CLOMID first timer....

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cheekycurls Mon 05-Sep-11 17:52:34

I can't seem to find any clomid threads that are active, so thought I would start this one.

Currently just finished taking my last tablet (50mg) on my first month of clomid, I'm very excited & nervous at the same time.

So many things going on in my head, no one to really talk to, symptoms are a bitch (but must mean something is working if I have symptoms yeah?!) confused

has anyone taken clomid without being monitored? My consultant isn't going to scan me to check on follicles, I just have to go back to see her in 3 weeks (not sure what for?) blush

Really hoping this works! hmm

But if anyone wants to join me on a clomid ride, share info or success stories, feel free to...... smile

highlove Mon 05-Sep-11 22:20:06

Hello cheeky,

I've not started Clomid yet, due to the cycle after next...assuming I haven't got pg in the meantime...<crosses fingers very hard at very unlikely possibility>

Not sure the extent to which my consultant will monitor me, I'm seeing him again in a month so will find out more then. In the meantime I will be lurking about here to hear how others are finding clomid, and also hoping by the time I start mine you will have graduated to another board!

Best of luck x

Florin Mon 05-Sep-11 23:05:49

I am on my first month of clomid too! I am on day 21. I think you should be scanned though my specialist said it to check you haven't released like 10 eggs. I had to get scanned on day 10 and apparently I had one dominant egg of 12 mm which he said was small however they apparently grow 2 mm a day and he didn't think I would ovulate till around day 16 and it has to reach 18 - 20mm so I reckon it still got a chance, if it doesn't though he says I have to take 100mg next month. I didn't think I was very moody but dh thinks otherwise and is a bit nervous about me taking double next month!

cheekycurls Tue 06-Sep-11 10:53:50

Hi. it's so exciting but so scary at the same time!
my consultant didn't seem too worried about not scanning me hmm I'm guessing that when I go back it's for blood tests to see if i've ovulated?? hmm
thing i'm worried about is that if I don't get scanned how will they know if 50mg is working or I need a higher dose, don't want to waste a second month at the wrong dose, confused
it's also really hard to get appointments with consultant as she has certain days for different things (she's also a surgeon) so has different clinic times/days, also NHS so waiting is part of the game

florin have you had any side affects from the clomid? sounds good about the dominant egg!! grin

When I see my consultant I'm defiantly gonna request follicle tracking as it would be good to know if it's working or not!
it was a very emotional appointment so I can't remember everything she said clearly blush but she did mention something like as I ovulate on my own (regular periods) the clomid is more for egg quality! (maybe that's why i'm not getting follicle tracking??) confused she also said about moving me up to 100mg if 50mg don't work, but how will she know without scanning me???? SO confusing, I'm kicking myself that I didn't ask her when I saw her but my head was all over the place!

this really is my last last chance as we can't afford IVF and I already have a DD so cannot get it on the NHS

happystressedmum Tue 06-Sep-11 11:00:23

Hi, I am on my third month of taking 50mg of clomid and have not been monitored at all during the three months. I have endometriosis and had a laparoscopy in March. However I was ovulating but have been ttc for well over a year now and I am 39. My consultant therefore suggested clomid to try and help things along but no success so far. I havent had any symptoms other than more ovulation pain but other than that nothing and it was appear from the smiley faces on predictor kit that I am ovulating around day 16/17.

If it doesnt work this month I am not sure what to do but will speak to my consultant.

Good luck.

Tigresswoods Tue 06-Sep-11 11:04:59

Hello! Clomid success story here!!

We conceived DS on our 3rd month of Clomid. Thought it would never happen and it felt like a miracle when it did. I was scanned (internal) once, think it was first cycle.

I read all about the horrible side effects of Clomid on here but was lucky and felt fine on it.

Just wanted to say good luck to all and hope you get good news soon. I recommend baby dance first thing followed by a round of golf. Worked for me. And I played very well!

cheekycurls Tue 06-Sep-11 11:19:47

3 months on 50mg, my consultant said if this month on 50mg don't work then she'll put me up to 100mg, (even tho i'm not being monitored to find out if it's working for me!)
maybe it's worth asking if you can go up to 100mg??
I'm defiantly gonna make sure I get monitored next month she will only let me have 6 months of clomid so need to make sure it's the right dose!

I too had a laparoscopy & also a hysteroscopy all came back fine with tubes and womb but had some small cysts on my ovaries and they are polycystic but I don't have the syndrome apparently hmm

I think she just threw clomid at me as there was nothing else she could think of, 3 years TTC is a very long time!

I also read that clomid can make you ov a little later then expected, not sure if this is true but this month we'll be SWI for a good 2 weeks starting soon also got in loads of ov tests in so I can do one everyday starting tomorrow so I don't miss it!! blush

I'm really getting the symptoms, major headaches, dizzy once or twice a day, felt sick a few times & had one day of sharp pains in womb/ovaries area (maybe it's working!)

cheekycurls Tue 06-Sep-11 11:23:31

oooh brilliant tiger what mg was you on?

baby dance first thing is a bit hard for me as DP works very early and on his days off DD gets very excited and drags him out of bed to play as he's normally gone before she wakes up and home after she's gone to bed!! sad

Tigresswoods Tue 06-Sep-11 11:28:30

Pretty sure it was 50mg. I have non-identical twin brothers so while I was desperate for a baby I was also terrified of history repeating itself!

cheekycurls Tue 06-Sep-11 11:32:11

yeah I'm worried about twins also!! although twins are amazing all the risks of pregnancy are higher with twins and (if I get pregnant) it would be a very worrying stressful time anyway with my history

Florin Tue 06-Sep-11 20:15:04

I am worried about twins too as I am a twin my Aunties are twins and every maternal generation before that has twins!
I am really lucky that I broke down to my parents after a year of trying and they insisted on paying for me to go private(bless them they feel if I am broken, then they made me so their job to try and get it fixed!) anyway they even helped me research and I am now under one of the best specialists possible.
As far as side affects not sure if it was one but I never get nightmares but I had one every day I took the tablets and then they stopped the day after my last pill (and they were not baby related so don't think it was stress) I am also an incredibly cold person (I am writing this curled up to the on radiator) however I got night sweat waking up really hot. Had the odd headache but nothing awful.
The stress of it all means I am also stressed at work which has affected my performance which my boss had me in a meeting about. Its so frustrating as its like a disease you can't talk about it. Sometimes I wish I could just explain what a hard time I am having.
Next its 100mg so see what that brings hope it works as just want to be pregnant then I can be on the count down to being out of my job!

cheekycurls Tue 06-Sep-11 21:04:22

wow! shock ur percentage of having twins must be higher then the average 10% ??

don't even get me started on the hot flushes, one min I'm freezing, curled up with a blanket next I'm burning and every window in the house has to be opened!!

fully agree with you, 'like a disease you can't talk about' it's just such a hard thing to talk about, I always put on the smile and carry on but secretly very upset with the whole TTC business!! sad

7lamby Tue 06-Sep-11 21:43:58

Hi all, I started my first dose of clomid 50mg on 15th August but only managed to take 2 tablets as I got severe migraines, blurred vision etc. I was gutted as I'd waited 3 months for my period to come sad however on 31st August felt some stomach pain and thought I'd do an ovulation test and it was positive!(I hadn't ovulated since starting trying 12 mths ago).

I had my day 21 progesterone yesterday and it came back as 43.7 (in June it was 1.6) all positive. Only downer is my husband was away the week I ovulated on a business trip to china!!! So not fair. But at least this is a step in the right direction.

As soon as AF arrives my doctor wants me to try taking the clomid again for as long as I can manage the symptons. This is such a roller coaster! Fingers crossed for a happy out come for all smile

Florin Tue 06-Sep-11 22:10:37

cheeky curls I am doing the cold bit now, curled up on sofa with duvet and hot water bottle and the cat. Did you fine side affects went all through your cycle or just while on tablets?
7lamby bad luck with the bad side affects any chance next time you could take time and hybinate for a few days? As you have had such a positive reaction to just 2 days may be worth it.
I am completely hacked off with the whole process just want it to work!
We have always known that our chances of twins would be high even without the clomid so kind of always planned that if we were ready for 1 we had to also be ready for 2!

cheekycurls Tue 06-Sep-11 22:25:00

oh 7lamby that's a brilliant result for just taking 2 tablets I know the headaches are bad but could be worth it in the long run!?

Florin same here minus the water bottle! grin I only just took my last tablet yesterday and I still have the headache today, seriously hope they don't last the whole cycle!!! shock

cheekycurls Wed 07-Sep-11 08:54:51

well woke up this morning with 2 lovely big spots on my face!!! angry

unusual for me, I only get spots just before AF shows, is this another side affect with clomid?

jerryg Wed 07-Sep-11 20:08:50

I got pregnant on my first round of 50mg clomid after over a year with no periods after coming off the pill (PCOS) He is 16 months and sleeping upstairs grin Good luck all! x

7lamby Wed 07-Sep-11 21:24:08

Hi Florin I understand just wanting it to work. You spend your late teens early twenties desparately trying NOT to get pregnant then all of a sudden we are trying desperately to get pregnant! Yes I will hybinate for a few days if the symptons are as bad. I am day 23 now so not long to wait smile

Cheeky curls I haven't experienced spots but I blame everything on the clomid!!!!

Florin Wed 07-Sep-11 21:29:35

7lamby I am on day 23 too! not sure how long my cycle will be though, its normally about 31 days but last month was 27 days. I blame everything on the clomid too, that way dh can never blame me for being grumpy!

cheekycurls Wed 07-Sep-11 22:42:12

think i'm gonna go with that one and blame everything on clomid!!! grin
headaches are finally easing up now, but still moody, nothing new there as DP told me tonight! ha shock

I'm only on CD 10 atm, very excited and impatient now....

littlejesamiah Thu 08-Sep-11 08:40:07

Hi all I'm so glad thus thread has started I'm starting to take my first round next week as consultant has given me some tablet to give me a period first then can start taking it woo hoo winkwink
I'm so hopeful me and the dh also have multiples in both our families he is an identical twin also he has triplet and twin cousins! And I have twins on my side! But hey ho just hoping that everything works. Also my consultant said that if in first month of chlomid 50mg if that didn't work would put me straight up to 100mg then 150mg for the third month. Does this sound normal???

Good luck to all of us and hopefully our chlomid babies xxx

cheekycurls Thu 08-Sep-11 09:55:56

oh wow littlejesamiah u could have a 'litter' grin

that does sound normal, they up the dose slowly cos if they give u a higher mg to start off with u can release too many eggs, they need to find out what mg is right for u

are u having follicle tracking when u start clomid?

littlejesamiah Thu 08-Sep-11 10:23:19

Yeah but it was my nurse who has sorted that out as my consultant who has recently changed was a complete nightmare! X

cheekycurls Thu 08-Sep-11 10:38:03

I think they should be monitoring u closely as u have twins and triplets in both families, be wrong of them not to.

for me they have just thrown clomid at me without monitoring but i'm low risk of multiple births (none in family on both sides) but I will be insisting on follicle tracking next month (if I don't get pregnant this month grin )

Tigresswoods Thu 08-Sep-11 13:54:34

I just have to say multiples can only "run" on the mother's side. Think about it.....


cheekycurls Thu 08-Sep-11 19:17:47

u are right tiger I don't know anything about twins, never even entered my when I first started TTC about having twins! until the consultant told me the % of multiples on clomid, panic set in! shock I was just reading about twins and it is only on the mothers side that counts, I never knew this, does that make me ignorant/stupid?? panicking even more now my nan told me she got pregnant with twins but lost them years ago!! shock

I'll be over the moon just to have a healthy pregnancy, any pregnancy

and have now decided NOT to google twins ever again (did scare me slightly!) and concentrate on SWI grin

Florin Thu 08-Sep-11 20:50:24

I have to admit, I know twins add complications but all being well I would be very happy with twins. My mum said she preferred having twins and in the end felt it was easier as we were interested in the same things. None of the problems of baby eating toddlers playmobil etc I am guessing the first few months were really hard at the start though! I also love being a twin

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 12:20:37

well I'm now in the middle of the time frame I'm meant to ovulate, but so far nothing on ovulation test or any of ov signs hmm

Florin Fri 09-Sep-11 13:30:12

Good luck with ovulating cheekycurls
I am on day 25, normal cycles are around 31 days but last month it was 27 days and had spotting for a couple of days before so reckon I will try a cheapy test on Monday which will be day 28.

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 15:00:37

oooh good luck testing!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for u smile

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 20:37:58

very emotional today! (very unlike me)

can u get symptoms of clomid after u have finished taking the tablets?? and is this a 'symptom' ???

what a very confusing time, hope it's worth it!

confu3ed Fri 09-Sep-11 23:32:29

Hi ladies!

I got pg on clomid 100 Mgs last Xmas, I miscarried in Janary sad taken me a while to get over it, as was the second miscarriage in a row. But ok now, in fact just swallowed my first two clomid tablets! Scared but excited too!
I know that the clomid works for me, it took 6 months the last time, 3 on 50mg then got a bfp on month 3 on 100mg. The doc told me that it can take a while for your body to get used to it, and that it doesn't mean you will ovulate every month, just get busy lots between day 10 and 20, oh and top tip is put a cushion under your butt when having sex, the month I tried that was the month I got the bfp!
Good luck all! :0)

confu3ed Fri 09-Sep-11 23:34:37

Oh and one more thing that helped me with the side effects was taking it at bed time, still get night sweats but better than during the day as a hot flush at work is a nightmare!

cheekycurls Fri 09-Sep-11 23:49:17

sorry to hear about ur mc's confu3ed , so hard ain't they! sad

I took all my tablets in the morning (too excited/impatient to wait till the evening)! suffered bad with symptoms so next month (if I don't get pregnant this month hmm ) I'll defiantly be taking them of an evening!!!

confu3ed Sat 10-Sep-11 22:05:31

Thanks Cheeky, and yep they don't get any easier.

Oh well time to move on with TTC before I get too old!

I have had a few symptoms today, really hot! Might be because I am straight back on 100mgs not building it up starting with 50. I am not being monitored at all though this time, my GP told me to take the pills for 3 months and if I dont get PG to go back. If I do get a BFP been told to use progesterone until I am 3 months.

Good luck for this month smile

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 07:15:40

Chickened out of testing this morning, see if I can build up the guts to do it tomorrow or maybe I will just wait for nature to take it's course. Anybody else had any luck?

littlejesamiah Mon 12-Sep-11 09:27:18

Aww fx crossed for your bfp xx I should hopefully be starting mine next week quite excited and positive xxx

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 09:50:28

I felt like that when I started it feels good to be starting something new. Fresh start and renewed hope. Hope it works for you.

PinkCustard Mon 12-Sep-11 13:35:45

Hi I'm on month 4 of Clomid, second month of 100mg after trying with 50mg for the first 2 months. I too ov regularly but like others have said think the consultant thought it was worth a shot, and I'm glad to give it a go. If I don't get preg this month I'm going to take a month or 2 off the tablets though as think my body could do with a break from them - obviously I'm reallllllly keeping everything crossed that it works this month, can't take TTC for much longer sad

Good luck everyone!!

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 15:42:57

I have just started spotting so think it's over for me this month sad
Now just want it to start properly so I can start on 100 mg of clomid
pink custard did u find side affects a lot worse on 100mg then 50mg?
Really want 100mg to work for me just found out sister is now trying as well although she doesn't know I am or that I know she is (saw pack of empty pregnacare in her bin along with empty pack on tampons-so assume she isn't pregnant yet) so now feels like a bit of a race only I feel like I am the 3 legged dog trying to keep up!

PinkCustard Mon 12-Sep-11 16:48:46

Oh sorry Florin Even after trying for 20 months I'm always a bit incredulous at AF's arrival. I have had some symptoms on 100mg, the worst being vision disturbances and I just feel ratty the whole time. I think the moodiness is an accumulation of 4 months on clomid and 20 months of failed TTC though.

It's awful when you feel like you're in a bit of a race - I've got one friend who's TTC now (as all the others have of course gotten pregnant and had their babies by now) and I'm always conscious of it. Both my sisters have got 2 children - well actually, my oldest sis is about to drop her 2nd any day now. It was a shock when she told me was preg with number 2 (I'm TTC number 2) but I consoled myself with the thought that I must surely be preg by the time it arrived...sadly not. Next hideous self-imposed deadline is Christmas...

Florin Mon 12-Sep-11 19:14:31

pink custard when you say visual disturbances do you mean blurred vision. How bad was it? What did it stop you doing? I drive to work and then look at a computer so bit nervous. We are entering our 22nd month of trying so really fed up with it all so can symathise. Know what you mean about setting of deadlines in your head. I've done that too twice with pregnant people and both have now had babies. Was thinking the other day that if we had got pregnant straight away we would have a baby that would have been over a year now sad
Now my sister are trying oh and our very close best friends are trying I feel I am entered in a race where I know I will come in last! Sorry to be miserable! When are you due to test?

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 10:56:56

hi Florin sorry about the spotting sad how are u getting on?, I have read that clomid can make u spot a bit..... hmm

I'm still waiting to ovulate, still nothing on ov sticks yet but getting some pains/aches in ovaries so maybe soon! smile we are SWI everyday so not to miss a day blush

I'm still getting the headaches but the hot flushes have gone now smile

been quite down lately and not as positive as I was when I first started clomid, thought then 'this is a wonder drug and I would get pregnant on the first month'! but now I've got it into my head that it won't work for me this month!! I've not even ovulated yet!! blush maybe the clomid is making me crazy!! grin

how is everyone else getting on?

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 11:00:23

vision disturbances shock

I've passed so many deadlines it's a joke, babies popping out everywhere!!! new one is to be pregnant by Christmas! hmm

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 13:39:48

The visual disturbances only happened on my 3rd month of taking clomid and was when the dose was upped to 100mg. It's hard to explain but it was almost like double-vision, except it was silvery. It happened on days 5&6 and only lasted a few minutes so had cleared by the time I had to set off to work. Made me feel a bit weird though and is the main reason for me taking a month off after this one. It also prompted me to read the list of side effects in the leaflet and they scared me a bit...

I'm due to ovulate any day now - it's day 16 for me and last month I got a Peak on my CBFM on this day, but still showing High this morning. I can feel my ovaries grumbling round though so am pretty sure it's imminent. Will get my sexy knickers on again tonight wink

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 13:40:42

No sorry - it was month 4 (this month) that I got them.

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 13:46:57

I know what you mean Cheeky I was really hopeful the 1st month, but by this month (month 4) I'm more or less assuming it won't work and gearing up for another failure. I too desperately don't want to spend another non-pregnant Christmas, but am trying to face facts that it could be for me sad. I do think my defeated state of mind is partly down to the clomid though as it messes with your hormones and I'm feeling PMT-ish all month long. Some days I'm more hopeful than others though.

Annoyingly this morning a friend gave me the old 'relax' line - which is particularly annoying coming from her as I know that she took 16 months to conceive both of hers and took clomid both times, so she should know better! I think when people say things like that it's implying that it's in some way my fault that this is happening, and that it's in my control - which of course it isn't!!

