PCOS and ttc!

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KylieP Sun 13-May-12 21:02:40

Someone just suggested setting up a PCOS and ttc thread - I'm on the June ttc thread but would love to hear from other PCOS'ers too!

queenofthefairies Sun 13-May-12 21:16:21


Im on the June TTC thread too... but I have PCOS and trying to conceive also. I have told my story in other posts so as not to bore people I will just summarise where im at with it all.....
Im on my 3rd cycle of clomid... got pregnant but miscarried on my 2nd cycle due to (from my research) insulin resistance associated with PCOS... started a low GI, no caffeine diet to try and get that under wraps....

Good to know theres others in the same position!

spottypyjamas Sun 13-May-12 21:35:49

Hello both of u, hope i'm ok to join.

Brief summary: Recent PCOS diagnosis, came off bc 9 months ago, TTC #1 only on cycle 3, but how people cope with this long term god knows! Cycles vary between 31 and 43 days, on day 43 now (no AF no bfp). Driving myself mad now, just wanna know one way or the other, if AF turns up at least i know where i stand and i can get on with the next cycle. Using hpt's all the time must buy more as unable to give this habit up and imaging symptoms. Annoying myself so god knows what im doing to dh!

Nice to read other's stories and realise i'm not the only one xx

KylieP Sun 13-May-12 21:48:14

Definitely come and join! We're in the same boat, I'm on CD38 and going a bit crazy! Fourth cycle of trying for me, ttc #1 too. What's an hpt by the way, is that an ovulation stick? I didn't think they worked for PCOS'ers? x

spottypyjamas Sun 13-May-12 22:01:19

hpt= home pregenancy test. i need to hide them really, negative after negative isnt helping my mood!

Yeah i have heard that about ov sticks but i think im gonna try a month with them, as havent used them consistently before (just got negatives) and am interested to see what it does show. Been temping for a couple of cycles but this is just all over the place and annoying me more than anything so might give that up 4 a while. x

Jodidi Sun 13-May-12 22:09:23

Can I come and join? I'm not officially ttc but want to get myself prepared for when I persuade dp that he does want another child.

Summary of me: I have 2 children already, dd1 was a surprise when I was 20 and is now 12. Dd2 was planned and took 2 years ttc, 1 year after coming of the contraceptive injection I was diagnosed with pcos which explains a massive amount about my previous medical history. She is now 2. When I was ttc dd2 I changed my diet to low GI, did loads of exercise, lost 2 stone, had reflexology, and changed my toiletries to SLS free ones. Once she was here I stopped doing all that and went back to my old eating habits.

I had a surprise bfp in early March and was thrilled to bits (dp wasn't). Miscarried at 12 weeks over Easter. I'm convinced that this was because I wasn't controlling my pcos like I know how, although nobody medical has confirmed or denied this. I wasn't doing all the things I had been when I was ttc dd2, as we weren't trying for a baby, I was eating rubbish, was back up to my 'normal' (overweight) weight. Like I say, I am convinced this is why I miscarried. Dp thinks I'm paranoid and it's just one of those things.

I've just had first af since the mc. I don't know what my cycles are doing, as I have only had 3 since dd2 was born 2 years ago. I'm still bf, not sure if that makes any difference to pcos hormones and ttc or not. I am about to start temping and charting to try and get a picture of what my cycles are like. I also need to stop the comfort eating as my diet at the minute is mostly chocolate blush with a minimal attempt at eating some vegetables.

KylieP Mon 14-May-12 22:27:51

I'm not a chocoholic at all so no probs there, but I do like a glass of wine! I wasn't sure if I could control my PCOS as I'm lean (slim), does anyone know if it's still controllable? Sorry about your mc jodidi. Good to hear about PCOSers with kids though, gives me hope! On day 38 now, still no proper AF and spotting for over a week...what's going on?! Has anyone ever had anything like this?

Just marking my place - I'll be back to post my story (hee) 2moro when i've got a bit more time! Glad we've got our very own secret (lol) pcos club on MN, a refuge from feeling odd because we don't know if or when our 2WW is ever about to begin!!

Hello ladies.........may I please join?

I was diagnosed with PCOS last October. Have been TTC #1 for over 12 months now; have had all the blood tests, transvaginal ultrasound, HSG and waiting to see my consultant in June to get Clomid.

I have had 2 periods since starting TTC and my cycles range from 23-77 days at the moment.......I clearly don't ovulate and it's starting to make me really sad.

The HSG did clear everything out and I managed to lay an egg the same month (I chart/check CM and CP so know for definite i ovulated). Plus, I got my first ever positive that same month, only to lose it very early. Was devastating but have to pick myself up, dust myself down and look to the future.

Jodidi and Queen really sorry for your losses. Hope that this thread will help us to all share experiences and advice for such a trying condition.

Ok so my PCOS/ttc story goes like this:

I never had v regular cycles when I was a teenager but I was on the pill from the ages of 16 - 20, until I started to get really interested in alternative medicine / diet / my general health and I wondered whether my cycles would regulate themselves now I was a bit older.

After I came off the pill in 2004 things were still pretty irregular but I didn't have a lot of other pcos symptoms. I then had a suspected mc / chemical preg in Jan 2005 which led to a very heavy bleed and a real load of symptoms appeared - bad skin, my hair started falling out, rapid weight gain, heavy bleeding...real nightmare in other words!!

My blood profile results were inconclusive, though, and I was moving to a different city / starting a new job so I didn't really follow up on things and anyway, after about 10 months of really watching my diet and cutting back on drinking (i'd just finished being a full-time student so my drinking up til then had been fairly heavy lol) things improved a lot symptom-wise for me. So it was only a few years later, in Jan 2009 that I finally got a proper diagnosis after a new GP sent me to the gynae clinic at our local hospital who gave me an ultrasound and picked up the cysts. Metformin/clomid were suggested then but I was getting married in June 09 so I thought I'd rather wait and see if something happened naturally for us before starting on the drugs.

Spent the next 8 or 9 months eating healthily, exercising, having reflexology once a month and taking agnus castus and cycles became a bit more regular towards end of 2009 but I had a hospital appt for Jan 2010 and I assumed I'd probably need to take fertility drugs to kickstart OV. Got preg early Dec 2009, complete shock, had DS in Aug 2010.

Now I'm 28, just started ttc #2 (this is my third cycle), at the minute i'm completely au natural, just taking agnus castus again and trying to cut out or really cut back on sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy. Last two cycles have been really erratic though and I'm seeing my GP this Friday to see about getting referred back to the hospital for clomid etc. Hoping to give the whole trying naturally thing a go for next couple of months while I wait on an appointment though...

Sorry, long post, but that's me finished!! Like a lot of ladies, I've got the Collette Harris book and I'd also really recommend the Zita West 'How to Get Pregnant' one, full of great tips and practical reassurance and stuff.

KylieP Tue 15-May-12 15:08:40

oh mooley I read your post with tears in my eyes sad it is just so sad and I'm so sorry about the mc but you did lay an egg (love that phrase!) so it is possible and it will happen for both of us. How old are you? Also what is HSG?

snowshine I'm starting to think there is something to this diet/booze business. I love my wine and holidays coming up, it's just not realistic to cut it out totally but I'm really going to try and watch it and then cut down a lot from July onwards. Has anyone else noticed improved PCOS symptoms after changing diet/cutting down on the vino? I love the part of your story where you got pg, gives me so much hope smile

Can I also ask a disgusting personal questions - has anyone ever had thick browney discharge for days, not a proper period though?

HettyTurner Tue 15-May-12 15:20:11

Hello! Please can I join you too. It is really nice to have a place for us PCOSers to share. I feel better just reading your stories.

My story is never had regular cycles, went on pill at 18 until I got married at 24. Came off pill, no AF for 6 months. Went to Dr and was told to wait a year, and I had 1 AF in the next 6 months. Finally got referred and was given metformin after having scans and blood tests. Had 1 AF in the 3 months to next appointment when I got a perscription for clomid and was told to wait a few weeks then take a HPT before taking progesterone to induce a bleed. I got a BFP and DD was born in the May. She's 2 next week (I can't really believe it).

So started TTC#2 last Feb, when my cycles returned and were 33 days every time (I was amazed) but checking temps showed I wasn't oving. Managed to get metformin from my GP in August and after increasing the dose, losing weight (which is sooo much easier on Met) and exercising regularly I got a BFP in Jan. It was a blighted ovum though, which we found out at the scan. Then 6 weeks after the MC had another BFP, but it was only a chemical and AF turned up a week later than normal.

GP suggested waiting until September before referring me to get clomid this time, it'll be 18month TTC. She said that it's normally a 2 year wait to get referred when you already have children. I'm not too worried becasue we've managed it 3 times now. I'm sure we can do it again, FX.

I use a CBFM (bought on ebay second hand because they say not to use them if you have PCOS, but I thought that it might so if I was oving) and it really helps provided I have a cycle less than 42 days. I just got a peak this morning on CD19, earliest EVER woop!

Hi Kylie i'm 30 and DH is 31, so we have got time, but it is starting to run out grin. A HSG is where they put a catheter into the cervix and force a dye through so that the tubes can be seen on an X-Ray. They then take some x-rays of the tubes and general wombage area to see if they are clear.

I am not going to lie; it was an horrendous experience, really painful, but not only are my tubes clear, it also allowed me to lay an egg grin I think it didn't stick because I have had months of my uterine lining thickening in preparation for a baby/period but not getting much of either and therefore the lining has just been getting thicker and thicker. I then get pg, the bean can't burrow in, and everything gets cleared out (i had the most horrendous AF 2 days late)

And yes, I can get the thick brown discharge or it can sometimes be very very light and kind of pinky/browny. Again, probably because i don't ovulate.

I am thinking that I am currently on 11dpo today, but it might be 6dpo, it might be more and it might be anovultory. Ah, the joys of PCOS!!!

I too have just bought a couple of Collette Harris books. I find it very difficult to diet/cut out drinking Kylie but am starting to think that i need to.

Jodidi Tue 15-May-12 15:43:24

Mooley I'm so sorry you are getting so sad, and very sorry you lost your first pregnancy, it's completely shit isn't it? It took me 2 years to fall pg with dd2 but I did it and so can you. Have you tried changing your diet/lifestyle? I got an ebook Power over PCOS and followed the steps in there as soon as I was diagnosed. I had been trying for about 18 months by that point and had only had 1 period in the whole 18 months. Within 2 months I had started having regular periods, my third cycle I ov'd, fourth cycle I fell pg but lost it very early (if I hadn't done an early test i would never have known it wasn't just a period) then the 5th cycle we fell pg with dd2 (normal healthy pregnancy)

Kylie Like I've just said, I really do think there is something to this diet/booze stuff. I don't think the advice is drastically different if you are lean (I am not, I have been overweight ever since I had dd1 12 years ago) as the changes in diet/lifestyle are as much to regulate hormones as they are to lose weight. I wouldn't have done as much if it was just about weight as I am not that bothered about being fat, I can live with it. And yes, in the past i have had that thick brown discharge for a few days without a period, but not for a few years now. Not sure what it means though, so not very helpful really.

iwantbabies Tue 15-May-12 20:55:28

Hi ladies, may I join too? I've was diagnosed with PCOS recently and like many of you I barely have any periods. Last cycle was 10 months long! I've been off the pill since Oct 2010 and have had about 3 periods since. Started low GI diet, reflexology and gentle exercise in Jan and had AF in March. I've been charting temps for a few weeks and they have been low. However, on Fri I got a positive OPK (tested because I saw EWCM over a couple of days) followed by a fairly significant temp spike 2 days later. It's stayed high since but I've been waking during the night a lot (not getting out of bed..opening eyes and falling back asleep). I'm thinking I may have ov'd on Sat. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm scared to get my hopes up. I have 1st appt at fertility clinic on Thurs...I'm worried they'll tell me to stop being silly!

iwantbabies - fx for you!! really hope you did OV

really enjoyed reading everyone's stories - it's hard with the PCOS at the best of times but when you're ttc it really is so tough! i'm hoping GP will think about giving me metformin when I go on friday - i'm in the healthy BMI range but at the v top of it and when I got pg with DS I was about a stone lighter than I am now. But no matter what I do at the min with diet / exercise that last stone will not shift!! And I do think that keeping the weight off really helps your changes of getting pg when you've got pcos, so glad to hear your experience Hetty, hope I can get it from GP and it makes me briefly gorgeous and skinny...and then pg!

I had irregular periods all my life (except when on the pill), then when ttc was diagnosed with PCOS. Was ttc about 18 months. Absolutely convinced that what made the difference in the end was diet: moved to a strict low GI diet, cut out white bread, sweet stuff etc etc entirely, as well as caffeine... periods became more regular and conceived DS1 soon after.

