Elderberry Pavlovas Unite - the over 30s TTC number 1 (thread 2)

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Bunnygirlie Tue 13-Nov-12 22:55:43

Ladies,  Time for a new thread for us oldies (well not that old) TTC number 1 and our MN friends who have their BFP but are still coming along for the ride :-)

bunnygirlie, 32, TTC since June, AF due end Nov
Winkle, ttc 15 months, BFP due 19/11
Zombies, ttc 2 cycles, erratic cycle, PCOS. Next POAS not before 15 December. 
Pipbin, ttc 15 cycles, BFP due 27/11
BraveLilBear TTC cycle 1 after early mc, BFP due 18/11

Aquarius, 32, ttc 8 mths, bfp due mid dec
Happylass TTC cycle 3 BFP due 8/12
Janey, 38, six weeks pg
Rach, 34, PG 7+5. Booking appointment on Wednesday.
Quod, 33, six weeks pg
HazleNutt 8 weeks pg

Sorry if I missed anyone :-)

Bunnygirlie Tue 13-Nov-12 23:01:25

Ello, anybody still on my team trying something new this month? This is second month for me using ov sticks and concieve plus, also ditching the diet this month as read restricted calorie diets can reduce fertility, and trying the old full fat milk/full fat yogurt as that is meant to increase fertility, worth a try a guess.
Have also booked reflexology appointment for Saturday, may be too late for this cycle but who knows it might help for the next one :-s

Badleg Tue 13-Nov-12 23:14:30

Hello all

I am going shopping to get as much help as possible! Conceive plus, sticks, thermometer what else????

Pipbin Tue 13-Nov-12 23:32:20

Firstly, welcome Lilli, sorry for your MC. You'll find us a supportive bunch.
I had my peak on the CBFM yesterday and we managed to DTD on Sunday and yesterday night despite both of us being a bit poorly.

BadLeg. Sorry AF turned up, old witch.
As for what to use, I have to say that although I temped for about six months, I wouldn't recommend it really. Reason is that I found it made me more obsessive. First thing you do in the morning is to think about ttcing.
I recommend opks, cheap dipstick ones, and record it on fertility friend.
As for concieve plus, I wouldn't bother unless you normally use lube.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 13-Nov-12 23:33:27

I'm here ! Mission accepted!
{watches tablet with mission brief explode over cliff side}

Pipbin Tue 13-Nov-12 23:33:53

That said, temping can help you get a grip on your cycle, so can be helpful.

How long were you trying before your BFP Lilli?

winkle2 Tue 13-Nov-12 23:37:26

Welcome lili and sorry to hear about your mc

Badleg - sorry AF got you sad

Lolcbcblemonlime Wed 14-Nov-12 06:01:38

I'm here too! Can anyone add me pls?
Lolcbcb 38 (yikes) ttc 4 months after mc. Bfp due 25/26th

janey1234 Wed 14-Nov-12 06:12:46

I'm here too - found you...smile

Bad leg - gutted AF arrived, wa feeling hopeful this night be your month... Next time hopefully....

happylass Wed 14-Nov-12 07:00:46

Welcome Lili and so sorry to hear about the mc.

Bunny I'm up for trying something new next cycle. Experimented with the digi OV sticks last cycle and all good there. Think gonna give the conceive plus a go this time around. Any thing's worth a try, right??

HazleNutt Wed 14-Nov-12 07:12:46

Morning all, 8+5 here and been lucky so far that I barely have any symptoms. Can't even join the ante-natal clubs for this reason, as everybody seems to be suffering from 101 different issues and I'm just slightly nauseous sometimes..

janey1234 Wed 14-Nov-12 09:31:15

Hey hazle - I'm so glad you say that. I've gone from pretty nasty nausea on Monday, to mild nausea yesterday, to feeling pretty much OK today. I've obviously been POAS (just to use up the cheap old ebay tests, you understand) and the line was so quick and so dark this morning (faster and darker than the test line) so fingers crossed it's all going in the right direction - hoping it's not a bad sign...

Do you think I will ever relax about this?! I knew it would be awful until 12 weeks, but time seems to have stopped still...

janey1234 Wed 14-Nov-12 09:32:26

Oh and here you go lol

bunnygirlie, 32, TTC since June, AF due end Nov
Winkle, ttc 15 months, BFP due 19/11
Zombies, ttc 2 cycles, erratic cycle, PCOS. Next POAS not before 15 December.
Pipbin, ttc 15 cycles, BFP due 27/11
BraveLilBear TTC cycle 1 after early mc, BFP due 18/11
Aquarius, 32, ttc 8 mths, bfp due mid dec
Happylass TTC cycle 3 BFP due 8/12
Janey, 38, six weeks pg
Rach, 34, PG 7+5. Booking appointment on Wednesday.
Quod, 33, six weeks pg
HazleNutt 8 weeks pg
Lolcbcb 38 (yikes) ttc 4 months after mc. Bfp due 25/26th

BraveLilBear Wed 14-Nov-12 09:48:24

Hello lovely ladies, I, too have accepted the mission, and come armed with rope, a penknife and a half-full canteen of water to pass round on our various adventures in TTC land...

Hi to Lilly sorry about your MC, but as said on previous thread, many of us (including me) have experienced this and the support here is so welcome.

Janey and Hazle am feeling less miserable today, so have decided that sore boobs are sign of imminent BFP hysterical grin

And Janey - Step away from the internet cheapies! How can a fast dark superquick line be a bad sign? Sounds good to me! And anyway, from what I hear from mum types is that relaxations is for wimps and pavlovas a tougher than that grin

Hope you can relax a bit soon...

HazleNutt Wed 14-Nov-12 10:24:16

Janey sorry, no I don't think we will ever relax, there's always the next thing to worry about.
Symptoms, no symptoms, 12 week scan, 20 week, blood tests etc etc. Not to mention which pram to buy (Stokke Crusi looks cool), actually giving birth (shudder), what to do with that new person then (help, no idea) and so on.

Quodlibet Wed 14-Nov-12 11:01:59

Don't be daft - relax? Janey I think the intermittent nausea is normal - mine comes and goes too. Now I'm thinking maybe I should go and pee on a stick and see if my line is darker but what if it's not oh god I won't get any work done

I am worrying about the housebuying instead, which isn't going well. And about the fact that my major project this year (and major source of income) will be full-on between 34 and 38 weeks. What if I am too ill to work? I will be destitute!!! I don't get sick pay!!!

Takes my mind off the early pg worries though.

You forgot me! (wails). Purplemonster, about 7-8 weeks pregnant, forgotten and unloved (said in eeyore voice) sad

janey1234 Wed 14-Nov-12 12:53:53

Oh purple - not unloved or forgotten, just, erm, mislaid?!

bunnygirlie, 32, TTC since June, AF due end Nov
Winkle, ttc 15 months, BFP due 19/11
Zombies, ttc 2 cycles, erratic cycle, PCOS. Next POAS not before 15 December.
Pipbin, ttc 15 cycles, BFP due 27/11
BraveLilBear TTC cycle 1 after early mc, BFP due 18/11
Aquarius, 32, ttc 8 mths, bfp due mid dec
Happylass TTC cycle 3 BFP due 8/12
Janey, 38, six weeks pg
Rach, 34, PG 7+5. Booking appointment on Wednesday.
Quod, 33, six weeks pg
HazleNutt 8 weeks pg
Lolcbcb 38 (yikes) ttc 4 months after mc. Bfp due 25/26th
Purplemonster, about 7-8 weeks pregnant, very much loved and a KEY member of our pavlova group.

Sorry I missed you out from my summary - I blame baby brain wink

Awww thanks smile I knew you all loved me really, silly hormones.
In the purplemonster household we have discovered that you should not leave a tired and hungry pregnant lady do the food shopping unsupervised. Wandered around Sainsbury's last night and came home with a load of crap and no actual meals, or veg, or fruit which is most unlike me. When Mr Purple asked what was for dinner I had to shamefacedly admit 'party food' blush
I can't seem to eat proper meals at the moment, I'm living on snacks and 'things on toast'. Must try harder.

Rache1S Wed 14-Nov-12 13:13:27

Interesting booking appointment this morning where they established amongst other things that I am a home owner (WTF has that got to do with pregnancy? - bloody NHS and its irrelevant statistics), and that me and DH are not blood relatives (Yuk! What type of people do they have turning up?)
They have classified my pregnancy as low risk, which is good news, but they have also outrageously worked my current BMI out at 'overweight' 26, which I totally dispute and insist that it is a 'normal' 25. I am not taking the prospect of weight gain very well!! I was so distressed about the BMI that I had to have a bag of crisps shock
Anyway, 12 week scan on the 14th December so only 30 days left grin

HazleNutt Wed 14-Nov-12 13:17:40

Good to hear all went well and that silly BMI doesn't really show much anyway. I'm sure you were just wearing heavier clothes today as well, right?
My 12-week scan is on 6th of December, seems ages away.

BraveLilBear Wed 14-Nov-12 13:31:14

Rache just had to stifle a snigger. I think the booking appointment could be a genuine highlight for me if that's the level of questioning. My brain - like yours - would be like 'why are they asking that?'

Is that why it takes a squillion hours lol?

Don't worry about the BMI. Maybe you should change the acronym to Brilliant Mother In-waiting and you got a score of 26 - wow that's awesome! wink

Besides, they think you're low-risk, so can't be all that high. Positive thoughts people, all about the positive thoughts!

Aquarius1 Wed 14-Nov-12 16:05:07

Afternoon all... Just reporting for duty on new thread. Day 3 of af sad thinking of trying acupuncture this month as I read an article about it improving fertility/ regulating cycles. Probably rubbish but might at least be relaxing- anyone else tried it?

BraveLilBear Wed 14-Nov-12 16:43:41

Have tried acupuncture for a lower back muscle problem years ago. Absolutely loved it tbh.

Have heard that reflexology can be good for this kinda thang too, for those not so hot on the needles, who don't mind having their feet touched...

lillymac42 Wed 14-Nov-12 18:17:59

Hello, I found the right thread! Going to start TTC again next month after MC on 9/11/12. I'm 39. A friend recommended a herbalist to 'heal my womb'. I'm a bit sceptical myself...

winkle2 Wed 14-Nov-12 18:32:53

Purple - I love party food grin

Quodlibet Wed 14-Nov-12 19:05:20

On my desk currently: Large pack of pretzels, festive chocolate nut and fruit selection, champagne truffle. Sounds like a balanced diet to me.

Mmmm festive chocolate, nut and fruit selection? That sounds amazing, why didn't I buy some of that! I'm hoping this phase passes and I can actually eat real food again at some point soon, I don't know that you're supposed to fuel baby growing almost entirely on fruit, biscuits and crips.

HazleNutt Wed 14-Nov-12 21:14:38

I'm really irritated today, not sure if it's hormones or just the fact that if I have emailed what I've done about issue X to my boss both yesterday and today then an email from her "so have you done anything about issue X?" is not something I would expect in return. Read your effing email!!
Then went to Tae Bo, which usually helps, but no, was just getting pissed off with all the "8 more! no, again! last 8! reeaallly last now!" Grr make up your mind!
And then the French class where people just don't get it and we've been repeating the same things forever..gaah..

Considering that normally, nothing really bothers me...it's hormones, right?

Pipbin Wed 14-Nov-12 21:17:33

Quod You've got all your major food groups there, nothing wrong with that.

Rache BMI is my enemy. When I was being referred to the fertility clinic I had to go and get an official weigh and measuring as the BMI they had on record for me was over 30, and they won't refer you if its over 30.
I had already been on a diet and lost some weight but when I was being measured I didn't have my feet completely on the floor so I came up as half an inch taller. That made by BMI 30 so I got referred.
However when I got to the clinic I was weighed again, but not measured, and they worked out my BMI as 31. When I got in with the specialist she said she my BMI would be an issue as it was over 30. I questioned this as I had weighed the same there as I had done in the doctors and I hadn't shrunk. It was the difference in their charts!

Anyway, my BMI is now 29, not a huge change but it's so hard to get it down when you are short, bear in mind that I run three miles three days a week and wear size 14, yet my BMI is still touch and go!

Rache1S Wed 14-Nov-12 21:57:00

Pip I've concluded that BMI is a load of old bollocks rubbish. I am fit and healthy and wear size 10/12 which, although not exactly stick insect, is definitely not overweight.
You are also obviously fit and healthy and deserve to be treated irrespective of some stupid chart that health professionals have devised to unfairly judge us. By their own standards they would refer a drug user/heavy drinker/heavy smoker/generally unhealthy slob just because they have a BMI less than 30? Ridiculous.

Pipbin Wed 14-Nov-12 22:14:39

Exactly Rache I get classed as unhealthy even though I exercise, have never smoked, rarely drink, don't take drugs, cook all my food from scratch and haven't eaten meat in over 10 years. But no, I'm unhealthy, where as my friend who drinks to excess every weekend and eats take aways all the time is healthy because she is about 8 stone. So stupid.

Bunnygirlie Wed 14-Nov-12 23:04:26

Evening all! Just back from the cinema, Skyfall is just brilliant!!! Great escapism for DTD week. Still no dark line on my ov sticks, maybe tomorrow :-s

Was talking to girl who does my legs today and we started talking about pregnancy and she said she'd been trying for a year so I admitted I was TTC too. Felt weird to actually say it out loud rather than just type it to you lovely ladies. I haven't told anybody else so was nice to chat to somebody about it.

Hope you are all well :-)

Quodlibet Wed 14-Nov-12 23:47:34

Hazle you went to Tae Bo?? Wow I thought I had done well having done a 5 minute butt workout today. I have got a serious case of the Laze accompanying my mild case of the Quease.

Pip I agree that guff about BMI is just bollocks. You could be a body builder with a BMI that puts you in the obese category, the system makes no allowance for body composition. I am impressed with your running.

I have finished off a major work deadline today which has been hanging over me for aaaaaages! Now got a week's respite before I have to get back to it. Off to visit my parents tomorrow along with my sister and her gorgeous baby. Looking forward to sharing the news with my folks!

HazleNutt Thu 15-Nov-12 08:19:11

Hm again all pregnancy symptops, the little I have, have pretty much disappeared this morning. I know, totally normal and should really count myself lucky I'm not suffering from 101 issues like so many women seem to, but it's still worrying. Couldn't they offer some home scan machines so we could just check ourselves that everything is ok?

Quod, I'm terribly lazy, but have discovered that sports actually helps with the tiredness. If I go to gym, I don't feel like falling asleep at 9, so better to drag my backside there as often as I can manage.

HazleNutt Thu 15-Nov-12 09:30:23

Oh by the way, so in UK they don't want to poke you with needles all the time? Here apparently I have to get a blood test every 3 weeks!

janey1234 Thu 15-Nov-12 09:42:19

Ah Hazle know the feeling - I had NO symptoms at all yesterday (apart from ma-hoosive boobs - they were DD/E and have grown significantly) and even stayed out with my friends until past 10pm for my birthday drinks (none for me, obv). Feel a bit sick again today though, yuck, so I'm sure yours will be back tomorrow.

No idea about needles - really hope that you don't have blood taken too many times, as no-one can ever find my veins, not even the blood donor people. Nurses usually insist on trying both arms first (even though I tell them it's tricky) leaving me with massive bruises, before resorting to taking it out of my hands.... Nice...

Still, will all be worth it.

