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soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:22:55


I'm distressed reading about those of you who are worried sick about Christmas and having no money to buy things for your children!

Rather than sit of my ample backside and do nothing I have the following proposal to make.

Those of you who have old toys/gifts which are in good condition, or who are willing to buy a new gift for a child can register your contributions with me.

Those of you who are down on your uppers can send me your details - name, address, age and gender of children, what kind of things they like!

Those lovely MN who will send me Christmassy things will be matched up with those people who would like a bit of a hand with Christmas.

Those giving pressies will wrap the pressie and label it 'To XXX from Santa', and then send it to the address given to them.

If people receiving presents want to remain anonymous then I can ask people to send their contributions to me, and I will forward them onto the gift receiver, I will bear the postage cost of the onwards posting!

If people want to help, but have no toys etc to do so, then a small amount on a gift voucher for woolies, argos or the like can be sent instead!

Please post on this thread whether you think it is a winger - if we get at least 10 givers and 10 receivers then I will go ahead with it, and will post my email address to start the ball rolling!

Receivors must be regular MNetters, in case we are deluged from other sites

So it is over to you guys - good idea or not???

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:24:02

What a spelling nightmare that post was!

Oh well

Tutter Tue 14-Nov-06 11:24:15

hi - good idea. i have things i'd be happy to contribute. what about (new) clothes?

xmasstocking Tue 14-Nov-06 11:24:28

Hi - sounds like a fab idea. Although I have no toys to give as DS is only 4 months and still playing with all his toys, I would be quite happy to provide a gift voucher.

lulumama Tue 14-Nov-06 11:25:01

fab!! i'll send....!

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:25:27

Yep, clothes good!

I suspect seasonal foodie stuff would go down well too - but lets here from those who might like a bit of a hand!

Yes, got some lovely stuff for smaller children that is in need of a good home.

will CAT you.

BudaBeast Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:12

I think it is a great idea Soapbox.

I am overseas so can't send a toy or similar but happy to do an on-line gift voucher for somewhere.

Well done you!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:16

Soapy - can I CAT you please.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:30

Being one of those struggling this Christmas (and a tad depressed on top of it) - sat here with tears streaming down my face reading this - it is a lovely idea (and was thinking the same sort of thing reading sockmonkey's thread "Do I have anything suitable etc..")

hovely Tue 14-Nov-06 11:26:31

I am up for it soapbox. Have nothing to offer as have already cleared out everything suitable for re-use, but I will buy a toy or a token. Do you want me to post the amount I will go up to? would prefer not to post that.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:28:26

No hovely - anything at all is more than welcome

If people know other MNetters who would like help but are too shy to post here, then nominations for help are welcome too, provided you can give me their address, childrens ages etc.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:30:38

Well this looks like it might be a goer[grin

Here is my email address to use for contribution details and for requests for a bit of a hand:

soapbox1964 at yahoo dot com

Let's make this a great Christmas for all of us! Givers and receivers!!!!

Clary Tue 14-Nov-06 11:32:23

I think it;s a great idea Soapie and would gladly contribute. Maybe a couple of easily postable gifts. Has anyone got any ages/suggestions? Or shall I just come up with something?

I have plenty of toys to suit from babies up to 3/4 year old girl Would be more than happy to oblige - please send the details - Have some packaged up already for a friends cousin on her uppers - but would be happy to spread them round.

And what a generous, kind - hearted gesture to have started this soabox ... S x

ratclare Tue 14-Nov-06 11:37:41

id be happy to contribute a gift , i remember when i lived in a homeless hostel a local church made up hampers for everyone who lived there and believe me when your at the bottem it really makes a huge difference , how do we contact you?

Tutter Tue 14-Nov-06 11:38:03

have emailed you soapy

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 14-Nov-06 11:38:35

Soapy, I have CAT you.

Thank you so much for starting this. It is amazing how MNers can pull together to help others.

JackieNo Tue 14-Nov-06 11:39:23

Fab idea, soapbox - will email you later.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:40:16

Right I need to go off and do some work - got a meeting!

Can some of you help by keeping this bumped up to the top of active convos!

I've just sent a note to MNHQ checking that they are happy with me doing this! Will keep you all posted!

In the meantime a reminder of where to send your emails!

Soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Bozza Tue 14-Nov-06 11:42:01

Soapy I think this is a brilliant idea. I will have a root around at home. I know off hand that I have two BNIB (duplicate gifts) Bob the Builder puzzles. Will have a look what else and e-mail you. I think the difficult bit is getting people coming forward as recipients.

Anyone who is struggling - please do not be shy/embarassed - because you can contact soapbox directly in confidence.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 11:42:03

Can I just repeat - it is dot co dot uk... the dot com version bounces

foundintranslation Tue 14-Nov-06 11:42:17

Oh lovely idea soapy. I was just reading another sad thread and thinking how I'd like to help. Will email you later.

foundintranslation Tue 14-Nov-06 11:43:03

And P.S. thank you - I was just feeling mucho sorry for myself and this thread has lifted me out of that.

poshgirlformerlymaggiesmama Tue 14-Nov-06 11:45:03

this is the most wonderful idea. i would love to contribute. i was planning to make a lola (charlie and lola) doll for my dd. i could make a couple more. if home made is ok?

defo got lots of toys to pass on too.

feel slightly teary. how odd.

Ok have CAT you

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 11:46:00

Wow - Lola dolls sound soooo good!

McDreamy Tue 14-Nov-06 11:46:08

Great idea I would love to contribute

Soapbox you are a sweetie

saltire Tue 14-Nov-06 11:46:31

Count me in

Ellbell Tue 14-Nov-06 11:47:22

I'll contribute a gift or whatever. Can't post my (work) email on here, but will email you later from home soapbox with some ideas of what I could send.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 14-Nov-06 11:47:49

Can I just say, although I would LOVE to contribute to others, I feel I fall in the recipiants bracket this year. I will PROMISE to send a handmade christmas card to anyone who feels they could help me out.

I love MN for this very reason. Love and support when it is most needed.

I wish you all a FANTASTIC christmas.

flutterbee Tue 14-Nov-06 11:47:58

I will be more than happy to send a few things to a regular MNer who is struggling, we don't have much but I know for sure that it could be much worse.

If you need a little help please come forward, a few people who lost all their vouchers in that hamper company collapse spring to mind.

lornaloo Tue 14-Nov-06 11:49:33

Such a good idea. Im in.

WelshBoris Tue 14-Nov-06 11:51:21

I'm in.

I spend loads on DD, so instead of buying one more present for her Ill buy something for someone else.

Will let DD help me wrap it too <should be fun>

Ill email you soapy

I have lots of bits and pieces for stocking fillers, a few bigger things maybe.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 11:52:23

A quick post just before I pop to my meeting

Those of you who want some help and who want to give but don't wish to post on this thread can email me in complete confidence!

When I give your details to who ever I match you with, I will only give RL names and addresses so that you cannot be identified by your MN name. Obviously, if people want to share your MN identity then you can request that too.

If you'd rather your RL detail weren't shared either then I will arrange to your gift to be sent through me!

Come on - don't be shy!

Email - soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Nemo1977 Tue 14-Nov-06 11:52:24

I can contribute second hand toys all in great condition though!!!!! Cant afford to buy new but also want to help...oh and have a ton of nesquik magic straws!!!!!

PandaG Tue 14-Nov-06 11:53:24

Happy to help, have some younger toys that I could pass on, or could send a voucher?

xmasstocking Tue 14-Nov-06 11:58:27


Mercy Tue 14-Nov-06 11:59:32

Am happy to contribute too.

Would a gift voucher be acceptable to help buy some food?

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 12:00:34

Food gift vouchers sound great. Helping the whole of christmas happen then as well as presents iyswim.

Clary Tue 14-Nov-06 12:00:46

soapbox I have tried to email you and it keeps pinging back to me

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 12:01:42

Make sure you are using .co.uk... .com boucned for me too.

Clary Tue 14-Nov-06 12:03:00

Oh ok its .uk I want.

ludaloo Tue 14-Nov-06 12:04:16

How nice soap!! I'll donate ...will email you

Bugsy2 Tue 14-Nov-06 12:05:09

What a fantastic idea. I'd be happy to contribute too. I've got your email & I'll do a toy check & let you know what could be useful. I've got lots of playmobil stuff for starters!

RubyRioja Tue 14-Nov-06 12:05:13

What a lovely idea, will email you? True spirit of Christmas - God Bless us, Everyone! [sniff emoticon].

Fab idea soapbox!

Lio Tue 14-Nov-06 12:06:17

soapbox that's great, I'll email you.

Blu Tue 14-Nov-06 12:08:00

Soapbox - I would like to contribute vouchers of some kind - I think it is very brave of you to undertake postage, and it might be best if as many of us as possible deal in vouchers rather than goods?

