CB Trial - what on earth are we doing?!

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DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 13:01:40

Thought it might be useful to have a place for the ladies doing the CB Trial to chat and ask questions.

All my kit turned up at the weekend and the amount of information was overwhelming. Thought I can't be the only one that might need a little help through this process, and a bigger fridge! So please come and join if you are taking part, we can get through it together.

AF due about 19th so assuming we start on CD1 (?) I will be peeing away from then!

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 13:27:01

I tried to call them to chase mine today...anybody got a contact number / email address for them?

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 16-Jul-12 13:43:21

I got my package today -the wee pots are much bigger than I expected! We don't have a big fridge so DH will not be loving this! Think I'll have to dedicate one of the salad boxes to use for this purpose only. But what to do when family visits (for a few days) as I'd rather that they didn't know about this? It's normal for our family to help themselves to the fridge when they want to. How to explain the wee samples without giving it away? Any suggestions??

My next cycle isn't due till early August, so waiting to hear with interest how you girls will be doing before then smile

Nicola it's Lynn Frost: 01234 835520 and clinical.trials@spdspark.com

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 14:01:35

Ta. Have emailed. :-)

DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 14:11:48

Someone mentioned leaving stuff in the garage if you have one amaya. If its just for a few hours it could be cool enough.

Im worried about where to keep the pots in the loo as well for if visitors come! I need to leave them there or I will forget in my sleepy state first thing!

Lol loving the thread allready and the thought of family members in the fridge, mine are the same although I have told them as they know I'm mental!!
I was going to start cd1 but in the diary put in urine sample collected no and put didn't know til midday or something?
I love the sex diary where it says put if having protected sex, if we are trying to get pg why would we use protection???

DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 15:44:56

I know! That is weird. DP is worried I am going to start keeping tabs on his performance. I have told him I am not monitoring quality, just quantity. I think that helped!

combatqueen Mon 16-Jul-12 16:34:42

Hi everyone
Im doing this trial too, great idea to start a thread. My kit arrived on Friday and AF arrived a few hours ago so it looks like I'll be collecting a sample from tomorrow morning.

My dp thinks the collection "hat" is hilarious. Not sure I'll be using that!

Have the same concerns as others about family visiting and samples in the fridge. It's a real problem I will have next weekend. I was thinking I could say I was doing a trial but make something up about the type of trial. Any other ideas greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to chatting to you all

Lisamol Mon 16-Jul-12 18:48:42

So glad you started this thread! I was thinking its more likely to start on cd2 as well as Af usually arrives in afternoon so I wouldn't know for fmu. I couldn't believe how big the box was when it arrived - and it did make me giggle that they even include a pen.

My hubby arrived home a couple of days ago with a small fridge that he had borrowed especially for this purpose - I'm not sure whether he's being very supportive or whether he's just really grossed out by the thought of it in our normal fridge!

I was abit grossed out until I read all the packaging you have to do to them, I'll be having to get up 10 minutes earlier minimum and when that's 5:45 that's not a good thing!

DulcetMoans Mon 16-Jul-12 19:58:47

I'm not convinced by the 'hat' either combat. Think that might make it more messy!

It was a very comprehensive box lisa, pen, various envelopes, Tupperware boxes. I was amazed!

It's gonna take a while to get into the swing for us all. Although hopeful not too long cos we will all be preggo!

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 20:03:17

I'm actually beginning to think I'm glad they appeared to have ignored me!

Kitty, are you another 5.55am riser? Nasty, isn't it?

Well Nicola that's the time I set my alarm for! I alow myself 5 mins to wake up but it is abit of a risk, I'm abit OCD so if it got to 6:06 by mistake I'd have to stay in bed til 6:10 confused

NicolaHazel Mon 16-Jul-12 20:24:14

I have to fling myself out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, else I wouldn't get up! Not keen on it at all. :-/

Question- I read in the instructions for opk and it said that most women like to test first thing in the morning for convenience but I thought they worked better in the afternoon, when dies everyone else plan to test? With the sample you collect in the morning?

Lisamol Tue 17-Jul-12 08:58:02

Tbh I'll be testing whenever I can to work around my shifts. It's always worked ok with Internet cheapies opks so I hope it would work ok with these.

DulcetMoans Tue 17-Jul-12 08:58:03

I will probably do it with the same sample, yeah. That will be easier for me. I thought the opks from the internet were meant to be done in the PM but these defo say AM.

I also have a question; when is FMU?? I tend to get up between 3am-5am for a wee as I have the bladder of a pensioner but then at about 7am when I have ignored my alarm for long enough I go for my proper awake wee. Which do you think is FMU??

Oh no dulcet can you not hold it??? It think if not it will be the 3-5am one as the other will only be 2 hours and I " think" the point of fmu is just because it's the most concentrated I.e been in your body the longest

DulcetMoans Tue 17-Jul-12 09:30:58

Damn it! I thought you might say that. I can't hold it but I will just have to wake myself up enough to collect it. This needs to be a carefully timed operation. Going to need all the pots lined up and the diary ready every morning!

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 17-Jul-12 09:53:15

Oh no Dulcet, not ideal!

I am hoping that the collecting won't be too much of a hassle if you line up what you need the previous night, and you write up the labels upfront too.

Btw -we don't have a garage where to keep samples cool, so I think I have to invent some other type of research purpose to fool family. Either that -or keep pushing them food and drink every 5 minutes so they have no reason to go anywhere near the fridge during the week they will be staying -it'll be a long week!!

I thought the "hat" was ridiculous! I let DD play with it for a bit and then chucked it promptly in the recycling bin before DH got back from work to see it and piss himself with laughter

Well the other option is if you went earlier, like between 12-3 in the morning I think you could safely use the morning one, my feeling would be aslong as its over 4 hours and you were consistent with the time you took it, not half and half if you like

Lol at amaya!! Have you got a salad draw? My guess is most people stay away from that bit and it would be well hidden

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 17-Jul-12 11:25:27

kitty -yes, we have a salad drawer. Think I'll be using that to keep the tub separate from everything else. My family will come for a visit at the start of my cycle, so I can use a smaller tub for those first few days.

And if I get pg this cycle I might get away with just a couple of pots in the fridge as would not be testing till after AF is late (by which time family visit is nearly over!). Fingers crossed!

DulcetMoans Tue 17-Jul-12 12:19:13

Ok, so we need a bank of other reasons we might have pots of wee in the fridge...

I might stick with the clinical trial thing but say its for diabetes diagnosis. My Dad has diabetes so that might work. Plus, I work in science education where they are always doing crazy tests so it's not toally beyond possibility I might be doing that. Posters always up for trials for people with pets or have been involved in a car accident or with size 10 feet who like strawberries. All sorts of weird stuff.

Any of you in University towns could say you are doing something with them. You could say you don't know what you are testing for! You just agreed to take part!

DulcetMoans Wed 18-Jul-12 09:02:41

Right, I made room in my fridge yesterday and manged to hide the big box behind some mango chutney. I am ready to start. Well, almost!

AmayaBuzzbee Wed 18-Jul-12 09:26:17

Dulcet you are a genius! I am near a University town, and as far as my family are concerned I may well have friends working at the Uni. I am going to say that a friend working there was looking for volunteers for a clinical test which has got something to do with ageing grin I'll get high street vouchers at the end of it which is why I agreed to take part (as well as helping friend).