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:16:45

Oooooh pink im on day 16 too, we can be testing buddies grin

this is my last chance to have another baby as I can't afford IVF so clomid just has to work!!

the pain is getting worse in my ovaries, but I'm gonna try think a bit more positive that it's working if i'm getting these pains, I think the line on ov test is getting darker from yesterday (cheap eBay tests and doing one everyday till I know what's normal for me on clomid) but not as dark to be a positive yet.....maybe tomorrow hmm

I've also lost a bit of weight that I've put on through depression cos failingTTC and but my belly has swelled up from yesterday and is tender along with ov pains, is this normal???

TMI alert
oh and going by my body (pains) ovulation is imminent but where is my EWCM?! seems to have booked a last minute deal and f*cked off somewhere!!!

and this month DP, knowing what I'm going through on these tablets, he's ....ahem.... giving his all! thank god for preseed blush

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 14:27:11

Ooh Cheeky I'm delighted to have a cycle buddy! We also can't afford IVF so it's got to happen naturally for us too (with a little nudge from clomid hopefully).

Yes I'm feeling bloated and expanded too - think it's all normal. Our ovaries will be firing eggs out by the dozen!

I have read that clomid can dry out EWCM, thank goodness you've got some Preseed on stand-by.

Florin Tue 13-Sep-11 14:32:09

Pink don't get me started on the relax line-dh used to say it a lot to and now it's just a banned phrase. My favourite has been so far from my (ex)best friend. As she was my best friend she knew everything from when we were debating whether to to start trying to the excitement of the start. She mainly shows completely no interest in how we are getting on (dh and I are quite open and happy about discussing it with the select few people who know but don't go on about it either)all she does it changes it around to her and just moans about her life and how her children are always getting in the way of her fun. What really topped it for me (after I said I was disappointed as it looks like my ovarian drilling was a waste of time as it hasn't worked within the 6 months) she says back "of course I am going to have to be so careful now I am with my new man as you know me I get pregnant from just looking at a man" i just walked away.
Cheeky good luck with ovulating. I heard that ovulation sticks were unreliable with clomid which is why I haven't used them but there is so much flying round on the internet who knows what is right! We just went for the go for it everyday between 11 and about day 19 (sometimes twice-we were on holiday!) we figured we couldn't miss it then.
I am not too disappointed with spotting as consultant did say he didn't think 50mg was enough when he looked at my scan so I was kind of ready for the disappointment in someways. Eager to get on with 100mg now. I normally get extremely light spotting for 2 days before period(tmi) not enough to worry about a tampon or anything just a bit when i wipe however spotting now is much heavier (and painful) but not a normal flow so not quite sure if today is day 1 yet. Will see what its like later and make a judgement on it.

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:32:28

what a stupid comment from ur friend pink !! ur right if it was in our control me personally would have a gang of babies/kids running around me
thankfully only 2 people other then DP know i'm trying and what i've been/going through and they are very supportive even tho I very rarely talk about it, when people in the street,neighbours and friends say 'when are u going to have another' I just say oh a few years yet (even tho i've been trying for 3 years!!! shock
oh I also had 'DD can't be an only child, u have to have another' (yes I got this once!!!) I told her to f*ck off and walked away! it's was a very bad day as AF showed up, I used every bit of will power not to smack her one!! some people just can't help themselves or don't think about what they are saying first, maybe next time someone asks me I might ramble of the amount of time I've been trying, amount of mc's I've had and going into great detail about my angle who was born sleeping! think that might shut them up

sorry pinkif u have said already but why have u been given clomid? how long have u been ttc?

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:37:23

oh so maybe I am ovulating and the sticks are wrong confused

Florin so glad she's ur ex friend, what a b*tch!! angry

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:38:58

ovaries will be firing eggs out by the dozen grin

sorry ur spotting has got heavier florin when will u start 100mg, this month?

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 14:48:14

Cheeky this is month 21 of TTC now, so the consultant prescribed me clomid as all tests have come back ok and he said sometimes it helps and can increase chances as it can make you produce 2 eggs in a cycle so more chances of a hit.

God Florin some people are unbelievable!

I've found my CBFM shows Highs all month long now, so I ignore them, but the Peak seems to arrive at the right time (and in line with AF arriving 12 days later) so think that bit's still reliable.

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:52:50

that's the same here pink all tests came back fine apart from I have small cysts on my ovaries and they look polycystic, but I do have the syndrome or any symptoms of pocs and I've never had a problem falling pregnant before my problem was holding on to them, this whole ttc business is very confusing!

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:56:21

have u got any other DC or is this ur first ur ttc?

twice in one day florin shock oh how I miss holidays grin

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 14:58:59

oh sorry me again! ha but have u both had any dizziness? is this clomid taking over again, just i've been having it for a while now and it's bugging me, and google just scares the life out of me!

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 16:09:18

I haven't had dizziness - but I've been getting hot sweats some nights. Oh the glamour!

I already have a DS (3.5yrs) and for a while was upset about the ever increasing age gap as I'd wanted a 2-2.5yr gap between them...but I've got over that now and will just be (very) grateful with whatever gap I'm given!

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 16:39:49

when do u take ur tablets? I've been taking my tablets in the morning, might be why my symptoms have all been during the day/evening

not much wakes me up in the night to be honest so dunno if I have the sweats in the night blush

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 16:42:09

I to wanted a close age gap between babies my DD is 3.10 years but it just wasn't meant to be sad

PinkCustard Tue 13-Sep-11 17:40:16

On my 1st month I took them in the evening, but later swapped to morning so I wouldn't forget about them. I think eve is best though if you can trust yourself. Think I'll swap back to evening after my month (or 2) off.

It's rubbish isn't it Cheeky - although it's nice to find a group of people going through the same thing as all of my friends with one just decided when they wanted another and were preg straight away, which has made me feel even more fed up about the situation. "Why can't I get preg just like that??!!" I yell. Although I was very lucky first time round so think I used up all my fertility luck in one go...Just feel desperate sometimes that it might not happen at all no matter how long I wait (but try not to think like that regularly).

cheekycurls Tue 13-Sep-11 20:09:12

def will take them in the evening next month! it is, the whole thing sucks! sad
this is why I wanted to start a thread on this subject as I find it hard to talk to the only 2 people who knows and even DP finds it hard me 'constantly' talking about babies/TTC, he's more of the mind set of 'if it happens it happens' some times feel he don't care but we had a big heart to heart the night before I took the first tablet and he really does want another baby and cares but thinks it's unhealthy me always thinking about babies, very hard not to do but if u all don't mind my questions,feelings and rantings thought we could all share as we'er all in the same boat unfortunately!
I'm always forgetting to ask consultant my questions, also feel most of my questions are silly so who better to talk to then other women going/have been through the same thing!

I know I'm in for the long haul and it's very unlikely to happen first month but what's 6 months when I've already been trying so long!

having a lovely glass or 2 of wine while i'm not in the 2ww grin

Florin Tue 13-Sep-11 22:21:40

Have to admit I haven't had dizziness. On 50mg I got nightmare each night (not sure if these are related but started first night and finished last and haven't had them since) odd headaches but the most major thing was the hot flushes then feeling cold. I have started now so starting 100mg tomorrow morning, I am both a bit excited and a bit scared. It's going to be a horrid week as I am going to be moody and dh has just come down with a cold which makes him miserable and horrid to live with. Was meant to be seeing his little sister tomorrow night and a friend later in the week, don't think we are going to be much fun to be with! We are trying for our first baby, I've been broody since I was about 13 and got together with dh soon after. We waited until we were married and I was 26 before starting to try. Now feel so ready both financially and emotionally. Dh and I talk about how we are going to do things narrowed down our choices of pushchair etc. Just feel like there is one link missing -the baby! One things for sure if we are lucky enough to have one baby I am going to start trying for the 2nd straight after!

PinkCustard Wed 14-Sep-11 12:39:34

Hoorah my CBFM showed a Peak today so should ov today or tomorrow!!

Good luck on 100mg Florin you might not notice much difference than on 50mg. The first month I took 50mg I really felt ov and was very aware of my ovaries, but the second month couldn't feel anything and didn't ov til day 21!! Now on 100mg and the last 2 months I've felt the same physically as my first month on 50mg. Am day 17 so ov is about right for me (don't think I'll ever be a day 14 girl!).

PinkCustard Wed 14-Sep-11 14:29:49

Humph - just been faced with a pregnancy announcement on Facebook! Why on earth do people feel the need to post their private scan pics up on there??! I have 'friends' on FB who are nothing more than old school pals who I never see or keep in contact with, so why would I want to share a)My pregnancy news, and b) My scan pics with them??! Get a life!!!!!!!!!

(Thanks for listening).

Florin Wed 14-Sep-11 14:51:42

pink hate the pregnancy announcements on Facebook. Do yourself a favour and stop the person appearing on your news feed that is what I do. Otherwise they have the amazing ability to post news about their pregnancy whenever you are feeling most down. That way you can can control it and look at their profile when you feel strong enough. No major symptoms on 100mg yet although tmi alert my period is much heavier on clomid then it ever has been. Although from what I have read that is a good thing as light periods can mean the lining isn't thick enough for implantation.
Hope you put your peak to good use!

Nevercan Wed 14-Sep-11 15:11:02

I just wants to say that i got pregnant on my third month using clomid and then pregnant second time with no good luck wink

Florin Wed 14-Sep-11 20:44:44

nevercan thank you for the positive story really helps keep my hope up that this really works for some people!

littlejesamiah Thu 15-Sep-11 08:10:46

Hi everyone just to say I'm loving this thread somewhere people know what we are all hoping for, thinking and feeling wink
I was wondering if anyone had taken medroxyprogesterone? Before chlomid and if so did they have and side effects? U have super sore boobs and am very bloated and think I must be peeing about 20 times a day!! Is this normal?
Thanks xxblush

PinkCustard Thu 15-Sep-11 18:54:59

Thanks for the positive story Nevercan

Sorry Jesamiah I haven't even heard of medroxyprogesterone...what does it do?

Well I've felt totally bloated and painful in the whole ovary department all day so hopefully there's an egg (or eggs!) popping forth. Feel that me and DH have done our bit so it's upto good luck now.

My Manuka honey arrived today (luckily I just beat DH home and so could destroy all packaging, and the delivery note, before he got in). Had a swift spoonful which tasted ok, but think I'll mostly be having it on my porridge.

My sis had her baby last night...really hoping it'll be my turn soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Am tempted to have a glass of vino tonight (despite my 'only drinking on a Fri or Sat night' rule).

cheekycurls Thu 15-Sep-11 19:43:38

do love a positive story!

same as u pink never heard of medroxyprogesterone, sorry Jesamiah

still trying to talk DP around to buying me that honey (I'm sure i'll get my way eventually)

pink seriously, I've been soooo swollen and sore for the last 2-3 days, it's unreal!

day 17 I had a slightly darker ov test (but not as dark as previous ones confused ) and then CD 18 not even the slightest of lines, did I pop a few eggs???? hmm anyway me and DP had everyday covered so if I did ovulate we should have to covered!! although day 16 we had to do ......<coughs> turkey baster as I was just so sore!! blush (first time we tried this, I didn't wanna miss a day, just hope we didn't mess it up!!)

well all I have to say is I sure hope this clomid is worth it as I feel like crap!! sad

littlejesamiah Thu 15-Sep-11 21:20:24

It's what brings af on as mine were so irregular the consultant didn't want me to wait to see if I got one to start chlomid, so take for 5 days then af should come so I can start chlomid gringrin

Can I ask what does manuka honey do? And preseed?

Thanks x

cheekycurls Mon 19-Sep-11 15:54:30

sorry jesamiah I don't know anything about medroxyprogesterone

manuka honey is supposed to help with blood flow to the womb? not 100% sure on that tho, not tried it yet

preseed is a sperm friendly lube

nothing much is happening for my still having sore/swollen belly, still not 100% sure I even ovulated and now my boobs have been hurting for the last 2 days!!

how is everyone else doing?? smile

PinkCustard Tue 20-Sep-11 14:27:19

Hi, sorry for the absence, my broadband's been on the blink, but it's up and running again now.

Nothing much to report here though, am officially on the 2ww...had a bit of a rubbish weekend with all the family joy at my sister's new baby. I'm really happy for them but it's just made me really sad for me and DH (and DS missing out on a sibling) and hearing all about the birth etc made me wish it was my turn. My parents also asked whether we'll be having a second, so for the 1st time I told them that we've been trying for ages and will just have to see what happens, hopefully that should stop the questions for a bit.

cheeky sorry to hear you're still feeling bloated. I'm pretty sure I ov-ed on thurs eve as I had a few sharp pains and the next day the sore bloating had eased off. What cd are you again?

I'm currently looking into whether to try some progesterone cream...has anyone tried it?

Florin Tue 20-Sep-11 14:53:13

pink sorry to hear about your rubbish weekend, it must have been really hard for you. Hope 2week wait doesn't drag too much for you. I have been wondering about progesterone cream, know nothing about it was going to ask my specialist about it when I see him next week.
I am due to ovulate at the weekend/beginning of next week. Got ovulation sticks to try this month and scan on next Tuesday evening. On the natural route I am having the 25+ manuka honey and also grapefruit juice and actual grapefruits. Will swap to pineapple after I hopefully ovulate!

PinkCustard Tue 20-Sep-11 17:44:35

Ooh Florin would you please report back to let me know what your specialist says about progesterone? I too am drinking pineapple juice - I don't do grapefruit juice before ov just because I really detest it and I haven't had a problem with lack of EWCM from the clomid as yet, although have taken Evening Primrose Oil in the past and it seemed to help. Thanks for the reminder, I haven't had my honey yet today! Not really liking it much, it's ok(ish) in porridge but I didn't want porridge this morning - will force a spoonful down later...

Good luck for your scan on Tuesday, that should be interesting. I've just been left to it, although told to go for day 21 blood tests twice over the 9 months he prescribed clomid for hmm

cheekycurls Thu 22-Sep-11 15:01:27

pink i'm on CD25 now

had my consultant appointment, she scanned me told me that I had ovulated 1 egg, left ovary is very big and sack on ovary has loads of fluid in (taking that as a good thing!) also had blood taken to check my progesterone levels, not sure when I'll hear back about them, should I give it a week and call?? confused

she don't want to increase my dose to 100mg as she said it's working even tho I was ovulating before as my periods are quite regular hmm

she also don't want to see me till i've finished my 3rd month of clomid so i'm just left to it now

my symptoms are very sore boobs, I'm sure they are actually on fire!!
still swollen and sore also more tired and going to the toilet a lot
all this is probably all in my head as other months have proven! angry

littlejesamiah Thu 22-Sep-11 20:20:32

Hi ladies just wanted to ask I have taken my 2nd tablet today and am having af like crampsangry has anyone else had this?
envy x

cheekycurls Thu 22-Sep-11 20:59:18

I've had them all month to be honest jesamiah think it's normal-ish to get these kinds of side affects from clomid

littlejesamiah Fri 23-Sep-11 11:32:50

Thanks cheeky that make me less stressed wink. I have got my scan on the 3rd to see if I'm growing any follicles fx xx

TanteAC Sat 24-Sep-11 09:43:22

Hi all!
This thread comes at the perfect time- I have just taken my first clomid tablet yesterday, so let's see!

Was wide awake at 4am and had very vivid, horrible dreams before that which I presume must be to do with it.

What's all the grapefruit juice, honey etc about? Would love to know!

littlejesamiah Sat 24-Sep-11 12:44:25

I know I have already mentioned the cramps but they are getting more painful I have had to take painkillers! sad is anyone else suffering from these? Any advice or comments would be much appreciated xxwink

cheekycurls Sat 24-Sep-11 22:21:32

welcome Tante smile

jesamiah my cramps was pretty bad, there was one day that was so painful that I actually called the dr's and they said it was my body reacting to the clomid as it's a very powerful drug hmm was so bad walking/sitting/laying down hurt! can't remember what CD this was but it was while I was in the 5 days of taking clomid think it was around day 3-4

I've not had much luck on the symptoms/pains on clomid, I seem to have got them all at once! sad yet some people have none confused
take some painkillers, put ur feet up and how i'm getting through it all is that if i'm having all these side affects/pains then it must be working right?! hmm

6 days till AF is due! shock so tempted to test!!! blush

littlejesamiah Sun 25-Sep-11 02:19:01

Hi guys got so worried about cramps phoned Nhs direct lots of questions and return phonecalls they send me to an out of hours primary care unit more question a fumble around and urine sample BFP gringringringringrin
I can't believe it I did one 3 days ago it was negative!!! Now just waiting for blood results and swabs to try find out what the cramping is!! This doesn't feel real xxxx

PinkCustard Sun 25-Sep-11 09:26:34

Wow Littlejesamiah that's fantastic, big congrats!! Were you already preg when you started on this round of clomid then?

I'm 10dpo today and it's normally at this point that I get pre-AF spotting so will be on 'red alert' all day today. Have you caved yet Cheeky?

cheekycurls Sun 25-Sep-11 11:02:58

oh my god congratulations Littlejesamiah grin

not caved yet pink might tomorrow morning tho blush

PinkCustard Mon 26-Sep-11 14:25:21

Any news Cheeky? No spotting here yet but AF not actually due til Wednesday so still a way to go yet...

cheekycurls Mon 26-Sep-11 17:08:58

did a test this morning and it was negative sad
I'm currently CD29 AF due Thursday/Friday, no spotting but feel AF is on the way sad

cheekycurls Mon 26-Sep-11 17:13:57

think if I was pregnant something would have showed up by now surely

littlejesamiah Mon 26-Sep-11 18:12:43

Yeah I was on day 3 of chlomid x

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 07:13:42

AF showed up this morning sad

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 11:11:14

got a question probably a silly one but here goes....

I'm due to take clomid days 2-6 today is the first day of AF (woke me up in the night about 5am) but I wanted to start taking them of a night so I hopefully don't feel many side affects, could I take it tonight or should I wait till tomorrow night?

I'm gonna blame over thinking and getting myself confused for this silly question blush

PinkCustard Tue 27-Sep-11 13:37:04

Oh crapsville Cheeky hopefully this will be your lucky month. I would take it the evening of day 2, so tomorrow night, but it's not a silly question.

Still no sign here, but I'm pretty sure that clomid can extend the LP so not getting excited - would be good to have a slightly longer LP anyway so would be quite pleased about that even if grotty AF does show up.

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 13:46:21

yeah that makes sense! grin

I will be trying 100mg this cycle so hopefully this will work!!

have you got any feelings/symptoms that this is your month Pink?

PinkCustard Tue 27-Sep-11 13:49:54

Not really - my boobs feel very big and heavy but that's not unusual before AF. I really try not to symptom spot any more after so many months of disappointment. I won't be taking clomid this month though as feel like my body could do with a break from it for a month (or two).

Good luck on 100mg.

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 13:57:32

think clomid makes boobs hurt more, I also have achy boobs before AF but this month they was soooo painful even to walk!! shock

I know what you mean about trying not to symptom spot after so many months of disappointments, I do try not to but always end up going a bit crazy over it, TTC would send anyone crazy I think!

cheekycurls Tue 27-Sep-11 17:07:21

is it worth using progesterone cream?
anyone using it?

not really sure what this is but read about people using it while on clomid....

confu3ed Tue 27-Sep-11 21:00:02

Hello again ladies, been busy with a hellish time at work which is all good now!