Wish I could do a boob-share with someone. Anyone interested? I can certainly spare a cup size or so if anyone wants any? wink

Rache1S Thu 15-Nov-12 09:56:40

Janey I am definitely up for the boob share. My little B cups have hardly grown at all so far envy

Hazle I had booking bloods done yesterday and they took so much they practically emptied one of my arms so I think they take the same quantity as France but all in one go!

As for symptoms, mine seem to come and go in both quantity and severity, which according to yesterday's Midwife is all completely normal. If they all disappear completely for more than a few days then she advised me to give her a call.

BraveLilBear Thu 15-Nov-12 09:57:58

<races in, elbows flying> Me, me! I'll do a boob share Janey!

I am a standard size 34AA, tho I cheat and get 32A bras because they are nicer (if you have small boobs and ask for nice bras, people think you're a teenager or something) and fit (cup-shape) better.

I have always wondered what size I'd get up to in pg land... got to 5 and a half weeks last time and was spilling out of my standard bra, which was novel grin

Oh, and happy birthday, too!

On the BMI thang, it's just daft. And to think they weigh you at your booking in appt, which is, when 8-12 weeks along? Many peopl have already totted up a few pounds by then, so that's hardly a fair judgement.

Bunnygirlie totally agree with Skyfall. Best Bond ever! I watch a lot of films and was goosebump proud to be British with all the awesome references.

Really impressed with Tae Bo Hazle - keep meaning to do my zumba vids again (as well as running 2-3 times a week) but figured it'd be too strenuous for pg land, so would have to give it up again.

BTW do you still 'feel' pregnant even though symptoms are having a tea break?

HazleNutt Thu 15-Nov-12 10:08:59

I feel fine so don't really have any excuses not to work out. Teaching back-to-back CXworks, Bodycombat and Bodypump today. Unless your doc tells you otherwise, it's generally fine to keep up your current fitness regieme - it's just not recommended to start anything new. Well new and intensive they mean, sure you can always start with pregnancy yoga and those things.

But boobs, I was an FF before, am now a G and they keep growing! I'd happily share, this is getting ridiculous.

Brave if your 32A fits better, are you sure 34AA is actually your right size? (if you were ever fitted by M&S, it's not). What's your underbust measurement? (I'm a bit of a bra bore, after being in a wrong size myself for years).

Oh and for TTC ladies, send your DHs for a check, it's probably all their fault:

janey1234 Thu 15-Nov-12 11:19:12

brave and rache you're on - you can have a cup size each. DP won't mind at all - he's not a 'boobs man' so at this stage they're completely pointless and just annoying. I really don't want them to grow any more or I will look ridiculous. I'm blonde and just under 5 11 so if boobs get much bigger (and the rest of me - all my size 12 clothes feeling a bit tight already) - I'm going to look like a fat barbie sad

'fat barbie' has made my day, I can't stop chuckling.
Sod the stupid BMI bores with their silly made up rules, I'm a hobbit so they're bound to moan about mine as at my height I look positively rotund if I put on a couple of pounds and I'm looking distinctly bloaty at the moment. I'm only a size 10 though so they can moan all they want, I don't care at the moment. I've spent my entire adult life saying no to pudding (never been overweight just always been careful about my weight on the understanding that once it's on it would be a lot harder to get off!) and I'm enjoying guilt free biscuits for the first time in living memory and they're NOT taking them away from me or I'll cry so there!

BraveLilBear Thu 15-Nov-12 12:06:17

Ahhh Hazle Didn't realise you were an instructor! That explains a lot. Don't know about bras.... will have a look at my measurements when I get home. I probably am due a fresh measure tbh.

The A cup fits the shape better, but the back size is on the tight side. If I where proper size, ie 34AA, the cup is big and flat and really unsupportive. At least with A cup I feel like I get support. Anyways....

Thanks for the cupsize loans Janey and Hazle - but fat barbie? Surely not! Any mean looks are alllll jealousy.

HazleNutt Thu 15-Nov-12 13:01:18

Brave it's just a hobby, to save my arse from being totally flattened by all the sitting I do for my day job. Can highly recommend it though, excellent on the days you don't really feel like going to the gym - no chance to be lazy if you're the one teaching.
Unfortunately, thanks to my thyroid surgery earlier this year, am not skinny, so also got a lecture from my doc about not eating too much chocolate and starting some light exercise, youknow, walking..Now for walking to make any difference, I wonder if I should do it before or after combat class?grin

Rach, how's the puppy doing?

Bunnygirlie Thu 15-Nov-12 19:18:12

Evening, sitting here in tears as totally fed up. How come you can never ovulate when you actually want to DTD! DTD sat and sun but today it wasn't happening after a busy stressful day for him, did my ov test and got a positive, told my other half we need to do it tonight and he says he doesn't like the pressure I'm putting him under!!!! Cue tears from me :-(

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 15-Nov-12 19:23:49

Aw bunny I've been there sad Hugs. They don't really get it do they?

janey1234 Thu 15-Nov-12 19:44:47

Oh bunny, it totally sucks sad

Big hugs x

Lolcbcblemonlime Thu 15-Nov-12 20:04:36

Oh bunny don't lose hope! If you did it day before you have a good chance!!!
My DH does not get it at all. I don't even try to explain it.

HazleNutt Thu 15-Nov-12 20:14:01

Oh bunny he really found a right time to not be in the mood hmm

Bunnygirlie Thu 15-Nov-12 20:16:17

If only we'd DTD yesterday, I fear we've missed our chance this month sad

Pipersouth Thu 15-Nov-12 21:09:53

Just checking in late as usual!! 36, cycle 5 I believe still staying optimistic for me and everyone else this month I reckon we all deserve a BFP pressie!

Bunnygirlie Thu 15-Nov-12 22:04:21

Ladies, if we missed yesterday, probably missing today, is it worth bothering tomorrow?!?

Rache1S Thu 15-Nov-12 22:31:05

Bunny Yes of course it's still worth bothering. I got the smiley on the OV kit and my temperature didn't go up until 3 days later indicating that I OV'd 2 days after the smiley. But are you really out for tonight? Won't he allow you to assist him in stress relief grin

Hazle the puppy is absolutely great - he naturally likes a bit of mischief but he also likes strangers, kids, other dogs and he's learning obedience well. The only problem is still that his doggy smell makes me feel really sick so I am having to give him a wide berth at certain times of the day. Poor doggy sad

Quodlibet Thu 15-Nov-12 23:05:08

Bunny don't give up - firstly there could well be spermies still lurking round in there and secondly you could well not OV til tomorrow. It only takes one remember. You have my sympathies - I remember the 'pressured sex' arguments/stress all too well.

Well I have told my folks which was fun, less fun has been spending half an hour on the phone to nhs direct checking up that the pain I have developed in one shoulder isn't a symptom of ectopic pregnancy. I think I just managed to freak myself out and wind myself up - sensible advise was take paracetamol, if no change fine, if any further symptoms (abdo pain, bleeding etc) ring back as urgent. I feel fine again now but had my poor mum worried sad

Lolcbcblemonlime Fri 16-Nov-12 07:02:13

Oh quod that sucks. We do worry ourselves silly I think!
Sorry bunny I misread your post and thought you had done it two previous days. Yeah I'll say def go for it today. Ov can be late after smiley.
I'm off to Iceland today for a few days. Great to take my mind off things.
I'm not hopeful as the last time we DTD was day of smiley so who knows!!!

Bunnygirlie Fri 16-Nov-12 08:37:13

Morning ladies, well last night was a no go but we just about managed it this morning! Yay! Hubby prefers mornings anyway, I'm not so keen as don't like being, well, sticky all day if you know what I mean! Hopefully the strong swimmers had done the the job by the time I got up for a shower (after 20 mins with a pillow under my ass). Hopefully we'll manage DTD sat and Sunday and then it's keep those fingers crossed!
Thank you so much for all the words of support, because I haven't told anyone this thread is my lifeline, not sure what I'd do without it smile

P.s. Quod I'm sure I'd worry myself silly with any ache or pain too!
Lol - have a lovely time!

winkle2 Fri 16-Nov-12 09:25:08

Good to hear bunny, lets hope you caught it smile

janey1234 Fri 16-Nov-12 09:35:05

Oh good news bunny smile Fingers crossed for you

After some advice from you ladies.... Off to Thailand in December (sorry, know I keep banging on about it) and didn't mention it to my doctor when I went in to say I was pregnant, because a) I forgot and b) all my jabs are up to date and c) he rushed me out so quickly I didn't have chance. Anyway, we're going to low to no risk areas (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Krabi) so anti malarials aren't required. I always get bitten loads though, and know that pregnant women are at a higher risk of malaria. I know I'm being paranoid, but as well as staying indoors and covered etc, do any of you know if you can use insect repellents when pregnant?

Dreamt I had a miscarriage last night and the boob soreness has completely gone this morning, know I will now spend the entire day being paranoid!

lol - have an amazing time, have always wanted to go but never quite got round to it, so am very jealous....

HazleNutt Fri 16-Nov-12 09:59:49

janey the internet claims it's safe to use repellent when pregnant

lol have fun, I've always wanted to go to Iceland.

I'm 9 weeks today. Still not really feeling any different, slight nausea only. One of my best friends is visiting, should be landing in an hour, very happy to see her. smile

Rache1S Fri 16-Nov-12 10:23:57

Janey I am the equivalent of a Krispy Kreme to a mosquito so I have to use loads of repellent wherever I go. I'm not keen on the oily texture of DEET repellents so I use Incognito, which works really well. I have been to Thailand twice and used this both times without a single bite.

janey1234 Fri 16-Nov-12 10:34:36

Oh, all the advice online contradicts itself. NHS say to use one specifically given the OK for pregnancy, but looking in boots yesterday all the 'natural' ones said they were fine for the last six months of pregnancy. Grrr.

Also got my booking in appointment for 18th December - I shall be in Thailand. So I just called and they can't fit me in sooner, so it won't be until 28th December. So long to wait! Will have had my private scan by then, all things being well. It all seems so long away!

Really fancy some more ttcers joining us pg ladies - how many BFP's do you think we can get by Christmas?

HazleNutt Fri 16-Nov-12 15:11:10

Yes we are definitely due some BFPs by now!

By the way, pregnant Elderberries - so how many people have you told yet?

Badleg Fri 16-Nov-12 15:28:51

I just want to say big fat congrats to all if you pregnant elderberries.

A fingers crossed to all those due to test immenently and finally those who like me have af visiting at the moment a lot of luck with an early chrstmas present of a bfp!!!

I have some ov tests arriving and conceive plus.

janey1234 Fri 16-Nov-12 15:34:34

Hoping they work for you badleg - could be coincidence but they worked for me. It just feels good to be trying all you can, doesn't it?
Try drinking full fat milk too in the run up to ov, is supposed to help with EWCM and the month I conceived I noticed a marked increase. Again, could be coincidence, but worth a try! Having a milky hot choc before bed is hardly a chore at this time of year!

hazle - I've told the friends I told when I was admitted to hospital with my mc last year - if it goes wrong I know I'll need their support again so figured I may as well. Plus I'm going to Dubai with three of them, so there's no way I could hide the not drinking there. So my five closest girlfriends, and have also had to tell one colleague. I work in media and it's pretty boozy, and due to my birthday could NOT get out of lunchtime drinks, so told a colleague who kindly got the rounds in and delivered me G&T (without the G). Not telling any family until after the nuchal tests - don't want to get any hopes up! You?

Rache1S Fri 16-Nov-12 15:40:57

Oooo Badleg it's exciting when some new toys turn up smile I personally felt like I was more in control of what was happening when I used the OV kit and BBT charting, even though I probably wasn't as we all know TTC is a bit of a lottery. It's good to know you're DTD at the right time though. FX for your BFP off Santa grin

Hazle We told our close friends and family almost immediately. I told a few good friends at work and asked them to keep it under their hat, but I have been so sick in the mornings for the last couple of weeks that i'm sure most people have probably worked it out by now. So, short of putting it on Facebook I think most people know about mine.

janey1234 Fri 16-Nov-12 15:48:13

Just been told by the colleague that knows that everyone is talking about me and suspects (I'm only 6 weeks for god's sake) because my boobs are bigger and I've put on weight sad Ridiculously teary about it - I don't want them to know yet and also I haven't put on that much?! sadsad

HazleNutt Fri 16-Nov-12 16:12:31

Ah so quite many people know already. We have told some random people - I told my gym manager, as I needed to explain why I don't want to participate in a new really hardcore training. DH told a friend of his who just had a baby. I'll tell my best friend when I see her this weekend, as otherwise I'd also have to explain the not drinking and she knows me too well to believe any fibs about cutting down alcohol.

But otherwise we have not even told parents yet - MIL is a terrible gossip and the whole country would know in 5 minutes. I'm not kidding. And if it doesn't work out, the whole country would know about that.

If everything is ok at 12 week scan, we'll tell them at Christmas dinner, will be quite a surprise.

janey that's mean of them. Why would they assume you're pregnant - the winter is coming, gathering a natural insulation layer is only reasonable grin

BraveLilBear Fri 16-Nov-12 16:28:13

Oh Janey that's really mean! Even if they are talking, was it really necessary to tell you that? Sending sympathetic hugs. Re the weight thing, could be bloating rather than weight - most people can't tell the difference. You could make out you've had a sneaky boob-job wink

I used to work in the media (and kind of still do, but more fringey now) and I used to hate how image conscious it is. Ignore them, and their talk. I think pregnancy is a time when you realise who your real friends are.

Least it's Friday, right?

Glad MrBunny came round in the end, Bunny - they really really don't understand.

Pretty sure I'm with you BadLeg in the AF visitees portion of the crowd. Not exactly shown face yet but it's imminent. Zero chance I could stilll be pregnant. Drat it. I'll be with you in the pre-Christmas present hunting stakes!

And pup sounds gorgeous Rache - i'm sure he'll forgive you for ducking the smell for now!

janey1234 Fri 16-Nov-12 16:34:28

If all is well I shall be telling the folks at Christmas too. I'm conscious of how my Mum felt when my bro & SIL had kids, and am super aware of leaving DP's Mum out or her feeling left out, so think the plan is for us to spend Christmas with our respective families and facetime to tell them (not at the same time!) <cringe> Know it's awful to have to resort to that, but would hate her to find out too long after my folks and feel left out before it's even started....

The main instigator of the rumour has just been over to clarify that he doesn't want me thinking he's saying I'm fat, but that he does think my boobs are MUCH bigger. Erm, thanks.

HazleNutt Fri 16-Nov-12 17:04:39

Hm in our case, we'll have DHs family over for dinner, but have to tell mine over Skype. So I think it's only fair if I tell mine a few hours earlier.

grin janey , not necessarily something I want to hear from a colleague. Um..thanks for noticing my boobs?

janey1234 Fri 16-Nov-12 17:19:27

I KNOW. I'm at work!! Don't look! Bloody un-pc media.

I think that's definitely fair to tell yours earlier given you won't be with them. Oh, hope all goes well for us so we can have a lovely Christmas day telling people...

Aquarius1 Fri 16-Nov-12 17:36:36

Hi badleg I'm in same boat as you- have got the ov tests in and also bought a book called the impatient woman's guide to getting pregnant which seemed right up my street!

On a separate note - realised today I've been saying I'm 32 when I'm only 31- evidence of how much ttc messes up your head!!

