Any newly weds trying for baby #1?

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MrsBigBadBeck Mon 04-Mar-13 16:29:06

Hi ladies!

Just curious to see how old mothers to be are for their first baby.

I'm just 23, hubby and I got married just a month ago but been together just over a couple of years. He is desperate for kids, and the more I think about it the more I really want something of ours togethersmile hubby has a 6 year old from a previous relationship who doesn't live with us but me and my new step son are building up a brilliant bondsmile

Would be interesting to see all the different relationship situationssmile

Look forward to reading repliessmile

Bartlet4America Mon 04-Mar-13 17:11:02

Me smile same age too! Been married almost a year, and this is our first month of TTC!

Madratlady Mon 04-Mar-13 17:19:13

I'm 22 and got married in November. We started TTC in December smile

ELA88 Mon 04-Mar-13 17:59:25

I'm 24 and got married in November, we are both very excited TTC our first! Xxx

MrsBigBadBeck Mon 04-Mar-13 18:23:02

We're any of you on any contraception before trying? smile how is your sex drive? I've got to admit I am definitely more up for it! Hope I'm not being too invasive!

gillian1986 Mon 04-Mar-13 20:00:46

HI!!! Im 26, married my husband in december and been TTC since january!

gillian1986 Mon 04-Mar-13 20:02:45

I was on the pill (yasmin) for 10 years.... came off the pill in december and im also more up for it... but that is probably because we are ttc so its kinda more exciting for me knowing that we could be making a baby!
Hubby is happy cos hes getting more sex haha xx

MrsBigBadBeck Mon 04-Mar-13 20:14:18

Hello again Gillian! I am defo more up for it an it is so much more enjoyable! Must be psychologicalsmile

Thatssofunny Mon 04-Mar-13 20:15:07

We are getting married in August (does that count, too?), but have been together for ten years. I turned 30 a few weeks ago. shock We've been ttc for ages,...not stopping now. Pregnant bride or not...I don't give a toss anymore. blush

ELA88 Mon 04-Mar-13 20:18:28

I was on the pill for 10 years (microgynon then mercilon) and stopped taking it beginning of January. My dh is always up for it like 24/7 so he's happy that I'm wanting it most nights! It is exciting knowing it might be making a baby though! Xx

MrsBigBadBeck Mon 04-Mar-13 20:18:51

Yeah that countssmile haha my hubby wanted me pregnant from day one and didn't care if I was a preggers bride or not. I guess if you 'blossom' you'll look even better than most brides! smilesmilesmile

MrsBigBadBeck Mon 04-Mar-13 20:20:14

Yeah we tried last night and after I was determined to keep as much as possible of his bit in me haha. My pelvic floor muscles are having a big workoutwink

gilly86 Mon 04-Mar-13 21:08:15

ladies its gillian1986 here - changed my username... just so you dont get confused lol.

Anyway this week is my fertile week/window so i am EXCITED!
Except im doing a nightshift from home tonight (dont ask what i do - its too complicated and geeky!) and hubby has gone out with some mates for dinner so... wont be dtd tonight!!!!
however, did dtd on saturday and sunday...a bit early i suppose but WHO KNOWS... could be lucky!

Anyway... have plans to dtd a lot this week hehe x

Bartlet4America Mon 04-Mar-13 21:15:32

Cool to see so many of us! Hope you all get bfps soon!! I'm in the 2ww, but not feeling that confident this month

cookielove Mon 04-Mar-13 21:20:22

Hello, I got married in sept and we have been trying almost straight away however with more umph since jan.

MrsBigBadBeck Mon 04-Mar-13 21:26:44

Wow lots of babies trying to be made! Maybe some of us may meet if our kiddywinks make friends! smile

Frizz1986 Tue 05-Mar-13 09:11:25

I get married in less than 5 weeks. Have been excited about having kids for a long time and my plan was to start ttc at the start of the year, but then we got engaged in august so decided that we would wait a bit so I didn't have a bump at the wedding. I am trying to test out when the dp wants to start ttc as I would be happy to start this cycle as if we did conceive cycle 1 I wouldn't show at the wedding etc but not sure if dp will want to get the wedding out of the way before ttc.
I am way too excited and want to get started as am aware it will prob take months of ttc.

