Second Time Shaggers, You know who you are......

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MrsWajs Wed 30-May-12 19:51:44

For graduates of the First Time Frolickers and anyone else who wants to join in TTC baby number 2!!

Oh it's a bit comfy here isn't it!

MrsWajs Wed 30-May-12 19:59:22

smile It is indeedy Tribble

[nosily peers over the garden wall]

Save a space for me in about a years time! Good luck ladies... grin

haloflo Wed 30-May-12 20:10:13

Hello! Guess who is ovulating right now?

cherrycobbler Wed 30-May-12 20:21:29

Not me halo!!

Love what you've done with the place MrsW <looks round approvingly and installs CCTV cameras for better stalking>

kurlyvoice Wed 30-May-12 20:34:10

I'm here too! grin In limbo-land between ERTD (are we allowed to use that again instead of AF) and concentrated DTD time...

pixiestix Wed 30-May-12 20:37:31

Well hello Shaggers! grin

ERTD is definitely the pneumonic of choice. God love AriesGirl for coming up wth that one all those years ago.

Well it certainly isn't me.

Things have moved on since I was last thinking about such things, did you know fertility friend does an actual app? I had to log on to my laptop last time round.

haloflo Wed 30-May-12 21:15:40

Android app or just iPhone? Although I shouldn't be getting too obsessive...

I am so excited about my positive OPK. I'm only on CD16 so my body doesnt appear to be too broken despite breastfeeding. This compares to CD 40-something and CD 20-something last 2 cycles.

YellowButtercups Wed 30-May-12 21:22:31

Oooh! This is SO exciting! I'm going to really enjoy stalking you guys! ;-)

Halo Both, I've bought opk tests and I'll probably chart again.

I'd actually forgotten what non hormonal induced periods were like (sorry if TMI). Oh I feel horrid, this may actually be the couch to 5k I'm doing as well though.

Flickstar Wed 30-May-12 22:04:01

How exciting for you all!EEEEEK!

bunnygirl80 Wed 30-May-12 22:07:19

Ooh, it's nice in here.

I have my last pill to take tomorrow, then we're officially ttc again. I'm excited now, not so much at the prospect of another baby, but that I can now try out all the ttc apps on my iPad. And the clear blue digital with conception thingy is now available here, I felt like I missed out last time not getting a "your 5 minutes pg" or whatever it says grin

cherrycobbler Wed 30-May-12 22:31:13

ooh that is good news halo! My cycles returned when I dropped to two feeds (am only doing one a day at the moment) but still all over the shop.

i am excited about all the apps too! got to wait till the autumn... sigh. not too excited about starting the whole emotional rollercoaster, mad 2ww etc all over again though - going to try and be much more relaxed this time!

cherrycobbler Wed 30-May-12 22:31:53

ps flick you shd def take this as encouragement that childbirth can't be that bad if we're all so keen on doing at all again quite soon grin

YellowButtercups Wed 30-May-12 23:02:17

Bunny - I missed out on the Clearblue both times... Got 3+ wks, which told me nothing!

Is that you, FelicityFlick? Are you pregnant?!

YellowButtercups Wed 30-May-12 23:03:16

P.S. YellowButtercups - formerly WhiteRoses!

Ooh nice decor. Shame there is nowhere for a little gallery of our little wonders so far smile

MrsWajs Thu 31-May-12 10:04:18

Oooh it's so weird being back on here all proper like! Well after our chat last night MrW doesn't want to start TTC immediately but in the next 6 months or so which is fine by me, gives me a chance to get my head round it all. Still v excited to be back on a thread and listening to all the chat!

Is it isn't it, gosh I remember the first fred. Mr nice voice, the sheep and the 5am pregnancy test and me telling dh he'd 'knocked me up'.

YellowButtercups Thu 31-May-12 16:56:56

That seems so long ago *Tribble"..!

YellowButtercups Thu 31-May-12 16:59:23

Mind you, I don't remember the sheep at all... But then I got my BFP on 11.1.10, so think I might've been on the grads thread at that point?

pixiestix Thu 31-May-12 21:40:58

Haha, Buttercups you doofus, Flick is on our FB page, check the Who's Who grin

So, how is CrazyButterfly everybody feeling tonight? wink grin

cherrycobbler Thu 31-May-12 21:43:17

grin grin

bunnygirl80 Thu 31-May-12 22:43:33

OK. I caved. It wouldn't be a TTC thread without stats, so here are some stats grin Those in the TTC section need to add stuff like UCL. If you're not in the TTC section you can add it as well so you don't feel left out if you like wink

bunnygirl80 UCL? CD waiting for post pill AF

TTCing soon

just here for the fantastic conversation
yellow buttercups

crazybutterflylady BFP 31/05/12 EDD Feb 2013 gringrin

cherrycobbler Thu 31-May-12 22:46:20

Love it!

Haha wow I am honoured! You knew even before I told you! ;)

Gulp. It's kinda lonely here, get shagging you lot!!

YellowButtercups Thu 31-May-12 23:28:15

Right, I know I'm a doofus but Flick's not on our Who's Who! So I'm still none the wiser!

yellow no she isn't, I'm confused.

Wow two pages in and a BFP, the luck of the first tread has followed us.

On an unrelated note, fabreeze is apparently a low toxicity product. So unless your child drinks a gallon of the stuff, you'll probably be fine. [Hmm]

YellowButtercups Fri 01-Jun-12 00:01:50

Glad it's not just me then! Been exceptionally thick recently but I just don't think of you by your MN names any more! Haven't been on MN since I got my last BFP!

Lol about the Fabreeze! Where did you hear that?!

kurlyvoice Fri 01-Jun-12 03:24:11

Yes, buttercups, flickstar is our very own Flick, now a graduate though not for too many more months! So exciting.