Btw how is your leg?

Pipbin Fri 16-Nov-12 17:47:32

I've just realised that if I manage it this cycle then my work will have babies due May, June, July and August!

Rache1S Fri 16-Nov-12 18:18:41

Janey I have found myself being fodder for the office gossips on many occasions. I think at one point there were rumours that I was having affairs with two Directors at the same time and had shagged the Marketing Manager, none of which had any substance whatsoever. The whole extent of my workplace relations in a whole 11 years of working there is one drunken snog with a colleague! People just love to gossip, period, and they will be on to someone else by tomorrow, probably bitching about the size of the new PA's arse or similar smile

Bunnygirlie Fri 16-Nov-12 18:42:46

Those of you who have used ov sticks/kits, do you find you only get a positive for one day? Mine negative today so guessing we may have missed it but will try again tomorrow just in case ov sticks aren't spot on ;-p

Pipbin Fri 16-Nov-12 18:57:38

I only get a positive for one wee!

winkle2 Fri 16-Nov-12 19:30:31

Bunny I only got 1 positive too.

Aquarius1 Fri 16-Nov-12 20:58:27

bunny I got a positive two days in a row last month on the clearblue smiley face test. first time I'd used it. Don't think there should be anything unusual about one positive from what I've read.

Quodlibet Fri 16-Nov-12 21:30:45

Well whaddya know, Easyjet have emailed to apologise and pay my €400 compensation for my delayed flight! I only posted the letter on Monday. Didn't expect that!

We have told a fair few people about the pg, parents, siblings and eight or so close friends. I'll have to tell my colleague (who is also a close friend) soon because we effectively run a small business together and we are making plans for next year, so it's only fair. My thinking is that all the people who know are people I would want to be aware if we had a mc, and would want to support us in that situation. I also feel very dishonest around people close to me who don't know - I know it's silly but I feel like I'm withholding the truth somehow!

Janey your colleague is unbelievable! Maybe some more salacious rumours about him need to appear in the office to deflect attention from your mammaries?

happylass Fri 16-Nov-12 21:42:38

Yes * Bunny* I only got a smile for one day last cycle when using the CB digi OPK for the first time. When using the cheap Internet dippy sticks the line seemed to hang around a bit longer though confused

Badleg Fri 16-Nov-12 21:45:16

Aquarius - my plaster cast comes off on tues! It's been 6 long weeks non weight bearing!

I am thinking of getting an app for my iPhone to keep track of things does anyone use one or recommend one?

Pipbin Fri 16-Nov-12 21:52:20

I use Fertility Friend, but I have to say their app has wound me up a but so I tend to track on the mobile site.

Aquarius1 Fri 16-Nov-12 23:02:14

Hurrah badleg hope you manage to get your strength back before not too long & its not too painful. my dh was non weight bearing on both legs for 2 mths-ish (long story) -he was like bambi taking his first steps.

I use Iperiod which gives you alerts when you're in a fertile week or af is due. Useful if you keep inputting your info.

Bunnygirlie Fri 16-Nov-12 23:43:30

Badleg I use My Days and Pink Pad on my iPad.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Fri 16-Nov-12 23:57:25

I use My Days..

winkle2 Sat 17-Nov-12 09:35:14

I used period tracker and iperiod

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sat 17-Nov-12 09:56:56

My Days is pretty decent. It's not too complicated and it appears to do what it says on the tin. You can also track bbt on it and make notes eg quality of cm etc.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sat 17-Nov-12 09:58:05

janey I would say your colleague is halfway to a sexual harassment lawsuit...

Rache1S Sat 17-Nov-12 15:16:39

I threw up my Dad's street earlier on. It just came out of nowhere and happened before I had time to dash to a toilet. I could see several curtains twitching, no doubt frowning on the size of my 'hangover.' Oh, the shame!

Quodlibet Sat 17-Nov-12 16:00:23

Oh no Rachel poor you! I have felt sicker today than normal, like moderately bad car sickness. It's yuck.

Still haven't been contacted by the antenatal team for my booking in/scan, they were meant to contact me by Friday. I've rung the NHS 'choose n book' but all they can say is 'we'll flag it with the hospital and they will ring you in the next 7 days'. I'm probably worrying unnecessarily but I don't want it to take ages to get an appointment and then them not to have any before Xmas.

janey1234 Sat 17-Nov-12 16:54:08

Quod - mine isn't until 28th December sad

Quodlibet Sat 17-Nov-12 17:35:14

Well exactly. We are out of London between Xmas and new year too sad

Rache1S Sat 17-Nov-12 17:45:38

Quod mine didn't ring for nearly 2 weeks, but when she finally did she had appointment available practically straight away. It's difficult not to worry about absolutely everything when PG but i'm sure it will be fine. Christmas is still quite far off.

Bunnygirlie Sat 17-Nov-12 21:45:43

Evening all ladies!
Had my first reflexology appointment today, feeling quite positive after speaking to her and having my feet fiddled with. My friend recommended her (told her it was for my IBS) and she just so happens to specialise in fertility, helped my friends friend after they'd been trying for 2 years :-)

To all TTCers - she did mention a few interesting things -
Like my doctor she said don't DTD every day just every other day.
She recommends organic milk as they inject cows with hormones which isn't good for fertility.
She said to drink around 2 litres of water a day to lubricate things!
And the water that you drink should be filtered not tap water as lots of excreted oestrogen in the water bad for fertility - yuck!!!

So here's hoping it all works x

Pipbin Sat 17-Nov-12 23:31:38

Interesting stuff Bunny.
I filter my water at home but not at work. Might start taking in bottled water.

However the sceptical side of me wonders if she has any studies to back these claims up.
For example, there is no scientific study that says we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but that is passed off as fact all the time.

winkle2 Sun 18-Nov-12 00:38:21

Thanks for the info bunny

We did go organic a few months ago but we stopped as its too expensive. Would have def kept it up if we could afford it.

Badleg Sun 18-Nov-12 00:43:25

How interesting bunny. I was thinking about giving reflexology a go after my Physio recommended someone. Was a bit sceptical but if nothing else it might be relaxing!

I have just finished watching breaking dawn part 1 and hoping I don't suffer like bella when I finally get pregnant!!!

Night everyone

winkle2 Sun 18-Nov-12 20:02:14

Looks like its going to be Cd1 for me tomorrow and month 16 sad

janey1234 Sun 18-Nov-12 20:06:19

In sorry winkle sad x

Pipbin Sun 18-Nov-12 20:34:56

Oh balls Winkle. Was that a short cycle? I'm sure we were cycle buddies.

Quodlibet Sun 18-Nov-12 20:42:27

Oh bollocks Winkle, sorry to hear that.

winkle2 Sun 18-Nov-12 21:23:10

I'm on CD30. How about you Pip?

Bunnygirlie Sun 18-Nov-12 21:38:43

Sorry to be a thicko but what is CD?

winkle2 Sun 18-Nov-12 21:42:54

Cycle day. Cd1 is the day of your first period.

Bunnygirlie Sun 18-Nov-12 21:47:06

Ah I still have so much to learn lol

Don't hold out too much hope for this cycle, cycle 6. DTD cd 13 14 19 20 but ov positive was CD18 :-(

I'm on CD21

Quodlibet Sun 18-Nov-12 21:56:11

Where is Bravelilbear? Wasn't she POASing today?

Pipbin Sun 18-Nov-12 23:34:14

I'm on CD 20. Feeling far more relaxed about it this month. Despite being surrounded by pregnant women at work I've not actually thought about it too much.
Today we actually DTD for fun! at 4 in the afternoon!

winkle2 Sun 18-Nov-12 23:38:08

Yay for fun sex smile

Lolcbcblemonlime Mon 19-Nov-12 00:33:32

Oh balls winkle. Was so hopeful for you sad
I've just returned from our second northern lights trip and tonight they were amazing! On ttc front I'm on cd26. Generally 31 day cycle. No symptoms.
Is there nobody poas ???

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Mon 19-Nov-12 07:01:40

Sorry to hear that winkle. Is it CD1 for sure then? Onwards and upwards to the next cycle.

Bunnygirlie Mon 19-Nov-12 08:41:02

Morning! I'm off today to buy a water filter and organic milk :-) and nuts, they are good for me and hubby too apparently!

captainmoll Mon 19-Nov-12 09:02:55

Hi all - sorry for my sporadic interruptions.. I lost the old thread, just found you all again. Sorry to hear about AF winkle best of luck for next cycle. Who else is poas soon?
I've gone the whole hog this cycle - OV sticks, temping, charts etc. amazed to discover I ov'd about 5 days later than I thought I did, so am hoping this explains why we've been ttc for so long. Only just ov'ing now on cd18/19 when I thought I was a cd15/16 cycle! Poor exhausted hubby managed to dtd yesterday morning (tmi alert!) with conceive plus which certainly helped him have a better time.. wink so now I'm in the 2WW gang. Who's with me?

BraveLilBear Mon 19-Nov-12 11:52:52

Hello everyone <waves>

Sorry for radio silence Quod - it's not easy for me to get online at the weekends as I don't get much alone time - and I do work very hard, honest! I just find that sporadic checking of MN helps me through the day, esp when I'm in the office all on my ownsome like I am (again) today.

Anyway.... Didn't POAS yesterday. Have been having mild AF pains since Thursday, much worse yesterday and seem to be actual AF pains today, even though still no visible sign.

It is totally doing my head in. Very different to the pains I got when I was (briefly) pg, so I'm convinced I'm out. Even had half a bottle of wine on Saturday (oops). I hate that the witch is dragging this out like this. Normally it's just bb agony that crescendoes to the day before AF, cramps on first day, sometimes second day.

This time? Pah. Bit fed up of it tbh. Feels like I'm having my nose rubbed in it.

If still no visible sign by Wed, I may have to POAS to double check. But I know I'm not pg. Officially CD 35 (of usual 31.5), but only 15 dpo. I ov'd late due to early mc last cycle.

Sorry you got hit as well winkle

Bunny according to another thread somewhere on here, if you dtd a few days before ov, you can still get pg and it's supposed to be more likely to be a girl. And cd 19 and 20 might not be too late either. There's always hope!

BraveLilBear Mon 19-Nov-12 15:09:22

Oh and BTW Hazle checked bb measurements over the weekend. 29 under and 33 over. Just found small boobs thread. Think my life might be about to change! Thanks for sowing the seed in my mind grin

<carry on everyone else!>

Bunnygirlie Mon 19-Nov-12 18:34:30

captain I'm on the 2ww although I don't hold out much hope hmm Both my apps say evil witch due 30th!

So just preparing myself for next month - ov sticks, concieve plus as usual and now reflexology, filtering water, organic milk, more oily fish and nuts in diet etc

Fun fun fun!!!

P.s. brave small boobs thread?!?!?

captainmoll Mon 19-Nov-12 21:33:56

Right, I need some advice from you wise ladies. This is my first cycle using OV pee sticks and charting etc. I got an OV stick positive on Sunday morning (after having DTD sunday AM, in a coincidence of good timing) and my temperature was normal. I totally forgot to do my temperature this morning, but got another positive on the pee stick this evening. No other signs of OV at all - EWCM etc all none existent. So does this mean I'm still due to OV or have OV'd already? I thought the LH surge was quick thing that you only got once - but does it go on for a couple of days? This is all so complicated!

Quodlibet Mon 19-Nov-12 21:48:22

Are you using the cheapy ebay ones or the smily ones? I would get a positive on a couple of consecutive days with the cheapies, and then my temp would rise the day after. The normal advice is to consider yourself fertile until temp rise confirms ovulation.

Brave I think you are still very much in the game. <fingers crossed, COME ON BFPS!>

Pipbin Mon 19-Nov-12 22:07:01

When I was using OV sticks and temping I found that I would OV the day after I got a positive.

captainmoll Tue 20-Nov-12 08:48:40

Thanks Quod & Pip - still no temp rise this morning. DTD again last night just to make sure.. I'm now on CD20 and apparently still not OV'd, which is unexpected. Really thought I was a CD 16 cycle.
If conception happens, does the LH level stay high, or will it drop regardless?
Also, I read on another thread somewhere that a long LH surge may mean both ovaries are releasing, which means twins! Not sure how scientifically proven that is hmm

BraveLilBear Tue 20-Nov-12 10:25:06

Captain now twins could be fun!

Bunnygirlie this is the small boobs thread. Hazle is a total expert and evangelist and if it works, I will become one, too. Small boobs

Basically, the whole bra measuring thing we've been forcefed by everyone from teenage years is a load of baloney - it's outdated and no longer applies. I am ordering a load of new (rather nice) bras from Figleaves to test the theory out... Genuinely lifechanging!

Quod am now starting to get hopeful. Which means she'll fly by any minute, I know it! If still no sign by hometime, will buy some tests on the way home and POAS tomorrow morning.

Bunnygirlie Tue 20-Nov-12 12:12:18

I'd love to have twins to get it all over and done with lol

I may have to have a look at the small boob thread, I have never been blessed in this department :-(

janey1234 Tue 20-Nov-12 12:30:46

Haven't read the small boobs thread, but have glanced at it, and think this is something like what happened to me a few years ago in Selfridges. I love underwear and buy loads of it, and for years have been a 36C.

I picked up a bra but they didn't have it in a 36C, so I asked an attendant to get me one. She said of course, but was it for me, because I certainly wasn't a 36C. Confused I said yes, and she asked me to undo my coat (it was winter) and said in a totally confident fashion "yes, you're not a 36C. I'd say a 32E but it will depend on the style so take these three in". Sure enough, 32E, and the most comfortable and flattering bra I own.

Having said that it no longer fits. I must have gone up one or two cup sizes in the last few weeks sad and hate my new boobs!

badleg - the month before I got pg I had a smiley face for two days running and was completely confused. So it can happen, but I've no idea why or what it means. I can't tell you if it happened the next month too (second month I used ov sticks, and month I got BFP) as I forgot to pee the day after my first smiley face. Sorry to be so useless!

Pipbin Tue 20-Nov-12 12:53:15

Captain are you still getting a positive?
I once got a positive but didn't actually ov until a week later. I got a second positive then.

Rache1S Tue 20-Nov-12 17:12:09

Hi Ladies, how is everyone doing?

I'm keeping my eye on you 2WWers as I need a distraction from my nausea and constant desire to sleep. The prospect of a few more Summer babies is very exciting grin < imagines us all meeting up with babies in a cyber beer garden >

I too have perused the small boobs thread and as a result will be going to try on new bras tomorrow in a gulps 32C or D!!! Not that impressive I know, but after years in an A or B cup this could become a momentous day!

BraveLilBear Tue 20-Nov-12 17:24:57

I feel a revolution coming on Rache!

AFM... still no sign of AF, which makes this 16dpo today and CD36 confused so in a retort back at the, frankly now rudely late, witch, I'm off to buy a pg test on my way home, which will definitely kickstart things.

Not that I'm tight or anything, but, I'm genuinely annoyed at having to splash out a full ten days before payday just to hasten her arrival.

Will report back on findings in the morning. Providing that (a) witch doesn't land overnight and (b) I get the braves on and actually POAS.

