to playschool tomorrow & quarantine is over! (until ds2 gets it!)

4everhopeful Fri 12-Apr-13 11:56:47

Ahhh moon its sooooo lovely to read your posts! smile Like cupcake I just feel so emotional and happy for you getting your dream finally! I knew it just had to happen, Goes to show to remain foreverhopeful! wink Lovely hearing you feel like the old happy you again (except even happier!) Know exactly what you mean, Id spent 2yrs with a fake smile avoiding eye contact before we finally had Summers succesful pregnancy! How fantastic for you to feel movements! Its just so reassuring, little moonbeam will soon have a little routine that you recognise! My little man comes into his own when i lay on the sofa in the evening with some choc! grin

Cupcake glad to hear DS1 is on the mend bless him... Must be horrible seeing their beautiful skin all sore looking, I'm dreading the inevitability of Summers turn! Glad you're no longer on quarantine though, hopefully this eternal winter is finally ending and we're finally in for some decent weather! I'm desperate to feel some sun on my skin! Oh and been on poo watch, but despite the offending playdoh being bright pink smile the docs did say stomach acid would probably break it up!

Neeko Summer and I are so envy of you seeing Justin! smile (Though not in that way that cupcake mentioned! shock Bleugh!) He is brilliant though, Summer adores him! Sounds like you had a fun holidays, glad to hear it, you work hard, you deserve a complete break!

Mrsk do think you should get back to the hospital for a scan asap ideally..

Rumours you're still very quiet mrs... Do miss ya... check in and let us know you're ok?

How's our other lurkers? Big waves to blue, curly, lbm, mls, remindme... monkey, buddha you still out there? Inevitably I've missed someone with my pregnant brain! blush

Sabs how you doing? Its gonna fly by now eh hon? smile

I'm finally feeling human again after the sickness bug from hell, took til yesterday to really get my appetite back and not feel completely wiped out and floored, oh and the awful muscle strain from all the reaching! Every part of me ached... Obviously made me very weebly about the little fella too, but he's still moving about ok thankfully... Have glucose tolerance test on tuesday so at least will get a little midwife check/chat for reassurance while I'm there...! Summer has been such a sweetheart, she keeps getting a thermometer and sticking it in my mouth! The drs bag and nurses outfit we've got her for her birthday are gonna go down a treat! smile

moon your posts are just so lovely they make me smile everytime, it is just so lovely to see dreams coming true.. I love the comment about you coming back to being you again as that is very much how I feel about BB - for me, all the pain goes away as I have her and I can "forget" her sibling who was never to be as I do feel that all their nicest parts are coming out in her. Dh was home alone with her last weekend and they had such a lovely time - she is shuch a Daddys girl and he is besoted - as I'm sure your DH will be too

4ever we need to try and meet before ds appears - are you mobile currently or hibernating?!

neeko lovely to hear you had such a good holiday - I too am trying not to be at work when I'm at home and vice versa - am trying to trunb my data feeds off on the phone which is very liberating!

Just had the most lovely evening doing the photobook for 2009. Now, that is when I lost my LO and met you ladies. However, you would never guess it was the sadest year of my life from the photos - we had the most amazing time, had lots of fun and my face seems remarkably pain free. Tis amazing how well the camera can lie - however I am really happy about it. The older DC's seem to have a great year and this is how I would want it to be.

Have a lovely weekend all - am planning a family day tomorrow followed by rugby tournament on Sunday - praying for no rain!

moonmrs Sun 14-Apr-13 17:39:56

lbm that's interesting what you say - I seem to have a lot of photos from 2009 which is the year we lost both our lo's, yet I do appear very happy in all the photos, only we know how we felt inside. I know I put on a front on many occasions for weddings/birthdays because I had to put aside what I felt, and although I was genuinely happy for the other people, I always felt like I was dying inside. Its funny how, when your dream is starting to come true, all the things that got you down before just don't matter anymore - like my job that I was prepared to leave, I don't care anymore cuz I am just going with the flow in order to get my maternity leave, and I know that when I go back, I will have other priorities.

cupcake moonbeam already seems to have a routine, it revolves around food! Whenever I've eaten, he/she seems to wake up and dance about!

Hope you've all had a good weekend smile

moonmrs Sun 14-Apr-13 17:41:11

sorry it was 4ever who said about moonbeams routine blush

MrsKate Sun 14-Apr-13 19:48:14

Sorry to talk about me again just done a preg test as gau requested ready for gp tomorrow it's still positive confused surely it should be negative 5 weeks bleeding and 2 weeks since medical management Arragghh any advice sadsadsad

moonmrs Sun 14-Apr-13 19:51:36

I think it can take a while before all the hormones are out of your system? That's probably why they asked you take a hpt so they can see 'where you're at' for want of a better phrase. I'm sure someone else will be along who knows more than I do. So sorry, it's the headf*ck you can do without isn't it. Big hug.

Neeko Sun 14-Apr-13 21:58:39

Mrskate Moon is right. It can take a long time for the hormones to leave your system. I think you should try to insist on a further scan to see where you are at after all the bleeding last week. So sorry you are suffering so much.

Hi to everyone else.

4everhopeful Sun 14-Apr-13 22:36:58

mrsk sorry to say it again, but I've had too much experience sadly and, i absolutely think you should of gone straight back to the hospital last week, and had a scan, and i really reckon you will need an erpc, and that you might have an infection... You really should of been given antibiotics & you haven't mentioned if you were?

Rumours Mon 15-Apr-13 08:24:33

Oh mrskate here's a huge hug lovely. I hope you get a scan to check everything.

Waves to everyone. Hols have been great in one way, lots of family visiting, but hard in another in that ds2 is very hard work. I normally love our lazy holidays but his rigid ness and love of routine is really showing, bless him. It's the first time that I'm glad they're back to a routine of school and nursery which I feel a bit sad about. I am looking forward to a day of peace, I'm off to do the food shop smile, such fun!

MrsKate Mon 15-Apr-13 12:00:12

Hi girls
Got scan for Wednesday at half 9 and dr checked no infection thank god smile started on iron tablets as well dr says I look unwell hmm

moonmrs Mon 15-Apr-13 19:21:39

mrskate glad to hear that you don't have an infection and you've got a scan booked, hopefully this is an end to it all for you.

rumours pleased that you've enjoyed your holidays with the boys, don't feel bad about sending them back to school/nursery, it means you appreciate the holidays and weekends with them even more, everyone needs a break. Am I weird cuz I don't mind food shopping, well, til the grannies get in the way that is....

Neeko Mon 15-Apr-13 19:48:42

Mrskate glad they are taking you seriously and doing the scan.

Rumours Don't feel bad. You just want your boys to be settled and happy whatever it takes to do that. smile
How's your weight loss going? I'm giving in and re-joining ww tomorrow. I have been playing with the same few pounds for ages and telling myself I can do it alone, but I can't.11 weeks til Florida so fingers crossed I can lose a wee bit.

4ever How are you? How many weeks now?

Moon I love food shopping too, especially if I can go alone. And it means we all.eat what I like grin

LBM I found what you said about the photos really interesting. Makes you wonder about the people you see every day without knowing their heartache.

*Cupcakej Are you a spot-free zone now? smile

Going out for dinner with MrsKate tonight. grin We've never been out together at night before so we thought it was about time!

My two are asleep, 5 mins to get ready, then go.

<waves to everyone >

moonmrs Tue 16-Apr-13 20:23:01

Have a good time smile

4everhopeful Wed 17-Apr-13 01:07:18

Ahhh hope mrsk & remindme had a lovely evening! smile Best of luck at your scan tomorrow mrsk, so glad there's no infection..

Rumours no justification needed for enjoying a moment of 'you' time, we all need that! Even just to food shop! smile I like the food shop too, used to be a family afternoon out sad but am banned by DH since pregnant and really miss it!!