Sorted! grin

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 09:56:49

I got my stuff yesterday and perfect timing it was too as it was the first day of my cycle! Excited to see what happens!

DH was most annoyed the intercourse diary didn't come with pictures showing best positions for conception! ; )

DulcetMoans Wed 18-Jul-12 15:08:25

Well, it is often said I am a genius amaya! It's a little lie, but only a little one. The fact we are collecting samples for a clincal trial is still true!

My DP was also a bit put out by the intercourse diary mrsb but he was amused by the 'hat' so that kept his attention. You might be the only one that has started on here so far!

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 15:58:51

Yes I was amused by the 'hat' too - beware it pinches your skin as you sit down to wee in it, ouch!

Also I haven't had a proper period bleed since yesterday although that was more like spotting which is unusual as I'm usually spot on with timings. We DTD at the right times last month so now sure whether it's spotting or a proper period?!

Do I waste one of the pregnancy tests tonight or wait to see of AF arrives properly?? Arggggh

Mrs b, if your period was due now I'd wait, just of its implantation it is usually a week earlier then af due and will continue to be light or stop altogether, no sence wasting one

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 16:18:17

kittykatsforever thanks, I know AF is on its way, slight stomach cramps etc do I know ur right, I'm just it hoping!

Ellypoo Wed 18-Jul-12 16:38:09

Can I join in please? My kit hasn't arrived yet, but they have just called me to say that they have received my form back and to ask more questions, so it should arrive soon. AF due on Mon/tues so I'm kind of hoping that the kit doesn't arrive in time to start this cycle - am a bit scared!!!

Mrsb999 Wed 18-Jul-12 16:43:24

ellypoo you will be fine, it's all exciting once you start!

resipsa Wed 18-Jul-12 16:56:27

My kit arrived yesterday, I think but was too big to deliver so I have to go to the sorting office to get it. Secretly (doh, not a secret now) pleased that CD1 was last Friday so I don't have to start it until next month but get to use the free kit this month. Not quite the right attitude but, well, you know...

DulcetMoans Thu 19-Jul-12 08:35:16

Hi elly! Once you get it all through the door you might be looking forward to it more. Its a big box, to warn you!

I am looking forward to starting it actually! Had my BFN this morning so its a bit of a runner-up prize for me!

Snap dulcet, just waiting for af now! I was tempted to just do the opk sticks for the 7 days I normally do but may for this first month anyway use them as instructed and see if there's any other surge or signs etc!!

NicolaHazel Thu 19-Jul-12 19:49:46

My second lot of paperwork showed up today, so I'll send it back and hope it doesn't go missing again.

combatqueen Fri 20-Jul-12 10:02:41

CD5 for me, 4 samples sitting in the fridge and tomorrow I can start using the OPK sticks smile

Kittykats and others who may be thinking the same about only using the sticks for the few days around when you think you ovulate.....please can I urge you to follow the instructions. My job is related to clinical trials of new medicines and it is so frustrating when volunteers don't follow the protocol that they are given. If you don't do what they ask then they might not be able to use the data that is generated and it will possibly slow down the research. Please think about what the CB researchers are trying to get out of this, and how you are helping the women of the future who may benefit from the results of this research.

Combat queen thanks your right, I wasn't just going to use a few but just thought I'd start at day 10 ish I I've always ovd 17+ but I can see your point, though the sticks clearly say to stop when you get a + so are you going to stop then or carry on and see if any other changes happen? I just think more happens in the later part of my cycles then the beginning?
Plus the opk sticks don't affect there results do they, they still get the wee samples every day that they can test with and I don't only dtd around ov???

combatqueen Fri 20-Jul-12 10:39:20

If the sticks say to stop when you get a positive then I think that's what I will do, embarrassed to say that I didn't read the instructions that thoroughly yet, only as far as when to start blush.

It just occurred to me that kittykats you could be on to something, that they don't really care about what we do with the sticks and its just the wee that they want and want to use that for other stuff.

Because i live near the CB innovation center I went in last week and did another study for them. They got me to answer a questionnaire on the instruction leaflet and dip digital preg tests in other peoples wee and record positive or negative result. They were looking for more people to do that trial so if anyone can get to the innovation center near Bedford and want £25 of love to shop vouchers you could give them a call. For that one they said that they are trying to get approval for the products in the US but the regulatory agency out there needed them to provide more validation data. It could just be that they are using the study we are on to get more wee to do other stuff, or maybe its similar and they need more data to validate the smiley face kit.

Ellypoo Fri 20-Jul-12 11:15:55

My box has arrived - it's huge!!
Not opened it yet, going to have a look shortly!! AF due Monday but we are going away this weekend so hopefully it will arrive Tuesday so I can start then!!

DulcetMoans Fri 20-Jul-12 12:06:48

Haha. Same elly! Due this weekend but I'm away so hoping it will wait. Taking pots with me though in case. That's dedication!

That's what I was thinking you see as obviously for them I will do all the wee collecting etc just as specified and fill in the book etc just thought for me I'd quite like to see if I only get one surge and how long it lasts as I've always stoped before like instruction have said but some people have written that there surges last for 3/4 days over a week in one girls case and aparently you can have a surge when you don't ov because of illness or stress but a later one? Not sure if this is true but as I've never continued testing I don't know for sure! Plus on a thrifty note usually you can detect lh surge with 7 sticks ( I always have and is the number you usually buy in a pack) so if you narrowed it down they would last you for later cycles if it didn't happen in 3 months and they are sooooo expensive!!
But like I say for round one I will use as described just to see if there's something I've missed before doing it for a longer period

Question- has anyone found out they are allready pregnant and if so what would you do? Contact them and ask if they wanted you to send the wee samples anyway for the pg part?

DulcetMoans Fri 20-Jul-12 13:09:56

That's an exciting question kitty! I did read in the notes that the pg test can be used before you start to see if you are. If I was (if only!) I would phone them to ask if I can still participate as they do want the pg lady wee.

Lisamol Fri 20-Jul-12 19:29:01

I thought the same thing. Like dulcet I would (in the unlikely chance!) give them a ring. They seem more interested in early pregnancy so they would probably still want it

DulcetMoans Sun 22-Jul-12 09:37:20

Started officially this morning. First pot sat happily in its box. I hope it works for us!!

DulcetMoans Tue 24-Jul-12 15:05:03

This clingfilm stuff for the top is amazing! How does it stay together?!

I'm still waiting to start sad anyone had there surge yet or are the horses only just through the blocks??

combatqueen Tue 24-Jul-12 22:21:11

CD 9 here and no surge yet, which is no surprise, I chart and normally ovulate around CD16. Really hope these sticks do pick up my surge, ive never had any luck with Internet cheepies. Is everyone using fmu? I know it says you can but everything I've read previously says lh surge is most likely to be detected in afternoon.

LisaC2611 Wed 25-Jul-12 10:56:01

I'm using FMU combat. CD 8 for me and no surge yet but then I didn't expect one.

