Anyone else starting to ttc in Dec ?

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dangle90 Tue 20-Sep-16 15:03:22

New to all this!
So me and dp have decided we're going to ttc in December!
Since making the decision it's all I think about!
Would be lovely to talk to people in the same situation, or have been, as I think I am going to drive dp up the wall if I carry on!

Johno85 Tue 20-Sep-16 20:33:25

Hiya. Congrats on the big decision on ttc. Just out of interest how come you're waiting until December? Are you on bc? I came off the pill in October and have been ttc since January. I still have irregular cycles and no bfp. My one bit of advice is just go for it. Fx it will happen really quick but if like me and some of my friends it takes a while... there's no harm in a head start x

dangle90 Tue 20-Sep-16 22:23:33

Well I just had 3 months of pills left so we decided to try once they had finished.
Also we have a family members wedding to attend in Croatia in May so I wouldn't want to be too heavily pregnant if I was lucky enough to get pregnant quite soon!
How old are you if you don't mind me asking?
I hope you manage to concieve soon! Fingers crossed!!

Johno85 Wed 21-Sep-16 07:20:10

Hi dangle. I totally understand about the whole not wanting to be too far gone and travelling. I'm nearly 31 and dh is 32. I was on the pill for around 13 years. When I came off the pill in oct we used protection until the end of December. I was convinced it was going to happen as soon as we started ttc lol. It is a tough decision to make and like my big sister reminds me, everything happens for a reason. X

dangle90 Wed 21-Sep-16 08:37:27

Yeah I always go by that saying too. Although I bet it won't be any less frustrating for you! So you have been ttc for 10 months then? Yeah that's once of the reasons we said we would start trying because you never know what's going to happen, wether we will encounter problems or not.

Mimilicious013 Wed 21-Sep-16 10:06:57

Hie dangle ,I so agree with john .l am starting cycle 16 and still ttc.had l known,it would take this long l would have started soon after having my dd.wishing you all the best and good luck to you too john

Johno85 Wed 21-Sep-16 13:20:50

Thanks ladies. Fx all around for those bfp smilex

dangle90 Wed 21-Sep-16 13:46:55

Thanks ladies!

DH and I have decided the same. I'm taking my prenatal vitamin daily at the moment, but currently alongside my pill!
We're both 28 so I don't feel as though there's a huge rush, and we're building an extension next year which ideally I'd like to be completed before a baby arrives. We've decided I should have all the wine, cheese and pate I want over Christmas and then go for it!

dangle90 Thu 22-Sep-16 07:33:12

Yeah we're both 26/27 so same there's not really any rush but since deciding it's all I think about lol!
It probably would be better financially if we waited a bit longer but from hearing a lot of people's struggles on here I don't want to risk it.
Plus they do say your never financially ready.
Good luck and enjoy your wine and cheese lol!

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