Do you get spotting before AF / period? Come and talk to me here

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Whysoserious Fri 30-Dec-11 10:35:02

Morning ladies!

I have bleated on about spotting before AF a lot now on these conception boards and have realised that it does seem to happen to a log of people, can be for many different reasons and also people can be fobbed off by the doctors as "nothing to worry about".

My periods were normal until last August when I started getting brown spotting 4 days before AF came in full force.

I have googled and googled and there are lots of threads of women TTC with this mysterious affliction, but they only last about 20 posts so you can never find out what the outcome was. What were they treated for? Did they manage to conceive? And the one that I'm always desperate to know the minute I start spotting every month; did they get the spotting the month they conceived?

So I want this thread I be a place for TTC mumsnetters who spot before AF to come and share their experiences and stories and support. The information out there is so conflicted so it would be so good to keep this one going until we get some answers and some BFPs!!

Winkly Fri 30-Dec-11 14:56:28

Hi, I never normally do. Two days ago I got some red spotting and thought it was my period starting, but nothing more has come of it. Very unusual for me.

MinkyMoodles Fri 30-Dec-11 15:20:40

Hello Why & Winkly
Not that I'll be much help, but last month I encountered this spotting malarkey, something I'd never experienced before!
It started about 5 days before AF was due, I wondered if it was implantation bleeding. AF arrived on time, but was different to other AFs!
I saw doc for some other things but mentioned the spotting, she was concerned so sent me for a smear, Wednesday just gone, so I may get some answers when the results come, I may not.
I've googled and found stuff about cervical erosion, but it's all guessing!
Is it worth checking with the doc?
Enough waffle from me, Christmas cake anyone?
MM xxx

PopcornMouse Fri 30-Dec-11 15:26:49

I had this when I was a teen, but not now I'm older (27). I've no idea what caused it, though thinking back my periods were insanely heavy back then, I just didn't realise it (I thought it was normal to need a new Super/Heavy pad every hour and a half shock blush ). Either way, since I no longer get it, I guess I wouldn't automatically assume it was something as drastic as erosion?

highlove Fri 30-Dec-11 15:56:03

I get this and would also live to know a bit more. It can be anywhere between 2-7 days and varies each cycle. I've been TTC a year now and sadly no even a hint of a BFP. I've just done two cycles of Clomid which doesn't seem to have made any difference, had two days of spotting on the first but about six on the second.

I've had endo ruled out by a laparoscopy so guess it is hormonal. But my consultant isn't too bothered by it. I am though - even if the actual spotting itself isn't a problem then surely whatever hormonal imbalance is causing it could be?

Sorry can't help any more, but I feel your pain!

Discolite Fri 30-Dec-11 16:41:55

Hi OP, I have been off the pill since March and for the last six cycles I have been TTC. I usually have 5-6 days of light spotting that is brown in colour before AF arrives. I had a day 21 blood test this month after I went to see the doctor about it all. His theory was that my cycles were still regulating after coming off the pill and that the corpus luteum doesn't produce enough progesterone, hence the spotting. I have an appointment the week after next to find out about the results.

I've tried Vitamin B6 to see if that would help with the spotting but nope! I too am concerned about whether it will affect my chances of conceiving...

CareBear1 Fri 30-Dec-11 18:33:15

Hi Ladies - wow a whole thread about my exact problem! I've been TTC now over 4 yrs, so no good news about outcomes (yet) i'm afraid, but I've been tested for everything under the sun for this (they've ruled out cancer, std, fibroids, endometriosis, which i think is standard list) and the doctors can only come up with that its probably due to cervical erosion for me (which i do have according to the numerous professionals who've had a viewing). They've also said its nothing to worry about, and as my progesterone levels are normal they haven't thought it was lupeal phase defect, but their only solution was ivf. I have tried some months without actually ttc to see if I still got the spotting just to check it wasn't implantation bleeding, and it still happened so don't think its that.

What I've found interesting recently is a whole load of explanations in the chinese medicine world for this. Still not sure how much i believe in all this, difficult when the doctors don't really promote this, but in Randine Lewis' 'the infertility cure' she gives chapters on this and says its due to 'spleen qi deficiency' (according to this the spleen has a holding function of holding the menses in place) and there's loads of treatments like accupuncture and dietary changes etc. I've been seeing an accupuncturist weekly who's also been telling me about this chinese view. The brown / black blood or clotting is something else - stagnant blood, that needs clearing out to get the right environment, again the treatment is acupuncture, diet and other things along those lines. I've been following all this since last summer and in the 3 cycles Sep / Oct / Nov, my spotting reduced from 5 to 2 to 1 day spotting. However last cycle I flew to the other side of the world and back and i was back to square 1 of 5 days of spotting before AF (but not brown). So don't know definately yet if this stuff is going to work but just thought i would post in case it interested you.

Also i've read loads of posts from people in the past who spot and get pg so its definately not something that prevents it on its own.

CareBear1 Fri 30-Dec-11 18:34:10

Highlove, clomid made it worse for me too, i bled for 3 weeks solid on my second cycle of clomid so just stopped after that.

Frizzbonce Fri 30-Dec-11 19:44:00

Hello OP

I never had brown spotting until after I had my first child. Then when I was pg a second time, I noticed a little brown spotting about 5/6 weeks. This light brown spotting ended in m/c at 13 weeks. I went on to have another baby.

Now I find that like you, before AF arrives I get brown spotting 1 to 2 days before and no doctor has ever given me an answer as to why.

However I am now trying to conceive no 3 and a friend recommended Maca, a herbal tonic, which apparently 'boosts fertility and balances the hormones'. I thought it sounded like total twattery but I've been taking about 10 drops a day in water for the past month and even though I haven't conceived, the brown spotting has stopped.

Pipbin Fri 30-Dec-11 20:22:33

I didn't realise spotting was anything other than normal.
I get about two days of spotting before AF. I figured it was just warning shots.

However, I did get some mid cycle spotting a couple of months ago, and, as I was of to have a smear test done I mentioned it to the nurse in a 'while you're down there' kind of way. She had a look and said that it was a tear.
I also had post AF spotting this month too and that was the same tear.

Too much SWI!

Whysoserious Fri 30-Dec-11 21:27:58

Hi all. Really interesting hearing all your experiences with this. Would be good to keep this thread going and continue to share thoughts and ideas and things that work.

I too have been told I have a cervical erosion but I'm not convinced that's the only problem because I have fairly strong (although not unbearable) cramping with it too. Then when AF does arrive the first day it is reeeeeeealy painful.

Carebear-interesting you should say about Chinese medicine. I actually downloaded the Baby-making bible today which discusses this. Im a bit of a sceptic but actually a lot of it made sense and made me think about some other symptoms I have been suffering which I would necessarily equate to fertility - like cracked lips and fungal infections (I sound really attractive don't I). All of this could be related in some way.

Frizzbonce - where do you get Maca? That sounds like something worth trying.

I've only been TTc for 4 months but I'm convinced it won't/can't happen while I am spotting because the lining of the uterus is breaking down to early. Surely that would make it impossible to implantation to occur

MrsHY1 Fri 30-Dec-11 22:00:15

Hello whysoserious, count me in!
I've been TTC for just over a year. I spot brown stuff from 5-6dpo before AF starts 'properly' at around 10-11 dpo. So, I also have a short luteal phase.
No-one I've seen yet (one NHS fertility consultant, one private consultant) seems to be worried about the spotting or the short LP. I have had my progesterone tested - that was great - day 4 bloods were all normal, ultrasounds show PCO, HSG clear.
I am on another forum and I'd say from my experiences there that the spotting thing isn't a pregnancy preventer - some women who spot have continued to do so even when they get a BFP, some women haven't.
Good luck! x

AmandinePoulain Fri 30-Dec-11 22:04:04


I used to get brown spotting for 2 days before my period, and then after a mc last feb sometimes it lasted for up to a week, and one month (October I think) I also had mid cycle spotting for a week. I saw a gp who said it was hormonal. I've also previously been diagnosed with cervical erosion during my first pregnancy - I spotted most days for the first 3 months but the baby is now 3 so it was not a major issue, just annoying!

Anyway, my day 21 bloods were normal in the summer so I don't have an lp defect. I started acupuncture 2 months ago and that seemed to cut the spotting back down to 2 days and last Friday I got a bfp grin!

So I guess what I'm saying is, it's probably normal and shouldn't affect your chances of conceiving, although it did take us 10 months this time (dd was a first month of trying baby and I don't think I used to have the spotting back then, I can't tell you for sure though, until we started ttc I never really paid attention blush) I don't know if there's a connection. I think it's just a symptom of cervical erosion mixed with frequent sex grin!

AmandinePoulain Fri 30-Dec-11 22:06:42

Oh, and I haven't ever had spotting before getting a last pregnancy I didn't bleed until 11 weeks when the mmc was diagnosed, with dd it started at 5 weeks, this time nothing so far <fingers firmly crossed>

HereKittyKitty Fri 30-Dec-11 22:42:23

Oooh, marking my place, as I am TTC my first and have had this with every cycle since coming off the pill (September). Didn't realise it was anything other than normal...