Could we compile a list of places that do vouchers? I was going to send vouchers for an off-licence! Or a good food shop that does wine, so that there is a choice.

lucycat Tue 14-Nov-06 12:08:29

Have emailed you soapy.

We don't send stuff to Soapy tho Blu.. I thought that at first.. we send her a list I think.. and she tells us who to send it to. Unless anonymity is required.

Is this right?

RubyRioja Tue 14-Nov-06 12:12:05

Am I confused - won't soapbox provide names/addresses, rather than posting things twice. Whilst that would be more anonymous, it would mean not v cost-effective.

Have I got the wrong end of stick?

Think that's right Ruby... someone will confirm. Soapy is at her meeting now I think.

xmasstocking Tue 14-Nov-06 12:12:52

That was my understanding - Soapy will only pay postage if the receiver wants to remain anonymous - is that correct?

bendi Tue 14-Nov-06 12:18:29

I'll check my 'oh no, put it away for now cupboard' and let you know what we have to share. How would it be, if we need to send stuff to Soapy rather than direct, that we send a couple of quid to cover the onward postage so that it doesn't get out of hand? Wonderful idea btw. Ho Ho Ho...

Chamomile Tue 14-Nov-06 12:33:50

This is a great idea and I will have a hunt for something to contribute.

Soapy, can you give an idea, when you've got demands, what sort of things are sought-after? I have loads of stuff, and really desperately need to do a clear-out - this will hopefully motivate me!

Blu Tue 14-Nov-06 12:37:18

Sorry <<thick emoticon>>

anorak Tue 14-Nov-06 12:37:22

Perhaps we could nominate hard-pressed mumsnetters who are too shy to nominate themselves?

Rhubarb Tue 14-Nov-06 12:39:14

Soapy, you are one of the kindest people I have ever met!

I'm afraid I don't have anything to give away, but I wish you the very best of luck with this!

And when we get another one of those "Mumsnet is sooo blah blah blah" thread, I'm going to link it to this one because this for me, is Mumsnet, and is the reason I come on here!

MascaraOHaraIncredibleSheHulk Tue 14-Nov-06 12:40:35

Im in, I'll email you ...

lemonaid Tue 14-Nov-06 12:56:16


fennel Tue 14-Nov-06 12:58:01

great idea.

We've got quite a lot of spare good quality toys, especially baby toys, some unopenened.

will email.

FrannyandZooey Tue 14-Nov-06 13:01:24

Oh fab idea, am delighted to be able to join in

jura Tue 14-Nov-06 13:02:39

What a lovely idea. Will email you, soapy.

glitterfairy Tue 14-Nov-06 13:04:43

Great idea. I am moving at the end of the month and the kids are clearing their rooms. I have a few toys of good quality which I am happy to send to someone. I will email you soapy.

GoingQuietlyMad Tue 14-Nov-06 13:04:46

What a great idea.

I have a lower income than usual this year, and am dipping into savings, but not in trouble iyswim. But I know what it is like to be skint at Christmas and think this is such a nice idea - mainly for the children, but I would love to give a voucher so someone could have a drink on me!

I will also look for good condition toys that could be forwarded.

I knew mumsnet was different to other internet sites, and this just proves it really.

MerlinsBeard Tue 14-Nov-06 13:05:15

what alovely idea. will mail later when i have more time, have to go out now

Wisp Tue 14-Nov-06 13:05:54

What a fantastic idea!. DS1 was bombarded with presents at his birthday party, and about 4 have gone into hiding-I'd love to send them to someone that will appreciate them.
I will email you soapbox

Furball Tue 14-Nov-06 13:06:38

Have emailed with the title

Operation Christmas Mumsnetter!

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Tue 14-Nov-06 13:06:38

Amazing idea soapbox <<sniff>>

Will have a hunt for anything I can contribute.

Raggydoll Tue 14-Nov-06 13:07:12

I have a couple of new toys/books suitable for girl or boy of 3 yrs. hth

will email you soapy

Overrun Tue 14-Nov-06 13:12:37

I'll send something, will email you Soapy. Its a great idea.

lemonaid Tue 14-Nov-06 13:13:16

I do hope you get some takers and not just a huge pile of presents...

Berries Tue 14-Nov-06 13:15:25

Count me in. DDs are now 9 & 11 & so have finally grown out of a lot of their toys. Will email you with a list when I can sort it out.


Soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 13:20:37

Just dashing through - off to lunch now

WOW! WOW! WOW! is all I can say! If you could see the emails building up in my inbox, you would be amazed!

This is going to be one faberooni Christmas where we can all delight in the giving and receiving of gifts!


Sorry Blu - I was making it up as I went along in my original post, which is somewhat confusing

So, unless the recipient wishes to remain completely anonymous, then everything will be sent directly to the recipient.

NEXT STEPS - [assuming I get MNHQ go ahead]

Anyone who can send gifts or who wishes to receive them (or nominations) must reach me by 24th November. I will respond with a standard short email requesting more details.

I will draw up a mahoosive spreadsheet to match givers and receivers and will email details to the givers by the 29th November.

If you are asked to send to me, then you will need to do so by 8th December. If asked to send directly to the recipient then you must do so by 15th December.

Does that sound reasonable?

A reminder of my email address :

joycemgrant at yahoo dot co dot uk [****NOT COM***]

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 13:22:49

Lemonaid - I have a few requests already - but would like to spread the Christmas cheer as far and wide as possible!

So don't be shy!

And nominations are welcome!

And I promise I will never, ever, ever break the confidences of those that email me asking for a bit of help

Jelley Tue 14-Nov-06 13:29:08

Can I join as a reciever? I'm failing fairly spectacularly at the whole Christmas thing this year...

This is such a lovely idea, soapbox

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 13:38:42

My mum is even talking about seeing if she has anything she can donate

faeriemum Tue 14-Nov-06 13:43:19

pride aside i have nominated my little boy as a gift reciever... ....you really have no idea what your help means to me mumsnetters....
am all teary over here sob

MeImAllSmiles Tue 14-Nov-06 13:48:05

Soapbox, this is a fabulous idea. Really in the spirit of MN and Christmas. Will contribute a voucher if that's ok, would toy or food be best, anyone?

Will email you soapbox.

Soapy another idea would be, if you find you are getting, among your requests of what particular children like, items that are not being offered, then you could put a list on this thread (or any subsequent threads as I feel that this will get rather long! ).. and then those that want to/are able to buy a gift to contribute, can choose something off the list )and email you telling you).. and then you can email them with the details of where to send it. And take it off the WANTED list!

Can all be anonymous. And senders don't need to add their names. All the recipient will have is a postmark as identification.

This really IS what Christmas is all about, for those of us who have been having a great deal of trouble getting into the spirit of it for whatever reason.

Could be a regularly thing (not nec. always run by poor Soapbox of course)..and then those who were financially in need one year and who find themselves better of another year can return the favour.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 13:53:36

It takes a hell of a lot to swallow the pride doesn't faeriemum? I added myself to the receiving list at the beginning but it was hard to do - no idea why though because I don't think anything bad of those needing to ask, so why do we feel bad asking???

<ponders too many deep thoughts for a Tues afternoon...>

faeriemum Tue 14-Nov-06 13:57:16

i know flamesparrow....i hate it when someone doesnt ask for help when they are in need...i always try to do the best i can for there situation.....this is the first time i've admitted to failing this christmas......i cried abit.....but feel relieved that i am not alone.

i will start putting 50p a week away starting in january!

Caribbeanqueen Tue 14-Nov-06 13:57:49

Would love to help, as have been moved by some mners' stories. Will email.

AitchTwoOh Tue 14-Nov-06 13:59:28

okay, i know that This Morning does a thing like this every year and i always end off buying something for a 13 year-old boy as they seem to run short of those kind of things...
are there any holes in the system so far?
do you need contributions to a postage fund?

noddyholder Tue 14-Nov-06 14:00:32

I am going to look through our things tonight and will email xxGreat idea soapbox

MrsChristmasboo Tue 14-Nov-06 14:01:30

I can donate a voucher so someone can buy their lo something from them. If thats ok.

pudding77 Tue 14-Nov-06 14:02:08

Hi soapbox, think this is a great idea & have just emailed you x

lazycow Tue 14-Nov-06 14:02:29

Is it just me or is the email address not working?
My email to soapbox@yahoo.co.uk keeps coming back undelivered. Have I got the address wrong?

faeriemum Tue 14-Nov-06 14:02:58

i have her email addy as joycemgrant at yahoo dot co dot uk

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 14:05:21


It's soapbox1964 that's why lazycow. Or the joyce one presumably..

lazycow Tue 14-Nov-06 14:05:47


Mellowma Tue 14-Nov-06 14:06:15

Message withdrawn

pinkranger Tue 14-Nov-06 14:08:20

what a great idea, -will email you. x

lanismum Tue 14-Nov-06 14:08:41

I will contribute, will prob pick up a voucher next time im in Argos/Woolies,will email you now soapbox, lovely idea

got stuff
will email

FABULOUS idea!!!!

