Just Shagging Part 10; No science or skill, JS at will!

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Welcome to the lazy way to make a baby, part 10!!

Just Shagging (JS) is ttc using ye olde shagging & crossing fingers methods, our tools are your body, OH’s body..urm some wine & lots of finger crossing.

All are welcome, most leave happy & upduffed! The last two threads have been very successful; thread 8 had 5 BFP’s, thread 9 had 6 BFP’s....so we’re due 7 BFP’s here, which means we all need to get shagging.

We don’t ‘do’; OPKS, taking temp or harcore charting...although it is nice to know when ERTD is due.
Which brings us to acronyms & slang;
AF=ERTD (Evil Red Tide Of Doom).
EWCM=Pant Snot
Getting a BFP soon after joining thread= Doing a kitten
You=Are a viroid, no idea why but it goes long back to the dawn of time.
DTD=JS or donning the Shag cape.
POAS=Sometimes referred to as PIAR (Pissing In A Ramekin), as we’re such classy ladies

Here is last thread for proof that it works, and that you can't shut us up grin

Here is the Graduates thread!

topbannana Wed 27-Jun-12 14:10:03

Ahoy there, checking in for later smile

Ahoy! <wishing I went for a nautical themed intro now> I used the first title I came up with, sorry to south, I couldn't find your suggestion (and now I just have, doh!).

southlundon Wed 27-Jun-12 14:37:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

South, I added you :-)

New thread! This is the first one I check whenever I click in threads I'm on. Sad or what!

southlundon Wed 27-Jun-12 15:00:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grin doing it like something works! bent in half is best!

yeah its the tiny little blob on the right cant believe at my next scan there going to be a tiny little baby with a tiny little heart

topbannana Wed 27-Jun-12 15:26:39

Just to decorate the new thread, I shall tell you the conversation I have just had with DH (who you will know has the threat of a visit to the wank clinic hanging over his head) I have just left the Drs having had a mole removed from my back. I was describing the Dr, who is LOVELY and who I think DH would like (being as he will need to be forcibly dragged in, it makes sense that he actually likes the Dr)
Me: Yes he was lovely, I think you would like him
DH: Hmmm, perhaps I should ask to see him then
Me: He even shakes your hand when you leave
DH: (after a short pause and in a peevish voice) I bet he won't shake MY hand afterwards
Me: (unnable to speak through hysterical laughter)
DH: (after a dignified and slightly pained silence) Well I suppose I should be getting back to work then.

Not sure what struck me as so funny but its nice that I we can find humour in of our situation grin

vote for me! can you guys vote for my DS please so i can win a new changing bag grin

Ha ha ha

Done it something!

thanks! im being a tight arse but if i was to win i wouldnt need to shell out for a bigger one!

southlundon Wed 27-Jun-12 15:53:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southlundon Wed 27-Jun-12 15:55:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yeah thats my DS oh i will def go and like that page!

i need a massive changing bag

I'm still waiting for my fucking period to start. The implant was removed 14 days ago.

Im getting more and more bloated and Crampy and nothing is happening.

I'm on sodding slimming world and I'm sure all this bloating means I'm getting heavier.

so frustrated

frying, is there anypoint speaking to GP about it?
Hope it's just water weight & you're not getting bigger..how's the SW going?

I've just got my Shred DVD in the post, going to wait until I PIAR next week before starting working on my belly...plus I broke my bastard toe yesterday, and because I've still got fat feet from being pregnant (I guess after 6mth, they're never going down) I can't fit any of my shoes. Argh!

something, I got [http://www.amazon.co.uk/BabaBing-DayTripper-Deluxe-Paternity-Satchel/dp/B006LZWXHQ/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1340811851&sr=8-6 this] changing bag (after rabbit ate the straps on my fabby Boots club free one), it's got enough space for everything so should be good for 2 babies? I paid £40 for it on eBay.

top grin and it sounds positive, as in DH didn't run screaming from the suggestion of wank clinic. Hope it was just a benign mole?

Forgot to add shagging like something!? Arrrgh my stupid brain.
Hope work is going well south

I'd not thought about a gp. I'll make an appointment and see.

We have that changing bag! It's actually amazing. Flipping love it.

I also have that DVD. Shall we do it together?

SW is going ok, should have some kinda loss!

so so worried my SIL ( the lovely one) went to a&e this morning with vision problems. they did a scan and it turns out the baby is pushing so far into her spine its pushing spinal fluid into the brain. she only 18 weeks. i dont know if they would recommend a medical termintation or what?!

I have a dream...that one day I'll learn how to hyperlink, frying it's the best unisex one we've seen, can't see DH strutting about with one that says Yummy Mummy or some such shite.
Happy to start shred on Monday if you're up for it? I've got family over this weekend & I don't want to be huffing & puffing around the living room whilst my mum bitches about how fat I still am.
When's your SW meeting day?

something, I have no idea but that sounds horrible sad Hope it all works out for her. x

I get weighed every Thursday. Monday sounds good to me!

I don't have any answers, but my prayers are with her something x

thanks everyone

southlundon Wed 27-Jun-12 18:05:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grin Cheers south, stupid me has never realise what 'convert links automatically' means! To answer your question on last thread, not in Sydenham, used to live in Crystal Palace & have mates around there so I can often be seen trying to push a buggy up Gipsy Hill!
I shall PM you my fb details.

fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh in frying & looking forward(!) to shredding with you!

something, is SIL still in hopsital? Fingers are crossed for her. xx

southlundon Wed 27-Jun-12 21:39:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Practisingparent Thu 28-Jun-12 07:09:03

Yay for somethings splodge, thats a bit exciting!! Sorry to hear about LSIL (lovely SIL rather than Evil SIL)

Top You said some very wise words on the last thread, about being grateful for what you have, was heart warming... then I read your conversation with DH about wank clinic and pissed myselF! grin

My DH is driving to Germany tomorrow to catch a glimpse of the tour de france. Someone tell me why its important to drive thousands of miles, to watch some cyclists race past in a matter of minutes! So JS will cease till monday, hope Im not OV. Will try and jump him again tonight.

southlundon Thu 28-Jun-12 07:37:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

went to see LSIL last night things have been made out to be worse than they actually are. they dont actually know if it is the baby or not causing it but there is already spinal fluid in the brain normally shes just has increased pressure there (gotta love google) so shes having a lumber puncture today.

if anyone wants to add me on facebook its lettie head and profile picture is DS in his jumperoo

Something, I can't add you cos im on my phone. My email is keeks 1987 @ gmail.com without the spaces of course

No js for me recently. My ds is teething again and im permanently shattered. Will make a move tonight

So just seen my midwife and I got a shock! She looked after me whilst I was in critical care after having zac! She's lovely said I can try for a VBAC and sent my scan referal off! shes referring me to a consultant whos very pro VBAC and i might be booked for regular growth scan due to previous PET

That's fantastic! Brilliant news Something

southlundon Thu 28-Jun-12 17:30:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

if anyone added me on fb i accepted

NicolaHazel Thu 28-Jun-12 17:51:30

That's quite interesting to know, thank you :-)

Though my H2B has just worked out I'm now very unlikely to turn down DTD and has started to try it on far more often! We had an impromptu session on Tuesday, and I think I'm on a promise tonight too. Plus the weekend is on the way :-) Hopefully it'll be just the right timing as it's CD9 today.

Still seems odd being so blase talking about my sex life so freely, as it isn't something I'm prone to doing in RL!

I've added you both smile

something, hopefully that's more positive for her! Good luck getting your VBAC.

south, so we, wait, should have more sex?! Yay!

Nicola, I was thinking the same thing! How odd that's we're all talking about ERTD & JS but wouldn't recognise each other in the street.

No JS here so far the last few days, DH is working lots & it's hot. Too hot.

NicolaHazel Thu 28-Jun-12 18:05:27

Sorry to be thick...what's VBAC?

Lots of unknown acronyms! :-/

Nicola, VBAC is Vaginal Birth after Casearean.

topbannana Thu 28-Jun-12 18:23:35

I worry sometimes that if something happens to me, what people will think when they analyse my internet history and see what I talk about on here. I think I can honestly say I NEVER discuss our sex life in RL. Ever smile

babyjames Thu 28-Jun-12 19:33:04

Marking my place again smile

Oh my goodness did anyone have the floods today like I did here?!

NicolaHazel Thu 28-Jun-12 20:02:53

Ah, thank you, Woman :-)

Fingers crossed, Something.

hehe thanks

OOh babyjames, hope you & yours are all alright? We had muggy sunshine all day, can hardly believe the weather reports oop North!

top, I googled a film last night & somehow came across porn...the film was an awful horror called Evil Angel, and there is a porn site of the same name. Now my browsing history looks weird too!

topbannana Thu 28-Jun-12 22:41:33

I remember googling for a man to fit wire to the chimney pots to stop the bastard gulls nesting on them and coming across a child porn site sad When we reported it, the police seemed unconcerned but I was since told it was probably a Hindustan. In any case it was a most unpleasant surprise and consequently the gulls got another year of shitting down my chimney

topbannana Thu 28-Jun-12 22:43:19

Shit me, a HONEYTRAP not a Hindustan hmm

Hindustan. Ha ha

Well, I've lost half a pound. Not very good. I kept to the diet, but I'm just so bloated!

topbannana Thu 28-Jun-12 23:49:15

I LOVE my iPhone but seriously, who designed a piece of technology that assumes you spell the word Hindustan more than the word honeytrap?!

NicolaHazel Fri 29-Jun-12 06:34:54

We had a laugh about that typo, top, prior to a bit of DTD last night. :-) Think I'm aiming for EOD this month...can't hurt!

My phone is a bastard for making words up. It seems all phones do it :-/

southlundon Fri 29-Jun-12 08:27:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NicolaHazel Fri 29-Jun-12 08:37:30

Ha ha, south, the men in our lives live the benefit of trying for a baby...I reckon mine will be attempting every night soon!

Bless him...pig in muck now he's worked out I'll go for it every time it is offered as he LOVES JSing!

the month i got my BFP we didnt really shag that much stepped it up around DP birthday and when i thought i was ovulating and that was about it

Hindustan!? grin

Frying, well done on the loss so far.
south, good luck EOD! We'll be EOD next month too...
I caved and PIAR this morning (5 days early, hoping that effects thing) and it was BFN, needed to know before I open the bubbly on Sunday night to celebrate Italy's win grin

Nicola grin Glad OH is happy with trying!!
I wish DH & I wanted to JS at the same-ish times, I prefer afternoons or night before sleep, he likes it in the morning, does anyone else have the same problem?

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Fri 29-Jun-12 09:15:06

Hi all,

Not posted for ages as I've been really busy transcribing interviews for my PhD. Oh. The. Joy.

JS loads this month so have been quietly hopeful that we've been successful. ERTD is due tomorrow. I caved and did a FR test this morning. BFN. sad.

After the extra 2ww last month and all the BFNS I told myself I was absolutely not going to test and now I remember why. From now on I am absolutely not going to test until I'm late. BFN are too sad. Not a good way to start the day.

Sorry for venting but OH and I aren't talking this morning so couldn't tell him, plus he doesn't really get it. Suppose I should get ready to go out, I have a school Fauré to set up!

southlundon Fri 29-Jun-12 09:51:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Welcome back!

Well, the last time I had sex, it was 6 days ago. Now im going away for the weekend, rubbish! Roll on Monday and jsing

NicolaHazel Fri 29-Jun-12 10:10:40

Sorry for your BFN, GuineaPigs :-(

And, Woman, I prefer night during the week, and it is normally morning or afternoon at weekends. It kind of works...he would have it whenever though!

<waves> at Guinea! Sorry about your BFN, a horrible way to start the day, I've been mooching & wondering where I've gone wrong...
Hope you & OH sort things about soon & if you're outside setting up today it stays dry! x

south, that will be my new rule...2 weeks late before I test. Think I might stop buying massive bundles of internet cheapy sticks so I'm not temped earlier.

Nicola, I wish DH was like your OH! He used to be but he's so tired recently (don't resent him for it, understand) it's very rare that we're on the same page...

frying, hope you're going away somewhere nice?
What's everyone up to this weekend?

Sorry to hear the news of the BFN's...

Also feeling a bit blue - haven't done any JS since Sunday as we are both very emotional creatures and just can't do it if we're not in the mood or feeling tired, so I feel like its another missed month.

I don't do PIAR but I still feel just as down when ERTD turns up. This month its almost as if I know there will be an ERTD because I'm sure we haven't had enough sex.

Our usual habits are lots of JS at the weekend (i.e. don't tend to surface till lunchtime on Saturday and Sunday) but I'm a bit concerned that may not be good enough if my ovulation is happening midweek, when we tend to be busy and tired.

Have just read my post and decided its too depressing - need a positive attitude - so am going to grin and think about how to have fun on our Saturday morning sesh tomorrow blush

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend...

southlundon Fri 29-Jun-12 15:30:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stuck, to paraphrase the Love Gods/baby-making force that is Take That; 'It only takes a minute stuck, to make a baby..make a bayyyybbbbbeeee'.
Have fun tomorrow morning wink

horse that is quality!!!! I am heading home now and will be putting Take That on full blast!!!

so update on SIL dont think its all the serious as shes been in 3 days now and they havent even done the lumber puncture yet and only sent her for a scan today. when i was critically ill after DS things were done straight away but who knows?

NicolaHazel Fri 29-Jun-12 17:50:18

To be honest, Woman, I only started saying yes to JSing midweek recently as a) I felt bad for always saying no due to being exhausted from work and b) I knew we would need to up our game to get me up duffed and decided to get him used to it before it was essential so he didn't decide I just wanted sperm, ha ha.

He would do it whenever, even after a long day at work, and he has a physical job. Puts me with my pen pushing to shame! :-/

We were reminiscing over the multiple times a day from when we got together recently sigh. Doesn't happen now! :-(

It seems stress from work / life and extreme tiredness is prolific in here.

