Emmsy's ladies - 4 years of weebling - still going strong!

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4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:02:24

Here's to us ladies! Proud to be part of this - onwards and upwards..

moonmrs Mon 13-Aug-12 20:14:25

Ooh this is like one of those books where you have to choose different options to find the right ending grin Just marking my place.

Have a stinking cold sad so grumpy and fed up, but its distracting me from symptom spotting as everything is achy. Snuggled up with lemon and honey and Eastenders!

May this be a lucky thread for all those ttc smile

4everhopeful Mon 13-Aug-12 20:38:41

I second that Moon, will speak for Buddha too who I know will third it! Hope you feel better soon moon (your immune system is meant to lower when pregnant so tis a possible symptom! Soooo hope so! grin)

Shall blame my scatty thread misdemeanor on being at sixes and sevens cos my poor ikkle bubba banged her head and had her first ever horrific golf ball size bump erupt in the space of 2milliseconds... shock sad Brave little soldier sobbed for a few minutes, til I got Abney and Teal on to distract her (good old sky +) and I tried my hardest to act calm and reassuring whilst freaking out inside! confused She seems fine thank god, was literally just before dinner, which she went on to eat, and has been prancing around happily since thank god, albeit with this almighty egg on her forehead which she seems oblivious too! Cor, my heart was going as I watched it come up though, but we are past 2hrs and def no sign of sleepiness, which for once, I'm absolutely embracing! confused smile

moonmrs Mon 13-Aug-12 20:53:49

Thank you smile once I'm past the snotty stage I'll be fine, its just very inconvenient when it drips down your nose like water (yuck tmi sorry!) Oh is it, I didnt realise that, that would make total sense - the last 2 times I've been pregnant I've also been ill in some way - you learn something new every day.

Aww poor little S, relieved to hear she sounds like shes ok, if shes eating and is lively then thats a good sign. Tough little cookies arent they.

BuddhaBelly Mon 13-Aug-12 21:02:43

Moon and 4ever we are all far too alike! I have done bin raids, squinting, checking and rechecking, convincing myself that there is a line all the time knowing that it was a crock of sh*t sad Also the pre-pg vitamins I finally gave up taking a couple of months ago, although continuing with the folic acid for a little while longer.
Neeko One more day to squeeze out the last bit of fun of the holidays before your return to work on Wednesday, hope it's not as bad as you think it might be smile
Barbie Have a fantastic time in Disney and with your friends, will look forward to more FB pics.

I had a +ve OV test yesterday so had to dtd with a hangover confused first time I've been proper full on drunk in well over a year (oops diet) but I had a lovely time at a friends bbq, I even decided it would be good fun to get in her swimming pool fully dressed and with my Iphone in my bra sad needless to say the phone is sat in a box of rice and I''m praying every night to the god of Iphones that it will work again (but really not holding my breath) Good job I don't get that drunk too often blush

OK reposted my last one from the other thread, hope you feel better soon Moon and hope S's head is all better now 4ever

evening all - just marking my place. ladieswhoareworkingonmakingbabies I'd like a quartet of bfp's actually asa there are 4 very deserving ladies who need a bundle of slobber, pooh and utter loveliness to cuddle. This month / thread is for you.

we just got back from the most amazing weeks camping in northumberland - not a drop of rain and the most beautiful setting. Can't decide if we need to go back every year or never again!!

Will be back for personals later in the week - currently buried in the washing mountain like all the others! rumours need your help with the crocheting. DD1 and I tried to teach ourselves to crochet on holiday and I think we need some help!!

Thanks 4ever love the title, just marking my spot smile

Let this thread be full of Bfp's and growIng bumps, holding hands and happy scans. A feel a new batch of cyber nieces/nephews on the horizon smile

Back from Center Parcs, fab time other than huge midgie bites on my legs, they couldn't resist my chubby cankles - damn them grin

Will post tomorrow as off work all week - yay!

Rumours Mon 13-Aug-12 22:48:10

Crocheting is great, it keeps your fingers out of the biscuit barrel grin

Thanks for starting the new thread 4ever

Buddha grin. Your escapades sound like a scene from an Amercian film - the party scene when someone always jumps in the pool! You party animal you! I'm a bit envy actually grin

Hope the I-phone recovers!

Rumours Mon 13-Aug-12 22:52:10

buddha ds2 threw our iPod into a bowl of dishwater, we put it into rice an on top of a radiator too, it's works ok now.

neeko thanks and I know I can text you anytime smile just weebling along.

cupcakefairy Tue 14-Aug-12 07:10:11

Fab new thread 4ever love the title. I too am back from hols & buried in washing and other jobs but will try to get back on for proper post later.. dh abandoning us for 4 days later in the week so I'm a bit confused

Have managed to add a couple of recent pics to profile as blue requested.. one of ds1 from our hols he had the absolute time of his life on the beaches. (oh & I think you'll all like what he's eating)

Catch you soon x

cupcakefairy Tue 14-Aug-12 07:10:35

Ooh wow this thread is so much faster on phone! Yay!

Monkeybumsmum Tue 14-Aug-12 07:54:16

Well done for starting a new thread 4ever grin As moon said, may this be a lucky thread for everyone...

Poor S 4ever, it's scary when they hurt themselves! Good to hear she's still smiling though smile

Random question - has anyone ever made chutney? Started making it yesterday afternoon, and it's taking SO long to reduce that I had to turn it off at about 11 last night to go to sleep! It's back on again this morning. Am sure I've done something wrong!

Have a good day all x

Monkeybumsmum Tue 14-Aug-12 07:56:05

cupcake gorgeous pics, just beautiful (and yum yum yum to the mini-milk!)

4everhopeful Tue 14-Aug-12 10:45:04

Yay love it when everyone posts! grin <<waves to all!>>

Doh, sorry monkey , as lbm correctly says its a quartet of bfp's we are needing! wink

Cupcake very gorgeous pics of your beautiful boys bless em! Exceptional taste in lollys young J has! grin

Monkeybumsmum Tue 14-Aug-12 16:54:29

It's okay, we need a real miracle for us to get another BFP. I wasn't offended, but thanks lbm grin

cupcakefairy Tue 14-Aug-12 20:26:15

Hi ladies! V quick hello sorry as we're about to have dinner and watch the British Bake-Off! grin Thanks for the lovely compliments about my boys... we need more updated pics please people! Haven't even seen barbie's baby H yet!

barbie have an amazing time at Disney! v jealous!

lbm holiday sounds amazing...know what you mean about never wanting to revisit though! smile

Hi monkey sorry I've never made chutney...dh makes jam sometimes but I don't pay much attention grin try the housekeeping threads?? Hope it worked out ok in the end anyway. And hey, this thread is full of miracles, you'll get yours.

rumours so sorry to hear of your worries with ds2 sad you sound so strong though. What's the latest? Do you have more appointments? Thinking of you.

Who's been looking at the 2011 baby name stats that have just come out?? Both my dss still in top 100, one in top 50 now, bah! But we don't know anyone else with ds2's name so I will pretend it is wrong grin

Gah, that was a rubbish post...I'm so sorry to dash but food needed!

moonmrs Wed 15-Aug-12 15:47:59

My cold turned into a full blown flu bug type thing sad I've been off work today and yesterday, mainly sleeping, I feel proper crap, I havent had a day off sick since the miscarriages. And to add insult to injury, af turned up this morning. My body certainly knows how to kick me when I'm down. So one last ditch attempt with the Clomid, keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

Monkey I hadnt forgotten you, but I didnt know what stage you were at and if you were still ttc, I didnt want to assume anything, sorry if we upset you.

Neeko Wed 15-Aug-12 17:33:08

Just marking my place and shaking my fist at tew for moon

work was pants.

back later

4everhopeful Wed 15-Aug-12 17:49:32

Awww moon sad gutted for you, was really hoping (as I have each month) that this was the one, was thinking about you this morning funnily enough (in a non wierd way!) Absolutely rooting and praying for you now that this is day 1 of your pregnancy wink

Waves to Neeko, boo to work!

4everhopeful Wed 15-Aug-12 17:54:05

Btw - couldn't resist stupidly testing yesterday, on day 20 hmm <shakes head at self> obviously a bfn, will now be sensible and wait til fri at least, af not even due til next weds, I'm an idiot sometimes... confused

BuddhaBelly Wed 15-Aug-12 19:45:46

Moon So sorry she got you angry and when you are feeling poorly too sad
4ever Woman step away from the poas tut tut tut
Monkey So so sorry I missed you out sad blush I'm always guaranteed to put my foot in it in rl so I suppose it's the same here
cupcake Gorgeous pic smile
Blue I just wish I had the figure of someone from an american movie <sigh>

Day 4 of no phone seriously think I need to check into rehab, it's ridiculous how dependant I've become on it grin

BuddhaBelly Wed 15-Aug-12 19:46:28

Neeko Missed you! blush Work = pants. Hometime = smile

cupcakefairy Wed 15-Aug-12 19:48:10

Boo hiss to af and bfns sad sorry ladies.. but yes 4ever slap across the wrist for testing far too early grin

moon here's to last minute miracles wine
Just a wacky idea I'll throw out there as I'm sure you're willing to try anything but perhaps consider cutting out sugar completely for this last month? I've read lots about its connection to ovulation issues.. as I said, just a thought.

Right, back to putting ds1 back to bed <fed up>

mrsmoon damn AF angry, so sorry you're ill and off work too sad

I did hear some [happy] news yesterday which I hope brings hope and comfort, a girl I know (mutual friend we sat at same table at said friends wedding). Had been trying for a baby for 4 years, all investigations etc. failed IUI, successful IUI then early mc, first round of IVF and due twins in Oct. her and her DH watched family and friends expand their brood while they had to wring themselves out and start again but they never gave up. They only announced it this week as terrified of tempting fate.

4ever <stern look> step away from the POAS and keep busy, which with S shouldn't be hard smile

neeko the girl mentioned above is a teacher and today was her first day back and last day before may leave. What a day! First day back after 7 weeks hols must be pants. Hey it's Thurs tomor!

monkey. How were the flicks? Looking fwd to seeing the photos of you and barbie smile

cupcake your boys are delicious! Hope DS1 is sleepIng now. DS2 is all out of sorts after our weekend away, we are having to persuade him to like his room again as he stayed up with us and slept in same room <sigh>

Buddha any symptoms from you missy? How the heck ate you copIng with no phone?!

Waves to everyone else x

4ever you are not stupid - just ever hopeful. IT will happen - S can't be your only sticky bean.
got to go - just spent all evening picking grass seeds out of ds's lovely fluffy fleece and it is no where near finished. If he ever goes near a field in it again ....

barbie1 Thu 16-Aug-12 19:18:56

Pulls up a bean bag and collapses in a heap...I'm all disney'd out!
Just popping into our new thread before I start the packing for the trip home.

Moon, I'm sorry af bloody turned up...I hope you feel better soon x

Gotta dash, love to you all x

BuddhaBelly Thu 16-Aug-12 20:56:38

Blue What lovely news for your friend smile I bet she and her dh are over the moon, bound to be a bit nervous but it's fantastic!
Barbie Did you have an amazing time at Disney? Will wait to see the pics
4ever You OK? Not feeling brow beaten at being told off by us I hope wink
Moon Are you feeling any better?

Well I had my day 21 blood test results today, I did ask GP if it mattered if I ov late as it varies cycle to cycle and she assured me it wouldnt make a different. Well they came back as normal and no action to be taken but when I googled my results it didn't agree with that, my FSH levels show depletion of ovarian reserve sad but on further googling it seems that you MUST be 7dpo for them to be effective and have day 3 tests too, so back to GP on the 29th armed with my info and ask for retests whilst trying not to panic in the meantime confused

moonmrs Thu 16-Aug-12 21:18:58

I went back to work today and I am knackered! Still feeling crap by all accounts, but loads better than I was. Although I did get told several times that I looked ill and I should go home - thanks! On the mend though thank goodness, these viruses are a bugger.

blue such a lovely story, they always make me think maybe one day that could me telling my miracle story....

4ever agree with lbm not stupid just hopeful and hey, if we didnt have hope then what else is there?

buddha step away from google! Having said that, stick to your guns, my gp originally told me there was nothing wrong with my ovulation and that my results were 'low normal', which in the end turned out to be complete lack of ovulation. If you are in doubt get a second opinion. This is your life they're being flippant with, its just a number to them, but to you its your potential future family. Stupid me believed what I was told, but if I had investigated further I probably could have saved myself 6 months worth of tests. Big hugs, hang on in there.

waves to neeko, cupcake and barbie* and anyone else a-lurking smile

moonmrs Thu 16-Aug-12 21:20:07

oh cupcake forgot to say lovely photos of your little ones, beautiful.....

4everhopeful Fri 17-Aug-12 10:05:59

Oh Buddha, confused I didn't even realise you'd been to the docs or had fsh testing.. Obviously you're gonna be worrying about what you read, did the docs refer you to gynae or do it themselves? Def go back armed with your info, and hopefully a, its nothing to worry about after all cos of timings, or b, you're already pregnant! wink

I'm feeling pretty crap myself, just got another bfn, very slight possibility still too early, but instinct tells me not.. sad Sadly know my body far too well having gone through 7 pregs, sad I know each twinge, & as I know ovulation through ntense pain, may sound wierd, but have been several times convinced conception taken place, nautious, tired, headaches, funny dreams, then followed by painful backaches and pains in tube/uterus area that I'm absolutely certain is implantation pain, pain, because my goddamn stupid hostile body, is seeing a tiny forming embryo as a 'foreign body' & attacking it.. This process is what always usually happened at 8-9wks preg, I'm so worried now its preventing me even getting that bfp, with a yr between my last pregs, and horrific mc like af, I'm wondering how often ttc has actually been successful, only for implantation to be prevented by my stupidly wrongly wired immune system going into attack mode instead of protect mode? hmm sad

Id so hoped we'd have this 3m protection window from the treatment, the first round I never fell preg in that 3m, and it was 2m later I fell with Summer and had a booster, so maybe a double dose is what was needed? However that's another £1K we don't have right now..

So, the 'time limit' is up on the 31st, possibly enough time to ttc again, but not a full cycle, then not sure, back to a wing and a prayer? Potentially another 9m til I'm preg again if the last 2 are anything to go by? Have been thinking it may not even happen, Summer seemed such a far fetched dream, do feel we should just be so grateful our prayers were answered with her, and its wrong to ask for more.. How many more mc could I take if we do get preg? Another factor is I'm miraculously still dragging out my redundancy, at some point in next. couple yrs will have to think about returning to work, really wanted to complete our family first, that's the point we accept to just count our blessings for Summer, & right now that's what we do daily, obviously, she is showered with love, and spoilt rotten, but what I want to give her most is a brother or sister... sad She's started playing hide and seek on her own, covering her eyes, counting to 10, & shouting 'coming, ready or not' how heartbreaking is that?

Sorry, I'm totally rambling, just needed to get it all out... Suppose I'm also still feeling the fallout as last mc only about 10wks ago... confused

4ever <huge huge hug>. Your mind is spinning away with all these thoughts sad. Hope you felt better writing it all down.

Firsty, so sad you got a BFN, I know it is early but you know your body. When was the last time you met with the consultant? Have you met your new one yet? Would a meeting with them to air all your thoughts and options help at all? Have you thought of going to the Zita West clinic as I know that's in London.

What you do have on your side is time, you're still in your thirties (having lurked on some ttc 40-someting threads its heartbreaking to read the posts of some 46+ year olds still ttc) and could leave it a couple of years if it all gets too much just now?

I totally understand your dilemma re: returning to work and wanting to complete your family first but this is only adding to your stresses sad. You can still return to work and continute ttc - an employer can't discriminate against you for fallng pregnant just in the door. (I was promoted at work and got my BFP 3 weeks later - they were NOT amused but I worked my ass off those months prior to mat leave).

It's not selfish wanting a sibling for Summer, watching her play peek-a-boo by herself must put a lump in your throat and heart. although we were lucky in having DS1, the mcs between hm and DS2 had me feeling the same, not wanting him to be on his own and also sad for us not getting to savour the newborn stage with the wisdom of experience BUT I had settled on the fact that DS1 had lots of cousins, lots of friends and we had him when my good friend had just gone through her 3rd failed round of IVF. I know you count your blessings but that doesn't mean you can't also want to complete your family.

Your girl is a miracle but as LBM says she can't be your only sticky bean <hopeful> xxx

Buddha lovely I didn't know you were at the docs either, have you made a follow up armed with your new info? Fingers crossed for you xxx

Having a lazy last days of our hols. DS2's at nursery and DH and DS1 are playing so I am surfing the net and having a brew

Love to all x

4everhopeful Fri 17-Aug-12 11:59:34

Lovely blue... Thank you for always being there with your words of wisdom my sweet, you brought tears to my eyes... Its true, my head is absolutely spinning with all this, I should bite the bullet and make an apt with new consultant, but can't help thinking we already covered all avenues.. hmm I'm 38 in March, so know I do have a few yrs yet, but am concerned if this immune issue is getting progressively more virile, and eggs getting older? Also re the work thing, was so lucky in my old job of 14yrs how understanding they were, and I was basically signed off most of my pregnancy with Summer, I know if there's a next time I wouldn't be able to basically bedrest for first 16wks as I did with Summer, as my gorgeous whirlwind wouldn't let me, smile but I would still want to take it absolutely as easy as poss... So many damn factors to take into consideration confused

Most of all though, as you know, its that huge factor of not wanting Summer to be an only child, she does have her cousins and friends, but almost makes me sadder when they get together and I see her bouncing off the walls with excitement and enthusiasm, & they all have siblings too, so Im left aching for it even more.. Also in depth thoughts like her always having immediate family in her life, even when we're not here any more, and her own children having an aunty or uncle and cousins...

I know it sounds like I'm overthinking, and it. does help writing it down, so thank you as always all emmsys for me filling up the thread! 98.9% of the time I'm still wrapped up in awe and amazement that we actually have our wonderful baby daughter, I still pinch myself, and just stare at her adoringly like she's still newborn, its just that we almost accidentally, without thought, stumbled back onto the pregnancy rollercoaster, which has the horrible dips of miscarriage, and loop the loops of then finding yourself desperate to ttc again, and once your back on it, you just can't get back off... hmm Thank god my DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD is sitting next to me on it.. smile

Rumours Fri 17-Aug-12 14:26:12

Hi, I have uploaded a couple of pictures of the boys.

4ever another hug for you here, blue has said it perfectly smile

Sorry I have to dash xx

BuddhaBelly Fri 17-Aug-12 20:42:56

4ever Oh my lovely <sigh> you could be writing for me too, I sway between thinking I should just be grateful for E which of course I am and settling for what I've got but it doesn't take away that longing, that feeling, that wanting, you feel as if you need to complete your family and that "someone" is missing. I am the same desperate to make E a big brother as I know he would love it eventually wink If you could switch off that feeling it would be so much easier to deal with the monthly disappointment sad I kind of wish that I had a crystal ball to tell me if we will be lucky again so that it's not down to us to make that decision to give up. So sorry about the bfn sad again
Moon Please don't think that I don't know that you would love to be in the position of 4ever and myself and already have one child, I hope you don't think we are being greedy wink
Rumours Gorgeous pics, thanks for the update, how are you? Still quiet from you lately my lovely
Blue Loved the new pic of the boys on FB, they are so like you smile

Well tomorrow is the anniversary of our 2nd mmc, it was our 12 week scan after seeing the hb at 6 weeks and thinking all was fine sad I think is the one that hurt us the most and because I had my ERPC the next day which is my FIL's birthday it's a constant reminder too. But it's also a chance to take stock and see how far we've come since that awful day smile

cupcakefairy Sat 18-Aug-12 08:19:56

<envelops 4ever in a massive hug> just so sorry my lovely; all the worries that come with TTC are just crap..money, time, work etc.. and even more so in your case with the treatment & your work situation. You must stop apologising though & saying you should just be grateful for Summer, it is a completely different kind of heartbreak to be TTC your second child (as many of our beautiful Emmsys know) I read a beautiful article about secondary infertility that said it can be hurtful if people say 'oh but at least you have one child' because you would never dream of saying to someone who had lost a parent 'oh but at least you still have the other one'.
Of course I hope the lovely moon (& jools if you're lurking lovely) aren't offended by my saying that, I know as buddha said you'd do anything to even have one baby, & I'm not in any way trying to say I know how you feel.

