Assisted Conception (and the bits in between) Volume 10

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MoJangled Wed 13-Jun-12 14:23:19

Our new home, hope you all find me soon...

MoJangled Wed 13-Jun-12 14:24:48

Oh Bugsy . sad sad sad You are sounding incredibly strong and focused, I take my hat off to you. I so wish you didn’t have to be. I’m glad you’re going to get some immune support too. Try this link: Fertility Friends Immunes FAQ it’s a goldmine.

SBC how brilliant to hear your story. Thanks for reminding us that good stuff happens and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and gorgeous bubba.

Pocket I’m back at work (alas) and trying to stay calm amidst the frenzy; its partly good to take my mind off things but the daytime crapvision/sofa combo does sound preferable! What’s your plan for next week? Monday Monday Monday here we come….

Pocket1 Wed 13-Jun-12 22:21:06

Mojangled how are you doing hon? Hope work is a welcome distraction for you and that you're letting everyone do more than their share! I have two weeks off partly because I have the holiday to take and partly because I could not relax or get a sec to myself if I was working. I will be driving myself mad at home though I'm sure.

Hope everyone else is okay.


MoJangled Thu 14-Jun-12 13:52:15

Pocket I think you've done it just right! I have to pack all my neurotic symptom-googling into the evening and get very annoyed with low priority interruptions like making sure we're fed and have clean clothes...

I also am away for work on the official test day so will have to get the blood test a day late, which raises the issue of when to POAS... Normally dont as I like preserving the illusion that it's worked for as long as possible, but having to wait an extra day might just push me over the edge...

How are you doing Weller and Bugsy ? been thinking of you both a lot.

Scrummybump Thu 14-Jun-12 16:15:48

beginnings sorry, didn't mean to ignore you. You did make me laugh. Yup - super thrilled here!

mojangled I fear I was still too poor from the treatment cycle to be feeling anything but extreme tiredness, bit I echo pocket focus on the positives. Now as for the POAS plan....I couldn't face staring at a stick, so would prop still wait...

SBC congratulations. Thanks for sharing your news

pocket resting sounds good to me!

Hi to everyone else and I hope this thread proves to be another lucky one!

sunnyg Thu 14-Jun-12 18:09:33

Apologies all for 'me' post here.
It's been the king of crappy days. Today's scan at 6 weeks 6 days showed no heartbeat. A sac, a yolk but no hb. Completely devastated. Until now, even with previous disappointment have mostly been quite positive. But this is the pits. It's like someone has dangled a big carrot then snatched it away. Clinic wants to wait to week to rescan, just to be sure, but the look on their faces said it all. So looks like am heading for another fun procedure, more prodding and poking for a D & C. That's if I don't miscarry naturally first.
It's been a long day. Lots of tears between period of feeling very numb. Not very much looking forward to more time feeling life is going very slow mo.

Pocket1 Thu 14-Jun-12 18:16:14

Oh Sunny sweetheart I am so sorry. I was thinking of you today. I've been there and I know how you're feeling right now. sad But it's poss that you'll see a hb next week. Thinking of you and dp x

bugsylugs Thu 14-Jun-12 21:16:17

sunnyg oh honey life can be very harsh. know just how I feel like going through what you are going through so have some understanding how painful and wretching this is. here is my hand if you want some hand holding, hugs and all. remind me are you still on the progesterone?. If the repeat scan does show the very worst there are several options and do not be pushed into any without being told all the informatio so you and only you can decide what is right for you. as pocket says there is a little shred of hope but you may well know your body very well as they told me tis week I am very intuitive about my body now ho hum. with DS I had a first scan at very similar dates to you looked like a splodge, no HB next scan it was there. I so very much hope you get a miracle. Both Pocket and I have been where you have been if there is any help we can give let us know I am sure pocket agrees.

bugsylugs Thu 14-Jun-12 21:17:24

take time and solace with otherhalf

Pocket1 Thu 14-Jun-12 21:44:47

Totally agree with you bugsy. Hugest hugs to you and Sunny smile

sunnyg Fri 15-Jun-12 11:50:53

pocket and bugsy thank you so much for your kind words. I'm also very sorry about your news bugsy but I echo Mo you are a strong lady.
Won't pretend am feeling very sad. I am. I guess there's a shred of hope we may have a miracle and see a hb next week, but I'm trying also to manage my own expectations. I think if there had been at least some kind of HB, albeit even a small/slow one, then I may feel differently. But there was nothing, literally nothing. So although it's not over yet, I want to be realistic.

Was going to try and go to work, but work up at 3am crying. Literally sobbing. Was so strange. So didn't go in. Feel bad as my boss has been so good through all of this, and I really haven't been there very long. But what can you do.

bugsy yes still on the progesterone. You mentioned they will potentially talk options to me next week. Can you give me an idea on what kinds of things they may say?


lucylookout Fri 15-Jun-12 14:39:01

Have only just found the thread but wanted to say Sunny, I'm thinking of you. Hopefully it was just a bit early and your scan next week will be better news. In the mean time try to relax and be easy on yourself x

bugsylugs Fri 15-Jun-12 16:55:26

sunnyg reason for asking re progesterone the previous 2 mc for me the progesterone prevented me mc therefore turning them into MMC. This time I think I may have mc regardless.

Warning info below of options do not read until ready or if you need it hugs

So there are 3 ways of managing a mc 1) giving nature time 2) medical management 3) operation called ERPC

1) normally give you about 2 weeks to see if you will pass everything naturally. Advantages no intervention, can be physically gentler less painful than medical at home. Disadvantages can be slow, unpredictable some people feel it drags on.
2) medical they give you either tablets, pessaries or tampons or combination of all with medication to stimulate body to mc. May let you do at home with frequent visits to hospital can be intense in visiting hospital. Maybe more painful, more rapid heavier bleeding.
3) ERCP operation to remove everything usually under general anaesthetic. Quicker but an relation and invasive so risks. Also more ERCP more risks.

With all you would hopefully have a scan sometime after to ensure all is ok with your womb.

My 3rd mc scan at 2 weeks showed some products had antibiotics and then scan another 10 days later. Very small amount left advised to do nothing period appeared on target. Jan mc very quick scan at 2 weeks ok.
Pocket went for nature but ended up with ERCP which is a risk with all the options I am sure she can give you more advice. I have always started bleeding within 2 days of stopping progesterone. And bleeding settled within a week. Will see with this one.

Hope that is helpful not too much information can give more if you want

sunnyg Fri 15-Jun-12 18:30:33

thank you so much for all of this info bugsy. At this point my gut reaction is to go with an ERCP. Apart from making sure everything was removed I feel it may help me to move forward quicker. But let's see what Thursday brings.

Just a few more quick questions if you don't mind:

1) I assume if Thursday is bad news I'll be referred from the clinic to my local gp to discuss the options? I was wondering if I should just make a tentative appointment with her anyway to have one ready? the last thing I need at this point is things being dragged out.

2) Wait time roughly between MC and starting a new cycle? Am not in any hurry yet, I know I need to give myself mentally and physically time. But would be good to know how long a clinic may want to wait. Is it something roughly like 3 AFs?

3) blood test - should they have done at my first scan to check my hcg or no point? Or will they do one next week at 2nd scan depending on result? Just feels a bit strange that I've not been able to have any blood tests at all throughout this. Or perhaps that's normal?

Thanks again for all of your help. Hope you are doing okay as well oxox

Pocket1 Fri 15-Jun-12 19:08:58

Sunny honey. I have lots to say but I'm on mobile so will do proper update over weekend. Bugsy is spot in in what she says.

I was devastated at needing an erpc but it was quick and pain free. And organised v quickly - I think Nhs can sort quickly but I had private insurance and they covered me (even though it was after fertility treatment)

So really don't worry about this should you go this route.

More from me over weekend. Hugs to you.

And Bugsy you really are amazing x

MoJangled Fri 15-Jun-12 22:22:08

Sunny Sunny Sunny oh sweetheart. This is just so horribly horribly unfair. Very good call not to go into work and you should give yourself as long as it takes. I don't have the experience of this - my MMC and op were 20 years ago and I'm sure things are different now but you have all my love and support. And who knows what next Thursday might bring.

bugsylugs Sat 16-Jun-12 14:19:31

1) my clinic faxed letter to GP to ask them to refer me to local epau clinic which they did by phone. Saw them next day repeat scans lots of places will want their own scan ESP if going for ERCP. I then had op booked for awhile later but that was because I wanted a specific consultant. Cancelled op as nature had taken over. Previous 2 times I bleed for less than a week this time we will se started wed really not much now.

2) clinics seem to vary on this depending on if you need any further tests. Definitely like at least one af may wait upto 3 cycles to let ovaries recover and reduce risk of OHSS I think.. Remember evidence of conceiving within 6 months of mc means more likely to go to term do not know if this is true for IVF would expect it to be

3) blood test my clinic and EPAU do not do them I just did them myself. At just over 5 weeks they become less accurate so not sure in our situations they are a good thing. EPAU may ask you to do a preg test after 2 weeks to ensure all has settled. So I would not put too much weight on BHCG I was just naughty.

Accuse any typos at nephews sports day with pimms

Pocket1 Sat 16-Jun-12 17:05:23

Sunny and Bugys how are you doing? I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Its just unfair, rubbish and crap sad

Sunny I was told to have post erpc bleed plus one AF then I could cycle again, so two months, but i'm using frozen embies without EC so i guess that's different. Initially I really wanted to cycle asap but ended up making a late decision to have some mini-immunes done, which pushed things back another month.

Although emotionally i was a wreck, physically it was all far easier than i'd anticipated.

My natural mc was fine - not much more than AF really. And although i was just horrified at needing the ERPC (i'm a baby when it comes to hospitals and procedures - i know, i know its ironicblush), it was a very easy procedure and i was in and out in a day. I had some paracetemol on drip in the recovery room for the mildest of AF-type pain but i needed absolutely no pain killers at all in the few days after. The bleed was a bit heavier than AF but again, really not that bad. I had completely wound myself up, so if you're doing the same, please please please dont.

re blood tests, I only had one for the pregnancy test. Nobody ever mentioned hcg levels to me but I know some of the girls here have had them tested weekly (think clinics work differently). If I get a bfp this time, I will ask about repeat hcg tests and I'll let you know what they say so we all know for future.

Sunny, all that said, i'm still hoping you get better news next week.

Bugsy hope you're enjoying sports day with that pimms!envy Will you stop at one? wine

Mo how are you doing on the old bench? When is oft?

How is everyone else? Badger Maple Scrummy how are those bumps coming along?

So as well as my daily cocktail of pills and patches. And my clexane jab (which i've got the hang of now), i'm also on daily progesterone jabs too. The first three were done by the clinic, but tonight, DP will do his first one shock. I'm a bit scared as he has a high pain threshold and is very blase about medical stuff. Nothing phases him so i'm praying he'll be gentle!!


MoJangled Sun 17-Jun-12 07:28:38

Sunny Chickie, how are things? *Bugsy and Weller, how are you? (Pimms nothwithstanding mmmm....)

Pocket tomorrow's the big day! How many are you going for?

My semi-formed plan to test early today and present DH with a BFP as a fathers day pressie has been scuppered by buying cheapo Sainsbo test that only works on AF day and only holds result for an hour. So haven't and probably a good thing as a BFN would have been more likely 4 days early anyway and might have killed the theme...

I have a feeling not everyone's found the new thread so might do some bumping!

Pocket1 Sun 17-Jun-12 07:48:36

Mo such a pain about the test. I don't know how they work in terms of it being too early. But it sounds like yours is a very specific 'not right for today' one hmm

Here's to us all celebrating next years fathers day with bells on smile

I am really hoping for that BFP for you.

I'm going for 2 tmw - hoping and praying they survive the thaw....

Happy Sunday everyone biscuitbiscuit

bugsylugs Sun 17-Jun-12 15:05:10

Pocket good luck for tomorrow go embies go. Stopped at one jug of pimms!

MoJangled Sun 17-Jun-12 16:33:00

Bugsy impressive level of self control there, not sure I wouldnt have seen the first jug as a warm-up wink

Pocket everything, literally everything, crossed for tomorrow <Mo typing with crossed fingers emoticon>

Sunny babe, how are things?

I have a huge bloat on, can't hold tummy in and shamefully undoing wasteband of trousers in car. Every second thing I say to DH is a nag. Progesterone really is to blame for most things that get women written into Shakespeare as shrews. That said we've just had a lovely day out flying a kite on top of the downs and discovering a lovely ramshakle pub for lunch, so even with a shrew he's having a good fathers day. Hear Hear to your motion for next year Pocket!

chickenfordinner Sun 17-Jun-12 21:19:36

Ladies can I ask your advice about something. I am a LONG Term lurker on this thread (like, to the extent I feel like I know loads about you all and log on anxiously when people are due to test blush) and on the Ivf/icsi one (though thats gone a bit quiet recently) but a very rare poster. Not sure why really. I have quite a busy job and some chronic health problems which mean that I can't always post regularly, and don't like to start something I then don't keep up... But anyway I am due to start my second cycle of icsi soon. Last cycle we only got 1 egg (I have v low AMH) but it fertilised perfectly and we got a biochemical pregnancy so feel like we almost got there. I've got a good friends hen do in the run up to poss EC and she is going to go ape (which I obviously have said no to) and also people are going to a salon for manicures. Would you do this about 6 days before EC? I don't want to be overly cautious (and don't want to say no to everything, as it is I won't be drinking envy) but am worried about nasty chemicals? I've switched a lot of our home cleaning products to non toxic ones as have read that chemicals can be harmful so seems silly to then sit and breathe in chemically air for an hour.

What would you do??

Lots of luck for pocket with FET tomorrow and mo with testing. Huge hugs to sunny and bugsy, life really isn't fair sometimes, and hi to everyone else.

MoJangled Sun 17-Jun-12 22:28:29

ChickChickChickChickChicken GrowALovelyEggForMe - well, for you, obviously, but that wouldnt have rhymed! Very nice to meet you and thanks for the good wishes. What a close thing with your last cycle, how agonising but also positive... And very very good luck with the forthcoming one. I honestly think you'd be fine with a nail salon. One thing I've learned in all this is that it doesnt do to completely close down your life. As long as you're basically looking after yourself the majority of the time, you're doing it right. It's easy to get paranoid about all the things that could wreck a cycle, I know, but having a nice occasion (and releiving yourself of the stress of letting down your friend) could even help reduce stress levels, which would help. Of course you should only do it if you'll be happy doing it, but that's my take.

wellerbabe Sun 17-Jun-12 22:55:06

Thought I had lost you all forever. Just found u again only to read your bad news sunny I'm so sorry. sad

Catch up with you all soon xxx

Keziahhopes Sun 17-Jun-12 22:57:48

Chickenfordinner - hello I am Keziah, with a 15 week old ds and had lots of support from people here. The one thing I learnt on our long journey to being parents is that you need to do whatever is right for you, so that whatever decisions you make you can live with whatever happens with treatment. So for eg, I was given tickets to the ballet in my 2ww after ICSI but it was a long drive, late at night etc so I chose to not go (and it was a real treat I missed!) just in case (I got a bfn) so that I didn't say to myself for ever "if only". Other people have different thresholds and as long as they are happy with what they do I think that is all that matters. All the best - do let us know how it goes!!

Sunnyg I have just read your sad news and I am so very sorry.

There are no real words to give but I am thinking of you and praying for you.

Bugsy I am so sorry for you. That is terrible news. I just read the end of the last thread. Excuse me for whittling on but I read your comments a few minutes ago and wondered about this idea of positive people getting a positive pregnancy test? I wondered where you read it or saw it. I think there are a few things; well maybe you can make yourself a more positive person. I was dead shy at 16 but changed and by the time I was older I was full of confidence, now I am a very confident person, I just decided to act more confidently. So I do think it is possible to be positive. I found a few sites but I am not sure if any of them are valid or weird or whatever. The only one I feel able to offer is this one because it is just lots of Bible passages, and as a Christian that seems a good idea to pass on, but don't feel you need to read it all.

BUT having said all this I would actually say I am not sure that being a more positive person gets you a positive on a pregnancy test. I am very positive and we tried for years for our baby number 2.

I wonder if what actually happens is that people who know they might get pregnant, who have got pregnant before, or got pregnant easily before, or know the signs in their body, those people might say (if asked before they took the test) that they felt sure/they felt positive the result would be positive! That does not mean that being a positive person made them get pregnant easier (IMHO).

But all of this is just opinion, and I think the real issue for you is more how you are going to handle the situation you are in and move forward with it.

You asked about testing individual embryos, I guess I would ask the doctors - will this work/be more likely to work, how well can they tell if an embryo does have a genetic problem that will cause it to miscarry, how much does it cost etc.

I wish you all the very best of luck with the next cycle or the next bit of treatment. I really do not think that being a glass half empty person is the thing that is making it hard for you to get pregnant. It is just biology. Just medical problems and all of us on here have had some of those or we would not be having assisted conception treatment, and we are all different and all having slightly different treatment. So I would just say find out what will work best for you and if you can afford it, and you are happy to proceed then do.

If the problem is with DH's sperm would he consider a donor? It is a huge question, but it MIGHT be worth asking.

My dear bugsy I really hope and pray this will all work out for you, but whatever happens please do NOT blame yourself or feel that if you were more positive it could have changed the result. I really don't believe our bodies are like that - and that idea puts a terrible pressure onto us. Be very nice to yourself at this moment, and that includes saying nice things to yourself about yourself, you are a wonderful person who has tried so hard, has been a supportive friend on here, and who really wants this. If the medical bods can help you, I really hope they will, and I really believe in miracles too. Love and hugs, Italian.

Hello chicken.
Hugs also to Keziah, Lissy, Lucy, Teds, Vics.*Beginnings*, Scarlett, Pocket, Josie, Maplecake, Scrummy, Ellie, BadgerFace, Mojangled, Lexie, Weller, Mini, Sunnyg, kitty, BadgerFace, Pumpkinjoy, vallinnapod and all.

PS bugsy I did find this site and it does look very helpful in terms of positive thinking and reducing stress. Again, I don't think it will change outcomes but it might lower your stress levels and that can only be a good thing.

It says stuff like use different wording ... e.g.

"Milder Wording: Have you ever been to a hospital and noticed how the nurses talk about ‘discomfort’ instead of ‘pain’? This is generally done because ‘pain’ is a much more powerful word, and discussing your ‘pain’ level can actually make your experience of it more intense than if you’re discussing your ‘discomfort’ level. You can try this strategy in your daily life. In your self-talk, turning more powerful negative words to more neutral ones can actually help neutralize your experience. Instead of using words like ‘hate’ and ‘angry’ (as in, “I hate traffic! It makes me so angry!”), you can use words like ‘don’t like’ and ‘annoyed’ (“I don’t like traffic; it makes me annoyed,” sounds much milder, doesn’t it?)"


"Change Self-Limiting Statements to Questions: Self-limiting statements like “I can’t handle this!” or “This is impossible!” are particularly damaging because they increase your stress in a given situation and they stop you from searching for solutions. The next time you find yourself thinking something that limits the possibilities of a given situation, turn it into a question. Doesn’t “How can I handle this?” or “How is this possible?” sound more hopeful and open up your imagination to new possibilities?"

All best wishes for the future to you.

Pocket1 Mon 18-Jun-12 08:00:37

Mo yay for your growing tummy. Hope it grows and grows and grows!! Loved your little chicken rhyme, reminded me of an auntie who used to sing that when I was a kid. smile

Welcome Chicken. I'm afraid I know v little about egg collection so can't really advise but as the other girls have said, you have to do what is right for you. I know what you mean about avoiding chemicals and fumes though and I would somehow have to find another place to be - could you go and have a facial or acupuncture treatment in another salon? Maybe saying 'I know I won't be with you guys for an hour or so but it's such a rare pamper treat, I really fancy having a facial/acupuncture instead. Besides, those nail salons are so smelly, not sure I fancy those fumes'???

ScarlettInSpace Mon 18-Jun-12 09:29:55

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok despite some of the shitty news round here, sorry to read of the failures, I hope you are coping as best you can – I’m sorry I’m blatantly rubbish at sympathising, always have been, not v good with people crying either although I’m not adverse to the odd blub myself [I’m not a heartless witch honest!] – Sorry for not name checking too [I’m worse with memory than sympathy!]

Well we went back to see consultant last week who said my AMH of 4.22 was crap [tell me something I don’t know] but the fact that my FSH was 19 this time [last time was 14] he thinks the AMH is wrong and it is probably nearer 1 angry. He was so negative, he really upset me [apart from giving OH a pat on the back for his ‘excellent’ SA results, which made me feel even worse] He went on to say we could have 1 go at IVF on NHS if we want but he would be very surprised if I got enough eggs to proceed and they probably wouldn’t be very good quality anyway so I shouldn’t expect to get to Egg Transfer, gave me an ‘optimistic 10%’ chance of IVF success then started talking about donor eggs, at which point I burst into tears and he started to back pedal saying he was sure I’d prove him wrong and shoed me out of the door with some tissues & the signed authorisation to progress to IVF in my hand. I'm only 35 ffs and he made me feel like an old barren dame with no hope of ever having my own child.

Oh and he started to talk about long protocol and down regging – I asked if that would be wise given my low AMH etc, he said the nurses would discuss that with me at the next appt – is that right? Feel awfully like I’ve been fobbed off. Overall I’ve been distinctly unimpressed with CRM [Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry] and if we do need a 2nd go I won't be giving them any of my hard earned cash.

I’ve started acupuncture, and she was horrified at what he said, she has recommended I start taking Q10 [if anyone has any advice on that I’d be grateful], DHA & I also need to up my Vit D apparently. So, we have our appt with the nurse to begin the IVF in July but I don’t think we’ll be able to get a viable cycle until at least August due to holidays. Does anyone have any advice/experience on what else I should be doing between now and then to prepare [everything except cutting out alcohol lol, I am going on holiday after all! I'll definitely cut down though and stop altogether after hols] I’ve been dieting [healthily, joined slimming world online] and losing 2lbs a week so BMI now just under 29 [was 30].

Waves to everyone!

Hey all

Sorry to everyone who has had bad news sad

I haven't much good news to report here either sad we had egg collection on Saturday and got 9 eggs but unfortunately most were immature so we had 3 that were able to be injected and only one fertilised normally

Our one embryo has 4 cells today so will hopefully grow some more overnight and we will be able to have a transfer tomorrow but both me and DH are really struggling to have any positivity for this cycle now and if truth be told I think we have both written it off sad

I will update again tomorrow and let you know if we manage to have a transfer

MoJangled Mon 18-Jun-12 13:29:00

Just a quick one to say thinking of you today Pocket , I hope meeting your teeny tiny embryo babies goes well and you're serene and buddingly fertile xx

Keziahhopes Mon 18-Jun-12 15:01:12

Hi Scarlett just to say if you are not happy with the hospital and consultant then you may be able to take your NHS funding elsewhere! Might be worth an extra month or two delay. I know Care hospitals in the Midlands take NHS funding etc and might be worth getting a 2nd opinion about cycle and treatment if you not happy with what he suggested.