Question for everyone who has started the trial - in the information booklet it shows that the samples turn blue - has everyones changed colour? Mine hasn't and they sent me my pots after the box turned up as they had forgotten them and I hope they've sent me the right ones! confused

combatqueen Wed 25-Jul-12 12:07:31

Lisa - no my samples stay the same colour, i have a feeling the blue is just food colour so that it shows up in the photos for the instructions.

DulcetMoans Wed 25-Jul-12 12:25:59

Yeah, I think the blue is just for the pictures. Mine hasn't changed colour anyway. There is a difference between the pots though which is interesting. I am using FMU as well. Plan to start charting from Friday which will be CD7. Hopefully that is about right?

LisaC2611 Wed 25-Jul-12 14:02:43

Ok thanks girls, thought I would just check I wasnt doing something wrong grin

NicolaHazel Wed 25-Jul-12 18:57:15

Nice plastic hat!!

LisaC2611 Wed 25-Jul-12 21:28:40

I like my plastic hat grin

NicolaHazel Wed 25-Jul-12 22:00:31

I won't be using the hat!

I have good aim :-)

LisaC2611 Wed 25-Jul-12 22:11:43

Ah but can u pee in a pot and on the stick at the same time? Hat makes it much easier!

Pipbin Wed 25-Jul-12 22:12:54

I've been accepted on to the trial today and I'm a bit excited to get started now.
I did tell the lady that I had a CBFM and it didn't work for me. I don't think she wanted to hear that.
It seems like it's going to be a bit gross, wee in the fridge and all that, but if it helps another woman get pregnant quicker then it's all good.

NicolaHazel Wed 25-Jul-12 22:20:51

Ooh...a dexterity challenge before 6am after being awake for a minute. We shall see!

LisaC2611 Thu 26-Jul-12 07:06:47

I've not taken the challenge and just use the hat, so much easier and at that time in the morning, the easier the better grin

NicolaHazel Thu 26-Jul-12 07:22:32

I should really read the instructions, but will leave it til nearer the time, I think.

I was working until almost 10 last night, so didn't have time to look. Only on CD11 though!

MyMamaToldMe Thu 26-Jul-12 11:10:02

I've just been accepted on to the trial - so please can I join too? I am waiting for my paperwork (and big box), and then it is all systems go! I am a little annoyed with myself in that last Saturday I bought 2 boxes of CB ovulation kits as I hadn't heard back from CB, so I thought I wasn't in. Lesson in not being too impatient! wink

Lisamol Thu 26-Jul-12 11:49:42

My first pot is now happily sat in my fridge. Stupid me thought I was being really organised though (I don't do mornings very well!) and pre wrote my labels for first 14 days - starting with the wrong date so now they're all wrong! Ooooops!

babyjames Thu 26-Jul-12 13:46:40

I got a call today but have decided to decline as am worried about the extra stress in my already busy day. I brought my own kit last week too. Just thought I'd post have had waited ages for the call so don't give up hope.

DulcetMoans Fri 27-Jul-12 18:11:07

I realised my dates are all wrong this morning lisa. I'm a day behind some how, not sure what to do about it either!

Not using the hat, but I am using my favoured pee pot to dip and then transfer!

Used the monitor for the first time this morning, no smily as expected. I'm confused on the paper work though as there are three categories but only two results- smily or no smily! Does that make sense?!

Lisamol Fri 27-Jul-12 18:15:45

Yeah I've not read the sticks instructions yet but was
Confused about that as well. Maybe some people have the monitor as I think that has 3 categories?

I think it was based on the monitor aswell you just do high or no, I'm still waiting to join the secret hat club sad

LisaC2611 Fri 27-Jul-12 19:01:39

I haven't looked at the column headings, just kept filling out no surge -oops maybe I should have read it properly wink

LisaC2611 Sun 29-Jul-12 18:30:31

On cd12 today, I got my smile this morning but hubby not playing ball sad

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 30-Jul-12 13:46:31

Kitty to your earlier question on what to do if you get pregnant before trial starts; well, I have just sent an email to them as this is exactly what has happened to me!

AF is due on Wednesday, did a CB digi this morning and it shows 2-3wks pregnant! grin I did use these same CB OPK sticks to pinpoint ov, so clearly they work. I shall let you know how they respond -I think they still would like samples, but not sure if I should wait till Wednesday to start collecting (when AF is actually due).

Lisa have you DTD'd before you got your smiley face? I think that for me the key to getting pg is to DTD during the days leading to the smiley face. I am pretty sure DD was conceived with 5 days old swimmers, and this time we DTD'd every other day till OV, and then two days in a row (the day I got the smiley face and one after). You could still jump DH today and/or tomorrow morning and be in the game for this cycle. I hope he perks up -literally! smile

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 30-Jul-12 14:15:15

Ladies -samples are not needed if you get pregnant before you start the trial. I have been asked to pack up the trial stuff and send back.

I guess I am then saying bye to you lovely ladies too -have fun and good luck to you all!

LisaC2611 Mon 30-Jul-12 14:16:34

Congratulations on your BFP Amaya.

We DTD on Wednesday so may have been covered from that, but I also convinced him last night to DTD, am keeping my fingers crossed that we got it somehow.

I must admit I was quite surprised to see the smile yesterday morning as I wasn't expecting it for another 4 days, but when I looked at my period calendar it was exactly 28 days after the last lh surge, so hopefully it means everything is working well and I just need one of his little swimmers to do their job properly grin

fx for a bfp for me in 2 weeks time.

Thanks amaya and congrats!!!
Let us know what they say, I methinks I'd do the samples now from tomorrow morning if they want then they will let you know if not then I'm sure they won't mind a few pots being used smile

Ellypoo Mon 30-Jul-12 17:29:09

Quick question: I have started to collect samples now, AF was 4 days late, so wasted 1 of the pg tests but have collected 4 samples so far. Apparently you can only fit 6 sample pots in the plastic tubs, but they have sent 3 tubs instead - do we send off 14 samples in 3 tubs? What do we then use until they send us the next batch? Or do we send 12 samples and keep the 3rd box until we fill it? So confusing!
And, do you send the diary sheets off in the jiffy bags with the wee samples, or do they go separately?
Also, do you start using the OPKs from first day after AF finishes?

DulcetMoans Tue 31-Jul-12 22:39:53

Oh, I missed a BFP! Congrats Amaya!

Not too sure elly. I have two big boxes as opposed to three. But I can still only got 12 in it by the looks of it. I'm on pot 11 tomorrow so not sure what to do as it said to send 14, didn't it? I think there is a separate envelope for the diaries.

It's not a waste of a test either, it mentioned testing before starting the trial!!

DulcetMoans Tue 31-Jul-12 22:40:56

Oh, and I started the stocks at cd6 I think. Theres only 20.

LisaC2611 Wed 01-Aug-12 07:33:51

dulcet I managed to get 14 in my box and am sending it in today - cd15. I have put the diaries in an envelope but put it in with the box, I have put the box in a plastic bag - that came with the pack.

I'm about to run out of the parafin film though so need to ring them about that today

combatqueen Wed 01-Aug-12 08:44:44

I managed to get 14 samples in the big box and dropped it off this morning (I drive past on my way to work and its far easier than finding a post office).

I also got my smiley face today. DTD last night and will again tonight and for the next few day. Hopefully I stand a good chance this month.

I think we have two smiley faces so far - any more yet?

