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myjobismum Wed 20-Jun-12 09:38:59

Hi All! As requested a new thread! I cannot believe I am doing this, after all this time grin

Good luck for all our lovely bonkers and yay for chat about our bonkers babies children!


ceebeegeebies Wed 20-Jun-12 12:27:07

I am just checking in to the shiny new thread grin I can't believe that we are back again - I missed you all <soppy moment>

Yay, a new thread! Brings back memories even though we are only TTC a teeny bit. smile

Re: 50 Shades, they are turning it into a film and currently trying to cast Christian. Ryan Gosling was approached but his other half won't let him play the part. Oo er! I will be first in the queue at the cinema. Today I had to try and explain to my mum what the books are about, shall I lend her my books????

My AF due tomorrow so should think it will arrive as only DTD after CD 14-boo!

Love to all, my 2009 PN group seems to be grinding to a halt so I need somebody to talk to. smile


Brill thanks myjob smile

This will be so much quicker to load - also it's nice not to have the bridesmaid bit - it's my 2nd wedding anniversary soon lol!

HC - hope AF does not arrive! About time we had a bfp from someone I think.

Hey it's not long til we have to start looking at primary schools isn't it! Won't N, S, Maddie and E all start next september? Not sure about M and H - will they be next year?

We would like Maddie to go to the village school next door to where she goes to nursery but unfortunately we don't actually live in the village and it's likely to be oversubsribed so I'm not too hopeful.

Anyone dieting at the mo? I have loads of work's do's coming up as5 people are retiring/leaving so I'm trying so hard to not eat any rubbish the rest of the time!

Me, I am trying to diet but failing miserably then I will go on my summer hols and put a stone on then Christmas will come and more weight will go on and come January I will be huge and miserable. Good luck HappyC.


ceebeegeebies Wed 20-Jun-12 20:41:38

Evening everyone

Happy yes, Sam is starting school in 2013 so we have to apply in the autumn - however, Sam will be going to the same school as Josh so not a difficult decision for me grin The sooner he starts the better as I am so fed up of dropping them off in 2 different places every morning and then picking them up in 2 different places each night - never mind the £££ that I will save!

I am dieting of sorts but following a regime called 'Eat More To Weigh Less' - if you have a look in the threads in the Big/Slim etc topic, you would find it. Basically it says normal diets restrict calories too much and send the body into starvation mode so this way of eating (it is not a diet wink) still gives you a calorie deficit but not to the extent of WW etc so is far more sustainable. It is much more scientific than I have explained here wink It is not a quick fix though and I have been doing it for 2 weeks now so too early to tell whether it works - it is a complete leap of faith though as you do get to eat more than we are always programmed to and you have to overcome your brain telling you will put on weight grin

myjobismum Thu 21-Jun-12 11:10:17

Ha, ALWAYS trying to diet here, nothing works so am just going for eating healthy instead as was just making miserable - we already eat healthy so there will be no change and therefore no weight loss, but well, I am just going to accept that being 7lbs heavier and staying there is the way it is going to be, I am not a teenager anymore and still comfortably within my healthy weight range as far as I know <HC, is 8st6 fine for a 5ft'r? lol>

Yes yes, I am hoping someone gets a BFP soon, very exciting!

As for school, yes, Naomi starts sept 2013 too, she just misses the intake this year <phew> though all her best friends from preschool are going sad I have no need to look at schools, she will go to the village school the same as Bradley :D

Wow to almost your 2yr anniversary HappyC grin DH and I have been married 9 years this year shock

detoxdiva Thu 21-Jun-12 21:52:29

Found you!

Yes, always dieting here too....the only one that really works for me is Dukan but I just get so bored on it after a couple of weeks.

I'm using the My Fitness Pal app at the moment to track my food and exercise and it seems to be helping keep me on the straight and narrow....when I see how many extra calories I consume just snacking it forces me to be more restrained grin

myjobismum Tue 26-Jun-12 21:12:55

Hello ladies!

Hope everyone is well!

Had such a lovely weekend and got another busy one coming up - hope the weather is good too lol!


detoxdiva Thu 28-Jun-12 19:57:06

Hi all...what a beautiful day...hope it stays nice for my 3 days off now grin

Busy week here both at work and at home...we have managed to toilet train Harry over the past 2 weeks. I am so proud of him. He had started to shows signs of being ready a few weeks ago and since I've got him starting pre-school in Sept I knew I wanted to try and get him out of nappies before then. So we got him some big boy Fireman Sam pants grin and gave it a go. Naturally he had a few accidents, and a terrible day at nursery last week, but he's pretty much cracked it!! My little baby is no longer a baby anymore sad

So 7 weeks until our holiday and I can't wait - still want to try and shift that last baby stone I'm carrying around my middle so any quick tips would be much appreciated!!

myjobismum Fri 29-Jun-12 14:43:59

Hi All!

Detox - well done Harry! As for weightloss nothing ever works for me lol! best of luck with that!

All good here grin

Adayforthinking Mon 02-Jul-12 07:42:50

Good morning all,

Another lovely new Bonkers thread! smile

So, what's going on here. Well, my cycle is different again this month. Last mont OVd on CD18, the month before CD16 and this month, seems to be CD14!

I got my first ever +ive OPK on Saturday (CD14) so DTD again that night, but then was confused yesterday morning when my Temp went up to the level that I usually have the day after OV. So took another OPK yesterday afternoon (at the same time as the previous day) and -ive. So I'm thinking that I OVd on the same day as the +ive OPK. Luckily we DTD on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday, aswell as the Saturday, but I think we may try tonight aswell just in case, although my temp was up again this morning.

I had a lovely birthday weekend last weekend. The Cupcake course was fab, I really enjoyed doing it. I made some cupcakes for my friend last night as I'm out for her birthday this evening. But I'm still not particularly confident about doing the cakes, so I'm going to go on another course later this year. It also teaches you how to cover large cakes and decorate them, should come in handy for my Xmas Cake!! Maybe by then I might have a bump aswell!

HC, I hope that AF didn't arrive...

Ceebee, I'm heading over to find your thread - that diet sounds fab! DH is on a high protein diet at the moment because for the last couple of years he's been going to the gym 5 times a week for nearly 2 hours at a time, he has to have about 8 meals a day. Starting with 6 eggs in the morning!! (Well 3 egg yolks, but 6 egg whites...). Yuck!

Happy, Ellie also starts next September, although as she's already at a 'school' we're hoping that it won't have quite the impact that it would normally have had. At her school, they have to say 'Please may I go to the toilet' and she's started saying it at home, so sweet! She's just so tiny! #

Anyway, I guess I'd better get my little munchkin off to the CM. I hope that everyone is Ok.