Rache1S Tue 20-Nov-12 17:40:22

Brave I don't know how on earth you've lasted this long without POAS! I didn't even make it until AF due day but if I had I would have been POASing when she was even an hour late! 16DPO surely means a BFP is very likely? Oooo, I do hope so! grin

BraveLilBear Tue 20-Nov-12 18:40:51

Lol Rache, think it's because I'm so convinced that I'm not pregnant. Have completely normal pre AF symptoms... But this is now day 6 of slightly sore boobs and occasional cramps, which is getting a bit ridiculous!

Plus, this is a first cycle after an early mc so figured mother nature was playing tricks. Now have two cheap boots tests in my possession, having practically begged the staff to let me buy them 1 minute before closing time.

I'm planning to wait til morning. Not sure if I'll make it that far but know that logically that's best... Damn you logical brain!

Rache1S Tue 20-Nov-12 19:04:24

Do it, do it, do it!!! Even if you get a BFN now there's still another test for the morning grin
I had my usual pre-AF symptoms before getting my BFP so that doesn't mean anything. I'm on tenterhooks! grin

winkle2 Tue 20-Nov-12 19:13:02

Good luck brave!!

HazleNutt Tue 20-Nov-12 19:32:54

Evening ladies! Just back from Paris - not used to big cities any more, got me quite tired. Was with a friend who is not drinking, so just claimed that I don't want to drink alone and had water with dinner. Didn't want to tell her yet, as she's the one I've mentioned, who has been trying for 10 years. And was telling me about how uncomfortable her IVF attempts were and that she's not going through another one. sad

Brave POAS! Oh and yes you probably need a 28D/DD, possibly 30D bra. POAS! POAS! You don't have to wait til morning if you're already late!

escorpion Tue 20-Nov-12 19:45:58

Hi all (waves), I have just turned 32 and am on my second cycle ttc for the first time. Already feel stressed as it has taken so long for my partner to want kids and we have recently had a minor falling out over the fact that he doesn´t like feeling like a ´machine.´ This after only two cycles of every other day shennanigans after the end of my period. I think he thinks it takes just one time of unprotected sex (which in some cases it can) but in our case, it´s not that way and is going to need some serious commitment. I am getting upset as I just get the feeling this will never happen. What have you been finding has made your journey a bit more interesting and includes enthusiasm of both parties?

Bunnygirlie Tue 20-Nov-12 19:54:39

Welcome to our merry band escorpion
It wasn't till cycle 5 last month where I felt truly distraught to see AF so this month has been difficult with pressure on both of us and the feeling of just doing it for the sake of it and it felt horrid. I think the pressure of having a positive on an ov stick made it worse!

Good luck brave hope you are the first of a new group of us getting our BFPs :-)

HazleNutt Tue 20-Nov-12 19:55:31

Hi escorpion! Yes, partners often have only a very vague idea about TTC. Maybe some kind of "pregnancy for men" book would help to explain that it's not always that simple?

escorpion Tue 20-Nov-12 20:01:15

That´s a good idea HazleNutt. I don´t want it to become too stressful for either of us, but would like to think that he wasn´t feeling stressed by it already after only the second cycle. Good luck to all of us trying to conceive!

janey1234 Tue 20-Nov-12 21:07:53

Hi escorpion! Welcome smile

And brave you're going to have to POAS - I will keep everything crossed for you. It's time for some more BFP's after a couple of quiet weeks! Really hoping it's good news for you...

Pipbin Tue 20-Nov-12 21:25:25

I think that for my DP he now realises what I do each day, peeing on stuff etc, and now that I'm facing a lap and dye, having sex on demand is no big deal.

captainmoll Tue 20-Nov-12 21:42:20

H escorpion welcome to the gang! My DH thought it would be simple at the beginning too (well, so did I) and was reluctant to get into the sex-to-schedule thing. We've now been ttc for over a year though, and after seeing me in tears at about 6 months in, he realised that a) it's incredibly stressful being the body that is waiting to change and b) we were going to have to take it more seriously if we weren't both going to lose our marbles. I think gently drip feeding information about things you can both do to help fertility helped us - saying "I'm off the booze this month to see if that helps, how about you drink less coffee and take some exercise". This made it a joint endeavour without (metaphorically!) throwing the cervical mucus and pee-sticks at him straight away.
Most couples take between 3 & 6 months to conceive, so no need to get out the big guns yet. Good luck!

In other news, just got home and did an OV stick - negative, so what the hell does that mean? Should I expect the temp rise tomorrow? Or have I missed it? Or does an lh surge with no temp rise mean I didn't actually OV and all DH's valiant efforts have ben for naught? (Well, naughty, I suppose)

brave very excited about the imminent poas! Good luck!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 20-Nov-12 21:56:30

Welcome escorpion!
brave that is very impressive, not POASing- you have iron willpower! I think if you can hold on and not POAS, then you should by all means! At least that you will be sure you won't get a false negative.
sits back and waits for the solid objects to be thrown her way

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Tue 20-Nov-12 21:58:00

In other news, I have decided to DTD every alternate day this cycle and see how that works out.
Smear test tomorrow bleurgh

escorpion Tue 20-Nov-12 22:35:33

Thanks for all the welcomes. Yes captainmoll, I think I will throw the stats (not the CM and ovulation stick grin at my DP. Then he may understand that I am not a fertile goddess and will not get pregnant straight away after one quickie. My cycle is all over the place though, never the same amount of days so I know this may be a huge task in hand. Good luck for all those ready to POAS and thanks for those waiting to.

Bunnygirlie Tue 20-Nov-12 22:50:41

My cycle took months to settles down, I'm sure it's still not quite right judging my my weird periods too! Hopefully reflexology lady can get my body back in balance!

Quodlibet Tue 20-Nov-12 23:12:30

Welcome escorpion!

My experience was that both DP and I got more stressed about it in the first few months of TTC, and he got worked up about sex to order. After a few months though the frisson and pressure kind of went out of it somewhat, certainly from his POV, and it became much more something we were on a level with. I reckon we had about 7 or 8 cycles TTCing before a BFP (but a few of those my cycle went on the total wonk). I also think when you start TTCing it is easy to get in a flap when it doesn't happen IMMEDIATELY and think that there must be something wrong with one of you, when the fact is that it does take a few months (3? 6? 12?) on average. When you think about it, we only hear about the people who got up the duff at the drop of a hat/accidentally and those people who can't conceive for love nor money. We don't really hear about the average everyday experience of it taking a few months, which is probably what our expectations should be.

My boobs are pissing me off today - the non-underwired comfy bra I bought 2 weeks ago is now too full. I don't like spending money on ugly underwear!!

I am VERY EXCITED about BraveLilBear POASing tomorrow.

Lolcbcblemonlime Tue 20-Nov-12 23:17:52

Hi girls
Came back this evening. Had an amazing time.
Exciting news on poas tomorrow!!

Pipbin Wed 21-Nov-12 07:09:43

So Brave have you POAS yet?

I'm 8dpo today and didn't have spotting when on my run this morning.
This doesn't happen. I always spot after ov when running.

janey1234 Wed 21-Nov-12 07:24:55

Yes, good luck brave....

winkle2 Wed 21-Nov-12 08:26:04

Good luck brave and let's hope that's a good sign pip.

captainmoll Wed 21-Nov-12 09:03:00

Good luck Brave!
Really hope that's a good sign Pip, totally is your turn. Fingers crossed for you.

I finally got my temp rise this morning, after DTD again last night - DH really put the hours in this month wink. Pretty late OV (cd21 in a 31 day cycle) but that means I only have a 10 day wait instead if 2 weeks, right? Also it's my birthday today so I bloody well want a BFP as a present! I offer up biscuitbiscuitbiscuit as there's no cake picture.. grin

Quodlibet Wed 21-Nov-12 09:10:23

Happy birthday captain! Maybe you will actually conceive today (eg sperm meet egg) - that would be a good present. Unfortunately you've probably got more than 10 days to wait as the luteal phase (from OV to AF) generally stays the same with only the length of time until you OV varying. . So if OV was 3 days later than normal then it's likely your cycle will be 3 days longer than normal. I can't remember - is this the first time you have charted?

Pipbin that's good news.

Come on Brave - we are all waiting!

HazleNutt Wed 21-Nov-12 09:11:13

Happy birthday captain!

captainmoll Wed 21-Nov-12 09:41:22

Quod - birthday conception would be the best. And I knew the damn 2ww would have some kind of caveat - nothing's ever simple, eh? This is the first time I've charted, so it may be that I've just got my OV wrong for all these months. I generally go by CM, but didn't really get any this month (sorry tmi). My chart book tells me that sometimes happens, and I'm off dairy at the mo which might be the cause. A big hurray for conceive plus anyway..

Brave! News! Now! Can't type with my fingers crossed grin

janey1234 Wed 21-Nov-12 09:57:44

Yes, happy birthday captain! But yes that damned 2ww just won't go away... Having said that I got my BFP 10 days after ov courtesy of first response (too impatient to wait) so you might not have to wait the full 14 days...

Re dairy that may well be it - the month I conceived I switched to full fat milk and noticed a lot more EWCM than usual (sorry tmi blush) so would imagine removing dairy could have the opposite effect. Still as you say conceive plus does the job even better!

Where are you brave...?

Rache1S Wed 21-Nov-12 10:51:52

Brave??? grin

And Happy Birthday Captain!

BraveLilBear Wed 21-Nov-12 11:25:58

Happy birthday CaptainMoll may you get a post-birthday BFP smile

AFM - I've been trying to get on here all morning but had people in the office and then had to go to a meeting and then had to buy coffee for colleagues...

Sooo... Tested this morning, OH took ages in the bathroom and then was running out the door and I had to yell for him to wait! As soon as the boxes turned pink, there was a line the second the control line appeared, which got darker and darker and is almost as dark as the control line.

POAS. BFP. OMFG. In total shock and rather blush at the fuss I seem to have pre-empted! Bit scared because of what happened last time, but getting more excited, especially as the line was so dark.

Quodlibet Wed 21-Nov-12 11:35:07

I have got my scan appointment through today - for Xmas eve! So pleased to have it done before the holidays.

All being well this means we will be able to go straight from the hospital to DP's parents and arrive with a photo. (It also means that we won't be able to go to DP's before Xmas eve --which will mean I won't go bonkers through over exposure--). I've also sorted my booking in appointment for 15 Dec.

Quodlibet Wed 21-Nov-12 11:36:38

AAAGGGHHHHH cross posted!


Yes! The Elderberries have another BFP success! What fantastic news!

Let's hope this is the start of another flurry of BFPs.

janey1234 Wed 21-Nov-12 11:55:15

Oh brave that's amazing news! Massive massive congratulations, has made my day smile

Quod - that's me and you on Christmas eve! I'm having a private one, as they won't confirm my NHS one until after my booking in appt, which is on 28th Dec, so I won't have a scan until 28th at the absolute earliest. So am having bloods and nuchal scan on 24th, and all being well, we'll be breaking some lovely news to our families on Christmas day. My scan is at midday - am going to be shattered having flown through the night back from Bangkok, and having landed at 6am. Can't complain though.

Oh brave I just KNEW that you were pregnant. <smug>

I'm with Quod - in our group we seem to have a flurry of BFP's all at once so am hoping this is a good sign for those of your entering or in the 2ww!

BraveLilBear Wed 21-Nov-12 11:56:16

Thanks Quod and to think I probably wouldn't have tested if it wasn't for the nagging encouragement of the Elderberries smile

Great news about your scan - what perfect timing!

janey1234 Wed 21-Nov-12 12:07:03

Quite proud of our collective nagging actually wink

BraveLilBear Wed 21-Nov-12 12:10:54

Thanks Janey on that basis alone, everyone here is going to make a fabulous mother!

Now the waiting game starts.

Hope there are more BFPs soon too!

escorpion Wed 21-Nov-12 12:13:36

Happy Birthday Captain! thanks wine

Well done and congratulations lilbear!!

Quodlibet, you are right, thanks for sharing your experience. I think both DP and me need to calm down and get things into persepctive. We had a good talk last night which has cleared the air and I will try not to demand sex from him grin and take a more relaxed approach.

HazleNutt Wed 21-Nov-12 12:29:38


There will be several Christmas dinner Elderberry announcements smile

BraveLilBear Wed 21-Nov-12 12:44:29

Thanks Hazle smile tho I'm not sure about Christmas dinner announcements for me... I think I'll be planning ways to avoid Christmas dinners over the next few weeks because everyone will be expecting me to drink and I'm really scared of announcing anything early after what happened last time.

So pleased for everyone who will be taking along scan pics to Xmas dinner though grin

HazleNutt Wed 21-Nov-12 13:10:36

I understand, haven't really told anybody either for the same reason.
Not drinking during dinners has not been a massive issue yet, I just take the car and say I'm driving or let them fill the glass and fiddle with it every now and then. If it's a bigger dinner, people won't notice you don't need refills.

Congratulations bear! How exciting! This really is a lucky thread. I've got my fingers crossed for Pipbin next grin

Rache1S Wed 21-Nov-12 16:27:03

CONGRATULATIONS BRAVE!!!! What fantastic news! And to think you probably could have known a week ago grin

happylass Wed 21-Nov-12 16:56:13

A huge congratulations Brave. Fantastic news. Lets hope this is the start of a new wave of BFPs for the Elderberries!

BraveLilBear Wed 21-Nov-12 17:09:10

Thanks all - tis a bit weird. Still shock tbh. Yes, I could have found out a week ago, but am so stubborn I would never have tested early wink

I'm still not entirely convinced tbh... apart from slightly tender bbs, and not feeling amazingly hungry and feeling full relatively quickly when I do eat (and, now I think of it, I really didn't want a chippy last week so we had chinese instead), and, I suppose, I've been quite thirsty... But apart from all that (and the moderate on-off cramping for six days, which seems to have stopped now) I don't feel pregnant. I feel totally normal.

Think I may give in to the nagging voice and get a CBDCI to check on HCG levels...

Anyway..... enough of me me me! How's everyone else? Who's next?

janey1234 Wed 21-Nov-12 17:32:36

If it helps I don't feel pregnant either for 98% of the time.
But pretty sure I am due to having taken about fourteen tests over the past three weeks wink

captainmoll Wed 21-Nov-12 17:49:14

YES BRAVE!! Hurrah!! Well done! This is all going so well. thanks all round and wine for everyone who can still drink it.
Elderberries rule.

Lolcbcblemonlime Wed 21-Nov-12 18:03:01

Yaaaaaay brave!!!!
Think I might be next in the poas line. So scared sad

Pipbin Wed 21-Nov-12 18:03:01

Hurrah Brave. How you managed to get to 16 DPO without testing I don't know!

BelissimaLol Wed 21-Nov-12 18:48:30

Well two bfps with B names so I've changed mine! Haven't tried that yet smile

Bunnygirlie Wed 21-Nov-12 19:06:37

Happy Birthday Captain hope your OH is treating you :-)

OMFG Brave that is so exciting! So happy for you! Time for another bunch of BFPS me thinks (and hopes)

Lol when are you due to POAS? Who else due soon? Instead of saying when due to POAS, the pessimist in me says AF due 30th hmm

navis176 Wed 21-Nov-12 19:27:15

Hi. Can I join you lovely ladies - I'm going a bit crazy not talking to anyone about all this stuff!! OH is sweet about it all but doesn't really get the POAS obsession blush

navis176 34, TTC cycle 2 after mmc (4th one - eek - I have bizarre chromosomes), BFP due 20 December

Congrats to those with BFPs and fingers crossed for everyone else...