Cupcake hope normality is resumed & DS2 managed to avoid the pox lurgy?! Been thinking of you & that awful mumps outbreak, have both DSs had their mmrs?

Moon bless moonbeams food instigated routine! My little man's exactly the same! Did you invest in that maternity wedding outfit yet? smile

Neeko woop woop 11wks to the big hols! smile When you telling the girls for that Disneyworld hallmark card moment?! smile Good luck with ww... Can't wait to start shifting weight after littluns arrival, definitely a different neat football like boy shaped bump this time, but still near on 3stone gained already, v noticable in my face.. Feel like a heavy beached whale! (Though embracing it most of the-- time of course! wink)

Oh yes and to answer your question, 27wk2d!! Officially 3rd trimester! grin <<fanfare and fireworks!>> Last big milestone really, now its countdown time! grin It has flown I must admit, been a whirl of 'to do lists' & various stuff going on, next few wks similar with caravan hol & Summers birthday! Am struggling a bit now with hugeness, uncomfortablity, spd, sore coxis, and everything else, and as you can see from time of post, consistent insomnia instigated by rip roaring nightly heartburn! confused Still grateful & embracing every symptom though, of course! Should so be asleep, barely slept at all last night and out at 7.30am yesterday morning after fasting for glucose tolerance test at 8am! Results in a few days.. I dropped off just after 10pm, but woke at midnight with fire burning windpipes and achey everywhere, as I do most nights, so here I am posting & about to trawl pregnancy boards! (Lurking only!) Really excited at prospect that birth is actually so imminent, main worry (apart from obvious prayers for a happy healthy outcome) but just panicing a bit about leaving Summer & hoping its not a middle of the night thing & a long drawn out labour... confused MIL is on standby & only round the corner but am hoping for a neeko stylee hallmark card type get to hospital 9amish to find am nearly 10cm, give birth by midday & home by teatime! grin Ahhh well, I can dream can't I?!?! grin Have first of growth scans in 2 weeks to see if he's a biggun like Summer, she was induced at 38w cos of her size but that took 5days shock just not feasible this time.. Of course there's all the other unknown factors like if this glucose test showed gestational diabetes then it'd be a 38wk induction as standard, or he could be breech then that'd be a section, its all unknowns isn't it? I just don't get why women have birth plans! So long as its a healthy outcome that's all that I could ask and pray for! (Quick would be great though!) Have invested in a 4D scan this sunday, very excited to get a proper glimpse of what our little man looks like! grin Summers was soooo amazing! Might be able to gage how big he's looking as well! Eeeek! grin

moonmrs Wed 17-Apr-13 10:12:59

Lurking at work for mrskate

MrsKate Wed 17-Apr-13 12:03:05

Hi girls got d+c at 1030 tomorrow least that will be then end of it sadxx

moonmrs Wed 17-Apr-13 12:28:43

Aww mrskate I feel so sad for you that's its been so long and drawn out, but at least they are moving quickly and you'll finally be able to come to terms with it all. Big hug xx

4everhopeful Wed 17-Apr-13 13:06:08

Really feel for you mrsk... Just crap you have had to go through all this and have it so horrendously drawn out... Just very unfair.. Glad they are now finally on the case and once tomorrow is out the way you can finally get some physical closure and start coming to terms with things emotionally...

Neeko Wed 17-Apr-13 16:52:26

Big hug for Mrskate sad

MrsKate Wed 17-Apr-13 20:10:59

Hi everyone

Just give more details about what happened today . Had scan at 10 am didn't see dr till 11 !!! for them to say nothing has changed in 2 weeks re scan, still got retained products despite 3 severe bleeding episodes. The dr and his registrar requested I have d+c as bleeding for so long and I feel unwell. bloods also were taken so find out if HB low or not tomorrow . I go in at half 10 with view of going to theatre approx 1 ish and hopefully home around evening time is every thing goes to plan . Dh is looking after jack so I will be on my own not looking forward to that sadsad il be on here every 5 mins

moonmrs Wed 17-Apr-13 21:02:45

Will be thinking of you for tomorrow, hope it all goes smoothly. You know what, we so need a hug icon on here don't we.

Neeko Wed 17-Apr-13 21:51:01

Mrskate I'm winking tomorrow but will try to pop on and keep you company. Have a readof the aibu threads to distract you. Thinking of you.

Moon we do but it's very un-MN grin

Neeko Wed 17-Apr-13 21:51:41

Winking? blush Working!

moonmrs Wed 17-Apr-13 22:05:26

Lol I'll be winking too neeko but will lurk if I can. Ahh I know its very un MN but who cares, rules are there to be broken wink

mrskate thats just horrible - good that somethings being done but horrid that you have to go through it and without DH. But onwards and upwards, after tomorrow, you can get back into the saddle and make the most of your enhanced fertility wink

4ever So exciting - Summers little brother will be here soon. Hope you're getting some sleep? Does Gaviscon help? I have "lovely" memories of waking up with a half disolved tablet on my tongue....

neeko very envy of your holiday. My db and dsil are there at the moment and have posted almost every day on facebook - looks so much fun

Must go - busy as ever and need some sleep

DD1 has just had a bad dream and came into see us, knocking over my gin and finding my secret stash of mini eggs - not good for one who keeps saying she is dieting!

Neeko Thu 18-Apr-13 07:20:44

LBM Actually snorted at your post about your secret chocolate stash being rumbled!grin I wasn't excited about the holiday until recently but really am now. We've booked for lunch at Cinderella's castle with a meet and greet. The girls (and I include myself in that wink ) may pee their pants with excitement grin

4ever heartburn is the pits and the reason my two came out looking like beautiful wee monkeys! smile We're not telling them until June as too soon will have them hyper for weeks and drive us nuts

Moon Totally agree smile
wink wink wink wink just doing some winking before working!

Mrskate Here's my hand. xx

Rumours Thu 18-Apr-13 08:29:33

mrskate thinking of you loads lovely xx

neeko all that winking will make you blind!! I think?? Or is that something else winkwink

lbm I lol'd more at the gin grin

4everhopeful Thu 18-Apr-13 09:14:29

Thinking of you today mrsk... take a good book & a pile of mags for some time passing distractions... This time tomorrow you'll be snuggled up with your boy and it will all be over... x

Waves to all the winkers wink

Lbm LOL at the actual combo of stashed gin & choc grin

moonmrs Thu 18-Apr-13 09:31:17

wink winking for mrskate here's my hand too.

Lol rumours that is possibly something else!

MrsKate Thu 18-Apr-13 11:15:49

Just waving and winkingwink at everyone will keep you all posted xxxx

cupcakefairy Thu 18-Apr-13 11:22:40

Hello ladies!
mrsk massive hug to you...yes come on here and distract yourself. I've just been laughing my head off at the 'questions your toddler has asked' thread (it's on pick of the day.. some VERY funny things there smile

4ever you poor thing, heartburn is the PITS and the worst symptom of both my pregnancies..just horrible. I'm sure your labour will be much quicker this time, even if you are induced. Your cervix will already be open a bit from having Summer so they may be able to break your waters, rather than having to go through all the pessary stuff. But hopefully it won't be GD and you will have a nice spontaneous and quick labour! I was just sooooo pleased to have had a spontaneous start with ds2 after being induced with ds1, it could happen for you too smile

lbm LOL at dd knocking over your gin gringrin brilliant.

neeko WOW to lunch at Cinderella's castle!!! I'M peeing my pants with excitement over that and I'm not even going grin that's amazing!

Well we're now on round 2 of chickenpox sad ds2 had a couple of spots yesterday and this morning woke up absolutely covered in them bless him sad way more than ds1 had... so far he doesn't seem ill at all and is eating etc, but I'm sure he's going to get worse as ds1 got more and more spots for the first 3 days sad poor baby. And poor me stuck in the house! We've already cracked open the Pixar DVDS. Plus I'm back on the diet so I can't even have a feeling-sorry-for-myself piece of cake sadsad <cries>

Neeko Thu 18-Apr-13 11:45:11

This will be short because I can hardly see from all that winking grin Trust Rumours to lower the tone! grin grin

Mrskate Hope you're ok and they take you more quickly than expected.

