Late period but negative test

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Jemma7 Mon 07-Apr-03 10:36:17

Have been trying for a baby for about 4 months - periods always regular - now 5 days late, 4 tests later and still negative results! Any suggestions anyone?

EmmaTMG Mon 07-Apr-03 11:15:01

What tests are you using? there have been lots of recommendations for Boots tests on here as they seem to be really sensitive to the PG hormones.
Good Luck and hope you get a positive soon. Keep us posted.

Jemma7 Mon 07-Apr-03 12:15:41

have used 4 clear blue tests - one of which didn't work at all! Although i am late was thinking about getting an early one so it's more sensitive?

mum2toby Mon 07-Apr-03 12:50:49

I was told by my gp that if I got a negative test, but thought I was pregnant, to wait 3 weeks then try again. I did, and I was!! ... my goodness, that was 2 and half years ago now!!! Anyway, like EmmaTMG, I've heard loads of recommendations here for the Boots test.


EmmaTMG Mon 07-Apr-03 14:12:05

Jemma7, I did a clear blue with DS2 and it gave me a negative result and I was very surprised. I did a another test a day or two later, Superdrug own brand and it was positive. I did 2 boots and 2 superdrug this times (No.3 on the way) and got 4 positives even though I believed the first positive I just wanted to make sure I was right! Silly Me!
I think you ned a trip to your nearest Boots

Jemma7 Mon 07-Apr-03 14:19:05

OK thanx EmmaTMG & mum2toby - will have to wait until tomorrow b4 i can get 1 but will let u know the result.

Lulu41 Tue 08-Apr-03 13:28:49

I did a Tesco's test negative although I really felt pregnant - did a clearblue 3 days later positive and am now 24 weeks pregnant so no they are not always right - good luck

EmmaTMG Tue 08-Apr-03 14:17:17

Oh! answered on the other thread again.

Lollypop Tue 08-Apr-03 21:51:16

Jemma leave it for a couple of days then try again, perhaps you ovulated a little later than you think. It takes a while for those pg hormones to be released. I had a false negative last year got v.v.drunk on a girls night out then tested positve a few days later now got a lovely DS. Figers crossed.

Emski Tue 08-Apr-03 22:23:38

I had 2 negative results before the positive one. Sorry, can't remeber which tests I used!. I even did a test at my doctors surgery, it came up negative, then two days later I got a letter from the surgery telling me that the nurse had got back from her lunch break to find that my test (which was pesumably still sitting on the side!), was showing slightly(?!)positive.Wait a few days and try again.

windmill Sun 13-Apr-03 20:35:59

Hi Jemma7, in my first pregnancy I did a Predictor test which showed up clearly at 5 days late. In my second pregnancy, I did 2 predictor tests and they were negative and later on got one done at the chemist and it was positive. In my third pregnancy I did a predictor one early on and thought it was negative but got it out the bin a few hours later as my period is never late and I was convinced I was pregnant and realised it was positive but only very very feint, I then did another test of a different kind and that was positive too. I now think that the two negative tests I did with the second pregnancy were positive after all but were probably as with the third pregnancy too light for me to notice. I also get the predictor tests; you can get a twin pack for £5.99 from Savers and you can keep the tests as the results don't change.

loobie732 Sat 26-Apr-03 20:59:50

Hi i'm new to the website. I am now 7 days late and i am never late. I have been off the pill for 5 months now. I did a clearblue pregnancy test when i was 4 days late and it showed up with a very faint blue line. I had to hold it up to the light to see the result. I am still late and i am hoping that i am PG. Any advice for me please....

EmmaTMG Sat 26-Apr-03 21:03:06

I did a clear blue and only got a faint line. I'm now 19 weeks PG so going by that experience I'd say Congratulations, Fantasic news!

SoupDragon Sat 26-Apr-03 21:03:33

Hi, Loobie732
If I were you, I'd test again in a couple of days if you're still late. A positive line is a positive, however faint it is.

EmmaTMG Sat 26-Apr-03 21:05:04

If you're going to test again try a Boots own one as these are really sensitive to the PG hormones,as loads of threads on here will tell you.
Sorry forgot to say Wecome to Mumsnet, you'll be addicted by the end of the evening!

loobie732 Sat 26-Apr-03 21:09:40

The thing that worries me is that when my mum was trying for me and my bro's the pregnancy tests that she bought and the ones from the doctors didn't work. When they found that she was PG via scan they said that it was becuase she didnt have enough hormones in her blood. I really dont want to be like my mum. I really am hoping that i am PG.

EmmaTMG Sat 26-Apr-03 21:14:40

I expect alot has changed in PG tests since your mum was trying , unless of course you're the youngest Mumsnetter ever at 2 years old
I would try another brand of test if I was you. I remember now that I also did a clear blue when I thought I was PG with DS2 and it gave a negative result.....however he's asleep upstairs at the moment so I think we can safely say that it was wrong!!

SoupDragon Sat 26-Apr-03 21:19:38

If you do have a low level of the pregnancy hormones, that would explain why the line was just faint. I agree - go for another test.

loobie732 Sat 26-Apr-03 21:23:52

I hope that you are right EmmaTMG. Its just so frustrating all this waiting. I have read some other messages and it must be breeding time. There are a lot of people at work that have announced that they are PG and that is also frustrating but i am pleased for them. Just hoping that it will be me next announcing tht it is me that is me PG. One thing that does worry me is that if i am PG i could be having a X-mas baby and it might burn a big hole in my pocket but never mind it will just mean that my other half will have to do more work. lol

loobie732 Sun 27-Apr-03 09:40:23

Hello everyone. Still not on.I am now 9 days late. Still too scared to take a PG test just in case it turns out negative. Im sure that when i go over to me mums tho she will have one at the

Chinchilla Sun 27-Apr-03 10:10:03

When I did a test the first time (on a Wednesday), I was a few days late, and I got a negative, but then a really faint pink line appeared over an hour. I 'phoned the helpline, and they said that a line, however faint, was a positive. I did one a few days later (Sunday), and it was a strong line. Ds arrived nine months later!

