This thread is the one the Rat Smacketeers all become PSEPP and we are Brooking No Argument this is the case. Fact.

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ScarlettInSpace Fri 07-Sep-12 07:21:13

Ladies this thread is the one, I can feel it in my water [although maybe that's the drugs hmm ], here you go grin

<marks place to keep abreast of all the BFPs>

CruCru Fri 07-Sep-12 07:46:17

Awesome, thank you. What is PSEPP?

Princesslovelyboo Fri 07-Sep-12 07:55:52

Got my spot set up. Cru it is a pee stick endorsed pregnant person. You will be one soon smile

keepitgoing Fri 07-Sep-12 07:59:26

Nice one scarlett, thanks for setting it up. hope you're feeling better now. I can't remember how long until your scan?

cru - the trouble is that we all have faulty pee sticks. It's a question of finding the right one, you see...

Wow I am in such a brooking mood at the moment. All ye in the down parts of your cycles fear not. I am holding the brooking banner for us all. Those on drugs will get BFPs. Those not on drugs will get BFPs. And soon!! And then they will be sticky. Fear not. Hear ye.

Princesslovelyboo Fri 07-Sep-12 08:05:19

There is a little bit of news over on the graduates thread grin

keepitgoing Fri 07-Sep-12 08:10:10

ooh great stuff - munx has had hers. Gosh, time flies!!

ScarlettInSpace Fri 07-Sep-12 08:12:04

grin actually lol'd at Hear Ye keep p'raps we should've gone for a pirate theme this thread!

I'm feeling loads better, I'm going with the 'eating first' tactic and it seems to be woring so far fx [I still feel 'not me' iykwim, a bit nauseous in the background but I can cope with that].

OH was in a right bad mood last night as soon as he finished work and we ended up having a huge row about something really stupid so I stormed off to bed and still seemingly not speaking this morning before he left. Stupid man hmm.

Anyway I'm off to get newborn baby cuddles this afternoon grin

Hope you are all happy on this sunny Friday!

BeedleTheBard Fri 07-Sep-12 08:50:36

Morning all

Lovely thread scarlett

Excellent news on the follicles sweetie

Solars Fri 07-Sep-12 08:57:41

Lovely new thread, thanks Scarlett and glad to hear you are feeling much better and jealous of you new born cuddles, I'm hopefully getting some this weekend!

Keep I'm loving your positivity!

Geek hope you will be joining us full time next week?

weirdo Maybe hope you're ok?

Bartlet I'm so pleased to hear all is going well for you, it must be so relieving!

Beedle anymore symptoms to report?

Sweetie still rooting for your follies GROW FOLLIES GROW

Not much to report I feel fine and quite positive still most likely to do with the CDs i've been listening to every night though

Leaves behind croissants, butter, jam and freshly brewed tea! Have a nice day all!

Scarlett Love this thread!! It sounds like a super brooky one, cus it is actually the thread in which we all get diffed. FACT.

I'm in a super brooky mood today too, just the bit about TTC anyways!! my rash has come back today with a firey itchy vengance and I want to claw my skin off, so this month has been a bit of a write off in terms of SWI, as theres no way I can even begin to feel sexy while I'm like this.

Doctor has told me it could take months to go away, but its starting to be a real issue, should I go back? Its only because its all over my hands again, which makes daily life flipping difficult!! Going to deep cleant the house this weekend, completely from top to bottom see if that helps!!

Solars Fri 07-Sep-12 09:04:55

Oh no Sparkes, what did your doc say it was caused by?

Solars The last one I saw said the issue on my hands was caused by coming in to contact with chemicals, but I find that stupidly hard to believe!! the one before that said it could have been caused by anything and to just see how I got on!!

keepitgoing Fri 07-Sep-12 09:15:34

i'd watch out when cleaning the house, sparks as chemicals and that could aggravate it. I'd tell them about it again when you next go back - might be worth booking a double appointment as otherwise it can be hard to talk about two issues, and your PCOS discussion might take a while anyway. When is the appointment?

(and everyone else's follies too, for the drug-takers)

Morning all

Lovely new thread Scarlett glad to hear you are feeling a bit more human.

Sparks do you wear rubber gloves when cleaning or doing jobs around the house? Might be worth really trying to keep your hands covered up until your Dr appointment, see if it improves things

Solars good to hear the positivity - those vibes are setting the thread on fire!!

Well DH finally realises he has something to do with TTC, after googling sperm for pregnancy he has announced he won't be drinking coffee!! Men!! I have been trying for the last 18 months to tell him this. Potentially he will have to, ahem, produce his bit Monday, so 3 days without coffee really isn't that much of a hardship!!

<goes off to find wall to bang head against>

keepitgoing Fri 07-Sep-12 09:39:23

oh wow sweets i didn't realise it was that soon. (dense). It seems really quick, but probably doesn't to you. Men!! Though some people say coffee just before dtd makes them swim faster...

cartoonface Fri 07-Sep-12 09:46:21

Haha sweetie you've gotta love em.
sparks get ur marigolds on i wouldnt risk getting cleaning stuff on that rash.
scarlett love the new title and glad that youve found a way of doing feelings that helps you not feel so rough.
off to see the good dr s 2mora

<marks place and scoffs Solars' criossants>

I hand on heart think the reason I got updiffed when I did was down to DH ditching the caffeine. He had been consuming a massive 400-600mg of caffeine every day ( shock <- this was me when I found out) and I got pregnant almost exactly 3 months after he cut down to 100-200mg a day - which could be nothing but it seems a bit much of a coincidence to me. So I defo think it's worth a shot, sweetie, if he has lots in a day.

sparks is it worth going for an allergy test? If the Dr won't do one, I don't think they're that expensive to get privately - lots of health food shops have someone come round once a month and do them iyswim, or you can go to an alternative health place (the kind that does homeopathy etc). I got one done a good few years ago and the only thing it flagged up was an allergy to alcohol hmm

I just realised you said he has to dtd Monday sweetie! He might be pushing it there, lol grin

Princesslovelyboo Fri 07-Sep-12 10:27:41

Fluff did take alcohol make you feel sick and dizzy? I think I had told same thing winkgrin

Sweetie I agree with the others, be careful not to aggravate it with cleaning stuff.

Face good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

Not sure how much I will be able to read/post over the weekend, we're off on a deaf children's weekend in the High Peak not sure if they have power never mind wifi grin

Cheery wave to everyone else.

shock just read a thread 'how many DC to you have?' she's pregnant with twins but already has 9 children!!!!! envy I just want one!!!!!

Ok will properly reply to the thread soon promise

Fluff can not believe how quickly your last day has come around, enjoy it my dear. How many weeks until miniFluff arrives? So exciting

If my scan goes well tomorrow, and the little follies have grown, I will have egg collection on Monday and DH will have to dtd the same day ready for addition to the test tube or however they do it I agree I am not sure if he has left it a bit late confused

Princesslovelyboo Fri 07-Sep-12 10:37:20

9 dc???shock and a fanjo like a wizards cloak sleeve grin

keepitgoing Fri 07-Sep-12 10:46:03

grin grin vomit at boo
that is Just. Not. Fair. Wonders if it's true, or if people get their kicks out of posting inane things on the internet. Wonders if boo is really an old man...

cartoonface Fri 07-Sep-12 10:53:38

no fair some people are just plain greedy.

Princesslovelyboo Fri 07-Sep-12 11:00:06

<sits I'm the corner muttering, it was not like this in my day, we fought in the war for all this>

GreenOlives Fri 07-Sep-12 11:02:17

<marking place ready for abundance of BFPs!>

Sending lots of no brooking vibes to Sweetie's follies!

Also great news Barlett that must be very reassuring.

Lots of love and luck to all the rat smackers! Xxx

BeedleTheBard Fri 07-Sep-12 11:13:56

well actually I wouldn't want 11 children grin

BeedleTheBard Fri 07-Sep-12 11:20:51

solars I can't really say that I have any symptoms to report, my boobs are sore but they usually are at this point.

Not that I'm actually sure how many dpo I am, (I'm trying to relax - ha ha) but AF is due on Wednesday, same day as our appointment. We're both taking the whole day off, partly as its easier to take a whole day than explain why I'll be away for about 3 hours in the middle of the day, and partly (for me) in case its bad news for DP (he's convinced it will be), I'd rather be with him for the afternoon, even though he won't want to talk about it hmm

<Dresses DD up and gives her pom poms>
<Attempts to dress self appropriately but gives up so just grabs pom poms instead>

What do we want?

Positive pee sticks

When do we want them?


ScarlettInSpace Fri 07-Sep-12 11:31:34

<is concerned to see rubber using her DD as a pom pom and suggests not rushing in future where pom poms & small children are involved>

boo it used to give me hot flushes and make my face beetroot red til I persevered and developed a tolerance grin

Gosh that’s all happened very quickly sweetie - good luck smile
I’m 36 weeks tomorrow, so at the very most I have 6 weeks left shock

Fluffamazing only 6 weeks max to go, next few weeks of rest & relaxation - that had flown by, am sure you may feel differently though wink

ScarlettInSpace Fri 07-Sep-12 12:02:53

It seems like only yesterday fluffy had a little kernal... Now it's a full on baby! That has flown!

Geeklette Fri 07-Sep-12 12:16:03

Go fluff!!! Where have those weeks gone? shock

Just got my AMH results, 49.1. Eek! sad Poss symptom of PCOD but ultrasound showed ovaries all normal. Been referred to fertility specialist (huh? I thought my consultant was one!) for further investigation.

Sorry to me-post and run, it's taken me half an hour to type this on my phone!

Brooking vibes and warm crisp sandwiches to everyone grin

Geeklette Fri 07-Sep-12 12:21:36

PS AF showed up last Tuesday so I found her in contempt of court, clapped her in irons and sent her down for life. That should keep her out of our hair for a bit!

Geek sorry to hear AF got you but I think you dealt with her in a most appropriate manner. Isn't that a good result for AMH? Thought optimal fertility was 28 - 50 for AMH. I might be wrong as only going on what Dr Google says.

Geeklette Fri 07-Sep-12 12:38:45

Apparently anything over 48 is considered high, but given my age (I'm just four years away from when my mum started her menopause) the consultant has described it as 'very high for local assay' whatever that means and recommended the fertility expert he has referred me to considers a short course of some drug whose name I didn't catch and further scans. Hopefully know more on Monday as I have my 'Intro to IVF' 2 hr appointment. Would explain why I had three LH surges last cycle though.

K, break over, back into court for me!

It has gone very quickly indeed - despite the fact I'm very uncomfortable now, I'm not ready for it to be over yet! Baby is under orders to stay put until October grin

Good luck geek smile

Geeklette Fri 07-Sep-12 15:49:38

<runs around in circles waving arms madly in the air screaming "I'm free! No more jury service!!!">

Firstly, a very big welcome to snow and cru who I have so rudely not welcomed yet. My apologies, I have been rather distracted of late.

Secondly, a huge thank you to scarlett for starting this fabby new fred which will be our home for the next four weeks or so, and will see us all gain our bright shiny new BFPs. I hope your DH's mood improves pronto. I'm sorry you've been feeling so sick, but that trick about eating first is a handy one to be aware of. I shall bear that in mind when I start my drugs.

keep it is so lovely to see you in such a positive frame of mind. Thailand obviously agrees with you! I am glad you have got a plan sorted out for yourselves, it all sounds very workable and you will have your BFP in the bag before you know it.

Amazing news on the munx front, it is always a joy to hear a brooking success story. Sometimes I feel I've been TTC so long I've lost sight of what it might mean to have a baby, because I am so damn focussed on just getting sodding well pregnant!

beedle Brooking that AF does not show up on Wednesday, and good luck for your appointment. I hope all goes well for you both, and that MrBeedle doesn't get bad news. Very wise to take the time off to be with him just in case though.

solars fx for you getting your newborn cuddles this weekend. You can't beat em! I do indeed hope to be more of a full time brooker from next week. This weekend is going to be a complete chill-down, get my head together type of thing though.

sparks so pleased to see you happy and positive. I'm guessing the PCOS diagnosis has helped you rather than made you feel worse yes? And with it being such a mild case there is bound to be loads that they can do to help things along. And you also know from your charts that you do ovulate, you are just a little irregular at doing so, so you don't need to worry about that aspect of PCOS. When's the job interview? I should know this but I've got brains made of mushy peas today blush I still think you should get another opinion about your rash. Especially if it is keeping you from smacking the rat, because that simply is not on. Some doctors just do not appreciate the important things in life!! is this post long enough for you so far?

sweetie oh my goodness - that just goes to highlight the difference in time frame between long protocol and short protocol! I can't believe it has come around already. Brooking for fab follies for you for Monday, and super speedy swimmers for MrSweetie. Bless him for finally looking up to see what he can do to help things along even if it is a bit on the late side now

boo how's my favourite recently-PSEPP doing? Brill news that your face is on the mend, that is so good to hear. Now you can concentrate on your manic gym life, camping without electricity and all of the other daft things you enjoy grin

fluff you tell your fluffster to stay put until the 17th October. That is by far the best day of the year to be born grin

solars, sweetie and scarlett, were any of you just a little bit shock when you had to complete the 'welfare of the child' form for IVF? I spent several hours wandering round, randomly ranting that if I were a chain-smoking, binge-drinking, worshipping-at-the-golden-arches-three-times-a-day type person who just so happened to have been personally blessed by Aphrodite's fertility stick that nobody would bat an eyelid or question my right to have children but because I need to go through IVF the world and its dog has a right to sit in judgement of me.

I think I've already splurged all my news via phone - nothing new to report really. Got my 2 hr appointment for IVF on Monday, they rang me up at lunchtime in a panic, for some reason thinking I didn't know anything about it! They have confirmed they did receive the letter from my consultant so PCOD is one of the things they will pay particular attention to in my scan.

<waves to bartlett, cartoon, maybe, olives, rubber, and everyone else and sniffs around for crisp sandwich crumbs>

Solars Fri 07-Sep-12 18:49:19

Just wanted to wish Face lots of good luck tmrw at your appointment and lots of brooking for Sweetie's scan, hope it all goes well!!

Also Sparkes if your rash is really not settling and still flaring up then I think it's worth another chat with your gp about or as someone (sorry I can't remember who said it) perhaps an appointment for allergy tests??

Geek I was definitely shocked too, it's just crazy isn't it?? Sorry not a clue on what AMH figures mean and what is PCOD? Anyway good luck for monday hope it goes well and they can reassure you.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

TheLittleFriend Fri 07-Sep-12 19:05:29

Marking place for lots of bfp's on this lucky thread x

ScarlettInSpace Fri 07-Sep-12 19:08:59

Hmmm I had to fill in so many forms I lost track but I don't remember a welfare o the child one?

Geek I have missed you long chatty posts. Glad you made it through the jury service, what did you think? Good, bad, long, boring?

I remember all the forms we had to complete, seemed to go on forever. Once you are signed up for treatment there are even more about consent over what to do with unused or unsuitable eggs, what happens to frozen embryos if one person dies, on and on etc. Everytime they write to you GP they ask them if there is anything the GP is aware of to raise as a concern.

My clinic rang me prior to my first appointment to make sure I would be still attending, I wonder if the get a lot of no shows due to ironic BFPs.

Imps7 Fri 07-Sep-12 21:18:52

Yo new Fred in da house check it check it yo yo yo.

Belly button is now crusty rather than gunky. That's better isn't it?

Will read back on y'all tomorrow check it check it yo.

Imps thanks for sharing, glad it seems to be getting better.

Will be back later this afternoon with a follie update. We are going to go straight from the hospital to seaside for the afternoon. Haven't decided if to go to Scarborough or cayton bay yet, but don't be worrying fish & chips will be had wherever we end up.

Hope everyone else has a lovely weekend planned

imps you're actually gross envy <<< my face is this colour

I'm 7dpo and suffering from zero symptoms, make a nice change

ScarlettInSpace Sat 08-Sep-12 09:51:55

Morning all, sweetie good luck for today, and enjoy done seagull dodging this afternoon.

This IVF lark really isn't agreeing with me, sooooooooooooo hope I only have to do it the once envy

I'm sick of feeling sick and tired of feeling tired, and quite frankly I feel like a grumpy miserable anti social hag, my friends are having an engagement party later and at the moment OH is going to go on his own because I really don't want to be nice to people whilst trying not to vom plus I would totally feel like the spectre at the feast, all I want to do us loll around and read my book and not talk to anyone on rl.



scarlett so sorry you are still feeling under the weather, maybe short protocol next time??? Of course there won't be a next time.

Sparks no symptom is a symptom, maybe this is due to your more relaxed approach

scarlett so sorry your feeling poorly, is there anything your consultant can do? To ease the symptoms?

sweetie yes I think you may be right in that I'm so chilled Im not thinking about symptoms!

Question - I've just had a letter from the hospital with another scan date, the lady didn't tell me I'd need to have another one, and I haven't been to the docs yet so any ideas why I might have to have another one?

Warning this is a very woe is me post but I am feeling very down in the dumps this afternoon, I think my chance to be a Mum to my own baby is slipping through my fingers.

The larger follie is now thought to be a follicular cyst and unlikely to contain an egg, the medium follie is now at optimum 18mm and has grown well. The smallest follie is now only 11mm, from 9mm on Thursday, so they think any egg will be weak as it isn’t growing quickly enough.
I have to do my trigger egg release injections at 11.30 this evening for Monday morning collection anyway. Will just have to wait and see what is actually collected on Monday, there is nothing more I can do now. I am trying to keep quality over quantity in my mind but that is very hard that I might only get a single egg.
I almost hope that whatever they do get doesn’t fertilize as I really don’t know if I can go through 2 weeks of torture waiting until I can do a pregnancy test.

DH is going out this evening, ironically to wet the babys head of his mates IVF baby. So I will wallow in self pity and eat chocolate as can not even have a glass of wine.

Sorry ladies for such a depressing post but I am feeling so down right now.