Conceiving DS2 was dead easy after that, somehow the PCOS disappeared after the first pregnancy!

I realise I was very lucky. I'd definitely recommend seeing a nutritionist if you can afford it, as it's tough to make that big a change to the diet without encouragement. I saw 'The Nutritionist' in north London, she is fab.

Jodidi Tue 15-May-12 23:29:05

LittleMiss I was told I was not heavy enough for metformin when I was diagnosed, and my bmi was 29.5 (overweight bordering on obese), so you may well be told you are not heavy enough. It probably depends on your doctor though.

Iwantbabies Hope you really did ov. I'm sure they won't tell you to stop being so silly, that's hardly professional is it? I think with the changes you've made it sounds reasonable to me that you could have ov'd. I hope you had lots and lots of sex around the time you thought you were oving.

fromhere I found it much easier to concieve after having been pregnant already too. In fact I had a surprise pregnancy which I had never thought would be possible after the trials of ttc dd2. I think I might stand a reasonable chance again now, but dp is holding out on me sad

HettyTurner Wed 16-May-12 09:25:03

LittleMiss I had a BMI of 27 when I was given met by the consultant first time round, when I went to the GP this time I told him that I wanted it again and what doseage I wanted. He checked my notes and agreed! I think if you are certain of yourself you have more chance of getting what you want. BM! was about 30 this time, and managed to get it to 29. Still need to lose about 1.5 stone to get to about 26 which is where I was when I concieved DD. Must try harder (considering slimming world, did weight watchers before but I keep cheating this time).

Also I started running recently, been 7 weeks and I can run for 25minutes now. I followed the counch to 5 km course from the NHS. It's brilliant! I love getting outside and it's free.

HettyTurner Wed 16-May-12 09:26:40

forgot to say I'm on 2000mg. It needs to be more that 1500mg to be theraputic for PCOS, and I was prescribed 2500mg by the consultant but it upset my digestion too much IYKWIM blush

Hmm, I think my BMI is more like 24.5 so she prob won't agree to met but i can ask anyway! I'm just back from zumba, I was going every week for a good while but then we had about 3 weeks off with diff things happening so shattered going back tonight but it's a good feeling!!!

fromheretomaternity - I felt like my pcos def improved after I had DS, after I stopped bf/ing my AFs were actually pretty regular and I was being pretty good with my diet around sep - dec kind of time and i really did feel great. For some reason the erratic, crazy pcos has been back again since early 2012....just when we decided to ttc #2 angry But I agree that diet helped so much with getting things in balance before I got pg so now I'm going to try very hard and get back onto the healthy pcos-fixing diet bandwagon again - i'm being very good and i've completely cut out caffeine, alcohol, white bread and chocolate for the last week or so, i'm taking my vitamins, my agnus castus drops, drinking plenty of water and now back to zumba!!!

It is pricy though buying all the fresh fruit, veg, almond milk, rye bread, vitamins etc...this flippin recession, the inflation and the price of our grocery shop in a normal week makes me feel ill..pass me the wine....oh wait..doh!

Evening ladies. Reading all your stories has inspired me to get more active and eat better. I'm going to take this PCOS and show it what for.

<slinks off to find running shoes and jogging pants>

ronx Wed 16-May-12 21:05:08

Good luck to you all! TTC when you have PCOS is tough but worth it in the end.

RIBS Thu 17-May-12 13:33:19

Hi Ladies, im on the June thread and littlemiss told me to pop over.

I loved reading your stories. Im also gonna join the "had gross brown discharge stuff" club. I had a 93 day cycle with 2 lots of it, but within a 2 wk period. I think your bits sometimes just give themselves a bit of a clear out.

Ive always had irregular periods, unless on pill obv. But the pill doesnt suit me. Have loads of probs on it. Was finally diagnosed pcos about 10 years ago, because im only slight, they kept telling me I didnt have it, my dr just laughed at me. I had no periods, hairy, shocking skin, really fine hair. Had loads of tests and low and behold big fat ovarian cysts appeared on a scan.

I had a hysteroscopy in 2007, gynae told me I was gonna have trouble conceiving (id been off the pill at that point for a cople of years and had about 4 periods). 6 weeks later PG with DD1. Despite only being with boyf for 3 months, we were both over the moon. Shes my gorgeous little miracle girl.

Went back on pill until December 2010. Have been trying ever since. Im 37, nearly 38 so I just feel that time is slipping away, the longer it goes on the harder it will be. But when your cycles last upto 3m, how the hell can you TTC when you dont know if/when your gonna ovulate!

Got appt to be referred for clomid in Sept last year, on the day of appt got BFP! Only to find MMC at 12 wk scan. Hospital was horrendous, they wouldnt let me have surgical removal until I had medical management. I knew it wouldnt wk - it didnt. I had massive blood loss and ended up in hosp for 2 days on chrismas week, being forced to have 2 lots of med managemt. They finally gave me surgery the day b4 xmas eve! Bastards. <not still bitter, much!>

Finally got back to the Gynae for clomid - im on cd2, on cycle 3 of it. Last month I had 34 day cycle (yippee!!) But im finding I have really long lp of 18 days, anyone else experience this?

Sorry its all about me.

Iwant it does sound like you've defo ov'd. Ive been temping, ov sticking and checking for mucas since Jan. It all sounds good to me.

I do plenty of exercise, largely cos I do eat like a horse and need to burn it off. But ive never really thought about changing my diet. What have you all changed and what difference has it made?

Also whats the agnus cactus all about?

hetty keep up the running, its great exercise and makes you feel so much better. You'll be up for some 10k races before you know it. As the summers coming up (hopefully), get you and DP some bikes and get out and about on a weekend, its lovely, we stick DD on the back. We have to stop for ice creams on the way home tho.

Hello RIBS, mate! It's agnus castus lady, not agnus cactus, tho that sure does sound like interesting stuff ha ha It's a super herbal thingy that makes your cycles a bit shorter and it's supposed to stimulate ovulation - don't know whether it'd make the clomid more effective or if Clomid would cancel out the agnus castus tho hmm I take it in tincture form once or when i remember twice a day wink

So there's a few of us on here with super long crazy cycles and baby fever at the minute!! Can't cope with all this dtd EOD stuff ppl are doing, the erratic cycles could mean you'll be dtd EOD for literally months on end and u might not even hav ovulated the whole flippin time!!

Oh crikey littlemiss I hear ya!! My cycles can be anything up to 77 days long so EOD is out of the question! I don't ovulate so even worse in bad months!!

Agnus Castus? Is this any good with PCOS? I have conflicting reviews with some saying it can make the hormonal imbalance worse!

Mooley - don't want to be the AGnus castus cheerleader but i was taking it last time round, just to get my cycles on track, not really ttc as yet, and i got shorter cycles and, as a result, i got pg with DS. my mum also took it when she was ttc me and my sis. so i don't know whether it's all that and a bag of potato chips, but it's certainly got my vote!

HettyTurner Thu 17-May-12 21:48:56

Littlemiss I was told not to take agnus castus by consultant, I can't remember why exactly but it increases a hormone that is high already if you have PCOS, or maybe that was just me, maybe it's FSH - then it would stimulate folicle production which would give you more cysts. I think I have high FSH... Sorry not much help, but maybe look into it? I was taking it for a while until told not to.

Bikes sounds great RIBS, I'm getting a bike in the summer holidays when we're selling both cars and getting one bigger one. I only agreed if I could get a nice bike to take DD out on it. OH is the opposite of sporty, so I doubt I could persuade him to come with us. He likes walking, but it's so hard with DD because she won't sit in the carrier for very long.

Hetty - Maybe it does depend on your FSH levels. i certainly mentioned I was taking it before I got pg with DS to consultant and he never batted an eyelid, in fact I seem to recall he said that lots of PCOS ladies swore by it.... strange!!! Good luck with the bike, I need to get DS a new seat for mine because he's gotten a bit big for the one that fits on the front and he uses the little foot rests as stirrups to try and stand up all the time, clonking me in the chin with his helmet!!! So he's moving onto the back asap!

Went to the GP this morning and I've got another hospital referral. She wants me to send DS in for a chat about getting his semen tested, tho - last time I got referred to hospital they only wanted to see me, with my pcos, dodgy cycles etc. that made sense to me. Not sure why this GP (a diff one than I had before) wants to see DH too - has this happened to any of you??

During my investigations they wanted DH to be investigated too so they could rule out it not being both of us with problems. Turns out he's fine, plenty of swimmers to catch that egg when I get the drugs to release them grin

I suppose they just need to make sure the problem is not with both because tackling your issue is fine, but if DH has an issue too and no-one knows about, pregnancy still won't happen.

PS) Here's some stuff on agnus castus and PCOS for anyone wondering what we're all talking about lol:

Colette Harris and Marilyn Glenville are big advocates of using agnus castus if you've got pcos and i'm convinced the Colette Harris book helped me get pg with DS so (alas!) I will be following what she suggests like gospel once again wink

Sorry Mooley cross-posted! Thanks for letting me know, now I can tell DH he's not being picked on, the other Mumsnet husbands had to go jizz in a cup too!!

My DH had to jizz in a cup twice too blush smile

Jodidi Fri 18-May-12 15:39:55

Dp had to jizz in a cup too. Turns out he has a low sperm count as well as me having pcos. BUT we've managed to get pg naturally twice now (one of those was even accidental), so he may only have 2 swimmers but they're in the Olympic team grin

I'm rereading my pcos book now so I can go back to doing everything I'm supposed to be doing. Haven't actually started any of it yet though, I'm still comfort eating and refusing to move from the sofa blush

queenofthefairies Fri 18-May-12 19:31:44

The CBFM said this morning I'm beginning a FSH surge... So should ovulate in the next few days.... Been strict with the GI diet and had no caffeine... So wish me luck!

Here goes! smile

Jodidi Fri 18-May-12 19:53:22

Good luck queen

Yay queen...fx for u!!

HettyTurner Fri 18-May-12 20:06:05

Yay! FX for a good O. Did you get the little eggy symbol?

I reread about the agnus castus in my PCOS book and it seems like it's highly recommended. It was probably just my consultant, they all say and do different things don't they. She was probably one of those ones that say vitamins and suppliments are all a waste of time or something.

Still not completely convinced I just O'd. Normally get a really low cervis, and it went low for 2 days and gone to medium now.... Boobs are a bit tender, and CM has dried up and of course had the eggy symbol on CBFM so it probably did.

RIBS Sat 19-May-12 09:24:17

Morning ladies. Iv just been checking out the info on the agnus castus. It looks the business. I wish I'd heard of this ages ago. I didn't actually think u could take anything a help with the pcos.
Just got diagnosed and sent off. Do u think I would b ok 2 take it with Clomid?

All this ovulation is looking good girls, good luck. X

Hello everyone. Ribs sorry to hear you too have PCOS. I have been reading mixed reviews on Agnus Castus and i think it depends on what hormones are out of balance. I have high levels of LH and tend to not ovulate very regularly and it is not recommended for this (as per my PCOS book by Colette Harris). I would speak to either your GP or a herbal expert before trying it. As for taking it with Clomid, I am not sure what the outcome would be, but if it was me, i would not be taking it just in case it causes more problems.

Fx Queen for ov!!! grin

2nd month after HSG........another egg laid, but sadly AF got me this morning. Despite feeling sad that we missed our chance again, I am going to fight this PCOS head on, and this is a fresh month. Off to get some PCOS fighting foods and some B vitamins, drinking plenty of water, cutting out caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks and giving it everything i have got.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend smile

RIBS - I've never taken Clomid before tho when I get my appt from the fertility clinic in might be on the cards for me. I don't know whether you can take Agnus Castus and Clomid at the same time - tbh I prob wouldn't since the Clomid is attempting to override your natural hormone system in order to get you to OV, while Agnus Castus is trying to stimulate those hormones to get the same result. So they might cancel each other out or something? Still, worth having a google grin

CD7 yesterday and we're back to DTD post-AF, which was a long and crampy and heavy one so def not likely to put you 'in the mood' iykwim! GP hammered home that any lady with fertility issues who is ttc should be dtd every 2-3 days the whole way through your cycle, in case you are OV v early or v late, and that since opks don't always work for pcos ladies it is especially the case for us, if you can't accurately predict if or when you are OV best to dtd as much as possible throughout your whole cycle..

Ho hum... better get in the mood then! DS has had a mega vomiting bug for last few days tho, nothing more of a mood killer than changing encrusted sheets and horrid nappies!!