Maybe do another one on say Wednesday, if you haven't come on by then. I'm sure that the hormones will be strong enough by then.

Meanmum Sun 27-Apr-03 10:10:17

Good luck. I hope it is positive.

Chinchilla Sun 27-Apr-03 10:10:33

Forgot to say...Good Luck!

EmmaTMG Sun 27-Apr-03 20:33:20

Loobie, we're going away for a few days tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to missing any good news. I'll look for this thread as soon as we get back so Good luck, but I'm sure you're not going to need it. That faint blue line can only mean one thing in my books!

bayleaf Sun 27-Apr-03 20:36:05

Loobie - do a test other than Clear blue if you can next time - they don't put this on the pack ( THEY SHOULD!) but their test can give a very pale GREY line which is NOT a positive - only a blue line is - but to someone who wants to be pregnant it's very misleading and very frustrating!!!
I only found this out from a website which compares HPTs.

loobie732 Sun 27-Apr-03 23:00:08

I came on this afternnon. I have got really bad stomach cramps on the one side of my stomach but yet i am not on very heavy. I had erosion of the cervix when i was younger and i have read that you can still be PG and bleed if you suffer from this. Does anyone know anything about this. I read it in this months Pregnancy magazine.
I was devastated but i will manage. Just means more trying next month which means fun fun fun.

SoupDragon Mon 28-Apr-03 12:34:16

I don't know about the erosion, but you can be pregnant and get bleeding around the time your period should be because of implantation. I guess only time will tell for sure.

bayleaf Mon 28-Apr-03 12:34:38

You can bleed when pregnant ( often around the time when you would have had a period) whether or not you have had corrosion of the cervix, it's really very common.
Good luck for next month

loobie732 Thu 29-May-03 22:45:17

Just thought that i would post another message this month as i have been trying like mad again.
And guess what. I am Pregnant.
Thanks for all your advice last month and now i am a very proud mum to be.
Thanks again

whymummy Thu 29-May-03 22:47:01


ELB66 Sun 29-Oct-06 19:48:42


I'm new to the site and wanted some advice please. I have endometriosis for which I have had ALL the treatment going! My fiance and I decided to quit the treatments and try for kids as we never know if this will realistically happen (without IVF). I've had 3 normal regular cycles and am now approx 10 days late for my period. Over the last week I've done 4 tests - all negative. I've had pain on one side 6 days ago that I feel could have been inplantation??? Last test was 3 days ago and it was a clear blue digital. Help!

cloudexplosion Mon 30-Oct-06 10:59:26

Also completly confused! Have done a grand total of 5!!! tests ( a mixture of Tescos, first repsonse, and clearblue.) and all have been negative. Today is my due date and no period. I'm extremely regular with my periods.
However, despite cramping and nausea and generally feeling really rubbish, I have no period. This is making me very anxious because I had a miscarriage 6 months ago at 12 weeks.
What am I to believe? Is my mind delaying my period because I want to be pregnant so badly?
5 tests can't be wrong surely?!

ready4motherhood Mon 30-Oct-06 14:01:35

I would say a trip to your GP?? Fingers crossed for both of you.

ELB66 Mon 30-Oct-06 21:49:05

Still no period (12 days late). Am going to do a test in 3 days, just feel like a drama queen going to my GP after 4 neg tests!

ready4motherhood Mon 30-Oct-06 23:42:33

My GP told me when I said that we were TTC "do not rely on HPT as they are not always accurate - best to pop in and see me and we'll send away a sample"
Now, I realise that my GP is brilliant and I am lucky as not all GPs are like that... BUT that is what they are there for!! Don't worry about the negative tests, you don't even need to tell them you have taken a test... just say you are 12 days late and wonder if you might be PG???

Fingers crossed for you.

NatalieJane Mon 30-Oct-06 23:48:00

I was 9 days late when I got the first positive result, all others had been negative before. I am now aproaching 36 weeks pregnant, and everything is fine, so it doesn't mean anything 'bad' will/has happened!

I think I have read on here of people not getting a positive result until they were 9 weeks pregnant - so, loads of good luck to you both

ELB66 Tue 31-Oct-06 12:48:03

I know you're right. I'll do test in 2 days then go to my GP. Anyone else had 'period like' pains. I dis 5 days ago so much that I was convinced my period was around the corner! It's enough to drive anyone mad this. Oh to be a man!

babybensmum Tue 31-Oct-06 14:50:45

Hello I was TTC for 18 months and was late getting my period, I did four tests from day 31 to day 40 of my cycle, all negative. I finally got a positive on day 42 of my cycle (ie two weeks late). I now have a very healthy 8 month old son. Hurrah!. I went to the GP on day 36 to say I had done tests and were negative etc and she didn't do a pregnancy test, but did refer me (at my request) for some fertility tests as we had been trying for a long time. Thank god we never needed those tests in the end. I think (from doing ovulation tests in past) that I ovulate quite late, which could have been a reason for negative tests earlier on.

Hope you get the positive you are waiting for.

babybensmum Tue 31-Oct-06 14:51:55

Forgot to say, I did have period like pains and was sure I was getting my period, but it turned out to be early pregnancy. I still had those pains quit a lot throughout as well.

ELB66 Tue 31-Oct-06 17:47:44

Thanks. That's rather reassurung! Feel very bloated and boobs rather big - yet not sore. Time will tell.

cloudexplosion Tue 31-Oct-06 18:41:45

ELB- I'm on the same boat- but only four days late but it's driving me mad. I think I also have some kind of virus I'm fighting off but am adamant I'm pregnant - despite the results. Did one this morning- negative again....they let me down GRRRRrr!
Will see doc tomorrow morning...I'll sound such a dramam queen as well but this is just too wierd for me.
Bet I get my period just before I leave to go to the doctors...