Pocket1 Mon 18-Jun-12 16:14:25

Mo scooch over on that bench will you?!?!? Two on-board. Otd 27 June. GO EMBIES GO. How's your tummy?


Teds77 Mon 18-Jun-12 16:39:43

Sneaking on to wave my pom poms for Pocket's embies - go embies go!

Also huge hugs for weller bugsy and sunny. weller although our consultant at the Lister (second cycle/second clinic) was brilliant, as others have said, sometimes I don't think there is any reason why one cycle works and one doesn't. Doesn't make it any easier but hope you are starting to regroup xxx. bugsy I can't offer any advice on immunes and other testing but hope you've been able to find some answers elsewhere. Am thinking of you. sunny I don't know when your rescan is and I don't want to get your hopes up (I know sometimes it's easier to face up to what you think is more likely) but am hoping against hope there might be a heart beat xxx. Although my first cycle was just a failure rather than a mc, my advice was similar to that given to pocket - one post-failure AF and then one further AF before I cycled again. If I had gone for short protocol that would have started with the second AF so only 4-5 weeks (I did long in the end).

Mo hoping your four little ones are doing okay and the bloat isn't too bad. Test day must be imminent so have fingers and toes all crossed.

Am going to post this before I lose it but do have some thoughts for my fellow 'rotten egg' sufferers...

Teds77 Mon 18-Jun-12 17:25:43

chicken I'm not sure what to advise but I always felt that I didn't want to look back and say 'what if'. On the other hand I was probably more relaxed and less 'saint-like' during the cycle that worked for us so I don't know if these things are logical.

scarlett so sorry that you had a bit of a brutal time but to let you know that my 'rubbish eggs' have been growing very nicely for 34 weeks and although I still worry every day I'm starting to believe I might actually get to hold my babies very soon. My FSH floated around 10 and my AMH was 2. My resting follicle count was 4-5 and I only got 3 eggs from my first cycle and 3 again from my second. Just two fertilised each time. The first time the embryos were poor quality and effectively stopped developing on day 2. Our consultant's response to this was that this indicated all my eggs would be poor quality. We wanted a second opinion and this ended with us moving clinics, partly because we only got one NHS 'go' (by then used up) but mainly because I needed to cycle somewhere I felt more positive. We found a consultant who was 'glass half full' and who said it was silly to predict the quality of our embryos based on the evidence of only two. Second time around we got two beautiful embryos and they led to our bfp.

I would use your NHS 'go' as you have nothing to lose/it will give you an indication of how you'll respond. If you can use it elsewhere it's worth considering this. If it doesn't work then I would investigate whether there are any clinics that have good reputations for low AMH/high FSH and get a second opinion. Do be prepared for things not working first time or second time or third time but do give yourself a reasonable shot at things working, finances permitting. DH and I said we would have three goes with my eggs and if they are failed/there was no indication it would ever work, we would have a go with donor eggs. I found it difficult to get my head around using donor eggs to start with but the comments and experiences of ladies on here helped with that hugely. However, I don't think I could have tried them without having a go with my own eggs first.

On other stuff we cut down all the nasties and also tried to eat gluten-free (though we didn't stick to this brilliantly). I took Q10, wheatgrass, bee propolis (sp?) and omega 3-6-9. I also had acupuncture. I didn't take DHA and I'm not sure I would take this without it being overseen by my clinic (my second consultant said we'd only look into this after a few more failures). Sorry for long post but hope it helps.

Ellie sorry to hear your news but do stay hopeful. If your EC was Saturday then 4 cells today is good growth from what I understand. I have my fingers crossed there is more growing and you get to transfer tomorrow.

BadgerFace Mon 18-Jun-12 20:22:33

Apologies for the lack of posts ladies, I have only just found this thread. I have been checking on the old one every couple of days and thinking how weird it was that no-one had posted anything for ages... blush Glad to have found you all now though!

sunny so so sorry to hear about your scan. I've got my fingers crossed for you for your follow up scan.

pocket good luck on that bench with Mo!

AFM, waiting patiently (hmmmm) for my 12 week scan on 12 July. Am a bit worried about it all having gone wrong as I've not really got any symptoms now. Have restarted pokings biscuit biscuit in public coz the tenderness seems to have gone... So back on the waiting bus.

Welcome to chicken and waves to everyone! I am glad to have found you.

sunnyg Mon 18-Jun-12 20:25:08

sorry it's another 'me' post. I apologise profusely in advance! (and must also say sorry if this is TMI). It seems that I may have thrush. Yes the icing on the cake to the past week really. Am guessing it's the cyclogest pessaries. Been told to stay on them till re-scan on Thurs. From what I understand I can only use the thrush cream at this point? I guess if it doesn't clear up by Thurs I'll just have to tell the clinic when I go in.

Any thoughts?


Pocket1 Mon 18-Jun-12 21:34:27

Oh Sunny I feel for you. I had the worst thrush after the erpc (due to the antibiotics). I really really empathise. Im afraid I don't know what you can and can take. Can you ring the clinic in advance of your appt? Would you consider putting the cyclogest (ahem) up the back. blush. I always did, never got on with them at the front blushblushblush

chickenfordinner Mon 18-Jun-12 23:22:25

Hello ladies

Thanks for such a warm welcome gringringrin and for mo, kez, pocket and teds for your thoughts on my little dilemma. You've managed to articulate both sides of the conversation going on in my head! I do feel a little bit less worried about every little thing this time, but also don't want to take unnecessary risks... It wouldn't be very difficult not to have the manicure. Anyway I'll make a decision soon wink

Pocket excellent news about your two lovely embies, wishing you a quick wait on the bench. Mo when is otd for you?

Just a quick note to scarlett - what shoddy treatment from your doc. Not on at all IMO. I have v low AMH (1.9 when tested 6 mts ago, I'm 32). I would second what others have said in that i would want to be with a clinic who were more optimistic about my treatment. I have always been told that low AMH means fewer eggs but not necc any poorer quality as that is based on age, so still every chance for us. We moved to the lister for my second cycle as I just felt they were more experienced with women with low AMH, and in the end our nhs funding came through and we could transfer it to them which was a real result. The doc certainly should discuss protocol with you personally. For what it's worth, I was keen on the short protocol from all my reading but actually my local consultant and then the lister have both recommended the long protocol (but with a smaller dose of suprecur to down reg), not 100% sure why, but they seemed to consider it carefully which made me feel confident in their decision. I have been taking dhea on the recommendation of my lister consultant this time and had no side effects at all. I've also had acupuncture and tried to eat well and get enough rest. Do let me know if you want me to say any more about any of this grin

And ellie just also wanted to say sorry to hear your news, is so hard after all the effort we put in and the initial good news, but you really do only need one. We honestly thougt it was all over when we only got one egg but our little embie nearly made it! There are lots of people on here who have got their miracle from just one embie (or teds presumably from two?), I'll be keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you

Mammoth post on my phone = tired fingers grin

Chick (who is going to try and lay some lovely little eggs soon - thanks for the memory mogrin)

BadgerFace Tue 19-Jun-12 08:47:21

Oh sunny that's rough. I second pocket's suggestion of back door though, I found that worked better for me (as no leaking!). Sending you some good luck vibes.

Ellie how did you get on?

eurochick Tue 19-Jun-12 10:57:54

Hello ladies. Would you mind if I pop onto the thread to ask a question? I am a lurker on here but have never posted on these threads before.

I've just started downregging (Burserelin injections) for my first IVF cycle. Since about 12 hrs after the first injection, I have had some pains in my ovaries, the kind I usually get prior to ovulation. I never feel them after ov at all (and I am 10 days past ov now). Has anyone experienced similar? Is it just my ovaries reacting to the drugs and completely normal, or is it something I should call the clinic about?

Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone on the thread with their treatment.

Just a quickie to say I have an embryo on board smile

It had grown to 8 cells by the time of transfer and is a grade 2 (I think when I got pregnant with DD we had 2 very similar embryos transferred) so we are in with a chance at least

Off for a lie down now after all that excitement

ScarlettInSpace Tue 19-Jun-12 14:02:05

Thanks everyone, for some really solid advice grin it never occurred to me that I might not need to go to an NHS hospital to get the NHS Funding but this is definitely worth investigating further, as I’ve yet to speak to anyone at CRM who isn’t either patronising [1st appt], negative [2nd appt, last week] or rushing me out of the door because THEY can't keep to time on appts and are running an hour behind [both times]…

keziah I will definitely look into CARE in the region and give them a call, thank you,

Mo Pocket Ellie Go embies!! Very exciting stuff, have everything crossed wink

Ted & chicken thanks for the advice/shared experience, I was pretty taken aback when the cons took one look at my results and decided all my eggs were crap! Also that he just shoed us through to the nurses appt to start treatment without discussing the process [he suggested I just read the leaflet they provide shock ] the protocol options etc.

euro sorry I have no idea but it can’t hurt to put in a phone call to ask them?

MoJangled Tue 19-Jun-12 14:45:42

Hurray for the miniPockets! Go go go! I've kept a spot on the bench warm for you all.

And go the mini Ellie too!

Sunny ffs, as if you haven't got enough on your plate. You poor love. Have you tried natural yog?

Bugsy and Weller, how are u both?

Glad you found us again Badger.

I cracked and POSS, bfn. It's technically a day too early, as I'm supposed to have the blood test tmrw (but away for work so it'll be thurs) but these things are so sensitive now that I rather believe it. Wasn't going to tell DH but he caught me crying into DS's hair while giving him his bottle this morning. I'll do another test tmrw and the blood test but in my heart of hearts I know it hasn't worked. V v v sad.

ScarlettInSpace Tue 19-Jun-12 14:54:09

oh mo that is sad that you are sad, but there are plenty of tales about these boards where the peesticks have been disagreeable, and wrong, sojust try to remember it aint over til its over wink xx

Keziahhopes Tue 19-Jun-12 16:20:03

Ellie congrats on such a good embie growing for you.

Scarlett - Nottingham Care is the big one, but there is one at Northampton, Sheffield etc. You may have to wait a while to get an appointment with a consultant, but the difference is once you see a consultant if you are ready for treatment then you can cycle straight away! Worth getting a print out of every NHS test you have had so far and take them with you, to save time. I switched my NHS funding from my local hospital which took 13 months to do the basic tests to a Care unit... as long as you switch funding before you start treatment it is ok, as long as your PCT funds to that hospital/clinic - so a phonecall to the clinic is usually the quickest way to find out if they accept your NHS funding! Also Care clinics do once a month a free open evening - 2hrs with a consultant showing you round, meeting embryologisits etc so you can ask lots of questions! Other hospitals will do this too, I just know lots of Care clinics in midlands, up to Manchester and down to Northampton which may be more use to you than a London clinic (lots of good london clinics too like the Lister).

Mo hope the blood test more encouraging for you.

Pocket1 Tue 19-Jun-12 16:42:30

Mo honey. Don't give up hope yet. Wait to see what the blood test says. The fat lady is bound and gagged in our shed. She's not coming out for some time wink

ScarlettInSpace Tue 19-Jun-12 16:49:09

<sends puppy down to pockets shed to stand guard>

keziah Ive put the call into Northampton and they said they just need a letter from Cov PCT authorising it, they are happy to take me on. Spoke to PCT and after a chat about the difference between 'realistic' consultation & 'overly harsh & factually incorrect' consultation they have agreed to to put it to the person what makes the decision, I should know by the end of the week, thanks again for the advice <oops just realised I should prob talk to OH about it too before i go changing everything lol blush >

Does anyone know if I can I just walk into the hospital and ask them for print outs of all my test results? For my records maybe?

Keziahhopes Tue 19-Jun-12 18:30:10

Scarlett that is great... however, if you qualify for NHS funding and your PCT funds to Northampton Care then they HAVE to fund you there, I think rather than one person decide, so if you get a "no" might be worth delving further. I just asked my PCT where they fund to, rang up a Care and asked if they accepted my PCT's funding and as the answer was yes just asked my Gp to sort it!! I got my print outs from my hospital appointment when I was there and the rest from the receptionist at the Gp's as they had lots on my records. You are entitled to your records, but they could charge you and make you wait a set number of days.

Pocket1 Tue 19-Jun-12 19:53:44

Hey Ellie. Good to have you join Mo and me on the bench.

Hugs to you Mo

Bugsy my lovely, how are you doing? Thinking of you and sending a hug.

Sunny how are your bits?

Badger glad you found us. And exciting news about your scan date - bet you can't wait to see the little one again?

Scarlet well done on making progress so quickly.

Weller how are you my love?

Maple are you back from hols? How is your bump?

Euro sorry I can't help as my experience is so different but hopefully someone will be along in a bit who can.

So I've spent day one with my legs on the air (accupuncturist recommend to encourage blood flow to my uterus). Wow daytime tv is boring. I've watched so much rubbish today. Thankfully I have a friend visiting tmw and another on Thursday.


wellerbabe Tue 19-Jun-12 21:11:29

Hi pocket keep those legs in the air smile and look after yourself.
I'm having a bad day today. DS asked this morning if the 'baby thing' doesn't work next time would we foster or adopt as that means he can have a brother or sister and we get to be mummy and daddy. Bless him. Been making me think about it all day, then one of the girls that works for me bringing baby in and telling me she is not coming back after mat leave and then major road rage on the way home!! Early night for me and tomorrow will be a better day.

Waves and chocolate boobs to everyone grin

sunnyg Tue 19-Jun-12 21:15:18

mo darling I've just seen your post. I REALLY, REALLY hope that the blood test tells a different story. I'm not going to say anymore until that fat lady has sung. I send you a thousand hugs oxox

A big thank you to all for all of your advice re the joys of thrush and of course your kind thoughts over the past week. Got some cream and that has definitely eased it whilst also now only back door! But really just hanging out to get till Thursday's re-scan. I know in my heart that it's all over. Sometimes you just know. I think also when the doc calls in the clinic director and about 5 other nurses to all stand and squint at your scan it's not a good sign. But if there is a miracle hb, wherever you all are, you'll certainly hear me jump for joy.

Pocket and Bugsy especially thank you for all of your advice. I would like to have the d&c/ERPC scheduled for asap. For me I know it'll help me to move forward. Still some teary moments, but each day is getting better.

Miscarriages are horrible, but I know, and so many of you unfortunately know here how common they are. We aren't the first and sadly we won't be the last. But there is often a story out there sadder then our own. I met up with someone on the weekend who's now 10 weeks pregnant. Of course amazing news. Little did I know it was even more amazing as just 8 months ago she had a baby boy that died at 2 days old. He was born at term and she had had a very normal healthy pregnancy. He died due to malpractice with the midwife at her birth. During the labour he became very distressed and the midwife did not not monitor closely enough or react fast enough. He was born brain dead and then died 2 days later from complications. They are going through a terrible legal case right now. Not to try and get any money. That won't bring him back, but to try and stop this midwife from practising. She was only suspended for 8 weeks. You can imagine the tears were flowing.

So we'll all get up, and get back on the horse and do it all again.

Bugsy how are you my dear? How are immunes investigations going?

Pocket you keep those legs high my dear. Well for as long as you can. Do you know your OTD is my bday! Good vibes!

badger I bet you just can't wait till that 12 week scan. That will be such a huge milestone. We are here for hand-holding till then.

Scarlett I hope you can get your records asap. I'd definitely not waste any time. When I got my records from my previous NHS clinic it was a nightmare. I had to fill in forms and then they said it'd be about 2 weeks. They legally had to do it in 40 days. I think in the end I got them in 48 days and that's only because I started stalking. So go forth and do it asap I say. I hope it's easier for you.

sorry for long post. big hugs to all oxox

MiniH Tue 19-Jun-12 21:46:14

Hello lovely ladies.

I come bearing biscuit biscuit and wine to apologise for being absent for so long.

Have managed to catch up on most of the events since my last post and i'm so sorry to hear bugsy and sunnyg's sad news.

I took a bit of a break from it all as nothing was happening appointment wise so I haven't been dropping in as much as just wanted to switch off.

Welcome to all the newbies - I hope you're stay here isn't long but if you do ride this rollercoaster for a while I couldn't think of a nicer thread to be.

For me, we've had our initial appointment at ARGC today. Some of you may remember I was a bit disillusioned with Create at our follow up appointment and given Create planned on changing nothing from prior cycle was a bit concerned that 'nothing changed' would mean 'bfn again'. Still a bit uncertain whether to go with ARGC - stats are amazing and Dr we met was very impressive, but its about twice as expensive and they want to do a zillion tests and more drugs. But then with the stats being almost twice as high arguably its equivalent to two cycles at Create. I think I'm going to sleep on it and go with my gut feeling over the next few days.

Hope you are all well and hugs to all.

Pocket GO GO GO grin grin grin grin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin gringrin grin grin thanks wink

sunnyg My dearest sunny you are so kind and I am so sorry for this terrible shame. Will you try again. Were there any frozen embies or would you try a new cycle? Thinking of you my dear, sad

Mojangled I am so very sorry sad .... but there is still hope.

starlett thinking of you.

Euro welcome and welcome back mini.

Hugs to all and baby dust and chocolate boobs biscuit biscuit

MoJangled Wed 20-Jun-12 00:00:50

Well done Scarlett for taking charge so fast.

Pocket keep those legs up and suck up the crapness of daytime TV! My guilty obsession TV under such circumstances is the childbirth docus on Home and Health - can only watch them incessantly while cycling but they somehow hit the spot. Just make sure the shed key is under the sofa cushion before you get settled in...

Good luck with your decision Mini . I think if I could go back in time I'd give ARGC a go.

Sunny what a story. My heart goes out to those poor parents, I wonder how they're managing to keep going. When I hear things as awful as that I never know whether to feel guilty for being sad about less dramatic things or whether the perspective that it could have been worse helps with moving on... You're sounding fantastically centred and I hope the next couple of days are as good as possible for you. Sounds like we might both have either a crap Thursday or a miracle Thursday... hey ho.

Weller you deserve a medal (or at least a big glass of wine) for getting through the day. How are things? I also had a very sweet colleague bouncing in today to say she's pregnant, did manage to be genuinely pleased for her but did have a cry on the train later.

Italian , been thinking, we have 3 frosties but I'm thinking that if a fresh cycle with added kitchin sink hasn't worked (and I know fat lady's under shed arrest still), a FET would have a lower chance, so I probably also need to start exploring the adoption option. Any tips on where to get started?

biscuit biscuit xxx

Mojangled I am not sure that frosties have a much lower chance, I would certainly give them a go. Have you had your immunes tested? I can't remember. The best place to start is to get in touch with your local authority social services and ask if they can send you some literature about adoption and also to take a look at their website to see what they say. Also try and read a bit on message boards at adoption UK or here on mumsnet. Adoption UK may make you a bit sad and make it all seem very uphill so maybe wait before reading. BUT it is early days and social services will probably not formally follow up on you until 6 months or maybe 5 months after treatment. I would also recommend some councselling to get your head in the right place. Most places would say you needed to be finished with fertility treatment. It is very early days so be nice to yourself and take some rest before deciding too much.

I am coming to the conclusion that if we only have one it is not so bad!!! I feel relaxed and happy, when i am not stressed and sad! But stress is more from work or lack of sleep than fertility at moment.

Do take a breath and talk to DH. Your little one is still small. Whatever you do, stay in touch if helps and all best wishes. Helen

sunnyg so sorry to read your sad sorry of the couple with a poor baby who died. I hope the pregnancy will go well and that their baby will be born safely and that they will get help and comfort dealing with the tragic loss of their first little baby.

MoJangled Wed 20-Jun-12 08:53:56

Wise words Italian thanks xx

Pocket1 Wed 20-Jun-12 14:33:30

Weller hon sorry you had a not so good day yestersay. this journey is so hard - whether you have little ones already or not, its just so tough. Hoping you have a better day today. x

Welcome back Mini good to have you back. I've only ever heard good things about argc - many of the girls on this thread speak v highly... good luck with your decision.

Thanks Italian its great to have you keep an eye on us. You sound in a very happy place which is great.

Mo and Sunny sending loads of positivity to you both that you get better news tomorrow. xxx

Big wave to everyone


bugsylugs Wed 20-Jun-12 17:32:37

Sorry for all the sad news. Mo and sunny keeping everything crossed (quite easy as am resting in bed) hope there is good news tomorrow but sometimescwebjust know.

Pocket yeh for 2 on board.

Scarlett yeh for likely change care nott def do nhs for east midlands so there should not be a problem.

I am on 3rd day of storming tonsillitis throat not too sore but coated in pus temp headache etc. 48hrs and antibiotics are doing nothing. Went to work for a few hrs but now back in bed. Think my body is just saying rest relax etc

Pocket1 Wed 20-Jun-12 18:03:46

No fair Bugsy. Sorry you're poorly. Yes stay in bed and rest yourself from head to toe. May I recommend the real housewives of OC and NYC - itv2 daytime tv at is best/worst! wink

ScarlettInSpace Wed 20-Jun-12 19:20:41

Real housewives is a total guilty pleasure of mine blush

maplecake Wed 20-Jun-12 19:33:09

Only just found you all! I just kept looking at the old thread for ages and wondering why there were no new comments (like an idiot thought everyone must be on holiday or on a come down after the jubilee!) - SUCH a numpty!! I blame pregnancy brain.

Bugsy and Sunny - I am so so sorry to hear your sad news. I can only echo what everyone else has said. Hold on to hope and keep strong. I think you're both amazing and this is just so bloody unfair.

Mo any news? Thinking of you...

Pocket How are you doing? I'm struggling to catch up with everyone's news...did you have ET earlier this week? Badger & *Scrummy How are you doing?

Chicken I agree with Mo - I might think differently if it was post ET but before EC sounds fine. Oh - and welcome - no more lurking!

I'm sorry for the lack of proper personals - need to read back through so I can figure out where everyone is - I'm not kidding you, MS and exhaustion is giving me the memory and attention span of a 100 year old.

AFM - all good. I have a bump!! 11 and a half weeks today and 12 week scan next Thursday. Had traumatic midwife app where I found out I've put on half a stone in 2 months - must be the new pizza, chips and cake diet. They are the only things I can eat and I've gone from being mega healthy to...a diet that I never would have imagined myself eating. But there you go - if my body throws up broccoli and welcomes cake, what can I do!!!

Lots of love to you all and will be back over the w/e for proper catch ups. xx

maplecake Wed 20-Jun-12 19:34:38

OOOps sorry - have only just realised there were lots more messages in this new thread - apols for missing anyone out. Back to the drawing board to do my homework blush

bugsylugs Wed 20-Jun-12 20:36:50

maple good to hear from you. yeh to bump and cake.yes all things sweet do help

Pocket1 Thu 21-Jun-12 06:53:34

Dear Moand Sunny fx for better news today xxxxxxxxx

Pocket1 Thu 21-Jun-12 06:55:10

Maple yes FET on Monday. Now on 2ww. smile

Scarlet blushblushblush

BadgerFace Thu 21-Jun-12 08:38:15

Hi maple! I kept checking the old thread and being confused so you are not the only one. I am 9.5 weeks today so blame the pregnancy brain too...