ScarlettInSpace Sat 08-Sep-12 18:55:33

sweetie thats a shame about your largest follie but the middle one sounds promising, hang on in there me love, on another thread I go on we are all singing dont stop believing by journey and I think you should have a little mental singalong, remember It Only Takes One xx

CruCru Sat 08-Sep-12 20:17:32

Hey Sweetie - you do need only one. Good luck from me.

All - you know that when you are successful after IVF, you also have to fill in a form to tell them about the birth etc? That's a nice one to fill in though.

Oh Sweetie lovely. I'm so sorry you are feeling so low. But i have every belief that you will be a mum to your own baby, and I will believe in it while you can't. I am so sure things will seem better in the morning. And role on Monday. You will get through this. We are brookers.

<breaks in to song: we are brookers till we die>

<dances round the follie totem>

<Joins in follie dance>

Coooommmmeeeee on follies!!

sweetie it only takes one, just one little egg and then that cuddly baby will be yours!! It'll be the most tense 2 weeks of your life but imagine how exciting getting that BFP will be?! We'll all be half whooping for joy and half crying happy tears, dont deny us that joy and give up now smile

<hugs> not very MN but it has to be done!!

ScarlettInSpace Sun 09-Sep-12 09:26:34

sweetie hope you're feeling better today, I was thinking about you last night [in a non stalkerish way I promise] and I reckon if someone said to us when we started IVF we'd get one good, strong, fertilised emby at the end of it we would've bitten their hand off! It's easy to get carried away in it all and raise your expectstions when things seem to go well but remember you only need one and focus on that follie me dear And you never know, the wee one may just surprise you too wink

Geeklette Sun 09-Sep-12 09:31:44

sweetie I'm so sorry to hear about your largest follie, but I am brooking no argument, your other follies will contain one, if not two, fab eggs. I really have no words of wisdom about the 2ww after the embryo transfer, it is torture at the best of times even without IVF. All you (and we, because believe me we will be!) can do is brook like mad for a good nestling in. Of course you will be a mum to your own baby though. That is simply not up for discussion. We are always here for hugs, hand-holding and follie-dancing x

Aw thanks lovelies <chokes back another round of tears> for your support. I feel better this morning, after a good cry and eating my own body weight in peanut M&Ms!!!
I know it only takes one super strong golden egg, so I have to think this month is just like any other but we know we have given it our best shot. The treatment hasn't been too bad in all honesty, it is the mentalling that is worse.
Have a busy day planned to keep my mind off things and then they have included some relaxation drugs in my pack to take later to encourage a good nights sleep.

Hope everyone else has a lovely day planned making the most of the glorious weather.
Thanks again Brookers for your support xx

Thanks sweetie now I have a craving for peanut m&ms

snowcloud Sun 09-Sep-12 15:06:47

Hi what's happened to the last thread?

Hi snow threads only have a 1000 post life, so when we get near that we start a new one!

Princesslovelyboo Sun 09-Sep-12 16:18:27

Hi all, back from the darkest peak district after a fab deaf children's weekend just in time to start my grow follies dance round the totem again! I really am brooking so hard for you Sweetie.

TheLittleFriend Sun 09-Sep-12 19:08:45

sweetie brooking so hard for you my love. Hope your relaxation drugs work & you get a good nights sleep xx



And all the other IVFers, and all the other brookers xx

CruCru Sun 09-Sep-12 19:34:26

Sweetie - I approve. Getting some rest may actually improve your chances.

AF arrived for me today, which was a shame. Here's to next month!

In that case Cru welcome to day 1 of your pregnancy!

Sweetie brooking for you

Geeklette Sun 09-Sep-12 21:16:23

sweetie brooking like crazy for your egg collection tomorrow. It is quality that matters, and it sounds like you have at least one perfect sized follie to give an excellent quality egg. Looking forward to hearing about your BFP in approx two weeks smile <unMNy hug and a squeeze>

Thanks ladies, I have had my sedative and feeling decidedly woozy (Scarlett & Solars I hope you have some these in order for when your time comes) so off to bed to listen to my relaxation CD and hopefully nod off to asleep.

I will let you know how things go when I can tomorrow. Night night to all

Solars Sun 09-Sep-12 22:15:29

I believe in your follies Sweetie sorry I've only just caught up with you all, but I'm brooking like anything for you, honey! This journey is such a roller coaster and I can feel it in my waters you will finish on top! Sleep well, I will be thinking good positive thoughts for you for tmrw!! thanks

keepitgoing Mon 10-Sep-12 04:28:18

sweetie just wanted to say that I am thinking of you today, and willing that both medium sized egg will fertilise nicely, and that little egg will have grown enough to be able to fertilise too. I hope that you are not too nervous; you're doing all you can, lovely, and that's a good think. I am brooking for you; we all are! How long till you know if they've fertilised - tomorrow?

cru sorry the witch got you as well. This will be the month! This is our thread.

wave to everyone else. Hope the drugs are going down well for scarlett & solars and that everyone else is smacking that rat. beedle - not long till your bfp/appointment!

Good luck sweetie hope everything goes well and in fact there were two follies to be harvested!!

In secretworld I was super stupid yesterday and didnt take any antihistamines and my rash has spread again today, stupid Stupid stupid!! Now I have to totes rethink today outfit!!

ScarlettInSpace Mon 10-Sep-12 08:42:19

Good luck sweetie fx x

Good luck Sweetie

How are the other IVFers doing?

Good luck for today Sweetie I am brooking so hard for you today x

Sparks your poor rash. Hope the outfit re-think worked out.

How are you feeling now Scarlett?

Sorry about AF Cru

Glad you had a good break Boo

How are all other brookers, post grads and new borns? All well I hope!

GreenOlives Mon 10-Sep-12 10:01:44

Brookety brook brook brook to you all! Special extra brook for Sweetie!

BeedleTheBard Mon 10-Sep-12 10:17:08

Good luck sweetie I have everything crossed for you

Which is actually quite uncomfortable as I'm stuck in bed after hurting my back again on Sat. it was almost better after last week's berry picking and then I sneezed and hurt it again, I'm not actually sure how that was possible but it was agony yesterday, much better today but I'm not fit enough to sit or stand at my desk all day. Anyway I'm just glad its not shag week grin

sparks I can't believe the trouble you've been having with your rash, I hope it gets better soon

scarlet I haven't stopped believing its going to work for all of you IVFers and the rest of us too

keepitgoing Mon 10-Sep-12 10:21:56

gosh beedle, you are taking to your bed for your confinement very early. I know that you are pregnant, most likely with twins, but to go to bed for eight months you will be driven mad. Just confirm your pregnancy on wendesday, and then leave the bed-rest for a good seven months! smile

Oh Beedle you poor thing. You must get that back sorted out, as Keep has pointed out, you're going to be carrying some extra weight soon wink

Just popping in to brook for you all and especially the IVF-ers, particularly Sweetie's follies - come on follies!

<gives Gen a squeeze before she disappears again>

ScarlettInSpace Mon 10-Sep-12 16:03:12

hiya everyone <weak smile>

beedle am well jell at your bedridden-ness, I could do with a bit of that!

hope *sweetie is ok and recovering from the procedure with hot chocolate & marshmallows and trashy DVD's.

AFM I'm still pretty rubbish to be honest sad I can't go a full day without at least one nap, the sickness comes and goes but I'm sticking with the acu's advice to eat before the injections as most days that seems to have helped, I ache from head to foot, I am floppy and listless, clumsy, forgetful and feel like bursting into tears at the drop of a hat, it's ridiculous!

I don't know if I'd be able to do all this again and pay through the bloody nose for for the pleasure so it had better work!

<leaves behind bags of salted crisps as they are my weakness at the moment>
<PS I didn't leave them on purpose, I can't remember where I put anything at the moment!>

Ladies I have returned with a very fuggy head and unable to stand up straight yet, but I am back.

The process was quick, easy and pain free for those about to go through it. I have built it up in my own mind to be terrible and it was far from that. We were number 6 of 8 and due to be seen at 10.30 which was pretty spot on. There wasn't much to do but we had taken a paper and a few magazines.

I was gowned up but had my own slippers & dressing gown (DH wouldn't let me take my fluffy Peacocks one with Mice on it). The bit that hurt the most was getting the cannula in the back of my hand to administer the drugs, she had to get it in my elbow in the end. Bet my hand bruises lovely, I will take a pic for you all.

After the cannula episode I walked to the room which was quite comical in set up as the embryologist is through a hatch a'la 70's dining room. I laid on the bed and the older lady nurse (think Carry On film) helped get my feet into the stirrups. Prof Blah Blah introduced himself as the anesthetist was pushing some drug in and that was the last I remember, never saw an instrument or anything. I vaguely remembering me asking Prof Blah Blah how many eggs he got, when he replied only 1 I said "I hope he had a good look!!!" Then I was back in recovery - all done.

I came around quite quickly, drifting in and out of sleep and DH was allowed in with me from 12. I was given a cuppa, a sarnie, made to have a wee and I could go home. I did question Carry On Nurse again about how many they got. But it hadn't gone up, still on the one. So we now wait for the call tomorrow, late morning, to see if it has fertilised, she did say if it doesn't we get another round if we want it!!!

The ladies in the beds next to mine got 15 & 18 eggs respectively so I felt a little disappointed but we are all different. Then there was another women in floods of tears so I am not sure if she may not have got many either. I have a bit of bleeding now but no abdominal pain so feel quite lucky. Although he didn't have loads of prodding around through 20+ follies. So every cloud and all that!!!

Right after this epic post I am off back for a lie down and have MrS bring me a cuppa before he starts tea!!!

Please can I ask for you all to Brook your Brooking socks off for fertilisation this evening!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM ME & MRSweetie

I will read back and name check later this evening.

Princesslovelyboo Mon 10-Sep-12 17:12:12

Sweetie well done on a tough day, and I am Brooking harder than a brooking thing for egg to be fertilized.

<starts choreography on a fertilizer dance, wonders if Maybe could whittle another totem>

Solars Mon 10-Sep-12 17:57:46

Gosh Sweetie what a day and it looks like you're being looked after so well by MrSweetie! Do they give you a call in the morning to let you know how the embie is doing? Brook, brook, brooking for fertilisation tonight thanks

cartoonface Mon 10-Sep-12 18:12:46

back from devon, back to the world of internet connection!!!!!!
sweetie hope your ok. ill get going on my fertilisation dance for you.
sparkswhen do you find out about your pcos? we can be pcos buddies!
so anyone that didnt see it on our fb group. i have very high nk cells and pcos. the pcos was just as much of a shock really theres never been anything to suggest i might have that but there you go!
i can start ttc whenever i like now. have to take steroid tablets from ovulation. for like 10days then poas. if neg stop and then start the tablets at next ovulation. when i get a positive thats when the really cocktail of medication starts!
now where will i find olives i need to speak to her about prednisolone

Solars Mon 10-Sep-12 18:18:16

Scarlett this will be the only time you'll be going through this as it will work first time for you and thereafter all other dcs will be conceived naturally <strikes gavel> I really hope you feel better soon, it's not too long til your scan right?

Beedle hope the back is well rested now!

Waves to Gen hope all is going well!

Sorry for short post, hope everyone else is well!

Solars Mon 10-Sep-12 18:21:25

Face it must feel good to have a plan right? It must be some sort of relief! Looking forward to hearing about your BFP very soon!

cartoonface Mon 10-Sep-12 18:31:01

solars it is but im also gutted at the same time. i just keep thinking about how having babies is the most natural thing but yet my body fights it.
i know i shouldnt be down about it and im in a much better position than others. theres always someone worse of than you rite

My bloods and scan point to PCOS, so really the docs is just a formality to get a referral, hopefully by the end of the week though

cartoonface Mon 10-Sep-12 18:50:10

did you see the scan? i saw mine lots of black dots on my ovaries. he wasnt worried because its never effected me. i hope your not too worried about it.

TheLittleFriend Mon 10-Sep-12 19:15:50

<joins in the fertilization dance for sweetie> x

BeedleTheBard Mon 10-Sep-12 19:19:00

Brooking very hard for Mr & Mrs Sweetie's egg and sperm to get it on this evening

I think AF is on her way here, which is Ok. If I'm not going to get an ironic BFP before my appointment, then being on CD2 and getting 1lot of blood tests out of the way is pretty good

Brooking like billio for you Sweetie

<sets up a bit of mood lighting and Barry White on the iPod at the lab for the Sweetie sperm n egg>

GreenOlives Mon 10-Sep-12 20:09:31

<does brooking slow dance to Barry White for Sweetie>

Face feel free to PM me for pred info smile

Geeklette Mon 10-Sep-12 20:11:06

Brooking so hard that Mr Sweetie's swimmers and Sweetie's obviously fabulous golden egg are enjoying their speed date in the petri dish restaurant. Get it on, little egg/swimmers!

sweetie thank you for your post on the collection procedure, I'll be on the short protocol too so in about 4-6 weeks will be doing pretty much what you did today. By which time, you will be 2-4 weeks pregnant, of course grin

I'm enjoying a last night of being free to booze tonight and I've been maybe a bit too free with it so won't even try to post about my appointment right now!

MrGeek and I are brooking for everyone, but in particular solars, scarlett (really hope your sickness dies down soon but please feel free to forgetfully leave us your crisps any time!) and of course sweetie. sparks I really hope your rash gets under control soon, it just sounds wrong to me sad

oops that's the oven timer, better go before I burn the house down!

keepitgoing Tue 11-Sep-12 03:02:15

sweetie i didn't see your post until this morning, due to time differences, but was brooking the night away (in between smacking the rat) for you. Glad that you have one egg, and as we brookers know, it's quality, not quantity. Ask smegs... Will be around waiting for your news later on today. Brooking that the egg likes one of mrsweetie's sperm!

face i think it's good you have a diagnosis too, and am glad that they are accepting immune issues, as i've read some people think it's a bit controversial. You've always conceived easily, so it won't be long until you get that sticky one, I'm sure of it. How has your DP taken the news? and don't worry about the 'natural' thing - we are happy to accept help with antibiotics, or glasses, or suncream, or whatever. And well done you for pushing them to give you tests earlier than three m/cs.

geek i think you'll find that sweetie is already 2 weeks pregnant, so will be 6-8 weeks by the time you get started, and the expert on morning sickness and all that jazz. smile Does mrgeek know about us then? I am considering coming clean as sometimes i realise i know more than expected about certain things...

solars are you feeling ok on your meds? How long till your scan?

scarlett so sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish. Hope mrscarlett is being nice and understanding and taking good care of you. Keep it up. Are you working at the moment?

secret do you think they will treat in any way, given you clearly do ovulate? ditto for face. I think it's actually very common but most people get pg without realising it, like face.

love to all, and I am here leading the Tuesday waiting parade for sweetie's news while you lazy lot are asleep wink

cartoonface Tue 11-Sep-12 06:22:36

Woken up by dps family dog who we are looking after for a couple of nights. Grrr so ill wait her for news from sweetie.
I hope scarlett is feeling better today.
geek how's the head today smile
keep dp is fine didn't really understand why I was so upset. I don't either really I think its shock and I'm worried about remembering to take the right things at the right time. I've got the memory of a 90yr old at times! But I'm sure we'll figure it all out.
sparks like keep said they may decide not to bother treating you. I will only get meds for it if it starts to become an issue and I'm not getting pregnant quick enough Mr s also said that like 1in 5 haveit. But it usually needs something to trigger it such as being overweight he reckoned if I continue to watch my weight it won't be an issue for me.
Morning all brookers!!

Morning all.

Sweetie I am brooking so hard for you. That egg is the egg. When will you get the call? I hope you are feeling less woozy after a good sleep.

Scarlett how are you feeling? When do you have your scan lovely? I hope ou are being pampered.

Face glad you are feeling ok about things. You'll remember to take your meds, and I'm sure all will be well.

How's the back Beedle? Hope AF isn't there.

Imps lovely, how are you? Ready for the GBBO tonight? MrMaybe got me the book and the Paul Hollywood one. I have already made double death by chocolate cookies and a lemon and coconut cake. Yum.

Keep how are you feeling? How's that horny goat weed working?!

Geek how was your boozy night?! What times the appointment?

Solars have you started your meds now?

How's that rash Sparks?

I'm off today. Have woken up with no voice, conjunctivitis and a temperature. Am currently eating frozen mousse and tea wrapped in a blanket and m catching up on all my sky plus recordings. In other news, pup turned one yesterday. Ah, my little boyis growing up <Vom> wink

<leaves liquid breakfasts for all and a packet of salted kettle chips for Scarlett>

keepitgoing Tue 11-Sep-12 08:51:06

liquid breakfast maybe?? Surely that's not good for all us preggos! Had a cry at lunchtime today in the middle of the canteen as DH told me he has to go away at what may be just-after but is likely just-around or just-before ov next month and it just got to me. Bit embarrassing. But then I thought, hang on. I am BROOKING that I will get pregnant this month, so it won't matter (only that I'd miss him...). Horny goat weed seems to be doing a lot - not that we ever had any performance issues ;) the reason for it is to try and increase bloodflow to where the spermies are made to make them grow up not-deformed!

There are an awful lot of (probably awful) fake viagras and cialis and the like on sale here on the street. I feel quite the innocent just smacking the rat with horny goat weed!

Anyway, sorry to hear you're ill again maybe. Do you think you should try something to boost your immune system as you've been in the wars lately?

Go sweetie-egg-and-sperm go!!

Haha, I realised what I'd said after I'd said it Keep! I meant tea and easy to swallow food stuffs wink

I think I am run down, stress of TTC and work stress. Feel like its all on top of me this week. I'm sure I will be fine though smile

keepitgoing Tue 11-Sep-12 09:07:12

Ah, well I already had spicy noodles for lunch, yummy yummy.
Just take it easy, and it's not long until your appointment now, and hopefully things will move fast after that! Are you still stressing on 2wws, or just waiting for IVF now?