Sorry..early morning ramble but just trying to say there's never a need to apologise for feelings on this thread!

buddha hugs for sad anniversary. Good luck getting back to gp.

sabs I'm sure the Zingzillas just said Happy Eid on cbeebies.. is that today? Happy Eid if so! That means the end of Ramadan right? Hope you have a lovely family day!

rumours wow! When did ds2 get so grown up!! Can't believe it! I always picture him as that beautiful pic of him in the Santa hat looking unimpressed, haha! Gorgeous pics.

Right, on with the day..by myself with boys all weekend as dh away sad but he has day off on Mon when he will owe me one big lie-in!

4everhopeful Sat 18-Aug-12 10:06:38

Aww buddha, cupcake, thank you lovelies, means so much to have your empathy and understanding, thank god I found you all! Definitely helped getting that all off my chest yesterday.. Picking myself up, dusting down, family bbq today and I'm gonna get truly fronked smile

Buddha my thoughts are with you today my lovely... Huge hug, our angels are never forgotten, is almost harder and more poignant when still ttc though, as thoughts of what might of been.. We are so in the same place with just wanting to give our pfb's a sibling, but also as blue said so eloquently, to savor a newborn with the wisdom of experience would be beautiful too... We must keep the faith, though the foresight of a crystal ball would be helpful! smile Mysticbarbie where you at?

Also must say moon I echo the others, hope you don't feel we're being in any way greedy, and insensitive to the fact you would do anything for your firstborn.. Goes without saying how grateful we are to be blessed once, guess we are just gluttons for punishment.. hmm

Cupcake hope you manage ok flying solo, at least its nice and sunny so paddling pools and ice lollys should keep them entertained for a while at least! smile

Rumours ahhh bless your gorgeous big boys, they have both grown so much, such handsome little chaps! You must be very proud..

Sabs Happy Eid to you! grin Hope you're enjoying a wonderful feast of delectable delights and a lovely celebration with your family and friends smile Summer sends Saara a Happy Eid hug & kiss x

Barbie I know where you're at really... smile Hope you have some nice family time back on our fair isle, you've some lovely weather while you're here.. (if you could dig that crystal ball out while you're here, buddha and I would be most grateful wink)

cupcakefairy Sat 18-Aug-12 10:48:30

It's raining here 4ever sad have been at soft play since 9.30.. wish I'd brought my book as it's super quiet here so barely need to watch ds1.. <bored>

4everhopeful Sat 18-Aug-12 11:50:32

Oh no that's no good cupcake, sad thought the whole countries meant to be basking in a heatwave.. Tut and huff on your behalf, hopefully you'll come out of softplay to some blazing sun, if not, crayons, megablocks, and cbeebies it is then wink

moonmrs Sun 19-Aug-12 12:14:51

Just popping in to be sad where I know people understand. It was my nephews 1st birthday party yesterday. It was a lovely day, and he had the best time ever, his little face with all the presents was so lovely to watch. I cant believe its been a whole year. I cant believe we are still no closer to creating our own little miracle. There was also a 6 day old baby there sad which got thrown into my arms before I could even protest. Still trying to get over my flu bug or whatever it is, feeling rubbish sad

cupcakefairy Sun 19-Aug-12 12:55:19

Oh moon sad must have been so hard for you. But you ARE closer to your miracle.. and look what you've done in this last year - taken massively brave steps to get medical help, and also married the love of your life. Pretty awesome if you ask me. but I know no words will take away your pain really so just know we understand.

4ever we dis get sunshine in the end smile thank goodness for dh back tonight though I'm frazzled confused

The other day when he was in the bath ds1 said 'where's mummy's willy?' I said 'mummy hasn't got a willy' and he said 'oh. Poor mummy!' Haha grin I laughed for ages!
Happy Sunday everyone!

4everhopeful Sun 19-Aug-12 17:53:01

Quickly lurking and dashing in to squeeze moons hand everso tightly, poor a wine and just to say, I know, we all know, just how horribly hard it can all be sometimes... There will be positive days, and days that make you feel crap, we are all here for both... Cupcake was spot on though, you have come incredibly far this last yr, seeking treatment, and marrying your wonderful soulmate... Keep on keeping on, we gotta keep believing...

BIg wave to cupcake, glad you got some sun afterall, almost, dare I say it, too hot!

Monkeybumsmum Sun 19-Aug-12 20:57:02

Oh moon sad I too am squeezing your hand tightly for being so brave and getting through yesterday - it must've been really difficult for you. Making that kind of realisation is horrible, thinking about where you were a year or two years ago, and feeling like you're no further along. But as cupcake so rightly said, you are further along. Hopefully you're well on your way to having good news of your own, and the sooner it comes the better.
When is your next appointment at the fertility centre? Lots of love x

4ever am sending you a big hug for your tough time recently too. I know all too well the ache of watching your child and wishing so hard they had a sibling in their life. I have such a need inside me to give ds a brother or sister. Like buddha I feel like someone is missing from our family, and like moon I can't help but think we are no further along now than we were when we started ttc dc2, almost four and a half years ago. There's just a lot more sadness inside me after all we've been through. I obviously cherish every single second I have with ds as I know how precious he is though. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us ttc right now...

Cupcake grin at your ds and the willy comment! Aren't they sweet! DS was convinced I had a willy for ages, and wouldn't believe me that I didn't grin He kept on trying to watch me doing a wee which is quite off-putting really!

It's been so incredibly hot here today, I just feel like hibernating! Not sure what the temperature has been exactly, but I know it was forecast to be 39 degrees shock Heatwave indeed! It's 32 degrees upstairs, so goodness knows how we're going to sleep....
Anyway, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and that the sun has shined for you (but not too much grin) xxx

PS I have finally posted the pics of Barbie's and my meet-up on my FB page for anyone who wants to see them - they're in the Paris album. Will try to put a couple on my profile here too as I know not everyone has FB! Xxx

Monkeybumsmum Sun 19-Aug-12 21:01:43

PPS barbie when you get a chance please will you let me know if it's okay with you if i post a couple of those pics on here? Thanks! x

BuddhaBelly Mon 20-Aug-12 08:55:12

Moon sad It is awful I watched sil plan and get 2/3 children whilst we were still struggling to get our first and you really think you will never get there, like the others I agree with cupcake you are further down that road towards getting your dream, it's just hard to believe it sometimes sad keep the faith my lovely
monkey Lovely pictures, especially the one of your ds and Barbies dd holding hands <melt> Considering you both got soaked you still both look every part the "yummy mummy's" grin Hope you managed to get some sleep after?

AF due tomorrow or Weds for me, trying to ignore the very sore (.)(.) I have as I'm sure it's just a head f**k as they have done this before and just make that disappointment harder to bear.
E and I have a day visiting today, I hope he's going to be well behaved as I'm very tired, he woke up a lot last night and I've got problems with my hip again (it's linked to my scolios and 12 months ago I had a steriod injection which stopped the pain but now it's back and when I've googled there are mixed views on steriods and ttc/pg so need to see GP for advice) As far as I'm concerned if I'm ttc I don't want the injection but it's getting harder and harder to deal with the pain sad so I definately need that crystal ball, I could be doing this for nothing sad

Right on a happier note E told me that he has dumped his girlfriend at nursery as she was too "cryie" and that I'm his new girlfriend grin

Monkeybumsmum Mon 20-Aug-12 09:41:25

Buddha I just almost spat my cereals out when I read what your ds said grin what a sweetheart! Thanks for comments re pics, I too love the one of Dolly and Charlie holding hands!
Hope your AF stays away, poor you with your hip pain. Hope the GP manages to help in some way. My AF is being a bit of a headf*ck too - been incredibly light for two days now, and keep hoping it will have stopped as that's how other pregnancies have started for me. Woke up this morning and have got period pain, but still not really bleeding. I know it's AF but there's always that annoying bit of hope that ends up getting dashed. Our bodies really know how to mess us around don't they!

We're off to an amusement park this afternoon, so ds is very excited! Have a good day all xxx

BuddhaBelly Mon 20-Aug-12 21:53:03

How does af have some immaculate timing? Visited friend and her 14 month old dd today, E was an absolute darling, he looked after her, played with her, helped her up when she fell over, wiped her mouth, fed her fruit, he was adorable and I nearly cried thinking what a fantastic big brother he would make. Went to the loo before I left and just to kick me whilst Im down af has arrived, bloody fantastic! angry Oh well onward and upwards smile
Monkey How you doing? Af arrived for real yet?

Monkeybumsmum Mon 20-Aug-12 22:20:01

Oh Buddha sad That is truly awful timing. Lovely to hear about what a sweetie your ds is though smile
My AF is playing silly buggers too. Nothing all morning, then started lightly again this afternoon. Is AF I'm sure...

Rumours Mon 20-Aug-12 22:26:08

monkey maybe do a test? I had very light af with ds1 confused

buddha so sorry af arrived sad, but well done E for being such a good sweet boy smile

moon how're you doing? Really feel for you, you have come a long way, though it may not feel like it.

4ever how are you too?

Waves to everyone smile. I'm ok, trying out my new PMA grin. No appointments yet but I'm seeing my HV tomorrow so will ask her what the time frames are likely to be.

4everhopeful Tue 21-Aug-12 08:51:41

Buddha my absolute empathy, sorry its another month of disappointment, extra cruel when yet another thing cements in just how wonderful it would be for our babies to have a sibling...

In exactly the same boat here, big family bbq on sat where I watched Summer having a ball with all her cousins (all siblings) she's so excited around other kids, but there were occasional clicky moments amongst them that broke my heart, just always leaves me more desperate for her to have her own special sibling relationship... All on top of bfn's and impending af makes it even tougher, so yep Buddha know exactly where you're coming from...

You too Monkey with the headf* mindgames our bodies play on us.. I usually get a bit of spotting before af, which I haven't yet, so yesterday did my 5th test, just in case.. hmm Would you consider doing a test? Yes the disappointment is crap if a bfn, but I always feel I just need to know if my mind starts wandering... Its so hard for you, what a long hard and heartbreaking 4yrs its been for you... If there's any justice in this world your wish will come true before this years out...

Awww has anyone seen the Cussons 'bump to baby' advert? Its on constantly through ch5 Milkshake each morning, shows a woman getting her bfp, scan, growing bump, birth, sore bits, breast pumps, baby bathing, flabby tum, 1st steps.... Gets me every time, and soooooo sweet, don't know if its the images, or incredible perceptive sensitivity, but Summer always leaps up to give me a huge cuddle at the end! <melt> Makes me go from aching for it again, to just being so bloody grateful I've been lucky enough to do it once... smile

Moon thought of you often when watching it too.... I know that ache must be almost unbearable sometimes, god we all need that crystal ball don't we? Its that whole question of if rather than when, if we knew for definite it was a when it would just be so much easier to bear wouldn't it? Can't believe we are both at the end of our crappy 'no pressure' timeframes, and the horrid last chance dashed feeling.. Of course its not our last chance but definitely has not been a healthy process...

How bizarre though, us ttc ladies cycles are now all in sync?! Af gonna get me tomorrow or thursday without fail.. So, roll on next month eh? At least the thread will only have a few compressed days of our shared disappointment before we all pick ourselves up and try try again! smile

Rumours glad to hear the pma is working for you! If I remember rightly you have a fantastic understanding Hv so hope you get some positive plans in place from speaking to her and also get your apts soon so the ball is rolling... Have you finished your final assignment yet? Hope you've still been able to focus ok with everything going on?

Right waves to everyone, sorry for the deep and meaningfuls taking over the thread, normal service to now be resumed! grin

Rumours Tue 21-Aug-12 11:50:48

Morning 4ever, no not finished my last assignment yet, but have started it.

Yes I do have a great HV and I've just sat talking to her for over an hour. I think ds2 is may be on the spectrum, there are some similarities between both boys and lots of differences too, but a lot of autistic traits. I love them both so much and would never change them. I've noticed me and dh saying 'what will be will be' A LOT lately!, and it's true, theres nothing we can do to stop him being on the spectrum if he is, so we just have to get on with it. There are good days and bad days. I just get a bit overwhelmed at times to think I may have 2 on the spectrum. Definatly not having a third now, the odds go up with a third if 2 are already on it, and don't think I could cope with that grin

It's good to get it out, thanks smile

Neeko Tue 21-Aug-12 13:45:25

Rumours you're doing so well with the pma. It must be hard at times but you're such a bloody good mum. Been thinking of you lots. Lovely pictures of your gorgeous sons too.

Monkey Chucking some sand your way, lovely, and hoping feverently that AF didn't really appear. Really looking forward to seeing a pic of your meet up with the lovely Barbie

Buddha Sorry to hear that you've had to embark on the testing route but glad that you're doing your own research and arming yourslef with questions. Damn that evil witch arriving too. I do believe it will happen though.

Moon Sending you a hug for the emotional rollercoaster that you are on. It's so unfair that there are neglected babies in the world when there's women here with so much love to give. sad

4ever Keeping my fingers crossed that your tests were faulty. I love that advert too.

Blue Hope all is well with you. DD1 disappeared back into school yesterday without a backward glance! Clearly once you are in P2 it's not cool to wave to mum smile Like you, I'm enjoying having the wee one to myself . We were heading to toddlers this morning for the first time in weeks when torrential rain descended and I was soaked to the knickers. Had to come home. Maybe next week...

Barbie enjoy your UK time. How's the horrormones now?

Cupcake sounds like your boys are keeping you busy. Loving the cute stories.

LBM I literally groaned or you at the thought of that grass seed. Hope the chaos is continuing at a manageable level.

Rumours Tue 21-Aug-12 16:20:59

Hi neeko thanks lovely smile, took ds2 out for a drive earlier and he fell asleep and I had a good cry, it's hard to get my head round at times. It will get easier though, I know. Anyway, I've madly signed up to do another course with the OU, but before you roll your eyes at me, it's a gentle level 1, 15 pointer, and its called 'understanding the autism spectrum', so should fit in nice and easily with my life smile. I'll never lose my sense of humour wink

moonmrs Tue 21-Aug-12 18:59:46

Thank you all for your lovely words, you give me so much strength when I think I havent got any left. I cant really post right now, I'm a bit muddled in my head, and I dont know where I am anymore, but I will be back soon.

Monkeybumsmum Tue 21-Aug-12 19:19:20

Aah moon really hope you're okay. Will be thinking of you x

Rumours don't know how you you do it all really. You are amazing. Crying is good, it helps to let all the emotion out. Your course sounds perfect, and can only be positive for you. Lots of love x

Neeko gosh the kids go back to school early up there don't they! I think maybe you broke up sooner than everyone else too though, so perhaps it works out. DS and I go back a week on Monday. Am counting down the days with dread... I liked your phrase getting soaked to the knickers - doesn't leave much to the imagination grin

4ever that ad made me cry the first time I saw it blush It's bittersweet - remembering having ds, but at the same time what should have been with the others sad It's a lovely ad. Yes is weird we're all in sync! Hope the bfp's are synchronised too grin

Afm, it was AF, just took its time getting started angry Thought it was, but at least I know now... Must dash as need to feed the dog and get dh's supper xxx

4everhopeful Tue 21-Aug-12 20:34:17

Been with my mum all day but quick lurk so had to just post and offer Rumours a massive hug, can't begin to understand how you must feel, must be so hard and such a mixed bag of emotions.. Felt so sorry for you reading about your quiet cry in the car, just think you're so brave and such an inspiration, a truly fantastic mum.. I really believe god only gives out what we have the strength to take, and you are a very special mum of 2 very special boys.. I've mentioned before my great uncle had an autistic DD, this was back in the 50's in New Zealand and they couldn't cope and she went in full time care, I could never understand how they could of done that, I shouldn't of judged them so harshly, I now know she was at the very severe end of the spectrum and didn't even talk, I did feel ashamed of them for what I saw as giving up on her, though of course they didn't, they loved her dearly, anyway I'm taking a lon time to say, things have changed so much and its all so much more understood, and your boys are lucky to have you as there mum... Course sounds brilliant btw smile

Moon do hope you are ok my lovely?

Monkey copies Neeko angrily shaking fist at TEW..

Big waves Neeko enjoy your time with your littlun.. Bless your big girl M not batting an eyelid going off to big school smile

BuddhaBelly Wed 22-Aug-12 20:47:12

Monkey Sorry to hear tew finally got you and messed you around to start with sad
Rumours Wish we lived a little closer so you could have an actual hug and a real shoulder to cry on instead of on your own in the car. But as the others have said it's good to let it out, you will adjust just as you have done already with Cjay and the powers that be wouldn't have given you two on the spectrum if they didn't think you would cope amazingly with it (and I have no doubts you will) smile
Moon Huge hug for you too my lovely x

Rumours Wed 22-Aug-12 21:35:55

Thanks buddha, I will adapt, in fact I already have begun to, without realising.

I've just been for a swim, the first time I've swam in ages, not holding onto a toddler that is. I set myself a goal of 10 lengths and did 20. I feel so much better for it too. I'm now lying in ds2's bed trying to get him to sleep, hiding the phone under the covers grin

Rumours Wed 22-Aug-12 21:40:16

4ever I remember you saying about your family member before. It's hard to understand what anyone goes through without actually being there, so don't be hard on yourself for not fully understanding. The autistic spectrum is so broad, no two autistics are the same, just like nt's. This is one of the downsides for us living so far from family, they don't get to see the boys and struggle to understand, though it is getting easier. I've not told them about Ajay yet, we're going to wait until we know more.

Neeko Wed 22-Aug-12 21:53:48

Rumours Oddly I'm glad to hear you had a good cry as it will help you to cope in the long term. The course is an excellent idea as it will help you to process everything and empower you to know what you are talking about in official meetings whilst enabling you to get all the correct systems and help in place for your boys in the education system. Being able to understand the jargon and 'talk the talk' can really help with everything.
Also glad to hear you had some time for you. Swimming/running is how I sort my head out and if your ears are full of water then you can't hear anyone shouting "Mum!" wink
Always here for you.

Moon Have a hug. It's impossible to maintain a pma all the time. her for you when you are ready.

Monkey Damn that silly moo! Hope it's the last for a long while. Yes, it seems early compared to England etc but we stopped at end of June as i only work 39 weeks a year though they are bloody intense so i won't complain too much smile

4ever Hope you had a nice day with your mum.

Buddha are you ok?

Meant to say that I had a hissy fit with DD2 over the bottle last week as she was just taking the mickey out of us, sometimes waking twice a night to demand one! shock Went cold turkey the night before I went back to work last week (yes, I know. Perfect timing hmm) but she's been really good and it's gone for good now. Only nappies and the cot left then I can no longer deny that she's a wee girl, not a baby... sad but smile

cupcakefairy Thu 23-Aug-12 08:35:38

Hi beauties,
So sorry to hear of evil evil afs arriving sad but yes to synced up cycles and bfps!

rumours the biggest hug ever to you you're just so brave. I would totally have a massive cry about it, it really does help sometimes. Hope you're ok, it must feel overwhelming but I really hope & pray u get the support u need from health professionals.

moon as always huge hugs to you.

4ever we never watch ch5 but ds1 randomly put it on this morn & I saw the cussons ad sad so lovely. Hope you're feeling ok lady.

neeko huge well done on the bottle! Nice work H! Do you think she's nearly ready for potty training? Ds has asked a couple of times cos he's seen some of his friends going so think I'll get one soon. Hope school is going ok.

Right, on with the day..

4everhopeful Thu 23-Aug-12 09:02:49

Morning cupcake <waves> I'm ok thanks, witch got me this morning as expected - huff...