WishingIWasLucky Sat 31-Dec-11 00:59:30

Very interesting thread this... I don't get any spotting BEFORE AF just AFTER! So, the first three to four days normal red bleed, starts heavy lasts like that for two days, light on third day and lighter on fourth; then for the following three to four days dark brown spotting. Never had that prior to six months ago. Cycle length decreased from Regular 28 days, to 25,26,27. Very strange. Any ideas?

Squirrel77 Sat 31-Dec-11 03:01:39

Hmmm, this is all very interesting.

Since having the Mirena removed 4 months ago I have spotted for 2-3 days before AF, old brown blood. Not sure why. Has anyone else had this as well - I wonder if
it has to do with the body self regulating after Mirena? It's bloody (haha) annoying anyway.

Scrummybumb Sat 31-Dec-11 19:27:52

Just jumping in to add my story. I spot every month - before and after. Sometimes up to 7 days before AF arrives proper. Like all of you, doctors not concerned, but when i mentioned it to my private consultant he automatically said it would be just my progesterone levels lowering. I have very high progesterone levels during mid-LP, so it made sense. Having just gone through two cycles of IUI, I've been on progesterone pessaries during the TWW, which extended my LP from 14 to 17 days with minimal to no spotting both cycles before AF.
Interestingly enough, Clomid reduced my AF to next to nothing, so not good for my uterus lining.

Hope you all get your BFPs in 2012!

CareBear1 Sat 31-Dec-11 20:00:48

Whyso, i thought that side of chinese medicine theory was interesting too, i was getting fungal infections, and often having loose stools, and generally feeling really tired all the time, and since i've started some of the treatments these have either stopped or reduced hugely. I know some people think that alternative treatments have mostly a psychosomatic effect but i think there's more to it than that. last month i felt way more horny than usual! and i've seen more EWCM so far this month than usual.

scrummy i had prog pessaries during my ivf and still spotted about 3 days prior to AF but then again there's stronger meds with ivf.

squirrel in the past i have spotted in every possible day throughout the cycle (on different cycles) - often after AF. The spotting after af, and very dark brown / black blood has stopped since i've been having acu.

heatherbee36 Sun 01-Jan-12 13:55:50

Just my experience but up until my miscarriage last September (I was 13 weeks) I had been experiencing spotting for years. It lasted anything from 5 days up to 2 weeks (just after ovulation)before AF. I had been to the Dr numerous times in tears thinking it would prevent me conceiving but then bingo! one month my period never properly arrived -though I had been spotting just as usual -very confusing! So in my case, the spotting didn't stop me getting pregnant smile

Interestingly, since my mc I have very little spotting and am wondering if my pregnancy somehow 'corrected' a hormone imbalance? Still ttc now again and good luck to all you ladies! smile

Quodlibet Mon 02-Jan-12 11:58:49

Watching with interest too - I've always had a day or two of brown spotting before AF, but recently had a couple of cycles spotting brown very early, and of bright red spotting after sex (like start of AF, but then doesn't continue) up to a week before AF is due. Have just started Ttc for the first time, so I'll be keeping an eye on it.

weimy Mon 02-Jan-12 16:47:09

I get a brown spotting 3/4 days before AF proper arrives too. I have been TTC for well over a year now.

CareBear1 Mon 02-Jan-12 21:31:14

In case you're interested, this is the lists of other possible symptoms in the book i've got about traditional chinese medicine for 'spleen qi deficiency':

Feeling fatigued
Poor appetite
Energy lower after a meal
Feeling bloated after eating
Craving sweet food
Having loose stools, abdominal pain, or digestive problems
Cold hands and feet
Prone to feeling heavy and sluggish
Prone to feeling heaviness or grogginess in the head
Bruising easily
Poor circulation
Varicose veins
Lacking in strength in arms and legs
Prone to worry
Low blood pressure
Sweating easily
Feeling dizzy or lightheaded when standing up too quickly
Menstruation that is thin, watery or pinkish in colour
Feeling more tired around ovulation and menstruation
Spotting a few days before a period comes
Menstrual cramps with a bearing down sensation on uterus
Tongue that is swollenish with teeth marks round the side

Whysoserious Tue 03-Jan-12 11:57:31

Happy new year all!

That's interesting carebear. I'm going to try some of the chinese medicine advice this month. Not all of it mind because it's a bit extreme and I don't think I can live my life like that. Basically I would need to live off lettuce and quit my job (apparently a stressful job will stop me conceiving so I have to quit it - hmmmm. Not having enough money to pay the mortgage would be so relaxing wouldn't it confused)

But I am going to cut out alcohol and eat as healthily as possible - that is doable smile

whereismywine Tue 03-Jan-12 14:31:48

Here is me chipping in, another ttc spotter. I always had this for the afternoon my period would come before ttc, I think, it's never just started with a bang ever since income off the ill after 8 years. But, since ttc (and maybe just paying more attention) I always get spotting ranging from 1 to 5 days. It's barely noticeable really, but it is there. My progesterone is good, the spotting starts around 11-12 days dpo and I've given up hoping it might be implantation bleeding! No gp or consultant has seemed remotely concerned or interested and acupuncture hasnt fixed it either. I don't have cervical erosion. But - during my lap and dye 2 weeks ago, a big fat fibroid was found and they said it may be causing it. It needs to come out via an op this year :-(

I'm not sure this is much help really, but I've been ttc a year and would like to follow other people with the same issue. It means I rarely get to poas. If it's any help, my mum spotted for 2 days always and had me and my brother relatively quickly and my friend had it and conceived straight away. I guess on the ttc boards we are likely to meet up with people who are worried it's a problem rather than people who had it and got pregnant straight away, making it look like a problem when it might not be? But I hope the thread continues and will try and report back on spotting after my op. I suspect it will still happen!

Whysoserious Tue 03-Jan-12 15:48:21

Hi whereismywine - I hope your op goes well and sorts it all out.

I think you're absolutely right about seeing more worried 'spotters' on TTC boards - people that have had this and got pregnant straight away won't think to post about it. So it could be completely normal and not an issue like the docs say.

I think by starting this thread and chatting to one another about out experiences we will get to hear about some BFPs from 'spotters' which will really lift out spirits, relax us and mean that we all get BFPs!

I think the biggest problem for me is that I worry about it, and the worrying is a bigger issue for TTC than the spotting IYSWIM

Hello ladies, yes I have this problem too.

My progesterone tests have just scrapped a 29/30 so ok not great.

I have found B100 vitamins and accupuncture have helped get the spotting down to 2 days as opposed to 5.

I have also had a MC at 5 weeks and a chemical pregnancy so I am convinced this is a luteal phase/progesterone problem.

This month I am trying B100 vits, baby aspirin from ovulation and a tiny spot of natural progesterone cream post ovulation. I am either 9 or 10dpo today and no spotting so far.

This thread is a great idea, thanks for starting it OP

whereismywine Tue 03-Jan-12 16:06:29

Farfalla - which prog cream did you get?

I am using one called Serenity, I ordered it from amazon.
I did a lot of research and it seemed to be the one a lot of people recommended as a natural, bio-identical form.

highlove Tue 03-Jan-12 17:41:14

Hi all, I think you're right that some people have this and it's not a problem getting pg so might not look on the TTC board. But I'd definitely appreciate hearing from people who've had this and are now pg, especially if they solved the problem. So I've put a post up on the pregnancy board...hoping to hear lots of positive BFP stories from 'spotters'!

Whysoserious Tue 03-Jan-12 20:29:54

Thanks highlove - I've just had a look and seen some positive and helpful responses. Exactly what we need smile

Whysoserious Fri 06-Jan-12 12:17:02

I've booked to have acupuncture in a couple of weeks (the earliest they could fit me in!). Anyone has this done? What is involved and how often do you go? x

Whysoserious Fri 06-Jan-12 12:17:50

Wow automatic x at the end haha!

Yes I have been having it since June and I have noticed real improvement in my cycle and less spotting and longer cycles. The month I skipped I had spotting for 5 days pre AF. I only do it once a week evern though my acu lady said I should see her every week

Whysoserious Fri 06-Jan-12 18:07:54

farfalla - where do the needles go? So you go every week? Also do you mind me asking how much it costs? Sorry, lots of questions!

Jeezimacasalinga Fri 06-Jan-12 18:42:50

I've always spotted a day or two before AF and conceived three times pretty much on first month (expecting my third child in next few weeks). I don't think it is necessarily a problem - best of luck to all of you TTC!

tumblebug Fri 06-Jan-12 20:04:12

My periods have always been like this (usually 1 to 2 days spotting at the beginning, then again at the end). Have conceived second month twice, then third month. Oddly the period before I conceived ds i spotted for 5 days, was confused about dates but the pregnancy dated from the first day of spotting. I had the same this time - nearly 4 days spotting, not had scan yet but think I ov'd 16 days after spotting started (30 day cycle). I've always just seen this as a slow start to my period.

CareBear1 Fri 06-Jan-12 21:22:36

I think it us definitely one symptom to take in the round with everything else. My worst months I've had some form of bleeding half the month. I go to acu once a week, to a low cost clinic. Try googling low cost multi bed acupuncture.