RanToTheHills Tue 14-Nov-06 14:09:57

lovely thought.
Faerie mum and others - so you feel you have "failed" at Christmas! Do you mean spending on presents? If so, surely Christmas should be much more than spending money - so if you're giving your kids your time and having fun with them, what can be better? You haven't failed at all if you've done that!
I know it is easy to say but the best things for kids are often free, aren't they? family walks, cooking together etc.
Personally, bah humbug, I think we should all spend so much less on Christmas. It's become an orgy of spending.

ComeOVeneer Tue 14-Nov-06 14:11:35

I'm in too. Not sure what I may have at home to contribute, but will certainly do a gift voucher if I don't have anything suitable. Emailing now.

yorkshirelass79 Tue 14-Nov-06 14:13:39

Message withdrawn

rickman Tue 14-Nov-06 14:15:34

Message withdrawn

dmo Tue 14-Nov-06 14:22:09

i've e-mailed too got brand new books to give away

yorkshirelass79 Tue 14-Nov-06 14:23:41

Message withdrawn

yorkshirelass79 Tue 14-Nov-06 14:35:40

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 14-Nov-06 14:38:54

i am about to go through the kids toys, anything in good condition enough to send as gifts, i'll msg you soapy.

MrsBojangles Tue 14-Nov-06 14:41:45

emailed you soapbox

Quootiepie Tue 14-Nov-06 14:48:32

hi, sorry im being lazy, what can I do (giver)... is there an email? I dont have anything to actually give, but am more than happy to buy some things Is there a particular age? Sex?

Quootiepie Tue 14-Nov-06 14:53:52

sorry, found the email....

NomDePlume Tue 14-Nov-06 14:55:40

It's a good idea. Have you room for another contributor ?

IvortheEngine Tue 14-Nov-06 15:01:41

rickman I've just spotted this thread and have skimmed the first few and last few posts. I'll come back to it later. I consider you as a regular, you know, even though I don't think we've ever "spoken" on MN and I'm not on it that much. Please don't exclude yourself from being a receiver.

tamum Tue 14-Nov-06 15:04:12

I'd be more than happy to help, but only if rickman realises that she is a well-known MNer and stops being such a silly

PinkTinsel Tue 14-Nov-06 15:05:00

i've e-mailed soapbox already but thought i'd fess up as a receiver here too. i'm another one that's failed spectacularly this year, dp and i have been clinging to the hope that he'd get work before then (fat chance, he's been looking for 1 1/2 years already) but it doesn't look like it'll happen, and even if it does we're so far behind on the rent with the landlord breathing down our necks that it wouldn't do much good.

thank you to all you kind generous people who've offered to give gifts. this thread made me cry several times today already. i'd almost forgotton there are truely kind and generous people in the world.

lockets Tue 14-Nov-06 15:07:51

I have mailed you too Soap, have some clothes that are unworn. Should toys be new? I have an abundance of unused toys [mainly peekablocks] here.

elliepmummy Tue 14-Nov-06 15:08:26

great idea will have a look through all the stocking fillers etc i hae bought as far to many for my dd and e mail tonight. Well done for doing this soapbox

satine Tue 14-Nov-06 15:10:51

I'll happily buy/contribute
I'll email you now with my details.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 15:13:57

I also had a expression at rickman not being well known!!!

ProfYaffle Tue 14-Nov-06 15:22:54

What a fab idea, I'm sure I've got tons of stuff. Will sort through for postable items tomorrow while dd is at nursery and then e-mail you Soapbox.

welshmum Tue 14-Nov-06 15:26:05

Count me in too. It would be lovely to help someone out. Have emailed too.

prettymum Tue 14-Nov-06 15:26:59

i'd like to contribute
have emailed you soap box

mumof3teens Tue 14-Nov-06 15:40:14

I would like to contribute too. What a truly great idea. this is really what Christmas should be all about. My Ds3 is 13 now so the toys would be for older children. Can immediately think of several action men, books etc in good condition. Will email soapbox.

Creena Tue 14-Nov-06 15:50:13

This is such a wonderful idea. I really want to get involved as a contributor. I've only been posting for a couple of months though, so I hope that this doesn't mean I can't join in as I'm not regular enough.

I don't really have anything to pass on but I'm more than happy to buy something or give vouchers so that parents can buy the present and give it themselves. Vouchers for food are also not a problem.

I've emailed you at the 'joyce' address, soapbox - I really hope that I can get involved. This is exactly what Christmas is all about.

me23 Tue 14-Nov-06 15:55:32

what a fab idea have emailed you!

sunchowder Tue 14-Nov-06 15:57:38

This is so nice of you Soapbox!

Am happy to help! sewing _ mad _ mum@hotmail.com take out the spaces!

Duh! seen email - Have emailed you soapbox

corrina28 Tue 14-Nov-06 16:06:01

Coutn me in, have shown this thread to ds1 who is 7 he is now in his bedroom looking for toys n stuff to donate.

suedonim Tue 14-Nov-06 16:06:11

I'd like to contribute, have just emailed you.

Coolmama Tue 14-Nov-06 16:06:28

Hi soapbox - hats off to you for such a great idea - have emailed you.

Rickman is famous in MN SN circles!! And generally well known/popular!

hiya soapy

It will be difficult for me to send any of the toys that I have or get vouchers but what I have got (somewhere) is a quite a few first class stamps that are no use to me anymore. I will happily send you those for use towards postage of anything you need to forward on, my mum is coming over thursday so I will give them to her and she can send them to you if they will be any help.

have been in the position in the past of needing and luckily for me receiving help and I know just how much it meant to me

rustybear Tue 14-Nov-06 16:16:52

I will check to see what I have & email you - lovely idea!

sassy Tue 14-Nov-06 16:18:57

Well done soapy, fab idea.

Have emailed to contribute.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 16:19:37

Helen - that is really kind!

I think we'll add your stamps to the gift lists if that's okay?

titchy Tue 14-Nov-06 16:31:48

Have also emailed to contribute!

ellasmum1 Tue 14-Nov-06 16:42:13

Hi, have emailed as I would also love to contribute, this type of thing makes me feel so happy and warm inside!!

tessasmum Tue 14-Nov-06 16:49:16

Count me in too.
Will have a sort out/think and email tomorrow

Have emailed you a list of (small) offerings Soapy x

KBear Tue 14-Nov-06 17:02:35

Hi soapbox - what a lovely idea, the true spirit of Christmas. If you would like a hand on a post office run when all the parcels are in I could easily have a drive over to you one day and help out. Just say the word.


Mercy Tue 14-Nov-06 17:04:19

Will email you later soapbox. I think I will go with a voucher for food, but can only get one from either Sainsbury's or M&S. Hopefully one of the recipients will have one of these nearby.

I'd also like to nominate someone, I'm sure with your many contacts on here you would be able find out the address

notnigella Tue 14-Nov-06 17:04:31

lovely idea, my baby ds still loves all his toys but would be happy to conribute with vouchers or something...

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 17:06:30

Just had another look at my emails - how happy am I

Keep them coming though - especially the nominations (but I do need postal addresses for there).

Soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

************ADVICE REQUIRED*************************

If someone has been nominated but they don't have a postal address for the person - would the potential recipient be offended if I dropped them an email telling them that they had been nominated (without say who had nominated them) and could they email their address - or would that be too pushy?

What do you think?

iota Tue 14-Nov-06 17:07:16

I'm in - will email

lemonaid Tue 14-Nov-06 17:10:34

I would hope it would be OK... but then I'm one of those who sent you nominations with no postal addresses, so I'm a bit biased

comebacksummer Tue 14-Nov-06 17:15:37

would love to help- every year my DD1 has a clear out for the church collection for the hospitals and orphanages, and she's already got a collection of soft toys she wants to donate- I hope you've got some little ones who would love a cuddly for Chrimbo- will email you
Thanks so much for thinking of this and for taking the time to organise it!

ludaloo Tue 14-Nov-06 17:16:55

I would mail them soap...otherwise how do you get details...I'm sure they wouldn't be offended..I expect they'd be very grateful.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 17:29:42


Rhubarb Tue 14-Nov-06 17:30:53

I'll be happy to send a few stamps too.

rickman Tue 14-Nov-06 17:31:17

Message withdrawn

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 17:43:07


faeriemum Tue 14-Nov-06 17:52:13

soapy did u get my email?

ShinyHappyStarOfBethlehem Tue 14-Nov-06 17:55:09

Rickman, only nice things.. and Fio loves you.. that is good enough for me

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 17:59:32

Faeriesmum - yes!