Scarlett and Pocket I Sky Plus Real Housewives - is that worse?! blush (Housewives of Beverly Hills it is also on Bio on a Monday night...)

bugsy I hope that you are feeling a little bit better today. Ice lollies are my go to thing when I get tonsillitus. Take it easy.

Mo I think that the the rate for frosties might seem lower because of the ones which do not survive thawing but if you have ones then do, then my feeling is that they must be hardy little buggers to have survived fertilisation, then freezing, then defrosting so should be top notch. Despite the potentially lower percentage headline rates we have definitely decided that FET is the next stage for us if this current bean doesn't stick.

eurochick How are the ovaries doing? I got twinges at various stages of my treatment but just took it as things happening!

Must dash, waves to everyone else!

sunnyg Thu 21-Jun-12 18:28:10

maple sweets I am thinking of you and hoping so much you've had better news today.

Unfortunately no good news bulletin from me I'm afraid. As suspected re-scan showed no hb. Looks like it stopped developing btwn week 6 -7. I believe missed miscarriage is technical term. Also apparently not allowed to have ERPC on nhs. Or very unlikely as they prefer natural. At first very angry about this, but after a lot of explaining I think I understand more about natural and perhaps why it's good to give my body a chance to do it's thing. That's if it does. I think many end up having an ERPC eventually and if that happens that'll be a double suck. Will try to get in to see GP asap to see what she says. I hope we can come to an agreement that if it doesn't happen naturally within certain timeframe (clinic said a month, that seems like an eternity to walk around waiting for it to happen) they'll agree to ERPC. I can of course have it done privately, but that'll be between 1500 and 2000 pounds! Money we don't have right this second and besides I think I'd rather put that towards the inevitable future treatments. So it sux, big time. But what can you do. We've of course began slowly to talk about future options, but just talk at this point. The earliest we could start again is September/October and that's if cycle returns to normal pretty swiftly. So we have time, and the last thing I want to do is rush into any major decisions, both physically and mentally. But I suspect in the near future we'll begin to form a plan, cause for me, forming that plan is part of the recovery, part of moving on, even if I can't start that plan for some time.

Okay good to get that off my chest! Sorry for long ramble.

sunnyg Thu 21-Jun-12 18:33:34

A big hello and hug to * weller*. Hope you are feeling better today my dear.

Pocket how goes those legs in the air?

Bugsy sorry to hear you have tonsillitis. That's not much fun, especially with all you are going through. Wish you a speedy recovery.

mini any more thoughts on ARGC? I've got the application already for a consultation. Will give myself a week or so but am thinking of sending it off. I have no idea how'd we afford it, but at this point I want to consider all options. Even if it's just consider. You can't ignore those results though. And many ladies here to attest to those.

Italian what's news with you my dear? How are things on the adoption front?

Maple, scrummy, badger and lucy all the pregnant ladies (did I get everyone?!) love to hear your updates. Gives us all hope.

big waves to everyone else and big hugs of course oxox

Pocket1 Thu 21-Jun-12 19:24:39

Sunny sweetie. sad xxxx

lucylookout Thu 21-Jun-12 19:43:34

Sunny I'm sorry your news wasn't good. I understand your need to plan 'what next' as part of your recovery. I would be the same. Trying to look optimistically at what was a shit thing to happen, you got pregnant. You can do it again and it'll stick.

For you and mini considering ARGC, I'd say the expense is massive and the time/emotional commitment is huge too. But they get undeniably the best results and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone. Did you see the article about him in the Evening Standard the other week?

Mo I'm sorry to hear about your BFN. It's not fair. How many frozen do you have? Will you have any more tests done/do anything different?

Pocket thinking of you on the bench and keeping everything crossed for you.

Bugsy hope you're doing OK and that the tonsillitis is better.

I've had a funny few days. I'm 35 weeks now, so getting ever closer to D Day. The baby is measuring huge and I have 'too much' amniotic fluid according to the hospital, so am having more tests and scans to make sure all is OK. Then yesterday, DS was climbing a tree, which he decided was too high for him. He dropped into my arms and I caught him, stepped backwards, tripped over some terracotta flower pots, came crashing to the ground (smashing many more pots on the way) somehow managing to land on my bum, with my feet caught under me, and managing to drop poor DS on his head on a concrete path. I took him to the drs and thank goodness he is fine, barely a graze to his head, but I felt and feel so guilty. I spent all last night replaying my dropping him and barely slept a wink. Baby is moving around fine and seems completely oblivious to what was going on, so that's good, and my main injury was to my big toe, so it could have been much, much worse. Just felt very shaken by it and it struck me how things can happen in just a moment of bad luck/lack of concentration whatever. Still, I was lucky this time so I must shake this anxious mood off.

Hi to everyone else, sorry for not doing more personals but I do pop on regularly to read what's going on x

wellerbabe Thu 21-Jun-12 21:17:15

sunny I'm sorry I had my fingers crossed that it would turn out differently. Please let yourself be sad and angry and whatever else as if you try and get on with it too quickly it will still hit you afterwards. Thinking of you smile
DP and I have been having lots of loving and normal stuff and I had almost forgotten what it feels like to be having nookie without worrying about timing or injections. As a result feeling much better today gringringrin

Pocket1 Thu 21-Jun-12 22:05:30

Dear Sunny I've just had a chance to properly read your update. I'm sorry it wasnt better news. sad

I didn't know Nhs policy on erpc (I was lucky I had cover AND that they agreed to pay when I really pushed them).But I'm sure you'll get good care and be well looked after.

I started to bleed quite quickly after I stopped all the meds, maybe within a week. And had a repeat scan a week later - which for me indicated I needed the op. Hopefully yours will be simpler and quicker do you can move on.

Sending you the hugest of hugs and thinking of you and dp.

Let us know how your getting on.


Pocket1 Thu 21-Jun-12 22:11:12

Weller great to hear you're doing well. And well done on the carefree nbiscuitbiscuitkie!!!

lucy crikey your fall sounds terrifying. But I'm glad that everyone is okay. Hope your tests put your mind at rest. Can't wait till you announce the arrival if or little one! Not long now!


MoJangled Thu 21-Jun-12 22:15:06

(((( Sunny )))) Sweetheart. I was hoping against hope. I know exactly what you mean about needing to get on to move on, too. Really hope the next stage is quick. hugs to you xxx

Bugsy wow your body has its ways to make its views known. Think you should listen... to bed with you my girl!

How nice to hear some good stuff from the bumptastic preggy ladies, I need to hear about the good stuff...

So I got my blood test results. Borderline positive at 13.5 (not considered viable till 25). I was gobsmacked that it wasnt just plain negative and even had a rush of excitement, but of course the reality is that this is probably a very early miscarriage. I need to have another test in 2 days (small detail - cant do it locally so need to hop on a train to London wreaking havoc to weekend plans) to see whether the HCG levels have gone up. Trying to be positive but I think I've just graduated from not getting pregnant at all to not being able to hang onto it.

MiniH Thu 21-Jun-12 22:20:12

sunny so sorry to hear that news wasn't better. My heart goes out to you. You sound very together and I understand what you mean about having a plan. It somehow helps to shift focus from the hear and now.

lucy thanks for the link and what a day it sounds like you had. Important think is both your little ones are ok - you can't blame yourself for not catching him.

Well, drum roll, we are going with argc. Having been there i now have a much better idea of how quickly the costs will rack up but we are prepared to really give it our best shot. Was so prepared for all the negatives though so was plenty surprised after the appointment. So now it's a DNA frag test for Dh and monitored cycle for me and then assuming that and immunes fine we are good to start down reg. they want me to do long protocol as better for women like me with pco and apparently gives better quality eggs - bit nervous about side effects but as i said, weve got to try and give it best shot.

MoJangled Thu 21-Jun-12 22:43:12

Sorry Lucy missed your post. Someone may as well put a knife in your heart when a child is hurt in your care, I know. But look at it this way - he was going to come out of the tree anyway and you slowed him down and cleared all those pots out of the way. The anxiety is completely understandable but given how preggy you are and therefore handicapped from dramatic goal saves I think you managed it really well.

Well done on your decision Mini it's the 'no regrets' option!

Pocket how's the bench? should be on implantation day around now? quick, watch gardening programmes or mining documentaries - anything with digging in vibes.

ScarlettInSpace Fri 22-Jun-12 09:12:22

Hey all quick post & run as on way out - PCT Cov said no to moving funding out of the area, offered me an alternative fertilty centre in walsall which is 25 miles in the wrong direction, oh and they said I needed to go and get a referral from my current consultant, I can see how that conversation would go!

I think I am going to ring CRM and ask for another cons appt before the nurses one, or I might ring and have a chat with the nurses there and see what they think, I can't see how I can start IVF without an informed conversation about the pro's and cons of long/short protocol with my AMH/FSH, and surely thats not for the nurse to decide when we see them on the 11th July?

I'll catch up properly when I get back wink

bugsylugs Fri 22-Jun-12 12:17:17

sunny so sorry for your news take time I never have think that is why I am in a mess. Think that is rubbish re ERCP I was offered it on nhs, if that was truly the case the NHS would not have people having assissted conception handed back to them for community midwife care and delivery etc. your community midwives are responsible for care as are GP ( to a less extent) for all pregnant women including when it is a MMC. I would advise seeing GP and asking them to refer you to local EPAU. Was it private clinic who told you that info. Look on miscarriage . Org for info. Usually left for 1-2 weeks then rescan then if still products decision on op or continue waiting part of decision is size of products. But if waiting more than 2 weeks you may need antibiotics. Hopefully your body will be clever and be kind now progesterone has stopped. Some advice be near a toilet get BIG pads, maybe something to put on the bed. Rest get some pain relief in will advise if you want. Oh I have got so angry on your behalf re NHS.

weller good to see you and dp are having quality time. Was so wishing we would all have good news

scarlett which clinics does your pct commission from? Do they do west mid fertility prob not too convenient but have heard good things

lucy well done in breaking his fall, poor big toe. Think how wonderfully you did not what could have been. Mummy's instincts worked.

Me no improvement never been laid up this long so should count myself lucky. Now started with cough and cold temp still up hey ho cannot even face day time tv.

pocket how is the bench doing nice comfy cushions I hope.

Sorry not to personal post more happy friday

MoJangled Sat 23-Jun-12 00:27:41

Sunny honey, how are you?

Scarlett sounds like another chat with someone at the clinic to address your worries would be a good idea.

Bugsy you poor love. Rest rest rest. I hope DH is a blur up and down the stairs with drinks, magazines and flowers.

Pocket how's the symptom spotting coming along?

Weller quality time indeed! I actually found myself thinking that if this cycle worked we'd never need to bother with nookie again, that's what this stuff does to your head, so it sounds like you're making the most of things.

I've got back out of bed, mind racing. I've been convinced this is a chemical pregnancy heading for an early miscarriage, because it's not showing up on preg tests (well, two almost imaginary lines on Sun and Mon followed by a digital BFN on Tues) and because the blood test on Thurs, a day later than I was supposed to take it, showed HCG 13.5 which is more typical of week 3 than week 4. So all the signs point to something having started last week and dieing away this week. But, boobs have started aching today (probably progesterone) and feel a bit queasy (probably nerves). Can't get the cruel sliver of hope out of my head that this might still work.

Hi Sunnyg I am so very sorry. I really hope you will be able to move on and will await news from you. Please do keep in touch, I really do feel terribly sorry for you.

By the way, I had what was then called a D and C after my missed misccariage 6 years ago. I find it hard to believe that the NHS can refuse to treat you, is it really that they will not do it, or is it that they think it is better for it to happen naturally? Thinking of you.

Mojangled Honey huge hugs to you and thinking of you.

Lucy I am so sorry to hear about unfortunate accident, I really hope you, baby and DS are fine now.

Sunnyg Nothing much happening yet, just waiting for September when we can go to an open evening together.

Thanks Pocket it is good to still be in touch with you all. I am happier, the big thing for me is that the desperation has gone. If adoption works out, great, if not, great. I ma getting on with work and life and am happy. I love my DD so much and now knowing she may be my only child I actually feel I love her more! I wish I could have gotten into this place earlier but it just did not happen!


Pocket1 Sat 23-Jun-12 10:29:32

Mo honey. Best of luck to you today. i really hope you get good news. go mini mos go smile

Bugsy you poor love. Really hope you're on the mend v soon. in the meantime, just give in, let everyone run round after you and just rest. x

AFM i am syptom spotting like crazy. I've convinced myself i felt implantation Thursday/Friday (on two different sides go embies go), biscuitbiscuits feel sore (*Mo*, you mentioned that could be down to progesterone, i've not heard that before but then i'm realising how little i know). But best of all i'm feeling nauseas - and have been on and off for the last two days. is that even possible? surely its too early to have any symptoms!

blush alert. Did anyone see Eastenders? and Janine going into early labour - i was bawling my eyes out! blush

Big wave to everyone and happy Saturday.


Keziahhopes Sat 23-Jun-12 11:22:59

I am so sad to hear of bad news on this thread.

Scarlett if I was you I would phone the Care clinic you had contacted and ask them if your PCT had given NHS funding to that clinic. If so, then I would challenge your PCT directly. I would also ask which clinics they do fund to, and try to find out by asking on Care's own forum or any other clinic if anyone else had got NHS funding to anywhere other than the one hospital they have offered you. That is if you not happy with the one hospital you have been given. Do you know how many NHS cycles you are entitled to? Where I live it was one.

Scrummybump Sat 23-Jun-12 12:34:44

sunnyg I'm just so sorry to read your news. I was really hoping you would get to see the little hb this week. Sounds crazy the way that they have responded to it all. I hope you get it sorted soon. Will be thinking of you.

mo really hoping that your LO is just a late implanter and will pick up speed now. How difficult this must be for you.

pocket great news about your embies - go embies go

Italian its lovely to read your updates when you feel so positive about life.

lucy how frightening that fall must have been, but it sounds like you're all ok. Something to laugh about in years to come

bugsy I hope you start to recover soon. Sounds like a nasty one!

minih I'm - of course - very happy with the care that I have received from ARGC, even if they drive me mad sometimes with their lack of organisation. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific concerns/questions. I'd strongly recommend logging into FF for the ARGC board where you can connect with others cycling at the same time.

weller quality time with DH sounds just the ticket. Good on you

badger and maple hope you are doing ok and not feeling too sick.

We had our 12 week scan yesterday with the nuchal screening. Gladly, it's all good news. Baby is developing and growing text book and we have very low risk for Downs and trisomy 13&18. In fact, she said my risk is the same as a 15 year old - that put a big smile on my face. I treated myself to a new pair of shoes and some maternity clothes and have started making the phone calls this morning, sharing the news. I know it's a long way to go still, but I will try my best not to worry too much and just enjoy the ride now smile

MoJangled Sat 23-Jun-12 13:51:31

Scrummy fantastic news, huge milestone reached in style!

Italian I need to aim for the place you are, ur a brilliant role model. So pleased ur feeling so strong and sorted.

Pocket your symptoms sound really hopeful. Go go mini twinki pockets! When do you test?

We have our results - I've lost it. HCG had dropped to 5.8, so basically an early miscarriage just held off by the drugs. We made it a nice day out to Harley street and then playing in Regents Park, hiring a rowboat and lunch in a posh cafe, now heading back in train with DS sparko in buggy, and I'm holding it together till I can get home and take a bottle of wine into the bath with me this evening.

ScarlettInSpace Sat 23-Jun-12 13:59:56

mo so so sorry to hear that x

Pocket1 Sat 23-Jun-12 15:11:50

Scrummy so happy about your update and scan. Have just welled up in public. I am so pleased for you smile

Pocket1 Sat 23-Jun-12 15:14:46

Mo sweetheart. I'm sorry. I was so hoping for better news for you. Thinking of you and dp. Big hug honey. X

BadgerFace Sat 23-Jun-12 15:43:45

Mo so sorry to hear things didn't go better. Thinking of you.

Scrummy I bet you're glad you can start to tell people now - what a milestone! I hope my scan goes as well as yours. 2 weeks and counting...

lucylookout Sat 23-Jun-12 15:53:01

Mo I'm so sorry. Can anyone tell you why it happened? Did you have your immunes tested before this round? I can't remember. It really is your turn to have some good luck now. thanks

Scrummy that's great. Your medication will hopefully be reduced a bit now too. Have you had to have iVIG again or are your immunes behaving? ARGC actually get even more disorganised the more pregnant you get. It's kind of exasperating, but in an odd way reassuring that they don't think you need such urgent attention anymore confused. Maybe see you on the FF pregnancy thread!

pocket symptoms sound promising. Long may they last! When do you test. Hope it's soon because everything's crossed and that could be a problem if I go into labour soon. grin

Pocket1 Sat 23-Jun-12 17:00:29

Otd is Wednesday! Blood test booked for first thing. Should know early afternoon! smile

bugsylugs Sat 23-Jun-12 20:57:22

mo I am so sorry for your loss it is rubbish isn't it. Glad you had a family time today and here is one from me wine. Thinking of you .

bugsylugs Sat 23-Jun-12 21:01:40

scrummy that's fantastic news so very happy for you.

pocket sounds promising but stop no symptom spotting allowed it will drive you crackers but you know that. It has come round quick but I think that is due to the last week being odd.

chickenfordinner Sat 23-Jun-12 22:09:14

Hi all

Have just sat and read back through the last few days and what intense highs and extreme lows there have been. Makes me think of what mo said (at least I think it was moblush) about how amazing we are to take on this challenge. I'm so sorry to hear what has happened to you mo and sunny, sending you lots of hugs. Like everyone else has said, you need to take time to grieve and then start to think about where you go next. Mo my hcg was 14 I think my first time round and the outcome was the same as yours. I know you've had several cycles - has this happened before? My consultant said to me probably just wasn't to be but also suggested immunes could be relevant

Amazing news from scrummy and all the other pregnant ladies. So great to know it can be done

Bugsy are you feeling any better yet?

Pocket fingers, toes and everything crossed for weds.

Scarlet hope you get somewhere with the pct/funding issues. Another consultant appt might be a good idea. Is there a different one you could see at that clinic?

Italian you are so kind and supportive of everyone on here, always taking the time to offer wise words and ideas. Am so glad you are feeling in a good place.

Sorry for anyone missed - that's the extent of my memory!!

AFM, am on my way after long appt at the lister on wed (and lots of stress after the local hospital lost all my blood test resultsangryangryangry). Having prepared myself for AMH to get worse it had actually got better - from 1.9 to 5 - rather miffed hmm but also glad it's not worse. 4 days into down reg and feeling ok, a bit tired and emotional confused but nothing too bad. Had to be brave and do my injections on my own as DH was away with work - i made sure I milked that though grin and got chocolate from him.

X x x

maplecake Sun 24-Jun-12 10:33:22

Pocket I am SO excited for you - roll on Wednesday! I am crossing everything for a mini Pocket-toto or Pocket-tina for you smile

Mo I'm so sorry to hear this cycle didn't work for you. It must have been really tough not knowing for certain. I think I remember you saying you feel as though you've graduated from 'not being able to get pregnant' to 'not being ale to be pregnant for long enough'. I would call that progress and all the more reason not hold on to hope. I'm glad you were able to get some treats in yesterday. How are you doing today?

Lucy I'm so sorry to hear about DS' fall but so pleased it had a happy ending and you're both ok. Must have been a real heart in the mouth moment for you.

Sunny lovely, if only I had a magic are you today? Any more updates on your plan? I totally get how important it is to start formulating a plan even if it's not one that will be accompanied by immediate action. We are all here with you and I, along with everyone else will be shouting from the rooftops when the plan works and we get some really amazing Sunny shaped news on here!

Talking of amazing news - Scrummy - wooop woop!!!!!!!! What a fab milestone.

Badger how are you doing? How are the symptoms? Here's hoping the next 2 weeks fly by for you - must be good to be in double figures week wise?

Mini I have only ever heard amazing things about ARGC - exciting times and I wish you all the best over the coming weeks and months.

Weller Good to hear that all is going well on the nookie front! I'm so embarrassed to say this and it's probably way tmi but I'm pretty certain we conceived after a Sunday night of passion (just 8 days after IVF BFN - my cycles are mega short) and well, let's just say, that for the first time in years we ahem, did it there you go - double orgasm ladies - it's the way to go!!! blush blush blush

Chicken grrrr to the hospital. It really frustrates me that hospitals can be so lax. I know these things happen but still...on the positive glad to hear that down reg is going okay. It's such a positive step just to be on the IVF train - fingers crossed for you.

Bugsy so sorry to hear you've been ill - that's not far. Have you got any more holidays coming up anytime soon? Or any treats planned?

Waves to everyone else and sorry for anyone I've missed. Still loads of news on the thread to catch up with by the looks of things.

AFM - 12 week scan on Thurs - starting to get nervous now...stakes seem so high. Just keep thinking there must be a trade off of sorts for me actually getting pregnant. i.e. how could I be lucky enough for everything to go smoothly from hereon in? So just need to put thoughts of Downs aside and take each day as it comes. Not helping that I have been sleeping very poorly so finding it hard to get things in perspective. However I know how very lucky I am and that this is nothing compared to what I went through with IVF, so no more moaning from me. DH's birthday today so we're going to have a nice day.

Happy Sunday all! xxx

MoJangled Sun 24-Jun-12 13:55:04

Thanks for your lovely kind words and support, ladies. Yesterday was pants but bizarrely today I actually feel quite optimistic (remote possibility, since we were out in a restaurant when I got the news yesterday, that I've just put it in a box and shut the lid, to erupt in a few weeks while talking to my boss or dropping DS at nursery or in supermarket queue). It's our wedding anniversary, 5 years, and we've spent all but 6 months of that time locked into infertility shennanigans. Yes, Maple and Lucy , I did have immune support this time - intralipids, clexane and steroids. I know I should feel glad that something happened at all, but I think that my body is so hostile to embryos that even with all the extra immune stuff they can barely get a toehold. We do have 3 frosties so will progress to the 8th&Last Cycle, but I need to find out whether there's anything more to be done as I suspect at the moment the poor things would be doomed. Starting to think it's a bit immoral to keep putting embies in, which would stand a chance of life in a non-toxic body, only to die in mine.... Hmm, what was I saying about feeling optimistic? <reaches for Bugsy's wine >

Pocket how exciting, will be gunning for you on Wednesday! About time for some GOOD news please!

Maple you foxy chick! What a truly fabulous conception story! (Although not one your DC will ever want to hear... ) Really good luck for Thursday, it's just a series of massive nerve-wracking build-ups, this whole family thing, isn't it?

Chicken unbelievable re the hospital! Do you have to repeat all the tests?

Mojangled so sorry it has turned out like this. I am not sure how you can get to the place I am in! It has taken a long time. I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me. At times it seems to help and at times it does not! Having my wonderful DD helps, and I know you have your lovely DS. I guess three or four things kind of happened all at the same time, which helped, namely....