Catch up soon!! xx

ceebeegeebies Mon 02-Jul-12 20:22:10

Hi everyone

Aday I have everything crossed for you - the general advice is to DTD every other day so it sounds like you have covered all bases wink

At least Ellie is polite when she asks to go to the toilet - Sam just says 'I need a wee' or 'I need a poo' (at which point me and DH argue about whose turn it is to wipe his bottom grin

All is good here - apart from the damn rain sad I am so fed up of it and looking at the 5-day forecast on the BBC website, it just shows rain for the next 5 days aswell - where is the sun?? Although I am thinking that it has to stop raining at some point which will hopefully be just in time for our holiday in a few weeks (when hopefully me and MJIM are going to have a 'bonkers anonymous' meet-up grin grin)

Hope everyone is ok x

Evening all

ADFT-AF showed on the correct day so now CD11. I still temp but OV day changes every single month. When I used OPKs they only showed feint lines so did what Ceebee says-DTD every other day then when you get a +ive OPK do that night and the following 2 then 1 night off then 1 for good luck. When I did this method I fell PG with Matthew. Lots of luck for this month for you. Are you still reading Fifty Shades? Is dooing wonders for me and Christian DH. wink

Ceebee-I despair at the weather and we have a week booked in the caravan while we hire the beach hut on the 21st July then a week in the Peak District on the 11th August. I just know it will rain and rain. sad

We went to the RAF Waddington Air Show yesterday which was fab. Twas very cold and a bit wet but worth it to hear the roar of those planes and to see all the International Pilots. grin Matthew loved the num nums (planes)

DH still not home so watching the programme on BBC1 then I'm off to read my Fifty Shades Freed.

Big wave!


myjobismum Tue 03-Jul-12 11:41:08

Glad everyone is doing well!

wet here too sad B's sports day was supposed to be this afternoon but has been cancelled now sad

Ceebee - spoke to DH and definitely up for that monday - just need to figure out where - will be morning though and leave after lunch if ok as we have swimming lessons monday 4pm grin

AnastasiaGrey Sun 08-Jul-12 20:31:32

Hi all, 'tis HumphreysCorner here in a new disguise. smile

Am having the most awful day, sad

Hope all OK.


ceebeegeebies Sun 08-Jul-12 20:51:28

HC what is wrong sad? Always here to listen you know...

I'm here if you want to chat? A problem shared is a problem halved and all that...

CD14 here on final month of clomid <<sighs>> Doing the every other day plus ov day aproach.

AnastasiaGrey Sun 08-Jul-12 21:05:33

It's Emma, I just happened to open her bedside cabinet top drawer and found about 20 choc bars, Yorkie, Rocky, KitKat and Cadbury Mini Rolls and about 20 empty wrappers. Called her up and shouted at her. DH thinks it's funny. hmm She has been eating them at night in bed. Now, I have noticed that every time I go shopping and fill the basket, 2 days later they are all gone but I assumed DH had eaten them. This lunchtime there was 1 mini roll left which I let Emma have as she said she hadn't eaten the other bars and DH said he hadn't. I just believed I hadn't bought as many as I thought. Then I found the secret stash. I am so upset, as she lied, she won't eat what I cook so is obviously hungry at night. DH smacked me for being horrible to her. I have cancelled Wednesday's playdate and would like to cancel Pony Camp that she is going to in August. Things are not good and now I don't know how to proceed. sad

I hope I've read this wrong ...

DH smacked you?

Actually hit you?

That's worse than anything Emma has done sad

ceebeegeebies Sun 08-Jul-12 21:22:36

HC Putting aside what Emma has done, did your DH really smack you?? You know that is unacceptable don't you? sad

With regards to Emma, just don't buy the chocolate and have it in the house - it might break the cycle that she has obviously got herself into, even if she has to go to bed hungry if she doesn't eat your food.

AnastasiaGrey Sun 08-Jul-12 21:50:47

Yes, DH did smack me on the bottom, twice sad Have hidden the choc bars and she won't be getting any in packing up for the rest of term. Just so annoyed that DH is not completely backing me up. sad

The Emma thing is really just her being a bit naughty isn't it. No more chocolate bars for a few weeks, she goes hungry; plus I would cancel the play date but probably not the pony camp as it's a bit too far in the future to grasp as a punishment.

As for DH. I'm a bit lost for words really. He must never hit you, ever, no matter even if you are disagreeing on something to the max. I'm not sure what else I can say on that - please know you don't have to put up with it sad. We are here to support you xx

Katnisscupcake Mon 09-Jul-12 09:29:59

Hi All,

Aday here with a namechange. Someone in RL has found out who I am and I can't risk them finding all my posts. sad

HC, what on earth is your (D)H playing at???!!! Can I just ask (sorry if this sounds silly as you've used a sad face so clearly you're unhappy about it), in line with your new name, did DH intend to hurt you or was he punishing you almost in character as Christian? Not that it is ANY EXCUSE if he's actually hurt you!!! Just wondering if this is where he's got it from and whether he's done it before? I'm so sorry HC... sad

As for Emma, are you sure she's just misbehaving? Just make sure that squirreling away food isn't a symptom of something bigger. Is she OK at school? Is she worried about her weight at all? Now I'm sure it's nothing, we never had chocolate as DCs because our DParents couldn't afford it, but I'm sure I would have squirreled it away if we did! But if it's readily available, I'm surprised that she's taking it and hiding it...

Although if she doesn't eat what you cook and she's hungry at bedtime because of it, it makes sense. I just don't want it to be masking something else.

It all sounds crap and no matter what DH thinks about your discipline of Emma being naughty, he can disagree with you out of earshot of the children, never in front of them. I very often disagree with DH's way of dealing with Ellie's misdemeanors and he disagrees with mine, but we never undermine each other in front of her. He gets stroppy and snaps at her which escalates her tantrum whereas I tend to distract her onto something else which stops the trantrum in it's tracks. It's just different ways of dealing with things, but we always show a united approach to her (in other words the other one walks away muttering under our breath!).

I really hope you can sort this out hun. Your DH is being unforgiveable. sad


myjobismum Mon 09-Jul-12 10:49:56

Oh dear me HC sad hope you are ok? I agree, not acceptable from your DH! What Emma is doing is normal, but frustrating, children do things without thinking of the consequence, you need to make her aware what she is doing is stealing, that it is always wrong and it needs to stop. Treats should be removed and cancelling the playdate was the right thing to do. I would leave pony club personally, but again your daughter, your call. I hope now it is in the open it stops sad

Cupcake - eeeek for namechange needed - this is all going to confuse me now remembering who is who lol!

Happy - really hope this is your month :hug:

All is good here, really good in fact smile

AnastasiaGrey Mon 09-Jul-12 11:02:49

Morning all

Cupcake-the first though that came into my head when I opened the drawer was bulimia. DH said not to be so silly. He smacked me because he was very cross with me yelling at Emma like a fishwife. He seems OK this morning but I am still cross with Emma so am keeping her at arms length which is making her sad. sad DH said she had a really ingenious way of sneaking them upstairs but won't tell me. He is away tomorrow night with work so that will be a break. Emma is not having any choc bars in packing up for the rest of the term. Hope your namechange isn't redicovered, how annoying for you. Good luck with TTCing. smile

MJIM-I think it is the lying and deceipt that makes me so cross. I struggle to bond with her as it is so things like this don't help matters. Glad all is OK with you.

HappyC-hope the Chlomid is a success. smile

Big wave! Having lunch with my school mum friends. One of them is dealing with a difficult problem at home which the other one knows about but I don't. Isn't life complicated eh?


