Anyone here got pregnant whilst on Implanon?

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Haribosmum Wed 08-Aug-07 08:24:03

Just asking because I've been on it for 6 months and bled every month...except this month. I am sure I'm just having a month 'off' due to the Implanon but I have been feeling sick,headachy etc. Probabaly or pyschological or a bug but I was just wondering......

liliac Wed 08-Aug-07 13:57:09

I do know that after 6 months your body is supposed to settle down on implanon and then 60 - 80% of women sometimes stop having periods with implanon after 6 months.

Haribosmum Fri 10-Aug-07 04:58:42

Ahh. Maybe that's it then. Oh well we'll sure find out in about 9 months!

liliac Fri 10-Aug-07 20:07:52

lol It will be ok I'm sure, but if you are really worried why not take a test.

Haribosmum Mon 13-Aug-07 03:08:31

Well I have had loads of symptoms but negitive tests. Went to see the midwife this morning and she has done a blood test because with DS2 I didn't get a positive result until my AF was over a month overdue. So I'll know by 4pm today one way or the other. (I'm in NZ by the way so it'll be 3am UK time). Not sure what result I want!

liliac Mon 13-Aug-07 10:43:23

good luck either way.

DontlookatmeIamborrrring Mon 13-Aug-07 10:52:07

I have implanon and my periods stopped after a few months and I haven't had one in over a year. I'm sure when I looked into it though that no one had become pregnant on implanon, but I may be wrong.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Mon 13-Aug-07 10:58:43

i have implanon, didnt get an af for 3 months, bled for 3 weeks and havnt had on since, another 3 months down the line.

glad it'll be sorted one way or another today!

Haribosmum Tue 14-Aug-07 05:15:42

Well the blood test came back negitive but because I had a history of miscarrage and had some of the symptoms I had a scan as well just to make sure. Good news is I was completely empty (better make sure it wasn't my head they were looking at LOL. Anyway all the do-do has made me realise I don't want to wait 3 long years to have my third and final baby. So I am going to have my Implanon removed and then start trying in a few months time. So I will be joining you TTCers at the end of the year! Of course you will all have long since moved onto the pregnancy board ^WON'T YOU!!!^ I hearby you all to get your sperm in gear and get pregnant (those of you who want to of course!!!)

Haribosmum Tue 14-Aug-07 05:16:31

I hearby DEMAND...I mean oops

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Tue 14-Aug-07 16:47:29

glad all was alright, and you've made a decision about your next baby!

reelinggreatgran Sun 27-Jul-08 22:41:21

Came across this site, I hate to say but yes you can get pregnant on Implanon. My grand daughter had Implanon inserted last April, looking at the sites it seemed usual to put on some weight,which she did, but not a "Bump". This April she was taken into Hospital with expected Appendicitis, guess what she gave birth to a baby boy, shock shock, she is at college and up to the week of the birth had been rock climbing and canoeing with her College. He is a beautiful baby and we love him, but you can imagine what the Nurses said, you cannot get pregnant on it........Tomorrow she has it taken out, she thought she had the perfect contraception, as with many others she had not had a period until December.
Good Luck to all of you, hope it works, now it is a case of searching for another type ANY IDEAS?????

ellenbellon Sun 04-Jan-09 13:59:47

I am too pregnant with Implanon.
I only found out this morning, and am so upset, shocked and angry. For the first few months, everything was going great, i had periods, and it was working.

Then i travelled around Europe for 2 months, had periods, then came back home and saw my boyfriend.
I got the call from the doctor this morning.
I'm so scared, and i don't have any idea what to do.
I put all my trust into Implanon, and never had a doubt in mind, it just would, stop working.

I hate how my doctor said it's impossible to get pregnant, too.

If anyone has any help or advice, it would be much appreciated.

I have an implanon as I def do not want more DC's. My periods stopped completely for the 1st year and are now back full force. It's not due to come out till 2010, could it have stopped working?

theboob Sun 04-Jan-09 14:04:49

will this be your first baby ellen?

Lisey09 Fri 09-Jan-09 16:51:22

Hello everyone! Can I join your thread too pls?

I have the implanon implant and was very happy with it for the first 14-15 months but since then, the day I get AF I have become like a crazy woman! I can hardly talk, definitely can't think straight and it is totally horrible, I'm also cranky as hell and it makes me miserable. So now I don't think it is actually working! (not that I have any real evidence that it isn't!)

I had myself totally convince we were pregnant this month and then AF arrived a week late on wednesday (I've been having AF very regularly every month since the second month it was put in). Was pretty sad as we are planning to start TTC in March, but hey ho.

Now I'm thinking of having it removed and seeing what happens to my cycle between now and March. Anyone any advice about whether it is best to have it removed a few months in advance or does it not make any difference?

Ellen I'm so sorry that implanon hasn't worked for you - up until this last few months, it would have been a nightmare for us if it had failed too. I do hope things work out for you.

tannigirl Fri 23-Jan-09 13:28:31

Hi i am 20, been on implanon since november 2007, after i became pregnant on the pill and wanted a method that was more reliable, everything was great but i went on holiday skiing, and came back to see me boyfriend and havent had a period since and normally i get them every month, i am mostly concerned because i have back ache swollen breasts, gained weight, increased ina dress size even though i am dieting, mood swings, everything i felt when i first was pregnant in september 2007! I am at university and really worried, how can implanon not work? any one got any advice am i "imagining" it x

diccar09 Wed 28-Jan-09 16:24:51

ive had implanon for about just over 6 months now and have just recently not gotten my period this month. im not currently 9 days late, having itchy nipples and tender sore breats, im fairly moody and snappy and get emotional fairly easily. ive been reading alot on the ineternet and how people HAVE been preganant on Implanon. i am now currently SH**NG MYSELF. an like evryone elses doctor was also told this was the best out an most effective.

im only just turned 17 too.


Gem0302 Thu 05-Feb-09 16:04:40

hi just wondering if anyone could help me out. i had my implanon fitted 3months ago and have bled constantly since it was inserted i spoke to my doctor and she said everything will settle down soon but there is nothing she can do as it is an expensive form of contraception and she cant take it out for another 9months she spoke about puttin me on the pill at the same time to regualte the bleeding but due to breast cancer running in my family it would be too dangerous, has anyone else had the same problem and how long did it take for your periods to settle down? its driving me mad. im 18 by the way

gem8 Sun 08-Mar-09 19:43:11

hi, jst want a few answers thts all.. ive been feeling ill lately and eating alot than i normally do. a few month ago i had an implant fitted and i havent had a period since. can u get pregnant with one in?? answers wud be great thank youu xx

EdwardBear Sun 08-Mar-09 20:07:33

Gem0308 - if it is really not working for you then you can insist on it being taken out.
Tel your GP that the side effects are too much for you and you insist it be removed. If necessary see another GP to the one you saw.

I had the implant pu in 6 months ago and I got constant bleeding for the first 3 months or so. It did settle down a bit but I'm still getting bleeding every couple of weeks which is very annoying so I think I will ask for mine to be taken out soon too.

rere Wed 13-May-09 09:48:54

hey everybody im new to this but i would like to share my story i am 22 years old i have a 1 in a half old daughter i had her jube 13 2007 7 months later i got the implanon in my left arm everything was fime up intil my co workers start telling me im gaining weight it didnt bother me until one night i was lay n on my leftside i was sleep and i kept feeling a kick im my stomach i didnt think nuthing of it un til i took a pregnancy test and it came out positive i recenty went to the doc and i am 8 months pregnant yes i could no believe i dont even have a pregnant belly but yes ladies i been on it 4 almost 2 years in june and im pregnant i hope this advice help

elle23 Wed 13-May-09 14:27:03

I bled almost every day for over a year on implanon & had terrible mood swings, then got pregnant & had mc sad

saying that, I haven't been very lucky with contraception. I got pregnant with DS after using the pill & condoms. conceived DD1 even though I was on mini pill.

now have copper far so good, and at least there aren't any hormones to make me go loopy grin

mabesy Thu 14-May-09 18:28:34

I have been on implanon for two years this august, I had not bled for months and this month it has kind of begun again. I have gained a little weight, am moody and think my breasts are swollen. Would be in bits if pregnant does anyone think I could be?

mummykd Sat 23-May-09 11:27:56

Hi, I am not sure what is going on, I have had the implanon for 1yr and 6mths, yet have been expiriencing severly sore breats (painful to even touch), skipped my period (which has never happened while i've had implanon) and I have a small baby bump. I'm terrified that I'm pregant again, I have one 4yr old son already and am in no way wanting another right now. The doctors say it's impossible and the odds are 1/1000 but searchin on the net I have come across many women who have infact become pregnant on implanon. Is this really something that happens to alot of women? And could I really be pregnant again?

drlove8 Sat 23-May-09 14:36:05

I too got pregnant on implanon, GP checked me out and said i was between 8 and 12 weeks from what she could tell by examination, sadly i MC on the friday , was due to get implanon removed on the monday, so spent monday in maternity hospital( where the FP clinic is hmm,getting it out, and being told that id MC.9 months later i gave birth to twins, so its all a bit hmm.

drlove8 Sat 23-May-09 14:38:48

oh forgot to add had implanon put in on febuary , had it out first week november.

drlove8 Sat 23-May-09 15:13:05

st johns wort can stop it working, as can some epilepsy meds, some hiv meds, and other medication- something to do with liver function, but tbh dont really understand it,( have been googleing like mad)

YummyMummyxO Thu 28-May-09 21:44:01

Can AnyOne Help Me?!
I Had A Baby In May And Was Put On The Implanon In The November, My Periods Were Fine Then All Of A Sudden They Stopped, I Have All The Symptoms Of Pregnancy And I Went To The Doctors And She Just Laughed And Said " If Your Pregnant On The Implanon, You'll Be In The World Records ", Has AnyOne Ever Got Pregnant On The Rod? HELP!

princess101 Mon 01-Jun-09 17:17:05

Well. I have been on implon for just over two years but not really had regular sex or anything while on it. I recently started dating a guy a few months back and as you can guess regular sex took place. Since being on implon i have had my periods as clock work. we have now just split up periods have stopped sore boobs and fluttery feelings in my stomache. Is this normal symptoms just i haven't had these.

princess101 Mon 01-Jun-09 17:23:39

Had my first child while i was on the pill and i dont care what anyone says i took it like clockwork! Trying implon and now kinda having a panic attack ~! Help

drlove8 Mon 01-Jun-09 20:23:38

hiya princess101... your docs a bit of an arse tbh! ...get yourself to boots/superdrug/supermarket and get a test...the fact you have already got pregnant whilst on the pill and taking it corectly is IMHO a wee indicator that your super fertile and that the dose of chemical contraception might not be right for your system to work properly( this could be bollocks as it is just my theory, not medical viewpoint..grin... but how else can you explain it? faulty batch?)...fingers crossed for you... hope you get the answer your wanting!smile

wishx Mon 08-Jun-09 16:42:44

iv had the implant for 18 months, i found out six months after using it that u could infact get pregnant on the implant. my freind MC'd twice. back in feb i found out i was 2mnths gone. im 17 so it was a big shock and i was scared i told my BF and he was very worried. i was so scared i didnt tell anyone else and was too stupid to think of getting the stupid implant out. two weeks later and i MC. i was still too scared and still no one else knows, its tearing me up. my bf dosent even seem worryed and i really badly want a baby now that im even scarin myslef lol. well not literally but u know what i mean. since the MC iv had really really bad periods that have really bad side affects. im thinking of getting my implant taken out as it has caused too much problems. also, my implant feels like bent in the middle does anyone else have this? and dose anyone know if maybe thats why i fell pregnant? im very scared and very sad and i dont really know why

giddykipper Thu 11-Jun-09 18:38:26

wishx just seen your message and didn't want it to go unanswered. Very sad for you, it's just crap. Do you not have a friend you could talk to?

wishx Mon 15-Jun-09 23:32:22

well, ive been speaking to a counsilor after i told my lecturer i was having some difficulties but i just cant seem to shake the sadness i spose its just greif but its horrible. thank you for your concern. its really appriciated :D and hopefully ill feel a little better soon.

Sh0es Thu 25-Jun-09 01:29:00

oh my god you guys now have me terrified!

Im 21 in a stable relationship but we are both full of debt! I have a pregnant looking belly, and very sore breasts! I was pregnant last year in May and had an abortion after careful consideraiton of our finances! It broke my heart. I had the implanon put in after it and not really had any problems apart from a constant brown discharge for 5months until I started taking the pill for three months. After that I had two periods in one month, Feb and not had a period since! I can't have a baby as due to the recession I lost my job and since have gathered more debts!
Could I be pregnant?
I don't want to bring a child into a world where I can not support them !

MissAmandaLynn Wed 01-Jul-09 07:57:22

Hey I have a long story, today is July 1st 2009 and I got my implant in in September of 2008. I read all what could happen if you were to get pregnant on implanon. I have been having messed up periods sense i got on it and first it was every month right on the dot until November and it was a couple days late in November, then it switched to every two months then it switched to every two weeks, then every month. well in may i started my period around the 9th or the 10th and in July i didn't get my period until the 18th. Well I was dating a guy and he left for the military in November and he just recently broke up with me on June 7th so i didn't have sex for 7 months. after he broke up with me i decided to have sex and we had sex without condoms but he pulled out, yeah i know still could get me pregnant. But anyway I have been on my period sense the 18th of June and this is very odd for me cause usually my periods only last 4-6 days. And i was wondering if maybe I'm having a miscarriage? Im only 16 if i keep having my period im going to the doctor.

roismurphy Sun 05-Jul-09 01:05:57

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my experience with implanon and have a question that I'm hoping you can help me on!

I am coming to the end of my 2nd implanon, due to come out 14th July!!

During the 3 years of the 1st implant everything was fantastic, periods stopped almost immediately and didn't return until 4 months before it was due to be removed - they were all over the place then tbh, every fortnight or so and very heavy, lots of mood swings etc. My doc said it was normal as it was coming to the end of its cycle. I got the 2nd implant in 2006 and again periods stopped immediately, haven't experienced weight gain at any stage with implanon and have had increase in size of breasts but i started impanon when i was 17 (now 23) so think that's pretty normal!

anyway, all in all I did go through stages when I thought I could have been pregnant, possibly paranoia some times (I've always had fluctuating weight) and have gone through who knows how many tests in the last 6 years but thankfully I haven't fallen pregnant on implanon, but I have been quite careful as well in that we use condoms if I am taking antibiotics, have been vomiting and usual precautions used with mini pill.

so I would personally recommend it to everyone, but I do know everyone is different and know some people who have had it removed not long after getting it in as they have been depressed, fatigued etc - guess it just depends on your own hormone balance?

any finally... my question is does anyone know anything about contraception after implanon - have any of you stopped taking implaanon and had good/bad experiences with another contraceptive? I am not ready to have a baby yet, but don't think it would be healthy in the long run to get another implanon as would then have a straight run of 9 years on it so I'm looking at other options.

My doc told me after the 1st implanon that once you come off it your fertility literally sky rockets and a lot of her patients have fallen pregent 2-3 months after removal of implanon, some planned and some accidental so i want to make sure I am well covered!!!

I would really appreciate any advice you can give me and hope my experience with Implanon can answer some of your questions too!

susehic1 Thu 09-Jul-09 05:00:11

I am 26 I have 3 children and I had the implanon put in the day after my daughter was born which was nearly two years ago. I feel pregnant, I have had regular periods on the implanon until now. They are very late, I have sore breasts and just feel pregnant. I want to know if anyone else has got pregnant on implanon and did it show up on HPT

wishx Fri 10-Jul-09 03:23:51

hi everyone! iv heard that your hormone levels are too low on implanon to show on either tests or blood test not completley sure tho.

i wrote on here a bit ago talkin about all my problems on the implanon and what hell its been. this last few weeks ive been feeling really pregnant (AGAIN!!) sore boobs, loads of sleep, gone off coffee!!! bloated and sickly. the lot. this time tho i wasnt going to ignore it and i went straight to the doctors. and i swear they thought i was crazy! she was just not listening saying it wasnt possible and she didnt even check my implant to see for damage! she ended up giving me pescription for the pill to "stableise blood flow" i was like the problem is there is no flippin blood flow and im having pregnancy symptons you loonatic! (well no, i didnt say that: but i felt like it lol)

anyway i dont know if any of you have read my other posts but i really dont need any of this agian! even if im not pregnant im having this thing out. its taking over my life!

thanks xx

susehic1 Fri 10-Jul-09 06:53:07

I dont know if the implanon is the cause of these pregnency symtoms because I have heard stories of people getting pregnant on it then you have the doctors who think that it is not possible or that hey have not heard of it. All I know is I feel pregnant I have 3 kids already so I know what it should feel like. Negative test after negative test. I really want to know if there is anyone who has got pregnant on implanon and how long had they had it in and did it show up on HPT

MamoriYagami Fri 17-Jul-09 11:52:23

My daughter had the contraceptive implant on the 8th of may and for the last month or two she has continuously been bleeding. We were told she was going to experience the odd spotting but this is everyday and she is now becoming very conscious about it and she is starting to become very worried. We tried booking an appointment to see the nurse but obviously a 15 almost 16 year old doesn't exactly want to go and see someone to talk about how she feels. If there is anything you can tell me about it, it would be really helpful. I wouldn't normally ask its just for the first few weeks she had no problems. Then she had her period a little late and hasn't stopped since then.

susehic1 Tue 21-Jul-09 03:06:12

I have noticed that with me the bleeding settled in the first 6 months it is a matter of perseverance also there is a tablet the doc can give to take for a week on the implanon and it stops the bleeding it is a hormone boost. It works a treat

damprye Wed 05-Aug-09 11:18:34

I have the implanon in atm and have not had AF visit grin since I had it put in but now after having IC wink with my boy's father and have come up with two positive (albiet faint) HPT's shock now I know I have been feeling pregnant since about a week after IC and I have been able to feel it within days each time I have fallen pregnant (twice) and I am now a bit scared about M/C as many seen to on implanon. How can I find out about the death statistics in fetus' due to implanon failing. sad

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Wed 05-Aug-09 11:24:54

I have the Implanon (until next wednesday I hate it) MamoriYagami the dr can put your dd on the pill along side the implanon to stop the bleeding it is very common with the mplant and is the usual course of treatment.

damprye Wed 05-Aug-09 11:26:30

Quoted from MissAmandaLynn "Hey I have a long story, today is July 1st 2009 and I got my implant in in September of 2008. I read all what could happen if you were to get pregnant on implanon. I have been having messed up periods sense i got on it and first it was every month right on the dot until November and it was a couple days late in November, then it switched to every two months then it switched to every two weeks, then every month. well in may i started my period around the 9th or the 10th and in July i didn't get my period until the 18th. Well I was dating a guy and he left for the military in November and he just recently broke up with me on June 7th so i didn't have sex for 7 months. after he broke up with me i decided to have sex and we had sex without condoms but he pulled out, yeah i know still could get me pregnant. But anyway I have been on my period sense the 18th of June and this is very odd for me cause usually my periods only last 4-6 days. And i was wondering if maybe I'm having a miscarriage? Im only 16 if i keep having my period im going to the doctor." End quote

I was wondering where you got your information as i would really like to look over it myself as i am worried about my possible pregnancy.

mamalovesmojitos Wed 12-Aug-09 21:40:39

christ... a lot of worried posters here. have any of you found out if you are definitely pregnant or not?

i have the implanon. due to take it out soon. found it fantastic. but worry all the time about contraception. i hate that there is no bc that is 100% effective. so hard to accept that we have such little control over something so important.