CareBear1 Fri 06-Jan-12 21:28:41

Whyso thehe's usually a diagnosis bit first, make sure u understand which points they are going to use and why its quite interesting / bemusing at first. The needles are really fine and nothing like a blood test for example. Then you're left for about half hour. I take headphones with meditation on just to up the woo factor. Hope u enjoy, I find it relaxing plus my af lady has turned into my therapist. Prepare to share tmi. X

The needles usually go in various points around the legs, arms, some around the tummy but it will depend on your pulses etc You can't feel them at all.

I go once or twice a month and it costs £45 for an hour, mine also turn into therapy sessions!!!

Whysoserious Thu 12-Jan-12 14:51:55

Thanks for the acupuncture advice - I'm really looking forward to it actually.

Is there anyone else with/who has had spotting that wants to come and share the highs and lows of TTC hear?

highlove Thu 12-Jan-12 15:50:14

Can I share a low? Just that I'd rather stupidly massively got my hopes as I am pretty sure I ov'd this month and with the Christmas break got in loads of SWI. Spotting just arrived an hour ago so AF on the way. Bit gutted here.

MrsHY1 Thu 12-Jan-12 20:26:09

Hi Highlove - I know the feeling and it's pants isn't it. I too got my hopes up this cycle - it was my first cycle on 150mg Clomid and I ovulated earlier than ever before, and managed to get to the evening of 6dpo without spotting which for me is a minor miracle (usually starts 3-5 dpo). But spotting started with a vengeance on Tues night and I've had quite a lot of rusty brown spotting yesterday and today - and am only 8dpo today. So, I sympathise, I really do x

highlove Thu 12-Jan-12 21:16:15

Sorry to you too mrs it's crap isn't it?

I'm on a Clomid break this cycle because of Christmas and next cycle I go up to 100mg. Started the cycle with no expectations because I was on the break, but then out of nowhere I seemed to Ov - lots of cm and definite pains - so really thought I might be in with a chance. Have got mega tender nipples, boobs have been having these aches on and off and have had quite a bit of cramping last few days, all in a very specific place low down and right hand as you can imagine really thought I might have got lucky.

Funny how it doesn't seem to get any easier no matter how many cycles you've been through..

Nagoo Thu 12-Jan-12 21:27:32

Joining thread to nose about what the spotting is, but not TTC.

Nagoo Thu 12-Jan-12 21:28:38

What is cervical erosion? I am afraid of google.

highlove Fri 13-Jan-12 21:03:39

Hi ladies, just wanted to say a few more people have shared their experience of this and getting pg over on the pregnancy board - thought you might want to take look.

MrsHY1 Fri 13-Jan-12 21:48:40

Oooh thanks highlove (scuttles off to look) grin

highlove Fri 13-Jan-12 22:04:46

mrs just wondering...have you had the 7dpo progesterone tests while on Clomid?

MrsHY1 Sat 14-Jan-12 08:42:32

Indeed I have- I thought it would be the test that would reveal I had low progesterone- causing the spotting- particularly because the evening before I had it done I had a bright red breakthrough bleed and the day of the test, I'd been leaking brown sludge all day. But it came out at 65! (need a baffled emoticon but can't find one on my phone)...

highlove Sat 14-Jan-12 09:23:36

Oh how confusing. God it's bloody frustrating isn't it, just always trying to speculate what it could be the cause.

mrsbossyboots Sat 14-Jan-12 09:34:24

I have had this for years and so does my sister; doctors don't seem too concerned. We ttc for 4 yrs before having DC1 and I was also told it may be something to do with pogesterone levels falling quickly after ovulation (both the spotting and the failure to conceive). I was about to start taking clomid but then found out I was pregnant! We conceived DC2 within a month of trying.

sunshinesue Sat 14-Jan-12 14:01:46

another spotter here! I had it from 3-4 days after ov off and on until a couple of days before AF when it would stop, nothing then until AF. I had this every month for 6 months after coming off the pill but still got pregnant (sadly miscarrried but this was at 9 weeks so I don't think it had anything to do with spotting).

I still had spotting after mc. I started taking a vit B complex (just a cheapo Seven Seas one from the supermarket) and it stopped. I'd already made an appointment to see the dr about it on the advice of the nurse when I had my smear. Told her I'd had spotting every month but this was the first "non-spotty" month after taking vit b, she said that a vit b deficiency can cause a hormone imbalance and it sounded like I'd cured myself. I had another couple of non-spotting cycles then got pregnant again. Had another sodding mc but was a mmc at 11 weeks so just bad luck I think.

AFAIK youu need to take vit b in a complex, something to do with one b vit being needed to help the body absorb another one.

jennifer86 Sat 14-Jan-12 17:52:24

Sorry if TMI here...

Nagoo, cervical erosion is when you get more "columnar" cells, which are the ones that produce mucus. Usually, the columnar cells are only in the middle of the cervix but in erosion/"ectropion" they are also at the edge of the cervix. This is definitely normal, and is very common especially in teenagers or women who are taking the contraceptive pill.

Cervical erosion might be responsible for spotting because these cells are more likely to bleed on contact (eg SWI). It also means you might get more cervical mucus because it is these cells which produce the mucus and you have more of them.

Hope this makes sense.

Jailey Sat 14-Jan-12 21:43:54

Ive just recently joined and although posted seperate to this, noticed this thread and thought i'd see if you can help me.

Been taking Agnus Castus for about 6 months now, and started taking vit B6 about 6 weeks ago. First AF with both of these started 26th Dec on a normal 35 day cycle (roughly 32-35 days normally), but was extremely heavy. I normally last around 5-6 days, this was 11/12 days! Anyway, it stopped, everything fine until the other night I went to bed and found blood. It was red, sticky, a fair bit (wouldnve thought it was AF), it has since gone watery pink, and is now brown/stringy/bitty (sorry TMI). It started 16 days after my AF. I've never had this before and as I've no pain at all (just mild cramps night it started then nothing) I've ruled out ov cyst bursting. I did have a dodgy PCOS diagnosis almost 3 yrs ago, based on a single blood test, while thyroid meds were lowered and was still breast feeding-not sure how 'reliable' that was. So although I know through my cousin PCOS can cause this bleeding, I dont think it's that...but what could it be? Im reluctant to go DR's as i'll probably just get fobbed off again.

(just to add after having no ttc problem in the past-we have 5 aged 10,8,6,4&3 and an angel who would be 7-we are into our 3rd year ttc! with no explanantion or entitlement to any investigation because we have kids).

Nagoo Sun 15-Jan-12 09:07:33

thankyou jennifer smile

mrsbossyboots Sun 15-Jan-12 11:23:12

sunshinesue - you've reminded me that I started taking a Boots own brand vit B complex supplement before I conceived DC1. It may be a coincidence but I do remember reading about it helping to reduce hormone fluctuations (at that point I was prepared to try anything!) Good luck to those of you ttc.

highlove Sun 15-Jan-12 11:42:30

Oh that's good to hear bossy I just bought a B vit complex yesterday. So fingers crossed!

Mrsg33k Sun 15-Jan-12 11:59:29

I was told by my DR the reason i get brown/blackish spotting is that its old blood that has been stuck behind, which just didnt make its way out last time i had my TOM, as i dont have them often that sounds like something that makes sense to me.

onedaybaby Sun 15-Jan-12 18:26:54


I have been TTC for 18 months and not a whisper of a pregnancy.

My "spotting" usually lasts about 7 days before before I get a proper heavy flow. TMI - Once or twice a day, when I go to the toilet, I find that a tiny red blood clot has "fallen out of me". So when I wipe, I see bright red blood but rarely anything on a pant liner. I then get very bad cramping and proper period with a full flow, up to 7 days.

I count the spotting and the full flow as my period and it lasts up to 14 days. It usually starts 8 days after ovulation so not much of a luteal phase.

For 3 months I had acupuncture, weekly, and the spotting reduced to 1 or 2 days. Unfortunately it was very expensive and then they decided to go travelling so I haven't been able to keep it up.

GP says there is nothing wrong with my cycle (!) but I am hoping to be referred to a fertility clinic soon with the hope that they have more understanding.

Quodlibet Wed 18-Jan-12 23:24:27

Jennifer86 thanks for that very useful explanation. That would make sense for me as I get quite a lot of CM I think.

This cycle my spotting started 5 days before AF, 4 days of proper flow then 4 days tailing off spotting. So a total of 13 days. That can't be normal, can it?

Will try B vitamins to see if it helps.

Hi, another spotter here. In fact last night, which was 5 days PO (I think) there was the familiar pink tinge when I wiped, but it will be elusive now for another day or two. I had implantation bleeding with DS and had never had spotting before this year (it started with an AD) so EVERY month I think it's implantation bleeding and it drives me crazy! Onedaybaby has a good point: when do you start to count the first day of your period if you have 4 or 5 days of spotting before it arrives properly?