Yay to bottle dropping Neeko! Well done H! Must admit to still loving giving Summer her nightime bot bot and cud cuds! <determined to still keep her my baby even though she's as tall as a 4yr old!>

I've a quick random question actually, we've been slowly introducing the potty for a few months and Summer is nappy free most of the day, and happily weeing in her potty no prompting, however she will only stand over it!?! hmm I tried gently encouraging her to sit down but she won't! Anyone else experienced similar? She's shown interest in trying to sit on the toilet a few times so a good sign! We go away in 3wks so will wait til we're home before full on no nappies in day or when out, though she has just been bare waist down at home when nappy free and hasn't got to grips with pulling down trousers or pants, especially important cos of the stand up thing? Also I'm not sure what will happen about poo's as not done one in potty yet.. (again awkward cos of standing up!) Funny poo story actually, only 2 'accidents' once a few months back on.bedroom floor, luckily just pebble poo! ! Second, DH and I in garden chatting, Summer playing, turn round and see her at end of garden pushing 'something' around with a stick confused yep, you guessed it! Oeeeew!

Anyway, any pointers gratefully received please?!

cupcakefairy Thu 23-Aug-12 09:54:30

4ever ds1 can't pull his trousers up or down yet either so I'll be waiting til he can do that before trying any training!
I obviously don't have any experience but if she's shown interest in the toilet I would get one of those toddler toilet seats & encourage her to use the toilet rather than trying to get her to sit on potty. Might help? barbie probably has better advice, I'm sure she said dolly was weeing standing up!

4everhopeful Thu 23-Aug-12 12:08:03

Thanks cupcake smile yep gonna invest in one of those trainer seats for the loo, vaguely remember barbie talking about Dolly standing up too now u mention it... hmm Just realised think there's more mummys of boys than girls posting now!

quick hello from me -*neeko*, we too did the bottle cold turkey. Forgot it on the camping trip ( accidentally) and she is now on her cup. Also put her inot her bed when we got back. Only the dummys and nappies here now.. Not sure I like it mind - she's my baby....

Sorry for all tew action this week - it is truely crap when our bodies won't do what they should do

Will be back to post soon - am big kid free as they are at grandmas, so should have more time...

barbie1 Mon 27-Aug-12 10:49:35

Back in France, so now I have Internet and the chance to catch up...I see so many sad faces on e thread right now, so I'm going to pull you all in for a group hug so everyone who needs a hug can benefit.

Will catch up and post later x

BuddhaBelly Mon 27-Aug-12 13:57:59

Does this mean I'm the first to get a Barbie hug grin

moonmrs Mon 27-Aug-12 15:06:09

<joins buddha and barbie in the group hug>

4everhopeful Tue 28-Aug-12 11:11:57

Hey ladies! Quick lurk to catch up but see I haven't missed much! Hope its cos you've all been busy enjoying the bank holiday weekend?!

Had a busy but lovely one here, big family reunion/get together with family/friends from Liverpool staying at my mums, it had been ages since we got together so great getting our kids together as we were kids ourselves, 9 & 14, when first met, (my mum & dad looked after him for several years, so like a brother to me, the man who 'gave me away'when i got married) very nostalgic, great memories of my dad, particularly apt as would of been my mum & dads 38th anniversary on fri.. smile Also had my BFs DDs 3rd birthday party, again lovely, as know each other since 16 so beautiful that our DDs are now good friends too.. smile A bottle of rose later and yet more trips down memory lane with old mutual friends that were there! (old raving crew smile)
Sunday and yesterday spent pottering, playing, and chilling with DH and Summer.. Been blissful!

4everhopeful Wed 29-Aug-12 07:20:37

Ouch, 99.9% certain I've broken my little toe confused stubbed it so hard on the bed yesterday, bruised, red and swollen up huge, hurts like hell...

cupcakefairy Wed 29-Aug-12 08:26:53

Ouchy 4ever confused tape it to your 4th toe & get to a doc smile
Glad you had good b hol weekend, ours was lovely too including our first night out together without Seb.. good boy didn't wake all evening smile but the last few nights he's been waking so much, pretty much every hour last night sad hoping it's just a growth spurt as he was doing so well before! Ds1 did the exact same & it was when we put him in his own room which helped loads.. can't really do that with Seb as we can't put him in with ds1. Meh.

Hi barbie glad you're safely back!

Horrible rain here & got ds2 jabs this afternoon.. fun day ahead!

barbie1 Wed 29-Aug-12 10:58:31

One grumpy teething boy, who has just turned 7 months!! Where the heck did the time go shock
Can't put him down so can't really type, sorry about your toe 4ever
I I'll try to post this eve x

4everhopeful Wed 29-Aug-12 11:13:43

Hey cupcake, thanks am about to attempt the taping thing, really hurts confused Bless you and DH having a date night, sure Seb will adjust to better sleeps again, remember, its just a phase! smile Poor sausage having jabs today sad seems like forever ago for Summer...

Welcome back barbie poor teething boy, can you get Ashton & parsons over there? God, 7 months?! shock Can't help but think we could also have a little 7m old now, at the time, I consoled myself with the thought Summer & I weren't neccesarily ready, but in hindsight I so wish things were different and I was swapping tips with you right now, and my family was complete, it would of been so ideal and I feel no closer to achieving it, and the age difference is getting bigger and bigger... sad Sorry that all just came from nowhere, it just hit me.. Must smile though, as Summer dances naked round the front room in front of me singing into a torch as a microphone smile

Ah, 4ever it's the unexepected stuff that gets us the most isn't it? But loving the image of Suumer dancing around naked with her microphone! Wouldn't let BB do that - she'd wee everywhere!! Had some friends over for the weekend with their kids - I had to go and lock myself in the playhouse as they were all dancing around like nutters and my head was hurting! Will post later when not on my crapberry

blackrocked Wed 29-Aug-12 18:05:04

Can I join you please. Have been TTC no. 2 for five years. Have been fully checked over and no reason for any problems, but no luck. 2 MC later and I am back on Mumsnet. Ever hopeful.

cupcakefairy Wed 29-Aug-12 18:42:18

Hello blackrocked course you can join us smile lovely to see a new face! (so to speak grin) make yourself at home..
We definitely know a lot about staying hopeful on this thread & we've all been through the hell of miscarriage so hopefully you'll find a listening ear smile

Hi lbm lol at hiding in the playhouse, know the feeking!!

cupcakefairy Wed 29-Aug-12 18:43:01

Feeking?? That's not even a word is it!? hmm

barbie1 Wed 29-Aug-12 19:08:41

Welcome blackrocked pull up a bean bag and sip some wine or gulp is rumours stylee grin wink we are a slightly mad bunch. Been through all kinds of stuff and have formed great relationships along the way...it's been a crazy 4 years but we have laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed. We will get you through this shitty time. Moan, shout, scream, whatever you feel like, there is always someone popping in here for a chat!

Rumours Wed 29-Aug-12 19:33:06

Hi lovelies and a big welcome to blackrocked smile there's a few that have 2 mc's inbetween dc's, hopefully, like some of us, you'll be third time lucky smile. The about mc is the not having any concrete answers, it's so bloody frustrating, if we knew the problem then we could try and fix it. Some of us have had our much long for bubs but some sadly haven't, so you're not alone ttc, and we're all here for support.

moonmrs Wed 29-Aug-12 20:25:31

Ooh a new face smile this is very weird, I was only thinking yesterday that we havent had a new person join us for a long time, I log in and here you are! Welcome blackrocked make yourself comfy, you will get lots of support here, the girls are great. Sorry to hear of your mcs, sadly we have all been there and know how heartbreaking it is.

4ever hope your toe is ok. My sister once broke her little toe, and unfortunately there isnt anything that can be done, they heal on their own, although hers sticks out at a bit of a funny angle now shock

Just passing through, crazy busy this week, and still feeling utterly shite after my flu bug (although found out today that it might have been bronchitis - some friends came over the weekend before I caught it, and one of them developed bronchitis a few days after seeing them, so that might explain why its lingering on a bit).

Back soon.

4everhopeful Thu 30-Aug-12 11:20:11

Welcome blackrocked smile nice to have a new recruit but sorry you've been having such a hard time ttc... As the others have said, you are in the right place here, sound off, wobble and get advice whenever you need it, unfortunately we've all been there, and understand all too well... My last (& 6th) mc was only 3 months ago, been on the rollercoaster for 5yrs too but amazingly had our miracle DD after 4th mc 2yrs ago... grin I'm now also ttc no 2, and despite 2 more mc, not giving up... So, we are in the same boat, alongside a fair few other of these lovely ladies, despite some of us being at different stages of our journeys, the support remains the same, and that's invaluable smile

Talking of which, thanks Lbm sweetie, it is the things that hit you out the blue that really get you, been trying to shake it off ever since...

blackrocked Fri 31-Aug-12 18:48:06

Thank you. I was on here about four years ago....think I remember the thread. I was blackrock back then, but have been rocked for a bit in the last four years! I have been on clomid, mc, given up, then not given up. Kind of forgotten how it all works, but will get up to speed. using fertility friend again too....so hoping and hoping for everyone x

Neeko Sat 01-Sep-12 21:36:42

Welcome to Blackrocked. Lovely ladies on here smile but sorry that you've had to join us. It's so unfair that some women have such difficulty, but we'll get you through.

LBM I too had a bt of a snort at you hiding from the kids grin

Rumours Hang in there. Hope the vino was good and that MrRumours is available for cuddles tonight. smile

Barbie 7 months? shock How? When? And does that have to mean that I'm 7 months older too? hmm Remember Nlsons teetha granules for the teething too.

4ever How's the potty training going? Buy a toliet seat with handles as it's quite scary for them if they have nothing to hold onto. smile Family reunion sounded great , but ouch to your poor toe.

Moon sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly. Hope you pick up soon. Yay to a new recruit though as it's always boosted BFPs in the past.

Cupcake DD2 has no interest in potty training what so ever but since she won't go to school until she's 5.5 - almost 3 years! shock - I dn't need to worry. Hope your gorgeous boys are keeping you smiling and that they are letting you sleep.

All ok here, though busy as ever. DD2 has had a cold. I'm trying to maximise on sleep by slathering her in Vicks, raising her mattress, using a plug in and giving her Calpol. So far, so good. In good spirits though - asked DH tonight if baby kangaroos lived in his hairy belly button! grin
DD1 is 6 at the end of this month and wants a princess party complete with castle cake. 4ever I need your help!
I have just signed up for a 6k very slow jog run in 2 weeks - eek! Have only managed 5k max before so hope that the excitement of the day will carry me through.
that's all from Neekoland Happy weekends.

GracieGirl Sat 01-Sep-12 22:00:37

Just lurking and thought I'd say hello.

Welcome to the thread Blackrocked, I've been around on this thread for just over 3 and a half years, though more of a lurker just lately .

Big waves to everyone! smile

4everhopeful Sun 02-Sep-12 11:00:22

Quickly popping in, hi gracie stranger!

Neeks cake pretty simple really, 2 square cakes, choc buttercream to sandwich together, 2 round cakes, also sandwiched together, round ones on top of square ones, buttercream the lot. Top tip, as so much buttercream needed, just buy Betty Crockers ready made stuff, a small cheat but you'd be at it for hours with a ton of butter & icing sugar for the amount you need... Next up buy 4 swiss rolls, also coat with buttercream and put on each corner as turrets, get 4 ice cream cones, melt some chocolate and butter in a pan, then paint the cones in chocolate with an egg brush, while still sticky add sugar sprinkles to bottoms, place on top of swiss rolls as turret roofs, use rest of melted choc to dip marshmallows in to place on top of cake as roof bit... Use jelly diamonds for turret windows & choc fingers for castle door... Adorn as you feel, hey presto!

Will be back soon... Feeling a bit hmm and flat at the moment... Sometimes it all creeps up on you doesn't it...

Hi all, sorry for lack of posts, I'm having a very tough time at the moment re:bullying. Can't say anymore in case anyone happens upon the thread but I'm spending alot of my free time preparing timelines and copying emails etc. It's not my work, in fact I wish it was as I'd then at least be protected by policies and agreed behaviours.

Will try to do a catch up soon but 4ever sending a cuddle, it's up and down and up and down this old world of ours x

moonmrs Sun 02-Sep-12 14:50:44

Waves to gracie lovely to see you popping in, hope all is well with you smile

Hugs for 4ever you know that we know only too well what you mean, we're here if you need us.

And hugs for blue so sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it, bullying is horrible sad really hope you manage to get things sorted out.

Rumours Sun 02-Sep-12 20:50:17

4ever have hug lovely, and you too blue
neeko hope dd2 feels better soon.
gracie good to see you popping in.

Been a mad weekend here with the birthday boy, can't believe he's 3!!!! He's had a lovely time and we are swamped with Thomas toys everywhere grin

Going to put my feet up and have a slice of Thomas cake. I can't lost a pic because it was that awful it made me giggle all day, but at least I tried smile

Rumours Sun 02-Sep-12 20:56:12

Oh and neeko I have now finished the 50 shades trilogy, I liked the last book the best smile

Huge Happy Happy (belated blush) third Birthday to Ajay!

So glad you all had a lovely day xxxx

Our first Emmsy's graduate turns 3 <misty eyes> <lump in throat>

cupcakefairy Sun 02-Sep-12 22:10:13

Aww rumours so sorry I missed your boy's birthday! Hope it was lovely. Wow can't believe he's 3! We already have an abundance of Thomas stuff so can't imagine it after this Christmas & 3rd birthday!!

neeko jealous that your H won't start school for so long! My ds1 will be in nursery school this time next year sad I'm sure plenty of us will be tackling potty training before long, ds has asked a few times to sit on the loo but hasn't produced anything!! He's curious but not ready yet imo.

Right time for bed..we've been away for a friend's wedding this weekend back home so had the luxury of my mum picking up ds1 in the evening & we danced til the late hours (i say 'we'.. I mean me, while dh looked vaguely bored) anyway...night all!! x

moonmrs Sun 02-Sep-12 22:11:50

rumours happy birthday to the birthday boy, so pleased to hear you've all had a lovely time. And who cares what the cake looks like, cake is cake and as long as it tastes good thats all that matters, plus you made an effort too.

Just realised I forgot to wave to neeko yesterday <mad waves>

moonmrs Sun 02-Sep-12 22:12:42

Oh and cross post, <waves> to cupcake too

4everhopeful Sun 02-Sep-12 22:31:47

OMG! blush Feel absolutely terrible to have missed our first ever graduates 3rd Birthday!!!! Knew it was coming soon, can't believe I didn't bring the list over <kicks self>

Rumours give your gorgeous precious special boy a big birthday kiss & tummy tickle from me & Summer xxxxxxx

Thanks for the hugs lovelies...

Rumours Mon 03-Sep-12 16:56:35

4ever ds2 loved his tummy tickles grin

Rumours Tue 04-Sep-12 08:35:46

Morning lovelies smile
Got a text off sabs yesterday, she's really busy with rl at the mo but sends her love smile

Ok, so we've all been rubbish - happy birthday to DS2, Rumours. Hope he had a lovely time with the engine. Would have loved to have seen the cake - might have competed with the one me and the kids made for Daddy today - was a castle of doom and ds2 pipped up " It looked great in the book, Daddy" - and your point was, son?!

Really can't stay - kids back to school tomorrow and am looking for uniform, naming pencils (wtf), looking for school bookmarks, wellies, art aprons and everything else that we have lost

blue sorry you are having a tough time. Bullying none of us need.

neeko can't believe that your dd will be so old when she starts school, BB will only be 4! Not sure that I am jealous though as she will be very ready and that is an extra year of nursery fees we don't have to pay!

Hello to all, especially stranger Gracie and Blackrooked, welcome

4everhopeful Wed 05-Sep-12 09:38:43

Hello lovelies, promise will be back for a proper post soon..

Blue so sorry to hear of the rough time you're having, its horrible to have to put up with petty people, hope justice is done.. Well done you for getting on the case and putting your foot down..

LBM good luck (and a teensy hurrah?) for thr return to school! In fact Good luck to all our returning to schoolers..

Rumours any news on apts yet? Have you found engine sheds space for your abundance of Thomas goodies yet?

Neeko yes, am about to invest in peppa trainmer seat with handles, she is nappy free all day in the house, but still stands to wee, brings a nappy to me when she needs a poo, and is bare waist down, when has had shorts/leggings on, has had an accident as presume she thinks she has a nappy on?! hmm Must master pulling down of bottoms and sitting...!

Sorry for short and sweet pass through, cbeebies currently babysitting for last 30 mins so must dash..

Its my month of 'dates' edd for 2nd on sat, edd for 4th on 26th, course without them there would be no Summer, so remembering with a smile, but also unbelievably 5yrs since first mc on the 14th, and my DDDDDDads birthday on the 11th, so bit of a time of it.. sad Took my mum for a 'review' xray on her poor back yesterday and wandered along to EPU to see my now good friends that work there(!) but no one was in! Did however find out, my nice consultant has only retitred from ante natal care, but still runs recurrent mc clinic so that was nice to hear.. Anyway, up & down for me at the mo, driven by desperation desire to be preg again, and all the knock on effects it has on life in general (re booking hols for next year/work/money/age gaps/Summer starting pre school ect).. However do have another wk in caravan to look forward to on the 18th so hooray to that smile

cupcakefairy Wed 05-Sep-12 17:27:35

Hi 4ever sorry you have your difficult month coming up sad but maybe we can add in a happy date of another bfp! (i say 'we'... I mean you & dh grin and a crowd of cheerleaders with pompoms!) So sorry you have the mind frazzle of all those decisions. You should book a holiday for May sometime and you're bound to get bfp!

blue so sorry to hear about the bullying that's seriously crap. Hope you're ok.

Hi gracie! Stop lurking and tell us about your new(ish) ds! And what about your dd, are you tackling potty training yet?

Must dash, dinner to do..

cupcakefairy Wed 05-Sep-12 17:29:25

Ooh and neeko inspired by you I've decided to go swimming one night a week smile stupidly excited about it! My post-baby diet started Monday too & it's killing me already not being able.to have a biccie with my tea! Anyone want to join me? I have 2 stone to shift sad

4everhopeful Wed 05-Sep-12 17:52:57

Hello cupcake smile thanks my lovely, hoping for that bfp too, Septembers dates have been evened out by the fact that's when we conceived Summer.. grin Huge pain re booking hol though is that we are meant to be doing big family hol in Oct for BIL wedding, confused everyone's booking up nx month, we will book but pay min deposit, and see how things pan out confused its amazing all the knock on effects of ttc... hmm

On a lighter note (hah! no pun intended then) I'm sooooo with you on needing to lose weight, 2 stone to shift here too, be happy with 1!

Rumours Wed 05-Sep-12 18:18:32

I will join you cupcake, I have a stone and a half to shift. I'm off for a swim tonight and can't wait smile

4ever oh lovely we're all here to hold your hand this month, I'm glad you've got a holiday to look forward to. No appointments yet, I'm giving it a couple of weeks then will start making pone calls.

<whispers> I've finished my final assignment, I can't believe 6 years of hard work is over. It's not submitted yet, I want to sleep on it for a couple of days and will submit next week. Eeeeekkk!!!!!

Neeko Wed 05-Sep-12 21:25:59

Cupcake I'll join you on the weightloss too <<whispers>> starting tomorrow blush

Rumours Woohoo! Well done on the assignment. Clever girl!

4ever A big hug from me for a difficult month. Waving my pompoms for you too.

Hugs for Rumours and Blue and anyone else who needs them too.

cupcakefairy Thu 06-Sep-12 08:32:33

Excellent, lovely to be joined for some moral support smile Friday is my weigh-in day (then I'm allowed one small treat at the weekend if I've lost some!) but you guys do whatever you fancy.
I'm basically following the Montignac diet but only for breakfast & lunch..too complicated to do it for dinner with dh & ds to consider. It's no sugar, and no fat with carbs. So breakfast is bowl of no added sugar muesli, & 2 slices of Brown bread with no butter just sugar free jam (st dalfour).
Lunch is salad with whatever proteins I fancy (tinned salmon, boiled eggs, cheese) - no carbs.
Snacks are plain crackers & fruit (pref not bananas)

I did this after ds1 and lost weight quite quickly. we'll see if it's harder this time!

Btw neeko & blue I've finally caught up with Grey's, watched season 8 finale yest, I'm in shock!! Can't believe I have to wait ages now for 9, been used to just getting the while next season straight away!