BeedleTheBard Tue 11-Sep-12 09:19:40

maybe I'll be here in my bed keeping you company, I think my back is getting better, I can certainly move around a bit easier.

keep don't forget sperm can live up to 5 days,and I'm sure that horny goat weed powered sperm must live even longer grin

face sorry about the diagnosis but now you have a plan, you'll have a sticky little bean in no time

scarlett hope you're feeling a bit better

sweetie hope there's some good news soon

Well the evil hag is here, but its good news for CD2 blood tests tomorrow, assuming I can manage to sit in a chair for our 2 hour appointment. And as I'm off sick today I won't have to use a days holiday tomorrow, I'll still be sick <slaps wrist>

keepitgoing Tue 11-Sep-12 09:26:58

DAMMIT beedle. But i suppose if she was going to come, best she come today. The worst is if you're teased and get your hopes up. Are you nervous about tomorrow? You'll be getting lots of test results, won't you? What's healthcare like in Sweden, I have a feeling it'll be awesome and we'll watch in envy and delight for you as they figure out what's up, if anything, and fix it.

I know that theoretically sperm can live a while, but I think maybe not for us. We can't even get them to the egg when we've dtd at the right time, let alone a few days too early.

<sigh> maybe i have a nasty environment for them and that's the reason. but noone can be bothered to try and find out what it is, and are happy to leave us for three years. THREE YEARS!!

Ah, is my zen from a few days earlier leaving me...

BeedleTheBard Tue 11-Sep-12 09:39:35

Unfortunately is just the JIAJ results tomorrow, they haven't started any tests on me yet. I think they'll do a load of blood tests on us both tomorrow and hen explain the SA results and what they're going to do to me. I'mnot sure what else they'll do to make it up to two hours though. I'm not sure its very different to the UK here (in terms of tests) but if we need it we will get 3 free goes at IVF which is really good, and if we ever needed to self-fund I think you still get the drugs almost free which makes it a bit cheaper.

3years is a very long time, I guess they're just hoping that it'll happen naturally and they won't have to spend any money on you, like making us wait 3 months for the test results hmm

keepitgoing Tue 11-Sep-12 09:50:37

Oh gosh, you've had nothing yet? Well, hopefully they will move fast. You probably know all this but here they'd do day 2/3 tests to look at LH, FSH, oestrogen, and then day '21' progesterone to check ovulation (but you're pretty sure you ovulate, aren't you?). Then an HSG to check tubes, and an ultrasound to check ovaries and uterus. My consultant said 'you need three things - eggs, sperm, tubes', so do make sure they're checking them all. And should mrbeedle's SA not be great then do make them do a repeat before putting it all down to that. As maybe and I said the other day, not sure if it's better to find something or not. But better to find something, if it's there. If you see what I mean!

Great that you get three goes at IVF should you need it.

Yes, it's a long time. I think that most people who are unexplained would get pregnant in that timeframe, so I suppose I can understand that. But it's a hell of a long time to wait, and the chances only get worse if you're not in the x% within a year, x% within 18 months etc. We are lucky that we have the option to self-fund (here at least) in the meantime.

Solars Tue 11-Sep-12 09:56:32

Morning, was just popping in to see if there was any news from Sweetie still brooking like crazy, Go, Emby Go!

Keep & Maybe I have indeed started my drugs, its been 11days not that i'm counting however I think I've been extremely lucky that so far I've had no side effects apart from feeling a little tired earlier in the evening than I normally do. Only awful thing for me is the wait, I don't have my next scan until 2 weeks today!! I have been keeping myself busy though which is helping!

Scarlett hope you are feeling better!

Beedle sorry about AF but her timing is good for your day 2 bloods at least and good luck with your appointment tomorrow!

Face I'm pleased that you are getting your head around things, you'll get that sticky bean before you know it!

Keep the faith! It will happen!

Geek come back and let us know how the consultation went yesterday! Sounds like you have a plan in place though!

In other news DH watered the peace lily in our bedroom with the ramekin that I use for you know what!! I do thoroughly clean it but I feel awful for the poor plant now! I was hoping he'd use the tumbler in the bathroom but instead picked up the ramekin near the back of the sink!

Just had THE call - we have an embryo, the speed date went well fertilisation has taken place!!! Thank you for all the Brooking, power of Brooking is super powerful - FACT
They will monitor our embie over the next 24 hours to see if it divides as expected but good news so far.

Solars so pleased you haven't had any of the dreadful side effects from down regging that poor Scarlett has been suffering from. When do you start the stims?

Beedle sorry that AF has got you, but the timing fits with your day 2 bloods - good luck tomorrow & hope it is good news for MrB

Keep try to keep the zen, it is difficult but you must try and the horny goat weed must help with smacking that rat!!

Maybe hope you are feeling better soon my dear

Geek if you want any info or have any questions on Short protocol just PM me, I have a booklet they gave me from my clinic that I can photocopy and send you if you like

Solars gringrin your poor peace lily got more than expected, maybe a few extra nutrients hmm

I am off back to chillin out, I have another appointment with my fertility reflexologist this afternoon to prepare my body for embryo transfer tomorrow.
Need to make sure it as comfy as possible in readiness for the next 9 months.

Solars Tue 11-Sep-12 11:04:46

Oh Sweetie you wouldn't believe how excited I am for you! GO, EMBIE GO!! Hopefully I can start stimms the day after my scan which will be the 26th! Have a lovely relaxing day Sweetie

keepitgoing Tue 11-Sep-12 11:08:54

oh wow that is brilliant news sweetie!! Will be keeping up the high level of brooking for you over the next 24 hours - when might they put it back?


BeedleTheBard Tue 11-Sep-12 11:09:48

Fab news sweetie thanks I'm so pleased for you grin
I'm sure someone will be along soon to do an embryo sticking dance for you, but I'm not quite up to dancing at the moment

keepitgoing Tue 11-Sep-12 11:11:06

ps thank you for telling us so soon, the suspense was killing me, can't imagine about you. Well done again, so glad they hit it off.

Aw no, not sure what to do as reflexologist woman just rung & left a message to let me know she has a cold and would understand if I would prefer to cancel this afternoons appointment. Do the benefits of reflexology at this time out weigh the risk of getting a cold?

DH says not to go and he will smear feet in jam and let dog lick it off - he is helpful like that!!! <boak>

Oh Sweetie this has made my day, I'm so so pleased for you!! When does the transfer take place?

I would be inclined to steer clear of viruses. Is there something nice and relaxing you can do instead? A nice doggy walk with a hot chocolate to finish off?

Oooooooh sweetie what fabulously wonderfully amazing news!! Id also be inclined to avoid someone with a cold! You're so close now grin this will be the most 2ww ever!!!

Princesslovelyboo Tue 11-Sep-12 13:16:11

Come on Emby, think dividing thoughts!!!!! Sweetie this is super news, so pleased for you. The power of us Brookers is powerfull indeed! What did you decide about the Reflexology?

Any news Geek I seem to think you either had an appointment already or it is impending? (apologies if I am wrong)

Cheery waves and brooking for everyone else

Leaves an assortment of paninis and salad

Geeklette Tue 11-Sep-12 13:40:13

sweetie that is fabulous, brilliant, amazing news!!! <changes from the grow-follie-dance to the grow-emby-dance in the blink of an eye>

My appointment (yesterday) went well, we are now on the IVF train doing the short protocol. This will start from the day of my next AF. sweetie thank you for your offer of info, I will take everything I can get! No doubt as it all sinks in over time I will have questions so you may find yourself with the odd weird random pm for things I feel too foolish to ask the nurse grin

Yesterday's appointment was really to go through what the whole process involved, and to get up close and personal with the drugs. Oh holy crap the needles are twice as long as MrGeek's insulin needles!! MrGeek has said he will be happy to shove the needles into my bum help me inject into my fattest parts. Everybody was so lovely and sweet, and I have fallen in love with my consultant. Not the stupid twunt from the NHS hospital, but the consultant who will be performing the transfer.

I have a trial transfer booked for this Thursday afternoon, and an additional scan on the same day.

Ok, that was all written pretty calmly. That was the good part of the appointment. The bad part, the part that has me so ranty I need to remind myself to breathe nearly constantly is: my NHS cons is a complete and utter twunt. When he scanned me he told me everything was fine and perfectly normal and there was nothing to report. I asked him were there any cysts on my ovaries and he said no, none. It turns out that not only do my ovaries look classic polycystic, but one has a huge endometrioma (blood filled cyst I think) which renders it completely useless for IVF. It is also incredibly high and out of reach, so basically we are working with one good ovary. I have also now been warned that the quality of eggs that ovary produces will be of inferior quailty even in terms of natural fertilisation. However, that is quite minor compared to the fact that my NHS consultant failed to mention the 4cm x 6cm fibroid that is pressing down on my cervix. I apparently have a couple of smaller fibroids in less awkward places, but that one is of particular concern due to its size and positioning. It has also caused both my ovaries to shunt to an almost central position, again making egg retrieval a bit awkward. Luckily, the 'good' ovary is relatively accessible.

I can't stress just how lovely through all this the nurse, embryologist and consultant were, I feel I am in the best possible hands and I am starting to believe this is going to happen. MrGeek and I both got a bit emotional yesterday because it hit home that this is our chance, and after almost 12 years we might finally get our baby.

Argh, I'm filling up in the middle of the office now sad

I can't remember who asked me, but yes MrGeek does know about you lovely ladies. I have had to explain the rat smacking and brooking concepts to him several times but he now gets it I think confused He doesn't get any of the details of what is discussed on thread, but he knows you exist and are a fab support network and he asked me to let you know that he is brooking for you all in a blokey, anonymous type of way.

Sorry for the mememe post, I feel better for having had that rant!

Yay Sweetie I'm so pleased - that is great news. One step at a time. I'm brooking for proper dividing now.

Brooking for each and every one of you.

<leaves Barry White and candles for the next IVFer>

Princesslovelyboo Tue 11-Sep-12 14:16:25

Let me attem Geek <finds boxing gloves, programmes sat nav to twunty consultant, i'm on my way> I can't believe that he missed all that, what a proper stoopid fucking knob rotting cunt chopsy arsebadger wanker mistake to make.

So pleased that things are moving forward for you, that BFP is on its way!! We are ready and able to hold hands all the way for you.

Mr Boo also knows about you and the thread, he refers to you as 'the girls', he doesn't really want any detail but he is grateful I have somewhere other than him to mental and chat about it all.

MrS alson knows about you guys, although not Rat Smacking per se. He does as "what do Mumsnet think of x" He did mention Mumsnetter to SIL, so I had to explain it is a secret society, a bit like the Masons hmmgrin for him to understand the error of his ways!!!

boo how you getting on with MS etc? hope you are keeping well

geek I can promise you the injections dont hurt at all, and just squeeze the meds really slowly. You will be fine my dear, I have never done an injection in my life and I was fine. I wouldn't let DH do mine for me either. Cannot believe the NHS Dr gave such poor advice when you know what you do now. Really glad you have the A-Team on board now and that baby will be yours and MrGs in no time.

I spoke to reflexology lady and told her I didn't want to risk catching anything when I have got this far. She was totally understanding. So I have taken Maybe advice and taken dog for a stroll then listened to my relaxation CD. So I feel all chilled out now.

Clinic have just rung to confirm embryo transfer is booked for 11.30am tomorrow. They will check on its progress in the morning and call me with an update before I go in, either way we have to go in at 11.30.

CruCru Tue 11-Sep-12 15:34:54

Hey Sweetie, what good news! I have been in work today but you were on my mind.

Princesslovelyboo Tue 11-Sep-12 15:45:00

Sweetie feeling a lot better now, there are just enough symptoms to be reassuring but not so bad that I want to hug the duvet.
Doing my divide little emby dance for you and will start work on a stick you little bugger dance to start at exactly 11.30 tomorrow, this will be a group dance so we can all join in!!!

cartoonface Tue 11-Sep-12 17:44:33

Ah,yes my internet friends to Mr face. And usually a 'ur on mumsnet again!' Don't think he quite gets it.
sweetie so glad ur egg and Mr s sperm had a wonderful date! Just brooking for the next bit now. So exciting. I've got very positive feelings for u! X
geek so happy that things are moving along for u. NHS can be blooming crap can't they so frustrating when they miss things!
It's all a bit exciting around here isn't it think we were right about this thread being a good un. I'm seeing lots of diffed announcements!

Solars Tue 11-Sep-12 17:48:44

I think you did the right thing in staying away from your reflexologist Sweetie will be joining in the group brookers sticky dance for tomorrow! How exciting!!

Geek I am absolutely shocked by your so called NHS 'consultant' I would have already started to draft a letter of complaint about them by now! That is astounding that he did not pick up on any of those issues!! Glad to hear you have a plan of action now too and you're in much better hands now! Good luck for thursday!

TheLittleFriend Tue 11-Sep-12 19:07:47

sweetie you have an embryo! That's such great news. Brooking for 11.30 tomorrow, when it finds it's home for the next 9 months smilesmilesmile

Brooking for Sweetie's emby!

keepitgoing Wed 12-Sep-12 03:06:27

DIVIDE EMBRYO DIVIDE masses of luck for today, sweetie

geek am appalled as well, and really hope that you will consider writing a formal letter of complaint to the hospital. How long ago did the idiot do your scan. Is there no chance things changed? I assume not. Glad you feel you've got a good team with you, but sorry to hear of all the obstacles. Great that you'll have a trial transfer to sort through any problems.

And beedle good luck to you to. What time is your appointment?

Good luck today Sweetie brooking for ya xx

Geeklette Wed 12-Sep-12 07:00:00

In case I don't have time to write again until lunch (work are certainly keeping me busy at the moment!), good luck sweetie, I'll be thinking about you this morning. Brooking that your emby is looking perfect when they put it in - is it the 8 cell stage?

Princesslovelyboo Wed 12-Sep-12 07:20:24

Brooking super hard Sweetie good luck.

BeedleTheBard Wed 12-Sep-12 07:20:29

Hope everything goes well today sweetie so we can begin our stick embryo stick chant

I won't be able to think of you at the right time as we'll be in our appointment, and I'll be too busy trying to understand ttc stuff in a foreign language, though I suppose what we're going to talk about will almost be a foreign language to DP too grin

I'm really excited about the appointment, as it means we're finally getting things moving, but DP is absolutely dreading it as he's convinced its his sperm that's the problem. And nothing I say seems to make the slightest bit of difference sad

And to continue the mememe theme, my back is a bit better

Will catch up properly later

BeedleTheBard Wed 12-Sep-12 07:22:25

Oh I did mean to say that I can't believe your NHS consultant managed to miss so much geek

keepitgoing Wed 12-Sep-12 07:26:36

how strange he thinks that beedle. I keep saying to mine that it makes no difference what the issue is, or which of us it's with, as we're in it together. I think sperm is quite a matter of pride though.
Can't believe they've been keeping you waiting that long for your results, poor mrbeedle.

Geeklette Wed 12-Sep-12 07:47:26

Oh beedle the very best of luck to you and mrbeedle for today - I am brooking that he has super amazing sperm, and that if anything is found that it is easily fixable. I am in awe of you having such an appointment in another language, respect is due!

Imps7 Wed 12-Sep-12 08:06:37


Massive waves and a delicious cooked breakfast and/or fruit salad for you all xx

Solars Wed 12-Sep-12 08:28:04

Brooking for you Sweetie xx

geek I'm sorry you're having such a shocking time of it!! It'll be worth it in the end

beedle good luck at you appt today

sweetie brooking extra super hard for you today!! Just think by the end of the day there will be an actual fertilised egg in your womble, and I'm brooking it'll be an extra super sticky one!

Beedle good luck for you and MrB today, TTC is hard enough without it been in a foreign language, Brooking that the Swedish Drs are much better than the twunty British Drs can be. Thinking of you my dear & glad your back is a bit better xx

Well they don't keep us in suspense too long, I have just had THE call. The power of Brooking had succeeded for the second day in a row. Our little embie has divided, she said it is a strong 2 cell embryo now and she would imagine it might even be 4 cells by the time of transfer!!! It is all those dances that have made all the difference, I am sure.

Will pop back when I have had my brekkie

Yay that's fantastic news Seeetie - one step at a time smile

Best of luck for today thanks

And best of luck to Beedle too - hope it goes well (and makes sense!)

Oh Sweetie I am over the moon for you. You a 2 cell brooking baby. Can you call it Totem? No? You sure? Will be brooking so hard for you later on. What have you got planned for afterwards?

Geek I am appalled. Truly shocked. What did the nice consultant say about the fact the other one missed so much? I think it just shows the huge variation in quality of care. Not good at all. I too would complain. I am about mrmaybes sperm Twunt GP.

Beedle am brooking super hard for you too. It is a pride thing MrMaybe and I were talking about it the other day. It's also the fact that they feel you are letting you down as they can't give you the one thing that will complete you as a family. MrMaybes words, not mine. It made me love him and tell him off all at the same time. But there won't be anything wrong, no sir-ee.

Solars am so pleased the drugs are being kind to you.

How you feeling Scarlett?

<leaves brekkie for all brookers>

Imps7 Wed 12-Sep-12 08:59:34

Okay have a quick 5 mind before my taxi.

Geek your consultant had been absolutely negligent - unbelievable. It's a real concern and chances are he's been just as lax with other ladies too while being paid handsomely for his expertise. I deffo agree that you formally need to register your concerns so that he/your situation can be investigated. What a total waste of time, money and emotions. Poor you and Mr Geek.

Silars fab that you're getting on okay with the meds! Am willing absolutely everything to go your way.

Beedle it's your appt today is it?? Good luck good luck good luck! But 3 months for SA results? Wow.

Keep what's the weather like over there? Are you feeling settled? Any Brookers fancy a group holiday to Thailand? I know of someone we can all stay with for 3 weeks or so...

