Elderberry Pavlovas Unite - the over 30s TTC number 1

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Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Oct-12 22:06:37

Hi y'all, Welcome to our new meeting place :-) Let's refresh as usual -

Bunnygirlie - 32, married, TTC since June, due to OV this week according to app

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 07-Oct-12 22:28:13

That was early to start a new one!
I'm here smile
Lolcbcb married, 38, ttc since July after mc. Due to ov at some point this week. Bfp due 25ish oct

paah Sun 07-Oct-12 22:41:41

Me please. Been lurking a while and trying to figure out what the hell everyone is on about! 35, stopped the pill last year thought it would just happen by magic, actively trying since June. Messed up cycle between 23 and 30 days so bought ov kit online and will start using it next cycle which could be any time next week.

janey1234 Sun 07-Oct-12 22:44:13

Hello again all!

Janey - 37, third cycle of ttc

Welcome to newbies smile

winkle2 Sun 07-Oct-12 23:08:09

Can I join?

Winkle, 33, TTC 1, been trying since August 2011, BFP due 17 Oct

HazleNutt Mon 08-Oct-12 06:09:00

HazleNutt, 34 now, (yikes), trying since July, but chemical last month, so cycle all messed up and no idea when BFP due.

bingeddybongo Mon 08-Oct-12 06:31:52

Morning all! grin

bing, 33, trying since last month and thought I was due yesterday at the latest (day 31) but have only had BFNs and despite some very convincing symptoms (am I allowed to bang on about my nipples and the burning feeling again?!) I have a feeling AF is about to appear. Hmph.

HazleNutt Mon 08-Oct-12 08:40:27

I'm massively symptom spotting. Back hurts - but that's probably because I've been lazy and not been to gym for 2 weeks. Boobs sore - well most likely because I've gained a bit weight and bras are too tight.

I have, obviously, been POASing on the internet cheapo tests (who was I kidding when I claimed that I'll wait til next Sunday) and they've all been a BFN, but as said, no idea about when the AF will be due anyway..

janiewoozle Mon 08-Oct-12 09:17:11

Hi girls, I'm new here too, janie, 32, just had a mc last week (at 7wks) after TTC for a few months. Have 50 day cycles so v irregular, just waiting to see when AF will arrive after this tough time but used ovulation tests sticks last time and they worked!

janey1234 Mon 08-Oct-12 11:00:25

Hey janie and welcome! So sorry about your mc, really am. Will probably take you a short while to settle down (I had one last year at 12 weeks) but hopefully you'll be back to 'normal' in no time - and at least you now know everything 'works' and when you need to do it...

Why has time slowed down so much since beginning TTC? Is ridiculous - always seem to be waiting for something or other...

Pipbin Mon 08-Oct-12 12:31:59

Hello, a new thread already!

I'm 37 and have been TTCing since May 2011. I'm on the Clearblue CBFM trial and in my 3rd cycle of doing that.
I'm also under the hospital and have my next appointment at the end of the month where I should get put on clomid.

Lolcbcblemonlime Mon 08-Oct-12 13:15:21

Hi to newbies and hi winkle grin
Loads of cm today. Think epo finally working! Does anyone else take it?

Pipbin Mon 08-Oct-12 14:20:38

I have been, but then I have always had lots of CM so I can't say if it's that or not.

janey1234 Mon 08-Oct-12 15:01:41

Acronyms confusing me again - what is EPO? Am I supposed to be taking it too? What on earth is it?!

Pipbin Mon 08-Oct-12 15:21:00

EPO is evening primrose oil.
My many months or TTCing have lead me to believe that us desperate TTCers are likely to take anything that might do the trick. All it takes is for someone to say that the month they got their BFP that they had taken something or their DH had taken something or they had DTD on the landing under the full moon or whatever and we will all jump at it.

My DH works in IT and in IT there is a phrase 'rubber chicken waving'. It's when you do everything exactly the same as before except you wave a rubber chicken in the air. You know it makes no damn difference, but for some reason it works. I do think all the supplements are rather like this.

However, none of it stops me taking them.
I am going to start thinking about waving a rubber chicken now. It only needs to be a virtual rubber chicken.

winkle2 Mon 08-Oct-12 15:37:15

Pip - I totally agree with you.

Do you want to know all the things I've tried since I started TTC last year:

folic acid
santagon mum to be
pregnacare conception
grapefruit juice to increase cm
epo to increase cm
smep plan
every other day plan
only dtd when ovulating
not trying
going on holiday
organic food
eating nuts and seeds every day
and this month I took soy isoflavonos.

I'm willing to try ANYTHING to get pregnant sad

That's a sad list isnt it sad

Pipbin Mon 08-Oct-12 15:49:04

I have tried most of the above and manuka honey, DTD and then going to sleep straight after without getting up for a wee or a wash first, dieting.

Honestly, it's a wonder any woman has conceived in past without all these things, let alone all the women who get knocked up by accident.

winkle2 Mon 08-Oct-12 16:56:21

I know you are probably sick of saying it but what tests, etc, have you had done and what was the outcome?

I've had the pelvic scan which came back clear.
Bloods taken which are fine, apart from low red blood cell count but that shouldn't be an issue.

OH has had SA and his morphology came back at 1% - everything else above average. The docs said that it should affect fertility.

I looked at manuka honey in sainsburys yesterday <wan smile>

Lolcbcblemonlime Mon 08-Oct-12 18:36:32

Today I was explaining my 25 year old friend that the sperm lives 5 days and the whole cycle thing and she went into a panic and said- Blimey it looks well easy to get pregnant!!!
I had to laugh at her fear. The poor girl got pg while on the pill at 21, didn't realise as continued to bleed, then suffered an attack outside a club and had to deliver a stillborn at 23 weeks. At least now she is confident it will be an easy trick when she does want it. Bless!

yorkiebilb Mon 08-Oct-12 20:50:45

Hello all, I'm loving the over 30's thread! I'm 34 and in my second month of trying. BFP due 3rd Nov.

My 25 year old friend recommended this site. I chatted to her this weekend about ttc and said I've just got to be patient as it takes a while ttc - this was just before she told me that she fell pregnant the first month of trying! ha ha!

winkle2 Mon 08-Oct-12 21:09:08

I'm so sick of hearing about people getting pregnant first try grrrrrrr

Pipbin Mon 08-Oct-12 21:23:26

Winkle I've had all the tests and scans.
DH has had a couple of SAs. One of which had the highest results the Doctor had ever seen. This resulted him in carrying on like he was Billy-Big-Bollocks.
I have had day 21 and 5 bloods, lots of scans because of suspected cervical cancer, I recently had a HCG which showed that I had one blocked tube which was unblocked by the HSG and one that they couldn't get any dye into either because it is blocked or was spasming.

So I may have had either one or no working tubes. Right now I have at least one. I go back to the clinic in a few weeks and get clomid. I am determined to get pg this cycle so I don't have to.
However I have been very ill the last couple of days and my last cycle was a week shorter than all my others have been so I'm not sure when I was going to ov.
I am using the CBFM but it hasn't asked for any sticks yet.

Pipbin Mon 08-Oct-12 21:28:51

I hear you Winkle two very dear friends have both had babies int he last 12 months, one within 2 months of trying, and one when she had come off the pill to get ready to TTC and got pg by happy accident.

I think the problem is that we are all told at school, and for good reason, that you can get pregnant by just thinking about sex. Turns out its much harder.
I remember that a much younger woman in the staffroom said how easy it was to get pregnant, she is 18 and doesn't have a clue, and about 4 of us looked up and said 'no it bloody isn't'.

happylass Mon 08-Oct-12 21:54:47

Hello again all and welcome to the newbies. I'm 34 and on 1st proper cycle of TTC. BFP due around 19th Oct so just in to the 2ww. Am well aware this could be a long process but can add my DP to the list of people who thinks its a breeze to get pregnant. Until we started TTC (and I put him straight) he honestly thought you could get pregnant any time if the month. He asked me if I thought I was pregnant about 12 hours after I took my last pill. Honestly! confused

winkle2 Mon 08-Oct-12 22:17:41

Pip - it should be your time soon, you deserve it.

yorkiebilb Mon 08-Oct-12 22:40:05

Ha ha happylass similar to my other half. He's 38 and thought that a woman grew an egg each month which was the size of a hen's egg!!! He was shocked when I explained that women were born with all their eggs and asked how they could all stay in there considering how big they were!! I asked him if he was asleep during his biology lessons at school! grin

Pipbin Mon 08-Oct-12 23:44:55

And you too Winkle. It has to be our turn soon. My thinking is that I can't get pg until the New John Lewis here is finished for me to buy baby things in.
It'll all work out in the end.

winkle2 Tue 09-Oct-12 00:03:54

Can I add 'read 50 Shades of Grey' to that list too? Was hoping to be part of that baby boom!!

Lolcbcblemonlime Tue 09-Oct-12 00:08:58

Mm I read all 3 of the 50 shades but didn't get particularly horny with them!
Winkle do u take epo as well as that agnus thingy one?!

Pipbin Tue 09-Oct-12 07:47:27

Oh and I forgot sperm friendly lube, even though I don't use lube normally.

HazleNutt Tue 09-Oct-12 08:20:07

Morning all, any POASing today?

Could not read 50 shades, gave up half way through as I was ready to strangle someone next time she said "Oh my" or "holy crap". Does anybody actually talk like this? If you need to get in the mood, try literotica.com, something for everybody.

grin at the hen's egg. And what did he think we do with them later?
My DH asked me if I'm pregnant the next morning as well. Got him a "Pregnancy for Men" book that he has now been reading with great interest.

It is surprising that people sometimes know so little about biology - sure, if you're just starting, then relaxing, having regular sex and seeing what happens is probably a good idea. But was talking to a couple who has been TTc for 2 years and they had no idea about the cycle, had not researched anything, just thought that you have to have sex on day 14 confused. Surely you would after a year or so at least give it a quick google and check out some tips to conceive?

winkle2 Tue 09-Oct-12 08:55:21

Oh yes I tried the special lube too! Wonder how much money I have spent on TTC?! Must be hundreds.

Lol - I took epo and that month I had a weird 43 day cycle so I stopped taking then. What do Agnes thingies do - should I be adding them to the shopping list?

Hazle - I had no idea about cycles etc I thought you just dtd a few times without contraception and you got preg. How wrong was I.

Quodlibet Tue 09-Oct-12 09:18:05

Hello all

Well DP's work trip has been shortened so I don't have to go to Belgium any more, otherwise I would surely win the 'how far have you gone/£££ in the name of TTC' competition with my planned trip just to get some fertile-time shagging in?

(New folks - my DP works away a lot and this month we actually got as far as planning that I would join him in Belgium for 48 hours).

janey1234 Tue 09-Oct-12 09:27:38

That's good news quod - I would have 'popped' over too in your situation, obv, but really, who can be arsed... At least this way you can DTD without involving getting on a plane!

Yes, also tried the special lube, even though we don't usually use one. The lengths we go to hey!

Rache1S Tue 09-Oct-12 10:50:33

Hi Everyone! waves

Rach, 34 (OMG how did that happen?!), TTC cycle 2, AF due 18/19th Oct.

Well I thought pre-OV dragged but this 2WW is going majorly slow! I have been having mildish abdominal twinges for the last few days but I suspect this is caused by me obsessively thinking about it 24/7 rather than the creation of new life. confused I also have cold-like symptoms and no matter how much I eat my stomach keeps on gurgling. No PMS yet though which I would expect to show up any time now so if by the weekend I have a desire to murder DH for no reason whatsoever I will be confident that AF is on the way confused

Can I just say how pleased I am that there is no mention of cuckoo babydust on these threads (apart from me just mentioning it there!) When I've browsed elsewhere and all the ladies on there are wishing each other babydust I assume that these are the type of women who have a car sticker saying their car is powered by fairy dust and have eyelashes on the front headlights.

HazleNutt Tue 09-Oct-12 11:06:20

Rach, happy birthday and I would happily use the sentence "we're too old for that" when the b-word is mentioned. I promise never to put a "princess on board" sticker on my car either.

janey1234 Tue 09-Oct-12 11:23:10

rache am with you. Babydust? <boak> I was going to reply saying that as well as having eyelashes on the front of the car I'm sure they have those utterly ridiculous signs notices about who's in the car in their back windscreen - but hazle you beat me to it. FWIW I'm not going to drive more carefully than I would do just because you've put some bit of laminated plastic from Clinton's Cards in your back windscreen....

HazleNutt Tue 09-Oct-12 11:29:58

At least in this area, almost all cars have the stick figure signs with kids names, like this:

When DH still had his fancy 2-seater sports car, I was considering this:

this might now change, of course, if that TTC activity works out.

Rache1S Tue 09-Oct-12 11:44:04

HazleNutt I have never seen one of those! They are hilarious (the 1st one for all the wrong reasons!)

Lolcbcblemonlime Tue 09-Oct-12 12:24:41

Winkle it's called agnus castus and its meant to increase fertility and regulate hormones!!! Has anyone heard about it?

Quodlibet Tue 09-Oct-12 13:36:51

Lolcbc I have heard some negative stuff about Agnus Cactus - apparently it's very strong and can throw your cycle totally out of whack. Do a search on these boards, proceed with extreme caution would seem to be the general consensus.

Quodlibet Tue 09-Oct-12 13:38:45

PS I am always picturing Agyness Deyn in my head when thinking about Agnus Cactus. Maybe she drinks Elderberry Pavlovas?

frantastic1 Tue 09-Oct-12 14:20:00

I got a new job (great news).. but they are still advertising my old job so having to do TWO job (bad news and shattered).. so the upshot is I pretty much missed all the last thread!!!
Anyway I'm Frantastic, 34, TTC cycle 3 AF due 13 Oct.
to be perfectly honest, i've been a bit lax in this department due to new job.
however we did DTD during my last OV dates but my sister was shouting at me for not doing it more. She's just had her 20 week scan and is desperate for us to be on Mat Leave together.
So over the past few days my emotions had been shot! I can read anything about April Jones- ball like a baby!, and on Sunday night I found out Dh's parents wouldn't be coming for Christmas day.. not that big a deal really but I was crying, had a row with DH and went to bed not speaking!!
So today.. 4 days before i'm due I get spotting.. NEVER have this before in my life! I'm (trying) not to get too excited about thinking it could just be early....

hello to all the newbies and good luck for the next cycle ladies xx
PS LOVE the over 30 thing!