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 21-Nov-12 19:42:01

Happy birthday captain. Fx for a bday bfp.
Welcome navi. smile

HazleNutt Wed 21-Nov-12 20:14:20

welcome navis. This thread certainly brings good luck.

Aquarius1 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:21:02

Evening all. Seem to have missed all the excitement - excellent news brave !!

Makes me feel more hopeful -I'm in month 8 now and was feeling a bit hopeless sad feel like its really not my month but that cant be rational,

Also am on cd9 and getting some EWCM already - whats that all about? Anyone else had that?

happylass Wed 21-Nov-12 21:33:49

Yes * Aquarius*. I'm only on cd10 and already had some ewcm. Usually OV on cd12 though so guess its not that far away??

janey1234 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:46:26

If you've got EWCM get to it ASAP ladies!

Aquarius1 Wed 21-Nov-12 22:03:13

Ooh happy that's interesting... I OVd on cd17 -ish last month but do have rather irregular cycles...will get testing (and dtd'ing - thanks janey!)

winkle2 Wed 21-Nov-12 22:14:24

Congrats brave! Great news smile

Happy birthday captain!

Welcome navis

Pipbin Wed 21-Nov-12 23:11:47

Aquarius I get EWCM from about cd9 onwards. I get tiny amounts for a week or so and then an indecent amount for a day or two before ov.

LimeLeafLizard Wed 21-Nov-12 23:45:06

Hope you don't mind me dropping by briefly to say hello to Pipbin (we were on an earlier ttc thread together). Pip, I was thinking of you earlier this week, and just wanted to wish you well.

Hope this is a BFP-full thread!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 22-Nov-12 00:18:53

Interesting chart here for all you upduffed elderberries..

janey1234 Thu 22-Nov-12 08:50:56

oh zombies I'm such a wally. I might be upduffed but have absolutely no idea what that's all about blush

Think I'm starting to be influenced by my hormones: came into work this morning early as I'm under a lot of pressure from my MD and FD to get a project finished this year, which basically means I need to have it done by the end of play next weds due to all my hols. Anyway long story short is I couldn't do ANY work yesterday as IT broke my pc trying to fix it. Promised me solemnly there would be a working pc at my desk by 7.30am. Came in especially early this morning and it wasn't there, and very nearly burst into tears at my desk... Really struggled to contain it!

hazle I think you might have been asking a while back about travel insurance? Well I've spoken to my insurance company and they said pregnancy does count as a pre-existing medical condition. As such you have to prove you've spoken to your doctor to get the OK to travel. So I'm having a telephone consultation later today to (hopefully) get the OK...

janey1234 Thu 22-Nov-12 08:51:18

Oh and hi lime!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 22-Nov-12 08:58:26

Hi limeleaflizard - love your name btw.
With my irregular cycle, I am becoming increasingly more convinced that the CBFM is a gigantic waste of money for me. I'm going to eBay it and start using the cheaper daily ovulation test sticks off Amazon plus continue to use Conceive Plus and track my cd with My Days.

captainmoll Thu 22-Nov-12 09:10:41

Morning all,
Zombies - I've been using a chart booklet by the Natural Family Planning group, I'd really recommend it, it's very thorough: temp, CM, cervix position (news to me!) and a whole bunch of other stuff, and laid out very clearly with lots of good advice and explanations. Left to my own devices I would have dtd about a week too soon. I've been using Internet cheapie dipsticks too and adding those into the chart.

BraveLilBear Thu 22-Nov-12 09:40:33

Hello everyone <big wave> Thanks for all the congrats blush Nice chart Zombies tho now I want to know what my score is!

Did cave and buy some CBDigital last night and this morning got a 2-3 weeks which I was over the moon about grin Last time, I never got above 1-2 so feeling very reassured. So score-wise, I think that makes me somewhere between 200 and 2000 which is ok for 4+4 I reckon.

Still don't feel very pregnant, tho do have a very dry mouth and feeling a little delicate (like a bile-y hangover mouth) - but I swear it's psychosomatic!

Hi to the awesomely named LimeLeafLizard and Navis

Hope the namechange is lucky Lol and hope you have a better day Janey - remember you're an elderberry - when elderberries are under pressure, they make fabulous tasy cordial <not sure where that analogy is going but...>

And Captain, when I was in (Catholic) sixth form, we had a demonstration from the Nat Family Planning people as a way of telling us not to get pregnant. The overriding memory is of them saying you can measure how far the CM stretches as an indicator of fertility.

Was fascinating and grim all at once, but I remembered it. They also said that you don't get spots from chocolate, you get spots from hormones telling you to eat chocolate.

Then the afternoon degenerated as they also brought in a Pro-Life movement and some of my fellow students were somewhat feisty. Talk about being held to account! Yikes! Those were the days...

Rache1S Thu 22-Nov-12 09:45:55

Janey it was me asking about travel insurance. I asked my Midwife last week and she interestingly said that it is not a pre-existing medical condition! However it is not her I will be chasing for money if something goes wrong so I will not take her word for it.
I allowed our annual travel insurance policy expire due to me getting up the duff, so I think I need to scout around for a decent single trip policy and then probably give them a ring to see what their stance on knocked up travellers is. I have to make sure I get it right as I am going to America and that's the last place in the whole world to be without sufficient medical insurance!
Also, did you say you were going to Dubai before Thailand? Have you been before? I went for the first time this year and absolutely loved it! I think it's an ideal holiday for a mum-to-be. So relaxing, the food is out of this world and everywhere does loads of mocktails and booze alternatives. I wish I was going again envy

captainmoll Thu 22-Nov-12 09:49:22

Haha! Thanks brave! I just got sent the charts etc by a friend - hadn't looked into the group behind them. They are really good charts though confused - and yes, stretching the cm is one of the tests. I bet that went down really well with the teenage girls! hmm

Quodlibet Thu 22-Nov-12 13:11:45

BraveLilBear I have had that hangover mouth thing too so not sure you are imagining it!

DP is home today (for 24 hrs) for his birthday; we are pretending it is a weekend and spending the day in our pjs! Lovely. That is the benefit of self employment! It is lovely how excited he is about the pg.

HazleNutt Thu 22-Nov-12 13:18:41

Definite morning sickness has arrived here. Yuck. Not pleasant. Not feeling sick when I eat but I can't eat constantly, will be the size of a house!

Mood also a bit funny but that's probably just work. Took a week off, but for my boss, "holidays" is just another name for "working from home".

So I'm flying to London for the weekend and need some help from locals: my 15-year old French niece will have a school trip to London soon, so I want to get her some clothes that are currently considered, as we oldies say, "hip" or "cool" by London teenagers - I remember how important it was to fit in at that age. Any suggestions what brands are considered popular nowadays?

As for insurance - better safe than sorry, so whenever I have a question, I both read the contract and send an email to the insurance with the specific question, so I have a written confirmation.

sazzababs Thu 22-Nov-12 14:12:25

Hey everyone smile

I've been lurking (again lol) on various threads and some of the ones I was on before are just a tad obsessive for my liking, so I think I'll park my bum here if that's ok? Must admit, I may have gotten a teeny weenie bit obsessive with peeing on PG tests, even when there was no point, so NO MORE!!!!

Have been TTC since beginning of the year after coming off Microgynon and we got our BFP in May... All was well, had the 12 week scan at very end of July, (when should've been almost 13 weeks) only to be faced with a tiny blob measuring about 7 weeks sad ERPC followed and have been trying again since then smile Just turned 32 and I should be over 7 months now and it kinda hit me today, so feeling a bit pants... Due AF tomorrah, so we shall see! Well, I was due from around 19th-23rd (cheers WTF cycles!) so not going to pee on anything and let what happens happen smile

Nice to 'meet' y'all, and hello to some familiar faces and congrats to those with BFP's smile I'll add myself to stats once AF shows/doesn't show if that's ok!

sazzababs Thu 22-Nov-12 14:13:18

Jeebus, too many emoticons in that post... XD

Quodlibet Thu 22-Nov-12 14:23:44

Hi Sazza nice to meet you, sorry to hear about your mmc, what a traumatic experience that must have been. It is the nightmare scenario I keep playing round my mind I have to admit (especially with my 12wk scan on Xmas eve). You will find the Elderberries very welcome I think, there are a few people either pg or TTC after a MC too.

Hazle I am feeling a bit yuck today too - trying to see every day where I'm not incapacitated with nausea as a bonus at the mo as I am only top aware of how it can suddenly ramp up.

In terms of shops how about Urban Outfitters? There's a huge one on Oxford st or one on High St Ken, or Westfields. You are bound to find something there.

Pipbin Thu 22-Nov-12 15:25:23

Welcome Shazza

Hi LimeLeaf, it's nice to be remembered.
How are things with you? Have you come to join us here?

LimeLeafLizard Thu 22-Nov-12 15:48:33

What a friendly thread!
Pip, things are going ok with me... I haven't come to join the thread, I hope everything continues to go well with this pregnancy.
I was searching the Conception topic for some info for a friend (who is considering cbfm and I remembered you and some of the other sleighers discussing it), saw your name as the last poster on this thread, and stopped by to say 'hi'.

I've heard a couple of really positive stories lately of people who've conceived after quite a while trying... hope you will soon be one of them. And all the lovely ladies here... good luck x

navis176 Thu 22-Nov-12 15:53:37

Hazle, Brave and Winkle - ta for the welcome - looking forward to some thread-generated luckiness! Brave - massive congrats, the CBD result sounds really positive smile Hazle - hope the sickness isn't too bad.

Zombies - I used the internet cheapies for the first time last month - seemed to work in that I got a strong line when LH peaked. But then didn't get upduffed so who knows....!

Sazza - hiya! know exactly what you mean re POAS obsession - got waaaay out of control with it last month...this month I am going to be a chilled and rational human being... (yeah, right!) Sorry to hear about your mmc - completely sympathise as I had exactly the same with my first mmc - such a shock sad Best of luck for tomorrow though

janey1234 Thu 22-Nov-12 17:12:28

Hi sazza! Welcome.
Sorry to hear about your mmc - exactly the same with me at 12 weeks, it's horrendous isn't it. Had a healthy private scans a couple of weeks before so was a complete shock. BUT what we have to remember - and you navis too - is that it's no more likely to happen to us again than anyone else. In fact to my mathematical mind, it's pretty much less likely, as we've had our fair share of crap already. In fact, I think we've had enough crap for all us elderberries, with the other early mc on this group too, so I reckon from here on in there's no bad news at all, only lots of BFP's and healthy scans.

(oh, to newcomers though, absolutely no baby dust allowed. was agreed early on that the phrase was vom-inducing and banned).

rache - sorry I confused you with hazle. I'm blaming baby brain (although it's obviously just me being an idiot). Had a telephone consultation with the doctor to get my 'ok' to go abroad which went something like this:

“will you be drinking a lot of alcohol?” me “no, not even a drop”
“what will you be drinking then?” me “a lot of water”
“what about if it’s hot” me “yes, I know not to have any ice”
“what will you be eating then?” me “we’re staying in 5* hotels so I think we’ll be eating decent food mainly”
“and have you had any discharge ‘down there’?” (urm, do doctors really call it that?!) me “no thank goodness”
“and are you planning to be snorting anything” – WTF?!!!!!!

Weirdly didn't think to ask about travel jabs or exactly where I was going (re malaria) so I brought both of those up.

Even more reassured that my GP's are completely bloody useless - and a little offensive!!

BraveLilBear Thu 22-Nov-12 17:24:49

Janey is it wrong that I just had a snort of laughter while reading that? Seriously, the medical pro in this country can be hit and miss!

Hi Sazza and welcome - really sorry to hear about your mmc. Must have been a terrible time. But the gals here are amazingly friendly so come join the party!

Boo at proper ms Hazle what are you grazing on? I think high satiety index stuff is good as it makes you feel full for longer - like popcorn, IIRC. Another friend grazed a lot on nuts and seeds - low in calories and full of essential fats.

Re fashion, I'm too northern these days to be considered 'hip' but big bird's nest hair seems to be very very scarily in vogue right now. Seriously, I want to cry for them at the thought of untangling the mess they spend hours creating! Lots of shorts over tights/leggings - American Apparel is always good for that, as is Urban Outfitters <nod nod to Quod>

Good luck in your mission to be chilled and rational navis rest assured that the ladies here will be the first to encourage you if you seem too laidback <as I found out this week!> grin

happylass Thu 22-Nov-12 17:49:30

Welcome to the newcomers and sorry to those who've had mmc

V excited to get a smile on the OPK just now on the second test I've done today I'm back in the game yey. Got the Cnceive Plus at the ready but DP has a squash match so he won't be back til late. Hope he has some energy left hmm

Bunnygirlie Thu 22-Nov-12 19:14:50

Hi newbies! Welcome to our merry gang :-)

Bunnygirlie Thu 22-Nov-12 19:15:27

Oh FFS have you seen that bird from the Saturday's is pg, she's only been married 5 mins grrrrrrr

escorpion Thu 22-Nov-12 19:15:38

happylass, I have a similar dilemna. OH going to his company´s party this eve, so won´t be back til late. I will be waiting for him under the covers mwah ha ha grin

HazleNutt Thu 22-Nov-12 19:21:56

janey grin so, any snorting planned?

Just back from a bodypump class, nausea better. Hm, sports seems to be the answer to everything.

Brave I'm mostly eating fruit and veggies, luckily any food seems to work. Would love nuts, but those bastards have 600 kcal per 100gr and I'm not one of those people who can nibble on 5 almonds for half an hour or similar.

BelissimaLol Thu 22-Nov-12 19:25:20

Good news on shag week for some!!
I've no symptoms apart from constipation back blush. And itchy boobs but I'm aware that's just my mind. Af due sat.

Bunnygirlie Thu 22-Nov-12 19:34:23

Fx lol! Mine due next weekend! Who else is on 2ww?

janey1234 Thu 22-Nov-12 19:54:31

Escorpion that really made me laugh. Made you sound like a Bond baddie! grin

Pipbin Thu 22-Nov-12 20:17:18

shhhhh, don't say anything too loud but it's 9dpo here and I've had absolutely no spotting yet this cycle, even after a run or a serious bathroom visit. Normally I get spotting from those activities from at least 7dpo.

I'm not getting excited at all yet. After 15 failed cycles, the novelty wears off.

janey1234 Thu 22-Nov-12 20:36:06

Oh pip I think you're right not to get excited... But maybe I'll just secretly be a teeny bit excited that there's a hope it's your month...we've all said we're not going anywhere without you so it simply has to be your turn soon anyway...everything crossed....

Rache1S Thu 22-Nov-12 20:43:03

Pip, no, definitely don't you get excited. You don't need to because I will do it on your behalf. I've got a feeling this is your month, everything is sounding good so far grin grin grin

Hello to newbies!!! grin

Pipbin Thu 22-Nov-12 20:49:06

Oh Janey and Rache so sweet. I hope it is, for you lot now as much as anything.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 22-Nov-12 21:37:02

pip fingers crossed TIGHT for you!!!

Bunnygirlie Thu 22-Nov-12 23:06:45

FX Pip :-) are you gonna POAS or are you waiting a week?

Pipbin Thu 22-Nov-12 23:28:16

No, I'm going to wait. I figure AF will be along soon enough, I'd sooner her than a BFN.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Fri 23-Nov-12 00:56:16

pip you stay strong!!