Busy busy busy here - having a hell of s time at work at the moment. Oop taxi heremyst be off

cartoonface Wed 12-Sep-12 10:38:22

beedle good luck today.
sweetie thats amazing its all so cleve isnt it totally amazing iyswim! whens the transfer?

Princesslovelyboo Wed 12-Sep-12 12:03:04

Ooh Sweetie such good news, and by now you should be implanted!!! <starts the stick you little bugger dance>

Beedle brooking for your appointment too.

<eats all the breakfast goodies, anyone leaving lunch??>

Geeklette Wed 12-Sep-12 13:02:30

<dances while chanting stick-you-little-bugger-stick-you-little-bugger-stick-you-little-bugger-stick-you-little-bugger-stick-you-little-bugger-stick-you-little-bugger> Brooking you're feeling none the worse for this morning's procedure sweetie, and that you'll soon be at home with your feet up thinking warm and fuzzy implantation thoughts <brookety brook brook brook>

<snaffles the last ham sandwich from under boo's nose>

<adds new stick-you-little-bugger level to the totem>

<leaves vat of mulligatawny soup and fresh bread rolls>

I am back from embryo transfer!! It was delayed by an hour so I was the most desperate I have ever been in my life for a pee, as we were told to arrive at 11.30 with a full bladder. They were impressed by my full bladder and said it made the transfer easier!! DH came in with me spoil sport wouldn't let me take a picture of him in the hospital scrubs to hold my hand. They showed us the embie on a screen before it was inserted. It was now a 4 cell so it had divided again and all the cells looked even size.

That is it for now, just a waiting mentalling game for the next 2 weeks!!!

Off to listen to my IVF relaxation and visualisation CD, post transfer section.

Thanks lovelies for all your support through this super stressy time thanksthanksthanks

Geeklette Wed 12-Sep-12 13:58:52

Oh sweetie that is amazing news! And so fab that it reached a four cell stage even before transfer! You are in with the best possible chance. Brooking like billio for you xxx

beedle any news my lovely?

Solars Wed 12-Sep-12 14:02:52

<plumps up pillows for Sweetie> Oh Sweetie I am so pleased it has all gone so well, just imagine the next time you see your little bundle of cells will be in 8 1/2 months time, it's making me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!! You take it easy, lovely! We're all here for you sending out positive vibes thanks

Sweetie this is amazing news. I'm so pleased for you, this seems to have come round so quickly!! I'm hoping these next two weeks fly by x

Well done Sweetie - am keeping everything crossed for you. Rest up x

Sweetie I got my BFP a year ago tomorrow. Brooking like mad that you will have a DC the same age as my DD this time next year.

BeedleTheBard Wed 12-Sep-12 14:58:22

Firstly, excellent news sweetie I will add to the stick embryo stick chant

So MrB's sperm isn't so good and we're probably heading to IVF. We didn't get a printout of the numbers to take away with us but the doc said I was unlikely to get preggo naturally (which is not that surprising given we've been trying for 18 months without a sniff ofa BFP) Then he examined DP and dildocammed me, he found a fibroid but said they'd be able to see more when they do the HSG. They like to do blood tests days 3 to 5 so I have to go back on Friday, then on days 16, 18 & 20 for the "day 21" test. And DP is booked in for a repeat JIAJ

DP is feeling a bit sad and feels that its his fault but hopefully he'll feel better soon. I'm a bit scared about IVF but we didn't really talk much about that so it doesn't seem real yet.

Oh Beedle im so sorry it wasn't great news. Poor mrbeedle. It is really hard, as you don't know what to do o make them feel better about it. Don't be scared about the IVF. You are going to have plenty of us here to hold your hand through it all. They are very thorough with their day 21 bloods!

Princesslovelyboo Wed 12-Sep-12 15:57:48

Well done Sweetie brooking like a mad woman for the next 2 week's for you.

Hoping your appointment was good beedle

Geeklette Wed 12-Sep-12 16:24:17

Oh beedle I'm sorry. It's so hard on our DPs and DHs. It sounds like they are being very thorough with you, too. I really hope that MrBeedle's repeat JIAJ gives better results (one result on its own means very little, so much can affect the quality on a short-term basis). It sounds like IVF is still a fair way off for you, so please try not to worry too much about it for now. Even if that is the route by which you get your baby, we will all be here to support you and you will have four, if not five experienced IVFers to carry you through x

Princesslovelyboo Wed 12-Sep-12 16:40:21

Sorry Beedle just noticed a massive x post, I had mn open for so long I forgot to update it blush I am sorry that you didn't let the answers you we've hoping for, I hope Mr b realizes that this is a team game and no blame can be given anywhere. Brooking for you both.

Solars Wed 12-Sep-12 16:59:30

Oh Beedle I'm so sorry to hear that! One step at a time, lovely and you'll get there. I can understand the shock of hearing the words IVF, I was the same when they first mentioned it to us, it just takes a little time to get used to the idea and you'll be guided through it if it is the route you go down so there's no need to be afraid. Concentrate on DP for now, poor guy x

Beedle as the others say, just try to take things a step of a time. Get the bloods done and see what they say next. It is very hard when the subject of IVF is mentioned, but look as it as a positive. It is just a way to be sure of those eggs and spermies meeting. That is how I try to think of it in my head.

Hope MrB is ok, Brooking for you both xx

Oh beeble im so sorry!! I can't really add anything that hasn't already been said but brooking super hard for you!!

sweetie so glad for you!! Now you have to try an stay as relaxed as possible!! smile so excited for you

How is everyone else?

Imps7 Wed 12-Sep-12 21:30:16

Ooooooooh Sweeie!!! Stickyoubuggerstickyoubuggerstickyoubugger. What do we want? STICKY EMBRYONIC BUGGERS! When do we want them? NOW!

Aaah Beedle sorry for the news. Make sure you and DH need some lovely you time eating meatballs and lingonberry sauce - it must feel like a real shock. Don't forget thought that they said the same thing to Smegs...

Isn't it chilly today?? Nearly wood burner season - waa hoo!

Imps mrsparks was just complaining about how cold he was, he wants to put the fire on (we dont have central heating --we're too cheap to have it installed--) but Im sitting here in my leggings and tshirt thinking how warm I am..... I will not interpret this as a symptom!!!

We have had our fire on this afternoon evening too.

must just be me then hmm... Im normally the first person to feel the cold Ive been known to cry when I get cold

keepitgoing Thu 13-Sep-12 04:31:29

sweetie congratulations! That is so brilliant that it went well and will be 8 or 16 or 32 cells by now. How lovely. I am brooking like crazy for you over the next 13 days. I think you have time off work, so hope you have things planned to keep you relaxed but busy, to stop the mentalling. you are our IVF brooking trailblazer!

beedle am sorry to hear about the sperm news. Do you know what the numbers were like? It's a bit much to say you won't get pg naturally when they've barely done any tests to you, i think! Am glad you had the day off to spend with dh though. In terms of 'fault', i think that people fall pregnant naturally all the time with one thing crap. It's more likely that both people are slightly sub-fertile and putting that together is what does it. That's how i like to think of it anyway. Either way, you're in it together, and you'll get there, especially with the brookers behind you. When's your next appointment? I hope they don't take so long with the SA results this time! We are on similar timescales, lovely, and we'll be pregnant together as well, you mark my words.

Also just to say that I am looking forward to IVF in a way. Yes, it's scary, but so is the thought of endless months of AF. I think that as it sinks in it will feel different.

sparks when is af not due? You know it's true that pregnancy makes people hot. I am always cold in the UK (not here!!) so that was something else i was looking forward to. Now am thinking if i get pregnant here I might die of heat, so will have to just lie in the flat with a/c on for 9 months. Here's hoping!

geeky are you just waiting for cd1 now? When's that likely to be, any idea?

cd11 and still a low on cbfm. last month peak was cd13. dammit, when i want an early ovulation is when i push it back. argh. Please brook for me to ovulate soon, ladies, else next month dh will be away for ov! (although of course i'll have my bfp by then. but brook just in case, please...)

if anyone wants a trip here more than welcome to a room! would love to meet a brooker or two. (though how would i explain you to dh...)

BeedleTheBard Thu 13-Sep-12 07:29:52

Thanks for all your good wishes, I think I was just a bit shocked that the dr said we probably wouldn't manage it ourselves in the first 10 minutes of our first appointment! We did kind of push him into giving us the SA results, I don't think he was planning on starting the appointment with that info!

DP seems OK today, but he's not really a talk-about-his-feelings person, but seeing as he had convinced himself that there wouldn't be any to be found in the sample, the fact that it was just low was almost a good thing! Anyway we're off on holiday soon so we'll have time to relax before they do any more tests on us (except my blood test tomorrow), luckily they start doing blood tests at 7:15 in the morning so I shouldn't need to make excuses for missing work.

sweetie hope you've got some nice relaxing activities lined up for the next 2 weeks

I was going to comment that you're all wimps having the heating on already, then I remembered that ours is related to the outside temperature, so some of the radiators have probably been on this week!

keepitgoing Thu 13-Sep-12 07:44:56

yes beedle - where there's a sperm there's a way! meant to say poor you having a dildo-cam whilst on af...

BeedleTheBard Thu 13-Sep-12 07:56:44

it wasn't too bad, but I did have to suppress a giggle at the absurdity of a bloke sticking something like that inside me and moving it around for about 5 mins whilst DP was the otherside of a curtain. I'm not sure that giggling is the correct response to such an examination! grin

Quick message, I'm off to docs to get proper scan results back this morning and wildly over slept having woken up screaming this morming!! I was dreaming that I was being arrested but I'd just found out I was pregnant and they were being so rough with me! I had to tell hubby while I was in handcuffs!! Weird!!

AF not due in a couple of day, am 12DPO today with my LP anything from 11 to 14 days, few cramps but nothing major, no spotting but no other real symptoms, except maybe extreme fatigue in the afternoons hmm rather a boring 2ww to be honest!!

Imps7 Thu 13-Sep-12 08:40:56

"where there's a sperm there's a way" grin grin

There must be thousands of couples with reduced fertility who conceive naturally never knowing that their fertility is reduced, IFSWIM. Just because you actually know now that there are low sperm it doesn't make it any less likely to happen (again, IYSWIM - I am knackered so potentially making no sense to anyone but myself). Our brooking shall ensure that you get there!

Maybe - thoughts on GBBO? That key lime and ginger pie looked amazing.

<fans Sweeie with a palm leaf and feeds her grapes and cake on the way out>

BeedleTheBard Thu 13-Sep-12 08:54:54

key lime and ginger pie? mmmmmm tell me more imps and maybe

Oh Imps how amazing did that look?! I think it's in my book. May well have rustle it up, it's mrmaybes favourite.

Beedle glad you are feeling a little better this morning. I agree with others though, if there was sperm, then you can def get diffed.

Keep I'm on the next plane out.

Sparks bay dreams? Preggo fact.

keepitgoing Thu 13-Sep-12 10:32:36

good luck sparks
you never know, no symptoms is a symptom, isn't it?? No spotting is good!

Geeklette Thu 13-Sep-12 10:34:23

sparks good luck with your scan results, what a weird dream! Diffed-induced, you think?? grin

sweetie how are you feeling today? I wonder how many cells it is up to now - I am so so so excited for you!

Just a quickie from me while I have my desk to myself for a minute. Got my trial transfer this afternoon (2pm) and have to go with a full bladder so I'm drinking water like it's going out of fashion and will have to cross my legs for the 1.5 hour car ride sad Bit nervous now, but nothing like what I'll be for the real thing! Hopefully the transfer will go smoothly and my fibroid will be helpful and stay out of the way.

No idea when AF will be due, if this is a short cycle then hopefully another 3-4 weeks. If I haven't detected ovulation by CD30, I need to take a drug to induce AF. The people at the Priory were pleased to hear I did track temps and take OPKs, they said it was really helpful to them. Such a far cry from Twunty Consulty who poo-pood the whole thing as being unscientific and inaccurate!

I don't know what to do about making a complaint, I'm worried it might jeopardise my post-IVF chances of getting further help from the consultant so I think I'll wait and cross that bridge as and when it happens.

Damn, time to get on with some work!

ScarlettInSpace Thu 13-Sep-12 10:44:22

Hi all, sorry am being v slack at the mo but am checking on you all regularly, just my little drugged up fingers struggle to type on my stupid BB <another weak smile> am also horrendously grumpy & anti-social which clearly seems to be not just confined to RL sad

sweetie I am and have been absolutely made up for you and have been relaying to OH so you are now kind of famous, just cos I'm not typing don't think I'm not brooking. OH says it goes to prove the quality over quantity opinion [he thinks statistics are stupid btw and you have proved his point quite spectacularly grin ]

solars glad you are having a better time than me on all of this! I spoke to the nurse on tuesday and she said it's rubbish that I've been hit with so many of the side effects but none of them are uncommon, I just need to stick it out til the stims begin.

beedle here at the brookers club we seem to have a pretty strong history of proving doctors wrong one way or another and conceiving against the odds so you go girl wink

sparks vivid weird dream = symptom, fact.

keep am still well jell of your living situation, what I wouldn't give to be somewhere other than here right now!

waves to maybe boo face geek imps cru and all the lurking preggos

AFM well I've been really worrying that AF wasn't going to show up [was due at the weekend] and this whole horrible thing was going to be a waste of time before we even got past stage 1, but some sore boobage this morning and I eventually, ahem, found some darker CM that could be classed as spotting blush so hopefully I will bleed before Monday [when I'm booked for baseline scan] and we will be able to progress to stage 2...

Aw scarlett so sorry the symptoms seem to be going on and on for you, hopefully the witch will come early and you can start on stage 2. I am loving my living IVF legend state in your household.

Good luck Geek with you scan and mock transfer. Hope they don't keep you waiting too long, I have never wanted to pee so bad in my life as yesterday, but it did make the transfer easy. Apparently full bladder pushes the uterus away, so it might do the same with your fibroids?

Sparks brooking super hard for you. And in my book vivid dreams and afternoon fatigue would be defo symptoms!!

Imps thanks for the grapes and cake, how are you doing with the nonTTC?

Beedle enjoy you holibobs and look after MrB, it is so difficult for OHs as they just expect it to happen without any knowledge of how or why. Hope you are both ok now the news is settling down. I also admire you having to go through fanjocam while on AF.

I have been trying to take it easy so far but keep imagining twinges. My lower tummy feels quite tight but I think that might have more to do with my bladder going back to normal after yesterday. I am trying to stay as calm as possible but have been really upset because my little dog is really poorly (at vets right now having scans and biopsy) but at least it is stopping me mentalling about IVF. We have to collect her this afternoon and discuss options with vet. Not looking good I am afraid - why does everything come at once??

Princesslovelyboo Thu 13-Sep-12 12:19:09

Has anyone else's mn mobile home page changed? Mine isn't showing a link for threads I'm on? hmm

cartoonface Thu 13-Sep-12 12:28:49

oh no sweetie whats up with the dog?
ah sweetie its horrible when you feel like that i hope your side effects let up soon.
sparks did you say the appointment was today?
thinking of you as well geek x

face i had started a thread in the Doghouse to see if anyone else had seen similar. Vet just rung again to say it is very aggressive cancer (spindle cell) so we have to decided what is kinder. It is a no brainer to be honest, but very very sad as she seems fine.

cartoonface Thu 13-Sep-12 12:45:38

oh sweetie im sorry sad how awful for you to have to decide.

You know how you can store ready-to-drink formula in the fridge for 48 hours? Stupid question possibly but do I need to put it into a sterilised bottle to do that? Sorry it's such a dopey qn.....

Totally the wrong thread there blushblush

(although if anyone knows the answer.....)

Sorry. Still brooking for y'all (as evidenced by my obviously lurking!)

cartoonface Thu 13-Sep-12 12:58:57

haha grin

Princesslovelyboo Thu 13-Sep-12 13:03:26

Oh Sweetie when will they ........... would they wait while she is still ok or take care of her sooner? I am so sorry <gentle un MNy hugs> thanks

BeedleTheBard Thu 13-Sep-12 13:08:09

Oh sweetie I'm so sorry about your little dog ((hugs))

biscuits if its any help, I have never bothered to sterlise a bottle of ready to drink wine before I put it in the fridge grin Unfortunately I know nothing about formula!

I'll put it in a wine bottle then Beedle - that should do the trick grin. Now, just need to empty one......

Sweetie so sorry about your little dog sad Thinking of you xx thanks

Solars Thu 13-Sep-12 14:50:59

Sweetie sorry to hear about your dog, how very sad {{hugs}}

Scarlett I too have been worried about non-showing of withdrawal bleed but she arrived yesterday accompanied by very painful cramps and night sweats to boot sad Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well but it's not too long til you start your stimms, next week right?

Good luck Geek with your scan and trial transfer, it'll be a doddle!

Sparkes definitely diffed!

Maybe & Imps I am in the middle of making a lemon cheesecake for DH, I too watched GBBO and loved the look of that key lime pie, I will hunt the internet for that recipe, DH loves things all lemony and limey!

Waves to everyone else x

sweetie oh you poor poor thing, not what you need at all but at least you're being responsible and making the decision before she gets to a stage where she is suffering!! Heart breaking though!!

I've forgotten who else I was going to name check!!

My appt went well(ish) I have cysts on both my ovaries so my doctor has confirmed the PCOS diagnosis, no shock there! Apparently they also found a rather large cyst on one of my ovaries but they think that might be due to recent ovulation (I forget who had something similar) so I have to go back for a follow up scan, all being well that cyst will have gone, apparently the scanner should've explained all of this before we left the hospital rather than me just receiving a referral for a second scan (unnecessary stress/worry).

Soooooo my doc (I saw the lovely one today, that looks a bit like professor trelawney) is happy to refer me pending the all clear from a rubella blood test, which I had this morning (walked out the doc office and practically straight in to the nurses)

She explained everything, the implications of PCOS, what I can expert from the fertility clinic, she told me not to blame myself then looked meaningfully at mrsparks and told him that he'd 'have to do his part too' she even had a little joke about how many couples get diffed just waiting for the referral!