HazleNutt Tue 09-Oct-12 15:21:26

Now I'm not just imagining it any more. Boobs are definitely sore. Painful, actually. But I did POA internet cheapo stick, a supposed really sensitive one and it was a BFN, not even a hint of a line. Odd.

janey1234 Tue 09-Oct-12 16:35:23

Oh hazle I'm really hoping it is something... It's just so frustrating waiting. When did you say AF/BFP is due? It could just be hormones are too low at the moment?

HazleNutt Tue 09-Oct-12 17:38:15

Thanks janey and the trouble is that I have no idea, it's been now 26 days since the chemical last month. So even assuming the cycle got back to normal immediately (unlikely), it would probably be too early to test indeed, I'm usually 30-33. But the "too early to test" has never held us back from POASing, has it? grin

Pipbin Tue 09-Oct-12 18:17:52

Well the CBFM gave me a high this morning and well done to DH who DTD last night despite it being 12.30 by the time we got to bed!

winkle2 Tue 09-Oct-12 18:21:52

Well done Jane in new job.

Pip - do you dtd after monitor peaks or do you stop for that month?

winkle2 Tue 09-Oct-12 18:27:53

Sore boobs sound good Hazle! Mine are too.

Lolcbcblemonlime Tue 09-Oct-12 19:05:40

Well I didn't DTD last night as we ended up having a huge stupid row.
Had ov pain today and positive opk so hoping we manage to get in the mood tonight. Feel quite upset about oct. don't think it's our month.

winkle2 Tue 09-Oct-12 19:45:15

aw lol any way you can make it up with him tonight?

Lolcbcblemonlime Tue 09-Oct-12 20:26:00

Well we are half way through a bottle of wine and I am pretending to be happy. Like u said having to forget about winning argument. He is still grumpy so lets see.

paah Tue 09-Oct-12 22:10:00

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well.

AF is due in the next few days for me and having PO3Ss already its looking like its not my month. I hate to think what waiting 9 months is like as every cycle feels at least that long atm!

Pipbin Tue 09-Oct-12 22:32:32

Well Winkle, our plan this cycle was to DTD EOD, or at least as much as we could stand.
I'm not temping this month and I'm reluctant to rely on it too much as the first month I used it it gave me a peak a week early.
I figure I'm just going to go for the tried and tested, EOD from the end of one period to the start of the next.
But then I got ill and it's rather scuppered it.

winkle2 Wed 10-Oct-12 08:57:01

It's hard to keep it up all month! I tried that method a couple of months ago.

I haven't dtd since the second peak on the monitor least thurs! EWCM dried up plus my hubs feeling down about it all which isn't conducive to dtd!

HazleNutt Wed 10-Oct-12 09:56:44

Morning all, and what else is happening in your life, Elderberries? You know, shouldnt' obsess, just relax and don't worry about it and it will happen, as some people who have no effing idea tell us.

I have finally signed up for French classes. Beginner ones. And they send me an email that sorry, beginner ones are cancelled, instead please come to beginner-intermediate class, it will be modified, no problem! Considering that I don't speak French then I'd say yes, problem. But will go check it out this evening.

Rache1S Wed 10-Oct-12 11:07:17

My TTC distraction is a 12 week old puppy who is currently running me ragged! I still seem to be finding time to obsess though confused

HazleNutt Wed 10-Oct-12 11:21:11

oooh puppy! What kind? I have two, photo on the profile. But they're 2 years old, no trouble any more.

janey1234 Wed 10-Oct-12 11:40:06

Oh, I WANT a puppy! Absolutely not practical with the hours we both work at the moment though, damn it. Please put a photo on your profile rache, hazle your dogs are gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Nothing is distracting me really. Went away with my two closest friends, and their DH's at the weekend, and one of them is just pg smile and the other ttc like us, so talked about it all more than ever! It was just lovely but certainly not a distraction!

Quodlibet Wed 10-Oct-12 11:53:26

I WANT A DOG SO BADLY! Hazle yours are lovely. Am also jealous of your gorgeous house.

We can't have a dog in this flat as it's a rental with no garden. We are looking to buy a place though - that's my alternative-to-ttc obsession at the moment. Currently it feels like everything - house, baby, dog - is something that I am waiting for that will happen at some indeterminate point in the future.

Annoyingly it looks like I might OV earlier than expected this month - getting faint lines on an OPK - so DP might be too late by the time he arrives back on Friday. Agghhhhhh!

HazleNutt Wed 10-Oct-12 11:58:15

Thanks smile
I also have 3 cats, it's a bit of a zoo.
We're renovating the kitchen at the moment too, certainly a distraction. But it will be nice open-plan now, so DH can cook and keep an eye on the future DC at the same time.

winkle2 Wed 10-Oct-12 11:58:20

Other things going on in my life are I'm looking for a new job! Been in this job 2 years too long and the mat pay is crap.

janey1234 Wed 10-Oct-12 12:30:51

Oh winkle I've had the whole job dilemma too. Mine is getting boring now (but relatively stress free and is a very nice salary) and I'm usually so ambitious and driven but feel I have to endure it. I was approached about a massive job at a rival company a few weeks ago, had a first interview and they loved me (had insider feedback!) & asked me back to meet with the MD but then decided to be totally honest and say I didn't want to continue the application as I was considering ttc - even if it takes me ages, was a job I'd need to be in for a year or two to do a decent job and would feel bad if I started and then got pg and left them for months. I'm so square! Was definitely the right choice, but is a teensy bit gutting - and if I don't get pg in the next 6-12 months I will be totally kicking myself for not going for it... But what can you do....

So instead I'm just planning holidays galore - Dubai in Nov, Thailand in Dec, then taking DP away for a surprise 30th in Feb to New York - will be freezing!

janey1234 Wed 10-Oct-12 12:34:03

Hazle is your house pink? Totally jealous of that. And bon chance with the French class!

HazleNutt Wed 10-Oct-12 12:45:04

Oh yes, it's very pink.

So where in Thailand are you going, checked out Koh Lipe? I just bought tickets for a shopping weekend in London ...now just need to lose a dress size..

janey1234 Wed 10-Oct-12 15:37:39

Well we've decided to have a couple of nights in Bangkok, then a couple in Chaing Mai, then Chaing Rai, then we're going to fly to Phuket (and leave immediately after) - think we're going to Koh Yao Noi for a couple of nights and then (we're worried we'll be scared of travelling around by then!) seven lazy nights in Krabi. We may leave our hotel for a night or two on different islands once we're there, but got a really good deal through a friend on a hotel in Krabi (less than half price) so it won't matter if we are away from the hotel for a night or two. But I just kept thinking that IF I was pg I might be knackered and grateful for some lazy time... Then back up to Bangkok and land at 6am on Christmas eve. Lovely. Koh Lipe looks amazing though - next time?!

Also need to lose a dress size by the end of November. Easy?!

winkle2 Wed 10-Oct-12 17:27:51

I've been wanting to leave for about 2 years so I'm just going for if now. What will be will be.

Lolcbcblemonlime Wed 10-Oct-12 18:23:19

I would love a puppy but not practical.
Currently entertaining myself with planning holidays. Iceland soon and Cuba in January.
I also do Ballroom dancing and have a bronze medal exam in December which is taking a lot of my time and attention!!! Good fun though.
Managed to DTD after previous fight last night. Not too hopeful this month...

Bunnygirlie Wed 10-Oct-12 19:09:19

Hey ladies, how are we all today? My apps say ov at the mo so it's DTD week :-s currently on my back trying to write this LOL
I was going to start using some ov tests but hubby jumped on me when I got home and I can hardly say no I have to pee in a pot first can I?!?
Chatting to 2 girls at work today in their early 20s going on about wanting babies at 25 and I wanted to shout - what if you aren't settled at 25, what if you don't meet the one till late 20s, it might not happen straight away etc... How naive we all are at that age.

Rache1S Wed 10-Oct-12 20:56:00

Our Pup is a Labrador Labradoodle cross and he is a right little cutie. smile I will get a photo on as soon as I work out how! confused HazleNutt your dogs are gorgeous! They mush have been a bit of a handful when they were pups though, I'm worn out with just one!

Winkle My employer also pays crap maternity pay. In fact it pays zero maternity pay above what is required by law. I am an above-average earner so I will take a hefty financial hit when I go on maternity. It really pisses me off when I think about all the tax I have paid in over my 18 year working life and i've never claimed a single penny in benefits angry

winkle2 Wed 10-Oct-12 21:07:11

My sister had a little girl today! So pleased for her but a reminder if I'd got pregnant when we started really going for TTC in jan, it'd me sad she started TTC at the beginning of the year and got pregnant first time.

Pipbin Wed 10-Oct-12 21:19:36

I feel your pain Winkle. We were already about 6 months into trying when a friend announced her pregnancy. Pictures of her and now 3 month old all over facebook, along with another friend with his week old, and another two three with their number two bumps; oh and a woman at work. All conceived while I've been TTCing, any one of them could have been me.
Fed up of it now.

winkle2 Wed 10-Oct-12 21:30:45

I keep looking at the pics of the baby and thinking I wish it was me.

HazleNutt Wed 10-Oct-12 21:45:45

aww Rach yours must look amazingly cute. Yes ours were a bit of a handful as well, but it's actually easier with 2, they play with each other and don't destroy things due to boredom. Took some training but they are very well behaved now.

I understand how you feel winkle but congratulations, auntie! And think about all the money you save as your soon to be appearing DC can get all your niece's stuff!

Maternity pay in my case - well the good news is that it's 100% of the salary. Bad news - the leave is only 3 months. Three months! Bloody ridiculous, but I'm the man earner and will actually have to go back. Luckily DH can stay at home. (honestly he'll make a lot better SAHP than me anyway).

No change here otherwise, boobs sore, lower back hurts, tests negative - before you ask, yes, too early to test anyway.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 11-Oct-12 01:47:13

Marking my place! Haven't checked MN for a bit and here we are with a spanking new thread! Will scroll and read through..
CBFM shows high at the moment but i believe that's because it's cycle 1 on the machine - it's CD 8 or 9 of a 40 day cycle so no chance of it actually being high right now smile

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 11-Oct-12 07:37:50

janey1234 re the job thing- that happened to me too!! Such a shame a I would have had a decent pay increase. I didn't tell them the real reason ie TTC plans.
Re the pet thing- I have a dog too, and I am SO waiting to have my dog and my kid if i ever have one to bond. I'd love for both of them to enjoy the other.

HazleNutt Thu 11-Oct-12 08:11:22

Morning all. I have this funny feeling that AF might be making her appearance soon..hoping I'm wrong of course, should see in the next couple of days.

Regarding work, my current company actually asked me during the interview (3 years ago) if I'm planning to have kids. Of course we all know they should not do that but they still did - I was 30 and re-locating to move in with my now DH, so I understand the concern. I told them honestly that yes, not immediately but in the near future, but I would return after the maternity leave. They hired me.

winkle2 Thu 11-Oct-12 08:47:52

Wow I'm surprised at that hazle!

HazleNutt Thu 11-Oct-12 09:16:29

that they asked or that they still hired me?

HazleNutt Thu 11-Oct-12 12:43:41


So I've been using the internet cheapo sticks, did one this morning, also yesterday. BFN. Not even a hint of a line, nothing.

Went home for lunch to let the dogs out and thought that no, this is funny, but I feel pregnant. So did a Clearblue Digital.

Pregnant 1-2 weeks grin Not getting too excited as I had the same last month, but it didn't stick. So let's see how this one goes.

Lesson here - don't trust cheapo tests even if they claim to be really sensitive.

winkle2 Thu 11-Oct-12 13:12:07

OMG congrats!!!!!!!

winkle2 Thu 11-Oct-12 13:21:47

and to add - surprised at both but it doesnt matter now hey!?

janiewoozle Thu 11-Oct-12 13:36:53

hazel that's that's brilliant news! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you
x x x

janey1234 Thu 11-Oct-12 14:10:16

Hazle - AMAZING NEWS, am SO PLEASED for you
Got absolutely everything crossed for you grin)

HazleNutt Thu 11-Oct-12 14:30:57

thank you all, won't be leaving this thread though, need to see other BFPs too!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 11-Oct-12 14:39:10

Congrats hazle - brilliant news! Fingers crossed for the next few weeks.

janey1234 Thu 11-Oct-12 15:29:53

Glad you're sticking around hazle - maybe one day we'll be able to start our own count down to pregnancy thread
<nothing wrong with wishful thinking>

janey1234 Thu 11-Oct-12 15:30:07

I mean countdown to giving birth sorry!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 11-Oct-12 15:48:55

Just out of curiosity- where are you all? I'm in London.

janey1234 Thu 11-Oct-12 15:51:46

I'm in London too zombies. Work in West, live in East... We know that hazle is in a pink house in France. Beyond that, I don't think I've any idea where anyone is!

HazleNutt Thu 11-Oct-12 16:21:55

I work in Switzerland, live in France (Alsace).

happylass Thu 11-Oct-12 17:00:35

I'm in South Wales, anyone nearby?
Woohoo Hazle that's fantastic news grin

yorkiebilb Thu 11-Oct-12 17:23:34

Fantastic news Hazel woo hoo!

I live London too! Work central live east

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Thu 11-Oct-12 17:49:01

Me too work west, live east.
There's a trend here smile

Rache1S Thu 11-Oct-12 18:04:11

I am going to break this southern/foreign trend and reveal that I live and work in the north west, south of Manchester.

HazleNutt that is absolutely fantastic news, you must be thrilled?!!

Lolcbcblemonlime Thu 11-Oct-12 18:05:33

Huge congrats hazel! That is fab news!
I live in NW London (kind of Middlesex really) and work 5 min from home. Very lucky. Worked I various branches in the past, most in central London.

winkle2 Thu 11-Oct-12 18:34:54

I'm a Londoner too

janiewoozle Thu 11-Oct-12 18:48:52

ooh I'm in Belfast - but really I'd like to live in France...a pink house sounds v nice smile x

Pipbin Thu 11-Oct-12 21:38:05

Congrats Hazle interesting that the CBD picked it up before the cheapo did. I thought they were hard to convince.
I got asked the same by my boss, again I know they shouldn't but this was when he was deciding whether to give me a permanent contract or not.

I live and work in Suffolk.

Rache1S Thu 11-Oct-12 23:08:08

Puppy photos should be on my profile smile I'm a week away from POAS and have zero symptoms so he's the only baby in my life at the moment smile

Bunnygirlie Thu 11-Oct-12 23:09:03

Evening all from a soggy Gloucestershire!