Our money ran out
My husband's patience to keep doing this ran out
I got fed up with being stuck with needles
I moved out of whole fertility thing -began to feel bit more happy & accepting

So whatever is next for you, I just hope you will feel at peace with it all. I guess I really came to the conclusion after all the drugs I was on that this was not going to happen for me a second time. But I am mightily happy it happened the first time and DD is now in dining room making soup with egg, flour and she's not going to tell me what else!! So better rush in and avoid a gastronomic catastrophe!

Pocket1 Sun 24-Jun-12 15:52:47

Hi girlies
How is everyone?
I almost posted earlier to have a negative whinge as my symptoms and positivity have run out the door. But i stopped myself as i thought that wasnt' helpful for any of us.

So a few hours later i've just logged on again and Mo i have to thank you for the hugest kick up the bottom! You've inspired me to not moan and whinge and certainly not to give up hope yet! You've been so brave about this. And you know what, it may or may not pop out of the box at an inopportune time but for now you sould like youre dealing with it. So give yourself a huge pat on the back. And have another glass of wine wine.

Italian am keen to hear how the soup turns out!


Scrummybump Sun 24-Jun-12 18:37:37

mo sending big, big ((((hugs))))) your way. I have no knowledge of what other tests you could run to see what else could be done. And maybe, just maybe, it has just been one of those cases. Very, very sad still. But I am glad for you that you still have your frosties, so there is hope.

pocket that was so sweet of you. But I totally get it - I used to get like that about other people's news. It's a wonderful thing - empathy. Will be looking out for your news....

chicken I really feel for you. I hope you get it all sorted out soon

lucy thankfully yes, they have now changed my meds so one less jab a day and reducing steroids in the next couple of weeks. We'll see next week what my NK profile looks like. I have my fingers crossed, but I very much expect that I will need IVIG long into my pregnancy.

maple i started getting really nervous about my scan a few days before and then on the day I felt physically sick with nerves walking to the clinic - it was like the day of the pregnancy test all over again. And afterwards I started crying - out of pure relief.

Thanks to all of your for your kind messages smile

Lexie1970 Sun 24-Jun-12 20:33:40

Hello all - so sorry to hear that things have not turned out as we would have hoped sad

Sunny - when I had MMC a couple of years ago (was picked up at 12 week scan) I was given the option of natural mscarriage or have ERPC - I am very surprised it s not being given as an option at all and would push for it IF that is what you want. My view at the time was that I couldn't just wait around for the inevitable when it could all be dealt with in a procedure and then put it behind me but I stress that is my view.

Mo - again so sorry to hear your news was not better

Maple good luck with your scan next week.

AFM - my periods seem to be more regular, temping and CBFM show i am ovulating so we are going with the 'just shagging' approach. Each month that passes I look at my fantastic little boy and think although 2 would be nice, 1 is ok smile

Hugs to all xx

MoJangled Sun 24-Jun-12 22:17:03

Pocket you're a honey. And well done for picking the bright side. But remember we're here for the whinges and scared moments too!

Italian I've got 2 1/2 of your list (run out of money, fed up of drugs amd needles, and DH fatigue starting). Expecting to see your DD Masterchef soon grin

Scrummy ouch, iVIG's really expensive, isn't it? But as long as it keeps working... I hope the next 6 months are less stressful for you than the last 3 have been and you can relax and enjoy being a preggy lady.

Lexie great attitude!

Pocket the 'soup' was so revolting I did not even taste it! I expect Heston Blumenthal's mum felt the same!

Hugs all.

Pocket1 Tue 26-Jun-12 07:27:25

Bugsy Sunny Mo how are you all doing? Been thinking of you a lot and really hope you're okay smile

lucylookout Tue 26-Jun-12 14:29:50

pocket thinking of you for tomorrow smile

BadgerFace Tue 26-Jun-12 15:14:49

Ditto - good luck pocket!!

sunnyg Tue 26-Jun-12 17:12:11

mo my dear I am so sorry. Sometimes you just feel like shouting from the rooftops 'it's not fair people!'. And you have been so strong, so positive, so I really really wish it had been better news for you. I'm glad you have the 3 fro sties, although I don't think for a second you are toxic. Quite the opposite lady? Will you take a break before you go back for the frosties?

scrummy yay about 12 week scan. What a milestone. Must have been so exciting telling family and friends.

Badger just 2 weeks to go for your milestone scan. I know you must be counting down the days?

lucy hope you are feeling better after your fall.

chicken sorry to hear about hospital stuff up. What a nightmare for you.

maple i loved your raunchy story about how the bump was conceived. Made me giggle and reminded me that once this is all past, I must grab DH and get back to some good ol' fashioned shagging!

pocket this is to wish you good luck for tomorrow! Tomorrow is my bday so let's take that as a good sign. I don't want much this bday (seems less important the older you get!) but a BFP for you would be outstanding! So here's to me for being 35 tomorrow and here's to you for all the good luck a girl can have for test day tomorrow.

mini I'm excitied to hear about your move to ARGC. Was it simply the results that tipped it?

AFM well saw gp on Friday, who unfortunately also gave me a flat no to a D & C on the NHS. Seems the NHS postcode lottery has struck again. She said if it doesn't happen in a month to come back. A month just seems like a very long time, for what has already been a very long process. I remember putting my forms in for egg-sharing on January 1st! The bit I don't get, is if I don't have a D&C and they are going to give me a scan after I hopefully naturally miscarry, is how will they know it's all come away properly (sorry if TMI) ? ?
I did look into having it done at private clinics, but was quoted in the range of a ridiculous 1500 - 2000 pounds. Money we just don't have right this second and to be honest money I think I'd prefer to put towards the next cycle. Whenever that may be. Was told will need to wait to have at least 2 cycles after I miscarry before we can start again. I guess if cycles return quickly to normal that might mean a start of September at the earliest. But don't want to set up timeframes this time, so I'm not disappointed if we can't start then.

Anyway ladies, enough moaning from me. that's the way it is. The way the cookie crumbles. Onwards and upwards I say.

Big hugs to all and good luck Pocket!!!!!!!!

sunnyg Tue 26-Jun-12 17:54:18

and also meant to ask weller how are things going with you?

badger how is your throat? hope you are feeling better. How is research going ?


MoJangled Tue 26-Jun-12 18:48:35

Sunny you're incredible to be so philosophic after such an awful time. Why am i saying 'after' - it's still going on! IMHO the NHS are being v tough on you. A month seems excessive, although I can see why they'd want to avoid unneccessary interventions, but the emotional hit should be taken into account too. Big hugs. Any sign of anything starting? When did you stop the drugs? Happy Birthday for tomorrow and I hope you get properly spoilt, you deserve it.

Pocket Pocket Pocket Go Go Go! Will be crossing everything till you let us know...

I have a phone call booked with my lovely doctor for Thursday evening, so will know more about our options then.

Hugs and waves to everyone Xx

maplecake Tue 26-Jun-12 19:19:01

Just a quickie to wish Pocket masses of luck for tomorrow and Sunny Happy Birthday. Truly hope you both have a fabulous day smile

Hugs to all. xxx

Sunnyg I wonder if you GP can intervene?

Pocket hugs for tomorrow.

Pocket1 Tue 26-Jun-12 22:02:07

Lovely lovey ladies, thank you so much for all your good wishes for tomorrow – you’re so kind and it actually made me all emotional and brought a tear to my eye. It means so much to have your support. I’m rather terrified but DP will be with me all day to hold my hand and I’ll let you know asap.

Special thank you to Sunny - you’re so sweet wanting a BFP for me for your birthday. I hope I can deliver. Re the D&C I don’t know what they look for but they will know by scanning you after your natural mc whether or not you need the op, they knew instantly with me. I’m sure I’ve read that it can take two AFs to know its all ‘gone’ – and have often wondered whether I should have done that instead of having the op… Regardless I can’t believe you’re not getting more support, can you ask your GP or your EPU? – but you know, you might not need it anyway. I know its crazy hard but please try and push it to the back of your mind just for your birthday - hope you have some nice things planned and that you will be thoroughly spoiled!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUNNY thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks


wellerbabe Tue 26-Jun-12 22:13:15

pocket good luck tomorrow hope all goes well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY

I've been popping in and out but hard to keep up ! I am good going to see consultant next week to discuss next cycle which will prob be Sep. Hugs to all grin

bugsylugs Tue 26-Jun-12 22:41:03

pocket previous cycle buddy will be thinking of you wishing you all the best and so hoping you get your bfp and hand holding when you do.

sunny happy birthday tomorrow hope there is lots of spoiling if you. DH b day today DM babysat we have just walked into town and had loveyly dinner with wine.

The body continues its torrent both eyes are bright red no pain, itching or watering feel slightly full. Look bad bad bad or very hungover not a good look. Then this evening left wrist (left hander) now painful cannot rest on it or lift things no injury! All minor I know but wtf

bugsylugs Tue 26-Jun-12 22:49:12

sunny that is soo wrong where are you? Don't say if not happy. What do you want? Any ideas. Mumsnet on discussion forum are asking for opinions on bleeding and pain in early pregnancy they are being asked by NICE for feedback. Have not read it all but will as now a subject close to my heart. Apparently women will be as first line asked to wait 7-14 days from diagnosis of mc ( no longer will ERPC be first line treatment or medical management . Very wrong) before being offered surgery or medical management. On there there is the draft guidance if this is an issue for you I would print it off take to GP and say nowhere does it say waiting for 1 month but referral should occur at 7-14 days. Or try a more holistic empathic GP in practice a nurse will tell you. I am ashamed of my colleagues

bugsylugs Tue 26-Jun-12 22:50:14

sunny that is soo wrong where are you? Don't say if not happy to divulge. What do you want? Any ideas. Mumsnet on discussion forum are asking for opinions on bleeding and pain in early pregnancy they are being asked by NICE for feedback. Have not read it all but will as now a subject close to my heart. Apparently women will be as first line asked to wait 7-14 days from diagnosis of mc ( no longer will ERPC be first line treatment or medical management . Very wrong) before being offered surgery or medical management. On there there is the draft guidance if this is an issue for you I would print it off take to GP and say nowhere does it say waiting for 1 month but referral should occur at 7-14 days. Or try a more holistic empathic GP in practice a nurse will tell you. I am ashamed of my colleagues

bugsylugs Tue 26-Jun-12 22:51:26

Oops please excuse my phone

BadgerFace Wed 27-Jun-12 08:47:35

Happy birthday sunny I hope that you have a good day and managed to forget about things for a while. Hard I know. Sorry to hear that your GP said it was a No for a D&C, seems ludicrous to me. Do you think it was just their opinion? Worth seeing a different GP in case they give a different answer? Either way, I really hope hat things resolve quickly for you.

bugsy, sorry to hear you're still not very well, wishing you a speedy recovery!

lucylookout Wed 27-Jun-12 11:23:25

Happy Birthday sunny!

Scrummybump Wed 27-Jun-12 15:47:42

Happy Birthday sunny thanks thanks thanks

pocket thinking of you, hoping for great news

Pocket1 Wed 27-Jun-12 16:51:14

Happy birthday Sunny thanks wine

I'm afraid it was a BFN for me. DP and I are slowly getting sozzled at home now wine smile wine smile . We need to think about what we do next... sad

Thansk for all of your support.... i cant put into words how much it has meant to have you there for me/us.


maplecake Wed 27-Jun-12 17:32:28

Pocket I'm so so sorry. I wish there was something I could do or say but having been there before I know that getting quietly sozzled is pretty much the only option at times like these. Please accept a wine from me and know that I'll be toasting the brave, funny, positive and wonderful Pocket that we all know on here, who will get through this.

Sending you and DP love and hugs. xxx

maplecake Wed 27-Jun-12 17:33:26

P.S. Happy Birthday Sunny!!! Hope you've been thoroughly spoilt smile xxx

lucylookout Wed 27-Jun-12 18:06:47

Pocket, I'm so sorry. Have one on me too wine x

sunnyg Wed 27-Jun-12 19:37:36

pocket I am so sorry. And I know sorry doesn't even cut it. mo has got it spot on, you've been so brave, always so supportive it just isn't fair. And sometimes it's okay to say that. Big hugs to you. oxo

Thank you so much everyone for the bday wishes.oxox

Teds77 Wed 27-Jun-12 20:16:28

Sorry not to have any wise words but just wanted to say that pocket mo and sunnyg am thinking of all of you. Just seems so very, very unfair. Sending you all strength in deciding what happens next but hope in the meantime that DHs/DPs and alcohol treat you well xxx.

bugsylugs Wed 27-Jun-12 20:43:06

pocket so very sorry life is so bloody unfair at times. Here is a glass from me too wine. Agree there are times when only getting sizzled bloody iPad sozzled will do and at least it is warm. A friend RL who has been on the IVF route mantra is this or something better. One step at a time take this in before the next decision. I echo the others you are our support, humour etc.

wellerbabe Wed 27-Jun-12 21:24:13

pocket so gutted for you. You have been on here since I joined in Sep last year and you are always so supportive of everyone else we all wanted good news for you. Get smashed and hope you and DP feel positive again soon wink xxx

MoJangled Wed 27-Jun-12 22:15:02

Oh Pocket ! Have just burst into tears on reading your news. Really wanted this for you. Getting sozzled is the perfect response and thinking about all the fun non-ttc things you can now get on with for a while. hugs to you my dear xxx

Scrummybump Thu 28-Jun-12 08:14:42

pocket hope you and DH had a good old run with the wine last night. This really isn't fair and like others say, you've been such a great support to us all. Really, really sorry it didn't work out for you - this time.

Pocket1 Thu 28-Jun-12 08:27:09

Ladies thank you so much for all the lovely kind things you've said. Trying to be brave but it's hard. This is so cr*p and I know you've all been there too at some point. sad

I'm staying busy - just been to the gym and did a run (first one for 6 months). Today I'm going to garden and I may paint the outside of the house - seriously! Ive put so much on hold for this I feel like I need to catch up on things. And get my old self back.

Clinic want to discuss our options at some point. Dp and I need to chat first. I really don't know what we will do.

I will be keeping a watchful eye on you all and hope for many bfps and bouncing babies!!

Mo good luck with your consultant call today. Let me know if you find out the secrets to a BFP!! wink


BadgerFace Thu 28-Jun-12 08:50:27

Pocket sorry to hear you were so unlucky. I hope that you keep busy and as you say get on with the things you've felt you've put on hold. It's the constant waiting for something that I found so hard at each step (and am still finding now to be honest!). Thinking of you and hoping that it stays dry for your house painting!

maplecake Thu 28-Jun-12 13:40:37

Pocket you don't have to be brave lovely. Sometimes we need to break down first before we can start putting the pieces back together. I remember being brave for all of 3 days after my BFN back in April and then totally fell to pieces in the bath on Easter Sunday. I can't really remember it but DH said it was like crying / shrieking he had never heard before. It must have been bad because apparently he just immediately got in to the bath behind me and held me. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be afraid to fall to pieces - it's all well and god to be brave during IVF but I really think it should go out the window in those first few weeks afterwards.

Re the clinic discussing options - do what's right for you but I found it helpful that they actually couldn't find me an appointment until 4 weeks had passed. In hindsight I was very thankful for that as in the first few weeks I was just so raw and I don't think I would have been in the right place to think logically about next steps. It doesn't have to stop you formulating a plan though and chatting through options with DP.

Good for you going for a run - good to get those endorphins going! There's nothing like embracing the freedom that in some ways a BFN gives you. Your old self will find you again very shortly smile Oh and don't forget the nookie! You just never know...

In the meantime, thanks wine [biscuits] and hugs. xoxo

MiniH Thu 28-Jun-12 16:03:00

Oh pocket so sorry to hear your news. It's totally rubbish. I really hoped this would be your turn. I get what you mean about busying yourself. After our test I went to the gym next morning and it really helped to do something normal and try and forget about it all. Unfortunately in my case I got hounded by babies for the next 48 hours (seriously, never seen so many babies in supermarkets etc) but then it did get better, slowly. Sending you big hug and enjoy the wine.

sunnyg Thu 28-Jun-12 18:33:33

wow sometimes reading over posts I swear I know you all personally! It's amazing how this ridiculous fertility business creates people of all different backgrounds but all experiencing very similar feelings, thoughts and situations.

I was reading your post maple to pocket about letting yourself break down if you need to and your 'bath' moment with DH. It really resonates. I had felt okay for quite a few days. Then yesterday, my bday I just collapsed. Maybe it was the occasion, maybe it was another year on the clock, or maybe it was just my day to fall to pieces. The night before DH said he woke up during the night and I was sobbing in my sleep. I didn't even know till he told me the next morning. I then puffed myself up to go into work, but found myself again sobbing in the car on the way home and stayed the same for most of the evening.

pocket I also think do whatever you can/need to, to feel like your old self, to remind yourself that you are still you, without all of this fertility business hanging around you. Last weekend I had to go to wedding which at first was the last thing I felt like after the confirmed MC. But actually it did wonders for me. There was some good tunes, a few drinks and all of a sudden I felt like me again.

Thanks also all for your advice about MC. I was about to make another appointment to see my gp and go in all guns blazing to demand D &C but last night it seems nature has beaten me to it. currently passing some pretty unpleasant stuff (sorry if TMI) but I guess better out than in and to be honest feel so far okay. I'm just happy things are finally happening. My only question is about being sure that when it's over that all has come out and there is no retained material? How will I know this? Should I ask for a scan?

Hugs to all on this sunny Thursday oxo

maplecake Thu 28-Jun-12 19:44:52

Sunny I just cried hearing about your 'bath' moment. It's just such a horrible, sad and heartbreaking thing to go through. And just not fair for it to coincide with your birthday! I think there's some comfort to take from the fact that none of us are alone in what we're experiencing. As you say - all of us understand and have gone through such similar emotions.

I really hope that you start to feel lighter soon. The wedding sounds like the perfect antidote though! I remember forcing myself to listen to Marc Bolan's 'I love to Boogie' which was our first dance song at our wedding and it used to do the trick - even if just for 5 minutes! I don't think you can beat good tunes and a few drinks smile

I can't give any advice on the MC I'm afraid. I think it's good news in a way that you're no longer in limbo and hope you're not in too much pain...keep us posted and no doubt some sensible advice will be along shortly...

I'm firmly of the view you can never have too many hugs so sending lots to each and every one of you to accompany Sunny's. ((((()))))

Pocket1 Thu 28-Jun-12 22:22:54

Hello gorgeous ladies

Thanks again for all your kind words - i'm chuffed to have so many lovely MN 'friends'. grin. Sunny you're right about feeling like we know eachother...

Sunny sweetie i'm so sorry to hear that you've been so upset and it breaks my heart to hear about you sobbing, i know just how awful this is having been right there myself in Jan but i promise you these feelings do mellow over time.

(tmi alert!) my mc was fairly light, so i'm not that surprised i had retained products and needed the op. sounds like yours is heavier, so hopefully this will be the start and end of your mc. A rescan will confirm for sure. I was told to expect a bleed for 5-7 days and when the bleeding had properly stopped, to go have another scan. Can you ask for a rescan? Will your gp refer you or can you go to your epu? Maybe you could be a bit light on the truth in terms of telling them about your heavy bleed – otherwise they may well just assume you don’t need a scan (they haven’t exactly been co-operative so far!). If you can get one, do it and it will put your mind at rest.

AFM, I’m doing surprisingly okay. Possibly because I’ve kept myself ridiculously busy today. After my run at the gym, I weeded the front garden (just a couple of small beds), weeded some of the back garden, cut a hedge and painted part of the outside of our house. In doing so, I’ve managed to get sunburn – this on the day when there has been such terrible flooding around the UK today. Hope you’re all safe and well.

Lots of love and more hugs ((((())))) to add to those from Sunny and Maple


bugsylugs Thu 28-Jun-12 22:32:24

Pocket hugs

Sunny where I am in Staffordshire they scan after 2 weeks to check you have passed everything that's why I am [hmmm] about them saying wait 4 weeks I think this may also be in new guidelines when I get round to reading. I being naughty have opted for a scan week on Tues so will be 4 weeks as busy week am due at the hospital that morning to see haematologist anyway and I just cannot be arsed or have the inclination make the time or effort to get there. But I have been there know what to look for and am pretty confident I am in the clear. You could always do a preg test which is what the clinic advises need to wait at least 2 weeks. Mentally I have never done one do not want to see a negative too many of those or positive as I know it is wrong hope that makes sense

Went on a great course today has perked me up, am baby sitting for someone else and am knackered ooh for bed

bugsylugs Thu 28-Jun-12 22:37:25

Pocket you are an inspiration.

Sunny forgot to say so sorry things are so rough I was worried when I heard it was your birthday as you would have been hoping for other things. Hugs

I could not believe there had been flooding was sunny when I walked from train station and back to it and at lunchtime. But chaos at Birmingham new street due to flooding. DH met me and we have had the rain and hail inside through the conservatory roof flooded floor v wet settee light fittings etc, we await insurance review please can I have a new floor.

bugsylugs Fri 29-Jun-12 07:21:22

Here's hoping we all have a good Friday

maplecake Fri 29-Jun-12 07:37:31

Bugsy Really sorry to hear about your flooding - hope the insurance comes through swiftly and with no hassle. Was really hot and sunny here yesterday - although grey,rainy and autumnesque here today. No flooding thankfully but hoping everyone else has been ok...

Pocket Really glad to hear you're doing okay - let me know when you have finished your garden - if you've energy spare you're very welcome to come and do mine! :0

Didn't feel quite right posting this yesterday but as it's Friday and we may be in need of some cheer...12 week scan yesterday went really well. Actually 13 wks tomorrow - all was textbook apparently. Nuchal fold 1.5 and just waiting for bloods but all seems dandy smile Little poppet waved at her mummy and daddy and then promptly fell back asleep and did not move (s/he looked sooo chilled out). Despite the sonographer asking me to wiggle my hips and bum so s/he could put on an acrobatics display for us! Poppet is obviously like her mum and doesn't like being told what to do!! (Or embarrassed by her mum's self conscious wiggling)

Have lovely weekends all. xxx

BadgerFace Fri 29-Jun-12 08:34:33

Ahhhh maple that's a lovely update to start Friday with! I really hope I have a similar result with my scan in 2 weeks...

I'm excited as I've got a half day today. Going up to Cambridge with DH to see some of his friends.. Haven't quite settled on which excuse to use to explain the lemonade I'll be having with my curry, they are used to me drinking at least 6 pints...!

bugsy I hope that things dry out and you get your insurance claim without hassle.

Happy weekend to everyone!

MoJangled Fri 29-Jun-12 14:11:20

Sunny heartbreaking to hear about you sobbing in your sleep... But I think Maple is completely right, we often need a 'bath' moment, and these things take a loooong time to come to terms with. I had a tears on public transport event yesterday, little things are setting me off and I found myself in tears on the tube, scrabbling around in my bag for a tissue and hoping everyone thought I had something in my eye... We just have to take it slow I think. I'm glad nature is taking its course without too much more waiting around for you as well.

I'm interested in the how do you know it's cleared question too. My post BFN bleed only lasted Tues-Thurs. Normally they're monsters, but this one only had one heavy day, so I'm a bit concerned that something's stuck. But I feel 'empty' again so presumably most has gone on its merry way.

