2ww and the bit in between. BFP's we're waiting!

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Bucky2008 Tue 08-Apr-08 20:58:13

Maybe a nice shiny new thread will get us all enthusiastic again. I am on my rubbish diet so I only have nuts and beans to put out on the table. Oh and gin of course ;o) Anyone got any cakes to tempt me with?

<Bucky gets her polishing cloth ready to shine her new thermometer ready for another round> Ding ding....let's...go

Do you think I have gone a bit mad hmm

ScaryHairy Tue 08-Apr-08 20:59:47


Not on my wait anymore, as you know, but just popped in to bless (with baby dust) this thread, and all who post on her. smile


Bucky2008 Tue 08-Apr-08 21:04:05

Aww, bless you scaryhairy..Stick around though even if its just to gossip with us. I will miss you if you don't.

<hugs> Do you live in London (can't remember) hmm. Are you coming to our meet up?

PicknMix Tue 08-Apr-08 21:04:40

<<Picknmix rushes in a bit breathless 'cos she thought she'd lost you all>>

Lovely sparkly new thread Bucky thank you!

Have brought with me a few Chocolate Jezabel Puddings - be careful as they're hot out of the oven though (Bucky, cyber calories don't count so help yourself!!)

Will catch up on the last few days and then I'll be back......

ScaryHairy Tue 08-Apr-08 21:07:40

I do live in London. When is the meet-up?

Bucky2008 Tue 08-Apr-08 21:12:01

Sunday, 27th April at 2pm at Browns on St Martins Lane.

Bucky2008 Tue 08-Apr-08 21:12:42

So far, Griffingirl, Digitalgirl, PicknMix, Madoldbird and I are all going.

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 21:13:14

Bucky what a lovely healthy thread, am also trying to be healthy for bean's sake so I'll have some nuts and beans ppprppppp...! Thanks for the hug but you squeezed so tight you made another one slip out pprppppp.. ! Ha ha we always knew you were mad missus, no doubt about that ! Enjoy temping and post your chart so we can obsess and analyze every dip and rise wink
PnM have you tested ?

ScaryHairy Tue 08-Apr-08 21:18:13

Ooooh, it sounds like fun. I shall see if I can get DH to look after DD.

Bucky2008 Tue 08-Apr-08 21:21:37

It would be great to see you scary. Let me know, I am going to book us a table.

And yeah...PicknMix have you tested. You are being all stealth about the absent AF.

Hey, Eelcatcher wassup? wink

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 21:22:06

Stop talking about your fancy-dan London meet-up, am very envy grrr ! wink

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 21:24:24

Good to see you on the emmsy temp thread missus. MOB come over too and we can interpret your chart too ! We're not always right but we give it a go wink
pah eelcatcher indeed, you just dinnae understand ma Scottish accent luv wink

PicknMix Tue 08-Apr-08 21:36:03

Just read about the bleed Mibbes, pleased you are sounding fairly upbeat about it, can I join in and give you a big <<hug>> as well?

Hope the next 7-10 days pass as quick as they can for you Bucky. Do you have to phone up and get the results? Take heed from Gryffinboys experience and time it just right so that a nasty Gestapo style nurse doesn't say 'sorry, you should've phoned 13 seconds earlier' or similar!!

Scary lovely to 'see' you, how are you feeling? Apologies if that is a dumb question....

What's going on Ei? When you had your DD did it take a long time to get a bfp? Sorry you're still in limbo land.

Fingers crossed for your blood test result Hatty on Friday.

JB how are you doing? 4dpo eh? Not long now til test time grin!!

Hi MOB!!

So....I did test and....it was a bfn.

Still waiting for af - am thinking that I didn't ov when I thought I did (it was all guess work anyway so no surprise there I suppose). My boobs are waaaaaaaaay sore and am the hungriest person alive at the mo (hence the choc puddings!) but this could all be pre af stuff. Oooo, and I just cried whilst watching Gok on How to Look Good Naked. Wierd!

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 21:40:56

Thanks for hug PnM, sorry for BFN, how many days do you think you are ?
Scary <<<waves>>> hi hun, hope you are as well as can be. I got into trouble on another thread earlier for calling Sparkly Scary - oops!

Bucky2008 Tue 08-Apr-08 21:46:12

Mibbes I just called Sparkly Sparkling so I haven't got off to the best start either shock.

PnM how many CD are you now?

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 21:48:34

ha ha Bucky she'll have a complex now ! but she called me Mibbles for weeks and weeks so am privately sniggering ! Don't tell !!

Bucky2008 Tue 08-Apr-08 21:51:43

Lots of people do that...strange isn't it? Like that sentence that has all the vowels taken out and you can still read it. I think people just see Mibbles even though it is not there...hmm

<Bucky gets all deep and philosophical (sp?)>hmm

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 21:53:40

wht ld f ld cbblrs y tlk Bcky - did you understand that ?

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 21:54:36

blush think I have been infected by your madness tonight Bucky, time to log off !

PicknMix Tue 08-Apr-08 21:58:29

I'm only on cd30. LP is usually 16 days and I thought I worked it out that I ov'ed on Fri 21st (ewcm etc) so Sun 6th I expected af to arrive.

My cycles are very erratic (last month was 23 days, one before, 40 days) but LP is always 16.

For all I know I may not have even ov'ed yet!!! (altho sore boobs indicate I have)

Deffo gonna start temping again once af has arrived - this is confusing me too much blushgrin!

Apologies for me me me post blushblush

Do you know I had a horrible moment today. I saw a couple of girls wandering round my shop and they both had children in buggies. One child was making a few noises (nothing bad, just general kiddy chattering) and the mum (?) shouted 'If you don't stop making that f*cking noise I'm gonna knock your block off' shock

I really wanted to say something but as she hadn't actually hit him etc I didn't. Istead I very selfishly thought 'how do people like that manage to get pregnant'. Gah. I hate what ttc makes me sometimes. It was prob just a bad day for the mum yet my brain automatically turns it around and thinks 'poor me' blush

PicknMix Tue 08-Apr-08 21:59:39

I'm scared Mibbes - I did actually understand what you wrote!! grin

ScaryHairy Tue 08-Apr-08 22:05:38

Hello Mibbes and PnM
I'm fine really, just waiting now for my hormones levels to fall so I can be sure the ectopic has gone. I am, of course, very disappointed, but it was all so very early that I wasn't thinking of it as a real baby. Also I did not feel "properly" pregnant and suspected something was amiss. It will be ok, and assuming the treatment is working, I will be back to TTC in about 3 months.

Hope you guys are well. Sorry to hear about the bleed Mibbles. I think you are sensible to be philosophical about it and remember, bleeding in the first trimester is very very common, so it does not mean anything sinister. PnM, do you chart? It can be really helpful with confusing cycles IME.


ps - I read "Mibbles" as well.

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 22:06:08

PnM that is a shocking way to speak to a child, you are quite right to think that.
Good idea to start temping - I feel like I am the temping-temptress tonight... "come into my charting world ladies, and let me read your temps.." grin

mibbes Tue 08-Apr-08 22:07:37

Loads of people read mibbles - my name is an optical illusion ! Glad you are feeling ok Scary xx

ScaryHairy Tue 08-Apr-08 22:09:18

Sorry, must learn to read posts properly - you are about to start temping PnM. Very sensible, soon all wil come clear(er) I am sure.

PicknMix Tue 08-Apr-08 22:19:31

3 months sounds like a long time Scary but I'm pleased to hear you ok and sounding fairly 'sorted' about it. Still a horrible thing for you to go through though.

I've temped before and thats how I found out my LP is 16 days... But I got fed up of waking at 6.30 each morning so haven't temped the last few months. Will definitely be starting again next month - as you both say, things become just that little bit clearer with temping!

Madoldbird Wed 09-Apr-08 07:06:27

Found you all!! Lovely new thread - thank you Bucky. Am impressed it's a healthy one - my new aim this month (apart from getting pregnant...) is to really lose some weight instead of talking about it!! Pass a nut, someone grin

scary great to see you here. Do hang about, and we will make the next 3 months go as fast as possible! And do come along to the meet-up if you are able, it would be lovely to meet you in the "flesh" so to speak!!

PnM sorry to hear about BFN, yet no AF. You are in limbo like EI. Do join us with the temping, although obv i hope you are pregnant and won't need to! How awful to see that mum behave like that. Even in the worst times when my 2 were tiny i never spoke to them like that (or anywhere near like that) When i see people like that i always want to whisk the child away!!! (have to change my name to mad old baby snatcher)

Mibbes hope you are ok, and that the bleeding is stopped. What a worry for you. Hopefully just miblet settling in for the duration. Thank you for the invite to the other thread - i will pop over there when i have a minute.

Good morning to everyone else, GG are you ok? Haven't seen you about? (Or haven't i read all the posts properly?!)

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 08:49:43

morning ladies i am back

what do you all make of my chart

mibbes Wed 09-Apr-08 08:55:47

Hmm tinkerbell (love the new name !) did you have any other signs of ov where FF has your lines (opks/EWCM) if not then possible ov on cd17, it is very difficult to say... Equally the first rise could also be ov as FF thinks... Some ladies do have a post ov dip caused by an estrogen surge and maybe that is what has happened. anyone else able to help ?

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 08:58:17

hi mibbes great to hear from you
thanks for advice. no no other signs of ov where they have line.
got a bug on friday getting better now had runs and sickness

mibbes Wed 09-Apr-08 09:01:16

well in that case youe temps Fri-Sun may have been affected by bug. Maybe more likely you did ov on CD17 esp as you noted CM those days.. hope you were BD'ing loads wink

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 09:02:51

managed to bd - cd8,10 and 16 not too bad considering we were ill

mibbes Wed 09-Apr-08 09:03:13

oh and some ladies also have a pre-ov dip then a slow rise which would tally up with a CD17 ov... FF may change your lines in the next few days, esp if you ask it to disregard Fri's temp.

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 09:06:35

thanks mibbes your are a gem have disregarded fri-sun temps on ff

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 09:07:25

one thing i have noticed is excess saliva since yesterday and creamy discharge

JollyBear Wed 09-Apr-08 11:21:18

Morning all!

Glad I found you all, phew!

scary <<<hugs>>> It is lovely to see you here, after you have had such a rough time. Do pop in again and let us know how you are.

bucky and MOB I hope your thermometers arrive today! I agree with mibbes about temping, at least I know what is going on and know when to test/expect AF.

mibbes Glad things are OK now. <<<hugs>>>

tinker If you get a high temp tomorrow FF will probably confirm ov on CD17. It can take a few days for a pattern to emerge.

P&M Where is your AF? If you ov later than you thought you still might be pregnant. Fingers crossed.

ei Any news from you?

Hello to GG, hatty and anyone I've missed!

Another high temp for me this morning, hurray! I can start 'symptom spotting' soon smile

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 11:44:24

thanks jb

hi ladiesgrin
lovely new thread buckygrin
no news from me im one day later than yesterday, no signs of Af and high tempshmm im TCOYF preg now my body just needs to catch ongrin 20DPO and fed up of itsmile
PnM so you are still in the club!! lets hope you tested too early and you can get a BFP for the both of us!!grin
scary nice to see you hunny xx i hope you are wellsmile
hope everyone else is okgrin <<<<<<<<<<ei waves>>>>>>>>> around the beautifully decorated clean and tidy roomgrin
xx ei xx

GryffinGirl Wed 09-Apr-08 17:17:40

hello everyone!

What a lovely new thread. No doubt I will still be 2WW-ing when we run out of space on this thread grin. You cannot git rid of me!

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I have been royally shafted at work, but have some breathing space again. I am shattered -i haven't done such long hours in ages shock.

Mibbes - don't worry, I can understand your accent wink. I have been living in sunny Sassenach Land for the last few years, but still have my rough Weegie accent and can interpret for the others gringrin. How are things with you? feeling good?

Scary - hurrah! I didn't know you lived in London, so please come along to the meet up. I hope you are feeling ok after all the ups and downs of the last few weeks. IT's been a tough old time, but thinking of you smile

Bucky - I hope Mr B's test went well and the mercy dash to the hospital with his sample stuffed down his trousers was ok grin. Fingers crossed the results are fine.

Nothing much to report here. I am CD10 which is usually the start of the EWCM for me and DH is b*ggering off to Germany again for work on the key nights. The funny thing is that even though his sperm count is i the "nearly nil" category (my wording wink) I still plot lots of BD-ing and panic if we haven't. I suppose you have to be in it to win it, and there is no harm in trying, although I certainly don;t get my hope sup (except during the 2WW gringringrinwink) DH and I have our referral with the fertility specialist on Monday 28th and I am counting down the days. DH will be packed off on his business trip with a copy of Zita West's TCOYF for reading on the plane (ha, can you imagine the looks he'd get gringrin) and lots of Man Vitamins.

picknmix - woweeee, even the sound of Chocolate Jezebel Puddings makes me go weak at the knees! Do you make them?! Crying when watching HTLGN is definitely a sign of a bean in the oven. I love that programme! Maybe we could go on?! I can see the journalistic angle now....."All our ladies on tonight's show met on the two Week Wait Thread on Mumsnet! After having 25 babies between them they are shy about their bodies". hell, I;d settle for additional celulite and an even falbbier stomach in return for a baby <gryffin goes all misty eyed at the thought of a baby grin>

hello to hatty - how are things with you m'dear?

madoldbird - I am here <gryffin waves>. How lobely to be missed grin. Just had far too much on to post here.

ei - have you had an more psychic dreams which reveal my baby making potential?! grin

jolly - I have such a good feeling for you this month and congratulations on the tempretures being consistently high!

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 17:21:46

hi gg hope that you are well
i was getting teary @ homeandaway as someone died

GryffinGirl Wed 09-Apr-08 17:39:34

tinkerbell - I forgot to say hello to you earlier blush. Home And Away shockshock I don't think I have seen that in years! I didn't know it was still on the telly <gryffingirl = totally out of touch with popular culture grin>

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 17:42:30

i will let you off just this once lol
i am obssessed with tv especially sopas i watch daily - honeandaway,neighbours,eastenders,doctors.
also love holby city casualty and reality things

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Wed 09-Apr-08 17:45:32

my interesting chart what do people thinkwww.fertilityfriend.com/home/1f3edd

chilledmama Wed 09-Apr-08 19:50:51

nice new thread.

Feel like I need to join the gang and do a chart so have registered with FF. Just need to wait and see what it tells me.

Mibbes - the more people I speak to, the more people I find out had bleeding and still have beautiful children. I had 3 bleeds before 7 weeks with DS, my friend lost count of the number of bleeds she had when she was pg with DD2 and a woman I work with had such a heavy bleed at 12 weeks that she was convinced she'd had a miscarriage. Went for scan following day to make sure everything was gone and there he was...swimming away quite happily! Its very unsettling but hopefully by the sound of your posts your feeling good and positivewink

PicknMix Wed 09-Apr-08 20:09:07

Rubbish rubbish rubbish - af arrived this morning sad

Just to top things off, its a really painful one this time as well - just to really rub it in!!

GG The choc jezabel is made entirely by my own fair hands and is, if I may so myself, absolutely divine!! I laughed out loud at the thought of us all on HTLGN - I would love to go on there! Sadly the Gok tears were a result of af hormones, not beany ones though....bum (for want a better word!).

Tinks good to see you back!!

How did Buckyboys trip to the Drs go Bucky? Have my fingers crossed for the results.

Ei where on earth has your af got to?! Yoour high temps are sounding so good - am feeling very positive to you smile

JB hurrah for the high temps grin!!

How are you doing today MOB and Hatty???

Hope you're feeling ok today Mibbes

I'm off to drown my sorrows - felt awful this morning, so depressed and 'why me' but have pulled myself together and given myself a stern talking to.... Its kinda working! (just to add to the 'oh woe is me' - I was so hoping it would be bfp this month as is DH's 30th on Sunday and wanted to surprise him, instead he now has to put up with a hormonal wife, bless him!)

Anyway..... Apologies, rant over now!

chilledmama Wed 09-Apr-08 20:28:10

Oh PnM, I'm sorry about your rude visitor! Fingers crossed for next month and lts of BDing wink

mibbes Wed 09-Apr-08 20:32:48

GG I'm glad someone can understand me wink. Good on you being 'in it to win it' you are quite right to give it a shot,as it has been said before it only takes 1...
PnM so sorry the witch got you and esp sad given that you'd pinned hopes on a double celebration. You'll just have to take advantage of non-PG status and get legless wink. I really don't like to complain but <<whispers>>> I miss wine already shock Have one (or5) for me wink
chilled thankyou so much for the reassuring post. Every time I hear someone else say similar it helps me relax that wee bit more. Also 2 of my (many blush) PG books say it is common in first 12 weeks to bleed (as many as 1 in 3 have it). Will be on knicker-watch until Dec but at least it will take my mind off having a glass of wine... Thanks for asking after me ladies xx

PicknMix Wed 09-Apr-08 20:40:23

Thanks Mibbes and CMama (sorry to have missed you out CMama blush, am far too self-involved this evening blush). I'll only partake in the one glass Mibbes as I'm a complete light weight and one is all is takes - DH will prob find me slumped infront of the tv in a choc/wine induced fug later tonight grin

chilledmama Wed 09-Apr-08 20:56:21

don't worry, everyone is entitled to feel self-involved when AF comes uninvited!!

PnM oh poo!!! sorry AF got you hunny sad what a bitch!! i had high hopes for you aswell (methinks my psychic abilities are clouded by my lack of AF recently- im very preoccupied by it at the mo!!) or maybe they were a bit premature and they will build over the next few weeks into a BFP prediction followed by a RL BFP for yougrin
GG nice to see yousmile sorry you are having bother at worksad i have had absolutely no dreams whatsoever recently but i have a little list in my mind and i ticked 2 out of 3 off in the past 3 weeks (they ended sadlysad but still started iyswimhmm) i am not in the habit of immediately revealing my predictions as i dont want to get peoples hopes up etcwinkwink i have 2 names at the mo that keep popping into my head so who knowsgrin
hope everyone else is oksmile
xx ei xx

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Thu 10-Apr-08 08:57:18


do you ladies think that i ovulated day 17

Bucky2008 Thu 10-Apr-08 11:51:43

sad PicknMix I thought one of us would have success this month, stupid old stinking witch. She should just get over herself and realise she is not invited to the party angry.

My bleedin thermometer has NOT arrived yet!!! First class post my arse. I am really grumpy today. I can't sleep and was super stressed over nothing yesterday, today is a bit better but still...

AF has left here...pretty quick for me hmm, but it was heavy so no chance of a bean hiding in the 'wings'!

Ei What does your chart look like now, are your temps still high.

Tink I would say you ov. sometime between CD17 and CD18

GG They wanted us after our pitch, but we are discussing fees. Sorry they are working you so hard.

<Bucky waves to everyone and goes out to buy more nuts and seeds...hmm> Bring on the cake.

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Thu 10-Apr-08 12:11:42

sorry bucky that you are feeling mean hun!!
thanks for info
go and sit down with the tv on and some chocolate

hi ladiessmile
well still nowt here from me!!hmm temp still high, no AF and (possible) BFNwink i have had bad pains down my left side today so im deffo goin to make the doc sit up and listen tomorrow morning!!! i will scream if its another locum who wants a wee sample to send off!! (what is it about my wee thats so interesting to locum doctorshmm) anywho i will let you know how i get on either way!!smile
bucky sorry you have not had your thermometer yet but if they dispatched it yesterday it may not get to you til tomorrow depending on what time it was postedhmm bloody postal service is poo!! mine was first class and i ordered it the day AF came last cycle and it didnt arrive til CD6hmm
<<<ei hands bucky some thorntons continental for emotional soothing purposesgrin>>>
hope everyone else is oksmile
xx ei xx

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Thu 10-Apr-08 17:18:39

hi ei you go girl and get answers and say no to the wee lol good luck

Heron23 Fri 11-Apr-08 08:59:19

hi all, been lurking on this thread. Now i am officially on the 2WW!

i tried to temp chart but i just keep forgetting to do it first thing in the morning

so i depended on fertility monitor and CM.