NicolaHazel Fri 29-Jun-12 17:51:27

Maybe no news / action is good news, something? Fx, anyway.

Persuasion Fri 29-Jun-12 18:10:05

Goodness you move quick. I'm keeping up with reading but have nowhere near enough time to post at the moment.

Sorry for those with BFNs. I'm going to PIAR tomorrow coz we're going to visit family this week and I want to know if I can drink or not. ERTD would be due tuesday so it's too early but I actually cope better if I test early and keep testing, kind of breaks it to me gently, and before the worst of the ERTD hormones!

Have a good weekend all grin

yeah thats what i think no major action is a good thing

Practisingparent Fri 29-Jun-12 21:37:19

Sorry about BFN's too, I am also of the opinion that best not to test till properly late, I only ever keep a couple of test kits too, of course its easier to tell when you are late if you have a regular cycle!!! envy

DH left this am and wont be back till Monday, missing him now... We had a good go of it last week, just hope i dont miss the boat this weekend! To be honest, Iv had to push my DH to do it so often already, he likes it regular but not EOD and certainly not ED, he feels like he's 'on empty'hmm (He would kill me if he knew I was telling you all, ooops) Anyone have similar problem?

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Fri 29-Jun-12 23:45:02

Practising I read your post as 'my DH left his arm at work this morning' confused...think I've finally lost it!!

OH and I have made up and celebrated with a JS, though just for fun not function! Hope you all get lots of JS in over the weekend.

South it is my DS school fayre (should it be fair or fayre?)...silly phone autocorrect. Tomorrow I shall mostly be face painting smile

Today I'm posting from my moms, bathed in sunlight, near the sea. Now that I've made you all - hopefully- jealous, I have nothing to add.

I'm in the north east until Monday, Monday night we've got a family thing, so will bump uglies on Tuesday probably.

I don't know how to describe this without sounding crazy, but here goes.

The day before I found out I was pregnant with ds, I was all hormonal and weepy listening to music, I was crying at Green Day!

As I've told you all, I'm massively hormonal. Yesterday on the way here, I was in floods of tears at the following songs

Don't be a hero - no idea the singer
Jenny don't be hasty - Paulo nutini
Deliver us - song from Prince of Egypt
Walking on sunshine - Katrina and the waves.

Odd songs to cry about.

The implant was removed on 12th, js on 19th, no idea when my period is gonna start. no idea when to test. or if I should.

Can't work out if I want to be pregnant or am hoping for my period.

i was extremely hormonal for about a week before my BFP crying at four weddings and gavin and stacey! woke up the day before ERTD was due wanting coffee so i tested and BFP

frying, maybe you were crying at your bad taste in music wink
Crossing fingers here that a BFP is on the horizon, would explain the lack of period after implant removal? I guess it would be worth waiting another week or 2 to test, but I luff PIAR so I'd test sooner (which is why I'm always so <sadfaced> when I get my BFN's)!
Hope you're having a wonderful day, not jealous at all of the sunshine. Not at all.

Going on from Fryings crazy sounding; I feel so nauseous today grin I haven't felt like this since early days of last pg. And, concrete evidence, I had a dream about having twins last night...I'll probably get ERTD in an hour or 2 & be really, really pissed off.

Practising, hope you have a nice DH-less weekend. I'll ask DH how he feels about running on empty for you!

NicolaHazel Sat 30-Jun-12 13:50:03

Bloody hell...I just got emotional watching this:


And I'm not even post-OV yet. Bonkers hormones! :-)

Ha ha thanks Woman!

well, I poas, bfn. I'm an odd mix of happy and sad

topbannana Sat 30-Jun-12 15:00:58

All these BFN's, this thread is not working the magic just yet. Perhaps we will have a landslide of BFP's further on down the line smile

ERTD is almost done so the only drinking at weekends not drinking kicks in from Monday. In a strange way I feel extremely grown up making such sensible decisions and choices, its a rarity I can assure you! Will then aim for EOD but we also struggle with the "being in the right mood" thing. I am keen that we don't become obsessive and stop enjoying it though DH could well take to it like a man obsessed so he can get back to mid-week drinking again!

We are also prone to staying up too late and then being too tired. I am a dreadful morning person and I struggle to raise the enthusiasm for morning JSing (though it can be a pleasant change once in a while) particularly as DH leaves for work just after 7am hmm

Anyway we have just got back from DS's school fair and netball tournament with a bottle of wine and a 6 month season ticket to the local stately home. DH has gone to get rid of the evidence do the recycling and DS is reading "Where Willy went" a crass attempt to introduce an 8 year old to <whispers> sex. We are quite open but the subject has never really come up, and I feel increasingly anxious about DS not being properly informed but cannot quite bring it up myself. So having fielded 50 questions about sperm, we are out to play football in the garden anything to get the topic off of sperm grin

Practisingparent Sat 30-Jun-12 22:32:32

Hope all those emotions are a good sign frying, I usually get very weepy day before ERTD, so might be a sign, hormones are at work (hopefully not cos of ERTD).

Same goes for you woman, love the symptom spotting!

Fx for you girls, we need a BFP to christen the thread!

Top Good Luck finding answers for those tricky questions, loving the reading material of choice!

southlundon Sun 01-Jul-12 22:47:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topbannana Mon 02-Jul-12 09:49:27

It's awfully quiet on here, I imagine it's the sheer volume of JSing going on that's preventing others from posting grin
south we are not into football but can definitely see the attraction of half time! Sadly we do not have a TV at the moment (strangely cleansing for the soul actually) which means DH has had to agree to find a pub showing the Wimbledon mens final if Andy Murray gets through- he was strangely accepting of this fact smile
Anyway ERTD has finally nuggeted off so my shag cape is pressed and hanging expectantly behind my bedroom door for later grin

frying, don't forget to shred today! I will be this afternoon once DH gets in.

south, I started watching the football but gave up after the 2nd goal, too depressing to watch!

top wayhey for ERTD pissing orf. 'Where Willy Went' sounds hilarious educational! Luckily my mum spent most of my childhood pg so I understood sex & the results.

In symptom watch today; my tummy has gone 'hard' (IYSWIM?) & I'm having a few pressing pains so it seems ERTD is going to happen, I'll be more upset than previous months when it does as I've been 100% I'm feeling pg, IYSWIM again?

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Mon 02-Jul-12 11:13:17

Woman my tummy going hard was one of my first signs of early pregnancy!

Still no ERTD here ... Due on Saturday. I was baptised yesterday so was hoping that it would hold off til after that as I was fully immersed in a pool.

Keep alternating between a 'heavy' feeling and thinking its going to start any minute and not feeling at all like its coming. Ho hum, will wait for the joyful occasion and celebrate being able to drink for another month with a glass of wine!

eeeek a week till my scan! come on you lot pop out some BFP! grin

southlundon Mon 02-Jul-12 13:19:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topbannana Mon 02-Jul-12 14:43:55

Ooh guinea congrats on your baptism. DS goes to a CofE school (despite my heathen leanings) and DH was something of a God botherer in his youth (his words, not mine!) I was christened but have never "done" church until DS started to help out and I have begun to feel that we should attend more often as a family- time will tell smile
Fingers crossed to all of you who ERTD is late (or messing about) for thanks

Congratulations Guinea on the baptism, hope it was a lovely, memorable day!

top, the best primary school in the area is CoE (and I wouldn't send DC to a religious school if I didn't follow the religion), DH was raised Christian & I was raised 'think what you want but you're Jewish'...so I'm another seriously considering going to a local CoE to see if it's for me/us.

Fingers are crossed for you Guinea on the ERTD-front, exciting that my symptom is your symptom!! Share the BFP if you get one grin

south, yep Italy...although like you I love shouting German names at the tv!

southlundon Mon 02-Jul-12 15:11:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

just checking.in! No ertd, still bfn, so we'll wait and see what happens.
Horse, did you do shred?
Congrats on the baptism Guinea! Which church? If you don't mind me asking

south, ever since I was a girl whenever Pirlo's name is mentioned I have to say 'Piiiiiierrrrrrlooo!', it's annoying for me, people watching it with me & probably the great man himself. <luffs Pirlo, DH won't let me call our potential future DS Andrea cos it's a girls name over here>
But you're right, it's not SCWEINSTEIGER!!!!

frying, I did indeed shred & <tmi> it turns out my pelvic floor isn't as good I thunk it was, so I'm off to look into ways of improving it blush
If you didn't shred...wait until I've recovered & I'll hunt you down!!

No more ERTD symptoms here, so it's looking good for the thread!

southlundon Mon 02-Jul-12 21:12:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Practisingparent Mon 02-Jul-12 21:26:43

Congratulations Guinea on your baptism (as in 'born again'?) I second Fryings question about what church? and Souths, whats shred?

DH coming back tonight, hopefully he is not too knackered to JS, Ive been looking forward to it!

shred (hope my hyperlink works), it's a workout dvd that's actually quite decent!!

Have fun tonight Practising.

southlundon Mon 02-Jul-12 21:37:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Practisingparent Mon 02-Jul-12 21:53:33

Thanks south. I think a full immersion baptism is usually for 'believers' and is quite different to an infant christening. Im a christian and was baptised when I was 16 or 17.

Put me right Guinea, if Im wrong!

southlundon Mon 02-Jul-12 22:30:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southlundon Mon 02-Jul-12 22:30:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Mon 02-Jul-12 23:23:25

Thanks for the congrats all! It was a lovely service and a very emotional day...I cried on a number of occasions, but then I always do cry at Church!

Yes it was a believers baptism that follows becoming a Christian. It is a demonstration of faith rather than a pre-cursor to it so is different to an infant Christening. I go to a Baptist church in Leeds (LRBC).

Still no ERTD, but hardly daring to hope after last month and a BFN.

It's not stopped raining here all day...Hopefully the bad weather will encourage us all to stay in and JS. Silver lining etc...

yeah its a repeat of my early scan to see if theres a fetal pole and a heartbeat pretty much symptiomless here but know it can still kick in!

Well, I got back yesterday, and had to go straight out for a family dinner.
By the time we got back I was shattered. So no js for us. Maybe tonight

Good luck something!

When is the best day to start testing post-ERTD due date? I tested 2/3 days before due..does that rule out a pg? Or should I wait until weekend? ERTD was due yesterday/today..no more symptoms so unless it surpises me I don't think it's coming.

Guinea, sounds lovely!
As you all seem to know a bit about religion, would it usually be frowned upon (by the Rev or the patrons) if I took DS to church (CoE) but didn't get him baptised? I want him to know as much about the subject before he makes the choice if it's the religion for him, if that makes sense? I love the idea of a Guinea style demonstration of faith/understanding what it means instead of him just knowing he was baptised as a child.

something, how did it go? Am hoping no news is good news.

frying, DH has told me not to shred today because I'm hobbling around (I didn't even notice) but he's giving me a leg massage instead, win-win!!

I think that's a lovely idea. I was brought up Mormon and people we're always welcome, even if not getting baptised. I'd assume it's the same everywhere.

I didn't shred neither, I've been out all day. Let me know when you start and I'll do it too.

We js tonight! Entertained baby with snacks and cartoons and crept off! Was lovely.

Also had a frank discussion and we've agreed to js more often, bout three times a week. Which is always good! Not just because of wanting another baby, but because since ds was born, we've lost some of that intimacy which is normal, but not a good thing.

But, that's me off on a tangent!

If you're due today, woman, I'd test now. It may not have shown up earlier. Fingers crossed for you!

mandasand Tue 03-Jul-12 21:13:44

Hello shaggers! I have good news ...

It looks like not stressing myself out too much with symptoms etc the last few weeks may have worked ... got a BFP this evening! Just did it again and it came up straight away! smile

My last cycle was 31 days, and today I was at 33 days with no period. I felt a bit nauseous this afternoon, but also had slight stomach cramps and started biting the inside of my cheeks a bit (which I usually do when period is coming - weird I know). So instead of worrying about whether or not I just did a test, expecting it to be neg.

But it wasn't! We're not getting toooo excited. At my grand old age anything could go wrong ... and it is v. early days. But I think this counts as another BFP for the thread!

topbannana Tue 03-Jul-12 21:17:06

Actually mandasand I think it's the first of this thread so congratulations!!!! Wise not to get too excited but YOU HAVE A BFP!!! smile

mandasand Tue 03-Jul-12 21:35:07

thanks, topbanana! :-D


A very unmumsnetty eek!

Rivergirly Tue 03-Jul-12 21:54:37

just checking in. still nothing for me getting lots of bloatedness when due ERTD and last time it was nearly 3 weeks late now getting to what I think is when ERTD should be due but no symptoms at all again assuming this means no BFP this month. But we're fine it's still early days for us. smile

And congrats mandasand - BFP always good news!!

Yay mandasand! Congratulations, can understand not getting too excited...let us know when you've had your 12wk scan & we'll get into proper celebrating mood grin, seconding the unmn Eeek frying said!!

<waves> at River, well if it's bfn for you..that's another month of wine, every cloud & all that!

Offically late ERTD here, not getting my hopes up or anything...

Frying, I'm going to re-start shred on Saturday...I had a problem with my knees before so I'll be taking it a bit slowly.
Frank discussion sounds good, it can be hard when you lose intimacy. We're not JS until the weekend because we're trying to stop it becoming all about ttc too.

topbannana Wed 04-Jul-12 09:10:47

When are you planning to PIAR horse? I no longer keep tests in the house as it is just too tempting (though YOU started this thread so maybe the magics worked on you already?! smile )
We are enjoying JSing again and have stuck to EOD, though it's very early days yet. At least the rain means we are not tempted to do anything outside! I took the dog to agility last night at 6.30 and left DS and DH in their PJ's, with the heating on, reading and drinking hot chocolate- IT'S JULY FFS!!!

southlundon Wed 04-Jul-12 09:18:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yay! come join us on the other side! scans not for 6 days!

am awaiting a lift to a&e with DS he has an odd egg shaped lump over his soft spot

NewChoos Wed 04-Jul-12 10:00:42

Morning, Can I join please. I am clueless, 40, like prosecco (will be giving this up of course) and chocolate (hopefully not giving that up although had GD with DS 15mo). Working almost FT but will be trying to fit in the baby making where poss, inbetween half hearted attempts at sleep training and trying to do weightwatchers.
Going to read the thread now with a coffee and some toast.