I am at work atm and I need to develop my standard form before replying to anyone! Will try and do it this evening and send email tomorrow night

tamum Tue 14-Nov-06 18:05:46

Soapbox, I think you'd have to word it very carefully not to offend people. I know you would handle it very well, but I kind of feel it would be better if it was the people nominating who contacted the nominees to check, otherwise it's a bit "oh, someone said you were poor", kind of thing. It would be much more valid to have the views of people who have offered to be recipients though

CheeryGarcia Tue 14-Nov-06 18:26:52

I'm in, and bumping... have e-mailed

EmmyLou Tue 14-Nov-06 18:34:33

Would love to help - will email you soapbox.

batters Tue 14-Nov-06 18:35:55

soapbox, what a fab, fab idea, thank you for doing this.

I'm with blu on the vouchers.

I'll email you.

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 18:36:05

Tamum - that is exactly what I am a bit worried about!

Compounded by the fact that one or two people who have been nominated have also asked to be givers[sob] How generous is that?

tamum Tue 14-Nov-06 18:38:43

That is wonderful, isn't it? Gosh, it's hard to know what's best.

Californifrau Tue 14-Nov-06 18:38:49

gosh this is lovely.

LadyOfTheFlowersIs1Baby1Bump Tue 14-Nov-06 18:44:37

golly, i'm sat her with tears rolling down. it amazes me how people help each other out so when most of us dont even know each other....
don't mean to be thick but do i have to be nominated by someone to receive a gift? i'm sure most on here know we are struggling after my thread about the consumer credit counselling service. had my interview today btw- didnt go well. bankruptcy is on the cards.

feel worse now than before i called.

mummyhill Tue 14-Nov-06 18:45:44

Have emailed you. I have stuff I can send the postage won't break the bank but trying to get even a fraction of what dd wants this year might.

flamesparrow Tue 14-Nov-06 19:16:24

I wouldn't think that someone said oh, look she's poor, more that I'd be touched that they cared enough to notice I might be in need.

Jelley Tue 14-Nov-06 19:17:35

LOTF email Soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk and she will get back to you for more details...

madmarchhare Tue 14-Nov-06 19:18:41

Have emailed you Soapy.

JackieNo Tue 14-Nov-06 19:19:08

You don't have to be 'nominated' (and you don't even have to post on here if you don't want to) - just email soapbox.

Scootergirl Tue 14-Nov-06 19:26:01

Fab idea. Have emailed with details.You should all be proud, especially lovely Soapbox.

Jelley Tue 14-Nov-06 19:28:20

I've pointed the people I wanted to nominate in the direction of this thread in the hope that they will nominate themselves, so avoiding the whole "how can soapbox contact them" issue.

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Tue 14-Nov-06 19:28:52

LOF as I understand it, no, put yourself forward!

Have mailed you soapy (giver) but email is bouncing but then I am incompetant...

let me try again.

mustrunmore Tue 14-Nov-06 19:36:09

I've got a few stocking filler sized bits; will email you

danceswithmonkeys Tue 14-Nov-06 19:46:04

I'm in. I've e-mailed you. If you need any help with the running of this operation let me know what I can do!

notnigella Tue 14-Nov-06 19:51:51

soapbox, my mail bounced back....

notnigella Tue 14-Nov-06 19:52:23

ignore previous, i sent to dot com not co uk

avegatrix Tue 14-Nov-06 19:53:29

emailing you soapbox. what a great idea.

bucksmum Tue 14-Nov-06 20:00:05

Count me in I have some M & S vouchers I can send

Aimsmum Tue 14-Nov-06 20:03:03

Message withdrawn

tinshoes Tue 14-Nov-06 20:03:04

great idea. emailed you soapbox.

venusinfurs Tue 14-Nov-06 20:07:05

You are a lovely person. I'm in! Will have a think. Can give lots of books if that helps? Adult and children's?

venusinfurs Tue 14-Nov-06 20:08:40

Oh and I have Tesco vouchers to offer too.

earlysbird Tue 14-Nov-06 20:17:17

fab idea will email you!

crunchie Tue 14-Nov-06 20:29:38

done and bump

giraffeski Tue 14-Nov-06 20:31:16

Message withdrawn

nikkie Tue 14-Nov-06 20:31:28

I will have a root out stuff, should have something, prob girls 3-7 ish won't be anything much just stocking fillers though

NorksBride Tue 14-Nov-06 21:09:37

Nice one Soapbox.

I have loads of new stuff in unopened boxes that I'll gladly post on, regardless of the postage costs. I'll prepare a list and email you later in the week.

lemonaid Tue 14-Nov-06 21:24:48

Another bump... Soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

poshgirlformerlymaggiesmama Tue 14-Nov-06 21:26:47

occured tome today that adding in some wrap paperand ribbons etc going spare might also be good, as these are so very expensive

poshgirlformerlymaggiesmama Tue 14-Nov-06 21:27:06

to me, even

sophable Tue 14-Nov-06 21:30:26

just said to dh 'oh god, i think i shoudl do this'

his reply. you HAVE TO DO THIS. and i really like that woman that first posted (that'll be you soapy).

so i'm in...whatdoido?

lemonaid Tue 14-Nov-06 21:33:19

Email soapy and she'll email you back, probably tomorrow.

EmmyLou Tue 14-Nov-06 21:45:45

Soapbox - keep having my emails bounced back to me. Will keep trying but if you get the chance, my email is em dot wright @ media80 dot net

Happy to donate / buy a gift on someone's behalf etc

Miaou Tue 14-Nov-06 21:48:59

What a fantastic, wonderful idea

Soapbox, you are a wonderful person!!!

misdee Tue 14-Nov-06 21:56:53

i have emialed now.

lemonaid Tue 14-Nov-06 22:08:18


soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 22:19:02

Well this is proving to be very humbling really!

I have already had a stonking 140 emails - in one day! It really is amazing and between all of us - givers and receivers - we are going to put some smiles on faces on Christmas morning, we really are

Because there are a lot of emails to get through, I am going to email out to those who wish to receive first of all, to get fuller details of what they might want.

Once I have dealt with those, I will email those that wish to give - so if you don't hear back from me straight away, don't panic

A little plea from me though

Since I open my emails at work, can I ask those of you who wish to receive some christmas cheer not to feel you have to justify that in any way! Lets just say there were a few moments today at work, when I had to shut the door of my office, grab some tissues and have a good old howl! But mascara face is not a good look IYKWIM

Keep those emails coming - soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

lockets Tue 14-Nov-06 22:21:08

If you need any help sorting etc Soapbox then I am willing happy to .

hunkermunker Tue 14-Nov-06 22:22:17


Soapy, you're bloody lovely, you know that?

I haven't got anything I can send, but I could probably get an extra present for a child who's of an age where they're more interested in the paper...!

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 22:22:28

Emmylou - have emailed you

Rhubarb Tue 14-Nov-06 22:25:45

You know, I have a Boots Advantage card from 2004, I just checked and it's got £5 of points on it, could I convert that to a voucher? If so then I'd like to donate that. I know it's not much, but it's something I didn't know I had before so I might as well give it to someone who would make use of it.

EmmyLou Tue 14-Nov-06 22:28:59

Thanks Soapy but there must be something up with my out going email as got your fine but had reply bounced back. Will skype dh for advice tomorrow as I am technical dunce.

Flossam Tue 14-Nov-06 22:29:22

Is there a deadline? I can't do a lot before the end of the month but I have been promised 8 months worth of backpay this month so I hope I could spare something then if thats not too late.

nikkie Tue 14-Nov-06 22:30:06

you could buy something with it not sure about converting?or buy 3 things for £2.50 in the 3 for 2?

Rhubarb Tue 14-Nov-06 22:31:03

Oh, thought I could stick it in a machine and get a voucher or something?

Could I not pass it onto someone?

ilovedolly Tue 14-Nov-06 22:33:56

so the real spirit of Christmas does still exist (feels warm glow and hopes can find something nice with which to participate)

lemonaid Tue 14-Nov-06 22:34:03

soapy's suggestion (from earlier in thread):

"Anyone who can send gifts or who wishes to receive them (or nominations) must reach me by 24th November. I will respond with a standard short email requesting more details.

I will draw up a mahoosive spreadsheet to match givers and receivers and will email details to the givers by the 29th November.

If you are asked to send to me, then you will need to do so by 8th December. If asked to send directly to the recipient then you must do so by 15th December. "

Rhubarb Tue 14-Nov-06 22:45:17

Does anyone know if I can pass on an Advantage card then? Or is that a really crap idea? I'll just buy something with it shall I?

nikkie Tue 14-Nov-06 22:51:42

the card would have your details on but I think If you went to a machine you could change that then pass iton?

2nervesleft Tue 14-Nov-06 22:52:22

I'm in. DD has just had 5th birthday and had quite a few duplicates. Will email soapbox. What a great idea and a kind heart you have soapy.

tortoise Tue 14-Nov-06 23:08:58

Ive emailed.

plibble Tue 14-Nov-06 23:11:51

I've emailed you Soapy. What an utterly lovely idea.

plibble Tue 14-Nov-06 23:11:52

I've emailed you Soapy. What an utterly lovely idea.

Saturn74 Tue 14-Nov-06 23:13:20

Great idea - happy to send a pressie. Will email Soapy.