Katnisscupcake Mon 09-Jul-12 12:01:45

Hello again,

I hope that things get better Ana (I hope you don't mind me calling you Ana wink).

So, I am surely imagining things but I'm 9DPO today and having some strange pulling sensations low down on my right hand side today. Almost feels like a pulled muscle or stretching, very mild but definitely 'there'. In addition, my boobs just feel 'different' maybe big different (and believe me, that is not a normal occurence - last time they felt bigger I'd just had implants - LOL!).

Of course I'm probably imagining things... on 4 and 5DPO was weeing for England, but that has pretty much gone, although there still a subtle increase in the number of times that I need to go, just not as excessive as it was last week, strange.

I'm hoping 3rd month lucky but who knows...

Happy, I really hope that this is your month. My Dsis had her first two DCs with Clomid. smile

MJIM, you'll need to do yourself a namechange list! It does get confusing. My new name is in celebration of the Hunger Games books that I read a few months ago, they're awesome! And obviously my passion for cupcakes... LOL

Hope everyone else is OK!!


Katnisscupcake Mon 09-Jul-12 13:23:43

Ok, so ignore my last load of symptoms. I now know what's causing the pain. I've got a small lump coming up (could be a spot - I've got them quite badly at the moment and have had for the past few months) in that area and where my underwear is rubbing it, it's causing the pain.

As the spots are coming up, I sort of think that I'm out again this month, even though I've still got 6 days to go. Clearly I'm doing too much symptom spotting. I'm going to ignore it now...

Hope everyone else is Ok. xx

AnastasiaGrey Mon 09-Jul-12 14:08:30

Don't mind you calling me Ana at all. wink

You are only 9 DPO and implantation may not have happened yet so symptoms won't be truly there yet. So there is always hope. smile

Went for lunch but the meal was awful so won't be going there again. Was nice to put the world to right.

Going to have a cuppa to try and get rid of the nasty taste in my mouth from lunch.


myjobismum Mon 09-Jul-12 14:21:55

AG <is it a permanant namechange?> sad at the struggle to bond thing, maybe you need a little one on one time to reconnect if things have been tough of late, I hope it all settles soon!

KC - don't give up too soon, have hope, life is rubbish without hope wink grin

AnastasiaGrey Mon 09-Jul-12 17:17:02

Have been HumphreysCorner for 7 years so feel like a change and love the Shades Books. Have always struggled to bond with Emma and really try hard so this has knocked me s bit. At mum and dads and they have smoothed things over somewhat.

Love to all


myjobismum Mon 09-Jul-12 19:24:24

Awww glad things are a bit better AG - to be honest despite your struggles to bond, the fact you try really hard and it upsets you when it goes wrong means it will al be ok x

detoxdiva Tue 10-Jul-12 07:18:52

Goodness AG it's all been happening over the pat we days...what a lot to catch up on!

Agree with the others that Emma is just trying it on. She's realized she can squirrel the chocs away and has got greedy. I absolutely would have done the same as a child! Agree that its the lying that's so hard to take though isn't it? Cancel the play date as punishment and stop all treats for the time being. Also put the chocs away from her reach when you buy them so you stay in control of who gets any.

You sound a bit better but still angry about your dh smacking you. That is outrageous and absolutely unacceptable. Have you spoken to him about it? I hope he has the decency to apologise and acknowledge his terrible judgment. Did the girls see him do it too. So sad for you and I hope you can get it resolved and move on.

AnastasiaGrey Tue 10-Jul-12 13:23:45

detox-Sophie saw DH smack me and told him that it hurt mummy but he was so cross and said I deserved it. He hasn't mentioned it since and neither have I. It isn't something he's ever done and he had better not do it again. I must have been a near perfect child as doing something like pinching choc bars never occurred to me, I wouldn't have dared to.

So far, so peaceful at the moment. Sports day is cancelled today due to rain and DH is away with work overnight tonight. Feel sorry for the school as they have lots of events planned before the end of term and they are all outside, especially the music concert next Wednesday evening.

Cuppa finished so better see what Matty boy is doing. He has his appointment with the HV next week to see what can be done about his speech.

Byee and big wave to all you lovely ladies!


Katnisscupcake Wed 11-Jul-12 07:49:51

Ana, you're right, your DH better not do it again - he's behaving like a child!! Shame about all the school events, any chance that the weather may improve? sad

So, I need your help ladies... It was Ellie's parents' evening at the private pre-school last night and I'm feeling really deflated and upset. I understand that I am being totally irrational but would like to get some advice from all of you as you're a lot more experienced than me. And especially those with school age children or any school teachers...

The background is that I hated school. Every moment of it. And I never wanted that for Ellie. I wanted her to enjoy it. And because she is going to be a very young starter at school (just 4 and 2 months), this is why we chose the pre-school that we have, because it’s a private pre-school and they focus on learning and it’s a stepping stone into school. I wanted to help her with the transition.

So she started in January and we’ve noticed a massive change in her. She’ll do things that she wants to do now, she’ll go off and feed the animals at Pennywell, sometimes running off before I’ve even signed us in, so no lack of confidence there. Last night we got back from the parents’ evening and she had my poor friend who babysat, playing ‘ring-a-ring of roses’ which she would never have done before. smile

The other bit of info is that she started with said friend’s little boy who is 2 months younger than Ellie. They both started at the same time, but Ellie does 2 full days and he does 2 half days.

So last night her teacher started with a big pause which was a bit worrying. Then she said that because Ellie was one of the youngest in the class, she would be staying in her class next term and not moving to the next class up. She said that because she was so small (WHAT???!!!) they felt that she would get swamped by the other children and they felt that she needed to gain a bit more in confidence before they moved her up. They said that in the next class they were slightly more ‘pushy’ (although she admitted that because it’s preschool, the kids can pretty much do what they want, but that they were expected to do a little more in regards learning to write letters etc) and they felt that Ellie needed a few months just to settle in and let her feel a bit more like 'Top Dog' in the class first as at the moment she's more like an onlooker. She then said that she’s starting to join in a lot more now and she stands up for herself if another child wants to take her toy, but that she needs a little bit more time.

Part of me is concerned that because of her size, she is being kept down and because of a lack of confidence. So firstly, I’m worried that she will always be treated this way because she’s small (the first comment ANYONE makes about Ellie when they meet her is how small she is) and secondly, have I done something that has made her lack confidence? I have no confidence and no self-esteem, even in performance reviews at work now I’m told to have more faith in myself because they do, but it’s never something that I’ve had. I assumed that it was do with the lack of a ‘touchy-feely’ relationship that I had with my parents, neither of them were tactile, I never remember being cuddled by them. But I am completely the opposite with Ellie. I have never known a child who is so cuddled and it’s in no way forced, I just love her soooooo much. But what else can instill confidence?

So they asked us if we were happy with the decision. We said that as far as we were concerned, they were the experts and we would take their word on how they thought she needed to progress. But afterwards I started to worry that we should have pushed for her to be moved up. Now the thing is, because I hated school, that’s the last thing that I want for her. At the moment she LOVES it. She’s outgrown the Childminder and is so excited when it’s time to go to school. She will be doing 4 full days a week from next term which will also help her massively (I hope) with her confidence. If the next class is slightly more pushy and she doesn’t like it, it might put her off which I would hate. So maybe she is better to have a bit more time getting to learn about school through play, before they turn the heat up a bit more. She’ll move up after Xmas anyway, it’s only for this term so it’s only for 4 months or so.