Pipbin Fri 23-Nov-12 07:23:05

Spotting during my run.
Not much, but some. sad

BelissimaLol Fri 23-Nov-12 07:49:25

Oh no pipsad
I'm due tomorrow and not testing either!
13 dpo argh.

janey1234 Fri 23-Nov-12 09:01:46

Oh pip, I'm still keeping everything crossed for you, really am.
Belissima - hope there's no sign of evil AF over the weekend

BraveLilBear Fri 23-Nov-12 10:47:41

Morning all, fingers tightly crossed here for Lol and Pipbin - we're allowed to even if you're not!

Loving the shagging by stealth that seems to have been going on undercover <snigger> last night grin

Hazle all this exercise fixing the world sounds fab to me - definitely my preferred choice! I'm going to keep up the 1-2 a week light runs and 1-2 a week (at-home) zumba as long as I can and hope that helps. Right now I feel thirsty all the time, but full of energy, tho was a bit fuzzy-headed this morning after the walk to work - think I need to drink more and more...

Pipbin Fri 23-Nov-12 17:46:03

Nothing since though. Not even going to the loo immediately after.
Still have some hope, but I figure if I convince myself that AF is coming I won't be disappointed.

BelissimaLol Fri 23-Nov-12 17:51:14

Pip are you planning to poas? When will you hold on to?
I'm planning to wait till Mon!

Pipbin Fri 23-Nov-12 18:03:29

Spoke too soon. Just had more spotting after a bowel movement
Only a bit though, and this is still better than before.

10DPO so I could test this weekend, but I'll hold on until next weekend I think.

Rache1S Fri 23-Nov-12 18:32:24

Next weekend Pip? It's like the Brave suspense all over again! grin At least consider POAS at 14DPO on Tuesday?

I could do with some reassurance from you ladies as my MS seems to have disappeared yesterday and today. confused It was absolutely rife until mid week. My nipples are still a bit sore but that's pretty much my only symptom now so I'm getting a little concerned. I know it's probably just me being silly as I haven't got any pain and/or bleeding, but I just made the mistake of asking my good friend arch enemy Google who seems to think it may be a sign of a possible MMC. This is obviously not a great start to the weekend and it's now out of hours to ring my Midwife and also a tad embarrassing as she'll probably just think i'm an idiot. It is times like this that my other good friend arch enemy wine would be very handy but I can't even turn to that!

captainmoll Fri 23-Nov-12 18:55:38

Pip - really am fx for you, hope you're doing ok, and for you Rache - I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but that doesn't help with the actual worrying hmm

I think I'm going to start a new support group called Symptom Spotters Anonymous. I am obsessing over every twinge, cramp, sign of cm etcetera etcetera etcetera. I need an intervention! 14dpo is SO far away.. We really did put in the effort this month on HMS Moll, so I will be seriously pissed off if the evil red hag shows up.

HazleNutt Fri 23-Nov-12 19:12:57

Rach my morning sickness comes and goes, doesn't worry me too much. Ok lying a bit now, of course I worry all the time something seems odd, or suddenly doesn't. Some days am nauseous as hell, others feel totally fine, so I'm sure yours will return any minute now (and then you wish it hadn't)grin

Quodlibet Fri 23-Nov-12 19:23:49

Rach I am the same - my nausea comes and goes a fair bit, and so do the boob pains. I wonder if the nausea is in part caused by the HCG levels going up a notch, and then you get used to them, so it eases off, and then it goes up another notch?

Pip you have iron reserve.

janey1234 Fri 23-Nov-12 19:27:14

Rache I'm the same too - no ms at all for last few days, and nipples less sure too. Think it's all very normal. One of my best friends is about 16 weeks and she said her ms didn't even start until 10weeks...

janey1234 Fri 23-Nov-12 19:27:49

Ah and hats off pip. Iron reserve indeed. And a better woman than me!

Pipbin Fri 23-Nov-12 20:56:47

I have just resigned myself to AF coming.
Peeing on sticks has lost it's sparkle somewhat.

Rache1S Fri 23-Nov-12 22:19:24

Thanks guys. I know I am just a merchant of doom and seem to embrace any excuse to think the worst. We just went to Frankie & Benny's and I did have a small but reassuring brief moment of quease while we waited bloody ages for a table blush I would still like the rest of my symptoms back though!

Pipbin Sat 24-Nov-12 00:19:48

More spotting. She'll be here before too long.

Rache1S Sat 24-Nov-12 00:39:27

Not over until the horrible red witch is singing Pip!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sat 24-Nov-12 01:37:58

2nd day of Metformin here for PCOS. some horrible side effects!! Stomach pain, etc.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sat 24-Nov-12 09:24:24

pip how's it going?

janey1234 Sat 24-Nov-12 09:49:26

Oh zombies sorry you're not feeling fab. Hope it's worth the side effects in the end...

Pipbin Sat 24-Nov-12 10:51:29

Still spotting Zombies. Not as much as normal. Brown rather than red, which is normal for me.
Still, it's another 28 day cycle with a good length LP I guess.

sazzababs Sat 24-Nov-12 12:58:17

Deletes Morning

Afternoon every peeps! I'm not long up, have a stinking cold and feeling mince X/ Thanks for the welcome and yeah, going for your first scan all excited only to come crashing down in the tiny dark scan room was ever so slightly heart-wrenching sad I had no symptoms for the first 5-6 weeks then symptoms coming out my ears, even when things had 'ceased', so try not to worry about symptoms coming and going smile

Hopefully she gets the hint Pip that she isn't welcome this month, or for the next 8 either... As everyone else states, it ain't over until she arrives in full force!

I'm either 5 days or 2 days late now... The last few cycles have been the usual MMC WTF cycles, but even going by previous form, af should've been here yesterday. Sore chest, a wee bit cramping over the last few days and knackered, but I know that's also because of cold-niss :/

Of course I've PIACBR (creme brulee ramekin) to receive 2 negatories so I'm just going to wait it out as well I think. Actually got a bit teary doing it today, so I think the action plan is just to make sure I have toiletries in case the red bitch does turn up and to STAY AWAY FROM EBAY! No thank you, me no want any moar cheepniss piss-sticks...

Hope everyone is well! smile

BelissimaLol Sat 24-Nov-12 13:46:55

I'm at work and feeling mega tired and mega queasy. But also have cramps so af could be approaching.
Don't want a bfn but not poasing is hard too sad

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sat 24-Nov-12 14:52:07

belissima fx for you! Tired and queasy are good signs (yes that sounds so strange even as I say it- only when TTCing do we ask for such punishment!!)

Rache1S Sat 24-Nov-12 15:34:39

Loss of symptoms has now been joined by slight spotting and mild cramping, neither of which is bad enough to indicate a definate problem but FFS why does it happen on a weekend? I phoned the out of hours number which the Midwife gave me, who were about as much use as a chocolate teapot and advised me to phone my out of hours GP's number or go to a Walk In Centre. It seeems to be easing off now so if I don't have any more I will wait and phone my Midwife on Monday morning and just try not to worry too much which is easier said than done.

Quodlibet Sat 24-Nov-12 15:44:44

Oh Rach, how stressful. <hugs> for you and hoping you get some reassurance soon.

Quodlibet Sat 24-Nov-12 15:47:51

Another thought Rach - could the spotting be because it's about the time your period would normally be due? I've heard that's very common.

janey1234 Sat 24-Nov-12 16:48:07

Oh rache for everything crossed for you. Second what quod says: if it's when AF was due it's supposed to be very common... Thinking of you x

Rache1S Sat 24-Nov-12 17:29:44

Thanks guys, I know many of you have already been through this kind of thing so I know you know how I'm feeling.
I'm 9+3 and had a 28 day cycle so I think normal AF time would have been last week?
It did ease off slightly but has since come back so I phoned NHS Direct who put me through to my local out of hours surgery. The Nurse there did a phone assessment and said it could well be the start of a MC, but because the bleeding and cramps are quite light it could also all be fine. As long as it doesn't get heavier with clots over the weekend, they advise to phone my local Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit on Monday morning who will probably get me in for a scan, and in the meantime I have been advised to have total rest so Saturday night is cancelled and I have an evening of shit Saturday night TV on the menu.
It's obviously quite worrying but what will be will be and i'm trying to keep my chin up. The not knowing is agony but hopefully I will know either way over the next few days.

Pipbin Sat 24-Nov-12 17:37:56

Oh Rache.
I know that saying 'try not to worry' is as much use as those people who say 'try to stop thinking about it' when you are TTCing, so, watch crap tv and try to relax the best you can.
Keep us updated and we are all keeping our fingers crossed.

janey1234 Sat 24-Nov-12 17:58:42

Oh rache, it's awful that it could be something or nothing. Really really hoping that it's the latter. Will be thinking of you x

Bunnygirlie Sat 24-Nov-12 18:07:43

Hope all ok Rach! x

Hoping for some more BFPs for us all soon!!!

Bunnygirlie Sat 24-Nov-12 19:02:42

Saturday night - to drink or not to drink, that is the question!

On 2ww and almost positive it didn't happen this month!

Quodlibet Sat 24-Nov-12 19:04:43

Bunniegirl - drink! Even if you had conceived the embryo wouldn't be receiving anything from your bloodstream at this p

Quodlibet Sat 24-Nov-12 19:06:16


And there's plenty of time for not drinking on a Saturday night and it feeling very dull and really fancying a glass of wine or two when you are pg.

janey1234 Sat 24-Nov-12 19:09:22

Drink!! If you were pg it would still immune to any alcohol so make the most if it! Hopefully you won't be allowed any booze soon, so make the most if it wink

Oh go on, have a drink Bunniegirl, it's the weekend!

navis176 Sat 24-Nov-12 19:26:24

Oh Rache – I really hope everything works out ok for you – fingers crossed for a scan on Monday that shows everything is fine and dandy [hug]

Pip and Lol and Sazza - best of luck for POAS – hope you all get good news in the end!

Zombies – hope your side effects are wearing off

Bunny – go forth and drink! I’m waiting for shagging week and had a fair few cocktails last night – can thoroughly recommend the relaxing effect grin

Pipbin Sat 24-Nov-12 19:40:08

Not to excess is my answer Bunny. Until implantation the baby doesn't share your blood flow. In fact I think it's not until a while after that.
Drink but don't get bladdered.

HazleNutt Sat 24-Nov-12 20:10:50

Rach Fx for you, how are you doing?

Pipbin Sat 24-Nov-12 20:30:56

Well spotting has turned red here.
Looks like I'm out this month.
That said, my spotting normally stays brown until AF. If it's not turned into proper AF by Tuesday, which will be 14DPO then I guess I'll POAS.

Rache1S Sat 24-Nov-12 20:34:04

Thanks Hazle, I'm ok... well, as good as I can be smile
I just keep thinking there's nothing I can do to alter it's fate so there's no point worrying, but I look forward to knowing either way so Monday can't come quick enough. I'm still getting mild AF style cramps and lower back pain but the bleeding hasn't got any worse so at least that's something.

I really appreciate everyone's well wishes and my wonderful DH is an absolute sweetheart who is keeping me sane smile

Rache1S Sat 24-Nov-12 20:34:54

Pip I have even my eyelashes crossed for you!

Bunnygirlie Sun 25-Nov-12 00:03:06

Well I had 2 and a bit glasses of prosecco which was very nice, thanks ladies x

I'm positive I'm out this month anyway, So maybe I should have got smashed lol

janey1234 Sun 25-Nov-12 08:28:04

Rache - how are you this morning? Been thinking of you...

Bunny - prosecco sounds bloomin' lovely... Even at this timeof the day!

Good luck to any about to POAS - about time for some more BFP's!

Pipbin Sun 25-Nov-12 09:49:08

Still spotting

janey1234 Sun 25-Nov-12 10:12:25

Is that normal for you pip?

BelissimaLol Sun 25-Nov-12 10:28:00

Well nothing here. Had a bit of wine last night but not that much. Cramps stopped and no spotting. Still don't want to get hopes up.

Rache1S Sun 25-Nov-12 11:18:56

Well, the bleeding seems to have stopped, which has lowered my anxiety levels a bit, but I'm still desperate to see a heartbeat on a screen so I will be falling out with my Midwife tomorrow if she doesn't offer me a scan. I've still got some mild cramping so FX it doesn't get any worse.

Pipbin Sun 25-Nov-12 11:21:47

Perfectly normal Janey.
I get spotting from about 7dpo onwards as a rule.
It didn't start until 10dpo this month.

Pipbin Sun 25-Nov-12 11:25:48

Glad to hear the bleeding has stopped Rache.
Lady I work with had bleeding start on a Friday and was seen on the Monday for a scan. She was about 8 weeks and had misscarried about a year before so was really panicked. Everything was fine for her.

Rache1S Sun 25-Nov-12 11:43:29

Thanks Pip, that's good to know. I was convinced it was game over yesterday but now it's stopped I'm not so sure. Either way I need a scan now for my sanity!

sazzababs Sun 25-Nov-12 12:58:12

Spotting and even a bit of bleeding is apparently perfectly normal. Same with the cramps, although its still not very nice to have :/ Hope you're feeling/doing better this morning smile

Six or 3 days late now,depending on what dates cycle-wise I'm working from... Negatory piss-stick and still hacking up oil due to this minky cold... I was going to 'Sods Law a positive' last night and get some wine, but feel too rubbish to even contemplate drinking right now!

Hope everyone is having a nice lazy Sunday!

HazleNutt Sun 25-Nov-12 17:30:42

Been thinking about you today Rach, hope you get your scan without much hassle.

Rache1S Sun 25-Nov-12 20:10:38

Yeah me too Hazle. This weekend has gone sooooo slowly! Even if I have to over-egg my symptoms I'm determined to get one, but based on my obsessive Googling I think they will offer me one from what others have said. I just hope our little bean is ok.

Pipbin Sun 25-Nov-12 20:29:49

Has the bleeding stopped Rache?
I would still be demanding a scan though if I was you.

Rache1S Sun 25-Nov-12 20:43:24

I still have a tiny little bit of pink when I wipe Pip, but it has pretty much stopped, thank goodness!

How are you?

BelissimaLol Sun 25-Nov-12 21:19:14

Hope you get your scan Rache. Make up whatever you need to in order to get it!
It turns out I'm 14 dpo and no af yet. Might poas tomorrow but still scaredblush

Rache1S Sun 25-Nov-12 22:10:53

Thanks Lol. 14DPO and no signs of AF is very exciting. Nothing to be scared of when POAS. I've got everything crossed for you smile

Bunnygirlie Sun 25-Nov-12 22:22:14

Oh FFS it looks like I'm out this month, the evil witch has sent her horrendous sister (thrush) to stay before she joins us next weekend! Grrrrrrr

Not surprised though, wasn't feeling it this month anyway :-(

Bunnygirlie Sun 25-Nov-12 22:23:29

Sorry TMI

Pipbin Sun 25-Nov-12 22:25:36

Thrush doesn't mean you're out does it Bunny.

Spotting has stopped here, but then it always does just before AF actually turns up. Still not hugely hopeful.

Bunnygirlie Sun 25-Nov-12 22:44:12

pip I am so 'lucky' the last few months I've got the itch a few days before AF, having googled it apparently it's quite common.
So I fully expect AF to follow on shortly :-(

Hope you have more luck than me!

Pipbin Sun 25-Nov-12 23:48:34

The only good thing I find is that AF seems to sort out thrush. I guess it restores the balance or something.

