Months on and most people are pregnant so I'm starting a new thread Come and join me if you've been TTC a while or are TTC after pregnancy loss... we've been through it all! Pt 2

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mrsnec Thu 01-Nov-12 06:23:09

HK, Munch, Els, Rach and Tas where are you and more importantly, how are you? Sorry if I forgot anyone. Looking forward to updates!

MunchinMango Thu 01-Nov-12 18:02:22

Hiya mrs, thanks for starting new thread. I thought yous had all disappeared sad how are you doing? Very envious of your warm climate now as its gotten very cold.

Well I'm on cd51!! I kid you not!!! Still no sign of AF. Another wtf cycle I guess. But something is definitely going on. Two weeks ago my boobs got very sore and I had a lot of crampy dull aches which lasted a week and the soreness peaked last sat and que lots of cm (not fertile looking) and have loads everyday since. But boobs no longer sore. I'm temping for over 2 weeks now and hard to tell what's going on.

Anyhow looking forward to hearing from you all.

mrsnec Fri 02-Nov-12 06:36:22

Hi Munch. Well I've not been around much as our friends have been here for nearly 2 weeks and we've been away with them during that time too. Sorry to hear about your cold weather. Yes it's still warm here but getting cooler at night and dark early so can feel really cosy in the evenings. Best of both worlds! My favourite time of year here. Not sure what to make of your cycle. If it was me I'd be a bit frustrated. Did you test again just in case it's a bfp? If not would you need to have another word with your doc? I'm on CD 28 today. I used my opks from CD 14-21. I didn't get any smileys. 5 neg and then 2 errors. No idea what I was doing wrong. On the 2 days I had the errors I saw ewcm for the first time in ages. We managed to dtd that day too as it was when we were away and we stayed in a seperate bungalow to our friends. It was all quite romantic actualy! Anyway since I saw the ewcm on the days I thought I was going to ov then I don't see much point in trying opks again. Last lot just seemed a waste of money. I'm ok in myself at the moment ish but I didn't get that job I went for, my next cycle will be no 24 and we've got no more visitors until next year so I wont see any of my family for xmas again so I sometimes find it hard to stay upbeat! Enough of my ramblings! Hope everyone else is ok!

MunchinMango Fri 02-Nov-12 14:17:12

Hiya mrs your hol sounds great. Good that you got to rekindle the romance as it easily can get lost in the whole ttc madness. Well judging by your ewcm you seemed to have dtd at the right time. Typical the opks malfunctioned on those days. Could you not manage a trip to see your family over the Xmas? Sorry you lost out on that job.

Yes dh was saying to me also to go to the doctor. I think I will at Xmas. Today I saw defo ewcm fir the first time in months so maybe my body just took its own sweet time to get back in action. Now only thing is to grab dh for some dtd!!! And also not to let him know its the right time as I feel that puts too much pressure on him.

Any plans for the weekend?

Any sign of the rest of the ladies or any newbies?

tasjaSAmuminSA Fri 02-Nov-12 15:20:26

Hi Ladies!
I have LOTS of news to tell you. Lots has been happening!
Remember my school concert? Well, with all the preparation and practice and stress from the concert I realised with a shock on Monday that I'm 4 days late! So I went to buy a test. Did it that evening - I couldn't wait till the next morning. It was negative. But it took ages to show the result so I thought there was something wrong with it.
So yesterday I bought another test and did it last night. It was negative. Only to see the same test lying there this morning with 2 faint lines. So I showed it to my friend and she said YES I'm pregnant. But I don't want to get too excited , I'll do a test on Sunday MORNING to be 100% sure.
The BAD news is this:
My DH went to work on Wednesday and when he got there they handed him a notice for diciplinary hearing. Why? Because he said on Facebook: Friends, please pray that I can find another job because the stress is killing me.
Can you believe this? Now he's suspended till the hearing that was suppose to be today but he went to the doctor and she booked him off with severe depression and stress.
Not really good timing if there's a baby on the way! 2 years ago he was fired from his job because he was working on his own business (in his own time!!!!) and he looked for 4 months till he got a new job. Remember: In SA there's no benefits and things like that. He can only claim UIF that is about a third of his salary! So If he loses his job we are basically screwed! A bit stressfull but trying to take it very easy and to relax! Don't want another mc again IF I'm pg. Having faith! xxxxx

elsabel Fri 02-Nov-12 16:44:17

Hello ladies ive been looking for you since the last thread disappeared and am very pleased i found you!

Firstly...congrats tas thats amazing news bet you are very anxiously happy i know how you must feel.try and stay calm and take a day at a time thats what i have done (not easy though i know) Sorry about your dh and the job facebook is a pain in the arse nothing is secret anymore big brother is always watching!

How is everyone else? Glad youre having a lovely time mrs wherever you are, sounds nice.

Munch-sounds like your body is really messing you around you poor thing, but hopefully its getting sorted now xx

All is ok my end (i hope fingers x) 9 weeks tomorrow and still worry alot but trying to stay positive just cant wait for it to be 12 weeks!! Hi to anyone else who is watching but keeping quiet hope everyone is good xx

mrsnec Sat 03-Nov-12 07:19:05

Hi All Munch that's a good idea about going to docs then but I hope it's for another reason! Agree about not telling DH when it's a good time though. I do the same. Tas that's amazing news. Goes to show keeping busy is a good thing too. Really hope everything works out with the job situation. Definately agree with what Els says about Facebook. Glad you're ok to Els and things progressing well. Anyway, still not sure what went on with those opks. I read you can contact CB to get replacements and that Amazon often sell some that are out of date. But my friend said it's cos the sticks were 'confused' cos I eat so much meat that's loaded with hormones but I'm not so sure about that! On another note I did think about going home for Xmas. Trouble is the past few years it's been all about the children in my family. I'm not a jealous person by nature but I don't like seeing DM playing granny to other people's kids. My parents have 9 step grandchildren between them but none of their own. This feeling gets worse the longer this ttc lark is taking and is worse than ever at Xmas. My plan is to try and do Xmas here and invite dpils, neighbours, and any clients we have that have come over for xmas and try and make it a good one then use the money I would have spent on flights home on another short break in Feb but go somewhere a bit more adventureous! Think it'll help having something to look forward to! Hope you all have a great weekend. We're off North again across to the Turkish side as my friend managed to lose her DP's keys at those bungalows in the mountains we stayed at last weekend. We've decided to go back and find them and make a day of it!

MunchinMango Mon 05-Nov-12 11:20:54

Good morning ladies. It's very frosty!!!

Tas omg a bfp!!! Congrats. Just shows you when you forget about ttc it actually happens. Sorry to hear about your dh but unfortunately I have heard similar things happen to people who commented on Facebook. But I must say your dh comment was harmless enough. Hopefully it blows over.

Mrs how did the key hunting go? Eh I think idea that you eat too much meat confusing opks sounds a bit bananas to me. I understand now totally why Xmas at home with relatives would be too painful. Better to have nice holiday to look forward to.

Els woohoo 9 weeks. That's great. Roll on until its your scan at 12 weeks.

All good here, not great on dtd front sad , all that cm has disappeared now do maybe I'm into the 2ww now although only thing I can seriously look forward to us getting AF. I think it would be a miracle for anything else.

tasjaSAmuminSA Tue 06-Nov-12 12:01:18

Munch - hang in there - all good things comes to those who waits.

Mrs - did you get the keys back?

Gyno told me today I need to go for bloodtest so that they can see if baby is ok. So with the LDMS date and the HcG hormone they can determine if baby is fine??? They will phone me tomorrow they said. I'm a bit scared.

MunchinMango Tue 06-Nov-12 16:54:06

Hi Tas, oh fx that all is ok. I suppose they have an idea of what level your hcg should be at for your dates. I can only imagine that's all they can tell from a blood test. I'm sure you have been doing tests every day?? (Well that's what I have done in the past) has the line been getting darker or if you did the cb digital one that dates your pg it would change from 1-2 weeks etc.

How is everyone else doing?

Well AF arrived today and I'm actually relieved. I can't say if I o'd or not during the cycle. But here's to a new cycle and I armed with tests galore, temping etc. As I feel we will only keep trying for another few months I'm going to give it my best shot.

elsabel Tue 06-Nov-12 22:41:45

Oh Tas can imagine you must be nervous but at least theyre keeping an eye on you and hopefully all is good and it will be a huge reassurance for you.