I spot, didnt use to when I was younger but my periods were so heavy and prolonged but I thought that was just me, also they were very painful. After I came off the pill, I started to spot more at the beginning of AF. Also they were prolonged again and it felt like something was trapping the flow.
Anyway had a chat with doc, told them I wasnt happy and also I was ttc, they sent me for bloods and hormones check. I was given the all clear, but I still wasnt happy. So the doc sent me for a scan, and there was the culprit or should I say culprits, I had several fibroids. I was told thats why I spot and also thats why my AF's are crazy long and heavy.

Pipbin Sat 21-Jan-12 20:42:35

I had a scan when I had a dodgy smear and they found a fibroid.
I wonder if that is what caused my spotting.

How many women are spotters I wonder. I've never started with a bang. Does anyone?

whereismywine Sat 21-Jan-12 20:52:18

pipbin and fanjo what is happening with your fibroids? Are you having them removed. I need some fibroid friends!

Pipbin Sat 21-Jan-12 21:00:13

The lady doing the scan said that it was very small and not likely to cause a problem.
It wasn't the reason I was there so it was just left at that.
I had spotting after AF this time, this never happens, and spoke to the doctor who said that I had a clean bill of health in my lady bits and it was nothing to worry about.

Pipbin Sat 21-Jan-12 21:02:43

Oh, and taking b vitamins. How much do you need to take? Should I supplement the preconception tablets I'm taking?

CareBear1 Sun 22-Jan-12 15:39:51

Hi, just quick update from me that I've taken a low dose of ginseng this month and bar a couple of days of the faintest bit of colour haven't had any spotting. Due on tomorrow.

One question, luteal phases: are they meant to be fixed or varying? Mine have ranged from 11 - 14 days, is that normal to have that variation?

Whysoserious Fri 27-Jan-12 08:35:45

Hi all!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Just wanted to give an update too. This month I had acupuncture on CD23 (3dpo).

I am now on CD29 and am getting very pale pink/brown cm. started yesterday (8dpo) with one wipe of pink tinged cm. my spotting doesn't usually start until 10/11dpo and it usually starts with one wipe of red fresh blood (which I can tell is coming due to stronger cramps) and then goes to brown/ old blood. This time, while I've been getting mild cramps, there wasn't the same indication that it would start.

So all in all, the acupuncture seems to have changed the spotting but made it come earlier sad hmmm... I'm having another session tomorrow so I shall ask the lady if this is normal

ImpatientOne Fri 27-Jan-12 09:00:48

Oh Why that must be disappointing but let's hope that it's just a sign of that the acupuncture is able to affect your cycle and that it will settle.

My spotting started yesterday at 10dpo cycle day 25 sad as usual I had really got my hopes up but am expecting AF to start later today or tomorrow. Trying very hard to be positive - at least I didn't waste any tests this month!!

Really hope to hear some positive stories from fellow spotters!

Aloha31 Sat 28-Jan-12 06:37:18

I had spotting, or a flow of old blood (though occasionally fresh) for up to two weeks before af. I could sort of tell when the real period started, but did think maybe I just have very long periods. I started charting to see what was going on. the pattern was i started bleeding just after ovulation, then real period after about 2 weeks of this.

after a year or so my brilliant gp got my an appt at the gynea clinic of the maternity hospital. I was in and out over a few months having scans and so on. nothing conclusive, they thought there may be a small water filled cyst but nothing serious.

last September I had the old blood spotting as usual. but I could somehow tell it didn't turn into real af and charting confirmed this. we weren't ttc. The day my temp was due to go up i got a bfp! this was a Saturday and I had a follow up appt at the hospital on the Monday. the consultant said that water filled cysts can come and go, nothing to worry about etc. I said ok, and also i just had a bfp! She took me to the scan dept and the little bean was there!

as I was still bleeding usually old blood I had a few early scans, there was an area inside the womb near the baby where the bleed seemed to be coming from. I bled around the time my af was due for the first 3 months.

perfect pregnancy and birth, dd now 7mo and chatting to herself in cot, had better go get her!

good luck everyone!

PS af started again in November, am still bfing, no spotting just normal cycle.

pippilongsmurfing Sat 28-Jan-12 09:54:54

This thread has really interested me as now Metformin has regulated my cycle to 41 days, on day 38, 39, and 40 I get a sort of red spotting.
Not enough to need to wear a liner or anything, just a little noticeable when I wipe, then on day 41 AF starts in full flow.

Any advise as to what is going on, and is my cycle really 41 days, or does the first day of spotting count as the first day of the cycle????! confused

Thanks M'snetters

TuesdayNightClub Sat 28-Jan-12 11:09:42

pippi that's what I was going to ask as well - does anyone know what the definitive answer is on when to start counting your cycle from? Is it the first day of spotting? It's so light that it somehow just seems "wrong"

CareBear1 Sat 28-Jan-12 12:48:38

I've read lots of places that say count from 1st day of full flow, also if you use the fertility friend site and add in all your details like temps, spotting, periods, cm etc it calculates your day 1 for you (always been on 1st day of actual period days on my charts) and tells you when you ovulate.

Aloha31 Sat 28-Jan-12 14:01:22

pippi and tue the only way to tell when you have spotting before is by charting. I could somehow tell the difference between the spotting and the real AF and the temp change corresponded with this. I was in a real mess before I started charting but after a cycle I knew where I was. Day one of real AF is cycle day 1.

I remember being very worried, apart from the inconvenience (to say the least!) of spotting so much, about the possibility that I may be infertile. I think I started taking agnus castus (not recommended when ttc I think, but I wasn't) to try to sort my cycle out. Accupuncture helped a bit over time. I remember wanting to sort it out as I thought I'd want to ttc in a few years, then I fell pregnant by surprise.

This book is great for explaining it all, and there is a website too.

whereismywine Sat 28-Jan-12 17:03:46

Thank you very much for this story alhoa I think the trouble is that when people have spotting and arent trying they maybe dont notice as much or spotters get pregnant and don't think to post on threads like these beacuse they have other things to think about! So it is so helpful for you to post this.

I can't remember if I said, after my lap and dye in December (where they found a fibroid) I had zero spotting before my period. It just started. How mysterious our bodies are.

Quodlibet Sun 29-Jan-12 14:40:52

Anyone else find they have spotting some cycles and not others? I've had a look at my last year's worth of charting and I reckon I'm getting significant spotting in lp about 1/3 of cycles.

belgina Sun 29-Jan-12 16:23:48

Hi all.

Just a positive note here: I started spotting about 3-4 days pre AF after dc1 was born, I went on to have 2 successful pregnancies after that and conceived without any problem. We're TTC no4 now, but this hasn't been easy so far (13m and 2 misc so farsad). I still have spotting, but don't blame our troubles on that given my history.

WeeLors Sun 29-Jan-12 17:24:43

Hi everyone,

I've got good news and bad news.

I've had spotting since I came off the pill about 4yrs ago. At that time it was prob about 2-3 days before AF. Had absolutely no problems conceiving DS a couple of years ago despite the spotting (only took once), though I remember I didn't get any spotting the month I conceived (prob cos the egg had already implanted?).

Anyway, ttc #2 just now with no luck so far (only been 3mths though). The difference now is that since I had DS the spotting has gradually gotten longer and now tends to start on CD21 and last til CD26. I now either start my period on CD26 or the spotting stops for a day or two and then I start AF. Got no idea whats made it worse, been to gp but she's not carried out a lot of tests yet (just did a smear and tested for infection so far). She did say I have a cervical erosion but afaik that tends to cause post-sex bleeding rather than cyclic bleeding so not convinced thats the cause. At first I just assumed it was high prolactin from breastfeeding (which can affect progesterone levels) but been stopped a year now so would've thought it'd be sorted by now. Going to start taking B-50 (high dose B-complex) this month and also Agnus castus to see if it'll regulate things - really frustrating!!! Definately timing swi right too so had just assumed it would be as easy as last time.

Anyway, I assume from my experience that the length of time you're spotting may make a difference if its hormone related. As long as the egg has at least 10 days to implant then it should be ok.

P.S. Has anybody here had their thyroid checked? It can affect fertility and cause spotting if levels are low. Other symptoms are tiredness, weight gain and cold hands and feet. Stress can also do the same by depleting the adrenal glands. Both these conditions can deplete zinc which is related to progesterone production so maybe a zinc supplement would be beneficial too? I'm no expert though.....

Aloha31 Mon 30-Jan-12 05:59:20

I think in my case it may have been related to adrenal fatigue wee. and my "spotting" was usually two weeks before af usually lasting the full two weeks.

