tww buddies...

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Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 05-Mar-13 09:08:21

hello lovely ladies..
anyone on there two week wait?
want to share stories, symptoms, news and hopefully bfp!!!!!!!grin

I'm on 2ww wait. 5 days before I'm gonna test. This is my first cycle so this craziness impatience is new to me

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 05-Mar-13 10:57:04

ahhh fxd for you. smile
I'm ttc #3 I cant even remember how horrid this tww is. or the symptoms. I am only 3dpo so I still have ages.
keep Me posted when you test. smile

Do you plan to wait till the date your AF is due to test? I am really trying to wait till then as that's what my DH says I should but don't know if I can.

babyrose Tue 05-Mar-13 11:22:59

Can I join please ladies?

I'm roughly 8dpo and for the last couple of days I've been getting PMS symptoms sad

Hello babyrose. Not officially my Fred but yay come join. I'm one day ahead of you (I think). I've been imagining feeling sick for a couple of days. From these mn talk pages the pre AF symptoms are same as pregnant ones. (Personally think female bodies are just mean and confusing).

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 05-Mar-13 11:44:26

Hi, I'm going to join you ladies smile
Not much chance of having a BFP but I still need to obsess!
We DTD about 1 week before my fertile period so not expecting a +ve test. AF due on 15 march and I'm tempted to test early. Not sure why but I am a glutton for punishment,

babyrose Tue 05-Mar-13 12:17:56

Yip I couldn't agree more with u science, can't pg symptoms not be a totally different feeling! When are u testing?
I don't think I will im not feeling very optimistic.

Im just having grumpy, irritable feelings nothing else.

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 05-Mar-13 15:36:19

hi ladies. ooh so exciting isn't it. it's hard to tell whether or not the things we feel r real or imaginary when you want something so bad u sometimes don't know if it's your body playing tricks.

oh well let's hope march brings us good things
when r u all testing.

Bartlet4America Tue 05-Mar-13 15:43:49

Hi everyone smile this is my first 2ww. I've been feeling sick, cramping and today am so exhausted! But I know these are so similar to AF symptoms. If AF doesn't come before, I'm going to test Saturday or Sunday. Shouldn't officially until the 12th but what the hell!

Malteaser1982 Tue 05-Mar-13 15:45:56

Hi ladies! I'm on my 2ww as well - 1st month proper trying TTC#2 and driving myself crazy symptom spotting and still 3dpo! blush

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 05-Mar-13 15:55:48

snap malteaser I'm trying not to think about it but so hard. I have it all planned if it's a positive I was going to stick the test in a box for dp for his bday in few weeks.

Could you really wait that long to tell him twogirls?

Bartlet4America Tue 05-Mar-13 18:33:20

malteaser we're in the same boat - 1st month proper trying too! Am driving myself crazy with 'symptoms'. Can't take the wait!!

twogirls you're a stronger woman than I am!! I am rubbish at keeping things from my DH! Lovely present idea.

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 05-Mar-13 19:50:10

well with ny dd2 I told him as soon as I found out but his bday is end of march and it's a big bday what nicer present ???

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 05-Mar-13 19:56:02

u know supergroup cheapo test detect a very low amount of hcg much less than first response and clearblue.

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 05-Mar-13 21:14:25

super drug not group stupid predictive texting.

Sounds like a lovely idea, I am just impressed with your will power twogirls

Mytwobeautifulgirls Wed 06-Mar-13 08:01:12

@science we will see lol. maybe wishful thinking.

babyrose Wed 06-Mar-13 08:06:55

Ive been sick all night but I think it's due to a tummy bug and pg symptomssad

Malteaser1982 Wed 06-Mar-13 08:53:14

babyrose hope you feel better soon

Yesterday afternoon my sis found out that her husband had been cheating on her for the past 9 months shock angry sad - this has certainly distracted me from symptom spotting! I feel so sorry for her! They have no children and now I feel bad should I be pregnant again soon. She is 8 years older than me and turning 39 soon, so her biological clock is ticking quite fast should she want kids of her own sad sad sad

babyrose Wed 06-Mar-13 11:28:54

Malteser, thats awful! Men can be such selfish pricks!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Wed 06-Mar-13 18:20:46

oh Malteser how awful!! hope she is ok. yes u will be very distracted trying to help and support your sister sad

WakeyCakey Wed 06-Mar-13 21:30:30

Can i join you?
I'm in the dreaded 2ww too. I'm on the TTC for the first time thread as well.
Testing on Tuesday if AF doesn't show before then and if I can resist.
Just been feeling quite teary, doing some serious symptom spotting.
Have a night to myself tonight as DP is out with a friend of mine at the football, watching One Born is not helping me resist the HPTs I have upstairs!

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 06-Mar-13 22:53:48

I'm watching one born every minute right on smile
I'm also testing on Tuesday - not really sure as we DTD far too early but at least it should stop me obsessing.
Wakey, are you testing first thing on Tuesday? How exciting that I've actually got a POAS buddy!!

WakeyCakey Wed 06-Mar-13 23:09:09

Hi london yes I will be first thing Tuesday!
I think we DTD at the right times but obviously that doesn't mean a lot! Hoping the time starts to speed up!

babyrose Thu 07-Mar-13 10:07:50

Hi London, I'm due af on Tue! Im not feeling very hopeful no symptoms at all nothing not even my normal sore boobs.

Ive not watched this episode of one born but will be watching it tonight!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Thu 07-Mar-13 20:34:30

anyone poas today?