Dalex Wed 12-Aug-09 21:51:13

Worrying. Had mine for 3 years with reassurance from the doc it is very safe. Due to have a new one fitted in a week or two. Am very shocked by what I have read on this thread. {shock}

Kristylea Mon 07-Sep-09 09:23:55

Long story, but I really need answers! Fast!!

Okay everyone, here's my story..
About august last year (2008) I had a cyst on my ovary that had burst, once the hospital found it and had been vomiting up blood and bial fluid constantly (almost 42 hours later) I went into surgery when I woke up after I found out that they had removed over 100mls from the ruptured cyst and had managed to save my ovary.
I went to my GP for a follow up appointment and he said that it more than likely was caused by my very frequent, long and heavy periods (every 14 days for 10 days straight, going through a pkt of night pads in 3 days for almost a year) So he put me on the pill, but no change, I went back and he gave me progesterone pills to take as well- they didn't work either. So in febuary this year (2009) I decided to give the implanon a try. The bleeding stopped almost straight away. I turned 17 in March and my boyfriend turned 19 eight days later, we had been together for 2 and a half years and were both virgins up untill around this time.
We have always been very cautious when it comes to contraceptive, using condoms even though I have the rod.
There has been times where we have had sex with out condoms but never any worries until now..

I have lost all the weight I put on when I first started the implanon- all except a round circle/bump in the centre of my stomache. I have continuous head aches and sore, growing breasts.
I would usually not be worried but I also keep getting woken up by what can be described as strong twitches/murmours of the stomache.. And have recently started a new job which can be strenuous on the body, which required me to move to my sister's.
So with the move, I haven't had sex in roughly 5 weeks (give or take).

Any thoughts?
I would really appreciate it!!

nonowalker Sat 19-Sep-09 22:07:16

i was reading this thread and just felt i had to add a comment. I had the implanon put in in october 2006 a month after having my son. It is due to expire in october 2009 and since august l have been pestering my doctors to have it removed as we are hoping to try for a baby soon. the doctors have told me there is a long waiting list and have cancelled appointments, they even told me to try a different surgery but the waiting list was 2 months long. lately i've had that feeling that i'm pregnant. I even bought a test which came up negative but i'm not convinced its right. as it stands i've still no appointment and as i know once you have the implanon removed your fertility returns to normal within hours im worried that its about to stop working or already has and that i'm now pregnant!

SianLack88 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:55:14

Hello, this is probably going to be a similar story to most but i'd just like a few words of wisdom from someone.
I have a 1 year old and decided to have the implanon put in. Ive had it for a year now and always had heavy frequent periods, but it never caused me much bother. Recently (past 2 months) i have had no periods, sore head, nausea, bloated tummy and slight spotting (very light) all the same as when i fell pregnant with my first. Ive taken a test which was negative. Does anyone think its worth taking another or anyone just found they had pregnancy symptoms on the implanon?
Thanks. Sian x

tricia31 Sat 24-Oct-09 17:29:13

hi all glad to know im not going mad! Im on my second implanon had the first put in after my 2nd child in august 2006. Got it removed in august 2009. The do informed me that it can be less effective coming to the end of its time. Now since having the 2nd one put in its been almost two months, i had a period in the middle of September and havent had another. I am now having nausea and morning sickness and strong headaches. I dont a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative so went to the doctors to see what else it could be. He advised me to do another test this monday morning and to go back and see the nurse on Monday morning to get a blood test done to see if i am pregnant. Apparently being on the implanon could give a false pregnancy reading.

So I will let you all know when i get the results I feel like im going mad or having a phantom pregnancy. If anyone has got pregnant would be good to hear your story!

nonowalker Wed 28-Oct-09 19:40:32

finally got my implant removed today! i asked the doctor if i am pregnant with the implanon in would the test stay negative and she said yes! she said no point testing till it has been removed as it'll stay negative, great! i'm conviced i'm pregnant as my belly has swollen so much and i have that funny feeling. gonna wait a couple of days and do a test. if its positive thats great as i've got the implanon removed so we can try for a baby.

connorsprincess Wed 03-Feb-10 23:46:03

im 16 years old I fell pregnant back in november and had a medical termination as I was 4 months afterwards to stop this happening again as it was a terrible experiance I got the implant I am still having om bleeding due to the type f termination but I hav slept with my partner a number of times now since the termination but while on implanon and have recently being having the same symptoms I had while pregnant in November, peeing more thn normal,nausea in the morning but with no sickness,occasional stomach pains,tiedness,grumpyness and realy hormonal crying for no reason lol blush I have heard tht the implant can give you some symtoms of pregnacy but i am starting to worry I feel silly goin to the doctors as i shouldnt b able to get pregnant on implanon or could I ? HELP XX

Picklepants Thu 04-Feb-10 14:16:26

I've had three implants (first when I was 19, and just had third removed last year, am now 29) and it worked really well for me. I had the occasional period but they were pretty erratic (as I'd been told to expect), and when it did come it was pretty light. Didn't really have any side effects, possibly a bit of weight gain, but that might've happened anyway. Surely it's like any hormonal contraception though - you should use condoms as well to be on the safe side? (We never did as we're married and it wouldn't have been the end of the world if I did fall pregnant, but if that hadn't been the case I would certainly have insisted on using a condom!)

I only had mine removed because we're now TTC - had it taken out about 8 months ago, and went onto the mini pill until we were ready to come off contraception altogether, which we did just before Christmas. Have had 2 periods since then. Fully intend to get another implant after I'm done with the baby making.

angrryy Sat 01-May-10 09:13:54

I'm 17 and have had the implanon for about 6 months, my periods stopped right away and havent had one since the rod was inserted. but i fear that im showing signs of pregnancy, i just went on a huge diet in time for my formal and i lost weight everywhere but my stomache. my gums bleeds without warning and i have been craving food i usually hate!. sometimes when i wake up in the morning my breasts hurt alot, i cant touch them for a while, and now im becomeing suspicious im picking up all kinds of symtoms that could otherwise be nothing at all, i have had alot of unprotected sex with my boyfriend but i was under the impression that it was a sucessfull contraceptive. i have only become suspicious when this bump on my belly wont go away so i started researching symptons and finding sites ilke these with strong evidence that the implanon isnt very sucessful. surely there is enough women here and elsewhere on the web claiming to haev become pregnant from the implanon to lower the 99% chance that is widely advertised. im scared and i feel lied to !

ConnorTraceptive Sat 01-May-10 09:21:44

Hi angry have you actually done a test to be sure? I think you need to see your doctor regardless.

Also this is quite an old thread so you may get more advice if you start a new one in the health section

I don't trust Implanon at all - I had it when I was 19 and I bled almost every day for a year - plus I gained about 2 stone, had mood swings so bad that in retrospect I think I was depressed, and I had absolutely zero sex drive. (In that sense at least, it was great contraception!) I eventually had to beg my GP (it took 3 appointments - I have since changed doctor!) to take it out as it's so expensive that they don't like removing them 'unnecessarily'. Overall, it was hellish. I sympathise with everyone on here who's had problems with it, either in terms of side effects or unintended pregnancies. It's advertised by GPs as practically fool proof, and I really think that's misleading angry.

christophersXOmommy Sun 08-Aug-10 06:31:20

hi, i am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same side effects as me.?..i have been on implanon for a little over two yrs now. and ive been noticing recently that ive been having a sore/swollen throat, head aches almost everyday, and of course weight gain. but my weight gain didnt start until this year, probably around october of 2009, after being on implanon for a while already. I have a 2 1/2 yr old son, and i have gained more weight this year than last year or at least havent been able to shed any pounds. has anyone else experienced weight gain, head aches or swore throat after having the implanon for a long period of time?? i cant prove the side effects of the headache and sore throat are from the birth control but i hope it is, instead of it being something worse.

mummyofcaitlyn Fri 13-Aug-10 00:30:43

hi, the girls that have actually got caught whislt on the implant how did u find out that u were pregnant??
did it show positive on a HPT before u had the implant removed.

i am quite worried at the as me and my partner are convinced that i am pregnant as have all the signs i had wiv my 2 1/2yr old and have gain weight but onli as a bump on me belly. also i have not had a period for nearlly 14weeks now and used to have thenm like clockwork.

i have been to c my gp and been told that there is no chance of bin pregnant but he did a dip test neway that came back negitaive.

if i am pregnant it would not b a problem but i am just scared afther readin up about it about the high MC rates while still on it so would prefere to have it removed asap.

any advice would b really appriciated thanks laura xx

princess87 Sat 04-Sep-10 17:51:50

hi everyone i am having the same problems. I have had the implant for roughly 2 and a half years. I have never head a period whilst using the implant.
During the last 5 months i have gained about a stone how weight. I have also had problems with my nipples being cracked, red and itchy. The gp said it was thrush. I have also been having some weird symptoms like i can feel kicking in my stomach and i can also really clearly see my pulse in my stomach.
I have also been weeing every 5 minutes and waking up in the morning with horrible pains in my side and desperate for the loo.
I have done two negative tests but am still not convinced i am not pregnant.
Can anyone help?

nonajade Thu 09-Sep-10 15:46:47

hi im 18 and have been on the implanon for 18months and for the first 10months i did not have periods then they started again and they were regular now since august i havnt had a period and for auagust i was having cramps feeling sick all the time craving foods, now i have put on wieght even though my diet has been more healthy than usual and my breats are sensitive and swollen and i've been getting headaches and dizziness and still feeling sick i've done 2 tests one cheap and 1 expensive and both say negative, my doctor looks at me like im attention seeking or something i dont now what to do can anyone give me any advice xx

nikkia496 Wed 15-Sep-10 21:48:09

i have had the implanon 4 2years now and i have had no periods since the last 2months which i have had a period 2-3weeks long i dunno if i am prenant if anyone has had this please get back to me

kizkho Tue 28-Sep-10 15:58:49

I had implanon inserted 2 years ago and had it removed today as I am 7 weeks pregnant-this has came as a shock(I'm also breastfeeding)but it is (apparently) very unusual for it to fail. This will be my 6th(gulp)child...

LiveLaughLove1989 Sat 02-Oct-10 15:51:41

Yes you can get pregnant on the implanon!!! i have had it in for 10 months and JUST found out 2 days ago that im pregnant.. ive taken FIVE First Response Tests and they are all showing Positive.. im still in denial though.. im waiting on my blood test to come back.. i just feel like it is way to unreal to be pregnant while on the Implanon.. definitly feel like this is a dream.. definitly had 100% trust in my birth control.. just hoping i dont have a miscarriage like all these others its happened too according to the Health Dept im 5 weeks and 3 days, if i really am..

River21 Tue 05-Oct-10 04:06:47

I had the implanon put in in april and for the first few months everything was ok and my period was normal then it stopped and it started again towards the end of july and finished in the first week of september and since then ive been feeling sick in my throat and weird points in the day and as a dancer and drama student im quite active but there is this little bump on my stomach that wont go down im scared to be pregnant im only 17 and feel like im still a child my self and wouldnt want to put my self or my boyfriend through something like this because we are both really young and after reading some of the posts on here i dont feel confident enough to get a test in a shop because from what ive read they dont seem to work, could somebody please give me some advice im really scared and i could use some help

chloe01 Thu 28-Oct-10 22:41:27

hi .. ive had the implant in since june 09 .. and had periods up untill a few months ago .. me and my boyfriend have had regular sex and just recently ive had stomach cramps and cravings for things i would never dream of eating feeling really worn out and stressed. today i took a home test which said negetive but i done it in the evening and ive been told that in the first month u should only take a test first thing in the morning because thats when your hormones are at it's strongest and your urine gets weaker as the day goes on .. does anyone know if this is true? because if it is i shall be taking alot more tests and go to the doctors!!


jady Mon 08-Nov-10 06:53:01

hi...i have noticed that my implanon has expired around a month ago. and havent yet had a period yet (have had regular periods for the 3years i was on the implanon) im getting some cramping pains but no period. could i have fallen pregnant? so quick 2? am a very happy girl if its true as me and my husband were going to start trying after christmas but am worried im jumping the gun, or theres something else going on...

tinkerbell14 Tue 07-Dec-10 01:10:34

Hi I have an implant but I'm worried because people have started to say I look bigger. Which is true because I used to weigh between 7 and 8 stone but now I weigh 9 stone my dress size has gone up I used to be a size 8 now I can't fit into a size ten trousers I can't eat the food I used to love the thought makes me feel sick I constantly crave burgers. Recently I started feeling sick on night times. I look like I'm about 14 weeks pregnant my stomach is rock hard when I sit down it stays firm. I have done pregnancy test and they have came back negative can anyone help

pixie1986 Thu 09-Dec-10 14:39:10

Hello, I went on to implanon after two unexpected pregnancies whilst on the pill, the first I miscarried and the Second there were complications and the pregnancy had to be terminated. I have only been on implanon since the end of September and for the last week I have been having the normal pregnancy symptoms of bloating, sickness and nausea, heartburn and sore breasts. I was told that Implanon was the most reliable form of contraception and that it was more or less impossible to get pregnant whilst on it. Is it possible to be too fertile for contraception to work properly? I am absolutely positive that the pill was always taken on time. I will be taking a test tonight :-S

katonamat Thu 09-Dec-10 21:49:30

I really hope this helps... though I am now myself worried!
I've been on Implanon for nearly 9 years solid (from 19-28) and suffered from most of the symptoms you all describe.
I initially put on a LOT of weight, lost libido and had very erratic and light periods.
My weight settled down after a couple of years and I lost it all and more... so it IS definitely something you can control!
All the doctors have told me that even when the implant expires (after 3 years) you will still be covered for probably another 2 years... though this is not proven... being the reason they take it out at 3 years. I've let mine run up to 4 months over and been fine.
They also say it CAN take at least 6 months to fall pregnant after having the implant removed.
After having a bleed roughly every 6 months for years, my periods completely stopped for 2 years (no spotting... anything)... until 6 months ago.
I've had a (albeit light) period every month since then like clockwork.
I am now halfway through a cycle and have many of the pregnancy symptoms. Granted it may be psychosomatic as my partner and I want children fairly soon... but I am obviously very worried about falling pregnant whilst on Implanon... aside from MC, I wouldn't feel confident of the health of a child exposed to these hormones.
I am having it removed early purely for this reason.
DON'T take litmus pregnancy tests. See your doctor for a blood test.
There is only so much this forum can help you with.
Best of luck x

ANONYMOUS123 Fri 10-Dec-10 00:00:30

hi, I got the implanon put in about a month ago. I had unprotected sex with my bf before I got it. We also had unprotected sex afterwards(a few days after getting it). I started to feel a little strange like I was coming down with a cold or something. Over the course of the month it has progressively gotten worse. I feel sick everday, I get nauseous all throughout the day(usually in the morning and very late at night). I constantly have back pains, i get dizzy occassionally, I am almost always exhausted, i get headaches a lot now( more like a heavy pressure in my head),I eat like Ive never eaten before, and crave things I usually wouldn't, i have to go to the bathroom alot, and my stomach has a slight bump. I have not gained any weight anywhere else. Feeling like this every single day is really keeping me from functioning normally in my daily life. I missed my period,I have been throwing up and i am worried. Like many i was told pregnancy could not happen whilst on implanon. I took a hpt and it came back neg. But, i dont know if it is right or not.Hlp!

tinkerbell14 Tue 14-Dec-10 01:18:50

Help. I have had an implanon since june but I have not been feeling my self. I have been feeling sick on a night time, and I have a huge bump, I know the side effect of an implanon is gaining weight but this is much more.
I can't eat the foods I used to the thought makes me feel sick, I have constantly been craving a cheeseburger, I need to go for a wee all the time.
About a month ago I had people asking me if I was pregnant even now people that have met me for the first time are saying awww when are u due and I fell so embraced.
I have had weird pains in my lower stomach and in my lower back and down my leg.
I have done a pregnancy test which has came back negative. I have been to the doctors and they just keep sending me away but me and my partner knows its so much more can anyone help please.

Anon28 Mon 20-Dec-10 14:23:57

Hi all, looking for some advice please. On 7th Oct I was given a course of antibiotics for a urine infection. Thought nothing of it at the time as I've been on them before and had no problems. I had Implanon fitted in Nov 2008 and have had absolutely NO issues whatsoever. One period with tender breasts, no PMS, no mood swings, nothing. 5 weeks ago my breasts got tender so even having my bra on was sore. Last week I even burst the underwiring of one! Feel so tired, going to the loo a lot (but I have been diagnosed with irritable bladder), have been so short tempered it's unreal, very emotional, a bit of lightheadedness but I thought I was standing up too quickly, heartburn despite taking meds to combat that and a thicker than normal discharge. When I had Implanon fitted my doctor told me it was impossible to fall pregnant on it but I am beginning to get worried. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been on some serious meds although am currently only on painkillers. Reading this forum has scared the beejesus out of me. I already have a child of 10 but I can't really remember what my early symptoms were. Can anyone suggest any other causes for my symptoms other than pregnancy? Do home pregnancy tests really get cancelled out by Implanon? Thanks in advance.

Anon28 Mon 20-Dec-10 14:41:15

Oh, I have also been experiencing moderately painful stomach cramps not unlike period pains for the last 5 weeks on and off.

RachyAii Tue 04-Jan-11 23:06:51

hi, i am 19 and on my second implanon, which has been in for about a year. i rarley get periods and never know when they are going to come. i am worried as i seen on the news that hunderds of women on the implant have fell pregnant and i want to know if its possible, and also, mines feels thinner in the middle, like its about to snap, is this possible and is it affecting the way it works? hmm

Steph85 Tue 04-Jan-11 23:13:52

Hi, my post is pretty much like the rest, I have had my implanon for 6 months. Had no problems with previous implanons but this one has been inserted incorrectly, it's at a wrong angle and into the muscle rather than under the skin, I have heard that if they are inserted incorrectly it can cause them to not work efficiently. I have been having all the typical pregnancy symptoms, pretty much the same as with my first pregnancy, and my lower belly where my uterus I'd feels harder than normal most of the time but then goes soft again. Can HPTs really be cancelled out by the implanon? Am I at risk of an eptopic pregnancy?
Any advice would be much appreciated!
Thanks, steph

nannyl Wed 05-Jan-11 19:19:34
Lpoolsandra Thu 06-Jan-11 17:30:43

I have the implanon implant, been in since Nov 10. A couple of friends had it, and sung its praie. I have not had any peroids which is brillant, I wish i had known about the implant sooner. I was 46 when i had it put in, the doctor said usually they do not put them in older women. I am due to have it removed in Nov 12, and want another, i have had no problems whatever. However my partner nearly fell through the floor when he read the article in [Daily Mirror 6 Jan 11] that 600 women have got pregnant. There is no way i want a baby am too old, and my son is 29. I would be horrified if i got pregnant, is anyone else worried? angry

Kirstiee Mon 10-Jan-11 11:01:02

Hello all, I had the implanon in for 2 years but wanted to try for a baby with my partner of 4 years so had it removed 10th Dec, recently I have had if not all of the pregnancy symptoms. My uterus is bloated which is strange as I have always had a small waist.