Cupcake Poor DS2. Hope he recovers quickly. A teensy bit of chocolate to calm your nerves will be fine smile

MrsKate Thu 18-Apr-13 13:35:11

Not long till theatre all gowned up and ready to go sad

Just passing by with a quick wink for Kate.

It's mayhem at my house, I'm looking after my brothers boy and friends baby. That's one 3 year old, one 18 month old, one 12 month old and a 7 month old. shock

Neeko Thu 18-Apr-13 16:47:07

Go SuperRumours! grin I'm exhausted thinking about it.

Mrskate Hope it went well xx

MrsKate Thu 18-Apr-13 17:39:39

Just got to ward from theatre a bit groggy but not to bad smilexxx

4everhopeful Thu 18-Apr-13 17:55:34

Aw hon... bet you feel relieved its over, you'll be home getting cuddles before you know it... You've been really brave.. Big hugs, hairstrokes & chocolate for you x

Rumours Thu 18-Apr-13 20:14:00

Hugs and hair strokes for mrskate and lots of chocolate too.

neeko do you mean superremindmewhatsleepis? Im not doing anything that would make anyone exhausted right now, I'm sitting watching Big Bang and mumsnetting grin

Neeko Thu 18-Apr-13 22:26:57

Lol. That will teach me not to MN at the same time as doing something else! Sorry for stripping you of your super powers Remindme

4everhopeful Fri 19-Apr-13 16:01:44

S** crap damn.. I've got gestational diabetes sad confused

Oh bugger, 4ever - does that mean that you might get to meet DS sooner than planned?
What does it mean for you and your little man?

Neeko Fri 19-Apr-13 20:04:41

Oh no 4ever sad What happens now?

MrsKate Fri 19-Apr-13 20:30:34

Big hugs 4ever xxxxx

moonmrs Fri 19-Apr-13 20:50:12

Interested to hear what that means 4ever - I have to have that test at the end of June as apparently I am very very slightly over the threshold BMI. I had no idea what it meant though. Are there symptoms of having it?

How are you doing mrskate?

MrsKate Fri 19-Apr-13 20:51:59

In not too bad just bit tearful today and a little sore xxx

moonmrs Fri 19-Apr-13 21:05:31

Don't overdo it. Have you got some more time off work?

4everhopeful Fri 19-Apr-13 21:06:08

I've no idea right now girls... sad Only found out cos phoned to chase results & they said diabetic midwife had to inform me, but was on leave today, which i immediately knew meant i had it, and after a bit of pushing at my end got the charge midwife to call back & confirm it.. Diabetic midwife will call on monday & give me apt this wk, probably see a dietician too... No sugar - cakes/bics/choc, low gi diet & will have to test levels 4-6 times a day & keep a record & food diary i think, will be monitored & prob have to be seen every couple wks.. confused Everything I've heard/read indicates induction at 38w as well... Trying to be positive, have been looking forward to dieting after birth ready for hol, so at least i start sooner confused & if induced, then its only 10wks to go... But, of course crap the self testing, extra hospital apts, and trying not to think about the 'dangers' & 'risks'.. confused also potential l o n g induction process again with Summer to think of as well as all potential birth complications i can't allow myself to think about sad

Just crap really, thought i was on the home run now, and could put all the worst anxieties behind me..

moonmrs Fri 19-Apr-13 21:11:46

Aww 4ever try to keep focussed on the positives, I know it must be difficult, but as long your little man ends up here happy and healthy it will all be worth it in the end. Know its more anxiety and stress for you though, I understand that, but you've got this far, and the end is in sight now smile

4everhopeful Fri 19-Apr-13 21:17:13

Sorry x posts...

Hugs to mrsk x

Moon not symptoms you wouldn't also associate with pregnancy but when i read them on nhs website waiting for callback i did have them all, thirsty, tired, constantly weeing (all normal pregnancy stuff too of course) but the definer for me was recurrent thrush, suffered with it constantly... They gave me the test cos I'm 38 and Summer was a big baby.. With her pregnancy i had sugar in my urine so had to see (same) diabetic midwife & a dietician, check my levels by self testing for 2 wks, but turned out i was fine, so at least I've a basic knowledge of it all now... Just totally didn't expect it though..

4everhopeful Fri 19-Apr-13 21:26:01

X post again! Thanks honey.. Tbh, I'm more frustrated at being in limbo over the weekend, I just wanna get my apt, know what's what & start doing whatever i need to do... Have 28w midwife apt on weds, but was told diabetic midwifes clinic only tues & thurs so that means hospital 2 days in a row, childcare to arrange, and we go away on friday... grrr..

Obviously main focus is exactly what you said, a healthy delivery of my little man here safe and sound, but now that potentially involves new risk factors I'm back to head in sand and dealing with 1wk at a time... great hmm

4ever how frustrating but at least you can get this sorted before you go off on your holiday on Friday. Yes it's more stress but if anyone can handle it you can. you've got a great set of clinicians to look after you both, it's been picked up and with a bit more focus on you ( no bad thing), it will all be OK.

There's nothing you can do this weekend, so relaxm enjoy Summer and te next week will bring what it will bringxx

moon loving hearing the calm happy you, reassuring your pregnancy buddy

mrskate good to hear that you are not suffering too much physically

CurlyLikesShortShorts Fri 19-Apr-13 22:26:06

Hello lovelies. Just back from my hols and wish i'd managed to get on MN seeing what poor mrskate is going through sad I hope that things start to get easier hon. It must be so hard to be on here sometimes but I hope that it helps too. How is your sweet ds?

Big waves to everyone and lovely moon. I smile every time I think of you being upduffed. Sorry you have probably already said in the posts I haven't yet read but did u get ur results?

Big hugs 4ever. Try to be positive. This is something that you can control and like the wonderful mum that you are, you will xxx

moonmrs Sat 20-Apr-13 17:47:10

Welcome back curly smile did you go somewhere nice I cant remember hmm

I also cant remember which results they were - downs syndrome? If so, everything was ok there, low risk but the actual figures escape me right now....

lbm this is how I normally am, so laid back im almost laying down lol, as opposed to the stressed out and anxious old me til this little one came along.

Although I am a bit annoyed today, went out to try and buy some maternity trousers for work and some jeans, but I'm buggered if I can find any. Nearly every shop we went in had the most miniscule maternity section, with about 5 items to choose from and all for skinny mummies. So came home and had half a pack of chocolate biscuits to make my bump even bigger! We walked past a curtain shop and hubby said I should wear those hmm

Hugs for mrskate and 4ever and happy weekend waves to all

MrsKate Sat 20-Apr-13 18:19:56

Hi girls

Moon h+m have a great range I thought, I am size 16 ish and thought they were nice, asda too smile

Bleeding stopped gringringrin
Woke up today and put make up on a thought new day new start gringringringrin

moonmrs Sat 20-Apr-13 18:27:10

hi mrskate I did try Asda but they had barely anything there, a couple of tents and some spotty jeans hmm missed h&m though so will try there. Also forgot to say I have long legs which makes things more difficult. Not too bothered about tops as I can just buy a bigger size, but would be nice to have some jeans and trousers that actually fit. Lovely to see you smiling, glad the bleeding has stopped, and make up always helps you to feel more like you.

MrsKate Tue 23-Apr-13 09:04:23

Hope everyone is ok it's been a bit quite xxx

4everhopeful Tue 23-Apr-13 11:08:36

Hi Mrskate Im here! Glad to hear you are feeling better, I always found it was such a relief when the physical side was over with...

Moon check out the online stuff for much more variety on maternity wear, instore generally always have a small section.. Try mamas and papas, Next, New Look and Debenhams for a start.. wink

Curly welcome back! Did you go anywhere nice? Thanks for being a sweetie as always!