4ever that is annoying about the October hol.. but I think a good idea to get booked up & just play it by ear. Here's hoping you conceive this month then you could still go with a 4 month old in tow smile

Rumours Thu 06-Sep-12 19:02:20

Well the diet is going well...not! I've had a KFC for lunch them made some yummy chocolate biscuits of which a few I have sampled, but I'm celebrating the submission of my final piece of work. I was going to leave it a few more days but I thought bugger it, it's done. Now I can get chasing up appointments for both ds's smile

Rumours Thu 06-Sep-12 19:05:06

Also I wonder if any of you can help me, ds1 has made a paper mâché model and it bloomin honks. We made it with a water and flour mix and it's not due to be handed in for another 2 weeks. Is the smell going to get better or worse? And if worse what can I do? I've posted in arts and crafts but no one has replied yet. It's not 100% dry so it may smell better once dried <clutches at straws>

cupcakefairy Thu 06-Sep-12 19:07:46

Sounds like a question for lbm! I don't know, sorry..only done papier mache with wallpaper paste.
Huge congrats on handing in the assignment! You must feel so relieved & proud of yourself. LOL at KFC and chocolate biscuits! (im jealous)

Sadly, cupcake and rumours papermache is not a strength of mine - the kids never have the patience and I've only done it with PVA once. It didn't stink mind

Good luck with the diets - I really should join you, if I could only step away from all the cakes and chocolate in the house...

Forgot to mention the other night - BB came up to me on Sunday, admist much prompting from her big sister looking pleased with herself and holding her hands behind her back. "big girls don;t need dummies, Mummy" and handed me her dummies. Since then, she has asked where they are a few times and we have just reminded her that big girls don't need dummies and she has settled quite happily.

However, I really don't like it - she's not a big girl, she's my baby and I don't like her growing up one little bit!

cupcakefairy Fri 07-Sep-12 09:07:10

4.25lbs off this morning grin one very happy lady!
rumours I saw your other topic sad hope ds won't be too upset by it. What's the model of? Did it take him ages?

cupcakefairy Fri 07-Sep-12 09:08:38

Ooh and lbm what a good grown up girl you've got! I have 2 thumbsuckers here so will be a while before that stops I'm sure!! In fact I'll post a little pic on my profile I took yest..

Rumours Fri 07-Sep-12 10:12:43

lbm I hear you on the growing up too fast, but what a good girl babybelle is smile

cupcake well done that is great weight loss. Ds is ok, I was going to remake it without him knowing but he's found out and it really is smelly now. It's a jellyfish and it smell like a washed up one! I've just made a start on the new one now, I'll do the main bit and he can colour it smile

BuddhaBelly Fri 07-Sep-12 21:35:19

Blue How are things with you? I was so sad to see that you are at the receiving end of bullying/harassment sad I hope you get it all sorted and very soon <hugs>
Blackrocked I am pretty sure we were on an mc thread a few years ago (I was molliemooma back then) sorry to hear that you are struggling to conceive again, let's hope this thread brings you some luck
4ever How is that toe of yours <ouch> I think I broke mine on holiday in May, I just ignored it (such a martyr wink) its nearly back to normal now smile
Neeko How is dd2, hope her cold is better? Can't believe your dd will be 5.5 when she goes to school shock
Rumours So sorry I missed Ajay's birthday sad sounds as if he had a fantastic time
cupcake Big waves to you missus, good luck with the diet, I've been doing Slimming World for the last 10 weeks and lost 13.5 lbs, still another 50 stone to go wink
lbm Was it nice to get the kids back to school or are you missing them?
4ever Taking a deep breath and getting shoulders ready for your horrible month of anniversaries, we'll be here for you my lovely. How spooky that you are on holiday the same week as us, I know you were meant to be away when we were in May too, we must be in synch for breaks, let's hope we can do the same with a bfp (moon too of course) grin

We are doing potty training at the moment, had a few number two accidents, really not a fan of washing out pooh filled pants <shudder> but not going too badly to be honest, we've used good old fashioned bribery as he's desperate to move up to the preschool room with his little friends, so Ive told him that he can't until he's in pants (naughty mummy) On 2WW at the moment, but not hopeful, when this cycle is over with we will have been officially ttc for 12 months sad
Apologies to anyone I have missed x

4everhopeful Sat 08-Sep-12 12:02:10

Big handsqueeze to you buddha, know how much you want this bfp and how frustrating its been, any news on follow ups for your LH bloods after what you googled? Fingers xd this 2ww ends with a bfp so you don't need to chase it up.. wink I'm potentially on 2ww as well, but also not too hopeful as half hearted effort this month, as opposed to olympic effort made while still in 3m treatment window.. hmm Well done on the weight loss btw, that's great going! envy Huge well done to big boy E too, but yuk to pooey pants! We invested in a peppa trainer seat for the loo, but as yet she's unimpressed, and preferred trying it as a hat hmm

Rumours thanks and a huge wine to toast the completion and submission of 6yrs of your hard work, dedication and general cleverness! grin Huge proud pat on the back for you from me! When do you get your results? Do you get to go to a graduation ceremony?! Hope the new papermache model worked out ok in the end? Was C ok about it?

Cupcake OMG just the cutest and adorable pics of your boys! Just turned my broodiness factor up a zillion if that was actually possible! Their delicious! smile Well done on the weight loss too smile and thanks for the inspiration too, Dh gonna get on board as well, but we are gonna wait til after the hols next wk.. Will kind of follow yours, no sugar, but avoid/limit carbs where poss, we have both piled on the pounds, I'm 3 stone heavier than when we married blush think he's the same, contentness and all that, as well as quitting smoking a few yrs back, but in my case 7 pregnancies, 5 of them within 2 yrs, definitely hasn't done me any favours... confused Anyway we are both geared up and excited to get on the case with some healthy eating (not that we don't eat healthily, just our portion sizes are huge, and we're both adverse to too much bread and cakes, biccies and choc! blush

Lbm well done to big girl baby belle, a proud and sad moment all wrapped up in one, lovely to see them asserting their independence but also a hard wrench to see them being little girls instead of little babies!

Big wave to neeko and thanks for shaking those pom poms and simultaneous hugs smile

Well one date down, remembering my 4th angel today, the one before Summer, so remembering with a smile

The sun is shining and its glorious here, lovely day yesterday out with DH and Summer feeding ducks and enjoying the weather, simple pleasures are the best.. smile Chilling in the garden today, think the paddling pool is required! grin

cupcakefairy Sat 08-Sep-12 12:35:39

4ever we're absolutely the same, huge portions..so just trying to get my body used to smaller ones now..been feeling quite hungry this week even though I'm def eating enough! Cutting out sugar completely really makes a huge difference. Also you really don't have to cut all carbs, it's what you eat them with that makes your body produce fat..so no bread or pasta with cheese for example. Brown pasta with just veg/tomato sauce is fine. And Brown bread with sugar free spread fine too. I think it's similar to the SW diet buddha can verify?
Thanks for compliments about my boys you're lovely..I think they're rather cute too grin especially as they've both just gone off for a nap so I can have a cuppa!!

buddha can't believe it'll be 12 months of ttc, like 4ever I hope you don't have to return to docs..pompoms waving for you. Loving the bribery for pottytraining.. sounds like very clever mummy to me not a bad one at all!! grin

cupcake as one of the resident sliming world experts - basically you eat carbs or protien but not much of the two together - so pasta with tom sauce and a bit of cheese is good. Or a large steak and salald with a couple of bolied spuds fine but chat you can't do is a massive bowl of pasta and a large steak - if by any strange chance you should want to eat anything so disgusting!!

BuddhaBelly Sun 09-Sep-12 10:21:48

Morning ladies, think might go to pot today as I've been up all night with E and need crap food something to keep me going wink Spent all night watching him as he was coughing and wheezing and breathing wasn't right. Took him to access clinic this morning and he's got croup poor little sausage sad. More sleepless nights for me too sad

BuddhaBelly Sun 09-Sep-12 11:11:15

Missed the word diet doh!

4everhopeful Sun 09-Sep-12 14:49:37

Ahh buddha poor little man, sad and poor tired you too.. Hope he makes a speedy recovery little mite..

Lbm & Cupcake thanks for diet tips, more I look into them all and GIs and good carbs and proteins more confused i get! confused Think info so far and a bit of common sense should hopefully do the trick!

Think Summer read my post yesterday, grin she is now loving the trainer seat, and had successful first wee's in toilet, hooray!

Edd of 4th angel but perhaps subconsciously barely thought about it, til after putting Summer to bed Dh called up to look out the window, and saw a Chinese lantern flying up into the night sky, felt very apt and peaceful smile
Did have a strange dream last night,sounds wierd, but saw my 6 angel babies heads, almost like dolls heads, in a box, but not at all in a horrible way, as it sounds, in fact really lovely, I saw all their faces, they looked like Summer, 4 with brown eyes, 2 with blue, they were like newborns and a couple looked like they smiled briefly, but the age it would just be wind... smile Very vivid, very real feeling, and strange as it sounds, very peaceful and comforting smile

cupcakefairy Mon 10-Sep-12 08:32:28

Ah thanks lbm it is quite similar then. It's a really effective way to lose weight. buddha I very much enjoyed some sticky toffee pudding made by dh on sat as my treat for the week so mine also went a bit to pot! But was delicious! Then had to endure dh & ds1 eating it last night while I ate an apple ..ds kept going 'lovely pudding! I love pudding!' Haha, he's taunting me!!

4ever so lovely about your dream.. let's hope your subconscious is telling you a bfp is on the way smile congrats to big girl summer with the toilet training too!

buddha your poor little e sad hope he's ok..do u have to take time off work? We also had horrendous nights at weekend with ds2 full of cold so awake a lot, & ds1 kept sleepwalking and crying, bit weird he was just in a complete daze.

Anyway, back to routines today thank goodness, all our groups back on so must get boys dressed!

Rumours Mon 10-Sep-12 11:47:16

Got ds2's appointment through to see the paediatrician, it's 2 weeks today. Very impressed with how quickly we'll seen.

4ever I don't get my results til December, but that will be here before we know it!!

cupcake I can't diet just now, I'm comfort eating way too much. I find baking relaxes me but then I end up eating, vicious circle grin. I've put on half a stone in the last month shock so I'm going to try and eat three meal and no snack and smaller portions, so cutting back rather than diet.

blue thinking of you, hope you're continuing to be the strong lovely you are smile

buddha hope your wee man is feeling better and you've managed to catch up on some sleep.

Pom poms are a jigglin for you 2ww's smile

Where's mls? Hope you and your brood are ok.

Rumours Mon 10-Sep-12 11:48:55

cupcake I've just read through my post while eating a cake, so really not sticking to my plan at all confused grin

cupcakefairy Mon 10-Sep-12 12:11:34

Haha, rumours grin I miss cakes etc soo much sad my favourite thing to have a cuppa & cake if both boys go to sleep.. so yes totally get where you're coming from!! I can only just fit back into my thin maternity jeans though so I have some serious work to do!! Fab news about appointment.

cupcakefairy Mon 10-Sep-12 12:12:53

Oh and also watching Great British Bake Off every week really isn't helping, I'm salivating over the tv grin

Rumours Mon 10-Sep-12 12:49:14

The GBBO is my favourite programme at the mo, yummy telly grin

Neeko Mon 10-Sep-12 16:11:19

rumours I'm with you on the cutting down instead of dieting. Just can't cut out the sweet stuff. Great news on the prompt appt.

4ever Hugs today. Glad your dream brought u comfort. Well done to DD too. My DD2 saw her boy cousin doing a wee today and promptly sat on the loo and did 1 too! Sure it's a one off, Contrary Mary that she is!

Cupcake Well done on the weight loss.

lbm Hope everything is ship shape now you are back into the routine.

Buddha Wishing DS a speedy recovery and you a good night's sleep.

4everhopeful Tue 11-Sep-12 13:07:02

Yawn... Poor baby was pooly last night, I was stupidly still awake at nearly 1amwhen she got in bed with us, she tossed and turned and got all distressed itching horrible insect bites she has on her ankle, til eventually put meg & mog dvd on to distract and settle, worked for a bit then kept wanting to get up, wasnt obviously distressed just really unsettled, by 3.30am I was so exhausted Id of tried anything confused so decided to take her for a drive, DH insisted on coming despite having work at 6am, so I sat in back with her expecting her to drop off by end of the rd... After driving to all surrounding areas hmm she was still.awake, but seemed a bit wierded out, thought cos I was in back with her, gave up and decided to just come home and as arrived on our rd she threw up huuuge amounts, everywhere.. sad

Got her and car cleaned up, more dvd for distraction and she brightened up, then got the runs and more sick sad Eventually went to sleep at 5.30am, me just.after but dh up at 6am. Woke properly at 9am so am absolutely hanging, thankfully though, she seems brighter...

Its my Ddads birthday today and luckily had planned on Dmum coming to us for a takeaway rather than a restaurant, just as well!

Rumours Tue 11-Sep-12 15:30:04

Aww poor summer and poor you and your dh 4ever, I hope she feels better and you all get some sleep tonight. Have a hug from me and enjoy your ddads birthday with your dmum smile

SabsFabulous Wed 12-Sep-12 18:22:36

Hello ladies, have a rare 5 minutes to do a quick post. I am going to apologise in advance as I know I'm bound to miss people out.

curly How's it going with DS and DD? We need to arrange a date to meet up soon. Maybe next month?

Welcome to blackrocked and sorry you have had to join us. Will shake pompoms from afar but rest assured these ladies are the best with advice, handholding and hairstrokes

4ever lots of extra hugs for you. Hope this month passes by quickly for you. 23rd September 2008 is the day that changed my life forever as that is when I miscarried. But then exactly a year and week later, I was blessed with Saara, so September has mixed blessings for me. 23rd Sept this year is also when I am taking part in a walk to raise money for a charity close to my heart. I hope people don't mind but I have emailed some of you about it.

cupcake and you other dieters, well done on your weight loss. I have far too much weight to lose blush, but need to find an exercise class I can go to after 8pm in the evenings, after DH comes home. Or I can dust off my 50 shred and get started on that again grin I only did it like 3 times blush

buddha Hope DS is feeling better now and that you managed to get some rest too.

blue sorry to hear about the bullying problems. Not sure if you remember but I had bullying problems at work when I was pregnant with S. Hope it gets sorted soon. BTW loving the pics of the boys on FB over the summer.

rumours Huge congrats on finishing your studies, clever lady. So sorry for missing DS2's birthday blush and sorry I haven't been around for you recently. Good to hear you have an appointment pretty soon.

mermaid and jools Always thinking about you both. Hope you're well out there.

moon Beautiful wedding photos. Hope you're feeling better and that it didnt develop into bronchitis. I've been off work the past few days with a cold and sore throat and it seems to be going around here.

Big frantic waves to barbie mls neeko lbm gracie monkey and anyone else I've missed.

Update from me. She is growing up way too fast sad She started nursery this week, in the school that DH used to go to. She has to wear a uniform, which is slightly too big for her, but still looks cute (let me know if any non-FB'ers would like to see a pic). Her year in preschool has really helped her, so even though this is a new setting and environment, she seems to have settled in well. She'll be there for 2 years, as she wont start reception until Sept 2014. She has also been potty-trained and is nearly almost dry at night. I'm still working on DH for us to start ttc soon, so watch this space smile

Be back soon

moonmrs Wed 12-Sep-12 21:16:11

Sorry in advance for the me post, I need to come and ramble where I know no one will mind too much and where people understand.

Af arrived today. I knew she was on her way, but I still had that little glimmer of hope until she appeared. So that's the 6 months of clomid gone sad how stupid was I to think that I would get pregnant. My blood tests showed that it did work, but obviously it wasnt meant to be. Just to add insult to injury, we go on honeymoon in 28 days time - great, so af will rear her ugly head on the day we fly out, and for the whole week I will be bleeding, and no honeymoon baby will be conceived sad

We first decided to start trying for a baby in Feb 2008 on my birthday. Little did I know that 4 and a half years down the line we'd still be trying. How naive was I. I thought I'd come off the pill, try for a few months, get pregnant and have a baby - I never even contemplated miscarriages or complications along the way. I've seen so many people have babies in that time, I've been so sad for the majority of those years, I've tortured myself with the fact that I can't do what we were put on this earth for, that I can't give my dh a baby, that I can't control or change a thing about it. Its changed me as a person, I am so different to how I used to be, and everything now has an underlying sadness to it. Its very hard to think that this could have all been for nothing. And where do you draw the line? How long do you carry on being prodded and poked before you say enough is enough? If I was alone (which obviously is a silly thing to say as I wouldnt want a baby on my own) then I would go forever, whatever it takes. But its hard with dh, I know how hard it is for him watch me go through it all, and I know eventually that it would probably tear us apart. He always says to me that if it doesnt happen, then I am enough for him. But I have never said it back, as I dont think I can sad I mean I love him to bits, more than I ever thought I could love anyone, but its like we're just not complete until we have a baby, if that makes sense.

I just wish someone would give us a break. I must have been awful in a past life or something.

I ran out of words. Everything hurts too much now sad

Loueytb3 Wed 12-Sep-12 21:30:31

Hello from an extremely crap poster [embarrassed]. I haven't a hope of catching up but I need to go back and read what's been going on cos I haven't even been lurking recently. Before I do I just need to post to moon

moon sad oh love - you most certainly haven't done anything awful in a previous life. Sometimes for reasons that we don't understand, life just doesn't work out as you planned. It took us 2.5yrs to get the DTs, nowhere near as long as you have been waiting but I know how I felt in that time, and it was much the same as you've just posted. I think I would have kept going for a long time, as hard as it was and we would have tried IVF if the clomid hadn't worked. The fact that the clomid was doing its stuff is good though, it does have an effect after you stop taking it. You might still get that honeymoon baby (always looking on the bright side) I wish so hard that you do xxx

Neeko Wed 12-Sep-12 21:44:11

Ah moon my lovely. My heart is just breaking for you. It's so wrong and unfair that you should have to go through this. You've been so patient and supportive to everyone else. I'm so hoping for a honeymoon baby for you.

Thinking of you lots.

Hi to Sabs and Louey and a get well hug to Summer.

SabsFabulous Wed 12-Sep-12 21:46:56

moon I'm so sorry to hear that af arrived. sad I wish I had a magic wand to wave to make it all better for you. I don't have any good advice like the other ladies, but can offer a hug instead? And of course be hear to listen to you

louey I feel so blush that I forgot you. Hope you and the boys are well

Loueytb3 Wed 12-Sep-12 22:11:48

sabs what a grown up girl Saara is!! At nursery and dry day and (almost) night! Really excited that you might be TTC again soon. Are you settled into your new place now? I must remember to sponsor you when I get a chance. And don't apologise, it has been flipping ages since I've posted blush

4ever {{{hugs}}}} for a bittersweet month for you. Poor Summer, hope she feels better soon and you have a better night. Well done for wees in the loo! We've been trying to get Luke to wee standing up (Isaac's been doing it for ages) but he can't do it!! I know once he's done it once, it will be second nature and I'll be cleaning even more wee off the seat

blue not liking the sound of the bullying sad Understand you can't talk about it but I hope it gets sorted soon, otherwise we'll come up to Scotland and kick some butt grin

rumours well done you! I was somewhat amused by the new course you've signed up for, just the sort of thing I would have done grin. Very belated happy birthday to DS2. I'm really sorry you have worries about him too, but glad you are going to be seen so soon. Do you think its just quirks or that he really is on the spectrum? I know we are scrutinising them so closely because of their older brothers. Oscar's on a trial (can't remember if I've said) looking at siblings of children with autism because I thought at the worst, we would know early on. At the moment I think its unlikely but he's still little.

LBM BB will always be your baby. But I know what you mean about not wanting them to grow up. Oscar is getting too big, too fast <not ready> You have to name pencils??? God, I have so much to look forward to hmm Are you glad that they are back at school? My two have settled back in ok apart from the fact that they are tired. But it makes bedtimes easy!

cupcake gorgeous pics of your boys. I've got a thumbsucker too, but I'm trying and failing to get him to stop before his big teeth come through. Argh. Bet you're glad the baby groups are back on and you can have a routine of sorts. Last week of the school holidays was really tough here! Well done on the weight loss too - cake resisting is hard.

buddha fabby weight loss lady! Well done E on the potty training. You have my sympathies on pooey pant cleaning. Bleurgh. Pom poms a-shaking for you.

barbie how are things? Is Dolly fluent in French yet - we know how clever she is wink Luke started French and Spanish at school this week, he will know more than me and DH by the end of term not difficult I can't believe Ralph Henry is old enough for solids! Time has just flown (although probably not for you)

monkey are you back at work? I'm sorry you got hit by AF too, we really need some luck on this thread.