Persuasion Wed 04-Jul-12 10:20:35

Congratulations manda!

Welcome newchoos (love the name)

something I hope DS is ok

Like woman I'm a bit in limbo. I'm a day late after very light spotting on 11 and 12 dpo but BFN this morning, still only 13dpo though so I guess time for a test to come positive? Am trying not to get my hopes up too much though.

top, I have no more sticks...only OV sticks. Stupid stuff all in the same packaging! But ordered some more internet ones so I'll test whenever they get here (mate works in a GP Surgery, so tempted to ask her to get me some, but she'll want to know results!).
Sounds like you had a lovely cosy day..but heating on?! That's crazy!

Thanks for answering South! I'll discuss it more with DH & see if he wants to start going at the same time (we're not looking at going until the New Year, think I'll pop along for one of the really busy Christmas Masses & see how I like the vibe? Less likely to get cornered by someone then)!

something, soft spot on his head? Hope he's just bumped it...let us know how it goes x

Welcome Choos! Hope this thread helps a little, good luck with the weightwatchers & sleep. I don't know much about GD, but are you at a higher risk of getting it if you've already had it?

Persuasion, fingers crossed for you. x

NewChoos Wed 04-Jul-12 10:41:27

something hope your little one is ok. Thanks for the welcome and congrats to manda.
horse yes, so I am trying to lose a stone before TTC but as we're bringing this forward now, will just try and be super healthy and curb my sweet tooth.

southlundon Wed 04-Jul-12 10:44:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Practisingparent Wed 04-Jul-12 11:07:19

Ooooh, lots of exciting stuff going on!

Mandasand Congratulations, that is fantastic! Lets hope the BFP's come thick and fast now!

Newchoos Welcome, we have not had many newbies since this thread began, and we need people to fill the 'soon to be empty' spots. Sounds like you are trying to achieve a lot all at once!

Shag cape has been getting a lot of action since DH got back... yay! We are certainly stepping up the action, think we will have a rest tonight, unless pant snot looks positive, but (TMI) kind of hard to tell whats what!

South, how old is your DS? Cant wait til DD can do that!

topbannana Wed 04-Jul-12 11:28:29

* practicing* I just laughed out loud at your TMI. I too get slightly "confused" but have never quite got round to mentioning it grin
south DH is starting to take better care of himself too which is great and also has the added benefits you mention! The not drinking certainly seems to free up vast swathes of time I had never realised was missing!

southlundon Wed 04-Jul-12 11:42:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Practisingparent Wed 04-Jul-12 11:46:33

Im glad someone understands what dilemmas we face! Think I will check tonight (rest night).

Happy JS top, use the time wisely!

Practisingparent Wed 04-Jul-12 11:53:32

Its a good approach, South but my cycles are so irregular , I literally have no idea when OV may occur. (But then I guess this thread is about less control, more JSwink)

topbannana Wed 04-Jul-12 11:56:54

* practicing* I just laughed out loud at your TMI. I too get slightly "confused" but have never quite got round to mentioning it grin
south DH is starting to take better care of himself too which is great and also has the added benefits you mention! The not drinking certainly seems to free up vast swathes of time I had never realised was missing!

southlundon Wed 04-Jul-12 12:05:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mandasand Wed 04-Jul-12 13:02:18

Thanks for the congrats everyone! I have a doc appointment at 5pm. Not sure if this is usual (I just phoned them up this a.m.) or because I am over 35!

So where do all the graduating JSers go? Is there a nice and laid back 'just preggers' list?! Good luck all - hoping this is good omen for the new thread! And thanks for all your support. I'm not sure I'd have got my BFP if I hadn't learnt all about pant snot on here! smile xx

southlundon Wed 04-Jul-12 13:10:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mandasand Wed 04-Jul-12 13:44:05

thanks south! see you over there, soon?? good luck xx

Ok, what does eod mean?

It's lovely to see some newbies! When I first started posting on here I was worried cos I was joining an already formed group if you know what I mean. I shouldn't have worried! Let the newbies start jumping in too!

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Wed 04-Jul-12 14:30:09

Woman I started replying to your post about church yesterday...so no with it! I agree with South about not feeling pressured. I was going to say that if a church makes you feel awkward about being there then find another church!

Congrats Manda fingers crossed I'll be joining you soon!

Frying eod means every other day...the holy frail of JSing I believe!

Did another test today and still a BFN, think my cycle has randomly messed up sad will just have to keep JSing I suppose.

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Wed 04-Jul-12 14:32:00

*not with it. Not 'no with it'...think this just highlights my point grin

topbannana Wed 04-Jul-12 14:35:46

The holy frail guinea?! I love the sound of that grin And bugger the BFN sad

And sorry about my random double post, I am having "issues" with my phone which seemed to take exception to DS leaving it on the dashboard in the south of France hmm I don't suppose anyone has a spare (uncooked) iPhone lying about? grin

tiredteddy Wed 04-Jul-12 19:42:03

Hi everyone! I still lurk to see how you are all getting on and if anyone's coming to join us on the other thread? So congratulations to mandasand the thread is called "shagged out viroids 4 over here" I think I can't do links. It's quite a quiet thread but nice and friendly. I am now 11+3 and got my dating scan on Friday. Feeling a bit nervous. Really hoping for lots of nice shiny BFP's for you all x

lollypopsicle Wed 04-Jul-12 19:43:19

Evening shaggers. I'm still lurking. Just popped in to say yay for manda and to shake horse by the shoulders ( gently given her possible condition!) and scream "P.I.A.R woman!!!!"

ChildOfThe1980s Wed 04-Jul-12 21:08:46

Hi everyone! Welcome new and big congrats to Mandasand !

I am about mid-cycle now and may have OVd yesterday. I'm never sure cos I get very little pant snot.

Anyway, I think my DH is getting more determined than me to have baby #2. We are JSing more than normal, even when he's tired or ill, which used to be a no-go area.

Do it horse!
Still a bfn and no ertd. Bring on the wine

southlundon Wed 04-Jul-12 21:38:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

we need more of you off the shagged out thread! tis quiet over there.

boobs are killing especially when they get squashed bending over to pick DS up.

Another js last night. :-) baby was at mils, so we saw an early showing of Spider-Man, which is ace, and had a quiet night

Persuasion Thu 05-Jul-12 10:27:17

Hi lolly and tired <waves wildly> hope you're both well? We're trying our best to join you!

ERTD got me late yesterday, a day late and (TMI) quite red so I'm wondering if it was a chemical pregnancy. I'm assuming it is and it's actually making me feel more optimistic, like top that at least things are working down there to some extent!

topbannana Thu 05-Jul-12 10:50:49

persuasion sorry to hear that but if it is a chemical pregnancy then yes, you know you both still work- it spurred us on no end (bizarrely)
DH is warming to his EOD task and the not drinking is not half as bad as we had imagined (though I bloody well expect results after this sacrifice!) When I came to bed last night DH was lying on my side of the bed. When I questioned this he said he fancied trying a new position and thought the other side of the bed was a good start- apparently he's been saving that gem for a while but kept forgetting to use it grin
He may be dropping in later on the way back from a job so I could hide behind the door, naked as a Jay bird except for my shag cape and pounce as he walks through- there is of course the danger that the shock could kill him grin

Quick hello - I still read a lot but don't always have time to post - but would like to say congrats to Mandasand...
We seem to be back to EOD here but I fear tis too late this month for my optimum pantsnot time! But hopefully we are in a good habit now of plenty of JS again.
ERTD due on Monday - usually pretty regular so will see if it arrives. There is a tiny spark of hope that maybe it won't smile

mandasand Thu 05-Jul-12 17:28:35

thanks so much for the further congrats! thanks yesterday I had all sorts of pregnancy symptoms. today ... nothing! so far it's just one kind of worry replacing another! :-) hoping to see some of you over on the other side soon :-) xx

southlundon Thu 05-Jul-12 18:00:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Morning shaggers!

No ertd or ov for me. I thought the implant had been out for a month, but it was actually only just over three weeks. Feels like forever! So, if nothing has happened by next week, I'm going to go to the drs. Still bloated, teary, now crampy, and feeling heavy. Still bfn. It's a funny old world.

Plans for.today?

southlundon Fri 06-Jul-12 10:29:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topbannana Fri 06-Jul-12 14:55:58

Afternoon all, hope the weather is being kind to you all hmm
JSing is going well here, DH has thrown himself into it with gusto since he's not drinking he has nothing else to distract him grin At the moment we are doing everyday <faints> though I'm not sure how long we can keep that up for! DH even threatened to "pop in" (cue raised eyebrows and winking) while passing between jobs- thank God he had an apprentice with him!!
Hoping to go to the local Seafood Festival tomorrow but the forecast is
pants- I have even tried shaking my fist in rage at the sky but at the moment, to no avail smile

southlundon Fri 06-Jul-12 19:04:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topbannana Fri 06-Jul-12 20:02:50

Hurrah for the tennis south!! I made DH promise to take me to a pub to watch the final if Andy Murray got through (as we don't have a TV)
I don't think he thought it would happen and now he's stuck ferrying my tipsy body about on Sunday afternoon- happy days :-)

<waves> at teddy & lolly. No idea if I'll be joining you still, BFN this morning, no ERTD or symptoms of ERTD-ness. When should I re-test (because I have 30 tests..I'll do it everyday until I get my BFP). On the plus side I still feel like utter crap, which is either pg or dying of man-ish flu.

persuasion hope you're feeling ok? x

top, grin hope you've been having some amazing JS! And have a good time on Sunday, poor Tsonga got a hit to the man bits today, hope Mrs.Tsonga isn't on this thread...he'll be out of action for a while.
I envy your tvless-ness (although it's fantastic for when you have a new born!), but DH luffs the tv/sky box.
Hope you manage to make the seafood festival, we've got a an open day at a local animal charity/working farm place on Sunday, would love it to be dry!

south, hope you manage JS tonight & you're not too tired.

frying, fingers are crossed.

Have a shagtastic weekend everyone!!!

CheerfulYank Sat 07-Jul-12 01:47:29

Does shagging unprotected the last two times mean that I finally, finally get to join you?!

DH and I have decided to just get on with it as DS is almost 5. We're mot exactly trying, but we have stopped not trying I suppose.

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Sat 07-Jul-12 08:08:03

The weather is still awful here, just what I need with 2 DCs who love to be outside. They are terrible cooped up. DD decided to get up at 10.30 last night and wanted to go play on the trampoline...obviously the answer was no! Thought she might grace us with a lie-in today but she was awake normal time (where do they get their energy from? confused)

We haven't JS for ages because dp has been really tired. Think we'll try tonight. Not that I think it'll be much use - still haven't had a period and I'm a week late now. Don't know what's going on with my body but its very frustrating [thought there was a smiley for this!]

Woman keep us posted!

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Sat 07-Jul-12 08:09:28

BtW welcome Cheerful smile

southlundon Sat 07-Jul-12 08:39:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topbannana Sat 07-Jul-12 09:57:56

Ooh I LOVE muddy wellies south and am very envy of your weather. It has pissed down here solidly since bedtime. As it happens I am still in bed sulking and shaking my fist occasionally at the sky in impotent rage but to no avail. It looks like we will simply have to chance drowning in order to enjoy the seafood- though at least the queues should be short smile
And the idea behind the TVlessness was that we would spend all summer outdoors doing wholesome family activities instead of slumped in front of the box- pah!
Oh and welcome cheerful!

Welcome cheerful!! Not protecting but not trying is good enough for us!

Oooh, sounds good Guinea! I've PIAR and got a BFN again, think I'll wait until Tuesday to do it again.
South fancy swapping pretty rural for crap London suburb envy

southlundon Sat 07-Jul-12 10:12:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Morning! So, js last night. Still no period, still bfn. Still feeling heavy and crampy.

today I've made a menu up until 26 when I get paid. It's a glam life

Persuasion Sat 07-Jul-12 11:27:36

I'm ok woman ERTD just about clearing off so going to start JSing again. Sticking with EOD as something seems to have happened even if it didn't work out. Sorry for yoor BFN. Just keep testing alternate days I guess.

frying I hope something definitive happens one way or the other soon. I had so many pregnancy symptoms when I had my coil removed I was sure I was pg but I wasn't! I think now it was just all the hormones flying about.

Welcome cheerful that sound good enough to me!

southlundon Sat 07-Jul-12 20:00:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topbannana Sat 07-Jul-12 20:54:51

<sigh> they are lovely south smile
Sadly the Seafood Festival was cancelled today because of the torrential rain but should be on tomorrow. DH and I managed to fill an otherwise DVD laden afternoon with a rather unexpected and very pleasant JS while DS was rejoicing in being allowed to watch a second DVD- cunning parents eh?!
So now its raining again but at least I have my promised trip to the pub to watch the tennis tomorrow grin

I think it is just hormones, but that's ok. I fully expect to be the last man standing on this thread!

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

CheerfulYank Sun 08-Jul-12 07:54:02

Thanks for the welcome, all!

We had to take poor DS to the ER today with a badly burned foot sad , and we were sitting on the hospital bed talking and watching TV and I had one of those moments. Where you think, I grew this person. grin

I can't wait to have another!

so EVIL SIL is due today! lovely SIL finds out the sex of her baby tomorrow and i see baby splodge on tuesday!

how has it been over here? i dont even feel like im pregnant and hope it stays like this until i feel splodge moving. my section pouch seems to of lifted and rounding off already! shock

southlundon Sun 08-Jul-12 13:46:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Practisingparent Sun 08-Jul-12 15:27:40

Welcome cheerful
Come on woman (am routing for you).

