More ongoing and continuing conceptions and follicling ahead of Feisty, Fabulous Forty somethings

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Beattiebow Sat 11-Sep-10 21:02:18

I've started a new thread!

jollster Sat 11-Sep-10 21:07:03

and at the risk of repeating myself...
but he IS Hippy, I don't want to have sex with him, but he is smart, clever, funny and pretty much always right... that's sexy to me

Well done BB pretty new place you have here... love the fact you've transplanted the snug so well..

Beattiebow Sat 11-Sep-10 21:07:48

luck to everyone on this thread - we need some bfps!

I think he's sexy too Jolls, as you may remember!

thefatladyscreams Sat 11-Sep-10 21:10:52

Oh no, I have a horrible feeling that you are talking about Simon Cowell (from brief scan of old thread). Jollster - THAT IS THE PATH TO MADNESS grin

Here's to lots of BFPs on this thread.

SassySusan Sat 11-Sep-10 21:11:10

Message deleted

SassySusan Sat 11-Sep-10 21:12:10

Message deleted

thefatladyscreams Sat 11-Sep-10 21:21:38

Sorry excuse my ignorance but what is EMSP Sassy?

jollster Sat 11-Sep-10 21:26:27

try here TFLS I wasn't paying attention when it was discussed a few pages back (was prob separating fighting cats) but it looks like far too much sex to me... hmm

Beattiebow Sat 11-Sep-10 21:29:17

I don't get to do that much swi really. I never seem to do 2 days in a row, despite best intentions - too much gets in the way (apart from au pairs and sainsburys delivery men!).

dh has said he will do the SMEP next month, but I'm not convinced we will be able to.

(TFLS - it's the Sperm Meets the Egg Plan -- basically you swi every other day from cd8 and then when you get a positive on an OPK you swi 3 days running.).

Beattiebow Sat 11-Sep-10 21:29:47

and me Jolls!

Diege Sat 11-Sep-10 21:31:40

I do want to have sex with him!!!!!!!!
I think I bagsied him first Jollster???? You can have my no.2 for the night - Rafa Nadal???
Thanks for the new thread Beattie!!!!

thefatladyscreams Sat 11-Sep-10 21:33:31

Thanks Jollster - I had done a quick google but came up with stuff to do with European MPs!

Think you are using sticks Sassy. I used a CBFM and for the first cycle got days and days and days of High readings - so kept telling DH that we needed to do the deed every single day. It was only when I rang their helpline on about day 26 that they told me it was common to get repeated High readings until the monitor got used to your cycle. It was exhausting.....

Don't envy you your fighting cats Jollster!

thefatladyscreams Sat 11-Sep-10 21:36:28

Thanks Beattie - cross threads. Sounds a very polite method - I have a mental picture of the sperm introducing itself to the egg grin

thefatladyscreams Sat 11-Sep-10 21:37:01

Diege - I am very worried about you!

SassySusan Sat 11-Sep-10 21:41:38

Message deleted

thefatladyscreams Sat 11-Sep-10 21:52:59

Sassy, at least he got a lot of action back then - definitely not the case recently (can vaguely remember what sex was like....)

Just had a read of your thread - sounds like a pretty sympathetic response so far. Personally, I'd be tempted not to tell RL people - just so you don't have any stress from their reactions if you do go down this path. Funny how people's reaction to egg donation is different to sperm donation (appreciate it's not exactly the same thing but do wonder if the gender thing comes into it).

hippychick66 Sat 11-Sep-10 22:12:30

Sorry sass I didn't read your post properly - you are officially allowed to hang about in the snug having already done the deed today. I really hope that the feelings you had, of being fertile, were true and as we speak sperm is meeting egg grin. Good luck matey.

Just to add my tuppence worth - i hope this thread will be lucky for us all. May we have many BFP's and more importantly many successful 12 week scans!!

Speaking of which, lia you must be nearly 12 weeks. Good luck.

jolly & TFLS regarding my hypochondriac post in the miscarriage section - I have shown DH where the pain is in my groin area and he says they are tendons. possibly hurting cos I am walking the kids to school at the moment instead of driving (which I did before the hols). Meaning a 1 hour walk a day - he thinks it just needs to adjust to the extra walking. You couple of stalkers grin.

thefatladyscreams Sat 11-Sep-10 22:20:17

Ha ha Hippy - proof exercise can be bad for you! Are you sure they're not the result of a too vigorous SWI session? wink

Lia - didn't realise you were pregnant. Shamefully out of date - belated congratulations smile and hope everything is going well.

SassySusan Sat 11-Sep-10 23:02:45

Message deleted

AlbaDeTamble Sat 11-Sep-10 23:03:51

Evening all, lovely new snug here... just a quick message for TFLS, not sure you've noticed m'dear, but you're top of the list on t'other thread... Any twinges yet??
And Lia you're keeping so quiet, hope that scan's soon and it all goes well, I'm keeping fingers tightly crossed for you.
Hippy hang in there. Of course we're mad wishing the exhaustion of a newborn on ourselves at our ripe old ages... But for as long as that desire is there there's no stopping it or rationalising it. Don't suppose that's too helpful, sorry but my brain's rapidly turning to cotton wool. Wishing for your BFP for you and similar brain addlement soon
Jolls, hope the OBSB and pate and cheese are helping. Bet you're missing your house and counting the days to moving again... This snug v cosy though.
Greetings to Sassy, Diege, Beattie, Gum, Italian et al.
Oh and Sassy, those sticks don't always catch a surge, I fell pg one month when the sticks never picked up OV... Keep going with that every other night plan!

Hi all, I have just ploughed through the end of the other thread, my goodness you ladies say a lot!

I have written replies to some of you so I will post them and if you want to, you can ignore them!

Can I also just say, the lava lamp has a use, it is not just decorative! If you get into the habit of having it on when you fancy a bit of sex (with or without intent) eventually you can just put it on and dh will know what is on your mind! It is a bit like Maslow’s dogs! grin

But remember not to use the lava lamp for that in our snug! grin

Hippy Sorry you were having a bad time. IMHO you don’t ‘owe’ your boys a baby! I know I also stress because I would love my dd to have a sib. I have got used to the idea now that this may not happen - I can’t blame myself if it does not! Trying very hard to know this for real. At the end of the day it is outside my control. I am all for being positive for things that you can control but if it outside your control then I think you need to give yourself a break! Chill out a bit. It must be incredibly stressful and if you can do yourself some favours and concentrate on other things in life, it would be good for you. You can ‘try’ at the relevant times but do something other for yourself at the other times. Getting fit/fitter or taking up a new hobby or whatever you like! I think you are putting yourself under so much pressure and it is not good for you.

Muchlove please be nice and kind to yourself too. You sound sad. I know what the pressure of having a baby can put on a marriage. At one time I felt if it were a choice between a new baby and my DH I would go for the baby. Now, I know I would go for DH. I would love a baby but I don’t want to be without DH and don’t want to be a single mum. I don’t say if it is meant to be, it will be - that sounds like there is a great plan for each individual person to have X number of babies. IMHO I think God has a general plan for us to be productive and happy. If you don’t believe anything spiritual, you could say the universe wants us to be happy and productive! I guess if we are going to have that baby then they will come. We can help by having sex at the right time, but all the anxiety doesn’t help! Don't want to cast aspersions on your psychic – if you have a baby girl - great but I don't personally believe that psychics can see the future. It must be tempting to want to hang on to that even if you don't really believe it. I think you should definitely pursue your dreams and go for it but also go for a few other things at the same time and take the pressure off. I know it sounds glib but I think it is possible to try and remove yourself a bit from it (IMHO). You are important, and your soul, it is far too valuable. I really hope it will happen for you but I hope you will find some peace along the way. That is what I am trying to do. It is 'easier' for me in that each month is pretty much not going to happen - I have my eyes set on May and not each month! But if it doesn’t happen in May, it is the end of the road. Anyway, Muchlove, just wanted to reply because you sounded sad - God bless you. You are under pressure; hope you will find ways to let some of the pressure off.

Beatiebow I know you were a bit down too so I am sorry and I hope you too will be able to concentrate on this but also on other stuff and not feel too stressed! Hope the progesterone does the job for you. Hope you work out the dose for your pesseries; don’t want to over dose on them!

Jolly hope your little one is better now. I know how you feel about feeling conventional! I always notice when people have more than one child, family units, how big the gap is between kids etc! A friend at the supermarket last week saw me in school hours, she was there with her two pre-school kids and said something like ‘Oh you’re all on your lonesome’ – as DD was at school. It was just a throwaway line but I wanted to shout ‘I don’t want to be on my lonesome! People say silly things. Hope I have not said anything silly to anyone, and if I have said anything sill here, my apologies.

Will post something funny in a minute!

gumblossom Sun 12-Sep-10 00:41:43

Oh Italian, I think the snug is a sex free zone isn't it? I'm not sure I'll want to lounge on the sofa if there's been SWI going on...

TFLS are you close to delivering your little one? How exciting. Can't wait to hear the news.

Well, FF gave me a "good" score for my SWI efforts this month. I don't think I've ever got an "excellent" score. I think you'd have to shag twice a day for 7 days running. Which is all very well when you are 25, but just isn't going to happen with a DH turning 50 this year!

I think I only got a "good" when we conceived our LO, so it'll have to do. At least I know I Oed. No real symptoms yet, but it is far too early. I think I may test on Saturday, which would be 9dpo, because we are going out for dinner with friends, and they will think it strange if I don't drink...Trouble is, if I get a negative test, I'll still be thinking "It's too early to know", so it's pointless really! Just talked myself out of it. But I do have mountains of internet tests so...

Yesterday I spent hours in the garden, for the first time in ages. Now that spring is here, I need to tidy up the garden and get some summer vegies in. Whilst out there I decided I should try to make something my focus for the tww, to help the time fly and so I'm not totally focused on symptoms etc. So I decided that I'd pour all my energy into the garden in this next tww. Then next month (if there is a tww) I'll concentrate on something else. There's plenty that I'd like to get done. I'm thinking about redecorating my LO's bedroom, which really is our study, so has dark green walls and burgundy curtains. I feel it is time to lighten it up and make it his.

Sorry, rambling...

So who is in the tww with me? I'm losing track around here.

I don’t want to bring you all down so have a laugh at me, I am watching Friends from a Gazillion years ago and it is the one where Ross and Rachel break up and I LURVE David Swimmer and feel so sorry for him but think Rachel is mad for dumping him! Yes, I am sad and mad and it was like 15 years ago and ALSO it is not real!

I get weighed on Wednesday and feel positive for Rosemary Conley! Just one more week after that and I move to the 1400 a day calories diet instead do of the 1200 (it is only another two weeks and after that there is a more tailored to me diet, this is just the big boost at the beginning to get me going). So in about 10 days I can have a mini Twix a day! I bet you though I was going to say I could have a big Boost!

Jolly we went to the seaside this weekend, it was lovely, must be nice to live by the sea

Sassy yes, babies are cute, we can all agree. I went to visit a friend with a baby last week and I would definitely agree, from my research, she was cute!

But other people’s babies are not always cute! So wishing you all cute or un-cute babies but all healthy and arriving sometime soon!

thefatladyscreams Sun 12-Sep-10 12:10:51

Dashing off to acupuncture but just to say thanks for the prompt Alba - oh my god!

hippychick66 Sun 12-Sep-10 17:42:52

Hi all.

sassy yes you need to have not wee'd for AT LEAST 2 hours and preferably not drunk either. I hate the days when i'm waiting for a pos on an OPK - I hate not being able to wee when I want to! It sounds like you've covered all the days nicely so far anyway so not to worry too much about not getting the positive.

We might be going to IOW next saturday for a week. We didn't get the chance to go in the holidays because my DH was unable to take the time off, so we are hopefuly going soon. I will put something dead important on the school absence form (like we need to do important research!) I should be ovulating next week-end so will have to try to SWI whilst we are away (sounds romantic but it doesn't quite work out like that with 2 nosey lads around). Anyway, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could conceive a child in the IOW.....

hippychick66 Sun 12-Sep-10 17:43:48

ps. The fat lady might be screaming soon.... but it will all be worth it. Plus she might be less fat soon grin

SassySusan Sun 12-Sep-10 18:54:10

Message deleted

galwaygal Sun 12-Sep-10 19:13:35

grin love the thought of the fat-lady-screaming soon! Sure it will go really well with no screaming, but great to hear things are so far on! Wishing you a wonderful labour TFLS.

Sassy - I never got on with opk's, rarely managed to catch the positive, and even when I did, it was less than 12 hours before my temp rise showing ov. So I would have been late in using them to judge when to swi. But you will have to suffer the pain of even more swi a bit longer if you want to stick with the smeplan. I now use cm to predict ov and temps to confirm when ov occured.

Alba - great to see you here too, hope you are doing ok too.

hippy - hope you come back from the IOW with an extra child on board....!

muchlove Sun 12-Sep-10 19:52:59

Hey Gals
MUCHLOVE enters snug and throws herself on sofa all dramatically... I was lost there for a while in cyberspace then I found my tribe again (For GODSSAKE don't you know I've got abandonment issues!!)grin.... BEATTIE is it not goodluck for whomever starts the new thread ???? Hope you get lucky x
Well I've had another busy wkend (got a sons birthday 2moro he's 20)shock so been getting pressies and stuff....they cost a fortune at this age !!
SASSY My OPK took ages to turn + this month I had all the OV symptoms at least 4days before I actually got my surge.. It was really frustrating...and then when I actually OV DH was too tired angry he had a middle of the night flight so I am totally facucked off with him and will tell him Im tired when he wants SWOI hhmmppf.....
ITALIAN Thankyou for your lovely words they meant a lot x
DIEGE Please tell me it's the money-factor that you like Simon Cowell ???? I wonder why he can't seem to keep a girlfriend ???
Hey HIPPY woohoo to your IOW trip hope you have the best time and if you did concieve then maybe you could call your bubba Fi-IOW-na or Br-IOW-n ...ok yes that's silly grin

I have also booked myself a little break in a few weeks am going away from it all (unaccompanied) to hotter climates.... well I will be joining some family out there but will be travelling on my own... I think I need a bit of R & R and time alone to sort myself out .....
Oh and GUM I am 3DPO and have nothing in the way of symptoms to report - glad your'e busying your goodself in the garden such a beautiful time of year the Spring (oh lucky you)

Hello and wavings to everybody else x

Beattiebow Mon 13-Sep-10 09:39:38

hello all. Hi muchlove my dh is the same as yours - always bloody too tired! He put his back out last ov time too (not in doing the deed), but I still made him perfom [evil emoticon]

Anyway, a short indulgent post about my temps before I head off to Evil E the acupuncturist...

So last Tues,I had peak on my CBFM and EWCM (with blood). another peak on Tues Highly fertile I thought, and blithely ignored Evil E and dtd anyway. A little temp rise on Weds to 36.60. So I thought Tues was OV day. But temp back down to around 36.40 on Thursday and Friday. Temp rise on Sat, Sun and Mon means that FF thinks I oved on Friday. )Had some spotting on Friday too - thought af was on its way and got depressed and drank too much in the evening)

FF has drawn my coverline at around 36.70. Normally my coverline is 36.30 ish. So I am worried - how can it have taken 4 days to ov from peak/ewcm, and coverline is soo much higher than normal. Am dreading taking temp because even in my LP it can go down to 36.50 normally.

Am thinking anovulatory cycle actually. (if you remember my tmi posts of last week on weird cm)

sorry alot of waffle about my temps there!

am off to Evil E now, with my progesterone to see if she can tell me what to do with it...

(E, just in you have worked your magic this month, I don't really think you're evil, honest).

Hello everyone else - Gum any encouraging signs????

Beattiebow Mon 13-Sep-10 09:40:47

sorry that is unclear even to me I know what my temps have been doing!

Diege Mon 13-Sep-10 10:17:48

Morning smile. Hmm Beattie does sound quite confusing re: your temps - possibly annolulatory, but your ov signs were very good, no? Good luck with E...will you fess up to the SWI? grin
Muchlove I agree that part of the Simon-thing is the money/power combo, but the most important is the sex appeal which I'm sure would still be there if he were a pauper. I think he's engaged now too so is seemingly commited?? grin
Well waiting on ovulation here - I don't think last months day 12 ov is going to happen this month (cd 11) as no signs whatsover of ovulation occuring anytime soon. I had put dh on red alert too. Away with work Tues night, out tonight at cinema with friend (first time in 9 years), dh out weds, so maybe for the best!
I'll admit to being defeated with name checking - I have been reading and storing up replies and now I've come to post it's all a blur blush

Beattiebow Mon 13-Sep-10 11:35:54

no I didn't fess up at all! Too scary.

But she didn't seem to remember telling me to wait a month anyway. She thinks Ov did occur on Tuesday. so I can work from then so I know when to start obsessing.

Jolls can I ask, when you see E what do you do when you have the needles in? I don't know whether I should make conversation or lie there trying to relax instead!

hippychick66 Mon 13-Sep-10 11:55:07

beattie you are so funny. Too scared to admit you had sex - ha ha.

I have never had acu but I have had reflexology and I often wonder if I'm meant to be making pleasant conversation but usually just lie quietly enjoying the luxury and trying not to nod off and miss it all.

Sorry I can't work out your temp thing. But agree that you do seem to have had some strong signs of ovulation.

Love to all. xxx

I have reflexology booked for Wednesday (day 8) first time since my MC in June. Last time she did get me pregnant (with help from my DH grin). But it wasn't a good egg. So hope she can do the trick again but get a decent egg out this time. It will be nice to have a treat anyway.

galwaygal Mon 13-Sep-10 12:27:37

grrrr posted and computer crashed.... so edited version....

great to see we are all super-duper chillded out in the snug at the moment, must be all the reflexology, massage, acupuncture and holidays going on.

beattie - I love going to sleep with the acupuncture, make the most of relaxation time!

muchlove - enjoy your sons birthday, next year - 21, now that should be expensive for you!!!

I am ov-ing at the moment I think, I am temping and will know soon. Now I am trying to decide whether to take the progesterone this month or not?

Beattiebow Mon 13-Sep-10 12:32:24

E told me to take progesterone this month - nothing to lose apparently? I am starting today (v excited!).

I don't find acupuncture (or similar) relaxing at all. Aside from worrying about whether I should be talking to her, I don't find it relaxing lying there in front of a stranger, and then I start worrying that I will fall asleep and start snoring/dribbling/farting etc.

Good luck with the reflexology Hippy - I have heard lots of good things about this. I did start to research local reflexologists, but couldn't find one I liked the look of. Perhaps I'll add that to my ever growing list of treatments next month.

LottieCrump Mon 13-Sep-10 12:42:45

Is it OK if I occasionally join in? I've met Jolls on another thread but being as I'm TTC#1 and am the wrong side of 40 having had 1 preg ending in MMC last year feel that you are all probably in a similar (if not a lot more experience) boat to me.

Do you see the same acupuncturist?
I've a male friend who sees Gerad Kite for non fertility treatment and recommends him and the Kite Clinic. Have also read about him in the press but wondered if anyone on here has had any experience or stories?

Beattiebow Mon 13-Sep-10 13:13:16

Hi Lottie, Welcome to the thread! alot of us have had a mc on this thread and we're all on the wrong side of 40 too!

I see the same acupuncturist as Jollster as I live in the same city. Where is the Kite clinic? I haven't heard of it tbh, I was wondering about Zita West myself!

aargh my pc is playing up.

jollster Mon 13-Sep-10 13:29:12

Just a quicky as need to get out to town to get DS new shoes etc... BB no, I can't say I find it partic relaxing either. I've heard others talk of getting zoned out and really calm/zen like, but I've never really felt anything other than "Is it nearly time to go yet". In term of talking, mostly it's all quiet when the needles have gone in, very occasionally we've continued chat for a few minutes. When she treated me whilst I was (briefly?!) pg, I laid on my tummy, and did take the opportunity for a close eyes=mini snooze...

Was she a bit more positive about your tongue this week wink?

Wave to all - welcome Lottie, back later x

Beattiebow Mon 13-Sep-10 13:53:57

oh yes, my tongue was better, although still worryingly pale apparently. She saw more of an improvement than she would have expected though! (I have been eating alot of soup although this is because it fits on my diet rather than because she recommended it, but hot food is essential to boost blood supply apparently).

I did worry jolls that you were sitting in the waiting room while I was there! Perhaps we need a secret codeword if we identify/spot each other?!

hippychick66 Mon 13-Sep-10 14:16:51

Have this image of Beattiebow and jolls sitting in the waiting room at same time but not knowing it... ohhh it's like a novel.

Welcome lottie. I am getting further away from 40 all the bloody time - even turning 40 is becoming a dim and distant memory shock Sorry to hear about your MMC - they are so upsetting arn't they. Do jon us in the snug whenever you can.