Took a hpt twice which both showed negative,
Had a show around n.y.e which was light spotting. sickness started 2 days ago.

Can you help into what action is the best to take now?

My sister has 4 children but with her 2nd she didnt find out she was pregnant until 5months, I don't want to wait that long....

Thanking you in advance. xxxx

AMIExxx Wed 12-Jan-11 22:14:05

Hi, i'm only 16 and had the implant fitted in July 2009 haven't had a period at all since it was fitted which i suppose has been an advantage. However after all the news stories i read somewhere that the implant should be fitted between your 1st and 5th day of your period and i was not on at all when mine was put in. A few months ago i began having pregnancy symptoms such as tender breasts, feeling sick, headaches and i'm very moody. I have also gained a lot of weight in the last few months although it is not like a bump but i have been dieting since after xmas but the weight doesnt seem to be budging. I did a home pregnancy test in September 2010 which was negative but it still hasn't put my mind to rest.
Has anyone got any advice?
I dunno what to do xxx

crazybeautiful Thu 13-Jan-11 14:20:39

Hi I've been reading these posts and tbh its kinda unsettling. I first heard about the implanton from a friend and of course I went along to get it inserted into my left arm. In that time I've lost alot of weight due to work commitments and started to feel the implant in my arm when I was moving my arm.

I was told there wasnt anything wrong with that. Like most of you on here, I too went a bit crazy on it, being paranoid, jumping to conclusions, headaches / migranes, feeling sick, tired all the time, bleeding, moodiness, anxiety, emotional and just felt and feeling depressed but have been trying to get over all of that.

I bled for a solid 6 months - tampax made an absolute fortune out of me lol. It then stopped and then I was like thank god! the last 2-3 days ive felt sick, tired, look run down, bloated tummy and started to bleed, breasts are really sore, nipples are slightly darker, and I dont think I've gained any weight.

In one way id like to be pregnant and in a way not just now. Im 30 in a few months time so its not that big of deal. I only took implanton because im fed up having my periods every month and wanted a break so why not have the best of both worlds and have it done? now Im seriously considering to have it removed because the side effects are bad, the news reports are now saying its not as safe as they had hoped it would be and women are falling pregnant, plus I cant be doing with anymore bleeding.

Im in a long term relationship but dont want to be throwing that little chestnut to my other half at the moment it would just complicate our lives at the moment.

I do feel for the women on the forum and others too if this hasnt worked for them, if I knew then what I know now, I probably wouldnt have gotten it done.

shawtie Mon 17-Jan-11 21:58:29

hi ive been on the implanon for 6months..ive been havin iregular perionds since then..but for the past week and a half ive been having pains in the lower part of my stomach and back..been falling asleep at odd times,feeling ill and bloated and have this weird taste in my mouth that i cant get rid of.been to the doctors and the did a urine sample for any infections..that came back ok..there was neva any took about being pregnati guess that becoz i'm on the implant..but these pains have been hair constantly for the past week and becomin very minds all ova the place wonderin if am pregnant..any views anyone am new to this all

phan Tue 18-Jan-11 02:17:35

Hi I guess I'm like everyone else I had my implanon put in on my 5th day of my period in august of 2010. I'm n a commited relationship and we have used condoms 100% up untill november now since then I gain about 25lbs I'm n college n everytime I come home my family swear I'm preggo. I went to the doc for a pap and ask for a test and they said the same thing that I can't be pregnant. And refuse to give me a test so I took a hpt but I was negative.. in the six months I been on I had two period one in october and one now in jan.. also like everyone else I have the baby bump with the crazy (()) stretchmarks around my belly button...I don't know what todo me and boyfriend are in our early 20's we just not ready for a kids even though we both have great jobs and a stable home... idk what to I feel sooo paranoid

donnamarie1983 Sun 23-Jan-11 22:54:16

any 1 got pregnant with no periods, lower belly swollen ,wiggles, sore boobs, back pain,

already got 2 kids and feel the same as when i had them, and people are askin me ifim up the duff,

ladies could do with sum advise and hope im bein stupid but gettin this thing out my arm

imadilemma Sun 23-Jan-11 23:21:04

just a word here i fell preg on the pill when i was 19 and i took a HPT and showed up so fast that i was preg, so i had a lot of faith in them, i fell preg a second time on the pill
a year later turns out it wasn't gluten free and my husband at the time left me he didn't want another one so i had an abortion and the ....(insert whatever u like)angry left me anyway. my now current hubby wanted a baby so i stopped taking the deprovera injections and we tried for a bub took a few months but i fell preg this time with twins but even though i had so much hormone cause of the 2 babies not 1 HPT showed up positive went to the dr and he couldn't believe how quickly his little pee test showed it up
dont always rely on the HPT's
only problem i have is i always wanted 3 pregnancies as i said i have 3 kids 3 beautiful annoying handful boys...wish i had a girlsad i want my third pregnancy even if its a boy again at least i had my 3 attempts my hubby doesn't think we have room or can afford it i grew up in family of 4 kids and he is mistaken but i just wanna say anyone preg out there ur so lucky and fortunate and even on a pitence u cant afford not to have them in ur armssmile my implanon is due to run out in 3 months and i'm over all the mock pregnancies i've had through it i want the real deal again and u know where u can stick the mood swings i've been on and off antidepressants through the whole thing...thinking copper iud this time no hormones with it

ZaidensMommy Tue 25-Jan-11 21:03:55

(long story but you may find it interesting) I just spent quit a bit of time reading everyones posts in this thread and have read quite a few others and there are much more ppl getting pregnant than i expected after reading the official implanon site any ways, i got the implanon about two years ago shortly after my first child and have been miserable since i had my preiod for a year staight with a day off here and there it started to even out and seem more regular but after so long i dont even know wht a regular period is like any more this is now my second time feeling pregnant and all my friends asking me if i am pregnant i went to the doctor last time which was in november the doc told me i had fibrosic lumps or something like that in my breasts and that was where all the pain and swelling has come from all a side affect of hormones before a period and my head aches where caused by too much caffine or lack of and my stomach pains where caused by the advil i was taking for my headaches well now im having pains in my breast ten times worse and my only bra that fits now is my old pregnancy bra i have gained weight i am an emotional roller coaster i have headaches constantly i am having pains in my sides and lower abdomen i am tiered all the time but i have stopped everything the doc said i was doing wrong but after reading all these posts i find it hard to trust the docs any more has any one ever had these side affects? could i be pregnant or is this birth contol just a piece of shit and making me misserable????!!!

agne Thu 27-Jan-11 08:45:36

i had an implanon for 3months. my period late 2weeks. cant feel a thing. just did a test ant its positive. have a baby, he is just 7months old, had section....confused

angelz79 Wed 02-Feb-11 12:11:20

hi, had implanon inserted 02.2010. was havin the injection but had a few months were it was a nitemare gettin the next injection on time due to sick kids/parents/myself etc, so opted for implant. NO probs at all, no periods,no sore breasts, no pmt. thought it was fab, and didnt need to worry bout gettin preggers for 3yrs!! wahoo....!? but suffered a HORRIFIC MC last wk. i had what i can only describe as mildish (not full blown anyway) contractions the wk b4, on an off for several days that took my breath away. then they jus stopped. a few days after they stopped is when i had MC. was v ill and lost a lot of blood, only startin to feel better the last few days. nurse at hosp was crap, and basically said that it sounded like a heavy period 'AS U CANT GET PREG ON IMPLANON'(WTF?!! er, think i know the diff, and after readin the previous comments, i think we all know thats sooooo not true!!). tho saw gp followin day who was wonderful, and listened to me. feel emotionally raw at mo, and still in shock. but am TERRIFIED of going thru it again. want to stick to implanon as am hoping (& praying) that it was jus bad luck and a one off. am jus wondering if anybody else has had a second MC??
thanks for takin time to read this, and if anyone else has gone thru same thing, my thoughts are with u x x x x

fibigrey Wed 02-Mar-11 02:18:34

I found this forum, and see that there are still responses, from years back until now.. I had the implanon put in around May 2010.. I had nonstop periods for about the first 6 months, and then they just quit. I have been having intense pregnancy symptoms for the past few weeks. Very sore, swollen, tender breasts, and I have even lactated! I also am bloated, have put on about 30lbs since starting implanon, I get sick after eating things, and I swear to god I feel something moving inside of my belly, OFTEN. I have taken a HPT with a negative result, and discussed it with my doctor, she doesn't think I need to be concerned, that it is VERY unlikely that I would get pregnant while on implanon and that its probably some other hormonal reason for my symptoms. I still requested a blood test, and had that done this afternoon... The only thing is I don't know WHICH type of blood test they did. I read online there are two different tests they can do to determine pregnancy, one is not accurate in early pregnancy, and another one is always accurate. Not sure why they even bother with the first one if its not accurate, but.. yeah.. I am awaiting the results of that.. I feel like I'm insane. Like I must be having a phantom pregnancy or something, because EVERYONE tells me how unlikely it is to become pregnant while on implanon. I hope thats true. My baby girl is almost 11 months old (I also have a 6 year old) and my pregnancy was very hard. I was on bedrest and had to have surgery at 14 weeks. I can't go through another pregnancy like that right now.

This forum is SO long its hard to sort through the information.. I see a good number of posters about becoming pregnant while on implanon.. I hope my symptoms are in my head.

JusWondering Thu 10-Mar-11 16:30:12

Hello ladys, i have had the implanon for about 6 to 7 months and i Now feel pregnant. More then my last pregnancy. And i really think i am but i need to know for sure?? I have a DR apt on monday but i need to know from you ladys when you became pregnant with implanon, did you get neg on a test??Because thats all i get are neg's!! This is so not good, if i am im def going to get this crap out of my arm. Reelinggreatgran, or ellenbellon if you could answer my ? that would be great

JusWondering Sun 13-Mar-11 21:35:53

Hi Fibigrey, i was just wondering if you went to the dr yet??
And if so what did they say? If you dont mid me asking

gigglefi Tue 15-Mar-11 13:53:17

this thing needs to be banned we don't have very good experience1
I had mine since April 2010 I have two kids I started feeling funny early this year never had any periods since on it but spotted new year and also feel dizzy sore boobs moody tired big tum all signs of preg

I spoke to my doc about feeling depressed on it he said was winter blues and to wait til had been on it a year and then even then he would be terribly busy and was a two person job to remove - made me feel awkrawrd

I am thinking oh shit what if I am pregnant on this is does happen as i've been reading I am seeing him tonight going to mention this


gigglefi Tue 15-Mar-11 14:04:44

ps please update us with the results of if you are pregnant on it !

Alysha92 Sun 03-Apr-11 10:34:47

hi i am just curious i have had the implanon in for 18 months now and i have had my normal periods up untill now and i havent had them for 4 weeks and also i have had stomach cramps and also cant stop weeing and getting bigger in my belly and also sore boobs do you think i might be pregnant?

ashley17 Sat 09-Apr-11 21:28:04

hiya, im wondering if i could get some advise.
ive had the implanon for about 6 months now and i have not had normal periods for about 4 months now, i only sometimes get spots of blood.
just recently i have been experiencing dizzy spells when i stand up, i always need to pee, i get very sore heads and sometimes tummy pains.
do you think i could be pregnant or is it just a phase ?

Litaawhaat Wed 20-Apr-11 23:51:15

Hey everyone. My name is Lita. I too, am on Implanon. I've been on it since September 2010(almost exactly 6 months to date). I thought it would be a great form of birth control considering I've been pregnant twice(1 miscarriage, one abortion). I am only 17, but am in a stable relationship. I haven't had a period for about 3 months. I had my period for the first three months, but now they're funky. My breasts are a bit sore and I've gained some weight. I have been having pain all over my body, but it doesn't seem like enough to think I'm pregnant. After reading this thread, I'm a bit apprehensive towards my situation. I'm really considering seeing my doctor.

magicmespecial Tue 26-Apr-11 13:57:05

I had my 1st implanon fitted in 2006, for the 1st 6 month I never got any periods at all....which was great until they came back paying for it. From then on and even now while on my second Implanon which is due to run out in Nov I get 2 periods a month. The bleeding starts and lasts for about 3 - 4 days stops between 4 - 7 days and comes back on again for between 3 - 7 days. I hate it but just accepted it as I dont end up pregnant.
The thing is I think I might be now, I cant say when my period is due with them being so crazy but I thought between the 14th - 25th. I am tired alot, moody, have sore breasts, craving foods, feeling sick in the moring at at meal times and occasionaly get dizzy and hot.
I have taken 2 pregnancy tests one on the 14th and the other on the 24th but as of yet they have been negative.......

I'll prob wait another week or so and test again, will let u know.

wanab Fri 29-Apr-11 10:42:07

I got implanon in January the day before all the news came out about people getting pregnant on it...
I got married in August last year and so thought it would be ideal to wait 3 years before starting a family together. I really want children but know we are not financially ready yet and while I am ready emotionally I'm not sure my husband is. Before getting the implant and since I got it I've been on constant periods- so annoying! Hoping they sort themselves out soon.
However the last month I've had occasional sore breasts, being extra broody, and heightened sense of taste. No concrete symptoms but I 'feel' pregnant. I don't want to pay for a HPT just yet so will wait a month or so and see if anything progresses- i'm probably just been paranoid/hopeful. I think reading these forums makes it worse :P. If it continues will go to the doctors for a urine test. - I did get a FBC test and Iron levels test last week but I don't think this would show anything pregnancy related?!? Does anyone know? My husband thinks I'm being silly, but said to get a HPT if I really think I could be. Will keep people updated.

txchick81 Wed 04-May-11 06:45:36

My symptoms are so different from the aforementioned people. I had my implanon inserted in October 2010, 2 months after I had my daughter. Never got a period after the post delivery period and still haven't had one since insertion of the implanon.
I haven't had concern about it for the past six months since my doctor said that this was possible. I naturally had missed months of periods at a time my whole life. As a matter of fact, my previous doctor said it would be nearly impossible for me to become pregnant. As my luck would have it I ended up pregnant and didn't know until I was 12wks pregnant with no pregnancy symptoms.
I have recently gained back some of the 20lbs I had lost post pregnancy and have become sensitive to smells and vomiting everyday for the past couple weeks. Not to mention the extreme sleepiness- which could be part of waking up to a screaming teething 8month old. I assumed it was food poisoning. I have had a number of people ask if I am pregnant lately. All this has been unusual to me and has stirred up my curiosity. Sure enough,I took an over the counter pregnancy test today and it came out positive. shock
Now I am going to schedule an appointment to see the doctor because I still can't believe this. confused

txchick81 Fri 06-May-11 05:13:17

So I went to the doctor and they told me it is rare, but possible to get pregnant on implanon. I took a urine test at the doctors office and it came out negative. To be on the safe side and since my at home test came out positive, they took a blood sample to make sure. Should get the results tomorrow...

txchick81 Sat 07-May-11 18:21:45

grin Not Pregnant! What a relief! It turns out the test I took was a false positive. Had an ultrasound anyway and I do have a bladder infection, which was what was making me sick...

Rosalie1990 Wed 11-May-11 20:41:51


You do get stages of the implanon when you think you are preg, but if you take tests and they say you are not!! Trust that they are right!! Don't stress yourself out!! But I would advise to get a test or 2 if you are feeling pregnant even more-so after seeing all these posts!! I am getting my 2nd implanon in soon!!

I never remembered to take the pill so this was the best option for me!! It worked a treat!!

Use condoms or the pull out method just to be safe!! Look on the implanon as a 2nd method of contraception!!! Sex is still good if you don't let them cum inside you so why risk it!! Don't let them and u will almost certainly not become pregnant!!! Remember there are other places for is to go!! We make the final decision!!

I actually kept the implanon a secret so he would not soley rely on it and he took responcibility for his "men" It was so I had assurance that I wouldn't get pregnant!!!


Think about it!!! X

Babybird91 Thu 19-May-11 04:49:19

I got my implanon in December 2008, and its due to come out at the end of this year.

I've been experiencing some strange but mild pregnancy symptoms, but before going to see my GP it had not even crossed my mind. I've gained weight despite my healthy eating habits, I've noticed my breasts have become larger (like I needed that), and not only are they especially sensitive but when massaged theres a discharge.
This whole dishcarge business was when I freaked out and went to the doctor, I thought it was an infection or a mastitis, as my mother has experienced them even when not breast feeding. But my doctor informed my that the discharge was not an infection, it was breast milk. So you can imagine I had a heart attack. I'm a 20 year old uni student for petes sake.
She was very understanding and insisted on blood tests to confirm if I'm pregnant or if this is all some hormonal imbalance, despite the fact I have implanon and I still get my period. I wont have the results until tomorrow.

What I'm saying is you really will not know unless you do go see a doctor. Get a urine test, a blood test, and if they come up negative and these symptoms persist, insist on an ultrasound. Now that the news has come out about the possibilities of falling pregnant on the implant, most doctors will take you seriously. The longer you put it off, and your not actually pregnant, the longer you will be torturing yourself or perhaps allowing some mystery medical condition to worsen.

I'll try and remember to let you guys know If I am pregnant or not. Fingers crossed the test is negative and my doctor magically knows what is causing this :P

Dresia Thu 19-May-11 14:05:01

hey ,

im 17 && been on the inplanon for at leats 2 years && some change . when i was first put on it i had regular periods for like a couple of months then i stop haveing them period . so now my periods came bck a few months ago . so i was thinking it was normal . so i met up with my boy friend a few weeks ago && did it . now i keep getting up in the middle of the night throwing upor coughin til i do . then sometimes my breast hurts like really bad .

somebody help me im scared , i mean if i am im goin to keep it .

Babybird91 Fri 20-May-11 05:09:55

Well guys I went to the doctors this morning and got my test results back. It turns out I'm NOT pregnant (Thank god), and infact whats wrong with me has nothing to do with the implant.

Again, I implore you to go to a gp and get yourself tested if you are worried you could be pregnant.

