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TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 13:29:38

For reasons explained in the old thread here, please can we use this one now? Thank you smile

Saturn74 Mon 17-Dec-07 13:31:26

Ooh, I preferred the old title! wink

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 13:34:41

I know, it was prettier, but you can imagine what a pain that must be!

DanJARMouse Mon 17-Dec-07 13:37:19


Thank you for the parcel of goodies you sent to us.

Very much appreciated. Appologies fro not posting on here sooner, am not on MN much what with the boy! (except to do a daily update on the BFing thread!)

snowfunwhenyoureknackered Mon 17-Dec-07 14:59:39

tiredemma, please see the old thread for my post thanking you for the lovely parcel!

I hope you get to see it, I'd hate for you to think I hadn't received your generous gifts


ssd x x x

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Mon 17-Dec-07 16:35:22

Did anyone get a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Activity Table thing?
I posted it on Thursday. Maybe am being a little premature? hmm
It had a long way to go.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 16:46:33

LadyOTHATI, I will probably get an email about yours, she's very rarely on MN at the moment... I'll post if/when I hear

thankyoooooo Mon 17-Dec-07 16:51:03



thanks soooo much!!!

what a surprise and SOUPY!shock

Caroline sent me a framed pic of soupy lol grin I chuckled when I saw that grin dh really didn't get it hmm I told him its an mn thing wink!!!!
Im over the moon and ds and dd will be as well on xmas day

thanks so much for the pressies for me, I loved the MN labels and smilies

thankyou thankyou thankyou
you really are lovely smile
It means a lot and really has taken some pressure off me.

SquonkaClaus Mon 17-Dec-07 16:56:45

lapin - do you know if my donee received the vouchers yet? It's been over a week since I posted them?

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 17:06:26

I'll email her Squonk but I know she's moving house (don't worry, deliveries going to a reliable address) and she hasn't been on MN for a few weeks

SpacecadetLovesChristmas Mon 17-Dec-07 17:11:08

lapin, do you know if 2 of my receivers have ahd their stuff, I posted them a week ago

mummyhill Mon 17-Dec-07 17:43:56

Lapin not yet lost my interwebconection am hoping that this means that they are having a christmas amnesty, will be able to pay them on thursday any way.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 17:48:39

Sorry SC, I thought I had replied to you. I've emailed them to ask.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Mon 17-Dec-07 17:55:34

grin Thankyou Raggydoll (now I know who you were thought I would do another thanks)

SPACEY!!!! Was askin after you the other day - how's things? I neverr seem to get the chance to hunt you down on msn anymore

well, I'd just like to thank my 2 givers again. your M&S vouchers were used today when I managed to get to the shops. thank you thank you thank you!

i am incredibly relieved to also say i have managed to post my 2 boxes so huge apologies to anyone who's still waiting for a box. you won't know it's me lol, but you should have something by the end of the week.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Mon 17-Dec-07 18:07:50

Lapin did you find out if my parcel had arrived? smile

Staceym11PipersPiping Mon 17-Dec-07 18:14:55

THank you thank you thank you to the Faulkner familyfor the parcels with the lovely wrapped gifts. i carefully unwrapped and re-wrapped once i found out who they were for! they are brill, dd will love the princess doll and ds will really like the diggers and trucks book! grin

thank you so much for the boots voucher too i shall think about what to get for myself for xmas with it!

thank you!!!!!!!

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 18:17:50

I emailed but didn't get a reply - I;ll try again.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Mon 17-Dec-07 18:27:44

Oh wabbit - I sorted my problem wink

Jas Mon 17-Dec-07 18:28:55

I got all excited thinking CliffRichardSucksEggsInHell had outed herself as my donor, only to be told otherwise in the next pots. Oh, well. I would love to know who you are (very nosey face)so I can thank you againsmile

SelfishMrsClaus Mon 17-Dec-07 18:32:51

Mine will be posted a week tomorrow, so I hope they will arrive soon If not then I have a receipt here, it was sent parcel force so it couldn't be sent recorded (according to the lady at the PO)

SelfishMrsClaus Mon 17-Dec-07 18:34:49

Very badly structured first sentence there!! I meant mine will have been posted a week tomorrow! blush

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 18:41:04

Two thank yous today!!

KIF - thank you so much for thinking of me and my little ds2 - the little activity arch is just super - and something I don't have and wondered about getting for him, so a perfect gift! And I can't wait to open the two little pressies for me - which look and feel suspiciously like chocolate and a bath bomb ... grin Thank you!

And secondly - Thank you so much to K E from London (you know who you are grin) - what a fabulous parcel!!! I am going to have the most fabby pair of socks by the end of January, and the dds will have a lovely pair of cross-stitch pictures for their rooms! Not to mention the gorgeous choccy and the wonderful book by MrMiaou's favourite cook (how did you know????) grin I am going to wrap them up for Christmas day and get the pleasure all over again!! grin

MorePresentsForMiaou Mon 17-Dec-07 18:52:43

Miaou, you are most welcome, you know that grin
Glad the parcel is such a hit but am kicking myself for not putting in a little something for ds1, I am ever so sorry blush. I meant to, but was in a parcel frenzy at the time and he got missed out

SpacecadetLovesChristmas Mon 17-Dec-07 19:26:59

Thanks Lapin

Flame- have been soo busy..but found myself drawn back to MN again!grin

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 19:40:20

MorePresentsForMiaou - don't worry! Your gifts are so lovely and thoughtful and you are really kind to think of us(and ds1 won't notice anyway winkgrin)

wangle99 Mon 17-Dec-07 19:46:56

I sent two parcels over a week ago and haven't seen anyone say they have arrived sad really hoping they didn't get lost as DS didn't insure them or track them grr

I did put my user name on the Christmas card enclosed....

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 19:48:31

LittleLapin - sorry to bug you, but can you tell if my two recipients have got their gifts? I can't see any messages on here within the relevant timeframes IYSWIM smile

ShrinkingVioLetterstoSanta Mon 17-Dec-07 19:54:08

do you know if mine arrived (DH didn't sort out tracking - grr)? Ta.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 20:17:14

Miaou, one of yours has posted on the other thread but I don't know if she is thanking you... the other hasn't been on MN for ages. Wangle, similar situation for you.

I will happily email recipients - please can I ask that you all email me on if you are concerned, I need to do some actual work hmm wink and am going to try to stay off MN and it's distractions! <curses the Christmas Mumsnet Thread and the Impossible Quiz!>

tribpot Mon 17-Dec-07 20:29:37

Thank you to the lovely Mumsnetter who sent me some clothes for ds (2.5), a Mr Potato Head (pirate stylee) and some choccy biccies. The biccies are coming with me to the office as ds and dh are wheat intolerant but I didn't tell Lapin that grin

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 20:31:36

Oh, and if you do email me about a missing package, please can you give me some clues as to what is in it!

HarkTheHassledAngelsSing Mon 17-Dec-07 20:36:45

Did anyone in Scotland get a ELC gift voucher/card thingy OK?

wangle99 Mon 17-Dec-07 20:38:48

tribpot its such a shame you didn't say about wheat intolerance as my DS is also wheat intolerant and am well versed in all such foods!

Miaou Mon 17-Dec-07 20:40:13

LL, the one who has posted isn't thanking me as I hadn't sent mine at that point! No hurry, just would be sad if they got lost in the post.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 20:41:57

I have emailed everyone who anyone has queried, either on the threads or via emails. Will let you know - via email probably - ASAP.

Now I really MUST do some work, please do email me if you have queries, I will be checking it.

laughalotsofpresents Mon 17-Dec-07 21:57:59

Just wanted to know if someone in essex received some pj,s for dd and a set of disney pixar car stickers and a book for ds ?

harman Mon 17-Dec-07 22:07:07

Message withdrawn

harman Mon 17-Dec-07 22:07:43

Message withdrawn

TenLordsaLapin Mon 17-Dec-07 23:17:03

hi all, i have no internet thanks to bloody virgin media. Am posting from my phone! But can't really use email etc so if you've mailed me and don't get a reply, don't panic! Typical, I'm supposed to be working hmm

I think I have received another parcel but it's at the PO and as it's addressed to mum or mumsnetter I am not sure how I can provide proof to collect it... but I am sure it'll be ok. Thankyou so so so so soooo much my senders, it's cheered me up beyond words this Christmas. {{{{HUGS}}}}} and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's smile xxx

MarsyChristmas Tue 18-Dec-07 00:09:35

Fill in the "permission to collect for someone else" or whatever it's called bit, then go collect! grin

mummyhill Tue 18-Dec-07 07:47:33

Hope you get the problem with virgin media sorted. I am waiting to see if they cut ours off tomorrow which would be daft as we told them we will pay them when dh gets paid on Thursday.

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 08:24:14

Fingers crossed for you mummyhill smile

LoW, I spoke to the Post Office before we started this, and they said in cases where it's clearly not your name on the package - ie Mumsnetter of the House, or "My FluffySnugglebum" wink - you just have to bring proof of address.

pollyannainexcelsis Tue 18-Dec-07 08:58:33

LittleLapin, do you know if my recipient has received her parcel yet?

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 09:04:41

pollyanna, I have emailed to ask.

Everyone, please can I reiterate this:

I will happily email recipients - please can I ask that you all email me on if you are concerned, I need to do some actual work hmm wink and am going to try to stay off MN and its distractions!

Please include some details of the contents of your gift, so I know what I am looking for.

It's MUCH easier for me if you email me rather than post on here (plus you can give me more details! wink)

Thanks smile

Thankssecretsantassecretsanta Tue 18-Dec-07 09:08:57

Thankssecretsanta on t'other thread - think you were definitely my recipient !

Glad they all arrived ok and were suitable. I don't have boys but I do know a few, so glad the books were appropriate !

tribpot Tue 18-Dec-07 09:27:45

wangle99 - thanks again, funny that we both have wheat intolerant little monkeys!

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 09:55:27

shock WORK?!?!?

christmasshoptilidrop Tue 18-Dec-07 10:23:02

thank you very much for the christmas present. It was posted direct to me from bookers?

I have left it wrapped and it will go under my tree for me.

thank you

noelmum Tue 18-Dec-07 11:07:52

i'm so glad this was done again this year. i was watching the thread last year although i didnt take part. i think its fantastic the amount of people on here who actually have hearts and thought i would post my comment to say a very big well done to all of you for helping people who wouldnt otherwise enjoy this wonderful season and giving them a chance to have fun. you should all be very proud of yourselves for spreading so much festive cheer to those who need it most. xxxxx

needmorecoffee Tue 18-Dec-07 11:52:52

Just want to thank whoever sent dd and me pressies. No idea who they were from.

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem Tue 18-Dec-07 13:16:13

SneezingSlothSlurpingBroth, i just opened the other presents (couldn't wait and they kept telling me to wink) shock Thank you SO much!

AM a very happy MoM now

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 13:26:48

<slaps MoM's wrists whilst looking inquisitively>

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem Tue 18-Dec-07 13:36:04

but they were for meee and i was blue

<rubs wrist>

Miaou Tue 18-Dec-07 13:49:29

needmorecoffee - can you give some more details so that your givee can identify their presents and therefore know they have arrived safely? Eg if you know what the present is, or if they are wrapped, then maybe what the gift tag says, or what the paper looks like?


NAB3littlemonkeys Tue 18-Dec-07 13:53:08

THANK YOU so very much for the lovely, kind, generous, thoughtful person (from Peterborough) who has sent me a £15 M&S gift card. You have no idea how I was when I opened it and how it has really made my day after a really hard night and morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I hope to be able to be a giver next year.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 14:45:06

Bah. i will forgive you this time MoM

NAB - grin Not from me, but you sound soooo low on your threads lately, I'm all chirpy for you

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 14:48:58

SQUONK yes she has, thank you very much smile

TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 14:56:19

pollyanna - not yet but apparently the post in Scotland is slow as treacle at the moment

TheHollyandMcDreamy Tue 18-Dec-07 14:59:43

You're welcome mustrun wink Merry Christmas xxx

SquonkaClaus Tue 18-Dec-07 15:07:57

LL - good, glad it was received. Sorry that it couldn't have been more. smile

Miaou Tue 18-Dec-07 15:20:27

Ooooh I'll second that about the post up here, LL - someone sent me some forms for dd1 for her Christmas present at the same time as sending some stuff to England - my package took more than a week longer to arrive than the England ones!

(very badly worded post but YKWIM!)

DanJARMouse Tue 18-Dec-07 16:05:13

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to whoever has just sent me a massive box of goodies for the children and me! There was LOADS of clothes, which are going to come in very handy, along with some lovely books - especially like the sing along christmas carol book!
Thank you also for the bath stuff for me, cant wait to jump in the bath after christmas now (DH is wrapping them up so I have something under the tree!)