Congrats Littlejesamiah, amazing news.

Cheeky - You are right about sore boobs on Clomid, the last time that I took it it gave me really sore boobs just before AF. It sucks that the symptoms for PG are the same as those for AF. On the progesterone cream ? I heard that it is not much good. That said I have been prescribed progesterone pessaries to use as soon as i get BFP as well as low dose asprin, but these are to help prevent miscarriage. Not sure that it helps with conception.

Florin - what is the grapefruit juice for? And the honey? I am up for trying anything at this point been TTC for 3 years now DD is almost 12!
I am taking high dose folic acid, magnesium and selenium as read that women are often lacking in these and especially when they have recurrent miscarriages. Like I said I will try anything!

Pink custard - my cycles stayed the same length and the month I got BFP I waited until 5 days late to test and by then I did have symptoms.

I am on CD 20 so about to start the dreaded wait! Gutted as DP got ill on day 14 and we missed out 3 days. Just pray that is enough as the side effects that I got this time were pretty bad I turned into a monster! Stress at work may have had something to do with it too, hope so as I think another month of that and I will have to move out whilst I take it! Maybe its because I am straight on 100mgs?

I know that there is hope for everyone, the last clomid thread I was on pretty much everyone got a BFP in the end, just hope that this time it leads to a baby!

Florin Tue 27-Sep-11 21:33:14

So so excited first ttc good news I have ever had. Been to specialist who scanned me. I an on Day 15 and was feeling glum as not had a positive on the ovulation sticks that specialist asked me to use. Went to specialist and he scanned me and says I have an 18mm egg ready to pop and my womb lining looks excellent. So now all we need to do is get down to business and for once we are in with a chance! Sorry to be over excited but nice to have good news for a change! Dh took me out for a drink to celebrated and we toasted our egg!

Florin Tue 27-Sep-11 21:56:04

confu3ed grapefruit juice is meant to help with cm so take it up to Ovulation (luckily I love the stuff and can drink it by the pint) after ovulation you are meant to drink pineapple juice.
Manuka 25+ honey meant to cure everything and also improve blood supply to your womb. Who know what actually helps but I like to feel I am doing something. It keeps me positive!

PinkCustard Wed 28-Sep-11 11:10:42

Had tiny bit of spotting last night and now AF arriving today sad BUT I do feel positive that my spotting didn't arrive til day 12 instead of day 10 like normal, as I always worry that 10 days is too early.

Florin that's exciting, good luck. Cute that you toasted the egg!

Cheeky I've been looking into the effects of progesterone cream on fertility and am going to give it a go this month. There's some evidence to suggest that it helps to make sure the womb lining is prepared and can aid with implantation, and low levels of progesterone can cause shedding of the lining before any implanted egg has had chance to settle in so I think it definitely could impact positively on fertility. I'm sure low progesterone is my problem - as I start spotting from 10dpo and a fertilised egg takes 7-10 days to implant, so surely that's a problem?! The docs I've asked have always said it isn't a problem, but lots won't acknowledge a Luteal Phase Disorder at all, so I haven't much faith. In her book Marilyn Glenville says how lots of docs aren't aware of the implications of LPD but she personally has treated clients with progesterone who she says wouldn't have gotten pregnant without it. Also, as I'm ovulating, my tubes look ok and DH has good sperm results, statistically we would have gotten pregnant by now so there must be something preventing it! Anyway I'll give it a whirl and report back.

confu3ed Wed 28-Sep-11 21:05:30

Florin, thanks for the info, will defo try that as I do not get any. Sorry TMI!

I use Manuka honey most days just to stay healthy glad it has other benefits.

Pink Custard - Good to hear a different side on progesterone cream. I seem to be getting all sorts of conflicting information. My GP said it was not worth doing but then I guess if I am prescribed the pessaries there must be something in it. Have you tried using a cushion under your bottom when SWI, I know it sounds insane but it worked the month my sister tried it after trying for 6 months, and the month I got PG on clomid was when I tried it too! It may be a coincidence but my Mum swears its one of those old wives tale type things that really does work.

lucytee Mon 03-Oct-11 01:46:31

hya everyone ! smile

i have pcos and have been trying to concive for 3+ years without help..i was then referd to a fertility consutant and he perscribed , noristhisterone for me to take to bring on a pirod ( as i havent had a piriod for over a year ) then on day two of the piriod i was given clomid to take day 2 - 7, i have taken me fist dose of clomid today and i am nervous as i dnt no what to expect!

i am happy i have found this thread because it somtimes feels like u are the only finding it hard ttc..! and its so nice reading about clomid success stories..

I have to get a progesterone blood test on day 21.. and am a bit confuesd to what day 21 is ? is it 21 days from the 1st day i satrted taking the clomid? any help wud be gudd !! my progesterone level before starting clomid was just 2 ! sad

thanks in advance xx

confu3ed Mon 03-Oct-11 21:26:29

Hey Lucy! Fingers crossed for you!!

Best advice I was given was to take them at night to reduce side effects.

Day 21 is 21 days since AF arrives well day one is the first day of your period. I don't know what your consultant told you, but mine said to SWI from day 10 to day 20, day 21 is post ovulation so they can measure your progesterone levels to check you ovulated.

I am sure AF is on its way, night sweats swollen tummy and craving chocolate. Oh well maybe next month.....

lucytee Mon 03-Oct-11 21:55:46

hi confu3ed
yeh im taking mine at night too.. ive just taken my second dose.. and think i am expriencing my first hot flush as i type lol..

my doc told me alot of things ,i know he told me but i carnt remember ther were tht many questions to ask ! and alot to take in in 10 minites !

so day 21 is 21 days from the 1st day of the bleed? thanks for that , hopefully my prohesterone levels have gone up!

fingers crossed for you too ! are you on clomid now hun ? if so how many cycles have you done ?

i hope you get some good news soon ! thanks for your reply xx

confu3ed Mon 03-Oct-11 22:35:00

Hey Lucy!
The hot flushes get me every time!

It is day 21 as in day one is first day, day 2 take the clomid etc. Fingers crossed for you! I was on a thread for clOmid last year and pretty much everyone got pg. I miscarried unfortunately. But at least I know it works for me, well the 100mgs dose does.

I look a break from ttc and now on month 1.

Chat soon x

lucytee Mon 03-Oct-11 22:47:59

thanks hun..

that sounds promising that alot got preg but so sorry to hear about your misscaraige.. sad

im also on month 1 ..fingers crossed it WILL work for you this time ;) keep me posted !! im so glad a found this thread its good to feel your not the only one struggleing to concieve as it somtimes feels that way!! xx

confu3ed Tue 04-Oct-11 08:15:36

Fingers crossed it works for us both!

And yes it is great to hear from people who are similar, all of my friends seem to click their fingers and get pregnant.

I do know that Clomid works which fills me with confidence, it was month 6 for me the last time and on 100mgs. I am back on the high dose now but with no tests not even a day 21 progesterone test. As I have had it before my GP prescribed it and said that if I am not PG by xmas to come back and he will refer me on. xx

lucytee Tue 04-Oct-11 21:00:29

yeh all my friends are the same too.

tht sounds promising for you ! your gp sounds like he thinks you will get preg this time too !! why are you on 100mg ? did u try the 50 and it not work for you ? x

confu3ed Tue 04-Oct-11 21:19:28

I didn't get PG on 50mgs and one month my progesterone levels were very low. The consultant seemed to think that was OK as he said that women often don't ovulate every month and that the day 21 tests are only accurate when you ovulate around day 14. Maybe that is why my GP said to go back on 100mgs, was a bit of a shock to the system though and the side effects were worse than last time! Worth it when it works though smile

Are you having day 21 bloods done each month?


lucytee Wed 05-Oct-11 23:16:41

my progesterone levels were very low too , but the initial blood test wasnt taken on the 21st day becuase with me normally its impossible to tell !

i have two blood cards, one for this munth day 21 and one for november day 21, he has only give me enough clomid for 4 munth too ( not sure y , mabey he will giv me more at my next appt?) , my next appointment with him isnt till january. what side effects are you getting this time ? x

confu3ed Thu 06-Oct-11 22:09:01

I guess that would make it very hard!

That is good, I have made an appointment with my doctor next week to get a form as I have no idea if it is actually working!

He probably gave you enough for 4 months as a start and if it doesn't work he will increase the dose.

I always get hot flushes but these seem worse this time, plus headaches and just a hormonal nightmare!

Still not AF despite having all the signs that it is coming, sore boobs, night sweats etc.....tried a cheap Tesco PG test this morning which was negative so it is just my body playing tricks on me, 3 days late now sad I guess it is probably just my body getting used to the Clomid again.


lucytee Fri 07-Oct-11 12:57:17

yeh in think thats what he may be doing , i took my last one lastnight and am in agony with tummy and pack pains. today is that a side effect also ? im hoping that its a sign that the clmid is working but im also worried about hyperstimulation cos im just under 25 so am more at risk. do you expirwence any pain after uve taken the tablets ?

soare boobs ect are also a sign of pregnancey! im keeping my fingers crossed for you that it was too early for the cheep test to pick up ! and isnt the clomid playing havoc with you.. x

lucytee Fri 07-Oct-11 12:59:29

also do you no if you can take frolic acid while on clomid ? x

Florin Fri 07-Oct-11 18:25:47

Hi Lucy yes you should be taking folic acid.
I am on day 24 so want to test, been willing my egg since scan to get to work!
My boobs normally blow up huge by this point in my cycle and they haven't yet so looking at that as a good sign!
Away for a long weekend and have packed for every outcome, got tampons, hot water bottle and painkillers and my next dose of clomid as well as 2 pregnancy tests plus dh was worried I wouldn't pack any so has packed another 2 so should have plenty! He is desperate to know too as it's our first proper chance after our positive scan on day 15

lucytee Fri 07-Oct-11 20:21:12

hey Florin
where will i beable to get frolic acid from ? i am at work all weekend and do 12hr shifts so wnt be able to get any untill monday , will tht make a big differnce?

all sounds very promising for you, ive read through the thread and your on ure second cycle ? are u now on 100mg ? and did you ov on 50mg ?

i hope u enjoy your long weekend ! and i also hope that you wont be needing the tampons and hotwater bottle lol keep me informed smile .

cheekycurls Sat 08-Oct-11 19:10:25

sorry not been on much lately, this month of 100mg has been weird, only had side affects for a few days then nothing, not sure what's going on tbh probably gonna be another disappointing month

how is everyone else doing?

lucytee Sat 08-Oct-11 21:05:40

hey cheeky curls

im on my first cycle of really nervous as i dont no what to expect with side effects currently on day 8.... do you know what the best day is to start getting down to buisness lol ?

sounds like ure feeling a bit down cheekycurls, from what ive read no side effects dosnt meen clomid is not working smile

Florin Sun 09-Oct-11 10:38:46

Lucy most supermarkets sell folic acid i take the sanatagen double pack one tablet is folic acid plus other vitamins and the other is omega 3. Omega 3 is meant to help eye development and as dh is extremely short sighted and pil (who are eye specialists said this is likely to be passed on to dc's although neutralized a little by my good sight) anyway I thought anthing was worth ago.
On 50mg specialist didn't think I ovulated but 100 mg seemed to do the trick.
cheeky curls just because no symptoms doesn't mean it's not working I didn't get any until last day of taking tablets when after being in dark car for 2 hours and wearing sunglasses (was trying to sleep) I then stepped out to major bright lights which caused major visual disturbance but think it's was the extremes in light other than that I have had nothing. I went along very down hearted to my consultant who scanned me and said i was doing fantastically!
I am day 26, only sign I have is normally by now my boobs would be massive and very painful but this month they are not. Hoping it's a good sign. Will test tomorrow.

Solars Mon 10-Oct-11 10:22:21

Hi ladies,

I'm new to clomid this month and really need some advice on when to start taking my tablets. I'm not sure what to count as CD1. Yesterday evening I had brown spotting and blood on wiping but no real flow, this morning I am in full flow. So was wondering which day you take as CD1, yesterday or today? I've been told to take the clomid tablets from day 2 to 6 so i'm not sure when to start them. My DH has confused me as he was saying I should take CD1 as yesterday, although he's a medic his speciality is head & neck, complete other end! I was thinking of taking the tablets in the evenings as supposedly if I do suffer from any of the scary side effects listed they would have less of an effect overnight whilst sleeping, so not sure whether I should start them this evening or tomorrow? My clinic is frustratingly only open from tuesday to friday between 1pm & 5pm so no real help from them at the moment!

lucytee Mon 10-Oct-11 11:29:12

Hi solsars

i would take today as cd1 as i was told not to count it untill you are in full flow. If i was you i would take your clomid tomorrow as cd2. i am also on my first round of clomid days 2 to 6 like you, i am currently on cd11.

I also took my tablets on a evening and had no side effects untill cd 7 ,i could not sleep layed in bed for hours wide awake i have since found out tht insomnia is a side effect but tht only happend the night after the last tablet.. good look to you xx

hey florin - thanks for the info im going out to get some today, good luck for your preg test ! sounds promising ..keep us psoted smile x

Solars Mon 10-Oct-11 11:40:26

Hi Lucytee thanks for that, I spoke to my GP and he agreed that I should take CD1 as today, however he did advise me on taking the tablets in the morning rather than the evening just in case I do get the blurred vision that I should stop taking them immediately and get my eyes checked!! I'm really hoping I get no side effects, yours didn't sound so bad at all. Good luck to you too xx

highlove Mon 10-Oct-11 14:52:07

hello, I've just today picked up my clomid and will be starting my first cycle in the next couple of days - sat here waiting impatiently for period to properly get started (always get several days of spotting first - hoping the clomid will sort that out!) so I can take them. I'll be taking them CDs 2-6.

Having mixed feelings right now - I've been waiting for months to get to this point and now it's here I'm both excited but also really scared it won't work. Everything except legs crossed!

cheekycurls Wed 12-Oct-11 21:37:38

I'm now in the dreaded 2ww had major pains in both ovaries, seriously bad, last few days with a positive ovulation test so now it's just a waiting game hmm

did u test florin?

Florin Wed 12-Oct-11 23:06:46

Cheekycurls I had strong ovulation pains too this time. Hope it means its working. Hope 2ww goes quickly for you. I tested on day 27 and it was a bfn however I am now late and no sign of AF just the odd mild stomach cramps that come and go. I want to wait until Friday to test (unless AF turns up first) but Dh is desperate for me to test tomorrow morning again so will see what happens over night and if nothing then see who wins tomorrow morning! I just want to know but hate the disappointment of seeing no line that I normally chicken out of testing. Got great opportunity of a free yacht in the British Virgin Islands end of Jan just need to pay for flight which I am booking tomorrow. Not sure how it will work if I am pregnant but to be honest I have spent the last 2 years thinking like that and missing out on things so I am just going for it and booking it!

cheekycurls Thu 13-Oct-11 13:56:58

ur right u shouldn't put anything off, booked it and enjoy yourself!

I do hope ur right and the pains was a good thing seems like forever TTC why can't it just happen for me dammit! blush

Florin Thu 13-Oct-11 14:29:38

Ha ha You sound like my dh grin I didn't have the guts to test this morning. If nothing happens today will test tomorrow.
Colleague came in with her little baby had a big cuddle made me want one so much more.
I really hope it happens for both of us soon the waiting is so frustrating!
Holiday being booked this afternoon, at least it will give me something else to focus on and look forward too!

highlove Thu 13-Oct-11 15:29:33

Sorry - quick question...when did you first start to feel side effects from your Clomid? Took my first one thing morning and have a headache - not sure if it's related or if I'm actually imagining it!


Solars Thu 13-Oct-11 15:53:24

Everything crossed for you Florin for that bfp tomorrow smile

Highlove i'm probably not much help here so hope someone with a bit more experience can come along with some better advice, but this is my first month on clomid and my third day so far and i've not had any side effects at all yet. Hope you get some answers soon.

Florin Thu 13-Oct-11 18:27:20

I think I had my first symptoms on about the 2nd day of taking 50mg, it was just the hot and cold thing on 50mg didn't get the visual disturbance until I was on 100 mg. Hope you don't suffer to much highlife and if you do get any symptoms try and remember that it's worth it for (hopefully) a really good outcome. Hoping this is all a distant memory for all of us!

highlove Thu 13-Oct-11 19:31:18

Thanks florin really hope tomorrow brings good news for you.

lucytee Thu 13-Oct-11 19:55:46

hi everYone

hope everyone is doing well ... i am curently on day 13 of my cycle and today have had a positive on thr ovulation test ? does any one know if you can reley on the positive reading when on clomid ? herd so many stories any advice would be great. xx

Florin Fri 14-Oct-11 06:23:22

There is 2 lines, 2 lines! So super super excited!

highlove Fri 14-Oct-11 08:39:55

Oh wow! Fantastic news florin massive massive congratulations!

Solars Fri 14-Oct-11 08:49:28

Congratulations Florin!

lucytee Fri 14-Oct-11 19:42:22

omg congrats floirin thts amazing news x

cheekycurls Sat 15-Oct-11 12:10:12

Congratulations Florin! amazing news!!!

highlove my headaches would start within a hour of first pill sad

Florin Sat 15-Oct-11 16:05:17

Thanks for all the congratulations it hasn't really sunk in yet apart from odd things like already been out for dinner, odd having soft drink while dh has lots of wine on his own. Going to our best friends later who are 4 weeks ahead of us. Will be nice to talk about it together. Hope everyone's symptoms aren't to bad and it works for you soon

confu3ed Sun 16-Oct-11 20:09:34

Hello! Been away for a while no BFP for me AF was a few days late and after getting the negative result I just wanted it to come. Have finished my second month of Clomid and now SWI as much as possible whilst praying it works.

Cheeky - fingers crossed for you this month

Congratulations Florin, amazing news smile

Highlove welcome... my symptoms come and go, always get the hot flushes but they get worse with each dose. This month I am still having hot flushes and I am on day 10. The side effects for me were much worse on 100mgs.

Lucy I was told that you can get a false positive, but did use them myself the last time, except the month I got PG. My doc told me to SWI from day 10 to day 20 so I reckon that if you do that you do not need the tests. For me not doing them made me relax about it a bit more.

lucytee Sun 16-Oct-11 21:43:23

hi Confu3ed

i dont really know what to think really , the day i got a positive a few hours later a done a second one and it was negative. sad everyday i have done one since then has been neg .. i dont think i have oved because i have had no pain or anything as yet and am currently on day 16. it souns silly but is it possible to ov and fell nothing ? im feeling a bit down abwt it all as i dnt feel its working :/ advice ladies?? x

Solars Mon 17-Oct-11 08:43:05

Hi Lucy

Just wanted to respond as didn't want you to feel so down about things. Not everyone gets ovulation pains so the fact that you don't shouldn't worry you, I don't get any pains and because my cycles are slightly longer than the average 28 days (mine are about 31/32 days) I don't ovulate 'til about day 17/18. As Confu3ed said as long as you swi every other day you should be ok. Hope that helps xx

cheekycurls Mon 17-Oct-11 14:22:34


Just went to the loo and had creamy white discharge when I wiped, this is new to me and now I'm stressing over it, anyone else had this?

lucytee Mon 17-Oct-11 16:12:52

thanks solars , i do feel a bit more positive today thankyou for that , helpsto know that youovulate later so im still in with a chance !! smile just want firday to arrive soi can gogert my 21 day bloods done and find out for sure !

cheeky curls..i have also this today !! dnt know what it is tho :/ x

Montsti Mon 17-Oct-11 17:39:43

I have heard lots of different symptoms/side effects/ovulation cycle day of clomid so don't despair if you don't have the same as others.