BalmainMummy Tue 05-Mar-13 09:23:19

Im 24 and got married in July 2012 and im now 30 weeks pregnant! So got ourselves a little honeymoon baby.
We started trying about this time last year, but baby obviously wanted to be born out of marriage haha.
I hated the 2 week wait and every month it got worse, but keep positive! Its the best feeling in the world when you get a BFP! I was on the pill and it took awhile for my cycle to sort itself out. I reccomend the clearblue fertility monitor, was really struggling then bought this in July and got preggo in august!! Turns out we were 'doing it' on the wrong days and that I was fertile a few days after I thought.
Good luck!

FromagePlease Tue 05-Mar-13 09:32:06

Hello, can I join please?

I'm 29 and got married last year, this is our first month of trying. I've got OPKs etc. Exciting but also nervous that we'll be trying for months. It's so hard to accept that you don't really know what's going on, or how long it'll take.

TTC1Madness Tue 05-Mar-13 10:12:32

Hello!! Would I be able to join please? I need somewhere to get away from the madness that is TTC. We have been married 8 months.. I have cycles from 28 days to 31 days. I'm on CD 10 today and have started to use the clearblue ovulation digi sticks with no smiley face today sad Just trying to DTD every other day... OH thinks he has won the lottery!

Zumbasmyfave Tue 05-Mar-13 10:44:25

Hi all!
I am 27, got married in september and been TTC since december. We've been together nearly 9 yrs!
Good luck gill when you gonna poas?
Congrats Balmain!
Hi Frizz I felt the same in the run up to my wedding but having been on the pill for years I wasn't sure what my hormones/periods would do or if I got preganant the sickness.. So I personally thought it best to wait till after my honeymoon (which was november-Thailand :-)) and as it turns out my periods haven't come back yet :-/ so it's not happended as quickly as I'd hoped..I guess you can't know what's the best thing to do but just do what feel right for you!
Cookie what day did you get married? My wedding was the 1st

gilly86 Tue 05-Mar-13 10:59:20

TTC1Madness you and me are pretty much at the same point on our cycles!
CD11 for me today and my cycles are anything from 28-31 days as well!
All my calculations and phone apps suggest THIS WEEK is the week I should be dtd (plus Monday,Tuesday next week as well)... So dtd as much as poss until next Tuesday and to be honest will try and carry on with that til AF is due! (We don't dtd every day but hopefully every other day!)
I also have OPKs - yesterday and today both negative. Going to carry on using them this month though and see what happens!
I came off the pill in December after 10 years on yasmin. Got married in December and now TTC.
Wasn't really TTC in January... We were on honeymoon and obviously dtd but wasn't thinking too much about TTC and I hadn't even had a true period yet at that point.

FromagePlease Tue 05-Mar-13 13:16:28

Just a tip with the OPKs, I peed on mine early evening when I was sure I was ovulating (mild ache and just 'felt' it) but got a negative. Really disappointed. Later that same evening I had the right mucus (sorry if TMI) so did another cheeky test and it was positive! I'm now on the 2WW.

cookielove Tue 05-Mar-13 13:22:47

zumbasmyfave I got married on the 1st to grin

I have been avoiding using opk's but think I may crack soon blush

I am on another thread, which I can link to when I get home which is really so supportive.

MrsBigBadBeck Tue 05-Mar-13 13:36:11

How long should I leave it before trying a OPK? Only stopped my pill on Sunday (that was my first pill free day) still haven't started my period but last week had major signs that I was going to come onsad

FromagePlease Tue 05-Mar-13 13:43:02

MrsBBB, on the packet that I bought it said day 6 of my cycle, with day one being first day of your period, if you have a normal cycle length. I only bought mine mid-cycle so that's when I started using.

MrsBigBadBeck Tue 05-Mar-13 14:48:11

Best for me to wait I think :-/ periods are all over the shop at the moment. I'm two days late and have been pill free for three days! So it's while your mid flow or the end of your period you do the test?