Quodlibet Mon 26-Nov-12 00:22:39

Bunnygirlie I used to get that too. I reckon it's something to do with the PH balance in the vagina changing during the luteal phase and encouraging thrush - and it's worse when you are TTC and having lots of unprotected sex! You are probably doing this but make sure you treat DP otherwise he will be reintroducing it to you every time you clear it. <PUBLIC TMI BROADCAST OVER>

MeanMrsMustard Mon 26-Nov-12 07:09:27

Hi- please can I join you?
I am 31 and DH is 37. We started trying in a very half hearted way over summer, then decided to leave it till December. I'm currently on cd7 of a 29 day cycle. I'm Using cbfm to try and find ovulation date, but I assume it's round about cd14 as I often get spotting at this time (hoping this is ovulation spotting, not signs of something bad!)
Im on the bus, just approaching work now, so will come back later on in the day.
Good luck to anyone approaching POAS soon.

BelissimaLol Mon 26-Nov-12 08:14:22

OMG there is a line. I am not getting excited until I do more tests.
I am literally shaking.

HazleNutt Mon 26-Nov-12 08:15:17

Welcome MrsMustard

Rach when is your appointment?

HazleNutt Mon 26-Nov-12 08:16:36

oooohhhhh a new Elderberry BFP!!!! Congrats!!

Quodlibet Mon 26-Nov-12 08:42:14

Congratulations Lol! Fantastic news!
I am excited!!!

Bunnygirlie Mon 26-Nov-12 08:44:09

Omg Lol that's so exciting for you!

I am well jel!

Thanks Quod, glad I'm not the only one who suffers. As it usually clears as soon as AF starts I usually just put up with it. Hubby hasn't been 'near' me for over a week, should he still be treated? What do you give to boys? Sorry to be a thicko

Quodlibet Mon 26-Nov-12 09:00:08

If you want to clear it for good you can just use a canesten pessary, and ask DP to use the canesten exterior cream for a few days. It can linger around in/on both of you, lying dormant and then flaring up when conditions are right. Men don't tend to get any symptoms even if they are carrying it.

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 09:12:58

Oh lol massive congratulations! Hoorah! Let this be the start of another run of elderberry BFP's...

rache good luck re: trying to get a scan today, they really should say yes so kick up a stink if they don't. Or try another hospital and transfer to them!

I am so worried as all my symptoms seem to have gone over the weekend: my boobs are no longer sore, and don't feel as hard/fake (they're not fake, but have just looked them over recent weeks), I don't feel sick or anything. I'm so worried as I think it was about point last time that my symptoms stopped - and I found out a month later it had all go wrong. Do you think I'm being silly? Really thinking of paying for a private scan, as I'm so worried I almost don't want to go to Dubai on Weds, can't stand the thought of it all going wrong when I'm away from DP. I did it on my own last time (my ex lived abroad, and we split straight after the mc as he hadn't wanted me to keep it) and can't face doing it on my own again.

Aargh know I'm being pathetic but am just so scared today...

HazleNutt Mon 26-Nov-12 09:18:38

janey I would probably try get a scan before you go, you would only worry otherwise. But as said before, my symptoms come and go all the time, some days don't have any - like over this weekend, was also convinced that something must be wrong (but nauseous like hell again today).

Rache1S Mon 26-Nov-12 09:29:02

Congratulations Lol!!! That is fantastic news! Welcome to the 8WW smile

After the longest weekend ever, I am pleased to say they've got me in for a scan at 12 today. I am suddenly absolutely terrified of the possible outcome but it's better to know I suppose. The pain and bleeding had stopped completely by last night so it might be ok.

Janey Get yourself in for a scan or do whatever it takes to get yourself the peace of mind you need to enjoy your lovely holiday smile

BraveLilBear Mon 26-Nov-12 09:53:18

Another woop for you Blol, cautious, of course, but still grin

So glad they've got you in for a scan Rache <I always miss the 'fun' at the weekends> I know you must be nervous, but at least you get an answer. Everything crossed for you.

You're still not out yet Bunny and Pip - thrush is relatively common in BFP circles due to the extra CM (apparently), and spotting is spotting. No AF means there's still the tiniest fragment of hope.

Stay positive! <ummmm is that a bad thing to say on here??>

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 10:37:06

rache - will be thinking of you at 12 x

captainmoll Mon 26-Nov-12 11:00:14

Good luck with your scans Rache and Janey, thinking of you, and Pip & Bunny, really hope it works out for you this month.
Also welcome Mrs Mustard

I woke up with the tell-tale back ache this morning which normally heralds AF. Only 6DPO today so I'm guessing OVing at CD21 means there's no chance for any fertilised eggs to implant before hormones change and bring on AF.. I'm due a scan in a couple of weeks to see if anything sinister is happening in my uterus.
Hey ho.

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 11:16:08

Just rang the EPU and told them about boobs not being sore, the fact I'm ancient and had a mc last year, and going on holiday. I asked if I was being silly and they didn't answer, and said to hold... then came back on the phone and told me to go in at 9.15am tomorrow morning. Not sure if that's because they're worried or being nice, and am almost too scared to go. But guess it's a good thing I'm going in.

Only problem is that I'd promised to be with a friend tomorrow who is having a horrible dye thing done to check her womb/tubes as she's having probs ttc, and her husband is abroad. However her appt is at 10am so I'm hoping I can now meet her at the hospital (she's been referred to the same one) after the scan. If it's bad news I'm sure I'll be able to hold it together for her, and if it's good news I will be fine too obviously...

Pipbin Mon 26-Nov-12 12:43:00

Quick reply as I'm at work.

Congratulations Lol!

Will talk about everyone else later.

Less spotting here 13dpo. Pipbin over and out.

BraveLilBear Mon 26-Nov-12 12:51:17

Hey Captain YOu're not out til you're out. Fx that you won't be needing that scan...

Janey glad that they're seeing you tomorrow. Does your friend know that you're pg? It may be that she could return the favour and wait with you if that would help? Obviously a sensitive sitch, but still, just a thought. Really hope they put your mind at rest.

Plus you really are a wonderful friend volunteering to keep her company. Just thought I'd say that.

Hi MrsMustard I missed you earlier! Welcome smile

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 13:02:55

Yes she knows, was the first I told apart from DP I think. When I had my 12 wk scan last year and was told the baby had died I sent her a text and she walked out of her office (despite me begging her not to) and turned up at mine with flowers, chocolate and wine. Being with her tomorrow is absolutely the least I can do.

I think I might go for the private scan tonight anyway, as if all is OK it means I can be there for her without any conflicts on timing. And if all isn't OK I can use my 9.15am appt to talk through next stages.

Oh and hi mustard - think I might have forgotten to welcome you earlier!

happylass Mon 26-Nov-12 13:29:06

Not been on here for a while but seems like there's lots going on!
Congrats lol let's keep the BFPs coming! Welcome MrsMustard.
Think of all the pg Elderberries who are having a stressful time. Fx for you.

happylass Mon 26-Nov-12 13:56:17

* thinking *

Rache1S Mon 26-Nov-12 14:37:02

Well bloody hell, THAT was stressful!! But thank fuck everything is ok grin grin grin

The appointment ran an hour late so I had an extra hour to work myself up into a frenzy of worry while at the same time trying not to think about my burstingly full bladder. It was so full after all the waiting that the Sonographer nearly had to send me to empty it so she could see anything at all!

But there was our little bean on the screen, measuring 9+3 with a nice strong heartbeat and he even gave us a little wiggle which was amazing to see. I am not generally a particularly emotional person, and even pregnancy hormones haven't softened me up that much, but I struggled to hold it together when she told us everything is fine. I am sooooo relieved! Only 2.5 weeks until our next scan grin

That's great that they're seeing you tomorrow Janey. My symptoms disappeared in the middle of last week so it apparently does not indicate any problem. Still impossible not to worry though.

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 14:55:12

Oh rache, it had been so long I was starting to get really worried. I was literally checking in every ten minutes during my lunch break! Don't even know you, but welled up when I read that (oooh, hoping it's pg hormones not just me being soft). What a horrid, horrid weekend and how horribly stressful for you both, am absolutely delighted for you that all is OK.

PHEW smile and congratulations grin

Rache1S Mon 26-Nov-12 15:07:20

Thanks Janey. I think this was more stressful than waiting for my GCSE, A Level, Degree results and Driving Test all rolled into one!

HazleNutt Mon 26-Nov-12 15:08:19

Oh so glad to hear everything is fine!

BelissimaLol Mon 26-Nov-12 15:18:07

It's such good news Rache. You must be beyond relieved.
I'm still here in shock. Not told DH yet as want to do it face to face and did test after he left for work!!!

Rache1S Mon 26-Nov-12 15:19:42

And according to this,
the chances of MC at 9 weeks after a heartbeat has been detected is 0.5%. I know it it stupid to count my chickens but I can't help thinking this also is good news.

Rache1S Mon 26-Nov-12 15:24:20

Lol I think it's good that you have time to get over the initial shock yourself before telling DH. I told mine a minute later in a really rubbish way, at least you have time to think up a lovely way to tell him the wonderful news grin

happylass Mon 26-Nov-12 15:27:24

So relieved to hear that all is well Rach. Now relax and look after yourself!

BraveLilBear Mon 26-Nov-12 15:30:59

Fantastic news Rache! So pleased for you grin And yup, the stats are pretty good smile

Blol how are you going to tell him? First time, I didn't tell him for ages - I inked a rock that I picked up on holiday with 'Baby xxx <our surnames>' and 'Made in Greece' on the back because it was a holiday baby. I wrapped it up and gave it to him as a present but he totally didn't get it!

Last week, OH was taking aaaages in the bathroom so I dashed in straight after him then had to yell to him to wait as he was literally about to leave the house for work! Staggered out of the bathroom in shock and told him on the stairs. Drama fail, but he looked happy and much less confused!

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 15:44:56

Ooh good point Brave (loved your rock idea btw, although hilarious he couldn't work it out!) - as you've had time to think about it blol you can do something memorable to tell him. As opposed to me - running into the bedroom at 6am and putting all the lights on, with a pee-covered stick in my hand, muttering "I THINK I can see a line...". DP said I was shaking when he took the stick off me!

Rache - those statistics must be very reassuring. Fingers crossed I get a heartbeat too - am 8 weeks tomorrow so if all is OK it would put me with 4.2% chance I think. Aargh, I have the fear, but things being OK with you have made me feel a little more brave....

How do you think you'll tell him blol?

BelissimaLol Mon 26-Nov-12 16:10:34

I don't know how to tell him. He is out with friends tonight and doesn't get in until about midnight!!! So I might even be asleep!!!
Was thinking of letting him come to bed and spoon me then put his hand on my belly and tell him there is a baby!

HazleNutt Mon 26-Nov-12 16:23:39

I sent DH a photo to his mobile of the Clearblue Digital and wrote "Your boys can swim!"

sazzababs Mon 26-Nov-12 16:27:10

Hey guys smile

Good news Rache and I hope everything goes to plan for everyone! I'm going to scuttle off the thread I think. 7 days to get my hopes up, only for AF to show up at work today sad Getting to me a bit now, so will be lurking and wish y'all the very best!
Sazz x

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 16:34:40

I'm sorry sazza - hope you get your BFP soon...

hazle - love the way you told him! Lots of my friends have said that their DP's/DH's response was along the lines of "it works!" or "yep, well done me". My sister in law said my brother had been our for a few drinks for his work christmas do and even patted himself on the back when she told him!

BraveLilBear Mon 26-Nov-12 17:29:24

Lol at the self-congratulating men - I had one of those too! No wonder they think that conception/pregnancy/childbirth is easy - they only do one tiny bit and they're guaranteed a good time doing it!

Blol I just got goosebumps at that - what a wonderful way to tell him grin

Janey Thanks! I loved the rock idea, too. Just like when not totally freaking out about telling people I'm thinking of getting some books for my family for Christmas - like an aunty book for my two sisters, a grandma book for my mum and a grandad book for my dad and letting them open them up as a way of 'telling them'. OH says that's a total cop out and I'm completely selfish for not just telling them! Think he's keen on zero ambiguity...

Really sorry about AF sazza come back and say hi when you're feeling up to it - we'll still be here...

Quodlibet Mon 26-Nov-12 18:02:52

Rach I have been worrying about you all day, what a relief to hear everything is fine. Janey I am hoping you get the same reassurance from your private scan tonight. It must be so difficult not to worry but like everyone else has said these symptoms are fickle things.

Blol it must have been bizarre keeping the news to yourself all day and not cracking and calling him. I had to tell mine via FaceTime as we were in different countries and time zones at the time!

Sazzy sorry to hear you are bowing out this month.

navis176 Mon 26-Nov-12 18:32:52

Oh Rache, I am so pleased for you - it's so worrying when odd stuff happens

Janey - hope everything goes well for you - fingers x

Congrats Lol - let's hope that starts a whole load of BFPs!

Welcome MrsMustard.

I'm mainly counting down the days till I leave work (why is everything about counting days in my world?!) - then we're off to the mountains after xmas for a few months - maybe the change of scenery will bring a BFP. Or at least it will be way less depressing when it doesn't!

BelissimaLol Mon 26-Nov-12 18:49:14

Quick question: I have been doing Zumba and ballroom dancing for the last year. Zumba twice a week for an hour and dancing two hours. Do u think its ok to continue?
DH just called asking how my day was and said I sound tired!
I def recommend adding B to your names girls!!!! smile

captainmoll Mon 26-Nov-12 19:10:24

Rache - PHEW!
Janey really hoping I can have the same reaction to your scan - thinking of you!
I'm definitely feeling unusual today - hard to describe quite what I mean by that, but I'm hoping it's a sign of impending BFP and I am going to ignore obvious AF symptoms in total denial keep thinking positive (!) until AF turns up. Only a week til I can test! (a weeeeeeeek.. can't believe how slow the 6 days since OV have gone! feels like a month!)

navis mountains sound lovely! Jealous!
Blol I do remember reading something about exercise being fine as long as your heart-rate doesn't go over a certain level, but I'm sure the PG ladies on the thread will have more useful info. I guess it's largely up to how you feel? If you're tired, give yourself a break..

navis176 Mon 26-Nov-12 19:54:46

Lol - yep, as Moll says, exercise is good - but I think there is something about making sure you don't raise your body temperature too much - I think that's why it's fine to carry on with whatever exercise you do already but not start something new...

HazleNutt Mon 26-Nov-12 20:03:23

Lol it's fine, unless your doc tells you differently. Remember to drink a lot. I actually teach several fitness classes like Bodypump, combat and zumba and am not planning to stop any time soon.

As captain and navis said, it is not recommended to start anything new - well, new intensive classes, you are of course allowed to start with pregnancy yoga and similar.

Pipbin Mon 26-Nov-12 20:25:37

Welcome MrsMustard.

Brilliant news Rache so glad everything is ok.

Spotting has slowed to what seems like EWCM with spotting mixed in. Still sure AF will be here tomorrow.

Janey I've had the procedure your friend is going to have. Tell her not to worry too much. Like an uncomfortable smear if nothing else really.
When I went though I took DH with me but he had to wait in the main waiting area while I went off to a smaller one where I got changed. So I'm not sure how much you are going to see your friend. Also there is a nurse on hand with a cup of tea afterwards!
Still I hope you get your scan sorted.