WeeLors Mon 30-Jan-12 09:45:33

Yeah, I read a lot about that last year aloha. I had a copper coil put in after DS was born and it didn't agree with me at all. Started researching it since there's no hormones in it and there seems to be a link to copper overload and hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction and adrenal burnout. In terms of hormone balance, copper is directly related to estrogen and when its too high will deplete zinc which is linked to progesterone. Don't think the copper coil would effect everyone in that way but if you've already got slightly high estrogen then it wouldn't help. Think quite a few women are a wee bit copper/estrogen dominant without realising it, there's just so many chemical estrogens in the environment nowadays too. I'm trying to balance it out a bit with diet etc just in case but its hard when high copper foods are bread and chocolate grin

For those of you who've had your progesterone checked and it came out fine, I really wonder what's causing it - fibroids maybe? Suppose the good thing is that if progesterone is fine then an egg has the ability to implant ok so thats a bonus but really frustrating all the same not knowing. Would def recommend a B-complex though (can't remember if someone has already suggested it), B-vits are really important in making sure your eggs mature properly (can take 3mths to work though). Oh and also red raspberry leaf tea. Women generally take it in the last trimester of pregnancy to help with labour but its actually great to take at any time cos it tones the uterus and is chockful of hormone-healthy vitamins. Its not a labour-inducer as many people think so actually quite safe before and in the early stages of pregnancy. I have a wee cup most mornings to give my uterus a wee bit of daily exercise grin

Can you tell I'm one of those folk that googles the life out of anything that might potentially be wrong with me?? blush

whereismywine sorry I didnt reply to your earlier post, Ive been a bit awol over the past week or so.

They are not doing anything about my fibroids, even though i have been told I have lots they are small the biggest is about 4 cm across. (pretty big to me) When I was pg, they started to grow, I had a cluster of them that reached about 17 cm but that was a bit of an estimate. I also suffered from red degeneration where one of them had got to big for its blood supply and started to strink and die and it was so painful, I woould rather go throught labour again.
I have fibroids inside my womb wall, so they are not considered dangerous, but I was told that it might be marginally more difficult for me to conceive as my wall lining is so bumpy. I guess that is why I spot, as if it was all smooth in there everything would be able to come out unhindered but its got lots of obstacles blocing it which i guess is why I spot.

If you want to pm me about fribroids and my treatment during pg please pm, me I would be happy to share.

Pipbin Tue 21-Feb-12 21:55:12

Did anyone ever get any answers?

I've been taking a vitamin b complex this month and my spotting is worse than ever!

MrsHY1 Tue 21-Feb-12 22:07:31

Afraid not Pipbin! I'm due to start IVF next month but that's not as a direct result of the spotting- I fall into the 'unexplained' category...

Pipbin Tue 21-Feb-12 22:23:20

Did they ever say anything about the spotting?

ISpyPlumPie Tue 21-Feb-12 22:26:06

Just found this thread. I'm another one who thought it was normal to have a couple of days' brown spotting before AF really starts, as I've had this most months as far back as I can remember. In fact, when I was first pg with DS it was because the spotting didn't seem to be cranking up after a few days (and a weird gut feeling) that led me to POAS. When I discussed the spotting with the mw, she said it had probably been an implantation bleed. This made sense at the time, but reading this I'm starting to wonder.

It did take about 8 months to get pg, which I know is completely normal, but coupled with a history of mid-cycle spotting while on the pill (smears/sti tests all clear) and v heavy periods when not taking it, I'm beginning to think there is a possibilty of an imbalance somewhere - my mum had lots of issues ttc, so might be a bit of family history too.

Only v recently started ttc again and got a bit excited last month as the spotting went on for 4/5 days again but got a bfn followed by full-on AF the next day. Just really hope spotting is 'normal' for me and everything will be fine again, rather than it turning out that we just got v lucky with DS.

Pipbin Tue 21-Feb-12 22:31:09

It makes me wonder that if so many of us do get it the maybe it is normal.

I've now had 4 days of spotting. Just when I wipe, and a tiny mark on a panty liner. It's brown mainly, with a little pink and some clots.
This is the longest it's been since I've come off the pill.

ISpy Do you mean that you normally had spotting and it was because it didn't slow down that you thought you might be pg?

CareBear1 Tue 21-Feb-12 22:41:46

my mum said she always had this and never had problems getting pg.

Funnily, i've just had a month with practically no spotting, and a very pretty chart, but still bfn. Not sure the two things correlate!

Pipbin Tue 21-Feb-12 22:50:34

Has the spotting ever been mentioned by doctors etc?

ISpyPlumPie Tue 21-Feb-12 22:55:39

I normally get one or two days of spotting (brown discharge) then red blood (proper AF). When I was pg, the brown dicharge just carried on - it's only quite slight, bit of a mark on a liner and when I wipe- and after 5 days I did the test. Tbh, I really just did it to put to rest the weird niggly feeling I had that because I hadn't had any red blood I might be pg - and lo and behold I was! Didn't even wait for DH to get home before poas, as thought it would be negative and the spotting was just going on for a bit longer than normal before af.
It did carry on for about a week iirc, which hadn't happened before - didn't really increase in amount and then just stopped. It made me doubt I was 'really' pg though and don't think I believed it until I saw the little bean on the scan.

Pipbin Tue 21-Feb-12 23:00:47

Thats interesting ISpy thanks for that. Good to know that you got pg even with spotting.
Problem is that it makes me hold out hope that my spotting is not going to turn into AF, which I'm sure it is.

ISpyPlumPie Tue 21-Feb-12 23:27:36

Well I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it doesn't and you get a bfp too. If not, I hope you are able to find out if it is what's standing in the way and that it can be sorted.

ImpatientOne Tue 21-Feb-12 23:33:31

I'm in TWW at the moment. On B vits this month & spotting due from tomorrow...

Don't want to steal any thunder but have spotted (get it grin ) that a previous poster on this thread has recently announced a BFP so hopefully she will return to reassure us all smile

Whysoserious Wed 29-Feb-12 21:33:45

Hi ladies

I've been absent from mumsnet for quite some time but just wanted to give you an update. I've been ttc for 6 months now and worried about the spotting I've been getting 4 days before af.

Anyhoo, to cut to the chase I actually got a BFP this eve (12dpo) when I realised my spotting hadnt started (I say 'realised' - I was obviously pant watching like a hawk!) There has been no spotting at all so far, but fairly bad period pains for the past few days which are quite uncomfortable in the evening. I'm hoping beyond hope that it sticks and everything is ok but I am going to go straight to my docs and ask for my progesterone levels to be checked as am worried that, if that is what caused the spotting then there may be an issue with pregnancy. Bit worried about that actually. Also as I'm only 12dpo still a likelihood of chemical pregnancy (wow i'm being a bit doom and gloom aren't I! -just don't want to get my hopes up at his stage)

Basically, despite spotting I CAN get pregnant and there has been no spotting so far this cycle (up to CD30/12dpo) so it is possible guys! gringrin

Pipbin Wed 29-Feb-12 22:04:41

Hurrah for the BFP!

As you say, further proof that a BFP and spotting can go together.

ImpatientOne Wed 29-Feb-12 23:08:47

Congratulations Why grin

Keeping everything crossed for you, keep us up to date smile

Ooh, I was just having a google on spotting and came back to this thread. That's fabulous news Whyso! Sending you lots of positive baby-vibes smile

I feel brave enough to post on this thread now.

I have had spotting before AF since I stopped the pill in Jan 11. It really worried me and sometimes would last 5 days before AF. This coupled with some dodgy/low progesterone readings sent me into a tail spin about short luteal phases.

I got 2 BFPs in June and then agian in September. I had had spotting before both and they both ended in chemical pregnancies.

I am now 6 weeks pregnant (and scan confirmed a heart beat yesterday, still very very early but NOT a chemical pregnancy this time at least). I had no spotting at all with this pregnancy before AF was due. I had some brown discharge at about 4+5 and thought things were heading in the same depressing direction but it stopped and HCG were rising so I think it was just implantation.

I think I did have a low progesterone problem when I came off the pill and it was partly addressed by acupunture, high dose B vitamins (100mg) and just time off the pill!

I am on clexane and progesterone for this pregnancy and we shall see (fingers crossed!) but I wanted to offer some hope to those with pre AF spotting. Good luck to everyone.

ImpatientOne Thu 15-Mar-12 13:11:39

Thanks for coming back and sharing farfalla and congratulations grin

When did you start the progesterone? Did GP prescribe it after BFP?

Yes I started after BFP and will take it until 12 weeks I believe (I need to check and just taking it one day at a time!)

blondel Thu 15-Mar-12 23:09:51

Like many others this is normal for me. I've just had blood taken on Monday (results due next week), I've got an appointment for a smear and day 21 bloods booked in. I'll see if they say anything. I just viewed it as a warning that AF was coming and don't remember a time when it didn't happen. In fact my whole AF can be that way at times!

Sorry for my ignorance but what's a chemical pregnancy?

blondel a chemical pregnancy is a very early miscarriage, before 6 weeks i.e. it can only be confirmed chemically via a test and not via scan as nothing would be visible.

Sometimes it happens very very early and people test before their AF was due, get a BFP and their period arrives on time or a few days late. Others (liek me) it happens a week or 2 weeks after AF due.

blondel Fri 16-Mar-12 11:40:48

Jeez! This whole thing is a minefield! We've been ttc for a while (18 months or there abouts.) I've turned to mumsnet because I was looking for tips and ideas. I've since used ovulation kits and learned a whole load of things I never knew about. I've got to the stage that I think we need answers, so hence the tests with the GP and a referral to the clinic.

To think when I was first having sex I was so paranoid, using condoms and the pill! I was worried about that one slip being all it took to have an unwanted pregnancy. Now I want it to happen nothing seems to work...