Official MNetty congrats to crazybutterfly though it hasn't worked like our first BFPs as I should have got one today too! wink

yellow NHS direct after I found ds with a bottle of it. He is a monkey to say the least.

Flickstar Fri 01-Jun-12 09:14:05

Sorry yellow! grin just posted in the group!

haloflo Fri 01-Jun-12 11:10:06

Bleugh the idea of drinking fabreeze makes me feel sick? Ooh a symptom Hope the silly boy is ok.

Congratulations crazybutterfly I hope the news is sinking in today.

Stats: UCL: unknown. CD: 18. Expecting ERTD around 9 June. Will test if nothing by 12th. Is that a bit long? Cut out anything if needed.

pixiestix Fri 01-Jun-12 11:15:19

You are totally right Buttercups. Hearty apols! <dons dunces cap> <flagellates self> I really want to add you to the list but your details are quite unusual - I don't want to out you!! grin

So Crazy, c'mon. We need to know all your symptoms and non-symptoms so we can obsess keep an eye on Halo next week.

TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Fri 01-Jun-12 13:18:49

Yep Crazy we need to keep an eye on everyone ya know grin.

Halo Yes he is fine, --we- he had fun at toddler group this morning, sticking things on crowns and generally causing trouble.

TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Fri 01-Jun-12 13:19:10


TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Fri 01-Jun-12 13:19:27


I give up.

YellowButtercups Fri 01-Jun-12 16:09:54

Glad Mini Tribble's okay - silly billy indeed but I guess you have to learn! Lol! Okay, here goes...

bunnygirl80 UCL? CD waiting for post pill AF
haloflo UCL: unknown. CD: 18. Expecting ERTD around 9 June. Will test if nothing by 12th

TTCing soon

just here for the fantastic conversation

crazybutterflylady BFP 31/05/12 EDD Feb 2013

Post Grads
YellowButtercups - twins born 14.3.12

Think that safeguards my identity whilst not leaving DC2 and DC3 out! smile

<pokes head round door>
Gosh it's a bit deja vu being back in here! Don't know if I can be officially ttc when my body's still not seeming to cooperate but I'll give it a go anyway!
Stats: UCL ??? CD ??? waiting for first ERTD post baby!

PS: Congrats crazyb grin

TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Fri 01-Jun-12 19:48:35

Hello Highheels!! Gosh it is a bit blast from the past isn't it!

TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Sun 03-Jun-12 13:01:15


Well well well, just been mooching around in the conception threads, thinking its time i started taking this TTC#2 lark a bit more seriously like, and who do I find? A bunch a First Time Frolickers doing it all again. May I join in? Here are my stats:

YorkshireTeaDrinker TTC#2 Cycle 9 UCL29 CD1

TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Mon 04-Jun-12 12:23:46

Hi Yorkshiretea how've you been? Not seen you in ages.

bunnygirl80 Tue 05-Jun-12 03:56:12

yorkshire how are you? Was wondering if this thread would encourage some long lost Frolickers to rejoin us and it worked grin

Minor excitement for me yesterday when I realised ertd should have arrived 3 days ago, but it showed up about an hour before I headed to the shops to buy tests. At least I didn't waste my money only to get a bfn though.

So I'm now officially on cycle 1. Doubt I'll get lucky this month though as DH has taken to wearing his new skin tight running trousers all the time, even when he's just sitting around watching tv hmm I think he's waiting for his call up for the Olympics or something. Have tried suggesting that he may want to wear something thats not going to boil his sperm, but he won't heed my advice. Might be because he knows that once I get pg there wont be much sex on the agenda for at least a year, so he wants to get a few practice goes in grin

kurlyvoice Tue 05-Jun-12 22:40:46

Oooh, hello Yorkshire! Long time no see. Sorry that you've got to cycle 9 already but very pleased to have lots of former FTF joining the thread here.

Bunny, good for you on being positive about the arrival of ERTD this month. Maybe your DH is secretly hoping for a girl with his lycra...? Next thing you know he'll be having hot baths! We have commenced this month's deed-doing and am POmydailyS waiting for smiley faces.

I'd better add my stats:

kurlyvoice - Cycle 3 UCL39 CD15

bunnygirl80 Tue 05-Jun-12 23:51:26

Wednsesday's stats grin

haloflo UCL: unknown. CD: 23 Expecting ERTD around 9 June. Will test if nothing by 12th
kurlyvoice Cycle 3 UCL39 CD 16
Yorkshireteadrinker Cycle 9 UCL 29 CD 4
bunnygirl80 Cycle 1 UCL? CD 2
highheels Cycle ? UCL ? CD ?

TTCing soon

just here for the fantastic conversation

crazybutterflylady BFP 31/05/12 EDD Feb 2013

Post Grads
YellowButtercups - twins born 14.3.12

I am vowing to be relaxed this time around and not get bogged down in temping and spending hours analysing charts. I just don't know if I can resist the call of the thermometer for much longer though grin

TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Wed 06-Jun-12 00:17:37

bunny I already have my thermometre and opk tests, btw eBay is cheaper than poundland.

UCL ?? CD 12.

bunnygirl80 Wed 06-Jun-12 08:42:47

I've still got my thermometer from last time around, I found it in the back of a cupboard today and it still works.. I got the fertility friend app today, and logged in with my old details. As I haven't updated it since I got my bfp with Will it had me on cd 835 shock I think I will give temping a go again as my cycles were very irregular before I went back on the pill, and I don't want to be getting my hopes up and testing every month only to find I was just having a long cycle. Just not sure how accurate it'll be with Will waking me up at random times ranging between 4:30 and 6:30 every day

haloflo Wed 06-Jun-12 12:23:41

tribble and kurly I hope you have a fruitful couple of weeks. wink

bunny just opks here. I'm not going near a thermometer this time as that was the road to madness for me last time. Also DD wakes too so really wouldn't know what time to do it.