They did say that she was very bright and that everything she’s told goes in, it’s just the confidence that they’d like to build on.

So, am I right to leave her where she is for the next term as they suggest? Also, is there anything that you can suggest that will build her confidence, any classes outside school (dancing etc) that might help, or is this just going to be the way she is?

I just feel really upset that I may have somehow let her down... sad

Sorry if this post is a bit me-me-me, I just feel a bit deflated. There's no doubt that she's happy, but I just want her to feel like she can do anything that she puts her mind to and not be seen differently because she's small. sad

AnastasiaGrey Wed 11-Jul-12 20:20:21

Hey Katnisscupcake, Emma was 4yrs and 2 months when she started school and Sophie was 4 yrs and 3 months. Yes, I feel that they are slightly behind the ones that were born in September/October but they don't suffer in any way and have just had their ultra glowing reports. grin However, when Emma was at nursery they moved up to different rooms and I was pleased she did despite being the smallest. (She is feisty as you all must know). Sophie's nursery only had one room so no problem as they just played and didn't learn anything. At school Emma often studies with the year below her and when I was first told of this at parents evening I was a bit shock but to be honest it has worked out fine. OK am waffling here but I think as long as Ellie is with children the same age as her then that is OK but if she is to stay with younger ones just because she is smaller (like my girls) then I don't agree with that.

P.S. what DPO are you on?

<waves to everyone else>


Katnisscupcake Thu 12-Jul-12 08:48:58

Hey all,

Thanks Ana for the info on your girls. I really don't know what's happening with Ellie's school but another girl who is younger than her has also gone up to the next class, although both of the girls who have moved up and are younger have been there a term longer, so I guess that might make sense, it would be unusual for them to stay in the same class for more than a year and Ellie has only been there since January. I feel better about it now.

However I'm really really sad today as I stupidly tested (using the small amount of 3rd wee of the morning) on 12DPO using an FR and an IC and both were BFNs. I was absolutely convinced this month as my symptoms were all so clear, even to the fact that my boobs were killing me in bed last night and they never normally do!

I could cry I'm just so upset. I really really thought this month was it... sad sad...

I started another thread back in April which is going really well, but the BFPs are coming so thick and fast that I've had to abandon it, it was just upsetting me too much.

How's everyone else doing.

AnastasiaGrey Thu 12-Jul-12 12:13:48

Katnisscupcake-I'm really sad about the BFN. MJIM will tell you not to test until you are late as the disappointment is horrible. Maybe stay away from the other thread and talk to us although it does help that others are going through the same thing. You may not remember but when I was TTC Matthew I was almost the last one to get a BFP and nearly walked away from the thread-glad I didn't though. smile Do you know you definitely OV'd 12 days ago?

Hi everyone else. smile Sports day is now next Tuesday weather permitting. Beautiful day today unlike yesterday's hail and thunder. The school is doing an olympic day tomorrow and we are invited to watch the opening ceremony which will be held on the school field weather permitting.

Off to Mini Movers soon, Bye for now!


myjobismum Thu 12-Jul-12 12:18:51

Hi all!

K - :hug: hope things turn brighter for you soon!

AG - all is good here thank you! pouring with rain though and need to still do two more school runs on foot today - yat hmm

Katnisscupcake Thu 12-Jul-12 13:12:34

Hey Ana,

Yeah, I got a +ive OPK on CD14 and then 3 high temp rises on CD15, CD16 and CD17 - plus we haven't BDd since CD14 so if I did OV later, I'm definitely not PG! I stopped temping after I got the 3 temp rises though so I'm assuming that my temp has come down now that AF is on the way. I can't really do temping anymore as I keep forgetting or DD wakes up earlier, later and so I don't get around to it.

How long did it take you to get your BFP with Matthew? I have given myself a limit of 6 months and then I'm giving up. I'm 38 and don't want to put my life on hold indefinitely, which is what it feels like when TTC.

Thanks MJIM. I'm hoping things improve soon aswell. xx

AnastasiaGrey Thu 12-Jul-12 16:06:54

It took 10 months to conceive Matthew, please don't give up hope. smile


Katnisscupcake Mon 23-Jul-12 09:10:58

Hi all,

Just coming on to update you all.

So, as I think I said previously, was absolutely convinced that I was PG this month. OV on CD14, got BFN on 13DPO and then AF arrived as expected on 14DPO.

On CD7 (Friday), at the end of AF I was still getting weird cramping and so I was thinking of going to see the GP, but someone told me to do a test first, because they may well get me to do one anyway. Used an Asda cheapie in the afternoon (something made me do it, normally I would never do one at the end of my AF!) and it was a very strong BFP straight away.

But there was no way I was getting excited, surely a BFP wouldn't be right if I'd had a normal AF! So on Saturday morning I did 5 more tests, all BFPs and did a CBDigital which came back at 2-3 weeks which would be right for my dates. Unfortunately I started to get my hopes up.

Saturday afternoon I started spotting, red and brown. Then on and off through the day yesterday. Then last night the cramping and red blood, still not loads but enough to know what's happening from the MC I had last time. I'm booked in at noon today to have my bloods done, but I already know what's happening.

So there you go, another MC for me. But at least I wasn't going mad about how strong I thought my symptoms were this month. Once the MC has finished we'll try again.

I'm going to go and rest now. I'm not working today. I'll catch up with you all soon.


detoxdiva Mon 23-Jul-12 10:40:38

Ah Katnisscupcake sorry to hear this was not your month again sad

Hope the gp appointment goes ok and you can rest for the next few days whilst your body does what it has to do. Like you I was just determined to get back into ttc after my mc so I will keep everything crossed for some good news soon.

Beautiful sunny day here - have a days hol from work so taking dd out for a picnic in a local National Trust place to enjoy the weather while we can. Harry at nursery so it's nice to get some 1-2-1 time with dd for a change.

Hope everyone is ok, Anastasia how's things at home now?

Have a good day everyone smile

AnastasiaGrey Mon 23-Jul-12 22:38:36

Hi all, on our hols at the Beach Hut and staying in our caravan too. DH is going to work every day and mum and dad are picking us up and taking us to the hut. The weather is glorious so loving it! Have managed to get a varrucca which is most painful. AF arrived here too despite DTD at the right time. Hey ho, good luck to every one else!

Lots of love!


Katnisscupcake Tue 24-Jul-12 09:49:51

Hey girls,

Sorry AF got you Ana.

MC is starting but still taking so long. Painful but bearable but I just want it over with now. I guess at least I'm lucky that I have early MCs and not late ones, but still hard to cope with.

I hope everyone else is well. X

myjobismum Tue 24-Jul-12 19:51:27

Ok KC sad what a sad story, I hope things settle and you feel better soon :hug:

Wow HC sounds like you are having a lovely time <despite naughty AF turning up!> do the children love the beach?

Detox - wow sounds fab, one on one time is lovely isn't it!