A chemical pregnancy sounds so cruel. I hope that things happen for you soon. x

Thanks blondel I am actually almost 7 weeks pregnant at the moment, very early days but NOT a chemical at least which is important for me!

Best of luck with it all and I hope the GP has some answers for you.

bettergetamoveon Fri 16-Mar-12 14:00:10


I also get spotting, usually for around 5 days before AF and for just once or twice a day. This has happened for the last 3 months or so. The good news is AF is due today and I haven't spotted this month at all! I don't know if it's a fliuke and I will spot next month but here are the things that were different this month:
I've now been on B vits for over a month - low dose + multi-vit at same time.
Drank Organic milk instead of my usual
Ran 7 days out of 10 nat the sstat of the cycle
Floored with flu like symptoms for a week during OV, didn't eat much that week (not that I recommend that)!
Teaspoon of Manuka Honey every morning (Cheap Aldi stuff). i doubt this made a difference though?
Have drank very little alcohol which isn't like me!

So who knows what has changed this month? I do know that too much alcohol/exercise/junk food or too little food combined with lots of exercise all affect my cycles.

On a last note, a few years ago I had brown spotting for most of the month, for months on end. Had no idea why. I wasn't on pill or anything. So specalists etc scanned me and the only thing they came up with was 'hormonal imbablance'. I was asked if we were TTC and we weren't, so I was given some pills (no idea what, but not good if TTC) and only took them for a month. After that my cycles were perfect and remained so for years. I went on to have DS couple of years later, we TTC him for 9 months.

So my AF due today, CD 26. THis is my new worry now as I only have an 8 day LP. At least the spotting seems sorted out at the moment smile

bettergetamoveon Fri 16-Mar-12 14:01:01

Oh dear, I should really proof read blush

blondel Fri 16-Mar-12 16:46:05

Congratulations farfallarocks!

MrsHY1 Sat 17-Mar-12 15:00:20

Congrats farfallarocks - that's great news!
Hope things happen for you soon blondel
And bettergetamoveon - hope your luteal phase ends up being nine months long (!) - did AF turn up today?
AFM, after 18 months of perfectly timed sex without even a whiff of a BFP, blood tests, SA and a hycosy which showed no abnormalities - we're sacking trying to get pregnant naturally off and are progressing to IVF. My spotting (which always starts like clockwork around 5/6 dpo and is brown and sludgey (sorry!)) started on Weds so AF should be here Mon/Tues. I then start the pill (yes, the actual pill!) for 21 days before stimming for 10-14 days. I've got an enormous pile of drugs under my bed and four boxes of pre-filled injections in my fridge! I'm excited that we're taking a step in the right direction but daunted about self-injecting, the dreaded egg collection procedure and how I'll feel if it doesn't work first time. Oh well, it's now or never!
Good luck to everyone else x

highlove Sat 17-Mar-12 15:15:33

Hi Mrs, glad to hear things are moving forward for you. Have you talked to your IVF clinic about the spotting? Really hope you get lucky first go. We've given ourselves a cut off of this summer to proceed to IVF as that will be 18months for us. Am on probably my last cycle of Clomid with good Ov but no hint of a BFP but am hoping we might try injectibles and IUI for a couple of cycles...if no joy by June/July then we bring on the big guns, so to speak!! Am seeing my consultant this week to discuss next steps and planning to push him on the spotting AGAIN...

Amazing news farfall, huge congratulations. You must be over the moon!

MrsHY1 Sat 17-Mar-12 18:12:02

Thanks Highlove.
It was interesting actually- the first doctor I saw at the ACU dismissed my spotting and short luteal phase (8-10 days) out of hand, whereas when I had my IVF consult with one of the lead consultants (at the same ACU) he said the spotting could be indicative of progesterone falling more quickly than it should (especially given the luteal phase). However, when I told him my 7dpo prog result (65, and i'd been spotting quite a bit since 6dpo), he said low prog was unlikely to be the issue. So.., who knows??
With me there seems to be a variety of issues- late O, short LP, PCO, spotting, so it could be one of those or a combo of all of them, or something else entirely!angry
I hope your appt goes well, and of course am keeping everything crossed that the last Clomid course does the trick x

Pipbin Mon 19-Mar-12 07:02:19

Argh. Spotting already today and I'm only 4dpo. Seems like the vitamin b6 has done nothing.

ImpatientOne Mon 19-Mar-12 10:46:05

Aw Pipbin that's early?

Last month was my first month on B Vits and the spotting started later but went on for longer confused I'm 3 dpo now so keeping an open mind.

Hope it works out for you smile

Pipbin Mon 19-Mar-12 12:58:03

Last cycle spotting started at 5dpo so it's not that bad. Also this is just very watery brown, not the thick sludge (grim I know) that I normally get.

ImpatientOne Mon 19-Mar-12 14:26:13

Mine was definitely different last month so maybe it is the B Vits doing something - just not what we hoped! I currently have a lot of CM (TMI sorry) which is a bit weird, just another thing to note on my one of many chart smile

highlove Mon 19-Mar-12 20:25:14

I've had a mixed experience with b6 too. First cycle only had 24 hours spotting starting at 13dpo so I really thought I'd cracked it. But last cycle I started spotting at 8dpo and had five days before AF. It did seem lighter though, more watery and fewer clots...sorry way TMI! Anyway am sticking with it this cycle so we'll see what happens.

orangefizz Fri 23-Mar-12 20:29:48

ooh have just read thread with interest. Here is my story wink I have always had really regular AFs and conceived DC1 in first month of trying, then a year after periods returned tried for DC2. After first month of trying got spotting for 2 days before AF for the very first time and wondered what it was about. Then conceived on month 2, no spotting at all and normal pregnancy. Since AF returned have been getting spotting for 2 days before more and more (but not every month). Going to TTC in next couple of months so was wondering if it was going to be a problem. Seems its fairly normal, so fingers crossed.

Out of interest when i conceived DC2 i counted the 'first day of my last period' as the day the spotting started and that fitted the dates that the scan gave so i now count first day of AF when spotting starts...

Good luck to all the TTC spotters!!

MollyMoo32 Mon 02-Apr-12 16:48:38

Hi all

Am quite excited to have a found a thread that's current about spotting, after reading ones that date back to 2006 for a few weeks now!
I have spotting for between 5 and 7 days directly before AF starts and have had this since I stopped taking the pill about 6 years ago. I came off the pill because I got breakthrough bleeding with it and after trying a third pill (which also gave me mood swings) I decided not to bother thinking that I would go back to my quite heavy, but fairly regular thanks v much, periods! That never happened though, the spotting started and has carried on ever since!
It has always bothered me because it's a pain in the backside but it's only really started to worry me in last 12 months as had a new partner and knew we would most likely want to ttc at some point. We're at that point now and only on month 1 of trying and am already paranoid! :-D
Have got an appt at Drs on 12th to try and put my mind at rest but am guessing I'll just be told it's "normal".
It is good to see that a couple of spotters on here have had a bfp...fingers crossed!

ImpatientOne Mon 02-Apr-12 23:48:33

Welcome Mollymoo - I have a doctors apt on 11th so we can compare notes!! My spotting has been worse - starting about 7dpo for 5/6 days since starting prenatal vits??? Anyway off to the docs although expecting to get fobbed off with a 'wait & see' hmm

minipie Wed 04-Apr-12 17:03:26

Just thought I would share my experience as I am a "spotter" and finally got a BFP last week smile.

I usually get spotting from about 5/6 days before AF is due. It starts off very light, just brown tinged cm usually, then gets heavier and sludgier and then becomes AF.

This time (BFP month) I got a little bit of bright red blood 5 days before AF. I assumed it was the usual pre AF spotting. Then the same the next day, 4 days before AF. Then on 3 days before AF, just a little tiny bit of brown tinge in my cm. 2 days before AF, I got a BFP and have had just clear/creamy cm since then - no blood at all.

So basically, I did still get some spotting in the BFP month, but it was bright red rather than brown (though did get some brown after the bright red), and it stopped rather than increasing. Maybe therefore it was really the fabled implantation bleeding rather than spotting?

bettergetamoveon Wed 11-Apr-12 09:56:56

Good positive news minipie, there's hope for us then.

I posted last month (just a few posts up) and everything was great - no spotting at all last month. This month I have been going through A LOT of stress (FIL put in hospice etc) and because of this and other things I've been drinking too much and eating terribly. Slept has beeen awful all month. Guess what? My spotting has been the worse it's been in years AND I only had 21 day cycle. For me i am sure that my lifestyle is the biggest indicator of how my cycle is going to go. Decided to turn the slobbery on it's head and be back to a healthy lifestyle this month.

Pipbin Thu 19-Apr-12 23:26:30

Well I'm 5dpo with very light brown spotting this morning and bright red this evening after a bowel movement.
Any rays of hope out there?

heatherbee36 Sat 21-Apr-12 19:56:16

Hi ladies, another spotter!

I wanted to share my experience too - I have endured heavy spotting for a number of years that starts anywhere from 4dpo to 7 days before AF. It can range from light brown light flow to sludgey black goop (sorry!)