AF is due in 14 days

hi ladiessmile
i posted this on emmsys thread too but cant be arsed writin it again so i have copied and pasted so apologies for anyone wh has read it alreadysmile
ok update! i went to the docs and told him about everythin that is going on and about my magic 'optical illusion' test from yesterday. i also started spotting red blood overnight aswell and told him this and he has said he thinks it is an early MC/CP!sad it makes sense i suppose but he wants to send a wee sample off and when we get the result i will then go for a blood sample if that is neg if its BFP then i will be referred to EPU for an early scan due to my MC a few years ago! he was very helpful and i feel a bit sad now and funny thing is my temp is still high so i am thinking CPsad ah well i wont have any more concrete answers til next week nowhmm but im assuming i will be on cycle 6 by next week so hey ho off to cycle 6 i go!!sad
hi to everyone elsesmile
welcome heron smile good luck!grin
xx ei xx

JollyBear Fri 11-Apr-08 11:21:50

Morning all,

ei Glad the Dr was helpful. If the bleeding doesn't get any worse then it might be a viable pregnancy and just be implantation spotting. Hope you get good news <<<hugs>>>

P&M Sorry to hear AF got you sad. I was really shock at what that mother said to her child in your shop. Honestly, why should people like that even have children angry

GG I think you are doing the right thing making sure you bd at the right times. You DO have to be in it to win it and just one fast swimmer is all your need. Sorry work has been difficult.

bucky Glad to hear your DP has done his sample. I feel bad for recommending babymad and it took so long for your thermometer to arrive blush.

tinker It is really hard to tell if you have ov from your chart as they are erratic. You don't sleep with your mouth open do you because that can affect the temp? Hopefully after a few more temps it will become clearer.

Hello heron good luck!

I went for a job interview yesterday afternoon and have yet to hear hmm. I think that means bad news. Sucessful candidates are contacted the same or next day usually are they not? Oh well. Still nice high temps so can't complain smile

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Fri 11-Apr-08 15:38:36

cheers jollyb no dont sleep with mouth open as far as i know do sleep talk though sometimes lol

JollyBear Fri 11-Apr-08 16:40:17

Mmmm, well I'm not sure then! They are very rocky temps which may be because you are not long off the pill, is that right? (sorry if I'm getting you mixed up with someone else). It might be that your hormones are still a bit mixed up and you are having a longer than usual cycle and haven't ov yet. I'd keep bd'ing if you have both recovered from your bug! Even with rocky temps there is usually an obvious shift between pre and post ov temps. Sometimes charts can be difficult to read until you have a few more temps in though, so everything might be clear in a few days.

Have a good weekend all smile

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Fri 11-Apr-08 16:47:21

thanks jb i came off pill jan23rd and last cycle 55 days have a good wknd 2

Disenchanted Fri 11-Apr-08 16:48:34

can you look at this please?

does it look +?

It was after the time limit but its pink,

i thought evaps are colourless!

hattyyellow Fri 11-Apr-08 17:07:14

Phew, found you!

ei So sorry to hear your news, how sad if it is an early miscarriage hope you're okay ((((ei))))

gg You never know it could be your month!

bucky Hope the thermometer arrives when you get home and you can get temping

p&m I would be mad at that mum too..really really sorry to hear AF arrived

jb any news from the job interview? I've found it a good sign when there's no news as they may well be furiously discussing a tie between great candidates, obviously including you.

No news from me - we've had a grim week workwise with one of my clients having to let me go due to internal nightmares and DH being very quiet at work too - two self-employed people in one household is grim!

So deep down kind of hoping that this won't be my month, (whilst still hoping at the same time). Have managed not to think about it so much that I just realised I've forgotten to ring for my blood test results today! .

On day 28 and am very grateful that at least I am not getting my usual nightmare PMT that I've had the last few months, think that's because we've been so manic instead of because I'm pregnant. Think DH would cry if I got a BFP this month! Hopefully AF will arrive quietly and painlessly this month for once at the weekend!

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Fri 11-Apr-08 18:46:22

hi hatty sorry to hear that work as been a nightmare

Bucky2008 Sat 12-Apr-08 08:34:49

Where is everyone? Its been quite quiet around here hmm.

Ei sorry about the spotting/CP possibilities, I hope you get some answers soon to put your mind at rest.

Hi Hatty long time no see! Missed you.

smile My thermometer arrived on Thursday...hurrah. Don't feel bad JB silly billy, it wasn't even that long...I was just overexcited about it. Anyway, I have begun my chart.

One thing though, is it just mine or does the thermometer take AGES before it beeps! shock Mine takes about 3 mins which is a long time when you are waiting!

tinkerbellbringingsexyback Sat 12-Apr-08 08:39:58

hi bucky i was thinking the same thing
heres hoping your chart goes well.
my thermometer takes that long too!! it does seem like forever doesnt it
www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1f3edd here is my chart

can i see yours

Bucky2008 Sat 12-Apr-08 08:43:01

Morning tink ,I only got my thermometer yesterday so there are only two dots on it! I will post a link when its more exciting though wink

Madoldbird Sat 12-Apr-08 14:26:46

Hello everyone

Sorry for not being on for a couple of days. Stupid broadband playing up.

PnM sorry for AF arrival. sad

Mibbes hope all is ok after you had some bleeding.

EI pleased to hear that you have been to the GP but sorry to hear that it may be an early m/c. Hoping for better news for you next week.

Bucky glad you have your thermometer now. I have done two mornings now - need to go onto FF and work out what to do! Mine seems to take ages as well, particularly annoying as i am taking it when i am desperate for my morning wee! Exciting though, and i feel i am doing something positive. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!! grin better wait till we have some more dots first. Is it next week you get DP's results? I have lost track a bit of who's getting what results when.

GG Sorry to hear you have had a difficult time at work. Hope things have settled down. Has DH said how he's getting on with TCOYF??!

tink nice to see you back. It looks as though you may have ov'd on CD17, but as your last cycle was fairly long, it's difficult to tell. Keep BDing.

hattyyellow sorry to hear you are having work problems as well. Don't forget to get your resluts on Monday!!

JB yes, i agree, no news is good news about the job. Do let us know if you hear anything!

Sorry to anyone i have forgotten - i have only had a quick read before posting. Have a good weekend everyone smile

hey guys just poping in to see if i can join you? i post on the TTC thread and everyone seems to pop in here too.... im CD 20ish at the moment so can i please hang out here for a few more days....im keeping my fingers crossed this is my month going to try and wait till after CD32 because AF has usually showed up by then i hope i can hold out smile

PicknMix Sun 13-Apr-08 19:52:12

Hello everyone,

I wrote a nice long message this morning and then my internet went down and the message was lost - grr...

I have also had a bit of a manic few days - had a melt down on Friday where I think all this ttc lark really got to me. Am exhausted today as have tried so hard to be upbeat as its DH's b'day. Bunny also poorly so stressed about that too (gosh, I sound really grumpy - sorry!)

Ei I'm so sorry to hear your news. I really hope you can get some answers next week, <<hugs>> until then.

Yay for the new thermometer Bucky!! Hope it gives you a feeling of empowerment (it did with me when I first started temping).

Fingers crossed you hear something tomorrow about the job JB*

sorry to hear about job probs - I will try and post a reminder for checking your results tomorrow morning for you grin!

Same to you as well GG re the job probs - hope you've had a lovely to weekend to compensate?

How you getting on Mibbes???

Hi and welcome to Heron and Josie and a hello to Tink as well!


tinkerbellbringingsexyback Sun 13-Apr-08 19:53:54

hi pnm
sorry that you have been having a hard time

hattyyellow Mon 14-Apr-08 09:33:46

Tick tock tick tock, day 31 no AF - due tomorrow. Have had cramps in the night the last few nights so it's probably gearing up to arrive in the next 24 hours.

But I'm wondering if the acupuncture has helped with the PMT as I've had no PMT at all which has been bliss

I'm sooooooo not concentrating on work and it's only 9.30! Trying to get through to doctors for blood test results as well but it's the normal Monday morning rush for appointments so I don't think I'll get through for a while.

Hope everyone had a good weekend - tempers how are your charts going? Feel I should do mine just to join in! My DH always complains about the beeping when the thermometer has finished as it wakes him up!

GryffinGirl Mon 14-Apr-08 10:00:34

good morning everyone - just a quic post as I am up to my neck in far too much work. I thought the credit crunch was supposed to put pay to all this hmm?

Hope you all had lovely weekends smile. We watched the London Marathon on the route because DH's sister was running. She is a pretty good runner and went round in something brilliant like 3 hrs 45 shock. In fact, she was so speedy that we missed her at the first place we tried to watch, so had to dash off to another part of the route! It also p*ssed it down, so we got soaked to the skin, but it was a great atmosphere. Now I keep thinking that I should really get fit (me, totally unfit Gryffin!) and run next year shockgrin. I'm sure I'll get over this feeling by about lunchtime grin

I am on CD15 today and we managed quite a bit of BDing over the weekend, so at least we've given it a go - it's 14 days until our fertility specialist appointment and I am couting the days. I think we may have hit the right time with BD-ing, but who knows whether that is enough for DH's geriatric swimmers and their zimmers grin. DH is trying to get me to plan holidays, btu I don't want to arrange anything until we have a clear, mapped out, timetable for any treatment going forward. I am not going to miss out because we have holidays booked (which can be fitted in around appointments). DH isn't very chuffed at being told he has to wait, but what is the point in booking anything when we are both flexible about timeshmm?! He says he wants something to look forward to, which would be fine, but he can wait a fortnight and I wish he would look forward to our appointment as much as he looks forward to a week in Cape Cod, which is his current plan! Grrrr angry

hatty - fingers crossed that AF doesn't arrive for you and sorry to hear about the work stresses.
picknmix - it seems everyone is stressed at the moment with work. Hope you are ok today. Any exciting news with you?

Jolly - have you heard back about the job interview yet. Fingers crossed!

Bucky - how do your tempratures look?

hello to everyone else. There must be a BFP or two out there this month smile

Must dash and do some work, so I'll "speak" soon. Broadband is playing up at home (do we all have a MN virus hmmgrin?) so can only post at work, which is not very convenient.

hattyyellow Mon 14-Apr-08 10:58:19

GG I'll sponsor you if you do the Marathon!!

P&M hope you're feeling a bit more cheerful today

Just phoned for my blood results, everything fine (yay no pcos!) but my TSH levels are a bit high...now sitting on my hands to not google madly but that seems to be mean underactive thyroid (great, new thing to obsess over!)

GryffinGirl Mon 14-Apr-08 11:51:45

hatty - that's great news about the blood test results and no PCOS grin. Hopefully it is not thyroid trouble either, but my best friend has had issues with her thyroid since she was about 15 and she conceived her DD in 2 months, so I am sure it is something easily controlled if there is something spotted.

hattyyellow Mon 14-Apr-08 12:28:12

Cheers GG, looking at the list of symptoms for underactive thyroid I am a bit concerned that it may be a problem..

I am very tired, cold, dry skinned etc most of the time (but then isn't everyone in winter?!)

Once my new cycle begins I will need to book in a day 3 blood test with my doctor, so will grill her on the whole thing then!

Oh god, please make me do some work! A new medical thing to google and being at the end of my cycle really aren't helping my concentration! Do you think I could get MN to block my computer? wink

Heron23 Mon 14-Apr-08 18:00:28

hi Ei, sorry to hear that

Ei and Jolly, thanks for your welcome. i have somehow manage not to be obsessive about HPTs! LOL! it is dy19, so another 9 days to go...

will keep checking this thread to see how you are all doing. good luck to all

hi ladiessmile
GG great that you got some well timed BDing ingrin hopefully your DHs geriartics have invested in some motor scooters to get to the egggrin and you may not even need your appointmentgrin
hatty great news about your blood tests and FWIW an underactive thyroid is only a problem when it is uncontrolledsmile so hopefully your doc will give you some meds and you will have no probs whatsoevergrin
JJB nice to see you over heregrin
hi to everyone elsegrin <<<<<ei waves>>>>>>
xx ei xx

GryffinGirl Tue 15-Apr-08 11:11:51

hello everyone

sorry not to say hello to heron yesterday. Good luck for this month.

ei - he, he, you make me laugh. Motor scooters is exactly what DH's swimmers need. I did read something quite encouraging last night while doing my "research" on poorly sperm grin. The statistics for TTC with a low sperm count were definitely better than I thought. An Austrialian study reckoned on a 4% chance of conception each month with DH's count, which is not terrific odds, but with enough months of trying at the right times, it is not utterly hopeless either.

madoldbird - where are you? smile. Did I read further down that your DP is considering going for tests too? Let us know all your news. Not long until the London meet up.

It's only 13 days until our appointment, but having done further reasearch into St Mary's Paddington. They do patient assessments at their fertility clinic, but they don't actually do ICSI/IVF there, should it be needed, which may mean another referral to a different hospital and more waiting sad. Anyway, mustn't dwell on that now. CD16 today for me and DH is finally off to Germany until next week, so we got the BD-ing in at the right time and he can now relax gringrin. last night I found a photo of DH when he was five (Year 1 school photo) and he is soooo cute in it smile. i went all gooey and sentimental and thought "I want a little one just like him" smile.

Big hello to jolly - what's happening with you?

Bucky - when are your DP's results due back. Any news?

hatty and picknmix - hello to you two grin. Hope work isn't as bad today. It has calmed down a bit here, but I still have too much to do. But I have made time to post here because there is no broadband at home (well, there is, but it's not exactly ours - we have been net surfing on the man downstair's unsecured WIFI because ours is knackered blushblush)

Hi to anyone missed.

Bucky2008 Tue 15-Apr-08 12:04:21

Hello Everyone grin

<Bucky waves to GG> CD9 here...temping is quite interesting, I have five dots already! FF seems a little confused though as it is telling me I ov but I think that is because there are not enough dots hmm.

GG nice to see you back, I missed you smile.

Hatty glad the tests look good, try not to Google too much. I thought I had brain damage after I smacked my head on the door frame the other day (I obviously immediately googled to see what damage I had done) blush.

MOB you must have five dots too!! grin. How is your chart doing? Mine looks like a big zig zag....all over the place. Quite an interesting scientific study though...I think Gin makes your temp go up.

PnM how is bunny? Better I hope. Molly arrives (at last) on Thursday...hurrah. She is going to be a bit of a handful though. Hope she doesn't chew my furniture! Do you feel happier today?

Jollybear wheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrre aaaaaaaare you?

Ei did AF turn up or are you still in limbo sad. I just wondered if you got some resolution re the CP or if you have had some good news?

Hi to JJB and a big wave to everyone else.

Gotta go and eat a big lunch now...

supersteph Tue 15-Apr-08 14:02:33

Hello all, I am normaly posting on clomid site.
I am on round 2 of 100mg of clomid, plus metformin 1500mg.
I am on cd 28 today and yesterday I got a possitive ovulation test. Cant believe it as I have never had one before. Today it still reads possitive but I have had a lot of left side pain this am, so I think that was ovulation. smile

My temps dropped this am to 36.21 cel. They have been between 36.3 to 36.5 all this cycle.
So should I expect them to go higher from tomorrow?
I think I am now in the 2ww with u gyes. smile smile smile

Any info would be great.xx

mibbes Tue 15-Apr-08 18:41:34

supersteph if you ov today you should see a rise tomorrow. Some women do get a dip the day before the rise which may be what has happened with today's lower temp smile
GG lovely to hear from you, not long now until appt and who knows maybe you'll be one of those couples that start getting fertility help and hey presto BFP wink Like you said the chances are not hopeless and well timed BD'ing will give you a fighting chance. Everything crossed for you xx
Bucky teehee am glad you are enjoying charting and yes Gin does raise temp so we can tell when you've been boozing (when we see your chart!). Are you opking or relying on CM for ov prediction ? Look forward to seeing your temps in a few days when it gets to the exciting bit!
Ei how are you today missus ? Hope you are feeling ok after AF messed you about.
hatty well did she show or are you planning to pee on a stick soon...? wink

hey guys thanx for all your welcomes i feel quite at home now... god im never any good at this waiting lark im determined not to test untill day 32 i dont know why spesifically (sp?) day 32 as my cycle is never regular but im really itching to buy a test now, still not long to wait, i think ill be less disapointed if i dont test? and just wait and see hmm
ei i posted on TTC page how sorry i am but i will send you some more hugs here (((hugs))).

supersteph Tue 15-Apr-08 21:54:49

Thanks mibbes I will inform you of my temp tomorrow. X smile

abbymeg Tue 15-Apr-08 21:56:35

Hello strangers [big waves to everybody]

Well, I'm back.

Things have changed somewhat in the ttc stakes. I had to put it off because I was waiting to have an operation, which I finally had last week.

In the meantime I had an ultrasound for weird periods and a gyne consultation. I have a polycystic ovary (just one, not PCOS), and they think I have endometriosis, but they won't do a laposcopy (sp??) until I struggle to fall pg. The best cure for the condition is to fall pg. Ah, the irony. So, given that time probably isn't on my side at all, we've decided to get on with it!

Bring it on.

I've missed you all


Bucky2008 Tue 15-Apr-08 22:19:34

[grin} Yay for abbeymegs return gringrin...Yes, I am still bloody here! Glad you have brought your ankles back for me to hold on to wink.

Mibbes I meant to buy some OPKs but haven't got round to it yet. Maybe tomorrow. I never have any CM to speak of so can't rely on that. I think we will just BD every other day from now until CD23ish...

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 08:26:11

Abbeymeg!! (were you around when I changed my name from cbcb, it's all go here!). Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time, hope that some way around the medical probs can be found or that a BFP suddenly appears..how are things with your little girl? Don't worry if you'd rather not go into it all. Lovely to hear from you!

Mibbes I have no HPT's in the house. And I am now officially a day over my longest cycle (longest ever tends to 32 days, I'm now 33 and counting).

Who was it that said they'd rather not test because then they could fool themselves that they'd never got their hopes up? Well, I concur with that..Josie I think you're thinking along the same lines!

Although I booked my next acupuncture appointment today presuming AF would have turned up by now, as she said it was better to treat when she knew I definitely wasn't pregnant so she could be a bit tougher in trying to knock my cycle back into shape..I can't get to the chemist before the appt so it's going to be a bit of a strange one unless my period does suddenly arrive, in which case I will so not feel like being jabbed with needles when I'm feeling rubbish! Isn't your pain threshold lower during your period? <whimper>

Bucky Not Google too much? That's so true but so hard!

GG glad you got some time this month before DH went away - hope the time to the appointment flies by..

<joins the search party for Jollybear>

JollyBear Wed 16-Apr-08 08:42:48

Morning all!

Sorry for going missing I had a few days away and completely forgot to tell you all! Sorry! Thanks for asking after me though smile.

Abbymeg Welcome back! grin I'm really pleased that you got the gyne stuff sorted and are back to symptom spot once more.

Hatty How have you not tested?! You must have nerves of steel grin. How long are you planning on being late before testing? Fingers crossed for you.

GG Those odds don't sound bad at all! Did you pack DH off to Germany with TCOYF in the end?!

bucky FF can get confused! Once you have more temps it should remove those and recalculate it. How are you finding temping?

ei What is happening with you? Did they do blood tests in the end?