ELB66 Tue 31-Oct-06 19:12:03

Good luck. Keep us posted.

cloudexplosion Wed 01-Nov-06 09:27:50

I thought my period had arrived so I cancelled the doctors appointment...but it's now only a brown discharge nothing more!
I'm starting to get paranoid about an ectopic pregnancy?

cloudexplosion Wed 01-Nov-06 09:27:51

I thought my period had arrived so I cancelled the doctors appointment...but it's now only a brown discharge nothing more!
I'm starting to get paranoid about an ectopic pregnancy?

lulumama Wed 01-Nov-06 09:30:56

ectopic usually indicated by mild lower abdominal pain, sharp stabbing pain intermittently & nausea...and sometimes pain in the shoulder on the same side the stabbing pain is.......brown dishcarge may be a sign....see if you can remake that doctors will feel better once you are checked out.....

ELB66 Wed 01-Nov-06 19:17:13

Just done another test (14 days late) and another negative. Am going mad here and my unsympathetic partner is telling me to "chill out" about it. It's been the longest 2 weeks of my life!

babybensmum Thu 02-Nov-06 13:28:28

Any updates girls? Really hope you both get a positive. I did also have a bit of brown discharge at what I thought was 8 weeks, doc sent me for an early pregnancy scan, and all was ok and discharge never happened again, but scan showed me to only be about 6.5 weeks not 8, again showing prob ovulated late.

ELB66 Thu 02-Nov-06 18:17:56


Been to my GPs and saw the nurse. She says highly likey to be pregnancy and that the negative tests are probably becasue they were done midday (although 1 day 8 late) was done 1st thing in the morning. She recommended a test 1st thing tomorrow and said that it's not common but "does happen". No words of wisdom really but what else can they do at 2 weeks late?

babybensmum Thu 02-Nov-06 19:45:36

Yay, well let us know what happens tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

ELB66 Fri 03-Nov-06 06:36:13

Negative! WHAT NOW?

cloudexplosion Sat 04-Nov-06 08:01:25

ELB, I really feel for you. I'd go back to the doc. again?

My AF did arrive in full force. I think stress and stuff delayed it. I feel really silly for kicking up a fuss but am hopeful for next month... thanks for your support guys... xx

ELB66 Sat 04-Nov-06 09:43:33

CLOUDEXPLOSION - Fingers crossed for next month!

Went back to doctors last night. He thinks that as I've done 5 negative tasts now it's highly unlikely to be pregnancy. I have an appointment to go back for further 'hormone' tasts on the 13th if still no period. He's told me to go back tho if I get any odd pains in the meantime (like on one side as I had last week).

Anyone any idea what these hormone tests are and more importantly how long the results take to come through???

babybensmum Sun 05-Nov-06 13:35:41

Hi girls, sorry Cloudexplosion to hear you got your AF, hope next month brings better news. ELB, I had some tests done about six months before I finally got pregnant, they were to ensure I was ovulating and that I wasn't going through early menopause (had hot flushes and long cycles etc). Then ended up having an abdominal scan as well, and they found I had slightly polycystic ovaries, although didn't have PCOS. Sorry tho cannot remember for the life of me how long they took to get results, but dont remember agonising over waiting so maybe not long. I have a friend (due to give birth in 10 days) who had a couple of 65 day cycles, but she got pregnant within 5 months of trying. Hope you get some good news soon. Good luck.

ELB66 Mon 06-Nov-06 17:16:04


My AF has also arrived today - boo! At least I know now tho. So, plan is to try'n chill about it more in future and just enjoy the trying!

I'm no longer going to be consumed by the whole TTC thing. What will be will be an' all that malarky. Hopefully all us hopefuls will be blessed soon.

lisalin3 Fri 10-Nov-06 20:35:47

just joined this site after reading there are alot of people in the same situation as me.
I am on day 36 of my cycle taken loads of hpts and a blood test, all Negative. Was ttc last month so was hoping it had worked i am now very confused! I have 3 boys and tested positive with all three the day before period due.but this time i am baffled! The only symptoms i have are mild cramping in my back which has been happening on and off for the last two weeks.
Anybody out there who could shed any light on this for me. cheers.

lisalin3 Sat 11-Nov-06 20:33:40

There is no need to reply to my question, The big event has happened (at last), i can't believe it's taken this long, but at least i know now and can relax about it.I shall keep my fingers crossed for next month.Bye for now.

DippyMummy Mon 20-Nov-06 22:01:53

Hello, I'm new to mumsnet, and currently 17 days late.... Have one DS and not trying for more - in fact being careful to avoid pregnancy. Have done pg test from the chemist (negative), and my GP sent off a sample - also negative. Phew. But I've always been very regular. So why am I now 17 days late? Am seeing the GP again but not for a week. Meanwhile, I'm worrying. What else can cause such a long cycle? (Please don't say the tests might be wrong?!)

DippyMummy Mon 20-Nov-06 23:27:56

Shortly after writing that last message, a weird thing happened.... My period started!

EMZIB Sun 30-Dec-07 15:37:29

Hi. I've not been on here for a while. I have endometriosis and have been TTC for 18 months. I've had 6 50mg cycles of clomid and am now a few days late for my AF. Since taking clomid, my cycles have ranged from 27-32 days. I'm now on day 35! I did a -PG test yesterday afternoon - boo, but am rather anxious as I just don't feel right. Usually when my AF is due my boobs are sore but not this month. Have also been really cranky beyond beleif for the last 2 weeks...oh and had slight brown blood mid month...implantation?

I have had lower back ache and the usual, 'period's around the corner' feeling but it's not arrived. I know the obvious thing to do is wait a few days and test again, but I just wondered if any of you had experienced similair? Thanks

EMZIB Wed 05-Nov-08 20:55:26


Been a while again. Since last message posted I've had 2 gos at IUI and I became pregnant after 2nd attempt. Sadly I miscarried at 7 weeks just 2 weeks ago (whilst on holiday) sad

I'm still pretty gutted to be honest despite being back at work and trying to just 'get on with things'. We have 1 more go at IUI on the NHS then have the option of moving straight to IVF (been on the waiting list for this due to my gynae history).