GG do you have anything to lose by using the prog this month?? If not then I guess go for it.

beattie I worry that I might snore too (hadn't even thought about farting - but I will now blush) But I just feel so relaxed that I can't always help nodding off. Maybe you and Jolls should try reflexology for a change.

muchlove you did make me laugh abut the abandonment issues. We're all here for you lovie. xxx

muchlove Mon 13-Sep-10 14:56:10

Hey Girls
BEATTIE The first month I started Accu I noticed really low temps wasn't sure why ?? She also use to look at my tongue and take my pulse then I would be taken into a darkened room and invariably fell asleep but I never liked the needles in the head have you had that yet? Infact I didnt really like the needles fullstop! It use to make me very emotional but I did doze off a few times..
GG If you do take the Prog just remember it can give you similar symptoms to PGncy, boobs tender/sore and high temps ??? I'm sure you prob know this already ....
HIPPY I Loooooooovveee reflexology but I did get friendly with my lady and never stopped chatting when I should have been resting its brill tho - I could prob do with going back to her again.....
Welcome aboard LOTTIE to the madness that is TTC IN YOUR 40's grin

Be back on later gotta go do the schoolrun now


SassySusan Mon 13-Sep-10 19:54:40

Message deleted

hippychick66 Mon 13-Sep-10 21:09:41

give me an 's', give me an 'a', give me an 's' etc etc...... grin glad you go the pos. you must have saved up your wee smile

muchlove LOL I thought you had typed that she used to look at your tongue and take your PURSE!!!!!

Day 6 here. Starting OPK's tomorrow, time to test the old pelvic floor!!!

muchlove Mon 13-Sep-10 21:27:46

HIPPY Yeah in a way she did take my purse coz I was £500 down for a 6 week course !!!! grin
GO SAS go SAS see all good things to those who wait- you can do it girl - it's just 3 sessions grin ...

Anyone watching BBC3 'Cherry has a baby' ? It's quite good talking to all kinds of mums to be from 15 through to 40's I think it's a 3part series started at 9pm.....

hippychick66 Mon 13-Sep-10 21:44:37

muchlove that sounds like my kinda programme. Will try to watch on catch up tomorrow.

sassy remember when were young - the thought of sex 3 days in a row would have been a treat grin Good luck with the SME!!

muchlove Mon 13-Sep-10 22:01:08

Awwww the programme was really good, hope you all get to watch it xx
See again I'm overcome by the romance of it all - just wanna fling open my garden doors and scream

hippychick66 Mon 13-Sep-10 22:04:36

Big hugs to you muchlove ((((()))))

40someMum Mon 13-Sep-10 22:05:16

hello all - been lurking for ages now and gutted to be finally joining - due to total despair

feel like heading for rtd after year of trying now

had two miscarriages and a biochemical pg in that time

can have babies but thinking age is against me

so here goes I am jumping in and hoping we can help one another - you all seem so learned!

oh - almost 43! sad

hippychick66 Mon 13-Sep-10 22:10:54

welcome 40somemum. I too have had 2 mc's since starting to try for that elusive 'just one more' a year ago.

I'm not sure we're learned - but we are quite supportive.

Glad to have you along for the ride.

muchlove Mon 13-Sep-10 22:18:20

Hey 40somemum and welcome to the thread, we're the same age (I've had the MCs too, shite isn't it) you'll be in good company here - we've even got our own girlie room to hang out in grin

40someMum Mon 13-Sep-10 22:21:20

thanks Muchlove and hippy

I am a regular MNer but have name changed for this.... feeling a bit bleak tbh tonight as I feel hope ebbing away...

hippychick66 Mon 13-Sep-10 22:31:00

40somemum I understand how you feel. Some days I feel like it's just not gonna happen for me again. And other times I'm convinced that next it could be me posting news of my 20 week scan.

I find it depends a lot on where I am in my cycle. Hope the ladies on here are able to help lift your spirits a bit over the next few days.

feel free to enjoy our snug.

40someMum Mon 13-Sep-10 22:42:26

yes you are right hippy it is most probably hormones making me feel rubbish...

thanks so much for the snug tonight - will be careful not to spill my hot chocolate! smile

SassySusan Mon 13-Sep-10 22:47:14

Message deleted

gumblossom Tue 14-Sep-10 01:42:02

oh alright,*Sassy*, if you insist, I'll get pregnant...I can't really say I've any symptoms to report, but I am only 5 dpo.I had a nice high temp rise this morning, but it will remain to be seen if it actually means anything. Had a couple of other symptoms, but I seem to have them every month, so don't want to read too much into it.

I've had a psychic reading that said September would be a good month for getting pregnant, so let's see if she is right. I hope so!

I've got acupuncture today, and we usually chat while she puts in the needles, then she'll leave the room while I rest, which is good, so I can really relax. I never fall asleep, but do feel very relaxed, so I look forward to it.

I've had the needles in all body parts (except for the private bits) over the years, and the ones I find sometimes painful are in my hands and feet. I've had some amazing electric shock feelings when she's put the needles in my feet.I nearly jump off the table, but it only lasts a split second. She says it is opening blocked energy. I bloody-well hope so, cos it is awful! But that has only happened a couple of times.

I'm definitely a convert. I'm sure it helped me get pregnant at 41(I noticed my AF changed - less pain and cramping) and it was really great for all sorts of pregnancy ailments. I don't know if it made any difference to the labour and birth of Charlie, but his birth was much easier than the others and I didn't need pain relief (but that may be because he was baby number 5).

Welcome*40somemum* and Lottie, this is a very good place to hang out whilst waiting for positive opk's, temp jumps,symptom spotting,and eventually a BFP!

gumblossom Tue 14-Sep-10 02:57:09

Hippy, I just googled Isle of White and I can see why you dream of living there.It is beautiful. Does it take very long to get there from the mainland?

I really hope you get your new baby and a lovely house on the Isle of White!

SassySusan Tue 14-Sep-10 08:06:13

Message deleted

muchlove Tue 14-Sep-10 09:49:09

Morning All

Well you can carry on testing if you want to SAS but seeing as you are doing 'THE PLAN' (tonight and 2moro night) then it doesn't really matter. It's only really helpful if your charting but the only surefire way of knowing that you HAVE already OV is a temp jump ??? Not sure if your temping though ??
When I had my monitered cycle and a scan on the actual day of OV (bout an hour after it happened) that was the second day of a +OPK.

That' why I gotta feeling this months a bust for me because we only managed the 1st night of the +OPK (well let's say HE only managed the 1st night and I'm still not speaking to HIM !!!) and I know from previous PG cycles that it has to be the 2nd and 3rd night after the possy for it to work for me.....oh well I spose it's just as well coz of my hols in a couple of weeks last thing I wanna do is be abroad and have a chemical again... (muchlove imagines sitting in a hotel room with blaring sunshine and a twinkling sea outside and not being able to go out bcoz she's wearing a bulky sanitary towel that would hang out the side of bikini bottoms confused)

Ah 40somemum know that feeling well (I am carrying that monkey on my shoulder daily sad)But if I was in your position I would try absolutely everything in my power/that I could afford to make that baby happen... I have children already and so have only dallied with the natural route and probably won't go hightech/medical ......


hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 10:45:03

sassy G'day mate it's Hippy here speaking to you from OZ!! Ha Ha - actually I'm in Hertfordshire but from Friday ths week I will be found bumming about on the beach (probably in wellies) on the beautiful west coast of the Isle of wight. How funny that you keep forgetting that gum has 5 kids. Mind you that is a fair old amount of kids - maybe she forgets how many she's got sometimes too grin

Yes, gum IOW is lovely. Especially the less busy west coast.

I might ask if I can look at the school's whilst there (we don't usually go in term time), what does everyone think??? Can you view a school before you move to an area or will they not take me seriously and tell me to bog off and only come back once I'm a resident?????

sassy I usually do carry on doing OPK's (but I do use the cheapies). they say once you've detected the surge you do not need to do again - BUT I like to see the line go away again so i know I wasn't imagining the surge (IYSWIM). Last month I got 2 days worth of pos - must have caught the surge on the way in and on the way out. I think the main thing is that you are SWI like mad and you know it's the right time - so that's all good. Hoping you get your reward for all this hard work pleasure!

My DH was very sweet the other day, he was feeling a bit depressed (he gets down sometimes which is all related to his childhood and a VERY long story), anyway, he said he was feeling down and wasn't sure he was gonna be up for a a load of shagging. But as soon as I mentioned I woud be ovulating whlst we were away he immediately began discussing whether it would be better to be in a chalet or a caravan and which place would be better for SWI (and not getting caught by the kids). Bless him - he's a trooper. I'm hoping this trip will lift his spirits a bit and I know he would love a little IOW baby too.

40somemum do you have any children already or is this #1 you're trying for???
Glad to see you didn't spill any hot chocolate last night grin

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 10:54:21

gum sorry forgot to answer your question. the ferry is about half an hour - 1 hour from the mainland (depending on where you go from). We have to go around the M25 first which means we always have to leave at about 5am (any later and the M25 becomes a bloody huge car park). So it takes us about 3/4 hours in total to get to the island.

As soon as we arrive we put Ise of Wight radio on the car radio and then we all breath out and go, "ahhhhh we're home!" Ohhh getting really excited now!

What bits did you look at on Google?? Have you ever been to the UK?

i don't know why but I thought you were originally from here and had moved to Australia. I guess it's just cos i thought if you were a native Oz you'd be on an Ozzy version of MN. Sorry I'm waffling now........

Beattiebow Tue 14-Sep-10 12:36:59

hi all, just a quickie from work (fnar fnar). Welcome 40somemum. I'm sorry you're feeling despairing. I've also had a mc this year, but am lucky enough to have other children. Have you seen a dr yet about any help you can get?

A quick que about progesterone... muchlove you talk about side-effects - is there anywhere I can read about these? (or do you have more info). The sheet I got with mine didn't mention side effects at all. I had a huge increase in temp this morning (the day after my first dose) which I would have got all excited about if I hadn't read your post. what other side effects are there?

sassy 2 more days to go. Woohoo! I am going to be trying the smep next month, but think my dh is more like muchloves than yours/hippys unfortunately. he keeps referring me to that tv advert about 40% of men over 40 having erectile disfunction!! I have to be soo gentle with the poor love so he doesn't feel pressurised. it really pisses me off all the time sometimes

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 13:13:46

beattie i think taking preogesterone just increases the usual symptoms that you get during the second half of your cycle. So you get more tender boobs etc and possibly higher temps (as it's natural prog that gives the raised temps in the LP). Maybe muchlove will have more info.

Please note my DH is not that up for it - he might like you all to think he's a stud but he also needs gentle handling hmm. Also he is a morning person and so we often have to move SWI from late at night to a 6 am alarm call angry I am soooo not in the mood at that time of day!

Day 7 - EWCM. Will do an OPK today, don't want to miss the flippin' egg! Better get that alarm clock out for tomorrow morning!!

muchlove Tue 14-Sep-10 16:10:23

Hey BEATTIE I took the suppositories (am and pm) after a very early positive PG test about 4days before AF should have been due, so it would be unfair to quote my own experience, coz I'll never know if the heightened symptoms were bcoz of the PROG or just the PG. BUTfrom what I've read (on various forums) it can give you similar symptoms to PGnancy like Hippy says sore boobs - nausea - raised temps.... but thing is if you do get preggars or are indeed already PGnant it will help you along (apparantly it thickens the womb lining).
Thickened lining I can hold my hands up to bcoz even though that PGnancy with the PROG only got to 5weeks4days the DR/consultant when trying to find an implanted embryo by scan commented on how extremely thick my lining was (yeah I know I had to shed the bugger when I started losing!)
Some things PROG won't do though are:

Give you a false positive
Save a Pregnancy that isn't viable (sorry I had to write that one honey but I stupidly thought is was a wondercure and was badly let down) x

I have got a few weeks supply left over from last loss but feel like I want to keep them until/if I ever get another +test, along with baby aspirin (consultant just recommended it anyway)

HIPPY I was born and bred in Hertfordshire how funny - I moved to London for about 15 yrs and now live on Herts/Essex border- I bet it ends up we went to school together or something grin


muchlove Tue 14-Sep-10 16:26:25

Oooh yeah forgot to say BEATTIE if you do test neg at the end of 2WW(hope that's not the case - stop taking the PROG and start again after OV of following cycle... but I guess you knew that...sorry just wanted to make sure.... in a kind of Mother Hen way smile

Beattiebow Tue 14-Sep-10 17:55:30

Thanks for that muchlove I'm glad it doesn't give a false positive and help an unviable - I don't want to be fooled by it. Pity about the high temps and sore boobs though, although that may make my 2ww better -I might put everything down to the progesterone.
I can't do morning swi hippy ds2 wakes up at 6 - I would have to wake up at erm 10 to 6 5am
- too early for me smile

mslucy Tue 14-Sep-10 19:52:22

hello everyone.
wish me luck tomorrow - have scan at EPU.
Not looking forward to it AT ALL - the last time I went there (just over a month ago) I was told I'd miscarried.

The nurses are lovely - I know them from my IUI dates with DS2 - and the hospital is great, but I'm feeling very shaky about it.

Had lots of pg symptoms this week - nausea, headaches and no spotting - but scared to assume anything but the worst.

Too mean to buy another pg test!

Curlylox Tue 14-Sep-10 20:08:21

Hello ladies, saw this in the free paper we get at station/train in the morning and thought this may be of interest to you.....2 free pregnancy tests but you have to register online tonight by 11:59pm.

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 20:24:27

mslucy thinking of you, honey. (((())))

I know what you mean about going back to the place where you had a bad scan. god, if I ever get preg again I am gonna dread going for a scan - the last 2 were pants!!!

Come back and tell us how it all goes.

hello curly - good to see you again.

muchlove Tue 14-Sep-10 20:37:34

Good Luck MsLucy I've got everything crossed for you smile

Hope everyone else is doing ok

Curlylox Tue 14-Sep-10 20:40:13

Ah hippychick thanks for the warm welcome smile

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 21:09:21

Just watched that programme muchlove. Cherry had a baby. You are right new born babies are just so lovely. I am of course in absolute tears now (always happens when i watch births).

There was a woman of 46 who had IVf but they didn't mention if they were her own eggs. Also the woman of 40 (who looked older than any of us I'm sure) who had a 1/5 chance of downs and also had to deliver early due to her placenta not doing well.

Arrgghhh - why does it all go crap after 35!!!

They also said women over 45 have a 50% chance of a MC. I AM FECKING SICK OF THE WORD MISCARRIAGE! Sorry for that outburst - I'm just pee'd off.

All the other ages they showed seemed to go so well and then they get to our age group and it's all doom and gloom.

Still, 50% chance of NOT having an MC so will try to focus on that.

i have decided not to take my temp this month - 1) cos I haven't bothered starting yet this month (don't temp during period) and 2) cos i'll be in a caravan. I might not even bother with the OPK's - I might just have sex around the right time (caravan willing) - italian will be pleased cos that's what she tells people to do anyway.grin

How is everyone else???

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 21:10:40

curly you're welcome. Don't wander off again wink.

40someMum Tue 14-Sep-10 21:15:11

hello again all
this general feeling of optimism is what i need. I DO have children already but don't want to say too much for fear of outing myself!

I have had 2 (3) mcs this year and one other ( and another biochemical one) in my reproductive life before this

have sought help yes... doctor was lovely but said not to bother with anything basically...said IVF pointless as i CAN get pg but need to be able to hang on to them

errr... he did test my AMH at my request and said if my result was below 2 he would advise not to bother trying

oh weep weep pmt weep.....

Curlylox Tue 14-Sep-10 21:32:01

ooh hippy .....I'll try not to smile Dh have had a few ups and downs since MC in Feb, I still want another child but not entirely sure he does. However, am cream crackered and need to get to bed but will explain more tomorrow.

jollster Tue 14-Sep-10 21:32:16

hi 40 - welcome
not much optimism from me I'm afraid...

having a ridiculously weepy week... just feeling very low and so unlike me, feeling lacking in confidence in basic capabilities... DS had a meltdown going into nursery today, which made me weep (they think I'm a nut case there I'm sure)... had lunch at my best friends and just snivelled and sniffed.

I know it's a cycle that I have to break. Physically am struggling, have a tummy upset and a cold. Tried to stop drinking wine thinking that might help me, but didn't feel any better. So have gone back to the evil juice tonight... Am still spotting after ERPC. Don't even want to contemplate TTC at the moment.

So think I will disappear for a week or two to recover and get back on track.

Hope I come back to some BFPs and some great news.

special wave to you all xx

(good luck mslucy)

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 21:43:06

ohh jolly don't go. Just cos you're not ready to TTC again doesn't mean you can't come on here for support.

oh, lovie. you really have had a shit time recently and it is not surprising you are feeling low on confidence etc.

If you really need a break, then of course, have one and we'll all be here for you when you're ready. But I do hate to think of you off being sad.

(((())))) - loads of love from me.

Beattiebow Tue 14-Sep-10 21:48:10

hello curly you were on the mc thread at the same time as me I think (I was there under another name, and left due to stalker). my dh is in a similar place to yours I think.

mslucy good luck for tomorrow. i was thinking today how hard it would be to be pg again. I can only imagine how stressful it is to go for a scan next time around.

jolls really sorry you have had a difficult week. I think it is perfectly understandable how you feel. Please do keep in touch. I hesitate to say this as you may want to keep this separate from RL, but if it would help you to meet up for coffee or summat, let me know.

40somemum won't try to out you don't worry. But you've got me intrigued now... Yes, is so shit trying to get pg in 40s. I have had no problems getting pg in the past, and now I'm in a whole different place. Not Fun

hippy well done on not temping. I think I need to break free from the tyranny of the thermometer too. I sometimes wake up several times a night because I don't want to miss the right time. and now I'm in the 2ww, watching temps gets really obsessive.If I ever do get a BFP I will have to try really hard to stop taking my temp. E the acupuncturist doesn't believe in taking temps. she says it is only necessary to chart cm. and she is going to teach me how to do that - something to look forward to then.

Good luck swi in the caravan. I can't say I had much success in ours!

galwaygal Tue 14-Sep-10 22:00:31

lottie and 40somemum - hi and welcome to the --mad-house-- snug. Plonk yourselves down on the sofa (don't worry about spilling the hot chocolate - sassy will be in the 2ww soon and need something to keep her occupied!)

MrsLucy - thinking of you for your scan tomorrow, hope it is good news.

Jolls - wish there was something I could say to help make things better, but I understand if you need time away from here, we will be ready and waiting for you to return.

My dilema with progesterone is that I normally m/c at 5/6 weeks, but with the progesterone it went onto 11 weeks the first time (heartbeat and all, but trisomy issue), and to 8 weeks the second time I took it. So for me is has just prolonged the agony and raised hope that was not real. But I also know that if I do by random chance hit a good egg/sperm combo, then the progesterone will help the pregnancy. Arggg the decision is stressing me.
On the positive side, I got no other weird symptoms while taking the progesterone, found it fine.

Well I am going to sit comfortably here in the snug and if no-one objects just watch some i=player programs on the screen.

mslucy Tue 14-Sep-10 23:02:57

jollster please don't be so hard on yourself. You have every right to be sad - give yourself a break.

Thank you for all your kind wishes.

It means a lot. blush

hippychick66 Tue 14-Sep-10 23:28:58

beattie when I was temping at the end of my last cycle and suspected that i may have been successful (fool I am), I got so obsessed with temping I was dreaming that the thermometer was broken or different or lost or goodness knows what. just couldn't be bothered to start again during AF and doesn't seem worth it at the moment.

CM is a great way of keeping an eye on things.

gumblossom Wed 15-Sep-10 01:57:42

Morning ladies.I just wrote a HUGE post, then my darling 2 year old switched the power off and I lost all of it. I'm feeling really cross right now! And he is in tears!

So,, a quick post.

Jolly, I am sorry you are feeling poorly , I hope you'll come back to us soon, feeling better.

Hippy, have a wonderful time in IOW.

I'm 6 DPO and having nice high temps, but also did this time last month, so trying not to get hopeful. I will be doing a lot of gardening!!

hippychick66 Wed 15-Sep-10 09:22:11

Poor old Charlie - he knows not the sin he has commited!!

My 7 year old switched the computer off the other day when I was on mumsnet and I was not happy but fortunately I hadn't just typed a long post.

I hope you and him make up pals soon.

Glad to hear the temps are high. No testing yet! Do you hear me gum, I said NO TESTING YET grin

muchlove Wed 15-Sep-10 10:00:43

Oh JOLLY I'm sorry for your sadness and illness. You have been through quite a lot of late .... I spose you used the house move to get you through the loss and now I guess it's all hitting home. Two hugely stressful situations are bound to hit at some point - you are only human afterall - be very kind to yourself missus and give yourself time to grieve and heal. 'Time is the greatest healer' (it really is true) and you must take all you need x
If in all that you falter or get a bit wobbly then we are here for you with a virtual hug and a talk if you want it....take care

Muchlove to you xx

muchlove Wed 15-Sep-10 10:13:26

Oh yeah HIPPY thermometers are such a bind aren't they - one day when we've all got our bubbas or just calling it a day why don't we have a mass burning of them on a bonfire !!

It will be sooooo liberating for you not having to track your cycle and do tests through month, I bet you will be more relaxed x

Thinking of you MsLucy

Love to all x

hippychick66 Wed 15-Sep-10 10:21:25

Just wanted to share this with you, i'm sure you've heard it already. The good news for me is that I already love purple and wear it a lot - so people wont be too shocked when i just add the red hat! I also went out in my slippers the other day!!!

Warning - When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple

By Jenny Joseph

When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple

with a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.