No symptoms, less crazy feelings that last month and as this horrid cold goes I'm feeling pretty good. Think I'm about 6/7 dpo though so early days. Last lp was only 10 days from first postive ok so I will just be pleased if that lengthens tbh.

yorkshiretea not sure if you remember me but I remember your BFP, it was either just before or just after I started to post.

TsarinaTribbleVonTipsyPants Wed 06-Jun-12 15:29:10

Halo Me too, I don't think I can be faffed with it for too long. Although I don't feel the need to go mad this time. I do feel quite relaxed about it all actually.

How are you feeling? How much are you still feeding? I'm trying to stop with DS, I'm doing don't offer, don't refuse. I'm giving it a few weeks and see how he goes. I'm not enjoying it anymore and I'm fed up of getting kicked in the face by flailing limbs.

I keep wondering whether to dig out my thermometer to see if it gives me any clues to what my body's up to but I usually end up lying awake for about an hour desperately trying to get DD (and myself) back to sleep before I admit defeat around 6-6.30am so don't know if it would be too accurate.

Bunny 835 day cycle grin

haloflo Wed 06-Jun-12 19:38:34

On a good day 4 times, evening, 2 night feeds and morning. On a bad she wants feeding late afternoon and a lot more at night but then I skip the morning one. We did drop the evening one with some success but then the hot weather and our holiday messed that up. We haven't really fed in the day for 5 months now baring one D&V bug. I'm glad about that as I was shy feeding out and about when she was tiny!

It's tieing (sp?) and tiring but I can't see an easy way out. Most feeds are snuggley tired in bed (except evening) so no acrobatics or anything. Good luck, let me know how you get on.

I don't feel relaxed but then I not a relaxed person. Plus id have happily been pregnant 6 months ago!

haloflo Wed 06-Jun-12 19:42:50

Maybe stock up on cheap opks hh? Its rubbish having cycles (im still not in habit of packing the essentials!) but at the same time I feel so frustrated for you. Fingers crossed they come back soon and you catch an early egg. x

Bazzle Wed 06-Jun-12 20:04:27

Hello hello, also on another thread but keen to join in with anyone TTC number 2. Is that ok?

I'm on cycle 3, CD32 with irregular cycles - think this one will be 38ish but i got 7 days worth of positive OPK's so who knows!

haloflo Thu 07-Jun-12 08:55:45

Bazzle Hello, course its fine for you to join us - just be warned we all posted on a thread a couple of years ago when trying for DC1 and kept in contact through pregnancy and the first year/year and a half so we all know each other.

Tell us more about yourself? How old is DC1? And 7 days of positive opks!? How confusing. I usually get a couple of days postive and then the second line fades off and I stop testing until its time to use a HPT

I am drinking my usual morning coffee whilst DD throws in a bonus morning nap. Just when I think we are in a routine...

The coffee tastes normal sad

Bazzle Thu 07-Jun-12 09:24:41

Hi Haloflo thanks for the welcome. How nice that you kept the thread going smile

My DS is nearly 22 months old now, i probably would have started TTC earlier but we got married in December and then had a run of wedding/hen do's that i wanted to have fun at!

Got pregnant first time round straight away so was kind of hoping that would happen this month but i think i am on my way out and onto cycle 4 now. Am not very patient!!

How old is your DC and how long have you been trying this time round? x

kurlyvoice Thu 07-Jun-12 16:24:13

Hi Bazzle and welcome to the thread! I have a nearly-15-month old DS and am in the middle of baby-making time. Congratulations on your wedding!

I'm struggling (TMI alert) with the distinction between CM and, er, left-overs from the previous night's shenanigans... Ew! What does everyone else do in this sticky situation?!

cherrycobbler Thu 07-Jun-12 16:56:03

Welcome bazzle! I should not strictly be here as not yet TTC - I have a one year old DD and hope to start trying again in a few months' time.

No idea kurly, used to baffle me too! Also, how is your DS sleeping now btw? We are still having ridiculous night sleep - DD is clearly exhausted by 7 ish and then suddenly gets a second wind after bath + milk and won't sleep for ages. Two nights ago it was 10 - then last night it was 8 and I was v pleased, but followed by 10-12 awake time. I wouldn't mind if she was happy to be alone but I have to be there with her or she screams... <yawn>. Any tips welcome.

Bazzle Thu 07-Jun-12 19:09:15

Hi Cheery and Kurly smile

In at the deep end! For 'me' i think EWCM is stretchy/elastic and clear where as leftovers are cloudy and more gloopy?! Also has more of a distinct smell i think (sorry TMI but you asked!)

Hope this is your month!

kurly I seem to remember reading something somewhere about dropping in water, one floats the other doesn't? Haven't got a clue where I read it though, maybe I made it up!

Welcome bazzle, I'm still waiting for my cycles to return but still bf about every 3-4 hours day and night so could be waiting a while, hoping to get lucky with an early egg!

Yorkshire! Fab to see you!! I'm not really here.. But am nosily watching the thread with envy interest!!

Welcome Bazzle! Being a Frolicker is fab, hope BFPs start popping up soon!

[WH goes back to non-TTCing land to try and convince DS that he doesn't need to wear his hat in the bath..]

MrsWajs Fri 08-Jun-12 09:26:08

Kurly That comment made me laugh! I was wondering the very same thing just last week!! Not that I need to be right now but even so! I never did have a lot of CM at all but now I seem to be inundated with the stuff!?

Welcome Bazzle there is no such thing as TMI in here!! I have a 13mo DD and will be starting TTC after Christmas for number 2.

