Coming off the pill - what happens?

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sparkle9 Fri 08-Feb-13 18:54:23

I'm just curious to know what usually happens when you stop taking the pill.

I've been on Cilest for about 4 years (another pill type before that). I missed a pill on Sat 26th Jan. Then had a pill free week beginning 29th Jan. I haven't taken a pill since then. I had my usual bleed and this ended on Tuesday 5th Feb as normal.

What happens next? When will a 'normal' period arrive?

Woollymummy Fri 08-Feb-13 22:25:13

Mine started back as a regular 28 day cycle after I came off the pill after 7 years of different pills. Good to know when you ovulate as well so I took note of when my temperature went up, or down through the month, and also type of mucus discharge I was making. A month after coming off the Pill I had proper normal mucus during cycle, more fluid during my fertile ovulation phase. Didn't take long to get pregnant either time :-)

In my case, DS1 happened. smile

sparkle9 Fri 08-Feb-13 23:37:50

I've started charting my temperature - mainly out of interest. It's the practicalities of the next few weeks that I'm unsure of. Will I spot seeing as I've stopped or have a full period in the next few days or weeks? If not I think I'll be super paranoid and POAS seeing as we had sex around the time of the original missed pill. We are going to TTC anyway - soon!

sparkle9 Fri 22-Feb-13 19:10:13

Well temp charting just shows my temp going up as down. I don't think I've quite got the hang of identifying the type of cervical mucus but there has been some of every sort - not in a particular order though. I've got an awful cold just now along with headaches and a mysterious rash that the doctor can find no reason for. Is this my body just adjusting to not being on the pill anymore? No AF yet but I think I shouldn't be expecting it for another week or so.

Zumbasmyfave Fri 22-Feb-13 19:26:11

Not seen AF since coming off pill in dec after 13 yrs :-/
I'm told everyone's different and it can take a while to get back to normal. Would like to know what is 'normal' though for me!

I guess there's a danger in checking too many symptoms though as it could cause some people (like myself!) too become a bit obsessed and stressed out! Hard not to though..

gillian1986 Sun 24-Feb-13 12:23:37

I took my last pill on 21st december after 10 years on yasmin.

Had my withdrawal bleed from 25th december to 29th december.

31 days later - Had a my first true period 25th jan to 29th jan.

29 days later - AF came again - 23rd Feb (yesterday!)

So.... I think my cycles are pretty much back to normal... ish!

I'm noticing changes in my body A LOT more than when I was on the pill... but I think thats a mix of coming off the pill and actively TTC at the same time.
I'm symptom spotting... but a lot of the "symptoms" could just be how my body naturally reacts throughout the cycle. Ie I had a week where I was feeling really bloated... and last week my breasts were quite tender and painful.... Obviously I was hoping they could be pregnancy symptoms but I think the bloating was when i was ovulating... and I think the breast tenderness was when I was coming up to my period!

A lot of people say they have side effects from coming off the pill like spots/ weight gain... I havent had anything like that.

I am also taking my temperature every morning. I got the babymad thermometer on amazon for £4.99. not really so that I can calculate when I've ovulated but just really out of interest! I have 2 apps on my iphone -"pink pad" and "my cycle".
"My cycle" is probably the best one. I'm putting my temperature on there every morning and it does the graph for me. I'm also logging when we dtd and when my periods are... it automatically guesses when im ovulating (highlights the days in green) so I try to dtd more around that time! wink

I have a couple of OPKs at home but havent used them yet - got them when they were on offer and might use them in march!

Anyway... everyones different but thought I would just say what I'm doing smile

good luck! x

Blanketsandpillows Sun 24-Feb-13 12:34:50

I was on cilest for about 5 years (and on others for about 3 years before that)-I came off it and three days later had the usual withdrawal bleed....and that was it, waited 5 weeks and no sign of AF so I did a test and BFP! All very exciting and happened much quicker than I'd thought. I think we were lucky-don't worry if it doesn't happen as quickly.
Best of luck!

gillian1986 Sun 24-Feb-13 12:35:45

Oohhh blanketsandpillows, you lucky thing! smile x

honey86 Sun 24-Feb-13 12:38:58

i came pill 4 weeks ago. had a four day withdrawal bleed, ov 2 weeks ago. got my bfp yesterday smile good luck xxx

sparkle9 Sun 24-Feb-13 13:47:10

I POAS this morning. The doctor had suggested I do this when I went last week but I didn't see the point. I then noticed my antihistamines say not to take when pregnant so I thought I'd better check. BFN as expected but it means I can take the tablets without worrying! I still hav the strange rash though. We haven't really been TTC this month - haven't had time due to work and now I'm a bit poorly.

Congratulations to the BFP posters! Hopefully I'll get one next month!

gillian1986 Sun 24-Feb-13 13:49:01

sparkle sorry to hear you had a BFN sad

BUT.... here's to next month... cheers!

Ive got a good feeling smile xox

sparkle9 Sun 24-Feb-13 16:10:44

Thanks Gillian! I'll have to DTD more next month I think! We have just had a week off work together but I've been ill. Very unfair! I'm relieved about the BFN this month because I don't think my body would have given a baby a good start this month! I was on antibiotics due to an infection and now I've had an allergic reaction to those and I have a very bad cold. :-(

Positive thoughts for next month! Still waiting to see if I get AF after coming off the pill...

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