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 20:39:47

Ok, so I was being ridiculous, all is ok. Don't remember ever being this relieved, or this happy.

Saw the heartbeat, heard the heartbeat (didn't happen last time) and it measured to the exact day (didn't happen last time). So apparently in very lucky that I just don't have any symptoms smile

Thanks for all the messages

janey1234 Mon 26-Nov-12 20:41:15

Just seen your post pip - thank you. Not expecting to be with get at he time, bit instead to drive her home after and be there for support if it's not good news...

Quodlibet Mon 26-Nov-12 20:47:34

Fantastic news Janey, I'm really relieved for you!
All in all a good day for the Elderberries - two heartbeats and a BFP.

<Belatedly, welcome Mustard - sorry I missed you out in all the excitement>

HazleNutt Mon 26-Nov-12 20:58:25

excellent Janey!

happylass Mon 26-Nov-12 21:01:54

Excellent news Janey grin

MeanMrsMustard Mon 26-Nov-12 21:02:09

Thanks for the welcome.
Its great to join your thread on the day of a bfp and a healthy scan! Congratulations lol and Rache. Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting...

I went to drop a card and present to a friend tonight who has just had a little boy. Baby was sleeping, but what a sweetie! I hope I don't have to wait too long before I get my own
Right, off to think of a B based name change!

MeanMrsMustard Mon 26-Nov-12 21:05:25

Oh, and fab news Janey - got distracted half way through my message so didn't see your update.

Pipbin Mon 26-Nov-12 21:15:53

Wonderful news Janey. Glad you managed to get one.

My class was full of pregnant women talking babies after school, I didn't mind in the slightest and they know I'm trying so it was nice to be in the conversation.

Spotting seems to have stopped but I'm very very sure AF is on her way.

Rache1S Mon 26-Nov-12 21:18:33

That's such good news Janey, I would have felt really terrible if my good news had been followed by bad news for you. I think I can safely say I know how relieved you are! grin grin

What a great day this has turned out to be. We just need good news for Pip to top it all off now!

Bunnygirlie Mon 26-Nov-12 22:53:19

Crikey what a busy day I have missed!

Rach and Janey so happy to hear all ok smile

It's all such a worry, the 2ww wait worry, then the worry till 12 week scan, then the next 6 months, the birth, and then worry worry worry forever! My friends 4month old was rushed into hospital yesterday, just hours after I was having a cuddle, can't imagine what she is going through. I guess you don't know the real meaning of stress till you have children.

Fingers crossed for a few more BFPs this month, not many days left though :-(

P.s. B name hasn't helped me much lol

Pipbin Tue 27-Nov-12 07:29:02

AF is here.

navis176 Tue 27-Nov-12 07:56:02

Janey - phew!

Pip - boo!

janey1234 Tue 27-Nov-12 08:19:08

Oh pip, I'm so sorry. Was really hoping it was your turn sad

BelissimaLol Tue 27-Nov-12 08:21:45

Oh no pip sad. Was hoping we would be bfp twins!!!!
Did a digi this morning. 2-3 weeks. OMG is this real?

Bunnygirlie Tue 27-Nov-12 08:39:36

Think I'm out, due saturday, bit pink when wiped this morn :-(

winkle2 Tue 27-Nov-12 09:14:02

So sorry pip. I know how you feel. We're in month 16 together x

Good news re the scans.

Hi to all the newbies.

Sorry I don't post much but just started a new job so mega busy.

BraveLilBear Tue 27-Nov-12 09:56:35

Oh Pip sad sorry she came after all that teasing. The absolute definition of evil witch.

Great news on the digi Blol! Seems real to me!

Fx for you Bunnygirlie you're not out til she moves in...

captainmoll Tue 27-Nov-12 10:05:10

Sorry Pip, it really sucks. I can feel the hag prowling around too. Just trying to hang to that last thread of hope..

Janey I am so relieved for you!

Pipbin Tue 27-Nov-12 12:45:40

Thanks guys.
Right Winkle this is the cycle for you and me. We will do it!

I am upset but on the upside, this is a 28 day cycle again, if I'd got my BFP this time I would have been due 6 August, this cycle would be the beginning of September, which is much better. 6 weeks summer holiday, one day back at work, then maternity leave. Much better.

Bunnygirlie Tue 27-Nov-12 13:22:36

Oh no Pip that is pants!

Brave I don't hold out much hope to be honest, ov week was hideous and I am certain it didn't happen!

I am losing treck of who is PG, due to POAS etc, might nees a refresh smile

escorpion Tue 27-Nov-12 13:33:22

Pipbin, I am sure this will be the cycle for you!!
Congrats Janey, BelissimaLol and Rache.

I am on the two week wait (taps foot impatiently), although I am doubtful about this cycle as due to busy schedules things didn´t go as planned.

What are your experiences with taking your body temp as a way of finding out when you ovulate? Thinking about doing this from now on as opposed to dancing every other day.

BraveLilBear Tue 27-Nov-12 13:33:55

In the spirit of positive thinking Pipbin it's probably also better for littl un to be oldest in class rather than youngest in the class... All sorts of studies show Sept kids do better than Jul/Aug kids.

(tho I have to admit, the thought of only needing to wait 3 and a half years to go for number two is amazing. Probably the most ridiculously optimistic thing I've ever said, but true! If DC pops out in summer holidays, they'll be going to school within 4 years and a month. If they pop out in Sept, it'll be 4 years 11 months. Means we can get cracking on number two a year earlier!)

Rache1S Tue 27-Nov-12 18:34:12

Pip sad sad sad
.... but here's to a festive BFP and actually being able to enjoy the Christmas party season properly! grin grin grin

Pipbin Tue 27-Nov-12 19:08:57

I've also worked out that my fertile week should be when we are staying in a posh hotel!
Bring on the sexytime.

Did have a cry today though as I got confirmation from my friend that we will see her at Xmas. Last Xmas she was 8 weeks. Now she will have her baby. They has only been trying for two months. I really wanted a BFP today so I could be 8 weeks when we saw her this time.

BelissimaLol Tue 27-Nov-12 19:42:13

Oh hun I totally feel your heart ache sad
Ttc is a bastard and very very unfair to all of us.
Good timing on posh hotel though. Are u using cb ov sticks?

Aquarius1 Tue 27-Nov-12 20:02:36

Evening all and hi new people [waves]

Have been so busy at work so a bit quiet on here. Anyone Else excited about Xmas yet? Am finding it a v welcome distraction from ttc!

pip am sad & frustrated for you. But also well envious of your six weeks hol! good plan re: sept. Hope you have a fab time in posh hotel.

Winkle I wondered where you were, hope your new job going well.

Pregnant ones - cant believe I just joined mn when you got your bfps and now you've got heartbeats! Quite miraculous all things considered.

So this is cycle 8-ish but only my second cycle of religious opk testing and, yet again, have a smiley face on cd 16. Having a slightly alcoholic start to month but reckon it helps with businesstime....

[raises glass to everyone]

Quodlibet Tue 27-Nov-12 20:04:42

Pipbin, sorry to hear you are out. But great that your cycle is making steps in the right direction. And how nice to have some romantic awaytime to look forward to.

BraveLilBear wow you have thought that one through! Though I'm not sure I see your logic - why would you wait til DC1 is in school before having DC2? Am I being dim?

Escorpion, temping has its plus and minuses. Negatives are that it makes TTC the first thing you think about every morning, so it can be hard not to become obsessed. Also, it takes a few months to be able to identify your patterns. Positives are that it does give you a clear indication of when you have ovulated, so you can lay off the sex at that point if you wish!

Well, DP is finally back home tonight FOR GOOD! Hurrah. In the 4 1/2 weeks that we have known about the pg, DP and I have only spent 7 days together. I can't wait - have totally had enough of him working away now and feeling like a single mum-to-be!

Rache1S Tue 27-Nov-12 20:18:33

escorpion my experience of temp charting isn't exactly vast as I got up the duff the first month doing it, but in that short time I found it quite useful in indicating what is going on. I think you probably only need to do it for a few months as once you've worked out what day your OV is you don't really need it, and it can be quite intense as you need to take your temperature as soon as you wake up so TTC ends up being the first thing on your mind every day. The problem when you're actively TTC is that your temperature only rises the day after OV so you can only use it as confirmation that it has happened and you probably need to use some kind of OV kit along side it to indicate when it's the right time to jump his bones.
So, I personally thought it was worthwhile doing but I think some others on here disagree so it's personal preference really. If you do choose to do it you can set up a free account on Fertility Friend to record your daily temperature and they turn it into a chart for you and you can compare your chart with others.

escorpion Tue 27-Nov-12 20:47:43

Thanks Quodlibet and Rache for the information! I will look at Fertility Friend. It´s just that every other day is not working for me and putting too much pressure on my partner then me getting angry if he doesn´t want to do it right that moment! lol. I guess I want to take the pressure off us both and try and relax a bit. Pipbin, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to tell your friend. I had it romanticised in my head that I would be that far along when my Mum came here for Xmas and we could share the news with her and DP family. Then obviously you feel very down when AF comes. It is definitely stressful ttc. So thanks for all of us on this journey and those that have already got their BFPs!!

Bunnygirlie Tue 27-Nov-12 22:39:41

Evening all. Just been out for nice meal, ate potato which my IBS doesn't like, now have huge potato baby belly - wish it was a real baby belly :-(

Aquarius1 Wed 28-Nov-12 08:46:55

Hi bunny I know that feeling sad it'll be our turn soon so it will...

BelissimaLol Wed 28-Nov-12 09:46:45

If that's any consolation I kept reading other bfps and thought it would never be my turn!!!! Everyone's times will come. I know it. But the pain in the process is quite cruel sad

HazleNutt Wed 28-Nov-12 10:44:26

Look how many BFPs we have already, sure it will be your turn soon!

I have my 12-week scan on 6th and of course I've been googling all possible problems and issues they might discover. Not really smart, I know, but you can't really help it, can you?

BraveLilBear Wed 28-Nov-12 11:46:53

Step away from Dr Google Hazle There's more than a 75% chance that everything will be okay! (I think, basic maths)

It's really important to not dwell on possible bad outcomes. Unfortunately, they do happen. But most people do go on to have perfect healthy babies. I keep telling myself this, as my previous experience keeps threatening to overshadow all the hope and optimism and joy.

Don't be sad Aquarius and BunnyGirlie everything happens when it is supposed to. Sometimes, this is different to when we want things to happen, but some other things that we don't know about may need to happen first.

I know it's easy for me to say that, and feel free to throw your full glasses of wine at me along with all your smelly cheeses tho why you'd be throwing them rather than eating/drinking them is beyond me but your time will be here before you know it.

Re the complicated planning system Quod, basically, it's so that we can afford childcare. We both work, and earn a similar amount (me slightly more). There's no way we can afford to have two in full-time childcare at once, so we need one to be at school before number two pops out.

Tho since writing that it occurred to me that I think they don't take the younger kids until January in our neck of the woods angry I know some kids are not mature enough but they managed fine enough in our day!

Quodlibet Wed 28-Nov-12 12:04:10

Aquarius and Bunny I know the feeling too - I had 2 years of waiting to conceive on top of 9 months of actually TTC! It can feel like it'll never be your turn but it will one day and that will feel brilliant and surreal at the same time!

I am shattered already - we had to pack up our whole flat this morning by 10am so that new carpets could be fitted. Ready to go back to bed! Off for a tour of the local hospital's birth centre in a bit - I will have to try to stay awake!

MeanMrsMustard Wed 28-Nov-12 12:20:32

Escorpion - I started temping In Sept, but as I gett up at 5:30 in the week, and up to 4 hrs later on the weekends the temps were a bit messed up. Plus I found taking my temp whilst still in bed with Dh sleeping in the dark next to me too much of a faff for my early morning brain to cope with!
I bought myself a cbfm, which is a bit pricey, but hopefully will prove worth it! I know that it is unrealistic for DH and me to dtd every other night on a long term basis, so pinpointing a rough time for ovulation is important for me. Having said all that, early morning brain couldn't even cope with remembering to wee on the stick yesterday am, and no amount of poking myself in the bladder after would help rectify the situation! Hopefully it will soon turn to habit...

Which all reminds me, I'm taking follic acid most days now. Is there anything else I should be taking/ avoiding? Cheers.

BraveLilBear Wed 28-Nov-12 12:27:34

Hey MeanMrsM I'm sure you'll get into the habit soon - you're right about the early morning faff, I could never cope with that!

When I saw doctor after previous early mc, I asked him about a shoulder problem I'd been having. He said it's best not to take anything at all when TTC, paracetamol is ok, but everything else should be avoided if possible. He said using a topical ibuprofen gel would be fine instead of taking ibuprofen orally.

Soooo if you're taking any medication might be worth having a chat with doc early on.

Also, I took/am taking prenatals rather than just folic acid - has lots of goodies like Vit C, B vits, Vit D, Iron, Magnesium etc in it as well as the recommended amount of FA. I know some people don't like taking iron, but it's not a huge dose so I'm tolerating it ok.

janey1234 Wed 28-Nov-12 13:28:08

brave and hazle - by the time you get to the 12 week scan the chances of everything being OK are much, much higher than 75% - especially as you've already had healthy, normal scans hazle. Even at my great age (38!!) there's 'only' a one in 150 chance of downs or any other genetic abnormality (and it's much lower odds if your a year or two younger than me) - which I'm trying to think of as a 99.33% chance of everything being fine. As you're younger, your odds are better smile

bunny - know nothing I can say can cheer you. So instead I will send wine - and lots of it - and some positive thoughts too that it's your turn soon.

BraveLilBear Wed 28-Nov-12 14:41:56

Thanks for the stattage Janey I hadn't remembered that Hazle had had previous scans.... blush Took the 75% as a basic 1-in-4 chance of mc in any pg... obviously the odds will be diff (better) by the time you get as far as 12 weeks (as most mcs will have happened spontaneously by then), and if you've heard a heartbeat by then the chances of anything going wrong are teeny tiny.

Bottom-line - most pregnancies produce happy healthy babies! Thanks again for reassurance Janey smile

HazleNutt Wed 28-Nov-12 15:11:02

Yes Brave I had a scan at 8 weeks, looked fine, heartbeat and all. So not so much concerned that there's nothing there, but the nuchal scan and genetic problems.

janey1234 Wed 28-Nov-12 15:19:28

Ah, just call me statto. I'm a right old numbers geek blush

captainmoll Wed 28-Nov-12 18:37:46

Evening all. 8dpo here at moll towers. Symptom spotting like mad - tricky since almost all early pg symptoms seem to be exactly the same as my usual pms list.. confused
Think I'm going to try and hold of Poas til Sunday as that will be 12dpo and a day late(ish) for my usual(ish) AF. Assuming she doesn't ruin all my plans by turning up before then..

How are all the other 2ww-ers? Fx for us all!

MeanMrsMustard Wed 28-Nov-12 18:47:18

Thanks brave I will by a fertility multi vit at the weekend. If that ever comes. Its one of those weeks right now.
Im impressed by your organised thing re child care. It is soo expensive. We've discussed prices for one but not two. I know to have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old 8-6 5 days a week in my local children's centre costs £40 less than my take home wage. Plus their prices are likely to go up and my wages arent! No idea about where you live, but often if reception start is staggered so the child starts the term of their 5th birthday, they spend the previous term full term in nursery. Might help slightly!