I went for my first midwife appointment today and she said i could get my nuchal scan as early as next week, I am counting the days right now to get past the point I was at last time.

Good luck with your new cycle Munch, fingers crossed for lots of cm and dtd!!

How is everyone else? xx

mrsnec Thu 08-Nov-12 11:57:48

Hi All! Els sounds like thinks are progressing well! And you Tas I agree with what the others say that it's good they're keeping an eye on you. Don't forget to keep us up to date with it all and the job situation too! Munch good news. I agree with the action plan too. The more I read the more convinced I am that temping is the way to go but I haven't tried it yet. Anyway, I've been lurking this week cos I was feeling a bit hopeful and didn't want to tempt fate. Body playing her usual tricks and threw in a few more new symptoms for good measure! The witch got me today though. 34 day cycle this time though which means I've got my LP to 13 so I should see that as a result. I'd reduced my B vit dose by half too as they were upsetting my stomach a bit. However do feel a bit miffed and sorry to be negative Tas, I don't share the belief that good things come to those who wait. I've been waiting long enough! This is now cycle 24! In other news, got my friends keys. Didn't end up making a day of it in the end as DH had to work in the morning. Not sure why we bothered really as friends didn't appreciate the effort and cost us a lot. But I'm not all doom and gloom, DH's Nan is here on holiday staying with DPILs. Having an early Xmas celebration this weekend. And we've booked a little holiday so I have something to look forward to. 4 days in Venice in Feb. Can't wait! Hope you are all ok. Looking forward to hearing your news. Anyone up to anything this weekend?

MunchinMango Thu 08-Nov-12 15:44:22

Hiya Ladies

Great to hear from you and that all is still progressing nicely. Fx you have a great nuchal scan and you can maybe start to enjoy this pg.

Tas any updates with those blood tests?

Mrs I was thinking you were very quiet. Sorry Af played tricks on you again but great that the vitamin B tabs lenghtened your LP. Maybe just take them every other day if you find them hard on your stomach or try a different brand? Its very disheartening to be ttc for 2 years. Maybe put a plan in action for yourself. Try temping for a few cycles to see if that helps and I saw basal thermometers as cheap as 3.99 on amazon. Buy maybe sometime in the new year would you consider going to doctor to discuss having some tests done? I don't mean to panic you and I'm sure all is ok. (Btw this is from me who puts off going to the doctor to look about things for herself!!! so i am no one to talk) My friend had been ttc for over 2 years and got fed up and booked an appoint with a clinic but fell pg herself before the appoint came up. Bravo on finding the keys, you'd think your friends would be more appreciative. Enjoy the festivities this weekend.

Well my af has certainly come with a bang. I can honestly say its the first normal af I have had since coming off the pill in Aug 2011. Now to see if it will return on a more regular basis. But for now I am starting to hope again.

Any sign of Hellokitty, Rachie, Lynzi or Berries?

mrsnec Fri 09-Nov-12 07:11:07

Morning All, yes definately been thinking about an action plan. I'll tell you a bit about my doctorphobia. I had an accident a few years ago. I had a laporotomy and was discharged from hospital with no refferals and no explaination about what they'd done. I had 2 years of complications and 4 GPs. They didn't help. Before we started ttc I paid a private consultant to examine me and review my file and she told me there was no damage to my reproductive organs and thought I'd have no trouble concieving. But she did say she didn't think my stomach muscles would support a pregnancy though as the surgeon cut them the wrong way but I then went to another one who said they'd never known that to be a problem! Anyway, we'll have to go private here. But that's ok. It's kind of done on a pay as you go basis and you go straight to the person you think you need to see so none of this waiting for a refferal type business! I do wonder if my issue could be hormonal. When I first got pg I was on the mini-pill. I was constantly changing brands as I had hormone imbalances all the time. That pill was the lowest possible dose I was ill and I took it late but would have had good progesterone levels as a result. Low progesterone is also a cause of LPD. So I'm considering trying progesterone cream. Also, I know this will sound wrong to some but I feel like I'm assuming I'm the one with the problem and I have concieved before. DH hasn't. And it could just as easily be an issue with him. Yet he wont accept that and just jokes about it. Having said all that,(which makes me question if he'll be a good father and wonder why we're doing this) I still think the health issues play a major part. I've had a word with DH about that too and he knows that the less he drinks and smokes the more action he's going to get! But I think we need to be dtd more still and give it 4 more months then I think getting my bloods done and his sample looked at will be a good start. But you're right munch, think I can stretch to 3€ just to make sure I am ovulating on day 21!

MunchinMango Fri 09-Nov-12 10:28:09

Hiya mrs. I can totally understand your loathing to have to go for tests. That was awful what happened to you. My friend recently went through tests to check out her and her dh so I'm well aware of whats involved. I also know how slow I am to look about myself and my erratic cycles. So I am no one to be dishing out advice.Also you shouldn't be so quick to assume that there is something wrong with you and I know the first thing they will do is check your dh sample so they can rule it out. I also can appreciate how touchy a subject it would be to raise with dh. But anyhow I don't think there is any harm giving it another few months til the new year. In the meantime defo try the temping to see if that sheds any light. I find fertility friend great for imputing your results and its displayed in graphs as well.

Well it's a lovely wet day heresad dh has flu and I hope the rest of us font get it. My AF is still continuing to what I remember it to be pre mc and pre pill!!! So fx.

tasjaSAmuminSA Sun 11-Nov-12 14:12:45

Hi ladies
Mrs-I can understand your doctorphobia. I would also feel that way.
I tried to chat on thursday but my internet wasn't working!
The gyno phoned and told me that the bloodtest looked fine and that he want my appointment for the 20th must be moved on for the 27th because it's still very earlly days. He want to see mee when I'm a bit further.
So hoping everything goes ok this time and anxious to see the heartbeat for the first time. Then I'll relax.
DH's disciplinary hearing is tomorrow afternoon. Please say a prayer for him and keep your fingers crossed!

elsabel Sun 11-Nov-12 17:18:41

Mrs thats a really awful thing you went through and can completely understand why you feel the way you do. Its easy to say go to the doctors, i know i avoid it at every cost (unless its about pregnancy in which case I am bugging them every week wanting and appt for reassurance!!)

Tas you will feel much better after youve seen a heartbeat it definatly is a huge comfort. And at least you have the reassurance that all appears normal now. I have my fingers crossed for your dh, hope all goes well.

I had my scan date through yesterday for the 23rd, so less than 2 weeks to wait now. I found out yesterday that my best friend is also pregnant and shes only a month behind me so thats excellent news. Im so happy for her even more so as she has pcos so they wondered if they might have trouble conceiving but it appears not.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend, lets hope the others join us on here soon x

mrsnec Mon 12-Nov-12 06:06:01

Morning All! Munch How's DH? Got rid of that flu yet? Did the rest of you escape it? It is a good sign that your AF is back to normal. Tas and Els really glad you're both doing well. Tas sending positive thoughts your way re the hearing. Let us know how it goes and I think they've done the right thing with your appointment.Els, that's lovely news about your friend! Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend. I appreciate your understanding of my situation. I've been thinking about it and I decided it was worse as I was on my own. DH was here setting up the business and I was hundreds of miles from my friends and my parents and not on here at the time. I took the 3 PCTs involved in the case (there was a bit more to it) to court and lost. But this time I now know that if I do need any treatment for anything I'm not on my own and I also have the confidence and good judge of character if I don't like the sound of what somebody is telling me. Anyway, hope it doesn't come to that, it's not just the doctorphobia thing, both of us want to do things as naturaly as possible. Bit of a strange weekend here, DH has some close relatives the same age as him. She's just gone back to work after having her daughter a couple of years ago. Anyway they've made a big announcement that they're going to try for their second after she's worked enough to get more maternity pay entitlement. Thought you only made big announcement when actally pg? Am I right in thinking this is a bit odd? Acted happy for them but inside was seeting and thinking no! We're next! Then cross with myself for getting all bitter and twisted in my old age! It did lead to everyone asking us as per. I just said maybe one day and walked away. My family know but as this is DH's family I feel it's his place to tell them if he wants to. On the subject of DH he's drinking less and as we've got loads of fruit on the trees at the moment he's snacking on that and less junk so I'm hopeful he's in better health for the next round! Have a great Monday all, yes where is everyone else?

