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not sure if this has been done before but i thought it would be fun to start up a picture trail of all our christmas trees!

if you email me on
with your mumsnet username so i can title your piccy!

for everyone to view i have set up this

all entrys to be in by the 24th (as i see that few have mentioned thats when they get there tree).

there will be 3 catagories

FUNKY AND MODERN (if thats your style and why not!wink)

TRADITIONAL (for the lovely golds reds etc)

FUN (ie those whos lo are old enough to help and take charge!)

i will send a bar of choccy to all winners- nothing much i'm afraid as i am rather skint! but thought this would be fun?

i will delete all emails and will not share address's with anyone unless user gives consent.

hope that you want to join me!

Fab idea! I'm in, well at least I will be when I get my tree up!

excellent! Glad you think so! smile just putting finishing touches to mine!

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 20:28:54

Oh cute, I like it! Excellent idea. I'll be a very late entrant wink

Bit of a thicko when it comes to computers though, do I just send you my picture as an attachment on an e-mail?

yes please grin

we got our today and thats the latest i have ever done it! lovely idea to get xmas eve though

Must admit, I can't really be arsed this year! We usually do it the weekend before Xmas and the rest of the decs are usually up by now. My mindees love seeing all the things I put out, but I've got jury service for the whole of Xmas fortnight, so I'm a bit not bothered really. I like to draw a line under 'stuff' and then get on with Christmas, but I can't because I'll be in court every day. sad This thread has spurred me on, to make the effort though, so thankyou.

oh good! bloody hell what a time to have jury service!!

come on people!!!

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 22:13:07


I am trying to get a good picture of mine! Its either too dark or too light to see the lights on it!

bonkerzaboutxmas Fri 07-Dec-07 22:18:24

will email a pic of ours but not sure what catagory it would fall into. Can you do a catagory entitled.......THREW TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS tree???????

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Fri 07-Dec-07 22:19:58

thats the fun one is it not??

bonkerzaboutxmas Fri 07-Dec-07 22:24:10

Probably except after 20 minutes of annoying helping me with it i found them other boring more important jobs to do FAR FAR away from the tree!!!

SnowMuchToBits Fri 07-Dec-07 22:27:06

Will probably enter my --old-fashioned-- traditional tree, but not until after 17th (when I receive it,) as is a real droppy-needle type tree!

SnowMuchToBits Fri 07-Dec-07 22:28:46

I meant old - fashioned traditional tree

Sent pics.grin

just quick pop in! thanks for the bump laplin! keep them coming! don't worry to much about the catergories they fall into! i think mine for the last year will still be traditional. dd1 turns 3 nx (yuk tx speak! shock) year so i am sure she will be stamping her mark!!

i will check inbox tomorrow on the email account i set up and will get loading!! i finally finished mine so should have one of mine up to!!


pics up!


are we the only ones?????

santaslittlebumper Sat 08-Dec-07 10:26:09

i sent you some pics )

oh thanks will do now for you smile

all up for you santaslittlebumper smile

CremolaFirCone Sat 08-Dec-07 10:48:40

greta idea! will email when the tree is up.

AndATigerschickInAPearTree Sat 08-Dec-07 11:13:58

Will email you a couple of pics once the tree is up. smile

BrandyButterGalore Sat 08-Dec-07 11:20:06

when i fond camera (which shouldnt be too hard considering i used it for kids chool play yesterdayhmm) i will mail you a pic of mine. it falls into poncy and arty category im afraid.

santaslittlebumper Sat 08-Dec-07 11:51:22

thank you grin

great keep them coming!

marnes just doing yours now

ooh when i have done my tree i will post it but not doing it till next friday.
some lovely trees there!

marne if you see this i have emailed you.

oooh-whose is the very modern wire thing? that is up to date ![granny emotion]

lol it should say? katybump i think.

the usernames should be at the top of each pic?

santaslittlebumper Sat 08-Dec-07 15:49:34

yep tis mine the wire one,but so is the mini kids one! blush

marne you are up!


LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 08-Dec-07 17:44:13

Ours is going up tomorrow, but whatcatagory would it go into?
Tis' 7 feet and all the decs are silver. The decs are bells, long skinny baubles, stars, strings of beads etc.
Could be traditional or modern as it is all the same colour?
Not sure....

its up to you. mine is in trad trees. is it anything like that? i would say modern as a whit tree or purple, or a green tree with lots of funky bits on. have a look and see what you think. when you email pic to me just let me know what look you are going for iykwim and username smile

i think silver would be more modern colour wink


Oooh, I would love to enter if I remember to send a picture on Xmas eve.

I have a fab picture of how my tree in my dining room looked last Christmas day on my profile if I'm allowed to show off wink.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Sat 08-Dec-07 18:43:32

Have sent an email with some pics of our tree, hope there ok.


scooby got pics will put them upin tradtional?

trixy email if you like. will it be same? if not you can still do xmas eve. as long as before 7pm grin

Ooh can I!!

It will be pretty much exactly the same although I'm planning a real ivy garland on the fireplace this year.

Shall email you my picture now.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Sat 08-Dec-07 18:58:29

Yes thats fine smile

got email will sort out dd2 and upload for you both

they're up me ladys

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Sat 08-Dec-07 19:43:07

Thanks for that, this is a fab idea well done smile

fab trees everybody, makes me want to put mine up now!!!!

PestohohohoMonster Sat 08-Dec-07 19:49:40

We don't go & cut ours down until next weekend, will we be too late?

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Sat 08-Dec-07 19:54:21

You have till the 24th

yep 7pm xmas eve

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Sat 08-Dec-07 20:44:47

ours is up will send a pic tommorow..odnt know if its tradditional or for the

oh fab!


Marne Sun 09-Dec-07 09:40:59


thats ok. we got there in the end! lol

Wendyjayb Sun 09-Dec-07 11:22:32

Just sent a pic of mine grin

loobie2 Sun 09-Dec-07 11:38:16

I have e-mailed you my pic

Great idea this as im soooo nosey!

Yorkshabird21x Sun 09-Dec-07 11:47:52

ours isnt half as good as any1 elses will be so dont expect to win, just wanted to put ours up as its our 1st xmas as a proper family

MrsWeasleysmagicmincepies Sun 09-Dec-07 11:51:56

lovely idea i'll send a picture when we put it up!

Yorkshabird21x Sun 09-Dec-07 12:01:56

might send another 1 next weekend when all pressies are under. everyone has great trees! x

clur79 Sun 09-Dec-07 19:15:54

ooohh am gonna send mine now, even though it is not half as nice as the others!

clur79 Sun 09-Dec-07 19:20:38

oohh I might be cheating with my son sat in the picture?? Oh well, I want that Chocolate bar!! wink

everyone who has emailed me your trees are up.

clur79 ive emailed you back wasn't sure if you wanted traditional or kids? as it looked like your gorgeous ds was helping smile

clur79 Sun 09-Dec-07 20:21:53

OOh lets go for kids, he was helping if sucking on the star is helping!!

thought so! will do now smile

CoffeeMad Sun 09-Dec-07 20:41:50

I have emailed you a picture of my tree. Dh just took the picture for me. They all look fab!

babydrip Sun 09-Dec-07 21:19:50

hello...can i send you pics of ours? a saddo an love it all! tee hee!
wont be able to take pics for couple of days though as flat out!!shock
lots o love

I might have to re-decorate mine then!

The cat and DS have had fun destroying my lovely modern tree (boohoo)

Might put all the baubels on properly and take a pic - it is definitely modern (got a multicoloured star, ONLY lights and baubels on it)

get the pics to me!!

coffeemad you're up smile

anyone else?

babydrip Sun 09-Dec-07 22:50:29

thankyouuuu....i saw your post on the 'sales' quite new here but got addicted very quickly and errr havent strayed from there yet! wink

babydrip Sun 09-Dec-07 22:50:30

thankyouuuu....i saw your post on the 'sales' quite new here but got addicted very quickly and errr havent strayed from there yet! wink

lol you should do! theres a wghole new world here!

PurpleTinselPrincess Sun 09-Dec-07 23:55:58

Hope you don't mind me gatecrashing but I've sent you some pics of mine too! It's purple/lilac so not sure what category it would go in...? I'm so proud of it grin

not at all more the merrier!

fun and modern i think if its purple!