P&M Sorry to hear you've been feeling down and your bunny is ill sad. How is he/she now? <<<hugs>>>>

My temps have gone odd which may be down to having disturbed sleep whilst being away. I've also caught a cold so that might have made it high today hmm. I'm 12DPO so AF is due on Saturday. Oh and I haven't heard anything about the job so I am taking that as a rejection!!

luvingtinkerbell Wed 16-Apr-08 08:59:54

morning jb
i am due sat 2 if 28 day cycle last was 55 days
would luv any nosing @ chart
thought i ovulated cd17 because of big temp drop
temp up for me again today
and bd last nite

GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 09:22:54

<gryffin screams> ABBEYMEG!!!! You are returned to us!!! (or whatever they say in Jane Austen type-novels)gringrin. I am still here too (will never leave the 2WW grin). I hope you are ok after the operation. I am sorry to hear about the ovarian cysts and the possibility of endometriosis, but as the doctors say, getting up the duff will be the perfect cure for that! Welcome back!

Jolly - you are returned to us too grin. We missed you and your cheery good humour. Sadly, I didn't pack DH off with a copy of TYOYF in the end. He is in a bad mood with me because I won't go to on holiday to the USA in August (maybe I should be posting this on the "Am I Being Unreasonable?" threads hmm). He wants me to stay in a house with some of his clients and make small talk, like some sort of Desperate Housewives On Sea. Not my idea of a relaxing holiday! They even have a cake baking rota for when they guys come back from fishing shock! No ta! We might be in the middle of IVF or anything!

hatty - I am excited for you. Have you tested yet? Please let it be a BFP for you this month!

big hello to SuperSteph and josiejellybean and welcome to the 2WW. I am just into the 2WW now - CD17 for me so the countdown begins. It is great news about your CD28 ovulation!

Bucky - what CD are you on now? I have my fingers crossed for Mr Bucky's test results too.

Have a lovely day everyone. Is it sunny with you guys? It is gorgeous morning outside my office.

abbey - are you in London or the S/E? There is a 2WW meet up with six of us that Bucky has organised for 27th (I think grin) of April. Come along! smile

Oh and does extreme tiredness count as a symptom even at CD17 grin. I am exhausted today - completely shattered - and I haven't actually done anything hmm

Bucky2008 Wed 16-Apr-08 09:43:48

Symptoms symptoms...GG of course extreme tiredness is a symptom. However it is also a symptom of overwork (not meaning to rain on the parade of course). hmm. I am quite impressed by the 4% chance. That's more of a chance than I have getting DP to ring up for his results...Men, they suck sometimes. Why can't he just ring up the doctor?????

The sun is making me NOT want to work at all today. I have a course on delegation starting at ten for the day. Thank goodness.

JB glad to see you back again.
Hatty a day late shock how exciting grin test test!!!

Well my temps are plain old weird. I was 36.02 this morning, yesterday I was 36.40. I think the gin and lack of sleep caused the high temp, but it is quite interesting how, when you don't feel much different, there is a massive shift in temp! As before FF says I am a weirdo and should change where I stick the thermometer blush. Somehow I don't think their suggestion would be very hygenic.

abbymeg Wed 16-Apr-08 10:03:37

Bucky - ankles are here for you to dangle from as you need to. I'm CD27 today, so I'm hanging on to you smile! There is a slight (drunken bding - such a good idea at the time blush) possibility that I could be pg. I'm actually hoping not, as I dread to think what the hideous mixture of serious drugs they've had me on in the last week would have done to it.

Hatty - I didn't know you'd changed identity! I take it, from other posts, things are looking really good. Fingers crossed for you! DD was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome - a form of autism. This wasn't a great surprise. It means she has trouble socialising and dealing with emotions. She is also very clever when she chooses to be. She will stay quite vulnerable as asperger's seem to struggle with common-sense situations, and her fine motor skills aren't great. But she's always been like this, and it's who she is. I wouldn't change her. As long as we keep her happy and positive, I hope that she'll overcome the attitudes of other kids. She'll also be coming to the secondary school where I teach, which makes it easier for me to keep an eye on how she's getting on. Other kids tend to bully her because she's different.

GG I love that you screamed! It's made me feel all pleased with myself!! I was worried everyone would have forgotten me! grin I still think it;s funny that getting pg is the best solution for a disease that is responsible for a lot of infertility. Suspect I could be here for a LONG time. Dr said give it 6 months to a year, then she would test me for it if I haven't fallen pg. Decided not to wait any longer because the condition - if I do have it - gets progressively worse. Stupid reproductive system! I live in Leeds and am currently poor, but if you keep me posted for when you meet up, I'll try to come at some point as it would be really lovely to meet you all properly smile.

waves big hello to Jollybear.

So, my current plan of action is to try for a couple of months unaided (and try to lose some weight as I'm a chubby abbymeg at the moment.) Then, if nothing has happened, I'm hoping that you can all educate me in the ways of OV sticks and charting.

Throwing clouds of babydust at everbody. Have a lovely day.

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 11:37:41

Abbeymeg so sorry to hear your DD is being bullied - children can be so vicious . I imagine it must be useful to at least have the diagnosis in place and be able to move forward from there..

GG your holiday does sound bizarre! Could you lead a revolution if forced to go and get all the girls out doing fun stuff, rather than sat at home baking? I do have visions of you all sitting with immaculate make up on watching the clock tick, all dressed in varying pastel tones of court shoes, sensible skirts and cardigans!

Jollybear I don't want to test - it sounds so defeatist but adter so many let downs of negative tests when I was so convinced I was pregnant - I just can't bear it again!

Having said that, have just asked DH to pick up a test for me in town. Am working from home today and should really do the test before my accupuncunture appointment at lunchtime, just to help guide my treatment. <swallows nervously at thought of having to test>.

Am on permanent knicker watch, am far more convinced it's just my crap cycles than pregnancy - feels like AF about to start any minute..

GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 11:41:38

oh Abbey - you have had a tough time. I am so sorry to hear about your DD being bullied. Now you have a diagnosis of Aspergers, so now you know how you can help her for the best. My Mum is a teacher specialising in teaching children within the autistic spectrum and I see how much she enjoys her work and how she helps. It will be great having your DD at the same school as you.

Shame you are so far away, but I think Jolly was suggesting a North West meet up at one stage hmm.

Bucky - have checked with my sis and she advises that the most accurate way to take temps is indeed the "French" way gringrin

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 11:43:09

And the worst thing is that DH and I had a huuuuuge argument last night, didn't make up like we normally do before bedtime and I haven't seen him this morning because I started work early and he's out with the girls.

He tends to take aaaaaages to come out of his cave when we do fight, we don't fight that much but last time we did he was still completely tightlipped and underwhelmed on the phone when I'd just landed a big new contract .

Men! So not particulary feeling like doing something as sensitive as pregnancy testing when he's standing there looking like thunder..

Sorry just needed to rant into cyberspace! At least my 2ww buddies will be supporting me

GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 11:44:29

hatty - everything crossed for your test. You should do it before accupuncture. Sending you lots of baby vibes smile <gryffin concentrates very hard on sending BFP-type positive thoughts northwards to hatty>

GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 11:46:23

sorry, crossed posts.

Oh you poor thing hatty - your DH sound s alot like mine in his cave dwelling antics. men! grin. I hope you are ok and rant away to all of us in cyber space.

My still DH isn't talking to me either this morning (and he's b*ggered off to Amsterdam) if it is any consolation.

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 11:48:26

Oh GG I'm sorry to hear that you're rowing too, sending you huge hugs too and thanks hugely for the baby vibes!

My DH is now being crap about going to do his sperm analysis at the hospital as well!

Maybe we are all secretly with the same man?! hmm

JollyBear Wed 16-Apr-08 12:12:16

abby It will be great to be able to keep an eye on your DD at big school. Having a diagnosis should mean you can get any help she needs too. Fingers crossed your AF stays away. I'm near Manchester and ei is in Liverpool so we could do a North meet at some point. hatty is also oooop north somewhere too.

hatty I understand the trepidation completely. I hate the nervous fluttery tummy I get beforehand <<<hugs>>> LOL at your being married to GG's DH, I think GG suggested my DH and her DH were one and the same recently. He sure gets around!

bucky But the beeps will be muffled... sorry difficult to hear!! grin

PicknMix Wed 16-Apr-08 12:45:12

Afternoon all,

Abbymeg!!!! So good to 'see' you grin was only thinking about you the other day and then here you are! Sorry to hear its been a rough ride recently - as others have said, it sounds positive that you have had a diagnosis for your DD - I think that can be half the battle sometimes. My DH works with people with Aspergers and I've never met someone who can work a 48 hour shift who still comes home smiling because he loves his job and the people he works for so much. Fingers crossed for you that af keeps away.

Bucky - when I first started temping my temps were all over the place as well. Apparently it makes a huge difference if you sleep with your mouth open (i.e. snore!)...Maybe the gin induced a bit of slack mouth syndrome winkgrin. Bet you're v v v v excited about Mollys arrival - you'll have to post a pic of her when she gets to you! Have you explained the situation to Fynn so he's well prepared wink?!

Hatty sorry to hear about your argument with DH - hopefully his mood will have come round a bit after spending some time in the sunshine. Have you tested yet (can fully understand the trepidation)?

JB sad that you haven't heard about the job (wish people would, just out of politeness, get in contact one way or another - makes the waiting so much easier!). How are you feeling today? Is your cold pretty bad?

GG how long is DH away for this time? Must be hard with him going away so often. As others have said, you've got to be in it to win it (grin) so well done on the well timed bding. YOur Desperate Housewives scenario sounds vile - am pleased my DH isn't a high flyer so I'm not expected to partake in such cake baking activities grin! Am liking Hattys idea about leading a revolution into the 21st C and making the men stay at home whilst you go off etc...!

I'm still in my pit of feeling sorry for myself (hence why I haven't posted for a few days) - Harry Bunny is getting better (thank you for asking) which is good but have spent last few days syringe feeding him. Yes, sadly he is my surrogate kid grin so was a little panicky for a while!

Has been nice to catch up on here tho - makes me see that my situation is not that bad and I should just pull my [metaphorical - its too sunny for them] socks up and get on with things.

Phew....apologies for a long post!

GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 13:18:47

Bucky - the 4% statistic on getting pregnant, I got from this link, which is the best one for information that I have seen.

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 13:36:23

Ummm..err well I just tested. And it's postitive!

Am wandering around in state of shock - I so oooexpected it to be negative! My jaw is literally on the floor.

Oh my God!

DH has managed to come out of his cave doublequick.

I don't believe it!

JollyBear Wed 16-Apr-08 13:40:19

Oh wow!!!! grin grin grin

Congratulations Mr and Mrs hattyyellow!!!!!!

That is such good news!!!!

PicknMix Wed 16-Apr-08 13:48:35


So so pleased for you xx

PicknMix Wed 16-Apr-08 13:49:28

That quite possibly should've been gringringrin


GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 13:57:43

<gryffin screams for the second time today>

I bleedin' well KNEW it would be BFP for you hatty!!! That is brilliant news. I can't stop grinning!!!

i think I am becoming a psychic as ei grin


GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 13:59:43

<plaintive wail>

but, but, but hatty you will still come back and visit us in the 2WW thread, won't you! Pretty please grin.

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 14:00:50

Still don't quite believe it - nearly got run over at lunchtime as I went out for a walk with a massive dazed head and didn't see a huge tractor coming my way!

Mystic Gryff - I like it! Thanks girls for all your congrats - I would give so much for you all to join me.

DH being just like he was last time around, cautiously pleased but not getting his hopes up until it's a bit further along. Spent the entire last trimester last time chewing my nails and wishing the days away until I saw the scan was okay so we make a great pair!

Can't quite start to think about whether it could be twins again!

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 14:02:08

Oh yes, I'm not ready by a long way for the December thread yet!

I will hang around chewing my nails in a corner here and wishing you all on furiosuly.

I reckon Abbeymeg is a fertility symbol and we will all get pg now she's come back to us . All hail Abbey, All hail Abbey!

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 14:04:18

Not making sense - spent the entire first trimester worrying last time is what I meant to say. Oh God, I have to do some work - how?!

Disenchanted Wed 16-Apr-08 14:05:27


I just got my BFP on a clearblue digital & first response!

Im 8 days late and yeaterdays test was neg!

GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 14:09:01

hatty - PMSL thinking of abbeymeg as a druid fertility symbol <hail abbey, hail abbey> gringrin

Honestly, I couldn't be more bouncy and happy today if i got a BFP grin. Be thankful you ladies only know me in cyberspace - meeting me today would be like bumping into Tigger on LSD

GryffinGirl Wed 16-Apr-08 14:10:12

Hooray for disenchanted - what are you changing your name to, because you can't be DISenchanted now you have a BFP gringrin

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 14:12:24

Oh Wow, congratulations disenchanted!

Have you figured out your EDD? Mine is Christmas Eve!

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 14:15:12

GG you sound just like me!

Am definitely losing it, my main client's PA just phoned up to confirm a meeting and I giggled and babbled like a lunatic at her for a solid 10 minutes wink

Madoldbird Wed 16-Apr-08 14:19:51

Hi everyone!

Sorry to have been "missing" for a few days - combination of stupid broadband (yes still) not feeling well, and work.

Have tried to catch up with all the news!

hattyyellow gald to hear your tests are mainly ok, hopefully the TSH level is alright, and if not, it can be sorted. Have got my fingers very firmly crossed for you!! Sorry to hear that you and DH have had an argument - hope it is all ok soon. Let him spend time in his cave until he is ready to come out!! (Men!! They have their caves, we have MN...) Do let us know if you test, won't you?

Bucky come on then, i am going to post mine, so where's yours?? grin Yours sounds as strange as mine, actually, perhaps they'll ban us from FF for being too wierd (or for being gin drinkers) Am so excited for you getting Molly tomorrow. You must let us have a picture! Has DP not rung up for his tests yet? Can't you ring up with a deep voice?!

GG crumbs, that holiday doesn't exactly sound fun!! Don't blame you for not wanting to go. I do understand what you mean about not wanting to book anything until you have a plan fr any potential treatment. Glad you got in lots of BDing at the correct time!

abbymeg welcome back! I think you were around when i first arrived. Hope you are recovering well after your op. Sorry to hear of the difficulties your daughter has been going through. I hope your stay here is a short one, and that you very soon wander off with a BFP!

Welcome to supersteph & JJB likewise i hope your stays are short ones too!

JB I have my fingers crossed for you too this month! Sorry about the job - i think that's really rude not to let you know either way after an interview.

PicknMix glad Harry is on the mend! Hope you are ok - you sound rather down.

mibbes how are you and the miblet?

EI how are things with you? Hope you are ok. Has the Dr said anything further abut what happened?

Well, here is my chart:

my strange chart

Rather strange i know!! Temps have been so high that they'll soon be off the chart! Have to confess to also having some gin on saturday evening, but none since then. I haven't been feeling great though, and my gland have been up a bit, so i think i've just been a bit ill. Also PnM ( i think it was you?) you mentioned that sleeping with your mouth open can affect things - well DH has been moaning about my snoring for the past couple of nights!!!! Hope my chart starts to look more normal though, otherwise the whole palaver will have been pointless. Mind you, according to Bucky i've been sticking it in the wrong orifice grin grin

Madoldbird Wed 16-Apr-08 14:24:38

Wow - i had a client call while i was in the middle of writing my last post, and look what i missed grin

HATTYYELLOW HAS A BFP grin grin grin

Hahaha! He's out of his cave now...

So very very pleased for you. But don't leave us yet, please!!!!!

disenchanted you as well!! grin grin What a lucky day!

Right, i'm off to worship at the abbeymeg shrine...

hattyyellow Wed 16-Apr-08 14:32:40

Thank you MOB!!!

supersteph Wed 16-Apr-08 14:37:45

Thank you for the warm welcome. smile
To let u know my temp was 36.68 this am so that is a rise for me so I now know I ovulated yesterday. I am now 2dpo!!!! smile

Congrats to hattyyellow and disenchanted. smile

It gives me great hope to here your fantastic news.

beaniesteve Wed 16-Apr-08 14:43:03

OH WOW - Congratualtions HattyYellow and mr HattyYellow! grin

10 DPO for me, boring!

Madoldbird Wed 16-Apr-08 14:53:49

Sorry, realised i haven't linked correctly to my chart. here it is - hopefully

Disenchanted Wed 16-Apr-08 15:11:36

I think Im actully due xmas day!

luvingtinkerbell Wed 16-Apr-08 16:54:03

oh wow ladies all these bfps
hairy toe,dis and now hatty yellow
congrats ladies
by the way i changed name was tinkerbellbringingsexyback got abit long winded
i just need to ovulate now and get a bfp to join you lucky ladies
what a lucky thread

Bucky2008 Wed 16-Apr-08 19:53:41

Blardy Hell....I got to a training course for ONE day and all the BFPs break out!!!! gringringrin...Hatty our founder member CONGRATULATIONS, how fantastic. I am really really really happy for you. Congrats to Disenchanted too...

I am just running out to Finn's exams so I have to rush but I will log on later when I get back. Just had to post before I left.

Laters. x

ScaryHairy Wed 16-Apr-08 20:01:38

Congratulations Disenchanted and Hatty - I'm really pleased for you both.

GG Stepford tours sounds hideous. Don't you have a job of your own? How would your DH like it if you asked him to come away with you and your clients and to prepare brownies each day for your post-spa tea? Honestly, if my DH suggested something like that he would be apologising for months.

Welcome back, Abbymeg*

that is a strange chart, but not enough info to figure out what is going on IMO.

Is there any news from Ei? Hurry up and post, woman. I am a bit worried about you.

Hello everyone else, Bucky, Picknmix, Tinkerbell, Mibbes and anyone else.

I am on my different sort of wait here (for HCG levels to fall and for the drugs to get out of my system so I can try again). I went back to work this week, but started bleeding (sorry if TMI) today so have come home again because I was a bit sad. The whole thing just feels terribly wrong, but hopefully it will be over soon. And DH, DD and I are off for a lovely holiday in a few weeks so that should help me feel more normal again.

Hope you are all well. I'm off to catch up on the rest of the thread.

Bucky2008 Wed 16-Apr-08 22:02:34

OK MOB Snap!! Buckys Chart

Finn passed his exams with a distinction...hurrah grin. Now Molly starts school next week! What have I let myself in for?

GG forgot to comment on Stepford Wives outing shock. O..M...G...Is he serious? You should say you will only go if he leaves his credit card with you so you and the girls can shop whilst he is out wink and then put wacky backy in the cakes. hahahah.

Scaryhairy where have you been poppet?

And to our lovely Hatty once more, you HAVE to stay it wouldn't be the same without you. It would be like Richard Branson leaving Virgin...just not right wink

Bucky2008 Wed 16-Apr-08 22:06:10

Actually the charts aren't that similar but they are both a little strange! wink

abbymeg Wed 16-Apr-08 22:10:07

Well, I toddle off in a painkiller-induced haze for a few hours and look what happens when I'm gone. I become a fertility symbol. How cool is that? Can I put it on my CV??!!! Am going to brag to DH in a minute when I've posted this.

Seriously though, Hatty, I'm really, really pleased for you. It's brilliant news. I hope you're having a lovely evening, celebrating. Many, many congratulations. grin grin grin grin

Congratulations too to Disenchanted grin.

Big waves of hello to Picknmix, madoldbird and Scaryhairy.

abbymeg Wed 16-Apr-08 22:13:21

Bucky - what was Finn's exam? Was it for training? Am I right in thinking that he is your dog? Am worried now that I've typed this and he's not!!! Well done to him grin. Is Molly a new addition? I've missed so much stuff sad.

Bucky2008 Wed 16-Apr-08 22:38:41

Abbey have no fear he is my dog and he was taking 'good citizen exams'. Molly is my new dog!

digitalgirl Wed 16-Apr-08 22:47:24



congratulations to HattyYellow!!! My 2ww buddy from my first ever TTC cycle!!! sooooo soooo pleased for you. wishing you lots of luck for your chrismas bean!!!