Blue you've been very quiet? Are you lurking?

Cupcake hows DS2? At least they've got it out the way for their birthdays!

Lbm yes indeed, looking forward to our hols on fri very much after the week we've had!

Hope all the lurkers and everyone is doing ok?! <<waves>> smile

I've adjusted to the diabetes news, after much googling, stumbling across a fab thread on here, (good old MN) and the diabetes midwife being really lovely on the phone and arranging to see me alongside my 28w ante natal apt tomorrow to save an extra trip to the hospital.. smile Will hopefully make things a bit clearer after tomorrows apt, but bit daunting to be starting the whole daily testing thing, though part of me just wants to get the ball rolling and start dealing with it.. hmm

Been distracted too as poor Summer had the most horrific constipation (tmi!) but was in agony trying to poo all friday, and again sunday, which meant we had to postpone our 4D scan til monday, but now she has a laxative medicine, and despite now also coming down with a stinker of a cold, is hopefully on the road to recovery, just heartwrenching seeing her in so much pain and being helpless though.. sad

But, on a brighter note, we had our amazing 4D scan yesterday, and was incredible how like Summers 4D he is, they are very similar looking! He misbehaved a bit and kept hiding his face, so not the greatest quality or amount, but still breathtaking and wonderful.. smile

Now gearing up for weekend away, and despite crap weather forecast, soooooo looking forward to it! smile

4everhopeful Tue 23-Apr-13 11:16:30

Have just uploaded a couple of the 4D pics on my profile if anyone wants to sneak a peek! smile

moonmrs Tue 23-Apr-13 20:25:46

I'm here too! I thought I'd been a thread killer over the weekend!

Aww 4ever those pics are amazing aren't they, it's so wonderful that they can get these photos whilst your little man is still inside, I bet you're so excited now. Thanks for the clothes suggestions, my other problem is that I have very little money, dh still isn't working so things are a bit tight - in more ways than one! Have no idea how we're ever gonna afford to buy all the baby stuff....

<waves> to mrskate hope you're feeling a little more yourself, are you still off work?

moon You really don't need much for your baby or lots of maternity clothes either.

For the baby, you have two choices - if you only want new stuff ( and there are lots that do, especially with their pfb) then start checking the equipment threads on here as they will say what are the real essentials or start your own thread. If you are ok with second hand, then join freecycle and find out when your next NCT sale is. I bought nothing new for BB, it was all from the NCT, charity shops and ebay and netmums local. I've given away a lot of baby stuff on freecycle. Saved a fortune and still had some lovely kit. you can also get maternity clothes from those too if you are lucky

4ever sounds good - will now go and look at those pictures

mrskate good to hear you are feeling a bit better

Hello to everyone else - one day my life will slow down...

moonmrs Tue 23-Apr-13 21:18:50

Thanks lbm I think some things I would prefer new but others quite happy to have second hand, so I'll look into the places you've suggested. I've been watching a few items of maternity clothing on eBay, don't mind those second hand either, a good wash and who would know. Hope you're busy with good things.

cupcakefairy Tue 23-Apr-13 21:30:49

Ah moon, as lbm says you don't need much - boobs, nappies, a bed for baby is about it grin you'd be surprised how much stuff people give you too - clothes and everything else. Dh and I would seriously struggle to afford all the clothes and shoes our boys need but we're so grateful we have certain friends who pass things on to us. Ebay is the place to go definitely - I've bought all sorts on there - and second hand markets (not just nct, google for any in your area, we get kidsmarkets in Wales but not sure if you have equivalent.)
For maternity clothes have you got mat leggings? Buy them on ebay grin and you can just live in them with floaty dresses and long tops. So much comfier than jeans etc.

4ever Crap about the GD sad so sorry for you to have another complication. I worry that I'll get it in my next pregnancy as ds2 was so giant sad but sounds like you're very positive about it and want to just get on with dealing with it - right attitude will make it so much easier to deal with. Pics are amazing, you must be so excited to meet the boy. But your poor dd that's not nice sad Have an amazing holiday!

<calls out to the back of the greenhouse> blue and barbie are you hiding back there?!

mrsk so glad bleeding has stopped...onwards and upwards as we say smile

hello curly! Welcome back smile

We are nearly over the pox... ds2 still absolutely covered bless him but scabbed over now so I'm thinking of going to playgroup tomorrow...7 full days since he got it I hope he's no longer contagious confused

moonmrs Tue 23-Apr-13 21:35:45

cupcake you've made me chuckle, but you are right, boobs, nappies and a bed! I shall recite that to myself when I start worrying next time! Its just sod's law that we've both been working for years and years and the second the baby comes along we only have 1 wage to live on, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I'd rather be poor and happy. I don't have leggings, but I might try those, like you say they go with so many things. Glad to hear the pox is all but gone, poor things.

Neeko Sat 27-Apr-13 17:33:41

Hello. Hope you're all ok. very quiet here.

All good with me. Focusing on the weight loss which is slow but steady.

moonmrs Sat 27-Apr-13 19:22:00

<waves> to neeko thought I'd killed the thread again! Glad to hear the weight loss is going well, slow is good it means its more likely to stay off. Me on the other hand, am putting on lots of weight as this little one is making me starving. 20 week scan on Tuesday shock can't believe we are this far along, its just crazy, if everything is ok I think I might finally believe this is all happening.

Neeko Sat 27-Apr-13 19:52:01

Oh Moon that is just so lovely. So happy to hear that you are finally able to believe a little. smile I'll be thinking of you on Tue. Will you find out the flavour? (to use a Barbie phrase)

moonmrs Sat 27-Apr-13 20:54:29

I think we are! Not that it matters in the slightest, but it would be nice to know smile

Neeko Sat 27-Apr-13 21:57:00

ooh. I'm excited! grin Will you tell us? I think it's a pink one.

moonmrs Sat 27-Apr-13 22:40:52

Yes of course I'll tell you smile dh thinks its pink and I think its blue.

Late night for me tonight, don't think I've been up this late in ages! Coming from someone who rarely went to bed before midnight this is very weird to me! Night night.

ohh, how exciting,moon - you get to see you little one tomorrow .

I think I'm in agreement with you - blue.

Had an interesting week last week - 2 friends who have both had loads of IVF are finally pregnant. One is quite a bit older than me shock and she is due in July. The other is my age and is due a bit later. Both are so happy and for me are proof that it is possible. I'm so looking forward to all the baby snuggles grin

Hope everyone else is well - good to hear that the weight is coming off, Neeko. Sadly mine keeps going back on - which is not good but mainly due to eating too much cake and chocolate!

Neeko Mon 29-Apr-13 20:03:37

Moon Here's my hand for tomorrow. I'm so excited that you are finally at this point. After tomorrow next time you see your Lo could be when he or she is in your arms grin grin

Lbm the whole weight thing is so hard when there's so much yummy food to be eaten! I've been really hungry today but trying to stay focused for weigh in tomorrow.
Lovely, lovely news about your friends. smile

Hope everyone else is ok...

moonmrs Mon 29-Apr-13 21:31:04

Thank you. I'll let you know as soon as I can. Please please let everything be ok.

Neeko Mon 29-Apr-13 21:32:19

Big deep breaths. Remember baby doesn't need a scan smile

SabsFabulous Tue 30-Apr-13 07:36:57

Popping in to wish Moon the best of luck today, not that you need it of course. Another milestone moment for you smile Will lurk to find out the flavour

Waves to everyone else. Sorry I haven't been around as much as I would like to be, life is so busy! I'm 32 weeks now and still have a few weeks of work left before I can supposedly relax! Promise to be back soon

4everhopeful Tue 30-Apr-13 08:53:33

Good luck today moon! Not that you need it of course! Very exciting stuff! grin I think blue!