Congrats Hazle, hope that's where we are all heading :-)

What are my fellow elderberries up to this weekend then?

Pipbin Thu 11-Oct-12 23:14:24

We are doing nothing. We are trying to sell our house so the last couple of weeks we have had people coming to view on the weekend so we have had to keep everything super clean and tidy.
Then last Saturday night I came down with a sickness bug and was ill all night and all Sunday.
So this weekend we are doing nothing. Not being clean, not showing people our house, just slobbing out.

Quodlibet Fri 12-Oct-12 00:23:15

Congrats Hazle, fantastic news!

I have got a borrowed dog for the weekend - she is asleep on the end of my bed now. She is a friend's whippet who I dogsblog sometimes, very sweet.

I am London too - wow loads of us.

Quodlibet Fri 12-Oct-12 00:23:39

Dogsblog!? Dogsit!

HazleNutt Fri 12-Oct-12 06:35:27

Morning all and thanks! Have to say that due to last month, DH and I are not getting ourselves very excited yet. Have to wait and see.

Have to try to book an appointment to get my hormones checked and adjusted - had my thyroid out in May. Doc speaks English, receptionists do not. MIght take the easy way out and ask DH to call them.

No specific plans, need to get up really early tomorrow to go to the local market. It's mushroom season, but all the good ones are gone by 8..

janey1234 Fri 12-Oct-12 09:26:54

hazle - I think it's safe to say that we are ALL completely jealous of your French lifestyle! Getting up early for mushrooms? Brilliant. My folks have a place in the Dordogne that they use about four months of the year, but I don't think I'll get out there again this year annoyingly. It's a shame as I love it out there, whatever the season...

I've got a quiet weekend ahead this weekend. Planning gym on Saturday morning, then housework in the afternoon, then we're going out locally for a pint and a curry (good old East London!). Then on Sunday we're off for a bike ride, then cooking a massive roast. I cannot wait actually - we're constantly away from home at the weekend, and I don't think we've had a quiet weekend at home in literally six months. We shall be DTD as well: coming up to ov time so fingers crossed!

Can't believe so many of us are in London - and East London at that. It's a small world...

janey1234 Fri 12-Oct-12 09:27:56

Oh and Rache - just looked at your pictures! Your puppy is GORGEOUS. I want one!

HazleNutt Fri 12-Oct-12 09:39:59

Oh honestly the life is not as glamorous as it sounds blush

Rach I didn't notice you put the photos up. Soooo cute!
But indeed probably keeping you busy - you're going to puppy training classes or something as well? So very important to socialise them when young and to teach to walk to heel - there as a story here on MN where the poster wanted to re-home the dogs as she could not walk them after having a baby, as they just pulled too much and she couldn't handle the dogs and stroller. Ours [smug emoticon] can be walked off leash without any problems.

So, who is POASing next?

yorkiebilb Fri 12-Oct-12 11:42:07

It sounds it though Hazel! smile

I'm off up to Yorkshire for a wedding this weekend. Going drink lots of wine seen as there is no pregnancy on the horizon!!

Hope you all have lovely weekends!

yorkiebilb Fri 12-Oct-12 11:44:29

Sorry I meant Hazle not Hazel! Damn predictive text!

Rache1S Fri 12-Oct-12 12:57:44

HazleNutt Puppy classes are on my to-do list. He is only just fully vaccinated so he can only officially go out from the middle of next week. We have been taking him to people's houses and out in the car since we got him and we have carried him around the park a few times but I can't wait to take him out for a proper walk! I will also take him to puppy classes to socialise with other dogs and hopefully learn a bit more obedience. He has mastered 'sit' and is getting there with 'lie down' but other than that he's clueless!

Yorkiebilb I have a bit of a wine dilemma this weekend because I am due to POAS around Thursday. We're just having a quiet one after a bit of a mad one last weekend and I would usually enjoy a glass or two on a Friday night, but if there's any possibility of pregnancy it makes me wonder whether I should? When we started TTC I swore that I would just carry on as normal - drink included - until I got a BFP but it seems it's quite hard to do that during the 2WW!

janey1234 Fri 12-Oct-12 14:58:41

rache - I think it's fine to have a few. I did on my 2ww last month, and if it takes me a year to conceive there is no way I want to spend half of that not drinking. My cousin is a GP and she said it's fine as long as you don't go mental - so I'm taking that as gospel!

winkle2 Fri 12-Oct-12 15:13:32

The drinking thing is sooooo hard. I have cut right down this year. And my husband (after much nagging) has finally cut down too. I've had one large glass of wine all week and I might have one more this weekend. Oh and a glass of bubbly with lunch today as we had a leaving lunch at work. I try and save getting drunk now till special occasions, such as weddings. Wow I can't believe I'm actually saying that, I was a 'get drunk every week' kinda girl!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Fri 12-Oct-12 15:36:13

Have cut down on the booze too, to about a glass every week or so. I don't think I'll stop before if ever I get a BFP but I reckon a cheeky glass now and then can't hurt.

Rache1S Fri 12-Oct-12 17:19:35

The wine dilemma has got worse! I appear to have started spotting and it's 6 days until AF is due. I spotted last month but put that down to Pregnacare (after never spotting before) which I stopped taking about a month ago. I just take Folic Acid now. Could the Pregnacare still be in my system? If it was implantation I've heard it would be more brown and this is more pink (apologies if tmi!)

yorkiebilb Fri 12-Oct-12 17:32:17

I'm taking that as gospel too!! janey1234

I was having a dilemma too last month about it but I'm not going to add to the stress of ttc by not allowing myself a couple of drinks as well! Plus if I stop drinking then ill be faced with queries as to why I'm not esp. at a wedding... my friends will assume that I must be pregnant if I'm not drinking!

yorkiebilb Fri 12-Oct-12 19:50:18

Rache1S I would have thought it would be out of your system by now? I'm no expert on these matters though! I wouldn't have thought an odd drink would matter, just as long as you're not downing a bottle of vodka! grin

Pipersouth Fri 12-Oct-12 21:07:56

Hi everyone AF due today but no sign and a BFN appears to be Mother Nature flicking the vs at me this month i'm afraid but the fat lady hasn't sung yet I'm still clinging to a teeny tiny hope! Congrats Hazle and hoping you could be the start of a trend!!
My DH also thought it should be as easy as just making your mind up and DTD he realises now it doesn't really work that way all the time!!

Pipbin Fri 12-Oct-12 21:51:20

Waves at Piper sorry you feel AF is on here way. She's not here yet mind.

I read another thread where people had been trying for 7 years. Have now convinced myself it's never going to happen for me.

janey1234 Fri 12-Oct-12 22:32:09

Ah pip I know what you mean. But I think I'm the oldest here and I'm still feeling positive - reckon we'll get there in the end smile

Chuckaluck Fri 12-Oct-12 22:59:10

Hi ladies, can I join this thread? smile You all seem very friendly and supportive! I have been TTC for about a year, age 31 and BFP due on 25 October so in the 2 ww. Am enjoying my glass of wine tonight!!
Congrats to Hazle, hope this thread brings us all luck!

Lolcbcblemonlime Fri 12-Oct-12 23:49:18

Mmm how old are you janey? I think I might be the oldest grin
Well I'm currently trying to decide when I ovd. Positive opk tue. Very sticky cm yesterday but neg opk yest and today. Shagged fri and tue only so not too hopeful. Have no energy for it tonight as I'm working tomorrow.
What do u all think??? Write it off?

Rache1S Sat 13-Oct-12 00:10:13

I would never write it off - just from reading absolutely loads of TTC threads it would seem that conception is so much of a lottery that as long as you managed to bonk somewhere around OV time then you're in the game smile

Rache1S Sat 13-Oct-12 00:13:27

Welcome Chuckaluck I am also 2WWing (AF due 19th) and have enjoyed a lovely large glass of Shiraz tonight. Ignorance is bliss smile

Lolcbcblemonlime Sat 13-Oct-12 08:19:07

I decided I'm not 2wwing yet. Cause it will drive me crazy. So will continue to do opk and see if I find lines. That will keep me entertained.
Think af due two weeks from today so 26-27th. Too long to obsess!
Keep feeling a tugging pain on my left side. Is it ov that not happened yet?

Quodlibet Sat 13-Oct-12 09:30:59

It looks like we will all be POASing around the same time.
I am waiting to OV, watching lines on OPKs get darker but no temp rise yet. DP made it home for 12 hrs so we got some action in. Think I will be due at the latest 28 Oct but OV is a bit of a moveable feast for me so we will see when it happens.

DP shut the dog out of the bedroom last night (otherwise she hogs the bed) and she weed on my sheepskin rug and ruined it in protest. Not sure who out of me, dog or DP should be in the doghouse for that one. Grrr.

Bunnygirlie Sat 13-Oct-12 10:02:01

Oh no Quod! Poor rug! I would love a dog, we have two furry babies at the mo, cats! But I want a real one!!!
Had busy weekend so far, went to Warner Bros Studio yesterday for the Harry potter tour which was fab!!!
Might try an ov test later and see if my app is correct! Then it might be a busy busy weekend lol

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sat 13-Oct-12 12:52:44

Found out his week that 4 people I know are going to have their babies in the next few weeks. Two women, and two men (ie their partners are due).

Pipbin Sat 13-Oct-12 13:23:03

Well so far this week we have managed to DTD every day!
If it doesn't work this time then at least I know we have given it our best shot.

Welcome Chuckalot we are a friendly bunch indeed.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sat 13-Oct-12 13:40:09

Welcome chuckalot I don't always moan this much smile

Aquarius1 Sat 13-Oct-12 20:55:51

hello! can I join? New to mumsnet and ttc chat forums generally. 32, trying since April, can't believe the number of people I know who have got pg since then when I haven't (and can't believe what a jealous person I am!), came off the Depo injection last July and periods still a bit wonky - between 25 and 35 days. Currently cd 33 and not much happening apart from v sore boobs which I always get. I just came back from a two week holiday and wondered if that might have messed things up a bit = it wasn't a relaxing holiday (more of an adventure) but we dtd'd more than usual.... I've done a couple of tests with cheap (but allegedly ultra sensitive) stick-type pg tests - both bfns. still hoping...

HazleNutt Sat 13-Oct-12 21:12:22

Welcome Aquarius. And I would not trust those allegedly ultra-sensitive ones too much - it's only today I get the faintest of faint lines on them, almost invisible. BFN yesterday. ClearBlue Digital has been positive for a couple of days now.

Aquarius1 Sat 13-Oct-12 21:27:37

Thanks for the tip! Will stop being such a tight arse and fork out for the decent ones. Congrats to you!

Chuckaluck Sat 13-Oct-12 21:39:40

Zombies (love the name by the way!) feel free to moan! There seems to be a new baby or pregnancy everytime I look on Facebook or open my email!!!! Makes me depressed but no doubt I will be shouting about it if it happens for us!!

HazleNutt Sat 13-Oct-12 21:47:16

Aquarius I'm sure you'll get a BFP on those eventually as well, just that we are all so eager to know ASAP...

Bunnygirlie Sat 13-Oct-12 22:42:52

So Hazle what's next for you, are you waiting a bit longer and then going to the doctors?

HazleNutt Sun 14-Oct-12 09:18:22

Well obsessively knicker-checking at the moment and fx that this is a sticky. Quite worried, to be honest - once can happen to anybody, twice could mean a problem.
Yes will call the doc next week - of course it's too early for any scans, but should get my bloodtests done (thyroid). They also test all women for toxoplasmosis here, so would be good to know if I'm immune or should be careful with my cats.

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 14-Oct-12 09:30:52

How many weeks do u think you are hazle? And how u feeling???? I think I'll be knicker checking 50 times a day when I get bfp again as mc'd at 7 weeks last time sad. Not healthy I know but it can't be helped!!!

HazleNutt Sun 14-Oct-12 10:33:59

I would guess just 4 weeks or so, the CBD monitor says 1-2 week from conception, so really-really early. Mc at 5 weeks last time. Sorry about yours sad
I'm feeling fine, just sore boobs and DH claims they've already grown - well great, I'm a FF/G anyway, soon will have to do bra shopping in camping shops and sew a couple of tents together!

As for other people's pregnancies, I'm happy if it happens to friends of mine - all my close friends are even older than me and one of them has been trying for almost 10 years now, no luck.
I hate to read about feckless parents though, like this couple in papers recently, who went out on a binge and left their 3 tiny kids home alone. Couldn't give a f about them, as the mum charmingly declared. Why are those kind of people having kids left right and centre without any difficulties? How's that fair?

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 14-Oct-12 10:41:05

I'm with you on that one. Get very pissed off with people who accidentally fall pg and don't give a toss. Saw one smoking with a big bump the other day.
How old are you?
My friends either have kids already or don't want them. Also have a few younger friends from work who are not at that stage yet.
Glad u feeling ok. I think once you pass the stage u mc'd you should be able to relax. That's what I'm hoping anyway!

HazleNutt Sun 14-Oct-12 11:11:37

I just turned 34. One of my best friends is 43 - trying for about 10 years now, several mc, IVF attempts and nothing. The other is 38 and would like to have kids, but her DP is not really sure what he wants. I'd be absolutely thrilled for either of them.
At the moment I'd just like to get the CBD to show me 2-3 weeks and then 3+..

Aquarius1 Sun 14-Oct-12 12:40:04

That helps put things in perspective HazleNutt. Most of our couple friends have just had or are about to have their first. My sisters have several. A spate of work colleagues recently all announced their pregnancies around the same time - someone said 'there must be something in the water' and I wanted to punch them/go and have a cry. Even my hairdresser is up the duff (by accident - she said it was a one night stand). I'm glad there are forums like this to share experiences and help learn from each other or I think I'd go mad.

Pipbin Sun 14-Oct-12 15:12:46

I agree Aquarius TTCing can be very lonely.
I was talking about it to a friend who has a one year old. He was saying that they found Child Birth trust meeting etc were a lot of support to them, but there is just no equivalent for TTCing. Also, when you join a pregnancy group you make friends who will be always going through similar things to you. However with TTCing when someone graduates they have little in common.

This forum is so helpful and supportive.

blargl Sun 14-Oct-12 19:05:15

hi everyone, can I join in? I'm 31 and ttc child #1...2nd cycle. in the 2ww now - got the smiley on cb digital on Friday (CD 20 of 35) and it was gone by sat afternoon. managed to dtd on cds 11 13 16 18 20 and 21. think Dh is tired out and glad of a rest for the next few days!

