What was your progesterone level on day 21/ 7dpo?

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pandaeyes Mon 11-Sep-06 18:23:23

Just interested!!

I got my results back and my progestorone level is 60.1. I know that means I ovulated but would quite like to compare with others as I have PCOS too. Thanks

pandaeyes Tue 12-Sep-06 10:00:59


rubles Tue 12-Sep-06 10:01:40

I'll let you know at the end of the week. 60 sounds very good though.

pandaeyes Tue 12-Sep-06 12:08:27

Thanks rubles- I would be interested to know. Fingers crossed for a good number.

sallywoo Tue 12-Sep-06 13:40:11

mine was 25.9, the gyne said it had to be above 30 for ov. I have been put on clomid 100mg for 3 months and had another day 21 last week. Hopefully will find out this week what it was so will let you know.

rubles Tue 26-Sep-06 12:23:42

I said I would let you know when I got the results and I got them today. Mine were 22 nmol/L - so I think that means I didn't ovulate. Although, I am trying to clutch at straws by telling myself that AF came 4 days after the test so maybe it had started to drop????

Natty1806 Tue 26-Sep-06 12:37:44

I have been told anything over a 16 means you have ovulated. not sure if this helps.

rubles Tue 26-Sep-06 12:49:02

REALLY??! Oh xxxxxxxx to you. I shall clutch on to that too Natty. Thanks so much.

I have been trawling the web and just found an Australian site that talked about 20 to 24, so that has eased my worry slightly.

pandaeyes Tue 26-Sep-06 13:11:55

sallywoo- sorry, missed your post- hope the clomid goes ok. I'm sure your no. will go up with it.

rubles- you could be right about the levels dropping. Surely the level must drop off gradually after 7dpo because my CD3 prog was right down to 2.9 or something.

chandellina Tue 26-Sep-06 13:18:14

mine was 21. that is low but they said it still showed ovulation. i am having it tested again this month. happily i had an ultrasound last night on cycle day 13 to see if i am ovulating and there was an egg there, waiting to go.

trace2 Tue 26-Sep-06 15:58:23

mines being 19 was told to low to ovulate, that was my highist, but i got pg that month, sadly i m/c

dollyp Wed 27-Sep-06 11:49:58

Pandaeyes, in May (my first test) my 21 day score was 12 . I didn't think I had ovulated and I was right. Dr said to repeat 21 day test to see if one off or not.

HOWEVER, in June at 21 days my score was 60 too.... and I am now 14 weeks pg . I would have been a few days pg when the blood was taken. I really hope that the outcome is the same for you. Fingers crossed.

chandellina Wed 27-Sep-06 15:22:03

hi, for people wondering about progesterone, just a couple of things i found in my extensive research on this pesky hormone:
it ideally should be tested 7 days before your period so day 21 can be inaccurate if you have a short or long cycle. if you are regular, have the test done 7 days after ovulation, ie. 7 days before AF. (assuming normal 14 day luteal cycle). progesterone is the reason your temp rises after ovulation so if you are temping, it's easy to see if you are indeed ovulating. finally, beware of ranges given on u.s. and australian websites, as they measure progesterone differently. here in the UK it is done by n/mol. I was told anything above 15 n/mol or so indicated ovulation but that they like to see it around 30 - 35. sounds like other women here had similar advice.
btw, my low reading and previous two miscarriages means i am going to be put on progesterone supplements if/when i fall pregnant. this is counter to official NHS guidelines but there are plenty of infertility specialists who believe it does help (though it can also delay an inevitable miscarriage). in the US it is standard practice if you have a low p reading and there are plenty of success stories out there from women who are convinced it is what allowed them to have a successful pregnancy after previous miscarriages.

"Progesterone is the reason your temp rises after ovulation so if you are temping, it's easy to see if you are indeed ovulating".

The problem here is that you can easily get a temp rise in the second half of your cycle when an egg has not been shed. Generally speaking ovulation is less likely to be occuring regularly if at all if periods are irregular. Even normally fertile women have the occasional anovulatory cycle.

"Finally, beware of ranges given on u.s. and australian websites, as they measure progesterone differently. here in the UK it is done by n/mol. I was told anything above 15 n/mol or so indicated ovulation but that they like to see it around 30 - 35. sounds like other women here had similar advice".

I would agree with this. The gynae who was treating me was looking for a level over 30.

pandaeyes Wed 27-Sep-06 18:40:10

THANKS Dollyp It's reassuring that you got pg with the same level of prog. Infact others seem to have managed it on a lower level of prog!

I think my stressing etc. over ttc is probably the biggest thing stopping me getting pg at the moment!

chandellina Thu 28-Sep-06 10:21:01

thanks attila - i didn't know that the temp could still rise even without progesterone. do you know anything more about it? that might explain why i had a day 20 progesterone reading last month of zero though i thought i had o'd on day 18. period came on day 31. my temps above coverline from day 18 and stayed up. i also had abundant cm for more than a week, which i have since heard can actually indicate an anovulatory cycle.