Jodidi Sat 19-May-12 12:41:05

That sounds like a LOT of dtd LittleMiss. Not for me I think. I'm ttc, but dp is trying to avoid it, so I need to be circumspect and persuade him that me wanting to dtd is just my natural libido and his handsome studliness (hahahahahaha). I just need to time it right. We timed it right for my last pg, even though we only dtd once in 2 months and I hadn't been temping or anything, it was just lucky, or unlucky as it ended in mc anyway.

ribs I don't think I would be taking it at the same time as Clomid, but I haven't ever had to take either. Sorry you were just diagnosed and sent off, that's what happened with me too. I wish I'd been given more advice by the gp as everything I've tried has just been from info on the internet/books and I have no way of knowing what's reliable and what's nonsense.

Mooley Sorry you got AF, but at least you had an egg this month. You are right that this is a new month with a new chance. You sound like you are doing everything right with regards to eating properly. Have you considered any alternative therapies like reflexology or acupuncture? I had reflexology when ttc dd2 but I'm not sure if it helped as I was doing everything else at the same time so it's difficult to know what helped and what didn't. I also swapped my toiletries to the Dr Organic ones from Holland and Barratt as I read something about SLS being bad for pcos sfferers and it's in every brand of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. Again not sure if it helped but it gave me something to be in control of.

yes that's what i thought too jodidi, every other day? indefinitely? flip! but apparently those are the NICE guidelines www.nice.org.uk/CG011

it's probably a good reminder for a lot of us since i know we all build ourselves up to watch out for any signs of OV, dtd like crazy around when we think OV is happening and then just sit back, wait, watch out for symptoms, drive ourselves crazy and then feel depressed and fed up when we get BFNs / AF arrives. NHS recommends we all get jiggy 3 times a week for however long it takes to get preg. Interesting, anyway...

Good tip re: shampoos and stuff. I never use chemical-y deoderants since i read something about there being a poss breast cancer link so i always use the holland & barratt ones or Toms of Maine...hadn't thought about shampoo tho!

an example from the NHS fertility guidelines patients booklet:

"Fertility problems affect one in seven couples in the UK. Most couples (about 84 out of every 100) who have regular sexual intercourse (that is, every 2 to 3 days) and who do not use contraception will get pregnant within a year. About 92 out of 100 couples who are trying to get pregnant do so within 2 years."

Every 2 - 3 days. Wow!

Jodidi Sat 19-May-12 18:12:10

For the past 3 years (since I got pg with dd2) we've averaged about every 2-3 weeks (sometimes it seems more like months) sad So I definitely need to up my game, I'm not quite sure I'm up to it.

Aw, jodidi, we're all in it together! All we can do is give it a go...
Keep Calm and...Carrying on Shagging

HettyTurner Sat 19-May-12 19:20:36


Ladies, it's not AF. It's weird. Have no idea what's going on. This morning it was very very light pink, nothing on my panty liner and now it's stringy and dark brown. WTF!?! Anyone had this before?

My cycles when I don't ovulate are anywhere between 56 and 77 days long. This is so far the same length as last months. Last month AF arrived in full force with medium to heavy flow. I don't tend to spot in my anovultory cycles (only when cycle has come to an end). confused and the cramping is not as bad as it normally is!!!

Jodidi Sat 19-May-12 22:36:35

Could it be implantation bleeding Mooley? I would probably give it a couple of days to see if af turned up properly and if not then I would poas. My gp told me I needed to be poas every couple of weeks when I wasn't having periods but was ttc (we managed every 2-3 days for about 3 months then shock).

It had crossed my mind jodidi but I am trying to remain calm and focused! It's completely stopped now though. Like you said, I'll monitor the situation. With PCOS, it could be a hormonal thing!! smile

Jodidi Sat 19-May-12 22:40:55

It could easily be hormonal and I agree you shouldn't get your hopes up too soon. But I'm keeping fingers crossed for you anyway.

Well the spotting has completely stopped. It's really odd. In 12 months of trying this has never happened, not even with my chem last month.

I'm not holding out much hope though, I am cramping so it could just be delayed AF. All I can do is wait and see!!!

How's everyone else doing? smile

Mooley - Last month I had chemical pg and it took AF a week to arrive after I got my v faint BFP. I never normally have any spotting but I got some on the Friday night and some cramping but AF didn't appear until the next afternoon. I really hope that it's possibly implantation signs for you (fx, fx!!) but all you can really do is monitor the situation - when did u last poas? Could you possibly be implanting right now??

I have had the nastiest, most horrific toddler tummy bug courtesy of DS and spent the last 24 hours in the horrors. Starting to faintly kind of recover but still feeling like death warmed up. Really hope not to have HG in my next preg because I was like this for about 6/7 weeks when I was pg with DS and it wasn't nice at all then, and it would be doubly bad this time with a toddler to try and look after. Oh well, time for a brew...and yes it'll be a normal caffeinated one, cos I feel wretched!!

LittleMiss so sorry to hear you have been very poorly and it's ruined your weekend. Both DH and I have severe toothache so I can sympathise with you to some extent (although being sick is horrendous!)

I POAS Friday but was BFN and was going to yesterday with FMU but when I wiped I thought 'oh, AF has arrived, oh well' and didn't bother. Now it's completely gone, nothing. Nada. I too had a Chem pg last month but I'm only 11 dpo today (I thought I was later but usually when AF arrives, even with the PCOS, I get a good 4 days of light discharge) so I'm sticking with the 11dpo rather than 15dpo.

Like you said, it makes sense to just monitor the situation and see what happens!

Hope you feel better soon smile

RIBS Sun 20-May-12 19:36:22

Sorry bout ur crap wkend littlemiss. There's nothing worse than a stomach bug at the best of times, let alone with a toddler. Hope ur on the mend.

Sounds interesting Mooley. Keeping everything crossed 4 u. Isn't it shocking tho that u can't get excited about stuff incase ur body is just taking the Mick.

I'm not gonna take anything else with the Clomid I don't think. I'm getting another 4 months supply so I hope these r gonna wk.
I'm feeling optimistic this month. That as the hormone levels came back ok, I should have cycle of less than 6 wks. Stopped temping n not gonna use ov sticks either.

Eod 4 me this month starting 2mor. Only cd 4, af about gone, this is my month!

Jodidi Sun 20-May-12 20:35:57

Littlemiss hope you're feeling better after your stomach bug.

Good luck with eod ribs. I don't think we'll ever manage that. I'm on cd 11 and we haven't dtd at all this month. I don't know when we'll next make time to either, as he seems to be too tired during the week and he's worried about me being depressed so isn't responding to my advances this weekend.

Ribs good luck with the EOD approach smile Fx'd spermies meet egg smile

Well, quick update as on phone. POAS this morning and got a faint positive. Not going to get too excited as had a faint last month and ended in early mc. Have got the FRER and digis on standby for when if the lines get darker smile

Oh Mooley, how exciting!! After having a chem preg, its only natural that you want to be cautious but really, really hope this is a genuine BFP for you!! Only thing I read is that ur supposed to only poas every OTHER day to allow enough HCG to build up to giv you a darker line. Tho I doubt id have the willpower to wait 48 hours myself...

Keep us posted!!

RIBS - love your positive attitude RIBS, hope it's infectious, wouldn't it be fab if we got a few BFPs on our last chance saloon PCOS roadhouse blues thread???

jodidi - Sorry to hear u hav other stuff on your plate missus, hard enough ttc with pcos without anything else going on on top of that.

Littlemiss not sure I can wait 48 hrs to POAS again but I have loads of ICs so can pee freely on them. Don't know when to take my Digi though.......want to see the words in all their full glory before I believe it.

Jodidi Mon 21-May-12 12:45:13

Mooley that is really exciting. 3 years ago I had a chem preg then the following month I fell pg with dd2 which was a very normal and healthy pregnancy. I hope that's the same for you.

LittleMiss My depression is entirely due to my mc 6 weeks ago. Everyone seems to think I should be getting over it and going back to normal by now, but I'm not. I still burst into tears at the drop of a hat and want to curl up and ignore the world. This time of year is stressful enough at work (exam time) without having to deal with personal stuff as well. My whole life just feels hard at the minute sad

Hello, would like to join everyone if that's okay {waves}

Bit of info about me: Me 29, DH 34, TTC#1 for 6 months.
Suspected PCOS back in 2002, doctor referred me for tests but I was going off to Uni, was young and stupid blush and never got tested.
Went back to the doctors last week and the doc was pretty sure I have PCOS. Cycles range from 28-45 days with all the usual horrid symptoms - acne, weight issues, etc etc

Just had a blood test done today on CD3 and waiting for a referral for a scan. Also need to lose a stone to get my BMI lower - it's currently 29.
DH also has a varicocele and has to produce a sample in a container the size of a urine sample jar! grin Doctor apologised for not having anything bigger...

Great to find somewhere with other lovely ladies in the same boat!

PS. Love LittleMissSnowShine's Keep Calm motto! smile

Oh jodidi - it's exam time for me too, working with GCSE stage teenagers, hormones and exams not a good mix!! Sorry to hear you're feeling down - 6 weeks is not a very long time at all to be 'over' something like that, give yourself as much time as you need. Take yourself off for a nice reflexology treatment or a massage - it'll maybe clear your head and help you relax...also good for the pcos!

hello penguin! Just like me then, I kind of realised at uni I had PCOS and dr suggested as much, but i really didn't push to get properly diagnosed until about 4 years later. ah student days!! I'm going for a blood test on CD2/3 next month too... onwards we go, fx for you!

RIBS Tue 22-May-12 19:17:26

Hi frozen, hope u aren't waiting 2 long 4.your scan!

Mooley how exciting, but what's happening now? Have u managed 2 not poas this morn. If so good luck the morning. Iv got everything crossed 4u except the legs, dtd night!

elizaregina Tue 22-May-12 21:03:38

Hi, I have poly cystic ovarian " syndrome" imp to know if you have the pcos or the syndrome.Syndrome comes with more side effects.

Had DD1 total shock - at the time i was about 2 half stone overweight BUT the time I conceived was a health kick before xmas, a 20 min walk to and from work up hills, totally cut down my diet at work, and home, literally two apples a day, and toast with two boiled eggs...for two weeks, felt amazing, no alcohol and ......got a baby!

second time round - alot more heavy tried to conceive for two half years. Started metformin last august, won some personal training sessions and lost 9 pounds in the first week, ( two sessions), started to eat healthy, cut out alchol, ALSO took AGNUS CASTUS and WILD YAM, AND by chance had two jars of manuka honey - I read after some reackon this can help concive - i didnt know this at the time....

and - wham bam...DC 2 hopefully safely on way - past week 12 now....

I would recomend metformin - apparenty not only does it regulate blood sugar it also stimulates ovulation?

agnus castus but you need to take this regulary for months, as well as wild yam and manuka honey. coupled with little or no alchol and excersise and good diet....I think - no matter what weight you are - just loosing a good few pounds will really help jump start things.

Not good news from me I'm afraid, after 4 positives, I started bleeding lightly on Monday night. Has never gotten very heavy though but def think its chem %232 sad appointment with consultant on 19th and now following a strict diet and exercise regime!!!

How's everyone doing? On phone so can't check back through. Hope we are all enjoying the nice weather!!

Oh Mooley, so sorry sad hang in there

Eliza - didnt know that about manuka honey but coincidenrally just going thru a bit of a manuka craze at the min, been putting it in my herbal tea!

RIBS Wed 23-May-12 07:29:34

Sorry mooley. Im gutted 4u.
I hope the appointment goes well. X

elizaregina Wed 23-May-12 13:11:40

last time i was preggers didnbt have manuka just agnus castus and wild yam but who knows maybe manuka also gave extra help this time!

Mooley - any news? You ok?

Hi ladies, sorry been a bit AWOL, work has been manic!! I'm ok, AF is still in the house and showing no sign of leaving any time soon!! Hope she effs off soon so I can focus on next month.

On phone so can't do a proper catch up but hope everyone has a good weekend. Off to our friends tomorrow so will check in on Sunday smile

Enjoy the sun gringringrin

spottypyjamas Fri 25-May-12 19:00:51

Hello all,

Well a lots happened on this thread since i last visited! Really helpful to read everyones stories, and to feel im not the only one without the textbook 28 day cycle!

I was getting a bit stressed as my longest cycle up to now was 45 days, but yesterday i was on day 52! All negative hpt's, so i felt a bit trapped, i wasn't preganant but nor was i in a place to start getting trying as i had no idea what was going on when. N e how, i had EWCM on day 52 (i had this earlier on in my cycle aswell), but i did an OPK on day 52 and it was very positive, today is day 53 and i did my temp which showed a decent drop in temp (lowest temp of the last 53 days n e way), so it appears i have ovulated on day 52/53.