Just catching up from weekend away, lovely much needed break, Summer had a ball, burst into tears when we got home cos she wanted to go dancing! Keeps saying 'where caravan gone, want to go dancing!' <melt>

Just realised not posted since diabetes clinic, all very positive & do able, been maintaining my levels well so feeling ok about it, only (quite big) downer is that if not given birth before, will be induced on due date, and definitely have to stay in 48 hrs after he's born to monitor his glucose levels too.. sad Hate thought of leaving Summer, little dream of in hospital at 9am, giving birth at midday and home by dinner definitely a fantasy now.... hmm

Neeko Tue 30-Apr-13 11:14:02

Oh 4ever That's really disappointing for you but S will be fine and so long as you and your son are healthy, that's all that matters. (I know you know this, just reminding you!)

Wow Sabs You're nearly there!!

Can't wait to hear the flavour of Moonbeam

moonmrs Tue 30-Apr-13 11:43:23

It's blue! All looking good! Xxx

SabsFabulous Tue 30-Apr-13 12:40:03

smilesmilesmile Moon

Wonder if I'll make it a hattrick of blues now grin

4everhopeful Tue 30-Apr-13 13:04:31

Yay moon grin grin you're having a boy! grin Bet it felt amazing seeing him again and all the more real for you now! So very pleased for you and mrmoon! Huge milestone, your dream is now a reality! You're having a baby!

Neeko Tue 30-Apr-13 13:43:08

Oh congratulations Moon.grin grin grin So happy for you. Your own little Moonboy smile

4everhopeful Tue 30-Apr-13 14:18:01

How wierd, i did post straight after my last post to say - yay sabs make it a hat trick! grin Dunno where it went though! hmm

Big waves to neeko - right as ever, so long as my boys healthy is all that matters.. smile

Have a scan myself tomorrow, first gage on his size, methinks another biggun like his sis, especially with the GD factor confused

Rumours Tue 30-Apr-13 16:16:47

Awwww a moonboy smile xx

cupcakefairy Tue 30-Apr-13 19:06:02

Aaaaaaahhhh moon that is ridiculously exciting!! Knew it would be blue, HOW lovely that your little nephew will have a boy cousin to play with smile so glad all ok too, only 4 short weeks til viability!! I can't believe it, I bet you can't!

sabs I reckon it will be a trio of boys smile seems to happen on this thread, phases of boys then girls smile

4ever you sound v chilled post holiday. a bummer about the birth & staying in after but you have time to adjust to it. I may be weird but I actually liked being in hospital, u get looked after, baby changed for u, held for u, food brought to u & no washing up! Quite lovely really.. but I know you'll be wanting to get back to your girl.. sure she'll enjoy the adventure of visiting hospital though smile

neeko well done you on weight coming off. I was so upset I'd only lost a quarter of a lb!!! last week after being SO good..ridiculous! (so of course ate huge piece of cheesecake to ease my anger) on Sunday I had nasty tummy bug & just couldn't help hoping it might help the numbers this week!! Still 10lb to go before wedding in aug.

Big waves to all x

moonmrs Tue 30-Apr-13 20:45:26

Sorry to post and run earlier, I went straight to work after so I didn't have much time (thought I may as well get paid for a morning off rather than taking a days holiday!) planned to come back once I was at work but that didn't happen!

It was such an amazing experience, I will never ever forget it. I had no idea you could see so much, the chambers of the heart and all the bones, and the best bit, the sonographer showed us the soles of his feet - omg it was so cute, they were so small. She said it is most definitely a boy as you could 'see extra bits' were her words lol and dh had a proud moment as he realised they were very prominent! I always thought it was a boy, but its thrown dh and the family as they were convinced it was a girl!

I am so unbelievably grateful to be in this position, I truly never believed it would happen and I am so happy. Thank you all for believing and giving me hope and for all your lovely well wishes and congratulations today, your support has been really appreciated.

Neeko Tue 30-Apr-13 21:33:57

Aww Moon Your post made me want to give you a great big, squeezy, happy hug! So happy for you.

Cupcake Lol at the chocolate cake as that'd be my response too! I lost 1.5lbs so that's 3.5lbs in 2 weeks. I'm happy with that. You'll definitely lose 10lbs by August.

MrsKate Tue 30-Apr-13 21:38:42

Yeah to little moon boy gringringringringringringringrin congrats Hun glad everything was fine . It is a great moment I remembers jacks scans vividly still xxx

hurrah for moonboy and his feet. Right, moonmrs time to do some serious clothes shopping as that baby isn't going to get any smaller!

4ever yes, disappointing and I'm sure you will be very jealous of how close summer and dh are when you are home but you get some lovely time with your little boy on your own, which has to be worth having - as well as the rubbish food, sleep and midwives to help

neeko impressed on the weight thing - I really, really, really need to walk away from the chocolate...

Hello to everyone else - need to go. Brief bit of work and bed calling...

4everhopeful Wed 01-May-13 20:33:23

All good with scan today, little fella actually measuring bang on 50th percentile which is rather shocking! Summer was off the scale, am wondering if the 9days they put me forward in the early wks is right or not.. hmm All else good though, he was head down at 4D scan but back to breech now but plenty time to move, so all in all was hugely reassuring, that was until I stupidly drove into the back of someone on the way home.. blush angry Was at level crossing & barely moving so tho slammed brakes on, not a huge impact, my car worse, his a tiny dent & scratch on bumper, mine cracked number plate, scratched dented bumper, broken vw sign.. Baby moving loads thankfully, so should hopefully be ok but can't help feeling anxious now & shook up by it all, laying on sofa scared to move.. confused

Neeko Wed 01-May-13 21:39:11

oh 4ever sad You seem to have hiccup after hiccup sad The baby has the world's. best air bag but maybe phone the doc if you're worried. Good news about the scan though. Take care.

moonmrs Wed 01-May-13 21:39:43

Glad to hear all is well with your little man 4ever smile Hope you are feeling ok after your little bump, I imagine you're a bit shaken up but no harm done, and I'd say if he is moving about then he's absolutely fine and is wondering what all the fuss is about. Try not to worry too much, he's well cushioned in there. Hugs to you.

cupcakefairy Thu 02-May-13 08:59:47

Ah 4ever it's horrible having little bumps in the car, I've had a couple & always leaves me really shaken, even without a baby to think about! Hope you're ok. Amazing news about the scan though, seems you have a perfect little boy in there. What's the actual due date? Coming up so soon!

Tmi sorry but does anyone else use a mooncup? I just bought one & trying it for the first time today.. a bit weird!

cupcake yes - used to use one in the days before Mirena when I still had to have periods smile

It did feel a bit odd until I got used to it - hang in there, you'll get the hang of it and it has to be better for the environment

Hurrah for sunny Bank holidays - hope you all enjoy the weekend

Neeko Fri 03-May-13 20:20:50

Cupcake No mooncup here but watching with interest for how you go as I am a fortune in sanitary stuff due to copper coil very l-o-n-g periods.

Hello to everyone else.

moonmrs Sat 04-May-13 21:47:38

I've been shopping today! Bought a lovely pink and black floral maxi dress from Wallis, in my usual size, non maternity, but flowy and drapes in all the right place smile it looks pretty good! Also treated myself to a few tops in mothercare, and got some over the bump jeans online in the week. Still can't quite believe I'm here saying all this grin

Hope you're all having good weekends and enjoying the sunshine.

moonmrs Sat 04-May-13 21:48:03

Sorry meant to say, obviously the dress is for the wedding in 2 weeks time.

Neeko Sun 05-May-13 11:58:50

Well done Moon. Another momentous step smile

moonmrs Mon 06-May-13 20:44:47

Hope everyone's had a good weekend, can't believe how sunny its been, hopefully this is a sign of a good summer on its way hmm Its very quiet on here.

4ever hope you're ok after the bump?