Feeling pretty good about it all, just sort of takes the pressure off iyswim?!

Just gotta go take my choccie brownies out the oven then i'll do some more name checking

ScarlettInSpace Thu 13-Sep-12 15:51:08

Sorry to hear about your doggie sweetie sad Life is so bloody up & down sometimes, it feels like you're being flung from one end of a pitch to another...

biscuits I'm pretty sure I was weaned on wine bottles so I'm sure it'll be fine wink

sparks it's deffo the knowing that helps, it all becomes something a bi more controllable and solveable then.

solars scan on Monday so fx can start stimms then...

I'm going to make total comfort food for dinner, a proper lamb & mint hotpot, it takes about 3 hours but is lush...

Sweetie have you been to see the vet yet. Have some v unMNy hugs thanks

Hope everyone else is ok. xx

Oh Sweetie lovely, I'm thinking of you. Must be so hard x

Dinner sounds immense Scarlett

I love cheesecake Solars. If I get a chance tomorrow, I will type the key lime pie recipe up and email it to anyone who fancies it

<waves to all other brookers>

Imps7 Thu 13-Sep-12 19:15:29

Oh sweetie poor pooch. Losing a pet is awful. We had to put one of our rabbits down a couple of years ago and if I'm honest I wish I'd done it two days before we actually did. He was in a poorly way, the vet said there was a slim hope he would get better and I held on to that slim hope. He didn't get better, of course, and by the time I took him to have the jab I felt awful that I had prolonged his illness. Still feel guilty about that, poor wee rabbit.

There's never an easy way to make a difficult decision. If your dog is still full of beans now, it may be the best way for him to see off the world if there's no guarantees about the future.

<pulls up a chair, some camomile tea and a few Lindors for Sweetie and forces her to sit down and take it easy>

<gives her a sneaky hug too>

Geeklette Thu 13-Sep-12 19:53:19

oh sweetie how awful, your poor dog. What an awful decision, and particularly bad timing. Whatever you decide will be for the best, because you love your dog and have their best interest at heart.

Just a quick scan update - the exceedingly full bladder helped enormously, the catheter slid straight in and straight out - yay!

Unfortunately the scan showed that the ovary with the endometrioma is the only one that would be accessible for egg collection and there is absolutely no guarantee that it would even make any eggs given the size of the cyst. The good ovary is miles away from anywhere the consultant could reach. I need an operation (keyhole surgery hopefully) to shift my good ovary to where it ought to be, and where he can reach it. With luck, since my GP surgery supports 'choose and book', my Priory consultant can do that work without too much of a wait. Otherwise, I'm back on the NHS for 6-9 months. On the plus side, even if that does happen, he is very happy with my eekily high AMH so I don't need to worry too much about time being against me. He even said I was nice and young at 36 blush I love my consultant grin

Hopefully will speak to him again tomorrow to confirm things, find out timescales etc.

sparks so pleased your scan went well, they should have told you that at the outset though instead of worrying you with an appointment for a second scan with no explanation. It sounds like you have a bit of a plan in place, which is excellent, and nice to have MrSparks reminded he has his part to play too!!

Right, off to finish tea - aubergine & quorn lasagne, weight watchers style (2lb off this week - let's see if I can get to goal before IVF!)

Love and brooking to all, sorry I haven't namechecked everyone but I really do appreciate each and every one of your messages. Will catch up later/tomorrow properly x

Geek glad the mock transfer went well. It is also good that they can look at moving the good ovay to a better place to collect all those lovely eggs when the time comes.

Sparks pleased you scan went well too, sounds like progress is being made

Well dog is home, she still seems just like herself which makes it a worse decision to make. So we are going to have a lovely day tomorrow, go to our favourite park, feed her tuna & scrambled egg - her favourites, let her sleep on the bed and generally pamper her. Then take her Saturday back, hopefully she won't have got any worse but we will all have had quality time together and everyone can say their goodbyes. My parents care for her while I am at work, I drop her off on the way and collect her on my way home, but they are on holiday at the moment & come home tomorrow, so at least they get chance to see her too.

I am trying not to get upset, very difficult, but do you think this stress will impact our embryo?

Oh Sweetie sad

I'm quite tearful reading that sad. Goodness knows how you must be feeling. <Offers more hugs>

I know this is horribly stressful for you and so sad too sad. I am sure it won't affect that nestling in little emby. Try to make sure you take a bit of time to relax, perhaps with your relaxation cd thingamy? Be kind to yourself thanks

<offers yet more hugs>

Princesslovelyboo Thu 13-Sep-12 21:16:04

Sweetie it is so sad, I am so sorry this is happening now. But please be assured, your little emby is a brooking emby and is made of strong stuff, and it is far too busy getting comfy.

Geek glad your trial went well, do you know what sort of waiting time you could have using choose and book, it is really good that they can do that just to make sure you get the very best golden egg!!! So pleased you have such a good team looking after you now smile

Right, I'm off to bed, the sickness has given way to tiredness sad I actually took a nap earlier blush

keepitgoing Fri 14-Sep-12 03:08:06

sweetie am thinking of you today, and hope you have a lovely day together. It is so awful losing a pet, I am always distraught. My mother always says do not worry about the pet, they live in the moment and as long as they are with you they are happy. And do not worry about your emby, people get pregnant in all sorts of stressful situations. We are all brooking for you like crazy.

geek am brooking for a quick key hole surgery appointment for you. glad you have a good consultant.

i'm still low on cbfm. FFS. Please brook that i'll go straight to peak over the weekend, lovely ladies.

BeedleTheBard Fri 14-Sep-12 07:17:12

geek sounds like you have a plan, but it all sounds so difficult, having an operation just so that your ovary is in the right place for egg collection for IVF. how come other people just get to have sex a couple of times??

sparks sounds like things are heading in the right direction for you too

sweetie sorry you're having such a sad time, but I'm sure it will have no effect on your sticky little embryo, who is currently making itself comfy for 8 and half months of growing ((hugs))

keep I'm brooking for your peak grin

I'm not sure if I thanked you all for your kind thughts about our appointment, if I didn't, thankyou and I've made you all a brew

Had my first blood test this morning, HIV and other stuff (eeek), FSH and Chlamydia, I didn't realise they could test for Chlamydia from my blood, I was a bit worried they were going to drag me away and demand I remove my trousers so they could swab me shock But they didn't, so I wasn't even late for work grin

Anyway as I am at work I ought to do some <waves to all>

keep I hope it happens soon but try not stress that can kill ovulation dead!!

beedle all those blood tests are making me feel woozy just thinking about it!

I feel flipping stupid this morning, AF due today or tomorrow, so i thought I'd take a test, wiped (tmi) and the little biatch had arrived!! Right on queue!! Ah well can't say I wasn't expecting her

Hope everyone has a good day today!!

Hopefully I'll have a new job by the end of it!! Wish me luck!!

Princesslovelyboo Fri 14-Sep-12 09:02:47

Good luck Sparks sorry the bitch got you though sad

Morning brooker's hope you all have a good day.

Solars Fri 14-Sep-12 09:12:58

Oh Sweetie how heartbreaking for you lots of hugs thanks

Sparkes she really is a horrible old hag! But good luck with the job!

Beedle that is strange about the chlamydia? I got swabbed but would rather have the blood test!

Geek sounds like you're on the road to getting that baby now!

Brooking for your high Keep

Don't go to too much trouble Maybe I'm sure it will turn up in the Internet soon! How are you feeling these days?

BeedleTheBard Fri 14-Sep-12 10:29:27

sorry to hear that sparks I think the same thing has happened to me as well, the only good thing is using a ramekin so no stock is wasted hmm Is the interview today? Good luck, I'm sure you'll knock them dead (hopefully not literally as being in prison might not help you very much grin )

solars I thought it was a bit weird too, I'm half expecting them to ring and say I need to go in again. The Dr offered to do a smear on Wednesday (in a whilst I'm there poking around sort of way!) but we decided it wouldn't be such a good idea due to AF. Anyway I'm fairly certain I don't have it as I was tested about 4 or 5 years ago (and there hasn't been anyone other than DP for a good few years before that)

keepitgoing Fri 14-Sep-12 10:29:43

oh sparks sad i had high hopes for you this month, what with no symptoms and keeping a low profile on it all. Do you know how long your clinic referral will take?

beedle i had my chlamydia done on urine, as i had a bit of spotting still when i went, so they didn't want to confuse matters.

Right Im nearly ready, its taken my ages!! least this takes my mind off everything, and then I can have a nice well earned glass of wine tonight!!!

I have to wait for my rubella blood test results to come back (so next week) then the doc will send the referral off. Not sure how long that will take but we'll 'keep at it' regardless!!

sorry for being a bit mememe today, mild preoccupied.

Geeklette Fri 14-Sep-12 13:19:56

oooh good luck sparks!!!

I've left a message for my consultant that my GP won't take my word for the referral letter for choose and book, and have asked him to write to my GP detailing what he needs my GP to do. No idea about timescales, so I'm just going to play it by ear, and be aware that the arrival of AF may not now coincide with the start of my IVF cycle.

Sorry for lack of posts, being kept far too busy at work sad

We have also been adopted by a cat that had befriended one of our kittens (can I still call them kittens? They had their first birthday yesterday - eek! So grown up already!) so are being kept very busy with him/her!

sweetie I hope your dog is still acting healthy and well, and that you get some nice times in before the weekend. Saying goodbye is so hard. I don't think it will affect your embryo though - they are tough little things, and won't be getting your hormones and blood supply for a couple of weeks yet, so please don't worry on that count. I think boo has proven that it is definitely possible to get pg despite stressful circumstances.

<waves to all and leaves bottomless supplies of lattes, cappucinos and espressos of the caffeinated and decaff varieties for all>

BeedleTheBard Fri 14-Sep-12 14:14:30

Question for you ladies:
Yesterday evening I googled the dr we saw on Wed - just because I wanted to find out if he was a consultant - I was hoping to find something on teh hospitals website I suppose. Anyway all I found (other than his age and address which I wasn't looking for!) was a link to a paper he had co-authored about liver transplant, so I remarked on this to DP and he was really shocked and almost angry that I had googled him. So, (and here's the question) was I completely weird to google the dr or was DP still feeling a bit sensitive about the dr's appointment? I assumed the latter and so just dropped the subject but I thought I'd just check with you lot grin

Well it's in the hands of the gods now (well the interview panel) anyway!!

geek sorry that it's going straight forwardly but you'll get there!! My kitties (3 year olds) keep bringing strays home, we name them and create little stories about them because we're sad like that, my favourite is Ronald (because he is low and slinky like a weasel > Weasley > Ronald Weasley) who only comes round when he isnt at hogwarts not a nut job honest!!

beedle I'd have done the same, so I think maybe he is still a little bit raw! I know it's difficult to switch off but maybe you could spend the weekend doing non TTC related things? And try and keep it away from any convos?

Geeklette Fri 14-Sep-12 15:47:16

Quickie before I nip into a meeting: beedle I have googled everyone who has involvement in my care. I think it's par for the course in this age of technology. I agree with sparks though, maybe try to put it to one side for the weekend and give DP lots of attention away from the TTC arena.

BeedleTheBard Fri 14-Sep-12 16:50:13

Thanks geek that was what I wanted to hear, I'm not some crazy stalker grin
Hope your GP and consultant manage to get everything sorted out soon.

And sparks I haven't planned to talk about at all actually, he knows he needs to make a few lifestyle changes and its up to him if he does them. I'm not sure it would be enough to make a difference even if he became a monk (whilst still having sex with me of course), but I would like to see a few changes just to show willing. Oh and we have got quite a busy weekend ahead and then we're of on holiday soon so that should be enough to keep our minds off it, unfortunately I will probably have ovulated before we go away so there won't be an ironic holiday pregnancy!
Oh and did they say when they would be offering you the job? grin

ReturnOfTheMunx Fri 14-Sep-12 19:59:01

Evening ladies

Just wanted to pop in to say thanks for all the lovely congrats!

DS is 8 days old now and is testament to the power of brooking!

Wishing you all well, you truly deserve BFPs soon x

beedle least you have some fun things planned!! It'll be good to have a break!!

I'm afraid I didn't put in a Stella performance interview wise so think I am stuck where I am for the time being will know by the end of next week but I won't hold my breath sad no biggy though!!

BeedleTheBard Sat 15-Sep-12 07:41:04

Sorry to hear that you don't think the interview went too well sparks but you never know, you might be just the person they were looking for.

sweetie hope you're ok

scarlett what are they checking for in your scan on Mon? I hope the next lot of drugs have less side effects for you

solars hope everything is going ok with you as well.

We're really looking forward to our holiday, its an adults only hotel so we won't have to listen other peoples children whilst we're relaxing in the sun grin Obviously I'm hoping that this will be our last proper child-free holiday for a while as I'll be too heavily pregnant to fly next summer hmm Well, positive thinking is good.

Right, I hope everyone has a relaxing stressfree weekend <leaves bacon rolls>

Munx lovely, so good to see you. Hope you are all settling in well.

Sweetie I'm thinking of you today x

Beedle where are you off to? Can I come too please? Ta muchly

Sparks you're going to get this job. I'm brooking no argument.

<leaves tea, apple juice, crumpets and blackberry jam for all>

ScarlettInSpace Sat 15-Sep-12 09:54:45

sweetie love hope you're ok and you had a lovely day yesterday xx

beedle I always google consultants grin On Monday they are scanning to check there are no signs of life in my ovaries and that my womb lining is as thin as can be, then they know the down regulation has worked so I can start taking the stimulation phase which I have been assured by everyone [including the nurses] will counteract the effects I am having now so fx.

sparks with internal jobs it's often not much to do with the actual interview so in sure if they want you they will look at a lot of other factors too, so don't worry too much about it!

Geek I agree with everyone else re doofus consultant, if you are worried that a strongly worded complaint could affect your treatment later on why not raise your concerns rather than complain? Perhaps with your GP?

solars I don't know about you bit this has to have been the heaviest AF I've ever had, now it's finally arrived!! [sorry TMI] I have never had to get up in the middle of the night before to change due to a torrent of leakage blush

I've had enough now to be honest and there's a part of me that wished I never started... I've started planning all the things I'm going to do when I've finished because it all feels fairly pointless, OH says it's the drugs and I know he's probably right so roll on Monday!!

Hugs to maybe and everyone else xx

Oh Scarlett you poor thing. I am willing Monday to come as quickly as possible for you so you can start on the better drugs. Can I ask a stupid question? How do they decide who should go on the different protocols?

ScarlettInSpace Sat 15-Sep-12 10:12:48

It's not a stupid question love wink

It depends on lots of things but mostly age i think. If you are older they don't like to fully down reg as its essentially forcing your body into a false menopausal state so there's a risk your body won't pull itself back out naturally but that's a pretty small risk.

It also depends on your consultant. My acu thought I'd go short protocol even though I'm only 35 because of my low AMH and high FSH but my consultant said she'd been involved in some research work with Dr Georges at Zita West which had shown the better results from long protocol outweighed any risks at my age & with my results do that's why she wanted us to go long p, any good consultant will discuss both with you and why they are making their recommendations.

There's also a school of thought that the NHS favours long p as they can then schedule your cycle into their timetable as they are so busy but private clinics can be more flexible, which also makes sense, however it is for free so if that means being shoehorned into a schedule then I don't mind too much...

Thanks Scarlett that all makes sense! I think I may well be looking at the long protocol then. I'm only 27 so I think my body would cope. Just trying o prepare myself for what hopefully lies ahead! You're going to feel so much better next week, I'm brooking no argument.

Princesslovelyboo Sat 15-Sep-12 12:03:51

Hiya all, Sweetie thinking of you today, I hope your ok.

Scarlett I hope you can start the new drugs and feel better soon.

Now then, I am doing a 5 hour sponsored spin in aid of our local Hospice (Ashgate Hospice if you want to have a look) if anyone would like to sponsor me there is a Just Giving link on my facebook page smile

Eats all the leftover breakfasts and goes!!!

Morning all, I have just had the toughest 24 hours!!! It has been a hell of a week, what an emotional rollercoaster, what with the IVF and then the dog. Anyway all over and done now so onwards and upwards, circle of life etc, etc. I wish I could have a glass or 10 of wine to take the edge off but am having to make do with chocolate!!!

boo should you really be doing such a hard core activity in your condition, how about we sponsor you not to do it???

fingers crossed Sparks that you knocked their socks off at your interview, we all know it isn't over 'til the fat lady sings!!

Beedle happy holibobs

Scarlett I am brooking so hard for you, terrible that you are having a horrific AF but then the exciting bit starts and it will be so worth it, look at me with my crappy old ovaries, managed to produce my single egg. Give it chance and try to keep a PMA.

Maybe I had short protocol because I only had 2 lonely follicles on my initial scan, I didn't do a AMH test so not sure what that is I didn't want to be compared against more numbers my FSH was only 8 which is good for someone of my age (38). They didn't even discuss long protocol with me, but I am sort of glad I was on short to avoid the side effects down regging can cause.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Autumnal sunshine. I am off to my 6 year old nieces birthday party, it is a dance theme where a dance tutor comes in and teaches them a routine that they perform at the end of the afternoon to all the parents!!! DH refuses point blank to come with me - can not say I blame him really, not sure it is my idea of fun 30 screaming 6 year old girls!! Lie down in a dark room will be required later I am sure.

Princesslovelyboo Sat 15-Sep-12 12:38:11

Sweetie I am so sorry about your little dog.