Tracybeex Sun 22-May-11 20:40:21

heyy everyone was just reading all these posts and everyones is saying about having their implant in there left arm...mines is in my right? ive been having slight preg symptoms recently ive only had the implanon in since oct 2011 if i took a hpt do u think it would just come up neg even if i was preg? its so confusingsad!

dudeman123 Mon 23-May-11 21:46:52

I'm currently on the implanon and have been for only 13 weeks. I've suffered from really painful periods which came twice a month, i'm always down and get really emotional about stupid things. But, this month i haven't had a single period, had really bad headaches and felt really faint and always feeling sick. My friend says i should take a HPT but because of the unbalanced hormones it will show negative either way. I'm really scare that i could be pregnant, i'm just about to do my exams and it would ruin everything! could this mean i'm pregnant though? someone help please!

gabz16109 Tue 07-Jun-11 00:06:50

Hi just a question I have been on the implant for a year and two months and have never really had a problem with it but these past couple of months I have felt quite weird I have heard that some women still can have periods when on implant but I have missed one or two then come back on and can just have months were it lasts for a day. I have been getting really bad back pains, sore boobs and have put on 18 pounds these 3 4 months. I have been going to the loo alot more often then usual. I get a lot of stomacher pains. I really don't know what to do I know I should get a text but they are not always accurate.
Would love to here from someone just in case thank you x

micealaa Tue 07-Jun-11 23:10:18

tracybeex, you get the implant put in the arm you dont write with, my doc asked me what hand i wrote with and i said my right so she put it in the left arm. ive been on the implant for 2 years and ive been bleeding non stop since, i got put on the pill cause of it but i would rather not be on the pill. and gabz16109, if you look on google youll see that the implant can make you get symptoms of pregnancy, ive had so many scares and im only 17, i looked it up and then i saw that it can cause symptoms.

TazzaC Fri 17-Jun-11 02:02:45

Hi guys just thought I'd pop in my two cents worth. Im a med student and have been looking in this issue.

Home preganancy tests test for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is produced by the planta tissue. It acts to maintain the corpus luteum (endometrial lining), providing a means for growth and maintenance of the pregnancy. HCG is present ONLY in women who are pregnant/have been pregnant recenctly. Implanon however released a constant low dose of etonogestrel, which is a type of progestin). Progestins and HCG have absolutely no chemical interaction, and as such, home pregnancy test can be trusted (as much as home pregancy tests can be).

Also, symptoms of bloating, mild cramping, spotting, amenorrhea (no period), headaches, and pretty much everything being described can be eplained away by the effects of progestin. So before you start to stress I would

a) consider whether these symptoms are happening in the first 3-6 months, as this is the period (no pun intended haha) in which symptoms are more intense.
b) take a home pregnancy test - THEY WILL WORK! (As long as you are far enough into the pregnancy, as HCG rises exponentially with the progression in pregnancy)
c) If you think it may be too early for a home pregnancy test, get a blood test. They are able to decet minute traces of HCG and you will find out a whole heap earlier.

Also, just wanted to say I too am experiencing the symptoms many of you are describing and I have been on implanon for 9 months, so I am booked into the doctor's tomorrow for a check-up smile

Finally, I just wasted to note that many doctors have practiced during a time period where Implanon was considered the Holy Grail of contraception, but there have been recent (within the last year) developments showing that it CAN be faulty and lead to pregnancy -

Thanks guys! Hope this helps! grin

chelseaa Mon 20-Jun-11 00:10:04

urmm hi im 19 years old, ive been reading all these messages and its really starting to worry me, i got the implant in april 11th, i was on my period non stop then came off, i had unprotected sex, i havent been on since and ive put on quiet abit of weight which is not good as i have been a skinny person my whole life, i have a abit of a bump and keep gettin sharp pains in my stomach, feeling sick, having really bad back pain and feeling faint, i know most of the symptoms are what in implant gives but im gettin scared,, i have a ultrasound scan next week to see if my ovaries are fine,, im just hopin im not expecting because tellin the lad is going the hardest thing ever and im not ready yet :/ x

Anon28 Sat 25-Jun-11 17:13:48

Hi all, I posted on here in Dec '10. Just after I posted, after umpteen negative pregnancy tests, I suffered the worst, heaviest, most painful 'period' ever! Turns out it wasn't a 'period' but a miscarriage at 10 weeks. Had this confirmed by doctor at hospital. Saw my GP who assured me it would never happen again but wouldn't take implant out. Guess what? I've just had my second miscarriage, this time at 13 weeks, whilst on Implanon. GP is still refusing to let me have Implanon taken out due to my arthritis meds. Again I've been assured it couldn't possibly happen again. This has been a very traumatic time and I have absolutely NO confidence in the implant and I will most certainly NOT be getting another one when I finally get this one out in November. In a way it is a relief to know I'm not alone, although this is probably not much comfort to anyone else. My heart goes out to all of you going through this.

narahlee Mon 04-Jul-11 01:16:55

hey my names Tanarah and like I'm on the implant and have been for like 4 months I've had un protected sex and now its 10:15am where I am I feel so sick I can't even move what's wrong with me ? sad

I had my implanon removed due to horrible side effects (constant bleeding for a full 6 months!) but I do know a girl who just had a baby while on it. She only found out 4 weeks before she gave birth and is furious with the doctors.

Anon - I don't think they can force you to keep it or refuse to remove it, that would be forcing you to give up your fertility! Instead of going to your Doctors go to a FPC and ask them to remove it. I'm very sorry to hear about your miscarriages and the way you have been treated. But they cannot force you to have contraception, that's against your human rights.

jewels08 Fri 15-Jul-11 06:38:18

Hihi, in have had the impilon sense april of 2009 . I've love dit, but the past couple of weeks I've been have really bad headaches, getting really dizzys, horriable stomach aches, wanting to eat everything and boobies are super sore. I feel like I'm rpegant but I'm scared if I'm just anxious or if I am. I haven't puked at all but sometimes I feel like I want to. Does anybody else feel like this or help? Does the test you buy from a store tell you for sure if you are or not?

BrownEyes92 Sun 14-Aug-11 14:17:57

Okay I have been on the implanon for a full year now.. got it July 2010. I was feeling fine and having periods like clock work until my last period in the early week of March. The last time I had sex with a guy is March 18. I have not had a period since then, and I have been treated for migranes which were horrible.. Everyone has noticed I put on weight, and that my eating habits have become heavier than normal.. Thats normal for the implanon.. Long story short....

>I am having clear breast discharge only when stimulated
>my periods had stopped after march after having them regularly
>my stomach becomes tightened and hard sometimes for no reason and other times because of strong emotion
>in the past month, I have been having chest pain where it feels my chest has dropped
>itchy nipples
>i have felt flutters in my stomach
>my lower back hurts badly sometimes
> now I cant even walk up a small flight of stairs without getting tired

I normally have an irregular weight which it goes up and down on its own.. last time I weighed myself I was 163 lbs, then 3 weeks later 167 then 3 weeks after that I weighed 172 lbs.. Jus yesterday I weighed 170 lbs.

The doctors tell me that its nothing but probably gastrointestinal problems..
someone who has had a child before help me

littlejesamiah Sun 14-Aug-11 16:17:58

Hi all I fell pregnant on implant horrible experience took 5 test 2 negative 3 positive head was all over blood test confirmed it mc shortly after not nice at all

jally415 Wed 24-Aug-11 09:49:44


jally415 Wed 24-Aug-11 10:17:51

We all seem to wonder what is going on in our bodies ... ANYBODY PREGNANT NOW? OR NOT?

God! Just everytime I look at my boobs sore to pain feel and there's a milky-ish fluid coming out when I stimulate it, this is me pregnant! I knew because I have a 3 years girl now. I got new implanon nearly 3 months ago (June 2, 2011) which since it was put in, no period showing up at all. Its worth saying that I had my first implanon June 2008 just after I gave birth to my daughter and it couldn't be more good to me. Period was perfect, no odd feelings, everything was perfect. Just this few months now that I am getting this frustrating feeling of being PREGNANT LIKE SYMPTOMS/EFFECTS. Here I am looking paranoid as my husband would look at me everytime I brought this situation up.

My feelings are: ESPECIALLY THIS MONTH (AUGUST 2011)

Headaches, everyday, light to moderate pain;
on and off to constant pain in my lower abdomen;
back pain/pelvic pain;
breasts are just sore sore sore, tender and there's above water-like fluid/milk coming out;
just generally tired, tired, tired;
odd cravings for food;
frequent trip to the toilet for this past month which I would normally have pees 2/4 times a day ... now like 10 at least;
cramps on my legs,
getting tired just for a short walk now... which I cud normally walk miles with my daughter easily;

Body wise, from size UK 6, 3 months ago up to 8.... and now I am UK size 10 just within this 2 months period.... I don't know if its just the effects of the apparently NEW IMPLANON that was put on me. I have done 2 pregnancy tests myself (August 13 the first test, negative! August 18 the second one negative). Husband told me to just go to the doctor, so I did (August 22). She just took a normal test, and negative. Now, I am not satisfied. I am still feeling pregnant but I don't know either .... Poster, I would love to hear from you confused

jally415 Wed 24-Aug-11 10:24:46

To add... I feel dizzy ... lots of times, everyday.... that I feel I could pass out sometimes. Not good at all. I feel like throwing up in the morning after my coffee which I always do... coffee in the morning. ahhhh just frustrating!

pandora92 Wed 21-Sep-11 11:29:03

hi everyone, I’d really appreciate if someone could get back to me on this as I’m starting to get really worried.

I’ve been on the implanon since June 2010, apart from weight gain I’ve had no issues to date. I have very light bleeding every couple of months. but recently I’ve been experiencing weird dreams (of pregnancy and birth) heartburn, headaches, increase in food cravings and have gained a dress size in the past month and I keep feeling flutters like kicking. this week it seems like by belly has just completely changed shape. I’m wearing a skirt today, which 2 weeks ago fitted fine it is now extremely tight and shows a perfect bump. I had thick discharge about a month or so ago followed by I little bleeding. could I be pregnant?? all round my body feels different. almost not my own. there are a lot of people pregnant around me and I do feel quite broody but I know I’m not ready emotionally or financially. I took a pregnancy test about 3 weeks ago which was negative but these symptoms are just progressing more and more. please reply any advice would be much appreciated


Youngmum1994 Mon 17-Oct-11 19:21:58

Not trying to scare anyone but unfortunately getting pregnant on the implant is completly possible.
This is my story so I hope some of you will go and demand blood tests from your gp.
I had my implanon inserted in july 2009 just after my 15th birthday. At first I experienced eratic bleeding and weight gain but that was totally due to the implant. After about 6 months my bleeding became quite regular and I thought that was completly normal.
In August 2010 I experienced some sickness but assumed it was a bug after only lasting a week or so. I had a small amount of weight gain by about December(going from 8st 9 to 9 st 1) but not enough to really tell or think anything of.
At the beginning of January I got really sore breasts when I woke up and noticed a need to go to the toilet more often so started to be quite worried about it and after talking to my boyfriend went to the doctors. As I'd done 3 hpt tests he dismissed it saying that the implant was just settling in.
On the 30th May I had a fall off of a trampoline in cheerleeding practise and about an hour later had severe pains in my side which I was refered to hospital for.
They noticed I'd started bleeding and did a blood test anyway which showed up I was pregnant so they said I was having an m/c. They organised a scan to show this but instead of showing a m/c it showed my daughter. Within two hours of the scan i'd given birth
So people if youre worried please get checked out :D

lilmickey1989 Thu 20-Oct-11 16:14:05
If you go on this link you will find alot of people have been pregnant on it, and although the date on it is quite old it was on the news recently about a lady who has just given bith to twins who concieved while using implanon i have the implanon inserted im not happy with the symtoms it gives me and ive had two false pregnancys. i asked my docter to take it out but as others say they wont do it and they make you feel stupid for suggesting that you mite be pregnant, hope this helps answer some questions, and im not scare mongering i just think people deserve to know the truth

emz9 Fri 21-Oct-11 16:20:35

hi i've had the implant in for 2 and a half years i've experienced no problems my periods were few and far between and very light. Around april this year they became as they were before the implant, regular and more heavy, i hadn't had sex in about year but had met someone and was worried the implant could be stopping working, i called in the chemist and asked the pharmasist and she said it could be, so i called my family planning clinc and they said no way and i was safe....

so since then i have had sex which was august, when my period was due in september it was about a week and a half late and very light i did do a pregnancy test which came back negative, but i still had the feeling of been pregnant! the test was negative so i just thought its me been paranoid! Me and my partner want to concive so i had the implant removed at the beginning of october. The doc assured me my periods would return and i explained that i had had them regular for the last six months, she said okay fine....

i was due on my period on the 14th October and still not had it so its 7 days late, i still have the general feeling of been pregnant, bloated tired no sickness but i didn't with my daughter who's now 12! i have had pains in my groin area and lower back for a while now too.... i called the family planning clinc and they say there is no way i could be pregnant as you don't produce eggs while having the implant and its prob just me ovulating again.....

how can women get pregnant on the implant if you don't produce eggs????

its all rather confusing me as for the two and half years i had it in i was fine no side effects at all then my periods come back and are normal and regular and then they go irregular again and i feel pregnant, i wouldn't mind one bit if i was pregnant i would be over the moon,

i'm so glad i've had it taken out and i won't ever be having another put in!

i also worked it out that i would be 10 weeks pregnant now if i am and that seems to be when others found out or mc, i just have that feeling i am pregnant if you know what i mean!!!

i have ordered some tests and will let you no if i am or not!

i feel for you ladies having these problems luckily i have only had them for a couple of months and now its out, i suppose if i'm not pregnant hopefully i will return to a normal cycle and not feel pregnant,

hope everything works out for you all xxx

natalie1994 Sun 23-Oct-11 22:26:32

hello all i need some help,
im 17 years old im on the implant ive had it in 1 year and half and im wondering can you get pregnant on it, i took a test about 3 weeks ago but that come back negative. I have had a lot of pains, still on my periods and i have a really inflamed stomach and low blood pressure but i got told when i first had it put in it was the safest contraceptive thing out so i got it but now im scared as my sister inlaw has had 2 beautiful boy and she had the same pains as me. Ive been having a craving for chocolate and garlic mayo :-/ weird. please get back to me asap im so worried can someone email me
Thanks nat.

jensesmummy05 Fri 28-Oct-11 13:31:39


I am on my second implant (put in feb 10), the last few months i have been feeling so out of sorts, my breasts have got bigger, my weight has increased, heartburn and people keep asking if im expecting. Like most of you i have been to my doc and family planning with these symptoms and been told there is no chance that i could be pregnant. I just let it go and about a week ago i was in the bath and got a weird sensation in my lower abdomon which felt like a kick it was a powerfull one not just a flutter. I went back to the docs who carried out a test which came back negative but she has requested a U/S to be carried out and this will be on the 2nd nov. I never had anything like this with my first implant. i have had no periods since my first was put in in 2007 which is great but so wish i knew what was going on with my body. I feel like im going mad. I am also taking sertraline (antidepressant) so i really dont know what i want the result to be.

Would be great if some of you that have had to go for tests could post your results as would like to know just how safe this form of contraception is.

mummytaz90 Sat 29-Oct-11 19:40:20

sorry to bore you guys but i am 21 years old i have a 10 month old daughter born on christmas eve i had the implanon reinserted for the second time in january the first one was excellent no fault about it but this second one ive been having the pregnancy symptoms like i did with my first child nausea, headaches, back pain what feels like little kicks and movement putting on a little bit of weight done 7 hpt's and all came back negative i was just looking for some closure really has anybody gotten caught on the implant and if so any ideas on how to find out for sure (what to do) any information helps thankyou x

mummytaz90 Sat 29-Oct-11 19:43:27

sorry to bore you guys but i am 21 years old i have a 10 month old daughter born on christmas eve i had the implanon reinserted for the second time in january the first one was excellent no fault about it but this second one ive been having the pregnancy symptoms like i did with my first child nausea, headaches, back pain what feels like little kicks and movement putting on a little bit of weight,also the implanon has moved right around the other side of my arm, had no periods in couple of months done 7 hpt's and all came back negative i was just looking for some closure really has anybody gotten caught on the implant and if so any ideas on how to find out for sure (what to do) any information helps thankyou x

Jodiekx Sat 05-Nov-11 15:39:39

Hi girls, Im 21 & a mother of 1, my 3 year old son. Iv been on the Implanon since 2008 its due out in 6 months, First of all the first 2 years if I wasn't bleeding for months I wasn't having periods for months! Complete nightmare.. Then this year (The last) its been no periods just a wipe of the tissue after the loo & a tiny barely seeing pinky colour that happens once every month.. Like for one day only but I have put on loads of weight on this last year. A couple of months ago I got myself in a pickle where i made myself believe I was pregnant again, Looking at forums lots of women have fallen pregnant & its horrible that they call is the best contraception there is out there. Anyway`s I am not unfortantly, Apparently the Implanon can make you believe & feel like you are pregnant. Which I believe is S**t. Just the only thing I can suggest is if you have any doute then go to the docs & demand a scan, because apparently the tests come up negative when on the Implanon aswell so hope this helps you all out smile x thanks

Jodiekx Sat 05-Nov-11 15:45:43

Mummytaz90 - If your Implanon has moved you must go to hospital because it is very dangerous, Not to frighten you but iv herd some nasty things happen when the Implanon moves & You might as well be pregnant as the Implanon is inserted to stay in that exact spot they put it in to work.. So make sure you get yourself to see some quick Hun. thanks

MG0608x Sun 20-Nov-11 04:50:22

I had my implant put in in January of this year. First of all my periods stopped completely but over the last few months they've gradually come back and I am now usually constant bleeding. Lately though it has been light bleeding & only now and again. I have also been experiencing dizzy spells over the last few weeks, which can occur if I have or haven't eaten, but usually when I haven't. I have been going to the toilet quite a bit more, but this sometimes happens anyway so I'm not sure what to think about that. I haven't had any sickness, and I haven't had much tiredness either. My breasts have been sensitive and I hate anyone touching them lately. I have also found myself crying over literally nothing and being very happy one minute, and then unbelievably sad or angry. I don't normally get moods like these but that could be anything I suppose. I generally have that 'pregnant feeling' but my mind likes my play tricks on me so I'm confused about what to think!

any advice would be appreciated smilex

catty2510 Mon 21-Nov-11 00:57:22

Hi everyone, my implant was due out in august but the nurse keeps either phoning in sick, or changing my appointment, trying to ring me while im at work and when i finish its too late to call her back. basically i was just wondering if im still covered by the implant even tho it was due out 3 months ago.. ive tried google and cant find anything. Any advice would be appreciated x

MG0608x Mon 21-Nov-11 02:44:47

catty2510, the hormone that is in the implant is only enough for 3 years and no more, so that means it is hugely unlikely that you are still covered by it x

tiffany2078 Tue 22-Nov-11 19:59:35

Hi my names tiffany i just got my implonon removed yesterday i hated it so muchhh..... i got it removed but three days ago which was on saturday i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend since sperm can last up to 3-5 days in a womens system is their a chance that i can get or be pregnant? i havent had my period in a month in a half my last period was on oct 7,2011 i have been runing to the bathroom alot and eating a little bit more then usual please help.....

mumstyle Sun 27-Nov-11 12:05:05

Hi there, I'm a mum two 2 little boys who were born 13 months apart. After my second baby, while I was on the 21/28 ( i can't remember the number) day pill, I fell pregnant both times and had to have an abortion both times. Very traumatic! I was also told by my doctor that I have hypothyroid.