I may have accidentally tested yesterday and got BFN. Hoping was just too early. Me and OH (mostly him) have decided to wait till Monday to test again

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 08-Mar-13 06:46:26

Wakey & Baby my AF is due on thurs/fri of next week. I bought some first response early pregnancy tests and I'm so tempted to test early on Sunday!!
I'm driving myself symptom spotting and I know that there is no chance of being pregnant. So I'll be testing Sunday morning for the sake of my sanity.

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 08-Mar-13 06:46:44

Or am I being stupid now?!

WakeyCakey Fri 08-Mar-13 07:17:13

London that is really early, I would wait until the Tuesday/Wednesday, even though they are first response. Your more likely to get a BFN on Sunday because its quite early.

Saying that though I am so impatient I almost POAS this morning!!

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 08-Mar-13 08:47:40

Wakey that's what I thought too.... I got seduced this morning by reading the info that came with the test claiming something like 65% accuracy at 6 days before AF due hmm

Sigh, I'll try and stick to my original plan of testing 2-3 days early on Tuesday.

When is your AF due?

Malteaser1982 Fri 08-Mar-13 09:07:36

Thank you babyrose and Mytwobeautifulgirls! It is really awful!

London as much as I would like to say wait it out, I know it's hard! says she who has poas at 3dpo and 5dpo blush

Last night I woke up soooo nauseous, I almost threw up! Then this morning I am getting brown tinged cm. I also feel like my blood pressure is low, which I do occasionally get. Although these were all symptoms I had when pregnant with DD, I didn't have them this early! In fact I only found out with DD at 5weeks+ as she was a nice surprise hmm confused

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 08-Mar-13 09:35:06

Malteaster just read your previous posts - oh your poor sister! That's truly awful sad

When is your AF due? How many dpo are you?

I'm on CD24 and 7dpo.... I wish that time would speed up. With my DS I tested at 11 and 13 dpo. So if I'm using the same statistics I should be testing next Tuesday as originally planned.

Any more takers for POAS on Tuesday 12 march?

FromagePlease Fri 08-Mar-13 09:46:01

Hello, can I join too please.

This is my first 2ww, AF is due 17th or 18th but I'm worried that we dtd lots just before +opk, but not since. Yesterday I did another OPK (don't know why) and got a complete blank on the test window. This means I cannot be pregnant doesn't it? sad

Malteaser1982 Fri 08-Mar-13 10:15:32

Thank you London. I'm trying to be as supportive as possible, but just feel like kicking him you know where! angry Good thing he's abroad for 6 weeks right now!

I am 6dpo today. Should be due AF on Fri/Sat. I will be 10dpo on Tues so I might join you. Fx

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 08-Mar-13 10:15:34

Hi Fromage!

Welcome to the thread. No I think that you are still in with a chance as my understanding is that sperm can live inside your body up to 5 days. How many days before the +ve OPK did you DTD?

Mytwobeautifulgirls Fri 08-Mar-13 11:58:46

London according to nhs sperm can love uo to 7days ekkk that increases our chances. grin

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 08-Mar-13 12:01:09

Malteasers I'm not surprised that you want to kick him where it hurts sad

Mytwobeautifulgirls Thanks for the info..... I may be in with a chance this month then .... whhooooooo grin

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 08-Mar-13 12:01:36

And yay for having a POAS buddy... how sad am I?!

FromagePlease Fri 08-Mar-13 12:40:14

London We dtd 4, 2 and 1 days before, as well as on the night that I had a +OPK. But I had a +OPK the next night too and by that second evening we were all spent blush so did dtd.

It's so nice to be able to talk about this with somone, as it has to be a secret from everyone in rl.

Alexandra6 Fri 08-Mar-13 13:28:07

Ooh can I join? I just started clomid and, as far as I'm aware, it's my first time ovulating in 15 months ttc! So 2ww for the first time woop. I THINK I ovulated on Weds this week so testing around 27th!

Springbells Fri 08-Mar-13 14:14:11

Hello all, joining the madness that is the 2ww... Sigh... grin trying VERY hard not to symptom spot. I will be poas on the 16th, 12dpo, if I can be that restrained. (--place your bets-- smile)

Lucky13ForBaby Fri 08-Mar-13 15:16:45

Hi ladies. Can I join. I'm going crazy and tested today. BFN! Not due till Tuesday blush. Next testing 12th March if can hold out that long
It's cycle 5 post MC for me.

WakeyCakey Fri 08-Mar-13 18:28:46

lucky I caved as well, had a crap day and having some cramps. Knew I shouldn't of tested today but I couldn't not!
The HPT seemed to be laughing at me it was such a clear negative!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Fri 08-Mar-13 18:38:39

wakey your post made mw laugh.
it always seems to be the same as soon as you poas gte old witch is soon to follow. seems like a jinx.
it is really nice to have some people to talk to going through the same anxious wait. smile

Trinpy Fri 08-Mar-13 18:41:39

I'm little bit late to this thread, but I'm halfway through the tww and my willpower is fading a bit. I can see myself giving in and testing on 10dpo. Official test day is next Friday.

Its so hard not to symptom spot, isn't it? I've already had spotting, cramps and backache since yesterday and I'm only 7 dpo!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Fri 08-Mar-13 18:43:37

trinpy it's very hard think positive smile
we can all support each other through the tww.

twentythirteen Fri 08-Mar-13 18:45:01

I wondered of there was a thread like this started yet! May I join? I'm cd 17/ 4 dpo. I'm not due for another 10 days but could start testing in about 6 days. So far I've googled the possible due date and the process of implantation - did you know the fertilised egg travels the fallopian tube for up to 12 days (8 being more common) before implantation??? Am totally obsessed (have a history of 3 mc's).