Now don't worry, I have been declared fit and well to do the spin, my lovely instructor (who is also my boxing instructor) said I am allowed breaks, as long as I drink plenty and pace myself I should be fine. This is the last big challenge I will be taking on now. smile

Solars Sat 15-Sep-12 12:40:54

Thinking of you today too Sweetie thanks

Scarlett day 1 of my bleed was a lot worse than normal but the next days have been fine so far. I'm now starting to wonder if the drugs are actually having any effect on me at all confused By the way I also asked our clinic about the difference between long and short protocol and age is is a factor but it's more to do with ovarian reserve and response to ovarian stimulation that decides which protocol they put you on and partly I guess down to the clinic and what they think gives a better result. Brooking for a really good scan on monday and a start to the next phase for you! I agree with your OH, that's the drugs talking it will work for you. Fact!

Sparkes it was me who had a cyst at one scan and then disappeared by the next. Booking for your job.

Have a lovely holiday Beedle

Great to see you Munx

We're being descended on by 4 nieces and nephews today, wish me luck with the entertaining thankfully we have glorious sunshine here which helps! Have a lovely weekend all x

BeedleTheBard Sat 15-Sep-12 14:06:18

So so sorry about your little doggy sweetie she looks so cute in the picture. I hope the chocolate is making you feel a tiny bit better. Have fun at the birthday party, and I think you're right you will need a quiet lay down afterwards grin

cartoonface Sat 15-Sep-12 19:26:00

Cycle day 24 and I can already feel the witches arrival imminent

sweetie I hope youre ok, be kind to yourself after you get back from the party obviously xx

I am not drink!! Honest!!! Bahahahaha

Princesslovelyboo Sat 15-Sep-12 21:42:46

Well someone needs to be Sparks cos it ain't me any more!

Only thing stopping me going bonkers!! Hate preggers peeps who have to constantly stroke their bump sadsad

Princesslovelyboo Sat 15-Sep-12 22:14:44

<makes note not to stroke impending bump near Sparks>

It's not the rubbing of bumps it's the excessive rubbing of bumps..... Sure I'll be able to put my point across much more coherently tomorrow!! Thank
Heavens for predictive text!!!!

Princesslovelyboo Sun 16-Sep-12 08:57:12

Oh i see, do you mean those people despite it being pretty obvious they are pregnant,they have to emphasise is by constantly rubbing bump? They are the people who have a week by week update on FB, mum to be sticker in the car and from about 6 weeks also have their hand on their back and shuffle off the sofa like they are full term. wow, didn't realise how much i didn't like preggos

CruCru Sun 16-Sep-12 11:21:11

When you are pregnant, do your best not to do these things. grin

Solars Sun 16-Sep-12 20:09:59

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

Just wanted to say brooking extra hard for your scan tomorrow Scarlett, lovely, hoping you get to start those stims and you start to fell better soon x


keepitgoing Mon 17-Sep-12 04:29:17

scarlett all the best for today's scan. I am brooking that you'll be able to start on your next cocktail of drugs, which will be the opposite and make you feel amazing!

sparks i agree with you on the bump-rubbing. You might as well rub my face in it. good luck for the job application - i agree with whoever said that internal jobs are less about the interview than about whether they just want you.

sweetie what are you up to this week? hope you have some nice things planned.

Well, I got my peak this morning, so had a sneaky rat-smacking session before work. DH has another one planned in for tonight smile Only two days of highs, normally 4... But i'm not complaining.

We had a great weekend, got out of the city which was lovely as it's hot and smelly here. We are having proper rain - people are worried about a repeat of last year's flooding within the next month or so.

Princesslovelyboo Mon 17-Sep-12 07:05:16

Scarlet brooking for your scan, really hope you will affable to start the next cocktail.

Morning everyone, how are we all doing on this lovely Monday?

Geeklette Mon 17-Sep-12 07:11:29

Morning all!

scarlett brooking like mad for today's scan for you, you've had such a rough ride so far but the other drugs should help and the end will be well worth the means.

sweetie how are you feeling?

solars how long til your next step?

Went to bed without ironing any shirts last night so am in a bit of a flap this morning. My whole routine has gone to pot. Arggh!

<leaves an iron, shirts and a laundry basket of wet clothes needing hanging up and goes in search of breakfast>

Geeklette Mon 17-Sep-12 07:13:08

<sticks head back through the door briefly to congratulate keep on her peak and sneaky SWI>

Princesslovelyboo Mon 17-Sep-12 07:14:13

Geek we're not doing it for you!!! <taps foot>

Imps7 Mon 17-Sep-12 08:39:39

Morning all!

Scarlett good luck x1,000,000,000,000,002 for this morning. What time is the scan?

Geek I hate it when my morning routine changes. The first time Moyles played a song before 7am I went a bit mental thinking I was 20 mins late - he had always played his first song while I brushed my teeth and that time I'd only just got out of the shower. Put me on edge for the whole day, that did. Am well sad he's left now.

Sparks excessive bump rubbing is annoying. I also get annoyed with preggos who assume that because you've never been pregnant you know absolutely nothing about the subject of babies or how they are grown. <jots that down in her book of Wot Not To Do When With Child>

Sweetie hope you're taking it easy today after your upsetting weekend. Can I bring you anything/do any chores for you? Don't want to see you lift a finger at the mo.

Boo how are you getting along? How many weeks now?? Scan booked??

Gorgeous autumnal weather this morning. Love those crisp sunny mornings. Would love them more if I could stay in bed though.

Good day to you all <doffs cap>

Imps7 Mon 17-Sep-12 08:40:55

Morning all!

Scarlett good luck x1,000,000,000,000,002 for this morning. What time is the scan?

Geek I hate it when my morning routine changes. The first time Moyles played a song before 7am I went a bit mental thinking I was 20 mins late - he had always played his first song while I brushed my teeth and that time I'd only just got out of the shower. Put me on edge for the whole day, that did. Am well sad he's left now.

Sparks excessive bump rubbing is annoying. I also get annoyed with preggos who assume that because you've never been pregnant you know absolutely nothing about the subject of babies or how they are grown. <jots that down in her book of Wot Not To Do When With Child>

Sweetie hope you're taking it easy today after your upsetting weekend. Can I bring you anything/do any chores for you? Don't want to see you lift a finger at the mo.

Boo how are you getting along? How many weeks now?? Scan booked??

Gorgeous autumnal weather this morning. Love those crisp sunny mornings. Would love them more if I could stay in bed though.

Good day to you all <doffs cap>

Imps7 Mon 17-Sep-12 08:43:21

Oooh a message so good you got it twice.

keepitgoing Mon 17-Sep-12 08:45:54

ah, crisp mornings. Don't see any of them round 'ere.

geek - i'd just wear a crumpled shirt. Often do, in fact.

imps - what accurate writing you have these days. are you not on the iphone, perchance? How's things with you - are you still taking it easy on the ttc front? Wish I could take a leaf out of your book, really.

is anyone in the tww, other than, of course, sweetie? We need some bfps, girlies.

Imps7 Mon 17-Sep-12 09:18:03

Keep believe it or not I am on the iPhone! I am trying really hard to type accurately these days - have sent a couple of emails to clients featuring classic Imps Fingers typos and quite frankly it's embarrassing! So have got into the habit of checking as I go along and deleting mistakes. Takes bloody ages to type anything though!

Yes, still verging on the side of non-TTC and generally having a lovely time with OH. We're still TTC as we would quite like a family and will start tests in the New Year I think (by then it will have been around 18 cycles) just to see what's amiss but we are both of the view that for us having kiddieswinks is not the be all and end all. Our view on this may change in future of course but for now that's where we're at.

Which goes a very long way to prove that the "relax and it will happen" theory is bunkem. But we knew that anyway!

Solars Mon 17-Sep-12 10:04:25

Morning <peeps head around corner surreptitiously as I've not done any work yet and really shouldn't be here> I am so very tired this morning, not much sleep as it was a nightmare getting to sleep last night. It was like my mood had suddenly switched from being very optimistic to the complete opposite, all the worst things I could possibly think could go wrong with IVF was buzzing around my head keeping me awake. I even started silently weeping, DH heard me and calmed me down somewhat. It just all seemed very bizarre, I feel ok now just very, very tired!!

Sweetie hope you're ok

Nice to see you around Imps I love these crisp autumnal mornings too!

Geek my scan is booked a week tomorrow so still one more week of downregging for me <sigh> if AF had started the day before it did, I would be having my scan tomorrow, but luckily I've not suffered greatly from the side effects so another week should be ok. <grabs laundry basket and hangs up Geeks clothes, will do anything to avoid concentrating on real work at the moment!>

Keep sounds like you smacked that rat good and proper!

Princesslovelyboo Mon 17-Sep-12 10:05:11

Hello again. Funny you should have asked today Imps had my first appointment with the endocrine doc today and they surprised me with an early scan, baby boo is 7 weeks old and looks very comfy with a good heartbeat. smilesmilesmile

keepitgoing Mon 17-Sep-12 10:22:09

oh boo that's brilliant news! well done you

solars it's the drugs talking. Hang in there. Glad your DH is being supportive, though it must be hard to know what to do. One more week, and you've done two already i think? so you're nearly at the next stage.

imps thank you for debunking that godawful theory, which only serves to make women feel even worse about not conceiving. That winds me up no end. Of course there are some women who happen to conceive on a month when they're relaxed. But plenty of others conceive when stressed etc etc.

Where's face - when are you back on the rat-smacking? Now you've got a plan are you just going for it, or waiting till a bit closer to your wedding?

geek what's up with the geeks, are you still on for IVF next cycle or still having appointment issues. I think i've lost the plot with you, sorry...

ReturnOfTheMunx Mon 17-Sep-12 10:59:16

Just popping in to say good luck with appointments and scans.

Thinking of you all.

BeedleTheBard Mon 17-Sep-12 11:22:47

Yeah congratulations boo

Morning ladies
boo I didn't realise babyboo was so far along, great news on the scan - big hip hip hooray

solars so sorry you are feeling down, it is the drugs and the feeling of helplessness, but it isn't for too much longer. We are here for you with hugs and support.

Phone ringing, i will be back shortly !!

ScarlettInSpace Mon 17-Sep-12 12:10:13

Morning all, v quick post as on phone at trade show, thanks sooooooo much for the brooking, it clearly worked as I am totally down reg'd and start stim tomorrow grin

Just have to worry about stim not working now lol...

Next scan week tomorrow to see if ovary is responding brookety brook brook x

Imps7 Mon 17-Sep-12 12:27:57

<pops on her tap shoes and performs an astonishingly good brooking dance for Scarlett>

Ooooh it's all looking good so far Scarlett! And for you Boo! Hurrah!!

Solars honey no silent weeping! Don't try to keep your emotions under wraps - we don't want you being sad in silence. Brooking with all my might that the next drugs are kinder to you.

Got to have a filling on Friday - BOOOOO. It's only my second, which I think at 32 isn't too bad but still annoyed that my gnashers aren't as lovely as they used to be.

Scarlett great news, the stims are a breeze in comparison to down regs, the prep is just a bit messy and time consuming. I was absolutely fine with it. Very exciting time, not long now.

Geek I only buy clothes I fill squash myself into so all the wrinkles disappear wink

Well done keep for morning rat smacking, just what the Dr ordered.

I have no symptoms to report, lower tummy still feels like I have pulled something but that might be everything settling back down after what it aha been through.

But I have gone and done something silly, please don't shout at me. I have bought a puppy!! I was so missing my dog and need something to take my mind off all the upset and worry. So we collected her yesterday, little black cockerpoo. She is a real live wire but adorable. I will obviously get an ironic BFP now won't I?

Princesslovelyboo Mon 17-Sep-12 12:45:52

Oh Solars, sorry you had a bad night, but like the others said, please don't try and keep it to yourself, come and mental share with us.

Scarlett That is good news, brookety brook brooking all the way for you.

Keep well timed rat smacking you say?? not long till you confirm then smile

Sweetie possibly little sweet setling in? I didn't realise I was this far along either, I was expecting them to tell me 5 weeks, and there not be anything to see, but there it was, little yolk sac, little heart beat and a 7 week measurement, at least I didn't do a smegs!!! smile

Hope your having a better day Geek

Has anyone seen Maybe

cartoonface Mon 17-Sep-12 13:06:59

keep im here. been try not to come on here too much cos it would just be moan moan moan from me! ive not bloody decided. i went to try my wedding dress on saturday. my actual one all ready and paid for execpt alterations. also i went to boots to get my steriods, progesterone, asprin etc etc etc. made it all feel so much more real and so much harder to know wot to do. im thinking maybe start in jan so i wont (hopefully)have any bump issues with the dress. but seems a heck of a long way away plus some of the ladies on here currently on these meds think that ill be feeling so rough preggo or not from the steriods that it may be best not to do both. am considering making some enquirys about moving the wedding forward to december and the ttc after that. so i can concentrate on one thing at a time.

BeedleTheBard Mon 17-Sep-12 13:08:33

scarlett excellent news that you can start the stimming, I hope you start to feeel better

sweetie I don't think you have been silly at all grin

solars don't be sad, come and talk to us

imps sorry that the relaxing hasn't worked (well to be honest I'd be a bit gutted if I actually had to try that grin ), but it sounds like you have a plan

things are still a bit strained between me and DP, I think we're both a bit depressed/stressed about everything. I'm hoping things will get better whilst we're on holiday.

cartoonface Mon 17-Sep-12 13:09:50

sorry just totally ignored everyone else.
boo thats wonderful
sweetie a new puppy! congrats on the new edition to the family. hope your feeling better.
scarlett so happy its all going to plan.
hope everyone else is ok

Geeklette Mon 17-Sep-12 13:32:32

Sorry if this ends up being longer/shorter than usual - trying to squeeze a post in between people landing on my desk asking stoopid questions!

imps I had to laugh when I read about Moyles playing a song too early screwing up your morning - that is so me!! What a shame you have managed to find a remedy for your imps fingers, they used to make me howl with laughter and earn me some very weird looks from my work colleagues I love how relaxed you are about TTC, but then you are still so young envy It will no doubt happen at the right time for you and MrImps, so enjoy your alternative plans while you can grin

boo I think you're just plain mean not to do my ironing for me! It's actually MrGeek's ironing, I don't own any workwear that needs to be ironed. He used to do all the cooking, and I did the cleaning, washing and ironing which seemed a fair division of labour. Lately though I seem to have taken over all the cooking too! Time to put MrGeek to work tonight methinks grin Super congrats on your scan though - 7 weeks! Doesn't time fly!!! So fab that you have seen a heartbeat - is it starting to feel real now?

solars you poor love, please don't do any more silent weeping says the queen of sobbing quietly in the toilet I am sure it is just the drugs and hopefully in a week you'll be able to get onto the good stuff and feel miles better. I hope today is kind to you and you are able to get a proper night's sleep tonight. We are all here for you, always.

keep nice crisp mornings here too - I don't think it'll be long before we have our first frost, either. Hope your weather stays decent and you don't end up flooded out, that sounds like it could be quite nasty. IVF probably won't happen next cycle, as I'm waiting for my consultant to write to my GP to ask my GP to write to my consultant with a referring letter for the operation my consultant would like to carry out before I can start IVF. I'm on CD 14, from memory, and hoping to ovulate in the next 1-2 weeks so I don't think it will all go through in time for me to start at my next cycle. I'm on the verge of losing the plot with where I am in the scheme of things too grin

scarlett so pleased that the down reg has worked for you! Yay for moving on to the stims, it sounds like they will treat you far better than your down reg drugs. The power of brooking strikes again!

sweetie OMG you bought a puppy!? Your BFP is now in the bag (which we knew anyway from your textbook 4 cell embryo transfer). I've heard cockerpoos don't moult, so that is definitely a plus! You are going to have your work cut out for you though, at least the last week of your 2ww will fly by as you will be so distracted. Photos on FB as soon as poss pleased smile smile smile

sparks when will you hear about the results of your interview?

I can also add to the debunking of the 'just relax' myth. I spent 10 years relaxing and it got me diddly squat but I have to wonder now just how much of that was me being so incredibly naive about my cycle, not to mention popping ibuprofen at all the wrong times. I'm sure we probably managed to somehow miss all of the right times, because this last year I have learned how awful I feel around ov time with cramps and fatigue and stuff. Going into cycle 120 (approx) now and I feel so much more informed.

Feeling a bit fed up at the moment, having got to the point of feeling excited that IVF was imminent and now feeling that it has been pushed back still further by needing this extra op, but not knowing when it will be. It's quite funny though - I'd originally predicted it would fall at the end of September, coinciding with me needing to support the go-live of a new piece of software. When I found out it would be the end of October instead, I told my boss only to find out the go-live had been rescheduled for the end of October too! Now I find my IVF is likely to be November or later, and once again the go-live is likely to be pushed back to around then. Someone's trying to tell me something!!

Right, enough rambling, back to work for me - brooking for you all, especially those taking a bit of time out at the moment.

I have added a few pictures of the new arrival on fb, I did it from my phone so they are all separate rather than in a file. Not sure what I have done wrong.

I will add one to my profile pictures too

cartoonface Mon 17-Sep-12 16:12:12

ops swithed to caps sorry, didnt mean to shout! haha

Solars Mon 17-Sep-12 16:49:21

<Shhhhhhh keep it down Face some of us are snoozing at our desks>

Thank you all, I feel a lot better now after listening to my cd again and getting my work done too, although I am very tired still so I'm sure it'll be an early night for me! It was all very strange as I had such a lovely weekend with my DBro & DSis and nieces and nephews down on saturday and sunday was a really nice day as we went out for a lovely long drive & lunch, but then to feel so low later on. Pretty sure it's got something to do with the drugs and partly the anxiety associated with the waiting!

Scarlett I am so pleased you had a great scan today, not long at all to go now dear!

Boo how lovely for your surprise scan too!

Sweetie the little puppy is just doubly confirming your bfp now! Will check out the pics soon! Remember no symptoms = preggo!

Beedle this can all be really tough on both of you but be good to each other and I think you're right the holiday will definitely help, rekindle the romance and just enjoy yourselves.

Geek if you can just take one step at a time, I agree it's horrid waiting for things to happen, but it will happen, I mean just look at Sweetie already in her 2ww! That'll be you before you know it!