I was away last night for a 30th birthday bash (in a field!) and we failed to JS on Friday (and possibly thursday too, gaaah), I have definite gooey pant snot today, so not holding out any hope for this month really, and probably wont js tonight as DH is sick! (great timing!)sad

However have found out that 2 of my best friends are ttc too, so will be a bit of a competition each month! Exciting times!

Practisingparent Sun 08-Jul-12 15:28:44

oh cheerful, poor DS, how did it happen?

CheerfulYank Sun 08-Jul-12 16:05:51

He'll be 5 in about a week. smile

He was at his grandparents, running amok with his cousins. He tried to leap over the fire pit. sad There was no fire in it, but there had been yesterday, and his foot went deep down and some embers or ashes or whatever got stuck in his sandal. sad My poor guy!

CheerfulYank Sun 08-Jul-12 16:09:06

What does pants snot mean as far as ovulation goes? I know next to nothing about the whole process; DS was a complete surprise! smile

hello all and big waves to all JS'ers

I'm still here as ERTD hit me today. I kind of felt it was coming as I was my usual PMT emotional mess on Friday night and everything felt the same as normal.

Had a lovely day on Saturday though meeting a friend's 9 month old and there was lots of talk about TTC! A little too much information from my friends tho and in the interest of our thread I will also share with you!!! grin Apparently they'd been trying for 4/5 months and the one that worked was when she stuck her finger in his bum and wiggled his prostate and apparently he had the orgasm of his life!!! We were all killing ourselves laughing in the restaurant (including the dad!) and I really hope no one overheard. It may have worked for them - but I am just so not into doing that!!!!

cheerful yank it might be the previous version of this thread with the link but there's a website out there that shows you the different discharges over the course of a monthly cycle and if you have the clear jelly like one, then that's the best time to go for it!!!

NicolaHazel Sun 08-Jul-12 21:40:21

Oh god...don't send her to the website with the weird fingers!! It's just wrong!

southlundon Mon 09-Jul-12 08:32:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

topbannana Mon 09-Jul-12 08:45:35

Eeew, don't look while eating cheerful!

redstrawberry Mon 09-Jul-12 10:37:16

Hi I have been lurking on this one for a bit, can I ? I am on cycle 3 of trying to conceive my first. Hopefully this will be our month.

Hi red! Welcome to the gang

Can I join? Trying to conceive dc2 smile dd is 10 months old.
Dont want to get obsessive about testing for ovulating etc so just having lots of sex grin
I can feel myself itching to wee on a stick! My last period was around the 6th of June - when should I test?

southlundon Mon 09-Jul-12 11:39:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redstrawberry Mon 09-Jul-12 11:49:54

hi south love strawberries and they are red - smile

How long are your cycles jazz?

I love the term pant snot haha - i have been furkling around down there but haven't seen any this month. had copious lots of it last month, but no EWCM this month. Does this mean I can still ovulate and get preggo?

Kittenkatzen Mon 09-Jul-12 14:41:13

Hello lovely JSers, please may I come back and be in the gang again?! grin (<--winning smile!)

After a temporary work/finance related wobble on the ttc front, DH and I have come to the conclusion that actually we don't want to wait and be sensible, we just want to get on with it, so we are back on the ttc wagon - hurray!!

Haven't caught up with the thread properly yet (will go do that now) but I understand there are some congratulations required, so to all the lucky BFPers, consider yourselves congratulated!!

It's nice to be back smilesmile

southlundon Mon 09-Jul-12 14:43:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Guess who got ERTD instead of a BFP? Arses...bollocks & bugger. I felt more pg than I did in the early months with DS, I think I'm just going to stop symptom spotting & get back to JS.
It's irritating that once I started paying attention to dates blardy ERTD decided to turn up a week & a bit late, stupid body! <shakes fist at self>

Cheerful, hope DS is ok!

Welcome Jazz & red and welcome back Kitten!

Random question for you all, what are your hobbies?
DH asked me what I liked to do aside from cooking & video gaming (only things I seem to enjoy doing on a regular basis) & I had nada (exercise doesn't count!)....so what do you lovely ladies do with your spare time?

southlundon Mon 09-Jul-12 15:39:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redstrawberry Mon 09-Jul-12 15:44:12

haha grin i need to read properly before I reply! i'm a bit ditsy south in case you haven't figured that out already!

hi kitten and frying

ah sorry about ERTD awoman! Hobby wise I am into the green fingered gardening thing. never got into the baking craze but i love eating baked goodies smile errrmm reading is another one ....does mumsnet and ttc obsession count?

Kittenkatzen Mon 09-Jul-12 15:54:09

Thanks for the welcomes smile south I was last on here early June I guess....around the time that "doing it like something" was coined as a phrase iirc smile and tiredteddy had just got her bfp around the time I stopped posting I think....

Tbh, although I disappeared because we agreed not to ttc for a few months, we've kind of just muddled along still JSing sans contraception, so I think I'm just going to pick up counting as if nothing happened.

horse sorry ertd got you sad mean of your body to play tricks on you like that - you should punish it with copious amounts of wine - the hangover will teach it a lesson!

Oooh what games do you play horse? I haven't played in a while, but I went through a stage of playing WoW fpr a couple of years a while back......only 1 of my rl friends knows this though, and she laughs every time she remembers! blush. Apart from that I LOVE to cook too, especially baking....I mae a mean cupcake if I do say so myself!

Kittenkatzen Mon 09-Jul-12 15:55:46

red I will bake you some cupcakes if you come and sort out my weed jungle back garden - deal?! grin

Kitten, I luff gardening. <glares at the lack of outside space that came with the 1st floor flat> I have a patch in my best mates garden so I get my fix.
My DH used to play WoW but doesn't have the time for it anymore, currently I'm playing Skyrim (big game where you go around a country killing dragons, helping people & sometimes stabbing them).
south never really got into any PC game aside from Broken Sword (ye olde point & click solver), you have any to recommend?
TTC is the best hobby red grin, DH normally eats the stuff I bake/cook & I don't get a look in!

Kitten, I get what you mean about waiting tc.
We've done the maths & we couldn't afford to have more than 2, so it's hard working out when is the best time to have another (Dh wants no more than a 3 yr age gap, I want a million children so we're just going to see where our ttc takes us).

redstrawberry Mon 09-Jul-12 16:47:41

I recognized you from another thread kitten cupcakes sound like a good deal - buttercream frosting for moi please smile

I lurve gardening too woman its so therapeutic when TTC - its a good stress buster.

south roll call is a good idea. How do we do this?

southlundon Mon 09-Jul-12 17:22:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NicolaHazel Mon 09-Jul-12 17:52:23

Ooh...kitten is back! :-)

My hobbies are going to the occasional gig, and I like baking too. Though not sure I do it often enough to count as a hobby!

If we had a garden, I'd enjoy that...that's an after-wedding move though.

Kittenkatzen Mon 09-Jul-12 18:05:38

<waves> at nicola, how are you my fellow muser?!

I really really want to love gardening.....I do ok with pot plants and have some chilli plants and herbs doing well on my kitchen windowsill, but when it comes to the actual garden, just thought that I even need to get the lawnmower out is enough to make me angryangry

Yay I'm on the old roll call smile


Today I got all my hair chopped off. It's really short, but not Butch short. Iyswim.

I love gaming! I couldn't get into skyrim, but like fable.2, borderlands, etc.

Name: fryingpantoface
Location: north west
DC: 1 ds almost 10 months (eek)
TTC: since 12 June smile

NicolaHazel Mon 09-Jul-12 19:12:00

I'm good, kitten, glad to see you back :-)

Are you raring to go now?

I was on a roll call, but have vanished, so here goes:

Name: NicolaHazel
Location: Southport
DC: None
TTC: 1.5 months.

topbannana Mon 09-Jul-12 20:09:14

Gosh it moved fast today!
Welcome newbies and welcome back old timers (that should cover it!)
DS's school was closed today due to flooding and several other things went tits up so we went to the village and let the kids play in the floodwater while we stood around and gossiped about loss adjusters and flood water.
Its quite an eye-opener when you see children enjoying the simple things but DS and a couple of school friends spent a happy couple of hours running, jumping, splashing, kicking and eventually lying in the water hmm They tried desperately to get the cars that snuck through the police signs to splash them but every driver seemed to have an aggravating amount of courtesy and they were thwarted grin Even the old folk commented how lovely it was to see them having fun.
So tonight we will probably JS in order to keep up our EOD mission (which we have so far managed wink) Hoping school is open tomorrow but its not looking good so perhaps another day rolling around in the road is on the cards!

redstrawberry Mon 09-Jul-12 20:15:48

Location: up north
DC: none yet
TTC: since 3mths

redstrawberry Mon 09-Jul-12 20:19:24

We've been jsing EOD for the last 2 weeks. Getting closer to the dreaded 2ww now. I am so anxious and nervous. I just want to see a positive pregnancy test so bad!!! And the weather is a not exactly warm and dry enough to do any gardening! Arrghhh! I'm going to need some hand holding for the next few days.

I promise I will get better!

Southlundun - my name is actually jazz but on mumsnet I'm anonymous and I'm also not a mouse (say what I mean) grin

This is our first month of trying - my cycles are umm not sure how long they are actually! I did breastfeed but stopped about 4 months ago - does that affect things?

Name: Jazz
Location: Bristol
Dc: DD 10 months
TTC: a few weeks?

Who's js tonight?!

southlundon Mon 09-Jul-12 21:02:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Name: AWomanCalledHorse Location: London/Kent DC: 1 DS born Dec 2012
TTC: Since Feb 2012

Name: babylann Lives: west midlands Dc: DD, 2 yrs
TTC: on and off for 15 months UPDATE BFP!

Name: Childofthe1980s Location: South West DC: DS (6) TTC: 4 months

Name: Dysgu Location: Isle of Wight DC: DD1 (5 years) DD2 (3 years)
TTC: 3 months

Name: flyingsprocket Location: South East (originally from Dublin)
DC: None TTC: 6 weeks

Name: frak (modify as desired)Lives: Currently Indian Ocean, relocating back to France imminently DC: DS 13mo TTC: half-arsedly for about 6mo, seriously 2mo

Name: fryingpantoface Location: north west DC: 1 ds almost 10 months (eek)
TTC: since 12 June

Name: Jazz Location: Bristol Dc: DD 10 months TTC: a few weeks?

Name - kittenkatzen Lives - South East DC? - not yet! TTC - er, 21 days

Name: lollypopsicle Lives: Midlands Dc: DS (17 months)
TTC: 4 months

Name: mandasand Lives: Oxford DC: none
TTC: 2 1/2 months (thought it was a bit longer, which shows my impatience!)

Name: minervaitalica Lives: Italy, but relocating soon Dc: DD, 3 yrs
TTC: less than a month

Name: Miss Marjoribanks Location: NW DC: 1x DS 2.5yo TTC: <1 month

Name: NicolaHazel Location: Southport DC: None TTC: 1.5 months.

Name: Persuasion Lives: east midlands DC: not yet TTC: 2 1/2 months

Name: PractisingParent Location: West Midlands DC: dd 15 m TTC: 1 week (officially)

Name: redstrawberry Location: up north DC: none yet TTC: since 3mths

Name: RIBS Lives: North East Dc: DD 3 1/2 TTC: 16m

Name - Southlundon Lives - North West DC - 1 Ds, 3,5yo TTC - about a year

Name: SomethingWittyNot Lives: Kent DC: 1DS (4 months)
TTC: 3 months but doing it something style. UPDATE BFP!

Name: SunshineandChoccy Lives: London DC: none TTC: 10months

Name: TopBanana Lives: South West DC: DS (8)
TTC: about 3 years but a bit half heartedly till recently considering DH is such a relic.

I've put us in alphabetical order <square> and changed the listing-ness for this post so it's easier to see more people on one screen. If you hate it feel free to go back to paragraphs!


babyjames Mon 09-Jul-12 21:30:53

Can I be added please too:
Name: Babyjames
Location: Worcestershire
DC: DS 28months
TTC: Officially about 3months (not preventing since DS!)

Good luck Shaggering tonight South!
Holds red crazy hand grin 2ww is something I'll have to learn about (DS was a surprise so I've become slightly PIAR happy)!

Top, sounds lovely! I can't wait until DS is old enough for me to have a puddle jumping partner.

Jazz, love your name! My ERTD came back 6 wks after I stopped producing milk (had stopped bf about a month before but was still producing enough to leak through my clothes everyday, classy)!

Name: AWomanCalledHorse Location: London/Kent DC: 1 DS born Dec 2012 TTC: Since Feb 2012

Name: babylann Location: west midlands Dc: DD, 2 yrs TTC: on and off for 15 months UPDATE BFP!

Name: Babyjames Location: Worcestershire DC: DS 28months TTC: Officially about 3months (not preventing since DS!)

Name: Childofthe1980s Location: South West DC: DS (6) TTC: 4 months

Name: Dysgu Location: Isle of Wight DC: DD1 (5 years) DD2 (3 years) TTC: 3 months

Name: flyingsprocket Location: South East (originally from Dublin) DC: None TTC: 6 weeks

Name: frak (modify as desired)Lives: Currently Indian Ocean, relocating back to France imminently DC: DS 13mo TTC: half-arsedly for about 6mo, seriously 2mo

Name: fryingpantoface Location: north west DC: 1 ds almost 10 months (eek) TTC: since 12 June

Name: Jazz Location: Bristol Dc: DD 10 months TTC: a few weeks?

Name - kittenkatzen Lives - South East DC? - not yet! TTC - er, 21 days

Name: lollypopsicle Lives: Midlands Dc: DS (17 months) TTC: 4 months

Name: mandasand Lives: Oxford DC: none TTC: 2 1/2 months (thought it was a bit longer, which shows my impatience!) UPDATE BFP!