Clomid has been a miracle for me - conceived DS on 1st month of taking it (50mg - CD3-7) and am now just over 8 weeks pregnant with 2nd child (am praying all will be ok as still early days, but have seen a heartbeat and they have confirmed it's a singleton). With DS no ovulation pains/side effects etc...but this time very strong ovulation pains and terrible PMS...also took 50mg - CD3-7. Ovulated CD17 this time (used Clearblue ovulation tests) and got a BFN on CD25 and then a BFP with a clear blue digital the following day, but then used cheap tests the following 2 days and got the faintest of faint lines (in fact not sure I wasn't seeing things)...I have heard of people ovulating "late" on clomid so wait a few days and you might then get your BFP...or just do loads of tests like me every day!

I have never been monitored whilst taking clomid and in fact emailed my gynae (I don't live in the UK) for a prescription this time...not sure whether she would have monitored me if it hadn't worked within the initial 3 month prescription.

Good luck to everyone trying! I really hope you have your BFPs soon. I have heard negative things about clomid but I can't speak highly enough about it..

Montsti Mon 17-Oct-11 18:11:37

Just to add - fell pregnant 2nd month of clomid this time. I have heard of people conceiving 6th month of clomid and more so don't assume it won't happen if it doesn't immediately. Also have friends o had no success with clomid/AI/IVF and has since fallen pregnant "naturally" twice so miracles can and do happen...

cheekycurls Mon 17-Oct-11 19:07:16

also something else weird, been having lower aches like a dull ache (almost periody) and although my boobs are the tiniest bit sore they are mega itchy WTH?! weird right?! confused

Florin Mon 17-Oct-11 22:08:11

Cheekycurls they all sound like pregnancy symptoms!

cheekycurls Mon 17-Oct-11 22:22:24

ITCHY BOOB?! SERIOUSLY?! it's just 1 tho, I have worked out on clomid my boobs start hurting (like pms) a little earlier then normal and they are not super sore like previous months have been atm but never, ever heard of itchy boob!! (It's just under right nipple on my right boob) I've scratched so much it's very red now and sore sad

Florin Mon 17-Oct-11 23:46:33

That's what I got. Also the fact my boobs weren't huge and painful like normal was also a sign. Just had itchy tingly nipples-now they are starting to hurt though!

cheekycurls Tue 18-Oct-11 07:14:47

oh strange, well I'll find out next week for sure, really don't think I am pregnant tho, just feel like AF is coming! sad

Solars Tue 18-Oct-11 16:52:38

Montsi that is really encouraging to hear, I hope you don't mind me asking, were you prescribed clomid because you had a problem with ovulation?

Cheeky good luck with testing soon, all sound like good symptoms smile

cheekycurls Tue 18-Oct-11 19:05:26

ok boobies are a lot more sore today! but judging by last month clomid made my boobs hurt also, so who knows!

Montsti Tue 18-Oct-11 19:33:41

Solars - I was prescribed clomid both times after trying for a year with no success (am based in South Africa not the UK). They couldn't find a problem with either my DH or me so thought anovulation might be the issue as my cycles varied in length from 27-55 days...I tried ovulation tests a few times without success but, as had no clue when/if I was ovulating maybe weren't getting our days right, who knows? However it does seem likely that an ovulation was the problem. According to ovulation tests clomid made me ovulate each time I have taken it (3 times)...I really hope it works for all of you and the side effects aren't too bad - hang on in there!

confu3ed Tue 18-Oct-11 21:19:44

Lucy - Solars is right, I don't think that you have to have OV pains to ovulate.

Good luck Cheeky!

Montsi good to hear positive stories!

cheekycurls Thu 20-Oct-11 13:32:22


now I've had clear jelly like discharge
very odd cycle this month, don't know what's going on but I'm gonna blame clomid! grin

how is everyone else doing today smile

lucytee Thu 20-Oct-11 14:36:12

hello all ! hope everyone is well !

im giving up with the ovulation tests! angry grr.. i had a nother positive test and then 3hrs later done a 2nd to make sure and it was neg! ( im using the clear blue ov tests) i have had some faint ov pains today and yesterday thats why i decided to test again, really hope that the second stick was rong however unlikley!.

ive got my day 21 bloods tomorro so if i did ov yesterday does any one know if it would be too early to detect in the blood test ??

cheekycurls your symtoms sound very promising . fingers crossed for you

hows everyone else doing? smile

Solars Thu 20-Oct-11 15:48:13

Thank you Montsti I was just curious as I don't apparently have a problem with ovulation but have been prescribed clomid to increase our chances after 18months of trying and was just wondering what our chances may be.

Cheeky where are you in your cycle? are you testing soon?

That sounds all very confusing Lucytee and although I am using opks too this month I am not holding much faith in them either. The '21 day' test I thought needed to be done 7 days after you ovulate as it measures the progesterone levels which peak at that time indicating that you have ovulated. If you think you ovulated yesterday then I think it's too early for you blood test and you need to wait 7 days after you ovulate. I would call your gp if you can and discuss when you need to get your blood test.

cheekycurls Thu 20-Oct-11 19:12:47

im on CD 23 so way too early for symptoms?
will test when AF is due in 6 days but i'm not getting my hopes up

i have heard clomid can mess up ovulation tests and can make u ov a little later then normal

cheekycurls Thu 20-Oct-11 20:58:52

ok now i'm getting a little ahead of myself!!! just had the jelly stuff again (on off all day) but this time it had a tiny bit of pinky/brown in it!! is this implantation bleeding? ain't it too late in cycle for implantation bleeding?? also had a weird pain lower down in the night last night confused

lucytee Fri 21-Oct-11 19:24:15

all sounds promising cheeky smile.

ive just burst in to tears at work sad sneekily checked my day 21 blood results as i work in a hospital and ther are still exactly the same at <2 im sooo diapointed sad olthough i feel tht i ovulated on day 19/20 ( or maybey its just all in my head and i didnt al all sad ) so hoping it was too early to decect . i am going to ask for a second blood test on tuesday to make sure xx

cheekycurls Fri 21-Oct-11 22:12:50

I really hope so might do a test tomorrow

not really sure about day 21 blood results I never got mine back last month shock maybe u have ov late so it was too early to detect in the blood??

cheekycurls Sat 22-Oct-11 08:28:00

BFN this morning sad

lucytee Sat 22-Oct-11 13:20:53

so sorry about your bfn cheeky sad .. are you sure you havetn tested too early as all the sighns are ther ? im hoping that it day 21 was too early to pick up the levfelsin my blood as i am thinking ( hopeing) i oved on day 19/20 .

this whole clomid ttc thing is so hard, when ure on clomid u know exact days of ure cycle ure on and analyse every twinge or sighn u apear to have , that just makes a bfn alot harder to deal with because u have syced your selfup all munth and when it when it finally comes to the day of testing a bnf is like a big slap in the face.

what cycle of clomid are u on cheekycurls ? x smile

lucytee Sat 22-Oct-11 13:21:59

sorry about the hurrendous spelling !!smile x

cheekycurls Sat 22-Oct-11 13:43:48

AF is not due for anther 4 days now so maybe it was just early
this is my second month of clomid, been trying so hard not to work myself up but filing terribly! sad

cheekycurls Sat 22-Oct-11 13:58:35

*failing terribly! blush

Solars Sat 22-Oct-11 15:02:36

Sorry to hear about bfn Cheeky but sounds like you tested too early so hope you're not feeling too despondent. Test again in a few days time.

Lucytee hope you can get another blood test done especially if you think you've ov'd later.

lucytee Mon 24-Oct-11 18:48:12

hi foned up the hospital today and am getting a 2nd blood test.

although the nurse on the fone didnt sound very positive about my levels rising she said that it is unlikey to work untill about munth three for me as my piriods were very ieratic and irregular befor , i hope shes rong lol x

confu3ed Mon 24-Oct-11 19:42:35

Lucy sorry for the results. I had an awful result on clomid early on and the consultant said to me that women do not ovulate every month and that it does not mean that you will not next month. He also said that it takes a while to get into your system. He did say that the day 21 test is not always accurate as it is dependent on when you ovulate.

Cheeky sorry for BFN but as Solars says it may just be too early to test.

cheekycurls Wed 26-Oct-11 11:55:16

AF due today, tested got another BFN sad

Solars Thu 27-Oct-11 09:42:24

So sorry to hear that Cheeky, hope you're ok. Test again if AF still hasn't turned up.

cheekycurls Thu 27-Oct-11 09:44:52

I'm gutted as I am with every BFN I get but AF still a no show but felt like it's been on it's way for a few days now sad

Solars Thu 27-Oct-11 09:57:53

Perhaps don't test for a few days if the bfns are getting you down, for some people the hcg levels can take some time to build up or perhaps you're not using a super sensitive test? Hope you can hang on in there x

cheekycurls Thu 27-Oct-11 10:01:23

I'm using the cheap eBay ones and they are quite sensitive but ur right I'm gonna just leave it till the weekend or something if AF still hasn't shown up

cheekycurls Thu 27-Oct-11 21:35:41

AF turned up, so sick of this every month! sad

confu3ed Thu 27-Oct-11 22:18:18

So sorry for AF Cheeky, it is horrid every month. I always feel the same it is like you build all your hopes up for a week or so then nothing. How many months of Clomid have you had now?

Solars Fri 28-Oct-11 10:39:50

So very sorry to hear that Cheeky. It's awful isn't it. Really hope you can stay positive thanks

Hi all, hope you don't mind me butting in.

I am taking my first round of Clomid this month, trying not to get my hopes up too much and failing miserably!

We have been TTC for a year, had a HSG last month which said tubes were clear, I just need to start ovulating!

I'm on Cd 5 now and no symptoms from taking the Clomid so far- other than raging thrush. Do you think the lack of symptoms yet means that it isn't working and the dosage isn't high enough?

Solars Fri 28-Oct-11 13:43:16

Hi there Aworryingtrend I'm on my first month of clomid too. I'm on my 2ww at the moment . I too had no symptoms as I was taking the pills but I don't necessarily think that means the pills aren't working. I had quite strong ovulation pains halfway through my cycle however, which I have never experienced before. Good luck and would be lovely to hear how you are getting on with it all.

Thanks Solars. Best of luck for your 2WW. I don't think I have knowingly ovulated before (was on the pill since my teens and haven't ovulated since coming off it last October) so I'm hoping my body will give me some sort of signal! How long did the ovulation pain last, if you don't mind my asking? Was it just a moment, or all day sort of thing?

Good luck.

Solars Fri 28-Oct-11 20:55:41

Hi Aworryingtrend I had to take some painkillers so not sure how long they would have lasted had I not took them. I think the pains started about 6.30/7ish in the evening, they were quite painful crampy pains located on the left hand side of my lower abdomen. After about over an hour DH suggested I take some pain killers and so by 9pm they had subsided and not returned. I also tested positive on opks earlier that morning, which is why I thought they could be ovulation pains as I've never had them before either. Are you being monitored (ie scans etc) whilst you are on clomid?

lucytee Sat 29-Oct-11 22:30:46

sorry to hear about AFs arrival cheeky ! awfull isnt it. :/ try stay positive tho , a higher percentage concive on round 3 ! ( or so ive read! )

i had my bloods done again and were only 2.5 , although tht is higher than t has been dosnt look lke clomid has made me ovualate this munth :/ i really hope it does next munth , now just waiting for af , if it doesnt arrve i will have to take northisterone to induce again !

Hi aworryingtrend am also on my first round of clomid im on cd29 now and comng to the end , i didnt experence any side effects really from clomid , apart fromm ovarian pan halfway through my cycle and have had twinges ever since , although as u can c that i dnt think i have oved so i dnt no whats going on with me and what the pains are !! its all quote confusing really as i was convinced was having ovulaton pains , but , my blood results say diferent ! sad .. everyone reacts dferently tho and alot of people get a bfp 1st and 2nd cycle ! so stay positve and goodluck ! smile x

solars what day of your cycle are you on now ? how are you finding clomid ?

PinkCustard Sun 30-Oct-11 08:25:33

Hello, not been on for a while as I had a month off Clomid this month as felt my body needed the break. I did however start using a progesterone cream from Ovulation onwards, and yesterday (on month 22) I finally got a BFP! It could be a total coincidence but I've always been worried that the spotting I usually get at 10dpo, before AF at 13 dpo, could cause a problem for implantation.

Good luck everyone else x

CaveMum Sun 30-Oct-11 09:32:30

Hello ladies, hope you don't mind me jumping in and asking y'all a question: I'm about to start my first round of Clomid, when AF gets round to showing up (PCOS) and wondered what the consensus was on when is best to take the tablets - first thing in the morning, during the day or just before bed? Does the timing make side effects better or worse?
Thanks in advance for any advice/tips!

lucytee Sun 30-Oct-11 15:54:52

Congrats pinkcustard so did u get your bfp the munth u werent on clomid ? ... what is progesterone cream ? and what is it used for , as i hav very low levels of progesterone , would i benifit from it ? congrats agen smile x

hi * cavemum* welcome to the clomid ride lol

i also have pcos and was given a tablet to take for 7 days to induce a piriod, i was advised to take the clomid on a night as then you would sleep through any side effects you might have or at6 least sleep through the worst of them , as having a hot flush at work can be a nightmare !!

CaveMum Sun 30-Oct-11 16:06:30

Thanks for the advice lucytee. My consultant did give me the tablets to induce a period (northisterone?!) but I opted not to take them for a few weeks. I had my first non-induced period since June 2010 in August so thought I'd hang on and see if it happened again. I'm fairly certain that last week, on Day 60-something I actually ovulated - pant snot and temperature bump and everything! So I'm expecting AF later this week and will get cracking on the Clomid.

Taking the tablets at night makes sense, I just hope I don't get too many side-effects!

PinkCustard Sun 30-Oct-11 17:44:05

Thanks Lucytee it still hasn't quite sunk in and I still keep rushing to the loo expecting AF to have shown up - will be anxious for a few more days/weeks I imagine.

Low levels of progesterone can prevent the uterine lining developing properly and a dip in progesterone levels is what causes the shedding of the lining and the onset of AF. If levels drop too soon this can result in a short Luteal Phase, which some doctors (but not most GPs it seems!) acknowledge can be a problem as a fertilised egg takes 7-10 days to implant. I ordered some off the internet (Serenity) and followed the instructions for application - it's important to make sure you've ovulated before taking it as it can prevent ov. Don't know whether I would have taken it with Clomid too, as I used the cream this month but took a month off clomid (think I had 3 or 4 months on clomid without a break).

confu3ed Sun 30-Oct-11 21:33:06

Hello Aworrying, my symptoms were not too bad until I went onto 100mgs and I would just consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you get no symptoms as not everyone does.

Hi Cavemum, defo take them at night to reduce the side effects. I tried taking them in the day and suffered badly with hot flushes and headaches.

Congratulations Pink Custard!

Solars Sun 30-Oct-11 22:38:58

Congratulations PinkCustard!!!

Lucytee I'm on CD21 and I think I ovulated last sunday or monday so will not be expecting af next week. Luckily I've not suffered from any of the side effects but just had quite painful ovulation pains so far on clomid!

Hi & welcome Cavemum I asked that very question to my gp about whether I should take the tablets in the evening but he actually advised me to take them in the morning just so that I could monitor any side effects should I get them. He also said that if I did get any of the visual disturbances that I should stop taking the pills and get my eyes checked out. Could be worth a discussion with your gp? Good luck x

lucytee Tue 01-Nov-11 22:57:02

well have been on phone to nurse today for my blood results ect and she has said to up the dose to 100mg because a didnt respond to 50mg, dreadng the side efects for double the dose ,is any one taking 100mg?xx

confu3ed Wed 02-Nov-11 07:52:50

Lucy 100mgs is the s=dose that I am on and I know that 50mgs didn't work for me either. The side effects are slightly worse but take them at night and apart from sweaty dreams you will be fine smile

Strange week for me, my doc prescribed me progesterone pessaries to be used from BFP so on Monday day 24/25 I did a clearblue test and got a feint positive. I was then alerted to the fact that Clearblue are renound for false positives and to get a first response test. Couldn't get one to test yesterday am so used another clearblue and got a slightly darker positive. Still not convinced I bought first response and tested again this morning and got yet another positive not as dark as the usual line but it was there and pretty dark. I have been feeling sick and really tired but not believing it just yet. I am not sure I will for a while yet. DP is the same, not ready to believe it yet either. Confused, 3 positive tests cannot be wrong can they?

Eek congratulations Conf3ed! I would say 3 BFPs has to mean a BFP! I really hope it sticks, i would be exactly the same as you and not able to believe it at first.

I am on CD10 now and have finally overcome the raging thrush I had had for a week so bring on the sex!

As an aside, I am taking my temperature every day to see if/when I ovulate and my temperature has been sky-high- 36.8 most days compared with 36.3 previous months. Does Clomid make your temperature increase even before you ovulate, does anyone know?

lucytee Wed 02-Nov-11 21:31:34

eeek congrats confused , 3 tests cannot be all false postives !!!

how many rounds of the 10in!!s ag0mg did u take before this bfp ?

du u take both tabs at once or one on morn and one on eve ?

!! this maybey it for you! x

confu3ed Wed 02-Nov-11 21:40:34

Thank you aworrying! I reckon clomid may increase your temp as I felt hot all the time on it and had night sweats throughout the month.

Thank you Lucy fingers crossed this one sticks, I have told myself not to get too excited yet as I have lost the last two at around 5-6 weeks. Praying the meds work! This was round 2 on 100mgs! Last time it was round 3.
Took both pills at night to minimise side effects. X

Solars Thu 03-Nov-11 11:25:46

Congratulations to you Confu3ed, everything crossed this is a sticky little bean x

cheekycurls Thu 03-Nov-11 11:26:03

Congratulations PinkCustard and confu3ed!!

I'm not having much luck just finished 3rd round of clomid, side affects are just awful, very down at the moment and can't seem to snap out of it sad

I'm pretty certain there is something else wrong with me as I was ovulating before clomid, ovulating on clomid and after over 3 years of trying not 1 pregnancy!! something is defiantly wrong with me!

actually thinking about stopping clomid, why should I put my self through all the horrible side affects for nothing, rant over!

Solars Thu 03-Nov-11 11:38:26

Oh Cheeky you poor love. Do you have an appointment soon with your consultant? We have one booked in after 3 rounds of clomid. I'm assuming you've had a lot of the tests carried out on you and your partner and they've not shown anything untoward yet. Would be worth discussing options/further tests with your consultant. It will happen and it could be this month so I really hope you can stay positive thanks

cheekycurls Thu 03-Nov-11 11:51:19

yeah going to see consultant in a couple of weeks but she said last time this is the last thing they can do for me so I'm not holding out much hope as I can't afford IVF sad

what's even more frustrating is that i've never had a problem falling pregnant before, now my body has just stopped working!!

confu3ed Thu 03-Nov-11 21:01:43

Thanks Solars & Cheeky taking one day at a time.