LisaC2611 Wed 01-Aug-12 09:08:30

I got my smiley on day 12 but have been testing still as I thought it was v early. Last month it was day 16. But looking at the diary we have only dtd 3 times so doubt if we will have caught it this month again. Oh well will keep trying

jessiethecowgirl Wed 01-Aug-12 10:43:59

Hi girls! Very excited to join the group as I got my call today. Just waiting on paperwork, etc.

On page 1 of the thread Dulcet asked about what happens if you need a wee around 3am - 5am ish then go back to sleep. I asked the lady this exact question because I have this issue lol. Her suggestion was to use that early wee, because its the wee that has been in your body the longest. Then put it in the fridge, then when you're up for the day, take it out of the fridge, let it come to room temperature (approx 30 mins) and test. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else had that question!

combatqueen Wed 01-Aug-12 10:49:53

welcome Jessie. That's interesting information to know, but not sure I could be bothered to do the collection in the middle of the night. I am normally half asleep still if I need to get up for the loo at that time.

I had this exact thing last night (went for a wee at 3:30am) and still got my smiley face with my FMU at 6:20 am.

jessiethecowgirl Wed 01-Aug-12 10:59:57

ooo thats good that you still got your smiley with your FMU! If I wake super early to wee like 3ish then I'll probably not collect and wait til I wake for good for my FMU. But if its closer to 5am then I'll probably collect at that time.
Such a silly thing to think about I know :-)

Am very excited to get my materials and read up on the study!

Pipbin Wed 01-Aug-12 13:01:28

Just got my kit through today.
I have been using a CBFM anyway. Has anyone else been using one too and comparing results?

DulcetMoans Wed 01-Aug-12 22:57:45

Oh thanks jessie! I only had the problem the last couple mornings actually so been using the more awake one at 6.30 than the 3am one!

I will try harder to get the 14 in the box then if others have managed. I love that clingfilm stuff. It's magical!!

Still no smiley for me, but on cd 12 so any day now I am sure!

combatqueen Thu 02-Aug-12 08:13:56

Morning ladies, I've just received my second box of supplies. Any of you who are poas addicts will be happy to hear it comes with another 3 pregnancy tests.

Ellypoo Thu 02-Aug-12 16:49:43

Ooh that's good combat!!

DulcetMoans Thu 02-Aug-12 20:09:46

Another three?! They know us so well!

NicolaHazel Thu 02-Aug-12 20:58:29

Good to know! I'll use one next week, assuming AF doesn't appear before I manage it. :-)

LisaC2611 Fri 03-Aug-12 07:52:03

Has anyone used a test yet? Do we know if they are digital tests or not? You can tell I haven't looked properly! blush

DulcetMoans Fri 03-Aug-12 09:15:58

I've not used one. Hopefully on the 18th!

Posting my first box today!

Squirrel77 Fri 03-Aug-12 14:29:12

Hey everyone - I'm in the trial too. Just wondering, did anyone get a CBFM or do we all have sticks? I'm a bit disappointed as I thought we would get a CBFM!

Ellypoo Fri 03-Aug-12 15:10:00

Just the sticks for me. What does the CBFM do? Does it record everything for you?

Tests I think are the ones that say pg/not pg.

MyMamaToldMe Fri 03-Aug-12 15:59:31

Hey everyone - waiting for all the stuff to arrive, but in the meantime, been using up my personal stock of CBOTs, and I had a smile face 2 days ago, so will now wait and see. Only DTD a few times, but I live in hope!

I was under the impression we were getting a CBFM - says you will in the paperwork.

DulcetMoans Fri 03-Aug-12 21:36:19

I'm not sure what the monitor looks like, never looked it up, but I have some sticks to plug into a little handheld thing that does a circle or a smiley. Does that help??

Squirrel77 Sat 04-Aug-12 10:19:58

Aha - seems like you get either the OPK sticks or the CBFM - I have just the normal sticks that you wee on which are not as good as they only test for on hormone in the urine whereas the CBMF (machine you put sticks into) tests for two different hormones! Grrrr.

DulcetMoans Sat 04-Aug-12 10:31:20

Oh, I didn't realise there was different things!

I got my smiley this morning!! grin

NicolaHazel Sat 04-Aug-12 10:32:35

I suppose they're also measuring pregnancy rates between stick and monitor users, see which has higher success rate.

DulcetMoans Sun 05-Aug-12 09:46:58

Smiley gone, felt sad actually as felt like I'd won something when I got the smiley face!

Best send my paperwork!

DulcetMoans Mon 06-Aug-12 10:49:17

Forgot to pee in the pot this morning. Opps!!

Lisamol Mon 06-Aug-12 13:33:52

Just got my smiley - four days before I would normally expect ov and now I'm panicking as not had chance to dtd due to shifts clashing. I'll have to make up for it tonight!

DulcetMoans Mon 06-Aug-12 15:48:33

Ooooo that's good though lisa, time to get going! It's nice seeing the smiley, isn't it!

Lisamol Mon 06-Aug-12 21:39:13

It is - felt really excited seeing it. Not as excited as dh though! Where in the cycle are you up to?

LisaC2611 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:44:09

I felt really excited lisa when I got my smile but I never told my dj as I didnt want to put him under pressure, I just got the hump with him because he kept rejecting my advances to dtd. He realised in the end though.

How mad is it that we get so excited over a smile ? I don't know what I'll be like when I get a bfp!!!

DulcetMoans Mon 06-Aug-12 21:59:37

Mine was Sat on cd16. I think it started Fri afternoon though but I'll never know!!

Pipbin Tue 07-Aug-12 19:35:18

I'm getting worried about peeing in the pot and on a stick. I refuse to use the 'hat'. Might have to decant from a pot, or hone my pelvic floor muscle skills.

Squirrel77 Wed 08-Aug-12 10:39:03

I agree - the hat is hideous! Reminds me of a bedpan or something. I chucked it in the rubbish as soon as it arrived!

DulcetMoans Wed 08-Aug-12 21:58:28

Yeah, I've been decanting pipbin. Hat has stayed under the bed since it got here.

Pipbin Wed 08-Aug-12 23:50:13

I never thought that my first wee of the day would be so precious.

Ellypoo Thu 09-Aug-12 10:45:07

I have been using the hat and have got quite a nice little routine going in my mornings now!!
Am on CD14 but no smile as yet hmm.
My tubs are smaller and only fit 12 samples in - missed sample on CD1 as AF arrived in the afternoon so I've got 13 pots - do I really need to put 11 empty pots in with my 1 full sample to send them both off? Has anyone else been sent the 3 smaller tubs? I may have to call them when I get home to ask about this - seems such a waste!!
How is everyone else getting on with it?

Lisamol Thu 09-Aug-12 12:21:03

Awwww I quite like the hat. There's no way I'm peeing in a pot and on the stick at 5am!

combatqueen Thu 09-Aug-12 12:21:04

Let us know what they say elly. I had two large tubs first cycle bug been sent 3 smaller ones for month two. 7 dpo here and dying to use one of the preg tests! Always told myself I would not poas till ad was late but so tempted now I have 6 all lined up and waiting!

combatqueen Thu 09-Aug-12 12:27:32

Thought you ladies might like to know I emailed them today to ask what to do if you don't have access to a fridge for a few days (I'm off camping this weekend) the reply was to try to collect as normal and keep as cool as possible! Not sure what I'm going to do trying to collect the sample in a campsite loo but I'll give it a go!