Cherry - yuck to the sleep! R got up at 5am this morning and I think my body's in shock!! Maybe I shouldn't have another after all, don't think I could cope with all the night wakings again!!

haloflo Sat 09-Jun-12 11:44:10

Bazzle I have a 14mo DD, we haven't used contraception since she was born but cycles only returned at 10mo as i'm breastfeeding. Technically this is cycle 3 but really its the first time we have a chance I think so i'm calling it cycle 1.

No sign of ERTD but i'm only about 9/10 dpo. Last month my LP was 10/11 days (i can't be exact with ovulation as a positive OPK gives you 12-36 hours notice)

No symptoms either, apart from still being a bit ill with this rotten cold and cough.

Halo Ooooo good luck!

I'm waiting on a positive OPK as well, but I can tell my body is up to something as my ovaries frikkin hurt!!! I keep getting pains right deep down in my hips. I can only figure that everything is kick starting itself again after the implant.

kurlyvoice Mon 11-Jun-12 15:07:10

I got a smiley face on my OPK this morning (CD21) but no ovulation pain as yet so I'll be interested to see what happens over the next couple of days. Think I'll keep doing the sticks as I've not done them through a cycle before... So we might be 2ww buddies, tribble!

Any symptoms, flo...?! wink

How's everyone else? Was in town yesterday doing some toy shopping (!) and EVERYONE seemed to be pregnant!

haloflo Mon 11-Jun-12 21:55:36

Still no AF.

Symptoms, um maybe, but we all have symptoms if we think too much.

Too scared to test, at least til I'm late. <buries head in sand>

cherrycobbler Tue 12-Jun-12 06:51:34

Oooh halo...!

pixiestix Tue 12-Jun-12 10:39:45

Oh Flo, my fingers are firmly crossed for you! I always found a BFN much less upsetting than waiting for ERTD - if I was even a day late I had worked myself up into such a frenzy of excitement that it was heartbreaking. But I know a lot of people think the exact opposite and can't bear to see that "Not pregnant" come up. When will you test, do you think?

haloflo Tue 12-Jun-12 16:46:38

Tbh i don't know. A bfn would be awful but my biggest fear is a bfp then af arriving anyway. Tests are bought, will let you all know as soon as. X

Kurly I had my smiley face about two days ago and my ovaries have been hurting like there's no tomorrow. I think I have ovulated. As to of anything has been brought about as part my my regime of jumping Dh. Well, we shall see. wink

Fingers crossed halo, and great news about the smiley faces tribble and kurly smile

Dropping in briefly to quietly squeeee for Flo.. grin

bunnygirl80 Tue 12-Jun-12 21:53:00

I'm crossing my fingers for you halo

So far the bunny household has seen precisely no ttc action as dh has a cold and ds has taken to waking twice a night so I'm knackered......maybe he knows we're planning on replacing him as littlest most spoilt member of the household!

kurlyvoice Wed 13-Jun-12 11:43:44

Poor you, bunny! We've been trying to power through the tiredness but it isn't always easy...

flo and bazzle, anything your end?

So I told you about my smiley face, but yesterday and today it's been back to negative again... No proper ov pain yet and lots of ewcm this morning so I was wondering if it was a false positive? On the sticks you can look at the two lines afterwards and they were definitely both there that day, but this morning's in particular was much fainter. Odd.

Hope your ovaries have sorted themselves out, tribble. It's amazing how much it can hurt, isn't it?

Can I join? Ttc no2 didn't know about mn until recently so first timer to threads, got the smiley Monday cd23! ( long story) and dtd twice although last night dh was asleep, does anyone bother the third day along?

pixiestix Wed 13-Jun-12 20:37:28

Just seen on another thread that our old Frolicker mate CurlyCasper is up-diffed again. This second time shagging is going viral!

bunnygirl80 Thu 14-Jun-12 10:33:13

kurly I'm working on the theory that as pretty much everyone else I know has conceived their second child through a one night lapse in contraception, rather than frenzied shagging like their first, that just once in a cycle will be enough!

kittykat you're more than welcome to join us. I tend to go for regular swi throughout the month rather than timing it too strictly around ov. I would think that twice would be enough, maybe you could try an get an extra go in today for good luck grin

pixiestix Fri 15-Jun-12 10:30:17

<whistles nonchalently so as not to appear like she is stalking Flo>

Bunny we do it around ov (and other times as well), but I like to know that we have a bit of a good shot at an egg.

I'm so tired, absolutely knackered. I just want to sleep at the moment.

Okay I just bought a CBFM (and I'm blaming Flo grin), internet shopping after a glass of wine is dangerous, will it even work whilst BF if I'm not ovulating????

bunnygirl80 Sat 16-Jun-12 22:44:24

tribble tiredness is a pg symptom you know wink

hh I suppose the cbfm will confirm one way or another what's going on for you. And when your cycles do start to return it'll give you warning that something's happening

I feel like my insides are creaking into action again! Lots of cramping, and pain from what I assume is my right ovary, so should probably get swi'ing if we're going to have a chance this month.

pixiestix Sun 17-Jun-12 16:55:07

HH from what I remember, you have to have fairly regular periods - ie always between something like 20 and 50 days - to use the CBFM sad Don't want to dash your hopes, but also don't want you to be disappointed when it arrives. You can also only start to use it on the first day of a period I think.

bunny hope you're having lots of SWI fun.