All is good here, my two have been a handful the last few days, but great today, have been in the garden with them all day, water to play with and lots of other fun grin love the holidays! Am meeting up with Ceebee and family next monday and am very very much looking forward to it grin

AnastasiaGrey Tue 24-Jul-12 21:41:57

Oh no Katnisscupcake-I'm so sorry. sad Did you get a BFP first. Take care now. X

Having a fab time despite DH having to go to work. Been on the beach most of today and the weather looks to be good again tomorrow. smile

MJIM-enjoy your mini meet up. smile

Love to all!


Katnisscupcake Tue 24-Jul-12 22:02:36

Hi all,

Yes Ana, I didn't feel right so took a test on what would normally be cd6 and got a strong BFP. Then did 5 tests the following morning as I didn't believe it because of af and got all BFPs. Then started spotting again that afternoon and been bleeding on and off since with some pain. The bleeding has been there every time I go to the loo but the pain comes and goes.

Really worried that its ectopic as from what I've read on here, some people have what they think is a period, after a bfn to then get BFPs.

The pain is like normal period pain, but in my lower back aswell as front sometimes on one side but sometimes all around. Very mild though.

Blood is now normal colour with slight substance so I'm hoping this points to a normal MC and not ectopic.

My bloods were around 378 and they are repeating them tomorrow. Bit weirdly a pg test I did today came up darker than the ones on Saturday? They wont automatically scan me either, so if it is ectopic I may not find out!

myjobismum Tue 24-Jul-12 22:05:03

Thinking of you KC x

Katnisscupcake Tue 24-Jul-12 22:13:03

Thank you mjim. Xx

Katnisscupcake Wed 25-Jul-12 20:40:26

Hi all,

Have to go in for a scan at the epu on Friday because my blood levels have gone up slightly so they think it is ectopic.

Just wanted to update you... xx

AnastasiaGrey Wed 25-Jul-12 21:32:42

Katnisscupcake, I so hope it isn't ectopic. sad Take care. Xx


myjobismum Wed 25-Jul-12 22:42:53

Oh no sad will be thinking of you KC :hug:

AnastasiaGrey Fri 27-Jul-12 08:03:19

Thinking of you today at your scan Katnisscupcake. X


Katnisscupcake Tue 31-Jul-12 14:08:18

Hi all,

Sorry it's been so long since I've been in touch.

Unfortunately things have been pretty horrid here.

So after my initial blood results, the next set of levels had gone up as you know so I had to go for a scan.

Well the scan showed an empty uterus (other than some fluid/blood) so they are still nonethewiser as to whether the pregnancy was/is ectopic or not.

They called back in the afternoon with my latest blood results and finally the level had started to drop, but not majorly. So that was Friday. I'm still bleeding but such a small amount and only when I wipe. No pain and still a very strong BFP. So I wouldn't say that I'd really had an MC yet.

I am due to go back for more bloods at the EPU on Friday but I made an appointment and went to the GP today. They will call me this afternoon with the blood results. I'm praying that they are still going down. I really don't want to have a D&C because apparently it can delay getting PG again by months and I really don't have that long. I will also never know whether it was an ectopic which means that I will be panicking with every PG going forward (if I'm lucky to have one) that it might be ectopic as the risk is increased after one.

So, if the levels continue to drop, I guess I just have to wait. But this is taking an incredibly long time for a PG where I was only 5 weeks! My last MC was much quicker, over and done with and I just can't see an end to this one. I would almost be grateful for heavy bleeding and cramping, at least I'd know that was it.

I don't know how long the EPU will wait to do anything if it continues to go this slowly. I really don't want to have any medical procedure that will delay us trying again and anything surgical or medically managed (drugs) will do that. I want it over naturally, but quickly.

Anyway, I'll keep you all updated. xx

AnastasiaGrey Tue 31-Jul-12 15:02:39

Oh Katnisscupcake-how awful not knowing. sad Will check back later for news.


ceebeegeebies Sun 05-Aug-12 15:13:41

Katniss how are things? I haven't been able to post on MN whilst on holiday due to no signal but how awful for you sad I hope you are ok?

I had a fab holiday - weather was great, spent most of the time on the beach and the boys had a whale of a time. Had a lovely meet-up with MJIM aswell and our DC (particularly Sam and N) got on really well wink

Hope everyone else is ok smile

AnastasiaGrey Tue 07-Aug-12 10:42:08

Hi all

Katnisscupcake-how are you? Hope you are taking care of yourself.

Can't remember if I said I took Matthew to the HV to test for any reason why he doesn't speak properly and she couldn't find any reason. On the waiting list to see a speech therapist but hopoefully by the time the appointment comes through he might be talking. smile

Looking forward to going away in our caravan again on Saturday to Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

PIL annoyed me last Sunday as they took the girls out and rang at 4-50pm and asked if I was doing their tea. Er yes, I was cooking it at the time. FIL then said they were already tucking into Sunday dinner there. Was furious as this seems to happen every time despite me telling them that I always do Sunday tea so we can sit down as a family.

Need to go and cut the grass, big wave to all!


myjobismum Fri 17-Aug-12 19:29:52

Hi all! Sorry not been around, the holidays have been madly busy but really great so far!

Would like to echo what ceebee said about the fab meet - was so so lovely we had a wonderful day grin

So really just flying by and wanted to let you all know our good news - we are having a baby number 3 grin grin grin am 11weeks2days and scan today showed all is well - hugely incredibly happy grin

hope everyone is well!

corblimeymadam Fri 17-Aug-12 19:33:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

corblimeymadam Fri 17-Aug-12 19:33:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

myjobismum Fri 17-Aug-12 20:10:19

Hello Belgian! Sorry to hear about your troubles sad not nice for you! Cannot believe your DD2 is nearly 3 already! mind you, Naomi is 4 in just over a month shock

corblimeymadam Fri 17-Aug-12 20:17:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

corblimeymadam Fri 17-Aug-12 20:17:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnastasiaGrey Fri 17-Aug-12 20:41:34

Hi all

Wow MJIM, congratulations to you! smile Thought you were happy with your two but 3 is great. smile

BB-sorry to hear things are not so good chez BB. I'm HumphreysCorner BTW.

On hols in the caravan and AF late so bought a test and BFN sad. Ho hum! Had absolutely convinced myself this was it.

Big wave, Internet rubbish here so will go before I lose my connection!


ceebeegeebies Sat 18-Aug-12 12:31:02

Hey everyone

MJIM congratulations (again wink)

BB so sorry to hear about your seperation sad We are always here if you need us (I am still ceebee btw!)

Am at work today - just as the sun comes out - typical!!

myjobismum Sat 18-Aug-12 17:34:02

Thanks Ladies!

Awww AG - that is tough sad so difficult when you get that disspointment! We are happy with our two lol, but we decided if we got a third it would be that extra little bonus for us as a family grin

Ceebee - thanks lol!

Belgian - lol, would much rather no3 than 233 shock lol grin

DH is still off, we have been camping all week and making the most of a family weekend before he is back at work on tuesday! smile

AnastasiaGrey Tue 21-Aug-12 15:09:07

MJIM-we are just following the if it happens it will be nice route. But I was so proud of myself for not testing early-lol!