DulcetMoans Thu 09-Aug-12 12:34:52

haha. Sounds fun combat! I collected mine when I was away but I was in a b&b. God knows what the cleaners thought!

I have a routine sorted now elly too. Write my label at night, get it lined up in the loo ready. I did accidently do one at 12.30 the other day though! I wokr up for what I thought was my early morning wee, which is the one I have been collecting, went through the routine and looked at the clock as I got back in bed and it was 12.30. Opppps! It was a lot lighter than the rest.

LisaC2611 Thu 09-Aug-12 14:17:30

I've also been using the hat and it makes my life soooo much easier than trying to pee in a pot and on a stick - my pelvic floor muscles aren't strong enough for me to stop midway through my morning wee! Thankfully we have 2 bathrooms so I've just left the hat in the toilet after using it (obviously having cleaned it) so its ready for the next morning!

I've written my labels and diaries out for the week ahead and then I just update them in the morning when I've collected / poas.

Ellypoo Fri 10-Aug-12 09:24:49

Have been trying to contact the trial to find out about sending the samples inthe smaller tubs but the number I've got keeps going to voicemail - does anyone have a different number?

combatqueen Fri 10-Aug-12 10:18:06

I can't help with a phone number but i have emailed a couple of times and have had a quick response "clinical.trials@spdspark.com".

Ellypoo Fri 10-Aug-12 14:28:09

Thanks - I've sent them an email.

CD15 and no smile yet - when did everyone else get theirs??

10storeylovesong Fri 10-Aug-12 14:31:10

I got mine on day 14 but It's usually day 17 or 18

DulcetMoans Sat 11-Aug-12 07:44:31

I got mine on 14 as well. You're probably around the right time, give it a couple of days.

Need to call and get my next batch!

LisaC2611 Sat 11-Aug-12 09:12:27

I got mine on 12 was day 16 last month but have got af early this month so maybe it all ties in confused

LisaC2611 Sat 11-Aug-12 22:36:59

Has anyone else got their second lot of stuff through yet? Have you been sent a second ov test? I thought they would just send the sticks.

Ellypoo Mon 13-Aug-12 15:46:22

I spoke to them about the smaller tubs, and they said just to send them over when they are full, so with just the 12 samples in rather than the 14.
I send one full with 12 samples, and then another with just 1 in (missed CD1 as AF arrived in the afternoon), but she said that I should have just sent them in as/when they get filled so they are sending me another tub!! It isn't very clear on the instructions though.
Well, CD18 here and still no smile , sure stress doesn't help though and my cycle last month got a bit messed up because I started AD's part way through. Was hoping it would have settled down by now but we'll see ...
Any BFPs yet?

Pipbin Tue 14-Aug-12 23:30:17

But what about the diary? I'm confused about when we send that over.

LisaC2611 Wed 15-Aug-12 07:34:43

I put the diary in a separate envelope inside the big envelope and send it all together, but not sure what I will do this time with the 3 smaller tubs

MyMamaToldMe Thu 16-Aug-12 17:11:22

I got all my stuff the other day and starting using it this morning as AF arrived. I was sent the FM - is anyone else using it? Quite excited to use it, but it is much more of a phaff than the sticks!!

Ellypoo Thu 16-Aug-12 17:16:50

Just send the diaries over separately every 2 weeks, even if they don't coincide with the samples - that's why they send separate envelopes.

DulcetMoans Thu 16-Aug-12 19:53:46

So I started AF this afternoon but had already done my CD26 pot but now I'm CD1. I'm confused! Need to call to arrange my next set but can't catch them.

LisaC2611 Fri 17-Aug-12 07:30:41

That happened to me dulcet and when I spoke to them before I started the trial they said if you come on in the afternoon make the next day your cd1, which is what I've done

NicolaHazel Fri 17-Aug-12 07:35:06

I can start this now. But didn't catch my wee this morning. Only knew I should have done after the event, as it were!

Gives me time to label up my pots and have them ready to go.

Need to read the instructions properly now too.

NicolaHazel Sat 18-Aug-12 09:32:21

Ok...so that stretchy stuff is odd. How much is everyone using for each pot?

First one in fridge. Wonder when H2B will spot it (not mentioned it yet!)?

Ellypoo Sat 18-Aug-12 09:56:16

I've been using about 3 cm of the film stuff but I'm now on cd23 and iv nearly run out! Second box arrived this am - naughty postman woke me up at 7.30 - angry!!!

Pipbin Sat 18-Aug-12 13:28:01

I am testing the CBFM and I have one of my own too, which I bought second hand.
So I once their one has taking a reading I swap the stick over to my one.
Now, last month, which was the first month of me using it, it gave me a peek a week early. I knew it was early because I temp as well.
This time my one gave me a high reading much earlier than their one, although neither have yet given me a peek.

DulcetMoans Sat 18-Aug-12 22:39:14

I love the stretchy stuff! I used quite a lot on the first couple hut then I realised how much it stretches so probably only use about 1cm width now.

My second box arrived yesterday too, im onto three little boxes now. Best post my other one off!

Pipbin Sat 18-Aug-12 22:59:14

Do you have to request the next box of stuff?

DulcetMoans Sat 18-Aug-12 23:19:43

I thought you did but mine just turned up!

10storeylovesong Sun 19-Aug-12 08:39:46

Omg omg omg! Just tested 2 days before Af due as been feeling nauseaus since last Wed and it's positive. So faint I can barely see it on Internet cheapie then a definite positive on the clearblue ones. After 11 months of trying I can hardly believe it! But terrified now of something going wrong!

Ellypoo Sun 19-Aug-12 09:56:22

Ooh huge congratulations!!!!

10storeylovesong Sun 19-Aug-12 10:01:13

Thank you! Woke hubby up to tell him (he's working nights - not just really lazy!) and he just told me not to get excited as its early days then turned back over to sleep!

DulcetMoans Sun 19-Aug-12 10:26:38

Congratulations! Hopefully the trial has helped then!

10storeylovesong Sun 19-Aug-12 14:01:29

It can't have done any wrong! Only dtd three times this month for various reasons which were the day before, day of and day after smiley face so clearly worked!

Pipbin Sun 19-Aug-12 14:11:33

Congratulations 10!

LisaC2611 Sun 19-Aug-12 16:00:19

Congratulations 10storey. Woo hoo our first trial bfp.

I requested my second box of stuff but need some more of the plastic film as I've nearly run out thanks to running out of it first time round and giving them the wrong volunteer number!!

NicolaHazel Sun 19-Aug-12 16:02:43

I've been really dim and written the month number, not the abbreviated word on my stickers etc.

I really should have read the instructions first, though not sure what difference it makes. :-/

Pipbin Sun 19-Aug-12 16:42:36

OMG So I did my sample this morning like a good girl, stuck the label on and forgot all about it and left it on the side in the bathroom with all my other bottle etc.
Not such a problem, bathroom is cool enough but our house is on the market and we had some viewers today. This means that the sample was on the side in the bathroom when I was showing them round the house!
I don't know if they noticed!