I've my fingers crossed for the tiredness being significant tribble smile

pixie according to their website I need to have a couple of normal cycles before it'll work but I'll give it a go anyway and I'm hoping it'll at least come in useful at some point, although maybe I should just send it back and buy shoes instead, really silly ones with ridiculous heels that I can stare at and hope to get a chance to wear someday grin

bunnygirl80 Sun 17-Jun-12 21:56:09

hh I think you should get the shoes as sod's law dictates that as soon as you buy something it would be impossible to use while pg you'll be updiffed within a week grin

pixiestix Mon 18-Jun-12 00:42:19

yy, swap it for a paragliding experience and a big bottle of vodka. You'll be pregnant by the end of the week! grin

Ahem. Isn't there an update to the stats?!?! grin

HH I've got the crazy metallic taste in my mouth as well. Also Bunny is right, the minute you waver in your commitment to getti g updiffed, you get updiffed.

bunnygirl80 Tue 19-Jun-12 10:31:25

Ooh tribble when are you testing? This is going to be a short lived thread looking at the rate people are getting their bfps grin

I don't know, I think at some point this week. I was thinking of going to the pound shop and getting some cheapy tests and seeing what happens. I'm due to come on at the end of the week.

pixiestix Tue 19-Jun-12 10:56:44

Trib I remember last time you were pg you got all the symptoms in the book the week before you tested and I was thinking "Crikey, she must have a right imagination, surely" - then, boom, a few days later you got your BFP grin So tiredness and a metallic taste sound like you are definitely going in the right direction!

Can you remember what day you got your BFP last time? I was CD27 <wistful>

haloflo Tue 19-Jun-12 20:36:55

Ooh tribble sounds promising.

I am officially announcing to the thread that I got my BFP on Saturday! grin

Halo YAY!!!!!!

Pixie I still have my chart from last time, I think it was DPO 10. Me and DH actually went into Boots and stared at the pregnancy tests and had the following discussion;

DH: '£8 for a pregnancy test, thats a bit steep isn't it.'

Me: 'Yeah'

DH: 'A lot of money to spend on something that might tell us you're not pregnant'

Me: 'Hmmmm'

DH: 'Why don't we wait like normal people?'

Me: 'What do you mean 'normal people'?'

DH: 'You know, like in the olden days when people had to miss a period to know that they were pregnant or they just got fat'

Me: <inwardly sighing> 'We could just go to the pound shop tomorrow.'

DH: 'Yeah alright then'.

pixiestix Wed 20-Jun-12 20:14:17

grin Thats why I still have pg tests hidden in various boxes around the flat - so that I dont have to justify the expense to anyone when I'm having a "maybe, just maybe I could be" moment!

Glad I'm not the only one with hidden tests pixie smile

And official cheers for halo grin

kurlyvoice Thu 21-Jun-12 21:14:24

Eeee! This is an exciting thread! Do I need to get me some pg tests to stash away...? I have been super restrained this cycle and haven't even bought one yet! With DS, I didn't have any of this as we didn't think it was working - by the time I did a test it was a proper clear blue fellow and said 3+ weeks!

Yayayayayay to flo's officialness!

(think I'm 9 DPO but should only be 5 days given last month's cycle, so need to sit on my hands for a week if I can resist. Only "symptoms" are tiredness and headache, and they're normal for me towards the end of the working week anyway... But then I didn't have symptoms with DS for ages...)

pixiestix Thu 21-Jun-12 22:20:09

Kurly it gets better, get ye to FB wink

bunnygirl80 Fri 22-Jun-12 02:10:51

I have no hidden tests and I had a sneaky look in the supermarket the other day..$20 for a clear blue digi or $15 for a first response. Think I might just wait till I've missed four or five periods and have a bump for confirmation grin

Having been advised on Weds to stop ttc for this month in case I catch ds's slapped cheek disease, or course my temp went up on Thurs, confirming that I ov'd on Tuesday. I doubt I'll a. catch his infection or b. actually be pg this month so its all a bit academic anyway.

bunnygirl80 Fri 22-Jun-12 03:37:29

The list!


kurlyvoice Cycle 3
Yorkshireteadrinker Cycle 9
bunnygirl80 Cycle 1
highheels Cycle ?

TTCing soon

just here for the fantastic conversation

crazybutterflylady BFP 31/05/12 EDD Feb 2013
haloflo BFP 16/06/12 grin

Post Grads
YellowButtercups - twins born 14.3.12

The list!


kurlyvoice Cycle 3
Yorkshireteadrinker Cycle 9
bunnygirl80 Cycle 1
highheels Cycle ?

TTCing soon

just here for the fantastic conversation

crazybutterflylady BFP 31/05/12 EDD Feb 2013
haloflo BFP 16/06/12
TribbleWithoutACause 22/06/12

Post Grads
YellowButtercups - twins born 14.3.12

bunnygirl80 Fri 22-Jun-12 21:36:13

There's pretty much no one left in the ttc section!

Congrats tribble

Think I'm going to move to the ttc soon section, decided there's no point me starting to obsess when I've not even got my cycles back yet!

I have just been the pound shop blush
Well everyone has to have a maybe moment!
So how long has everyone been ttc
I had af thur so official cd3 again

kitty we've not used contraception since DD was born (she'll be one in a couple of weeks) and officially started 'hoping' in Feb, but I'm still breastfeeding and haven't got my cycles back yet so I don't know whether we're hoping, trying or what now! I have PCOS and DD took about 20 months to conceive so I think I'll be here for a while.

Oh and official congrats to halo and tribble grin

Hi(gh) heels, lol see what I did there wink
Your very similar to me, took me around 20 months to concieve dd, not used contraception since she was born as we knew we wanted another but I got hit second time before af, I was breast feeding too and I think it was when I stoped a few weeks later, not sure mine would have returned until then as I had allready cut down to one feed for 3 or 4 weeks and no signs! Sadly I had a mc so were trying again cycle 2 after mc, gutted as last time we were really relaxed, only dtd a couple of times that cycle and bam now im back in that stressed place which I know only hinders the process!
Back to worrying will it take years again?!?

kurlyvoice Tue 26-Jun-12 09:06:51

So I did a test last night - BFP! Backed up with a FMU one this morning and it's a bit darker so I'm going to put myself on the list! Think I'm due around March 5th... Eeeeeek!