And how are you holding up mrskate? Very conscious that the thread recently has been about my happy news when it all must feel so raw and sad to you, I hope you don't think I'm being insensitive, I forget sometimes when I'm lost in feeling happy. I know it must feel horrible, I remember the countless times on here when I always felt like it'd never be me. Hang on in there and shout if you need us.

MrsKate Mon 06-May-13 21:59:47

Hi moon
Don't ever feel you can't put how you feel and what you are doing.
I want to share your happiness . We have all been through mc (some more than once). I need some good news feeling bit down overall but plus side I've lost a stone on my distraction diet

CloudOfStarlings Tue 07-May-13 20:47:04

Hello ladies, it's me cupcake.. just thought it was time for a change...been less than fond of the twee-ness of my nn for ages!

I'm undecided about the mooncup.. on the 3rd day I was definitely more positive about it but still just feels very weird and I'm a bit confused about going out and emptying it in public etc...but overall I think definitely a good buy and will try it for another couple of months to see what I reckon.

moon yay you for maternity clothes shopping gringrin that's so exciting. We're definitely going to need a bump pic from you at some point grin...you too 4ever! (And you sabs though I have had the privilege of seeing your lovely bump on Instagram!)

mrsk so sorry you're low...I can't remember if you said you're back on the ADs or not? Hope you're ok and getting lots of support. Excellent that weight loss has been a side effect! smile

Everyone else ok? Has anyone heard from blue? hmm She's unusually quiet..

Neeko Wed 08-May-13 22:09:06

Happy new name Cloud

Rumours Thu 09-May-13 07:20:30

Love the new name. cloud smile

moonmrs Thu 09-May-13 20:40:22

I thought we had a new recruit when I saw clouds name! Like it though smile Well the wedding is next Saturday, so maybe a bump picture may appear after then!

mrskate thank you for being so lovely, I know its hard. Well done on the weight loss, I went totally the other way after my mcs and ate far too much crap, just hope you're looking after yourself.

4ever I'm worried we haven't heard from you in a while, hope you're ok?

And rumours you're quiet too, hope all is well in your world.

My little man has been very active this week! They are definite kicks now, its weird! I'm sure he jumps on my bladder for fun, he was awake nearly allllll last night hmm Is it normal to have a clicky lower back? Its been achey for ages now which I guess is normal (and have had back problems in the past anyway), but every time I sit on the toilet (sorry tmi) it clicks, and every time I get up in the morning from the sitting position on the bed it clicks multiple times. Not painful as such but more concerned its doing some damage?

CloudOfStarlings Tue 14-May-13 09:03:43

Where is everyone?? Been so quiet here.. I too am a bit concerned about 4ever.. are you ok lady?

moon no experience of clicky back but I did have terrible sciatica in both my (successful) pregnancies, these babies play havoc with your back! Hope your midwife can reassure you but I'm sure it wouldn't be causing damage, the pelvic bones are just a lot looser during pregnancy. Lush that you're getting loads of proper kicks now!

neeko and others..how's the weight loss coming along?? I had 2.25lbs off last wk so v pleased.. 6.25lbs to go to my target weight though I am SO fed up with not being able to have biscuits with my tea during the week! Planning cakes for the boys' birthdays though so diet out of the window then!!

I'm off for my mmr jab this morning cos of this measles outbreak in wales & I never had the mmr confused scared.

Rumours Tue 14-May-13 13:14:56

Hello lovelies smile, I have been lurking but there's not much to lurk at lately. Hope you're all ok.

4ever clock in please, I need to know you're ok lovely.

cloud I've put on a few pound since losing a stone but I've been major comfort eating, which I am allowing myself.

It's been getting quite no very stressful lately. Dh has taken the momentus decision to step down a work, and we couldn't be happier smile. He's realised how hard things are, ad he can't cope with the stress at home and at work. I'm very proud of him, as he's a workaholic and this is a big step for him. He will be home more (still full time) and can leave work, at work!

Got to go, the boys are having their bloods taken today to look at their chromosomes.

Ps check everyone and give us an update so I have something to view when lurking grin

Rumours Tue 14-May-13 13:15:50

Check in!!! That was meant to say

Neeko Tue 14-May-13 13:42:24

Hello. I'm here to give Rumours something to lurk at! No, seriously, I've been exam marking recently which is why I've been so quiet. Finished it last night and posted it off today. Phew!

Rumours So impressed by your DH. Bet it's a big sigh of relief all round. Hope the boys get on ok today.

Cloud nice new name and well done on your weight loss. I have lost 6lbs so far which I'm pleased about. We go on hols 7 weeks today so hoping for another few before then.

Moon Have you been to the wedding yet? If so, how was the dress? Can't help with the pain but can advise you not to always carry the baby on the same hip as I've just started at the chiropractor due to pain from doing exactly that!

Hope everyone else is well.

4everhopeful Tue 14-May-13 15:53:06

Hello lovelies! Bless you worrying! I'm clocking in as requested rumours wink all ok here! Been busy as usual, don't know when i get to just stop & chill like the big pregnant lady I am!?! Summer got accepted for her pre school in sept which is grin but also sad! Going for afternoons so we still get our morning snuggles, she has enough change to contend with with her lil bro's imminent arrival! Diabetes monitoring & diet going well, saw midwife last wk & she's so happy with me she doesn't want to see me again for another 5wks, which is great not to be tied to loads of extra apts as first feared! smile Fingers xd all else well, just under 9wks to go, am an countdown & started packing bag & washing his teeny newborn clothes! smile <melt> Its flown this time! Also made investment purchase for expanding brood a super kingsize 6ft bed! Oh the comfort, the s p a c e! grin So that's me...!

How about y'all?! It has been soooo quiet on here!

Moon how was the wedding? How far are you now? Must be lovely feeling lots of nice reassuring movements! As for the clickety back, as the others said all your ligaments stretch so much its inevitable! My spd is just affecting my pubic bone and coxis mainly but its pretty excruciating by the end of the evening, Ive got restless legs too, its no joke, I can barely move by bedtime! Wouldn't have it any other way though, eternally grateful, as I know you are! grin

Cloud love the new name! (Though will always see all things cupcake related and still think of you!) Good luck with the mmr! Been thinking of you with the awful outbreak in Wales.. Ouch, hate jabs, putting off my whooping cough jab til after Summers birthday! Well done on the weight loss as well lovely! My diabetes diet is going out the window on Summers birthday too! grin

Talking of which - it must be LBMs Babybelles this week I think?! Got a random email from her yest, not sure it was actually for me! Let us know when BBs birthday is though chick!?!

Mls too thinking about it? Its that busy birthday season eh? Another thing keeping me busy, planning madames party and cake! Off to London zoo on Friday too, think I'm more excited than her! grin

Rumours fantastic that DH is stepping back from work a bit, much needed extra support for you will surely make a more happy chilled rumourshouse! grin Think i missed the bit where you lost a stone! So envy I'm a huge heffa! Hope your little soldiers were brave boys giving their bloods bless 'em... interesting about chromosome link...

Yay to finishing marking neeko! You work too hard... Oooew to chiropractor, they scare me, bit rough for me, gimme a gentle massage anyday! smile Right better go, Summers got her bath sponge to clear up the yogurt she just dropped on the carpet... agh!

Rumours Tue 14-May-13 16:59:09

Lurk thanks

4everhopeful Tue 14-May-13 17:39:34

Sumfink to lurk for now rumours wink nice to see a little spurt of activity on here smile

4everhopeful Tue 14-May-13 17:42:08

Oh and for *cupcake* cloud i will post a bump pic tomorrow when at pc smile

Need the list too cos 4 graduates birthdays in next 2 wks & pregnancy brain just ain't gonna let me remember!

CloudOfStarlings Tue 14-May-13 19:46:22

Hooray hi everyone! smile
4ever let ne dig around in my memory..I THINK babybelle is 18th? Then my ds2 22nd, mls ds is 24th then your dd 25th? Or is she 26th? blush then my ds1 5th June.. I think that's all right..