Waves to gracie - hope you're doing ok

mls I'm guessing that you're finding 3 is full on (know how you feel). Hope things are ok

Big welcome to blackrocked - hope you get that sticky bean very soon. I found FF useful in tracking what was going on with my cycles - but then I am a control freak!

Going to post this before I lose it...

Loueytb3 Wed 12-Sep-12 22:24:55

And now for my update.

In my defence for being the crappiest poster, I am now back at work and am struggling to find time to breathe...evenings tend to be taken up with making 4 lunches, dinner, sorting out book bags, dishwasher, washing etc etc. By the time that's done, its 10pm and nearly time to go to bed. But, work is ok. O has settled in with the childminder without any problems and the older two are back at school. We had a good summer, Isaac has improved a fair bit and is starting to play (read playfight) with Luke which has been lovely to see, apart from having to prevent it getting too over boisterous. They even sat down together at the weekend and played pop-up-pirate by themselves without any adult help. There is hope...

Oscar is just gorgeous and has just started to walk. His favourite thing in the world is chasing balls around. Give him a garden and a football and he's happy for hours. Heart stopping moment at the weekend when he fell down the stairs, courtesy of his older brother leaving the stairgate open and O following him up the stairs. I ran out too late to hear him fall down and found him screaming at the bottom. He was fine but it was scary.

I am now below my pre-preg weight and back in clothes that I was wearing when I got married. The last few lbs came off once I started running more. Just need to get rid of the flabby tummy now but I think that will take plastic surgery.

I'm sure there was loads more I was going to say, but its late and I've forgotten so it will have to wait until next time. I will try and post more often.

4everhopeful Wed 12-Sep-12 23:44:33

A late night lurk, a big wave to the returning Sabs &*Louey*..

Just had to post to dear Moon my heart absolutely breaks for you reading your post... sad Its just so unfair and hard to comprehend why the ones who want it the most, and are so deserving, have to suffer such a long heartbreaking and soul destroying journey to get there... sad I can honestly say I've felt every emotion and said every word you have just written, the changing of you as a person, the underlying sadness, unable to make eye contact with anyone for too long for fear of the deep sadness in my eyes and fake smile being too obvious, the wondering where you draw the line, but sweetheart, the fact you say you would go on trying forever, whatever it takes, is testament to your strength, and what kept me going, and eventually, although for me it was only 2yrs, that determination will pay off, just cos it absolutely bloody has too.. Sheer bloody mindedness and indignance that you won't let this bloody thing beat you, and you will get your dream whatever it takes.... I know sometimes you hit the wall and get to an even lower low, but you will find that strength deep inside to get back up, dust yourself down, and keep the faith and remain forever hopeful, yes, I'm speaking from my own experience (& stupid crazy enough to be embarking on the rollercoaster all over again) and we all have our own breaking points, but I know how much you want this, and really believe its half the battle... I'm saying a little prayer for you before I go to sleep tonight, which is right now! Just had to post as totally and utterly empathise... xxxxxxx

BuddhaBelly Thu 13-Sep-12 14:55:38

Oh Moon sad I completely understand how you feel, and I wish I could offer some words that would do you good but I can't. Nothing anyone says is going to change the fact that you are still trying after all this time sad I know other people have suggested different routes to being a mum before ie adoption. Would you and dh consider that or is it not an option? Please take a huge hug from me and a little prayer x

Rumours Thu 13-Sep-12 17:34:26

{{{{{ moon }}}}} I'm so sorry af turned up and you're feeling so down sad

Rumours Thu 13-Sep-12 17:34:48

blue been thinking of you xx

Rumours Thu 13-Sep-12 17:36:56

louey, I see things then I don't, so I don't like to say now what I think, because I'm really not sure. Roll on the 24th and get some more opinions.

blackrocked Thu 13-Sep-12 18:16:13

Moon I would hold your hand if I could and it is certainly not linked to past lives, don't blame yourself as you are about to embark on a holiday, no matter what let go for a week and enjoy thoroughly.

blackrocked Thu 13-Sep-12 18:16:42

Moon I would hold your hand if I could and it is certainly not linked to past lives, don't blame yourself as you are about to embark on a holiday, no matter what let go for a week and enjoy thoroughly.

blackrocked Thu 13-Sep-12 18:20:08

Buddhabelly I do remember your name. I didn't think I would still be TTC, but here I am!

Rumours.....suggested you find a dry space away from living space, as yes I found it stinks too!

moonmrs Thu 13-Sep-12 20:37:37

You girls are the best smile thank you. You've written some lovely words and they made me fill up again blush I really do appreciate all the support you've given me, it means such a lot to have my little online world where I can come and be who I need to be without putting on a brave face all the time. Sometimes knowing you're not alone is enough to make it just about alright. I am very determined and I am very stubborn and I wont give up without giving it the very best shot. But there has to a point where it has to stop, its so draining, it consumes my waking and sleeping thoughts, my whole world revolves around it, the what ifs, the whys, if I did something wrong, if I wasnt supposed to be a mum, and if I ever do become a mum, maybe I want it so much that it wont ever live up to my expectations, and then I question if I really do want this after all, my heads all muddled up.

Re. adopting - its something dh and I have discussed and seriously looked into. The plan is to wait until after the next hospital appointment in a couple of weeks, and after we've come back from our honeymoon then we'll decide what might be next. But I worry that I wouldnt be satisfied with an adopted child - of course I would love it as my very own, but I just know that deep down inside I would want my own flesh and blood and I worry that I'd end up resenting the child, I sound awful dont I.

4everhopeful Fri 14-Sep-12 12:08:02

Just popping in to mark a whole 5years today since my first ever miscarriage... My little honeymoon baby... Can't believe its been that long, or that I've lost another 5 babies since then... sad

Of course along the way, I got my gorgeous miracle girl, smile my absolute world, for whom I'm eternally grateful...

Also realised in my month of memories right now, that as well as the sad dates being evened out by conceiving Summer on my dads birthday 3yrs ago, smile its also the month I found you lovely ladies and this wonderful thread, smile stumbled across it while googling possible outcomes of my poor 3rd babies huge nuchal fold, undoubtedly my hardest loss of all at 13wks, 1 more wk and I'd of had to deliver, I even produced milk after the first erpc which was incredibly traumatic, and then needed a second erpc 6wks later due to 'retained product', remember the letters at the hospital that day classing me as 19wks pregnant, a truly devastating experience... Wow, that kind of poured out, but my point was thats when I discovered this thread, which just so happened to also be at the then 1yr anniversary of the first mc, god what a year that was hmm

Still, I don't remember which of you said this first, but without the first losses, there would be no Summer, and although I wanted to kick anyone who dare suggested it at the time, they weren't meant to be, but Summer was, and is.... Thank god... X X X X X X X

blackrocked Fri 14-Sep-12 18:24:46

Moonmrs we have also considered adoption, and had the same concerns about it. I think it must be a normal thought process, when you tried to have your own children first, and one to work through, and move on from when the working has been done x Thorough thinking is key to success in my book. Just think about that holiday for now....

4everhopeful your name says it all, summer sounds lovely xx

TTC is such a bumpy journey for so many of us, feels like an unspoken thing where I live with so many children that seem left to their own devices in need of TLC.

blackrocked Fri 14-Sep-12 18:30:26

I was given three extra lots of clomid as was so ill last winter, so have taken the second lot in hope that something might happen this month. No luck last cycle. My FF charts have not shown ovulation even with the clomid though. Last month I used ovulation test, this month just ECM and temps. sad DH and I have given ourselves one more cycle, then stopping. May even get contraception at this point as my age could cause problems. I feel like one the old chickens about to be culled. Rotten. Slowly getting my head around it, but that in itself is driving me nuts.

cupcakefairy Fri 14-Sep-12 19:39:24

moon there are just no words (but I'll attempt some anyway)
My heart just breaks reading your post, it's so bloody unfair. I hope I don't sound like I'm just spouting platitudes but some positives to focus on- you are still so young my lovely, so time is on your side, and there are still many options open to you. Will you discuss a higher dose of clomid with your consultant, or IUI as the next step?
Re adoption, a good friend of my sister's just recently adopted a 12 week old baby after years of ttc, and they are absolutely BESOTTED with her...heck, my sister's friend even took pills to produce milk so she could breastfeed her (not sure if that worked out or not!) I know it's a very real worry that you might feel resentful/always wanting your own baby but I'm sure if you and dh eventually came to that decision that child would just totally fulfill your need to be a mummy.
Of course you never thought of any of this when you decided to start trying, none of us did. But this pain will shape you and your dh. I remember monkey's analogy of the tapestry looking a complete mess on the back but beautiful on the front. You will see the front one day.

Huge hugs to you too 4ever, this is certainly a bittersweet month.

blackrocked hope you're ok..pompoms a-waving for you that te clomid will work its magic.

louey and sabs lovely to see you both back.. louey sounds like your boys are thriving, lush that Oscar is walking now!
sabs I can't believe how grown up S sounds...hard to believe she and my ds1 will be in the same school year! I always think of her and the other 2009 babies as so much older than him! Good luck with the walk.

Well ladies, only 1.75lbs off today..I was hoping for more as it's been SUCH a hard week of having to resist cakes and biscuits at countless playgroups/book groups/church stuff...but never mind, at least it puts me just under 12st which is a good milestone smile
Happy weekend all!

moon Life just seems bloody unfair at times doesn't it. There's a couple I work with and all she has wanted , as long as I have know here is a baby. They got married about 4 years ago and were trying before the wedding and getting pregnant isn't the problem but she just can't keep hold of one.
Like you, it is desperatly unfair - they have tried IVF but no success and last time we spoke were thinking about adoption.

They would make such good parents and I hope they do go for adoption as there are so many deserving babies and children out there who deserve the love they could give.

Life can be wonderful - like your wedding and it can also be crap, like now.
Have a wonderful honeymoon - enjoy the time with your DH and leave the baby talk untill you get back xxx

4everhopeful Fri 14-Sep-12 23:00:21

Feeling quite sad today has passed without its meaning being of any particular significance to anyone, but of course why should it?

They were still my babies, my little lives and hopes and dreams that lived inside me for over 2months, my 3rd over 3months, almost feel like cos I've lost 6 babies now that it doesn't warrant a reaction any more, that Ive used up my quota of sympathy or understanding, when the truth is, I can't even begin to describe what a bloody awful heartbreaking and traumatic effect its had on my life.. Yes, thank god I now have Summer, when I spent so long full of fear and desperation I never would, but it doesn't take away what I've been through, and lost...

Sometimes I just want to be able to talk, and be talked to about it... To just acknowledge what a terrible thing it is to go through so many times.. For me, 5yrs felt quite a symbolic timeframe.. Its ignited a lot of memories, such as deeply upsetting ones of my third . Its horrible to feel like no one particularly cares... sad

4everhopeful Fri 14-Sep-12 23:07:34

Think the wounds are raw again for me as my last loss is so recent, it was only June after all. Just rakes up all the emotions of all my losses again... As I said, sometimes I just want to talk about it with people...

moonmrs Fri 14-Sep-12 23:19:26

4ever we do care, whether we've been through it once or 5 times, we know the pain and heartache and the never forgetting. As for people in real life, well for them life moves on and unless they are particularly close friends or family then they wont remember, its not that they dont care, it just doesnt have the same meaning as it does to you.

Thank you for the posts today, at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, it means such a lot that you take the time to post to me about it, it gives me hope and you spur me on to keep the faith and keep trying for our dream.

Oh, 4ever, you can never use up our support and sympathy. Sorry we weren't there for you yesterday. 5 yrs since you realised you weren't invincible is certainly worth marking and the challenging road it took you down. I remember my dr who has 4 llo's herself saying that mc is the death of all those plans and dreams no matter how small the lo was.

For me, having bb (and only one mc) largeLy took the pain away but for others who have been harder hit, I know that's not the case.

Keep talking and letting us know when you need support - september will always be a bittersweet month for you as without September there would be no Summer. You do have the luckiest girl there too - you know exactly how special and wanted she is and she will be growing knowing this everyday. Lucky, lucky girl - many people don't ever remember how lucky they are to have their LO's. And now I'm going as the phone has already eaten one post from me!

4everhopeful Sat 15-Sep-12 09:00:56

Sorry, drink talking a bit in late night ramble... blush Dmum staying with sis up north, In laws also away on cruise.. Mentioned it was 5yrs to a couple mates and didn't get much back, moment of oh woe me resulted... Know I can sound off here, cos you lovelies will always understand smile

Hooray to a much looked forward to caravan hols by the coast on monday smile though had some spotting last night when not due til thurs, so mightily p'd off a, I'm not preg again this month, and b, Ill be having horrifically heavy AF while away.. Oh well, it will still be fantastic to get away and lovely watching Summer having loads of fun, as well as lots of lovely time with DH smile

Apologies for last few 'me' posts, blush will resume personal posting best on my return wink

Love y'all smile xxxxxxx

BuddhaBelly Sat 15-Sep-12 15:58:28

4ever We are here hun and always will be with ears to listen, empathy and understanding, shoulders to cry on and if all else fails cake and wine smile same goes for to Moon

On phone so can't remember what else has been said (such a goldfish brain) but E is all better, I'm recovering from a migraine and dh has a chest infection so will be glad to get away for a break next week. Like you 4ever af will arrive to share my holiday too sad due today or tomorrow and I have absolutely no doubt it will appear as zero symptoms sad

Neeko Sat 15-Sep-12 17:21:05

Hugs for 4ever but vent away. Hope you and buddha both have lovely holidays and tew stays away!

Did my 6k run today. Did it in 39 mins so pleased with myself, especially since I couldn't run at all 3 months ago.

Happy weekends everyone.

BuddhaBelly Sat 15-Sep-12 18:25:10

Well done Neeko smile

moonmrs Sat 15-Sep-12 18:54:17

Way to go neeko grin what an achievement, you should be very proud of yourself. Hope your legs arent aching too much. Think of all the calories you've burned smile

Sorry to hear af has turned up for 4ever and almost for buddha it never fails to upset you does it, even after all these years, the arrival of her always throws me into disarray.

My af has been a bit weird hmm it usually lasts one week, sometimes 6 days. This time round, it started Weds afternoon, and by yesterday was almost gone? Tiny bit of dark discharge today (sorry tmi) and that's it - not even enough for a tampon, my last one got a bit stuck coming out as it was so dry blush very odd....

Neeko Sat 15-Sep-12 18:59:04

Aww thanks girls!

Moon have u the nerve to do a test? Squeezing your hand tightly x x.

moonmrs Sat 15-Sep-12 19:32:14

I have one left. I was tempted earlier, but honestly I do not feel pregnant in the slightest. I dont think I can face another bfn. <squeezes hand back>

Neeko Sun 16-Sep-12 08:54:43

I totally understand. How are you feeling today?

BuddhaBelly Sun 16-Sep-12 09:36:29

Moon AF did sound rather weird, its so kind the way our bodies play with our minds . . NOT! hmmangry

Rumours Sun 16-Sep-12 09:46:55

Hi moon how're you feeling today? Is af behaving?

4ever buddha enjoy your hols smile

BuddhaBelly Sun 16-Sep-12 10:23:03

Rumours I forgot to say how good it was that you got an appointment through so quickly, how you feeling about it?

Rumours Sun 16-Sep-12 15:20:13

Hi buddha I'm pleased I don't have to wait too long and just want to get the ball rolling if there is anything there. We waited 18 months with ds1 from initial observations that he's showing autistic traits and official diagnosis. Ds1 was older though, so don't know if it would take even longer for ds2 so I give him a chance to develop or whether it will be quicker. I will hopefully get some more opinions and advice soon, only a week to wait smile.
I'm quite positive at the mo, dealing with the possibility in a positive way.

moonmrs Sun 16-Sep-12 19:35:56

af has all but stopped hmm and I've got backache, but no symptoms - my first pregnancy indicator is usually really heavy sore boobs and I dont have that so I think I just have a weird cycle this time round. Stupid body.

Neeko Sun 16-Sep-12 21:04:53

Moon Agreed. Our bodies do play stupid tricks on us. Not going to say it, but you know what I'm hoping wink

Rumours You sound much calmer about the whole thing. Just take it one day at a time. When does your new course start?

Buddha are you ok? You've been quiet about you recently. Hope the packing is going well.

4ever Hope you are all packed too. Net you have lists of your lists smile Try to switch off from sad dates and enjoy your holiday.

Speaking of quiet, we haven't heard from Barbie Blue or Monkey recently. Hope you're all ok, lovely ladies.

Cupcake How much did you lose this week? Those pics ofyour boys made me go AWWWW! smile

Sabs Your life sounds really busy. Good luck with the fundraising. I raised £60 with my run yesterday for a local cancer charity that was close to my DGran's heart, so I am really pleased. I'd love to see the picture of DD if you don't mind emailing it.

Rumours Sun 16-Sep-12 21:13:40

Hi neeks it starts in November, did you get the pink icing ordered?

sabs I would love to see pics too smile

moon why don't you do a test just to be sure you're not pg. I did ds1 wink

mls hope you're ok and just busy with you're 3 smile

Rumours Sun 16-Sep-12 21:15:01

moon test that is, I did a test with ds1 because I had an af like yours!

Neeko Sun 16-Sep-12 21:39:38

Rumours Just ordered it off amazon smile

Rumours Sun 16-Sep-12 21:45:50

Ooooh exciting, dd will love the princess castle cake.
It's dhs birthday on Friday and I'm making him a three tiered chocolate cake filled with butter cream and topped with maltesers, I can't wait to eat it grin I'm sure dh will enjoy it too grin

moonmrs Sun 16-Sep-12 22:29:06

rumours did you? But did you feel pregnant?

I dont dare to get my hopes up as I dont feel anything except I have backache and feel very much like af is still here only she isnt. I cant test, I really cant, I dont have the energy to deal with a bfn right now.

cupcakefairy Sun 16-Sep-12 22:41:23

neeko only 1.75lbs but makes total of 6lbs over 2 weeks and puts me just under 12st so I'm quite happy.. just wish weight loss didn't have to take so long!!
Massive congrats on the run!

4ever so sorry you felt a bit ignored.. as moon said rl friends rarely 'get it', or even if they do might not know what to say.. hope you always feel you can say what you like here. 5 years is a huge milestone and though it's sad to think on that, it's also amazing to see how far you've come & how strong you've stayed. Have an amazing holiday.

moon don't test if you can't face it..wait a bit longer (or just do it if you need to know) sorry it's all so confusing sad

Dh is currently trying to soothe ds2 back to sleep..he's been screaming for a while now sad dh doesn't want me to feed him cos he's waking about 4 or 5 times a night at the mo.. meh. Hate listening to him cry, I know I'll end up feeding, he's a hungry boy. (nobody mention the 4 month sleep regression!! grin) x

Rumours Mon 17-Sep-12 11:26:31

Hi moon I didn't have symptoms but then I wasn't actually ttc ds1, he was a happy accident smile. I remember ad starting then not really getting into full flow and stopping after a day or so. Back then I had horrendous af's, probably due to the endo I found out about last year. I think my symptoms started a couple if weeks after. My memory is a bit hazy, it was 10 years ago shock.
Hope you're ok xx

Loueytb3 Mon 17-Sep-12 11:27:31

Just popping in to offer big hugs to 4ever. I think people who have never suffered a mc will never understand. I know I didn't before it happened to me. And to those of you who have had more than one, I can't really comprehend.

I was flicking around the BBC website earlier and came across a story about remembering loss and a couple who have set up an organisation to help people who have lost babies. Its called Saying Goodbye

They have started national remembrance services - there is one at St Paul's Cathedral in November. I thought you might be interested. I know it won't take away the pain but it may help to be with others who have been in a similar position.

moon it may be the clomid playing with your cycle, but I think I would do a test. I can understand why you are apprehensive about doing another one though. Fingers crossed for you

Will try and get back on this afternoon

barbie1 Wed 19-Sep-12 10:38:39

Um....hello (smiles shyly)
Real life is a bummer! It stops me from talking to you ladies.