And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves

and satin candles, and say we've no money for butter.

I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired

and gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells

and run my stick along the public railings

and make up for the sobriety of my youth.

I shall go out in my slippers in the rain

and pick the flowers in other people's gardens

and learn to spit.

You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat

and eat three pounds of sausages at a go

or only bread and pickles for a week

and hoard pens and pencils and beer nuts and things in boxes.

But now we must have clothes that keep us dry

and pay our rent and not swear in the street

and set a good example for the children.

We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.

But maybe I ought to practice a little now?

So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised

When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

Beattiebow Wed 15-Sep-10 10:33:06

Hippy there is a club called something like the purple club, or wearing purple club or something like that - it has branches around the place and you join and all wear purple/do eccentric things! I told my mum about it, but she wasn't impressed!

hippychick66 Wed 15-Sep-10 10:38:17

Wow, I'm joining!!!

mslucy Wed 15-Sep-10 11:54:27

purple is OFFICIALLY my favourite colour smile.

mslucy Wed 15-Sep-10 18:08:36

good news from EPU.
It's alive - we even saw the heartbeat.
Have to go back in 2 weeks - guess they're keeping an eye on me, which at my age can only be a good thing!

As I said, thanks again, for being so lovely.
I feel quite at home here - must be our shared love of crisps, purple and Morrissey wink

muchlove Wed 15-Sep-10 20:22:03

Yippee FANTASTIC news !!!!!
you must be relieved - I had a good feeling for you today especially as you said you still had symptoms - at last some good news around here I guess we can do with it...

Ok can you send some of that babydust to me please......well all of us really.... but not just any babydust (marks & spencers) sticky babydust pleeeeaassseeee

mslucy Wed 15-Sep-10 21:05:17

of course!
scatters extra large bag of PURPLE baby dust.

Will keep you posted.
Saw fetal heartbeat with one that m/c'd, so not totally out of the woods, but yes it is a good sign.

Am tempted to join an antenatal group, but think I prefer it here!

hippychick66 Wed 15-Sep-10 21:34:24

mslucy gringrin well done. such good news.

Purple is a very spiritual and caring colour smile Every birthday or mother's day my boys buy me something purple.

Hippy adds a couple of purple scatter cushions to the snug.

SassySusan Wed 15-Sep-10 21:56:25

Message deleted

mslucy Wed 15-Sep-10 22:07:08

this is my favourite cushion P2W

can I bring it along to snuggle up to?

and my slanket....

Purple has been my favourite colour since I was about 4 and I wore it on my wedding day (five years ago yesterday).

Diege Wed 15-Sep-10 22:08:17

Bloody shattered here too! Just back from the most dulls-ville-esque conference ever but working from home tomorrow so will catch up then! Just saw mslucy's news though and wanted to saw congrats!!! Oh and I am already an avid wearer of purple!

mslucy Wed 15-Sep-10 22:15:34

Thank you Diege but it really is early days.
My last mc was at about 7 weeks, so really don't want to jinx it.

Taking it day by day - all you can do really.

Hi ladies, quick post.

I lost 4 and a half pounds today at my first Rosemary Conley weigh in and was slimmer of the week.

I am delighted.

Once we have seen the consultant and ordered the drugs for treatment we will be ready to go. I am now looking on the wait, hopefully 8 months at the end of September, as a preparation time to get into tip top condition. I need to lose a lot so my goal is two and a half stone by Christmas (which is 2 and a half pounds a week, eeeek!)

Love to you all.

Sorry this is all me, me, me.

Thinking of you all.

hippychick66 Thu 16-Sep-10 10:24:43

wow -spooky sassy the cushions WERE velvet in my head!!!

italian where are you??? Oh you turned sideways and I lost you for a second grin bloody well done on such a good start. You will be so slim and fit by the time your eggs come along smile

Ok, so I'm off to my beloved IOW at 5am tomorrow, so lots of packing to do today. Just wanted to leave a few instructions:-

Someone take the group credit card off sassy, goodness knows what she'll have bought and how much she'll have spent by the time i get back. sass am hoping for good news from you this month (fingers crossed).

gum early testing is pointless and tells you nothing! Consider yourself told. wink

If jolly pops in at all please someone give her a big hug from me and tell her Im thinking of her.

diege No botox whilst I'm gone - you don't need it! ps. You can still be my best mate if you like, just don't tell the others wink. Shall we try to be bump buddies this month?

mslucy take care - 1 day at a time, lovie.

djinnie I hope you get some answers to your missing AF soon.

muchlove Remember, you are a VIP in your own right and there are many things for you to be proud of as well as your chidren - having said that - babies are bloody cute arn't they???

beattie LOCK THE DOOR WHEN YOU ARE SWI!!!! Nuff said there i think.

italian keep up the weight loss. Did your AF show up yet??

GG I'm sure you'll be preggers again by the time I return. Good luck with the progesterone.

lia we haven't heard from you for a while and I'm thinking you must be approaching 12 weeks. News soon please.

lunatic Hoping you are well.

That's about it. So so sorry, if I've missed anyone off.

I can't quite believe I am going to be internet free for a week shock. There will be so much to catch up on when I get back. I will genuinly miss chatting to all you lovely ladies.

ps. I am offically mad. The new advert for McCanns chips where they show clips of different aspects of family life - makes me cry!!!! Shoot me now blush.

Hippy wanders off in a waft of purple to pack all her beautiful rustic yet oh so chic clothes in her purple suitcase ...... yeah right!

hippychick66 Thu 16-Sep-10 11:28:09

oh blimey. just went to the loo and i have (as enid blighton would say) lashings of egg whites. (except she was referring to ginger beer!!)

So that means I am gonna have to fit a flippin' shag in today. We are leaving at 5am tomrrow, so it will have to be today.

"Don't come in boys we're still packing!!!" Oh the things we have to do grin

muchlove Thu 16-Sep-10 11:41:35

Have the best time HIPPY gonna miss you - bloody hell how quick did that come round ? EWCM and SWI - could you try and get lots a sessions in please (may have to move to nights whilst away) might be a bit nippy in vest/shorts tho wink

Be back later all x

hippychick66 Thu 16-Sep-10 12:24:24

muchlove I am told the caravan has central heating! (Hippy packs her vest tops wink)

Diege Thu 16-Sep-10 13:17:14

Aww Hippy I am envy on both account, IOW and EWM!!!! My ovulation seems to have gone awol - darkening line on opk last 2 days, but no 'pos' as such; had ewm yesterday on and off but think it may have been dh blushfrom the night before's efforts grin. Temps still very low,nothing to report mucus-wise at all,which is very odd confused It will either happen in a dayor 2 or not at all I fear..ov on cd 12 last mth,though cd 16 the one before(cd 14 today).
Anyway,enough of my rambling! Have a great trip Hippy my older besser - will miss you <sniffs> Will do my best to be your bump buddy - wouldnl;t that be fun grin
Italian that's great news about the weight loss smile.It does sound a quite calorie restrictive diet from what you've written.How do you cope with the hunger?*Mslucy* as Hippy says,one day at a time.Have been there, worn the t-shirt sadly,so have an idea of what you're going through, but remember that things are going as they are supposed to at the moment,and you really couldn'thope for any better x
Right, back to work...if anyone sees my errant egg in the snug let know!

Diege Thu 16-Sep-10 13:19:35

older besser???I meant 'old' besser in an affectionate way, as opposed to arranging my bessers in age order (not that I have a younger one,it'sjust you and you alone Hipp) <diege digs out of hole furoiusly>

SassySusan Thu 16-Sep-10 14:34:26

Message deleted

hippychick66 Thu 16-Sep-10 14:44:43

As Danny Dyer says in Severance diege - keep digging, we can still see you.

I know what you meant bezzy mate - actually, I fear I am indeed fast becoming the oldest person on here shocksad

sassy - you go girl!!!! filthy mind an' all wink. (did it involve the velvet cushions at all??) You deserve that pos this month.

At the moment our bed is covered in clothes (difficult to pack for september, wellies & flip-flops hmm).

All that will, of course, be thrown on the floor in a moment of passon as soon as Dh walks through the front door wink.

I thought I'd found your egg diege but it was just an old worthers original - sorry, I'll keep looking grin

SassySusan Thu 16-Sep-10 14:57:54

Message deleted

galwaygal Thu 16-Sep-10 15:59:59

hippy - now have picture of you sweeping off the clothes onto floor with one swing of your arm, in the fashion of typical tv movie scene of man shoving things off table before madly shagging desperate woman on said table. But at least your bed will be more comfy as long as you don't leave a flipflop lurking to roll onto! Enjoy your swi trip to IOW.

Also spooky feeling here too with the "When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple" poem, just before I logged on here, I was showing my work collegue the "Bright Red hat" email that I quote from: "At 80 she does not pre-occupy herself with looking in the mirror. She simply puts on her bright red hat and goes and enjoys all the fun that life has to offer" - the first line of the poem you posted.... "When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me." Oh how I wish I had your addresses to forward you all this email to, it is a great ad-on to the Jenny Joseph poem. I can picture us all with red hats on too!!!!! <GG snatches group credit card off Sassy and proceeds to order red hats for each of us>

Hippy I will miss you! grin

Italian - well done on the weightloss envy

hippychick66 Thu 16-Sep-10 16:04:20

just popped in to the shop after school pick up and saw these .... <big purple one from Quality street> picked up one for each of us grin. Enjoy. Don't worry italian cyber-space makes them calorie free!!

hippychick66 Thu 16-Sep-10 16:06:20

GG crossed posts. Thanks for the hat - will wear it in the IOW!

SassySusan Thu 16-Sep-10 20:22:38

Message deleted

40someMum Thu 16-Sep-10 22:10:37

hello all

gah I loathe having long cycles -tbh the 2ww is infinitely preferable to the three week wait until ovulation

nice to have you lot now to understand the 'I feel young why is my body not working' phenomenon .... not even day1 yet here which is probably why the morose mood!

maybe June will be the one !

Hippy thanks, no af did not turn up yet! thanks for the encouragement on weight. You are not the oldest person on here, I am! I think! Off at 5 am did I read that right!!!

Diege and GG thanks.

Diege It is only 1,200 calories for the first 2 weeks, then it goes up to 1,400 for the next two weeks after that. Then after that it is fitted to the individual. I have to be honest and say I did not 100% stick to it, I slipped up with a few desserts - and in the first two weeks you are not meant to have any! But the good news is that after the first couple of weeks you get desserts and treats! So don't feel too sorry for me! the thing I like is you get to do exercise in the class where as the other weight loss organisations like that seem to just do a talk.

Best wishes to all


gumblossom Fri 17-Sep-10 00:18:31

Well done Italian, what a great effort.You'll be trim and terrific when you are sporting your bump next year!

Bye Hippy, hope the caravan doesn't shake too much! You'll be able to give us tips on shagging in a confined space with children nearby when you get back. Have a fabulous time.

I know early testing is futile...but I just couldn't help myself.I felt nauseous last night, which really got me thinking.I promised myself I wouldn't test this morning, really, I did. So I got up and I heard the first response calling my name! I thought I could see the lightest,lightest line, but now I'm not so sure. So you are right - it is pointless to test early, because now I have ambiguous results.I'm only 8 dpo.I know, I know, silly Gum.

Time will tell...

Is anyone else close to testing? I have a feeling someone is, is it Beatie?

I do have some ambiguous symptoms which could be anything : tired,nauseous(particularly late in the day when I'm really tired - this is a symptom common to all my pregnancies), constipated (sorry TMI),sore boobs, high temps...I can't help but feel hopeful, but at the same time don't want to be too hopeful.

I'm loving the purple cushions, and the red fedora is fabulous!

Beattiebow Fri 17-Sep-10 08:10:25

Hi gum that sounds pretty hopeful to me!

I had a temp drop this morning which suggests RTD is on its way. Feel a bit sad, but ok really. I'm like you 40somemum have to wait weeks for ovulation which is horrid. I would rather be like hippy and get it on day 8, but it's more like day 20. grr

actually feel really sad sad

Diege Fri 17-Sep-10 11:43:33

Hello smile
Gum things are looking very hopeful,both test and symptom-wise for you. Will you carry on testing now every few days (tempting) or be good and wait?
Beattie I suppose that's the problem with temps. I think I may well just start temping from next mth until ovulation and then stop, as I just keep on waking early out of anxiety,which I'm sure doesn't do the temps much good either.Hoping it was just one of those odd dips for you and that it will be back up tomorrow x
Hippy (peels Worther's Orginal off elbow and hands back to Hippy> you'll have to put one of those 'If it's rocking don't come knocking' signs on your caravan grin. And you are not old, not even old-erwink. Honestly, we'll look back in 10 years time and wonder what all this angst was about grin
Italian yes I've a;lways thought other slimming groups should place more emphasis on exercise (as in getting it done within the class,I know SW which I try to follow has some 'Body Magic' stuff, but it's all tucked neatly away in a booklet and doesn't really lend itself much to the eating plan). I suppose it's good having to exert the willpower early on in the diet; don't blame you for having a little cheat!
Sassy I've found the credit card tucked away behind the box of (banned) prawn cocktails,so take it and spend with glee!
40some after my early ovulations of the last month(s) I'm starting to see what you mean about 3 week wait hmm. Day 15 today and no sign - a tinch of EWM last night,so jumped on dh,but temps still low,opks neg after promising lines early in the week.
Night off today anyway...I don't know how anyone can keep up with the every day SWI!

Beattiebow Fri 17-Sep-10 12:20:36

I agree with the waking up early to temp - I was awake between 5.30 and 6.30 several times this morning, thinking about temping. It isn't doing me any good.

Anyway, we're doing the SMEP next month - dh's suggestion!! I'll believe it when i see it.

Sassy hope you're enjoying the rest!

muchlove Fri 17-Sep-10 12:44:59

Hey Lovelies

Yes GUM I am coming up to testing too - 8dpo same as you today. I also have some strange feelings bbs feel tingly and have got that butterflies feeling in my stomach - but have had them feelings most months PG and non PG so I'm not gonna get to excited. But shall see (gonna try and wait till Monday to test).
I notice the minute HIPPY has left you are testing GUM what did she tell you ??? Hmmm I believe she told you it was pointless x

DIEGE Sounds like you are gearing up to OV (how annoying for you) I agree with 40somemum waiting to OV is shitty but at least when you do get the go-ahead you can be proactive (please try the plan when you get a + )

SASSY I gotta good feeling for you this month and shopping in the 2WW is my fave pasttime so please leave a bit of credit on there for me

ITALIAN Very well done for being disciplined with yourself (I think that is half the battle) especially when the weight is lost it is easy to sit back and get lazy (which is what I do) then back it all creeps again....

I had the most vivid dream last night that I had my baby girl and all the family were round and I have never felt so contented in my whole life ..... It was like the reverse of a nightmare where I just didnt want to wake up to the cold reality...... it was such a lovely feeling the kind you wanna bottle-up and keep (like the feeling you get in a new relationship).........

Love to all x

galwaygal Fri 17-Sep-10 13:16:07

muchlove - oh ah, preggo dreams and/or baby dreams in the 2ww, well that confirms it, no need to do a test you must be up the duff this month. Shame about waking to reality.

gum - if you are going to test early, at least use internet cheapies! But of course really you should be waiting to test like Hippy told you (shh, I don't listen to her saying it either wink, hope you test again tomorrow and update us!)

Diege and 40something - it is so difficult in having to wait for delayed ov. But in the last group I was in that was as close as this one, it was the long-cycle gals that got preggo first!!!! So I am hoping the same for you guys.

Beattie - hope that the temp drop was a false alarma and that you get RTD to say away.

Sassy - now be nice and share, there are girls here who are further along in the 2ww than you,,,, let them have a turn with the credit card, good girl!

galwaygal Fri 17-Sep-10 13:32:58

Oh and I am now 3dpo so will be yelling about a positive test soon no doubt!

Diege Fri 17-Sep-10 13:45:56

Oh come on egg!!!! I was feeling quite smug too about my day 12 ovulation last month;I have no patience! I'm sure work have been putting something in my (decaff) coffee to postpone it - with my history of hyperemesis,and usual signing off,it would really leave them in the lurch if I got pregnant this month (busiest time and all).

Muchlove what a lovely dream,the sort you feel cross that you have to wake up from! They say you have the opposite sex to that which you dream about hmm though has always been the opposite for me! Oh and I see that Jools Oliver has been copying me by having a ds after 3 dds grin Not that I went for the same name,though quite cute and a grower I think! (Buddy Bear).

Galwaygirl that's intersting about long cycles. TBH mine are usually short,and this slow one may be something to do with me having a chemical pregnancy last month perhaps?? Hopefully not the start of a new pattern. When you testing then? grin

SassySusan Fri 17-Sep-10 14:26:36

Message deleted

galwaygal Fri 17-Sep-10 15:38:07

Sassy - I think the cd8 one is incase you randomly ov early,,,,, it does happen for some people. I normal ov on day 13/14 or 15 my cycle being 26/27 days on average, but I have has 24 day cycles where I have ov'd on day 8/9 and likewise I have ov'd late and had cycles up to around 33 days. I am envy of your regular cycle, it does make timing easier. Ov pain can happen before, during or after ov, so is not an accurate predictor of ov time, just gives an idea that it might be happening. I assume that the extra swi, is due to some people having postive opk's for more than one day (like yourself) and the actual ov might be later than thought. So if you had had a positive test the day after you stopped testing it could be that you ov 48 hours AFTER that, which could be today!!!!!! (Hense why I rely on temping, so I can stop shagging grin).

shock is anyone else as surprised as me that sassy is not a POAS-aholic like the rest of us, wow, the staying power to not test. I am impressed!

Diege - let me try for you "here eggy eggy eggy, here eggy eggy eggy.... come to Diege-y"

djinnie Fri 17-Sep-10 15:47:46

Hi folks

Thought I'd update. Still no AF. Have now lost count completely it's 8 weeks and one day - so last AF 22 July.

Initial nausea (some not much) and tiredness but now I put the tiredness down to my job and no other symptoms.

Had blood tests for pregnancy, hormones and thyroid on Monday. Was hoping to get the results today but when I phoned the surgery my GP 'doesn't normally work Fridays' and only one locum on and 'we don't seem to have the results' and 'we aren't clinicians so can't pass information on' etc etc.

So it will have to wait till Monday I guess.

Thing is I have a bit of a discharge now. Can't work out if it's blood or not. It's not very much really but unusual to me.

I'm a bit tired of it all tbh.


Hope it's all going well for you guys xxxx

Diege Fri 17-Sep-10 16:33:24

Sassy, you know you're going to have to SWI again don't you,just the once grin. I am in total admiration that you have followed it to the letter. I was also trying to put into words the thing about ov pain, but see that Galway has done it for me and far more clearly too grin
I've just had lots of EWM, so seems that all the calling for my egg is working grin.Will do an opk now and see what it says.
Djinnie I'll bet you're sick of itsad I really hope the tests can shed some more light on the situation x

SassySusan Fri 17-Sep-10 16:34:46

Message deleted

Diege Fri 17-Sep-10 16:52:22

Sassy definitely carry on for a day or two after the ov pains I'd say.I'm not sure I'd bother with temping if you're doing the EMS plan - after all, you've pretty much covered every base with constant shagging grin I can understand why you'd want to avoid thermometers sad, but fingers crossed this month will have worked anyway x
Well still neg on opk,though line a little darker than yesterday.SWI last night, so at least that means a night off today. At this rate,I'll be having another 33 days cycle like July, although as long as lp is ok I'm not too bothered!

SassySusan Fri 17-Sep-10 18:09:49

Message deleted

Diege Fri 17-Sep-10 18:17:26

grin Wonder what would happen if you did it every day??? <winces>

Beattiebow Fri 17-Sep-10 18:51:32

I read one thread where someone swi 3 times a day to get pg. shock (once in morning, once in the evening, and once at night time) eeek.

smep sounds ok compared to that!

Diege Fri 17-Sep-10 19:01:08

Honestly that's just ridiculous shock envy Can you imagine that? confused I'll bet it was on a 'legs in the air and we just don't care' type thread wink

mslucy Fri 17-Sep-10 20:35:39

I read that thread too!
Seriously though, shagging every day would probably be quite a good idea, esp if you're not a 100 per cent sure when you ovulate.

gumblossom Sat 18-Sep-10 00:52:15

Three times a day!!! shock Good Lord, they must be nineteen and on their honeymoon.I can't even manage twice a day! Maybe that's why it is harder to get pregnant over forty - cos we just don't feel like shagging?

O.k, so I'm sorry I tested early.You are right.It is pointless and has left me feeling sad and down after a bfn this a.m. I got a + at 9dpo with my last baby, so have been optimistically testing early. Now I wish I'd just been patient.

I'm not going to test again until Thursday, by which time AF should have turned up.

I'm curious - how long has everyone been TTC? It's been 5 months for me.Seems like forever because I think I was waiting for the return of fertility for about 7 months before that. So I have to try to remember that it really hasn't been that long.

I have kind of decided that I'll stop ttc if I'm not pregnant by the time my LO turns 3 (Aug 2011). My intention was that he would have a sibling close in age as his sister is 8 years older. Besides, I don't think I can remain optimistic and positive forever!