Right I'm off to figure out what to make for supper!

keepitgoing Tue 18-Sep-12 04:22:44

scarlett so pleased for you and hope that you start to feel better quick smart.

sweetie that dog is so adorable! I think it was very sensible to get a puppy, actually. I hope you're feeling ok, and you must be almost a week in.

geek that is just a ridiculous chain of events that has to happen. Oh well, it doesn't sound like next month's going to be a go-er, so might as well not worry and go for the one after. Hopefully you won't have a crazy long cycle again though.

keepitgoing Tue 18-Sep-12 04:31:26

face that's a difficult one. I think that I would just get on with ttc, to be honest. Going on past events you are likely to be upduffed soonish, and would be past the danger zone before the wedding. But then i guess dress would need to be altered, but that's not the end of the world, is it? If you were early-days pregnant at the wedding might you be really too nervous to enjoy the wedding and honeymoon, or as you say feeling rough? in which case better to either go early or wait until after the wedding. moving the wedding forward could be good - i love a december wedding! sorry, I think that was no help at all. Either way, hopefully now you've got your cocktail of drugs it will be a trouble-free pregnancy.

solars glad your cd is helpful. how annoying you have to do another week just to fit into their timetable - argh! still, another day ticked off now. you'll be there before we know it.

beedle - good for you booking a child-free holiday. Sorry you've been a bit down, but now you're on the path to answers, hopefully. And an ironic bfp in the meantime.

No news here, just smacking that rat left right and centre. Do we assume ovulation is on day 2 of the peak, cbfm-users? I just assume it's somewhere around now, and then go back to eod for a while after it's back on low.

Morning ladies
Sorry for not posting yesterday, we've decided (well actually ive decided) to stop TTC for a while, or atleast put it on the back burner! Ive got to find a new job sad. So going to be concentrate on that for the foreseeable future!!

Lurking to commence shortly!!

Brooking for all other rat smackers

BeedleTheBard Tue 18-Sep-12 08:55:04

Sorry to hear that sparkle , but I can understand that some time-out can be a good idea. Obviously I'm hoping that you'll be popping in occassionally, and then coming back to tell us about your ironic BFP grin Take care and good luck with the job hunting.

keepitgoing Tue 18-Sep-12 09:12:57

ah sparks do you mean that you're going to start using contraception, or just try not to worry about it. Are you going to stop tracking cycles and things? Sorry that you're not enjoying your job. But you may have a new one by the end of the week, brooking for that!!

Aw Sparks sorry to hear that, I will really miss you cheery posts keeping everyone spirits up. We can still keep you updates on fb too. Hope you are ok lovely {{{hugs}}}

cartoonface Tue 18-Sep-12 14:03:01

keep ive emailed the venue to see what dates they have so fingers crossed. i had always pictured a winter wedding but thought getting married this yr might have been too much of a rush but now wish id just gone for it. trying my lovely dress on made me think how lovely it looked just as it was and couldnt even imagine it bump friendly its all corseted so i guess they have to take some out for bump room? i dont know. from wot ive gathered the steriods make u moody, fat, bloated and give u a dodgy tummy, thats just the one set of meds! i may be lucky and not feel bad on them. trouble is the way my mind works i imagine every possiblity and end up convinced the worst will happen.
if we cant move the wedding we will start ttc around jan. and i will just have to put up with any illness and put worries out of my head for the day. we've never decided when to go on honeymoon and thought probably just a small break in this country, hopefully ill get my luxury mexican hol in a few yrs or so currently a baby is more important. my head is just swimming! hows things with you?
sparks we all love a good chat so no need to stay away even if not ttc. i feel a bit of a fraud being here me and dp are using condoms after all!

CheerfulYank Tue 18-Sep-12 14:52:38

Oh, Sweetie soooo cute.

Hope you're feeling ok, Sparks.

Solars Tue 18-Sep-12 16:57:56

Oh no Sparkes brooking for a job to turn up pronto and please do stick around even if not actively ttcing!

Scarlett how are you getting on with the stims? Hope you're feeling much better too.

Sweetie hope all is well with you too and you've got plenty of distractions, when have they told you to test?

Face you never know you may not get any of the side effects.

Keep sorry I'm not a cbfm user. It is annoying to have to wait another week just to fit in the clinics timeable but I'm just trying to take each day as it comes, 7 sleeps to go!

Geek & Maybe hope you both are well

Yank where are you in your cycle now?

CheerfulYank Tue 18-Sep-12 18:51:59

I am...4 weeks along! Got a bfp over the weekend. grin

This thread is magic.

Princesslovelyboo Tue 18-Sep-12 19:03:40

Yank that is fabulous news, many many congratulations. thanks smilesmilesmile

CheerfulYank Tue 18-Sep-12 19:08:35

Thank you so much. I'm so excited! We haven't told many people yet as we aren't telling DS for awhile. smile

Princesslovelyboo Tue 18-Sep-12 21:19:18

We haven't told teen boo yet, he will find out after 12 weeks. Toddly boo is too young so he will just be told as and when he needs to know.

So pleased for you, there is a graduates thread when you are ready, can't link cos I'm on my phone.

keepitgoing Wed 19-Sep-12 03:57:45

yank that's brilliant news, congratulations!! you managed to keep that quiet for two days...?
how long were you trying for? How old is your son?

sweetie how's your pup getting on. hope he's keeping you distracted.

6 more sleeps now, solars smile

face how weird to be using condoms. I don't think i'll ever use contraception again... Fingers crossed that the venue have space, you sounds pretty organised you could deffo do it in december!

CheerfulYank Wed 19-Sep-12 05:01:14

Keepit last month was our first month trying! shock

DS is five. smile I've been trying to convince DH to have another since DS was about nine months old! But now that we're in our 30's we've just decided to go hell for leather for the next five years or so and see how many we end up with. Dubious plan, I know!

keepitgoing Wed 19-Sep-12 05:40:20

ooh you could end up with a football team if you keep it up at that rate!!

Congratulations yank and first month of trying envy so pleased for you well done thanks

keep pup is doing well and very much keeping me distracted, in a good way

solars our clinic advise to test 18 days after egg collection so that is a week on Friday hmmhmm I am not sure I will be able to hold out that long am thinking next Wednesday might be d day

keepitgoing Wed 19-Sep-12 07:34:57

sweetie i thought you could test a bit earlier because the embryo is a couple of days old when it's put back, iyswim... 18 days is looong. wed would be good - only a week!! how's toilet training going, or is he too young for that yet? I am sooo jealous, i want to get a puppy when we get back next year, and DH has said yes, once our kitty has settled back in with us (though she won't be a fan). I just adore dogs.

keep she is doing really well with house training only a few accidents usually when DH is watching her she sleeps in a crate at night and when I need to leave her so that has cut down on accidents too. It has been nice here last few days too so she has been in our garden all the time.

Princesslovelyboo Wed 19-Sep-12 08:04:03

Sweetie she is adorable, and just what you need to take your mind off the 2ww.

cartoonface Wed 19-Sep-12 09:27:11

sweetie wots the dogs name. i would love a dog! maybe one day
congrats yank that was quick!

face she is called Roxy. Both me & DH have always had dogs so it was just a given that we would get another. I know timing might be a bit off but at least I am off work for next few weeks to get it used to our ways.

keepitgoing Wed 19-Sep-12 09:40:58

No, I think the timing is perfect. Both for keeping you busy, and also as you say you are off work. When our dog died we got one very quickly as well. It's not to replace the other dog, but there is such a massive gap in your life otherwise isn't there.
I think perfect time to get a dog is mat leave <dreams wistfully of mat leave next summer> but my mum and sister think i'm crazy...

cartoonface Wed 19-Sep-12 10:27:07

i think its wonderful you got another dog and better to be at home while you all get used to each other and can train her. my best friends name is roxy! good name.

ScarlettInSpace Wed 19-Sep-12 11:45:59

congrats yank, hopefully you've brought some brooking luck to this fred smile Graduate Fred

sweetie love the pup, she's adorable, and a great way to take your mind off everything

solars how are you getting on love? I had tears at bedtime on Monday too, it's deffo the drugs x

sparks keep lurking wink and feel free to nip in anytime, sometimes even a week or two off can help x

keep who has your dog while you're away?

geek I think someone is trying to tell you you can get pissed at crimbo grin

waves at everyone else [sorry for no name check blush ]

AFM I started stim last night, I think I feel a bit better this morning but the last 2-3 days have been sooooooooo bad that it doesn't take much to feel better iykwim. In fact I think i will celebrate not feeling sick by going to Greggs for lunch grin. Acu this aft which i am looking forward to too.

Am mentalling lots about the stimming, I KNOW the consultant who told me not to expect to get any E's to C was talking out of his butt hole but he still said it and I can't help thinking about it. BROOK BROOK BROOK grin

Scans booked for next Tuesday & friday to see if I respond...

<goes to greggs>

Scarlett sooooo glad you are starting to feel a bit better, celebration with greggs defo a good idea. I totally understand your concerns, I was convinced there would be nothing on my first scan but there was. I will brooking my socks off for lots of follie action ready for your scan on Tuesday. Enjoy you acu later too.

ScarlettInSpace Wed 19-Sep-12 15:48:05

sweetie I definitely am feeling better as the day goes on. Although I've still done ef all work today grin - how are you feeling about everything, any interesting symptoms to report [and remember no symptoms is a symptom]

cartoonface Wed 19-Sep-12 15:58:29

im getting married 22nd december!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solars Wed 19-Sep-12 16:13:40

Oh wow congratulations Yank we'll all be joining you on the grads thread very soon!

Scarlett I'm so very pleased to hear you are starting to feel much better. Try not to stress about twunty consultant too much, perhaps just think about how you're going to tell him in a few weeks that he doesn't know what he is talking about! Go Follies, Go

Sweetie I think getting the pup was a great idea, what a lovely way to keep you occupied in the 2ww! I think our landlord may have something to say if we got a pup, although i know DH would love one By the way 18 days!!! I think our clinic said 16 days after EC! I'm looking forward to your confirmation!

DH is off out watching the football this evening, in corporate seats no less and I am treating myself to making spaghetti vongole tonight, but does anyone know what I can use as an alternative to white wine in the recipe? I wouldn't mind using white wine as I know most of the alcohol would be cooked away but I don't see the point of opening a whole bottle if neither of us is going to drink it??

Solars Wed 19-Sep-12 16:15:04

Oh x-posts Face congrats!! You managed to bring it forward, well done!!

ScarlettInSpace Wed 19-Sep-12 16:20:50

Oh and 18 days wtaf? EC is the same day as Ov surely, which weirdo waits til 18dpo lol??

solars Morrisons sell cooking wine which is fab as it keeps for 6 weeks after opening, I cam't find it at Sainsbo's though and we've just switched to shopping there... [It's usually with the vinegars etc] As an alternative I've been buying the mini 1-glass bottles, you can chuck the rest in a casserole in a couple of days if you like? I might be able to give up drinking wine but I can't not cook with it!!

face yay good news, proper crimbo wedding plus you won't lose the whole wedding party to the outside area like you do when the weather is warmer

Solars Wed 19-Sep-12 16:33:02

Thanks Scarlett I may just pop into Morrisons after dropping DH at the station today or get the smaller bottles! I know what you mean about not cooking with wine though!!

Woo hoo face what a great time of year to get married, are you having a church do? It would be lovely to sing carols at the service, I always wanted a Christmas wedding. Congrats for getting the date set.

Solars can you get a mini bottle of white wine or M&S do those single glasses with foil on the top, if you only need a bit. <tries to remember the last glass of crisp white wine drunk - fails sad--

You guys have made me think if I should be testing sooner. I hadn't really thought too much about it, but maybe it should be Monday based on that was when my egg collection took place. I was working on 14 days from when it went back in being next Wednesday. I will see how I am feeling early next week. Of course the progesterone suppositories give you all the symptoms, really sore boobs, bloated tummy, slightly sick feeling, tiredness but i am trying not to read too much into them. So glad I have up to take my mind off it all.

ScarlettInSpace Wed 19-Sep-12 16:49:17

OMG I could murder a glass of wine now I'm starting to feel normal again...

have some becks blue in the fridge, may sink a couple of those this eve you have to drink them fast though, if they aren't ice cold they taste a bit poo

Hmm I was just thinking tho sweets maybe they say 18 days in case the tail end of the HCG jab gives a false positive? Not that yours will be though, it is clearly going to be a completely true & honest positive of course grin

cartoonface Wed 19-Sep-12 16:56:13

no sweetie not a church but i love that idea would be lovely. im so exited! it was really easy to rearrange as well phoned everyone i needed to and sorted it in an hour.

keepitgoing Thu 20-Sep-12 07:19:20

face great news on the rescheduled wedding - only three months, how exciting. That's perfect, now you can have a few months of wedding planning and non-ttcing, and then enjoy drinking at the wedding etc and then into ttc. Hope you'll stick around here for the next few months even if you're not trying.

sweetie we are such bad influences... But less than a week now till wednesday which would surely be ok.

scarlett we don't have a dog yet, i though i suppose i refer to my parents' dog as mine, since he was there while i was still at uni etc. We do have a cat, who is spoilt rotten and i adore, and i was very upset leaving her with my brother. But he is now loving her and she seems very happy, so that's good.

beedle hope you are ok. has dh done his next sample yet? it was quite a palaver getting him to do it last time, wasn't it... Good luck for all the tests coming up.

maybe thinking of you; hope work is not getting you too down. When are you due to finish your phd? (think i've got that right)

scarlett i am brooking so hard for you for next week. Grow, eggies, grow! I think i missed the bit about your twunty consultant - surely if he thought you wouldn't produce any eggs he wouldn't advise this course of action. And i thought you just had one tube, which doesn't affect egg-growing or collection

solars four more sleeps now till stimming - nearly there!

geek what a pathway you have to go through. Make sure you keep on top of it so as referrals don't get lost or delayed etc. Who cares if you nag them.

<leaving tom yum soup and fresh pineapple for lunch>

Princesslovelyboo Thu 20-Sep-12 09:18:50

Hi everyone, Face wonderful news about the wedding, a Christmas wedding will be VERY romantic smile

Scarlett We will restart the dancing for your eggies! egg grow dance starts now!!!!!!

Solars keep going, stimming soon, your doing great smilesmile

Geek and Maybe brookng hard for you ladies, hope your ok thanks

Sorry if I have missed you for a name check, feeling really ropey today sad it is toddly boo's birthday, so going for a little lie down before he gets back from playgroup.

<takes tom yum soup to bed>

keepitgoing Thu 20-Sep-12 09:29:25

is noone here? i'm bored at work. Just spent a while trying to figure out my next two cycles, but have given up. Though mine are not too irregular i wish i was one of those 'to the minute' girls. would stop a lot of mentalling, as much as anything else.

no news chez-keep. Am up to three days po, but will now go back to eod. This is the part of the cycle that dh doesn't realise i make sure we have regular rat smacking, he's just happy to dtd.

keepitgoing Thu 20-Sep-12 09:30:43

oops, missed you boo - sorry you're feeling rough, am sure a toddler's bday party will be just the ticket... but am sure it's a good sign

Princesslovelyboo Thu 20-Sep-12 09:33:17

Oh yes Keep don't get me wrong, I feel rough, but it is the right sort of rough and it is reassuring to have iynwim smile

Geeklette Thu 20-Sep-12 12:40:58

<runs by with axe in hand, screaming something about hanging managers up by their entrails>

Princesslovelyboo Thu 20-Sep-12 13:59:16

sadsad oh dear Geek, not good then?

<sharpen's axe and loads potato gun, passes them to geek>

Happy birthday to toddlyboo - boo hope you are feeling a bit better and can enjoy the party

Geek whats going on? Try not to do your manager an injury, difficult i know.

Solars Thu 20-Sep-12 14:19:42

<steps out of the way of the axe yielding Geek>

Oh Keep you got me all excited there, but it's actually 5 more sleeps to go, but that's at least one less than yesterday!

Thanks Boo I'm doing my best to hang on! Hope toddlyboo and you enjoy his birthday!

Scarlett, Sweetie how are you both doing?

My sleep has not been good this week at all, acu lady says its to do with the drugs and has given me some food tips that may help, I think I'm starting to feel the floppiness you mentioned Scarlett other than that I'm fine.

Waves to everyone else, Imps, Maybe, Sparkes hope you all are well!

Solars so glad you have great acu lady to give you the top tips. My sleep was all over the place when on the meds but I wasn't sure if it was cos I was off work. I was always too hot in bed which made me really restless.

I have been mentalling quite a bit today, I have had a bit of an upset tummy after not been able to go at all for last few days, sorry TMI, also really sore boobs, low down crampy pains and a funny taste in my mouth all day. Plus I was so shattered I had to go to bed for an hour this afternoon and then struggled to get up again blush. Not sure if the witch is lurking or what, only time will tell.

On a more positive note, pup can go outside for her first walkies tomorrow so that will do us both good getting out and about in the fresh air.

Princesslovelyboo Thu 20-Sep-12 17:52:39

Sweetie might I suggest or what...... I have been feeling exactly the same. smilesmilesmile

Solars Thu 20-Sep-12 20:33:29

Oh Sweetie some really great symptom spotting there!! Go emby go!

Princesslovelyboo Thu 20-Sep-12 21:03:59

Well one family birthday dinner done, just got told dreaded toddler party on Saturday, really glad it's at a play centre, the most I have to do is drink tea. smilesmile

keepitgoing Fri 21-Sep-12 03:19:42

oh sweetie that is all sounding so promising. Not long now. I am brooking for you so hard!! go emby GO Are you taking drugs still? Hope your dh is ok as well, and looking after you.
Has pup had her vaccinations now then? can we see more photos of her? she is so gorgeous.

sorry solars i thought it was on monday... Oh well, now it's 4 sleeps! Hope you've got some nice plans for the weekend to keep time moving.

geek boo to your awful boss. i thought he was leaving? and boo to him keeping you so busy you can't come and talk to us!

boo how long before teenboo guesses something's up - did he ever know you're ttc? i guess teenagers are quite self absorbed. How will he take it? (i think teenboo is a boy...)