Jab was fine, boys were very interested in what was going on.. I have another dose next month at the same time as ds2 has his triple jabs bless him! 4ever totally get you putting off the whooping cough one I did the same.. then never ended up getting it when pregnant with ds2.. good luck!! What cake are you planning for dd?? I'm just doing a plain one with a sweetie train for ds2 but god help me, a Toy Story one for ds1 as he asked for a Rex cake confused I know I will regret this!!
Fab about the diabetes stuff well done you!
Ds1 has also been accepted at a lovely pre-school but we're hopefully moving house in the next few weeks (cant remember if I told you all that?!) Just waiting on a yes for mortgage and then we'll have to start trying to move him sad hassle.

neeko SEVEN WEEKS til holiday!! So exciting!! I know someone who's there now & wrote on facebook about dancing with the Beast in the Be our Guest hotel or something, haha! She's in her 20s btw! So I don't think it ever gets less exciting!

rumours hello! Fab news on your dh that must be a weight off you both! Hope you start to feel less stressed very soon!

4everhopeful Wed 15-May-13 10:32:32

Cupcake well remembered on the birthdays! (Except for Summer next Sunday 26th, but close enough!) How did our babies get to be 3?!?! Cant believe 5 graduates birthdays in a 2wk period! Anyway, here is the list, updated with edd's! Sabs, Moon add yours, Moon I've moved you up to bigpants!! wink



4ever - edd 15/07/13

Vjay 01/09/09 BOY Ajay 8lb 6oz
Lionstar 27/09/09 BOY Arlo Bryn 9lb 5oz
Sabs 30/09/09 GIRL Saara 9lb 1oz
Buddhabelly 25/11/09 BOY Ewan James
Annie 25/11/09 BOY Ellis Charles 8lb 11oz
Bluesatinsash 23/12/09 BOY Benjamin Charles 8lb 3oz
MM 30/12/09 GIRL Nieve Ellen 8lb 6oz
Curly 05/02/10 GIRL Grace Eliza 8lb 4oz
Graciegirl 05/02/10 GIRL Isabelle Clare 7lb 1oz
Barbie 21/02/10 GIRL Devon Nimah 5lb 15oz
MrsKate 09/03/10 BOY Jack David 6lb 13oz
Neeko 29/03/10 GIRL Hannah Denise 8lb 15oz
Littlebellsmum 18/05/10 GIRL Joanna Emily 7lb 7oz
4everhopeful 26/05/10 GIRL Summer Clementine Hope 9lb 5oz
Cupcakefairy 05/06/10 BOY Jude 8lb
Iggypiggy 25/07/10 GIRL 6lb 14oz
MLS 11/10/10 GIRL Kitty Violet 7lb 1oz
Loueytbg 02/06/11 BOY Oscar Joseph 4lb 8oz
Bakingqueen BOY Luca
Barbie BOY Ralph Henry James
Cupcake 22/05/12 BOY Sebastian John 10lbs
MLS BOY 24/05/12 Seth James 8lb 2oz
Curly BOY

4everhopeful Wed 15-May-13 10:33:41

Oh and bump pics added on profile as requested! Sabs, Moon c'mon... your turn!

SabsFabulous Wed 15-May-13 10:47:21

4ever Do you mind adding my EDD as I'm lurking from my phone whilst waiting to be seen at the hospital for my 34 week check up? It's 23rd June. Thanks!

4everhopeful Wed 15-May-13 12:31:01

Oop sorry sabs logged off pc now & back on phone! Wow 6wks to go!!! grin

4everhopeful Wed 15-May-13 12:32:10

Oop also realised I called cloud cupcake blush sorry will take some getting used too!

CloudOfStarlings Wed 15-May-13 13:41:23

Haha don't worry u can call me what u like! I still nearly call rumours by her old name sometimes & will always know her as that in my head! smile ah sorry I didn't know summer's birthday but well done on getting the list back! Eek, so exciting seeing moon on the big pants list! (I nearly said 'in big pants' but that would sound wrong, haha!) And all the edds coming up so soon!!

moonmrs Wed 15-May-13 20:00:44



Sabs - edd 23/06/13
4ever - edd 15/07/13
Moon - edd 17/09/13

Vjay 01/09/09 BOY Ajay 8lb 6oz
Lionstar 27/09/09 BOY Arlo Bryn 9lb 5oz
Sabs 30/09/09 GIRL Saara 9lb 1oz
Buddhabelly 25/11/09 BOY Ewan James
Annie 25/11/09 BOY Ellis Charles 8lb 11oz
Bluesatinsash 23/12/09 BOY Benjamin Charles 8lb 3oz
MM 30/12/09 GIRL Nieve Ellen 8lb 6oz
Curly 05/02/10 GIRL Grace Eliza 8lb 4oz
Graciegirl 05/02/10 GIRL Isabelle Clare 7lb 1oz
Barbie 21/02/10 GIRL Devon Nimah 5lb 15oz
MrsKate 09/03/10 BOY Jack David 6lb 13oz
Neeko 29/03/10 GIRL Hannah Denise 8lb 15oz
Littlebellsmum 18/05/10 GIRL Joanna Emily 7lb 7oz
4everhopeful 26/05/10 GIRL Summer Clementine Hope 9lb 5oz
Cupcakefairy 05/06/10 BOY Jude 8lb
Iggypiggy 25/07/10 GIRL 6lb 14oz
MLS 11/10/10 GIRL Kitty Violet 7lb 1oz
Loueytbg 02/06/11 BOY Oscar Joseph 4lb 8oz
Bakingqueen BOY Luca
Barbie BOY Ralph Henry James
Cupcake 22/05/12 BOY Sebastian John 10lbs
MLS BOY 24/05/12 Seth James 8lb 2oz
Curly BOY

Here's the updated list. I never in a million years thought I'd be in big pants!

Not stopping I feel like crap, had a massive migraine yesterday so still getting over the hangover headache. Been feeling faint today and generally bleurgh.

Wedding is this weekend, so bump pics may follow!

CloudOfStarlings Thu 16-May-13 08:01:42

Gorgeous bump 4ever!! You look amazing smile
moon hope you feel lots better for the weekend!

moonmrs Thu 16-May-13 18:45:34

Your bump is lovely 4ever I am very jealous, mine still looks like I ate all the pies hmm My boobs, hips and bum all seem to be joining in with the growth, so I just feel like a big fat wobbly whale all over.

My headache is slowly getting better, but I seem to be developing new aches and pains daily, my joints in my hands and wrists are now clicky along with my back, and I'm getting cramp in my feet in all the time hmm But like 4ever said, I wouldn't change it for the world, it just doesn't all feel like I thought it would and actually I hate being pregnant although I wouldn't tell anyone but you girls that. I feel rubbish all the time, I thought by now I was supposed to be blooming!

Dh still has no job, although I think I said he has started up his own business, but nothing is coming in yet. I don't know what we'll do, I wanted to take 9 months off work, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to. I'm wondering if we'd be eligible for any benefits, or if because dh is 'working' and I'd be on maternity leave we wouldn't qualify. Worried about it all.

Anyway not sure where all that came from, think I'm just having a crap week. Looking forward to the wedding so we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

Big waves to everyone smile

Neeko Thu 16-May-13 21:11:26

Moon have a hug. It's really hard when our reality isn't quite as shiny as our dreams << whispers >> sometimes the baby/child drives you completely bonkers with their naughtiness too! wink
Try tonic water for the cramps and don't beat yourself up over the lack of "bloom". Fwiw I didn't bloom either time - I looked more like a burst couch! grin grin

As for the mat leave, try not to worry about it too much. Work as far on as you can to maximise your time after and see hoew it goes. You don't need to let work know straight away when you'll return and you can change the date. These things have a habit of sorting themselves out.

Hello to everyone else.