Much appreciated, and the picture from "Abigail" has gone down very well with Jessica - she has adopted it as her own!


NAB3littlemonkeys Tue 18-Dec-07 16:32:05

THANK YOU so very much for the lovely, kind, generous, thoughtful person (from Peterborough) who has sent me a £15 M&S gift card. You have no idea how I was when I opened it and how it has really made my day after a really hard night and morning. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I hope to be able to be a giver next year.

It was meant to say how shocked I was...

omg shock I have just received some more vouchers in the post!

Thank you so much Frances, it really means so much - in fact I'm in tears here as I type this. I cant believe how kind people are, I have only been on MN since April this year and spend most of my time lurking tbh! I'm so overwhelmed with emotion, I have never before known such generosity from people who don't even 'know' me IYKWIM!

Anyway, I'm so so over the moon that I can now treat myself and dd to some lovely things for christmas - and its all thanks to mumsnet. Thank you!


merrylissiemas Tue 18-Dec-07 17:40:50

Nikki, thank you so so much for the box of goodies just for me. it was so lovely and made me cry. im so overwhelmed and dont know what to say. thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

merrylissiemas Tue 18-Dec-07 17:43:08

and the duvet shoes and hotwater bottkle will come in very handy (cold house)

will use the journal to keep a record of our appointments at LWH and how im feeling throughout the process, to be given to any child we may have as a result. thank you x

snowfunwhenyoureknackered Tue 18-Dec-07 18:19:26


I don't know how to write this. I picked up your parcel this morning and I was just totally overcome. You have been so generous and thoughtful, I'm just at a loss of how to say thank you. Your letter to me was so special, I'm going to keep it in my purse and re read it when I feel I'm doing it all wrong

Thanks you so so much, I so appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart

I hope you and all of your family have a really wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year

ssd x x x

charliecat Tue 18-Dec-07 18:20:51

A late thank you from me for the christmassy socks and the necklaces and the makeup things. Much Appreciated and am going to put them in the girls stockings

merrylissiemas Tue 18-Dec-07 18:53:56

and theyoungvisiturkey, yes there was! ds has insisted on watching mr men all day. thank you so, so much. sorry my message was so brief. ds was trying to close the laptop blush

dividedselfridgesxmaswindow Tue 18-Dec-07 19:50:12

Thank you so much to the lovely anonymous mumsnetter who sent me a Woolworths gift card that arrived today.

I had a Woolworths wish list in my head with little hope of getting anything for the dc from it but now I can!

sarahkempy Tue 18-Dec-07 20:16:45

I recieved a massive box of things today addressed to Mrs M Netter lol!

Thank you so much I could not believe it there were lots of clothes for my little girl including a gorgeous dress and cardi so perfect for Christmas. Also a fimbles bathset that I'm sure she will love as she really enjoys the bath. Chocolates for me that I am going to try really hard to keep until Christmas.

The card said sorry for being late - there's no need to be sorry! Really cannot say thank you enough. Hope things are less crazy for you now. Merry Christmas and THANK YOU [FSMILE] XXX

inamerrymuckingfuddle Tue 18-Dec-07 20:35:38

nemo, just saw your post on the other thread, you are very very welcome I'm just sorry it wasn't more exciting blush

SarahKempySecretSanta Tue 18-Dec-07 20:51:47

Hi Sarah, I'm so pleased the box arrived so quickly and that you like what I was able to send.

The beautiful dress and cardy were part of a gift box I recieved last year.

Hope you don't mind but it's so pretty and my dd has outgrown it now.

Enjoy the chocs whenever you feel like it. I got some delicious chocs in my box and they were scoffed immediately!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas, I know mine has been enriched by being both a giver and reciever.


TenLordsaLapin Tue 18-Dec-07 20:57:05

SKSS, hope you don't mind me chipping in, but I think that's lovely! It's the whole "Pay it forward" thing in action. It's an MN dress of love! <everyone else groans wink>

NAB3sSecretSanta Tue 18-Dec-07 21:00:33

You're more than welcome, NAB. I hope you enjoy treating yourself to something too. xxx smile

BerylsOnTheSherry Tue 18-Dec-07 21:56:57


You are more than welcome grin

The duvet boot thingies were a bit tongue-in-cheek but I had to get them when I saw they plug into the computer USB port wink. They should be standard issue to all MNers!

That sounds like a lovely use for the journal, I saw that thread about your appointment and will have everything crossed for you.

I really do hope you have a wonderful christmas and an even more wonderful 2008.

(sorry you cried though, hope it was in a good way blush

Merry christmas lovely xxx

merrylissiemas Tue 18-Dec-07 22:00:54

thank you. (im so touched)

DanJARMouse Tue 18-Dec-07 22:04:42

wabbit.. have mailed you.... blush

sleepycat Tue 18-Dec-07 22:04:52

I hope the kind mumsnetters who sent me my lovely boxes saw my thank you's on the old thread.

I can write them again if you don't spot them smile


MerryBiglipsmas Tue 18-Dec-07 22:08:18

many thank you for the pressies

im so pleased as i dont know who sent me them so thank you again

opurple Tue 18-Dec-07 22:47:47

when posting a thanks could you add something about the contents, so if the sender wished to remain anonymous they will still know it arrived in one piece? thanks! (waiting to see if mine ever arrived!)

Jas Tue 18-Dec-07 23:44:07

Thankyou C, for the lovely box of goodies I recieved today, including books chocs and toys for all three of my dc......are the pesents wrapped in gold/cream paper with mumsnet stickersgrin for me???? I'm resisting the temptation to open them to see, so if they are for the children, please let me know so I don't look too stupid opening them on Christmas day!

JeremyVile Tue 18-Dec-07 23:46:47

Mumsnet stickers??!!

When did that happen?

Jas Tue 18-Dec-07 23:51:11

They definitely have mumsnet stickers on them!

Isn't mumsnet greatgrin

CarolineMNStickers Wed 19-Dec-07 00:10:43

JAS - if they're wrapped they're yours! At least one of the presents is MN themed <snigger>!!!! Hope you & DCs have a lovely Christmas!

CarolineMNStickers Wed 19-Dec-07 00:19:25

thankyoooo - glad you received the parcel. grin

Jas Wed 19-Dec-07 07:53:22


MerryBiglipsmas Wed 19-Dec-07 09:32:33

oooh posh eh!!! having mumsnet stickers grin

righto!.....i have rcvd a £5.00 Argos gift voucher (i must put a reminder on my phone to be used by 24th!) but there is summat that i wanted from Argos so thank you

Also some bronze make up and a girls toys - i know who thats is from but unsure if im allowed to say the name on here

also a big brown box came in yesterday from Oldham...gotta wait to see till Xmas Day to see what it is

many thanks xx

AThankfulMom Wed 19-Dec-07 09:51:14

Thank you so much to the lovely mumsnetter who sent a DHL box to us which arrived this morning.

DS1 will love the Bumblebee Transformer, it is his favourite one. He will be so excited on Christmas morning, Thank you.
DS2 will love Iggle piggle, he loves the In the Night Garden. You have given them both exactly what they would like, maybe you are Mrs Claus wink

I am going to wrap the chocolates and the bath things up, so the boys will see that Santa has given mommy & daddy a gift too. Thank you Again and have a lovely Christmas smile

TimeForMe Wed 19-Dec-07 10:53:22

Could I say a massive THANK YOU to the lovely Mumsnetter who has sent me a wonderful aromatherpy set, uplifting, (just what the doctor ordered!) Some fantastic bath crystals and a lovely box of Bendicks chocolates all off which were beautifully gift boxed.

Thank you so much! It was such a lovely surprise and, even though I don't know you, have never met you, you have made me feel so special. It came just at the right time smile

Sending you, whoever you are, lots of love and best wishes for the happiest Christmas ever XXX

DanJARMouse Wed 19-Dec-07 11:59:33

Another HUGE box just arrived!

THANK YOU to Laura. The toiletries will come in very handy - saves me worrying about what we need or DH getting the wrong stuff! FAB FAB FAB!

The presents for the girls are very good thank you - have been looknig for fuzzy felt for DD1 for ages! THe bath toy will be very welcomed by DD2 - a true water baby!

The teddies are so so cute, the girls have stole them already so Daniel will have lucked out, but at 3 weeks old im sure he doesnt care!


Mumsnetters really do amaze me!

NAB3littlemonkeys Wed 19-Dec-07 12:49:12

I am worried my secret santa has missed my message so thank you again to the family who sent my DD some Princess things.

Very kind and thoughtful. smile

vio Wed 19-Dec-07 13:35:44

Opps, just realise theres a new thread, just want to say thank you to secret santa who sent me some christmas present. That's very kind of you. Thank you very very much.

Merry Christmas everyone! fsmile

SelfishMrsClaus Wed 19-Dec-07 13:39:29

Can you describe it Vio, just so whoever sent it knows it arrived safely?

TenLordsaLapin Wed 19-Dec-07 15:53:41

opurple yours has been received, with thanks smile

OverwhelmedMum Wed 19-Dec-07 16:11:31

FG From Scotland::::

I opened the parcel from you which arrived this morning and to say I am overwhelmed is an understatement!! grin blush

I was so chuffed with the books for my children and then opened what I thought were Xmas cards.... The Bodyshop gift card has made dd1's day grin She is going shopping tomorrow grin The M&S vouchers and gift card are extremely generous and I really don't know what to say blush apart from THANK YOU

Dh is also overwhelmed at the kindness of mumsnetters and can't quite get his head around the fact that mums/dads who mainly talk on the internet only are so thoughtful and kind to each other usually without ever meeting them smile

We are yet to try the gorgeous looking home made goodies and are saving them for after dinner smile

The fact that you put your time and effort into cooking for us is amazing and you have really made my Christmas.

Thank you so much xx

OverwhelmedMum xxxx

OverwhelmedMum Wed 19-Dec-07 16:12:29

And I forgot the game for the children and that you even included supplies to wrap it all in [smile xx

snowfunwhenyoureknackered Wed 19-Dec-07 16:18:46

To Frances and tiredemma

I don't know if you have both seen my posts thanking you both for the very kind parcels you sent to us, I have been checking this thread but aren't sure if you both know how grateful we are for your really kind thoughts!

if this is the first time you have both seen this - a big big *thank you* for your generosity!

ssd x x x

Just received a beautiful personalised Christmas card from a lady who I sent parcels to for her little girl & little boy. She explained that she doesn't have internet access at the mo but wanted to let me know the gifts had arrived. The card was gorgeous & really made my day - I'll be putting it in my keepsake box.

I don't know who she is but it sounds as if she & her family are having an awful time just now. I hope they have a happy Christmas & that things go much better for them in 2008.

GW x

vio Wed 19-Dec-07 19:48:51

I've got lipstick, chocolate, etc. thanks

CliffRichardSucksEggsInHell Wed 19-Dec-07 20:08:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThankYouSOMuchYorkshirePudding Wed 19-Dec-07 20:18:52

Dear YP

The postman arrived this evening (!) (no idea why he came in the evening... but he looked v.stressed poor man - who'd be a posty at Christmas!?! grin) and delivered a wonderful parcel from you, with all kinds of lovely things for my DD. You chose well; I could have told you had one the same age even if you hadn't told me! And lovely gifts for other children too!!! As well as beautifukl embossed wrapping paper. smile

I had already had a voucher from someone else as a result of this appeal which I previously had no idea I'd been nominated for! As a result I wasn't expecting anything else (!!!) and so I have wrapped the gifts up and labelled them from you, "A lovely Mumsnetter called Yorkshire Pudding". My children already know I think the world of Mumsnet but I wanted them to know how these unexpected extra gifts came about - I hope that's ok!

Thank you again, so much.


SantaKaloos Wed 19-Dec-07 22:15:38

Today was very exciting, I received a beautiful card and present from a wonderful MNer ... but have no idea who, no clues wqere given

The card had a 1950's picture of a blond haired woman in a white dress sitting down face forwards and in front of her was a lovely shiny red bauble.

Inside was my present - a fabulous amount credited on the snowman credit card was jawdroppingly generous

xxx you have made my christmas. Thank you

mummyhill Thu 20-Dec-07 08:13:40

Thank you to Another mumsnetter and family for the shoebox of gifts wrapped in gold paper. The socks will be very useful for ds. Squashy present and flat present going under tree for dc's can't wait to see what is in the gold gifts.

Also in case you missed it on the other thread thank you very much to the mumsnetter in Nederlands for the blue parcel for ds and cream one for dd.