MunchinMango Tue 13-Nov-12 10:57:36

Hiya ladies, I typed a message last night and it wouldn't post so lost message arrgh!!!

As great news about the blood results and prob best to delay your appoint as there will be more to see even though I can imagine the wait being torturous. How did dh get on yest? I hope all went ok.

Els thats great news about your friend. It will be so nice for the two of yous being pg together. Roll on the next two weeks til your scan.

Mrs that is soo bazaar people making grand announcements about their intention to ttc!!! Also a very insensitive thing to do. They didn't by any chance stage the whole thing to try and find out what your intentions are re ttc. Or am I being super paranoid here ?? Well done to dh on the healthy eating, need to send some of those vibes to me and my dh LOL.

Had a bit of a down day yest. My friend rang me to suggest that we go out (nothing wrong there) and said that she didn't want this month to go without us marking it and I said why and she said well you were due your baby this month and I just burst out crying. She was being very thoughful but I guess I was trying not to think about it. Anyhow dh is grand again and we hopefully are not going to catch it.

mrsnec Tue 13-Nov-12 12:23:48

Hi All, yes Tas do let us know how things went and Els yes I hope the time goes quickly and your scan is here before you know it. Munch I'm not quite sure what to say about your friend. It does sound like her heart is in the right place and you sound like you are fine in yourself so no harm done. Tell her how you feel though. I must admit, with my friends who've had MCs I never talk about it or bring the subject up unless they do but I have often wondered if this is the right approach or not. Definately something that varies from person to person. Thinking of you anyway and glad you escaped flu too! Yes not paranoid, very strong feeling you're right about DH's family. Couple in question is DH's DU. MIL is one of 5 siblings. DU (her DB) is the only member of her family she's not estranged from. As he's close in age to DH and DH is an only child they were raised like brothers, lived together, went to college together etc. MIL dotes on their daughter. But constantly compares their lives to ours in terms of finances and quality of life etc. It was all a bit odd having a nice time and all of a sudden MIL says 'gather round Skype' DU's got a big announcement! Think I would have felt better about it if they were actually pg! I do sometimes think it's a bit more pressure for us. MIL retired early and I think is very bored. DH isn't phased by the whole thing and I did point out that they've not visited us here yet earn good money, we've not seen them for 5 years and they say they're to busy to return DH's calls so they're irrelevant to me. Although I did get in trouble when I said that!

MunchinMango Wed 14-Nov-12 23:36:48

Mrs so you were set up then!!! You'd respect them more if they just asked you straight out.

I think your right my friend was doing her best but I actually think I don't want to remember the significance of this month. I kept myself going all year saying if I got pg before my due date it would be ok. But alas not to be. I'm on cd 9 now and hoping hoping that I get a shorter cycle and a chance to ttc. I ordered some pre seed so see what that does. What about you???

Hope all is ok Tas?

mrsnec Thu 15-Nov-12 07:06:37

Morning All! Yes it was a total set up. They are pg. The obligatory 3 month scan pic went up on FB the other day. And MIL knew all along as her trip to the UK next year coinsides with the due date.Obviously I'm happy for them but Why can't they all be normal and honest? And why the build up so they can make the big announcement twice? Back to you Munch apologies for that epic rant! I think I'd be the same as you in your situation. I try to be an onwards and upwards kind of person can make the situation a lot worse by dwelling on the what ifs. I'd love to have thoughtful friends like yours though! Good luck with the pre seed. Not tried it but do remember having a chat about it on the old thread. For now I've decided I'm only going to try things to boost my fertility that have other health benefits. Like the B vits. I've ordered progesterone cream as low progesterone goes with LPD and I have symptoms of oestrogen dominance. Been reading up on all that. It's very interesting. Anyway, if that doesn't work it also helps PMT issues and is less likely to mess up cycles than if you take some of the herbal supplements. Looking forward to trying again this month too but am fighting off the lergy at the moment. Keep telling myself it's not flu!

MunchinMango Thu 15-Nov-12 09:25:34

Mrs rant away. I can't believe such deceit and conniving!!! Sure we knew no one makes a grand announcement that they are ttc. You would have had more respect for them if they just said they were pg at the weekend. But maybe maybe they do know yous are ttc and in their silly twisted way thought this was a better way to break the news ????? Your right though mil seems to be very close to them. Hope you feel better from flu soon.

mrsnec Sat 17-Nov-12 09:22:48

I know Munch. DH skyped them last night and they made big announcement again as neither of us had commented or 'liked' scan pic! I feigned a congrats and then went to watch telly in the other room. Thankfuly, the cat followed and fell asleep on me so I couldn't move and get involved in the rest of the conversation! (I love that animal! She's so on my wavelength!) anyway, DH has decided he wan't to go too to see the baby when it's born. I'm surprised he's taking an interest to be honest. I'm not sure what to make of it but really I'm just hoping he has a little one of his own to worry about by then! Anyway feel a bit better. My lergy didn't develop into full blown flu thankfullu just really annoying sniffles still hanging around! Hope you're all ok. Any news? Have a great weekend!

elsabel Mon 19-Nov-12 09:13:36

Hi all, hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was quite relaxing which was good went to the cinema a couple of times, to see the new bond movie and also dragged the boyfriend along to see the new twilight one aswell! Anyone seen either?

How is everyone, hope youre feeling better mrs? Ive been half expecting to catch something myself although ive had the flu jab thankfully.

Fingers crossed for this month for both of you, and hopefully this is a shorter cycle for you munch, i know next to nothing about pre seed or other supplements but hopefully they bring you some luck.

How are you Tas? X

MunchinMango Mon 19-Nov-12 10:42:49

Good morning ladies.

Mrs hopefully you will be pg with your own baby by the time your friends baby is born.

Good to hear all is well with you Els. No haven't seen either movie yet. Saw a real chick flick The Sapphires, it was a laugh and just what I needed.

Well in ttc land I got +opk on sat morning, Sunday morning and again this morning. A bit weird as I never had smileys three days running. Anyhow the pre seed did the trick we dtd sat and sun but now we should really tonight also due to +opk and ff has not confirmed ov yet from my temps.!!!

AlmondFrangipani Mon 19-Nov-12 11:24:39

Hi All!

Can I join?? How are you Munchin (I remember you from other threads)??

A brief well not that brief intro from me. I had a mc in Aug/Sep at 7.5 weeks with #1. My cycles have been a bit weird since and not a wisp of a BFP since (despite targeted TTC!). My cycles have got shorter (25 days long) but with late ov (CD19 on average) so I have been consulting Dr Google and apparently that means I could have Luteal Phase Defect which basically means you cant sustain pg shock eeek! I went to the Doc and he basically dismissed me and said I am obviously fertile and as we have been only trying for 6 months then I would have to wait 1-2 years on the NHS for any help. So...I am taking matters in to my own hands and got some Vit B6 which I have been taking for a month and some Evening Primrose Oil to help my cycles. Fingers crossed it does something...currently on CD21 but no +opk's but estimated ov on CD18.

Anyone testing soon?

Sorry for the long intro (TTC just isnt simple is it!). Looking forward to getting to know you.