Mytwobeautifulgirls Fri 08-Mar-13 18:51:50

twenty welcome!! come join
I didn't know that fact

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 09-Mar-13 06:45:07

Wakey!!!! I can't believe that you POAS!!! I must admit that my self control is severely lacking and may POAS tomorrow.

Fromage - I would have thought that you've done DTD plenty of times in the run up to ovulation?

Hello to the newcomers and everyone else.

mummysaidno Sat 09-Mar-13 15:28:34

Hi all I am just over half way through the tww wait. I am poas Thursday . Anyone else ?

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 09-Mar-13 17:55:32

Not me. I'm testing on Tuesday..... So tempted to test tomorrow!

WakeyCakey Sat 09-Mar-13 18:16:18

I know!!! I'm quite disappointed in myself to be honest!
But not testing again until Tuesday!

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 09-Mar-13 18:55:53

LOL, Well between you and I, I'm POAS first thing tomorrow morning!

And I'm saving my last test for Tuesday am.

WakeyCakey Sat 09-Mar-13 19:28:59

Ooh I'm hoping for a BFP for you london!
Well done for holding out this long!

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 09-Mar-13 19:55:09

Thanks Wakey smile I'll try and update the thread if I can but its Mother's Day tomorrow and we are off to visit my mum quite early in the morning .

WakeyCakey Sat 09-Mar-13 20:21:15

I'm working tomorrow so may have to sneak my phone in so I can check in! Good luck to you Hun! X

Mytwobeautifulgirls Sat 09-Mar-13 21:52:11

ooh London how exciting keep us posted fx smile smile

Trinpy Sun 10-Mar-13 02:36:28

good luck to london if you do poas today.

not looking good for me. I'm still spotting. it's been 4 days now so looking less likely to be ib. im only 9 dpo sad . really really want to poas.

twentythirteen Sun 10-Mar-13 14:22:53

Hello, thanks for the welcome!

There must be some bfp's on the way???

I'm cd 19 / dpo 6. This has been a loooooooooooooong 2ww and I'm only halfway through it. Anyone have any suspicions? I normally get an enormous pms spot and haven't got one yet, but I also went on holiday and that always messes with my skin. If I'm expecting af then I should also get a little paranoid soon, ah the lovely hormones!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Sun 10-Mar-13 17:12:27

anynews London?
does anyone get very strange dreAms for the past few nights I remember my dreams and they r super weird. I had the exact same thing with dd2 on the 2ww

WakeyCakey Sun 10-Mar-13 17:28:03

I have been having crazy dreams!
Mind you they are normally pretty wierd but that have been even stranger!
Been feeling more bloated than normal, absolutely no sign if AF yet but then I don't really know when it's due!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Sun 10-Mar-13 19:48:14

wakey me and u r in same boat when r u poas?

LondonSuperTrooper Sun 10-Mar-13 20:19:15


BFN sad

Plus, I'm having my usual pre-AF symptoms.... my boobs are so sore and tender to touch that it's killing me. Not sure that I will POAS on Tuesday now.... plus I only have one test left and refuse to buy any more for the time being.

Mytwobeautifulgirls Sun 10-Mar-13 21:32:07

oh London sad still remain positive u r still in till she catches u

LondonSuperTrooper Sun 10-Mar-13 21:45:28

Thanks smile

Springbells Sun 10-Mar-13 22:41:17

Boo London, fx for fmu on Tuesday.

Any ladies midway through 2ww having similar?

Trying very hard not to get hopes up, and really hoping not to have them dashed tomorrow morning...

normally have 33 day cycles, ovulated last Monday (temp and opk confirmed, plus cramping) so 7dpo (cd26). Feeling slightly sick today (could be imagining that!) and yesterday, bbt dip today, strong cramps tonight and now light blood. Too soon for a standard af, so trying very hard not to think this may be implantation bleed and get hopes up, just for them to be dashed tomorrow when af appears in full force!

Ahh the joys of Ttc... hmm

WakeyCakey Sun 10-Mar-13 23:23:31

london good luck for Tuesday hope you get your BFP

mytwo I was going to POAS on Tues but AF has decided to arrive tonight so I guess I get to save a test!

Trinpy Sun 10-Mar-13 23:27:36

sorry to hear that london. maybe too soon?

I took an opk this evening. got a strong test line. is it normal to have high lh levels before af? will put some pics of it on my profile if you guys wouldn't mind having a look. I've only got 2 frer left and am saving them for best.

Trinpy Sun 10-Mar-13 23:32:01

sorry to hear it wasn't your cycle wakey.

spring I got light spotting from 6-9dpo this cycle. no idea whether it's a good sign or not. I've had spotting midway through 2ww on non pregnant cycles too though. hope it's a good sign for you smile .

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 11-Mar-13 07:12:56

sorry to here that wakey.

I'll have a look at your pics when I get to the computer.

I'm thinking if no sign of af on Fri I'll do a test on sat morning really desperately trying to not think about doing a test to worried I'll get bfn
anyone testing today

Lucky13ForBaby Mon 11-Mar-13 07:30:02

sad bfn for me sad

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 11-Mar-13 07:32:50

oh no lucky!! sad

gilly86 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:04:06

Im at the very beginning of my 2 week wait... infact I think there is a small possibly I havent even OV yet.... !?

Today is CD17.