Sophie has had a terrible fall off her bike and her face and eye is awful. Am terrified every time she gets on her bike now. She has only just learnt to ride without stabilisers.

Just a few more days in the caravan, home on Friday. Having a BBQ later so hoping it will stay dry.

Love to all.


myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-12 09:48:56

AG - are so although not being all clinical in TTC you are actually going for it now rather than just hoping there may be a slip up? Excellent! I really hope it happens for you - well done on not testing early! Poor Sophie sad Bradley hasn't long learned either and it makes me really nervous when he gets going! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

AnastasiaGrey Thu 23-Aug-12 11:27:37

Oh crikey, hoping for a slip up sounds awful, makes me sound like a terrible woman doesn't it? sad DH knew what he was doing but think we will have to stop when I turn 43 in October. sad

Off to Bolsover Castle today.

Have a good day ladies. smile


myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-12 13:29:27

Lol, I meant a mutually consented slip up as in both willing to use a risky method <i.e withdrawal> on the understanding anything could happen - not any form of trickery!!!!!! Honestly!!

Oh I really hope you get good news soon x

AnastasiaGrey Thu 23-Aug-12 17:50:44

Lol-DH was actually a tad disappopinted when I got a BFN.

Bolsover Castle was fab, I love, love, love castles and old ruins with lots of history. Last day tomorrow then home on Saturday to grass cutting hoo!


myjobismum Thu 23-Aug-12 18:15:03

Sounds fab AG, glad you enjoyed your day! I hope it happens so for you and your DH grin

Willmouse Tue 28-Aug-12 16:09:47

Hello all! So glad this thread is back!

MJIM- huge congratulations! I knew you would have another baby!

Waves to everyone else!

All good here. I am currently in potty training hell with Henry - we have the weeing sorted. I will leave the rest to your imagination wink

No plans for any more here as I have more than enough on my plate. DS1 has either aspergers or high functioning autism- we are currently going through the diagnosis process. TBH it is a relief to know that there is a reason for the bizarre behaviour and we are moving forward with him all the time.

I hope the thread keeps going this time grin

myjobismum Tue 28-Aug-12 19:48:41

Willmouse - thanks! eeeek for potty training, at least you have the wees sorted, though know it still isn't much fun with the other sad As for DS1, I really hope you get a positive diagnosis and then the help you need to move forward with it! How old is he now?

detoxdiva Tue 28-Aug-12 20:13:28

Hi all - just returned from our summer holiday in Menorca. Was a lovely lovely break and the kids had a fantastic time smile

MJIM - congratulations on your news. So very excited for you

AG - sorry to hear it wasn't your month. Fingers crossed for next time.

BB - sorry to hear about your troubles with DH. I haven't seen your other thread but I hope you get things sorted out so everyone is happy

Good luck to everyone who is potty training. Harry is just about sorted as I wanted to get him done before he starts preschool next week. He was also fine with the weeing but resisted the toilet for the other for aged grin

AnastasiaGrey Wed 29-Aug-12 02:18:16

Hi all

Have a horrible cold hence being awake at such an early hour. Actually I'm always awake during the night lately, perhaps I should do shift work.

Willmouse-I'm going to start potty training Matthew very soon, keep putting it off in the hope he might do it himself! grin Hope all is well with DS1 and his diagnosis.

detoxdiva-well done on potty training. smile

Have got an appointment for Matthew's initial speech therapy chat next Wednesday. DH thinks he doesn't need to go but I would just like to have a professional give her opinion as to why he babbles instead of forming words.

Righty ho, will attempt sleep. Big wave to all of you!


Willmouse Thu 30-Aug-12 09:27:53


AG- hope you feel better soon. Hope the speech therapy goes well, it is best to put your mind at rest. Potty training is the pits but I have started childminding again for a teacher so am busy again next week until October. If not I would've waited until he was 3, that's what I did with Ollie and he was the easiest to train.

MJIM- William is 9 next week but the most difficult of the children sadly. He takes up so much of my time it's ridiculous. He will be happy to go back to school next week as he thrives on the routine.

I can't believe the holidays are nearly over and I have got so little done. I had great plans hmm. I am starting a postgraduate course in Early Years at Staffordshire University in September and I have done nothing to prepare for that either hmm

Congratulations MJIM smile

<<Waves to everyone energetically>>. Lovely to see you all back here smile

Sorry it's been ages. Been on holiday to Alcudia, loved it so much. We have booked to go back next year already!

Well, we have come to the decsion to stop TTCing. It has been almost 2 1/2 years now with no hint of a BFP. I'm actually feeling quite good about it, more relieved than sad really. I do still have bad days sometimes, if we see siblings playing together in the park etc and I think Maddie will never have that.

However, we have made a big long list of all the positives of only having one (I won't post it all on here!), which helped us see that she will gain lots in other ways. We will have to work hard to make sre she has lots of friends/playdates etc when she starts school.

PS. Willmouse, I remember when youposted any moons ago about ds1 having some traits, and I posted about lots of lovely kids I've taught with ASD. He will be fine I'm sure, a diagnosis will help you get access to support, which is good.

PPS. Katnis - sorry about everything. Are you def not still pg then?????

PPPS. AG Hope your DH has been behaving himself x

PPPPS. BB so sorry you are separating. I did read some of your threads and I'm v v sorry xx

Hi to detox, ceebee etc. <<waves again>>

Oh, and I read all 3 50shadesofgrey books on holiday and bloody hell! shock wink - now I see what all the fuss was about!

AnastasiaGrey Sat 01-Sep-12 20:39:03

Aw, HappyCamper, does this mean you will start using contraception now? sad So sorry to hear this but M will be just fine. smile Glad you enjoyed 50 Shades grin DH said he was going to sue EL James if anything happened. wink Have read 90 Days of Genevieve and now just finished Bared to You. The sequel to this comes out in October so can't wait to read more about Eva and Gideon. grin

KatnissCupcake-where are you and more importantly, how are you?

Feeling 90% better but have had some nasty illness. Going to a caravan show tomorrow to look and dream. smile

Big wave!


Nah, We'll never have to use contraception again! We are selling all baby/maternity stuff at present. MIL thinks this is an omen hmm

Hope you feel better soon xx

Willmouse Mon 03-Sep-12 22:50:09

Happy camper- I agree with your MIL. The second you sell your stuff you will end up needing it again. We went to playa del muro just up the road from Alcudia and loved it. It is v ££££ to go back next year for us though. The problem of being a family of 5.

Well I survived my first day of childminding after the holidays, 5 children for 9 hours and I still have my hair (I am rocking in a corner though). I am almost starting to think roll on Wednesday.

myjobismum Tue 04-Sep-12 19:32:41

Hi all!

AG - sorry to hear you have been poorly sad , hope you enjoyed the show grin

HCamper - I am sorry to hear you had to make this decision in the first place, but happy you have managed to accept it as a positive one! You are right, maddie will be just fine smile Glad you had a wonderful holiday grin thanks for the congratulations, it means a lot!

Willmouse - that is hard to go through all this at age 9, but hopefully it can be a form of light at the end of a hard dark tunnel in regards to getting support to make things better - please keep updating! Yay for surviving the childminding, you are a better woman than I!