Bugsy what bad luck, hope the damage isn't too awful and the insurance company is efficient.

Maple that's brilliant! Your first wave, how precious. Congratualtions on getting to the mega milestone. Do you tell people now, or do they already know? The hip wiggling - just one of the many undignified things you'll be doing for the sake of the MiniMaple along the way....

AFM, I'm moving from gutted to exhausted. Just what exactly did we do to piss the gods of fertility off this much, I wonder? Talked to our lovely doctor on the phone last night for half an hour. She says that the fact that we had an implantation followed by a miscarriage makes her suspect that either there's another factor with me preventing successful implantation, or there's an undiagnosed sperm factor. At minimum, she says I need a hysteroscopy to remove any scar tissue that could be preventing implantation before FET. So it's good to have something we can try but we're back on the treadmill... again...

Pocket I am so very sorry. I wish I could offer better words but I am not sure there are any. When you want to talk more about it, and what might be next, please do. We are here for you.

Hi Sunnyg I am so sorry for you my dear. Will you try again? What might be the next step?

Hugs Maple. Hugs to little Poppet.

Hugs to Keziah, Lissy and Lucy.

Hugs and baby dust to Teds, kitty, Vics.*Beginnings*, Scarlett, Josie, Scrummy, Euro, Ellie, BadgerFace, Mojangled, Bugsylugs, Lexie, Weller, chicken.*Mini*, BadgerFace, Pumpkinjoy, vallinnapod and all.

Healthy pregnancies, happy babies and families and chocolate boobs to all biscuit biscuit.

Did I miss any nubies? please tell me I am getting daft in old age!

Me, I am doing well, now totally committed to adoption and quite happy to be able to wear under-wired bras and not think about babies and breast feeding and birth anymore! Apologies to all of you who are looking forward to that/have just come through that. It did take a very long time to get to this point! have a meeting we can go to in about 10 days and after that just another two months before we can finally get officially on the adoption trail! Hoping to lose some weight before that day so any arrow prayers for weight loss success would be wonderful, please!

Had five friends visit today, well a couple with three kids, my daughter was a bit cross that the middle kid messed up all her stuff - I did explain this is what little kids do! Have talked to DD about adoption. She is not the kind of kid who will be asking me about it all the time, she is asking me about everything else all the time anyway! It is funny as she has been saying she really wants a baby brother! I keep saying it probably won't be a baby and it might not be a boy!

Hugs to all.

Pocket1 Sun 01-Jul-12 20:08:30

Bugsy sorry to hear about your flooding. Nightmare. Hope you can get it sorted soon…

Yay Maple how lovely to see Little Poppet waving! So fab to hear that all is well.

Mo well done on making progress – it is hard to keep facing forwards when, as you say, the fertility Gods are not being very nice.

Hi Italian I love your stories about DD, she sounds like a bundle of fun. Bless her for placing her order for a baby boy!! You never know, that might be exactly what comes your way smile

i'm back to work tomorrow after my two weeks off - second time this year i've had to go back to work, hoping to be pregnant, but not being so.Got a severe case of Sunday-itis.... DP has been fab today though and really made a fuss of me...

Hope everyone is well... here's to a good week all round. We blooming deserve it!


Hey all

Just got back from a hen do! (where I've sat and drank water and decaff coffee for 2 days instead of yummy wine and champagne) so haven't been online much

Pocket and Mo sorry to hear your news

As for me OTD is on Wednesday but I've had awful cramps since Saturday night so I caved in and did a test (an out of date one with early evening pee!!) which was negative sad so I'm not holding out any much hope for Wednesday

Starting to plan how we go forward from here now

Pocket1 Sun 01-Jul-12 21:14:56

Oh Ellie i'm sorry sad. But hang on till Wednesday and test again, you never know... x

sunnyg Mon 02-Jul-12 17:16:57

Ellie so sorry to hear that. I have everything crossed that Wednesday may bring much better news.

Pocket sweets hope your first day back at work was bearable. I think you are remarkably strong to have done this all over already twice this year. Personally I've found that being back at work, has been fantastic. The days just go so fast, and besides limits my time to 'google' my life away! I hope you are doing okay ox

Mo I agree, those fertility gods need to shine some love on us down here. Sounds like the call to your doc was productive? My miscarriage bleed was too very short. Only heavy for like a day then average for another 1/2 day and that's really been it. I'm too a bit concerned that there's some left there. I am going to go to gp on wed and ask to be referred for a scan to check all gone. I am guessing seeing the NHS so far hasn't been very helpful they will try and put me off, but I really feel it would help me to move on, both mentally and physically.

bugsy so sorry to hear about your flooding. Last thing you need now my dear. Hope the insurance comes through quickly.

maple and scrummy I loved hearing about your scans. What wonderful news. Maple how sweet about little poppet giving you a wave.

Italian sounds like your adoption moves are progressing well. It's really great to hear you sounding so at peace. How long might the whole process take do you know?

Thank you all for your kind words. I think my 'bath moment' was hopefully the peak of my sadness and I have made small moves this week to try and get going. I'll feel better once I've been to the gp and hopefully had a scan, even just to reassure me it's all over and there's no nasty surprises in like a month's time or whatever. And I won't pretend that I would like the scan to just help me move on. Draw a line underneath it or whatever. Also thinking about returning to the gym, seeing friends, you know reclaiming my life!

Big hugs to all oxox

Pocket1 Mon 02-Jul-12 18:11:41

Thanks Sunny. First day back was okay really. And like you said, it's good to be busy (and noI googling).

Think you're right to push gp for a scan - don't let them put you off. wink. You may well find that it shows nothing left (sorry sounds so harsh but you know what I mean) and you can move on. And give those fertility gods another run for their money!! x

MiniH Mon 02-Jul-12 18:52:53

maple yay for your scan. It's so lovely to have happy stories.

Ellie will keep fx for Wednesday.

Italian the time just seems to be zipping past with the adoption - It feels like so recently that you started looking and now things are starting to slowly take shape. I'm so pleased its going well.

Afm, I've started my monitored cycle with argc. First bloods were fine, just waiting for immune testing now.

Happy Monday to all xx

OTD today and it's still negative sad

Will be phoning the clinic later to make a follow up appointment and to see where we go from here sad

ScarlettInSpace Wed 04-Jul-12 11:26:34

Sorry to hear that Ellie. In the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara tomorrow is another day, not sure that helps but I'm rubbish at sympathy sorry sad x

Hope everyone else is ok.

Update from me, the PCT refused to consider moving my funding and I couldn't be arsed to fight them, so after working myself up into a bad state last Friday I sent an email to the consultant I was originally referred to [who I haven't acually seen yet] and outlined all of my concerns about the fact that I was being pushed into a huge medical undertaking without any attempt at investigation or diagnosis, the complete lack of consultation to date, and also asked for some medical evidence to back up the idiot consultant who told me my eggs were all crap and I should consider donor eggs at 35!

I got a response in 2 hours, very apologetic, offered me an appt with that consultant next week which we have taken. I feel better becasue i can prepare for ths one, and go armed with all my questions.

I've also booked a counselling session there this Friday, which I wanted to go to alone but OH has said he wants to come and he's booked time off work.

Even the end result is the same, hopefully she will explain how & why we've got to this so quickly and be a little less fatalistic about the whole thing.

PS/ can someone please call Summer and let him know he seems to have slept in [this year Summer is definitely a man] it's bloody miserable here...

MiniH Wed 04-Jul-12 18:34:24

Ellie sorry to hear that. Make sure you take some time to digest and be good to yourself.

Scarlett go you - very impressed with your effective email to consultant. I can't say how disappointed I've been with lack of answers and clarity throughout this whole journey. If I had a broken arm they wouldn't tell me it may or may not heal and wouldn't fob me off and yet with infertility they constantly do that. Very frustrating!

Pocket1 Wed 04-Jul-12 20:18:09

Oh Ellie I'm sorry sad hope you get some guidance from Clinic. I'm having my post bfn follow up this week. Fx we get a push in the right direction.

Well done Scarlett for persevering. Really hope this consultant gets it!!

Btw I've emailed summer, he is sulking with the lack of bfps. Sunshine and bfps will resume in full force imminently gringringrin

Saw the cutest baby today - with a v cute nose a bit like dp. Really focused me on another a other try with ivf!! smile

bugsylugs Wed 04-Jul-12 21:52:15

ellie so sorry time and be good to yourselves?

pocket that sounds really positive hope tomorrow is helpful

scarlett go you good on cons for quick response. Am surprised re pct did not think they could do that.

Anyone had MTHFR gene tested? My report says MTHFR gene homozygous now does that mean normal. GP comment normal phoned lab today got impression that is wrong. Now have to try and get consultant from a different hospital to get result and I am itching to know, repeat patience patience etc.

wellerbabe Thu 05-Jul-12 11:05:30

ellie sorry to hear your news sad

Haven't been in here much been out of the zone for a bit.

bugsy think it was you that mentioned testing or immunes? Consultant suggested it when we saw him last night to discuss next try. Will have blood tests and then potentially be pumped with a few steroids before next attempt. We will probably get back on the bus in Sep after hols smile

Hugs to all grin

Bugsy I have homozygous MTHFR too - it means that both your copies of the gene are abnormal (you can also have heterozygous MTHFR where you have one normal copy and one abnormal copy)

For me I took extra folic acid and also vitamin B12 and B6 while I was pregnant and I was also on heparin injections throughout but I also have another clotting issue on top of the MTHFR

I phoned the clinic yesterday with my results but as I'm still not bleeding I have to stay on the drugs and retest on Saturday!!! The nurse said it was unlikely that anything will change but that is their policy just in case hmm talk about drag things out sad

BadgerFace Thu 05-Jul-12 13:55:02

Ellie sorry to hear your news, and that it's dragging on until the weekend for you.

Scarlett Well done you for e-mailing the consultant and trying to get better answers. Hopefully they will give you better care from here on in.

Hi Pocket good to hear you sounding so positive.

AFM, had an appointment with a consultant yesterday as I am a high risk pregnancy because of the IVF but more due to a Loop excision I had 18 months ago. A very dull 1.5 hour wait past my appointment time before I was seen and then she just said they'd monitor things so bit of a non-appointment but worth the wait as the lovely consultant used a machine to let us hear the bean's heartbeat for the first time. Wow. Mainly I'm just relieved that it takes the pressure off waiting for the 12 week scan next Thursday as I was terrified that something was going to have happened between the 6 week scan and now and there would be nothing there. So am reassured. For the moment. Now to find the next thing to worry about...!

Waves to everyone else!

sunnyg Thu 05-Jul-12 16:27:54

Ellie so sorry to hear it wasn't better news. These clinics sure like to drag things on don't they?

Scarlett am too impressed. you sure made that consultant finally take some notice.

pocket you sound like you are doing okay? Are you armed and ready with questions for follow up appointment?

bugsy sorry luv I don't know anything really about the chromosomes. That would be bugging me too till I got some answers. Hope you get some soon.

weller we may also be looking at a Sept/October new start. We may be cycle buddies.

badger must have been great to hear bean's hb. Really great news.

Has anyone who's had a MC had horrible headaches after? Have been having killer ones for almost 2 weeks now. Almost every day. And standard over the counter painkillers making no difference. Am sure it's just hormones attempting to settle down but it's not much fun. Okay that's my moan for the day over, oh and of course I must also have a little moan about the summer, or lack of it!


Pocket1 Thu 05-Jul-12 20:36:56

Weller sounds like you've made some good progress with new tests, results and treatment. And you can have a couple off months off too!

Ellie hope you're managing not to drive yourself crazy. Massive fx you get a different result when you retest Saturday. x

Badger lovely to know you've heard that hb. You're right about this being a series of things to worry about but you can at least tick one more off your list!! And next week youll get to see miniBadger too grin

Sunny sorry to hear about your unshiftable headache! During my treatment I've had some crackers that would not shift with regular meds. I believe it's the hormones and meds. Having said that I've had a headache all week and someone told me today there's a bug doing the rounds. So maybe it's that. I always find something with codeine helps - it helps me sleep too. Hope you feel better soon my lovely.

Bugsy honey how are you doing?


bugsylugs Thu 05-Jul-12 23:26:18

ellie thanks I should know better and if I had the full results in front of me I would. But what I have been sent is half result but am sue GP has reported it incorrectly. Ho hum. I was advised by care to get I think it was called femibion but could not find it is normal dose folic acid but has added factor for allowing those who don't absorb process it properly to do so that will be us then. I will probably retry to get it and take on top of the 5 mg. hope you find distraction through the wait better a few days wait than a mistake as horrible as it is.

pocket thanks for asking am doing ok though have not called the acupuncture lady yet but I will. Am doing phase 1 of harcombe diet do not really agree with it but DH wanted to do supporting him back to low GI and exercise after. It is only 5 days so v doable. Repeat scan and haematology appoint tues. how are you doing now?

sunny is ibuprofen not helping? You can get diclofenac/ voltarol over the counter dose is 50mg three times a day stronger than ibuprofen. Think OTC tablets are 12.5 mg so would be 4 and you could take co-codamol as well as long as you have no problems with anti inflammatories or codeine. Headache is probably your body just resetting. But if it is not getting better you get any other symptoms vision etc or worse on lying down to the dr's please. If you want more info pm me.

To everyone else hope you had as glorious evening as we had sitting outside till 9:15

bugsylugs Thu 05-Jul-12 23:28:08

Sunny by problems I mean asthma stomach problems like reflux indigestion, ulcer allergy etc

wellerbabe Sun 08-Jul-12 07:13:20

Hi has a new thread started or has it just all gone quiet ? sad

lucylookout Sun 08-Jul-12 14:06:55

I'm here weller, I don't think a new thread has started. I'm sure there'll be more action on here again soon. How are you? smile

Pocket1 Sun 08-Jul-12 14:50:21

Yes its gone very quiet on here that's for sure.

Lucy you must be due v soon, how are you doing?

Weller how are you?

Sunny Bugsy hope you're both doing okay smile

Ellie just wondering how your re-test went yesterday.

AFM I saw consultant yesterday and whilst i've been given every hope that i could conceive, have a healthy pregnancy and have a baby, we are literally back to square one. We'd need to join the waiting list for a donor (again!) and that may take 3-6 months. DP and I have talked it through and we would both like to try again - and can even, just about, face into another the tonne of money this will cost again. But the biggest worry is the wait - if i have to wait 6 months for a match, then a month or two to sync, i will be 46 by then and that's really freaking me out.... but you never know a donor could be found quicker. In parallel to the clinic searching for me, I'm going to see if i can find my own donor (not really sure how but will post on MN conception and infertility sections and see how that goes - i've seen a few threads previously where lovely donors have come forward so you never know). Alongside that, i'm also looking into going overseas where the waits are shorter, but that feels like a whole lot more hassle with flights, hotels etc. Weller i thinl you had treatment abroad, how did you find it all? feel free to PM if you'd prefer... i'd be grateful for any insight you could share.

Hope you're all having a nice Sunday - come on Murray!


BadgerFace Mon 09-Jul-12 08:44:04

I'm lurking as well weller so hope this is still the right thread after me taking 2 weeks last time to realise there'd been a new one!

Pocket Good to hear your update. I read a thread recently where someone was looking for opinions about non-UK clinics and a poster said that there was lots of info on Fertility Friends so you should have a look on there if you've not already. Ditto re posting for a donor, the more people who see it the greater chance! Altough I hope that your clinic comes through for you in as short a tme as possible. Good luck!

Hi all

Retest on Saturday was still BFN sad so have stopped all meds since Friday night however I still haven't had a bleed so god knows what's going on! It's more than 3 weeks since egg collection so AF has normally been and gone by now confused

wellerbabe Mon 09-Jul-12 14:26:52

ellie sorry that's rubbish for you and frustrating that nothing else happening. Have you spoken to consultant for advice?

pocket glad u have decided to go for it again despite the cost it all seems like it will be worth it when we think we get a baby at the end doesn't it wink
I have not had treatment abroad just done IVF here but my friend has just been to Barcelona, has started taking the pill for a month to sync with donor and she will prob have transfer in August. They paid €10k for 2 attempts. It all sounded very straightforward as the clinic has 4 universities nearby so no shortage of donors! Am seeing her tonight so let me know if you want any info. She was recommended the clinic by her long time consultant after having ovarian cancer several years ago.
AFM I am good just chilling out until early Sep when I get back on the bus grin
Waves to everyone else and glad I hadn't lost you all! gringringrin

chickenfordinner Mon 09-Jul-12 18:15:21

Hello ladies
Sorry not to have posted for a while - whilst have found this second cycle a lot easier, the meds still make me really tired so have just been focusing on getting things I needed to done. Throw in DH's birthday (which I spent half of asleep on the sofablush), and surprise Wimbledon tickets grin and amazingly my 3 weeks on injections have flown by and egg collection is tomorrow. So fingers crossed for a few good eggs.

Whilst I haven't managed to post I think I've kept up with most of the news, not that I'll remember it all correctly now. Huge hugs to pocket and ellie on your results. I am so sad for you. As someone on the other Ivf thread was saying, sometimes it seems success is a numbers game with a hell of a lot of luck involved. Pocket hope you manage to find a donor sooner than you expect. Sorry if you've said this but have you thought about going for treatment abroad? Its something we had vaguely thought of if/when we need to consider donor eggs and ive seen a few threads about it. A few of my RL friends have said they are thinking about donating, and I know it's a huge undertaking but i think it is an amazing thing to be able to do - I wanted to before I found out my AMH was so crap.

mini hope the ARGC is going well - ill be keen to hear your experiences
sunny have the headaches settled yet?
Waves to weller, mo, bugsy, badger, italian maple and everyone else I've missed - sorry, am on my phone so can't scroll back.

chickenfordinner Mon 09-Jul-12 18:17:07

pocket -sorry, just re read and seen your comments about treatment abroad. Ignore me grin

Pocket1 Mon 09-Jul-12 18:27:24

Aaaarrrgghhhh just lost my post.

Ellie I'm sorry. For me it was 4-5 days between bfn and af. So it's early days yet. Have a massive glass of wine tonight as a treat. You deserve it.

Weller I'm glad you hadn't lost us too. Your friends story is interesting - any info or insight hugely appreciated. I just can't see how the appointments, scans, meds etc will work. My London clinic is 15 mins walk from my office so I was in and out of there so much I know everyone by name! If your friend is on mn maybe she could pm me?

Badger I'm excited about your MiniBadger scan this week.

Chicken glad this cycle had been easier and may you have a bounty of gorgeous eggs tomorrow! And Seriously if your friends are thinking of egg donation, send them my way (it can be anonymous through my clinic)
<blushembarrassed myself but had to ask>

Big wave to everyone. Glad that hosepipe ban is lifted (for whatever difference that will make to the already sodden garden)


wellerbabe Mon 09-Jul-12 18:35:58

pocket u only have one visit for matching then another for transfer then everything else is managed in UK. My consultant has talked about the same process for me if it comes to that. Have u asked your clinic how it would work if you stayed with them but outsourced to a donor abroad? Perhaps they have clinics they work with too?
Anyway I'll get all the details tonight and ping you grin

chickenfordinner Mon 09-Jul-12 19:33:31

pocket don't be embarrassed! I'd do exactly the same in your situation (and may well be there in the future). If they are serious about it I'd look into the logistics more as the problem is they are all up north where I originate from so don't know whether anyone London based (like me and you) could benefit? I have heard that if you bring someone in to donate you can jump to the top of the queue rather than using their eggs - I think I would feel a bit funny knowing that my child was a direct product of my friends egg - but not sure if this is true.

As weller said, I too have heard that for donor egg Ivf abroad a lot of the scans are done here. Do you want to say what clinic you are with now? I know the bridge and the lister have clinics abroad they liaise with so it isn't just a case of doing it all alone. Even my local hospital said they'd do the work up for donor eggs if we wanted, even though they don't have a donor scheme themselves. It still comes down to what is right for you and DP in the end though.

Pocket1 Mon 09-Jul-12 19:59:46

Thanks Weller really appreciate that. And i will ask my clinic about working with overseas clinics. I guess i'm also worried about the costs given that we're almost bankrupt and about to go again and how you work out who gets paid for what shock

Chicken thanks to you too for indulging me blush. i'm with harley street fertility clinic ( and my unique reference is 177). They are fine if i find my own donor - and if its not a match for me, then they'll offer 'my' donor to someone else on the list and then offer me someone else's donor - its called donor pooling. Feels weird talking about something like this in such a cold 'trading' way but whatever it takes to get us those babies hey!?!

I'm going to post on ff and sofeminine tonight to see if there's a donor out there - although i've seen some really weird threads about donor sperm where the donor insisted on 'NI' (natural intercourse) in hotels..... wish me luck girls I am a bit scared!!


BadgerFace Mon 09-Jul-12 20:30:47

Good luck Pocket

I love that you've coined Mini-badger. I think that that is The Bean's new name... (Maybe MB for short outside of my house!).

bugsylugs Mon 09-Jul-12 22:26:50

chicken hope you get a whole clutch of eaglets tomorrow.
ellie I found I started mc 2 and 4 days after stopping progesterone hopefully the body will be cooperative now.
sunny how are you getting on any joy from NHS?

Waves to everyone else, Italian, weller, badger, mo, maple and all those I have missed sorry.

Insurance will pay for the flooring not the roof of the conservatory and it leaked again Friday helpful whilst the assessor was there. Not sure whether to take money and run or get them to fit, we were hoping to put roof on conservatory in next few yrs as is open plan to kitchen and cold. So if we put new floor down will it get ruined and would if the roof is not fixed. Decisions.

I was a silly mind in neutral person today put petrol in disel car oops at least I did not put the key in the ignition. Is at garage not yet drained!!!

Scan tomorrow to check all clear, then haematology appointment. Got results yes I am double mutation for MTHFR so will discuss tomorrow but I know this consultant does not rate it.

Hope it is a good tues for all

chickenfordinner Tue 10-Jul-12 16:03:22

Hi all

bugsy what a stress about the flooding and insurance. Have you made any decisions yet? This summer seems to have been horrendous for flooding. Luckily we dont live anywhere particularly vulnerable but really feel for those affected. And hope the scan was/is ok today.

pocket good luck with the donor search. Eeeew to people wanting "NI" though!!!!!

I'm back home after EC, chilling on the sofa grin. We got 6 eggs which we are really pleased about gringringrin, esp as we only got one last time. Before we left the hospital they said 4 were ready to be injected straight away and they were hoping the other 2 would be soon so we are properly wishing the other 2 are ok and a good number fertilise ok. The waiting begins!!!

DH's sperm numbers have gone down AGAIN too so we are wondering if he should see a urologist just to check if any reason for the decline. Any thoughts?