Gingerbear Tue 14-Nov-06 23:13:58

What a truly warm-hearted and kind thing to do Soapbox.
I shall email you right now.

Fattymumma Tue 14-Nov-06 23:14:35

what a great idea.

i wouldn't be able to offer anything new but would be more than happy to sort through DD's outgrown clothes to pass on. there are a couple of lovely christmas dresses that she has never worn.

will go check the sizes and email you, what a beautifull thing to do soapy.

Flossam Tue 14-Nov-06 23:15:36

Oh, didn't see that sorry. I'll have a look around at homre but not having a garentee about what I will get or if at all even means I can't really offer much. SB - perhaps I can email you after pay day if I am able and if anyone was still lacking something I could try and accomodate?

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 23:17:40

Oh this is definitely not about me

This is all about all of you - givers and receivers!

I'm just a list monitor

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 23:18:18

Oh this is definitely not about me

This is all about all of you - givers and receivers!

I'm just a list monitor

Gingerbear Tue 14-Nov-06 23:18:50

Yes, but YOU were the one who had the thought in the first place!

rickman Tue 14-Nov-06 23:20:53

Message withdrawn

soapbox Tue 14-Nov-06 23:20:55

Floss - I am sure that anything will be gratefully received - please don't stretch yourself at a tricky time of year

magicmummy Tue 14-Nov-06 23:28:35

Have loads of bits I could contribute. Will e-mail you Soapbox.
If there's anything I can do to help you with this, please let me know.

Regarding the Boots Advantage Card - anyone can take the advantage card into boots and buy something to the value of points that is on the card (it doesn't have to be the person who the card is registered to). So donating the boots card would be a lovely idea, or as someone else suggested, buying some gifts with it to post on.

Saturn74 Wed 15-Nov-06 00:16:05

Just a little bump.

MarsLady Wed 15-Nov-06 00:18:28

Soapy.... what a great idea.

I'm happy to buy an extra gift or two. Am shopping in a few hours so will attempt to find your email addy and hope you reply before I leave.

Though of course I could just buy 2 random toys and tell you what I've got and you can match them to the receiver!

Now I do hope to see someone start another AND THIS IS WHY I BLOODY LOVE MUMSNET (please note the deliberate capitals) thread.

Will attempt to read the million and seventeen posts that have happened since the OP.

wabbitt Wed 15-Nov-06 00:33:55

More tears here Soapy - I'll e-mail you tomorrow when I can write without tear blurred vision...

I love MN - it's been my friend since having ds, I lurk far more than I write, this just confirms what a wonderful community it is

Well done Soapbox - such a lovely, lovely gift of your time and energy xxx

poptot Wed 15-Nov-06 00:54:54

I've got boys clothes and a nice coat 18-24m, I've also got lots of nice girly pink party type clothes 5-6,6-7, I could do books,videos and I'm sure I can find more bits, barbies, cars etc. I'll email you.

ZacharyQuack Wed 15-Nov-06 01:45:16

What a lovely idea. I've emailed you, Soapbox.

arfishymeau Wed 15-Nov-06 02:41:26

Hi Soapy. I'll help out, what a great idea.

If there's anybody whose DC would like something particularly Aussie let me know ok? Koalas, Neighbours, Tim-Tams, Vegemite (<bleagh>), Steve Irwin, Wiggles, Hi-5 etc.

arfishymeau Wed 15-Nov-06 02:42:56

....Kangaroo scrotum purse.....

jollymum Wed 15-Nov-06 06:35:11

Hi, (teary) brilliant ides. Was feeling so sad this morning about my DS1 (stole from me yesterday) and wondered how to cope and get through the day smiling. I teach little ones and it's hard to smile all day! THIS thread has given me back my faith and I want to help. Mn's you are truly the best!Will e-mail Soapy now

sockmonkey Wed 15-Nov-06 08:23:23

I have emailed you Soapy. Thank you so much for a brilliant idea

big hugs from a "needy" MNer

MrsMills Wed 15-Nov-06 08:40:47

Have emailed you, getting excited now.

harktheheraldfoxessing Wed 15-Nov-06 08:46:27

Soapbox, you are a star

Will have a look and e-mail you

munz Wed 15-Nov-06 08:48:59

are you still looking for people to send gifts in? we don't have much this year but we have more than most, I can't afford to spare too much but would be more than happy to help out a little one this xmas

princessmel Wed 15-Nov-06 09:50:46

Have emailed you Soapy. I have a duplicate gift that someone would love.

MrsMuddle Wed 15-Nov-06 10:12:25

I've emailed you.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 15-Nov-06 10:16:59

Have emailed you .

soapbox Wed 15-Nov-06 10:23:34

Well I am now up to 170 emails - isn't that great?

I have had the most amazing offers of help and some lovely emails from hardpressed mums who are so relieved that they are going to get a bit of a helping hand this year!

I have had quite a few nominations (but more welcomed) and many of these are not because they feel the person they wish to nominate is on her uppers - but because they want them to know that people on MN are thinking of them at Christmas time - and the same names have come up time and time again, showing how well loved some of these MNetter are

Now to the subject of lurkers! I have had quite a few emails from lurkers offering to help out - now, as much as I love that they are willing to help, what is that about - get on the threads and get posting

I'm spending today (apart from working) getting the emails all sorted out and I will be sending some CATs to nominees who I do not have addresses for!

In the meantime - any more givers or receivers can email me on:

soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk

soapbox Wed 15-Nov-06 10:45:46


flamesparrow Wed 15-Nov-06 10:48:59

I love the sound of those not asking for help getting it

MerlinsBeard Wed 15-Nov-06 10:52:06

can we nomintae MNetters to be recievers of something small? I know a few taht could do with knowing someone is thinking of them at this time of year. Is that right?

flamesparrow Wed 15-Nov-06 10:54:57

<hijack - MoM - its your msn that is playing up>

iris66 Wed 15-Nov-06 10:56:10

what a wonderful idea I've e-mailed

MerlinsBeard Wed 15-Nov-06 10:59:07

<<mini hijack - sorry soapbox....I will try and fix it later on, gtg get DS1 shortly and my dad coming over, hope i didn't ruin your hearing with the tunes >>

LittleSarah Wed 15-Nov-06 10:59:30

Great idea

FIMBO Wed 15-Nov-06 11:06:05

Have just emailed you Soapy!

Beelliesebub Wed 15-Nov-06 11:08:03

Count me in ....emailing now

soapbox Wed 15-Nov-06 11:28:48


Brilliant idea Soapy - will eamil you.

jackncharliesmummy Wed 15-Nov-06 11:38:17

Soapbox -i have emailed you nominating someone. i am a lurker (im sucha lurker i had to reregister as i couldn't remember my details)

anyway, i hope you don't discount the person i recommended because i am not very prolific, i really think that this person would be so very gratefull and it would mean a lot.

just wanted to say congratulations on a truley wonderfull idea and i hope that many many kids get an extra special gift this year...it wont be the value, it will be the thought behind it.

and i am sure you will be pleased to know that this thread is so amazing that after 6 months of lurking and speaking to people off board, this is my first ever post!

so thank you soapbox.

soapbox Wed 15-Nov-06 11:40:23

jncmummy - I can assure you that no nominations are going to be overlooked

Nice to see you posting - go on, go and find some threads to post on

DebbsyandBibby Wed 15-Nov-06 11:53:24

ill give i have a spare musical cot mobile i would gladly send to someone brand new let me know who to send it too and ill do it asap (as baby due in 11 days

What a lovely thing to do. I will give something. Will email soapbox

tortoiseshell Wed 15-Nov-06 12:17:45

soapbox, will email you as a contributor - lovely lovely idea.

DebbsyandBibby Wed 15-Nov-06 12:18:02

my stupid tiscali e mail isnt working again could you email me please deboliver@tiscali.co.uk

hoxtonchick Wed 15-Nov-06 12:19:05

very happy to contribute soapy, i'll e-mail you. what a lovely idea.

ssd Wed 15-Nov-06 12:34:48

have e-mailed you soapbox.

thank you so much for this thread.

ssd x x x x

Dottydot Wed 15-Nov-06 12:42:44

I've e-mailed - can offer to send some stamps to help with postage if that's any good?!

puddytats Wed 15-Nov-06 12:44:16

I don't know if this has been added as i have not read the entire thread but here goes.
I make jewellery. I would love to send some to adult mumsnetters who will also be missing out this year. I have received so much support from people here and would love to give something back.