If bbt temps are erratic or you do not see a spike, charting can also let you know that there may be fertility or health issues to check on. For example, LPD - or luteal phase defect - is a shortened second half of your cycle (which may indicate a deficiency in progesterone or hormonal imbalance).

BTW I never temp charted because I never had a cycle to speak of!. In my case PCOS was to blame.

rubyroo Thu 28-Sep-06 18:51:08

got my results today it was 31 is that just borderline ovualtion then? feel a bit blue

chandellina Fri 29-Sep-06 09:04:32

rubyroo - i don't think that is anything to feel blue about. when i was told they like to see it around 30 -35, i got the impression that was normal/ideal. whereas even at a level of 21, they said i had ovulated.

Natty1806 Fri 29-Sep-06 09:12:22

Yeah i was told anything over 16 is a sign that you have ovulated so try not to feel too low about it. x

rubyroo Fri 29-Sep-06 10:23:10

thanks natty and chandellina thats really made me feel better. i just got the results over the phone so wasn't sure. i am going to try and be more positive about it all

Natty1806 Tue 10-Oct-06 10:40:53

Just got my result and it was 66

chandellina Tue 24-Oct-06 12:08:25

mine for the past three months have been: 21, 3, and 82!

rubyroo Fri 27-Oct-06 18:34:46

meant to post ages ago that 31 of mine was a pregnant one!!! before i had dd at 32 it was 40 (am now 35) hope this helps someone babydust to all who want it.

meysey Mon 30-Oct-06 18:13:44

have just had some test results and mine was 1, yes 1

they are going to repeat the tests I think (can't get to see my Dr for a while to discuss it) but I think I may have blinked and had a menopause... had had slightly erratic periods for a couple of months

it's interesting to see all your levels though, and if anyone can explain a freakishly low level, other than menopause then let me know!

was TTC no 3, but guess I will be getting off this thread.

Hootie Tue 13-Nov-07 22:09:09

Hi Thanks for all the info, am having my first day 21 test next week and wasn't sure what the levels should be. Have any of you got cycles of 44 days or more? My GP doesn't think I'm ovulating

anniemac Tue 13-Nov-07 23:07:00

Message withdrawn

anniemac Tue 13-Nov-07 23:07:41

Message withdrawn

Nancy66 Wed 14-Nov-07 10:12:04

doctors seem to disagree on what is a good marker for progesterone levels.

My GP said over 30 was fine but another doctor (that I know personally and didn't see as a patient) told me that really it should be over 50.

Hootie - sorry, can't help you with the long cycles as mine are around 28 but if it turns out you aren't ovulating at least you may get to the root of the problem and be able to shorten your cycles.

anniemac Wed 14-Nov-07 10:28:07

Message withdrawn

TattyCatty Wed 14-Nov-07 10:41:44

My GP also says that they look for a level of 30 to indicate ovulation. My last test came back as 3, which confirms that I'm still anovulatory due to my PCOS.

Nancy66 Wed 14-Nov-07 11:03:04

The guy that told me it should be over 50 is an obstetrician and a friend of the family.

I had my levels tested and they were around 70 - I was actually worried that they were too high as my GP had said anything over 30 was good.

But the obstetrician said that really they should go over 50 - over 30 might indicate ovulation but over 50 indicates and ability to sustain a pregnancy.

anniemac Wed 14-Nov-07 11:07:57

Message withdrawn

simmo14 Wed 14-Nov-07 19:57:49

I am going for a blood test on Friday for a dya 21 test. Been ttc no. 2 for 6 months and went to the doctor as my cycles are quite long (35-42 days) and after monitoring temps and using OPK have identified that my luteal phase is between 5 and 8 days long.
From reading thread is the doctor doing the blood test on the right day? On Friday I will be day 21 but I usually ovulate around day 28.
Should I expect my progesterone score to be low? Also have not had a day 3 test to compare it with. The Doctor was reluctatnt to do anything as I have ds.
Anyone any suggestions??

Nancy66 Wed 14-Nov-07 23:23:59

Hi Simmo

My understanding was that the '21 day' test is for women that have a 28 day cycle or thereabouts - as it's meant to measure progesterone at its peak, which is usually about a week after ovulation.

If your cycles are anything up to 42 days then I'd have thought it was too early.

The day 3 tests are to measure FSH levels, oestrogen and LH.

six months isn't that look TTC and as you already have a daughter I guess I can understand your doctor's reluctance. But i also understand it must be frustrating for you.

Hi Simmo

Secondary subfertility isn't actually all that uncommon unfortunately. You should be referred to a specialist at a subfertility unit.