We DTD CD8, CD9, CD13, CD14, CD15 and CD16.

(Annoyed we missed CD 10,11 and 12 but I was working nightshifts sad )

Only came off the pill in december and cycles have been 29-30 ish days since then so I'm thinking i could still be in my fertile time!? <confused face>

Gonna continue DTD as much as poss just in case haha wink

Either way, AF/BFP is due 2 weeks today and I already feel impatient!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 11-Mar-13 08:12:10

hi gilly ahh tww is so hard the more u try and not think about other the more u do.
iy seems like u got some bding in u have a vwry good chance.

gilly86 Mon 11-Mar-13 08:26:21

hope so! got everything crossed this month... we'll see! xx

Tested this morning BFN (if my periods are a delightful 28 day cycle I'm one day late). Guess I'm not going to be regular, I so hoped so but as this is my first month off pill I was being a bit unrealistic. Sad times

Springbells Mon 11-Mar-13 09:08:42

Thanks trinpy, will keep everything crossed. Trying to work out what constitutes 'light spotting' - think I may be clutching at straws!

From what I have read about opks and lh, it could be a sign of pregnancy ( is a good site for the discussion about the practicalities of this!) hoping its a positive sign for you,

Springbells Mon 11-Mar-13 09:09:23

Trinpy, ps, what day post ov are you?

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 11-Mar-13 09:09:36

oh science sad could still be in with a chance ???

Could be but would just like my AF to come so I know how long cycle is and get on with cycle 2.

Malteaser1982 Mon 11-Mar-13 09:40:38

Springbells and Trinpy I'm in the same boat - been spotting since last Fri (6dpo) - and today have some cramps as well. Early Fri morning (around 4am) I woke up feeling really nauseous and then the spotting started. Fx for you both.

I'm sorry Wakey

Twogirls sciencegeek and london. Hope it turns out it was a false negative!

Welcome gilly, good job on dtd smile

I'll be testing early tomorrow morning. I don't want to get my hopes up but this is certainly weird - never had spotting mid-2ww, except for when I was pregnant with DD (so implantation bleeding - which continued till 20 weeks gone, but that's another story). I have too many symptoms this cycle for it to end in BFN!

Trinpy Mon 11-Mar-13 10:21:14

spring I'm 10 dpo. Don't know about yours but my light spotting was just a tiny amount of brown blood mixed with cm.

Took another opk this morning and the test line was lighter than yesterday. I googled it and found some stories of women who have lh surges right before af sad. Really don't think this is my month. I've decided against poas on Friday because I'm going to a funeral that day so I'll be feeling sad enough as it is without adding the disappointment of a bfn. Will do a frer tomorrow to get it out the way and won't bother doing anymore unless af is late; if the bleeding I had from 6 dpo was implantation then that is plenty of time to produce enough hcg. I HATE pregnancy testing and have probably wasted many hours of my life over the past 11 months tilting the bloody things in the light, just in case. Hence why I took an opk rather than an hpt blush.

Sorry for the rant. Probably pmt [hollow laugh].

Hi to gilly and good luck to malteaser smile.

Malteaser1982 Mon 11-Mar-13 10:47:53

Mine was more like brownish/pinkish discharge than blood as well Trinpy

LondonSuperTrooper Mon 11-Mar-13 11:43:09

Thanks Malteasr I'm also hoping that it's a false negative but I think that I'm clutching at straws!

Springbells Mon 11-Mar-13 12:35:10

Trinpy, know what you mean about creative lighting. You're perfectly entitled to rant. To be honest in a similar sort if mood... Will be checking back in tomorrow to find out what happened with fmu, but I'm out. I would certainly not described my body as 'spotting' at the moment, sadly. Af seems to be here super early this month. Sigh... Off to buy some vit b6, just in case. Good luck everyone x

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 12-Mar-13 07:59:28

any news I'm seriously tempted to poas today shock

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 08:03:11

I'm not POAS today..... I was intending to but do not wish to waste my last First Response test..... I think AF is on her way.... wwwaahhh sad angry sad

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 08:03:51

How many dpo are you Mytwo?

gilly86 Tue 12-Mar-13 08:12:42

"Im at the very beginning of my 2 week wait... infact I think there is a small possibly I havent even OV yet.... !?

Today is CD17.

We DTD CD8, CD9, CD13, CD14, CD15 and CD16.

(Annoyed we missed CD 10,11 and 12 but I was working nightshifts )

Only came off the pill in december and cycles have been 29-30 ish days since then so I'm thinking i could still be in my fertile time!? <confused face>

Gonna continue DTD as much as poss just in case haha

Either way, AF/BFP is due 2 weeks today and I already feel impatient!"


Yesterday afternoon on my lunch break I decided to do an OPK and it was most definitely POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the same time I also noticed EWCM. This all kinda makes sense as well because i charted a considerable bbt dip over the weekend which made me think OV was on the way....

So rushed home from work last evening to DTD!

Soooo now we have DTD CD8, CD9, CD13, CD14, CD15 and CD16 and CD17! (and my positive OPK was CD 17 with the line getting darker and darker around CD 15-16)


lol wink

SO... my question is, was all our DTD BEFORE ov a waste of time!? lol! Should we be focusing on dtd ON the day of a positive OPK and the 2-3 days AFTER? Or BEFORE? OR BOTH!!?!?!?!!?!?!?