Simplyred Wed 15-Nov-06 12:45:27

Hello - love to help - emailed but got a mail failure notice?

mummydoc Wed 15-Nov-06 12:48:51

am crying reading this , i have already over bought for my 2 and will be emailing a very long list today of gifts we would love to send on, what about clothes , i have stacks still with labels in , every LO should have a new outfit for christmas day!!

munz Wed 15-Nov-06 12:49:01

just emailed you.

faeriemum Wed 15-Nov-06 12:50:22

mummydoc...you've put the panic back into me again!

soapbox Wed 15-Nov-06 12:52:11

Faeriesmum - no need to panic

wanderingstar Wed 15-Nov-06 12:52:57

Soapbox I've emailed you too; would like to contribute.

suedonim Wed 15-Nov-06 13:02:43

Should I have had a reply by now, Soapbox?? Am not hassling you, honest, you may be snowed under!

soapbox Wed 15-Nov-06 13:07:54

Seudonim - No - not yet

TBH - I will probably only be emailing receivers or nominees for the next couple of days. It's pointless to start emailing the givers until I have an idea of what people really need

The really good news is that we've just broken the 200 emails point! You are fabulous people

venusinfurs Wed 15-Nov-06 13:08:45

Soapy, my email has bounced back too, with a weird message that 'this person does not have a yahoo account' which you clearly do!
Will CAT you with my email details anyway.
I went to bed last night feeling so uplifted by this thread, both by you for starting it, and everyone else for joining in. MN rocks!

Furball Wed 15-Nov-06 13:15:51

email = soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk not com as originally posted

Booboobedoo Wed 15-Nov-06 13:26:42

Was just going to lurk and e-mail, but after Soapbox's post have decided come out and say how fantastic this is.

It's not only great for those who need the prezzies, it gives us a chance to feel all warm and fuzzy in the manner of A Christmas Carol.

Everyone's a winner, see?

And don't say you're just a list-maker Soapbox. This is going to be hard work, and you've volunteered a lot of your time and energy.

Raggydoll Wed 15-Nov-06 13:27:46

I have emailed you with a list of stuff I have - i'm excited already everyone having such as great christmas

berrycherry Wed 15-Nov-06 13:28:51

what a lovely idea! will email you

venusinfurs Wed 15-Nov-06 13:29:29

Oh, thanks Furball!

lornaloo Wed 15-Nov-06 13:33:29

Have emailed you soapbox.

Kittypickle Wed 15-Nov-06 13:52:19

Lovely idea, have emailed you.

flamesparrow Wed 15-Nov-06 13:53:44

The more I read this thread, the more I end up sobbing...

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 15-Nov-06 13:53:59

I have emailed you with a nomination Soapy


ssd Wed 15-Nov-06 14:04:24

me too, flame..........................

TiggersBestFriend Wed 15-Nov-06 14:09:22

What a great idea. I am very new to mumsnet and more than happy to help in any way. DS is only 13 weeks so don't have much that he has finished with yet but would be happy to buy a voucher or extra present to forward to someone. I remember growing up in a single parent family and having some pretty sparse christmases - fish fingers and beans for one christmas dinner!

agalch Wed 15-Nov-06 14:14:34

Have emailed you Soapbox.I lost my money in farepak buti have managed to buy what i need for my lot(being a wee bit frugal for a change lol)so would like to give something to make a better Christmas for someone else

munz Wed 15-Nov-06 14:16:05

want to keep this bumping up it's such a fab thing to be doing soapy, personally i'd rather share a little all around than us have lots and someone else have nothing

flamesparrow Wed 15-Nov-06 14:21:01

I love the idea of the jewellery for the adults - possibly for those who got nominated? Or is that an odd way to decide?

Heavenis Wed 15-Nov-06 14:22:49

I was wondering would it be possible for people to donate small amounts of money and then a gift vouchers be bought and sent on.
I'll e-mail you anyway.

TLV Wed 15-Nov-06 14:23:46

yes will join in too need to get rid of some toy and will sort out some clothes too

sunnysideup Wed 15-Nov-06 14:33:02

This is a fab idea, I will e-mail asap. I have been learning to knit this year and have a couple of baby hats and am just finishing a baby jacket, I wonder if this is going to be any use as well as a bought present, which I will of course send...

TLV Wed 15-Nov-06 14:40:33

soapbox i've just emailed you i'm so pleased i read this thread

flamesparrow Wed 15-Nov-06 14:43:37

I don't know about anyone else - But I love the sound of the made presents even more than the bought ones.

The Lola dolls, the hand knitted baby hats, the jewellery.... it all sounds really nice and personal.

AttillaTheHan Wed 15-Nov-06 14:48:46

Have emailed. Great idea Soapbox

mummydoc Wed 15-Nov-06 15:01:57

so sorry for panic fm - didn't mean to upset anyone, just meant my comment in nicest way to try to prompt people who have loads of spare clothes to send an outfit with the gift, thought it owuld be nice for the dm ( dear mummies ) to have anice outfit to dress hteir lo's in at christmas, but looking back it might seem a little tactless and i really do apologise.

sarahinphuket Wed 15-Nov-06 15:04:32

I would love to send some things.... I am happy to send a box of stuff from here in Thailand....but I don't know if children would think that presents from Thailand are weird or cool! Lol
what do you think?

Mhamai Wed 15-Nov-06 15:21:17

Soapbox what a beautiful idea, I have tried to mail you but it keeps bouncing back, I'm coming to the meet up on Saturday so maybe I could give some vouchers to someone there to pass on to you.

I'd stopped enjoying Christmas the last few years as I thought the true spirit of it had all but gone but this has renewed my faith and I'm really going to enjoy Christmas this year so thank you Soapbox for your gift to us all. xx

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Wed 15-Nov-06 15:35:51

Im so glad Im not the only one who keeps crying at this.

It really is a wonderful thing to do, and all you givers - what amazing people you are.

I will pray very hard for each and every one of you tonight. xxx

lemonaid Wed 15-Nov-06 15:50:18

Bump, and reminder that email = soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk (not com as originally posted)

faeriemum Wed 15-Nov-06 15:58:25

mummydoc, you didnt say anything out of line at all! hugs it just reminded me that ds would have outgrown his very cute outfit from last year.....why dont these things last..... children growing all the time, how inconsiderate of them!!

I was wondering if perhaps those of us who dont really have anything we can send can 'pair up' with someone who has stuff to send and pay the postal charges that way we can contribute as well what do you think? payperdrop are only £5.99 I wouldnt mind doing this

munz Wed 15-Nov-06 16:29:28

that's a good idea HHM.

would anyone want a box of xmas cookies in with their parcel? i'm doing some for the GP's so it's only an extra egg in the pot so to speak!

Micku5 Wed 15-Nov-06 16:47:12



BettySpaghetti Wed 15-Nov-06 17:26:31

What an amazing and thoughtful thing to do -Soapbox, you are a star!

I will have a look through the "present cupboard" etc and email you

all4girlz Wed 15-Nov-06 17:28:47

bump will e-mail you later lovely idea lovely person soapy to think of it and to give your time

comebacksummer Wed 15-Nov-06 17:42:53

Hi soapy- just another thought, if there are really specific gifts that some one would dearly love to give their little one(s) this Christmas, is it worth you making a list on this thread.. I know I've offered toys and vouchers but I'd also be more than happy to go out and buy something specific if it would really light up someone's Christmas... might be easier that way too.. if you could list what's asked for we can respond if we can get it for them?
Sorry that's longwinded... been thinking about this all day.. we are so lucky that our budget stretches to a Christmas where I don't have to penny-watch.. I feel so awful for those that do

Pinkchampagne Wed 15-Nov-06 17:58:56

What a lovely thing to do.

I buy various toys through the year to use for birthday parties. I would be very happy to donate some new toys.
I will have a look to see what I have & will then e mail you.


muppet3 Wed 15-Nov-06 18:15:24

I've emailed you, Soapbox - count me in. And thanks so much for organising this - it's exactly what mumsnet can be so good for

fullmoonfiend Wed 15-Nov-06 18:29:12

Am eamialing you Soapy - well done you !

FrannyandZucchini Wed 15-Nov-06 18:31:56

Am I sad to be getting excited waiting for Soapy to tell us what to send?

I do hope anyone who is finding it tough or just thinking that a little bit extra would help, will put themselves on the recipients list.

AitchTwoOh Wed 15-Nov-06 18:41:25

i'm happy to get something new or get tokens or contribute to a postage fund, whatever's best. postage fund-wise, you could set up a wee paypal account or we could buy stamps and post them to you.
dd is too young yet to have any stuff worth donating, plus i don't like her having new stuff really so most of our stuff has already served its time and isn't really donatable...

faeriemum Wed 15-Nov-06 18:49:32

am i to email soapy with what we need? golly i feel really crappy doing that...
havent heard from soapy yet

Gillian76 Wed 15-Nov-06 18:57:37

No F&Z I am excited too!

satinshoes Wed 15-Nov-06 19:10:23

Soapbox - Just so you know, I changed my name a teensy bit from tinshoes. The tin was making my feet sore . I have emailed you though yesterday as tinshoes so you have my addy to contact me anyway.

Bumpity bump bump bump

have just emailed soapbox - suggest you do too!

*Soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk*

FrannyandZucchini Wed 15-Nov-06 19:24:24

Oooh Dimpled - by 'eck your thighs look gorgeous

chonky Wed 15-Nov-06 19:42:23

Just mailed you soapy. Lovely, lovely idea.

fartoobuzzi Wed 15-Nov-06 19:47:08

I'm new to MN and would like to contribute. Just emailed you. Great idea.

soapbox Wed 15-Nov-06 19:48:31

Still at work[grrrr]

Only CATS went today - so the nominees should have had an email - but only if someone hasn't already decided to give me their RL address so we can play really secret santa on them

I'm giving away as little as possible on this thread!

I think surprises are great - don't you...

morningpaper Wed 15-Nov-06 19:53:07

Another idea - DVDs - always useful at christmas and I always have a few banging around

I've been tossing loads of unloved toys in the washing machine and tumble drier - most have come out PRISTINE (some appeared to have dissolved hmm) so they will be passed on

Coolmama Wed 15-Nov-06 19:54:49

I did say, in earlier e-mail to soapy, that I was happy to do christmas crackers but I don't know if you can post them. Anyone?

nannyme Wed 15-Nov-06 20:01:15

Oh My God!

I just had an email from soapbox.

I am overjoyed! Not replied yet as not sure how it works with me being in the UK and stuff...but anyway, just the idea that somebody recognised things were a bit miserable here for us is enough!

Thank you all sooo much - you are all so generous and kind and lovely and FLUFFY!

x 1000000

Raggydoll Wed 15-Nov-06 20:01:22

mummydoc mentioned clothes for christmas day - please could the recipients include dress size - thanks

AitchTwoOh Wed 15-Nov-06 20:01:32

faeriemum, think of it as a wish list rather than a want list. no need to feel crappy, you're helping a lot of people to feel a lot better about christmas here, it's all become so commodified and commercialised. why don't you just say the ages of the children and the kind of thing they're into and if there's one thing they have their heart particularly set on? something like that, anyway?

Raggydoll Wed 15-Nov-06 20:03:29

sorry soapy - don't wont to overcomplicate things but we have tons of nice clothes for a little bot age 2 or a little girl age 1

Crystaltips Wed 15-Nov-06 20:23:35

Good girl soapy ...

have just emailed you

Well Done Hun xxx

PeachyClair Wed 15-Nov-06 20:35:00

Have e-mailed you

well done you

Rhubarb Wed 15-Nov-06 20:46:05

Just got email from Soapy! To whoever nominated me I would like to say thank you very much! But I'm in a far better position than other Mumsnetters on here. We don't have lots to spend, but we don't need it here, we'll have a great time at Christmas and the kids are lucky to have an extended family they will be getting presents from too.

So thank you very much indeed! But I feel the nomination should go to someone more deserving than me!

Rhubarb Wed 15-Nov-06 20:47:01

Just got email from Soapy! To whoever nominated me I would like to say thank you very much! But I'm in a far better position than other Mumsnetters on here. We don't have lots to spend, but we don't need it here, we'll have a great time at Christmas and the kids are lucky to have an extended family they will be getting presents from too.

So thank you very much indeed! But I feel the nomination should go to someone more deserving than me!

Rhubarb Wed 15-Nov-06 20:50:08

Just received an email from Soapy! To whoever nominated me, thank you very much but we're ok really! We don't have lots of money it's true, but that isn't important to us and we do manage ok. The children are lucky to have an extended family so they will have lots of presents!

Thank you so much but I think I shall pass my nomination onto someone more deserving!

Rhubarb Wed 15-Nov-06 20:51:44

Whoops, sorry about that! PC playing up today and I didn't think that had gone!

Nemo1977 Wed 15-Nov-06 20:54:03

Aww have had an email from soapy too and it is lovely to be nominated as we dont have much money etc but we were lucky this year that I got a maternity grant last week so was able to buy the DC a present. I am very grateful for having been nominated and yes we are skint but will only have to find money for the food/treat bits so its not as horrendous as we first thought.

FrannyandZucchini Wed 15-Nov-06 20:55:26

Rhubarb, I think the gifts are going not only to people who are struggling to make ends meet, but to people who have had a hard year for whatever reason, and who we want to show our appreciation for, by means of a little extra something at Christmas time

That's how I understand it, anyway

Rhubarb Wed 15-Nov-06 21:03:10

Well that's lovely Franny, really really nice and I'm not normally a sentimental or emotional person but you lot just melted the heart of this miserable cow!

I've put in a nomination myself and offered my paltry fiver on my old Boots advantage card. Buying someone a little something with that makes me happy. Reading this thread makes me happy. Being able to meet some of you this Sat makes me happy.

Now bugger orf before I drop my Northern toughness and start blubbering like a Southerner!

flamesparrow Wed 15-Nov-06 21:03:38

I understood it as that too F&Z

FrannyandZucchini Wed 15-Nov-06 21:04:01

Am looking forward to meeting you too, you old soft mare

crunchie Wed 15-Nov-06 21:06:32

For some people I guess a load of food vouchers would be great, was there a thread on the farepak hamper thing??

Quootiepie Wed 15-Nov-06 21:06:34

im confused... I email about giving, and got a CAT about being nominated for something? someone fill me in? Thanks! x

flamesparrow Wed 15-Nov-06 21:08:28

Awww Quootie - that means that someone thinks you are having a crappy time and they feel you deserve something

i just got an "nominee" email too and am incredibly touched.

thanks so much to the person who put me up.

things aren't great but as Rhubarb said, financially we shouldn't be too badly off and dd has extended family.

however, i'm honoured to have been nominated and as long as there isn't anyone more deserving i'd be delighted to receive something for dd.

i've also offered some items and nominated someone else so I'm really working this today!

again, thanks to Soapy and thanks to the lovely person who thougth of me, it really has touched my heart. i've only been here a few months.


magicmummy Wed 15-Nov-06 21:21:23

I also have some boys clothes that I can give - some new with tags, some as new.

faerie mum
what age is your ds ?

Quootiepie Wed 15-Nov-06 22:13:53

awwwwwwwwwww, thanks! your all so lovely!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Wed 15-Nov-06 22:32:14

Am I right in thinking it was only the nominated people who got emails today?

lemonaid Wed 15-Nov-06 22:36:31

It was nominated-people-who-soapy-doesn't-have-a-postal-address-for today...

LadyOfTheFlowersIs1Baby1Bump Wed 15-Nov-06 22:40:36

so not nominated-by-themselves-as-they-are-a-bit-poor today?

AitchTwoOh Wed 15-Nov-06 22:41:13

there was definitely someone who lost their farepak money, does soapy know who she is? has that been taken care of?

lemonaid Wed 15-Nov-06 22:41:34

Assuming you know your own postal address , no...

lemonaid Wed 15-Nov-06 22:42:25

I think the Farepak threads were the first port of call for the keen nominators...

nannyme Wed 15-Nov-06 22:43:13

Just wanting to add that I can offer my time in terms of helping organise stuff - searching online shops that deliver for cheapy gifts or whatever. I don't know how you are doing it. Maybe that doesn't work as I'm a potential recipient?

Anyway, I'd like to help if I can.

magicmummy Wed 15-Nov-06 22:45:11

Just a thought, but does anyone have any of the Daily Mail tokens for the 12 x Disney Classics PC Games ?
We could send off for those and distribute them....

Pinkchampagne Wed 15-Nov-06 22:54:00

Have mailed you, soapbox.

soapbox Thu 16-Nov-06 00:13:22

Okay - just back home - if I'm not careful Xenia will have to give me a lecture on Life/Work balance

So - isn't life wonderful?

Now it's not my place to get shirty as I am just the messenger - but, some people are seriously not playing the game, by depriving lots of people from playing Santa this year

If you have been nominated, then put simply, someone wants to send you something nice so please. please, please just humour them and play ball!

I will not intrude where help is not wanted - but please, if you will, for those of you who have turned down the offer of a gift, reconsider

Most of the posters who have responded offering help are keen that it goes wide rather than deep- so are keen for as many people as possible to get a little gift rather than a few to get loads!

Please trust me, there is plenty to go around!

So come on to those that have been nominated - just say YES

And truly, people have nominated for all sorts of reasons and it is most definitely not just those who are hard up!

And it is also Fess UP time

All the CATS I sent today - I forgot to get you to put your MN name on them - so I have a stack of emails back and for many of them I have no idea what your MN name is, so can't match you up to my list!

So please, if you can - send me your response again but this time include your MN name

I'm off for a glass of vino but you are all very much in my thoughts at the moment 24/7 as some of my collegues would say (puke emotion)!

It is proving to be hard to put down for me, really hard! Some of the requests for help, the stories behind the nominations and the real generousity of the givers will live with me for a very long time.

In truth I had no idea what I was taking on...

You really are the best- all of you

MarsLady Thu 16-Nov-06 00:26:11

Love ya Soapy

lemonaid Thu 16-Nov-06 07:30:57

A morning bump, and reminder that email = soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk (not com as originally posted)

Pinkchampagne Thu 16-Nov-06 07:41:18

The e mail I sent last night got thrown back at me for some reason.
I will try again later.