Then a doctor told me about implanon and said " theres a 99.9 % chance you won't fall preggers". Sounded good, so I got the implanon inserted in March 2010. My periods have been a little irregular sometimes lasting unto 22 days. Mood et all seemed fine till recently. Went on a long holiday with the family and forgot that I hadn't got my periods. after doing 3 home pregnancy tests, I was convinced I'm not preggers. But my body is giving me a different message. My stomach seems a little bit bigger. My boobs are tender. I'm moody. and yesterday morning after wiping myself with a tissue, it seemed like I was spotting. All 4 times in the past when I have been pregnant, I have known it. My body told me and then the pregnancy test confirmed it.
A lot of posts earlier have different women experiencing different things with/without the implanon.
I don't know if I'm pregnant or not as yet. I feel as though i am.
I'm actually not prepared to go through one more abortion. I'm very terrified.
I have an appointment tomorrow at the docs so hopefully should get some news in 2-3 days.

robynxx Mon 28-Nov-11 02:49:56

hiyaaaa guy can u help me please ermmm i have had the implant for just over 2 years now and i have had my period every month really regular then this month i haven't had a thing my moods are unbelievable constantly going to the loo i did have a bit tenderness at the start of the month and a wee bit sicky aswell n constantly eating what do u guy thing i should do ???????

laura27388 Wed 30-Nov-11 16:06:00

Hi Ladies!!
So, I had the implant (implanon) inserted 7th Jan 2010. I found out I was pregnant in Sep 2009 and then my granda became very ill very fast and died of cancer in several places early Oct. He was the only person I told. I then had a M/C mid/late december - hence the reason for the implant.
When the implant was inserted i had no bleeding till mid Jan this year and then had three in the space of around 7 months. Sunday i started having lower abdo pains and stomach pains and was sick. These pains have carried on, easing ever so slightly but I have been sick three times today and still feel like I am going to be. And this feeling has been there since Sunday too. I have read a majority of these posts and I too have taken a HPT where it turned out to be negative. I have had headaches for about a week and felt dizzy and disorientated too.
I am getting the implant taken out in 6 days and should I still feel the way I am then I am going to tell them all about it and see what their advice is.
My friend is 19 weeks pregnant and said that I couldn't be as she wasn't being sick until she was about 10 weeks which is when a majority of you ladies started really worrying about all this. Who do I believe or do I try and keep it at the back of my mind until I go to the Family Planning Clinic to get it removed?
Any help is greatly appreciated as this is something that I would love to happen but by god I don't think I (sorry we) would be ready for something like this.

Laura xx

chunkyrumpy Thu 01-Dec-11 18:08:00

hi im kathy im new to this to. umm well let me see i got my implanon put in in june 2008 and had another one put in this year in may well im 2 and half months late my stomach hurts, i get headaches i feel nauseus got sick a couple times but the thing is we use protection. but it broke around the edges 2 and half months ago. im scared dont know wat to think dont know if i can be or not any suggestions?

chunkyrumpy Thu 01-Dec-11 18:08:56

oh and i have had a period eve3ry month while on the implanon no matter how long it lasted i still had one every month

robynxx Sat 03-Dec-11 01:41:09

hiyaa guys i dont no if anyone read my comment i wrote last week but this is my second month with out my period do u guys think its worth my while taking a HPT or do u think this is normal as i siad before i have had the implant for over 2 years and i have never misses so what do yous think xx

LishaLovesYou92 Sun 04-Dec-11 12:45:01

Heyy, just raising a question, as I had the implant put in on the 23/12/10 so almost a year now I have a number of cysts on my ovary and my doctor told me that it was completely impossible to fall pregnant on the implant though at this present time while writing this I am getting a spotty period and since I got this thing in I have had it like every 2 weeks and some weeks heavy others a Mix never light or spotty like now, my stomache is cramping my boobs feel and look bigger to me, and I am getting weird pushy feeling in my stomache even in my ribs but it was worse when my kitten was laying on my tummy I havent taken a test and my doctor refuses to test me for pregnancy coz it's 1/1000 to get pregnant on it, what should I do???

fleecesmum Sun 04-Dec-11 12:56:47

I've been on implanon for about 8 months now, not had a period since the week it was inserted, and for the last 3 months I've been feeling super tired, nauseous,slight weight gain and craving odd foods. The last few days i've been feeling flutterings in my abdomen- mainly when I'm in the bath or laying in bed. I've done 2 HPT's, both were refuses to send me for an ultrasound. I've worked out I'd be about 14 weeks. Would that even still show on a hpt- any advice?

niki81 Mon 05-Dec-11 21:16:57

Hello All! I am new to this site, but not at all new to Implanon. I first had Implanon inserted in Jan 2008, and then again in Jan 2011. I consider myself far from an expert, but I do have a GREAT OB/GYN, and wanted to share some info that she has given me a long the way. When I first had the implant I got me period for 31 days...I was freaking out, calling the doc every other day. She explained to me that Implanon is a 3-step bc, which is what makes it so effective. 1-It increases the wall of the cervix, making it hard for spern to pass. 2-It stops the release of eggs, so if the little monsters do make it past, there should be no egg to fertilize. 3-It depletes the uterine lining (which is the reason for long and irregular/infrequent periods) so if the sperm makes it through, then finds an egg, it will have no wall to attach to. Anyway, after my 31 day long af, I did not have a period for another 2yrs 8 mo. It wasn't until I was almost due to have my rod removed that I started getting af again b/c by that time the hormones have worn off. Since I got my new rod, I have had very little spotting, and when I do, my DR just says it is my body getting rid of the lining, on no particular schedule. In addition - I have had no additional weight gain, however I am more emotional, especially around the time I would get af. My sex drive is better than ever, so I know the rod is working! smile I have recommended TONS of people for Implanon. Please feel free to ask any questions... I am an open book! Best wishes to all...

CharlotteMary Mon 05-Dec-11 21:39:29

HI, im new on this. i was wondering if anyone could help..
Ive had the implant for over a year now.
i did a pregnancy test 4 months ago with my then partner and it was possitive, but also had a negative one so i thought nothing of it.
ive put weight on, my boobs have been sore on and off. Dizzyness, tiredness, nausea..ive had it all. i dont know wether its just in my head that i am. i have no children so i dont know what it feels like. im scared to talk to my parents as im only 17.
can anyone help? thankyou x

robynxx Wed 07-Dec-11 02:52:31

hiyaa charlotteMary dunno ur name lol haha am 17 as well and am kinda in the same boat as u i am scared to talk to my mum n dad about it aswell i done a pergnancey test but mine was negitive but i have started getting movement mm weird have u been to the clinic or to ur doctor about it?????????????
this aint much help but i just thought as am the same age u might find it easyer to talk xxxxx robyn write back if u want

CharlotteMary Wed 07-Dec-11 21:10:46

hi robynxx yes i went the clinic yesterday and i said id be about 4-5 months gone by now and she said the test would say negative anyways because of how far gone id be and my hormones would change. but she just didnt seem bothered about how i felt.
she did tell me to go my GP though if im still feeling the same, why dont you go see a doctor? i wouldnt go to a clinic personally, they dont help much! im left more confused as i was before. ive put weight on, bcs i now have 2 stretchmarks at the bottom of my stomach:/. if im not then im seriously messed up in the head! xxx

ohmy91 Wed 07-Dec-11 22:11:50

Since having my first child back in June of this year, I've been on the implanon for five months. A bled very little at first and then got no period whatsoever. In the past month, I've been feeling nauseous in the morning, I've been very moody, and I occasionally get a sharp lightening bolt of pain from my lower abdomen that curves around my side.

This worries me because that can be a sign of an Ectopic pregnancy which the implanon can cause. I after five months of no bleeding, I recently started spotting. I took a few home pregnancy tests and all came back negative. Making an appointment tomorrow to see my doctor. Will keep you updated.

I also think the Implanon messes with you mentally, I've never been so moody in my life, even while pregnant.

toniUK25 Thu 08-Dec-11 04:57:08

Hi All, I have spent 6 hours reading the posts!!! LOL well..
MY Story so far:

I had implanon (nexplanon)since around March 2011.. so for 8months or so... Two weeks ago, I start experiencing majority of the symptoms everyone on this forum have been saying..

Feeling Sick, gaging, Feeling Stuffed all the time, stomach cramp, hardening of lower abdomen, expanding of the lower abdomen, sleepy, moody, anxiety, stomach getting bigger (My body size never changes regardless how much I eat, but i know from my first born, the only weight i put was my now, its starting to show around my lower abdomen again)

NEED TO HIGHLIGHT THIS - (additional symptoms
SEVERE ITCHYNESS throughout my body. (anyone experiencing ichyness? I remembered I did with my 1st one) FLARING OF THE SKIN.

Throughout my 8months on implanon (getting a signed card from the doc whom inserted this) have never experiences bleeding, until THAT two weeks ago that's when all the symptoms started.

Went to the Dr, just like most of your Dr's say (Its very safe, if you done a HPT and is Neg, then it is NEG, have another preg test in a couple of weeks time and see again) DR are Useless, most of them PLAY by the Books!

Im worried that having implanon does complicate pregnancies i.e. in the previous treads, Ecotopic preg. (If I am Preg) i dont want to have an Ecopt Preg... Its not RIGHT!
(Did a HPT - Neg)

Def going bk to DR and demand a Ultrasound Scan - the best bet!

CharlotteMary Thu 08-Dec-11 21:23:00

i hate how im feeling, its not right.. and if this is what the implanon does to you then i want rid!
ive had it for over a year now, and i felt nothing like this until this past month.
i did a test with my then boyfriend four months ago and had one possitive then one negative. the clinic i went to did a neg, and she said she expected that since id be over 4 months gone, which has worried me even more and just told me to go to my GP.. my stomach hardens more at night, and i feel weird feelings.
on the other hand, my mum was 8 months gone with me before she found out, tests showed negative, no movements.
so im worried!

CharlotteMary Thu 08-Dec-11 21:45:40

its quater to ten at night right now and im sat eating a fish cake! weird how much i just want to eat, even fish cakes at this time sad.

It's not impossible to get pregnant on Implanon, it happened to someone I know four years ago.
The makers of Implanon know this and were sued.
The BNF know this too.

robynxx Thu 08-Dec-11 22:33:59

hiyaa sorry i never got back to u there yeah i might but sometime i think am just over reacting n i will feel pritty embarrassed if i went n he sed it all in ur head kinda thing i will take another test i was post to do it to day something to do with dates n stuff so i will do it tomorrow coz i done the first one abit early do u have facebook xx

sexylucy Sun 11-Dec-11 22:10:20

hi,, i no the feeling im on the implant and i thought it was good,,
frm the day and r i gat it in iv only had 2 extremly short periods sad
ive had symtons but i no that im def nat.. jus h8 feelin lis way

xSusaNx Mon 12-Dec-11 23:51:32

Hey guys.. Ive had implanon in since May 2010.
At the start my periods were all over the place but after about a year I got them regularly. For the last month however I have had it THREE times sad

Do you think I could be pregnant?
I just think its strange that its gone weird again also I keep getting a pain in my side. I have been losing weight because Ive been doing weight wachers however.

Last week I also got a numb pain in my arm two days where the bar is.

Please help sad I don't want to be pregnant Im still in college!

Blondyxxxx Sun 08-Jan-12 16:35:30

I'm new to this, I'm 28 and been on the implant for over 2 years I'm due to have it out nov 12. However I have been told it may have already run out as I am overweight, the doctors just don't seem to know I have also had terrible cramps and passed lots of clots about 5 weeks ago on my last period. I was having periods about every four months which was fine with my body up until the last one.

Problem is I'm struggling to have this thing out or changed everywhere has a waiting list I'm worried I may even already be pregnant as I have several symptoms. Has anyone had an implant run out after two years??

leashymae Wed 11-Jan-12 17:14:12


lbroskey1 Fri 13-Jan-12 16:42:47

Hi! I just got my implanon 1/04/2012. so, i've only had it for a little over a week. my period was due any dayy! it had been 29 days since the first day of my LMP the day i got the implant. i still haven't started! it's been 38 days now. is this normal? i would think that i would have my period since i was technically a day late. what do you ladies think? i need your help!

Rhiannonn Fri 13-Jan-12 20:48:03

Hi all, came here by accident looking for info about ovarian tests, saw the implanon thread and thought Id join in. I've had implanon and it's predecessors since 1997 after I fell pregnant due to a split condomn and decided on a termination as I was 19 at the time. My own experience with these implants has been great. I have never had any problems, no mood swings, periods have been as regualr as clockwork. However this is my personal experience. I would advise any woman to try implanon for themselves, but we are individuals and no one contraception is going to work for every woman. Remember the only fullproof contraception is abstinence!!
I would advise any woman who is worried or having problems with their implant to go and see the GP/Nurse who put it in. Failing that you could try your local family planning clinic for advice. I now live in London but still return to Yorkshire to have my implant changed as the Consultant is brilliant. But the most important thing for you to remember is that whilst doctors and health professionals are trained adn are experts in lots of things - YOU know YOUR body and if you're not happy with it, or the advice they give you, go back, or go somewhere else until you get the answers you need. Take care x.

sheshe19 Wed 25-Jan-12 16:34:53

I've been on implanon for 2 years now during this time frame i have missed my period once. My periods never came on the same day of each month but hey they came. I'm currently now not had a cycle in a month....y? Could I really be pregnant..??

sheshe19 Thu 26-Jan-12 01:38:54

That's crazy I have been on it for two years now, & just now missing my cycle for a month. I really dont think it is a side effect, cause im sure side effects come or more likely to show up as soon as you get it and fade away. While on this BC I have always had a cycle each month and some have lasted longer than others. Currently not had a cycle in a month so I'm flipping out and exspecially after reading all of this stuff online has got me wondering.

sheshe19 Thu 26-Jan-12 04:14:19

So were u pregnant? I have been on the Implanon for two years and I am just not going a month without my cycle, I just find it really weird!

missnaughtie Tue 31-Jan-12 00:27:00

hi, help anybody pleaseeeee.. smile iv had my implant in now for nearly 3years on the 16th of feb.. iv not had a period through out the whole time of having it in.. but this past week my body has felt very strange my boobs are very sore and feel heavy hurt to touch kills to even take my bra off.. iv had stomach pains i had a MC a few years ago and remember the stomach pains while been pregnant..
Do you think my implant may off stopped working?? i really don't know..

jodie07 Thu 02-Feb-12 22:07:28

hi im really confused at the mo, i have had the implant now for 2 years after giving birth do my daughter, along with the pill from the start due to irregular bleading having 2 periods a month without it.
i stopped taking the pill around xmas, now i havnt had any bleading which is very unusual only spotting here+there, i have had a very stable weight+flat stomach since i gave birth, i have now gained about 6lb, all seems to be on my stomach which is firm +round, keep feeling light headed+not myself at all. have done 2 preg tests both neg, had the implant out on 30th jan, surely i couldnt have been preg with the implant in any ideas please???

Missykerry Mon 06-Feb-12 16:34:28

i had regular periods until i got the implant in my arm in oct 2007 , my last period was sep 2007 . i got the implant out aug 2008 , this is now feb 2012 and ive still had nothing ..... i am trying for a baby but still nothing , this is beginning to worry me as im 22 soon , i know i still have a long time to try but it does upset me that i actually miss my periods , ive been to the doctors but they have no idea what is wrong , im worried ill never have any children... please if anyone has any information . x

BabyGurl1489 Fri 10-Feb-12 16:22:32

hello im 18 years old and i have had the implanon in for almost 3years. i will be getting it taken out in 6months but last night i got sick 6 times and i am still feeling sick. i just seen my bf last week for my birthday and we did things. i am worried i might be pregnant since ive been tired n getting sick so much. so does anyone know wat pregnancy test would work best to find out early results n should i also get a blood test done? plz help

TamCat95 Sun 12-Feb-12 13:35:20

hey guys; im 16 and have had periods since i was 12 which were quite painful, so painful i was administered into hospital and given morphine (which im allergic to that we found out) so they put me on the pill to regulate periods which worked for three months taking them correctly and such then all of a sudden i was bleeding through the whole month and was getting extrapainful periods, went to doctors after three months of waiting for it to settle. then was put on the Depo injection (every three months)and continuously bled for 4 needles and by now regular hospital appointments. i went off all contraception (no sex) i now permanently have iron deficiency disorder. so as a last resort they put me on the Implanon which i have been on for three months now and still continuously bleeding
have been checked for all sorts of stuff all came back negative
has anyone else seen or heard of these symtoms,
please help its ruining my life. i feel embarrassed to go anywhere im self concious and have started seeing someone recently but am not able to have sex due to continuous bleeding. sad

dani27 Tue 14-Feb-12 15:06:33

Did you find out if you was pregnant or not ??? I feel like im going crazy my mood swings are horrible feel like constant super pmt getting headaches, swollen abdomen, sickness, sweating at night its awful. I already have two children and took a pregnancy test about 8 weeks ago came back negative but i feel like im pregnant does this contraception work

cammy0 Sun 19-Feb-12 12:02:56

hi im on the Implanon its coming out this year it will be 3 years in i have not seen my period for 8 days and getting signs of im pregnant but tests saying im not had any one had that happen to then please

jemimah011 Thu 22-Mar-12 00:27:10

Hi everyone.. i got my implanon august last year so 7months exactly tomoro i have 2 children a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old so u can imagine how busy i am... when i first got the implanon i had no period wat so ever than in november i had my cyst removed and ever since that i had my period on time every months

but that all changed this months i i was expecting my period on the 7th of this months but still not here...and i have been having pregnancy symptoms...nausea, tired, weak, tastless mouth, not liking any of the smell of certain food, headache, cramps like ur gpong to get ur period bt no show all that and more...

i am 24 nxt month engaged and have 2 children which were both unexppected bt this time i wanted to plan my pregnancy whichprobably not for another 2yrs thats why i went on the implanon..but now i am scared because i am convinced that i am pregnant because of the symptons but i dont know what to do or who to talk to than i found this site which i must say is very helpful bt got me nw even more scared. Sure it be not a big deal if i am pregnant but i am nt ready and since i ddnt plan the other pregnancy i just dont want that to happen again

Someone please HELP a word of advice on what i should do because i am really worried

thanks in advance

jsamantha Mon 02-Apr-12 23:07:25

Reading this has got me really worried?! I've had my implant for ages and never had a problem, i was in a 3 year relationship, when we split i kept the implant and have since slept with 2 people..(i was very drunk both times) does alcohol compromise the implant and make it stop working? Ive been feeling really weird since, butterfly feeling in my abdomen, feeling sick, CONSTANTLY tired. Do i need to have the implant removed to do a test?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated as im only 20 and im freaking out!!!

mom1426 Fri 13-Apr-12 21:29:35

I have been experiencing all the same symptoms as all the above. I have two kids, so I feel positive that I am pregnant....however have also only had negative HPT results. Recently went to the doctor and told them all of my symptoms, they also did a test...NEGATIVE. I have done a ton of reading and research. I am very unhappy with this contraceptive and am getting it out today. I will also be getting an ultrasound done next week, I will keep you all posted to see if I actually am pregnant. confused
Oh and thanks for all the posts, this really helps not to feel alone.

kaitken91 Mon 16-Apr-12 21:09:14

hi i have just read quite a few of these comments, i am not worried just very paranoid that i could be pregnant as i feel sick for no reason (not ill sick) and keep feeling movement in my big belly, even if i had a bump i couldn't tell, i do regular tests just to keep check, i never come on regular so that's no help, all my tests have been neg but im waiting for that day it fails this is my 2nd implanon and i didnt have this with the 1st one, i will let you know what the next test says.