Cheeky chin up, TTC sucks when you have problems especially when it seems so easy for other people. I have seen so many friends have babies in the time we have been TTC. Are you SWI every day? I know that they tell you to every other day, but both times I have got PG we have been at it daily and always in the best position for it to work. It took me 6 months of clomid the last time to get it to work, 3 of them on 100mgs so as desporate as you seem now, don't give up hope. It's really hard the side effects, the counting of days, searching for signs that it may have worked only to get AF. But you have this thread and this site, I am not sure I would have got through the miscarriages or the rounds of clomid had it not been for the support I have got from this site. Chin up babe and don't give up hope x

cheekycurls Fri 04-Nov-11 18:03:22

I am trying to but its just so hard, I'm an emotional mess because of all this!
we SWI every 2 days through out the month but every day the week around ovulation think I might progesterone cream this month and if nothing just gonna give up sad

cheekycurls Fri 04-Nov-11 18:08:22

has anyone use progesterone cream before? if so what is the best one to buy? I know nothing about this! blush

confu3ed Fri 04-Nov-11 20:10:51

It really is tough and sometimes you do feel helpless. Did you use ovulation tests? I found I was less stressed not using them and just swi as much as possible.
Not used progesterone cream or had any experience with it. I have heard lots of women have success with pre-seed, have you tried it?
Are you on 100mgs?

cheekycurls Fri 04-Nov-11 20:37:02

yeah last month I was on 100mg but the side affects was so bad I only took 50mg this month thinking can't hurt for one month, I did use ovulation tests last 2 cycles but not going to this month as the pains I get when I ovulate are pretty bad so I will know and we use pre-seed on last 2 cycles and will this month to
my consultant said my womb lining was very thick so she don't think I have low progesterone but as far as I can remember I've not been tested (had so many done can't remember what they was all for!)

so I'm pretty much doing everything I can, my body is just broken! sad

cheekycurls Fri 04-Nov-11 20:38:26

I thought the headaches were bad but these damn hot flushes are really pissing me off now!

confu3ed Fri 04-Nov-11 22:42:01

I found the side effects awful last time and had crazy headaches as well as the hot flushes which seem to last all night even after stopping the pills. This time going straight onto 100mgs the hot flushes are all that I have had. I would stick with the high dose and always at night, this month I washed mine down with paracetamol to minimise the flushes which woke me up which really worked. That helped loads as I slept better.

Sounds like u r doing everything right. I take selenium, magnesium, omega 3, vit b12, and 1.2mgs folic acid and have been for three months. Most of that is to prevent another miscarriage (as well as low dose aspirin & progesterone) but selenium has fertility benefits too and helps u feel good, apparently women lack it, not sure if it will help but maybe something else to try!

highlove Sun 06-Nov-11 11:11:59

Hi, hoping for a bit of advice from experienced Clomid ladies, please.

First quick bit of background: clomid cycle one, 50mg days 2-6. Scan on CD10 looked great, one lovely 17mm follicle. Scan CD13 showed "classic" (nurse's word not mine) ovulation. CD20 (roughly 7-9 DPO - weren't sure which day it had popped) progesterone came back a terrible 6.4 indicating no Ov, was gutted and confused as had been having lots of symptoms = LOADS of CM, cramping and one isolated incident of light pink spotting about a week after Ov. Spoke to nurse again couple of days later and she said she and consultant were confused so had another blood test, 10-12 DPO, which was 40 = definite Ov. So they think first test was wrong, mistake, mix up, whatever.

Now am 13-15 DPO. Cramping has continued and really stepped up last few days, have backache, sensitive nipples and since yesterday a constant slight nausea, not like I'm going to be sick but it's just there, and (sorry TMI) feel wet constantly. No sign of AF yet and don't have usual pre-AF symptoms of sore boobs, at least they don't feel like they usually do. I normally get AF 11-12 DPO on a non-medicated cycle. But did two tests this morning, really expecting good news but both BFN. (So convinced I did the second!) really disappointed but also confused.

Just wondering firstly how many DPO others have got AF on clo
I'd cycles as compared to usual cycles. And also if it had the same effect of giving unusual symptoms but not your usual pre-menstrual symptoms.

Sorry long post, but thanks in advance. I'm going nuts!

lucytee Sun 06-Nov-11 22:27:11

hello highlove

i am new to clomid i am just starting my 2nd cycle , i am currently on cd3 , last month i was started on 50mg but my progesterone levels were <2 on day 21 then i was convinced i had oved because i had lots ov cramping around cd19 to 25 or somthingi then had a 2nd blood test on day 27 and that showed as 2.5 :/ the nurse said that i defenatley hadent oved so my consultant wanted me to upthe dose to 100mg , i cant give u much advice but i did get cramping during my cycle and never Ovd . im sure some one will be able to on hear tho , they have allgave me good advice !

has any of you ladies heard of taking clomid without af ? as i never oved the doc didnt expect me to hav a bleed so therfore instucted me to take clomid 4 weeks after my first cycle , so thts what i am doing .
xxxxxxxx how iseveryone else coping wt the clomid ride ? xxxxx

Solars Mon 07-Nov-11 10:16:48

Hi there Highlove I am also on my first month of clomid, so sorry as I'm not going to be much help but would be interested to hear the response you get. I think I am on 15DPO today as I think I ov'd on CD14 because I had really bad ovulation pains then. On my usual cycle I used to ovulate around CD17/18 and I would have a 31/32 day cycle, I'm only on CD29 so wondering whether af should be showing up now. Sometimes it can take a while for your hcg levels to pick up, give it a few days and perhaps test again as the symptoms you have sound promising. Fingers crossed and hope you can stay sane xx

Lucytee hope you're doing ok xx

confu3ed Mon 07-Nov-11 13:54:41

Welcome Highlove. I found that Clomid did lengthen my cycles by a few days but not on every month. I stopped ovulation testing so no idea how many days post ovulation that it came. Sorry not much help! I would do as Solars suggests and test again in a couple of days.

I have got an appointment at the EPU on Weds for a very early scan, not sure what they will see but it may be just to see if it is the size it should be. Hope that they can help as last two pregnancies didn't get beyond 6 weeks. Glad that they are taking me seriously though and keeping everything crossed!

highlove Mon 07-Nov-11 14:45:29

Hi everyone, thanks. I'm not a minimum of 14DPO (could be 16 though!) and no AF as yet. Woke this morning with super super sore nipples though seems to have worn off a bit now. So will try and hold out till weds to test again with FMU. Please keep everything crossed for me!!

Solars, really hoping it's good news coming for us both.

Confu3ed, really hope your scan goes perfectly.

God this is stressful isn't it?!


highlove Mon 07-Nov-11 14:52:41

Bloody iPhone! I'm NOW a minimum of 14DPO, not not! S'pose that's what comes of posting here rather than doing any work. It's just this us far more interesting than the course I'm supposed to be running tomorrow smile

Solars Mon 07-Nov-11 16:30:06

Confu3ed good luck with your scan on wednesday x

Highlove I have absolutely everything crossed for you my lovely. I am thinking about doing a test tomorrow morning if there is no show of af today. I had a funny feeling in my tummy earlier that af is about to start but nothing so far, have been constantly knicker watching and only a bit of clear cm so far, 'tis very stressful indeed!!!

cheekycurls Mon 07-Nov-11 17:41:55

confu3ed good luck for ur scan

highlove think u should test grin

solars fingers crossed u get a BFP when u test!

nothing much happening with me, still quite depressed with the whole thing and have decided to not test for ovulation and SWI just gonna do it when we feel like it to take some of the pressure off us both

highlove Tue 08-Nov-11 12:08:25

Hi all,

Solars: what news? Have everything crossed for you.

As for me, no AF as yet and I'm now 15-17dpo but having plucked up the courage to test again since my two negatives on Sunday. It's weird because normally I've been pissing on sticks like they're going out of fashion before I'm even late! But I just can't face another BFN so am putting it off.

Have all kinds of weird things going through my head: maybe I ov'd later than I thought, even though I was being scanned do o know it can't really have been later than 9am on Monday two weeks ago when they saw it had popped. I am clearly mental. Not sure that's a pg symptom, but definitely a symptom of long-term TTC!


lucytee Tue 08-Nov-11 12:26:10

highlove test! test! test! all sounds v promising , everythin crossed for you!

confused goodluck for your scan tomorro!

solars fingers crossed for you when u test !

i have justrecived my thermomiter from amazon this morning! im going to start temping this mounth as a cntrely on opks! take my last 100mg tonight ! whoohoo jus hope it wortks this time! x

Solars Tue 08-Nov-11 12:26:35


Highlove I chickened out of testing this morning. I spoke to DH last night about it and he's of the opinion of waiting 'til the end of the week if still no show of af. I couldn't face a BFN either! I'm exactly like you wondering if I did actually OV when I thought I had, so that would make us both mental!

I feel pretty sure I'm on 16dPO and my normal LP is 14 days. I have no symptoms whatsoever and af doesn't feel imminent either. I really hope it's not anything to do with the clomid stretching out LP.

When are you thinking of testing again Highlove?

highlove Tue 08-Nov-11 13:28:38

Thanks Lucy, hope the thermometer helps you.

Was planning to test tomorrow...I'm so torn, obviously a bit of me is desperate to. But at the same time the other bit just thinks I can't face BFN and if I was pg surely it would have come up on sunday, at 13-15dpo. And I think I've got symptoms but I've never been pg yet somehow at some point had every symptom in the book, so can't trust what I think is happening now. Had lots more cramping first thing and was sure I could feel AF coming, but nothing as yet.


Solars Tue 08-Nov-11 16:08:34

Everything crossed for you Highlove if you do decide to test tomorrow x

Lucytee good luck with the temping x

Good luck with your testing highlove and solars

I'm on day 17, and pretty sure I haven't ovulated to be honest. My temps are all over the place- stupidly high at the start of the month and now quite low. I didn't experience any ovulation pains, as I had thought I might.

The only odd thing was that on C14 I bled a little bit after sex (TMI sorry) which lasted the whole day. I have never had that before except from after very erm, vigorous, sex blush but this was a can't be arsed lazy sunday morning session. Anyway, now that i have provided you all with far too much information about my sex life, has anyone else had mid-cycle spotting on Clomid? What do you think it might mean?

I've got a blood test on day21 to see if my progesterone levels indicate that I have ovulated. according to the onsultant they should be >20. My last Day 21 blood tests it was <0!

highlove Tue 08-Nov-11 18:44:24

Hiya worryingtrend, I didn't have spotting mid-cycle on Clomid but this is just month one so I'm not really an old hand! But I have read that it does happen on Clomid. On the other hand I have in the past had very light spotting after sex around ovulation time - my dr was convinced it was to do with Ov rather than anything more sinister.

A tip from me: if you progesterone test comes back low (and really hope it doesn't) then push for another a few days later. Good luck!

Confu3ed I really hope your scan goes great tomorrow, let us know.

Solars, I'm going to do it with FMU tomorrow. Cross your fingers and toes for me please. And I will most certainly do the same for you.

Oh god.

X x x

highlove Wed 09-Nov-11 06:21:07

2 x BFN.

Confused. Am somewhere between 16-18 DPO. Obviously not pg otherwise i'd be getting a positive by now, right.

Unless the hospital really did get it wrong at the ultrasound and I ov'd later than they think (in which case we missed theboat as we stopped SWI after than.) That would explain why my 7 DPO progesterone (at supposedly 7-9dpo) was only 6.4 but had gone up to 40 at supposedly 10-12. But the clinic were convinced the scan showed I had ovulated and so the first progesterone test must have been wrong.

Oh fuck it fuck it fuck. So where the fuck is my period then, do you suppose.

Fuck. And why do my boobs feel like they do, why do I have cramping on and off, why do I feel nauseous and burpy, why do I have backache?


PinkCustard Wed 09-Nov-11 07:36:35


Sadly I'm back after an early miscarriage last weekend, totally heartbreaking after finally getting a BFP after trying for so long sad. So will be back on the clomid from next month.

Cheeky sorry you're finding it so hard at the moment. I used progesterone cream for the 1st time last month (when I got the BFP). I ordered it from Serenity Wellbeing website, I'll be using it again after my next Ov too (am hoping my body gets back to normal straight away and ovs this cycle).

Highlove how totally stress-inducing - I think the clomid lengthened my luteal phase by a day, but no longer than that. Perhaps you ovulated later than you thought?

highlove Wed 09-Nov-11 09:44:36

Hello pink I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. How very unfair after such a hard time TTC. Hope you are being kind to yourself, this is such a painful process and I know sometimes it just feels like it's never going to happen. Take care of yourself x x

Solars Wed 09-Nov-11 09:45:15

Pinkcustard I'm so very sorry to hear that. Hope you're ok lovely, you will get there.

Highlove I can't believe it and feel totally confused for you too. Perhaps you did in fact ovulate later. I'm thinking that I too must have ovulated later than I thought. I had really bad ovulation pains on day 14 so thought that was the day, even DH agreed, but perhaps the egg didn't pop 'til later is the only explanation why I think my af still hasn't arrived. I was still testing positive on opks 3 days later after the ov pains. This just all seems confusing. Highlove you still potentially could be in with a chance as sperm can survive a little longer. Hope you're ok.

Thanks for that Highlove, that is a good idea about asking for a test a few days later if this one comes back low. I wouldn't be surprised as I do normally have a 33 day cycle but then the consultant said that Clomid would most likely make my cycle 28 days. We'll see I guess.

So sorry to hear about your -ve results. You must be so confused with it all. AF staying away must be a good sign? I guess test again in a few days if it still doesn't turn up?

PinkCustard I am so sorry to hear your sad news. I can only imagine how disappointed you must feel. I hope you are getting lots of RL support but we are here too if you need a rant, cry or moan.

lucytee Wed 09-Nov-11 12:06:38

oh pinkcustard so sorry to hear that ..its heart wrenching and after waitng so long for a bfp sad x

highlove clomid is so confusing isntit ?! i had to have 2 bllod tests last ,ount because the hospital wouldnt give me a scan only day 21 bloods untill i pushed for a day 28 too as i felt i had oved . hope ure okay . its so frustating isnt it x

* a worrying trend* lol at your sex life info ! my prog test was very low also <2 and after my first course of 50mg on day 21 it was still <2 and dy 28 was 2.3 seriously dissapointing , i a now on 100mg , what mg are you on if u dnt mind me asking? felling no ov pains or anything dosnt neccesarly mean u havent oved ! fingers crossed u have ! x

highlove Wed 09-Nov-11 12:30:45

Hi all, thanks for messages. Just spoke to the fertility nurse who said if still no AF by Friday to go in for a blood test to be sure one way or other. Of course I then asked if it's possible I could still be pg and she said yes but I needed to be realistic that it's a slim chance.

Hmmm. Pissed off, to be honest.

confu3ed Wed 09-Nov-11 13:09:27

I am so sorry PinkCustard, miscarriage is a truly awful thing to go through. Take care of yourself and treat yourself lots. If you need to talk we are here, and you will find lots of support in the miscarriage threads too x

Highlove how totally frustrating, how many days late are you? Fingers crossed it is just too early for a BFP.The bloods will be 100%

Strange day for me at the EPU, firstly they seemed to think I was further on than they thought and warned me that the scan may show nothing and if it did that they would do blood tests. Had the scan and it showed what they think was a sack 4-5 weeks but it was far too early to see if there is anything in it. The nurse was lovely though and did my bloods and she will call me with the results tomorrow, they will then use the result as a base line and take further bloods on Friday from that we can work out of the levels have gone up enough to make the pregnancy viable. I will then be scanned again a week on Monday. Felt so anxious going there, I have spent loads of time visiting these wards over the past 3 years. She said that they will monitor me closely and if I have any ?'s to call her and she will always speak to me, so that is positive.
All I can do now is to keep everything crossed that this one is all good!

highlove Wed 09-Nov-11 13:43:09

Have everything crossed for you con3used...I don't have personal experience but I think it's totally usual for scans at this early stage not reveal very much. Your bloods should give you some reassurance though.

I'm between 16 and 18 DPO according to my tracking scans. Just so confused and so fed up this afternoon. Just back to the usual, pointless 'why is this happening to me, why can't I get pg straightforwardly like everyone I kbow' thing. Pointless and self destructive...need to wallow for a bit and then kick myself up the arse and resume normal service shortly!

Keeping everyhting crossed for you highlove and Confu3ed that its sticking.

Lucytee I am on 50mg, this is my first month so not sure what to expect at all. I don't feel like I have ovulated but I guess its better to be liek that and (maybe) get a nice surprise than be crushingly disappointed when i get the results as I no doubt will be anyway.

What cycle day are you on Lucy? I have my Day 21 bloods (actually will be day 22) on Monday. Am stupidly nervous already, I so badly want to have ovulated.

lucytee Wed 09-Nov-11 19:14:01

highlove i go through the same ting all the time" why me ? and why carnt i just get pg easly like everyone else ! ect...but ther really isnt any point in me wolloing in self pity because thats just the way it is for me unfortunatly, i know one thing tho, if i am lucky enough to fall pg, i will know how lucky i am to be pg. sometimes a feel people pop babies out lieft rigt and center and just take it for granted ! :/

worryingtrend im on my second cycle only on cd7 , but at least ive got the pill taling bit out of the way ! fingerscrossed you have oved , dnt be anxious abou your bloods tho , the important ting is working out what dose is right for you! as everyones different.. ill keep everything crossed for u ! x

Solars Thu 10-Nov-11 08:29:39

Ok so I tested this morning and a BFN sad

Have been reading up on clomid as I'm pretty sure i'm 18DPO and I have read it can increase your luteal phase so perhaps it's just playing silly buggers with me.

Highlove hope you are ok

Confu3ed everything crossed for you for a sticky little bean.

Everything crossed for you Aworrying & Lucytee

highlove Thu 10-Nov-11 09:29:22

Oh bloody hell solars I'm sorry to hear that. I was thinking of you earlier and wondering if you'd test today. Hope you're doing ok? Maybe ov'd later than you think? I reckon it's worth contacting your clinic for a blood test now though.

Lucy you are totally right, but sometimes I think we all need an hour two to wallow. It is all bloody unfair. You're right though it's pointless and won't change anything. I'm over it today. How is your temping going?

worryingtrend will be rooting for your bloods on Monday!

I tested again, BFN. Am ok today though - normal service had resumed! Have a blood test tomorrow and still no AF but the more I think about it the more convinced I am I ov'd later than thought. That would mean my scans gave a wrong result but would mean my odd progesterone tests were right, why it was 6 at what we thought was 7dpo and rose to 40 by 11dpo! Disappointed because it means we definitely wouldn't have got pg just because we didn't SWI at the right time which is just annoying. But trying to stay positive; if I'm right it would make me 12/13 DPO now which means luteal phase has extended and no spotting which is usually anything from 7 DPO. So if we just actually have sex at thr right time next month maybe we're in with a chance!!