Just wondered if any of you have any inspiring stories to pick up my rather mood. It's hard being a woman eh?

biscuitnoodles Wed 24-Dec-08 20:40:27

Hello, im new here. Emzib really sorry to read about your bad news, I hope you are okay.

im 5 days late, taken a 1st response test today on day 5 and is negative. had period like cramps on and off and nausea. Boobs hurt but nothing major. Could i be pregnant or possibly driving myself crazy by overeacting?!

any advice please? the waiting is agonising!


suelee Fri 02-Jan-09 01:46:04


I am new to the sight and I would just like to say it is very insightfull. I am 8 days late now and I took a pregnancy test last week (negative) and my GP also said it was negative yesterday. I have never been this late, my breats are big and sore but that is it. The last time I was prenant I went off tea, and a few other things that I enjoy but this has not happened this time round? how long should I wait to take another?

suelee Fri 02-Jan-09 01:47:20


I am new to the site and I would just like to say it is very insightfull. I am 8 days late now and I took a pregnancy test last week (negative) and my GP also said it was negative yesterday. I have never been this late, my breats are big and sore but that is it. The last time I was prenant I went off tea, and a few other things that I enjoy but this has not happened this time round? how long should I wait to take another?

This happened to me last month. I was 12 days late in the end after 5 negative tests and had just rung the doctors to go see them when my period finally showed up! It's soooo frustrating. I am never, ever late but last month was awful and it was coming up to Chrimbo too so I didn't drink any alcohol until I started bleeding. Our bodies are playing mean tricks on us... Good luck to anyone in the same situation and I hope you are pg rather than just late!

ac68 Mon 06-Apr-09 18:50:28

hi, i have a problem that is really worrying me, i am 9 days late, done 3 hpt (all negative),i have 2 kids and allways had regular period, and when i was a day late i knew it i was pregnant, took the test and positive with both of them from day one, this time i don't feel pregnant , and even if my 3 hpt showed negative still no period , but i have lot of period pain and a white (not smelly( discharge. that is all i can say except that i am worry about this. please can you give me any advice.thank you

SUSIE82 Mon 18-Oct-10 16:35:55

Wanted some advice on if and when to try another pregnancy test. The start of my last period was 42 days ago and that is when I came off the pill. I did a test last week which came up negative and im wondering when to try again?
I keep thinking that im feeling slightly odd, bit dizzy at times but not sure if im just trying to talk my self into thinking that I am pregnant.
What do you think??

bally2 Mon 18-Oct-10 19:27:32

im in the same boat susie..Period is now 15 days late. ive done about 20 tests (literally testing every day!). im driving myself mad here but ater reading this thread, i doubt im pregnant..everyone elses just seemed to show up randomly. are you going to go to GP? was thinking of going if it hasnt come by time next period is due (2nd nov)...

neurotic88 Wed 12-Jan-11 12:46:16

Hello everyone, so reassuring others are going through the same symptom. My cycle is anything between 28 to 34 days. I am now on the 35 day of my cycle this month, its the first time that my partner and I are trying for a baby. Test results were negative so I have arranged an appointment to see the Doctor tomorrow (who I am sure thinks I am a hypochrondiac anyway!) dont know whether I should cancel my appointment and just be patient and wait another week. Any advice? My GP is very nice but I do go to see him about a lot of trivial things I am wary that this will be another and when I do finally fall pregnant he wont take me seriously.

I have been having symptoms (tender boobs, sore lower abdominal muscle, hungry, tired) but they are on and off (which I am not sure is that common in pregnancy) and to be honest I cant really tell the difference between what is described as a pregnancy symptom and what is a normal premenstual symptom... any suggestions?

If someone has experienced similar symptoms?

BooBooGlass Wed 12-Jan-11 12:47:28

Just wait a week, don't waste your GPs time.

ShowOfHands Wed 12-Jan-11 12:48:53

What is it you want to see the GP for?

hbmpsmum Tue 01-Mar-11 19:09:11

Hi there,
It's been really interesting reading all the comments on this subject. I usually have shortish cycles but had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in september and since then the pattern was initially exactly 28 days from miscarriage to period, then 34 days, 26 days, 34 days and now I'm on day 40 and no sign of a period. Did a test on day 37 - negative. I had four straightforward pregnancies when I was younger and the test usually showed up pretty quickly - also I don't have sore boobs, which were very evident in the one that ended in miscarriage. I just hate this guessing game. My partner and I have been trying for two years now but here's the crunch - we're both 47 - my dread is that this late period is the start of the dreaded menopause - and that would be the end to our hopes once and for all. (tho in my family it usually comes late) Not really looking for any answers just cathartic to write all this down.

bekiboo53 Wed 18-May-11 13:41:31

hey, im a week late and have done a test today and a test 3 days ago but both negative, any chance im pregnant???

HerIndoors31 Sun 22-May-11 12:54:08


I had a copper coil in until Monday, was due on on tuesday, and am now 6 days late. I've tested neg twice on day 2 and 3, no sign of aunt flo at all, confused!! Has anyone else had this?


CWest30 Sun 29-Jan-12 08:48:48

OMG, this is like reading the story of my life right now lol. Have been TTC for 3 mths, already have a 4 year old son. First time round was easy as anything, came off the Pill, had my "fake" bleed, a normal period a month later, then fell pregnant.
This time around, I came off the Pill, and again had my "fake" bleed. The next period was 3 days late, then I came on a day earlier than normal (New Yrs Eve). I'm now on day 30 of this cycle. Have cramping down one side, no period as of yet, very emotional, but getting negative results. Its driving me absolutly insane coz I def feel different, but the tests are just crushing my hopes every time. Suppose I will just have to test again in a few days, and will try a Boots one this time. Good luck to all in the same boat, its horrible :-( will keep you all posted x

cupcakequeen9 Thu 23-Feb-12 17:21:12

Have you had any answers yet?! I haven't had a period for ages since coming off mirena coil, think my last period was before Christmas, still neg tests. I know I have a cyst on one ovary does anyone know if this could affect results? Says on Clearblue box that it can but I didn't know in what way? Had pains, in back and 'tummy area', really tired, nausea, headaches. I have a daughter already and that time the first test I took went + straight away and I was only a week or so late. Anyone have any answers???