SarahMargaret Tue 05-Mar-13 14:58:14

Hi, new member - first post all advice welcome smile This is our third month trying, which may seem too soon to worry, but I guess because I've never been on the pill or any medicated from of contraception I thought it would happen right away. I'm 25, hubby is 27, both healthy weight, active and eat well. Problem is and this is where I hope someone can give me some hope.... he works in Newbury and I live in our home in Ireland, he commutes, flies out Mon morn and back Friday evening. So we only have weekends to actively try. For the first month we had been using KY but heard it can kill sperm so switched to Conceive Plus, I find it very hard to not use anything. My periods are irregular ranging from 30 to 37 days, last month was a 32 day. My GP has done blood tests for iron or thyroid issues, but they came back normal, she has said if nothing happens within another 3 months I can come back and see her, I want a baby so so much I have no patience and daydream about seeing a positive pregnancy test all the time. As I said, any advice would be really appreciated, thanks xo

MrsBigBadBeck Tue 05-Mar-13 15:47:18

This might sounds stupid but have you tried various positions? One of my good friends who is a midwife told me that its important that your man should make sure the you orgasm too. Not sure why, think it may be to do with the chemicals and hormones in our bodies that help with the process of the conceiving. Maybe if you're stressing over it that might not be helping sad how are you feeling in yourself too?

SarahMargaret Tue 05-Mar-13 18:47:22

Mainly we were trying missionary because I read somewhere it was good, but then a friend told me to have hubby behind me (hope thats not TMI) lol. I am feeling fit and well, and I don't think I'm too stressed. How long have u been trying? Ive also been taking Folic acid and just since the weekend hubby has been taking zinc and multi vitamin tablets.

MrsBigBadBeck Tue 05-Mar-13 19:07:53

Haha, no not at all TMI, you mean for you to be on all fours?

We've only been trying since the weekend, but some people are falling pregnant ridiculously quickly! i'd love to know their trick!

SarahMargaret Tue 05-Mar-13 19:12:15

yes I heard it was good to be in that position with womans head bent downward, gravity must sort of kick in, then afterwards legs up with a pillow in under the hips to lift them up too. I keep hearing of people who tried and got preg right away, so jealous lol.

SarahMargaret Tue 05-Mar-13 19:13:16

yes I heard it was good to be in that position with womans head bent downward, gravity must sort of kick in, then afterwards legs up with a pillow in under the hips to lift them up too. I keep hearing of people who tried and got preg right away, so jealous lol.

MrsBigBadBeck Tue 05-Mar-13 20:59:45

Maybe yeah, my midwife friend when she was TTC would put her legs up the wall after sex so the sperm would make its way up haha. Tempting! Yeah I've read it a lot toosad maybe were missing something!

Klee15 Tue 05-Mar-13 22:44:08

First post, first baby, first month off the pill, first month of trying. Married Aug 2012. No idea of my cycles as been on microgynon since I was 16, I'm 25 now. Nervous, excited, impatient and glad I found these forums. :-)

SarahMargaret Tue 05-Mar-13 23:48:16

Klee15, we were married Aug 2012 too, been trying since Christmas, no sign yet but hopefully soon. We are trying everything, I know how u feel im sooo impatient x

kitty555 Thu 07-Mar-13 07:16:11


I am 35, got married in May last year and we will start TTC end of this week smile

SarahMargaret Thu 07-Mar-13 11:26:15

Gutted sad OPK gave a positive result this morning, but hubby isn't going to be home until around 9 tomorrow night sad does anyone know how long after positive OPK ovulation actually happen or for how long afterwards could conception happen? I hope we haven't missed another month x

MrsBigBadBeck Thu 07-Mar-13 12:41:02

Get making a baby ASAP. You never know you may get lucky! From looking up on it you can have 2-3 days where conception could occur so this weekend may be your weekend! smile Got everything crossed for you! X

FromagePlease Thu 07-Mar-13 12:49:09

Is anyone else on the 2WW? Doesn't it drag on and's always in the back of my mind. I need to start thinking about something else, like work! blush

MrsBigBadBeck Thu 07-Mar-13 12:56:25

What's the 2ww?