Has anyone else put a time limit on it?

I did read about a 48 yr old in her third trimester over at fertility friend.That was encouraging. And I have seen charts over there with loads of over 40's pregnancies.

Beattie I had a temp drop too. All this ttc is shit really. Why can't we get a bfp already!?sad

Oh - hand out these homemade triple chocolate biscuits I made biscuitbiscuitbiscuitEat as many as you like Italian, they are virtual - so no calories. grin

gumblossom Sat 18-Sep-10 00:53:06

Djinnie, sorry to hear you still don't know what's going on. I hope the weekend doesn't drag for you. ((HUGS))

Beattiebow Sat 18-Sep-10 07:15:13

gum hope your temp drop is an implantation one. But you're right it is shit. I had a temp rise today and got all excited, but af then started to arrive. So I am going to try and avoid temping I think.

I wanted a small gap between ds2 and a new baby. Had I had the one due in August, it would have been around a 28 month gap which was ideal. So I haven't put a time limit on it, but don't want a huge gap. And also don't want this dominating my life for much longer really.

djinnie hope you get some answers soon.

muchlove fingers crossed for you!

I am going to be doing the smep I think, but I wonder whether I need to start at cd8. In the last 6 months the earliest I have oved is CD14 and generally it is around CD19. I don't want to have too much shagging in there really!

Beattiebow Sat 18-Sep-10 07:18:56

I had a mc in Feb Gum so have been trying since then really, although periods took until April/May to get anything like back to normal. For that pg I was only trying a couple of months I think - certainly wasn't obsessed about it then anyway. Seems like bloody ages though, as the clock is ticking and people all around me are getting pg.

Oh well I'll feel optimistic again in a couple of days - 'tis always the way!

sassy you can have a deserved rest now can't you?

muchlove Sat 18-Sep-10 10:11:18

Well GUM feeling right there with you hun, had loads a symptoms yesterday and then last night they kind of disappeared confusedand then I had this feeling that Im not preggo STUPID BLOODY INTUITION !!! But I was really tired last night so went to bed early and after a really horrible dream awoke and decided to test sad BFN ..... But I knew it was gonna be ... just my body playing tricks on me again....
I have also gotten my BFPs at 9DPO GUM so know exactly how you feel... I am on Fertlity Friend too but not sure whether to renew or not when it expires...
I started trying last April/May and fell PG relatively quick (in June) then after that loss it took 6months until Feb to fall again and then I've had 2 early losses since also the age gap is getting too wide now with my youngest
BEATTIE Sorry the 'old cow' showed for you it's crap when all you've got to look forward to is HER showing her face (which is the position I am in now)

So I will prob scrutinize my IC test for a few more hours under various lighting and angles then try and get on with my day ... maybe give DH evil stares coz he let me down this month so he is gonna get the majority of my shitty feelings grin

DJINNI Im sorry your still in limbo I really am ... why don't you try wearing white jeans or something she bound to turn up then wink

SAS yeah you did it woohoo now it's slanket time hurrah ...

Love to you all ...... I will be back a bit later after i've gone crosseyed and mental staring at a strip of plastic for a few more hours.... I guess I've just been a purple kinda-girl all my life !


Curlylox Sat 18-Sep-10 12:18:36

Hello all it's horrid when you're body doesn't do want you want it to do and as my GP keeps telling me "where not machines, you have to let nature take it's course blah blah blah". So I feel your pain. My periods finally got back on track to my regular 28 days but that's all been thrown out the window again, due to me having nerve root injections in my back. FFS, I'm tired, hormonal, fed up, can't be arsed arrggghhhh..............(compose myself) hope you're all having a good weekend smile

Diege Sat 18-Sep-10 12:59:01

I vote that we designate part of the snug for grumpy-old women-ness that we can fill with various shades of lighting for obsessive wee-strip interrogation, wine, chocolate and scampi fries. Also one of those nodding dogs that will just agree when you rant about your dh/dp....
I'm in there today anyway..dh has man 'flu and I feel rotton,but of course I'm 'copying' and putting in on biscuit. Just when I could do with his 'contribution'today too...grin. Teeny bit of EWM,but temp rise today is looking on paper like an annovulatory cycle, what with the see-sawing temps, but I suppose time will tell. What a waste though!
Beattie/Gum I think I'll also be setting myself a time limit,as the whole point of having another was to provide ds with a sibling closer in age than his older looking really at June 2011 as my deadline. It's month 7 of trying for me, with dd1 taking 1 mth (ok, I was 3 hrs late with a mini pill so not trying as such blush),dd2 1 mth,dd3 5 mths, ds 1 a def shift for me.
muchlove I feel your pain - try leaning out of an upstairs window for natural light, without catching the eye of the neighbour oppsite blush. Agree, it is crappy the whole hanging on just for af to confirm what you knew all along.Don't give up hope just yet though.
Curlylox have saved a place for you in the grumpy corner next to me x

Curlylox Sat 18-Sep-10 14:34:28

hear hear diege......misery loves company you know grin

Diege Sat 18-Sep-10 18:11:01

Well Curly I may have to love you and leave you in the corner...I've finally got a pos on an opk so am going to have to cunningly start to be nice to dh. This is going to be very hard is he is so in the worng he's in another country angry. The things we do for a bit of sperm blush.

40someMum Sat 18-Sep-10 20:50:42

beattie -oooh what is smep?

day one for me and most likely another 17 days before ovulation <losing the will emotion>

SassySusan Sat 18-Sep-10 21:47:16

Message deleted

10000fireflies Sat 18-Sep-10 21:50:54

Hey there! Do you have room for another Feisty, Fabulous Forty something, ttc? Galwaygal suggest hooking up with you. I could do with all the moral support I can get!

SassySusan Sat 18-Sep-10 23:10:11

Message deleted

gumblossom Sun 19-Sep-10 02:10:38

Morning all. Well, still feeling sad. Obviously I have pms and RTD will catch up with me mid-week I think. It sucks. Tired of the whole bloody thing. But I'm pretty sure by the time RTD comes I actually start to feel optimistic again. My plan to keep busy with a project during the tww isn't working all that well. I spent all afternoon in the garden yesterday, but it didn't stop my mind from thinking about it all. Do I not have any good eggs left???Surely there must be at least one in there?

So, Sassy, was it the malteasers or the bubbly that won in the end?

I did go out for a lovely dinner with friends last night, and had a glass of champas.It was lovely. At least I'll be able to drink on holiday(in a couple of weeks.)

My temp dropped again this a.m. So pretty sure I am out.

I think I might give the opk's and temping a misss seeings we'll be on holiday. But not sure I'll be able to control my obsessive desire to use the thermometer!

Deige, do you think that because we fell preg so easily in the past that it makes this harder? It feels that way to me, though it did take 7 months last time.Now I worry because I'm two years older it'll take much longer.

Oh how I wish I could just "let nature take its course".

Welome fireflies, tell us a little about yourself.

Diege Sun 19-Sep-10 10:38:48

Morning smile. Well not SWI last night because dh felt so rotton,but temps low this morning so think I might just catch the surge based on yesterday's pos opk if we DTD tonight hmm
Gum yes, I'm sure getting pregnant easily in the past makes things harder in some ways now. That is, if it took on average say 12 mths, then to get to this point (7mth to me)would be simply par for the course?Having said that, the added anxiety of age creeping up might have caused anxiety whatever past pregnancies might have been like. I might be tempted to leave the opks and thermometer at home if I were you,though the old cm could still be something to nicely obsess about! (do you also check cp?I've always been a bit squemish (sp?) about that myself..)
Welcome Firefly you will love it here!*Sassy* hope that good sense prevailed and you had both the choc and wine - that would never have been a dilemma for me, though if pushed the maltesters would have won hands down.
Dreary, rainy day here. Planning on being nice to dh - well,as much as is reasonable - and trying to get the house into some sort of order.
Oh have been meaning to ask,has anyone actually opted for the VIP fertility friend deal? I am coming to the end of my free trial,and wondering what exactly I've get (left) for free? confused

muchlove Sun 19-Sep-10 11:20:24

Me Me Me (jumps up and down with hand in the air) yes DIEGE I have got the VIP memership (oh she would would'nt she) it's good you kind of get a 'ACCESS ALL AREAS PASS' bit like being a rock chick groupie of the the TTC world grin
And let me tell you them American gals are so much more advanced than us, thing is over there they pay for everything so they get betas (bloodtests) done at the drop of a hat, injections, progesterone ..... they are a bit more aggressive with their stuff over there - that's where I get all my info from (sht I've been rumbled) and you all prob thought I was an old SAGE
It's not that expensive either but I still not sure whether to renew .....

Can I just say what is with our DH/DPs are they turning into Primadonna footballers or something !!!!! All this too tired/ill crap going on... I've had enough of it grin... I think I may threaten mine with IVF or something and tell him 'would he rather do his stuff in a POT in a clinic with a magazine!!!!!' Seriously he sooooo scuppered my chances this month (stoopid idiot)....

Yes 10DPO OV today and have zero symptoms and feeling very pissed off I'm not even gonna test anymore (HA! how do you like that IC PGncy strips)yes F*ckem they can stay in they dark cupboared with the old Nair hair remover kit and last years fake tan and the false eyelashes that I just can't seem to get on straight and end up looking like a drag queen !!

Yes I will just await the arrival of AF with open arms - bless her (see my reverse psychology there) and then I will skip off on my hols and do sod all for a week just totally relax and eat and drink what I like and hopefully come back a new woman with a better outlook on this crazy life of TTC in your 40's....

So It seems we are at the same point in our cycle together GUM so I guess that makes us (as they say on FF) cyclebuddies x Except we have PMT so would prob be grouchy to each other... he he

Welcome FIREFLIES and hope you enjoy our company here

So SAS the countdown begins now eh ? Oh I bet it bloody happens while I'm away .... gggrrrhhh

Love to all

SassySusan Sun 19-Sep-10 11:55:39

Message deleted

Beattiebow Sun 19-Sep-10 12:48:45

gum and muchlove I'm at the same point in my cycle too! But cramps here and spotting this morning means its all over for me this month. Feel a bit better today, although couldn't say I had reached the optimistic stage yet!

Welcome fireflies hope your stay here is short (in the nicest possible way!).

diege my dh is like yours. tired/ill/stressed/backache etc. really pisses me off sometimes. he has promised to try harder this month - smep in fact! - but I'm not holding my breath.

And lucky you people going away on holiday. I have to go away on a work trip this week and be in constant smiley, confident, ambitious, work mode. ugh.

40somemum I am also around 20 days from ovulation. Its a real pain waiting I agree. on the plus side I have nearly 3 weeks before I have to start being nice to dh!

galwaygirl any positive signs from you?

djinnie how are you?

[*jolls* in case you see this - i am seeing E tomorrow - you're not going to be there then are you??]

Diege Sun 19-Sep-10 15:47:10

Glad it's not just my dh then grinI'll remind him of his reluctance during the 2ww when all I want to do it slanket-it out in front of the tv..
Sassy holiday in France sounds great- give a wave to my childminder who is also going there for 2 weeks when you will be there...not so popular that one!
muchlove Mmmm may have a cloer look at the FF VIP scheme...not sure the chat rooms would be my thing,though do like some of the VIP features.5 days before they cut me off! Just hoping I can get ov charted before then.
Beattie work trip sounds good, though know what you mean about playing a role.I sneaked off at a conference last week to read my Penny Vicenzi on the toilet steps blush.Can I be nosey and ask what your job is?
Well I'm feeling pretty rotten now,no doubt there was something in the old man flu.Not that I will stop me SWI - we women are made of stronger stuff!
Off to pee on another of my dwindling supplies of opks...

Diege Sun 19-Sep-10 16:05:12

Opk still positive thank god,so a chance for dh to redeem himself! I sort of said the chance was gone,to avoid performance anxiety,so fingers crossed!

galwaygal Sun 19-Sep-10 17:00:23

Fireflies - glad you found us here, as you might have gathered if you trawled through the previous pages, we are a crazy lot with our own virtual room - the snug. I am here although with 3 children already, my dh and I had always hoped for 4. We wanted two close in age, then a brief gap and another two close together. 15 month gap between my first two, then a 3 year gap and now......, well my youngest is 2.5 and I have had 9 miscarriages since he was born. So I am the memeber of the group that keeps getting pregnant then coming back a few weeks later saying it is all over. But I live in hope that maybe there might be one more good egg left in my aged body grin.

Diege - hope that dh of yours gets the strenght for his necessary duty!

gum, muchlove and beattie - are you trying to become cycle buddies? Hope at least one if not all of you are wrong and that you are up the duff instead!

I am 4dpo and will wait until midweek before caving and starting to test.

NotanOtter Sun 19-Sep-10 20:42:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jollster Sun 19-Sep-10 21:37:37

just popping in... feeling a bit better, though not back to full fitness shall we say quite yet... just to reassure BB that I won't be stalking you at E's tomorrow! You can stick your tongue out in peace... grin

Will catch up and pop back in a few days. Big Simon Cowell love to all xx

10000fireflies Sun 19-Sep-10 22:20:25

Awww! Thanks for the welcome! Glad you had room on the sofa for me and my glass of nicely chilled Prosecco!! I'm 41, been married a long time... (nearly a decade). DH finally decided at the start of the year that we really should give it a go. hmm Kind of sad that it's taken so long, but that constant nagging anguish hanging over me has gone for the time being. Docs say I am still in with a chance, despite having one blocked tube, so,fingers crossed. Look forward to sharing the journey with you all and here's to it being a short stay!!

Beattiebow Mon 20-Sep-10 07:54:45

I'm a lawyer Diege - work for a charity, and we're going away on a management/planning workshop thingie. While it's nice to get a lie in and a nice shower etc in the morning, I do find that I am on duty continuously for most of the time and it's exhausting.

At least I'm not missing ov time though! (during the last one I was in the midst of never ending post-mc bleeding - it was hell).

Good luck to everyone else - I'm still cramping/spotting and waiting for RTD to start, progesterone is just delaying the inevitable I think.

djinnie Mon 20-Sep-10 09:58:53

Hi all

Love the idea of wearing white trousers!! grin

No news but should get some answers today even if they're non answers if you see what I mean. My GP will be asked to phone me back at end of surgery this morning.

I'm fairly confident I'm not pregnant. Couldn't feel less so!!

Anyway, hope things are good for you guys! xxxx

I'll post back later.

djinnie Mon 20-Sep-10 11:58:46

Hey ladies.

Definitly not pregnant so that was a load of excitement and hope about nothing. Also not in the menopause phase.

Next step is a scan which I guess will happen in a few weeks.

Anyway, quite sad but not unexpected.

I think my ttc journey ends here.

I probably won't be back but just want to wish you all shedloads of luck!

Best wishes


SassySusan Mon 20-Sep-10 13:41:25

Message deleted

Diege Mon 20-Sep-10 17:02:59

Hello! Agree Djinnie that the news must be disappointing,however much you'know' you're not pregnant. Hope you're ok and please pop in to let us know how you're doing if you decide ttcing is not for you x

Beattie your jobs sounds very high
powered! Will be nice to unwind a little and get some good sleeps in though smile

Jollster hello,and sending Simon Cowell snarls and kisses back wink

Firefly yes, does sound like your dh likes taking his time over decisions wink. Wishing you the best of luck x

Well dh did finally summon up the energy last night,and just in time too as had a temp rise this morning,though opk still positive this afternoon confused.Not holding out much hope though as no EWM (is it crucial??).Oddly I have lots today...May leave SWI tonight and fit one last one in tomorrow,though think I'm done(in) for this month. The lure of the slanket and double corrie is just too much grin
Hope everyone's ok x

muchlove Mon 20-Sep-10 17:04:28

Hi All

Just been reading through several posts on Fertility Friend site and in the Pregnancy in your 40's there are bloody loads of women 43 and over preggo !!!! And not just early days - these are 13wk + pregnancies !! Gives me some hope I guess.... I just read one who is 46 n half and just found out she preggo (naturally)!!! I guess you just gotta have patience in finding that 'Golden Egg'....
must learn to find that patience somehow[sceptical]... Muchlove wanders off scratching head in Pre-AF despair xx

Good to hear from you JOLLY x

Beattiebow Mon 20-Sep-10 17:43:36

Diege - E (the acupuncturist) thinks that EWCM is the most important of the fertility signs - she is teaching me a method of monitoring fertility just based on this. So perhaps you need to dtd tonigt too???

(I know Saint Toni sets more store by temperature though, but can't harm to do it both nights...)

SassySusan Mon 20-Sep-10 18:52:47

Message deleted

40someMum Mon 20-Sep-10 21:04:18

Sassy - Dr T? I do hope Dr T is correct as i have a fair deal of stress in my life at the moment and I have been thinking it's having a hugely negative affect on my ability to get pregnant. All this seems to do in effect is make me MORE stressed.... hmm so I am thinking I will belive dr t from now on!

Galway girl - poor you - how draining all that hope then despair

muchlove - i like to hear that about fertility friend <think positive think positive>

mrs lucy good news grin so pleased for you

I am looking older by the minute - and not feeling too chipry.

Anyone else had an AMH test? I saw a consultant ( mostly for advice) who recommended it - the result came back relatively optimistic but the letter that accompanied it kindly dampened any optimism we may have had hmm

galwaygal Mon 20-Sep-10 22:00:58

Stess - well the time I was most stressed in my life was when I concieved my first dc. Was seeing lawyers and all sorts in a very stressful job-related situation. I did decide to just get away and forget it all incase it had an effect on the baby, but it definitely did not seem to have an effect on concieving.

40some - I have finally got to go for an AMH test, if I don't the new doc won't see me. However the doc I saw at the Lesley Regan clinic, said it is not worth anything, it is just a number and does not mean someone can't get pregnant, it just means that they might find it more difficult, but that might not be always the case. So told me not to get the test to avoid the dreaded stress!!!!!

muchlove - that website page of 40+ers with good pregnancies, sounds like I need to go visit it for encouragement.

I have to go get blood tests done tomorrow, stupid waste of time in my books, but I will still do it. Complained to doc at the hospital that I was not being helped in any way, so, he as referred me to a collegue more specialised in recurrent m/c's and the new consultant has told me to get a day 21 progesterone test and an AMH test tomorrow.... I don't want to get bad news from the AMH test, and I am on progesterone suppliments, so the progesterone test is a waste of time too!!!! confused. Still at least the poor darlings (consultants) are trying to do something.

Beattiebow Mon 20-Sep-10 22:10:05

gg I had the progesterone test a couple of weeks ago - I don't think I had even ov'ed at the time! So pretty meaningless too. I have to get the day 2 test soon, but af is not making a quick appearance, and I won't be able to get an appointment at short notice anyway.

What is an AMH test?

iirc Dr T (Dr Toni presumably sassy?) thinks that stress won't stop you getting/staying pg, but it will delay ovulation.

E has told me to start on agnus castus next month. So I will.

(*Diege* I''m not very high flying! am busy worrying about what I should be wearing to my "smart casual" awayday thingie).

Diege Mon 20-Sep-10 22:27:55

I'm getting my Dr.Thong and my 'Dr' Toni confused grin.I'm thinking it's the thong-man who said stress doesn't matter? (I think I'd agree with that based on experience; again my dds were conceived in stressful times etc).
Beattie ah yes the what to wear dilemma..have just had the same myself, as have to impress boss again tomorrow. Think he's going to go with my staffing plans,mainly due to no alternative as opposed to my powers of persuasion (or indeed dress sense),which will massively de-stress my life!
Galwaygirl I suppose at least you're in the system now re: bloods,and will no doubt impress them with your knowledge about all things bloods. Do you get your results on the day?
40some can I be nosey and ask why the letter was bad news if test results were ok?
muchloveI must have a read of those ff pages,esp as I have just 4 days left of access!Think I might see how the temping goes using the basic package hmm
SassyI have vague distant memories of shagging for fun; I even remember phoning in ill to work once so I could do it all day hmmIt blurs with memories of southern comfort and lemonade, cocktails, and long hot summers...
Well I took your advice and dtd again <sigh> Please may I have permission to slanket-up now??? Pleeeese?????

40someMum Mon 20-Sep-10 22:42:01

of course you can Diege! The doctor had told me he anticipated my result would be around 5 ish as i do manage to get pg but keep losing them... when the result came it was above 5 by a reasonable amount but he just put that it was 'satisfactory' and then complimented this by saying AMH ( anti mullerian hormone) was only an indicator pf follicular reserve not egg quality - which i knew but thanks for cheering me up wink

i went private for the appointment and he basically said we could have whatever treatment we wanted but he had nothing to recommend .... hmm

SassySusan Mon 20-Sep-10 22:42:13

Message deleted

SassySusan Mon 20-Sep-10 22:44:32

Message deleted

40someMum Mon 20-Sep-10 22:51:57

sounds very similar susan ( this was just a blood test) but the message was the very same!

Beattiebow Tue 21-Sep-10 06:40:39

oops sorry Sassy I forgot about Dr Thong (how could I?!) anyway, sounds as though he and Toni agree.

galwaygal Tue 21-Sep-10 07:41:37

Quick lock the doors, Diege is trying to come into the snug with her slanket without finishing her SWI-time..... <GG sees sassy yelling through door to Diege,,,, "you can come in after you have given it one more shot"> !!!!