<DG waves to all with an extra special wave for Abbeymeg>

mibbes Thu 17-Apr-08 08:09:07

WOOOHOOOOOO Congratulations hatty am soo pleased for you !! A xmas baby, how exiting grin. When you feel ready please come and join us in the Dec AN thread, they are a lovely bunch wink yyeeeaaayyyyy lucky you tested before acupuncture !!!
Bucky and MOB good to see your charts, you can't tell much from them yet, how many days until you both expect to ov ?
<<waves>> Hi DG, Ei, GG and hello to the good luck charm abbeymeg, I think you left not long after I joined the thread, lovely to meet you.
Scary, how are you today ? Hope you are ok, it must be a really tough time waiting to get back to normal xx
Nohting to report here, no symtpoms (how ironic !) apart from slightly achy boobs at night and very hungry ! Had MW appt yesterday but still don't feel PG atall.

luvingtinkerbell Thu 17-Apr-08 08:34:38

morning ladies
should ovulate any day think i am going to have a long cycle again

luvingtinkerbell Thu 17-Apr-08 09:12:55

i have ewcm ye

GryffinGirl Thu 17-Apr-08 09:39:08

Morning all

mibbes - how many weeks are you now? So excited for you and now hatty will be with you on the Dec ante-natal threads. maybe one day I'll join one of those grin

i found a photo of AbbeyMeg (third from right, in the white) and her mates performing her tried and tested fertility rites for us gringrin

hatty - have you come down to earth yet? smile

tinkerbell - good signs and congrats on ovulating

Bucky - congratulations to Finn, the Star Pupil of the class! Has your DP called the doctors yet. As for that "holiday" - you and I think along the same lines. i was thinking <evil laugh> "I'll bake hash cookies and that'll teach 'em" blushgrin. I'm not going though. Bollocks to that. Using his credit card to shop as revenge would be a slim hope. The holiday house is miles from the nearest paved road nevermind a mall angry

Digital - OHMIGOD, how are you?! Are you showing a bump yet?

Oufton Thu 17-Apr-08 10:08:10

Hello ladies, I don't often post on here, I'm usually hanging around the TTC waiting room but I wanted to ask a quick question - how many people have had a period only to find out they're actually pregnant?

I'm asking because mine started on Monday but only lasted 2 days when it's usually 5 and I'm thinking this is rather odd but trying not to get over-excited!

abbymeg Thu 17-Apr-08 10:31:33

GG blush I told them not to print that photo. You have no idea how hard it was to get the grass stains out of my fertility robes afterwards. Actually, when that particular photo was taken, we were all about to put our left foot in, then out, then shake it all about. grin

JollyBear Thu 17-Apr-08 11:08:52

Morning all,

Oh what a lovely day it was yesterday with hatty's BFP grin It certainly put a spring in my step!! Has it sunk in yet hatty*?

You are bound to feel v sad sad. A holiday will be great though as you can relax and spend time with your DD and DH <<<hugs>>>.

LOL at your comment about GG's DH baking up a batch of brownies for her clients. I can see him there in a stylish suit with a flowery apron on top! Honestly GG, what was your DH thinking?! I love baking but wouldn't be interested in doing it to order!! Have you managed to change his mind?

bucky Congrats to Finn. How exciting that Molly is going to arrive! I hope their first meeting goes well. Your chart looks like your temps are dropping off from being high during your AF. Mine do the same, it is progesterone levels dropping apparently.

All hail fertility goddess abbymeg!! Lets hope the mystical magic rubs off on you. Sorry to hear you are still in pain though. Hope you are taking it easy with lots of trashy mags and daytime telly.

oufton It is possible it was an implantation bleed. Take a test. Good luck.

MOB Your chart does look a bit mad but they are hard to read without more temps in. The odd high temp can be discounted if you start to see a pattern of lower temps in a few days.

Hello to all faces new and old I haven't mentioned! Not that I am calling you old DG!!

Oh and I nearly forgot, I got the job! They rang this morning. I'm stunned grin.

Madoldbird Thu 17-Apr-08 12:39:51

Hello everyone!

hatty how are you today??! Still floating around? grin Do you realise that we now need a blow by blow report on everything you did / did differently this months, and all the symptoms etc? smile

scary lovely to see you. Sorry you are still bleeding and feeling down. Take time to look after yourself, and come to terms with it all. I'm pleased you have a holiday to look forward to.

Bucky well done to finn on graduating with distinction! He will be able to pass on all his knowledge to Molly grin. Now don't forget to post photos of her ASAP!!

DG good to see you! How is the bump now?? Looking forward to meeting you and digibean soon!

Mibbes Good to hear from you. I trust everything has settled down after last week? I have now idea when i will ov really - cycles have ranged from 25 - 38 days. Just have to look out for the signs!

tink yay for EWCM! Hopefully this cycle will be a little shorter for you.

GG glad you are standing your ground about the holiday!

oufton Test! Now!

abbeymeg well, those robes are all very well... but don't you want something a little more individual? Seems to me you are just following the crowd grin grin

JB You got the job! Wow! Well done grin Is it similar work to what you already do?

Well, everything is booorrriinng here. No sign of ov yet. Another fairly high temp again today, so i don't know what's going on!

GryffinGirl Thu 17-Apr-08 14:10:45

You lot do make me laugh gringrin

abbey - absolutely PMSL at the Fertility Hokey Cokey at Stone Henge grin. Are you a history teacher by any chance hmm?

madoldbird - you beat me to it about asking hatty for all her top fertility tips and how she symptom spotted. How is it in MOB world? Are you still busy at work. What CD are you on? I seem to remember that you got AF about the same time as me last cycle, so maybe we are cycle buddies. I am CD18 today, so the interminable 2WW continues.....[sigh emoticon]

jolly - congratulations on your job! That is brillaint news. When do you start and are you having some time off between jobs? I'd recommend it if you can. Not only is Abbeymeg our fertility symbol, but general good luck breaks out all round whenever she pitches up gringrin

Welcome to oufton - i am not much of an expert on implantation bleeds, but it does sound as if it is an unusual bleed you've had. My oldest friend thought she had got her period and didn;t test for another six weeks when her next period was "late" - 9 months after the first bleed her DS was born

Scary - sorry to have missed you out before and we are thinking of you. It has been a really tough time and I'm sure it will take time for your hormones to settle down after all you have been through so it is completely understandable that you have ups and downs. We are here for you and even though it must be very hard to be back with us smile

JollyBear Thu 17-Apr-08 14:48:34

Thanks for your congrats MOB and GG! My DH has just bought me flowers shock my jaw dropped when I answered the door to the florist. This will keep him in brownie points for a while smile. The job I'm doing at the mo is temporary since I finished the post grad stuff, but it is in the same area.

MOB Hopefully by the time you start getting other fertile signs, CM etc, your temps will have settled a bit.

I'm 13DPO today and due AF on Saturday. I can't decide whether to test tomorrow or wait it out hmm

Oufton Thu 17-Apr-08 15:01:56

Thanks for the advice JB, MOB and GG I think I will get a test tonight on the way home to reassure myself. I know full well it will be BFN but I've spent half the day torturing myself by find info on light periods followed by BFPs so it'll be better to confirm.

I've just found out that a friend is PG after one (yes one) night of unprotected sex. They weren't even trying. I'm gutted. sad

Very pleased for your flowers JB what a lovely hubby, congrats on the job!

JollyBear Thu 17-Apr-08 15:13:04

You could always wait till first thing tomorrow oufton as if you are pregnant you'd get a stronger result. It would make it worse it you had a v v v faint line, IYKWIM?!! Sorry about your friend, life can feel very unjust at times <<<hugs>>>

Thanks for the congrats!

Good luck with the test.

Bucky2008 Thu 17-Apr-08 15:43:07

gringrin Congratulations Jollybear that's fantastic!! And v. interesting about the dropping levels of progesterone.

And scaryhairy sorry for my being terribly insensitive! I didn't read your whole post it seems, DP was rushing me out the door so I must have missed the last bit. I'm sorry you feel sad. Take all the time you need to get over it, it is a horrible disappointment. I cried everytime I saw anyone I knew with a baby and/or when pgcies were announced for about 6 months. I couldn't even consider ttc again I was devastated, but like most things the pain eases with time. <<hugs>> go on that holiday and spoil yourself. If it is not around the time of your hols, do come and meet up with us too. We would love to meet you.

Everything quite boring here too. Hi to MOB temping buddy grin. Everyone will be glad to know I am no longer on the verge of death (yesterday my temp was so low I thought I was dying shock) and I opted for the non-lower-orifice method again today. wink. DP still hasn't phoned the doctor. I think my DP is officially worse than your DH GG HOW LONG has this process taken so far angry.

I have put pics of Finn and Molly on my profile (well I will have in about 2 minutes...)

Loving the threads Abbeymeg, very on trend I hear.

mibbes Thu 17-Apr-08 15:48:27

GG glad you have decided to bodyswerve that scary sounding holiday ! I would be very afraid !
woohooo JB congrats on the new job grin hope you have something else to celebrate soon wink test test test !
Bucky is Molly here yet ?
Oufton was bleed lighter than usual ? may be imp - I had a 3 day imp bleed then BFP 3 days later. test in the morning !!
MOB yes all has settled down thank goodness, it is such a worry. Like hatty said yesterday I am willing the days to pass so that I can get to the "safe" 2nd trimester. I am 7+3 today ! Thanks for asking.

Bucky2008 Thu 17-Apr-08 16:04:58

Yep Mibbsey she has already peed on everything I own hmm and is sleeping at my feet. She is REALLY REALLY skinny though, I don't think they fed her!

Bucky2008 Thu 17-Apr-08 16:05:22

Her pic is on my profile now.

JollyBear Thu 17-Apr-08 16:19:33

Oh my goodness bucky she is sooooooooooo cute grin grin I'd love a dog!

abbymeg Thu 17-Apr-08 16:38:03

Well, fertility rites may be the way to go.


Yes, that's correct. Am in shock - was preparing myself for the long haul after what the dr said. Af didn't arrive, and thought I would test to be on the safe side given all the drugs I'm taking.

One drunken night on about day 7 of my cycle blush. I cannot believe it after all the months of formal trying.

I'm now quite scared after all the painkillers, general anesthetic, anti-nausea pills and everything else I've had this week. And an MRI scan 3 weeks ago. And horrid invasive internal examinations two weeks. ago.

Still, finally I can say it, BFP!!! grin

JollyBear Thu 17-Apr-08 16:41:07

OMG abby!! That is amazing!! grin grin grin

That is such fantastic news!! We're on a roll!! grin

luvingtinkerbell Thu 17-Apr-08 16:42:19

mob not sure if cycle will be shorter!! on cd27 today which means another 2 weeks so looking like another long one last was 55 days heres hoping i get bfp
wow another bfp what a lucky thread congrats abby*
dogs are gorgeous

GryffinGirl Thu 17-Apr-08 17:32:02

<gryffin scream YET AGAIN and VERY loudly>.

abbeymeg - BFPshockgringrinshock! Ha, I knew you weren't really a teacher, but a Druid specialising in fertility rites wink
That is absolutely brilliant news! I am so, so happy for you!!!! grin. You will be on the Due In Dec Ante-Natal thread with hatty

Hmmm, i am clearly living in the wrong part of the country to get a BFP. You have to live north of the Watford gap on the 2WW wink. Mibbes, hatty, now Abbey <gryffin wonders where Disenchanted lives hmm>

Jolly - OMG, it's looking good for BFP's for Northern dwellers......(I've learnt this prediction stuff from abbey and ei wink) Everything crossed for you too!

I'm off to check out Bucky's pictures and also www.rightmove.com to see how much a house in Carlisle is. I'm moving. It must be the cold climates working wonders on swimmers grin

I have to dash tonight, but have a lovely evening celebrating abbey

GryffinGirl Thu 17-Apr-08 17:33:11

and sorry for not spelling your name right abby - I am an idiot blush

abbymeg Thu 17-Apr-08 17:56:37

It's fine GG am sending northern fertility magic your way! It's all in the white robes...

I'm still IN SHOCK.

Did another test, after a million cups of tea. It's still there grin.

Bucky2008 Thu 17-Apr-08 19:25:53

gringringrinAbbymeg Wow what a surprise, and how fantastic. gringrin. However, can I have a brief moment to mourn the fact that I AM GOING TO BE ON THIS THREAD ALONE SOON!!!!! winkshockwink.

I am genuinely really really happy for you and am sending lots of sticky baby dust your way. <hugs>

hattyyellow Thu 17-Apr-08 19:39:28

Oh my God Abbey !!! That's such amazing news, congratulations!!!!!

Still laughing like a lunatic at the druid photo!!

And Jolly huge congrats for the job

And Bucky huge congrats for clever Fin passing his exams!

It's all go here today! GG you are properly from north of the Watford Gap aren't you? That must up your chances in the lucky north stakes

I want everyone to have BFP's! Thank you all so much for the congratulations, was honoured to see Mibbes and DG pop back in as well! Hope you're both doing good

Scaryhairy I'm so sorry you're feeling down. I wish I could do or say something to make it all better. Can only cross fingers that when you're ready things will happen for you again. Sending you hugs.

Went to see the doctors today, as I wanted to doublecheck about these TSH levels (it can apparently increase chance of miscarriage). He has retested and will see from there whether they need to drug me up with anything. He predicted my due date as the 20th Dec, based on a 28 day cycle..pshaw who has a 28 day cycle!?

abbymeg Thu 17-Apr-08 19:48:06

Bucky I'm really shocked. I'm also really hoping that you get good news soon. Strangely, it was really early in my cycle - day 7 - and I cramped for two days after, that made me think something was up. I wonder if that's why I wasn't catching before - was going (heehee blush) from day 8 or 9. It was only once, but it's all it takes. I'm now knicker-checking every two seconds. It's all a bit too good to be true after so long. I'm really, really hoping for you. Molly, btw, is gorgeous. I think you had a pic of Finn up on your profile in the past that I'd seen before?

Symptoms (that also could be from my operation) included itchy, sore boobs, feeling sick, and feeling tired after doing the slightest thing. But I genuinely didn't know I was pg (wouldn't have had major surgery if I'd known!) and I haven't had that strong feeling, I didn't just know. The blue line finally crossing the other one on my Boots tests was a huge shock - especially after the sixty five million I've done in the past that always said negative. The symptoms are actually less now that I've had in past months! But, a strong blue line is keeping me hoping that it will stick in there.

It has been a strange day grin.

abbymeg Thu 17-Apr-08 19:52:42

hatty see, you don't get rid of me that easily! Don't knock my fertility robes. They're fabulous, and good for hiding a multitude of sins. Bad hair day? Fertility robes. Woke up feeling a bit fat? Fertility robes. grin

abbymeg Thu 17-Apr-08 19:53:56

Much better than spandex pants. grin

hattyyellow Thu 17-Apr-08 20:03:53

Abbey, laughing like mad at the spandex pants! When is your due date?

Sorry guys, Abbey just reminded me with her post that I haven't answered the "what did i do differently" thing.

As far as symptom spotting goes I'm ashamed to say that every symptom I now know is a pregnancy one, I've also experienced in a non-pregnant cycle. I have been hungry, thirsty, tired and crampy but I always am when AF is due!

The only different things I think have been a lack of PMT compared to horrendous PMT the last few months.

I wonder if having the doctor tests and the acupuncture made me stop obsessing and helped things happen? I've been hoping my period would arrive for once the last week as i wanted to book in the day 3 blood test and get some hardcore needling done!

Who knows ultimately? Just keeping everything crossed that it all works out okay, I hate the first trimester, I am a nervous wreck!

PicknMix Thu 17-Apr-08 21:13:44

Omigoodness! gringringrin

Abbymeg I'm sooooooooooooo chuffed for you, really really happy!

Can't believe both you and Hatty got a bfp!!!!!!!

Really was grinning like a loon when I read about it for you both!

Massive congrats to Disenchanted aswell!!! grin

Gosh, its all go in here at the moment isn't it?!

JB the hugest congrats on getting the job - tis truely great news too smilegrinsmile

Scary I'm sorry to hear things are not so good - I really hope that the wait passes quickly for you.

Anyone heard from Ei recently?

Have no fear Bucky - I'm still here for the duration, you wont be by yourself at all smile! Molly is gorgeous by the way - what does Finn think of her??

Hi to Tink, GG and Mibbes xx

digitalgirl Thu 17-Apr-08 23:38:51

flippin pee sticks! gringringrin

ABBYMEG congratulations!!! what wonderful news!!! you and mr meg must be chuffed to bits. <DG high fives all round>

hey GG am getting quite porky now, and properly filling out my new maternity bra (which DH is very impressed by).

a round of applause for JB well done on getting the job.

what cute doggies you have bucky and hooray for the award winning Finn!

Hi to MOB, PnM, Ei, SH (sorry you're having to wait sad), GG, Hatty, mibbes and everyone else on the 2ww.

abbymeg Fri 18-Apr-08 08:40:04

DG and Picknmix Thank you! Now the paranoia has set in.. constant fretting. Roll on 2nd trimester!

Hatty Christmas Day. Will have to put out big reminders that just because I may be giving birth, does not mean DH is allowed to leave out the presents this year!!! grin

luvingtinkerbell Fri 18-Apr-08 08:55:16

morning ladies cd27 for ewcm since yest gof last nite

Madoldbird Fri 18-Apr-08 09:02:26

ABBYMEG grin grin grin WOW!! What lovely news to log on to. Not only have your robes brought the thread luck, they have brought you luck too!! Now you mustn't leave us yet - it's all kicked off since you reappeared!!!

hattyyellow thanks for the run down on symptoms etc grin It does seem as though the lack of obsessing helped (Now, how do i actually DO that?) Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

Bucky Molly is gorgeous! Makes me want a dog even though we've got more than enough animals in this house. What does Finn think? Hope she had a settled night. You made me LOL thinking you were officially dead with your low temps! Mine have been so high i'm frightened i'm going to spontaneously combust wink Don't worry about being left alone here - i'll be here with you! (Unless i combust) Can't see me going anywhere fast, with my wacky temps (don't think my body is working at all properly)

GG i will go and get you some strepsils - you must have sore throat with all that screaming grin

Hello also to tink PnM JB DG Mibbes scary EI (are you ok?) and everyone else.

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 09:03:12

Bucky - don't worry, I will still be around on the 2WW (although that's probably not a comfort to you hmmgrin). I think I am at about cycle 17 or something and still no sign of a BFP for me. I have given up counting grin

hatty - I hope hungry and thirsty are really PG symptoms, 'cause I have been eating and drinking for Britain the last few days shock. In fact, I got so worried as I chucked back another litre of water that I called my GP sister to see if she thought I had diabetes (the dangers of googling symptoms!). She was predictably unsymathetic and told me it's because I drank too much wine at the weekend, was dehydrated and I was one of the worried well who clogs up her surgery. Bl**dy GP's grin

picknmix - what's happening with you?

hello everyone else and DG and Digibean

<hail abby, hail abby, hail abby and her spandex pants>

Oufton Fri 18-Apr-08 09:04:54

Hello all, just thought I'd update after my question yesterday, sadly it was indeed a BFN, I've no idea why I only had a 2 day period, ho hum, it's onto next month.

Anyway huge congrats to Abby, were you actually wearing the robes on CD7? wink Or is it just generally more day to day wear...?

I'm hoping the GG's ponderings on being North of the Watford gap are correct since I'm oop north as well, I'll definite take a BFP next month please!

Go tink, yay for EWCM!

Madoldbird Fri 18-Apr-08 09:09:00

Morning GG smile

Sorry to hear that oufton sad You are definitely in with a chance next month though, being up north - infact - get the spare room / sofa / garden shed ready, i'm leaving Kent & moving in with you for the rest of my cycle grin

Oufton Fri 18-Apr-08 09:16:54

Oh you'd be most welcome mob, we recently moved into a bigger house hoping to fill it with babies [sob] and since they're not forthcoming we've loads of room, I'll have to start renting them out by the hour so people can dash North for some bedroom antics!! The Leeds-KX train runs very regularly!!