Hugs to all x x x

Pocket1 Tue 10-Jul-12 16:05:15

Well done Chicken put your feet up and let DP look after you!! x

ScarlettInSpace Tue 10-Jul-12 17:11:23

pocket I'm impresed with your spirit, good to see you taking control!
ellie I hope you are feeling a little better today and have not drowned too much in wine x
chicken I too had decided to donate eggs before I got my low AMH, bloody body letting me down again - I can't even give blood because I received blood when I had my ectopic sad
weller glad you're chilling, sounds like a plan in this lovely sunny summer grin

waves to everyone else smile

AFM we went to see the proper consultant this afternoon, following on from my email complaining about the last consultant. She was brilliant. She went through all my results, described the whole fertility thing in easy detail, and answered all the questions I'd raised in my email without me having to ask.

When I asked what her colleague had based his prognosis of <10% chance of success she explained that opinion was based on a particular medical study and that parts of the study were disputed so she wouldn't use that as a basis for prognosis, she also said he had got way ahead of himself talking about donor eggs.

She says there is no reason why I couldn't conceive naturally, it would just take longer and she believes IVF at this stage would be very useful for diagnostics as it's the only real way of a/checking my true egg quality and b/ checking how compatible me & OH are. She also explained IUI & Ovarian stimulation techniques and said we'd nothing to lose if we wanted to try those first [the last guy said no point] but advised they are still available after an IVF cycle if necessary, so suggested we go for the biggest chance first [IVF] but she really wanted us to go away for a couple of days and talk it all through [the last guy referred us on the spot without time to think]. She has noted all the drug doses in my notes that she wants me to go on which ever we decide.

Either way we won't be doing anything til we get back from hols at the start of August so will be prob September. I feel like such a weight has been lifted!

She also told OH to start taking vits, he got a big tut tut for not grin and she explained to him what the treatment will do to me, so he can't just say I'm a moody cow wink. I wish I'd seen her in the first place...

Cannot recommend strongly enough to ask for a second opinion on a poor prognosis, this process is enough of an ordeal without idiot doctors making sweeping assumptions and plunging us into unfounded despair...

ScarlettInSpace Tue 10-Jul-12 17:12:20

Oh and fx for chicken and the little eaglets wink

Keziahhopes Tue 10-Jul-12 18:11:55

Hope all goes well with your eggs chicken

Scarlett - great you got this helpful dr. I have seen time and time again on threads people told to go straight to donor and when seeing another dr/clinic they get a different opinion!! Also great news that you could conceive naturally!! Yes to dh taking vitamins.... they say 3 months for them to work so ideally he should have started them well before treatment!!

ScarlettInSpace Tue 10-Jul-12 20:13:06

keziah Mr SuperSperm has pooh poohed me whenever I've mentioned manvits [not hugely helped by the 'boys together' style metaphorical pat on the back the last consultant gave him for his excellent SA.., I'm glad she told him off for it today, she pointed out that even if taking them only increased our chances by 0.01% then why not?

We won't be starting anything til Sept at the earliest do at least he will have 2 months on them, not ideal but better than nothing!

bugsylugs Tue 10-Jul-12 21:35:54

Scarlett that's excellent glad she took the time answered your user ions and has given you the facts and boyed you up. Great day
Chicken am with you dh results went from 12 million to 0.1 million cannot explain it. Maybe we should get him referred but there are so few people who specialise in men's fertility if anyone knows let me know.

Scan ok all cleared but now have a cyst 4cm x 3cm . Not decided re insurance will put mind to it soon. Haematologist does not believe in treating mthfr probs but referring me to Birmingham women's I think to a dr lister anyone know?

Happy evening to all

Chicken champers and disco lights for the deed

chickenfordinner Wed 11-Jul-12 14:51:42

scarlet so pleased you got to see a good doc in the end and glad you feel a lot more positive - so important for you but also helpful for chance of success sometimes I feel. If you're looking at sept might you and weller be cycle buddies?

bugsy interesting to hear your DH is similar in decreasing sperm count. Think there is a urologist interested in fertility at st helier (surrey, near us) so we are going to ask for referral there, just to rule out any cause I think - thinking of a few years time too when hopefully we might be trying again?!?

AFM we got the call from the embryologists this am, 5 have fertilised so really really pleased. Started on the lovely cyclogest too!!! Transfer probably Friday unless they are all v strong, in which case they will look to go to blasto. So the waiting continues but as we all know just have to take one step at a time!!!

X x

Pocket1 Wed 11-Jul-12 18:52:55

Badger thank you so much for your message on the other thread. Fx for MiniBager scan tmw. Hope he or she is not sleepy and is full of waves for mummy and daddy x

Chicken exciting week for you. As you say, one step at a time, but so far so good!

Bugsy mixed news about the scan. Good your all clear but bugger the cyst. What happens next? And good luck with your insurance claim, what a pain to have to sort that out.

Sunny how are you lovely?

Lucy Teds sending you loads of love for the arrival of your babies which must be due any day. Update us soon x

AFM I posted my egg donor help me message on mn, ff and sofeminine. And I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of complete strangers. I am talking to a few ladies and fx my gorgeous lovely donor is there...

Big hello to everyone


BadgerFace Wed 11-Jul-12 21:30:25

Ah Pocket I couldn't read and then not say hi! Sounds like there are definitely people out there so will be following the thread with interest.

Oooh, Chicken I do not miss the cyclogest! I think I found that worse than the injection stage... I hope Friday/Monday comes round for you quickly.

Waves to all.

MiniH Thu 12-Jul-12 08:57:53

badger good luck for the scan. Hope mini badger gives you some good shots.

pocket so glad you are starting with next steps and looking for donor. I don't know anyone that is a donor but will keep my ears open.

chicken yay for your EC. Well done you. I know this sounds really radical but actually found dh's SA improved after he stopped the vits. Before you think I'm completely mad the dr recommended we try stopping them on the basis that his results had only got worse since he started them (and they were so bad that it was worth a shot) and they are slowly improving. Dr thought it might be due to overload of non-soluble vits in his system (but he was guessing). Don't want to confuse you and urologist is good next step just thought id mention it in case was helpful.

scarlett really pleased you have a good consultant now and they are giving you options. Makes such a difference when you can built up trust with them.

Had my mid cycle scan and immune testing yesterday. 19 vials of blood - seriously, are they running some kind of blood donor bank on the side hmm

BadgerFace Thu 12-Jul-12 15:44:34

Scan went well thanks Mini. Mini-Badger did some good flips although was a bit awkward on positions for some of the tests but we got there in the end. Tests all came back normal for Downs which is another hurdle crossed.

19 vials of blood! shock Still, I guess that gives them lots to test which can only be a good thing. I hope they get some answers for you.

I've put a put a picture on my profile (mainly thanks to Pocket's naming skills). grin

Pocket1 Thu 12-Jul-12 17:30:57

Yay for MiniBadger you must be chuffed to bits. I can't wait to check out piccie later smile

Excellent progress Mini. I believe it has been medically proven that chocolate is good for you post blood test wink. So that means you're due a whole Thorntons shop!

Hope everyone is doing okay x

Pocket1 Thu 12-Jul-12 21:09:06

Badger how do i see your profile pic? I cant seem to find a way blush

BadgerFace Fri 13-Jul-12 09:19:32

Pocket I actually have no idea! blush I've uploaded and it says it's public but I've not used my profile page before...

Someone else will hopefully fill us in!

bugsylugs Fri 13-Jul-12 21:59:51

Hope everyone is doing ok.
Water is the bane of my life at the moment. Last pm dh walked out of kitchen drop of water hit him on the head looked up and water coming through a light. Upstairs toilet leaking at the valve where you can turn in flow off. And I have tonsilitis again. Think I just need 2 months on a desert island anyone want to come?

sunnyg Sat 14-Jul-12 12:42:10

Morning all on this (surprise, surpass!) very rainy Saturday. I've been catching up with all of your news and eating choccy biscuits. Perfect for a rainy saturday morning!

chicken sounds like EC went very well. I hope you are doing well on the bench and not too fidgety?!

Scarlett good on you for persevering and asking for more answers. Sounds like your new consultant is on the money. In an ideal world perhaps we wouldn't have to do so much of this ourselves, but with our national health system so stretched I think we have to be on top of things ourselves.

Mini how do you feel so far about ARGC? I'll be following your journey there with interest, it may be somewhere we consider (after we beg, borrow or steal the cash!) in the future. Their success rates are so good it's hard to ignore them eh.

badger yay for successful scan and mini-badger. I'm so pleased for you.

How's are other two lovely preggers ladies, scrummy and maple ?

Mo how are things with you? Are you going back for FET soon?

Josie what are you up to?

pocket I am so glad you are moving forward with your plans. Going for ED must be such a huge step but I think you are very brave. I really hope someone out there can help you very soon. Honestly if I thought I was strong enough now I would. The clinic overseas sounds like a good option? As you know I just egg-shared and whilst I think the wait at my clinic wasn't too long for a donor (maybe 4 months only) I know it's hugely expensive here for the recipient. Overseas does sound much like better value and then all the eggs are for you.

bugsy you poor thing with more water and more tonsillitis. Count me in for that dessert island. When do we leave? Aslong as it's sunny i'm there!

AFM feeling much, much better. Had a mini-break away last weekend by the sea. I know it's cliche, but there is something about being by the sea that is good for you soul. Came back feeling like I had maybe started to turn the corner. Thanks all of for your suggestions about NHS, headaches etc. Finally got to see my gp on Monday. No shocks she said no to a scan. I described the actual miscarriage to her and she was confident no scan needed. So I just have to hope she's right, and to be honest I think I just need to move on. Also headaches whilst not gone completely, are definitely improved. No longer feels like my head is going to explode 24/7. Doc thought it was just all of the meds leaving my body which makes sense. As with the egg-sharing I was on some kind of hormone or drug for almost 3 months.

Many, many thanks for all of your support over the past month. It's been, as always invaluable.

And a big hello to teds and lucy. Wishing you both all the best for the arrival of your bubs. We'll be waiting to hear

oxoxo And sorry all for mammoth post!

chickenfordinner Sun 15-Jul-12 19:54:57

Hi all!! Sorry not posted sooner, have been feeling quite ropey since EC, much worse than last time, but thankfully seem to be picking up again now.

sunny so glad you are starting to feel a little better. You've been through such a difficult time. I love being by the sea too- my fantasy house would def be on some deserted part of the coast line - so glad the sea air started to work it's magic for you. Sending you big hugs.

badger amazing news about the scan - well done you. I cant work out how to see your profile either but I'm being lazy and in my phone. Remind me, was this an Ivf BFP?? I remember maples was the month after Ivf I think wasn't it?

bugsy so sorry about the bloody water and tonsillitis. Not fair!!!!! It seriously sounds like you need a break - have you got anything coming up??

pocket have been following your donor thread with interest (btw our stats in terms if height etc are almost identical!!). It is amazing how generous people are. Wishing you loads of luck and please do let us know whether any if the offers actually turn into serious potentials - fingers crossed for you

minih 19 vials of blood? Seriously??? I think i would have been on the floor. They took 10 from me a few weeks ago and I thought that was a lot. Very interesting what you say about your Dhs sperm and vitamins. My DHs have steadily got worse as he's taken bits, lost weight, eaten more healthily and drunk less.... Has been very bemusing. His current habit is pointing out to me men who are v fat/ take loads of drugs/ cycle 16 hours a day who have fathered children.... Oh the irony grin

Thanks for all your well wishes, disco lights and champagne. On day 3 we got a call saying of the 5 that fertilised, 4 were going strong and they wanted to continue to culture them. So went in today for ET, only one was still developing, the others had pretty much stopped, but we had one very nearly blasto transferred ( he said it was just starting to develop fluid cavity and break out) so hoping we are still in with a decent chance. I think having more eggs this time, and seeing the numbers go down, has just made me realise even more how precarious it all is....

So am officially on the bench... Wish me luck x x xgrin

BadgerFace Mon 16-Jul-12 08:44:49

Hey chicken Hope you're feeling a bit better after EC now. Good to hear you have the little emby on board and I hope that the 2ww flies by for you. Yes, mine is an IVF BFP so hopefully you will be where I am 10 weeks from today. I have everything crossed for you.

BadgerFace Mon 16-Jul-12 08:47:18

P.s. Have just changed my privacy settings - Mini-Badger should now be on view!

Pocket1 Mon 16-Jul-12 22:29:24

Yay Chicken is on the bench (really wanted to say Chicken is in a basket!!). I hope you have a restful and peaceful 2ww. Try and keep busy so you dont drive yourself crazy. hmm

Bugsy Poor you with yet more flooding. What a pain in the backside. And I can't believe you're poorly again - you def need a break. Somewhere warm and sunny.

Hi Sunny i am a bit cross about your non-scan but i cant say suprised given your previous answer from gp. But at least your headaches are going - the meds do knock you for six. Sounds like the sea air has done you good and it's nice to see you in a happy place.

Badger am on mobile but can't wait to check out MiniBadger. How are you feeling? Any symptoms yet? How's that tummy coming along?

hello to everyone.

Pocket1 Wed 18-Jul-12 19:03:08

Badger i just love your piccies. The Badger on the sofa made me smile... but the MiniBadger scan pic made me well up. What a little poppet. Such a lovely thing to see and thanks for sharing. xxx

chickenfordinner Wed 18-Jul-12 20:02:26

Ooh pocket please tell me how. I can't figure it out and so want to see mini badger gringringrin

Pocket1 Wed 18-Jul-12 21:53:28

Hover over Badger's name on the header of one of her posts. Then a profile page will open up in another window - then select photos.... its worth it... (btw, dont think you an do this on mobile, you need to be on computer). x

BadgerFace Thu 19-Jul-12 08:54:45

Thanks Pocket. I nearly just put the Badger up but then thought you might prefer the scan instead!

I hope my story offers hope - Mini-Badger wouldn't be around without the IVF journey and although it was only 3-4 months ago, I can honestly say I barely remember the stress, upset, discomfort and certain consultants who need retraining on the old bedside manner now. (The memories of leaky cyclogest, on the other hand, might stay with me for a while longer...)

So chin up ladies, and ride that rollercoaster. Me and Mini-Badger are rooting for you all. (Oh dear, now I'm verging on making myself well up at work - damn hormones!) xx

biscuit biscuit

MiniH Thu 19-Jul-12 09:03:58

chicken hope the bench is treating you well and that you are getting some rest.

bugsy you really are having no luck with water. You definitely deserve a desert island trip - just make sure it's not one with freak hurricanes or monsoon rain!

badger haven't managed to see your pics but so thrilled the scan went well.

sunny I know what you mean about beg, borrow and steal for argc. So far I've been pleasantly surprise by it though (but had prepared myself for chaos so was expecting the worst). The staff are friendly and very helpful and although it is hugely busy in the waiting room and the appointment times can be long I do feel like they are making it personal to me. Back for another blood test today so hopefully will find out soon when can start. Oh, and dh's sperm DNA fragmentation results came back normal - yay!

sunnyg Thu 19-Jul-12 17:18:08

I have just seen the piccy of mini-badger and I loved it! Made me also get teary. And thank you also for your reminder how things can change. I have to admit there's been times recently when I've wondered if I would honestly ever feel better. I know you had those times too and look at you now! Really, really gives me hope.

pocket how are things with you my dear? Yes more annoyance with the NHS and not getting a scan but also not terribly surprised. Let's hope next AF post MC is not too far away and all is okay. The last thing I need now (finally getting back on my feet) is to have to go in for d&C or whatever at this point. But let's not think about that.......

mini that's great news about ARGC. I think sometimes it's about managing our own expectations right? And sounds like you've done that and been pleasantly surprised.

chicken hope then bench is going okay? I wanted to tell you your recent cycle and mine sounded very similar. In that we got 6 eggs, 5 fertilised but by day 5 we had 1. It was also an early blasto, called a Morula I think and that was my BFP. So fingers and toes crossed!

No news really here. Headaches definitely on the way out but now new headache is getting some answers out of the NHS. DH and I really just in the talking stages of our next step, but I wanted to see if/how/when/where I might be eligible for NHS funding for an IVF cycle. (I moved boroughs after our 2 failed IUIs then went off for private egg-sharing) which makes things even more complicated. Spent 3 hours on the phone Monday and Tuesday and do you think I actually spoke to someone? Anyway long and short of it is our gp will try and refer us to NHS hospital but it's going to be long and painful. looks like we have to go to our local hospital first for initial testing first before we can even get to the NHS clinic. As if we were having initial investigations done. Which is ridiculous as we are long past that, and I have copies of ALL test results ever done, but at NHS clinic and private. And all are pretty recent. But at least we may be able to get on a wait list somewhere while we consider our options.

big hugs to all oxo

lucylookout Thu 19-Jul-12 19:30:57

Hi ladies, just popped on to announce the birth of Ben on 17 July. He weighs 9lb2 and is ofcourse beautiful. I will still check on everyOne's progress but wanted to wish you all lots of luck and thank you for all your support over the last 18 months x

chickenfordinner Thu 19-Jul-12 21:01:24

lucy massive congratulations!!! Enjoy getting to know your gorgeous little boy. and badger I managed to work out how to view your scan pic - thanks pocketgrin - how amazing! I needed to hear your positive stories today, am having a bit of a wobble here on the bench, so thanks for your v helpful words of encouragement. sunny interesting our cycles were so similar. I wasnt sure whether one embie left by day 5 was along the lines of what they expect or not? Think I got a bit over optimistic having 6 eggs as only had 1 last time wink. The clinic stuff sounds very pointless and frustrating but as you say at least you'll be on the list once.

mini glad ARGC is going well. Hope they are leaving you some blood wink

Have been feeling a bit flat today - not really sure why, but def struggling to feel very hopeful about this cycle. The 2ww really is the pits isn't it? So I've done nothing from my long to do list and watched tv and movies all afternoon!!! And now am contemplating what chocolate we have in the house grin. Spending the next few days with friends with lots of babies so that will be lovely and difficult in equal measures hmm

Love to all x x

wellerbabe Fri 20-Jul-12 06:39:55

lucy congrats on the birth of Ben that's lovely news gringringrin

Scrummybump Fri 20-Jul-12 08:22:19

lucy really, really happy for you smile smile

minih my acupuncturist recommended i take natural iron support during the stimming, considering the amount of blood tests you'll be going through. Duly I followed her advise and didn't suffer from tiredness or anemia. Glad things are going well with you there. I'll be back at the clinic on Monday for full blood count and mini immunes - my NK's have been misbehaving big time.

badger - glad to hear things are well with you too. smile

bugsy the sun is on it's way - I promise!

maple how are you getting on?

Hi to sunnyg, mo, Italian, keziah, pocket, weller and all the new girls.

16 weeks here. Bump is now very much a baby bump and not just bloating. Have had to ditch my jeans and start wearing maternity jeans now. My evening nausea has returned and at times still feel exhausted during the day - and I end up going to bed by 9pm at nights - but not complaining. Have a reassurance scan booked for Monday (NHS here doesn't offer scans at 16 weeks), the said blood tests and MW appointment on Wednesday. Sadly, I fully expect to have to have IVIG on Friday - not looking forward to mingling with the Olympic crowds in central London.

MiniH Fri 20-Jul-12 08:46:43

Aww lucy congrats that is brilliant news.

scrummy thanks for advice re iron - will definitely look into that. Can't believe it is sixteen weeks already.

chicken i agree, the 2ww is almost worse than the treatment as you are just sitting and waiting. A day of tv and movies does sound quite blissfull though!

Pocket1 Fri 20-Jul-12 18:10:18

Congrats Lucy and welcome to gorgeous Ben xxxxgringringrin

sunnyg Fri 20-Jul-12 18:21:44

A massive congratulations to lucy on the arrival of baby ben. How wonderful. Hope Mum and Bub are doing well.

scrummy sounds like things are going well. Woo hoo for maternity jeans! If it was me I would be having as many reassurance scans as I could afford! The NHS ones aren't very often as far as I understand. Hope all goes well and the Olympic crowds are okay.

chicken I know totally how you feel. I was too stoked to get 6, then having 5 fertilised I was overjoyed as the clinic had made us feel our cycle hadn't been very good. So I remember feeling a bit negative during the 2 ww thinking there was not way that 1 little early blasto embie would have implanted. Well it did my dear, so it can happen! But the 2ww is just horrible. No doubts about that. When is your test date?

Happy Friday to all oxo

Pocket1 Sun 22-Jul-12 19:36:07

Chicken how are you doing my dear? When is otd? You’re right the 2ww is pants – but you don’t know till you know, so just hang on in there… really rooting for you x

Badger thanks for the motivational words. Its good to know that the memories of the troublesome side of ttc can fade… cylcogest is a joy that will remain with us all forever blush

Mini good to hear you’re well and truly on your journey – fx you’ll get a bfp in the very near future.

Sunny nothing is easy in this journey – fx you get a fast track v soon as you go off armed with all your paperwork wink

Bugsy how are things with you?

Yay Scrummy lovely to hear from you and your bump. If you need to come to London this week at least you might get a seat on the tube/train if you stick your bump out.

AFM, well I think I’ve found my gorgeous donor. I was so lucky that a few people came forward to offer their help on my posts and within that group of lovely kind ladies, I’ve found someone who’s a good physical match to me…. So we’re in the process of tests and being matched by the clinic. Its early days but so far so good...

Enjoy the sunshine this week girlies…

BadgerFace Mon 23-Jul-12 08:19:07

Pocket That is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB news!! Good luck to you and your donor with the tests. Don't forget that Hotel Chocolat helps with the process grin

Scrummy Great to hear your news. A bump - yeah! I hope that your appointments go well this week. Don't forget water for the tube! And don't be embarrassed to ask people for a seat - especially the priority ones. From some other threads I've read it seems that tourists are some of the most likely people to offer a seat so maybe the Olympic crowds will be a blessing in disguise...

Chicken How's the bench? Are you prodding your biscuitbiscuit in public yet?

Many congrats to Lucy and hellos to everyone else. I hope some of you are managing to enjoy the sunshine - I'm already in my office staring at it and wishing I were outside raising my vitamin d levels...

MiniH Mon 23-Jul-12 09:15:56

pocket yay!!!!! That is amazing news. Hopefully they will whizz through the tests and you will be on your way soon.

I am having terrible impatience - got call Thursday to tell me immunes were back but would need to wait for dr to call. Hurry up!! Until I get that call I don't know when I can start. Not so good with this being patient stuff!

Happy sunny Monday to all xx

MiniH Mon 23-Jul-12 18:00:24

Am officially sad

My cytokines and nk cells are high so need two rounds of humira. Means earliest we can start is October and that's assuming levels drop first time round. Bollocks bollocks bollocks

lucylookout Mon 23-Jul-12 22:03:44

Mini, I had to take two rounds too. It feels like a major pain and i know the delay it causes is almost intolerable, but after the second round my levels came down to within normal, and I got my surprise BFP while waiting for IVF to start. Have faith in ARGC, they do know what they're doing and it'll be worth the wait.

MiniH Tue 24-Jul-12 18:48:50

Thanks lucy you are so right. Have put my positive face on again and am looking forward to the options that this time might bring. There are so many things Dh and I wouldn't have done had we fallen pregnant as quickly as 'planned' so who knows what these extra few month may bring. We are on this journey no matter what - may as well not the ride!