Thank you so much to both of you for making me smile and for taking a bit of the worry out of Christmas.

Thank you to the Mumsnetter who very kindly sent gifts for Dd1 and Dd2 today.
I have no clue who you are, except the postcode IG5? I think!
There were 2 parcels in the packet, one wrapped in gold paper and one wrapped in pink paper.
If you recognise yourself then thank you so much.
I have had a tough time recently and I think its about to get tougher, to know that people care is wonderful and the kindness of you all never ceases to amaze me.
thank you and Merry Christmas!

RubySlippedonastraymincepie Thu 20-Dec-07 08:32:31

Camillathechicken (AKA Lulumama) has let me know that there are two parcels waiting for me at her house

i don't know anymore, but when i get them on Xmas day i will post another thank you!

laura032004 Thu 20-Dec-07 08:55:19

DanJARMouse - glad to hear that they got there safely smile There was originally a third teddy too, but when DS1 saw me wrapping the box, he asked where they were going. I told him they were going to santa, and he begged me not to send his favourite one 'it's my favourite toy in the whole world mummy', so I didn't have the heart to take it away from him. Maybe I shouldn't have let him choose them in the first place!

TheMumselterOfTheHouse Thu 20-Dec-07 10:25:56

{grin] I'm really glad you like it, DanJARMouse!

Apologies to your DH - I completely forgot about him. Poor old men, don't get much of a look-in here, do they? LOL!

justjules Thu 20-Dec-07 11:09:48

oh shock

this morning i recieved a big box of goodies all for me smile

i am shock at the size of the box and very generous contents,

someone out there has made me a very happy lady this morning, infact i was quite tearful when i opened it,

i am sitting here typing this thankyou message wearing my lovely new big soft bath robe grin

also in my box there were so many gorgeous things including bubble bath, body wash, moisture lotion, body scrub, hand cream and body yoghurt, they all smell devine smile

and i got everything a girl could ever need for her nails... clippers, files, polish, nail art, cuticle scissors and a french manicure set shock

and... some sparkling wine and some belgium chocs grin

whoever sent me this christmas present has made my day, i have been off work now for 6 months now after suffering from my 3rd m/c, i have had an awful year and this morning the world looks like a wonderful place again smile

i am feeling very rough at the moment as i am p/g again for the 4th time and i am really struggling with all day morning sickness, i am constantly worrying about the other m/cs, i am still bleeding (and have been for 3 weeks now) from internal blood loss, the daily injections hurt like crazy and my legs are all bruised, my skin is awful and dry and now, thanks to a fellow mumsnetter i can spend the day pampering myself grin

i wish you and your family a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year,


<<cue more tears from jules>>

OComeOLIVEfaithfOIL Thu 20-Dec-07 11:10:47

Lapin my love - one of mine has arrived as I can see on this thread, but the first one I have not seen mentioned anywhere and it was sent on the 11th iirc

would be able to check if it has arrived?

seeing as though you obviously are not busy and everything <<runs away>>

OComeOLIVEfaithfOIL Thu 20-Dec-07 11:11:31

oh, I see you want a direct email

<<shuffles off>>


Just wondering if my parcel has been received?

PersephoneSnowballSnape Thu 20-Dec-07 11:27:59

To the Norman family – thank you very much – It does make a huge difference. My daughter will love the watch and dvds and I intend to inhale the posh chocs ! it’s so nice to be thought of kindly and to have treats that you otherwise couldn’t afford. I will save the tesco card for the sales after xmas and replenish our sock/pants/underwear stocks! I must say that bringing up children whether on your own, like me or with support is one of the hardest and most thankless jobs there is, but to be appreciated by people I’ve never met does make me feel thanked.

I wanted to repeat a Christmas message that I got from one of my bosses this year – I can’t claim authorship – it gives me a lump in my throat and my eyes get all leaky.
Christmas, whether you are a Christian, you follow another faith or have none, is a special time when we remember what unites rather than divides us and how life without love, hope and respect for each other is as nothing.

Thank you to my givers this year, we have been very lucky. Thank you Lapin for having amazing organisational capabilities and thank you mumsnet for the support over the last year, the opportunity to have a voice and the feeling that although we can all bitch, complain and moan, we’re all kind of in it together.

TenLordsaLapin Thu 20-Dec-07 11:37:27

LPM, see this thread

Everyone else, I'm emailing your people to ask, will get back to you when I know anything.

If you have sent to SCOTLAND, everything seems to be taking forever.

TenLordsaLapin Thu 20-Dec-07 11:39:46

Whoops, persephone, please ignore the email I just sent you blush

PersephoneSnowballSnape Thu 20-Dec-07 11:49:27

i think mine actually arrived on tuesday - but the postie left a card yesterday.

much happier with todays parcel than yesterdays, which involved me waiting for fifteen minutes while they found it and turned out to be a sample of toothpaste! late for work, no parking, 30 minute walk in freezing fog! I far prefer the choccies and dvds.

postage from scotland seems to be ok, i must say. i have sent 1st class parcels that are taking on average two days.

justjules that sounds like a fab fab pressie.

enjoy it and wishing you all the best for your pregnancy.

daisybump (as was)


the generosity of MNers is amazing. This place rocks grin

LL, you are a star for organising it all smile

GreedyGecko Thu 20-Dec-07 11:52:03

To the 'fellow Mum of 2 boys!'. Thank you very much for the presents for us. I picked them up today from local PO. You sent a Bionicle, tool kit & some stocking fillers for the boys with Santa wrapping paper, plus a couple of gifts for me wrappe din red paper. Thank you, thank you , thank you xxx

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. smile

the postman has just been
Thank you so much to A and family
I know your name, but I won't out you!
In the box there were some gorgeous clothes for my dd2, lots of craft bits and activity books, and some luxury bath stuff and hand cream for me!.
I am overwhelmed and sat here sobbing. Its been an emotional week and as I said in my last post, the kindness of Mumsnet never ceases to amaze me.

thank you

mustrunmorewantsanewname Thu 20-Dec-07 14:13:35

shock I got matched with a second person!!! Thank you so much; what a great suprise so close to xmas. N family from LU2 (I think), you are lovely!!! Hmmm, chocs wink And lots of stuff for the boys; soft stuff kit, sticker book, xmas card kit, little cars, a book. Its all going in a special boxing day sack (we are way for xmas day at another mnetters!), which wil be from mumsnet santa grin Sorry, I havent trawled through the thread to see if you were asking about it having arrived.... but it has! Thank you so so so much. xxx

dividedselfridgesxmaswindow Thu 20-Dec-07 14:18:55

OMG! Speechless, but can still type grin

Just received a mahoosive box of stuff for the DC from 'M6' - is this a cryptic mn name?

I am astounded! I bought bits for under the tree yesterday in Woolworths with my lovely (very grateful mystery mnetter) voucher and was fretting a bit about empty stockings.

I have ons of stuff to wrap now.

The PJs are FAB! And exactly in keeping with my mentality re. Xmas Eve smile.

So, thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

This helps me enormously as I have 2 extra children this year (new relationship means 2 extra children on xmas day) to buy little stocking fillers for and funds a little low.

Anyhow, regardless of financial burden alleviation, my parcel means so much for the love and support it represents once again - although, honestly, ever present on mumsnet.

Thanks LL for all your hard work in organising.

FrumpytheGrumpyreindeer Thu 20-Dec-07 15:10:11

Overwhelmed mum many thanks for letting me know. My pleasure!! I'm glad your DD1 liked the Body Shop card grin I had fun shopping for it and packing everything. Meant to say that the M&S vouchers/card is for the all the trimmings!

Cheers, and Happy Christmas xxxxx.

FrumpytheGrumpyreindeer Thu 20-Dec-07 15:12:13

justjules, how fantastic!!! Sounds like you needed that!

DippyChristmas Thu 20-Dec-07 15:37:49

Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!

The nice DHL man just delivered the hugest box for "The Mumsnetter of the House" ...... The contents were so sweet and so generous and thoughtful - I really cannot thank you enough - There were somelovely clothes for my DD3, lots of goodies or all my girls (so grateful to have something to put in their stockings! smile) There were My Little Ponies, Books, Play Dough, lots of different colouring crayons, Hair-bobbles .... so much lovely stuff - Ooooooh a FAB game called Ali Baba, which DD1 will love (she's into Camels grin) There was even some wrapping paper and gift tags and lovely little surprise for me: A gorgeous box set from Lush, which looks and smells divine......

Wow! I am over-whelmed and so so so so grateful.

My heartfelt thanks to you. xxxxxx

spookymadmummysecretsanta Thu 20-Dec-07 16:00:36

Spooky thanks for letting me know it arrived - I had a horrible feeling I'd left it too late for Christmas! My dds (2 and 4) LOVE craft stuff, so I'm glad it was a good choice.

Get yourself in the bath for a pamper when you've got the chance - I've just read about what's going on in your life right now and I'm thinking of you all.

I'm proud to be part of the mumsnet community grin

Imasecretsanta Thu 20-Dec-07 17:01:58

Glad you got your parcel ok..the chocs are a little treat for you..emjoywink
Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

Imasecretsanta Thu 20-Dec-07 17:03:09

or enjoy even!!!

DrNortherner Thu 20-Dec-07 17:10:51

I sent a parcel to Wales over a week ago, bit worried it has no been received?

TinselTrace2 Thu 20-Dec-07 17:18:50

once again i want to thank those who put me forward for the secret santagrin, last night i got a box from dhl in a amazon box! from a loverly mumsnetter who given us loads of stuff i really hope you see this it contained a dinasour dvd and action man book ds will love a dress for dd and some vteck toys a spin and learn and spin top, and some loverly smellies for me and dhgrin aqnd other things.

once again its made my day as feeling really down with dd being ill and me having an mir yesterday . its once again uplifted me grin and i also want to thank others for my gifts as i put in other posts/

and thank you lapin your a star for doing all thisgrin

Message withdrawn

DividedSelfsSecretSanta Thu 20-Dec-07 17:28:26

So glad that it arrived. There's another something which is JUST FOR YOU which should arrive tomorrow. You are not allowed to open any of it before Christmas day. It is to go under your tree. You may open the black envelope. grin

Have a wonderful Christmas.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Thu 20-Dec-07 17:30:54

It's all so nice grin

SecretMNFatherChristmas Thu 20-Dec-07 17:39:10

Amazon assures me there's a parcel on its way to Kent grin Hope it gets there for Christmas!

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Thu 20-Dec-07 17:54:32

Big Thank you to the mumsnetter in *Mount Pleasant* who very kindly sent me a M&S Gift card! I am off there tomorrow to get Mince Pies! (They are they best....) smile

TenLordsaLapin Thu 20-Dec-07 18:00:32

Quint - Mount Pleasant is a massive Central London sorting office wink

QuintessentialShadowOfSnowball Thu 20-Dec-07 18:08:12

Well, that is what the postage stamp says, thought it might be from Wales, as the only mount pleasant I know is in Wales.... So then there is NO clue as to who the sender is, so thank you secret santa!

stickyj Thu 20-Dec-07 18:19:36

Lapin, mine is going to be hand delivered tomorrow. Can you check if my mnetter will be in during the morning? I'm doing a party first thing and then I'll be off to seeher! Am excitedgrin

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Thu 20-Dec-07 18:20:59

Still no news on mine?
My email has pantsed out Lapin so am posting here instead.

I had lovely delivery today - THANK YOU so much to *D in Leeds!* The Boots Voucher was very kind of you and i have put the wrapped things under my tree! I am so humble to peoples kind generosity - Thank you very much and Happy Christmas gringringrin

AmazonBoxRecyclerSantatoTrace2 Thu 20-Dec-07 18:35:19

grin tinseltrace2

I've been following your posts about your DD. I hope her scan went OK and that you get some answers soon.

The dress my DD grew out of before she'd worn it; the sleepsuit isn't new, but I thought it was too nice for the charity shop.

I'm glad you liked it.

Have a Merry Christmas smilesmilesmile

DippyChristmasSecretSanta Thu 20-Dec-07 18:40:41


So glad the parcel arrived and was suitable (especially the Ali Baba game....I like camels too grin).

Hope you and your dd's have a fabulous Christmas xxxxxxx

TinselTrace2 Thu 20-Dec-07 19:04:15

AmazonBoxRecyclerSantatoTrace2 who ever you are thank you so much i thought both was new tbh dress and sleepsuit still a little big for dd but she will get use out of them grin i will admit i cried when they came i carnt belive how kind everone is ive told every one i know about all the ss on here people cart belive it, it shows this is the best place to begrin.

and thank you of thinking of dd

Thanks lapin for the link. I just don't seem to have the time to go on PC much at the moment. Glad I have been part of this.
Merry Christmas and lots of good things for 2008.