With a cycle length of between 35-42 days these cycles could well be anovulatory ones (i.e ones in which ovulation has not occured). A "normal" cycle length is between 21 and 35 days, cycles over 35 days can often be anovulatory. It is certainly not the case at all the ovulation occurs 2 weeks before the start of the next period.

Ovulation is not an exact science and can occur earlier, later or not at all in any given cycle.

A day 21 test measures progesterone; its a standard test. This will determine whether ovulation has occured or not. However this is only part of the story. You need a day 3 test done too to see what your LH and FSH levels are like. LH and FSH are vitally important as they kickstart the ovulation process; if the levels of these two hormones are out then progesterone will be awry as well. If you do have a day 3 done (and I suggest this is done) the GP MUST compare the level of LH against that of FSH. Ideally these two are the same; an imbalance warrants further investigation.

BTW did you get multiple OPK postive results? If so this is a clue. What these kits measure is LH on the misleading principles that a rise in LH is immediately followed by ovulation and that women only have one rise in LH every month. Both of these are not true. If you are one of many women who are producing higher than normal levels of LH (a common problem with polycystic ovaries for instance) the kit reads that. Thus OPK's are not of any benefit to women with PCO.

LPD is controversial; some do not think it exists. Many GPs aren't aware of it and many can be dismissive of such things.

You need a referral to a gynae; you need a diagnosis of the underlying problem. Regardless of the progesterone result I would insist on a referral.

Do not be fobbed off!!



Hootie Sat 17-Nov-07 17:23:28

Hi Simmo

I questioned if a 21 day test was worth doing as if I am ovulating, then it'll be around day 28 aswell. My GP just said it was a good place to start and then do another test every week if neccesary.

dooz Tue 13-Jan-09 17:02:59

just got results back from my day 21 progesterone and it was 56.9. this was my first month of clomid 100mg. Have been ttc for 1 year with one miscarraige last summer.
all tests come back good, cycles every 28 days but no pregnancy Could 56.9 mean I might be pregnant even though my .10ml very sensitive early pregnancy tests come back negative - should get period in 4 days.

monshallah Fri 20-Mar-09 11:52:57


I had my prog level to be less than 2 in oct and when i had the reading again in feb it only goes up to 9 which is still very low cos my doc said it has to be 30 before i can ovulate.

How helpful is the clomid to increase my prog level and can i take it without doctor's prescription?

nunnie Fri 20-Mar-09 12:12:19

Mine was 59.5.

Ideally over 34 according to my nurse. Having mine done this month. By the way (sorry to hijack) I'm having the blood done on day 22, but if I ovulate late (sometimes day 17 or 18) will this make a big difference?

TattyCatty Fri 20-Mar-09 19:55:06

You should not take clomid without a doctor's supervision it for you as it can be a powerful drug that can lead to multiple pregnancy. Everybody reacts differently to it - I know people that have fallen pregnant with singletons and twins after just a couple of Clomid cycles. On the other hand, I was completely resistant to it over many cycles, even after having 2 lots of Ovarian Drilling (I have polycystic ovarian syndrome), and needed 2 rounds of IUI with ovulation induction using Menopur before I finally conceived.

I was also told that you need your levels to be at least 30 before you ovulate. My last day 21 test was just 3, which confirmed that I am anovulatory. With your levels, I would push for a referral to a Fertility specialist as soon as possible. Wishing you lots of luck!

TattyCatty Fri 20-Mar-09 19:57:34

Funtimewincies - if you ovulate late, this will make a difference to when you should be tested. If you are sure of your cycle, you need to ask for the test to be done on the appropriate day if at all possible.

Oops, will have to put the test on hold. Against all expectations I got a BFP this morning grin.

Please let this one stick!

Izeebe Tue 24-Mar-09 23:26:31

My OB doc just did a progesterone test/blood draw on me yesterday, day 23 of my cycle and concluded that my levels are low and that I'm not ovulating; she wants to put me on. Clomid.

I'm trying to figure this out... So yesterday my temp drops indicating the end of my cycle and sure enough today I get my period, so would it not stand to reason that my progesterone levels would be low at the end of my cycle?

I saw in the thread that many of you spoke of the "day 21" test. Does this mean that it is best to measure progesterone on day 21 in your Luteal phase?

FlowerGirly Thu 09-Apr-09 19:01:18

I've just come back from the GP who told me that 30 and above is high, below 10 is anovulatory and anything in between is normal.

Mine was 13.2 and I'm having another one done. My LSH and FSH levels were all ok.

Mickbell Mon 27-Jul-09 11:00:06

Finding it really hard to conceive cycle 8! got blood results saying progesterone at 16.3 docs notes said 'everything fine no action.' am i normal, should i conceive?! DH going for tests also. help!

gempski Thu 07-Oct-10 17:37:53

hi there to all

Im new to this site and i just didnt know who else to talk to about this kinda thing.