MunchinMango Mon 19-Nov-12 12:56:18

Hiya Almond your very welcome and yes we have chatted before on other threads. Really crap of doctor just to dis you like that. But I would agree if you are sure you are ov'ing so late then the lp is very short. But I've read that the b vits should help with that. On the epo be careful to stop taking it after you have ov'ed. (Not 100% sure but think I remember it can cause you to mc.) This ttc lark is defo hard work!!! Don't worry about no +opk as if you only test once a day you may have missed the surge. I'm still in the dtd season so not on 2ww yet.

mrsnec Mon 19-Nov-12 13:12:25

Hi All! Els glad you are ok. That sounds like my kind of weekend! I'm dying to see both those films at the moment although our local cinema has stopped advertising if they are showing dubbed or subtitled versions. You have to take pot luck when you get there. It'll be odd seeing Daniel Craig speaking Greek! Think we'll wait for downloads. I love the thought of Javier Bardem as the new baddie too! Feeling a bit better but bit down about the ttc thing at the moment. Feel like everyone is pg except me even when I open a mag some other celeb is flaunting a bump. I think it's birthday looming too. Really wanted to be pg before I hit 35. The pregnant couple in question are still in our face a bit. It's DH's DU and he wants DH to be more inolved and interested in their baby but we're both finding it hard at the moment. I think we are going to have to be honest with people. Anyway enough about me. Welcome Almond. I diagnosed myself with LPD too. I have been taking Bvits for 2 cycles and have got my luteal phase from about 9 to 13 days on my last cycle. I've read LPD sufferes can be oestrogen dominant too so I've got some progesterone cream to try for the first time this month. I'm going to start 2 days after ov. Munch that's great news on your ov! Hope this is our month!

elsabel Mon 19-Nov-12 22:49:51

Great news about your smiley faces Munch! I have fingers x for you this month! Sorry youre feeling so down mrs, i really hope you have some luck soon, its more frustrating than anything sometimes isnt it, especially when it feels like everyone else is pg and your relatives dont help either. Are you going to do anything nice for your birthday or try and avoid and forget it?!

Welcome Almond! I dont know much about LPD but youre doctor sounds very insensitive, I would try and see another one if I were you. It sounds like youre really taking matters into your own hands though and not giving up which is good. This thread is a nice one though and great for hand holding through the stressful ttc, im pregnant and still on here as it feels like home now!

MunchinMango Tue 20-Nov-12 16:47:48

Sorry that you are feeling down Mrs but I can totally appreciate why. It's hard to keep motivated and positive all the time. Of course your dh cousins news has hit yous both hard. Maybe try and say that yous keep doing the same for the rest of this year. Plan something nice for your birthday and Xmas. Then in the new year if not pg go and start investigations. For me we have decided to seriously try until next march and if no joy then we are calling time. I felt better just knowing we had a plan.

Els thanks for fx. No smiley this morning and we didn't dtd last night as both wrecked tired and 3 nights in a row too much to sustain!!! So I'll just keep temping and see what happens. How are you doing? Is your 12 week scan next week?

Any sign of Tas?? Or any of the other ladies?

Almond did you get any more info on luteal phase issue?

AlmondFrangipani Tue 20-Nov-12 22:08:33

Hi All,

Mrs that is positive to hear about the bvits! Fingers crossed it works for me this month! I am going to get some progesterone cream too. Sorry to hear about your family not being very sensitive. I dont know about you but I have been feeling more and more bitter (trying so hard not so show it to anyone's face) about friends getting pg. I am going to a primary school reunion at Christmas as pretty much everyone has 1 if not 2 kids. Feel like the odd one out..

Elsabel thanks for the welcome. I was a bit taken a back from the doctor tbh as he has been very supportive in the past. I think I will try my 'own way' until Feb and then go back if no luck. How many weeks are you?

Munch we're lucky if we manage 2 nights in a row so good work! Feel pretty armed with info on the LPD and have actually booked to see a reflexologist tomorrow evening. It is a lady my Mum was recommended at the dentist (?!) who specialises in fertility. She sounded lovely on the phone and said she can definitely help and straighten out my cycles. I really hope so...

Well I have been symptom spotting already at 4dpo (at my best guess). Had crampy feelings and slighly sore boobs. Trying not to get my hopes up too much. If my cycles are still short I will get AF this weekend so it could just be that...

elsabel Wed 21-Nov-12 14:52:49

Munch - that sounds like a good idea whatever you both need to stay sane as the whole ttc thing really is so stressful and exhausing. That is good going with dtd, my boyfriend isnt happy as ive been so paranoid since finding out im pg weve done nothing since!!

I have my 12 week scan on friday...eek very nervous and excited! I will be 12 weeks on saturday and then have a week off work i booked ages ago so am anxious for the weekend to arrive for lots of reasons!

Almond- i hope your cramps and sore boobs have a good meaning behind them...keep us up to date on whats going on!

mrsnec Thu 22-Nov-12 07:00:50

Hi All! Hope the scan goes well Els! Munch that film sounds great too and on the subject of ttc that's good going with the 3 nights in a row! Don't think we've ever managed that! But have now decided that pre seed will be the next thing to try even though I dismissed the idea before! FX for you Almond. I didn't go to docs with my LPD but from what I read online it does sound like it's something not all GPs have a great understanding of. Also I read that there are cases of healthy pregnancies in women with Lp of About 10 days! I'd feel better if I could get mine to 14 though. Not that I enjoy the 2WW! Very brave going to school reunion. I couldn't do that! Well not in my current state of mind anyway. I'm feeling a bit better about things. I think it all happened at once I know plenty of women have healthy babies into their 40's but I recently found out there is a history of birth defects in my family after this age, then the fact that this is cycle 24, the pg announcements and my b'day next month it was all a bit much. But we all know this is a bit of a rollercoaster! No plans for my b'day. Finances aren't great. Probably a good thing for it to be low key. Munch I agree it's great to have a plan. I'm trying to get DH to do that. Had a chat about it the other night after things weren't going that well in the bedroom department. He thinks it's a bad idea as we're 'over-thinking' everything too much already. I kind of agree I do feel under a lot of pressure. But I've lost track of my cycle days. I'll stop temping and I set a reminder so I know when to start the cream and we'll just dtd as much as poss until then and see what happens!

MunchinMango Thu 22-Nov-12 18:02:21

Els best of luck for tommorrow, wishing you a happy scan. Let us know how you get on.

Almond hopefully it's pg symptoms and not AF coming early again. But if it is you are armed with a plan to sort that lp out.

Mrs try not to panic you are only going 35!!! I had my dd at 36 and she was perfect. I on the other hand will be turning 41!!! Its totally understandable how everthing together woukd get you down. Maybe plan a night away in a nice hotel and dinner for your birthday. We didn't dtd successfully the third night as dh was at college and too wrecked. But I can defo say preseed done the trick for us. (Tmi alert- I was just too dry and I think that was what was causing us problems) my temps are rising so I suspect I may have ov'ed but my only worry is our two attempts may not have been close enough to ov. But hey we will try again next month. At least I am getting to try. !!!

tasjaSAmuminSA Fri 23-Nov-12 16:25:22

Hi ladies!
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Damn internet didn't work the times that I wanted to post!
A week ago DH lost his job!!! sad i don't know what we're going to do in the next few months. I really hope he gets a job fast! Luckily he got in at a clinic here to go and see a phsyciatrist. There's a waiting list for 6 months but luckily??? he was put on the urgency one so he will start therapy soon! It really scared me because I didn't think my DH really needed it. Just thought it was for the CCMA trial for the work. But seems it is a reality and I asked him about it today and he says there is a few things thats bothering him but he don't want me to stress.
the other shocking (and confusing) news is on Tuesday I started bleeding. Very lightly but after the MC I didn't want to take any chances so I phoned my gyno and told him and I went in straight away. Bless my principal-she gave me off immediately the whole day. He did a scan and we saw a heartbeat smile. it was soooo tiny - like a needle point. Does anyone know of a similar story? I thought that I only needed to hear the heartbeat and everything would be fine. And now this. I'm going for another scan on Tuesday and pray and believe that this one will stick

tasjaSAmuminSA Fri 23-Nov-12 16:30:42

Ag shit! I see I wiped part of my story!!!!!!
The bad news is that the sac is very small. The gyno said it worries him that the sac is small and the bleeding. I haven't ask questions (i was in shock - again) He gave me hormonal pills and said it will support the sac. I don't know if it will make it grow or what? Does anyone know of a story about this? i've been looking on the internet but can't find anything about someone who has a small sac and taking the hormonal pills.

mrsnec Fri 23-Nov-12 18:52:29

Hi Tas sorry to hear about the job. I hope he finds something soon and I hope everything works out for you. I'm sure you will be ok and he's doing the right thing going to get some help. I don't have any experience of what you're going through with this pg but I did have a quick look online out of curiosity. From what I read a lot of the time when a GP says this it turns out that the pregnancy isn't as far on as first thought. The hormones just support development. And you saw a heartbeat didn't you? Just hold on to that. It's great they are monitoring you so closely. Munch how's things? We had exactly the same problem the other night. It was the first time it has ever happened! Had to resort to some dodgy Ann Summers Massage oil we've not touched since before we got married! Had a massive word with myself about the age thing. I'm being silly am not exactly a pensioner! Almond and Els any news? Have a great weekend all!

elsabel Fri 23-Nov-12 20:12:52

Scan was amazing, i am 12 weeks and 5 days so a bit further along than i thought and he or she was moving around loads very active! Were so happy! Also my sister had her baby today she had a boy weighing a big 9lb 12oz! Pheeewww

Tas sorry youre having a bad time but i think its definatly a good sign you saw a heartbeat! And theye keeping a close eye on you so thats good and not long til tuesday xx

Have a good weekend everyone hope munch and mrs both dtd successfuly!

