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ttc after miscarriage

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well finally got af 34 days since the last one not quite sure how i missed ovulation when i charted it gutted oh well i shall be buying ovulation tests this month hopefully thatl help

re tested this morning even know i was going to wait and it was a complete bfn sad yesterdays test must have been an evap even know it had colour and apeared in 3 mins :/ now day 30 no af yet

hi Cherrycherry yeah i had my first af on the 5th november since the mc today is day 29 i did a test and think theirs a light line but i dont want to get my hopes up though so going to wait a few more days and re test if af dont show i was ment to be 8 weeks pregnant however the pregnancy didnt progress past 5 weeks i actually didnt know i was pregnant last time because i had no symtoms it was only when i relised my af was late by several weeks the day i took a test 2 days later i was in hospital with pains which confirmed the mc sorry about your mc hun i shall re test on thursday or friday

Cherrycherry Mon 03-Dec-12 20:56:31

Hi mumof2,
Sorry to hear about your mc. I had a mc too at the end of October. I guess mine would be classed as a chemical pregnancy as I was only 5 weeks when I started bleeding. I also had a mmc 4 years ago before I had my daughter (who's nearly 3). We're ttc#2 now.
Have you had af since your mc? Have you done a hpt recently or are you good and holding out until your af is late?

hi ladies im ttc after my mc in september af is either due today or wednesday unsure in cycle due to the mc today is day 28 i am yet to test i have been feeling extreamly tired and boobs tingling and toilet trips often

im unsure if the tiredness is down to being ill though as havent had much sleep anyway im hoping to find other ladies who are soon to test or are ttc also im new be gentle plz smile

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