Haven't even had time to catch up since I last posted, but the lovely sabs reminded me to come back to you all...

We have all been suffering from the flu, work problems, school problems and housing issues. I will fill you all in later.

I'm back, I'm going to catch up and then post x

Rumours Wed 19-Sep-12 13:21:42

<<rushes in and gives barbie a mahoosive hug>>

Have you caught up yet?

blue how's things lovely?

Busy week next week, paed on Monday, then on Wednesday ds2 gets observed at nursery by SALT, then the following week 2 home visits in one day, HV and SALT. Gotta say they don't waste much time up here smile

Neeko Wed 19-Sep-12 19:45:15

Welcome back to Barbie. Sorry to hear that life has been so tough.

Rumours Great to hear that everything is moving quickly.

Cupcake good work on the weight loss. Hope the cutting down on feeding DS2 is going well. I so remember those days with DD2. It's agony to listen to them crying when you know you can sop it instantly, but awful to be sooooo tired because they are draining the life-force from you. This too will pass, lovely.

A huge hug to my friend Blue who deserves so much more.

Louey I thought that service sounded lovely. My llo would have ben due on DD1's birthday next week. 'Tis unfortunately always a bitter-sweet time but I'm hoping being elbow deep in castle-cake making will help.

Moon Anything to report?

barbie1 Wed 19-Sep-12 20:28:50

Hi again, twice in one day! I'm getting my mojo back grin wink
Tha is for the hugs rumours, you are all skin and bone, another one on a diet? wink congrats on finishing all your work stuff.

So many sad faces on this thread sad I guess the thread will peak and dip. The second round for most ladies seems to be proving tough, I'm sending loads of love to Buddha, 4ever, monkey and blackrocked. You will get there my lovelies. We are supporting you all the way.

Moon, darling moon... Tears ran freely reading your posts. U wish I could do something to help. Stories like your really make me think of being a surrogate. However two emcs puts pay to that. So all I can do is offer an ear when you need it, hugs and hair strokes too. My period before conceiving dolly was exactly as you described. Something is happening to your body, we just need to work out what! Chin up my lovely...

Blue, barbiemobile might be gone and a citroen c4 might not have the same effect but I can come and help kick some butts...dh has just interrupted me to read your email. I am so so proud, your sons will grow up to be just as proud as their mum as we all are. Keep going, there is a rainbow at the end of the grey skies x

I'm on my phone so I can't check for mistakes to I apologise for the crappy posting!

So much more to say but I'll do more personals tomorrow.

Just a little to explain my absence...
While in uk ended up in a&e with Henry. Never heard a baby scream so much. Turned out to be a stomach flu type thing..a few days later dolly had to go to doctors as she started blinking to excess. Worrying times, suggestions of ticks, epilepsy and other motor neuron stuff.

Back home in France Henry got the flu on top of the stomach thing, dolly got it, then me. It wasn't pretty!
Dolly started school and they mentioned blinking, back and forth to docs. It seems to be easing ( touches wood). Both kids nearly over flu.

Our car has fucked up again, sorry for swearing but it's a death trap. Found myself in the middle of a major roundabout unable to move and just had to brace for impact. Fortunately a kind person stopped and we manged to get it to garage where I threw the keys and broke down in tears with two crying babies. It was the final straw. France is beautiful but oh so tough, every day is a struggle. I feel like I dont belong. It daunts me. I'm usually in control but I've been totally floored.?
Everything takes so long to do and it's such a challenge.

In top of this we have to prepare for Korea. I'm trying to sort out an Internet business to keep me busy and to give me a purpose. Both children will be at school over there and I need to regain my identity. I feel boring, dowdy and generally lost.

The school on the island hasn't enough space for all the families due to arrive with the project, same for Housing so all my spare time has been on the internet forwarding and composing emails, so forgive me for not writing here. I have missed you all....

barbie1 Wed 19-Sep-12 20:30:59

Sorry for all the mistakes blush

moonmrs Wed 19-Sep-12 20:57:58

Welcome back barbie huge hugs, I've missed you. Sorry to hear of so many worries and so many things going on, your life is always so busy. Thank you for your lovely words smile

I did do a hpt yesterday and it was bfn sad so maybe something is going on in my stupid body, but theres no baby involved sad

Neeko Wed 19-Sep-12 21:01:10

Barbie Don't apologise. Your RL needs you now and when things settle we'll be here in the beach hut with the wine brew biscuits and mini-eggs waiting for you. I'm really sorry it's been so tough. Having two small kids is hard, having two small poorly kids is tougher, having two small poorly kids in a foreign country you're not sure of is nearly impossible! Thinking of you. Just holler if there's anything I can do to help. smile
We do miss your laughter links though. I still find myself randomly snorting if the one you posted about the woman filling her car wth petrol comes into mind! grin

Neeko Wed 19-Sep-12 21:02:31

X-post Moon Oh, God. I'm sorry sad What happens now? when do you go back to see the doc and what's the next step?

barbie1 Wed 19-Sep-12 21:44:11

Moon, sorry love sad surely you can go back and speak to someone. Your body is Telling you something and someone bloody needs to listen to you!!!

Neeko, thanks! It's hard to admit I'm struggling, I'm usually able to cope so this has floored me big time. However I can see what is making me unhappy and I'm working to fix it and get back to normal. I will start posting silly links again soon.. We could all do with a giggle!

barbie1 Wed 19-Sep-12 21:46:29

Oh and I have just read the first two grey books in a week! Desperate for the third. Gold dust over here though, all bloody French and goobely gook to me! All the expat mummies are passing them around grin I hope mr grey doesn't die sad I quite like him blush oh my!

barbie1 Wed 19-Sep-12 21:47:22

6 post from me all in one day....I'm on a roll!

Rumours Thu 20-Sep-12 06:34:46

barbie mr grey doesn't die grin
When do you move to Korea? And how long for? You've got so much going on I wish there was more I could do! I can listen and type smile

moon sorry it's a bfn. Has af returned to normal yet?

neeko how's the princes cake plans comiing on, being a HUGE fan of cake I'm really excited about it grin [cake] we need a cake emoticon!!

Got the inlaws arriving tomorrow so big tidy and house clean today. I've already cleaned the fish tank as ds1 found that his two new fish, darth and vader, we're swimming on their backs sad, we only got them on Sunday. He's was upset but I can now hear him humming the star wars theme tune, a popular choice in our house.

Rumours Thu 20-Sep-12 06:36:06

Princess cake, sorry neeko, it's too early to me up and mumsnetting and cleaning fish tanks!!!

barbie do you sleep woman?! All that crap and you read two books!! Sorry to hear of all your challenges - let us know if we need to get an emergency eurostar to beat up anyone who is giving you a hard time.
moon talking about crap - why do our bodies do this to us?

Got to go - busy day at work and virtually no sleep. bb was in with us all night untill she wanted to get up at 5. I have to admit I like her being in with us as she's my baby and I know it is just a phase but DH doesn't function well without sleep - cue grumpy daddy...

barbie do you sleep woman?! All that crap and you read two books!! Sorry to hear of all your challenges - let us know if we need to get an emergency eurostar to beat up anyone who is giving you a hard time.
moon talking about crap - why do our bodies do this to us?

Got to go - busy day at work and virtually no sleep. bb was in with us all night untill she wanted to get up at 5. I have to admit I like her being in with us as she's my baby and I know it is just a phase but DH doesn't function well without sleep - cue grumpy daddy...

BuddhaBelly Thu 20-Sep-12 16:45:41

Moon sad bfn sad af joined me on holiday Monday just like I knew it would too sad keep your chin up x
Barbie Goodness you've had some and are still having some challenges, so we can forgive you for lack of postings wink lovely to "see" you back
Blue How you doing my lovely, hope you've managed to sort everything out?
4ever Hope you're having a fab holiday?

Can't remember who else has posted as on phone, even though af arrived Monday we've been having the best holiday ever! I am a butlins convert, I don't mind saying I was a bit snobby apprehensive but our accommodation is really lovely, everything is so clean and absolutely geared to kids, Ewan's had the time of his life as I'm sure those of you on fb have seen grin We have had some jaw dropping moments when we saw unattended 4yr olds in the play areas who when asked by staff said mum and dad were in the pub hmm but all in all a brilliant time has been had and we shall be sad to leave tomorrow x

barbie1 Thu 20-Sep-12 19:51:54

I'm at yoga! A rare evening to myself... No rest for the wicked grin

cupcakefairy Thu 20-Sep-12 20:29:04

Hi ladies just a quick hello while I'm on the laptop and typing is much faster!!

barbie so lovely to see you! Sorry life has been so stressful...how horrible about the kids' various illnesses sad hope the stuff with Dolly turns out to be nothing. And hope all goes ok planning for Korea.

Moon sad stupid bfn. I'm so sorry lovely.

neeko a hug for edd and a 'WOOP' for dd1's birthday...can't wait to see the cake! I'm supposed to be making ds2's baptism cake in a few weeks...we had a professional (friend) decorate ds1's so have a lot to live up to!! But quite looking forward to it.

buddha so glad you're having a lovely holiday, sounds therapeutic. shock to people leaving their kids in the park, I can't imagine anything more foolish.

4ever are you on hols now too? Hope you're ok lovely xxx

Bought the first stocking filler for ds1 today... have also been reading the 'homemade christmas' thread with interest and planning on trying lots of stuff like that this year! Must plan in some time to do it in the next few weeks so it doesn't suddenly become December!

barbie1 Fri 21-Sep-12 08:59:50

Ouch ouch ouch! Yoga was in fact Pilates with some machine work thrown it. Feels like I've been hit by a bus and was charged 20€ for the privilage! The studio was full of equipment that really wouldn't look out of place in greys red room grin no kinky fuckery going on though, just lots and lots of stretches!
I even managed a sun bed... Slowly feeling me like me and I like it smile

More later x

barbie1 Sat 22-Sep-12 14:10:02

I've come back and bought the thread to an abrupt halt blush

Rumours Sat 22-Sep-12 16:16:54

I know, you're such a thread killer grin

barbie1 Sat 22-Sep-12 19:01:04

And now it's you rumours (sticks out tongue and runs away)

BuddhaBelly Sat 22-Sep-12 20:18:16

Can I play? Tap you're "IT" grinwink

Rumours Sat 22-Sep-12 21:11:37


this is my sort of posting - Tag - or as my kids tell me chaos tag is so much cooler. They have tried to explain and I haven't got a scoobie - clearly way too old smile Happy rain all - autumn is now here with a vengance!

SabsFabulous Sun 23-Sep-12 21:47:15

Evening ladies. I just wanted to mark, in one of the only few places where I can, that today is 4 years since one of the worst days of my life, when I had a mmc at 11 weeks, and which changed me forever sad But I know I'm very lucky to have my babygirl (just went to give her an extra kiss while she sleeps) but you never forget that pain and ache in your heart do you? sad

Love to all. Sweet dreams x

Loueytb3 Mon 24-Sep-12 00:16:18

Huge hugs sabs. Hope you are ok - well done on the walk xxxx

Waves to everyone - have been working all weekend - so not fun. Hopefully it will calm down mid week and I can do a proper post

Rumours Mon 24-Sep-12 08:15:54

{{{ sabs }}}

BuddhaBelly Mon 24-Sep-12 08:52:31

Hugs for you Sabs sad and congrats in your walk, hope you raised lots of money smile

Rumours Mon 24-Sep-12 13:36:54

Ok, that's the initial assessment done. He's got to have observations done at home and nursery next and a hearing test done, then another clinic visit in 3 months time. He is showing asd traits. I asked how long would a diagnosis take, if needed, and it would be 6-9 months which I isn't think was too bad, ds1 was 18 months. Just need to sign the consent form and off we go, another journey, a new familiar path (if that makes sense confused.
Onwards and upwards and backwards and sideways is the ASD journey grin

cupcakefairy Mon 24-Sep-12 14:38:31

rumours wow you sound so.. Zen.. not the right word but you know what I mean. I really hope you feel at peace with it all and huge well done on getting through initial assessments.

sabs huge hug for you, and huge well done on the walk! Hope it all went well..was it raining the whole time? sad

Sorry to dash got 2 boys sleeping for the next few mins so need to read my book!

BuddhaBelly Mon 24-Sep-12 17:10:52

Rumours You sound very chilled about it all, but I suppose you've "been there got the t shirt" so to speak. Good news that they seem to have speeded up the assessment route, I hope it all goes as smoothly as it can for you and the family smile

4everhopeful Wed 26-Sep-12 09:27:53

Hello ladies, I'm back! smile Fantastic holiday had by all, got the last of the good weather smile lots of sandcastle making, swimming, and shimmying into the night! smile Summer had an absolute ball, bless her, such the social butterfly, she was in her element! smile Must also admit like buddha to being a bit of a snob unsure of caravan hols, but totally sold! We had an ultra modern model with veranda and seaview which probably helped!

Buddha glad you had a goodun too! Shame about tew though, she got me too on day 2 of hols damn her..

Rumours as ever, I'm in awe at your stoic and philosophical approach to what you're dealing with, your boys are so lucky to have you as there mum... smile

Welcome back barbie sounds like you've been through the mill but are hopefully now getting your mojo back wink

Cupcake hope you got the gremlins sorted and are still shedding the pounds?! Started me & dh diets monday and already lost a couple lbs, smile but had quite a headache yesterday from withdrawal

Neeko hope M had a fab birthday? How was the cake? Thoughts for your edd too...

Marking my 2nd angels edd today too...

Talking of birthdays, is it our first girl graduate Saaras 3rd birthday today? hmm If so huge birthday greetings to her and sabs! smile We need the list! I'm on my phone so can't cut and paste <passes buck>

Right must dash, catch up more later, sorry to those i missed! Collecting my Dmum from kings cross station after lunch, after she spent 2wks with Dsis, I've missed her!

cupcakefairy Wed 26-Sep-12 18:20:34

Hi 4ever so glad you had good hols sounds fab! Only lost 1.25lbs last week which I was a bit sad about as I'd been finding it so hard that week.. then I ate chocolate & cake on the weekend cos ILs visited & brought it with them, so inconsiderate! ;) so not expecting to lose anything this week! Going for girls' night curry tonight too blush ..must find an evening to go swimming!
Yep the sugar withdrawal is the hardest part.. that, and needing a major sugar fix when you're as tired as I am at the mo! Caffeinated drinks are having to do at the mo! Good luck with it all.
Hugs for edd. And how is your sis?

Happy birthday to Saara, sure it is this week.

BuddhaBelly Thu 27-Sep-12 08:08:29

4ever Hurray for a lovely holiday smile but not so good that tew joined you as well sad
Cupcske A loss is a loss so well done in losing more again! I'm back to s/world after 2 weeks off, dreading it as we'll and truly fell off the wagon on holiday wink

In phone so can't do lust either, will see if I can get on pc to do it later.
Not much to report from the Buddha household tbh just tootling along smile oh apart from 2nd blood results still show no ov despite opk showing positive hmm so back to gp next week

BuddhaBelly Fri 28-Sep-12 07:14:10

Lost 2 lbs grinsmile I'm shock but very grin must have been all that running around after E on holiday smile

Rumours Fri 28-Sep-12 12:24:02

I gained a pound grin it must've been the chips and cake I had last night [groan]

SabsFabulous Fri 28-Sep-12 16:14:44

Hello ladies, I think this is the most recent list I could find, but it's from May. Really hope I haven't offend anyone if anyone is in the wrong list but I have just copied and pasted, apart from adding curlyboy to the list.

waiting inpatiently to sit on the bench




Vjay 01/09/09 BOY Ajay 8lb 6oz
Lionstar 27/09/09 BOY Arlo Bryn 9lb 5oz
Sabs 30/09/09 GIRL Saara 9lb 1oz
Buddhabelly 25/11/09 BOY Ewan James
Annie 25/11/09 BOY Ellis Charles 8lb 11oz
Bluesatinsash 23/12/09 BOY Benjamin Charles 8lb 3oz
MM 30/12/09 GIRL Nieve Ellen 8lb 6oz
Curly 05/02/10 GIRL Grace Eliza 8lb 4oz
Graciegirl 05/02/10 GIRL Isabelle Clare 7lb 1oz
Barbie 21/02/10 GIRL Devon Nimah 5lb 15oz
MrsKate 09/03/10 BOY Jack David 6lb 13oz
Neeko 29/03/10 GIRL Hannah Denise 8lb 15oz
Littlebellsmum 18/05/10 GIRL Joanna Emily 7lb 7oz
4everhopeful 26/05/10 GIRL Summer Clementine Hope 9lb 5oz
Cupcakefairy 05/06/10 BOY Jude 8lb
Iggypiggy 25/07/10 GIRL 6lb 14oz
MLS 11/10/10 GIRL Kitty Violet 7lb 1oz
Loueytbg 02/06/11 BOY Oscar Joseph 4lb 8oz
Bakingqueen BOY Luca
Barbie BOY Ralph Henry James
Cupcake BOY Sebastian John 10lbs
MLS BOY Seth James 8lb 2oz
Curly BOY

SabsFabulous Fri 28-Sep-12 16:15:18


SabsFabulous Fri 28-Sep-12 16:40:00

Quick catch-up. It all seems to be in bits and pieces blush confused

Buddha and 4ever good to hear you had a nice holiday but boo to AF arriving. Buddha Hope you get some positive news when you see your GP next week.

Hugs to 4ever and neeko for EDD's and for anyone else I've missed as I'm sure a lot of us had significant dates around this time

neeko well done on your run and the money raised and belated happy birthday to DD1

rumours I'm another one who is in awe of you and the way you deal with these situations. Hope you got the photo I sent you of Saara as requested

cupcake I agree with Buddha a loss is a loss smile and it would have been rude to say no to the chocolate and cake grin

louey Boo to working all weekend. Hope things are calmer for you this weekend.

barbie We've been chatting on WA (bet you wish you never gave me your number again with the amount of times I've been accidently calling you blush ), but hope you're feeling more like yourself again. Yay to someone else liking 50 shades! grin

moon so sorry for the bfn. don't think we've seen you on here this week. Hope you're feeling better x

Big hugs to blue if you're lurking

lbmakasuperwoman melt at you wanting bb to stay a baby for as long as possible x

Thanks to 4ever and cupcake for thinking of Saara's birthday which is on Sunday. My baby is growing far too fast! She's getting a bike for her birthday which arrived today so will have to find somewhere to hide it until then!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely words marking my mmc anniversary. As I said, this is the only place I can mention it where people understand the significance of it.

Also thanks for your wishes about our charity walk. It was raining the whole time but we had fun all the same raising money for a worthy cause.

4everhopeful Sun 30-Sep-12 09:33:37

Happy happy 3rd birthday Saara!!! grin

Rumours Sun 30-Sep-12 12:33:52

smile happy birthday saara smile hope you have a lovely fun birthday xxx

4everhopeful Sun 30-Sep-12 12:49:08

grin 5.75lbs off!!! grin Started on monday, so chuffed, and get this, DH lost 11lbs!! shock grin Been hard, practically cut out carbs (all bread/potatoes/pasta/rice) & sugar, no cake/choc/bics, but clearly its working! Gonna reward ourselves with a couple of roast potatoes today! Will keep the no carbs going for another 2wks then just low carbs and trying not to mix carbs & protein...
Its been a huge learning curve, never dieted before in my life, no understanding of carbs or even what food groups made up carbs or protein so am mightily proud of myself! (& DH too of course!) smile

BuddhaBelly Sun 30-Sep-12 15:22:22

Happy birthday Saara hope you've had a fantastic day smile
Rumours are you back on the wagon yet? wink
Well done 4ever brilliant weight loss grin

Rumours Sun 30-Sep-12 15:58:13

<brushes biscuit crumbs off keyboard>
Almost Buddha wink

cupcakefairy Sun 30-Sep-12 16:13:46

Happy birthday saara! smile hope she loved her bike!
4ever that's fab! And Woah to your dh's loss! shock it's so hard though isn't it. I had another 2lbs off this wk so 9.25lbs in total so far.. quite pleased with that and have eaten cake this weekend to celebrate grin dh is also making crumble later which I fully intend to eat.. I do have til August to lose this weight before being a bridesmaid so just taking it slow!

buddha boo about the bloods..hope gp can shed some light.

moon how are you doing lovely?