MunchinMango Mon 26-Nov-12 17:34:36

Hi ladies.

Tas omg lots have been happening with you. Sorry your dh lost his job and sorry he is feeling stressed etc. I'm sure job wasn't helping. Hopefully he gets help he needs now. Fx for your scan tomorrow. Hopefully it's as mrs has said your not as far on as thought.

Els fantastic news about your scan. It must be a huge relief. Hopefully you can start to enjoy this pg abit more now.
Congrats to your sister, wow that was a big baby.

Mrs how's it going. Well preseed is definitely great for that complaint and ttc friendly. I think it's the pressure of having to ttc as opposed to being spontaneous!!

Well I'm on cd 21 at mo and temps are all over the place, rising and falling like a yo yo. I've even got ff baffled.

Waves to almond, rachie and anyone else I've missed.

AlmondFrangipani Mon 26-Nov-12 18:02:09

Hi all,

How was everyone's weekend? We've been house hunting so good excuse to try out all the pubs we come across wink!

Els awww! Great news about the scan!! That is a relief isnt it. Ouch on your sister's baby. I just cant think that far ahead!!

Munch how long have you been temping? I tried it but mine were all over the place too so gave up.

Tas any news? Sorry to hear about all the crappiness your end.

So...still now AF. On CD28 which is my longest cycle for in 4 months (previously 25 days) which also means I have hit a 10 day Luteal Phase!! Yeah! I am hoping for a couple more days to be in the 'safe zone' or of course a BFP! I have taken about 10 tests (poas addict) but not a hint of a line and I have had cramps for about a week so not holding out too much hope. I dont know if the Vit B has helped or the reflexology session I had but either way I am a bit relieved. The reflexologist said I was all 'clear' and ready for a bun in the oven which is nice to hear. She knew some spooky stuff about me. I am not sure how much it actually works but it was very relaxing either way!!

hellokittydrivesmenuts Mon 26-Nov-12 21:36:41

I have been hunting my nearest and dearest ttc friends as been off the Internet for tooooooooo long! How are you all? What's news?i have missed months :-(
Well I am on day errrrrr 18 I think?!
Dp has his gp appointment Saturday to discuss help on the swimmers front :-)
Love to all xxx

MunchinMango Mon 26-Nov-12 22:09:26

Hiya HK , we wondered where you got to. Great to hear from you. Ah your only three days behind me. Hope dp appoint goes well.

Almond I'm only been temping for cycle and a half. When I look at my graph I wonder if I'm human lol!!! Maybe it's an anovulatory cycle I'm having sad well if a bfp is not to be or you this month at least your cycle is pushing out so that's a step in right direction. I try to see the positive and keep upbeat.

mrsnec Tue 27-Nov-12 07:39:27

Morning All!!

Where do I start! Els, really glad the scan went well. Hope you are ok. You can relax now! & congrats!

HK! Great to have you back! We're still here! You haven't missed much! Let us know how it goes with DP.

Almond, house hunting sounds fun! We put our UK house back on the market last week we've got a lot of competition in the sale and rental market. I think it's the same all over the place so you should get a bargain. Did you find anything? On the ttc front great news about your LP! I haven't tried reflexology but one of my friends is qualified in it and she's had a few pg succcess stories. I have another friend too who gets it regularly and she's been pg loads of times. I can't get my head round how it'd work and think it might be the old cliche about being relaxed!

Munch, does sound odd about your temps but you've had smileys this month. I'd say you'll still be in with a chance although I've consulted Dr Google on this and she said it's normal for most people to have one anovulatory cycly per year if that's the right word! I thought I understood my cycles now and I'd know if I've ov'd this month without sticks or temping by pain & ewcm & I haven't seen either so don't know what's going on with me either! I wasn't sure if I should still start the cream or not but maybe I should just in case.

No news here really. MIL is up to her usual tricks. She even managed to raise the subject of us ttc into a political debate we were having about EU immigration! DH just changed the subject. I wish he'd just tell her and get her to stop sticking her beak in. He wouldn't dtd that night. Or talk about it.

Anyway enough about that Tas & Rach, Any news?

hellokittydrivesmenuts Tue 27-Nov-12 13:35:19

Hi all, mrs mil :-( grrrrrrrr!!!
Munch yes we have almost synced :-)
Today went to music with the little man I look after in a Tuesday and everyone was pregnant bar a dad that went who looked pregnant lol!
It's raining and windy too so had to stay til end as would have been soaked!
Only 4 more sleeps til gp appointment.
Where is everyone with testing?

hellokittydrivesmenuts Tue 27-Nov-12 13:39:58

Tas- just saw your news congrats! My dd was exactly the same, I bled all the way through and she was small for dates was 5lb 4oz at term! Had to be scanned every week they prepared me for worst all the way through but is a very healthy 4 1/2 year old although has a reversed heart but been discharged from great Ormand street now :-) will send up prayers for a wonderful out come for you too!!! They did at one stage think she ws a twin???? Xx

MunchinMango Tue 27-Nov-12 16:45:37

Mrs your mil is at it again I see. I'd love to shake her and tell her to cop on and have some tact and sensitivity. Thanks for searching on dr google for me. What will be will be I suppose.

Hk, that was hard sitting in room full of pg ladies.

Well I'm on cd 22 here. My Xmas party is next week and don't know whether to test before or after it?? My work buddies are quite perceptive and would smell a rat if I wasn't drinking. (I realise this is all just wishfull thinking)

mrsnec Wed 28-Nov-12 06:23:40

Morning All!
Tas-you ok? HK- I didn't realise you'd been through so much with DD. Must have been terribly hard on you all. Glad she's ok now and hope your experience can give Tas some comfort. Know how you feel about everyone being pg at the moment.

Munch- Difficult one re works do! I'm still far to scared to test each month. I'd only do it if I was really late or felt really pg! I think you should wait and see how you feel on the day. Would you get away with making one or two drinks last all night? Anyway the usual FX goes without saying. On another note I was also consulting Dr Google for my own info too as I got the day 21 reminder that I set for myself yesterday which is the day I've ov'd for ages anyway now it's CD22 and I've not had ov pain or ewcm so I'm not sure I ov'd this month.

This was MIL's corker of a quote ' If you wan't to make the immigration process easier it's just another reason why you need to crack on with making a little Cypriot citizen of your own then you don't have to worry about the paperwork' Am now dreading Xmas day!

Almond- You tested yet?

Have a great day everyone!

AlmondFrangipani Wed 28-Nov-12 09:08:08


So I have been feeding my poas obsession (10 tests so far this month) and...I got a very faint BFP on a FRER this morning!!! Got some very mixed emotions between happiness and fear after my previous mc. Tried a CB Digital and it said 'Not Pregnant'. I am guessing it is too early to show up on that?? Would feel happier seeing 'Pregnant' in clear black and white!

mrsnec Wed 28-Nov-12 10:12:24

Almond congrats! Don't be scared! The only BFP I've ever had was V dark but I was about 6 weeks. Generaly the consensus on here is that a line is a line though! I know some docs say their tests are the same as commercial ones but due to MC might be worth calling them to see if you can get a blood test to check hormone levels. Or just keep poas till it's sunk in! Let us know how you get on!