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 14-Oct-12 19:12:14

Hi blarg. Welcome. I'm sure we met on some other thread. I'm on cd21 today of a 32-33 cycle so I think we are due around the same time. I'm not too hopeful as only DTD twice over fertile window. Spent the rest of it arguing with DH over silly shit. He said I'm obsessed with ttc and I went mad cause its true

blargl Sun 14-Oct-12 19:22:27

yes we did lol and I think we discussed cycle lengths there too! yeah I feel bad about dh too. I'm trying not to act too mental about it especially because he thinks talking about it too much will jinx it...so I have to talk to myself in my head (definitely mental) or come on here! haha

Rache1S Sun 14-Oct-12 20:02:31

Hi blargl, I find myself sneaking on here while DH is not looking because he thinks these forums are for nutty women who have nothing better to do than spend there time obsessing over TTC, which in my case is true smile

Does anyone else wish the internet did not exist during the 2WW? Google is definitely my enemy with its wealth of conflicting information on every completely imaginary symptom I have confused I don't think TTC women had this angst when all they had for reference was their local library confused

blargl Sun 14-Oct-12 20:19:38

oh yeah rache I definitely don't want dh to know about me coming on here! I only come on forums on my phone!

and I hear you about the internet. hard to not to obsess and going online definitely makes it worse!

Quodlibet Sun 14-Oct-12 20:46:19

Totally relate to all of this - I can waste SO MUCH TIME in 2WW.
My DP knows I MN - I have been MNing all through a lengthy wait to conceive too!

Blarg and Lol I think we'll all be POASing at the same time this month.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 14-Oct-12 20:47:52

On cd12 of my stupid 40 day cycle so at least another ten days before I ov. Have already DTD 4 times this week though so hopefully we don't run out of steam in the next ten days!!
CBFM has been showing two bars since cd6 and DH and I have been calling it a very optimistic little machine- ie it clearly is taking the view that my cycle is far shorter than it actually is. Anthropomorphising my machine, but basically by next cycle (no 2 with CBFM) it'll have realised it needn't bother showing two bars till cd17 at least!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 14-Oct-12 20:52:57

janey are you and I on a similar cycle?

janey1234 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:05:25

I think it's similar, yes zombies. No smiley face on OPK yet this month, but due around tues hopefully... I had a 28 day cycle last month - which is actually a couple of days longer than usual...DP is out tues and weds nights - may well have to jump him when he gets in from the pub!

Welcome newbies! smile

Pipbin Sun 14-Oct-12 21:18:04

Is everything in the world about sodding babies or is it just me being sensitive?

winkle2 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:18:51

Zombies is it the first month using the machine?

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 14-Oct-12 21:23:33

winkle yes it's the first month with the machine. I haven't quite crushed its spirit yet grin

winkle2 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:36:28

I think it gave me highs from cd6 the first month I used it. Then peaked cd13. On month 3 of using it and it starts giving me highs from around cd10 nowadays.

Aquarius1 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:49:56

Pipbin I know what you mean - sometimes it seems like all that's on tv is baby programmes or some character in some show you're watching gets pregnant (Downton) how dare they! Yes we are probably being sensitive or perhaps we should write to the Consumer watchdog types and tell them to hold off broadcasting baby-related things at least until we all get our bfp's? ;)

Rache1S Sun 14-Oct-12 22:10:08

Pipbin I have spent all day in Hoar Cross Hall's Eden Day Spa and at least half if the women in there were up the duff. I think I will be avoiding such places during the rest of this TTC process!

Pipbin Sun 14-Oct-12 23:05:37

A friend said that she struggled when ttcing her second as all the mums at birthday parties and the like were pregnant.
One of the women at work is pregnant and that's all the conversation in the staff room now.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 14-Oct-12 23:06:01

Thanks Winkle- knowing about your experience helps.
At some point presumably it will get the point smile

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 14-Oct-12 23:18:03

I decided to use the cb ov thingy next month if I'm not pg this one. Not the cbfm though as I think that might be even more hassle.
Question - when u get the smiley everyone talks about, when are you supposed to shag? This is all very confusing!confused

winkle2 Sun 14-Oct-12 23:59:01

I would go for the day you get the smiley, next day and one after. So 3 days in a row. Although dtd before that too - I usually start at cd10 and go for it every other day.

Rache1S Mon 15-Oct-12 08:44:41

I am using the CB ov sticks for the first time this month and I opted for every day on the run up to getting the smiley face (CD 14 for me), and then on the day itself and for a few days afterwards. It might not have worked but I feel like we gave it our best shot!
I am also having a bash at tracking BBT and the results of this so far this month seem to suggest that I am some kind of yo-yo temperatued freak :-/

Lolcbcblemonlime Mon 15-Oct-12 09:22:26

How do u know smiley is about to come up? Do u get a high reading or something on the day or two days before?

janey1234 Mon 15-Oct-12 09:29:35

Ooh good question lol - I'm getting confused about that. I got the smiley face this morning so presume we're to DTD tonight and tomorrow, and maybe weds for luck? We did last night too actually - although DP did ask 'is this a pointless shag'? Romantic devil... I thought it was, but with hindsight maybe it wasn't a bad idea!
And lol - I've used it this month and last, and the smiley face appeared at exactly the time I would have predicted, so I guess once you've used it once you'll have some idea of when to expect it the next month. I've also entered it onto the 'my days' free app on my iphone, which is proving to be very accurate at predicting everything (and no hassle), so might be worth a look...
WHO KNEW this was all so tricky!

HazleNutt Mon 15-Oct-12 09:31:47

Hm I'm a bit worried. Breasts were extremely sore until last evening, but this has disappeared overnight and they're barely tender now. Apparently, according to the internet, this is normal, but the exact same thing happened last time..Oh well, nothing to do but wait and see what happens.

Monday did not start that well. Woke up to 25 work emails (since midnight), everybody wants something and would they have a simple yes/no questions? Ha. Honestly, I've seen your employment agreements guys, what the heck are they paying you for if I have to do your job as well? My boss is not much better - "But does this contract include that clause?" Um, well, considering that all this discussion is about adding or not adding that clause, a wild guess but.. no?

And our kitchen needs to be painted, it's currently all covered in horrible plastic. Painter says he'll come this week or next, as he's also painting the exterior of some other house and can't do it if it rains, so he'll do ours if the weather is bad. Well excellent, it's October and of course it's always raining, you'd think. Guess what - the weather forecast is sunny until Saturday. Sigh.

Can you tell that I'm a bit grumpy? grin

janey1234 Mon 15-Oct-12 09:50:44

Oh Hazle please try not to worry - from speaking to friends I think that's very normal - symptoms of pg literally arrive and disappear overnight, and the breast tenderness is only a symptom of very early pregnancy? Will keep absolutely everything crossed for you.

Try not to stress too much about work as that can't be good for you. Maybe have a look at the pic of your lovely pink house (don't think about the kitchen cupboards) and your lovely dogs, bound to cheer you up.. And maybe even rache's puppy too - will def bring a smile to your face!

HazleNutt Mon 15-Oct-12 10:16:43

Thanks janey I'll be ok, but it does help to whine here.

It's horrible, isn't it? First we worry about finding a decent DP/DH. Then about getting the BFP. Then about keeping it. Then about 1001 things that could happen during pregnancy and delivery. And then about the DC, for the rest of our lives..

Maybe should just get another dog? grin

janey1234 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:20:49

Yes, moaning here does help - mainly because I don't want to become a right miserable cow in real life!

And yes, life is full of worry it would seem. And there are indeed thousands of things that could go wrong, but thankfully the odds are against that.

On another note, been at work almost two hours and it's already driving me mad. Is it Friday yet?!

winkle2 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:33:08

Lol how long are you cycles normally? That will help to determine when to start dtd. If you're unsure, start from cd8. That should cover you if you OV early.

winkle2 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:34:36

Janey - dtd last night was good as its important to dtd in the day running up to OV too. So you have sperm waiting.

winkle2 Mon 15-Oct-12 10:36:12

Rache - I'm going to go for every day method next month if I'm not preg this month! It's the one thing we haven't tried.

janey1234 Mon 15-Oct-12 12:23:39

Good point winkle - I shall duly inform him that last night might not have been pointless after all wink

Lolcbcblemonlime Mon 15-Oct-12 13:59:32

Winkle my cycles used to be 30/31 but last two after mc were 33. Could also be that epo has delayed it.
I can't go for DTD every other day for so many days as DH could not cope with all the shagging for health reasons. So I need to time it quite cleverly!

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Mon 15-Oct-12 18:04:53

rache your dog is PRECIOUS!! What an adorable face!
Fast forward a few years and you essentially have my dog. They're greedy little buggers though grin

blargl Mon 15-Oct-12 18:06:27

lol yeah I think you have to take an educated guess as to when the smiley is about to appear. I think if you count 2 weeks back from the usual end of your cycle that will tell you when o actually happens. but the smiley comes the day before that. so there are a few days that you have a chance on!

Pipbin Mon 15-Oct-12 18:07:42

Winkle The Every Day Method is the one we are using this month.
Not quite managed every day, as I was horribly ill last weekend. But it's been damn near as. Going to keep it up after I've OVd too, just to be sure.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Mon 15-Oct-12 18:19:08

Us too, the every day method this cycle it is. Of course, life may get in the way.

Chuckaluck Mon 15-Oct-12 20:13:00

This cycle has been hard as DH had a SA exactly when I ovulated and you can't do it for 2 days beforehand! Feels like a wasted month! But then saying that I have been feeling really ugh today. Had lots of cramps down there and a bit of blood. Bad headache and quesy too. Am totally overanalysing it but would love a BFP this month!!

Rache1S Mon 15-Oct-12 20:18:02

Thanks Zombies, he is a right little cutie, although he somehow doesn't seem quite so cute when i'm cleaning up his little 'presents' he leaves for us overnight smile

Well ladies, AF is due on Thurs/Fri and i'm not feeling confident sad I spotted all day on Friday (8DPO) then yesterday my BBT dropped below base line and i've spotted again this morning (11DPO) but BBT is back up again today confused This is all quite bizarre because my cycle is usually a textbook 28 days and I never get any spotting, but for these 2 cycles we've been TTC i've been all over the shop! Has anybody had anything similar?

DH has just asked what i'm doing, so I said I am telling a load of ladies online about spotting and BBT going below base line, "Because you don't give a monkeys about either of them," and he just replied with, "I haven't got a Scooby Doo what you're talking about!" Point proven I think!

winkle2 Mon 15-Oct-12 21:11:15

Rach - that could be implantation bleeding and also your temp can go down during implantation! Fingers crossed!!

happylass Mon 15-Oct-12 21:15:15

When are you going to test Rache1S?? Have to confess I cracked and tested yesterday which, being so ridiculously early, obviously resulted in BFN and only served as a waste of money and made me upset and prompted DP to say "I told you so" Not gonna test again unless AF doesn't arrive on Fri. Really don't think this is my month though as haven't had any symptoms. Bit of a bugger tho as DP working in Manchester in a few weeks time so will have to trek about 200 miles in the name of TTC!

Rache1S Mon 15-Oct-12 21:43:22

Happylass I have held out so far and am hoping to wait until Friday (if AF hasn't shown her ugly face by then). I know it sounds stupid but if I don't test I can still dream of a BFP, whereas if I test now and it's BFN then it's all over for another month so basically i'm choosing to ignore the probable reality of a BFN so I can ridiculously daydream of babies for another few days. I also haven't really got any symptoms apart for the spotting (which also happened last month), and Winkle thank you for your positivity but I can't get excited about it being implantation because it was 2 bouts 4 days apart which seems unlikely for implanatation sad
Oh well, I suppose it's not over until AF arrives smile
Happylass Manchester is lovely at this time of year grin

Pipbin Mon 15-Oct-12 21:45:01

I agree with Winkle Rach, it could be an implantation dip and spotting. Go to fertility friend and search for charts with implantation dips and spotting

janey1234 Mon 15-Oct-12 21:50:14

Happy - DP is just the same as your man! He just said 'babe, you know when you talk about mumsnet? Well it makes me feel how you feel when I talk about arsenal....'. Fair enough! So you are all going to have to endure my chat instead of him wink
So tell me. Big old smile on OPK this morning. DTD last night and planning to tonight obv. However I went to the gym and for a jacuzzi after. Is all the chlorine touching our bits going to somehow stop it working?!

Rache - got everything crossed for you..

Pipbin Mon 15-Oct-12 22:01:32

I wouldn't think so Janey. When you think about it the water doesn't really go, ahem, 'inside' as such does it? All that heat might not do his bits much good though.

Bunnygirlie Mon 15-Oct-12 22:24:39

Evening all. Is it the clear blue ovulation things you all use? I got some ov tests with my conceive plus so I have been trying them the past few days and think I had the correct lines today but hubby is sooooo stressed at the mo I'm worried we may miss our chance this month :-(

Pipbin Mon 15-Oct-12 22:30:29

I have the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and I use the cheap dipstick type tests from Amazon.
The dip stick ones take a bit of fine tuning, but they are super cheap.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Mon 15-Oct-12 23:52:24

Anyone else with sore bits!? blush

janey1234 Tue 16-Oct-12 09:10:02

Yes zombies, me!!

Sorry if TMI... But...Noticed lots of ewcm (first time since I came off the pill i've noticed it, although used to notice it pre-pill all the time) last night and duly DTD. Do we thank that the combination of smiley face yesterday on CBOPK and EWCM I have ovulated now? Or more DTD with sore bits tonight?

pip - damn it! Didn't think of that. We've been proper gym buddies this week and he's been in the jacuzzi with me about four times!

Hazle - how are you getting on?

janey1234 Tue 16-Oct-12 09:11:11

Oh and bunny - yes, clear blue OPK. No tricky lines, just a smiley face, or no smiley face. Easy. I say that but let's wait and see if it works!

HazleNutt Tue 16-Oct-12 09:31:35

janey better safe than sorry so yes, DTD!
I'm ok, no spotting or anything. I don't want to call the doc before I see 2-3 weeks on the CMD test first (should happen some time this week), so I know it is progressing. probably silly, but if I do go to the doc, I would get all excited about the pregnancy and I would be so disappointed if it was a non-sticky one again.