SarahMargaret Thu 07-Mar-13 13:55:19

MrsBidBadBeck I really hope your right, thanks keep everything crossed for me and you never know we may hit lucky... times like this I wish hubby worked at home sad The 2ww will be a LONG wait this month. Its a 2 week window before af should come and you can test xx

MrsBigBadBeck Thu 07-Mar-13 14:16:45

You may do and let's hope so! I still haven't had AF make an appearance yet, and been 5 days pill free :-/ ergh hope I'm not one of these ones who doesn't have a period for over 6 monthssad we've only managed to have a try once as my hubby is away too with work and isn't home until tomorrowhmm

SarahMargaret Thu 07-Mar-13 15:04:03

It makes me stress more knowing hubby is away, but needs must. What pill were u on? It might just take a bit of time for your body to adjust without it. But a girl I work with came off her pill after being on it for years, last August and conceived the following month. Although, she had a slight bleed and thought she hadn't been successful, then when af didn't show up the following month she took a test and it was pos. But when she went for her 12 wk scan they told her she was actually 16 weeks smile how great would that be!! Good luck to you too for this weekend

MrsBigBadBeck Thu 07-Mar-13 15:50:23

Yeah I must admit I've been frustrated thinking to myself all this week we could've been trying, but hey ho!

I was on Cerazette and always apart from one month had a period while I took it so seems weird how now I have stopped nothing had appeared!

Wow that is super quick!!!!! I wish (and hope!)

Good luck to you too and keep us updated!

FatPenguin Thu 07-Mar-13 17:23:27

I'm 23 and got married last year smile we are on our 3rd month of trying, stopped taking the pill last november after being on it a few years. I'm a bit worried as OH is 38 and concerned this might affect us. We are going to try the clear blue fertility monitor next month,any one tried it?

MrsBigBadBeck Thu 07-Mar-13 17:25:55

Ah hi! smile I doubt his age will affect him, unlike us women! We haven't tried that test, but my hubby is 31 and he is so worried about being an old dad. 38 isn't old either! How does the fertility test work?

FatPenguin Thu 07-Mar-13 17:52:22

It monitors your fertility through the month- you start the monitor on day 1 of your period and it asks you to pee on a stick and put it in the machine (not always every day)to try and work out when ovulation will be. It then says low fertility/high fertility/peak fertility each day as it builds up a picture of your cycle. Interested to see what is says as TMI sorry looking at the ovulation calculators online my CM doesn't seem to tally when they say I should be ovulating, hmmm....

jazzcat28 Thu 07-Mar-13 21:35:42

Hi all.. Got married in October 2012, took last pill (cezarette) on 1st march, now waiting for first period to turn up so we can get going! We're both 28 this year. I'm also on the WW thread as am trying to lose weight to help TTC - my BMI is currently over 30 which I have read is the threshold for complications starting. Just need to lose another stone (16lb down so far) to get under 30 BMI. DH and I have been taking pregnacare his & hers tablets since start of feb so fingers crossed AF shows soon cos I just want to get shagging a move on!

MrsBigBadBeck Thu 07-Mar-13 21:43:45

Hi Jazzcat! I took my last one on the 2nd march! My AF still hasn't made an appearance either hmm how long we're you on cerazette for? Do you take Folic acid too? Did you have periods whilst taking cerazette?

jazzcat28 Thu 07-Mar-13 22:09:28

I have been on it for 12 months but was on Yasmin for about 9 years before that. Never had a period on cezarette but my nurse said that's when it's working most effectively? Had v long/random cycles before I started taking the pill at 17 so not sure if I'm going to struggle

Pregnacare for couples trying for a baby that im taking has folic acid in it.

I want to have a proper period before we start so will be using other contraception whilst waiting.

Am kinda of the just shag every other day mentality, don't want to make it too 'clinical' with opks as this will be too much for DH. Though if my fears are correct re cycles who knows what I'll be resorting to in a few months!

Blondie276 Fri 08-Mar-13 15:02:40

Hi All,
Im 29 and get married in 12 weeks and are TTC. (also 30years old in 14 weeks!)
Came of BC end Jan although didnt try last month to have first full cycle (which was 27 days)Am lucky that it returned so quickly so hoping this carries on.
Am now on day 14 of 2nd cycle and so bloomin confused with my body and working out whats going on! Thought was due to O today although dont think I have- so trying to patiently wait and see what occurs over the next few days.
Am concerned that I dont want to turn into a head case with this process and guess it can be sooooooo tiring and disheartening! Excited though- you never know whats round the corner!!