cupcakequeen9 Thu 23-Feb-12 17:23:19

And yeh when you expect a test to be + and comes back - it is a horrid feeling :-( its so disheartening not to mention a waste of bloody Money! What was the outcome of the Boots test?! X

BryonyJ Thu 31-May-12 10:22:16

Hi everyone, im new here. Ive been off the pill and ttc for 4 months, now 10 days late, sore boobs which i dont normally get before a period. did one test one day before period was due, and another 2 since and all are negative. having a small amout of brownish discharge, no abdominal pain/cramps etc. starting to get really confused now as im normally very regular and was really hoping i could just b late, do a test and hey presto! but it would appear not :/ x

mummy2twincessGirls Mon 25-Feb-13 08:02:42

Hi every1 ttc I had a misscarriage 3 months ago only had 1 periods since which was last months now I'm only 1 day late and having quite a few pregnancy symptoms like feeling sick' being sick, tiredness, headache, being snappy/moody, also wen was pregnant wiv my twins and also wen pregnant and had miscarriage came out with really bad skin (dermatitous) and also noww got this back 2 also had few cramps in my lower stomach I done a pregnancy test and come up negative I was sure I was pregnant but test says nooo sad :s

RubyF Sat 02-Mar-13 18:31:54

Hi, I am new to this thread but could really do with some advice or just some reassurance. I am 38 (healthy) and have a son who is just turned 3. I wanted to try for baby 2 last year and was on the implant till then. Had it removed in June and had tow successive very light periods July and then Aug but then nothing Sep and Oct. I have now had 3 quite heavy (but normal) cycles although there was only about 24 days between the 2nd and 3rd. I was expecting this month to have had period around the 19th or earlier given the pattern however have no period. I have had cramping on an off for several days but no other preg symtoms other than tiredness. I took a preg test this morning (a co-op one) and it was neg. I 've had an awful day, very teary and feeling upset as I thought I was preg. My husband has been fairly unsupportive.

I guess as I am 38 and had a MC before in 2008, a year before my son was born, I am panicking a bit thinking what;s wrong and if I am not preg why has my period not come. I am going to see my gp next week and I know stressing is not going to help but I can't help feeling low today.


Girraferama Sat 02-Mar-13 19:18:52

Hi I just wanted to offer some possible reassurance... I was due my AF on 19th Dec and it never came. I did tests every few days and they were all negative. I went to see the nurse at my doctors on 31st Dec and was tested again and told, in no uncertain terms, I was not pregnant. Ten days later something made me do another test - I didn't have symptoms as such (nothing concrete) but I was tired, going to the loo more and feeling hormonal... And it was positive! I couldn't believe it! I tested again and again, all positive. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant, which means I conceived literally a few days before my AF was due. The midwife said the nurse should never have told me I definitely wasn't pregnant as it can take 3-4 weeks to show on preg tests sometimes.

I'm sure this isn't common, but it does happen. My gut feeling was that I was pregnant and sometimes you have to follow your instinct.

Good luck ladies thanks

MrsBonkers Sun 03-Mar-13 00:31:20

2 days late
Done acouple of tests (boots cheapies) that were both negative.
1st month ttc
Watch this space!

lilian1977 Mon 04-Mar-13 15:17:37

Hi all - I'm in this boat as well. Don't really know if I'm late (think I am) as my cycles have been between 24-29 days for past 6 months (although before that they were 38-41 days for about 18 months after having DS1). Not sure whether my cycles are slowing down again now after a crazy period, or whether I could actually be PG? EWCM seemed to arrive much later than usual this month so am thinking my cycle is just long, have done lots of PG tests but all been neg. Really hoping to get a positive but not holding out much hope...

MrsBonkers Mon 04-Mar-13 22:01:18

Did another (Tesco) test today and still negative sad
Going to doctors tomorrow for some other issues, so will talk to him about it then.

lilian1977 Tue 05-Mar-13 08:38:43

Another BFN this morning and still no AF. Really not sure what is going on! confused Didn't want to share what's been happening with DH because I didn't want to get his hopes up but caved last night as I needed to talk about it with someone!

Think I might leave it till the weekend to test again now, its costing me too much!

MrsBonkers Tue 05-Mar-13 17:14:08

Know what you mean about the cost, I daren't admit to DH how many tests I've really done blush
Saw doctor today and he didn't seam to think it was unusual for it not to show as positive until up to two weeks after your period was due! wtf!!!! I thought you could test from around 3 days before due!
I done FEEL pregnant. Guess its just a waiting game now.
I'm hypothyroid (Wasn't with DD,) so the earlier I know the better so I can have monthly blood tests.
Fingers crossed for you.

arghhelpme Tue 05-Mar-13 18:47:00

I'm 7/8 days late and have been testing every day since missing my period. I have used tesco, clear blue, wilkinsons cheapies, predictor and poundworld tests, all negative.

I'm normally on time. Have had back ache and am tired, haven't really had any other symptoms. When would be best to test next?

MrsBonkers Tue 05-Mar-13 23:15:20

No idea!
I think the tests say re-test after 3 days.
I guess as with everything, if you have any other symptons that are WORRYING you, then go to GP. - Failing that, come sit on the thread and wait with us!
(We promise not to bat an eyelid if you're doing a test every time you pee!!! ;)

arghhelpme Wed 06-Mar-13 00:25:09

Have no symptoms that are worrying me. I have just woken up with the urge to be sick. Done another clear blue and it is bfn.

Can see this poas becoming an expensive hobby.

lilian1977 Wed 06-Mar-13 11:04:06

Did another test last night (after saying I wouldn't!) and still BFN. CD32 now so that's 3 days later than my longest cycle in the last 6 months, although previous to that and after having my son it was anywhere between 38-41 days. Shortest cycle in last 6 months was 24 days - average 26 days.

Tempted to buy a load of tests from the pound shop! I was going to order a load off Ebay but I just know by the time they arrive either AF will have started or I'll have a BFP from a £10 test, haha...