Aquarius1 Tue 16-Oct-12 09:41:01

so I'm out this month - af arrived at 3am with horrendous cramping - so cruel. Anyone else get horrible period paid? I've always had it - got checked out and they couldn't find anything wrong - so went on the Depo to stop the monthly misery (and now regretting it because it takes so long to get out of your system). anyone else been on the Depo?

HazleNutt Tue 16-Oct-12 12:45:25

Oh, sorry Aquarius. Hope it happens next month - babies born later in the summer are healthier anyway.

Rache1S Tue 16-Oct-12 19:05:52

Thanks Pipbin I will have a look at some charts, although still not feeling particularly hopeful.

Aquarius So sorry to hear about AF sad I was on Depo for years throughout my 20's and LOVED not having periods. I stopped having it about 5 years ago in order to get it out of my system because, although I had not met DH at that point, I was hopeful that Mr Right was out there somewhere amongst the millions of nobheads, I knew I wanted to have a baby at some point and I was aware of it taking ages for periods to return to normal. About 18 months after my last jab I still hadn't got my period back so I went on the pill for a couple of months to try to get some sort of cycle going and once I had come off the pill everything seemed to return to normal quite quickly.

Have you cracked and tested yet Happylass? I have to admit I was tempted this morning! I haven't got sore boobs but I think I've made them a bit sore by feeling them all the time to check if they're getting sore smile I am getting some funny looks at work smile

janey1234 Tue 16-Oct-12 20:58:25

I'm sorry Aquarius... It's gutting, isn't it sad

Rache - my boobs have thoroughly enjoyed the last two weeks having been prodding-free! But as I think I've just entered the 2ww they're about to begin getting their hourly prod all over again!

Pipbin Tue 16-Oct-12 21:36:56

Sorry to hear that Aquarius. I used to get dreadful period pains when I wasn't on the pill about 10 years ago, then when I was on the pill they were fine. Now been pain free for the last 18 months.

Oddly since my HSG my cycles seem to be shorter. Before I seemed to OV on day 20 and have a 33 day cycle. Now it seems to be day 15 or there about!

Poor old DH, he had tried last night but to no avail. Still I think that I OVd either last night or today and we DTD the night before.

Quodlibet Tue 16-Oct-12 21:52:54

Sorry to hear that Aquarius.

Well I have OVed in the last 48 hrs by the look of my temp shift - only managed to DTD twice in the fertile window, but it was fairly well timed just before OV so I think I've bought a ticket for this month's Two Week Lottery.

We also tried Conceive Plus for the first time this month - anyone else used that? I thought DP's spermies might appreciate their swim being made a little easier and apparently it's got some stuff in it that sperms appreciate (I reckon maybe it's like giving them a snack and a bottle of lucozade half-way through a channel swim?). Only downside is you can't tell, the day after, what is EWCM, what is Conceive Plus and what is <ahem> DP's contribution. blush Sorry.

So who's lined up for testing around 28th of Oct?

Aquarius1 Tue 16-Oct-12 21:55:07

Thanks everyone - Rache that's interesting to hear.... sounds like you were more clued up than me....my GP did mention the pill but said to leave it a bit longer. I'm slowly coming round to the understanding that ttc is going to be more of a long-distance run than I'd anticipated (I never was good at running) but it'll definitely be worth the wait.

janey1234 Tue 16-Oct-12 22:12:57

I'll be testing on 28th with you quod! Argh why us it so long away....?

Pipbin Tue 16-Oct-12 22:32:40

Well Quod, being of a scientific bent I have been testing for a fool proof way of telling EWCM form other 'contributions". I get stacks of EWCM and this time, stacks of 'contribution'.

So, I present the Pipbin patented method of telling lady's and gentleman's emissions apart!
Upon finding a questionable material on your toilet paper, simply press another piece of toilet paper on it. If the substance soaks into the paper and disappears then it is Gentleman matters, if it stays on the surface and stretches then its EWCM.

Thank you.

happylass Tue 16-Oct-12 22:44:56

No Rach I've resisted all temptation to POAS again so far. Feel like AF is on her way now as well so convinced this isn't my month. Manchester and cycle 2 here I come!

Bunnygirlie Tue 16-Oct-12 22:45:00

Quod, just started on conceive plus this past week as we need a liitle lube and after reading label on normal lube I was quite annoyed with myself when it says may slow sperm down, why didn't I realise this before?!? Doh!

Hubby exclaimed today ' why can't you ovulate on a weekend' hmmmm don't think he really gets this process lol Anybody else's OH taking an interest or just leaving us to it?!?

Bunnygirlie Tue 16-Oct-12 22:45:39

Pipkin that made me chuckle!

Rache1S Tue 16-Oct-12 23:05:15

Happylass I've had a few pre-AF twinges tonight so now i'm doubly convinced that she's on the way. Not over yet so fingers crossed for us both.

Bunnygirlie My DH is taking minimal interest in this whole process apart from being pleased that I want his 'contribution' quite regularly! I think he feels like he would rather just let it happen naturally rather than BBT charting, OV testing, symptom spotting, online forums, etc., whereas I am far too impatient to just wait for it without doing everything in my power to get up the duff as quickly as possible.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 17-Oct-12 08:47:45

The men really have a difficult time getting it I think or maybe they choose to ignore it smile
DH has clearly told me not to share anything with him about the cycle and the days and the CBFM etc. I thought he would be ok but it turns out he is like every other male smile apparently the sense of mystery is gone.
Heck. This whole 2 ww (3 in my case!) and the whole am I- am I not thing, waiting for ov to happen thing is not even something one could try to explain I think. Thank goodness for MN! I would've imploded in RL. As it is I sulked surreptitiously last night because we didn't DTD.

HazleNutt Wed 17-Oct-12 08:57:48

My DH was quite clueless about the whole thing, but has been reading a lot recently and is actually getting more excited than me. Was always asking if it's time to test yet and very happy when the CBD showed us 2-3 weeks this morning smile
Rach early pregnancy cramping can be exactly like AF about to make appearance, so fingers crossed!

janey1234 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:09:02

Ah hazle bless your DH getting so excited! And glad you got your 2-3 weeks this morning - all progressing in the right direction. Will keep fingers crossed for you...

zombie - I KNOW. For some mad reason I decided this month that I felt 'fertile' (whereas last month I didn't) so think the 2ww is going to be more unbearable than ever. Do you like the fact I think I can tell if I'm fertile or not?!

rache - hazle is right. When I was pg last year (had a mc at 12 weeks unfortunately) the very early cramping feelings do feel very much like the onset of AF, kind of weird shooting pains and crampy feelings. It's apparently 'just' your uterus stretching and moving so you never know... Fx for you.

And finally pipbin - that is AWESOME. Well done you for patenting such a brilliant invention. Presume we'll see you on the next series of Dragon's Den?!

Rache1S Wed 17-Oct-12 09:23:49

I am sooooooo impatient! smile My BBT this morning shot up to an astronomical figure (which I am reasonably sure means death is about to occur), so I tested with a FRER. While waiting I was wondering how I would break the news of a positive to DH and decided I would politely wake him up with a coffee and then pass him the stick and we would have a lovely moment. When the two lines appeared DH was woken up with shrieks from the bathroom along the lines of "OMG OMG OMG WTF AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!" and came running naked along the landing to see who was violently attacking me - not the lovely moment I had hoped for! wink
So, I got a BFP grin Now the shock is subsiding a I have mixed views about it. I am obviously overjoyed that we have managed to conceive and that I appear not to be infertile (one of my previous worries), but I am still a few days off AF being due so I am worried about it being chemical and all of the other problems which may occur over the next 9 months if I get that far. I spent the weekend of the 5/6/7 pretty much plastered for all of it and last weekend I went to a Day Spa and spent all say in Jacuzzis, Saunas and other activities not recommended for pregnancy so in the 2 weeks since conception I really haven't been the best example of motherhood shock

HazleNutt Wed 17-Oct-12 09:33:50

See, we told you so grin

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 17-Oct-12 09:34:53

Congratulations Rache!!! That's brilliant news!

janey1234 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:02:11

Oh Rache that's amazing news!! Don't worry about what's happened - you can't change that, and to be fair I'm not changing my behaviour in the 2ww at all - it's all about what you do from this point on smile. And try not to worry, yes, things sometimes go wrong - but odds are in your favour that they won't. And, as you say, at least you now know all your bits are indeed working!

Don't you go leaving us all now though - you and Hazle are in for the long haul with the rest of us I'm afraid wink

hazle - am feeling a little smug, we DID tell her so, didn't we?!

Rache1S Wed 17-Oct-12 11:04:49

Thanks guys - and can you believe I did it without any help from Babydust? Yes Hazle and janey you did tell me so and I refused to believe it! blush I have been spending so much time looking at charts on FF this month that I was convinced that you had to have loads of symptoms to be preggers because all the BFP charts on there seem to have. I spotted on 2 occasions which were 4 days apart (still unexplained), my temperature chart looks like an erratic ECG and aside from that I have no symptoms other than my usual PMS so I really wasn't expecting it!
Still it's very early days though and no, I won't be leaving this thread - I want some more Summer baby buds so I look forward to all your BFP's grin

Pipbin Wed 17-Oct-12 13:10:57

Congratulations Rache.

Unfortunately DH fell asleep last night, no no DTD.
I'm fairly sure I OVd on Monday and we DTD on Sunday night so I'm hoping that was it.
DH was so apologetic this morning. He said that he doesn't want to contribute to making me sad each month.

janey1234 Wed 17-Oct-12 13:32:22

Pip - are our men the same person?! I think I ov'd on mon too, and DTD sun and mon. Last night he was fast asleep too - we've worn them out wink

HazleNutt Wed 17-Oct-12 14:22:11

Turns out Dh has not been paying attention that well. Asked him to call the doc, as while the doc speaks English, the receptionists do not (and I've only just started French classes). He gets back to me complaining that they didn't quite understand him. Apparently he had told them I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant, like the CBD said, but that last AF was mid-September. No wonder they were confused grin

Quodlibet Wed 17-Oct-12 15:24:45

Congratulations Rache1, what brilliant news!

And congrat Hazle to making to to the 2-3 mark. I hope you are able to start to relax a little about it now.

Pipbin, I am loving your patented method! However, how do I tell what is a Conceive Plus contribution please tell me?

janey1234 Wed 17-Oct-12 15:47:32

Quod - I can help with this one. Conceive plus is a special type of lube that unlike other lubes doesn't harm sperm. In fact, more than that, it's meant to help them on their way, and I think even contain stuff that might help them hand around/live longer. It's not cheap (£19 or something?!) but I've invested in some (having never ever used lube before!).

Prepared to try almost anything!

HazleNutt Wed 17-Oct-12 15:47:33
janey1234 Wed 17-Oct-12 15:47:51

Ha, hang around, not hand around!

happylass Wed 17-Oct-12 15:57:28

Woohoo Rache1S fantastic news!! Congratulations.
Come on ladies, I feel we're on a roll now. Who's next?

Kittenkatzen Wed 17-Oct-12 16:07:24

Hello hello can I join you ladies please? You all seem a lovely positive bunch and it's nice to know I'm not the only person in the whole entire world who's left ttc until their 30s! Congrats to the BFPers smile

I'll introduce myself properly <ahem> I'm kitten, just turned 33, married, ttc since May. Currently on CD3 and awaiting af to piss orf!

janey1234 Wed 17-Oct-12 16:35:47

Hi Kitten! And welcome.
I think we are all feeling positive - and I'm hoping Hazle and Rache are going to be our fertility gurus until we're all at long last knocked up pregnant!

Rache1S Wed 17-Oct-12 16:56:21

Thanks happylass, aren't you next on the POAS rota? Are you still holding out until Friday like I should have done if I wasn't so impatient?

I would also like to chip in on the subject of Conceive Plus. We have been using it and it doesn't appear to have slowed the swimmers down smile This combined with the age old technique of the pillow under the arse after DTD seems to have worked for me.

Hi Kitten and welcome. That 2 week pre-OV wilderness seems to go in slow motion but you'll be in the 2WW before you know it smile

happylass Wed 17-Oct-12 17:16:48

May POAS Saturday Rach if AF doesn't show up before then. Just not feeling it though. Already planning the next round of TTC!!
Welcome Kitten <waves>.

blargl Wed 17-Oct-12 17:24:44

woo congrats rache!! v exciting!!

Lolcbcblemonlime Wed 17-Oct-12 17:32:41

I have been using conceive plus too and found it really nice. Have not told DH though hmm as he is one of those guys who just want to "wait and see what happens" so he suddenly think I'm really horny!!!

Kittenkatzen Wed 17-Oct-12 18:03:17

Thanks for the welcomes smile

lol how on earth do you manage to, erm, lube up unnoticed?!

Lolcbcblemonlime Wed 17-Oct-12 18:06:34

Well I went for a wee and came back ready! He was well impressed. Bless. I'm not proud of it but he would not let me use it and I want to give it my best try!!!

Pipbin Wed 17-Oct-12 18:14:36

I'm the same with the lube. I add it in the bathroom. He's not keen on the stuff.
Janey fairly sure he's just mine.

As for 'how to tell if its lube using the Pipbin patented pant snot detection method'. Lube will not stretch and will disappear into the paper.

Today I sank to a new low. In the staff meeting I sat in the chair that the now pregnant member of staff normally sits in in the staff room.
Is this the most desperate thing done in the name of ttcing?

winkle2 Wed 17-Oct-12 18:38:54

Congrats rache! I knew it!

Aw pip - i'd try that too if I thought it worked.

I'm now in cd30. Last two cycles were 29 days so I thought I was getting a lovely regular cycle but it seems not!! Previous cycles have ranged from 27-43 days so not getting my hopes up. Will test on Friday if no AF by then.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 17-Oct-12 18:51:15

Welcome to the new Elderberries!
Going to tie the feller up and force myself on him gently suggest DTD today as I am days from ov I think. Hell hath no fury like a TTCer deprived of sex

captainmoll Wed 17-Oct-12 19:21:41

Hi all, mind if I jump in here with you?
I'm 32, been TTC #1 for over a year and feeling pretty wretched about it all today. One of my best friends just had her baby boy this afternoon, the latest in a long line of new babies that have popped up this summer from various friends and relatives. Of course I am insanely jealous super happy for all of them, but I also find it really hard not to end up weeping 'cause I can't seem to join the club.
DH wants a baby too, but I just don't think it affects him the same way, and he's so tired all the time from his stressful job that I've just watched another OV slip away with no action. He doesn't seem to get that the "it'll just happen" approach isn't working.
Anyway, sorry for my mournful introduction to the group, I promise my next post will be more chipper! I just wanted to vent in the company of understanding folk!
Good luck for everyone on the 2WW, fingers, but not legs, crossed for us all wink

Chuckaluck Wed 17-Oct-12 20:24:46

Congrats Rache! I hope this means good vibes for lots of elderberry babies! Stupid I know but tested this morning, of course it was negative! Af due next Tuesday! Just been feeling odd the last few days. Am now convinced after talking to a friend that I have an underactive thyroid which is stopping me getting pregnant and making me feel weird! Off to the docs I go! Anyone else got thyroid issues?