Name: minervaitalica Lives: Italy, but relocating soon Dc: DD, 3 yrs TTC: less than a month

Name: Miss Marjoribanks Location: NW DC: 1x DS 2.5yo TTC: <1 month

Name: NicolaHazel Location: Southport DC: None TTC: 1.5 months.

Name: Persuasion Lives: east midlands DC: not yet TTC: 2 1/2 months

Name: PractisingParent Location: West Midlands DC: dd 15 m TTC: 1 week (officially)

Name: redstrawberry Location: up north DC: none yet TTC: since 3mths

Name: RIBS Lives: North East Dc: DD 3 1/2 TTC: 16m

Name - Southlundon Lives - North West DC - 1 Ds, 3,5yo TTC - about a year

Name: SomethingWittyNot Lives: Kent DC: 1DS (4 months) TTC: 3 months but doing it something style. UPDATE BFP!

Name: SunshineandChoccy Lives: London DC: none TTC: 10months

Name: TopBanana Lives: South West DC: DS (8) TTC: about 3 years but a bit half heartedly till recently considering DH is such a relic.

Kittenkatzen Mon 09-Jul-12 21:46:21

Ahh top that does sound like a lovely day! Fingers crossed for more puddle jumping tomorrow! It's been pretty rainy here in Sussex but nothing like the madness that other places seem to be getting.

nicola yes definitely raring to go! It's been a bit of a roller coaster few weeks but I think we're back on track now smile

jazz is such a cool name, I do mental jazz-hands in my head whenever I read it grin

We just snuck in a sneaky js....bit early (cd9) but good to keep in practice I think!

topbannana Mon 09-Jul-12 21:50:04

horse its great fun, I love doing things like that with DS. Sadly he can be a bit of a square sometimes and needs egging into things, which I am more than happy to do smile
south, you me and ribs are in danger of becoming positive relics in the TTC stakes sad

southlundon Mon 09-Jul-12 21:55:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Practisingparent Mon 09-Jul-12 22:30:31

Hi all,
Welcome red and jazz, As much as we like to think we are all laid back shaggers, it can get a bit mental particularly at that time of the month, waiting for a BFP!

Hmmm hobbies.... cooking, include baking (but not helpful for the waistline)
sometimes a bit of cross stitch and reading.
Watching DH tend the garden as I cut the blooms to die in a vase inside(i just love having flowers inside).
Allowing DD to grow in to a well rounded person (does that count?)hmm

Sounds pretty pitiful, (not to self, get a life!)

I was away over the weekend, and pretty sure I missed the fertility boat, plenty of pant snot at the wrong time! Oh well, guess I will stick around with you ladies for another month! I will still attempt to seduce him tonight as a last ditch attempt!wink

Thanks kitten - I like that it's unusual but not too 'out there' smile
What does cd9 mean?

Oh and my hobbies are - patchwork and scrapbooking, some cross stitch and baking but irregularly grin

topbannana Tue 10-Jul-12 00:23:58

I forgot earlier! My interests are wide and varied and I flit like a butterfly from one to the other (or at least I did before DS was born!)
Now I love to cook (reasonably well) and bake (with varied results due to my dreadful impatience!) I also have a working spaniel who I work in the shooting season and I have just started agility with him to keep his mind active out of the season. I also love to garden, again with varying degrees of success. We camp a lot (though not at all this year hmm and enjoy geocaching much to DS's disgust grin
And practicing I am with you on the flowers indoors thing. Even at our poorest we have always had some sort of flowers inside, even if it was a glass of daisies. Currently we have so many wild flowers that I have a pretty jam jar full of lavender and a selection of wild flowers which pleases me greatly smile

CheerfulYank Tue 10-Jul-12 02:10:12

Hi everyone!

I don't really have a lot of hobbies. I read a lot and like to grow flowers, but I'm pretty crap at it. DH grows them really, I just water them and say "ooh that looks pretty!" grin I like to bake and plan parties with themes. I like hiking and going to ice hockey games when I get a chance.

Name: CheerfulYank
Lives: Minnesota, USA
DS: 1DS, age 5 (well, almost. Nine days til his birthday!)
TTC: About three weeks?

I don't think I have green fingers... Unless it can pretty much take care of itself it dies in my house! Thankfully not the same thing happens with babies...grin

Kittenkatzen Tue 10-Jul-12 07:48:15

Ooh yes I love to camp too. DH is a big wimp fair weather camper though so we don't do it as much as I'd like.

What is geocaching? I've heard it mentioned loads but never worked out really what it is or how it works!

jazz cd = cycle day. You start counting on the first day of ertd smile

Persuasion Tue 10-Jul-12 07:59:53

woman sorry ERTD got you. Crap isn't it. Mines cleared off again now but due to work there's no chance of us JSing before friday. Hopefully that's still before the most important bit!

Welcome back kitten and welcome to the gang to the newbies!

south I'm showing my ignorance but what is BINTM?

Hobbies, hmmm. I read a lot, bake and garden a bit, and shoot (clay pigeons, and not very well at that), oh and am a full time slave to my cat!

redstrawberry Tue 10-Jul-12 08:37:00

ooo Jazz patchwork and cross stitch is what I was thinking of picking up when I get my BFP. I love the idea of making my own patchwork quilt cover or a throw. I used to cross stitch a lot when I was at school - my mum's brilliant at it so used to watch her and learn. I hope to cross stitch for the baby IF and WHEN I get preggers.

erm yes what is geocaching topB? I love camping but DH is a bit of a wimp when it comes to the flies and bugs that come and say hello in the tent!

hi yank and practising

southlundon Tue 10-Jul-12 08:38:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kittenkatzen Tue 10-Jul-12 09:07:16

south I love BINTM too...although I think Elle McPherson seems to be trying really hard to beat even Tyra Banks in the smug, annoying, self important tv show host category! Love love love Julien Macdonald though.

We all have a nice varied bunch of hobbies don't we! I can imagine how a meet up would go - us lot sitting round a camp fire, wrapped up in patchwork quilts, munching on cupcakes, swapping gardening tips, looking forward to a lesson in geocaching and shooting the next day grin

topbannana Tue 10-Jul-12 09:11:21

Morning all!
School open today and it is raining again so goodness knows what will happen next hmm
persuasion I shoot TERRIBLY so maintain that "I prefer to work the dogs" rather than humiliate myself. DH shoots and is pretty good as well so that compounds my shitness grin
south he would either be gamekeeper or shoot captain. And what a responsibility that would be! DH is also slightly wavering away from camping (must be the relic in them!) so we have taken to only camping in lovely weather and in beautiful places, thereby staving off the inevitable time he puts his foot down and refuses to go anywhere without an en-suite smile
And geocaching is a type of treasure hunt using hand held GPS devices (we have our own but loads of phones have a fairly decent one built in) You go to the website (www.geocaching.com) and find one near you by putting in your postcode/ town etc. The co-ordinates will come up, you put them into your GPS and off you go. The caches can be anything from a tiny micro (about the size of your little finger nail) to big tupperware boxes full of goodies (plastic tat that DS exchanges for his own plastic tat) Caches are placed EVERYWHERE and people often place them in places that you would never have visited- we have discovered some of the most beautiful places right on our doorstep. There will be a logbook inside which you sign to show that you have found the cache, then you log it on the website when you get back home. It sounds really sad when I describe it like that but we like to be out and about, it is free and it gives us a purpose rather than aimless wandering smile
Oh and we JS'd last night grin

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Tue 10-Jul-12 09:59:34

Top I've been meaning to try geocaching for ages now as I think the kids would love it. You have inspired me and I will go and geocache forthwith at the weekend if the weather is not too bad

We JSd last night but have no idea if it's doing any good or not, I think my body has just decided to give up on having periods. Still nothing after nearly six weeks (again!). To make matters worse I keep dreaming that I'm pregnant. Last night I dreamt that I felt pregnant so I went to the bathroom to do a pregnancy test but I could barely see, couldn't switch the light on and the pregnancy tests in my bathroom cabinet had been replaced with Niquitin nicotine patches and I don't even smoke!! confused Obviously going bonkers!

I'm a little short on hobbies at the moment as I dislocated my kneecap last June (2011) and had to have fairly hefty knee surgery last December. Before that I did ballet two-three times a week and me and OH used to go rock climbing. I have now replaced these activities with eating baked goods and so now my jeans don't fit. I refuse to buy some more because I hoping to be buying maternity jeansshorly and then I can eat as much as I want.

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Tue 10-Jul-12 10:02:24

BTW I LOVE BINTM and ANTM. I like to say that they are my one bit of trash TV but I'm lying. Can't believe it's started and I didn't know. I must rectify this immediately and series link it now. Have a good day y'all smile!

I love quilting! Just got a new sewing machine too.

No js for me last night. maybe tonight

southlundon Tue 10-Jul-12 12:48:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southlundon Tue 10-Jul-12 12:49:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

just had my scan! baby splodge mesures 7.9mm making me six weeks and 5 days due the 28/2/13! my scan

Kittenkatzen Tue 10-Jul-12 14:42:32

sad I can't access the scan picture as work have blocked whatever site it's on - congrats though something, glad it's going well!

south any ideas when the next series of ANTM starts?

guinea booo to rubbish long cycles driving you round the bend....keep JSing though just in case!

Congratulations! yey

southlundon Tue 10-Jul-12 15:19:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redstrawberry Tue 10-Jul-12 15:54:20

Congratulations Something!

A big ANTM fan - did it already start shock? Is this the new cycle with the british and american one combined?

<makes note to self to scan Sky Living tonight>

WingDefence Tue 10-Jul-12 16:09:29

Hi all - as mentioned above I have name-changed (first time!). Couldn't work out what to have as so many of the user names on here are super witty and clever and Birdsong was already taken so here is my usual netball position ie where I can do least damage.

Don't worry about updating the roll call, I'll do that on the next thread.

And Red, the BritvUS cycle has already aired over here I think. Try going to Never Miss on sky.com and setting a reminder for when it comes on again. In face, I will probably do that for the next season anyway smile

~ Wing

Hey wing!

redstrawberry Tue 10-Jul-12 16:25:30

hi wing i'm sure I know you from somewhere earlier grin

oh no I have missed it? I have been so obsessed with TTC that everything else has taken a back seat. I will check out Never Miss thanks for the tip.

ps. annoyed sex is not a bad thing smile

Kittenkatzen Tue 10-Jul-12 17:19:12

hi wing! i used to play wing defence too about 100 years ago smile

I completely missed the Brit invasion series too so will have to check out never miss later. I wonder what the twist will be on the next series.....I loved the All Stars series did you guys watch that?

And seconding red's suggestion that angry sex definitely has some benefits grin

topbannana Tue 10-Jul-12 17:21:38

wing there is a geocaching app for the iPhone or you can use the GPS if you have one. The app is (or was) about £6. We use it if we are out and about as it allows you to search for geocaches near where you are and I always forget the GPS
And yes, huffy JSing is shit. Sometimes I just cannot snap out of it and DH just mooches about pretending to be busy or worse, WHISTLING angry grin
Also slightly concerned about the name changing thing now, never crossed my mind before but what if DH's daughter found me? Or my mother hmm Or the vicar?! blush

Persuasion Tue 10-Jul-12 17:22:02

Welcome in disguise wing I've realised I'm obviously missing out on good trash TV, I shall go and investigate!

Ok so I am cd unknown... Last period was around the 6th - if I tested tonight would it work or do I have to wait for the morning?

It should work jazz

How has, with all the BINTM talk, Tyson Beckford not been mentioned once?! Even straight as a ruler DH admits he's a damn fine man...I've had to series link as I forgot it had started!
DH went from mocking me watching ANTM to being hurt if I started it without him blush
Kitten loved the All Stars but thought the winner was a terrible choice (not spoiling for anyone still to watch it)!

CheerfulYank, which Hockey team? I'm a big Red Wings fan (thanks to childhood misspent watching NHL when I should have been sleeping), the English Hockey League is decent but we've only got an 'AHL'-style feeder team nearby so they're not that inspiring to watch.
Wish we had a rugby team nearby too, will have to make do with football for now!

Love that we've got similar hobbies..and them some proper out-there different ones! Makes me feel even more inspired to find something decent!

Guinea, sorry to hear of your knee troubles!

wing, have some damn fine make up JS! Like everyone said, angry sex is great sex.

Jazz, it should work! Fingers are crossed for you.

WingDefence Tue 10-Jul-12 20:46:16

Hmm, never had angry/annoyed sex... DH is out (again) tonight, just at a neighbour's for a couple of hours but I think I'll jump him when he gets in no matter how tired I am.

I watched the All Stars season, missed the last ep but I had already been spoiled as to the winner and I can't say I agreed either so I didn't mind missing the finale. Goodness knows what spin Tyra will put on the next one.

Thanks for the geocaching hints Top and I wouldn't worry about being found out unless you use that name (and its unusual spelling) elsewhere eg on a personal twitter account. Eg Is this your website

notsoold Tue 10-Jul-12 21:41:47

Hi may I join here? I have been lurking and waiting for my first af after erpc ....it seems to take forever!!!!
Anyway I read loads of threads but because I am so lazy...js seems the way to go..
I am 41 and will ttc dc number 3 after a long gap.
Sorry if long....
I love bintm and antm but then I love anything on the telly loser yes anything but soaps...

notsoold Tue 10-Jul-12 21:43:23

Dh loves the js approach ....

Practisingparent Tue 10-Jul-12 21:50:19

Oh dear, no js here for a while. Was sleeping by the time js crossed my mind last night.

How do you have angry sex? confused If Im angry, js is the very last thing on my mind, and DH would never touch me if he knew I was mad at him(which he would).

Oh, and we too have been known to geocache ...(trudge across boggy fields with dd in back carrier) good times!grin

i have not watched Next Top Model for years, my guilty pleasure is 'the bachelor', new series started 2 weeks ago! Yay!