Titch86 Sun 22-Apr-12 23:32:22

Hi, I've have just bin reading some of your post's and I'm starting to get a bit worried ! I have bin felling sick nearly every day 4 about 2 weeks now and I'm starting panic. I'm on my second implnon an never had any problems no weight gain,periods nothing but I have the feeling I'm pregnant !! My boobs r sore I'm getting really moody and I could cry at anything ? I cant bring myself to do a test. I'm 25 and in a good relationship but still don't think it's the right time to have kids. Looking at what some of you have put you all seem to have had periods b4 falling pregnant were as I haven't. Do you think this has anything to do with this(stopped working) I think I'm going to give it a few more days and if I still feel the same I'm gonna just have to bit the bullet and do a test :/ so wish me look x

Jesstar12 Thu 10-May-12 13:16:54

Just a quick message. I'm 21 and have been on the implanon since the beginning of September 2011. I should probably begin at the start of my "problems". im sorry if this info is TMI but im just really worried. the last proper period i had was in march which lasted about a week, which is normal for me. about three weeks ago, i started craving milk, which is unheard of, because i hate hate hate milk, but i just had to have it. i skipped over april without having a period and around a week ago, i had a really light period that lasted only 3 days, it was basically only brown discharge and a little blood. i thought i was fine then, as i got my period, but now im beginning to have a "heavy" feelin gin my lower abdomin and an annoying pain in my right side. this only happens at night. but htis morning im feeling nauseas. my boobs do feel a bit heavier and im having mood swings. i cant stop eating and even after a big meal, im starving again after an hour. i havnt taken a PT as im just too afraid of the answer. i dont know whether i would be glad to be pregnant or not. im in a stable relationship but i dont think i could handle it. thanks. any help would be great.

kidsrme1 Thu 17-May-12 15:05:04

hi i am starting to get a bit worried after my 3 child that we didnt plan on i desided to have the implant in nov 2010 i have a very small bleed for 5 weeks at the begining haven had a period since two weeks ago now i started to be sick after every meal having stomach pains (very dule) sharpe pains in the pevis and also sore boobs also pains in my kidneys too

i have beein to the doctor 4 time over the past too weeks they told me i had a kidney infection (with out a urine test)
i have done 4 pregance test all come back negativie not sure what to do i have reserched and their in no test to check if the implant is still working and as im overweight been told it might not last the whole 3 years my whole body it telling me im pregant

im not sure the dr know what it wrong with me anyone out their help me please

babycakes2012 Sun 20-May-12 03:23:08

hi my name is talysha and i have been on the implanon for 1 year and a half now and at first i was getting no periods and then i started spotting and now every other month i sometimes bleed but mostly spot and i have been moody and gaining weight more than usual and everyone says i look pregnant and i think i am going crazy if i am pregnant how would i know and how possible is it to become pregnant after a year use and its put in correctly

Jessicabnxx Fri 25-May-12 14:20:19

Hi, I've had the implant since 19th April 2012, and that was all fine - however about a week and a half ago I had to take a week off work as I was waking up and having terrible migraines, felt seriously nauseous and felt exhausted - since then I've been craving chocolate brownies and sugar, I've gone from 2 tbsp of sugar in my tea to 3 1/2! I've. Ow tarted experiencing painful 'kicks' on my lower right side of my stomach just under my ribs and down to the bikini line, not to mention lower spine and back pain (it's so bad I have to hold it!) I got the implant as at 19 years old it seemed the best choice and because I have an issue with swallowing tablets and pills not to mention my bad memory I felt it was common sense to go for this, but all of these symptoms and the little bulge I'm developing had made me worried as I do not use condoms with my boyfriend. Now because the doctor was adamant you can't get pregnant on the implant - any help? Not quite a subject I'm gonna worry my own mother yeti it's yet? Xx

confused82 Wed 30-May-12 06:30:27

Hi guys,

I like many that have already posted am more paranoid after reading previous posts. I have been getting slight abdominal pain and feel bloated, my belly feels so big and yes I have been wondering is it possible to fal pregnant on the implanon, I have been on it for 2 yrs now why not then why maybe now?? is it all in my head, the more I think about it the more I wonder is it me making my self crazy feeling all these pokes and thinking I'm pregnant???
I have been to the doctors and had a ultrasound done, my kidneys, liver, pancreas and gallbladder all fine, but I still feel like I have a bloated belly, feel like little pokes here and there no morning sickness or head aches or craving but I also never got that when I fell pregnant with my son. Obviously from what I have read I am not the only one that feels like this on the implanon but no one really comes back on here to say if there pregnant or something else. I have a doctors appointment this avo and hopefully can get an answer, I will keep you posted.

dreaming2020 Mon 04-Jun-12 17:46:54


My implant is due out in a couple months time. I’ve always had good periods and regular periods until 3 months ago. I’ve not come on in 3 months and I’m panicking like mad!!!!!.

I was seeing this guy and had sex with him twice only twice and now I’m feeling pregnant stomach big and bloated. Getting headaches which I never ever get, tired all the time, moody, eating loads, I’ve done a test said negative.

Help please? Anyone got pregnant on the implant or anything?

Meliejay3 Sat 23-Jun-12 21:27:33

Hi, im after some advice, i've had my implant for 2 years now, its due for removal april 2013, over the past few weeks ive felt like im pregnant, (having 4 children before the implant was fitted) ive been feeling sicky, headaches, sore breasts, ive gained a bit of weight, etc... I was wondering if i could be pregnant? Ive read all the posts on here and im even more convinced now... do i buy a test as ive seen that on the implant the tests come back negative or do i just go and see the dr as i dont want to leave it too long? Help any advice would be great ... xx

natia Fri 20-Jul-12 07:48:01

hi! ive been on implanon a year august 15 2012 and i havent had a period since day one but starting last month my breast began to leak milk and ive been having pregnancy symtoms since morning sickness all day sleeping alot and eating crazy stuff like i just ate lays cheddar sour cream chips and cookies and cream ice cream...TOGETHER! I took a home test about two weeks ago and it was negative my belly is a bump now and my docs app isnt until aug 15th i need some advice!

Totallymum Tue 24-Jul-12 17:49:47

Stop panicking everyone! The most effective way to avoid pregnancy is by not having sex! Provided the implant was inserted correctly, and you weren't already pregnant when it was inserted, the risk of pregnancy is very small: of women using implant, less than one woman in 100 will get pregnant in 1 year of use. Having said that, if youre still worried, use condoms too. The bleeding pattern you get is notoriously unpredictable, and a lot of women have no bleeding at all after 9 months of having it in.

Totallymum Tue 24-Jul-12 17:51:51

Oh, and if you're worried about being pregnant now, take a test! Ensure you read the packet first, as some may not show up positive until 21 days after your last sex.

k1m88 Sat 28-Jul-12 23:40:06

hi, just woondering if i get some advice please? my implant rusn out in august so on the 19th of july i went to get it take it taken out. my doctor tried for 45 minutes and couldnt remove it, she said it was lodged and had attached to the tissue. she has scheduled for me to go to hospital next week to have it removed by someone with more experience (doctors words, not mine). anyway since having the implant i have regular periods every month for the ast 3 years, its worked amazing for me. but i havent come on my period now and im now a week late. she said it wouldnt of changed its effectiveness but does any one know more...???

my thoughts are maybe she has dislodged it and made it less affective or maybe its scuppered the hormone release so my periods are affected. i dont think a pregnancy test would show this early but if some one could shed some light i would REALLY appreciate it!!!

pmtkatie Sun 29-Jul-12 20:41:12

Hi Everyone, getting a bit worried reading all these posts.

Ive been on the implant for 18 months now and ive never had a problem with it, regular periods although my mood swings can go a bit crazy!!!!

But i've not had a period in the last 6/7 weeks and having so many signs of pregnancy...... swollen breasts, darkening nipples and veins showing, back ache, tiredness, going off food and alot of heartburn. ive convinced myself that im pregnant but 3 pregnancy tests later its still saying negative!!

Ive got a 2 year old son and also suffered a miscarriage so i feel i know my body quite well when it comes to pregnancy. going to book myself into the doctors tomorrow afternoon although got a feeling im going to be told its impossible, like a lot of you have been told. I think its disgusting how some doctors dismiss people with pregnancy symptoms on the implant!

Anyway wish me luck! :/

crystal94 Tue 14-Aug-12 03:49:23

Hello ladies,
I'm 18 and have had Implanon for a year.
I've had such intense pregnancy symptoms but my doctor refuses to give me a blood test!
I've been experiencing;
blood noses, cramps, cravings, bloating, weight gain (only on my stomach and breasts)
headaches, mood swings and a metallic taste in my mouth.
I've gone from being a super tiny 45kgs to 56kgs in about ten weeks.
I've had regular sexual relations with my long term partner relying solely on the Implanon.
I did 6 HPT , three positive and three negative.
Help me! Could I be pregnant?

ChloeJayne Tue 14-Aug-12 16:27:15

I've only had the Implant fitted for 2 and a half months. I had spotting for the first few weeks but then nothing. I've been getting 'early pregnancy symptoms' such as back aches, stomach cramps, mood swings and the past week I've had more spotting... but don't know if its even possible? I'm only 17, but in a relationship. Should i be worried? sad please give advice xxx

Abbie91x Mon 27-Aug-12 19:42:12

Hi everyone

Can someone help me please

I've had te implanon in since February 2011 after I had a miscarriage ! I thought I couldn't face it again,,

Lately I have been feel different like I felt when I found out I was pregnant before I Gad a MC

Feel nauseous everyday
Tummy cramps back cramp
Head aches
Eating different things
And I've gained a bump!

I've took 5 pregnancy tests and they have all come up negative

I don't no what to think

I am planning on having the implanon out this month anyway
But ........ Eek

Please someone talk to me smile

culpepper26 Thu 30-Aug-12 00:37:17

Hi I have had the implanon since March 29th, 2011 after my daughter was born on the 15 of March last year. I have been pregnant 3 times with the implanon and the last time I miscarried being a month to a month and a half along. Now here I am late on my period again and I think I am pregnant again. Next month I am getting this stupid non working thing out of my arm and me and my husband are just going to be safe until we are ready again.

CouthyMow Thu 30-Aug-12 00:57:52

I fell pregnant on implanon. <<Looks pointedly at DS2.>> I was told that it was because of my epilepsy medication lowering the effectiveness though. Which is why I also had the Mirena at the same time.

I was told that it is VERY rare though. In my case, it was more likely because my periods hadn't stopped AND because of my epilepsy meds.

If this is just a cessation of periods through the implanon settling in, I'd say it's even less likely that you will or have fallen pregnant.

culpepper26 Thu 30-Aug-12 03:05:14

I have had my period every month until now with my implanon and I have been on it for 17 months now. I gained a lot of weight with the implanon and then I started to diet and lost weight and now I am gainbing it again because I think I am pregnant again for the 4th time in 17 months being on the implanon.

OriginalRogue Fri 31-Aug-12 17:06:01

I've been on Implanon for nearly 3 years (it comes out next March). Certainly some of the side effects haven't been pleasant but I've had no worries about getting pregnant on it. I spoke to my GP about it recently though and he said they're all being replaced with ones called Nexplanon or something due the number of people getting pregnant with Implanon. The implant itself wasn't the problem, it was being inserted incorrectly and thus was being ineffective. The Nexplanon is much easier for people not to mess up inserting it.

AlyshaKristine Mon 03-Sep-12 13:26:58

I'm so sick of this implanon!
I've been on it 10 months now and I have bleed non stop the WHOLE time,
I'm on the mini pill 3 times a day just to stop the bleeding but It doesnt stop the cramping.
I feel so pregnant and moody constantly to the point where its affecting my relationship.
The mood swings,
Gone up 3 cup sizes and ive gotten so "bloated",
gone from a 6 pack to people asking how far along i am..

deffo's getitng this out!!

PattyNicole Mon 10-Sep-12 04:57:53

I got Implanon on Feb 3, 2012, roughly 6 weeks after having my 2nd daughter. When I got it, I had NO periods up until July. Then they came every 2-3 weeks up until now. I have been bloating, getting headaches, eating everything, randomly getting sick at smells, super grumpy for no reason. We are having this taken out ASAP because it's just too much, plus I am pretty sure we are pregnant again. I have taken home tests that say NEGATIVE but .... I know my body. I just hope that I do not M/C if I am.

Sunninicole Sat 15-Sep-12 19:50:19

Hi my name is Sunni. I've been on the implanon for a year now! The past two months I've been ganing a ton of weight, really bad headaches, really bad ance ( which is strange cause I've never had ance this bad), i have a belly bump and its hard feels just like a pregnant belly, weird food cravings, and so on. I've called my obgyn nurse and told her everything that was going on and she told me that there was no way I could become pregnant on the implanon.
Well I've taken 3 test, all which came back neg. I'm litterally think I'm going crazy. I had been having periods every month since ive been on the implanon. Until june came along and then i stoped! Please someone idk what is going and it really is driving me crazy! I mean i can't even fit into any of my clothes anymore. And I've been having like these cramps in my lower ab area and they have been going on for 2 months. I really would like some answers. Either way this devil stick is coming out of my arm next week!!!!!!!!!!!

cmmitchell8310 Thu 11-Oct-12 05:50:50

Hi. I've had the implanon since April of 2011. And ever since I got it I have never stopped my period. I may have 3-5 days between each period but they are very consistent. I recently went to the doctor again about it and they gave me 3 months of birth control pills to try and regulate my period. But my body rejected them by making me extremely sick. But in the past couple of weeks I have had many symptoms that are like my first pregnancy. I'm always hungry but when I go to eat I only take a few bites and want to throw it back up. I'm extremely tired and more moody lately.

I just didn't know if there was just the chance I could be pregnant. Even though I've taken many test and they all come out negative. I've been told by some that I could be getting a false result due to all the hormones in the implanon

Tamara91 Wed 31-Oct-12 07:47:01

So I had my 1st baby in Feb this year and got the implanon put in the 1st 6 months had my periods on and off and than it stopped. Ive been getting bad head aches, sleep a lot, moody and my belly ain't getting any smaller and is hard. I took a test and came back negative...

Tamara91 Wed 31-Oct-12 07:48:08

Also I had a smear of blood ????? Scared

cottonlegs Mon 19-Nov-12 19:04:35

Can't believe some of the things Iv found out from reading all your comments I myself have had the implant in for only a few months due to no other contraception working for me and having three children already, but I am 100% frightened to death now as I have never gained weight all my life even after having my children n I have a pot belly I put this down to weight gain from the implant only to find out that its not had reports of any weight gain!! I have not had a pv for some time after having it fit come to think of it I only did for a few days after but my concernse are rasing as if I am my hubby will go mental he practically did whilst I was pregnant with number 3 we argued so bad that I actually moved out for some time until we sorted things out after his birth. As u can understand I really can't see him taking this one very well either as we have no room in our home for another n I could not think of not going through with it as I don't believe it is something to do lightly plz help!!

CRG Mon 26-Nov-12 14:28:36

I am also worried about managing to be pregnant on the implanon! :/

I have an almost 2 year old, and I wanted to wait a few years before having another baby, and wanted a more reliable b/c as I had become pregnant with my son while on the pill. I had the Implanon put in on the last day of July this year.

I skipped my period in August, and had a 2 week period in September (2 weeks is long, but it was my usual heavy period). But since then, I have had no period. I had some spotting early this month that I thought was my period coming, but then it stopped. I was very surprised, I've never had true spotting, the only time I would spot at all is before a full period started. So that bothers me.

Then over the last few days, I've developed a TON of pregnancy symptoms. But its confusing because they are things that happened to me later on in my son's pregnancy! I have lower back pain and major rib pain, my ribs just ache and ache. I had trouble sleeping last night because of it. And I just feel weak, very tired.

I am worried that not only have I become pregnant, but there might be more than 1 or an ectopic. It just doesn't make any sense and there should be NO reason my ribs are hurting like this.

By the way, I have some extra weight, my doctor DID tell me that there is a very small chance if you have extra weight at all you can get pregnant on implanon. It has not been studied in people with above average weight/BMI. I assume that may be where I went wrong, even though I am not that bad, its the only thing I can think of. No positive pregnancy test via urine yet though, it may be recent. But the pain is ridiculous.

a996o1 Tue 27-Nov-12 14:11:06

im only 16 but 17 in a few months time, im in a relationship and started the implant in may and had my periods for the first couple of months then they completely stopped. My doctor did tell me the implant wasnt 100% to stop you from getting pregnant but was most effective, since i had the implant ive never used condoms and thankfully not ended up pregnant but personally i think its just as being on any other contraception because there isnt anything that are 100% to stop you from getting pregnant.

Charliesbeaut Tue 27-Nov-12 14:24:27

Im 21 got a lil girl i always have a regular period no matter what the weather ive had the implant since july and i was due november around the 5th and i still havent come on i feel different within myself majority pregnancy signs ive took 3 home tests all negative am i paranoid because ive reading all your posts lol all i want is mushrooms and i cryed yesterday cos my partner said i need to stop eating bread haha any advice please thanku xx

mywingshelpmefly18 Sat 26-Jan-13 16:44:42

hi, i seem to be having an implanon scare. im eighteen years old. i think ive been on implanon since june or july of 2012. so six or seven months. i usually have a regular period, but im currently 6 days late. its freaking me out ! i took two tests, and they say im not. but ive heard that this thing in my arm, can give false negative. what should i do??

BourbonsandTea Sun 27-Jan-13 15:02:49

Best thing to do is wait another week or so and take another test. If that comes back negative and you still don't get your period make an appt. with your GP. Good luck

Laylasmommy Mon 11-Feb-13 13:35:59

I had a baby in January of 2012. Waited to be put on birth control until almost a year later. I was put on implanon in december of 2012. and now here it is mid february and i have taken two pregnancy test and both are positive. IMPLANON SUCKS.... i was sick; nauseated, SOOOOOO tired, puking, diarrea, body aches... so i decided to take the tests and sure enough, im pregnant. Going to make my OBGYN appointment today and get scheduled to get the implant taken out so i dont miscarriage. So honestly if you dont want to get pregnant do NOT use implanon.