DLeeds Thu 20-Dec-07 22:31:20

Pink Ranger -

I am glad you have posted to say you have got your present - I was a getting a little worried! I didn't realise you weren't supposed to wrap them up (and apologies for the smudging - writing in the car with my only pen) - but I hope your older son likes his present and your younger son fits wink. I do not post much but lurk everyday and I was happy to contribute.

I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and you have a good 2008.

MerryBiglipsmas Thu 20-Dec-07 22:34:26

lapin - can u let me know if my parcel had arrived?? as i sent it on monday 10th...thanks

SaintGeorge Thu 20-Dec-07 23:07:42

A lovely parcel arrived today (after 2 failed delivery attempts) full of Winnie the Pooh and star wrapped presents for my boys.

Thank you so much lovely Irish lady smile I have been very good and not opened the one for me, can't guarantee I will last until Tuesday though. wink

I almost flooded the house (again!) when I rang DH to tell him because I started getting all emotional. I really wasn't looking forward to the holidays much.

Thank you for brightening my week, for your generosity and, most of all, for caring.

I love this place
<<muted sob>>

opurple Fri 21-Dec-07 00:25:18

Thanks lapin for letting me know it arrived

I'd like to add a couple words to all the thanks....when my son was about 5 we hit a really bad patch and were homeless for a while and it took a few years to get going again. One Christmas vincent de paul provided our Christmas, with donated food, toys and even a small artificial tree and ornaments. This was all a long time ago, but it's not something you ever forget. Doing the secret santa is for me like a gift. Paying it forward as mentioned, grateful that right now I am able to give, and finally, since my own are all grown up, being able to shop for little ones... imagining that "santa came" look smile.
So thank you, all of you, givers and recievers, for making this "mums" christmas very special!

StGeorgesIrishSanta Fri 21-Dec-07 09:19:33

Aw I'm so glad it arrived StG! I enjoyed looking for items for it & in fact had to buy 2 of a certain thing as my nephew saw it & loved it!

I was worried that the box may have disintergrated somwhere across the Irish sea!

If you want to open the parcels & check their suitability I don't mind one bit!! In fact I meant to include a list of what was what as well as what was for whom!!

Hope you have a happy Christmas & New Year xxxx

nottinghamsecretsantareciever Fri 21-Dec-07 10:05:10

Thank You, Thank you, Thank You

Recieved a parcel from you this morning, which was sent on the 10th (!) from Nottingham.

4 presents for me which have gone under the tree now, and an ambulance, snap cards, a shop (and food), a basket, a flippy car (!), dinasour and a selection box.

Thank you very much.

Have a very good Christmas.


AmazonBoxRecyclerSantatoTrace2 Fri 21-Dec-07 10:32:40

TinselTrace2, you are more than welcome smile

Have a good Christmas and hoping that 2008 is a little brighter for you all smile

silkcushion Fri 21-Dec-07 10:33:10

omg - I just received a huge bunch of John Lewis white roses with a vase!!!!!!!!!!

They are beautiful. Thank you so much whoever my secret santa was. Perfect timing. I've just had a fairly tough 2 weeks of absolutely no sleep whatsoever with my new baby. Didn't answer the door to the deliveryman as I was bathing her cos she'd just been sick all over us both!

What a lovely surprise - not sure I deserve them but I can't thank you enough anyway.

lisad123 Fri 21-Dec-07 10:55:51

i would like to say a HUGE Thank you to my lovely MN friends that sent pressies. When they started arriving i was shocked about how lovely strangers can be
None of mine signed their names, so just to ay thanks
DD1 loves her new coat and her special sweets and tin, dh loved the chocs, i love my bath stuff, thanks so much for the clothes for dd2, and the books and everything else. There so much stuff grin

thanks again, (have i said that yet? wink )


leggylil Fri 21-Dec-07 11:02:31

Just want to say a big thank you to the mumsnetter who sent my DD's a £15 woolies giftcard...It arrived this morning and brought tears to my eyes(have been so emotional lately...blame the hormones)

so once again a huge thank you for the generosity mumsnetters have shown

merry xmas to all hope you have a nice one I know I certainly will now grin

mm22bys Fri 21-Dec-07 11:26:56

I wanted to thank the MNer for the Guy Lian chocolates, and the farm set with the blue "road" - DS1 LOVES it, and he has already spent so many hours playing with it.

The chocolates were just so scrummy, guess who ate them all?

It really is hugely appreciated, and thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a brillant New Year too!

GreedyGecko Fri 21-Dec-07 11:27:37

A big thank you to J and D Mom. Received the parcel yesterday (had to jump out of my car to catch the deliery man grin). Thanks so much for the books, jigsaw puzzles, clothes and other bits, theboys will love them. Have a great Christmas. smile

imdreamingofawhiteKITTYmas Fri 21-Dec-07 11:40:18

Huge thank you to K from WF4 for the parcel that arrived this morning, certainly was not expecting anything. I love the lovely Christmas sack and the beautifully wrapped presents, unfortunately they won't be under the tree to the 24th as DD2 would destroy them in about 2 seconds flat.

Thank you again for your kindness grin

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Fri 21-Dec-07 12:05:10

Thanks to the Norman family for their parcel. It was lovely and ds will adore all the things! The PO lost the parcel for a week, so I apologise for not thanking you before.

nottinghamsecretsanta Fri 21-Dec-07 12:15:08

Nottinghamsecretsantareceiver, you are so welcome, it has given me and DD so much pleasure putting the parcel together for you!

Have a wonderful Christmas

hogwarts Fri 21-Dec-07 12:46:51

A very big thank you to flamesparrow for my secret santa present. Its the second parcel I have received and I am overwhelmed, thank you so so much.

One thing though, I found a ring in the parcel, looks like it could maybe be your wedding ring? I have emailed Little Lapin to tell her and see if she can pass me on your address and I will return it, or there is a return address on the parcel, shall I send it there? I can imagine the worry if you have lost the ring and want to get it back to you as soon as possible.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Fri 21-Dec-07 13:06:13

Oh you wonderful woman Hogwarts! It IS my wedding ring - you have no idea how happy you have made me.

My email is flamesparrow at hotmail dot com.

I will send you the money to send it recorded delivery

silkcushion Fri 21-Dec-07 13:37:34

i don't believe it!!!

Postman has just arrived with another secret santa parcel. Beautifully wrapped in white paper with snowflakes on and a blue ribbon. Also a lovely card - feeling quite tearful now.

Will put pressie under the tree.

thank you so very much to my secret santa/s

silk x

SpacecadetLovesChristmas Fri 21-Dec-07 13:41:03

glad you got it dior, Im only sorry that it couldnt have been more..Have a lovely Christmassmile

mumofmonSTARsOfBethlehem Fri 21-Dec-07 14:40:53

SneezingSlothSlurpingBroth (or whatever your real MN name is wink)

Thank you SO much!! Got the DVD this morning. The boys will go wild when they see it grin

I can't believe that you apologised in your card as well shock

TenLordsaLapin Fri 21-Dec-07 14:43:44

Holy moly about the wedding ring! shock

And moreover - hurrah! grin

hogwarts Fri 21-Dec-07 14:45:01

Flamesparrow - have emailed you for your address. AM heading into town in next half hour so let me know it soon x

TenLordsaLapin Fri 21-Dec-07 14:59:59

Right, I MIGHT be around tonight but only if I fix my mum's broadband. Other back on Sunday, so don't panic if emails go unanswered!

Miaou Fri 21-Dec-07 15:12:53

mm22bys - glad they were a hit! And I'm glad you ate the chocs, they were meant for you wink

Thank you so much for your message, hope you have a fabby christmas too grin

ohthankyou Fri 21-Dec-07 15:29:23

A big box of clothes arrived for dd2 today, from Felixtowe, from A N Other Mumsnetter grin Thank you so much, they're great, dd2 is poorly and has put the fleecy pyjamas on straight away, she loves them.

Also, a lovely gift from another mnetter - two fleeces, two little Christmas bags that both dds LOVE and a winnie the pooh address book. Thank you!

DanJARMouse Fri 21-Dec-07 16:40:03

ohthankyou - you are so welcome xxx

harman Fri 21-Dec-07 17:20:58

Message withdrawn

bossybaublesinherbritches Fri 21-Dec-07 18:25:12

Think you possibly need to email Lapin on that one Harman *knowing wink*

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Fri 21-Dec-07 19:03:37

Very pleased about honest MNers grin

harman Fri 21-Dec-07 19:07:25

Message withdrawn

santatoohthankyou Fri 21-Dec-07 19:07:41

You are most welcome Ohthankyou smile

MellowChristmasEveryone Fri 21-Dec-07 19:31:36


My postman just arrived, no kidding 7.25pm and he turned up!!

I have no idea if the gifts we received are from the same person or from two different people but thank you thank you.

Someone must be mind-reader because the gifts for the boys were jsut what I would have bought if I could I will stop rambling now and list the gifts so you know they have been delivered.

Again thanks very very much!!

A lovely little knitted jumper and some trousers and a StarWars Transformer and a Thomas The Tank Station set.


MellowChristmasEveryone Fri 21-Dec-07 19:32:26

Oh and some Peace & quiet in a bottle wink

Thanks again!!

dh is shockshock

OhComeLetUsADiorHim Fri 21-Dec-07 19:42:54

SpaceCadet - honestly, I am overwhelmed by this Secret Santa thing. Next year, I am putting my name down to give. It has given me so much happiness to receive two parcels and I want to be able to return the favour. smile.

Happy Christmas to you all.

mustrunmorewantsanewname Fri 21-Dec-07 20:32:02

Oh my God Flameshock You nutter! How lucky was that ? That ring could've been so easily lost in the packaging!

SoVeryGrateful Fri 21-Dec-07 20:53:15

I would like to say a massive thank you to 'Angela , A, A, C & N for the wonderful box of goodies which DHL dropped off yesterday.

I was truly shock when i opened the box and saw all of the lovely goodies inside. This will make a massive difference to our christmas and I really cant thank you enough. Just hope that I am able to return the favour someday.

Thank you again, have a lovely christmas xxxx

Staceym11PipersPiping Fri 21-Dec-07 21:42:52

Flame shock your wedding ring?!?!

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Fri 21-Dec-07 21:58:06


massivethanks Sat 22-Dec-07 09:08:20

Thanks to my secret santa for gifts recieved yesterday for ds and dd. They are under the tree waiting to be unwrapped. There are two small tubes wrapped in grey paper and a gold square parcel for them both.
Thank you very much smile

DanJARMouse Sat 22-Dec-07 09:13:26

thank you to lynn in holland/germany

parcel arrived this morning with lots of lovely little stocking fillers for the girls, some little socks for the boy and a fabbo wheat pack for me!! oh an a really cool cd of german xmas songs... the girls love it!!


NAB3hundredbaubles Sat 22-Dec-07 09:22:30

May I just suggest that you wait to send the wedding ring as the post is a nightmare at the minute.

Just a thought.

Merry Christmas!!

PersephoneSnowballSnape Sat 22-Dec-07 10:18:59

I'm actually starting to get a bit embarrassed by the amount of stuff we have received. in addition to the parcels I've already mentioned, today i received a card with a £20 note in it! an english twenty, which being English and living in Scotland has made me homesick!!

we're going to the cinema this afternoon now! a rare treat! we hardly ever go because it's so bloody expensive to take three children and me to see a film! I'm really looking forwards to it - and so are the kiddiliwinks. thank you so much! i resolve to do random acts of kindness in all directions in repayment!

needmorecoffee Sat 22-Dec-07 10:36:03

Huge thanks for the mumsnetter who sent the cuddly elephant to dd and the one who sent us a revolving Santa and bath stuff for me. dd thinks the Santa is fab and laughs when it goes round.
It felt very special getting parcels labelled 'to the mumsnetter of the house'
no name on either so can't thank you both personally.

pollyannainexcelsis Sat 22-Dec-07 10:45:42

Lapin, I will email you, but do you know if my present has been received? I am starting to get worried about it.

magicdustreciever Sat 22-Dec-07 10:50:52

Thanks you so much to you.
My dc will love sprinking the magical dust outside

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Sat 22-Dec-07 11:00:46

I was wondering the same with the Christmas post and the ring, but I also know how I owuld feel having someone else's ring in the house just waiting for me to lose it!

harman Sat 22-Dec-07 11:04:22

Message withdrawn

needmorecoffeessecretsanta Sat 22-Dec-07 11:30:31

needmorecoffee - so glad your DD liked the Santa - my DDs tried really hard to think of something suitable.

tiredemma Sat 22-Dec-07 12:15:51


So glad it arrived! Sorry for the delay in replying to your lovely response to my parcel- we have been away all week and had no access to net.