Ive had my 21 day test done twice now and both are down as negative due to low counts you know my 2nd test level was at 14 and tgoing off the normal levels im more than half off where i should be with my progesterone levels now me and my husband have been trying for a baby for 3 years now and its just not happened which petrifies me as all i want is a baby but now im beginning to think its not gonna happen for me :'(

ljg72 Thu 07-Oct-10 17:55:31

Hi Girls just scanned through this thread! And will be reading with interest!

I'm due to go for lots of bloods post 2nd mc, on day 21 of my cycle, and progesterone is one of them...just a bit confused as I don't think I will ovulate this monnth as didn't after last mc...so surely my results will be wrong??confused

ljg72 Thu 07-Oct-10 17:57:20

Oh pants! this is a really old thread!!!!

babydust2010 Mon 15-Nov-10 17:50:51

my progesterone level at day 22 of my cycle is 56 what do's that mean

lizbab Tue 16-Nov-10 11:16:17

Hi girls, ive read through all the comments above and it looks as though anything above 30 is good, so 56 is great

I think the 21 day test varies depending on the lengh of your cycle, ive never had good progesterone results as my cycles can be anything from 35 days to 81 days!! i have pcos and have just started my 1st round of clomid my 21 day test is due on the 6th Dec, im hoping for my 1st good result, hope you get one too.

gempski, i think we all feel that way at times i know i do!! Do you know what the promblem is??? x

mrsemegha Mon 24-Jan-11 19:05:14

Hiya every1 i seam to have landed in the same boat as yous very sad and very fustratin... i jus recently found out i had PCOS after years of longing for a baby.... and after 6 long months of tryin i finally got to my day 21 (took so long as my irregular periods kept coming so i had start over) just wundering what the next step will be once i get to my specerlist with my results and my husband sperm count...?? x

Chocolatemolehill Mon 24-Jan-11 20:25:31

I'm going to get my results next week - will let you know!

hairyfairylights Mon 24-Jan-11 21:32:47

I'm forty two, four weeks pregnant and moopsog was 48 on day 21

hairyfairylights Mon 24-Jan-11 21:34:05

My prog I meant!!

Bexamundo Tue 25-Jan-11 18:58:19

I did wonder what "moopsog" was!
I've just had my first test and my result was 15 which I gather is quite low but my GP was quite blaze saying it was "ok". I was expecting AF a couple of days later though (had a 25 day cycle rather than the expected 27) so maybe it was a bit late. Will get bloods done sooner rather than later this month.

kewfrog Mon 31-Jan-11 21:28:17

hi im new to all this!i've been reading peoples messages for a long time but too scared to write until now,nearly 18mths ago i had a misscarrage and eversince have been ttc, notthing (sad)finaly been refered to fertility clinic and just had ultra sound which seemed ok? had day 22 progesterone level and i asked what the results of day 18's was the nurese said 50 something and that it should be over 30 what does all this mean and when should we of done the bussiness as she reckons i ovulated at day18 feel really daft as i thought i was really cllued up on all of this but not!! please explain (grin)

Annie412 Tue 01-Feb-11 12:47:09

Very sad, my level is 1, but they did the test on day 20? They can't fit me in on my next day 21 so I have to have another test on day 20.

Does this mean that I'm not ovulating, but I thought you don't have periods when you don't ovulate. I have a period regularly but long cycles about 39 days.

KnackeredCow Tue 01-Feb-11 13:36:50

Annie They are testing you way too early.

The progesterone test should be done 7 days before your AF is due in an attempt to catch it at its peak (roughly 7 DPO). Ovulation in many women is 12 - 16 days before AF, with the rough average being 14. That is only an average.

If they are testing you on day 20 and you have a regular 39 day cycle, if you are ovulating regularly then you are unlikely to have ovulated at this point. If you do ovulate, you can expect ovulation at a rough estimate between day 23 and 27. It could be as late as day 29.

The blood test therefore should be performed roughly on day 32 for you.

If you still get a low result indicating anovulation, then I think the normal procedure is to start the test at day 21 the following cycle and take blood every 3 days to a week throughout your cycle until you get your period to see if you ovulate.

Are you trying to book your appointment through the receptionist to have your bloods done? I had this problem at first, being told they couldn't fit me in on the appropriate day. I phoned my GP and asked for a telephone consultation and explained when the test should be done (you'd be surprised but many GPs think it should be done on day 21, which is incorrect). As the nurse couldn't fit me in on the appropriate day, the GP was very understanding and booked me in just before surgery started so it could be done on the right day.

It's a waste of time, money and resources to repeatedly undertake an expensive test on the wrong day. You could always point this out to the GP if necessary....

Progesterone however, is only part of the story. They should also be checking your LH and FSH levels at the start of the cycle to see if there any any persistant abnormalities (these two levels should be about the same).

LH and FSH ought to be checked anyway as these two hormones kickstart the whole ovulation process. If these two levels are awry then ovulation will be affected.