Neeko Sun 30-Sep-12 20:51:49

Happy birhday to the beautiful Saara! smile

Well done to all you ladies with the weight loss.
DH and I are starting for real tomorrow... Party went well. Cake turned out brilliantly. Very impressed with myself. Have eaten given most of it away to aid the diet tomorrow. Fruit and veg here we come confused

Too exhausted to write more tonight. Back soon.

wowee, 4ever that is some weight loss - must be really inspiring you to keep going. I'm trying to "do" sliming world without going to the meetings. View is that if I am a really good girl, then I can save myself the £5 a week it costs and don't have to spend 2 hours a week at a meeting . Today went well - I too need to walk away from the cake and chocolate!!

Happy birthdays to all, espeially the lovely S

Neeko Tue 02-Oct-12 13:44:56

Hello fellow dieters! smile
Hope you're all well today. I was very good yesterday. Only another 200 days to go and I should be where I want to be!

Buddha sorry about the blood test. What happens now?

Barbie Are you having any joy with sorting schools etc for the next big move? Have you fallen in love with Paris yet?

4ever Hope you haven't fallen off the diet wagon after such a roaring start. How is S getting on with the new toilet seat?

LBM I too am trying to avoid the weekly fee. It's hard though. How's life with you?

Sabs A belated congratulations on the walk. How much did you manage to raise?

Cupcake I loved your last post. I could ssense your anticipation for the reward cake grin Are you still feeding DS2?

Blue Hope all is better, lovely. Won't be long until the October hols. Hope you have something nice planned. I'm trying to convince DH for us all to have an overnight to Edinburgh and a visit to the zoo but he's been a bit non-commital so far.

Rumours How are you doing? You sounded quite in control re the assesments etc. Have you anything planned for the holidays? Do you have a graduation ceremony soon for your course?

Back soon. Sorry. Know I've missed loads.

Rumours Tue 02-Oct-12 18:04:17

neeks my graduation will be next April I think, down in Edinburgh, can't wait grin. As for the hols, really looking forward to Friday, dh is off for the two weeks and were down the road for a few days, taking Christmas presents as that should be the last time were down this year.
I've got the health visitor and speech and language therapist seein me tomorrow, both home visits which is good. Ds2 has a major tantrum yesterday, he threw his toys everywhere in his room and I couldn't calm him, ds1 never did that! I'm also finding myself staying more and more because he's so difficult to take out. I'm going to discuss these points tomorrow.
Ps blue Thinking of you xx

BuddhaBelly Wed 03-Oct-12 16:18:25

Warning Self indulgent post alert
Went to GP this morning, she was fab, but is concerned that we are not getting a confirmed ovulation with the bloods that have been taken, last month I only got a faint line on OPK, due to age and length of time we've been ttc she wants to refer me to the hospital once I've had some bloods done and after DH has had his swimmers checked. I know that this is a good thing, but I am feeling really low at the moment. It took us 2 years to conceive the first time, followed by 3 m/cs and then a rather stressful pg and birth, etc etc etc and I seem to be surrounded by people that say "I want a/another baby" and just have one angry I know this is a very similar rant to everyone else ttc at the moment, I wish I could turn off this feeling of wanting another child, or at least have someone say you will not have another child so I can stop hoping and just get my head around being grateful for E sad We sorted out the spare room at the weekend and put the pram up in the attic (should have done it AGES ago) but it kind of felt symbolic, I think I kept it out in the hope we would have use for it again
So sorry to go on with the same old crap but just needed to offload in one of the few places I can
Thanks for perservering if you've got this far smile

Rumours Wed 03-Oct-12 17:17:06

Aww buddha have a big hug, it's just so crap when everyone around you gets pg seemingly without effort. I wish I could give you all the answers, but it is good news they are finally looking into things further, so you may well get some answers soon. Have another hug and a brew xx

Rumours Wed 03-Oct-12 17:18:06

Ps sorry that was short and sweet, I'm not so good with the words, but another wordy emmsy will be along soon I'm sure xx

BuddhaBelly Wed 03-Oct-12 17:29:03

Rumours ill take the hug and short and sweet words anytime smilewink thank you x

Rumours Wed 03-Oct-12 18:02:43


BuddhaBelly Thu 04-Oct-12 12:30:42

Hope I haven't killed the thread hmm
Just to let you all know that * Moon* has taken a step back from us for a while, she had an appointment last week that knocked them back a bit so she's going on her honeymoon to relax. Hopefully she'll be back sooner rather than later but sends her apologies for not posting

4everhopeful Thu 04-Oct-12 13:22:05

Popping my head round the door to tightly squeeze buddhas hand.. So sorry to hear you feeling so low my lovely, such a double edged sword, horrible to feel there might be something not quite right, but also positive steps forward to a possible solution and plan... You know I'm totally getting you, & the desire and ache as each month passes without success, especially when as you say, it seems so bloody easy for others, heartwrenching to put the pram away, I remember mermaid getting rid of their cot, but with a teensy bit of help maybe needed, you are now upping the very strong likelihood your DH will be clambering back up to your attic to get it back down again in the very forseeable wink

Thanks for letting us know about Moon too, hope she bounces back from honeymoon, even better with a bfp, know she was due on, hope it never arrived hmm

Rumours handsqueeze of admiration for you too, how did the visits go yesterday? How you coping? Be great for you all to have DH home and go do your visitings... envy that you have christmas practically done and dusted already, I'm itching to start...

While I'm offering hands, one for Blue too, hope things are improving and its fresh starts all round..

Cupcake & Neeko how's the dieting going? Found it easier this week, sneeked a peek but only lost 1lb5 so far, official weigh day sunday so hopefully another 1lb by then, first weeks always gonna be the most dramatic loss, if only it were like that every week, I could stop in a fortnight! smile

Waves to everyone else, had to take 5 to post after a quick lurk and catch up.. RL taking over at the mo biscuit all a bit draining tbh but swings and roundabouts eh?

cupcakefairy Fri 05-Oct-12 18:16:13

Hi ladies..
neeko yep am still feeding ds2...to be honest this time I'm looking forward to stopping; I liked bottle feeding ds1 once we moved onto them and the fact other people could do it... breastfeeding is a lot harder once you can't just sit down in front of an ep of Grey's Anatomy and relax! I'll start stopping after Christmas.
Diet going well still...another 3lbs off this week! 4ever yeah the first week was the biggest loss for me, but this week (wk 5 I think) has been the next biggest loss.. which I'm surprised at as I ate cakes last weekend! Maybe the exercise is starting to pay off. 12.25lbs in total so far which I'm v pleased about! Almost a stone smile well done to all the other dieting ladies too!

buddha not self-indulgent at all, you know you can say whatever you want here. I'm so sorry you're feeling a bit beaten down by it all sad I think we've all wished we could know in advance how long it would take and what the end result would actually be...could save a lot of heartache sad really feel for you. So hard about the pram...but it will be down again soon I'm sure of it.
Thanks for letting us know about moon too, really hoping she has an amazing honeymoon.

rumours hope you're doing ok strong lady x

4ever you ok? How's your sister doing?

We've had varying degrees of success with the potty.. we're only asking him to sit on it before bath and we get a wee most days, then the other morning he asked to sit on it of his own accord and weed, quite proud smile not going to give it a proper go til after Christmas though, just getting him used to it!

SpookyRumours Fri 05-Oct-12 18:19:58


Yay the school hols have started, no more school rush for two whole weeks and one day grin

4ever meetings went ok thanks, speech and language therapist can see something, I just asked her and she said there is something, his behaviour is similar to others she's looking at. Time will tell smile

Does anyone else's 2/3 years olds trash their rooms? Ds2 has done it twice this week, he's grown EVERYTHING on his room onto the floor!!!

Right need to go I've just seen ds2 run naked past the door...

BuddhaBelly Fri 05-Oct-12 18:38:46

Cupcake Hope you have more success than we've had with potty training. It's not been going well at all hmm we're back in nappies after a week of 7/8 accidents a day blush
Rumours Glad the appointments went well, still sounding chilled wink Have to say no to the trashing, luckily he doesn't even do it in temper but I hear you on the nakedness! grin as I type he's doing his "naked dance" I'll leave the rest up to your imagination wink
4ever Thanks for the squeeze smile

BuddhaBelly Fri 05-Oct-12 18:42:14

Forgot to say I'm now officially one whole stone lighter than I was in July grin

SpookyRumours Fri 05-Oct-12 19:05:30

Well done in the weight loss cupcake and buddha, I managed to lose 2 pounds this week, so quite pleased with that. I've ha to do a 16 page questionnaire about ds2 since he was born, and it's really hard to remember stuff, so that has helped to keep me away from the biscuit barrell wink
buddha ds2 did his naked dance then said he was cold grin

4everhopeful Sat 06-Oct-12 10:50:21

Ha ha another naked dancer here too! smile Near meltdown in sainsburys yesterday cos wouldn't let her strip off whilst shopping! hmm

Spookyrumours loving the halloween name change smile Once again you seem very together with everything, hope the analysis process doesn't take too long.. I've a 'scatterer' here aka messy not so mush trashing as such but definitely had the odd items thrown in anger at height of a tantrum, also headrams into my bum which I have to try not too laugh at! smile

Fabby weight loss dieting ladies envy only seems to be 2lbs for me this wk but have gone from 12stone to 11&a half in 2wks so not bad going smile

cupcakefairy Sat 06-Oct-12 12:57:39

4ever 2lbs a week is a healthy loss & about all anyone loses by dieting I think, unless you starve yourself!! Well done. I started at 12st 4.75lbs & want to get back to 10st 2 which I was when I got pregnant.. 11st 6.5 at the mo so a long way to go! But seems we're at about the same weight then.. what's your aim?
At ILs this weekend & of course eating masses so not much hope for this week, we'll see!

rumours glad appointments went well, they seem on the ball with it. Eek at 16 page questionnaire!! Ds1 doesn't trash his room but definitely does get into throwing fits where all the cars fly round the living room hmm

4everhopeful Sat 06-Oct-12 16:38:02

Hey cupcake funny we are both around the same weight and aiming for the same too! I was 9stone when we gor married, but 2yrs and 5 preg later I was 10stone, which is what I was whn got preg with Summer, and I put on 4 stone with her!!! shock blush Got back to about 10stone 3/4 by her 1st birthday, pregnant again, and went up to 11 and a half in those 9 weeks, and remained stuck at it, got preg again at her 2nd birthday, and immediately went up to 12 stone... hmm Stuck at it ever since, until these last 2 weeks! MIL reckons now Ive lost weight again Ill be preg again within 3 months! Bloody hope so smile

cupcakefairy Sat 06-Oct-12 18:00:00

Yep, I put on 4 stone with Seb blush crazy really. I'm sure it will help you get pregnant, all that detoxing will do the world of good, especially having less sugar and caffeine.

SpookyRumours Sat 06-Oct-12 18:03:28

envy you girls are at my target weight, well done smile. I put on 4 stone with ds1 and lost it all but 1 stone relatively easily. I put on 2 stone with ds2 and so far after 3 years have not lost a stone, it's much more difficult this time, I don't wether it's because I'm a SAHM or I'm under more stress, especially at the moment, but I really need to take action. I'm away soon so will after try something when I get back, maybe set myself a target for Christmas.

SpookyRumours Sat 06-Oct-12 18:04:09

That waster to say so far I've lost just a stone in three years!

SpookyRumours Sat 06-Oct-12 18:04:55

Good grief I just can't type at all today. Chubby fingers!!!

Neeko Tue 09-Oct-12 11:17:33

spookyrumours You killed the thread! grin Love the hallowe'en name. Hpe you're enjoying having your boys at home. it's only a week's holiday here, starting on Fri. Can't wait!
re the room trashing. DD2 certainly makes one heck of a mess, but it's not in temper. Did grin at the naked dancing. We don't have that here either. April and your graduation will be here before you know it. Can't wait for pics.

Speaking of holidays, Moon hope you're having a wonderful honeymoon and are able to press pause on the sadness and just be a lovely couple in love.

Cupcake Well done on the weight loss and the feeding. You always sound so chilled and together. What's your secret?

4ever You've done so well on the dieting too.I gained almost 4 stones with DD1. I've never managed to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight since DD1 who is six blush but I've been close a couple of times. This is the time though as if i can't slim for next year's big holiday, I never will. I lost 3lbs last week which I'm really pleased with. Ultimately, there is still a stone to go, but I'm taking it in baby steps. Next target is to break the 11 stone barrier which is 1.5lbs away. Bet your MIL is right. Fingers crossed.

Buddha Never berate yourself for not 'just' being grateful for E. Of course you are grateful but maternal satisfaction is something that can't just be switched on and off. Yes, it's easier in a way because you have what someone without a child wants, but in some ways it's harder because you are more fully aware of what you're missing, you know you've done it before so there's no logic to being unable to do it again and you have the added frustration of feeling unable to provide E with a sibling. The desire to have a child is all encompassing when it's not happening regardless of the reasons or how many children you've birthed before. Give yourself a break. You feel what you feel. The feelings are hard enough without heaping guilt on top. xx

I've had both girls at home for 2 days. DD1 has an ear infection but the antibiotics are kicking in and she'll be back tomorrow! Cabin fever is driving us all insane.

Heard from a wee birdie that Iggy has had a baby boy. another Emmsy graduate - yay!

Neeko Wed 10-Oct-12 21:39:43

Now I've killed the thread!!!
Where have you all gone?

SpookyRumours Thu 11-Oct-12 19:33:41

<watches the tumbleweed>


Neeko Thu 11-Oct-12 19:41:24

Oi! Get back here!

How're the hols going?

SpookyRumours Thu 11-Oct-12 19:43:51

grin good thanks, we were meant to travel back today but are heading up tomorrow, will give you a wave as we go through the central belt.

Neeko Thu 11-Oct-12 19:46:30

Please do. smile I'll be leading an inset session to other staff and trying to dodge the daggers they are throwing at me - just like i'm trying to dodge preparing for said session by faffing about on MN! grin

Have a safe journey.

SpookyRumours Thu 11-Oct-12 19:49:30

Thanks neeks. Just print off some mumsnet classic treads and hand them around your session, have a giggle and some cake grin

Neeko Thu 11-Oct-12 20:36:55

Somehow I think the Head wouldn't go for that and it wouldn't train my colleagues in teaching Literacy. Shame. Sounds like much more fun grin

BuddhaBelly Sat 13-Oct-12 11:26:04

Neeko How did inset day go? Did they enjoy the MN classics wink
Spookyrumours Love the seasonal name, must try and think of one too hmm How's those chubby fingers of yours?
Well not much to say but thought I'd wish everyone a happy weekend smile
AF due Monday and I'm currently ignoring the shitty arse probably fake symptoms my body is using to mess with my head angry just waiting for TEW to fly in smile

4everhopeful Sat 13-Oct-12 13:47:45

Hello all, spookily quiet in here, boom boom smile

In sync with you buddha, AF due monday, bfn today.... sad biscuit Hey ho, at least i can keep on with the weight loss I spose...

BuddhaBelly Sat 13-Oct-12 14:30:34

4ever sad Pants sad

Neeko Sun 14-Oct-12 11:30:06

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you both.

SpookyRumours Sun 14-Oct-12 12:46:16

My fingers are crossed for you both too smile

Sorry it's late but happy first birthday to kitty, mls where does the time go? Hope you all had a lovely day smile

cupcakefairy Sun 14-Oct-12 15:50:29

Hi ladies! So sorry to have gone quiet..
All well in the cupcake household apart from a nasty tummy bug been doing the rounds so I'm even more tired than usual! Yaaaawn.

4ever & buddha fingers firmly crossed that af stays away.

neeko hope your inset day went well. Haha, I'm definitely not chilled.. in fact had a massive shout at my poor dh a couple of wks ago as everything was getting on top of me but think it was just evil horrormones.. been more normal this wk!

rumours hope u had a lovely time with family.

4ever what's the figure this week then? Only 1lb off for me but I was v pleased as I'd scoffed so much at ILs last weekend! Have now lost v nearly 1st smile

Dh is cooking the mincemeat and the house smells diVINE.. Christmas is coming!

And yes happy birthday to little Kitty..wasn't it her 2nd birthday though? Tines flown even quicker rumours!!
Ooh and also thanks for the update on iggy, neeko that's so lovely she's had a boy smile

SpookyRumours Sun 14-Oct-12 19:25:49

shock kitty is 2!!! Where IS the time going????

BuddhaBelly Mon 15-Oct-12 06:58:56

It's international pregnancy and infant loss day today. I'll be lighting a candle for all our lost angels

SpookyRumours Mon 15-Oct-12 08:57:35

Me too buddha

Neeko Mon 15-Oct-12 09:02:27

buddha thanks for that. I'll light one too. Anything to report?

cupcake Well you seem chilled to the outside world and that's what counts! BTW no one is coping in the before-motherhood sense. It's fire fighting and good-enough for all of us - whether our babies are in our arms or wearing wings and looking down on us...

Yes, Kitty is 2 and a wee monkey by all accounts. Sadie is 5 now and doing very well at school. As for Seth - he's just gorgeous!

Hope all the MIA ladies are doing ok.

Neeko Mon 15-Oct-12 09:05:48

X-post Rumours still enjoying the holidays? We're planning a trip to the zoo later this week.

SpookyRumours Mon 15-Oct-12 09:29:48

Yes hols are good thanks, were back home now and are planning to sort out the loft to then add extra insulation. Whoop we know how to live grin

Thanks for the update on mls's brood.

cupcakefairy Mon 15-Oct-12 11:52:57

mls and I found each other on Instagram so I've seen some gorgeous pics of her littlies.. Seth is so cute! If anyone else is on instagram my username is ci followed by my surname which I think most of you know..

Thanks neeko you're def right about fire fighting! Bit fed up today as was up for 2 hours trying to get ds2 to settle in the night ..not going very well in the sleep department!!

barbie1 Mon 15-Oct-12 12:24:08

Oh jeeze I lost you all again sad

My life is one big drama, honestly Lady Luck stayed in Dubai and posted us here with out her!

So far this month we have had a car crash, trouble with the garage who refused to give me back my car because the hire car was damaged. Trouble at the police station, trying to get a statement done while not speaking French was challenging to say the least!
The i witnessed the neighbors get burgled! They tried here first, more police stuff as I'm the main witness, might mean court in a few months! shock
Started with a personal trainer, finished all three grey books and even managed another trip to Disney.... So it ain't all bad.

Not enjoying European winters, just joy cut out for the cold.... In my head I'm starting to pack for Korea, still school issues and housing worries.

Starting to eBay all the kids stuff, any tips would be great as I'm an eBay virgin.

It's all go, I need to make more of an effort here, I'm sorry and I miss you all muchly

I need to do personals but on iPhone.

Parents here for a week so hopefully ill get some time.

Hugs to my fellow weebles xxx

barbie1 Mon 15-Oct-12 12:25:01

Cupcake add me on Instagram!!! Beckie and James no gaps z

BuddhaBelly Tue 16-Oct-12 06:11:06

Barbie It could only all happen to you wink Remind me when do you go to Korea? Must have been scary witnessing that burglary?

Well I caved as AF a day late and mega symptoms - BFN - I hate my body sadangry

4everhopeful Tue 16-Oct-12 09:30:23

Handsqueeze buddha sad our stooopid bodies playing us... Still waiting for TEW to properly kick in too, no doubts on bfn tho... Our synchronized bfp's just got to happen soon, they blummin have too! Thanks for letting us know about international loss day too..

Neeko love what you said about whether our babes are in our arms or wearing wings looking down on us...

Deary me barbie you don't half go through it lady! Do hope life eases up on you soon!

Waves to everyone else, sorry little lady requiring assistance, can hear her trying to clamber on to the toilet! Poor bubba has a stinker of a cold...