Have a wonderful christmas- I meant every word in the letter- you really do sound like such a wonderful mum and daughter.

Hope the boys have fun with the vouchers.

have a great christmas and new year- lots of love to you all


needmorecoffee Sat 22-Dec-07 13:22:42

you still wont tell me who you are sad!
It was just so lovely someone thought of me smile

lou33 Sat 22-Dec-07 13:27:34

can i say thank you very much to the lovely person who knows my rl name , but anonymously sent some fabulous gifts via mn

JandDmom Sat 22-Dec-07 13:28:06

Dear GreedyGecko,
Glad you got the package. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too.

snowfunwhenyoureknackered Sat 22-Dec-07 13:43:55

tirdemma. so glad you've seen my thank you, I was worried you might think your parcel hadn't arrived or worse I hadn't bothered to acknowledge your kindness!

thanks again, I really hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year!


P.S. Your letter is safely folded up inside a zip in my purse - thank you.

ssd x x

hogwarts Sat 22-Dec-07 16:10:42

Flame - Just seen you post. I had emailed you earlier. DD has the tummy bug and we've been up half the night so I didnt make it to the post office in time, sorry. I was going to post it Special delivery on Monday (i think its next day as this is what they recommend for valuables) but would you prefer me to wait? I can put it away out of harms way in my house, I just didnt want you to think I was hanging on to it and knew if you were anything like me you would be dying to get it back. Let me know if you prefer that I wait until after the Christmas panic or if you would prefer I post it on Monday morning. I have an antenatal appt at 9am so will be up and out anyway wink

melsy Sat 22-Dec-07 19:46:32

THANK YOU thank you wags (I think) for the wrapped, (beautifully I must say), pressies for dd1 and 2. Im just so humbled to be thought of again. What a lovely bunch of mummies you are.

Silly q , but is it random who you donate too ??? I didnt get a chance to even read about how this was organised blush.

mysonsmummy Sat 22-Dec-07 23:07:29

to the lovely lady in TN1..... thank you so much for such a lovely present for Kyle. you wrapped it so lovely i am not even going to peek at it. i have put it away now and it will magically appear from father christmas. thank you so much for thinking of him he really deserves. it. have a wonderful christmas with your family. xxxx

vio Sat 22-Dec-07 23:44:19

thx. secretsanta for the sugarbabe CD. Merry Christmas to all of u and happy new year 2008

Thankyousoveryverymuch Sun 23-Dec-07 07:35:50

I hope my secret santa is still checking this thread, as I wouldn't want her to miss my thank you. I have only just found a package from her this morning, it actually arrived yesterday, but it went to my neighbours house, and he bought it round after I had gone to bed last night, so when I came down stairs this morning, it was on the table awaiting me! It was post dated 13th, so it has taken a while to get here!!!!

THANKYOU It was a lovely suprise to find first thing. It was from someone in Yorkshire, and contained the most perfect gifts possible! Spiderman toys (you have no idea how appropriate they are! Thankyou so very much, my DS is MAD on him!!!!)
Three books (one of which my DD will love especially, as she adores Bob!) if that wasn't enough, a gift voucher for M&S.

Really, I am so overwhelmed by your generosity, I can't say thank you enough. You have really made such a difference to our christmas this year.

THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU smile smile smile smile

I truly hope you have a very happy christmas, and a wonderful 2008 smile

secretsantawasme Sun 23-Dec-07 08:43:56

Tnakyousoveryverymuch I am so glad you got your parcel - I was starting to worry! It has taken ages to get to you!

I have a spiderman mad ds too so I'm glad he will enjoy, and dd the book.

Happy Christmas smile

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Sun 23-Dec-07 10:54:18

I just had post (on a Sunday??)

Thank you sooo much anonymous MNer - you sent me a beautiful dress and skirt for DD and a wrapped something. A card inside (Madonna and child type image) saying "A very merry Christmas from our family to yours"

I love them and they are great colouring for DD grin

nutcracker Sun 23-Dec-07 11:07:26

Dear J & P, with children D,G,H and D, thank you so so so much for your lovely and thoughtful gifts. Every single thing in the parcel was lovely and the clothes were fantastic, you must have been a fly on the wall during a previous shopping session with my dd's as the clothes are exactly what they would pick. Also thanks for the chocs for me grin.

Will give the xmas kits to the kids to do tommorow when they are getting over excited LOL.

Oh and huge apologies to your DH for having to see me in my pj's blush

Thank you again and I hope you and your family have a lovely xmas xxx

mustrunmorewantsanewname Sun 23-Dec-07 11:07:35

How did you get post on a sunday? hmm

nutcracker Sun 23-Dec-07 11:47:26

Well mine was delivered by a mners hubby, but apparently Royal Mail are delivering parcels today too.

bossybaublesinherbritches Sun 23-Dec-07 11:50:40

I think they've got such a backlog of parcels they're HAVING to deliver today in some areas!!

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Sun 23-Dec-07 16:29:39

Twas all most bizarre tbh!

TenLordsaLapin Sun 23-Dec-07 16:36:05

For people worried about their parcels not getting through - hopefully they will all get there in the end!

We've been sent something for DS (from my aunt) - I am NOT going to the sorting office at 6:30am tomorrow, which is the only time I reckon there won't be a huge queue. I'm picking it up after Christmas.

All because our doorbell is broken (fabulous timing hmm)

paulineinscotland Sun 23-Dec-07 19:00:14

Hey I was just wondering if my parcel had arrived to my worthy receivers yet.I posted it on Thursday from Scotland love and hugs xoxo

TenLordsaLapin Sun 23-Dec-07 21:18:50

paulineinscotland - yes she has, I had an email from her earlier, she is so so chuffed smile and I know she's going to try and come on later and post a thank you.

Thank you for my parcel, it contained baby clothes, and three wrapped pressies and 2 soft teddies. It was postd on the 20th, and arrived yesterday. Many thanks grin

AmazonReceiver Sun 23-Dec-07 23:01:15

TO MY SECRET SANTA - Received a great parcel yesterday from amazon 2 hard back books, game of jenga and a pamper set for me!
Would just like to say thank you so much, so humble, MN has made my Xmas this year!!
Thank you and Happy Christmas!!! gringrin

saltirehangingonachristmastree Mon 24-Dec-07 07:26:21

I'm hoping my parcel has arrived. I have no faith in the Royal Mail, and have had so many things turn up weeks alte, or not at all.
Worried now that the MNetter won't get it

stickyj Mon 24-Dec-07 07:44:38

Nutcracker, glad you liked the stuff! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas too!

Jackstini Mon 24-Dec-07 10:19:54

Hi JustJules - I didn't know it was you I was sending to, (I remember you from us both being on mc threads earlier this year)
but am so glad you liked it. Your response has made me cry too now!
Hope you have a really lovely relaxing Christmas and am keeping everything crossed for you xxx

MellowChristmasEveryone Mon 24-Dec-07 10:23:52

just incae my sender did not see thank you we had mail at 7.30pm on Friday evening.

I have figured out by postcodes that it was 2 different senders, both very very generous and DS2 loves the dragon jumper!!!!

I have wrapped the Star Wars transformer and Thomas & Friends set for Christmas day. thanks again. xxx

3rdparcelshock Mon 24-Dec-07 10:37:48

OH MY GAWD <<<<<my mouth drops to the floor>>>>. I cant believe it , but I have another parcel today. Im not sure if they want to be revealed or not (& I dont want to be boastful so changed my name too) , Im not sure of the etiquette here ,but your MN name starts with a B ???

Im not sure if youll recognise the gifts , but there was some green and blacks mini bars, £15 boots gift voucher and a soft package in a lovely pale blue star wrapping with silver thin ribbon, (beng saved for tommorow).

THANK YOU THANK YOU sooo sooo much , the thoughtfulness and generosity has astounded me.

You have made me cry , having been thought of so much. I dont think Ive ever been thought of this much by so many.

I dont quite know what to say , I dont feel so deserving of so many gifts , it is blowing me away.

You mumsnetters are amazing , you really are.

Happy Christmas and New Year smile


needmorecoffee Mon 24-Dec-07 13:10:51

To the mumsnetter who sent me a cheque to spend on a switch adapted CD player for DD. Thankyou so very much. I had a little weep for how wonderful people are and how generous. Thankyou so very much, this means a great deal to me.

Gingermonkey Mon 24-Dec-07 13:21:26

i'mdreamingofawhiteKITTYchristmas....been completely useless and hadn't checked the thank you thread for ages, I'm so glad your parcels arrived safely and I really hope you like them (well, the DDs do!) Have a fab day tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I snet mine on Tuesday. I hope it's arrived?

WewishyouaBUMPERLICIOUS Mon 24-Dec-07 13:58:07

I sent mine a week ago last thursday but they don't seem to have arrived. feeling very sad that my receivers will think they have been forgotten sad

3rdparcelssecretsanta Mon 24-Dec-07 14:32:06

Yay 3rdparcel - so relieved its arrived. The parcel is something I thought your dd1 might like? Hope so.

Happy, happy Christmas. grin

saltirehangingonachristmastree Mon 24-Dec-07 14:44:40

Bumper - I too am worried that mine will not get to the receiver on time! sad

3rdparcelshock Mon 24-Dec-07 15:04:17

ahhh lovely 3rdparcelsecretsanta, very kind of you. Do you know who I am btw??? It is funny speaking in codes and secret names !!!

dd1 wont know whats hit her , shes had some Chanukkah pressies and now tomoz shell have loads of Xmas pressies too bless her. Shes been through so much this year poor little thing its lovely to see her jumping up an down all excited and happy.

I think Im going to cry again today.

CantSleighWontSleigh Mon 24-Dec-07 15:05:16

Am shock to be posting on here again, but another parcel arrived for me today. Even more blush than last time, as the card said that I had been nominated just for being nice. Doubly blush as there are so many nice MNers.

In case that isn't enough for the donor to recognise, the parcel was posted in Wales, and contains 3 items, which I shall look forward to opening tomorrow.

Thank you very much smile.

Theghostofchristmaspyjamas Mon 24-Dec-07 15:09:08

saltire I have thanked you on your other thread but I am not sure if you have seen it

I just want to say thankyou for the huge box of stuff that arrived on Saturday you had me in tears with your kindness and everything you sent was Spot on smile

I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas xxxxxxxxxx

hogwarts Mon 24-Dec-07 15:24:04

Flame - just a wee note to tell you I posted back your wedding ring and have emailed you the tracking details.

Happy Christmas to everyone smile

notverysuccessfulsecretsanta Mon 24-Dec-07 16:59:48

Hello, just wondering if anyone if BFPO15 has received anything, don't think mine has arrived yet......sad

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Mon 24-Dec-07 17:35:01

grin Hogwarts - you're a very twinkly star

grin CSWS - but you ARE nice, and no, I don't just mean last Christmas. You have obviously given a lot of us a lot of support and it is now time for thanks.

grin (again) to MumOfMonsters - I got post today (and the stamps weren't stamped so I could post em back for you to reuse wink). I haven't shown B yet, but she will love it. Worrying thing is, me n Boy had a perfectly serious conversation about how it would be better to sprinkle on the back path as there is more space in the garden for the reindeer blush

2Cute Mon 24-Dec-07 17:39:58

A very big thank you to christmasshinysnowflakes. It means so much to me to know that someone has thought of me and my DS as we try to tackle our first christmas without my DH. It really took me by surprise as I had no idea mumsnetters did this. Thank you xx

hazygirl Mon 24-Dec-07 19:56:50

hi everyone i just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful presents we have recieved for my family i am overcome how wonderful you are i recieved a lovely cardigan that goes lovely with amelias dress chocolates smellies a vtech activity walker i was gobsmackedthat people have been so wonderful.more than anything the spport i have had from you all i will never forgeti am offline at moment due to laptop screen smashing after accident i was heartbroken its ike losing my best friendfamily seem glad as they think i can no longer function in rl and am recieving a lotof helpat moment my dd has lent e hers for a hour whilst she is busy downstairs but im gonna get sorted net week thanks to you allxxxxxxxxxxx

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Mon 24-Dec-07 21:12:48

S. Stevens where are you????



I got the parcel! I was totally and completely and wonderfully suprised. It was more than timely as the ds games my mum sent from the States have not arrived in time and I had to borrow one from a neighbor just so ds2 could play with his ds tomorrow.

But now he won't mind!


And please out yourself!