MunchinMango Wed 28-Nov-12 10:43:30

Good morning and wow another bfp. Huge congrats almond. Like mrs said a line is a line. I'd test with your cb digi either tomorrow or next day with fmu as its the best time and also hcg will have increased. Good to know though that even after getting - tests it can turn +.

Mrs your mil is a ticket. I think I would have told her by now just to shut her up but then again sounds like she'd get right in meddling offering advice etc. Who needs ttc advice from their mil lol!!!! Re ov doesn't mean you haven't or maybe you will have a later ov. This month bar the +opk I have had no symptoms either and from past experience the +opk doesn't guarantee ov either.

hellokittydrivesmenuts Wed 28-Nov-12 20:59:06

Hi lovelies,
Mrs- was a pregnancy from hell but would do it 1000 over :-)
Your mil is really pushing her luck!
Munch - not too much longer for you to know!!!
Almond- yay yay yay a line is a line and you will keep getting stronger and stronger pos results!!!! Well done you!!
Tas- how's tricks?
Hello everyone else
Love xx

mrsnec Sat 01-Dec-12 15:33:09

Hi All! Any news? HK I would feel exactly the same. Have you been to docs with DP yet?

Munch when are you testing?

Just having a cosy afternoon in here. DH watching the rugby (trying to get be interested but failing!) I've been putting the tree up. On the ttc front. Am feeling strange. Tired, had dizzy spells yesterday, nausea and heartburn. 2nd day of the cream and am wondering if I'm getting the dose right. I've now read that a side effect of progesterone cream is early pregnancy symptoms as if I needed any more confusion. I don't want to stop using it though just in case. Hope you are all ok. Have a great weekend!

MunchinMango Sat 01-Dec-12 23:28:37

Hiya ladies.

How did the appoint with dp go HK? Hope you got good news.

Mrs and HK I'm cd 26 today. I've felt a lot of pressure today and no energy. But my temps tumbled yest and today which would suggest af on her way. I'd actually prefer see af than a bfn!!! But I am a poas aholic , so should I test tomorrow on cd 27?

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Mrs I refuse to put up decorations yet!!!!

MunchinMango Sat 01-Dec-12 23:30:32

Meant to say Mrs I don't know anything about the cream. Be careful though if its making you feel sick.

hellokittydrivesmenuts Sun 02-Dec-12 07:31:05

Mrs- never tried the cream so wouldn't know but sounds like the experience isn't wonderful but with all of us I think we would go to hell and back for a bfp.
Munch- not long now!!! Hmmmmm I love testing just in case but if you can wait try, but I would have done 5 by now :-)
Any symptoms which hint towards fab news? Tell all.
Well yesterday was our gp appointment, they advised although sperm count 'slightly' low not something they would feel is a huge issue but as we mc in feb , been trying 20 mths or so, and I am 32 we have been referred to fertility clinic and maybe on nhs as dp has no biological child yet, I'd we are declined its £5000 a shot :-( , the gp said that its a very lengthy process so am thinking 2 years???? Anyone know? In the meantime we are still going to ttc as who knows?
I am on day 24 of a spot on 28 day cycle xxx

mrsnec Sun 02-Dec-12 08:31:46

Morning! I know Munch. I went down this route as I thought it had a lower chance of messing up my cycles. Better today but not great. How are things with you?

HK at least you've got the info from the GP. I don't know much about fertility treatment. It scares me I think. I'd just decided I'd prefer not to go down that route but would as an absolute last resort. Here it's different from the UK. It can only be done privately but is half the price and there's no waiting. A lot of people go down that route straight away before any investigations etc. I know what I'm like when I get a bfn. If I got a failed round of IVF I'd be devestated and I worry about the pressure it would put on our relationship. Having said that, am always seeing on here the stories of couples that go through the tratment and then get their natural bfp at the last minute! That wasn't much help I know but I'd be tempted to give it a bit more time. DM told me it took 3 years to get me and she was 22 when she started trying.

Very early days here. If I ov'd when I think I usualy do then I'm only 6 DPO max! But there isa chance I didn't ov or it was earlier than normal. The symptoms I've had could be a surge. This would mean there was enough progesterone all along or I used too much. So probably the best thing to do if I ever get a bfp is to get bloods done straight away and insist on progesterone support if I need it. The problem is, if you start using it when you are pg then stop you can mc. But you stop when you have af anyway. So I think I'll just do one cycle! I don't really have any other symptoms except still no cramps at all. I'd normaly have had some by now. Thr cream can stop them but I'd noticed that before I started it. For once I am tempted to test before af is due. If it's bfn it's fine. I can put it down to testing too early. So, when is the absolute earliest you would test? Also fine with bfn as I notice a lot of people in this part of the world stop ttc at a certain time of the year to avoid giving birth in August cos everyone takes the month off and it's nearly 50 degrees. Having said that a bfp any time would be marvelous and probably the only birthday and xmas present I actualy want! Fx this is the month everyone!

mrsnec Sun 02-Dec-12 08:37:54

Munch re your earler post I'm not sure if Cd 27 is too early. For me if I was a poas addict it would depend on how many sticks I had in the bathroom cupboard! I've only got 1 left and I'm reluctant to buy more yet! If you've got loads do it! And we wouldn't normaly do decs this early but since DH was faffing about in the loft I thought we may as well do it!

MunchinMango Mon 03-Dec-12 11:19:44

Hi all.

Hk glad you got lots of positive news from your appoint. Yous are investigating ivf but medics haven't ruled out yous getting pg yourselves so keep ttc in meantime.

Mrs, wow you've done lots of research on cream, sounds like you know what your doing. So fx for you.

Looks like all three of us are in and around same cd. I'm cd 28 today. I was convinced on Friday sat as I had absolutely no energy that maybe it was a sign. So as I have about 25 ic in press I poas yest and bfn!!! But weird thing is my temps have shot up the last two days. I really think the cold weather , heating in house is not helping me get proper temp readings. So although my Lh surge was detected at cd12 I don't know if I actually did ov or not. So AF should be due in an ideal world this week but last cycle was 56 days!!! So on upside I can drink at Xmas party. But have to say I am fast running out of positivity!!!

What about yous any symptoms or any testing?

mrsnec Tue 04-Dec-12 08:26:45

Morning All! Munch there is still a chance isn't there? Sorry about bfn but you've still got some sticks to pee on. When's the work do? Do another before then? Hope you're off somewhere nice.

Yes did loads of research on my cream. Thought it only right if I must self diagnose and prescribe! Still having a few symptoms nearly fell asleep in my dinner last night I was that tired! Am also dizzy and forgetful and needing loo every 20 mins or so. Am off booze but that could be the usual trickery my body plays! Did have bad cramps and back ache last night so think I might be out and am a couple of days behind. CD 27 here I think. Feeling a bit bitter about all the pg announcements, not just the Royal one but this week an old schoolfriend (her 4th) my uni housemate (her 2nd) and a cousin have all announced. When's it going to be our turn.

MunchinMango Tue 04-Dec-12 14:01:39

Hiya mrs, I think I'm out as I got +hpt at cd26 on my dd. but hey I can poas tomorrow morn as I have loads it tests lol. Going for a meal in nice rest and then out on the town. Jeez your symptoms sound very like pg symptoms alright. Are you sure your not pg? Yes heard royal announcement yest and I'm delighted for them but stupidly it upset me too. That was rough in you with all your other friends announcements. Fx you are next.

How is everyone else- HK, Tas, Els, Almond, Rachie, lindzi ??

mrsnec Tue 04-Dec-12 14:26:27

I think there's still a chance for you Munch but try and enjoy the do and test again. It isn't over until you see AF!

I do feel it could go either way with me.Trying not to get hopes up. The tiredness,dizzyness and forgetfulness is very out of character & worrying if not pg! But I don't have metalic taste or any boob involvement so that leads me to believe it'd be bfn if I was to test. I only have one in stock and I'm tempted but missed FMU this morning. Also bit worried I'd waste it as I had errors on those 3 CB OPKs. The test I have isn't FRER but says It's sensitive so I could use it soon. I think I might pee in a pot then dip. Feel a bit wrong with the bitterness. It'll pass. My sympathetic friend who doesn't want kids said I hope Kate gets piles! To try and make me feel better! I sympathise with the suffering I'm just a bit envious of how nice things can happen so easily for some people!

hellokittydrivesmenuts Tue 04-Dec-12 19:44:13

Hi ladies,
It's nice we are all so close together! I have sad news x2
1) rejected for nhs ivf :-(
2) bfn 3 days early
I too felt a pang finding out the royals news, how silly? And wht don't they deserve such lovely news I just want it to be us!!!! Xxx

Bumpkinmunchkin Tue 04-Dec-12 20:48:24

HK really sorry to hear your double bang of bad news.