Lynlyn123 Sun 03-Mar-13 00:30:05

I've been on Implanon for over a year and a half. I've had plenty of pregnancy scares.. But the tests were all negative. I'm upset to see that laylasmommy got pregnant on Implanon.. Along with a few other people. I'm going to take a pregnancy test here in a couple of days and ill let you guys know whether it was positive or not.. But I've had morning sickness, diarrhea, headaches, mood swings, chills, and nausea. I'm going to see if these symptoms continue.. I'm only 16 years old but I'm very sexually active with my boyfriend that I've been with for 8 months.. So it's really possible. I'm scared. Any feedback? Thanks.

BourbonsAndTea Sun 03-Mar-13 09:05:59

Hi if you're sexually active there is always a possibility of getting pregnant. The Implants is something like 99.95% effective. So even used correctly you are not 100% protected. They have stopped manufacturing Implanon now as it was being inserted incorrectly. Can you feel the rod under your skin? People do have pregnancy scares on hormone contraception because they have side effects that can be similar to pregnancy symptoms. Do take a test though as it's best to find out, if you are pregnant, as soon as possible. Good Luck

lushnsweet Sat 16-Mar-13 23:06:36

hello i have two yes two implants in my left arm can i be posssible for me to to get pregnant they was replaced in in october 2012 answers please

Viki1 Wed 20-Mar-13 20:06:59

When I was 21 I(2006) had the implant, even took the pill for the 1st 2 weeks to settle bleeding and 10 weeks later found out I was pregnant, sadly I had a MC but shows it is possible despite it being 99.99% effective!!

dontknow1811 Sun 24-Mar-13 21:27:36

hello new on here. been on implant since december period all over the place i know thats nomal when you got this implant. but wats the chances i could be pregant feeling tired all the time bladder gone to overdrive and hungry all the time could somone tell wat they think plz i have done a test negtive this morning

LoveRhiannon Tue 26-Mar-13 12:24:59

Okay so here's my story please help!

I am on my second implanon. First implanon I had no periods at all. I got it replaced when it was due and am now two years into my second. All throughout the last 2 years I have had many pregnancy scares due to a couple of pregnancy symptoms that could also have been pre period symptoms.. Which they usually were to the point where I had to have ultrasounds etc. my doctor here in sydney is convinced nobody can get pregnant on the implanon.

For the last 6 months I always get my period on time. This month about 2 weeks ago I started getting all of the pregnancy symptoms in the list instead of just a few, from lots of white discharge, change in nipples, boobs sore and growing, nausea, headaches, so hot,gassy, off food, exhausted, so so so thirsty (I hate drinking water but I'm obsessed) etc. both my housemate and my boyfriend agree this time is different. Due to get my period on the 19th, yesterday (6 days late) I had brown jelly like discharge then light bleeding that was basically only on toilet paper. I went to the doctor and faked that I no longer wanted the implanon in, so they would take it out. Regardless I don't want to have it in any longer it's doing my head in. They did a pg test and said it was negative but possibly a faint positive, but that it was probably negative. I have started bleeding a little heavier today, but not as heavy as a period, and have had gastro a little bit plus felt even more sick. I took a hpt tonight but it came up negative. Has anyone had similar experiences and should I just wait to test again or am I not pregnant?

I know that was long I'm sorry. I'm almost 24 and financially stable and happy so it wouldn't be the worst thing, now I'm getting upset because I genuinely think that I am and I don't know what's happening!



LoveRhiannon Tue 26-Mar-13 12:50:02

Usually it takes a while for the implant to settle your system, it's only been a couple of months. Check all the top 10 pregnancy symptom websites then check implant and period symptoms, you should be able to ease your mind with those. But keep us updated for sure. If you're really worried then ask your doctor.

MystellOshay Sun 07-Apr-13 04:34:47

Hi. I am scared right now and very upset. I found this forum and wanted to ask people what they think. I have been on implanon for about 2 years and 4 months now. Since being on it I have never had a period and always felt fine. Within the last month though I have been feeling really down and moody. I have suffered from depression before so I got medication for that and now I don't feel down just moody. Since December I have felt constantly tired and not that hungry. Although, within the last two weeks I have had cravings for gravy from KFC and chicken. I've also gained some weight that looks like a baby bump and my boobs feel sore. I've been having weird feelings in my lower abdomen and getting back aches. I know something is not right and so I took a test today but it came up negative. I'm going to go to the doctor though because I want to know for certain because I just feel like I could be pregnant. Just want to know everyone's thoughts.

LalaField2013 Mon 08-Apr-13 01:17:34

hi all just seen this thread im off to the doctors on tuesday 9th as ive been getting symptoms of pregnancy got morning sickness i cant stand coffee (and i normally have 8 cups a day) i can smell more and i have the wierdest of tastes again.... a long with the usual boobs are tender and sore and they have gone up a cup size i have a tiny bump forming etc.... i took a test and it said negative and done quite a few seen my doctors a week ago and they said its not possible but i fell pregnant in 2011 but i miscarried at 8 weeks and 6 days sad my implant is due out in August this year (it was put in august 2010) im just wondering if anyone knows of anything that can affect it im S***ing myself as i got 3 little ones already from a previous relationship and im recently engaged to my new partner of 6 months (we are childhood sweethearts but distance got in the way and i tried to move on and fell pregnant 3 times etc but i still love him but thats another story) and we both have discussed kids but not for another year and my youngest is nearly 3 1/2 and the eldest is 6 middle daughter is nearly 5..... just wondering did anyone else have a problem with the doctors and what did you do any advice is welcome smile xxxx thank you im just very worried xxxx

MystellOshay Mon 08-Apr-13 17:44:09

I've been to the doctor today and I had an awful time. He treated me like I was stupid and didn't believe me. He said that it'll just be the implant and that all the symptoms are pre-menstrual. Like he would know, he's never had a period. Anyway, I had to argue with him to even get a blood test booked. I'm gonna get thge implant out anyway because I don't trust the blood tests and I really do know that something is different. Even one of my friends, who's had two kids thinks I'm pregnant. I might ask the pregnancy advisory centre that I'm gonna go to if they would do an ultra sound because that would definitely tell me if I'm pregnant. Hope you have a better time at your doctor than me LalaField. My advice would be, if the doctor doesn't beleieve you, take it into your own hands a bit. Contact preganancy advice places and see if they can help.

MystellOshay Wed 10-Apr-13 11:48:50

Had my blood test done today. Can you believe it's gonna take them 2 weeks? It's a disgrace. Tried to find out if I can get a scan. Nope. They need a reason to give me one sad I'm getting sick of this, no one believes me. Aren't doctors and stuff supposed to be there to help you? And the pregnancy advice place said that the first time i go to see them about getting my implant out will only be a consultation and they don't do appointments... What kind of crap is this? I'm so worried right now because if I am pregnant, what if I have a miscarrige from still having my implant in? I'm also worried about the blood test. What if my implant messes it up?sad I'll keep you all updated on how things go for me because no one has really kept updating posts on here. If anyone has a story from what happened to them, like if they got pregnant that would be helpful to not only me but a lot of other people on here.

MystellOshay Wed 17-Apr-13 07:00:40

Sorry that it's taken me a while to update. A lot has happened. Firstly. I went to a contraception clinic and told the woman there about what happened with my doctor. She felt sorry for me but said the only thing she could do was a pregnancy test. She did 2 and they both came up as faint positives. She wanted me to go in the next day with another urine sample to be sure. The next day both tests came up negative so she said that she couldn't do anything else -.- I was so upset and crying on the phone to my mum that she came to pick me up and take me to her house. There I went to see an out of hours doctor at their hospital and my mum was worried that I could have an ectopic pregnancy because I was having pains in my shoulder blade and sides. The woman in there did another damn pregnancy test which came up negative, no surprise... And she felt my lower abdomen and said that she didn't think it was an ectopic pregnancy -.- She didn't even check me properly. Then she said that she thought I might have a urine infection, which I doubt but I'm waiting on the test result still. So she gave me anti-biotics to take. I had to go to see a doctor at my mum's surgery though because the pain was still really bad. That doctor did a test for urine infection but it came up negative, she said it may be because I already took some anti-biotics -.- Anyways she also said that I could have an infection in my tubes. So basically they are just taking guesses. She gave me some other anti-biotics to take as well and sent a swab off for testing, waiting on that result too. And to top it all off my blood test came back negative but I don't trust any of this because my boobs have gotten a tiny bit bigger again, to the point where I think I'm gonna need new bras, my bump feels a bit bigger and it feels like something is wriggling down there. I'm gonna get my implant out next week at that contraception clinic I went too and I'll have to update you all on what has been going on. At the moment though no one has done a scan and is just avoiding it by guessing some other things that could be wrong. Oh and I forgot to mention that I've been having this brown discharge coming out and the out of hours doctor said that she thinks it's a miscarrige but there's not enough of it to be a miscarrige. Sorry that it was so long but a lot happened. I'll keep you updated.

kasoller86 Sat 20-Apr-13 11:21:31

I am really worried I have been on the implanon for almost a year and had normal periods somewhat but recently just started having intercourse with my boyfriend and this month i havent gotten it. I have been peeing more getting sick eatting more leaking from my boobs and nipples have been senstive. Everysite i have been on has says its not possible i dont know what to do

MystellOshay Sat 20-Apr-13 20:12:57

First thing I would suggest is take a test at home. If that comes up negative then go to the doctor and tell them about your worries but don't expect them to be nice because they probably won't believe you. You can go to a family planning clinic too and see if they will test you. If that still comes up negative then I would suggest trying to get a scan because you have to find out. I am going to see if I can get someone to give me a scan on Monday. I'm also getting the implant out to be on the safe side, I would suggest you do that because you can always get anotjer one put in.

nena19 Sun 21-Apr-13 03:57:31

Plz sum one help i jux had my implanon inserted last year on aug7 n i qot my period rarely n last week i started havinq naseau ive qot sick my tummy is bloated i have a metallic taste in my mouth i qet moody i always have 2 wee i been cravinq chokolate costant headaches ear pains my implanon feels moved i feel movements i took 3 preqnancy test all kame back neq. Wut should i do plz help

nena19 Sun 21-Apr-13 03:59:32


nena19 Sun 21-Apr-13 04:02:20

Sorry n im always hunqry feelin the same sympthoms as i did with my 2 kids Confused

MystellOshay Mon 22-Apr-13 19:46:59

I had my implant taken out today because I did not want to leave it in with the chance that there is a baby inside me. Got to go to the doctors on Thursday and see if I can persuade the docotr to give me a scan because I've still been having all my symptoms, although some of them have calmed down a bit and I've been having a couple of different cravings recently - i.e. chocolate and sponge cake. I'll let people know how that goes. Nena19, have you told your doctor? They can do a blood test and if that comes up negative but you're still concerned then you can try and get them to do a scan. Plus if you've been pregnant before then you should tell them that too.

toeknees Wed 24-Apr-13 13:49:21

FYI Before your health practitioner inserts the Implanon a pregnancy test should be done. You should be told not having periods is a side effect NOT a side effect for everyone. The reason you feel "pregnant" is because your body thinks it is pregnant that's why it does not release eggs. If you find yourself bleeding more than your normal period then your healthcare person should give you some estrogen to balance your system and if you want it removed and your practitioner won't remove it then get a new person. AND NO METHOD IS 100% except not having sex remind your health care person of that when they say you can't be pregnant.

MystellOshay Thu 25-Apr-13 11:33:56

Just been to see my usual, nice doctor. He phoned an ultrasound clinic up and they are gonna phine me to get me booked in for a scan. I'm so happy that something is finally gonna be done about this. He even examined me and saw my bump. the other doctor didn't even care to bother. I'll let you all know the verdict of my scan.

alexxorr11 Thu 25-Apr-13 15:33:19

Hello my name is Alexx I have 2 kids and I just got the implanon back in January of 2012. Well I have been having all the side effects of being pregnant again. I've had the implanon over a year and just now started having these symptoms I've done 2 home pregnancy tests and one at the doctors but they all came back negative. I haven't had a period since the beginning of Feb. I'm needing some advice. Should I have a blood test and ultra sound done?? shock

MystellOshay Fri 26-Apr-13 07:29:52

Yes Alexx, get the blood test done first and even if it comes back negative, if you're still worried, get the scan done. I'm going for my scan today, finally. If it turns out that I've gotten pregnant then I will let you all know because that means the rest of you should definitely take some action in case you are.

MystellOshay Fri 26-Apr-13 12:26:00

Back from my scan. The woman said there are no signs of a pregnancy and I have no cysts. There are gonna look into what may be cause all these symptoms and my bloated out tummy. They said I should know by next week. At least I know now that I'm not pregnant. Now that I've had my implant taken out too then I should get my period back at the start of next month (my usual time). If not then I'm gonna be concerned cause I've never had an irregular period. But anyways, anyone that is feeling like they are pregnant, do go to get a blood test and a scan if needed.

Kenylah09 Thu 02-May-13 07:24:21

Was she having periods while she was pregnant

MystellOshay Sat 04-May-13 01:06:47

What do you mean Kenylah09? If you mean me, I wasn't having a period on the implant and when I thought I was pregnant I didn't have one either but I did have this odd brown discharge though.

tulip18 Sat 04-May-13 07:01:41

I had implanon inserted in october 2012 i bled off and on until march and that one month i was off i gained over five pounds and my breasts began to itch and grow really big. after march i continued to bleed and still am bleeding almost every other day. Since I've had implanon in i have been more sexually active and i've noticed alot of personality differences. My doctor suggested the birth control pill being added too and it didnt help it just made it worse. I plan on getting this thing taken out asap! not only will i plan on checking if im pregnant or not i will be glad to see this thing go! I'm so tired of all the bleeding.

Loulou1900 Wed 22-May-13 00:48:55

Hiya, I'm 19 and on my second implant. I had this one put in last August 2012. Usually I only eat a little but for the last moth I have been eating a ridiculous amount an always feeling hungry. I've tender breasts and feel sick. I've been wanting to eat food that I don't normally like such as tuna and pickles. I'm constantly moody and get upset over anything. Like my hormones are everywhere. I've only been with my partner for 3 months. My periods are always irregular and I never know when I'm going to come on. sad
Anyone able to give me advice? Thanks

mommyproblems Mon 03-Jun-13 22:48:56

I have been on this for a little over a year. I too have been sooo tired sore breasts moody weight gain and back ache. I have taken two home test and like I have read on here they say it wont show so of course both came up negative. I've been trying to have an ultra sound done but no where will do one for me. I have also read that if its not taken out there is a high risk of a miscarriage. I have no clue what I am doing. All I know is something feels off. Could I be pregnant? How do I get them to do an ultra sound?

Madisonsmummy11 Fri 14-Jun-13 20:41:09

I had the implant in a couple of weeks after my daughter was born march '11, the first year was crazy periods were up and down, didn't no whether I was coming or going!! The second year they were normal monthlies, lasting a week, all normal, but the third year is different, my last period was 19th April, meaning I'm 28 days late, I'm so tired yawning after being awake an hr by early evening my eyes burn where I'm so tired!! I have noticed a weight increase, even though I don't eat any more than I used too, I'm feeling hungry constantly !! My breasts are sore and heavy they look bigger (I have the 4 boob thing going on at the moment!!) I'm urinating more often, I'm moody, etc !! A few weeks ago I had 1 day of like a browny coloured discharge I thought it was my period coming but it never came, I'm worried, I'm not ready for another baby, my home life is great I have a healthy happy toddler and engaged to her daddy, but if my calculations are right, my dd will be starting nursery when this baby is born (that is if I'm pregnant I don't no for sure yet) I don't want my daughter feeling like I'm pushing her out as we are very close, I gave a doc appt on Monday so hopefully will get some answers???

Another thing I don't eve n have cramps that would indicate a late monthly !! Help!!!

celiajustine Fri 28-Jun-13 16:29:43

hi so ive been on implanon for little over three years and im wondering if i could be pregnant. i havnt really had as much sex until just recently and now all of a sudden im peeing constantly my stomache is all funky i feel bloated and sometimes i want to eat all the time or not at all. im kinda scared what the test will say if i take one. i cant support a child yet. is it possible? i cant go by my period since i havnt had one for two years now....

ThoraNomiki Fri 28-Jun-13 22:06:03

It's definitely possible to get pregnant whilst using any form of contraception. Nothing is 100%.
Hormonal birth control like the implant effectively convince your body that you are pregnant which is why you may be having 'symptoms'.
If you've had it for 3 years you must be due to have it changed? Its effectiveness will reduce if not.
People rarely come back to update this thread so I think that's probably a good sign that most of them did not find out that they were pregnant smile

bethany1991 Sun 04-Aug-13 09:50:58

I would like info on this topic im on my 3rd. Year it gets taken out on February 2ed. 2014 and im showing sighns of being pregnant sore nipples feel like im going to through up and charp pains in my tummy im gaining wait. The 1st year i belad for 8 months then i bled once a year after that but this year i bleed 3time.i have had some redish brownish discharge so im worried if im pregnant can anyone help me if they went through this while on it

redhead949 Sun 18-Aug-13 17:45:00

so i have been on implanon for a little over 2 years, my periods have been regular and i missed my period in august but i had one at the beginning of this month. now i am really sick to my stomach all day and have been for 2 weeks and i am now having cramps in my lower stomach and my urine is cloudy all of the sudden, i took a pregnancy test and it came back negitive.

Newlywed2013 Mon 26-Aug-13 12:52:32

I think over the last few days I have been having symptoms! I know mine wasn't put in correctly, so may not have been working properly and it is nearly end of the three yrs

Implant I the devil!!!!

Imlauren557 Wed 28-Aug-13 10:51:18

Hi,am only 15, i have had the implant about 10 months and my periods have been off and on all the time,until last month they stopped, but not for long when i had a massive period with clots of blood,am asumming this might be a miscarraige,as i am sexually active with my boyfriend, however i am still getting bellyache,putting on weight,mood swings and craving things,i dont know what to do.