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Mon 24-Dec-07 21:17:14

'twould really make my crimbo if i knew my parcel had arrived,

mysonsmummy Mon 24-Dec-07 22:26:49

to my lady who sent the parcel on friday via amazon.... i did wait in for it this morning as promised but rtuished out as soon as it came. my brother was taken into hospital yesterday. he is an alcoholic and had a bad fall a couple of days ago. he didnt put any hands out and fell completely on his face. so ive been with him today (funny his friends are never around when he needs them or this gf has not been to see him today or yesterday - she sent him in the ambulance on his own with a letter saying what his medication was ffs))- i have lots of guilt as i have distanced myself from him before now as its so hard watching him slowly kill himself like out mum did . anyhow im back now and have just opened the box now ds is in bed. they are all wrapped ready to be put in the stocking at the end of his bed. im not sure if you know my situ but we are stuck in the house so much as the moment board games are what keep us sane. we havent any of the games you sent. thank you so much - funny thing is if i went in to choose them they would have been exact ones. also the thomas crayons were great. it really was a lovely surprise.

i hope you have an amazing christmas with your family you so deserve it.

thanks again .. x x x x x

i will post again tomorrow and let you know what ds thought of them.

saltirehangingonachristmastree Mon 24-Dec-07 22:50:35

Christmas Pj's. i'm so glad you gotit

TenLordsaLapin Mon 24-Dec-07 22:55:23

Ladyoftheflowers, I am pretty sure she HAS had it - it's hard for her to get online but I know she did receive a package, I just don't know what was in it!

DippyChristmas Mon 24-Dec-07 23:26:29

Just popping on quickly as I didn't get a chance to post Friday .....

Just as I was about to step outside to get into the car to go away for a couple of days, the postie turned up with another huge parcel!!!! shock

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I got some yummy chocolates, some lovely bits and pieces for my girlies, including some gorgeous animal skittles for my youngest, which she will completely love! grin Thank you so much!!!!! smile

It was soooo lovely to be able to sit down with DH this evening and wrap the girls gifts and hang their stockings up - This just would not have been possile without the generosity of you lovely people on MN - Thank you for making our Christmas extra-special this year - You are amazing!! smile


ShakeysGirl Mon 24-Dec-07 23:41:01

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE LOVELY PERSON THAT SENT ME FLOWERS! It was really lovely of you and i have no idea who you are! I've never been sent flowers before! Thank you and Merry Christmas x

ChristmasShinySnowflakes Tue 25-Dec-07 01:51:10

2Cute you have no idea how happy and relieved I am that it arrived on time

Sorry I could not send more but I was laid up with chicken pox at the time so could only do limited shopping.

Lots of love to you both xxx

charliecat Tue 25-Dec-07 02:12:12

Merry Xmas to my givers...Ive been in a bad way mentally...complete state actually, and have just filled my dds stockings with all of your gifts and you have no idea the feelings that washed over me. And im numb, but they got through So thank you all xx

ChristmasShinySnowflakes Tue 25-Dec-07 02:24:26

Hope that you are okay Charliecat, and that your Christmas is a happy one

charliecat Tue 25-Dec-07 02:26:21

Thank you And you too

Oooohthankyouxx Tue 25-Dec-07 08:56:36

I Just wanted to say another big thankyou to my secret santa smile

I saved my pressie until today to unwrap, and It was a beautiful purse, just lovely, and it had money inside too!!!!! I can't thank you enough, I have already swopped the contents of my old purse over.

Thankyou too for all the other gifts, they made such a difference, and the kids love them smile

you are a star xxxxx

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 25-Dec-07 13:21:24

The person who sent me "Peace and Quiet Body Lotion"v grin

How fab a name is that???

melsy Tue 25-Dec-07 14:32:40

Just another thank you for my dd's presents which we saved for just now. They are exactly right for my two. Dd1 LOVES LOVES arts and crafts and the butterfly bank painting set is very synchronistic ! The baby scribbler is wonderful as dd2 just loves using dd1's and she gets most upset to have it whipped away !!! Its like you knew y kids really well. Wonderful.

Thank you again wags wherever you are , bless you for being so thoughtful.

Merry Christmas xxxx

MisteryNitter Tue 25-Dec-07 17:55:30

Hazygirl: glad the cardigan arrived on time! Hope you have a fab Christmas

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 25-Dec-07 20:09:15

Mystery giver who sent the card with Madonna and child... DD wore the dress today and everyone commented on how lovely it was

thankyousomuch Tue 25-Dec-07 22:31:03


The boys loved their presents! Very well chosen, you must be a mum of boys. grin

It was lovely to unwrap my present, too. I love Neal's Yard stuff though can never usually justify buying it for myself. Another pefect choice!

I hope you had a wonderful day, you have made ours extra special. smile

Another 'thankyou' too, to The Dear Family. DS3 was 'reading' along with 'Bearhunt'. I had started filling in the MENSA form wink, but then remembered that it is one of his faves at nursery. grin
The chocolates were delicious. I'm ashamed to say though that....erm....DS4 didn't get any of his. blush grin Just as well though as DH 'found' the chocolate Christmas trees. angry grin
The scented soap bag is hanging in the wardrobe. Lovely! And again it's something I just wouldn't buy for myself. Thankyou again for the voucher and the clothes, too.

It has been so nice to receive some 'girly' things as I live with 5 blokes (albeit 4 little blokes and a DH) and it doesn't occur to them that I might like these things.

Hope you all had a lovely day and go on to have a happy and healthy 2008.


Wags Tue 25-Dec-07 22:33:59

You are very welcome Melsy. Glad they liked their pressies. My 2 are similar ages so I tried to think what they like best. Hope you all had a good day, ours are exhausted in bed which is where I am on my way to smile

TheMincePiedMadHouse Wed 26-Dec-07 00:11:08

Thank you again to my two secrwt santa's. The boys loved their presents and DS1 has already done the pat puzzles. DS2 loves his own little car and neenor. The bath toywill be used tomorrow. MY Aveda handcream is wonderful and will be kept by the kitchen sink. Your generousity made me cry again this morning.

And for my other santa (C) the M&S vouchers are going to be used on Thursday when I brave the sales for a coat for each for the boys.

We have had a wonderful day, my boys made me proud, they were kind and gracious and every so good for an 18 month old and a 2.9 year old.

I have the date for my genetic test 7 January and my mums is on the mend after her recent operation. Thankyou mumsnet, thankyou Fly ladies. Being a mum is my most imporatant job, I want my children to gow up in a loving and balanced home and really do find you all such a lift, it is good to know that other mums understand how hard being a mum came be and also how rewarding - gushing over

mummyhill Wed 26-Dec-07 08:19:06

To my two secret santa's thank you once again. DD loves her bead set and the foam animals to make. DS loved the tigger book (how did you know tigger is his favorite?) and the fab transport puzzles. I am going to enjoy a relaxing bath by candle light as well.

Thank you.

I hope all the Secret Santa's, receivers and most importantly Lapin who went to the trouble of organising the appeal all had a great day yesterday.

TrinityTheRedNosedRhino Wed 26-Dec-07 08:32:59

WOW is all I can say!!

Thankyou so much to my secret santa!

My wonderful presents were
Lovely Lindt orange chocolates
Gorgeous chocolate covered cherries.
Wonderful bath soak, body scrub and body butter.
Lovely amaretti biscuits.
Really gorgeous, blast from the past(used to have them every christmas) ferrero rochers
Lovely scented candles and
a Beautiful silver necklace.

They are all so gorgeous and wonderfully wrapped. Someone out alot of thought into it, it was just wonderful.

I came down to my parents on the 20th and my hubby rang on the 22nd to say a parcwel had arrived and he would bring it down with him.
He arrived at 6am on xmas morning and popped the parcel in our room when he came in.

I forgot about it blush...until the kids were in bed after a lovely xmas day and we were relaxing with a drink and some top gear grin

I opened it up and it was just amazing, so thoughtful and I love every bit of it.
Thankyou so much.

ManyThanks Wed 26-Dec-07 09:06:44

After a really lovely day yesterday I thought I would thank my mn donors again. smile

Tigger32 - thank you so much for the animal book for ds he loves it. smile

Botbot - Thank you so much for the bubble maker ds had great fun with it. smile

The lovely mumsnetter who sent me a big package (GILES - midlands? - VJ+D?) Hopefully you will know who you are, all of your gifts were well received, including the calorie free shortbread. grin

You are all so kind and have made my xmas so lovely. THANKYOU. Me and dp felt very humbled and overwhelmed by your kindness.

I am determined to be a donor next year to pay it forward.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Wed 26-Dec-07 09:19:35

MASSIVE THANK YOU to our 2 givers again, ds & dd loved there presents & there faces were a picture when they opened them.

I told ds that they were from lovely people on mumsnet, he said "mumsnet? you mean the thing on the computer mummy" yes darling said i, "can you tell them thank you mummy" smile

So BIG thank you from ds & of course if dd understood i am sure she would be the same.

Thank you to everyone, My givers, Lapin for organising it & to whoever nominated us yout all fab.

Hope you all had a lovely christmas.


ManyThanks Wed 26-Dec-07 09:19:48

Also to my mystery donor - DS loved every one of his gifts, the dinosaur, clifford, hungry caterpillar puzzle, chocolate coins, were all very ds - I think you must have boys! grin
Anyway thank you from all of us. smile

RubySlippedonastraymincepie Wed 26-Dec-07 13:31:32

thank you, thank you, thank you to the three lovely Mnetters who sent me and DS some wonderful gifts

2 were anonymous but one was from Jackie smile

i was overwhelmed with the books, clothes, and goodies for me and DS - i couldn't prise "who wants to go on bear hunt" off him

thank you for taking the time and trouble to send us the gifts

hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and lots of love for 2008

TenLordsaLapin Wed 26-Dec-07 22:00:36

bumping as I know someone is looking for this smile

NAB3wishesfor2008 Wed 26-Dec-07 22:02:41

Thank you again for the very kind MNetter who sent the Princess writing set and the Ariel doll for my DD. She isn't girlie girlie - probably due to having a brother- but I am trying to give her more girl things so she can see if she likes them and when she opened the doll she said it was just what she wanted! grin Thank you again.

moodlumthehoodlum Wed 26-Dec-07 22:36:24

Hello 3rdparcelshock, I don't know who you are, but here I am! Hope you had a good day yesterday and your dds enjoyed themselves.


moodlumthehoodlum Wed 26-Dec-07 22:38:21

BTW 3rdparcel, I'm not sure what the etiquette is, so anonymity is fine!!

Did anyone send me a £20 argos giftcard with their pressies? I found one in my house today and I know that no-one brought one yesterday, so am guessing that one of the MNetters maybe put it into one of the parcels, and I missed it. If so, many thanks!

ChristkindlSurprise Thu 27-Dec-07 08:58:44

You are welcome. Hope that you and your family are enjoying the first days with your new baby.

silkcushion Thu 27-Dec-07 13:41:49

really hope my secret santas have seen mt thank you. the gorgeous white roses from joh lewis that arrived last friday and the pressie i opened xmas day - champagne truffles and space nk smellies - lovely

thank you so much yet again - i can't believe the generosity of strangers!

Rosa Thu 27-Dec-07 14:22:15

Did anybody get a parcel from Cornwall ?...3 gifts for a ds ( Disney Cars colouring set was one !) and a few things for a mummy... as if not I will open a complaint with the R mail !!! Thx

lulumama Thu 27-Dec-07 16:22:23

hoping K in W4 area received a parcel ? have scanned the thread but it is soooo huge... smile

ceebee74 Thu 27-Dec-07 19:18:07

Did anyone abroad get 2 books via Amazon? I am concerned that they did not arrive.....if you are reading this, please let me know they arrived as I would hate to think there was a recipient who did not receive anything on Christmas Day sad

bahKewcHumbug Thu 27-Dec-07 22:24:23

I need to thank my two santas - I was so very touched that someone nominated me and very touched that I got not one but two parcels.

So if you sent a parcel to Kew gardens with a book for my DS or a parcel including a bob the builder dvd, then you are lovely lovely women and I thank you.

(I must confess to being a little moist around the eye area)

(Just realised this evening that the fruit shoot shock was not part of the orginal packaging but was stuck on!!!! I'm such a dozy mare - thought maybe it was like the childs equivalent of a health warning!)

DividedSelfsSecretSanta Fri 28-Dec-07 14:21:18

Did your second package arrive? btw the M6 was not a clue. I just write my Es funny.

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Fri 28-Dec-07 14:26:03

Those following the saga of my wedding ring...

I have it back!!! grin

It is now firmly in my jewellery box and will not be worn until it is resized blushgrin

DD was ill last night, so DH took himself to work and locked the front door behind him. From the outside. With my keys. His in his pocket.