SarahMargaret Sat 09-Mar-13 17:28:13

Ok so I got my positive opk on Thursday, but couldn't DTD till last night. I've been reading it can take days for sperm to reach egg in tubes, if this is true I haven't a hope this month sad does anyone know if the odds are for me or against? Trying not to get my hopes up x

cookielove Sat 09-Mar-13 19:07:39

Hello all, just wanted to put a link on to the other lovely fred that i am on, just wanted to let everyone know how supportive it can be smile

any way here is the just shagging thread everyone is welcome grin

although this thread is delightfully lovely to smile

gilly86 Sat 09-Mar-13 19:39:21

Whhhhhhhy am I not getting a positive OPK <bangs head on wall>

Today is CD15.. Thought the big O would be tomorrow... Monday latest.

Saw a BIG dip in bbt today so half thinking all my calculations are correct and half just totally confused as I'm still not getting a positive OPK.


Trying to ignore it and just dtd loads anyway. But it's annoying!

MrsBigBadBeck Sat 09-Mar-13 20:00:35

Well AF made an appearance today which I'm kind of glad about but no baby for me!

Hopefully my cycle will start getting normal soonsmile

gilly86 Sat 09-Mar-13 20:06:14

Sorry to hear that mrsBBB!
But see it as the beginning of a new cycle... Start a fresh and try try again!! wink

MrsBigBadBeck Sun 10-Mar-13 07:01:17

Yeah that's what I have told myselfsmile

Sorry to hear about your bodies news! I'm trying to kind of not take much notice of what's going on with mine and just DTD as and when we can (as much as possible obviously!)

gilly86 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:20:21

Same... The OPKs don't give me much of a clue as to what's going on but I'm charting my bbt and get more results/answers from that to be honest!
Just dtd as much as poss like u wink

gilly86 Sun 10-Mar-13 11:48:02

I take it all back... Maybe..!

CD16 today.. Just did an OPK and its positive... i think!!!

Got the last few days worth of sticks and its definitely darker anyway and I would say pretty much as dark as the control line.

Going to do one later today and definitely dtd tonight lol!

Blondie276 Sun 10-Mar-13 13:14:48

Good luck hilly! Fingers crossed for you!
Ewcm has arrived today ( no idea how long for) so will be waking my OH up when I get innfrom work for dtd! Feeling somewhat hopeful so hoping the timing will be right!
What do people make of OPKs? I've just been going on body symptoms but wondered whAt peoples thoughts were?
I'm still learning why my body's doing but hoping I'm on the right track!

gilly86 Sun 10-Mar-13 13:23:15

I've only my been using OPKs this month.. Not getting very far with them although, like I said, I think today it finally showed a positive... The line is a lot darker than its been any other day!
All my calculations and apps tell me today/tomorrow are my most fertile days anyway and I noticed a huge dip in bbt yesterday which some people get before ov.

I dunno.. I'm in 2 minds about OPKs still. Will see what this afternoon/evenings result is when I do one again and also tomorrow. See if it gets darker or whatever...

We are just trying to dtd as much as poss to be honest!

So far this cycle we have dtd cd8, cd9, cd13, cd14 and cd15.

Cd16 is today and hoping to dtd tonight!

I think after today we will dtd every other day if we are up for it! Haha

Blondie276 Sun 10-Mar-13 13:33:36

We had on cd 5,6,7,10,11,13,14 and 15 Although think I'm due to O today or tmrw. Myself and OH both work shift work hense me going to be waking him up so hopefully it will be about the right time!
Interesting about OPK- I'll carry on doing by symptoms for while and see how I get on as I haven't checked BBT either.
Not sure how other people are feeling but I constantly need to keep reminding myself to stop thinking about it all the time and what will be will be but is sooooo much easier said than done!
Nice to have some support though as no one knows we are ttc - nice to hear others are in the same boat

jazzcat28 Sun 10-Mar-13 15:18:04

Hi again, am very envy at all those who are already shagging in earnest! Stopped my pill on 1st March and still waiting for first AF to arrive. I'm hoping it turns up some time this month as the waiting to start TTC is killing me. I think one of my friends is a few weeks pg too, which just makes me even more keen to start!