AF is due around 25th march so the 2 week wait has already begun for me but Im thinking (as I only got a positive OPK yesterday and my bbt hasnt shot up yet) that I should be dtd for the next few days as well!?

gilly86 Tue 12-Mar-13 08:13:19

Wow sorry just realised how long my last post is!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 12-Mar-13 08:39:46

gilly U r in with a hood chance it's prob better to dtd before ov as they r all gte ready and waiting for when gte egg is released.

London in 10dpo I know I should wait just so tempted

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 08:46:32

Gilly Wow at DTD so much!! We only managed to do it once in my last cycle sad. I'm with Mytwo in that you've done enough DTD and it hasn't been a waste of time doing it before ovulation. I'm sure that I've read somewhere that this is the best scenario anyway as the sperm will be waiting for the egg.

Mytwo I tested at 9dpo and was so cross with myself. Hang in there. How early are you planning to test?

Malteaser1982 Tue 12-Mar-13 08:47:26

Same here london! Yesterday I caved in and did an IC which was very obviously negative, so it seemed like a waste to time to do another one this morning. I was also cramping a bit this am, so af might be on the way. I'm still having brownish discharge. Unless this turns into proper spotting, I'll test again Thursday am.

I am also 10dpo Twogirls

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 08:56:36

Ahh sorry to hear that Malteaser Let's hope that AF doesn't rear her ugly head and we can finally have some BFP on this thread!

I'm 11dpo, so I'm with you and Mytwo for the final stretch of the 2WW.

sunflowered Tue 12-Mar-13 08:57:51

Good morning all, can I still join in?

We're ttc #1, cycle 2. I'm 10-11 days po and think af should be along towards the end of the week (though she showed up 5 days early last month so could be any time...) After some obsessive symptom spotting last month I tried to take it easy this month but am still counting down the hours to the weekend.

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 12-Mar-13 09:03:17

hi sun welcome
wow we r all in the same boat and will all be poas round about the same time so bfp all round hopefully.

I will test on Friday I think as that isr when af is due do you think that's best?

gilly86 Tue 12-Mar-13 09:28:59

Hahah yes we have dtd a lot this month! makes a change really because before ttc we were at an all time low of dtd... so busy with work all the time and so tired!!!!
but really going for it now, especially this month as we are really hoping for a 2013 baby haha smile

twentythirteen Tue 12-Mar-13 10:45:51

Where are the bfp's? Come on our wombs!!!!!

Gilly, I think sperm can live as little as a few hours and a long as 6 days in a woman's body so it wasn't all wasted. Also, they say not to time sex with the positive opk because it can take up to 4 hours for a surge to show in your wee, that could have come on just after you went to sleep the night before, AND the egg's lifesoan is woefully if you had an 8 hour sleep that's already 12 hours gone and it can take a few hours for sperm to find the egg. So it's safest to keep yourself supplied with sperm just in case! (Having said all that I did twice get pg after dtd only once and only on the day of the positive opk!)

Wow, that was longwinded of me!

I'm 8 dpo here. I tested, and of course it's a bfn. I read though that there was a 30% chance of it showing as a positive today so of course I gave it a go. I'll pretty much be testing daily now until AF comes. Try as I might to symptom spot though I don't have any. On the upside I also don't have pms yet (which for me is a massive spot and mood swings with increasingly high temp).

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 10:51:22

Twenty which pregnancy tests are you using to test so early?
I'd love to POAS daily but it's frighteningly expensive!

twentythirteen Tue 12-Mar-13 10:55:37

London I use the internet cheapies, and they come in two strengths, I get the more sensitive ones. A pack of ten is about 5 or 6 pounds. The smiley faces and the weeks pregnant indicators are nice but I'd rather poas a lot. I get my opks from the same site, Home Health UK (sorry I don't know how to do links) 40 of them costs about 6 pounds. And they dispatch very quickly.

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 11:11:55

Thanks Twenty thanks I will investigate that during my lunchtime.... I've POAS using FR and I'm paying £10 for 2 sticks...... whoops!

gilly86 Tue 12-Mar-13 12:06:58

What brand are the cheapies you get online? Where from? Amazon? Xx

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 12:17:52

Twenty the sensitivity is 10mIU/ml for STRIPS and 20mIU/ml for sticks.... have I got this right? I can't find 10mIU/ml test sticks.

Gilly I've been looking at the same site that Twenty referred to in her last post - home health Uk.

Trinpy Tue 12-Mar-13 12:31:13

BFN for me. Really glad I dealt with the disappointment yesterday. Had a little cry on dh then went shopping and to the cinema to cheer me up. Feeling ready to take on next month now smile. Dh must have told his mum we weren't having much luck with trying because I had a very wierd phonecall from DMIL last night detailing all her issues getting pregnant with DH and saying not to give up hope. Which was nice but a bit odd to talk to her about something so personal when even my own mum doesn't know we're ttc!

Agree with the ic's. I use the Home Health ones too and they've got a good reputation. They are very addictive though, and if you use opks a lot during the first half of your cycle you might feel like you're constantly weeing in cups! I've had very convincing evap lines twice on them though, which can be misleading. I used to poas daily during 2nd half of 2ww but it takes over your life. My current strategy is to limit myself to one frer per month and then use the cheapies as back up.

Gilly like others have said, the best way to get pregnant is to dtd both before and after the opk, until you are sure you've ovulated. So you are on track still.

spring, sorry to hear af got you. Our bfps due next month smile.

I'm staying on this tread until I see some bfps!!!

Trinpy Tue 12-Mar-13 12:33:22

thread not tread.