NicolaHazel Sun 19-Aug-12 16:43:48

Ha ha...that is really funny! I bet they did notice and are now discussing what you're going to be testing for!!

LisaC2611 Sun 19-Aug-12 18:11:37

Oh dear pip I nearly did the exact same thing yesterday. Had left the pot on the edge of the bath and left the light on to remind me, hubby being his usual helpful -read interfering- self turned the light off. I just about remembered in time!!

Pipbin Sun 19-Aug-12 19:36:51

Thing is that the sample was in amongst all my other bottle etc and I had been to the bathroom a couple of times, as had my DH and neither of us had noticed it. I was on the top of a chest of drawers rather than on the edge of the bath. I'm just hoping they didn't notice. A pot of wee is quite grim and enough to put someone off!

NicolaHazel Sun 19-Aug-12 19:46:28

Was it a couple? If so, you can bet that one spotted it and the other didn't. Now they're arguing about its existence!

Pipbin Sun 19-Aug-12 20:35:40

Well they asked us why we are moving and we said that we wanted a bigger house as we are hoping to start a family. So if they did notice it then hopefully they will have figured it was to do with that.

MyMamaToldMe Mon 20-Aug-12 12:00:52

Congratulations 10storey!

I was giong to ask about the stretchy stuff today, but now have my answer!

So I start using the FM tomorrow - day 6 - should be interesting trying to remember to do all this stuff 1st thing in the morning!

I'm reallly impatient - just want my fertile days to be here already so we can try again. Was really hoping that last month would have worked out, but it didn't so fingers crossed that this month is the month!

Pipbin - I would have def clocked the sample! grin Reassuring to know that they can be left out of the fridge for periods of time - now I know I can leave it in the bathroom and go back to bed and put it in the fridge when I get up properly.

Pipbin Mon 20-Aug-12 12:08:35

Mama I'm not saying you can, I'm just saying I did. It was an accident!

Got my egg today!

NicolaHazel Mon 20-Aug-12 12:27:50

I forgot to collect my wee today. Fail as only 3rd day!

DulcetMoans Mon 20-Aug-12 12:49:23

We are all song well then! Lol. I've left mine on the window sill too. Just remembered reading the below. And need to post the box! Will start my sticks again weds though, something to look forward to!

Mechavivzilla Mon 20-Aug-12 15:50:23

Hello everyone, is it okay if I join in? I have my massive box of things, and it is a massive box, however due to a brief hospital stay I am going to have to start my trial on my next AF as missed the first few days of this one. Exciting times!

I have a quick question for anyone testing the CBFM, I have a sort of memory card thing with mine, what are we supposed to do with that? I will read the instructions properly before I start, but it all seems quite complicated!

Impressed there has been one BFP already!

Pipbin Mon 20-Aug-12 16:04:25

From what I recall you put the card in after you have pressed the m button. But don't quote me on that.

Ellypoo Mon 20-Aug-12 17:26:50

Hmm, am going to Spain for work for a few days in September - taking hand luggage only so can't really collect (or store) samples while I'm there. Do you think I should call them to let them know, or just write a note in the book? It will be 4 consecutive days that I won't be able to collect them.

Sorry can't help mech (waves!!) I haven't been sent the CBFM, just the OPK sticks.

Pipbin Mon 20-Aug-12 17:56:50

I would email them.
When I have done that in the past they have helped really quickly.

NicolaHazel Tue 21-Aug-12 23:13:11

I just laid all the kit out for the morning as it's my first OPK day tomorrow. It's quite a lot of stuff!!

LisaC2611 Wed 22-Aug-12 07:26:40

I seem to have been sent another box of goodies although I had one on Saturday last week confused

Oh well saves me emailing them for more plastic filmgrin

NicolaHazel Wed 22-Aug-12 07:30:17

Wow...lots of POAS action. I assume you don't get the awful helmet in every box? I still PIATH and pour from there into the tub.

Need to keep on top of the diary too, as I'm not filling that in every day. A weekly chore maybe.

First OPK use today. As suspected, no surge yet. Bit early, I suppose!

LisaC2611 Wed 22-Aug-12 09:05:40

No only received one helmet bowl. Have received 2 of the actual testers that you put the sticks in. I thought I would just get the sticks this time, but got the whole thing again. Will see what's in the new box of goodies when I get it on Saturday, I could end up with 3 of them!!

Pipbin Wed 22-Aug-12 10:38:21

Really Lisa? I too have assumed that it would just be another bunch of sticks!

Pipbin Wed 22-Aug-12 11:47:34

Well, my box has just arrived too! I've not ordered anything.
No new CBFM but plenty more pregnancy tests and CBFM sticks.

NicolaHazel Wed 22-Aug-12 12:24:20

Maybe a delivery is triggered by wee arriving with them?

Why do we have to keep it cool, as it'll warm up on the way back to them!!

LisaC2611 Wed 22-Aug-12 13:54:00

I haven't sent any wee back for the last 9 days though (am just about to send the next lot as the small pot is nearly full). I left a message ordering my next lot a week before AF was due and have had another lot delivered yesterday - v strange!

As I was at work when it came it is being redelivered on Saturday morning so will see what is in there when I get it and whether I get just the sticks this time or whether they send me another test.

Did whoever was going away email them to find out what to do about piap whilst on holiday. I have the same issue (and my hub doesn't really want me to take the pots on holiday with us) so wondered what they had said.

combatqueen Wed 22-Aug-12 14:42:09

wow we have a BFP, congratulations 10storey!

I think the CB dispatch team must be working on overdrive. I have also had a new box; with my cycle 3 supplies and I am only on day 11 of cycle 2!

I'm jealous of those of you who have been sent a fertility monitor, I was disappointed when my first box of stuff came and I got smiley face OPK kits.

Lisa are you on the smiley face kits and pipbin the CBFM? I think the smiley face sticks are unique to the reader that comes in the box with them but with the CBFM you get one monitor and then the sticks are universal to any CBFM. Does that make sense?

LisaC2611 Wed 22-Aug-12 16:30:42

combat I am on the smiley face kit, that's interesting as I was just planning on using the same tester when I open the next packet rather than cracking open the new one!

I'll have to give it a try. Still using last month's supply of tests.

I'm only on day 9 of cycle 2, so was quite surprised to find a new box waiting for me. Will see if it is for cycle 3 when I get it.

Pipbin Wed 22-Aug-12 17:19:11

I forgot that the did the OPK sticks with a reader thingy.

I too have wondered about the point of keeping them cool. I doubt that Royal Mail are going to keep it all in a fridge.

DulcetMoans Wed 22-Aug-12 20:00:46

I got another little tester thing. I wondered whether it would be naughty to give that to a friend that is TTC... Might wait until the end of the trial though to see if they ask for it back.

combatqueen Wed 22-Aug-12 20:01:24

Lisa, I might be wrong but im sure I read something in the instructions to say you can only use the test holder with the tests supplied in the box?!?

Pipbin Wed 22-Aug-12 20:30:49

I would wait until the end Dulcet. They might well ask for everything back.

Pipbin Thu 23-Aug-12 16:31:21

Balls, forgot to wee in a pot and on a stick this morning.

Ellypoo Thu 23-Aug-12 19:25:24

Have emailed to ask about holidays - will let you know when I hear back from them smile

NicolaHazel Thu 23-Aug-12 21:53:00

Thanks, Elly...I'm not storing wee on honeymoon in Iceland in 7 weeks' time!