I guess this is a good thing because i wasn't sure if i was ovulating or not so dtd 2/3 times this week. However im not sure if because its so late in my cycle that if i were to get pregant would there me more chance of issues/complications early on/would it even be able to implant properly? Does your body attempt ovulation several times? i.e. when i had EWCM early on in my cycle, and i didnt ovulate, is my body having another bash at it?

Don't suppose theres much i can do either way, but just trying to gather info re my cycle so that when i return to GP in a couple of cycles im a bit better armed with whats what!

Thanks for listening all and i will try pay closer attention to threads so i dont log back on when pages have passed me by! Hope alls Ok with everyone else x

spotty I don't want to bring doom and gloom but just wanted to say that with PCOS you can get EWCM throughout your cycle, OPKs are not very accurate if you have high levels of LH and you can get many dips and highs throughout the month. Also, if your cycle is that long you might not be ovulating. However, I'm no expert, and I really really hope you are and you get some sex in and you catch the egg of its being released grin

Hope that post wasn't too harsh sad just want to be honest and frank!

spottypyjamas Fri 25-May-12 19:49:13

Not too harsh at all, just honest Moo and that's what i need. Guess it continues to be a wait and see game. My main hope is that i know one way or the other, pregnant or AF in a couple of weeks would be nice so at least i know where i stand. God this is frustrating!

I'm trying to maintain a level head, not getting over excited uneccesarily but not sulking/stressing all the time either. I'll continue on my search for my happy medium!


cystersledge Sat 26-May-12 08:46:01

May I join you ladies please?

We have been TTC for about a year and I was diagnosed with PCOS six months ago - darn! DH had a sperm analysis a couple of weeks ago and he is in fine fettle in that department (the joy mingled with relief on his face when he got his results was quite something to see... he had been more worried about it that he had let on.

Because I am insulin resistant (in spite of being a mere slip of a girl), my GP prescribed 1500mg of metformin and wanted me to take it for six months and then come back and see him for next steps. The six months are up on Friday so I am going back to see him. I'm expecting him to refer me to a consultant.

I've thrown some agnus castus into the mix in the last month just to see what happens...


Hmm, to my mind this GP should have started the referral process when you went to see this person after six months so time has been lost here. Also it was poor practice from the GP to prescribe Met without any apparant monitoring; this should really be done by a consultant gynae.

They will further test both of you at hospital. Would also suggest you not self medicate with AC but instead now seek the advice of a properly qualified medical herbalist re dosages. AC is actually quite powerful stuff and can make hormonal problems worse.

Jodidi Sat 26-May-12 13:46:51

Spotty isn't a temp drop supposed to mean af is on the way? I thought you wanted it to rise to show ovulation. I hope you did ov, and caught it.

cyster did you have other symptoms of pcos before your gp diagnosed it? Not just the ttc complications? My gp wouldn't do any tests at all until we'd been trying for 18 months, and even then she seemed to think me not having periods was down to coming off the contraceptive injection (which can mess up anyone I believe), even though I told her that it had been an ongoing problem since my teens.

cystersledge Sun 27-May-12 19:46:17

Attila - well the GP said they don't refer until a couple has been trying for 12-months, but perhaps that's not the case where PCOS is concerned? Also, his immediate concern was the potential damage/progression to diabetes associated with the insulin resistance so he wanted me to take the Met for that. I figured that anything that had the potential to improve egg quality was worth doing to get ready for whatever comes next. Gulp.

Thank you for your thoughts about AC - will re-think that... I guess I just wanted to feel like I was doing something!

Jodidi - I went to the doctor because my periods were very irregular five months after having stopped taking the pill. I didn't (and still don't) have any other symptoms but a scan a couple of years ago for something unrelated had shown some cysts on my ovaries, so I had a fair idea what was going on (if only my awful former GP had done the blood tests then... he said it was nothing to worry about!). So then I had another scan and when that came back confirming signs of PCOS I had some blood tests.

Your GP not doing tests for 18-months sounds really tough and must have been very stressful indeed. It seems like everyone's experiences with their GPs are so different that it's hard to know what is right. Mine is generally quite keen to refer for scans etc. which I like!

Hi cystersledge,

Great name that btw!.

I would have thought that a referral would have happened earlier as you already have a PCOS diagnosis. I was referred to the subfertility unit by the GP after 6 months of ttc with hardly any periods (was eventually diagnosed with PCOS after ultrasounds and blood tests).

(I also had a lot of pain during and leading up to menses as well; that was due to another gynae problem - endometriosis).

Jodidi - would seek help from another GP within the practice and if they are just as unhelpful change GP practice. Gynaes generally like to see people after 12 months of ttc without success so making you wait another 6 months on top of that before you have a referral (again you could wait a further few months for this appt to come through) is completely unacceptable. Do not be fobbed off!.

HettyTurner Sun 27-May-12 21:06:32

Hello Everyone!

Mooly was so excited and then gutted for you. Did you see the Dr to get it put on your records because 3 mc's gets you to the consultant and even a chemical counts as a mc x x

I've been feeling down this week - not been for a run, eaten crap, not slept very well and had an observation in the worst lesson I've taught all year sad. AF due anytime between now and Wed and I suspect all the negativity is hormonal... Also been feeling sad about mc's as a friend of mine is due 2 weeks before I was and a lady at work the same week as I was and they are both fully into maternity clothes and showing off their little bumps.

I must go for a run when AF arrives and that'll perk me up, but too scared to go until then 'just in case' because I worry that last months little bean didn't stick because I went running in LP.

Jodidi Sun 27-May-12 21:49:13

Attila Once i had the diagnosis of pcos I managed to get pg fairly quickly after that with dd2 (dd1 had been a youthful accident) because I did a load of healthy eating, exercise, etc to try and manage the pcos naturally before going back to the gp. I would have gone back after another month or so to request a referral, but the gp seemed to think the fertility clinic wouldn't take me at the weight I was so I needed to lose about 2 stone before I could be referred. I don't think they would look at me now either as I managed to get pg in Jan although I mc at the start of April. We would need to be trying (and dp would need to know we are trying blush) for another few months before a referral would happen.

Hetty I'm sorry you are feeling so down this week. Dealing with a mc is really hard, it's definitely the worst thing that has ever happened in my life. It's difficult seeing people around you being as pg as you should be, one of my friends is due a week after I was supposed to be, and a colleague has just announced she is pg and is due about a month later. I want to say it gets easier, but I haven't noticed that bit yet. Observations are shit and stressful at the best of times and when you are down already they only make things worse. I had an observation just before Easter when I was really suffering with pregnancy exhaustion and nausea and that was the worst observation I'd ever had, I was utterly shit sad I've just had another one this week and while it was better than the last one that's only because I stole someone elses ideas, I have absolutely none of my own at the minute.

Hi everyone, thank you for welcoming me to the group smile

I've been given a date for my scan - this Saturday, 2nd June!
Feel a bit apprehensive but also slightly excited confused

Really interesting to read everyone's experiences of how helpful (or unhelpful) doctors are. The doctor I'm with said in our area (North East Somerset) you usually have to try for 12 months before anything is done, however if you have known or suspected fertility problems then it's only 6 months.

Still waiting for DH to make an appointment for his SA, he doesn't seem too keen to get tested...hmm

HettyTurner Mon 28-May-12 19:13:55

Hi guys! I tested last night at 11/12dpo and got a faint line. Stayed up nearly all night freaking out about mc again, stressed all day at work constantly checking knickers. Did a digi when I got home and PREGNANT! I am pregnant! Please pray/hope/FX for me that this is a sticky healthy baby.

Jodidi Mon 28-May-12 20:56:37

Congratulations Hetty!!! I've got everything crossed for you that everything goes well this time.

RIBS Tue 29-May-12 10:04:10

Oh My god hetty congratulations. Im thrilled for you and hoping this is a sticky one. And you were feeling so down too!! Maybe thats just the hormones talking. I havent checked in for a few days either, wow you've made my day!

I wont check in for another few days and will expect to see another one!! grin

Huge congratulations Hetty !

I'll definately keep all my fx for you smile x

Hetty!! Woop!!! Great news grin fx (and everything else crossed) for you, come back and let us know how it's all going, how you're feeling etc

queenofthefairies Tue 29-May-12 18:48:24

Has anyone got any news?

I'm driving myself nuts symptom spotting..... Can't test for another weekenvy

queenofthefairies Tue 29-May-12 18:49:20

Sorry forgot to say congrats Hetty!!gringrin

Fingers crossed it sticks x

KylieP Tue 29-May-12 22:42:36

Hello! Sorry for the silence, I've been on hols. Am trying not to get excited but my yucky brown spotting stopped eventually, then on Sunday night, first night back from my hols, I THINK I got EWCM for the first time since ttc! DH has cracked a rib slightly playing footy but we managed to dtd (wasn't as up for it as he usually is but manned up to the challenge!). Anyway I think we should dtd again tonight to be sure, and I'm trying not to get excited...but please let it have been EWCM!! Although not sure it's healthy to get pg the first month after over a week of brown spotting?

Congrats Hetty!! x

FreeSea Tue 29-May-12 23:53:42

Room for another?
Know I've had pcos for years, going to start ttc when current af leaves. Really excited but also aware I could still be here in 5 years time and don't want to loose that excitement :-)

TremoloGreen Wed 30-May-12 11:33:37

Hello to everyone smile

Really great to see everyone's stories and find other people going through the same thing. Pleased everyone is really positive and wish you all the best of luck... hang in there!

I have been ttc #1 for 9 months.... Came off the pill in September, felt horrendous, no periods for 3 months, all the tests, find out I have PCOS (I'm 28 but had been on the pill for ~10 years). Now have established a long ~38 day cycle but with late ovulation and a short luteal phase. I also have the 'lean' type PCOS, with all normal blood tests so far, if people are interested in that type of thing.

I'm still feeling positive but have to admit it has been a real emotional rollercoaster so far... so doesn't help that hormones are all over the place!! My two best friends are both pregnant, one due in 4 weeks and one due in October. Both got pregnant straight away. I'm truly happy for them, but struggling a bit to be honest.

Anyway, DP is off to JIAC (jizz in a cup) tomorrow, I'm going to have another round of blood tests this month, then our GP is going to refer us to a specialist and hopefully we can start Clomid later this year. We're getting married and going on a long holiday in August/September, so probably after then, giving us time to sort out our lifestyles before then.

Things we're trying:
Low sugar/GI diet
No caffeine
No alcohol
Regular sex all month long smile
Exercise - DP is already superfit, I've just joined a gym
Meditation - going to our first class next week!
Yoga - also to strengthen my body for inevitable pregnancy (!!)
Masses of vitamins - Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, all the Bs, plenty of E and C...

I got all these lifestyle tips from a really good book I have on my kindle - unfortunately I don't have it with me today but I will post the link when I get chance.

Regarding agnus castus, I bought some then was too scared to take it, since I also read that it can mess things up more. I will check out the links posted by LittleMissSnowShine though.

PS, congrats Hetty Great news!!

Hello freesea and tremolo!

Welcome back from hols Kylie - that does sound exciting and good on yr dh for manning up!!

We-ve been having a so so ttc month - really nasty tummy bug that took me out of action for a few days and DH had a boys wkend away but wr hav still managed to dtd on CDs 7, 11, 13, 15 and twice on CD19. I'm on CD20 now and had a bit of a skin outbreak and lts of ewcm on cd17, 18 abd 19. Maybe cos of all the agnus castus?? Anyway hope this means I hav OV and that I will hav managed to catch it, even with no dtd for 4 days... Going to keep up dtd plenty tho for rest of cycle in case OV hadn't happened yet, dont want to risk missing it! Annoyed we missed cds 16, 17, 18 particularly cos of ewcm but thats timing for u!!

I hav to say I think agnus castus is making a difference for me this month tho, plenty of cm and dodgy skin - something is going on with hormones since I started taking it this month anyway!

Jodidi Thu 31-May-12 09:23:41

Hello and welcome freesea and tremolo. Ttc really is an emotional rollercoaster, and then once you fall pg you start worrying about miscarriage (which ime is way worse than the rollercoaster of ttc), then if you get through the pg it's worry about bf vs ff, routine or not, sleeping, weaning, safety, etc. I think we must all be mad for putting ourselves through it all, then I look at my kids and on the days I don't want to kill them (not literally) they make it all worthwhile.

LittleMiss you are doing really well with all that dtd, I bet you're exhausted!