Postman found it highly amusing as I yelled through the door that I was locked in, and he had me leaning out the lounge window to sign for it! blushgrin

mysonsmummy Fri 28-Dec-07 21:25:06

lulumama - thank you so much k had a wonderful day. he received a few different presents from different secret santas so not exactly sure which one was yours but thank you so much for thinking of him.

i had alwful news a couple of days before with my brother being taken into hospital. hes an alcoholic who dosent want to stop drinking. the drs had said he wouldn't see this christmas.

i made a big mistake of taking k up to see him on xmas day thinking i couldn't bear him not having a visit. it was a BIG mistake as he was withdrawing badly and it was scary for me nevermind a 6 year old. he had also had a really bad fall and was unrecognisable. i do it all the time put others first then regret it. that and some other things must have knocked me in a big way as all the money i'd spent on our christmas dinner was such a waste as i couldn't face it and cooked sausages and mash. lol. i had an appt. at the breast clinic yesterday which must have been playing on mind but thankfully its ok for now.

funny enough just writing a couple of the things that were worrying me down makes me realise why i had such a shite day and couldn't make myself just snap out of it.

anyhow your gifts cheered k's day up no end especially when i couldn't. thanks again.

mysonsmummy Sat 29-Dec-07 10:26:30

also wanted to sy i had placed the thank you on here a couple of times but you wouldnt haveknown who we were. x x x

sockmonkey Sat 29-Dec-07 12:55:59

I would like to say a big *thank you* to The flower fairy, who ever you are, you put a big smile on my face when a lovely bunch of flowers arrived this morning (and chocolates too...yum!).
There was a note from the florists saying sorry for the late arrival, so I hope that you didn't think I was ungrateful for not mentioning it before now!! They are beautiful, and very very much appreciated grin

I would also like to say a thank you to LL who has organised this all! What a christmas star you are !

Very happy they arrived SM – the note re the late arrival is because they were supposed to have been delivered on the 21st.

onlyjoking Sat 29-Dec-07 13:09:29

thankyou to the xmasflowerfairy from the OJ household see profile picture for lovely flowers. i keep grinning at them grin

They are lovely OJ and I am so pleased you like them– there’s a pic on my profile of what they should look like when they open.

hunkermunker Sat 29-Dec-07 13:53:10

Thank you so much for my flowers Christmas Flower Fairy!

What a very lovely surprise - and actually much nicer to receive so unexpectedly after Christmas!

Thank you thank you! Happy New Year! grin

Very happy they arrived HM – Happy New Year to you and your family too.

hunkermunker Sat 29-Dec-07 14:04:01

It really was a lovely surprise - thank you! They're really gorgeous - and chocs too! [fspoilt] grin

FlameNFurter Sat 29-Dec-07 14:19:52

I'm lovin this whole flower fairy thing!

I sent some presents through to a MNer(through littlelapin). When the order went through, I sent a copy to littlelapin & another email when amazon confirmed shipment but never heard from her or the MNer. I feel a bit hurt. An acknowledgement that the gifts were received would have been the minimum, don't you agree?

ceebee74 Sat 29-Dec-07 17:26:30

Xmasfortunecookie - I am in exactly the same position as I sent 2 gifts through Amazon but have no idea whether they have been received. Would love to know for my own peace of mind otherwise obviously I can chase Amazon about it.

FlameNFurter Sat 29-Dec-07 17:30:11

Ask LL - She will chase it up via email for you

From what I know of LL through her posts, she'd be mortified if she knew about

Must've slipped her notice but would still appreciate knowing.

MarsyChristmas Sat 29-Dec-07 18:56:14

LL has had intermittent internet problems.

Also... she doesn't tend to know the RL names of many of the givers and/or receivers. Please bear in mind that she's had a mammoth task in co-ordinating all of this and I'm sure when she's had time she will come back to you.

Have you checked through the thread to see if your receiver has received them yet?

MarsyChristmas Sat 29-Dec-07 18:57:48

btw... I was getting ready to send out a search party for you! DT1 is now outgrowing (or has outgrown) those lovely outfits you sent her. I still manage to squeeze her into a couple though! grin

ceebee74 Sat 29-Dec-07 18:58:33

I have e-mailed LL already to check if the receiver has received the gifts and I fully appreciate what a huge task she took on and has done wonders with.

I am just asking the receiver, if she is reading this, to confirm she received the gifts smile

MarsyChristmas Sat 29-Dec-07 19:01:56

ceebee... didn't mean to sound rude. Typing whilst doing other things.

mysonsmummy Sat 29-Dec-07 22:55:34

my ds received some fantastic board games from a very kind MN but i have already been on this thread to say A MASSIVE thank you so it can't be me!! lol

lapiNewYear Sat 29-Dec-07 23:13:05

ceebee74 - I thought your lady was going to post on this thread but she must have been delayed. She has emailed me to say that the parcel from Amazon was received and she is incredibly grateful and pleased with it! I shall remove the identifying details and forward her email to you.

xmasfortunecookie - I did not reply to your email of the 20th December telling me that the order had been sent as I assumed it was just a courtesy on your part. I would have preferred that you had emailed me personally to tell me that your person had not received her parcel rather than just posting on here. Sadly I do not have time to check this thread and see if all 178 recipients have posted. Now I see your complaint, I will of course email the person concerned to check if she has received anything.

MerryBiglipsmas Sat 29-Dec-07 23:15:53

On Xmas Day i opened the box from a mumsnetter and rcvd fab girls clothes for age 3-4 yrs old but sadly they will fit my Niece as my 3.3yrs old DD is size age 4-5 as she is soo tall for her age.

thanks again and they are so lovely especially the Ladybird Denim dress - i want one too!! wink xx

I thought the whole point of the secret santa thing was to be secret???

If you are concerned about non-delivery then surely please deal with llapin direct- this is not a thread to make people feel bad, they may not be on here regularly /at the moment

I thought the point of giving was just that.. to give. Not needing recognition for doing so

onlyjoking Sat 29-Dec-07 23:23:51

can i just say thankyou so much to lapin for undertaking this massive feat, you are amazing and thankyou for my very lovely flowers and chocolates and the ocado shopping too they made us very happy.

ChristmasShinySnowflakes Sat 29-Dec-07 23:24:51

But then LL has only asked people about 80 times to email her directly- that can't surely be enough times for people to follow her request can it? wink

Exactly CSS! grin

lapiNewYear Sat 29-Dec-07 23:27:44

It's ok, I know it's frustrating to send stuff and not know if it's been received. Bloody post! Maybe we should do this in April or something wink

hunkermunker Sat 29-Dec-07 23:28:37

<squashes Lapin to norks affectionately and offers to share v gratefully received flowery chocs>

lapiNewYear Sat 29-Dec-07 23:29:18


onlyjoking Sat 29-Dec-07 23:30:26

LL rest assured you have done a fab job you amaze me what with doing this and the mile for maude stuff you are fab.

ChristmasShinySnowflakes Sat 29-Dec-07 23:31:42

Maybe we should award her our very own award....say an OME (Order of the Mumsnet Empire) grin

onlyjoking Sat 29-Dec-07 23:31:59

hunker glad to see you got flowers and chocs too. have you eaten your chocs yet?
i am eating saving mine wink

lapiNewYear Sat 29-Dec-07 23:32:53

Well I think you are pretty bloody amazing OJ

Oh lord the thread's turning into a love-in, quick Hunker say something smutty wink grin

onlyjoking Sat 29-Dec-07 23:44:10

mothing amazing about me, thou the bags under my eyes are pretty amazing wink
dh loves the wheat bag, thanks for that. thou the hottie is all mine

lapiNewYear Sat 29-Dec-07 23:46:38

I know he is grin

hunkermunker Sat 29-Dec-07 23:52:30

<licks lips for stray traces of choc>

eating saving mine too, OJ grin So glad you had flowers too - what a lovely XmasFlowerFairy we have!

hunkermunker Sat 29-Dec-07 23:53:26

"something smutty"

<looks puzzled>

I did have an idea for a hoax thread I could start on here one day when it's boring earlier. But that's a secret and won't happen for a while grin

hunkermunker Sat 29-Dec-07 23:53:54

And aren't I a bugger for mentioning it?

<boils hamster>
<throws football at cat>

lapiNewYear Sat 29-Dec-07 23:54:44

<has torrid affair with BIL>

<hires nanny>

hunkermunker Sat 29-Dec-07 23:55:15


Not even close grin

lapiNewYear Sat 29-Dec-07 23:56:40

<has premature baby and goes scuba-diving in the Caribbean>

K20 Sat 29-Dec-07 23:57:04

WE waited until Christmas day and WOW our three parcels were absolutely fabulous, chldrens clothes (everything fit! and I espcially loved the boys stripy jumper)also pens and toys. I loved my warm snuggly hottie and almost had to fight DD8 to keep it as she desperately wanted the elephant tucked inside the pocket.

Thank you secret santa for organising this and also whoever sent their gifts to Mrs K Mumsnetter. xxx

lapiNewYear Sun 30-Dec-07 00:01:30

xmasfortunecookie - hurrah! yes, she has received it, apols from her for not posting yet but one of her kids has been under the weather - she says huge thanks and apologies!

K20 Sun 30-Dec-07 00:06:36

PS I don't know if you knew about my year, but the Hero's were a well aimed choice. I feel like a hero to still be standing after the last nine months

Many many many thanks

MarsyChristmas Sun 30-Dec-07 01:51:22
OverRated Sun 30-Dec-07 02:10:48

Thanks Marslady smile

OverRated Sun 30-Dec-07 02:40:14

ceebee74 (or perhaps xmas fortune cookie) I have trawled through this thread and just saw your post & I think you may be asking about me. In which case, yes I did receive a parcel from amazon yesterday afternoon and I sent an email to LL to thank you as I wasn't able to get on mn long enough to compose something meaningful. The time difference means I don't get on MN until most of you go to bed - this was my first opportunity to thank you. I really wasn't being rude. I am so sorry. I am really very grateful. I'm sorry for not letting you know sooner. I feel really bad.

Thank you so much. I have sat looking through them over and over again. Thank you. I wish I could write something meaningful but I'm a bit lost for words.

Thank you for you kindness and generosity.

And again, sorry for not posting on here yesterday.


LL, that's the point. I didn't know whether or not the person had received the gifts. I had hoped you would keep informed as I had no direct contact with her. Not a big deal but a thank you would have been appreciated nevertheless.

lapiNewYear Sun 30-Dec-07 10:05:50

xmasfortunecookie, if you read the thread, you will see I have posted a thank you from her, she has been unable to get on and post herself because her child has been ill. Until I saw you post, I was unaware that she had not been on this thread.

colditz Sun 30-Dec-07 10:09:30

XFC do stop whining. Next year don't do it if you can't cope with uncertainty.

colditz Sun 30-Dec-07 10:10:06

PS I am assuming it was Christmas for Lapin too, she's not an employeehmm

FlameNFurter Sun 30-Dec-07 11:37:59

shock Letting the wabbit have Christmas? (says she who emailed her on Boxing Day, but I wasn't expecting a reply until much later iyswim).

MerryBiglipsmas Sun 30-Dec-07 12:04:06

lapin = did the other mumsnetter rcvd mine??? as i did email to u before Xmas but no reply smile

MysonsmummysSecretSanta Sun 30-Dec-07 12:06:22

mysonsmummy my advanced detective skills lead me to suspect that I was your secret santa. I know you have had a couple and deservedly so! But I just wanted to check that you got my parcel. It contained some magic tricks and a power ranger mask for K and some choccie and a bath bomb for you! I'm hoping they got to you ok, if not i'll chase it up!

Sorry you had such as crap Christmas, I hope 2008 is a better year for you and K!

lapiNewYear Sun 30-Dec-07 12:36:34

Biglips - I didn't have an email from you? Last one I got was on December 16th re the Woolworths thing.

I don't think your lady is on this thread, although with all these bloody Christmas names she could be! grin I will email her and ask.

XFC, I can't believe your attitude. Perhaps next year don't bother doing it if you have high expectations of gratefullness.

chonky Sun 30-Dec-07 14:11:48

XFC - I think you might be missing the sentiments behind the MN secret santa, we're trying to make it easier at Christmas, not more difficult! I struggle to get through Christmas as it is, without having to be on top of my thank you letters the second I have received a present hmm.

Well done to the wabbit for organising it all - you're a star

paulineinscotland Sun 30-Dec-07 16:55:19

Hiya K20 that person was me smile you would never believe this but you know the Pj's for your daughter I nearly didnt get the slippers to match because they were the last pair in the whole shop and they were just the right size it was like I was meant to buy them.Glad you and the kids liked the stuff hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year.Love and hugs xoxo

ceebee74 Sun 30-Dec-07 17:16:55

Overrated - please don't feel bad for not posting immediately - I am glad you received the books and I am very sorry they were not in time for Christmas - they were meant to be but obviously they didn't quite make it blush.