You will need to be persistant in order to get answers and if the GP is clueless and or faffs about then seek referral to a gynae.

Annie412 Tue 01-Feb-11 19:48:37

Thank you for that, I kept crying when I left earlier today. I was having the bloods taken by the nurse, I have discussed my cycle though they have that on file - because I asked a few questions the nurse went and asked a Dr who is a gyny so I thought he would definately know - he also insisted on day 21 - which is a Saturday and the Drs is closed and the hospital won't do it. So I cancelled my arrangements for the 20th and booked in.

Sorry what is AF?

I get pain when I ovulate - so generally know when that is and it was about 5 days after I gave bloods on the day 20. Does this still mean a problem. Many people on this thread have levels 30 - 50 :-O so I was even more shocked when I read it.

I thought if you have periods then you are ovulating o.k - that's what another nurse told me. :-/

KnackeredCow Tue 01-Feb-11 20:37:38

AF = Aunt Flo. Euphemism for period!

Progesterone is not produced in significant levels at all until after you ovulate. It is secreted by the corpus luteum (the retreating follicle after the egg has ruptured from it). The purpose of progesterone is to maintain a conception until after implantation when beta HCG takes over at the point of implantation and placenta formation. There's no point in your body producing it before ovulation, which is why it's a hormone produced locally by the ovaries (and not the pituitary gland in the brain) after ovulation.

Are you sure she asked a Dr who is a Gynae. Some GPs do a Diploma in Obs and Gynae, but their knowledge is still limited.

Put it this way, my DH is a GP. Until he did his DFRSH (Diploma in Family Planning and Reproductive Health) he thought ovulation occurs bang on 14 days after the start of the period. He was massively corrected when he did the extra qualification as he had to learn to teach natural family planning techniques etc, and understanding when ovulation occurs is fundamental to this.

Also, when I first went for my progesterone test, I was concerned it hadn't been ordered. I asked the nurse, who confirmed it had. When the results came through it hadn't. My GP didn't even realise it was required! Hence I phoned them and had a word. The nurse hadn't understood what I was asking!

Also it doesn't have to be on an exact day. If you think (based on pain) that you ovulate on about day 25, then day 32 for the test would be perfect. If they can't get you in on day 32, go for 33 or 34. You should still test positive if you are ovulating.

If all else fails lie be economical with the truth and simply tell them that you are on day 21 on day 32!

Annie412 Tue 01-Feb-11 22:04:56

This really is so helpful to me and has made me feel much much better, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. I have just read your message out to my husband to explain it to him. I think it is sometimes easy to think that because they are "experts" they know everything, whereas in reality we are all learning our entire lives in whatever field we chose to have our careers.

Was all o.k for you after you had the tests?

mrsemegha Wed 02-Feb-11 14:19:25

my level at day 21 was 14.9.. i read above that over 30 shows we ovulated?? guessing i didnt... see my spececrlist on the 31st of march such a long wait now...to find what they will do next

Annie412 Wed 02-Feb-11 22:09:37

Hi I just wanted to say knackedcow that I called the receptionist today and asked for the Dr to call me, as I felt that my appointment was on the wrong day.

He said yes I as right he knew all about it and also knew about mittlesmits (spelling) he said what you said basically. So now I am going in on day 25. Hopefully it will show what theya are looking for.

I also had to have one which was from say 2-5 - anyone know what that is for?

Day 2-5 is to test and compare the level of LH against that of FSH. LH and FSH are important as these two kickstart the ovulation process.

KnackeredCow Thu 03-Feb-11 10:27:45

8Annie* That's good news! Although I thought you said you ov on Day 25? If this is the case, the progesterone peak isn't until roughly 7 dpo - day 32 in your case. Or is the Dr going to do the test on day 25 and then every 3 days or weekly until your period arrives?

My ovulation test test was fine. My progesterone level was 39.1 at 5dpo. Had mine done on day 21, but hadn' ov'd until day 16. Wasn't able to book in on days 22 or 23 as they clashed with the weekend.

I'm having an HSG tomorrow to check tube patency. Everything else has been fine so far, but I'm not hopeful for good news as we've been TTC for 16 months now. Had abdominal surgery with added complications of peritonitis (infection in the lower abdomen) and pelvic abscess as a child so I've been warned there may be scar tissue gluing my insides together and causing fallopian tube blockage. Really feeling stressed about the HSG sad


Wishing you the best of luck re your HSG tomorrow. I have had one of those and in my case at least the fear of having such a thing was far worse than the reality. Its a useful test to have done as deformities inside the fallopian tubes can only be seen on such a x-ray and it can give information not easily accessible by other methods. It should not be painful providing the dye is injected really slowly and carefully.

Hopefully they can give you an idea of how things are when this procedure is being done. If there are adhesions present the usual way these are removed is by surgery. Drug treatment on its own won't touch adhesions.