JollyBear Fri 18-Apr-08 09:38:09

Morning all,

Sorry about the BFN oufton. Good idea about renting rooms out to the southern TTCers though. The extra money will come in useful when you get your BFP.

Thanks for the job congrats peeps, you are too kind smile.

hatty LOL at the symptoms being the same as 'symptoms' minus the PMT! You and abby are so lucky! Christmas babies grin

I'll go back through the thread and have a look at your chart MOB, we don't want you combusting and making a mess all over the thread! I'll have a peek at bucky's too, don't want her dying on us!!

Oooooooh symptoms GG my fingers are so crossed for you they have gone blue!

I'm afraid I chickened out of testing this morning blush I shuddered at the thought of a BFN and put the test away.

luvingtinkerbell Fri 18-Apr-08 09:53:04

congrats on job jb

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 10:02:04

sorry to hear that oufton - it's luck of the Northerners round here and I am sure you will get a BFP very soon

MOB - I forgot to wave to you last time. How are things with you? I do need Strepsils actually, although probably due to a pesky cold DH donated to me before he b*ggered off, than my cyberscreaming grin..anyway, must dash - LOADS of work has suddenly appeared as if by magic wink

mibbes Fri 18-Apr-08 13:05:21

abby what fabulous news - this thread is fab, every time I pop in there is another BFP, long may it coninue grin. Like I said to hatty come and join the Dec AN thread when you feel ready. there are loads of excited ladies over there - it is a bit hectic at the moment. IKWYM about knicker-checking, I have now been obssessivley knicker-checking for over 3 weeks now !
Bucky Molly is beautiful ! I'd love a dog too but we are never in so it wouldn't be fair.
hatty good to hear am not the only nervy one - I am in a constant state of worry due to complete lack of symptoms - have been having ms-envy on the AN thread ! I know it must be horrible but at least I'd feel properly PG if I was sick. I can honestly say I had far more symtpoms in my pre-PG cycles than I do now !
MOB I have a summerhouse in the garden that can be rented out. Fairy got BFP too and she is another Scottish lady, so the Scots have 100% record wink
Oufton so sorry about BFN but test again if AF doesn't show properly in a few days as I didn't get BFP until 4 days after my imp bleed finished.
JB good luck with testing tomorrow, nice high temps wink

JollyBear Fri 18-Apr-08 13:21:36

Oh my goodness!!!



I could not be more surprised shock. I don't know why I tested as I fully expected a BFN. I did a cheapie mid morning and wasn't sure as it was a v faint line. I re-tested just now with a boots test grin

abbymeg Fri 18-Apr-08 13:33:54

JollyBear grin grin grin Fantastic news! I totally understand the shock! CONGRATULATIONS! What were you saying about Christmas babies?? grin

Oufton - everyday wear, of course. And I have shiny purple ones for Sunday. Its all in the fertility robes...

mibbes - I posted on there. But, I'm still all nervous and doing frantic pant checks grin

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 13:40:33

<gryffin gives a huge, but hoarse scream of HURRAH for Jolly 'cause her voice has given up after all the screaming of the last few days>

Jolly - I am absolutely thrilled for you!!!!!!" gringringrin. I was only looking in to see if you had tested 'cause I am manic at work, but frankly clients can wait when there is this much good news around. I am so happy. It's the Northen Luck thing at work again, ha ha ha grin. How is Mr Jollybear taking the news? You will be having a jollycub gringrin

OMG Jolly, hatty, abby and mibbes will all be on the same ante-natal thread together for due in December! There is definitely something in the air at the moment causing all these BFP's (abbymeg's spell's probably wink)

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 13:41:35

that would be "spells" shock. the comma was a mistake in all the excitement, honest

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 13:46:57

p.s. MOB those Strepsils you got me are a bleedin' life saver at the moment (well, voicesaver!)

oufton - when can I move in, oop north hmm? I can supply excellent references, am clean and tidy and I promise I'm not a screamer when BD-ing winkgrin

luvingtinkerbell Fri 18-Apr-08 13:47:17

wow another bfp i cant believe it
congrats jollybear good luck with baby bear
i have lost count of how many bfps we have had this week are we at a record grin

JollyBear Fri 18-Apr-08 13:51:57

Thanks abby, GG and tinker! I still can't believe it, a jollycub grin

I rang DH and told him about the cheapie positive and he started laughing and told me I was allowed to get excited once I'd done the second test. I've got permission to be excited now!!

I can't believe there will be so many symptom spotters on the December thread. There must be something in the cold northern air hmm grin

mibbes Fri 18-Apr-08 13:54:35

and again... Congratulations JB !!!! PMSL at jollycub grin how exciting !

Someone hold abbymeg down and tie her to the thread - don't let her leave until we have a full house of BFPs, she is the luckiest charm ever !

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 14:05:16
GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 14:06:11

I'm being silly now blush

JollyBear Fri 18-Apr-08 14:09:00

Awwwwwwwwwwww! I hope my jollycub is as cute as that but cute in a different way GG grin

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 14:10:20

.....a little less hairy perhaps hmm

luvingtinkerbell Fri 18-Apr-08 15:28:02

lol @ a little less hairy aww i love baby bear cubs
well i will have to try and get a bfp for the southerners and start our luck rolling
come on northeres ahhup send down any spare luck you have for us southerners apples and pears

JollyBear Fri 18-Apr-08 15:37:48

Good idea tinker. I'll see what I can find that will help you recreate the northern atmosphere hmm <Jollybear packs up a whippet, pie, pint of mild, a cloth cap, a bucket of drizzle, a curd tart and some Manchester tart> Hope that helps grin

Oufton Fri 18-Apr-08 15:44:02

Oh jolly that is wonderful news I'm so thrilled for you, yay all round for the run of BFPs!!!! Clearly the rubbish weather oop North is making lots of people turn to bedroom activities!!

GG the room's ready whenever you want it, mood lighting, barry white and vats of pre-seed!!!

Abbymeg keep wearing those robes woman, you are the bestest luck charm ever, maybe you could start doing bedroom blessings for a fee?

Oh and thanks to everyone for the support for my BFN, I knew really that it would be but on the upside at least I can enjoy some vino over the weekend grin

abbymeg Fri 18-Apr-08 15:45:03

My fertility powers may be strong, but possibly not strong enough to ensure giving birth to a real bear cub grin.

[Abbymeg pauses to chuck a giant bag of highly fertile baby dust over all 2WWers.]

Right. This is my BIG TIP. Possibly TMI alert...

Have read that rear entry positions are an excellent way of conceiving, according to some of the pg ladies on other threads. I'm saying nothing else except I would highly recommend giving it a go (around day 7). Really wasn't sure whether to share that with you blush; but after 6 months of really trying we obviously did something differently and I want you all to get BFPs. I've convinced myself that if we think something has worked, best to share and I do think that was what did it. I had really bad cramps for two days afterwards, which was way earlier than I would have expected to ovulate (Cd 8 and 9).

If you want to totally copy, I'd drunk red and white wine, magners and vodka on the night in question too. I had a mega hangover the next day.

Ahh, it will all make such a charming conception tale for little DC in the years to come. hmm

I've just had my stitches out. My neck looks like someone's tried to cut my throat. I told the nurse about my BFP and she said that it would be rare for a baby to be harmed by all my pill popping over the last week. I'm allowed to take paracetamol for my neck pain, but still can't bring myself to do it.

abbymeg Fri 18-Apr-08 15:47:20

Should I be throwing Yorkshire puddings rather than babydust? hmm

abbymeg Fri 18-Apr-08 15:49:07

Also, just re-reading my post - still got EWCM at the normal time. Given the BFP this means I got pg before that happened.

I am certain it was then. It's been a barren month. grin

Oufton Fri 18-Apr-08 16:01:30

Abby that's really interesting that you think it was CD7 conception but EWCM later, hmm I'm wondering if we've been too slow to get on the horse. I shall be on it this weekend with renewed vigor, can't promise it will be doggy but shall be stocking up on magners to help things along wink

And you should always be chucking around yorkshire puds, I absolutely love 'em!

mibbes Fri 18-Apr-08 16:07:50

I am chucking a kilt, a haggis and some bagpipes down South wink.
Interesting about position as I'm sure Fairy said that was what she did differently on BFP cycle wink get to it doggy-style ladies !

JollyBear Fri 18-Apr-08 16:09:23

LOL at the cocktail of booze abby! Hope your neck is feeling ok after the stitches. It sounds v painful.

We didn't do anything different at all hmm... oh apart from I read TCOYF and Zita West. TCOYF does give lots of detail about how to tell if you are fertile (sometimes too much detail!) which I did find useful and, of course, amusing. Oil of Ulay CM anyone?! smile We did bd everyday I had EWCM but we did that last month too.

oufton I didn't ov till CD 16 so don't discount a late ov either! Get some Magners in stock grin

Oufton Fri 18-Apr-08 16:15:42

How long is your cycle jb?

And if it's good enough for fairy as well as abby then man alive I'll be barking all weekend grin

Bucky2008 Fri 18-Apr-08 16:21:48

pmsl at Abbymeg if drinking too much is a hot tip, where is my BFP..huh??? Huh???? wink. Actually I am not a raving alcoholic just a connisoir of premium Gin! But still, where is my baby exactly? Lost obviously.

However, gringrin....a jollycub hurrah. I think I am psychic, I told Molly, that JB was going to have a baby this morning. She just looked at me and peed in my shoe. Congratulations, aren't you glad you decided to get going straight away wink. This is a super positive week, I love all the surprises!

GG I am 'working from home', and actually I have been shock which is why I didn't see all that was going on. Where is the credit crunch exactly? I don't even have a live project and I am run off my feet doing stuff. Obviously the credit crunch is in the same place as the Buckybaby.

And finally, just so I can rant....<stop reading here if you don't want to entertain my off topic moaning>..."Molly is peeing on everything. I have her crated but Finn harrasses her (wanting to play) whenever she gets out of it and she bit his nose this morning for annoying her. Finn is 29kgs now and she is 12kgs...go figure. I had forgotten how much hard work the first few weeks are and now I have to find a dog run because I can't leave them unsupervised! OK moan over. Thank you and goodbye for now.

hattyyellow Fri 18-Apr-08 16:32:03


I'm so so pleased for you . That's so amazingly exciting! I wonder if the bloating we both had around ovulation was a symptom?

I want everyone to have BFP's am racking my brains frantically to try and think of a magic thing we did. Er, we did do it twice in 24 hours around ovulation time - that's quite unusual for us nowadays! And, um, ooh everyone go get acupuncture!

<Lobs packets of Seabrooks crisps (Northern ladies have you tried this delicacy) and Black Sheep ale across the Watford Gap>

Abbey you must have a few more fertility spells in you! Sorry to hear about your neck is it painful? Has the BFP sunk in yet?

Bucky2008 Fri 18-Apr-08 16:32:47

X posted with you all. Obviously I won't be doing anything 'doggy style for a while' wink. Well not until the pee stops anyway. However, hurl the haggis this way Mibbes. You lot crack me up! grin

Bucky2008 Fri 18-Apr-08 16:35:18

If a thread has only one poster, is it still a thread? hmm. <Bucky ponders the philosophy of being the only 2wwaiter left hmm> GG You will be gone before me. DP has not rung up for his results yet!

Oufton Fri 18-Apr-08 16:40:28

Ah bucky I'll still be here, we shall drink gin and discuss sexual positions together. Fear not.

JollyBear Fri 18-Apr-08 16:41:46

Thanks bucky. You and Molly knew before me! I really wish collective willpower could give you and all the two week waiters BFP. You'd all be pregnant with quads <<<hugs>>>

You have my sympathy with the weeing. I had a cat which wee'ed on everything when we moved house. I remember one memorable morning when I put my shoes on and found she had soaked them both through, lovely stinky urine soaked socks and feet first thing in the morning. Anyway, the vet recommended a plug in pheromone thing which sounds, frankly, odd but it is meant to calm them down with cat smells and stop them making everything with their scent. They might do a similar one for dogs. It might stop her trying to mark her territory.

Thanks hatty, mmmmm Seabrooks crisps!! I love the salt and vinegar and spring onion best! I forgot about the bloating hmm, an early symptom for us both there.

Oufton Fri 18-Apr-08 16:45:35

oh hatty seabrooks crisps are a marvel, I stumbled across some Canadian Ham ones recently, truly splendid.

I also use the plain version as a topping for pasta bakes (along with lots of cheese obv), it's highly classy.

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 16:50:04

abby - if you Bd-ed around CD7 for your BFP, can I ask, how long are your cycles? <gryffin sits with calculator and cycle chart in attempt to find out optimal time for pouncing on DH>

Ok, purely in the interests of BFP science (and if it's not being too cheeky blush) maybe could we have a straw poll of all your recently blessed BFP ladies and positions used?..... Mibbes, jolly disenchanted hatty hmm?

PMSL at all the northern stero-type things jolly is packing up for us southern dwellers. I am not really a southerner, 'cause I am from Bonnie Scotland. I also lived in Yorkshire for two years doing my post-grad and am married to a Northerner so consider myself an honorary one (however, never got pregnant up there so can't attest to the fertility powers of the north meself hmmgrin.

hattyyellow Fri 18-Apr-08 16:50:58

JB and Oufton you are making me hungry! Did you know you can now order them online?


And if any of you southerners want a lesson in talking northern you just click on the village shop on the seabrooks site and you too can learn 'ow to say "smmmmohhhkeeey bay-con"

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 16:54:58

B*gger. Just found out I am working the weekend sadsad

hattyyellow Fri 18-Apr-08 16:56:36

GG I'm not really a proper Northerner. Born and bred in Laaaandon.

Bucky you will be next, honestly. And GG as well and everyone.

Positions wise we were embarassingly rubbish this month. DH had flu half the month, we both had work stresses and it was more one eye on the clock missionary in order to get to bed and collapse rather than swinging from the chandeliers!

Err..maybe that's one approach. Get ill, get completely knackered, get stressed and do it "just in case"!

hi ladiesgrin
sorry iv not been around muchsmile im back at work and only manage to lurk a bit with my super tiredness!! im still waiting for my results from the docs!!
so to the news!!!!
hatty abby disenchanted and JB OH MY BLOODY GOODNESS!!!!!! so many BFPs so little timegrin congratulations!!!! christmas babies are great i have one so it would be greedy for me to expect another!!
hello to everyone elsegrin il catch up properly later on lol
xx ei xx

luvingtinkerbell Fri 18-Apr-08 17:10:14


you lots make me laugh so much

tink gets hit by flying haggis and bagpipes*

lol @ doggy we do that sometimes man on top is good to for impregnanting

we had to ger rid of our cat as kept weeing now have just one cat

not sure how seabrooks crisps came into the thread got to luv them though

cd27 for me ewcm yest
what day will i ovulate?
which days are fertile

luvingtinkerbell Fri 18-Apr-08 17:12:37

doggy style reminded me of lovesoup dont know if anyone watches it
this old lady had died and one of the girls in it was going to adopt the ladies dog so found out what the ladies perfume was so she could wear it to get the dog used to her.
also the lady lived on her own and had never had a partner

that night girl was naked crouched on all fours lokking for lost contact lens dog came up from behind and hows your father lolgrin
was so funny

luvingtinkerbell Fri 18-Apr-08 18:21:12

hope that i didnt put anyone off with last comment
anyone theregrin

GryffinGirl Fri 18-Apr-08 19:02:30

ha ha, no tinkerbell - I saw the same Love Soup episode and couldn't stop laughing!

mibbes Fri 18-Apr-08 19:46:54

boring old missionary for us on both BDs that were potentially the crucial ones. I tend to feel he gets 'deeper' in the position blush. I think it is to do with how your cervix lies but I have no idea how to tell... maybe try one of each around ov time - cover all bases as it were wink. I also think the fact that we were both off work and chilled out helped (I know that is the most annoying piece of advice...) one BD was on holiday the next was when we came back, so maybe I'm growing a wee maderia-bean !

ScaryHairy Fri 18-Apr-08 19:59:31

Hi all

Good news for me... the hospital says my hormone levels are waaaay down, so I should be back to normal in a week or two (and then just need to wait until July to TTC again). Of course, by the time I get back here in my official 2ww capacity you will all have bloody graduated!

Fantastic news about the bumper crop of BFPs - well done Abby and Jollybear. There are going to be a lot more little faces at the table this christmas! (or it'll lead to some interesting new years...!). Am sad that I won't get to be cycle buddies with JB again but am very pleased for you both. (I think I congratulated Hatty and disenchanted already, but if not, congratulations to you both)

Tinkerbell - the EWCM is fertile quality mucus, so it is best to have sex every day that you see it. When it dries up and your temperature has been high for three consecutive days you have ovulated (usually the day before the temp rise). You can only confirm that you've ovulated with hindsight, but as you get used to charting you will see a pattern and learn to predict ovulation. Women get different amounts of EWCM before ovulating, so it is hard to know when you will ovulate exactly just from the EWCM.

GG Sorry you are working the weekend, but I am glad that someone is working. I went back this week and it is very quiet... curse the credit crunch! Since it is in the interests of science, I think both times I have conceived it has been in the missionary position. We're not always that boring, honest blush [no, actually we are...]

Glad you're ok Ei.

How is everyone else? Hope you are all well. <Waves to bucky, MOB Picknmix, DG (and her maternity bra)and everyone else.

Can someone please remind me, when was the London meet-up again? Is it next weekend?

Madoldbird Fri 18-Apr-08 20:05:28

JB grin grin grin grin another BFP on the thread!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! Am so happy for you. Many many congrats to you and MrJB.

Love that picture GG of Jollycub. I've changed my mind now, i don't want a baby. i want a bearcub grin

I've been in stitches catching up with this thread. Tink yes, i was reminded of Love Soup too!! I LOVE that programme.

Bucky now listen, i've told you, you won't be the only one left - I'm not likely to be going anywhere, especially if, as oufton says, we're going to stay here drinking gin and discussing sexual positions!! Count me in grin

EI good to see you - was getting worried about you.

Well, DH has deserted me tonight, so i am trying to catch up with bills etc. I have this dilemma - do i have a drink (or 3) and relax, or do i have an alcohol free weekend, to try and be as healthy as possible for any potential bean as ov approaches??? I'm sitting here with herbal tea ATM shock but may weken as the evening goes on.

Madoldbird Fri 18-Apr-08 20:08:07

Evening scary smile Good to hear your blood test results were ok. Don't worry, i'm sure i'll still be here in July when you can TTC again! Meet up is next Sunday - would be lovely to meet you grin

PicknMix Fri 18-Apr-08 20:08:58

just a quick post from me cos am on the mobile but just had to say

congratulations to JB!!

Fantastic news - so so pleased for you!!

Am laughing out loud (looking bit stupid cos am at friends house!) at ur northern suggestions!

scary yeah, the meet is on the 27th

Back later xx

abbymeg Fri 18-Apr-08 20:40:20

GG Just quick pop in (mumsnet too addictive) to say cycle usually 28 days, though has varied recently and gone up to 30 now and then. My friend is also pg (due November) and we were actually on a trip, in America, when she was ovulating a long way from her DP, but she was still pg that month - she believes that she caught on in the week before too. It's all very strange. I think the safest way is to go asap in the month. I always waited until CD8 or later. I'm not claiming any of this is scientific, but it seemed to be the thing that worked.

That and the doggy style. Although, unlike Love Soup, you may want to avoid actual dogs blush. There's some levels on this thread I thought we would never sink to.... grin grin

And of course, wine and magners proved useful too wink.