Pip, I imagine everyone forgets every now and then. I have to lay it all out in the bathroom before bed so I remember.

LisaC2611 Fri 24-Aug-12 07:47:46

I also emailed them about it as well as hubby doesn't want me to take it on holiday either, which I can understand. See what they say.

DulcetMoans Fri 24-Aug-12 08:22:35

I forgot one last week pip, I don't think it's too much of a problem. It's bound to happen!

jessiethecowgirl Sat 25-Aug-12 08:32:18

Hi everyone, am on day 5 of cycle 1 here and am really excited about being part of this trial! It is a lot to remember in the morning (hat, labels, etc) but can't wait to start poas starting in a few days time. Never tried these before so looking forward to seeing that happy face!

Congrats 10 on the threads first BFP!

NicolaHazel Sat 25-Aug-12 12:17:28

The box of sticks mentions starting testing on CD6, Jessie, so that's what I did.

Does anyone else feel like they should be upping the DTD as we are keeping a diary?!

Pipbin Sat 25-Aug-12 13:00:18

I know, I wonder if the people at the lab are like: 'look at these guys, three times in one afternoon'. And, 'no wonders these don't have any kids, they don't have sex'.

NicolaHazel Sat 25-Aug-12 13:03:39

I know! I feel rather inadequate, to be honest.

Ho hum. Not really got the energy to do more. Maybe I'll get some bonus action this week due to the bank holiday. :-)

NicolaHazel Sat 25-Aug-12 23:33:34

Keep sniggering to myself, as H2B has just mentioned how weird our fridge contents are at the moment. That's the first time he's made any reference to my wee stash! Most amusing as he still didn't ask what I'm doing! :+)

DulcetMoans Mon 27-Aug-12 18:22:58

Yeah, my intercourse diary looked pretty awful really, lots of 0s even though I think we do it a fair amount compared to some!

Ellypoo Tue 28-Aug-12 22:10:48

Whoever was asking about what to do about holidays, they have told me not to do the samples for those days but to do everything else as much as poss. Our SWI diary is also looking far too 'nought'y but hey Ho - only takes once and maybe next month!!!

Pipbin Wed 29-Aug-12 10:39:12

OK, now I'm confused. I've got a full box of samples but I haven't finished the diary yet. What do I do?

DulcetMoans Wed 29-Aug-12 11:58:34

Have you got the little boxes? I have little ones this time and will be ready to send tomorrow I think. I will just send the diaries seperate in the other envelope.

I'm sending mine tomorrow too...have you had another smiley yet, Dulcet?

I want a bloody smiley :-(

DulcetMoans Wed 29-Aug-12 12:32:47

No, just that one on Friday. CD9. It just doesn't seem right to me. Then I tested the same urine again and it was not a smiley but it was in the pot with the stuff by then which is why I asked if you thought it affects it. Im going to keep testing though until at least CD20 in case as I don't trust that smiley!

If I'm having another longish cycle, I could be a feed days off OV yet. Oh for regularity!

There's pros and cons to testing, isn't there?

Pipbin Wed 29-Aug-12 22:13:21

I emailed them and asked, they said to send the samples and then send on the diary.

I have a box of wee on the train with me. Nice. :-)

Pipbin Fri 31-Aug-12 14:16:12

So I've dug out the HPTs and I see that they are blue cross type ones. I've only ever heard bad things about them.

MyMamaToldMe Fri 31-Aug-12 17:04:02

So I am on day 16 and still no high surge never mind peak surge on the FM. I also did a stick test today and got a faint line. What does it all mean?? I am confused.

Day 15 for me and no surge. Assuming another 30+ day cycle.

Maybe you're the same. :-/

Ellypoo Sat 01-Sep-12 08:10:37

Woohoo - a def + on test today!! Didn't get a smile til day 23, but day 37 today of cycle 1 and a BFP!! Trying not to get hopes up and will do another test tomorrow but yay!!!

Anyone know how long we need to keep doing samples for?

Squirrel77 Sat 01-Sep-12 08:25:42

Hi guys, I withdrew from the trial yesterday. Such a lot of hassle for little if any benefit given that you can buy OPK's online so cheaply! They were good about it, just asked why. So if anyone is feeling the same way, don't worry about it grin

Congrats, Ellypoo :-)

What days did you DTD around your smiley?

I think they may still want 3 months of wee. But I'm afraid you may have to read the instructions!

Ellypoo Sat 01-Sep-12 08:32:13

We just dtd the night before the smile so wasn't holding out any hope - we are moving house this weekend so haven't been as active as normal. Will dig out and read the instructions!

Good going then!! :-)

CD 16 and no smiley here. Plenty of ovulation pain though so something isn't right somewhere!

DulcetMoans Sat 01-Sep-12 10:40:47

Yeah, they want you to keep going for 3 mnths and you get some vouchers! Haha. Congrats though elly, fabulous news!!

Had my first spill today, in the fridge too. Opps!! Shhhh don't tell DP! Was all on top of the box so fine really.

LisaC2611 Sun 02-Sep-12 08:59:38

Congrats ellypoo!

Cd 20 for me and no smile must have missed it this month. Oh well only 7 days to go till I know one way or another.

I finally got my smiley today, on CD17 :-)

Rather pleased and relieved, to be honest. Though having a surge doesn't equate to successful OV, I'm hopeful that the fact it has been linked to pain means it is happening. :-)

MyMamaToldMe Mon 03-Sep-12 12:12:14

Well the FM is finally showing high surge (for the last 2 days) but still waiting for a peak surge. I've also felt ovulation pain so hopefully it all means things down there are gearing up to work!!

MyMamaToldMe Mon 03-Sep-12 12:12:38

Oh and CONGRATS Ellypoo!!! smile

DulcetMoans Mon 03-Sep-12 13:09:49

I just picked up my third and final box. My god, they are prompt! Im only on CD19 (I think!). Feel and bit sad its the last one and I might end up with no BFP at the end of it. I know I still might, but certainly thought starting the trial would be the info I needed to get the job done!

Ellypoo Mon 03-Sep-12 13:29:46

I've spoken to the study people today, and if you do get a bfp, you just need to keep collecting the samples & filling in the diary until CD60 of the cycle in which you get pg, then send the notification form through once you have had the dating scan with the EDD, then they'll send you the vouchers.

Good luck to everyone!!

Are they sending them automatically, Dulcet? Or do I need to contact them to make sure my next one arrives?

DulcetMoans Mon 03-Sep-12 19:37:29

Mine have both turned up automatically. I haven't spoken to anyone since I started. This one tried to get delivered on CD15! Hadn't even ov'd on second cycle and they sent me the third cycle stuff. Very efficient!

I sent my wee off last week and my paperwork today...maybe that will trigger something!

DulcetMoans Mon 03-Sep-12 19:44:54

It does say in there to call them and order it a week before your next cyle due but i've never had to.

Yeah, I thought I'd seen that. I'll email them next week to summon supplies. I think I'll have enough left for a few days if there is overlap though!

DulcetMoans Wed 05-Sep-12 19:46:41

Had an email to ask me to re number all my pots as AF came in the pm this month so I had already done my sample. I started the next day as CD2 but apparently it should have been CD1 even though I started day before. Confused!