We've only dtd once this month, so are unlikely to concieve which is ok because dp hasn't come round to the idea yet so I think it would be best to give him a little more time. We dtd on cd 17, and it's now cd 22. Had loads of ewcm around cd 15-18, and fertility friend seems to think I ov'd on cd 17 as temp went up. So if that's right we dtd around the right time but I'm not getting my hopes up at all. Oh and I got spots around then too, so did dd2 which usually indicates she's getting a change in hormones through my milk.

RIBS Thu 31-May-12 12:38:30

Hi free and trem

Well ive only gone and got some ewcm!!! Thought id spotted a bit on Monday, then it was more sticky that ew, just been for a wee and there it was as plain as day! Didnt think the clomid was gonna do its job this month as ive had no side effects. Maybe im just getting used to them.

jodidi if its around the right time thats all it may take? Maybe DP's swimmers were ready to burst out and pounce on your little egg!!

Im glad its looking good littlemiss. I wish id heard about the AC years ago.

My best mate is having her 12 wk scan today Im both nervous and excited for her, as its when I found out id had a MMC. But ive got to admit I am really envy. But ive got everything crossed that all is ok for her.

HettyTurner Thu 31-May-12 21:28:14

Thank you everyone! Feeling ok, sore boobs some crampy twinges. Did another test and still pregnant today. I've got into taking it one day at a time, and I can cope for now. Went to see Dr, and she to come back in 2 weeks... I can make it to 2 weeks without having a meltdown.

Yay for all the EWCM and DTD! We only DTD 3 times this month so don't stress/tire yourselves out too much x x

FreeSea Fri 01-Jun-12 10:00:37

Thanks for the welcome. Think I'll park my fat bum in this thread. Glad to find one a bit more relaxed and where I won't feel by not dtd every day like robots we're not really trying! Going to start by just not using condoms and see how the metformin goes. What doses are people recommend of metformin?

HettyTurner Fri 01-Jun-12 16:19:07

My consultant wanted 2500, but it just couldn't stand it and reduced to 2000 and that's worked well for me. Just make sure you start off low and build up over several weeks. It gave me BAD gas and all my food tasted odd and headaches, but after a couple of months I was back to normal.

FreeSea Sat 02-Jun-12 00:04:07

Thanks Hetty. I've taken a few months to get to 1000mg. I've gone to 1500 this week. My GP wanted 2000 but I thought that was a bit ambitious as ive had awful cramps and diarrhea so far. I keep telling my dh this is what I am putting myself through for a baby and what has he done?!

cystersledge Sat 02-Jun-12 08:44:19

Hetty - that is wonderful news! Huge congratulations to you. I'm sure I am not the only one on here who finds your news very encouraging!

Free - I'm on 1500mg of metformin and I built up to that over a few weeks. I felt quite grotty at first and had stomach cramps and nausea, although no stomach upsets, and these mostly happened after my morning dose. The good news is that I hardly have any side effects from it at all now - yay! The only thing I notice is that I get car sick if I go in the car too soon after taking my morning dose.

Some things that I found helped with the side effects were: having breakfast and my morning dose a bit later (about 90 mins after I got up - this made a huge difference), avoiding fatty foods, and taking the tablets with some form of protein - nuts seem to be particularly good for cushioning the blow in the morning.

TremoloGreen Sun 03-Jun-12 22:16:04

Thank you for the welcomes.

PCOS and Your Fertility by Collette Harris is the book I was talking about

So who else is on the 2WW at the mo? Or 9-10 day wait in my case hmm grin

Jodidi Sun 03-Jun-12 22:41:58

I suppose I'm technically on the 2ww Tremolo. We've only dtd once this month though and I'm not even convinced I ov'd. Fertility Friend seems to think I did but when I look at my chart all I see is a bit of a temp spike before it came back down to normal. I'm now 8dpo according to FF and feeling very crampy (although that might be wind blush) and rather weepy (might still be because of the mc and thoughtless comments made this week)

FreeSea Mon 04-Jun-12 10:33:39

Fingers crossed for you Jodi, that's horrible about the thoughtless comments.
I might get that book tremelo

FreeSea Mon 04-Jun-12 19:08:45

Stupid question!
Say if you had a 6 week cycle, so you ovulate at week 2 then have 4 weeks to your period, or will you ovulate at week 4? Do you always have a period 2 weeks after ovulating?
I can never really tell when I ovulate or not and my the time AF comes It's too late!!

Jodidi Mon 04-Jun-12 19:17:02

I think different people work different ways. Are you temping at all? I find I can just about tell now (after temping for 2 years when ttc before and a couple of months now) when I ov, but my cycles are not regular so can't tell by dates. I take my temperature as soon as I wake up (between 6 and 7 for me), before I do anything else, then type that temperature into Fertility Friend which plots a graph and can tell you when you ov. There are other signs to look out for too, such as cervical mucous etc. I also got one of these which you can look at your saliva in the morning and the patterns it makes changes when you are ovulating. It's wierd but it seemed to work.

FreeSea Mon 04-Jun-12 19:55:21

We're only on our first cycle of ttc and am aware that might be still here 5 years down the line, so thought would give it a couple of months first before try things like temps. Though my cycles go from 5-9weeks so might get too frustrated!

Jodidi Mon 04-Jun-12 20:06:51

I know what you mean about wanting to be relaxed about it to start with. When I first started ttc with dd2 I assumed it would be easy (I didn't know about pcos then and dd1 had been an accident) so just thought we would stop the contraception and it would just happen (how naive was I?!). I didn't have a single period in the first year of ttc shock then had one and took another 5 months before I had another. It was at that point I was diagnosed with the pcos and I started taking care of my diet, exercise, vitamins, etc and my cycles became slightly more regular.

I think I wish I'd known at the start what I knew by the end, as I would have missed the 18 months where nothing happened but there was nothing I could do about it because I didn't know why I wasn't having periods but just knew it was quite normal for me.

TremoloGreen Tue 05-Jun-12 21:23:16

Well, fingers crossed Jodidi - I'm sorry for your loss. I also wish I had known about PCOS sooner, I'm slightly embarrassed that I spent 10 years on the pill, knowing I had irregular cycles but just ignoring the issue. I have stopped getting excited during the 2 week wait really, but I tend to feel pretty miserable when my period comes.

Freesea, if you have a six week cycle, it is likely you ovulate around the 4 week mark. Variability in cycles is due to time taken to ovulate, once you ovulate, it is pretty much a given that a period will occur, and this varies less for each individual. For most women it is 10-14 days after ovulation. If it is shorter, it might be a problem for a fertilised egg to implant. If/when you do start temping, you'll be able to monitor this.

I also ovulate late, then have a short luteal (post-ov) phase. I think it's because the follicle is poor quality so doesn't produce enough progesterone. I'm planning to try Clomid later in the year, hopefully if it brings ovulation forward, it will also lengthen the LP. In the mean time, I'm trying every lifestyle measure possible to try and regulate ovulation grin

RIBS Tue 05-Jun-12 22:03:47

free I know opk's arent supposed to be any good when you've got pcos but they work for me. That and temping. Just to confuse things. I have a 18 day LP. From positive ov stick and temp spike. Wierd or what!

Im defo on the 2ww but still at it eod for the next week regardless. Im not taking any chances. I know im going to be fairly regular with the clomid so stopped temping and OPKing. EWCM left yesterday, but we've stopped dtd previously when its gone so thought id keep at it another wk and see what happens. so playing the waiting game now. Ho Hum, tick tock!! grin

mrsmellow Wed 06-Jun-12 10:31:14

Hi ladies,
I've been avoiding threads out of some kind of misplaced superstition (because posting on the internet can affect your fertility hmm ) and because I think posting previously has been associated with optimism and then being disappointed. But I have PCOS - diagnosed on scan in February after 7 months of TTC with irregular periods. I am the lean type too, and vaguely started a low GI diet a few weeks ago, always exercise plenty ( but currently have a coffee and biscuit in hand ). Will give up caffeine tomorrow wink
I'm on my first cycle of Clomid - day 15, just had a scan and have a dominant follicle (yay! grin ) but thin uterine lining (boo sad ) so will probably ovulate in the next day or two according to my Dr so will be having plenty of sex this week, then in enter a symptom spotting frenzied 2ww... am booked for a day 21 progesterone blood test next week to confirm ovulation - am quite pleased with my Dr., she's great! If I'm unsuccessful this cycle, she's suggesting trying something else as the thin uterine lining is a known side effect of clomid... so after this week of sex, will have everything crossed especially fingers grin

Actually RIBS I might take a leaf out of your book and keep up the EOD sex for an extra week, just in case!

"if you have a six week cycle, it is likely you ovulate around the 4 week mark. Variability in cycles is due to time taken to ovulate, once you ovulate, it is pretty much a given that a period will occur, and this varies less for each individual. For most women it is 10-14 days after ovulation".

Unfortunately the above is not so.

A "normal" cycle is a cycle length of between 21 and 35 days OR with less than 4 days of variation from month to month.

If the menstrual cycle is consistently around the six week mark then ovulation is likely not to be happening regularly, if at all. It is also possible to have periods without actually ovulating. It is also not correct to assume that ovulation occurs around two weeks after the start of the last period, ovulation is not an exact science and it can occur earlier, later or not at all in ANY given cycle. Even normally fertile women have the occasional anovulatory cycle; with PCOS anopvulatory cycles are far more likely to occur more often even though PCOSers (I was diagnosed with PCOS around a decade or so ago) can have the occasional ovulatory cycle.

TremoloGreen Wed 06-Jun-12 14:39:50

Yes, sorry, it is also possible that a six-week cycle is anovulatory.I don't know if you can say this is 'more likely' or not. The only way to know is with trying methods to chart ovulation, although you should be aware that these may not work for you if you have PCOS.

I have PCOS. I definitely ovulate. Between CD26 and 28 for the last six months. Before that, I wasn't charting or having tests. Many women with PCOS do ovulate. Whether late or irregular ovulation results in a healthy pregnancy is a separate issue, obviously.

Hi tremelo

re this part of your comment:-
"Many women with PCOS do ovulate. Whether late or irregular ovulation results in a healthy pregnancy is a separate issue, obviously"

True re the first sentence (even I ovulated once or twice she writes in amazement) but usually it is only occasional and in my case tests showed non ovulation more often than ovulation.

There is evidence to suggest that very high LH levels can be implicated in miscarriage. I was told by my cons at the time that my own personal risk of miscarriage was over 50% due to this (I had continually high LH levels compared to that of FSH which stayed consistently low). Clomid was of no benefit to me at all due to my LH levels (clomid can encourage further LH to be produced and this was clearly something I did not need) and I ended up having laparoscopic ovarian diathermy. This kickstarted ovulation in my case and it was successful. However, the cystic follicles do return over time.

As you rightly state as well charting ovulation is problematic if PCOS is an issue. The surest way I knew whether I was ovulating or not was to have regular blood tests done over a period of some months. This was also useful in that it showed clearly defined hormonal imbalances with hormone levels hardly changing.

I will offer this suggestion as well. If you are offered clomid later on in the year do ensure that you are monitored whilst on it. No monitoring is completely unacceptable as you will have no idea then whether its doing what its supposed to. Clomid's main job is to make the ovaries work harder. Do not let the GP prescribe it to you, it should be given under proper gynae supervision.

Are your day 2 tests okay?. Have they properly compared both LH and FSH levels?.

You may also find following a low GI/glycaemic load eating plan helpful in the longer term as this is more sustainable to follow.

Good luck to you and all on this thread.

TremoloGreen Wed 06-Jun-12 17:44:48

Hi Attila. Yes, I have had all the blood tests. I am completely normogonadotropic - LH and FSH are normal. The ratio is very close to 1:1. I am also normoandrogenic, if anything hypoandrogenic. Also, no evidence of insulin resistance. I don't know why I have PCOS, but I do (my ovaries look like Swiss cheese on a scan grin) and this coupled with oligomenorrhoea (i.e. a 38-day cycle) was enough for a consultant to diagnose me.

My point is, that PCOS is a broad spectrum these days, especially since the 2003 Rotterdam criteria. I probably have a completely different molecular pathogenesis to someone who has insulin-resistant, classical hyperandrogenic PCOS. Therefore, there isn't going to be one answer fits all for everyone on this thread. The chronic anovulation you are describing doesn't apply to everyone, I can't even find an accurate estimate of how many women with PCOS it does apply to. You also have to bear in mind that PCOS is massively under-diagnosed because many women don't suffer from infertility and their menstrual problems are minor.

I'm sorry to hear you have had a tough time; I am falling apart after less than a year of ttc, so I can only imagine.