(Waves to lolabella if she's ventured over from November antenatal. Were your ears burning?? grin)

mibbes Fri 18-Apr-08 20:53:30

oh yes I second the alcohol thing as this cycle was my most boozy since ttc and given we were on holiday I was knocking back a fair bit of vino verde in Madeira wink.
And something else I noticed, the posh bottle of air freshner I have in the bathroom is scented "Liy of the Valley" !!!! Who was it that told us of the fertility powers of LOTV ? Was it MOB or MTW ? Either way am wondering if a DP did a wee skoosh of the air-freshner post newspaper-toilet trip and that got his swimmers all excited grin !

digitalgirl Fri 18-Apr-08 21:12:45

Every day a new BFP!!!!


JOLLYBEAR congratulations! You soooo deserve this BFP after all that kerfuffle with your scans and stuff. Such brilliant news. Christmas will be busy in the maternity wards!

As for cocktails and positions...mine was champagne, and ALL positions. New Year's Eve was quite a spectacular night in the digihouse.

Bucky2008 Fri 18-Apr-08 22:11:56

Showoff wink

Bucky2008 Sat 19-Apr-08 09:18:52

Have I killed the thread? shock. Where are you all....just because its the weekend and I don't have a life (that doesn't include dog pee) doesn't mean you can all have one wink!!

Actually we have had no pee inhouse since yesterday morning. The crate appears to be working....smile

FF is being quite boring now hmm. I no longer have a weird cycle and there is no egg....hmm.

How are you newly pg ladies doing??? Has is sunk in yet?

luvingtinkerbell Sat 19-Apr-08 09:56:45

morning ladies
cd29 for me ewcm since thursday gofd thurs and fri
scary great news and thanks for info

JollyBear Sat 19-Apr-08 10:03:08

I am here bucky! I'm meant to be working to catch up on all the work I haven't done this week but of course just popped in here... naughty me. There is lots of time for the egg to appear yet! When do you usually get a positive opk?

Thanks MOB, P&M and scary. You are all so lovely. I'm envy at your meet up!! Will you all wear name badges so everyone knows who is who?

SH So pleased you have had good news with your levels <<<hugs>>> When do you go on your hols?

LOL at DG and her wild antics!! Another missionary position bd over here. We are all very boring blush except DG wink

It hasn't sunk in yet at all!

mibbes Sat 19-Apr-08 13:18:09

Scary lovely to hear that things are settling for you, it sounds like you are in good spirits, good on you xx
Bucky when do you expect to ov ?

Bucky2008 Sat 19-Apr-08 18:22:13

Well for the 6 months I used OPKs they always came up positive between CD13 and CD16...So any day now I guess...hmm. On CD12 today.

hattyyellow Sat 19-Apr-08 22:04:47

I'm here too! Go Bucky...everything humanly possible crossed for this to be your month too.

shreksmissus Sat 19-Apr-08 22:32:20

Message withdrawn

PicknMix Sat 19-Apr-08 23:21:14

Evening all!!

Shrek!! Lovely to see you - have you got anything planned for DD's 3rd birthday? How are you doing?

You're in prime time now Bucky so I shall, somewhat wierdly, wish you Good Luck (if thats the right turn of phrase!) for the next few days winkgrin! Pleased to hear Molly is settling in and the pee prob appears to be resolving itself - crates are a fab thing, only come back into 'fashion' in the last few years but I think they work a treat - give new dogs a nice and secure area to hide away in.

Scary lovely to hear your blood results are returning to normal, must be a huge relief for you.

MOB what did you decide in the end on Friday night?! Did you go for a virtuous herbal tea or did your resolve weaken????

Ei when do you get your results from the Dr's? How are you feeling??

GG is your working weekend ok? I too am working the weekend - tis not good but at least the weather is awful so don't feel too bad!

How is everyone else feeling? Tink?

How are all our pregnant ladies?!

I am doing ok, absolutely exhausted and in need of my bed though so will sign off now!!


luvingtinkerbell Sun 20-Apr-08 08:17:06

morning ladies
cd30 for me had my 2nd higher temp today for ff need one more too establish ovulation and my egg
hi pnm

i am positive @ mo
got ewcm since thursday morning gof thursday and friday
need one more higher temp for ff to confirm i have ovulated which is really exciting

GryffinGirl Sun 20-Apr-08 11:53:39

hello ladies - yes here in the office working away (as is DH in his office down the road sad), but of course I couldn;t resisit possin in here to see if the Gold Run of BFP's was continuing hmmwink

I am CD21 today, so the start of the proper symptom spotting part of the 2WW. Depsote DH's rubbish results I can't help myself every month, getting my hopes up. I really think I will be here for a lot longer, but old habits die hard etc etc. Only 8 days until our appointment with the fertility specialist (on what is probably going to be CD1 for me sad). I was determined to be one of those people who got a BFP the minute she was referred to the specialist - the TTC equivalent of all your symptoms and ill health disappearing as soon as you reach the GP surgery, so you look like a complete time waster gringrin "Er doctor...yes, well, I was very ill with cough, flu and double pneumonia, but of course now I've made an appointment I'm fine!" gringrin.

have a lovely weekend everyone - I am going to have a manic week, so will pop in when I can to say hello and jkeep an eye on all the BFP's smile

GryffinGirl Sun 20-Apr-08 11:54:55

p.s. SHREK - you are back. Hello there! gringrin

JollyBear Sun 20-Apr-08 14:15:45

Hello all..

and a BIG hello to shreksmissus! Thanks for the congrats. You should come back! smile

bucky Glad things are a bit better with Finn and Molly. Sounds like you need to get bd'ing!!

P&M Hope you had a nice rest. Did you decide to temp again?

GG Poor you at work. You have to remain hopeful as there is a chance for you to get a BFP. I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

tinker Hope you get another high temp tomorrow!!

All is fine here. I am really thirsty all the time! smile

luvingtinkerbell Sun 20-Apr-08 15:15:24

aft ladies

thanks jolly

Bucky2008 Mon 21-Apr-08 08:26:26

Arghhhh, Morning everyone.

FF says I ov on CD12 sad. I only bd'd on CD10 and CD13 so probably missed the boat AGAIN...One thing that's good though is that I wouldn't have used my OPKs till CD13 so would have probably missed the egg anyway. sad. At least now I know what I have probably being doing wrong I guess...hmm.

How is everyone else today? I am getting the Finn dog and the Molly dog under control now. Its Molly's first afternoon alone in her pen with Finn outside this afternoon. I should probably warn the neighbours about all the barking that is likely to occur. Its like taking your kid to nursery for the first time I suppose. I feel all guilty. hmm

Anyway, enough about me. Shrek great to see you back. You know if you want to come back we would love to have you hang out with us in the 2ww thread.

GG You work SO hard. I feel like a total layabout hmm am working from home again this morning, then back to the daily grind.

Hi to Tink, mob, pnm, jollybear, mibbes, ei, abby, scary and all the other regulars. If I haven't listed you personally doesn't mean I love you less! wink

luvingtinkerbell Mon 21-Apr-08 08:34:52

morning ladies
cd31 for me have had my third high temp this morning ff hasnt set lines for ovulation yet but info says ewcm would suggest i ovulated cd30-32

hibucky thought gofing days before and after ovulation were the best times for conceiving

Madoldbird Mon 21-Apr-08 11:40:25

Good morning ladies

shreks lovely to see you! I left a message on the waiting room thread the other week to say i had missed you. Do hang around here with us grin We are an ultra lucky thread at the moment. I'm going to lock the doors and make sure you don't leave us again!! (Except of course to go to the ante-natal threads wink)

PnM How are things with you? Yes, my resolve did weaken on friday night, infact, all weekend! i can't be doing my eggs any good at all hmm

GG Hope you haven't been working too hard? Carry on symptom spotting - fingers crossed for a BFP just before your appt!

Bucky Hope you are ok - you sound despondant (sp?). You may have timed things well if you ov'd on CD12 - on CD 10 hopefully the swimmers would have been ready and waiting for the egg! If things weren't timed right at least you are armed with some more info for next month. Has DP got his results yet??? We shall have to organise a "posse" to sort him out for you grin

tink glad to hear it sounds as though you have ov'd!!

Morning to everyone else! (I LOVE Bucky's comment that just because you are not mentioned by name, it doesn't mean you are loved any less!!!)

Well, my temp shot up this morning, but i think that it may be because i was awake for most of the night, i just couldn't sleep. I hope that's all it is, and not that i've ov'd becase if i have already then we have really missed it! (v. lazy weekend BDing-wise blush)Got lots of EWCM so am hoping we are still in with a chance. Am off out tonight (to go and see Jo Brand, can't wait!!!) so i hope DH is not asleep when i get in...

luvingtinkerbell Mon 21-Apr-08 11:56:09

thanks mob sorry that you couldnt sleep

JollyBear Mon 21-Apr-08 12:35:32

Afternoon all,

bucky A CD 10 bd is well timed for CD12 ov smile. I would advise you to keep bd'ing for a few more days in case FF has been a bit premature with the lines, it can get overexcited!

Don't worry, Molly and Finn will be fine! I was worried when I left our kitten (she isn't a kitten anymore!) alone with our older cat for the first time. They are the best of friends now.

MOB I hate those restful nights sleep. Hopefully the bd'ing should send you straight to sleep tonight. Enjoy Jo Brand!

tinker Keep bd'ing just in case! With long cycles your body can make a few attempts to ov (giving you fertile CM) before the egg finally goes.

GG Hello! Hope work isn't horribly busy.

Hello to everyone else!! Ditto what bucky said wink

luvingtinkerbell Mon 21-Apr-08 13:38:37

thanks jollybear

we gofd - cd8,10,16,21,25,27,28 and last night cd30
have had ewcm since thursay so expecting it to stop any day

hattyyellow Mon 21-Apr-08 15:23:27

Bucky I'd put you in with a good chance judging on your BD dates? Especially if you ovulated late in the day..everything crossed.

JB that's a lovely quote thank you! Will rememeber it.

Shreks hello stranger! Hope we will see you back with us again soon

GG hope you've got some holidays booked to make up for all thses long hours. Fingers crossed for you this cycle.

Tinkerbell sounds like some good signs!

GryffinGirl Mon 21-Apr-08 15:43:49

hello everyone - just emerging from all the work chaos. Tis mad round 'ere grin

hatty - how are you feeling? ANy symptoms yet grin? I do have a mini-holiday planned for the Bank Holiday weekend. DH is working in the South of France and has a conference there, so I am going out to join him smile. I am so excited! Well, I was excited, until I overheard someone I work with here say "I can't do a meeting that day, we are at a conference in Cannes". My heart sank that I migth bump into people from here sad. I have the worst luck ever with holidays shock

hello Bucky - can you bring Finn and Molly to the meet up? I feel we know them from the 2WW thread and they are part of it too grin!

Hello MOB _ enjoy Jo Brand - I am very jealous. I am a bit of a comedy geek and love going to gigs, and she would be in my top 10 of people to see.

hello jolly - any symptoms with you yet? When do you start your new job? Do they have a good maternity policy? hmm

hello to everyone else. I'm slowly counting down the days until next AF which is a week away. Grrrr.

hattyyellow Mon 21-Apr-08 16:08:10

GG South of France sounds bliss (I'm hoping your DH will get some time off too whilst he's there?) You will concieve fuelled with yummy wine and cheese and call the baby Monaco, Antibes or maybe Nice.

JB I'd forgotten about the new job in all the excitement! What a lucky couple of weeks you've had! How far gone will you be when you start?

I have some symptoms. Need to pee loads, some stretchy cramps in tummy and boobs. Tired and feel like someone has switched half my brain off - I'm normally quite wired and hyper, at weekends I normally like to have a "plan" but this weekend I just quite happily lazed around the house with DD's most of the time whilst DH was working.

Had an amusing night on Saturday - we went out for dinner with some friends, who'd also invited some other couples along that they knew and wanted to introduce us to.

Halfway through the evening the conversation turned to who was pregnant, who they thought might be pregnant next and who they thought was currently pregnant but wasn't letting on! Apparently the biggest clue was women who just drank water at dinner parties and looked knackered halfway through dinner..

DH tried not to laugh as I stifled a yawn and put down my water glass! I am so nervous about the first trimester I really don't want anyone to know except for very close friends and family - but I think they might all have guessed so the whole world probably knows now!

JollyBear Mon 21-Apr-08 16:26:35

Ooh the South of France GG, how lovely! I hope you don't meet any work people. Take some big shades and a wig wink. Hope the 2ww speeds up a bit.

hatty LOL at the dinner! Maybe they didn't notice grin I too need to pee loads but I am drinking like a horse so it is no wonder!

I almost forgot about the job in the BFP excitment and then had a panic! They don't want me to start for another six weeks, so if everything goes well I'll be 10 weeks on my first day shock. I doubt they are going to be very pleased but when would be a good time hmm. Maybe they'll be pleased as they won't have to pay me maternity pay?!

Bucky2008 Mon 21-Apr-08 16:35:46

Hey girlies

I have booked the table at Browns, St Martins Lane, for 6 people at 2pm on Sunday (27th). The table is booked in the name of 'Bucky'. I suggest we all wear a carnation or something? Spandex pants maybe?

Browns Webpage for address etc

The six people so far:

Provisonally Scaryhairy

If anybody else wants to come, please do let me know now and I will up the numbers. Scary, hopefully you can make it!

I will email too incase not everyone logs on here (^yeah right^) wink

luvingtinkerbell Mon 21-Apr-08 17:30:26

lol @ going to france in diguse and yawning with water at the dinner table
thanks hy yours sound good 2

GryffinGirl Mon 21-Apr-08 17:38:39

oooh, exciting. I like Browns (you forgot to add Molly and Finn to the list Bucky grin) Thanks loads for organising everything!

I am PMSL at hatty suggesting that I will conceive and call the resulting DC, Monaco. We were actually thinking of calling GryffinChick "Tropez" dahling! It has a certain classy ring to it, doncha think? grin Or will people just assume I have a bad fake bake habit?! hmmgrin

I actually know a couple who conceived their DS in Ibiza and his middle name is Antonio after San Antonio!!! shock. They think it is terribly funny! Hmmm, just thinking though <gryffin quickly checks her calendar> I will be roughly CD8 or 9 that weekend, so maybe....smile Didn't our very own Fertility Goddess, Abbymeg, create her little bean on CD7?

Jolly - I will have to use the trip and possibility of bumping into anyone from work as an excuse to buy some huge designer sunglasses at the airport grin. Might draw the line at a wig in all that heat grin. DH is only conferencing/working until Friday night, so I have him to myself (I hope...hmm) for the rest of the long weekend. I have never been to the Cote D'Azure, so I am excited. I am also a bit worried everyone will be super sophisticated and goergeous and I'll look like some sort of sad hobledehoy with no sense of la style francaise blush

Nothing more to report here but another night in the office angry. That holiday couldn't come soon enough.

Have a lovely evening

abbymeg Mon 21-Apr-08 17:48:57

GG - CD7 or 8, can't remember exactly, but it was much earlier that I'd been trying.

Things not going so good today sad. I posted a long thread on pregnancy about general anesthetic and ibruprofen which says it all at length. Can't do links - am a bit crap!

Basically, the doctor made me feel like if I make it to twelve weeks and the baby is okay, it will be nothing short of a miracle. I don't know the truth of this, as she gave me no statistical evidence, and other people (friend's sister is a midwife and nurse at surgery when I had stitches out) said general anesthetic should be okay. They didn't mention ibruprofen.

But, from what I've read, taking ibruprofen is BAD. Increases risk of MC from between 12-25% in a normal pregnancy to 80%. I was taking the maximum allowed dosage for 5 days sad.

If anyone knows anymore about this, positive or negative, I'd really appreciate it.

(Abbymeg finishes depressing everybody and throws copious amounts of babydust at 2WWers, as is the duty of all good fetility goddesses grin)

hattyyellow Mon 21-Apr-08 17:51:06

Ohhh Abbey - everything and everything crossed that it's all okay - can they offer you an early scan as reassurance/to see what's going on?

hattyyellow Mon 21-Apr-08 17:55:50

GG I feel lucky about your French vacances..I can just see you yelling at your triplets across the playground in a few years....

"Marrrr...seille, Trrrrrrr...opez, Mmmmmmmmm..onaco..if i've told you once I've told you a thousand times...come here now!"

GryffinGirl Mon 21-Apr-08 17:57:15

Abby - oh, you poor thing. Doctors feel it their duty to give you worst case scenario, so are probably covering themselves. There are MN doctors who post in the Health section who may be able to help. I know absolutely nothing about ibufrofen, but I can check with GP sister if you like and see what she says. Please don't stress about miscarriage (far easier said than done, I know)

GryffinGirl Mon 21-Apr-08 18:01:01

hatty - absolutely PMSL at the thought of me having a litter of DC's

.....and they will give me a typical Gallic shrug, go on strike and get back to their game of boules gringringrin

PicknMix Mon 21-Apr-08 19:08:39

Awww Abby I don't have any information on Ibuprofen in pregnancy but I've got everything crossed for you. Like GG says, the Dr's have to cover themselves - I can also ask my SIL (she's a Doc) for some advice if you want?

PicknMix Mon 21-Apr-08 19:21:34

GG I actually (oh the shame) have cousins who are named after the hotels they were concieved in shockgrin. Thankfully it wasn't a Travelodge!!!! When my mum told me about it she helpfully added that it was darn lucky she wasn't as inclined to follow suit as I'd have ended up being called 'Eurohike' (my parents were more a camping holiday type couple gringrin)

Thank you for organising the meet up Bucky - am blind as a bat so carnations may not be such a bad idea to save me from the embarressment of sitting down at completely the wrong table grin

JB I have started temping again (well remembered!) but my temps are all over the place. Am a little worried that my cycle has 'done an Abby' and already ov'ed by cd10 and I've completely missed the boat. Ah well!

MOB I reckon a little bit of egg pickling probably helps the process smile- hope you had a lovely weekend?!

PMSL @ Hatty with your glass of water and weary stature - as long as they don't ask you outright (and thus put you in an awkward position) you should be ok keeping up the pretence!

Hi to Tink - all sounding very good for you!

Hello to anyone I've missed!!

digitalgirl Mon 21-Apr-08 19:25:43

abbymeg I do hope everything's ok. There are so many positive stories out there of babies surviving D&C's, hard drug binges, alcoholic binges, loss of a twin...I even remember reading on an MN thread about a woman who was told she had an ectopic pregnancy they actually operated on her and removed 'something' and still the little bean clung on in the womb and is now a strapping 14 year old boy. I think if this baby wants to be born then it will be.

bucky two things. first of all, I'm sure I read on FF that BD'ing two days before OV is the OPTIMUM day for success. On the flipside of that coin, FF thought I'd ov'ed two days after I actually ov'ed (actual date confirmed by digi-bean's dating scan). So you may well have ov'ed a day or two earlier than it thinks.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. I've not had much time to keep up with MN so there's lots to catch up on. smile

GryffinGirl Mon 21-Apr-08 20:11:47

picknmix - say hi to your cousins Hilton and Ritz from me!

Do you know, I have no idea where I was conceived hmm. Must ask my Mum grin

abbymeg Mon 21-Apr-08 20:15:58

Thank you everyone. If GG and Picknmix could ask - if its not any trouble - then I'd appreciate it, although I know that only time will tell. Plus, I don't know what the general anesthetic was that they used.

I have done some reading, as has DH, and it does appear that ibruprofen causes 80% risk of MC as it prevents implantation - it appears that this is in the first month, so I'm hoping I've avoided this.

I think I will post on health - didn't realise there were doctors on MN.

Thanks again everyone.