Like the new name wing

Practisingparent Tue 10-Jul-12 21:51:39

Welcome notsoold

Kittenkatzen Tue 10-Jul-12 21:52:10

Oh top please say that's your website gringringrin

Totally agree the all stars winner was a terrible choice - The girl I really wanted to win got knocked out a little earlier, but even so the second place girl would still have been a much better choice <cryptic> And ohhhhhh Tyson Beckford is the most beautiful man isn't he?!

Well DH just asked where in my cycle I am, so I have a feeling there may be some swi in the kitten household tonight smile

Kittenkatzen Tue 10-Jul-12 21:55:25

Welcome notsoold smile

practising I think it only works up to a certain point, obviously if you're absolutely livid it won't work! grin

WingDefence Tue 10-Jul-12 22:08:14

Welcome Notsoold! I'm afraid I have no idea what erpc is (or 'eric' as my iPad just auto corrected it to)?! We have our own set of acronyms on this thread too so please feel free to suggest anything we can add to it!

Practising I have heard of the Bachelor on the US series but have you been watching the UK version with Spencer from Made In Chelsea?! Actually, I've just remembered that MIC is my other TV guilty pleasure... Oh and Big Fat Gypsy Weddings...

And does anyone else think my MN nickname sounds like something from the RAF? grin

Ooh, DH has entered the building <dons shag cape>

topbannana Tue 10-Jul-12 22:24:52

Damn you wing and your undercover, camouflaged shag cape, you have stumbled across my website- will have to name change now grin
Sadly I only realised quite recently that I have been spelling banana wrong all these years hmm It has been my user name on a couple of other forums and TBH I wondered why it was always still available when I chose it so I have written it so many times I don't think I could ever get my head around spelling it properly. The tragedy is that I am a stickler for spelling and grammar and now I am stuck with it- I shall simply pretend it is cutting edge grin

Only one line
Awaiting AF then sad

Still next month will include lots of shags so have that to look forward to grin

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Tue 10-Jul-12 22:36:35

Can't believe I've missed ANTM Brit Invasion. Gutted. Shall investigate never miss tomorrow. I also somehow managed to miss the last half of the recent Bones series (despite series linking it). I become surprisingly angry and upset when I miss a series/episode despite the fact that it is only TV. My other favourite is Casualty - been watching for years and can't quite stop.

WingDefence does sound quite military-esque, we'll just assume its the military precision you use to co-ordinate JSing! wink

notsoold Tue 10-Jul-12 23:51:08

Sorry...do you have another acronyms for evacuation of retained products of conception??? Or as I call in my hear y?
wing I thought it was sports related....

Damn real life!

I've never watched either bachelor or the top model thing. Will investigate.

I love top can't spell her name!

Notso im so sorry. Why seems a good name for it. I've had multiple miscarriages so have been where you are x

Kittenkatzen Wed 11-Jul-12 07:29:25

Oh erpc = miscarriage? So sorry for your loss notsoold, haven't heard that acronym before now. sad

redstrawberry Wed 11-Jul-12 08:29:05

oh sorry Jazz did you test early? Hope AF still doesn't arrive sad

redstrawberry Wed 11-Jul-12 08:31:28

I never liked ERPC - sounds so cold and medical. Sorry for your loss notso

I have no symptoms at 3dpo and feel like maybe I am not pregnant again this month. I wish your body would send a strong sharp signal when you conceive rather than going through this 2ww malarkey!

noinspiration Wed 11-Jul-12 09:00:07


Just wanted to check in to say that JS really works. I'm 39, came off the pill at the end of Feb, have a history of PCOS and a long term eating disorder in my early 30s. Frankly I thought it a bit unlikely I'd ever get pregnant. However, boobs were like torpedoes this week so I POAS, and da dah.

Only worry is I bled heavily for one hour on Friday last week. Nothing since. It was after a personal training session, and in my defence I had no idea I was pregnant. Am going straight to the GP today.... cross your fingers for me.

WingDefence Wed 11-Jul-12 09:00:58

Oh Notsoold sorry for my ignorance blush Hope ERTD comes soon sad
And yes, it's the position I usually play in netball because I'm a bit rubbish and play in an amazing team so WD is pretty much where I can muck up the game the least grin

Jazz that's rubbish. Still, it's never over until the big fat ERTD sings (hmm, that sounds a bit wrong!)...

Red that would be great if you either knew for certain imeddiately or didn't. All this waiting around can drive a person crazy - in fact it does which is why we are all on here going aaaaaarrghhhh !

WingDefence Wed 11-Jul-12 09:01:57

Noinspiration that's inspirational! Well done on your BFP! smile

noinspiration Wed 11-Jul-12 09:21:31

Thanks WingD smile

redstrawberry Wed 11-Jul-12 09:38:26

Congratulations inspiration fx for you

Ooo congrats!! Send us all bfp vibes grin
I think we might've started js too late in the month.
Thing is I'm not sure when I'm due on - must start writing it down!

topbannana Wed 11-Jul-12 09:56:26

Congratulations noinspiration and welcome notsoold
No JSing last night as we were both very tired and had headaches (cue the worlds smallest violin grin)
Shame really as I think I MAY have OV'd yesterday. I have been paying an undue amount of attention to my pant snot and was convinced "the time was right" followed by a pain in my left side last night. I have never had a pain before but do suffer from IBS so may have missed it in amongst all the grumbling and growling!
In any case we JS'd on Monday and if I jump DH tonight we will have stuck to EOD with the occasional extra chucked in. We are also on our second week of not drinking during the week so I am feeling particularly grown up and virtuous smile
Off now to polish my halo and iron my shag cape grin

Kittenkatzen Wed 11-Jul-12 10:17:36

Congratulations noinspiration - as WD said, very inspirational indeed! smile

fingers crossed for you top, sounds like you've put the leg work in (so to speak!) this month for sure! I've managed to talk DH into giving up drinking for a bit too so am feeling your pain on that front.....we've agreed no alcohol at all until our holiday in September - with a couple of negotiated exceptions (weddings/events etc.). It's been 3 days so far.....!

jazz if you have an iphone there's a really handy app that you can download for free to do you ertd tracking for you smile

No Jsing for us last night after all.....I had thought I was on a bit of a promise, but DH picked up his laptop to do a bit of work and I promptly fell asleep <romantic>

topbannana Wed 11-Jul-12 11:12:48

kitten its more of a habit with us TBH. We came from the licensed trade so drinking is a way of life/ occupational hazard, whichever way you choose to look at it!
I find it easier to not drink full stop (in practise for finally falling pregnant!) We spent a couple of weeks trying to cut down and stick within limits but it was more aggravating than just not drinking at all IYSWIM. We still have a couple of drinks at the weekend but it seems like a real treat. We felt that cutting down completely is another way of turning TTC into a chore and, given the time its taken us so far I think DH could have turned loopy by now grin
In fact I go to agility on a Tuesday and I have been buying a small bottle of weak real ale for DH while I am out. He says it is such a treat and can eke it out all evening which makes me chuckle!

WingDefence Wed 11-Jul-12 13:46:04

Well done Top on 'getting the leg work in' [snigger] And also to you and Kitten for cutting back on the booze. DH and I rarely drink any more at home at that made a big difference for us.

Last Jan (2011) was a big milestone birthday for DH and I organised lots of nights out and surprise drinks for it, plus with xmas, new year and DS's birthday in between all that we drank tons for about 6 weeks. DH was given loads of posh wine and whisky too for his birthday. So we gave up drinking from Jan to Easter which I think was April and I felt so much better for it. All our friends assumed I was pg but sadly not!

This year we both gave it up again for Lent. Not quite so difficult but I still felt virtuous on Easter Sunday when I tucked into my wine !

Have iPhone - what's the app?! smile

WingDefence Wed 11-Jul-12 14:19:56

Jazz the app I use is Monthly Cycles (shortened to Mo.Cycles on my phone). This one: Monthly Cycles

I tried a couple of other free ones but this is the most user-friendly one I've found. It's good for monitoring ERTD dates anyway.

Kittenkatzen Wed 11-Jul-12 15:57:13

Ah yes I can see how coming from the licensed trade it must be more of a lifestyle choice than anything! Totally agree with it being easier to stop completely than to cut down, it really does feel like more of a treat that way!

WD the start of this year was exactly the same for us - we had christmas, new year, a big birthday for DH, and got married all in the space of two months....add to that the fact that at the time we were both working in the City and the result was two seriously pickled livers for a while!

Jazz the app I have is called iPeriod (shows as iP on your home screen). It's pretty good but I'm sure most of them are much the same - just type period tracker into the app store and see what comes up smile

Has anyone else had completely bonkers weather today? It seems to have been switching between torrential rain and blazing sunshine at 5 minute intervals all day today....

notsoold Wed 11-Jul-12 16:23:46

Weather is silly here as well....

I have an Android and I have the my days app. I used it when I got pregnant with ds.

notsoold Wed 11-Jul-12 20:53:26

I have android and my app is called my calendar....
No worries wings all the acronyms around MN is mind blowing....
Congrats noinspiration
I have no idea about jsing next as dh is shattered with work sad and I don't drink much so it will be a reading threads evening!

Dysgu Wed 11-Jul-12 21:51:58

Hello all. I have been absent from the thread for a couple of weeks and had to have a hunt to find you all.

It is that crazy time of year when we are trying to wrap up the current school year, write reports, prepare for the new school year (I am moving year groups - aagh!) and I was away in Bath all of last week on a school residential. Phew!

Have been exhausted since my return on Friday, work is crazy and I can't even remember when last ERTD was so have no idea when OV may happen or even when ERTD is due again!

Have only read the first page of this thread but is is possible for me to 'bagsy' one of the 7 'due' BFPs please?

Off to catch up with everyone's news...

Thank you smile

yay congrats! come join us on the other side!

topbannana Thu 12-Jul-12 10:11:02

Ha ha, I loved the idea of "putting in the leg work" grin
I also read an interesting snippet that said conception is aided if the woman has an orgasm just prior to her partner (something to do with contraction of muscles) Even if it is not true I reckon its worth a punt though grin
Off to pick up DS at lunchtime so we can watch the Olympic torch relay. It has not started to rain YET but the forecast is dreadful hmm
And hello again dysgu nice to see you smile

WingDefence Thu 12-Jul-12 10:30:57

Dysgu that'll be one BFP for you, one for Noinspiration... Who else?!

Notsoold I go for the 'lazy/tired' JSing in that case. If it's me who is knackered then spooning or flat out in my back does it and if it's DH then I'm on top. I'm sure no man can resist a bit of JSing really wink

Top we had the torch come vaguely near us a few weeks back the same day that Blackpool was due to have it for a huge evening celebration on the prom and it was all washed out. It is lovely and sunny up here today so can we have it back please?! To be fair, I'm not that bothered about the whole thing really. I'll watch it on tv just as I would normally but I have issues with the amount of money it's costing us when you look at all the cuts being made in the public sector.

Oops, better get off my soap box blush

topbannana Thu 12-Jul-12 10:52:27

wing I would like one of the BFP's pretty please (DH says that he feels he has earnt it this month!)
I also guess its the flame you want back rather than the weather, though we would gladly send the rain to you wink
The tired JSing is a new phenomenen for us as we used to be terribly considerate and not JS if one of us was too tired which is probably why DS is still an only child How things have changed grin

WingDefence Thu 12-Jul-12 11:08:06

Top I'm with you there about why DS is still an only child! I stopped taking the pill in March/April 11 but I doubt we were JSing enough or at the right time for probably the rest of the year. [yawn]

notsoold Thu 12-Jul-12 11:10:49

I am still choking and laughing after reading the lazy / tired jsing but will keep that in mind--and laugh about it--

Congrats noinspiration, hope everything went well at the Gp's, wishing you an uneventful pregnancy.
Welcome Notsoold.

Dysgu, there have been 2 bfp's already...you want one, I want one, top wants one, so the rest of the thread need to fight for the remaining two. My money is on Wing, she'll blast others in the face with a well aimed netball strike & knock them out, although CheerfulYank is a Yank so she might scare everyone off with a gun? Hmmmm.

top, sounds promising. I think it was amaze last thread who correctly predicted she had C after a JS session!

Wing, we're an anti-Olympics household. DH is working almost everyday & we're probably very unlikely to get a BFP whilst he's working...he's back on normal shifts in the 2nd wk of September so I'll see him around then.
We're going to take it easy this month after me stressing out so much about not being up duffed but feeling it, ERTD is almost gone so that's one positive.


So, just checking in really. I'm at work today, was yesterday too, and even though i only work two days a week i've missed loads!

No JS from us. DS is staying at his grandparent's tonight so it'll just be me and dh. After slimming world, i'm gonna rock his socks! I'm gonna iron the shag cape ready smile

I don't mind not getting pregnant this month. In fact, i would love for the ertd to start! I worked it out and it was a month ago today the implant was removed and i was told ertd would start within 48 hours. I'm going to call the drs now to make an appointment... just done it! Appt booked next friday 9am. I just need some answers now. I'm sick of cramping all the time, of not ovulating, of being massively hormonal. I will never get the implant again. After the next baby, dh can have the snip.

WingDefence Thu 12-Jul-12 13:10:42

Frying will you threaten him with a frying pan if he doesn't agree to the snip? grin Good luck tonight at SW.

Notsoold I was trying to help not make you choke! Sorry!

And Woman that's crap about not really seeing DH for two months sad Chilling out about TTC is probably a good idea for everyone on here though!

He will certainly get a pan to his face

Kittenkatzen Thu 12-Jul-12 14:04:38

Oh!! Up to now I've been reading frying's name as "frying-panto-face" - as in pantomime - no wonder it didn't really make sense!! blushblush Don't mind me, I'll be in the blonde corner......

Anyway I hope the doc can sort things out for you frying, I remember my first cycle off the pill seeming to drag for ever as you just want a sign that everything's working ok down there!