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 12:57:26

Trinpy Do you use the strips or sticks? The strips seems to be more sensitive but am not liking peeing in a cup!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 12-Mar-13 12:58:50

ah trinpy so sorry to hear it was not your month. that was nice of dh to treat you to shopping and cinema.
fx for next month. smile

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 12-Mar-13 13:02:16

Sorry that AF got you Trinpy and how lovely of your DH to spoil you.

As for hanging around for some BFP, well it won't be coming from me......!

Springbells Tue 12-Mar-13 13:11:04

Trinpy - just checking in, sorry to see bfn. Here's to our April bfps (and a lovely Christmas present!) have given myself a stern talking to ( kick up the arse ) and am now looking positively forward!

Come on the bfps for the rest of you!

izoot Tue 12-Mar-13 13:17:07

Just started my first TWW and I did not realise it would be so hard! Really helpful reading all these posts, good to know that I am not the only one!
Feel like I have had loads of symptoms but really don't want to get my hopes up as they are probably all in my head, currently at 7dpo.
So far:
3dpo-5dpo- cramping and fluttering in pelvis, nips are agony, abdomen feels full/bloated
6dpo- less cramping, sharp pain in left ovary (side I OVed from) slight brown in CM
7dpo- watery brown CM, no cramping, still nip/bb pain

I tend to get 4 days of brownish CM before AF so think I should not get my hopes up, but still feel like I can't stop thinking about it!
Wishing you all lots of luck

twentythirteen Tue 12-Mar-13 14:54:09

London yes it's for the strips that you dip into the collected wee, as Trinpy said. I used to use the normal strength ones but I never got a positive. I use an old coffee cup that shall never see light in the kitchen again! I was going to ask what you don't like about weeing into a cup but it's obvious really, I don't like it either. I'm used to it now though and no longer think of it as that much of a hassle. I don't think I've ever had an evap line and although I think I get the concept I am confused by it. I don't read a strip after the time limit. Also, once I start showing a faint line on the opk I start testing two to three times a day so if I did have evap I suppose I would find out pretty quickly if I'd had a dud.

Trinpy, did you actually get your af? I'm guessing from your certainty but your post read like there might still be a chance if af hasn't come?

Good luck Izoot!

sunflowered Tue 12-Mar-13 19:38:52

london - if you don't want to wait for ics to arrive in the post you could try a 99p store, they're 3 for 99p. Read somewhere that they're ok for early testing but can't see on the packet how sensitive they are.

Sorry af caught you trinpy - fx for an april bfp and an early xmas present.

Bambalam Tue 12-Mar-13 20:10:53

I'm in my first 2WW of TTC cycle 1 <novice>. Of course I saaaaiiid I wouldn't get obsessed but here I am again trawling MN hoping to confirm symptoms, when logically I know the only thing that will do it is a BFP!

Poor DH, I was all over him not long ago and now I'm barely responding to him as I'm glued to this...must---log---off (but can't)

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 12-Mar-13 20:21:10

any bfps yet??

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 12-Mar-13 20:23:14

bam ha ha ha I know my dp is saying the exact same thing you r always on mn bla bla bla grin
so addictime but really helping me through this bliming tww.

Trinpy Tue 12-Mar-13 22:13:43

Thanks for the support everyone.

I'm having bad cramps and a little bit of pinkish bleeding this morning. So not full-blown af yet but I'm pretty sure it's on its way. Obviously will test again if not here by weekend, but I'm counting myself out.

Someone on this thread had better get a bfp soon <<looks stern>>

sunflowered Wed 13-Mar-13 06:37:40

Bfn here this morning but af not due for a few days so will poas again on sat if she still hasn't shown her face. With sore nipples, funny metallic taste on and off, plus the start of a headache, I thought something might show up. Probably just af warning signs combined with yet another cold.

Lucky13ForBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 06:47:28

Testing agai today. Scared scared scared

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 13-Mar-13 08:08:25

Trinpy sorry that the witch has got you sad Lets hope some of the others can accomodate your request for a BFP.

Sunflower your symptoms sound very promising! Lets hope that its means that a BFP is on its way and not another cold.

Good luck with POAS today Lucky

Didn't POAS today, didn't see the point of wasting a good stick. My sore nipples and and tender breasts have disappeared and this is usually the case 1-2 days before AF shows up. I'm expecting AF tomorrow or Friday at the latest. Just wish she's hurry up so that we can start my next cycle of TTC.

Are you planning to TTC next month? I've read that some people may want to give next month a miss as they don't want a December baby...... Personally, I'm still going to TTC as I can't afford to waster time at my age!

Come one ladies, we need a BFP on this thread!!!!

hypnotisingchickens Wed 13-Mar-13 08:35:58

Can I join in ladies? I'm ttc#2 after a mmc at 8 weeks back in November. I feel like this cycle is the first one where things are back to normal, so I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed. Lots of DTD, but DH was away for one of my peak fertility days so I'm not entirely hopeful. I'm 6dpo and don't have a single symptom either way, and desperately resisting testing!

Good luck everyone who is testing today!

Malteaser1982 Wed 13-Mar-13 08:39:49

Oh bugger - where are the BFP???

We'll definately ttc next cycle i.e. if AF does show up her ugly face next fri/sat (or earlier by the looks of it). DD was supposed to be a dec baby (edd 10 Dec) but as she was not growing as she should have, I had an EMCS @ 37 weeks after being constantly monitired at hospital since 35 weeks. In fact, if we have conceived this month edd will be on her birthday!