Now just to survive the 8ww. <scared>

The list!


Yorkshireteadrinker Cycle 9
bunnygirl80 Cycle 1
highheels Cycle ?

TTCing soon

just here for the fantastic conversation

crazybutterflylady BFP 31/05/12 EDD Feb 2013
haloflo BFP 16/06/12
TribbleWithoutACause BFP 22/06/12
kurlyvoice BFP 25/06/12

Post Grads
YellowButtercups - twins born 14.3.12

bunnygirl80 Tue 26-Jun-12 10:34:12

Yay congrats kurly grin

kittykats sorry to hear about your mc, hope this month is your lucky month

I'm now 7dpo, and despite my earlier conviction that it won't happen this month, I've still gone down the slippery slope of symptom spotting blush Not much in the way of symptoms, but have a big spike in my temps of course now I'm wondering if that's a sign!

cherrycobbler Tue 26-Jun-12 19:39:44

I think this must be a particularly lucky thread, yay tribble and kurly! You'll all be TTC'ing your third by the time we get round to number two...

Sorry to hear about your mc kitty. Hope it's a short stay for you on the conception thread, in the nicest possible way! It is so hard not to get obsessed. It took us 8 mnths last time which although isn't very long felt like an eternity and it was very hard to chill out about it. Hoping I'll be more laid back this time but think that may be a vain hope...

Ooh bunny, a temp spike you say...? Any exciting symptoms to obsess over?!

kurly big congrats to you grin

kitty sorry to hear about your mc, I know exactly what you mean about the worrying and stressing, that's why I'd really hoped it would just happen for us before we had to start actually trying. How old is your DD? Here's hoping we both get lucky soon.

bunny I've my fingers crossed that your temp spike is meaningful smile

Dd is 10 months, got pg when she was 8 but had stoped bf that month, it is nice while it lasts heels as while I wanted another no af did take the pressure off as I couldn't do anything about what was going on and I think thats what worked, it's nice just to dtd when you fancy!
Plus it may or may not be true but I liked to see it as my eggs were preserved as no af no ov?!? That's only as at 33 now not get any younger

fudgecat Tue 26-Jun-12 20:41:39

Hi to all that remember me.

Just thought i'd drop by to let you all know that two weeks ago i gave birth to my second son. We are so happy to have him at home with us.

Hope you are all well x

kurlyvoice Tue 26-Jun-12 20:57:11

Fudge, that is lovely news - congratulations! What a lucky little boy he is to have such a brilliant mummy and a special angel brother looking down on him. I still think of little Elliot a lot.

fudge that is such lovely lovely news, congratulations to you.

bunnygirl80 Tue 26-Jun-12 21:48:03

fudge congratulations. I was just thinking about you the other day, and wondering how you were doing. I'm sure Elliot is a very proud big brother smile Most of the Frolickers hang out on FB now, if you'd like to join us pm me and I'll send you a link

I have obsessed compared this month's chart to the ones from ttcing DS, and it looks like I had a similar spike about 4 days pre-af on all of them, except when I got pg when there was no spike at all. So I think the likelihood is that I need to buy tampax rather than pg tests next time I go shopping.

cherrycobbler Tue 26-Jun-12 21:48:53

fudge, huge congratulations, what gorgeous news. Think of you and little Elliot often, how lovely that he is now a big brother. Hope you are all doing well x

Truffkin Tue 26-Jun-12 22:24:46

Wonderful news Fudge congratulations xx

luckyseven Tue 26-Jun-12 22:37:20

fudge thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news with us. You are never far from our thoughts. Enjoy this special time and if you fancy it come on over to Facebook like bunny said no question too ridiculous and plenty of advice and laughs!

Hello to new shaggers too first time back on mn for a long time! I have dd 18mo and no current plans to try for a second just yet, maybe in another year or so!
<retreats back to fb>

YellowButtercups Wed 27-Jun-12 00:12:24

Not been keeping up to date with this thread like I should have!

Yorkshire - <big waves> - how are you?! How's Eleanor? <grin> Motherhood's obviously agreeing with you if you're going for no. 2! <grin>

Curly - wonder how she is and how her arthritis is? Would be nice if she popped in to say hello. I don't think I ever knew if she had a boy or a girl last time?

And Fudge - how amazing! Well done, you clever lady! Dying to hear DS2's name?! Hope you will join us on Fb? (The more the merrier seeing as I'm clearly such a poor stalker these days!)

YB (aka WhiteRoses) x

fudge that's such happy news, many congratulations! Hope you are enjoying every second xx

kurlyvoice Wed 27-Jun-12 08:21:35

bunny, boohiss to the temp spike comparisons - but it's not over til it's over!

