Symptom spotting part 2 - Home of the suspicious boobs and other strange goings on!

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AddictedToRadley Sun 29-Aug-10 21:54:27

Welcome to our new thread where everyone's welcome. Sit back with your favourite drink and get all those 'suspicious' symptoms off your chest including the ever popular suspicious boob (sb).

If you're squeamish this may not be the thread for you, as this thread is dedicated to those with strange goings on where no symptom is TMI.

Good luck to us all for that elusive BFP to arrive soon. Who'll be the first to get one?

AuntFlosAssassin Mon 30-Aug-10 09:02:01

Hi Rad, well said!!

ooooh lovely shiny new thread,hope to see it sparkle with some lovely bfps for us all soon!!

Im only on day 18 surely this must be too early to be having symptoms???

Heres a little list i have compiled:
-Feeling very sicky since yesterday (general unsettled stomach), but could just be a stomach bug.

-Heartburn during the night that kept me awake,but maybe this was cause i ate a packet of salt+vinegar about 2 hours before i went to bed.

-Feeling quite tired and continuing to do so for the whole day,but maybe its just lack of sleep catching up on me.

-Heavy boobs

I didnt want to write any of that cause i will feel stupid when af shows up,but i have thrown it out there anyway.

This cycle is really dragging in for me....

AuntFlosAssassin Mon 30-Aug-10 09:10:36

Oh also forgot to add sensitive nips to my list and reoccurring headache.

sheenbeen Mon 30-Aug-10 12:53:18

Hello grin

lovely new therad....I have lurked on the old one but never posted.

I may not have had AF at all in the last 4 months since stopping my Depo injection but it doesn't stop me symptom spotting confused

Early last week had spotting on two seperate days but mornings only with normal AF associated cramps and PMT style moods wink. Last 2 days I've been sick in the morning and had bizarre red tingly and tight feeling flushed face, no heqartburn but I'm on tablets which stop acid production, no sore boobs. Tired, bizarre very detailed dreams and a permanent headache.

Of course all of these 'symptoms' are most likely to be nothing since I'm not even cycling (I think?)


shelleylou Mon 30-Aug-10 13:03:21

As we're sharing lists:

-AF still AWOL
- Sore boobs sure they've grown/heavier lol
- sicky for past 4/5 days
- exhausted all the time.

mojo1981 Mon 30-Aug-10 16:15:27

Hi guys - i posted on the previous thread for symptom spotting (only posted it yesterday) turns out my symptom spotting wasn't in accurate as did 3 tests this morning and they were all positive!!!

bossyboop Mon 30-Aug-10 18:56:48

Congratulations mojo 1st bfp on new thread!

Radley, love the opening post!

Af arrived boo hoo sad this is the first month its made me miserable.
Hopefully sb will settle down now at least, bigger boobs yay - very sore boobs not so yay!

Just to remind everyone old and new...

TTC #2
Month 6

shelleylou Mon 30-Aug-10 19:08:33

congratulations mojo!

sheenbeen Mon 30-Aug-10 19:18:09

Wooohooo Mojo grin

shelleylou Mon 30-Aug-10 19:28:01

I'm still trying to work myself up to testing, decided i would yesterday evening and was bfn. Last time it took a while before bfp shownt up but was faint so im going to try leave it a week. I feel so sicky, DH thinks i may have a bug lol I haven't told him im late yet dont want to put him through the disappointment of it being bfn or another MC. Im terrified i'll have another so dont want to test just in case. I sound like a loon dont i?

alien06 Mon 30-Aug-10 19:40:44

congratulations mojo!! :0)

AddictedToRadley Tue 31-Aug-10 01:48:15

Congratulations Mojo let's hope this new thread is going to be a lucky one, we're off to a good start with a BFP on the first page so fingers crossed and legs open.....!!

I didn't really know what to put as OP but saw that there was only 1 space left on previous post and panicked!! Didn't want to loose touch with my fellow TTC loons buddies.