Mrs I poas again tonight and bfn again on cd29. So apart from not being pg this is obviously going to be another wtf cycle and perhaps I'm not Oving at all. I've got a head cold coming on to boot!!! So Xmas party drinks here I come!!!!

hellokittydrivesmenuts Wed 05-Dec-12 19:31:25

Munch sorry bout your bfn and the confusing cycle my love, when's your party? Mines Friday and the Sauvignon is with my name all over it :-)
Today we have booked private consultation at bourn hall for ivf! We are taking bull by the horns ! Am booked for open day on 5/1/13 to view hosp and meet the staff and 28/1/13 for consultation and partners sperm analysis again! We are having hep b/c and HIV blood tests on nhs luckily as would have been £120 each so saved some pennies, although I have them through work ! Will keep you updated on my cheats way out xx

Bumpkinmunchkin Wed 05-Dec-12 21:41:01

Thanks HK. Had a good cry to dh last night and feeling very emotional today over it all. But your right focus on Xmas party and enjoy. Mine is tomorrow night. Bravo for making your appoint and your not cheating at all. At least now you can relax and enjoy Xmas and know you have a plan in place.

How are you mrs?

hellokittydrivesmenuts Wed 05-Dec-12 21:49:45

It must have been the night for the low moods, it's uncontrollable hmmmmm? Due o. Tomorrow, another bfn today, but luckily have a plan for new year! Got to make sure eating healthy, no alcohol and all! Maybe you should put together a new year plan? Xx

mrsnec Thu 06-Dec-12 11:00:54

Hello All onwards and upwards then eh?

HK that is by no means a cheats way out and it's an idea I'm warming too. I now see anyone going down that route as somebody who is taking control. It's a bold and very positive step. Just keep us up to date with it all I was going to ask if the nhs offered any alternatives but you answered that question! FX anyway!
Munch sorry to hear you're feeling low. Must be something in the air. Huge meltdown here last night too. I did a test as I felt so rubbish. BFN. Or at least I think it was! I lost the instructions and couldn't find the manufacturer online. But it's one dark pink line nearest the 'c' side of the window. So DH has barely spoken to me in 3 days. Proper man strop! Turns out he's feeling neglected and thinks I spend too much time online. Anyway long story short I agreed to spend less time online, he's agreed we do need to dtd more but knows not to refuse my advances as me feeling rejected makes things worse! And he's agreed to go for tests if I'm not pg in 2 months. I think I'll extend that to 3 though as our little holiday in Feb is the only thing I have to look forward to at the moment and I don't want to spend it worrying.

Stopped the cream . Didn't think the extra hormones were helping my mood and since the BFN decided I can't be doing any damage.

Still feel ill. Think the flu came back cos I'm run down. Had a go at DH for being so tight with the heating. Think the cod isn't helping. I know it's bad in the UK but here we live in a non insulated concrete box with no carpets or curtains. It's single figures inside the house and it feels baltic!

So sorry for rambling post but that's our plan I think I might get away with trying a bit of pre seed though. Not ordered it yet as I noticed a slightly cheaper one with just as good reviews do you think it's worth a try or does it have to be pre-seed?

Might join you on the health kick. I know I've said that before but MIL has put on all the weight she lost on SW so I've decided to win brownie points by doing loads o SW dishes for Xmas day. They're tee total too (boring old sods) but it means I wont get tempted to over do it. Hope everyone else is ok.

Bumpkinmunchkin Thu 06-Dec-12 14:31:21

Ah mrs and hk sorry yous are feeling down also. But it's great to be able to come on here and talk to like minded people. As my friends in rl prob wouldn't understand at all. After all the bfns I just wish AF would start and we could try again.

Mrs sounds like you have made huge progress with dh and esp when he has agreed to go for tests if needed. That's half the battle having him on board. I'm glad you stopped the cream, didn't like sound of side effects. I think with the pre seed just make sure any other brand is sperm friendly. But it def helps us to seal the deal lol!!! I hear you on the cold spell. Single figure temps and no insulation ?? Some of our rads are not working properly do we have someone coming to look at them tomorrow. My other melt down was the extra weight I've gained since mc. It's not that I'm binge eating but not following a plan. So I get down about my clothes not fitting and I hate buying bigger sizes.

Hk how are you feeling today ? Get Xmas out of way and then start your healthier living. You sound like you have a good action plan. For me on other hand I'm sad as we have agreed to pack it in by march of next year so we are fast running out of time. Anyhow enjoy tomorrow night.

hellokittydrivesmenuts Thu 06-Dec-12 18:12:59

Hey guys- munch you know what will happen give up and you will fall Sod's law and all? Have a great night tonight honey, it's just pAnts this bfn part and being in limbo!
Mrs- sad you and dh came to blows but yay it cleared air and started a new lease of ttc life and also an action plan.
Know what you mean with cold we have snow on a s hook run but at least have a warm house when we get back! Hope you guys don't freeze. Think you may need a onsie ;-)
Bfn again today but no af ! Grrrrrrr my party tomorrow so will have a drink if not here but will go easy!!!
We can all do a health kick New Years res !!! X

tasjaSAmuminSA Mon 10-Dec-12 10:12:54

hi all, my internet cap was use up. went to gyno the 27th again and saw the heartbeat again. the sack was still on the small side but he said it looked better. stopped the hormone pills cause they only work up to 8weeks. started bleeding on thursday. same as last. not alot. stopped the evening. friday morning at school started again with cramps. phoned gyno. went in immediately. luckily dh was there. no heartbeat again. went in this morning for an evac again. the sac came out on saturday while i was in the shower. so they cant even look to see what the cause was! thIs time i just feel sort of angry. just want to get on with my life. fuck it!

mrsnec Mon 10-Dec-12 10:32:57

Just checking in and seen your post Tas I have no words I wouldn't know what to say without it being a cliche. Thinking of you though. Look after yourself xxno news here.

Bumpkinmunchkin Mon 10-Dec-12 15:44:33

Really sorry to hear your news Tas. As mrs has said there are no words of comfort really that anyone can say. All your hopes and dreams have been dashed again. Its pure crap that its happened again. Take care of yourself.

elsabel Thu 13-Dec-12 21:24:21

Just thought id check in and see how everyone is...tas i am so sorry your post brought tears to my eyes. Nothing i say will make you feel any better, just be kind to yourself.

Been browsing through the latest posts..sorry you ladies are feeling down, hope your all enjoying xmas parties. Big hugs to all xxx

Bumpkinmunchkin Thu 13-Dec-12 22:01:37

Hi els great to hear from you and all is well.

Yes unfortunately we are all feeling a bit low here and need good news.

Mrs I remember your birthday is sometime soon, so hope you have a good one.

HK how did the Xmas party go?

Tas hope you are being looked after.

Afm really enjoyed my Xmas party. Af still a no show and on cd 39 here. Gave up temping as i was getting too stressed about it. Been feeling really nauseas last couple of days with sore boobs and of course got my hopes up but got a bfn on an Ic. Couple that with our heating system is only working upstairs and we have to wait til Tuesday for new one to be installed!!!!

mandiecp Sat 15-Dec-12 02:38:46

Hi everyone, im new to the scene. Heres my story, sorry if its long... I've been with my husband for almost 9 years ( been married almost 5 yrs). We have a beautil 6yr old. Who is smart and a smarty pants. She is a mess. 7 months after giving birth. I got on the IUD mirena. After another 4ish years i had it removed. My hubby and i have been trying for 2 1\2 years to conceive another child with no luck. Im starting to worry if the mirena could have caused problems. And now on top of it all my sister has a beautiful 8 1\2 month old little boy, and she told me yesterday that she's prego again.. whil im happy for her and her husband. I'm very much saddened because of how long it is taking me. And on top of that my daughter has started asking for a sibling.. (she even asked santa to talk to god about putting a baby in my belly for christmas) HELP!!!! I dont know what to do.. I need advice..
Signed, saddened

elsabel Sun 16-Dec-12 17:12:43

Well sorry to hear about you bfn munch your body is either seriously playing games or its too early for a bfp..could youhave ovulated late in your cycle and its still too early to tell maybe? Thats rubbish about your heating! Ours was playing up a few weeks ago, our landlord eventually sent someone round only for the gasman to find the thermostat on the boiler needed turning up..oops we felt very silly! Hope your keeping wrapped up in blankets til tuesday!