Solars Thu 10-Nov-11 13:16:46

Highlove maybe I did ov later, but a positive opk & unmistakeable ovulation pains makes me feel confident that I did ov on CD14 or possibly 15??? To be honest I'm just waiting for AF to arrive now so I can get on with the next cycle. If there is no show over the weekend then I may contact the clinic early next week. I'm sorry to hear another bfn for you though and can totally understand your frustration that you didn't SWI at the right time, but the silver lining is that your luteal phase has extended which is very good news xx

confu3ed Thu 10-Nov-11 20:19:57

So sorry for the BFN's Solars and highlove. TTC is such a rollercoaster, I reckon the best thing to do is SWI from day 10 till AF turns up. I get ovulation pains on and off on more than one day when on clomid and I know that I cannot be ovulating that much so figured I would ignore them and just SWI from day 10-20.

Bloods came back and match with the 4-5 week scan yesterday more tomorrow so next milestone is Monday. I have been getting sharp twingy pains in my tummy today though so terrified.

highlove Fri 11-Nov-11 17:02:08

con3used glad your bloods went ok, fingers crossed for Monday then.

solars how are you doing love? Hope all ok, any sign of AF? Totally get what you mean about just wanting it to come and movd on to the next cycle. Hopefully not too long!

So I never got the blood test this morning; started to spot yesterday afternoon which I always do pre-AF. It's actually a lot lighter than usual (sorry tmi!) but guess that's something else to thank the Clomid for. Just want it to start properly and start the next round of tablets..

What fun this is! Not!

Hope everyone is ok, at least it's Friday!


Solars Fri 11-Nov-11 17:18:19

Confu3ed that makes a lot of senses just swi from days 10 to 20 and not worry about ov, that's what I'm going to be doing this month. I hope you twingy pains are better and good luck for monday x

Highlove I'm on CD1 today, but feel ok, i guess there's a lot to learn from clomid - I agree not fun at all! Hope you're ok and hope everyones else is too xx

highlove Sat 12-Nov-11 18:38:18

Yep solars agree there's a lot to learn! Is this your second Clomid cycle now then?

I'm now CD1 and glad to just put the last one behind me. Luteal phase extended by a couple of days and no spotting till what I now reckon was 11 or 12 DPO as opposed to 7 or 8 DPO on a normal cycle - so just trying to focus on that as positives.

Fingers crossed for lots of BFPs before Christmas then x

lucytee Mon 14-Nov-11 21:44:34

highlove lots of BFPS before chrismas sounds like a very good plan ! smile

my temping isnt going very well to be honest the first 2 were qutie low 35.7 then 35.8 then this mornings was 36.4 . not very consistant.

had to sit through one of my colleges tell me .. " oh me , im a professional at the concieving children malarki ive got four !" angry.. proffesional ?? i cpould of slapped her ! ..she is the only one at work who no that im on clomid and she said it about 5 times to patients when ther where asking her questions ( she s of course 5mnth pregnant )!! not looking forward to tomorros shift! probs over reacting but feels like shes kind of rubbing it in , then agan thts probsthe clomid talking !

sorry! rant over lol ........hope evryone is well smile

highlove Tue 15-Nov-11 16:55:53

Hi Lucy sorry to hear your temping isn't great. I've never tried, sounded way to complicated to me! Can't offer you any advice, hopefully someone who can will be along soon. Have you got the book Taking Charge of your Fertility? That is all about temping and interpreting results so might be worth a look.

Can't believe your colleague. If she knows, how incredibly insensitive of her.

I'm on CD4 of cycle 2...have got the clinic to agree to scans and blood tests again this cycle so fingers crossed it isn't so confusing this time. Just feeling a bit desperate that I've only one more go at getting pg this year now...I know it shouldn't make a difference but can't help feeling it's another anniversary to remind me I'm no nearer having a baby. Aaarrggghhh.

Hope everyone else is doing ok..

Solars Tue 15-Nov-11 19:04:19

Highlove yes this is my second cycle on cloimd too and it looks like we are cycle buddies as well, I'm on CD5 (last pill tomorrow). You're so lucky you are getting bloods and scans at the clinic, because we've been 'diagnosed' with unexplained infertility we're not allowed any of the monitoring and have just been sent off with clomid in the hope that it will work. Fingers crossed this is the lucky month for both of us though, we will all get there and totally understand how you feel about the last chance of the year x

Lucytee I don't temp so not much advice on that front but your colleague sounds horrendous especially since she even knows you are on clomid! You have every right to be fuming.

Confu3ed hope everything went well for you yesterday and you're doing ok x

confu3ed Tue 15-Nov-11 19:37:01

So sorry Lucy it sucks when people are so insensitive, my sister is the worlds worsed. Told me that she feelt so sorry for her friend who had been TTC for a year, for me it has been almost 3 and 2 miscarriages!

Highlove fingers crossed for you this month.

Thanks Solars, fingers crossed this will be your lucky month.

Got test results yesterday and my hormone levels had more than doubled, around 1000 more. They should double so taking that as a positive. Said that to the nurse who said all I can do is to keep my fingers crossed. Tough wait now till my scan next Monday. Hard as it was around this time that I lost the last two so keeping everything crossed and doing as little as possible. So tired at the moment which I am also taking as a positive I have to come home for a nap at lunch time. Plus feeling really sick today so again looking at the positive! x

Hi all, I got my Day 21 (actually Day 22) results today and the Clomid hasn't worked. My progesterone is 2.1. I am stupidly devastated even though I had told myself they hadn't worked as I haven't had any signs of ovulation. I am so, so upset. i feel like i am doing everything I can, I'm not very overweight but have still lost 9 pounds in the hope it would help, I have stopped drinking, I eat healthily...what more can I do?!!!

I have to ring the consultant later today with the results and she will probably say increase to 100m next month.

LucyTee your colleague sounds like a prize cow for saying that.

Confu3ed Yay! it sounds like everyhting is going the way it should, that is great news.

lucytee Wed 16-Nov-11 20:34:59

confused , really glad everything is going welsmile its rearsuring to hear x

so sorry abwt your prog test aworryingtrend i was in exactly the same place as you last munth... its so disapointing isnt it! my levels were 2.3, my doc has upped the dose to100mg for me this mounth, i havent had anyside effects as yet and i am on day 14 today, so dnt worry about doubleing the dose from a side effects point of view, all i can say is the 5days i didnt feel "myself" but tht went away 2 days after the last dose. i have beeen told it can also take a few munths to get into your system! tht didnt make it any easier to swallow for me tho i must say. best of luck x

Solars Wed 16-Nov-11 21:02:05

Confu3ed i'm so glad to hear that things looking very positive for you, make sure you rest well and good luck with the scan next monday smile

Oh Aworrying I really feel for you and hope you can stay positive. I felt like that last month, I was doing everything right but still no bfp and you just end up wondering what else you can do but I guess it's just down to chance at the end of the day. I hope you got to speak to your consultant so fingers crossed for the next cycle x

highlove Sat 19-Nov-11 14:42:22

Hi hope everyone is doing ok.

con3used how are you feeling? Lots of luck for the scan on Monday.

Lucy how's the temping going?

solars how are you doing? Can you at least push for a 7dpo blood test to confirm Ov? So annoying they won't monitor you.

Hope you're feeling a bit better worrying - 100mg seems to do the trick for lots of people, fingers crossed for you.

I'm cd 8 so tablets all done and first follicle scan on Monday. Am swinging between feeling positive and other times just feels like I'm never going to be pg and just can't even imagine getting those two little lines. Anyone else just feel like they can't imagine it happening, iyswim?


lucytee Sat 19-Nov-11 22:08:02

hi highlove , my temping is going okay , im on this site called fertillity friends a you enter your temps and dates of cycle ect , ill try and put a link on so you can have a look , it actully says according to my temps i oved on day 13, it is really good for showing if uuve ovulated but it can only tell u after it has happend, not before so its not good for timing bd ect like opks. I would recomend it to women who do not know if the are ovulating an also after 2 or so rwnds u can start to see a patern , its really good when is all written out in front of you. if you track your temps in the 2ww it will give u and idear if you are preg before you test with temp, if ure temo stays elivated for a certain amountof days ect ect ( it explains it all on the site and gives you free lessons on it when u register which is free also.) sorry for the essay lol , here is the link , take a look.

we will c if its right on wednesday when i get my 21 day bloods ! fingers crossed its worked ths time .

how are you doing highlove ? and how is everyone else ?

lucytee Sat 19-Nov-11 22:09:31

<a href="">My Ovulation Chart</a>

no i think this is the link lol x

Solars Sun 20-Nov-11 20:34:29

Hi Highlove I know what you mean, I feel I'm getting used to it not happening every month. There would be no chance of a 21 day blood test we did ask that of the consultant when we were prescribed clomid, if we were private patients we could pay for it we were told.

Lucytee glad to here the temping is going well, fingers crossed for your blood results.

confu3ed Mon 21-Nov-11 19:54:09

Sorry about the results Aworrying, is your doctor increasing the dose?

Lucy, glad that the temping is going well and fingers crossed for Wednesday!

Highlove, how did the follicle tracking go?

Solars, the last time I was on Clomid I went to the nurse at my GP surgery and said that I needed a day 21 progesterone test as I was on Clomid, as I was already there she filled in the form and did the test, no questions asked.

Good day for me, went for scan and at first it just looked like an empty sack, my heart sank. However the sonogropher did not give up and found a 4mm pole with a heartbeat. She said that there are no guarantees but that is the first scan I have seen a heartbeat at since DD 12 years ago! They have booked me for another scan in 3 weeks due to my history. But for now it is good news, fingers crossed it sticks!!

highlove Mon 21-Nov-11 20:46:16

Hi con3used that's fantastic news, fingers crossed this is the sticky one for you.

solars that's so frustrating. Might be worth trying the gp's nurse as con3used suggests?

First scan today. One 14mm, three 10mm and one 8mm. Nurse said to go back weds but if they've all grown they will cancel the cycle as there's too much risk of multiples. So now really stressed about that. I wasn't expecting it at all. Does anyone have any experience?

Also, lining was only 5mm. Am trying not to stress about that as I figure with largest follicle at 14mm I must be at least 2-3 days from Ov so hoping it will grow a good few mms in the meantime. Has anyone got any idea how quickly lining can develop. I know it needs to be at least 6 and ideally 8mm so a way to go yet.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing ok xx

DonnaP86 Tue 22-Nov-11 16:02:02

Hi All,

Urmm where to start?!? I have PCOS which was diagnosed this year after my DH and I had been TTC 1yr +. I am 25 on friday and he is 32. I have just started 50mg Clomid (on Day 4). Safe to say I feel like crap!! sad

My question is really about Clomid prescription was sent in the post to me and my fertility nurse (NHS) has booked me a follow up six months time! Shouldn't they monitoring me to see if it actually works?!? They gave me no advice or even mentioned monitoring myself so I am a bit lost!

My AF used to be every other week shock so I am hoping the Clomid will give me a normal cycle. I have decided to start charting myself although the DH doesn't like the idea but I have no clue as to what I am doing!

Its all a bit overwhelming!! sad

highlove Tue 22-Nov-11 21:32:42

Hi Donna welcome, sorry to hear you're feeling shitty. Lots of people seem to find they feel better when they've finished the tablet days, hope you do too.

It's rubbish that you're not getting more support and monitoring. Charting sounds like a good plan..I don't but others on here do and might be able to help. Are you using OPKs too? I'm using CBFM, first time I've used on a Clomid cycle so will see what happens..

Anyway, best of luck...BFPs for christmas please!

DonnaP86 Wed 23-Nov-11 14:24:01

Thanks highlove feeling a bit better today smile I am new to this so OPKs and CBFM are lost on me confused??

Best of luck to u too!

Solars Wed 23-Nov-11 16:26:58

Confu3ed glad to hear all went well with the scan, I'm sure it's a sticky bean and good luck with the next one.

Highlove great to hear about your follicle growth, but isn't it strange for them to cancel your cycle if there are too many eggs and I'm not even getting any scans or bloods and we have the same chance of multiple births confused How was your scan today? I'm not sure I'd be able to see the nurse at my gp as I would need to get past the receptionist first!!

Hello Donna it's strange considering your cycle why you're not being tracked, is it possible to speak to your consultant about this? OPK is ovulation predictor kit and CBFM is Clear Blue fertility monitor. I've never used CBFM. OPKs can let you know when you are about to ovulate so you can time SWI. Hope that helps & good luck!

highlove Wed 23-Nov-11 20:57:08

Hi solars how are you doing? Any sign of Ov yet? You must be cd13?

Sorry I didn't explain myself better Donna. Glad you're feeling better though.

So I had another scan today. One follicle at 17mm and two at 13mm. So the plan is now that I go back for another scan tomorrow and assuming all three are still developing they will give me a trigger shot to induce ovulation...I think the idea is that the two little eggs won't be mature yet so inducing Ov now prevents them getting to a big enough size to risk triplets.

Not sure how to feel. If all three were to develop they'd want us to abstain and I'd be gutted to waste a cycle. Then again...triple pgs are incredibly rare on Clomid and like you say solars most people don't get monitored like this. In fact I pushed for monitoring again this cycle only because the results were a bit odd last month, my first cycle. My clinic wouldn't normally do it on cycle 2.

Honestly I think I'd prefer not to have it...but they are the experts so guess I'll go with it. Just feels like so much intervention.

Hope everyone else is ok xx

lucytee Thu 24-Nov-11 14:41:39

hi all.

welcome donna , i agree you should take it up with your consultant, about monitering , even just 21 day bloods , i too am 25 and have pcos and i was told 25 and under are high risk of hypertymulation, wich left untreated can be dangourous (not wanting to scare you !) hyperstymulation can als more comonly be minor..but needs to be moniterd. as well as its your fisrt cycle you dont no how sensitive ure body will beto it, ( in my case tho , i did not respond to the 50mg :/..) its def worth brinig up if n ething for ure piece of mind ttc can beconfusing enuf!!! good luck smile

Highlove great to hear about your follicle growth! how did ure csan go todAY ?

worryingtrend. whn do you start the 100mg ?

Confused. glad to hear all went well with the scan..what great news! ( wine) heres to a tost to your stick bean! x

I had my 21 da bloods taken yesterday , anxiously waiting for the results , really hope 100mg has made me ov, i dn think i could go up n e more ! fingers crossed for meeee ! x

lucytee Thu 24-Nov-11 14:45:01

wine heres to confused sticky bean!

didn quite do it right on my first post [embarrassed]

lucytee Thu 24-Nov-11 21:45:16

im so exited my day 21 progesterone was 91 !!!!! really high compared to last munths 2.3!! omg im so relived tha i ave actually oved! smile smile smile.. its such relief. xx

confu3ed Fri 25-Nov-11 10:28:49

Morning will catch up properly later as at work and on my phone.
Just wanted to say, Lucy wow that is the highest result I have ever heard of!!! Even the month I got my bfp my day 19 result was only 31, couldn't have it on day 21 due to weekends! You must be really happy, fingers crossed this is your month!!!

And thanks for the toast, orange juice for me ;0) x

Solars Fri 25-Nov-11 10:43:19

Wow Lucy that's a great result! Fingers crossed for that bfp now, only a week to wait right? x

Highlove i'm good thanks. Yes I was CD13 then and now CD15, no signs of ovulation yet but I usually ovulate on CD17 or 18 (last month really confused me with ovulation pains on CD14 but I don't think I ovulated until CD18 judging by when AF actually arrived!) I'm trying to be ever so calm this month! So how was your scan yesterday? Did they induce ovulation? x

lucytee Fri 25-Nov-11 13:26:33

thanks guys, ye im over the moon with that result although i heard tht wit levels that high i may have popped 2 eggs! aw well double the chance of bfp i guess? my boobs re also really sore , but that ismost likley to be because of the high levels of progesterone, im not getting my hopes up aas im just relived that clomid hs mde me ov this munth as i was conviced i was going to be one of the % resistant to it ! like last munth!... im on day 23, so think i shud test on wednesday ( will be day 28) if AF dusnt apear b4,!

solars , i would really recomend temping for you if u are not sure when u ov and aregeting confused with it , i am charting mine on fertilityfriend and it tellsyou wht day u oved , howmanydpo u are ndwhen ure fertile days are likley t be . take a loook t my chrt here is the link,

i would recomendand it als givesu somthingto do in tww ! x

BabyGiraffes Fri 25-Nov-11 14:00:44

Just a quick supportive message for those who have PCOS (and everyone else too of course). For me metformin worked really well to even out hormones a bit and metformin in combination with clomid has also been shown to be quite successful. No statistics here, just two very sweet girls aged 4 and 2... smile Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you. Wish I'd found a thread like this during the eight years it took me to have my first...

highlove Fri 25-Nov-11 16:57:01

Wow Lucy that is a fantastic result! How many DPOs do you think you are? I'm all crossed for a nice BFP next week!

Hi solars hoping Ov comes soon and you get plenty of, ahem, 'time' with you other half in the meantime!

Donna do you feel any better now tablets finished?

Had another scan yesterday morning and all eggs were developing so had the trigger to induce Ov. Apparently should happen 24-36 hours later. I've not felt anything yet. I don't usually get Ov pain and didn't on the Clomid last month but progesterone showed I had ov'd, so not too worried. The good news was a nice thick 10mm lining. But as I will have ov'd on my 'bad' side am not that hopeful. The consultant cleared a blocked tube that side before i started clomid but I know tube repairs aren't always that effective. Would be feeling more optimistic had I ov'd on the other side! Just not sure this is our month. Only two weeks to go though..!

Have lovely weekends everyone x

lucytee Fri 25-Nov-11 19:44:44

hi highlove i think im 10 days dpo today , or so my temping chart says! the tube has been repaired , so think positive !! and get busy ;) , fingers crossed for you too!

orange juice for too confused! :D x

confu3ed Fri 25-Nov-11 19:56:54

Highlove, great news..... get busy and best of luck!! x

Donna welcome, I would suggest you go to your GP and say that you need a day 21 blood test. I only had one in each 3 month cycle last time and this time I had one the second month.

Thanks Solars, and best of luck this month smile

Baby lovely to hear such a great success story!

Fingers crossed for BFP's all round this month!

DonnaP86 Sun 27-Nov-11 09:10:02

Feeling better now i finished the meds thanks highlove

not sure what to do about monitoring at the mo as i got a letter yesterday from the NHS, i did a smear test a few weeks ago and my results were abnormal (cin2) so they want me to in straight in for a coloscopy! As i have already been diagnosed with PCOS i really didn't expect this an now i am terrified. Only turned 25 Friday so its ruined my birthday, had to tell my family over my birthday meal because i was so upset. :-(

Solars Sun 27-Nov-11 11:21:14

Donna so sorry to hear about what you are going through, fingers crossed all will ok thanks

Lucy I have contemplated temping a while ago but think i would get quite mental if temps were not doing what they are supposed to! I feel obsessed about the whole thing anyway but think that temping may tip me over the edge! Do you have any symptoms to report?

Highlove I agree with Lucy think positive lovely, it's been repaired so will be working fine! I have absolutely everything crossed for all of us x

Hi all, I am fed up as I am now CD36!! (and definitely not pregnant- I didn't ovulate and I took several a teat this morning just to be sure). I thought Clomid was supposed to give you a standard 28-day cycle?! I just want AF to come so I can start taking the Clomid again. Lucytee the consultant has said to stay on 50mg for another cycle just to give it a chance which is fair enough.