(**huge clouds of highly fertile babydust*)

mibbes Mon 21-Apr-08 20:47:39

GG holiday in South of France with big fancy sunglasses sounds fab grin
hatty PMSL at your dinner conversation smile
MOB this thread has scientifically proven that pickled eggs = BFP wink
Bucky sounds like you have timed BD perfecty missus grin
abbymeg I would have thought the ibuprofen would have taken effect by now if they were going to cause a problem. Maybe it was too early in PG to have an adverse reaction. I really hope so {{{hugs}}} xx
Symptoms here are massive tender boobies (DP is delighted !)

hi ladiesgrin
just a quick one to abby to say about the ibuprofen during pregnancy question i have a british national formulary which lists all the medications and theier side effects and contra-indications and here is what it says:-
" most manufacturers advise to avoid (unless potential benefit outweighs the risk) with regular use closure of fetal ductus arteriosus in utero and possibly persistant pulmonary hypertension of the newborn, delayed onset and increased duration of labour" this is all talking about if you were to take the ibuprofen all the way through the pregnancy not if you only had it as part of your post op pain relief. try not to worry. as long as you avoid ibuprofen from now on you should be finesmile your GP is probably tryiong to prepare you for the worst case scenario just in case. but a MC can and does happen to anyone so just because you have taken a medication with cautions for pregnancy it doesnt mean you have caused any damage to you baby! it just a risk as you have with most things.smile {{{{{hugs}}}}}}
il catch up properly with everyone tomorrow as im shattered and want to relax xx
xx ei xx

Bucky2008 Mon 21-Apr-08 21:16:18

<<hugs>> sadAbby I think Ei is right, surely you would have seen the consequence of the Ibuprofen by now if it had had some effect. <<more hugs>> I hope you are ok and feeling a little teensy bit more optimistic this evening.

GG envy Jealous of your South of France trip. I can't imagine going on holiday for ages with the pups hmm.

Hatty grin you could pretend that the water is gin. I always do it the other way round (i.e. pretend the gin is water) but I'm sure it would work for you wink And that was a joke people, I am not THAT much of a lush! Close, but no banana.

Me well I have post or pre ov (.)(.)s, tender but no exactly the 'don't brush past me and gently knock my chest because I will die of pain' type of (.)(.)s you get when you are pg!

<Bucky waves to dg>

Anyway, going to make a cup of decaf now....

abbymeg Mon 21-Apr-08 22:11:03

Thanks for finding that out EI. I totally agree with what you say about chances of MC anyway.

The doctor's approach was possibly designed to try and outline the risks - not to get my hopes up - but she was a bit OTT and managed to make me feel like there was no hope at all! It's the first time my doctor has been told I'm pregnant - she didn't test me to confirm, or work out my dates, or give me any advice about folic acid - she just treated me like a MC waiting to happen. It was pretty unnerving and left me really upset. She didn't give me any statistics, she told me that general anesthetic was dangerous in early pregnancy and that ibruprofen had significantly increased my risk of miscarriage. (Another jewel was that a lot of pregnancies aren't viable anyway. She must really reassure all the other newly pg mums).

It seems to be that ibruprofen causes miscarriage early (prevents implantation) - so surely she could have attempted to explain this and maybe reassure me. Instead, she made me even more anxious.

One really annoying thing, in hindsight, is that this GP knows I've had a tough time ttc and had to go to gyne. angry

abby i would go back to your GP or possibly one who is more sympathetic and demand the advice you are entitled to!! what a poor package of care she has offered to you!! regardless of the fact that she may be expecting the worst she should also prepare you for the best outcome aswell-which includes working your dates out, prescribing preggy vitamins and generally being supportive of the fact that you have had a tough time of it and you may need that little more of a hand to hold!!angry is there another GP you can go and see?? she is basically adding to any stresses you will already naturally have and those extra stresses will not help you or your baby!! if you have to go back to her i would make it clear to her that you are aware of all of the risk factors that are involved but that she should treat you like any other pregnant lady and concentrate on what is going on now rather than what could potentially happen in the future.
bloody GPs can be useless at times!!
(sorry it is one of my bugbears for peple to be dismissed by health professionals!! (i have been a few times) and i think you should get the same treatment as any normal healthy preggy woman- if not more so with early scan bloods etc to ensure anything wrong is picked up early)
xx ei xx

crossingallbutlegs Tue 22-Apr-08 08:19:30

morning ladies
cd32 for me temp drophmm
to ovulate or not to ovulatethat is the question?

Oufton Tue 22-Apr-08 09:29:07

Oh abbey how awful for you, I hope you're coping ok.
For info I found this link bmj.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/full/328/7431/108-a
which basically implies that the data used as evidence is very scant and riddled with holes because it appears the women in the study were already a higher risk for miscarriage. I think it might be the case that this evidence gets continually re-quoted and also pharma companies contraindicate almost all drugs because it's unethical to test on pregnant women so they have very little data to base evidence on so just take the cautious approach.

I'm sending huge positive vibes for you.

(Note: NSAID in this paper is a generic word encompassing painkiller drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin)

PicknMix Tue 22-Apr-08 10:09:59

Abby I checked with my SIL for you and she has basically agreed with what both Ei and Outften have said - she even recommended I link to the British Med Journal but Ouften beat me to it (grin).

I really agree with Ei that you should try and get another appt with someone different - I appreciate that all Drs have to cover their backs but there are means and ways of going about things. My SIL said the same as EI that a Dr should put across all sides of the story and should be there to support not scare monger. She also said that it can be, as you said, to do with implantation so if you're already showing positive on a test then you've already got over the first hurdle, and as the bmj report states, it can be a really hard situation to judge as you can't actually, ethically, test for consequences.

Sending you huge big hugs xx

JollyBear Tue 22-Apr-08 10:39:13

Morning all,

abby They don't actually do proper double blind clinical trials on the effect of drugs on pregnant women because it is completely unethical! The advice from ei, P&M and ouften is excellent and I hope it has put your mind at rest a bit.

LOL at Ritz and Hilton! Do your cousins know they are named after where they were conceived P&M? At least if you have already ov you are on the 2ww!

bucky my boob pain started off just like pre-AF pain. It just got worse!

ei Lovely to see you. Sorry you are so busy! Hopefully you will be one of those 'I was just so busy I forgot about TTC and got a BFP' smile.

GG I think you have to get some expensive sunnies!

Hello to everyone else!!

GryffinGirl Tue 22-Apr-08 11:44:26

abby - I checked with my GP sister and she reitterated Ei, picknmix and oufton's advice. She advises her preganant patients to avoid ibruprofen because she wouldn't be doing her job unless she pointed out the risks these studies have raised, but that they are flawed. Really hope you are ok this morning. Sending you big <<<<<hugs>>>>>> and a smile to say we are all thinking of you.

can't post for long so big hello to everyone else gringrin

Symptoms for me on CD23 - very sore (.)(.), but I get them every month before AF. I am cheered up by the fact that most people say that their AF symptoms are the same as PG ones. Hell, I can dream..... grin

abbymeg Tue 22-Apr-08 12:23:38

Thank you all so much. EI I'm quite cross with myself for not challenging her yesterday about my lack of care. I got quite emotional (surely hormones are a good sign?! grin). I'm not that impressed with the GPs at my practice full stop, and am contemplating going elsewhere. I think I'm going to avoid going to GP again, given that I know enough about what I should and shouldn't be doing in early pregnancy already (thankfully), and wait to see the midwife next week. She'd better be good, otherwise I'm definitely off to another surgery! Bedside manner has certainly died a death with many GPs, sadly. I always feel like a timewaster and 9 times out of 10 my experiences (across 3 surgeries) are negative.

Thank you to Ouften, Picknmix, Jollybear and GG too.

I'm just pleased that I'm signed off work at the moment because of my operation. I'm healing well, but painfully since I'm not going near anymore painkillers!

abbymeg Tue 22-Apr-08 16:16:02

Am scared I have killed the thread shock

Bucky2008 Tue 22-Apr-08 20:09:57

Hey where is everyone? hmm.

abby angry I am not going to begin to rant, but everyone else has clearly outlined how dreadful your GP is, especially Ei

Nothing exciting happening here. Sore (.)(.)s a bit more sore today, but that's it. FF still says ov date the same.

Hope everyone is having a good night, just thought I would check in.

ScaryHairy Tue 22-Apr-08 20:13:44

Abby you have not killed the thread. I saw your other thread. It looks to me like you took the ibuprofen around implantation, in which case if it was going to have an impact I would not have expected you to get a BFP (because I had thought it would stop implantation). I am not an expert, but aspirin has a similar effect and I took loads when I got pregnant with my daughter (as I thought the implantation pains were AF. Doh!) I went to see the GP at about 7 weeks to book and he told me that if I was going to miscarry because of the aspirin I would already know about it. So please don't stress... I bet you have done no harm. Re the GA, while it isn't ideal to have a GA surely this would also have taken place pre-implantation? If not, lots of women have generals while pregnant - sometimes there is no choice - and their babies are ok.

Jollybear did I see you write on Abby's other thread that Twinklingfairy's molar pregnancy turned out to be a viable pregnancy? I hope I've got the right end of the stick. I have to say I have had nightmares that maybe my bean wasn't ectopic and they have terminated a viable pregnancy, but I would love to hear about a happy ending for someone!

Will post more later. Am planning to come to the meet-up but DD is not all that well so I might need to be at home. Definitely think we should all wear carnations. Or maybe headscarves and sunglasses!!

abbymeg Tue 22-Apr-08 21:14:33

Hi Bucky keeping my fingers crossed for you. I remember doctor rants we shared from months ago. It seems they haven't got much better! grin

Scary thanks for the reassurance. I'm taking it day by day, and with each day that passes I feel a little better. As far as GA is concerned, my friend's sister is a midwife and said not to worry at all as it's probably too early to have had an effect. Hopefully this is the case, but time will tell. smile

mibbes Tue 22-Apr-08 21:54:17

Scary yes just to let you know Fairy's PG was viable in the end and she'd had a D&C ! They called her back unexpectedly as her hCG levels had risen - they did a scan and wee beany with a heartbeat was in there !!

ScaryHairy Tue 22-Apr-08 22:05:28

Bloody brilliant smile

GryffinGirl Tue 22-Apr-08 22:43:59

sorry Bucky - have been stuffed all day. Juat leaving now smile

mibbes - I had no idea about twinklingfairy's experience shock. I am so sad that I wasn't reading other threads and was completely in the dark about another 2WW-er. It is wonderful about the bean grin!!

abby - how are you doing today, m'dear? Hope all the post operative pain is going. You didn't kill the thread, don't be daft smile! GP sis called me again and says to tell you not to worry too much.

OOOh, excited about this weekend. Scary - hope your DD feels better soon.

Speak soon everyone and here is to lots more BFP's soon,


crossingallbutlegs Wed 23-Apr-08 08:04:27

morning ladies
cd33 for me same temp as yest
sure i ovulated getting lower twinges today

Oufton Wed 23-Apr-08 09:14:52

Wow what fantastic news for twinklingfairy, that must have been a complete shock for her! How fab.

Well there's not a lot happening on here today is there, morning to one and all, hope you're feeling a bit more chipper today abbey after the deluge of info from us all!

Good luck with the ov crossing

crossingallbutlegs Wed 23-Apr-08 09:17:47

morning oufton

i have found someone is like a graveyard on here!!

same temp for me today

am sure i have ovulated and thoughts on chart welcome

JollyBear Wed 23-Apr-08 10:57:59

Morning all,

You chart is lovely bucky, a lovely rise smile. How are Molly and Finn today? Do they seem to be getting on OK?

GG How are you feeling? Any symptoms?

MOB How is the charting going? Are you finding it a help?

tinker I had a look at your chart and, sorry but it really doesn't look like you have ov to me. Have you looked at the chart gallery in FF?

Hello oufton! Is it the 'action' time of the cycle for you yet? wink.

I went to my GP this morning and well what a sunbeam she was hmm. Amongst her questionable remarks: 1, "Pregnancy tests are too sensitive because people get positives when the embryo hasn't even implanted" hmm. 2, "Pregnancy sickness is mainly psychosymatic" shock. She also gave me a startling figure on early misscarriages! I'm so glad I went hmm.

hattyyellow Wed 23-Apr-08 10:58:24

How are we all this morning?

Abbey how you doing?

hattyyellow Wed 23-Apr-08 11:00:51

Oh JB what a cow! Sorry to hear she was so miserable about it all.

There's far more pregnancies ending in babies overall than ending in miscarriage aren't there? And no reason why yours shouldn't be gurgling in your arms in 9 months time.

I actually swopped doctors last time as I just couldn't stand my one and I'd registed there not knowing there was one nearer me! My new doctor was lovely.

tinkerbelldust Wed 23-Apr-08 11:05:10

hi jb ye have been browsing gallery
ff says in analyzer ewcm suggest ovulation cd30-33

JollyBear Wed 23-Apr-08 11:22:33

Hello tinker, EWCM indicates that your body is fertile and pre-ov but can get EWCM and not ov in a cycle. Once the egg has gone then you would expect your temps to become higher than your previous temps and stay at a high level or get higher. I just don't want you to stop bd'ing and miss your egg that's all! In a few more days it might be clearer that you have ov smile.

Thanks hatty! I've never seen that GP before, the others are really nice. She has even insisted I have a urine test sent off the the lab to confirm hmm.

tinkerbelldust Wed 23-Apr-08 11:26:09

cheers hun jb
heres hoping for higher temps
so far have bd cd8,10,16,21,25,27,28 and 30

Oufton Wed 23-Apr-08 11:35:58

God jb what an evil wench, that's exactly the kind of cheery advice you need to hear this early on, I hope she's not a Samaritans counselor in her spare time grin. I hope you're firmly ignoring her.

I am bedroom action to the max, I've instigated the every-other-day method this month and in honour of the position discussions on here as well as an attempt to keep things fun I've said we need a new position every time. God alone knows what state I'll be in by the end of the cycle, a trip to an osteopath is probably on the cards!! Also you should all stand by for position advice because I reckon I'll run out of all the ones I know in about a week wink.

Hi to abbey and hatty how are you both today?

And tink that is an impressive list, go tink and her DP!

tinkerbelldust Wed 23-Apr-08 11:38:03

cheers oufton lets hope that we caught the egg

littlemissdaisy Wed 23-Apr-08 12:04:56

Hi Peeps, Well the Clinic finally called me back today, only took 24hrs, she went on to tell me that I am having an early miscarriage,I cold have told her that, she then spouted on about how nothing can be done blah de blah, they can't scan until you are six weeks etc, she also told me not to take my clomid until I have a proper period next month, as this is my third miscarriage she has said I need to go in for a follicle scan and reveiw on day 10 of my next clomid cycle. Helpful and reassuring, I think not sad

GryffinGirl Wed 23-Apr-08 12:09:35

hello all

jolly - your GP does indeed sound like a little ray of sunshine shock. I am pretty sure that implantation would have occurred by now and ther is no doubt you are PG! Honestly, doom and gloom merchants can get lost grin. They can't p*ss on our chips when we have had so much good BFP luck on this thread.

No symptoms for me really beyond yesterday's slightly sore (.)(.), but as I said, they always are tender at this point in the month and the last 17 cycles or whatever, werenn't indicative of a BFP in waiting, sadly. Really excited about the meet up on Sunday ladies smile

Work has calmed down a lot, thank good ness. The deal signed last night - finally [phew emoticon], so I have a little respite. DH is still in Germany, hopefully not indulging in the beer there ahead of our appointment on Monday angry.

oufton - PMSL at the need for an osteopath after all the TTC BD-ing. DH and I have become more adventurous again - at first when TTC I made him stick to easy ones for maximum fertility potential. Does anyone remember Mizz magazine's "Position of the Fortnight" feature that got whackier and whackier as the years went on?! Takes me back a bit.....

hello to hatty Bucky tinker MOB and picknmix and everyone else.

Horrid rainy day in London. Yuck.

Oufton Wed 23-Apr-08 12:18:38

Yay GG i do remember the position of the fortnight, oh man the reverse cowgirl still brings a tear to my eye!! I don't know if I'm made funny but I swear it's completely impossible to get it in and keep it there in that position. We'll have to start a position of the week on this thread, I'll certainly be needing new ideas soon...

Sorry to hear the clinic were rubbish daisy, some people are just plain horrid. I hope you're ok.

tinkerbelldust Wed 23-Apr-08 13:02:14

so sorry lmd you take care

Madoldbird Wed 23-Apr-08 13:13:34

Hello everyone

abby hope you are feeling a bit better about things today. What an awful GP. I would echo what everyone else has said - see another dr if at all possible. I would hope that you would be given extra-special care & monitoring under the circumstances.

Bucky you are ahead of me now (ov-wise) and your chart is looking v nice - i am envy! I want lines grin

mibbes thank you for letting us know about TF - what a little miracle! Hope things are ok with you.

scary i do hope that DD gets better and that you can make it to the meet up.

JB i can't believe your GP either shock it is disgraceful & she clearly doesn't know what she is talking about! I bet you wish you hadn't gone. I hope you can forget about the stupid woman and enjoy being pregnant. Thank you for asking about the charting - yes i think it is helping, it certainly makes me feel like i am doing something positive, and it's no hassle really. It is a bit of a strange chart, though, i think maybe because i was ill last week. I have disregarded Mondays high temp, as i had been awake most of the night, and it looks a bit better. I have had 2 +ve OPK's, so now i need to hope i get some high temps. Any thoughts on my chart welcome!

oufton am impressed at you doing a different position, everytime, especially if you are still at it every other day! I too remember reverse cowgirl blush I have to say DH & I do find it tricky to remain in that position. Doggy is a (more than) frequent favourite with us. You may need to move out of the bedroom to find new positions... we had a rather passionate time in the kitchen sometime ago blush blush dinner was cooking at the time and was ruined, but there were new positions galore grin

GG am pleased to hear things have slowed down at work. I too am really looking forward to the meet up! Will have my carnation at the ready grin PnM - will wave it wildly so you can see it grin

Hello also to tink ei dg hatty and anyone else that my addled brain can't remember at the moment!

tinkerbelldust Wed 23-Apr-08 13:20:27

i want line to mob any thought on my chart?

Oufton Wed 23-Apr-08 13:33:51

Thanks for the kitchen advice mob, I have to say it's the one place guaranteed to make DH last for ages, I don't know if it's the stress of me going "come on, hurry up, the pasta is boiling over" or what but man alive he takes days!!!

mibbes Wed 23-Apr-08 17:35:13

OMG JB what a witch - it never ceases to amaze how inconsistent GPs can be ! I hope you are ignoring her and sticking to your positive mantra wink
tinker I agree with JB and posted for you on Emmsy's thread - keep BDing.
Oufton you deserve a BFP based on effort alone !!
littlemissdaisy so sorry clinic was so useless sad
GG PMSL at Mizz positions, I remember them well !
Bucky what a lovely chart - lucky you oving so early smile
MOB wow, impressed with BDing prowess - not sure I's ever ruin my dinner for BD though ! Get to the kitchen now lady, with 2nd +ve opk you are pretty much guaranteed to ov today !! I am very well thanks for asking.

tinkerbelldust Wed 23-Apr-08 17:45:27

bding tonire here we come cheers

hi ladiesgrin
ouftongrin pmsl at your position talkgrin you are very funnygrin
littlemiss sorry the clinic were of no use to yousad i have had bother with my GP today getting my results for my lab preg test to confirm my CP/early MC. they have ballsed up and sent the sample off without labelling it so the lab refused to test it so any result i get now (unless i get a BFP) is irreleventsadangry they have known this for 3 days and didnt bother to get in touch with me and just suggested i pop in with a sample and my phone number so the nurse could test it in the officehmm what use is that to me?? if i was indeed preg and had a MC or a CP then surely i would test BFN now anyway and if i wasnt and i had just had a mad cycle i would still get a BFN so where is my answers?? bloody useless GPs!!angry
anywho rant over...
hi to everyonesmile <<<<<<ei waves>>>>>>
xx ei xx

abbymeg Wed 23-Apr-08 21:09:01

Hello (big waves to everyone) smile

Thank you to everybody for your support over the last couple of days. I really appreciate it. I'm just taking each day as it comes; and each day I get through is a relief! I'll be (fingers crossed) 5 weeks tomorrow, so progress is slowly being made.