Hi to anyone else xxx

elsabel Sun 16-Dec-12 17:20:46

Hi mandie, sorry i wasnt ignoring you i just posted that before i saw your post. Welcome to the thread! I am sorry i have not heard of a mirena so cannot really comment on that part right now but will google it so you dont have to go into it all. It must be hard with your sister, i can kind of relate, i miscarried in may and was 2 weeks behind my sister in our pregnancys so when i lost mine it was very difficult for both of us, she had a beautiful boy 3 weeks ago but luckily i am pregnant again which makes it easier (and i love my new nephew!).. but it is heartbreaking watching others have what you want so badly. Anyways...stick around here for hand holding everyone here is great and can offer support x

elsabel Sun 16-Dec-12 17:26:43

Just researched it and now feel a bit silly didnt realise its a form of contraception blush . Have you spoken to a doctor to get it checked out?

mrsnec Tue 18-Dec-12 06:19:26

Hi All and welcome Mandie. Not been here in a while. I ended up in hospital after I was feeling tested me for everything and think I had a mini stroke but don't know what caused it. I am on the mend but need to put ttc plans on hold for a bit. Which I'm gutted about. I had an ultrasound and they showed me my tubes and ovaries are healthy but then they showed me 2 massive fibroids or that's what thought he said and what I thought I saw on the screen. He said he was going to put a gynae refferral on my file.but when I asked my consultant he hadn't done it and she said she didn't see fibroids in the images so I'm confused. Anyone had fibroids. I don't know anything about it. I'm happy with the local hospital here now though and feel more relaxed about getting checked out now. But my meds can't be taken in pregnancy so have to wait till I'm off them to start again. In other news my folks came over to help DH look after me, I had a lovely scottish roomie in hospital which helped as foreign hospitals are very scary and we're going out with her and her family on saturday night for my birthday to my favourite Japanese restaurant in Ayia Napa. Sorry for long post xx

Bumpkinmunchkin Tue 18-Dec-12 22:04:15

Hi all, sorry I haven't been around much. I was celebrating my birthday last weekend. Also our heating packed in so had to organise all that. In ttc. Land no news and still no af. I've decided to forget about ttc til after new year.

Welcome maddie sorry your having a tough time ttc. It's hard watching others get pg and bless your dd praying for a sibling. I don't know about mirena but as els has said ask your gp??

Els glad all is well with you.

Mrs OMG!!!! That's sounds horrific, a stroke?? I really hope you are ok. Yes I remember you had been saying you were not feeling well and had put it down to that cream. Really glad your family came over. Take it easy and yes ttc can wait til you are fully better. But do check up on those possible fibroids when you are able to. I wish you a really happy birthday. Xxxx

HK how are you doing?

elsabel Sun 23-Dec-12 15:34:57

Oh no mrs thats awful poor you. I dont know anything about fibroids, sorry. I really hope you feel better soon and take care of yourself first, ttc when youre better. I hope you have a good bday.

Hope you had a good bday munch, good idea on having a a break from the ttc just concentrate on enjoying xmas with a few drinks!

Hi to anyone else whos looking in xxx

mrsnec Mon 24-Dec-12 07:42:27

Hey everyone! Well docs got diagnosis wrong. MRI showed I have post infectious Encephalitis. What happened was a malfunction with my immune system has sent the flu virus haywire in my brain. Been in and out of hospital for 2 weeks. Discharged yesterday after a few days on IV steroids. Back for physio on the 2nd then Nurologist on the 9th. Spoke to my consultant again about the fibroids. She said nothing came up on my later scans. None of the other docs did ever put the gynae referral on my file either. I know what I saw and I googled it. Didn't really look like fibroids. DM wondered if I saw womb lining coming away as I started AF shortly after 1st scan. The other bad news is that my weight issue is loads worse than I thought. Hospital put me on a regime. Delightful MIL still telling everyone I had a stroke cos of my weight and the fact that she thinks I'm bone idle. Doc told me no sugar over Xmas but managed to negotiate a couple of treats. 2 dark choc almonds per day and 1 glass of fizz on crigggy day. Hospital diet will be easy to stick to I'm just going to carry on eating like I was in there. I lost 2.5 KG. Whilst being pumped full of steroids, 3 meals a day and no excercise! I'm wondering if weight is fertility issue but will go to gynae anyway if nothing happens after weight comes down. Am not supposed to ttc on meds but don't want to go on contraceptive think we will just go natural with that. Sorry for doom and gloom. Just an update. Have a merry time one and all! X

elsabel Tue 01-Jan-13 16:55:13

Sorry youve been having such a hard time mrs, are you feeling any better now? Thats very unfair how you mil speaks about you that cant make it any easier. I really hope things look up for you soon and 2013 is a happy one.

Happy new year everyone!

How is everyone else? Hk, munch, mandie? Hope everyone is ok and enjoyed the xmas week! X

mrsnec Wed 02-Jan-13 10:06:39

Hi Els how's it going?, yes Happy New Year to you all too! I'm better now but still got a way to go. Am doing everything for myself again so I'm happy with my progress. MIL is still being a pain her and DM were actualy arguing over my Xmas dinner table over which diet I should be following! She wanted us to go to hers for NYD but I couldn't face it & used my illness as an excuse! Just want to get back to normal now and looking forward to hearing all your news.

Bumpkinmunchkin Wed 02-Jan-13 13:29:48

Happy new year ladies. Wishing yous all that this is the year your dreams come true.

Mrs, you have been put through the mill these last few weeks. So glad you are coming out the other side. Take everything one step at a time. Your mil is still in rare form I see!!! Well I most certainly will join you on the weight loss buzz as I put even more weight on over the crimbo!!! In ttc land just decided to forget about it all. Still no sign of AF and prob on cd60 now. Think I will have to go to doc at some point and investigate if I am starting menapause and sort it out once and for all.

Great to hear all is going well for you Els.

How is everyone else doing?

mrsnec Thu 03-Jan-13 07:30:03

Hi Munch. Yes I hope you're right about this year. It's very stressy here at the moment. We're also trying to sell our UK house again. It's fallen through 4 times before so both of us very edgy about it & a bit sad as I feel we're giving it away. But if it goes through we'll feel it's less of a burden. I'm not thinking of ttc really at the moment either but I want to keep in touch with everyone! On the positive side I'm quite motivated about the weight thing. I think the key is to not talk about it too much (apart from on here) as lots of people think they're experts! If you find something that works for you, you can stick to it. My doc said cut down on sugar over xmas. I had none of the usual stuff. DM made me a low sugar st clements trifle for Xmas day & I had 1 little tipple of a snowball but I didn't miss pies and cakes at all. Maybe we'll start ttc again when I'm off my meds which I think might be a month or so but I'm not sure if we're supposed to wait until I've shifted all the weight? Hope not! Don't really know what to say about your situation Munch. I suppose you'll only know what's going on once you get to docs but I really hope AF shows up soon and that there's another explaination. Hope eveyone else is ok.

rachie12 Sat 19-Jan-13 16:27:44

Hiya all, not very active on here! hope you had a nice christmas and new year :@) no news here still just plodding along hope everyone is ok and have had some good news to tell xx

mrsnec Mon 21-Jan-13 06:19:43

Hi Rachie yes v quiet here. And no good news from me. Hope everyone else is ok. Rachie I was really ill over xmas. Think my weight is causing my fertility issues so sorting that first before we start trying again so for me am all over diet and fitness threads at the moment and not conception ones but lovely to hear from you.

rachie12 Tue 26-Mar-13 14:55:18

Is anyone pregnant yet? smile x

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