I did a clearblue digital test this morning and it came up with pregnant nice and quickly and then decided on 2-3 weeks since conception. So what did I then find myself doing? Googling iCandy Peach Blossom converters, despite the fact that I refuse to buy anything until after 20 weeks...!

fudge such wonderful news, huge congrats to you and your oh. I'm so pleased that it all went well for you, hope the first few weeks are a lovely babymoon!!

bunny it ain't over till it's over!!!!!

pixiestix Wed 27-Jun-12 20:03:18

Oh Fudge I'm so so happy to hear your news! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I don't think you have any idea of how much we all think about you and Elliott. I'm sure he is watching proudly over his little brother right now. Please come back and tell us all about DS2 when you have a spare minute. Congratulations! xxx

pixiestix Wed 27-Jun-12 20:04:09

And congratulations to you too Kurly! This is the happiest thread EVER! grin

kurlyvoice Thu 28-Jun-12 18:39:28

Thanks pixie! Wish I could fast-forward a few months though...

kurlyvoice Thu 28-Jun-12 18:48:24

Have set up a grads fred here if that appeals...?

bunnygirl80 Thu 28-Jun-12 22:39:04

Don't think the luck of this thread has rubbed off on me this month. Temp is now back to pre-ov levels, so I expect to see af in the next couple of days. On the plus side I have actually had a pretty normal cycle, which took at least 3 months or so to happen last time around, so I'm happy that all my bits seem to be working grin

Didn't want a March baby something the other day that it's the busiest month for births here, as the baby's are conceived mid-winter when there's not much else to do on a dark winter's night but have unprotected sex, and I don't want to end up discovering the hospital's full when I go into labour. I mainly realised that a March baby means I'd be heavily pg during Feb which is the hottest and humidest month of the year, and given the way I swelled up in the heat with DS I think I'd probably end up being put in the zoo when someone mistook me for an escaped hippo grin

bunnygirl80 Thu 28-Jun-12 22:40:15

Terrible grammar from me there, obviously I meant babies not baby's. I blame the fact that DS is dancing to Dorothy the Dinosaur while standing on the coffee table and distracting me!

pixiestix Fri 29-Jun-12 14:41:07

That sounds about right Bunny as September is far and away the busiest month for births here.

bunnygirl80 Sun 01-Jul-12 03:18:18

As predicted, cd2 for me today. Not too disappointed's my birthday on Friday so at least now I can have a drink or three to celebrate

pixiestix Sun 01-Jul-12 09:39:55

sad Probably for the best after W's slapped cheek too. Still horrible to get your period though. I am due on today and I feel all miserable about no BFP - and we aren't even trying!! Loony! grin

kurlyvoice Mon 02-Jul-12 10:16:02

It's always good when there's a positive about not being pg, bunny! I'm worrying about our holiday in 4 weeks which will be the height of sickness... sad

bunnygirl80 Mon 02-Jul-12 11:01:32

pixie maybe all the bfps will rub off on you, and you'll end up pg just by having posted here grin

There's a few reasons why no bfp this time around is actually good. Firstly, I'd probably have spent the whole time worrying I'd develop slapped cheek and then be at risk of mc. Second, I'm due a follow up chest X-ray next week after a work colleague contracted tb and didn't realise for ages, so everyone at the practice has had to undergo a whole load of testing. Much as I'm convinced I haven't caught it, it would be good to get this X-ray for peace of mind. Finally, I want my birthday winegrin

kurly hope you manage to avoid too much sickness on your hols

Quiet in here, I keep thinking ERTD (although right now it would be the Welcome RTD smile) is about to show up but nothing, wishful thinking? Almost 2 years since my last cycle started now ...

bunnygirl80 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:59:08

I think everyone got pg last month except for you and me hh . Hope you see ertd soon smile

I was feeling quite positive after last month that my cycles had come back straight away, despite the lack of bfp. This month however, I'm on cd 17 with no signs of impending ov at all. Looks like it's going to be the same as ttc the first time, and I'm going to have random cycle lengths again. Strange as they were like clockwork when I was younger before I ever went on the pill. I assume that it just takes my body a while to adjust to coming off the pill, but I always have this niggling doubt that it's a sign there's something more to it. I suppose I'll just have to give it 6months and if there's no bfp and still irregular cycles then I'll go and ask to be investigated.

Glad I'm not all alone in here smile When did you come off the pill bunny?

bunnygirl80 Thu 19-Jul-12 04:03:45

I came off the pill in June hh so this is only cycle 2. As soon as I posted about no ov and a long cycle this time, I got a temp shift the following day, so I must have just not noticed it. Didn't get any of my usual symptoms though confused

I've ordered some cheap opks and hpts off eBay for next month.......and got sucked into bidding on a load of toys for DS so for the amount I've spent I may as well have bought a load of clear blue tests from the pharmacy grin

Great news about the temp shift, at least it's a positive sign that your body's doing its thing even if its not exactly the same time every month.

I'm just as bad at amazon, can't go on that site without ending up spending a fortune on things (usually more stuff that DD doesn't need!). Just means that now you have lots of sticks to pee on plus toys to play with, and it's so much more fun trying to decide whether or not there's a line instead of having it in writing hmm

Alabama100 Fri 20-Jul-12 07:16:51

Hello everyone, we're hoping to ttc #number 2 in Jan, so a few months off but can I join too?

bunnygirl80 Sun 22-Jul-12 11:23:40

Hello alabama. Of course you can join us. Do you want to tell us a bit about yourself and your dc1?

Showmethemhappyfeet Mon 23-Jul-12 12:03:03

Oh hello, can I join? We've only just agreed to start trying today and I'm not even gonna see DP till Saturday but I'm so excited!

Alabama100 Mon 23-Jul-12 18:53:20

How exciting show! My dd is 8 months concieved her first go and really nervous it'll take us a long time for number 2. Going to start ttc number 2 in Jan and enjoying my dd atm :-)

Hi alabama and show smile

Muumimamma2 Mon 23-Jul-12 21:51:46

Hello everyone, may I join also? Have a little girl who'll be 2 in a couple of weeks, hoping to have another one so that there's no more than 3 school years between them... which means I need to get pregnant by November, roughly. First month trying, will be testing soon although it's still early, should really wait for next week or at least the weekend but just too impatient!