My posts below were just because I wanted to know they had arrived - not because I was looking for thanks in any way, shape or form.

I hope you had a good Christmas and enjoy the books.


MerryBiglipsmas Sun 30-Dec-07 19:15:57

grin thanks worries about not rcving my email. im just curious thats all

K8M Sun 30-Dec-07 19:43:38

Just wanted to thank the 3 secret santas - the first supplied my ds with "that's not my puppy" and other books (along with some jingle bells which he loved!!).
The second secret santa bought out mothercare - the bricks and alphabet jigsaw (and everything else) was amazing.
The third secret santa sent a fisher price table thing which is fantastic.

I'd like to say thank you so much - you really brightened up some dark days for us!

Thank you again,
Much love

ThankyouThankyouThankyou Mon 31-Dec-07 17:21:10

Oh dear XFC I fear I am the person who received your wonderful and very generous parcel through Amazon. So sorry to have upset you by not posting sooner sad

It arrived just in time for xmas and with all the present wrapping (which of course I had left to the last minute blush) and general christmas madness I didnt get a chance to post. And since then my youngest has been poorly and my sleep deprived brain has really let me down. Have only just remembered to check that one of the parcels I sent arrived!

It really was wonderful and really appreciated. DC loved their gifts smile

This whole thing really has transformed our christmas. When I get round to it hmm blush I will post some pics to this profile. Thank you so so much to all my givers and huge apologies to xfc for not posting sooner.

ThankyouThankyouThankyou Mon 31-Dec-07 17:51:23

Ok hopefully all my givers and Lapin can now see my profile page with a few xmas pics (if you're interested! hmm).

Obviously will need to be using your giver names except Lapin who needs her new year name! smile

*^THANK YOU!!!^* grin grin grin

mysonsmummy Tue 01-Jan-08 13:10:56

mysonssecretsanta .... thanks for your message. i am so sorry that your parel has not arrived yet. i definetely would have been on here st8 away to thank you. lapin did ask me before xmas if something had arrived and it falls into place now why. i have asked my neighbours and it hasnt been left there. so im hoping it that its on its way to us. they sound fantastic presents. will let you now as soon as it arrives though. and thanks you so much for thinking of us both.

sleepycat Tue 01-Jan-08 22:18:18

Thank you to all of the generous and very kind people who sent me so much for Christmas, including the tesco vouchers and five pounds which arrived on Christmas Eve. It was all a wonderful suprise, each parcel was so well thought out and my children loved all the toys, clothes and food and it helped me enormously.

Thank you so much, from all of my family. We had a wonderful Christmas because of you wonderful mumsnet folk, a Christmas that i didn't think we could achieve, but you made it possible.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coolmama Wed 02-Jan-08 18:10:59

Have only just come back after xmas but saw your message and just wanted to say that I'm really happy everything was a hit! I had a great time putting the package together - I'm so glad you had a good one grin

Ready Wed 02-Jan-08 20:57:38

Thank you very much to the MNer who sent me a really pretty necklace as my secretsanta gift, I had moved house just before xmas and didn't open it until yesterday blush - hence the delay. x

Believe me, next year I won't be doing it!

You have my private email address, LLP. The least you could have done was acknowledge my messages.

Ready Thu 03-Jan-08 19:09:23

oops. Think I posted in the middle of something, unless xmasfortunecookie is talking to me

MadonnaAndChild Thu 03-Jan-08 19:29:40

Ah. Glad this was bumped. Sent my parcels rather late and hadn't checked to see they had arrived blush.

Happy they did.

Flame, your dd must be rather like mine smile

XFcookie please relax.

Llapin has had a lot on her plate & if the odd email went astray amongst the THOUSANDS she must have sent/recieved then that is MORE than understandable!!

If you have issues over this I suggest you do it privately not on this open thread which has a lovely fuzzy feeling to it!

SOme people have busy/difficult lives outside MN & don't get on here to thank their donors -the idea was to enjoy giving the presents not get a public thank you.

Obviously if you want to check it was delivered oK, that's fair enough but send a direct email not on here I would have thought!!

Ready Thu 03-Jan-08 19:51:01

Tad worried that my delay in saying thank you for my secret santa gifts may have offended the givers.
From the bottom of my heart, I am truly humbled blush that I was nominated for secretsanta and received such lovely gifts. The WhiteCompany Products are perfect and the silver pendant necklace is so pretty. Thank you whoever you are

Not at all Ready (it wasn't me BTW!!)

I was always told (by my Gran who knew these things!! ) as long as the thank you's were within the 12 days of Christmas it was perfectly acceptable!!!grin

Ready Thu 03-Jan-08 20:42:18

Phew wink

littlelapin Thu 03-Jan-08 20:55:13

FORTUNECOOKIE, I posted on here AND I emailed you, in fact I forwarded the email I received from your lady to you. Perhaps you might want to check your spam folder.

Squiffy Fri 04-Jan-08 09:21:53

LL You've done a fantastic job and I know it must have taken over your life at times and prevented you from having a relaxing christmas yourself. I am so sad on your behalf that you are getting stick on here.

I can assure you that for 99% of givers, putting those parcels together and taking them to the post office was one of the highlights of xmas for us - it is so rare to be able to feel truly good about yourself and thanks to your hard work, so many of us had those moments. And I am sure 99% of us who sent parcels have checked on this site to see if our presents arrived, and I am sure some of us have been deflated if responses are delayed or lacking. To come on here and complain about it however is somewhat beyond the pale.

Fortune I am sorry you didn't receive your thankyou, but please keep your disappointment to yourself. Last time I heard LL didn't sign some contract promising to set up a returns, refunds and customer service department. LL deserves a round of applause (bunch of flowers, box of chocolates, bottle of champagne), not a hard time.

I think an apology is in order.

WHY should I keep my disappointment to myself? Is even a simple bloody acknowledgement of gifts received too bloody much to ask? For God's sake, I gathered all these toys, boxed them, took them to the post office here in Switzerland, found out it would cost me less to buy new toys on amazon than to send used toys by post. So I asked LL to ask the mum to make up a wish list & post it on amazon. I then ordered the toys & had them sent. It was a bit of a nuisance having boxed our toys, wrapped them, etc but I was delighted if it made life easier for another family.

I don't want a bloody medal but at least a thank you would have been well appreciated. And although thanks has now been given, meanwhile I've been subjected to all sorts of criticism & grief from other MNers for daring to mention my disappointment.

How can you blame me for never wanting to go through this charade again? I'm not rich but I have enough to be able to help someone less fortunate & I'm very glad to do so. But the defensive behavior of LL & the nasty comments of others has made me doubt the integrity of MN as a community. And if you tell me to get stuffed, fine!

stickyj Fri 04-Jan-08 10:00:35

LL has not been defensive, she's just answered your queries. I think that this should die down now, before the whole sentiment gets lost. sad You can bet she won't volunteer next year. Perhaps you could offer or we could start collecting names now for the mammoth task(unpaid!) of making Christmas just a bit special for some

xmasfortunecookie I didn't notice LL being defensive but if she was it might have been your tone that caused it.

I sent 3 parcels to 2 different households & got a beautiful card posted back as one of the MNetters can't get on the PC at the mo. I have heard nothing from the other but guess what? I don't mind. I know it was received as it was sent recorded but I just enjoyed sending the stuff (& it wasn't cheap to post either btw) & figure that anyone with kids is going to have much more pressing things to deal with than rushing to thank me.

Assuming I'm in a position to then I'll definitely be doing this again next xmas (if LL or anyone else is brave enough to co-ordinate it).

I think LL desrves a medal, not grief, & you should be doing this in private via email instead of souring this thread.

There's always one.

One drunk in the room.

One person to say dinner was rubbish when 20 others said it was fine.

One person not to enjoy the film..

ONE person to get all personal on a thread & tarnish it for others'......

I think you should be ashamed of yourself actually. Coming on here & mouthing off.. we all donated goods/bought new things... we all scanned the thread to see if our items had been received. FWIW I emailed too, as I was panicking incase my goods werern't received.. I didn't get a reply but I just assumed LL was busy, what with it being CHRISTMAS & all... hmm

I think to come on here & make a big song & dance is way out of order & perhaps you are right when you say you won't take part next year.. anyone who receives your gifts will want to be grovelling on bare knees to make sure you are properly acknowledged.

How dare you say you doubt the integrity of mn as a community? Haven't you been here very long then? Haven't you seen how supportive & kind MNers are to people in need of help... in other words can't you see why the Christmas appeal was set up in the first place?

I think you owe LL an apology, she has given up her free time to sort all this out, time which I'm sure could have been better spent playing with her family, or doing paid work..... but she chose to do this, to cheer up those who had a shit year, to put a smile on a little child's face and for that to be called into doubt is a disgrace.

How could any sane individual doubt the integrity of MN as a community with a post such as this latest by firefairyfly?

Would you care to explain your latest post?

Why would I need to? Isn't it perfectly clear?

FlameNFurter Fri 04-Jan-08 12:22:30

I want to let the thread die, but I am sooooo angry

How dare you imply that FFF2 is the one with the problem?

You didn't get a thank you right away, so you asked on the thread and emailed LL.

But then you didn't stop and wait - you kept bleating on about a lack of thanks.

Lots of us sent and didn't hear. The LL had to deal with the emails flooding at her with "did X get my parcel?" "Can I have Y's surname please?" "is her house hard to find?", and that is just my emails about one person - multiply that just by 50 (not even 1/2 the recipients).

Things get lost. LL did answer you, and was perfectly polite about it although she could well have turned round and told you to stop whinging.

This thing is a magical thing that happens - strangers give to other strangers, some lots, some just a little, but it is all done to make other people's christmas better.

It isn't meant to be about thanks, it is about knowing YOU have done something nice.

Xfc please stop NOW

You have succeeded in not only upsetting LLapin & many others but probably your recipient too by detailing how DIFFICULT it was for you to do all these things and how MUCH it cost you.

Hardly the spirit of Christmas is it to keep dragging this up-if you feel that strongly start another thread!!!

LadyOfTheFlowers Fri 04-Jan-08 12:36:39

Fark what you lot are on about..... K8M!!!
Are you in N.Ireland?
If yes, I am so glad you got the table thing! Tis jolly good, my little boys love theirs!

I didn't do recorded delivery as I am a nob and was worried it may have gotten lost. Did it arrive in time for Crimble?

Yes, Newtownards is in NI

Let it go. This is a nasty, damaging thread, twisted far out of reality & has caused too much hurt. No more, please.

Ready Fri 04-Jan-08 13:07:57

littlelapin Fri 04-Jan-08 15:09:37

FIREFLYFAIRY2 - just checked my lists and the last email I had from you was the one acknowledging my sending you the address, dated November 28th. Do you want to email me again, poss with some details of the package contents, and then I can email your recipient? I've been trying to see if she's been on the boards, but search is telling me she hasn't posted in over a month (despite that fact that I can SEE posts by her within that time! hmm Tecccchhhhh.....)

littlelapin Fri 04-Jan-08 15:28:09

By the way, I have had a nice chat with FortuneCookie on email and everything is fine, so let's all be nice to each other smile. Happy New Year!

Oh, no thanks LL, she has posted saying she got it before Christmas When I emailed you I was just worrying, but she posted just after I sent that email in Dec

All's well

Happy New Year Wabbit!!

FlameNFurter Fri 04-Jan-08 17:29:47


Sorry for being snappish

littlelapin Fri 04-Jan-08 17:55:11


"cannnn yooou feeeeel the lurrrrve toniiight..." grin

FlameNFurter Fri 04-Jan-08 18:10:58

Ooh courier collected again today


"I'd like to teeeeach the world to siiiing...."

oh is this not the kareoke thread?? blush

MysonsmummysSecretSanta Sun 06-Jan-08 19:42:01

Mysonsmummy if you are still checking this thread I am really sorry your package didn't get to you. I am v angry with the farking post office!

dh is going to try and find the proof of postage and we will chase it up. watch this space!

hogwarts Sat 19-Jan-08 09:02:37

Found the Christmas Thread - I think!!

Not sure really where to put this as the Christmas Thank you thread seems to have gone?

ANyway, this morning I got a parcel from Berlin, with a baby carrier in in, so thank you very very much to the secret santa who sent it addressed to MUM NETTEr, in N Ireland.

This is my 3rd package and I am truely overwhelmed. Thanks

If there is a current thank you thread and I just can find it sorry!!

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