Rumours Fri 17-May-13 08:08:08

Lovely bump pics 4ever

moon pop along to CAB to see if they can give you any info on benefits for your situation, also look at the gov.uk website, there's lots of infoation on there too. Enjoy your wedding smile

Hi neeks smile

CloudOfStarlings Fri 17-May-13 08:39:17

Yes moon I was going to say call tax office/dwp I'm sure you will be entitled to something. Hopefully money will start to come in from dh's business soon too. Really feel for you, you've waited so long for this & now you're in pain & worrying sad I found out I was pregnant with ds1 the day after dh was made redundant.. all the worrying was awful, but as neeko said, it sorted itself out.. and even though this doesn't help now, I promise that little bundle will eclipse all this smile

moonmrs Fri 17-May-13 19:32:09

Thanks girls smile I really have just had a crap week, feeling a bit more positive now the weekend is here. Have been sat painting my toenails ready for tomorrow - now how do you manage this when the bump gets bigger as I'm struggling atm!

Will look into the benefits, I'm sure there must be some sort of help for us, although like you've all said, things always turn out for the best, you just cant always see how you're gonna get there and you get a bit of a bumpy ride along the way. I do plan to work as long as I possibly can, I have a desk job so I'm hoping it will be feasible to do so. My boss has already said I can work from home in the later stages if it helps. I'm not taking any holiday days and am saving those up to take before I start my official maternity leave. It will all be ok, thank you for the reassurances. And the most important thing is our little miracle boy, and I don't care how we get there, but we will, and he will be the best thing to happen to me and my dh.

Happy weekends to you all smile

moon - I only had a short mat leave with all of mine due to finances. it was fine - made going back to work easier ad it wasn't a choice. also worked up to 37/38 weeks with all of them - again was fine.
anyway birthday madness here - spoilt three year here. currently chasing on her trunk I and being read to by her big sis. birthday party at 11. can't believe my baby is three

Rumours Sat 18-May-13 09:37:00

smilesmilesmile happy 3rd birthday babybelle have a lovely party and eat lots of cake. lbm here's some wine for later grin

4everhopeful Sat 18-May-13 11:45:53

Have a brilliant 3rd birthday Babybelle!!! grin grin grin

Neeko Sat 18-May-13 14:18:53

happy birthday! smile smile smile smile

CloudOfStarlings Sat 18-May-13 15:09:16

Happy birthday little lady!! I vividly remember 3 years ago (and how jealous I was!!) Hope she had a lovely party. Did u make a cake lbm?

SabsFabulous Sat 18-May-13 18:49:00

Happy 3rd birthday BabyBelle smilethanks and a winefor you lbm

Hope everyone is having a good weekend

moonmrs Sun 19-May-13 17:19:58

There may now be a whoateallthepiesbump pic for you to see!

Rumours Sun 19-May-13 20:11:17

Awwww moon you l

Rumours Sun 19-May-13 20:11:38

As I was saying, moon you l

Rumours Sun 19-May-13 20:12:14

FFS, moon you look bloomin amazing xxx

Rumours Sun 19-May-13 20:12:33

Yay I did it!!!! grin

moonmrs Sun 19-May-13 20:46:35

lol rumours well done wink and thank you smile

SabsFabulous Sun 19-May-13 22:16:36

Beautiful bump photos of you both Moon and 4ever x

Neeko Mon 20-May-13 11:48:00

I agree with Sabs though would like to see one of you too, Mrs! grin So excited about our new Emmsy graduates.

SabsFabulous Mon 20-May-13 16:53:22

I'll text you a photo Neeko grin Not sure how to do over the phone :s

SabsFabulous Mon 20-May-13 16:53:49

Or anyone else who wants to see the bump smile

Rumours Mon 20-May-13 17:44:40

Me I want to see bump smile

Neeko Mon 20-May-13 17:50:02

Beautiful picture Sabs. Thanks.

4everhopeful Mon 20-May-13 20:24:23

Me too ! I want to see your bump!

Moon absolutely gorgeous pics of you smile so radiant and positively blooming! Loved the outfit too!

Thanks for you lovely ladies compliments for me too! blush

gorgeous photo, Moon very neat bump.

Birthday was very lovely - I was so knackered after the party that I fell asleep for most of the afternoon!

Will try and get a cake picture on here - it was a cow. She loved it and eating it. Loved having her friends over and spent the rest of the day asking to go to her best friends house!

CloudOfStarlings Tue 21-May-13 08:30:45

You look beautiful moon!! Definitely suits you smile

lbm so glad bb had a good day..yes please we def need to see that cake!! Sounds fab.

Speaking of cakes think I will put ds2 down for a nap now so ds1 & I can make some cakes for him.. (proper cake happening at the weekend when we go to ILs) (and if you're wondering whether 8.25am is early for a nap, we're up at 5.30am every day at the moment..yawn yawn and grump)

Neeko Tue 21-May-13 13:53:07

How did the cakes turn out Cloud? What are your plans for the birthday boy? Any progress yet on moving house?

LBM sounds like DD2 had a great birthday.

I got to goal at WW today. In fact I lost 2.5lbs which took me 1.5 under goal and back down to the lightest weight I got to last time. So pleased. Another 4 or 5lbs will finally take me back to my pre-pregnancy weight with DD1! She'll be 7 in September so I clearly haven't rushed it! blush

Rumours Tue 21-May-13 14:25:49

Well done neeko that's is fab weight loss smile and I'm not at all green with envy, oh no, not at all wink

Neeko Tue 21-May-13 19:42:00

Thanks Rumours. grin How's DH's new hours working out?

CloudOfStarlings Tue 21-May-13 19:57:35

YAY!! Well done neeko! You can def lose those 4 or 5 before September (if you're going to try??) That is such great news though you must feel elated. I'm totally ruled by the scales blush was really good all last wk & not a single sodding ounce off on saturday! Threw a right grump at dh over it bless him grin
Cakes look lovely thanks though I won't be tasting them! <good girl> dh has just set up ds2's new slide in the living room, so excited to see his face he loves slides!

Neeko Tue 21-May-13 20:05:36

Oh bless him. Hope he has a wonderful day tomorrow.

Rumours Tue 21-May-13 20:52:44

He's not started them yet neeks, two more weeks though smile

Neeko Tue 21-May-13 21:24:31

I'm sure it will make an amazing difference to you all smile

4everhopeful Wed 22-May-13 01:02:55

An early hours Happy 1st Birthday to young S! grin Hope he has a lovely day & enjoys his slide and his cake! A wine for mummy cloud too! wink Wanna see cake pics! Gonna be attempting Summers tomorrow!

Woohoo you neeko great weightloss! That's amazing! You can be the hot momma on your hols! wink

Roll on those reduced hrs rumours! wink

Yay to a great birthday party for BB Lbm! Wanna see your cake too!

I'm still blummin awake, again.... agh..... this insomnia is really getting to me, restless legs mean I'm tossing and turning like a flailing banshee type hippo.. You get my gist! That and a gzillion wees a night... Got consultant at 9am too, so meant to be getting up at 6am with Dh.... confused Ridiculous as got amazingly comfortable mattress for our supersize new bed today (old mattress on new frame for last wk) Dh and I been ridiculously excited at prospect and it is amazing, but can I sleep? Stoooooopid...! Roll on the next 7& a half wks!

SabsFabulous Wed 22-May-13 07:48:25

Happy 1st birthday Sebastian I'm sure you'll have the most wonderful day smilesmilesmile

CloudOfStarlings Wed 22-May-13 14:11:24

Thanks so much ladies! He absolutely loves the slide..both boys been entertained by it for ages in the garden, why the heck didn't we get one before now?? grin
4ever I'm doing seb's proper cake for Saturday when we're at ILs but I will post a pic! (if it turns out good!!) Good luck with Summer's, what are u doing for it?

Rumours Wed 22-May-13 20:34:50

Happy first birthday sjay smile