Chuckaluck Wed 17-Oct-12 20:26:32

Captainmoll, welcome! I know that feeling of each ov slipping away. DH has a stressful job and struggles to do once every other day and around ov, it doesn't feel enough!!

HazleNutt Wed 17-Oct-12 21:26:07

Chuck I don't even have a thyroid any more, but am on medication, so no issues. You should definitely get it checked out, but insist on t3-t4 testing as well, not just TSH that they always try to do.

Pipbin Wed 17-Oct-12 21:40:43

Seems like I have cystitis due to all the DTD! Fortunately I always have some of the sachets in stock at Pipbin towers.
Poor old DH is really upset. He is desperate to DTD to make up for not having done for two days. I don't really want to put him off by explaining that the time has passed.

Rache1S Wed 17-Oct-12 22:05:22

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. I know you are all genuinely pleased for me but I also know that sinking feeling when someone else gets their BFP and you're still waiting for yours so I will try not to go on about it.

Sounds like there's a lot of OV going on at the moment so I imagine there will be 2WW symptoms flying around very soon smile I've got everything crossed for lots of BFP's! Has anybody else looked at the gallery charts on FF? Some of the 2WW symptoms are bizarre! How many of us would think aching legs could be a possible PG sign rather than entirely unrelated? smile

happylass Wed 17-Oct-12 22:11:35

OMG Rach my legs have been aching all week for no apparent reason! DP even said ' maybe you're pregnant" when I told him ha!

Rache1S Wed 17-Oct-12 22:15:36

Ha ha, you should get yourself on FF and have a look if you're not feeling it, their pregnancy charts have every possible symptom going! Hmmm yes, achy legs = definitely preggers, it's a classic sign grin

Aquarius1 Wed 17-Oct-12 22:29:44

Congrats Rache good news!
Hello captainmoll - impressive vent- I also have the 'can't join the club' feeling some days - hope you feel better. Can you get some time off with your dh?

winkle2 Wed 17-Oct-12 22:32:30

Welcome captain - I've been trying for over a year too and it sucks big time. Have you been to the doc to get checked out?

Bunnygirlie Wed 17-Oct-12 22:40:16

Congrats Rache and welcome newbies!

Ov tested today and no line so guess I' officially on the 2ww. AF is an irregular wench so we shall see if she turns up before the end of the month like my apps predict :-p

Pipbin Wed 17-Oct-12 23:05:42

Oh yes, welcome Captain.
I agree with Winkle get thee to the gp!

HazleNutt Thu 18-Oct-12 13:11:19

So what's happening today? Everybody in their 2ww symptom spotting?
Rach, how are you feeling, getting used to the idea? And DH?

janey1234 Thu 18-Oct-12 13:35:07

You're right hazle. I'm imagining that my boobs are VERY sore today... I am VERY good at making up symptoms!

janey1234 Thu 18-Oct-12 13:37:13

Sorry - posted too soon. Also want to know how our two ladies that are pregnant in real life are getting on... Just as many symptoms IRL?! Any new ones?

Kittenkatzen Thu 18-Oct-12 13:37:25


Hi captain, agree with the others, get yourself to the docs for some preliminary checks - can't hurt to be sure

My delivery of ov sticks arrived yesterday, not used them before so am ridiculously quite excited confused. How strict do I need to be about following the instructions? The leaflet says I should let the pee come to room temp for 20 mins before dipping....and that the best time to test is after 8am....not sure I can be leaving pots of wee dotted around the office!! Any suggestions?!

Kittenkatzen Thu 18-Oct-12 13:37:58

oops after 10am not 8am....

HazleNutt Thu 18-Oct-12 14:42:56

Nothing new, just sore boobs and a little backpain. Have got a couple of mild bouts of nausea. Proper morning sickness should kick in in a week or two, not exactly looking forward to that.

Got doc's appointment for Friday the 26th, will get an early scan, hopefully they can see something..

Lolcbcblemonlime Thu 18-Oct-12 17:38:34

Kitten if you have the cheap ones I find it better to use them when I'm back from work. They say you should not use fmu. I don't let the pee cool down either. It's been working fine. Used for 2 months and got one day clear positive on both. Not pregnant though so will reserve judgement on how accurate they are!

happylass Thu 18-Oct-12 18:00:11

Sooooo just when I was contemplating POAS this morning AF reared her ugly head. That's me out for this month. Onwards and upwards. Still at least I've saved myself a fiver and I know know that my cycle is back to its regular self!! Didn't have periods when I was on the pill so had forgotten how bad it is. Feeling a little sorry for myself today! Have decided to be a bit more pro-active in cycle 2. Dabbledbwith some Tesco cheapie op sticks last time and got a positive on those but am thinking of using Clear Blue next time around. Think the fertility monitor may be a bit extravagant at this early stage but any thoughts on the digital opk? Be a bit more reassuring to see the smile I think! Any experience of temping? Seems a bit of a fuss to me!

Lolcbcblemonlime Thu 18-Oct-12 18:08:22

Sorry about af happylass. It is a bastard. Even if people say its your first month and u should be patient we still want it!
I used cheap amazon opk for last 2 months and if no result ill buy cb ones. Can't be bothered to temp either. Seems like a huge faf!

Chuckaluck Thu 18-Oct-12 18:14:29

Haze, had blood test today and they are just testing TSH, do you mind telling me what the other 2 tests are?

winkle2 Thu 18-Oct-12 18:59:28

I'm out girls sad

HazleNutt Thu 18-Oct-12 19:15:36

Chuck sure. So TSH is actually not a thyroid hormone, but a thyroid stimulating hormone produced by pituitary gland. How it ideally should work is that if your hormone levels are low, the pituitary gland starts to produce more TSH, this stimulates your thyroid and that starts producing more hormones.

So if your TSH is high then it means your thyroid hormone levels (those are the T3 and T4) are too low. It's the easiest and cheapest to test, so often doctors test only TSH and if that's ok, declare everything fine.

However, it does not always work like this. Just checked some of my old tests, at some point my TSH was normal, but thyroid hormone levels way too low and later TSH was too low, but levels normal.

Long story short - if TSH comes back fine but you have all other hypo symptoms, press for more tests.

Rache1S Thu 18-Oct-12 19:30:12

happylass so sorry about AF. What a total bummer sad I got BFN last month (which was my first cycle TTC,) so I invested in the Clear Blue OV predictor, which I found very quick and easy to use, and I also bought a BBT thermometer to use alongside it. Yes the BBT tracking is more of a faff than the OV tests but I have found it quite informative and, had I not got lucky this time, I would know exactly what day next cycle would be OV day rather than waiting for the smiley face on the CB. MY BBT thermometer beeps when it reaches a steady temperature so I just stick it in my gob while i'm still dozing in the morning. Also it was the sudden increase in BBT which made me test yesterday smile

winkle sad sad

Hazle I'm feeling far too normal to be up the duff! I POAS stick again this morning just to be sure I didn't dream yesterday's BFP. AF is only due today so it is too early to feel real I think. DH is grinning all over his face, how is your DH?

janey I'm quite symptomless at the moment. Aside from a little tired and the occasional AF style pinch I feel completely normal. It just doesn't feel real at the moment, I think I am still in shock! I was in Dubai relaxing and DTD all the time when I OV last month and got a BFN, whereas this month I have had all kinds of shit going on at work and have felt really stressed out (not to mention all the stress-related wine i've glugged) and got BFP confused

winkle2 Thu 18-Oct-12 19:44:21

Happy lass I like the cb smileys. I'd def invest - you can get then cheaper from amazon.

happylass Thu 18-Oct-12 20:04:42

Sounds like the way to go winkle. Was a bit of a faff trying to work out if the one line was as dark or darker than the other line on the cheapies! Do I buy the CB digital tester and then the strips to go in them separately? Is that the right one?

HazleNutt Thu 18-Oct-12 20:32:01

Rach DH is very proud that his boys can swim. grin Reading the pregnancy book and and asking me every 5 minutes if I'm ok.

Bunnygirlie Thu 18-Oct-12 20:40:20

Anybody else on 2ww? Why does it go so slowly :-(

Pipbin Thu 18-Oct-12 20:45:09

Winkle Sorry to hear that you're out.

As for methods of checking OV, I have tried most things. I have found temping to be useful to confirm ovulation, however I haven't done it this month and I feel better for it. I think that it made TTCing the first thing I thought of every morning.
I have a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor but I find I get on best with the cheap dip stick style tests. However it took me a while to get used to them.
I don't wait for the sample to come to room temperature but I have found that I need to test the second wee of the day. This is where the clearblue sticks can be an advantage, you test your first wee.

winkle2 Thu 18-Oct-12 20:57:47

Roll on month 15 of trying sad

Pipbin Thu 18-Oct-12 21:22:36

Have you been to the doctors etc Winkle?

winkle2 Thu 18-Oct-12 22:12:20

Yes have had bloods, pelvic scan and SA. They said hub has 1% morphology. But they said that shouldn't affect TTC.

Booked to see the docs again in a few weeks. I want them to refer us to a specialist.

Chuckaluck Fri 19-Oct-12 06:54:30

Winkle, we are a few months behind you! Month 13 this month. We have had bloods and SA and awaiting results. I am convinced there will be something wrong with one if us!

Lolcbcblemonlime Fri 19-Oct-12 07:48:49

Hope u feeling a tiny bit more positive today winkle. Having a cry and a moan are absolutely fine x

winkle2 Fri 19-Oct-12 09:24:38

Thanks lol.

I had the tiniest glimmer of hope that yesterday was a breakthrough bleed but no, Aunt Flo is living up to her name today.

HazleNutt Fri 19-Oct-12 10:31:35

Now I'm pretty sure we were promised some testing on Friday. Anybody? I want to start a Pregnant Elderberries thread soon.

Rache1S Fri 19-Oct-12 11:13:04

Hazle I was planning to test today before curiosity got the better of me on Wednesday, and I agree a knocked-up Elderberries thread full of familiar faces would be great grin

janey1234 Fri 19-Oct-12 12:12:09

Oh, a pregnant elderberries thread would be brilliant.... Fingers crossed lots of us will be joining you soon...

AF due 29th - when do I start POAS? Next Friday? Or too soon...

Accidentally drank waaaaay too much last night and am feeling horrendous today, totally irresponsible 2ww behaviour from me blush

One of my friends just sent me this e-mail - (I know she sounds nuts for the 'little bit psychic' thing but she's not!) - fingers crossed she's right about the pregnant bit -have absolutely no intention of POASing in front of anyone!

"Ok- well I’m going to tell you because it is only a dream, (but just to warn- I am, quite often, a little bit psychic) You found out you were pregnant! You actually did the test in front of me in my flat- was a bit gross to be honest"

janey1234 Fri 19-Oct-12 12:12:46

ps I'm sorry winkle sad

HazleNutt Fri 19-Oct-12 12:28:32

janey what test are you using? The Early Response should in principle show something by Friday (although I used it last time and it didn't show anything til AF was due).

janey1234 Fri 19-Oct-12 12:42:41

I bought some ebay cheap ones as I think I'm rapidly becoming addicted to POASing but also have in the cupboard at home a clear blue digital... Maybe I should invest in Early Response too?!

HazleNutt Fri 19-Oct-12 12:51:32

As I complained, I bought the cheap ones that were supposed to be really sensitive. Got a BFP on the Digital several days before the cheap ones started showing even the faintest lines. So maybe just wait til 29th and try the digital?

Pipbin Fri 19-Oct-12 12:54:12

MN lore is that Superdrug own brand tests are very good.
3dpo here. Seems that AF is due on the day before my fertility clinic appointment!
Also I've decided that next month would be much better for due date timing. Honest.

Quodlibet Fri 19-Oct-12 13:40:09

Sorry you are out and down winkle. Get it all out on here, we are all sympathetic old gravidas.

Janey we are POASing buddies again this month. I will be away from DP (and abroad, again - I sound well jet-set don't I!? I'm not, promise) so am a bit nervous about it. Pipbin when are you looking at POAS action?

janey1234 Fri 19-Oct-12 15:22:42

Quod - you really do seem to be living a glam life! And yes we are POAS buddies again - when is your AF due again, and when are you going to break and start POAS? You going to try next Friday and Saturday, and Sunday, and probably Monday too with me too?

Pipbin Fri 19-Oct-12 16:40:24

Quoid my AF is due on the 30th, which is half term, hurrah. That is the Tuesday and my appointment is on the Wednesday. I'm going to wish for that mythical 'found out I was pg on the morning of my appointment'.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Fri 19-Oct-12 18:07:21

I'm sorry winkle. sad
I've been SO bad today, had a HUGE sugar binge.

Quodlibet Fri 19-Oct-12 18:53:08

Janey I will be staying with my cousin in Crete but probably surreptitiously trying to pee on Internet cheapies. Not the easiest thing to do in someone else's house!!

Pipbin yes! You are definitely due the mythical happy ending. I hope so!

Well today I have mostly been trudging miles around London suburbs in the pissing rain looking at flats. It's so depressing how expensive everything has got!

Bunnygirlie Fri 19-Oct-12 19:35:41

Ello! Just been for a massage, she said my shoulders were the knottiest she's seen in a while. I guess the stress of busy work, work on house and TTC is taking it's toll :-(

I have been inputting my dates into 2 different apps and they say AF due 30th Oct. Anybody else due around that time?

Pipbin Fri 19-Oct-12 20:04:34

Quoid buy my house. £105,000 and only an hour from London on the train.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Fri 19-Oct-12 23:36:00

I'm a bit hmm
A lot of zombie related user names lately, -or maybe I'm just noticing them more since I changed my name to a zombie related one!

Pipbin Sat 20-Oct-12 09:23:55

I'm due on the 30 Bunny.