Malteaser1982 Wed 13-Mar-13 08:49:56

Oh and London, I was soooo tempted to test this morning - even peed in my cup!! But resisted (and threw away the pee) blush

Welcome chick

Mytwobeautifulgirls Wed 13-Mar-13 09:13:22

morning ladies
we really do need some bfp on here hopefully that will start the ball rolling
I really thought af was showing last night migrane and cramping butility nothing as yet pains all gone.I'm still having very crazy random dreams

London when will you do another test did you order the ones from the net?

sunflowered Wed 13-Mar-13 09:13:27

We won't hold off ttc in April (still have fx for that bfp before then though). my facebook wall was filled with pictures of Christmas and new year babies a few weeks back so it must be a lucky month. Mind you, dh is still a bit confused by the whole cycle thing so should maybe double check that he realises april + 9 months = december - must have explained the process five times now and he's still not quite there yet with the 'fertile week' concept his biology Alevel must have skipped the birds and the bees

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 13-Mar-13 09:54:32

Welcome to the thread chick

Malteaser you are one crazy gal! Why didn't you test once you had collected your pee?!

Mytwo I haven't bought any tests from the internet yet. I'll probably buy some over the weekend. I'm intending to buy some sticks as opposed to strips as I can't be bothered to deal with evaporation lines etc on the strips.

Sunflower good luck with teaching biology to your DH. I must confess I didn't know 90% of the stuff that I know now before TTC #2..... this is taking blooming forever angry

Malteaser1982 Wed 13-Mar-13 10:09:49

lol London I am!! smile

Will test tomorrow morning, unless I get more consistent spotting today

Bartlet4America Wed 13-Mar-13 10:24:04

Hi everyone smile I guess I'm kind of still in the 2ww, as AF was due Monday, but still nothing. All tests BFN.

Have been coming on this everyday hoping to see someone has a BFP! Good luck everyone x

sunflowered Wed 13-Mar-13 10:59:31

london tbh he could just be claiming ignorance in the hope that we keep on dtd as much during the tww as before it! To be fair to him, you have it hammered into you at school that you only have to look at a boy to get pg, we both he thought you just dtd a couple of times and end up with a baby. fingers crossed #2 doesnt keep you waiting too much longer...

Hi chick, welcome to the thread smile

sunflowered Wed 13-Mar-13 11:00:38

And hi bartlet

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 13-Mar-13 15:51:43

Hi Ladies,

I think that I am out of the running for a BFP this month sad I'm getting the usual spotting and AF cramps - not completely unexpected but I'm still bitterly disappointed. I'm now off to console myself by having a large packet of peanuts M&M.

Good luck to the ones left on the 2WW. I can't believe that we haven't got a BFP on this thread yet!

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 13-Mar-13 15:52:10

and welcome to the thread bartlet.

hypnotisingchickens Wed 13-Mar-13 17:24:42

Oh no, sorry she got you London.hmm

I'm still way off getting any symptoms really, but have had chronic backache in my lower back all day. I'm trying to tell myself that it's from lugging DS around so that I don't get my hopes up.

Longest two weeks ever and I'm only 5 days in....

Lucky13ForBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 17:51:06

Sorry to those AF has got sad

A tentative BFP for me! It's very faint and after several MC in a row I am very weary but hopefully the line will get darker. Everyone pray or cross fingers for me this time. I hope its not my eyes playing tricks!

hypnotisingchickens Wed 13-Mar-13 17:55:38

Hooray, congrats Lucky!!!thanks

Everything crossed for you.

Mytwobeautifulgirls Wed 13-Mar-13 18:30:29

Welldone lucky congrats
London sad next month defo your cycle.

I just bloody poas and got bfn it was clearblue digital and I know I shouldn't of as I would defo hot a bfn until af day but couldn't help myself and now I feel sad sad sad

Trinpy Wed 13-Mar-13 23:00:42

^^ sorry to hear you got a bfn. still time for you to get a bfp yet though.

sorry to hear this isn't your month either london.

congrats to lucky!!!!!

Malteaser1982 Thu 14-Mar-13 08:37:28

Congrats lucky

BFN as well here sad! So it seems like I'll be joining you in the next tww london and twogirls wine

hypnotisingchickens Thu 14-Mar-13 08:45:00

Morning all,

Sorry to hear that malteaser

I'm a bit like a bear with a sore head this morning; snappy, irritable, general PMT grouch. Do you reckon that means I'm out of the running too? AF is due next Friday or thereabouts.

LondonSuperTrooper Thu 14-Mar-13 09:13:01

Cheers ladies.

Lucky hope that this one is a sticky. I had one miscarriage and it was absolutely devastating.

Best of luck everyone and wish you all a BFP. x

AF arrived yesterday evening. Feeling ok about it as I was starting to worry I might have a really long cycle but can deal with 31days. Bring on next month!

Trinpy Thu 14-Mar-13 12:52:42

bad luck science and malteaser.

chickens - pregnancy hormones???? wink

Mytwobeautifulgirls Thu 14-Mar-13 16:16:55

hiya ladies I did a cheap poas and bfn boo hoo just want to crack on with the next sad
on the upside a glass of wine for dp bday next Fri good luck all

Mytwobeautifulgirls Thu 14-Mar-13 16:16:56

hiya ladies I did a cheap poas and bfn boo hoo just want to crack on with the next sad
on the upside a glass of wine for dp bday next Fri good luck all

Mytwobeautifulgirls Fri 15-Mar-13 15:35:51

any bfp today?

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 15-Mar-13 16:19:25

Bad luck to all those who have tested bfn..... ibut it is blooming time that someone needs to get a bfp!