I am annoyed not just because its late but because if it gets much later it will mean by Day 21 blood test will be around Christmas when I think the doctors will be closed.

What are you all doing about taking Clomid over Christmas if you normally get monitored?

Good luck to everyone on the Clomid rollercoaster!

highlove Mon 28-Nov-11 17:47:52

Thanks lucy and solars think I just can't bring myself to get my hopes up this month and just can't quite believe it could actually happen. Does anyone else feel that? Or am I just a negative miserable cow?! (my DH would concur!)

Lucy...have you tested yet. I'm all crossed for you...really hope this is your month. We're due a BFP soon!

solars any sign of Ov?

worrying I've been worrying about monitoring over Christmas too...I will have scans every month now (i think, that seemed to br the suggestion) in case of over-stim and worried that will mean a month off. Anyway, is it worth you asking for provera to induce AF...if no Ov may be ages?

7dpo progesterone test on Thursday for me...should be routine after scans and the trigger shot...but after confusing results last month I'm still anxious for it. Bloody hell, if it's not one thing to worry about it's another, isn't it? Not surprising this makes us all go a bit nuts...well it definitely has me!

Hope everyone ok x

cheekycurls Tue 29-Nov-11 10:26:46

sorry not been around much, Christmas is keeping me very busy!
3rd month of clomid and af showed up bang on time! sad

I will be taking a month off over Christmas as I really don't want to feel rubbish over Christmas

best of luck to to everyone smile

Solars Tue 29-Nov-11 15:58:56

Hi Aworrying sorry to hear you're having such a terrible time, I too thought that my cycle would be 28 days on clomid but no it was the same as it's always been. Any sign of AF yet? Is it worth speaking to your consultant, sometimes af doesn't appear if you haven't ov'd I think(?)

Highlove yes I think i've ov'd. I got a positive on an opk on sunday (was too busy to do one on saturday) and then a negative on monday so it's looks like i'm in my 2ww! Good luck with your blood test on thursday. I also feel like it's just never going to happen especially when it's taking so long, the start of the 2ww always starts off positive but by the end of it i'm always expecting af x

Hope everyone is doing ok xx

Solars Tue 29-Nov-11 16:00:05

Oh sorry Cheeky I was also meant to write I'm so sorry to hear about af turning up, maybe the month off will do you good xx

lucytee Tue 29-Nov-11 21:02:19

Hi Girls, a big fat BFN for me this morning sad gutted, thanks for keeping ure fingers crossed for me , better luck next munth i suppose ! smile

hope everyone is doing okay , aworringtrend sorry to hear your goingthroug such a ruff time at the mo ! im a bit worried about monitering overemas 2, if af shoes tomorro like its suppose to i will have mine arround the same time. althogh if clomid ddnt make u ovulate it wont induce a reg 28day cycle x

highlove good luck with your bloods on thursday keep us posted !

solars fingers crossed for you this munth ! gud luck with your 2ww !

Cheekycurls enjoy your time off clomid! hope u hve a lovly chrismas x

Im now just wanting AF to land so i can crack on with round 3 ! :O(

highlove Wed 30-Nov-11 09:00:01

Oh Lucy I'm sorry to hear that, I guess it's not over till AF shows but best to go with yesterday's result for now. Fingers crossed for next month..and a few glasses of vino to commiserate on the meantime.

cheeky sorry to hear about af, it's crap isn't it? I've read a few things about people getting lucky on a Clomid break so I'm hoping you can be another one.

worrying any sign of AF yet?

solars how many DPO are you? How is it going? I'm five DPO. Trying hard not to obsess although my first thought this morning was 'day five' in the accent of that bloke who used to do the VoiceOver on big brother smile

Can I ask a slightly tmi question? What are people's experience of cervical mucus when on Clomid? I never used to notice any but i have had some on Clomid, not loads but definitely more. But I'm having it in the 2ww...actually it's gone now but had some (loads! Sorry!) in the last 24 hours. Because of the trigger shot it's really unlikely I've got Ov day wrong. I've read you can get a secondary Estrogen surge a few days after Ov which causes this, and I'm guessing as Clomid increases Estrogen it could make it more likely. Not too worried, am just curious - anyone else want to share far too much info?!


cheekycurls Thu 01-Dec-11 10:34:01

well that's me out of TTC girls, cons have labelled me with unexplained infertility, 26 years old and infertile!! sad

highlove I did have random days of CM after ov

best of luck ladies and hope u all have a great Christmas!

Oh Cheeky, no, I am so so so so sorry. How can you write you off just like that 26 years old, I am so sad and angry for you. There must be something they can do? Sorry I don't know your circumstances, is IVF not an option?

No sign of AF yet for me- day 39?! Really wierd so going to give it til wednesday (when consultant will be in department) and ring and hopefully get some advice- otherwise god knows when it will turn up? I've never had this long a cycle before.

Highlove I had to grin at your BB-style Geordie voiceover. I can see it now... "Day 5 in the TTC House and Highlove is examining her cervix..." Is that not TV gold right there?!

I can't help with CM I'm afraid- as I don't ovulate I don't think I've ever had it! I was told that Clomid can dry up your CM, but i guess that's not whats happened for you. Hope someone else can help.

Sorry, that first line should be, "How can they write you off"

cheekycurls Thu 01-Dec-11 14:26:30

there is nothing more they can help me with, all the test have come back normal, I'm ovulating, had clomid for 3 months, partner sperm is good, my tubes are good, my ovaries are slightly polycystic but I don't have POCS or any symptoms from and my progesterone level from 21 day bloods was very good at 45! so they have just told me my only option is IVF but as I have a DD already I won't get that unless I got private which I can't afford, so that's it for me

never thought this would happen to me and I'm really struggling to come to terms with it sad

sorry for such a downer post

Don't apologise at all, you must be absolutely devastated, I am so angry for you that they won't do anything further. I can only hope that since everythign appears to be 'normal' hopefully its just taking its time? I can't believe they won't even give you anymore Clomid, I thought you could have 6 months. I am so sorry you've had this news, how is your DH about it?

cheekycurls Thu 01-Dec-11 19:00:57

he just said it's all bollocks and not mentioned anything about it since!
cons did give me another 3 months of clomid at 50mg (won't up it as I'll be at risk of multiple pregnancy! yeah right!!) after I begged her but not really seeing the point of taking it if it don't work for me and makes me feel so crap on it

how can it all just stop working?! It took so quick to fall for my DD and DS ( he was stillborn) AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH it's all doing my head in sad

highlove Thu 01-Dec-11 19:41:52

Oh cheeky I'm so sorry to hear this, what utter crap you poor thing. Something you might want to consider - if you are under 36 some IVF clinics offer an egg sharing thing. If you're the donor you don't have to pay for anything but obviously you do have to share your eggs with someone who doesn't have any of their own for whatever reason. The recipient pays your share. If you've already had a DC and at your age you could be a prime candidate. Check out the London women's clinic; not sure where you are but think they have a few clinics across the country. Some other clinics offer it too - google egg sharing.

highlove Thu 01-Dec-11 19:51:12

Oops posted too quick there. I had my progesterone test today. A totally crap 3.6 or something, basically no ovulation. I am confused and so was the lovely fertility nurse I spoke to. I had nice fat follicles and she gave me the trigger shot so it's really weird. Am really pissed off tonight. She asked me to go back Monday to test again as last month, 7 days after the scan showed I had ov'd I had really low progesterone but 3 or 4 days later it had shot up to a nice healthy 40 so I had ov'd after all.

I posted a couple of days ago about getting ewcm after I should have ov'd but now I'm wondering if I ov'd later than thought...but you are supposed to O 48 hours after trigger max. I'm just so confused and frustrated, want to know what stupid body is doing.

Arrggghh why is this so bloody hard?

cheekycurls Thu 01-Dec-11 19:54:35

I have looked into that but need to lose some weight to fit into the BMI bracket they want but the way I'm feeling I just can't even think that far ahead yet

cheekycurls Thu 01-Dec-11 19:55:40

I've thrown out all my tests in a fit of rage blush

cheekycurls Thu 01-Dec-11 19:58:41

bodies are very strange things that I will never understand

Solars Fri 02-Dec-11 09:01:58

Cheeky I am so sorry to hear that, how awful. Is it possible to have some tests done privately? They may suggest other tests that the NHS doesn't provide. I agree with Aworrying if all test results are 'normal' it may just be a matter of time. Big hug for you x

Aworrying any sign of AF yet? I think you should speak to your consultant as soon as you can.

Highlove Oh no, I really feel for you, it sounds so frustrating. Is there any advice form you consultant as to what is going on? Good luck for monday x

CD40 now and still waiting for consultant to return my many calls! I am literally driving myself insane, DH is sick of me wittering on about my menstrual cycle and still no sign it is even on its way!

Highlove, fingers corssed that Monday's test will show ov. Maybe its just taking a bit longer to respond to the trigger shot. What is the trigger shot exactly? is it to make you ovulate, like lomid, but an injection?

Cheeky I hope you are doing as well as can be expected.

highlove Fri 02-Dec-11 10:24:20

Hi cheeky, how are you today? Hope you've got something nice planned for the weekend and you are being kind to yourself.

Worrying, a trigger shot is supposed to mature eggs and induce ovulation - you have to have eggs of a decent size (min 17mm) to take it, it then sort of finishes the process off. Or maybe not in my case. Yep it's a jab, in the bum and it bloody hurts! Hope your consultant comes back to you soon, let us know.

Hi solars, how's your 2ww going? Hope it's not driving you too nuts!

Re my consultant, The only positive is that the nurse was so confused and i think felt a bit sorry for me and she has managed to get me an appt with him in 2 weeks. So further bloods Monday and then see him two weeks yesterday. Am desperately hoping I just ov'd late, ewcm now all gone so physical signs would suggest so annoyed as we've not done the deed since Sunday night as didn't think it was needed and means if I have ov'd there's a good chance we've missed the window again. Guess Monday bloods will tell me one way or other.

Hope everyone else ok x

Solars Fri 02-Dec-11 10:46:45

Highlove I'm glad you have an appointment with your consultant in 2 weeks time, hopefully he'll give you some idea in terms of what is going on. I feel your frustration. This clomid stuff just seems to complicate the whole already complicated ttc business!

My 2ww is going ok so far, I think I either ov'd on sunday (+ve opk) or possibly monday so i'm possibly 4/5dpo. We last dtd on monday so i'm hoping that's enough! I've been fairly busy from the beginning of the week, today is thankfully less busier so have not had much time to think about it. I have a busy weekend and then a fairly busy week next week so hopefully I won't be obsessing too much hmm

confu3ed Fri 02-Dec-11 19:22:25

Lucy - sorry for the BFN but at least you know that you are ovulating, fingers crossed for next month.
Cheeky, I am so sorry for your news and cannot believe that they are saying that is it. It may not be of much help to you but my GP recommended this site for people with unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriages and people who have failed IBF attempts and apparently they have really high success rates. You send them a hair sample and they recommend vitamins and minerals etc that your body is lacking in.

Highlove how frustrating for you. Maybe your body just ovulates later than the norm. Hopefully the consultant will help you.

Oh no Aworrying, fingers crossed AF shows up this weekend.

lucytee Fri 02-Dec-11 20:07:08

cheeky curls thats really sad news , all test have came back normal so dnt ever give up hope!

highlove, tt sunds realy confusing for you . hopoe ure doc gets to tebottm of it ! as if tt isnt confusing enuf !

how is your sticky been doing confused , hoe all is going well x

Thanks confused , im thinking tht way too , its a huge postive for me to hav actually oved , but....AF still not showed up was due on wednesday , my boobs are reaally swollen and sore and my temps are still up , but bfn agen today!!, just want af to arrive so i can start over!......

lucytee Fri 02-Dec-11 20:08:12

sorry abwt the spelling the keybord keys only work when they want to ! hope u can still read! x

jayebird Mon 05-Dec-11 08:07:43

Hello, I am on my second month of clomid. 50mg. I am on CD 19 right now and am patiently Awaiting my day 21 blood test. My first round of clomid failed and it turned out I had taken it at the wrong time because I had some crazy spotting that I mistook for AF one week before AF actually arrived. I also did not have my 21 day test that round because the dr forgot to give me the slip to go get it done. The next month I did not take clomid and my 21 day number was at 33. smile this month I took clomid t the tight time and have made sure to "keep busy " for te last week. I'm crossing my fingers that this is it. I am 32 years old and have been trying for about 15 months. Bet of luck to all of you!

Pixiepops Mon 05-Dec-11 10:03:29

Hi ladies,

It's my first day of Clomid today. I seem to be ovulating, but am on my 14th cycle with no BFP so far, so my consultant thought it was worth a go.

Fingers crossed the tablets plus plenty of festive SWI will do the trick! Good luck to everyone else too smile

Hi Pixiepops and Jayebard, good luck to you both.

Lucytee I ahve everyhting crossed for you that its a 'shy bean'- are you re-testing today?

AF came at last!! Yesterday, CD42 which is crazy. I got through to the consultant at last on Friday who said she would prescribe me Norethisterone (to bring ona period) if it didn't turn up over the weekend but thankfully it has. Maybe my consultant has actual magical powers...

I'm totally confused now though about when to have my 21day/7DPO blood test? My cycles are normally 33 days but with this being 42 I don't know. I might have one on day 24 then if no sign of AF another one on day 30, what do you think?

Hope everyone is doing ok.

SRM01 Mon 05-Dec-11 13:54:48

Hi, I've finished cycle 5 on Clomid, was supposed to start cycle 6 today, being day 2 of my period but have decided to wait until January now due to work committments during my high fertility period this month.

I am a little disappointed however as I was really hoping to have conceived by now and I think I've been warned that after the 6 months, they will not prescribe any more tablets and discuss other 'options'..

I'm 40 but have no problems whatsoever with my ovulation, do not have any blocked tubes.I did however have 5 large cysts on cycle 2 but took a break on the next cycle i.e. not take the tablet but we still tried anyway, and since going back on the tablet, still nothing. And yet I have no problems in actually conceiving, yet at the same time, even with fertility treatment, I'm still not conceiving. My husband is 46 and they said there's no reason for him not to fertilise my egg, he may have been a little low but was advised that shouldn't cause a problem. And my period is usually like clockwork. Apart from in September when I was 3 days late, the 1st time ever for me, I'm never late!! of course I was excited thinking 'this is it'.... but the day after we brought a pregnancy test kit, my period started.

What other options are there? I'm not worried that my Consultant won't prescribe anything else, I've had no injections and they refused to increase my dosage when I asked,currently on 50mg.

Anyone in similar position?


SRM01 Mon 05-Dec-11 14:06:45

Sorry I meant to say 'I'm worried that my Consultant won't prescribe anything else, ' not 'not worried'! lol

lucytee Mon 05-Dec-11 22:35:44

hi * aworrytrend* im afraid it wasnt a shy been lol ( tht made me laugh! ) af turned up with a vengance yesterday morning , so i hve nnow just taken my first 100mg of cycle 3 so i am now on cd 2 !! GLAD to hear youraf showed up , u must also be on cd2 like me !! we an be cycle buddies! are you taking ure clomid days 2-6 also ? if i were in yourposiion i wouldtake day 21 as day 21 because last month you didnt respond to your clomid aND tht is probly y u had such a long cycle , bt this mounth it is going to work so i would go for daY 21 and again on the 27t if u dont gt a result mayby ?

hi pixiepops welcme and good luck , iv e heard about alot of wome been given clomid for the sam reasn , fingers crossed it does the trick for you ! smile

good luck jayebird your prog test without clomid sounds promising , good luck with the clomid , i hate waiting for the day 21 results i get so impatient i just want to know if its worked ! like now ! fingers crossed for u x

ps. i am currently having my first hot flush after taking the clomid an hour ago ,ohh the joys ! smile x

jayebird Tue 06-Dec-11 03:04:27

thankyou lucytee it does seem promising, as I was not ovulating before I started the metformin and clomid smile I am not going to get my hopes up though! I hope you have some luck this round!

Solars Tue 06-Dec-11 16:00:10

Welcome Pixiepops I'm on clomid for the same reason as you. This is my second month on it and i'm currently in my 2ww. Good luck to you too.

Hello Jayebird and welcome, good luck with your blood test and let us know how you are getting on.

Aworrying that is good to hear that af has arrived. If indeed you hadn't ovulated then I would put that down as freak cycle. Go on your normal cycle also do you use opks? They may be able to tell you when you roughly ovulate and then you can get your bloods done 7 days after that if you are still unsure.

Welcome SRM01 sorry to hear you are having such a hard time, other options may be ivf depending on how long you've been trying for. I was also told that clomid would only be prescribed for 6 months. Fingers crossed you have better luck on your next cycle.

Highlove how are you doing? any news on how your blood results were on Monday?

Lucytee so sorry to hear about af and hope the 100mgs doesn't cause you too much trouble symptom wise!

SRM01 Tue 06-Dec-11 20:52:31

Hi Aworrying,

Thanks so much for your message as I am finding it very difficult now and suffering from a little depression every now and again : -(

So you've only been prescribed for 6 months? And I've heard that some women are allowed up to 12months? If they suggest IVF then that will be too costly for us as we'd only be able to do this privately. I've also heard that some women ended up buying some of the tablets privately, just to get around the situation, and got pregnant in the end. I might have to consider this.

Since messaging on here I've bought myself a clear blue ovulating kit, just to check that I'm ovulating on the days I think I should be, just in case.

Thanks again,
Take care.

SRM01 Tue 06-Dec-11 20:53:50

Sorry, my message was directly to Solars!! lol

lucytee Tue 06-Dec-11 21:54:40

hi SRM01 sorry to hear you are felling down , its so hard somtimes isnt it. i have also been told by my consultant that i will ony begiven 6 mounths of clomid , as more can have revers effect and make it harder to get pregnant , ( exesive use thins the lining ofthe whom i think ) look into the effects of eccesive use . hopefully thoug you wont get that far and 6 munths you have been prerscribed will do the trick!

solars i also hope the sie effects on 100mg arnt too bad too !!! thinking of you in tht agonizing 2ww , fingers crossed for you x

skyper Wed 07-Dec-11 21:17:06

hi ladies....
new to all this might take a wee while to get all the lingo right!! smile feeling a bit disheartened today....had my first cycle of clomid this month, following a course of provera(as my af can be anything up to 18months apart!!) ....all went well (except a lot of i dont get a lot of pmt!!)...
went for my d21 bloods and found out today that my progesterone level was 2..... and they are looking for 30! feels like a big waste of time, got to go back this monday for another round of bloods.... anyone else had similar experiences...any advice or tips on what to expect next would be appreciated... feeling a little bit lost sad


highlove Thu 08-Dec-11 07:10:46

Hi all and welcome new ladies. Hope you are all doing ok.

solars anything unusual to report yet? I'm really rooting for you, hope it's your month lovely.