2 weeks after your period is due?! I will have gone insane by then. And also ballooned to the size of a house. I feel huge - and sick!

lilian1977 Wed 06-Mar-13 13:57:53

Suspicious brown staining on pantyliner, looks like CD1 on it's way. Ah well. Next time!

arghhelpme Wed 06-Mar-13 19:16:57

Could it be implatation bleeding? Fingers crossed for you.

I'm not sure what i want the outcome to be for myself. I have not been with dp for that long. Think it is way too soon to be starting a family with him confused

MrsBonkers Wed 06-Mar-13 22:06:54

lol - I'm tempted by poundland tests too.
I was shocked by the 2 wks after due thing too. Never heard that before. Maybe he was trying to give me hope as I'd just told him we are going to try for a second.
This is our first month of trying, so I know I have no right to be disappointed if not pregnant.
Day 39 here.....
Argh - I hope it goes whichever way you want it to.
lilian - Fingers crossed for you too.

Fairypants Sat 09-Mar-13 09:54:16

Can I join in?
I'm 2/3 days late but could just be normal fluctuation. I came off the pill in December and since then, have had one 24 day cycle and one 23 day cycle so I'm not sure whether I could still be settling down after the pill or whether I could just be less regular than those 2 cycles suggest.
Tested on wed eve (cd 24) bfn and have bulk pack of tests in the post so trying to hold out til they arrive.
We're not ttc and but were slightly less than careful as planning to ttc in late April. Also, dd1 and dd2 both unplanned so we have form for this!!
I really just want to k ow either way so I can stop going to the loo every 5 minutes to check my knickers!!!

Snowylady Sat 09-Mar-13 10:53:28

I'm the same and it is doing my head in so know how you all feel. AF 4 days's highly unlikely as I feel like AF about to start, and I stopped my pill in Jan so possibly still a bit messed up cycle wise, but before the pill I was never late and I feel "symptoms", but all tests are BFN. Don't want to do another due to the cost! ARRGGH!

Fairypants Sat 09-Mar-13 11:07:24

Additionally, I can't even relieve the stress by getting drunk just in case!!!

Snowylady Sat 09-Mar-13 11:21:03

Haha, Fairypants! Agree! Cake instead.......?! If you like lager, I recommend the 0% alcohol Bavaria beer as an ok substitute!

MrsBonkers Sat 09-Mar-13 23:47:42

ANOTHER BFN today. No idea what's going on with my body!!

Fairypants Sat 09-Mar-13 23:54:16

Right, my cheap tests arrived today so tried again - bfn of course but still no af. I'm feeling really frustrated but have at least worked out that this delay should mean I can start ttc earlier than planned (assuming af turns up at some time) for various reasons.
So at least I can see some positive out of this bloody annoying situation!
How're you doing with the wait snowlady? I would recommend getting some cheap Internet tests if you are ttc as it is very 'freeing' to be able to test as much as I like knowing its less than 10p a go. smile

Fairypants Sat 09-Mar-13 23:56:26

Oh no, mrs bonkers I'm afraid I had assumed your situation was resolved!! You must be so stressed by now you really have my sympathy. X

MrsBonkers Sun 10-Mar-13 11:46:22

I'm guessing I'm just VVVVLate due to stress or something. Its just weird that it would happen in the first month ttc. Its not like we are desperate having tried for a long time (and those of you in that situation have my sympathies.)

I looked on ebay the other day and you can get 30 test for about £2.50 including postage! So I think that's the way for me to go.

How are the rest of you doing? Waiting still or resolved?

Snowylady Sun 10-Mar-13 17:41:05

I'm the same here - no AF! I haven't tested today (did yesterday and BFN) so I'm trying to be good and holding off and thinking if I forget about it then AF will arrive! Not had any AF signs today....all odd. Did feel really sick in the night though and just feel generally cr*ppy! sad I'm just about to go for a run and to see if I can 'de-stress' myself! I think I'm going to get some internet cheapies - that sounds so much better!!

Snowylady Sun 10-Mar-13 18:43:14

Ok, it could be a coincidence but after my run I've started spotting, so, I think AF has finally arrived. It's odd, it's kind of a disappointment - but am also relieved! May I recommend a run?! smile

Fairypants Mon 11-Mar-13 07:15:28

Well af arrived for me yesterday also which I am actually glad about. Our original plan of ttc in April is better so just have to wait another month and hope af doesn't mess me around next time.
How're you doing mrs bonkers?
My suggestion for nudging af when it's close is dtd- it's a bit messy but I have definitely found that if I dtd any time around when af is due, it will start. This is usually very annoying and has led to a moratorium on dtd within a week of being due cos it is just too messy but it might be worth a try to get things going?

Wattage88 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:13:50

Hi new to this, I have the same problem. Ttc#2 been tracking period been regular. Currently 5days late. With neg tests?? Could I still be pregnant with low hormone levels? When shall I re test as so soul destroying with (-) with #1 didn't realise till 9weeks+ as has bleed throughout. My friend recently had baby, with few (-) test never got a (+) till 3weeks after missed period. Any help would be great. Thank you

isadorable Tue 12-Mar-13 09:53:35

I'm on something like CD41 and BFN. I dont feel pregnant - been having a stressful house move, sick baby, dp with new job. And yes, this was our first month ttc number 2... Hoping it is just stress as it not like me at all. Can I hide out here?

MrsBonkers Tue 12-Mar-13 18:24:30

Came on yesterday. Was day 44. sad

See you next month!

Fingerscr0ssed Tue 12-Mar-13 20:18:33

Hi ladies, I'm new here! I have 2 gorgeous girls from a Previous marriage and now ttc with my soon to be husband. I am 7 days late! All negative tests! This is so hard! No spotting, discharge etc. heavy breasts and v tired but planning a wedding for 3 weeks time can't be helping! Had Marina in until last nov. my cycle has been between 28-35 days but now on day 42. Could I be pregnant still? Neg tests from boots, asda, first response and tesco! I am now skint, lol xx

Wattage88 Thu 14-Mar-13 18:31:23

Period now 7days late and still testing (-)?? Any
Ideas what to do next? Or wait it out??