Would advise that you take some sanitary protection to wear afterwards (that dye does come out) and if at all possible have someone take you home. They should also give you a couple of painkillers prior to the HSG as well.

Annie412 Thu 03-Feb-11 12:40:18

To be honest I am still confused by the dates. 7dpo? I have called and changed the date again - they told me it had to be done on the 25th day - now lol. So I told them no it has to be done on the 32nd day. Soon they will all know me on reception

Is is upsetting and stressful, I always thought it would happen in 2/3 months. So have been shocked when it has taken longer. I wish I knew before this - I wouldn't have been so career focused :-(

Hope your HSG goes o.k I'm sure it will be alright. Thinking of you.

I like this site it is good to discuss.

Annie412 Thu 03-Feb-11 12:41:24

P.s I doubt my surgery would ever do the test every few days - they don't seem happy that they wasted their time last time on doing one on day 20!

KnackeredCow Thu 03-Feb-11 13:53:03

Thanks Attila that's really useful info. I know I'm having the HSG for the best, it's just the thought of it and what they may find that's causing so much stress. On the up side I've heard that conception can be more likely afterwards as it flushes everything out (if there aren't any blockages) so here's hoping.

Agree re the adhesions. In fact FC told me that if the HSG indicates adhesions they will automatically book me in for a lap & dye in which the surgeon will attempt tubal repair. Then at my clinic it's 6 months of trying and if that fails, salpingectomy (eek) and IVF.

Sorry Annie 7 dpo = 7 days past ovulation. Progesterone takes time to ramp up in your body, peaking roughly 7 days after you ovulate. This graph shows roughly what happens and also demonstrates inter-cycle and inter-woman variation. You'll see that progesterone levels are very low on the day of ovulation, so not much point doing the test that early.

onedaybaby Fri 04-Feb-11 17:53:35

Thankyou for that graph KC.

I think that my blood tests have been done a few days before I ovulated which is why the progesterone has been less than 5.

Thankfully, this month, I am having a blood test 7 days after Ovulation, so fingers crossed, it will be a more positive result.

KnackeredCow Fri 04-Feb-11 20:34:41

onedaybaby Hope everything goes well for you. It's a tough business this fertility treadmill.

onedaybaby Wed 09-Feb-11 23:05:27

Well, I got 77 on the progesterone test plus my period (a week after ovulation). I'm so confused as its such a high result, but something is delaying ovulation I think. I had a day 4 test done so we'll see what that says.

hopeful888 Fri 25-Feb-11 11:23:10

Wow, am glad I found this post, it's really helpful. I've been ttc for 17 months, had long periods of annovulation and 1 early m/c. Had prog test at day 21 - first was 19 (considered to be annovulation) second was 36 (which was when I conceived by sadly m/c'd. Am now having HSG test - couldn't have it in Feb as they were all off for half term !! so likely to have it in March... am quite anxious about it. Hope yours went well KC x

Bexamundo Fri 25-Feb-11 19:02:55

Annie are you charting?
I saw my (male) GP initially but when I saw a lady (lovely, lovely lady) GP she said if you chart and know when you're ovulating the best thing to do is go a week after you think you ovulated.
I've had a bit of trouble cos my cycle varies but went from 27 to 26 so when I got day 21 bloods (day 20 was a Sunday!) my results looked worryingly low). My results are as follows: day 21 of 26 cycle = 15, day 20 of 26 cycle = 20, day 20 of ?? cycle (still waiting for AF but peedicting 27) record topping 25. So improving for going sooner but I'm still a bit worried it's a tad low.
DH does his sample next month so will go back to GP as a couple when his results come back.

PatientGriselda Fri 25-Feb-11 19:34:23

Better than mine, Bex: day 21 = 3; day 26 = 3.3. Just had the blood taken for day 29, so fingers crossed for a rise! Cycle is between 30 and 38 days, so day 29 could still totally work </optimistic>

Bexamundo Sat 26-Feb-11 19:07:24

Does sound like its been taken too early. Hope this month is better.

PatientGriselda Sat 26-Feb-11 19:25:47

Thanks. When do you go back for your results?

Bexamundo Sat 26-Feb-11 19:34:33

Dh has his appt to provide a sample on 16th March so when his results ate in I guess unless GP asks me to cone in beforehand.

PatientGriselda Sat 26-Feb-11 19:48:10

Good luck, then!

Annie412 Sun 27-Feb-11 20:40:31

knackedcow how did you get on with your tests?

Bexamundo - do you mean writing all my period cycle dates down? Yes I am.

I am going for my day 21 on Wednesday which is actually my day 32 :-O Never really thought until the last few months that the fact my cycles are sooooo long I have fewer chances of falling pregnant in a year compared to other people.

Didn't hear anything bac kabout my day 2-5 so I called and asked and they said "everything appears fine".