Katniss - hope you are ok sweetie, have been thinking of you all last week! :hug:

Sorry to anyone I have missed, have been in the baking sunshine all afternoon and am exhausted! Am 14 weeks tomorrow shock and even bigger shock my sweet Naomi is 4, two weeks on friday! madness!

AnastasiaGrey Mon 10-Sep-12 11:07:19

Morning all

How is everyone! Potty training here and just cleared a poo out of pants. No wee at all so far today. <sigh>

Phoned pre school this morning and Matthew is starting next Tuesday. <sob> hoping the potty training will be much improved by then but they are happy to carry it on whilst he is there. smile

Took Matthew to a speech therapy appointment last week. He is just using letters b and d mostly. She said he doesn't listen and his concentration levels are poor so I have to do some games with him to help. Eg, ready steady go when blowing bubbles. I have to delay blowing them do he has to stand and wait for them. Basically, he doesn't wait to hear the correct word as he has made us understand and then goes onto the next thing.

Quiet on here again. <worried>

Big wave!


myjobismum Mon 10-Sep-12 19:03:06

Hi AG - I am around! Hope the PT settles soon, it is one of those things which can be dreadful at the time but once they crack it, it is soon forgotten! Glad you got some answers with the speech assesment, I hope the games help!

All ok here, really tired and got a cold, but all ok! DS is driving my crazy since returning to school with cheeky and whingy behaviour but hoping it will settle really soon!

Naomi is 4 next week shock

I'm here too smile

Second week back at school, not been too bad so far. Maddie has settled reasonably well into her pre-school (a few tears but not as bad as I feared!). She was quite keen to go today. It's attached to the primary school we hope she'll go to next year so it shouldn't be a big change.

She been coming out with some corkers though "It's fun to share!" and "We don't kick or push do we?". I'd love to be a fly on the wall there grin Apparently one of the teachers is called Mrs Trouser ???? Oh, and she now would like a rabbit to live in the front garden and eat carrot soup apparently lol hmm

AG - glad Matthew has begun the ST. He'll probably come on in leaps at nursery as well because they won't understand him like you do so he'll have to talk!

MJIM - are you having a bday party? The first bonkers baby s 4! shock

willmouse - we did a big car boot sale with all the stuff and made £200. There is very little left now so I'm guaranteed a BFP soon grin. It was very odd selling it tho. A lovely lovely young woman was looking through all the newborn clothes and she had a tiny bump. We got chatting and I said I could remember Maddie in the little outits. I was so close to crying but I managed to get through it. At least I felt stuff was going to a good home.

dawn/katnis - where are you??? Hope you are ok?

myjobismum Tue 11-Sep-12 10:46:31

Happycamper - awww so glad Maddie has settled in well, love the things they say grin I know, I just cannot believe my little Naomi is 4 next week, shocking! We are having a little birthday tea after DS gets back from school and while DH is home from work on his split shift in the afternoon on her actual birthday, then we are taking her for lunch and a game of bowling after church on the sunday!

Arghhhhh, I am soooooooooooooo tired sad

ceebeegeebies Mon 17-Sep-12 20:10:26

Hey everyone smile

Have been busy trying to get into the swing of school again etc.

Anastasia how is the potty training going? It took us 3 weeks to get Sam fully trained even though he was nearly 3 and a half shock As MJIM said, at the time, it feels bloody hard work but it soon becomes a distant memory.

HappyCamper sorry you have had to reach that decision but it is great that you are positive about it...I think you are doing exactly the right thing smile

Willmouse are you still rocking in the chair? wink

Where is Katniss?? Am a little worried about her...

All is ok here. Josh loves his new class - the teacher seems to be making stuff fun and seems slightly less fussy than last year's teacher in respect of behaviour. Although, DH rashly promised Josh that if he doesn't lose any behaviour marks all year, he will take him to a Chelsea football match hmm

Sam is good too - seems to have suddenly grown up over the last couple of weeks. He always seemed quite babyish to me before but is now like a proper little boy rather than a toddler iyswim. It seems to have coincided with all the children leaving nursery for school so am wondering if it is because he is now amongst the oldest at nursery??

myjobismum Wed 19-Sep-12 10:36:49

Awww Ceebee, glad things are going well with your and your lovely boys grin Naomi suddenly seems so so so grown up, 4 friday, school application done, very independent and writing her own name even lol - time goes too fast!

Hope everyone else is well!

16 weeks today - cannot wait for next scan :/ lol!

AnastasiaGrey Fri 21-Sep-12 11:26:11

Hi all

Happy Birthday to Naomi MJIM, hope you have a lovely day. smile

Matthew started preschool on Tuesday and despite the hysterical sobbing and clinging to me he did have a good time. I am hoping next Tuesday will be better. Potty training appears to be complete now just a week later so I am a tad shock Although I have to admit that last Monday after a particularly bad poo in pants episode I lost my temper with Matthew big time blush I even ended up bumping his head when I picked him up (he was lying on the bottom step of the stairs) When I went to the childrens centre later that day the bruising was coming out and 2 people noticed it. I said oh dear, wonder how he did that. Anyway, since then he has pooed on the toilet, poor lad probably daren't do it in his pants. sad He still loves me though.

Isn't it cold? Once again we have no oil so no heating. I think I might have to light a coal fire to warm the house.

How is everyone? Have been buying some Christmas bit <runs>


ceebeegeebies Fri 21-Sep-12 20:46:55

Happy birthday Naomi smile - hope she is having a lovely day!

Anastasia I have bought some Christmas stuff aswell so you are not alone grin With it being Sam's birthday 5 weeks before Christmas I have to get organised and spread the cost out! I have already bought Sam a Leappad for his birthday and got some stocking fillers. Have also bought some wrapping paper, cards and randomly, got sent a roll of 'Baby's 1st Christmas' wrapping paper with my order hmm Have also got the PJ's for the boys and me that Father Christmas leaves on Christmas Eve. I LOVE Christmas grin

Hope everyone is well smile

AnastasiaGrey Fri 21-Sep-12 21:14:54

Oh, I love Christmas too. smile

Tonight I happened to mention Christian Grey in response to a text from my school mum friend and she said how she wasn't impressed with the book or Christian Grey. I replied lightheartedly that I bought DH a grey striped shirt and a grey tie and she replied 'yuck, I didn't need to know that'. I've not had any responses since-oops!

Laters! wink


P.S. Better not wear my Laters T-Shirt with a pic of handcuffs on it to school methinks.

Happy 4th birthday Naomi smile - hope you had a lovely little birthday tea and you enjoy your lunch/bowling tomorrow.

We are at a 4th birthday party today - Maddie's first invite from nursery. I have no clue who the 2 girls are or their parents as DH does pick ups and drop offs so I'll try super hard to be friendly today. It's fancy dress for kids AND ADULTS though so not exactly looking forwards to that! shock

AG - a t-shirt with handcuffs on??? I'm grin here but yes....possibly TMI for school Mum friends lol! (I call DH Mr Grey sometimes blush). Glad the PT has gone well - you are a dab hand now after 3 dc!

ceebee - you sound very oranised for xmas! I picked up a few bits at the car boots over the summer. We are doing her a dressing up rack - so far we have bought nurse, fireman, police, pirate, dracula, princess, spanish dress, fairy and a set of princess shoes. I hope she likes them all!