I did get pregnant last July but mc in September - I was still spotting when I got my BFP so it can be done! Since losing the baby the spotting has come back just as before and I have been back and forth to the doctors for the usual tests-all come back normal! I'm SO fed up with being fobbed off with 'it's normal'! I sometimes think I have become obsessed with finding a REASON for it and the closest I got to an answer was from a gynae/obs specialist saying it could be due to a 'fragile uterine lining' I really had to demand this explaination though!

sigh thanks for listening ladies - I'm so glad there is a spotters thread!


Pipbin Sun 22-Apr-12 14:43:38

Sorry for your loss Heather, its great that you can take something positive from the experience.
I do wonder if it is normal to spot. After all, why would we all be being told its normal if it isn't?
I wonder how many women spot and never mention it or worry about it because they have never had trouble getting pregnant?

Christelle2207 Sun 22-Apr-12 14:45:44

So pleased it's not just me. Been ttc#1 for six months now and for last three months have had on and off spotting (pink or brown usually) 2-4 days before AF sending me up the wall wondering what it was. Now surely it's no coincidence that I've only had this since TTC which surely means the two are connected .

Pipbin Sun 22-Apr-12 15:50:53

Or Christelle is it the case that you have never looked at your cycle in such depth?

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not doubting what you say, but I have to say that I'm fairly sure I used to spot before I was TTC but I couldn't hand-on-heart say it was the case. I just never paid that much attention to my cycle.

I'm desperately clinging to hope here. I have had less spotting than normal, but yesterday, 8dpo I had red spotting. Today, so far, nothing.

ImpatientOne Sun 22-Apr-12 15:56:24

Hi ladies smile

I am quietly celebrating getting to 10dpo without any spotting for the first time in 3 months! It's only CD26 so not exactly 'late' yet but that's not stopped me testing twice and running to the loo every half hour blush

Am pretty sure I'm not pg but am at least glad to have managed a half decent LP as last few months spotting has started 8/9 dpo.

I have had a couple of courses of antibiotics over the last few months which seem to have delayed ovulation - I also had 4/5 days of spotting then rather than usual 2/3. All things to think about.

I did go and see my GP this month as the spotting was really concerning me (especially as taking B vits and no improvement) and although he was lovely and not dismissive he did basically just tell me to be patient and keep trying! He said that there are things can that be done to 'help implantation' but that I shouldn't worry yet that there's any specific problem (ttc 8 months after 13 years on the pill)

Hope everyone else is getting on ok smile

Christelle2207 Sun 22-Apr-12 17:19:06

pipbin yes if I am completely honest with myself I think that's a possibility, even if I definitely don't specifically remember.
I honestly didn't think this was normal, but at least I feel reassured now. Next time it happens I will assume that AF is on its way and not drive myself crazy.

Pipbin Mon 23-Apr-12 18:20:56

My spotting has been less this month and I have been taking vitamin b6.
However I had spotting today during my run and after a number 2.
Other than that, nothing.

(why do I find myself sharing these things with random strangers like you guys?)

ImpatientOne Mon 23-Apr-12 19:00:26

Pipbin I don't know why we do it either grin

I'm on 11 dpo (CD27) & still no sign... maybe our B6 has finally started working!

Pipbin Mon 23-Apr-12 19:05:42

How much have you been taking Imaptiant?

ImpatientOne Mon 23-Apr-12 20:42:16

Not loads - just Sanatogen mother-to-be which has 2.6mg 186% of RDA.
I compared it with loads of specific B vits but none seemed to have more (Holland & Barret) so just went for that. I'm a bit wary with some of the prenatal stuff as I have chronic constipation anyway so don't like taking lots of iron really blush

This is my 3rd cycle on it and first one where I've got past 8dpo without spotting but as I said I had been on antibiotics for 1 week in the first 2 months of the vitamins. The spotting was actually worse then so I was a bit disheartened but seems to be settling down - I hope!

My cycle varies from 26 - 31 days and I'm on CD27 now, really trying not to get hopes up but failing miserably! grin

Pipbin Mon 23-Apr-12 20:48:08

Sounds very promising Impatient.
My spotting is better than it has been, but still there.

Pipbin Fri 25-May-12 23:03:09

Well I thought i would pass this on.
I've taken 100mg of b complex every day this cycle and only started spotting on day 11 which I suspect is the start of AF.
It really made a difference.

JJ29 Thu 31-May-12 22:39:13

Just wanted to respond to the original post.
I too had been experiencing spotting 4-5 days before AF since my early 30s (I'm now 39).
In my case, it turned out to be polyps; I had them both on my cervix and in my uterus. I had them removed to make sure they were benign, and they were. They nearly always are, the doctor said. They're really just a nuisance problem, but they can be responsible for spotting before periods.
And yes, I was still able to conceive even with the spotting.

minipie Fri 01-Jun-12 17:57:55

That's interesting JJ29 did the polyps also cause spotting during your pregnancy?

I had bleeding for 4-5 days before AF, am now pregnant, have been having spotting on and off from weeks 6 to 12. I am convinced it is coming from my cervix - mainly because there has been no sign of blood in my uterus/placenta etc on scans. Just wondered if you had this?

MrsT31 Thu 07-Jun-12 14:03:16

Hi there, I'm new to Mumsnet. Just wanted to pop in here and thank you for this thread - it's been very useful smile

I recently miscarried my first baby at 6-7 weeks sad I've always spotted 2-3 days leading up to my full AF but never thought anything of it; now I'm thinking there could be a potential link. Reading all your stories and advise on various vitamins etc. has helped me to feel brave enough to possibly try again at some point soon.

Whysoserious Sun 10-Jun-12 09:32:26

Hi all

OP here.
I just wanted to give you all an update. Pregnancy is going well. 19 weeks today and have 20 week scan next week so fingers crossed for that. NO spotting/bleeding whatsoever.

Have been very anxious throughout so far and I think this is due to the fact that I used to spot before AF and almost convinced myself something was wrong before I got oregnant. Im just starting to accept now that there obviously was not.

So despite the spotting, I managed to get pregnant in 6 months (on holiday, relaxation makes a HUGE difference) and so far my body has been able to sustain the pregnancy up to 19 weeks. Fingers crossed all will continue smoothly and I will have a healthy baby in Oct/Nov smile

I hope to hear about many more success stories in here. Good luck ladies and, while spotting should always be investigated, if like me no reason for it can be found then don't get too hung up on it being an issue - it's clearly not smile

mummycrabb Thu 09-Aug-12 15:28:57

I've always had 1-2 days of spotting before each period (always brown, never pink/red) However, last month I has 5 days of spotting (9 July) followed by an awful 4 day visit from AF (14 July). Have been trying to conceive this month, had some pink spotting for 2 days about a week ago & had a positive test yesterday (8 August)!!!!! My problem now is that I'm not sure which is my "first day"! The test said that I was 2-3 weeks so I'm guessing I should count it as the 9th. All very confusing :s

PuppyMummy Thu 09-Aug-12 17:06:41

hi not read this whole thread so apologies if this has been mentioned.
I used to get occasional spotting between periods when on the pill, when I ran more than 2 packs on together.

when I asked the nurse while having a smear she had a look and said I had an eroded cervix.
she said it was just a rough area of cells that happens due to the pill. she said it wouldn't impact on conception and would go if I came off the pill.

I only ever had spotting if I ran the packs on without a break though.

londonkiwi Wed 15-Aug-12 11:52:46

I'm a little late coming to this thread, but just wanted to share my experience, I have been a spotter for many years - usually light brownish for a couple of days before AF starts. I have two children each conceived in first month of trying, so there is hope for spotters!

We are currently ttc number 3. Sadly my husband is on medication which means we can't conceive naturally, so are doing iui with his frozen sperm sample. The IUI procedure happened 13 days ago but spotting started a couple of days ago (12 DPO). I assume that AF is on the way but maybe not? I had spotting in the early weeks of both my previous pregnancies (around weeks 5-7) and have not had any miscarriages, so am not worried about light bleeding per se, but more that it's happening this early. Oh well, pregnancy test on friday will confirm, unless AF hits with full force before then.

mkpk Sun 02-Feb-14 18:06:08

my periods started on 5th jan and i ovulated on 23rd
(ttc) after 5 days i stared spotting from brown discharge to pink and then some fresh blood and the spotting continues, I thought it could be an implantation bleeding when i took an pregnancy test it came out negative. is this hinting me some problem???

bevloft1992 Tue 24-Jun-14 09:23:49

I ovulated on the 3rd of June I know this as I was testing everyday me and my partner had intercourse 3rd and 4th my period was due 23rd of June but I was getting spotting then on the 15th I started spotting again for 3 days then on the forth I got what I thought was my period it normally lasts 5 days this was only two days of bleeding not that heavy then it went back to brown discharge I still have it now and we are on the 24th!! Could anyone give me some advice

AngieBaby333 Thu 31-Jul-14 06:59:21

Hi, Ladies.