Bexamundo Sun 27-Feb-11 21:33:48

I meant monitoring your temperature and cervical fluid so you have more of an idea when you actually ovulate. I just started on Fertility Friend [www.fertilityfriend.com]. Takes a bit of effort to check your temp but it's helped me get a handle on things (esp. my own body!).
I have a 26/7 day cycle and I've been TTC for 13 months!! Sucks regardless hmm
Your day 2/5 tests show your lh/fsh level balance, if one is higher than the other it can be a sign of PCOS.
So them being ok is good news!

Vix1969 Thu 10-Mar-11 17:17:04

Just been reading this to try and make sense of my results - really interesting to see the huge variation in levels and just shows we're all different, so what is high for one is low for another etc.

So, GP has asked me to repeat Day 21 prog, which was 29 (thought this was pretty OK really!) but this may be a bit low. That said I have been temp charting and while I think I ovulate around day 14, my cycle is around 25-26 days so day 21 results would naturally be lower because they prob peak earlier. Luckily day 19 tomorrow so am going to go then and see if the test comes out higher.

More confusingly, LH is 3.6 (within normal limits) and FSH is also within normal limits (8.2) but I don't get why the ratio is not 1:1. I have read that if LH is higher than FSH this is a strong indicator of PCOS but what if it's the other way around? GP doesn't seem worried but then not sure of their expertise...

Btw have only been ttc for a few months but am 42 in a couple of weeks - patience levels tested enough by waiting this long to find a decent man to do this with! so if it happens for us, it's truly 'icing on the cake'...fingers crossed for you all xx

angelsfromheaven Wed 13-Apr-11 19:00:15

wow so glad i found this site. Lots of great info. I am ttc for 4 and a half years. I have pcos. Attend public clinic in rotunda who have been excellent. Had previous bad experience wit a private clinic who appeared to only to take a lot of money off me for various tests without ever startin any treatment. As i am a practice nurse and have a little understandin of how things work i clued into what they were at quite quickly and stopped attending. First visit to rotunda i was given a plan of action and a 3 mnt prescription for clomid. Day 21s were between 10 and 30 with no pregnancy success. They then tried tamoxifen for 3 months which was worse day 21s were 1 - 10. Then they booked my in for a lap and dye. Only had to wait bout 1 month for that. Tubes were fine and drilled one of my ovaries to help ovulation by weakening the ovary walls for releasing d egg. Sent me home wit another prescription of clomid. Day 24 today and found out my day 21 was 69 so heres hoping. Would def recommend rotunda public for any recession couples out there. They are experts and so so nice and friendly. Much better than my private experience.

angelsfromheaven Wed 13-Apr-11 19:02:43

wow so glad i found this site. Lots of great info. I am ttc for 4 and a half years. I have pcos. Attend public clinic in rotunda who have been excellent. Had previous bad experience wit a private clinic who appeared to only to take a lot of money off me for various tests without ever startin any treatment. As i am a practice nurse and have a little understandin of how things work i clued into what they were at quite quickly and stopped attending. First visit to rotunda i was given a plan of action and a 3 mnt prescription for clomid. Day 21s were between 10 and 30 with no pregnancy success. They then tried tamoxifen for 3 months which was worse day 21s were 1 - 10. Then they booked my in for a lap and dye. Only had to wait bout 1 month for that. Tubes were fine and drilled one of my ovaries to help ovulation by weakening the ovary walls for releasing d egg. Sent me home wit another prescription of clomid. Day 24 today and found out my day 21 was 69 so heres hoping. Would def recommend rotunda public for any recession couples out there. They are experts and so so nice and friendly. Much better than my private experience.

RingtailedLemur Fri 15-Apr-11 11:52:44

I've just been looking for some more definitive answers about 'day 21' progesterone levels. (I just had a test done myself.) According to the Brighton and Hove University Hospital Pathology wesbite, "progesterone <30 nmol/L suggests inadequate corpus luteum function". (http://pathology.bsuh.nhs.uk/pathology/Default.aspx?tabid=132)

I'm not sure whether this is a widely accepted interpretation of the test but I thought it might be of interest.

RingtailedLemur Fri 15-Apr-11 11:59:58

Also, just found this on the Leeds teaching hostpitals website:

"Day 21 progesterone (nmol/L) for evaluation of the function of the corpus luteum:

Day 21 progesterone is a misnomer as it is only correct for women with 28 day cycles. In order to assess optimal luteal function, progesterone measurements should ideally be made 7 days prior to the next menstrual bleed.

