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What to wear when nursing in public- don't want to buy lots of new tops

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LMST Fri 11-Nov-16 11:02:06

Hi all- day 8 into breast feeding and haven't brave enough to go out and about yet. I haven't bought any specific tops for bf and font want to spend lots of money on a new wardrobe. Any tips on what works best and what is essential to buy?
Have small boobs but very shy about getting them out in company!

Jepalou Tue 22-Nov-16 12:36:16

Hello I was just browsing and saw your post.
It was not so long ago I had the same dilemma, and a similar time of year, so I also had winter layers to contend with/fall back on.
I found always wearing a vest under my clothes was the key for me. Then I could wear another top over that, which could be pulled up and then the vest pulled down for easy boob access while keeping the rest of you covered. You can get vests with built in support with maternity clips that open each side like a nursing bra, but if you're smaller you might not need that (I didn't) and a regular spaghetti strap type vest might do the trick. I bought a whole heap of them and just cycled through them day by night by day as they do tend to get milk on them. The lift up top works best to be reasonably firmly fitted so it will stay in place where you pull it up. For yet another layer, a couple of cardigans or wrap around tops will go a long way and simply open up at the front of course.
Personally I almost always found a custom system like this easier than the few clothes I bought that were specifically designed for nursing, which were often fiddly and/or didn't quite perform to expectations.
If you're feeling the need to be discreet then I think it's actually an advantage to be smaller as there's less to hide. A muslin square carried around with you can be draped strategically over your shoulder, plus always useful to have several of these about for possets and other spills anyway. But chances are when you get used to it you'll end up feeling less self conscious of your own body and just more concerned with the incredible business of feeding your child. I really recommend going with this if you can and relaxing as much as you can about it - I'm sure half my neighbourhood has seen my breasts by now and they (neither my neighbours or breasts) don't seem to be any the worse for it!
Good luck with everything smile

LMST Tue 22-Nov-16 13:14:49

Thank you that is really helpful!

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