I will be pushing for all the tests, don't worry. However, I am in London and I find the NHS is a bit under-resourced down here... basically if they can't offer them to me I will consider paying for private treatment with the consultant gynae I saw before through BUPA.

bucksfizz1 Wed 06-Jun-12 18:21:32

Dear All
I'm new to this thread so apologies for bumping in. I'm in the midst of IVF but I'm actually enquiring on behalf of a friend. She has just been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and has been booked in for a laparoscopy in August by her consultant. I assume this is for ovarian drilling but at my IVF clinic they are not huge fans of this procedure. Is there anyone who can give me/her some advice about whether she should do this. She is on meds to get her to ovulate more regularly but I'm deeply concerned about success rates post this procedure - does anyone have any ideas about this? Does it work, has it been offered to you? Are there alternatives? I'd really appreciate your help with this. Many thanks in advance.

I became pg as a direct result of laparoscopic ovarian diathermy but its a procedure that should really only be carried out by a skilled surgeon who has had a lot of experience of such surgery under his belt. I know of others who have become pg as a result of this, equally know of some who have not.

This surgery is not the same as a laparoscopy which can be purely diagnostic; a lap is usually done if endometriosis is suspected.

Hi Tremelo,

I have been where you are now and you have my understanding.

I was a lean PCOSer when diagnosed. One thing amongst many that I have learnt about PCOS is that it is a very individualistic disorder and it affects each woman with it very differently.

I was not deemed insulin resistant either; another strange thing about PCOS is that not every woman who has this is insulin resistant. Its a conundrum; am glad that knowledge has moved on more these days with PCOS because when I was diagnosed way back when, it was not at all well documented.

With best wishes


bucksfizz1 Wed 06-Jun-12 20:31:33

Thanks Attila. I couldn't agree more and I am worried that her consultant isn't very good. I'll double check with with her tonight about whether it is for suspected endometriosis. I really appreciate your advice & I'm glad it did work for you. I'll have some more info & try and fill in the gaps. I'll let you know what consultant is suggesting. Much appreciated. x

FreeSea Wed 06-Jun-12 23:01:13

jodidi when you first posted about "fertility friend" I genuinely thought you had a friend who.was a fertility expert!!

bucksfizz1 Wed 06-Jun-12 23:24:40

Hi, my friend has been put on glucophage (also known as metformin) as a first line treatment for her polycystic ovaries. Her consultant has said to try for 2-3 cycles to see if it can regulate her cycle. After this, they've suggested clomid. I'm an endo suffererer and my knowledge of polycystic is limited so I'd appreciate if anyone can tell me whether they have had a similar course of treatment and if it's not successful what happens next? I've been reading your threads and see that lots of you have made dietary changes - do you know of any supplements or dietary changes (apart from no caffiene/alcohol) she could make? Much appreciated. x (Attilathemeerkat; no ovarian drilling just yet thankfully; as you said the lap was to check for endo but not until she's tried the drugs).

FreeSea Thu 07-Jun-12 11:49:06

bucks I can't offer much advice as I'm only on my first cycle of TTC. I did start metformin a few months previously but haven't had enough cycles yet to see if I am regular/ovulating.

Despite being my first cycle I've given in and ordered some ovulation sticks, I can't tell if I'm ovulating or not. And a job lit of POAS just in case!!!

RIBS Thu 07-Jun-12 13:28:59

Wow!! you lot are like PCOS experts. I have been told nothing about me condition, told yrs ago PCOS thats it. Im far from overweight so they've just left me to it. I had a hysteroscopy about 5 yrs after being diagnosed which resulted 2 months later in DD. Ive no idea if my LH is high or low. Could this have caused my MMC last December?

As ive been TTC I was given the clomid, but no scans or anything. Just a couple of day 21 tests. The clomid is working as ive had periods, with the EWCM +ov tests and BBT changes.

RIBS Thu 07-Jun-12 13:29:56

freesea grin grin grin Fertility friend.

KylieP Thu 07-Jun-12 17:58:20

How is everyone doing? Been on my second summer hol and I've honestly come back more relaxed about this whole business than when I left, I've been away with lots of friends and the distraction has really helped. Wonder how long this will last!

So I had a very weak AF whilst away, less than a couple of weeks after my constant spotting stopped. Has anyone has this AF craziness or does anyone have any idea what that means?

Oh by the way my sister in law is due, obvs I'm very happy for her (maybe a teeny bit jealous) and my mother in law says I should hold the baby lots as that kicks in hormones - really?!?

freesea fertility friend really made me laugh too! grin

FreeSea Thu 07-Jun-12 18:48:07

Glad I can amuse. Was rather a "doh" moment when I saw it on other threads. I just thought wow what an amazing friend to be that dedicated!!

Jodidi Fri 08-Jun-12 21:31:53

freesea you made me laugh with the FF thing too grin

Af arrived this afternoon, well spotting but I'm sure it will arrive properly at some point tonight. That's a 30 day cycle this month which is way shorter than I normally have, although it was only 33 days between the miscarriage and next af. Maybe this whole mess is making my cycles more regular.

The bad news is that dp is still not coming round to ttc sad He's even bought condoms sad Any thoughts on how immoral it is to ttc without his knowledge, ie putting holes in condoms?

KylieP Fri 08-Jun-12 21:49:20

I've missed your story jodidi, why is you dp not up for ttc?

Jodidi Fri 08-Jun-12 22:02:07

We have 2 dd's already, dd1 is from a previous 'relationship' and is 12, dd2 is 2. Dp said he never wanted kids anyway, but I managed to persuade him that he would be a great dad so we ttc dd2 for 2 years before I fell pg. I then fell pg accidentally in Jan/Feb this year and miscarried at 12 weeks (at Easter). He didn't want that baby, we hadn't been trying, now is 'not the right time' (when is the right time?) and he says he's happy with the 2 we've got so why make life more difficult for ourselves with another child. I have wanted another since dd2 was about 3 months old but had been managing to contain my broodiness until this last pregnancy and now it's all I can think about, because I SHOULD be pregnant right now.

FreeSea Fri 08-Jun-12 23:26:35

jodidi I'm sorry about your miscarriage, I bet your hormones are in overdrive and you're still grieving intensly. I'm guessing your dp is a good dad and that's why you want another baby with him. Have you talked about the miscarriage with him?

Jodidi Sat 09-Jun-12 00:16:04

He is an excellent dad and I just know that another baby would make our lives better rather than more difficult. I don't talk about the miscarriage to him, he seems to have gone back to normal while I am still in bits. I'm getting better at pretending I'm ok though.

StephN31 Mon 11-Jun-12 18:44:37

Hi there,
Just been on One Born Every Minute website after watching it last night.. I think everyone I know has a baby! Keep seeing pregnant people everywhere I go, no-one I know has PCOS and although I've read loads about it and all these celebrities have it, it's still a very isolating. We've been trying since last May, I was on the pill from 16 (now 31) and was diagnosed with PCOS five years ago. We were referred to a fertility clinic by our GP and went to our first appointment last month. After just 4 cycles in the last 12 months, the whole experience has been quite saddening really. To my great shock and surprise I came on yesterday after a 30 day cycle (neve been known without the pill - whoop!) and booked my app for the tubal thing for next Mon! I really thought I'd have to wait months. Our review at the clinic again is next month. It was such a good feeling when we went, it took a lot of pressure off! Seems there are quite a few avenues before IVF is on the cards and my partner's results came back fine. It'd be great to know if anyone's on the same page
Thanks for reading, and I hope this has been of some use

FreeSea Mon 11-Jun-12 20:17:23

jodidi don't bottle it in. I'd you don't talk to him he won't know what you're going through.

steph you can be the guru for those if us yet to reach the clinic stage.

Everyone else why do opk's not work with pcos. Is it because we won't ovulate, or will get LH surge then not ovulate, or we just don't get the LH surge?

How close together do you find your cycles have to be for you to ovulate?

MrsHY1 Mon 11-Jun-12 20:31:37

Hi all
Tremologreen I felt compelled to post as you could be describing my cycle and bloodwork down to a tee there. Interestingly though, when my PCOS was first diagnosed 10 yrs ago my bloods were very different and I was more symptomatic. Now, bloods all normal and ovulate every month between cd 19 (absolute earliest- happens once in a blue moon) and cd 26. Also have a LP of 8-10 days. Metformin made this difference.
I hope Clomid makes a difference for you. I took it for 6 months and I'm afraid it did nothing for me- O and LP unaffected. But as you say, it's such an individual condition that it could be very different for you.
Good luck x

KylieP Mon 11-Jun-12 21:30:38

steph I've been trying since December and think I'm about to book my doc appointment to try and get referred. My sister in law had her third baby yesterday and am feeling a bit anxious today, gutted as I've been trying to feel more relaxed about it lately. Getting a bit nervous reading all the stories about tests etc, my first bump feels a long way off today! (^mopes away to have a glass of wine despite feeling too guilty to enjoy it^)

StephN31 Mon 11-Jun-12 21:38:38

Hi FreeSea,
I'm new to this so will have to do some research on some of the acronyms! I was told by the doctor at the clinic that us with PCOS don't necessarily ovulate every cycle.. If at all! I rekon I did last June due to the change in (dare I be so upfront) discharge.. More of a gluey substance. I was asked if I'd bought ovulation tests, but as my periods were several months apart last year after coming off the pill in May I didn't want the strain on what was already starting to affect stress levels
Hope that helps, it's such a mine field. We're all different though, best try to stay focused and try some yoga or something while we hope for good news!

StephN31 Mon 11-Jun-12 21:49:06

Hi Kylie P,
Sounds like you're being very pro-active, but be mindful that the GP may want you to try as you have been for another 6 months. Every PCT's different and of course every GP, we started trying last May and saw the GP together May just gone. He also checked my blood pressure, BMI and bloods. My partner also had some tests. It's so easier said than done but just enjoy your relationship and leave the science stuff for a wee while, or you may be asked to come back anyway. Although it's worth a try if you're at the end of your tether already! If it's any consolation, most of my friends are on their second baby! Good luck smile

TremoloGreen Mon 11-Jun-12 23:04:11

Hi all, Steph, MrsHY

MrsHY - Good luck to you. Can you attribute your shorter cycles to anything in particular, like less stress? I ovulated the earliest I have since coming off the pill this cycle, day 26 grin. I'm also having my longest LP to date of 11 days so far. AF will probably come tomorrow! This is the first month of all the vitamins and a bit of exercise. I've also been practising meditation - on the train in the morning is a good time grin

Steph is the tubal thing a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) where they put dye into the uterus? Are they offering you this before trying Clomid? Just wondered as none of the doctors have mentioned it to me but it kind of makes sense. Hope it goes well.

FreeSea OPKs might not work if you have high levels of LH all the time. Also, LH may rise but then the ovary may still fail to release an egg... You can try OPKs and see if they work for you (try the cheap generic ones). The normal pattern which suggests ovulation is positive tests on two consecutive days with negative tests either side and on random days, and a rise in basal body temperature (BBT) the day after the surge. BBT confirms the LH surge resulted in ovulation as the rise is caused by progesterone produced by the empty follicle.

StephN31 Tue 12-Jun-12 10:54:47

Hi TremoloGreen - yes that's it! I didn't have my letter to hand when I was typing last night. The doctor said it was the 'easiest' of two procedures.. the other is key hole surgery through your belly button eek! (sounds like a fib, but I guess I have to believe a consultant!) Really hope there won't be any need for that. I don't know anyone who's had an HSG, do you? I gave more bloods during the consultation, so I assume it's to see whether I'll respond to hormone drugs. What have you been through to get where you are? Is there any scope for IVF? Seems there are lots of success stories

becboo75 Tue 12-Jun-12 13:59:11

I am 36 , have had PCOS for 12 years and TTC,partnered for 7 years but only lived together 3 years,for many reasons -worked all -my life partner only divorced last year -this is the right time for me, although i fear i dont have long in which to (TTC),charting for 11 months.


"re everyone else why do opk's not work with pcos. Is it because we won't ovulate, or will get LH surge then not ovulate, or we just don't get the LH surge?"

Many PCOSers have an excess of LH to begin with therefore the kit reads this increased level. These kits will therefore give misleading false positive results.

OPKs are not without problems anyway even if PCOS is not an issue; these work on the misleading principles that there is one rise in LH every month and that such a rise is followed by ovulation. Both statements are simply not true.


Would suggest you stop charting as of now (it can be particularly unhelpful when PCOS is present as you could end up with a temp chart nigh on impossible to determine) and seek medical help asap. PCOS can require careful management from those in a subfertility unit.

You have a PCOS diagnosis already and are over 35. Gynaes generally like to see women over the age of 35 if they have been ttc their first child without success after 6 months of ttc.

Hi ladies, sorry I've been AWOL for a while. Lots going on at work, in life etc and just not had the time.