Diege - the blood tests are really a waste of time, I have already "been through the system" but because I put in a complaint about the treatment given by a junior doctor I got hauled in again, but am being switched from one consultant to another one. I have also gone privately to two different clinics (one based on natural fertility with the definite opinion that cm is the only way to monitor when to have swi, and the other clinic being prof lesley regans clinic.) I have had most of the tests available,, in fact I think other that the AMH one that I have actively avoided, the only blood test I haven't had is the vitamin B12 levesl. I am not going to even raise a iota of hope that this new consultant will say anything new to me. But I will go anyway hmm

I have weird cramping going on today, feeling nauseous from the progesterone and generally wondering how much longer I will wait to test (well hippy is not here to tell me off for testing early grin)

Can someone put another log on the fire, I am feeling chilling this morning...

gumblossom Tue 21-Sep-10 09:03:26

GG how many days post O are you?

RTD is here. Fully expected it, but had to console myself with some internet shopping. I bought a troll bracelet with a few special beads - rose quartz and other symbols for creativity and fertility. I live in hope!

No testing for me. I just don't want to go there - afraid they may say negative things and I just want to try and do everything naturally.

As for the cervical mucus thing - I don't have nearly as much as when I was younger, but can still tell when I'm fertile. I suppose I should probably "supplement" my scant mucus with some preseed, but I can never be bothered! I must admit I did use it when we conceived our last bub.Maybe I should just try it again?

I had a very pleasant morning at the beach with my LO and a friend and her LO.It was so sunny and warm, so at least my first day of RTD wasn't so bad.

I have run - washing to hang out before the sun goes away.

Let us know if you test GG!

muchlove Tue 21-Sep-10 16:33:29

Hey All

Oh how the mind can mess with us. After testing NEG the other day I thought I am not gonna test again and just wait for AF to show - anyway I have had symptoms through the ROOF !!! Really sore bbs - increased cm -still high temps so thought I better test again just to rule it out and still NEG but where oh where are these sypmtoms coming from. I only ever get this when I am PG ??? So weird also I have'nt had any spotting yet and this always preceeds AF for about 3 days and I am due 2moro or Thursday ??? So anyway I am defo not PG bcoz it would have shown on a test by now at 12DPO so HO HUM I await her arrival ....

GUM Your day sounds lovely I am totally envious envy

DIEGE I am so looking forward to when you're gonna be testing - you will prob be around the same time as HIPPY GREAT - are you sure you can't just squeeze another one in 2nite (for good measure grin )

GG Oh the symptoms - the symptoms .... If you can brave it out then wait awhile if not then do like me and ..TEST... SOON... PEASE...

What will the AGNUS do for you BB ? Am just curious........

40somemum Iv'e not had the AMH Test done only FSH which I think last December was at 8.2 not had another done this year....but it's a bit pointless when like you I can get preggo just cant keep em - I wish there was a test for the quality but alas there is'nt ... the only thing is maybe if IVF was used they do have to check the eggs for viability so at least they only put the good ones back so to speak.... but imagine if you went through all that and had good ones put back (also prob be about 5K out of pocket) and they did'nt take shock I think that must be so awful so so awful.....

How ya feelin SAS ??? Hmm yes it seems gone are the days of doing it just coz you want to and to be honest I really hate that - I hate all the clinicalness of it - If I was 10 yrs younger I would'nt give a hoot. But now it seems every month is sooooo important to get the timing right sad and I seem to be hurtling towards my 44th birthday nxt year ... gggrrhhh


Diege Tue 21-Sep-10 19:57:40

<diege batters down the door of the snug> Let me in!!! I've done two days in the row god damn it!!! Temp is up for 2nd day in row,neg on opk,dh that enough?? grin
Gum really sorry about af esp after all the hope of the faint line sad. You sound very composed and reflective,though I'm sure would relish one of my special snug chocolate brownies,complete with a choice of soda stream beveriges?? Cream soda do you? I'm also very envy of your summer day..
Galwaygirl good on you on giving them hell - I think medical people need to be given a shake from time to time.And at least they know your face now grin
Muchlove that's a bummer about the symptoms not tying in with test sadIs there a chance you perhaps ovulated later than usual?
Sassy I remember that Smith and Jones sketch grin.
I've decided I don't believe in SWII so that's the job done for this month -couldn;t have done anymore really!

40someMum Tue 21-Sep-10 20:09:19

dp just reminded me that the consultant we saw ( who is a pretty high up one I am told!) said AMH was the 'newkid on the block' and superseding the FSH and LH

who knows ?

muchlove I see what you mean about all that money and IVF failing to stick aaaarrrggghhh!

SassySusan Tue 21-Sep-10 21:18:44

Message deleted

SassySusan Tue 21-Sep-10 21:24:49

Message deleted

Diege Tue 21-Sep-10 22:18:16

grin Oh I am loving the new snug throw- do we have enough left on our credit card limit though? Not too sure about the mugs- very 'snug' though I agree grin.You know you'll have Hippy to account to when she gets back...wink
On symptoms front def can be interpreted as such - clearly implantation pain I'd say.Have everything crossed for you smile

SassySusan Tue 21-Sep-10 23:09:29

Message deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Diege Wed 22-Sep-10 12:24:00

I too had the type of 'period'pains that Lunatic describes when I've had my bfps Sassy.In fact I've never felt more that my period was about to start when I've been pregnant!
Third day of raised temps,so fertilty friend has put me at 3 days post-ov. If I was pregnant this month my due date would be the day before ds's (dc 4's) birthday,not that I've ever made it to my due date with any of mine (dd1 5 days early, dd2 5days early, dd3 6 days early, ds 8 days early).I don't think my chances are great this month anyway as didn;t get enough pre-ov swis in or much EWM at the right time, but still exciting thinking there's a small (well, tiny) chance grin

muchlove Wed 22-Sep-10 12:24:39

Loving the snug girls - and loving the symptoms SAS YIPPEE !!!!!

I have had those crampy type pains with all my BFPs too usually followed a couple of days later with the tingly bbs.... Oh I love to symptom spot.....

Well my temp was quite high this morn and then AF is starting to come so how weird is that I believe that happened to you BB so might have to give the therm a miss from now on.....

If you are UPDUFFED this month SAS I am gonna take the credit (if that's ok) coz the SMEP was my suggestion in the beginning and you can even call your child 'Muchlove' grin (only kidding)......... this is soooo very exciting.... will you test before you go away on hols ?????


muchlove Wed 22-Sep-10 12:30:58

DIEGE For some reason PRE-OV sessions don't seem to work for me it has to be on the day of OV or after so you defo covered all your bases this time..... and the EWCM doesn't matter so much (there are women on FF who are trying for girls who take loadsa stuff to dry up their CM and they still get PG)

Oh I really do find this 2WW symptom spotting EXCITING !!!

This is better than any Reality TV show ...he he


Diege Wed 22-Sep-10 13:25:30

That's encouraging Muchlove smile.I nominate you the snug's cheerleader grin. I think I was wrong-footed this month having ovulated on day 12 last month, so day 17 ov a bit of a swi cd 12, 14 (then dh got 'ill'),17 and 18. Af usually 12 days after ov which makes testing day October 2nd,give or take 8 days wink No really, after last month's cp there's no way I'm testing early hmm.

gumblossom Wed 22-Sep-10 14:00:23

Galwaygirl, did you test yet? It is getting very exciting, especially with Sassy's lovely symptoms (I had these types of cramps when I got preg too!)

I now have proof that getting psychic readings is silly, a load of cobblers, and not always very hopeful.

I got one done over the net. I had read about her being spot on with someone on mumsnet about their pregnancy. I bought it off ebay. When I did I felt I may have had one done by her last year (where she said she saw a pregnancy in September).This time she said a lot of things, but also said she didn't see a pregnancy. I felt really upset at first, but then thought how silly it is to let it upset me.Especially as I think she had said previously that I would get pregnant.I'm not 100% sure if it was the same lady, but I feel very strongly that it might be.

I can't believe I let it upset me, but these days it doesn't take much.I had also just spoken to my friend who just had her 19 week scan done.She was so excited about having a boy, and I'm so pleased for her, just wish it could be me too...You all know how that feels.

Sassy, I love the new rug and mugs for the snug, they are very cosy.'s the last time I'll get one done over the net.i should know better!

Diege Wed 22-Sep-10 14:23:13

Gum you know those internet things are total rubbish don't you?? I know how easy it is to get wound up by psychics though. I had one done 2 years ago where I was told I'd have to give up a dream and make massive sacrifices within the 2 years (now gone). Cue on and off dread for the last 2 years and of course nothing like that happened! Out of interest,how does the internet psychic do her reading? confused?

Diege Wed 22-Sep-10 14:23:57

I should clarify that my reading was face-to-face.

SassySusan Wed 22-Sep-10 14:39:35

Message deleted

galwaygal Wed 22-Sep-10 17:23:51

I am 8dpo.... test BFN.... but boobs so sore I am convinced they are about to explode. Little cramping, which like Sassy I know is implantation.... I am right behind you Sassy!

Lunatic - yay! hi hope it is all going well for you, sit down for a bit and join in our snug time. Glad you like what we (sassy!!) have done here so far.

Sassy - sp pleased you are not going on holiday without internet access, we want to know the minute you get your bfp. I have high hopes for you this month.

gum - sorry RTD arrived, but sounds like you had a good time at the beach.

I was trying to work out where everyone is, have I got it right?:

Gum cd2
jolls cd
Diege - 3dpo
Hippy - swi ? 6dpo guessing
GG - 8dpo
Sassy - 9dpo
muchlove 13dpo
10000ff ?????
lottie ????

Loads of preggo ones including lunatic, lia, mrs lucy, alba and is TFLS still preggo or has she screamed and popped?

Muchlove - not implantation bleeding is it? Although I have had a couple of times when my temp has not come down for a few days, and then irratic during af. But have you called it cd1 or still in the ????? time?

Diege - here, have a hot chocolate to go with the wonderful shortbread sassy made.

muchlove Wed 22-Sep-10 17:55:37

Hmm don't get me started on psychics !!!

I have had a few face to facers and a couple of onliners (oh my god that's my credability gone down the drain grin )and to be honest I only went to find a bit of hope to hang on to. I have been to expensive ones [sceptical] (yeah it's a massive business) and cheap ones and so far the only one that has been true is the cheapest one (done through a friend of a friend) cost me a fiver and she told me that 'I had enough on my plate and that I was lucky to have the last little one and that I won't have anymore' Hhhmpf ...... She actually told me off ! It was a bit like sitting with ya nan in all her wiseness....
Actually the most expensive one I have been to (she has been on TV and radio) has also been correct in the amount of MCs I have had but she still said I would have a 'girl' and that I shouldn't give up confused she was also spot on about my family life and past.
So we will see.........

The online one that I used was a woman called 'Ruby' who has now got a bad reputation... I had to send her a photo and asked if I would have another and to be fair to her she was spot on both times in the conception date (both lost tho) but she took ages and there was a time there where I got the feeling I was gonna be turned over. But I sent her an angry Email and the next day she sent my reading..... but I think she has let a lot of women down.

May I just also say I have never been to them before in my life up until this time when I was just feeling so lost and vunerable.

But I can so see why you would go to a spiritualist meeting SAS you need to be able to make that connection again with your little precious one. x

muchlove Wed 22-Sep-10 18:11:40

Hey GG
Crossed posts there - yes I'm just chalking today down as DPO 13 and spotting so expect her to be here tomorrow sad you are so so clever keeping track of us all BRILLIANT !!!
Feels like my mum keeping track of my cycles when I was a youngster... now can you just tell me to be careful and use contraception (is'nt that how most teens get PG grin !!!)

Hmm 8DPO testing as far as I'm concerned is never a good turn out - ever ..... so you are not out yet - earliest I have got is 9DPO with a IC at 10ml sensitivity ..... but too many times 8DPO has thrown me bcoz I was sure I saw a shadow of something and got excited OR completely blank and then the next day a possy....... but really 8DPO is best avoided as it's just too early.....


SassySusan Wed 22-Sep-10 19:43:30

Message deleted

muchlove Wed 22-Sep-10 22:28:08

Oh SAS I have just read your blog and want to say 'I am so so truly sorry for the pain you and your husband are going through'
I can't even begin to imagine the devastation you have had to endure though you have given me a brief glimpse in your writing

What an amazing - beautiful - clever girl your Catherine. I have a picture of her in my mind from your words.

Now I sit here with my chin resting on my hands trying to find the right words.... I stare at the screen with a heavy heavy heart then I think it's best to not waffle on as I'm sure you have had a bellyful of well-meaning words to last a lifetime.

But all I can say is I hope and I pray that Catherine sends a sister or brother down to her mummy and daddy not to replace her (THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN) but so that a part of her can live on again

Godbless that little star that shone so bright


SassySusan Wed 22-Sep-10 22:34:49

Message deleted

muchlove Wed 22-Sep-10 22:52:34

I give you good odds that it's you .... infact if I put down a tidy sum there may even be enough winnings to pay for IVF one day ...........grin now where is my local bookies...

Hi ladies, de-lurking to say hi.

I wanted to add myself to roll call but have no idea to do it, how do you add waiting for May??

Thinking of you all and wishing you all well.

Sassy I read your blog, well at least part of it. I was very sad to read about your experiences of church. I am a Christian and I feel so sad that people at your church didn’t know the right thing to say or do - so many of us are crap in these really difficult situations. I hope one day you will go back there, or elsewhere, and it will not be so upsetting. I really wish you all the best for your attempts and I hope you will be the first of us to get up the duff. We are there on the new number 6 assisted conception thread if you ever want to pop in and visit us.

djinnie sorry you are not pregnant. Thinking of you.

GG isn’t it too early to test?

10000fireflies, hello, we have not met yet. What a cool name, where is it from?

How are Beattie, Lunatic, Lia, Alba* and Thefatladysings?

Jolly how is it by the sea these days?

Hippy around again?

Diege how goes it? Yes, I chose Rosemary Conley because it had an actual fitness component. Which I think is vital. The diet is strict at first but it is do-able. I have 4 or 5 stone to lose, well 4 to be at the top of my healthy BMI so I will aim for 4 by the start of treatment, by March.

mslucy, hi, I don't think we have 'met'. Apologies if this is an old post but you mentioned shagging every day, to make things better. We were told every other day so the man's 'troops' as hippy so beautifully puts it, have time to replenish!

Gum and Muchlove I am sorry you have had all these bad experiences with spiritualists. I just think it is really unhelpful to have people telling you this or that will or will not happen when you can't be sure it is true or not! I hope you will find a bit of peace amid the situation. I am certainly feeling so much better now. I think it is hard to enjoy what you have but it does seem really great when you can! Not sure what the 'trick' is to doing it, maybe just focus on what you have a bit and try and not stress too much. Yes, I know easily said and not easily done. My thoughts are with you both.

Muchlove thanks for your kind comments about my weight-loss.

Gum you asked how long anyone has been trying to conceive. It is 5 years, ever since DD was 9 months old. I had a really early miscarriage during that time but we have not used contraception since she was 9 months old. I have kind of put a time limit on it, our treatment is due to end by May 2011, I think, and I guess I would allow a couple of months (if it failed) to just see if it kick started my system! So maybe August 2011 (that would make it six years of trying). I don't like putting numbers on things exactly but it would be nice to go away on holiday and feel we did not need to shag at a certain time! Especially when we go camping.

Gum thanks for the virtual cookies.

I lost a pound and a half today at Rosemary Conley, so that is 6 in total. AF never showed up so I think it has skipped a month. Kind of feel resigned that menopause must be close on my heels; my Mum always said it runs in our family (early menopause) but my sis is fine so it is not everyone. My cousin had it though. Actually, I feel OK; the doc said I was not going through menopause yet so maybe this is just a blip! I guess I will need to look out for it in about 2 weeks!

Love and waves to all, I am sending up arrow prayers, for us all to get pregnant, if you are not at all spiritual or religious, please do not be offended by my desire to pray for us all! I feel very spiritually awake now; I was in the doll drums for a long time after treatment failed and kind of in denial. Now I am OK.

I have a clinic appointment this week, and will see the counsellor too. I need to know how to be positive but also realistic. I understand now my chances are better than 50/50 for May but I must keep my feet on the ground. If this does not work I will still need to carry on with normal life, we will not go through fertility treatment again after this!

Love to all wink

gumblossom Thu 23-Sep-10 00:51:53

Thanks Sassy, you are right, it really is a load of crap, but we do hang on to this kind of stuff when we are vunerable.That's the last stupid reading I'll have done. I know it is mad doing it over the net, but I couldn't scratch the itch locally and in person.I'm glad, cos it is all bullshit anyway.

Sassy,You are a beautiful writer. I read your blog and you write so well. The eulogy for Catherine is really lovely.I want to say something about your loss but I don't have any words that are good enough.

I can't wait til you announce your bfp.I do hope it will be this month!

Well done with the list GG.I'm looking forward to your + test too!

Muchlove, I often have a bit of a temp drop before RTD turns up, but during RTD I can still have high-ish temps.It's due to progesterone in your system apparently (I think I read that in Toni's book).

I have to run getting the kids out the door to school.

Sassy just been looking at your blog again and reading people's comments. It is obvious you really speak to people's hearts with your writing. As Gum says, it is really well-written. Just wanted to say I am thinking of you and your lovely Catherine.

SassySusan Thu 23-Sep-10 09:23:14

Message deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Diege Thu 23-Sep-10 13:46:37

Hello! I am on borrowed time as we're (supposed to be) changing internet providers today and will be cut off at some point...

Sassy I also read your blog and was very humbled. Catherine is very lucky to have you as her mummy xx.I also echo what others have said about your writing - do your write professionally as all? On the not feeling pregnant, as Lunatic says I too felt extremely drained when pregnant early on with dd1, but never had that feeling back for any of my subsequent pregnancies.I read somewhere that certain symptoms are more common with no.1 as after that your body just gets on with it hmm. I'm putting money on you for first bfp anyway grin.

Italian you are an inspiration with your weight-loss! Yes, you have a long way to go if you keep to that target,but are doing it the way it should be done (ie, so it stays off). I am 2 pounds off the stone I want to be in, if that makes sense, but just can't seem to tip over into ithmm. Exercise is def the answer I'm sure.
Big hello to everyone else,and thanks for the list Galwaygirl smile.Shall we try and update it every 3 or 4 days or so?

Just FYI, this may interest those of you in the south of England. possibly not, but here it is...


40someMum Thu 23-Sep-10 19:42:49

Gum cd3
jolls cd
italiangreyhound cd
Diege 4dpo
40someMum age42 cd 6
Hippy swi ? 7dpo guessing
GG 9dpo
Sassy 10dpo
muchlove 14dpo


40someMum Thu 23-Sep-10 19:55:24

My AMH was 18.49 (iirc) do I sound as though I am obsessed with AMH? Maybe I am! It's all I have to cling to...i remember being obsessed with my fsh years ago but that proved to be a red herring ...

the trials

Finding pregnant women difficult but what's new ( selfish emotion)

Got to get a grip

Keep smiling 'snugglers' grin

Beattiebow Thu 23-Sep-10 20:47:12

hello all!

Gum cd3
jolls cd
italiangreyhound cd
Diege 4dpo
40someMum age42 cd 6
Hippy swi ? 7dpo guessing
GG 9dpo
Sassy 10dpo
muchlove 14dpo
BB CD1 (?) age 40


I'm possibly cd1 but I don't know Progesterone is playing havoc with my period which doesn't know whether it's coming or going. Very frustrating as I want to get on with next month. On the other hand I had a good LP this month. GG when do you stop taking progesterone? My acupuncturist told me to stop after 10 days. i wasn't sure whether to or not. But did this morning when my temp dropped below coverline. have had cramping for days thoughs o not sure about taking it next month.

sassy i agree with what others have said. You write so beautifully and movingly. I am so sorry for your loss [words aren't enough emoticon]. I am sorry your church have been crap. I hope you graduate from this thread pretty soon.

40somemum I am also finding other pg people hard. I found out that a school mum who I am fairly friendly with had a mc just after I did. We spoke about it and it was nice to share. Anyway, I am pretty positive she is pg again and quite far along. I am taking it very badly tbh. can't face seeing her. She hasn't announced yet, but I can't help feeling that if it was me in that position, I might have mentioned it to her before I started to show. [selfish person I nkow]

gum and muchlove sorry rtd appeared.

Who is in the 2ww now - Diege and Sassy and GG? anyone else?

Curlylox Thu 23-Sep-10 21:27:26

Evening all, took the liberty and updated myself on list. Usually have a 28 day cycle but as mentioned before the nerve root injections I had for my back condition 2 weeks ago have altered my cycle....just what I need. Erm and not sure what dpo stands for blush

Gum cd3
jolls cd
italiangreyhound cd
Diege 4dpo
40someMum age42 cd 6
Hippy swi ? 7dpo guessing
GG 9dpo
Sassy 10dpo
muchlove 14dpo
BB CD1 (?) age 40
Curlylox age 43 CD38??


muchlove Thu 23-Sep-10 21:30:42

hEY bb i THINK I've read before that you should take the PROG after OV and if you test at 12DPO and it's negative then stop the Prog but I guess that really depends on how quick a BFP may showup some find out early and others it can take right up until period due ???? So that one is a bit tricky but then you could end up in a situation like you are now where AF is taking forever to show up bcoz you have only just stopped the PROG ....... oh god it's a bloody minefield isn't it !!!...
My AF still has'nt shown up for real yet either ...grrrhhh... still got the horrible spotting and dragging pain which is such a bugger bcoz I'm out tomoz with some girlfriends and if AF starts then I can't where my skinny jeans coz I will feel all uncomfortable and bloaty ..... oh huff and puff.....