Geeklette Fri 21-Sep-12 07:11:05

Sorry ladies, I didn't mean to just randomly post and run yesterday! Work has just got so stupid lately. Unfortunately, the manager who left was the only sane, rational, technically skilled manager in the entire department. New manager is a complete seagull - any hint of stress and he can't help but flap and squawk and spread it around like crap. He can't understand why I and my colleague aren't flapping too. Unfortunately he has been confirmed as my new permanent boss <sob> so this is now my life sad

sparks please please please don't stop posting, your posts always made me smile. I'm sorry you are having to put TTC on the back burner, but I am glad your professor has finally manned up to getting another job (or was he forced into doing so by a little thing called handing in your notice?!). Really brooking that your recent interview went well, but if not then it is only because fate doesn't want you being prevented from going for your dream job, which surely can't be far away.

sweetie that all sounds ever so promising! I know the progesterone will cause a fair few side effects, but the taste in the mouth thing is surely a pg sign! You are so strong to be holding out until Wednesday before testing.

solars not long to go for you now, either! And scarlett, you surely can't be far away?

boo chuffed to hear your still feeling slightly rough (but not too much so), hope toddlyboo's b'day went well.

Hopefully just a week away from ov here. Been feeling awfully emotional, not helped by being on my own at work a couple of days this week due to one colleague having to take time off to look after his kids while his wife goes on a training course, and the other having a few days off because his wife has just given birth. I can just about cope with that, but I really don't need to be forced to coo coo over the photos too sad

<waves to keep, maybe, and everyone else, grabs boo's potato gun and goes off to hunt me a seagull>

Princesslovelyboo Fri 21-Sep-12 07:15:17

Morning ladies, Keep teen boo is indeed a boy but he is also deaf/blind. He hasn't noticed anything and being a teen has a lot to do with it, but it is also just the way he is. If something in his world is changing he needs to be told and have it all explained he wouldn't notice on his own, which makes keeping secrets loads easier from him.

keepitgoing Fri 21-Sep-12 07:36:18

oh gosh boo that must be difficult for you. Good news for keeping the secret, and lets you tell him at your own pace. I'm sure he'll love a new sibling!

geek poor you with work stress. What a dick-wad manager. Surely he can't last with all that flapping, and then you can step in and smooth it all over. I don't know what you do other than that it's IT-y, but is it the sort of thing where you can just get on and do your own thing and let him be twatty?

sparks let us know if you got the job. i didn't realise you've handed in your notice. The biggest fattest ironicest positive will be yours any day!

nearly the end of the week, girlies. Hang in there. (I'll beat you there, mwah ha ha)

ScarlettInSpace Fri 21-Sep-12 07:49:06

geek we've threatened before to get my manager a business card with thd job title Chief Flapper grin

Post and run I'm afraid as have a trip to Manchester today an I have to go get my sodding wheels balanced first because the ATS man couldn't fit them on the balancer on his van after he changed the tyres yesterday angry

sweetie am sure you don't need me to tell you the Law of Symptoms my dear, brooking you continue to trail blaze through this process and show us all how it's done x


Princesslovelyboo Fri 21-Sep-12 08:29:20

Geek you were here and I missed you, good morning my lovely, may I wish you all the best on your sea gull hunt!!! We need you back here, does the twunt boss not realise brooking has to be your priority?? grin

Keep not difficult now, we're used to it, we knew he was deaf when he was 2, but only found out he was going blind in 2010, he has good daytime sight at the moment but no nighttime sight at all, his daytime sight will start to deteriorate as he gets older sad

Brooking you get the job of your dreams Sparks

Morning everyone else <leaves tea toast and various cereal>

keepitgoing Fri 21-Sep-12 08:39:42

well i am brooking that his sight won't deteriorate, and that they find a magic cure before then anyway. you know the power of brooking! We are out here on medical research but god, there's just so much that needs to be researched...

geek doesn't your boss know that brooking is a full time job?

Morning ladies, sorry for the radio silence over the last week, well since what Monday? but thought I'd swooooosh by to give you a quick update. I didn't get the job, well Im assuming I didnt, I was meant to hear from them on Wednesday and have not heard from them. hey ho thats just the the way the cookie crumbles!!

I've not handed in my notice, rather I've been given my notice, long story but my job is directly linked with one particular person who is leaving, so my job will cease to exist when he goes sad the whole thing has been rather worrying/stressful and no one can quite tell me whats going on and what will happen to me, so I've spent the last few days trying to piece everything together!!

We're now focusing on getting me a new job rather than getting me diffed!! We'll not be going back to contraceptives, I dont really see the point anyways, but we've dropped everything. No more CBFM, OPKs, temping etc etc. and in fact so far its been rather nice, because I'm already a week in to my cycle and I've barely had time to think about it.

Sorry for not name checking but hope everyone is well and not mentalling too much about whatever stage you're at!!

keep up the brooking ladies

Solars Fri 21-Sep-12 13:27:20

Yes indeed Keep 4 sleeps to go now! We have a cousins 21st birthday party to go to on Saturday, plus I offered to help with food so I am busy with that today! May have DSis and kids over after the party so that will definitely keep me distracted on Sunday, plus Monday I already know will be busy with work so hopefully time will soon pass!

Sparkes I am brooking that you get a new job very soon, so you can resume menkuling over ttc instead!

Have a nice trip to Manchester Scarlett

Sweetie how are you getting on with the new sets of meds now during this phase? Anymore symptoms to report?

Geek hopefully all this stress at work is just new manager settling in, hoping this will pass and things will calm down especially as he sees that you are remaining calm throughout all of this!

I had a better, but still disturbed sleep last night, will carry on with the tips from acu lady!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, any nice plans?

Solars glad you are keeping busy, so what delights are you making?

Sparks so sorry to hear about your job situation, but brooking that you get another very soon. It sounds like taking your foot off the ttc gas might be just what you need at the moment.

geek I work in IT too and some of the male managers have absolutely zero social skills. I am liking the seagull comparison, we defo have a few of those where I work too.

boo hope you have an excellent party tomorrow for toddlyboo, I hadn't realised teenboo had eyesight problems too, poor lad.

Well I defo think the witch is circling as just had pink cm sad

Implantation Sweetie

Princesslovelyboo Fri 21-Sep-12 17:59:05

No Sweetie I will not have it!! <resumes go emby go dance, gets potato gun back to warn off the witch>

I'm spotting too so AF is obviously changing her mind and coming to me instead

Solars Fri 21-Sep-12 21:26:36

I'm hoping with all my brooking spirits its implantation too or something to do with the whole process, plus with all the progesterone you're taking wouldn't it be impossible for AF to start anyway until you actually stop the meds?? Or am I just being naive about it?? Hope you can hang on in there, think positive thoughts Sweetie

Solars I am not really sure what to expect. They did say if you have a bleed to continue with the progesterone. So I don't think it is impossible. If it was a normal month AF would be due Monday but of course things are all over the place. But I haven't had any more spotting, despite frequent knicker checking!!!

Well pup gets her first proper walk today so a very exciting day and the weather looks perfect for dog walking.

Hope everyone has a lovely day planned, boo try not to over do it this afternoon

Brooking like mad for you, Sweetie!

And everyone else of course!

Solars Sun 23-Sep-12 07:47:42

Waves to Gen

Sweetie hope you are doing ok and you got to take pup out for a nice walk and glad to hear no further spotting. Brooking little embie is making itself at home.

I feel quite run down today, possibly over did it with going to the party yesterday wish we didn't stay as long as we did even though we got back just after 10pm as the meds have been making me feel excessively tired anyway. Awoke this morning with a funny feeling in my throat and a bit of a headache, so I really hope I'm not coming down with anything. Luckily DSis and kids aren't staying over so a nice calming day for me will hopefully pick me up.

Hope everyone is ok, it's ever so quiet around these parts now.

ScarlettInSpace Sun 23-Sep-12 08:55:36

Morning solars sorry to hear you're feeling poorly love, not long now til your scan though x

sweetie hope everything has settled down for you too, and not long to test now am excited and anxious for you! Bet youre having fun with puppy dog, mine is all that's keeping me smiling at the moment.

Sorry for no more name checks my finger is aching lol as on iPod!

I'm pretty much fuming with OH, I was really upset yesterday about this whole thing, he eventually decided he was still going to go our friends BBQ which was fine but he then decided to go on a bender in town, he rang me for no reason other than apparently to wake me up at 4am and rolled in at quarter to 5, I'm soooo annoyed. He stank of beer and fags and spent ten minutes hurling in the bathroom which was lovely hmm. I got up at half 6 because I had no space in the bed, I feel like he's got no consideration for what I am putting myself through so we can BOTH have a child, I don't really trust myself to speak to him when he finally gets his stinking arse out of bed angry

Ha my Finger aches more now lol! Rant over, happy Sunday everyone cx

Princesslovelyboo Sun 23-Sep-12 09:15:41

Oh scarlet how awful, my DH decided to go to a friends party last night too, he didn't want to go and said he would have to as I wasn't, so under duress off he went, 4 o clock this morning he rolled into bed, his beer breath and bum smells filled the bedroom making me feel sick, and my weekend lie in cancelled sad

Any way, Sweetie brooking so hard that everything is going well still, and pup is providing a lovely cute distraction.

Leaves toast and eggs for everyone (except mine and Scarlet's DH's cos they don't deserve it!)

Solars Sun 23-Sep-12 09:22:32

Oh Scarlett & Boo I would be fuming too, especially in both your conditions! Scarlett I hope you can go out and do something nice for yourself, let OH stew for a while, no doubt he'll be nursing a hangover anyway!!

Princesslovelyboo Sun 23-Sep-12 09:39:18

grin it's ok, just woke DH up to tell him I'm off spinning and he has the kids, they are fighting as usual and DH is nursing a really really bad hangover grin <-- this is an evil grin

Scarlet hope your DH wakes up suitably sorry too smile

ScarlettInSpace Sun 23-Sep-12 09:42:40

He will be sorry and it's always do difficult to be bad at him when he's hungover as he is so cute and sorry for himself, but he's not off the hook on this one, he has behaved like a selfish twat. Wish I had fighting kids to punish him with!

ScarlettInSpace Sun 23-Sep-12 09:42:58

*mad not bad lol

Princesslovelyboo Sun 23-Sep-12 11:14:53

You will do soon Scarlett smile I have just got back to find non of them are dressed yet and DH is wearing sunglasses in the house grin

keepitgoing Sun 23-Sep-12 11:24:55

Oh god Scarlett that's awful of him. Make him see why. His role is coming up, and after what you're putting yourself through he's an idiot if he's not doing everything he can.

And boo hahaha to sunglasses in the house.

sweetie so glad no more spotting. In fact the timing of that could be <whispers> the fabled imp bleeding... I am so excited and nervous for you too. Have you decided when to test?

solars you're on the home straight now! Stims coming up! Well done you for keeping sane these last two weeks!

About 5dpo here, but 10 days to AF due to long lp.... boring. Is anyone else in 2ww other than sweets?

Waves to everyone else. I'm still here but just in a diff time zone.

Solars Sun 23-Sep-12 16:10:57

Scarlett & Boo hope both your OH's have been suitably apologetic to you, if not then bang a few pots and pans around if they're still nursing sore heads! grin

Have to admit Keep I have been feeling quite mehhh today, I've been downregging for 3 weeks now! Not quite feeling myself is the only way to describe it. Kinda wished I didn't go to the party yesterday as although it was nice to see everyone I wasn't quite myself but felt I had to go to try and keep some normality in life at the moment, as my DH keeps saying lets not let the drugs beat us! I think it's this past week that's really affected me the most since I got AF, before that I felt fine. Keep I think we're a bit thin on the ground these days so may just be you and Sweetie in the 2ww! Are you settling in well in Bangkok? Missing the uk yet?

Leaves behind a fresh batch of blueberry crumble...

Princesslovelyboo Sun 23-Sep-12 17:03:03

Mmm crumble, thanks!

It has actually helped me today, Mr boo having a hangover, he has been moaning about feeling sick, dizzy, hungry but can't face food and he is really really tired. I told him to add some nipple clamps and welcome to my life, he was quite shock at how unwell I felt smile one small victory in the boo house smilesmile

keepitgoing Mon 24-Sep-12 03:16:24

solars you're right, we are a bit thin on the ground, with people on drugs left right and centre, others like cartoon waiting, and others like sparks taking a step back. Well, sweetie and i will try and keep the side up.

So sorry to hear you're feeling like that, solars. That's a long time to have some hard-core drugs floating round you. I think mrsolars has the right idea, but i guess it's easy to say that from the outside. Have you told many people about the IVF? Did the friends at the party just think you were a bit moody...? But you're so nearly there, and this is going to be the only time you have to do this, as you will get so many embryos that you can have a second third fourth bubba without all this. BROOK BROOK.

We are settling in well to bangkok life. It's quite an easy life really, as we are comparatively very well paid, and eat out all the time, have a cleaner etc, so life is much easier than in the UK. expats who live here with kids dread moving home, because here they have live-in help, so no worries about school runs etc etc... At the same time I do miss my family as we are very close. But we can talk a lot. i am dreading when DH goes away (in about a month, for a month), but my mum is coming over for a couple of weeks, so i'll only be alone for 3 weeks or so. I also miss autumn, i love that time of year with crisp cool mornings, but still can be warm when the sun's out. We are peak rainy season here, so hot and humid and thunderstorms every day.

beedle we've not heard from you in a while. What's new?

geek would you just stop working and come talk to us?!

boo grin at mrboo finally knowing how you feel. but not so sure about pregnancy being like a 9 month hangover. gulp. maybe he'll be more considerate to you now! smile

scarlett hope you're ok too, and not too nervous about tomorrow. Big day for the brookers, and we're all brooking for you.

i had stomach cramps this morning so didn't do my work out in the unlikely hope that it might be implantation (6 or 7 dpo). But i think it was just a slightly dodgy tummy from too much chilli. I am sick of thinking that what i do must be the cause of no-baby. Surely either exercise or no exercise wouldn't make a difference as people get pg both ways, but i just start to fret that if only i was doing x,y,z right then i'd get pregnant.

ah well, Happy Monday, all!

keepitgoing Mon 24-Sep-12 05:57:59

oh and sweetie, if you are testing today or soon then i am brooking for you like there's no tomorrow. [flowers]

Mornin all. Just though I would pop in and say good luck Sweetie, I am brooking so hard for you. And that goes for all other IVFers as well.

And all other brookers. I am still here, I am just lurking to see how you are all getting on.

And Keep lovely, it is nothing you are doing or not doing. I went through the exact same phase, but now I just carry on as normal. Hope your tummy feels better.

Love to all x

Princesslovelyboo Mon 24-Sep-12 07:48:50

Morning, wow Keep Bangkok life does sound good! And not a 9 month hangover, just this first icky 12 weeks or so smile

Sweetie hope you had a relaxing weekend, brooking for you.

Scarlett brooking has commenced MNr your scan! And Solar what and when is the next stage for you?

Cheery wave to Geek Maybe Face Cru Beedle and Bartlet and all the other brooker's

keepitgoing Mon 24-Sep-12 07:53:09

solars has her scan tomorrow as well, hoping to start stimming then, so she needs brooking as well!

ah, boo, glad it's not nine months. you must only have another month or so to feeling better then?

maybe, thanks. I do know that really. Glad you're ok, and hope that you have your appointment soon. Keep in touch.

scarlett brooking my socks off for your scan tomorrow - grow follies grow. Has DP recovered from yesterday? They are pains aren't they especially with all you are going through, hope you are ok my dear

keep glad you are settling in to the new way of life, apart from dodgy tum, and nice that your mum is coming over when DH is away. That will be exciting to show her all around your new haunts.

boo well done explaining to mrboo about the complexities of preggo symptoms, hope he is being nice to you now

solars so sorry you are feeling a bit down on those pesky drugs, it is not long now until the stims start and then it is all stations go go go! You have been so strong try to keep that PMA going, it is so important

well AF has found me, I was spotting on and off all weekend with period pain type cramps. Full flow arrived late last night so I think that is our journey over. I am going to see how things go over then next few day and might still test before our official hospital test on Friday just so I am prepared.

I knew it was a long shot when we only got our single egg that it would be enough to see us through to our little baby. Those little 4 cell embryos do look excellent but you don't know if they grow it for another few days that it would be easier to see issue that would make it non viable.

So next steps, I think i am going to have a AMH test to see if it worth going through it again, especially as we would have to pay ourselves. I am going to look into clinics which deal with poor responders as we have had a very bog standard ivf cycle with very little monitoring. But I am a bit concerned that if we go to another clinic offering them our money they are hardly going to say no. So we have a lot to discuss, DH is keen that we give it another go but I am not sure if it will be futile waste of money when we should just accept the way things are.

Sorry for the me me me post but just wanted to get it all out there.

Solars Mon 24-Sep-12 08:28:48

Just a quick one from me right now as I just read Sweetie's update and didn't want to read and run, I'm so sorry to hear AF caught up with you, gosh this is so tough a journey. Lots and lots of hugs to you.

Will be back later

Princesslovelyboo Mon 24-Sep-12 08:32:59

Oh Sweetie so sorry, thanks

keepitgoing Mon 24-Sep-12 08:36:04

oh sweetie i am so so sorry. That is such sad news. I hope you take a bit of time to think about what you want to do and talk to the NHS consultants about what they think the reason was. It is a big decision. God, this is all so unfair isn't it?

Oh Sweetie I'm so so sorry. It really isn't fair. I hope you get some good advice on friday from your consultant.

Thanks Keep appointment is thursday. Very unsure of it all, but ho hum.