Hope we are all doing ok (on phone so haven't had a chance to look through all messages!)

Steph just wanted to say I had a HSG undertaken back in March. My consultant would not give me the Clomid as he said until they knew my tubes were clear there was not much point as if my tubes were blocked then the egg won't make it through anyway.

HSG is not the most pleasant thing to have but it's short lived and I was without severe cramping after (only during the procedure). I even managed to ovulate the same month, got pregnant but sadly lost it at 5 weeks. I think probably because of my PCOS as I have read that m/c's are higher with PCOS because of the hormones (depends which ones though so is not true for everyone with PCOS).

Anyway just wanted to offer some support and hope it goes well, tubes are clear and you get the drugs!! smile

TremoloGreen Tue 12-Jun-12 18:10:37

Steph I don't know anyone in RL who has had an HSG (or not that has told me). From what I've read on here, people vary but many find it absolutely fine and some find it uncomfortable during the procedure. It will be worth it to know how everything is structurally though, and hopefully it can put your mind at rest. It is definitely the preferred option over a laparoscopy (hole in the belly button) as you don't want them to have to cut and stitch you!

I have been ttc for 9/10 months, which I know is not as long as some. I have had lots of blood tests, doctors scratching their heads, an ultrasound which diagnosed PCOS and now DP is having tests and we are waiting to be referred to a gynae who I imagine will prescribe Clomid. We haven't decided whether to go private/NHS. If I see the (private) doctor I saw before, he has already told me he will proceed straight to Clomid. GP thought the NHS gynae would probably do similar.

I don't know if that will work for me or not to be honest. I have late ovulation and short luteal phase at the moment and the hope is that Clomid would sort that out. However, there are other factors which suggest it might not work that well for me. I am trying to stay away from researching it - difficult as this is my job! - as it is just increasing my anxiety :-(

Anyway, I really hope the HSG is OK for you and good luck!!

StephN31 Tue 12-Jun-12 20:21:45

So sorry to hear the outcome of your pregnancy Mooley. I really appreciate your message and your support. Are you now on Clomid? It's so sad that the risks are so high for m/c, but I guess it's pretty normal for it to happen to anyone for their first pregnancy. Just reading up on the procedure, sounds pretty straight forward. Thanks for the insight, I'm finding this really helpful smile

No, not on Clomid yet; finally get to see the consultant next Tuesday, so hopefully he'll prescribe it then!!

It's all very frustrating. I never thought TTC would be quite so complicated!! smile

StephN31 Tue 12-Jun-12 20:36:49

Thanks for your message TremoloGreen. I think we've been really lucky with the NHS. I know it's a postcode lottery, and I wasn't expecting to be referred to the centre for Life in Newcastle as the outome of our first meeting with the GP! My partner was given a swift app to provide his sample, which came back fine. It was such a relief! Must admit that I did let it add a little more pressure on my part, afterall I now know that it's my body thats the problem. He's been fab with the whole thing, I'm so lucky to have him. What's a luteal phase? I'm trying not to resarch too much too! After watching 'one born every minute' the other night, (I avoided the last series, too stressful) there was a woman with PCOS - she was told to lose 5st before she got pregnat (not sure she did actually) and she had such a quick labour! The spectrum of syptoms for PCOS is huge.. I'm a size 12, although I could do without the upper lip waxes. When we went to the clinic at Life last month my cycle was at least 3 months, only had four in the last 12 months. I recieved a letter about the HSG on Fri, and started my period on Sunday! Ive never been so thrilled to be on! ha!
Thanks for the support, I hope I can offer the same at some point smile

StephN31 Tue 12-Jun-12 20:41:42

Mooley - I know, loads of people seem to take joy in telling me that "oh, we got pregnant as soon a I came off the pill!" envy
Not long to wait til Tues then.. just think how much of an expert we'll all be at the end of it, hopefully our grandchildren will be so grateful that we went to so much trouble! grin

KylieP Wed 13-Jun-12 07:10:04

Hey, I read the posts about OPK's and wanted to make sure I haven't got the wrong end of the stick (ba dum) wink so is it possible to get false positives with PCOS but not false negatives? Dtd last night and am randomly doing OPK's

TremoloGreen Wed 13-Jun-12 13:52:52

Hi KylieP - I don't think OPKs are an exact science unfortunately. You may get false negatives if 1) your urine is too dilute or 2) you 'miss' the peak concentration of LH in your urine (it is secreted in a circadian rhythm with the peak concentration being in the afternoon) and the method is less accurate if you take the tests at different times every day. For me, I take them at 4pm, making sure I don't drink too much from 2pm onwards.

False positives will occur if you always have elevated levels of LH which can happen in PCOS.

The important thing to remember is that these tests measure LH not ovulation. If you have a normal LH surge (OPKs used correctly will typically 'catch' it over two consecutive days, on the way 'up' and the way 'down', ovulation will typically occur in the next 12-24 hours. The only home method to measure ovulation is the maintained rise in basal body temperature resulting from the production of progesterone. Both these methods together will give you a good picture, but a blood test at 7 days post-ovulation would be hard evidence.

FreeSea Wed 13-Jun-12 18:35:59

More newbie questions. If you get ewcm does that mean you've ovulated, or do you get those changes in preparation anyway?

CaveMum Wed 13-Jun-12 20:31:44

EWCM appears just before ovulation. It is there to ease the journey for the sperm. The only way to confirm ovulation is through monitoring your temperature throughout your cycle (your temperature rises slightly, and stays high after ovulation), or a blood test.

Does anyone have experience of follicle tracking? I've had 5 cycles of Clomid which have been hit and miss, I've ovulated but not regularly, ranging from CD14 to CD39! The clinic have told me that they want to stop Clomid as its not working for me and the next step is likely to be different drugs (not sure if they mean injections or not) and follicle scans. Won't know for sure until after I've met with the consultant in July.

Hello ladies! Another BFP for the PCOS and ttc thread - I'm 4 weeks + 2 grin

Can't really say why I was lucky this month, I was taking Agnus Castus tincture drops for about a month beforehand and Sanatogen conception / pregnancy vitamins, but I was still drinking coffee and wine and stuff. Also just dtd loads when I saw ewcm and kept it up for a couple of days.

Good luck everyone!

becboo75 Fri 15-Jun-12 11:23:25

im ttc to conceive had PCOS for 12 years - 36 now and only been trying 11 months! wish me luch had bloods done- low progestorone. but going next week to docs to ask about metformin and clomid! x

Jodidi Fri 15-Jun-12 19:13:42

Congratulations LittleMiss!!! I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Congrats LittleMiss hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!! grin

TremoloGreen Sat 16-Jun-12 15:48:21

Wow, congratulations LittleMiss! grin

KylieP Sat 16-Jun-12 18:38:22

Ah congrats littlemiss!! wonder if I should try agnus castus too! X

Hi ladies! Well I have managed to lay an egg all on my own and am currently 4dpo grin boobs are very very sore and my pj top is hurting them! Hope it's a good sign!

How is everyone doing??

Thanks everyone grin V exciting but now just keeping everything crossed that I make it through first trimester uneventfully....

KylieP - Both this LO and DS both conceived a month or 2 after i started using agnus castus so i'd say it's prob worth a try, another girl on the June thread, Pinkie, was taking it too and she's also on the due in Feb 2013 thread so....

MooleyWooley - That sounds v positive, 10 days til u can test???

Hopefully see you all on a due in 2013 thread soon grin

becboo75 Mon 18-Jun-12 08:47:45

congrats and good luck xx

KylieP Mon 18-Jun-12 18:35:01

Good luck! littlemiss how and when do you take it in your cycle? I have tablets from holland and barratts. Did you have really irregular cycles too? Maybe it will be the magic pill I need! Congrats again x

StephN31 Mon 18-Jun-12 19:46:02

Must join in to say congratulations to littlemiss, so great to hear the outcome we're all striving for!
I had my HSG this morning, positive outcome - no issues with initial feedback. Hopefully it'll be good news when I see the consultant next month with the in-depth results. Also hoping for ewcm in the meantime.. fingers crossed! Looking forward to an early night after a v.early start and a slightly tender tummy blush

becboo75 Wed 20-Jun-12 13:06:04

did you have to get DH/DP to provide a sample before you were seen by gynae? i am having to do that and he is reluctant as has 3 children from previous relationship/marriage. awkward!

Thanks Steph!

Kylie - people kept telling me the agnus castus tincture was better than the tablets so thats what I got (also out of holland&barrett!) and I took it every morning until I was fairly sure i'd OV - three days of ewcm - and then stopped. Hope it does work for u!

StephN31 Wed 20-Jun-12 17:55:07

Hi Becboo - sounds like a challenge for you! we weren't given an option, we went to the GP together and were offered separate appointments. neither of us have kids, so we had no idea what to expect. I don't know if you both need to be checked, but it might be worthwhile. I know for sure that the next step is to wait for the angry ewcm!! I thought that angus cactus thing was for PMS, is there evidence that it actually helps with ovulation or could it be luck? Guess it doesn't matter if the desired outcome happens anyway! smile

Smile87 Thu 21-Jun-12 18:30:39

Im in the middle of being tested for PCOS. I had some bloods taken and having a scan in three weeks. Hubby is going to have a sperm test too. 2nd Nephew born today. Cue crying in the office toilets sad.

FreeSea Thu 21-Jun-12 23:45:16

Congrats littlemiss!
Had a positive opk and ewcm on day 28 which is a first for me, but unable to dtd. So could be a good couple of months before comes round again :-(

becboo75 Fri 22-Jun-12 11:47:59

how old are you @smile87
or does the 87 give it away! , im 36 but now ive started trying seem sim alot older than most and didnt even realise it!

stephN31 - thanks for the reply xxx

StephN31 Mon 25-Jun-12 15:05:16

Is it worth investing in ovulation testing kits? I've ordered some online, hoping it'll happen this week, but was we all know it's anyone's guess with pcos. Guess I've just answered my own question but, can anyone tell me their experience of their accuracy? {Thanks}

daisyrosie Tue 26-Jun-12 17:42:31

Hi everyone!

I hope you don't mind me joining in. I'm 28 and have been TTC for a few months now after being on the pill for 13 years and was diagnosed with PCOS about 6 years ago. Thought I would join here as it seems a friendly place and good to know that there are others in the same situation who have gone on to have children, great to hear and helps to keep positive!

Congrats on your BFP Little Miss and good luck to everyone else TTC! smile

I was wondering - can you ask your GP to refer you for blood tests for hormone levels before being referred to a specialist? When I was diagnosed I had to have a few blood tests as they didn't show anything the first time round and when they did show something I was just told I was borderline (whatever that means) and to come back when I want a baby. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen with regards to the tests?

Thanks xx

StephN31 Tue 26-Jun-12 19:03:20

Hi daisyrosie,
We went to the GP together in May after 12 months TTC. Blood tests were taken as part of the referral process to the clinic, and we go the results over the phone within 5 days. Mine confirmed that I had PCOS, they were then sent to the fertility clinic. However, I was given a scan about 6 years ago via my GP after I hadn't had a period for 6 months, this was when I was first diagnosed (can't remember if I provided bloods, but may be worth asking your GP anyway). Hope that helps! smile

I have a query of my own, which I hope someone can shed some light on.. those who have read some of my messages may recall that things have appeared to start falling into place recently. Successful HSG last week and I've had pretty bad abdo pain in my right side on and off since yesterday although no ewcm. We DTD last wed and last night, and was beginning to think that this may be OV week!...and we may have hit the right time finally. OV test result was BFN today (only just got the strips in the post after ordering last week). Is it worth keeping my chin up for a BFP in two weeks, or am I just kidding myself?

daisyrosie Tue 26-Jun-12 23:06:54

Thanks Steph for your reply. I've not used opk's yet but it can't hurt to keep trying. From what I've read though sometimes with pcos they show positive without you actually ovulating due to high levels of LH but that may not be the case for everyone. If you have been getting pains too hopefully that's a good sign. Fingers crossed for you smile

1sttimeBlondie Sat 30-Jun-12 18:04:08

Hi all
Was hoping I could join this four, :-) been TTC for 12 months now and just been to the GP with suspected PCOS made worse by the fact that I have no thyroid ( been removed due to tumour). Haven't had a period for over 90 days but have the "brown stuff" for 3 weeks now. Just wish it would go away so we could t least try - very annoying! Also just wanted to mention I am very lucky to work with Colette Harris so hopefully she can give me loads of tips!

Widgetstars Sun 01-Jul-12 20:29:03

Hi Everyone,

Hope it's ok to join? I'm a real newbie to PCOS and a whole host of other medical issues that have popped up since I have been ttc (for 18 months) and I was hoping to ask you all if anyone else has all of the same conditions/issues?