My repeat progesterone showed it had gone up from 3 to 9. Still way too low, can't have ov' confused why it trebled though...I had loads of ewcm so I was sure I'd just ov'd later than expected. I pushed to have a third test after another few days, since it appeared to be rising, but the clinic said they'd talk to consultant and get back to me...which of course they didn't. At least I'm seeing the consultant next week...I am so confused, I produce these lovely follicles but they just won't pop, even with a trigger shot to force them. The nurse started talking about injectables, I think because I was already producing too many eggs on my current Clomid dose so upping it will just mean even more which, of they can find a way to force them to actually ovulate, risks making me octomum. Im a bit daunted by it all, not worried about injections but it really feels like stepping up a notch and that I really do have a problem...I rationalised the Clomid as just a few little pills, didn't mean there was anything wrong with me, if you see what I mean..

Sorry it's a rant, I'm really fed up. Gutted to face another Christmas with no sign of our family starting anytime soon.


Highlove I'm so sorry- how unbelievably frustrating if you are showing all the signs of ovulation. As you say its odd it had risen at all though- why would it do that if you hadn't OVed? I think you are right to push for a repeat test. Are you still on 50mg or 100mg now?

I know what you mean about the Christmas thing. I keep thinking how this time last year, we were so sure we would either have a baby or be pregnant now, and we are no further forward at all. hey ho.

Skyper I am in the same boat as you- I was utterly devastated this month after I got my Day21 blood tests back and my progesterone was 2.1. All we can do is hope the Clomid takes a while to work I guess. Have you spoken to your consultant? Do you know if theyare planning to put you up to 100mg?

I'm on CD5 now and 50mg of Clomid. No side effects other than a slight queasiness. I am taking them in the morning this cycle instead of night-time, just to see if I did get any side effects. Not having any is making me wonder if it hasn't worked again.

I spoke to the fertility nurse again yesterday and she advised havign the blood test on CD 28. which seemed a bit late to me, but as it happens we are away then anyway so I'm going to have it on CD25 then re-test on CD 30 if no sign of AF.

skyper Thu 08-Dec-11 10:26:05

hi girls.... quick question, this is all very confusing and im beginning to think i must be daft, so im sorry if this seems a stupid question.... but if my progesterone is low ie 2..that means ive not ovulated...but could i still have eggs??? and if so should i be getting scanned to see if i have eggs that have not ovulated ......omg.... i must sound so daft but its all so bloody contradictory..... sad have it easy...none of this cycle rubbish!! lol

Pixiepops Thu 08-Dec-11 11:04:50

Hi ladies, thanks for your welcomes and good luck wishes. smile

Sorry to hear about your progesterone results Highlove. I understand what you mean about injections seeming like a bigger deal than tablets. I hope something manages to pop your eggs out soon.

It's my fourth day of taking clomid (50mg) today, and so far I've felt pretty much ok. I was woken last night with my first hot flush, but otherwise I've not had any side effects - phew.

I really hope that this works (for me & everyone else). It gets so hard when you've been trying for a while. I too remember last year (in my early ttc days) thinking that I'd probably have a least a bump by this Christmas. Still, maybe next year.

cheekycurls Thu 08-Dec-11 13:28:04

hi ladies, just checking in to see how everyone is doing?

I'm very down at the moment (won't go into details, don't wanna bring the whole thread down)

highlove sorry about ur results, very odd they went up tho?! confused

skyper I'm not sure, hopefully the other ladies will know

Pixiepops glad ur evil symptom free smile

hopes for Christmas BFP's all round grin

skyper Thu 08-Dec-11 15:45:12

cheekycurls - sorry your down, dont worry about bringing us down..thats what we are all here for...sometimes you just need to get it off your chest...sometimes you need answers ...sometimes youve got good news...sometimes bad....we are all going through if you need a rant feel free....xxxx smile

Solars Thu 08-Dec-11 21:53:34

Hi ladies

A lot to catch up on...

SRM01 I hope you are feeling a little better now. Did you say you are taking a break this month? It will probably do you the world of good and you'll perhaps be more refreshed to start on the next clomid cycle. I have everything crossed for you x

Thanks Lucy is everything still ok on the 100mgs?

On no Highlove what is going on, how frustrating. Really hope your consultant has some answers and solutions for you lovely x

Hello and welcome Skyper I think you can have eggs and not ovulate, may be worth having a chat with your nurse or dr about. Good luck with your bloods on Monday x

Aworrying really hope you have better results this month and you're right in saying that CD28 is a bit late for your tests and you're better off going earlier x

Pixie I strangely have been getting hot flashes in the last few days of my cycle confused glad to hear those are your only symptoms x

Cheeky as Skyper says you rant as much as you want, we're all hear to listen. Hope you start to feel positive soon. Did you say you are still on the clomid for a little while longer? x

lucytee Thu 08-Dec-11 23:12:41

hi ladies. welcome new ladies.

skyper my story is pretty similar to yours , i have pcos and my piriods were 12-18 mounth apart , i also took prova to induce a piriod so i could start clomid , which i did, 50mg , on my day 21 bloods my result was 2.6 which showed that i hadnt responded to 50 mg, i was totally devestated an convinced clomid wasnt for me , so the next munth ( which was last mounth) my consultant told me to take 100mg , i was a bit nervous about side effects but i was fine on them , and on my day 21 bloods my levels were 91.6! which is pretty high, so dont be dishartend by not respnding on the first munth of 50mg some of us ladies just need a little bit extra ! what has your doc advised u to do , up your dose ? ortry a second moun th of 50mg?

solars im currently on cd 5 , and just swallowed my 4th 1oomgs! im feeling , dare i say it , fine ! well aprart from getting really hot at night and struggleing to actually fall asleep i lay awake till about 2 am. during the day though im fine ( up to now! )

cheeky so sorry to hear you are feeling so low , vent on hear as much as you like tha tis what we are hear for after all! you wont bring the thread down we aer here to help each other. really hope you are felling better soon [{hugs}]

Highlove , tht sounds really confusing , your scan showed three big folicals and you had the shot ! i hope you get to the bottom of things with your consultant next week , ttc is confusing enough!

cheekycurls Fri 09-Dec-11 07:30:11

solars I have another 3 months of 50mg clomid but I'm having a break from it so I don't feel like crap over Christmas, I'll start taking it again after Christmas/ new years

confu3ed Fri 09-Dec-11 09:35:25

Hello ladies, sorry to hear that some of you are feeling down, that is exactly how I felt but there is hope. It has taken me over 3 years, 2 miscarriages and in total 8 months of clomid but here I am now 9 weeks pregnant. Had another scan a couple of days ago which showed a healthy pregnancy looking more like a baby with a strong heartbeat. TTC is tough really tough I cannot tell you how many tears I have cried or moments when I just wanted to give up. But I am finally starting to think that this is going to work.

lucytee Sat 10-Dec-11 23:04:43

* confused* thts brill smile chuffed for you. its so reasuring to here. x

i havent had a good day today ive had a lot of visual disturbences early tthis morninng and during the night , mind due i did have my 12week old niece overnight so i was up when im usually asleep maybey if i didnt have her i wouldnt of noticed them? to be honest tho it scared me a bit , i might take a mounth off clomid next munth, give myself a break. du u ladies think i should report them to my gp or just hold on to see if i get any more? x

highlove Sun 11-Dec-11 09:12:20

Hi all,

Lucy I definitely think you should report the visual disturbances. Hope they've stopped now though.

Thanks worrying I'm on 50mgs. Happy to go up to 100 but not sure what the consultant will say. I think you're plan with blood tests sounds like a good one.

cheeky sorry you're not doing so good, as others have said, you shouldn't worry about letting off steam here. We all understand the ups and downs of TTC.

solars how things? Day 30 for you today I think...I'm really, really hoping this might be your month. How are you feeling? When is AF due?

Well I have started to spot which I always do pre-AF. Part of the reason I'm on Clomid. I only had 2 days of it last month which is a massive improvement. So don't know when AF will actually get here but funny that it will be spot on 2 weeks after when we thought I'd ov'd. Can you Ov and still have ridiculously low progesterone? Oh well, one more thing to obsessively check on google!

Hope everyone is ok x

jayebird Mon 12-Dec-11 04:26:29

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. I find out the results of my 21 day test tomorrow.. cross your fingers for me.. i have been crampy for a couple of days and today my breasts have started to become sore. I am not due for AF for 6 more days and tonight TMI i had some pink spotting when i wiped. i hate that the symptoms are all the same for AF as pregnancy because id be at perfect time for implantation but feel like im just getting AF early, which almost never happens. ugh! thanks for listening

Solars Mon 12-Dec-11 14:40:47

Highlove unfortunately af turned up on Saturday.

Also I'm not going to be around much on these boards anymore, so just want to wish you all lots of luck and thanks for all your support xx

jayebird Mon 12-Dec-11 17:57:19

best of luck to you highlove, and take care!

I got my results back just now from my blood test and it was 34 smile thats two months in a row that i have ovulated! Thank you metformin and clomid! I am still having low down cramps and spotting. I am so afraid itll turn into full blown AF. AF is due on friday. I hope this is implantation bleeding ! how are you all doing?

jayebird Mon 12-Dec-11 19:40:32

never mind... AF just showed her ugly face sad

HettyTurner Mon 12-Dec-11 22:13:29

Hello! Was hoping you lovely ladies might be able to help me?

I am on my first month of clomid for PCOS. Been on metformin for 6 months and was oving, but my cycles were getting longer and last month I didn't ov at all.

I've been using a fertility monitor and OPKs and they don't agree. According to FM I had peak yesterday and today, but OPKs were negative in the afternoon. I am on CD 10, do you think this is too soon for ov?? I will keep testing with OPKs, but the monitor will stop asking me to test soon.

Hi all,

Conf3ed that is WONDERFUL news, congratulations! Thank you for giving us all hope.

Jayebird that is good that you ovulated but I'm sorry AF showed up sad. Do you take the Metformin and the Clomid at the same time? How does it work?

Solars I'm sorry. sad Hope you are doing ok.

Hetty Hi and welcome, don't think CD10 is necessarily too soon for ovulation as I have read of women who have Oved and conceived on CD8. That said though I know Clomid can mess with OPKs, I would presume it might also give a false reading on a FM if they are both detecting LH. We were told by our consultant to have sex every other day from CD10 to CD24 (originally it was til CD18 but I have a 33day cycle on average).

Pixiepops Tue 13-Dec-11 10:46:33

That's interesting about the OPKs, Worrying. I've not used them for a few months as bloods and OPKs had been indicating that I was ovulating regularly, and so prior to this month I'd decided I may as well just SWI every other day instead and forget about poas. With starting clomid this month though, I have been using them, mainly to see if the drugs brought ovulation forward/delayed it.

I've just consulted Dr Google & someone suggested that they can be inaccurate if used too soon after taking the tablets. I guess that might make sense. I think I'll keep trying with them for this month (partly as I bought another bumper pack of cheap ones from Amazon & have a lot to get through!), but swi anyway & keep my fingers crossed grin

Pixiepops Tue 13-Dec-11 10:48:30

Nearly forgot to say, congratulations confu3ed, that's just the sort of positive ttc news I need to hear!

HettyTurner Wed 14-Dec-11 16:15:21

Thanks worrying and pixiepops. I wonder how soon is too soon, I started testing 3 days after taking my last tablet.

Confusion continued when I got a + OPK yesterday. Got a low on the monitor this morning and a very - OPK this afternoon, so I'm now thinking that I did ov, at some point in the last 2 days. Will continue with OPKs just in case and continue with EOD plan.

cheekycurls Fri 30-Dec-11 08:36:06

well this is my month off clomid and all things TTC but I'm now 5 days late, neg pregnancy test, is this possibly something to do with stopping clomid? confused

Pixiepops Sat 31-Dec-11 11:22:18

I think I've heard of Clomid delaying ovulation Cheeky, which in turn I suppose would lengthen cycles. Do you know when & if you ovulated this cycle?

I'm only on cycle 1 of Clomid, but it didn't delay my ovulation this month (I had positive opks on cd15 as I had before I started on it). I'm expecting AF to turn up any time soon. Here's hoping that we (and anyone else in a similar boat) get BFPs instead smile

cheekycurls Sat 31-Dec-11 11:38:58

I wasn't really paying attention to my cycle this month blush but as I have no problems ovulating I'm assuming I did ovulate this month,
my cycles was very regular before I started clomid and they didn't change while I was on it, don't know what to think!

just so confusing, not sure if I should drink tonight or not!! grin

fingers crossed for BFP's all round Pixiepops

cheekycurls Thu 05-Jan-12 12:37:25

AF showed it's ugly face!!! sad

at least I know where I stand my attempt at being 'positive'

Pixiepops Thu 05-Jan-12 12:46:42

Oh Cheeky, that's rubbish. AF turned up for me too at the weekend so I'm onto month 2 of Clomid. No symptoms at all this time (so far) so that's good I suppose as long as it's working

I'm so bored of not being pregnant!

cheekycurls Thu 05-Jan-12 18:37:19

bored is an understatement!! after 3 & 1/2 years of TTC you would think I would be use to it!!

Pixiepops EVIL, STUPID AF angry

lucytee Thu 09-Feb-12 10:30:45

Hi everyone hope u all well ! Im now on my 4 th mounth of 1

lucytee Thu 09-Feb-12 10:31:52

Ooops posted to earlie ..... As i was saying how os every pne getting on? Im now pn munth 4 of 1

lucytee Thu 09-Feb-12 10:36:49

Arg stupid iphone ... Im on munthe 4 of 100 mg clomid ! Ive got 2 cycles left then after lap n dye i will be refered to ivf .. Im a hot confused at the moment and eiuld love sone advice , af isnt due untill monday or tuesday bur last night i startes with cramping identical to af pains , im also having some light bleeding , the first bit was brown (sorry) rhen the rear is red , af is not die for anutha 5. Days ... Wat cud thia be and can clomid make your cucle shorter ? My last clomid cycle was 30 days? Helpp !!!!

rl1990 Thu 01-Mar-12 22:52:29

Hi everyone, im due to start Clomid next month and id just like some reassurance off anyone who has been on it and got pregnant, ive had problems with my periods for the last 3year they have been irregular due to pcos, i was pregnant 2 year ago without the help of medication but sadly lost the baby at 5 wk, me and my partner have been trying on our own for the past 6 month with no joy...its really upsetting me im only 21 so please if any has any success storys please share we need hope right now! smile xx

cheekycurls Sun 11-Mar-12 12:29:15

just to update everyone, I got my BFP this morning!! shock
4 years trying, get told there is nothing more that can be done and bam BFP!
fingers crossed it's a sticky one

don't give up ladies smile

highlove Sun 11-Mar-12 17:50:53

Wow cheeky that's wonderful news, you must be over the moon! Massive, massive congratulations. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Were you still on Clomid?

cheekycurls Mon 12-Mar-12 19:57:53

thanks highlove I can't stop smiling smile

I wasn't on clomid, it was my 2nd month off it as it really did make me feel bad and my cycle went a bit mad, this was the one month of not 'trying' as I was told nothing more can be done (not eligible for IVF)
I'm still in shock and it don't seem quite real yet!

how are u getting on highlove?

highlove Mon 12-Mar-12 20:18:43

It's just great on earth do these things happen after trying so long?! Really pleased for you, it's always fab to hear a positive outcome from someone on the same boat!! Has it sunk in yet? Do you know how far you are?

Ok here, fed up of not being pregnant though! Am on fifth cycle of Clomid, third on 100mg. Have had really good ovulation on 100mg so far but sadly AF turned up bang on time. Am off to see consultant for review next week and hoping to move on to injectables...apparently better success rates and we'll do IUI with it. I read that the combination of injectable and IUI has the best success rate of anything except IVF so fingers crossed..

Have you been to the doc yet?

highlove Mon 12-Mar-12 20:19:32

Ps.. How many pg tests have you done since finding out?!?!

cheekycurls Mon 12-Mar-12 20:57:42

yeah I was looking into injectables but would have had to save up and go private, have u looked into super ovulation?

still not sunk in yet! not been docs yet, have appointment next week for a scan, and I think (going by dates but cycle has been pretty messed up after clomid) I'm about 5 weeks, VERY VERY early days I know but very hard not to get excited!
I have only done 2 tests one cheap ebay one that was a very very faint positive so I did a store one 2 days after that and got a very good line, might do another one in a few days to check that I still have a line!

rachie12 Fri 06-Apr-12 20:48:52

Hi, im on my second month of 50g clomid hoping it works this time, i have been trying to become pregnant for 2 years now i already have a 3 year old daughter and they are not sure why im struggling to become pregnant again. I would love to hear some good news about clomid i dont think i can take anymore negative tests The hospital have only given me 3 months of 50g and said if it does not work they wont give me anymore! so i dont no what they do next. i havent really had many side effects from it just headaches. If anyone can let me know there experience that would be great thanks

JoInScotland Mon 09-Apr-12 22:50:49

Hello, I'm not sure this is the right thread for this, but we have one son, 27 months old. We've been TTC for over a year, and had our preliminary tests done - just waiting for a test for a hysterosalpingogram (sp?) to check that my tubes are not blocked but I think they are not. For the first year after our son, we were desparately short of sleep and just abstained and my periods were normal. For the second year, my periods have been a bit odd.... each time we have SWI, it brings on my period early. It's just happened again. I have no idea why this might be happening, or why?

Anyway, I'll be 40 in December, and the Fertility consultant was keen not to waste time. He said that if the tubes were blocked, that he would not recommend Clomid, but going straight to IVF in order to maximise my chances of conceiving. He said that taking Clomid, and it not working would simply put off conception with IVF by another year. Has anyone here been told that as well?

kiddiwinkles Tue 10-Apr-12 14:56:39

I took, 5 rounds of Clomid back in 2005. Side effects for me were horrible, could not walk for the pain, sickness etc, BUT I decided the last course was the last. Resigned my self to the fact of it was not to be. THEN, I became pregnant with my Beautiful daughter, on that last course!!!!!!!

She is now 6, smile

rachie12 Mon 16-Apr-12 21:03:03

im due on my period on friday i have sore nipples but im not sure if its a side affect of the clomid but i have been having period like pains today so its not looking good sad i only have 1 more round of clomid left then i dont know what they will do sad

rachie12 Tue 17-Apr-12 10:43:31

Absolutley gutted came on my period this morning sad one more try left now! sad

Solars Tue 17-Apr-12 17:27:43

Hi rachie12 so sorry to hear that, have everything crossed for you that the next month will be your month.

By the way congratulations Cheekycurls that's fabulous news, hope all is going well for you!

Highlove are you still around?

Would be great to hear from others on clomid.

CaipirinhasAllRound Wed 18-Apr-12 18:45:42

I'm on clomid too. Have done one month at 50mg to try and make me ovulate and just found out today it didn't work so I have to double the dose next month

xlizziex Sat 12-May-12 01:08:16

Hello, not sure if you all still write on this, just been reading through and its been a great help smile we've been trying for 18 months, my partner is all fine and I have PCOS, I also do not ovulate, I took Metformin for 6 months which didn't work, and I've just had my appointment at the fertilty clinic. She prescribed me Provera to bring on my period, that was regular or a while (between 30-40 days) now I've not had a period for 55 days! Done 6 pregnancy tests and they are all negitive. She also prescribed me Clomid 50mg days 2-5. I start those as soon as my period comes. I'm excited and so nervous! I can't ever see myself being a mummy! Its taking soooo long and I can't see it happening! Anyways smile I hope you are all still chatting on here, it would be so nice to have some people to talk about it with smile. Lizzie xx