Teds77 Tue 24-Jul-12 19:22:51

I have no idea what day of the week it is or what time... and apologies for not catching up with everyone's news... I just wanted to let you know that there are babies!

My little girl arrived on Saturday weighing 6lb5oz followed closely by her brother weighing 6lb8oz. They are awesome smile.

Thank you for all the amazing support and advice you provided me with on this thread and am wishing the hugest amount of luck and strength to each and every one of you.

I shall be popping back to monitor progress xxx

CareBear1 Tue 24-Jul-12 19:25:09

YEY!!! I just spotted your name having done an update. Oh I SO needed to hear some good news today. So pleased for you. Lots and lots and lots of best wishes, and enjoy!!!! x x x

lucylookout Tue 24-Jul-12 19:36:36

Mini, glad you're feeling better about it today. It is worth the wait and I hope you and dh do some lovely things over the next couple of months.

Teds! Congratulations on your babies! What are their names? Hope you're having a lovely time.

chickenfordinner Tue 24-Jul-12 20:40:13

Woo hoo teds congratulations on your amazing babies, well done you!!! And pocket what fab news about the possible donor - keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you. So lovely to have some good news on the thread and to remind us that it can and does happen.

Unfortunately I am not obeying the trend - was OTD today and we got a BFN (or several to be precise, with blood test results, unobedient pee stick then AF showing her bloomin face). we are pretty gutted but trying not to let every ounce of positivity dessert us. Thinking a bit already about where we go from here and what our next steps will be - going to try to get a FU appt as soon as we can, might think about doing a few more tests as well. A couple of my immune type things came back a bit elevated - not really sure how sig it is till I can talk to the dr about it - so might be bending the ear of those of you more in the know grin

Sorry not to be able to bring better news, and thanks so much for the words of encouragement - it really did help loads grin

Hope everyone is getting some sun shine

Chick x x

BadgerFace Tue 24-Jul-12 21:17:40

Oh Chicken sorry to hear that, although it is good to hear you being positive. Good luck with the next step!

LissySilver Tue 24-Jul-12 22:07:55

Hi ladies! I'm always lurking, so I wanted first to send out huge congratulations to lucy and teds on the birth of their little ones!

Mini-I remember being a little freaked out about all the blood they took for immunes, but it was pretty easy on the day. I was also going to say that Lucy got her natural BFP after her Humira, so who knows?

chicken- I'm sorry to hear about your BFN, but I'm glad that you're keeping your head about you and remaining positive.

scrummy-how's that bump? Hope you're feeling good.

Badger- Ditto for you!

Pocket-How amazing that some wonderful person is going to donate eggs. It's comforting knowing that there are some truly good people out there.

Hello to everyone else....

As for me, being a mom is everything I knew it would be. Our Rosalie us 23 weeks tomorrow, and she is the light of our lives. She's weaning right now, and what fun that is! She is sleeping through the night, she wakes up with a smile, she's babbling and giggling and just amazing to watch. Have faith ladies, you'll get there! I encourage you all to get some sort of immune testing, as it seems that's the key to getting and staying pregnant.

Pocket1 Tue 24-Jul-12 22:17:10

Chicken honey im sorry. sad

Lissy it's always lovely to hear a positive story from one of our graduates. Especially when things are going so well and the LO is being so adorable. xxx


chickenfordinner Tue 24-Jul-12 22:31:30

Thanks lovely ladies, you're all fab! Im sure the positivity veneer will slip at times over the coming weeks but trying not to let things get completely out of perspective....

lissy its so lovely to hear how much you are loving being a mummy. Your daughter sounds an absolute joy! It really encourages me to keep fighting - not that I ever doubt how amazing it would be, but it is so good to hear our journeys can have such fantastic outcomes.

Do you mind me asking what immune tests/ treatments you had?

bugsylugs Tue 24-Jul-12 22:37:17

chicken I am so very sorry it is so hard. I was so so hoping for a positive result as I am sure the others were. Take time, grieve time for you and oh. Then plan. Hugs, hand holding and tissues

bugsylugs Tue 24-Jul-12 22:41:23

lissy so very happy that you are so enjoying motherhood it is great isn't it? I feel so guilty that I wish and hope and morn for more. But you know what it gets better and better you can hardly believe it. Ds 3.8 and friends in paddling pool slide added in for extra twist clothes came off hilarious and solo inocent ' mummy stop paddling your clothes need to come off' me thinking no the neighbours are round and do you know how wobbly the thighs are etc. fab afternoon

bugsylugs Tue 24-Jul-12 22:51:52

lucy so sorry I have not been on earlier had read but not posted so very sorry. But CONGRTULTIONS so very pleased for you.

ted CONGRATULATIONS on your lovely twins so happy for you.

DS god mummy had her CS last Friday all ok little girl, bitter sweet as with TEDs so happy for you both but due date very nr TEds and I would have been v similar. Any names?

pocket fantastic news re donor all crossed that all goes right. What a wonderful lady. Thanks for asking several times I have looked in but was not up to posting not sure why. According to Rl friend my mojo is back I seem myself and you know what I think she is right ( damn I am not invincible) . I promise you immunes and acupuncture will be done I know I keep saying but was not ready.

'mini' as someone said ARCG know what they are doing go with the flow put the responsibility onto others and enjoy the couple of months of coupledom you will never get them back I know you do not want them now. It try and revel in them be there for each other.

Fantastic day and too much vino callapso.
Think of you all all of the time even when not on here. Thank you for remembering me

LissySilver Tue 24-Jul-12 22:54:35

Chicken- we decided to go to ARGC after our first cycle ended in miscarriage and our second cycle failed. DH is paraplegic, which is why we needed treatment, but I had decided to go whole hog with ARGC anyway. Turns out I had elevated nk cells which were treated with intralipids, a soy-based infusion that did the trick.

Pocket1 Wed 25-Jul-12 06:58:30

Oh Teds congratulations. That is wonderful wonderful news. bearbear

Pocket1 Wed 25-Jul-12 07:07:49

Anyone fancy a roll call - I've lost touch of who's where!

Waiting to cycle
Pocket, 45, donor iv/bfp/mc dec/jan, FET/bfn June. Matching with new donor, dates for first new cycle expected July/aug smile.



Our graduates bear
Lissy, gorgeous Rosalie born Feb
Kezia, gorgeous David born Feb
Beginnings, gorgeous Catherine born April
Lucy, gorgeous Ben born July
Teds, a gorgeous girl and a gorgeous boy, born July

Scrummybump Wed 25-Jul-12 08:09:10

teds that's absolutely fantastic news! Please come and share your birth story with us when you're ready. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

minih I totally freaked out when we had our NK cell results back. I guess I still hankered after a natural BFP, with all other tests showing there was nothing wrong. Glad you are feeling better about it now. And there are so many positive stories of women falling pregnant when on Humira, so you never know.

pocket fantastic news about you finding a potential donor. I hope the tests bring good news and you'll soon be on the cycle roller coaster again.

chicken really sorry to hear about your BFN, but it does sound you are trying to stay positive, which is good. And of course there will be days when you feel positive, but as long as they don't last long, then it's ok.

lissy lovely to hear from you and Rosalie sounds just adorable.

bugsy nice to hear from you - you enjoy that sunshine.

Hello to everyone I haven't mentioned.

Our scan on Monday was as good as it could be. Baby spot on growth for dates and very active. He was having a drink during the scan and was practising his breathing. Facial features indicate no cleft lip and so far placenta where it should be. Baby a bit of a kicker, but can't feel him yet. And yes, we found out we are expecting a boy smile

Waiting to cycle
Pocket, 45, donor iv/bfp/mc dec/jan, FET/bfn June. Matching with new donor, dates for first new cycle expected July/aug .


Scrummy, due 3rd January - expecting a boy!

Our graduates
Lissy, gorgeous Rosalie born Feb
Kezia, gorgeous David born Feb
Beginnings, gorgeous Catherine born April
Lucy, gorgeous Ben born July
Teds, a gorgeous girl and a gorgeous boy, born July

BadgerFace Wed 25-Jul-12 08:49:29

Just wanted to add myself to the roll call...

Waiting to cycle
Pocket, 45, donor iv/bfp/mc dec/jan, FET/bfn June. Matching with new donor, dates for first new cycle expected July/aug .


Scrummy, due 3rd January - expecting a boy!
BadgerFace due 21 January (2 days before my 35th birthday!)

Our graduates
Lissy, gorgeous Rosalie born Feb
Kezia, gorgeous David born Feb
Beginnings, gorgeous Catherine born April
Lucy, gorgeous Ben born July
Teds, a gorgeous girl and a gorgeous boy, born July

lucylookout Wed 25-Jul-12 16:12:33

Glad the scan went well scrummy. Yay for little boys! smile

Pocket1 Wed 25-Jul-12 18:45:07

Great news Scrummy a lovely mini boy Scrummy!!

Loving the roll call smile

lucy and Teds Congratulations! I am sorry it took me so long to try ad catch up. Sorry everyone not to catch up on all your news. Just wanted to say to LUCY and TEDS - FANTASTC

smile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks winksmile wine grin thanks wink

MiniH Thu 26-Jul-12 19:04:38

Teds Congratulations! Enjoy this precious time.

chicken I'm really sorry to hear your news. It sucks. You sound very together which is great. Get out questions ready for FU - I had a long list, most of which couldn't answer but in some ways that pushed us to change to ARGC.

scrummy yay for your scan! It won't be long now till you feel those lovely kicks.

bugsy I think you should have just gone for it and jumped in the pool!

Keziahhopes Thu 26-Jul-12 21:44:45

Congratulations Lucy and Teds on your babies.

Sorry not around, my dm died unexpectedly last week... was with her. Tough days.

Idreaminchocolate Thu 26-Jul-12 21:49:45

Hi there ladies,

Some of you will hopefully remember me (my old friend Italian?) - I used to hang around these parts during c. volumes 5 - 8 (I like to think I invented the chocolate boobs sign off...) and have lurked on and off to check what you're all up to over the last year or so.

I'm checking in to say a final goodbye to you all and to wish everyone all the very best in your journeys.

Unfortunately after 5 years, 2 rounds of ICSI, and investigating the possibility of donor eggs our journey has ended and now me and my lovely husband are going to walk off into the sunset hand in hand to get happy again and pursue a life of wine (yeay!), nice holidays and maybe a kitten or two.

AC ladies are all so brave and courageous - I hope you all get what you wish for.

Italian - you've had such a long journey and yet you stay so positive and supportive of everyone else. You helped me through some dark moments. You will always have a special place in my heart. You deserve a happy ending and I hope you get it.

Lots of love, baby dust and, of course, chocolate boobs to you all xxxxxxxxxxx

wellerbabe Fri 27-Jul-12 07:24:56

teds huge congrats I remember laughing at many of your posts along your journey and very happy u have your lovely babies

kezia so sorry to hear your news and very sad she will not be here for you sad

Not been around much lately been out if the zone until next round in Sep but am due to have immunes tested prior to that. Might call to sort out before hols in August so it doesn't delay things if they do come back high, having read mini's post

sunnyg Fri 27-Jul-12 15:33:56

Wow so much news to catch up on.

A BIG BIG congratulations to you teds on the arrival of your twins. They sound perfect and do give us all hope. So very happy for you.

Lissy lovely to hear that motherhood is everything you have dreamt about. also gives us so much hope.

Scrummy I am so glad little junior scrummy is progressing like the champ he is. And a boy!

Chicken I am very sorry to hear your news. You sounds quite positive but I do know that the blues can come out of no-where. Where are all here for you.

mini I hope you enjoy the next few months with DH and you get to start soon. I've heard ARGC don't start until they are 100% sure all is good. Frustrating but makes perfect sense.

Pocket what wonderful news about finding your lovely donor. I hope all the tests are speedy and come back fine so you can get on that cycle roller coaster asap!

I've added myself to the 'waiting to cycle' roll-call although I have no idea when.

Waiting to cycle
Pocket, 45, donor iv/bfp/mc dec/jan, FET/bfn June. Matching with new donor, dates for first new cycle expected July/aug .
Sunnyg,35, IUI Nov bfn, IUI Jan bfn, ISCI egg-share donor May bfp - mc June.


Scrummy, due 3rd January - expecting a boy!
BadgerFace due 21 January (2 days before my 35th birthday!)

Our graduates
Lissy, gorgeous Rosalie born Feb
Kezia, gorgeous David born Feb
Beginnings, gorgeous Catherine born April
Lucy, gorgeous Ben born July
Teds, a gorgeous girl and a gorgeous boy, born July

Big hugs to all oxo

bugsylugs Tue 31-Jul-12 08:02:37

Keziah so sorry for your loss . [flowers] and hugs. Must have been such a shock for you. One day at a time

lucylookout Tue 31-Jul-12 09:34:50

Keziah, I'm so sorry too. I hope you are getting lots of support and that David is giving you extra cuddles x

MiniH Tue 31-Jul-12 18:06:36

Have added myself to the roll call:

Waiting to cycle
Pocket, 45, donor iv/bfp/mc dec/jan, FET/bfn June. Matching with new donor, dates for first new cycle expected July/aug .
Sunnyg,35, IUI Nov bfn, IUI Jan bfn, ISCI egg-share donor May bfp - mc June.
Minih, 34, IVF April bfn, waiting for immunes to drop.


Scrummy, due 3rd January - expecting a boy!
BadgerFace due 21 January (2 days before my 35th birthday!)

Our graduates
Lissy, gorgeous Rosalie born Feb
Kezia, gorgeous David born Feb
Beginnings, gorgeous Catherine born April
Lucy, gorgeous Ben born July
Teds, a gorgeous girl and a gorgeous boy, born July

MiniH Tue 31-Jul-12 18:08:36

keziah I am so sorry for your loss. You've had such a big share of heartache already and I'm so sorry to hear you've been handed another tough ride.

sunnyg Wed 01-Aug-12 16:36:15

Keziah I'm sorry I only just saw your post. I'm very sorry for your loss.

sunnyg Wed 01-Aug-12 16:47:26

Hi all
DH and I are slowly thinking about our next cycle. I don't think it's going to be for quite a while, but I want to use the time to hopefully make the right choice.
One of the options I want to at least consider it going to ARGC. I'm not sure if it's even possible financially (it'd mean remortgaging most likely)but I just can't ignore those statistics. So I'd love to hear from any current or former ARGCers. On anything you're happy to share. On why it was good, what was bad, if it worked first cycle (or how many cycles it took) and if the costs worked out as you expected. If you'd prefer not to say or comment, then totally understand. Or I'd maybe pm if that's better. Sorry for group message but I can't remember everyone's bios!

Big hugs to all oxo

MiniH Wed 01-Aug-12 19:15:51

I'd like to have a word please with who dishes out rubbish test results and put in a request for a bit of a break please!

Turns out I have latent tb shock !!!! You have to have a tb test before taking immune drugs which seemed like a ridiculous admin faff as have has bcg and then got the call to tell me was flipping positive!

So now have to go to chest specialist for x ray and then likely three months of antibiotics. Then I can take humira. I need to digest all of this as really not sure I am game for treating tb plus the humira as both are not without risks (especially considering the wonderful array of drugs the ivf comes with which I already need to have). Just not sure how much more abuse I can subject my body to. Think will see what specialist days about risks of tb drugs and then decide whether to go with that and humira, neither or just the tb drugs and skip humira. Big part of me thinks should go with what argc wants as they have stats for a reason but immunes were only slightly up and latent tb is very common (according to my friend google) so most people dont get treated as risks outweigh benefits. Added factor is also time as dh's results are better now than ever and who knows what they will be in 6 month time.

[sunny] will try and figure out how to pm you with thoughts on argc

BadgerFace Thu 02-Aug-12 13:59:03

Oh Mini that sucks. I must admit I didn't even know that TB was around anymore. What is the treatment? Pills or injections? Can you cycle without being treated for it?

A hard one to decide I'm sure if your DH's results are currently good. I hope that what the specialist has to say helps you to decide on your next step.

Big hugs.

Pocket1 Thu 02-Aug-12 17:35:17

Keziah so sorry about your news. Big hug to you x

Idreaminchocolate sending lots of love and luck to you and DP xx

Sunny I'm not with argc but I have only ever seen good stuff on here from others.

Mini crikey. Where did that come from. I'm with Badger in that I also thought it didn't exist any more! Hope clinic can give you the reassurance needed to move forward.

Hello to everyone


Pocket1 Thu 02-Aug-12 17:37:08

Oops meant to add...

How are our bumps coming along?

No news from me really other than cycle may start in august to have transfer by end of September. All still tbc though. Can't happen quick enough for us. I saw pics recently of DPs dad holding a new grandchild. The family resemblance was striking, I realised (again) how much I want this. And bawled my eyes out. Fx fx fx!!

Hello to everyone


lucylookout Fri 03-Aug-12 12:03:05

Mini, what a pain. Have you come to a decision yet? For what it's worth, when I went to ARGC I told myself that I would do whatever they told me to, as their great results are for a reason. My immune levels were 'borderline' and Mr T said it was up to me but he recommended Humira. I took it, because i figured if I didn't take it, got a bfp and then lost it, I would blame myself for not having taken the humira. I know latent TB adds ANOTHER delay, but in the whole scheme of things, waiting for an extra few months would be worth it. That's just my opinion and feel very free to ignore me! I hope you are happy with whatever decision you are coming to.

Sunny, I recommend ARGC completely. It might not be for everyone (intense, bit chaotic etc) but for me the only downside is how expensive it is, but it worked for me, I have my much longed for ds, so it was worth every penny. Please PM me if you have more specific questions.

Pocket, really hope your cycle starts soon xx

Hi to everyone else!

lucylookout Fri 03-Aug-12 12:08:31

Mini, just to add, IF you go ahead and treat TB and immunes, maybe your DH could give a sperm sample now and it could be frozen for future use? Just as a back up?

Keziah I am so very sorry.


Please message me! I miss you.

I am so sorry your journey had ended this way. But I am happy for you if you have found peace and are able to move on.

I know my Christian faith has helped me to find peace and the fact that we did manage to have our daughter despite the fact that my womb has since proved to be a very inhospitable place!

I was with my sister today and commented that it was actually 10 years ago last month we started trying for a family and 7 years ago this month we started trying for a second baby! Such a long time. I know you have had such a long journey dear choco. My heart goes out to you.

Earlier this year DH and I decided that we would go down the adoption route. I have three friends who have done it, one about 25 years ago, one about 4 years ago and one about 2 years ago. They are all very happy with the decision to adopt and that helped to spur me on to look into it. We had to wait because our final cycle was only this March just gone, but NEXT MONTH we can officially approach our local social services to get on yet another totally different roller-coaster.

Thinking of you dear Idreaminchocolate - chocolate boobs coming your way. biscuit biscuit

MiniH Tue 07-Aug-12 17:16:53

Hello all

Thank you for your messages. Turns out latent tb is quite common, but as its latent most people don't know they have it. Am still undecided as treatment for latent tb is about three month of antibiotics and you don't treat over 35's unless underlying problem (eg immune compromised etc). Now I am still under 35 ( just) but am a little unnerved of this cut off as apparently risks of treating out weigh benefits if over 35. When you add that to the humira risks (and all the ivf drugs) it starts to look a bit unattractive. Specialist is away for August so we have another month wait just to see him to find out how long the tb drugs will be, so that's another delay. I know I'm obsessed with delays but just feels like a long wait. I still need to talk to Dh properly as has to be a joint decision. At the moment though leaning towards not treating tb so no humira but that should leave ivig and steroids as an option so is a bit of a halfway house. Now if only I could find that magic crystal ball....,

Pocket1 Tue 07-Aug-12 18:56:55

Oh Mini it's never simple is it. Lucky old consultant having the whole of August off - but a pain they you've to sit tight till then. Do some fun stuff while you can - and eat and drink all the soon to be banned food/drink! Let me know if you find that crystal ball, I have some questions too... x

vallinnapod Wed 08-Aug-12 21:03:01

Hi ladies,

Not sure if anyone remembers me but I am just marking my place my place back in the AC fold grin

DS is 1 at the end of the month shock and we are just waiting for DH to get a bonus (November) before we go and liberate our two frosties (with fingers and toes crossed - us, not them!)


Hi Vallinnapod I remember you. Good luck.

Pocket1 Mon 13-Aug-12 18:18:38

It's v quiet on here! How is everyone? smile

No news from me. Waiting for clinic to start synching me with donor. No dates yet...


Pocket1 Mon 13-Aug-12 18:19:51

Hi Vanillapod I do recognise your name. Good luck to you. Fx you have repeated success this time round smile

wellerbabe Mon 13-Aug-12 21:47:31

Hello pocket yes it has been very quiet. Olympics and holidays keeping everyone away smile hi Vallinapod welcome back on the merrygoround grin

I'm off to Spain on Sat for 2 weeks then seeing consultant the week we get back to start next cycle. Will be doing immunes testing first. My friend that went for egg donation in Barcelona had ET last week and they put 2 in so she is on 2ww !

Waves to all smile

sunnyg Thu 16-Aug-12 18:27:19

I agree pocket and weller it's certainly very quiet here. But the olympics and this bout of decent weather has probably kept everyone pretty busy.

Actually I'm just writing to say I'm going to try and 'check out' of this fertility business for the next month. My Mum arrives from Oz on Sunday for a month and we are will have a week in Greece during this time. I cannot wait for a week of proper sun and eating and sleeping loads!. While she's here I want to focus on just that. Seeing her and enjoying the month so I'm going to return my millions of books with IVF in the subject line back to the library, try to stay away from my good friend Google and I probably won't be on here much, if at all. I just feel I need a month to try and enjoy the now, and hopefully feel refreshed at the end. Also hopefully with more of an idea of our next steps.

Vallinapod welcome back

Pocket I hope when I return there is muchos good news from you in terms of your new cycle.

weller have a fab time in Spain and I look forward to news of your new cycle as well.

And lots of big hugs, waves and baby dust to you all.


BadgerFace Fri 17-Aug-12 09:01:30

I have been lurking although not much to say! Mini-Badger's doing well and given me an excuse to buy some new clothes. 18 weeks on Sunday, Jeez!

Hello to you all and sunny I hope you have a wonderful month with your mum. We're off to Greece in September so save some sunshine for me!

Waves to everyone. Keep that public biscuitbiscuit poking going...

Pocket1 Fri 17-Aug-12 18:04:26

Sunny my love, selfishly I'm sad we won't hear from you for a bit but quite understand and really hope you have a lovely relaxing 'month off'. I bet you can't wait to see your mum. Have a wonderful time in Greece and hope the sun shines for you. Take care and do come back to see us soon xxx

Weller lucky you off to España. Have a fab time and rest well before you get back on this crazy bus again x

Badger really great to hear that all is going okay with MiniBadger. And lucky you also off to Greece. x

My cycle seem to have ruined any chance of a hol for us his summer so please holiday for me too - have that extra ice cream or bit of baklava on my behalf!



bugsylugs Fri 17-Aug-12 21:36:05

Hi sorry I have not been on for awhile lurking so keeping up with you all.

Badger great news re minibadger and great re shopping.