I think, seen as this is a new thread, we should have a roll call of who's who and how long we've been trying, any DCs already and any MCs we've been unfortunate enough to have. I'll start the ball rolling on next post, please copy and paste to your post and add yourself in in alphabetical order.

AddictedToRadley Tue 31-Aug-10 01:56:14

Roll call (add yourself in alphabetical order please)

TTC since July 2009, 1 DS (born Nov 2008), 7 MC

TTC since Feb 2010, 1 D? (born ), ? MC

bossyboop Tue 31-Aug-10 09:45:29

TTC since July 2009, 1 DS (born Nov 2008), 7 MC

TTC since April 2010 1 DD (born Apr 2007)

TAcrazy Tue 31-Aug-10 09:51:35

I love these threads as they always make me smile. We can all be insane together!

-sore, heavy boobs
-just 'wanting' to be pregnant - LOL

TTC since July 2009, 1 DS (born Nov 2008), 7 MC

TTC since April 2010 1 DD (born Apr 2007)

TA Crazy
TTC Since January 2009, 1 MC


row78 Tue 31-Aug-10 09:54:26

TTC since July 2009, 1 DS (born Nov 2008), 7 MC

TTC since April 2010 1 DD (born Apr 2007)

Row78 TTC since Jun 2010 DS (born Dec 2008)

congratulations mojo!

I'm on the 2ww, apart from ovary twinges every now and again no symptoms, so bored....that's to radley for the new thread!

row78 Tue 31-Aug-10 09:55:30

whoops, cross posting, here's the full list

TTC since July 2009, 1 DS (born Nov 2008), 7 MC

TTC since April 2010 1 DD (born Apr 2007)

row78 TTC since Jun 2010 DS (born Dec 2008)

TA Crazy
TTC Since January 2009, 1 MC

shelleylou Tue 31-Aug-10 10:33:42

TTC since July 2009, 1 DS (born Nov 2008), 7 MC

TTC since April 2010 1 DD (born Apr 2007)

row78 TTC since Jun 2010 DS (born Dec 2008)

TTC since June 2010. 1 DS (born november 2006) 1 MC

TA Crazy
TTC Since January 2009, 1 MC

allthatjazz Tue 31-Aug-10 10:56:21

Hello, I was wondering if I could join you?
I have no idea what is going on with my body. I think I may be going mad.

-I have the elusive sb, left hurts more for some reason.
-crampy feelings can be either side
-sensitive tummy- I think I look a bit bloated too.
- had trapped wind and tad more gassy(sorry TMI)blush
-feel like I might come on but not sure tbh.

Had a negative test but I am hoping it was just too early- I have no idea if and when I ovulated. Can you tell I am rather confused? confused

row78 Tue 31-Aug-10 14:40:15

jazz when is your period due?

I just went to loo, tiny, tiny amount of bleeding, miniscle even. I think I'm 7 DPO.....could it be the often discussed, but not that common implantation bleeding?

allthatjazz Tue 31-Aug-10 14:41:18

ok i gave in did an internet cheapie early test- neg. I am now even more confused any advice? What's this feeling winded thing all about to?

allthatjazz Tue 31-Aug-10 14:48:23

tbh row I have no idea-I know not helpful. I am pretty Isure ovulated- judging by cm. cm is now clearish/whitish, thin lots of it.
boobs hurt and had odd cramps and my stomach muscles just feel odd/ sensitive all today.

I had implantation bleeding. It was bit of spotting lasted 24 hours or so. I dont think I felt pg at that point so I would say there is hope.

row78 Tue 31-Aug-10 15:17:53

jazz - do you know how long ago the cm was?

I think you are meant to have ovulated once iit disappears

thislittlesisterlola Tue 31-Aug-10 15:30:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

allthatjazz Tue 31-Aug-10 15:44:17

Oh crap sorry posted under other name- reason being, I was trying not to out myself to friends in rl. I have asked for it to be deleted. If you have outted me, please dont tell me.
Oh feel even more stupid now!

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