Neeko Tue 16-Oct-12 10:07:19

[Sad] to buddha and 4ever. It's just too cruel.

A wave and a hug for Barbie too.

SpookyRumours Tue 16-Oct-12 10:31:01

sad buddha and 4ever it's just crap isn't it sad

barbie you should write a book! I hope life settles soon for you, when do you go to Korea?

neeko hello lovely, we did the loft yesterday, loads of insulation, then woke up to a mega frost, so good timing grin

Does anyone's toddler do the this...synchronise an iPod and iPhone (or two iPhones) to play the same song? Ds2 does this, he gets the iPod/phone to play madness baggy trousers to play at the same time, over and over again. I'm trying to establish if this is normal or a bit quirky. Be honest, I'm a tough cookie grin

cupcakefairy Tue 16-Oct-12 11:35:00

Whaaaaa..? rumours that sounds ridiculously clever of him!! Hahaa, and funny! Mine just randomly jabs at my phone & has called people before by doing this.. he does know how to play & pause videos though.

Waves to barbie (had a good stalk of your pics, your kids are just gorgeous & I'm so jealous of your French lifestyle!!), neeks, 4ever, Buddha.. baby just waking!

4everhopeful Tue 16-Oct-12 12:26:52

Rumours sounds like a blummin genius! grin (& one with great taste too! wink)

Waves to neeks & cupcake <<<<smile>>>>

SpookyRumours Tue 16-Oct-12 13:10:34

grin I just laughed when I saw him doing it the other week, but dh saw him yesterday and was surprised to say the least.

Neeko Tue 16-Oct-12 13:50:58

rumours Clever DS2 grin

Booked into Holiday Inn tomorrow night before zoo. Four of us in one room - could be torture fun! grin

SpookyRumours Tue 16-Oct-12 17:23:54

Is it Edinburgh zoo? I loved it when we went two years ago, loved the penguins. Have fun smile

I'm busy making ds1's birthday cake, after the disaster of ds2's I've settled for a simple rectangle and circle which will become a number 10, simples x

BuddhaBelly Tue 16-Oct-12 18:01:35

Rumours Clever ds2 grin that's very co-ordinated to synch two gadgets, genius! E lives my iPhone he's got his own page full of apps just for him and had just worked out how to get on you tube to watch the gummy bear song over and over and over again wink
Neeko Good luck with the "room share" tonight. Have a fab day out tomorrow.

Still waiting for fecking AF angry just want it over and done with now so I can get my next lot of tests booked.

Funny moment at the weekend:- E was bought one if those tubes you whirl round your head to make a noise, he decided whilst naked to put it on the end if his todger and say "look Mummy I've got a humungous todger" I couldn't decide if I was horrified or proud that he'd used such a big word wink grin

cupcakefairy Tue 16-Oct-12 18:09:10

Hahahaa buddha that is brilliant. Do you keep a book of all the funny/cute stuff he says? I do for ds & that would definitely go in!!
Happy decade to your ds1 rumours smile good thinking with the cake! I'm doing ds2's christening cake in a couple of weeks confused just going for something simple too!!

SpookyRumours Tue 16-Oct-12 18:49:37

grin buddha, your ds is ace grin

cupcake I didn't make ds2's cake but it was a lovely simple idea, it was two tiered with coloured blocks on it (looking like children's building blocks) that spelled out his name, I loved it, it was a surprise from my inlaws smile the blocks were all different colours and looked great against a plain white iced cake.

cupcakefairy Tue 16-Oct-12 20:00:25

Ah that sounds lush, I did think about doing that from googling similar stuff but have decided to go for eeeven simpler than that - I'm gonna do bunting flags in bright colours across the cake with a letter of his name on each flag. I'll post a pic if it turns out good enough!!

SpookyRumours Tue 16-Oct-12 20:35:00

cupcake that's sounds lovely smile

Cupcake - isn't it your birthday soon? Happy birthday - cake sounds lovely.

buddha that is soooooo funny. Humoungous todger indeed.

Life here fun and frantic - hopefully able to post more next week. Hope TEW has done her stuff so that you can get on with concieving again smile That is for those who want to

cupcakefairy Thu 18-Oct-12 20:39:00

Ah thanks yeah, it was yesterday..I know yours is around now too isn't it lbm? Happy birthday smile
And rumours ds1 was yest.. did he have a nice day?

SpookyRumours Thu 18-Oct-12 21:04:47

Happy birthday cupcake for yesterday smile, ds had 'the best day ever' grin

I'm a tad fed up today, I've been intouch with the OU and Aberdeen uni's to look into teacher training, and both inform me they may be dropping my PGDE course!!!! I've been checking all through my degree to make sure I could carry it onto teacher training and now I may not be able too. I've put my name down for their application packs anyway, and they will send them when they know. It's the bloody government cutting funding again. My other option is to love to the central belt.

Rant over smile

bakingqueen Thu 18-Oct-12 23:33:11

Sorry I rarely get chance to post these days hope your all keeping well do think of you all often. Just needed to make that today would have been my lost angels birthday know you all undersatnd how that feels love to you all xxx

BuddhaBelly Thu 18-Oct-12 23:49:25

Rumours What crappy news sad
Cupcake Happy belated birthday smile
Bq Thinking of you
Neeko How was the zoo?

Waves to 4ever Blue lbm and Barbie

Still no af for me sadangry I reckon my body is on its way out (for ttc) sad

4everhopeful Sat 20-Oct-12 16:10:09

Dropping in real quick to offer some moral support to buddha.. sad Hope AF has turned up now? Once you get some more tests rolling then you can know for definite is there anything up, try not to dwell on negative outcomes til you know whats what, I'm really hoping all is AOK and they can just give your body the gentle push it may need.. wink

Rumours also to share an indignant angry with you that those ridiculous policy makers in suits are trying to say all your years of hard work may be in vain, absolutely cannot be the case, the fact you queried the validity of your degree several times through the course (and hopefully have proof of response, email ect?) means you may have to get ready to do some ass kicking, but must be able to appeal this in some way? Know what with the boys assesments and everything you are probably drained of all your fight but we are here in the barbie mobile ready to go wink Belated birthday greetings to DS1 too! Glad he had the best day ever! smile

Belated birthday greetings also to cupcake! smile Feel bad for forgetting! Know we have tx, so glad again, that all is well! Hope you broke the diet and induldged in some nice homemade birthday cake too!? Weigh day tomorrow for me, think in 4wks ita about 3/4 of a stone though so am happy smile

BQ nice to see you popping back, albeit to mark a sad occasion.. Our angels are never forgotten..

Also birthday greetings to LBM too! grin Hope you and yours are all good and not keeping you too crazily busy!

Neeko did you have fun at the zoo and your room sharing adventure?! smile

Better dash, amd at PC and <<<chokes back tears... sobs>>> am doing Summers pre school application for next year sad My baaaaaabay

SpookyRumours Sat 20-Oct-12 19:42:38

Hi buddha hope you're ok x

4ever I'm ok, after sleeping on it and a textathon with the lovely neeko this morning I realise that it's all ifs and maybes at the mo, and dh is being is usual reassuring self about it all. I just have to be patient, and deal with it as it happens. It's just that you have a plan and now it may change.
Feel for you filling pre school application forms, we did ours back in feb ad it did feel weird. We missed out on him startin his funded places in August by 4 hours!!! The cut off was the 30th August and he was born at 4:14 am the 1st September grin, so he starts his funded sessions in January, which is getting scarily closer.

bq hello lovely how're you doing, it's good to remember here ad I'm glad we can do that here. It's 4 years today that I was in hospital having my 2nd mc, it doesn't seem possible that all that time has gone by.

SpookyRumours Sat 20-Oct-12 19:43:58

Just realised there's 31 days in August, but you get the gist.

blue thinking of you lovely {{{{hug}}}}

SabsFabulous Sun 21-Oct-12 18:42:21

Eeep, I wasn't expecting that confused smile

Lots of hand holding required please !

SpookyRumours Sun 21-Oct-12 19:59:27

Ooooh here's my hand smile

Monkeybumsmum Sun 21-Oct-12 20:02:05

Here's my hand too Sabs smile

Hello everyone else!

SpookyRumours Sun 21-Oct-12 20:03:19

Hi monkey how're you doing? smile

BuddhaBelly Sun 21-Oct-12 21:12:49

Have my hand too Sabs grin

SabsFabulous Sun 21-Oct-12 21:40:13

Thanks ladies, much appreciated smile

I've been feeling so bad that I'm not worthy of a BFP, especially after what moon, Monkey, Buddha and 4ever have been going through, so I sent them personal messages first, but they sent me such encouraging words, which made me feel blush for worrying in the first place. You ladies are truly the best and your time will also come, I just know it. Hopefully this will kick start a round of BFP's

I'm only 4+3 so very early days, but the weebling has already started, I am an Emmsy after all! The plan was to start ttc at the end of this month, but I must have ovulated quite early, like day 8 of my cycle (any White coats around?!) but we're very very happy. We want to to try to keep to ourselves until the 12 week scan, so appreciate no mentions on fb etc, thanks

SabsFabulous Sun 21-Oct-12 21:41:24

Also thanks to barbie for making me see sense!

SpookyRumours Sun 21-Oct-12 21:45:57

Congratulations sabs that's wonderful news. I'm not on fb so no worries there. This time the time will probably go a lot quicker because you have saara in tow smile

SabsFabulous Sun 21-Oct-12 21:52:31

Hugs to baking

rumours boo to the possible changes for your course. Hope they keep it as it is

cupcake happy belated birthday. Hope you had a fab time. Nice to find you on instagram. Your boys are too cute

Neeko hope you had a nice time with the family

Special hugs to blue, Buddha, 4ever, Monkey, Barbie* and our other lurking Emmsy's

SabsFabulous Sun 21-Oct-12 22:04:38

Thanks Rumours

4everhopeful Sun 21-Oct-12 22:50:45

Congratulations again and big handsqueeze fellow weeble sabs... grin Bless u for being extra thoughtful too...

Neeko Mon 22-Oct-12 07:45:30

Woo hoo! Congratulations Sabs Fantastic news. Weeble away. We're here to catch you.
Fingers crossed this is the beginnings of a bumper crop of bfps.

Blue hope everything is settling down and ds1 has fun today.

Hi to Monkey and BQ. Hope you are both ok.

Buddha hope this is merely a blip month and not what you fear.

Rumours stop worrying. Everything will work out and you can always be my lodger!

4ever you'll be so busy next year with the next baby that it will be a relief to pack S off to pre-school.< crosses fingers>

Had a great time away. Pandas were amazing. Ate too much so back on healthy eating today. Dd2 has a rotten head cold and it feels like she's attached to me with velcro!

More later when i'm not on my phone.

barbie1 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:39:32

I'm here, looking after a poorly sick boy who has bad bronchitis and is suffering terribling from teething sad

I've been what's apping a few peeps, but thinking of those who I haven't.

Will post more soon...

Very happy for our lovely sabs, I told her you would all understand x

SpookyRumours Tue 23-Oct-12 18:10:39

Hi barbie how's your wee man today? I hope you are all getting some rest smile

barbie1 Tue 23-Oct-12 19:14:20

Not good, but thanks for asking, poor little dude is really suffering. Just practising dollys Halloween outfit for nursery on Friday (competitive parent...moi?) grin

SpookyRumours Tue 23-Oct-12 20:01:16

Poor little dude sad
What outfit is dolly wearing? Love that you're practising it grin

lovely newsabs - hope you are not feeling too rubbish. And I agree - you are going to kickstart the chain of BFP's.

buddha your body is not giving up . Chin up lovely and cuddle that boy of yours

cupcake Yes, my birthday is the day after yours. Was very lovely even if I had to work.

As an aside, I met a girl at work who is expecting triplets!! I asked her how the scanner told her as I was intrigued to hear how they broke the news - apparently she went quiet and the girl said is everything OK? scanner said yes, I'm just trying to check what i'm seeing. Girl looked at the screen and saw two sacs and said is it twins to which the answer was no - triplets! The girl had had an early scan, so am guessing that she's had problems before but wow, no children to three ( all being well)

barbie1 Tue 23-Oct-12 21:28:38

We are doing a cat outfit, all black with fluffy white feet and sparkly cats ears.... Oh and a Chanel ribbon collar ;) I'm practicing with face paints, after all I am a trained makeup artist so I have zero excuses for shoddy work! The face paints we bought aren't very good though but MAC is looking good at the moment, will post a pic on Friday

Happy belated birthday cupcake and little bells mum!

Did I tell you we went to Spain to attend a pagan hand fasting? All very surreal, dh and I renewed our wedding vows by jumping over the witches broom stick grin

I'm down to 63kgs this fitness stuff has me hooked! I want another 9lb off for Xmas so I'm at pre baby weight!

I have more stuff to say but on phone and it makes my thumbs ache hmm

barbie1 Tue 23-Oct-12 21:29:22

We are doing a cat outfit, all black with fluffy white feet and sparkly cats ears.... Oh and a Chanel ribbon collar ;) I'm practicing with face paints, after all I am a trained makeup artist so I have zero excuses for shoddy work! The face paints we bought aren't very good though but MAC is looking good at the moment, will post a pic on Friday

Happy belated birthday cupcake and little bells mum!

Did I tell you we went to Spain to attend a pagan hand fasting? All very surreal, dh and I renewed our wedding vows by jumping over the witches broom stick grin

I'm down to 63kgs this fitness stuff has me hooked! I want another 9lb off for Xmas so I'm at pre baby weight!

I have more stuff to say but on phone and it makes my thumbs ache hmm

barbie1 Tue 23-Oct-12 21:30:44

And makes me post twice too... hmm grin

SpookyRumours Wed 24-Oct-12 08:00:31

Triplets!!!! lbm I actually crossed my legs when I read that bit grin

barbie I'm looking forward to seeing a picture. Ds1 ha his school hallowe'en disco on Friday, not sure what he's going as, probably darth vader. The hand fasting sounds fun smile

cupcakefairy Wed 24-Oct-12 14:55:07

sabs just the biggest congratulations hug to you! So exciting!! Am also crossing every blade of grass (copyright mermaid) that it's the start of many bfps!

barbie poor ds sad hope he feels better v soon! Dolly's outfit sounds fab!

rumours massive bummer about your course sad really hope it's not the case.

Thanks for birthday wishes all smile lbm glad u had a good day too. I know a lady in my village with triplet boys the same age as my ds1.. would u believe she always looks so gorgeous & chilled & her boys are beautifully behaved!! Just can't imagine it..

4ever & others how's the weight loss?? Last week I finally got into a pair of pre preg jeans so was all excited to see how much I'd lost & it wasn't a single pound! confused today I've fitted into a size 10 pair of trousers so I'm very chuffed.. I'm starting to feel a bit more like me so yay smile

Have 2 boys sat watching Peppa Pig.. ds2 is completely transfixed by it! Worrying really..
I've also been making some Xmas pudding flavoured vodka for pressies..v excited to see how it turns out! I'm also planning on making these with ds1 for his little friends.. so excited by Xmas this year!

barbie am loving the costume and the expert facepaints - you will save your selves a fortune , not to mention hours of queuing everytime face painting is on by being better at it yourself!! Now just need to make sure you carry facepaints at all times

am envy of the weight loses - can't get into the zone here and my lovely size 12's are very tight at the moment. also can't face going back to sw but if I don't do something I'll have nothing to wear. Grrr - holiday focus next week in cornwall - healthy food, swimming and walking with nipper on my shoulders should help!! Soo excited about having a week with my lovely family xx

4everhopeful Wed 24-Oct-12 23:30:46

Hey lovelies smile

Lbm have a lovely hols, cute image you paint of babybelle on your shoulders and bracing sea walks!

Rumours bless your star wars obsessed boy grin

Sabs how you weebling hon? Is it sinking in yet? Handsqueezes for you.. x

Barbie get you and your chic parisian girl in her chanel collar smile

Cupcake hooray to getting in your size 10's, well done you! Have now officially lost 1stone in 4wks, from 76kg to 69kg grin I'm soooo excited about christmas too! Got a load of pressies today in sainsburys half price toy sale - started today, on til 6th nov for those that don't know! - its up to half price, so not as good as prev years but got a talking cloud baby, la la loopsy and my little pony amongst loads of various other bits so worth a look! wink

Took my poor arthritic mum for another x ray today and while waiting Summer and I walked along to EPU and saw my lovely sonography team, as we told Summer that these were the lovely ladies that saw her before anyone else, smile we worked out it was exactly this time 3yrs ago smile They were lovely as ever and full of faith our time will come again, told me about one couple who had 18mc shock but finally got their baby, nothing done differently, just that was their time, the one that stuck, so goes to show keeping the hope, and keeping on keeping on counts for everything wink

4everhopeful Wed 24-Oct-12 23:44:13

Ah hah grin Summer is to be a very cute witch type fairy with wings and cute hairband bopper type bats, explanation doesn't do it justice, will post a pic! grin love Halloween smileys grin

4everhopeful Fri 26-Oct-12 09:29:47

Hey kindle using ladies, just wanted some advice please? smile Thinking of getting my mum one for christmas or her 80th birthday in march, however saw on watchdog the other night there's been some problems with frozen screens? Rumours I remember you needed a replacement but can't remember why?

Also want one that's really simple to use, my MIL has a Sony one which she says has a light on it, hmm thought the screen/backlight was enough hmm

Any thoughts mightily appreciated! smile

SpookyRumours Fri 26-Oct-12 10:54:59

4ever ds2 ran over my kindle with his sit on car grin thats why mine broke. My first one suffered frozen screens but that was due to the cover and amazon replaced it all for me. I would recommend getting one direct from amazon because thier customer service has been fab. Also they're not backlit, but you can buy covers with lights in them, or buy a clip on light, I just use my bedside light.

4everhopeful Fri 26-Oct-12 12:41:53

Thanks rumours, smile is it relatively easy to use? Do u have a touch?

SpookyRumours Fri 26-Oct-12 12:49:55

It is easy to use, she'll need an account with amazon so she can download books. I don't have the touch one, mines got the keyboard.

barbie1 Fri 26-Oct-12 13:31:20

Our cat girl win the cutest outfit award! smile worth sitting up and sewing a tail...

barbie1 Fri 26-Oct-12 13:31:42

Won not win... Doh

SpookyRumours Fri 26-Oct-12 13:34:20

Well done cat girl smile

SpookyRumours Fri 26-Oct-12 14:08:03

Brrrrrr it's snowing!!!

barbie1 Fri 26-Oct-12 17:14:38

Snowing? Barbie looks at her winter wardrobe, nothing warm in sight! We are so not ready for a cold winter!

4everhopeful Fri 26-Oct-12 21:02:10

Brrr to snow!

Happy Eid to sabs smile Plenty to celebrate eh?! wink Hope you've enjoyed a fabulous feast...

BuddhaBelly Mon 29-Oct-12 06:39:01

Rumours Did you get much snow? Far too early! grin
Sabs Hope you're celebrating in style wink

Hope everyone had a good weekend? We had a food festival in town and Katy from CBeebies I can cook was here (after not being at Butlins when we went in Sept and disappointing dh and ds) it was brilliant, small venue and then she did a meet and greet (may have seen photos on FB) Ewan was so very excited as she picked him up for a cuddle and a chat, dh was very envy as he has a crush too. Now E can't say her name without a goofy smile it's so cute smile

SpookyRumours Mon 29-Oct-12 16:24:59

Agree buddha it's far too early for snow, thankfully it didn't last long and didn't stick.
Got a lovely image of your ds going all gooey eyed over Katy smile

BuddhaBelly Mon 29-Oct-12 22:02:47

I'll have to try and post some pics on here too smile

4everhopeful Tue 30-Oct-12 10:12:45

Ahh buddha grin we are jealous! Summer loves Katy! Sounds brilliant, bless gooey eyed E! grin You must post pics, where do u hear about the cbeebies lots PAs?

Waves to everyone else grin really busy week, half term equals loads of playdates, all the cousins over the weekend, softplay with 2 mates & 5 kids yesterday, nanna today, Halloween party tomorrow, and Ben and Holly live theatre show on thurs which should be brill, though Dh and I are crazily also taking my mates 3yr old Dd and our 4yr old niece, so hoping we manage ok! confused