Pinkchampagne Thu 16-Nov-06 07:42:00

ahhh, just read post below - that will be why!!

Tutter Thu 16-Nov-06 07:46:01

soapy, can you confirm whether you receieved my em please - had a coupl of messages saying delivery was delayed - thanks

munz Thu 16-Nov-06 08:08:47

oh soapy, you thing, you've got me crying again at blinking 8am - this isn't on!

I've been tossing and turning all night wondering how best to answer your email, thank you to the wonderful MNetters who have nominated us in this household. it really does go beyond will email you back today soapy, and even thou I may recieve something I would still dearly love to send something as there is always someone less fortunate that ourselves. won't be a lot but a little something would be better than nothing for a LO to open on xmas day

BonyM Thu 16-Nov-06 08:10:24

Fab, fab idea! Will email you after I've done the school run!

faeriemum Thu 16-Nov-06 08:27:44

magicmummy , my ds is 2yrs old...

how lovely you all are, if i could squeezeeeeeeeeeeeeee every one of you then i bloody would!

mummydoc Thu 16-Nov-06 08:46:21

is there anyone else out there who is getting really excited by all this, i love christmas soooo much and always buy way toomuch for my LOs, i don't have any neices or nephews so will few my matched LOs as surragate neices or nephews and am already planning what to send , i can't wait...

Hey Soapy

I have just been made redundant so if you need a hand with the admin of this would be delighted to help

Gillian76 Thu 16-Nov-06 09:06:13

Sorry to hear that CD

Oh thanks

I am quite pleased actually!

blueshoes Thu 16-Nov-06 09:28:19

Hi soapie, gave myself a big kick up the behind. Been meaning to email you for days but life with a 2 month old does not always proceed in a straight line! No more excuses. Just sent my email.

Love you for doing this

pamina3 Thu 16-Nov-06 09:29:13

Soapbox, am emailing you right now. I've got quite a few baby bits and pieces, in case there is anyone who is expecting a baby/just had one who needs some things. Plus toys, clothes etc too.
CD - was that on the cards? Sounds like it was a blessing in disguise.

soapbox Thu 16-Nov-06 09:30:05

CD - that would be a great help!

I've got your email - so will try and send you one this morning!

Thanks for offering to help!

Was the redundancy 'planned' IYKWIM?

Tutter - I have had a failed delivery notice for you twice now! Why don't you try me on joycemgrant at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Can everyone else try and use the soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk address as I've set that one up just for this and it keeps all the emails together in one place!



Oh yes Pamina

Have been bored senseless for ages at work, there has been nothing for me to do, I think it only lasted so long because I have been off sick!

Two of us are going, we were expecting/hoping for it!

blueshoes Thu 16-Nov-06 09:34:10

sorry soapie, cross-posted with you. i have already sent my email to the joyce address.

lemonaid Thu 16-Nov-06 10:07:40

How did this slip off active conversations?

bump - email soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk (not com as originally posted)

PeachyClair Thu 16-Nov-06 10:13:53

Did you get my e-mail? NOT hurrying you, just checking LOL!

As well as the item I mentioned I would rather like to buy something for a family- happy for it to be practical (eg clothes) toy or Christmassy- eg a small seasonal food aprcel, crackers and cards- shall we call it a festive survival kit? LOL

louii Thu 16-Nov-06 10:18:49

I just wanted to say, as more of a lurker than a poster to this site, what a wonderful bunch you all are.
Soapbox this was just a wonderful idea.

We are struggling a bit this year but luckily i have fantastic parents so we will manage . I know some people are not so lucky.

I might not be able to send a present but i have plenty stamps if they would be of use to you.

This whole thread has brought tears to my eyes, the thought of so many people having a happier christmas is fantastic.


kimi Thu 16-Nov-06 10:34:51

oh soapy you are lovely,
I have books, i will email you.

munz Thu 16-Nov-06 10:53:00

fell off again.

bump - email soapbox1964 at yahoo dot co dot uk (not com as originally posted)

piximon Thu 16-Nov-06 11:40:42

Soapy what a wonderful idea. Things are difficult for us this year but knowing there's always someone worse off, I always buy a little gift to donate somewhere. I'm just about to email you.

soapbox Thu 16-Nov-06 12:05:42


Everyone who nominated themselves should now have had an email from me asking for more details and I eagerly await your responses! If you haven't then send me a reminder email!

Once we have all of these in, then we can start making the matches! I am really excited about that bit!

Other news: Countess Dracula has kindly offered to help me out - but before I accept her help I need to make sure that those people who wished their emails to be completely confidential do not have a problem with her seeing them! She is lovely and very trustworthy I think your secrets will be safe with her

Please send me an email if you have any problems with her helping me out!

I will try and get an email out to the givers tomorrow - if peskly RL work doesn't get in the way of Christmas planning[grrrr]!

FIMBO Thu 16-Nov-06 12:08:06


porpoise Thu 16-Nov-06 12:08:42

soapbox - only just seen this thread. What a fantastic idea.
I will email you, if it's not too late...

PeachyClair Thu 16-Nov-06 12:09:00

Soapy I think you're fab

And CD for offering to help

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Thu 16-Nov-06 12:10:59

Soapy, thank you for the email, have replied.

CD - Thank you for offering to help Soapy - you are both on my xmas list this year x

FIMBO Thu 16-Nov-06 12:11:06

Sorry - just read your post Soapy! I am a giver and I am away for the weekend as from tomorrow so if I don't answer your email please don't think I am ignoring you! I am happy for CD to know my rl name/email address etc etc.

soapboxfan Thu 16-Nov-06 12:20:37

Hi, have finally taken the plunge to join after being very moved by this thread! Have emailed soapbox (full of admiration for taking this on!!) with my contribution. Am all excited and full of warm feeling at the generousity shown by all you lovely people!

faeriemum Thu 16-Nov-06 12:43:25

thankyou soapbox, i have replied to your email....hope it helps with the sorting process....
*huge hugs to you all, christmas is all about love and i am really feeling the love here on MN *
from the bottom of my heart i'd like to say thankyou, you've made one very stressed mummy a heck of alot lighter sniff
and crying again....

BonyM Thu 16-Nov-06 12:59:12

Have sorted out some stuff and have emailed you with details soapy.

PinkTinsel Thu 16-Nov-06 13:07:55

i got your email and have replied soapbox, no problem with CD helping either. have also nominated someone who popped into my head last night.

thank you all again

Miaou Thu 16-Nov-06 13:20:43

Soapy, did you get an email from me?

Blackduck Thu 16-Nov-06 13:28:10

Soapy - will look around - sure I have some stuff ds hasn't opened (mine will be for young boys.) Will try to email sometime...

soapbox Thu 16-Nov-06 13:37:06

Miaou - I've had a look on both email accounts and can't see one!

Can you try again putting your MN name in the subject line and I'll keep an eye out for it

earlysbird Thu 16-Nov-06 13:37:22

have emailed again, really want to help!

Miaou Thu 16-Nov-06 13:37:44

Will do!

Tutter Thu 16-Nov-06 13:38:02

soapy, can't even get into hotmail atm but will keep trying...

soapbox Thu 16-Nov-06 13:40:22

Just to let you all know that as of a couple of minutes ago I now have 224 emails from people wishing to give some help at christmas!

I'm not telling how many receivers there are - as that would give my game away

There are loads of nomination emails as well!

God I hope Countess Dracula can use a spreadsheet

poshgirlformerlymaggiesmama Thu 16-Nov-06 13:42:10

actually soapy, maybe it would be good to get a rought idea of how many receivers (sp?) there are, so we know if more is needed?

Miaou Thu 16-Nov-06 13:42:38

OK have re-messaged you soapbox. Finger crossed it gets through. If not I will resend on the Joyce one.

munz Thu 16-Nov-06 13:43:58

I have an additional thought - I know i've nominated a couple but could one more be squeezed in?

sarahinphuket Thu 16-Nov-06 13:50:45

Soapy I just emailed you...

What a brilliant idea

soapbox Thu 16-Nov-06 13:52:21

Nope - I am not telling

The more there are the merrier it will be - for everyone

pesha Thu 16-Nov-06 14:30:44

Did you get my email?

MadameButterfly Thu 16-Nov-06 14:44:43

I have emailed you.

TLV Thu 16-Nov-06 14:47:30

emailed you

princessmel Thu 16-Nov-06 14:57:45

bump :}

Berries Thu 16-Nov-06 15:01:10

Ok - I have a ridiculous number of fluffy cuddly toys, but hey've all been in a bin liner in the loft for the last few years. If they could be spruced up they would be lovely. Any ideas to freshen them up so they smell nice & clean as well. Just to stress, they are all nice & clean, just a bit dusty. All the really mucky ones are the ones the dds loved to death so we will be keeping those anyway