JingJanglingBexieHoHoHo Tue 11-Dec-07 10:11:57

I will send one of ours when we put it up on wednesday. Not too sure where it's going or how long it will take for Tom to pull it over! I could always send last years pic, lol. Same tree, same decorations as it was our first xmas together, so we bought it all last year and spent a fortune! grin

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Tue 11-Dec-07 13:13:44

finally got around to sending my pic

nemo and bibijesus both your trees are up

We put our tree up yesterday. A pic is on it's way to you. Fab idea, it's fun to see all the other trees. smile

QueenBhannae Wed 12-Dec-07 15:28:42

Sent a pic of mine to you smile thanks

just uploaded. thanks.

anyone else?




ok missy-have just e-mailed a pic of my tree!

oooo i shall look

it could probably do with a bit of cropping actually-my house is evident! could you do that at all?

got pics but pic trail is down so will add them in the morn!

oh and yes i will cert give it a go for you i'll do that now smile

oh my god-pics? have i sent loads?shock

should have only been one pic

funnypeCOOLYULEiar Fri 14-Dec-07 22:56:03

Oooh, I'll do one once the tree's up (possibly this weekend) - lovely idea!

We do gold/silver & red and REAL candles, so assume I'd count as traditional smile

wow yes definately traditional

mulledjan you have mail!

just read it-yes that's great thanks!!!

maybe i should have taken a pic when it was a bit darker so you could see the lights properly.

oh it looks fab! will load up in the morning. off to bed now night <waving and yawning emotion>

LadyOfTheHollyAndTheIvy Fri 14-Dec-07 23:30:12

Want to 'ave a ganders and the bloody site says 'piss off and come back in 30mins' - How farkin' rude!?
I ask you?!!

ChippolataMinton Sun 16-Dec-07 08:24:28

have emailed you smile

cleaninglady Sun 16-Dec-07 14:45:23

wanted to have a look and copy get ideas for my own tree so I can send a pic but I cant get on the website which has been down for a few days? anyone else get on ok?

i am getting on ok now but my tree isn't on the trail..

AndATigerschickInAPearTree Mon 17-Dec-07 13:17:15

Have just sent in my pics smile

Also bumping this for those who put their tree up over the weekend.

mumlove Mon 17-Dec-07 13:41:26

Just emailed my pic.

sorry everone will do now

ok you're all up! swapped a few of you around to. soif you can't find yourself i may have moved you!

anyone else??

SnowMuchToBits Tue 18-Dec-07 12:32:44

Have just sent you mine!

will put it up tonight smile

someone ahs stole my competition idea on bounty angry

JingJanglingBexieHoHoHo Wed 19-Dec-07 11:12:08

I need to find the lead for my camera, then I can send one of ours!

falalalalisa Wed 19-Dec-07 21:29:07

Great idea! would love to see people's trees, especially those like mine which are in no danger of winning any design prizes due to only being decorated on the top half with ornaments made by toddlers! Will take a pic tomorrow as no lights on tree (toddlers, water, electricity, bad mix, etc.) so looks best in the daytime.

falalalalisa Wed 19-Dec-07 21:54:05

couldnt wait; pic is on its way. How about a "homemade" category? All our stuff's in storage and we're skint, so ornaments this year are homemade and food-related (dough, oranges, eggs, cinnamon, and mince pie tins)

doing now smile

SnowMuchToBits Thu 20-Dec-07 20:26:44

Sorry, Santasmissy but I can't see mine on there..... or am I just having a "man-look"??? hmm

i def put it up............... 2 secs

SnowMuchToBits Fri 21-Dec-07 17:04:50

Ah, thank you - I must have been having a "man-look" then blush

7pm tonight ladies!

CoffeeMad Mon 24-Dec-07 14:48:42

Can't wait wink


CoffeeMad Mon 24-Dec-07 19:02:45

So who won?

JingJanglingBexieHoHoHo Mon 24-Dec-07 20:59:00

Aww, just remembered I hadn't sent you a pic of mine. Thought i'd have till midnight to send it, been working sad.

sorry bexie
here for winners

nappyaddict Mon 07-Dec-09 02:08:06

Does anyone fancy doing this again this year?

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