Mileymoo18 Fri 27-Sep-13 00:05:39

Hiya I'm 18 and I've been on the implant since January 2012. I usually have periods on the implant and they last quite a while and they're all quite bad. I had my last period about 3 knots ago and I've had symptoms since. At first I was throwing all my food back up and noticed my stomach was swelling. After a while I thought nothing of it up until about a week ago. I had sex and realised after that I was on anti biotics. I've read that anti biotics don't effect the implant but ever since I've had loss of appetite, my stomachs swollen, I've had cramps, head ache, back pains, my sense of smell has got better as I can smell everything. I've also been really fatigued as I could sleep for 10 hours then have a nap during the day although I've not done anything strenuous, as well as being really emotional. I don't really know what to think I'm just looking for advice! Thank you x

Daniiee21 Mon 30-Sep-13 23:03:24

Hi i been having regular periods since i had the implant in two years ago. Well i was 8 days late on a periiod i started to get like gooey brownish pink not a period but never had it sorry for tmi i then thought i was having a period but it was spotting after an hour there was nothing else for a day then had spotting again and stopped again this has been happening for 3 days on and off. Im getting really bad heartburn bloating and sore breast alsk had this headache on and off and light cramping just wondering if anyone had been pregnant on the implant shall i get a test im confused xx

Steph503 Sat 12-Oct-13 09:14:30

I have had the implanon for about 2 1/2 years I'm getting it out in January. And haven't been feeling myself I'm always puking, having headaches, craving foods and going to the bathroom a lot more frequently and I'm always tired. I am married so me and my husband don't use any other type of protection. Has any one got pregnant before on this birth control ? I heard that getting a at home test won't work because of all the hormones. Help!!��

Tzecub Mon 18-Nov-13 03:15:41

I am 22 and would love to have children. I was forced to abort my baby at 16 then made to have an implant put in my arm. I have not been able to make time to see a doctor and ever one i have talked to via phone wants nothing to do with taking the empty implanon out. i found out back then my doctor an my mother lied to me to trick me in getting it. i got the tragedy of feeling my 4 month old baby's last heart beat. i don't know how to go about either suing the doctor for malpractice or just slapping my mother. i really need advice i am tired of carrying this burden.

NaiceAm Mon 18-Nov-13 07:03:41

Tzecub that is awful. Could you try talking to a different GP at the practice or maybe google and see if there is a family planning clinic open later near you? I don't know what to suggest but didn't want to read and run

amyloulou1 Thu 02-Jan-14 18:52:53

i've been on the implant since november 2012 i've never caught pregnant although like many of you seem to be saying i had all the effects of pregnancy, sore boobs headaches feeling heavily sick etc i done numerous text monthly as it was a constant thing for a while and nothing, as for the periods i havent had one for about 2 and a half years before the implant i was on a progesterone only tablet and havent had one since. i think the side effects are just the hormones its pulsing through you, takes a while to get used too

sykadelic15 Sun 05-Jan-14 03:04:42

I've had implanon since Aug 2009. Replaced in Sept 2012 (using condoms since about June/July just to be safe even though I was told there was no need).

At the switchover I had a small amount of bleeding but aside from that I haven't had a period since Sept 2009. I have no mood swing issues but I HAVE gained a lot of weight.

My plan is to remove it soon and normalise a bit before TTC..

sdial17 Mon 06-Jan-14 21:10:02

I've been using the implanon since august 2012 and I've always had regular periods while I was on it and around november 20th I was supposed to get my period and it never came. I also took a plan b/day after pill around that time and I still haven't gotten my period. I have gained A LOT of weight but don't really have a "bump". I am always hungry and have cravings. I've also been fatigued and sleeping a lot. I've been cranky. My breasts have gotten bigger. I took a home pregnancy test that came out negative but I've read that the tests are not reliable because of all the hormones you are taking. Please help??!

sykadelic15 Mon 06-Jan-14 23:26:48

Could be a hysterical pregnancy (i.e. you think you are so you feel like you are). If in doubt see a doc for a blood test/scan.

i doubt it. I think it's probably your body dealing with the hormones but stranger things have happened!

Karesr2014 Thu 09-Jan-14 06:49:16

Hi everyone. Kinda new to this. I am currently on the implanon and have been since 2011. I get it removed march 2014 and Ive had an okay time with it. I stopped my period but in May of 2013 I randomly got a heavy bleeding then it just got worse from there. One in May 2 in August 3 in September and then it went crazy and I had 4 periods in October. It randomly quit and I haven't had a period since the very end of November. Is this normal or should I be worried that I could be pregnant?
Really don't know how to feel

Karesr2014 Thu 09-Jan-14 06:50:22

Oh forgot to add that I've been pregnant 2 times and had miscarriages both times(not on the implanon)

hagridd95 Sun 19-Jan-14 02:56:00

saw this and just wanted to say thankyou as you all helped me
im 18 and had the implant put in as my boyfriend can't wear condoms as i get a rash when in contact with latex... so the doctor said its better then the pill and now i was sexually active should have it put in as it was going to be a miracle if i got pregnant...
he also told me i was fine to have sex straight away however since having sex in the first week it was inserted i haven't had a period...
i assumed it was normal as they say it can happen but then my boobs started hurting i ignored it and put it off as them growing due to being so young....
however lately im ill at the thought or taste of chicken... and i cant stop eating jam on toast... yet again i put it down to refreshers flu...
but now im wondering as im not ill and i had a routine check up at the doctors due to my asthma worsening lately and he said i was just tired and to rest but ive been sleeping 14 hours a night every night and then i wake up being sick :/
ive also gained like 6 pound in a few days but i dont eat hardly... also my bladder is out of control :/

if anyone can help me please do my last period was at the end of september and the implant was put in on october 29th 2013

thanks smile

Aloneandafraid Fri 24-Jan-14 23:27:23

I'm 32 I have 2 children and have been on implanting for years I have at times had symptoms but still only have 2 children however my partner visited over Xmas it's been only a month I have one enlarged boob I'm tired I'm grumpy I'm eating foods I normally wouldn't I went for a ultrasound yesterday on my breast because it was so large and I felt lumps they found nothing but fluid cysts and the lady told me it looks like a hormonal thing. I'm too scared to do a test

sarahquilt Sat 25-Jan-14 20:57:12

I was on implanon for 2 years. I didn't have periods in that time. After about a year I started getting pregnancy type symptoms. This is caused by the drug: things like sickness and weight gain. It's extremely rare to get pregnant on implanon - highly unlikely.

laneyboggs23 Wed 12-Feb-14 05:40:47

I think I may be too. May I ask what your symptoms are/were? I don't want to seem like I'm trying entrapment on my fiance. And I just thought I'd ask someone with experience of this sort of thing first

hottie10147 Wed 19-Feb-14 00:11:37

How did u guys know cuz im on the implanon and I think I might be pregnant again

krystinegalindo Thu 20-Feb-14 04:01:27

Hi everyone! I have read almost all of these messages on here, and boy let me tell you I am scared! My breasts are enlarged swollen and painful my aerolas are bigger my lower abdomen is poochen out food doesn't taste good I have intense cravings for juice I am nauseated moody and very emotional and I have been getting in the mood to engage in intercourse a lot more than ever and this is all very unusual and ive also had lower abdominal pain ion the left side. for some odd reason I feel like I know I am pregnant although the store bought tests say negative, I have rread online that implanon gives false negatives and false positives, I have been on implanon two years and had not have had any bleeding at all for the past two years my periods immediately stopped when I got it inserted. I have frequent urination, fatigue, and im losing my train of thought. should I go have a blood test or ultra sound done? am I just crazy? and my face has been puffy lately

Yeni0314 Thu 13-Mar-14 20:57:36

Hi I have use since I had my son 6 years ago, and I always have problems with my period every month.... The last month that I have my regular period was December 2013..... Since there I just kinda of have it but ones in a while and not exactly like regular blood. And lately I had gain a lot of weight and is crazy bcs I had eat start eating more healthy that usal since last month.... And sometimes I feel like if something is moving on my stomach..... And I'm scared that I will be pregnant....
I did a pregnancy test on January and it said no.
What do u gils think ?
I will really appreciate y'all help ��

celesteLove Tue 18-Mar-14 19:20:15

Hello implanon users
I'm a mother of one and I'm 22yrs old. I have been on implanon for 9months now and been on my period ever since, my appetite has grown in the last month Nd my belly is gowing as well.. in the past I have had 2miscarrages, and wondering if I'm pregnant again while being on implanon and if it effects the baby if I am?

elinoredenee96 Wed 26-Mar-14 21:11:05

Hey could I join your thread...I have had the i'm plan on for about 2 years and haven't had a period in 3 years (that I can remember) recently been feeling tired, getting cramps, back ache and bad headaches all signs of early pregnancy can anyone give me some advice sad?

MilaInLove Tue 01-Apr-14 02:06:07

Hi everyone I have been on my implant for almost 2years now and I thought am pregnant at least 4 times lools had all the symptoms possible for first signs of early pregnancy done tests every time came back negative... Now whenever I feel like am pregnant I just ignore it course I know that its just the implant that messing with my head..... Is really hard tho cause I really want a baby but I got my final year at uni left and my boyfriend wants me to finish first so that I won't have to stress about my exams whilst pregnant..... Any of u with the same problem? If yes how r u coping??? :\

MilaInLove Tue 01-Apr-14 02:16:29

Hi everyone I have been on my implant for almost 2years now and I thought am pregnant at least 4 times lools had all the symptoms possible for first signs of early pregnancy done tests every time came back negative... Now whenever I feel like am pregnant I just ignore it course I know that its just the implant that messing with my head..... Is really hard tho cause I really want a baby but I got my final year at uni left and my boyfriend wants me to finish first so that I won't have to stress about my exams whilst pregnant..... Any of u with the same problem? If yes how r u coping?? confused

loveitt15 Wed 16-Apr-14 07:31:51

So you did turn out pregnant? I

lsjs87 Fri 18-Apr-14 08:20:26

Hi. I know this is an old post but I could do with some reassurance. I have been on the implant for 2 and half years. It is due out sep. I have put on 4 stone since being on the implant and have recently got a new partner. I'm concerned I may be pregnant and will be doing a test asap. In the mean time I'm wondered if I actually could just be imagining the symptoms. I have had irregular periods since I began. I started with constant bleeding. Now I ho 2 or 3 months with nothing and then bleed for 28 days at a time. I'm booked in to have it out june as I can't stand it anymore. Any advice? Thanks x

lsjs87 Fri 18-Apr-14 08:28:06

It is normal for things to settle amd chamge at around the 6 month mark.

SophieBoyd95 Sun 04-May-14 14:15:34

Hi I just wanted some advice, I have had the implant in over a year now, bled for a few months and had periods now and again and recently I have been feeling sick, not really eating as normal and I feel like my stomach has become slightly bigger and also had a little pain as well as a few cramps, I was just curious if it was actually possible to get pregnant on the implant or if it is just in my head

Ally4371 Tue 06-May-14 16:08:55

Hello I am just posting hoping someone will get back to me as I am extremely worried!
I am currently on the implanon bar and have been for about 6m-1y now however I am having a few odd symptoms.
I have been bloated for the last few days, feeling nauseated on and off through the day and for the last 3 nights in a row now been having medium cramping in my lower abdomen on and off.
I took a HPT and it came back negative but am wondering if I could still possibly be pregnant!? Please can someone reply maybe that had a similar situation or has Or is pregnant on the implanon?
Thanks you!

sykadelic Tue 06-May-14 18:30:29

Implanon mimicks pregnancy. I gain a LOT of weight on it. I often felt bloated. The cramping isn't unusual either. It's highly unlikely you'll get pregnant on implanon, easy to get concerned though!

If in doubt though, see a doctor. Give it a couple another week or so in case you just have a virus.

latreviana2015 Thu 19-Jun-14 19:21:09

Hi I'm 15 years Old Um I Went to plan Parent Hood but the test came back negative but only because I went in the next day My boyfriend ejaculated in me but also I'm on implanon implant but it's been 3 weeks sense he ejaculated in me and My Brest are very sore could I be pregnant?? Please help

Deborahgreen Fri 04-Jul-14 22:42:05

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

heartbreaker Thu 10-Jul-14 05:45:12

I'm confused on what to do. I've had my implant for almost 2 yes normal periods and everything until last month I didn't get my period. And I have all the symptoms of being pregnant but the test came back negative could I be pregnant

jgonzalez Thu 10-Jul-14 20:06:41

I have also been on implanon for 2 years in February. All was absolutely perfect until 2 months ago. I have been having crazy pregnancy symptoms and my lower stomach is now hard. I have had a nurse tell me the test doesn't lie and im not pregnant and a b*tch dr saying to me did you think you were pregnant because youre not. yet all either place have done is a urine pregnancy test. I have read a ton on reviews that this would happen and they were still pregnant. at this point I feel like im losing my mind because no one will tell me what else it could be if not pregnancy or implanon (again, no one is really looking into it either). I want to know if this has happened to anyone else. ive heard of implanon causing every symptom as pregnancy but can it make your stomach hard like that? confused

Cgfb22 Thu 17-Jul-14 04:55:19

Hello, I have had the implant for about 1 and a half years now. It is my second time having it in, I am convinced mine isn't working either. As I write this now, my back is killing, my boobs are feelin so heavy and itchy, I have a terrible headache, this heartburn keeps me awake all night even though I feel absolutely exausted, I actually vomited about 15 minutes ago. Having the implant literally drives me crazy, I'm always thinking I'm pregnant, taking a test and it comes out negative. So tomorrow I'm going to the doctors and getting it removed, it totally plays with my brain!

Cgfb22 Thu 17-Jul-14 04:58:42

This happened to my friend so everyone take note! She was only 17, loved life partying with friends ect. Last person i expected to call me and tell me she's pregnant. She had the implant for almost 4-8 months, she thought she was just putting on weight. So she took various pregnancy tests, home ones and professional ones, all came out negative! Next thing she is in doctors getting blood test for something totally different and the doctor tells her she is 5 month pregnant and has no choice but to keep the baby! She was devistated, unprepared and totally in shock. But now 2 years later she has a beautiful baby girl.

MzQuita Thu 24-Jul-14 06:23:03

Wow.!!! Are you saying the implanon was still in her arm while she was pregnant.???

Niknik25 Sun 27-Jul-14 14:28:48

Did you ever notice or even after you found out you were pregnant, was the implant still intact?? They say it usually only happens if the implant slips out of place????

Alexpledge0 Wed 06-Aug-14 21:08:42

Did anyone answer your question about the "pregnancy not showing up if on the implant?" Iv been having pregnancy feelings too.. But Iv also heard the results won't show up because your hormones..

I had a miscarriage last year before I was put on the implant and had the same feelings i do now.. Please re

Alexpledge0 Wed 06-Aug-14 21:13:24

Has anyone been caught pregnant on the implant and if so is it different to not having the implant in?! Like Iv started bleeding and I have the implant in... My boyfriend thinks I'm pregnant as Iv felt this last time I was pregnant but MC :'( just want answers before i do take a test

Alexpledge0 Wed 06-Aug-14 21:16:31

Just inbox me the answers please, would mean a lot to me smile

dancerchick85 Sun 17-Aug-14 05:07:58

Hey ladies.

Maybe I can offer the voice of reason and sensibility here.

I hate to tell any, and possibly, all of you this, but there is a chance for you to still get pregnant whilst using ANY contraceptive method available. The only exceptions to the rule being sterilization and, at the most extreme, a hysterectomy.

Also, to the supposed 19 year old girl on her second implant/implanon. Please stop attention seeking. It would be impossible for you to have had a second one in a little over a year at your age and therefore this leads me to believe that you have, clearly, not done your homework. The only reason you can have it changed so soon is if you have a reaction, and even then they would try you on a second after the first 12 weeks or sooner (adverse reactions usually occur within 10 weeks) with a one month rest from your next full period. If you had a reaction to the implant/Implanon, you would be back on tablet contraceptives....... I suggest you read a few medical journals and talk to your GP about it, a little more in depth next time perhaps!

It is TOTALLY possible to fall pregnant on the implant, no matter the brand, (Implanon is a brand by the way). It's the same as condoms and the injection.... christ it even has the same percentage chance of pregnancy as the injection. It also can cause some side effects, such as the carrying of excess water (which can be evident in both breasts and stomach) . If the water carrying is in the breast area then nipples and breasts in general will feel tender.

I mean FFS!!!! Do half of you attention seekers even know what the fuck this website is about? What it's for? I guess not.

One word for you time wasters.......................


smae Sun 14-Sep-14 22:53:35

I am new at this. But i am on the implanon for about almost 10 months. And i feel im getting pregnancy symptoms. like throwing up, nausea, tiredness. I know those are only little symptoms but could it be possible. I know doctor its impossible to get pregnant. i have taken a pregnancy test but comes back negative. idk if im doing it too soon or not.

Annalyn Sun 21-Sep-14 08:48:41

Hi guys, I'm had implanon put in December 2011 after having baby boy, my doctor warned me that it is very possible to become pregnant during your last year on the implant, I am more than halfway through the 3 year mark so I started testing last month and will continue for the last couple of months until time for removal just to be on the safe side, and for those who think they might be pregnant....your not crazy, just test and don't give up until you know for sure if you are pregnant or not because it's not impossible smilesmile

wbg92 Wed 24-Sep-14 06:26:32

Hey guys, I got the implant in August 2013 and have only had two periods since. Oct 2013 and June 2014. My boyfriend and I in the past few weeks have gone a little overboard with "having fun" and now he swears I'm pregnant. I've been waking up nauseous in the middle of the night, nearly throw up a couple times a day, pee constantly, extremely exhausted, and now bloated and sore around my lower stomach. I have been pregnant before, about 4 years ago. The only symptom I had that time was craving cookie dough ice cream 24/7. I had mc'd at 13 weeks. I really need some advice on this because I've noticed my implant has also moved around in my arm too.

heyyitsmannie Thu 02-Oct-14 07:06:16

Hey gals.
I've been on this implant since December 31,2013 for having a miscarriage. After the implant I was bleeding for about 5+ months constantly which was normal coming from the doctor, afterwards I've had regular periods. My last period was around August 27(the time I usually get i), but during September I haven't gotten it. I'm extremely scared because I've been having pregnancy symptoms, such as cravings, sore brest, and nausea, ect...)
Any advice?sad

heyyitsmannie Thu 02-Oct-14 07:08:21

Plus not only that, I'm getting bigger.

AlyssaLeialohaSjolin Thu 09-Oct-14 04:59:15

Hey everyone. I'm nineteen and recently engaged. I only got my implant in March of this year. Lately I've been experiencing some pain around and near my implant. It's strange though because there is no irritation that's clearly visible. I've been having very severe mood swings and must say that I believe there is some depression. My breasts are very tender to the point where I don't even want to touch them and they've noticeably gotten bigger and are very heavy. I have headaches constantly and seem to have gotten a little chubby tummy going. I've taken pregnancy test but all have come out negative. My fiance isn't as worried as I am but he doesn't have to go through all this. I'm hoping it's phantom pregnancy because I have heard that on this form of birth control that is a possibility. However I also learned that certain medications can lessen the effects of the implant. I've got another appointment tomorrow but I don't know if it will help much. All the doctors say the same thing. It's fool proof, but there have been so many cases of woman actually getting pregnant on this. I'm very worried and don't know what to do. Is the implant harmful to the baby if I am pregnant, and should I get it taken out? I've noticed that the doctors really haven't informed much on the implant and when I ask about it I get very cryptic answers. I don't know who to go to and I'm a very confused young woman in need of some help.confused

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