< 35 = poor luteal function: ovulation unlikely

35-70 = optimal luteal function indicating ovulation likely

> 70 = may indicate suboptimal luteal function unless there is multiple ovulation due to either spontaneous occurrence or due to induction by clomiphene"


Again, I have no idea whether this is universally accepted (and as you can see the interpretation varies from the Brighton and Hove lab)

Joycep Fri 15-Apr-11 13:20:36

I'm so confused by whether it's suppose to be done 7dpo or 7 days prior to AF. I had mine does this week and after checking on here, I ignored my GP who said it had to be 7 days before next period, even though that is 3DPO for me..and I wentt 7dpo. Now he above is saying 7 days prior to next bleed. confused

angelsfromheaven Fri 15-Apr-11 19:46:42

hey joycep. I know it is very confusing. I find it hard to follow myself. My understanding is that we usually ovulate 14 days before AF so bloods should be taken 7 days before your period is due. This is very difficult to predict if ur periods are irregular. If u are on treatment its prob best to follow the advice of ur doctor/consultant. Some people get follicle tracking scans between day 10 and 12 to see if there are any potential follicles that may rupture and by the size they can pedict a possible time u might ovulate. Good luck.

Cloclo15 Fri 15-Apr-11 20:01:53

I got results for mine today - 13.6 it was taken at 4dpo but I started spotting today at 11 dpo so not sure if they were taken at the right time or not. Feeling very confused - does this mean I haven't ovulated? I'm being sent to a gynae now

angelsfromheaven Fri 15-Apr-11 21:16:37

sorry to hear that cloclo but at least u being referred to gynae. Good luck hun

nalusmommy Thu 22-Sep-11 10:53:50

hope this link helps you out. just got my results in today 25.9

joannb Tue 04-Oct-11 13:42:07

I just wondered if anyone could tell me if quite high levels of progesterone on day 21 could actually be harmful or cause pain at all? I had mine checked by a gynaecologist who I went to for investigation of severe pain and pcos and he just told me that as my level was either 81 or 83 (I can't remember exactly which) and they only require a level of 30 with treatment, that ovulation had taken place. I do however, suffer from extreme pain and very big low mood swings, severe insomnia at certain times too. I wonder if anyone would have any information on this? Many thanks

Zebs Thu 24-Jan-13 13:13:25

Anyone know what an 80.7 progesterone reading means?

RedRobin1 Thu 24-Jan-13 14:39:06

I think it means you have ovulated.

I just got mine back today and they were 38.6 - so hopefully I have ovulated too as it needs to be over 30 (according to dr. google) to confirm OV.

My test was on day 22 and I was only 5dpo as I OV later in my cycle.

dondon33 Thu 24-Jan-13 17:50:31

I'm no expert Zebs but i think above 70 can mean multiple ovulation or Luteal phase problem
Look here

I'm getting mine tomorrow on day 19 (cycle is between 25-27 days) so I'm hoping it picks up good levels - I'm not in the UK so I've really no idea what's recommended. On the huge list to test me for is the FSH and LH test which I don't imagine they'll test me for tomorrow (too early) but who knowsconfused

dondon33 Thu 24-Jan-13 19:49:43

Something I've just found regarding progesterone levels from Poland. There certainly seems a huge difference between what they can be.
I won't link it as you'll not understand, I've translated it....

Progesterone levels - standard

1-28 ng / ml - after ovulation
9-47 ng / ml - up to 12 week of pregnancy
17-146 ng / ml - 12-28. week of pregnancy
55-200 ng / ml - above the 28th week of pregnancy

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Fri 25-Jan-13 06:36:48

Zombie thread! grin

High levels of progesterone do not necessarily equal pregnancy. I've had several "day 21" tests come back at 70+ but am yet to get pregnant.

The thing is, unless you know exactly when you ovulated, you might have caught the upswing, the peak or the downswing of your progesterone level.

It really is best to assume nothing and take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after your bloodtest.

kerrylou84 Wed 24-Jul-13 12:28:42

Hi.I have just getten results back from day 21 progesterone. Previous results have shown a very low 2.1 or 3, but my realyts I received today after taking chlomid show 133!!! Wow! What does this mean??

Ellabella7878 Sun 28-Jul-13 19:26:49

I've been ttc for just over 12 months now. My DH went to see the GP about a couple of months ago to get his sperm tested to get the ball rolling. He was told that they prefer to test the woman first. I have been temping for a few months and have cycles ranging from 22-26 days. Temping seemed to confirm that I ovulated pretty much 14 days before the start of the next period which is a normal LH phase. However when I went to see the GP she seemed to kind of dismiss this and wanted me to take the '21day' blood test. She said that was based on women on a 28 day cycle, as the test is done 7days before the start of your next period. As mine were an average of 24 days, she wanted me to come in day 17 of cycle. Just had it 3 days ago, so waiting for the results now. I will however post the results up!

eurozammo Sun 28-Jul-13 19:38:28

kerry that confirms ovulation and most likely means there is more than one egg.

jennic35 Tue 05-Aug-14 09:49:51

Ive had to tests gor progesterone at 17 and then 10 m/l got to do another retest niw and im feeling very low does clomid work as thats what they have said they willrefer me for

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