That's confusing. Will remember that, though I do normally start in the morning. Nobody emailed to tell me about my dating error on mine (numbers, not abbreviated months!). I hope my wee isn't lost in the post!

DulcetMoans Wed 05-Sep-12 20:23:41

Thats the first I heard from them and it was a telling off! Bit late though as the first batch of this cycle is gone anyway!

Ah well! We are doing them a favour posting wee to them, so they can bugger off :-)

Pipbin Wed 05-Sep-12 23:15:55

It does say somewhere in all the info about if AF comes in the PM then to call the next day CD1. However, as said, we are doing them a favour by collecting our wee every blasted morning.
I'd better get a baby out of this!

Me too...only on month 1 and bored of it. Just hoping I get a few months' extra OPKs out of it by not using the whole box each month.

Use them next time. Optimism, eh?!

jessiethecowgirl Thu 06-Sep-12 09:15:33

grr CD 17 here and still no smiley confused.. hopefully soon!!

LisaC2611 Thu 06-Sep-12 17:43:50

Jessie i'm on CD24 and I still haven't had one, have given up all hopes of seeing it this month! Am due AF in 4 days time!

Saying that though I have had a monumental headache this afternoon. Will be glad to go home in 20 minutes!

Got my second box today...I think it must be paperwork triggering delivery, as I posted mine on Monday.

Lots of lovely testing stuff. My drawer in the bathroom is becoming rather full!

jessiethecowgirl Mon 10-Sep-12 08:49:03

Finally got my smiley on CD21 this morning!! I was SOOO excited to see it lol. DTD last night and will again this afternoon. I hope that will be enough!!

DulcetMoanslovesNectarine Tue 11-Sep-12 10:18:45

Yay jessie! Sounds like good timing to me!

I had another email from them to say to ignore their previous email and that I did number the pots correctly. Ha! I win!

I sent my second box off today. Do I send the third box at the end of the cycle or add the next cycle to it? Not enough pots to fill a box with empty pots. Only enough pots for a 32 day cycle. If I miss two!

jessiethecowgirl Wed 12-Sep-12 07:03:35

knicker I have the same question... so can't help but will see what others say as well.

Now that I'm on the 2ww its very exciting - I've never known exactly when I've OV'd before so I'm hoping this makes the wait easier and that I'm patient enough to wait the appropriate 14 days before testing! lets just see..

I was weak and tested today at 10dpo! I will test again on Sat at 13dpo as I have an appointment with the GP to discuss TTC, so would be useful not to have that chat if I'm already pregnant. :-)

Bit weird that they claim to have provided extra pots to fill the third box when they clearly haven't!

Pipbin Wed 12-Sep-12 13:01:54

Knicker I asked, and it's ok to put samples from two cycles in the box until its full.

Ooh...we may 'win' some plastic tubs then, ha ha!!

DulcetMoanslovesNectarine Wed 12-Sep-12 19:37:49

We will probably 'win' some sticks as well!

That is rather more exciting! I reckon I can get 6 months' worth of sticks from this :-)

Pipbin Wed 12-Sep-12 20:18:35

CD8 here and the CBFM has yet to ask for sticks.

I just have normal sticks :-/

DulcetMoans Thu 13-Sep-12 20:35:17

Annoyingly I will have just one pot from cycle 2 to put in with all my ones from cycle 3. Not sure why that is so annoying, but it is.

Oh, and the pot I used this morning was split at the bottom. That was also annoying!

Ooh...not had a defective pot yet! Bored of collecting wee. At least H2B took the latest lot to the post office, ha ha.

Do I send 14 days' paperwork to cover the last 12 pots or send 7 with 7 to follow? Confused.

Pipbin Thu 13-Sep-12 22:05:49

I asked that Knicker, answer is just send paperwork when complete and boxes when full.

You're one step ahead of me at every turn, Pip! :-)

jessiethecowgirl Mon 17-Sep-12 09:36:50

Does anyone know how to figure out when AF is due from when you get your surge? Is it 14 days from the Smiley? I received my smiley a week ago, does that mean I'm 7dpo? Sorry for the silly questions grin

Pipbin Mon 17-Sep-12 20:09:34

As a rule the days from OV to AF is the same each month give or take a day.
For most women it's between 10 and 16 days, but I think that 13 days is around average.

CD7 of cycle 2 and my third box has shown up. Think they want rid of them!

Ooh...and my pregnancy tests are the Plus version this time, not the basic ones. How exciting! My bathroom drawer is now rammed with their palaver!

Pipbin Sat 22-Sep-12 14:36:01

I had my third box too. Thank goodnes I've got a cellar or I don't know what I'd do with them.

Mine are in the lounge! Bit weird, but nowhere else to store the plastic boxes and wee bottles :-/

Clearly they do want rid, ha ha!

Pipbin Thu 27-Sep-12 21:05:40

So have we had any BFPs yet? Given that we have all been doing this the numbers seem to suggest that a higher than normal percentage of us should conceive.

Not for a while that anyone has mentioned. I'm just shagging loads this cycle and using the sticks to tell me when I can rest, not when to shag!

DulcetMoans Fri 28-Sep-12 07:15:41

I don't feel we had many announcements but there's probably only a small percentage of participants on this thread. I'm onto my lost box to be posted now. Just two weeks to go. Bit sad really, thought this would help!

DulcetMoans Fri 28-Sep-12 07:15:58

Lost = last

Strange how you ended up so far ahead of me...I'm halfway through my second cycle. The box of stuff is starting to annoy me now though :-/

DulcetMoans Sat 29-Sep-12 10:24:20

Must be shorter cycles. I've had a 26 day and a 28 day in the trial. See how long this one is. I had to empty the boxes, it all lives under my bed!

Ah yes, Clearblue didn't get my paperwork, so I missed the beginning of my cycle which ended up being 32 days. My first on the trial was 30 days. This one is gearing up to be similar, so far.

I've got a house guest from next Sunday. Think I'll shift it to the bedroom while she is here!

Then I won't collect samples for the week after the wedding, but also won't be testing either as it will be too early.

At least I'll win some OPKs for the next few months out of it :-)

BFP for me today, though not sure this trial can take the credit, as that just told me when to stop shagging rather than when to start. :+)

Elly said we have to collect until CD60 of the BFP cycle, but the stickers only go up to day 48 or something. Should I start at day 1 of the next cycle?!

Pipbin Thu 11-Oct-12 21:43:19

Hurrah, congratulations.

I suggest you email them and ask what to do.

We have decided on the EOD approach this cycle, regardless of what the CBFM says.

Yeah, I will do...I'm getting married on Saturday, so it will have to wait! :-)

EOD is a good plan.

Pipbin Thu 11-Oct-12 22:49:17

What an exciting time you are having! Wedding and updiffed!

It's a bit overwhelming! :-)

Pipbin Thu 11-Oct-12 23:22:51

Well the updiffed bit is done. You just need to sit back and enjoy that. At least it'll be too early for morning sickness etc.

Pipbin Tue 30-Oct-12 13:25:51

I have just started cycle 4. I have sent my samples and paperwork off.
Anyone else finished yet? What happened? Did you keep the CBFM that you had?

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