Pipbin Sat 20-Oct-12 12:12:09

Just reading back through the thread, it was interesting what you said Rache about spotting. I now know that a bit of spotting is not the end.

janey1234 Sat 20-Oct-12 18:39:40

So quod, pip and bunny - we're all due BFP (fx smile) or AF (sad) at about the same time... Starting to POAS at the weekend?

I'm making up a whole lotta symptoms this time - boobs getting sore from prodding again...blush

Pipbin Sat 20-Oct-12 18:50:30

I'm ignoring all symptoms. Honest.
Due to test on the 30th which will be 14 dpo.
After 15 cycles I can manage to not POAS until AF is due.

Lolcbcblemonlime Sat 20-Oct-12 18:57:38

Me too pib. My app says af due on thu 25th but my cycles have been a little longer after mc so I'm not poas until Sunday at least. If af not here by then.
Was it on this thread we were talking about being ginger??? Cause I'm one too!!!!

Rache1S Sat 20-Oct-12 21:41:04

Pipbin I have never ever spotted until these 2 cycles TTC! Who knows how our really complicated plumbing actually works??!!

On a slightly different note, have any of you lovely ladies been laying off the booze and if so can anybody recommend an alcohol-free red wine and where I can buy some? I can't face spending the next 36 weeks without my beloved red. sad

Pipbin Sat 20-Oct-12 23:16:48

Oh, I spot every single cycle really.
I've found that my cycles have been 6 days shorter since my HSG. Our bodies are odd.

Bunnygirlie Sun 21-Oct-12 10:49:45

POAS buddies yay :-)

I shall def wait till 1st nov to poas! AF shall prob appear by then anyway :-(

Rache, i don't drink that much so haven't changed my drinking habits yet but if I ever get that elusive BFP I will stop!

paah Sun 21-Oct-12 11:14:01

Hey ladies, yeay on the bfps, Boooo hisssss to AF.
I've been lurking but not posting much, don't feel I've much to contribute tbh as you're all far more knowledgeable!
Quick question- I've got fairly bad ov pain today, is it ok to use heat pad or take any painkillers? Battling through ATM and counting down the minutes days til I can poas!
Thank you for any advice.

Quodlibet Sun 21-Oct-12 11:40:08

Paah yeah I'm sure either is fine to use.

I've got one sore booby today - only one! Very odd.

Pipbin where do you live that's an hour from London and £105000?!! Some of the suburbs we were trudging round the other day would have taken almost an hour to get into the centre of town once you've schlepped to the station...

I will be staying with my cousin and her family when AF is due- trying to surreptitiously POAS in someone else's house isn't going to be easy especially with Internet cheapy dipsticks!! I may just wait until I'm due and then use a proper test if AF doesn't show up.

Pipbin Sun 21-Oct-12 13:33:31

East Anglia Quod. Main line to London is a walk away. Will get you in at Liverpool Street.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 21-Oct-12 17:52:33

Briefly, stabby pains and vaginal cramps. Could this be a sign of impending ovulation? confused

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Sun 21-Oct-12 18:01:43

That is, stabby stomach pains. All gone now.

captainmoll Sun 21-Oct-12 18:50:28

Hi all, I had to skulk off for a couple of days and try to think about something else, but that just doesn't work, does it? Also, my parents have started doing that hinting-they-would-like-to-be-grandparents thing, which is really awkward and painful, and I will have to tell them what's going on soon, and then my dad will be sending me lots of medical research articles, because that's how he is, and this will lead to icky conversations.. blush

Good luck to all POASers - looks like there's quite a few coming up. Fingers all crossed for you. I'm in a bit of a quandary this month - really had written this cycle off as DH is totally utterly knackered so no action. Then yesterday got random EWCM - maybe I'm having a really late OV? (I'm on CD 20), and - miracle - DTD last night, so now I'm thinking, maybe, just maybe at the same time knowing it's highly unlikely that this will be my month. I will have to exercise extreme self control and not POAS until/if I'm actually overdue.

winkle I think you suggested getting some tests? I just had the first round of blood tests last month - so far, so normal, but the doc said I had to be trying for 2 YEARS!! before I could get any serious help. Now I have to persuade DH to go and DTD into a plastic cup shock which is going to take some persuading!

Rache huge congrats - sorry my last post was a bit of a downer on mums-to-be - I was having a bad day.. It is also really encouraging to hear of people getting BFPs. Hope it's all going well so far!

Here's a query for you all - has anyone tried that special lube for people TTCing? I've heard rumours of its success but it is really expensive. Does it actually help? hmm

Good luck all!

Lolcbcblemonlime Sun 21-Oct-12 18:58:07

Hi captain yes I am using conceive plus. It is expensive but you only need a tiny bit so it goes a long way. First month and didn't even use a quarter of it. Think if u but on amazon it's about 12 quid.
Still not sure it works however for me it helps me feel in the mood when I'm actually tired or wanting my bed!

Rache1S Sun 21-Oct-12 19:31:36

I didn't pick up on any mum-to-be downers Captain but thank you. smile We have been using Conceive Plus this month (which I bought off Amazon relatively cheaply), so I can only give it a 5* review. No idea if it actually made the difference or not but it certainly seems not to have done any harm.

Zombies I usually get small stabby pains around the time of OV so you should jump on your fella ASAP grin

Pipbin Sun 21-Oct-12 19:50:58

I have been using concieve plus for a couple of cycles. It's not got me a BFP so far, but it has made the job easier.

Bunnygirlie Sun 21-Oct-12 22:55:31

Used concieve plus for first time this month after realising that usual lube slows swimmers down doh!

HazleNutt Mon 22-Oct-12 09:20:53


So how are we all doing? Obsessively knicker-checking here and have the first doctor's appointment on Friday. So far it has been sticking, touch wood, but was aroudn 5 weeks last time as well, so have not allowed myself to get really excited yet. Am, of course, reading the reviews for best prams and so on.

Work irritates the hell out of me at the moment, really need a holiday..

janey1234 Mon 22-Oct-12 09:50:58

Ah hazle it must be tough at the moment - hopefully in a week or so you'll be able to relax a bit more... Fingers crossed for you.

I'm fine thanks, although a little grumpy courtesy of BBC breakfast news this morning. I had to turn over in the end as it was making me cross! They ran a whole story on the fact that female graduates have, on average, children a decade later than those that didn't go to university. Selfish, evil elderberry pavlovas hey. There was absolutely no mention of men in the whole story, no acknowledgement that perhaps it was a decision made as a couple to have children slightly later in life. Instead it was all about women choosing to delay having children just to pursue their careers.

Made me furious....

HazleNutt Mon 22-Oct-12 10:24:06

Ah the old chestnut again. Apparently we all should apologise constantly that we actually did think about with whom we want to have children and if we can actually feed them once we have them.
Because obviously the world is simply full of responsible, suitable men who are absolutely dying to have kids before they are 25.
Funny I haven't met any.

Quodlibet Mon 22-Oct-12 11:58:18

Ahhh yes the mythical parallel universe full of responsible young men eager to take on parenting responsibilities. Have either of you read Baby Hunger? It's about this whole issue really (researched in the States) and how high-achieving women just get really stuck when it comes to having children.

My sister sent me an incredibly cute video this morning of my niece who is 3 months today and has got delighted smiling down pat - she is making me soooo broody!! It is nice to have my niece to focus some maternal energy on.

Pipbin Mon 22-Oct-12 13:09:49

I saw that too. Made me angry as well.
Why is it that its the women who are seen as the ones who want it all.
Why are working mothers always asked how the juggle work and family, never working fathers?
The bit that really got to me was that they said that women would be looking after small children as well as elderly parents, like men never existed.

HazleNutt Mon 22-Oct-12 13:10:16

Quod haven't read, but sounds interesting.
As for my energy, I just complained to my colleague that dogs were naughty during the walk today, didn't want to listen, running all over the place so I had to raise my voice...she said that sounds exactly like a walk with her 3 kids grin

HazleNutt Mon 22-Oct-12 13:12:36

Pipbin and there is no such thing as "working father" really. They are just fathers. Working mothers though, those are pure evil and why did they have children in the first place, if they don't want to take care of them? I wonder why I haven't been asked yet why I got married in the first place if I work and don't want to be home taking care of my husband.

janey1234 Mon 22-Oct-12 13:55:14

Oh yes pip I forgot that was the bit that made me turn over! Outrageous, as if only female offspring have a responsibility to care for their elderly parents. If I could be bothered I'd complain to the BBC. Mind you, by the sounds of it they've got bigger things to worry about with this Panorama programme tonight!

Rache1S Mon 22-Oct-12 19:54:40

I didn't see the report but anyone who has anything other than good things to say about me being pregnant with #1 at my age can quite frankly go fuck themselves will be told to mind their own business. grin I am in the ideal position to start a family, as are most of you ladies on here by the sounds of it. Really winds me up!

Hazle at what point do you think the excitement kicks in? All I feel at the moment is fear confused

HazleNutt Mon 22-Oct-12 21:15:20

Rach, 12 week scan? I have my first appointment on Friday, so maybe will allow myself to get a little excited after that, if the doc says everything looks ok. Yes, at the moment instead of pregnancy symptom spotting am constantly imagining loss of symptoms (although no, all still there).

Pipbin Mon 22-Oct-12 21:46:48

No one might imagine that I have wanted children for the last 10 years but my husband made me wait, no it's just us selfish women.
Not forgetting that very few households can manage on one income these days.

Anyway, 6dpo today and just the tiniest bit of spotting after my run, which is better than normal for my.
I also had cramps this afternoon, higher than normal period pains, but lower than a stitch.

winkle2 Mon 22-Oct-12 22:41:29

I've wanted babies for so long but wanted to wait till I owned my own home and was married.

Bunnygirlie Mon 22-Oct-12 22:46:02

Quite! God forbid that we should wait till we are settled and ready emotionally and financially!

Chuckaluck Tue 23-Oct-12 07:42:40

Oh god forbid, that we might want to bring a child into a stable home! How dreadful of us! wink

Think AF is on her way sad bad stomach cramps! Am on day 28 today so normally another 2 days for me. Might try not to test until am actually late!

HazleNutt Tue 23-Oct-12 07:57:10

sorry chuck but as wel told Rach, early pregnancy does feel a lot like AF, so don't give up yet.

Happy to report I got a 3+ weeks on my Clearblue this morning, so at least so far it's progressing. Still very early days of course.

janey1234 Tue 23-Oct-12 09:18:53

Good news hazle - really pleased it's all going 'to plan' so

Yet again absolutely no symptoms so am convinced I'm not pg again. Having said that I'm not sure I'm at all 'in touch' with my body - never notice any symptoms of AF arriving (hence before ttc it always seemed to catch me by surprise!), and when I was pg last year I only took a test because I was late, had no symptoms at all. I was worried that's why it ended in a mc at 12 weeks but when I asked the doctors at the hospital (for some reason I was convinced it was my fault for not going to see anyone about lack of any real symptoms) and they said that some people just don't get morning sickness, or particularly sore boobs or whatever - or just don't notice it. So I'm trying not to give up all hope...

Chuck - hope it isn't AF and that it's just your body changing because you are pg - everything crossed for you.

And winkle I've wanted babies for soooo long too (before I went to university I used to say I wanted them at 24 - but then I was single at 24 which kind of scuppered my plans wink ) but only met the man I wanted to have them with at 37 (despite lots of looking!) - what can I do?! Whilst I was looking I have worked hard in my career - whilst single I was very aware I had to be totally self sufficient, and to own a house in London doesn't come cheaply - but I would HATE anyone to think that I chose my career over my personal life. If I had, so what, but I didn't...

Rache1S Tue 23-Oct-12 09:29:19

Chuck I had all my usual PMS symptoms so I wouldn't read too much into it until AF actually arrives, or hopefully BFP smile

Hazle do they do things differently in France with you having an appointment this week? I haven't phoned the docs yet (still convinced AF will arrive any time even though I am never late), but I have been told that the first time I will see someone will be 8-10 weeks which is bloody ages away! In the meantime I am at the mercy of crossed fingers, luck and nature hmm I haven't really got any symptoms so I can't even look to them for reassurance.
Congratulations on your 3+ grin (I assume that's 3+ from conception rather than last AF so you are actually now 5+?) I think I am 4+5 today.

HazleNutt Tue 23-Oct-12 10:02:34

Rach I'm not sure, in my case I'm on thyroxine and the dosage has to be adjusted as soon as possible in pregnancy, so that's why I was told to go in. They'll do a scan as well though while I'm there anyway, and some other tests I believe, like toxoplasmosis (all pregnant women are tested for toxo here).

yes, 3+ on ClearBlue should mean 5+ in normal terms. Last time I was also 5+, but the CB never got past 1-2, so nice to see that it's moving this time.

janey1234 Tue 23-Oct-12 10:05:42

rache - in my PCT you actually can actually have your midwife booking in appointment after your 12 weeks scan (depending on how busy they are!). I think it's more common to have that at around 10 weeks and then scan at 12-13.... It's SUCH a long time to wait! If I were you I might get a doctors appointment soon though just to get yourself in the system - for loads of the tests they like to scan you at 12-13wks and my doctor was particularly arsey last time about me going to late and the fact they might not be able to squeeze me in. He was a complete twunt though and made me cry so he could well have been lying!

janey1234 Tue 23-Oct-12 10:06:17

Ps remind me rache- if you're 4+5 now, when did you get your first BFP? Before AF due?

Rache1S Tue 23-Oct-12 10:35:45

Hazle Oooo a scan, how exciting! Isn't the embryo about 2mm at 5 weeks so good on them for being able to actually find it?! So you're already further along on the CB than last month? That's really positive grin

I just phoned the doctors and they took my details and said a Midwife will phone me in the next week or so.

Janey I haven't got any symptoms either apart form the occasional pre-AF style twinge which I had last week. This week nothing. confused I'm desperate for the promised bigger boobs to arrive grin If my temperature wasn't still higher than normal I would think I was imagining the whole thing.

Rache1S Tue 23-Oct-12 10:36:34

Janey got my 1st BFP 2 days before AF was due, at 12DPO.

HazleNutt Tue 23-Oct-12 10:44:03

I don't think they can see much, but I guess should be able to see if something is there. And if it's in the right place and not ectopic.

Pipbin Tue 23-Oct-12 20:42:33

It's 7dpo here and I've had a bit of spotting after a bowel movement.
Does anyone else get that?