I've got my fingers crossed for everyone here smile

Alabama100 Tue 24-Jul-12 06:54:11

Of course! Welcome highheels :-)

bunnygirl80 Tue 24-Jul-12 11:24:45

Hello show and muumi

Sounds like we are pretty much cycle buddies muumi smile My af is due on Monday, but if I don't have any sign by the weekend then I'll do a sneaky test. I'm usually a big believer in waiting until af is actually late before testing, but we're off on holiday on Tuesday, and I'll need time to get over the devastation of missing out on cocktails on the beach if I get a bfp grin

Showmethemhappyfeet Tue 24-Jul-12 11:57:02

Hi all, my DD has just turned 2 and was a lovely surprise baby. Iv no idea about ovulation days/cycle lengths, all I'm reading here is going totally over my head!! Recently had the impact removed, went on pill for a month and had a normal bleed, pill for another month, no bleed in the break, started on the next pack but have now stopped about a week in. Not a clue how to figure out where i am!confused

Alabama100 Wed 25-Jul-12 19:54:38

show maybe you could use those opk if you want a rough idea when you're ovulating? bunny let us know once you've tested!

bunnygirl80 Wed 25-Jul-12 21:45:21

Ooh show if you didn't have a bleed after your last pill break maybe you do a test just in case. You never know, maybe you'll be lucky enough to skip the ttc madness

I'm symptom spotting like mad at the moment. My temp chart looks a bit crazy with temps up and down every day, when normally its pretty flat. Have now compared and the only other time it's done that was the cycle I got pg with DS. My only other symptom is one very sore boob, but DS did stand on it when he was using me as a climbing frame, so I think it's probably from that

Showmethemhappyfeet Wed 25-Jul-12 21:53:14

I did a test the week I was due a bleed. It was negative but maybe it was too early? Been off the pill 3 or 4 days now and still nothing. Will do a test at the weekend.
Since it will no doubt be neg, what's an opk? And where do I get them?

bunnygirl80 Thu 26-Jul-12 02:01:11

Opk is an ovulation test. You can get them anywhere you buy pg tests from, but you can also get hundreds of them super cheap from eBay or amazon. If you know how long your cycles last then you just start peeing on them mid cycle, and you'll get a positive when you're about 24hrs from ovulation. I've never used them as I have irregular cycles (although I've got some to try out next month) so I temp instead. It doesn't tell me when I'm about to ovulate, just that it's happened, so at least I know when we can take a break from swi

Muumimamma2 Thu 26-Jul-12 09:53:18

Hi bunny, I've been symptom spotting like mad too, and I know it sounds crazy but I just feel pregnant. I gather it must all be in my head as my period isn't even due until next week, but somehow it just feels the same as last time when I was pregs! What kind of symptoms have you been noticing?

Now I'm worried though as we've been moving house and I've been working really hard and also carrying loads of stuff, maybe it won't make a difference yet though if by some miracle I am pregnant hmm

Ooooh, exciting with all the symptom spotting.

Still nothing happening here, haven't had much time to think about it tbh. Apparently the average time for ERTD to return when breastfeeding on demand is when DC is 14 months, so hoping I've not got too much longer to wait.

bunnygirl80 Fri 27-Jul-12 00:03:07

muumi I'm sure most of my symptoms are in my head too! So far I have one sore boob, a slightly bloated tummy (which could be the whole pizza I ate last night!), and I feel a bit nauseous all the time. The sicky feeling started last week when I had a stomach bug, and it's carried on ever since, despite it starting way to early to be pg related!

bunnygirl80 Fri 27-Jul-12 11:09:55

Ok, I caved and tested, even though af not due to another couple of's a bfp grin

smile smile smile

Showmethemhappyfeet Sat 28-Jul-12 13:54:07

bunny congratulations!! grin
I'm heading home tonight do will test tomorrow, and then get on with some either swi/celebration since I haven't seen DP for over a week!

Any news showme?

Showmethemhappyfeet Sun 29-Jul-12 17:09:02

A bfn sad oh well, at least we get to keep trying!

bunnygirl80 Sun 29-Jul-12 21:52:43

The trying is the fun bit show grin

zeldapinwheel Mon 30-Jul-12 16:35:12

Can I join too?

I have a 24 month old DD and this is my 2nd cycle, though not sure if last month counts as really didn't make much effort!

previous histroy; ttc for 7 months, bfp then mc at 11 weeks.
Bought a cbfm and got lucky 1st time.

Haven't dug cbfm out yet, have tried ovulation calculator app.... If AF turns up next week I shall be blowing the dust off the cbfm!!

Showmethemhappyfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 11:13:25

Hi, so I just ordered some pregnancy tests on eBay. Still no bleeding but been off pill for over 2 weeks now. Since I have no idea where I'm up to 'cycle-wise' is it best to give it another month or so then test again?

MrsWajs Fri 01-Mar-13 09:16:24

Oh dear this thread just fell apart didn't it!!

So many more of us to add to the delivered and grads lists!!

Flickstar Fri 01-Mar-13 19:10:08

reinstate it mrsW!

cherrycobbler Sat 02-Mar-13 08:06:26

I'm here, starting 2ww for cycle four smile

pixiestix Sat 02-Mar-13 09:27:39

Well helloooo! grin

Its kind of cool that it fell apart because everyone who decided to have a second got magically updiffed the next day! You lucky bastards

I would like to be counting cycles but I absolutely refuse to until my stupid body sorts itself and starts laying eggs in the proper fashion. As it is I'm on CD17 and have had a high reading on the CBFM since CD6 with no peak. Last month was a ricockulous 22 days. So I could be ovulating soon or starting my period soon, who knows. Its like a really shitty magical mystery tour in my ovaries right now.

cherrycobbler Sat 02-Mar-13 13:05:26

How does the CBFM work pixie - what does it read to cause the high? And, er, I totally didn't clock you were starting the TTC wagon. Exciting!!

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