I'm also not looking forward to the olympics.....on a purely selfish level my daily commute into London Bridge is going to be a complete nightmare for weeks. There were "rehearsals" at the station the other day which, as far as I could tell, consisted of barricading off large sections of the concourse for no apparent reason, and giving every member of staff a megaphone to shout conflicting instructions through confused. I missed my train home due to being herded in the wrong direction two or three times grrrrr

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Thu 12-Jul-12 14:19:50

I want a BFP this month!! My body is driving me mad though ... still no ERTD (2 weeks late), sore breasts, dull achy crampy pains, tiredness, nausea and mood swings - I feel like a checklist for early pregnancy. But CB digital announced 'not pregnant' yesterday. Had a good old cry about it - I really thought that this month was our month after all the JSing sad.

I think I may go to the previously useless doctor if not ERTD at the weekend. Just want to know what's going on.

Can't believe it's mid afternoon already, I should probably start carry on doing some work.

WingDefence Thu 12-Jul-12 14:45:02

Guinea two weeks? Wow I can't believe you're not pg either. How utterly frustrating. Saying that, with DS I'm sure it took a couple of weeks before I got a BFP and looking on the internet I think it's common for some people to go many more weeks without getting a BFP and still be pg. Who knows? confused

Kitten I thought it was panto-related when Frying first hit the scene. My other guess was Fry In GP Ant Of Ace but that didn't really make sense grin

Did anyone else see the Troll Thread today? I normally miss them but managed to catch it. I love the MN HQ notice on the deleted link though "This thread has been deleted by MNHQ because, let's face it, it turned into a bit of a bunfight."

Hmm, looks like I can't even link to it now. Shame!

notsoold Thu 12-Jul-12 15:15:15

wing I chocked in laughter...
The fact that people do not tend to say things like that in RL and it was a really good advice and certainly will do after ERTD.
I understood when the doctor said to us to have a gap on JS after ERPC of 2 weeks, but sod it I needed the intamacy to help my head to go back to a more normal way of thinkings so we were creative.
So not JSing to TTC until after the wonderful WTF ERTD and then we can be bunnies again. Just because being like bunnies (or dating as they say in my mother tongue)for no other reason is good fun, right?

guinea doctor seems a really good idea!!!How annoying!!!

I quite like the Olympics (please be kind), but ressent the amount of money spent on it. I would go mental if I still had to use public transport like you kitten.!!! angry
wing errr, what si a Troll Thread??? I am new to MN ????blush

WingDefence Thu 12-Jul-12 16:08:29

Oh phew Notsoold I was worried! Yes this thread does get rather (ahem) detailed at times grin

And a troll is someone who either starts a thread themselves or can derail someone else's thread but is basically completely unreasonable, rude, up for a fight or to start a controversy of some sort. This one was posted in Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU) and was talking about her DH's long-lost daughter who had turned up after 20-odd years and the OP was being absolutely unbelievably awful about the situation.

It got very messy and as MNHQ said it turned intoa bunfight where 500+ people said she was in the wrong (with varying levels of vitriol) and the OP just stood firm in her utter rudeness. MNHQ deleted it due to the number of posts calling the OP and her DH the 'c' word. I hate hate hate that word but in this case it was justified. And in the end, someone realised it was far too similar to this thread and it was even suggested at one point that the OP had stolen the story, decided to change a bit of it, make stuff up and get everyone's back up to see what happened.

That's what a troll does.

notsoold Thu 12-Jul-12 16:21:02

Thanks wing ....
So that is what I missed!!!!
Seems like one up of when you go to the supermarket and a couple is arguing and you stalks bumps into them and hear the rest of the argument...

And my aren't people really creative in name calling??? poets all over the place!!!
I can see I will hide here in a nice ,cosy thread!!!

I read the thread! It was unreal.

Let's change the subject cos I don't want this one gone too!

My shag cape is ironed, roll on tonight ;)

Kittenkatzen Thu 12-Jul-12 16:54:36

Awwwwwwww I missed it!! sad I love the funny troll threads best - where they make up something so completely far fetched it can't possibly be true!

That said, I remember being on a different ttc forum a good few years ago now (long story!), and there ended up being a complete witch hunt for one particular poster. It was a much more open, diary-based forum where people would share photos and daily happenings etc.....people had noticed a growing number of inconsistencies in her posts (amongst other things), she was challenged a few times and denied it (obviously) but it got so bad that in the end she was being openly accused of fabricating everything - her life, her baby, photos she had posted were said to be fakes etc....it was horrible. If she was genuine, how awful for her to be accused of those things, but if she was a troll there must have been an underlying cause for her to go to so much trouble to pretend in such detail (bereavement would be my guess). She left in the end, but I've never forgotten her sad

notsoold Thu 12-Jul-12 16:54:56

Totally agrer face ....
Soooo in order not to look like I just want a baby ( or not the JS itself) I thought is more cunning to start now , when dh knows we are not ttc because of waiting for first ertd... that way it looks all romantic....

Kittenkatzen Thu 12-Jul-12 16:57:54

Hmmm I should probably point out that I was just an observer in the aforementioned troll hunt - didn't get involved (on either side) at all smile

WingDefence Thu 12-Jul-12 17:13:54

I observed on the AIBU thread too and did not get involved apart from right at the end when OliviaMNHQ said that they were going to delete it and I said it was a shame

That's sad Kitten. I don't know what would be worse, that the poster was real and put up with all that or that she (he?) had been making it all up. hmm

Frying and Not good luck with JSing tonight! Not have you actually discussed TTC with him?!!

I'm giving DH a night off brew

I gave it some on that thread but there were only about 40-50 comments when I did - glad it was a troll though because I felt v sorry for the 'girl' and her children.

Using that period tracker thing I am on day48 - no period but neg tests?!

notsoold Thu 12-Jul-12 18:30:05

DH is all for TTC . As I might have said before we planned after years unable to money problems, stress and teen years with dd...
But his head is on books and I do not want him thinking he is a baby making machine (lol)....
Also we are oldies ( me 41 and him 53), with the spoken laws of no js when overtired or too busy with work ( both happening before hols). So I need to train him?
Funny enough always js before funerals, and during sports on telly ..
So hurray for the Olympics....

I lost 8.5lb! Oh my gosh

topbannana Thu 12-Jul-12 21:15:26

Ah notso you can join me and wing, we have our own relics older men. Goodness, we will have enough for our own thread soon grin

WingDefence Thu 12-Jul-12 22:23:59

Haha - you can think up the title for that thread then Top!

Frying that is fantastic! Bloody well done!! Don't have a biscuit grin

Thanks smile
We also js!

notsoold Fri 13-Jul-12 08:54:35

so top and wing count me on that thread!!!grin

frying well done!!! I must go back to Weight Watchers to try to shift some tonnes pounds!!

Back on the subject of Olympics, all of us getting bored during silly events (I vote boxing? Is that an event?) could have JS as an activity (or sport, or event) instead???
And a BFP is the ultimate medal right???
Sorry always silly first thing in the morning! smile Is the joy after the teen DS leaves for school after eating the whole contents of fridge for brekkie

Love the idea! Boxing sounds line it'd be crap, roll on js

topbannana Fri 13-Jul-12 10:16:58

notso does it get worse with DS's then shock DS is 8 and trundles out to school after 3 weetabix (the golden syrup ones naturally!!) and a glass of fruit juice, as well as a cup of tea if he is up before DH leaves for work. We are dreading his appetite increasing any more!
We JS'd again last night, much to my surprise as it was an "off day". DH seems to be taking this month as a personal crusade, not that I am complaining you understand smile Am now in the 2WW anyway so fingers crossed, if anyone deserves it this month it has to be the relic DH grin

WingDefence Fri 13-Jul-12 10:36:33

I like the idea of our very own JSing Olympics! I miss having Euro 2012 on as half time was perfect for a quick orange segment JS wink

Kittenkatzen Fri 13-Jul-12 10:41:00

Ooh frying well done you that's brilliant smile are you following a particular diet or just cutting back the junk? I've been trying to shift a few lb before my holiday - was really pleased on Wednesday when the scales said I'd lost 1lb so far this week, but then yesterday I appeared to have put it back on again confused

notso my DH boxes so I quite like watching that! Definitely agree that JS should be given Olympic sport status - would have to be televised post-watershed though! grin

top I know someone who regularly eats 12 weetabix for breakfast. No idea where he puts it as he's skinny as a rake!

Hi kitten, im doing slimming world, extra easy. It's fantastic!

shock 12 weetabix? pre pregnancy it was 2 now its 3 or four

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Fri 13-Jul-12 16:30:23

12 weetabix?! My goodness, my DCs eat 2-3 for breakfast but 12 must be some sort of record!

I love the idea of Olympics JS event. We do of course need our own torch relay to get us started!

...I'm running down the virtual MNHQ corridors now as we speak, who wants the torch next?! [Grin]

Went to see the Dr this morning and have been told to wait and see. He does think I could still be pregnant but with late implantation or my body being slow with HCG production. He said if ERTD (obv he didn't use that acronym!) Does come then I should make an appt for 3 weeks later and they'll do blood tests to see if I'm ovulating. So that's something I guess.

The DCs. Are with my mum tonight so I'm going to treat myself to an afternoon nap before DP comes home
and hopefully takes advantage of the bed situation wink grin.

WingDefence Fri 13-Jul-12 16:37:41

So there's still hope then Guinea! Fingers crossed smile ++++++

Hope you're pregnant or that AF comes soon so you can go again! I'm awaiting AF too as I'm on pd 47 ...

hello all - just checking in and this thread moves so fast I had pages to read!!!
ERTD finished here yesterday so it was time to put the shag cape back on!!!

Even though my job and the weather are doing my head in at the moment I feel pretty good so I'm hoping that the positive vibes will stick around on lots of levels for both me and everyone here!!!

notsoold Fri 13-Jul-12 19:30:30

top yes it does. I really do not know how he manages and I can be a porkergreedy.
This morning it was porridge, milk with nesquik, 2 slices of toast with butter,some scrambled eggs (2) and 1 banana.
I was late so he prepared his school lunch. Sandwich with ham, tomato, cheese, lettuce and a water bottle filled with orange juice, grapes, a mango and crips plus some flapjack and a yogurt.
we stopped buying weetabix because DS said 2 are for babies and he is a teen so 4 is the number!!!!

notsoold Fri 13-Jul-12 19:36:59

guinea I relay next, running in all my glory!!!! smile
And still hope right???
jazz waiting is a major pain! When we are teenagers we hate ERTD but never like now right?
stuck totally agree...good vibes all around...
Well lovely people...this weather is so bad, the cinema is showing such bad films , TV is so appalling ...surely a evening of JSing and laughing (hopefully not at the same time)....
Boots will have a fertility do on the 21st July at the Trafford Centre manchester...me thinks is the duofertility advertising thingy (brain not working)smile

notsoold Fri 13-Jul-12 19:37:43

guinea I mean hope realting to your fertilization I mean....

ooh notsoold you must be near me as I'm not too far from the Trafford Centre - about 5/10 mins in the car depending on whether M60 is queuing! However i'm a bit unusual in that I'm not really into shopping shock so I tend to avoid the place!!! smile

Oo are you going.notso? it's the first I've heard of it. What's the deal? I might go

WingDefence Fri 13-Jul-12 21:51:58

What's the duo fertility thingy?? <wonders if she can persuade DH to go to the Trafford Centre with her on a ^Saturday> grin

The jsers are all gonna be there aren't they?
My DH will be working tho. But I'll have the baby

topbannana Fri 13-Jul-12 22:24:06

<ahem> are we even allowed to mention (even in hushed tones) a fertility monitor on a thread entitled "just shagging?!" grin

notsoold Fri 13-Jul-12 22:35:54

I don't know much. I was passing by boots went in and there was a leaflet about duofertility and it said their experts will be on store Saturday 21st July....
I will phone tomorrow for more details...
frying and wing would love to go so we could meet? But dh says that maybe relatives are coming over? We in bed and diary downstairs..
I am sorry if I got peoples hope up sad
stuck I have a platonic love affair with john lewis and waterstones... I look and look again but they don't know because I never buy touch. .

notsoold Fri 13-Jul-12 22:46:15

Good point top.... but the idea of all this jsers under the same roof sounds great...can you imagine the good vibe?
DD coming with fiance tomorrow, she still blushes when talking about us ttc..ooo the thought of parents jsing is too much for her ...
frying really good your weight loss! You spurred back to weight watchers on Monday....

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Sat 14-Jul-12 20:58:41

Evening all.

Been to Kirkstall Abbey festival today...now how 2 very tired DCs and a very tired me! Good time had by all. Though friends of ours lost their 2 yr old DS, cue lots of frantic parents running around. A man grabbed me to ask if I was looking for a small boy and pointed me in his direction. After finding him and handing him to his mum me and three members of St John's Ambulance promptly burst into tears - very scary how quick kids can get lost.  

On a lighter note we managed to JS last night and this morning smile just going to keep ploughing on as if my period has arrived and gone so could get up duffed any day now...I've always been hopelessly optimistic.

WingDefence Sat 14-Jul-12 21:26:57

Evening shaggers!

We went to Ingleborough Caves today with DS. Really good fun. The had to go to my parents to look for their lost cat (they're back down in London for the week, due back tomorrow) but no joy and the cat sitter looked tonight too and still no joy. Hope he runs up to my parents when they get back tomorrow afternoon sad

Should have JSed yesterday for strict EOD but as I think I'm now in 2ww I've slacked off. However that could be why I've not BFPd until now as I bet I OV later than I think so I should really JS tonight. Bit knackered though...

Kittenkatzen Sat 14-Jul-12 22:38:25

Evening all!

guinea how horrible for your friends, must have been such a fright for them. Glad it all turned out ok.

Tut tut to all the talk of fertility monitors....did you first where you were for a moment?! winkwink

Did my domestic goddess bit today - tesco, a spring clean and baked a lemon cake. Oh yes and a cheeky JS this morning just for good measure!

wing don your shag cape, you know you want to! grin

Kittenkatzen Sat 14-Jul-12 22:39:18

Should have been "did you forget where you were"

Stupid phone!