Love to all x

muchlove Thu 23-Sep-10 21:32:45

CURLYLOX DPO = Days Past Ovulation


Beattiebow Thu 23-Sep-10 21:35:51

muchlove I started taking it around 3dpo [*curly* that's 3 days past ovulation]and took for last time on 13dpo - yesterday. Presumably some people carry on taking it until they are 12weeks pg though don't they, aren't don't stop at 13dpo? I am in that horrible spotting/cramping/bloating stage too. so my solution is to mainline chocolate atm.

curly any chance you are pg at cd38?

Curlylox Thu 23-Sep-10 23:39:35

Beattie no chance being pg as hospital did a routine pg test before they carried out proceedure on my back and the result was.......negative, which I knew it would be. So will get on with my daily life until AF turns up, soon I hope.

muchlove Fri 24-Sep-10 10:12:37

Hey BB yes that's right PROG is taken until 12wks but that's if your PG but if you test (for instance I would test at say day 10 or 11DPO and if it was NEG I would stop the PROG) so that AF can come or otherwise you can end up extending your Luteal Stage by a couple of days. And if like me once youv'e done a test and no your not PG you want AF to arrive as soon as possible so you can start a fresh month

SAS how are you today, how are you feeling?

Well AF finally showed AT LAST and this month I'm not charting - temping - or OPKing [shocked] I have put my FF account on hold just for this month and see how it feels..... I am away on Monday for a week so want to give my self a nice rest.... I shall still be here though checking in on you all

So CD 1 for me today


Beattiebow Fri 24-Sep-10 13:06:07

wow muchlove I didn't realise you could put your account on hold - I might do the same. (we are going to do the smep I think, but I am going to go on cm alone not opks or temping.)

so still no af here- i'm cd35 I think too. My last dose of prog was Weds morning - should it all be out of my system now? I still have cramping etc on and off, but temp had shot up again this morning to 37 degrees. It's never been that high before! Did an internet test though and it was negative I think. So not sure what is happening now... I might go and buy a test from boots or somewhere, but I honestly don't think I'm pg. Just want to get on with the next month.

any signs sassy gg??

Diege Fri 24-Sep-10 13:08:10

Hello smile Nice new wireless connection and a new laptop (courtesy of work) too.
Interesting all this talk of progesterone - don't think it's for me, but great that we get to hear other's 'trials' of various fertlity gismos on here. The snug is a veritable fertilty lab! grin
40some I am loving 'snugglers' grin
Beattie the prog does sound a bit of an ordeal from what you report. Do you think you'll try it next month? (if not pregnant of course!)
muchlove sorry about af sad Very envy of your night out though. At least you can enjoy yourself grin
curly hoping your af turns up soon x

I'm thinking I'm going to stop charting from today. Temp up again this morning (5 days PO)as it would be pregnant or not, but now that it's confirmed ovualtion I think taking it may do more (mental) harm than good. If I'm not pregnant I'm not pregnant, and tbh I'd rather not know until the definitive af!. I must remember to put the thermometer way out of reach! hmm

Beattiebow Fri 24-Sep-10 15:57:34

I don't know if I'll do progesterone again. I have had an extended LP (15 days today!), but have had cramping and spotting for days. Also it is quite unpleasant to use!

I have asked dh to bring a test home with him so I can double check that I am not pg, but then it is just waiting for rtd to turn up.

SassySusan Fri 24-Sep-10 17:46:02

Message deleted

galwaygal Fri 24-Sep-10 18:03:10

BB - yep I agree progesterone is not pleasant to use. This is only the third month I have used it, the first two I was pregnant with it and it just lengthened my time to m/c. I am using it again this month and having doubts about the wiseness of it. I am not sure when I will stop taking it if no positive test as my mum and sister have both had pregnancies with no positive tests. I am surprised your af hasn't arrived today, stopping progesterone should have started af quite quickly I thought.

sassy - I have been slowly reading your blog, it was so full of emotion and I felt so upset reading it. You have been let down by so many people not understanding your need to grieve and allow your feelings of loss of Catherine to be there. I hope you don't mind but I was wondering if you could help people like me, who despite experiencing loss on a small scale, can't possibly fully take on board the enormatiy of the pain you suffer. I would like to ask "how can I help?" and "how do I acknowledge your pain, without making it sound hollow, as I never actually knew your daughter?". If/when I come across someone in my life who has lost a child, I don't know how to be, I hope I would be someone who could support them, but feel that everyone grieves in their own way, so it makes it so hard to know what to say. Last year two familes in our small town lost babies at birth and just after, I met one of them out socially in the pub one night. I deperately wanted to acknowledge her loss and pain, but I was going through another miscarriage and knew the minute I spoke about babies I would burst into tears. I could not think of how to say what I wanted to say, without my emotions leading me to be a major embarrassment in our local pub. Just as I was about to go for it anyway, her husband jumped up and declared they needed to leave. I felt like I let her down, by not saying anything about her little boy, but I wish there was some way of knowing what to say. at the right time and the right words to use. Does that make sence?

deige - I stop temping now once ov is confirmed, it never helps me in the tww, just gives something else to think about.

muchlove - I put my ff account on hold a few times, but after I was preg a few months back I discovered I have the option of doing non-VIP account, but also still having the discussion circles available for a longer time. I don't need the VIP stuff most of the time, but enjoy the chats and test obsessioning!

40some - isn't that amh level a bit high? pcos type levels? or am I reading it completely wrong? If not, then that is a good levels isn't it, showing you have plenty of eggies left!

Gum cd4
jolls cd
Diege 5dpo
40someMum age42 cd 7
Hippy swi ? 8dpo guessing
GG age 42 cd23 10dpo
Sassy 11dpo
muchlove 15dpo
BB CD1 (?) age 40
Curlylox age 43 CD39??
italiangreyhound - waiting for May

muchlove Fri 24-Sep-10 18:32:31

SAS If you not testing yet You are not out until AF can u keep hold of your baton for a bit longer.... please...

BB OOOooooooohhh a temp rise, blimey how strange..... What time is hubby due in with that test ?????? Will it be a FRER ????? At least there's no 2nd guessing with them......

GG I am now officially CD1 and I agree with you on the PROG it just lengthened my MC aswell and not very pleasant to any feelings - pinchings - tingly bbs when will you test ???

Right I'm off to do Make-up now and squeeze into my jeans ....

Muchlove to all


Beattiebow Fri 24-Sep-10 19:51:47

ok have done a test.



inconclusive I would say is the best way of describing it. There is a very faint line. I can see it and dh can see it. I am going to do another test in the morning (could barely squeeze enough out to test tbh, but was too impatient).

But my question for those knowledgeable about such things is...should I re-start the progesterone just in case this is a positive? (still cramping away btw so am feeling quite negative about the whole thing).

Diege Fri 24-Sep-10 20:41:30

Ooh Beattie this is looking very, very good!!!. Will you take another test tomorrow first thing and come into the snug to tell us all??? Not sure about the prog - would think it would do no harm to take some perhaps? Hopefully someone more expert than me will be along soon, or maybe post a thread?
Sassy don't give up hope just yet xx

galwaygal Fri 24-Sep-10 22:35:06

beattie - yes restart the progesterone! look forward to hearing what you get tomorrow.

galwaygal Fri 24-Sep-10 22:47:29

I x-post with you earlier sassy thanks for the batton but I am not holding it yet, for a start af has not arrived for you yet, and as they say it ain't over til the fat lady sings. However if you don't want to hold it right now, then may I suggest it be given to BB as she is trying to beat you to it now!!!!! grin (she can always give it back to you tomorrow if af fails to appear for you!).

muchlove sad sorry to hear you are cd1 again. Will you be trying progesterone again, or just leaving it?

BB high temps, 15dpo..... probrable positive test,,,, I am getting excited for you!!! grin

As for me, I can hardly believe it, but I think I am going to have no pregnancy this month shock, I have sore boobs from the progesterone, but not really any other usual crampy uterus signs. With last month (all be it a short month) and this month that will be two months in a row not pregnant, hey could it be that my "hyperfertility" or "implantation" issues have stopped, well a girl can dream can't she!!! grin

SassySusan Fri 24-Sep-10 23:59:46

Message deleted

galwaygal Sat 25-Sep-10 08:16:31

Sassy - thank you for the advice, I had said that: I was sorry for the loss of her baby the first time I saw her a few weeks after he had died. She told me then, about how she got the phonecall that he had died while she was on the way to the hospital, she described in detail where she was and her feelings. He had been very ill for several weeks and she was up at the hospital most of the time, but had to go home occasionally for her other children. I think that was why it was so difficult to know what to say next, to give her the opportunity to talk more if she wanted to or just to let her know her son was not forgotten. I felt I couldn't repeat the words "sorry for your loss", but I was lost for anything else to say. I did say "how are you doing now", but that was so lame, and she just started talking about work and being busy, despite it being clear that there was more to be said. Sorry I am waffling a bit here, I want to be able to help this mum (if/when I see her again), but you are the only person I know that can give me genuine good advice, because you really know what this mum is feeling as you are going through each day missing Catherine. If you would prefer me not to ask then please tell me, I don't want to cause you any more pain than you aready have in your heart.

Sassy - so you think you are going to meet up with Aunt Flo in France do you, I hope that she doesn't find you there and that you have to race back across the channel to grab the baton again grin

BB - please I am on tenderhood here in the snug waiting for you to tell us the result of your morning test...... I better join in with sassy "Go BB" "go BB"......

Hippy - where are you? are you still lost on the IOW? Do we need to send out a search party yet?

Well I am 11dpo and still BFN on test, so does look like I am not pregnant. I now have the dilemma of when to stop the progesterone.

Diege Sat 25-Sep-10 09:13:24

Morning! So any news Beattie??
GG let's hope you're worng too about af x
Didn't take temp this morning and feel strangely liberated grin.
Off for a rare shopping trip with a girlfriend this afternoon smile
Back later!

galwaygal Sat 25-Sep-10 10:19:47

GG comes into snug makes a round of hot chocolate for all who enter and puts freshly made lemon drizzle cake on the table, and sits back waiting for BB to come and make her announcement............

muchlove Sat 25-Sep-10 11:28:30

MUchlove has wandered in with a hangover and panda eyes sits on sofa and stares at wall..... needs at least 2 hours to come round but mumbles(in a Marge Simpson voice) morning' to GG wraps throw around her and snuggles up.......

Well BB what's the VERDICT coz trust me if hubby saw a line (they not as vision-on as us) U must be upduffed grin....waiting...waiting

SAS How ya feeling Missus ? When r you orf to France ?

DIEGE Could you get me some paracetemol in town please ....

GG Maybe give it one more day (to test) and if deffo neg stop the PROG ..... and could I have a chunk of cake .... many thanx


muchlove Sat 25-Sep-10 11:34:14

GG I've decided that if I ever get a BFP again hmm I am going to get Bloodtests to check my level over a 48 hr timeframe and if the readings are low then I will take the PROG supps again ..... so will see how I feel....

BB If that is + maybe you should start the supps again honey just as a precaution......


galwaygal Sat 25-Sep-10 15:00:43

muchlove - unfortunately for me, my hcg levels did brilliant doubling times on my prog-m/c's. There was no way for me to know even with the scans. With one I got heartbeat and all, it is just no use me stopping very quickly. I did stop with the last one when at 8 weeks the little one was still measuring two weeks behind. But I felt guilty after one day of missing the prog, so started it again until I had actually started bleeding. However with my dd the first scan measured two weeks behind (I have a tilted uterus) at 7 weeks they could only see a sac measuring 5 weeks. But two weeks later baby was measuring correct for dates. My dd is the result. So no scan can be reassuring for me, no blood tests. I have just learnt to be patient and not raise my hopes too high. But hey what am I doing here moping. Come-on, hangover or not, you and I are going to arrange a surprise party for BB when she comes in with her fantastic news. <GG passes muchlove the partyhats and disposable plates, while rushing to get the champaign on ice....>

muchlove Sat 25-Sep-10 16:20:43

Oh I really hope we get to have a celebration .... I can't drink the champas tho might just have to have a fizzy pop grin......

SAS I'm thinking of you sweetie


Beattiebow Sat 25-Sep-10 17:29:25

no celebration here I'm afraid.

Still in limbo though - had faint positive again this morning and high temp, but have had cramps and some spotting during the day which made me sure that af was on way. but hasn't come yet confused. not sure what is happening really.

I haven't bought any more tests though, but have re-started progesterone. I don't dare stop in case I am pg and that causes me to mc. Otoh it could just be prolonging things.

Sorry all about me!

diege and GG and Sassy baton is back with you for now!

Diege Sat 25-Sep-10 18:15:25

Hello! Back from town <throws packet of paractemol over to muchlove>
Well Beattie I would say that there must be ^something* going on in there pregnancy-wise, and the high temps fit wit it too. Would it be worth trying another test brand, maybe the dreaded clearblue digital?

Beattiebow Sat 25-Sep-10 18:50:05

I daren't do that one! the dreaded words "notpregnant" would be too much to bear. (also too expensive!).

Diege Sat 25-Sep-10 19:17:56

Yes I agree Beattie, I'd be the same grin
So maybe wait a few days and then order a load of ebay cheapies perhaps? How are you feeling about it all? Excited or sressed out?

SassySusan Sat 25-Sep-10 20:03:31

Message deleted

galwaygal Sat 25-Sep-10 21:21:07

Oh la la, sassy has gone all continental on us, mwwwahh back darling, and have a large glass of red for me!

Beattie - well you are definitely preggers, I just hope and pray that this is a keeper for you. The spotting would be caused by the stopping of the progesterone, and the cramping is normal uterine stretching, so all good at the moment I think. I just hope that things progess well for you. Get yourself into the EPU for reassurance soon if it would help. Here in the snug, I will have your glass of champers and you can have a fizzypop along with muchlove!

GG settles back under the slanket and dozes for a while.

gumblossom Sun 26-Sep-10 00:36:12

That does sound positive Beattie. I'll have a glass of champas GG...I had a very nice G&T out on the deck, in the sun, yesterday.It feels like summer is coming our way, although it is much cooler today and i believe it may be cold on our holiday! Oh well, that's fine, we'll just have to keep the slanket close at hand.

How long are you in France Sassy?If RTD does find you tomorrow, got any plans for next try?I'm thinking I might have to get the Preseed out.I don't like using it - it's very slippery shock!But it is good for the troops and I've not a lot of the EWCM anymore.

I also spotted this hallenge.html and registered, so might give it a go when I get back from holidays.I've no idea what it entails as they won't tell you til you've signed up and then you have to wait for them to get back to you, which they haven't done yet. I don't know if you have to pay, in which case I'll probably not do it.

Can't wait to see if BB gets a lovely BFP!

Diege Sun 26-Sep-10 12:46:45

Afternoon smile. That fertility link looks intersting Gum, though I agree that if it costs I'd not take part <tight emoticon> I think I may also be using the dreaded pre-seed next month as 'issues' here too with EWM, or lack of.
Beattie if you're lurking I have everything crossed for you - the more I think about it the more it sounds like you are indeed pegnant, and that the prog is responsible for the spotting as Galwaygirl says!

hippychick66 Sun 26-Sep-10 22:52:32

(Hippy arrives throwing sticks of IOW rock onto the table).

Beattie sounds like it could well be good news for you. fingers crossed my love.

Blimey you lot do natter!! It's just taken me an age to catch up.

You are not gonna believe this - we did it 4 times on hols (3 of them were 3 days in a row) shock

So I almost did SME. We SWi'd on day 9, day 11, day 12, day 13 and day 15. The ones in the caravan were all thanks to a box set of the Simpsons which the boys watched whilst mum and dad had a lie in wink.

Bless 'em there weren't even locks on the door and they never disturbed us.

I am very liberated - i haven't temped all month and actually preferred it. I did take a few OPK sticks and got a positive on day 11 and 12 so hopefully we did enough.

I just need to do some SWITI now and then it's all I can do for this month.

I like what you've done with the place sas.

I haven't read your blogs yet but will read them asap. I know now before I even start reading that I will sob and want to hug you - so here's one in advance (((()))

I can't even go near TKMAX without thinking of you and Catherine and the beautiful dresses and feeling really upset for you (sorry).

Sorry to those of you who thought you might have got a BFP this month and then didn't. sas I think you are still in with a chance. I felt like my period was coming for definite the first time I was pregnant.

My 7 year old got himself upset tonight - he started talking about the baby we lost in Feb. I said it just wasn't right and it wasn't meant to be and he told me not to say that it makes it worse. How shit did I feel wiping his tears away and promising I'd try hard to get him another baby. He said if I had 2 MC's in a row his life would be awful (lucky he doesn't know about the second one!)

I told him we were very lucky to all have each other and if we didn't get another baby we'd be ok. Blimey I hope all that shagging in IOW pays off this month.

We definitely, definitely, definitely need to move there. I was so happy there and slept so well. We went to visit 2 senior schools whilst there so that we can compare them to the ones locally when we do the rounds next week. The school was great. The possible move has given me something else to focus on rather than bloody TTC.

Someone asked how long everyone had been trying. It's over a year this time but I got preg after 5 months and then after 3 months. 5 months is the longest it has taken me to get pregnant so far. So sorry to hear you've been trying so long italian - I can't imagine how hard that must be sad.

I guess I'll keep trying until I get another BFP but might well stop if I have a 3rd MC.

Stupid comment of the year came from DH - "This month is the last one that would give us a spring time baby, if we arn't successful we should stop and try again next summer!" What an idiot - just cos the boys are spring babies - does he have no idea how feckin' old I am??? grin

hippychick66 Sun 26-Sep-10 22:58:36

Gum cd6
jolls cd
Diege 7dpo
40someMum age42 cd 9
Hippy aged 44 5 or 6 dpo
GG age 42 cd25 12dpo
Sassy 13dpo
BB (?????faint line) age 40
Curlylox age 43 CD39??
italiangreyhound - waiting for May

I HOPE I HAVEN'T JUST COCKED THE WHOLE THING UP!!! Just took Friday's info and added 2 days.

10000fireflies Sun 26-Sep-10 23:01:01

Evening all! Have finally found time to sit down and catch up. Been suffering from a severe bout of busyness, which I now realise is less to do with me being incredible, efficient, domestic wonderwoman, and more to do with impending AF visit. Now I understand why I 'had' to paint the bedroom walls at 7am this morning and do an extensive impulse shopping trip this avo in the rain, acquiring 'essential' items along with way, such as gold shimmer dry shampoo, an £11 tiny bottle of desert wine and a large supply of mini green and blacks, the latter two of which I've already enjoyed....

Wishing you all a good week!! I've left out mini pastries on the kitchen table for brekkie.

Ps - sorry- can't see the msg at the mo from someone asking where my name is from - is inspired by the sight of the fireflies in Italy - thousands and thousands of little blinking lights in the dark - a really magical sight.

Sweet dreams!

hippychick66 Sun 26-Sep-10 23:25:43

Hi 10000fireflies I've eaten a pastry already - sorry couldn't wait for morning.

We haven't 'met' before - welcome to our thread. Not sure how the snug came into being but we like it there.

(Am i the only one who actually pictures us all sat in there together???)

I think there was a song recently called 10,000 fireflies wasn't there? I loved it.

night night

Thanks for your thoughts Hippy and welcome back you’ve been away a while I think. Five years does seem a long time for me to have been trying. I too got the ‘guilt’ trip from DD who asked me to please try hard and have another baby when we were visited by a friend and her new baby earlier this year. All I can say in relation to you and your son is that you don’t ‘owe’ them a baby, so do your best and don’t feel guilty. I’m learning not to! By the way, three in a row! Three times in a row or three days in a row!

Sassy hope you are enjoying France, it is wonderful place. I just love the supermarkets, getting all those exciting foods!

Muchlove what are the blood tests for? Do you mean extra tests from the GP?

Galwaygirl I hope you are able to be some help/comfort to your friend who has lost her son.

Diege, Gum, Beattie*, 10000fireflies - greetings to all.

I was at my clinic on Friday! We had a good chat with the consultant, a different one, who kindly discussed immunity issues. Thanks to a book I read (in the waiting room!!!) I asked about my hands, and the fact they get stiff and could be it rheumatism related. Will let you know when I know more.

Scared about getting weighed this week, what is going on in my insides! Been a bit constipated (TMI) too many bananas and a not enough other fruit!

Watching Juno, it’s aching sad (and annoying) of course I can associate with the prospective adoptive mum not really the teenage pregnant girl!