Rache1S Tue 23-Oct-12 21:10:56

If that's unusual for you Pipbin then that sounds like a good sign. Of my 2 bouts of spotting I think the one that was most likely to be implantation was at 8DPO. It started about midday and lasted until I went to bed. If yours is implantation then it means that a BFP should show up in a couple of days grin My Sister got her first (very feint) BFP at 8DPO. I have got absolutely everything crossed for you!!

Pipbin Tue 23-Oct-12 21:33:58

Sadly Rache it's only too common for me. I spot quite a lot, and until recently from 4 or 5 dpo onwards.

Bunnygirlie Tue 23-Oct-12 22:25:00

Lovely to hear how you ladies with BFPs are getting on, glad you haven't deserted us ;-)
No real symptoms here for me apart from (get ready for tmi) itchy bits, is thrush a symptom or maybe my body didn't like the conceive plus?!?

Pipbin Tue 23-Oct-12 23:11:43

Very personal question Rache but what was your implantation spotting like? What colour and consistency was it? If you don't mind answering of course.

Rache1S Tue 23-Oct-12 23:23:53

Of course I don't mind Pip, I just usually assume nobody wants tmi. It was red at first just like the start of AF and then it got pinker as the day went on and appeared to be a mix of blood and lotion-like CM. There was so much of it at first that I considered putting a tampon in. My second lot of spotting 4 days later only lasted a few hours and was a bit browner. When it was happening to me most of the obsessive Googling I did suggested that implantation spotting was mostly old-looking brown stuff but this was not my experience.

Pipbin Tue 23-Oct-12 23:31:53

Thanks Rache interesting that there was so much of it and it was so red. All the website wisdom says brown really.
It does mean its really not over until AF sings.

Quodlibet Tue 23-Oct-12 23:44:28

I was thinking how nice it is that the BFPs have stayed around - it gives us TTCers a light at the end of the tunnel!

Pipbin, I am also one who spots a lot and (it might be coincidence) I've been taking Vit B, Vit D and Folic Acid for the past couple of months, and it seems to have reduced it. I hope yours is implantation spotting this month!

I am off to Greece tomorrow - can't wait! An enforced break from the househunt, which is depressing and time consuming. (I am writing up at the moment so I am taking my laptop and writing there - trying to eek out the advantages of the final stretch of my PhD!)

Quodlibet Tue 23-Oct-12 23:45:25

Pip you know your body and what is normal/unusual for you..

Pipbin Tue 23-Oct-12 23:56:47

I've been taking Vitamin B too which has helped. So has having an HSG.
I don't think this is implantation, just regular spotting.

HazleNutt Wed 24-Oct-12 08:01:38

Of coruse we won't leave this thread, not until we have a bunch of BFP Elderberries to start a new thread with.

Let me tell you though, you think the 2ww is long? It gets worse! After you get your BFP, every day to get closer to week 5,6 etc is endless. I never had weeks so long in my whole life, and week 12 is ages away..

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 24-Oct-12 08:13:32

Has anyone had a CBfM not give them a peak?
This is the first cycle I have been using it. It has been showing me a high since day 9, which I understand it generally does from early on if it is cycle 1 and it clearly errs on the side of caution whilst it is establishing a baseline.
But it's CD 22 and even though mine is a 40 day cycle, presumably ov should have happened by now (the My Days app said it should have been yesterday. I also might have been imagining it thought I had some EWCM.
Does this mean I didn't ovulate or can this happen on the first CBFM cycle- many highs but no peak?

Quodlibet Wed 24-Oct-12 09:13:28

Oh god Hazle I see what you mean...you just graduate from the 2ww to the 8ww really don't you?

janey1234 Wed 24-Oct-12 09:18:29

Never used it zombies - but I'd imagine that if you're on a 40 day cycle it may well have not happened yet. Doesn't it happen, on average, 14 days before AF? In which case would be day 26?

I'm meeting a load of friends drinking tonight. Suddenly got really paranoid about going out (I will only have a couple of glasses, and have absolutely no symptoms of being pg) so bought a first response early response test. I know it's inaccurate in about 40% of cases at this time, but I thought it was worth a shot - if it came up as pg I'd obviously make an excuse not to go to avoid the booze. Unsurprisingly BFN. Not giving up yet though, but will be having a drink or two!

Hazle - I KNOW. When I was pg last year (before mc at 12 weeks) those 10 weeks from finding out I was pg were the longest of my life! Not helped by the fact my ex was an arse so I was even more stressed than ever.... I really want to get pg asap but am almost dreading that time-stopping-still feeling if it happens!

winkle2 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:59:26

zombie – I use the CBFM. I always gets a peak but I have heard that the first month it gives you highs while it's getting to know your cycle.

Have you been dtd just in case?

Pipbin Wed 24-Oct-12 13:03:02

Zombie. I used the CBFM, but I have two. One that is mine and one that I got from ClearBlue to trial.
Well the one from ClearBlue gave me a peak on day 16, but mine didn't, and in fact is still giving me a high even though I'm on day 23. I have ovulated, I'm sure of that.
I guess what happens is that if it doesn't get a peak then it encourages you to keep going!

Rache1S Wed 24-Oct-12 15:50:45

Zombies since beginning TTC I have done loads of reading up on women's plumbing and I believe that no matter what your total cycle length is you Luteal Phase will always be 12-16 days long (unless you suffer with LPD,) with 14 days obviously being the average.
So it seems like it probably is EWCM that you have and you need to have a few nights of romancing ahead grin

Pipbin Wed 24-Oct-12 21:21:00

I getting the feeling that I'm out really.
More brown spotting at 8dpo. I know it coud be implantation but I'm just not feeling it.

ZombiesAreClammyDodgers Wed 24-Oct-12 23:15:50

Thanks all! Am DTD - every night- so it is becoming a bit of a marathon. Argh why can't humans come with a little green light that lights up when OVing? smile
I read a few threads on the net that suggested that a long luteal phase was possible and shouldn't cause worry. Anyway will keep on DTD just to be on the safe side.

Rache1S Wed 24-Oct-12 23:16:34

Hooray! I've FINALLY got some symptoms in the form of ever-so-slightly, blink-and-you-might-miss-them sore nipples (although bigger boobs are still disappointingly absent).
I have been observing a July 2013 due date thread and the women on there are all talking about how they have every symptom going, can't stop throwing up, have a bloated belly and are getting into maternity clothes already!!! confused I am going to have to stop watching it because my lack of symptoms is making me feel inadequate.

Pipbin brown spotting is a textbook sign of implantation. Is your spotting usually red or pink? I didn't feel it either and still don't. It's not over until AF has sung grin

Pipbin Wed 24-Oct-12 23:21:09

Rache I nearly always get spotting at this time. I know it doesn't stop all my chances but this is just the same as I normally get. It's clear brown, if that makes any sense. Like brown CM really. I only get it after TMI i have a poo.
I know it's not over until she has sung, but I'm treating it like she has so not to get my hopes up, like saying you are 30 rather than 29 just to get used to it!


HazleNutt Thu 25-Oct-12 06:38:59

Rach was just thinking about the same, besides sore boobs, I don't have anything. No morning sickness, not tired or emotional, not bloated, nothing. So obviously am convinced it must be a mmc, blighted ovum or something. Or maybe we're just lucky.

HazleNutt Thu 25-Oct-12 08:20:20

oh but as for growing boobs - I'm sure it's like with most things in life, they'll only grow if you don't want them to. My bras were getting too small, so ordered some new ones one cup up, and they are just borderline, should have gone up another cup. If they grow one more size, there will probably be only 2 models of bras available, black and beige, both looking like anti-missile body armour. Oh the fun.

Rache1S Thu 25-Oct-12 11:44:34

Hazle I just want some symptoms to show up for reassurance. I genuinely never anticipated how scary this part would be. I was so focused on getting my BFP that I never considered the worry beyond it. DH keeps saying that I might not have many PG symptoms but I also haven't got any pain or bleeding so there's nothing to suggest there is anything wrong. I'm going to have to start listening to him and step away from Google for the sake of my sanity!
It sounds like you have my share of the boobs grin

I am 5 weeks today and will be 12 weeks on the Thursday before Christmas. Do you think they will get me in for a scan? I really hope I don't have to wait until after Christmas. I am going to New York for New Year and I think it would ruin Christmas and my holiday if I don't know everything is ok.

janey1234 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:25:11

Hey rache I hope this isn't insensitive, is meant to be reassuring....

When I found out I'd had a mmc at 12 weeks last year, I kind of blamed myself for not going to the doctors about the lack of symptoms I had whilst pregnant. This is what the consultant at the hospital told me.
1. Yes, you are marginally more likely to have a mc when you're over 30 than when you're under it. However the odds are still low.
2. Women over 30 tend to have significantly less pregnancy symptoms than those under 30. However, most of these women then go on to have perfectly healthy babies. Doctors aren't sure why they have less symptoms, but it doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it's just the way it is.
3. I had no symptoms at all, and my baby was fine, developing normally and had a heartbeat at 10 weeks (had a private scan as I couldn't stand the wait and was worried about lack of symptoms). Something sadly went wrong after that. But the doctor pointed out that the lack of symptoms wasn't a bad thing: the baby was fine until 10 weeks, and I was symptomless then too. He said I was just one of the 'lucky ones' in that respect.

So I guess what I'm saying that no symptoms does not equal bad news at all. You're just more likely to have none because you're over thirty. And that was straight from the mouth of a senior consultant at a hospital - not google folklore.

Sorry to have talked about a mc on an otherwise positive thread, but I just hope it might offer some reassurance....

Also, one of my very best friends has just had her 12 week scan (all fine) and she had no symptoms at all until 8 weeks (then she couldn't stop being sick). So you're still in very early days for symptoms anyway.

The odds are with you that all will be fine. smile It is massively nerve-wracking though I know.

I've certainly got everything crossed for you and hazle.

janey1234 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:26:07

oh and ps they have a very small window when they can do the 12 week scan - so I guess when they scan you depends on where that window sits around Christmas....

Rache1S Thu 25-Oct-12 12:43:38

janey your words are very reassuring, I know I am just being silly (and if I didn't I have DH reminding me constantly). I also know nature will do it's own thing irrespective of how much I worry so there really is no point. I didn't know about the lack of symptoms for Elderberries though so that's good news which made me feel better smile

I am so sorry about your MMC - what a bloody awful thing to go through, especially after the all-good scan at 10 weeks. A good friend of mine had one earlier this year and she has really been through the mill with it. Everything happens for a reason but nature is so cruel sometimes.

Pipbin Thu 25-Oct-12 12:48:01

We have a friend who we only see at Christmas.
Last year she told us that she was 10 weeks pregnant after just two cycles of trying. By that time we had been trying 8 months. I'm really happy for her of course, but I had to go off to cry.
This year she will be there with her baby.
I really want my BFP this month so I can tell her this Christmas.

HazleNutt Thu 25-Oct-12 13:19:58

Of course it's fine to mention the mc, janey. we're all old enough to understand that a BFP is not the end of it and not a guarantee that a healthy baby pops out 9 months later.

And symptoms or lack of does not show anything as said. Had very unpleasant morning sickness very early last time, but it did not work out.

So, first scan tomorrow morning, wonder if they can even see anything..

Lolcbcblemonlime Thu 25-Oct-12 13:34:20

Hi ladies
Af got me today right on time. At least cycle is back to normal. A bit gutted bit hey ho.
Bought cb ov sticks today and am back on epo. Not sure it's doing anything though.
Having bad period pain sad

janey1234 Thu 25-Oct-12 13:46:16

I'm sorry lol, it's gutting, isn't it, especially when accompanied with bad period pains. Rubbish sad

janey1234 Thu 25-Oct-12 14:26:10

As a little aside, I have twice today felt like I've got stitch (once on the left, and once on the right), which is odd given I was sat at my desk both times. Odd? I def don't feel pg in the slightest, and also had the (ridiculously early) BFN yesterday, but am of course thinking this is a possible symptom... Even though us elderberries don't get symptoms that is... wink

Pipbin Thu 25-Oct-12 14:34:54

How many DPO are you Janey?

janey1234 Thu 25-Oct-12 14:44:03

I've no idea. Is that days past ovulation? I got my smiley face on clear blue ov predictor thing on 15th and had EWCM then too.... So if it was 15th I guess it's 10 DPO? AF is due on 29th, but knowing me, could easily come on 27th or 28th....

Pipbin Thu 25-Oct-12 14:51:19

It tends to be on the day after the positive OV and when the EWCM stops. So I'm guessing you OVd on the 16th and are 9 DPO like me!

janey1234 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:21:57

Argh nervous times then pip. Annoyingly we didn't DTD on 16th as DP was out until late, and I was fast asleep when he got in. We did on 14th and 15th though so hopefully that might do?

Pipbin Thu 25-Oct-12 19:56:07

I'm in exactly the same position as you. Didn't manage it the night of the CBFM peak, but we did the day before.

Another woman at work is pregnant. She'd been trying a year apparently. I'm just hoping that these things happen in threes.

Chuckaluck Thu 25-Oct-12 21:01:02

Hmmm, no AF for me yet. Have been getting on and off cramps and definitely feel like AF is about to come but will test tomorrow as that means I am a day late! Probably just because am off to the doctors tomorrow for blood test results! Pipin, I know how you feel re friends. I have a friend who has never wanted kids and been very anti people that did at times. Just announced she changed her mind and 6 weeks later was pregnant. I wanted to kill her!!! envy Next time I see her I want to tell her I am pregnant too!!!!

No AF for me yet either, finished my last pill about four weeks ago and have been feeling crampy for about three flipping weeks but nothing. Every day I think, oh DEFINITELY today but so far nothing. Trying to put off testing as long as possible though cos I know the chances of getting a BFP already are pretty slim and I don't want the disappointment but my patience is running out!

Pipbin Thu 25-Oct-12 21:28:30

Purple they do say that you have a fertility spike after coming off the pill, so who knows.

Thanks Pipbin, I was hoping you'd all tell me to stop being so silly though. I've hidden my sticks to PO in the car so I'm not too tempted. Perhaps if I DID POAS sods law dictates that AF will turn up the next day doesn't it? Would be one way to hurry it along grin

Pipbin Thu 25-Oct-12 22:08:20

It is guaranteed that when you wipe after POAS that AF is there. She hides waiting for the stick.

Chuckaluck Fri 26-Oct-12 06:15:15

Negative test but still no AF sad