I've just joined here and it's my first time in this community. I'm 35 years old and DH and I have been actively TTC our first baby since January 2014. It's been 6 months now (we didn't BD in June because of travels) and so far, no bean in the bag. :-( I just got my period today and it painted me depressive. Just wanted to share my TTC diary for July 2014 just in case any of you may have had similar experiences. For the record, I have a history of spotting 2-3 days prior to any of my monthly periods - this has only been happening in my 30's and I believe the case has been such for the past 4 years now at least. My cycles are always between 29-30 days and they arrive like clockwork - likewise, so does my "spotting" work. I consistently spot 2 days prior to my periods, e.g. if my period arrived today (bright red blood), I would have spotted yesterday and the day before (dark brown spots). I have an idea when I ovulate, and DH and I have always BD-ed on the 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th and 20th of every cycle, during my fertile times. However, it has been BFNs to date. I wanted to bring to attention especially what happened this month (July), as the sequence was truly odd. I always got my period between the first three days of every month; and as usual, the two days of spotting which then converts into a full blown period. The month of July however, I was taken aback to see that I spotted FIVE days before my period! This has NEVER happened ever before, and to make things worse, i experienced a buffet of pregnancy symptoms. Hence, my first thought was, could this be the "bean in the bag" month. Sadly doubt it. Here's the chronology of events:

26th July @ PM
- Dark brown spotting. So weird - it came five days earlier than its normal visits! Too much chocolate?? Implantation bleeding?? First time it has ever happened this way. Feeling mild pinching twinges on my right side, mild stomach cramping, flu like symptom, dizzy/limbo feeling in head, fatigued, headaches, irritable, gassy - and feeling just bloody lost! Also noticed prominent Montgomery Tubercles (like raised whiteheads) around the areolas of my nipples.

27th July
- Very light brown (almost pink; like fading away) and extremely scanty spotting. Never had this ever before. Felt strange, mild muscle like pulls around abdomen, fatigued, dazed, gassy. Sore breasts. Also felt mild intermittent electric sensation jabs through breasts. Light pink vagina swipe @ 11pm.

28th July
- Very, very light (almost fading) brown/pinkish spotting. Slightly sore breasts. Slightly dazed/dizzy. Feeling some weird "activities" around low pelvic/belly area, stuffy nose, hungrier.

29th July
- Did a home pregnancy test @ 9.30am with first urine of the morning - BFN. No spotting so far. Not so hungry, fatigued, headache, slightly dazed. Feeling a stab of pain on and off on lower left/right pelvic whenever I make a turn to any side. 5.49pm - Just went to pee; wiped vagina with tissue and it had some light brown residue, but no stains or spots on panty. Went to pee again 30 mins later and after wiping with tissue, NO residue! Seriously freaking confused. 9.40pm - Took a pee; wiped vagina with tissue and it had some light pink residue, but no stain on panty; feeling a little "gush" down there - period?? Implantation bleeding?? Sudden headache right now (night). Shooting pain through right breast (pressed it and its sore!).

30th July
- Period arrived 2-3 days earlier than expected, not happened before and NEVER twice in a month. AM - medium flow, not as heavy and bloody at all as it should be on Day One (I would normally be changing pads or tampons every 3-4 hours), but I hardly got to two pads on Day One; this is abnormal, never happened before. PM - light flow; this is unusually abnormal!! WTH?!

31st July
- Light flow. Very abnormal. Day Two should have also been a very heavy flow. What I see on the pad is all blood (liquid) coupled with globs of eggwhite mucus - NO clots so far.

Even more sickening when symptoms are quite promising and "Flo Rida" gets all down, down, down! That's the thing - I don't quite know if it's my period - it's a very STRANGE Wizard of Oz kind of period, really. I've never ever had a flow like this before in the history of my periods. Usually, the 1st and 2nd days of all my periods are the heaviest, i.e. bucket loads of liquid blood coupled with globs of mucus and clots (which I presume is the dead uterine lining and egg). It's the 2nd day of my cycle today and the period is light, so was yesterday's (1st day of period). No clots whatsoever to date (I usually see massive clots on 1st and 2nd days of my periods), just blood and mucus.

Maybe a weirdo period just visited me finally. Or a period's period.

Just wanted to know if anyone has ever experienced something similar to my situation above, yet received a BFP after their "period"? Oh, pardon my super long post. Just plain disappointed and depressed. Sigh.

Dbarar Thu 31-Jul-14 15:08:21

Just found this thread, and it's exactly what I've been looking for! My DH and I have been TTC since December with no luck. Since going off bc, I've had spotting (usually light brown/pink, rarely a bright red) that starts a day after ovulation (according to my chart) and lasts until AF shows up. I went in to my gyno in May to have this looked at. She sent me for an ultrasound to rule out any problems. I had a cyst, but it has since resolved (had another us in July to confirm). She never mentioned cervical erosion; in fact, she always tells me I have a beautiful cervix. So there don't seem to be any issues. She concluded it's just a hormonal thing that I'll have to deal with until I'm pregnant.

This month, I'm now 7 dpo, and the spotting hasn't showed up. I've been experiencing a bit of light twinges of pain in my abdomen (both sides), a lot of headaches recently, heartburn just started this morning (for no reason, I ate nothing out of the ordinary), tired, general digestive issues. All signs I've gotten before that resulted in bfns every time. But the lack of spotting is throwing me off completely! Anyone else who has experienced the spotting find that they didn't spot the month they conceived?

Butler4 Thu 31-Jul-14 15:25:22

Hi I normally have brown spotting which turns pink and lasts about a week, before turning to af. I have been ttc #1 for 19 months now. Have had this spotting before af now for roughly 9 months

I have had all tests done and had an hsg in June. I am in the same boat as you on cycle day 28 and this is the first cycle in about 9 months where I haven't had the spotting yet. Quietly hoping for a BFP but won't be due to test until Monday as today only 11 dpo! Eek! Normally average cycle for me is 28-30 days.

Anyway sorry I'm not much help but I do know how dreadful it feels to see that spotting so quickly and how disheartening it is month after month. Fingers crossed you get a BFP too.

Would be nice to hear of other peoples similar experiences and can hopefully report back on Monday .

Dbarar Thu 31-Jul-14 15:52:09

I'm also quietly hoping for a bfp! Haven't said a word to my DH because he's recently been getting his hopes up nearly as high as mine! I'm about a week away from testing, so we'll see what happens. Fingers crossed you get your bfp!

angelaham Thu 31-Jul-14 22:19:34

I came off the pill in December and my period is slowly getting back to my normal 28 day cycle I have noticed for a few months I have spotted brown blood two days before period starts, this month I started spotting brown blood from 6 dpo for 6 days , convinced it was implantation bleeding then on Monday my period turns up, totally gutted, and also worried about the spotting , a few people have said its prob due to being on the pill for so long and my body getting back to normal .

AngieBaby333 Fri 01-Aug-14 10:03:52

Hi, hope all of you get your BFPs soon! Just analysed my pad this morning:

1st August
- 9.30am: A glob of egg white mucus and blood, no clots or anything else. Felt twinges around lower left pelvic area in the later part of the morning. 12.40pm: Three blood spots on panty (decided not to wear a pad this morning since there were imminent signs that "Flo Rida" was leaving the scene"). Bent to wipe my face and felt slightly dizzy; feeling slightly feverish and really, really sleepy! Vagina wipes (after peeing) are all very light pink at this point. Feeling really foggy in the head. 2pm: Period has ended - overall, only lasted 2.5 days (my normal period lasts 4-5 days).

Anyone have ANY idea? Should I test in a day or two?

Dbarar Fri 01-Aug-14 16:09:06

Well, saw signs of spotting this morning. Very light. I almost thought maybe I was imagining it. But I'm pretty sure there's something there. I'm not even getting my hopes up that it's implantation bleeding at this point. Just chalking it up to another unsuccessful month of trying and gearing up to try again next month.

Morethanalittlebitconfused Fri 01-Aug-14 19:55:36

Hi all I spot before AF and also have a 9 day LP which I'm taking to mean I have progesterone issues

stewie2014 Wed 06-Aug-14 17:00:34

Hello everyone, for the passed weeks I have been experiencing this spotting before and after period. I even spot after sex especially when I feel like my vagina is cut up inside. I realized that my uterus feels tender. When I go to the bathroom to pass stool, that might be challenging I realized that I bleed heavier. What do you think could cause that?

stewie2014 Wed 06-Aug-14 17:02:36

Hello everyone, for the passed weeks I have been experiencing this spotting before and after period. I even spot after sex especially when I feel like my vagina is cut up inside. I realized that my uterus feels tender. When I go to the bathroom to pass stool, that might be challenging I realized that I bleed heavier. What do you think could cause that?

chiliplant Wed 06-Aug-14 18:26:43

To all pre AF spotters there is hope! Always spotted from five days before AF is due. Que long drawn out sadness and uncertainty until full flow arrives.
This month, went t bathroom and browny red when I wiped (really down etc) three days of that and then nothing.. Took a test three days later and v positive!

angelaham Wed 06-Aug-14 21:07:10

Thank you chiliplant, that is the reassurance that we need, congratulations on your pregnancy

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