Sunny have a lovely month off and enjoy the sunshine

Pocket can you not get a special weekend or overnight away somewhere?

We are holidaying in Sep really looking forward to it as last hols in May great but then it all went bottoms up. Still leaking conservatory fun in the downpour yesterday. Still need to decide what to do with the roof. We move slow.

Pocket hope the cycling gets going

Weller enjoy your hols

MoJangled Sat 18-Aug-12 21:44:23

IDreamInChocolate Sweetie, you knew me as Bumpless, I have wondered where you went and hoped you were happy. Hope you see this. Good luck with your new future and enjoy that wine and sunset - you deserve it all. Love, hugs and chocolate boobs from me xx

MoJangled Sat 18-Aug-12 21:46:04

Keziah , awful terrible news, nothing to say apart from to send you love and hoping you have lots of support to get through this.

MoJangled Sat 18-Aug-12 22:00:09

I need to catch up with all the news following my post cycle failure crash out of the thread in June, but just wanted to look in and say hello and massive, huge congratulations to Lucy and Teds! I hope your bundles of joy are giving you equal measures of delight alongside the sleeplessness (how could they possibly not be?)

Since our very short lived BFP I've gone back to Athens AGAIN for a little op - the clinic recommended a hysteroscopy as they suspected there was something about my uterus that made the embryos struggle to settle in. It cost another £1000 plus flights but we figured that after the immunes, donor eggs, steroids, and having 5 transfered if we were still failing there must have been something else going on, so went for it. They found a thickened and scarred womb lining which they've stripped out and given me hormones to rebuild a fresh landing strip. In all honesty we wouldnt still be in the game if it wasnt for our 3 frosties and not wanting to abandon them. I'm knackered and feel ridiculous and old, and after this many failures I dont really see it happening. So the 8th&Last will actually be the last and I'm quite looking forward to Life After TTC. But in the meantime I'll be joining Pocket in a September cycle...

Sunny have a good month off with your mum!


gingernutdreams Sun 19-Aug-12 21:18:15

Hello all, can I join you lovely ladies? I have been a lurker on and off on the various volumes of this thread, and am now on my 3rd (and probably final) cycle of ivf (icsi) and I now feel ready to pop my head round the door to say hi to you all. Much congrats to all the BFP's and to Lucy and Teds for the birth of their lovely babies, and huge hugs to those who have not had such good news. Anyway, I look forward to what this journey brings this time! smile


Pocket1 Sun 19-Aug-12 21:39:41

Mojangled sending you a huge hug after all you've been through. But sounds like you've literally left no stone unturned. I really hope this cycle gives you the baby you've worked so hard for. And i'm happy that we can cycle together - i'm a big scared and anxious. And i feel old too... But we can do this together. Right?

Welcome Gingernuts


Pocket1 Sun 19-Aug-12 21:40:20

I meant a 'bit' scared blush

MoJangled Sun 19-Aug-12 22:24:45

Pocket well I'm certainly a big scared(y cat) about - well, everything, really. Went to a party yesterday with a friends new baby, which I was psyched up for and had a gift, cuddle and enthusiasm all ready, but not prepared for another friend to turn out to be pregnant and had conceived just when our last cycle failed. Our DCs were born one day apart so it's somehow particularly poignant that she upduffed just when the 7th&Last failed. I did what any normal person would do and hit the wine and congratuations with great vigour, but have been drippily tearful today. (Being 3 days into the down-reg probably not helping.) High time I drew this to a conclusion one way or another! Fantastic to be cycling with you and yes, we will make it work. Go team us!

Gingernuts fab to meet you, and you're very brave to have cycled without the gang hand-holding you. Very good luck for your 3rd cycle. What stage are you at?

Hi Mojangled good to hear you are having one final go. Sorry to hear you were sad seeing a friend’s baby. My friend had number 3 aged 40 and she moaned a lot in pregnancy and still moans occasoanlly and I feel so jeoauls! I just hope the 8th will be successful for you.

hugs to Idreaminchocolate, * Bugsylugs*, Keziah, Lissy, Beginnings, Teds, Lucy, Sunnyg and pocket.

Best wishes for all your plans.

Hugs and baby dust to kitty, Vics, Scarlett, Josie, Maplecake, Scrummy, Euro, Ellie, BadgerFace, Lexie, Weller, chicken.*Mini*,*Pumpkinjoy*, vallinnapod and all.

What have I missed???

Healthy pregnancies, happy babies and families and chocolate boobs to all biscuit biscuit.

gingernutdreams Mon 20-Aug-12 10:30:38

Hi Mojangled, Pocket and Italiangreyhound! Thanks for the welcome!

Mo, I agree with Italian, good to hear you are having one final shot. I am too, as after this we really will have run out of money (and possibly the strength to do this again). All the very best of luck, and I hope it is a big success for you this time!

Pocket, I can understand that you are scared to go through it all again, it is such an undertaking. But the very best of luck to you too!

Me, I am on day 7 of a short protocol cycle, taking Menopur and Cetrotide, and due for my first scans to assess those follies tomorrow.. wishe me luck! hmm

Bye for now.. will check in later.


BadgerFace Mon 20-Aug-12 13:25:26

Hi Mojangled good to hear from you again. Good luck with your next cycle. If I were you I'd be blaming the current tears 100% on the down-regging! At least each day you're one step further towards finishing that horrible stage!

Hello to Gingernuts! This thread is a fab place. Good to see you've delurked.

Pocket Banish those old thoughts. As the line goes (I think), age ain't nothing but a number. We celebrated DH's 40th with a big party on Saturday until 2am, which proves things you can do when you're younger you can still do when a bit older! (and sober it turns out, not sure I've ever been up past midnight without drinking before...)

Keep faith ladies. Looking forward to following your journeys.


P.s. If it's any use to anyone who's self-funding I still have an unopened 450 Gonal-F pen you are welcome to have if it'll save you a few pounds. Would love it to go to a deserving cause rather than in the bin. Also have some lovely Cyclogest.

ScarlettInSpace Mon 20-Aug-12 14:09:22

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok smile I've been pretty much absent from posting around MN lately, what with holidays and taking a big step back during the countdown to IVF so I could chill out a bit!

pocket I'm a big scared too grin and excited and anxious and umm a bit bewildered if that makes sense?

I start down reg on 31st August [which sounds much better than 'a week on Friday'...] fx and good luck to everyone!

Good luck Gingernuts.

Hugs pocket.

gingernutdreams Mon 20-Aug-12 21:35:22

Just adding myself to the roll call:

Waiting to cycle
Pocket, 45, donor iv/bfp/mc dec/jan, FET/bfn June. Matching with new donor, dates for first new cycle expected July/aug .
Sunnyg,35, IUI Nov bfn, IUI Jan bfn, ISCI egg-share donor May bfp - mc June.
Minih, 34, IVF April bfn, waiting for immunes to drop.

Gingernutdreams, 35, ttc #1, 3rd cycle of ICSI, (first 2 were BFN), on day 7 of cycle.


Scrummy, due 3rd January - expecting a boy!
BadgerFace due 21 January (2 days before my 35th birthday!)

Our graduates
Lissy, gorgeous Rosalie born Feb
Keziah, gorgeous David born Feb
Beginnings, gorgeous Catherine born April
Lucy, gorgeous Ben born July
Teds, a gorgeous girl and a gorgeous boy, born July

Hello to Badger and Scarlett, good to hear from you both. Badger, I am very impressed with the sober partying, not easy, I know.. I was invited to a hen do on Fri but cancelled as not sure I could quite get into the party spirit whilst stone cold sober (plus I didn't really know that many people). My DH is also going to miss a stag do, as he does not want to drink so near to when he is due to provide his "sample" wink, bless him!

Best of luck to you too Scarlett, sending baby dust your way. smile

Hello also to all the others, and the ones I haven't met yet. smile

BadgerFace Tue 21-Aug-12 08:25:57

Gingernutdreams I just wanted to lend my support to your and your husband's abstinence by saying I am convinced that my DH not drinking for 3 months prior to our egg collection was the most significant factor in improving our chances.

We both drank more than the recommended units whilst TTC in the beginning. We had DH's sperm tested early on and he had a low sperm count in the density department - 7 million/ml (the WHO average is 20). We both cut down on drinking after a few months with no BFP and when we were referred to the ACU a year later his density came out at 11. We cut right down in January and then gave up booze completely a few months before our IVF cycle. On the collection day his density results had shot up to 32.

It might be unrelated, it might have been the Q10 vitamins he was taking, but we both still think it was the abstinence which improved things (in his words) to super-jizz. grin

Obviously all cases are different, and ours was mainly male factor issues (we think) but it resulted in Mini-badger (currently wiggling away inside at 18 weeks) and we have 6 top grade blastos in the freezer.

We founds not drinking hard in the beginning as it was a lot of what we did! Turns out it was good practice for me for now... Although I was smugly not hungover after his party yesterday so it has it's definite upsides. Good luck!

gingernutdreams Tue 21-Aug-12 13:24:41

Thanks BadgerFace for your support, it means alot. We have only been abstaining from the beginning of this cycle, but cut down a bit prev to this, and every little helps (as Tesco would say), I guess. DH recent count was ok, about 20 mill, so around average, but low motility. I have also got him on multi vits, so fingers crossed this will help to make lots of lovely blasts (if they get this far). Good on you both for your results, that is fab! And having some frozen ones for a future brother or sis is great!

I have been for my first monitoring scan this morning, and so far so good. I have around 7-8 follies which are over 10mm, so all progressing well. They have upped my dose to 300 iu, from 225, so hope this takes effect quickly. They think egg collection may be as near as Sat or Mon! grin

BadgerFace Tue 21-Aug-12 13:38:15

Exciting times gingernutdreams! I am on holiday from today so won't be checking in for a few days, look forward to hearing your egg collection's happened when I get back...

Grow follies grow!

gingernutdreams Tue 21-Aug-12 18:32:58

Have a lovley holiday Badger smile

bugsylugs Tue 21-Aug-12 21:28:52

pocket it it's scary business because so much rides on it. How are you doing honey you are and have been very strong and have given real comfort and great advice and support to others. We are here for you.

badger hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday

ginger welcome not long to go by the sound of it hope the increased dose does not drive you too mad. Scan sounds good remember it only takes one and there are a good few there.

italian great to hear from you thanks for remembering us all.
mojangled sad about the party some things come out of nowhere or when we are not expecting them and throw us a little. Glad you will be cycling with pocket.

scarlet not long to go deep breaths etc.

Someone give me a big kick up the backside you would think I was 10 yrs younger the way I have not moved things forward unlike you other lovely ladies have still not got the acupuncture sorted or my immunes. Am awaiting karyotyping results and also an appointment at womens re my abnormal MTHFR. If anyone knows a consultant who specialises in this area I would be grateful to know.

I will get myself sorted before hols in sep. DH has to do another sperm sample and wants to do after hols due to wine maybe he should do it before.

Waves to all I have not mentioned sorry

gingernutdreams Wed 22-Aug-12 10:26:27

Hi bugsy, thanks for your support. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a good haul, but I guess one good one is all it takes..

It is such a long process, especially when you have to do immune testing and wait for the results, so don't beat yourself up for not moving things forward. It is sometimes hard to find the energy for it all too. I don't know of any specialist consultants for this, but good luck with it all. Good luck to your DH for his next SA too. Also, hope you enjoy your hols in Sep!

Hi to all others out there. It is quite quiet on here at the mo, is everyone on hols? Any news from anyone?

Will check back in tomorrow after another scan to update on the progress of my follies.

biscuit biscuit

MiniH Wed 22-Aug-12 18:34:15

Welcome ginger and good luck with this cycle. Initial scan sounds good so fx (and toes) crossed for you.

mojangled I really hope the hysteroscopy and treatment will be the elusive key and I can only guess how tired you must be. We will be here to help as much as we can.

Afm, well, some of you may recall I had the elevated cytokines and then found out had latent tb. Finally saw chest specialist and he confirmed that it really was latent and risk of it becoming active was very low. Only reason to take antibiotics is therefore so I can take immune suppressants. Antibiotics though take six months during which no TTC as too dangerous, no alcohol as liver already under too much stress from tablets so need liver monitoring for damage, need to take vitamins to avoid nerve damage as well. All in all we decided that it couldn't be healthy to put my body through all that for six months and then take immune suppressants on top of that - not the greatest prep for a pregnancy. So long and short is we are going to cycle without immune suppressants and just have intralipids (and I think ivig but I do get confused). If it fails we may reconsider depending on reasons for failure but for now I need to try without the immunes. If we find out there is no other option then I might feel differently. So, I will be cycling September/October!! Think that means I will be slightly behind pocket and mojangled but will be almost cycle buddies. Yay!

Waves to all and sorry for incomplete name check.

gingernutdreams Wed 22-Aug-12 19:43:08

Oh miniH, that sounds awful, what a lot to have to put your body through! I think I would have made the same decision re cycling without the immune suppressants. What are intralipids and ivig? All the very best for your cycle in Sep/Oct, I really hope it works for you without the bother of suppressing your immune system. smile

ScarlettInSpace Fri 24-Aug-12 11:16:51

Mini that sounds like some big decisions, I think that would be a lot for your body to take so I probably would've come to the same conclusion as you.

ginger any update? How are your follies progressing, do you think you will get in for EC this weekend?

pocket any sign of your elusive AF? Try POAES [Expensive Stick lol], she usually turns up right on cue a hour later in my experience grin

Mo how's your cycle going so far?

Italian how on earth do you remember everyone names?? I'm impressed! Any update on your journey?

I'm looking forward to this weekend, my sis is coming to stay so will be a bit of a boozy one! I've started telling people that after the bank holiday I'm detoxing, swearing off booze til Christmas to cover me for [at the very least] the 6-8 weeks of IVF cycle, and then [hopefully fx fx fx] that should take us to 12 week around the holidays <note blind optimism>

What's everyone else's plans for the Bank Holiday?

gingernutdreams Fri 24-Aug-12 22:17:28

Hi Scarlett. My second scan was yesterday and had another today, and all is well with the follies! I have 11 at 20mm, 1 at 19mm, 2 at 17mm and the rest are between 11 and 15mm. My egg collection is scheduled for Mon, and the clinic will ring me tomorrow to confirm when I need to take the trigger shot. I am excited but also quite nervous and trying not to get my hopes up as I have been here twice before and never got a BFP. Still, one step at a time, I know. Not long now till you start your cycle ey Scarlett? Well done with your resolutions to detox and avoid booze, fx this works for you (and me as I am currently abstaining from alcohol too).

Mo you've gone quiet... is all ok? Have you started the stims yet?

Hello to everyone else! biscuit biscuit

gingernutdreams Fri 24-Aug-12 22:18:39

Sorry, I meant to say 11 follies, 1 at 20mm.... etc etc...

gingernutdreams Mon 27-Aug-12 19:36:56

Hi all!

Well, I have been in for my egg collection today, and all went well. I got 12 eggs and DH sample was great (had gone up by about 40 mill!)grin. They are going to try for blasts if enough of the embies survive, and we have also secured our place for the embies in the embryoscope, so all is good so far. I am very tender and sore now though, so hope I feel better tomorrow as am going back to work.

How is everyone else? Any news? Hope to hear from you all soon. smile

Pocket1 Mon 27-Aug-12 19:52:29


Hope everyone’s had a nice weekend – despite the weather!!!

Thanks Bugsy that’s really kind of you. Go easy on yourself though, its okay to take a bit of time out ttc. After the mc and d&c earlier this year, I waited ages before going again. I really enjoyed the break – it was nice to get back to normal life and I imagine that’s how you feel now.

Mini wow you’ve had a journey haven’t you – you poor thing. But its great that you have a plan. Welcome aboard the September/October cycle bus – here’s to success all round!

Scarlett hope you enjoyed your boozy weekend. Your pre-Christmas detox idea is a completely brilliant way of masking what we’re up to – I’m going to use it myself! Thank you!

Ginger hope today went well and you’re feeling okay. Exciting week for you…. Let us know how you’re doing….

Hi to everyone else

AFM, AF is still missing – its 8 weeks since the last one so I’m a full 4 weeks late now. Apparently its normal to be all over the place after a failed ivf cycle, but its so frustrating as I can’t start my next cycle until we know where we are. I cant imagine there's hope for a September cycle now sad


gingernutdreams Mon 27-Aug-12 20:22:55

Oh pocket, that really sucks. I really feel for you. It is so frustrating when you just want to get on with it! Massive hugs and fingers crossed for you that AF makes an appearance v v soon!

biscuit biscuit

Huge hugs pocket.

Well done ginger.

MiniH Tue 28-Aug-12 09:42:50

pocket that's rubbish for you. Hopefully AF will put in an appearance soon. So ironic that when you need her she goes AWOL and when you are praying she stays away she puts in an early appearance!

ginger well done on your EC and your dh's premier league swimmers! Hope the pain has subsided as well. I remember it hurt more than I'd expected but it eased quite substantially after about 24-36 hours. Take it easy at work.

Hope everyone's bh was relaxing. Xx

MiniH Tue 28-Aug-12 09:45:46

Oh and hope you have a good hangover scarlett wink

gingernutdreams Tue 28-Aug-12 13:26:40

Thanks Italian and MiniH, I must say I do feel very pleased and quite encouraged with it all this time. I feel much less sore today, if a bit tired still. The clinic has rung me this morning to confirm that 8 of my eggs were injected and all 8 fertilised! Woo Hoo!! grin They are still thinking of proceeding to blasts, but will let me know more tomorrow, so fx!

How was everyone's extended weekend? Scarlett, did you enjoy your sis's visit?

BadgerFace Tue 28-Aug-12 13:59:54

Wow Ginger that's all very positive - go embys go! Hope you're not feeling too bad and work is okay. And good work to your DH's swimmers!!

Pocket Fingers crossed AF arrives soon. I always found the waiting at each stage the most annoying part. I hope you're managing to distract yourself.

Waves to everyone else!

ScarlettInSpace Tue 28-Aug-12 17:55:15

I had a great weekend and an absolutely crap hangover grin

Now ready to take it all on, had my appraisal today and told my boss about IVF which has made it all very real!

Ginger am rooting for your embys whoop!

Pocket1 Wed 29-Aug-12 20:31:59

Wow Ginger that's really great news. Go embies go. Let us know how things go this week.

Scarlett you must feel relieved that your boss knows. Well done for being so brave.

My moaning must have worked as AF arrived today. So i'm on the pill (to sync me with my donor) and back in the game!!


MoJangled Wed 29-Aug-12 22:42:28

Ginger that's incredible, whoop whoop whoop! Everything crossed for healthy bouncing embies now.

Pocket brilliant job on the AF summoning, please get onto the next stage quick, I really want us to be cycle buddies!

I got a surprise email today that we're starting tomorrow - wasn't expecting the donor to be geared up till mid Sept, but looks like I'm off...

(Would you say that this was a great time for DH to tell me how in debt he is and how badly his business is doing? Nope. Me neither.)

Waves to everyone else xx

Ginger EIGHT! Wow. grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile grin wink thanks smile

MiniH Thu 30-Aug-12 18:13:31

Ginger yay - 8 out of 8 is fantastic.

Scarlett I felt the same way with work and also told the during appraisal - only time I can get both bosses in one room grin . Experience was up there with parents finding out you are having sex though - embarrassing and cringe worthy!

Pocket so glad that AF has shown up and you are in the game.

mo really pleased you have your match and are ready to go. Boo for debts and poorly performing business though sad

AFM had day one bloods and just got call to say need more blood tomorrow plus scan and teaching session but then probably start tomorrow with down reg as looks likely I am on follicular protocol. Feels very sudden and real again!! But exciting smile

gingernutdreams Thu 30-Aug-12 18:29:23

Aww, thanks Bager, Scarlett, Pocket, Mo and Italian for rooting for my little embies, it's working! I still have all 8, though one seems to have stopped developing and some are lagging behind, but I still have 5 front runners and so they are still hoping for blasts transfers on Sat. I am so chuffed and so hopeful!

How are you doing Badger? Any more scan to look forward to? How are you feeling? Any sickness?

Fab news about your fun weekend Scarlett and well done for telling your boss about the IVF, that can be a v scary part of it. Was he/she ok about it? Do you know when you are likely to be able to start?

Whoop whoop to Pocket for the arrival of AF and being able to start again, hope things progress nicely for you with your donor.

Whoop whoop also to Mo re starting tomorrow, how exciting! Sending lots of good vibes and baby dust your way. Not great timing of your DH telling you about debts, I hope things turn around for him, and you of course.

Hi Italian, how's things with you?

Hi to everyone else!

xx smile biscuit biscuit

gingernutdreams Thu 30-Aug-12 18:34:16

Oh mini, I didn't spot your post, Hello to you, and fab news that you are also starting tomorrow! Lots of good vibes and baby dust your way too! smile

MoJangled Thu 30-Aug-12 23:50:36

Ah that's sooooo much better, getting a little estrogen back into the system, I'm slowly morphing back into a human from the dangerous insomniac chocolate-obsessed emotional timebomb that is Downreg Mo.

That said, good luck Mini for tomorrow grin

Ginger 5 is great, only a day and a bit to go now. How many will you transfer on Sat?

Pocket any news on your donor's dates?

Rather than murdering DH I have suggested we take a week to collect ideas and then have a meeting to swap options for digging ourselves out of the hole (while waving bye bye to another £5k for this cycle hmm ). I can always murder him later...

Hope everyone else is OK, never known the thread so quiet, hope everyone is lapping up sunshine and cocktails somewhere lovely!

ScarlettInSpace Fri 31-Aug-12 09:47:01

Morning all, well I started down reg this morning and it was a little bit of an anti-climax lol [not sure what I expected but hey ho!]

Mo up until last night I would’ve joined you on the OH murdering, but he redeemed himself at the eleventh hour following a bit of a freak out from me, and he did the first injection this morning [although I felt a little bit Amy & Blake sat in bed surrounded by needles while he fixed me a shot then administered it for me grin ] I like the idea of going away and thinking about it then reconvening, unfortunately my OH would forget to think about anything if I didn't sit him down and make him, his head is full of work and turbo chargers...

Ginger very excited for you, that's great progress so far! FX for tomorrow!

Mini have you started today? When will you be booked in for your baseline scan? Mine is 17th September, I'm trying not to let myself think past that for now, each stage at a time.

Pocket what do your dates look like? It must be odd being on the pill even if it is just for short time?

My boss was fine about it all [I told him at the end of my appraisal too], and said he was pleased I told him, he did ask me to speak to the Occupational Nurse just so he was happy I had all the support I needed [which I have, she is lovely!], wished me luck and said hopefully the next conversation we’ll be having is how we plan for me going off to have a baby grin

Some nice news that couldn’t have come on a better more portentous day really, my friend who was TTC for over 3 years gave birth early this morning, all healthy and happy grin so I get newborn baby cuddles next week hopefully, may have to surreptitiously rub him on my tummy in case its infectious lol wink

Has anyone got any advice diet wise, anything I should be eating as part of this whole thing? I might do a bit of Google research this afternoon if I get time who am I kidding, there's always time for Google research