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 15-Mar-13 16:20:59

Oh and I am armed with cheap POAS that I've just ordered from the internet grin

Roll next cycle (TTC cycle #5!)

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 15-Mar-13 16:21:21

Sorry for typos - on the phone

Mytwobeautifulgirls Fri 15-Mar-13 16:34:25

r u definitely out for this cycle London

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 15-Mar-13 17:08:38

Yep! My period has started in force today sad

And I'm spending a week in Disneyland Paris during my last week of 2WW in my next cycle so hopefully this will stop me obsessing me being pregnant and noting every bloody little imagined symptom!

Malteaser1982 Fri 15-Mar-13 17:28:11

Af here as well I'm afraid angry Roll on cycle 2

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 15-Mar-13 17:42:43

Sorry to heat that Malteaser

RainbowBelle Fri 15-Mar-13 18:13:19

Hi, can I join in please?

On cycle 3, in 2ww at the moment, due to test Friday 22nd.

I have definitely felt cramps on one side today and yesterday - I don't think it was ov, I think it is possible post ov pains (egg wafting its way down tube??)

good luck to all those waiting!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Fri 15-Mar-13 19:33:22

welcome rainbow.

ah sorry malteser. I'm still waiting for the old witch. due tomorrow envy

sunflowered Fri 15-Mar-13 21:00:57

Hi rainbow

Sorry to those the ertd caught up with.

Just got a bfn with a first response test and think I'm now about 13 days po. I guess that means I'm prob on the lookout for af rather than a bfp at this point too sad

Funny metal taste plus all the other symptoms must just be in my head confused

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 18-Mar-13 06:50:18

it's all gone quiet

gilly86 Mon 18-Mar-13 07:07:29

I'm testing next Monday (if I can wait til then and if AF doesn't come first!)

1 week to go!smile

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 18-Mar-13 08:55:41

ooh gilly fingers x for u I'm late I testes yesterday with a cb it was a bfn sad

Meemawandmoonpie Mon 18-Mar-13 11:27:05

Morning ladies,
Can I join? Just started my 2 ww today so am religiously symptom spotting haha! I do have a terrible stich like pain on the right hand side, so fingers crossed it means something other than the huge roast chicken I had last night x
Good luck ladies, hoping to see some BFPs soon! X

hypnotisingchickens Mon 18-Mar-13 12:40:04

We're not having too much luck on this thread are we? Boo hiss to the old witch.
I'm still technically in the running, and trying my damndest not to obsess over it every waking second (hmm, because being on MN is really helpful on that score....)
AF is due on Friday, I POAS this morning (10DPO) but BFN. I'm trying to resist doing another one until at least Thursday but it's sooo bloody tempting! Fingers crossed for anyone who is still waiting.

Bambalam Mon 18-Mar-13 15:59:09

I'm very much guessing when AF is due as this is my first cycle off the pill. I have based it upon when I ov'd though so should be quite accurate. Expecting it Thursday so wanting to wait as long as possible before testing. Keep veering between thinking I'm definitely up-duffed, then definitely not, round and round in circles. Baby-making is crazy-making!

Good luck to the 2ww'ers!

Mytwobeautifulgirls Mon 18-Mar-13 18:31:04

yippeee BFP over here smile smile grin grin

good luck ladies

Bambalam Mon 18-Mar-13 19:04:05

Eek congrats mytwo! grin

gilly86 Mon 18-Mar-13 19:23:10

Woweeeee congrats mytwo!!! Excellent news smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile xx

sunflowered Mon 18-Mar-13 23:08:53

Congratulations mytwo smile

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 19-Mar-13 07:08:33

thanks ladies fingers and toes x for u all

Trinpy Tue 19-Mar-13 10:42:04

Just popping back to say...

Congratulations Mytwobeautifulgirls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like it when people get bfps on their own threads.

Af never really came for me but bfns still.

gilly86 Tue 19-Mar-13 11:08:16

Hahaha oh yeaahhhh I forgot it was your thread as well mytwo!

Maybe we should all make our own threads! Haha xx

LondonSuperTrooper Tue 19-Mar-13 11:09:12

Congratulations Mytwo!!

Is this our first BFP on this thread?

hypnotisingchickens Tue 19-Mar-13 14:01:04

Hooray, congratulations mytwo! Maybe starting a thread is the road to success indeed! I'm still waiting and desperately trying to avoid testing until Friday, but I think these 'pregnancy symptoms' are rapidly turning into AF symptoms. Drat.

Trinpy Tue 19-Mar-13 17:25:32

I think the first bfp was lucky. next month I will name change to a more optimistic username and start a 2ww thread.

I have an appointment to see a doctor tmrw which will involve having my cervix looked at and having a swab done. joy confused . I've been waiting for ages for this appointment so I'm certain af will arrive in full force in the morning to ruin it.

Bambalam Tue 19-Mar-13 17:53:35

OP have you considered your future name change? Mythreebeautifulgirls doesn't trip off the tongue so well and Mytwobeautifulgirlsandaboy is probably too many characters...

Mytwobeautifulgirls Tue 19-Mar-13 18:40:48

thanks everyone ha ha bam no not thought about a name change yet but will come up with one when the time cones ha ha.
hope you all get your bfp really soon come back and post it so we know. grin

Bambalam Fri 22-Mar-13 18:25:55

Booooo, my 2WW is over, AF started yesterday.

Look on the bright side - won't be risking morning sickness on a trip I've planned with my Dad, and DH has another month of dtd+++!

Anyone else testing soon?

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