I have also got some Ben and Holly roller skates but I can't see those being very successful grin

ceebeegeebies Sat 22-Sep-12 09:02:57

HC fancy dress for adults aswell shock I would draw the line at that - don't mind making my 2 dress up but I ain't doing it myself wink

I have bought Sam a little dressing up set as he loves pretending - it has 5 costumes in a little suitcase. I have a feeling he might like that more than the Leappad hmm

anastascia yes I think that might have been a bit TMI for the other mum - some things should stay in the bedroom wink

It is a beautiful (but very cold) day today - I can't believe I am having to dig my jumpers out already...but on the plus point, it means I can wear my beautiful gorgeous new bargain Skechers biker boots. There is always a silver lining wink


AnastasiaGrey Sat 22-Sep-12 18:13:29

Boo hoo, Mathew pooed in his pants today. <sigh>

Back later!


myjobismum Tue 25-Sep-12 12:32:49

Hello all! Thank you for the happy birthday's for Naomi, she had a wonderful time and I think today is the first time I have sat down since thursday night lol shock we wonderful though - my baby is so big!

We have started christmas too - we have so many people to buy for so need to get organised!

Got a 17 week midwife appointment tomorrow, I feel a little nervous hoping all is well, my scan at 11wk2days seems a lifetime ago reassurance wise now!

Hope everyone is well!

AnastasiaGrey Mon 08-Oct-12 21:20:50

Hi all

Just bumping this so that it is back on the threads I'm on list.

My birthday today but found it all quite sad really. Back tomorrow all fresh and bright.


myjobismum Wed 10-Oct-12 19:12:27

Hello AG - sorry to hear you had a sad day, any particular reason?

Things tough here, my children are not sleeping well and so tired and hard work and although I am only 19 weeks today I am really suffering with lower bump pain and other days back pain - not fun sad though hate to complain as am so happy to be pregnant and excited about the baby growing in there, but I just need a break from the pain really, dread to think of what is yet to come!

Willmouse Sun 28-Oct-12 13:54:32

Hi all.

Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to half term. We are going away tomorrow in a caravan so here's hoping the weather is kind.

MJIM- hope you are keeping well.

Ceebee- you may want to get a pair of earplugs to go with the leappad <voice of experience>.

HC- hope you have recovered from your birthday. how's the potty training going? Henry is STILL pooing in his pants!!!

Better start packing for tomorrow!

AnastasiaGrey Thu 08-Nov-12 11:02:33

Hi all

Haven't forgotten about you all. smile Have recovered slightly from my meltdown and I think finally persuading DH to decorate the lounge has helped. I have lived with awful burgundy striped wallpaper for 12 years and it has been hanging off in places for the past 5 years. The carpet and sofa also burgundy are now gone, chopped up and piled up outside ready to go to the tip. We have managed to get 2 sofas and a carpet in the sale at SCS which will be here before Christmas. Everything is now ivory with minimal furniture. Everything is in the conservatory for the time being and I now need to double up my Tesco Clubcard vouchers to buy a television for the conservatory as I do not trust the children to not wreck the lounge when they get up early on a weekend to go and watch the TV. They can sit in the conservatory in the future!

Matthew was fully potty trained after 2 weeks and has not had one accident. I do feel that losing my temper that time he pooed his pants as he didn't do it again. I felt very sad and guilty for ages after but he still loves me. smile

He is saying a few more words which make me laugh when he suddenly comes out with them. Yesterday it was 'police car'. His sentences are still complete babble with proper words occasionally popping up. grin

Christmas shopping is going well, cards are all written and the turkey ordered. Have to do things early to save me going into meltdown again.

We had one more trip in the caravan and now won't be going until the New Year. I can now hide all the presents in there.

MJIM-hope your pregnancy is going well and you aren't too tired. When is your due date BTW?

Willmouse-hope you had a great time in your caravan-we love going but desperately need a different layout to the one we have.

Well, better get on. Trying to find a recipe for chocolate concrete as MIL keeps making it for the girls as 'they don't get it at home' hmm Some say use an egg and some don't and some use plain instead of self raising flour. It's not going to be like MIL's is it?

Love to all!


AnastasiaGrey Tue 27-Nov-12 16:48:50

Where is everyone?

The room is now decorated thanks to my mum and dad coming to the rescue. The carpet is coming on Friday, not sure when the sofa is coming.

Went to parents evening last Wednesday and was told Emma is being put on the SEN register as she is still struggling to spell. I have been repeatedly telling the school this and finally they are doing something about it-in year 5! Sophie is to have extra Maths after school and Matthew is still not speaking properly. Nursery are going to ask the speech therapist to come and watch him while he is at nursery.

Hope you are all OK. Once my lounge is sorted I can then concentate on Christmas. I did play a couple of Christmas songs on Sunday to get me in the spirit of things. grin

Big wave!


Willmouse Mon 10-Dec-12 21:26:55


Glad you got your living room sorted out ready for Christmas. You sound organised. I have got most of my presents now and have wrapped loads of them too which is impressive for me as I usually leave it until the last minute.

Nothing much to report here.

Hope everyone is ok.

AnastasiaGrey Tue 11-Dec-12 03:21:42

Hi all

Full of cold and feel v. poorly hence my middle of the night posting. hmm

If you have seen my despairing posts on Facebook you will know SCS laid the wrong carpet and we won't get the correct one until the New Year. They have never apologised which makes it worse. Well at least I won't worry about my Christmas Day guests spilling sherry on it. grin

Only need a gift for my FIL and DH and a few stocking fillers for Matthew and then I'm done. Just food to sort which I will concentrate on when I feel more human.

How is everyone?


myjobismum Thu 13-Dec-12 11:24:00

Hi All!

sorry I haven't been around for ages, we have been so so so busy here!

I am 28+1 today <EDD 6th march>, tired but all ok grin Very much looking forward to christmas and then moving house on the 3rd January - it is all go here lol!

glad everyone is almost all sorted for christmas, but boo to feeling unwell and stupid carpet people AG!

Hi everyone.

Not long to go now! Maddie is ridiculously over excited, not sleeping and wanting to eat c**p all the time! Tried to make gingerbread house with her yesterday but ended up doing most of it myself! i'll be happy when it's actually Christmas day though, I love it smile

Hope you are all well and sorted for the big day - lots of pressies to buy some of you. I am cooking but only for 7 so I'm fairly relaxed (I've even been giving advic e on some xmas threads!)

Feeling a bit sad underneath all the xmas cheer as 5 (yes 5!) RL friends/colleagues have announced their pg in the last 6 weeks. Obviously am happy for them but sad for me.

Anyway, must dash to brave Sainbury's! Merry Christmas to you all grin

AnastasiaGrey Mon 24-Dec-12 21:34:49

Merry Christmas to you all! smile wine


Willmouse Mon 31-Dec-12 19:20:28

Yay! Ill be the first to say Happy New Year!x

AnastasiaGrey Tue 26-Feb-13 22:01:45

Where is everyone? I thought I was the one who had neglected you all. blush

Big wave!


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