Diege Mon 27-Sep-10 09:36:53

Morning! <finishes off the last of the pastries - thanks Fireflies! - will restock asap for everyone else>
Hippy me old mucker, great to have you back and thanks for the rock grin Sounds like a great trip and very impressed with all the SWIing grin.
Italian sounds like you have a good consultant there, and let's hope s/he can give you some relavant and useful info'. What day is your weigh-in?
Well I crumbled yesterday and tested at 7 dpo. I got what I thought (at the time) was a glimmer of a line on the first test, but then the 2 that followed blush were def neg. Now I know that day days post-ov would be too early for most people, but then the test info said from 6-15 days post-ov hmm. I have suitably scoulded myself though and will not be testing again (really). I'm pleased I've stopped the temping though, and will resume next month just until ov is confirmed. I'm def sleeping better!
Here's to a good week in the snug - lots of treats and some good dvds for us all I think!

hippychick66 Mon 27-Sep-10 10:02:08

Hi diege it's nice to 'see' you all again. I can't wait til I'm telling you all about our move for real.

italian ONCE a day for 3 days - blimey - 3 times in a row (the DVD box set wouldn't be long enough for my DH to recover inbetween!!!!)
So you get counselling in relation to your next try at IVF then. That's good. Is it to prepare you for if it doesn't work or is it to check you're fully committed to the idea??

I know I don't owe my kids a baby but I can't help it - I feel like I do confused

We are going to visit my friend's baby soon. She was the one I was pregnant with at work. She has no idea how she got preg when she did cos she wasn't even speaking to her hubbie at the time - there is no justice shock.

galwaygal Mon 27-Sep-10 10:38:14

GG runs into the snug throws herself at hippy in the classic un-mn hug "welcome back, I missed you" grin
Then realises deige has scoffed all the pastries hmm good thing I came in with freshly baked blueberry muffins!

Deige - glad I am not the only one being naughty with early testing. I tested again today, bfn, so now trying to decide when to stop the progesterone.

Hippy - how will you feel seeing the baby do you think? I have three people just had babies in the last week. Two of them on the same day. One is my boss, who I will have to do the dutiful visit to soon. and the other is a neighbour, who is still in hosptial at the moment, but I will also have to visit once she is home. Hoping with both i get a quick cuddle of the baby and then run out as fast as i can!

tenthousandff _ sorry numeric pad and keyboard strokes gone funny on me> wanted to say like your style with the wine and choocies

gumblossom Mon 27-Sep-10 10:38:20

Deige, STEP AWAY FROM THE TESTS! It is TOO early, but that little glimmer of hope could mean something...Do you have any symptoms - its very exciting!

Welcome back Hippy, it is nice to have you back in the snug.You did the SMEP very well, especially on holiday! Well done. You get first pick from the box of chocolate pralines that I'm leaving in the snug.

I'm off on Thursday for a week, and have no idea if I'll have the net where I'm going, so may have a whole week without you all, which will be kind of weird.

This is where we are going:

The holiday ties in nicely with SWI time, but I've no idea how much privacy we'll have. I think it'll be alright, and isn't holiday time the best time to get knocked up? When we're all nicely relaxed. I hope it does the trick for me. I'm ready.

Italian you seem a very patient person.Five years TTC is a bloody long time, but you are still positive and optimistic - you're a fabulous role model.

Updating the list:

Gum Aged 43 cd7
jolls cd
Diege 7dpo
40someMum age42 cd 9
Hippy aged 44 5 or 6 dpo
GG age 42 cd25 12dpo
Sassy 13dpo
BB (?????faint line) age 40
Curlylox age 43 CD39??
italiangreyhound - waiting for May

gumblossom Mon 27-Sep-10 10:39:02

P.S: where are you Beattie, do you have news?????

muchlove Mon 27-Sep-10 11:40:59

Mornin girlies

Right I'm off to airport in a mo (all on my own travelling how decadent !) I will be away for a week and don't know if I will have any access to Internet while away so just wanna say I Am gonna miss you all and I am keeping fingers crossed for you Beattie and Diege and Hippy (Way to go girl!!!!!!)
I am on hubbies ipad coz my laptops down so not ofay on the work ins of this ??
Welcome back HIPPY glad you had a great time ......
DIEGE please try not to test again until at least 10 or 11dpo it will do your head in x
GUM have a great hols come back all refreshed and relaxed....
ITALIAN your strength and patience is amazing you are now officially the GURU of the pack we will approach you when we need calmness and wiseness

You do realize BEATTIE that you started the thread and so got the BFP (blimey must be something in it)

GG thanks for the muffins I prob won't get the bikini on now

Muclove to you all and signing of for now xxxxx

Love to everyone else xxx

hippychick66 Mon 27-Sep-10 11:45:13

beattie - where are you?????? Hippy's voice echos around the snug!!!

gum wow you lucky duck. That place is lovely. Even better than my caravan in west wight smile

Defo try to get some SWI in on hols. it worked for alba.

Do you want to borrow the Simpsons boxset????

Our tumble dryer has stopped working, I have loads of washing and the woman at the local launderette scares the shit out of me!!!

Come on Hippy, you're a grown woman - get yourself to the Launderette.

i think she hates me because before when our last tumble dryer packed up and i had to go there i made the mistake of asking what coinage the machines took and of course i should have said, 'Ow much f*cking money is this gonna cost me then?????
I think the word coinage was a step too far for her wink

hippychick66 Mon 27-Sep-10 11:50:57

muchlove crossed posts. if you're still there - have a good hol. xx

yes jolly started the last thread and got a BFP which sadly didn't work out for her. (how are you doing matey?)

and now beattie started this thread and might just be getting a BFP.

Bags I start the next one......

I found lia on another thread and she had a successful 12 week scan and is now over 14 weeks. unfortunately, she seems to be feeling very ill with this pregnancy. And is having a rough time of it. If you read this lia I hope you are soon feeling better.

SassySusan Mon 27-Sep-10 11:54:45

Message deleted

hippychick66 Mon 27-Sep-10 12:04:27

Hippy emerges with cakes around her face.....

Thanks for those sas - delicious!

Blimey, i really am gonna have to get OFF here and go to the scary launderette. I'll just wait 5 more mins and see if we have a heatwave wink.

Diege Mon 27-Sep-10 14:28:04

Lol at 'coinage' Hippy grin; I can just picture her Dot Cotton face...
So when might you test? I am thinking theend of the week? Af due here on Friday, but if lp has lengthened may be late(r).
Gum your holiday destination looks idyllic - hope the weather is good for you; might be a bit nippy if not <jealous>
Muchlove enjoy your week - where is it that you're heading?
Sassy those pastries were deleicious, but I really shouldn't have after my earler indulgence grin
I will be strong and resist any further testing - will just make due with staring at my old daz white pee sticks...what has my life become??? grin
Will update the list as I think we're a day behind?

Gum Aged 43 cd8
jolls cd
Diege 8dpo
40someMum age42 cd 10
Hippy aged 44 6 or 7 dpo
GG age 42 cd25 13dpo
Sassy 14dpo
BB (?????faint line) age 40
Curlylox age 43 CD40??
italiangreyhound - waiting for May

hippychick66 Mon 27-Sep-10 15:04:00

Went to Launderette - new lady there - very helpful and nice! See, it's always best to face your fears grin

I will not be testing early diege Hippy puts on a stern face!

I'm only on about day 20 and I ov'd quite late this month (about day 13/14) I love the fact that I can't quote exactly when I ov'd etc. I feel much more relaxed about the whole thing this month.

Anyway, I'll test if no AF by about day 28 and if my boobs feel like they are actually yours diege.

Don't let me test early please......(but you can if you like)... I saw all the comments about me being away and not able to tgell you all off grin

galwaygal Mon 27-Sep-10 16:16:06

SASSY - I think you may be a little confused (preggo-brain perhaps???) Let me just give you a few reminders:

SassySusan Wed 01-Sep-10 17:30:14: "Hello all xx Well I have my AF"

SassySusan Mon 13-Sep-10 19:54:40: "So I got a pos opk on cd14"

SassySusan Fri 17-Sep-10 14:26:36 : "This is interesting though... althought the day of my mid cycle pain moves and arhas been cd13, 14 or 15 - my cycle is always 26 days long - that shouldn't happen hould it?"

SassySusan Mon 27-Sep-10 11:54:45: "Still no AF - my counting is crap - got the diary out, and she's not actually due till tomorrow or Wed at a push... don't feel pg at all anyway... though all the period type pain since fri is a bit of a mystrey..."

Sorry but by my calculations you are on cd28 thus 2 days late and counting (unless the 26 day cycle was a typo) in which case I will stand corrected. grin Do you know the french for pregnancy test??????

muchlove - hope you have a fab holiday.

Got to go make dinner now, but will pop back later.

hello all !

I've not been around for a while, but after a gentle nudge from the lovely Hippy I have come to tell you that, even though it's very very early days, I am four weeks and a day pregnant!

I had HCG done today and will have to wait til Thursday for the results.

I am both overjoyed and overemotional and very worried, but am trying to keep positive.

So... Forty two, and conceived twice in six months ... but lets just hope this one sticks

<waves madly>

Curlylox Mon 27-Sep-10 18:37:35

Congrats Hairy fantastic news

SassySusan Mon 27-Sep-10 20:17:07

Message deleted

galwaygal Mon 27-Sep-10 20:38:12

Hairy - huge congratulations on your BFP grin that is great news.

Sassy - good to hear that you are getting some good relaxing time in, and carry on drinking, will not be doing any harm at this stage even if you are....wink shhhh, I won't say any more. <gg walks away muttering tiredness, slightly crampy and af late.... hummmm yep it all looks good for Sassy>

Hairy Big congratulations. grin

Diege sorry to hear it.sad

Hippy Not three in a row! [relieved emotion!]

Thanks Gum I don't think I am as patient as one would hope! I got a message by text at the weekend that a friend had had baby number three. It was a bit vague, not obvious who it was from etc and it just pissed me off. I know how sad that makes me sound and I am pleased for her in a kind of 'I'd rather not know!' sort of way!

I spent the morning helping at a baby type sale (no they were not selling babies) and although I tried to shrug it off - I felt fed up most of the day. Went swimming with DD (without DH) and realised the last time I had done that she had been a pre-schooler (about 18 months ago) and it was a pre-school swim class with baby toys etc in the water. This time she was a demanding girl of almost 6 who almost tried to drown me in the small pool by pulling me under the water! Sometimes her behaviour is just a bit challenging and although I love her to bits I get frustrated. In the evening we had a fun food event at church and I felt a lot better.

I think I am now realising DD is not really serious about wanting a hamster and rather than feeling relieved I am feeling sad! confused

My period still has not turned up and I keep wondering if I should do another test but how many times can I pee on a stick before I get the message. Anyway, there it is. I feel a bit sad at the moment, I know it will pass and in the grand scheme of things I have nothing to complain about but I think it is hormones!

Testing day for me is Wednesday (morning) but due to my iritible bowl I feel very bloated and I caught someone staring/looking at my tummy today so I know people think i look preggers!

Anyway, love to all, Beattie are you hiding!

Sorry that should read weigh-in day not testing day!

Diege Mon 27-Sep-10 22:30:29

Ahh Sassy tis indeed looking good for you I'd say grin
Italian, was that a Freudian slip with 'testing' day? wink Do you have any tests to hand? (not that I'm advocating testing of course...)
Off to bed now - have resisted testing today so v.pleased. Hoping that there will be more freshly baked pastries for my breakfast here tomorrow - great with my morning coffee at work grin
Oh and massive congrats to Hairy - how could I forget! That's brilliant news smile

40someMum Mon 27-Sep-10 23:13:50

gosh this all looks a bit positive round here! Good luck all
congrats Hairy -I was on another thread with you although under my other mn name
sassy sounds good!
my eldest goes to university this week so i am REALLY feeling old.....I know what would cure that but hey ho!
day 10/11 for me - on a 30 day cycle ...aargh

gumblossom Tue 28-Sep-10 00:42:57

Hairy - Huge congratulations. I was wondering what you've been up to - now I know! Did you do anything different this time?

Sassy, things are sounding quite positive. Can't you get a French test? P-lease? How exciting to get a bfp in a foreign country!

Beattie, where are you love? Are you celebrating?

I've hurt my neck again, bloody hell, I feel like a geriatric! I'm hoping it'll feel better tomorrow. I have to get ready for all that SWI!

Sassy, those pastries were divine! I don't know if they are part of the fertility diet...I still haven't been approved for the 21 day challenge.How long does it take FGS?

Anyway...have to go to town this morning. Getting my hair done - touching up the grey bits. At least I can try to appear young enough to get pregnant!wink

Beattiebow Tue 28-Sep-10 06:22:47

Hi all, no I'm not celebrating I'm afraid. My positive test disappeared and changed to a negative, and af arrived yesterday.

am having the 3 day test this week though, and am thinking of going to see someone private (although i'm not sure what they'll tell me).

I'm not sure about progesterone, but E the acupuncturist has said that Agnus Castus is good - who here is taking it?

sassy baton is back with you I'm afraid.

And GG, Diege and Hippy?

40somemum I ov'ed last time at day 20 - that feels a long way away for me now...

Beattie sorry for your result.

Gum hope neck is better soon.

Feel silly for getting so upset last night. My lovely sis called and made me feel better. I'm just a wus getting upset over nothing.

Love to all

SassySusan Tue 28-Sep-10 09:24:10

Message deleted

hippychick66 Tue 28-Sep-10 09:49:44

beattie I'm so sorry to hear that. I was getting very hopeful for you. It's harder when you think you might have been successful isn't it. Sending you hugs and hoping you're ok ((()))

italian Glad you have people in real life who can cheer you up when you're not here in the snug smile. I wondered if you had made a freudian slip too - or maybe it's just cos certain people on here ( diege & gum) can't stop testing!!!!! grin

sassy Just mime being pregnant to the person in the chemist and then do a kind of quizzical look - they'll soon catch on. Fingers crossed for you Mrs. xx

hairy Sorry to out you like that. Once I'd read it on a different thread it was bloody hard nt to come back to the snug and blab to everyone blush.

what I did was sent her a message congratulating her and asking her to come and tell you guys before i blabbed and told everyone.

Anyway, I know you want to wait until you've got further along before you talk about it too much so I will allow you to go back and stick your head in the strawberry patch for a while. (That is not meant in a rude way - it's just where I chose to put my head last time I got a BFP!)

As for me - well I'm going back to the Launderette today with more wet washing - the horrid lady will probably be back - No Hippy, you must not think like that.

I am also off to Next to buy a little sleepsuit that says "I'm the little brother" and a lovely little cardigan. Arrgghhh, my friend who had the baby has two boys nearly exactly the same age as mine and has now had another boy who weighed 9.5 pounds (just like the big chunky boys i had). I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow but I am fearful that I will get choked up and shout, "This one should have been mine!" Lets hope I don't do that blush.

gum hope your back is soon better, i have a dodgy back too and it is so difficult when it decides to go. It also means I can't go on any more rollercoaster rides or water shoots etc - which is annoying cos I used to love all that. In the IOW i had to stand by and watch Dh and boys whizzing down the water shoot. I concoled myself with the fact that people might think I wasn't going on cos I was preggers (saddo face).

Anyway, gum get that back fixed ready for SWI. Comes around quick doesn't it!

Ahh well, off i go to the baby section of next sad.

jollster Tue 28-Sep-10 10:25:09

Hi all
have lurked a bit, but been too cheesed orf to post much... really must get on with house cleaning as DS at nursery, but wanted to send a big squeeze to BB , say welcome back to my lovely Hippy and ooo-la-la to SasSus wink.

Will catch up properly and be back soon.

hippychick66 Tue 28-Sep-10 10:37:53

So good to have you back jolls. I REALLY missed you and your querky sense of humour grin

I know you're still feeling down but hang around and we'll do our very best to cheer you up.

Bloody hell, i really must get off this laptop and get to NEXT.

hippychick66 Tue 28-Sep-10 10:40:00

ps. my hair is quite long and it keeps getting tangled and I think i look like a witch (Dh likes it and says i look like a Hippychick - hence the name).

Question:- Do we all like Kate Garraways new long bob??? Shall I do it???

Diege Tue 28-Sep-10 11:06:00

<orders in new batch of hotel chocolate goodies for Jollster and Beattie>
Sorry to hear you're feeling down Jollster - as Hippy says hopefully a few sessions in the snug will help x
Beattie Arghh what a bummer, am so, so disappointed for you after getting a bfp sad I am gutted for you. Yes, I take AC up to the temp peak to signify ovulation then stop it. My LP has lengthened from 9 days to 11 which is just about ok, so will carry on with it as it has no side effects that I know of, and has also helped with the severity of my menstrual migraines.
Hippy I'm sure it will be the lovely launderette woman again grin Enjoy Next! I'm sure it won't be too long before you're filling your basket for the new Hippy Jnr smile
Oh and re: hair, I love long bobs - can't wear one myself as my fair is very round, but why not go for it and have a change (maybe a few caramel slices and choppy layers to 'lift'???). Go on, we want to see the pictures grin
Sassy get you to the shop de pregnancy quick and do the mime grin. Must be less embarrassing than going into your local chemist where everyone knows you!
Finding it very, very hard not to pee on a stick as I do like to be prepared for af (due Friday)and let myself down gently. Don't feel at all pregnant, so really resigned to af. At work though so no temptation!
Mmm fancy a caramel slice with my cuppa now grin

Beattiebow Tue 28-Sep-10 12:52:31

sassy I'm very hopeful for you! Please test soon!

I might try agnus castus this month - am worried it will mess my cycle up no end though, but I suppose I have nothing to lose. I am feeling very worried that for some reason embryos just can't implant in my womb as this is the 3rd cp I have had since my mc in Feb. I am not sure how a consultant can help me though? Presumably it is just progesterone they can prescribe? I am not going to go down any other assisted fertility route, so I am not sure what other help I can get.

Progesterone also (I have realised in retrospect) gave me the worst pmt ever. I was just so upset/angry/stressed. Not sure it is worth repeating this month. Poor dh can't put up with me again!

Dh has said he wants to know all about fertile times etc this month! I am a bit scared to tell him though tbh - don't want performance issues.

Hope you get good news this week diege
italian sorry you have been feeling sad. Have you succumbed to testing early?

galwaygirl weren't you due too?

hairy congratulations!

galwaygal Tue 28-Sep-10 13:07:31

Well AF was due today, but test shows BFN, so I am going to stop progesterone and let af arrive as she should. It feels really really weird NOT feeling pregnant !!!! Having a month where I have had zero uterine stretching pain, no feeling of pregnancy, this is really a strange feeling. But at least I know that I can stop the progesterone with no doubts.

Beattie - sorry to hear you had yet another chemical pregnancy sad, hope that you get extra tlc over the next few days from your dh. Are you taking any extra vitamins, like q10 or preconception vits? I was told that agnus cactus is like natures clomid, and helps strength ov. I hope that it helps you.

Jolls - hi there, please do take a seat in the snug, here is a slanket cup of hot chocolate.

hippy - show us your new hair design!

Well got to go and collect kids from school and go swimming with them. Will come back later when I have dried out.

SassySusan Tue 28-Sep-10 14:08:08

Message deleted

Beattiebow Tue 28-Sep-10 14:25:07

gg sorry about your bfn. Would you normally have shown a bfp on the day you are due? Mine is always later (mind you I do seem to ov on around day 20).

sassy I don't even know the french for pregnancy test! and shock and [catsbum mouth] at vibrators for sale in waitrose!

gg I don't know what vitamins to take - would q10 help? I am going to start on the agnus castus etc today

hippychick66 Tue 28-Sep-10 14:39:09

sas how funny that they have vibrators on the shelves but not HPT's. LOL at touch my flower!

Well NEXT was ok. I was busy trying on a pair of size 16 jeans when I heard the lady in the next cubicle ask if she could have these in a 6 instead please!!! I though about asking for a 6 too just to see what the assistant would do - ha ha.

Then I went back to the launderette. It was the lady from yesterday's daughter working today. She told me the other lady had definitely gone for good and guess what... no one liked her. Everyone else has said she was a right mardy old bag who gave them snide looks. So even if DH never fixes the tumble dryer or never buys a new one at least I know the two ladies in the launderette are really nice.

Outside there I bumped into someone I knew a while back, her 10 year old went to school with mine. She now has a 2.5 year old, a 9 month old and is sporting a huge bump. She is a complete chav (sorry to sound like a snob) but she is, she's been on the Jeremy Kyle show and smokes and drinks through all her pregnancies.

She was stood there wondering if she had time for a fag before the bus turned up, with a baby inside her and two small ones close by angry. Then i came home and took my pre-conception vits - it's all fecking wrong I tell you.

There are people on here trying so bloody hard to get or keep a pregnancy and she just bonks away and off she goes.

Funnily enough i didn't feel jealous of her cos i don't want her life at all but i did feel that life can really take the piss sometimes!!!

Rant over.....

How am I doing at cheering you up jolls??? grin

ps. DH said please No to the haircut. He's like my dad!

SassySusan Tue 28-Sep-10 16:47:50

Message deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hippychick66 Tue 28-Sep-10 19:52:44

Is it the best 24 euros you've ever spent sas???? grin

I read your blogs and totally agree with the others - you have a definite talent as a writer. I'm not just saying that cos you're my mate. I know it isn't meant to be funny but i did laugh at the bit about - there is someone here who had a heart attack - of course there is - this is Scotland!