Tanie123 Tue 07-May-13 19:06:11

I am really enjoying reading these posts as I feel like I am driving myself insane recently! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for around 8 months now. I am always regular with my monthly's however I am currently 8 days late and experiencing some crmap like feeling in my stomach almost as though I am on my period! Have taken 5 pregnancy tests and they are all sadly negative but still have hope that there could be a small miracle that they are wrong!!!! Can this happen? Have everything crossed!!!!!!

MrsG300313 Thu 04-Jul-13 14:11:03

Hi , me and my husband have been trying for the past
Couple of months , and I'm over a week late for my period but have done a few tests since the first day I was late , and all negative . So is that it I'm not pg or should I continue with hope that it just hasn't shown up yet ?

Iona11 Fri 19-Jul-13 22:27:24

Hello all,

I'm new here, so thought I'd share my story. My period was due around 7th July, and no sign of it yet. I've done lot's of test, all returned negative. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my 20s (I'm now 37) but had a lovely daughter two years ago and my periods have been regualr ever since. My husband and I started trying for another baby at the end of June, last had unprotected sex on the 29th.

Saw my GP today and did another test - negative - so she told me to treat it as a missed period and not pregnancy....I'm so disappointed though as I would really love another baby. No signs of being pregnant either, it's just strange that my period has not come this month after having unprotected sex for nthe first time in nearly two years.

Any comments greatfully recieved x

carolluvscats Wed 31-Jul-13 20:20:31

hi everyone! this is my first post i have just joined the site!!!

me and my husband have just started trying to conceive and i came off the pill the end of june. my period is now 7 days late and ive had about 5 negative tests!! but i do feel pregnant. cramps, bloating sore back, sore nipples, (constipation,heart burn - both very unusual for me) and very tired. my body feels different but is this just wishfull thinking.

does anyone have any advice or tips???? thanks ;)

carolluvscats Wed 31-Jul-13 20:23:58

also to add im not sure if an irregular period is common after coming off the pill so maybe period not really late???? please help....husband wants me to stop obsessing over it but i cant xx

Emberlina76 Thu 01-Aug-13 19:19:52

Hi everyone.
I am new! Don't know the jargon or the etiquette or anything yet!
Since coming off Cerazette in March my cycle took a while to settle but the past 3 months I have been dead on 28 days, can even pinpoint it to lunchtime! We have been ttc since March. We have a 7 year old son and have had 2 miscarriages and an ectopic (now only have one Fallopian tube so chances are reduced anyway).
I was due yesterday. No sign of it. I have a stomach ache, but a strange one, not like period pains like twingey / niggley pains. I've done 2 clear blue tests today, both negative although the first one turned into a front posting after about an hour but the instructions say to disregard any change in result after 10 mins.
I have sore boobs, unbelievable tiredness, feel queasy and metallic taste in my mouth, all could be down to being hormonal and due on I suppose.
No point to this other than to ask what people think? Any pearls of wisdom?

Emberlina76 Thu 01-Aug-13 19:20:42

Feint positive not posting!

carolluvscats Fri 02-Aug-13 20:00:27

my period still hasnt arrived, all tests negative but ave docs app in a week n a half.....waiting game xx

Emberlina76 Fri 02-Aug-13 21:10:51

Another negative testhmm today

Bambi27 Fri 02-Aug-13 22:05:25

Last cycle I was a week late and finally got af. Obviously had lots of negative tests! It's so difficult I am usually so regular which makes it worse!! Hope you all get your answers soon!!!

carolluvscats Sat 03-Aug-13 11:08:15

still no period but more negative tests. begining to think i am not pregnant now, just wish we could have definate hard when u really want to be pregnant, isnt it?

Emberlina76 Sun 04-Aug-13 13:26:42

Still no period and still negative test. Have unbelievable tiredness, sore boobs, bloated, back ache and belly ache today. Just need to know what's bloody happening?! Feel sick and horrible x

Nicci042000 Fri 09-Aug-13 07:51:37

Hi I have been the implant for 6 months now I am usually spot on with my period, I start each period between3am and 6am on the due day every time! This is my third late day with no sign of my period at all. I have done a tescos homebrand test and I has come back negative. What would you suggest? Thank you in advance x

Nicci042000 Fri 09-Aug-13 07:53:43

I have had the implant out for 6 months is what I meant x

MichelleLKelly1971 Fri 09-Aug-13 16:57:00

Hi ladies, I am new to this and think I may have started a thread when I could have just posted on here....
I am currently either 6 or 13 days late for my period and my partner and I are trying to get pregnant but my tests are showing as negative. I have polycystic overies which is why my cycle can vary. However, I am usually between 28-30 days and have only every been 35 days once, last October. I have symptoms of being pregnant, headache, back ache, tender breasts, cramps (not bad cramps tho) and vaginal discharge. Can anyone help? I'm going to my GP on Monday to ask for a blood test as this is doing my head in....

Emberlina76 Fri 09-Aug-13 22:09:46

So frustrating! My update is that on day 32 my nasty period came. Was just weirdly late. Bleugh.

Sadielou82 Fri 09-Aug-13 22:23:23

Hi everyone, me an my husband are ttc, we started straight after my period in may I've now missed my period 2 months now done loads of test all negative I've tried clear blue, tesco an cheap pound land tests! I've felt sick ish at work but not been sick, mild period like pains an sore back, sore legs an hip an felt quiet tired too! Been to doctor two weeks ago an she told me to test again I've done bout 4 since then still negative! Really frustrated goin to doctors next week an demanding a blood test! It's driving me insane ! Anyone else had this happen to them??

carolluvscats Fri 09-Aug-13 22:33:12

well ladies i have also had my period..... sad was so upset. just late as i am irregular coming off the pill....... i think i convinced myself that i was pregnant. wising all u ladies lots of luck, we will be trying again next month fingers xed xx

jzeekim Wed 25-Sep-13 20:45:43

Hi! I'm new to this site! I'm hoping someone could give me answers too. I'm experiencing the same situation as well atm. I'm now 2-3 days late and having period cramps and white discharge. I've also been having mood swings and have been craving foods. My boobs and nipples were also sore and have been on and off. But the cramps and lower back pain were obvious. I did a pregnancy test this afternoon, first response. However, i had a pee half an hour earlier with the urine i used to test so the urine was just a small amount. It was negative. Can someone explain to me what happened?

sheldor Thu 26-Sep-13 19:04:20

This post is from 2003

BeautifulBrunette Wed 03-Sep-14 02:41:12

I have been reading all of these posts and realize that the majority of folks who are having issues similar to mine have gotten their periods at the 40-50 day mark of being late.