Anyway, enough about me. I am stopping to once again shower you all in magic baby dust *****

ScaryHairy Wed 23-Apr-08 21:12:27

Hi everyone

It's funny reading this thread tonight, esp position of the fortnight. Was it More magazine that had position of the week when I was about 16? Believe it or not doggy causes much more logistical problems than reverse cowgirl around here blush. Can't believe I just typed that...we'll have to get this thread deleted soon!

JB what is it with these GPs? When I told my old GP I was pregnant with DD he started CRYING. And this GP insisted I had already miscarried when I had an ectopic. Bunch of loons.
And sorry to hear about the crappy clinic littlemiss. God TTC is so hit and miss.
Hello Ei, mibbes, oufton, GG (glad the deal signed... actually I am glad that anything is still signing these days), MOB, Tinketbell and anyone I have (accidentally) forgotten.

Am having backwards 2WW (or in fact 3 month wait) here... I have to go to the hospital next week for more bloods to check my HCG levels are now zero. But I thought if I did an HPT and it showed negative I would go tomorrow and get discharged sooner. So for the first time I got to peeonastick while hoping for a negative. Sadly (!) it is still a feint positive, so it is not over yet. I really want a negative so I can start drinking, having sex and taking folic acid again. It's like being in a parallel universe!

ScaryHairy Wed 23-Apr-08 21:13:59

GG - didn't read your post properly. Of course it was Mizz! Those were the days...

Bucky2008 Wed 23-Apr-08 21:19:03

Well I think we can safely say that doctors are rubbish this week shock. What's wrong with them all???? I have to go to mine tomorrow with DP for his test results, he (the dr) better be in a good mood or I will inform him of all the horrid stories I have heard about doctors recently and blame them all on him.

All this talk about positions is making my eyes water, reverse cowgirl shock, I don't know what's worse a) that you have all heard of it or b) that I have not heard of it wink

MOB where is your chart I want to see it. Do I have to go back to the link you posted before?

Well, if being a total psycho is a symptom I have some. I keep crying over nothing really. Twice today, once because whilst I was gagging cleaning up Finn's sick, Molly peed on the floor in the living room and the second time because a lady was ill on the train and I missed dog school because they had to call an ambulance. DP thinks I need tobe committed, and I can't say I disagree...what is WRONG with me shock. Maybe I am tired or something hmm.

Anyway, how are we really going to know each other on Sunday? I guess if you ask for the table they will tell you where it is? Its quite a big place, maybe we should meet at the bar first?

Bucky2008 Wed 23-Apr-08 21:22:59

Hi scary and Abby <Bucky waves>

ScaryHairy Wed 23-Apr-08 23:09:38

Bucky! I forgot you.... sorry!
I'm sure the meeting-up part of the meet up will be fine. I mean, we'll all be the ladies wandering about staring at other ladies.
Or maybe we should have a signal? Three winks or something?!

tinkerbelldust Thu 24-Apr-08 08:37:02

you could all carry a copy of more mag lol

Oufton Thu 24-Apr-08 10:26:13

Morning all,
God we seriously need some kind of website where people can rate their GPs, there's been some awful stories over the last few days, I can't believe how unsympathetic/harsh/slack they all seem to be, it's truly disgraceful. Big hugs to everyone (and clearly there's plenty) who has such a mean doctor.

Poor scary, hope things settle down for you soon, it must be awful being in such limbo over it all.

Hi abbey hope you're having a good day.

Morning to everyone else ei, jb, mob, bucky, tinkerbell and GG and any I've missed hope you're all well.

Tonight is an 'on' night, so I'd like some suggestions for a quiet position please, unfortunately I have a house guest at the minute but it's not stopping me!!

JollyBear Thu 24-Apr-08 11:02:42

Morning all,

bucky No wonder you felt weepy, what a horrible day. Could be a symptom though wink, you do have a lovely rise in your chart!

MOB As you have had two positive opks then ov must be round the corner. Your temp might rocket tomorrow, fingers crossed.

SH Sorry things haven't resolved for you yet. Are you still planning a holiday?

GG Glad work should be easing now. Will your DH be back for the appointment on Monday? I'll willing you to get a BFP that morning.

Thanks for all being nice about my nasty GP everyone. I'm ignoring her doom and gloom comments and thinking positive smile. I dutifully dropped my sample off this morning. What a waste of NHS resources!

oufton If you have a squeeky bed then you could both stand on the floor with you bent over the bed!! Like doggy but standing. LOL at position of the fortnight and MOB getting jiggy in the kitchen grin

Oufton Thu 24-Apr-08 11:50:33

oooh that's an excellent suggestion jb it may require some moving of the washing mountain at the end of the bed but it should defo reduce noise, I like your style. grin

JollyBear Thu 24-Apr-08 12:23:47

I find it a must for B&Bs!! They always seem to make the beds extra squeeky blush grin

GryffinGirl Thu 24-Apr-08 12:54:24

...and at the in-laws grin[grin

Bucky2008 Thu 24-Apr-08 20:42:20

You are all very quiet again today. hmm. Where are you I miss you. sad

DP and I went to get his results and mine. Although I had had mine from the receptionist as 'fine'. Well DPs results were totally fine, mine however were a bit dodge. I had a level of 24 apparently it should be 30 or above whatever that means. However, I had the test on CD22 and AF turned up on CD25 so my levels were probably dropping. SO....I have to go back again tomorrow for ANOTHER test.

The bad news is that if these tests come back fine, are you ready for this...sit down, if the tests come back fine, I have to wait till I have been ttc for THREE BLOODY years before he will refer me. shockangry. Not ONE, THREE!!!! He will send me for an ultrasound but that's it.

If they come back dodgy again I will get referred immediately. Talk about bad news either way sad. What was it we were saying about GPs? angry.

tinkerbelldust Thu 24-Apr-08 21:36:22

eve bucky sorry hun about drs and results
good luck for tests

ScaryHairy Thu 24-Apr-08 21:56:05

Bucky, that really takes the biscuit. If it comes to it, for heaven's sake, change GPs. There is no reason on earth why you should wait for 3 years to be referred. Either that, or spend the next year saving up and just go private.

mibbes Thu 24-Apr-08 22:01:53

Bucky sorry about results, hopefully this lot will be higher - I assume it is porgesterone levels you mean ? And as for 3 years well that is quite frankly f*@king RIDICULOUS ! I have never heard such nonsense, you have already been trying for well over a year so if I were you if all tests prove to be fine then get yourself off to another GP or clinic - am absolutely shock and angry

omg bucky effin GPsangry what a waste of time!! 3 years is absolutely ridiculous!! your GP needs to be lined up with all our other crap GPs and we can poke them with very large sharp sticks!!angry hopefully if your results dont come back as abnormal he will change his mind and refer you anywaysmile if not move to different gp
hi to everyone elsegrin
what dya think of my new name??smile
xx ei xx

tinkerbelldust Fri 25-Apr-08 08:29:29

morning ladies
cd35 for me temp rise again getting there

Madoldbird Fri 25-Apr-08 09:03:13

Bucky oh no - not another stupid GP shock definitely wrong - he should be referring you now. Is there another GP in the practice you can see? You can also ring the PCT and ask their advice - and check that this is not a policy with this particular Trust. There's other stuff you can do too - we can chat about it it on Sunday, as this is vaguely of my line of work (No, i am NOT a GP!!!) At least there was a bit of good news in all of this, in that DP's results are fine. It does sound as though your test was done at the wrong time - which is probably why it was a bit low.

Morning to everyone else!!!

Well, i had great excitement this morning - i've got lines!!! look at my lines!

I was really excited (sad, i know) because i was starting to wonder if i was ever going to ov. Now here i am 3DPO already. The thing that confuses me a little is the OPK results which were +ve on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yet FF says i ov'd tuesday. Which is likely to be more accurate?? BD'd Monday evening & Wednesday morning, so hopefully well timed.

Anyway, will be back later - but better do some work first smile

tinkerbelldust Fri 25-Apr-08 09:39:35

great mob for lines getting nearly mine slowly and hopefully surely had another higher temp this morning

Oufton Fri 25-Apr-08 09:41:43

Morning all,
bucky that's ridiculous, 3 years??? I notice from your profile (sorry not stalking just interested!) that you're 35, I thought guidelines stated that you need to be trying for only 6 months without success to get referred over the age of 35? (I'm not implying you're old by the way, just that 35 is one of those random cutoff ages). Your GP sounds like an absolute horror, I really hope you can get some better answers. Very pleased your DPs tests came back ok though, go swimmers!

Excellent news for you mob on ovulation, I hope you've caught that egg.

Morning to everyone else, nothing exciting to report from me except last night's action when we have a houseguest made me feel like I was 17 again in my parents house. Lots of giggling and shushing!!

Oufton Fri 25-Apr-08 09:42:28

Meant to say I love the new name ei!

hattyyellow Fri 25-Apr-08 09:51:41

3 years Bucky???? What on earth? But the bog standard NHS guidelines say 1 year? That's ridiculous? You're in London right? Not some remote colony of a tiny island with one hospital?

What levels were the ones coming back low? Good news that DH levels fine.

MOB lol at the lines! Congratulations, that's great!

Oufton I conceived both times very quietly whilst my mum was staying with us - I think she is some kind of Abbey style fertility symbol. wink

I do wonder sometimes if she's worked out that her little girl was "at it" whilst she was down the corridor both times! (Given that my mum is Catholic and I'm sure doesn't like to think that I am anything other than driven snow and must just have a tendency towards immaculate conceptions!)

Abbey where are you? Are you okay?

Oufton Fri 25-Apr-08 10:19:55

hatty that's very interesting, I was joking to DH this morning that no doubt last night's will be the one and I'll forever know that a child was conceived during a bout of less than romantic action. ahem.
Perhaps you could consider renting your mother out to the rest of us? I'm sure it'll cause catholic guilt but if we're all at it for procreation rather than fun surely it's ok with him upstairs?

Bucky2008 Fri 25-Apr-08 10:28:26

grin Congratulations on the lines MOB. It is quite exciting blush. I get excited just getting the thermometer out in the morning.

Hatty pmsl at 'remote colony'. Um no, I am in Hertfordshire! Although it felt like a remote colony moving here after living in London for 13 years!

I went for the test this morning. The nurse suggested I see a different doctor in the surgery who specialises in fertility and ob-gyn problems. Have made an appointment for the 9th May.

In the meantime DP is acting very weird and insisting he KNOWS that this is the month his baby has been concieved shockhmm. He said he just has a feeling...am worried that he will be disappointed AGAIN! sad.

Have got more tender (.)(.)s than usual though so all is not lost!

PicknMix Fri 25-Apr-08 11:20:50


Internet playing silly buggers at home so stealth posting at work.

Will read through and catch up


GryffinGirl Fri 25-Apr-08 11:22:25

*Bucky8 - have emailed you, but I can't beleieve that bl**dy doctor. Completely unreasonable. Thank goodness there is someone qualified at that surgery who specialises in obs/gynae.

Is your DP known for is psychic powers hmmgrin? When is AF due for you. I am due AF on Sunday/Monday with our fertility appointment on Monday afternoon at 2pm, so the emotions will all happen at once for me, I think shock. I am looking forward to our meet up to take my mind off everything smile

My DH is coming back tonight from Germany and not disappearing off again until next Wednesday now, so it will be lovely to have him around. He claims to be "very excited" about the appointment hmm, while I am feeling disinctly nervous but I think the appointment with the consultant will be an anti-climax with a few months of blood tests etc for me scheduled, while they rule out a problem with me (I am not too worried really) before we have the Big Choice to make re IVF, if that is the route to go down.

hello to oufton tinkerbell picknmix and everyone else.

sorry for not posting much

MOB - looking good on the lines.

hatty- how are you feeling. Do you have any PG symptoms yet?

8abby* - where have you gone

abbymeg Fri 25-Apr-08 11:31:34

Hatty am okay - midwife called yesterday to cancel appt next week, and I had a chat with her about why I'd made one so early - she's asked me to go in today instead so she can refer me to an obstetric consultant. Am pleased things are moving now, as a consultant should either reassure me or monitor me much more closely. However, still sad that she thinks its serious enough to refer.

Bucky shock and more shock at the 3 years! I would check NHS guidelines - as Hatty says - and try a different doctor. 3 years is just not good enough. Have you had an ultrasound yet? Is it just your hormones being checked? They checked my hormones, which were fine, but I went back in and moaned about heavy periods and unreasonable ov pain, so they refered me for an ultrasound (played on periods rather that ttc as they just raise a cynical eyebrow and tell you to sod off until you've tried for a year). Scan came back showing one polycystic ovary, and dr was going to leave it at that - but I told them sex was frequently painful, so they refered me to a consultant (Yes, I'm thinking of moving into Leeds General Infirmary, given the amount of time I'm there). She told me periods were nothing to worry about, but painful sex could be endometriosis. I told her I wanted to have a baby, and she told me to try, and if nothing had happened in six months, to go back to her - to ask for a direct referal. And it just so happens that I am pg, so no need. I suppose what I mean by relaying all of this is, if I was you I would play on periods or painful sex as a means to getting scanned if you haven't already. The doctors just don't react to ttc, but they do to other gyne problems. Alternately, loads of people on here are having scans privately to see their babies, am wondering whether they will scan privately to check your tubes (highly technical terminology). Hope this helps - am sorry I don't know what you've already had done because I've not been around for ages.

Hours go by without any posts on here at the moment. Am convinced you've all resorted to rampant b-ding during the daylight hours too grin

ScaryHairy Fri 25-Apr-08 11:45:58

Abby she is probably just referring you because you are worried. I would say that is a good midwife - one who understands how key it is to follow a woman's instinct. My local EPAU were surprised when I pitched up with no pain or bleeding, but insisting that something was wrong. But as they are used to women doing this, they took me seriously. I am not saying that there is anything wrong in your case, but because you are worried they are going that extra mile to make sure you are ok. It sounds like good quality care to me.

Bucky I'm glad you have found a better GP. Three years is an utter nonsense. If you can try to spin it as period problems, rather than TTC issues. Then you might get seen more quickly (sounds backwards, but that's the NHS for you). Hopefully your DH's instinct is right and it won't matter anyway grin

DD is better (I think she was trying it on) and so I am looking forward to the meet up too, and finally putting faces to the typing.

Congrats on the lines MOB.

PicknMix Fri 25-Apr-08 12:00:33

Ok, so looks like loads of you have been having probs with your Doctors – am shock and sad at how common this is becoming.

Bucky 3 years?! That’s ridiculous – am echoing everyone here I know but please find a second opinion from somewhere. I’m relieved that your DH results were ok – though – that is at least some excellent news for you. Am liking your charting progress BTW – had a little look and its looking pretty good.

Scary how is DD feeling?

Abby how are you feeling about everything today?

Ei (love the new name BTW) – again, what rubbish rubbish Dr’s – can’t believe they labelled it wrong. As you say, what use is that going back in for another test now? Grrr on your behalf!

GG glad to hear that work has calmed down a little bit for you now and that your appt has come around so quickly on Monday – am really really hoping your Dr’s are 100% better than any of the other 2ww’ers seem to have been recently. However I do appreciate your concerns about the appt.

MOB excellent news about the lines grin. I would wait and see with FF as sometimes they change their mind about where the lines should go but fingers crossed for you!

Sorry to hear about the positive test Scary - lets hope the blood tests next week are more conclusive for you.

Loving Tinks*/*Crossings idea about carrying a copy of More to the meet!!

JB your Dr sounds rubbish as well – I know they have to make people aware of all dangers etc but, really, telling you things like that (about miscarriages) will surely just stress you out?

Ouften am loving your bedroom prowess – every other day and a different position each time?!? Blimey – that’s pretty good going grin.

LittleMiss your situation sounds awful aswell – am sad on your behalf that your Dr was so completely ignorant. I hope you’re doing ok.

Am sadly with Bucky in the fact that I blush am not entirely sure about the Reverse Cowgirl but was pmsl at your position discussions (had to read quickly though for fear of a customer having a read at the same time!)

Sorry for the essay but I feel like I've missed so much!

Bucky2008 Fri 25-Apr-08 12:41:09

<Bucky smiles at the warm glowing feeling of everyone being back together>

Aw, where have you all been???? smile

PicknMix Fri 25-Apr-08 12:44:27

I have been lurking on the mobile - tried to post a few times but it kept going horribly wrong so gave up. Am hoping my boss doesn't do a spot check on my browsing history now though!!!

I have missed you all loads - am looking forward to Sunday smile

abbymeg Fri 25-Apr-08 13:03:33

I've been sleeping and eating. Life's tough! grin

Thanks Scary, that's what I'm hoping. Just the phonecall with the midwife has restored my faith in current doctors' practice. May stay after all..

Picknmix I'm okay. It's strange, because I daren't get excited at all. I'm hoping the midwife is positive today smile.

GryffinGirl Fri 25-Apr-08 14:44:14

I'm out this month - again sad

AF has arrived. No big surprise except it is two days early, which is unusual for me. Just went to the loo - no cramping, but there's no mistake it's AF.

I am feeling pretty low and, unkindly and unfairly, sittin ghere welling up and blaming my absent DH for having useless sperm and never being here.

Please would someone talk me into cheering up and being a nicer person please.

hattyyellow Fri 25-Apr-08 15:39:12

Oh GG I'm so very sorry . Would have given anything to have you have a BFP this month.

At least your DH is sounding involved and enthusiastic about the appointment next week. Something to focus on to make things happen.

Wish I could do or say something to make it all okay . Hugs to you. Hope it's not grizzly drizzly raining down there like it is here as well.

hattyyellow Fri 25-Apr-08 15:40:18

Abbey let us know how the midwife appt goes -hope it's all okay.

ScaryHairy Fri 25-Apr-08 15:43:06

GG I am sorry to hear about AF. This will all come good in the end though. Mr GG will decide that living out of a suitcase is not for him and will take a month's unpaid leave which will coincide with his man-vits taking effect and producing super sperm. At the same time, you will just happen to be ovulating and voila! You'll get pregnant with twin-mini griffins (one boy and one girl).

And if it doesn't happen as easily as that, you will still find a way.

In the meantime, (((hugs))).

Oufton Fri 25-Apr-08 15:47:09

You poor thing GG, CD1 is the absolute worst day of the lot, it just makes you feel like such a failure. Make sure you spoil yourself with something very lovely tonight (wine and cheese?!) and don't feel at all bad for having mean thoughts. You're only human and this a really scary process to go through. I'm angry having just seen one of the threads where a woman posted on Weds to get an intro to TTC and has now just posted to see she's actually cheggers!!!! envy. It doesn't mean we're awful people, just that this process is very draining. And luckily we've got these forums to keep us sane(ish).

I hope the weekend picks up for you, when's DH home?

Hello to all the usual scary, ei, hatty, bucky and jb, glad to hear midwife is looking after you abbey.

Nice to have you back picknmix, for info the reverse cowgirl is you on top but facing his feet grin.

hattyyellow Fri 25-Apr-08 15:48:25

Yes GG you can't give up - Toulouse, Tropez and Monaco need their mum to keep on trying so that they can come into the world and fulfill their destinies as prime minister/nobel prize winner and famous concert pianist

GryffinGirl Fri 25-Apr-08 15:52:47

hatty - it's a nice day here at least. DH does seem positive for the appointment.

i am sorry I am such a misery. I am fed up with useless worrying, fed up with people asking me in a "nudge nudge wink wink" way when I am going to have children, fed up scheduling sex around my "fertile time" when DH is infertile in a useless bl**dy charade that I might get pregnant when the sperm test results were, frankly, terrible. And I am so angry at DH - I'm really not proud of feeling like that but I do angry. I blame him.