I could hear your sense of humour in it even though it was about a serious subject.

Maybe you should try getting your blogs published.

How are you doing - I hope our least favorite Auntie is staying away and doesn't know how to get to France!

I'm getting really scared. I am about 7 days post ovulation and just so worried that AF will come along in the next week. I know it's daft but i would so love a baby conceived in IOW - it would somehow confirm that we should move there etc. I now it's mad and I know no-one wants AF to turn up so please feel free to ignore me confused.

40someMum Tue 28-Sep-10 20:23:11

hippy you do make me LOL - am loving your story about the chav but you are right there is no justice sometimes. I said to dp yesterday about an obvious drug addict in our town 'she's had ANOTHER baby - she has more than me' wink and shock but you know - life's a bugger sometimes...

I am always like you with the IOW thing too. Things are kind of 'meant to be' for me - always wanted a June baby due to loving my psuedo mother grandma so much and her being June . not happened do far apart from an m/c <sighs>

sassy - flower sounds ewwww and lol at you exploring it in french eepermarchay!! grin

Beattie so sorry that test faded - i had that in august - more than PITA you just feel deflated... I too might start on the old agnus castus if you recommend it?

SassySusan Tue 28-Sep-10 20:27:26

Message deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Curlylox Tue 28-Sep-10 20:45:56

All this talk of cakes etc.......I can't just can't even a virtual one grin so someone can have mine please. I've decided until AF turns up cd43 and flaming counting (yes saw consultant yesterday and he confirmed nerve root injections for my back CAN interfere with my cycle...he did apologise)and to stop obsessing about ovulating, I'm going to focus on me, eat healthily (drop all manner of biscuits, cakes and chocolate...omg tough but have to try), walk more, just generally take a little more interest in me. As tend to look after everyone else first and then either too tired or not enough hours in the day to see after "liddl ol me". Waves to all and I apologise for not keeping up but wow how long is this thread.

hippychick66 Tue 28-Sep-10 20:49:10

sas - I've done that before with patterned toilet paper grin

I'm getting very excited for you now.

I think my DH would love to have as much sex as we did in IOW!!

diege my boobs are feeling a bit tweeky BUT I can't trust them - they lie and are sneaky.

At present they still feel like mine - not yours. grin

hippychick66 Tue 28-Sep-10 20:52:26

Sorry curly crossed posts.

Good luck with the healthy stuff - women always leave themselves til last when it comes to taking time and caring.(idiots that we are).

Maybe sas will find some healthy food in France - if we can drag her away from the 'touch my flowers' - god I will never tire of that one!!!!

gumblossom Wed 29-Sep-10 04:13:38

Oh wow there is just too much to catch up on. That "touch my flower" thing was hilarious.Those Continentals are ever so brazen!

I'm madly packing and just hate this part of going on holiday. But nearly there. Think I won't be temping while we are gone. DH doesn't like the beeping thermometer when he's trying to sleep in.

The 21 day fertility diet challenge includes these things:
1. Drink 1 quart of water first thing in the morning. You can add squeezed lemon to this if you would like.

2. Drink 1 fertility smoothie every day. The fertility smoothie should contain at least one fertility superfood (maca, spirulina, UltraGreens, royal jelly, etc.)

3. Eat one big green salad per day.

4. Eat one dark leafy vegetable every day. Swiss chard, kale, spinach, etc.

5. Drink one green juice every day. (If you are not able to get a juicer you can replace this step with one serving of UltraGreens or another organic greens supplement everyday.)

I'm already doing most of them, so I'll just try to keep it up.I don't do a salad every day, but now that it is warming up I'll give it a go.I just had my freshly squeezed juice with maca,l-arginine,liquid minerals and green powder.

At least I'll know that I gave it my best shot...

More packing to do...

I hope there will be bfp's while I'm gone. smile

hippychick66 Wed 29-Sep-10 09:36:07

gum that's all very well but that woman i bumped into in the shops yesterday swears by:-

1) At least 20 fags a day

2) either 4 cans of strong larger or 1 bottle of cheap wine per day.

3) Dine out at MacDonald's at least 3 times a week (then you don't need to buy the kids toys either!)

4) Take your partner on the Jeremy Kyle show because you don't trust him, and then continue to shag him anyway.

grin grin grin

As for me - I'm about 8 or maybe 9 days post ov. I have that dull ache (like pre-cramps) in my belly, tender boobs and got myself in a state about nothing this morning and nearly started blubbing!

So I figure I am either A) Pregnant or B) Suffering from PMT!!! So at least that's all clear then wink.

Off to see the baby later on today. Please God I don't try and run off with him!!!

Diege Wed 29-Sep-10 09:47:55

Morning smile. Fertility diet sounds great Gum, but can I ask what 'supergreens' are? At the very least you'll certainly be getting your 5 a day grin. Agree abut the packing too - dire, but you will soon be at that gorgeous resort.
Hippy my boobs are a bit tweaky too, but then they always are a week or so before af. I'll let you know when they start to leave my body and migrate over to your's grin
I chuckled after the chav description, esp the ref to Jeremy Kyle. My friend is a make-up artist and does the make-up on the show from time to time. She has the best stories to tell, and says that guests are frequently pis*sed off when they get the requisite 'make under' as opposed to the transformation they imagined grin
40some agree about fading tests - def far worse than plain old bfns. I had one last month so have tried to hold off testing as I think I'd rather not know about chem pregs. I very nearly gave in today (10dpo) but pulled myself together as it would achive nothing. I've stopped temping after ov this month, but may take my temp the morning af is due (Fri) to give me a few second preparation before heading to the loo!
Sassy my heart was in my mouth reading your post grin. I've done the same thing in the past - while sitting on the loo, blotted (red-ish) lipstick on wad of paper, then folded over and wiped (is that disgusting? blush)cue red showing through grin. Ok, so I probably didn't need to be so graphic but I do know that awful feeling followed by redemption! grin. So, the low down - do you have a test in the house woman!!!???
Curly I'll do the cake(less) challenge with you. I've started baking again for the packed lunches and can't resist!
Working from home today writing a module booklet for the dullest of subjects. Dh coming home at lunch and we're going to pizza express which will be a treat.
Love to all x

hippychick66 Wed 29-Sep-10 10:03:06

I love the idea of these numptys expecting to look all glam on the show and then being given a make under (I'll just add some grease to your hair and put this dark shadow under your eyes, love!)

I'm now officially too scared to go for a wee cos I just don't want to see that first streak that means spotting is on it's way.

I know it's not relevant at all - but i do feel like DH and I worked hard at it all this month hmm - of course it wasn't all work but you know what I mean. I don't think we've ever done it 5 times in one week!! Well not since we got past the first glow of our relationship

diege - I really hope we get to be bump buddies this month smile

sas Put that flippin' flower thing down and come and tell us if your preggers grin.

Diege Wed 29-Sep-10 10:16:00

Bump buddies would be wonderful Hippy though my gut feeling is that it's not my month. Distinct lack of EWM at ov time combined with dh's man 'flu and absolutely no symptoms other than twingey boobs don't bode well...
And don't hold back on the wee!! You'll give yourself a urine infection. I need to go now so let's go in the same cubicle (as in the days of the sticky-carpetted nightclub)and I will hold your hand!

Beattiebow Wed 29-Sep-10 10:42:23

hippy sounds very promising!

I actually held off testing til cd 35. Then got 2 positive tests 2 days running. so didn't test early or anything. Oh well.

sassy have you found a french test yet?

jolls sorry didn't say hello! Sorry you are feeling shitty. I am cancelling my appointment with E this week - just can't face her tbh. will see her again next week though.

the other woman I know who had a mc in March at my school (and was 40 in June) announced her not very surprising pregnancy this week -at 14 weeks. I am finding it very difficult to see her at all at the moment. Feel a bit like lying on the ground screaming "it's not fair". But I won't.

hippychick66 Wed 29-Sep-10 11:03:49

Oh beattie you poor thing. It isn't fair I agree. But on the other hand there is a woman in her 40's having a successful first trimester - so we should be taking that as a good sign.

But I DO know how you feel - i promise. It's not rational and you don't want to feel like that but it happens.

Take care of yourself.

diege I don't know if this is my month either. Despite all the egg whites and shagging - this mild crampy feeling is just worrying me.

Thanks for taking me to the loo grin The last wipe was all fine (TMI).

Diege Wed 29-Sep-10 15:17:27

Darn it - after all my self-persuasion not to test, of course I grabbed the first pee stick to hand and tested. And a resounding, whiter than white BFN sad Which of course I fully expected, but still....I do feel strangely better for testing though (after a large 3 course pizza express lunch), as I felt very despondent this morning anyway that it wasn't my month, and figured testing could only make me feel the same, or better.
Anyway, I bypass the baton that is still at present firmly in Sassy's bathroom prodding her towards the direction of the pharmacy!!!!

Beattiebow Wed 29-Sep-10 15:25:49

oh dear diege I'm sorry.

sassy it's "Test Grossesse" apparently. Go one you know you want to...

Diege Wed 29-Sep-10 17:34:53

Thanks Beattie - feel ok now, nothing will compare to last month's cp, just hoping LP hangs on for a day or 2 so that I can get to the usual 11 days! hmm. How are you feeling?

SassySusan Wed 29-Sep-10 17:48:11

Message deleted

Diege Wed 29-Sep-10 17:54:05

<throws remaining 27 tests over to Sassy keeping a few back for general snug use>
I am of the belief that cramping is a Good Sign as I've never been pregnant without it.
I know where you are coming from re: testing - and Staurday isn't too far away. I really, really hope it is good news xx
Re: me, I'm using 10iu tests, v.sensitive, so at 10 days po (for sure) there would certainly have been a glimmer of a line by now. I wish I'd kept to the charting now so I had a complete chart to look back onconfused

SassySusan Wed 29-Sep-10 18:02:14

Message deleted

SassySusan Wed 29-Sep-10 18:03:33

Message deleted

Diege Wed 29-Sep-10 18:07:22

<snigger> at Sassymuchlove grin
No, test sadly accurate (3 other done since confirm blush

SassySusan Wed 29-Sep-10 18:29:45

Message deleted

hippychick66 Wed 29-Sep-10 18:47:11

Good luck for Saturday sas. smile

If I haven't seen AF by Monday I will probably cave in too but I just don't know if I'll get that far.

I hate this bit. It feels like you're almost at the point where you can think about testing and then one trip to the loo and BANG it's all over.

I do remember cramping like mad with my first preg and even as I was peeing on the stick I was totally convinced AF was coming. But there is a huge great 10 year old sat on the sofa as proof that cramping doesn't have to be bad news so I will try to remember that.

Went to visit my friend's baby. She loved the clothes. I got loads of cuddles from the little lad and I felt surprisingly calm and ZEN about the whole thing. Probably if AF was here I'd have felt differently but whilst there is still hope for my IOW baby - I was able to be genuinely pleased for her. Also, the baby really reminded me of a friend's son who is a total little terror now so i was defo not tempted to steal him - hee hee.wink

Beattiebow Wed 29-Sep-10 19:12:31

Yes I do feel happy for her that she's reached 14 weeks - I'm sure she was very stressed. So I'm happy for her and sad for myself at the same time iysim.

I feel fine now myself actually. Just getting on with life. As hippy says the period just before af is the worst imo.

Sassy don't blame you for not testing. (but still keeping fingers crossed for you). Anyhow no af must be a good sign eh?

Curlylox Wed 29-Sep-10 20:24:30

oh beattie I hear is difficult especially as I keep thinking if I didn't have mc in Feb baby would be here now sad(weren't you mc thread too?) It's funny how I subconsciously "play" spot the pregnant lady or pick out a new baby's cry in the supermarket, shopping centre etc

Ahem moving swiftly on has anyone tried preseed at all?

Diege Wed 29-Sep-10 21:25:28

Me, me, I've tried pre-seed grin. It is gloopy and yucky and comes in pre-measured 'doses' though I think you can buy it 'freestyle', lol. I did conceive dd3 when taking it (first month of trying it, 5th mth ttc). I said to dh today that I'm keen to get some in (the house) for next month!

Curlylox Wed 29-Sep-10 22:32:09

Diege do you recommend pre- measured doses or "freestyle" then?

gumblossom Wed 29-Sep-10 23:58:39

Me too Curly. I've bought some more, but can't seem to get myself to use it. It is yucky and gloopy! I've used the premeasured dose - it is wayyyy too much. This time I bought a tube that you can just use as much as you like.I really should try it again as I used it when we conceived our last baby.However I used it for several months before conceiving so it isn't necessarily the reason we conceived IYKWIM.

Just read a newspaper magazine all about fertility which really pissed me off. In the first article it was all about how difficult it is to get preg over 35 and how you'll need IVF. Later on it is all about how vitamins will help, with two case studies of women in their forties (41 and 43). Then an article that says in your 20's you have a 50% chance of conceiving, 40% in your 30's and 30% in your 40's. Those odds aren't so bad. But then another article says that IVF rates of success in the early 40's is only 5%. Statistics are so misleading and confusing!

I'm sticking to my theory, that if you are fit and healthy, and ovulating then you are in with a chance...

Sassy, I'm getting very excited for you! I'm going away today - so unless I find internet access while I'm away, I'll catch up next week. I'm looking forward to loads of bfp's...

gumblossom Thu 30-Sep-10 00:01:16

Deige - about the super greens - I used a powdered supplement called vital greens.I take a teaspoon a day, with maca powder, l-arginine powder and collodal minerals in juice. Lately it has been a mix of orange and grapefruit juice because I'm hoping the grapefruit juice will help with my lack of EWCM.

I'm sure you'd be able to get a form of supergreens in the UK.

SassySusan Thu 30-Sep-10 08:48:06

Message deleted

hippychick66 Thu 30-Sep-10 09:34:04

sas please hurry up and come home and get some of your first morning urine on a stick asap!!!!!!! grin

I am on day 23 today. Period has been between 23 & 26 days of late - so am feeling very scared.

I have a bit of an upset tummy today so that could be a sign of something confused or just proof that i am worried.

At the Fertility show last November (wow that seems like a long time ago - nearly a year and 2 MC's since then), the lady on the pre-seed stall said the one where you choose your own amount was better than the pre-loaded tubes. She was selling the stuff and even she said there was way too much in them.

I haven't used it cos I seem to have enough of my own at the moment but it does seem to get good reviews.

beattie I know what you mean it's like, 'great someone got to 14 weeks - that's encouraging' followed by 'why isn't it me then?'

New series of the Mentalist starting soon - Ohhh Simon Baker [yummy face icon]

We went to view the first of the local senior schools last night. We were practically the last people to leave, my Dh is just so bloody thorough, he asks so many questions and I just stand there saying, "I think they want to lock up, Darling!"

3 more to view next week.

Still like the one in IOW best!!! grin

hippychick66 Thu 30-Sep-10 09:55:06

I am watching the wright stuff and after the break they are going to discuss MUMSNET - good thing or bad?

Will let you all know what is said. I'm sure there will be a thread about it too.

ps. Am obviously very busy cleaning at the same time as watching wink

Beattiebow Thu 30-Sep-10 10:43:56

ooh sassy sounds promising! Finger's crossed for you too Hippy

yes curly I had my mc in Feb too- baby was due in August, so I have also had days where I think about what should have been...

Had my day 4 test today - can't remember what that is for though? Is it to check for number and quality of eggs?

SassySusan Thu 30-Sep-10 10:50:26

Message deleted

hippychick66 Thu 30-Sep-10 11:31:50

sas despite telling diege that she is my bezzie mate - I am happy to be totally two-faced and be your bump buddy instead wink

Am I fickle????

Only kiddin' diege - love you loads.

Pre-seed (from what I can gather) is a gloopy substance that has a similar consistancy to EWCM. One bungs it up one's lady bits just before one has relations with ones hubbie. It gives the lads a leg up!

Wright stuff not very good. He seemed to have got the wrong idea about MN. He said there were 10,000 new questions a day and seemed to think they were all about new mummies with babies asking for help.

I was gonna text in that those questions are broken down into sections and include miscarriage, ttc, bereavement etc etc and that personally I've made friends with many people who are in a similar situation to me and talk to those people about many things, some of which I would not be able to discuss so freely in RL.

But then I couldn't be arsed grin

He only covered the topic for about 5 minutes and every caller seemed to think it was also advise for mums with new babies.

Diege Thu 30-Sep-10 13:01:01

shockgrin at how fickle Hippy's love for me is wink. Am inspired to re-order some pre-seed now - I'd also second the problems with the pre-filled capsules - the stuff spills out everywhere there's so much of it! I remember also trying real egg whites blush. Was on the advice of some medical person, so not a mad impulsive thing grin. Have since heard it may present a salmonella risk!! So yes, pre-seed it is again.
I have also been reading a book that was referenced in Queen Toni's one, and it reminds me of the advice Alba gave us all about folic acid. Seems us oldies need loads of the stuff (4000 miu if I remember, or was it 5?) and she also lists other supplements that she recommends for over 40s. She has 9 kids, inc 2 she and her husband adopted, and had a last biological baby at 48! Will list her 'prescription' with amounts if anyone's interested?
Sassy I am so exicited for you and you haven't even done a test yet!
Started temping again today (11dpo) and temp still up which is great as it means hopefully that I'll get to an 11 day LP again. Another bfn this morning which I'm fine about, so hopefuly af will start tomorrow, I'll order the gloop, up my vits and bob's your uncle! Will also investigate the supergreens Gum, many thanks for the info smile

SassySusan Thu 30-Sep-10 15:21:06

Message deleted

Diege Thu 30-Sep-10 17:40:40

Oh bloody hell Sassy that is just too cruel sad I think we'd all accepted that you were well and truly up-duffed, esp after the shag-a-thon as you say. It will feel better in a day or two I promise, but for now a hugemungus glass of wine and a whole box of the snug's finest chocolates for you xxx

hippychick66 Thu 30-Sep-10 17:46:10

oh sas - I'm so sorry. It is definitely worse when you are starting to believe you've made it.

I was so sure for you too.

Go sit in the snug and pig out for a while.

Feel free to rave and rant at the pure crappyness of it all.

SassySusan Thu 30-Sep-10 18:14:56

Message deleted

SassySusan Thu 30-Sep-10 18:16:36

Message deleted

galwaygal Thu 30-Sep-10 20:43:58

sassy - sad sorry to see you at cd1. As you asked, chemical pregnancy and early miscarriage are used interchangably. Chemical pregnancy and early miscarriage are used before 5 weeks before anything can be seen on a scan, after something is seen on scan then it is just an early miscarriage. I prefer the term chemical pregnancy, as it recognises that you were pregnant, miscarriage is such an negative word to me. Any way, I will join you in a glass of wine in the snug, are you cold, shall I throw another log on the fire?

Deige - you can come an sit with sas and I if you like since hippy is being your fickle friend at the moment! grin

Curly - sorry can't join you on the no virtual cakes, if I can't have them in real life, I simply have to have them here hmm.

As you will see from the stats, I am back to the beginning, but I was NOT pregnant this month grin at last! confused

Sassy cd1
GG age 42 cd2
BB age 40 cd3
muchlove cd6 (on hols!)
Gum Aged 43 cd11 (on hols!)
40someMum age42 cd 13
Diege 11dpo
Hippy aged 44 10 dpo
Curlylox age 46 CD40??
italiangreyhound - waiting for May

GG pours more wine for Sassy, and diege,,,,

hippychick66 Thu 30-Sep-10 20:45:09

As far as I know CP and very early M/C are the same thing. How long was your Luteal Phase? (days between Ov & AF).

I'm guesing it's difficult to say cos you weren't charting so can't be sure how long your temp stayed up or exactly when you ovulated.

It may be a bit like what happened with me last month. I had loads of symtoms and my temp stayed up but then all of a sudden - AF poked her feckin' nose in.

I took it as maybe I'd got as far as making an embryo and it had failed to implant. (which in the long run is better than it implanting and then losing it's grip). But that was only my interpretation of events.

I think the positive things for you to focus on are - you know you ovulate, you know you probably have a decent Luteal phase and you know you can do the SME plan without it killing you both grin

I truelly wish you all the best for next month and am so sorry you've had this disappointment.

I will take the baton, but suspect I will be handing it on (whose next???).

I am on day 24 tomorrow (I hate the last bit of the 2WW) my boobs are very odd but those buggers fooled me last month), I do feel crap but I also have a bit of endo pain which could signify AF is jetting in soon.

Just can't say at the moment. Will keep you informed.

Love to all.

hippychick66 Thu 30-Sep-10 20:48:10

crossed posts GG. I also need the virtual cakes - unfortunately i keep eating the real ones too - oops!

diege can I be your friend again please? (hippy twists her foot around and looks at the floor pathetically)grin

hippychick66 Thu 30-Sep-10 20:50:10

diege Have a great image of you using the pre-filled capsules of pre-seed in the past. (what is that old Paul Simon song? - Slip Sliding Away!)grin

galwaygal Thu 30-Sep-10 20:53:10

gg crosses the room puts her arm around hippy and carefully guides her to the couch, there she then puts a glass of wine in hippy's hand and sits her down next to diege. Then gg sits carefully nearby incase they start fighting wink