I am 56 days late for my monthly. I have spent countless amounts of dollars on tests, gone to a couple of doctors and been tested and all of them said BFN.

I feel cramping in my lower abdomen, pain in my back, my breasts hurt to touch or bump anything, I have heartburn constantly, I feel nauseated easily, and I am going crazy with my moods.

The doctor said to wait another month and we will try at the 3 month mark, but after reading all of the posts in this thread I am starting to lose hope. Is anyone out there who has had a 50+ day cycle and found out they were pregnant? Or should I just consider this a lost cause?

Ri22 Tue 14-Oct-14 20:39:49

Hi beautiful brunette any joy yet? What's your current outcome after the above msg

Sarah7832 Tue 28-Oct-14 11:26:57

Hi, I came off the pill 4 my 7 day break 3 wks on Friday, I got slight brown discharge 4 a day or 2 but nothin else, ive got all the signs of pregnancy from slight crampin 2 sickness but all tests r negative my hcg was level 2 which is classed as normal :/ it's really frustrating n dunno what 2 do next as my job involves heavy liftin x

Sheryl01 Mon 17-Nov-14 17:34:04

Hiya looking for a bit advise im not sure when my last period exactly was think maybe between 5th-12 last month i ovulated 3 weeks this comin sat but still no period and neg tests done 3 days ago :/ help pls x

jaz8910 Wed 26-Nov-14 04:09:22

Hey all! Im glad im not alone! Im 8 days late for my regular period. Tested again this morning with fmu and got bfn sad I had slight bleeding brown pinkish and some bright red 6 days before my missed period that lasted 3 and a half days. My cycles have been normal 30 day cycles since i got off bc and we started ttc in August. Im so confused ive had multiple symptoms dizziness morning sickness craving milk whichI despise uusually. Also my breasts are full/ heavy and my a reolas are darker with veins dark blue directly to them. Never noticed that before period. The last couple days ive been having some twinges in my lower abdomen and my cm is clear and watery seems like way more than usual. I feel like im going crazy!!! Ive called three different doc offices and none of them will do blood testing anymore. Any advice would be great!!!! Thanks in advance and baby dust!!

SeasonsEatings Wed 26-Nov-14 08:46:33

I am 3 days late and 3 x negative tests. However with my DD I was 5 days late before I got a faint line in the positive window.

Do some people not produce much hormone at the beginning? Is this a thing? Or am I just late and holding onto dream of being pregnant? Could I be pre menopausal? I am 40 next month.

SeasonsEatings Wed 26-Nov-14 12:21:30

I am actually four days late and my period just arrived, partly releived as it would be an August baby and just 4 starting school but also partly worried it won't happen at all!

My DD was my Birthday gift three years ago, maybe baby no.2 will be conceived around the same time? Mid January. Anyhow it has spurred me into action, I am joining a gym next Monday to get fit and also have a doctors appointment as I am a bit worried that the irregular periods may be a sign that I am Peri Menopausal.

I recommend tracking your periods, either a calendar, Outlook, phone calendar etc, create a recurring appointment and when you are late amend it,

Jemmawoo14 Sun 30-Nov-14 19:20:24

Hiya looking for some advice ,

I'm not using contraception as such just pull out - had my lb in 2013 - I'm now 10 days late for my monthly and took 2 tests 2 weeks ago and negative. Took two this week and try didn't work at all (odd) Iv been having pains an period type aches but have no got it yet. I have swollen boobs but that's all - I don't feel pregnant and I'm not under any life style stress or anything irregular don normal

Help? Advice?


natz454 Sat 06-Dec-14 01:24:36

Could i be pregnant?? Hiya all, im not sure if im preg all tho it would be baby number 3 for me, my daughter is nearly 4 and my son passed away with sids aged 5 months, ive been experiencing feeling sick, tiredness, tender boobs but not often, light period bleeding seems to be stopping now tho after 5 days im norm heavy, and have had heartburn but all the preg tests ive done are negative!! So im not sure!! Skmething is telling me i am tho but tests are telling me different!! Any clues anyone? Thanks x

Rose1112 Sat 06-Dec-14 14:36:38

Hi. I am new to Mumsnet and was hoping for some advice. Me and my husband have been trying for our 1st for 4 months know. I am 2 weeks late coming on my period. I have done two tests but both said negative. Could I be pregnant? I really hope I am. Thanks.

traceykat1998 Mon 08-Dec-14 11:34:27

I miscarried on 30 sep 2014 i had my 1st period 5 weeks after that. Im now 5 days late starting have sore boobs and belly ache ive done a fair few pregnancy tests all negative very frustrated and sad any advice

piratemama Mon 15-Dec-14 22:29:43

I am going on 2 weeks late. I have taken about 6 pregnancy tests and 3 came back with a faint line and 3 were negative. I am so confused I also have noticed a white discharge when ever I use the restroom. (sorry about the tmi) I have been showing some signs of pregnancy. But I am so confused. Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated

Ellamae24 Wed 17-Dec-14 01:26:51

Hi im 5 days late and normally early. I have experienced light brown discharge and pale pink liquid after intercourse but test came back neg!!! Could i still be pregnant feel really weird???

Murphy22 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:38:03

Hi I am 3-4 days late on my period I'm never late and have been feeling sick and tried I have taken 4 test of didferent kind but all came back negative so culd I still be pregnant or is their any other reason

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