I had never really had regular periods and it hadn't really bothered me. I wasn't ever able to take the pill as I would get terrible migraines.

I went to my GP to ask for a fertility screening as I have fibroids and ovarian cysts in my family (mother and sister) and I had also started to get very painful periods, which were much heavier. We also have diabetes in my mum's family (EVERYONE has type II) so I am checked for this and have been told I have insulin resistance so try to follow a low GI diet. (I am 33 BTW)

I went for an internal ultrasound and blood tests. When I got the results back I was a bit shocked but it all started to add up! My GP diagnosed an under active thyroid, raised prolactin and PCOS!

Luckily she was a Metformin fan and started me on this immediately and soon after I have started on Levothyroxine. I have seen the Endocrinologist and he has confirmed the hypothyroidism and the PCOS and I have recently had an MRI to check for a prolactinoma (tumour on the pituitary gland) which could be causing the raised pro-lactin.

I am just waiting the results of the MRI and also to see the fertility specialist at the hospital. I realise from reading threads here and other forums that I am VERY lucky to have been started on treatment and also to have been seen so quickly at the hospital. (Although I have to admit that I did spend a few days calling for a cancellation appt)

Now that all this has come out the symptoms are now adding up! I just never connected any of them to PCOS or Hypothyroidism!

At the moment I know that I do ovulate sometimes but my cycles are still jumping from 20-33 days (despite the Metformin for 5 months) and I have been using the Ov kits (although I have just learnt here that they don't always work for PCOS'ers!)

The reason I wanted to join the thread is to see if anyone else has experience of all three of these conditions and has any advice or experience of what comes next in the fertility journey?

It's all come as a real shock and both myself and my DH I think were expecting to start TTC and for it to go smoothly! (As I expect everyone does!)

Thanks in advance!


Widgetstars Sun 01-Jul-12 20:30:25

PS congrats to LittleMiss!

imaginationzero Sun 08-Jul-12 09:47:29


I'm really new here, looking for some help and advice after a mc on 25 December 2011.

I've known I've had pcos since I was 16 (now 29) and when my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, I was aware that there might be difficulties. I was referred to gyne at the local hospital and had a few appointments, including MRI to check health of 'equipment', and a weird x-ray thing to check for blockages both of which came back clear. Found I was pregnant in Nov '11 completely to our surprise and we were both overjoyed. I had been and continued to live a healthy lifestyle, doing loads of exercise and eating healthily. Not cutting out anything in particular though, except alcohol after I found I was pg.

Sadly had a mc on Christmas Day at 12 weeks. On the bright side, at least the hospital was quiet and I got seen and operated on quickly.

Sine then, regular cycles have started again (3 times) lasting 6 weeks. I have bought a ovulation kit, so hoping that this month will be the month. I have read your posts and will try agnus castus, and am taking Pregnacare Conception www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=1555&prodid=1657&bid=127 which seemed to work last time.

My baby would have been due last week, so crying a lot when I think about it. My husband tells me just not to think about, which I appreciate, but it doesn't really help.

So difficult, as I didnt tell anyone really that I was pg, so can't really talk about it. Nice to get it all out in the open on here, and any advice really appreciated.

Thank you for listening (reading).

CaveMum Sun 08-Jul-12 11:05:43

imagination so sorry to hear of your mc. This TTC lark is extremely painful at times.

I would just pre-warn those of you using OPKs that they are not recommended for women with PCOS. One of the (many) possible symptoms of PCOS is a raised LH level, which will give you false positives on an OPK. I'll hold my hands up and admit that I did use them for a while, but fact is over the 4 cycles I used them they were only right once.

Observing your cervical mucus, cervix position and charting your temperatures is far more reliable.

Flooded Sun 08-Jul-12 17:47:52

Hello imagibe sorry to hear of your mc. Is there anyone in real life you can talk to? I don't really understand the not talking about mc with friends. The only people i would tell in pregnancy are the ones who's support I would want if anything go wrong. Its nit too late to talk to a friend or relative that you were pregnant, especially this week.

I've started doing the opk just to see if I amovulating. I am only taking it as a positive if get wack and positive. Have 6-7 week cycle at the mo. Been taking metformin 1500mg for 4 weeks and still having 7 week cycles and have lost no weight. How long did it take others to loose weight/get shorter cycles or should I countmyself lucky they're no longer 12weeks?

imaginationzero Sun 08-Jul-12 19:23:36

Flooded thank you for your suggestion. I say didn't tell anyone - I meant outside of close family and friends. I was waiting for the 12 weeks to be 'safe' before telling anyone, which I did, then mg.

I did take metformin about 5 years ago for 6 months or so for a weight control thing. It made me really ill, and totally put me off food so I stopped taking it. I'm not overweight (and never really have been), I do a lot of exercise and eay reasonably well.

CaveMum you say temperature is a better measure - does tha tmean body temperature, or something specific?

Thanks for your words of advice smile

CaveMum Sun 08-Jul-12 19:44:01

Yes, they call it Basal Body Temperature (BBT) as you should take it first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.

Charting your temperature throughout your cycle will help you to see when you ovulate. It can only tell you after ov has occurred - your temperature rises by up to 0.5 of a degree after ovulation, but you need 3 days of consistently higher than usual temps to confirm ov has taken place. It can't tell you if you are about to ovulate, but by charting over a period of a few months you may start to see patterns emerging that can help you to predict ov in the future.

You need a specific type of thermometer, sensitive to 0.1 of a degree (most are only 0.2 so not good enough for charting), like this.

StephN31 Thu 12-Jul-12 12:55:58

Finding this whole business really tough at the moment, especially reading what other people are going through. I was so sure I ov two weeks ago, due to test on Sat. This would be an exciting time if I could rely on my ovaries! Bloomin PCOS! I don't dare, not sure if I want to see yet another neg result. I'm anticipating that I'll be offered Clomid during our next app at the clinic laster this month. I've read that there's a 50-60% chance of conception after 6 months. We've been trying for 14 months now. Also read that a healthy couple with no physical issues have around 25% chance of conception. This all just doesn't make sense. I work in a hospital and see people everywhere with babies and children! How on earth have we evolved with those stats!!! I keep trying to switch off and just let it happen. Problem is this is something I've wanted for as long as I can remember, why can't these clinics put us out of our misery with all this monitoring, timing and testing?! There must be an easier way, surely! If only IVF was cheap.
Ok, rant over.. blush


Was very sorry to read about your miscarriage.

You may want to give the Miscarriage Association a call; they may well be able to help you here.

A word re temp charting. Temp charting can be very problematic for PCOS patients as well to use; you could end up with a chart akin to the Rocky Mountains. Gynaes tend not to take any real notice of temp charts anyway because they can be so unreliable.

StephN31 Thu 12-Jul-12 21:31:10

Apologies for rant earlier, realise how insensitive it was not to acknowledge those who have been able to conceive against all the odds of pcos and then mc. I simply can't begin to imagine what you've been through Imagination. Good on you for seeking support, I hope you won't give up and that things work out the way you want them to x

JazzyTTC Fri 13-Jul-12 16:17:59

Really sorry about your mc imaginationzero.

I am on CD 2. TTC cycle 4 starts. I have been diagnosed with PCOS in March (at my home country) just before I could fly down to UK to stay with DH for the first time and had been advised to avoid protection and try for a baby right away.

My periods are regular 28-30 days, I am not over-weight and I follow a pretty healthy diet, almost completely vegetarian except once or twice in a week with few chicken pieces, thats abt it all.

I am very sure that DH and I BDed on d right days and I kind of think I ovulated on CD 14/15 with the egg white CM discharge and a lil ovulation pain types. I dont use OPKs, chart temps. DH against it to avoid getting me stressed.

Not really sure how I shud go abt it. Please advise. sad

imaginationzero Wed 18-Jul-12 18:07:19

Thanks for the messages of support Steph, Attila and Jazzy.

My aunt announced she was pg last weekend, she is in her 40's, and has many health issues and had pretty much given up trying. I am so pleased for her, not jealous at all, but I still cried. If I hadn't mg, then baby would have been due last week sad

I kind of feel I don't really know what to do next, similar to you Jazzy but my cycles are really long.

I did go back to the doctor and ask to be re-referred to gyne, but haven't heard anything yet. Then that will all take time I guess. I have started taking Agnus Castus, as well as the Pregnacare conception, but nothing yet.

Are there any 'mood' signs of ovulation like tiredness or moodiness or anything, or is it just the tricky stuff like temperature and discharge? Sorry, I've been pretty lazy about this whole process so far.

I have been on mumsnet before after i m/c ttc baby number 2. My docs keep fobbing me off about my weight being the cause etc now i have been diagnosed with PCOS. I know i am lucky as i have ds who is now 3 but i feel lost with this scared thats it for me baby wise. doc said he is starting me on meds as soon as my bloods come back next week. He said i had different options??

creativecatalyst Wed 10-Oct-12 10:29:53

I found a new charity/support site for PCOS if anyone is interested they sound nice - good name too! No web site but they have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PcosInspirationFoundation

Schnikki Mon 11-Feb-13 19:31:03


I'm 26 and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15. I don't have periods at all naturally and have to take Utovlan every 3 - 6 months to have a bleed.

I recently got married and now want to start ttc but don't really know where to start (have been having unprotected sex for 6 months). Do I need to book an appointment with my GP to get things started or can I book an apt with a hospital directly? If a referral is needed, is it possible to say how long this takes on average (appreciate there may be no such thing!) How important is it to have a GP who knows about PCOS? Any tips/guidance for someone starting out and what to expect would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies for the novice questions but I'm not really sure where to start and feel a bit overwhelmed.

Thanks x

Knitella Tue 12-Feb-13 18:28:09

Hi Schnikki

If I was you I'd go to my GP and explain that you have been trying and need some guidance on the next steps. Hopefully trying for 6 months will be enough for an immediate fertility referral in your circumstances.

Fingers crossed that things go well for you!

KR33 Thu 16-May-13 11:48:32

Hi all,

I'd like to join this thread too please.

A quick summary - ttc 1st baby. 33y.o,
GP recently told me he is almost certain i have PCOS due to a long history of irregular cycles (stopped completely for 9 months when I was 20 though no cause was found and they did re-start), acne and mild hirsutism, ibs symptoms a MMC at 12weeks in November and very long cycles since the mc (last cycle was 63days long), though I am not overweight and actually conceived very quickly with the pregnancy I lost.
He has basically said i need to go away and keep ttc for a further 6 months now as he needs more evidence of my long cycles to refer me to a fertility clinic as I did'nt have AF s for a while before i came off contraception to ttc (was using the implant latterly).
I did have blood tests on the last cycle, which indicate I did ovulate that time - though based on my cycle length, GP said he doesn't think I am ovulating every cycle(?)

Given my previous mmc and very long cycles, i am a little concerned that, even if i do manage to conceive again, nothing has changed to prevent it happening again and that my egg quality may be poor... (I am trying to eat more healthily and exercise more but am not overweight and already don't consume caffeine, alcohol, excess sugar., carbs fat etc etc and exercise for an average of 1 hr a day).

I have also suffered from migraines with aura since I was 11 (my AF didn't start until i was 15), though clotting issues were ruled out in a blood test after my mmc (I had bruising and pain behind my knee, that was dismissed by the midwife, around the time i later found out things went wrong with my pregnancy). I know though that clotting issues are quite hard to diagnose?

I also have a specific question - i have a lot of lower back pain, some pink cm, ea faint +ve on opk strips and worsening acne around day 15 of my cycle usually, but haven't ovulated until at least day 29 since my mc (egg white-like cm and very dark lh, plus AF arriving 14 days later seem to prove i am ovulating at the later date).
Has anyone else experienced this and Is is possible the first LH rise / pink cm is indicative of a failed ovulation - ie my body is trying and failing to ovulate around day 15, then achieving ovulation a few weeks later - explaining the very long cycle?
Ican only find examples of failed ovulation being followed by actual ovulation within a couple of days of each other - due to as cold for example.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the long ramble and good luck everybody :-)


imaginationzero Sat 22-Jun-13 16:20:39

KR33, I have had Ovid since I was 16 (now 30). I mc at 12 weeks Dec 2011 and have been ttc since. Found out on Wed I am pg 5wks +1 now.

After ttc went to gp and was referred to community gyne. Pug on Clomid for 4 months and conceived in the 4th month.

Haven't got ms or many symptoms but I hope (?) they will come as I didn't have any last time and that might have been why I mc?

Good luck!

PopcornPip Sat 24-Jan-15 16:30:43

Just found this thread... is there a new one?

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