For those of you who stopped taking the pill before TTC, how many weeks did you wait for your first period?

Blondie276 Sun 10-Mar-13 15:29:35

Jazzcat- know how you feel ! Patience is the root of all evil!
I stopped pill at end of jan, had my withdrawal bleed as usual and then first real period came after 27 days so was very lucky that came back almost like clockwork so dont lose hope!
On first cycle of actually ttc at the mo so don't know how long second cycle will be but fingers crossed!
I had a lot of wired stomach cramps in first month coming off pill and at one point had to go to dr but turns out was just my body ' starting to work again' post pill so fingers
Crossed for you!

gilly86 Sun 10-Mar-13 15:46:49

Hi jazzcat! The last pill I took was on 21at December. Had the normal withdrawal bleed on 25th December til 29th December and then had my first true period on 25th jan.
Next one came on 23rd feb til 27th feb.

So pretty much back to normal give or take a day or so!

I was on yasmin for 10 years.

Everyone's different though! Xx

cookielove Sun 10-Mar-13 15:53:36

Jazzcat - i know how you feel about people being pregnant about you, i know 7 people who are pregnant shock

My very close work colleague is about to have her baby, and my other very close work colleague who got married 2 weeks after me is about 16 weeks pregnant. I just keep telling myself that my time will come to smile and try and not think about it. Of course i am very happy for everyone who it expecting.

My Dh was away last week for 5 days, and is back now all be it a bit ill hmm but my period has vacated and we are dtd every other day grin lucky man!!

gilly86 Sun 10-Mar-13 15:54:39

Everyone around me seems to be pregnant as well! Or just had a baby!

Don't worry ladies.. That will be us soon!

jazzcat28 Sun 10-Mar-13 18:11:00

smile thanks for all the reassuring comments. I am a planner/organiser at work and it's driving me insane that this is one of the few things in life I can't plan myself!

I have lots of friends with toddlers which don't bother me at all, it's the friends with bumps and birth announcements that get me down.

Oh well, might as well have a cheeky glass of wine with my roast this evening then wink

SarahMargaret Sun 10-Mar-13 20:08:50

Ladies I hope it is soon. This 2ww is killing me already and I only ov'd on Thurs acc to opk. Dtd Fri and Sat so might have been a bit on the late side.... really broody today. All the Facebook Mothers Day photos/statuss are making me sad xxx

SizzleSazz Sun 10-Mar-13 20:13:57

Not ttc, but i took cerazette for 10years. Came off and period arrived bang on time then and next two months, pregnant the third. DD2 conceived after 3 months too.

If you search on here re cerazette there seem to be quite a few people who get pg first month of trying

Good luck smile

MrsBigBadBeck Sun 10-Mar-13 23:10:26

Well I stopped taking Cerazette on 2nd march this was my first pill free day. AF arrived Friday but VERY light at the moment. Must just be a withdrawal bleed. Me and hubby are looking at DTD as much as poss though.

Loads of my friends are pregnant too or have just had babies. Not trying to let it get me down but it just makes me want one so bad.

Fingers crossed we'll be there soon ladies! An with you on the Facebook statuses. V depressing

jazzcat28 Mon 11-Mar-13 19:34:07

MrsBigBadBeck sounds like you and I are in the same boat except you've had AF arrive earlier than me. DH and I are not shagging at all until AF has arrived, as I am determined to have a bleed before getting pg! Not sure how long we'll last though wink

Am also starting to wonder about upcoming social events in anticipation of the fact I'll actually get pg soon. We've been invited to a wedding end of Aug and I said to DH "oh well if I'm with child then I can drive so you can drink". He raised an eyebrow as if to say don't go counting your chickens whilst thinking I'm some sort of wierdo

MrsBigBadBeck Mon 11-Mar-13 22:30:11

Yeah AF has come with a vengeance today! Me and DH have been trying to DTD but not really feeling like I need to be intruded. Got enough going on down there as it is! Well fingers crossed you won't have to wait too much longer!

Haha, typical male! I must admit DH looks at me weird sometimes when I talk like that. Maybe they don't get it! We've said due to work reasons if I'm not pg by June we'll wait until next year. We're self employed and work seasonally so really don't need to be dropping a baby right in the middle of a school holiday!

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