WingDefence Sat 14-Jul-12 22:51:03

Kitten in my defence I didn't know what a duothingy was - I'm innocent guv!

And I forgot to say 'argh' on behalf of your friends today Guinea. sad

notsoold Sat 14-Jul-12 23:28:25

kitten sorry meaculpa....I did not think...
But never managed to phone boots anyway...
We were very happy last evening then DH started to complain of pain, got worse ended up in a&e and lo!
Another kidney stone....poor him! spend the night in hospital and feeling better now
Back home but no jsing this weekend. I don't want to break my toy...

noinspiration Sun 15-Jul-12 09:22:00

Just to update you ladies despite another bleed and being convinced it was all over, all is well and I am 5-6 wks.

I'll remove myself off this thread now, but just wanted to say before I go - good luck everyone. If it happened for me despite my age and dodgy medical history there really is hope for everyone. Sending out lucky BFP vibes x

Congrats noinspiration

I just like any excuse to go to the Trafford

notsoold Sun 15-Jul-12 18:01:22

Well done noinspiration....
frying Ilove there as well. Particularlythe coffee.
DH recovering and dd back for the day with fiancee....so good night to all and have a lovely evening.
Sometimes I get fed up of being the cook etc in our house (another reason to have a baby- )

Dysgu Sun 15-Jul-12 19:57:28

Well, I think we have had a St Swithin's Day without any rain so fingers crossed for the next 40 days... we went to the model village with the girls as they love to run around and chat to all the old folk there!

One week to go until the summer holidays - the girls are already planning all the stuff they want to do and we are beginning to think about what to get them for Christmas! (They have their main gift in the middle of the summer so that we all have time to play - and DD2 is a Xmas Eve baby so it means she gets something at another time in the year.)

We did JS yesterday - have to be sneaky whilst the girls are watching TV so I guess today is an off-day. DP is doing bedtime with the girls and has probably fallen asleep in the chair up there...

Hope all is well with everyone. I have no idea what day I am on - this month has been so hectic that I have lost count and cannot recall last ERTD dates - although I did smile at the thought of the GP using that acronym!

topbannana Sun 15-Jul-12 20:53:23

<sigh> DH has been in what my mother would call "a fit of the sullens" most of the day. Among the topics for discontent are, the weather (better than it's been for weeks) DS going on and on and on (despite him being out with a friend for part of the day) the fact nobody tells him anything (?) and me having to buy runner beans in Waitrose as the rabbits ate all our seedlings (the ones that didn't rot in the rain)
So all in all it l

topbannana Sun 15-Jul-12 20:56:56

Damn you impatient fingers grin
So all in all it looks like we will not be JSing tonight as I am sulking in dignified retreat until the mood passes. Normally this is only a fleeting phase so fingers crossed. Must be the curse of the relics, do you suffer similarly wing and notso? grin

notsoold Sun 15-Jul-12 21:03:47

Ahaha...yes top ....weather, newsnight, etc. Glad to know I am not alone with my grumpy old men.
Funnily as soon as mention biscuits and tea dh is happy....
Ooohhhh and now moaning about the kidneys. At the hospital someone said that kidney stones pain is worse than childbirth so he reckons that he has suffered more than me!!!! Love the old bastard man though....

WingDefence Sun 15-Jul-12 21:06:49

Evening shaggers! It tends to be who is most moody Yes DH can be such a grumpy old man sometimes! Funnily enough I used to find that he'd be most grumpy if we didn't JS at least once a week; I mean it was really noticeable! Don't have that problem as much now - it's just the other usual grumpy old man things like the newsreaders and stupid weather presenters, the footy/cricket etc etc...

We're both in good moods tonight though. Parents' cat turned up 30 mins after they got back this afternoon and we were jointly leading our church service this morning which went really well so a big relief there too.

We haven't JSed for a few days so I really hope I didn't OV too much later than my app said. Having some wine tonigh though so I may pick my rumpled shag cape off the bedroom floor later... wink

And Dysgu, does a tiny sprinkling of rain count for the weather? Hope not as it's been lovely and sunny here otherwise..!

notsoold Sun 15-Jul-12 21:41:21

Just told DH that after AF we will be jsing every other day to increase our chances...he laughed ( yes laughed) and then very happily said he will his utmost and that if he knew , he would have proposed another dc soon after ds .... smile

evil SIL had her baby last night 6lb 15oz only one oz bigger than her DD

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 08:25:43

Notsoold that's really funny! Your DH sounds nice smile

Something was EvilSIL's new baby full term? That's quite small isn't it? Hope it's okay - boy or girl?

Congrats on a new niece!

I'm back in the north east again. When I'm back I'll.give a longer post. It's been interesting

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 09:14:17

I'm intrigued Frying...!

yeah a week over due shes quite small herself but has an eating dissorder and smokes through pregnancy to make small babies. a little baby girl again! this is BIL 5th daughter now!

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 09:23:35

Ahh congrats Auntie Something!

top hope your DH has cheered up a bit by now! My DH gets in moods like that too, it's so frustrating as it always seems to be when i'm full of the joys of spring so we end up clashing!

ooohh fryingpantoface that is very intriguing, looking forward to the update!

Well we JS'd saturday and sunday mornings....tried to jump DH last night too but he wasn't having any of it <sulk>. My app reckons ov is today so will try my luck tonight and tomorrow as well smile

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 09:25:06

something she smokes in order to make small babies??? shock

yup as soon as she find outs shes pregnant she starts smoking to reduce the birthweight. as she has an eating problem she is obsessed with not having fat babies but her DD is the chubbiest thing ive seen so it kind of failed really.

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 09:30:40

[shocked] [shocked] [shocked] at Something's ESIL.

Kitten get in there! We had a nice slightly pissed JS in the end last night grin

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 09:31:03

Sorry should have been shock shock shock

lol shes the most controlling person ever. she BFs but not for the fact its good for them its for the fact that no one else can feed them. she BLWs so they feed themselves and her DP isnt even allowed to change their nappies.

this time around no one is allowed to go to the hospital and there going to rules when people go and visit so hence me and DP arnt going.

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 09:59:47

shock well she sounds an absolute delight! Don't blame you for not wanting to rush round and visit. So sad for the DCs though sad

And hurray to tipsy shagging! Am a bit envy actually - if we hadn't have been doing this ridiculous no drinking thing I could probably have plied DH with alcohol last night and had my wicked way with him....grin

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 10:00:52

do i win a prize for most number of not strictly necessary emoticons in one two-line post?!

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Mon 16-Jul-12 10:06:22

Gosh, not sure i've ever heard of someone starting smoking in pregnancy 'for the baby's sake'! I suppose it takes all sorts...

Looking forward to an update from Frying. Just about to dash out for a physio appointment but just wanted to scream tell someone it's been 45 days since my last period. My OH doesn't get quite how frustrating it is so I thought I would tell you lot. My attempts at focusing on JSing regardless only lasted the weekend. Back to being grumpy about it now smile

When is everyone due to test again - I need someone else to concentrate on!!

lol im not going because we dont talk. its up to DP if he wants to go grin

topbannana Mon 16-Jul-12 10:36:25

something grin
wing yay for tipsy JSing
frying how intriguing, hurry back soon!
guinea I would be tearing my hair out if I was on CD45 and no BFP. It must be so hard to keep on smiling and JSing sad I am due at the end of July (sometime!) so you can live vicariously through me for a bit if it helps smile
kitten the no drinking is shit really isn't it? To be fair we do have a little drink at the weekend which makes me pissed as a parrot if I'm not careful is nice grin
As for DH, he phoned me earlier to apologise for his mardy arse act yesterday so if we don't JS tonight there will be no justice in the world grin

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 10:57:12

Arrgh guinea you poor thing you must be going crazy - scream away, we certianly don't mind being screamed at smile. I'm due around the 30th, same as top, so 2ww coming up.

top i really did have to exercise some self control this weekend, especially when we had friends round for dinner on saturday! Have to admit I do feel better for it though.

So does anyone have any fun plans for this week? I have nothing planned at all, so go ahead and make me jealous!

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 11:34:15

Oh bugger - I've just checked my app and apparently ERTD is due on Thursday! I wish I hadn't checked now as I still thought it was well over a week away. It thinks I OVd on the 5th. I think we were still JSing EOD around then but I didn't input the little hearts (to monitor when you've JSed).

At least I'm near the end of the 2WW instead of at the start I suppose. I can't believe that it has been 4 weeks since I was thinking that I was pg sad

And anyway, I'm not going to PIAR for ages this time round if ERTD is late. I just hope it turns up soon if it is going to instead of mucking me about like last time angry

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Mon 16-Jul-12 11:52:16

Well Kitten my interesting week consists of:

someone quoting for windows this evening (I really know how to live don't I?!);
hosting a focus group for a fellow PhD student tomorrow night (on child neglect - it should be quite interesting actually);
Wednesday is my DDs last toddler gymnastics session and I have a ladies fellowship/growth group in the evening which I always love;
Thursday I think I may be taking my DD on a Church 'mums' outing to Cannon Hall farm - this is really exciting as I love day trips!;
Friday - Saturday I'm at the Pampered Chef national conference in Birmingham which I've been told is brilliant;
and then Sunday is Church day.

My week in a nutshell. Quite a lot on but nothing to be spectacularly jealous about smile

Incidentally I have now convinced myself I am experiencing a phantom pregnancy. I'm having almost continual lower abdominal aching, lower back pain, metallic taste in my mouth, larger breasts, tingling nipples, indigestion and bloating, nausea and tiredness and yet still a BFN!

topbannana Mon 16-Jul-12 12:06:42

I had a dog like that once guinea but she started carrying a slipper round with her and curling up in her bed to feed it. If you begin to experience an attraction to comfortable footwear then you may be right! grin
My week consists of nothing terribly exciting. This weekend I topped off my new grown up attitude by paying ALL the bills (and doing meter readings and other such dullness) so payday on Friday will be very welcome! DS has Cubs later which means the rest of the evening will be spent listening to more details about the camp he's going on despite the fact he is FAR too young and has no business jollying off and leaving me and DH alone Then I think I will hand my notice in at work and prepare for the summer holidays- oh and its raining again hmm

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 12:32:45

Guinea I bet my not my iPhone hat that you are pg. It just seems far too weird that you are getting obvious symptoms like this... Fingers crossed anyway smile

Top Handing your notice in? Not knowing what you do I can't tell whether this is a sad thing or a great and exciting thing??

My week involves work - yawn- hopefully getting my stuff out to public consultation today, more work, a bit more work, hopefully seeing my cousin and her family who have got a holiday home in the Lakes on Thursday, v naice, then my DNeice's birthday party and hopefully DS staying over (but now I'm due to have ERTD there'll be no JSing disappointingly...), church on Sunday etc etc.

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 13:59:02

Oh and Guinea I love Pampered Chef stuff. Do you work for them? I may need a couple of bits ordering if so and I'm happy to give you the order instead of doing it online smile

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 14:16:09

What's Pampered Chef stuff? <nosy>

Wing am very envy of your plans to visit the Lakes - that's my absolute favourite place in the country!

Well I'm suitably jealous of all your lovely plans for the week - and even some of the less lovely ones. My boss is away so I can't even count on work to keep me occupied <self-pitying sigh>

guinea I have to say that from your list of symptoms i'd be pretty confused as to why there was no BFP too! You do hear of some ladies having delayed HCG release though don't you?

topbannana Mon 16-Jul-12 14:45:59

wing I am a photographer at the hospital, doing newborn baby photos. Sadly threatened with redundancy (and no pay out as I have not been there long enough) I have decided to go back to the ubiquitous golden arches sad When I worked there before I loved it once I had got over myself grin as it was completely stress free and SO flexible and it would be regular money. I was doing my managers exams and have been told I can go back at my old level so, with the way the world is at the moment it would be foolish not to take it and make plans from there plus nothing is likely to make me fall pregnant than a return to full time work

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 16:06:44

Manager level eh Top - that's not to be sniffed at! I have a colleague who used to work for McDs. He ended up going out to Israel to help train staff when they opened up over there (in the 90s I'm guessing). He always says what a great team environment it was and free food grin

Kitten Pampered Chef does parties - a bit like Tupperware used to - and sells really excellent quality kitchen and bakeware. Some of it is pretty pricey but if you host a party yourself you get a big discount and free stuff too and 10% for a year afterwards. Their stoneware is amazing which is stuff you can use in place of baking trays, tins etc etc and cooks without extra fat and oil (and it makes me feel like a domestic goddess!). You can buy it online but it's better to find a 'consultant' who will then earn money through your purchases.

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 18:41:51

Ooh sounds fab, thanks for the tip will give it a google smile

Kittenkatzen Mon 16-Jul-12 18:45:56

Oops, trigger happy fingers....

top your current job sounds lovely, such a shame about the redundancy. Still, managers exams does sound exciting and a flexible, friendly working environment has SO much to say for itself. I wish I could find an office with that kind of atmosphere.

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Mon 16-Jul-12 20:59:05

Kitten what Wing said!! Pampered Chef is brilliant (I am a consultant Wing).

I do it as a hobby/to earn extra money and its so flexible because I choose my own hours. I LOVE the products and they too make me feel like a domestic goddess!! we do cooking parties to give people the chance to try before they buy and find out about the products. They are also really fun nights in. You should try to get to one. Or better yet host one and get loads of free stuff!!

Wing You can order here if you like?

WingDefence Mon 16-Jul-12 21:08:32

Well hellooooooooo Guinea! I might reacquaint myself with the current brochure but I do fancy the new bit of stoneware with the ridges. I won't hijack this thread though, I'll be in touch grin

Poor DH has come down with manful a cold so it's a good job JSing isn't on the agenda for tonight. I finished the little bit of wine left over from last night while he had a lemsip.

And we're watching Lancashire cricket on Sky so I'm having to record BINTM. At least it means I can FF through the adverts when I do watch it smile